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Thankless Society
By Multibreast

The appointment hadn't gone as I had expected. I had played it out a hundred times before I even actually made the appointment. I thought that I knew exactly what the psychoanalyst was going to tell me. I felt sure she was going to say that my sexual problem stemmed from a fear of intimacy, fear of women, fear of close relationships, and all sorts of other fears that I had repressed deep in my psyche. She would make me relive a crucial moment in my childhood, and make me confront my deepest fears. This confrontation would start the catharsis that was needed for me to overcome my repressed feelings that were causing my current sexual problems. The process was always the same with these type of shrinks.

As it turned out, the psychoanalyst didn't have me do any of those things. She listened to me talk openly about my strange sexuality for hours. She listen intently, hardly saying a word, but nodding every now and then to let me know she was following my story.

It was very difficult for me to be honest at first. My words came slowly. After all, I had never spoken of my true fantasies to anyone. They had always been my dark, dirty little secret. I had lived with that secret for several years, since I was about 14 in fact. I was a fetishist. It would have been OK if it had been a normal fetish. Lingerie, high heels, stockings, leather, latex, foods, feet, bondage, and the other usual fetishes were of no interest to me. I had my own little fetishes. Ones that no one else seemed to share. I lived with them for years, hoping they would go away, hoping that I would become normal. As the years past, I realized that it wasn't going away. In fact, it was getting worse. My fetishes were taking control of me. I could think only of them. My thoughts, feelings, relationships, goals, and career all started to fade. My fetishes were becoming the only thing of importance to me.

It had to stop. I wanted to be normal. My mind was so damn occupied. I could think of nothing else. My first thought when I awoke was of my fetishes. My last thought before I went to sleep was of my fetishes, and almost every thought in between was of them as well. I needed help. I didn't want to tell anyone. Some would laugh, and others would surely chastise me for the lustful fantasies my degenerate mind creates. I had to find someone in which to confide. The psychoanalysts have a confidentiality. They can't tell. My secret would be safe with them. They might laugh, but they couldn't tell, and that was going to have to be good enough.

As I said, the words came out slowly at first. I didn't want to tell. Soon however, my words flowed out quickly. Just telling someone was cathartic in it's own way. It helped that the analyst didn't laugh. I thought for sure she would, but she was very professional. After the first few minutes, my fear disappeared. I was spilling my guts about all my strange fantasies and desires. It wasn't until I neared the end of my sexual history that I became scared again. With any luck, it would be over. She would cure me with her therapy. But, was it lucky? Suddenly, I wasn't so sure. It was what I wanted wasn't it? It was for what I had paid so much money. But now, as it was suddenly within sight, I wasn't so sure. My fetishes and fantasies had brought me great guilt, but they had also brought me great joy. My fantasies were great. I may have felt guilty about them later, but while I fantasized, I felt such joy. Maybe it wasn't the fetish that was the problem. Maybe it was the fact that I felt so guilty about it. But how could that be? It's not like my fetishes were accomplishing anything. My fetishes were doomed to failure. How could I ever reach contentment. The sexual desires that I had could never be fulfilled in real life. None of them could. I finished telling the analyst of my sexual history. The words that I had expected her to say never came.

She said. "The only real 'problem' that you have is frustration. All you need to do is experience your fantasies in real life. You need to stop dreaming and start living."

I was flabbergasted. I hadn't expected that diagnosis. I quickly grew upset. "Don't you think I would have experienced my fetishes for real if I could? The things that I desire either don't exist or are impossible to create!"

The doctor motioned for me to settle down. She continued in her usual calm and quiet voice. "In my experience, very little is impossible. Of course, I have a lot more experience than most people. I'm not your usual psychoanalyst. Most doctors in my field try to help you release your frustrations so that you may deal with them and eventually GET OVER them. I, in contrast, believe it is not very useful to 'get over' your desires. I can only be of help to you, if I can help you resolve your frustrations."

I was still agitated. "My desires can't be resolved. I can't experience them. They are impossible!"

"Impossible for you alone perhaps, but I am here to help you." She stated, smiling and still very calm.

I shook my head. "It doesn't matter if you help. It's impossible, just... impossible."

"I understand your frustration. You've been denied all your young adult life. It is very understandable that you are pessimistic about making your fantasies become reality."

I stood up and started to pace angrily. "Reality? I know nothing of reality! I'm stuck in a dream world of my own creation, and I can't get out. I came here so you could help me escape from it, not to have you perpetuate the fantasies!"

She held up her hand again, urging me to calm down. "I assure you that I won't perpetuate them. You just need to experience them for real."

I rolled my eyes in disgust. "And just how, do you suggest I make them come true?!"

She leaned in close to me and smiled. "You just have to want it bad enough."

I nearly lost control at that point. "Want it bad enough!! It's all I've wanted. I've never wanted anything more than to make my fantasies reality, but all the wanting in the world can't give it to me!"

She nodded. "I know. As I said, sometimes you need a little help, and I'm here to provide it. Come here." She motioned for me to come close to her. "Look deep into my eyes."

"Oh Great! What now? Hypnosis?! I'm sorry, but I don't have time for that crap." I got up leave. "...And don't expect to be paid for this waste of time either!"

I expected her to raise her voice at that point, but her still calm and soft voice came from behind me. "I can make it happen. I can make your fantasies come true. Can you truly afford to let that opportunity pass? What have you got to lose? I'm not going to hypnotize you. I'm just going to answer your fondest wishes. It's that simple."

She was right. I couldn't let the opportunity pass. I felt that it was all nonsense. But what did I have to lose? I had already wasted several hours spilling my guts, what did a little more time matter? I turned around and approached her as she had wanted. I took position right in front of her and looked deep into her eyes. They glowed! Her emerald green eyes glowed brightly at me as I looked into them. I pulled away.

She grabbed my head and pulled me back towards her. "Don't be afraid. Look into my eyes, and think about your fantasies. I did as she requested. I trembled slightly at the sight of her eyes as they began to glow brightly again. I was captivated by them. She spoke to me in a low voice. "Want it. Want it and you shall have it." She began to glare at me angrily. "You don't really want it!" She yelled as her eyes continued to glow.

"But... I do, I swear." I assured her in a trembling voice.

She shook her head. "No, you think you do, but you have doubts. You have doubts about how you will live, and about what people will say and how they will react. You can't have any doubts. You must truly want it without any hesitation whatsoever. You must only think about what you want, not about what others want."

"Yes...." I whispered as I looked even deeper into her glowing green eyes. At that moment, my fantasies were all of which I thought. I thought about making them true, and nothing else. Her eyes then stopped glowing just as suddenly as they had started. The doctor stood up and began to walk out of her office.

"Wait," I called to her from behind as I followed her out. "What now?"

She looked back at me and smiled. "We are done. You need not make a return appointment. I'll bill you in a couple of weeks. I hope that you can cover it. It will be quite expensive, but it is worth it. I don't think you'll have any argument about paying the bill by the time it comes. Until then, just believe, and just want it. You shall have it."

"Uh.... but.... um" I found myself speechless.

"Don't worry about it. You can see for yourself soon enough." She said as she patted me cheerily on the shoulder. I suddenly forgot about how ridiculous it had all seemed. My heart began to thunder with a growing anticipation inside me. "Oh, I do hope that you are a selfish man." She said.

"Why?" I asked

"Well, I'm afraid that fantasies like yours often come at the expense of others. I only care about the well being of my paying customers. I care little for the feelings of others." She detected my unease at hearing these comments. "I know, such selfish words seem harsh to you, but I don't think you'll have any problem adjusting. You can't afford to be caring now. After all, your fantasies have to live."

The doctor left, chuckling at her own comments as she walked into another office and closed the door behind her.

I kept telling myself that it was all nonsense, but I couldn't help rushing home. What if it wasn't all bullshit? What if it could happen? But how? Was I truly ready to believe in magic? It was so unlike me to get my hopes up in this way over something so silly. It didn't matter. I couldn't help it. When I finally got home, I raced inside and went to my bedroom. I striped all my clothes off like a silly kid and stood in the middle of my room trying to will my body to change just by the sheer thoughts in my mind. That's what my fantasies were after all, body manipulation. More specifically, manipulations of breasts and limbs. It had sounded so strange when I tired to explain it to the psychoanalyst. I was actually making comments like: "I wish I had a bunch of large breasts on a feminine body." I guess the fact that I wanted a feminine body wasn't so strange. I knew a lot of transsexuals were out there, but how many of them would want the body I so desired? Not many I assumed, if any. I wanted women too. I wanted a lot of beautiful women. Nothing strange about that either. Most men probably did, but I wasn't most men, and I had no desire for women in the usual sense. I couldn't believe that I had told the psychoanalyst that "very few things are as sexy on a woman as extra body parts, except for maybe animal parts." I realized how strange, or even perverted it sounded, but for me, it was true, very true.

I thought of breasts growing on my body, just two at first. I would start with two, and work my way up from there. I thought of two lumps of breast flesh raising up from my flat male chest. I closed my eyes, and concentrated deeply. I focused all my efforts on this thought. I felt nothing. I opened my eyes and looked down to a still flat chest. What had I expected? It was ridiculous. Of course it wasn't going to work. Yet, something in my mind told me that it wasn't quite right. I searched my feelings. She had told me what was needed. I had to really want it, that is what she said. I could have no doubts about the transformation. Even during my concentration, I felt the doubts spring up in my mind: What would my friends say? What would my family say? How could I possibly live as the freak of my heart's desire? Could I stand the looks people would give me?

It was the doubts that were holding me back. The doubts were stopping the transformation. She had told me they would. But wait, of course she would say that. Then, if the transformations didn't occur, it was all my fault. It was the same old con. Just like the faith healers. One's own hope and excitement would take the pain away, and if it didn't, then it was obviously a lack of faith on the person's part rather than a lack of powers on the healer's part. Either way, it was a win for the healer, and either way it was a win for my so-called psychoanalyst. I heard my thoughts. I heard them say that it was a scam, but deep down, I didn't believe it. Maybe I just didn't want to believe it, but I couldn't stop myself from trying again.

I concentrated again. I tried to block out the doubts, but the more I tried, the more they came to the surface. I couldn't help it. I mean, what if I did get the body that I wanted so desperately? I might feel comfortable at home in it, but other people wouldn't be comfortable. In fact, they would be downright uneasy around me in the freakish body of my dreams. I guess that I wasn't selfish enough, or perhaps I was just too self-conscious. Whatever the reason, I couldn't push away the thoughts of the consequences of a successful transformation. I opened my eyes again, but once again, I beheld nothing new upon my chest. My head sank in despair. It was futile. The doubts would never disappear.

But wait, My fantasies were multifaceted weren't they? I hadn't just focused on one image when I had looked into the doctor's eyes. I had opened the floodgates of my mind's fantasies. I let all the strange bodily inventions of my mind flow forward while I looked into those glowing green eyes. Thus, my fantasy involved change. In fact, it was all about change. I wanted to change my body and the bodies of others into something less ordinary. I wouldn't have to settle for just one form. Plus, didn't my fantasies apply to only certain situations? "Yes," my mind responded. I didn't have doubts about changing. I just had doubts about certain situations. The changes need not be permanent. Once I'm done enjoying my form, I could change back to my natural form. Then, when I was ready again, I could change back to the unusual form, or an entirely new form. It all seemed so simple now. It was such an obvious solution to the problem.

I concentrated again. I thought of the flesh around my nipples. I imagined them expanding, growing bigger and rounded. I felt something! It was a tingling sensation on my chest! My heart leaped with excitement. I opened my eyes, and the tingling immediately stopped, but as I looked down, I noticed a change. It was slight, but it was there. The flesh around my two nipples was bigger. It stuck out every so slightly further. Many people may not have even been able to notice it, but after all the time I had spend looking at my chest and dreaming of having big, beautiful breasts, I noticed easily. I couldn't help but let out a small giggle of joy in the emptiness of my bedroom. I detected a very slight jiggle in my chest that wouldn't have been there before. With a smile still on my face, I closed my eyes and focused again. The tingle returned. I wanted to open my eyes again, but I resisted the urge.

I continued my thoughts of transformation. I imagined my breasts growing larger, swelling up to the size of a woman's breasts. I felt the changes occurring on my chest. They were easily up to an A-cup, as I continued to expand them further. I felt them grow bigger and bigger until they were about the size of a cantaloupe. I opened my eyes and the tingling came to a stop. I could now see the two large breasts that I had felt grow. They were nice, but not quite complete. They looked anything but attractive with all my male chest hair all over them. I closed my eyes again to fix the problem. I thought of the hair on my chest and belly disappearing, along with the hair on the rest of my body, other than the hair on my head and my pubic hair. I opened my eyes again to discover my body was totally smooth of hair other than that which hung from my head, and that which surrounded my genitalia.

The two large breasts now looked beautiful. They were large and round, perky and firm, but yet so soft to the touch. They were picture perfect. I estimated them to be about D-cup in size. I figured that it was a pretty good estimate too, considering that I had stuffed many a D-cup bra in my time. I let out a little laugh at the thought of what I had to stuff them with now. No more falsies for me! From now on, my bras would be stuffed with real breast flesh. The idea excited me beyond belief. I felt my penis start to go erect. It quickly became stiff as a board. I looked down at my body. It was so strange to see a hard-on and big breasts on the same body, much less my own body. I brought my right arm up and cradled my two new breasts as I brought my left hand down to grab my cock. I started I rub my cock and breasts, enjoying this wondrous moment. I could have easily masturbated at that point, but I forced myself to stop. I knew that greater wonders lie ahead.

First, I wanted to check that I could change back, before I went too freaky. A hairless and big-breasted man was odd, but not nearly as odd as what I wanted to try. I thought about my new body changing back to my old form. I felt the tingling. I kept my eyes open this time as I thought of the changes. I saw my body quickly morph right in front of my eyes as the breasts sank back to a flat chest and the hair returned. I felt relieved, but yet sad at the same time. I was indeed happy that I could change back, but I was eager to slip back into something better.

I had gotten a thrill not only from feeling the change, but also from watching my body change, even though it was into a less handsome form. I figured that it would be much more exciting to watch my transformations as they occurred. Another thought struck me. I ran nakedly from my bedroom into the bathroom. I stood in front of the large mirror over the sink. I could now get the full view of my changes, both by looking down, and looking at my reflection. I thought of bodily changes again. I looked into the mirror as all the hair on my legs, arms, pits, belly, chest, face, and back utterly disappeared, leaving a soft, smooth surface. I focused my mind's eye onto my skin. I watched as a slight change occurred in it. The roughness faded and was replaced by a fairer, rosy complexion. My face changed next. The strong jaw line and large masculine features shrank and became more delicate right before my very eyes: eyes which changed from a dirty dark shade to a very bright, almost glowing greenish-blue. They almost seemed to shift back and forth from a glowing green to a glowing blue, like some fancy neon sign. They shined beautifully, helping to illuminate the newly feminine and tender face.

My breasts were next, but this time, I didn't settle for two. I concentrated. I watched in the mirror as new nipples started to spring up all over my chest. The skin first darkened, and then quickly formed that unmistakable nipple shape. Seven new nipples appeared. Four emerged along the breast line directly below my normal ones. Two of them were positioned in the middle of my abdomen, and another two at the lower part of my abdomen on either side of my belly button. Three more nipples formed along the vertical center of my abdomen. The first one developed between my normal two nipples. The second one appeared between my middle pair of nipples. The third one arose more slowly. At first, my belly button started to flatten and smooth until it no longer existed. I felt it with my finger. It was completely smooth for a moment, just before yet another nipple started to arise from the smooth surface.

I imagined the hairless flesh around my nine nipples to rise. My flesh responded quickly as the new breasts quickly came forth. I couldn't resist lightly folding my arms over my burgeoning chest, feeling the breast flesh as it grew. The breasts developed beautifully in three rows, each glorious row containing three luscious breasts. Each of my new breasts were about D-cup in size with the center ones being just slightly bigger than the side ones. I couldn't hardly believe how beautiful I looked. It was glorious. My slender female body supporting all those voluptuous breasts. I ran my fingers over all the new bountiful flesh. The sensation was delightful. It sent waves of blissful feelings surging through my body as my fingers graced the smooth breasts flesh and the slightly raised surface of the nipples. I stood staring at my new body. I shook my body back and forth as if trying to do the Twist. My nine breasts jiggled, swaying from side to side. All of the breasts were firm and shapely, but supple enough to allow them to wobble in a deliciously erotic motion. I wrapped my arms around myself, as if giving myself a hug, pressing all the breast flesh against myself.

Something was missing. I needed more arms. It would be easier to fondle myself that way. I once again focused my mind's eye, and watched for the transformation to proceed. Two small bumps appeared below each of my arms. Two of the lumps protruded on each side at a level even with my middle breasts. Two more nubs swelled lower on my sides flush with my lowest breasts. The protuberances stretched outwards painlessly. They quickly took on the form of fingers and eventually a hand, as my new arms lengthened. I now had six arms, two for each row of breasts. I attempted to manipulate my new limbs. It was awkward at first, but I learned rapidly. In a manner of minutes, I was able to control my four new arms just as effortlessly as my two original ones. It didn't take long for my new arms to find my many breasts. I used all six hands to glide over the bountiful breast flesh, caressing it softly and even lightly squeezing my various nipples.

Not surprisingly, my cock was rock hard. I would have to transform my genitalia into a vagina. It was almost a shame to let my penis go. I sort of thought it was nicer than a vagina would be, although it just didn't look right with the new feminine form and the breasts. I really didn't think shemale was the look I wanted. So, with some resignation, I transformed my penis and testicles into female sex. It felt strange not to have my genitalia hanging out as it had for so many years, but the pussy certainly looked more appropriate with my new female appearance.

The transformation was complete, I was sure of it. It just felt right. It was like this body was the one I was meant to have all along. I felt comfortable in this body. I felt, beautiful, and secure in this form. I looked at my new body in the mirror. The hairless, feminine, delicate, multibreasted, six-armed form was so lovely, I could hardly contain my glee. I rushed into my bedroom, and dove onto my bed. My new multiple tits bounced wildly. I lay on my back and started to caress my breasts with five of my hands as I left one hand free to finger myself. I rubbed my new clit, feeling my love juices starting to flow. I orgasmed as I fondled and fingered myself. I was so at home in this body. My sexual gratification was tremendous. I was finally able to experience the sexuality for which I had so long desired. I spent hours on my bed, soaking the sheets, about rubbing my new pussy and tits raw. I lay exhausted on the bed for a moment, yet my excitement did not cease. I sprang up again, still enjoying the feel of my bouncy breasts hitting each other.

I ran over to my dresser drawer and pulled out my collection of women's clothes. Before they had been crossdressing clothes, but now they were gender appropriate for me. Yet, they weren't proportionally appropriate. The clothes I pulled out were made for women, but the tops weren't designed to hold nine D-cup breasts, to say nothing of my four extra arms. I started down low. I wanted just to experience the sensation of getting dressed in my new erotic body. I pulled out a pair of my black pantyhose and gathered up the stocking. I pulled it over my completely smooth and soft leg. I reveled in the feel of putting them on, as the slick fabric glided effortlessly over my sexy legs. The feeling in my breasts was great too. As I bent over to pull on the stockings, my many breasts squished together. I stood up and ran the fingers of my lowest set of arms down my legs, positioning my pantyhose perfectly. I grabbed my favorite blue skirt and pulled it on. My favorite blue, women's dress shoes, which had always been extremely tight on my big manly feet, now slipped on easily. The shoes were flats. I had never been into high heels, which was probably a good thing. I don't think that I would have been able to walk in high heels with my nine, large breasts. I would surely fall over. Hmm, I looked great in my new body from the waist down.

I was dressed fashionably from waist to toe, but my upper body was still naked. I rummaged through my collection of women's clothes. Surely I had something which would work. Finally, I found my white bodysuit. It would definitely be snug, but it would hold all my boobs pretty well. I slipped my shoes and skirt back off momentarily as I pulled the bodysuit on. It was easy until I reached my bottom row of breasts and my lowest pair of arms. I picked up my scissors and cut four small holes in the sides of the slick, soft fabric. I hated to hurt such delicate and lovely material, but I didn't want to give up the extra arms. I pulled on the bodysuit and muscled it over my large breasts, pushing my arms through the holes along the way. It was difficult, but I was finally able to squeeze even my top row of breasts into the thinly stretched bodysuit. I put my skirt and shoes back on, and went to the mirror to look at my outfit. I looked beautiful from the waist down, but the top left sometimes to be desired. It was not very fashionable, but it was certainly sexy. The material of the bodysuit was molded around each of my nine breasts like a second skin. My nine nipples couldn't help but stay erect with the tightly stretched fabric next to them. My nine nips all stood out proudly from inside the bodysuit. The suit left little to the imagination. It was obvious, even with the bodysuit covering them, that I was nine-breasted.

I needed some specially made clothes. I couldn't wait. I needed to go to the store right that minute. I thought about changing back to my original body, but then how would the salesperson measure my very unique form to have the clothes specially made? But I couldn't very well go out looking like this now could I? I would attract too much attention. Yes, I could change back now, and then return to this form when I was in the store. I concentrated again. I felt nothing. The changes that I pictured for my body did not occur. I thought harder, but still nothing. My multibreasted, multiarmed form still remained unchanged. I knew the problem, the desire wasn't there. As always, I had to truly want it. I was easily able to change back the first time, because the first form I tried wasn't really me. It wasn't the true form that I desired. It was just a test. In the couple of hours I had been in this new form, I had become comfortable with it. It was the form I was always meant to have. I had no real desire to leave it. I didn't want to be seen in public in this form, but the idea of potential embarrassment in this form was not a powerful enough motivation to change myself back. In fact, somewhere deep down, I did want to be seen in this form.

I wanted others to see my beauty, even if they didn't understand it. No, I would not change. I could not change. This form was meant for me, and I would have it always. I would go to the women's clothing store as I was. People could either accept me as I am, or not. The choice was theirs, but I just didn't care. I would not soften my appearance just to make others more comfortable. They would just have to accept my differences. I suddenly remembered that the psychoanalyst had said something about selfishness. I wondered if my lack of respect for people's potential discomfort around me was to what she was referring. But I was not that much different from a handicap person. I was still a person, just a person with an unusual body. And just as a handicap person, I deserve respect no matter what I look like. Not only that, but I vainly felt that I deserved admiration too. People needed to admire my beautiful form. They would have a chance. I grabbed my car keys and headed for the door, before realizing that I didn't have any pockets. It was strange. All my male clothes had pockets, and I had never left the house in my female clothes before. I would have buy a purse while I was in town too it seemed.

I stepped out of my front door with great apprehension. I looked around, but no one was in the immediate area. I had to get over it. People were going to see me eventually, but that first one was going to be difficult. I walked to my car and got in, all the while trying to prepare myself for that initial contact. I started to breathe heavily. I wanted people to see me, yet at the same time, I was afraid of them seeing me. I started the car and began my drive to the clothing store.

The drive to the store was rather uneventful. I mean, most people could care less what the person in the car next to them is doing, or what they look like. I parked the car in the mostly deserted lot. Only three other cars besides mine where present. I assumed one was the store owner's, one was the sales assistant's and the other was probably another customer. I thought that I recognized one of the cars. It was usually here. I think it belonged to the sales assistant. I had become quite familiar with her. She had been working here for about a year now. She had seen me several times in my male form when I had come in to buy lingerie. I liked this store. They had a lot of sexy clothes for a reasonable price. She had rung up the clothes I bought many a time, but I had never really talked to her. I tried to say as little as possible whenever I bought lingerie. She never asked me why I was buying it, or why I kept buying it. I suppose she assumed that I was buying it for my girlfriend. Some of it made sense I suppose. The sexy bodysuits, bodystockings, teddies, corsets, and garters were something men bought for there girlfriends. Yet, I bought a lot of bras and pantyhose too. That was not the sort of underwear that most men would buy. Yet, I suppose there are bra and pantyhose fetishists out there who would buy such items for their girlfriends. I always wondered if she ever suspected all those clothes were for me. If she did, she never said anything.

Today, if it was truly her car as I suspected, she would see a whole new me. Hell, she would see a whole new type of human. My heart started beating rapidly again as I prepared to walk into the store. It was time for that first contact. I as of yet had no experience as to how people would react to my new form, or how I would respond to them. I stepped out of my car. The light breeze hit my pantyhosed legs. It felt strange to be wearing them in public. I would have never dared wear them in public in my old male form. But now, here I was, daring to be seen in public with nine breasts and six arms. I looked around nervously, seeing if anyone was around to see me. I saw no one. I began to tremble. I almost tripped a couple of times on my way to the door because I was shaking so badly. The anticipation was terrible. I could hardly stand it. It would have been so much easier to transform back into my old normal male self, or even a normal female self, but I couldn't. Even now, the motivation to change was not there. I was nervous, true, but I still loved this form. That fact had not changed. I stalled for a moment at the front door. My heart was beating at an almost intolerable rate. The time was now. The normal people in here would get their first glimpse at a truly beautiful and exotic creature.

I opened the door slowly with six trembling hands. I heard the little bells attached to the door jingle. There seemed to announced my presence with a thundering boom, at least in my own mind. It didn't take long. The only other customer in the store, a woman of about 45 years of age, was the first to see me. Her jaw immediately dropped, and her eyes got wide. A Hollywood director couldn't have gotten a better shocked reaction out of an actress if he tired. I stood there motionless, looking back at her. We stared at each other in silence, me studying her reaction, and her, examining my odd appearance. The silence was broken by the familiar sales assistant who emerged from the back room. She took one look at me and gasped. Both the other customer and I turned to look at the shocked sales assistant. She had a look very similar to what the customer had just a moment earlier. At that point, the other customer threw down the clothes which she had been carrying when I arrived, and stormed out of the building. Her look of shock was now a look of anger and hatred.

"Slut." She whispered as she passed me. She took one more brief look at my bountiful chest, and then angrily thrust the door open, sending the bells attached to the door into a mad dance. Well, I had my first reaction anyway. The woman must have assumed I had this body created through plastic surgery in order to be some kind of sex magnet. I don't think a body like mine could be created through plastic surgery. Modern science isn't quite capable of making something as beautiful as I. That's one of the things that made me so beautiful. I realized how conceited I was starting to sound, but it was true. I my mind, I was the embodiment of true beauty. My shaking subsided a little. I was still apprehensive as to what the sales assistant's reaction was going to be, but I was happy to have that first reaction behind me. I walked up to the saleswoman, who now tried, unsuccessfully to wipe the shocked look off of her face.

"Excuse me," I was shocked myself. I hadn't expected my voice to sound like that. I had forgotten that I now had a feminine voice. I continued. "I am looking to have some bras and other underwear and clothes specially made, for my uh... unique proportions." I couldn't help but to grin at my own comment. I had so loved saying it.

The sales woman shook her head slowly before speaking. "I don't think so."

"Is there a problem?" I asked.

"Yeah, the problem is you." She said, motioning to my body. "I mean, look at you. You're a freak. You give normal women a bad name with an appearance like that. what the hell did you do to get a body like that? Surely you couldn't have been born like that, I would have heard about it."

"What does it matter how I got like this, I'm here, and I need clothes."

"Is this some kind of joke? I get it. These aren't real are they." She reached out and roughly grabbed at one of my lower breasts. I slapped away her hand. "Oh my god, those are real!" She then rudely jerked down the top of my body suit, causing my top middle breast to pop out. She felt it with her hand as if to better confirm it's reality.

I violently pushed her away with all six of my arms. I didn't realize the power the four extra arms gave me. She went flying into a rack of clothes and then fell roughly to the ground. "I came in here to have some clothes made for me, not to be groped!"

She sprung back to her feet and started to yell. "I'm not going to make any three-cupped bras, or anything else for a freak like you! You are not welcome here."

"You can't do that." I protested.

"I can refuse service to anyone." She stated smugly.

"I have rights you know!" I screamed not even realizing that my extra four arms were waving around just like my two regular arms were.

"You show me a law that protects the rights of nine-breasted freaks, and I'll be glad to talk with you, until then, get the hell out of the store!"

"You don't make three-cupped bras in here huh? Well, maybe you had better start!" I grew fiercely angry at that point. I didn't understand why. Usually, I had great tolerance, even for people who treat me with great disrespect, but now, I felt the hatred boil up inside of me like never before. I felt my mind reach out to her. I felt it trying to transform her. It was part of my fantasy, not only to transform myself, but to transform others as well. I assumed that I would have to wait until I found another person who wanted to be transformed before I could use this power which I knew was lurking within me. But yet, here I was transforming a person who wanted nothing to do with transformations. It was wrong of me. It was a violation. It was immoral. Nevertheless, I couldn't stop myself. I felt my wrath flow through my body as my mind took a hold of this poor woman and began to change her body. I knew she didn't want to be changed, but she was confused. She was scared of the true beauty, my true beauty. She had surely reacted the way she thought society would want her to react. The solution was obvious, at least to me, she had to become like me. Then, she could allow herself to truly enjoy the beauty, of both myself and herself. She could only learn if she experienced it from the inside.

I concentrated on the sales woman's chest. She felt something. I could tell. She immediately looked down at her chest. She looked back up at me with a look of horror. She attempted to lunge at me, but I was able to hold her back. I was somehow able to build an invisible wall around her, trapping her in place while I performed my evil deed of revenge against her uncaring attitude. All she could do was look down at her chest in confusion and bring her hands up to feel the changes as they occurred. She felt and saw a new lump come forth between the two mounds that were her two normal B-cup sized breasts. She pushed down on it, as it to push it back down into place, as if she could physically make the new growth disappear back into wherever it had come, but, it came from my mind, and she could not send it back. In fact, she could never send it back. I would make sure of that. She might try to have it removed, but it would grow back. She would be forced to appreciate the beauty of it. She ripped open her shirt, revealing a bra that no longer fit properly because of a new third breast that was developing in-between the old ones.

I added the finishing touches, the unmistakable curvature of a breast, and the lovely small nipple. She now possessed three pretty breasts all in one row across the top of her chest. I couldn't stop. I had pictured her with three breasts, that was what I wanted for her, but it wasn't enough somehow. She need to experience them more. She needed to know of those beautiful breasts every moment of every day. They had to be bigger too. I concentrated on her three breasts and thought of them expanding. She couldn't hide them. A B-cup could be too easily hidden behind loose clothing. A C-cup could too, and perhaps even a D-cup if she was real inventive. It would have to be a size that she couldn't hide, and a weight that she could forget about even for a moment. She would have to live with these breasts and think about them every waking moment, that is the only way she would learn. I expanded them. They grew bigger right before my eyes. Once again, she pressed down, not just on the middle one this time, but all of them, as if she could stop them from swelling. It was of course futile of her to even try. They would stop when I wanted them to stop and not a moment before. They enlarged beyond that of a DD-cup and kept grow in front of my eyes and below her very hands. I ceased the expansion when they reached about F-cup in size. She would see them all the time now. Three large, F-cup breasts sticking out bolding and proudly from her diminutive frame. Not a moment would pass from now on where her three large breasts wouldn't be the center of attention. She was so gorgeous now, whether she knew it or not. She felt her three large breasts. They were firm but soft to her touch.

She looked up at me with tears leaking from both of her eyes. "How could you do this to me? You've made me so ugly."

"Ugly? On the contrary, you are one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen." I stated as I continued to hold her in place, allowing her to physically examine her new chest with her hands, but still not permitting her to walk towards me. "You shall learn to enjoy those glorious breasts, and the really good news is that you can continue to enjoy them. I've made sure of that. Nothing shall ever have an effect on them. No injury will ever scar them, no surgery will ever be able to remove or reduce them, no disease will ever harm them, and no advance in age will lessen their firmness or beauty. Even when you are old an gray, your gorgeous three, large breasts will stick out in the firm shapely beauty that they have at this very moment. But don't worry about that though, you are still young. You don't have to worry about old age for a long time yet."

She tried to respond with an angry tirade, but all she could manage was blubbering tears that now flowed freely down her checks. I let the invisible mental wall around her crumble, and she did likewise. Her legs crumbled from beneath her and she fell weakly to the floor. She wept openly as she cupped her three large breasts. The store owner finally made an appearance at that point. She was shocked by everything, my appearance, her workers appearance, and the fact that she was on the floor weeping. I decided that I had best leave. It would take time for the sales assistant to come to grips with her new form, and even longer before she was willing recognize its true beauty.

I went to another woman's clothing store. I got the same shocked reaction I did in the first store. I wasn't nervous at all anymore. The shocked expressions were now pretty much all the same. I just had to get past those first few. As a matter of fact, I was starting to enjoy the bewildered looks on people's faces. It was funny and enjoyable. The looks of both horror and anger on women's faces. The looks of confusion and attraction on the men's faces. It was all starting to become very amusing now. I was surrounded by small people with small minds. They could hardly conceive of something different than they are. Anything that didn't fit into their small conception of how society should work was looked at with confusion and anger. I loved to complicate their lives to shake the foundations of everything they held to be true. The sales woman in this new store was trying her best to be polite, but at the same time was aghast. She agreed to design the specially made clothes for me, but I could tell that she didn't want to do it. I tried not to laugh, even though I found it amusing when her hands would tremble terribly as she wrapped the tape measure around my exotic body. She was having a difficult time. She was scared of me almost. It was really a shame in my mind that people couldn't be more open to what was different.

I special ordered almost a thousand dollars worth of new clothes. I would have a whole new wardrobe. I would be rather broke too. Clothes for my new self were going to be very expensive. Oh well, just one of the prices I'd have to pay to be beautiful. Man, I was sounding more an more vain all the time. I couldn't help it. In my mind I was the most beautiful creature to ever step foot on planet Earth. The sales woman told me that it would probably be about two weeks before my clothes were ready. I suppose I would just have to struggle wearing more bodysuits until then.

I walked back out to my car, expecting to receiving more of those curious looks all the way. Luckily, I received a respite from the strange looks as I approached my car. The parking lot was rather deserted now. It was almost dark, and most of the shopping traffic had already gone home. At least, I thought it was lucky at first. It turned out not to be. It also turned out to be less than deserted. There was a man. I saw just his shadow at first, but soon saw his entire figure. He was large and rather intimidating. It was something I hadn't yet experienced. He was looking at me. He had none of the shock, confusion, or anger on his face that I had grown accustomed to in the short time that I had been out in public. His expression was different. I didn't recognize it at first. I had no reason to detect it. I had so little experience as a woman, much less as a sexpot. Yet, I should have foreseen it. It was a lapse on my part I guess. The look that was on this man's face was pure lust.... no, it was something like lust but different. It was hatred. How was hatred like lust? It didn't seem to make sense, but I saw it in this man.

My sense of perception was especially keen at this moment. I could look into this man and feel his anger, his hate, and his lust for power. He was physically big, but inside he was small, very small. An insecure and angry boy lived within him. He was lusting for power. Everything about this man said it clearly, like the way he crept up behind me. They only power he knew was of the physical and sexual kind. He wanted something, something from me. Perhaps if I had more experience as a woman I would have recognized the danger sooner, but it was all new to me. He followed me as I neared my car. I didn't run. I instead turned to him, confronting him. It surprised him. He hadn't expected it. For just a second, the frightened child within him appeared, but was quickly replaced by evil, power hungry man.

"Hello there," I said, trying to remain calm and polite. "Can I help you with something?"

The man glared at me with cold eyes. "I don't need your help! I help myself to whatever I like." The man's eyes scanned over me, as if dissecting every inch of my erotic body. "You must like sex to have a body like that."

"I have this body because I like it. I created it by myself for myself. The thought of attracting lovers never occurred to me." I said with a grin, still struggling to remain calm.

"Don't lie to me, Bitch!" He screamed as he stepped up to me, invading my personal space. "You aren't going to tell me that you allow yourself to have a body like this one, built for sex, and then not use it. It's obvious that you're looking for as much dick as you can possibly get!" He reached out, grabbing a hold of two of my breasts. He roughly fondled them. He worked his dirty hands around to the small of my back and pulled me towards him. I felt the erection pressing against his pants, and now digging into my thigh as he pulled me closer, embracing me in a rough hug. "That's right, baby, I've got what you want."

He was no real threat to me. His superior physical strength paled in comparison to my mental ability to transform. Nevertheless, I had a new found appreciation for the fear that this situation would cause in real woman. My form was just an excuse for this man. He had raped before, and they hadn't all been good-looking. As I set my transformation abilities into effect, it seemed that I could almost peer into the very depths of his mind. I saw him raping young girls and old women. I felt the power that it gave him. He enjoyed it. It made him feel strong, if even only for a few minutes. It wasn't so much that this man found my form to be sexually exciting as he found it intimidating. He had seen me walk proud and confident in my strange and exotic form, brimming with sexual power. He wanted to take that power away from me. He wanted to turn the tables. He wanted to forcefully take the power, while making me feel intimidated. I hated this man. But was he so much different than I was? I had committed a violation of someone this very day. The motivations were different, and so was the process, but in the end, it was still a violation. His motivation was hatred and the lust for power. My motivation was revenge and love, love for the forms. I loved the altered forms, and I wanted to make the rest of the world love them too, or at least to accept that which was different from what they are.

I offered no physical resistance at first which also shocked him a bit, permitting another small glimpse at the frightened child within him. "I got what you want, baby." He repeated as he started to unbuckle and unzip.

"You got a big dick for me, honey?" I asked trying to sound sultry. I don't know if it did. I was somewhat nervous, an of course inexperienced at playing the vixen.

"Uh... that's right, whore." He was again shocked by my attitude. He had wanted me to resist. He was hoping that I would. He wasn't looking for sex so much as a power struggle which he expected to win. His expectations were wrong. This struggle was going to be one that he lost. He pulled at my skirt.

"I doubt that your dick is that big, honey. Of course, compared to mine, most cocks look small." I said with a grin. At the very moment that he pulled down my skirt, I quickly reshaped my clit into a cock and expanded it greatly. A large sac with two heavy balls also quickly formed in front of the rapist's shocked eyes. It ripped through the fabric of the panty part of my pantyhose, breaking through the nylon and lycra. By the time my cock stopped growing, it reached nearly three feet in length and a half foot in diameter. The rapist was horrified and started to back away. I, of course, stopped him. I wasn't done with him yet. I turned my mental transformation to his body. I first just made him smaller. He would have to learn what it was like to be weaker of body. I reduced his large 6'6" 250 lb. body to a petite 5'6" 110 lb.. body. I made his feet and hands small and delicate. I followed with his face. His manly features disappeared and converted into the feminine face of a lovely young girl of about 17 years of age.

I next focused on his chest. It was time to give him my signature touch: multiple breasts. He looked down at his rapidly changing body with absolute panic. He was unable to run or fight. I made sure of that. Unlike the woman I had transformed earlier in the day, whose arms I allowed to move, I held this guy totally frozen while I had my way with his body. The only part of his body that he could control as I changed him was his head, as he looked down at the changes and opened his mouth to scream. The new nipples emerged on his chest. Four new nipples formed, two new ones on each side under his normal ones. The breast flesh soon followed. It rose up around his regular nipples as well as around the new ones. They keep swelling to astronomical sizes. As they continued to inflate, the hair on his ever feminizing body disappeared as did his cock and testicles. By the time his six huge breasts stopped growing, they were all pressed against each other fighting for space on the drastically undersized chest. The large breasts reached way out to the sides and below of waist of the small abdomen of a 5'6" woman. Each of the overwhelming breasts were at least an H-cup in size, and almost resembled six basketballs sitting atop his feminine chest.

His eyes grew wide at the sight of his three pair of large breasts. He was turned on by the sight of himself. He desperately wanted to touch his new breasts. Somehow I felt that would be inappropriate. It such be up to others to grope him, whether he liked it or not, just as he had groped me without permission. He needed no arms, for without them, he could not make any unwanted advances, nor could he fight off any advances to his own erotic new form. His arms retracted and eventually disappeared. He screamed in horror at the sight. His arms were now stubs ending right above were his elbows used to be. He could not run away either. I retracted his legs as well, making stumps out of them. His legs now terminated just above where his knees used to be. He was now a female, quadruple amputee, with six huge breasts, and a nice large, wet pussy ready to be conquered.

I no longer needed to restrain him. He wasn't going anywhere, nor would he ever again, without assistance. This onetime perpetrator was now totally dependent on outside help just for movement. The majority of his new strange body was now breast flesh, aside from his feminine face and big pussy. I approached him. He tried to scramble away, but he was just as helpless as the smaller women that he had taken such enjoy in raping in his past.


Re: Thankless Society - by Multibreast

He was the victim now, my victim. I lay atop of him in the dark parking lot, resting my nine large breasts on top of his six huge ones. The feel of all of our breast flesh pressed together was very stimulating. My large cock stiffened to a rock hard state, and freely dripped precum onto his wriggling thighs. I surged forward inserting my large member into his large, wet pussy. I slid my gigantic cock into his wetness, riding him, fucking his new cunt. He screamed at the pain caused by my immense member as it penetrated his vagina. When I felt my climax approaching, I pulled out, and finished the job manually with my lowest right hand. My two huge balls heaved noticeably as heavy streams of cum sprayed out over the rapist's six giant breasts. I keep spraying, again and again, covering all of his large breasts, and coating his lips, face, and hair. By the time my large cock stopped spurting, his new feminine body was covered from head to the stumps of his legs in my cum.

I was finished with him. The guilt arose quickly. I was ashamed of what I had done to him, about the violations I had committed. Perhaps he deserved it, but it did little to diminish the sorrowful feelings I now had. The sorrowful feeling didn't alter my determination to see through my transformation of him. I would not change him back. I shrank my immense cock and testicles. They quickly disappeared altogether, and my vagina returned. I pulled my skirt back on over my ripped pantyhose. At least they weren't cum-stained. I had managed to get all of that right were I aimed it, on the helpless and erotic body of the rapist. I stepped into my car and left the parking lot, leaving the rapist squirming and screaming there. Maybe someone would find him, maybe they wouldn't, but I could do no more for him, and I refused to change him back or into anything else. All I could do was leave, and that was exactly what I did.

I needed a drink. I loved my new form, but this was turning into a hell of a first day. I needed a little booze to calm my nerves. I thought, with some degree of amusement, that this would be the first time I'd be in a bar as a woman. I wondered if any guy would try to pick up on me. Surely they would. I know that if I was still my male self, and I saw such a woman, I would hit on her in a second. It would certainly be an interesting experience. I expected the initial reaction to be the usual shock, followed by several guys coming onto me. I was right on the first account anyway. The bar I usually went to was normally not all that crowded, nor was it on this night. A total of twelve people were in the bar, me, two bartenders, and nine other customers. Seven of them were men, and two of them were women. I walked in through the door without much notice, but by the time I got to the middle of the room, heading toward the bar, all eyes in the room were on me, accompanied but the usual looks of shock. One woman gasped. After about a minute of shocked gazes at me, the groups of people began to whisper to themselves. I was undoubtedly the subject of there quiet conversations.

After staring wide-eyed at me for a couple minutes, the bartender finally came over to me. "Can I uh... help you mmm.... ma'am?" He said while looking down at his shoes, afraid to be caught staring at my chest.

"Bourbon, on the rocks." I responded in a feminine voice that still managed to astound me. He made the drink for me, handed it to me. I reached in a purse that I had bought from the clothing store. It felt strange to reach for money in a purse rather than reaching for my wallet. It was something that I would eventually get used to I suppose. We all could adapt. Even the rapist would adapt, that is if he lived through he night. I'm sure he would attempt to have the extra breasts removed and the top ones reduced. He would have to find out the hard way that his new breasts were permanent.

I sipped my drink slowly. All eyes were still on me by the time I finished. My expectation of men hitting on me hadn't happened. All these guys did was stare and whisper to their friends about me. What the hell was wrong with these guys? Couldn't they see how beautiful I was? What was stopping them? It wasn't like I wanted to go home with some strange guy, but a part of me wanted them to hit on me. I wanted them to acknowledge that I was beautiful. Instead, they looked at me as if I was some ugly freak. Was it true? Did most people not appreciate this kind of beauty? How could that be? I found it so exciting. How could I be so different? It sickened me. These people were pathetic! They saw me as ugly and as wrong because that's what society told them to think. They obviously had no minds of their own. I slammed my glass down on the bar, and headed for the lady's room. I didn't notice it until I got there, but a man had followed me.

"Hey," I shouted as I finally saw him. "You don't belong in here! This is the lady's room!" Hell, I felt that I didn't even belong in here for that matter. He turned around and locked the door behind him. "Here we go again." I thought to myself. Another power-hungry rapist. Anger shouted out from his expression. He had a hatred too, but unlike the rapist, his was not a hatred of powerful women in general. This man's hatred was directed at me specifically. It was so strange. I had gone in the bar expecting admiration and attraction, and I get anger instead.

The man scowled at me. "What the fuck do you want? Sympathy? I'm I suppose to feel sorry for you?! Or am I supposed to lust after you like some animal?! Well, whichever one you want, I can assure you that I have neither sympathy or lust for you!"

I shook my head. "I don't want anything from you accept maybe the admiration of beauty in its true form, of which I am a living example."

"Beauty? You are a freak of nature! You are an abomination! Looking at your strange form, I have to wonder if Satan himself sent you here to tempt the weaker men of our society." The man declared in the pious tones of a preacher at the pulpit.

"I was sent by no one, but I do agree with you that men are weak, weak in the mind. Society has made them that way. And you my friend, are the perfect example." I stated assuredly.

He rolled his eyes at my comments. "What in the world are you talking about, temptress?"

"I mean they only do what they think they should according to what society dictates. They have no mind of their own. They won't allow themselves to accept what is different, even though deep down they know it is beautiful." I declared while unconsciously posturing myself sexily and sticking my chest out a little.

He continued with his sermon. "Hardly, my dear, you are the weak one. You are weak of mind. You are weak of morals as well. You are a sinner. You are a blot on the moral fabric of society. People see you as such. Sin and immorality are ugly; thus, you are ugly. There is a natural order to things. The Earth is as god made it. When you continue to live in this form, and to celebrate it, you are defiling him. You are sinning against him. God did not give you this form, of that I am sure. You have sinned against your creator. You have sinned against nature. Repent, and return to normal. If you return to normal, god will surely forgive you."

"Normal?!" I raised my voice in anger. "Normal sucks! I don't like normal. I enjoy diversity. You are right about one thing. God did not make me. I made myself. I made my form to my own specifications, and I enjoy it. What is so wrong with me enjoying myself. And why are you so angry anyway? Why do you care how I look? How does the fact that I'm different affect you in any way?"

The man raised his voice to match mine. "It affects me because as you continue to live in this form, you defile my god and my society!"

"I don't believe in your god, and I don't like your society." I continued. "Even if your god did make me, that means he screwed up. I was born into the wrong body. That would mean that your precious god made a mistake."

He shook his head in disgust. "No, it is you who has made the mistake. There is a natural order of things. Any idiot can see that!"

"What natural order?" I asked.

"Look around you!" He yelled. "There is a natural order that you cannot in all good conscious renounce. Women have two breasts, and two arms, that is how god or nature or whatever you believe in intended it. It is the way it has to be. You talk of diversity, but diversity must work within the boundaries of the natural order. Defying the natural order can only lead to destruction for you, or for society, or for both!"

"A society of isolation, anger, hate, and intolerance deserves to be destroyed." I asserted solemnly.

He shook his head in frustration. "I wish I could take the blindfold off of you, my dear. I wish you weren't blind to the ways of the world. I mean, just look at the people's reaction to you. Just look at yourself" He pointed to the mirror hanging on the wall. "I mean you are a fucking half-cow for crying out loud!" He laughed, finding his own remark amusing.

I grinned menacingly. "Actually," I said as I started my transformation powers into motion. "A cow has one udder with multiple teats. Whereas I have multiple breasts. There is a big difference between multiple breasts and a cow's udder. I could explain it to you, but I think it would be easier just to show you."

With that comment, I focused on the man's belly. It started to rise. He looked down in horror, and asked what I was doing. His belly kept rising, but it was changing too. The skin was changing. It was developing into the cow's udder that I imagined. Four nips appeared on the developing udder, and quickly elongated. The man began to scream with horror. I heard the others at the door trying to get in to see what the situation was. By the time the manager got the keys and unlocked the bathroom door, the man's udder was already fully developed, and his hands where starting to change too. The people looked in astonishment at the large cow's udder which was now attached to the man's belly. He pulled up his shirt all the way, exposing it to himself and to everyone else. Several members of the crowd that had gathered at the door gasped, but it did not break the crowd's motionlessness. They could only watch as the man's hands also transformed into the heavy hooves of a cow. The man tried to the grab at his new udder, but all of his old dexterity was gone. His hands were now fully the hooves of a cow. He could do nothing with them except swing them uselessly in the air, as he looked down at the udder and the four teats which hung heavily from it.

He turned to me and tried to yell, but all he could manage was: "Moo!" I had made sure that he would never be able to promote his message of hate anymore. I had given him the voice of a cow.

"Maybe you will learn the difference between extra breasts and an udder when someone has to milk you every morning. You certainly can't do it yourself, not with those hands, er, hooves." I proclaimed with a chuckle. I used my mental power of restraint to clear a path through the crowd at the restroom door. I was easily able to slip out of the lady's room and out of the bar.

I once again felt guilty is to what I had done. Especially about censoring his opinions by giving him a cow's voice. Silencing one's opinion arbitrarily was against everything I stood for as a champion of diversity, but the transformation was already completed, and even though I regretted it, I would not change him back. It was becoming apparent to me that once I changed someone, I wouldn't change them back. In fact, I don't think I could change them back. The motivation wouldn't be there. I had to want it, I really had to want it. Besides, the man could still communicate if wanted. They could just put a keyboard near his foot, and he could type out his message, or he could even put a pencil in his mouth and hit the keys that way. He could then type out all the messages of intolerance he liked. Plus, it would give him more time to think before he communicated, something of which he was in desperate need. He would adapt. We all would adapt. One had to adapt when given a truly beautiful body like mine, or like his. I felt sorry for the man that it would probably take him a very long time to discover the true beauty of his form.

I got back in my car and wallowed in my guilt as I headed toward another bar. Maybe the people in this bar would be more open to the beauty of my form. My drive to the next bar was interrupted by the sight of red lights flashing in my rear view mirror. A police car had its lights on and was following right behind me. I pulled over to the side of the road. The police car pulled in behind me.

A Police officer stepped out of the patrol car with her gun pulled. "Step out of the vehicle and put your hands where I can see them!" She shouted.

What the hell did I do? I wondered. I slowly and nervously stepped out of my car, lifting all six of my hands up for her to see.

"Lie down on the ground, and put your hands... er top hands... I guess on your head! Don't move!" She tired to sound forceful, but her shock and curiosity were very apparent in her voice. I did as she demanded. I began to wonder if I was being arrested just for having this form. She slowly approached me, keeping the gun on me. She got over me, planted one of her knees into my right uppermost shoulder, pulled my upper arms around, and cuffed my hands. She then cuffed my middle and lower set of hands. With her knee still roughly pressing against my shoulder, she spoke into the radio walkie-talkie attached to her shoulder strap. "Suspect in custody." She stated in the typical police tone of voice. She pulled me up from the pavement, and started leading me to the police car. "Wow, when they gave me the description and said that a nine-breasted shemale was suspected of criminal sexual assault of a quadruple amputee, I thought someone was playing a joke on me. I can still hardly believe it even when looking at your freaky body."

I suddenly realized that I could not be taken to jail. I had to escape right now. As the police officer was about to open the back door to her patrol car. I concentrated on transforming her. I first had to make her immobile. She stopped suddenly as if she had run into an invisible wall. She reached for her gun, but I quickly transformed her hands into hooves. She would cause less trouble that way. I knew that I didn't have long. Other officers would be here in a matter of minutes if she didn't radio in again. I backed into her and reached from behind me to her belt and reached for the keys to the cuffs. I managed to free my hands as the police officer only watched and screamed both at me and at the sight of her new hooves.

I started to run, but I couldn't resist one little more transformation to this police officer. I concentrated on her nose. I hadn't really noticed in my rush to do it, but the hooves I had given her were that of a pig. It struck me as kind of funny when I thought about it for a second. I suppose it was a subconscious extension of the slang term for cops. Even though I desperately needed to get lost from the scene, I couldn't help but transform her nose into that of a pig too. I watched in amusement as her nose upturned and grew out into the familiar round snout of a piggy. The officer tired to gasp, but only managed to make a classic pig grunt instead. She then screamed. I found it quite delightful because it was only half a human scream and the rest piggy squeal.

I ran back to my car and took off. I realized that I couldn't stay in this car long. The police probably already had a description of the car that the nine-breasted person was driving. This day was quickly turning into a nightmare. Someone must have found the screaming multibreasted amputee soon after I left him. Now, I had the body I always wanted, but they were after me for rape. The people I transformed would probably be going to the cops soon too, telling them of the violation I committed on them. They were going to want me to answer to those transformations too I bet. The police were likely to believe every word of their stories too now that I had transformed a police officer. It was so stupid of me to change those people. At least the rapist had learned something. Instead of committing rapes, he was now reporting them.

I tired to change my form, but was unable. Even with the threat of incarceration, the true motivation wasn't there for me to change to a different form. I was at home in this body, and I couldn't change back into a normal male form, or a normal female form for that matter. I wouldn't be a very difficult suspect for the police to apprehend in this form. I could fight off one police officer easily, but I don't know if I would have what it takes to fight a whole army of cops if I had too.

I attempted to use my transformation powers on my vehicle, but it didn't work. I didn't figure that it would, transforming cars had never been my fantasy. I tired desperately to change my body. I could change certain parts, but my current breasts and arms now seemed to be permanent. They were now so much a part of me that I couldn't let them go, even if the cost was prison. I grew very nervous. What the hell was I going to do?

I headed to the bar that I had originally planed on going to before being pulled over. I figured given my body, it was kind of pointless to try and hide. I would just have to fight off any cop that got in my way. Fuck 'em! I didn't care anymore. I had the body of my dreams, and that was the only important thing to me now. I parked my car in the lot of the bar. I looked around, seeing no cops in sight. I walked into the bar, and was greeted with the usual shocked looks and gasps. I ignored them this time and went directly to the bar. I was beginning to become oblivious to the shocked reaction of others. I had what I wanted and that was good enough for me. I ordered a drink from a nervous bartender. I was about halfway through my drink when I started to think that perhaps this bar was going to be the same as the last. The looks of shock on people's faces were all turning to either looks of confusion or looks of anger.

I was almost convinced that no one could appreciate the beauty of my body, until a young man approached me and said: "Excuse me, but I just had to say that you are the most beautiful woman that I have ever seen."

Finally, I had someone who was willing to find something beautiful in me. It was very satisfying for me to hear it. "Thank you." I said, with great sincerity in my voice.

"How exactly did you come to have this body?" He asked as he pulled up a seat next to me.

I could sense the others in the room trying to listen to my conversation. "That is a long story, but basically, I wanted it, so I got it." I responded with a grin.

The man nodded as if he would accept that answer for only the time being. "Wow, you got the body of your dreams huh? I wish that I could do that."

I grew very interested. "Oh really? You have dreams of being transformed?" He nodded. "What would you like to be?" I pressed.

He shook his head. "No, it sounds silly. You'd laugh at me."

I chuckled. "Have you seen me? Do you think someone you wants to look like this has any room to laugh at someone else's transformation dreams?"

He leaned into me and whispered into my ear. "I wouldn't mind being a woman with extra breasts too. I'd like four breasts about the same size as yours."

I smiled at him and kissed him lightly on the cheek. "You don't know how much I loved hearing that statement."

He continued to whisper. "That's not all though. I'd love to have a tail too, a long one that I can control. I think it would look so sexy."

I smiled and nodded. "I think you are right. I can give you that form, my friend. Would you like that?" He looked back at me with wide, unbelieving eyes. "It's true. I can give you the body of your dreams too. Would you like it?"

"Yes," he whispered with a cracked and excited voice.

"I have to admit that I'm currently in a little trouble with the law. Being with me could be dangerous for you, but if you like, you can come with me, and I'll give you that body you so desperately want. What do you think? Are you still interested?"

"Yes, I'll follow you no matter what the danger." He smiled and looked warmly into my eyes.

"Good," I said as I kissed him gently on the cheek again. I stood up. I grabbed a hold of his hand and lead him out behind me. All eyes were on us as well left together. When we reached the parking lot, I asked if he had a car.

"Yes," he said, pointing to his car.

"Lets take it. I'm afraid that the police are familiar with mine." I climbed in the passenger seat as he started the car and pulled out of the lot. As he drove, I noticed that he kept sneaking peeks of my chest.

"You like huh?" I slowly caressed my many breasts with each of my six hands.

"Yes," he nodded. "What would you think of a four-breasted woman with a tail?" He asked nervously.

"I think that I would be incredibly attracted to such a creature. I answered with a grin.

"Good, I'm glad to hear that." He chuckled. I grabbed one of his hands and placed it upon one of my breasts. He commenced in rubbing it and my other breasts as he drove down the road. "Is my place OK?"

"Probably better than mine. It won't take them long to trace that car back to me and my address." I said with disappointment.

"What exactly did you do, if you don't mind me asking?" He said while still fondling my breasts.

I thought for a moment. "It mostly comes down to changing people, but unlike you, they didn't want to be changed."

"I see. I guess some people don't like things that are different."

"Most people it seems." I agreed. "That's why I like you. You have an appreciation for what is different but yet still sexy."

He was still fondling me when we came to a stop at what I assumed was his apartment. We walked hand in hand as we ascended the stairs to his apartment. He unlocked and opened the door, revealing a beautiful and spacious place. I spotted a couch, and wasted no time pulling him towards it. I collapsed on the couch with him falling on top of me. I kissed him on the lips while he fondled my bountiful chest. I immediately concentrated on his body as I pulled his T-shirt off. I saw the hair on his chest disappear before my eyes. His chest was now completely smooth except for his two original nipples and the two which were now developing below them. I kissed him again as the features of his face started to feminize. I wrapped my six arms around him and pulled him close to me as we kissed deeper. We embraced in a tight hug, and I felt four new lumps emerging from his smooth chest. It felt wonderful as his new breasts started to swell up against mine. I felt his heart pounding too. He was obviously excited at the feel of the new breasts arising from his chest. He brought his arms up to feel his new growths as he broke away from my kiss to see his new boobs. He looked down with a big smile on his now completely feminine face.

All his other features were becoming more feminine too. I stripped off his pants as the last remnants of his cock and balls were replaced by a new tight vagina. His old penis had disappeared, but a new tail was now emerging from just above his now feminine butt. It grew long, extending down to his ankles. He looked behind him, and moved his tail with his own power, swishing it up high so that it brushed by the now long and beautifully feminine hair that flowed elegantly down his back.

He was now fully a woman. She smiled happily at the sight and feel of the new body. She wagged her tail in excitement as we continued to romance each other. She was in heaven, and so was I. We enjoyed each others company and each other's beauty. I knew it was possible that she may have used me to get the new body. I didn't think so though. Even though I had only known him/her for a short time, I felt there was a genuine connection between us. She thought like I did. We were kindred spirits. She had as much love for me and my body and my personality as I did for hers.

We locked together in a tight embrace. My nine breasts pressed against her four. The lips on our beautiful, delicate faces joined in a tender kiss. I used my six hands to their fullest potential, holding her close to me, caressing her breasts, fondling my own, and then using one of my hands to find her new womanhood. I rubbed her there, and like a real woman, her juices started to flow. I plunged two of my fingers into the depths of her new tight pussy. She leaned back as I did so, and moaned with delight. Her breasts pressed into my face as she leaned way back, still finding so much pleasure from my explorations. She brought her tail up between her legs, sliding it softly across my arm, and down to my vagina. She tickled it at first with the tip of her tail. She then slid it dexterously inside, using the tip of her tail as a makeshift penis. She penetrated me and my new vagina, making love to me in a way that only she could. I orgasmed quickly, and orgasmed again moments later. My own juices were flowing as well, as a whole new type of sexual sensation rushed though my exotic body. The sexual feeling, the climaxes, so new, and so satisfying.

We made love for countless hours. We could not stop. The passion between us was so immense. I think neither of us could have known such passion from an ordinary human being. We had a love for altered forms, and a love for each other. I thought of the psychotherapist. She had been so right. Think of all I would have missed if I had "gotten over" this desire. The only true way to live was to experience it. I had found love quickly in my new form, and I had found it for the first time. I had never felt so comfortable or so happy. I continued to make love. I let nothing stop me. I used my powers of restraint to stop them. I built a wall between us two lovers and all those who would try to stop us. I wondered how much the bill would have been from the psychotherapist? It appeared as though I'd never get the chance to pay it. Whatever it was, it was worth it. I would have given all of my material possessions to have the body and the love I had at this moment. And, in a way, I had given it all up. It was too bad. I would have liked to thank the therapist. She gave me what I had most desired. I wouldn't have the chance to thank her now. It seemed that I wouldn't have the chance to wear all those new clothes I ordered either. That too was a shame. I would have so enjoyed wearing them. Oh well, I tried not to think of it. I was happy now, at this moment. I was happier than I had ever been.

The therapist had said that I would need to be selfish. In one respect I had taken that advice and gone overboard with it. I hadn't cared about the other's opinions. Before I had the power to transform, I had a healthy respect for the opinions of other's, even when they disagreed with me. The power had corrupted me. I hadn't cared about them or what they liked. I forced myself on them, and for that I was sorry. I had want to change them, to help them see the beauty. I didn't care about them and their society anymore though. I guess it was that selfishness again. It was true, I was more selfish now, but in only one respect, because in another respect, I felt more for someone else. As I held my new lover in my arms, I realized I cared, I truly cared for the first time about the feelings and emotions of someone besides myself.

I wasn't prepared to let anyone stop us. The law enforcement officers where gaining in number and in strength. I could feel that much. My wall was holding them back. It was keeping them from interrupting the love that I had never before known, but yet always so desperately wanted. I didn't know how much longer I could hold them. It didn't matter because in this body, and in the arms of this magnificent woman, my life was now complete. These few hours were better than all the misery and torment of living a life in the wrong body with dreams unfulfilled.

And now, here I am, waiting and loving. I don't know how much longer I have. So, I shall make the most of it. I shall spend the time loving my body and my kindred spirit. In this small corner of the world, we have created our own reality, inside of an otherwise thankless society.