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Topic: The Mutation Liquid - by Zargodia & caraleribbor

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Written by the same authors as Christy & The Transformation Gun.

Caraleribbor's writing is still not quite where it needs to be, but it definitely has improved.

As before I will make some corrections to confusing TF wording. I've already fixed Lara's TF which was super confusing.


Re: The Mutation Liquid - by Zargodia & caraleribbor

The mutation liquid

Recently, a lot of scientists discovered a weird thick substance around the world which is extremely dangerous, contagious and recommended to avoid every contact with this liquid. This strange discovery was named the mutation liquid, as its name says contains a lot of mutation properties.

Basically this phenomenon seems to permanently transforms people (from 18 years) into monsters mutating their DNA, causing transformations like: gaining or losing weight, sex changes, appearances or disappearances of extra limbs or body parts (such as multiple arms, heads, breasts, genitals), merging other people or animals into your body or transforming they in your body parts, and even the appearance of animal parts in the body, not causing people to transform into anthro animals, but transforming into a species of human-animal chimeras.

The people can be affected by this with only having contact with the liquid or having sex with someone already transformed. Also this liquid along with the transformations make the people horny, boosting to the limit their lust desires and wanting to transform untransformed people.

Unfortunately, an evil secret corporation managed to steal this liquid and make people transform into sexual monsters just for fun, no member of this company has been found as they transform people by secretly putting the liquid in drinks, perfumes, pools, handwashes and other media.

*A group of female college students


Re: The Mutation Liquid - by Zargodia & caraleribbor

The first Victim

Samantha was busy studying, tomorrow was the start of finals week at the school she attended, Hyland collage, and she wanted be as prepared as possible. The fair skinned girl had just finished reading over a large batch of notes and was starting to feel fatigued. Deciding that she should take a break, Samantha got up from her chair and went over to the door leading to the common space she shared with her three roommates. Sitting on the couch as Samantha entered the common room were two of the other three girls who shared the space. One of the girls was staring at the TV actively watching what was on. The girl, whose name was Gemma, had pale skin and a messy mop of blond hair covering her green eyes. The other girl, a fourth generation Japanese immigrant named Tammy, was flopped back in the couch, resting from her afternoon jog. Samantha asked the two girls if they wanted anything as she made her way over to the fridge, both girls responding that they were good for the moment. Just as Samantha opened the fridge to see what was inside, the hall door opened and the fourth roommate, a black girl by the name of Maranda, stepped inside carrying several bags marked with the logo of the fast food place she worked at part time

"Hey everyone, the manager let me take home the leftovers from my shift, feel free to dig in!" she announced as she placed all the bags on the kitchen table. The other girls thanked Maranda as they all pulled out what they wanted from the bags and began to eat. Samantha pulled out a chicken burger and a few bags of french fries before sitting down with the others as they all ate, chatting about various topics between bites. After eating her fill, Samantha returned to her room and resumed studying.

Over the next hour an uncomfortable feeling began to settle in Samantha's gut, eventually reaching the point where it became distracting. Samantha quickly got to a good break point in her studying before getting up, assuming she had to go to the bathroom, but before she even made it halfway to the door, the pressure in her abdomen intensified, forcing her to sit down on her bed. Quickly realizing that whatever was happening wasn't a simple bowel movement the woman hurriedly stripped off her pats and underwear, feeling a large something pushing down her vagina. After a few minutes of pushing, the object dropped from between her legs and landed on the carpeted floor of her room, it was an egg, larger than any egg Samantha had seen in her life, but before the girl could contemplate what had happened, a tingling sensation took over her body as it began to change.

Her legs thinned out and where covered in a layer of yellow scales, meanwhile, her arms grew white feathers and her hands simplified, leaving her with one large “finger” and a thumb on each hand, her arms now resembling a pair of chicken wings. The feathers then began to spread down her body, covering her from the neck down, and her breasts grew until they were the size of watermelons, tearing through her shirt in the process. A feathered tail grew out of her behind as her vagina moved backwards, merging with her anus into an avian cloaca. Her changes finished with another pair of breasts growing in below the first pair, followed by a ten inch cock and a ball-sack with a pair of testicles the size of the egg she had just laid growing out of her crotch. As her changes concluded Samantha felt the pressure in her gut return as she pushed out another egg, much easier this time due to her avian genitals.

After her panic wore off, the girl began to think about what could have caused her to change as she did, eventually coming to the conclusion that the food she ate had to have been contaminated with the Mutation Liquid, she had heard about it on the news, but an outbreak had never happened close to where she lived before. Suddenly a realization came over the chicken futanari - if her food had been tainted, the food her roommates ate was most likely also tainted! Samantha ran as fast as she could on her newly transformed legs over to the door, planning on checking on the others. When she opens the door she finds...

*All of her roomates are gone


Re: The Mutation Liquid - by Zargodia & caraleribbor

Gemma's situation

Shortly after Samantha returned to her room to study, there was a ring on Gemma's cell phone. She had received a message from her boyfriend, Isaac, saying that he had just come home and would like to see her. He played for the school's football team and had gone to play against a college in another city. Upon learning that her boyfriend was back, the blonde fixed her hair as fast as she could and went to his house, which was just a 5-minute walk.

On the way to her boyfriend's house, Gemma started to feel discomfort in her crotch, but she decided to wait until she got to Isaac's house to see what it was.

Shortly after Gemma arrived at her boyfriend's house she rang the bell and was attended by Sophia, Isaac's youngest sister.

"Hi Gemma, come on in. My brother is finishing dressing and will be coming down soon, we just had dinner." Sophia said

Gemma accompanied the girl to the living room, where the whole family was gathered. Isaac's parents and their four children, Margaret was the oldest and was a teacher, but not in the same school where they studied. There was Flora, the couple's second daughter, who was recently graduated and made her living as a youtuber. Isaac, who had just arrived, was the third child and the only male, being two years older than Sophia.

Gemma got along very well with the whole family of her boyfriend and with the reception she had she almost forgot about the discomfort between her legs, but as it got more intense she excused herself and went to the bathroom to see what was going on. As soon as Gemma entered the bathroom, she took off her skirt and panties shortly thereafter. She was surprised because the whole area of her crotch was black and had a hole there, to make matters worse, her vagina had completely disappeared and she only had black, loose skin in place. Realizing what was happening, she almost screamed, but stopped because she didn't want to be found like that, especially when a pillar of meat came out through the hole in her crotch, which she recognized as a horse's dick. Her new member stopped her sheath revealing her erection, at which point a pair of spheres fell on her loose skin, which were her new testicles going to the newly formed ballsack. Before Gemma fully absorbed the transformation she had just undergone, another hole opened up near the base of her dick, from which a second growing horse dick emerged and, when it reached the size of the first, her ballsack grew giving space for another pair of testicles. Her transformation was not yet completed as more horse sticks continued to grow on her, and for each dick that grew another pair of testicles descended on her ballsack. In the meantime her ass grew, her anus puffed up to make an equine appearance, and a tail grew on her. When her transformation finally ended she had a long horse tail the same color as her blonde hair, even though she didn't have fur, her ass was definitely equine, and she had a total of ten 17 inches hard horse dicks between her legs and 20 testicles inside her new ballsack.

Gemma didn't know what she could do in this situation and the bottom half of her clothes would obviously not fit her anymore.

*See what happened to Tammy


Re: The Mutation Liquid - by Zargodia & caraleribbor

Tammy's Situation

Tammy, having eaten her fill of the leftover fast-food, decided to spend some time jumping rope to burn off the calories she had just taken in. After retrieving her rope from her bedroom, she heads outside so her exercise won't disturb the other people in the dorm. As Tammy started her workout she felt her body begin to heat up faster than normal. The athlete ignored the abnormality, deciding it must be because she was still pretty fresh off her jog.

Unbeknownst to Tammy, who had closed her eyes to focus, the mutation liquid was already having an effect on her, her muscles visibly growing with each slap of the rope. The growth brought a sense of euphoria to Tammy, it felt better than any other workout she had ever done. Lost in what she thought was an especially powerful workout high, Tammy didn't notice that her rope was no longer hitting the ground as she swung it, her height increasing alongside her muscles. Even when her clothing gave way to her growth she continued, the intense heat generated by her body counteracting the chilly evening air. After thirty minutes the woman went from having the lithe muscles of an athlete to body-builder like proportions. The now nine foot tall amazonian woman still completely oblivious to her still-growing form.

It was at this time that further changes began to manifest. Her clit began to engorge, slowly forming into the distinct shape of a penis. A developing ballsack quickly followed, sending a flood of hormones into her body. As her new genitalia continue to grow, the sensations of her workout rapidly turned into lustful ministrations. Her cock and pussy both tingling with excitement with every pulse of growth. A few minutes after her cock and balls appeared, growths appeared between her shoulder blades and on her tailbone. The one between her shoulders pressed out into the distinct shape of a shark fin, while the other one stretched her spine out behind her, eventually ending in the caudal fins of a shark tail. The skin on both her dorsal fin and shark tail thickened and took on a blue-black colour.

It was when her jump rope struck her tail that Tammy snapped out of her trance. The woman looked down at her mutated body in shock, unable to comprehend how much she had changed without noticing. She had stopped at a massive eleven feet tall, her head now level with the second story windows of the dorm. Her arms and legs were thick as tree trunks, her old body would have been bar to wrap her arms around anything but the narrowest parts of them. Most shocking though was her cock, matching her limbs in thickness while dragging nearly to the ground, with balls so big they had nested in behind her knees. Luckily her breasts had also grown, though not nearly as drastically as the rest of her, and were still easily noticeable despite her bulging pectorals.

Once the initial shock of her transformation faded, Tammy realized that even if no one had witnessed what had just happened, all it would take was someone looking out their window for her to be seen and reported to the police. Options raced through her mind about what she should do. She could look into her window and see if any of her roommates could help her. She could also run off into the nearby woods and try to hide herself while she masturbates. As she contemplated her options, her throbbing member and dripping pussy presented another: just go with the flow, find someone to relieve herself with, unconcerned with the victims fate.

*Back to Gemma


Re: The Mutation Liquid - by Zargodia & caraleribbor

Gemma gets help and news

While Gemma was thinking about what to do, someone knocked on the bathroom door.

"Hey Gemma, are you okay? You're taking too long to get out of the bathroom and I need to pee." Margaret said outside the bathroom.

Gemma was afraid of the reaction of others when they learned what happened to her and she also had no way to hide, so she decided to be honest and said "I am not at all well. I was contaminated with Mutarion Liquid, I just became a freak."

"What did you say? If this is true then we need to help you right away. Please open the door and let me see how we can help." Margaret said

Gemma unlocked the door and allowed her boyfriend's older sister to enter. Margaret was shocked to see her, who knowing how useless it was, didn’t even try to hide the collection of new equine members

"My God, you really mutated. Please go to my room, I will let the others know." Margaret said.

The blonde obeyed her and walked to the teacher's room walking with difficulty due to the size of her ballsack, her hard dicks swaying with each step hitting her breasts. She sat on the bed where she didn't have to wait long, because soon Isaac came running in and hugged her saying "Don't worry, Gemma, I will be by your side no matter what happens to you."

"How can you say that? Look at me, now I have 10 painfully hard dicks. What they say about the liquid feeding the sex drive is true and I want to feel the urge to fuck you and your whole family. It is hard for me to hold on." Gemma said, seeing the rest of the siblings who had entered the room behind him. Margaret did not show any reaction because she was already expecting it, Flora was more curious to see her horse sticks better and Sophia was scared, fearing that the blonde would lose control and rape her.

"Don't worry, we will take you to the hospital and they will be able to help there." Isaac said

"Everything is fine. But my clothes will no longer fit and I cannot go with these erections." Gemma said

"If so, I'll help you with that. I have a dick my whole life so I think I will be the best here to help you." Isaac said, then he politely asked his sisters to leave the room and leave them alone, closing the door soon afterwards.

"Wait a minute, you know this is contagious through sex. If I come on you, you will become a freak too." Gemma said

"Maybe it's okay if your cum doesn't hit me. I can fuck you from behind." Isaac said

"It's worth a try, but you'll have to fuck my ass because I don't have a pussy anymore." Gemma said, got up and showed her new equine ass, lifting her tail. Her boyfriend lowered his pants, his dick was hard and he penetrated her ass. They had had anal sex before, but with a bigger ass now it looked like Isaac's cock was smaller, which was not satisfactory and ended up making them take longer than expected, with her coming only after being fucked for at least 20 minutes. A lot of cum was shot by her 10 horse dicks in her first male orgasm, soiling the floor and Margaret's wardrobe.

Upon recovering from her orgasm, Gemma's dicks went limp and receded into her shealths. After that she and Isaac left the room, Gemma apologized to Margaret for the mess made in her room.

"Do not worry about it. Now we need to get you something to wear before we take you to the hospital." Margaret said

Isaac's mother offered to lend her clothes, but with the size of Gemma's ass and balls, the only solution she found was to join two skirts to fit her.

When Gemma was finally ready and was already being guided to the car, her cell phone rang. It was Tammy calling her and then she answered "Hello Tammy. I'm sorry but we can't talk now. There was a big unforeseen event here."

"Please don't hang up, it's an urgent matter." Tammy said

"What would it be?" Gemma asked

"How are you? Did you mutate too?" Tammy asked

"I ... what did you mean 'too'? Don't tell me that you ....?" Gemma said when she was interrupted

"Yes, I also mutated. Samantha is here with me and she has changed too." Tammy said

"This cannot be true. And Miranda, hasn't she changed too?" Gemma asked

"We don't know, Samantha searched all over the house but didn't find her. I can't go in the house anymore so I couldn't help her, I can only confirm that I didn't see her leaving." Tammy said

*See what happened to Miranda


Re: The Mutation Liquid - by Zargodia & caraleribbor

Miranda's Situation

After finishing her share of the fast food, Miranda elected to stay in the common room and watch some TV as her other roommates went about their business. After several minutes of relaxation however, she started getting an uncomfortable feeling in her hips and legs, like the pins and needles feeling you get after sitting on your foot but over her entire lower body. When the sensation didn't go away after another few minutes she got a bit worried. When she stood up she found herself stumbling forwards, her legs barely able to hold her weight. She managed to catch herself on the wall of the common room and propped herself up on her numbed legs. At this point she was really worried that something serious was happening to her and that she needed to get help. She knew that Samantha was in her room studying and that if she called the other woman would most likely hear her, but she didn't want to interrupt the other woman with something she wouldn't be able to help with. Thinking of people who might know what was happening to her she remembered that a few doors down was someone working on getting her medical degree. Surely they would know what was wrong with her!

Miranda awkwardly opened the door to the hallway and made her way to the medical students door, giving it a few sharp knocks. The door was opened by a woman with long black hair and light brown skin. Her brown eyes opened wide with shock when she saw the barely standing woman at her door.

“You're a med student right? My legs have gone almost completely numb and I was hoping you could help me figure out what's going on.”

Too stunned to argue, the woman simply nodded and helped bring Miranda into her room, guiding her to the couch in the common room to sit down. Once she had a moment to compose herself she gave a stern look to Miranda and said

"Why was your first thought to come here, instead of calling an ambulance?"

"I didn't want to have one come all the way here only for it to turn out to be something small…"

Rolling her eyes at the weak response, the other woman decided to humour Miranda for now and call 911 if it turns out to be something serious.

"Alright then, my name is Kaia, what's yours?"


"OK Miranda, describe your symptoms in as much detail as possible."

Once Miranda had finished retelling her day, Kaia spent a bit of time fiddling with her laptop, before turning back to her patient.

"Alright, based on what you've told me there are a few things I think it could be, but in order to be sure I would need to do some simple tests. Would you be alright with me taking off your pants so I can examine your legs more thoroughly?"

Miranda was a bit embarrassed about having someone take off her pants, especially an attractive woman like Kaia, but her numbness had worsened since arriving in the med students room, meaning it would be incredibly difficult to do on her own.

Once Miranda had given her consent, Kaia carefully and professionally removed her patient's pants, placing them on the nearby table. She then spent the next few minutes doing simple tests on Miranda's legs, rubbing, tapping, and squeezing various parts of them in an attempt to find the problem.

Miranda meanwhile, despite the fact that she was no longer able to move her legs at all, could feel bursts of arousal wherever Kaia made contact, causing her to blush and turn away. Her blush deepened when Kaia put Miranda's legs on her shoulders and reached around to Miranda's back "to check for any spinal issues".

Kaia felt over Miranda's spine, checking if she could feel anything abnormal. When she went to pull her hands away however, she found that they were stuck. When she then attempted to pull herself away completely, she found that Miranda's legs were also stuck to her back. Alerted by Kaia's pulling, Miranda glanced back over, shocked by what she saw. Her legs had begun to sink into the med students back, causing Miranda to let out a scream. After several seconds of both women desperately trying to pull themselves apart, Kaia's arms had been almost completely absorbed into Miranda's back and thighs. As her arms continued to sink into Miranda's body, Kaia found her face being pressed into the other woman's crotch, the red panties covering Miranda's private parts muffling her cries of distress.

Miranda's terror at the horrific situation began to be replaced by the sensation of having Kaia's face pressed into her crotch. These feelings only grew stronger when her panties fused with her skin, becoming a layer of smooth inhuman skin covering her crotch. With the other woman's face now directly touching her incredibly sensitive vagina, Miranda's reluctant whimpers turned into moans or pleasure as the terror at what was happening to Kaia was completely overwritten. The red skin slowly began to spread across the two women's merging bodies, enveloping Kaia's upper torso in a crimson tube of flesh and removing any remaining distinction between their forms. The tube continued to engulf Kaia, enveloping her body all the way do to her still flailing legs. Once Kaia's form was completely subsumed, the tube began to take on more distinct features, large spots of darker shades began to dapple the skin as the tube changed shape, flattening and lengthening until it resembled the tail of an eel. The most interesting feature however was a layer of mucus that covered the entire tail from the tip to where the eel skin met with Miranda's human waist.

Before Miranda could begin to contemplate what had become of Kaia, she felt a tingling across her human torso. She still wasn't done transforming. Four arms, two on each side, grew below her original pair. These new limbs began flailing wildly once they finished growing, Miranda unable to control them. When she took a good look at them she realized that the new arms were not copies of her arms, but of Kaia's. Any thoughts about what this could mean were interrupted by more growths on her body, this time on her chest. Three new breast, each one lacking a nipple, formed on her chest in a single row below her first pair, her human torso stretching slightly in both directions to accommodate them. On each of the breasts, where the nipple would normally been located, things that were nor supposed to be there appeared. On the centre of the trio was a mouth, while the outer two had eyes, eyes the same brown as Kaia's. Once these strange additions were fully formed, the four new arms slowly stopped their chaotic movements, and a familiar, confused voice broke from between the newly formed lipple.

“What's going on? Why does my body feel so weird?”

It took Miranda a lot of effort to figure out how to move on her nearly thirty-foot eel tail, but she managed to clumsily make her way to the communal bathroom so that she and Kaia could examine their new, shared, body. While Miranda had control of most of it, Kaia was in full control of the four extra arms, giving her some agency. While exploring, the two women also found their now shared vagina, nestled down towards the tip of their tail and became sidetrack for an hours bringing themselves to several orgasms, the pair finding that their pleasure was compounded upon itself by their mutated body.

Afterwards the conjoined pair retired to Kaia's bedroom and flopped down on the bed, their eel tail draped around the floor haphazardly as they passed out in seconds, thoroughly exhausted.

*After Gemma leaves for the hospital Sophia injests some of her leftover cum


Re: The Mutation Liquid - by Zargodia & caraleribbor

Irresistible urge

Gemma was taken to the hospital in Margaret's car and Isaac went with them. Isaac's mother, who saw her son's girlfriend as if she were one of her daughters, stayed in the living room, anxiously waiting for news. Flora and Sophia then offered to clean up the cum left in their older sister's room.

The amount of cum left in the room impressed the two sisters, who had to take off several pieces of clothing and even change the bed so as not to leave any trace of the white liquid and prevent someone else from being infected. While cleaning Flora accidentally splashed some of the cum from one of Margaret's clothes, hitting Sophia in the face and chest. Believing that there would be no problem since it had only been on her skin, the youngest continued cleaning and only clean when everything was over. However, during the cleaning she sweated and her sweat made some of the cum run down and enter her mouth, too little for her to notice the taste, but enough to mix with her saliva and be swallowed.

After the cleaning was done, Flora and Sophia took a quick shower together before going to the youngest's room to wait for news together.

To alleviate the nervousness Sophia decided to do her homework and Flora was helping her. At first everything went well, but after a few minutes the younger sister could no longer concentrate on her homework, as she had begun to feel a strange attraction towards her sister. She tried to focus as much as she could, for always she went back to looking at Flora and feeling desire for her, which she found strange since she had never felt any such attraction for another girl before.

"Sophia, did you hear what I said?" the younger sister noticed Flora saying to her, but this had an unexpected effect on both of them.

Sophia felt a very strong urge to grab, more of a necessity than a desire, and she simply hugged Flora and kissed her her on the mouth.

Flora was totally surprised and it took a few seconds for her to separate her sister by saying "What do you think you are doing Sophia?"

"I don't know, I just felt a very strong need to... aaahhhh..." Sophia said when she felt something on her sides and looked, only for the sisters see her blouse being stretched and destroyed by four stretches of flesh that grew and soon became two new pairs of arms, followed by two more pairs of breasts that grew below her originals.

"Sophia, don't tell me you too... That time I hit you with your fucking Margaret clothes, it looks like you got infected too." Flora said

"I... I'm sorry Flora, I can't help myself." Sophia said, hugged her sister and kissed her again.

Flora tried to let go again but now that her little sister had 6 arms around her she was just too strong for that. She was hugged and kissed tightly, feeling her sister's tongue invade her mouth, but she felt Sophia's tongue getting bigger and thicker inside her mouth.

Sophia noticed her tongue was different and got enough control to stop kissing Flora and see what had happened. She saw when she took her tongue out of her sister's mouth that she was stiff and erect in front of her, but she didn't recognize the shape, so she looked to the side and saw her own reflection in her dressing table mirror that she had a hard dog dick coming out of her mouth, she also had something hanging from her chin, which she soon recognized as a ballsack. She thought about stopping everything she was doing with Flora, but again a very strong feeling of neediness made her push her new canine cock back into her sister's mouth.

Flora thought about asking for help somehow, but she could see tears streaming from her little sister's eyes and knew that she herself felt guilty for what she was doing. Soon she felt pressure underneath, something long and hard, which made her realize that Sophia had grown a dick between her legs too. Knowing what kind of trouble her little sister was going through, and since she'd already swallowed the precum from her dick-tongue and had probably been infected too, she simply surrendered and stroked the dick underneath her through her pants.

Sophia, feeling her sister touch the new member between her legs, stopped her kiss-fuck and said how can you, but still possible to understand "I'm sorry Flora. I swear I didn't want to do any of this, but the urge is just too strong and I couldn't go against it."

"I noticed you were very weird. Well, there's no turning back now, so I'm going to have to help you with your erections." Flora said

Upon hearing this, Sophia released her sister, allowing her to completely undress, while she took off her pants. In doing so she saw that the cock between her legs was perfectly human, was 9 inches long and had a ballsack with testicles the size of golf balls underneath.

Flora, when she finished undressing, lay down on the bed from where she looked at her sister who now had 6 arms, 6 breasts, a human dick between her legs and a dog dick that her tongue had become.

"Come on, I'm ready." Flora said

Sophia climbed into bed and got on all fours over her sister, positioned at 69 over her. She lowered her hips allowing Flora to suck her human cock, meanwhile she lowered her head putting her dick-tongue in her older sister's pussy.

While being double fucked, Flora watched the balls in front of her face and saw that her sister's new male genitalia had completely replaced her vagina. She then took Sophia's ass and placed her finger on her ass, finding her newly formed prostate and making her moan. She felt sorry for the situation, as well as she liked it a little, so much so that she thought it would be perfect if it wasn't for something done with her own sister and not contagious.

Soon Sophia stopped with her cock inside Flora's mouth, at the same time he buried her face between her legs with her dick-tongue fully stuck in her pussy, then she came, depositing her cum in her older sister's stomach and womb.

When her orgasm was over, Sophia turned and sat on the floor beside the bed, as Flora also sat with her head between her sister's legs, as her dog-dick-tongue had gotten knotted in her vagina.

*Sophia and Flora merge


Re: The Mutation Liquid - by Zargodia & caraleribbor

A Sisterly Bond

The two sisters weren't able to relax for very long before Flora's mutation began. She felt a tingling on her forehead before her vision was suddenly expanded by the addition of six new eyes. Her canine teeth then pushed out into a pair inch-long fangs which began to drip a clear liquid. When she went the feels the new additions to her face, she found that her hands were becoming covered in black chitin. She watched, all eight eyes wide, as the chitin spread up her arms to just above her elbows. A short flare of pain lanced through her forearms as they took on a form more suited to the exoskeleton that now covered them, with external joints protected by protruding plates of chitin.

Sofia was unable to see her sister transform since her cock-tongue was still knotted in Flora's vagina, only able to tell what was happening by the confused gasps coming from above her. She was suddenly yanked upwards when Flora stood up. Her body was then lifted upwards between Flora's legs, before her entire body below the neck twisted completely around, leaving the front of her torso pointing towards the ground. Her head and neck completely fused with Flora's hips, taking on a form resembling the head of a spider with Sophia's face attached to the front of her sisters crotch, her mouth taking the place of Flora's vagina.

“Sofia, can you still talk?” Flora asked staring down at her sisters face, her canine cock-tongue and ballsack almost looking like they were in the proper position on Flora's body, if she didn't have a vagina originally that is.

“Yeah, it feels really weird but I'm still here” Sofia replied, her cock-tongue making her words come out muffled.

A wave of relief washed over Flora, the mutation liquid merging people together was was rare, but it was documented that sometimes one or more of the people involved in the merge lacked any way to communicate. So long as her sister could still talk, Flora was certain that they could make it through this, Sophia might even be able to still take her finals if everything worked out.

As if responding to her relief, the changes to the sisters fused body continued. Sofia's limbs morphed into eight pointy, chitinous, spider legs and migrated to the sides of her spider head. Her now limbless torso bloated into a giant spider abdomen, large enough to hang off the other side of Margret's bed. The six breasts still on the underside of the sisters abdomen expanded to the size of basketballs and began staining the sheets of the bed with milk. The cock and balls that were originally between Sofia's legs now sat at the end of the sisters' abdomen, swelling larger as well. The shaft grew enough to touch the floor and then some, over three feet long and as thick as a one litre bottle, while the balls became as large as the breasts adorning the abdomen.

As the changes to the sisters abdomen finished the front end of the two's body began it's own set of changes. Flora's breasts exploded in size, quickly becoming so large they nearly covered her belly button. Her nipples then pulled inwards and became a pair of vaginas, returning the sisters original anatomy in the completely wrong place. Fiona's legs, now not even long enough to touch the floor, were transformed into a pair of pedipalps that Sofia was on sole control of, granting her a small amount of ability to manipulate her surroundings. She soon found a use for them as her cock-tongue began to grow, allowing her to stroke it with her chitinous appendages. Her canine knot filled her mouth as the shaft reached a final size of a foot and a half long. Her balls had also grown, now the size of coconuts hanging heavy with sperm below her face. As Sophia continued to stroke her phallic tongue, Flora had begun to finger her nipple-vaginas and both sisters worked in unison the rub their six milky breasts and their massive back cock on the bed.

All the stimulation quickly brought the sisters to orgasm, both of their cocks blasting out enough cum to almost completely undo their work cleaning Gemma's mess. Their orgasm lasted for nearly a minute before both their cocks softened, Sophia's cock-tongue shrinking enough to fit inside her mouth. It was only then that both women realized that someone had opened the door, directly in the line of fire of their cum.

*Both of their parents, who were now covered in cum


Re: The Mutation Liquid - by Zargodia & caraleribbor

Both Parents got Infected

For a moment, the four family members simply stood in silence. The two sisters' parents had heard strange sounds coming from Margaret's room and had come to check on their two daughters. When they opened the door they were shocked to see that their daughters had mutated into a fused spider creature and were left stunned as Sophia's dog cock sprayed both of them with cum, a generous amount landing in their open mouths. After several seconds,, Sophia finally broke the silence

"Oh god! Mom, Dad we're sorry!" She shouted from Flora's crotch

"While we were cleaning Sofia was infected somehow and then she infected me and we ended up fusing together and it felt SO GOOD that we came all over the room." Flora blurted out an explanation, both her arms and her pedipalps flailing wildly.

The sisters' parents stepped forward and wrapped their children in a hug, their cum-stained clothes sticking to Flora's naked torso.

"Don't worry girls, no matter what form you take we still love you, even if you just infected  us with the mutation liquid." There mother soothed

"Look on the bright side. If we mutate, our jobs have to give us a month of paid leave!" Their father added with a chuckle.

At that point Sophia noticed a very distinct bulge growing inside her mother's sweatpants, creeping closer and closer to her face

"Uh, Mom? I think your changes have already started." Their mother backed out of the hug and stared down at her crotch, surprised by the already huge bulge jutting from her crotch. She then noticed something else, or rather the lack of something: her breasts were gone!

"Am I turning into a man?" She asked to herself out loud, but despite her still growing penis and flat chest, her feminine curves remained. If anything, her hips seemed to have grown wider.

"Well, if your changing sex, at least you and dad will still match" Flora commented, pointing to her mother's husband. His pudgy dad-bod had begun to drastically transform. His flabby arms became thin, toned arms like you would see on a female athlete. His belly tightened into a six-pack as his waist thinned considerably. His hips widened, his legs lengthened, and his butt became a plush, bubbly ass.

"Wow, I haven't been this fit in years!" The sisters' father exclaimed, shocked to hear that his voice was now a sultry, womanly tone. As if the changes were spreading out from his vocal chords, his lips were next to change, becoming a shade of pure white as they plumped up into sexy dick sucking lips. His nose shrank and his eyes changed colour, the whites turned pitch black while his irises and pupils turned the same shade of white as his lips. His entire face became rounder, slowly being framed by his rapidly lengthening hair, which was slowly changing colour to match his lips and eyes. His hair continued to grow, brushing his nipples as it cascaded down his body all the way to his knees. As if in response to the stimulation, the skin around his nipples puffed up into giant F-cup breasts.

Flora and Sofia’s mother looked up at her husband's body, gazing at his curves before getting lost in his strange eyes.

“Wow honey, how does it feel being so tall? I’m five foot five, so you must be over seven feet tall now!” as she complimented her husband he, Sophia, and Flora all looked at her, their faces shifting to looks of concern.

“Actually Mom, Dad only grew like three inches, you're shrinking.” Sophia said

“Well half of you is shrinking at least” Flora added

Sophia’s mother looked over at her daughters and noticed that she was now level with the bottom of Flora’s breasts! She looked down at her body and saw that while her upper body was shrinking, from the hips down her body was the same size, in fact it might have grown even more since she last looked. The bulge in her pants meanwhile, continued to grow larger and larger, as if it was stealing the mass from her torso to fuel its growth. As her shrinking continued, her arms pulled into her shoulders, leaving nothing but the empty sleeves of her now way oversized t-shirt.

“How much more am I going to shrink!?” She yelled, as her navel vanished into her hips

“Honey no matter what happens, I’ll always be with you!” Her husband soothed, an edge of panic creeping into his voice as he watched her nipples disappear.

"Oh god I'm so sorry mom, at least I'll have Flora to do stuff for me, but without arms anywhere how will you do anything?" Sophia cried, now able to look her mother in the eyes since she was just a head on legs. But even her head wasn't spared as it to began to sink into her hips.

"Even if I lose the ability to talk, remember that I'll always love each of you, and please tell Margret and Isaac goodbye for...." Her sentence was cut off as her mouth vanished, followed quickly by the rest of her head. With one last burst of growth her cock, no her three cocks tore her sweatpants to stand erect, five feet long and two feet around, each with it's own pair of watermelon sized balls crowding between her legs. At the tip of each cock, instead of a normal mushroom tip, was an exact copy of her head! The three other family members cried out in joy as they realized that she wouldn't be left unable to speak. When she opened her mouth to voice her relief however she didn't even get an entire word in before she was rocked by a gargantuan orgasm, dozens of litres of cum blasting out of each of her mouths. She managed to turn a way just in time so that none of her cum directly hit the other three, but her daughters spider abdomen was speckled with dots of cum from the splash back.

While his wife's orgasm continued, the father felt a sharp tingle shoot through his body and he bent over in pain, grabbing his sides as two lumps formed under his arms. The lumps pushed his hands away as they grew into a second pair of arms, tearing his shirt off in the process. Unlike his original pair however, these were covered into white chitin and had had fluffy tufts of white fuzz growing from the wrist to the elbow. As he examined his new limbs, a pair of antennae , also covered in white fuzz, sprouted from his head, sending confusing waves of new sensory information to his brain.

“What am I turning into?” He questioned as two pairs of fuzzy white-patterned wings grew from his back.

“It looks like some kind of humanoid moth.” Flora offered

“I think you look cute!” One of his wife's heads beamed, her orgasm having ended, and her cocks now sitting at half-mast

Before anymore could be said on the subject, he felt a tingling in his crotch. Expecting to now lose his penis, he was surprised to feel tightness in his jeans. Undoing his fly and pulling down his underwear, he found that his cock was now a ten inch long monster, with two apple sized testicles to match. While impressive by normal standards he felt a pang of jealously when he realized that it was still the smallest cock in the room at the moment. That feeling didn't linger long though as a massive growth appeared just above his toned posterior, bringing a flood of sensations just as intense as when his antennae grew in. Without missing a second, the growth exploded in size, growing three feet out behind him like a tail, powerful new muscles holding it up so it only sagged a little. It was covered in even more fuzzy white chitin and hand the distinct shape of an insect abdomen.

“Hey, there's a strange feeling coming from the tip of this thing, could one of you take a look” he said, pointing his abdomen-tail towards his wife.

“Ohhhhh” her right head seemed intrigued
“hehehe” her left head stifled a giggle
“Well Honey, it looks like you have a vagina on the tip of your abdomen!” her centre head proudly stated

He sighed, well at least he still had his cock, even if he now had a second sex organ now. Looking over his body, he though that since he had such a womanly body it might be easier to start identifying as a woman, but that was a discussion that he would need to include his wife (or maybe it was wives now, he wasn't sure) in.

The four family members took a minute to take in both their new bodies as well as the bodies of their loved ones before the moment was interrupted by Flora and Sophia's mothers left cock head.

“Well since I don't have arms anymore it looks like you three will have to clean this room before we follow Gemma to the hospital”

*Who does the story follow next?
Gemma, Margret, and Isaac


Re: The Mutation Liquid - by Zargodia & caraleribbor

A Slimy Situation

Flora, Sophia and their father cleaned Margret's room, the process going much faster thanks to the fact they didn't have to worry about being infected anymore. The much harder part, it turned out, was figuring out how to fit the abnormal body of the fused sisters into the family van. After spending several minutes taking out and storing all of the back seats, all the while hoping a neighbour didn't walk out and set off their desire to infect others, the sisters manged to squeeze their massive arachnid lower body and all of its sensitive bits inside just far enough for the trunk door to close. Once their children were inside, the two parents got in the front seats, the sisters feminine moth-person father sat in the drivers seat, his giant insectoid abdomen-tail folded behind him uncomfortably. His wife, no longer possessing any sort of upper body, let alone arms, sat with her trio of head-tipped cocks being held up by the seat-belt her husband put on for her. Now inside the car without incident, the four mutated family members began the drive across town to the hospital.

Meanwhile, already on their way to the hospital was the rest of the family, Margret and Issac, as well as Issac's girlfriend Gemma, the one who's cum transformed Sophia and set off the chain of infections that transformed the other three family members left at the house. While Margret drove, Issac and Gemma were in the back, trying their best to keep Gemma's ten horsecocks from going off in the enclosed vehicle. Unfortunately, the drive to the hospital was taking a lot longer than normal, due to the massive outbreak of mutations caused by some of the fast food sold by a restaurant (the same one that Miranda works at) having been spiked with the mutation liquid. The streets were full of ambulances carrying infected people as well as people in a similar situation to Gemma, driving or being driven to the hospital.

It had been several years since the outbreaks caused by mutation liquid had begun and while the first several had had been massive disasters, usually requiring the local government to quarantine massive areas off to ensure no one who was infected made it out. After the initial outbreak, doctors spent years researching ways to fight back against the mutation liquid, and while they never managed to figure out a way to prevent people from being transformed, they managed to create a medicine that makes infected people no longer contagious. With this new advancement of medical science, it was now possible for those transformed to interact with untransformed people safely. Unfortunately, the medicine spoiled easily so it had to be kept at local hospitals. This meant that whenever an outbreak happened all of the infected people had to be brought to a hospital to be given the medicine and quarantined overnight so that the medicine could take full effect.

Despite their ability to re-enter society however, many mutated people suffered from discrimination against, or a lack of accessibility for, their new forms and enhanced libidos. Luckily, things changed rather quickly when several outbreaks occurred in major government building and corporate parties, forcing the now mutated world leaders to enact policies to help mutated people adjust to their changed lives. One of the more common policies was paid time off for those transformed, allowing people the chance to get used to their new body. It was also made much easier to get your IDs updated, so that people who were fused with someone else or had other drastic bodily transformations didn't need to wade through miles of red tape just to avoid strange questions when they went to buy alcohol or were pulled over. There were also programs to make important buildings accessible for those with unwieldy bodies, mainly by making entryways and interiors larger and more open.

It was for this reason that Margret was to get to the hospital as quickly as possible, so that Gemma could be given the medicine and begin the process of learning to live with her mutation. The fact that Gemma was a ticking time bomb of lust desperately attempting to hold herself back from filling the car with her infectious cum was also a good reason to hurry. Unfortunately, the amount of traffic meant that what was normally a twenty minute drive had already taken half an hour and would probably take several more minutes at the speed they were going. In the back seat, Gemma was desperately panting, her ten cocks hard as steel and her ballsack stretched to the size of a pumpkin by her twenty testicles. Beside her, Isaac was using his phone to look up pictures of various things that he hoped would help cool her arousal. Unfortunately it seemed that fate would not be kind to the trio. A moan of pleasure echoed across the street, causing Gemma's focus to break for a moment and pushing her past the point of no return.

“OH GOD, IM CUMMING!” The mutated woman screamed as she felt her balls begin pumping her infectious semen through her bushel of horsecocks. As soon as he noticed his girlfriend had lost her composure, he made a snap decision and unbuckled his seat belt and placed himself in front of Gemma in an attempt shield his sister from being infected. Gemma threw her head back in ecstasy, her cum, thickened due to the nearly half hour of edging she had endured, burst out of her cocks like a cannon. Isaac was instantly coated in several layers of his girlfriends semen, with plenty of it getting into his mouth and nose, ensuring that he wouldn't escape transformation. Soon the cum that had been bouncing off of Isaac's body had completely covered the back end of the car, and Gemma's cocks still showed no sign of stopping. Margret had leaned forwards, covering her face with a hand as she continued to inch forwards through traffic. She was worried about what was going to happen to her brother, but she also knew that it would be better for him if she continued towards the hospital.

By the time Gemma's orgasm had ended, they had just arrived at the hospital parking lot. Margret rushed out of the car as soon as she turned it off, wanting to be as far away from her sister's infectious cum as possible. Gemma meanwhile stared at her unmoving boyfriend, now covered in so much cum that she couldn't see any part of him. Suddenly, Issac fell forwards. Instead of landing on Gemma however, his entire body burst like a water balloon, adding another layer of Gemma's cum to the already saturated car. Both Gemma and Margret, who was looking in through the now cum-splattered windshield, began to freak out.

“Isaac!? ISAAC!” Gemma shouted, staring at the pool of cum that her boyfriend had become, hoping that he was somehow still there. Reacting to her voice, the cum began to flow together into a puddle where Issac had been before. The cum that formed into a four foot tall blob which slowly began to shape itself into the body of a skinny woman. This woman, made entirely out Gemma's still liquid of cum, had a cute, round, face with neck length hair. Her breast were barely noticeable bumps around her nipples, and her waist and hips showed only the barest hint of womanly curves before turning into a puddle of goop below her thighs. She was also short, standing eye level to Gemma despite the fact that Gemma was still sitting in the car seat.

“Hey, I passed out for a moment there, what did I transform into?” The woman asked, her question, as well as her mannerisms, identifying her as Isaac. Instead of answering the question, Gemma lunged as far forward as her seat belt would let her and wrapped the the cum-girl in a hug, relived that Isaac hadn't somehow been killed by her cum. Gemma and Isaac got out of the car and let Isaac look in one of the side-view mirrors.

“Wow, you really did a number on me. If I'm gonna look like this from now on I think it would be easier to go by feminine pronouns. If your fine with having a girlfriend instead of a boyfriend that is.” Isaac said after taking in her new form completely.

“You were still willing to have sex with me even after my transformation, so what kind of girlfriend would I be if I broke up with you over yours?” Gemma replied, wrapping her newly transformed girlfriend in a gooey hug.

All right you two, we should get going. You still need to get the medicine so something like that doesn't happen again” Margret said, pointing towards the hospital's entrance.

The two lovers pulled apart, and obediently followed the older woman, planning on exploring Isaac's new body while quarantined.

*An infected person in the parking lot loses control and infects Margaret


Re: The Mutation Liquid - by Zargodia & caraleribbor

Lighter than air.

Gemma, Isaac and Margaret arrived safely at the hospital. Along with them came a van that stopped some spaces next to them in the parking lot.

They went down and went through the hospital room to check in, but they had to walk more slowly than expected as Isaac was getting used to moving around with a practically liquid body.

They were passing by the van that arrived with them when Isaac said "I'm sorry I'm holding you back, I didn't think it would be that complicated to walk after I became a cumgirl."

"Don't worry about it, now that we're here, we don't have to hurry so much." Margaret said

"You're still in luck, It could be worse." a man leaning over a freight cart beside the van suddenly said

"Sorry, did you talk to us?" Gemma asked the man

"I'm sorry if I offended you, and after what happened to my daughter and her boyfriend your mutations seem to be almost insignificant." the man said

"They too were contaminated then. Was their transformation that bad? Was it more extreme than mine?" Isaac asked

"See for yourself that you will understand." the man said and opened the side door of the van

Gemma, Isaac and Margaret walked over to look and saw a pair of 10-foot-long cocks, as thick as a tree trunk, were inside. Both giant limbs were joined to the same giant balllsack, one that contained a pair of testicles 7 feet in diameter each.

"Are you saying this pair of giant male genitalia is your daughter with her boyfriend? This way even if they manage to use on them the medicine that makes them non-contagious they simply cannot return to life in society, they will be dependent forever." Margaret said

"You see? They are so heavy that I needed the help of 5 more people to get them in after removing the seats. I swear if I catch whoever did this to them I..." the Man was saying, but Gemma interrupted him

"Be careful what you say, you might regret it later." Gemma saidGemma said and the man looked at her, seeing all 10 of her horse dicks were hard and escaping from under her skirt.

Before the conversation could continue the pair of giant dicks inside the Van came, Gemma pushed the man away quickly, preventing him from getting hit by the massive amount of cum heading towards them. Isaac tried to push Margaret out of the way too, but having her own body made entirely of cum and not having completely mastered it to be able to move heavier things, her hands fell apart when she did, so the trio was totally covered by the cum tsunami.

After the end of the creature's orgasm Isaac managed, with some difficulty, to separate the cum that made up her body from the huge puddle formed where they were. Gemma and Margaret were also completely covered in white, for her girlfriend the situation was not worrying as she had already undergone her mutation, but Margaret had just been infected for sure.

"I'm very sorry. I shouldn't have left the Van door open." the man said

"No need to apologize, it was totally without warning. They no longer have the ability to speak and probably can't see either. We don't know if they can hear, but even so they couldn't help it." Margaret said

"If they haven't done it on purpose. This mutation is a problem not only because of changes in the body, but also because of a change that is instinctual. I myself feel a huge urge to transform someone with my cum. I'm holding myself back from doing this." Gemma said

"Me too. And you Margaret, how are you feeling? Do you think your transformation has already started?" Isaac said

"No, at least I don't feel any different yet." Margaret said

A man then arrived, who they learned was the son of the Van owner, accompanied by 5 other men all wearing protective clothing to prevent them from being contaminated. Seeing the situation, one of them indicated the back entrance to the trio, where they would be guided to a place where you could clean up before being attended to.

Gemma, Isaac and Margaret followed instructions. When they entered, they were directed to a bathroom where they could take a shower and receive new clothes later.

They went into the bathroom, but only Gemma and Margaret entered the bath as Isaac feared the water would carry her away down the drain.

During the bath Gemma found a way to relieve herself, satisfying herself sexually for the time being.

When they had finished cleaning themselves Margaret said "This is weird, I feel my belly full and it feels like it's filling up more and more." She then looked at her belly, as did Gemma and Isaac, and noticed that her belly was bigger, looking like she was 5 months pregnant, and growing before their eyes.

"This really seems too fast for a pregnancy, big sister. It probably has its mutation already started." Isaac said

"Must be. I didn't want to get fat, but what could I do?" Margaret said

Margaret's transformation proceeded with not only her belly but her entire central body becoming a sphere. The Sphere then began to expand taking more and more of her body until at a certain point she began to have difficulty keeping her feet on the ground, but unlike everyone else she was not gaining weight but losing. Her entire torso had already turned into a sphere, her breasts grown a lot, when she got so light she started to float in the air.

The Sphere in her body continued to grow and she floated higher and higher, until Margaret had become a true human balloon, being a perfect floating sphere, with only her hands, feet, breasts and head left. Even though her buttocks were consumed she still had an anus and her vagina had grown huge between her feet. However, when they thought it was over, her clit lengthened enormously, becoming a cock that grew to be 15 feet long, not much thicker than one of Gemma's, and at its base grew a ballsack with testicles as big as watermelons, which had to be heavy and even then were not enough to get Margaret down.

"It feels like it's over now, I don't feel anything changing anymore." Margaret said but her position was not easy as she was on the bathroom ceiling to help her new long cock got hard. "And there's this one even more. Could you help me? I got really horny and can't reach my private parts." she said

Agreeing to help, Gemma took the stick that looked like a hard snake, and began stroking it. Isaac, unable to caress satisfactorily with her liquid hands, had an idea. She concentrated and managed to become a uniform puddle, then slipped down to the tip of her sister's cock and entered her urethra, traveling all the way to her balls.

Issac's movements inside her sister's balls could be seen, and Margaret in ecstasy said "Oh Isaac... Ohhh... You inside my balls... it feels so good." It didn't take long for the balloon woman to come, jet after jet of cum came out of her new cock, in which her sister was mixed.

When the orgasm ended Isaac managed to separate himself from her motherfucking sister shortly after….

*A mutant nurse arrives to check them


Re: The Mutation Liquid - by Zargodia & caraleribbor

Processed for Quarantine

The three women cleaned up the mess Margret had made before returning to the lobby and waited until it was their turn for a consultation, Gemma holding Margret's flaccid cock near the base so that she didn't float all the way to the ceiling . After a few minutes a nurse entered, but unlike the staff at the entrance, who simply wore hazmat suits to prevent themselves from being infected it seemed that this nurse was a mutant herself. She looked to be about six feet tall, but trailing behind her was a long snake tail that went on all the way back through the door she entered from, over ten feet from where the three patients were sitting (or floating in Margret's case). Above the waist she was mostly normal, however she did have three pairs of arms growing down the side of her torso. She was wearing lose-fitting scrubs typical of her profession, but hers had been modified to accommodate her form, the top had extra sleeves and the typical long pants had been replaced with a skirt made out of the same material that covered her tail down to around what would be “ankle length” on a non mutated human.

“Your Margret, Isaac, and Gemma, correct?” The nurse asked them, once they had confirmed their names, she continued

“Allow me to explain whats going to happen, now that you're inside the quarantine zone, which includes this entire wing of the hospital as well as the nearby hotel that non-urgent patients will be staying at, all staff will be mutants like me for safety reasons. Since there's not that many mutants working here non-mutant staff had to handle arrivals but it was deiced that only mutant staff should be inside, even if it means we're a little understaffed to handle an outbreak this big.” The nurse took a quick break to look over both the three women in-front of her as well as some papers she had in one of her hands.

“Alright with that out of the way, follow me to the examination rooms so that you can have your private consultations as well as receive a dose of the medicine.” The nurse waited for them to get up before she began slithering off back the way she came. The three women followed behind her, with Margret being pulled behind by her cock. Isaac noticed that even with the nurses tail now going ten feet both ways, the end of it was nowhere in sight. As they made their way to the examination rooms they passed by several other staff members and patients, all noticeably mutated in some way.

When they arrived at the examination rooms they were each sent to separate rooms, with Margret being taken to her room by the nurse. Each room was already occupied by a mutant doctor who quickly began their physical examination, wanting to get through the large amount of patients waiting in the lobby. Once the doctors finished examining their patient they gave some general advice based on similar cases recorded from previous outbreaks, with warnings that the mutations liquid works differently from everyone and to come back to the hospital if they have any issues in the future. Once tier consultation was over the doctors gave them a dose of the medicine customized to their new form. With their examinations over, Isaac, Gemma, and Margret were escorted by the same lamia nurse out to a sectioned off part of the parking. From there they were loaded on to a transport and taken to a hotel down the road, who had volunteered to help quarantine patients that the hospital didn't have enough room for.

The hotel had been built recently, so it had many special accommodations for mutants that older buildings didn't. These extra accommodations also meant that many mutants worked their, meaning that even with the quarantine restrictions their was still enough staff to keep the hotel running smoothly. The three women were greeted at the front desk by a pair of mutant receptionists who had been fused together side-by-side. Both of their feminine heads rested atop their wide torso with four equally sized breasts in one row and two pairs of arms at each side. After confirming their status as recently transformed mutants, the three women were asked if they wanted separate rooms or if a shared one would be fine. Since Margret couldn't really move around by herself as she was they decided to share one room.

Once they were in their room the three of them finally had a chance to relax, with Gemma and Isaac claiming one of the king-sized beds while they let Margaret float up to the ceiling. The beds, as well as the rest of the room's furniture, were waterproofed, allowing Isaac to not worry about damaging anything as she learned to control her liquid body.

“So, how did your examinations go? My doctor was really nice, she also had her vagina replaced with a cocks, though it was only two normal sized human ones. Apparently lots of women who have their vaginas replaced with a cock experience a bit of dysphoria so she was able to help me come to terms with the fact that despite my new horsecocks I'm just as much a woman as I was before. Their wasn't really that much advice on the physical side however, just to make sure to ejaculate frequently to make sure my balls don't get backed up and to make sure to be wary of prostate cancer since I now have a prostate.” Gemma recalled, looking towards her two roommates to hear their stories.

“My doctor had a bunch of fox tails coming from her butt, and a pair of fox ears as well, and she gave me some really good news. Apparently there's a good chance I can regain some independence. With lots of practice I might be able to partially deflate myself which would allow me to move around without having to be dragged by someone, and she said that she might be able to get me signed up for a trial of new limb enhancing prosthetics that would make up for my lack of arms. If everything works out, I'll still be able to teach!” Margret exclaimed, the joy in her voice causing the others to smile as well. Gemma and Margret then looked to Isaac expectantly and the cum-girl began her story.

“My doctor was a man who had been turned into his wife's cock, which made it a little awkward at first, but his advice was pretty helpful, he said that since I was made out of cum I probably don't need to eat anymore, though some people who get turned to liquid apparently still can. He mentioned that most people in situations like mine need to absorb the liquid they're made out of to sustain themselves, but I was covered by cum in the parking lot and I was inside Margret's balls and I didn't feel like I could absorb any of it.” Isaac said, a confused look on her face.

“Maybe since you were transformed into my cum, that's the only thing you can absorb?” Gemma offered, her cocks beginning to harden at the though of how they would test her theory.

*Tammy and Samantha have run into a problem on their way to the hospital


Re: The Mutation Liquid - by Zargodia & caraleribbor

Mutation Eggs

Samantha and Tammy were going to the hospital. Due not only to the fact that they were mutated, but because Tammy became a giant shark, they were unable to use public transport and were forced to walk.

On the way, they realized that it had been better to walk, because the traffic was very slow. They realized that there was an outbreak of mutations and many people were going to the hospital too. They knew that Gemma had also gone to the hispital, although they didn't know what kind of mutation she had undergone, and they had no idea where Maranda was. While walking they had to stop a few times as Samantha was laying an egg approximately every 10 minutes.

They were almost at the hospital when a homeless man stole a bag in which Samantha was carrying the eggs that she laid on the way and took with her, to avoid someone getting contaminated through them. She ran after the homeless person, but she couldn't run very fast with her new body and the person took advantage of the size difference to enter alleys that Tammy had a hard time getting through with her new size, what allowed him to escape.

"Oh no, we have to find him Tammy." Samantha said

"Don't worry, it will be easy to follow. It might be because I'm partially a shark now, but I can smell his blood pretty well. He must have cut himself on the run." Tammy said

"Great, then let's go." Samanthas said

Samantha followed Tammy, who actually did a good job, but having to learn to use her sharper sense of smell it took a while to get in the right direction they should go.

It took them half an hour to find the man, having to stop a few times for Samantha to lay more eggs, and then arrive at an abandoned building where they could smell the boiled eggs being cooked. Tammy couldn't enter, as she didn't fit in the doors of the building, so Samantha entered alone. The chicken girl followed the scent to a room on the second floor, where she found the man accompanied by a woman and two children who, judging by the situation, were extremely poor.

The kids had some dirty dishes in front of them, which meant they had already eaten the eggs, the man had and the woman were starting to eat and had only taken the first bite when they saw Samantha walk into the room.

"Oh no, I was too late. You weren't supposed to eat my eggs." Samantha said

The man got up and said angrily "What's the problem? It's just some eggs. You will not die from this."

"Calm down dear, you don't need to be so nervous." his wife said calming him down before turning to Samantha and saying "I'm sorry my husband stole your eggs, but you need to understand our situation. We are very poor and we were desperate not to have anything for our children to eat. We're just eating it ourselves because your eggs are so big and yielded more than I expected, our kids have full stomachs now."

"I noticed, but as you can see I'm a mutant because I was transformed by Mutation Liquid. I was the one who laid those eggs." Samantha said

"I'm not blind, I realized before picking up your eggs. I know that the condition is contagious through sexual fluids and that people stop being contagious after taking a certain medication." the man said

"But the problem is there. I changed a few hours ago and haven't taken the medicine yet. I'm not sure if I can infect others through my eggs or not, so I was taking them to the hospital for testing." Samantha said

The poor man and woman were frightened by the possibility that they had been contaminated.

"Hey Sam, did everything work out there?" Tammy's face appeared in the window asking.

"Too late, they already ate." Samantha said

Tammy saw the poor family who lived there and said "At least the kids are safe, as far as I know kids are immune."

"What about us, are we going to change?" the man asked

"I don't know, but if it happens I believe it won't be long." Samantha said

"Oh no I, I... aahhh." the woman said when she felt her teeth become fangs, and her clothes tighten as she started to grow. Children, go outside. Wait with the shark woman, mom and dad will go when we're done here." she said to the children

Their children were reluctant and didn't want to go, until the man, holding something behind him, said "Go now. Can't you see that you're making your mother sad," With that the children stopped insisting and left the room, only then did the man release what he was hiding behind him, which revealed to be a cow's tail.

"And now honey, what are we going to do? What will we become and what will become of the children?" the woman said to her husband, Her clothes reached the limit and it was already possible to see a bulge in her pants, as well as a brown fur growing all over her body.

"I don't know, first we have to see what our mutations are going to do and we'll see later." the Man said, with a bulge of a udere growing on the man's torn shirt.

The woman continued to grow until she was 10 feet tall, gained a lot of body mass and her face stretched a little, brown fur covered eka completely as her new cock was erect between her legs, all visible after her clothes were destroyed and completing her transformation into a hermaphrodite anthro bear.

The man had his legs fused together and covered in scales, turning into fish tail, while four huge breasts grew on his chest and a pair of horns on his head. The transformation ended with his cock and balls growing into bovine and a vagina opening below, making him a hermaphroditic cowgirl mermaid.

Husband and wife look at each other in their new forms, both as horny as they've never been before.

*The couple have sex, Samantha leaves.


Re: The Mutation Liquid - by Zargodia & caraleribbor

Tammy Spreads the Mutation by Accident

Samantha decided to leave the couple to enjoy their new bodies by themselves and left the building to help Tammy keep the kids occupied while their parents worked out the lust from their transformations. Several minutes later the parents came out of the building, the wife carrying her legless husband in her arms, and with the two collage students help explained what had happened to them as best they could to the children. Wanting to continue on their way, Samantha offers to call an ambulance on her phone to take the homeless family to the hospital. After alerting the operator to the families location, Samantha and Tammy leave the alleyway and continue walking since Tammy wouldn't fit in an ambulance anyways.

The pair tried to keep to backstreets whenever possible since most people were now inside their homes thanks to an alert about the outbreak, so by avoiding the main streets the women were able to avoid any people that might trigger the side effects of the mutation liquid. Unfortunately, even walking at normal speeds caused Tammy's massive cock and balls to rub sensually against her legs, and after a few minutes her cock was fully erect and rubbing between her breasts. Samantha wasn't doing much better as watching that couple transform after eating her eggs was incredibly arousing to the chicken-harpy.

“I don't think I can go much further like this Sam.” The giant shark woman moaned, her tail flicking back and forth behind her.

“Let's go into that alley, I think I feel another egg coming anyways.” Samantha panted, indicating an alley between two apartment buildings. The two women slipped into the alley and began taking care of business. Samantha pulled a condom out of her purse, she had several laying around that she bought for a relationship that never ended up getting that far anyways, and awkwardly pulled it over her cock with her bird “hands”. Tammy meanwhile had already begun masturbating, not having any condoms that could fit her nearly six foot long cock, and was planning on cumming into a nearby dumpster, which had been recently empties to her relief. Samantha had squatted down in what was unfortunately becoming a familiar process. She began to feel pressure build up in her abdomen and started pushing, her cloaca dilating as the egg made its way out of her. One good part about laying eggs was that it felt incredible, and Samantha had begun to jerk off her cock as the egg was slowly pushed through her sensitive innards.

The two girls moans soon filled the alley and while most of the apartment's resident understood what was most likely happening out there, it seems one of the residents hadn't received the alert about the outbreak. As Tammy's climax began, she opened her eyes so she could see the dumpster. Instead, from a window across the alley, she saw a person staring at her slack jawed and eyes wide. In her pre-orgasmic state of mind, the mutations liquids side effect of making it's victims desire mutating others easily swayed her mind and she pointed her cock straight at the open window as she came. Her balls fired their virile, infectious load straight through the window, blasting the person back with the sheer force of the expulsion. As her lustful haze faded however, Tammy was filled with shame and horror at what she had done and, unwilling to witness the consequences of her mistake, grabbed Samantha, who had just finished storing her egg and tying off her condom, and began running towards the hospital, wanting to get the medicine as soon as possible.

*The person inside the apartment was with multiple other people and infects them as well


Re: The Mutation Liquid - by Zargodia & caraleribbor

White flood

With their final exams approaching Cory, Yara, Cindy and Dara would have their final exams in no time and were gathered in Yara's apartment for a study group in order to prepare for it.

While they were studying, there was a racket outside, which bothered them. Dara got up and opened the window to complain, but was totally shocked to see a giant hermaphrodite shark girl jacking off.

"What are you waiting for Dara? Tell them to be quiet soon." Cory said

Dara didn't respond, being stunned eyeing the shark girl who looked at her. She saw the giantess point her cock in her direction, but when she finally realized what was going to happen it was too late, the shark girl came and the cum flew towards her so fast and so hard that she didn't have time to get out of the way, being thrown back and falling on the table where they were her friends gathered, all white with the liquid she couldn't help swallowing.

The other girls were startled when they saw their friend fly over the table and looked quickly to the window, only having time to see the giant shark girl running carrying something, but before they could identify it disappeared from view.

"That creature... the noise was her masturbating.... she came right on me." Dara said, catching her breath after impact.

"She must be one infected with Mutation Liquid. You may have been infected too, I'll call for help right away." Cindy said and with her cell phone she called asking for an ambulance, but she was informed that it could take a while due to the outbreak. "They said that there is an outbreak in the region, it was recommended that we do not go abroad, but that we try to keep some distance from Dara in case she cannot resist the temptation to infect us too." She said after ending the call.

"Here is already contaminated with that mutant's cum, let's go to the bathroom." Yara said

"We'll leave you alone, hope you don't get mad at us." Cory said to Dara.

"Go, and better this way. I also don't want to infect you guys and I can feel that my mutation has already started. See for yourselves." Dara said and lifted her skirt, showing in one of the few parts of her that wasn't smeared with cum, where they saw her panties being stretched by the cock and balls that replaced her vagina.

Yara, Cory and Cindy isolated themselves in the bathroom, leaving Dara alone.

Dara felt she was already feeling the instinctive desire of the liquid and wanted to go after her friends, fuck the three of them and make them mutants too, but she resisted, putting her new cock out and starting to jack off to control it.

While jacking off, Dara hoped her mutation was over, but she kept changing. Her new cock and balls kept growing and, when it reached a foot in length, her breasts began to grow too. Her bra and blouse were totally destroyed by the growth, which seemed to have no end. Her dick reached 2 feet... 3.... 5... 8...12...15... and finally stopped growing when it reached 20 feet long, so did her balls and breasts getting gigantic as well.

In the end Dara observed her mutation, she was still practically normal, but although she had a dick and balls that were at least three times bigger than the shark girl that infected her, her breasts had also been, each one, at least two times larger than her entire body. In the post-transformation excitement she didn't care about the consequences, with her breasts and genitals occupying most of the apartment she stimulated them as best she could until she came.

As expected by her the amount of cum was absurd. The apartment was flooded with white liquid, unable to exit through the window that was obstructed by the giant balls, and at one point the bathroom door did not resist, being torn out of place causing the bathroom to be flooded with cum and covering the three girls who couldn't escape.

When her orgasm ended and she recovered, Dara was finally able to think rationally and seeing the amount of damage she called out to her friends, who didn't answer her right away. Only a few minuter later did an anthro three-headed dog swam and climb onto her cock, from where he looked at her.

The three-headed dog had three cocks between its legs, each with its own ballsack. She also had a wider torso contained a total of 16 breasts, 4 rows of 4 breasts each, as well as three pairs of arms, one under the control of each of them.

"Apparently we couldn't avoid being infected either." said the middle head, which by the voice was Yara.

"And look what we've become. Now the three of us will be together forever." said Cindy, who was the head on the left.

"At least we still have our three vaginas behind our balls." said Cory to the right.

"I'm really sorry girls, you guys got that way because of me." Dara said

"Don't worry about it, there's no way to predict what happens in a mutation." Cory said

"And we don't have much to complain about, your situation is worse than ours." Cindy said

"Now the biggest problem is how they will get you to the hospital. You won't fit in an ambulance with a cock and such big boobs, and you won't go through the door, either. It will be difficult to get you out of here." Yara said

*Dara's cum invades other apartments.


Re: The Mutation Liquid - by Zargodia & caraleribbor

The Mutation Continues to Spread

As Dara and her fused friends wait for an ambulance, the cum that flooded her apartment began to permeate every corner it could reach. Unfortunately for the other people in the building there were several places where the cum found a place to drain, a leak in the floor, the crack under the hall door, and an air vent placed low enough for the tide of cum to reach.


Tyler was a student at the nearby collage. He had waited a few years to save money so he was a little older than most of the students at twenty-two. Luckily, he had found a group of friends and had started a Tabletop RPG group with them. Today was their meeting day and the group had just finished the day's session when the alert about the outbreak happened. After a bit of discussion, everyone agreed to stay at Tyler's overnight so that no one had to go home while it was unsafe. Just a few minutes later Steven, the groups game master, had been getting snacks in the kitchen when he had spotted two mutants masturbating in the alley and the others felt confident that their decision was the right one when he told them what he had seen.

About fifteen minutes later, the group was sitting around in the living room while Tyler was making dinner for them. The group consisted of five guys, all students at the local collage, who had been playing tabletop games together for the past year and a half. Sitting on the couch were James and Kyle, who had been best friends since middle school. Off in a corner was Jacob, who was getting in a bit of extra studying before finals. Finally, Steven was going over the notes for today's session and organizing his GMing materials.

Tyler was in the apartments small, separate, kitchen. Not having planned to have everyone stay overnight, he had wanted to simply order food, but due to the outbreak none of the local restaurants were delivering right now. Luckily, Kyle had brought tortilla chips for snacks to eat during the session that had been left mostly untouched. With the leftover chips, and some ingredients he had in his fridge, Tyler had thrown together enough nachos for everyone. With the nachos currently cooking in the oven, Tyler had just finished throwing some sour cream and bottled salsa into bowls when the first drips of Dara's cum had begun to drip from the floor above. With the nachos still a few minutes from being done, Tyler left the bowls of dip on the kitchen counter and went to hang out with the group for a little bit, meaning he didn't see the slow but steady drip of cum landing in the bowl of sour cream. When the oven timer went off Tyler jogged back into the kitchen, plated the nachos on the two biggest plates he had and brought them into the living room before going back to grab the dips. As he was doing this he noticed that the dips were getting a little liquidy, so he gave both of them a quick stir, inadvertently mixing his upstairs neighbours cum completely with the sour cream.

The smell of food quickly gathered all five men to the coffee table and each of them started digging in as soon as everything was set out. Kyle and James were the first to eati the infected sour cream, taking big scoops of it on each chip. Steven also managed to get a few bites with some before needing to go to the bathroom. The remaining four continued eating for a bit longer before the first signs of mutation were noticed when Jacob saw that Kyle's skin had begun to change tone.

“Hey Kyle are you ok? Your looking a little red right now.” at his friends prompting, Kyle looked down at his hand curiously and, sure enough, his skin was tinged red and it was getting redder by the second.

“Oh shit, whats happening to me?” Kyle shouts as his whole body becomes a shade of dark red

“You must have gotten infected somehow, we need to get out of here before we get infected as well!” Tyler grabbed James and pulled him up from the couch, but felt resistance as he tried to pull the other man towards his bedroom, which had the only inside door with a lock.

“Ow! Stop pulling, I think I'm stuck on something!” James said, freeing his wrist from Tyler's grip. When he checked to see what he was stuck on however, his blood ran cold. From his tailbone a scaly green tail had connected to the same place on Kyle's body.

“I'm mutating too, it must have been the sour cream. You need to get out of here before you get infected as well.” James ordered, pushing Tyler away.

“Wait. If it was the sour cream, then Steven might be infected as well! I'm going to check on him!.” Jacob moved towards the bathroom as quickly as he could, worry for his friend causing him to forget that Steven was just as infectious as Kyle or James. Tyler was unable to warn him however, as when James pushed him he stumbled on the coffee table and fell over, landing hard on his back. James went over to check on his fallen friend, finding that the tail connecting him to Kyle had grown longer and thicker, allowing him to kneel down next to Tyler.

Kyle meanwhile was watching as his hips and thighs began to grow, tearing through his pants and leaving him naked from the waist down. A thin coat of reddish brown fur quickly covered his legs, as if to replace his clothing. His feet tore out of his socks as they morphed into equine hooves leaving him standing on a pair of thick, horse legs. His average six-inch cock now looked tiny and out of place compared to his massive equine lower half. This soon changed as it began to rapidly expand, it's head flattened and the shaft developed brown mottling. Soon he had a massive three foot long horsecock, it's shaft wider than his torso and it's tip higher than his head. His ballsack had also grown, it now contained four basketball-sized testicles and hung down to his knees.

As this was happening, James's own mutations had continued to progress as well. The serpentine tail that connected him to his friend had begun to cannibalize his legs, becoming close to five feet around on his end and slowly tapering off along it's now ten foot length to a still huge two feet around where it connected to Kyle's now much larger behind. The tail continued to absorb James all the way up to just before his pecs, his cock taken with the rest of his lower body. Despite his lack of legs, James found that his tail and Kyle's body were muscular enough that he could hold himself up and move around still. Tyler meanwhile, had gotten up and was backing away from his mutating friends, hoping that they wouldn't notice him while distracted by their changes.

Both of the fused mutants were overcome with pleasure as the final stage of their transformations took place, their arms becoming toned, but unmistakably feminine limbs, their fingernails growing out and sharpening into points. Their chests ballooned out into breasts, Kyle's stopped at F-cups while James's grew into massive H-cups. Both of their faces then morphed into those of sexy, mature, women, with Kyle growing a pair of curved horns and James's pupils becoming slitted. While Kyles changes stopped there, James had one last change left. A strange feeling began rising in the lamia-tail's mouth before a blast of cum came flying out of it. This blast of cum landed a direct hit on Tyler, as James realized that he was now also a cock, with semen being stored in his breasts.

Now that Tyler had been infected, all he could do was hope that his mutation didn't leave him completely unable to do anything like some of the people he had seen on the news. Much like his friends, it seemed that the mutation liquid wanted him to have a feminine body, as his frame became much more delicate and girly. His ears then became pointed, and his hair grew down to his waist. A pressure appeared in his groin and Tyler feared that he was losing his cock, but instead a third legs grew between his original two, his cock and balls being duplicated into his new crotch. The pressure then moved to his sides as two new arms grew below his original pair. His head shifted to one side as his sight doubled, now shared between the extra head that now sat on his shoulders. The last signs of his old figure, his flat chest, sprouted three new nipples which, alongside his original ones, sprouted into C-cup breasts. Each of his cocks then split into three, leaving him with six cocks split between his two groins, with six matching ball-sacks as well. The pressure then moved just behind Tyler's balls, forming two vagina's each with their own womb and ovaries jammed inside the mutant's torso.

All three mutants took a moment to take in their new bodies, Kyle was a demonic horse-satyr, James was Kyle's lamia/cock tail, and Tyler was a hermaphrodite elf with several extra body parts.

*Someone is mutated by the cum leaking into the hallway


Re: The Mutation Liquid - by Zargodia & caraleribbor

Complicated situation

David is 42 years old, married and has one child. They were away from home for work when he was informed of the outbreak, as he was close to the apartment where his widow mother, Janet (70), lived, he decided to stay there until the situation calmed down. He took advantage of being there and helped her with the housework while they listened to the news on TV, to know when the situation became safe again.

When they were almost finished Janet began to feel sick and put her hand to her chest, which worried David who knew very well about his mother's heart problem.

"Mom, did you take your medicine?" David asked

"I didn't take it. The medicine ran out and I was going to buy it, but I was told to stay at home due to the outbreak of mutations. I thought waiting until tomorrow would be no problem." Janet said

"It was just what was needed to get in the way, the remedy was to end right now. You must be having a heart attack," David said before calling for an ambulance, but when he was told they were being overloaded and couldn't guarantee that they would be taken care of anytime soon, he decided it would be better to risk it, he was going to take his mother to the hospital in person.

Janet's condition was getting worse and David left carrying her, intending to take her to his car, but he came across the floor of the white hallway, covered by a layer of a thick white liquid that came from upstairs by the stairs. The smell left no doubt that it was cum and the amount made it clear to him that it was cum from someone who had mutated. His mother's situation was very serious and she needed care as soon as possible, so David was forced to face the corridor full of material contaminated by Mutation Liquid, knowing he would be safe as long as they didn't ingest any of it.

David walked carefully, but the ground had turned a lot smoother than he expected and slipped, falling and letting his mother fall. The fall hurt Janet, who was now moaning in pain with a fractured hip and arm, but the fall had also spilled some of the cum and she swallowed it.

"Not this one. I'm sorry mom, I slipped." David said, but he heard a crack sound coming from his mother. He got worried and walked over to pick her up, but there was a second crack as her broken arm straightened, instantly healing. The pained expression on Janet's face disappeared and he asked "Are you okay mom?"

"I'm great, My broken hip and arm are brand new and my heart attack is gone. I actually haven't felt this good in years." Janet said getting up.

"This is weird. You didn't swallow some of the cum when I dropped you did you?" David asked

"I think so, I was so bad I couldn't even pay attention. I just remember something entering my mouth and there is an aftertaste that... it's very likely that I swallowed it." Janet said, with her transformation already underway. Her wrinkles disappeared and her skin was smooth, her white hair was black like it was when she was younger.

"Mom, just look at yourself." David said to Janet, who had become much younger.

Janet went back to her apartment and ran to the bathroom, where she looked in the mirror and said in wonder "Wow, this is amazing. This Mutation Liquid shouldn't be that bad, this look of mine is the one I had when I was 19 years old."

"So far you've been lucky, but I don't think it's over, it's quite likely that you'll change even more." David said

"There's no problem with that, if I hadn't been infected I probably wouldn't have lived until tomorrow, now I'll probably have many years of life ahead of me. No matter what happens to me, it's better than being dead." Janet said, turning back to look at her son just as her vision changed, since a second pair of eyes opened above her original ones.

"Mom, your eyes." David said

"I know, I have more of them now don't I. There's something on my ass too." Janet said, turning around and making it visible that her skirt was being lifted from behind by something that was growing there, something that soon slipped out from under the fabric and showed what looked like a huge spider's abdomen. As expected her panties were destroyed and fell to the ground. Her legs split into four longer, slender pairs, so that her lower half had fully turned into a giant spider. "Did I become a drider? Not bad, I kind of liked it." she said, lifting her skirt to see where the human part and her arachnid came together, so not only she but David saw her transformation complete with a dick, which had already grown hard, and balls appeared between her front legs.

"Looks like you stopped changing, isn't it Mom? Good thing you didn't become a freak incapable of having a life." David said, in the relief that his mother came out of death's door by being contaminated and liked what she's become, he forgot that mutants have high libido and tend to have a strong desire to infect other people.

*Janet resists the temptation to infect David


Re: The Mutation Liquid - by Zargodia & caraleribbor

Resisting the Urge to Spread

As Janet stared at her son, she felt a strange feeling come over her. It was like a voice was telling her to feed him her cum and turn him into a mutant as well.

"You were moments away from dying, and becoming a mutant not only saved your life, but gave you your youth back," whispered the voice. "You should share your gift with David and see what he becomes."

Janet shook her head to clear her thoughts before pushing David back from her. "I'm going to go to my room, if I stay here I don't think I'll be able to hold myself back from infecting you."

"Okay Mom, I'll make sure the medics know what happened when they get here. I'll also let the landlord know about the mutant cum leaking from upstairs, she might want the building evacuated."

Janet quickly skittered into her bedroom while her son sat down on the couch and continued to follow the outbreak on the news as he called the landlord. It was already a relatively big one, with over one hundred confirmed victims so far. Apparently it had started at a local fast food place, so David guessed that one of the people living upstairs must have gotten some take out that was infected. The voice that answered the phone sounded a bit different than what the landlord usually sounded like, but David simply thought it might have been a cold and went on to inform her about the mutant cum he had found in the hallway.

From the other end of the line came a muffled reply, "Yeah, I already know."


Rebecca was the landlord of the apartment complex and had been doing some paperwork when the alert about the outbreak went out, meaning that she had to camp out in her office overnight. Frustrated and tired, she was laying back in the office chair with her eyes closed hoping to be able to fall asleep. Because of this, she didn't notice the cum that started dripping down from the vent above her head until a big glob had already landed straight into her partially open mouth. The woman shot up in shock, gagging on the salty load that she had reflexively swallowed as a continuous stream of cum began to drip from the vent, draining from Dara's bathroom.

Rebecca jumped away from the dripping vent, but found that her clothes were already soaked. Since she was alone at the moment, she decided to strip off her outerwear before it soaked through. Now clad in just a bra and panties, Rebecca noticed that she was still covered in slime. She stood confused for a moment wondering how so much had gotten on her before she realized that the slime covering her body was different from what was dripping from the ceiling. Panicked, the landlord pulled off her underwear as well and sure enough, her breasts and crotch were still covered in the same slime. After a futile attempt to clean herself off with her discarded shirt, she realized that the slime was coming from her, and only then did she realized the implications of what the liquid dripping from the ceiling were.

Now that she realized that she was infected all Rebecca could do was pray that she ends up in a form that's not to inconvenient. She could deal with having a dick or two and extra limbs could even be useful, but she knew that not everyone got lucky with their form. As she came to terms with her fate, Rebecca found herself losing her balance as her feet fused together. As she fell onto her stomach, her legs were pulled together into one mass, with her pussy moving to the front of her hips. When she landed on the floor, there was an audible “splat” from the mucus covering her body. Rebecca lifted her torso up with her arms and looked over her shoulder as the mass that used to be her legs as it expanded into a bulbous tail. The top half was covered in thick skin that turned a shade of light purple while to bottom half was flat and the same shade as the rest of her skin. Rebecca then felt her spine pop into a new aliment, making it so her back now bent at a ninety degree angle upwards naturally. As the landlord looked over her new lower body she came to the realization that it was now the body of a slug. Rapid for changes the took place on her upper body, a pair of feelers grew out of her forehead, her hair turned a bright neon blue, and four more breast grew on her chest, with both them and her original pair growing to the size of beach balls. Rebecca pulled her new assets apart, noticing that her vagina now sat between her lowest pair of breasts, before her arms were pulled back into her body, leaving nothing but her shoulders.

Just as Rebecca's changes finished her cellphone, which had fallen to the floor a few feet away from her when her transformation started, began to ring. Using the phone call as an excuse to distract her, she began slowly inching her body across the floor, finding moving with her slug tail to be easier than she thought, even if it was very slow. Luckily her nose was enough to push the virtual button on the screen, a blotch of her mucus marking where she touched. When she greeted the caller, who's voice she recognized as the son of one of her tenants, she felt a strange lump in the back of her throat. As David explained that his mother had been mutated by a pool of cum flowing down the stairs, the lump pushed upwards until a thick cock came out of her mouth, powerful orgasm overcoming Rebecca instantly as it blasted its load onto the floor before hanging limply from her lips.

The only response the mutated landlord could offer was a muffled, “Yeah, I already know.”

*The ambulance arrives but don't evacuate the boulding before anyone else is infected

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Re: The Mutation Liquid - by Zargodia & caraleribbor

Too late.

Lara was alone in her apartment. She was already resting after a day's work when she received the announcement that the mutation outbreak was taking place. She watched TV, following the news on the subject, while she heard some indistinguishable sounds coming from the apartment across from hers, across the hall. She didn't know what it was and, given what was going on, she thought it best not to be curious.

At one point someone knocked on her door and before she answered she screamed from outside "Here and the health team, we need you to let us in so we can check your condition." Lara opened the door and found a man wearing protective clothing, who upon seeing that she had not been infected said "We were called to attend someone infected, but the situation in this building is worse than we imagined. We call for reinforcements but as they arrive you all uninfected must evacuate the building. I want you to go down and wait for us outside."

Lara, realizing the gravity of the situation and seeing the cum running under the door of Yara, who was the neighbor in front of her, she wondered where the problem was, so she just grabbed her purse and left.

She went down a floor, careful not to slip on the smooth floor from the cum, and saw an apartment door open. She peeked inside and saw that the old woman's son who lived there was in front of the bedroom door trying to convince his mother that he wouldn't go without her, meanwhile Janet insisted that he not worry about her and that she would see him as soon as it was safe.

Unbeknownst to them, Dara was getting her ass fucked by her three-headed dog friends and she ended up cum again, absurdly increasing the amount of cum in the apartment, which this time was too much for the front door, which broke into several pieces. the infected white material formed a current that ran down the corridors and stairs.

Lara had stopped spying on the neighbor's apartment and was heading to the next set of stairs when she heard the noise coming from above. Looking back she saw a big wave of cum coming in and the doctor in protective gear being carried by the current. She tried to get away, but the current was too fast for her to escape and she was dragged too. All her efforts to hold back or avoid swallowing the cum were in vain, she only stopped on the first floor, where the material found more space and dispersed, lessening the force that carried her.

Lara got up, covered from head to toe with cum and without the slightest doubt that she had been infected, she was accompanied by the doctor who had also been dragged to a nearby wasteland, which had metal plates that prevented that she would be seen during her transformation, especially with the possibility that her clothes would become useless later, and prevent her from trying to go off infecting someone else before more help arrived.

Knowing she couldn't keep them in that state, Lara took off her clothes and just hoped her mutation wasn't too inconvenient. Her changes didn't take long to start, with her buttocks melding and stretching behind her, lumps forming and stretching. What she thought would become a new pair of legs instead became arms. Controlling the new pair of arms, she steadied herself against the ground with one and, straining to see what was going on, touched the still-forming part of herself with the other hand. Four lumps which she realized were four nipples were growing in the new stretch of her body, pushing outward with swelling flesh. Soon this new extension was a copy of her top half and it that was facing backwards, only with four breasts and nothing between its shoulders, which didn't last long as a 15 inch cock with balls the size of melons grew where the head should be.

The changes then shifted to her legs and groin, which consisted of her legs reversing and facing backwards, her vagina following suit and shifting down and back, swallowing her anus as it did so.

The change continued into her original top half with her breasts merging. A new cock pushed out below her breasts, running parallel along her torso, pointing toward her groin, while her merged breasts swelled into a ballsack. This new cock grew to be as big as the one between the shoulders of her back torso.

Then her shoulders stretched and swelled. She saw and felt a new anus appear between them, allowing her to realize that her shoulders had turned into an ass. From her new buttocks, the changes flowed into her original arms as they turned into legs. They pointed down in the same direction as her other legs, and she fell forward her onto all four feet. The finishing touch came her neck began to elongate, becoming fully flexible.

Moving her lengthening neck freely, Lara could better ascertain the extent of her mutation. She had become a humantaur. Her original body made up her new lower half, albeit with a reversed torso. Her new torso made up her upper half, but with a massive hard 15 inch cock and balls where a head should be.

Precum ran from her headcock down over her four F-cup breasts, toward her vagina which now sat in between her front legs, only except it was now upside down. A second cock nestled between her back legs, her breasts-turned-ballsack still feeling much like breasts due to their unchanged position on her original torso and their nipples which remained. With the way her original legs were at the front of her body and her original arms were now legs at the back, moving forward actually felt like moving backward.

Finally her neck finished elongating, leaving her head at the end of a three foot long flexible neck attached above her ass like a tail. With her transformation completed she reached up with one hand grasping her headcock, screaming out in pleasure as it instantly came.

*See what happened to Steven and Jacob


Re: The Mutation Liquid - by Zargodia & caraleribbor

From Guy Friends to Lesbian Lovers

Steven had just stared eating the nachos that Tyler made, making sure to get some sour cream in between Kyle and James's aggressive dipping. Only after a few bites however, he felt a growing knot in his stomach and excused himself to the bathroom. As he made his way there the knot moved down to a pressure in his penis. He sped up his walking, thinking that he had to go really bad. When he arrived at the bathroom and pulled down his pants however, he saw that his cock had grown to almost twice it's size, and was now covered in small barbs.

Upon seeing his mutated dick, Steven found himself falling into a haze of lust as the mutation liquid began to fill his mind with lustful desires. Grabbing his now erect cock, Steven began to jerk himself off, completely unaware of the changes now spreading across his body.

Grey furs began to sprout on his arms, covering them from the elbows down. The same happened to his legs from the knees down. His furry feet them morphed into feline paws, and he was forced up on his toes as his legs became digitigrade. His ears moved up to the top of his head, becoming grey-furred and triangular. As this was happening, Steven continued to obliviously jerk off his cock, but just as he was about to reach climax, the door to the bathroom was slammed open by Jacob.

“Steven, Kyle and James are transforming, we think it mi...” Jacob's words trailed off as he saw the feline form of his friend.

With his climax interrupted, Steven looked over at his friend and was overcome with a raging desire to punish him for his disturbance. Jacob saw his friend's eyes become slitted as Steven gazed at him like a predator hunting it's prey. Before he could run away Jacob was grabbed by Steven, the mutants muscles growing larger as he forced Jacob over to the bedroom and roughly threw him down on the bed. Without giving Jacob a chance to get up, Steven pounced on top of him, pinning him to the bed while straddling his stomach. As Jacob was face to face with his friends throbbing cock, he caught movement as a tail, covered in the same grey fur as Steven's limbs and ears, grew out behind his friend. The tip of the tail was much thicker than the rest of it however, and the reason for that was revealed when it split open into a dripping vagina. Still lost in lust, Steven looked at his new appendage and grinned with a smile full of sharp teeth.

“I know the perfect tool to satisfy this...” growled Steven as he ripped off Jacobs pants with his now claw-like finger nails. With Jacobs cock exposed, Steven quickly enveloped it with his new vagina tipped tail, the infected juices causing it to grow hard.

As Steven milked his friend's cock, his body continued to change. His face became one of feminine beauty, with a pair of horns growing beside his ears. A pair of breasts stretched out his shirt, growing to a generous DD-cup, with his waist and hips shifting to give him a perfect hourglass figure. Jacob watched as his friend's body became that of a stacked, muscular, woman. Steven's already tight shirt was torn off when a pair of bat-like wings grew from his back, exposing his six pack abs and thumb-sized nipples.

As the mutations came to a conclusion, Steven found the orgasm he was previously denied building again. He ran his hand over his face and licked his palm with a rough, feline, tongue revelling in his, no HER new form. The manticore-girl decided as she came that feminine pronouns sounded much better in her head. With her new identity decided, she grabbed Jacobs head and shoved her barbed dick into his mouth just as she came from both her sexual organs, filling Jacob's mouth with her cum. The milking of his cock combined with having his mouth filled with cum caused Jacob to shoot his load as well, his seed travelling all the way down through the tail into Steven's womb.

With a mouth full of cum, it didn't take long for Jacob's transformation to start as well. His changes started with his penis shrinking down until it was pulled into his crotch and replaced with a vagina. His body was quickly transformed into that of a beautiful woman, with a thin waist, wide hips, a generous ass, and two cute B-cup breasts. His black hair pooled behind his prone form, growing long enough to touch the floor even when he was standing. His body also shrunk, going from 5'8'' to 4'11'' making him a full foot shorter than the manticore straddling him.

After watching her friend turn into a cute girl, Steven, no Steffany, she decided on the spot, leaned forwards and whispered into Jacob's ear, “Your changes have just started and your already such a cute girl.”

“No... I'm a man” Jacob weakly replied, the idea of being a woman already taking root in his mind.

“It'll be soooo much easier if you accept it. Most people who change sex when mutated end up changing gender identities within a year, I read that in the news once. So just accept it, I already have. I've decided to go by Steffany now, what should I call you?” Purred Steffany. Despite her aggressive posturing however, she was ready to back off if her friend put up more resistance. However, it seemed like her friend had come to terms with the situation when SHE said her name.


As if triggered by her voice, Vicky's transformations sped up, green scales covering her arms and legs, as well as her hips and between her breasts. As this happened, Steffany flipped her friend over, and plunged her cock into Vicky's waiting, virgin, vagina. The transforming woman gripped the sheets with her hands, tearing holes in them as her hands became clawed. Webbing then grew down the outside of her arms, with four spiked “fingers” that could be used to fold them up against her forearms. Her feet grew into vicious looking talons, which she immediately used to grip Steffany's thighs. A long, tapered, tail grew from her behind, wrapping around her lover and pulling them deeper into herself, each one of Steffany's barbs rubbing against her sensitive folds. As Vicky came, small horns grew behind her head and her ears tapered off into points, completing her transformation into a wyvern-girl. Steffany wasn't far behind and shoot her load deep inside Vicky before the two mutants collapsed into the bed.

They were woken up a few minutes later when Taylor, the elf that had formerly been their friend Tyler, came to tell them that the apartment was being evacuated, but since the un-mutated people were going first they had a bit of time. Steffany pulled herself out of Vicky and the two of them went back to the living room where they saw the conjoined mutants that had formerly been Kyle and James, who now went by Kayla and Kelly, eating the now lukewarm nachos that had been abandoned after people started transforming. Vicky and Steffany, who had barely eaten any before, quickly sat down and joined them as the five women discussed their new bodies. Their discussion was interrupted by a flood of cum that began creeping under the door, as well as from the leak in the kitchen ceiling, but since everyone present was already transformed they didn't worry about it too much and continued waiting for the medical team to give them the ok.

*Miranda and Kaia are woken up by one of Kaia's roommates


Re: The Mutation Liquid - by Zargodia & caraleribbor

From Guy Friends to Lesbian Lovers

Steven had just stared eating the nachos that Tyler made, making sure to get some sour cream in between Kyle and James's aggressive dipping. Only after a few bites however, he felt a growing knot in his stomach and excused himself to the bathroom. As he made his way there the knot moved down to a pressure in his penis. He sped up his walking, thinking that he had to go really bad. When he arrived at the bathroom and pulled down his pants however, he saw that his cock had grown to almost twice it's size, and was now covered in small barbs.

Upon seeing his mutated dick, Steven found himself falling into a haze of lust as the mutation liquid began to fill his mind with lustful desires. Grabbing his now erect cock, Steven began to jerk himself off, completely unaware of the changes now spreading across his body.

Grey furs began to sprout on his arms, covering them from the elbows down. The same happened to his legs from the knees down. His furry feet them morphed into feline paws, and he was forced up on his toes as his legs became digitigrade. His ears moved up to the top of his head, becoming grey-furred and triangular. As this was happening, Steven continued to obliviously jerk off his cock, but just as he was about to reach climax, the door to the bathroom was slammed open by Jacob.

“Steven, Kyle and James are transforming, we think it mi...” Jacob's words trailed off as he saw the feline form of his friend.

With his climax interrupted, Steven looked over at his friend and was overcome with a raging desire to punish him for his disturbance. Jacob saw his friend's eyes become slitted as Steven gazed at him like a predator hunting it's prey. Before he could run away Jacob was grabbed by Steven, the mutants muscles growing larger as he forced Jacob over to the bedroom and roughly threw him down on the bed. Without giving Jacob a chance to get up, Steven pounced on top of him, pinning him to the bed while straddling his stomach. As Jacob was face to face with his friends throbbing cock, he caught movement as a tail, covered in the same grey fur as Steven's limbs and ears, grew out behind his friend. The tip of the tail was much thicker than the rest of it however, and the reason for that was revealed when it split open into a dripping vagina. Still lost in lust, Steven looked at his new appendage and grinned with a smile full of sharp teeth.

“I know the perfect tool to satisfy this...” growled Steven as he ripped off Jacobs pants with his now claw-like finger nails. With Jacobs cock exposed, Steven quickly enveloped it with his new vagina tipped tail, the infected juices causing it to grow hard.

As Steven milked his friend's cock, his body continued to change. His face became one of feminine beauty, with a pair of horns growing beside his ears. A pair of breasts stretched out his shirt, growing to a generous DD-cup, with his waist and hips shifting to give him a perfect hourglass figure. Jacob watched as his friend's body became that of a stacked, muscular, woman. Steven's already tight shirt was torn off when a pair of bat-like wings grew from his back, exposing his six pack abs and thumb-sized nipples.

As the mutations came to a conclusion, Steven found the orgasm he was previously denied building again. He ran his hand over his face and licked his palm with a rough, feline, tongue revelling in his, no HER new form. The manticore-girl decided as she came that feminine pronouns sounded much better in her head. With her new identity decided, she grabbed Jacobs head and shoved her barbed dick into his mouth just as she came from both her sexual organs, filling Jacob's mouth with her cum. The milking of his cock combined with having his mouth filled with cum caused Jacob to shoot his load as well, his seed travelling all the way down through the tail into Steven's womb.

With a mouth full of cum, it didn't take long for Jacob's transformation to start as well. His changes started with his penis shrinking down until it was pulled into his crotch and replaced with a vagina. His body was quickly transformed into that of a beautiful woman, with a thin waist, wide hips, a generous ass, and two cute B-cup breasts. His black hair pooled behind his prone form, growing long enough to touch the floor even when he was standing. His body also shrunk, going from 5'8'' to 4'11'' making him a full foot shorter than the manticore straddling him.

After watching her friend turn into a cute girl, Steven, no Steffany, she decided on the spot, leaned forwards and whispered into Jacob's ear, “Your changes have just started and your already such a cute girl.”

“No... I'm a man” Jacob weakly replied, the idea of being a woman already taking root in his mind.

“It'll be soooo much easier if you accept it. Most people who change sex when mutated end up changing gender identities within a year, I read that in the news once. So just accept it, I already have. I've decided to go by Steffany now, what should I call you?” Purred Steffany. Despite her aggressive posturing however, she was ready to back off if her friend put up more resistance. However, it seemed like her friend had come to terms with the situation when SHE said her name.


As if triggered by her voice, Vicky's transformations sped up, green scales covering her arms and legs, as well as her hips and between her breasts. As this happened, Steffany flipped her friend over, and plunged her cock into Vicky's waiting, virgin, vagina. The transforming woman gripped the sheets with her hands, tearing holes in them as her hands became clawed. Webbing then grew down the outside of her arms, with four spiked “fingers” that could be used to fold them up against her forearms. Her feet grew into vicious looking talons, which she immediately used to grip Steffany's thighs. A long, tapered, tail grew from her behind, wrapping around her lover and pulling them deeper into herself, each one of Steffany's barbs rubbing against her sensitive folds. As Vicky came, small horns grew behind her head and her ears tapered off into points, completing her transformation into a wyvern-girl. Steffany wasn't far behind and shoot her load deep inside Vicky before the two mutants collapsed into the bed.

They were woken up a few minutes later when Taylor, the elf that had formerly been their friend Tyler, came to tell them that the apartment was being evacuated, but since the un-mutated people were going first they had a bit of time. Steffany pulled herself out of Vicky and the two of them went back to the living room where they saw the conjoined mutants that had formerly been Kyle and James, who now went by Kayla and Kelly, eating the now lukewarm nachos that had been abandoned after people started transforming. Vicky and Steffany, who had barely eaten any before, quickly sat down and joined them as the five women discussed their new bodies. Their discussion was interrupted by a flood of cum that began creeping under the door, as well as from the leak in the kitchen ceiling, but since everyone present was already transformed they didn't worry about it too much and continued waiting for the medical team to give them the ok.

*Miranda and Kaia are woken up by one of Kaia's roommates


Re: The Mutation Liquid - by Zargodia & caraleribbor

Naomi is infected

Naomi was tired, she was at the supermarket shopping when the mutation outbreak was announced.

Due to the news, the market closed with the customers inside, allowing only those who wanted to take a risk to leave, and no one else entered.

Naomi stayed there for a few hours waiting for things to calm down, but with each new news it seemed that things only got worse. Knowing that her roommate must be getting hungry, and that the fridge was practically empty, she decided to take a chance and left the supermarket, heading straight for her apartment. She arrived safely and upon entering she, at first glance, saw no one. She then looked for her roommate, but when she got to her room she found a mutant girl with six arms, 5 breasts of which two had eyes and one a mouth for nipples, and a long eel tail for legs, that she didn't know sleeping there.

She was startled by the scene and let out a scream that woke up the sleeping mutant.

"What is the problem? Can't you even sleep in peace?" Miranda said

"Who are you and what are you doing here? Did you do something to Kai? Where is she?" Naomi asked

"Did you get home Naomi? It's me Kaia, I'm right here. Well, you may not be able to recognize me in my new form." the new arrived saw the speech come out of her mouth in one of the mutant's breasts, who spoke with the same voice as her friend.

"Kaia? Have you been infected too? But how? What happened while I was gone?" Naomi asked, then Miranda and Kaia explained everything, from the beginning when Miranda started to feel weird to when they went to sleep. "I understood. If so then you are not aware of the outbreak." she said in the end

"What outbreak are you talking about?" Kaia asked

"It's easier to show than to explain. Come with me." Naomi said taking the conjoined eel girls' hand, which still had traces of the juices from their shared vagina, which part passed into her hand.

They went to the living room, where Naomi turned on the TV and put it on the news about the outbreak. At the time she put it in the channel, a rescue operation was being shown with the help of firefighters. They had cut a huge hole in the wall on the third floor of a building to get a girl out of there, as she had male breasts and male genitalia so big that there was no other way for her to get out.

"I know this girl. It's Dara, she studies at our school." Miranda said

It's true. I've never talked to her, but I remember running into her several times." Kaia said

"As you can see, the situation is complicated out there." Naomi said.

They continued watching a little longer, Naomi worried in the meantime about the mutant beside her, not only because she was her friend, but because she feared they would turn to her and try to infect her. As was her custom whenever she got nervous, she put her finger in her mouth and ended up swallowing a minimal amount of the girl's juices, but enough to infect her too.

When the TV crew finished covering Dara's rescue they cut to a fast food place from which, according to what they had, the first known victims had consumed their food.

"But, this is the fast food where I work part time. Now I get it, I also ate the leftover products, so that's why Kaia and I are like this." Miranda said

"When you got here I didn't even think about this possibility." Kaia said

Naomi then turned to the mutants beside her to say something, but she felt something strange about her head, as if her hair was thicker and heavier than it should have been. She brought her hands to her head, only to realize she didn't have but several tubes of meat attached to her head. "This can not be happening." she said

"What is it now?" Miranda asked, turning around so that she and Kaia could see Naomi, they saw that she had been infected somehow and was already changing. At the time she was similar to the mythological medusa, except that instead of snakes she had several dicks as her hair.

"How could I have been contaminated? I don't... wait a minute, I touched you earlier when I took your hand." Naomi said

"Don't be ridiculous, a simple touch is not enough to get contaminated." Kaia said

"But we haven't washed our hands since we masturbated before, have we? Can't we have passed it on to her like that?" Miranda said

"It still wouldn't be enough, unless... Naomi, didn't you put your hand over your mouth?" Kaia said

"Just a little bit, I admit I was afraid you guys would try to infect me." Naomi said and just then her teeth started to fall out.

"I understand your concern, I felt an urge to make you one of us, but I was resisting." Kaia said

"I figured you didn't want to do this, so I also held back even though I had control of most of our bodies." Miranda said

"But I... don't want... to change..." Naomi said, her teeth falling out one after the other and finding it increasingly difficult to speak.

"Unfortunately there is no way to stop. It's better to just accept." Kaia said

As Naomi followed her friend's advice and accepted her fate, she sat still as her mouth finished the process of turning into a vagina, through which all her speech ability had been lost. But not for long, as she felt something in her ass and got up with a scream on impulse, but with the sound coming from behind her. She was surprised by this and reached behind her, then lifted her skirt and placing her hand between her buttocks she found something familiar totally out of place.

She then took off her panties and turned her back to Miranda and Kaia, parting her buttocks so the conjoined girls could see that her mutation had been completed with her mouth replacing her ass.

*Tammy and Samantha finally arrive at the hospital


Re: The Mutation Liquid - by Zargodia & caraleribbor

A Partial Reunion

With no further sidetracking, Tammy and Samantha had made it to the hospital and, now finished with their examinations, had just been brought to their hotel room. Because of Tammy's size, their room was in a special wing that was build for giant mutants. All of the ceilings in this wing were two stories tall meaning that even Tammy's eleven foot tall body had plenty of clearance. This meant that most of the furniture was significantly oversized for Samantha, but the two girls decided that they wanted to stay together even if Samantha had to deal with a major inconvenience.

“So, how did your examination go?” asked Tammy once they finished settling in, “Do they know a way to slow down your egg laying?”

“Sadly no, apparently any medication that they've tried in similar cases has had severe side effects,” sighed Samantha, “But apparently my eggs are incredibly nutritious so once they're no longer infectious I might be able to make lots of money selling them, even if that idea weirds me out a bit.”

“Yeah, I can imagine the idea of people eating something that comes out of you is really uncomfortable.”

“But the doctor showed me the kinds of prices mutant eggs can sell for and even the lowest prices I-,” Samantha interrupted herself to squat down and push out an egg, which she placed into a special bag so that none of them would get lost while still infectious, before continuing, “even the lowest prices I saw would be more than enough to live comfortably off of, so I can't just dismiss the thought entirely.”

“How much are we talking about?”

“With how big my eggs are, fifty dollars a dozen, minimum and I lay twelve dozen in a day. With that kind of money I could pay off my student loans in just a few months.”

“Holy shit.”

“What about you? I can't imagine life is going to be easy now that your a giantess with a cock larger than most people.”

“Well I have a pretty easy career path, construction. Unsurprisingly, giant mutants are in high demand in that field, as well as any other manual labour jobs for that matter though to me those would definitely be a last resort. Unfortunately, even though I'm part shark now I don't have any gills so I can breathe underwater, but my tail and fin should help me swim better regardless so I might try for a job as a lifeguard at the beach, that sounds much better than being a glorified crane.”

The two friends continued to discuss their option in their new lives as mutants until someone knocked at their door.

“Who could that be?” wondered Tammy as she answered the door.

Standing in the doorway, only coming up to the shark-woman's legs, was Gemma, wearing a T-shirt and a pair of stretchy pants that did nothing to conceal her massive bulge.

“Gemma!” exclaimed both of the other women.

“I asked the hotel staff to tell me when you got here, It's good to see neither of you were turned into something horrible.” Gemma entered the room and pulled herself onto the giantess-sized bed that Samantha was sitting on.

“What about you Gem?” asked Samantha, “I can see from your bulge that you've got something down their so since you've already seen our mutations it's only fair you show us yours.

Samantha reluctantly pulled down her pants, revealing her cluster of horse cocks as well as her equine tail, ass, and bloated ballsack, “it might be hard to tell just from looking but I don't have a vagina anymore, though my ass seems to be extra sensitive to make up for it.”

“Wow, my cock is massive, but you might have me beat for total length if you add all of yours together,” observes Tammy, leaning forward to get a closer look.

Samantha meanwhile, was feeling another egg coming and had moved off behind Gemma to lay it, giving her a perfect view of her friends horsey butt. With her hormone addled brain driving her forward, Samantha creeped up behind her friend and thrust her cock into Gemma's ass. When she felt the sudden penetration, Gemma let out a yelp of surprise that quickly turned into a moan of pleasure.

“If you wanted to fuck my ass you could have just asked,” chided Gemma between her friends thrusts.

“Sorry, I figured you would be okay with it and I-,” Samantha suddenly let out a cry of pleasure as an egg pushed itself out of her cloaca, causing her to cum from her cock at the same time.

Feeling Samantha's load pumped inside her set off Gemma as well, her cocks blasting cum over the, thankfully waterproof, sheets. Even after Samantha pulled out and was putting her egg in her bag Gemma continued to empty her balls for several more minutes until the puddle of cum was bigger than she was. Once her orgasm finally ended, her cum pulled itself together and formed a six foot tall woman with breasts that were almost as big as Tammy's.

Once she had finished forming, the cum-woman stretched her arms and yawned. “I thought you wanted to talk to Tammy and Sam a bit before you started fucking them?” When she looked around and saw the incredulous stares she was getting she began to explain. “Hey Tammy, Sam, long time no see. You probably don't recognize me but I'm Isaac, though I go by Izzy now, Gemma ended up mutating me on the way to the hospital and I ended up turning into a woman made of her cum.”

Having recovered from her orgasm, Gemma continued the explanation. “I wanted to talk to you alone for a bit, so I got Izzy to sleep inside my balls so that if we ended up having sex she would be able to join in since she is my girlfriend.”

“Well, hello Izzy, you defiantly look great,” complemented Tammy, staring at the cum-woman's breasts with obvious desire

“Well, when I first transformed I was pretty small, but we learned that I feed off of exclusively Gemma's cum, and that I can use excess to reshape my body, I'm only this big because I just absorbed all the cum from Gemma's orgasm.” Izzy explained, growing her bust a bit at the cost of a few inches of height.

“Speaking of which,” Gemma interrupted, turning towards Samantha, “You better get ready for me to pay you back for that surprise butt-sex, missy.”

“I said I was sorry!” Samantha shouted, backing away from the approaching mutant, her cocks already back at full mast. “Okay, Okay, I'll pay you back, but you can't stick it in my cloaca. I make eggs so fast that one of them is basically guaranteed to get fertilized if you forget to pull out.”

“Alright but this better be the best blowjob I've ever gotten” Teased Gemma, poking Samantha in the stomach with her cocks”.

Meanwhile, Izzy and Tammy were working out the best way for them to fuck, with the cum-woman electing to simply go inside the larger woman's cock and pleasure her from the inside like she did for Margret.

*Their sex is interrupted by someone else showing up


Re: The Mutation Liquid - by Zargodia & caraleribbor

They get good news from the poor couple

They were interrupted when someone else knocked on the door. Samantha opened the door to see who she was and saw a bear woman standing pushing a wheelchair that had a cowgirl mermaid on it. Recognizing the poor couple who had eaten her infected eggs, she invited them inside.

"Hi, I see you have arrived here and have already found some friends. That's good." the bear woman said as she entered.

"I'm also relieved to know you guys are fine." Samantha said

"Hey, you guys are really friendly. Could you introduce us to them." Gemma said

Samantha and Tammy, who were already unaware of the house, introduced their friend and her girlfriend to the poor couple, who they remembered that they never knew their names.

"My name was Matthew, but now I'm going by Martha." the mermaid cowgirl said

"And my name is Bella." the bear woman said

"Excellent. And have you gone through your consultations? How it was?" Tammy said

"It was good. We were very well taken care of despite our financial condition. In my case I can continue being a housewife as long as I learn to live with my higher libido and acclimate myself with strength since now I am strong as a bear." Bella said, ending with a little joke related to her mutation.

"And in my case I would say the best thing I did was steal your egg. With the advantage I can take from my new body, we'll never go hungry again. As I am partially a cow, I produce a lot of milk that needs to be milked from time to time. I haven't reached my limit yet, but according to the doctor I need to be milked at least 3 times a day. It seems that my milk is more nutritious for humans than that of the cows themselves, so many look for it and it is even more expensive. With the money we will earn selling my milk, we will be able to provide a better quality of life for our children." Martha said

"Good to know that. And your kids? Aren't they with you?" Samantha asked

"They are and even though they have not changed at all they were allowed to stay in our room. They've easily accepted our mutations and seem to be enjoying having a bear mom and a mermaid dad better. They played a bit after we got here and got tired, so they're sleeping in our room." Bella said

"Thankfully, lucky them kids are immune to Mutation Liquid." Tammy said

"But they are not immune. We told them that they were also contaminated and the doctor said that when a child is exposed to the liquid they do not mutate immediately, but the effect is as if dammed up. Only when they are older and start their sex life that their mutation will manifest, as it will occur as soon as they come for the first time. At the moment they can also infect other people, so they will be medicated to stop being infectious too." Martha said

"Well. If that's the way it is, all we can do is hope that a mutation doesn't come that will cause many problems." Izzy said.

*Follow the rest of Isaac's family as they arrive at the hospital


Re: The Mutation Liquid - by Zargodia & caraleribbor

The Rest of the Family Arrives

Traffic had been hell, but after nearly forty minutes of driving, Flora, Sofia and their parents had arrived at the hospital and after another ten minutes of waiting, had been brought in for their examinations. Now the family were checked in to their room, which was twice as big as a normal one to accommodate the sisters large, arachnid lower body.

"Well kids, what did the doctors say, anything important we should know about?" asked the sister's father, who was currently idly flipping through channels on the TV.

“Not really for me,” replied Flora, “just to make sure I'm aware of my body's size, to make sure I don't ignore my libido, and that my breasts do have wombs in them so I should be careful if I let anyone fuck them. Sophia's the one who has it bad.”

Sofia rolled her eyes. “Your exaggerating. All the doctor warned me about was to make sure I assert my individuality, since people in situation like mine have been found to lose their sense of self in extreme cases, but that won't be too hard since it turns out I have final say when it comes to our lower body,” as if to demonstrate this Sofia turns their body in a circle before continuing, “Other than that it was just lots of the same stuff they told Flora, since I'm technically partially a cock now I need to be aware of my high libido and to be careful during sex since our cum is apparently extra potent. Honestly I'm more worried about Mom, since at least I have Flora with me if I need a pair of arms”

“Luckily for us,” began their mother's centre head, “We have an amazing partner who will make sure we don't want for anything, right?”

“Of course dear, since I'm still mostly normal theirs not much for me to worry about accessibility-wise. The doctor did warn me that my wings are delicate, and recommended some counselling to help me adjust to my body, but otherwise I'm just as capable as I was before, maybe even more!”

“Of course you will have to get used to having three times the wives, since all three of us are now essentially separate people” reminded the left head.

“Our personalities might be the same now, but the doctor said that over time we're going to start to develop major distinctions between us” added to right head.

“That just means I have three times the beautiful women to love”

As the sister's parents flirted, their mother's cocks had begun to harden, and a noticeable tent had appeared in their father's pants, which was all the signals they needed to know they should leave.

“You two, or four I guess, have fun, me and Flora are gonna go explore a bit.” said Sophia as she and her sister made a hasty exit of the room.

The sisters wandered around the halls for a while, looking for something to do while their parents were almost definitely having sex. After a while of this however, Flora remembered something and pulled out her phone.

“Hey Sophia, would you mind taking over the walking for a bit, I realized I should post an update to my YouTube subscribers since I'm probably not going to be making any videos for a while as we sort everything out.”

Her sister didn't reply, but Flora felt her taking control of their spider legs, freeing her to focus on typing up her message. She left the details vague for the moment, just mentioning that she had been caught in an outbreak and that she had to take some time off. She ended it with a mention of a “special guest” who would be most likely joining her in her future videos however, since her sister would basically have to be a part of her content somehow.

Once the update was posted she watched the various responses come in for a bit before she looked up from her phone, noticing that they were currently in the lobby. As her eyes wandered over the various mutants milling about, she saw a familiar face in the crowd.

“Hey, Gemma!”

“Flora!? What happened to you? And is that Sophia? Why are you fused together?” asked Gemma, returning to her and Margret's room after “visiting” her friends.

“There was a bit of an accident while we were cleaning Margret's room after you left”

“It was my fault,” hastily added Sophia

“Yes it was,” agreed Flora before continuing, “And unfortunately Mom and Dad also got turned into mutants, so it looks like it's just Margret and Isaac that are still normal”

“Actually, Margret and Isaac also got infected as well, in fact...” Gemma awkwardly pulled one of her cocks out of her pants and a blob of cum oozed out before forming into a head.

“Hey you two, it's Isaac, though I've decided to go by Izzy now.” the two girls were taken aback by the talking head that had popped out of Gemma's cock. “I overheard what happened, how are you two holding up?”

“We're doing fine Isaac, I mean Izzy.” stammered Sophia, who was sitting roughly at eye level with her former brother at the moment.

“Are you fused with Gemma like we are?” asked Flora

“Oh, no, I just like hanging out in here, it's surprisingly cozy. But enough about that, we can talk with everyone together. We were just heading back to Margret's room anyways so we can grab her and talk about everything as a family, how does that sound?”

Both sisters agreed to Izzy's idea, so the four woman went to get Margret, Sophia and Flora being just as shocked when they saw her bizarre form, before going to the room the sisters shared with their parents, both Flora and Sophia hoping that they had finished having sex.

*Miranda, Kaia and Naomi have run into a problem on their way to the hospital


Re: The Mutation Liquid - by Zargodia & caraleribbor

Naomi fails to resist the urge

Miranda, Kaia and Naomi decided to go to the hospital, but first Miranda wanted to know about her roommates, who she had no news about and had no idea where they were.

Realizing that she had left her cell phone in her room, Miranda and Kaia went there to get it before leaving, with Naomi accompanying them, using a mask to hide the vagina that replaced her mouth and a cloth to hide the collection of dicks that had replaced her hair.

Miranda found her cell phone and saw that she had several missed calls from her roommates, who tried to contact her all this time and failed. Apart from the calls there were some text messages, which she read and so she learned that they were all already in the hospital. She responded to the messages informing her that she was fine, that she also had a mutation and that she was on her way out to go to the hospital.

"Now that we've got everything we're ready to go to the hospital too, right?" Miranda said

"That's OK by me. And you Naomi, don't you need to do anything? You've just mutated and your libido is much higher than before. Sure you're not too horny to go out?" Kaia said

"I'm fine, I won't let it control me." Naomi said

"If you think it's okay like that then let's go." Kaia said

When they left the building they saw that there was a car that had stopped right in front of it, which a man had gotten out of and was heading towards it.

"Wait a minute, I know this man." Miranda said before raising her arm and calling "Hey Robert, come here. It's me Miranda."

Robert looked at her and was startled to see her, running towards her after the initial shock. "This was what I feared. You also became a victim of the outbreak, didn't you, Miranda? I was worried when I saw on the news that it all started at the fast foo where you work. And my sister, how is she?" he said

"Unfortunately, we all end up infected. I don't know yet what kind of mutation the others have had, but I know they are already in the hospital. I got a message from Samantha saying everyone is fine." Miranda said

"Sorry but who is he?" Kaia asked

"He is Robert, Samantha's older brother, one of my roommates." Miranda said

"Good to know. If you go to the hospital then you can let me drive you there. I also want to see how my sister is doing." Robert said

"It would be a big help but, we are infectious and I don't know if Kaia and I will fit in the car." Miranda said

"I don't mind and if we lower the backseat there should be room for you guys in the back." Robert said

With this argument the mutants accepted the ride. With some work Miranda and Kaia managed to get into the back of the car and Naomi sat in the front passenger seat, but the whole time she didn't say a single word as she was too embarrassed to hear her voice coming out of her ass, which was where her mouth was now.

Naomi was also hiding a desire for grabbing Robert, even after he started driving she kept looking sideways at him hoping to get to the hospital soon, before she lost control as she felt the cocks in her head throbbing. Unfortunately for her the traffic was terrible and they got stuck in the traffic jam, which is where Naomi can't hold back anymore. She simply took off her mask and hugged him, who, being caught totally off guard, had no time to resist before he had her put the wet pussy of her face against his mouth.

"I'm really sorry, I tried to resist as much as I could but the urge is just too strong." Naomi said without breaking the 'kiss', being aware that she had already infected him. The cloth on her head started to lift thanks to her dicks getting hard.

"I said you should have fixed your libido before we left, didn't I Naomi." Kaia said

"I know, I admit that I underestimated my increased libido with my mutation." Naomi said, looking at the breasts that were her friend's 'face'.

"I can't blame her either. I took the risk when I insisted on driving with her beside me. All I can do is wait and see what I'm going to become, but first let's go to a private place." Robert said

"How about there?" Miranda said, pointing to a building they recognized as the same one that appeared on the news earlier, in which there were several victims of the Mutation Liquid.

"It's a good idea, come on." said Robert said, pulling the car into a nearby parking space before heading to the building. They avoided entering the front door of the building due to dirt, so they decided to enter the back where it was cleaner. Before they entered they were stopped by a city hall agent, who let them in after being informed that everyone was already infected and were just looking for a reserved place for Robert to transform,seeing that his mutation had already started, as he already had two hands at the end of each arm.

They found a completely unoccupied apartment, which apparently had no one living in for weeks, and chose to stay there when Robert's arms finished splitting completely into two pairs, one in front of the other, and the same had started to happen with his legs.

"No need to be embarrassed about us, I think it's better if you take your clothes off." Naomi said

Robert followed her suggestion and removed his clothes when he already had two full pairs of legs, which was more difficult than expected as he realized he couldn't control or feel his new pairs of legs and arms, that hung like dead weights.

Then it got harder when his entire torso split in two, with a pair of legs and arms each and leaving him with two whole bodies attached to a single head, of which he couldn't feel one of them whole as a part of him. "My mutation, there's something wrong with my her. Why can't I feel my second full body?" Robert said and as if to answer his question the dead body completely let go of him, being headless for a little while before growing a new one on it. As the head grew, the second body opened its eyes and stood up.

Everyone was surprised by the development, as despite apparently being normal people, but now there were two Roberts, both an exact copy of the other, including in memories and personality, but totally independent of each other, facing each other

"Is that just my mutation? Me splitting in two?" both Roberts asked at the same time.

"I don't think it's over yet." Kaia said pointing to their backs.

The first Robert made the second, who had separated from him, turn his back to him, thus seeing that hi skin was turning into black scales. Then the Roberts reversed and saw that on the back of the first there were white scales.

"What are we becoming?" both Roberts asked

"We can't be sure yet, we can only wait and see." Miranda said

As the transformations proceeded, the Roberts ended up completely covered by scales in the same colors as those that appeared on their backs, long reptilian tails growing behind them. At this point the process of feminizing them both began, with G-cup breasts growing on them, their 6 inch cocks doubled in size as their balls tripled, and a vagina opened up behind their balls. All the hair on their bodies fell out, except for the hair on their heads, which stretched to their shoulders.

The transformation was completed with a color change on both Roberts. In white scale Robert her hair, eyes, the tips of his dick and the entire inside of her changed to a light blue. With the black scale Robert the same parts changed to a bright orange, which resembled flames.

"Looks like it's finally over." white anthro lizard Robert said, looking from herself to her copy

"It must be over, at least I don't feel anything changing anymore." black anthro lizard Robert said

"I already knew from mutations that people fuse into a single creature, like me and Miranda, but the opposite and the first time." Kaia said

The Roberts then looked at Naomi, who had the cloth over her head lifted by the erection of all her dicks. "You caused it, now take responsibility." they both said, stroking their dicks.

"All right, come on. I need it too." Naomi said, taking her clothes off completely.

Robert black lizard then made Amber on all fours on the floor, knelt behind her and as if he just started to fuck her pussy.

Naomi felt herself being filled by the lizard woman's cock, which was much hotter than usual. "Ahhh.. Your cock is so good Robert, and so hot, it feels like it's on fire but it still doesn't burn me." she said

"I know I'm hot, and I'm ready to erupt inside you." black Robert said

"Don't think I'm going to be left out of this." white Robert said, kneeling in front of her and holding her head steady, then penetrating her pussy-mouth. Unlike the other, this one's cock was very cold, but somehow this ice made her even more horny.

Miranda, who was just looking, joined them. she slipped her tail under Naomi and got her body on top, where she took a closer look at the bunch of hard cocks in her head. She didn't even count to find out exactly how many there were, but saw that it was of several different sizes, with the smallest being 5 inches and the largest 15 inches. She chose one and pointed at her and Kaia shared pussy, pushing it inside. She took the opportunity to suck one more and Kaia sucked another, all while strokin six more of them with the hands they had.

The group continued in this orgy until everyone came a few times until they were satisfied. From this they learned that white Robert's cum was also cold (which Miranda swallowed a little and said it looked like ice cream) and black Robert's was not only hot, but also had a totally different color from normal cum as it looked like lava.

Once satisfied they settled down to continue the journey to the hospital, not before the Roberts decided on their new female names. As they were copies of each other and at the same time different people, black Robert decided that she would start answering for Roberta, while white Robert decided to answer for Robertine.

*They arrive safely at the hospital.


Re: The Mutation Liquid - by Zargodia & caraleribbor

The Gang's All Here

The biggest problem they encountered on the rest of the way to the hospital was when Roberta and Robertine both tried to get into the drivers seat at the same time. After Roberta lost a quick game of rock-paper-scissors she grumpily went to sit in the back seat with Miranda and Kaia. The black scaled herm had to squeeze awkwardly in due to the fused women's ten foot tail taking up most of the free space. Any complaints she would have voiced though were silenced when the tip of the two women's tail found its way to her crotch and invitingly rubbed the opening to their pussy against Roberta's hardening cock.

Now it was Robertine who felt she got the raw end of the deal as she had to endure the traffic jam while the three women in the back's moans of pleasure filled her ears. After a while Naomi reached over from the passenger seat and gave the white scaled herm a handjob while she sucked on one of her hair-cocks.

By the time they arrived at the hospital, the car smelled of sex and the seats and floor were stained with cum. After another long wait in the lobby they were brought in for their examinations, with both Roberta and Robertine being examined together since they were originally the same person.

Their examinations had gone smoothly and since none of them were deemed in need of emergency care, all five of them were now at the front desk of the hotel, both Roberta and Robertine asked about their sister and were told her room number. When they were told it was in the giant wing both them and Miranda were worried about what had happened to Samantha, as well as Gemma and Tammy. Forgoing getting a room of their own for the moment, the five mutants decided to pay Samantha and Tammy's room a visit.

When they arrived at the large door they were quickly greeted by the eleven-foot tall shark-woman Tammy and they were immediately let in where they saw both Samantha and Gemma sitting together on one of the giant-sized beds. The four roommates all shared a moment of joy at finally reuniting after being infected before the four newcomers, Kaia, Naomi, Roberta, and Robertine introduced themselves. Samantha was shocked at learning that her brother had become her sisters and she attentively listened to their story of what had happened.

“Wow,” began Samantha once her sisters had finished their explanation, “I've heard of people growing extra heads when they mutate, but I don't think I've ever heard of someone completely splitting into two separate people.”

“According to the doctor that did our examination, there are recorded cases of it but it is extremely rare,” explained Robertine, before Roberta continued.

“Luckily the process for handling our legal identities are similar for people who gain extra heads with separate consciousnesses, with the only difference being our ability to live completely separate lives as 100% legally distinct people if we wanted to.”

“Though I can't imagine wanting to separate from my 'twin sister' anytime soon”

“I feel the exact same way, Robertine”

With Samantha's siblings having said their piece, the conversation turned to the other three newcomers.

“So what about you Miranda and Kaia?” Asked Gemma, “Flora and Sophia, my girlfriend's sisters, fused as well but I didn't get to talk to them about it before their parents wanted a 'family chat' without me”

“Well there was a lot of talk about making sure that I, as the one with the majority of control of the body, don't treat Kaia as just a part of me and do stuff she wants to do. Apparently stuff like that is pretty common when people who didn't know each other well before being fused like us. Other than that there really wasn't that much.”

“Other than the fact that the doctor recommended we drink plenty of fluids so our tail doesn't dry out.” reminded Kaia, jabbing her top left arm into Miranda's chin to emphasize her point. “What about you Naomi? You probably got hit the worst out of all of us.”

“I was really upset at first,” Naomi began, causing a bit of confusion from the three women unaware of where her mouth was, “wondering how I was going to live with my mouth between by ass cheeks. I was especially worried what was going to happen when I had to go to the bathroom next, but the doctor did a few... 'tests' and discovered that my digestive system, which is connected to my upper vagina, is optimized to no longer produce waste. The only downside is I can't eat solid food anymore and that apparently the best liquid to drink is cum. The only other concern is my cocks are apparently still growing, so in a few years they might start to get in the way a bunch if they don't stop soon.”

“Well if you ever need a meal, there are several of us that I'm sure would be glad to provide!” joked Tammy, hefting her cock nearly the size of Naomi's body to emphasize her point.

The eight mutants continued their chat for a while, with Miranda's roommates explaining their bodies quirks and challenges to the others. Of course with everyone's powerful libido, it wasn't long before all of them began to get horny. The only question was how they were going to sate their lust.

*They are joined by some or all of the mutants from the apartment before they begin having sex


Re: The Mutation Liquid - by Zargodia & caraleribbor

A few more join for the orgy.

They were all about to start an orgy when someone knocked on the door, Samantha answered and came across a Cerberus girl whose the midde head said "Hi Samantha, this is Thammy's room isn't it?"

"I am here. Did you want to see me? And... who are you? Did we know each other?" Tammy said

"We're in the same class as school, but I'm not surprised you don't recognize us in this form. It's me, Cindy. I share the body with Yara and Cory now." The head on the left said, revealing her identity and the other two.

"Now I remember, I had no idea you guys got infected too. The three of you were always hanging out with Dara, imagine the shock when she finds out what happened to you." Tammy said

"Tammy, you probably haven't watched the news so you don't know, but Dara also mutated and her situation is complicated, it was a difficult operation to rescue her." Miranda said

"Dont tell me. My apartment was totally destroyed." Yara said

"Not to mention that you caused her mutation, that's why she wants to see you, but she can't come here right now, that's why she's asking you to go there." Cory said

"So I go there." Tammy said

"Don't you mind if we go together?" Gemma asked

"Of course you can. I'm sure she will love it." Cindy said

Tammy and the other were then guided by the Cerberus girls. the shark-girl got more concerned when she saw they were going to the disabled wing.

"I can't believe I totally disabled her." Tammy said

"Not really, she just became a shemale." Yara said

"So why was she placed in the disabled wing?" Tammy asked

"You'll understand when you see her, we're already here." Cory said, opening a huge door for them to enter.

They entered a room bigger than Tammy's, in which they saw Dara waiting for them. The shape-shifter was sitting on her car-sized balls, she was slowly stroking what she could reach from her 20-foot cock. Her elephant-sized breasts also shocked the newcomers.

"Welcome, I've been waiting for you guys." Dara said

"Now I understand why they put you in the disabled wing. Look at your sexual parts, your cock is bigger than my entire body, that's even though I've grown a lot." Tammy said, amazed at the size of Dara's member.

"I admit that size complicates things a lot, but my mutation has also increased my physical strength a lot, so I can move in more spacious spaces, but I produce a lot of cum in a single orgasm, enough to do a lot of damage." Dara said

"How did you know it was Tammy who infected you?" Samantha asked, feeling right away what had become normal for her, who laid an egg right there.

"It was easy. I saw the giant shark woman who made fun of me, I didn't know who it was because I didn't recognize her, but after I described her to the doctor who attended me here at the hospital, he revealed to me the name of the patient who had undergone the mutation that I described. I didn't imagine she was a classmate of mine all along." Dara said

"So it's really my fault you're in this situation. I'm sorry about that, I couldn't help it, I was totally overcome with lust." Tammy said

"You do not need to say sorry. Since there is no way to undo it and only learn to live with my condition. But I asked to call you here because I would like to join you in some fun, but even being able to move is still very complicated, so I found it easier if you came here." Dara said

"You're a real naughty, calling me just for me to give you pleasure. Don't think I'm going to do this for free." Tammy said, so she took Dara's turret of meat and pulled it to horizontal, sitting on it facing the shemale. The shark girl grabbed her giant breasts and placed her dick in the middle, then began to move her hips so that she rubbed herself against the giant dick while she was titfucked.

While Tammy and Dara clung, the others didn't just stand still. The three-headed dog girls approached Gemma, asking to be fucked by her.

"You know I have 10 horse cocks don't you, do you think you can handle it?" Gemma said

"We are the best for you here." Cindy said as she and her bodymates turned their backs and offered their three wet pussies and their shared ass.

"Don't complain if you don't figure it out later." Gemma said and managed to get 4 of her horse sticks into the holes of the three-headed dog girls, who used their 6 hands to caress the remaining six horse cocks.


Naomi approached Samantha, bending down in front of her and shoving her cock deep into her pussy-mouth, facefucking her while having some of her hair-cocks stroked.

"Ahhh Naomi, you're really good at this." Samantha said

"Glad you like. I'm also enjoying having the pussy on my face fucked more than the one between my legs." Naomi said


"Me and Kaia want you Robertine, we want to feel your cold member inside our shared pussy." Miranda said, grabbing Robertine's cock

"Alright, I wanted to fuck you too." Robertine said and stuck her blue dick deep in the eel girl's pussy.

"Don't forget about me, I too want to join in the fun." Roberta said, reaching up from behind and sticking her hot cock in Robertine's unprotected pussy.

"Wow, who knew I would lose my feminine virginity for who is, technically, myself. This contradictory mixture that I feel inside of me is incredible." Robertine said, not only by being penetrated by her copy, but by a feeling that mixed heat and cold in a totally unique way, and that it was something that their unique characteristics made it only possible with one having sex with the other.


The gang continued until one after the other they came. Dara, knowing an orgasm of hers would get in the way, held back to ensure she came last, which she managed to do. When it was just her, the shemale stopped holding back and had the most explosive orgasm of the people present in the room. Each cumshot of her already had gallons of white material and was gushing non-stop from her dick, the room filled with enough cum to that the presents were covered to the shoulders in pure cum.

"My goodness, look how much the fuck Dara has shot in a single orgasm." Samantha said, impressed.

"Now I understand why she ended up in this ward, if she likes it this much every time and with the libido she must have now the whole town will be covered in no time." Gemma said

"I don't think it's enough for that, but it would still be a big inconvenience not only for me, but for other people." Dara said when the cum level started to drop fast, what everyone noticed as it went down that there were drains in the room to drain the white material. "As you noticed, drains were installed in this room that drain all my cum, but as it's too much to be stored so it's all dumped directly into the sewer. "As you noticed, drains were installed in this room that drain all my cum, but as it's too much to be stored so it's all dumped directly into the sewer. As I'm still infectious, the city hall had to isolate the area of the river where my cum will pass, so that no one will be infected by entering the contaminated water," she said.

*Flora and Sophia encounter Janet as they look for someone to have sex with


Re: The Mutation Liquid - by Zargodia & caraleribbor

Bonding over their Similar Bodies

All of the mutants created by the outbreak were slowly settling into their temporary rooms, and now wanted to explore their new bodies without the fear of spreading their condition. Throughout the hotel, several orgies began to start, and those who wanted privacy were dragging friends and strangers alike into their rooms.

Flora and her three sisters, sensing that after their family chat their parents wanted some more “alone time” and went to hang out in Margret and Izzy's room. Once there however, they all began to feel their lust building. Margret insisted on staying in the room, claiming that she wasn't horny, and Izzy immediately left to find her girlfriend, leaving Flora and Sophia to look for a partner, or partners, of their own. Their search ended prematurely however when someone called out to them from behind.

“I never imagined that I would see another person with a body so similar to mine”

The sisters turned around to find a young woman who also had a spider-like lower body, though her back abdomen lacked the breasts and cock that theirs did. Unlike the sister who had lacked any clothes that fit their oversexed body, the other woman was wearing a blouse and a long skirt that was lifted up in the back by her spider abdomen, but covered her front decently well

“My name is Janet, Nice to meet you miss.”

“Oh, hello,” Flora answered, “I'm Flora and this is-”

“I'm her younger sister Sophia” Interrupted the face on Flora's crotch.

“Sorry Sophia, I didn't see you there. So you two were fused together when you mutated?”

“Yeah, when I started mutating I lost control and infected Flora as well and we ended up fusing together, that's why I don't feel to bad about being stuck to her crotch.”

“Don't be so hard on yourself dear, when I transformed I was only barely able to keep myself from infecting my son, why he might have even gotten fused with me like you two.”

The two sister furrowed their brows in confusion at Janet's story

“Your son?” Asked Flora, “but you look the same age as us.”

“Well looks can be deceiving, I'm seventy years old. When I mutated my body regressed back to when I was nineteen years old.”

“Wow, your old enough to be our grandmother!” observed Sophia.

“I am a grandmother, my son David has a daughter that's just about your age. I imagine that she's going to be very surprised next time I come to visit.”

As the three of them were talking Janet had been staring at the sister's nude form, and at this point in the conversation Sophia noticed the older woman's skirt begin to tent.

“Oh my, it looks like your having a bit of trouble down their Janet.”

Once Sophia pointed out her hardening cock, Janet rushed to cover it with her hands, “Sorry, I'm not used to having one of these and the two of you are just so sexy...” Janet's hands shot to her mouth after she said that, allowing her now fully erect cock to lift her skirt to the point where her sizable balls were in clear view to Sophia from her lower perspective.

“Once she had heard Janet's true feeling slip out Flora stepped towards the woman and wrapped one of her chitinous arms around her shoulders, “If you find us so sexy, why don't you bring us to your room and you can show us just how sexy you are as well.”

Unable to deny her lust any more, Janet eagerly escorted to fused sisters back to her room, and practically tore off her clothes, revealing her large, but still normal sized breasts as well as the throbbing eight inch cock.

“It's been awhile for me, and never before with, or as, a mutant, so I'm not entirely sure how we should go about this...” Janet said once she had finished taking off her clothes

The sisters though a moment before Flora had an idea, “Lay down on the bed, face up.”

Janet did as the girls instructed, spreading herself out on the single king sized bed in the room. The sisters than crawled over the woman's prone form and lowered themselves onto her, the six breasts on the underside of their abdomen pressed between their arachnid bodies, while their human halves were now facing each other. Flora took hold of Janet's cock and slid it between her gargantuan, vagina-tipped breasts, while Sophia used her pedipalps to lift Janets ball out of the way so she could begin kissing her pussy. As Sophia continued to press her mouth against her lovers fold, her canine cock-tongue began to extend from her mouth. Her appendage slowly filled Janet with its length until the cocks knot eventually slipped out of Sophia's mouth a popped inside Janet, causing her to cum on the spot, the load shot from her cock lost in Flora's endless cleavage.

However, neither of the sisters had finished yet, so Flora slipped her breasts out from around Janet's now limb cock and roughly pressed the woman's face against one of them, forcing her to pleasure it's pussy-nipple. She then guided Janet's hand to the other breasts and got her to begin fingering it. Janet had never had sex with another woman before, so she was inexperienced at first, but she quickly began to get into the proper rhythm. Sophia meanwhile was unable to thrust her cock-tongue now that it was knotted inside Janet, so she began grinding their lower halves against each other, stimulating the nipples on her and Flora's underside and causing streams of milk to begin leaking from them.

Eventually the fused sisters simultaneously reach orgasm, causing Janet's mouth and pussy to be flooded with both types of cum, while the sisters currently neglected back cock shot a powerful stream of semen onto the floor of Janet's room. Now spent, the sisters fully laid down on top of their lover and pulled her into a hug, the three of them content to cuddle for the next little while.

*Follow one or more of the other mutants as they seek out a sexual partner or partners