Re: Transform or Dare: Little White Pills

Acquiring new independence

The doorbell rang and Martha guided them all to the door when she answered. It was the carrier's truck that was going to take the cum tanks that were already sold that had just arrived. Martha said with her electronic device for them to wait a little while she would open the cargo gate by the control that was inside. When they reached the milking room Martha noticed something lying on the floor and picked it up.

When he recognized what the maid had caught Jen whispered to Claire "This could not have happened. Martha found a pill, I thought we had put them all in the tanks."

"It seems that we dropped one out of the tank without realizing it. We need to do something about it." Claire replied, but they didn’t have time to do anything, because Lucy had also realized with a quick movement she took the hand and swallowed.

Jen and Claire, being the only ones aware that a transformation was going to happen, tried to imagine how they would be affected. The first thing to happen was that the two fell to the ground when they were separated from the crotches to which they were attached to. Jen and Claire only watched as Martha and Lucy continued together, their taur body pulled forward while the front legs and the dck that were there disappeared completely with the maid's face, leaving them standing on their three legs. Their pair of crotches only had their vaginas, but not for long, as soon a pair of human dicks grew in the left crotch while a pair of canine dicks grew in the one on the right, each crotch also grew a ballsack containing four testicles each. A second dick grew to the left of the one on which Lucy's head was, this human and with Martha's head (she had a mouth again) on the end. They still had eight breasts, but the four above had the testicles that produced the cum for their cock-heads.

Jen and Claire liked what the maid with the dog girl had become, but were disappointed with themselves, who were now disembodied 6-foot long dicks.

"Too bad, I was enjoying being merged with you." Claire said

"Me too, but we can try to fix it if we take our pills ourselves." Jen said

Claire agreed, so the pair of disembodied cocks rolled over to lean against each other, them they spit out a pill each but held them with their lips to swallow next. The girls didn't merge, so Jen just enjoyed her transformation.

The transformation started with the 6-foot shaft retracted, leaving only her balls under her head. Then her balls grew and became a practically normal female body, only without legs or arms, not for long as her new members started to grow. When Jen's new members had finished forming she had no arms or legs, she had a pair of two feet long dicks instead of her arms and another pair of dicks, these 3 feet long, instead of her legs. Each of her dicks had its own pair of balls, the ones for her dick-arms were in the ballsacks that appeared on her shoulders while the ones of the dick-legs were in her buttocks.

With her transformation completed, Jen stood up, which proved to be a great challenge since her new dicks were hard and she had no knees and elbows, and looked at her friend to see the result of her transformation. Just as with Jen, Claire's shaft-neck had become a normal neck, but that was all that could be said about her normal.

Her mouth had been replaced with a vagina. She had grown four breasts of which the top pair had vaginas instead of nipples and the bottom pair had dicks. In place of her shoulders, she now had a pair of butts, both with an ass between her buttocks and a perfectly visible vagina between her hanging legs, these new legs having hands instead of feet on the end. Below, between her 'normal' legs, Claire had a 15 inch dick that had a mouth instead of an urethra at the tip.

"Too bad, we didn't get merged again" Claire said

"I think that too. Let's try it again, who knows now it works." Jen said

"Master Jen and Master Claire, you better go soon or you will be late for school." Master Jen and Master Claire, you better go soon or you will be late for school.

The two friends went to their room, which now had two beds, they also discovered that they had no clothes to wear, they questioned their joint parents only to find that the reality had been altered in a way that the two never used clothes. They also ended up learning about a change in their family, that the four considered themselves father and mother at the same time for both and that they were sisters now.

*Jen and Claire take pills until they are merged again


Re: Transform or Dare: Little White Pills

Merged, yet Separate

Jen and Claire had been fused in one way or another for the past two days and had grown to love it, so before they left for school they attempted once more to re-merge themselves. They both spit out a pill, split it, and the each ate one half to their pill an one half of the others, hoping to maximize their chances of merging.

Both Jen and Claire's heads moved over to one side as a new head grew in beside them, on Jen's shoulders was a copy of Claire's head, but with a normal mouth and on Claire's shoulders was a copy of Jen's head, with a mouth vagina. Claire then grew a second penis between her original legs, this one with Jen's mouth on the end.

The changes were quick, but they left both sisters disoriented, both of them now seeing from two separate viewpoints. After a bit of experimentation, the two sisters found that while either of them could control either body, the one who originally owned the body had priority.

"Wow, I actually really like this change, we're still separate, but we're also merged!” Jen said through her cock-mouth on Claire's body.

“Yeah, and now we can be in two places at once!” Claire said from her head on Jen's body

The two sisters were horny from the transformation, but before they could do anything, Martha reminded them about school. Jen and Claire wanted to sate their lust right now, but figured that they would have plenty of time to do it while at school once they started giving people pills.

They quickly finished getting ready and left to go to school. Luckily since they had relatively humanoid bodies they were able to ride the bus today. Getting out to the bus was a bit of a struggle for their body with the cock-limbs, but the sisters were soon seated with their bodies across the aisle from each other at the back of the bus. Beside Claire's original body was Leah, a girl that neither girl knew outside of sharing a few classes, and beside Jen's original body was Jake, a boy that Claire had a crush on a few years ago but she hadn't acted upon it and got over him soon after.

The two sisters were still horny from their earlier transformations and needed to get some relief soon. They silently deiced that the two people beside them would be the targets of the pills. As the bus made it's way to school Jen and Claire were waiting for an opportunity to give a pill to Leah and Jake. Eventually an opportunity presented itself for Leah when she pulled out a bag of trail mix and began to snack from it as she continued to gaze out the window, giving the girls a perfect opportunity to drop a pill into the bag.

When Leah ate her next handful of trail mix her mouth sealed up, with a cock and balls growing in it's place. Her ears then moved to the top of hear head and morphed into pointed cat ears, while a pair of feline tails grew out of her back. Her shirt and bra vanished as another pair of breasts grew in beneath her originals and all four of her nipples turned into mouths, which she then continued eating her trail mix with.

“Hey Jen, Claire I'm feeling kinda horny right now, wanna fuck?” The cat-girl asked with one of her lipples while another one chewed her snack.

Jen and Claire eagerly nodded the heads of Claire's body, turning towards Leah. The cat-girl swallowed her snack before she hugged the sisters tight, her bottom pair of lipples engulfing their dick-nipples while her top pair begin to eat out their vagina-nipples. Leah then stuck her cock-mouth into Claire's vagina-mouth in a strange kind of kiss.

One of their bodies getting action only makes Jen and Claire more desperate to get their other body some as well, so in a lustful fir, Jen wraps clumsily used one of her cock arms to pull Jake into a kiss and spits a pill down his throat.

The boy looks at the two in confusion for a moment after Jen breaks the kiss, but as soon as his changes begin the look is replace by one of intense lust. His hair thickened into a nest of dozens of snakes. His tongue fell out of his mouth, revealing it was now a two-headed snake. His arms then morphed into two long and thick snakes as well. His legs fused into a snake-tail that grew underneath the seat in front of them, his clothes fading away as it did so. His nipples then grew into short snakes, before his pecs ballooned into a large pair of breasts. The rest of his body then rapidly feminized, with his, now her, cock receding into a cloacal slit below where her torso transitions into her tail. Her slit then opened back up revealing a snake-like vagina as well as a pair of three foot long snake-cocks.

Once her transformation finished the snaky lamia wrapped her snake-arms around the sisters cock-arms and began to stroke them. She then coiled her snake cocks together and used them to fuck their vagina. Jen pulled Jake back into their kiss, sucking on the lamia's snake tongue as her snake-nipples licked the sisters normal nipples.

By the time the bus arrived at school the four lovers had satisfied themselves, Leah and Jake going off to their classes as Jen and Claire check their schedule to see how their classes work with their shared bodies.

*Both bodies have separate classes


Re: Transform or Dare: Little White Pills

Acting in two places at the same time first part (Jen's original body side)

Jen and Claire saw they had two different schedules, so they had to separate and each shared body went to a different class. They found it interesting that they could stay connected anyway and know everything that happened where both of their bodies were, which made them constantly present in two classes at the same time.

They let the first class pass normally, which was strange since they were naked in their classrooms, and only in the second class did they plan to transform their teachers. Jen/Claire in Jen's original body went to science class with Mr Jolie while in Claire's original body they went to Biology class with Mrs. Tompson.

The conjoined sisters sat in front of Mr Jolie, who helped them with some tasks since they had no hands or feet. He only helped them with basic tasks like taking and putting things in them purse or helping them to get a pen, which was stuffed into the urethra of one of their dick-arms (as long as they didn't have an erection she could move them freely) so they could take notes.

In this class Mr Jolie was teaching about the science of how electronics work. After giving an introduction, he said that he had some electronic devices in the room's warehouse and that he would show them, but that there were many and asked who would be willing to help him.

Jen/Claire saw an opportunity there and offered to help him, saying it was the least they could do after all the help he gave them. When they were alone in the warehouse they pretended to lose their balance, falling purposefully on their teacher and taking advantage of his scare to spit a pill directly into his mouth. His transformation started with Mr Jolie becoming a woman, then her clothes changed to a blouse with a big neckline and nothing on the bottom. Jen and Claire realized that now Mrs. Jolie had no genitals between her legs, that they did not continue to exist from the waist down to acquire a metallic color and change shape, which she could not imagine what was happening. back at the beginning but are surprised at the end. The entire bottom half of Mrs. Jolie had turned into a motorcycle, making her a motorcycle-taur. Her human body came out of where the motorcycle handlebars would be and her mechanical body was (at least it was their opinion since they didn’t know much about motorcycles) that of one of the big ones, part of which the only difference for a normal vehicle was that in the place of the exhaust, her asshole was perfectly visible.

"I'm sorry, I got out of balance." Jen said as the conjoined sisters extended their dick-arms to help their teacher get up.

"No problem. I imagine how hard it must be to stand on the tips of your dick-legs." Mrs. Jolie said. They went back to the work they had gone there to do before, but the teacher said "So it won't work, I won't concentrate if I go back to the classroom like this. Could you help me here girls? I am very excited and I need help to relieve myself."

"It's a great idea, I'm also getting excited." Claire said as the sisters dick-arms and dick-legs got herd.

"Excellent. You could start helping by raising my seat, I can't reach the lock on my own." Mrs Jolie said holding out her arm that was nowhere near the lock behind her seat

The conjoined sisters looked to see how they would get the lock off without fingers and being unable to bend their, now rock hard, dick-arms. surprisingly for them it was easier than expected, as they only had to press two buttons next to it at the same time. After pressing the buttons they heard a click and then the seat rose by itself. Unlike what they expected, connected to the bottom of the space under the accent of their teacher's motorcycle body, there was a hole next to a pair of spheres covered by black skin. Soon a pillar of meat, which they soon recognized as a horse's dick, came out of that hole hard, leaving her 20-inch horse meat pillar on display, while standing up and pointing behind her.

Jen and Claire were instructed to ride their teacher and so they did, taking care to get her horse cock into their shared pussy, they pushed and until the teacher member was completely inside them. Once seated on Mrs. Joli's back, the teacher opened what would be the entrance to the fuel tank, through which a normal motorcycle would receive fuel, revealing that her horse pussy was there and asking the sisters to fuck her too. They obeyed and put their right dick-arm inside the pussy of the motorcycle-taur, but she coukdn't put the other one there. Mrs. Jolie then took off her shirt, tossed it aside and began to stroke the girls' dick-legs.

The joint sisters were loving the experience, but they felt that their right cock-arm was very abandoned and deserved some attention, but the two were in no position to do so. At that time someone entered the warehouse, it was Lara, a classmate of theirs who had come to see why they were taking too long and caught them in the act.

"Hi Lara, you arrived on time. Join us, Jen and Christy need help with their dick-arm." Mrs Jolie said.

Unbelievably for them, their classmate didn't complain, she just took off her clothes and joined them as if it were something totally normal.

"I have always been interested in this different body of yours, until finally I will be able to interact with it." Lara said and started to suck the tip of their free dick-arm. Soon she stopped and kissed Jen's mouth, the girl took the opportunity to push a pill directly into Lara's mouth, which she swallowed without resisting. As soon as she swallowed the pill, Lara stopped the kiss and made her stand, a 7 inch dick grew hard between her legs, just below her ballsack formed with balls totally disproportionate to the size of her new dick, because each testicle was the size of a watermelon. A pink line also appeared around her neck, which made it clear what it was when Lara grabbed her head and pushed upwards, separating her body in two, one part just her transformed body with a pussy instead of the head berween it's shoulders, while she held her head in her hands, which had a big, hard cock underneath instead of her neck.

Without saying anything else, Lara went after the conjoined sisters and stuck her dick-neck in their ass, then her headless body bent down and pressed her pussy against the girls free dick-arm, making it penetrate. They didn't have time to hold on, so the girls went with everything and soon Jen and Claire felt the horse seed of their teacher's orgasm being deposited inside them, which led them to come too seconds before Lara reached her own orgasm.

Once the orgasms of the motorcycle-taur and the sisters were over, Jen and Claire left the teacher's back, but Lara was still coming. The joint girls could see the cum was still coming out of the dick of their classmate's headless body (what they imagined it would take to finish due to the size of her balls), from which the dick-neck kept depositing more and more cum deep inside their asshole.

"Quick, put Lara's head on my back, we have to go back to the classroom." Mrs Jolie said. Her seat was already lowered, but not locked, since her erection was gone.

Jen and Claire obeyed, took the dick-neck off the girl who was still coming, from their ass and put her dick in Mrs. Jolie's vagina before returning to the classroom taking what they had fetched, leaving Lara's body cumming alone in the warehouse.

Mrs Jolie's horse cock soon appeared under her seat when she got excited again, but she tried to ignore it while teaching with one of her students cumming inside her pussy.

*They transform the teacher and another student


Re: Transform or Dare: Little White Pills

Acting in Two Places at the Same Time: First Part (Claire's Original Body Side)

Biology class with Claire's original body was unexciting for most of it, the sister were having a hard time finding an opportunity to slip someone a pill. The class itself was going well, though once the other girls body started having sex with Mrs. Jolie they began to have trouble focusing with this body. The last straw was when Lara joined in the sensation from Jen's body body causing Claire's body's cocks to harden. When Mrs Tompson notices she began to scowl, causing the two sisters to worry that they were in trouble.

“Looks like Jen and Claire are hard again, can someone help me get them off so they can focus in the lesson again?”

The teachers request was answered by Izzy, a fashionista who always wore expensive looking clothes and gaudy jewellery. Once Izzy had joined the teacher in front of the sisters the two of them kneeled down in front of Jen and Claire and began sucking on their cocks. Since the sisters cocks were where their mouths were on this body it was a simple matter for them to each spit out a pill into Izzy and Mrs. Tompson's mouths. As the two of them continued to suck the sisters cocks the pills effects began to manifest.

Mrs. Tompson began to grow shorter, her body shrinking to the point where she need to stand up to continue being able to reach the cock she was sucking. Once she had reached a puny height of two feet her face pushed out into a reptilian muzzle, red-brown scales coating her face. Her hair receded into her head, replaced with a spike crest of scales and a pair of short, forward swept, horns. The scales rapidly coated her body, transforming her hands and feet into reptilian claws and talons. A scaly tail pressed out of her behind and began whipping back and forth. Her tits and ass then began to grow, filling out her still normal sized clothes, reaching the point where her top barely covered the tops of her nipples and her pants covered as much as a pair booty shorts. Her pants were strained even further as a bulge appeared in her crotch, rapidly growing larger and larger. Just before her pants reached the breaking point, a hole appeared and let her massive cock and balls hang out in the open.

Meanwhile Izzy's legs had fused together, their combined mass flattening into a rectangle of flesh. The edges of the rectangle then stretched upwards until four walls surrounded her body up to just below her bust-line. The box of flesh surrounding her then began to harden, taking on a dark brown colour and the texture of wood grain. A half-cylinder lid then grew out behind the box, attached by a trio of hinges. Leather bindings then covered all of the edges of the chest, and a latch with a padlock appeared on the front. The inside of the chest took on a fleshy pink colour and pointed teeth lined the top of the chest and the bottom of the lid. Izzy's breasts then grew to J-cups and her nipples turned into vaginas, replacing the one she lost when her legs turned into her treasure chest.

As Mrs. Tompson and Izzy's transformations finished Jen and Claire came, shooting their loads into the two's stomachs and their dick-nipples coated their backs with jizz. Now that the sisters were no longer burning with lust, Mrs. Tompson, now a short-stack herm kobold, moved back to the front of the class while Izzy, now a mimic-girl, hopped her chest back over to her desk and skilfully climbed back into her seat. To accommodate Mrs. Tompson's tiny body, her desk was now atop a platform that also allowed her access to the whiteboard. Despite her massive assets, any one of which was now several times larger than the rest of her body, the teacher had no trouble moving about, her thick ass and gargantuan tits jiggling with each motion and her three foot long cock and beach-ball sized balls dragging along the floor as she moved.

Both of Jen and Claire's classed ended without any other opportunities to transform people presenting themselves. Once the bell rang the girls left their classes and then...

*They head straight to their next classes


Re: Transform or Dare: Little White Pills

Acting in Two Places at the Same Time Second Part (Claire's Original Body Side)

Jen and Claire go straight to the next class afterwards. Their next class would be Physical Education, it was scheduled that they would practice athletics and as in the current reality they did not wear clothes they went straight to the race track.

Being the first to arrive, they found Mrs. Foster waiting. The physical education teacher was a retired professional athlete who, despite her 70 years, was still in shape.

"You already arrived. This is the advantage of not wearing clothes, the others must still be changing in the locker room." Mrs. Foster said

"We could take a little longer, but we had nothing better to do." Claire said

While waiting for the other students Mrs. Foster sat down next to the sisters and said "I envy you young people. I'm old and I'm glad I can still play some races, but age has reduced my stamina a lot and I don't have enough resistance for long races anymore. Could you please pass me that bottle of water over there?"

Jen and Claire had an idea and before handing the water bottle to her, they spit out a pill inside. As soon as the teacher took the water and put the water bottle by their side, she got up and started walking towards the race track, on the way she was rejuvenating. She stopped in front of the starting line, already looking a little under 30, where she told the girls to time her in a 400m dash. The joint sisters went as requested, seeing Mrs. Foster's transformation progress with her clothes disappearing completely before the top half of her body split in two. When they got close and received the stopwatch from the physical education teacher, looking more closely at the bodies of the two women who shared the same pair of legs in time to see their shared vagina flip into a huge ballsack with 4 testicles and a pair of big dicks to grow.

Jen and Claire waited for Mrs. Foster to position herself and gave her the signal to start, with that the teacher started running. They looked at Mrs. Foster running and realized that her transformation was not over, because whle she was running her ass with her legs were still standing on the starting line. They saw that during the teacher she had become a humantaur, her taur body kept getting longer as she ran and with each step she took a new pair of legs grew and stayed in place. They could also see that she had genitals between each pair of legs, which alternated between male and female, and although they were unable to see the vaginas, they realized that the cocks varied in size and species, as not all were human. When Mrs. Foster finished the ride Jen told the running time of the teacher, who was now a humantaur with two tops and a 400 meter long taur body with so many legs that the conjoined sisters had lost count and didn't know exactly how many there were.

"It is too good to run and exercise, especially when you have 802 legs. But this race got me horny, I hope you don't mind if I masturbate a little bit." Mrs Foster said looking at the pair of hard dicks between her legs in front of her. Jen and Claire were also excited to see what the teacher did. Her long body went all the way around the athletics track and she had her ass standing right in front of her, which had a clearly wet vagina between that pair of legs, so she put one dick in that pussy and one in her ass, fucking herself.

Jen and Claire couldn't stand just watching Mrs. Foster's 'masturbation', all of their dicks got hard, so they sat on top of their teacher's ass asking for a double blowjob. The super long-time humantaur didn't deny the request, with each torso she titfucked one of their dicks kissing their mouths on their tips. The conjoined sisters moved their dicknipples so that they could fuck their own pussynipples just above.

In spite of everything, Mrs. Foster did not seem to be satisfied, which was obvious since she still had hundreds of genitals wishing to have attention as well. At this time the other students in the class left the locker room and arrived at the athletics track, where they came across the scene.

"You guys arrived at the right time, guys. You can help me a little, you can choose the genital of mine that you want and do whatever you want with it." Mrs Foster said, even though she knew that another 24 people would not be enough, but it was better than nothing. None of the students seemed to be bothered by the teacher's request, they spread themselves over her taur body choosing the dicks and pussies with which they would interact and soon joined in the orgy. The teacher then opened her mouths, placing the sisters' mouths inside hers and pushing as deep as she could in the blowjob.

In a few minutes the other students were cumming one after the other, Jen and Claire managed to hold on for a while but they were almost the last to come, narrowly losing to Mrs. Foster who came while they were having her orgasms, could if you see countless cocks shooting cum all over the athletics track until the physical education teacher finishes with her orgasm and gets ready for class.

*Get the teacher to give students pills


Re: Transform or Dare: Little White Pills

Acting in Two Places at the Same Time Second Part (Jen's Original Body Side)

The sisters other body meanwhile, had math class with Mrs. Watson. When Jen and Claire thought about their invisible teacher they had an idea. Just outside to classroom the girls pulled a small bottle out of their bag and filled it with a dozen or so pills. When they entered the classroom, empty except their teacher, the only thing visible about her being her clothes. Jen and Claire then approach Mrs. Watson, praying that the woman is willing to go along with their plan.

“Mrs. Watson, we were wondering if you might be willing to do something for us?”

“That depends on what it is, though if your asking for sex, It would have to be after class.

“No, its not that, we were wondering if you might be willing to slip some of our classmates these pills while invisible, they're some aphrodisiacs and we think they will make class a bit more interesting.” As Claire said this they awkwardly held out to pill bottle with their dick-arm.

“Girls, I'm a professional teacher I wouldn't be so irresponsible that i would give some mysterious pills to my students, no matter how much I trust the person giving them to me.” While Mrs. Watson said this however, she took the pill bottle from the girls and pressed a little closer to them, letting them feel her raging erection as she whispered in their ear.

“I'll see what I can do”

Jen and Claire then took their seats as the rest of the class arrived. Throughout the first half of the class they found it hard to focus due to their other body having sex with Mrs. Foster. Just as their arousal reached the point where their dick-arms were no longer able to take notes, Mrs. Watson addressed the class.

“Alright class, Open your textbook and do the problems on pages eighty and eighty-one. I'm going to head down to the supply room and get some more chalk, behave yourself while I'm gone.”

As soon as the teacher left, the students began talking among themselves. A minute or so later, Jen and Claire saw a couple of the pills they had given to Mrs. Watson come floating into the room through the door. The pills, carried by the now naked invisible teacher, made their way to the back of the class and one dropped into the mouth of Lucus, a goth who seemed to be constantly tired, who had fallen asleep in his seat during the lesson.

Lucius shrank down, his clothes vanishing before they got too small for him. As he shrank, his body feminized, turning Lucus into a petite, flat girl. The only exceptions to both of Lucus's changes was her cock and balls, reaming the same size despite her shrinking body. Her shrinking stopped once she was only eight inches tall, making her just as tall as her cock was long. The diminutive girl, now sitting on her balls as she slept, then grew a pair of butterfly wings from her back with a wingspan larger than her bodies height. Lucus's final change was that her ears became pointed, making it unmistakable that she was now a fairy.

Mrs. Watson left the fairy, who had begun to rub her cock in her sleep, behind she then moved on to the next student, unaware of Lucus's transformation. The next victim was Gina, a nerdy girl who tended to not pay attention to lessons due to already understanding the material, who had pulled out a bag of candy when the teacher left and was eating it in handfuls. Mrs. Watson dropped her other pill into the back just before Gina grabbed her next scoop, eating the pill alongside the rest of the candies.

Gina's legs lost their shape, before moulding themselves into two fish-like tails. The tails were then covered in blue fish scales as both tails thickened slightly. Her ears then transformed into a pair of fin-like ears and her hair lengthened down to the floor, becoming the same shade of blue as her scales. Her breasts ballooned out to the size of beach balls, and her nipples lengthened and split, each one becoming a pair of ten-inch dick-nipples. Each breasts then grew a melon-sized scrotum with four balls in it each, finishing her changes.

After her changes finished, Gina walked over to a group of four girls chatting and asked them to suck her cocks, which they happily agreed to. Meanwhile Mrs. Watson made her way back over to Jen and Claire, planning on helping the girls with their now completely erect cock-limbs. Jen and Claire felt their teacher sit on their lap as she leaned in and whispered in their ears.

“I made sure to take one of your pills before handing them out, just to make sure they really were just an aphrodisiac like you said and I have to say, they were even stronger than I thought.”

As she said this the sisters felt her shove her cock between their breasts, now clearly much larger than it was before as they could feel it all the way between their heads. They began to suck and lick on the cock between them as Mrs. Watson started stroking their cock-arms.

“You two really are some of the best at pleasuring my horsecock, besides my husband that is. It's such a shame that their are so few people who can take all six feet of it.”

The three of them pleasured each other for a couple more minutes before they climaxed, Jen shooting cum from all four of her cock limbs, and Mrs. Watson blasting her invisible jizz across the classroom, several student confused as to why they were suddenly covered in liquid.

Mrs. Watson then left the room and came back in with her clothes on, allowing the students to see her, and continued on with class normally until the bell rang. Jen and Claire went to the bathroom and washed themselves off before they headed to their final class before lunch, their other body doing the same.

*Follow Mrs. Watson as she uses her remaining pills, still thinking they're just aphrodisiacs


Re: Transform or Dare: Little White Pills

Mrs. Watson's plan

For the third class of the day, Mrs. Watson had to apply a test, so she thought it best not to disturb her students with the remaining 'aphrodisiac' pills from Jen and Claire. She also knew that she could not invade classes in class with other teachers, but she ended up having an idea that she thought was very interesting. She then handed the exams to her students and told them not to cheat, so she took off all her clothes saying that this was so they wouldn't know where she was in the room, but that they could be sure she would be there and would see if someone cheats.

With the first step of her plan, the teacher left the room knowing that her students believed she was still inside the classroom. She went to the cafeteria and went into the kitchen, where lunch was being prepared.

Taking advantage of her invisibility, Mrs. Watson walked around the kitchen placing the pills inside the pans ensuring that she had placed pills in all of them. She didn't see lunch time and just imagining how things were going to go, her invisible horse cock got painfully hard. She couldn't help it and started jerking off right there, all without noticing what happened to Kimberly, a former school student who now worked in the cafeteria, when she tasted some of the food to see if it was okay.

First a bulge appeared in her pants that grew without stopping, it didn't take long for the pants to no longer support the pressure and tear, revealing a trio of cocks, each with its own ballsack, before the torn fabric completely disappeared from existence. Kimberly's new cocks have grown to become 7-foot meat towers, each as thick as a tree trunk. Her balls also grew until each of the 6 was at least twice the size of a yoga ball.

Mrs. Watson watched the newly transfirmed woman while jerking off, believing that she always had those monsters between her legs, believing that the 'aphrodisiacs' had made her hard. Seeing this and how Kimberly walked relatively easily even with the huge heavy balls between her legs, and the hard cocks of which the tips almost touched the ceiling. That was too much and Mrs Watson came, aiming for the open pots and making her invisible cum mix with the food that was being prepared.

When her orgasm ended, the teacher left the kitchen and returned to the classroom looking forward to lunch.

*Lunch time. Both of their bodies eat from the cafeteria food.


Re: Transform or Dare: Little White Pills

Coming Together Over Lunch

Unfortunately for Jen and Claire, their third classes presented no opportunities for either of their bodies to transform people. The two bodies had now reunited and had bought some lunch from the cafeteria, sitting down beside themselves as they ate. The two of them noticed right away that the food tasted weird, but any attempt to examine the flavour was cut short when they felt the now familiar sensation that indicated they were transforming.

Control of their bodies were suddenly taken away as Jen's original body stood up and bent over on the floor as Claire's original body stood and shoved both of their cock-mouths into Jen's original body's vagina. Where the two bodies crotches meet, they fused together, Jen's bodies cock legs moving into the two bodies combined crotch, the mouths from Claire's body moving to these new cocks. Jen's body's cock-arms transformed into a pair of thick, reptilian legs, Claire's legs soon following suit. The two heads from Jen's body then grew a cock-armed upper body each, as the upper body from Claire's body moved forward, splitting into two identical bodies with Jen's head on one and Claire's on the other. Jen's body's torso then grew, transforming into a reptilian lower body with a whip-like tail growing out behind it. Finally each of the sister now four upper bodies grew out from their reptilian lower body on three foot long serpentine necks.

Jen and Claire took a look at their hydra-taur body, with four necks ending a a human torso each, two with Jen's head and two with Claire's. Two torso's had cock-arms, while two had vagina mouths and four breasts with upper nipple-pussies and lower dick-nipples, as well as their leg-arms and hand-feet. Their lower hydra body had two three foot long cocks with mouths on the ends and a single pussy between their back legs.

Once they had taken in their new, once again fully together, body, Jen and Claire begin too look around the cafeteria, seeing that it had quickly filled up with students who were about to eat their pill-infected lunches. Jen and Claire could remain here and join in the orgy that was sure to begin as the students transformed, or they could leave and find other targets to transform during lunch. They also looked down at their half eaten meals, wondering if they wanted to finish it and transform their body again before doing either of their other options.

*Finish their lunch, then stay and watch the students in the cafeteria transform


Re: Transform or Dare: Little White Pills

enjoying the result of the invisible teacher's prank

Jen and Claire were still hungry, their large and combined body required a large amount of nutrients so they decided to continue eating even though they were likely to undergo a further transformation, which seemed to be an even more interesting idea.

Before going back to eating, they observed the other students for a while, eating and changing one after the other. There were so many transformations that they were unable to follow them all in great detail, focusing more on Rebecca, one of their fellow cheerleaders, whose bulge grew on her back formed by the new pair of breasts that grew behind her, bigger than those in front not for long as they have also grown. then she got up and can be seen her buttocks wither with the disappearance of her ass and soon afterwards a bulge formed both in the front and back in her pants, quickly growing and stretching until they open holes in the garment and see free. She had two hard 13-inch dicks in between her legs, one in the front and one in the back, which when they noticed better they realized that the back of her was an exact copy of the front, only without having a face or hand and feet turned to to her back.

Another one that the transformation that drew their attention to was Brian's, a nerd who started out as a girl, but instead of hair she had several long tubes of meat that were all dicks that she could control freely like tentacles.

After watching some transformations Jen and Claire went back to eating, quickly ending with the amount of hands and mouths they had. Their current body was already totally surreal and they were interested in how it was going to change.

As soon as they finished eating the duo felt that they began to transform again, but they became more and more disappointed as the transformation proceeded. First Jen's torsos fused into one, as well as the heads of fused into one. The same happened with Claire. The lizard's tail and its entire Hydrataur body was absorbed before they ended up separating again, to soon have a pair of normal legs forming again. The arms and breasts are also returning to normal.

When their transformations were over, Jen and Claire looked at each other in disappointment. they were sitting naked on benches in the cafeteria, but they were back to being the same normal girls they were before their first transformations.

"Not like this. I didn't want to go back to normal." Claire complained

"Me either. I was already getting so used to the random transformations that I had forgotten that returning to normal was a possibility.' Jen said

"It can't be that way. We will do as before to try to merge again." Claire said, immediately spitting out a pill, breaking it in half and handing half to Jen, who got the message and did the same. They swallowed their pill halves and leaned against each other, hoping to have their bodies merged, but it didn't.

For Jen's transformation several pink lines appeared throughout her body, poking deeper and deeper as vaginas formed leaving Jen as a normal girl with her entire body covered in pussies. For Claire all that happened was a huge ballsack that grew between her legs, with testicles the size of yoga balls, but she didn't grow any dick and she kept her vagina, which was in front of her balls.

"What happened to these pills now? It's just letting us down. What's the use of having such big balls and not even having a dick? At least your transformation was more interesting than mine." Claire said

"I understand, but there is a strange thing about my transformation. I can feel that I have a cock but I don't see any. Why is this happening?" Jen said

"I would also like to know that." Claire said putting her hand on her head, but in doing so she felt a different sensation and Jen moaned.

"Where did that come from? I just felt like someone was touching the tip of my dick." Jen said

"As if we can't see your dick anywhere. In fact, my head is strange, it seems that there is something here." Claire said taking her hand higher over her head to examine it and found a gap in her hair and a big hole in the middle of that gap. She managed to put four fingers inside the hole and felt that the sensation that came from there was of pleasure. Jen moaned again, now louder, her entire body getting wet due to the excitement in all her pussies.

"Now I can feel something being pushed into my urethra." Jen said

Starting to understand what was happening, Claire rubbed her hands on her belly and asked Jen if she felt any touch in the middle of her cock. Upon receiving a positive response she said "I already understood what happened. We were not physically merged but we are still single, it turns out that I AM your dick. Look at your urethra here." and lowered her head showing the hole that was up there. Jen realized that where Claire touched herself she felt her dick being touched.

Trying to understand their transformations, Jen and Claire had forgotten where they were and did not notice the orgy that had been running wild in the school cafeteria until Brian, now Brianna, arrived in surprise by stuffing several of her tentacle-dicks into several of Jen's pussies. Rebecca also joined them hugging and not making a ceremony to stick her front dick in Claire's pussy, walking backwards so as to stick her other dick in the pussy that was between Jen's legs, fucking the two sisters at the same time. Same time.

The two were simply used, but they saw no problem since the senses of the two were linked, Claire was not only fucked, but was also rubbed, realizing that despite the human form she could feel the same sensations as when she was just a dick, just as she could feel all of Jen's vaginas that were penetrated. After a few minutes they reached their orgasms, which were inevitably simultaneous. Pussy-juice came out of all the pussies on Jen's body while Claire stretched as far as she could, feeling the cum coming out of the balls between her legs and rising all the way to the urethra above her head.

*Jen and Claire decide to keep their current shape for a while and stay together.


Re: Transform or Dare: Little White Pills

Reality Changes Ripple Through the School

Jen and Claire took Brianna and Rebecca to a isolated corner of the school so they could continue their fucking in private, the four girls spending the rest of lunch period together. When the bell announcing the end of lunch rang, Jen and Claire said goodbye to the other girls, after getting their numbers, and checked their class schedules to see if they were still in separate classes after their recent transformations. Confirming that they now shared classes, the girls began to go to their next class, chemistry with Ms. Taylor.

As the girls walked down the halls they realized that the school had changed drastically while they were busy having sex. The hallways were much larger, at least twenty feet wide and twenty five feet tall, with each of the classrooms having a second, larger, door beside the normal one. The reason for these changes soon became evident as a massive feral dragon came stomping down the hall in the opposite direction, her massive, white scaled body taking up nearly the entire hallway. As she walked past the girls, she stepped over them, giving the two a good look at her two massive breasts, trio of three foot long dragon cocks, as well as her pair of pussies. As Jen and Claire continued down the halls they saw more and more transformed students, mostly coming from the direction of the cafeteria.

A girl with nine cocks and nine pairs of balls, three on her crotch and three on each breast, bumped into Claire, causing a shot of pleasure to shoot through the girls. The be-cocked girl quickly apologized, before adjusting her outfit, specially designed to allow all of her cocks to hang free while covering most of the rest of her body, and continuing on her way. The sisters then had to step off to the side of the hall as a massive lamia slithered by, she had ten identical upper bodies all connected to her ten foot thick, and hundred foot long snake tail. The lamia was talking to a giantess walking beside her, the twenty foot tall woman letting her two ten foot long cocks and beach ball sized balls dangle out of her skirt, each cock had another girls face clearly visible on it's tip.

Once Jen and Claire arrived outside the classroom the entered just behind two of their classmates who had been conjoined, David and Maggie who had been dating for almost the entire year. Both of their heads were beside each other on the same feminine body. The body had three H-cup breasts, as well as a sizable bulge visible in their pants. Two large pairs of pure-white feathered wings grew out of their back as well. The conjoined angel entered the classroom and took their seat alongside several other of their classmates, some transformed and some still normal.

Jen and Claire stood outside the classroom, deciding on their plan of action.

*Change people regardless of weather they had been changed before or not


Re: Transform or Dare: Little White Pills

No one else in the class is still normal

In the chemistry class, Miss Taylor spent a practical test, where she handed over some substances that they should use in order to produce some reactions that she would designate during the class.

The experiments would be done in pairs, which made it easier for Jen and Claire to act together. The first reaction that the teacher asked them to do normally, but on the second they decided to see what would happen if they mix a pill in the substance inside the laboratory flask they were using. Jen then spit out a pill and put it in the bottle, which reacted immediately, first forming a foam in the smoke and then giving off smoke, which was not very dense but had a sweet smell that can be smelled in the entire classroom. The smoke also had the same transformative properties as the pill and everyone who breathed it were transformed.

"It smells good, but I'm sorry to say that you made a mistake in your practical test." Ms Taylor, who was close to the sisters, said. Immediately all of the fingers on her hand lengthened and her skin retracted, a more spherical part grew at the base of them leaving her with 10 dog dicks in her hands. Then she put out her tongue, which stretched and arranged became rigid and cylindrical with a heart-shaped point, clearly a two-foot horse dick. The legs then merged into a long tail and several pairs of breasts grew below the originals, taking all the way to the tip of her tail. Finally her vagina grew to become huge.

The nine-dicked girl from before underwent a new transformation with her entire body growing proportionally until she was two feet taller, with short, whiteand black-patterned fur covering her entire body just as a long cow's tail grew over her ass, her feet became hooves and a pair of horns on the head of the now bovine girl. The trio of dicks between her legs became bovine, her breasts tripled in size and a fourth dick grew along with another pair of balls in each. To complete an udder grew on her belly containing four more dicks and pairs of balls.

A nerdy boy who was at the back of the room melted with clothes and everything became a misshapen blue goo, then resuming his human form now being a slime-dickgirl, slowly stroking her hard cock.

Like it or not, as they were in the classroom Jen and Claire were affected and transformed as well.

All of the pussies on Jen's body closed, then she grew until she was 20 feet tall. Her body was then covered with scales while a reptilian tail grew on her, her legs totally changed her joints her arms became relatively small for her body, which ended her transformation into a tyrannosaurus-girl with a trio of vaginas forming between her legs. Even after the transformation she could feel that Claire was still her dick, even felt her transformation.

Claire had her arms and breasts absorbed completely by her body, from which the top part grew and took on a cylindrical shape. She realized that she was taking the form of a dick, but this time she lost her sight and hearing momentarily when her head became the tip of the dick. For a while all she could do was feel her body changing and realized the dick that her top half had become split in two, then another pair of testicles appeared in her ballsack. Only at the completion of her transformation Claire regained the senses had she lost when her face on the front of her ballsack.She looked up and saw that the top half of it had become two 9 feet dicks.

Jen was very excited when her transformation ended but her arms were too short for her to reach her vaginas so she decided to use Claire, but an orgy had just started in the classroom and a girl 25 feet tall who was six arms grabbed her. The giantess had three 12-foot cocks that were unlike any she'd ever seen since they were covered halfway up with skin like a human dick, but were shaped like horse dicks and had knots at their bases like dogs. Jen didn't recognize the girl so she believed that she was one of the boys in the class who had transformed, even so she was so excited that she couldn't resist when she tried to put her three dicks in her pussies. The giantess went all the way in the triple penetration, holding Jen's healthy body with two pairs of hands and her breasts with the last.

She expected Claire to join them, but it didn't. As Claire she dicks the dinosaur girl Jen could feel her, with that someone was taking care of her sister and increasing her pleasure to the point that she hugged the giantess that fucked her.

The orgy in class lasted until the bell rang, at which point Jen recovered from her last orgasm while everyone left the room. When she finished recovering, she looked for Claire in the classroom but did not find her, so she realized that she could feel that someone holding her had taken her.

*See Claire's side of what happens to her.


Re: Transform or Dare: Little White Pills

Claire Gets Taken

As Jen was being fucked by the giantess, Claire was having an experience of her own. After her transformation finished, Claire continued to watch more of her classmates change. She saw Maggie and David, the conjoined angel that entered the classroom before her and Jen, inhale the gas, causing both sides of their shared body to change separately.

The right side of the body with Maggie's head had its skin become paler, so pale that it almost looked radiant. Then Maggie's hair turned an even lighter shade of blonde and her eyes took on an even deeper shade of blue. Maggie's changes concluded when a glowing halo appeared over her head, making her look even more angelic than she did before. Meanwhile, David's changes were going in a very different direction as the skin of his side of the body turned a deep shade of crimson. David's face then became softer and feminine, hair growing longer as it turned a shade of dark black. His irises shifted to a golden hue and a pair of short, black horns grew from his head just above his now pointed ears. The wings on his side of the body lost all of their feathers, the now naked wings transforming into bat-like limbs. His foot morphed into a cloven hoof and shaggy, black fur grew up his leg as a spaded tail grew out from the two's shared spine, ripping their pants off and revealing that they had a pair of genitals, cock, balls, and vagina, each. Maggie's penis was a normal, seven inch human cock, but David's rapidly changed into a foot-long horse cock, dripping pre-cum onto the floor. Once their transformation was complete, David reached their arms across their shared body and began jacking off Maggie's cock as the angel blushed shyly and attempted to stifle her lusty moans with her hand.

Claire then looked over to another of her transforming classmates to see a girl just as the gas reaches her. An insect-like abdomen grows from the small of her back, two pairs of chitinous arms sprout below her original pair and a second pair of breasts grew in below her first pair. Her entire body than began to grow larger, with her insect abdomen growing faster than the rest of her. By the time her growth was finished she was a full fifteen feet tall, with her insect abdomen now twice as large as the rest of her body.

As Claire watched the giant insect-girl begin to push eggs out of her massive abdomen, she failed to notice the figure approaching her until they had already grabbed her.

“This one looks fun Maggie, let's take her for a spin.”

“Please Baph, we can just masturbate alone, we don't need to despoil someone else.”

Claire was then turned to face her assailants, finding it to be Maggie and David, now named Baph apparently.

“Well, you control half of this body, so if you don't want to fuck her then why are you following along with me?” Baph teased her body-mate, before the two of them then pulled Claire down so that they were standing in front of her cock-heads.

The conjoined angel and demon then press Claire's cock's together and thrust their penises into her urethra's. Baph's horsecock stretched out her left urethra, while Maggie's normal cock filled her right one comfortably. It wasn't long before all three of them came, Baph and Maggie being spurred on by their shared sensations, while Claire was simultaneously feeling the pleasure of Jen being fucked by the tri-cocked giantess nearby. Claire felt her balls fill with the two girls semen for a moment, before her own orgasm blasted it back out, alongside even more of her own.

After their orgasm's ended, Baph and Maggie moved on to find another of the transformed students to bang, while Claire looked for Jen, finding her twenty-foot frame easily in the crowd. But as before she could reunite with her sister, a large pair of hands grabbed her around the waist and lifted her into the air.

“Sorry miss, but your coming with me Claire. Your just what I need to get off” A rough, feminine voice told her.

Claire's view then shifted, giving her a good look at her captor. She was a brown-skinned girl with long black hair, her upper body looked completely normal, save for her three pairs of E-cup breasts. Below her waist though she had a massive, twenty-foot at the shoulder, tauric body, completely disproportionate with her normal sized upper body. Her lower body was that of a griffin, with the front having feathered wings and eagle talons, while the back back being that of a lioness. Claire recognized the girl, though only as a classmate and not on any personal level, her name was Josie and she was part of the track team. The griffin-taur made her way over to the large classroom door and left the classroom, without anyone noticing, or at least not caring about, their departure.

“Let's take this somewhere private” Josie purred as she made her way to the nearby bathroom.

The bathroom had a large door for students who couldn't fit through the regular doors much like the classrooms and inside there were both stalls and urinals since their were plenty of female students who now sported cocks. Josie placed Claire down on the floor with her cocks facing upwards before she turned around and revealed her two massive vaginas sitting on the back of her tauric body. The griffin-taur wasted no time on spearing herself on Claire's massive rods, leaving Claire able to see nothing but the underside of her body from her vantage point on the front of her balls.

“Oh god, I needed this so bad, that smoke you created in class really got me worked up, so I hope your fine with me making you take responsibility.” Josie moaned as she began rubbing her breasts.

A few moments later the sound of the bathroom door opening startled both girls, though Claire was unable to see who had entered from where she was.

“Oh! Ah... Sorry, I'll leave you two alone” Claire heard a voice squeak

“Oh, no don't mind us, in fact why not join in, it looks like you might need it just as much as us.” Josie invited.

The intruder didn't verbally respond, but Claire could hear hesitant footsteps approaching. The person then came into view, revealing a petite, pale-skinned girl with big circular glasses on her face. Claire didn't recognize the girl, and decided to introduce herself

“Hello, I'm Claire whats your name?”

“Uhhhh... My name is Kelly, do you mind if I uhhhhhh... L-lick your balls?”

“Go right ahead”

Once Claire gave her consent, Kelly slowly leaned down and began licking her tight ballsack, sending waves of pleasure through her. Kelly slowly worked her way up Claire's balls, until she reached the point where Claire's mouth was positioned, and then she went in for a kiss. Not one to waste a perfect opportunity, Claire sent a pill down Kelly's throat as they made out and watched the girls changes form her skewed perspective.

Kelly's skin took on a metallic sheen, as her joints become visible, revealing that she is now a robot. Her eyes are replaced with LED screens that show stylized images of eyes instead, the screens currently showing straight lines that gave off the impression that her eyes were closed. Her torso then widened a bit to make room for two more breasts growing in beside her original pair, followed by five more rows of breasts growing down the rest of her torso. An imprinted label then appeared above each breasts, reading things like “Chocolate”, “Vanilla”, “Strawberry”, and “Mint”. Each of her twenty-four nipples grew a couple inches longer, a spigot growing around the base of each. The bottom of a cup then emerged from her vagina and pouches full off straws and lids appeared down her back.

Watching Kelly transform was all the encouragement Claire needed to reach orgasm, filling Both of Josie's wombs with her cum, with the griffin-taur having just reached her third orgasm from riding Claire. Once the three girls were all back on their feet Kelly reached down and pulled the cup out of her vagina, another one quickly taking it's place.

“Do either of you want a shake before I head back to class?” The robot-girl asked her two lovers.

Josie asked for a vanilla one, and Kelly reached over and pulled the spigot on the breasts that was labelled “Vanilla”, filling the cup as a look of ecstasy appeared in her LED eyes. Once the cup was mostly full she pulled out a lid and straw from her back and handed the milkshake up to Josie. Kelly than asked Claire if she wanted one, and while she was curious, she wasn't completely sure if her body could eat, bot to mention that she didn't have hands to hold it either, and declined. The bell had rang while the girls were fucking, so Claire and Josie exited the bathroom, only to find themselves face-to-face with someone.

*It's Jen


Re: Transform or Dare: Little White Pills

Jen Finds Claire

"There you are, I was looking all over for you!" Jen exclaimed when she saw Claire walking out of the bathroom with Josie.

"Sorry about taking her, you know how it is for people our size. It's so hard to find people big enough to satisfy us, especially when you have more than one set of genitalia." Josie responds, pointing backwards to indicate her twin vaginas.

"Next time just ask me first, neither of us would turn you down, but I was really worried about her when she just vanished."

"Alright, I'll make sure to ask your permission before having your monster cocks fuck me silly."

The gryphon-taur then took her leave, with Jen and Claire heading in the other direction to get to their final class of the day: Global foods.

As they walked, Jen and Claire noticed that even the unchanged students were starting to become more sexual. Several of them were wearing little more than underwear, some were even completely naked. They even saw students openly having sex in the halls with no one else giving it any particular notice.

By the time the two of them had made it to their next class, both girls were flushed with arousal from the sights they saw in the hallways. Luckily they already had a plan for how they were going to corrupt their teacher and classmates.

Even though the bell had yet to ring, the classroom was abuzz with activity. This was because today was the class's final test before graduation, the test was held a month or so early so it didn't eat up time during exam week. The test involves a pair of students making a traditional dish from a country that they are assigned. The best part about the test is that once the teacher is done grading, the class gets to eat the food, with everyone having a small sample of everything. Claire, who was the one who signed up for the class originally, was now looking forward to the feast since it would provide a perfect opportunity to slip pills into their dish.

When the girls entered the class, Claire's partner, Sean, was already at their kitchenette, stirring the from-scratch tomato sauce for their raviolis. It seemed that even though both Claire and Jen were now part of the class, they still had Sean as their partner. Sean seemed to have avoided any transformations so far. In fact, most of the class was made up of untransformed people, presumably because they skipped lunch in anticipation of this class. There were only two, technically three, transformed students in class. One was a girl named Marie, who had transformed into a dryad of some sort, deftly picking fresh vegetables growing from her vine-like mass of hair to chop them up for the salad their partner was tossing. The other transformed students were Jake and Paul, who had been fused into a herm human-taur without a back end. Both of the former men's feminine upper torsos were on either side of their shared lower body, with both of their feet facing outwards. On their lower body they had an udder, except instead of teats it had four foot-long horsecocks, as well as a vagina between both sets of legs.

"Perfect timing you two, could you watch the sauce for a few minutes while I get the ravioli out of the walk-in? If it starts to burn just shout for me." Sean interrupted their observation when he noticed them, pulling Claire over to the stove top with Jen before heading to the cooler to retrieve the pasta.

Jen wasted no time and began dropping pills into the sauce, Claire's low viewpoint making it so she couldn't even see over the stove. By the time Sean had returned, Jen had added well over fifty pills to the sauce, causing it to become subtly more pale. Once Sean put down the pasta, as well as all the other ingredients to finish the dish, he pulled out a small spoon and tasted the sauce.

"This turned out even better than I thought it would!" Sean exclaimed, as the pills' effects began to manifest.

Firstly, as the pills tended to do, Sean was feminized, his lean, muscular, build replaced with that of a curvaceous bombshell with wide hips, a plush ass and a pair of D-cup tits.

"Alright now since the two of you aren't that gifted in the arm department, let me finish up here, this girls got more than enough arms for all three of us!" Sean said in her new deep, feminine, voice.

As Sean began boiling a pot of water to cook the pasta, three lumps appeared on both her shoulders, all six of them forming into extra arms. Without missing a beat, she put her new arms to work, deftly filling and crimping the raviolis before transferring them to the water to cook. She then transferred the now cooked raviolis over to a bowl where she tossed them with sauce while simultaneously putting the next batch of newly filled raviolis into the water. It wasn't long before Sean had all one-hundred raviolis decoratively plated and ready to serve.

Not long after, the entire class had finished their dishes and they were all lined up on a table for Mrs. Rogers to grade. Luckily, the first dish she went to grade was Claire and Sean's raviolis.

As soon as she put the ravioli in her mouth, three new rows of breasts burst out of her blouse. All eight of her nipples pulled inwards and her areola formed into a pair of crimson coloured lips. Finally, an extra pair of arms grew below her original pair as she finished noting down their grade. With her eight extra mouths and two extra arms, Mrs. Rogers made short work of the rest of the grading, opening up the feast of dishes to the class.

The next people to eat the spiked raviolis were Jake and Paul, the two of them awkwardly standing sideways so they could both take one. Jake's skin darkened to a deep emerald green as scales grew out across her upper torso, her hair fading away as her head morphed into a cobra-hooded snake snout. Her entire torso then pulled away from their shared lower body, forming a six foot long snake tail connected above a newly formed pair of ass cheeks, Jake's vagina having moved up between them. Meanwhile, Paul grew a pair of curled ram horns out from her head, and her ears transformed to match. All four feet on the two hermaphrodites shared lower body compressed into hooves, with the two on Jake's end of the body now facing towards Paul's. Their lower body then grew a shaggy coat of brown-grey fur, completing their transformation. The two of them walk off to sample another project, seeming much more comfortable with their new configuration.

As class went on almost every student sampled the transformative raviolis, causing a myriad of transformations. A short girl named Tina became an eight foot tall, muscular, red-skinned demoness with a three foot long horsecock speared between her beach ball sized tits.

Another classmate, a guy named Toby, transformed into a woman with butterfly wings, and antennae. Her limbs were now chitinous, and insectoid and her tongue had been replaced with a thin, two and a half foot cock.

A pair of sisters, Justine and Georgia, had been fused into a two headed, four armed, body with two pairs of breasts, and two pairs legs placed side-by-side. Both heads had orange-furred fox ears and each pair of legs had six fluffy fox tails, the same colour as their ears, sprouting from behind them.

Sean also ate some more of the raviolis and now had a bulbous spider abdomen with eight pointed legs for a lower body. She also sprouted another three pairs of arm clusters, bringing her total number of arms up to thirty-two.

Just like all the other times they had used the pills in-mass, an orgy had started to break out in the classroom. Jen and Claire were eager to join in but class was due to end soon so participating meant that they would most likely miss cheer practice, along with their chance to transform the rest of the cheerleaders. There was also the fact that their forms, while sexy, made it a lot harder to use the pills due to their lack of useful arms. Fortunately there were still a few raviolis left that they could easily eat to possibly give them at least one good pair of arms.

As they thought over their options, the bell rang forcing them to decide immediately.

*Transform themselves and go to cheer practice.


Re: Transform or Dare: Little White Pills

Flipped Upside down

Jen and Claire both decided that while they did enjoy their new forms, their were quite a few downsides, such as the lack of hands. Along with that, the two sisters still felt a pull to be made one again.

So they both coughed up pills at the same time, broke them in half with their teeth, then spat the other ends into eachothers mouths. To increase the chances of merging back together Jen also placed her twin lizard pussies over Claire’s double cock body and began fucking her while the changes happened.

Jen felt her T Rex body shrink down and loose it’s scales and standing upright, the tiny arms growing longer and more human. Claire’s testicle face flattened against Jen’s groin and she watched her sisters legs become human again. Jen’s neck Once again lengthened and became quite veiny, she knew she was once again becoming a cock, however this time it was in between her shoulders. There chest also once again developed a set of basketball sized testicle boobs.

Claire looked down as Jen’s legs were now fully human, however instead of feet at the end she had a set of hands. Jen also noticed that at the end of her arms was a set of feet she had no control over, however she could control the legs with hands at the end by Claire.

Jen flopped her head down to dangle infront of Claire, noticing her lips had been replaced with a pussy.

“I think we may be upside down.” Jen said, “Can you try moving the ‘arms?’”

Claire tried her best finding she indeed had full control of the upper limbs ending in feet.

“Thisssh es goingh tooth mage theer practith more difficulthh,” she lisp out splattering Jen’s face with pussy juice which she of course licked up,

“But definitely more interesting.” Jen said, her cock neck already growing hard. Claire did her best to nod.

With some difficulty the two girls managed to “walk” to cheer practice right on time. Their was no sign of perverted harpy principals this time. However Claire and Jen noticed most of the cheer team was already changed in one way or another throughout the course of the day. A few even multiple times.

While doing stretches they debated weather or not even trying to change anyone anymore on the team…

*They decided to change everyone, corrupting the water supply again.


Re: Transform or Dare: Little White Pills

A Whole New Cheer Squad

Since it would be difficult to only put pills in the water bottles of the few remaining normal cheerleaders, and getting them to take pills in other ways would be equally difficult, Jen and Claire decided to simply infect all of the water bottles pulled out for today's practice. The two girls quickly changed into their cheer outfit (once again modified to accommodate their new form) and quickly dissolved pills in all the water bottles except one, which they set aside for themselves. The members of the cheer squad them began to emerge from the changing room, giving Jen and Claire a good chance to look over their current forms.

The first one to come out was Emilia, who had been transformed at some point today and was now a mermaid, except in place of her head was a three-foot cock with balls that hung low enough to rest on her now massive breasts. She still had a face however, it was placed on her stomach, large enough that her eyes were just below each of her tits and her mouth rested above where her cheer skirt covered her hips. Due to her fish-tail, she was currently sitting in a wheelchair, expertly pushing herself over to the practice area.

The next people to come out were Charlotte and Maya, the later still a fifteen foot long cock-lamia, her breasts-balls looking smaller than they were yesterday, most likely due to her having cum recently. Charlotte meanwhile was still normal, her thin figure and flat chest contained in a cheer leader uniform that was definitely not still normal. The top had less than half the fabric of old ones, and the skirt was only three inches long. Jen and Claire's own outfit, as well as the outfits of the other transformed cheerleaders were similar, but the girls had assumed that was due to their transformed bodies. Apparently due to the schools population now having so many people transformed into sexual creatures by the pills the uniforms had become universally more sexual as well. The two girls continued on their way as Jen and Claire wondered what other side effects would occur as they changed more and more people.

Their thoughts on that matter were temporarily put on hold when the next cheerleader left the changing room. Aurora had also been transformed and now had several cat-like features: dark green furred arms and legs ending in paws and a pair of cat ears poking up from her hair, both the same shade as the rest of her fur. Her most striking feature however was her tail. It was a bit thicker than a typical cat tail and it ended in a eight inch long barbed cock, that she was casually jerking off as she walked past Jen and Claire.

The next person to walk by was Luna, the tall and busty girl still normal for the time being. She was chatting with Rebecca, who they had seen change in the cafeteria. Her back was still an exact copy of her torso's front, including her large breasts and thirteen inch cock.

They were followed by Arya, who was definitely NOT still normal. She had massive cock that looked like a third leg due to it's sheer size and a ballsack that was so large that it dragged along the floor behind her, covering her butt and lower back with it's sheer size.

Maeve came out next, but with her also came the final cheerleader Abigail, as well as two more people Jen and Claire didn't recognize. All three of these people were now Maeve's three foot long cocks, their heads the only recognizably human part of them. All three had a tube of cloth with the school's colours on it around their shafts, marking them as fellow cheerleaders.

Now that the entire squad was assembled they began practising their routine, though it was heavily modified to accommodate the extreme forms of most of them now had. It also seemed much more suggestive than a typical cheer routine, but that may have been just because all but two of the members were now sexual mutants.

Eventually it came time for Jen to call for a break, and all the girls grabbed an infected bottle and began drinking. Jen and Claire drank their pure bottle (having to sit down so Jen could use their hand-feet to handle it properly) and watched as their squad-mates began to transform.

Maya's transformation was by far the simplest. Her cock tail grew to a full twenty feet, before splitting into two separate cocks a foot below her waist while a second pair of breasts-balls grew just below her first pair.

Charlotte's tiny A-cup breasts multiplied, three more pairs growing down her body, and an extra pair of arms grew out of her torso. A bee abdomen then grew above her flat butt, followed by a pair of bee wings. Her limbs were covered in chitin and a pair of antennae grew from her head. All eight of her breasts then began to leak honey, the top pair staining her cheer top in the proscess.

Arya's arms and legs rapidly thickened into cocks just as large as the one she already had, causing her to fall backwards onto her balls. Her four new cock-limbs soon began to grow hyper ballsacks of their own, leaving her immobilized under the weight of her endowments.

Emilia, back in her wheelchair after leaving it during practice, grew a pair of equine legs from her waist. These limbs grew large enough that she could get out of her chair and walk by dragging her fish tail, which had now grown several times larger, behind her. From between her new legs then grew a matching horsecock, a massive four foot appendage complete with a beach ball sized sack.

Rebecca now had her entire front half duplicated on her back, which soon pulled complely away and formed a second entire body, now only connected by a thin, fleshy tail coming from both bodies lower backs.

Maeve found her torso shrinking away until her head now sat directly on top of her hips. Abigail and the other two people turned into Maeve's cocks meanwhile, began to grow, all three of their shafts merging into one. Their shared form then formed itself into a human torso, all three of their heads on it's shoulders as well as three pairs of arms and three rows of breasts. Pre-cum still dribbled from their mouths however, indicating that they were now one three-headed cock.

Aurora fell forwards as her hips and shoulders shifted, leaving her locked into a quadrupedal stance, which her arms and legs quickly transformed to accommodate. Her green fur spread across her body below the neck, leaving only her now twice as large breasts uncovered. Her cock tail then duplicated itself, allowing the now sphinx-esque cheerleader to begin double stuffing her needy pussy.

Finally, Luna's body, with the exception of her head, began to grow larger until it stood over nine feet tall to the shoulders. From those shoulders then grew a second upper body, the same size it was before she grew, a second pussy now siting where a head would normally have been on her larger body.

Jen and Claire, having watched the entire cheer squad transform in front of them, were now incredibly aroused. Jen's erect dick-neck pointing nearly straight up while Claire's pussy-mouth was drooling wet. Having passed up the orgy in their foods class, they were more than eager to join the one now forming before them. Jen soon found herself shoved deep into the pussy between Luna's legs while Claire was fucked from behind by one of Rebecca's bodies, the rest of the squad engaed in similar acts of sexual depravity.

Eventually, the remaining time for cheer practice ended and everyone, now sexually satisfied, began to pack up and go home. Leaving Jen and Claire wondering what their next move should be. It was a Friday, so they could spend some time in town, changing people as they went, before going home or they could take the bus, perhaps transforming people on their way home, and spend some time with their conjoined families and Lucy.

*They take the long way home transforming people on the way.


Re: Transform or Dare: Little White Pills

Angelic/ Demonic Sphinx

Changing out of their cheer uniform, the two conjoined sisters were once more naked, and covered in sweat from the orgy. After finishing a shower in the locker room, Jen and Claire decided to head home, taking the long way. During their journey Jen got used to walking on her hands, now finding it natural. Every few minutes the two sisters would cough out a pill, not always even bothering to see what it did.

They watched as a squirrel snatched up one of the pills and ran into a tree. A few minutes later, an anthro squirrel girl hung upside down from the branch fingering herself and massaging her new tits.

Two elementary twin girls on their way home from school found their own pills mistaking them for candy and both eating them. One of their back packs turned into a swirling brown shell, their legs fusing together into a slimy foot. The other ones skin turned white with red stripes her hands and feet become nubs, two buns formed at the back of her head fattening into disks. After their changes the snail and peppermint sisters went along their way giggling.

Jen and Claire found their way by the dog park. Looking inside they saw a familiar friend. Cergei and Usko where both sucking their respective dicks while Bernadette fingered her pussy in the middle. Once she spotted the girls, Bernadette waved at them with the paw she was using to masturbate liquid still dripping from it, after Claire waved a foot back, the Cerberus anthro stuck the fingers in her mouth licking them clean and moaning.

Finally it was dark and the twins were home.

“Welcome home girls, how was school?” Their draconian centaur moms greated them. They explained their day, making sure to mention their make out sessions, when they described the sauce they made Jen’s mom seamed interested in having some.

So Jen and Claire got to work making the meal from school, making sure to include the pill sauce.

Once it was done she layed out four plates for her parents to eat. Thanks to their giant draconian jaws they finished the meal in just a few bites licking their lips. Even Jen’s fathers dick face was given the meal, finishing it in seconds and letting out a burp.


“A fine job girls.”


They clutched their lower horse body and Jen heard gurgling coming from their stomach.

“Ohhh wow, I’m gonna lay down for a bit girls.” Jen’s mom said standing up from the table and making her way to the couch. Their mare hips swinging side to side with each step. As they walked Jen noticed something, she was shrinking! No, that wasn’t right, neither her or Claire had a pill, they weren’t shrinking, the entire house was expanding and so was their deacon centaur parents.

Everything grew to even larger than it was in Lucy’s giant dog house.

Their parents plopped their body down on the couch and turned on the TV. Unsurprisingly it was playing porn, more specifically of a dark elf woman plowing a blond haired blue eyed girl with her massive cock.

As they watched their horse body changed, the hooves split into claws that became a set of paws. Their fur became softer and blond, and their bones became more feline. Claire’s “Father’s” head was absorbed into their body at the same time. The dick tail became much scalyer turning green.

The scales spread to giant testicles Jen’s fathers face was swallowed by the growing horse cock as it lengthened and grew in diameter, eventually extending past the front of their new lion body. At the front a vertical slit opened along with a set of eyes, she knew that her dad had gone from being a dick behind the heighn legs, to a pussy in between the front. They still kept the horse cock though.

Meanwhile Claire’s “father’s” head re-emerge at the end of the scaly tail, once again human looking though with the editing of slit pupils and long fangs, the scales ending on her cheeks her skin was also much darker.

Their dragon anthro torso turned fleshy and human looking, their four breasts merging into two that were twice the size. Their four arms also merged into two that split at the elbow into two fore arms each.

Claire’s “Mother” and Jen’s mothers heads still rested on their shoulders becoming human, however Jen’s mothers head developed a set of short black horns and Claire’s “mother” gained a halo. Jen’s moms hair turned straight and black, ending at the point their wide hips met the lions body, the entire left side of the upper body also turned crimson, her finger nails growing long sharp and black. Meanwhile Claire’s “mom’s” skin became pale almost glowing. Her hair was the same length as the other heads and blond, her nails were manicured and white.

The last change to occur was a leathery black bat wing sprouting from the demonic side of the Sphinx’s lion body, and a fluffy white bird wing coming from the angelic side.

When all the changes were finally finished they established their parents new height was something like 250 feet, and at least twice as long.

The entire time these changes happened none of the 8 eyes left the screen. The demonic set of hands was fondling their massive tits while fingering the pussy mouth of her once husband. Meanwhile the angelic half controlled by Claire’s “mom” also fondled her boob and stroked the giant erect horse dong hanging infront of them.

As the porn reached its climax the angle and demon heads turned to eachother and began making out. Not wanting to be left out, the snake tail head joined in adding her forked tong. Eventually the foursome masturbation became too much for any of them, and a jet of seamen rocketed from the leathery horse cock towards the now movie theater sized screen. Their wings flapped and all four mouths moaned as one as they orgasmed together, Jen’s dad’s mouth letting out female discharge. The Sphinx ejaculates for a solid 5 minutes before passing out.

A tsunami of cum fills the entire living room, the gallons and gallons only being a puddle for the massive Sphinx, that stops before it reaches the giant table.

Jen and Claire were now incredibly horny again, watching this. The sisters to contemplate their next move.

Someone would need to clean up this mess, and they knew who that someone probably was going to be.

Going down the ladder on the side of the table, they find Lucy and Martha happily eating dog food from two separate bowls. Slipping them a pill should be incredibly easy…

*Jen, Claire, Martha, and Lucy all take pills.


Re: Transform or Dare: Little White Pills

Rejoining with Lucy

Jen and Claire decide that they will each also take a pill alongside Martha and Lucy, with the hopes that they might grow to match their now insanely massive parents. Once they had slipped a pill into both Martha and Lucy's food the conjoined sisters coughed up and immediately swallowed pills of their own.

Upon eating their pills, Martha and Lucy pulled away from each other, becoming separate beings once again. Martha continued to change on her own but Lucy, as if she remembered her time fused with the girls, ran over and hugged them, causing all three to fall to the ground in a heap as they merged together.

When they went to right themselves they found that the way their body was now oriented, Claire was on top of Jen, their arms and legs having switched places so that they now matched where their hands and feet were, while Lucy was stuck behind Jen, her body still in an indistinct shape. The girls also noticed that they were growing, they were already almost ten feet tall in their crumpled position on the ground and their growth only seemed to be speeding up while their body continued to reshape itself

Claire watched as red scales covered their body down to just above their hips, with the ones on her front being a more pink shade, her pussy-face becoming a draconic muzzle not unlike the one three of their parents sported just a moment ago, with a long neck connecting it to her shoulders.

Jen meanwhile found her legs transforming into horse legs, complete with hooves while her behind stretched out into the chest of a horse. Once her behind had turned into the front half of a horse, it stopped and Lucy's form picking up where it left off. Their back hips and legs were those of a dog, a thick canine cock growing between them. As their back cock grew long enough to extend past their front legs it's head reshaped itself into the humanoid head of Lucy.

As their body passes the fifty foot mark, Claire feels pressure on several parts of her torso, five pairs of breasts growing in, alongside a second pair of arms that grows out above her hips. Her shoulders then widen slightly as two identical heads grow on either side of her original one, her vision going fuzzy for a moment before she gets used to seeing out of her new sets of eyes.

Their body now over one-hundred feet tall, Jen's cock-head began to grow proportionally larger, while her breasts-balls moved between her equine legs before swelling down to her knees. Her cock-head reformed itself into a cock-torso, Jen's upper body making up the last third of her now equine cock. Meanwhile, three tails grew out of Lucy's behind, the left one was canine, the fur colour matching Lucy's own, the right one was equine, and the middle one was a draconic tail the same length as their tauric lower body. Finally, a pair of pussies grew in between the centre tail and the others.

The girls growth had stopped once they were one-hundred-fifty feet to the upper shoulders and their lower body was three-hundred feet long. Jen's cock-body was long enough that her head was above their upper shoulders, held upright by their five sets of fifty-foot cleavage. They were still a long shot from being as large as their parents but at least they could reasonably use the gaint furniture.

Once they had taken stock of their own body, they began looking for Martha, whose transformation must have concluded by now. They found her busy cleaning up the flooded living room, but their wasn't just one of them: Martha had split into six separate bodies!

All of them were twenty-five foot tall fairies, each with a different wing colour, as well as different sexual mutations. The first had red wings as well as a twenty foot long horse-cock and a matching pair of horse balls that hung down as she flew over the lake pushing special mop that absorbed the cum easily. The next, whose wings were blue, had three pairs of arms and breasts; she was currently carrying fresh buckets of water to the other Martha's as they cleaned. The third Martha, wiping off the cum-plashed furniture, had green wings. She also had two pairs of legs, side-by-side, with an average sized cock in both crotches. Cleaning the TV screen was a Martha that had yellow-wings and three identical heads. A black winged Martha was busy washing the cum out of their employer's fur, her massive tit's and dick nipples making it a bit difficult. The final Martha, her wings so white they were almost transparent, had two fifteen foot cocks replacing her legs. Her task seemed to be cleaning the massive horsecock that had created the mass in the first place.

With the six of them working together, it seemed that the Marthas didn't need any help, so Jen, Clair and Lucy were free to do other things with their new giant body.

*While they're giant, walk to one of the neighboring towns and transform people there

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Re: Transform or Dare: Little White Pills

Bigger size means proportional sized pills

Jen, Clair, and Lucy departed from their cum flooded home, not wanting to get in the Marthas' ways. When they exited they saw that their now proportionally larger home had grown to not only fill their street but the entire suburban district of the town, the street it was on was the same size as always and at the edge of their property line their neighbor's houses resided like a lawn ornament more then an actual home.

With little to do in their new size besides stomp about and reek havoc. Something neither Jen or Clare wished to do, they set out to create more transformations on the unsuspecting.

Through Clair's multiple eyes she relayed to Jen that their efforts in school had produced a fair bit of transformees in their small town, leaving little for them to change short of going door to door. And now that they were as tall and long as a cruse ship, that might prove difficult.

"Hey! Why don't we go to Sheffield then?" Jen suggested from between their rows of breasts. "There is a cultural fair there this week! I'm sure plenty of people will be out of their homes."

"Great thinking Jen!" "Yeah we can just walk there like this!" "And its a straight line through the woods!" Clair's different heads all said

In only 5 min of stomping through the woods in their massive body, pulverizing boulders underfoot and snapping centuries old trees with Jen and Lucy's gargantuan cock like twigs they crossed the county line into Sheffield, the neighboring town and home to their rival high school Maryweather Academy.

In their fairgrounds to the west they could see the glow of lights and in another minutes travel, aided by Clair's multiple eyes as to not harm anyone or their property they entered the festival below. The fair was nearly four times as big as they were wide, and though it wasn't filled to the brim with people it was sparsely packed enough that the conjoined monster could find foot holds and arch their heads down to take part in their fair's happenings.

"Ill go first," said one of Clair's dragon heads, it then coughed up a pill into one hand and stammered. "Uh, Jen. Slight problem..."

She held her hand down to Jen's cock body to see. Inside the palm of her hand rested a pill same as always. Except by comparison to the stalls and stands below them it was now the size of a small car...

"How is anyone suppose to eat that?" One of Clair's heads cried out in frustration.

"No worries sis, I've got an idea. Cough up a few more pills and set them over there." She said pointed to a concrete cross roads in the fairgrounds walking paths. Clair produced three more pills and stakes them on the spot like link-n-logs and Jen started to move her horse legs into position. All the while Clair's 3 heads arched down to the pedestrians politely saying "excuse us, pardon us, coming through, make way, excuse us, watch out sir..." And so on as they maneuvered.

Once in place Jen stomped one of her horse hooves down on the pills with a clap like thunder and exploded the pills into a fine dust that swept out from the square like a smoke ring. Dozens upon dozens of attendees were washed over by the fine white haze breathing it in and eating on any exposed food. Jen and Clair's heads all rested above the crowd as they watched those caught in it transform.

One large man eating a corn dog shrunk half his size into a woman her mouth morphing into a pussy around said corn dog as her breasts became so large she was lifted off the ground by them. Her legs ballooned into fat jiggling orbs as her feet turned into nipples. Her ass cheeks then also sprouted nipples and grew to match her leg-breasts and original breasts as they came to rest on the ground beneath her. The nipples then became extremely erect, propped her up on them and then she began to shuffle on her way atop the thick nipples like a caterpillar.

Another woman standing outside a food truck handing out flyers had her forehead extend upward as two more sets of eyes appeared above the first. Her butt kicked out into another pair of legs along with a torso making her a human-taur an from between her legs grew a long tube of flesh that Clair first though was an obvious cock but when the shaft was smooth and lacking in the telltale sign of veins and its tip swelled into full feminine lips, that preconception was lost. The tube was as thick as an oil drum, perfectly filling the gap between the two legs and grew to ten feet long hanging out before the woman's body. The mouth began spewing the same sales pitch the woman had before becoming a functional dick sucking sleeve.

A teen couple sitting on a bench next to the food truck eating also changed. The boys cloths ripped off his body as he grew twice his size in with his flat pecs and abs softening into hefty breasts and a soft curvy paunch stomach his arms grew with flabby fat laden muscle and black hair sprouted across his body as his hands grew to the size of garbage can lids with thick rough fingers. His legs did the same as they became thick with soft muscle and his shoes erupted with identical hands in place of his feet. He then became a she as his penis retracted into his crotch to be replaced with a huge pussy big enough to fit a medicine ball.

The gorilla woman's girlfriend's head was sucked into her expanding neck as skin coiled up around it, her lips standing straight up and eyes moving to the sides of her head coming to a rest at the corners of her mouth set on the sides of her shoulders. Her breasts exploded out of her blouse as they quickly took on the shape of testicles the size of beach balls and the former woman's tongue emerged from her sheath mouth as a horse cock as thick as her torso and growing to be 12 feet long. As the rest of her body remained in changes it was uncertain how she was able to support such a large cock on her half sized body.

The gorilla woman overtaken by the pills horny side effects quickly bent the horse cock down and shoved it into her massive pussy taking in six feet of it and forming a huge bulge in her belly! With the last six feet she wrapped her hand feet around it and used them to thrust herself down on the shaft while her upper arms pushed down! The cock woman was powerless and flailed on the ground, gripping at grass to brace herself until she came and ballooned the gorilla woman's belly to twice its size with cum before being yanked out and cream-pieing across the front of the food truck!

*More people at the epicenter transform


Re: Transform or Dare: Little White Pills

A new scale of corruption

Jen and Claire watched as the blast of dust spread out across the entire fairground, transforming everyone who so much as breathed it in. Even with Claire's three heads it was impossible to follow the various transformations taking place everywhere, so she simply decided to choose one attraction to watch from a safe distance with each head.

Her right head was watching the dunk tank, a man in a pair of swim trunks sitting above a pool of water as another man handed a small bucket of balls to the couple that had just payed to play. The couple consisted of a young man and, based on the rings on their fingers, his pregnant wife, who was currently cradling her large belly with both hands.

The dust cloud passed over the area just before the husband took his first shot, stunning everyone momentarily as the pill powder worked it's effects on their bodies. The man running the attraction found his lose clothing becoming much tighter as his entire body became that of a sexy milf, with wide hips, H-cup breasts, and a large booty, the only exception being that the outline of his, or now her, average-sized cock and balls was visible with her now form-fitting cloths.

When the dust cloud passed over, the husband pulled his wife close to him so that she wouldn't fall over, allowing the effects of the pills to fuse their legs together into a pair of furry donkey hooves. The couples now shared lower body grew larger, their hips becoming five feet wide, with proportional ass and thighs, their upper torso's still side-by-side in the middle. Between their shared legs, the husbands cock had become a two foot long donkey-cock with a sizable pair of balls concealing the wife's similarly transformed pussy.

The man above the tank was first transformed into a woman, her new F-cup breasts quickly getting duplicated down her torso, leaving her with four total rows. Brown and black spotted fur grew across her body, mostly on her arms and legs, while a her ears became a pair of cat ears and a cat tail grew from her spine. Now finished her transformation into a cat-girl, the former man looked much more worried as the husband began tossing his shots at the target, while the wife and the cat-girls boss encouraged him.

Meanwhile, Claire's centre head found itself watching a shooting game, a woman taking aim with an air soft rifle at a row of targets keyed to different prizes, the woman running the stall giving her tips as she worked through the small dish of bullets provided. The dust cloud passed by just as the customer went for her final shot, throwing off her aim. The woman cursed at her bad luck even as she and the worker began to change.

The fair worker gave a look of sympathy towards the customer as she informed her that she was out of shots. The customer quickly slapped a bill onto the counter and asked for another round of shots. The worker grinned and happily turned around and refilled her dish of ammo. When she turned back around to place it in front of her customer, her shirt suddenly tore in half as four extra pairs of arms grew out of her torso, itself having grown a foot longer to accommodate her new limbs. The ten-armed woman gave the customer some words of encouragement as she stepped out of the line of fire while the customer reloaded her rifle.

The customer's body began to thin as she re-aimed her rifle, her average sized body becoming a lithe and delicate body. Her hips narrowed until they retained only a small hint of femininity and her C-cup breasts deflated into tiny A-cups. Her hair went from a short cut dark blond to a waist-length mane of golden locks. Her ears grew long and pointy and her eyes became an emerald green. The mass siphoned from her body seemed to relocate to her crotch, her short skirt being lifted by a monstrous equine member and a matching pair of heavy balls. As her cock continued to grow, the rifle in her hand disappeared and her now free hands went down to stroke her erect rod. She didn't last long before she fired off a load of cum that struck a target dead centre.

“Excellent shot miss! Here's your prize!” the ten-armed worker sheered as she passed a hyper-sized onahole over to the customer.

The now elf-like woman giddily took the prize and leapt with joy, her three foot long horsecock and beach ball sized balls flapping wildly in the air.

Finally, Claire's left head was observing a game where customers have to throw a ball into a fish bowl to win a goldfish, which were displayed in a large tank in the back of the booth. A man had just paid for an attempt and was lining up his shot when the dust cloud passed.
The man running the booth instantly melted into a puddle of red slime that quickly reformed itself into a voluptuous slime-woman. The customer meanwhile, had also become a good-looking woman but her changes weren't over yet as her legs swelled with muscle. Her legs were then covered in thick orange-patterned hide while her feet burst through her shoes as they became three-toed talons. Next, her body above her hips stretched out in both directions, the back end becoming a thick dinosaur-like tail while the front end grew into a second torso covered in the orange hide. The upper end of her second torso then formed a pair of shoulders and a pair of arms ending in raptor claws.

The newly transformed rap-taur then took her shot, managing to land her ball into the bowl, the slime-woman congratulated her and gestured towards the where the goldfish tank had been. Apparently some of the pill powder had gotten into the tank and transformed all of the goldfish, so now the tank had been replaced with seats holding a dozen goldfish-like merfolk, all with different bodily configurations and genital arrangements. The customer looked over her choices for a moment before selecting a goldfish with four D-cup breasts and a foot long cock coming from her crotch. The customer took hes “prize” over to a nearby sitting area and laid the mermaid on one of the benches before impaling her lower body on her cock.

By the time the cloud of dust had dispersed the entire fir had turned into a pit of sexual depravity, with Jen and Claire watching it from on high, marvelling at the fact that in less than an hour they had changed more people at once then they had since Jen was first cursed. The two sisters were so aroused by the scene they had just created that they suddenly came, both Jen and Lucy spurting thousands of litres of cum out of their mouths, showering the many victims of their pills below them with their seed. Jen and Claire than looked at each other, both knowing what they wanted to do next.

*However before they could do anything, Lucy breaths in some of the pill dust.


Re: Transform or Dare: Little White Pills

How smart is Lucy?

After climaxing the head of Lucy falls down to the fair ground bellow, kicking up a second cloud of pill dust. Lucy inhaled the cloud and let out a sneeze however the damage was done and the transformation already began.

Claire and Jen felt the familiar tingle of changes much to their confusion since none of them had taken a pill and even Lucy’s head should have been above the cloud.

Regardless Jen felt her torso merging into the breasts behind her, adding her own boobs to the it making six rows in total, her body moved to the left and one of Claire’s dragon heads over took her’s however the head became rounder, and grew brown fur and a black mane, soon enough a horse head that was Jen replaced the dragon one. Lucy’s human head was now swallowed by her canine sheath.

The horse hair also spread down the entire left side of their body, replacing Claire’s red dragon scales. They also noticed they started shrinking now.

Jen’s horse legs also moved up into the bottom two dragon arms, before those arms again moved into the to ones, lowering the sisters arms and leg count back to standard humanoids. However in exchange their two arms were now much more buff, giving female body builder vibes. The hand on Jen’s side now had long hard black fingers that were still flexible like normal fingers.

The pink scales along their belly were now replaced with familiar blond hair, the six rows of breasts now arranged with G cups on the top and B cups on the bottom.

Down on their canine legs two cocks now grew, one long and black unmistakably that of a horse. The other pink and scaly, in between them both was a sopping wet canine pussy.

Lastly Claire’e middle head changed, however instead of becoming another animal like the head on the left, the middle heads muzzle instead reduced in size, turning into a human nose, the scales were replaced with skin and blond hair grew down to the back, lastly a set of floppy dog ears grew from the sides,

When the changes were finally done the two sisters were now the dragon and horse heads to the right and left respectively of Lucy’s human head, with six rows of furry breasts of descending size and two massive cocks that went up the bottom twi rows of breasts one reptilian the other equine and a dog pussy in the middle. Two dog legs rounded things off with three tails in the back being dragon, dog, and horse respectively. Their body had gone from 100ft tall to just under 60.

Despite their status as heads Claire and Jen had no control over their body and were once again passengers on Lucy’s twin cocked giant body.

The retriever was clearly horny again and started stroking her massive cocks with both hands.

As she jerked off, her giant harry ass went down and she sat on one off the booths like a bean bag chair. Thankfully it was the one with the red slime girl who managed to squeeze her way out of the rubble unharmed. Regarding the mermaids, they were flopping around but didn’t seam to be suffocating.

Jen and Claire were left absolutely powerless as their dog continued to masturbate them both, not that either minded at this point.

“HhhMmmmm hey, um ohhhh Claire?”

“Wh ha, ha, what is it Jen?”

“Something has (oh yea, right there) been huuuuu bothe— bothering me the past few tran- tra— you know.” Jen could barely concentrate as the hooved hands stroked her penis, despite her position on Lucy’s shoulders it felt like everything below her neck was just a giant Dick that Lucy was now playing with, with expert skill. Hand jobs this good had to be made illegal.

“Wha- what’s the problem (oh fuck)”

“I— I’m wondering how ssssssmmmmmmmart Looooooooocy is?”

“Wh- huh huh huh, do you meeeeeen Jen? She’s a dog?”

“Yeaaaaaa, but, she’s merged with huuuuuumans quite a few times. And,” Jen felt her climax approaching, and so did Lucy given she picked up the pace. She also crossed her leg and began massaging her pussy with the back of her paw. “Wheeeen we were her dicks she Ha uuunghfff had a full on house. And she she she, keeps getting a human like face.”

“We’ll you cuuuuurently havnnnnnngh an a horse faaaaaace, and that doesn’t mean anything”

“Yesh, but their is also the fact sheeeeee k ke k keepsh jummmmping at us and tryyyyyinggg to merge whenever we seppparate, almost like (oh god I’m) almo—“

Jen never finished her sentence as just as then both cocks climaxed at the same time. Lucy combined the streams and howled in delite as their jizz formed one massive stream pointed straight up and raining down on everyone near by.

The three girls fell back crushing the last of the stand and panting heavily.

For what felt like minutes they just layed their gazing up at the stars and panting their tongs hanging out like dogs. With every breath their collection of breasts jiggled like a jello platter.

Then Claire turned and saw the red slime girl again. She has aborted most of the cum they let out and was now the size of their top breasts with the mermaids swimming around inside her happily.

“You could always try asking her.”

“Who?” Jen asked legitimately forgetting her earlier conversation.


Recognition dawned on her horse face, and she turned to the former dog.

“Um, Lucy. Do you… understand us?”

*Lucy just barks and licks Jen’s face.


Re: Transform or Dare: Little White Pills

Passengers Yet Again

In response to Jen's question, Lucy simple let out a bark and gave her a quick lick on the cheek. The two sisters deflated, the tension from the idea that the pills might have allowed lucy to talk gone. Jen and Claire took another look at the Fair that they had corrupted with their pills, and while they would have loved to continue it was starting to get really late and neither of them had eaten dinner yet.

"Alright Lucy, let head back home." commanded Jen

In response Lucy stood up and began walking back they way they had come, finding the trip taking much longer due to their smaller size and bipedal stature. Luckily, when they got back they found that while they had to eat out of bowls like Martha back when she was part of Lucy, their bowls had actual food in it instead of the kibble Lucy was eating. After dinner, Lucy headed off to the sisters shared room, which had once again changed to accommodate the fact that they were a part of the family dog.

Once inside the room Lucy flopped down on the couch and began stroking her cocks, the sisters soon discovering that their television, as well as several other electronics in the room now had voice controls, allowing them to spend the rest of the night watching shows while Lucy lazed around and masturbated. Occasionally one of the six Martha's would flutter into the room to clean up and “assist” with Lucy's self-pleasure. Soon enough Lucy had tired herself out and the three of them went to sleep.

The next morning, Jen and Claire were woken up by Lucy finishing her first masturbation session of the day. Lucy then brought them out to the kitchen for breakfast before she crawled up onto the huge couch of the sisters fused parents and began to snuggle with the massive sphinx-taur as they drank their morning coffee.

“Good morning you three.” Greeted the snake-like that was originally Claire's dad, while the red-skinned left hand of Jen's mother reached down and began rubbing Lucy's belly. The two sisters returned the greeting and chatted with their parents for a bit. Eventually the belly rub stimulated Lucy enough that her cocks once again grew hard, but instead of stroking her own cocks, Lucy adjusted her position so that she could fuck the pussy-face that was originally Jen's father. Even her mismatched dicks, being nearly twenty feet tall each, were not large enough to fill the pussy of the two-hundred and fifty foot tall behemoth their parent had become, but Jen's dad clenched her muscles and “sucked” on the pair of cocks inside her.

Lucy and her two passengers were taken by surprise when one of the Marthas, the one with red wings, began fucking their mostly neglected pussy with her twenty foot shaft, adding even more to their already overstimulated body. I wasn't long after this that Lucy blew her load, filling Jen's dad's mouth with her seed, while she clamped down on the Martha's horsecock. Not long after both the Martha and the sister's parent came, Lucy's belly bulging with cum while the parents horsecock once again unleashed a room-flooding torrent that caught Lucy in the crossfire.

The five other Martha's soon went to work cleaning the mess, with the red-winged one joining once she had recovered from her post-orgasm daze. While Lucy let herself be cleaned, Jen and Claire were left in a decent position to feed anyone in the house a pill, they might even be able to crumble a pill and catch all six Marthas with the dust.

*They decide to not transform anyone for now


Re: Transform or Dare: Little White Pills

To the beach.

Thinking about the two sisters were ultimately satisfied with their parents forms for now. Sure they would probably change them again later, but for now having a 250 foot tall Sphinx mom was nice.

“I think it’s time we got for work Martha.” Jen’s mom said.

Three of the Martha fairies nodded and left. When they returned they brought a transparent silo on wheels with a hose attached to the top.

One two of the Martha fairies carried the hose, it had a massive clear tube at the end with a black band around it. The fairies secured the nozzle around their parents horse cock, one of the fairies sat in a chair at the top of the tower and slowly turned a nob. The tube at the end hose began pumping back and forth and all four of them leaned back on the sofa and moaned in ecstasy.

Jen and Claire wanted to watch, but Lucy had other plans, hopping off the couch and making her way to their bedroom.

Inside she opened up their closet, Maria and Jen were shocked by the wide range of clothes in their new size, Lucy definitely had a surprisingly good taist in fashion, the dog girl grabbed an orange sling bikini from off a hanger and slipped it on over her 12 boobs, their twin cocks hanging out the sides.

The dog girl then stood infront of the mirror examining herself and doing a few poses that made Jen and Claire incredibly erect.

After a quick fap, Lucy then bolted down stairs not even bothering to wave goodbye to their parents, who were now moaning loudly as the machine picked up speed.

Thanks to Lucy’s massive size and canine legs, before Jen and Claire knew it they were standing on the beach. Lucy had sprinted so fast that neither Claire nor Jen had time to cough up any pills on the way, but now that was about to change. It wasn’t packed this early in the morning but still a decent number of people to transform.

Lucy casually strolled over the sand dunes looking for a spot.

As the trio walked, Claire coughed out a pill that landed right in a life guards lemonade. She took a sip soon after, her skin became rubbery and grey with a white underside. Her jaw and nose extended to a point, sharp teeth filling her mouth. A long tube also also grew inside her life guard one piece until it reached the underside of her boobs. The inflatable shark futa life guard crossed her legs, trying to resist her urge to masterbate at least until at least her break.

Jen meanwhile dropped one ontop of a guys hot dog, after taking a few bites he fell onto all fours, his bones popped and white fur covered his skin, his clothes ripped off before then evaporating, a rainbow mane and tail grew. His dick inverted and a new floppy rainbow cock grew from his forehead. The hornycorn majestically trotted along the side walk, even as precum dripped from the tip.

After a few minutes of looking around, and a few more transformations Lucy sees a board walk and instead rushes towards it.

Climbing up the side most of the people move out of her way as the three headed dog girl sprints to the ocean. As she excitedly runs, another pill slips from Jen’s mouth, landing in the awe struck mouth of a young Asian woman, her legs split into eight in total and each turn into cocks, all her testicles hanging down from the center of her body.

Another pill slips from Claire’s mouth as well. The victim, a young boy who’s body was now changed into several multi colored balloons forming the shape of a MILF with a long pink balloon rod spouting from between her legs.

At the end of the board walk, Lucy jumped in the air and did a cannon ball into the ocean sending out large waves causing the newly made inflatable shark girl to spring into action to start rescuing lives…

* Jen and Claire cough up as many pills they can to infect the ocean.


Re: Transform or Dare: Little White Pills

A Wave of Transformation

Seeing a golden opportunity, both Jen and Claire began spitting out pills during Lucy's dive. When their body landed in the water the dissolving pills were mixed in with the waves created, transforming people who ingested any of the water.

The first victim was an unlucky swimmer who had been diving just a few feet away from the spot Lucy cannonballed. The shockwave knocked the wind out of her lungs and she inhaled a lungful of water reflexively. Luckily the water, instead of drowning her, began to transform her body, her respiratory system already being adjusted to allow her to breath underwater. Her legs fused into a majestic fish tail covered in scales that shined like pearls. Her fingers grew webbing between each finger and her ears reformed into decorative fin-ears. While her transformation into a mermaid was happening, her body was also growing larger, with two parts growing faster than the rest: her breasts and her clit. Her tits swelled to a size that were proportionally gigantic even on her still growing frame, while her clit found itself splitting into two as it became a pair of dolphin-like penises. As the woman's growth finished at fifty feet from head to tail, her hair clumped together into two dozen blond-coloured tentacles that stretched down to her waist.

Meanwhile, the previously transformed lifeguard had grabbed a man who had gone under after being hit by the wave and was carrying him back to shore. The man's body began to be absorbed into the rubbery skin of the lifeguard, whose body once again began to reform. By the time she had reached the shore her, or more accurately their transformation was complete, the lifeguards inflatable shark head now sat beside the flesh and blood head of a beautiful woman with long grey hair and a mouth full of razor sharp teeth. The conjoined pair's torso was mostly human, but their belly had a patch of rubbery shark-skin that covered their air-filled breasts and an inflatable fin stuck out from their upper back. Their limbs were similarly those of an inflatable anthro shark, both their arms and legs, as well as a long shark tail. Finally the pair retained the inflatable cock of the lifeguard, which had gained a few extra inches and rested just below their shoulder blades. Since everyone that had been put in danger by Lucy's cannonball had by now transformed, the conjoined pair went back to their post.

The victims weren't only restricted to those in the water, as a family of three on the boardwalk had gotten splashed, the parents and their collage age daughter all ingesting the transformative pill water. Both parents transformation were similar, their bodies became made of transparent pink rubber, with a massive hole that reached up to their shoulders replacing both of their genitals. Both parent's legs retracted back into their bodies, while the father's body became an identical copy of his wife's. The couples daughter meanwhile, found her pants shredded by a pair of four foot long cocks, complete with a proportional, quad-testicled ballsack. Her ears then moved up to the top of her head and lengthened into a pair of floppy rabbit ears and a cotton-tail pushed out behind her. Once her transformation was over, the woman picked up her parent's, now giant living onaholes, and placed them onto her twin shafts. The trio then continued on their way chatting as if nothing had happened.

All of these things happened before Jen, Claire and Lucy resurfaced, and the two sisters were once again aroused by the various transformation they had caused. Their arousal also seemed to affect Lucy, who swam over to the giant mermaid that was now floating in the ocean nearby. Between Lucy's urges and the mermaids pill-induced arousal the sisters soon found themselves on the beach as Lucy fucks the mermaid as the giantess lays on the sand, sensually nibbling on her conjoined lovers's upper rows of breasts while her tentacle-hair caressed their lower rows. After filling the mermaid with several loads from her twin shafts, Lucy went to continue on her way, only for her and her passengers to be suddenly turned over by their surprisingly strong lover.

“Don't think you can leave after only satisfying half of me!” teases the woman as she twists her two prehensile cocks into a helix before thrusting them into the trios pussy.

The mermaid held Lucy in place with her tentacles while she uses her arms to guide her rapid thrusts. She demonstrates her impressive balance by leaning forward over the trio without slowing her pace and begins to talk to them in between thrusts.

“This might be – a bit strange – to ask now – but I never got – your names.”

“I'm Claire – the left head is my – sister Claire – and the – middle head – is our dog Lucy.”

“My name is – Frieda – I'm not from – ohhh, ahh, cumming!”

Whatever the Frieda was about to say next was interrupted by her orgasm, her twin cocks unleashing their load into the trio's pussy. Once her orgasm ended she flipped her lovers over onto their back and fell forward into an embrace. The four of them then spent the next while snuggling, as Frieda alternated between making out with each of the trio.

* Lucy spends more time with Frieda


Re: Transform or Dare: Little White Pills

The effect of sharing your body with someone cursed.

After all, Lucy became very good friends with Frieda, so much so that I didn't want to leave her side. Thanks to that Jen and Claire were forced to follow when she followed the mermaid as she went swimming.

Frieda accepted her friendship, and went beyond that, as she seduced the dog girl wanting to make her horny again. It didn't take long for them to stop on the beach and start embracing again. Jen and Claire didn't know how to continue the fun now that Lucy and Frieda couldn't get away from each other, until Lucy cut a kiss from them and stuck out her tongue.

The sisters were taken completely by surprise as they saw that Lucy had just spit out a pill and was holding it on her tongue.
They weren't sure if Lucy knew what the pill did, but she seemed to have decided that this was something she should share with her new friend.

Lucy went back to kissing Frieda, the two putting their tongues against each other causing the pill to dissolve and both swallowed a part of it. It didn't take long for them to start shifting again, with Jen and Claire being affected as well.

In the beginning, Frieda's body merged with theirs, and soon they began to shrink as all their limbs were absorbed by their combined body, including their heads, which made them lose virtually all contact with the world. They didn't know what kind of transformation was taking place with them, they could only feel new parts forming, just as at some point they felt that something had separated from them. Only at the end of their transformations did Jen and Claire regain their sight and hearing, having their faces formed again.

As soon as Jen opened her eyes she realized she was under some animal, which by the fur, forelegs and hooves, she realized was a horse. There was also a long tube of flesh from her head, which was nothing less than a hard cock the end of which was almost between its front legs. She tried to look around and noticed that there was nothing below her head, but that her head was dangling between the horse's hind legs, as was Claire's head just to the right of hers.

"This one was really unexpected, it seems like we've become a weird kind of centaur." Claire said

Jen took a closer look at their bodies and from what she could feel she and her sister had their heads hanging between the rear legs of their horse body, which also functioned as their balls. awhere the animal's head should be was a human top half, which instead of a head had a pair of vaginas between its shoulders. They also had four breasts and noticed that their nipples were different, looking more like the tip of dicks. Finally she noticed that above their ass they had two tails. Besides, they weren't giants anymore either.

"It really is, it's weird. I never imagined that we would have our heads as our balls." Jen said

"And we have control over the entire body. But as far as I can tell we're no longer merged with Lucy." Claire said

"It's true, I don't feel anyone sharing their body with us anymore. Where is she?" Jen said

"Good question." Claire said and the two set out to look for the dog girl, only to find a mermaid twice the size of a girl, but this mermaid had, in addition to her tail, a pair of human legs.

The mermaid didn't have a head, but 3 canine dicks between her shoulders. She had four arms and four breasts. None of the breasts were normal, as in the lower pair she had pussy instead of nipples, but in the upper-left breast was Lucy's human face and in the upper-right was Frieda's face.

Lucy and Frieda, who now shared a body, were stroking their dicks and soon they came.

"This is so nice Lucy, I love having you as my bodymate." This is so nice Lucy, I love having you as my body mate.

"I also love sharing this body with you." Lucy, having acquired the ability to speak, said to Jen and Claire's surprise.

* Jen and Claire look for more people to transform, Lucy and Frieda accompany them.


Re: Transform or Dare: Little White Pills

New Changes and New Friends

Once Frieda and Lucy had recovered from their orgasm, the new addition to the group made a suggestion:

“Thanks for the help you two. I'm sure you understand how hard it can be for me and Lucy to deal with our urges. Let's head back to the boardwalk and get some food now that we've worked up an appetite.”

The sisters, not entirely sure what their relation to Frieda was at the moment, decided to go along with her and Lucy for the moment. As they returned to the boardwalk however, the sisters saw a perfect opportunity along the way. They altered their course slightly and passed over a man buried up to his neck in the sand and Claire dropped a pill into his mouth before swinging back over to Frieda and Lucy. The two girls then turned their ball-heads around and watched to see what happened.

Since he was buried, all they saw at first was that his head became more feminine, with thick lips, chubby cheeks and long, platinum-blond hair. Just before they gave up on seeing anymore of the transformation, they saw what looked like more of the victim's body emerging from the sand. First it was a pair of shoulders, then a pair of beach-ball sized tits, until it looked as if the victim were only buried up to the waist. This illusion was broken when they stood up out of the sand, revealing that under the sand was the six foot tall body of a male bodybuilder, with the bimbo torso attached where the head would be. The sisters were unable to see what their victim did next since the crowd became too thick closer to the boardwalk.

The four women had soon gotten some food from one of the many stands and were now sitting at a table as they ate. Luckily for Jen and Claire, they were able to lay their equine body sideways on a bench in such a way that made it easy for them to bring food down to their mouths despite the distance between their arms and their heads. As they ate Frieda and Lucy looked around at the people milling about on the boardwalk, which included many people transformed by Jen and Claire's pills.

“It's so weird seeing so many Mutants around, back in Germany me and Lucy were the only one in the entire country. Her though you can barely go anywhere without seeing at least one.” observed Frieda, before taking a bite of her fish sandwich.

“That's why we wanted to come here during our post Collage world tour, it's nice not having everyone stare at you like some kind of freak show.” Continued Lucy

“Yeah, we can't really imagine what that would be like. Around here, we've never really been seen as anything other than completely normal” stated Claire.

“Maybe once we're done travelling we can come back and find a place to live in town”

“That would be the nice Lucy, just as long as it's not a town-sized mansion, no offence to you two”

“I get it, we've lived there all our lives and it still feels like it gets bigger everyday” Jen replied, completely aware that their house HAD grown larger almost everyday since she was cursed.

Their discussion trailed off as the four women focused on finishing their meal. As they ate, Jen and Claire noticed Frieda and Lucy's cocks growing erect, until it seemed like the two of them couldn't ignore their lust anymore and began using three of their four arms to masturbate while the fourth one continued to feed their breast-mounted faces more fries. Not content to just pleasure themselves, the conjoined fish-woman used their feet to tease the tip of Jen and Claire's horsecock. Since the two sisters had never cum with their new form, they were on a hair trigger and the sisters soon found themselves painting the two women sitting at the next table over with their semen.

Jen and Claire were worried that the women would get mad at them, but when they stood up to apologize they noticed that both women had begun to transform. The only conclusion either of them could come up with was that because their heads are also their balls their semen gets infected by any pills they cough up like this. Already thinking of the potential implications of this, both sisters decided to watch the show about to unfold before them.

The first woman's transformations began with her arms growing a dark crimson plumage, while her hands simplified into a single large finger and thumb, as if she was wearing oven mitts. Next her legs morphed into scaly bird talons, and a feathery tail grew behind her. Her bikini bottom then tore off as two, foot-long, cocks grew just above her vagina, leaving the woman as a twin-dicked harpy.

The other woman, who seemed to be the other's wife judging by the matching wedding bands they wore, started her transformation with a new pair of legs growing from her hips. These legs rapidly grew as her entire lower body stretched out into a second torso, which was soon covered in indigo scales that caused it to morph into a more reptilian form as they spread. The woman's draconic lower body was completed by a long and thick tapered tail and webbed spines that grew down the spine of her dragon torso. Finally, six large feral dragon heads attached to six-foot long necks grew from her dragon body's shoulder, three on either end of the spines.

The newly transformed couple were still looking over at the group, but instead of looks of anger or annoyance, they were looks of desire.

“Wow, that's some impressive 'firepower' you two have got there” the dragon-taur purred.

As she said this one of her feral heads licked some of the sister cum that hadn't yet slid off her scales, causing her to grow another pair of arms, as well a making a two-foot dragon cock to grow between her back legs

“mmm, it tastes lovely as well. How would you and your friends like to go somewhere less crowded and have a little fun?”

The sisters looked over at Frieda and Lucy, who gave them an enthusiastic quadruple thumbs-up, before eagerly accepting the woman's offer.

As they left the crowded boardwalk, the couple introduced themselves as Anges, the dragon-taur, and Steffany, the harpy. It turned out that “less crowded” didn't mean “private” as Anges stopped only a couple dozen feet away from the boardwalk before stopping. The area had a good amount of space, but there were several people nearby sunbathing and whatnot. Regardless, the dragon-taur seemed fine with the potential audience and bent herself over and presented her pussy and asshole to the sister before declaring:

“Take your pick!”

Still horny from watching the couple transform, Jen and Claire immediately mounted Anges and rammed their cock into her tight pussy. Their other three companions, not wanting to be left out, joined in on the others and turned the threesome into a six-some. Steffany flew over the sisters headless upper body and grabbed their shoulders with her talons as she lined up her twin cocks with the pussies on their shoulders. Frieda and Lucy meanwhile, moved in front of Anges and guided three of her feral heads to the canine cocks between their shoulders, which the heads began to eagerly fellate. Wanting to leave any of her extra heads out of the action, Anges had two of the remaining ones begin eating out the nipple-pussies on Frieda and Lucy's lower pair of breasts while the last one wrapped under her lower torso and started giving her own cock a blowjob. Steffany, cocks now hilted in the sister's shoulder pussies bent forwards and began ticking the strange nipples on the sisters four breasts with her feathers.

All this stimulation meant it didn't take long before Jen and Claire found themselves on the edge of climax, knowing that their semen now carried the transformative power of the pills made them think twice about cumming inside Anges, though if they pulled out their was a good chance that they could hit a bystander(not to imply that outcome was considered a bad thing by them.) with just moments until they came, the sisters made a decision.

* Pull out and aim for a bystander


Re: Transform or Dare: Little White Pills

Small changes are no fun.

Jen and Claire looked around for someone around who could take their cum and noticed a girl who had already been changed, but had undergone a very minor change. The girl was still apparently normal, but her bikini bottom was filled with what was clearly her ballsack, however the bikini fabric was down and the top of a miniature girl attached to her crotch could be seen stroking herself.

Jen and Claire enjoyed seeing a girl having another for her dick, and they understood the little one as they themselves had been Lucy's dicks before, but thought they deserved a more interesting body. They then, already on edge, pulled their dick out of Anges and aimed at this girl, who on reflex tried to escape, but stopped when she herself came and was hit while gushing cum from the cockgirl attached to her mouth.

The girl's transformation started with her entire body growing proportionately until she was 20 feet tall. the cockgirl between her legs also grew until her humanoid part was the size of a normal girl, while her balls grew until they were approximately 3 times bigger than a beach ball. Then her body stretched four more feet, a new pair of legs grew in the middle of her torso, but this pair was backwards. She was forced to her four feet before the last part of her makeover ended, as the entire top part shifted down her body, getting attached to the crotch between her new legs, a ballsack as grange as the The body mate grew between those legs as a new ass was formed, with a new ass and pussy opening there. At the end there were two girls' bottom halves connected directly to each other with two top halves connected directly to their crotchs, also functioning as dicks, each with massive balls at their bases.

"This was fun. Want to know something Jen? I think it was better that we shrunk back to a more normal size." Claire said

"Why you say that?" Jen asked

"It's just that transforming several people at once is fun, but it also has the downside of not being able to appreciate many of the transformations that take place. Now we can select our victims and follow their transformation again." Claire said

"I understand what you mean. Cool, we can do this." Jen said

"That was great, but we're a little tired right now." Jen and Claire soon heard Frieda talking to them.

"We'll take a nap in the Van, anything you can find us there." Lucy said and the joint siren left to rest for a while.

* They swallow a pill first.


Re: Transform or Dare: Little White Pills

Upside down & Backwards

Claire and Jen maid their way to Lucy and Frieda’s van. The van was orange and smelled like dried cum inside with seats made especially for the mermaid with legs body. The two had apparently been living out of the van for quite some time, and let the two girls rest in their bed while they continued to enjoy the beach.

Before lying down though, Claire had the idea of them both taking a pill and seeing what they woke up as. Jen agreed it sounded like fun, so they both coughed up pills and swallowed them before lying down to sleep.

After a while Jen woke up, she could feel she was still quadruple, however something was off. Looking down she saw that she no longer coverd in hair, instead she once again had skin. She also felt that she had four hands.

“Claire you up yet?”

Claire moaned before finally waking up,

“Oh no, Jen?”


“We have feet hands again.”

Eventually the two sisters managed to take stock of their new body. Apparently they were a humantaur, with Jen as the bottom body and Claire as the torso, however Jen’s legs ended in hands, and Claire’s arms ended in feet.

The “front” from Jen’s POV, turned out to be Claire’s butt, with her torso also being turned to face the main body of the Humantaur. Jen’s rear end, which was the extended front for Claire ended in a long floppy 15 foot long dick tail with testicles the size of sockerballs hanging underneath.

To make things more interesting, each of Claire’s eyes was placed in the middle of a boob, with her mouth being located where the navel should be, the top of their torso where the head should be was a pussy, probably large enough to handle the massive cock if they somehow found a way to get it inside.

After learning their new body, the sisters stretched then left the van. The Saturday summer sun had passed it’s zenith while they napped, meaning it would only get darker as the day went on but they still had plenty of time to mess around….

* Mrs. Watson starts groping them.


Re: Transform or Dare: Little White Pills

Invisible molestation

“So which way should we even walk considering we’re facing opposite directions?”

“Well considering the fact I’m the legs, I believe that my direction is— Mmmm!?” Jen suddenly felt something thick and leathery inserted into her cylindrical mouth.

Maria was about to question what was happening when she felt a set of hands cover her boob eyes and squeeze her tight, despite this she didn’t actually see anything infront of her.

“Hey girls, fancy meeting you here.” A voice they both recognized as their English teacher Mrs. Watson.

The invisible woman leaned in closer, her horse cock slowly sliding into Jen’s mouth more and more.

“You girls wouldn’t happen to have more of those lovely aphrodisiac pills from yesterday?” She asked as casually as she could “I promise I can make it worth your while.”

Jen and Claire were still horny from their recent transformation, so of course they agreed on the condition she satisfied them first.

Mrs. Watson began thrusting her cock deeper into Jen, and playing with Claire’s boob face. The slow rhythmic movement had the effect of making their cock tail start to get erect.

The fact that they were literally just standing in a parking lot and getting anal by one of their teachers was very arousing. After a few seconds even Mrs. Watson seamed to tire of taking things slow, so she made a small jump rapping her legs around Claire’s waist, by this point pre cum was dripping from the end of their rock hard dick tail. Jen could also taist the sperm starting to come from Mrs. Watson, as well as smell the musk from her sheeth.

Her six foot horse dong fully entered the sisters making both of them gasp. Being an anus, Jen had absolutely no gag reflex and was able to swallow the cock whole, while Claire’s belly started distending from each thrust of the dick. She also felt her breasts pressing against her back, did she always have such big breasts? Maybe that second pill did more than just give her a horse dick,

Mrs. Watson’s nimble hands picked up their tit massage.

Soon they felt like they were just about to burst, then Mrs. Watson stuck her tong right in their neck pussy.

Claire moaned in utter ecstasy just on the edge of an organism practically begging to climax.

Jen could no longer support their weight and collapsed onto the asphalt, their nuts slapping on the ground.

A geyser erupted launching ropes of sparkling white into the air, that coated three cars. After three more thrusts, the English teacher came as well, spilling gallons into her students.

Panting Jen and Claire felt the cock leave their ass.

“You two really know how to show a lady a good time.” Said Mrs. Watson “I don’t even know the last time someone was able to take me fully.”

After catching their breath Claire and Jen went into the van to get their teacher her reward.

Claire coughed up a hand full (well technically foot full) of pills then held them out. The pills then floated out of her foot.

“Thanks girls, see you on Monday~“ and with that the pills levitated away in a swinging motion.

“What do you think all that was about?” Jen asked.

“I don’t know…” Claire answered. “But I think we’ll find out soon enough…”

* Mrs. Watson uses the pills on both herself and her husband later that night.


Re: Transform or Dare: Little White Pills

Scaly couple.

After receiving the 'aphrodisiac pills' from her students, Mrs Watson went where her husband relaxed sitting in a beach chair watching the movement on the beach. "Hello, dear." she said, informing him of her presence as she tucked the pills into her bag.

"Are you back from your walk on the beach, Karen? So how was your walk?" her husband (Nate) asked

"It was great, I even met some acquaintances who gave me a 'little gift'. With that I was wondering if you would like an intimate moment just between the two of us?" Karen said sitting on her husband's lap, allowing him to feel the weight of her balls in his lap as well.

"Karen, you know I'm not interested in this. You're tired of knowing that I think your high libido is your biggest flaw, which is why I think you're better off being invisible, so I don't need to see you every time you touch yourself and even masturbate at home." Nate said

"I know you're not interested in sex, but I've been given a wonderful aphrodisiac pill that might solve this problem. I know you don't like it, but could you take one of these pills to please me and have sex with me only this once?" Karen said

"If it's just once, I'll accept it, but let's go somewhere more reserved. You may be invisible, but I am not. What would people think if they saw me having sex with air?" Nate said

Mrs Watson agreed with her husband, so they packed up and went to their hotel room. On the way, she took one of the pills with the intention of preparing herself, thereby undergoing a transformation that no one saw or noticed, including herself, thanks to her invisibility and alteration in reality.

Once they entered their room Karen became visible (as she had gained the ability to switch to be visible or invisible whenever she wanted) thus showing her new body. She now had three legs side by side, with two crotchs each of which had its own 6 foot long horse-cock and balls. Her body was also entirely covered in scales, as were the lizard tails that stretched over the now chameleon woman's two asses.

"You can give me this aphrodisiac you said you have now." Nate said and Karen, very excited, took a pill from her purse and handed it to her husband, who took it.

A few seconds after Nate swallowed the pill he transformed, his legs fused and stretched into a long snake's tail as his clothes dissolved and disappeared. Two pairs of breasts grew on his chest at the same time a second pair of arms emerged below the originals, his/her neck stretched before splitting, leaving Nate, who now answered for Nadia, with 8 heads in his/her long necks, just like a hydra. Finally, her balls were sucked into her body, leaving a vagina in place, while her cock remained temporarily intact in place of her clit. Her new vagina split in two along with her dick, eventually each of her two dicks split into four and stretched until each was ten feet long. In the end Mrs Watson's husband had become a mix of lamia and hydra, having a female body with 4 arms and breasts, 8 heads at the end of long necks, a 20 foot snake tail instead of legs, 2 vaginas and 8 sticks that were 10 feet long each, but thin and could be moved freely like tentacles.

"You were right, I have never been this horny before." Nadia said

"Now that you're ready we can get started, can't we?" Karen said and, getting a thumbs up, advanced on her 'husband' with her rock hard horse dicks and immediately shoved them into Nadia's pussies. In response, the lamia/hydra took her cocks to penetrate her wife's pussies and assholes, then guided one more to her mouth and rubbed two of them between her breasts. Nadia then guided her last free cock to fuck her own ass.

It didn't take long for the couple to reach the first of several orgasms they had had, as they continued to fuck each other until they were too tired to continue and fell asleep.

* Mrs Watson gives pills to some strangers


Re: Transform or Dare: Little White Pills

Who Needs Marriage Counselling When You Have Magic Transformation Pills?

Karen woke up early the next morning next to her wife, still a bit sore from the fucking last night. Nadia was still asleep, all eight of her heads resting in various spots across their hotel bed. Karen genitally removed the head laying on her stomach before she got up and made some coffee for herself. As she enjoyed the freshly brewed cup, she remembered the catalyst for the night of fun she had just experienced: the “aphrodisiacs” that she had received from two of her students. She was a bit surprised to find the conjoined sisters at the beach since it was a good distance outside the city, but the amazing sex as well as the chance to get more of those pills made the chameleon-woman incredibly thankful for their presence.

Karen looked over at her dozing wife. She knew it would be at least another hour before the lazy reptile was even awake, let alone willing to leave the warm bed, so Karen decided that she was going to walk around the hotel for a bit and “share'' some of the pills with people she met. She left the hotel room without even bothering to put on clothes, simply turning invisible before opening the door. Nadia often complained about her wife's refusal to wear anything most of the time, but had long since given up any meaningful attempt to change the exhibitionist's ways. As a kid, Karen loved using her ability to sneak around and play pranks, but since it couldn't make her clothes invisible she would often be scolded by adults for her nakedness when she was caught. This innocent love of pranks slowly morphed into an extreme sexual fetish as the woman grew into an adult, with Karen now only wearing clothing when necessary like when at school and while out shopping alone. At all other times she loved the excitement she got from being naked in public, her huge horsecocks constantly at full mast as she walked past unsuspecting strangers. Sometimes she would even press her shafts against people and watch their confused looks as their clothes were stained with her pre. A few times she lost control and came all over people, painting with lust as she ran away before she was caught by the soaked victim of her deviancy.

As Karen made her way down the halls, she heard shouting from around the corner. When she went to investigate she found a man and a woman standing beside each other outside an open door, dressed only in their underwear, while another woman, a look of anguish and fury on her face, shouted at them:


The woman continued shouting while the man tried to make excuses. The other woman looked confused as the couple argued, possibly because she had not known about the man's other relationship.

Karen, hoping to perhaps deescalate the situation snuck over to the group and slipped a pill into each of their mouths, the sex-craved deviant believing anything can be resolved with sex. Convinced that her solution would work, the chameleon-woman stepped back and observed, completely oblivious to the transformations progressing in front of her.

The unknowing mistress's body began to swell, her petite five and a half foot frame stretching upwards as muscles grew larger all over her form. Soon the woman was a nearly seven foot tall giant with toned muscles just visible underneath her skin, which soon began to darken into a deep purple shade. Her breasts, originally a pair of cute B-cups soon became a pair of perky H-cups, with thumb-sized nipples and plate-sized areolas. A pair of upward curling ram-horns spiralled out of the sides of her head and her ears lengthened into points. Her shoulder length brunette hair became pitch black. Three lumps formed on her back, two on her shoulders and one on her tailbone, that then blossomed into a huge pair of bat-like wings and a long spaded tail respectively. Finally, a foot-long cock and a pair of apple-sized balls replaced her vagina.

Once her transformation finished her confused and scared look was replaced by a haughty, confident smirk, and she possessively grabbed the, now shorter than her, man around his shoulders as she interrupted the couples argument.

“Honey, if you didn't want to have your husband stolen then maybe you should have kept him on a tighter leash?”

At this point the man's transformation began, he shrunk from five foot nine to an even five feet tall, while his body became more petite and womanly. A pair of tiny A-cup cup breasts grew on his chest that were soon covered by his waist-length dirty-blond hair. Inside his boxers, the man's cock shrank to a tiny inch and a half, as his balls were pulled back inside him to be turned into a womb and ovaries connected to a tight vagina. While this was happening, the argument had shifted from being between him and his wife to between the two women.

“Oh don't you try to blame me for this, I made the decision to let him work as a secretary while I stayed home with the kids with the explicit orders to not submit to the first cock he set his eyes on.” shouted the wife, her own transformation beginning with a phallic bulge beginning to form underneath her skirt.

“I give him all the cock he needs at home, he doesn't need some demonic whore wearing out his holes!” As she continued her legs began to fuse into a fleshy, oval-shaped tube that started growing down the hallway.

“If he was getting enough cock from you then why has he been begging to suck me dry under my desk every day for the past month? Maybe you're not as fulfilling as you think, hmmmm? The succubus replied. She then reached her left hand into the man's boxers and pressed two of her fingers, the only two that didn't end in sharp nails, into his slit.

The man's wife watched her husband mewl under the other woman's touch, her growing erection tenting her skirt. Her penis wasn't the only thing growing however, as the tube that had once been her legs was now twice as long as her upper torso with no sign of stopping soon. Meanwhile, her upper body had begun to change as well. Her breasts grew to a generous F-cup while her hair grew to her widening hips, the colour transitioning from a dark brown to a bright red at the halfway point. While her changes continued on, the argument seemed to be changing directions.

“He has has he?” the wife asked, leaning forward to look her husband in the eye. Her husband blushed and turned his head away from his wife's piercing gaze. Taking that as confirmation, the wife ran one of her fingers, all but the middle and pointer on her right hand now capped with long crimson nails, under his chin.

“Then maybe my subby hubby is more needy than I thought...”

While the wife's anger cooled, the tube that had replaced her legs stopped growing at nine feet from her waist, and had begun the next step in it's transformation. Under the woman's skirt A large black chitinous plate formed around her hips, wrapping around her butt and lower back while leaving the front side of her body exposed, similar plates, each about half a foot long grew down the tube, covering the top half, while the bottom half was covered in thinner plates the same colour as her skin that began from just under her pussy and eight inch cock. These two rows of plates separated her lower body into eighteen sections. From each section, except the first one and the last one, pairs of long, insectoid legs grew, giving her sixteen total legs. From her head grew a pair of long, swept-back antennae while the back of her lower body grew a pair of legs that were parallel with itself. Now fully transformed into a centipede-taur the wife made a proposition with the succubus that she had been shouting at just minutes ago:

“If he really is that needy even at work, then I guess we can share him. But we would need to make this official and add you to the marriage, and you would need to help raise the kids, especially since you might have already knocked him up.”

It only took the succubus a moment to consider the terms given to her before giving her reply:

“That's acceptable, but if I'm going to be part of your marriage, I think it's fair that I get to fuck you as well, don't you think?” As the succubus gave her terms, she used the hand not fingering the other woman's husband to fondle her erect cock.

“I wouldn't have it any other way”

With both parties in agreement, the succubus lifted the tiny man up into her arms, causing him to let out a cute feminine squeak, before returning to her hotel room, the centipede-taur skittering in after her.

Karen let out a satisfied sigh as she gave herself a mental pat on the back and wished the pair of doms well now that they had worked out their differences, completely convinced that all the pills had done was make them horny enough to realize that their sub could be shared between them.

With plenty of time left before her wife woke up and plenty of pills left, Karen continued down the hallway looking for the next person to use them on.

* Someone in the hotel restaurant