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Live Action (Erotic) Role-Play

After a short wait, the five heroes took their positions as Diana did a short opening narration, recapping the adventurer as well as explaining what the heroes goals are in this session. Once Diana had finished, the heroes step towards the gate, each giving a short speech reaffirming their determination to defeat the dark lord. Once they are about halfway across the chamber, a booming voice echos through the cavern

“Sorry heroes, I'm afraid you won't even make it into the castle!”

Out from the gate steps a woman done up completely in gold, she wore a gold coloured robe that covered most of her body, and her face, hands, and hair were painted gold, she was even wearing gold coloured contacts. Once she had come entirely out of the gate she continued her speech.

“I am Splendoria, the general of greed! I guard the gates to the dark lords castle, and none yet have made it past my magnificence”

Christy choose this moment to shoot Splendoria with the TF gun, planning on giving the woman a form that better lives up to her title of greed.

Splendoria began to grow at an incredible pace, her clothes ripping apart as she became larger. Her golden attire was replaced with a covering of golden scales all across her body. As the scales reach her hands and feet, their nails grow longer, becoming menacing claws. She then fell down onto all fours, as her limbs and spine shifted to lock her in a quadrupedal stance. A reptilian tail then grew out behind her until it was nearly as long as the rest of her body. Her breasts, still fairly average relative to her giant frame, ballooned out until they almost reached the ground; two massive dragon cocks then grew out from between her hind legs, followed by a quartet of balls that rivalled her breasts in size. Finally her face extended outward into a snout, as the rest of her head took on a fully draconian shape and her neck lengthened. Splendoria (the TF gun changing reality to make this her real name as well) was now a golden scaled futanari dragoness, fifteen meters tall at the shoulder and over sixty meters long from head to tail.

Splendoria's new form took up a significant portion of the chamber, her draconic head now leering over the heroes.

“Now heroes, let us see if you can satisfy my endless greed!” Splendoria boomed, her twin cocks hardening.

“Follow my lead everyone, if we all work together we can defeat her!” Bryce exclaimed, as she took flight, soaring behind the dragoness and thrusting her massive cock into her gigantic pussy. The other heroes moved into action, taking up positions as they began pleasuring Splendoria in several different ways. Leah rolled up to one of the dragons immense shafts and pulled it down towards her, snaking her dolphin cock into the urethra as she kissed and rubbed the head. Toby moved over to one of the massive dragon tits and took the nipple into her mouth and began sucking it. Nico climbed atop the second cock and began rubbing her whole body across it, all six of her limbs wrapped around it's immense girth. Finally, Jamie flew over to Splendoria's other nipple and flipped her body over, and using her wings to stabilize her self, pushed the nipple into her pussy, gripping the scaled breast with her talons as she rode the dragons nipple upside-down like a cock. The fucking continued for nearly ten minutes before Splendoria began to roar in pleasure, a flood of cum rushing out of both her shafts. Leah was pushed away by the force, the mermaid almost falling backwards in her wheelchair. After a few minutes the dragon's mighty orgasm abated and Splendoria collapsed onto the ground.

“You may have bested me, you'll never be able to make it past all six of the other generals. Turn back now and you may yet keep your freedom.” With those final words, the general of greed was defeated and the heroes take a moment to celebrate before heading into the gate. After the heroes victory, the audience was led into a side passage that went to the next chamber ahead of the heroes. As they reach the end of the tunnel, Christy wonders who the second general will be.

*It's the general of lust


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Breaking the fourth wall

In the second chamber, Bryce said "We arrived at the second chamber, where we will face the second general."

"Stay tuned, it looks like the general is hiding, there must be some trap set." Diana said

The heroes looked around for what the general of that chamber had planned. After a minute Leah pointed to the people who were watching and said "I found her, she's the general of lust. She has hostages."

Jamie flew over to Christy and landed on her left horse body. "So you are Chisty, the lust general. Did you think you would get away with it just because you took some hostages?" she said, then came over and whispered in Christy's ear "Sorry for being so sudden, the mother who was going to play the lust general had an accident and she couldn't come. As it was very late and we only found out after you got here, we couldn't cancel or postpone it anymore. Leah said you would be a great replacement."

Christy liked the idea, she didn't really want to just look. "I knew I shouldn't underestimate you. But don't think that I'm going to beat myself so easy just because you found me, you have no idea what I'm capable of." she said already embodying the character of the general of lust. She jumped and Jaime flew back to her companions while Christy trotted around them.

Christy took the opportunity to shoot herself with the TF gun, with that her two tails became long black tails with an arrowhead, the ends of which opened and functioned like the tip of a dick. A pair of black wings grew on her back so a pair of horns on her head. Her tongue turned into a cock just like her nipples, her living cocks' nipples also became dicknipples. A pair of big pussies appeared in front of her, where her human and animal part came together, she also had vaginas on her palms too and on the back of each of her ballsacks. She had transformed herself into a mixture of bicentaur and succubus with several genitals all over her body.

"Try to defeat me if you think you can." Christy said and with a quick movement she captured Diana, curling her left tail on the ant girl and sticking the tip in her pussy.

"Release Diana right now." Bryce said, quickly going behind Christy and penetrating her left ass with her metal cock.

"That's right, you are alone and you will not overcome the power of our friendship." Nico said and jumped on Christy's right horse body, puting her cock in the other ass of the bicentauri, who retaliated by penetrating the deer-taur pussy with her free tail.

Leah and Toby went on a combined attack, but ended up trapped with the general lust's dicknipples inside their pussies. Jaime flew trying to save them, but ended up with her pussy penetrated by Christy's dick-tongue.

"It cannot be, it is much more powerful than we had imagined." Leah said

"All of our efforts are of no use against her." Bryce said

"Hahahahaha You have no chance against our power of lust." Madison said with an evil laugh.

"And now as we go through it, we cannot be defeated here." Diana said

With Diana's speech, the people who were accompanying got undressed and advanced against Christy they started to fuck all her vaginas and stimulate all her dicks.

Christy was enjoying the experience. With several genitals in the body and all being stimulated at the same time, she knew that the most intense orgasm of her life was on the way. "I don't believe this is happening. I never imagined that hostages would team up with heroes to defeat me. I can't take it anymore, I'm going to come, I'm coooooooomiiiiiiing." She said and came, an extremely prolonged orgasm, to the point that everyone else came too before she was done. After coming, she fell lying on the floor, admitting defeat

"You see, and what works for evil, good will always prevail in some way." Leah said

"Damn, all I wanted is to be able to have sex with whoever I wanted, what's the problem with that?" Christy said

"You can encourage people who want to have sex with you if you look for it, you don't have to force anyone to do it. If you want I can teach you how." Toby said

"Do you really think there is still a chance for someone like me who served the dark lord?" Christy asked

"It is never too late to repent of your crimes and change the way you live." Diana said

"I must admit, you convinced me. I will join you in the fight against the dark lord and redeem myself for my crimes." Christy said, abandoning the post of general of lust to join the heroes on their adventure. So they left for the next chamber, where the third general was waiting for them.

The next enemy is ...

*It's the general of gluttony


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A Feast of Heroes

Christy was surprised at first when she was suddenly pulled into the session, but was quickly getting into the flow, excited about her role as the (now former) general of lust. The five heroes and their new companion make their way into the next chamber; the middle of the room was dominated by a dining table covered with a massive feast, though Christy could tell from here that it was all fake plastic food. Sitting at the table was a man with hair that was dyed an unnatural shade of red. He wore a mask over his face, printed with a stylized mouth that went from ear to ear, the only feature able to be made out were his green eyes. Christy decides to shoot him before he started his speech, already having figured out he was the general of gluttony.

The man sitting behind the table's changes start, as usual, with him feminizing. Once the generals body has fully become female, her breasts begin to grow until they're on the large side of average. Her nipples then sink inwards as a pair of lips grow on each one. Those were all of the visible changes, though Christy had also removed the generals original mouth, as well as giving her a special “surprise” that was hidden behind the table.

“So I see you have made it this far heroes, and who is that I see? Lust, have you truly joined them, have you actually betrayed the dark lord!?” The general of gluttony questions, talking out of her right lipple, as she picks up an, apparently now real, slice of pie off the table and takes a bite out of it with her left lipple.

“Yes I've joined the heroes, they've promised to help me learn how to sate my lusts only on those who are willing!” Christy responds, taking up a defiant stance.

“Well then, maybe you will realize the error of your after I, Devoria, the general of gluttony, feast upon your new friends!” As she finishes her speech, five impossibly massive, prehensile cocks burst out from under the tablecloth, aiming towards each of the heroes. When the cocks reach the heroes their urethras open up wide before lunging down at them. Christy gallops over to Toby and pushes her out the way just as the cock strikes, its opening enveloping both of her horse bodies, leaving just her upper torso free. The other four heroes, with no one to save them, were grabbed by the other cocks, their much smaller frames allowing them to be completely consumed, the bulges of their forms slowly moving further down the cocks.

“Lust! Why did you save me?” Toby asks, shocked by her former enemies the sacrifice.

“Your promise gave me hope that I may one day become a better person, but if someone has to live, it should be you.” Christy replies, really getting into the moment

“How precious, too bad it means nothing! I've already 'eaten' four of the heroes, and soon they will be nothing more than cum filling my balls, there's nothing you can do alone to stop me, hero of fire!” The general interrupts the twos tender moment, gloating of her assured victory. Of course outside the bounds of the role-play Christy and the four heroes are in no real danger, Devoria doesn't have the ability to digest people in her balls, they would just be safely held inside until she decides to release them.

“No that's where your wrong, Devoria, I will save them! So long as my friends believe in me, I can overcome any obstacle!” Toby replis, Running up to the table and leaping over it. She lands behind Devoria, revealing that she has been sitting on her massive balls since she was changed. Toby then jumps atop the mountainous ball-sack and pushes the general down flat with her body, exposing her vagina. The Salamander then thrusts her cock deep into the waiting orifice, Devoria's stomach bulging around the intrusion. The hero of fire continues to fuck the general, thrusting her slab of horse meat in and out; both women moan with pleasure as the other heroes continue to be pulled down towards Devoria's balls. Christy is still able to watch Toby's maniac thrusting, her horse bodies making it hard for her to be pulled down, but she was now down to just her head poking out of the top. Just as Christy's head is fully pulled in, Devoria's moans reach a fever pitch as she cums. A tide of semen pours out of the generals balls into each of her cocks, getting backed up for a moment when it reaches their occupants, before the pressure builds up enough for it to push the blockages back out. The four heroes come flying out of each cock, covered head to toe in cum, Christy's horse bodies pop out of the cock holding them soon after. Upon seeing her companions safe, Toby cums as well, depositing a load of semen inside the generals womb. Devoria's orgasm lasts a while longer, before the general of gluttony flops down in defeat.

“I can't believe you managed to best me all by yourself, but don't think you've won this yet, the other generals are much stronger than I am, and the dark lord is even stronger than them!”

The six companions all take a moment to catch their breath after the near defeat they faced, everyone thanks Toby for her impressive performance. They then move forward into the next chamber, wondering which general will be waiting for them this time.

*It's the general of envy


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General of Envy and an RPG Classic

The next chamber the heroes entered was decorated with mirrors from top to bottom. Based on which generals were left, Christy could already narrow it down to two deadly sins, but decided to wait until she was certain.

Not taking any chances this time, the group already assumed battle-ready positions before approaching the next general. Continuing the theme of this room, the general wore an armor that was decorated with mirrors and other reflective materials. “Greetings, heroes, I am Inviridia, general of envy,” the general introduced himself.

That was Christy's cue. She took out the TF gun while Inviridia was monologuing and with careful aim not to accidentally hit one of his mirrors she shot the demon general. Inviridia’s body gained a metallic sheen all over before suddenly losing definition and collapsing into a puddle on the floor. The puddle quickly reformed into a human shape. A busty female hourglass shape with a long dick, to be exact. That was pretty much all, the body not having any further details with its metallic skin instead perfectly reflecting what happened around her.

“And it looks like it’ll fall to me to take care of the heroes and this traitor,” Inviridia said from a mouth that formed on the head of the figure. The rest of her speech must've gotten lost during the transformation, but Christy doubted it was important. “Let's see if you're able to handle yourselves!”

Suddenly Inviridia turned back into a puddle only for it to massively increase in size, obviously intending to cover the whole floor in her metallic slime. Most of the heroes quickly reacted out of instinct. Jamie, Bryce and Christy flew straight up with their wings, while Toby scaled a nearby pillar with her claws. A scream got Christy’s attention. Oh shoot, in their hurry they had forgotten not all of them were this mobile.

Leah’s wheelchair had already been surrounded by the metallic goo and several slimy tendrils were starting to latch onto her. Without thinking Christy dove down and grabbed Leah’s arms in an attempt to pull the mermaid to safety. Unfortunately the tendrils proved deceptively strong and Leah barely moved an inch. Still, Christy held on to her.

Another scream made the former general look to the side to see Nico in a similar predicament as Leah. Unable to fly or climb the deertaur had attempted to outrun the villain’s slime attack. Sadly the room was only this big. Jamie and Bryce were already approaching the hero of earth, only for her to suddenly shout out to stay away from her.

Christy was confused for a moment, only for a slimy feeling up her arms to answer her questions. In the short time it took to look over Inviridia’s slime had almost completely covered Leah and already had progressed to her. Unable to let go now she could only continue her pointless struggling as the slime quickly claimed her as well.

Soon her head was covered, leaving Christy with only one sense, touch. And it was quite something she felt. Unable to move herself, all of her body, especially her erogenous zones, were being massaged from all sides. At the same time slime tentacles filled all of her holes. But try as she might, she couldn't reach an orgasm. The slime and tentacles were masterfully keeping her on edge. It was wonderful bliss and horrible torture at the same time. This went on for several minutes to the point that Christy was certain she'd go mad soon.

That's when she suddenly felt her body being touched by something else. Another body was caressing hers in all the right places. Something big and scaly was rubbing against her legs. And a long shaft entered her front pussy. Christy immediately recognized the shape of the key to her lock simply through feeling. It was a dolphin penis and that meant Leah was in here with her. The slime’s prisoner opened her mouth to accept the mermaid’s tongue and let herself be carried to the sweet release of orgasm. Cum and other juices shot out of all of her many sex organs (and the two Leah had) and quickly filled the tight slime bubble they were in to its limit until it burst.

The former general turned to the hero of water. “Thanks, but how did you–”

“I can't call myself a mermaid if I wasn't able to swim through any fluid, though I couldn't escape on my own. I have to thank you, too. If you didn’t try to save me, we two wouldn't have ended up in the same bubble.”

Christy took a deep breath of air. She laid with Leah in her arms in a puddle of Inviridia’s slime, though it seemed that mixing with too much cum made it docile. The room had been mostly cleared by the slime wave with only harmless bits and pieces sticking in a few places, including the three heroes that evaded capture.

Later Christy learned that shortly after her, Leah and Nico got trapped in big slime cocoons the wave had receded on its own. Instead slime clones shaped like the three prisoners spawned out of the cocoons and took on the three remaining heroes with copies of their respective techniques. Thankfully they weren't as strong as the originals and soon were reverted back to puddles just before Christy and Leah freed themselves.

With the numbers now in their favor the heroes resolved to finish this up quickly. Christy, Jamie, Toby and Leah went to rescue Nico with the latter jumping straight into the slime and the other three (four, if you count Madison who was technically doing the most work) helping by jamming their cocks into it and cumming as much as they could. It didn't take long to pop the bubble.

Meanwhile Bryce took on Inviridia, who had reformed her main body. Before the general of envy could come up with any other tricks the metallic angel had already closed the distance and rammed her rod through her featureless head. At the literal mindfuck the metallic slimegirl gave a loud cry of orgasm and defeat (more the former than the latter) and dissolved into a bubbling puddle that shouldn't bother them again any time soon. She didn't even get to curse at them and talk about how much stronger the upcoming generals are.

The heroes took a moment to clean themselves from any slimy remains and praise Christy for another selfless action by her. The heroes seemed to have already accepted her as one of their own. Before long it was time to approach the next chamber and whatever threat was waiting for them in there.

*The general of sloth


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A Lazy Encounter

The six (seven if you include Madison) heroes arrived in the next chamber, ready to face the fifth General. Christy stumbled a bit on her eight legs, unprepared for the cushioned floor of the chamber. The other heroes also seemed thrown off by the unstable footing inside the room. Their attention was pulled away from the floor when a voice came from across the chamber.

"The general Hendonaisia would like to express her disappointment with the previous generals for making her already plentiful workload even greater with their incompetence."

The one speaking was a short woman dressed up in a harem-girl cosplay. Beside her was another woman laying sideways on a red cushioned, wooden, chaise longue while staring at them with bored contempt, her entire body bared towards them. Sitting on the floor beside the lounge were four more people dressed similarly to the first, in front of each of them was a pole that would allow them to lift the lounge and carry it and it's occupant around.

As the short woman continued to speak on behalf of the general, Christy blasted all six people with the gun simultaneously, her cocks stiffening as she anticipated the orgy that was about to take place.

The first change was to the four people sitting next to the chaise longue. All four servants were absorbed by the seat, causing it to grow large enough that it nearly reached both ends of the chamber, and its legs were over eight feet tall. The woman giving the speech was now standing on the longue beside the general, the two women now on the far right of the chamber instead of in the middle, looking tiny compared to the massive chaise longue. The seat wasn't done changing however as above the headrest the wood morphed into four evenly spaced bumps. Each bump morphed into four distinct womanly heads. The headrest's lining was then stretched out as the cushions underneath bulged out into the shape of breasts. Eight beach ball sized mounds now stood on the sloped headrest, the generals head laying between the bottom centre two. The legs of the seat then split in two, becoming four pairs of wooden human legs, granting the four servants the ability to move their shared chaise longue body.

Now all that was left were the general and her attendant. Both women began to grow, but while the attendant stopped at a "mere" eight feet, Hendonaisia grew to the tremendous size of twenty-five feet, now matching the proportions of her chaise longue. While Hendonaisia's body stopped growing, her breasts did not, continuing to inflate until they reached what would be the size of bean bag chairs on a normal sized woman, the bottom breast barely fitting on her seat. While her breasts grew, a cock and balls sprouted from her crotch and began to grow to similarly massive proportions. Her ball sack grew to rival her breasts in size, forcing her legs apart as the twin orbs were pulled down to the seat by gravity. Alongside her balls, her cock shot up past her head, plunging itself into the mouth of one of the heads on the headrest, the tree trunk thick shaft stretching her mouth into a perfect "O" shape.

Hendonaisia's attendant's legs began to fuse together, causing the woman to fall against her mistress's neck, her eight foot frame folding over it as her legs finished their transformation into an ivory-scaled snake tail. Once it had finished forming, her new tail began to rapidly lengthen, wrapping around Hendonaisia's neck twice. The tail continued to extend, making its way up to her arm to coil around it down to the wrist. It's journey finished with it wrapping twice around the giantess's waist and down the leg opposite the arm it encased. The attendant’s two-hundred foot long boa-constrictor body almost looked like fancy jewelry on Hendonaisia's giant body from a distance.

With the transformations finished all that was left was the battle, Christy grabbed Leah and put the mermaid on her right back. She then grabbed Toby and placed her on her other back before grabbing Nico under the shoulders before taking off alongside Jamie and Bryce. With the flightless members of the group in tow, Christy made her way up to the giantess atop the living chaise longue. Upon landing on the seat, the heroes split up. Toby takes Leah and heads over towards the giantess’s breasts, while Christy and Nico went down towards her crotch.

Meanwhile Jamie had made her way up to Hendonaisia's head and had begun double penetrating the lamia attendant’s vagina while Bryce played with the nipples on the chaise longue’s breasts, stimulating the four conjoined women simultaneously. Once Toby reached the nipple on the lower of the giantess’s breasts she set Leah down so that the mermaid could start penetrating the massive nipple resting at eye-level. Toby then proceeded to scale the mammaries up to the upper breasts and shoved her cock into Hendonaisia's second nipple.

After circumventing the giantess’s gargantuan balls, Nico and Christy find themselves face-to-face with her massive pussy, large enough that it could swallow a person. Luckily neither of the two taurs are lacking in the penile department and begin taking turns fucking Hendonaisia, the other one of them spending their break massaging what they can of the giant ballsack.

Under the sexual force of the six heroes, Hendonaisia, her attendant, and the chaise longue-girls are all soon brought to orgasm, the giantess's cock slipping out of the mouth it was in just as several litre of semen come gushing out, soaking the padded flooring in jizz.

With the general of Sloth defeated, the heroes once again make their way through the exit, wondering which of the two remaining generals will be waiting for them in the next chamber.

To be continued: https://www.cyoc.net/interactives/chapt … 81520.html


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Flicker wrote:

Full unedited CYOC chain (at time of posting):
https://www.cyoc.net/interactives/chapt … /full.html

The writing leaves a lot to be desired, but the TFs here are really all that matters.

I've also made edits such as combining routes and changing "stick" and "meat stick" to dick and cock since calling them sticks is a massive turn off.

I also fixed any super confusing wording I spotted such as the last part of "Happening before going to school". I'm guilty of skimming like crazy though, so I'll miss a lot of it. I'll probably come back to fix more of it later.

Thanks for collating this. I've done some translation stuff for moduloks who is not a native English speaker and I think "stick" etc. is a result of machine translation. In any case while I love their stories it's clear Caraleribbor's first language isn't English so I give them some slack.