Topic: Flexible Infection Story - The Zoo by Valente (furry content)

Originally written back in 2011, this story has long since disappeared from the flexible infection forums. Thankfully I had a saved copy.

Although the TFs here are all anthro furry, I feel like the merging and mental TF parts of this story make it bizarre enough to be included here. Thomas and Lindsay's transformation is still one of my favorites.

Specifically, I love the mental changes from the animal side that normalize a transformation in the victim's mind without taking away from the knowledge that they have been irreversibly changed.


Re: Flexible Infection Story - The Zoo by Valente (furry content)

FI Story - The Zoo
by Valente » Sun Mar 06, 2011 6:35 am

They gathered beneath the street lamp hurriedly but quietly. They looked to one another with conspiratorial glances and quiet murmurs, at least until Judy showed up. “We’re ready to make history!” she declared boldly as she strode up to her fellows.

“Keep it down,” hissed Chris, a light skinned friend, something of the nerd of the group, “You want us to get busted before we even get in?”

“Fat chance of that,” countered Judy, “The guards are switching shifts right now.” The group hardly looked like a group ready to commit any serious crimes, all about twenty something, college students by the look of them, dressed in casual fashions. One of them was all in black.

“At least I look the part,” said Steve, crossing his arms. Something of a jock, Steve, though usually prepared. There were twelve of them, ready to break into the Zoo after hours and fill YouTube with the next viral masterpiece. “You bring the camera?”

Three small recorders emerged from various pockets and backpacks. With a final exchange of nods, they approached the fence. It was metal, solid, imposing. It would normally be quite hard to get over, if not for this part that was missing half a bar. Concealed with some bushes, it was quite easy to miss, and Zoo crew certainly hadn’t fixed it yet. They pushed through, squeezing through one by one. Only Susan didn’t get through silently.

“Guys!” she called out, “Stuck, give me a hand!”

There was some laughter shared, and the group moved on without her as Judy called back to her, “Told you not to eat those pastries last night. Catch up when you can, fat ass!”

It was a hurtful thing to say. Not that Susan was a slim girl, but she was far from fat, just full bodied. She glared after her retreating friends, speaking a few unsavory things as she slowly untangled herself from the vines and wriggled forward, half falling into the Zoo proper.

“Wait until I catch up to them...” she muttered to herself, pulling herself to her feet and dusting off her clothes. Those were part of the problem, long and flowing, more appropriate for a dance than a heist. She had wanted to look good on video, and all she had gotten thus far was laughed at. Not an ideal evening.

She reached down and closed her fingers around the strap of her backpack when she felt something brush into her from behind. A low deep purr made her freeze in place. She looked over her shoulder to see a huge cat nuzzling at her rump. In the overhead light she could clearly see its tawny, spotted, hide. A cheetah. A wild cheetah had somehow escaped and was in biting distance.

She could feel her heart thumping in her chest, barely stifling the initial urge to scream with all her lungs. No sudden moves! Maybe if she stayed still, it would go away. It hadn’t attacked her yet at least.

The cat nuzzled into her again, very interested in her thighs and buttocks, its wet nose prying at her sensitive regions without a hint of regret. She began to go red as the adrenaline pumped in new ways. If it hadn’t been a horribly deadly predator, that wouldn’t feel all that bad. Oh god! She swallowed heavily, why was she enjoying being touched by a cat? This isn’t how she worked. She wanted a boy, nice and strong and, Oh!

Her thoughts were distracted as a rough tongue flicked up over her panties. She focused on the current, seeing the cat had nuzzled up under her long dress and had almost direct access to her. She wasn’t on her period. She remembered reading somewhere animals could notice that kind of thing. What did it want? And why was it so damned good at that? She began to shiver with every run of its strong organ across her increasingly swollen nethers, eyes half lidding. Suddenly, the cheetah pushed her forward, and she artlessly collapsed forward to the ground.

The cat stepped over her, nipping at her sides and back, pointed and mildly painful through her clothes. “I’m not tasty, Mr. Cat,” she whispered urgently, “I bet they feed you way better every day.” She pleaded, shivering with fear instead of pleasure.

The cat paid the words little heed, arriving at her neck and nuzzling in, licking slowly across her sweat touched neck and cheek, cleaning her, purring. It was like a big, dangerous, kitten. Maybe it was trained? She dared a toothless smile, and whispered, “That’s a good cat, yes, just playing with me, right?” she said, not that the beast replied, circling over her and moving back towards her legs. She slowly pulled herself up, inching back to her feet with extremely careful motions, paranoid of the cat’s mood darkening.

The cat just watched her, letting her rise up to standing position, then it advanced on her head on, shoving its snout between her legs and nuzzling hard at her sex. She gasps in alarm, then growing lust as contact with the cat seemed to grow more intense with each passing moment. She grabbed for its ears before thinking as it nuzzled harder and harder. Her groin felt like it was on fire with new, wonderful, sensations, like she was crammed full of some nice guy, oh yes, fuller and fulled. Suddenly she felt something pressing against her dress, but from the wrong side, against the cat. The full sensation mutated with the sensation, and pleasure exploded through her body.

The cat seemed pleased, grabbing at her dress and locking its huge teeth in the fabric. With an abrupt twist of its head, tearing cloth was all the sound made. Susan squealed as she was exposed, and then she gave a short startled yelp, seeing that between her legs dangled a strange, inhuman, member. The cat did not give her much time to consider this, moving in and flicking rough tongue across the tip. She had to close her eyes. God that felt good. Her new member stiffened against the bathing tongue, soon engulfed in that tooth filled maw.

The cat nuzzled in, taking the shaft in, licking over it and pressing its nose into her groin. With a soft nip into her thigh, itchiness began to spread from the same place all that new bliss was coming from. With every passing moment of that rough tongue caressing her new cock, she could see tawny fur forming, spreading across her belly and thighs, slowly inching across her body. She pushed at the cat, trying to detach it even as her body cried out for release with this strange, wonderful, creature, “I don’t want to be a freak!” she screamed, but it sounded hollow in her ears. She did want this.

The cat drew back suddenly, releasing her throbbing shaft, now held snugly in a feline sheath, balls descending in large furry orbs. The cat looked her over as she panted. Was it waiting for something? She stared back a moment, then shook her head, taking a slow step back. Maybe it wasn’t too late, she hoped feverishly, even as the fur continued to spread even without the cat’s ecstatic licking tongue. The cat suddenly turned away from her, and lifts its tail. Her tail. Susan was suddenly very aware of it.

Her nose suddenly pushed forward with a loud crack. She had a snout, and a wet nose. The scent that rushed through that nose was overwhelming. It screamed ‘Fuck me!’ with deafening volume. She shuddered, taking a last half step back away from the cheetah, who was looking over her shoulder, waiting patiently.

Susan got no further, will weakening. As her legs began to crack and reform into digitigrade legs, covered in spotted fur, she took a stumbling step forward, then another, approaching the beast. She didn’t know why this was happening, couldn’t see the millions of nanites in her body, reshaping her mind and body to suit its somewhat arbitrary schematics. It didn’t matter, all she knew was she needed this cat in the worst way. She grabbed the beast’s hips and shoved forward.

Hot wetness surrounded her inhuman shaft and she gasps. Her new anatomy was lurching inside the female, filling her with a powerful blast of pre seed, sending tingles of new pleasure through Susan’s body, but it was just the start. As she fell forward across the cat’s back, she could feel her new fur sweeping up over her chest and back. Her breasts were starting to tingle and throb as she drew back, then thrust into the cat, slow, then faster, working into a frantic tempo of breeding with the now yowling and appreciative cheetah.

As Susan began to feel her new tool begin to tense, her chest demanded her attention. She glanced down past the fresh muzzle, now spotted and furred, to see her chest swelling with new bumps. Two new breasts pushed forward, then another set underneath, each about an inch less than the one above it. The feel of the six teats rubbing against the fur of her lover sent her over the edge, spilling her essence deep into her bestial partner, giving out a loud feline roar of her own as a tail burst free of her spine, extending long and sinuous.

She withdraw sharply, spines tugging lightly at the cheetah who gasped in a rather human one. Susan was confused, and looked at the cat anew. Where once a beast, now more human, with clenched hands on the ground instead of paws, where Susan’s had become more like paws. They were meeting in the middle, between man and beast. Susan reached around the cat and rubbed across belly, where breasts were forming and growing, six large fertile swells befitting a cat lady. Susan began to piston in against the new humanoid, fear lost in a strange acceptance of her new destiny as this cat’s stud and protector. They would be family.

The feline looked over her shoulders, eyes more expressive, muzzle twisted into a sincere smile, “Who am I?” she asked.

Susan blinked, “You are my wife, of course” she said, even as a small portion of her mind quailed with dismay. Wife?! That part of her was growing quieter by the moment though, heard as if through a collapsing tunnel, further and further away. “You will be Samantha, I am Susan, we are mated, now and forever,” the human Susan could hear her new lips say, as she became lost to the beast, her thoughts and personality flowing into the new stream of desires and aspirations. Not entirely lost, but submerged under the new dominant personality.

The two cats rose some small time later, licking each other and hugging fondly. They would try to make a new life. Though that was just the start of the infection for the Zoo that evening.


As the group plunged headlong into the depths of the largely deserted Zoo, Thomas and Lindsey started to fall behind.

“I gotta go,” whispered Lindsey urgently, then broke off into a run towards the nearest restrooms. Thomas had been her boyfriend for a few months now, and he really liked her. Heck, she was only his second girlfriend ever, and he wanted it to last. Leaving her behind was not an option, so he moved to follow at a leisurely stroll.

She pushed open the door to the bathroom and slipped inside, only thinking afterwards that it was a bit odd that they weren’t yet locked for the evening. She ducked into a stall and shoved the door closed. Why had she agreed to this stupid idea anyway? Now they were all stuck in this dark Zoo with all kinds of crazy animals that would probably eat them. She took slow deep breaths for a moment, trying to marshall her strength. Feeling marginally better, she pulled the door open into the large fanged snout of a wolf. She squealed in alarm, shrieking like a banshee in surprise. The animal responded by lunging for her, knocking her back onto the toilet.

She banged her back against the metal piping at the back of the toiled and cried in pain as the beast ground her back and licked her face suddenly. Oh crap, it really was going to eat her! She burst into sobbing tears as the animal ignored her whimpering sounds, interested only in its basic satisfaction. It... he... pushed her back as a bright pink canine shaft pressed against her thigh. She squealed anew and gave the wolf a shove, “Nooo!” she yelled at the top of her lungs, scaring poor Thomas half to death outside and hurrying his steps.

The wolf was pushed back, stepping back out of the stall, to Lindsey’s surprise. She scrambled to her feet, and... realized the wolf was still blocking her only way out. She didn’t care anymore. She had to get out, through that wolf if need be. With tears streaming down her cheeks, she barreled forward with a shout, only for the wolf to hop out of the way. She awkwardly charged past him, going lopsided and off balanced in time to be pounced upon from behind and shoved rudely to the ground. The creature’s wet smooth tongue ran over her ass, down to her thighs as she cried and struggled away, just to be grabbed by oddly agile paws, pulling her back.

Suddenly, pleasure exploded through her body. Her cries bit off in one long gasp of surprise, and she opened her blurry eyes. The wolf’s head had shoved right into her cunt, leaving its neck protruding from her. Her eyes went wide and she trembled before breaking down entirely, sobbing with incomprehension and terror as the wolf shoved further into her body. Fur began to spread rapidly from her groin as the wet tongue of the wolf was still somehow felt teasing at her stretched flesh. She reached and grabbed at the wolf, trying to push it away, but it only came in further and further. Her legs seemed to sink into the soft furry front of the creature, passing into the wolf’s own, merging and flowing with strange prickly sensations.

The door to the bathroom suddenly flew open, banging sharply against the opposing door as her body was submerged under grayish fur and her ears moved up to the top of her head.

“Lindsey!” called a concerned voice, Thomas’. “Where are you, are you ok?”

“I’m right here!” she called, though her voice sounded different, deeper. She pushed to her feet and found all four were responding to her, lifting her new, strange, form upright. She wobbled in place, shaking on limbs she was unsure how to use. “Help me!”

Thomas’ expression went to confusion, then fright as he witnessed the wolf taur speak with a voice similar to his girlfriend. “Jesus, Lindsey? What the hell happened to you?!” he shouted, then shut up, feeling stupid at yelling, “Are you ok? God, what the hell?”

Lindsey noticed some movement and looked over sharply. It was the mirror. She stared at her new form. she had the face of a wolf, with golden eyes, sharp teeth and twitching nose and ears. Her human torso remained, if covered in soft fur, quite shapely as she had always been. Behind her, a wolf’s lower body, as dangerous, and male, as it had been. She reached between her legs on a whim and rubbed around. She was not a girl anymore, male, like the wolf, back there. She raised a leg to stare at herself, ignoring Thomas’ stunned expression as he looked where she did.

Neither of them heard the new intruder until she growled, and bite solidly into Thomas’ right shin. He yelped and fell forward against the wall of a stall, allowing a female wolf to step in lightly, door closing behind her.

“Oh shit,” said Lindsey, “He had a girlfriend?” she stammered, “Thomas, run!”

Thomas was in agreement with the idea, but where to run? The bitch was in the path of the door. He stared at it, then over at Lindsey, “Where? God where, I don’t want to be a freak.”

“You might be dinner if you don’t get your ass in gear,” she snarled, her lips curling back to reveal her sharpened teeth.

Thomas gave a sudden shove at the bitch, trying to muscle past her. It wasn’t a sensible move, but it appealed to his cowardly instincts. The bitch replied with another bite, grabbing him at the arm and pulling him to the ground. Fortunately, her teeth found more clothing than flesh as she tugged, getting him to the ground shirtless. She growled and stepped over him as he began to cry, ready to be eaten, or worse.

Outside, the group had arrived at the center of the zoo. “Anyone see Thomas?” asked Chris, “Or his girl?” The group shared some shrugs and negative statements, then proceeded to forget about it. Thomas could catch up whenever he felt like it.

Back in the restroom, Lindsey charged forward in a fit of bravery. She swatted at the bitch with her lower paws, trying to dissuade her, but her body hesitated and moved only slowly against the female wolf. The wolf was in heat, suddenly Lindsey knew it beyond all doubt. She would be a fine... Lindsey shook her head, “No!” she shouted, denying the abrupt urge. She was a woman, damn it, not a guy, not a wolf!

While Lindsey struggled with her inner demons, the bitch had sunk her teeth into Thomas’ pants with clever persistence, tugging them downward, and tearing them in the process, reducing the poor clothing to further shreds with her continued effort, utterly ignoring Thomas’ mewling sobs.

Thomas’ small world of despair snapped when he felt a soft tongue running over his soft member. He looked down with a blink of his teary eyes to see the bitch working him over like an ice cream cone. Each stroke sent shivers along his spine. If she didn’t bite him again, that didn’t seem like a bad way to do things. He began to harden against her, moaning softly as his body rose to the stimulation swiftly. She engulfed his thickening member into her mouth, and shoved against him, sliding him along the cool tiles to bump against a wall with a soft grunt.

“Oh shit, Thomas, she’s going to...” It was too late at that point as the wolf’s head pressed into Thomas’ groin, sinking into him and wriggling, sending maddeningly delightful sensations through the male’s body as bones flowed into bones and muscles mated and hybridized. He arched his back, gasping and shivering with pleasure as fur spread over his form. Short sharp claws burst from his fingers and a snout formed. He howled as he became a wolf taur, new tail swaying rapidly behind him a moment before his human mind caught up with the situation.

Slowly, Thomas pushed to his feet, all four of them, shaking and unsure.

“Are you ok?” asked Lindsey.

“What do you mean ok? I’m... a whatever this is...” He looked over himself, now half wolf man from the hips up and all female wolf from there down.

“I didn’t mean anything, relax. You always get like this when you’re in season,” complained Lindsey.

“In season?” asked Thomas, then he remembered. It was his season. Her season... “Oh yea. Why did we come here tonight?”

Lindsey shrugged, that didn’t seem very important anymore. She stepped up towards Thomas, “I know the cure for what ails you...” she muttered low.

Thomas suddenly went stiff. “What? No! No!” His mind was still largely his own, and the idea of being mounted like that appalled. He broke for the door, shoving it open and loping outside. His new form was strange, but fast, and he was soon loping along at a brisk rate down the dim walkways, almost enjoying the feet of brick under his paws.

Lindsey was not far behind him, however, and he could hear the clacks of her claws against those same bricks. He ducked to the side, making a sharp turn into a dusty trail, but he could hear her, following, getting closer. Why did she have to get the bigger stronger male body?

He was about ready to try another turn when weight crashed onto him from behind. “Be a good bitch and sit still,” snarled Lindsey’s voice in his ears as she grabbed him from behind and pulled him close. Pain exploded from his new cunt as his virginity was taken, then Lindsey began to piston against him. Tears flowed in mortification even as the feelings became progressively better. As Lindsey’s knot became swollen, Thomas even felt his hips swaying back a little to meet the powerful thrusts of his changed girl... boyfriend. His tunnel spasmed tight around the pink dog cock as it plunged deep, forcing the knot in and tying the two together. Their howls reached up for the moon above as they came together. Lindsey was quite content with her new fate, but Thomas never quite forgot, only kept in line with Lindsey’s superior strength and speed, pouncing on the poor prior male whenever the urge struck Lindsey and slowly corrupting her thoughts with the bliss of their new union. Though the rest had their own fates to see to, Thomas would eventually come around to his... her... lover’s ways after she weaned her first set of cubs.



Re: Flexible Infection Story - The Zoo by Valente (furry content)

The group proceeded forward to the central intersection of the zoo, with a still burbling fountain, glinting softly off the low lights and the moon hanging pregnant in the sky. Judy moved to the front and span around, just in front of the fountain. With her hands on her hips, she leaned forward to the rest of the group, “Alright, we only have a few minutes to secure our privacy. The new guard will be walking by in a few minutes. Get out the cans, mark up the cameras. He’ll be calling the help desk instead of chasing us around.”

They began to dig out their spray cans as Chris looked around nervously. “Hey,” he noted, “We’re missing people still. That’s a long time for a bathroom break.”

Judy almost snorted with disgust, “They probably decided it was a good time to make out, stop worrying about it. We have to move fast or we’ll be spending the night in jail instead, you want that? Butterfingers better not go in the shower.” There was a round of nervous laughter as Chris turned a shade of red and turned away.

A movement in the bushes caught his attention, and he moved up quietly to see a squirrel hunched over something, a nut? Acorn by the shape of it. The little critter didn’t seem to mind Chris, despite being within petting range of it, just nibbling away. The sound of the chewing was strangely loud. “Hey guys,” he called out.

“Enough, Chris,” shouted Judy loudly, loud enough to startle the squirrel. Before Chris could react, he had teeth sinking into his left hand, extended as it was towards the curious creature. He gave a sharp cry of pain even as he saw the acorn thunk to the ground. A stone acorn?

He didn’t have much time to worry about it as cool numbness spread through his hand. The whole thing was shrinking rapidly as it gained a grayish cast. Only a second or two had gone by before a small squirrel’s paw was attached comically from his arm, the grey slowly creeping up, shrinking as it went. He screamed again, not with pain, simply terror.

The others turned to see what had gotten into him to find other squirrels had arrived, all chittering angrily. They advanced on Chris, scaling his flailing form and sinking teeth through his clothing. Each bite drew a desperate, but quieter, noise as his body succumbed to the infection, shrinking and becoming all the more dense and stiff. The others joined their screams with his, and fled in a blind panic away, even as Chris fell over, harmlessly tipped over, a simple statue of a squirrel.

They ran as quickly as their feet would carry them, running for the closest building, which happened to be the reptile habitat. It was warm and muggy, but seemingly safe from squirrel invasion as soon as they had the door closed behind themselves. Feeling nervous, they couldn’t even remain by that door, stepping further in. The alligators were close by, in a deeply set pen they could look down on.

“Any other great ideas?” Asked Steve with his arms crossed. The others seemed similarly angry, their fear turning to ire at Judy.

“What, stop looking at me like that. I wasn’t the one petting strange squirrels, Jesus on a stick. What the hell was that anyway?” she protested.

“Hell if I know,” said Paula, a quiet one of the group. She inched over to look down at the gators, “What if all the animals are sick or something?”

“Sick doesn’t make people into statues,” said Judy, rolling her eyes, “If I wanted -your- opinion I’d ask for it.”

Paula spun on Judy and shouted in frustration, “Shut up, you don’t know anything! This wasn’t supposed to be like this, where’s Thomas, Susan? Does anyone even care? We’re all gonna die!” She stomped a foot on the ground, then suddenly went flying. Some water, perhaps used to clean the area, had made a hazard beneath Paula’s feet, and she crashed to the ground before slipping right down the steep incline towards the gators, stunned from the impact of her head on the smooth tile.

The group hurried forward in a semi circle to peer over the edge and see if their friend was alright, “Judy!” said Steve, “What are we going to do now?”

“Duh, get a rope, she has to climb out of there, everyone, go get a rope, find one!”

Most of the group hastily dispersed, searching for something to pull Paula out with while Judy looked down into the pit. It was well lit in the reptile house compared to outside, and she could see the gators rousing from their sleep at the intrusion. “Hey, Paula, wake up or you’re going to be dinner snacks,” she called with insincere feeling. “It’d serve you right,” she said much more quietly.

Paula was just waking up then, coming out of her stunned state to push up and see a gator swimming directly for her. She dug her fingers into the soft earth under her and made a scramble for the edge, trying to climb up. As she slid right back down, she pushed off to the side, running the circle of the pit away from the gator placidly swimming after her, as if it knew that she had little way to escape it. He screams echoed off the glass panels of the reptile house, crying with deathly fright.

Steve was the first to return, brandishing a thick hose. Wasting little time, he hurled it into the pit at Paula, who only narrowly avoided being beaned in the head with the metal end of it. She grabbed it with all her strength and began clambering out madly, crying all the while, with Steve tugging the rope upwards, trying to reel the hose and Paula in at once.

Suddenly there was a great growl of a sound, and a snap. The gator had lept into the air after Paula, trapping a leg in its great teeth and flopping back, hauling her back with its immensely heavy body. Her hands wrenched free of the hose, which flew up away from her. Her last hope, gone with it. She squealed and thrashed, trying to push the gator off of her leg even as blood soaked into the muddied waters, then vanished beneath the waves, the brown tinting a disquieting red.

The group stared at the spot, now regathered. They were stunned and silent for a long moment before Steve asked, “Is she... dead?”

“How should I know?” snapped Judy just before a great turmoil began in the water. Paula crested the water, seemingly tugging the gator with her onto the steep edge. Her hard breathing was audible even from above as she wrestled with the beast. She was half covered in mud, but something was clearly wrong, her bitten leg was swollen and odd looking, and her clothes were starting to burst from her body. Her struggles were starting to sound... off, not so much fear, as something else.

“Paula, are you ok?!” called down Steve.

“Alright? I...” Paula stopped talking as she flipped over, pinning the gator beneath herself. Her clothes tore off in a sudden expansion of her body, front covered with glistening scales that were creeping over her form, “I never felt better in my life,” she said in a sultry purr. She paused a moment to grab between her exposed legs where a reptilian member was sliding out into existence, added with her eager stroking. She leaned over her assailant and began to rut the creature without reservation. As she coupled with the gator, the last shreds of her humanity were fleeing her, face drawing out to a long, dangerous, snout, hair falling free and long tail slowly extending as she moaned and rocked.

To the interest of the stunned male watchers, she seemed to still be very female in shape, curvy and full, even if she did have a dick bigger than most of theirs. As she finally howled a release, a deep reptilian hiss mixed with a woman’s scream, they backed away from the edge in collective uncertainty.

“Guys?” came a voice that was similar to Paula, but changed, “Don’t go away, I’m ok, let me come out,” she called reassuringly. They could her her scrambling. Her new claws seemed to make scaling the slick walls much easier than before, and soon the gator woman crested near them. As soon as she didn’t need both hands to climb, she had a hand on her chest, fondling her scaly tits, “It feels so... good, god, you wouldn’t believe it.”

“Paula, what the hell man, you’re a freak of nature,” pointed out Steven as he took a slow step back, along with most of the others.

Paula stepped forward with them, shaking her head and grabbing at her cock with her remaining clawed hand, stroking in eager jerks, “Not a freak, perfect. Come on, come with me, I’ll show you how great it is and we can be together forever.” she said in a whisper of great and terrible things.

It was enough to break the group up, suddenly beating feet from what was once their friend. Her shouts got louder as she abandoned her self pleasuring in favor of giving chase, great tail whipping back and forth with every powerful step. They knew if they slowed down, she would be on them, and they would join her. The worst part for some being the small voice that murmured that there were far worse ways to go.


Steve ran as quickly as he could, which proved to be swift, being a member of the basketball team. Fear is a powerful incentive, however, and two others managed to keep close, Bob and Shiela, both panting and gasping for breath when they finally slow to a stop. Paula, or what used to be her, was nowhere in sight anymore. It was all too quiet, as if all of that had never happened.

“This has all gone to hell,” said Shiela, running a hand through her mussed up hair, “I thought we’d make a few marks on things, laugh at the animals, you know, stupid stuff.”

Bob rolled his shoulders, regaining his breath, “Hey man, don’t look at me, this was all Judy’s idea. She usually throws great parties.”

Steve held up a hand at the both of them, “Hey, can you hear that?”

The three went silent and looked around slowly. They were close to the aquatic section of the zoo from all their running, and with some effort, they could hear soft splashing. “Ah shit, do you think it’s another crazy animal?” asked Shiela as she nudged closer to Steve, as if for protection.

Bob shook his head, “What, all of them? Can’t be all of them, right? We ran pretty far.” It was a sweet lie he held onto dearly, and clinging to this moment of bravado, Bob moved forward towards the sound. He leaned up onto a guard rail and squinted into the soft blue light of a lit pool, then began to laugh.

“What’s so funny?” demanded Steve as he moved up besides Bob, “Just some otters, so?”

“So? They’re not eating us, and they don’t have boobs or glowing green or anything. Told you they couldn’t all be messed up.” he said with a great sense of somewhat harried relief.

“I don’t trust them,” said Shiela, frowning at the two frolicking sea mammals as they swam about and nosed a bright red ball back and forth between themselves. With a sudden bump, the ball sailed towards the three and rolled lightly onto the grass, coming to a halt.

Bob snorted, and ducked under the rail, “I’ll show you, they’re just otters, harmless. They like playing.” He reached over to lift the ball and shiela suddenly screamed. He looked up to find the otters had closed distance with him far more quickly than he wanted to believe. He began to quake as they rushed up and started nuzzling at his ankles and barking at him.

“Just stay calm, man,” urged Steve, “They just want the ball back, right? Give it to them.”

Nodding stiffly, Bob slowly crouched down. One of the otters rushed into the space he had provided and began to nuzzle at his belly and thighs eagerly. Bob squeaked in surprise, tipping over with the otters climbing up onto his sprawled form, nuzzling at him and starting to give light bites. “Oh shit they’re eating me!” exclaimed Bob, though he seemed in no immediate danger of becoming dinner.

Not in the mood to play around, Steve grabbed a broom that was leaning against a bench nearby and hopped over the fence to ward the otters away. They backed away as the angry human approached, then fled into the waters, barking their displeasure. Bob was groaning and clutching himself, the ball rolling down the hill after the otters. “You OK man?”

Shiela remained where she was, at the fence, “He’s been bit, some thing's going to happen.”

“This isn’t a stupid movie,” snarled Steve, reaching to shove Bob onto his back, and finding his hand sinking into soft breast flesh. Bob gave a soft female moan as his body shifted and adjusted, becoming more slender and starting to get fuzzy all over, “Shit!”

Bob looked up at Steve and reached up with a hand that was becoming smaller and more like a paw, “Help me, man,” he said with a voice that was less male youth and more sexy female by the moment. His... her... ears drifted up to the top of her head as she curled up in pain, a thick tail bursting from her pants to flop on the ground, naked at first but rapidly growing a layer of fur.

“We have to get out of here!” urged Shiela from the fence, “Come on, before he’s ready to chase us like Paula.”

Steve nodded numbly, then shook his head, “We’re not just going to leave him here. He’s not... I won’t, he’s my friend.” He crouched down and scooped up the altering Bob into a fireman’s carry and dashed back towards the fence. He could feel Bob’s form settling, now a curvy otter person draped over his shoulder, whimpering gently in shock and confusion.

The two emerged through the fence and Steve looked to Shiela, “Do you know the fastest way out of this zoo?”

Shiela frowned with thought, looking around before pointing uncertainly, “I think there’s a gate that way.”

They started marching purposefully before Bob suddenly began to squirm, protesting, “I’m alright, really, I feel better,” insisted the soft smooth voice, “Thank you, Steve, for not just dropping me and running,” Steve swung Bob around easily, holding her more like an infant now, and the smaller female otter gave a sudden giggle of delight.

Before Steve could inquire into the odd sound, Bob had leaned in and began to kiss Steve on the lips, tickling his face with fur and whiskers even as the intensity of it threw Steve for a loop. No girl he’d ever kissed had kissed him so fiercely before. His body began to grow warm and tingly all over, especially where their lips met, and the two sank to the ground.

Shiela rushed forward and shoved Bob away from Steve. The new otter girl hissed, and sank her teeth into Shiela’s pushing hands. Shiela yelped and wrenched her hand back, rubbing at the mildly bleeding wound and looking ready to cry, “Fuck fuck fuck, now I’m gonna, fuck,”she muttered to herself, ready to collapse in distress, abandoning hope rapidly.

Steve was largely ignorant of the drama unfolding as he found his body dwindling and growing all at once. His chest seemed suddenly far too sensitive for his shirt and he wrenched it off in time to see furry breasts swelling up, even larger than Bob’s. He grunted and snorted as a muzzle grew, his words slurred with the new lips as he staggered, getting to his feet shakily even as a long tail extended just slowly enough for him to wrench down his pants. His boxers were tented with a massive erection, his human member altered and growing all the larger by the moment as he labored for breath.

Bob left Steve to his changes, approaching Shiela instead as she shook with fright. When Bob nuzzled, Shield screamed, and shoved at Bob again, “No!” she said with the quavering tone of the near mad. Bob was not to be dissuaded, gently nuzzling again. As Shiela’s body grew thick brown fur, her resistance seemed to dwindle along with her humanity, each nuzzle was pushed away more weakly, until she was nudged to the ground, and Bob nuzzled between her thighs intently.

Shiela moaned and squirmed around, clothing ripping and shredding as her body reformed in inhuman ways. Something odd was going on between her legs, and all the nuzzling was making it worse. She bucked her hips and grunted as her voice deepened and her skirt began to bulge monstrously. Bob sank his teeth into the cloth and yanked down and away. With a loud tear, Shiela’s thick organ was exposed to the air, becoming distinctly male, all traces of her female self banished. The female otter moved up and kissed the new male, licking at his ears softly.

As the two began to cuddle, Steve was regaining his new senses. He was still male, but female too, both in generous portions. He rolled to all fours and stretched. “Jesus on a stick,” he slurred with his new tongue and snout, “I’m a freak. A sexy... horny... freak...” His thoughts were distracted by his altered mind, and the female otter seemed suddenly very interesting. He slipped over behind Bob and grabbed her at the hips, drawing her back as he nudged his eager otter hood against her thick vulva. The two became one with a shuddering cry from both, Steve lost to a rapid thrusting almost immediately, with the squealing approval of his new lover.

Shiela opened his eyes and looked at the two otters rutting with eyes closed and tongues hanging. Jealousy pounded in his new chest. He was horny, and hard, and the female was being taken. It wasn’t fair at all. He hopped to his feet and prowled around the two lovers before eyes and nose identified opportunity. The male had a female scent... Shiela approached Steve from behind and ran paws slowly across sides towards front, cupping large breasts, and strapping nipples between fingers. Soon Shiela was pressed to Steve’s back, and nudging himself into Steve’s new wet passage, sinking inch after inch of hard otter shaft in until crotch met rump with a satisfying thump.

The three began to rock against one another, awkwardly at first, but with rapidly gained sense of timing, dancing in a trio of pleasure and breeding. Steve was the first to tip over the edge, doubly stimulated from front and behind, he went stiff and barked as his heavy balls lurched upwards and he began to spill thick jets of virile seed deep into Bob, who clung tightly to Steve even as she leaned around to kiss and lick at Shiela’s face and nose. Shiela trembled as the shaft surrounding his member tightened, then he grunted, firing cannon shots of fertile otter juiced into his decided bitch, biting into the back of Steve’s neck. The three sang of their pleasure, lost in it even as a portly human rushed by. The guard paused only briefly to gawk at the scene in progress, staring at the three humanoid otters lost in rut, before rushing off, almost in tears with terror, muttering something about escaping.


Judy and the others had managed to stay together as they fled from Paula. They could still hear her, calling and pleading for them to come back and join her in her bliss. “That is so creepy as hell,” said Judy as she took a moment to pause and survey the remainder of the group. Barely a handful left now. “None of you guys would want to spend the rest of your life as a slimy freak, right?” Their heads shook quickly in unison.

Carie looked down and away, red in the face and panting.

“Hey, Care?” called Judy, “What, you want to go join her?”

“What, no!” protested Carie, looking up sharply, her hair a mess and eyes a bit wild, “It’s just... this is...”

Judy laughed and pointed at Carie, “Little miss freak wants to cuddle up to the gator bitch and take it all night long,” she taunted without mercy. The others laughter nervously, going along with the alpha bitch but feeling poorly for the harried Carie.

“It’s not like that, damn. Just give me a second to catch my breath.” Infuriated and frustrated, Carie moved a slight distance from the milling group to sob in the shadows.

“Geeze, Judy, you didn’t have to be like that,” protested one of the men. Judy waved him off, “Whatever. While she’s in the bushes wanking to her fantasy girlfriend, we’re that much closer to getting eaten, or worse.”

In the dark, a voice whispered to Carie, “I know a way out.”

Carie jumped in place, looking around, was it an animal come to eat her? No, the figure she could barely spy was definitely two legged. “Huh?” she asked inarticulately.

“Come with me, I’ll show you the way out and keep you safe. You don’t deserve to be picked on.”

Carie could not believe her luck. In better times, she might have considered the offer more carefully, but right then, it seemed like a heaven-sent reprieve, and she stepped off to follow the stranger away from the others.

It would be several more minutes before anyone thought to check on her, and she was nowhere to be seen. “See?” said Judy, “She’s off to find Paula and swear eternal love or something. They’ll make a great couple.”

With soft grumblings, the group moved on, one member shortened again, making their way towards the exit with heavy steps and heavy hearts.

Carie pushed through bushes and walked along darkened paths, just barely keeping the man in her sight, until suddenly he was gone. “Hello?” she called, “Come back, I lost you!” she shouted with sudden panic.

Strong arms wrapped around her from behind and she screamed shrilly, thrashing around as her captor simply held her. Strength fled her as quickly as it came, and she slumped backwards against the assailant. He felt furry, warm, huge, and powerful. Its great paws were across her belly and chest. The paw on her chest was softly squeezing at her, making her blush softly despite the situation. “Geezus, who is that?” she asked in a hoarse whisper, “Did Judy send you to pick on me?”

“No one will ever pick on you again,” whispered a now familiar voice, and a huge wet tongue ran across her ear slowly, left, then right.

“Oh crap, you’re not human are you?” asked Carie, going stiff, but knowing she could not escape the grip of the powerful, but so far gentle, beast.

“I’m human enough to love you,” he whispered, running his paw across her belly in slow strokes and rubbing motions, “Human enough to know you are lovely, and will make me a fine wife.”

“Wife!” she squeaked, “Look, uh, mister, whatever you are, you need a mate, not a wife, I’m not for you, ok? So let me go and we’ll just laugh this off, right?”

“I’m afraid not,” spoke the male voice, leaning in. She could feel his huge face nuzzling against her own, his shaggy cheeks tickling faintly, “You will be my mate shortly enough, if you don’t like the other term.” he chuckled deeply as the paw on her chest began to knead more urgently, “But first, these human clothes must go,” he insisted.

She pushed and struggled, trying to escape, trying to ward his paws away. If she had focused on one or the other, she might have succeeded in some way. Instead she did poorly at both, swatting one paw away as the other grabbed and tore into her clothes with sharp claws. Her top fell free, leaving her in only her bra. She squealed and guarded her chest, leaving her skirt to be wrenched free of her, panties drifting to the ground, cut neatly.

He looked her over in the darkness and nodded slowly, “I picked well,” he spoke to himself as he leaned into her trembling form and began to lick at her face. She pushed at his face, but did little to keep that broad wet tongue from bathing her. Her face began to go warm and tingly as it pushed out in a broad bear’s snout, fur exploding from her hair down across her new muzzle and creeping down her neck.

“Please! I don’t want this. I want to be human. I want to finish college!” she pleaded with tears in her altered eyes. “Don’t you have any sympathy?”

“I do, but I also have dreams. I want to have a mate. I want to have a family. I don’t want to be the only one. Don’t you have any sympathy?” he asked in return, lowering his head and flicking his warm wet tongue over her nipples as they began to swell. Her breasts became plushly furry as they swelled out into his attentions steadily, distracting her with bursts of intense sensations radiating through her body as fur met with the fur coming down from her head. Her entire body was beginning to bulk up with new muscle and fat.

She sighed and shuddered as fresh tears fell, unsure what else she could say or do to escape back to the normal life she had before coming to this mad zoo. As the male lowered towards her crotch, she suddenly snarled. Filled with rage at the futility of her situation, she swiped at him with a great paw she had just finished growing. He rolled off to the side, startled and stunned a moment. She was just as surprised that the attack had worked, her altering body growing stronger by the moment as it shed its human frailties. She turned away from him and began stalking away, trying to rejoin the others, but unsure which way to go. It was very dark, and she had just blindly followed the male this far.

A minute later, she felt familiar paws grab her hips, now wide and shaggy. Her entire body was half that of a bear, blended with her old female self. “You are strong,” he whispered to her.

“Well, aren’t you going to hit me back?” she asked, looking over her shoulder, “Teach me a lesson?”

“No, you are my mate. I deserve it for what I am doing, and it proves you are strong.” he said in his gentlest tone. Her will to resist began to crumble, unable to focus her anger on this gentle, loving, creature. He wrapped her up in a firm embrace from behind, rocking her as he inched in all the closer. She could feel his intimidatingly large member pressing against her thigh, throbbing and ready. She sighed, and half turned, flicking her tongue over his snout, “Fine then, Mister Bear. You’ve already gone and done it,” she sighed, surrendering to her fate.

His expression brightened, smiling and kissing her in a very human way, lips to lips, hugging her tightly a moment before he let her go, “Ok...”

She stared at him a moment or two before a new instinct nudged at her and she blinked. She turned away from the big male and went to all fours, raising her rump towards him, “Mister Bear won’t do though, how about Bruce?”

“Bruce. I like that,” he agreed, moving up and settling heavily on her back. His large prick pushed against her dampening folds, and he eased himself into her waiting body, rocking deeper into her with each push. She moaned and pushed back gently. It was a strange body, but it felt so good! Her regrets began to fade with every meeting of their bodies, rocking together in slow, caring, love making. Her new passage proved strong, flexing and spasming tight about his member with each growling moan that came from her, rising to trembling climax seemingly at his command as he played her new body like a fine instrument, forcing the musical notes of ecstasy from her with great pleasure. Finally, his great balls tensed, and she could feel her belly bulging as heat flowed thickly into her womb. She groaned and pushed back, pressing tight against him as her belly pressed downwards with the massive volume of seed.

Her chest began to tingle softly as a new set of breasts curved outwards, all four tingling, teats thick and aroused. Just as he withdrew and pulled back into a pleased and content lounge, she could feel trickles of milk begin to flow from the teats, dampening her round, pregnant looking belly. She was in it for the long haul, wife, or mate, to this great bear.



Re: Flexible Infection Story - The Zoo by Valente (furry content)

The loud music was shaking off the walls as the dancers somewhat clumsily bopped in loose mockery of a beat. As it turns out, the Zoo did not require a sense of musical talent to work as an overnight security officer. A smuggled-in light strobed with bright colors across the main monitoring room, casting odd shadows off the chairs and the table that held the refreshments, a punch bowl that had been spiked all of ten minutes into the party, and a loose assortment of chips, pretzels, and one over achiever's chicken dinner.

The party had been going full steam since sun down, leaving few to watch the screens where young people ran in abject terror through their assigned grounds. “Hey guys!” shouted one somewhat drunk male, “Watch this!” As he performed a time honored trick with a photocopying machine and his unclad bottom. The others laughed, their sense of humor dulled, or sharpened, with a copious greasing of booze and thrumming music.

One of the women excused herself, pushing through the door to the outside. The door swung shut behind her, closing with a soft click of an automatic lock. She staggered off into the bushes, her mind not entirely straight on where she should be doing her business. She fumbled about in her pockets, swearing softly before she fumbled out a small carton and popped it open, a small roll falling into her hand, and another two flopping to the ground, elevating her annoyance.

She crouched down to retrieve her two lost cigs to find her hand just inches from something green and red. It flickered a forked tongue at her and reared up. A snake. A constrictor, if her addled mind served her properly. It stared at her unflinchingly, its forward coils just over her cigs. “Good snakey, give that back to mommy,” she said, reaching boldly, perhaps foolishly, for her lost goods.

The snake flickered its tongue across her fingers, making her giggle, but not stopping the drunken female from clutching her cigarettes and curling her fingers about them. As she clenched her prize, the snake darted forward, coiling about her wrist and slithered up along her arm. She squawked with surprise and reared back, carrying the whole of the snake up off the ground, its smooth warm body twining up and up along her arm towards her shoulder. “Get off me, you! I don’t know where you’ve been, but I’m not that kind of girl. Leave me alone with my smoke.”

The snake did not seem to care much for her complaints, slipping down the back of her shirt, causing a sharp cry from her. Within the office, the dancing continued without pause, the noise muffled by loud music and a locked door. She began to pat herself down vigorously, trying to eject her new tenant, as it nosed around her belt line, coiled about her belly. She turned green suddenly, nauseous with sudden adrenaline and shock. Her lack of motion was all the snake needed, nosing its sleek head under her belt and pushing down into her pants. Why hadn’t she worn underwear that day? It had seemed like such an inconsequential facet of the day that morning, now it suddenly seemed quite important, with a potentially deadly snake in her pants.

She trembled with fright and confused emotions as she felt the flicker of that tongue against her exposed nethers. The snake was interested in the part of her she most wanted the snake far away from. She went perfectly still, hoping to avoid being bit. Could constrictors bite? She didn’t remember. No reason to taunt it. She moved her hands away from her mid section, abandoning all thoughts of grabbing at the snake with its head poised in position like that. Time seemed to slow as those flickers continued, making her spine tingle with sensations she refused to acknowledge as increasingly interesting, even if her body knew the truth of it.

Suddenly, the snake pressed forward. Its head pushed into her like her last lover. Scratch that, the snake was actually more skilled than that hairy oaf she had agreed to bed with. A more rational part of her mind chastised her for comparing the performance of this rapist reptile to her last date at a time like this. The snake wriggled and squirmed, pushing further into her with every undulation of its powerful form, seeming to have no trouble in her increasingly slippery passage.

When it struck her cervix, she gasped and spread her legs. Pleasure unlike any else she had felt before began to radiate as it slowly nuzzled the tight ring of her womb open, little at a time. As it began to writhe its way into her innermost chamber, her body began to change, fine soft scales spreading over her body in a rapid carpeting as she cooed and moaned in acceptance.

Half the snake had vanished into her, and her legs began to draw together, soon standing straight together. Her pants tore loudly as the flesh of the legs began to flow together, forming one long limb that seemed more flexible by the moment. She fell forward onto her belly as her center of balance dramatically shifted. She was losing her legs, and gaining one huge tail instead. She made to yelp, but instead a soft hiss of complaint escaped. She rolled onto her back awkwardly as her pants finished the tear, now draped over her long body, held in place largely by the belt at her hips.

She could see the last of the snake vanishing into her scaled lips and made a last minute grab for it. If she could stop it from getting into her, perhaps it wouldn’t be too late to stop whatever was happening to her. She got the tip of its tail between two fingers and pulled, trying to get the snake back out. Her body rocked with a sudden intense climax, trembling. Suddenly numbed fingers lost their grip and the small serpent slithered sinuously into her sopping cunt. She arched her back from the ground as her face smoothed with new scales and a reptilian face. Her tongue flickered, now forked and tasting the air in a whole new way, flooding her mind with new information.

Her entire form was expanding now, growing larger as she drew back up, supported on her larger tail bottom. What did they call this kind of thing? Then she remembered, a naga, she was a fine example of a naga. But what naga wore a security firm shirt and torn pants? She undid her belt and tossed off the remains of the pants, but changed her mind on the shirt. What harm would that be? Besides, she didn’t feel like showing off her breasts to those pigs in the party. There were better things to do with them...

Even as she assimilated her new instincts, the sound of the security door opening reached her new senses. She peeked through the bushes to see a male staggering out into the darkness as she had not long ago. She remembered him. Her last date. He’d pay for giving her such a poor time, yes. She could make him so much better at pleasing females. She slithered silently through the dark foliage, moving to intercept the male with a grin on her altered face.

He looked back over shoulder as his hind brain warned of impending danger, just in time for her arms to move about him in embrace, “Hello,” she whispered as she pressed her curves against his back and drew him tightly close. He grunted, his previous mission forgotten rapidly in favor of the curves he was pressed against, “Hey there. You left when it was getting good.” He didn’t even notice her changes in the darkness and with the soft haze of booze pickling his brain, all the better. She smiled and flickers her tongue over his cheek, tasting him. Not an ideal candidate, but he would serve. She slowly rubbed her hands across his sides as he turned about in her grip, hugging her back and aiming sloppy kisses across her shoulder and face, leaving saliva marred lip marks on her smooth scales.

“I’m going to show you something,” she whispered softly, the better to mask the changes in her voice, “But you have to be naked.”

“Naked? I thought we were...” He trailed off and went quiet. If she wanted to start dating again, that was fine by him, and naked? This was his lucky night indeed. He started shucking off his hat and boots first, tight khaki pants, belt, and shirt not long behind, all flung into a loose heap in the bushes as he fantasized about what kind of crazy stunt his suddenly reacquired girlfriend had in mind, “You know I missed you, right? What made you, uh, change your mind?”

She crept up to him, smoothly sliding on her long tail and shaking her head, “I’ve developed a new taste for lovers. I was thinking it over. I think we can make it... work.” She waited for him to be entirely nude, shaking her head slowly all the more. What had she seen in the man? There would be more to him soon enough. She grabbed his right wrist and drew it to her belly, rubbing it across the warm scales there, “Do you know how mother gaia works?”

“Gaia? What? The planet? What’s that got to do with anything?” he mumbled, distracted with lust and inebriation.

“Close, not quiet. I want you to worship my mother goddess.” she demanded, pushing the hand down towards where her legs once were, now a smooth valley, where her vulva remained pouting with expectancy. His fingers brushed across them and he gave a soft ‘oh’ as if he understood.

He began inexpertly fondling at her with the hand, brushing back and forth, teasing at the thick lips as the other hand reached around to grab her ass and pull her closer, “You know, your skin, it feels a bit odd today, is it me?” he looked up at her in the dim light, some part of him slowly noticing the oddness of the situation.

She did not bother to reply to his query, pushing her hips forward as her tail looped around to snag around his bottom and pull him all the closer. A finger sank into her warm flesh and began to be pulled at insistently as she hissed with soft plaeasure and rocked against it, encouraging him onwards. He lost track of his complaint with her happy noise and tried to recreate it, pushing a second finger, a third, spreading her as he wriggled his entire hand into her with surprising ease, “Whoa, holy cow...” he muttered to himself. He did not remember her being loose enough to try this sort of thing, but his hand sunk into her inch after inch with no sign of hitting a bottom.

She lifted suddenly, hoisting his form off the ground with her powerful tail and leaning back. His arm sank into her with a wet splutch as she cried out in a rattling hiss like an angry snake, “The other,” she demanded, “I want to feel both!”

He grunted as his world turned around, almost upside down with her tail lifting him. This was really freaky, but also kind of kinky, and she was enjoying it. Who was he to complain? He moved his other hand in and pushed at her, wriggling it slowly into her to join the first, stunned and silent at how well she seemed to gulp up both arms, not even straight forward, spearing into her, “How the hell are you doing that?” he asked.

A sudden new urge filled her altered form and she drew in a shaking breath as her cunt slammed down on the arms inside of her and began pulling with horrific strength. The man began to sink into her rapidly, pulled headfirst into her waiting nethers. His face was the first to go, muffling his abrupt squawk of dismay as the world closed to the smooth and wet walls of her sex, her heartbeat now beating in his ears as he was drawn inexorably forward into her hungry body. She was rocking her hips back and forth, but his progress was smooth and steady, slipping up into her waiting womb, slowly curling as he fell into it, making her belly bulge outwards with more and more curve as she became pregnant with the man.

As the last of him was pressed into herself with the help of guiding hands, she settled back, feeling sated, but expectant. Her body was warm, almost on fire, as something important was going on in her womb, tingling fiercely as the bulge seemed to die down, becoming a lump, then just a soft curving. She rubbed over the spot slowly, unsure of what was going to happen, regretting it, almost.

Just as she was about to turn back to the party, a sudden pain lanced her midsection. She almost doubled over before wetness flowed down her tail from her sex. She heaved and pushed, guiding a new object to flow the other way, smoothly coaxing a large, but round, egg from her distended lips. The initial pain had given way to a rising sense of bliss at giving birth to this large oblong sphere, pushed out into her waiting hands. She flickered her tongue over the object as she felt her body tightening back up as if nothing had happened. Her previous boyfriend would make a handsome naga, once he was reborn. Until then, he would make a reasonable egg for her to care for. She set the egg down in the bushes, concealing it. “You need some siblings, my child,” she spoke, turning back towards the party, and sliding up towards the door with a growing smile.

The party had hit a lull, and one of the guards just happened to look at a screen in time to notice one of the intruders, “Hey, there supposed to be kids around?”

“Kids, what are you talking about?” asked another.

“Look, right there, college brats, playing around the reptile house.”

The crowd gathered around the security screen in time to see a girl go sliding into the gator pit.

“Holy fuck!” came one articulate reply, and there was a general rush for the door. If some brat got chomped on their watch, they’d all be canned. That was no way to end a party.

As the first guard reached the door and yanked it open, a huge form pushed through it, bumping into him and sending him crashing to the ground, sliding away. “Hello my sons and daughters,” spoke the being. It had the upper body of a woman, with large breasts and scales all over her body, bright sparkling red on her underbelly, soft green elsewhere. She didn’t have legs, instead a huge snake’s tail extended behind her, being drawn up into the security room at an alarming speed as she slithered towards them all.

As it turns, most of them were not trained or cleared for weapons above a billy club, but one was. She drew a gun on the snake and snapped a few shots. Liquor did not lend itself to quality aiming, however, and only one struck, bouncing off the scales of her lower body and leaving a painful-looking scratch, but little more. The snake-woman hissed her displeasure and was on the gun wielding guard in a moment, coiling about her well toned body and squeezing harshly. She got out a choked gasp, gun dropping from her hand as she weakly writhed in the naga’s grip, unable to properly resist with those great coils about her. Two of the guards advanced on the beast, trying to pry her off, while three others decided to take the wiser course and fled out the open door, leaving nothing but the stink of terror behind.

The snake grabbed for one of the men pulling at her coils, mashing his face into a large breast while cooing at him, “Shhh, mother will be with you in a moment,” she promised as she clenched tighter around the female. It would be cruel, but she would be thankful after she was reborn. With a loud snap, the woman’s resistance faded, and she slumped in against the naga, the fight crushed out of her.

The snake mother flickered her tongue as she noticed the other male reconsidering his options. Just before he could get to the door, her tail snagged the handle and slammed it shut, “You are staying here, with us, with your new family.” The man yanked and pulled at her tail, but it refused to be budged from its anchor as she began to greedily stuff the unconscious female guard into her waiting, sopping, cunt, not even bothering to strip the clothes from her. With every inch of the female’s flesh crammed up into herself, the naga shuddered and hissed her pleasure. The male pressed to her chest screamed, but the sound was muffled in her scaly titflesh, and his futile strikes at her did little more than amuse her and hasten her efforts to fill her belly.

With her belly protruding in a round dome, she slipped her coils about the male in her arms, nuzzling into his neck, “Do you want to go willingly, or like she did?” she asked.

The terrified man shook his head quickly, “How about I just go? Please?”

“Sorry, I can’t do that. Choose quickly, I’m loosing patience.”

He shoved at her, trying to make a break for the door, but she was on, and around, him, almost instantly, crushing with the powerful sleek muscles of her flexible body. He got out a pathetic grunting wheeze before he fell to a merciful sleep in her grip. She stared at the last remaining man as she consumed his friend, her former coworker, into her ever-hungry womb. He had sunk against the refreshment table, quivering like a leaf. Like a man about to hang, he took a last drink of the spiked punch, staring back at the naga as she did her foul deed.

“Are you ready?” she asked, dusting herself off, then licking her fingers clean of the sweet fluids that had collected there.

“If there’s no other way,” he sighed, setting his cup down, “Are they, you know, dead?”

“Dead? Heavens no. I’m no murderer. They’ll be back with us, mmm, in a few minutes. We’ll be one big happy family. Won’t that be nice?” she asked as she slid up to him and gently twined the fingers of her right hand with his own.

“A family?” he asked, confused, but it did sound better than what he had feared. “You’re sure?”

“Positive. Now lay back, get undressed, and it will be all over before you know it, promise.”

Soothed by the bizarre female’s gentle words and promises, or perhaps just beyond hope, the man complied, shucking work clothes until he was exposed to her mildly lecherous approval. She slid around him, nuzzling his back, his sides, neck and belly, forked tongue flickering across his limp member ticklishly. Despite the horror of the situation, her gentle attentions began to stir a reaction in him, growing more firm by the moment as she used that warm tongue to tickle at his now thick organ. She pressed her curvy form to him as she lined herself and slowly sank down onto his girth, pressing nose to nose, “Let’s play a little,” she whispered, “You can fertilize those eggs in me, be their father before I become your mother.”

He didn’t understand what she meant by that, but her cunt was a tight velvet vice around his trapped member, and if he was being offered a ride on that before he went, he saw little reason to turn it down. He grabbed at her rump, finding it to be shapely despite her lack of legs, and pushed against her. They began to rock together, soft grunts and trembling hisses filling the room as they fell into each other’s increasingly willing arms. His legs wrapped about her body, pulling her against each eager stroke, pushing deeper and deeper as the infection gently worked at his body even then, undevoured as he was.

He slammed home against her with a sudden urge and felt his member trembling inside of her, filling her with ropes of seed as he held her tightly to himself. She cooed and rubbed against him, “I almost wish I could just... stay like this, with you,” she said, licking his ear, “But you do have to go.”

He nodded to her, the whole thing seeming somehow more reasonable, even if he still did not understand it. He pressed against her, sliding his raging pole deep into her before drawing free with a wet noise. He sank down against her and began to clean the mess he made with soft strokes of his tongue, forked as it now was. She put her hands to his head and drew him forward, at first enjoying the attention, then pressing her hips against his face, starting to draw him into herself with firm pulled and powerful contractions of her altered sex. He curled most pleasantly in her waiting womb, now rounder than ever, with three new creatures waiting to be laid now tucked within her. She silently sped to the door and slipped out into the darkness to retrieve her first egg. Already, she had thoughts as to the perfect place to set up a nest.


He shoved his way through a few brambles before emerging back onto a nice clean brick path. This whole evening had gone to hell in short order. One moment Sammy’s making the eye at him, the next he’s being chased out of the party by some snake... thing? What the hell was that anyway? He didn’t want to think about it too hard. Harold had joined the Zoo just a few months ago, and it proved to be reliable pay without too much stress, overall, at least until that night anyway.

He paused for breath and dug around at his waist, pulling out a flash light. Its weight was reassuring, heavy and metal, built to serve as a club if need be. There was enough light to move by with the overhead posts, but he felt like it was still too dark. He opened his mouth a moment to call out. There were other people here, right? He saw those kids on the video, but calling out to any of them might bring more of those monsters on him. No, this was not a night for heroics. Keep it calm, Harold, we can get out of here in one piece. He saw the aviary up ahead. That was a safe bet. The building was locked tight as a drum right after close, and he was one of the only people with a key to change that fact. Slip through there, duck out the back entrance, sweet freedom.

He heard a rattling howl echo across the zoo from across the way. He couldn’t tell how far away it was, or what it was. It sounded large, a wolf? Didn’t sound like the wolf howls he had heard before. Not important, just need to get out. He rushed for the large building and slammed against the door with his shoulder before his shaking hands remembered to fumble for the keys and wrestle the chain off the door, practically throwing it aside in his haste to slip into the humid heat of the aviary. The door slammed shut behind him as he leaned back on it and let out a slow, wavering sigh. He was safe here. No one could get in. Except another guard, and they were all... well, whatever huge snake things do to guards? He shuddered at the thought. He was paid to keep humans out of the zoo after hours, and to keep them behaving during hours, not fight off the animals.

Soft warbles and coos began to reach his ear as the thumping of his heart died down to a low roar. The birds were awake, his slam probably caused that. He started to walk deeper into the building, looking left and right nervously as he went. He kind of liked the birds. They were free of the ground, pretty things. Most of them were a little delicate, but don’t tell that to a candor or an eagle or something, they’ll eat your eyes out of your head if you piss them off, he could respect that. Better than a snake any day. As if on queue, a large vulture cawed down at him from its perch, eyeing the intruding human as he walked past, paying it as little attention as his rattled senses allowed.

He emerged from the narrow corridor of exhibits out onto the flat open exhibition area. Bird shows were put on here, to the delight of children and their adult companions. He began to descend the steps/chairs towards the bottom, where some doors would lead him closer to safety, but something darted across his vision half way down. He paused cold, and slowly looked around, there it was again, flitting so quickly. He narrowed his eyes and focused on where it had went and it circled back, buzzing straight at him. He backpedaled and tripped over a bench, arms windmilling before he collapsed against it, bonking his head against the hard wood.

As his vision swam, the small shape fluttered in front of him. A hummingbird? Its bright blue wings were a buzz of motion as it tilted its head at him one way, then the other, as if studying him. Well, as birds went, hummingbirds were up there for harmless. He laughed, the tone a little more hysterical than he would have wanted. As he pushed himself back to an upright position, the bird hovered backwards, agile in its motions. As soon as he was propped up it darted up and brushed his cheek with a wing before darting off. That tickled. That was also more than a little odd. Those little things don’t usually get friendly. His face still tickled after it had darted away and he rubbed the spot lightly with the back of his hand. The skin there was itching lightly and he grunted as he pushed up to his feet and looked around for the bird.

“Did you escape your cage?” he asked, not expecting much answer, “I’d take you back but I’m not one of the caretakers, probably break you in half trying to capture you.” The bird zipped back sharply and landed right on his head, hankering down like a bird taking nest in his sloppy brown hair. The ticklish feeling became more intense and he scratched at his cheek just before the sensation changed abruptly. He felt his skin crawl and his fingers brushed against suddenly expanding feathers. He yelped in surprise and jumped. The bird took offense to this and was airborne immediately, fluttering easily away as the panicked human clawed at his face and went running down the stairs in a great hurry, stumbling over the last set of benches and half crashing through the doors into the lower tunnels of the building.

There were great panes of glass here, for looking through into some of the cages. He stopped in front of one and gaped. His right cheek was covered in feathers. Odd, black, shiny feathers that were spreading at a worrying rate across his face. He grabbed a handful in a hand and, without thinking it too far, yanked. Pain exploded as the plumage tore free, leaving his face reddened and bleeding lightly, but the feathers continued to spread, already starting to patch up the injured area as it claimed more of his smooth flesh for its own. He held up his hand, clutching the rubbery feeling feathers and droplets of blood. He gave a choked noise and threw his hand away, flinging the feathers to the ground. It was too late to save his contaminated hand, however, as it began to tickle and itch all at once, fingers growing scaly and darkening before his eyes.

“Oh Jesus, Mary, and anyone else, what the fuck is happening?” he sobbed out, brushing off his changing hand and pushing forward down the hallway. His shock had him bumping into the walls, unable to continue straight, then he heard it. The soft buzzing of the bird before it darted right in front of him, bobbing in place and regarding him, almost amused, he thought. Little bastard probably thinks this is hilarious! The bird rushed at him again,tickling at his ribs with its wings on its way past. “No!” he shouted, swatting at it, but missing by a wide margin. His side was tingling with a sensation he was now all too aware meant trouble. His clothing was no protection? What kind of thing was this? He looked down to see his shirt begin to puff up, feathers exploding across his torso inexorably as he stumbled forward. If he could just get to the next door, maybe he could lock the bird out.

He raced across, down the hallway as the door came up at him, freedom, safety, his last hopes were pegged on making that door before the bird made another dive bomb at him. As his hands closed on the handlebar, he could see his right hand had changed a lot, fingers now long and skeletal, pulling back as his arm was changing, feathers spreading wildly, forming what would probably be a wing in time. He cursed as he shoved the door open, making to slip in as quickly as he could and get that door closed. It was much to his surprise that he ran right into another bird. Many more. The cloud of hummingbirds hovered there past the door, staring at him as he stared at them. A soft sound came from them. Were they giggling?

They were upon him from all directions, buffeting, pecking, many just perching on him, mocking even the idea that he could meaningfully struggle against them. He fell to the ground, dizzy with the pain and discomfort of the rapid changes overwhelming his form, coated in black feathers all over, skeleton shifting in loud, uncomfortable, snaps and pulls. His clothing tore free as his body shifted to a layout the tailor never had in mind when it was designed. His chest began to push forward oddly and he looked down with one squinted eye. Breasts? That was odd. When did birds have breasts? When did HE have breasts? Some of the birds hopped down between his legs and began to tickle over his limp member quite pointedly. It firmed and became swollen despite his objections. Every time he tried to swat them away, they just pecked and brushed his hand, accelerating the changes as his wings began to come in fully. They would be handsome wings, if they weren’t his, like some kind of crazy rubber chicken.

He rolled onto his back, panting for breath as the birds teased at him relentlessly. His shaft throbbed in the air, coaxed and encouraged with a thousand little beats of ticklish wings and tiny little tongues. Despite himself, he could feel the familiar tension of rising pleasure and the tautness of his balls as he was escorted forcefully towards climax. His soft moan sounded too female too his ears as the feathers swept up along his neck, now slender, to meet with the feathers already on his cheeks. His face pushed forward as he began to look much like the hummingbirds around him, just... larger, much larger, and he had hands, and breasts. None of the little things he could see had any of that, not that they seemed to mind.

With a sudden tension, his body lifted from the ground, back arched as white splashes of seed sprayed across his belly, splattering after arching through the air in heavy blasts. He never remembered cumming for so long before, but it seemed to just go on and on, his balls shrinking as if he were pumping them out, then his shaft finally went limp, slowly withdrawing into him. The birds were on him again, fanning the spent member as it sunk fully within... her, forming rubbery black vulva and leaving no trace of her former male state behind. She felt the pain ebbing away from her changed form, and felt strange new urges. She rolled up onto her new talons and flapped her wing-arms experimentally. She’d never be as graceful as her little cousins, but she would manage. One fluttered up to her face and she could understand it on some deep level. “Yes,” she said, “There is much to be done.” She could remember her time as Harold, the male guard, it just didn’t seem as important anymore. Her new family needed her.

Elsewhere, Peter rushed with tears streaming down his chubby cheeks. What were those.. things? They looked like people. They had clothes on even, well, what was left of clothes, and they were just, fucking. That was weird, too weird. There was nothing in the zoo that should have looked like that, and he was certain the kids were supposed to be there, not crazy monsters. He wanted to get out with company, now he was just running on his own. He began to slow, his legs aching powerfully. That had been the most running he’d gotten in over six months, and his overweight body was protesting loudly. As he slowed, something suddenly grabbed him from behind.

Something hard jutted hard into his lower back as something warm and soft pressed into his upper. “Hello there,” whispered a purr of a voice. He screamed incoherently, jerking forward and looking back to see a huge reptilian... thing, reaching for him with clawed hands, cock bouncing, breasts jiggling, “Come play with mommy, I’ll show you such things,” promised the monster as it stepped for him, inviting terrible things. He shuddered with revulsion even as he forced his sore legs into motion. The reptile was after him without delay. He could hear her claws tapping on the cobble stones under him, keeping up with him. God, weren’t gators supposed to be slow out of water? Weren’t gators supposed to be basically neuter? None of the ones he ever saw looked like that!

The spot that had pressed on his lower back was wet, and his spine was tingling even as he ran. He heard a sudden tear, and looked back to see the gator thing still rushing for him with snapping jaws, but even more worryingly, somehow, was a thick tail extending behind him, growing more and more scaled and muscular by the moment. God, he was becoming another one! He ducked a hard right and scrambled, almost falling over, on all fours for a moment before he could push back to his feet and run crying into the aquatic section of the park, trying to get to the exit he knew wasn’t terribly far away, he thought?Maybe? It was all becoming confusing in his terror and with that damned monster chasing after him.

Suddenly he felt his left hand get grabbed. She yanked him back, crushing his face into her breasts. They were so soft, and warm! He almost wanted to stay there, then cold realization flooded through his system and he pushed away, squirming against her as she wrestled with him, trying to hold him down, “Stop squirming,” she giggled, “It will feel so good, you’ll wonder why you even considered trying to get away,” she insisted. He wrenched as hard as he could, and was free, and falling, bouncing against the low railing beside an exhibit before topping over and splashing into the chill waters beyond.

He flailed in the cold water, thoughts filled with fleeting images of that reptile just leaping in after him, grabbing him, doing... mmm... Would it be that bad? Yes! Two parts of his mind warred even as he struggled for the surface. His already infected body was gently urging him to surrender, but he wasn’t having it, trying to keep his wits around himself. The gator was at the edge of the pool, but wasn’t entering. She was stroking herself, and staring at him, licking her lips. Why didn’t she just jump in and finish him off? Should he complain? That cock looked big enough to split him in half...

He turned away from the disturbing image and paddled towards the far end, gasping for air. His entire body was burning with effort, and his limbs began to go numb from the abuse. The water was rising, no, he was sinking, unable to swim further. Just as his head went under, a large shape came up from beneath and nudged him back into the air. He took a ragged breath of air and began to just pant, unable to focus on anything else but breathing and waiting for his body to recover.

As adrenaline slowly leaked out of his system and the fiery pain lowered to soft stabs, he noticed that hands were slowly rubbing his belly, and that he was on his back. He took stock of the situation and saw that he was laying on the belly of a huge creature in the water. Its colors? They were hard to see in the dark, but... A killer whale? What else was black and white in these pools? It was rubbing him with hands he was certain whales did not have normally. “You’re safe,” came a voice from beneath him.

He went rigid with fear, whimpering softly. What could he do? Making another dash would probably get him drowned. “Are you going to rape me?”

“No. No, of course not,” insisted the orca, “When we’re done, you’ll be begging.” He shuddered at the odd threat, reconsidering escaping when those great, surprisingly agile, hands began to tear the clothing free of his fat form. His gator tail slapped against the orca’s side and the great creature laughed, “Did sister get a hold of you?” it asked, then grabbed at that new tail, tugging as it began to grow warm and itchy. He squirmed as it began to expand and thicken, becoming a great weight on his back side, more massive with every heartbeat and becoming black as well, a great fin, more suited to a killer whale than a gator’s tail.

“I’m going to be an orca?” he asked with a soft mew of a voice.

“A fine one,” assured the floating pillow, “Doesn’t that sound good?”

It did, it really did, but... “I have a wife, kids,” objected Peter, “Please, let me go, please?”

The orca sighed in a burbling fashion beneath him, “If I let you go, the alligator would be on you before you made it five steps from the tank. She won’t be gentle, and you will forget how to be gentle afterwards,” he warned.

He put a hand to his head, though the hand was becoming slick, and the fingers were swelling, skin turning black and white slowly before his eyes, “God damn it all, that’s not much a choice. Go and get raped, or stay and...”

“Sorry,” said the orca, though it didn’t sound very sorry about it. “Enough of that.” He rolled over then, and Peter was plunged into the cold, dark, waters. He could feel the orca rubbing against his back. Breasts, was the orca a she? He was rolled over in that dark tumult and held close to the creature’s increasingly female shape, grinding insistently. He could feel his shaft swell and gorge with blood, running against the orca’s smooth warm skin. The orca pushed him lower along her body and he felt a huge hard member slide up along his leg to rest alongside his own shaft. She was male too? Like the gator, he figured.

He didn’t want to be raped, even if rubbing against this great creature was becoming more and more pleasant, and he tried to break away, but she had him firmly in her hands. He swatted at them and could see his own arms had become swollen with power and muscle, his torso losing fat in favor of a barrel filled with potent musculature. The fat that had hung hindering before now reformed into a layer of insulating protection. The water didn’t feel cold anymore. His shaft ached, blood rushing to it as it pushed higher and higher, longer. He remembered something,but then it fled his somewhat occupied mind.

The warmth of change centered on his chest as it began to swell dramatically, like an air pump had gotten attached on the wrong end, he gasped in the water, gulping down some of it in the act, stunned as he grew so quickly. He was already a B cup as a man, to his chagrin, now he was approaching G territory, but they felt firm, round, and buoyant. The orca above him grabbed at him, rubbing at his chest and sending powerful waves of new pleasure through his body. His cock brushed up along the underside of those breasts, now about two feet long, narrow, and even flexible, as sea mammal males tend to be, not that he was entirely certain how to take advantage of it.

His lover did not have this disadvantage, and he felt a heavy object exploring him between the legs a moment before pushing up into his trembling form. His legs clenched as if to resist, but it did little to prevent his female virginity from being taken in a smooth thrust. The whale rolled, holding him... her? He wasn’t sure, but he was up in the air again, panting loudly as the whale under her rocked up into her, fucking her, making her moan like a whore as her body surrendered fully to the infection. A gout of cool water exploded from her back as she expelled some of the water she had swallowed moments ago, and a squawk from the shore proved it had struck the still lurking gator. Good, let her get wet and cold for chasing me around.

Her attention slid back to her lover as she felt her tunnel tighten and flex about the member inside of her, then it exploded, filling her womb with heat. She threw her swelling head back as fins emerged, groaning with satisfaction, shuddering as she became complete. Her old wife would have to adjust, or, perhaps, she might enjoy a trip to the pool.


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I was searching for this story,


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Mr damn wrote:

I was searching for this story,

I figured that the case with a lot of people.

I'm not generally in the habit of saving stories. I just happened to have this one since I liked it so much. That's why sites like this one are so important to preserve them.