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This one is pretty straightforward. I got inspired by an uniquely photoshopped image.

It was a bright, sunny day. Only the sounds of the waves, gently brushing the shores could me heard in the distance.  A beach hidden from the outside world was the perfect place for Dan and Holly to meet.  Maybe even the only place, since Holly's parents detained her from ever meeting Dan again.

A lot has changed since the last few months but seeing Holly smile made the boy cheer up. He was sitting on the warm sand, looking at his girlfriend that stood naked in the water. He gazed at her beautiful face and her cute blonde braids, at her nice perky breasts and her petite frame. Then, his sight lowered and where the girl should have legs.

He saw a body of a dog.

Holly could be described as a dogtaur and to top it all of, instead of a vagina her bottom half sported a pair of testicles, now swinging freely between her legs and a penis, currently hidden in its sheath.  Saying "a lot has changed since the last few months" might have been an understatement.  She wasn't always like that, not until that reminiscent day.

Dan's father was an alchemist and like every alchemist he had a special room where he stored and studied his potions. This place was of course forbidden to enter but finding a key was not a problem for Dan.

"Holly come, I'll show you something"

He said to his girlfriend. Finding his dad's room quite interesting, he sneaked there often and now he wanted to see how his girl would react.

"You mean the lab? But your father said.."

Holly replied but was cut short by Dan's dog, a Rhodesian Ridgeback which walked into the room and started humping her leg.

"Oh my god, I'm so sorry, he does that a lot lately. I don't know why we haven't castrated him yet!" The boy quickly took him away and the conversation continued as if nothing had happened. After some convincing Holly finally agreed and the pair went downstairs where they opened the door to the forbidden lab.

It was a sight to behold, dozens of shelves full of potions. However, what intrigued Holly the most, was a tiny penile looking creature locked in a glass container.  While she curiously glanced at the small entity Dan's dog entered the room. It immediately seized the opportunity and jumped at the girl in a vain attempt at copulation.

"Hey stop it!"

The sudden push caused a glowing vial to fall off the shelf. Before anyone could react it shattered on the floor and the substance within covered both Holly and the dog.

Dan could not believe it. It was literally the worst possible scenario and what his father always warned him about. How could he let that happen? Why was he so careless?

In an instant Holly clothes burned away and she began fusing with the dog. The canine seemed to melt together with her legs.

"Oh god! Dan what's happening to me!?"

The screams echoed in his mind. Since that incident, no day has passed in which Dan didn't blame himself. It was all his fault and he fully expected Holly to hate him for life. Yet somehow, now they were closer than ever. Not only his girlfriend didn't blame him, she was actually thankful that he still loved her. She was glad he didn’t dump her.

It was all really confusing for him.

"Hey Dan, get in the water! It's really warm!"

Said Holly and her boyfriend quickly responded.

"Sure! In a moment!"

His head was still heavy with thoughts. Right after her transformation, Holly was drowsy and sluggish, she couldn't comprehend words. It took her a week to grasp what had happened to her. She didn't took it that bad, I mean she didn't scream or threaten Dan's dad, as opposed to her parents whom did exactly that..

Holly parents were heavily religious and hated all transformess. After they learned what happened to their daughter, they sued Dan's father saying that he did it to her willingly. As for now the process is still ongoing but he will most likely go to prison. Again, the boy blamed himself but after all he didn't come to the beach to worry. He splashed his girlfriend face with water, she smiled and returned the favor. For a while the world didn't exist for them as they playfully teased each other.

Leaves rustled as band of jocks from Dan's and Holly's school ventured the woods.

"Shhh I hear someone!"

Announced the smartest of the trio. All of them quietly rushed to the source of sounds.

"Holy shit guys, it's Dan the dogfucker together with his dog!"

None of them expected to meet anyone let alone the now famous Holly with her boyfriend. So the rumors were true, she was indeed a half dog now, that's why she wasn't going to the school lately.

"Wait, are you seeing what I'm seeing?"  "Are those..?" "Balls?"

Now that was a surprise for everyone.

"Dan is not just a dogfucker, he fucks male dogs!"

The band laughed but they tried to keep their voices down as to not be spotted.  One of them decided to come a little closer and take a picture. He shot a photo accurately displaying both the boy and the newly acquired testicles of his girlfriend. Unfortunately he forgot to turn off flash and Dan saw him hiding in the trees.

"Haha, see you at school dogfucker!"

The jock shouted and ran off with rest of his group.  Dan tried to ran after them but was immediately stopped by Holly.

"It's not worth it, just don't worry about them"

She was right, even if he had caught them, he was outnumbered three to one. They both decided to return home.

Few days later Holly was in her room putting on makeup. It was one of the few things that haven't changed since her transformation. Even stuff like washing herself or using the toilet were entirely new experiences. The worst was the smell, the typical stench of a dog her bottom half emanated. She tried her hardest to mask it with perfumes and even used an expensive shampoo for dogs. 

Today her parents were visiting their friends, so it was a perfect time for Dan to come over.

Before the incident they often spent their time together in her house. They usually watched movies and played games but today Holly had something different in mind.

The bell rang and Dan was greeted by his girlfriend, weirdly enough she wasn't wearing anything except a shirt, her new body made it easier and therefore more comfortable to just walk around naked, well at least in her house.

"Hi.. I bought your favorite snacks and there is a new movie on netflix we could watch..

If you want"

The boy said, trying his best not to look at Holly's nipples, which were clearly poking through her shirt.

"Yeah sure, that's sounds great!"

They made themselves comfy on the couch in the living room and turned on the tv. Despite Holly's new body they had no problem cuddling together. However after a few minutes Dan realized something.. his girlfriend was deliberately holding his penis through his pants. Now, that thing wouldn't be weird, since pretty much all couples indulge in this sorta activities, if not for a fact that Holly, religious just like her parents, believed that sex was only allowed after marriage. Because of that, neither of them had sex before and Dan was surprised that his girl seemingly changed her mind.

"Holly, what are do.."

"Shh I'm your girlfriend, It's about time I finally act like one"

She closed his mouth as she unzipped his pants and let out his raging erection. There was no denying, he was as turned on as one can get. Yet still, he wasn't sure if it was the right thing.

"But..but we're not married!"

"Dan, I wouldn't marry anyone except you"

Holly took her shirt off, letting her perky breasts hang freely as she positioned her face over her boyfriend's crotch. After hesitating for a moment, she engulfed the entire member with her mouth.

"Finally" she thought to herself. Ever since her transformation Holly held a secret. Her new half-dog body made her feel a "certain" way, something that she could previously feel, but could easily disregard.

She was horny, constantly horny and that feeling grew with each passing day. Everyone assumed that the dog's mind simply vanished when they merged together but to her it seemed like they sorta connected. Maybe a part of her brain was filled with the dog's animalistic instincts or maybe the hormones from her new lower half messed with her mind. For now, there was one thing she knew, she wanted that cock.

She wobbled her head up and down, trying to swallow as much of Dan's dick as she could. It was obvious it was the first time she performed a blowjob but she was putting all her heart into it and Dan was definitely not complaining. He wasn't expecting that getting a dick sucked felt this great. It was so much better than masturbating... and the way Holly looked, she was just so beautiful with a cock between her lips. She was trying so hard to make him cum, she almost forgot to breathe. Unsurprisingly it didn't take long for Dan to bust a load. With the sounds of loud slurping and heavy breathing his dick shot a stream of cum directly inside Holly's mouth. That took her by surprise and a sudden impulse made her accidentally swallow most of it.

There was a moment of silence. "Is that it?" the girl thought. Her boyfriend had just finished but she was still horny, if anything she was hornier than before!  There was no "release" of any sort, did she not orgasm? At this point she was embarrassed with how little she knew about sex. Being raised in a heavily religious home led to her being absolutely clueless about her body, also the fact that her body went through extreme changes lately did not help at all.

"That was... nice"

Dan said and looked at his girlfriend, first at her flushed face and then his eyes wandered down. There was it, out of its sheath, Holly's red bulbous penis stood erect. From its tip precum dripped on the couch. This must've been the first time he saw it fully presented and the look on his face was that of pure curiosity.

"Hey! I told you I don't like it when you look there"

Holly quickly repositioned herself to hide her erection. Despite how lustful she felt, the shame from having such obscene genitals completely destroyed her mood. No matter what, she refused to even acknowledge the existence of her male parts.

They both returned their gaze at the tv but at this point none of them were interested in the movie. A while later, when the atmosphere cooled down, Dan's girlfriend remembered she had something to show. They went upstairs to her room where she presented her custom made skirt and underwear to Dan.

"I made these together with my mom, now I can go back to school and church!"

Holly exclaimed enthusiastically.

"Are you sure about this? What if they bully you? Everyone saw the photo.."

Her boyfriend responded, clearly worried about her.

"If that happens I know you will stand up for me! And I still have an exemption from P.E. so no awkward locker room situations"

The girl came closer to Dan, holding clothes in her hands. It looked like she already made up her mind so there was no point in arguing.

"Will you help me put these on? Just don't stare"

She gave her boyfriend her briefs and turned around. Dan complied and slowly raised her back legs one after another carefully stretching the underwear on his girlfriend's canine butt.  He did so while trying to look away which led to him accidentally touching Holly's penis. That single touch send shivers down her entire body and she couldn't help but to let out a tiny moan. It felt good, really good but she tried to ignore it for now.

The next day Dan and Holly entered the school holding hands together and it seemed like everyone was staring at them. It was not surprising given the fact that Holly was the only transformee in the entire school. Despite the piercing gaze and malicious whispers she felt safe when walking the hallway with her boyfriend. Unfortunately when the lessons started they had to go their own ways since they were in different classes.

Dan had already grew accustomed to all the insults being thrown at him. He simply avoided any confrontations and let the hurtful remarks pass him by. Most importantly he knew he could always rely on his friends.

On the other side, Holly attempted to remain calm but the constant insults mixed with her ever growing lust were greatly bothering. Without her boyfriend, she had no one to turn to. Even the girls she once could call her friends turned their back on her. Few lessons passed by and she felt as if she was the main attraction in a circus. Tired, she decided to skip a lesson and go to the bathroom. Given that the class had already started she didn't expect to see anyone. There was no sign of any people so she rushed to the sink to splash her face with water. Then, seemingly out of nowhere three girls showed up blocking the exit. They definitely didn't look friendly.

"What are you doing in the girls bathroom doggie? You should be in the boys one, or better yet, taking a dump outside like the animal you are!"

Said one of the girls and all three of them began slowly approaching Holly, ultimately putting her into a corner.

"L..let me go!"

The hemmed girl cried out.

"Grab her, I want to see for myself what's she's hiding down there"

The bullies jumped on her, holding her in place as they lifted one of her legs to see her crotch. The bulge they saw in her panties made it clear she was no girl down there. All of sudden one of them pulled down her underwear and grabbed her balls.

"Haha, just like my own dog!"

The bully laughed but the other two were confused by her sudden action.

"Wait, what are you doing?"

They asked as she was tugging on Holly's testicles.

"You don't know? When I touch my do.. I mean when you touch a dog like that the penis will come out of its sheath"

It didn't take long to see that she was right, indeed after merely few strokes the dog-girl's red dick already stood in all its glory.

Holly was shaking, all her attempts at escaping were futile as the girls held her firmly. She just laid there, with tears in her eyes and the genitals she despised so much on full display. At first she didn't scream because she didn't want any more people to see her like that, but it looked like she had no other options.

"Help!"Someone please!"

The attackers quickly covered her mouth but it was too late. Just a while later the sound of someone running could be heard from the hallway. It was no other than Dan whom thankfully also decided to skip his class. He immediately knew that it was his girlfriend calling for help and ran as fast as he could. When he saw what the three girls did to Holly he was ready to break their bones. However just the sight of him alone was enough for them to back off and let their victim go. He wasn't a big dude but just the look in his eyes told them it wasn't worth it. 

Holly rushed towards her savior and hugged him tightly.

"Please, lets get out of here!"

She exclaimed and so they ran, leaving the startled girls behind.

They ran outside the school to a place excluded from anyone's sight. There, Holly suddenly pushed Dan to a wall.

"I love you"

She said and kissed the unsuspecting boy. The long and passionate kiss was more than just a thank you.

"I love you too"

Responded Dan...  and then grabbed his girlfriend's briefs and pulled them up.

"Sorry..your underwear was.."

Only now has Holly realized that she was naked the entire time. She was blushing, but not out of embarrassment. The assault moments ago left her all hot and bothered. Her dick was hard, clearly poking through her panties and unlike the last time, now she had to get her release.

"Dan..please I need you!"

The girl told him beggingly. Her boyfriend looked her in the eyes, wondering what she meant.

"I.. I need you to touch my ladyparts"

"Your l..ladyparts?

He repeated her words slightly confused.

"I'm a lady! And like every lady I have my ladyparts that need to be touched..pretty please?"

Holly explained. With the way she held Dan in place she looked like a dog trying to hump someone's leg. Grown a little excited himself, the boy complied and squatted to get to her crotch.

" Just..Can you do it through my panties? Without lifting them"

Came another weird request but Dan was not one to question it. He nodded his head and placed his hand on the bulge in her briefs. Holly's stiff member was oozing precum, staining her underwear.

"Ohh Dan, I'm so wet"

She moaned, technically she was wet, just not in a way you would expect a girl to be. Her boyfriend kept rubbing his hand along her shaft, occasionally caressing her balls.

"Mmm don't stop"

She breathed heavily. This sensation was unlike any other. As Dan was stroking her cock through the fabric of her panties, she came to a conclusion. This was the first time someone touched her like that. Back then when she still had a pussy she wouldn't let her boyfriend touch her. She wouldn't even touch herself. Not only her body, but her mind must've changed too. Was she really dismissing her own values in the name of... pleasure?

"Oh yes keep stroking my clit!"

Fuck yes she was. Ironically only after turning male, has she realized how much of a woman she was. She finally stopped repressing her own sexuality. Holly took off the mask of an innocent religious girl and showed the world who she always really was – a total slut. And that slut was now having her obscene half canine body violated in the broad daylight.

"Oh god I can feel something coming!"

She kept groaning. Dan smiled looking at her blissful face. Every moan that escaped from her mouth was like a reward for him for doing a fantastic job at pleasuring his girlfriend. Funnily enough, her enthusiastically wagging tail also assured him of his performance. Now that she was almost cumming he decided to use a technique that he often used on himself. He grabbed just the tip of her doggy cock and began rapidly rubbing it. This sudden change of pace was more than enough to push her over the edge.


She kept shaking and screaming the lord's name in vain as her canine dick blasted a constant stream of dog spunk. When her balls finally emptied her briefs were bloated with cum and leaked at the sides. Holly lost herself in pleasure, at that moment she felt the most amazing in her entire life. Her very first orgasm left her speechless. Too bad it didn't last long but at least now her mind was clear of lustful thoughts.

"Holly, those girls.. did they hurt you?"

Dan was happy seeing his girl in such a blissful state but he was still concerned about her.

The atmosphere quickly changed and Holly's smile went away.

"No..no they didn't"

She didn't want to worry him, now that they were together she almost completely forgot about what happened just minutes ago.

"It was a bad idea to return to school, maybe you should stay home schooled?

Dan made her question her position. He saved her now but what if it happens again? What if he won't be there next time? Maybe he was right..

No..! She was not afraid of them!  She was not ashamed of who she was and she wasn't ashamed of her body. She won't be hiding in her home and let those bullies win.

"We'll get through it" "Together"

Said Holly and then started wondering what's she gonna do with her cum filled panties.

Crazily enough, from that day onward things only started getting better. Day after day they received less and less insults until the hurtful remarks stopped altogether. Fortunately there were no more incidents like the one in the bathroom. However that was not all and something unheard of began happening in the school. More and more students, all from different classes started willingly transforming themselves. It turned out that many people were interested in doing so, yet only after seeing Holly have they decided to actually act on it. Who would've thought that lots of insults hurled at her came not from disgust but from jealousy. Some time later the girl even created a special club for school transformees where they helped each other and shared their experiences.

As for Dan's and Holly's relationship, things were getting a lot more sexual and intimate.

Knowing that he found the love of his life, the boy proposed to his girlfriend and she was more than happy to accept.  When it seemed like things couldn't get any better, after many pleads Holly finally convinced her parents to cancel the lawsuit against her fiance's father and they slowly began accepting Dan as a part of their family.

Things were looking bright.

Dan and Holly were at the beach again. There were many things that made it their favorite spot.

The way it was hidden and not many people knew about it.

How fabulously it looked.

But most importantly how quiet it was, so quiet in fact, that Dan would often only hear his own thoughts.

The last time he was here he was worried about many things. Now it seemed like all of his problems magically disappeared. It was crazy to think that his life somehow only got better after that dreadful incident. Still, there was some stuff that kept him pondering.

The love of his life, his now fiancee was in half his own dog. It's mind might've been lost in the process of merging but it's body replaced her bottom. He found it unfortunate how the transformation took away his girl's vagina and left her with parts of a male dog.

He wondered about his sexuality. Before Holly's change he always thought of himself as straight. Yet now he wasn't so sure about it, was he bi? Or maybe he still viewed his girlfriend as a woman, despite her male genitals.

"So what's the surprise you had for me?"

Dan asked his girl. The reason they came here was that apparently Holly had prepared something for him.

"Well lover boy, I think it's about time you properly fuck your fiancee"

She exclaimed as she began unbuckling his belt. His dick was freed and a few strokes was enough to make it stand upright. Then, to Dan's astonishment she took out a condom and started putting it on his hard member.

"It is a wife's job to be at the disposal of her husband. If I want to be your wife I need to make up for my lack of certain parts."

Holly kept talking. After making sure the condom was properly worn she turned around and presented her canine backside. Dan still couldn't exactly comprehend what was happening.

Did she really want to..?

"Close your eyes and lift my skirt... I need you to experience me only with your touch"

So it was true, it looked like she indeed wanted to do this. The boy obliged and while keeping his eyes closed he raised her skirt. Holly's tail quickly stood up.

"Touch me Dan... feel me"

She demanded. Her fiancé blindly placed his hands on her butt and promptly realized she wasn't wearing any underwear. He kept exploring her rear when his fingers felt a metal protrusion sticking out of her ass.

"Mmm.. pull it out please"

Another request escaped her lips. Dan gently grabbed the protrusion and carefully pulled it out of Holly's anus. It was obviously a buttplug, he could tell it even without looking. It was covered in an exceptional amount of lube which meant her butthole was most likely too.

"I want you inside me Dan, my hole is clean and wet just like a pussy should"

There was no denying, Holly was adamant about losing her virginity. A part of her was mad,  because of values imposed on her by her parents she never got to experience the feeling of getting fucked in the pussy. Still, no matter her unparalleled anatomy, she thought of herself as a woman and wanted to be taken like a woman, even if that meant bending the truth a little.

The boy was ready to please his demanding lover. After exploring Holly's sloppy asshole  with his fingers he came closer and placed his dick on her waiting ring.  With a hungry look in her eyes the girl anticipated the immediate intrusion.

Slowly but surely Dan's cock entered her doggie butthole and Holly couldn't help but moan. It was extremely tight and flowing with lube. By the look on his face Dan was clearly enjoying the sensations his fiancee's ass provided. At the same time Holly also seemed to enjoy having her butt filled with dick. Even though the way her asshole stretched out was painful at first with each passing thrust her muscles relaxed a little until eventually it didn't hurt at all. While this was her first time, she didn't come unprepared, learning about anal sex from internet beforehand she would often "train" her butthole for this special day.

"Mmm do you like my pussy Dan?"

She managed to ask between her moans. She kept using the word pussy not just to not discourage her supposedly straight lover but because she genuinely believed that, as a woman, she should posses one. It might've been a dog's anus before but now it was her asspussy.

"I love it! I love your pussy Holly!"

Dan exclaimed loudly. At this point he didn't even question his girl's words. He was to busy thrusting his cock inside her backside. He had to admit being inside his fiancee felt amazing.

While he tried to be gentle when he first started humping her rear now he slowly picked up the pace. Faster and faster he kept plunging his manhood into her tight sphincter.

"Ohh fuck yes! Fuck my whore pussy!"

Holly cried out. The illusion of fucking a woman which she tried to provide to Dan was now broken by the fact his balls kept smacking into her own hairy nuts. Not that he cared in any way, on the contrary he reached her bouncing canine dick and began stroking it. Holly didn't expect that but she didn't complain. The feeling of getting her rod pumped together with the feeling of having her ass filled with cock was wonderful.

"F..fuck.. keep playing with my clit!"

The symphony of their smacking bodies was coming to an end. Dan was almost ready to bust and his girl was not far behind. To be fair Holly didn't think that getting fucked in the ass could feel this good. Every time Dan inserted his dick deep into her anus he would push her prostate and thus making her shiver from delight.

Finally the boy erupted and the condom he was wearing almost broke from the amount of cum he spewed.

"Oh god I'm coming!"

Holly soon followed after. Her red bulbous rod which still was stroked by Dan shot it's load all over the sand beneath her.  Both of them breathed heavily, exhausted from this obscene act.

Dan removed his dick from his fiancee's puckered tailhole with an audible "plop".  When Holly saw the bulged out condom she had to exclaim her wonder.

"Thanks god you had a condom, otherwise I'd sure be pregnant" "You wouldn't want a pack of puppies now, would you?"

Yeah, they sure had some things to talk about. For now they were both happy, looking at the sunset above the water. If you had told them a year ago that Holly would end up as a male canine taur and Dan would propose to her they'd think you're crazy. Can't really blame them. But still, here they were, holding their hands together, enjoying the sunset after a loud session of sloppy buttfucking.


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Here's Holly https://imgur.com/a/VfEHDwH
At first I made a photoshopped img like the picture that inspired me but ultimately decided to redraw it.

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Re: Second nature

This is fantastic. I've actually made some dog girl morphs, a couple being taurs. Let me know if you like them! I'd love to inspire you, if possible. One of my favorites is the girl with the giant dog body.



Re: Second nature

gddrummer wrote:

This is fantastic. I've actually made some dog girl morphs, a couple being taurs. Let me know if you like them! I'd love to inspire you, if possible. One of my favorites is the girl with the giant dog body.


That's some amazing stuff! I'm definitely a fan of dogtaurs as well as centaurs and I'd like to make more stories and art depicting them.
Though I already have so many different ideas and idk what I'll actually finish next :p


Re: Second nature

This story was really well dome. i enjoyed it very much. A part 2, or a variation involving this type of transformation would be awesome. i also read your other story, which was just as intriguing big_smile

As others have said, a dogtaur, or just taurs in general are fascinating for so,w reason lol. keep it up