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Aquatic Monster Futanaris

Looking over her amazing centaur body, and thinking back on the mermaid she had sex with earlier, Christy decides that this party is the perfect chance to make more people into monster girls. Considering that this is a pool party she figures she should start by making some water themed monster girls.

Starting things off simple, Christy points the gun at a guy showing off to a pair of girls by doing a high dive into the pool. Christy manages to hit him with a shot just as he lands in the pool, and after a few seconds he-or rather she now, emerges onto the side of the pool. Her legs are now a crimson mermaid tail matching her now ass length red hair, her new breasts are larger than her head and her nipples have been replaced by a pair of ten inch long cocks. The two girls walk over to her, impressed by the dive, and sit on both sides of her, beginning to suck her dick-nipples while the mermaid fingers their pussies.

The next target is a girl who is struggling to service two previously transformed people, the girl with a trio of dicks that used to be guys, and the girl with the three different animal penises. As she struggled to pleasure all six cocks with her hands and mouth her arms began to split and morph, her skin beginning to turn a shade of purple. Her arms quickly split again, leaving her with 4 tentacle arms on each side of her body, with which she began to jerk off five of the dicks while she deepthroated the horse cock. The changes continued across her body, her tentacles becoming shade of dark purple with her torso a slightly lighter shade. The changes reached her legs and they began to morph and split like her arms until she had eight tentacle legs. With her new appendages she began to rope in more of the surrounding people as her leg tentacles began to split rapidly into more tentacles, several of which were tipped with cocks that she began shoving into peoples pussies, mouths, and asses. Soon enough, an orgy formed around her of men and women from the party, all of them being fucked, stroked and penetrated by her many tentacles.

Christy looked around for her next target and spotted another the people she had changed earlier, the cheerleader that she had turned into a femboy. Him and the jock seemed to have decided that grinding wasn't enough and were out of the pool and had begun to strip, the femboy taking off his bathing suit and bending over one of the tables next to the pool, presenting his ass to the jock, who had taken off his shorts and begun to approach the table when he was blasted by Christy. As the jock walked towards the femboy his hair grew longer, his body thinned out and became more feminine and his chest inflated until a pair of large breasts adorned the now futanari jock's chest. As the futa jock grasped the femboy's hips her cock began to change as well, growing much larger as it's head flattened, a sheath then grew at the base, and the futa's balls tripled in size, she thrust her new two foot long horsecock into the femboy's ass, causing femboy's own cock to erupt into an orgasm from the pleasure. The futa's body began to change further as she stretched out the femboy's ass hole with thrusts of her giant horsecock, first her torso stretched out longer, then her legs fused into a fish tail and the bottom half of her longer torso bulked out and morphed into the front half of a horse torso, and a pair of forelegs with hooves grew from her human hips-turned horse shoulders. The new hippocampus-taur's cock blasts her seed into the femboy's ass as her lower body is covered in blue scales completing her transformation

Christy, satisfied with her aquatic transformations then began to survey the rest of the party goers, wondering what changes she should make next.

*Turn more people into monster girl futas


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More Monster Futanaris

Christy is resolved to continue to turn people into future monster girls, but of other types.

She began with a girl who carried several drinks, probably having to get into the class with her she was, but she lost all when he was hit by the shooting and had to hold her head that fell. She took her head, sat down and put her head between her legs to suck the 9-inch dick that had grown there.

Then she found another couple of boyfriends and shot them both, the guy quickly became a girl with his dick reaching 10 inches. Her girlfriend also got a dick of the same size between her legs. Soon after, the legs of the two merged and turned into a snake's tail, but without a tip since the tails of the two merged making each one a single lamia.

Then she found a girl who was touching up her makeup. She had an idea and shot her, but just in time she moved and the shot ended up hitting the mirror in her makeup case and coming back against herself. Immediately Christy's body, starting just below her breasts, started to split in two, following everyone else down. In the end she was a bi-centaur, two horse bodies side by side, having Madison as her cock on the right horse body and a normal horse cock on the left.

*Having just one living cock is a bit awkward...


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Monster Girl Fusions

Christy is at first taken aback with her new second horse body, but she decides that she likes the change and will keep it for the moment. Feeling like it's a bit awkward having a living cock on one side and a regular one on the other, Christy decides that she should make her left cock into a cock-person as well. At first she thinks about just blasting someone from the party, but she then has a great idea and shoots herself with the gun again. The horsecock on her left body changed until it was an exact replica of Christie's upper torso her, vision shifting as she now had a secondary perspective from her new cock body.

Her new lower body is soon dragged into the mini orgy happening between her legs, eating out a girl making out with Madison while she gives a dual hand-job to the girl with a genital face, with Madison giving a guy a boob-job. Christy loves the pleasure her fused form gives and decides that she should fuse more people together, much like that amphisbaena lamia she made earlier, and figures the best place to start is with the three people she has right here.

The guy, who had just orgasmed from Madison's boob-job, grabbed onto the hand of the girl making out with Madison and his body was pulled into hers. Their combined form began to change, the girls original feet turned into hooves as fur spread up her legs while her torso began to lengthen, a pair of leonine paws emerging from her new tauric shoulders. Meanwhile the genital faced girl's legs merged into a snake tail as scales covered her whole body and her hair morphed into a cobra hood. The guy and the girl's lower body finished forming, the back half resembled a tailless goat while the front half was like a lions, the two halves seamlessly transitioning into each other. The genital faced lamia's tail then attached itself to the back end of the taurs lower body while their upper body split, leaving the girl and guy with separate upper torso's attached to the same lower body. The two upper torsos then began to change in their own different ways, the girls body's breast grew larger and a pair of ram horns grew from her head, whereas the guys body quickly feminized, growing four pairs of equally large breasts down her torso as well as a pair of cat ears on the top of her head, her human ears disappearing. Finally a pair of cocks, one horsecock and one barbed feline penis, as well as two pairs of large balls grew from between their back legs, leaving the three people a conjoined chimera-taur. They wasted no time getting right back into the action, the lamia tail took the Christy cock into her vagina mouth, now much more accommodating thanks to her snake body, while their tauric body presented it's pussy to Madison, who Christy plunged into them immediately as her upper body began to look for another potential merger.

Her eyes fell upon another of her previous transformees, the jock who she had gave a massive hyper cock. He was still having his dick worshipped by his four friends, their claims of “no homo” seeming even less honest now that their shorts were soaked in the cum from both their own ejaculations as well as the ones of their hyper-cocked friend. Christy decided that she would make their claims more truthful since, if you were all merged into one entity that would make it masturbation, right? After Christy shot the group, the four jocks bodies quickly merged into the cock, their mass ready to be used to fuel the transformation of their monster dicked companion. Firstly, four ginormous breasts, each one several times larger than his head and with a pair of plump lips instead of nipples, grew on the jocks now clearly female body. The hyper endowed futa then grew four more pairs of arms down her torso, these arms weren't under her control though, but under the control of her four body-mates who quickly got back to work worshipping her massive dong, pulling it up in between her huge boobs, the lipples resuming their chants of “no homo”. As the futa's breasts pleasured her hyper penis, her ass stretched out and her legs began to morph alongside four new pair of legs extending from her quickly growing behind. Her lower half continued to transform, becoming chitinous and segmented until she now stood on the ten legs of her centipede-like body, her cock coating her needy breasts with semen as she came powerfully from the stimulation.

Christy, aroused greatly by the transformation she just caused, also came, Madison erupting into the taurs pussy while her cock body came into the lamia tail's vagina mouth. Coming down from her post orgasmic high, Christy figures that the transformation gun doesn't have much more power before she needs to charge it and decides to think carefully about what she wants to use it on.

*Christy uses the rest of the power on a grand finale


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The grand finale at the party hostess

Christy decided that she would complete the transformations by changing the party's host, Rebecca, once again. She looked for the rich girl in the crowd and found her at the pool socializing with some people. She fired at her, draining the battery of her transformation gun for good.

Once Rebecca was hit, it became transparent and dissolved completely in water. In the end Rebecca was all the water in the pool. Despite being water, Rebecca was still able to move freely, maintaining control over the parts that separated her.

Soon the water tentacles could be seen coming out of the pool and tearing up the little clothes that people in it were wearing. Soon after, the water level just rose and practically covered everyone in the pool, leaving only their faces out so as not to drown them, Rebecca penetrated all the holes submerged in her and stroked the cock of everyone who had it, creating an orgy in the pool. Several moans could be heard, some louder due to successive orgasms, with the more self-groan coming straight out of the water confirming that Rebecca also had an orgasm.

Even after having come and making everyone in the pool come to Rebecca, she still wasn't satisfied. Several copies of Rebecca, just like she was before the last transformation, but with bodies made entirely of water and a hard cock between her legs, left the pool and went to meet the others present at the party, starting to fuck or be fucked by them.

Christy was no exception and had four copies of Rebecca that came to her. As if to help themselves, two of them transferred all the water that formed their upper body to the other two, which was used to increase the size of their legs and dicks. The Rebeccas that had grown up went after Christy and started to fuck her two assholes, the others that were only the bottom half entered under her and to have their dicks sucked by her living-dicks. She was impressed that even though they were made of water, Rebecca's cocks were hot and hard, perhaps harder than one of flesh and blood.

Once again one after the other those involved in this orgy came, especially with Rebecca's orgasm. As all the Rebeccas of water were a single being and had a single conscience controlling all of them, the loudest groan can be heard because they all came at exactly the same time.

*Christy heads home for the night


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Changes at Home

After Rebecca finished fucking nearly everyone simultaneously, the party began to wind down and Christy decides that she might as well head home, since the TF gun was out of power anyways. Several people ask Christy and Madison to spend the night with them, but all the sex from the party had left them both satisfied so they turn the people down and go home alone, planning on having dinner and going to bed early.

Upon arriving back at their home, Christy and Madison find a note on the fridge from telling them that Christie's parents went out for dinner, but had made the two of them some sandwiches so they didn't have to make anything if they got back really late from the party. Christy opened the fridge and found five foot long submarine sandwiches inside on a plate, Christy had been eating more since she became a centaur and works out that now that she had a second body, the amount of food she needed to eat had gotten even larger. It takes almost an hour to eat the sandwiches, so Christy makes a mental note that if she ever wants to make her body any bigger to also give herself a bigger mouth so it doesn't take so long to eat. Full from the meal, Christy goes back up to her room and spends a little bit of time browsing her social media (Amused by the many posts from people she had changed at the party, as well as the many people changing their status from “Single”) before kneeling down on the now twice as big mat on the floor that had replaced her bed to better fit her horse body and went to sleep, planning on waking up early to make the most of the rest of her weekend.

Christy clopped her way over to the dining room the next morning, ready to begin another day of changing people. Her Mother and Father (who she had changed back to normal) were already awake, her father drinking his morning coffee and picking at his breakfast of scrambled eggs, toast and bacon, while her mother was at the stove in the connected kitchen frying more eggs and bacon.

“Just give me a moment dears, it'll be about ten minutes or so until I'm done making enough food for you”

Not willing to wait for that long and not wanting her mother to have to spend so much time making food for her new form, Christy pulls out the TF gun and blasts her mother, hoping to give her a form that would lighten her workload, as well as feeding Christie's developing monster girl fetish.

As soon as she was hit with the shot, three more pairs of arms grow out of Christie's mothers shoulders, the new arms covered in a chitinous exoskeleton up to just below where they meet her shoulders. A bulge forms on the small of her back, quickly growing into a spider abdomen nearly four meters in diameter, as her legs morph and split eight into spider legs. Her changes conclude with her breasts growing twice as large (Bursting out of her blouse), six smaller eyes growing on her forehead, along with her canine teeth becoming spider fangs able to inject a powerful aphrodisiac, leaving her as a multi-armed arachne, with a spider abdomen that took up almost the entire kitchen.

Spider mom immediately began to put her new body to use, her bundle of arms cracking eggs, flipping bacon, and putting finished food onto a plate in the oven to keep it warm as she cooked the rest, she was also using her spider thread to hold utensils and ingredients in convenient areas within her reach. Less than a minute after her transformation, Christie's mother was placing a giant place of eggs, bacon and toast in front of her before going to her spot at the table to eat her own breakfast. When Christie was about halfway through her plate of food, Her father got up to go to work, saying goodbye to the three girls and giving his wife a kiss before heading towards the door. If Christy wanted to change her father, this would be her last chance until he got home tonight, when the TF gun would almost certainly be out of juice. Does she change him now, or hope she can remember to save some power during her day out?

*Change her father now


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Changing Dad, Then Making Things Right

Since her father is a tour guide for the prehistory exhibit at the local museum, Christy goes for a change that's sure to enhance his tours greatly. As the shot hits him, Christie's father stops in the hall leading to the entryway as his shoes burst open, revealing a pair of large bird-like talons. His legs then bulk out and tear through his pants, now covered in rough and thick skin, as long, sparsely feathered tail grows out of his spine, and a pair of tiny arms grow from just above what used to be his hips. Her father's lower body, now that of a small tyrannosaurus rex then begins to grow until his head presses against the ceiling, his dinosaur half's sides nearly breaking the furniture in the hall. Suddenly, a shift in reality happens and now the roof is higher and the halls are wider, the entire house having grown to better accommodate her father's five meter tall frame. Her father's penis then begins to grow, reaching nearly a full meter in length, before it retreats into his newly forming cloacal slit, revealing that Christie's father isn't entirely male anymore. Following the addition of his new set of reproductive organs, Christie's father's human upper body feminizes, and a pair of small breasts forms, concluding the changes.

Her father, now a futanari Tyrannosaurus rex-taur, continues towards the door, also now large enough to fit her, and begins commute to work. Both her parents having now been given greatly improved (as far as she was concerned anyways) forms, Christy heads up to her room to get ready for her trip out into town. Since her horse bodies are not really conductive to pants, Christy puts matching shirts on both original and penis bodies, as well as the reluctant Madison. Christy feels that her outfit could use an accessory of some kind to bring it together and goes to grab something out of her jewellery box, stopping when she notices a familiar sight on top of her drawers, a pocket pussy with a pink dildo shoved into it. Recognizing the first two victims of her TF gun, Tina and Fredrick, Christy begins to feel a bit of guilt. Sure, Tina did something terrible to her and Fredrick was a jackass for falling for her lies, but they hardly deserved to be turned into inanimate objects, erased completely from reality by the power of the gun, for nearly a week. Christy decides to make it up to them by using the gun once again, this time to give them a form that will be significantly more enjoyable for both of them. Taking the two sex toys out into her back yard, Christy carefully places them on the grass and blasts them with the ray.

*She changes them into a fused form


Re: Christy & The Transformation Gun - by caraleribbor & Zargodia


Soon Tina and Fredrick merged into a single object and grew. They went back to being human, but sharing the same body. They formed a headless female body and had their faces on their breasts, Tina's on the left and Fredrick on the right.

Christy was merciful in making them stop being inanimate, but they were still being punished, so Christy made sure they had no genitals.

They didn't remember the period they spent as sextoys and thought they were just late for an appointment. They left quickly and Christy sneaked after them until they passed through the square, where they met Josh, another ex-boyfriend of Christy who had suffered from her revenge and was now a tree girl. All of this reminded Christy that she was very unlucky in love, the two boyfriends she had once had and both had cheated on her with a friend of hers. She got a little irritated and shot Tina / Fredrick again, making them change so they would be excited very easily even though they had neither a cock nor a vagina.

They saw the tree girl and took a fruit from her, which was long and long and stuck it in the ass, the only hole they had. They used it until they managed to have an orgasm, weak and unsatisfactory due to the lack of genitals.

Christy only watched from a distance, as she didn't want to be discovered by them, let alone by Josh who was aware of the changes.

*Finish tying up loose ends


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Managing to tie up all the loose ends

Tina and Fredrick continued to masturbate with the fruit-dildo for another few minutes, attempting unsuccessfully to reach a more satisfying climax, before giving up and moving on with their day, leaving Josh alone on the school grounds. Christy, still feeling guilty for some of the life-ruining transformations she inflicted on people when she first got the TF gun, shoots Josh from the bushes intending to makes her life a bit more livable, while still pushing her for cheating.

After the shot, Joshes tree body rumbles a bit before Josh steps out of it, her body, still covered in bark and leaves, unmelding with the tree. Christy had given Josh the ability to move back, but the dryad still had to spend long periods inside the tree on school grounds to “recharge”, for every hour she spent in her tree she would get an hour outside of it, after her time was up, she would turn inanimate until someone brought her back to the tree. Another not immediately obvious aspect of the change was that Josh would now feel pleasure when people used her “home” tree's fruits as dildos or when people had sex with the vaginas embedded into the tree, as if they were her own sex organs. Christy had made it so the explanation for Josh being in her tree for the last four days was that she was going on a trip out of town to visit some relatives and need to build up enough time so she wouldn't run out while over there. Now that she had plenty of time built up, Josh went home to begin packing for the trip.

Having seen Josh again, Christy was reminded of another person, Vicky, the one Josh had cheated on her with, and began heading over to her house, intending on at least making her change “normal” so as to not have it completly ruin her life. About an hours walk later, something made easy with Christy's cheerleader athleticism and double horse bodies, she arrived at the Johnson household and rang the doorbell. The person who opened the door was an older woman with what could only be described as a “MILF bod”, with large breasts and wide hips, her black hair framed her brown-skinned face. The woman, presumably Vicky's mother, looked at Christy curiously and asked

“Oh. Christy and Madison, what brings you here, I thought you and my daughter had a falling out after she started dating that nice dryad Josh?” Christy put on an (only half insincere) apologetic voice and replied

“Yeah, I was pretty upset with her, but after I heard what happened to her the other day I decided to let bygones be bygones and come comfort her. Is she around right now?”

“Yes, when we brought her back home after the incident we had to remove the outward facing wall and take all her furniture out of her room just so she would fit. She's been in there ever since, hoplessly depressed. You actually arrived a a good time, another girl from school is also here, apparently something similar, though on a much smaller scale, happened to her and she's helping our daughter get used to the changes. Vicky's room is the door on the left down this hallway” Mrs Johnson replied, indicating the hallway in question as she let Christy and Madison inside.

As the conjoined girls made their way inside, Christy remembered that she had previously turned this woman's husband into a female sphinx and gave her a quick shot with the TF gun, giving her the ears, tail, and legs of a jackal, as well as a twenty five centimetre canine penis. Patting herself on the back for giving the wife and former husband a matching Egyptian theme, Christy heads down the hall to Vicky's room. As she approaches the door though, she begins to hear voices coming from behind the door.

“What are you doing Brooke?”
“I can't take it anymore.”
“Stop climbing up my balls!”
“I cant help myself, you're just too sexy!”
“Get off me! Don t put that the- OHHHHHHH”
“Your ass is so tight Vicky!”

Christy quietly opens the door to Vicky's room and peaks inside to sees Vicky, still a head on the end of a meter long cock attached to a headless body with humongous, car-sized balls, being fucked up the ass by Brooke's massive horsecock, their moans increasing in volume as both girls build towards orgasm. Christy is glad to see Brooke here, since she was the final person she wants to zap again to remove their memory of being transformed. Seeing this a a golden opportunity to kill two birds with one stone, Christy blasted the both of them with the TF gun.

As Brooke continues to ram her horsecock up Vicky's ass, Vicky's headless body begins to shrink down, its mass fusing with the cock that held Vicky's head. Eventually, all that was left of Vicky was her ass, cock and balls, Brooke's horse cock was now bottomed out within the interior of her penis. Vicky's ass then fused into Brooke's body, as her cock-neck melded with tube of equine dick inside it, leaving Vicky's head attached to Brooke's now two meter long, and nearly a thirty centimetres thick horsecock. The next thing to change was Vicky's room, the roof rising higher and the outside wall pushing out into the backyard, every surface of the room became shiny, now covered in liquid resistant material, and a giant door, like the ones used to offload delivery trucks at large grocery stores, appeared in the wall facing the backyard. Several drains then appeared in the floor, connected to a drainable tank in the basement. Then large desk, designed so that Brooke can reach it from her perch atop her and Vicky's gigantic balls was brought into existence, complete with a computer setup and several monitors. Finally a massive padded trolley appeared below the newly conjoined pair's ball-sack.

Reality had now changed so that Brooke and her living horsecock, Vicky, attend school via webcam most of the time, as moving them to and from school every day was impractical. When they need to attend school for important events, or when they just want to go somewhere, their body is pulled onto a modified hauling truck Vicky's parents owned, allowing her to be driven around in relative comfort. Brooke soon began stroking Vicky with a massive cock sleeve, the living cock now needing to cum several times per day to keep her balls from swelling. Due to their previous build up from before reality was modified the two of them soon came, litres of cum blasting out of Vicky's mouth, sliding off the walls and down into the drains in the floor. After nearly ten full minutes of orgasm, the stream halted, the conjoined girls left panting as they recovered. The spectacle of their orgasm was incredibly arousing to Christy, both Madison and her cock body began leaking precum out of their mouths as they peeped on the pair.

Should Christy and Madison go inside and hang out, and almost certainly have sex, with the massive balled girl and her living horsecock or, now that she had changed everyone that had been aware of the changed reality other then her partner in crime Ella, sneak away and sate her lust by transforming people elsewhere?

*Leave and go change people somewhere else


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Accidental transformation and new friends

Christy decided to leave them alone and left. She was looking for a good place to transform more strangers.

As she walked down the street, her live dicks revolted, as they wanted to have joined Vicky and Brooke. In an act of rebellion Madison began to stroke herself, as did Christy's other cock.

Christy asked her dicks to stop, but they did not obey and kept stroking themselves until she came. She hadn't realized that her purse was not properly closed and, with the sudden movement that Christy made when she came, the TF gun came out and fell to the ground with an accidental shot.

Christy grabbed the TF gun quickly and put it back in the bag as fast as she could, then looked in the direction of the shot to see if anyone had been hit. She only saw a blind girl walking in the company of her guide dog. The shot had clearly hit the guide dog because instead of paws he had human arms and legs and was still transforming. By the end of the transformation, the guide dog had become a human girl and only her ears and tail remained intact.

The ex dog stood looking at her body, momentarily forgetting the blind girl, who Christy ran to grab her when she was almost run over by a car.

"Be careful, you can't walk like this without a guide." Christy said but the girl started to struggle and scream.

The ex dog heard her owner and ran over to her, making her calm down and saying "Sorry, I got distracted and ended up careless. I don't know why I suddenly became a human."

Christy realized that the dog girl was aware of her transformation and had increased intelligence so she could speak, so she answered "Sorry, I ended up changing you accidentally."

"If it's just an accident, I can't complain. The problem was that my owner was almost involved in a serious accident because of my distraction." the dog girl said

"But why didn't she notice the car approaching? I thought that blind people had a sharper hearing than a normal person, and that car was not at all quiet." Madison said

"It is because my teacher Hope is not only blind, she is also deaf." the dog girl said

"That's why she didn't speak to me and just kicked, she doesn't know how to talk either." Christy said

"That's right. My name is Lola and I’m her guide dog. I am so grateful that you saved Master Hope." the dog girl said

"I'm Christy and my dick on the right is Madison, my dick on the left is just an extension of myself. And if you don't mind, I'd like to help Hope." Christy said

"Help more? How? You already saved her life, it doesn't get any better than this." Lola said

"This way." Christy said and shot against Hope, leaving scheduled to her beware of the changes. There was no change clearly viable for them, but the effect was obvious by the reaction of the Hope that began to turn all sides.

"I can't believe it, I can see and hear." Hope said and put her hand in front of her mouth, surprised to be able to speak.

"You...?" Lola started talking

"... made it so that she could see and hear? Exactly. I also made her know how to speak." Christy said

"She may not seem like it, but she has a big heart." Madison said

Hope, on hearing this, hugged Christy saying "Thank you very much, thank you very much. Thanks to you I am finally a normal girl." Lola also wanted to thank her, she jumped on Christy and started to lick her face.

When they were done with their show of gratitude, the two went down and Hope looked at Lola and asked "And who are you?"

"I'm Lola, your guide dog. She changed me into a human." Lola said

"My guide? How nice to finally be able to see you." Hope said

After that, Hope said she wanted to thank her better and invited Christy to come to her house.


*accepts the invitation


Re: Christy & The Transformation Gun - by caraleribbor & Zargodia


Christy decides to accept Hope's offer, feeling like she could use a break after spending all morning galloping around town. Since Hope and Lola were in the middle of their morning walk before meeting Christy, Hope's house was still several blocks away, so Christy offered the two of them a ride on her backs. Hope and Lola each climb up onto one of Christy's horse backs and the Bicentauri begins a slow trot down the sidewalk, not wanting to jostle her bareback riders (she took a mental note to consider getting some saddles in the future). Once Christy got going at a steady pace, Holly, still taking in the sights around her for the first time, asks a question of her mount

“How did you even get a magic gun in the first place?”

Christy responds by telling her about how she found it in a box under her desk, how after testing its power she used it for some revenge on a mean girl from school, how she changed her parents without even thinking about it. She continued her tale, from her meeting with Ella, to her many changes after she began to use the reality alteration setting, to Ella getting her own TF gun and holding her bathroom orgies. Eventually, Christy reaches the events of today, just as the group arrives outside Holly's house. Since Christy is unable to fit through the door, the four girls head into the garage (empty, since Holly would have no reason to own a car) and sit down to finish their talk.

“Sometimes I feel like it's wrong for me to keep changing people willy-nilly, but it's also really fun, and arousing, and I don't want to stop. Do you think I'm a bad person for altering people lives just to sate my own lust?” Christy posies a question to her two new friends. Holly thinks for a minute, then responds.

“You've defiantly done some questionable thing with the gun, and I may not be completely unbiased, since you restored my sight and hearing, but I don't think you're a bad person, otherwise you wouldn't have spent all of this morning making things right.”

“I might be a bit biased as well Christy, but I loved being a centaur back when you first transformed me, and I love being your cock now as well, everyone you've changed has been introduced to an amazing world of pleasure and I think they're better off after your changes”

“If you never used the gun, I would still be a normal dog, unable to even understand what we're talking about, so I think that gun is an amazing thing that you should keep using!”

Both Madison and Lola chimed in after Holly, their words filled Christy with confidence that she has been making the world a better, sexier, place.

“Thanks everyone, for giving me the reassurance I need”

The conversation soon shifted to lighter topics, Holly and Lola, heading inside to get something to eat, since it was around lunch time anyways. After the four finished eating, Holly and Lola gave each other a meaningful look before turning to Christy and asking her to...

*Let them use the gun on each other


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The start of a beautiful relationship

Christy is a little reluctant to hand the gun over to someone else, but she feels that Holly and Lola are trustworthy enough, so she explains how to use the TF gun before handing it to Holly. The woman thinks for a short while, then hesitantly points the TF gun at her former guide dog.

“Are you still sure about this Lola?” Holly asks, uncertain.

“Yes, no matter what form I take I'll always be your loyal companion, so please change me however you wish” Lola responds, closing her eyes and spreading her arms. Holly straightens her grip on the TF gun and fires.

Lola begins by growing taller and more muscular, her body now eight feet tall and rippling with muscles. Her legs then morph into a pair of furry dog legs. Her shoulders then to grow wider as two lumps emerge from either side of her head, eventually forming into two more heads, identical to her original one. Her changes finish with three, foot-long, canine penises, each with their own pair of large balls, growing out in front of her pussy.

Lola, now a amazonian futanari cerberus-girl, looks over her new form in awe.

“Even back when you were a normal dog, I always thought of you as my own protector, so I changed you to match how I always imagined you – big, strong, and always watching out for me.” Holly explains, handing the gun over to Lola before continuing.

“And now it's your turn, change me however you desire. You looked out for me all these years so allow me to repay you by becoming anything you want me to be”

Lola stares at the gun. Originally, she was planning on doing something small and inconsequential to her owner, only having agreed to change Holly because she didn't want Lola to be the only one transformed. After her change though, the feeling of loyalty she had towards her master were being twisted into sexual desire by her new sets of male genitalia. She had given Holly care and affection for most of her life, helping her live even with her disabilities, now she wants to pay Lola back. Lola, her growing feelings of lust caused by her trio of doggy dicks guiding her, blasts Holly with the TF gun.

Holly lurches over as the changes wash over her body, her breast balloon out until they're as big as medicine balls, and two more rows grow in below her original pair, reaching an equal size. A pair of canine fore-legs then form above her hips, and her ears change into dog ears as they move to the top of her head. Her new dog legs continue to stretch out, as her hips move back and her lower body is covered in a coat of fur the same colour as her hair. Her spine stretches out into a dog's tail as her original pair of legs morph into canine hind legs. Holly's new lower torso then grows larger, reaching five feet high at it's shoulder. For a split second, Holly thinks her changes are over, before she feels a sensation in her lower stomach as her vagina splits into three, each one with it's own separate reproductive system, and eight nipples grow on her lower torso, quickly expanding into breasts the same size as those on her upper torso.

With her owner now fully transformed into a Canine-taur, Lola walks over and grabs Holly's hand, kneeling down and looking up the her with all three heads.

“Holly, while I may have cared of you for all those years, you also took care of me just as much, feeding me, taking me for walks, and too many other things to list. So when you ask me what I want of you, the only answer I have is to continue to take care of me, as I will continue to take care of you, this time not as owner and pet, but as mates, and together let us take care of the many litters we will have.” Holly's face lit up at Lola's words.

“Yes of course Lola, Nothing else in the world could make me more happy then to be your wife!” Holly joyously responds, stepping back and presenting her pussies to the other woman as the lust from the transformation overtakes her.

“Now take me, fill be with your seed and, grant me our first litters of children!”

Lola, lunges over to her tauric lover and plunges all three of her cocks into each of her Holly's vaginas, reaching down and kneading Holly's lower breasts as she roughly fucks the Canine-taur.

Christy and Madison watch these events with rapt attention, looking over the two lovers and beginning to get aroused at the spectacle. Knowing what she wanted to do next, the bicentauri steps forward and...

*takes the gun back so she can leave and transform someone to fuck


Re: Christy & The Transformation Gun - by caraleribbor & Zargodia

Quick Relief

Christy stepped forward and retrieved the TF gun from Lola's hand, the woman hardly even noticing in her lust, and left, not wanting to interrupt the two lovers moment; Christy's two living cocks would need more stimulation then they would get from joining in anyways. As Christy stepped out of Hopes garage, she immediately began looking for someone to change into a form better able to sate her growing lust. The first person she spotted was an older woman sitting on a lawn chair in her yard, with a drink sitting on a table next to her. Christy immediately took aim at the woman and fired.

The woman's legs began to lose definition, turning into simple tubes of flesh. Her eyes became slitted, and a pair of fangs grew out of her mouth. Two bulges grew out of each side of her torso, quickly forming into new arms. As what used to be the woman's legs started to grow longer, her breasts also began to grow, until they reached over a foot out from her chest. The woman's legs then fused together down to where he knees were originally. White scales began to form, beginning from her hips and slowly spreading down her legs. Finally finished growing, her former legs had reached ten meters in length, now fully formed as a pair of snake tails. As her changes concluded the woman was suddenly overcome with an intense lust, ensuring that she would accept Christy's advances.

“Ma'am, you don't look well, do you want me to call an ambulance?” Christy inquired as she approached, already knowing what the woman's response would be.

“No that won't be necessary, it's just that I have been skipping my nightly masturbation sessions this past week due to being overly busy with housework, I was just about to take care of it after I finished my drink” The woman replied, trying to hide the fact that she was ogling Madison and Christy.

“If you would like, I could help you with your problem, both of my cocks are feeling really pent up at the moment as well.”

“Well... if the two of you are okay with it“ The woman responds, attempting to maintain a pretense of reluctance before she pulls herself up onto her twin tails and slithers over to Christy. When she reaches the bicentauri the woman is quickly pulled into an embrace, Christy lifting her up and kissing her deeply. The woman then moves her twin snake tails and carefully wraps them around both Madison and Christy's penis bodies, beginning to stroke and caress them with skillful motions. The woman then puts her many arms to use caressing both her and Christy's breasts, as well as fingering her own vagina. The pairs lovemaking went on for several minutes, before the woman pulled away and gave Christy a lustful look

“Are you and your cocks ready for the big finish?” The woman asked. Christy was about to respond when the woman used the tips of her tails to penetrate both of her assholes simultaneously, turning anything she was about to say into a protracted moan of pleasure. The woman continues to thrust her tails in and out of her lover's horse anuses, twisting them to maximize the stimulation on her prostates. Christy, unable to last long under the woman's intense ministrations, orgasmes powerfully both her living penises are soon blasting cum all over the grass, the woman reaches her own orgasm not long afterwards.

After recovering from their orgasms, the couple soon untangle and part ways, exchanging phone numbers so they can meet up to fuck again. Christy hopes that her intense orgasm is enough to satisfy her cocks for a while, as she wants to spend the rest of the day transforming people. As Christy is contemplating where she should go to begin, her phone begins to ring. She picks it up and looks at the caller ID, it's...

*Leah, the roleplaying mermaid, she's inviting Christy to one of her LARP sessions


Re: Christy & The Transformation Gun - by caraleribbor & Zargodia

An intriguing invitation

Once she recognizes the name, Christy immediately answers the phone, wondering for what reason the mermaid would be calling her.

“Hello, this is Christy right?” Leah asks, her soft-spoken voice taking Christy back at first, having only ever heard her speaking in her “role-play” voice before

“Yes this is Christy. You're Leah, the mermaid from the park, right?

“Yeah. So, I was wondering if you would like to come to the LARP, uh, the Live Action Role-Play, session my group is having today, it's the last session of our current story arc and the organizers wanted to see if we could get more members for the next one. Since you played along with me when we, uh, “met” in the park I figured you might be interested in joining.”

“What would I have to do? I've never really done any role-play before so I'm not really sure what would be expected of me”

“Nothing really, as I said its the finale of the current arc we're doing so you would mostly just be sitting in and watching, to get an idea of how it works, then you would meet the organizers and talk with them, you wouldn't have to make any commitments immediately though, the group is taking a month break before we start back up, since we've been doing sessions every week for the last few months."

“Well I would need to double check to see if it would conflict with my cheer practice, but I'm willing to at least see how one of these “LARP” sessions go, where is it being held?”

“Great thanks for agreeing to come, I'll text you the location. The session starts in an hour, but if you get there early I could introduce you to some of the other group members before we start”

“Okay then, I'll head right over, see you there!”

After saying her goodbyes and hanging up, Christy began to trot towards the location Leah had texted her. Christy was pretty sure she wasn't going to end up joining the group, she had quite a few obligations already, but the session seemed like as good a place as any to continue transforming people. Besides, maybe the session would be entertaining in and of itself.

The location Leah sent her ended up being in a clearing in the middle woods next to the local park, so after only a half-hour of travel Christy had arrived. Despite the fact that the session wasn't starting for another half-hour there were already almost a dozen people here. Leah, still a wheelchair bound mermaid, was over with four other people, the five of them were putting on simple costumes and inspecting prop weapons. Leah quickly spotted Christy's large body, still recognizing her despite having changed a ton due to the reality alteration powers of the TF gun, and waved her over to the group

“Hey guys, this is the girl I was talking about, Christy, as well as her cock Madison” The mermaid introduced Christy to everyone. They all exchanged greetings before Leah gave Christy an explanation of the story of the role-play, the others often chiming in with their own comments. The basic story was pretty typical, the five people here were all the heroes of the story, each one representing an element: water, earth, fire, wind and light. The villains of the story, most of which weren't at the clearing yet numbered eight in total, their theme was the seven deadly sins, with the final one acting as the leader “The Dark Lord”. The overall plot was pretty typical generic fantasy stuff, but it was clear from they way the group members talked about it that the simple summary didn't do the quality justice, and that everyone really cared about their characters and took the LARP seriously, but not too seriously.

Christy looked over the five people in front of her, deciding that since she had some easy targets in front of her she might as well change them while she waits for everyone to arrive.

First was Leah, who was the hero of water, dressed up in cardboard painted to look like armour and wielding a plastic prop flail, though she had already been changed making her a lower priority

Second was Nico, the hero of earth, a Latino dude wearing a dirt brown robe and wielding a thick tree branch like a staff.

Third was Toby, the hero of fire, a white guy wearing a tunic and trousers with some cardboard shoulder pads and wielding a red foam sword.

Fourth was Jamie, the hero of wind, an immigrant from England, who was also wearing a tunic with trousers, though she had no additional armour, she had two plastic daggers tucked into her belt

Finally the hero of light was Bryce, a black man who was wearing nearly a full suit of plastic armour, and had a large plastic great-sword strapped behind him, he was also apparently one of the organizers of the role-play.

Christy subtly pulled out the TF gun and wondered who she should change first.

*Change Jamie, Nico, and Tody all at once


Re: Christy & The Transformation Gun - by caraleribbor & Zargodia

Getting into Character

Christy finds it amusing that the Leah was cast as the hero of water, and wonders whether that was still the case before she was a mermaid. Regardless of the answer, Christy decides to change the other heroes so they're better suited to their elements as well. Christy thinks for a moment about how she wants to change them, then fires the TF gun at three of the unchanged heroes in quick succession, wanting to save Bryce for last. Jamie, Nico, and Toby's clothes vanish as they began to transform simultaneously.

Jamie's transformation begins with her ears becoming pointed, and her legs becoming covered in yellow, scaly, skin. The scales continue up her legs, stopping midway up her thigh, as her feet change into four-toed bird talons. Her arms then began to grow green coloured feathers and her hands simplify, all four fingers merging together. Her feathers than grow out until she has a pair of wing-arms, making it nearly impossible for Jamie to hold her prop daggers properly, but Christy was aware of this and decided to give her a pair of replacement “daggers” that she would be able to wield very easily. Two bulges begin to grow out of Jamie's crotch, forming into a pair of fifteen centimetre penises, followed quickly by a pair of balls, completing her transformation into a futa harpy, a very appropriate form for the hero of wind.

At the same time, Nico's whole body begins to feminize, his hips widening, his waist shrinking, his chest growing a pair of small breasts, and his hair growing down to below his thighs. His feet then transform into hooves as brown fur with white spots began to spread up his legs. Another pair of hooves grow out of his hips and his entire lower body then grows out, turning him into a deer-taur. His cock then began to grow, the tip flattening and a sheathe forming at its base. His new horsecock continues to grow, until it pokes out from between his front legs, nearly a meter and a half long, and as thick as a two litre soda bottle. Finally, a vagina grows in on the behind Nico's lower half, and a pair of deer antlers grow on her head, the hero of earth was now a futanari deer-taur.

Meanwhile, Toby's had already become a futa, with hips as wide as her shoulders and an impossibly thin waist. Her breasts were bigger than her head and her penis was nearly a full thirty centimetres. Her changes hadn't concluded though, as a long red-scaled lizard tail grows out from her spine, as similarly coloured scales cover her arms and legs, as well as covering her now reptilian looking penis. Fire then erupts across all five of her scaly limbs, as well as her lizard cock. These flames were completely harmless, merely feeling warm to the touch, but they nonetheless made the salamander futa look the part of the hero of fire.

The other three heroes changed, Christy then looks at Bryce, wondering if, and how, she should change the leader of these heroes.

*Change him into a form suited to his role as leader


Re: Christy & The Transformation Gun - by caraleribbor & Zargodia

A Change in Leadership

After the other heroes had finished their changes, they continue their conversation as if nothing happened, meanwhile Christy aims the TF gun at Bryce, the only one of the heroes still left unchanged. Christy figures that since Bryce is both the leader of the heroes and, more importantly, one of the organizers of the role-play group, changing him will have a noticeable impact on how the group handles things, much like how changing Rebecca initially during the party essentially changed it into an orgy. Christy thinks about how she will change Bryce for a moment, before she fires at him, in the hopes of making the role-play more sexually charged.

Bryce's changes begin with his armour pressing into his body, the plastic turning into real metal as it tightly covers him from the neck down, accentuating his muscular form and sizable cock. His metal skin then begins to reshape, his body becoming even more muscular, even as he grows a pair of breasts the size of beach balls, and his body shape become more feminine. A vagina forming behind Bryce's balls finishes her change into a futanari. The metal around her neck then moves up over her face, changing it from a handsome, masculine face into a beautiful feminine one, her eyes now silver orbs with golden irises and her hair golden strands. A pair of golden metal wings then burst out her back, extending out to a wingspan of four metres, the rest of her silvery metal skin becoming adorned with golden patterns. Finally her cock begins to grow longer and thicker, pushing up between her massive tits until it reaches her chin. Bryce was now an angel made entirely out of metal, her skin was still soft to the touch, but nearly indestructible.

After Bryce's transformation Christy looks around, in the hopes of seeing the other members of the group descending into perversion, but for the most part they were exactly the same as before. A few people were wearing skimpier outfits, and she thinks there's a woman giving a man a blowjob underneath one of the picnic tables placed nearby. As Christy wonders why the group didn't change drastically with their leader like the party did after she changed Rebecca, a few more people show up, one of which walks over to the group of heroes and greets Bryce.

“Oh yeah this is Christy, a prospective recruit Leah brought in, and her cock's name is Madison. Christy, this is Diana, the other organizer besides me” Bryce introduces the other person to Christy, breaking her out of her thoughts. The new person was a pretty woman with brown hair and green eyes, she held out her hand to Christy, the Bicentauri taking it instinctively. Christy realized that if she wanted to make the role-play group more sexual, she would need to change both of their leaders and points the gun at Diana with her free hand and shoots, intending on giving her a form that would make the role-play more immersive.

The hand that Diana was using to shake Christy's quickly became covered in chitin, it quickly spread down her arm until it reached her shoulder, her other arm followed suit as well. A new pair of arms grew in underneath her original pair, this one more insect-like in appearance. A pair of antenna grew on her head, a pair of mandibles pushed out from either side of her mouth and a pair of insect wings grew on her back. Finally an ant abdomen appeared above her butt, growing until it was nearly as big as the rest of her body. Diana finished the handshake, now completely transformed into a queen ant-girl.

“Well it's nice to meet you Christy, luckily for you my workers have been putting their all into the sets for the grand finale, today's role-play is sure to be impressive. Hopefully you'll consider joining up after seeing how we do things, not many RP groups have a colony of ants to build sets for them.”

Christy looked around and saw that now nearly all of the other group members had been changed into ant-girls similar to Diana, though none of them had wings like her and all of their Abdomens were much smaller, a few of them had tauric ant bodies though. The people of the role-play group were now engaged in sexual acts, but Christy hardly noticed this as something else catches her attention. A massive anthill now dominates the centre of the clearing, a large staircase built into one side to allow people to climb up into it.

“Well it seems like everyone is here now” Bryce said, looking around

“Lets head on in so Christy can see the amazing “Dark Lord's castle” everyone has made” She continued, moving over to the anthill. Christy followed the others up the stairs (thankfully large enough for her tauric bodies) and down a long spiral staircase built into the hole at the top. What greeted Christy at the bottom was unbelievable, a large cavern had been hollowed several dozen meters below ground, one end formed to look like the gates of an evil looking castle. Diana looked over to her and explained.

“Incredible right? My workers make all the sets for our sessions, but this time they really went all out, this room is just the tip of the iceberg, there are seven more chambers carved out, the heroes are going to fight the first of the dark lords generals outside the gate here, and then fight the other six in their own special chambers as they make their way to the throne room, where the Dark Lord is waiting for them.”

Christy was led over to the side of the chamber, where she could watch without getting in the way of the group, their were several other people in this section, some were other prospective recruits, but many of them were apparently spectators, the groups sessions now apparently something people come out to watch every week. Christy sat down, deciding to watch the session as she used the TF gun on more people. Who does she change?

*Change the first of the generals