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Brooke has a stiffy

It was after school when Christy had the time to play around with her gun. She wore a casual outing outfit consisting of leggings and a cotton t-shirt and she braided her blonde hair into one strand down her back. She wandered the school’s halls thinking of who to change next.

Going through her classes like normal, Christy watched the mass of sexually enhanced students transformed by Ella go through their days as normal as well. While interesting, it wasn’t the exciting brust of fun Christy wanted at the moment.

Christy went to the open area with tables to look for persons of interest. Upon reaching the area she spotted Samantha, with her long tongue, talking to a popular girl. Christy had forgotten about the other popular girls outside the cheerleaders, but she recognized the girl. Her name was Brookie. Now Brooke was dressed in a miniskirt tank top combo with a flowy over covering with thigh highs.
It was a look that only hot girls could pull off, and Brooke was hot. Her dark brown hair luxuriously flowed past her exposed shoulder while framing her face nicely. Her deep green eyes demanded attention when people looked at her face. Pretty lips and soft cheeks gave her a cute girl next door feel. Brooke was not only short and huggable, but she was super stacked as well. Her outfit exposed her vast cleavage and the bottom of her butt due to the size of her sexy parts.

Christy shot the busty girl with her gun but this time the reality change was off so that everyone was aware of the transformation.

Brooke was just chatting with her cheerleader friend Samantha who was when she felt odd. Brooke felt warm down in the core of her body, she felt intense, like she had too much energy. She found herself fixated on Samantha’s slimy long tougher and she wished that it was working on her pussy. Brooke’s heart sped up at the thought and she started to sweat all over her body. She must be sick because she couldn’t think straight. Brooke had forgotten what she and Samantha were talking about and now her mind was filled with lewd thoughts and dicks. There was no denying it, Brooke was sick with lust.

“Brooke are you ok?” Samantha slobbered her long tongue forming a question mark.

“I’m fine, just peachy. Uh going to the restroom,” Brooke got up and beelined toward the restroom. She felt sweaty and hot, and very very sluggish. It was as if her organs were shifting around, or her body was pumped up with strange chemicals. Her clothes felt tight no they were tight. She needed to sit down.

Brooke came to the restroom door and opened it to find it full of students of both genders. They were indulging in debauchery as they moved their naked bodies like animals. Sex, they were all fucking each other with no remorse and no restraint, like beings possessed. In the middle of the vulgar display of scandalous actions, a horrific being partook in the sexual intercoms. It was humanoid in body but much too large for a normal person, in height and muscles. It seemed to be female with giant breasts and ass, but it also had two giant dicks with fat balls. It’s head had messy filthy black hair, but it’s face was horrible. A massive cock and balls protruded from where it’s mouth should be throbbing and leaking precum menacingly. The breasts of the beast had no nipples, but a mouth and a pussy.

Brooke ran out of the restroom and headed towards the nurses office. She was hallucinating. She just had a delusion of a restroom orgy with an abomination leading it. If she wasn’t sick, then she was sure someone had drugged her. She reached the nurse’s office but the nurse was not there, so she lauded down on the bed.

Hot, sweaty, dizzy, and churning were all Brooke could feel. Then all of those feeling condensed into a burning sword that thrusted into her groin region. Her whole body shook, making her bouncy breasts wobble and plump ass jiggle as she twisted and turned on the bed. Brooke felt her core melt like molten metal, and her pussy clenched up, leaking it’s virginal juices, soaking her panties. Then her pussy’s long slit fused together until only a small hole remained. From that hole the flesh around it pushed out, stretching her panties and lifting her skirt, until it reached a phallic shape. Two round orbs in a nice tight sack dropped to form testicles, stretching Brooke’s panties further.

Of course Brooke couldn’t have seen her transformation take place from her position on her bed, but she certainly felt it. The sickening burning dissipated until it was just the heat of lust left. Brooke could sense that something was still terribly wrong as she felt wetness in her panties, and gravity? She felt something akin to her huge boobs, which were obscuring her view of her lower body at the moment, down between her legs. There was extra mystery meat between her legs.

Brooke weakly sat up and brushed her long brown hair out of her face. She moved one boob out of her view with one hand and the other hand lifted her skirt to investigate the strange bulge at her groin. Brooke’s mind went into shock, stuffed in her panties was a half chubby penis and it’s fat round balls. The sight put her female brain into low lust to high lust, making her new dick grow fully erect, stretching her wet see through panties until it snapped free slapping itself against her stomach.

Brooke was horrified, the smack and throbbing erection felt good, and that was turning her terror up to a hundred. She just stared at her erect cock enduring the feeling of an erect nipple but multiplied by a hundred, it felt like her clitoris, but more. The shaft was a good 8 inches of meaty glory, and her legs had to be spread out for her balls, each cum producing orb was 4 inches across. Her new genitalia looked absolutely massive on her small female body. Her new boy parts spilled out of her panties pervertedly. Precum leaked out of her foreskined dickhead.

Christy quietly watched the popular girl freak out silently by the nurse’s door. With a rod and balls that size, Brooke couldn’t hide them with her skimpy clothes, Christy smiled at the thought. What would the new dickgirl do now? Christy watched on with excitement. She saw that Brooke had gotten to her feet, and had wobbled over to the nurses cabinet with a wide gait. Her mini skirt did nothing to hide her lower body as with her bubbly ass and large cock combined they pushed the fabric up at all times.

Oh? Oooohhhh…. Brooke had rummaged through the cabinets until she found the school’s supply of condoms. She madly tore one open and pulled the tight rubbery pink translucent covering down on her pre-leaking length. So she didn’t want to make a mess, Christy concluded. Brooke wanted to run but not jizz while doing so.

Christy backed away from the nurse’s door and hid behind a corner as Brooke busted from the room and ran down the hall towards the school’s exit. It was extremely hot watching the popular girl sexy bits jiggle as she ran. Boobs, butt and ball bounced with every step, and Brooke’s cock waved side to side like a flag of victory.

Christy took out Carol’s disembodied pussy and licked it eroticly like a villain, the fun had only begun. Christy then followed the popular girl quickly.

*Christy transforms Brooke some more


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messing up Brooke even more

Christy followed Brooke until she entered the outdoor bathroom next to the pool. Instead of going in too, she went around and climbed in boxes and peered out the window.

Brooke already had a condom on her dick and was jerking off furiously. She came quickly filling the condom with her cum.

Christy was watching Brooke, who was trying to figure out why she now had a dick, and had an idea. She fired again and Brooke's cock grew to 20 inches, her balls quadrupled in size and darkened, ending with the skin of her cock receding almost everything leaving all of her new cock exposed in the air.

Brooke just looked horrified as her cock turned into a horse cock, being too big now for the condom she was using and completely destroying it. She was confused because along with the horror of what was happening to her, she was also getting more and more excited making her cock harder than ever.

Both Christy and Brooke were taken by surprise when someone else suddenly entered the bathroom and caught her in the act. Who had just come in was the centaur stallion Madison.

"You are there Brooke, I was looking for you. You and Christy should have been practicing with the others but it was taking too long to show up, so I came looking for you. Haven't you seen Christy around?" Madison said

"I don't know anything about her. I already have too much concern because a cock grew out of me out of nowhere and now it has turned into a horse cock." Brooke said

"And what's the problem with having a horse cock?" Madison asked

"It's all wrong with that. I'm a girl and human, I can't have something like that between my legs." Brooke said

"No problem with that, I know you’ll like it." Madison said

"You only say that because your bottom half has been a male horse since you were born, you can't understand how I feel." Brooke said

"I know you will like it anyway and I can help you with that. To tell you the truth, I was also a little excited and we can do that right now." Madison said and turned her back on Brooke before saying "Come on, fuck my ass now."

Brooke tried to resist the temptation, but the desire was very strong and she instinctively pushed the tip of her cock into Madison's ass, making it enter in and slowly. As much as she tried to deny it, she was enjoying fucking her centaur friend's ass, fucking energetically until she came just before Madison.

*They notice Christy peering out the window.


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Christy gives advice

“Christy, what are you doing out there?” Madison asked, spotting Christy in the window. Brooke immediately tried to hide her massive horse cock from Christy, still not comfortable with having male genitalia.

“I just heard some noises coming from this restroom so I came to investigate,” Christy lied, “So whatcha doing?”

“Come in and I’ll tell you,” Madison said. Christy entered the restroom with glee in her steps. That only made Brooke more embarrassed, making her try and hide behind Madison’s large horse body. Madison explained that Brooke had grown a horsey cock out of nowhere and that Madison was trying to get her used to having it.

“So can you show me your cock,” Christy asked Brooke,”Maybe I can help.”

“Su-sure, but it’s disgusting,” Brooke relented. She moved out from behind Madison and lifted her miniskirt showing her dangling horse cock that was dripping with cum. “So do you know a way of turning this thing back into a vagina?” Brooke asked.

“Not really, but you shouldn’t think of your new cock as disgusting, after all it is a part of you now. Hey, maybe if you keep cumming it’ll turn back on it’s own,” Christy mused.

“It’s worth a shot, though I’ll keep on telling you having a cock, especially a horse cock like mine is amazing,” Madison added on.

“I don’t like it, but ok. I’ll try anything to get rid of this penis so that I can be normal again,” Brooke grasped her horse cock with one hand and used the other to grope her big tits in an effort to get hard. Soon her immense shaft engorged to it’s full length, then Brooke started fapping.

Christy held back a smirk. Of course Brooke’s delicious sausage wouldn't turn back without Christy’s intervention. Christy wanted this popular girl to fall into depravity naturally. “Oh wait up Brooke, I’ve got something for you.”

Christy got Carol's disembodied vagina and handed it to Brooke,” It’s a little something to help you.”

“Oh my, it’s warm,” Brooke inspected the pussy before positioning it over her flat dick head,”I feel like it’s gonna be too small, so sorry if I ruin your toy.”

“No worries, it isn’t ‘mine’ mine anyway.” Christy said dismissively.

Brooke hesitated a bit before slowly lowering the pussy onto her cock. The huge head of her dick speared Carol’s pussy, stretching the tight hole wide.

“Oh horse balls, this pussy’s tight,” Brooke moaned. Then she went ham, penetrating 8 inches deep then pulling out and trusting deep again. She wanted to pull the vagina down to the base of her horsecock but there was no way the pussy could accommodate all 20 inches of equine flesh. She really went hard, putting in some hip into every fap.

“That’s hot,” Christy said to Madison, while groping the centaur's substantial knockers.

“Yeah so are you up for a roll in the hay?” Madison flirted to the blonde cheerleader.

“Always am!” Christy knelt down and gasped Madison’s stallion cock. It was hard and raring to go jerking up and down in Christy’s hands. Christy used the transformation gun on her pussy discreetly, not that she had too due to Brooke and Madison being lost in lust. Christy felt her vagina puff up and expand, becoming more elastic. Looking down, Christy now had a dark horse vagina that was winking in heat exposing her large clit as well.

Christy then positioned herself so that Madison could fuck her. Madison sensed that Christy was ready and started fucking Christy like a rutting animal. It was a perfect match, a horse vagina for a horse cock. The two fucked as they watched Brooke have sex with Carol’s vagina.

“Damn Christy, you’re like the first person who could fit my hold cock,” Madison complimented while battering Christy’s crotch.

“It’s a talent of mine,” Christy felt her orgasm near and her pussy tightened.

“Hmmm… cumming,” Brooke moaned and she flooded the hand held pussy with animal spunk, the excess spilled out and down her shaft like glazing a donut with sugar.

The sight of the stacked slut cumming made Madison cum too, shooting her liquid load into Christy’s transformed slit. Christy orgasmed as well because Madison continued to trust hard even while jizzing.

After the chain reaction was over Brooke spoke out,”My penis didn’t disappear yet.”

“Perhaps you need to cum a lot more. You know what, keep the pussy. It’ll help you get off, just remember to wash it,” Christy said as she got out from under Madison.

“Or if you want fun look for me or Christy anytime you need us,” Madison added. She checked her phone for text messages, “It looks like Carol is looking for her vagina do you girls know where it is?”

“Uh,” Brooke looked down at the pussy she had just filled with sperm.

“Nope, I don’t know where it is, see ya girls,” Christy said as she made her getaway, leaving the two in the restroom.

*Madison follows Christy wanting to fuck her some more


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Pursued and Discovered

Christy came out of the bathroom thinking about who she was going to transform next. She remembered the former cheerleader who had graduated the year before, Olivia. She took advantage of the fact that she still had her number and called asking her to go to the school's football field some time later. She waited for everyone to leave the field and went there to wait for Olivia, only she didn't realize she had been followed.

Madison, after having some more fun with Brooke, came out of the bathroom. She couldn't forget when she fucked Christy, it had been so good that she already got a hard-on just remembering that. She wanted to fuck Christy again and decided to look for her at school, until she saw her heading towards the football field. She went behind but stopped halfway, hiding behind a wall thought "And now what do I do? I want to fuck Christy again, but if I just come and ask her I think she'll think I just want to use her to satisfy me."

Taking advantage that she was alone and without imagining that Madison was watching her in secret, Christy decided to prepare. She picked up the transformation gun and shot herself, which Madison saw, and then immediately removed her clothes in time to avoid being destroyed.

Madison was frozen in place almost in shock. She couldn't believe that she had seen a friend of hers pick up a gun and shoot herself, stranger still that she wasn't hurt after that and simply undressed. As if that were not enough, a dick grew between her legs, as if she already had it before and had just acquired an erection. Her dick looked like it wouldn’t stop growing and kept increasing in size until they reach incredible 15 feet long and thick enough that maybe someone could fit in there. Below, testicles grew that rivaled Kelsey's, maybe they were even bigger but she was not sure seeing from a distance.

Madison came around and went to a dimly lit corner of the bleachers, where she could get a better look. Before long she saw Olivia, who she didn't even know would come, go into the field and go to Christy. She found it strange that the veteran seemed to notice no difference in her even with the size of the dick that had just grown on her.

After a few minutes Olivia turned to go, at this point Christy took the revolver and shot her. Olivia just stopped in place and started to grow, her clothes were totally destroyed and she grew up to be a 70-foot tall giantess.

Christy calls her giant friend who turns and looks at her. So...

*Christy fucks Olivia, Madison just watches.


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Christy gets used like a dildo

Madison watched as the giant girl sat down on the field and picked Christy up, positioning the cheerleader right in front of her enormous pussy. Then the 70 foot tall giant used Christy like a dildo, spearing Christy’s 15 foot cock into her pussy and pumping without pulling all the way out. It would have been a normal masturbation scene like any other explicit video, but this was a literal giant masturbating with a living person like they where a sex toy.

Madison could only stare in wonder and horror at the majestic sight. It was like when ancient people spoke about witnessing literal immortal beings doing miraculous things when the world wasn’t ruled by man. The big boobed centaur felt her own cock start to peak out of its sheath as she continued to stare at the giant pussy leaking a waterfall of vagina juice as the giant orgasmed. The lips of the meat cave moved like a monstrous maw squeezing the giant cock belonging to Christy. Then volcanic heat and mass spewed out of the fleshy cave as Christy jizzed in response to the giant’s climax. The torrent of viscous clear and white liquids spilled onto the green grass field like a sexual mudslide.

Madison was horny, and her stallion dick was fully erect now. She had just witnessed an otherworldly sexual intercourse. Magic was real, and it was sexy. The centaur couldn’t wait and stare any longer, she needed to find out about what happened, so she galloped towards Christy with her throbbing erection.

Christy restored her genitals back to normal and turned Olivia back to normal human size with some shots of the magical transformation gun. Christy then started to walk away leaving Olivia layinnging in a steaming streaming lake of sex goo. Before she could leave the school, Madison stopped Christy by almost crashing into the shorter girl in her mad rush to meet the blonde cheerleader.

“Woah, why are you in such a hurry Maison?” Christy asked as she regained her footing.

The centaur placed her hands on her wide hips, “I saw you getting used by a giant like a dildo, and you had a giant cock! That’s weird like out of this world magic weird! You’ve got some explaining to do Christy.” Madison wasn’t going to let Christy leave without answers.

Christy inwardly scolded herself, did she really forget to turn on the reality change when she had her giant fun. “Madison it’s a long story, but I have to go so I’ll explain it next time,” Christy Aimee the magic gun at the centaur and fired before Madison could react.

“What-Christy!” Madison felt her horse cock grow hot like melting iron making her stumble in fright. Christy took advantage of this distraction and ran away. "Christy! Wait, Christy!” Madison yelled as the burning heat dissipated. Christy was gone.

Madison started to walk and look for Christy again, but something felt wrong. Her dick, her proud long equine cock! She couldn’t feel it’s familiar weight or the hanging mass of her family jewels. She felt something similar, but terribly different in between her back legs. Madison couldn’t see her genitalia without a mirror but she somehow knew what had happened. Christy had transformed Madison’s life long partner of a cock and balls into a pussy! Later on after Madison went back to her home crying at the lost of her fuck rocket, her pride, her long dong, she would find out that her new pussy was not a horse pussy but a small human vagina.

*Madison hunts down Christy


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Fight over a horsecock

"She shot me with that strange gun and stole my dick. I swear I will make her give it back to me." Madison said and ran. She knew that Christy must still be around and she was not mistaken, as she found her leaving school.

Christy congratulated the centaur cheerleader following her and started running.

Madison started running too. She was much faster and reached Christy easily, but she had an advantage in the corners and always changed direction trying to outwit her. The chase ends only when Christy tried to cut her way down an alley but found herself cornered.

"Now you have no escape. You stole my dick and you're going to have to return it right now." Madison said

"You're a Madison girl, it's normal that you don't have a dick. And even if it did, it would be impossible for anyone to steal it." Christy said

"Don't play dumb. I know this is your thing, you must have shot me with that strange gun." Madison said

Christy was surprised. She was sure she had activated the change in reality, Madison should not have known she had been transformed, let alone the existence of the gun. She looked at her purse and her friend took the moment to take it with a quick movement that snapped the handle.

Madison opened Christy's purse and easily found the transformation revolver, taking it out and saying "That's what you used on me and Olivia."

Christy jumped on Madison trying to get the transformation gun back. The two disputed the possession of the gun and, while doing so, they did not realize that they ended up shooting accidentally and due to their proximity the two were hit.

They only noticed the accidental firing when they dropped the gun on the floor and Christy tried to jump to catch it. At that moment she realized that her legs had been absorbed by Madison's body. She ended up turning around and standing with her back to the centauress while her arms were absorbed in her body. She was pushed under Madison's horse body as she got thinner until it was attached between the centauress's hind legs. Her breasts moved between her legs as well, her nipples disappeared, they merged and became black. Knowing that her breasts had turned into balls, Christy felt herself being forced to look ahead, her hair fell out when her head also changed.

Madison laid her horse's body on the floor and turned it over to see what had happened and realized she had a dick again, but this time it had a pair of eyes and a mouth at the tip instead of the urethra.

"Are you there Christy? Why did you become my dick?" Madison asked

Knowing that there was no point in continuing to lie to Christy, she decided it was better to tell everything. "It is because of the transformation gun. It is possible to turn those hit with a shot of it into whatever you want. I used it on you before when I turned you from a normal girl into a centauress."

"I was a human girl and did you turn me into a centauress? I don't remember that, I'm sure I'm a centauress since I was born." Madison said

"It is because it has the function to change reality. But for some reason the function didn't work this time, you shouldn't have realized it has changed, let alone know about the gun." Christy said

"And how could I not know that? I saw it clearly when you shot Olivia." Madison said

"Did you see that. I thought there was no one else around. It's the same thing that happened to Ella, now that you know about revolving reality change it doesn't work on you." Christy said

Madison took the gun and said "You are very selfish. There was something so good about you and you didn't tell us."

"Excuse me. Now please, change me go back to normal." Christy said


*decides to keep Christy for a while as her dick as punishment for keeping the gun secret


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Cock or cooperation

"Nope, not until you teach me how to use it, and promise to work with me from now on. I want in on the fun. And to sweaten the deal, I will even let you ride me around if you want, but you must swear that we are in this together now. No more just you, its both of us, or just me. Your pick."
Christy realized that she didn't have much if a choice anymore. Her own sloppiness had ruined it. But at least it was Madison who was involved. She knew madison always kept her promises. "Deal, Now turn me back please."
"Teach me how to first, as well as how to change the settings."

Christy spent the next few minutes explaining the device. Madison had quickly become quite skilled with it in no time too. "Alright, no more Christy dick for me" said Madison as she shot Christy. Madison's former horsecock turned Christy cock returned back to being the former, as Christy melted out of it, returning to her normal body, mare pussy and all. "Glad that's over with. Don't get me wrong, I love your horsecock, but I just don't want to be it. You know?"

"I get it. No worries" said Madison. Unknown to Christy, madison had made a reality edit, making Christy think having a mare pussy is normal for her, and that because of it, the two of them were secretly dating. It was the only way to ensure that Christy didn't just zap her memories clean immediately.

"Wanna fuck some more? Suggested Christy, still horny from being a cock. If her testicles had not been her boobs, then maybe she wouldnt be as horny, but now when she saw them, all she could remember is feeling her balls swinging inside of her sack as her head bobbed around under Madison's strong horse body.

"Spread it!" Demanded Madison as the two began fucking like beasts once again. Durring their third round, Christy had an idea. "Hey Madison, I got an idea. What if..."

*I make myself your penis, but shaped like myself and not attached to you


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Christy the human cock

Christy loved Madison’s fat horsecock. Other than Ella’s cocks, Madison’s was the only cock that filled her to the brim, since Christy was born with a mare’s pussy. Plus Madison had a seemingly unlimited amount of stamina that Christy appreciates in a girlfriend.

At the moment the two cheerleaders were fucking in an alley, and were on their third orgasm when Christy suggested, “Hey Madison, I got an idea. What if I become your human penis?”

Madison stopped her thrusts into Christy, “What the hell does that even mean?”

“It means what it means, silly stud horsey. I’ll still be me but also your cock. Think of it like a detached penis you can still feel?” Christy breathed heavily as Madison started fucking her again lost in thought.

After a few more minutes of fucking Madison said, “Hmm… I still don’t really get it, but it sounds kinky so let’s do it.” She came inside Christy for the fourth time and they untangled themselves.

They left the alley way covered in smelly sticky horse cum and went to Christy’s home. Madison allowed Christy to set up the gun. Then Christy shot herself. Madison waited to see Christy to change into a human sized cock or something, but nothing seemingly happened.

“Did the shot do anything or do we have to wait?” Madison asked impatiently.

The cute blonde cheerleader shook her hair back and gave the centaur a cheeky smile. She then all of a sudden started rubbing her whole body like she was in a porn ad. Madison yelped, it felt like her penis was being fondled, forcing her equine dong to burst out of her sheath in a forced erection. “I would say that it worked,” Christy laughed at Madison’s discomfort, yet aroused face.
“Oh gods, Christy, am I going to feel this all the time?” Madison stood enjoying the invisible hands stroking her cock.

“Oh yes, you’ll feel everything I feel. All. Of. The. Time. So do try to hold back when we do cheerleading or when we’re in school. Otherwise you’ll make a big mess for other people,” Christy teased the dark haired cheerleader. Christy then stuck her hold hand into her horse pussy, and the other hand into her mouth. This brought Madison to her knees as she tried to not cum. The sensation was amazing; it felt like something was in her dickhole pleasuring her cock from the inside out. Madison's cock was leaking precum now, and she was unconsciously rubbing her cock on the hard floor. She needed to fuck again, she needed to fuck again now.

Madison sprang up to her feet towering over Christy who was sitting on the bed, “ Hands. Out. Dick. In,” Madison menacingly said in a low tone.

“Sure thing, my love!” Christy grinned with her eyes closed in light hearted fashion. With her hands behind her head, Christy presented herself, with legs spread open, to the sex hungery human horse person.

Then as a train goes through a tunnel, Madison plunged her shaft into the human cock cheerleader. The result? Utter mind expansion. Think of it like witnessing the rising sun for the first time with your own eyes, or seeing a night sky that’s filled with stars. Maybe even think of the vastness of space and how there will always be more for humanity out there. The age of exploration will never end as long as the human spirit endures.

Anyway Madison and Christy came right then and there. Who could blame them? One was a centaur with a cock who just fucked her human cock, and the other was a human cock who was fucked by her owner’s cock. So it was like an endless feedback loop of pleasure as they felt what the other was feeling.

It was only when they both passed out from the action, that Madison fell to the floor separating the two. Later when they both woke up, they both decided to transform Christy back to normal, a human cock was too dangerous for the both of them it seemed.

*Being Madison's cock, attempt #2


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They want to try again with Christy somehow being Madison's cock

Although both girls had ultimately decided against Christy remaining as Madison's human cock, neither of them were happy about it. Throughout the entire day, Madison's had felt as if she had lost a part of herself. Christy felt similarly too. They knew what the source was, but not exactly how to fix it in detail. The simple answer was that Christy had to become Madison's cock again. But this time, in a way that wasn't quite as dangerous.

After a boring day of school, since neither were in the mood to transform anyone, they met back up to fix their situation. "Hey Madison, umm... I kinda... er how do I put this..."
"I want you to be my cock again Christy" interrupt Madison. "All day I have been feeling like a part of me is missing, and I reqlized that its you, Christy, as my detached cock!"
"I feel the same way! All day I felt cold and empty inside. I miss being your cock" admitted Christy, feeling a huge weight lift off her chest knowing that Madison wanted her back too. "So what do we do?"

After a few hours of testing, the had finally found the perfect solution. Christy would become Madison's cock once more, but instead of a human cock, she would be closer to a cock replacement. Whenever they were seperated physically, Christy's body would actually function as a working version of Madison's cock. That meant her breasts functioned like Madison's testicles, if she managed to get off, she would vomit horse cum, she would find whatever Madison found attractive, attractive, except for herself.

Durring their tests, it had been revealed that Madison found Christy irresistibly attractive, which meant Christy would end up trying to fuck herself the moment she saw her own reflection. So Madison suggested they restore Christy's overridden sexual preferences back to her origional ones, meaning that Christy now found Madison to be irresistibly attractive, and not her own body.

Christy would also keep her mare pussy. And whenever they could afford to be, christy would let Madison's real cock be inside of her, where it would stay until they had to seperate. When they were together, Christy would hang underneath Madison's body limply with her head raised so she could still see and interact with the world. However, she would fully become Christy cock when in that state. So if Madison had to pee, it would come out of Christy's mouth, same with her cum. And Christy's entire body would become an erogenous zone, similarly to Madison's actual cock was. Christy would feel Madison's body as if she was attached to it. Lastly, if while Christy was mounted as Madison's real cock, Madison were to want to fuck something, she would use Christy to do it since Christy's body would be where her cock normally would be. In ither words, Christy would be shoved head first into the pussy which Madison wanted to fuck.

When Madison had Christy mounted, her cock's sensitive surface would be extended to Christy's skin, and would no longer be creating the pleasure loop. That being said, it would not happen immediatly, but only after an initial 10 minutes. This window was decided for when they wanted to just fuck each other as actual girlfriends (to which they agreed to officially make public knowledge the next day), and not each others body parts.

Interestingly, Christy's id now labled her as being simply a horsecock and nothing else. Christy the horsecock. Even more amusing was how all of her body's measurements had been converted into cock themed data. Breast size became ball size, height became length, waist size was her girth. Even her mouth's widest possible opening size was recorded, and somehow she had a urethral diameter number. She only could assume it was her esophagus's opening diameter. They bith had gotten a good laugh when her head was labled as "gland".

*Madison reveals their girlfriend relationship while Christy is mounted as her cock


Re: Christy & The Transformation Gun - by caraleribbor & Zargodia

Madison uses her human cock

With Christy as a full time cock, Madison had full control of the magical transformation gun, because cocks don’t get to decide how the owner lives. Or that was how it was supposed to be, Christy even without the magical transformation gun, was pretty good at causing chaos in Madison’s life.

At random times in the day Madison would get horny and orgasm, disrupting her daily life. In class she couldn’t answer the teacher’s questions, at lunch she embarrassed herself by moaning causing her friends to whisper, and at cheerleading practice she almost dropped her partner when Christy was thrown through the air. It drove Madison mad when she was doing work for getting into college, and Christy decided to join Ella’s daily restroom orgies.

This busty centaur needed to put Christy back in her place. They met up with each other in the girls locker room after cheer practice.

“There is a time and place for sex Christy!” Madison slammed her locker.

Christy undisturbed proudly confessed, “I know, but everyone is so hot and I have a naturally high libido. Plus I’ve gotten hornier now that I’m your penis, you know sensitive nerves and all. I thought this wasn’t a problem?”

Madison sighed, yeah both of their horny minds had agreed to this transformation, it was only natural for Christy to be endlessly horny and wanting to fuck, she was a penis for dounuts sake, “Well we better work something out because your shannagands is ruining my social lifestyle, no offense, but that’s a fact.”

Christy thoughtfully stared at Madison’s big breasts, “ I got it,” the crafty blonde said,” You just need to use me more often! Let’s start now!” Christy buried her head between Madison’s massive mammaries. Madison smiled as she felt Christy giving her an auto paizuri. Making cunning Christy her girlfriend and cock was the best decision ever. It felt like Madison was fucking her own tits, giving boob job and taking boob job.

“Ok Christy that's enough,” Madison pushed Christy softly away, ”I want some pussy now.”

Christy gave Madison a knowing look as she knelt down presenting her mare vagina to Madison’s horse cock. Then like a machine of strength Madison connected her horse cock into her human cock. With the armament attached below her, Madison actively began searching for prey in the locker room, slowly walking like a centaur terminator.

Much like always, the locker room was mostly empty with most of the cheerleading rushing home, but there were some stragglers. Madison stopped in front of Krystal. Like all the cheerleaders, Krystal was hot, sexy hot. Flattish in the chest department but overfilling in the department downstairs. Yup, Crystal had a fat ass and thick thighs, and it was emphasized by her sky blue dyed hair that ended just above her pronounced butt. This girl was only in her underwear as Madison had just caught her changing out of her uniform.

“Hi Madison and Christy, oh silly me! Sorry for talking to your horse cock Madison. It’s just that I didn't know that you two were, like, together,” Krystal stared at the drooling cock girl below Madison.

“It’s fine, me and Christy are girlfriends, like in a real relationship, but we kept it under wraps. Now she’s just my horse dick, so you can treat her as such,” Madison inwardly laughed. This was her first time experiencing a reality change, and it was funny seeing another person treat a human as nothing more than a sex object, “So want fuck?”

“I would love to but I think your dick is too big for me to handle,” Krystal looked longingly at Christy.

“Don’t worry, I know a few techniques that help me fit in you,” Madison seductively said. Since Christy was a cock, she was going to fit in any pussy.

“Well if you say so,” the fat assed cheerleader took off her underwear and presented her jiggly backside to the horny horse girl. Madison bent down to slap that ass, before plunging Christy head first into Krystal’s quim. True to her word, Madison somehow made her human sized cock fit into the bottom cheerleader’s vagina. Then it was a straight road from there, just in and out.

After a few moments, Madison came. Cum spewed from Christy's mouth into the impossibly stretched vagina. Then Madison left the naked tired cheerleader on the floor to find other cheerleaders to pound with her human horse cock.

*Ella challenges Madison to a duel


Re: Christy & The Transformation Gun - by caraleribbor & Zargodia

Confrontation for Christy.

Madison was leaving the locker room still having Christy as her dick when she was stopped by Ella

"Hey, you there. I don't know what you did to Christy, but I demand that you change her back immediately and return her transformation gun." Ella said

"You must be that Ella who's been doing those orgies in the bathroom. For your information, Christy likes to be my dick and even became my girlfriend." Madison said

"This is a lie. I know Christy well enough to notice that she changed very suddenly after she started spending more time with you, I'm sure you changed her personality too." Ella said

"Okay, you're smarter than I thought. That time she accidentally turned my dick around, when I made her go back to normal I also changed her personality, so she would want to be my dick again and let me use the revolver at will. She is so submissive to me that she will not abandon me regardless of what you say to her." Madison said

"I figured there would be resistance, so I have a proposal. We will duel with our transformation guns, if I win you will leave Christy free." Ella said

"I accept your challenge, but in return if I win you will also be my slave." Madison said

Ella accepted Madison's terms and they went to the sports gym, which was currently unoccupied, to have their duel.

*Ella wins the duel


Re: Christy & The Transformation Gun - by caraleribbor & Zargodia

Freeing Christy

They decided it would be more interesting if instead of a traditional duel they took the distance and shot each other from a distance. They should do everything to hit the opponent and not be hit, if that happens the victim would be transformed and would be defeated. They put a number of things in the way that could have been hiding places.

Their confrontation began and Madison immediately shot Ella, who rolled to the side in time before being hit and struck back, also missing the shot. The confrontation was difficult and for more than 15 minutes the two masterfully avoided being hit, until Ella tricked Madison by throwing a coin beside her, taking advantage of her distraction to shoot and hit her.

As soon as Madison was hit, the human part of her body changed, being replaced by Christy's.

"Ella? What happened here? I'm sure I was Madison's dick and could only think of being used to fuck someone. How can I be the centauress now? And what happened to her?" Christy asked

"Do not worry. She had changed your personality and was using you. I confronted her to return her freedom and I won. I did the transformation to make the two of you switch places while your personality was restored to the original. Madison is your dick right now." Ella said

"I knew there was something wrong with me. Thank you for doing this for me." Christy said

*Continue as she is for now


Re: Christy & The Transformation Gun - by caraleribbor & Zargodia

Christy stays a centaur with a human phallus

“This is pretty sweet,” Christy said as she walked around with her new centaur body,”Pretty awesome indeed.” Christy’s vantage point was much higher now that her lower body was that of a horse. Trotting over to the locker room mirrors, she found that her cock was Madison, the big boned senior cheerleader.

“I hope that you like your new condition, Madison, because I did,” the blonde cheerleader gleefully said to the humanoid penis. “Now why don’t we go for a celebratory fuck with my new body,” Christy nodded towards Ella.

“I thought you'd never ask,” the sex freak dickgirl amazon cheerfully replied.

Taking advantage of Ella’s dick mouth, Christy impaled her horse ass onto it. Ella reached around Christy’s legs to stroke her Madison-dick. Then Ella switch from fucking with her penis mouth to fucking Christy’s horse anus with her double penises. They orgasmed and switch positions again, and did the whole cycle of orgasming and trying different positions until it was late in the night. That was when they called it quits to go home and sleep.

In bed Christy remembered her afternoon of fucking with Ella. Her new body was very pleasurable and Madison as a cock felt very nice as she had huge jugs that churned out gallons of cum, so that was fun. The cheerleader slept peacefully after plugging in her transformation gun to charge it overnight.

It was a new day and Christy sat awkwardly in her class, as human desks were not designed for centaurs. Her cock, Madison, had been quiet since yesterday. The most likely cause of her silence was the overload of ecstasy of yesterday’s sex session. For the first time in a while Christy wasn’t horny, this was probably due to her unconscious penis. Even when she thought of sexy thoughts Madison wouldn’t become erect. The girl dick just hung limply under Christy. This gave the blonde cheerleader some time to socialize with her friends with madly transforming them or fucking them she spent the day living a normal high school girl life, well a normal high school cheerleader centaur life.

It wasn’t until the next day which was a weekend break day that Christy decided to play around with the transformation gun again. “Hey Madi, Madison. Where do you want to go today?” Christy asked her cock.

“Club, definity the club, or any club. They’ve got hot guys and girls that we could have crazy sex with!” the excited girl cock answered.

“Hum, it’s too early for clubs,” Christy pondered,” What about parties? Do you know anyone who's throwing one today?”

“Rebecca, the one with auburn hair, she’s having a pool party right now. Hot bodies, under water fuckings. Fuck, I need to fuck! Let’s gooooo!” Madison blurted out.

Christy ignored her horny wild dick and leisurely got ready to go to the pool party, wearing a bikini top with a white t-shirt over it and nothing below, horse bodies need no coverings. She also made Madison wear a white t-shirt, because she would look stupidly sexy when her big tits got wet. Taking her magic gun, Christy left for the pool party, the gears in her head turning as she thought of fun ways to mess with people.

Standing outside of Rebecca’s house, it seemed like Rebecca had thrown a block party instead of a pool party due to the amount of people crowding the place. Making her way through the mass of party people, which was easy due to her centaur height, Christy made it to the back yard.
First things first, she wanted to transform the host of the party to set the mood, essentially hijacking the party for her own enjoyment.

Rebecca was lounging around with a mixed group of male and female friends by the pool. She was an unremarkable girl with no chest and barely an ass, but she was rich, outgoing, and oh so generous with her wealth. That made her popular and likable to all who were at her weekend party. With the awareness check off, Christy took aim and blasted her with transformative rays.

Rebecca’s flat chest expanded out, slipping free of her swim top, until they were the size of her head. Same as her breast, Rebecca’s ass grew until her buttocks put beach balls to shame, tearing her swim bottoms right off. Her plain Jane’s face grew more sultry with sharper cheeks, fatter lips, and longer eyelashes. In a span of seconds, unimpressive Rebecca has turned into a hyper sexulized magazine model, the playboy kind of magazine model. Christy smiled with glee as soon as the people around Rebecca, started fucking and worshiping the bimbo looking rich girl. Guys and girls were masturbating while they licked and kissed her body like a swarm of sex hungry zombies.

Christy scared the party to see what other things had changed. Now instead of dancing or swimming, most of the party guests were kissing or having non penetrative sex with each other. Nice, with just one person transformed Christy had turned this party into a place she could go wild with her trigger finger. Madison had somehow convinced a party girl to make out with her, to Christy’s amusement. So as she indulged in the pleasure of reviving oral sex, Christy thought of her next transformative actions.

The blonde cheerleader looked around and spotted a couple grinding against each other in the pool. They looked pretty cute together, a football player man lovingly grinding his swim short covered erection on the girl’s curved ass. With a zap from her gun, Christy saw the girl’s breast deflate, leaving her swim top hanging loose. The girl’s throat grew a tiny lump, or Adam’s apple, and a meaty shaft with meaty balls overflowed out of her too small swim bottom. Now the muscle boy was grinding against his trappy boytoy who was also sporting a huge erection of his own.

With a nod of satisfaction, Christy then spotted another couple making out on a pool chair recliner. A shot from her gun, and the male was a well endowed female. The two lesbians started to massage each other’s vaginas in addition to kissing the life out of each other.

It was beautiful, Christy was preparing another magic shot, when some dudes, who were horsing around too much, knocked into Christy’s arm, making her shoot a random shot. The magic was absorbed by a sexy woman who was surrounded by three boys, each vying for her attention. The three guys all of a sudden turned goopy and merged with the woman at her groin. When it was finished, the hot lady was left with three cocks of different lengths, colors, and shapes, towering out of her thong. The cocks had come with an overstuffed ball sack filled with six individual testicles. Now she had to decide which dick she was going to masturbate with first.

The guys who crashed into Christy said sorry, but Christy shot them with her magic gun as retaliation, and since the awareness was off for other people, they could care less anyway. It was a group of five dudes that had crashed into the blonde centaur. Christy’s shot had given the leader of the group a massive dick, with the length of a pool noodle and thickness of his torso. The other four guys were now playing around with his huge cock rubbing it and throwing it to each other. The boys were saying no homo as they did so, but they were definitely homo from how they all spotted erections in their pants.

While Christy was transforming people willy nilly, Madison was making out with a girl under Christy’s centaur body, and since Madison was a cock, she was near cumming point. That meant that Christy was also near the cumming point. With a choke from Madison, Christy shot her jizz onto the girl below her. Madison vomited cum out of her mouth into and onto the poor girl, blasting her away from the centaur. Now that her first orgasm of the day was done, Christy was ready for more in depth transformations, and sexual encounters.

*Christy focuses on giving females phalluses


Re: Christy & The Transformation Gun - by caraleribbor & Zargodia

Distributing unique dicks.

Madison then called Christy, who bent down to hear what her dick said "You know Cristy, I already liked having a dick before and after having you as my dick, but now I'm grateful to have lost the duel to Ella. I feel like I'm better now that I'm the penis. It gave me a great idea, why don't we give dicks to the girls here at the party?"

"I don't think it's a bad idea, but I wanted something more original." Christy asid

"Just give them different dicks. As you can see I'm a dick with human form, you can give them different dicks." Madison said

"This is interesting. I even know how to start." Christy said. She then turned to the guy she had turned into a female before and was in a lesbian kiss with her girlfriend while they stuck their fingers in each other's pussy, She shot her companion who had not yet been transformed, she had the hand of the ex-guy extruded from her pussy when it closed and gave way to her balls, which has already started to stroke her new 11 inch cock as if nothing strange had happened. They also opened their mouths wider during their kiss, to accommodate the girl's tongue, now a cock too, which was sucked vigorously.

With Madison's approval, Christy shot a girl who was kissing Rebecca at the time, her mini skirt was immediately lifted by the erection of the new dick that was growing on her, her dick continued to grow until it has incredible 65 feet in length, despite having the same thickness as a normal dick. Immediately several people started to stroke her long cock.

The next to be transformed was a red-haired girl who left the pool alone. A bulge formed in her swimsuit with a shape that resembled part of a doll above what was clearly her scrotum. The figure pulled the elastic of the swimsuit to the side and stood out, revealing that the redhead now had a 9 inch cock that was a copy of the top half of herself.

Christy realized that now she had another girl under her horse's body kissing and stroking Madison. She shot this girl and her face disappeared completely, instead of her mouth and nose a vagina opened, while a pair of dicks grew in place of her eyes, with her testicles staying inside her head. She could only see now through the eyes that had appeared in place of her nipples. Madison gave a sign of approval by sucking on one of the girl's dicks and stroking the other.

Christy found a girl lying alone tanning herself and shot her too, the bottom of her bikini was quickly destroyed by the three cocks, each with their own pair of balls, which grew between her legs. None of her new cocks were human, each was of a different size, and belonged to a different animal. The one on the right was an 8 inch dogcock, the one on the left was a 10 inch lioncock, and the middle one was a 22 inch horsecock.

At this time Christy and Madison came, the cum that came out of Madison's mouth pushed the girl in front of her, making her fall sitting on the floor while also coming, shooting cum through the dicks in her face.

*Christy keep giving dicks to the girls


Re: Christy & The Transformation Gun - by caraleribbor & Zargodia

Christy's unsuspecting victims

Amanda watched the masses of people enjoying their pool party from her second story window. It was a disgrace, a travesty, it was only the middle of the day and these children were already creating such a racket. She shook her head as she watched a centaur girl play around with a toy gun, pretending to shoot people with oversized endowments.

Amanda wondered if she should call the cops on this party. She was a twenty five year old woman who had just broken up with her boyfriend of 2 years, and she did not want to hear the joyous sounds of drunken teenagers on her mourning time. She went to her bed and plopped down face first. She peaked at the mirror with sad eyes. Amanda had a nice body, thin at the waist and wide at the hips. A soft ass and nice b cups that made her pretty without being over sexual. So why did he leave her? Was she too boring in bed? Or did the other girl have bigger assets? She buried her face back into the soft blanket below, and ran her hands through her bob cut brunette hair. The sounds of laughter and chatting sounded out from her neighbors’ yard.

The brunette got up and looked down angrily at the happy people. Didn’t she deserve to be happy too? Screw her boyfriend, if he was happy then she definitely deserved some joy as well. Looking at herself in the mirror again, she decided that she was still young and that she would find a better person than that cheating bastard. It was too early for noise complaints anyway, so Amanda got out her old bikini and cleaned up her face of tears. There was a party she could sneak into right next door. She could forget her troubles while partying, and if she’s lucky, get laid.

It was easy sneaking into the party as there were many people. Looking around the crowded yard, Amanda wondered if she should chat up a guy, play beer pong, swim, or hang out with a group of girls. That was the fun of a big gathering of people, many choices of entertainment. Hum, first things first is grabbing a drink, because free alcohol. Amanda grabbed a craft beer from a cooler while watching a group of guys jerking off a log sized dick belonging to their friend, making him shoot his goo like silly strings over the other guests. This made the girls and guys cheer out and holler, going harder in their dancing, jumping, and perverse grinding. Damn, back in Amanda’s college days things didn’t get this wild till it was night time.

She wandered about the poolside for a while, damn was this pool big, before sitting on a pool chair to drink her alcohol. It would seem that most of the hot guys here already had partners, or were having sexual activities already. Sitting back, she observed the blonde cheerleader stereotype centaur she saw before, chilling in the shallow end of the water, still playing with that silly toy gun of her’s. The centaur aimed it at Amanda and winked, before pretending to shoot her, was this some newfangled way of hitting on someone? Then the centaur returned to talking with her group of sex partners who where fucking or getting fucked while they chatted. The 25 year old woman took a swig of her drink, the centaur’s mini orgy looked fun, but the pool was crowded. Amanda shifted in her seat, spreading her legs, to let her dick and balls breath.

“Heya sexy, how’ve you been enjoying the party so far?,” a girl in the pool chair next to her asked.

“It’s fun, you know, sometimes watching others go crazy is gratification on it’s own,” Amanda replied, studying the girl next to her. The young woman was tall like a model, with long curly hair with green highlights and a sensual face. Her body tastefully on display in her skirtini, and she had quite a body indeed. Large DDs and curvaceous hips, more than Amanda’s assets, which made her kinda jealous. The most interesting thing about her thought was the fairly large bulge under her skirt.

“True that sister, nothing like relaxing by the poolside and getting to know people, my name’s Zoey by the way,” She grinned and lifted her beer in greetings.

“Name’s Amanda,” Amanda said,”This party’s pretty wild, but I like it.”

“I like it lit too. You came at the right time, before Christy came, that centaur over there, it was pretty tame, but after she trotted on in here, it was like turn that music up,” Zoey rubbed her shifting skirt lump, ”So are you free to party with me?”

Amanda had come to this party for fun, but Zoey’s request was straightforward. She looked Zoey straight into her eyes, “Hell yeah I’m free.”

“Great,” Zoey got up from her chair and went over to Amanda straddling her. The model like girl shifted her skirtini aside revealing the bulge to be a hand, a right hand to be exact. “Like what you see?”

“I’ve never seen a dick like yours before. It’s so strange, like how do you piss or shoot your goo?” Amanda asked in wonderment.

“Spider man style,” Zoey answered in amusement, before leaning forward to close lips with Amanda. The two girls started kissing while running their hands along each other’s body. Amanda was growing aroused, her own cock was grinding against Zoey’s hand cock, forcing her to a full erection. Zoey’s groin hand then grabbed Amanda’s fully erect 5 inches, fapping it off.

Breaking off the kiss, Zoey leaned back to see Amanda’s weapon, chucking at the sight, “That is a lot of foreskin.”

“Don’t laugh,” Amanda said lightly, “I’m self conscious about it.” Her boyfriend probably broke up with her because of her nasty foreskin dick. It wasn’t her fault that her dick was wrinkly due to the extra 6 inches of sensitive skin wrapped around her average cock.

“Don’t be, I think it’s perfectly sexy,” Zoey’s lower hand tugged at the excess flesh of Amanda’s throbbing cock. Then they made out again, with Zoey’s bottom hand playing with Amanda’s foreskin, not touching her shaft directly. Soon they both came, Zoey shooting cum from the base of her penis hand like spider webbing, and Amanda filled her foreskin like it was a condom, with no jizz leaking out.

They party went on into the night.

*Turn people into monster girls (With dicks)