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Re: Christy & The Transformation Gun - by caraleribbor & Zargodia

Transformation Gun

An ad for a Transformation Gun was in the paper a while ago. Here's what it said:

Transformation Gun

Fool Your Friends and Family!

Change Your Life For the Better!

(It shows a picture of a toy-like ray gun. It has a monitor on the back for displaying changes, and a button on the side} The Transformation Gun contains many features, including:


Change your sex! Tired of having a dick? Want one inside you instead? Try this mode!


Unleash your wild side! Fall in love with your pet dog! Do more with your pet dog. This mode comes in anthro only.


Tired of being the worst student in your class? One zap from this mode, and you'll be a regular Einstein in seconds. You can use it on people you don't like, too.


Relive your youth! Get old enough to drive and drink! Turn your enemies into babies!


Want to be a muscle man? Maybe a muscle woman? Use this! You won't get sued for this, like steroids.

Patented "Reality Check" Technology

With this you can choose to have everyone believe that a change has taken place, or have a select few know what's going on.

Revert Button

Got yourself into some trouble with the gun? Want to turn back to normal? Just push the button on the side and everything will go back to the way it was (Not the same as time travel).

Someone found this ad and ordered this gun. The only question is... who?


Re: Christy & The Transformation Gun - by caraleribbor & Zargodia

Christy gets the TF gun

Christy, head of her school's cheerleading team, was walking home from school. She was one of the most popular girls in school; She wasn't extremely smart, but she was popular and beautiful. She reached home, and ran up to her room. It was Friday, but no one was throwing any parties or anything, so she just decided to stay home. "Finally, school's done for the week.", Christy yawned. She dropped her stuff, turned on the TV, and dropped onto her bed, picking up a fashion magazine in the progress. "Ooh, that dress looks kinda cute..."

After about 15 minutes, Christy noticed something below her desk. It was a box, tied with a red ribbon; No doubt that it was from an admirer of hers. Smiling, she started untying the ribbon. What could it be? Candy? Flowers? She opened the box, and it was... a toy gun. "What the hell is this?" Christy held the gun in her hand. It looked like some kid's toy, or something out of a lame sci-fi film. It had a small monitor on the back. "Ugh, who gave me this?" There was no label on the box, no card inside. She found what looked like an instruction booklet. "What? 'Transformation Gun'..." Christy stared, and then laughed a little. "Haha! Whatever. This is probably just some lame prank by some nerd from school." She put everything back in the box, and kicked it into the corner of her room.

Continuing her reading, she couldn't help glancing at the box. How could anyone have gotten that into her room? Her dad was protective, and wouldn't let guys near her front door, let alone her bedroom. She stood up. "Hmm... What if it is real? ...Whatever. It's probably just a crappy toy." She quickly grabbed the gun and instructions out of the box. She skimmed the booklet, then tried turning the gun on. "What the-?" The screen turned on, showing a 3D model of Christy herself. "Okay... This is freaky..." She started looking at the features. "Hmm... Nothing really to improve on. I'm just too perfect!" But Christy continued to mess with the settings...

*Christy gives herself a dick


Re: Christy & The Transformation Gun - by caraleribbor & Zargodia

Christy stared at the screen and thought hard. She felt happy with her body, so what could she change to test out this transformation gun? Her luxuriously long hair would look fit on a model, and her face was the epitome of high school feminine beauty. She knew that her c-cup breasts were big enough to attract attention, but not enough to distract people from her face. She had a nice ass that could be squeezed, and with a toned thin waist, she had a figure that other high school girls would envy.

Thinking hard, her eyes made their way down her body settling on her groin area. Perhaps she could change her vagina, maybe make it more muscular, hummmm….

“Ah ha!”, Christy said as an idea popped into her head, “Why not give myself a penis?”

Yes it was a radical change, but Christy always wondered how come boys always think with their dicks. She wanted to feel what men felt, this was because she had the best that womanhood had to offer so why not explore the unknown. Christy rationalized that she could always use the gun again to remove unwanted changes, so she made up her mind. She set the gun to give her men’s precious parts.

Pointing the gun towards her pussy, she pulled the trigger. Immediately she felt her insides shift and move with a growing heat. As the warmth grew hotter, her clitoris engorged itself with blood and thickened. Her vagina lips fused together like welding two pieces of metal. With Christy lower opening shut, her gonads descended, pushing out a ball sack. All the while, her clit had fattened into a foreskinned cock just shy of 6 inches long. The addition of male genitalia bulged her tight low rise skinny jeans forming a nice round curve of fabric where her pussy used to be.

The transformation happened very fast, but to Christy it felt much longer. The heat stayed with her as the change finished, keeping her new cock erect with boiling blood. She could feel her new testicles churning with the creation of fresh seed. The sensation of lust was totally different now. It was as if she was possessed by a spirit of want. Christy’s mind was overtaken with carnality and fantasy, which never happened to her before as she always had control over her mind during sexy times. All she could think about was how to use her new dick, and all she could feel was the restraining pressure of her tight pants on her cock.

Christy’s nipples were also erect under her short crop top. Now she knew what having dick and balls was like. It was mind warping to her. Having cock and balls was to be totally enslaved to your lust when aroused. Before when she was horny she could think like a human, but now she had a one track mind to fuck. She needed to plug up a hole with her new prick.

Unzipping her low rise skinny jeans, Christy freed her package. Her balls stretched out her panties obscenely, while her erect dick towered over the top. Using one hand, she grabbed her cock, releasing a wave of chemical signals to her brain telling her to do it. She stroked down pulling her foreskin down as well freeing her penis’s sensative head to the cool air. She was steel hard now and her cock was full of boiling blood. Christy could see heat waves radiating away from her male endowment. She slowly grabbed the tip of her rocket, and moaned as she felt a familiar pleasure. The tip of her cock was like her old clit but a lot bigger and more sensitive as a result. With a pump of her hand, her dick released a stream of clear fluids making her strokes easier and faster.

She used her other hand to grope her hard nipples under her crop top. With both hands doing their best to pleasure Christy, she was pushed to the brink of orgasm in a short manner. Her balls tensed up and her eyes lit up as the unknown male orgasm started it’s magic. A pressure made its way from her groin to her oversexed penis. Her whole body tensed and then a quick last fap released the flood gates.

Fresh white cum spilled out of her cock in glorious arcs. Rapid pleasurable convulsions in her groin area delivered sperm and fluids to her cock in an unending fashion, keeping the cum arc one long string. Since the whole orgasm was new to Christy, her mind was hit hard and her body froze, her only option was to enjoy the orgasm.

At long last the cumming stopped and Christy let out a long breath of satisfaction. Her legs gave away as she fell backward onto her bed.

“Uh oh,” she said as she felt something hard under her. Reaching around she removed the discomforting object revealing its identity as the transformation gun. As post orgasm clarity hit her fear did as well. Did the gun shoot her by accident when she laid on it?

*Christy was hit by the transformation gun


Re: Christy & The Transformation Gun - by caraleribbor & Zargodia

Christy gets double dicks

“Damn it,” Christy said in fear as she was sure she triggered the gun. The only question now was what transformation was it set to? Quickly looking at the screen of the gun, Christy saw that the settings were the same as before. She let out a sigh of relief. She hoped that since it was the same dick transformation nothing would happen.

But just as she finished her thought, the same heat of transformation hit her again in her groin. A cock quickly grew next to her first cock, while two new testicles joined the first pair in her now over stuffed ball sack. Christ was rock hard again, but now she had two steel hard towers. The mind crushing lust tore into her head at a rapid pace.

This time Christy immediately started to masturbate, with both hands gripping a schlong she jerked off, moving her hands up and down in a flurry. Precum wetted her dicks like a fountain squirting water, allowing Christy to jerk at superhuman speed. Christy’s mind was forced on autopilot, she was compelled to obey the will of her body. The body wanted pleasure, and she bended to its will, such was the corrupting power of two pairs of genitalia.

Fortunately, she was still new to the powers of dick. She had not master the art of holding back like the men of her age have. Yes, she was still a quick shooter, one of the quickest in the west. With a last fap of her hands, the trigger in her core was pulled as her mind went nuclear. Double orgasms, imagine that, double orgasms, that’s two mind breaking reactions happening at the same time.

White liquids of human origin painted the air, like snowfall in the mountains. Duo jets of yogurt helixed in the air before reaching their apex and succumbing to gravity once more. Cum of white graced every surface near Christy, including Christy herself. Such volume of cum could only be attributed to having twice the organs of male reproduction.

Spurts of goo continued for a little while more until Christy’s reservoir of cum ran out. Happy and exhausted once again, Christy’s twin cocks grew flaccid.

Enjoying the afterglow, Christy laid back on her bed. She felt so drained, but also strangely fulfilled. She lazily grabbed the transformation gun and set it to give her back her vagina. With a point at her groin she pulled the trigger, and voila, she got her pussy back.

Of course the transformation was lust inducing, as evident by the heat rekindled in her groin, and by the wetness her vagina exuded. It was the same intense lust as the dick transformations, but this time she kept her head. She did not rush to bring herself to orgasm like before, no, she slowly fingered herself as she thought of her next course of action.

*Christy looks for someone to play around with


Re: Christy & The Transformation Gun - by caraleribbor & Zargodia

Christy takes revenge on unsuspecting prey

Being the head cheerleader meant that she had a lot of enemies, but Christy wasn’t scared about all that, she was a party girl who lived in the moment. Now that she had the magical gun, she could have fun by transforming people. Whether to get revenge on those who wronged her or just change people for the heck of it, Christy was very excited at the possibilities.

Fingering her vagina, Christy looked out of her window and saw a boy and girl walking down the street. It was Tina, the smart ass, and her boyfriend Fredrick. Tina used to be her friend until they loved the same boy, Fredrick. Afraid of losing Fredrick to Christy’s unmatched beauty, Tina spread lies and slander about her which got to Fredrick. Those lies didn’t last long in the minds of the masses, but they did enough to convince Fredrick to date Tina instead of Christy.

“Yup, sweet hot revenge time,” Christy sultry said in amusement.

Setting the gun to her devious wants, the head cheerleader aimed at the couple, and pulled the trigger.

Tina was pretty in a normal way, below average breasts on the large sides of a-cups, a decent butt, and short brown hair. But her selling point was her cute smile, that could charm even the most hardened of souls. In contrast to Tina’s diamond smile, her boyfriend was top grade material comparable to Alexandrite gems. Fredrick was 6 feet tall with nice muscles from long hours at the gym. He had a defined jawline which drew the eyes up his face to his deep green eyes.

Tina was super overjoyed to have Fredrick as her boyfriend. He was kind and did cute things like surprise flowers, or fancy restaurant dinner dates. In bed he would hug her securely, like she was the world to him. His sex techniques weren’t the best with his above average 8 inch dong, but he was willing to improve. Slowly researching and learning to better improve his sexual techniques on his own time on the internet. But of course, he still needed real practice and that’s what they were going to do right now.

“So your parents are really not home?” The handsome man of a boy asked.

“Yup, they’ll be gone for a whole two days for their anniversary, so the house will just be ours,” Tina said with a smile and a wink.

“Cool, very cool,” Fredrick said as he looked lovingly into her eyes.

The sun was nearly setting, and the edges of the sky were turning purple as the couple stared into each other’s windows to the soul. The moment was so passionate, it would be sickening for anyone watching them.

“Oh shit,” Fredrick said as he glanced down at his crotch,”Looks like we should get going.” Fredrick was erect, his length bulged his pants to its limits.

“Wow,” Tina giggled,”let’s go!”

Before the two could leave Fredrick let out a pitiful groan as he held his hands over his groin.

“What’s wrong?!” Tina asked with a surprised face.

She got her answer when the sounds of fabric tearing emanated from Fredrick's genital areas. Emerging from his pant’s ruined cloth like a mighty tree growing from soil, a mass of pink shot out and up, mighty and regal. It was his penis, but it was not. His penis was now of the fake kind, that is to say, a dildo. It was a bright hot pink 8 inch shaft of silicone, cursed to be permanently erect, but to never know relief.

“Fredrick, you’ll be fine, right?” Tina asked warily as she saw the maddening lust overtake his handsome face.

“Tina, run!” Fredrick whispered as he reached out to grab her.

Tina tried to run but Fredrick’s long reach and muscled arms caught her with ease.
With speed unmatched, Fredrick inserted his dildo dick into her snatch, and just like that they were attached. It happened so fast that Tina couldn’t even scream, she had only let out a yelp as his shaft tore through her panties and lower wear, penetrating deep into her vagina.

Like a rutting animal, Fredrick mindlessly pulled out and in of her muff. Tina was beyond scared, trapped in his embrace, and forced upon. She didn’t know what was going on, and his large dong hurt her insides, all technique and skill forgotten as he pounded for a release to never come. Tina could feel his balls hit her, as if they were rampaging to release their burdened load. Alas it was not to be, for Fredrick only felt the heat of lust due to the trigger to orgasm missing because of his holeless penis.

Tina on the other hand was forced to orgasm against her will. Her pussy squirting a waterfall around her boyfriend’s pink toy of a penis. He just continued to ram it in and out of her slot, never to hit the jackpot. Tina’s pitiful moans rang out, as she endured a continuous orgasm, as the twilight faded into night.

Christy watched the whole thing with fulfillment as she masturbated. She then experienced her own orgasm fueled by the sweet revenge she extracted on Tina. After she composed herself, she went outside and shot the mind broken couple with the transformation gun. In seconds the boy had become nothing but a pink dildo, and the girl well, Tina was turned into a sex sleeve, a pocket pussy to complement her boytoy. Christy took them back into her room quickly to avoid the people who were definitely going to search for the moaning noises Tina had produced. Safe inside her room, Christy placed both persons turned sextoys onto her drawer, with Fredrick inserted inside Tina of course. Christy didn’t want to ruin their fun after all. It was night time now and Christy wondered what to do next.

*Christy changes people at her school


Re: Christy & The Transformation Gun - by caraleribbor & Zargodia

Christy gives Ella some courage

Now toy guns weren’t allowed at school for obvious reasons, but Christy absolutely had to bring the transformation gun with her. The possibility for fun and control was almost limitless. The only rule was to not let anyone know of the gun, much less let it be stolen.

It was throughout the school day though that Christy noticed a problem. Christy was too popular! At all points of time in the school day she was surrounded by people: friends, followers, and enemies. The normal masses of students always looked at her as well, so there wasn’t a perfect time to use the gun, that is until Christy went to the restroom.

Christy had just relieved herself and was washing her hands when a small petite girl entered the restroom. She was dressed in a gray hoodie and sweatpants, definitely going for that urban invisible look, or she had no fashion sense. She also had large nerd glasses and messy black hair. This girl avoided noticing Christy and entered a stall.

It was a shame, Christy thought, the girl had a cute face and deep gray eyes, if only she freshen up and had a better fashion sense she would be a pretty cute school girl. Then the pieces clicked into place for Christy, a social outcast was with her in the restroom, ALONE! It was the absolute perfect time to mess around with her magic gun.

Christy sneaked into the stall next to the girl. She readied her gun and did a quick snipe shot under the stall wall.

Ella sat on the toilet seat with her head in her hands, completely missing the flash of the gun under the stall. Ella sighed, why was she hiding in the restroom? She should be doing something to change her situation, make some friends or something. Why the hell did her parents have to move here? She had a perfectly good life and friends back in the city. Stupid parents wanting a house in the rural suburbs. The kids here already had their cliques. Just stay calm, lunch was almost over and another day of fuckery freetime would be over.

There was a striking pressure and burning heat in her chest. “Oh shit, heart attack?! Heartburn?!” Ella clutched her flat chest in worry. It was a pressure, a feeling of build up before something big, and it scared Ella. Her nipples were unnaturally hard and were poking into her hands, and the sensations, felt, good, very good. Without conscious thought her hands started to rub and play with her erect nipples through her shirt. Her hard nips pierced through the sweatshirt and her trainee bra with no problem.

Ella couldn’t believe it she was hot and horny, playing with her nipples when she had some kind of fever or illness. She struggled to keep quiet but little ohs and ahs escaped her mouth sexually. The more Ella fondled her nipples the more the pressure grew. Her heart was pounding and her breaths deep. She knew she should stop and get medical help, but she couldn’t stop her hands from toying with her burning tits. Oh no, oh yes, Ella felt it, the climax was near.

That was all she could think of before her mind was racked with the explosive waves of orgasm. In tandem with the waves her boobs surged forwards expanding and growing in violent fashion. Her bra snapped and her arms were thrown off, as her breasts filled out her small sweatshirt like it was a bra, revealing her stomach and midriff. Her stifled moans were unleashed in an obscene yell. Her panties and pants were soaked in her pussy juices as she rode out her breast orgasm.

As the orgasm died down, Ella looked down in utter awe at her massive tits. They were perky, even without a bra, and their tips were about a foot away from her chest. A flash of movement from under the neighboring stall made Ella notice that she wasn’t alone in the restroom. Oh shit, did the girl hear her moans.

“I’ve got to get out of here,” Ella stood up from the toilet seat ready to skip class and run home, when she was hit with the same lustful pressure and heat in her groin,”No, not again.”

Bada bing bada boom, hit it with that move. Turn up the music and throw down the beat, because this girl’s gonna grow some meat.

Anyway, the slab of majestic man meat snuggled up in Ella’s wet panties once it shot out of her groin with orgasmic force. In fact she was already orgasming due to the transformative sensations flowing across new sensitive penis nerves. The pulsing in her groin helped with the formation of her big balls. Those balls popped out of her pelvic area and expanded with seed, bulging her panties and giving Ella a wedgie. Ella now had a 4 inch penis and fat spunking balls replacing her female anatomy, but she didn’t know it yet.

Ella’s mind went blank with one of the strongest orgasms in her life. With her balls formed, ejaculation could now free her new swimmers. Her life giving goo forced its way up her tubes, through her prostate, and out of her hard cock. Globs of white cum splattered inside her sweatpants, soiling the already wet cloth. She had just jizzed in her pants. Ella’s overworked mind couldn’t take it anymore and clocked out, letting her body sink to the restroom floor.

Christy peeked under the stall and smiled. She saw the loner girl laying back down on the floor, eyes closed. The small girl’’s balls tented her jizz soaked sweatpants, each testicle was the size of a large strawberry. Her huge boobs also look incredibly firm yet squishable and jiggly. Yup Christy, felt elated. She had given the small girl new assets to flaunt. With big breasts on a small frame this girl looked hot even with her messy appearance. Christy even gave her the balls to boost her confidence. The blonde cheerleader hoped that with both transformations, this loner girl would be braver and have fun in school.

With a satisfied nod, Christy left the restroom to go to class. She was looking forward to cheer practice this afternoon.

*Ella holds Christy


Re: Christy & The Transformation Gun - by caraleribbor & Zargodia

Ella demands explanations

Christy didn't have time to walk long before she was suddenly pulled back and taken back to the bathroom. She looked to see who it was and saw Ella looking at her with a very serious look.

"I don't know who you are or how you did it, but I'm sure you are responsible for what happened to me." Ella said

"I do not know what you're talking about." Christy said pretending not to know anything

"Do not lie to me. I saw the flash that came under the bathroom wall and soon after this thing grew on me." Ella said and lowered her pants and panties to show her new dick and continued "Then I saw you coming out of the bathroom and there was no one here but us. I don't know how you did it, but I demand an explanation right now."

Realizing there was nothing he could do to escape Christy took the gun and said "I used this weapon that I bought a short time ago, it is able to transform whoever is hit by it. I thought I could make you braver if I gave you balls and I enlarged your breasts so that you could still see yourself as a girl."

Ella found it hard to believe, but based on what happened she was forced to believe. Then she took the gun out of Christy's hand with a quick movement and started examining it. After looking a little Ella said "I think I understand how it works, but you should know when you do something you have to do the full service." and then aimed the gun at herself and fired. The effect was immediate and Ella's new dick and balls doubled in size.

"If you just wanted a bigger dick it was just asking, you didn't have to steal the gun from me." Christy said

"I'm not done yet, you'll have to pay for changing me out of nowhere." Ella said and pointed the gun at Christy, firing immediately

Christy felt her face heat up and tried to say something, but she couldn't. She looked quickly at the mirror in time to see her mouth and nose disappear completely and a vagina appear in its place. She took her hands to her new vagina and put a few fingers inside. To her surprise, she still had her tongue and confirmed by putting it out.

"It's time for you to pay." Ella said with her hard cock in hand, then she made Christy bend over and started to fuck the pussy on her face.

Christy was really enjoying having her new pussy fucked by Ella, so much so that she took one of her hands inside her pants and put her fingers inside her pussy underneath. She brought her other hand behind Ella and put a finger inside her ass, stimulating her prostate.

Ella liked it so much that she immediately came, an orgasm far more intense than what she had when she transformed before. Christy also came, marveling at orgasm through two pussies at once, one of which was on her face.

After their orgasms were over, Ella returned the gun to Christy saying "Thank you so much, I really needed this."

*Christy keeps her vagina on her face and leaves the bathroom alone


Re: Christy & The Transformation Gun - by caraleribbor & Zargodia

Christy gives oral to her cheerleader teammate

Christy’s face vagina felt wonderful, so she decided to keep it for the day. She had read about the gun’s perception altering abilities, but she hadn’t used them yet. Where was the fun if people didn’t react to their transformations? Nevertheless, she decided to use the gun to make her mouth vagina normal to other people, for obvious reasons. Christy giggled a moist giggle as she thought of people screaming in terror at the sight of her altered face. That was a fun thought, but it would cause too much chaos. All good things come in moderation after all.

A quick zap to her slobbering face hole and Christy was ready to go to class. She gurgled a goodbye to Ella, and left the shortstack dickgirl to masturbate her huge boobs and dick to her satisfaction.

Christy spent her afternoon classes as usual, with only minor distractions. She couldn’t resist using her tongue to stimulate her mouth pussy during the slower parts of her classes. Everybody treated her like normal, but when she orgasmed from her licks, everyone sneaked glances at her. When she asked a classmate why they looked at her they told her that she orgasmed harder than usual.

Then school was over and it was time for cheer practice. Christy took cheer practice very seriously, so she didn’t transform anyone in the team yet. It was a sunny day so Christy and the other 24 girls had to practice their stunts in the warm weather, making most of them very sweaty. After a grueling 3 hours of practice, the team returned to the locker room. All of the girls were tired out, but most of the girls got their stuff and left in a hurry, probably to return home to shower in private. There were only 4 brave girls left preparing to shower using the school’s old communal showers. It was the perfect time for Christy to strike.

Taking the gun out of her locker, she shot the closest member, a redhead named Alyssa. Alyssa was in the process of taking off her athletic briefs when she felt a stirring in her groin. Throwing the underwear into her locker, Alyssa lifted up her cheer skirt to see what was wrong with her crotch. What she found was an erected dick, about 5 inches long, begging for action. It was so hard that she could see the long veins on the cock pumping hot blood into it, making it wobble in want. There was no vagina under her dick, only a full ball sack that hung low due to her body heat.

“Ah damn, a hard on attack, sorry you had to see this Christy,” Alyssa spoke to Christy when she saw the blonde vagina mouth girl staring at her hard wiener. The red head continued to undress, holding her skyward penis to her body so that she could pull down her cheer skirt. Then she raised her top over her head flexing her defined abs and showing off her well formed breasts. Her sports bra was off moments later leaving the girl with a wang naked, sweat from the workout before gave Alyssa’s body a nice wet sheen, a very lewd look. With her hard on, and heavy breathing, it looked like she was ready for some relaxation.

“You look like you need some release,” Christy gurgle moaned from her mouth hole.

“Yeah it always gets like this after practice. It’s a pain because it can stay hard for hours. Makes wearing panties a bitch,” Alyssa complained to Christy.

“Cold showers, don’t work?”

“Nope, in fact it only makes me harder for some reason.”

“Well I think I can help with that,” Christy kneeled down looking lustfully into the redhead’s eyes.

“Really? Thanks Christy!” Alyssa stood hips forward, for Christy’s toying ease.

Christy, still in her sweaty cheer uniform, slowly stroked Alyssa’s member, drawing a bead of pre from the sexy redhead. She then licked at Alyssa’s dick head teasingly, before shoving her soaking vagina mouth forward to engulf the throbbing dick. Alyssa moaned approvingly as she also thrusted her hips forward in tandem with Christy’s head motion. Then they pulled back and slammed forward again in rhythm. Alyssa face fucked Christy’s vagina mouth with passion and Christy accepted it with glee, taking Alyssa's entire cock into her mouth opening. Christy’s vagina between her legs were soaking her cheer uniform with every feeling of Alyssa’s dick.

Alyssa placed her hands on Christy’s head and in one final thrust she held the blonde in place as she unloaded into the slobbering face pussy. Christy could feel Alyssa’s hanging balls on her chin pump strings of white goop to Alyssa’s raging cock then into her oral cavity. The whole eroticness of having an ignorant dick girl pumping her flesh sword into a vagina mouth made Christy orgasm, further wetting her uniform and the floor below her. Christy’s mouth squeezed Alyssa’s dick as her tongue went wild over the cock, sucking cum into her gullet.

With every drop spent, Alyssa pulled out and sat on the changing bench, legs weak from her glorious nut.

“That was the best blowjob I’ve ever had,” Alyssa tiredly closed her eyes and laid back, “You’re like the best teammate ever.”

“No problem,” Christy slurred as her tongue snaked out to lick the jizz leaking down her chin.

*Christy gives the other three cheerleaders dicks too


Re: Christy & The Transformation Gun - by caraleribbor & Zargodia

Christy has a group activity with showering cheerleaders

Christy stood up and went back to her locker to prepare the magical gun for her next victim. She then stripped naked and walked towards the showers. At this point the other 3 girls were already in the showers with the gun hidden in her towel.

The shower room was the super old type where there were just shower heads on all the walls with no dividers, so that everyone could see each other naked. The three cheerleaders were showering at different corners of the room, respecting each other’s space. With all of them looking different ways it was easy for Christy to zap each girl with her transformation gun.

She ran back to her locker to store the gun safely away, and returned to the shower room to gaze upon her work with satisfaction.

There was Madison, a senior cheerleader with long black hair, who had some of the biggest badonkadonks a school girl could have on the cheer team. She was a curvy one and now her lower body was of a stallion. She towered over the girls in the room and was now using three showers to wash her large body. A pink tube of flesh swayed up and down under her, no doubt filled with the lustful after effects of the transformation.

Kelsey was a junior who was thin and light weight making her one of the best girls for aerial stunts, she had shoulder length brown hair. Her change was evident with just a look between her legs. A small pecker stood erect over insanely massive balls. It made sense for the bravest girl to have the biggest balls. The testicles were two feet in diameter, or two feet tall. The male gonads hung heavily below Kelsey’s knees, and her legs looked defined like it took Kelsey great effort just to stand.

The last girl in the shower was Valerie, a blonde with red highlights, and she seemed unchanged at first glance. But when she soaped her body, Christy could see that she sported delicious seven inches cocks where her middle fingers used to be, and they were solid.

It was salivating when she rubbed her hands on her boobs and ass because when she did so, her cocks twitched and pulsated in want.

“Girls!” Christy called out, “Time for a group activity!”

The three showering cheerleaders looked at Christy then each other with questioning eyes.

“It’s a team building activity, where we get our rocks off,” Christy squelched with excitement to motivate the girls into action.

“I’m in,” Madison trotted over, her huge boobs and cock bouncing, “Can’t really get off by myself, so yeah.”

Kelsey also voiced her agreement, “Hell yeah, lay out the plan Boss, ‘cause I’m in!”

“I have a date,” Valerie stated sharply, “so can I skip?”

“Ok, you can skip, after you’ve shown me your fingering skills,” Christy’s pussies started to get wet.

“Fine,” Valerie walked behind Christy and squished her in a hug. Valerie then used her dick finger to unceremoniously fuck Christy’s leaking mouth. She used her other cock finger to fill Christy’s pussy, fucking it too.

“You’re such a mule driver, Captain,” Valerie whispered into Christy’s ear, “Holding me back just because you want a good fuck.” She pumped her penis fingers faster into Christy’s leaking cunts.

Kelsey and Madison were masturbating as they watched their captain get finger fucked. Keslsey slowly pumped her small penis with one hand, and rubbed her massive balls with the other. Madison shifted uncomfortably from one horse hoof to the other as her huge horse dong hung erect and unattended in the steamy air. She massaged her large bouncy badonkadonks as she waited for Valerie to finish with Christy.

Valerie’s whisperings and skillful dick fingering brought Christy to a body numbing orgasm as she climaxed from both pussies, squirting vagina juice out to the air. Christy shook in pleasure and the clenching of her holes made Valerie shoot her shots as well, filling the squirming cheer captain with sticky seed.

“Whew, that was nice Captain,” Valerie withdrew from Christy and blew a kiss before sauntering out of the shower room.

Christy stood there for a moment with cum dripping out of her vaginas in a dazed state.
A blast of cum from Kelsey brought her back to reality. She needed to start the group activity.

Kelsey has gotten so into masturbating that she started shooting her load at the time of Christy’s climax. Kelsey pumped out thick strings of jizz out of her peashooter like a living fountain, the flow ebbing and surging unpredictably. Christy waited for her to finish so that the threesome could begin, but after 3 minutes of nonstop jizzing Christy knew something was wrong.

“Uh, you ok Kelsey? You're squirting like a ton, is it always like this?” Christy asked.

“Huh, Boss? Oh yeah, I’m fine. It just takes forever, to empty my barrels. You should, oooh, start the group activity without me. Sorry about this Boss,” Kelsey went back to jerking off, continuing to shoot cum in the air.

Christy sighed with the size of Kelsey’s balls and small dickhole it’ll take hours for her to empty her balls. Christy’s plan of having a group sex session wasn’t going to happen today.

“Ok, it looks like it’s you and me, Madison.” Christy announced to the centaur.

“Finally, you don’t know how pent up I am,” Madison trotted in place with excitement.

Christy crouched down under Madison and stroked her hot smelly tube of horse meat. Christy ran her face vagina over the end, licking the hot dong and coating it in vagina mouth juice. It was huge, Madison’s horse cock was enormous, and one couldn’t comprehend what two feet of dick felt like until they licked it for themselves.

“Keep going, Chrissy. Oh yeah… you’re amazing! Your mouth is so much better than my pillow!” Madison shook in place, massaging her fat tits and enjoying Chisty’s oral vagina.

Christy really wanted to insert Madison’s cock into her achingly empty pussy, but the centaur’s horse cock was too big. Chrissy looked over towards Kelsey, to find that she was still busy clogging the drains with her unlimited cumfall. Shame, Kelsey had a small dick that could have filled her lower mouth.

“Whoa, damn! You bitches should have invited me!” another voice called out.

“Well? You’re here now, just join us!” Madison called out.

Before Christy could say anything she was in a reverse cowgirl position on top of Alyssa, the redhead she blew in the locker room.

“Your mouth was amazing,” Alyssa said positioning her hard penis to Christy’s vagina,” I wonder if your lower mouth is the same.” She thrusted her erect cock in Christy with vigor.

Christy moaned and drooled even more onto Madison’s animal dick. Then the room was filled with all kinds of kinky sounds such as the slapping of flesh on flesh, or the moaning of young women in erotic debauchery. The lewd music of sex mixed in with the pattering of warm water from the showers. The tiles of the room echoed every noise, amplifying the carnal chords, driving all the girls deeper into their frenzy of lust.

Then everything reached a crescendo when all climaxed at once in a beautiful painting of white. Madison hosed Christy in hot horse seed, fresh from her black equine balls. Alyssa infused Christy with her load of sperm. Christy orgasmed as cum covered her world, it dripped down her face, breasts, and hair, it was even inside of her. Kelsey, let's not forget about Kelsey, her streams of jizz absolutely covered the shower room’s floor. Kelsey also climaxed harder than she had throughout the ordeal, painting the ceiling white as well. To achieve this she had sat on her balls in time of the group orgasm.

Needless to say, the cheerleaders had a wonderful time in the shower room.

*Christy goes looking for her enemies for revenge


Re: Christy & The Transformation Gun - by caraleribbor & Zargodia

The great revenge

Christy then had an idea. She remembered Josh, her ex-boyfriend, and the humiliation she felt when she found out that he was cheating on her and not with any girl, but with Vicky, someone she believed to be her best friend. It had been months since then and she hadn't spoken to either of them since then, all Christy knew was that they were dating now. Christy knew where they used to go after school and decided to look for them.

After searching for the usual places, Christy found Josh and Vicky together hugging and kissing in a hidden corner of the square. Josh was a standing blond hair guy with a highly athletic body, which was no wonder since he was part of the school basketball team. Vicky already had long straight black hair and always wore clothes that accentuated her D-cup breasts and short skirts.

Christy hid in nearby bushes so that they wouldn't notice her presence, so she took the gun, programmed the desired transformation and shot Vicky. Neither of them had noticed anything until Vicky's head starts to shrink.

Christy kept herself from laughing at Vicky's desperation as her head dwindled more and more and Josh just stared at her in total fear until Vicky's head disappeared completely, leaving only an empty space between her shoulders.

Vicky's transformation was not yet over, as soon after something between her legs started to lift her skirt. As the thing grew, it slipped out of her panties and revealed itrself as a huge cock that was still growing. Vicky's new cock didn't stop growing until it was three feet long and as thick as a soda bottle, only then did the foreskin of her cock retract, revealing that Vicky's head was now on the tip of her cock.

"What's happening to me? Josh, please, you need to help me." Vicky said through desperation.

Josh didn't respond and tried to run, but Christy noticed and quickly shot him, who quickly stopped where he was. He looked down to see why he couldn't get his feet off the ground and couldn't believe it. His sneakers had been totally torn and his feet were rooted to the ground. Christy then just watched the two of them finish transforming.

The last part of Vicky's transformation was her pussy closing and flipping into a bag, where her new testicles came down, then her balls grew until each was the size of a car, which forced her to sit on her own balls without reaching the floor.

Meanwhile, Josh's legs have become a single wooden trunk and his arms have risen and become branches.After that, the rest of the body that had not been transformed into wood remained human and undressed since his clothes had been destroyed in the process of transformation, his dick decreased until it disappeared completely and a vagina appeared in its place, part of his bark came off, revealing more vaginas around his body, breasts grew in the chest him and only stopped when they were at least O-cup. Finally his face changed to a feminine appearance and his hair grew up to his back.

As she wanted everyone to realize that they had been transformed, Christy did not change the perception of reality, so she left without even revealing her presence to them.


Re: Christy & The Transformation Gun - by caraleribbor & Zargodia

After taking revenge on her ex-boyfriend and ex-best friend, Christy decided to randomly transform some people on the street, but when she tried to shoot the first person the gun failed. She looked at the gun's display where it was indicating that the power was insufficient and needed to be recharged. So she decided to return home, where she plugged the gun into her room socket.

It wasn't until the next day that the gun finally indicated that it was fully charged, so Christy picked it up and took it to school again.

The second class that morning was biology in which the teacher was Mrs. Miller, but Christy found Ms. Miller’s classes very boring and this was no different.

Christy had an idea that would make the class more interesting. She took advantage while Mrs. Miller was on her back writing on the board, took the gun and fired at her, she was good enough to make no one else notice the transformation and to treat what was about to happen as something perfectly normal.

Immediately after being hit by Mrs. Miller, she turned around, pulled out her chair and sat down. Then something grew in her belly, forming a huge bulge in her blouse, which she quickly raised to reveal the huge cow's udder that had grown in her, but these udder had four cocks instead of tits on it.

Ms. Miller's new cocks quickly went hard and she started to stroke them the best she could, which was difficult due to the distance her cocks had from each other.

Christy then got up and got up and went over to Mrs. Miller saying "Mrs. Miller, don't you mind if I help you?"

"Yes, I will not be able to continue teaching until I take care of my erections." Mrs. Miller said

Christy then bent down and with her vagina on her face she took care of her lower right cock while she caressed the left lower cock with her hand. Mrs. Miller stroked her upper two cocks herself.

At this time Christy looked at the rest of the class, to see how they reacted to the situation and saw that they either simply ignored and continued studying as if nothing else was going on, or watched them totally interested, some were even masturbating.

After a few minutes, Christe felt Mrs. Miller's udder expand a little and she said "I will come." and soon after she came. Christy swallowed all the cum that came out of the cock that was in her mouth-pussy, but the cum that came out of the other three cocks formed a puddle on the floor.

*Something totally unexpected happens


Re: Christy & The Transformation Gun - by caraleribbor & Zargodia

One more transformation gun

After Mrs. Miller came, there was no time for anything because the bell rang informing that the class was over.

"OK class, get your things and go to the next class. Don't worry about the mess in the classroom, I'll call the janitor to clean it myself." Mrs. Miller said

Christy was already going to the next class, which was History, but she knew that the teacher hadn't gone to work that day because something had happened to his daughter, which Christy knew very well what it was, the fact was that the history teacher was Vicky's father. Knowing that there would be no teacher for the next class, she and Christy decided she was going to skip class.

After everyone else was in their classrooms, Christy walked through the empty halls trying to decide what to do to pass the time when she suddenly felt pressure in her chest. She looked down and saw that her breasts had simply started to grow out of nowhere, stopping growing only when each breast was already the size of a basketball. After that, her nipples stretched and became extremely large.

Christy looked around and saw no one, so she ran to the nearest bathroom. After confirming that she was alone in the bathroom, she took off her shirt and dropped her smashed bra to the floor.

Christy examined her breasts and saw that her nipples were not simply bigger. They were now dicks, and they were hard.

"What happened? I didn't use the gun now. Is it with a defect and fired?" Christy said

"That's how you did it with me before, wasn't it? You hid and simply transformed me. Now we're even." someone said taking Christy by surprise

Christy looked at the entrance to the bathroom, where the voice had come from, and was surprised by a huge girl who entered the bathroom. The girl was at least 8 feet tall and had huge breasts, but they looked perfect on someone her size, but what stood out the most was the dick where her mouth should be, along with the balls hanging below it.

Crristy had a hard time recognizing the girl, but when she finally recognized her she said "Are you Ella?"

"It's me, I'm glad you remembered me." Ella said, although Christy didn’t imagine how she did it.

"But what happened to you? You have changed a lot since yesterday." Christy asked

"Did you like it?" Ella asked, making Christy watch her entirely.

Christy then realized that Ella was wearing yoga pants and, looking closer, she realized that now Ella had two cocks between her legs, one going down each leg of the pants and both bigger than the one she had when they last saw each other.

"I know you’re surprised, I didn’t believe it when I got it at home yesterday." Ella said and showed a transformation gun.

Chirsty checked her bag and confirmed that her gun was still there.

"Do you mean it was you who changed yourself so much? And did you do that to my breasts?" Christy asked

"That's right. After you left the bathroom I was jealous that you had this gun, I was very happy to receive one too and I got the most out of it." Ella said

"But how can you talk to this cock in your face?"Christy asked

"I can only speak because I did this." Ella said and then took off her shirt, exposing her huge breasts and allowing Christy to see that her nipples were gone. instead she had a vagina on her right breast and her mouth on her left breast. "And that's not all, I also changed the physiological functions of my body so that I don't have to shit ever again, everything that I eat is digested, becomes cum and is distributed between the sacs between my legs and on my chin." she completed

Christy was too interested in the new Ella, so much so that both her pussies got wet and her dicknipples were already releasing precum.

"I'm not done with your transformation yet, here are the finishing touches." Ella said and shot Christy with her transformation gun.

Quickly Christy started to change more, she grew up to be as big as she was, her clothes didn’t resist her size and ripped completely, falling to the floor and leaving her completely naked. She felt that the space between her legs was also different and when looking she saw that she now had two vaginas between her legs.

After that, Christy looked back at Ella, who was taking off her yoga pants and already had all her dicks hard. The dick in her face must have been at least 8 inches, but it was still small compared to the monsters between her legs that were 14 inches each.

"Now it's time for fun." Christy and Ella said at the same time, and immediately started having sex. Ella managed to put the two cocks between her entire legs inside the pair of pussies between Christy's legs and, in a kind of kiss, put her facedick in Christy's mouth-pussy. In return, Christy fucked Ella's mouth and pussy-nipples with her dicknipples.

Then they lay down on the floor and continued until they came almost simultaneously. Christy could feel very well Ella's cum that filled her all over her pussies, meanwhile she delighted in feeling the cum coming out of her breasts and into Ella's breasts.

After the orgasms were over, Christy and Ella lay on the floor panting while they recovered.

*Going back a little bit, what happened to Ella after that since the last time.


Re: Christy & The Transformation Gun - by caraleribbor & Zargodia

Ella's story part 1 - At school

After Christy left the bathroom and left her alone, Ella felt a strong need to pee. She sat on the toilet and only when she started to pee, she remembered that she was supposed to pee while standing, but it was too late and her piss flew in front of her. Ashamed of what she had just done, Ella dressed as best she could and left the bathroom.

The afternoon classes were difficult, as she was not yet used to her new cock. She ended up having an erection in the middle of class and had to put up with it until the end of classes.

After classes were over, Ella decided to masturbate in the locker room while the cheerleaders practiced, she waited for them to come out of the locker room and only then entered. She went to the shower area and masturbated there, but as her dick was still something very new for her, just remembering that there was a dick that already turned her on, which made her dick still hard even after she came. Ella lost track of time and it was only after her 15th orgasm that she was finally satisfied and her dick went limp.

After recovering from her last orgasm, Ella saw that both herself and the locker room showers were covered in her cum, which left her with no choice but to clean it up.

When Ella finally finished cleaning herself and the bathroom, she went to get her clothes from one of the closets when she heard the cheerleaders arriving. Even without knowing why, she went into the closet and locked herself inside.

Ella could see through the cracks in the closet door the cheerleaders arriving, taking their things and leaving and when only five of them were still there, she realized that one of them was Christy. She thought about leaving the closet, because Christy would understand her situation, but as she was to open the door she saw Christy take the transformation gun and shoot the redhead girl she didn't know (Alyssa) who was beside her.

Ella ended up being very interested in what was going to happen and stayed inside just watching while the Alyssa put out a hard cock. She watched as the redhead undressed, then she talked to Christy (she couldn't understand what they said.) and then Christy took the redhead's cock and put it in her mouth-pussy.

Ella got excited while watching everything and was not surprised when her dick got hard again, then she started to masturbate silently there. She continued to masturbate while watching until Alyssa held Christy's head and came, then the blonde also had an orgasm and Ella also came. She managed to avoid making noise while she came inside the closet and her cum pooled on her feet.

Soon after, Ella sees Christy taking off her clothes and wrapping the towel around her before hiding the transformation gun under her, then she went out of sight when she went in the direction of the showers. A minute later Christy ran back, put the transformation gun away, and ran back to the showers. She wanted to see what Christy was doing there, but she didn't come out of the closet because Alyssa was still there, thoughtful and still with a hard-on.

After a few minutes of waiting, a girl with blond hair and red highlights that she didn't know arrived there and said something to Alyssa.

"How dare they have fun without me." Alyssa said, now with a loud enough voice for Ella to understand, and left for the showers too.

The blonde was alone and tried to dress, but she was having difficulty, it was then that Ella realized that the fingers in the middle of her hands were dicks and were hard. The blonde then suddenly stopped trying to dress and looked directly at the closet where Ella was, then went over there and opened the closet door, finding Ella inside.

"Look what we have here, a perverted girl peeking in the women's locker room." the blonde girl said

"Please don't tell anyone that you found me here, I was going to leave right after you." Ella said

"I will not tell anyone, but on one condition." the blonde said

"What would it be?" Ella asked

"As you can see the captain made me have my hard dicks this way, I thought fucking her would be enough, but it was so good that my dicks are still hard. That's why I want you to let me fuck you if you want me to not tell anyone about you spying on us." the blonde girl said

Ella ended up liking the condition, which made her cock hard again.

"You were really excited about my order, so I can take that as a yes." the blonde girl said

Ella just nodded, then she turned on her back and offered her ass. The blonde girl accepted the invitation and moved her right hand to Ella's ass, sticking her dick-finger in her asshole. Soon after, the blonde took her other hand to Ella's face and made her suck her other dick-finger.

While being fucked, Ella used one hand to stroke her own dick while using the other to stimulate her nipples. With that it didn't take long for Ella to come one more time, just before the blonde came too.

After orgasm the blonde said "Your ass was really good, as good as my boyfriend's."

"You are good at this too." Ella said

"Now that I understand, I don't remember seeing you at school before. Who are you?" the blonde girl said

"I'm sorry I didn't introduce myself. My name is Ella and I just transferred, today is my first day here." Ella said

"A transfer student? No wonder. My name is Valerie, nice to meet you." the blonde said

After that Ella and Valerie got dressed, and Ella went home.

*Ella's story part 2 - At home


Re: Christy & The Transformation Gun - by caraleribbor & Zargodia

Ella's story part 2 - At home

Ella arrived at her house quickly, since she lived near the school. When she got there, she found she found a package on the doorstep that was addressed to her. She thought it was strange because she hadn't bought anything and no one she knew should know this address yet. She took the package and went into her house.

No one else was at home, so Ella went straight to her room to store the package and then went to the bathroom, where she took off her dirty clothes and took a shower. After she left, she took the clothes to wash and then went back to her room.

Once she was clean, Ella opened the package she had received and can hardly believe it when she saw that she had received a transformation gun just like the one Christy had used to transform her.

"Is it really the same gun? I used hers a little and if this one is the same then there is no mystery how it works. I have to test it." Ella said. As there was no one else in the house, she programmed a change she wanted and shot herself, which had an immediate effect and made her grow to 8 feet tall. She had activated the reality change, so all of her clothes grew together and continued to fit her perfectly. "Cool, it worked." she said

While wondering how she could use her weapon, Ella heard the sound of the garage door opening and looked out the window, where she confirmed that it was her older brother, Brad, who had just arrived. It was there that she had an idea. Despite being brothers, she didn't get along with Brad and often thought it would be better if she had a sister, so she kept the transformation gun and went to meet Brad.

"Ella, are you alone at home? If so, you can prepare something for me to eat, I'm hungry." Brad said with an air of arrogance.

After that Ella decided to test something, then she took advantage of the distraction and shot him, and just watched while Brad's height decreased, his hair grew to his shoulders, then his body gained curves and breasts grew. In the end Brad was no more, as he had become Cindy, Ella's new older sister.

Ella, wanting to test whether the observation she had placed on the transformation had any effect, she came up behind Cindy and grabbed her breasts.

"Cindy, don't do this. You know what happens if you continue." Cindy said

"That's exactly what I want to see, I was waiting for you to get home just thinking about it." Ella said

"Okay, let's do it as you want, but not here. How about we go to your room?" Cindy said and the two went up to Ella's room. Once in the room, Cindy took off her clothes and said "I am ready to start."

Ella looked at Cindy's naked body, aware that she was the only one who knew that within minutes she was a guy and was now a very beautiful woman. Soon after she went to Cindy and started to suck one of her breasts, meanwhile she stimulated the other breast with one hand and with the other she put some fingers inside her pussy.

Cindy moaned as her pussy got wet, but soon after Ella felt her pussy tighten around her fingers. So Ella took her fingers out of her pussy just when she started to feel hairs growing on Cindy

At this moment Ella only watched, seeing that the observation she made had an effect. At this point Cindy's entire body was covered with gray hair and a tail grew behind her. It also had her teeth becoming sharper and her nose turning into a snout, ending with her vagina inverting into a dick and balls.

""It worked, I really have a sister who turns into a shemale werewolf whenever she gets turned on." Ella thought

"Come on Emma, you got me really excited, see how hard my dick is?" the werewolf said

Emma, no longer holding her hard cock in her pants, took off her clothes and went to Cindy, made her lie down on the bed. Then she climbed on top of her and, placing her dick in front of her sister's snout, and said "Suck my dick."

Cindy obeyed and started sucking her sister's dick, and Ella also started sucking the wolf dick that was in front of her. They stayed in this 69 until the two came almost at the same time and each swallowed each other cum.

After that Ella lay down on Cindy in the position she was in, she rested there for a while feeling her dick turning limp, meanwhile she can feel Cindy return to the human vomma while watching her wolf dick and her balls being pulled inward leaving a vagina in place.

At this time their parents arrived home and Ella started to think about whether she was going to transform her parents too or not.

*Ella changes her parents


Re: Christy & The Transformation Gun - by caraleribbor & Zargodia

A family moment

Ella and Cindy dressed quickly and went downstairs. Their parents had arrived with some pizzas, which they ate until they were completely satisfied.

"Tell me, how was your first day at the new school?" Ella's father, Paul, asked

"I am also curious, I hope you have made new friends." said her mother, Lilian

"I wouldn't say we've already become friends, but I met someone interesting." Ella said

"Great. I hope you will become great friends." Lilian said. After that she got up and started to clear the table.

Ella decided that she was going to transform her mother first, so she also started to pick things up from the table and went to the kitchen with her mother. They decided that Ella would take out the trash and Lilian would wash the dishes, which Ella did and when she returned to the kitchen, she took advantage of her mother's distraction.

Unlike the brother Cindy was, Ella respected her parents, so she programmed so that people would know that her had changed, but that no one would find it strange, and then shot.

Shortly after being hit, Lilian stopped what she was doing and took her hand to her belly just below her breasts, where she felt a movement and found a second pair of breasts growing there, the new breasts grew until they were 2 cup sizes bigger than the original ones, which also grew to be the same size as the new ones. Soon after, her right shoulder lengthened and opened up and opened for a second head that she grew, followed by a new pair of arms that grew just below the ones she already had. Then her legs split to form a new pair of legs just behind, the split started at the feet and as it went up, it was tearing her pants that could not support the extra legs. When the division of the legs reached her quad, her body began to stretch until her butt stopped two feet behind her, leaving her vagina between her front legs. The transformation was completed when a ponytail grew over her ass and a cock and balls sprouted from between her rear legs.

"Mom, is it just me or are you different?" Ella asked, pretending she didn't know what had happened.

"I just went through a transformation." said Lilian's left head "It is nothing to worry about." said Lilian's right head, treating her transformation as if it were something common.

After she finally finished washing the dishes, Lilian tried to turn around to get out of the kitchen, but lost her balance and almost fell, being held in time by Ella.

"Are you okay mom? Didn't you get hurt?" Ella asked

"I'm fine, I just tripped over my dick." said Lilian's left head "I just haven't gotten used to this body yet." said Lilian's right head

Ella looked closely at what she had become her mother and saw that she would need to learn to walk better now that she had four legs, not to mention her dick which, even though it grew between her hind legs, was in full erection with its 3 feet long it passed between the legs in front of it. Her new balls were also large, as each of her testicles was the size of a coconut.

Ella helped her humantaur mother go to the living room, while she was learning to walk with her new body on the way.

Arriving in the living room, they found Paul and Cindy watching TV. Upon seeing them, Paul said "Is it my impression or have you changed a little dear?"

"It was just a small transformation, nothing that is important." said Lilian's left head "I'll just need new clothes, the old ones won't fit this body." said Lilian's right head, and she showed the nakedness of her bottom and the blouse with holes in the sides, where her new pair of arms passed.

"This is the least, but I must admit that you are so much more beautiful that way." Paul said

"I know, that's why I love you." Lilian said with her two heads at the same time and they exchanged a passionate triple kiss. All the while precum started dripping from her cock's tip, which was between Paul's legs.

Ella took advantage that no one was paying attention to her and took the transformation gun and shot her father, allowing his transformation to be noticed as well.

Paul's transformation was similar to Brad's, as he became a very beautiful woman with big breasts, F-cup by the choice of Ella. But the most extreme change can not be seen because of his collar, that until he realizes and try to move away from Lilian to see his own transformation.

As Paul took a step back without warning, Lilian continued to hold his head with her four hands, it made her pull his head, completely separating it from the body.

With that the last part of the transformation became revealed. Lilian looked in awe at the husband's female head in her hands, which had a cock at least 11 inches long just below where his/her neck should have been. In addition, Paul still had control of her body, which now had a vagina between her shoulders, even though it was separated from her head.

"Apparently you are not the only one to transform today." Paul said

"Oh dear Paul, I can't take it anymore. My dick has been hard since he grew up and I am very tempted to use it." Lilian's left head said "We can go to our room and you can teach me how to use my cock, in exchange I teach you how to use your new vaginas." said Lilian's right head

"Come on, but now I'm technically a woman too, you better call me Paula from now on." Paul said

"Whatever you want." both Lilian's heads said at the same time.

Ella had a hard time just watching this scene with her parents, so she said "Dad, mom, wait a minute. I'm also very excited ..." she made a gesture that makes it clear that she had a hard-on "... so we could do everything as a family right here."

Her parents thought for a while before answering, but when they saw that Cindy was already transforming into her werewolf form they accepted her invitation.

Everyone then took off their clothes right there, especially Lilian, who only had what was left of her blouse and Paula's headless body undressing, making it clear to everyone that she was 100% feminine.

Then, the family orgy started with Lilian sticking Paula's dick-neck in her pussy between her front legs, followed by Paula's body getting down on all fours and impaling the pussy between her shoulders into her wife's cock. Then Cindy climbed onto her mom's back and started fucking her asshole.

Ella was the last one to join because, undecided if she was going to fuck the ass or pussy between her father's legs, she used the transformation gun on herself to grow a second dick and thus fuck both at once.

Lilian was already on the edge, and being inexperienced in the area, she soon had her first male orgasm. Ella could feel her mother's hot cum coming, since Paula's two pussies were connected to her womb, and she also came. Shortly after, it was Paula's turn to come, making Cindy the last to fill her mother's ass with cum.

After that, Ella felt tired. A lot had happened in a single day and she thought it best to go to sleep.

*Back to present day Christy


Re: Christy & The Transformation Gun - by caraleribbor & Zargodia

Christy gets fucked by a mermaid

“That was amazing Ella! See you soon!” Christy said to the amazonian dick mouthed double dick dickgirl. Ella waved goodbye in return and walked away with gusto, boobs, and dicks jiggling up and down. My my, her new form really made her ballsy, Christy thought as she used her gun to turn back to normal.

A zap later and Christy was her beautiful high school knockout self, or her normal self. She was all warm and bothered again as the lust of transformation settled in, but she ignored it. A girl can only have so much sex in a day after all, she had things to do, places to be. Wearing her cheerleading uniform, as her clothes had been destroyed from Ella’s transformation stuff, Christy checked herself in the mirror.

Although her long blonde hair was a little messed up, Christy was lucky that no fun fluids had touched her there, it would’ve taken a shower to wash that out. She had used the school’s restroom supplies of toilet paper to towel herself free of sex liquids. Her C-cup breasts were totally free hanging under her cheer top and she was going commando under her cheer skirt as well, Ella owed her a new set of clothes. She washed her face to freshen up and reapplied her makeup. Christy made a kissy face with puckered up lips as a mood booster and left the restroom for her class skipping outing.

It was a beautiful day with blue skies and a nice breeze so Christy had decided to relax in the park. She was sitting in the cool shade on a bench that was near a secluded area of the park. Despite the solitary, the spot had a clear view of the main park area, of which sported a large grassy field, a playground, and the park paths.
It was a perfect place to chill out and if she felt like it, play around with her transformation gun.

After checking her social media, watching videos, texting friends, and getting some shut eye, Christy felt her mischievous spirit call out to her. She lazily scanned the park for interesting persons to target for her amusement.

It was midday so a lot of people were out for lunch or were on their break. Christy smiled when she saw a perfect candidate for transformation shanagands. The person in question was a young lady who looked to be a college freshman, but the main thing was that she was rolling around in one of the coolest looking wheelchairs, fancy wheels. She was pale with long, almost white, blonde hair. She was a northern flower, with average assets. Currently the girl was snacking in the shade of another close by tree.

Aiming her pistol of a gun and zip zapped the girl from range. The unknowing wheelchair girl enjoyed her salmiakki, salted licorice, without a care in the world though she did have a growing blush on her pretty face. Only Christy saw the changes happening to the innocent flower. The wheelchair girl had been wearing jeans but her pants were torn apart when her legs fused together, while her shoes popped off when they turned into large fins. Yup, Christy was turning the girl into a mermaid. After a moment, the wheelchair girl had a deep blue fish scaled tail. She was happily swishing her new around quite adamantly, compared to when she had human legs.

Christy smiled at the happy girl’s movements, and her grin grew wider when Christy saw a pink tapered tube rise up from the mermaid’s girl’s crotch with nothing to hide it because of her ripped pants. It deftly squirmed about like a tentacle as if looking for something to penetrate, it was a dolphin penis, prehensile by nature.

The mermaid girl was definitely super horny, side effects of transformation, but she didn’t seem to want to do anything about it. The girl must be very strong willed, though her flailing mammalian penis had other things to say about her actions.

Although it was intriguing to watch the wiggling phallus, Christy wanted the mermaid to actually use her new weapon, not just ignore it. There was no one near the blonde mermaid, so Christy decided to go meet the girl in question.

Walking up to the mermaid, Christy was about to greet her but the mermaid spoke first, “So another challenger wishes to tame this beast. Leader of the cheer, what is your name?”

A unique personality Christy thought, “Oh, my name's Christy, and I was wondering if I could help you with your hard problem.” The mermaid’s aquatic cock now pointed at Christy though she stood out of it’s reach.

“A brave and noble ponderment, challenger Christy. Indeed I, Leah of House Lorem, need assistance in slaying this raging monstrosity.” Her long dolphin dick made erratic arcing movements.

A role player? Fine, Christy could play that game,”Say no more my sweet lady, I will vanquish this despicable beast for I and one of the Knights Cheer.” With great athleticism one of her fancy cheer flippings and jumps as a special spectacle before hopping on to Leah lap, straddling the mermaid.

Immediately Leah’s pink tapered flesh tube deftly maneuvered past Christy’s skirt, and upon finding the entrance to Christy’s tight pussy rammed through the proverbial gates like an unstoppable bloodlusting monster. The spear of the beast’s dexterity allowed it to squeeze and squirm and push all of Christy’s weak pleasure points, weakening her towards a quick orgasm.

“Great Knight Christy, many have fought this engorged ravager, but all have had their minds destroyed and bodies dehydrated by its ruinous flesh.” The mermaid fearfully told Christy even as she pounded the cheerleader’s with full force, with hips and dick.

“This weak animal will not conquer me. For I am a Cheerleader!” With renewed resolve, Christy held off her impending orgasm with sheer will, and she tightened her trained muscles choking the life out of her serpentine foe. Christy also leaned forward to embrace the blonde maiden in a sensuous kiss, hugging Leah firmly. Their boobs meshed against each other, their erect nipples like lances, jousting in the heat of carnality.

With that power move Leah had her climax first, relenting to Christy’s domineering power. Her long animal penis injected seed straight and true into Christy’s pleasure cave, filling the warm cavern depths with a sea of white.

Then Christy allowed herself to weakly shake as her orgasm blasted her. Under the shade in a public park, the two role playing girls climaxed, without a care in the world.

*Christy transforms more people in the park


Re: Christy & The Transformation Gun - by caraleribbor & Zargodia

Christy gives girls dicks while waiting for the restroom

Leah the dolphin dicked mermaid had given Christy her phone number as a reward for slaying the beast before she rolled away in her fancy wheelchair.

Now Christy was waiting in line at the park’s public restroom. She needed to clean herself up as she could feel dolphin cum leaking out of her vagina down her legs. The problem was it was a single person restroom hence the line of women in front of her.

No matter, with her trusty magic gun, Christy could solve this problem lucky split.

The last woman in line, the person in front of Christy, was a white well toned runner lady decked out in short athletic shorts, cropped tank top with a sports bra. She had her brown hair in a ponytail and was running in place. Christy guessed that was her pee postponing dance. The runner lady was then zapped by Christy unceremoniously.

The runner slowly stopped jogging in place as her gait widened, welcoming the emergence of huge fat sweaty balls and thick black cock. The runner’s shorts were stretched out with her cum tanks so that her fat oversized dark skinned dick hanged out and over the top of the shorts. The white brunette runner lady then left the line to go to the men’s single restroom, as no one was using it.

Christy then zapped the next girl in line, who looked to be an intern for a company because she was young and wearing a business outfit. The business lady soon had her own cock tenting her business skirt. The lady checked her watch and spoke to herself, “Yeah, I can hold out till the company’s restrooms,” so left the line. Apparently changing the anatomical genitalia of female to male allowed greater urination resistance.

The last girl Christy shot with the magic gun was dressed like a hip hop dancer. She wore drop crotch sweatpants with a crop top, and she had a baseball cap on backwards. The restroom door opened and the previous occupant left in a hurry, letting the dancer with long black hair enter. Christy didn’t get to see the transformation, but she did see the girl’s growing blush before she slammed the door shut.

Now Christy was waiting right outside of the door for a few moments before she heard voices sounding out from inside the restroom. Leaning in, she put her head near the thin walls of the public relief site, where she could hear two women’s voices as clear as day.

“You like that huh? You horny girl! You love it when I piss on your dumb fat dick.”

“It’s so warm! Your piss is making me harder! I can’t even pull it out of this gloryhole anymore!”

Christy was ecstatic. The dancer girl and the runner girl were doing water sports in a public gloryhole. This was a perverted sexual action made up of a combination of fetishes that Christy needed to see with her own eyes.

Christy pushed the door, and to her luck, and it opened. The dancer was in such a hurry she had forgotten to lock the restroom door. Christy then feasted her eyes on the lewd interactions of the two girls.

The black haired dancer had her pants down and was peeing on black a huge fat black cock that was stuck in a hole on the wall that bordered the male restrooms. The dancer was using her new 6 inch penis to piss on the larger cock, which was double her size.

“Please make me cum!” Begged the runner from the other side of the wall, her dick throbbed wetly.

“Alright you perverted wall dicker, let’s see some stamina,” the dancer squatted down and started to blow the wall meat with her soft lips. She used one hand to jerk off her own cock, while the other hand was pressed against the wall for stability.

It was absolutely depraved and Christy was loving it. She still needed to clean herself up though so she pushed open the door and walked right in the restroom.

“Oh don’t mind me girls, I’m just going to freshen up and then I’ll be out of your hair,” Christy nonchalantly said.

“Huh, hum hthm,” The dark haired dancer nodded, not letting go of the salty dick in her mouth.

So Christy did as she said, she cleaned herself of dolphin cum, while the two dickgirls had oral sex in the background. Loud groanings and moanings of arousal and lust sounded out as Christy finished refreshing herself, by then 8 minutes had passed. She then turned her full attention on the perverts and found that at some point they had switch positions to anal. The dancer was doing most of the work, twerking her ass on the black shaft. The dancer’s own cock was still erect and she was still pumping it with her hand. Christy guessed that since both girls did activities that did exercise they would have a lot of stamina because they hadn't cum yet.

Christy looked at the time on her phone, almost one in the afternoon. That was a dilemma, she wanted to have lunch, but she also wanted to watch the two girls orgasm before she left. The girls looked like they could fuck for ages, so Chisty shot them with her gun one more time.

The dancer’s cock grew harder and it engorged another 6 inches making it twelve inches in total. The runner girl’s girthy dick turned into metal, making it the color of black steel. There were only small changes this time, but it was still fun to see it happen. Christy then watched with gee as the dancer girl stopped her anal fucking to shoot white goo out of her larger cock. Christy also knew that runner girl was also cumming from her moans sounding through the walls.

Satisfied, Christy left the restroom to go eat lunch. Both dickgirls continued cumming, one painting the floor white, while the other shooting cum like a broken pressured pipe into her jiggly ass.


Re: Christy & The Transformation Gun - by caraleribbor & Zargodia

Lunch changes

Christy went to her favorite restaurant. The place was full and she had a hard time finding the only free table for her to sit. Almost immediately a waitress came to her and took her order, but she warned that it would take a while because she had many orders before hers.

As it was very annoying to just wait, Christy prepared the gun and observed the other customers. She wanted to transform them anyway.

The first victims were easy to choose. At a table next to her was a couple who had obviously argued. Along with them there was a little girl who was at most 4 years old and was crying to the couple saying "Dad, mom, please be okay. I don't want you to get divorced. We can live happily together forever."

Christy decided to fulfill the girl's wish and shot the couple. Shortly afterwards, the couple's clothes tore in the space between their bodies, which attracted and absorbed each other. In the end the man and woman were sharing a single body. Through their torn clothes Christy could see despite some visible muscles the woman's breasts were both intact. Their hips were also a little wider and held their genitals side by side.

Believing that the little girl would be happy now that her parents would live together forever, Christy looked for the next victim and found another couple. The girl was clearly not wearing panties under her skirt, where it was possible to notice that her boyfriend had put his hand and was fingering her. Chisty came to the conclusion that she was an actress and a good one, as she saw that the girl was aroused thanks to the visible nipples through her dress, and even then she acted as if nothing was happening.

Christy shot at the girl and watched her boyfriend's hand being pushed upward by the 10 inch cock that grew between her legs.

The girl lifted her skirt and looked at her new member and the tennis ball-sized balls where her pussy used to be and, as if it were the most normal thing in the world, she made her boyfriend bend over and he didn't hesitate to suck her dick.

Christy continued to transform the restaurant's customers and when she had already transformed just over half of them she realized she was very excited. She fired at herself, a dick shooting up between her legs, one so big that the tip touched her chin even without bending over, as well as melon-sized balls between her legs.

She started to masturbate slowly while waiting for her order, but realized that the waitress who had taken her order walking around the restaurant and decided to make a big change in her.

Upon being hit by the shot, the waitress almost fell when her legs merged, but still managed to stay upright as they turned into an enormous snake tail and at least 15 feet long. Her breasts doubled in size and one second pair of arms grew under the originals, completed with the pair of cocks and the balls that replaced her vagina.

After the waitress had just turned, Christy realized that the battery in the gun was out and she could no longer use it until it was recharged.

She didn't have to wait long to get her order delivered. She was hungry and her hard cock seemed to make her hungry yet. Her order was delivered by the waitress she had turned into lamia, who carried the tray and made deliveries with the upper arms while using the lower ones to slowly stroke her cocks.

When the waitress finished putting the food on Christy's table, she ended up coming and her cum was spread over the table and the food.

"I'm sorry about that. I will change your food and I will be responsible for that." the waitress said and was going to take everything back, but Christy wouldn't let her do that saying "Don't worry, I will eat anyway."

"But I subjected your food to my cum." the waitress said

"No problem," Christy said and also came, letting more cum fall on her food before continuing "I also have a responsibility here."

The waitress said nothing more and went to deliver orders at other tables.

Christy ate her food full of cum until she was satisfied. When she was finished she asked for the bill and paid, leaving a good tip for the waitress she transformed before leaving. As the needed to be recharged, Christy had to settle for walking with her cock exposed, as it was too big for her clothes.

*Christy splooges on her way home


Re: Christy & The Transformation Gun - by caraleribbor & Zargodia

Christy cums a lot on her way home

Christy decided to return home as the gun was out of energy and needed recharging. She didn’t know what possessed her to give herself a cannon of a cock with melon sized balls. Maybe it was her envy of her transformation victims who looked so at peace with their male genitalia that drove her to do it. Now walking home with oversized sex parts was kind of annoying yet arousing for Christy.

Christy’s third leg was girthy, about the thickness of metal thermos flasks, which made her beef whistle hang heavily under her cheer skirt for all to see. Her joystick was, by her estimate, 20 inches long and it would have reached her chin if it was able to stand fully erect, but it was so fat with meat that it hung in an arc pointed towards the floor going past her knees. She was horny as her fuckrod was teased by the motions of walking, swinging up and down, causing her cock rocket to leak a continuous stream of precum onto the sidewalk.

Her massive sperm filled balls made it hard to walk as well, as she had to waddle with legs spread wide to avoid kneeing her balls with every step. Christy brushed her blonde hair back and tried to ignore her growing lust. She needed to get home and recharge her magic gun to shrink her blue veined sausage and meatballs, because while fun when doing the sexy time they made walking super slow.

The afternoon air was warm and when the wind blew it excited Christy’s cock and her in turn. With a monstrous shaft comes super sensitive pleasure nerves, so every motion, touch, or thought sends hormones and pleasure to Christy’s mind. She still wasn’t used to the mind controlling hormones of dick and balls yet. She was like horny like a teenage boy in puberty times ten. Her mind was shrouded by the deep primeival want to fuck and cum, but she still walked on step by step.

When Christy reached her neighborhood street, she could not withstand the biological urge any longer, she needed to shoot her baby batter no matter what. Christy immediately grabbed her hefty one eyed monster and brought it to her pillowy lips. Her eyes rolled up as her body automatically pleasured her huge dick of its own volition. Christy mashed her c cup boobies onto her cock as she stroked it’s fleshy length. Her tongue went wild on her gobstopper sized dickhead as she tasted the unending river of clear salt flavored precum. She squeezed her thighs together to smush her enormous testicles, making her meat tower of pleasure practically shoot precum onto Christy’s face. Christy stood in front of her neighbors’ yards masturbating like a maniac for all to see.

It didn't take long for Christy to reach her climatic tipping point. Like a lightning strike, her body was already orgasming before her mind caught up with what was happening, after all three times with fuckpole didn’t make her a master of the art of holding back. So like the quick shooter she was, Christy’s mind was blasted as the thick viscous splooge registered to her brain, she freed the floodgates to soul destroying bliss.

Christy’s pressurized nut juice blasted out of her family jewels, forcing its way out of her goo shooter like a geyser. Jizm flew 13 feet into the air before crashing down on the surrounding area like a hail storm. Christy fell down on her nice butt because all of her muscles were out of her control either spasming or frozen due to her uncontrolled oragasm. The cum did not stop flowing as her super hard throbber furiously pumped out quart after quart of sperm. Christy was entirely covered white with sticky seed, but she kept on cumming. Her balls were churning, making more cum while pumping the cream out. It seemed endless to Christy and in a way it was, time slowed down as her brain worked over time firing all sinuses taking in the waves of happiness shaking throughout her body, the ordeal was rapture itself.

And so Christy came painting the whole neighborhood white like it was a snowy day in winter. She had blacked out in ecstasy after 30 minutes of splooging but she still felt the joy of cumming in her unconscious state. It was 3 hours of nonstop jizzing when the carnage finally stopped. Unknownst to the blonde cheerleader, she had blasted 3 US gallons, about 11356.2 milliliters, of sperm from her meat sword and melon sized balls. An average man could only produce about 5 milliliters per ejaculation, so Christy had shot out about 2271 times more semen than a normal man. If a normal man came as much as Christy it would take about 69.4 hours or about 3 days to cum if each ejaculation is 22 seconds long. That is the power of math, oh uh, magic. Yup magic that was in the form of a gun that gave Christy the power to cum absurd amounts and not perish.

Christy woke up soon after she stopped cumming. She was sore all over but overjoyed, due to the happy hormones one produces after bodily pleasures. She happily waddled back to her home. She charged the gun while she took an hour shower, and since the sky was dark and it was night she laid in bed when she was finished. By then the hormones had faded, and Christy had post nut clarity. Why was she such a quickshooter, a two pump chump? Now she felt bad about all the times she made fun of pre ejaculating boys. She hugged her chin reaching phallus and wrapped her legs around her immense balls as she fell into true sleep. Today was a fun and exhausting day, and Christy was totally sure of that.

*Christy's mom found the gun


Re: Christy & The Transformation Gun - by caraleribbor & Zargodia

Happening before going to school

When Christy woke up she had seen it was still very early, but she had a morning wood. She was too excited and knowing how much time she would spend enjoying she just disconnected the gun from the charger and went to the bathroom.

She jerked off remembering those people she had transformed and what kind of transformations she could do next. Using her time, she came pointing her cock to the toilet with the flush activated constantly so as not to let anything escape, hoping not to clog with the amount of cum.

When she finished, she went back to her room and went to get the gun to at least decrease the size of her cock to a more managable, but she didn't find the gun.

She was looking for the room, thinking she could have put it in a different place, to no avail. Suddenly she heard the sound of something falling downstairs and said "Oh no, I forgot that Mom is home. And if she came in here and found the gun to be a problem, that's why I never told her about it."

Christy ran downstairs and ran into her mother in the kitchen. To her surprise, her mother had a hard dick of at least 13 inches in place of her head. When looking at the floor she saw the gun was close to her mother gun and realized that she had been hit when the gun shot after she accidentally dropped it. She took the gun and shot her mother to get her back to normal, but nothing happened.

Thinking that the gun might have broken when it fell, Christy looked at the screen where she saw a sign that said "Locked transformation, Form cannot be changed before 24 hours have passed." This made Chisty realize that there were still things about the gun that she didn't know.

"Christy? Are you there? What happened with me? I feel strange and I can't see anything." Christy heard her mother speak in a hushed voice

I watch her mom better, she noticed a shape in her pants. She took and lowered her mother's pants and panties in one movement and saw that her vagina was gone, but her face was there between her legs.

"Chisty, you owe me an explanation. Where did you get this gun from? Oh, on top of that, it gets left lying around. Your father and I didn't raise you to do this kind of thing. I even thought it was the end of me after I accidentally dropped it and couldn't see anything else." her mother said

"Calm mother, this revolver is not normal. People hit by its shot are not injured, instead they are transformed." Christy said

"Don't come up with lame excuses like this. You know very well what will happen when I tell your dad about it." her mother said

"It is not a lame excuse. Why do you think I have a dick this big in the first place?" Christy said

Her mother tried to say something, but she didn't know what to say.

Christy grabbed her by the hand and went to her mom's room, where she had a full length mirror, and put her mom in front of her saying "Look at yourself, you think it's still a lame excuse."

In her reflection her mother was amazed to see her face between her legs and a big dick for a head. In shock she moved her hands to her face, or rather, where it used to be. Instead she ended up grabbing her cock, which pulsed and covered her hands in precum.

*Christy leaves her mother alone and goes to school.


Re: Christy & The Transformation Gun - by caraleribbor & Zargodia

Christy check up on Ella

Christy needed to go to school. So she used her transformation gun to turn her giant penis and testicles back into her vagina. She shivered as everything shifted back to normal. Leaving her dick headed mother mastubating in front of the mirror, Christy wore a crop top with short shorts, then she styled her long blonde hair into a ponytail. After putting on her makeup she rushed to school.

Christy felt something was off in her first class but she didn’t figure out what was different until her third class. Everyone looked the same but she had finally pinpointed the problem when her deskmate to her right came into class with bouncing breasts. The school girl’s breasts looked to be double Ds, and that was strange because yesterday she was flat chested. Looking around Christy noticed that everyone had some improvement in one way or another. The girls had bigger breasts, plumper lips, or fatter asses while the boys had larger bulges in their pants, larger muscles, or even some changes like the girls. Christy started in disbelief as a skinny boy the day before she walked into class with all the changes described above. There could only be one person who was responsible for these changes and that would be Ella, the only other person with their own transformation gun.

“Huh, these changes aren’t that weird,” Christy said to herself, it just made her curious of Ella’s agenda. Christy didn’t do anything to change the students back to normal, because they acted like normal people.

At lunch Christy searched around for Ella, which wasn’t hard as she just went to the restroom where Ella usually hung out. Upon reaching the restroom, Christy opened the door to find it full of students, all naked or partly dressed fucking each other. What she had stumbled upon was an orgy, and Ella was in the middle of it all.

The 8 foot tall blak haired girl was pounding her large double dicks into a slutty looking girl, with the girl sucking on Ella’s dick mouth with soft lips. A guy was pounding Ella’s huge right breast pussy with his own absurdly large cock. While another girl was with a small dicklet was getting a blow job from Ella’s left boob’s mouth. A girl with large jugs was giving Ella a full body nuru massage on Ella’s broad back, using her breast milk as a massage lubricant. There were more boys and girls fucking in the restroom but Christy focused on Ella.

“Damn, Ella you're looking good!” Christy said to the rutting amazon.

“Hell ya I’m doing good! What’s up Christy?” Ella enthusiastically said before her mouth nipple was plugged up with dick.

“Oh nothing much just checking up on you.”

“That's very nice of you. Oh and thank you for giving me my breasts and dick in the first place. It really changed my attitude on life.”

“No need to thank me, I just did what was right.”

“Hey Christy, want to join in? There’s always room for one more in this sex hole.”

“Maybe next time I have to socialize with the cheerleaders, you know bonding stuff for the team.”

“Suit yourself,” Ella said pounding her dicks into the girl with such force that it sounded like clapping due to her balls slapping against the slut’s fat ass.

Christy left the restroom wondering if she should create her own harem.

*Christy transforms her teachers


Re: Christy & The Transformation Gun - by caraleribbor & Zargodia

Changes in the teaching staff

When Christy came out of the bathroom, Mrs. Miller and Mr. Johnson passed right in front of her. Mr Johnson was the history teacher and Vicky's father. Seeing Mrs. Miller walking and the bulge of the udder that she had given her the day before, she decided that she would transform the other teachers as well.

She started with Mr Johnson and shot him. Soon his arms were covered with golden hair and his hands turned into paws. Then a bulge appeared forcing behind his pants, which quickly tore in place releasing the lion tail that grew on him. His unsupported pants fell, as did his underwear, and he crouched down on all fours while the golden fur covered his entire underside and his legs and feet became those of a lion. His dick and balls gave way to a lioness' vagina. In a row the rest of his clothes were completely destroyed by the huge pair of wings that grew on his back. Almost everything transformed into a winged lioness, all that was left of human in Mr Johnson was his chest, in which a pair of E-cup breasts grew, and his face, from which everything disappeared, leaving him with a feminine appearance and his gray hair becoming long and brown.

Mrs. Miller acted as if the transformation were perfectly normal and then with the four cocks on her udder clearly stiff, followed after Mr., now Mrs. Johnson, who had become a living sphinx.

Christy then went on to look for another teacher. She found the Physical Education teacher, Mrs. Hopkins, entering the sports gym. As far as Christy knew she was 70 years old and a retired athlete, but she loved the sport so much that she continued to work as a teacher. Christy followed her and shot her with the transformation gun, which made her go back to being a young woman in her twenties, apart from the rabbit's tail and ears that grew on her.

Shortly after the transformation, Mrs. Hopkins looked around and just didn't see Christy why she hid. Seeing no one, she took off all her clothes, sat on a bench and started masturbating.

Christy watched Mrs. Hopkins masturbating and was excited about her teacher, who even after coming three times continued to masturbate. She then shot herself with the transformation gun, exchanging her vagina for a dick and balls again, this time her dick was 8 inches long and her testicles the size of golf balls.

So Christy went to Mrs. Hopkins with her hard cock on display and said "Mrs. Hopkins, I'm sorry but I ended up seeing you masturbating there and I ended up getting hard. Wouldn't you mind if ...?"

Without waiting for Christy to finish, Mrs. Hopkins removed her hand from her pussy and with an impressive jump fell in front of her student, already with her cock inside her pussy.

Christy hardly believed it when despite how Mrs. Hopkins dominated her and took control of the situation. Having been turned into a bunny girl, it gave her an impressive sex drive, so much so that it only ended after she came 5 more times and Christy 2 more times.

Even after all, Christy still wanted to transform at least one more teacher and after searching she found Mrs. Harper, the math teacher. She was alone in a classroom that Christy entered pretending to have doubts.

Taking advantage of the distraction she shot Mrs. Harper with the transformation gun for a transformation she thought was perfect for a math teacher.

Mrs. Harper immediately stopped talking and ended up totally naked when she split into four copies of herself. The only difference that existed between them was that the original body Mrs. Harper, who was facing Christy, had a vagina between her legs while the three copies had a 9 inch dick and balls between their legs.

The most interesting thing was that despite having four separate bodies, Mrs. Harper still had a single person who not only had control over all the bodies, but also each body felt all its senses among themselves. The greatest proof that they were still one person was clear when she asked "Did you understand what I just explained?" which made it clear that whenever she went to say something, all four would speak at the same time.

Christy pretended that she had been distracted by Mrs. Harper's erections, who apologized and said she was going to fix it.

Mrs. Harper, kneeled her female body in front of the shemales and with her hands began to caress the dick of two while doing a blowjob in the last.

Christy was excited again and was already hard-on when she had an idea. She took the transformation gun and shot herself, then her bag split in two, each with a testicle, and a pussy appeared between them. She then went to Mrs. Harper and asked if she could join her.

Mrs. Harper happily accepted and Christy took off her clothes.

Two shemale Mrs Harper took a chair that they placed very close to each other and sat down so that their balls met and their dicks were pointed upwards. Christy sat on their dicks so that one got into her pussy and the other into her ass. Mrs. Harper who fucked her ass then pulled her back, which gave the female Mrs. Harper space to enter between them and bend down so that Christy's cock entered her pussy. Mrs. Harper then used her remaining dick to fuck Chisty's mouth.

Christy knew that Mrs. Harper was enjoying what seemed like an orgy between herself and Christy, so much so that the synchronized moans of each body also made Christy even more horny.

After a few minutes Mrs. Harper came, all four of her bodies came simultaneously just seconds before Christy came too.

*Christy transforms her follow cheerleaders at practice


Re: Christy & The Transformation Gun - by caraleribbor & Zargodia

Changes in the teaching staff

When Christy came out of the bathroom, Mrs. Miller and Mr. Johnson passed right in front of her. Mr Johnson was the history teacher and Vicky's father. Seeing Mrs. Miller walking and the bulge of the udder that she had given her the day before, she decided that she would transform the other teachers as well.

She started with Mr Johnson and shot him. Soon his arms were covered with golden hair and his hands turned into paws. Then a bulge appeared forcing behind his pants, which quickly tore in place releasing the lion tail that grew on him. His unsupported pants fell, as did his underwear, and he crouched down on all fours while the golden fur covered his entire underside and his legs and feet became those of a lion. His dick and balls gave way to a lioness' vagina. In a row the rest of his clothes were completely destroyed by the huge pair of wings that grew on his back. Almost everything transformed into a winged lioness, all that was left of human in Mr Johnson was his chest, in which a pair of E-cup breasts grew, and his face, from which everything disappeared, leaving him with a feminine appearance and his gray hair becoming long and brown.

Mrs. Miller acted as if the transformation were perfectly normal and then with the four cocks on her udder clearly stiff, followed after Mr., now Mrs. Johnson, who had become a living sphinx.

Christy then went on to look for another teacher. She found the Physical Education teacher, Mrs. Hopkins, entering the sports gym. As far as Christy knew she was 70 years old and a retired athlete, but she loved the sport so much that she continued to work as a teacher. Christy followed her and shot her with the transformation gun, which made her go back to being a young woman in her twenties, apart from the rabbit's tail and ears that grew on her.

Shortly after the transformation, Mrs. Hopkins looked around and just didn't see Christy why she hid. Seeing no one, she took off all her clothes, sat on a bench and started masturbating.

Christy watched Mrs. Hopkins masturbating and was excited about her teacher, who even after coming three times continued to masturbate. She then shot herself with the transformation gun, exchanging her vagina for a dick and balls again, this time her dick was 8 inches long and her testicles the size of golf balls.

So Christy went to Mrs. Hopkins with her hard cock on display and said "Mrs. Hopkins, I'm sorry but I ended up seeing you masturbating there and I ended up getting hard. Wouldn't you mind if ...?"

Without waiting for Christy to finish, Mrs. Hopkins removed her hand from her pussy and with an impressive jump fell in front of her student, already with her cock inside her pussy.

Christy hardly believed it when despite how Mrs. Hopkins dominated her and took control of the situation. Having been turned into a bunny girl, it gave her an impressive sex drive, so much so that it only ended after she came 5 more times and Christy 2 more times.

Even after all, Christy still wanted to transform at least one more teacher and after searching she found Mrs. Harper, the math teacher. She was alone in a classroom that Christy entered pretending to have doubts.

Taking advantage of the distraction she shot Mrs. Harper with the transformation gun for a transformation she thought was perfect for a math teacher.

Mrs. Harper immediately stopped talking and ended up totally naked when she split into four copies of herself. The only difference that existed between them was that the original body Mrs. Harper, who was facing Christy, had a vagina between her legs while the three copies had a 9 inch dick and balls between their legs.

The most interesting thing was that despite having four separate bodies, Mrs. Harper still had a single person who not only had control over all the bodies, but also each body felt all its senses among themselves. The greatest proof that they were still one person was clear when she asked "Did you understand what I just explained?" which made it clear that whenever she went to say something, all four would speak at the same time.

Christy pretended that she had been distracted by Mrs. Harper's erections, who apologized and said she was going to fix it.

Mrs. Harper, kneeled her female body in front of the shemales and with her hands began to caress the dick of two while doing a blowjob in the last.

Christy was excited again and was already hard-on when she had an idea. She took the transformation gun and shot herself, then her bag split in two, each with a testicle, and a pussy appeared between them. She then went to Mrs. Harper and asked if she could join her.

Mrs. Harper happily accepted and Christy took off her clothes.

Two shemale Mrs Harper took a chair that they placed very close to each other and sat down so that their balls met and their dicks were pointed upwards. Christy sat on their dicks so that one got into her pussy and the other into her ass. Mrs. Harper who fucked her ass then pulled her back, which gave the female Mrs. Harper space to enter between them and bend down so that Christy's cock entered her pussy. Mrs. Harper then used her remaining dick to fuck Chisty's mouth.

Christy knew that Mrs. Harper was enjoying what seemed like an orgy between herself and Christy, so much so that the synchronized moans of each body also made Christy even more horny.

After a few minutes Mrs. Harper came, all four of her bodies came simultaneously just seconds before Christy came too.

*Christy transforms her follow cheerleaders at practice


Re: Christy & The Transformation Gun - by caraleribbor & Zargodia

Christy transforms some cheerleaders at practice

Christy went through her classes as normal after turning back to normal with a shot of her gun. Then she went to after school cheer practice. It was strange yet funny to see that the team’s new routine made great use of her transformation victims.

Madison the black haired big blonde centaur high school senior was made to be the main base of her stunt group. The other cheerleaders would stand on her stallion horseback and vault off her. There would be cheerleader pyramids on her and they even rode her like a normal horse.

Kelsey the brown haired light weight was still somehow a flyer. The other girls would still throw her up in the air and let her do standing splits on top of their hands. She still had perfect balance even with ginormous balls between her legs. Her testicles had something like a sports bra for balls supporting them. Normal jockstraps or dance belts were too small for her massive family jewels. Kelsey was very good at doing the splits, but she had some trouble hold back her splooge, so she came when doing some of the harder stunts.

Valerie, blonde red highlights, wore fingerless gloves that had the middle fingers part on to protect her dick fingers. Otherwise she still did her job as a spotter normally.

Alyssa the redhead cheered normally as well since her transformation was just replacing her vagina with a normal sized dick and balls. Christy did realize that Alyssa now wore jockstraps and a protective cup to protect her privates.

Christy had hidden her transformation gun in her sweat towel next to her water bottle for ease of access. Pretending to grab a drink, Christy made her way to the bench. The other cheer girls were crowded around the head cheerleader Tiffany, who was giving a speech.

Now Tiffany wasn’t like the mean cheerleader stereotype like in the movies and stories, she was in fact the opposite. Tiffany was an adorable leader who supported the girls and was respectful to everyone, that couldn’t be said for the subgroup leaders. So Christy decided to transform her first.

Now Tiffany had above average looks, which made sense for a cheerleader, but she wasn’t as bountiful in the chest and ass departments as some of the girls she led. Christy shot the pale blonde haired girl like a professional soldier with transformative magics. Tiffany’s hair turned a silver white that reflected rainbow colors from the sun. Huge white feathered wing grew from her back tearing through her uniform. Her B cup breasts expanded to huge G cups stretching her cheertop, and then her butt bloated out as well forming a fat cushiony ass. Tiffany would probably have a harder time doing regular cheer stunts now, with her bigger assets and all, but now she could fly like fictional angels to perform aerial stunts.

Since the speech was still going on Christy shot her magic gun at Amber who was second in command of the cheer group. She was an asshole who hated Christy because she was more popular than her. Christy was almost ruined a short while in the past when the rumors Amber spread about her reached the coach’s ears. Christy had somehow weaseled out of that fiasco, but she never forgave Amber, now she could have her revenge.

Amber, none the wiser, started changing and morphing to Christy’s desire. First a bulge grew under the ponytailed brunette’s cheer skirt. The protrusion grew and slipped free of Amber’s skirt revealing it to be a large pink clit. Then Amber’s hot athletic cheerleader body started shrinking. Everything about her shrank, except her large clitoris. When the transformation stopped, Amber was only 7 inches tall, but she had a 9 inch clit.

Christy chuckled to herself, that what Amber gets for trying to fuck with her. Christy watched the doll-sized Amber fall on top of her fat clit, it’s mass off balancing her. Amber let out a shout of lust, but Tiffany told her to be quiet and went on with her cheer speech. Amber’s friend Samantha, a golden haired girl with blue highlights, picked Amber up discreetly then started sucking on the small girl’s clit to please the bitch.

Now Christy wasn’t gonna let Amber’s lackey number one go unpunished, so she blasted her transformative rays at the clit sucker. Samantha’s tongue extended far out of her mouth as she licked Amber’s clit, and it only grew longer until it reached the ground. Samantha used her super long tongue to practically wrap the 7 inch tall girl in a mass of pink slimy flesh in an effort to please her master. Christy could tell that Amber was climaxing quiet violently due to the erratic movements of the tongue ball Samantha was holding.

Tiffany’s speech had ended, so Christy hid her gun again and rushed back to the cheer group to continue practicing stunts.

*Christy transforms more cheerleaders


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Sabotaging rival cheerleaders

The practice this time was shorter than normal, as the football team would have an important game soon. The match would take place on the field at Christy's school and the rival cheerleaders had just arrived.

Christy remembered that there were very strange problems the last time they faced that team, in which they were the visitors, and she was sure they had been sabotaged, even though she could not prove it. She decided it was time to pay back.

Christy decided to take a test and shot herself with the transformation gun and disappeared. She looked at herself and could only see her clothes floating in the air around her invisible body. She took off her clothes so that no one could see where she was and break into the changing rooms of rival cheerleaders, but she realized that the gun was not entirely invisible. The revolver was only invisible in the parts that were covered by her hand that held it.

Christy had an idea that was crazy even for her, stuffed the whole gun inside her vagina and went all the way to the locker room with it inside her. Once in the locker room she took the gun out of her vagina and held it in a corner, where they didn’t look much, and even if they did she hid the gun quickly behind nearby equipment.

She knew the names of the rivals for researching before and decided that she would start with the twins Bia and Tia. She shot both of them with quick shots and, as they were twins, both won the same transformation.

Bia and Tia started to inflate, tearing their clothes as they became more and more round. The more they inflated, the more their arms and legs were absorbed into their bodies. In the end they had only their heads, hands and feet intact, while the rest of their bodies had turned into huge breasts.

After the twins, Christy turned and shot a redhead named Dorotty, who got a second pair of breasts and all four grew up to Q-cup. She also got a long cow's tail and a pair of horns on her head. Her breasts had grown too large for her clothes that could not resist and tore, and milk started to escape from her nipples.

Then it was the turn of a black-haired woman named Zoe. Christy had had some disagreements with her before and knew that she hated dogs, so she shot her who turned into an anthro dog, giving her a dick too.

Seeing that there was only time for one more, Christy turned to their leader. She was a girl with curly brown hair named Lily. Christy knew that she understood nothing about being a cheerleader and was only in a position to get the attention of men and why her rich father paid her school to keep her in position.

Christy decided that she should be unrecognizable after the transformation and shot her. Her whole upper body took on a cylindrical shape with the skin rising, swallowing her head before pulling back, revealing the tip of a huge dick.

Her breasts grew to the size of yoga balls and moved down between her legs, where they became her balls. Eventually her vagina was replaced by her mouth and her eyes resurfaced on her buttocks.

Christy then left the locker room and went back to her team's, where she made herself visible again and prepared to cheer her up at the game.

*Christy transforms the male football team


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Christy helps the football team win

After practice the football players from Christy’s school and the rival school came onto the field with a lot of spectators viewing on the sideline. Tiffany flew up into the air and led the cheer team to do their cheesy yet fun cheer routine. Of course Christy worked her hardest and did her stunts with a smile. It wasn’t until after halftime that Christy’s subgroup was switched out, and she had time to play with her magic gun.

Apparently the home team was losing with only 12 points with the enemy having 18 points. Christy decided to help her school’s team by transforming the enemy team. She shot about half of the rival team before stopping to conserve her gun’s energy. The transformations were simple this time as Christy was tired and didn’t want to think too hard. Half of the boys on the rival team started playing more sluggishly and ran awkwardly when playing now. This was because they sported much larger cocks and balls that impeded their running. Their obscene bulges could be clearly seen from the stands much to the women in attendance’ delight. The home team was also clearly jealous of their enemy’s endowment which encouraged them to run circles sound their rivals evening up the score fairly quickly.

Now that the home team was at a clear advantage Christy shot a homeplayer football boy for fun. Christy’s victim was a wide receiver named Jace. He was a tall, well muscled boy with light tree brown hair whose face was ruggedly handsome.

“Maneuver 5 Jace!” The quarterback yelled out. Then Jace ran like hell onto the field zigzagging past imaginary enemy players. The quarterback threw the football, right where Jace was running. Jace had to do a running catch, but he snatched the ball out of the air smoothly. He then ran the goal, getting a touchdown. The crowds cheered with the cheer team leading with high pitched screams of joy.

Returning to his teammates, Jace did a chest bump with the quarterback guy. But after he did so, Jace fell back on his bum, like the force of the action was too much for him. His helmet flew off his head in the process of the fall revealing long luscious brown hair and a sensuous female teen face.

“Whoa there, Jace we got a little too excited,eh?” The quarterback held out his hand and pulled Jace back up to his feet.

“Yeah boy, it was worth it though!” Jace said in a female voice. She was a foot shorter than her original height now. Since her curves were covered up by football armor, only her bubbly ass and thick thighs could be seen by the crowds. Time was up and the game was over, Jace had scored the last touchdown.

“Let's give it up for Jace, our first female football player, for scoring the game winning touchdown!” Tiffany yelled with excitement drawing another round of cheers from the stands.

Christy watched as all the guys from the home team lifted Jace onto their shoulder and paraded around the field before carrying her off back to the locker rooms. The cheerleaders had gone to the locker rooms as well to prepare to go home. As Christy was heading towards the female locker room, she heard some strange noises coming from the boy’s locker rooms, so she peeked inside the door.

Inside she saw all the football guys circled around Jace. They were jerking off their dicks while they watched Jace get fucked by the quarterback and three other dudes. Jace jerked off two boys, and blowjobed another while she rode the quarterback’s cock.

“Hey Jace, isn’t your girlfriend going to be mad at you for this?'' asked the guy getting the blowjob.

“Nah she knows that this is celebratory fuck with the boys, you know team building stuff. So hurry up and cum because other guys are waiting,” Jace said before sucking the life out of his dick.

Christy smiled at the football team’s closeness. She left the men to their own devices, and returned to the girl’s locker room. She got her stuff and headed home to rest for tomorrow’s fun day of transforming people.

*Christy's magical gun was stolen


Re: Christy & The Transformation Gun - by caraleribbor & Zargodia

Mom's mess

Christy put the gun to recharge before bed. The next day there would be no class and she wanted to use the day to transform more people around the city.

When Christy woke up the next morning, she was in for a big surprise. As soon as she opened her eyes the first thing she saw was a mirror that had been placed there and showed her reflection. To her surprise she saw that her entire body was gone and she had only a 9 inch long dick coming out directly from under her head.

Next to the mirror was a note that said "I got your magic gun. I will certainly use it better than you. Signed: Mama"

"It can't be, my mother stole the transformation gun and left me this way. She is not good at dealing with these technological things and will cause a lot of trouble. I have to go after her, but I will need help." Christy said and rolled over in bed until she reached her cell phone next to the pillow, which she managed to unlock and with a voice command she called Ella.

"Hello Christy, how are you? To what do I owe this call?" Ella said

"I have a big problem Ella and I need you to come to my house. Don't forget to bring your transformation gun." Christy said

"I will do what I can to help." Ella said

Christy then said that she would probably be alone at home and told her address and where they hid the spare key so she could get in.

In just over 20 minutes Ella opened the door to Christy's room and entered. She was in the same form that Christy saw the last few times, which she had adopted as her normal body.

"Hi Christy. What an interesting transformation you have made." Ella said as soon as she saw Christy in her bed

"I didn't do it. My mom stole my transformation gun and did it to me while I was sleeping. I need you to change me back to normal so I can go after her." Christy said

Ella then shot Christy with her transformation gun, but it didn't work because she was in the locked transformation and would have to spend the whole day being just a head with a dick.

"This is a big problem. I will need you to help me look for her, you will have to carry me." Christy said

"This I can do with great pleasure." Ella said and shot herself, causing a kangaroo bag to form on her belly, where she placed Christy with her cock and part of her head inside before they left.

They pass through the square and the main tourist spots without encountering anything unusual, until a bird has landed next to them. They looked at the bird and realized it had the head of a human girl and she was crying.

"Hey you, what happened to you?" Christy ask the bird girl

The bird girl flew to Ella's hand and said "I don't know what's going on, it feels like a nightmare. I was at the mall with my boyfriend and went to the bathroom, when I left I didn't find him anywhere and several people were changing out of nowhere. I tried to escape but before I left the mall I became this."

"It must be your mother's thing, let's go there." Ella said and Christy agreed

Ella put the bird on a bench where she kept crying and went to the mall, not before shooting her with the transformation gun changing her go back to normal and leaving a naked girl crying alone.

"My mother must have disabled the change in perception of reality. That girl knew very well that she had been transformed and was terrified." Christy said

"It's how I thought. That's why I changed her back to normal." Ella said

When they finally arrived at the mall they found several people transformed in as many different ways as possible, all feeling uncomfortable and frightened by what had happened to them. Ella shot them one by one, making them go back to normal until they entered a clothing store where they found a creature that was a huge ballsack with testicles at least 3 feet in diameter and six cocks, each 7 feet long. and thick as a tree trunk, erect and turned on each side like a crown. They saw that Christy's transformation gun was lying on the ground next to the creature and came to the conclusion that it was her mother.

Ella took the gun and put it in her purse, then looked at Christy's mother and saw that she had a mouth on the top of her balls, exactly at the point where her six cocks met.

"What do you think you were doing mom? You stole my transformation gun and terrified people." Christy scolded her mother

"I did the same as you. You have also transformed other people." her mother said

"You didn't do like me. I always left the alteration of the perception of reality activated and I always intended to change them back to normal if they were uncomfortable with it. You have instead made them fully aware of the change and they are terrified." Christy said

"There is this too. I did not know." Christy's mother said

"But this gun is from Christy, you shouldn't have stolen it like you did." Ella said

"I'm sorry, I won't do this anymore. But I need you to make me go back to normal, I mistook my reflection in the mirror with someone else and shot it, that's how I became this." Christy said

*The two transformation guns are fully discharged.


Re: Christy & The Transformation Gun - by caraleribbor & Zargodia

Ella runs from mall cops

Ella tried to turn Christy's mother back to normal. The transformation gun made a sound, but it had run out of energy. Ella tried Christy's gun, but it too had run out of energy. "Shit, there's no more juice!" Ella shook the gun in an effort to activate it with no reaction.

"Just grab her and lets go!" Christy yelled at Ella from her pouch.

The double dicked cock mouthed 8 foot amazon used her monsterous strength to lift the mutant pile of cocks and balls over her head and started running towards the mall's exit.

"Stop right there!" the mall cops yelled out as they had finally reached the transformation crime scene.

"That girl, she's in cahoots with that alien thing!" A woman yelled out informing the cops.

"Dunking doughnuts, what the hell is that!"

"I''m calling back up!"

"Freeze aliens!"

The three malls cops brought out their batons blocking Ella's exit route, the fourth was calling back up on his walkie talky. Ella was using both arms to hold the mother, so she couldn't push pass the three. With no other option she swung the pile of cocks like a baseball bat by the balls. With the 6 cocks being the size of small trees, it was easy to hit all three cops, throwing them aside. Ella ran out of the mall soon after she regained her balance with the mother in tow.

Ella was then greeted by two normal police dudes with their taser guns drawn. "Hold it right there girl," One of them said.

"Uh, no," Ella bolted.

The officers then shot their two tasers at Ella but she blocked it with the flesh of the mother. Electric waves electrocuted Christy's mother, causing her 6 dongs to grow rock hard. Then like her daughter, she ejaculated prematurely after only 2 seconds of electro stimulation. The blasts of cum from each of the 6 cocks shot the officers down to the ground, and they continued to spray cum on to the road as Ella ran away from the mall. The cum was slippery when wet and sticky when dry so that it prevented anyone from following Christy and Ella.

Back at Christy's home Ella helped Christy fuck her mother's mouth as punishment for stealing her magic gun. Ella moved Christy's head forward and backwards, as Christy used her 9 inch neck penis to oral fuck her mother's lips. Once Christy had cummed, Ella had her turn fucking the cock mutant. Needless to say Ella, Christy, and Christy's mother fucked all day as they waited for their guns to recharge.

*Christy transforms the popular girls


Re: Christy & The Transformation Gun - by caraleribbor & Zargodia

Transforming school celebrities.

Since she was the only one capable of handling a transformation gun, Ella slept with Christy that night while the guns were being recharged. When they woke up the next day, she changed Christy and her mother back to normal. Soon after she got ready and went to school together.

At school, while walking down the corridors, Christy and Ella met Carol and Daria, the most famous students at the school. Everyone at school knew they were youtubers and had a channel with some 200,000 followers where they posted videos talking about fashion.

They had an idea and shot one at each, which apparently didn't change anything. They then passed by the celebrities and Christy pretended she hadn't seen them bumped into Daria.

Daria ended up being thrown against Carol and the two went to the ground, revealing their transformation. As soon as they hit the ground, their bodies disintegrated in different parts as if they were mannequins dismantling.

"I'm sorry, I didn't pay attention to where I was going." Christy said

"But you should have been paying attention. Look what you did to us." Carol said

"Now help us get back together soon or we'll be late." Daria said

Christy and Ella then took the parts of Carol and Daria and assembled them while other arriving students passed by.

While assembling the youtubers, Christy took Carol's vagina that was lying in a corner and put it in her bag. Then she continued to help until Carol and Daria were assembled again. After that, Christy and Ella left the two alone to get dressed.

"That was cool, I want to see how it goes for them now. I took advantage of the distraction and ended up stealing Carol's vagina." Christy said

"You are not the only one." Ella said and opened her bag, showing Daria's vagina inside.

They laughed a little and said goodbye, each going to their classroom.

*Christy gives a popular girl a cock