Topic: Experimenting With Friends

I wrote this one six years ago, inspired by a prompt on 4chan. I never posted it here, because I was afraid it wasn't good enough. But there's not much content lately, and in retrospect, I like what I did with the prompt.

On the rare occasion that Josie was in town, Nikki almost always met her at the juice shop on Fifth Street. It was one of the few constants of the ever-growing city, and Nikki trusted that Josie could still find it after a month or a year away. Besides, it had something most of Fifth Street lacked—instead of electricity, the walls were lit by magic.

Nikki felt it latch onto her as soon as she passed through the door, a warm orange glow that danced up and down her body like flames. The employee at the counter was new this time, and he paled at the sight. "I'm so sorry, miss," he stammered. "I'll turn it down—"

"It's fine," Nikki said. "I'm used to it."

"We keep it low," the boy explained, not realizing he was digging himself deeper. "I guess something's wrong with the regulator. It shouldn't get past your resistance."

His eyes finally met hers, and he must have noticed the merry glint in them. He squeaked out another "sorry," then shut up. She wondered if he'd put two and two together, or if he just figured it was better not to ask.

The light wasn't a problem, not really. Grocery stores that used magic to keep their perishables frozen solid, those were a problem. Magic to light a stove or a fireplace, magic to scour a hospital room of germs, even magic to keep water from splashing out of a fishbowl was a danger without the innate resistance everyone else took for granted. But magic to make her glow like the setting sun, bright and radiant for her meeting with Josie . . . She enjoyed that more than she cared to admit.

Even with the added courage, her breath always caught in her throat when she saw Josie. Her longtime friend was taller, fuller-figured, softer of face and form. (Bigger-breasted, a little voice in her head added.) At the moment, she might even have been called beautiful, quietly sipping at a cup of berry juice while poring over some science magazine, her long blonde hair free and unkempt behind her. But the moment was lost when she noticed Nikki and bounded up from the table. In motion, Josie wasn't beautiful.

She was overwhelming.

"You're here! It's so good to see you again! How have you been? Still pink?" (This last with a gesture at Nikki's hair, dyed with Josie's magic to see when it would wear off.) "It goes great with the glow. Oh, it's been lonely without you, Nikki. I love Ricky, but he's such a goof sometimes. At the dig site last week—"

"Breathe, Josie," Nikki said.

Josie embraced her, and Nikki leaned into the hug. "It's good to be back," Josie said quietly.

"It's good to have you back," Nikki replied. "There's so much new stuff in town I want to show you. But first, you said you needed my help?"

Josie plopped back down in her seat with an audible thud and gestured for Nikki to join her. "We've been digging up so much stuff in the Jadehill ruins. Tools, sculptures, even weapons. I've been focused on the spellbooks, of course, but a lot of that's similar to what we already knew. Magic's come a long way in two thousand years."

"You found something new, didn't you?" Nikki guessed. "Something even you've never seen before."

"We still don't know exactly what it does," Josie explained. "It has something to do with sharing the caster's physical sensations, but there's a lot more to it than that. All we know is that it says never to use it on an animal, and never, ever to use it on something that isn't alive. Synchronizing two people's magic is hard enough when you know what you're doing, and with a spell like this, almost anything could happen. The first test has to be someone who won't resist it and leave it half-finished."

"So you need your favorite lab rat," Nikki added, smiling slightly.

"Aww, come on," Josie said, returning the grin. "It comes with a counterspell, so it can't be too bad. Besides, when have my spells ever not worked out?"

— — — —

"Nikki! Nikki! I just read about this spell that gives you ears like a cat! You'd look so cool with cat ears! Want to try it?"

Seven year-old Nikki had loved it, right up until the school had a fire drill and she learned just how loud sirens could be.

— — — —

"Nikki! Nikki! I just learned this really cool spell that makes you move twice as fast! Now Tim won't be able to make fun of you for running slower in gym!"

The problem, twelve-year-old Nikki reflected from under a pile of rubber balls, was how to stop in time.

— — — —

"Nikki! Nikki! This spell makes you super lightweight! It says you can ride a kite like a surfboard! Want to try it?"

All the spell really did was push you upwards—the less resistance you had, the more the push. Fifteen-year-old Nikki pondered false advertising while she tried to pull herself off the ceiling.

— — — —

"Don't answer that," present-day Josie said.

"Seriously, I'm happy to help," Nikki said. "Working with you is always fun, and it sounds like you won't be able to do this without me."

"We still need a few weeks to figure out how we're going to test it, anyway," Josie admitted. "In the meantime, what's this I hear about you and some boy in the garden district?"

Nikki pretended to be embarrassed, and Josie seemed to buy it, playfully pressing the subject while Nikki squirmed. Josie had always been good about keeping Nikki's mind on the upsides of not having magic, or else keeping her thoughts away from magic entirely. She'd never once held it over her that only one of them could bend the fabric of time and space with a thought.

Nikki had never quite figured out how to tell her that it wasn't Josie's magic she longed for.

— — — —

Nikki had barely finished knocking on the front door when a scruffy red-haired man flung it open from inside. "Nikki?" he rasped. "Good to see you again. Haven't met since the wedding. Come in!"

"Good to see you too, Ricky," Nikki replied. This wasn't a lie—she got along with him well enough, and he seemed like a good match for Josie. Speaking of which . . . "Where's Josie?"

"Still getting ready," Ricky said. He held up a thin white gown, open in back, standard dress for physical transformations. "Go put this on in the bathroom, then come to the testing room. She'll explain."

The testing space was simple and sparse, just a small tiled room with a drain in the center and a two-way speaker on the ceiling. A quietly whirring camera sat on a tripod off to the side. Next to it was a vat of pulped plant matter, raw mass for all sorts of size-changing spells.

Josie was sitting on the floor with her legs crossed, quietly repeating something to herself. She was dressed in another white gown, and for the first time, Nikki began to feel slightly uneasy.

"Josie, what exactly is this spell?" Nikki asked. "You didn't mention anything physical before."

"We still don't know," Josie explained. "It has body, mind, and soul components targeting both the caster and another person, and they're mixed together in a way that's very difficult to parse. We had to set up a lot of safety procedures. A drain in case someone loses mass, that vat over there in case we need more mass, Ricky over there in the other room with the counterspell—" Ricky waved at them from the other side of a thick pane of magic-proof glass. "Honestly, I'm a little nervous, but I'd rather test it myself than pass it off to some poor intern."

"I can imagine." Josie's last intern tried to test out a newfound spell on his own without any safety procedures. He wound up with two extra fingers on each hand.

Josie rose up from the floor and offered her hand to Nikki. "Last chance to back out. You still up for this?"

Nikki shook her hand vigorously. "Like nothing else. Soul spells barely existed two thousand years ago. If even you can't match it to modern magic, then I have to know what it does."

"Ricky, do you have the counterspell prepped?"

"Ready to go," Ricky's voice replied through the speaker.

"Well, here goes nothing."

Nikki's hair stood on end as Josie began to recite the words of focus. Even without magic of her own, something inside her still recognized power, and this was deep power indeed.

"Warmth," Nikki reported. "Lots of warmth, all over. Especially . . . Well, all over." Especially between her legs, but she wasn't ready to admit that. "This feels like a transformation spell, but I can't tell what's changing. Maybe my skin? I feel so sensitive, like just the air in the room will . . ."

Josie idly ran her hand along Nikki's cheek, so lost in the spell that she seemed unaware of what she was doing. It wasn't a soft touch, calloused by years of digging in foreign dirt, but it was Josie's, and Nikki eagerly leaned into it. She was shocked at how good it felt, nearly drooling as Josie's fingers slowly crossed her face.

"Wow," Josie said, breaking off the spell for the moment. "I'm not used to magic hitting me this strongly."

"You okay, love?" Ricky asked.

"I don't know. I can't seem to think straight. I feel like I need to touch someone . . ." She finally noticed what her hand was doing. "Oh. Sorry."

"S'okay," Nikki mumbled through a mouthful of drool. "Feels nice."

"When we've got the kinks worked out, you need to try this, sugar," Josie said. "It's strange, but it's not a bad kind of strange. I'll continue it now."

The heat inside Nikki grew by leaps and bounds, not burning or painful, but a hungry flame that demanded more fuel. Josie's fingers weren't enough anymore, so she pushed forward until her whole body pressed against Josie's. Cheeks, breasts, and other regions rubbed against each other, and Josie returned the touch, wrapping her arms around Nikki and pulling them even tighter together.

Josie pulled Nikki's robe from her shoulders, and on a sudden, desperate impulse, Nikki followed suit. Whatever this spell was, clothing would only get in the way of it. Part of her wanted to back away, just long enough to sneak a peek at Josie's body, but the rest of her was lost in the rhythmic motions of skin against uncovered skin.

"Quite a show for the camera," Ricky observed. "I'll hold you to your offer, love."

Nikki couldn't bring herself to be embarrassed. It was just part of the spell, a feverish inclination that no doubt helped it to progress. So what if she enjoyed it even more than she was supposed to?

As the rhythm within her reached its crescendo, she pressed her lower body into Josie's and felt it sink in. Flesh mingled like water, and she howled as her pussy vanished into Josie's, joined into one organ that ached with pleasure. Josie fell backwards onto the tile, still clinging tightly to her as she writhed and kicked.

Hot, thick liquid rose up from Nikki's throat and spouted out of her mouth, not bitter like bile, but strangely sweet. She knew all this mass was coming from somewhere as her legs steadily shrank into her body, but she was too enraptured to think about it, too caught up in the endless explosion that painted the ceiling white.

Awareness slowly came back to her with the sound of Ricky yelling. "Josie! Come in, love! Are you okay?"

"Warm," Josie groaned. "Ugh . . . I'm coming and going. I can think straight for a moment, and then . . . Ugh." She shook her head like she was trying to rattle something loose. "I'll be fine."

Nikki oriented what was left of herself. She was laying flat against Josie's breasts, feeling curiously floppy. Below the waist, her body was gone, whether down the drain, sticking to the ceiling, or all over herself and Josie. Her upper body was still intact, but she felt smaller than before, her face against Josie's neck rather than her cum-splattered cheek. With a sudden shock, she realized she wasn't breathing.

She wasn't just joined to Josie. She was part of her.

"Iclbm—" Nikki turned her head just enough to spit out another mouthful of cum. "I can't move. I'm so weak, Josie . . ."

Josie wrapped her arms around Nikki again, gently this time. Nikki could feel the softness of her skin under Josie's fingers, their senses blended and blurred within their shared body. "The counterspell," Josie said loudly. "It'll fix all this."

"First, how are you?" Ricky asked. "Okay? No danger?"

Josie's touch might be careful, but it was enough to send blood flowing through Nikki again. She broke the embrace to push herself up and look into the speaker. "It's not done," she said. "I feel something else. Something's still changing."

"It's done as far as I care," Ricky said. "Should never have done this. Coming with the counterspell now."

The door clanked open as Ricky entered, walking carefully to avoid any stray cum splatters. Nikki twisted bonelessly to look him in the eye. He looked as angry as she'd ever seen him. Of course, he had plenty of reason to be.

"My legs," Nikki said nervously. "They're gone. If you take us apart now . . ."

Josie embraced her again, softly this time, as if she might break. "Don't worry, Nikki. It'll be all right. I promise." Slowly, almost timidly, she raised her head and kissed Nikki on the cheek.

A chaste kiss, to be sure, but that was enough for Nikki. She erupted again, this time all over Ricky.

When she could see again, she realized that Ricky wasn't angry anymore. He looked glazed, physically and mentally. Something about him was . . . softer?

Without a word, he pushed down onto Josie, pressing Nikki against her. He kissed and licked up and down Josie's face, lapping up the spattered cum, and Nikki felt it as clearly as if it was her own face he was touching.

Josie fumbled awkwardly underneath him, trying and failing to contain her arousal. "We shouldn't. We don't know what—" Then one of Ricky's hands moved to Nikki's side, stroking up and down, and all of Josie's protests changed to moans.

Nikki couldn't even think straight anymore, pouring out fluid in a never-ceasing stream. She was part of Josie, and Josie was lost in pleasure, and she couldn't deny their shared need. She bent her head backwards, letting Ricky drink straight from the source, and every time he kissed her, she knew he was also kissing Josie.

She understood her own changes before she understood Ricky's, feeling her body round out and take on a cylindrical shape. Her upturned head felt natural now, the way it was meant to be in order to spray out cum. Her breasts grew and filled as they slid down her body, taking on new purpose as they hung below her.

She tapped her fingers against her side as her arms began to shrink, but then she felt the steady pulse of Josie's magic. Distantly, hardly aware of what she was doing, Josie tugged at the vat of plant matter, pulling raw mass into herself to replace what was being lost. Even as a cock, Nikki would still have arms to touch and to stroke with, and she felt a hazy gratitude towards the woman she'd become so close to.

A wave of gentle affection ran through her in response, and she realized they were finally synchronizing beyond the physical. She could feel Josie's love and her overpowering lust, her lingering fear that what was happening might hurt them, and even the cold, quiet part of her mind that was still taking research notes. She was dazed, drunken, but she was still Josie, and Nikki did her best to pulse quiet reassurance at her.

One and the other, the brilliant sorceress and her faithful friend, joined together so closely there was no longer a distinction between them. And Ricky made three . . .

She could feel Ricky's face changing shape, his lips pouting out and his stubble clearing away, but it wasn't until something heavy pressed into her back that she understood what was happening. She pulled herself away long enough to see softening features and shrinking height, all going into the massive breasts that now hung from Ricky's chest. She could sense Josie's right hand playing with his nipples through the thin fabric of his tearing shirt, while down below her left hand reached into his pants and coaxed the remaining cum from his shrinking balls. He arched back at her touch, and with his mouth finally free, he moaned in a voice higher and richer than before.

It made sense in a dreamlike way. Josie was a woman, if a woman with a cock, and Nikki was a woman, if a woman who was a cock. It was unsurprising that the magic pouring forth from them would make Ricky match.

It's going away, she heard in a wordless voice, echoing from one mind to another. I'd love to kiss it goodbye . . .

Well, even if Josie was too busy to kiss it, Nikki was part of Josie too. She bent herself impossibly underneath Ricky, pushing him up long enough to lower his pants and reveal his shrinking manhood. She pursed her lips around it, letting her cum mix with his and sink into his skin. Josie's fingers tickled her chin, and she and Ricky spurted together until there was little left to suck, only a mysterious new opening for her to lick and tease.

The newly made woman groaned in displeasure as Nikki's increasing hardness pulled her away from her snatch. She rose up and repositioned herself above Nikki's head, then slowly lowered, letting size and gravity open her up and reveal the pleasure inside. Hot wet flesh strained and shuddered, refusing to fit such a massive organ, but inch by inch she slowly descended and impossibly distended.

Nikki knew a normal woman couldn't have fit such a massive cock, but Ricky wasn't a normal woman, and Nikki was in no position to care. Everything around her was pleasure, solid and liquid and panting and clenching. She could feel Josie's love as she brought new pleasure to Ricky, as close and as powerful as her own love for Josie, and she couldn't ask for more than to serve as the bridge between them.

Every time she bottomed out against something, she spurted, and magic ran through her as Ricky's new passage worked its way ever deeper. She felt Josie's hand against Ricky's skin, tracing the progress of the swelling inside her inch by inch, past her belly button and up her chest until it pulsed between her breasts. With a final wet slap, Ricky's lips met Nikki's base, impaling her almost from end to end.

For the last time, Nikki came, and the world went away.

— — — —

"Ricky's okay?" Nikki asked.

"He's going to be," Josie replied, kneeling over him as he lay unconscious and feverish. "His resistance is slowly working against the magic. Though if he ever decides he prefers this," she added wryly, "one more good dose would probably make it permanent."

They could have thought it instead of saying it, but they were still wary of each other's minds. So much stuff was easier to keep locked away. Like how aware each of them had really been, or what the chances were that they could fix this, or how much Nikki enjoyed it here, pressed against Josie's breasts to keep from falling in the way.

"So now we have a video of magic lesbian bondage sex," Nikki observed. "Should we send it to the academy, or should we sell it by mail order?"

Josie barked out a laugh, still a bit raw. "The academy would burn it. The academy would probably burn us. But now that I know how the spell works, I can arrange a second research experiment, complete with warnings about the mind-affecting aspects."

Both of them fell quiet, at a loss for further words.

"How long?" Josie asked. "Wait, don't you dare answer it that way. How long has it been since you fell in love with me?"

"Since our first experiment," Nikki said, "the one with the cat ears. You called me your lab rat, but to me, I was your block of stone. You were my sculptor, finding all the ways I could be beautiful." She sighed, a fluttery feeling without bones. "But just loving someone isn't enough, not when you can't share your life with them. I could never follow you into some magic-filled ruin, or watch the experiments at a magic exposition, or even live in a house full of magical devices. I was happy for you when you married Ricky—genuinely happy—because I thought he could be a better match for you than I could. And now you've dragged it all out in the light, and I don't even know what to say about it."

"I don't know either," Josie said. "This is so much to take in. I thought . . . I thought you envied me. I thought you wished you had magic so you could do what I could."

"It was the other way around," Nikki said. "I wished I could show you what it was like to feel magic instead of just using it. It's amazing sometimes, all the things I can become, but everything always slid right off you." She snuggled into Josie's breasts. "I guess I got that wish, now that we're together like this. Just promise me one thing. Don't let Ricky get hurt in all this."

"Nikki . . ."

"I'm serious. He's a good guy, and he deserves better than that."

Josie smiled mischievously. "Well, if there was ever a good argument in favor of a threesome, today was it."

They fell silent again.

"What's next?" Nikki asked. "Get some more biomass, give the counterspell another try, and give me legs again?"

"About that . . ." Josie said reluctantly. "You're joined to my body, my mind and my soul. I'm fairly sure you have all my magic resistance."

Nikki stiffened, then wordlessly screamed in frustration.

"It's not so bad!" Josie added. "We just need to find a sorcerer more powerful than me. Way more powerful. One who knows how to separate two souls from each other, and can work a counterspell that's two thousand years old, and won't laugh his head off when we explain what happened."

"Josie, if I punch you in the gut, will I feel it too?" Nikki asked.

"Probably," Josie admitted.

Nikki tried it anyway, boneless arms flopping away, then gave up and kissed Josie's collarbone instead. "I love you, Josie, but sometimes I hate you too. But I guess we'll have all the time in the world to work that out . . ."