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Hi, it's my first time writing a story like this. Hope you like it

Amanda has just finished making pancakes when a doorbell rang. Through the window she could clearly see the long strands of golden hair belonging to Bethany, her son's engaged girlfriend. The cooking house owner quickly put food on the table and went to open the door.

"Beth it's co nice to see you! Here, come inside, I made some warm breakfast"

The girl stepped inside but she was looking visibly upset. They both sat at the table but neither decided to eat.

"Is there something wrong? How are preparations going for the wedding?"

Beth looked at her would-be mother in law eyes and finally spoke

"Miss Amanda.. about the wedding.. It's not gonna happen"

Amanda was shocked, after all, the reason she invited Beth was to discuss the ceremony.

"What? But why? Don't tell me you're.."

She couldn't believe it. "Breaking up. Yes we are"

Beth finished the sentence.

"It's John, he.. well he told me that he wants to transform me! Out of nowhere he proposed this idea that I would drink a special serum and change into this unearthly creature!

At this point Beth was screaming and shaking while Amanda sat and listened in silence.

"I never knew he was into this kinda thing, If I knew I would never date him! He even gave me a detailed note describing exactly what kinda monster I will turn into, I won't be even able to speak!"

John's mother seemed to remain calm but inside she was panicking, she couldn't let that girl break her son's heart. She could not hurt her little boy..

"It all happened this morning and I didn't even have time to comprehend all this. I.. I haven't told him yet"

Beth breathed heavily, she was both angry at her boyfriend and firmly disgusted. Amanda stood up and seemed to grab something from a drawer but the girl didn't really notice.

"Beth please, let me tell him. We both know how sensitive my son is, and this way it will be easier for both of you. Will you lend me your phone?"

Amanda now stood next to Beth

"Fine I guess. I just want to get this over with"

John's former girlfriend took out her phone but as she tried to stand up something hard suddenly hit the back of her head and the world went dark.

"Hi Johny! I'm calling to deliver some great news, your future spouse told me about everything and decided to get herself transformed!"

Amanda spoke  holding the phone with her shoulder while she tied unconscious Beth to a chair.

"Wait... mom? Are you for real? She got very upset with me when I told her about it, can I talk to Beth?"

John definietly did not expect his girlfriend to change her mind so quickly.

" Beth is currently busy and she said I should tell you everything. Believe it or not but she wants to transform before you come back from work!"

"Wait..like today? Right now? Thats great and all but I thought we would talk about it first.."

John looked at a clock, it was still few hours before he could go home. On one side he was very happy that his dream was coming true, however on the other hand all of this was happening way to quickly.

"Oh she seemed very excited about it! Don't worry darling, I'm sure that all will go smoothly, Love you"

"I love you too mom"

The phone hang up as Amanda closed Beth inside a bathroom. That ungrateful bitch got what she deserved. Nobody can even dare to hurt her little boy. Amanda disappointment was immeasurable, the girl she trusted to live with Johny turned out to be an inconsiderate whore. So what if her little Johny likes transfromees? A good wife should be able to do everything for her husband. She sacrifised her entire life to be the best wife and even better mother, so that girl should too. "There you are"

After searching for a while in Beths bag Amanda found the note, now all she had to do was to go the nearest alchemist shop, buy the potion and change her son's girlfriend before he comes back from work.

While walking to the shop Amanda kept thinking about her husband Albert, all the wedding preparations reminded her of her own wedding many years ago. Good memories started flooding her mind, the honeymoon, the birth of her son.. and then.. everything started falling apart when the memory of Albert's death came back to her. He died when John was only ten and she was forced to raise him alone.. No, she shouldn't clutter her head when there was work to do.

Entrance bell rang as a new costumer entered the store.

"Hello and welcome to Leon's Alchemy! What brigns such a gorgeous lady to my modest thresholds?"

Spoke the store owner. Amanda gazed at all the shelfs in the shop, she was amazed by the sheer number of different potions and specifics. It was her first time visiting such place.

"I would like to buy a special serum with exactly these transformative characteristics"

She gave vendor the note and only when it left her hand she realized she never even read what was written on it. "Not like it matters" she though to herself. "Hmm interesting, thats a very specific transformation, normally it would take me days to prepare it, fortunately someone ordered a similiar potion few days ago so I'll just make some quick changes. You are very lucky miss!"

Being lucky was an understatement, if she didn't get the serum today, Amanda's plan would've fallen flat.

"Is this for your lover, if I may ask?"

Said the Shop keeper unexpectedly. The word 'lover' echoed inside Amanda's head. After Albert died she only got Johny, she focused her entire life on making sure he was happy. They were inseparable up unitl the day when he meet that wretched girl Bethany. He moved out and since then she felt really alone.

"No.. I mean yes.. well kinda"

She said after a long pause.

" Ohh I see, it's a little bit more complicated. Well, one thing I can say is that there is no bigger proof of love than getting willingly transormed for your lover. I find it beautiful, and thats why I became an alchemist!"

The vendor smiled and put the finished potion on a counter.

"There you go, is that all?"

Amanda nodded, paid for the product and aimed for the exit, however she stopped before the door.

"I can't let that whore marry my son"

She realized that transformed or not, Bethany did not deserve her little boy.

"she never trully loved him, not like... me"

she whispered under her breath and turned around.

"Actually, I'd like to buy one more thing"

Beth was lying on the floor in a dark room, still tied to a chair. She tried to get out but only managed to fall over. Last thing she remembered was talking to John's mother and then this sudden pain.. That crazy bitch must've hit her in the head and tied her up. But why? Was it because she wanted to break up with John and cancel the wedding? Beth should've seen it coming. She always knew that Amanda was crazily overprotective when it came to John, although she never would've guessed that she would do something like that!

"Help! Someone please help me!"

She screamed in vain when suddenly, she heard a door opening. Did someone come to help her? Or was it... There was a sound of unlocking and the door to the bathroom opened. Beth got temporarily blinded by light. After a few blinks she finally saw who was standing before her.

"It's you! You fucking bitch! Let me out!"

Amanda came to her and set the chair straight ,afterwards she began to strengthen loose ties

"You know I can't do that. That would led to all sorts of problems"

When all ties were properly tightened, she reached to her purse and took out a glowing vial.

"So whats your plan, you crazy hag!? You think you can just transform me and I'll happily serve your son? If you dare to empty that vial on me I will fucking destroy you! My parents!..My sister! They will make sure a fate much worse will happen to you!"

Beth with all her might tried to break the ties, she was moving her whole body almost looking as if she was convulsing.

"That was my original plan, nevertheless I changed my mind upon realizing that you're no good for my son. He needs a loving wife, not an ungrateful wench! He deserves much more... while you deserve only this!"

Amanda opened the vial and poured its content on Beth.

"Nooo! You fucking bitch!

She screamed as the glowing substance covered her skin and then immediately disappeared into her pores. At this moment she finally untied herself, although it was already too late. She tried to stand but almost instantly fell on the ground.The girl glanced with fear at her legs and saw that they were decreasing.

"God! This can't be happening! Amanda please, I forgive you! Just make it stop!" Beth tried to grab the woman in front of her, only to find out that her arms were decreasing too, even faster than her legs. It did not took them long to dissapear completely. While this was happening, the whole world seemed to grow larger, or was it her that was getting smaller? The clothes she was wearing began falling of. Her boobs,now free from her bra started lowering from her chest until they dropped at her crotch. Her neck  grew wider and it was getting harder for her to breathe as if some kind of pressure started building up inside her. Only now Beth realized that her legs didn't vanish like her arms, they've become two small penises, they each even had a pair of tiny balls beneath them. Speaking of balls, her boobs now resembled testicles more than anything else, they were saggy and wrinkled and there was no sign of her nipples. She could not believe what she was seing, her young beautiful body was being twisted into this perversed, vulgar shape. She could do nothing as her lovely golden hair began falling out. She hoped that the worst was behind her when suddenly, her own face started melting away. Her nose and ears retreated into her body while her mouth relocated to the top of her head and decreased into a tiny slit, next to it laid a single remaining eye. It was clear that she was turning into a dick, her torso now looked like a long cilinder of flesh and what was once her head slowly reshaped into the gland of a penis.The pressure that was slowly building up finally reached its peak and from every cock blasted a fountain of sperm covering the bathroom. Amanda thankfully knew this was gonna happen and hid just in time. To finish it all of the former girl's skin turned green only leaving red glands on all three tips. And so it was done and what was once Beth now gazed angrily at the person who did it to her.

"Perfect. I always wanted an exotic plant"

John's mother brought a large flower pot with some dirt in it and grabbed the massive plant cock. Even though Beth's new body was definitely smaller, the main penis was still one meter tall. When she looked underneath the creature she saw that both Beth's ass and pussy melted away. The only thing left hanging beneath was a weird looking tentacle, almost like a..

"Root! Now I'll just have to plant you. You'll be much more useful as a nice decoration than a wife"

Amanda carefully placed Beth in the pot and began cleaning the mess she had left in the bathroom. So far everything was going according to the plan, she just had to leave something in the house and the final part could begin.

Using keys from Beth's bag Amanda entered her son's house. She had to act quick as John could've return at any moment. This meant she didn't have time for second thoughts. She unbuckled the belt on her waist and unbuttoned her dress. Her shoes, bra and finally her underwear all dropped to the ground.

Standing naked, she glanced at a big standing mirror. Despite few wrinkles and stretch marks in some places Amanda looked exceptionally well for a woman her age. It may have been thanks to her diet or the fact that she has never smoked, also the times she drank alcohol could be counted on the fingers of a single hand. Yet, despite her looks she felt ashamed looking at her body. Lately she had let herself go, she gained a few pounds and hasn't even bothered with shaving her pubes or her armpits. Amanda touched her soft face and then stroked her lush brown hair which she curlied at the ends. There was no turning back now, soon her current body will be no more and she didn't even know what she will turn into. It did not matter however, as she would do anything for her little boy, even turn into the most bizzare monster she could think off. She couldn't be more ready as she uncorked the glowing vial and drank it all in one big sip.

"This is the act of my uppermost love"

Almost immediately a surge of energy went through Amanda's body and she's felt as if she was back in her twenties. All her wrinkles and tiny imperfections dissapeared. Then, abruptly her boobs began inflating. They grew nearly fivefold their original size and when Amanda tried to touch them she discovered that a second pair grew beneath them, although only half the size of their predecessors. They were soft and surprisingly bouncy, nipples also received a growth and now resembled floppy thick sausages. Her new mammaries  felt so good to hold and squeeze and everytime she pulled on her nipples a stream of milk poured from the tips.

"This actually isn't so bad, just gonna be hard finding a proper bra"

Amanda's initial fear seemed to vanish. She had no idea getting transformed would feel this good. Her tits dind't even get to finish growing when her hips began expanding, slowly but surely they increased their size and so did her buttocks. Unexpectedly, Amanda felt a strange bump rising above her anus. "Huh? A tail?"

The bumb however quickly stopped expanding and instead started to grow dozens of massive feathers.

" Oh my! Am I turning into a chicken?"

She was dumbfounded, why did John choose a featherly tail of all things? Amanda had no time to ponder, her whole body was still twisting and changing. Bones in her now massive legs started reshaping and ultimately turned digitigrade. As the weights in her body shifted, it was getting harder to stand upright. Yet after a while Amanda found her new point of balance by slightly hunching and lowering her torso, as if she was presenting her ass. Is this how she'll stand and walk from now on? The idea of constanly putting her ass on display arroused her more than a little, perhaps she wasn't such a prude and her inner slut was gradually manifesting. At this point her snatch was dripping wet,it was stretching and her clit rose to a size of a pepper pot, she positively needed to touch her bulging pussy but when she tried to reach it she realized that her hands grew smaller. Now she only could reach nipples, it was still nice to grip them but she wanted much more. The transformation was still going strong and now it was time for her feet and hands, few fingers have merged together leaving Amanda with threee digits on every limb. Her findernails formed into huge talons but while scary looking, they were blunt and wouldn't hurt anyone even if she tried. Similarly, the tiny spikes that just emerged along her spine were also blunt. As the changes continued something dawned on the woman, when she again looked at the mirror she at last understood what she was changing into.

" A dinosaur! Of course!"

It made perfect sense since Johny always loved dinosaurs as a kid, he had plenty of toys and books. Amanda remembered the time they went together to a dinosaur themed park with massive dino models. It made her weirdly happy knowing she now resembled such a special creature for her son. While she dwelled in the past more changes came to fruition, Her body, apart from her tits and genital region, was now covered in brown scales, even though they looked hard, they were actually really soft. It was clear that her scales, spikes and talons were only for the looks and not to make her a fiercome predator. At last, changes came to her head, her neck grew taller and wider, her face elongated as her skull reshaped. Her hair fell out and new shiny fangs replaced her old teeth, although blunt, they still looked dangerous.

While this all was happening Amanda grew hornier and hornier with every second. She couldn't contain her lust any longer and like an animal started rubbing her enlarged pussy on walls and furniture. Only now had she allowed a very important thought to enter her head. Since she had replaced John's girlfriend.. she will have to have sex with her son.

Just a few hours ago that idea would have made her gag, but now? She desperately needed a dick. Not just any dick, she wanted her son's hard cock. He was one of the only two people she ever loved and she wanted his love. After all she did this for him! Amanda imagined his manhood entering her wet, hungry cunt and fucking her senseless. Her moans gradually turned into animalistic grunts as she lost her ability to speak. Suprisingly she now sounded more like a penguin than a dinosaur. Her trasnformation was nearly complete, long feathers covered bottom of her legs, her forearms and also her neck along with her head. Finally It seemed like the changes have stopped, but Amanda felt that something was wrong. There was something inside her... and it felt like it was trying to get out. She was so close to cumming. As she grinded her voluptuous pussy on a drawer, her now enormous clit swayed in the air.

"Oh fuck I'm coming!"

Thought John's mother and indeed something was coming. Right before she could orgasm her pussy boulged outwards and two massive balls shot from the inside. Amanda stood af if she was struck by lightning, she couldn't fathom what had just happened. Nervously she pointed her gigantic ass towards the mirror. What she saw shocked her competely. There it was, between her legs an enormous penis, accompanied by a pair of swinging testicles and then smooth skin all the way to her abnormaly massive, bulged out pucker. Her pussy was gone, replaced by this very male set of genitals. This change had surprised her the most. Why would John want a wife with a penis? Was he gay? Amanda felt robbed of not just her femninity but also her orgasm. Feeling sexually frustrated she tried to rub her new appendage but it was not the same as her vagina. It still was kinda nice but without arms that could reach her dick, she was worried that she won't get to cum at all.

And then, while she thought of ways she could relieve herself, all of sudden John, like a savior entered the house just in time to rescue his loved one.

The young man hesitantly stepped inside. He was nervous, if not just outright sweating. Did she really do it? Has his girlfriend actually just fullfilled his deepest fantasy?

"Beth, are you home?"

He was met with silence, even though he'd swear that he heard some weird noises coming from the bedroom. Step by step he slowly walked towards the room, and when he moved aside the door, his eyes were met with both the most bizarre and most  gorgeous sight. There she was, the love of his life lying on the bed, her body transformed specially to fill all his wishes. To him, she looked like a goddess.

"H..Honey, you are so beautiful!"

She glanced at him hungrily and swung her hand in an inviting manner. He came closer but still seemed nervous.

"You look amazing,h..how are you feeling?"

He said without much thought.

"Oh, sorry, I forgot! It's exactly how I always imagined it, just why didn't you want to discuss it with me first? I wasn't really sure about the penis and.."

Just like his father, John talked to much so Amanda decided to silence him with her mouth. Only now had she realized how big her tongue was. She spinned it around and almost made her lover forget to breathe. When this extremely passionate kiss ended John wasn't interested in talking anymore, abruptly he planted his face in her breasts and began sucking on her nipples. This brought Amanda back to the days when her son was still a little baby. All the memories of her breastfeeding her son came back to her as he was now squeezing and milking all four of her new giant tits. The pleasure was unimaginable and she knew it was only the beginning. She wanted something more, something hard and stiff. So she pushed John on the bed and unuckled his belt. She gasped when his member was released. The last time she saw her son's penis it was the size of a peanut. She remembered Johny's tiny prick when, as a little boy, he proudly presented his newfound ablity to pee while standing. His cock has grown a lot since that day. The hefty rod was even bigger than hers husband's, although her own new manhood still surpassed it in girth . With hunger in her eyes, she swallowed her son's sturdy cock. John could only moan while his mom worked on stroking his shaft with her fat prehensile tongue. In a twist of fate their roles were reversed ,now it was the mother that was sucking on her son. Amanda had to admit that the taste of his dick was awfully similiar to that of Albert's , they had the same genes after all. The sound of her wet slurping could be heard in the entire house but she didn't want her lover to cum just yet. She really wanted to stick his dick in her pussy but that was gone for a while now. Although she still had a hole that could be used. She didn't think she would ever do anal but as the time went on that idea arroused her more and more. She couldn't deny it anymore, she wanted a cock, no, she needed a cock in her asshole. She detained from licking her son's member, leaving him on the edge of cumming. Instead she turned around and invitingly presented her massive rear. No words needed to be used to know what she had in mind. John grinned while looking at the wrinkled pucker before him. Without hesitation he spread his mother's cheeks and buried his face in her fat orifice. His tongue first caressed the outer ring, covering it with saliva and then he lunged it as deep as he could into her anus. The sudden intrusion made Amanda groan like an animal. It felt so wrong, but at the same time so amazing. She couldn't wait for when John finally sticks his throbbing dick inside her. Even her own cock twitched at that thought, precum already oozing from the tip. When her donut was properly soaked Amanda's now not-so-little boy stood up and positioned his eager shaft in front of her waiting butthole. Despite Amanda being overally larger than her son, her new posture and bent legs made it that her rear was exactly at the same level as his dick, clearly her new body was build with one thing in mind.

"Oh yes Johny, gimme your cock, fill me with your seed!"

She would say if she still could, thankfully her lover didn't have any trouble guessing what she wanted. He pressed his manhood on her bulging anus and slowly but surely inserted the entirety of his tremendous member.

"Oh god honey, you're so tight!"

He screamed as he entered her. Amanda's anal muscles were surprisingly firm, not only her sphincter but her whole rectum seemed to tighten in response to getting impaled by her son's cock. The added pressure only made John's harder and he began thrusting his mother's backside like a pent up teenager that has just lost his virginity. Amanda was in an absolute bliss, so thats how it felt to have a dick in her ass. The feeling was different than getting fucked in her pussy, like she did with Albert long time ago. She didn't know if her anus always was this sensitive or was this the effect of her changes. The sensation was actually much more intense than her vagina has ever experienced. John kept humping his mother, occasionally slaping her humongous asscheeks, he didn't seem to mind her featherly chicken-like tail that was getting in his face.

"Oh darling, your new muscular and self lubricating asshole is wondrous! I'm just surprised that out of my three notes you choose the shemale version"

He said and Amanda was astounded. She had no idea there were three notes in Beth's bag. Acting quickly she grabbed the first one she saw, thinking it was just one. If only she checked more profoundly, or just read the damn note, she could still have her vagina. To her own surprise she didn't seem to mind it as much as she thought she would. Actually, with a butthole like that, she didn't miss her pussy at all. The addition of a penis was also a rather welcome one, but now that she thought about it, her fat and stiff cock wasn't getting any attention. Then, as if John had read her mind, he placed his firm hand on her needy dick and began jerking it.

"Honey, I want you to know to know that I will always love you, whatever genitals you have! As a matter of fact I also love your new penis and your balls too!"

He spoke while his second hand started folding and carressing her heavy testicles. Amanda was in heaven, the pleasures she felt from every part of her body were overwhelming. There was this feeling that was hard to describe, as if every time John pushed his dick inside her, he would slightly press a button that released a wave of bliss that filled her whole body. Was this the prostate? She must've had one one now and damn, did she love it.

If anyone was to walk in front of their house they'd hear the constant sound of smacking cheeks and animalistic grunts and screeches. If they were bold enough and gazed through the curtains they'd see a young, slightly muscular man rhythmically pushing his dick inside the massive rear of what looked to be a half human - half dinosaur creature. If that were to happen, the lovers would be too busy enjoying eachother to even notice a bystander.

As the time went on John started getting tired and he slowed his pace. Amanda noticed it immediately and decided to push her son to the floor, before he could react she was already standing above his crotch. John's mom was now technically a male but she knew, that she was still a woman. A woman that wanted to be breed. Just not in a pussy, but rather her hungry asspussy. She dropped her ass on her son's wating cock. Her anus was impaled with all it's length and she began lifting her backside up and down using her powerful legs. Amanda  had already learned a lot of new tricks that came with her new body. She'd tighten and then relax her anal muscles alternately, it felt like her asshole tried to swallow the shaft inside it. By now, both her and John were extremely close to cumming. All the sensations were proving to be to much for them. First was Amanda's son, his dick tensed up and then shot a heavy load of virile seed inside his mother rectum. John's mother came only few seconds after, her cock, that was still in her son's grasp blasted a massive stream of cum that landed on John's chest, face and on a nearby wall. The loud screech that left her mouth made it obvious how good that made her feel. They'd fuck many more times that nigh, each time trying new positions but ultimately even though Amanda had an almost never-ending stamina John had to finally take some rest. They took a shower, or at least tried to as Amanda's body had trouble fitting in the bathroom and went to sleep. They cuddled in each other embraces and John's mom once again remebered the time from her son's childhood, she would cuddle him to sleep every night, reading him books about dinosaurs.

Amanda opened her eyes, it was late in the morning and sun was shining through the curtains. She looked around lazily and noticed that something was not right. She wasn't in John's house, it was her own bedroom. She was back again human and her house looked exactly liked it looked like twenty years ago. Next to her laid a person but it wasn't Johny, it was..


Suddenly Amanda woke up, she still was in John's bedromm, next to her was her son and she.. well she was still a voluptuous shemale dinosaur with a dumbtruck of an ass. Despite all this, she felt as if nothing changed at all, she was back again resting in bed with her lover just like so many years ago. She smiled, as she was not alone anymore and that was all she ever wanted. John however did not seem to reciprocate her bliss. He was frantically holding his phone, waiting for someone to pick up. After a few tries he put down his phone and looked at Amanda.

"My mom is not picking up and I'm worried that something happened, I know it's probably nothing but I want to go check on her. Will you go with me?"

John's mother nodded her head in agreement, it was time to see if her plan had worked.

When they arrived the door was locked, thankfully John always carried a spare key to his old home. The door was opened and John started to shout for his mom. They walked towards the kitchen where they both saw an unusual sight. A massive penile looking plant sat on the table. Next to it was a letter with

"To John" written on it. The addressee quickly tore it open and began reading it out loud.

"Dear Johny, I'm sorry that I didn't tell you beforehand but I decided to transform myself into the plant you see before you. You are a big boy now and you are starting your new life with your wife. I'm sure you will do fine without me. I just wanted to live a nice and simple life of a plant. I know I'm asking for a lot but apart from your forgiveness, I'd want you to not tell anybody who I was and treat me only as befits a plant. To my dearest son, I love you"

Tears started rolling down on John's cheeks, he looked at the creature he thought was his mother and caressed it cautiously.

"Mom why? Why did you do that? And you didn't even tell me"

Amanda seeing this tried to comfort him, she hugged him, accidentally pressing her giant boobs onto his face. He didn't seem to mind, better yet, almost immediately he changed his expression to that of a hopeful smile.

"No! I shouldn't be crying! Just like mom said, I'm a big boy now, and as my mom's dearest son, it is my obligation to fulfill her wishes and treat her with care" Amanda couldn't help but to feel kinda proud of her son.

"And of course, I got you honey! Soon we'll be married and life's gonna be just like a dream. Now excuse me for a moment, I'll see if our trunk is big enough to accommodate mom"

John left and Amanda was once again alone with her victim, this time however neither of them resembled people they once were. All of sudden John's mom heard a feminine disembodied voice.

"Oh god, I can't believe this idiot fell for it!"

She looked around trying to find the person who said that, her eyes eventually stopped at the large penis on the table.

" Beth?"

She said, not really knowing how

"You can hear me?"

They both asked at the same time. As it turned out, even though neither of them could speak verbally, they both could talk telepatically to eachother.

"You fucking bitch! He thinks that you are me! Are you gonna fucking marry your own son!? You incestous freak!"

Beth tried to use the most out of the fact that someone could hear her, spewing insults towards her imposter.

"Yes, thats exactly what I'm going to do, and you can do nothing about it"

A week has passed and the time has come for the big day. The church ceremony was about to start in a few minutes and the soon-to-be husband and wife were greeting guests. Amanda was surprised that John placed his "mom" in the front row, as he wanted her to see the ceremony. At least when asked about his mother, he would replay that she was "in the hospital" and could not make it to the wedding. He never was a good liar but still kept his promise. Currently she and John were talking to Beth's parents, thankfully she could shirk out from this awkward conversation by the fact that she couldn't really speak. Somehow the things were going smoothly, up until  Beth's sister showed up.

"Beth would never transform herself! You made her do this against her will!"

She screamed at John.

"Alice, how many times do I have to tell you it was her choice"

He answered, while Amanda kept touching him reassuringly and making herself look as pleased and content with her current situation as she could.

"Stop it Alice, can't you see that Beth is clearly happy. Please don't ruin this day" Her mom spoke to her and Alice angrily left, murmuring under her breath.

"I'll better go talk with her"

Said her father and rushed after his daughter.

"I'm sorry for her, I guess she is just jealous that you are getting married and she can't even find a boyfriend"

Beth's mother kept talking

"Well to be honest I'm a little jealous too Beth, you have a charming handsome husband and you yourself look as lovely as ever! I'm gonna tell you a secret, I want to get transformed too! Just like my daughter."

That certainly surprised the young couple.

"What about your husband? Does he know?"

Asked John

"No, but I'm sure he'll love it. Ive seen his search history!"

Beth's mom dispeled any doubts. The conversation ended as the ceremony was just about to begin. Amanda never would have thought that she'd ever marry again, and not just anyone but her own son! Everything in the past few days happened so quickly and her life changed drastically, but as she walked towards the altar where the most handsome man in the world waited for her hand, she couldn't feel happier. She was wearing a beautiful custom made wedding dress. The person that made it tried their hardest to contain all her pouring out assets but ultimately all it took was a sunray to shine through it at the right moment to reveal all that was hidden beneath.

"Is that a penis?" "I think i can see her nipple" "Holy, look at swollen bumhole!" Amanda could hear the voices from the crowd but did not care in the slightest. It was her moment and nothing could ruin it. The wedding oath was altered as the bride couldn't speak her lines. Instead, she screeched and nodded her head enthusiastically to John's questions.

Yes, she'd be with him in sickness and in health. Yes, she'd

love and cherish him, and yes, she'd do that till death do them part.

"You may now kiss the bride"

Said the priest and so they did. Amanda kissed her son, or was it her husband now? She did not care for such technicalities. Their mouths connected and her enormous tongue quickly filled them both.

It was the day after the wedding. After a long night of messy fucking sessions and barely enough sleep the freshly married pair was now making breakfast in the kitchen. Amanda was preparing the pancakes when she realized they haven't got any milk. Thankfully she was already naked so she just grabbed her nipple and squeezed some of her own milk into the mix. She began to whisk the bowl awkwarldy with her little hands when John embraced her from behind and grabbed the whisker himself.

"You know honey, you changed after the transformation. And I know that's a stupid thing to say but I mean like, you were never good with cooking and lately you've been making delicious pancakes, just like my mom"

He said nonchalantly and Amanda froze in fear.

"Yeah I know it's crazy but I thought it would be hard for me to forget my mom, thankfully I'm feeling much better with you. Sometimes you are just like her."

John kissed her neck

"I love you honey"

She breathed a sigh of relief and more importantly, felt the tip of her husband's cock through his pants. It was pressing on her exposed asshole but unfortunately it seemed like John was getting ready to leave.

"I'm going to the store, Don't worry honey, I'll be back in a moment"

As soon as he left the house, a voice spoke.

"Amanda please, listen to me! You took everything from me but I'll forgive you!"

It was Beth, speaking from the living room where she sat in a pot. Intrigued by her, the housewife came forward.

"I'll forgive you if you fuck me! Please, whole week I can only hear you two fucking every day and night! It makes me soo horny! Please just let me cum or I'll explode!"

Beth begged and Amanda began to wonder. Since John was currently unavailable and her ass was feeling needy the idea seemed sensible. Not wasting any time she walked over to the giant green penis and slowly lowered her arse, gradualy stuffing her swollen anus with the whole one metre of a dick. That was exactly what she needed. Then, she began to bounce her butt up and down. Her asshole was barely able to accommodate the full lenght of that cock but that didn't stop her in the slightest. Beth must've been telling the truth about exploding cause it took only a few second for her to realease her pent up load. In an instant Amanda's backside was filled with litters of cum. The sudden release also triggered her own orgasm and she screeched like an animal when spunk started blasting from her dick and covered the carpet. The two smaller penises attached to the plant also joined the cascade and drenched Amanda's bulky legs with white goo. When it was all over she got off Beth's fat cock and sperm poured from her loose sphincter.

" Maybe you are not so useless after all"

Said the satisfied housewife. While cleaning the mess, she thought of her life from now on. Her son will never know that it is his own mom, not his girlfriend that he is fucking in the ass every night, he will never know that his former girlfriend is now nothing more than a living dildo used by his mother while he is away. Thankfully he doesn't have to know any of this, the only think he needs to know is that he has a loving and caring wife.


Re: Mollycoddle

I also drew Amanda

and after ;)


Re: Mollycoddle

Great job on both the story and artwork smile Very enjoyable.


Re: Mollycoddle

I agree. Good job, especially for being your first story of this kind.


Re: Mollycoddle

Thanks guys! Might do a part 2 somewhere in the future

Demon-Man wrote:

I agree. Good job, especially for being your first story of this kind.

I love your stuff and I gotta say that I have even more respect for writers like you since it took me much longer than I had anticipated to write this ( and I still feel like my story is short and rushed)


Re: Mollycoddle

Honestly this is a fantastic idea. Even though I could predict parts, there were wonderful twists I did not expect. Your artistic skills are also impressive. Amanda is quite attractive.

My only issues were grammar/spelling related, and I profess to being quite picky.

I would love to see you create more in this genre. I look forward to it.

Kultist wrote:

Thanks guys! Might do a part 2 somewhere in the future

Demon-Man wrote:

I agree. Good job, especially for being your first story of this kind.

I love your stuff and I gotta say that I have even more respect for writers like you since it took me much longer than I had anticipated to write this ( and I still feel like my story is short and rushed)

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Re: Mollycoddle

Excellent story
Hope to see more like it