Re: Transform or Dare: Little White Pills

Girls chatting in the restaurant.

"Why do you want to break up with my brother? You two get along so well and we like you too. He will stay if you actually do this." Karen heard someone say as she walked through the hotel restaurant, which caught her attention.

The chameleon woman looked in the direction and saw two girls who looked to be in their early twenties sitting together at a table. "I know Jenny. I really like Lucas and I know he's a very good person, but I don't feel safe about myself. I don't know if I can be a good wife for him." one of them said in response to what the other said earlier as she approached the table and stood there listening to their conversation.

"You're worrying for nothing Maya, you're perfect for him." Jenny said

"I'm glad you think so, but I still feel unsure about it." Maya said

Karen, believing that sex could work with sex, put one of her 'aphrodisiac pills' in Maya's coffee without her realizing it. She wanted to give it to both of them, but as the stock was limited she preferred to look more first. She watched the girls eating their breakfast without speaking, and shortly after taking a sip from her cup Maya began to change without anyone watching realizing that the transformation was taking place thanks to the change in reality.

A bulge formed in Maya's pants and extended upward from the hard cock that grew between her legs and the ballsack that replaced her pussy. She started, as if without realizing it, started stroking her new cock slowly through her clothes. As she did this her dick kept getting bigger.

"Maya, stop doing this." Jenny said

Maya stopped stroking her growing cock and said "I'm sorry, I'm so horny I didn't even realize what I was doing."

"I know, but that's not the biggest problem. Here is a public place, let's go to a more private place." Jenny said

Maya got up and Jenny went to the bathroom with Karen following them wanting to see everything until the end. On the way Maya's dick and balls kept growing. The bulge in her pants got bigger as the button popped, the dick went all the way up inside her shirt and out through the collar until the tip stopped at her eye level. Her new member was two feet long and her balls were the size of soccer balls. Entering the bathroom her shirt was being lifted by her nipples which had grown into a pair of 10 inch cocks and a ballsack was growing at the base of each one. Inside she took off her clothes and started stroking her dicks as best she could.

"Here we are safe, hardly anyone will find us here at this time when almost no one has woken up yet." Jenny said

Maya stopped stroking her dicks and took Jenny's hand and pulled her, hugging her and kissing her. Soon after, her tongue got longer and thicker, invading her boyfriend's sister's mouth. Her mouth went all the way into the other girl's mouth and the skin on her chin got loose. She then pulled back a little, displaying the 10 inch cock that had replaced her mouth as her testicles grew on the ballsack on her chin. "I'm sorry I ended up grabbing you instinctively." she said through her mouth that she was now on the tip of the dick that extended from her crotch.

"Do not worry about it. My brother loves you and is willing to do whatever it takes to help you even though you are a mutant, I am also willing to help you whenever he cannot." Jenny said

"Thank you Jenny, you are a great friend." Maya said hugging Jenny again, and at this point her transformation entered its last part. Her fingers were absorbed by her hands, which thickened along with her entire arms. The skin at the ends retracted revealing that her arms had turned into cocks, which had vaginas at their tips instead of urethras, and another pair of ballsacks with soccerballs-sized testicles grew in each of her armpits.

Seeing that precum dripped from the tips of her brother's girlfriend's dicks, Jenny took off her own clothes, leaving only her bra, through which she passed Maya's crotch dick, she suched her facedick and stroked her dickarms with her hands, not being able to do anything to properly stimulate her dicknipples.

Karen didn't just stare and approached the two of them grabbing Maya's dicknipples and stroking them.

Maya felt the dicknipples, but with her eyes closed and believing that there was no one else in the bathroom, she thought that Jenny was doing this somehow and didn't even bother to look. It didn't take long for her to come, her cum gushed from all her dicks hitting the bathroom, Jenny and Karen.

When the newly transformed girl's orgasm began to subside Karen quickly hid to clean up, as even though she was invisible, the cum that fell on her was still visible.

* Karen continues to follow the girls and gives pills to all of Jenny's family.


Re: Transform or Dare: Little White Pills

Complicated In-laws

Karen slipped into one of the toilet stalls while Jenny and Maya basked in their afterglow. Using the toilet paper she wipped off the layer of revealing cum she'd been sprayed with, being carful to do so slowly and quietly until the two girls got up to do the same, running water in the sink and using the hand dryers on their hair. Amidst the cleaning Jenny picked up her pants and checked her phone, announcing to Maya, "Lucas and my parents will be here in a little to pick us up. let me help you with your hair!" She then began to fluff Maya's hair under the hand dryer. Her new cock arms surly would have just made it a sticky knotted mess.

Maya and Jenny soon left the bathroom (maya fully nude as her clothes had vanished after their romp, unbeknownst to anyone). Karen soon followed the two of them back into the hotel lobby slinking her way back into arms reach of ther two girls just as they encountered the rest of Jenny's family.

Lucas stood out front of his parents his mother on his left and father on his right. Lucas was a fine looking man, dress slacks and tucked in polo shirt. Chiseled jaw line and sturdy build. His mother was a spitting image of Jenny, clearly older and more distinguished as a lady. Their father; like Jenny and her mom, resembled Lucas though he was balding and with a round beer gut and sweater vest: the purest definition of DAD.

As the party gathered Lucas reached down to the naked Maya's huge cock between her legs and lifted it tip to kiss her lips. "I missed you babe, did you enjoy your girls trip?"

Karen having circled the group half a dozen times noticed the parents reactions to the lovers greeting. Their mother scowled at the act clearly put off or offended to see such a thing some underlining disgust at the mutant joining her family. While the father blushed and averted his gaze from the act, Karen also caught sight of a twitch in his pants which he tried to hide by shoving his hands in his pockets.

Seeing the lovers embrace and finding that scorn and embarestment accompanied by the parents Karen's nepho belief saw only once course of action, they should all just love eachother and what better way then with an aphrodisiac! Though, she did have only the half dozen or so pills left. With some thinking she settled on only using 1 pill grinding it to powder between her fingers. After all, she just needed to take the edge off the gathering not start an incest orgie, that could wait till later.

"Oh shoot!" Exclaimed Jenny just as the pill was rendered into dust. "I forgot my hair dryer in my room, good think I still have my key. Wait here, ill be right back." Jenny then turned and ran out of the lobby. There was a brake in the small group now and Karen slipped in and blew the powdered pill into the 3 family members, being sure to miss Maya since she was already under the pills effects.

The three all took on a dazed sheen to their eyes that nobody noticed as reality was warped between them all. First the father lost his beer gut, trading it for a pair of perky breasts that full head of curly brown hair, his features softening as years of stress reverted and a more feminin figure took shape. His sweater vest and other clothes evaporated like smoke from a fire revealing his lack of penis and acquisition of a vagina between his legs marked him for woman hood.

The mother likewise was stripped of clothing, her hair becoming shiny black and straight once more and age reverted causing her breasts to perk up into youthful B-cups similar to the once-father's own blooming chest. Marking them almost as twins aside from distincte facial features and their hair colors.

Lucas was not granted youth like his parents as he was still in his prime. Infact the opposite seemed to take place. His tone body began to sag and bloat as his butt most noticeably swelled like a balloon. His legs merged and encompased his manhood as his thighs pressed togther into a thick trailing mass like a tale. He flopped down onto his deformed belly as his body structure softened inside. His butt continued its growth becoming spherical while his arms absorbed into his chest.
More drastic changes overtook his head as his mouth swelled larger and larger with his expanding body mass, his neck collided with his dwindling shoulders while his lips turned upward to become a gigantic pussy. His eyes lost their colored rings becoming a purple hue before projecting out into two ten inch dick.

At this point the special merging effects of a shared pill came into play. The mother and fathers arms wer absorbed into their sides as they became thin and lith in stature growing slightly taller and drawing in towards their misshapen son(?). Their legs collided with his back and sealed togther leaving only the crease of their thighs while their arms were fully lost to them. Upon their faces their noses vanished and their eyes collided, merging into one on each of their heads, the whites turning black and glossy.

Their postion shifted up their sones back to the mound that had once been his head, now hairless and defined by the giant pussy that took up his mouth and ten inch cock horns that his parents knee's came to rest behind.

The final touch came as the frowning orb on Lucas's back that had started as his rear became topped with a brown lump that quickly became apparent was a gigantic breast leaving the transformed family as a fleshy snail; the parents having become the eyestalks compleat with breasts, pussies, butts and mothers. The eyes that occupied their faces now functioned for Lucas, the body of the car sized snail.

As reality came to a fold again the scene continued. "Oh Maya I didn't realize how much I missed you!" Announced the pussy mouth of Lucas. "I'm so bothered suddenly, like seeing you for the first time!" His 'head' lunges forward pussy pressing up against her crotch cock, her already aroused state causing it to stiffen quickly. Lucas's mailable body easily taking its girth in his folds seesing his speech.

"Lucas, not here, people will s..." Maya protested before she was silenced by her lovers embrace.

"Oh I love it when she tries to resist." Said the eyestalk that was the mother." Even sightless they knew their daughter-in-laws body, Lucas guiding them twords her dick nipples with their mouth open to receive her erect chest shafts.

"You know you enjoy this Maya," proclaimed the father eyestalk. "It's really cute when you try to act like you haven't missed us too!" As he two was guided to the matching dick nipple.

Overcom by the sensations of being taken fully by her extended family Maya thrust her arm cocks onto the the ten inch cock horns of her husband. Using them to grip and thrust into her perfectly paired husband, her long cock bulging his body as she rocked back and forth, causing the breast-shell on his back to wobble lewdlly with each thrust.

"Okay fam, got my hair dryer." Jenny announced as she rounded the corner back into the lobby. Shen she looked up from her bag she saw Maya and her family going to town, square in the lobby. "Ugh, I can't leave you love birds alone for 2 minutes can I?"

Maya looked over to her, her face cock fully erect and arced slightly upward with an expression of "sorry, they started it."

"Yeah, yeah. Well I haven't checked out yet, and while its alright for mutants to do it wherever they like, humans can't. Lets take it back to my room, so you don't ruin the lobby.

She then grabbed her father eyestalk by one of his firm shapely ass cheeks and pulled them back the way she came, Maya being dragged along as her member was still fully emerged inside the conjoined family's squishy body.

* Karen uses the pills on people at the bar to start hooking up singles


Re: Transform or Dare: Little White Pills

Invisible Match maker.

Mrs. Watson sighed happily to herself as she watched the snail and dick girl being lead out of the hotel by the young woman. The chameleon girl then looked down at her hand and frowned. She was almost out of the pills, she would need to spend the next few wisely and she still planned on slipping one into Nadia’s breakfast later for a little good morning fuck. Hey eyes scanned the lobby, she needed to spend the next few wisely but couldn’t help not using them. Her eyes then landed on the hotel bar and she grinned making her way over.

She slipped by a group of waiting guests, her cocks comming very close to the bum of a very attractive ebony woman in a bikini.

She then slipped behind the counter and dropped pills into several drinks, though not all of them as she didn’t have enough. As she watched the pills dissolve the bar tender reached underneath the counter only to end up groping Karen’s scaly plump butt. In a panic he removed his hand, but he couldn’t find any trace of who’s ass he just grabbed. The chameleon English teacher slipped a pill into his mouth and gave him a peck on the cheek before climbing up the shelves of drinks to the back of the bar and sitting at the flat top crouching with both her horse cocks in her hands and getting ready to watch the show sure to unfold.

The bar tender was more than a little weirded out feeling what he was sure was a woman’s ass then a kiss on the cheek, but eventually just attributed it to him being tire in the morning. He passed out his drinks then returned to the bar to clean glasses. As he did his hands became slimmer and his nails grew longer, his harms and waist thinned down, all the fat seaming to either go to his chest or butt. His skin became much lighter, eventually even turning transparent. His legs fused together and scales formed. His hair grew down to the floor. His clothes soon vanished as well, however “she” was now wearing a star fish bra around her When the changes were done, the hotels bar tender was a voluminous fully animate mermaid ice sculpture.

One of the infected drinks wound up in the hands of a business man arguing with his boss. He took only a small sip but it was enough as the conversation with his boss morphed in context, his company was now selling meat. His face became pudgier and his ears moved to the top of head becoming triangular and floppy. His body became fat and his skin became pinks a curly tail grew above her thicc rump. 12 nipples grew on his chest with accompanying breasts. Her clothes vanished and his feet were now a set of hooves that resembled high heals, her cock then grew three feet long. Along the pig girls naked chubby body a series of dotted line tattoos appeared with the names of all her meats.

Two infected glasses wound up in the hands of a lesbian couple. As they downed the glasses ones skin turned green, her hair becomes fire read and muscles bulged from every part of her body, tearing her clothes to shreds the orc woman was now 7feet tall. The other lesbian’s body shrunk down to 4 feet tall, a pink highlight forming in her now shorter hair. Her boobs and butt also shrunk as well. Only two things didn’t shrink, one being her ears, which grew to points, the other being the cock growing from between her legs. The stick didn’t stop growing until it flopped off the bar stool down to her ankles. The small elf girl seamed embarrassed by her giant dong, however her orc girlfriend seamed incredibly thirsty, playing with her cock with her feet.

Another two drinks went to two guys sitting facing away from one another. After they finished then they felt a pull towards one another, until their backs fused to one another, one of them developed breasts and long blond hair. The others body became much more musclar and his face more handsome. The two guys had now become male and female Siamese with the one exception being their genitals. The male side had a vigina, where as the female side retained her dick. The two still had the same number of arms and legs, which they began using to pleasure the partner behind them.

One young man had ordered a drink for an infected drink for a beautiful blond girl. In response she stood up and splashed it in his face. Soon after some went in his mouth the effects began. First his lips became very plump, then Small horns grew from his head and his skin became pink, his hair also grew long. A his frame slimmed down and a set of breasts grew. A spayed tail grew and her clothes turned very skimpy. As she sat their stunned the new succubus started unknowingly producing pheromones that attracted the attention of several of the bars patrons, and making everyone very horny.

The succubus’s pheromones spread out through the entire bar, even affecting Karen on the top shelf, within moments an orgy had started. Karen watched, masterbating until she climaxed over the mass of bodies.

She wanted to join in, but Nadia would be up any minute now. She looked down at the pills frowning. She only had four left, their and she still wanted to use them on her wife as well as a certain someone at work tomorrow.

Karen considered what to do next while watching the orgy and lightning stroking her dicks….

* Mrs. Watson goes back to her room making breakfast for both of them with a pill in it.


Re: Transform or Dare: Little White Pills

Dragon breakfast

Eventually the teacher reluctantly decided to head back to her room and prepare breakfast for her wife. She made her way back to the dining placing an order and charging it to there room. Once it was prepared she took it up, Karen then decided to crush up two of the remaining pills and sprinkle the dust on both her’s and her wife’s food.

She returned just in time as Nadia started waking up.

“Good morning my beloved.” Mrs. Watson said planting a kiss on one of her many heads and turning visible.

The two then sat across from eachother eating the pill infected food, around half way through Mrs. Watson felt Nadia’s scaly tail brushing against her leg. The pill that she still thought were nothing more than aphrodisiacs were clearly starting to take effect, and she waisted no time on getting up and pinning her against the wall.

One head starts kissing, while two start licking her dicks.

“Nnnf… Honey… you… you didn’t…. Ungh… did you?”

Mrs. Watson breaks the kiss. “I did…” she whispers.

The hydra lamia moans then smashes her breasts over the top and bottom of her wives like a boob sandwich. She then uses two of her heads to force Karen’s twin horse cocks together and buries them in her pussy. The heads then get to work fondling her massive balls. Mrs. Watson can’t resist turning invisible, though now it may be permanently yet again.

The two lovers start pumping their hips together. Nadia’s body shrinks merging with her wives. Her heads start to come together. Mrs. Watson’s body looses its third leg, her tails merging into just two along with her ass which also increases in size. Nadia’s body continues to shrink down rapping around her wives double cocks, loosing her arms and body.

The two lovers orgasam as one, cum spilling from Nadia’s mouth like a dragon breathing fire.

The two are now panting heavily. To an outside observer it would look like Nadia was nothing more than a floating dragon headed scaly green cock the length of an arm, with cum spilling from met mouth as though she just just completed a blowjob.

The two wives enjoyed the after glow of the orgasm until Karen broke the silence.

“Do you still hate sex beloved?” Karen asked stroking her shaft.

Nadia just groaned spitting out a bit of cum.

“Do you really need to jerk me off every morning?” She asked trying to sound annoyed. But Karen had been married to her long enough to know she secretly enjoyed their routine.

After cleaning up the room and taking a shower (which also involved yet another masturbation session).

Karen packed up all her clothes, Nadia’s having vanished some time ago. Mrs. Watson made sure to pack the two remaining pills in a spot she would remember.

Karen got ready to leave the room to check out, her dragon cock wife swinging side to side with each step she took before leaving she looked down.

“You should probably disappear as well since we’re heading out.”

“So you can slip out without paying for the room?” Nadia chuckled “I think not.”

“You sure you don’t just enjoy being looked at hun?”

The cock dragon blushed stiffening a bit.

“N- no…”

Karen chuckled and started stroking her with her invisible hand, making Nadia drool out a bit of pre cum.

“I knew your libido was just as high as mine.”

“And who’s fault is that again?”

Both just laughed and left the room a very erect Nadia swishing side to side proudly through the halls…

* Mrs.Watson stops by the sisters to thank them for the pills


Re: Transform or Dare: Little White Pills

Another Hard Reset Followed by Beach Fun

Mrs. Watson having left the hotel after being nagged by her cock to pay actually pay for their room took the morning to walk the beach in the mid dawn sun.

Still in a dark blue hue amidst the crashing of waves and cawing of galls Mrs. Watson caught a scent in the wind. A dwindling fire, and drying cum, ever the curious nimphomaniac she followed her nose where she began to recognize some of her surrounding until she discovered the source.

Curled up on the beach were Clair and Jennifer from the day before! Their humantaur body curled in in itself in a circle, their 15 foot cocktail inches away from Clair's shoulder pussy, her feet hands clumsily cradling its shaft, Jen's back legs did the same with their balls at her rear and the other pair of leg hands sprawled out in the middle. Drying cum ozed from their pussy and Jenn's butt face. The surrounding areas looked like a sexual battle ground. Foot deep trenches and craters of dried or drying cum littered their surroundings. It was a wounder the fire was left to burn out on the beach when by every right a single blast should extinguished it long ago.

Mrs. Watson stopped to think for a moment. She reflected on all the people she'd helped since they last parted ways with the girls, not to mention her own marriage. That thought was odd. She loved her cock, why did she think their relationship was on the rocks just a day ago?

She decided that the last two pills she had should go back to the girls as thanks. And after witnessing this display on the beach, these girls were going to need some major help recovering from their bender.

She reached into her ass crack (really its the only sucure place an invisible woman has on her body) and withdrew the pills. She tipped toed to the conjoined pair, placing one in Clair's sholder pussy and them bending down to tuck one into Jen's butt mouth.

"Enjoy your morning girls" Mrs. Watson whispered softly to them before continuing her morning stroll with her cock-spouse. "And thanks for everything"

"Jenn! Wake up already!"

Jenn shrugged her body in the sand wanting only to keep sleeping in the bask of the morning sun and salty breeze of the ocean.

"Jen, you log! Wake up already!"

Jen slowly came too in the black of sleep. It was Clare, she must want to get going. I am her legs after all. She thought to herself.

"Alright! Ill move, ill move!" She protested, flailing her arm above her to slap her conjoined sister.

Wait what? Firstly Jen didn't hit anything, when she fell asleep Clare was above her head, she couldn't miss? Secondly jen didn't have arms, they had been legs with hands.

Jenn shot straight up, also something she couldn't do as a taur. She opened her eyes en shock and saw before her two legs, a waist, breasts, and her vision frames by her blond hair.

"What the hell?" Jenn shouted.

"That's what I've been saying!" Replayed Claire. Kicking a heap of sand onto her sisters legs. Claire too had her regular body back and was standing looming over her.

"How'd this happen?" Jen questioned in a puzzled maner. "I don't remember taking any pills last night?"

"Yeah me neither." Said Claire, stroking her chin. "Could we have coughed some up in our sleep and eaten them? Oh man, how may times did we transform to end up with another 'normal' result?"

Claire waved the question aside. "Whatever lets just split a pill and get back togther."

"Hold on sis." Jen raised a hand in protest. "We can do that anytime, why not wait a little?"

"Wait? For what? Lets just split one and be on our way?"

"Hear me out. We've been all manner of monster and sex beast the past few days. I'm not saying we stop. But lets take in the mediocrity of a regular body for a bit. An hour or two."

"I'm not sure i follow..." Trailed off Claire.

Jen thought for a moment. "Ok so it's like this; you can't truely enjoy a sunny day unless you have some rainy ones. Get it now?"

Claire tapped her foot in the sand milling the idea in her head. "Alright, I see what your saying. It'll renew our perspective on things."

"Exactly!" Cheered Jen pointing finger guns up at her sister before Claire helped her to her feet. "And besides, its not like we can't transform others for a fun show" she then brushed her hand clean and spat out a pill into her palm.

Already on the same wavelength as her sister Clair surveyed the beach as its morning inhabitants began to arrive in the late morning, pointing over Jen's shoulder at the first victim.

In the parking lot behind them an ice cream truck had pulled up, the ice-cream man popped open the back door and was unloading empty boxes and tossing them in a nearby garbage can, he sneezed and shivered as he did so.

"You look like you could use some vitamin C!" Claire proclaimed to stranger, causing him to drop the boxes in suprise!

"Oh!" He said with a gasp "oh, uh yeah, gets chilly in there, I catch colds every summer from it."

"Here take this!" Claire said cheerfully, presenting him a pill. "It's a vitamin booster, works wonders for me."

The man didn't even question where this naked girl and her twin sister would keep such a pill on their person and happily accepted the kind gesture, taking the pill and eating it right away.

Instantly the mans chest swelled as a pair of breasts swelled under his uniform causing the buttons to ping off like bullets as two massive tits dominated his chest. Likewise the rest of his clothes were shredded as he grew twice his size quickly reaching 15feet high. Freed from his clothes the girls watched as his skin turn pale, going from creamy tan, to pure white, and further still to an crisp icy blue! His member also adorn the blue color though becoming a deeper more leathery blue and easly 5feet long and 2 thick flaccid. Proportional for his size it was still just as big as either of the girls. His face took on a more simian tone, thick lips and a hanging chiseled brow. White hair then cascaded over his body; his arms, legs, shoulders, flanks, and back were soon wrapped in pillowy white fur, his breasts left bare with siff blue nipples and his belly trimmed and narrowed. The man now resembled a woman more in figure but as thick white fur filled in his crotch any other sexual indicators of his gender were hidden. Lastly the Claire and Jen were forced to back up when the growing mans feet bumped into their legs. The toes were huge, beach ball sized even, each foot easily the size of a twin mattress.

"Ohh, I gotta say, that really did the trick!" The ice-cream man turn giant herm yeti boomed. His voice somehow softer but still deep and billow-y. "Say once I'm open you two come back here and the first ones are on me." He then reached down to his truck gripping the top and popping it off like a lid, hinges apearing on its side and reached in, handing Jen and Claire two small coupons in his tier sized hands.

After the exchange Jen took Claire by the hand and bolted for her first target in the nearby distance.

Walking across the sand was a lifeguard presumably so by the red one piece swimsuit she wore and her B line to the hight seated chair.

Jen excitedly spit up a pill and was lucky enough to catch the girl in the
Middle of a yawn.

"Here ma'am!" Jen exclaimed holing out the white pill, only to have the woman cock a brow in her direction. "It's a caffeine pill, you gota be on too of your game if your need to rescue anyone, right?"

It was a weak delivery and Jen knew it.

"Yeah, sure kid, if it gets me through this hangover, ill take anything."

She plopped the pill in her mouth and the effects took hold, her leotard swimsuit bubbled up its front as four rows of breasts came into exsistance stretching the fabric tight against her mounds. Her feet morphed into cloven hooves as her toes were tipped with hard chitin and her stance became tip-toe. Her legs then swelled to twice their size and split giving her two pairs of legs directly behind eachother. The suit then changed as two openings appeard in the crotch. The first let a flaccid foot long cock and balls flop out from the front pair of legs, the 2nd opened for the rear set as a fat softball sized pussy spread her thick thighs apart. Her brown hair shortnes into a foe hawk an her suit again morphed as the crest of her hair traveled down her back to her ass crack where a tail had sprung it tuffed with a ball of brown fur at its end. Her face and neck bloated as her jaw became a snout, her nose running upward and two tusks burst from her lips as her head finished its warthog transformation.

"Thanks kid. *snort* that actually took the edge off" she said as she ascended the white high chair. Once seated Jen and Claire watched her sit with two legs on one side lifted up as she fingered her fat pussy, and the other began jerking off her cock with occasional snorts and grunts building in frequency.

"Well that was a little rude of her." Said Jen

"These pills are funny some times, it turned a boar of a woman into a boar..." Commented Claire.

* Jen and Claire go look for Lucy and Frieda


Re: Transform or Dare: Little White Pills

Locating Their Ride Home

"You know Jen," Claire began, "if we spent the whole night at the beach then that means we have school tomorrow."

"You're right, as much fun as this trip has been we should really head home, our parents are probably wondering where we went as well."

"But we got here back when we were giant and fused with Lucy, if we tried walking back now it would take hours..."

"Well then we just have to find Lucy and Frieda and have them drive us home, since I'm pretty sure that's how we supposedly got here in the current state of reality."

"We could also just take pills until we're big enough to walk back ourselves"

"But that would mean abandoning Lucy, we've been through a lot together with her so it would feel wrong to just leave her, even if she is unaware of the changes."

"You're right sis, hopefully they're still around, let's check the parking lot and look for their van."

With their objective decided, the two sisters began heading back to the parking lot. On the way, they noticed a woman sleeping on the beach nearby. Unable to resist such an easy target, Claire approached and placed a pill in her mouth, which quickly dissolved and began her transformation.

The woman's body began to aggressively grow in all directions while her body sprouted pink scales all over, the ones on her front lighter than those on her back. Her arms and legs morphed into draconic limbs and a thick tail with a spade-shaped tip grew from her spine. A second pair of breasts blossomed on her torso and quickly grew to a size slightly smaller than her original. A third and fourth pair soon followed, covering her front all the way down to just above her crotch. The woman's hips and shoulders shifted into a quadrupedal orientation. Her neck lengthened and her face pushed into a draconic muzzle. Her changes concluded with twin cocks with a quad-balled sack growing in, pushing her vagina backwards and fusing it with her asshole to form a cloaca. The woman, now a feral dragoness forty feet from head to tail, was still asleep, her tail flicking back and forth idly in the shallows. Despite her lack of consciousness, the libido enhancing side effects of the pills still caused her twin shafts to grow to their full ten-foot length.

Once the sisters were sure the woman had finished changing, they continued on their way. Once they had returned to the parking lot they quickly located Frieda's van, though she and Lucy were nowhere to be found. After making a quick stop by the ice cream truck to use their coupons, the sister decided that the next best place to check would be the boardwalk. This early in the morning the boardwalk was nowhere near as crowded as it was yesterday allowing the sisters to leisurely walk while they enjoyed their ice creams.

By the time they had finished their treats Jen and Claire were nearly at the end of the boardwalk. Luckily they finally spotted Frieda and Lucy eating at the last seating area before the end. The two women still had the same shared form from when Jen and Claire last saw them. As the two sisters approached the table, Frieda called out to them:

“There you are, we were a bit worried when we lost you in the orgy. Me and Lucy were just getting something to eat before we went looking for you. I'm still shocked that a couple of normal people like you managed to keep up with all the mutants, though it looks like you might have had a bit of a rough night.”

“Why don't you sit down and we can go grab you something to eat before we all head back to your house.” offered Lucy.

The sisters agreed to the former dog's offer and sat down at the table while she and Frieda left towards one of the many food stalls nearby. This left the conjoined pairs plates unguarded, making it easy to slip a pill in if Jen or Claire wanted to, or the sisters could use the time to transform some of the other people sitting nearby.

* They put pills in both Lucy and Frieda's food

Note: There is a significant branch split here, if you wish to explore it yourself (https://www.cyoc.net/interactives/chapt … 94118.html)


Re: Transform or Dare: Little White Pills

The last preparations to return home

Jen and Claire spit out a pill each and managed to put it in Lucy and Frieda's food, which as soon as they ate they underwent a new change. First their bodies separated, and then they went through different transformations separately.

Lucy went through what would be almost a reset if she wasn't originally a dog, becoming a human girl, but she had dicks instead of nipples on her four breasts and a pussy on her face taking up the space originally intended for her mouth and her nose. She still had her mouth and nose, but now they were in her crotch.

Frieda, on the other hand, underwent a two-step transformation, first completely returning to normal as she was before she transformed for the first time, then a brown fur covered practically all of her body, with the exception of her face, breasts and genitals. Her body then swelled a little with her feet and hands turning into what looked like paws, and her ears got rounder and moved over her head. Her body then assumed a sitting position and fixed itself in this position, making her unable to move. Finally the last visible change was her pussy being inverted into a ballsack while her clit grew into an 11 inch cock. In the end she was a mix of animate and inanimate, as she had become a human-sized teddy bear who had a flesh-and-blood human cock, breasts and face.

When their transformation completed Lucý stood up and before she could do anything they heard a horn. Jen and Claire looked in the direction the horn came from and saw the Van in which they would have gone to the beach in the altered reality standing there, it had the engine running but there was no one inside the vehicle.

"Let's go girls. I know you guys are having fun but it's time to wrap up our tour and head back home." They heard Mrs Watson's voice coming from the Van, indicating that she was the driver.

Lucy took Frieda and went to the Van, Jen and Claire also went there and got into the vehicle.

"You always have your teddy bear aren't you Lucy? Don't you think you're too old for this?" Mrs Watson said

"You would also always carry a teddy bear if you had one like mine." Lucy said

"Speaking like that you offend me, I may be a teddy bear but I have feelings too." Frieda said

"I'm sorry, I just wanted to tease Lucy a little bit." Mrs Watson said

"Speaking of which, I always thought it was weird even with you and your parents being mutants Jen and Claire are normal people. Are you really biological sisters?" Mrs Watson asked

"Yes, they really are my younger sisters. Our parents were surprised when they were born two normal girls and we weren't sure what their lives would be like as part of a mutant family, but it seems that our concern was for nothing. They have adapted very well to life with us, so much so that they also don't wear clothes even though they know that going out in public without clothes is only normal with mutants." Lucy said

"I know, the best thing that could happen to me was that Lucy insisted her parents buy me at my parents' store when I was a kid. They didn't want to sell me but they thought I would be happier in a mutant family than living anywhere among normal people." Frieda said

Jen and Claire looked at each other finding it interesting that one more change made in their family. Now Lucy was no longer their pet dog, but their 1 year older sister, while Frieda was her teddy bear that she carried everywhere.

* Mrs Watson asks for more 'aphrodisiacs'


Re: Transform or Dare: Little White Pills

Making things more interesting.

The trip back home was strangely exciting for Jen and Claire, everyone in the Van being naked, Lucy now being their sister 'played' with Frieda while the vehicle was driven by their invisible teacher, whose the only visible part was her wife, Nadia, between her legs.

Arriving in town Mrs Watson asked "Jen and Claire, do you happen to have any more of those aphrodisiacs? I've used all the ones you guys gave me last time and I have a wonderful idea for them."

"What aphrodisiacs? We don't know anything about it?" Lucy said and Frieda signed that she also had no idea what she was talking about.

"Some aphrodisiacs that her sisters had with them. I don't know where they got it, but they are wonderful. They didn't tell me how they got them, but I wanted to take some to an acquaintance of mine. She has a store where she could resell and so she needs to know who the manufacturer is in order to supply the product to her. I need some of these pills to be a sample for her." Mrs Watson said

"Jen and Claire, have you been buying any suspicious drugs? When our parents find out about this, you're going to be in trouble." Lucy said

Jen noticed that Lucy and Frieda were also getting into the aphrodisiac story, but she didn't know what to say so as not to look suspicious, until Claire said to her "I'm sorry Jen, but I'm going to have to reveal our little secret." then she turned to the others and said "These aphrodisiacs are my and Jen's creation. We are the ones who manufacture those aphrodisiacs."

"It's true, we still have some with us." We were very sorry Ms. Watson, but the ones we gave you before were just prototypes to test them out, but now we know for sure that they work and are safe.

"So you guys used me as a guinea pig, didn't you? Although, it was really good so I won't be mad at you as long as I can get my hands on more of it." Mrs Watson said

"Go to these girls, it's your chance to get some extra income." Frieda said

Jen and Claire found it interesting as they had never thought about it, transforming people with the pills was fun, but making money from it just made things even better. So they decided to go with the suggestion.

"That's a great idea, we can stop by." Jen said

"Great, so we're going there right now. The kind of store she runs has the most customers when it gets dark." Mrs Watson said and went back to driving, heading to the shopping district and stopping in front of a Sex Shop. "Here we are, let's go inside." the invisible teacher said and soon the Van's door opened and Nadia's cock could be seen floating into the shop.

Lucy climbed out of the Van as well, taking Frieda with her, but Claire held Jen and asked their new sister to go ahead as the two had to discuss some details in private.

"All right, I'll let them know you'll be joining us soon." Lucy said and went into the shop

"What did you want to tell me Claire?" Jen asked

"Transform or Dare?" Claire asked

"What? Why are you doing this?" Jen asked

"I have an idea that might be interesting, so some tweaking will be needed. Don't worry you'll like it, I just need you to choose Transform." Claire said

"If so then I go with Transform." Jen said

"Excellent. For the transformation, the two of us are not going to change anything regarding the condition we are in, continuing to spit as many pills as we want and whenever we want which cause random transformations in those who take them, but from now on there will be the difference. If the person swallow it without realizing reality will be changed and no one but us will know that the change has occurred, but if the person takes the pill aware of its existence, either on their own or given by someone else, there will be no change in reality and all will be aware of the change and everyone will love the changes that have taken place and their new forms." Claire said

"I like the idea, this is going to be really interesting." Jen said

"I knew you would like. Now it's time to go, they're getting tired of waiting for us." Claire said and spat out some pills before getting out of the van, with Jen doing the same and following her.

* They give pills to shoppers as a free sample.


Re: Transform or Dare: Little White Pills


"At last you guys came, I told Diana here about your aphrodisiacs and she got interested in them." Mrs Watson said when she saw Jen and Claire entering the store, she was apparently standing in front of the store owner at the counter while Lucy and Frieda looked at the products in the store.

"We were just checking out some final details, but now we're ready to show you our aphrodisiac pills." Jen said

"But we gave the last of the tested ones to Ms Watson on the beach, the ones we have are a new version that has an extra effect, but it hasn't been fully tested yet." Claire said

"And even? From what my old friend told me her product looks pretty good, but I don't know if I can put something that hasn't been tested for sale here." Diana said

"If so, we can test it right here. Wouldn't you mind giving some away as a free sample? If there are any problems I will be responsible for everything since this idea is mine." Mrs Watson said

"If so then we can give it a try. Give me some pills here for me to distribute." Diana said

Jen and Claire gave her the pills they had spit into the Van earlier and turned away, as a customer had just arrived at the store.

A woman who appeared to be in her early 20s approached Diana and said "Hi. I would like to make a big surprise for my boyfriend, what do you recommend?"

"I have something in mind, but before that would you be interested in trying a new product? I just got these aphrodisiac pills that those girls created, which my invisible friend here tried on and says are wonderful. Would you agree to try one?" Diana said

The woman thought a little before saying " I don't see the reason not to try it. You can give me one of those pills I take right now."

"Excellent." Diana said and handed the pill to the woman, who before taking it was interrupted by Claire, who said that maybe it would be better if she did it in a more spacious place and that she had no problem with getting dirty, with that Diana guided them through the back exit where there was a relatively large warehouse full of defective products or that were sales failures that the owners of all the nearby stores used to store their rejects before being discarded for good. As this type of product was not kept for a long time, there was plenty of room and it would be enough as long as no one grew to colossal proportions.

"Can I take it here now?" the woman asked and, receiving a positive response, she swallowed, put the pill in her mouth and swallowed it. She was going to ask how long it would take to take effect, but she soon realized it was working. "This aphrodisiac is really good. I'm already so horny, so much so that I'm sorely tempted to masturbate... Oohhhhh.... There's something weird under my skirt and it's growing." she said. She took her hand away from the front and it was possible to see that there was something big raising her skirt a little, which she lifted to see that she had a cock now and that it was getting bigger.

"Cool, your aphrodisiaco can grow a dick in a woman. What a formidable invention." Diana said

"And it's not over yet." Jen said

"Pay attention that it's not over yet." Claire said

"Will I still change more? Although it feels so good that I don't care what happens to me." the customer said as she stroked her dick as best she could, which was already three feet long and so thick that her two hands together didn't make a complete turn around it. Her panties tore all the way through as two ballsacks formed between her legs, each containing a single testicle, which got bigger and bigger and that wasn't all, they soon realized that both her hips, ass and legs were also growing. The woman's entire lower half grew absurdly and her body lengthened to make room for a new torso, a pair of arms and breasts much bigger than she already had. By the time all the growth was over, the sex shop customer had become a 20-foot tall giantess who had a 6-foot dick between her legs, a pair of mono-testicular ballsacks with her pussy in the space between them, and in place of the head of her giant body was her original top half completely unchanged.

"Wow babes, your new aphrodisiac is awesome transforming a person like this." Mrs Watson said, slowly stroking her wife between her legs.

Lucy and Frieda had also got a boner while watching the change, with that the old dog was bent down having her pussy in her face fucked by her teddy bear while stroking her dicknipples.

The shop's customer now caressed her dick with her giant hands while with the smaller ones she stimulated the nipples of her giant body breasts. "Aahhhh....this is too good. I can feel that something is about to explode in me... it's coming up my cock... I think I'm gonna cooooo..." The newly transformed woman reached orgasm and large amounts of cum gushed from her new cock in such quantities that it surprised those present, especially Diana and the newly transformed herself.

"This is amazing. You are true geniuses for creating something like this." Mrs Watson said

"And I feel so good, I loved it. And now, how long will it be before I get back to normal?" the customer asked

"In fact, you won't get back to normal after a while. The new effect of the pills causes them to cause a random transformation in the person who takes them, but the form taken after the transformation is permanent until another aphrodisiac pill is taken. Although small, there is a chance to get back to normal too." Jen said

"So I will stay like this for a while. Okay, no problem, I'm kind of liking my new self and this is really going to be a big surprise for my boyfriend. Look how huge I got, only my cock is the size of my boyfriend's entire body. I love these pills. How much do they cost? I will buy some." The woman said and bought it, then left without worrying that her giant new body was totally naked.

* Diana takes a pill


Re: Transform or Dare: Little White Pills

You Shouldn't Sell Something You Wouldn't be Willing to use Yourself

Once the giant woman had left the store, Diana turned over to Jen and Claire with a look of awe on her face.

“That was incredible! Once word gets out about these pills demand is almost certainly going to be massive. I want as much of your next batch as you would be willing to sell, I'll pay good money for them.”

Jen, Claire, and Diana spent a few minutes negotiating a deal for the sale of their pills; they agreed that they'll bring the first batch tomorrow after school. Since Jen and Claire didn't want to give up the fact that they could simply spit up more pills at will they had told Diana that they made them in the school's chemistry lab.

“Now all I need to do is use these samples to drum up hype for tomorrow and what better way to market them than making myself a living advertisement!”

Diana quickly popped a pill into her mouth before setting the rest down on a nearby shelf.

“ohhh, I can already feel it kicking in, even without the transformations these pills would be the best aphrodisiacs on the market...”

Diana suddenly fell forwards, catching herself on the edge of a crate.

“My legs feel strange, like their bones are melting. But it feels really good! Ahhhhhh!”

Diana continued moaning as her legs melded together into a fleshy snake tail. This tail was then covered in a pattern of bright cyan spots on a field of dark navy scales, with the underside scales a patternless white. These scales spread up Diana's back, covering it entirely up to just below her shoulders. Her entire upper torso began to lengthen, making room for a second pair of shoulders, arms, and breasts, followed quickly by a third set. Diana, her elongated torso stretched across the entire crate now, felt her vision blur for a moment as her eyes became serpent-like. She let out another moan as canine teeth elongate into fangs and her tail became thin and forked

Her tail, which up until this point had stayed the same length as her old legs, suddenly began to explode in size. It stretched deeper into the warehouse, eventually making all the way to the back before it began growing along the walls. Meanwhile it was also growing wider, now four feet thick just past Diana's hips. Once her tail reached its final length of ninety feet, a slit opened near the back, revealing a pair of ten foot long snake cocks, already leaking copious amounts of precum.

Diana's moans suddenly began to intensify, her tail writhing about. Suddenly, her upper body began to pull apart, splitting into four identical copies. This division continued down her tail until the first third of it was now split into four 3 foot thick sections, each thirty feet long. Once the splitting completed Diana let out one last fourfold moan as she came, adding another pool of cum to the floor of the warehouse.

A few minutes after her orgasm ended, the first of Diana's bodies recovered, propping itself up on a crate as she got used to “standing” with her new body.

“Incredible, I'm ssso big...” she muttered, with a snake-esque lisp

Soon the rest of her bodies began to recover, all four of them dancing around on their individual tails as Diana came to terms with her new existence.

“This feels ssso ssstrange” One body said, examining her six arms.

“But alssso amazing.” exclaimed another, running her hands over the scales on her combined tail.

“And I feel ssso sssexy...” moaned a third as the remaining body sucked on her nipples while using one of its hands to finger its partner.

Diana's exploration was interrupted by an electronic bell chime, a signal that someone had entered the store. Diana quickly snatched up the pills and put them into a simple container before slithering out of the shared warehouse and back into her store, her tail just barely managing to squeeze through the back door.

* A couple looking to spice up their sex-life


Re: Transform or Dare: Little White Pills

Another effect of the pills is revealed

Diana with her multiple bodies split the task of working and cleaning. The body holding the jar headed back to the counter while the other 3 took to clearing more space in the back. It was hard maneuvering their shared tail into position but with the 30 feet each body had to its self the shop keeper was able to make it work. Though, only just barely.

At the counter a couple stood waiting. Both of them having their breath taken away by the sight of the exotic snake woman and her gracefully gliding body.

"Can I help you find ssssomthing?" She said reaching the counter and placing the pills beside the register.

Jen and Clair crept to the divide of the shop peering around the corner to see the shop keeper interact with the couple.

"Yes, well were looking to,ummmm, ahh..." Began the tall lanky man, clearly distracted by all the sexual items around the shop and far out of his element.

"We're looking to spice up out sex life a little!" His girlfriend chimed in confidently, wrapping her arm around his to help comfort his nerves. She wore a workout top and yoga pants and while she was fit and trim, she lacked any real curves.

"Your in luck!" Diana cheered, picking up the jar of pills and thrusting them with two arms while a third unscrewed the lid and a forth produced two pills. "We're giving away free samples of a newly developed aphrodisiac! We only ask that you sample it in the shop. The aphrodisiac produces random but astounding transformations much like myself here!" She used her last two arms to gesture to her body.

The couple still in awe at the snake woman (whose snake tail disappeared around the corner) seemed hesitant.

Jen then leaned over and brushed one of Diana's other body sections at its base, getting her attention. The other body swooped over from her task to the girl.

"We forgot to mention that if a pill is split the people who ingest it will fuse togther for their transformation."

The Diana body that heard this widened her eyes in wonder and the same occures to the one at the counter who instantly sharing the information that her other body just learned.

"I'm told..." The counter Diana began again "that if you ssssplit a pill the two of you will share the transformation! Garenteed to bring you closer togther!"

"We'd love to try it!" Cheered the woman. "Isn't that right Tim!" She curled around his arm in a hug, leaving the, Tim as it was little choice but to comply with her insistence.

Diana snakes back to the store room guiding the couple and instructing them to strip naked, as clothes would be ruined otherwise. Marcy the woman of the couple as her name was dropped by Tim, quickly stripped out of her workout clothes and had to start stripping Tim out of his. Apparently Marcy was not in need of spicing up, Tim was.

When they were finally nude the four Diana produced a pill from the jar snapped it in half and presented it to bother Tim and Marcy. Marcy quickly swallowed the pill and Tim after seeing his girlfriend go through with the act popped his into his mouth.

They all watched (Jen and Clair had been introduced as the creaters) as Tim shrank slightly, his brown hair growing to his shoulders and small petit breasts bloomed on his chest along with other female features washing over his body all except his crotch the average cock bloomed in size! "Hoooooly shit this feels good!" He moans as his voice became higher pitched and softer. Tim had been covering his crotch as in embarestment before his womanly aspects came into being. Now as his dick surged in all directions he struggled to hold it's still flaccid girth in his hands. It had swollen to nearly a foot in diameter and continued to grow in length coiling on the ground at 8 feet (best guess)

Marcy was equally taken over by the tantalizing effects she ran her hands over her body, moaning softly to her self and gasping speratically, already in the throws of the aphrodisiac. "Ohhh! What? I'm not...!" She said as she suddenly bent backwards, feet planted not the ground and hands bent behind her back propping her on all fours with her chest to the air. "I didn't do that, Ahhh! My body is moving in its own!"

From this new postion the spectators could see her small pert breasts sink back into her chest, nipples disappearing from her skin. And between her legs, her vagina swelling ontop of a mound of flesh as big as a basketball!

"What's happening! God it's sooo phooot! Mmmy maufff! Mmmmm! MMMMMM!" She moaned as her lips swelled into a round thick pulsating ring, cheeks expanding, and pressing in on both her sides making difficult then imposable to talk.

Tim's body was not done either as his slim female arms were slowly pulled away from his gigantic flaccid cock. The limbs themselves began to soften and lose their natural structure. Hands withdrew into his wrists and the skin began to dangle down like the sleeves of a kimono! All the while Tim could do little but moan and buck his feminine hips uselessly as his arms resembled limp butterfly wings.

Marcy however took on many new changes. Her body shifted making her limbs become their default position now. they soon began to pack on pounds upon pounds of mass her toesbecomeing thick and blockly as her hands took on an identical shape to her bulky flat feet with large ivory colored nails. Her head now rested squarely between her arms now turned to legs. Her body swelled into a barrel like shape and he limbs grew longer propping her up over 8 feet tall.

The shape was coming togther now but none of it clicked until Marcy's legs with her fat pussy between them bent down and scooped up Tim from beind. Where they connected to his rear and hoisted him upward fusing at the point of contact.

Tim gave out a shattering moan of exsticy as their nerve endings conected and the final wave of transformations finished tims gigantic cock began to coil and flail, coming to life finally under control of Tim. Marcy's body bulked up and took the shape of an elephant the only exception being where her head once was now rested a pair of eyes underneath a pulsing anus and missing its tail. Tim had becom the head of the pachyderm his cock acting as its truck and arms as its ear, his exposed feminin body as its head, the final touch was his legs becoming ridged and solid ivory forming the powerful tusks and he rears back cock-trunk arching up and ejaculating into the warehouses cealing as the mouth beneath it reaveled to be a perfectly sized pussy, one wich screamed out in orgasm with Marcy's voice.!

The twins and Diana did their best to avoid the splattering cum blast that rained down on them from the elephantine couple.

"Holy fuck!" Boomed Marcy, each word causing Tim, the elephant head, to rock back and forth slightly, cute small breasts wobbeling with the movement. "That's amazing!"

"Ill say!" Tim agreed from upon high. Gaining control of his cock-trunk and looping back to stick in Marcy's pussy mouth beneath him. "Oh fuck!" He cried "ohh this is far beyond, nuuuh! Beyond spicing it up! God your so tight! Uhh, I'm so huge! Fuck! What even is this!" He continued to moan as he thrust his trunk in and out of his/their shared body.

Marcy couldn't talk with her mouth full, but from the gleefully half gazed look in her eyes, it was clear I'm was speaking for both of them.

* A woman enters looking for a dildo


Re: Transform or Dare: Little White Pills

Perhaps Some Renovations are Needed...

Tim and Marcy left after thanking Diana and the sisters for the free sample, promising to come back and buy some stuff once they've gotten used to their new body. Luckily the warehouse had a truck unloading bay that the couple could leave through, as they were far too large to use the normal door.

"I ssshould probably renovate the ssshop to accommodate larger cussstomers..." Diana muttered as she watched the couple stomp out. Imagining what would have happened had they transformed in the tight confines of her store.

Meanwhile, the body that Diana had manning the shop watched as a woman, somewhat nervously, entered the store. The customer avoided looking over at Diana as she browsed the shelves, looking over the various toys and accessories on display. As someone who had been running a sex shop for years, Diana had seen this type of customer plenty of times before: someone who had recently heard of the shop (maybe recommended by a friend, maybe through an online search) and wanted to buy a toy, but they were still embarrassed about expressing their sexuality in anything other than complete privacy. These people usually have a pretty good idea of what they want, but usually spend a bit of time wandering around so that they don't appear too eager, fearing that they would be judged by the cashier or other customers. Diana also understood that the best way to handle these types of customers was to simply let them do things at their own pace, as confronting them will most likely drive them away.

As Diana thought, after a few minutes of looking around, the woman made her way over to a display of “exotic” dildos before grabbing a box and creeping up to the register with it, her eyes still averted. The box she placed on the counter was one for a massive (for a regular human at least) twelve inch dildo. Diana wasn't very surprised by this, most people who bought dildos for the first time would often buy stuff like this, thinking that a bigger dildo would give more pleasure, and ultimately end up hurting themselves when they try to make them fit. Being a responsible shopkeeper, Diana went to dissuade the woman from starting with something so large:

“Are you sure you want to buy this? If you haven't worked up to it properly you could seriously injure yourself trying to insert something as large as this.”

Now that Diana had addressed her directly, the woman finally looked up at Diana, only to take a step back as she just now noticed the inhuman form behind the register.

“Oh! Sorry, I just didn't notice that you were a mutant when I walked in...” The woman quickly apologized, her eyes taking in Diana's form, only for her to suddenly turn her head away when she realized she had been staring.

“It's fine hon.” replied Diana, “...To be honest I've only been a mutant for less than an hour.”

“What do you mean? You're either born a mutant or not, sometimes the changes are unnoticeable until puberty but you can't become one.”

“Not until today!” exclaimed Diana, grabbing the jar of pills next to her and showing it to the woman, “I've received a batch of special aphrodisiacs from one of my suppliers that also randomly and permanently transforms your body. This first batch is just a sample, I've been giving them to customers that are interested to drum up demand before they go on sale tomorrow afternoon.”

The customer glanced back and forth between Diana's body and the jar of pills, taking a moment to decide whether or not she believed the crazy claim.

“You said you were giving them out for free?”

“Just for today, tomorrow they're going to be sold for a hefty premium.”

The customer took one last glance at Diana, taking in her sexual majesty, before she once again turned away held out her hand and muttered:

“Alright then... I'll take one.”

Diana eagerly grabbed a pill out of the jar and handed it to the woman, already beginning to develop a fetish for watching people transform in front of her.

“Alright then, follow me out back-” Before Diana could bring the customer out to the warehouse she had already swallowed the pill. Frustrated by her over-eagerness, all Diana could do was pray that she didn't destroy the store with her transformation.

The first noticeable change to the customer was when a horse tail slipped out above the waistband of her pants. This was followed by her thighs swelling up to the point her pants and underwear were torn to shreds, revealing that they were now covered by dark orange fur, which was spreading further down her legs.

“If you had waited until I finished talking, I would have mentioned that you should probably take off your clothes before swallowing the pill if you don't want them to get damaged.” Diana snarked.

Just before the fur reached her feet the customer kicked off her shoes, hoping to save them from sharing the same fate as her pants. Unfortunately she was unable to save her socks, which were torn as her feet were replaced with a pair of massive equine hooves. This sudden shift in posture caused her to lose balance and fall forwards, only to be caught by four of Diana's arms. While held up by the smirking lamia, a second pair of legs began to grow out of her hips. These legs surged forwards into a massive equine barrel, forcing the woman's original legs to walk backwards to prevent her from breaking the front counter. Once the woman's new legs had fully formed, Diana let go of her, the newly transformed centaur no longer needing the lamia's support to stand.

The woman's lower body was the size of a large shire stallion, her equine shoulders taller than she was originally, her human head well over ten feet off the ground. The centaur was suddenly overtaken by an alien sensation between her back legs, as an equine cock and balls formed. These newly formed genitalia grew at an incredible pace, her balls becoming large enough to almost touch the floor behind her while the shaft became an eight foot long and foot and a half thick cannon, the tip passing between her front legs. Suddenly overcome with the needs of her newly grown organs, the centaur bent her upper body down and began ineffectually rubbing the tip of her cock, whimpering with desire as her ball continued to churn with cum.

Diana watched as the woman in front of her failed to sate her new body's desires, unable to help directly since this body was unable to go much further before reaching it's thirty foot limit, as her other three bodies were still in the warehouse cleaning up after Tim and Marcy as well as talking with her guests. The lamia's gaze soon fell on the box the customer had originally wanted to buy, an idea forming in her head. Diana opened the box, unwrapping the foot-long dildo and leaning as far over the counter as she could. The lamia then thrust the sex toy into the gaping urethra of the centaurs hyper cock, eliciting a gasp of pleasure from the customer. A solution to her lust presented to her, the centaur grabbed the toy and began fucking her urethra with it, the stimulation causing gallons of precum to begin dribbling onto the floor.

It wasn't long before the centaur brought herself to orgasm, a burst of cum forcing the dildo out of her urethra before splattering against the front counter. More and more cum continued to cover the floor as the centaur's balls slowly deflated until they “only” reached down to her knees. By the time her orgasm had ended, the customer had managed to fill the entire store with three inches of cum, which was slowly draining from the open back door.

“Wow, that was amazing! If every orgasm with this body is even half as good as that one, I don't think I'll mind this being permanent!” the centaur said, panting as if she had just run a marathon.

Once she had fully recovered the customer, whose name was Blair according to her ID, purchased the dildo and put it in the offered opaque bag before she turned to exit the store. As she left, Diana got a good look at her swaying backside and her puffy equine doughnut. The centaur paused at the door for a moment, her tail flicking nervously as she only just now realized that she now has to walk back home with her massive horsecock exposed. Once Blair worked up the confidence to squeeze her horsey butt through the door, Diana looked down at the flooded floor and sighed.

“I'll alssso need to inssstall sssome drainsss it ssseems...” she muttered, getting one of her bodies back in the warehouse to add them to her quickly growing list of renovations.

* Another customer comes into the store


Re: Transform or Dare: Little White Pills

Aphrodisiac-Induced Mitosis

Just as Diana finished cleaning the part of the shop closest to the entrance and the front counter, another customer wandered into the store. Diana observed that the customer was a beautiful woman in her late twenties with a generous bust and silky black hair, but dressed in a way to try not to attract attention. She glanced around, making a complicated expression when she saw the goop in the corner of the room that hadn't been cleaned yet, but she quickly moved on towards the counter.

"Welcome, how may I help you?" Diana asked with her body behind the counter.

The customer glanced along the length of Diana's body that trailed toward the back of the store before returning the gaze to her face. "Hi, sorry for getting distracted, it's not every day I get to see a lamia-type mutant," the woman replied.

"Oh, don't worry, I don't mind if you look as much as you like. I'm Diana, by the way, I run the store. Might I have the pleasure of knowing your name?"

"Oh, right, I'm Lena. Nice to meet you."

"So, what can I help you find?" Diana asked.

Lena took a deep breath before replying, "well, I was wondering if you have anything that can help a single woman..." Here she hesitated, "...relieve her urges, you might say." Lena was blushing profusely. "I-... I don't have time to get in a relationship, but my old toys aren't doing the trick anymore."

Diana smiled gently, as this wasn't the first customer of this type that she received. "Well," the shopkeeper replied, "I can think of a few things that I would normally recommend. However, we just got something special in stock that you might be interested in. Have you ever wanted to be a mutant?"

Lena was a bit surprised by the question. "Well, I can't say I've never had a daydream or two, but seeing as I wasn't born one..." Lena trailed off.

"You might be in luck," Diana replied. "We got some new aphrodisiacs in stock that can permanently turn someone into a mutant until the next time they take one, and it works more than once if you keep taking them. I'm trying to drum up interest in them by passing out free samples today, would you care to try it?"

It seemed too good to be true for Lena, but she wasn't letting on how much she longed to have more, to have extra in her solo-play. After a brief internal struggle, she gave in. "Sure, I came here to make things more interesting, so heck, it doesn't get more interesting than this. Anything I need to know ahead of time?"

Remembering her last customer, Diana mentioned that Lena should remove her clothes first to remove the risk of destroying them. "Oh, and as long as you aren't uncomfortable with it, would you mind taking the pill here? I'd like to keep spreading the word by having customers advertise the efficacy of the aphrodisiac, and it's a nice bonus seeing how it affects different people." Lena hesitated a bit, but seeing as she was getting the pill for free, she agreed to the terms. "Alright, it's a deal."

After being handed the pill, Lena stepped into the back of the store where it was more private and there was more spave, then stripped her clothes and popped the pill in her mouth. It didn't take long for the changes to start as she grew about a foot taller, and two new pairs each of arms and breasts grew beneath her original pair. Next, her vagina split into three copies, and soon three long, nine-inch dicks grew above them. Next, her vision widened as her head began stretching sideways until it split into two copies of her original head. For a moment the changes seemed to stop as she began adjusting to having two heads before she noticed her feet felt weird. Looking down, she saw they were turning a transparent red color and began looking like gel. Soon, the color and material change spread upwards through her whole body until it was clear she had become a sexy , two-headed red slimegirl with extras.


Lena exclaimed in stereo. Concentrating on one head, she added, "not what I expected..."
"...but I like the possibilities," she finished with the other head. Experimentally, she tried focusing on her breasts, and watched as she shifted them to have mouths instead of nipples. "I *really* like the possibilities," she said with one of her new mouths. Seemingly oblivious to the two Diana bodies watching her with wide grins on their faces, Lena turned her heads to face each other and tried kissing herself. Suddenly, she broke the kiss as she felt a shift in her body. It felt as if she was simultaneously gaining mass while being split apart. Sure enough, it took mere moments for a crease to appear down the center of her gelatinous body, quickly widening as the two halves pulled apart. Once they fully separated, both regrew the missing parts, leaving two doubled-headed slimegirls in the middle of the room.

Amazed by what just happened, both Lenas raised a right hand to touch the other body. "Woah..."
"I'm in two places at once"
"How am I controlling two separate bodies like this?"
Lena alternated which heads said each of these lines as she examined her bifurcated bodies.

Trying to hide her arousal, Diana spoke up. "Wow, looks like you were gifted with an especially great transformation. I take it you liked the pill?"

"Hell yeah!" All four of Lena's heads exclaimed. "I think I may need to buy some double-sided dildos now, haha."

"Be my guest," Diana offered, "I think you'll be quite impressed with the variety of choices we have for sale. By the way, I heard some slimegirl mutants can imitate others or combine with other slimes for more shiftable mass, do you think you have those capabilities?"

Lena shrugged, "I dunno, let me try it." Concentrating, Lena's body slowly regained a skin tone as her hair-gel turned back into her silky raven hair. She looked just as she did after transforming but before becoming a slime, with the addition of lipples. "Nice, looks like it!" she exclaimed before turning back into slime. Just then another wave of mitosis hit, and there were soon four Lenas in the room.

"I'm gonna take a look at what toys you have here, I'll be right back," Lena stated. Diana was incredibly turned on by what she just witnessed, but held it in since she had a customer in the store. About ten minutes later, a crowd of sixteen Lenas came up to the front of the store, carrying about a dozen different products. "Sorry, got a bit carried away, seeing as I have a lot more... options now." As she was in the middle of playing for the stuff, Lena once again underwent mitosis, beginning to feel cramped with 32 bodies in the room. Almost instinctually, she began pressing pairs of her bodies together, absorbing them into each other and somewhat compressing their mass until there were just eight of her left. Redistributing the mass, each of them were now 6'4" with three heads, ten arms, eight large breasts with lipples, and four foot-long cocks. Thanking Diana again for everything, they left the store and headed home.

* Another customer walks in


Re: Transform or Dare: Little White Pills

Beware of animals.

Diana had just finished cleaning her shop when another customer came in, it was a man in jogging clothes and he was accompanied by a dog which he was holding a leash on. He started looking around the store, but because he wasn't didn't stay in a specific part, she didn't know what he wanted, so she asked "Hi. You seem to be undecided, if you want you can just tell me what you are looking for and I will be able to help you choose what best fits your wishes."

"Oh sorry I didn't know there was a mutant working here so I thought you were just another customer. Turns out my sex life with my wife is stagnant and I was looking to see if I can find something to spice up our relationship. I wanted to do this as a surprise for our wedding anniversary, so I'm taking advantage of walking my neighbor's dog who is traveling to stop by here at the store." the man said

"Hmmm... sometimes people like you come along. I have something in mind, but first I need to know what you and your wife think about mutants." Diana said

"I don't see any problem with them, and neither does my wife. I actually have a mutant niece, she's a chocolate girl and we get along really well." the man said

"Excellent. So what would you or your wife think of the possibility of becoming mutants?" Diana asked

"Hmmm...now that you mention it I realize I never thought about it. Since it's impossible for me to become a mutant I never worried about it." the mas said

"What if I told you this is possible now? I have some new aphrodisiacs that permanently mutate people, and today I'm handing out free samples to interested customers. So, would you like to try it?" Diana said

"I'm not sure. The idea sounds interesting to me, but I don't know what my wife will say if I do it without talking to her, maybe later." the man said

"But then you will spoil the fun. You said before that you wanted to surprise her for her wedding anniversary, so it would be best if you tried it on before seeing her again." Diana said

"You are right. I'll give it a try, maybe it's what we need to rekindle the flame of passion between us." the man said

"Great, but I would like you to try it here in the store, it can serve as some publicity. I also recommend that you take off your clothes, they can be destroyed with your transformation." Diana said

The man received the pill and thought of taking it without taking his clothes off, as even if they were not destroyed they would be useless for him later. When he took his hand with the pill to his mouth, the dog jumped on him, disturbing him and causing him to drop the pill on the floor, as well as his wallet that slipped out of his pocket and fell open allowing them to see his ID Card, letting Diana see that his name was Oswald.

Diana couldn't help but think it was a little funny, but to sound professional she chuckled with her other bodies who were Jen and the others in the warehouse negotiating the last few details as she watched the customer search for the dropped pill.

"What's the fun?" Mrs Watson asked

"He's a shopper at the store with a dog, the animal made him drop one of the aphrodisiacs and now he's looking on the floor for it." One of Diana's bodies said

"So it's good to find it first, as it works on animals too." Jen said

Having the information to Diana in the store, she opened her mouth to give the warning, but it was too late and the dog already had the pill in her mouth.

"Fifi, drop this pill. This is not for..." Oswald said, but the dog swallowed the pill.

Oswald and Diana could only watch as the female Belgian shepherd changed.

Fifi's neck got longer, but instead of growing more fur on it, it was the fur on her head that fell out completely. Her neck widened (breaking her collar) and her muzzle retracted as her skin looked more and more human. When her neck was wide enough in two of the upper curves a pair of human arms grew and, not far away, a pair of breasts grew until they became perky E-cups. Her head also became fully human, with the countenance of a very pretty girl, while red hair grew on her head until it reached the height of her shoulders. The finishing touch came with her canine vagina growing and changing into a human ballsack accompanied by a 10 inch human cock. Oswald's neighbor's dog was now a shemale dogtaur.

As soon as her transformation was completed, Fifi looked around and at herself confused and not understanding the extent of what had happened to her. She then looked down and saw her hard cock, but she had never seen a human cock before and didn't know what it was, much less what it was for nor how it was used.

"Fifi" Oswald called the dogtaur, who thought he was going to get scolded, and ran for the back door. The man tried to run after her, but the difference in speed was too great and he couldn't do anything.

Soon Fifi arrived at the warehouse, where everyone saw her stop at the entrance, where she was sniffing the air as if she had noticed some interesting smell. When she stopped sniffing she looked at Lucy and ran towards her, jumping on her and dropping her to sniff her up close.

"Do you think she realized that Lucy was originally a dog too?" Claire whispered to Jen

"I don't know, I have no idea how the curse works on animals." Jen whispered back.

Oswald arrived at the warehouse and went quickly to take Fifi off Lucy, but the dogtaur was reluctant and growled at him, because while she was there the tip of her dick rubbed against Lucy's leg and she had discovered a very good new feeling that came from there, so she didn't want to stop.

"Let her do what she wants, I believe she will collaborate more when she is satisfied." Lucy said

"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have been careless. Because of me you are in this situation." Oswald said

"Don't worry about it, it's not as bad as you think." Lucy said as Fifi continued to rub her cock against her, moving more and more and eventually the tip reached her mouth.

Fifi liked even more the feeling she had when her cock touched the mutant's mouth beneath her, she seemed to be understanding part of the functioning of her new member and pushed it inside, putting everything inside.

Lucy was enjoying it all, but Frieda, being immobile as a teddy bear woman, became jealous and asked someone to help her hook up with her 'owner'. Mrs Watson was busy stroking her wife between her legs so Jen and Claire grabbed the teddy bear woman and lifted her up, positioning her on top of Lucy adjusting her cock with the ex-dog's pussyface, helping her to penetrate.

Fifi, invaded by so many new sensations, came, but she liked what she felt so much that as soon as her orgasm ended, she went back to thrust.

Lucy loved the experience, especially after one of Diana's bodies came to her side and started stroking her 4 hard dicknipples. She didn't last much longer after that and came, the contractions of her pussymouth causing Frieda to reach her orgasm too. Fifi didn't seem to mind that and continued to fuck her mouth until she reached her second orgasm, which left the dogtaur panting and a little tired.

Oswald now had no problems and the dogtaur, already satisfied, obeyed him, who didn't know what the owner of Fifi would think when she found out what had happened to her pet dog.

* Jen, Claire and co. head home


Re: Transform or Dare: Little White Pills

One More Before Heading Home

Once Fifi had calmed down Oswald took her back into the store. Once he had left the warehouse Nadia addressed the remaining people.

"Alright girls, this has been fun but it's getting late and it's a school day tomorrow so we really should be getting you home."

"As always, my wife is right, let's head back to the van."

"Thanksss for ssstoping by everyone!" While one of Diana's said farewell, another wrapped her lowest set of arms around Jen and Claire's shoulders and addressed them directly, "I'll sssee you tomorrow, I'll make sssure to have everything ready to ssstart properly ssselling these pillsss of yoursss by the time you get here."

Once Diana had said her part, the group left the warehouse and headed back to through the sex shop. Inside Oswald was at the counter talking with another of Diana's bodies.

“It's fine, it was my fault for not paying attention. Hopefully my neighbour understands”

“Well regardless, take the last two sssample pillsss, maybe your neighbour or wife will want one?”

As the two of them talked, Jen got a mischievous idea and flicked a pill into Oswald's mouth as she passed by.

His face sprouted dark blue fur as his entire head became that of a fox. The fur spread down his neck, his pecs swelling into a pair of H-cup breasts as it covered his chest, his jogging shirt morphing into an appropriately sized sports bra. As it spread down his arms they took on a slightly more feminine shape while remaining just as muscular as before. As the fur covered his toned stomach it stretched longer, thinning out while also adding another three inches of height. The fur wrapped around his hips, widening them to complete his hourglass figure. His spin extended into a fluffy, vulpine, tail while his butt gained more volume. His legs took on a digitigrade stance and his feet morphed into a pair of paws, his jogging pants changing shape to accommodate his new figure. These pants were soon tented by his growing cock, which soon slipped free and pressed against his stomach, now a twenty inch knotted fox cock. In reaction to being suddenly overtaken by lust, Oswald pulled down his pants, revealing that his ballsack had been replaced by a vagina, and began stroking his cock with one hand and fingering himself with the other. As he stroked his fur began to take on more varied colours, his stomach and chest becoming a pure white, while his muzzle and the ends of his limbs and tail lightened into a shade of sky blue.

It didn't take long for Oswald to cum, his semen splattering against the front counter. He then pulled up his pants and took the offered pills from Diana.

“Sorry about that, not sure what came over me.”

“No worries, Ever since I transformed earlier today I have been horny almost constantly, I'm not sure how you have managed to live your whole life like this Olivia...”

“Well it helps to have a partner willing to put up with your needs. She's always told me how she sometimes wished she was also a mutant, so these pills are perfect. Thanks for also giving me an extra one for the neighbour, not sure it'll be enough to make up for what happened to Fifi though.”

Oswald, now Olivia, and Fifi followed Jen and the others out of the store, continuing her jog as they piled back into the van.

* Olivia returns home and gives pills to her wife and neighbour


Re: Transform or Dare: Little White Pills

Fifi back home.

Olivia returned home accompanied by Fifi, who obeyed her and followed without any problems. When she arrived she saw a taxi leaving from her neighbor's house, while the owner of the house was looking for her keys with her bags next to her, the dogtaur girl saw her and ran towards her.

The old lady was startled by the mutant girl running towards her, being hugged by her, who licked all over her face. Having reached them, Olivia separated them.

"Thank you Olivia. But who is this girl? Why did she meet me like this?" the old lady (Vella) said

"I'm so sorry, this is Fifi. A few things happened and she ended up like that." Olivia said

"What a stupid story is this? I may be approaching 80 years old but I'm not senile yet, Fifi is a normal dog and not a mutant girl." Vella said

"She was a normal dog, but she is no longer one. Let me help you carry her bags and I'll tell you everything that happened." Olivia said and then Vella opened the door. After putting all the luggage inside, she told him everything that happened at the Sex Shop.

"That was really unexpected. I never expected that I would find my partially human dog once I got back from my son's house where I met my newborn grandchildren." Vella said as she caressed Fifi's head in her lap after hearing the story.

"Yet what changed was just her body, her mind is still the same as before." Olivia said

"Well, there's no way she can get back to normal, and she doesn't seem to have a problem with that any more than I have a problem with mutants." Vella said

"Well now I have to go. It's getting late and my wife is probably waiting for me." Olivia said and got up to leave, but she remembered something and turned back to Vella, reaching out her hand and opening it to show a pill. "I almost forgot. The sex shop owner gave me the last two pills on the free sample as compensation for what happened and said one was for you. At your age maybe this sort of thing might not interest you anymore, so you can throw it away if you want." gave the pill to her neighbor and, saying goodbye once more, left for her own house.

* Back home part 1: Vella and Fifi


Re: Transform or Dare: Little White Pills

Back home part 1: Vella and Fifi

Vella was still sitting in her armchair, Fifi was lying with her head in her lap, and she was analyzing how much her pet had changed from taking a single pill. She noticed as the dogtaur girl's human dick grew hard.

Fifi, remembering how she felt when she fucked the other mutant in the store and how the other one seemed to enjoy it, got up and climbed on top of Vella, looking for the entrance between her legs, but realized that she was hurting the elderly owner. her, so she backed away and took up space, laying her canine body on the floor and starting to touch her cock in order to try to find a way to get closer to the pleasure she'd felt before. Fifi, remembering how she felt when she fucked the other mutant in the store and how the other one seemed to enjoy it, got up and climbed on top of Vella, looking for the entrance between her legs, but realized that she was hurting the elderly owner. her, so he backed away and took up space, laying her canine body on the floor and starting to touch her cock in order to try to find a way to get closer to the pleasure he'd felt before.

Vella felt a little uncomfortable, not necessarily from the act of her dog itself, but because it reminded her of the past when she was quite active but gradually stopped and became totally unable to feel pleasure again after she went through the menopause. She then retreated to her room, thinking she should rest after a day of going through an exhausting journey for a 79-year-old widowed woman. Before going to sleep she started to remember the past, including her most intimate moments with her late husband, and remembering the pill Olivia gave her she decided to take it to see if she could experience those sensations from the past again.

The old lady took the 'aphrodisiac' pill and hoped it would do something for her. She didn't have to wait long and was delighted to see the wrinkles and sagging of her skin disappear, and along with that she felt a turn-on like she hadn't felt in years. She wasted no time and took off her clothes to masturbate after so long, forgetting that her transformation wasn't over. She soon felt her body forcing her to turn to the side far beyond her limits, until she felt a sudden movement inside her and a noise, after which she no longer felt the urge to turn around. She looked down and saw that her entire top had turned 180 degrees and she was sitting with her legs facing back.

Vella got up and looked curiously at her body, feeling strange to have her ass now just below her belly button while her crotch was back. She then saw a tail grow in front of her, just above her ass, her feet became hooves, her leg joints reversed and something also grew behind her. She reached for the new part in the back and there was no doubt in her mind that it was a cock, but she didn't know what kind, she just knew it wasn't human. She used the help of a mirror to see better and, as she already guessed from the tail in front of her, she had acquired the genitals of a male donkey, keeping her originals.

"It's not bad. I was hoping for a more drastic change, but this is still good." Vella said, sitting down again to masturbate. At first she had a bit of trouble as her cock was facing backwards, but soon she got the hang of it and jerked off as if to make up for the years she hadn't had a single orgasm. When she was finally satisfied, she lay down to sleep, thinking about getting the store address from Olivia later so she could buy some more of those 'aphrodisiac' pills.

* Back Home Part 2: Olivia's Side


Re: Transform or Dare: Little White Pills

Back Home Part 2: Olivia's Side

After leaving Vella's house, Olivia went straight to hers, and upon entering she discovered that there was a visitor there.

"Hello aunt, we were waiting for you." Sarah, her chocolate girl niece said when she saw her. She was sitting naked at the dining room table and her breasts were missing from her chest as she had ripped them off.

"Hello Sarah. I didn't know you were coming to visit us today, especially without your breasts." Olivia said

"I met her while shopping and invited her to dinner with us, she even gave us her breasts for us to eat for dessert." Lucia, her wife, said as she arrived putting dinner on the table.

"You know I like it when people eat me and I know you think I'm very tasty." Sarah said

"You are really delicious, but that's what worries me too. I'm afraid someone won't control themselves and eat you whole, if that happens it will be the end of you." Olivia said

"I know, but rest assured that unless you're a giant mutant, no one can eat me whole." Sarah said

"Conversation is good but we better eat soon or dinner will get cold." Lucia said

They ate, with Sarah eating only sweets and dairy that nourished her chocolate body, her breasts were restored while she fed. After dinner Olivia and Lucia ate each of the chocolate breasts that their niece had ripped from her body earlier.

Sarah didn't love watching people eat pieces of her, it just turned her on and her dick got hard, with that she jerked off.

Olivia also got a hard on, but ignored her erection until her chocolate niece came.

"You have no way, just me, to put up with mutants like you. You don't even settle down to eat." Lucia said

"And you love that, otherwise you wouldn't have married my aunt." Sarah said and then laughed

"I know. My parents say I should have married a normal man, but I like being part of a family that has mutant members." Lucia said

"Speaking of which I remembered now. You told me once that you wanted to be a mutant, didn't you, honey? I happen to get this free sample of a new aphrodisiac that turns normal people into mutants permanently. I've seen someone take one and change in front of me, it really works, so I brought it to you." Olivia said

"What? You mean I can become someone like you?" Lucia asked

"Yes, but the transformation is totally random and there's no way to know in advance how it's going to be." Olivia said

"Great. Can I take this aphrodisiac now?" Lucia asked

"I don't think so right away. From what I've seen it's better that you take it somewhere else, it's possible that you get too big and don't fit in here anymore. I also recommend that you take off your clothes as they will likely be destroyed in the process." Olivia said

"How about I take the aphrodisiac in the garage? It's spacious in there and if I get too big to stay there it's easier to go outside." Lucia said

"Great idea." Olivia said

Everyone then went to the garage, where Olivia took the car while Lucia undressed.

"I'm very excited about this Aunt Lucia. Just the thought that you're going to be a mutant like us makes me excited, I'm so excited to see what you become." Sarah said

"Me too. Well, now that the preparations are done I'm going to take the aphrodisiac." Lucia said and then put the pill in her mouth and swallowed it. The change started quickly with her breasts growing bigger and bigger before they merged and became a ballsack, her nipples disappeared and it went all the way down to rest between her legs. Her leg joints became more arched as her foot elongated, making the heel a new joint of the legs while, at the front, the toes merged so that only three remained, which elongated and the nails became claws. A long reptilian tail grew out behind her, only without scales but normal human skin. Her torso thickened along with her neck, from which the skin loosened and rose to fully cover her head. Soon her original upper body was a cylinder of flesh with arms, which she used to pull the skin from her neck that had covered her head. Her hair had completely come loose and fallen all over the floor, and it was revealed that her head had become the pink tip of a dick, but she still had her eyes and mouth, which now stood vertically and also functioned as an urethra.

"Cool aunt, you've become a cocksaur. It would be more insane if you had gotten bigger." Sarah commented on Lucia's transformation.

The transformation was not complete and Lucia's entire body began to grow. "You spoke too soon." she said and kept growing, eventually having to go out of the garage, until when she stopped. She had become some kind of a Cocksaur Rex. She ended up a 25-foot cock with arms, balls the size of a small car, a dinosaur's legs and tail. Although part of her body had a reptilian appearance, it was completely covered by human skin. Her vagina and asshole had merged into a sort of cloaca that was behind her ballsack.

"Wow honey, you've completely changed. If I hadn't seen it I don't think I would have known that this mutant is you when I saw you." Olivia said

"Totally incredible, you are a real sex monster now. Who knew you'd become a cross between a dinosaur and a dick." Sarah said

"A dinodick? I liked the word, perfect to describe me now. This body, I feel so good, I'm loving it. Ohhhh I'm so horny.... I need... this... this feels really good." Lucia said and started to stroke herself.

"Honey, I know you're having fun, but I'm horny too. I'm dying to fuck you in your new form." Olivia said

"Come on, I'm all yours." Lucia said, bending forward so her tip approached the floor and lifting her tail to present her cloaca.

Olivia climbed on her wife's balls and thus managed to perfectly guide her cock to the cocksaur's cloaca, and pushed everything inside easily. She was only disappointed because the opening was so much bigger than her wife's old pussy and still had plenty of room in there.

"Oh honey, I'm so sorry. It feels like I've grown a lot and your dick is now too small for me, I need more." Lucia said

"Maybe I can help. Can I join you aunts?" Sarah said and, getting a positive response, also climbed her newly turned aunt's balls, shoving her hard cock in her cloac along with her blue fox girl aunt.

To Lucia the second penetration was all she needed, with two cocks filling her cloaca she increased the rhythm with which she stroked herself. She could feel the cum in her balls starting to build up inside her. She tried to resist so that it would last longer, but when Olivia and Sarah came, feeling her wife and niece's cum invade, any resistance was gone and she came too, several cumshots with gallons of cum in each shot through her mouth/urethra, flowing across the lawn to the street, where he followed the guide until he fell into the gutter.

"That was wonderful, I've never felt so satisfied before." Lucia said

"You were just great dear." Olivia, who was now in front of her wife, said holding Lucia's tip and then they kissed.

* Return to Jen and Claire as they arrive back at home


Re: Transform or Dare: Little White Pills

Home, Sweet Home

While Olivia was giving the last of Diana's pills to Vella and Lucia, Mrs. Watson had arrived back at Jen, Claire, Lucy, and Frieda's house. She and Nadia bid the girls farewell, the living cock reminding Jen and Claire once again that it's a school day tomorrow.

The four girls entered their house, still scaled to the massive proportions of the two-hundred and fifty foot tall sphinx-taur that was made up of Jen and Claire's parents. This time however Jen and Claire were normally sized humans instead of the sixty-foot tall mutant they were when they left yesterday, making the house seem even larger than before. Jen and Claire followed Lucy as they entered a door sized for them beside the massive main door. Waiting for them was the Martha with red wings, her twenty-five foot frame that was tiny compared to them when they left now making her tower over the quartet.

“Welcome back! Dinner will be ready in just a few minutes so please go take your seat.”

Jen and Claire continued to follow Lucy into the dinning room, where an elevator carried them up on top of the gigantic table placed in the centre. Once up they sat down at a regular sized table as they waited for dinner to be ready. They were soon joined by their parents, still conjoined into a massive sphinx-taur whose upper body was split between an angel and a demon.

“Hello girls.” greeted the left demonic head that was originally Jen's mom.

“We were a bit worried when you didn't come back, but Karen called us this morning and explained things. It's good to know you had so much fun at the beach!” finished the angelic head of Claire's original mother.

Soon, all of the Marthas entered the room carrying plates of food, three of them with the massive plate for the masters of the house, while the others brought in food for the the sisters and themselves, the Marthas sitting at an second table, sized for them, a short distance from the one the sisters had.
As they ate Lucy and Frieda recounted their trip to the beach, now quite different from the day Jen and Claire remembered due to the incredible amount of changes to reality that had occurred. Eventually the story reached the part where Jen and Claire revealed their pills to Diana and the others. The expression on their parent's faces immediately went from one of interest to one of concern, though they didn't interrupt Lucy and Freida's story and let the pair finish before they made any comment.

“Jen and Claire, have you been making drugs?”

“Don't worry Mom, they're completely safe, we made sure to test them thoroughly.”

“Look, We'll demonstrate right now”

The sisters stood up and Claire snuck a pill into her hand. Jen took the half of the pill that her sister offered and they shared the pill together. Their bodies were pulled together, connecting just barely at their hips. New flesh began to grow where they connected, forcing them back apart while also separating the upper and lower ends of their bodies. The mass of flesh between them took on a more distance shape, now looking like a large, headless, feminine torso. Jen and Claire's upper bodies were placed at the ends of the torso's arms, replacing it's wrists and hands, while their lower bodies replaced it's legs from the knees down. The crotch of the sisters' shared torso grew a pair of thirty-inch cocks and two rows of breasts the size of beach balls. Their new body was twelve feet tall at the shoulder and each sister had exclusive control over their half of the body, Jen on the right and Claire on the left.

With their transformation complete, The sisters looked over to their parents to see their reaction.

* They're impressed, and want to try one themselves


Re: Transform or Dare: Little White Pills

Weird is just a matter of perspective at this point

"That's amazing!" Their parents boomed! Their gargantuan form bending down to the tables edge to get a better look at their newly mutated daughter (one body, why argue semantics) "oh we always loved you dear but seeing you as a mutant now is just a dream come true!"

Jen and Clair raised their bodies on their arms both realizing they were now effectively sock puppets in their own body. "It is pretty amazing, isn't sis."

"Sure is, we are even going to start selling them. Did we mention that?"

The sisters looked at each other and shrugged, they might have touched the subject but a lot happened the past two days, couldn't hurt to reiterate the facts.

"Sell them, do you have more?" The demonic parent asked bring one black eye down to peer at her offspring.

"Sure!" Jen said, waving herself into view just enough for Clare to hide herself spitting up a pill.

Clair raised the pill up to her red skinned parent. "You only need one, they don't need to be proportional to the person taking them" as she said it Clair and Jen both fantasized about the possibility of taking multiple pills at once. Their attention was drawn back to their conjoined sphinx parents as their angelic half pipped up

"Now dear, lets not be..." They were about to say hasty when their other half inhaled the pill like a partial of dust.

Rapidly their colossal conjoined body began to shrink. Both parents elating moans and biting their lips as they descended down out of view from the table. The racket was so loud Jen and Clair could swore their were more of them.

The sisters soon lost sight and sound of their parents and when nothing further happened moved to the tables elevator to check for them on the ground.

When they reached the floor they began to hear the obvious sounds of wild love making, or at least some of the sounds.

What they first saw was Jen's mother, normal human-middle-aged-house -wife on her knees fingering herself while giving Clair's father a blow job, as he stood proud looking down on her. While Clair's mother normal-human-middle-aged-trophy-wife vigorously rode Jen's father in reverse cowgirl, his hands gripping her hips while she prostrated herself between his legs.

"Girls! Those pills!" Clair's mother said, (since Jen's mom had her mouth full) "can you believe it? They
Split us apart and made out lower body into two human men!"

Jen and Clair took a moment to watch their parent rut while trying to figure out how exactly this happened. Surly their parents had remembered some part of the elaborate history the pills had created to explain their mutant family dynamic? Then again who knew how much reality each pill changed. In-fact when were mutants established in this ever changing world they lived in?

A dull pain began to ache in their heads and it only subsided when they herd Clair's mother reach climax, and also saw Jen's mother deep throat Clair's father's cock and struggle to gulp down his own release.

"Normal sex is so strange." Commented Clair's mother pulling up and off Jen's father's cock "so much stimulation from just one organ and not to mention the lack of mess."

Jen's mother dislodged the cock from her mouth to speak. "Ill say, when was the last time we cam and didn't flood the house. They then switched partners and began to fuck and suck their respective original husbands.

Jen and Clair were slightly baffled as the seemingly now mundane intercourse. Their recent history had become so bizarre that normal sex was beginning to look foreign to them.

They briefly debated what to do as their parents were absorbed in themselves. They finally settled on...

* Going to their room to produce pills for tomorrow's launch of their pills


Re: Transform or Dare: Little White Pills

Speeding up production

Jen and Clair watched for a few minutes as their parents rutted in their stadium sized dining room. The two females and two males of their once conjoined singular body positioning themselves in every way possible. When it became clear that the four of them were too distracted with their frantic four way, Jen using her half of their conjoined giant body stepped toward the hall that their room rested.

The size of their home was unchanged from their previous alterations of their reality. The one where their mother/father was a 200+ foot tall demon/angel/sphinx, had left them with a long walk to their room. When they finally got their they realized a slight problem. Their 15foot hight from their unaltered reality pill as left them with a regular sized room. Jen and Clair struggled to make it inside the door way, at one point having to crawl prone like a soldier under barbwire. An uncomfortable action by itself made worse since their bodies were their arms, thrusting their hip/elbows into the floor and dragging in.

Once inside it was spacious enough. Since reality had once found them 2 separate people, their room had been large enough to provide them with distance to live togther.

They sat cross legged between their two beds. If they'd had a head on their shared shoulders it would be crashing through the ceiling, the empty space however gave them just enough clearance for their body.

"Guess we better get to work." Said Clair. She bent her arm-body down and caughed, producing a pill between their bent knees. Jen did the same...

After 20 minutes the girls stopped. Their throats were soar and raspy, mouths dry and lungs exhausted. For all their work and pain they didn't even have a pound of pills on the floor.

"We can't keep this up" rasped Jen. "I know, we sound like chain smokers..." Replied Clair, crossing her arms and lying on her knee.

"Well..." Jen began, "guess we better take a pill?"

"Oh yeah!" Clair perked up wheezing and grabbing her throat at the sudden pain. "If we can get more heads, we can make more pills."

"Right, well just have to use the ones we've already made. Just hope we don't end up with a form without mouths..."

Clair took a pill as Jen stated the possable outcome, she was briefly scared to consider that possibility before her arousel overtook here.

Jen and Clair's shared cocks sprang to life, reaching their 30 in length. Their breasts sucked into their chest sand their legs and ass swelled. They stood up on thin forlegs and etched their feet morph. Standing on their toes as their nails grew into a think enamel horse hoof. Their torso retracted into tier waist and soon they could see their cocks grow in girth beind that of their arm bodies. When their shoulders sank into their expanding waist their arms collided wither their respective shafts merging togther as blood surged up their bodies, standing on shaky legs their balls grew to the size of beanbag chairs while their arms and chests shrank into the barrel shape of their horse cock bodies, thick pulsing rings bulging at what was once their waists while their heads flattened into their flared horse cock tips. Noses melting and mouths turing into puckered puffy urethras their eyes resting above them on their flat ridged cock tips. They now stood a 15 feet tall horses ass and groin with fifty inch cocks as thick around as a car tier lacking any fur or tail. They were purely male from the lack of any female genitalia.

Jen tried to caugh, but all that came out was a dribble of thick chunky pre-cum. Clair did the same but with the same result. Side by side and stiff they couldn't see eachother well, the only indication of a plan came when Jen dropped her legs, causing her to sink to the ground, Clair did the same and the two pivoted around. Jen kept going till she was lined up with the pile of pills. An action that crushed one need and topped a desk in their shuffle around the small room. Once lined up, Jen and Clair pushed forward.

They were rewarded with a dull blunt pain as Jen's cock head collided with the wall flatly and sucssefully scooping at least one pill into her urithra mouth.

The rapid transformation that took place first began with the horses ass they shared. It's legs melted into its mass and the twin cock sisters bowed away from eachother , folding in on its anus until both shafts faces away, back to back. Their balls shark into nonexistence and all that was visible was one cock attached to another at its base.

From there the shafts sprung forward and limp, extending about the room as the flesh mass took on colorful blue scales cut with thin black stripes down their legth. From their top and bottom a vibrant yellow fin chased down their expanding legth. When the cock ends stopped growing they had lapped the room 5 times already before the tips bloomed into the pointed snout of a ribbon eel, the girls eyes, and mouth took the place of the colorful eel's and as their slit mouths grew and widened they opened up to show the pink tongues that each were tipped with Jen and Clair's respective bodies on each end. The conjoined eels faced eachother mouths agap to reveal the sister to eachother.

"We'll that didn't work." Said Jen from the right eel.

"Least we have mouths again" went Clair from the left.

"Lets give it another go, we don't have all night to play with our bodies if we want to watch all the fun tomorrow at the shop."

"Oh, I hate when your right!" Grumbled Jen, she spat out a pill and snapped it i half, sharing it with her tongue-tip-twin.

Clair quickly withdrew back into her eel mouth and it sealed shut, the head morning into the wide finned tail of an eel, making Jen's head the true head of the creature.

Rapidly the head of Jen's eel swelled larger as the mouth she rested in flooded forward, inverting itself. Jen's tongue body was thrust forward and out into the blue scaley underbelly of the serpentine body, the bright yellow fin ending just at her waist where here body and the eel's diverged. It's upper jaw continues, eyes shifting and protruding out ward as its head projected in the obvious head of a hammerhead shark. However where the flat jaw of the shark would have set came to rest Clair's face, followed by her torso, arms, breasts, and waist.

Jen then felt an new sensation as her arms sucked into her sides while her middle split and copied. The disorientation was so great Jen blacked out for only a few seconds as she realized she'd just devided down the middle. Her body felt familiar to her though. She knew she was a cock in function. She still had a head, neck, shoulders, breasts, torso, stomach, and waist. She was attached at the hips of Clare's eel-naga body by her own hips, but she had two bodies side by side.

In summery, Clair now sat cramped into the coil of her hundred feet long ribbon eel body attached at her hips, her blue skinned human body with a hammerhead shark's head attached to the back of her skull, while jen had double and became her 2foot long armless girl cock.

Jen sensing that the change was over used both her heads to caugh, producing one pill each. "Well, we've increased our output by 50%" Jen said sarcastically, looking up at her sister. After a long silent pause. Jen said "do you want to try again?"

Clair replied with...

* "Yes, all three of us this time, maybe that'll help"


Re: Transform or Dare: Little White Pills

Things get complicated.

Whoever has agreed they spit and swallowed three pills at once. Almost immediately their transformation began, their entire joint body began to melt and change color to a transparent green. They knew that they were going to become some creature made of slime, but something unexpected happened and the situation became more complicated.

Due to the size of their transforming body, they ended up touching the piles and lines spitting, which ended up entering their body and dissolving, thus starting a chain reaction.Their body lost all definition and expanded, thus absorbing all the pills they had spit out, and so they all acted on them at the same time.

Jen and Claire were soon completely liquefied and their volume had increased so much that they were taking up the entire room. Being in this form they could see the room that was technically inside them, as well as feel the transformations of each pill dispute which one would prevail in them. They stayed like that for hours in the longest transformation they've ever gone through, and for all time they could not even communicate with each other, until finally there was a change in the situation. It was already starting to dawn when the sisters' liquefied body began to decrease in volume, eventually starting to take shape and solidify.

When she felt that the transformation was finally over and she could move again, Jen found out what had happened to them. She thought she had totally changed back to normal once again, but the first thing out of the ordinary that she found was that on her face, instead of her mouth, there was a hard cock pointing downwards instead of her mouth, which was accompanied by a ballsack that was above its base. She then looked down and the first thing she saw was her breasts perfectly normal as they always were and being in their usual spot, but there were also another pair of breasts at her waist, and below that, where her pussy would normally be, was Claire's upside-down head looking at her. Like her, Claire also had a dick in her face that looked like it was upside down, with the balls up instead of her nose. She then noticed the presence of her sister's arms coming out from her side and thus noticing that her own legs came out over her bodymate's shoulders in this bizarre conjoinment. Then she confirmed Claire's legs coming off her shoulders and that her head was in the middle.

The last confirmation was made when she looked in the mirror and noticed that there were two asses behind them, each one just below the base of the other's neck from behind, and neither of them had an anus.

Knowing their situation, Jen and Claire realized they were in big trouble. They were splitting the body only upside down, but they only shared what they could feel and the movements of their torso while each one could only feel and move their own arms and legs. They also noticed that it was Jen's dick that was in Claire's face and vice versa. and even then they couldn't feel each other's pleasure, which led them to believe that even orgasms would not be shared. Now it was almost time for them to go to school, but because they didn't have a mouth, they were unable to speak and spit out more pills. they couldn't even try one of the ones they had spit out earlier as they had all been consumed by themselves during their transformation.

* They try to find a lost pill.


Re: Transform or Dare: Little White Pills

Desperate times

This was bad! Very bad! No bodily entrences, not the traditional kind anyhow. Top that with the lack of any pills, this could be the end of Jen and Clair's fun...

Jen still on her feet awkwardly moved to the shattered remains of their desk. Sifting through the wreckage she found paper and pens. Not an easy task as her waist and Clair's clashed togther. In their overlapping bodies. If Jen could put it into words, it was like having overalls stuck around your knees with her legs restricted and her back stiff from Claire's legs.

Finding cleared space Jen lay on her back and Clair with her. Both took a pen and paper and began writing, the movement of laying down however rocked their respective cocks in their mouths only encouraging their perpetual deep throating.

J: we need a pill

C: there has to be one somewhere.
the shop? Diana?

Between writing both girls watched as their cheeks blew in and sucked blowing each other off. They briefly wondered how they were breathing but as they continued to suck/be sucked off the other it was a fleeting thought. Still stimulated they continued to write.

J: no last ones went to fox and dog

C: Mrs. Watson?

J: knowing her, already used.

Their questioning was interrupted as they both came down eachothers throats. The release was amazing haveung been forcibly deep throated, the hit cum rusing diwn their gullets. Most surprising was the amount, minutes passed and spurt after spurt flowed down into their stomachs. They watched as their shard abdomen slowly rose like a warm dough into a sloshing potbelly. When they finally stopped cumming they layed flat on their back, both happy for their lack of cleanup required, had they not been self contained they likely wouldn't have anything to communicate with.

In their afterglow, Jen shot up scribbling frantically

J: FAIR !!!

Feeling her other half jostle Clair rose up to look too.

C: Fair?

J: the craft fair! The dust! It has to have settled! Or a chunk from the huge pills is hidden somewhere!

C: Jen your a genus!

Clair pushed herself to the wall, slowing Jen to rise against it and stand, their cum filled belly continued to shift and jiggle, drooping slightly twords Clair as Jen became upright. She stiffly jogged out their room and down the enormous hall, past their dinning room where their four parents were still screwing. They bees fly watched as Jen's and Clair's mothers were kissing passionately one their hands and knees as their fathers humped them doggy style.

Jen waved her arms in a hurried motion when one of the Martha fairies flew over head. It was the red winged Marthaher her 25foot hight challenged by the 20foot horse cock that swayed with her flight.

The large fairy swooped down to their girls shocked with their condition.

"Oh my goodness girls! What happened too you? Can you breath? Do you need to go to the hospital?" She began to panic.

Jen pulled up her paper and scribbled out her response.

J: were ok, but were out of pills and stuck like this.

Clair did the same with her arms holding it to Martha, who turned her head to try and read it. Clair realized her mistake and flipped the paper right side up for her to read.

C: don't seem to need air ATM. But we fill up with cum.

She then poked her belly to show their maid.

"Oh, that can't be good..."

J: no, but we know where some pills might be. Can you fly us to the craft fair in Shepfield?

"Of curse girls, this is an emergency! I dout your parents will mind that its so late, ill tell them everthing once their not so 'busy'..." She trailed off. Perhaps out of jealousy it sounded like. Their parents were just screwing all night long now while the Martha's were still hard at work.

The red wing Martha fairy bent down to scoop up the girls in her massive arms. And her fairy wings became to buzz like a hummingbird as she took off.

Jeen quickly rose her paper into Martha's face before she got too far off the ground.

J: stop at pir bathroom first

Martha shrugged and zoomed off down the enormous hall back to their rooms. Across the football field wide hall a small door sat in their ground, this was Jen and Clair's bathroom. They went inside and Jen fished an eye drop bottle for her summer allergies from the medicine cabinet.

Back in the hall Martha waited, scooping the girls up again then zipping off through the enormous house.

Martha seemed to follow the the same route Jen, Clair, and Lucy had taken a few days ealier through the woods and hills that separated the rural towns. Jen made a note to come back to the uncivilized wilds out here. Away from people or the ever present but blocked out hum of electricity, it was calming. The pills effects could really let them go wild out here too, nothing to bother or stop them.

Her focus returned when Martha spoke down to them. "Ok girls, were almost there i think? It's hard to see without any lights below"

True to the statement Jen and Clair could only see the black of ground off set by the dark blue of night sky, this might be harder then they thought.

Martha set them down among the many rows of stands and tents. In the dark the girls could do little to aid their search. Martha helped as best they could but a'lass her transformation had only gifted her wings, hight, and a phonepoll sized horse cock, nothing to aid in the low to no light of midnight.

Eventually the girls had wondered to the stone central path of the fairgrounds and made their way to the cross roads where they had created the epicenter of their transformative pill cloud.

"You girls wait here, I'm going to try and find some kind of light." Martha instructed, zipping off over the tent roofs of the stalls.

Jen and Clair did what they could hopeing at this point that they might get lucky. Jen ran her fingers over stalls, table, props, and even tarps hopeing that after 2days their might be some residue of the dusted pills left over.

Clair patted her hands along the ground in any little cracks or nooks her flailing arms could find as she patted around in the dark. A task made infinitely more difficult since her perspective was upside down. Still she found small crumblelly lumps in her search, collecting them in hopes they weren't just food crumbs or dirt clumps.

Jen after collecting some dirt on her fingers pinched the cap off her eye drops and sprinkled the residue into it. Clair handed her findings to the Jen who pinched and grounded them into the bottle as well, hopeing whatever trace amounts of the magic pills they had found, would be enough to get them at least one mouth back.

Jen raised the dropper to her eye in the dark and squeezed gently, feeling a few drips on her cheek she adjusted and felt the splash on her eyelids, blinking to help the formula feed into her tearducts...

* The dropper worked, but since nobody knew they had used a pill reality shifts


Re: Transform or Dare: Little White Pills

A Crisis Averted With the Best Outcome

As the mystery blend of eyedrops, dirt, crumbs and powder worked its way into Jen's tearducts, there wasn't an immediate reaction. However, just as Jen and Clair were about to despair, they could feel a familiar warmth and arousal build up in their conjoined body. "Please let this work out for the better," they both mentally pleaded.

As the transformation began, Jen and Clair's shared belly began to deflate to its normal, toned shape. Their dicks also slowly shrunk as their faces returned to normal. Moments after they questioned if they were returning to a "normal" form, the transformation took a sudden turn. Clair's head, arms and legs all were quickly absorbed into their body, leaving Jen looking like a regular person with two belly buttons. Her legs then fused together into a wide tube that rapidly began elongating. Recognizing that she was growing a snake tail like a lamia, she watched as it stretched out to be nearly 60 feet long and grew light and dark green scales in a pattern similar to that on a python.

As Jen questioned what happened to Clair, her answer came in short order as Jen's head moved over as a new head grew in to her left, quickly taking on Clair's features. Next, they felt their torso shift as it grew a bit longer, with three new pairs of arms growing beneath their current pair. Additionally, they grew two more pairs of breasts, and all six breasts swelled up to a G cup size as their nipples turned into mouths. Finally, their genitals changed with their pussy splitting into three copies of itself, and two 8-foot long prehensile dicks grew out above them.

When the transformation finished, the girls felt incredibly horny from the effects of the powdered pill. Unable to contain themselves, they turned their heads towards each other and began kissing. Their many hands began fingering their pussies and groping their breasts, often sucking their fingers with their lipples. Their tentacle-like dicks were not idle either, and each found a breast to give them a blow job. It took less than five minutes for all this combined stimulus to bring them to orgasm.

To Jen and Clair's surprise, the orgasm caused them to feel like they were about to transform. A pressure built up in their torso as if it were being pulled two ways. Soon, a crease appeared along the middle of their body as they began splitting away from each other, the separation going all the way 20 feet along their snake body. The two halves reformed what they lost, each torso having it's own Jen and Clair heads. Additionally, each of their dicks split in two as well, leaving them with four penises on each torso, and the clits inside their pussies also split in two.

"Wow," Jen exclaimed, panting while trying to catch her breath.

"Well," Clair replied with two big grins, "it looks like we have a lot more mouths at least, eh?"

"Yeah, maybe we better stick with this form for a while so we don't get into an emergency like that again. Plus, this is perfect for business."

"Hey Jen," Clair asked, "do you think we could go for one more round before we head back with Martha? I don't know why I still feel this horny even after we just came."

"It's not just you," Jen answered, "I feel it too. Maybe the pill was more potent because it was ground into powder? Anyway, let's try to make it quick so we don't make Martha wait too long."

Saying this, Jen pulled their other torso in for a sloppy double-headed kiss. They quickly found that kissing with their lipples was an extremely erotic experience, and having two torsos made getting off even easier than before. Before long, both of Jen and Clair's torsos experienced large orgasms. And just like last time, they felt their bodies subdivide, leaving them as a four-branched hydra-lamia. Their dicks and clits multiplied too, giving each torso eight tentacle-dicks and three clits per pussy.

A couple minutes later, Martha returned. "Did you find the ingredient you lost?"
"Ingredient...?" Clair asked.
"Yeah, the pill ingredient you said you accidentally left behind at the fair?" Martha replied.

After a couple seconds, it clicked for Jen that reality must have shifted, changing the reason why they went out to the fair in the middle of the night. "Yeah, we found it," Jen quipped. "Shall we head back now?"

* Martha tells them there isn't enough time before school to go home first, so they go straight there


Re: Transform or Dare: Little White Pills

changing people the old way

Martha reminded the sisters that it was getting very late and they wouldn't have time to get home before they went to school.

Jen and Claire realized that she was right, but it would still give them time to walk to school right from where they were. They asked their maid to leave alone and that they would go their own, they did it because they wanted to have a little fun like before on their way to school. Martha then said goodbye to them and flew straight to their house.

Their first victim of the day was a man who was wearing a suit, he appeared to be an executive and was sitting in a coffee shop drinking a cup of coffee. Jen distracted him by asking him for information, meanwhile Claire took the time to spit a pill into his coffee. Upon answering their question he took a sip of his coffee and quickly began to transform. First his clothes completely disappeared and his cock and balls inverted into a vagina. A pair of breasts grew on his chest along with three pairs that grew just below, at the same time four more pairs of breasts grew out of his back. His arms were absorbed by his body, his torso thickened, becoming fully cylindrical, and then four more pairs of breasts grew on either side of him, leaving him with four rings formed by 8 G-cup breasts each surrounding his body. His hair was absorbed by his head, just as his face disappeared, Then his head stretched and the skin at the tip retracted, revealing that it had become a two-foot-long cock. Her feet became hands and then each of her legs split into four, Which they turned each faced in a different direction, making a complete turn around her. In the seven new spaces between her legs, in each one opened a new pussy. as soon as the transformation was over she got up from her chair, her hands on the table and revealing that underneath her, where her eight legs met, there was her face, and so she went back to drinking her coffee.

After proceeding a little further the sisters saw two girls who caught their attention. In addition to the uniform that indicated they were from a different school, they walked arm in arm and one of them carried special equipment. Looking straight into the girls's faces they noticeded that the one carrying the equipment was blind, with that Claire realized that the equipment she was carrying was a Braille typing machine. Jen and Claire then pretended not to have noticed the presence of the girls and bumped into them on purpose, taking advantage of the moment of impact to spit two hounds through their lipples straight into the girls' mouths.

Almost immediately the clothes of the two girls disappeared without leaving a trace of their existence. A ballsack formed hanging below the blind girl's chin, followed by four testicles that fell into it. Her teeth fell out and disappeared, meanwhile her lips changed and her mouth turned and became vertical, thus becoming a pussy and merging with her nose, which became a clit. Her breasts grew rapidly from their original B-cup to F-cup, along with that her nipples opened into a pair of mouths. She also grew a second pair of arms below the original. Eventually her original vagina closed completely, leaving a smooth space for a short time before swelling up. the twin sisters expected a dick to grow between the blind girl's legs, but they were surprised when a nipple appeared, completing the formation of a breast there.

For the blind girl's friend, her arms were absorbed into her body and her legs merged, thus absorbing her feet. Her entire body lost definition and she fell to the floor as all her bones had dissolved, her entire body had become one big cylinder and the only things that were still there were her breasts and pussy. Her transformation continued with her cylindrical body thinning a little, her breasts moving to her back and rising until they were positioned behind her head, meanwhile her pussy went down until it stopped right at the end where her feet used to be. What was left of her body stiffened and her pussy opened, a piece of pink flesh came out of it, which was nothing more than the tip of a dick. In the end she was just a head with her breasts right behind her, and down all the rest of her body becoming a four foot long cock with a pussy on the edge of her foreskin.

"We're sorry. We got distracted and didn't see you coming our way." Jen and Claire said at the same time and using some of their hands, they lifted the blind girl and her friend up.

"No, it was my fault. I had promised my friend here that I would make it through lunch without getting horny, but this is harder than I expected and i was having a hard time concentrating, thanks to that I'm getting horny and lost the bet." the blind girl said and opened her eyes, but instead of eyesballs, two hard cocks came out of her eye socket. She then pawed the floor until she found her friend and got up with her in hand "No doubt you must have seen that my friend and I are mutants. As I don't have eyes I can't see, but my friend lets me use her as a cane for the blind so I can get around.

"The problem is that in order to work I have to be hard and with that I can't pay attention properly on the way." the blind girl's friend said.

"I'm sorry, but I'm just so horny and I can't hold back anymore.You must know that we mutants have very high libidos, I just have to do it, I hope you don't feel uncomfortable about it." the blind girl said

"You don't have to worry about it, they are mutants just like us and by the way their dicks are hard they are very horny too." the blind girl's friend said

"That's right, that's great. Would you like to join us then?" The blind girl said, but Jen and Claire declined the invitation saying they were late for an appointment, saying goodbye to them afterwards and continuing on their way to school.

* They make more victims.


Re: Transform or Dare: Little White Pills

an interesting victim

Shortly after leaving the mutant friends behind they found another victim, a woman who was sitting on the bench in the square near the school and appeared to be lost. They approached the woman and asked what her problem was, to which she responded by saying "Thanks for caring about me. I came to Cidade to visit my daughter, but I forgot that I didn't have her address, but I know that she studies at this school and I decided to wait for her to arrive to meet her. But I got very thirsty and I'm afraid of losing her if I leave here." They then offered to buy a woman a bottle of water which she refused, but nevertheless, they did and took the opportunity to mix a pill in the water.

The woman thanked them and drank the water, almost immediately starting her transformation. First her clothes completely disappeared, so three new pairs of breasts grew below her originals. Her hands shrank into paws as her arms became canine forelegs, so did her legs, which became a dog's hind legs. She was forced to all fours by the transformation as a tail grew out behind her. Finally her pussy sealed and inverted and a ballsack, quickly filled by a pair of massive testicles, quickly followed by a shealth from which came a pair of hard canine dicks. With her transformation completed into being partially animal and human shemale, the bottle of water that had been bought for her earlier was gone and in its place was a bowl of water, and she had an expression of complete satisfaction by drinking the water.

"What are you doing with my mother?" They looked to see who had said that and saw that it was Kylie, the robot girl who used to be Kyle, the one who started that whole wave of transformations which the sisters followed for pure fun.

"Hi Kylie, we finally met. These kind girls just gave me some water, you don't have to be mad about it." The woman, who they now knew was Kyle's mother, said and sat on the floor, arching up and started licking the tips of her cocks.

Kylie totally ignored her mom and walked towards Jen and Claire saying "How dare you? Now that's enough, I have to put a stop to this. I cast the curse on you as revenge and not for your amusement. I was letting you have fun even though more and more mutants appeared in the city and with society changing, treating them as if their existence wasn't strange and this was just a condition they were born with, But now that you've praised my mother in this, you're going to pay for it."

"Kylie, stop it now. I didn't raise you to be rude like that." the robot girl's mother said and jumped on her, knocking her to the ground and then sitting on top of her "Now as punishment you'll have to make me come until I'm satisfied."And tried to shove one of her cocks into her robot daughter's mouth." Jen and Claire took advantage of the situation and left, entering the school.

* They go to a private room to produce more pills. They go to a private room to produce more pills.


Re: Transform or Dare: Little White Pills

Transformation, sex, and other drugs

Jen and Clair far removed from the cares of actually worrying about school headed off to the bathroom at the farthest end if the building. The bathroom in question was so out of the way that it rarely got used. The whole school knew it to be a safe haven to skip classes, hook up, or ride out a buzz. It was likely they wouldn't be disturbed.

When they arrived the hydra-naga that was Jen and Clair were elated to see an unused garbage can placed in the corner, freshly changed for the day. They removed the flap lid and all 4 bodies encircled the empty can. Unceremoniously all their pairs of breasts and heads became coughing up the small white pills into the receptively, in moments the bin was half full.

"Jen' Clair? You alright? your not blowing chunks or something are you.?" Came a sluggish voice from behind them. One of the bodies turned to face the speaker while the others pushed the can out of view.

The speaker turned out to be Mitch McDow, easily one of the top 3 if not number one pot heads on campus. In circles Mitch claimed to have a hook up for just about anything fun and non life threatening. Molly, LSD, shrooms, and every bud imaginable. How he managed to never get caught was anyone's guess. Even now the skunky smell of burning hemp began to seep into the bathroom.

Jen and Clair quickly formed their plan with their combined brainpower before having their other bodies pile pills from the can into their concealed hand and starting their act.

"Hey Mitch, yeah, we were hacking." Jen began.
"A friend gave us this psychotropic and we thought we could handle it..." Clair picked up.
"But we didn't take it too well." Continued Jen.

"Rad! I mean, I hope your alright." Mitch cheered before lowering his tone to concearn.

"Yeah, we're fine, but were not taking anymore of these." Jen said, revealing her hand filled with pills and turning to throw them out.

"Whoe!" Mitch shouted "hay, if you can't take them why not let me have them, no sence throwing out a good time, right? Ill pay you back for them, maybe a trade? You know I got hook ups on like, whatever your into. Probably find you some good mutant strangth stuff." Mitch encouraged.

"Mutant strangth?" Clair asked, clearly surprised such a thing existed.

"Yeah, totally I can swap you some. Take me a bit to get ahold of but I can"

Jen relied quickly "sure, deal!" Not really caring about the trade, but rather putting more unknown pills into circulation.

She dumped the pills into his hands. Mitch quickly produced a small plastic bag from his pocket. Something Jen or Clair were not surprised by.

"Sweet!" He mumbled taking a pill for himself and popping it in his mouth. "English class is always such a drag, hopefully this will pass the time."

Jen and Clair watched as Mitch's thin stringy form swelled in the bathrooms small space.

His cloths burst off as his arms swelled with veiny muscles to the size of trees! Each arm becoming as long as he was tall.his fingers fused into two large digits as big as eggplants and he quickly adopted a stance of walking in his hulking arms! His chest broadened to 4 times its size, on scale with his massive arms. Three bulging pecs dominated his torso with 2 inch long erect nipple. a never before seen 9 pack, that is 3 rows of three, covered his stomach.

His cock burst from his pants and along with his legs became limp but grew to 15 feet long as they grew to a foot thick and morphed into prehensile horse cocks.

His jaw grew three times its size as thick yellow tusks grew up from his face in a brutish grin. Each tusk reaching over his head and dominating his face. This last fact became less important as his eyes grew twice their size and merged into one large cyclopean eye

The girls were nearly forced put of the bathroom, their four hydra bodies and tail fighting for room with the hulking man that was now Mitch McDow as the final touch sprouted across his body. Thick carpets of hair dominated his chests, underarms, and crotch. The room now filled with not only the scent of pot but also excessive testosterone.

"Hang on girls, I gota release some tension." Mitch said as the pills made him horny and unaware of his TF having believed them to be just drugs.

Standing on his fists he arched his three cocks over the stalls and with what seemed to be the ability to ejaculate at will cam into the stalls, presumably into the toilets. That didn't matter though as Jen and Clair watched with fascination as thick white cum splashed onto the floor and seeped out under the stalls like the toilets were all clogged. Judging by how thick the overcharged testosterone fueled cum was crawling along the floor like portage, they probably were!

All the while Mitch screamed a deep bellowing bassy moan, head arched twords the ceiling only inches from his face. The girls took their chance and pulled the can and its contents into the hall and out of sight.

Minutes later when the bathroom was overflowing with cum, Mitch finished his release and turned, looking back at the hydra-naga Jen and Clair.

"Sorry there, you know how it goes, when you gota cum you gota let it cum. Anyways ill find you something fun in exchange for these." In his hand (yes he propped his whole body up on one arm) he held the baggy of pills.

"Or, if you like, we can do some kind of other payment." He raised his still dripping cocks into the air and with his one eye blinked at then, with his best suducimg smile his obscured face could put out. The body language was enough to pick up the hit though.

* Jen and Claire stash the pill can away and attend their second period class


Re: Transform or Dare: Little White Pills

Adjusting the Ratio of Transformed Classmates

Jen and Claire decided to pass on Mitch's offer. They were tempted, but they wanted to get the half-full trash can somewhere it wouldn't be noticed during school. Luckily one of their bodies was enough to carry the can while they slithered down the hall. Their destination was an abandoned classroom that had long since been unofficially converted into a storage room for various junk. The sisters managed to find a corner to set the can down, the once packed room now substantially larger thanks to reality changing to accommodate students and staff that had grown due to the pills last week.

Since they had long since missed their first class of the day, the sisters decided to take a bit of time and finish filling the garbage can with pills. With the incredible output their current form had it took less than ten minutes to fill the can up to the brim, the sisters figuring that there must be several thousand pills inside now.

With there still being several minutes before the start of their next class, Jen and Claire decided to spend that time blowing off a bit of steam, as they were still horny from watching Mitch's transformation. The sisters paired off their four bodies and had them fuck each other, three of their cocks fucking the other bodies pussies while the other five were either shoved into a lipple or jerked off by several hands. It wasn't long before the sisters felt the now all too familiar sensation of a building orgasm and they were soon cumming from all fifty-six of their genitals. Just as the previous two times, their orgasm was accompanied by the amount of torsos they had, as well as their number of cocks and clits, multiplied. Jen and Claire now had eight total branches, each with sixteen cocks and four clits in each of their three pussies.

"I wonder if there's a limit to our multiplication?" wondered Claire

"Hopefully, this is already starting to get out of hand and I wouldn't want to be forced to transform out of this body just because it got too unwieldy.”

“Yeah, this form is really nice, especially since it lets us mass produce pills.”

Soon the bell signalling the end of first period chimed, and the sisters began heading to their second period class, which happened to be math class. Their math teacher was still Mrs Lane, one of the first people Jen and Claire had transformed with their pills, back when they were forced to spit one out every hour. She had also pulled the sisters aside for a quickie before class after transforming. It seems all the layered reality adjustments since then had affected Mrs Lane quite a bit, as back then she took the sisters to a secluded bathroom to have sex in private. When the sisters entered the classroom however, they saw their teacher sitting on her desk while a student, whom Jen and Claire recognized as Jake, was busy pleasuring the teachers' cocks. Jake, still a lamia with various snakeified appendages, was giving all three of Mrs Lane's cocks a simultaneous blowjob with her mouth and two snake arms while her nest of snake hair licked and rubbed the teachers six breasts. While this was happening Jake's snake cocks were sucking on her snake nipples in an act of self pleasure that even to Jen and Claire looked strange.

Since none of the other students seemed to be paying the scene in front of them any mind, Jen and Claire decided to follow suit and simply take their seat, “seat” in this case meaning an empty spot behind their desk for them to rest on their coiled tail. While they waited for class to start Jen and Claire took a quick look at the students, noticing that most of their classmates were still untransformed, with only a half dozen other visibly transformed students. The sisters mentally decided to try to fix that during class as Mrs Lane and Jake finished up and got themselves ready for the bell.

As class began in earnest, Jen and Claire realized that they only really needed to pay attention with one of their torsos, a fact that they quickly made use of to help increase the mutant population of this class. Each of the sisters' seven free torsos chose an untransformed student that they then made their way over to. Once their torsos were in position the sisters had one of each torso pull their chosen classmate into a kiss with one of their various mouths while simultaneously feeding them a pill before pulling back to watch the transformations take place.

One of the bodies chose Forrest, a short, blonde haired boy who was taken aback by suddenly being kissed by one of Jen and Claire's lipples. His transformation began with his hair brightening to a neon blue colour and growing into a pair of waist-length pigtails that fan into foot wide cones that somehow manged to maintain their shape. His face became that of a cute girl, the rest of his body quickly following suit, leaving him with a thin and lithe, but still noticeably feminine, body. His, or perhaps now her, plain T-shirt and jeans transformed into a stereotypical anime-like sailor-style uniform with barely any sleeves and a mini-skirt that left her plain white panties exposed from almost any angle. The front of theses panties were then split apart by a hole that formed for her growing cock. This appendage quickly reached a full two feet long and six inches thick before finally stopping, resting against its owner's almost completely flat chest. The cocks tip was covered by foreskin that soon pulled back to reveal a identical copy of Forrest's head, only on a slightly smaller scale.

“Hey,” said Forrest's cock-face, “If you're gonna kiss me like that you might as well kiss both my mouths you know?”

Meanwhile, two rows back a red-headed girl named Sasha had been chosen by Claire. Her shirt immediately vanished as her breasts exploded into a pair of orbs that extended a foot and a half from her chest. Her legs split into eight spider legs while her butt became a massive spider abdomen, all covered in dark red chitin. The skin on her breasts took on a bumpy texture, as if they were now filled with dozens of round objects. Her nipples then grew out into nine-inch long tubes as thick as soda cans, which were immediately distended by a pair of lumps that began travelling up their lengths. When they reached the tips of her nipples they were revealed to be a pair of walnut-sized eggs. Upon seeing this Sasha quickly pulled Jen and Claire's body closer and shoved her nipples into a lipple each before they began ejecting more of their eggs into their respective breasts.

“Sorry about this, but I don't want to have to clean up my eggs again. They're unfertilized so feel free to just swallow them.”

While this was happening, another of Jen and Claire's bodies had fed a pill to Skye, a tall, thin, brunette girl who was a member of the track team. The girl's six-foot tall frame began to compress, with the excess mass seemingly being given to her breasts and butt. By the time she had finished shrinking, she was somewhere around four and a half feet tall, with breasts twice the size of her head and a hips wider than her shoulders, complete with a behind that stuck out almost a full foot. The track pants she was wearing began to show the unmistakable bulge of a cock snake down one leg, going all the way down to the knee. Also viable was a watermelon scrotum that pulled the crotch of her pants tight around it. Soon wet spots began to appear on her pants and shirt as the tip of her cock and her erect nipples began lacking pre-cum and milk respectively. A spaded tail then grew from her spine which was quickly accompanied by a pair of bat wings with a wingspan of three feet unfurling from her waist. The newly transformed succubus attempted to cover her leaking tits with her hands as her cheeks turned beet red.

“Oh god... I hate when I start leaking in class...”

Another of Jen and Claire's targets was Evan, a short, nerdy kid who had been attentively taking notes before being forced into a kiss with Jen. His dark brown hair grew down until it began pooling on the floor behind him, while his ears took on a distinctly horse-like shape. His pale, pudgy face was replaced with a chiselled, tanned, womanly visage. His body began to stretch upwards, his previously chubby five foot six form became that of a ten foot tall female bodybuilder, with thighs as thicker than her waist and a pair of basketball sized tits resting above her six-pack. It seems that her proportions were too extreme for any type of clothing to fit her as she now sat completely naked, giving the sisters a perfect view of the rest of her changes. From the knee-down her legs became those of a horse, a pair of hooves now replacing her feet. Her hair, which now came down just past her toned ass, was parted by an equine tail that hung low enough to brush against the floor. Finally, her cock and balls pulsed larger and larger until a four foot long horsecock as thick as a two-litre bottle slapped against her chin, with a ballsack the size of a pumpkin pressed between her massive thighs.

“Come on you two, how am I supposed to focus on my notes now that you got me worked up?”

Just one seat over, Claire had deposited a pill into the mouth of Naomi, a shy trans girl who had gotten breast implants over spring break, surprising everyone when she showed up in a top that accentuated her new E cups. Her transformation began with her chair vanishing, causing her to fall down onto all fours. Her arms and legs were rapidly covered in black and brown fur, the limbs becoming canine legs in the process. The fur continued to spread across her body in much the same way, transforming whatever it covered into a more dog-like form. Her face pushed out into a muzzle and a tail sprouted from her tailbone, her penis became knotted and tapered and her balls were covered in fur. Her breasts however, remained prominently on her chest, refusing to be overtaken by her canine torso. Her head also still had her short cut blonde hair with a red streak on the bangs. Her body then began to grow until she stood five feet at the shoulder. Her breasts, penis, and balls didn't stop when the rest of her body did however, causing her sexual attributes to become disproportionately large compared to her already quite large feral canine body. Her breasts, now made of completely natural tit flesh, hung past her ankles, the nipples almost touching the floor. Her cock came past her shoulders, passing between her massive breasts, while her balls had become only slightly smaller than her tits. Her last change was a canine vagina opening up above her testicles. The giant, feral, dog sat down on her haunches, a microphone and laptop appearing on her desk with a speech to text program open.

“W-why did you do that?” yipped Naomi, a thick blast of pre-cum shooting out of her cock and splashing Jen and Claire in their chest.

One of Jen and Claire's body's had gone to the back seat, where Tobias, a member of the football team, had been taking a nap. The sisters decided not to interrupt his rest and simply dropped a pill into his mouth. The football player's tall, muscular, body was quickly replaced with one you might expect from a cheerleader: a narrow waist with wide hips, long blond hair, and a pair of H-cup breasts. Well, that last one was perhaps a bit unusual, even by the strange standards of the current cheer team. The newly feminized Tobias' changes weren't over yet however, as her shoes faded away while her feet became a pair of avian talons, the transformation spreading all the way up to just past her knees, where her thighs then grew a layer of feathers the same shade as her hair. Her shirt then transformed into an open backed tank-top as a pair of feathered wings grew from her back, each one longer than their owner was tall. Tobias continued to sleep on, her snoring now sounding a bit more like the chirping of a bird.

The final target of Jen and Claire's assault was Ian, an average-looking guy that neither sister really knew much about. His transformation, much like the other guy's so far, started with him feminizing. However, unlike the others his entire outfit was also drastically changed. Girl-Ian wore nothing but a bodysuit made entirely out of fishnet, a pair of green heart-shaped pasties covering her nipples. This outfit gave the sisters, as well as anyone else, a clear view of her entire body, from her shapely legs and narrow hips to her F-cup breasts. The only parts of her below the neck not covered by fishnet were her bare feet, hands and her crotch, which now held a cock that hung down to its owner's ankles and a pair of balls the size of baseballs. Her transformation continued with her hair, now a deep black, growing down past her knees. Her bangs were then parted by a pair of feather-like antennae that folded down over her ears. A mane of black fluff grew around her neck and two pairs of fuzzy, white and black moth wings grew from her shoulders, completing her transformation. The newly transformed moth woman surprised the sisters when she leaned into them and began aggressively making out with the lipple they had shoved into her mouth. After breaking the kiss, Ian shot the sisters a sultry look.

“If you want to continue this, meet me in the west wing bathroom during lunch.”

Having simultaneously witnessed seven transformations, the sisters had once again grown horny, each of their one hundred twenty-eight cocks beginning to dribble precum. Before they could begin to act on their urges however, a sharp reprimand came from Mrs Lane.

“Jen and Claire! Just because you only need to focus on class with one body doesn't mean that you can distract the other students!”

Jen and Claire quickly apologized and brought all of their bodies back over to their desk. With Mrs Lane keeping a close eye on them they spent the rest of the class simply focusing on the lesson, planning to deal with their lust after class.

* They immediatally go to meet up with Ian


Re: Transform or Dare: Little White Pills

Fun with a moth-girl, after some insurance

After class ended, Jen and Claire decided they would meet up with Ian, who now apparently went by the name Ianina, since they still were horny from their shennanigans during class. Due to their size, the sisters let everyone else leave the classroom first, not failing to catch the wink Ianina shot their way as she left. Just as Claire was about to guide their shared bodies out the door, Jen stopped her.

"Wait, Claire, there's something I want to do first."
"What's up?" Claire replied.
"I was thinking about earlier," Jen continued, "when we were discussing our current form and hoping it wouldn't get too out of hand. I think I have an idea that could help us going forward, and take a bit of pressure off. I'm going to use the curse on you, and I need you to choose Transform."
"Okay, I trust you," Claire responded.

"Transform or Dare?"
"Alright," Jen started, "for your transformation, almost nothing about our current situation will change, we can still spit up random transformation pills at will, and the current rules for reality and awareness will still reply. However, if three pills are taken at the same time, our current form as of this moment will be set as the transformation. So if we were to take three pills at once later on, regardless of our form at that time, we would return to being an eight-branched hydra-lamia with the extras we have now. Additionally, further splits to our number of torsos will no longer double how many cocks we have on each body."

"So now we have a fallback if we have a bad transformation later on?" Claire asked.
"Well, seeing as we're enjoying this form so much right now, seems as good as any to save as a default."
"Excellent, you're a genius!" Claire exclaimed before adding, "that said, something stood out with your wording. You didn't lock the three pills at once thing to just us."
"Oh really?" Jen asked, a bit puzzled. "Oh well, seems unlikely if we're careful. Maybe the curse will be smart enough to only apply it to us anyway. Shall we head to the west wing now?"

Nodding in agreement, the sisters slithered their way to the west wing restroom for some fun time with Ianina. Upon entering, they found the bathroom was much, much larger than they remembered, probably due to the increasing mutant population of the school affecting reality. It looked completely empty inside, but just as they were about to question if they missed Ianina, the moth girl flew down from near the ceiling lights, landing on one of the hydra's torsos and starting to make out with one of Claire's heads.

"Mmmph, did I startle you?" Ianina asked, breaking the kiss. "You kept me waiting long enough, don't you see how hard I am?" saying that, the futa pointed to her cock, which must have been six feet long at full hardness.
"Sorry," Jen replied, coming up with an excuse, "we ran into a teacher in the hallway on the way here, so were got a bit detained."
"Alright, but please, I need it bad!" the moth girl pleaded.

Smiling, Jen and Claire moved more of their bodies closer, having one hug Ianina from behind and pressing their boobs into her back while reaching their arms to the front to begin kneading her large breasts and stroking her stomach. Meanwhile, three more of their torsos congregated around the moth's cock, playfully stroking it with several hands. Using four heads at once, Jen spoke in a sultry tone, """"My, haven't you been a needy girl.""""

Instantly, Ianina's cock twitched as it tried to get even harder. Jen and Claire's three bodies around the cock then pulled it into a triple paizuri, creating three rings of cleavage sliding up and down its precum-coated surface. As they slid up and down, they stimulated it further by licking it with their lipples, and they used all six of their actual mouths to lick and suck on the tip of the cock. Meanwhile, the other four bodies that were left outside of the action turned to each other and began to satisfy themselves.

It didn't take long for the sensation of twenty-four tongues on her dick to drive Ianina to orgasm, as her seed shot all over the place and her pussy leaked onto the girls holding her from behind. "Okay, now it's my turn to make you feel good." Ianina declared as she reached out to grab several of Jen and Claire's penises. Making sure to grab at least one from each of the four bodies surrounding her, she held one cock between each of her fingers, dexterously stroking off eight dicks at once. The sisters, amazed at how skillful she was, could feel orgasm coming on fast. They guided a few more of their tentacle dicks to wrap around Ianina's breasts, effectively giving them a boobjob.

The shared sensations between all eight of Jen and Claire's bodies soon reached its peak, leading to a massive orgasm that left them winded from cumming with so many cocks at once. Like clockwork, Jen and Claire's bodies began splitting in two, pushing them up to sixteen now. Additionally, they grew a fifth clit in each of their pussies. Per their recent change with the curse, they stayed at sixteen cocks per body. However, they felt an unexpected shift, and looked down to notice they grew a bit longer and wider, and now had two holes at the tip, suggesting that they still doubled in cum production. After the transformation, they no longer felt exhausted, as if they were reinvigorated.

As the sisters took stock of their changes, their attention was suddenly diverted when they felt Ianina begin licking the cum off one of their stomachs, clearly unaware of the transformation they just had.

"Wait, Ianina, if you do that we'll get hard again!" Claire protested.
"I skipped lunch to come here, so this is my meal. Would you deny me that?" she replied with a bit of a pout.

* They offer Ianina more pills without explaining that they are transformative.


Re: Transform or Dare: Little White Pills

Lieing about pills before chemistry class

Author note:
For ease of review her is the chapter from the last chemistry class adventure:

"Oh, well Ionian if your missing lunch you should have one of these"
Clair suggested, one of her obscured bodies in the back coughed up a pill and moved to the front to offer it to the moth girl. "They are meal supplements. With our huge bodies it be imposable to feed us all, one of these is usually dose the trick. Better for you too then sucking up a tone of cum" Clair said in explanation.

Ionian eye'd the pill curiously, almost questioning the validity of her words. Jen and Clair almost though that she would pass on the offer, until she popped it in her mouth and swallowed. "I suppose I have been eating alot of junk food lately, thanks girls!"

The transformation began in her crotch. Her long thin ankle length cock sucked back up like a tape measure along with her balls inverting into a neat feminin pussy once more, before it bloomed out three times its size into a fat gaping animal like vagina. It became obscured through as the fishnet around her belly bloated and sagged takeing on a pink hugh add for fat swollen teats poke out between the netting in an obvious udder growing to the size of a basketball. In the tight confines of her fishnet one suit the udder resembled a smoked ham.

To her sides her hips swelled as large as the udder themselves making her incredibly pair shaped, thick tightly confined thighs reaching further then her shoulders.

Noting this change in wieth the girls saw her arms begin to bloat and pull into themselves,as the sleeves of the fishnet overtook her hands as gloves, her thumb vanishing into the mass as it collided with her bulging elbow and the remaing four fingers became teats. The rest of her arm also settlers into a new udder shape hanging off her shoulders.

Her breats at some point had also became udders, the change largely unnoticed as the only reall shift was the addition of more nipples poking out the netting into teats.

Ionian's fuzzy collor remained, though it seemed to have become more a feature of her outfit then a part of her body, it took on the random black splotches and white underbody of a typical cow print and her lighter then air moth antini broadened into thick curved cow horns utop her head. Her wings were likewise reabsorbed into her shoulders, the delicate mass adding to her tightly confined arm udders, making them slightly larger then her breats.

Her lips then began to puff up incredibly large as though she were having an alergic reaction to a bee sting or colegin injection. Once her pouting duck face like lips had reached the size of a softball and suddenly drooped down, four small nubs an inch or so long formed pun the underside and it was clear that Ionian's lower jaw had been replaced with a mini udder.

"Hmm, not as filling as if hopped but it takes the edge of hunger off. Thanks for the fun time girls, lets catch up again later, okay?" The udder woman Ionian said as she gracefully waddled her way past, over, around, and through the hydra-naga's 16 bodies that now filled the bathroom. As she did so the girls could see her over burdened butt cheeks flex and wiggle with the words, likely indicating her mouth was now seated within the fat folds of her ass.

With no reason to remain in the bathroom the girls turned to leave, the wider body and longer tail (wich now dragged out into the hallway) bumped and shoved eachother to turn around in the small cum-slicked space. When they went to leave they found they didn't fit. Their bodies were now to wide to fit more than 2 a time through the door which would get caught up on the segmented divide of one of their sneak bodies. They backed up and tried to crowl out, stacking up for bodies ontop of eachother but still the the door was now to short to fit four bodies high.

The 16 nagas retreated back to the center of the bathroom just as the bell rang for the end of lunch.

"I hate to say it but I think we might need to change sister." Said Clair as one body observed a few girls walking to the bathroom only to see the snake tail in the floor, roll their eyes and sigh, then hurry off another direction seeming to know the bathroom was full just from the tail in the door.

"Yeah, you might be right, well have to use this body outside at some point, really get some use out of it." Said Jen as her many arms began to tease her many double-barrel cocks.

In unison the two girls 32 heads all yelled in unison "cheer practice!" As they resigned themselves to use the three pill truck to reset to their previous iteration.

Jen did the honors as she coughed up one pill and unceremoniously swallowed it again.

She quickly felt woozy as her many bodies folded back into eachother like a car wreck, even more so when her tail collided into her rear spitting out a pair of legs. She became to panic though when she landed on her feet, catching on the sink before the mirror and watched as Clair's head pressed and absorbed into her own leaving only one human body before the changes continued.

First were her eyes she watched herself blink as they shifted into a yellow amber color, the pupils becoming narrow vertical splits. Over her back she saw she still had a tail though it was clearly connected to a normal human waist. The tail was still reptilian though it was now yellow with ashy black stripes, and easily as big as her whole body. It's soft squishy barrel like form draged on the ground in an arc like one of those old dresses that made victoren era wemon look like they were caring an enormous ass. Contrary to this, Jen's rear was rather flat ad in general her whole body was skinny.

Her arms and feet likewise shared the same black yellow stripesfrom the knees and elbow down. Her hands were idly shaped now. The fingers reaching out in a stare shape and the ends bulging out into circles at the finger tips. Her feet matched her hands and as she saw her hand turn upwards without her volition saw thin layers of scales on her palm.

Jen war suddenly taken back to an old biology class where her teacher had kept a pet gecko realizing what she was. Her hands were the gripping marvels of a tree gecko while she'd inherent the leopard geckos thick decoy tail and coloring.

She then saw in ther mirror as her body moved without her input again stepping back to see her small breats now had eyes for nipples and a ragging three foot long and one foot wide cock began to become erect before her, a familiar pair of lips replacing its urithra.

"Jen, I think I'm a cock again" said Clair as her arm came to grip the massive shlong on the thin girl.

"No, not this time. You seem to control the body. I think I'm just the passenger this time!" Said Jen enjoying the helpless sensation that came along with the disembodies stroking of her shared cock.
"I can feel everything, but I can't move it."

"Why's my ass feel so big?" Clair asked not able to see as well at Jenny's breast level.

"Giant leopard gecko tail it looks like, its kinda cute really. Oh! I bet we could use it like our own personal beanbag chair!" Jen cheered.

Jen then focused. "Wait! Our next class is chemistry! Herry we need to get going!"

* They experiment with their new gecko body