Topic: Countdown to a New Year

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Nine days to the New Year

            I awoke in my favorite position, spooned around my wife Tiffany.  As she stirred, I nibbled on her ear and whispered, “Morning beautiful.”
            “Morning lover.” She responded, squirming around to kiss me on the lips.  “Are you excited about our time off together?”
            “Most definitely.”  Both of us had been working crazy hours for the past few weeks, trying to wrap up accounts and project deadlines.  But now that was over and we had nothing to do but spend time in each other’s company for the rest of the year.  “There’s nothing I’d rather do than spend all morning in bed with you.”
            Tiff pouted.  “But then I wouldn’t be able to give you your surprise.”
By the way she waggled her eyebrows, I suspected something kinky was in store for me.  Tiff was definitely the adventurous half of our couple and delighted in pushing me to the edge of my comfort zone.  “And what surprise would that be?”
“Remember the conversation we had after Goodharvest, when I got you to spill all your dark, innermost secrets?”
I frowned, thinking back, then blushed.  After a night of very good wine, Tiff had teased out of me that I had a fetish for the transformed.  One of my co-workers had changed himself the week before, going from a non-descript man to a curvy, lipple breasted herm.  It certainly shook up the staid nature of my office.
“I’ve been doing a little research of my own since that night.” Tiff continued.  “And the more I saw, the more I got turned on by the concept too.  I wondered what it would be like to have you suck on my giant dick.  Or how people would stare as I walked down the street with breasts the size of my head.  So I decided to splurge a little and get us an end of the year present that we would both enjoy.”
Tiff wriggled out of my grip and slid out of bed.  As the saying went, I hated to see her go but I loved to watch her leave.  The sheer nightgown she wore did next to nothing to hide her lithe figure and the curve of her full breasts.  Tiff’s shoulder-length blonde hair was tousled from sleep, free from its usual ponytail.  How I’d gotten such a wonderful woman to marry me was still a mystery.  I must have been really nice to a puppy when I was young or something.
Tiff returned to the bed with a large box in her hands.  In cheery, festive font across the front were the words “Countdown to a New Year” with “ring in the New Year with a new you” in smaller font underneath.  It looked like one of those calendars given to children before Winterfest, with each day bringing a small toy or treat.
Then I spotted the small red orb logo in the corner.  Crimson Moon Alchemy labs.  If this box was from CMAL, it wouldn’t be hiding candy inside.  There would be vials of transformative liquid.
Rather than feeling elation, reality put a bit of a damper on my fetish.  “Honey, are you sure about this?” I asked.  “I love you the way you are.”
“I know you do.”  Tiff set down the box and kissed me on the forehead.  “But I dare you to try and tell me you wouldn’t love me more with a second pussy between my butt cheeks.”
I knew any denial out of my mouth would be counteracted by the stirring from my crotch.  Instead, I tried a different tact.  “What about your job?  I know you’ve poured a ton of effort into your career and I’d hate to see you give that up to become a pile of quivering genitals.”
“Don’t worry, I won’t give up my role as the family breadwinner.”  Tiff stuck out her tongue playfully, knowing it dented my ego slightly to know she made more money than I did.  “I picked a package that will change me, but not enough I won’t be able to function in society.  No boob-trees for me.”
“So what will you be changing?” I asked, pulling the box over to examine the lid.
Tiff shrugged.  “I have no idea.  That’s what was appealing about this product.  All the vials within are random.  Four minors for the first four days, then three mediums, two majors, and a single severe vial for the capstone on New Year’s Day.”
“Ten days, ten changes.”  I walked fingers over the numbered doors on the box.
“If the changes get to be more than we can handle, we can always stop.”  Tiff sat back on the bed and snuggled against my shoulder.  She slid her hand up my thigh towards my crotch.  “But I have a feeling that once we get started, we won’t want to stop.  Do you trust me?”
I didn’t even need to think about the answer.  “Absolutely.”
“Good, now hand me that first vial.”
I opened the little door marked 10 and extracted the glass container within.  Tiff took the vial from me and after pausing a moment to reflect on the red and green swirling liquid within, undid the screw cap lid and drank the contents.
“How long will it take to see changes?”  I knew some potions could have an immediate effect, while others took a while to ramp up.
“Like everything else, it’s random,”  Tiff replied.  “Why don’t you get up and cook us breakfast while we wait for changes?”
I did as she asked and whipped up two plates of scrambled eggs.  Tiff joined me just as I was scraping food onto a pair of plates, now dressed in a comfortable pair of jeans and a knit sweater.  We were halfway through eating when I noticed something odd.  “Is that one of those novelty sweaters with sewn-on ornaments?”
Tiff frowned.  “No, why?”
“You have a pair of extra bumps on your chest that I’m pretty sure weren’t there before.”
Tiff pulled up her sweater and the shirt underneath, revealing her lovely c-cup breasts were caressed in a lacey white bra.  Six inches further down her chest, a pair of lumps were forming, each crested by a ring of darker skin.
“Unless I miss my guess, you’re growing a second set of breasts,” I commented.
Sure enough, during the time it took for us to finish breakfast the skin on Tiff’s torso swelled outward into a second pair of c-cups.  “Leave the dishes in the sink.” She told me, tugging my arm toward the bedroom.  “I want to see if these puppies feel just as good as the originals.


Eight days to the New Year

After the fun we had playing with Tiff’s new breasts the day before, I was much less reluctant when she took another vial the following morning.  When nothing happened immediately, we split up to tackle some neglected household chores.  I was folding laundry on the bed when I heard a cry of pain from the bathroom, followed by the sound of a heavy impact.
I rushed in and pulled the shower curtain open to find Tiff on the floor of the tub, rubbing one of her feet while water from the shower rained down on her head.  Most of her body was still covered in soap, indicating she was still early in the process of cleaning herself before something had literally knocked my lovely bride off her feet.  Turning off the water I asked, “What happened?”
“It felt like a foot cramp.  I tried to massage it away, but now my foot is stuck like this.”  Tiff tried to shift her foot out of the en-point position, only for it to snap right back into place.
“Do you think this is part of today’s change?” I asked.
“Most likely.  Of all the times to get a foot-related change…” she muttered.
“It could have been worse.”
Tiff raised an eyebrow.  “How so?”
“You could have been on a ladder.”
Tiff stared at me for a moment, then scooped up a handful of foam from the bottom of the tub and threw it at me.  I couldn’t help but grin even with bubbles running down my chin.  “Does that mean you don’t want my help?”
Tiff’s annoyance dropped and I helped her rinse off and get out of the shower.  Drying off while balancing on one leg was challenging, a task that got harder when her other foot began to tingle in warning.  I managed to get Tiff up on the counter just before her other foot locked into the en-point position.
“Like most girls I wanted to be a ballerina when I was young,” Tiff remarked as I dried between her toes.  “But I didn’t think it would lead to this.  Guess I’ll need to swap out my shoe collection for ballet heels.”
“I wouldn’t hit the shoe store just yet,” I replied, leaning in to study her other foot.  “I don’t think your changes have finished yet.
It took thirty minutes, but eventually, I was proved right.  Tiff’s toes retracted back into her foot, the tip becoming wider and flatter.  The skin hardened and darkened until it became obvious what was happening.  My wife’s feet had become horselike hooves.
“I guess I wouldn’t be hitting the shoe store ever again.”  Tiff pouted as she rubbed at one of her new hooves.
“Only if they also sell horseshoes.” I joked.  “Otherwise, I’m going to have to saddle my little ponygirl up and ride her out to a farm to get shoed.”
“Oh, you want to go for a ride, cowboy?”  Tiff pulled me down until I was flat on my back.  As she straddled my legs Tiff fumbled with the button on my pants.  “I’ll show you how a proper ride should go…”


Seven days to the New Year

            After a full day of housework and sex, Tiff and I decided to spend the next day outside.  So after breakfast and the third vial, Tiff and I took the car to the nearby province park.  Over two hundred acres of trees and hiking trails, right on the outskirts of the small city we lived in.  I think we both got a kinky thrill at the thought of another change making itself known while we were out.  This time of year the trails wouldn’t be very crowded, making the odds of running into too many other hikers low.  But enough to make things interesting.
            Pardon the pun, but Tiff got a real kick out of her using her hooves.  She didn’t do as well on the rocky terrain, but on the grassy fields we hiked across they were perfect.  As we headed back toward the car I remarked, “You should have brought a scarf dear.  The skin of your face is turning red with cold.
            “Funny, I don’t feel that cold.”  Tiff patted her cheeks with her gloved hands.  “Is that helping at all?”
            I shook my head.  ‘If anything, your skin looks even redder.”
            I had my first inkling this was something other than normal when we got back into the car.  Tiff pulled off her beanie and shook out the hair she had tucked underneath.  Hair that was a lot darker than it had been this morning before we left.  “Is that a new beanie?” I asked.
            Tiff shook her head.  “Not, it’s the same one your mother got me when we first started dating.  Why?”
            “At first I thought some of the colors might have bled out onto your hair, but if it’s been through the wash a few times that wouldn’t explain why your hair has started getting darker.”
            Tiff pulled down the passenger seat visor and studied her reflection in the mirror.  “Your right, it can’t be the beanie.  The color’s wrong.  It looks like my hair is turning purple, not blue.”  She shifted the visor down slightly.  “You were right earlier, my cheeks a looking really red.”  Tiff pulled off her gloves and studied her hands.  “The redness seems to be spreading as well.  Take a look.”
            Tiff held her ungloved hand to my face for inspection.  Her first three fingers had darkened to a cherry red, while the pinky and ring finger were the same shade as before. I almost looked like Tiff had dipped half her hand in a bucket of paint.
            “I guess we know what today’s change is going to be.”  I turned on the engine and began to pull out of the space.  “Let’s get you home so we can properly inspect the damage.
            As soon as we arrived home, Tiff skipped up to the bedroom and stripped out of her clothes.  The patches of red skin now entirely covered her limbs and were marching in on her torso.  Meanwhile, the hair on her head was solidified in a plum purple and was chasing the blonde toward her tips.  It created an appealing frosted effect.
            Tiff played with her breasts as the skin color changed, apparently fascinated as her areolas darkened to the same purple as her hair.  Only after her skin was a uniform cherry red and the carpet matched the draped did she finally turn away from the mirror.  Striking up a sexy pose she asked, “Tell me, lover, have you ever dreamed about being with a scarlet woman?”
            “Can’t say I have,” I replied, chuckling a bit at her pun.  “But I’m sure you could convince me.


Six days to the New Year

            “Do you think we’ll have time to go shopping today before my change?” Tiff asked as she set the empty vial next to our dirty breakfast dishes.  “My lower girls could use some support.” She cupped the second set of breasts hanging from her torso.
            “I wouldn’t invest too much in new clothes,” I replied, continuing to scrub a pan.  “After all, who knows what other changes you’ll go through.  It would be a waste to buy a bunch of new pants, only for your legs to get absorbed by the last vial.”
            Tiff winced.  “I’m already having to give up my shoe collection, please don’t joke about the rest of my wardrobe.”  She sighed.  “But you have a point, I guess I can make due until…” she trailed off.
            Concerned, I pulled my attention from cleaning up.  “Tiff, what’s wrong?”
            “I think this change is coming early.” She groaned.  “My stomach feels all bloated.”
            All thoughts of dirty dishes were swept aside as I pulled my wife back to the bedroom.  Thankfully she was only in a robe over her underwear, so it was easy to get Tiff undressed and start looking for changes.  Her belly looked a little swollen, but not badly enough for the face she was making.
            “Still in pain?” I asked.
            “Not really pain, but well above discomfort.  It feels like I need to take the biggest shit in the world, but out my pussy instead of my ass.  I figured this was what popping out a kid would feel like, if we ever got to that stage of our relationship.”  She groaned again.  “Oh shit, something’s coming.”
            I pulled Tiff’s panties out of the way just in time to see something push its way out of her vagina.  A very phallic something.  Holy shit, my wife was growing a dick.  And not just any dick, this thing was porn star quality.  Thick as Tiff’s wrist with throbbing veins running down the side.  By the time it stopped extending from Tiff’s body, my wife was more hung than me by at least three inches.  And I was no slouch in the pants department.
            I thought that may have been it, but Tiff started moaning again.  After another minute of pushing, first one and then a second fist-sized orb pushed its way free from her vagina.  As the testicles pulled free the skin of Tiff’s vagina seemed to seal around the base, completely erasing her womanhood.
            “Please, help me.  I’m so…so horny.” Tiff stammered.
            Never in a million years had I considered handling another person’s cock.  But this one was attached to the woman I loved, so that threw normal convention out the window.  I gingerly reached out and ran a finger down the length.  Tiff’s member twitched and grew another inch in length, precum beading on the tip.  A normal dick would be nearly crimson with arousal at this point, but with Tiff’s already red skin it was hard to tell.
            What the heck, I decided to jump in with both hands.  I snagged the lube from the bedside drawer, squirted a generous portion on my hands, and got to stroking.  Tiff moaned and thrashed in my hands, seemingly lost in the pleasure.  When she finally came, the resulting stream nearly reached the ceiling.
            We fell back on the sheets, both completely spent.  “Holy fuck.” Tiff said from beside me.  “Now I know why guys are so attached to their dicks.  Women get multiple orgasms, but guys make theirs count.”  She looked down at her dick, which despite the recent orgasm was still mostly erect.  “Damn, I’m hung like Scarlet Shaftillia.”
            I was surprised that my wife had heard of the cockwoman porn star.  She must have done a lot of research before springing this surprise.  “Not quite, but I’m sure you’ll make all your pussy possessing lovers quite happy.”
            Tiff’s eyes dropped to my butt.  “And my lovely butt-boy husband?”
            We’d experiment with anal before, back in the dating stage.  She’d enjoyed it more than I had.  “Only if you’re a very good girl.”
            “How about you do me first?  I need a moment to recharge anyway.”
Tiff straddled me, pushing her butt into my face.  But instead of the puckered ring I was expecting, I found a familiar slit.  “I wouldn’t throw away your tampons yet dear.  I think I found your lost pussy.”
            “Where?”  Tiff rolled off of me and tried to use the mirror to look at her backside.  Like everyone who has tried to check out a pimple on their butt can tell you, the process is usually more frustration than progress.
            “I have a more effective way to prove it’s there if you come back to bed.”  I waved the bottle of lube in Tiff’s direction.
            “Fine.”  Tiff hopped up on the bed beside me.  “But make it quick mister.  It seems I need to pick up some new panties to go with my double cup bras…”


Five days to the New Year

            “Hey honey, how was your visit with the girls?” I called from the couch when I heard the door to the garage close.
            “It was rather interesting,” Tiff replied as she plopped down on the couch beside me.  “It turned out I wasn’t the only one who got into transformations this year.  Beth’s step-daughter Rachel came home from college break in the Realm as a cockwoman.  Now she’s thinking of undergoing the procedure when she goes to visit next summer.  Liz was sporting a pair of lipples from a transformative bra she won at a holiday party.  And do you remember Barry, Shanty’s husband?”
            “Vaguely.  I remember him being a pig the one and only time we met.”
            “That description is a lot more literal now.  Shanty caught him cheating with the maid.  As part of the prenup, she got to pick his punishment.  So she turned him into a sex pet.  She only had pictures, but Shanty promised to bring him to the next meeting.”
            “Compared to that, your own changes must have seemed rather minor.  Speaking of which, any sign of today’s change.”
            “I think so.  I felt these poking into my bra strap during lunch.”  Tiff pulled up her shirt and adjusted her bra.  It was one of the new double-decker ones she’d picked up yesterday after our morning orgy.  According to the saleswoman, extra breasts were a fad right now, so Tiff had been able to get something off the rack rather than needing custom-tailoring.
            Just under the lower band, I could see twin rows of tiny tentacles growing out of each side of Tiff’s torso. The longest was only about two inches, but I could see a raised ridge between them that indicated the digits were attached.  “It looks like you’re growing another set of arms.  Or hands, at least.”
            “That will be helpful.  Right now, my ratio of erogenous zones to hands is a bit off-kilter.  Now I can play with both sets of girls while someone else keeps the rest of me happy.  Speaking of which, I don’t suppose I can talk you into mutual blow jobs?  I’m so horny right now from hearing about my friends that it’s getting hard to focus.”
            I set my tablet aside.  “I’ve never been one to turn down a lady in distress.  Even if she does have a bigger package than me.  Lead on, perverted maiden.”


Four days to the New Year

            “Hey honey, I’m back,” I called as I walked into the house with a bag full of groceries.  “How was the gym?”
            “The gym was…awkward,” Tiff replied from the family room.
            “Trouble with your new arms?” I set the bag down on the kitchen counter.  “I know you wanted to give them a workout after they finally finished growing last night.
            “My arms worked fine; the trouble was…perhaps it’s easier to just show you.”
            I looked up as Tiff walked into the kitchen.  And kept looking up.  Before, my wife had barely broken five-six even with a nice pair of heels.  Now she had to be almost a head taller than me.  That, and she was ripped.  I’m not talking spends five days a week at the gym ripped.  I’m talking taking illegal steroids ripped.  Miss Realm ripped.  Her biceps were as thick around as her waist, and her thighs were bigger than mine.  All of this skin was on display, as apart from her hair tie Tiff was completely naked.
            “I take it today’s potion kicked in.”  Tiff nodded.  “And that going to the gym won’t be a problem anymore.”
            “I’m banned, actually.”  I didn’t know someone with red cheeks could blush, but Tiff was giving it her all.  “Turns out they frown on customers bursting out of their clothes in the middle of a workout.  They threw me out so fast I barely had time to grab my bag and a towel.”
            “You walked home naked?” I asked, agog.
            “Well, I had the towel.  Not that it covered much.”
            “I can see that being embarrassing, but why are you still naked?  Let me guess, you lost track of time examining yourself in the mirror?”
            Heat was almost coming off Tiff’s cheeks in waves.  “Um…nothing I have fits anymore.  I even tried on a few of your things.”
            “You didn’t…” I’m not a small man, but Tiff was now huge.
            My wife hung her head.  “I might have permanently ruined the elastic on a pair of your gym shorts.  The red ones.”
            I sighed.  I loved those shorts, but I could see Tiff already felt bad enough about the situation.  Trying to change the subject I asked, “Did the change make you stronger, or are those muscles just for show?”
            “Oh, I’m a lot stronger now.”  In demonstration, Tiff used her two right arms to lift up the kitchen table.  It was solid wood construction and probably weighed at least a hundred pounds, but Tiff handled it like the table was made of Styrofoam.  “Let me show you just how much.”  Tiff set the table down before lunging forward.  Before I could react, I found myself over Tiff’s shoulder, getting carried back toward the bedroom like a fantasy novel damsel…


Three days to the New Year

            I awoke the next morning as the little spoon, with Tiff’s breasts squished into my back and her member pressing between my butt cheeks.  A new experience, but not an unpleasant one.
            “I could get used to this,”  Tiff said as she stirred behind me.  “Being the dominant, pants-wearing member of the household.”
            I snorted.  “If I can get you to wear pants ever again.”  Tiff had remained naked since her change the day before and didn’t seem inclined to do anything about it.  The last change had firmed up her breasts to the point she didn’t even need to wear a bra.
            Tiff bumped me on the shoulder.  “Don’t complain.  I know how much you enjoy looking at my naked ass.”
            “It is a very nice ass.  I most enjoy it when it’s bent over in front of me and I’m plunging between the cheeks.  How about you show me that view again right now?”  A gurgle from my stomach caused me to look down.  “Err, perhaps after breakfast.”
            “It’s a date.” Tiff kissed me on the back of the neck and crawled out of bed to walk into the bathroom.  After she left, I rolled out of bed myself and walked into the kitchen to find something to sate my stomach.
            Twenty minutes and a bowl of cereal later, Tiff had yet to join me in the kitchen.  I returned to the bedroom to find her sitting on the bed, staring at the box of transformation potions.
            “Worried about taking today’s vial?” I asked, watching her roll the small piece of glass between her huge fingers.
            “I’m in two minds on it,” Tiff admitted.  “A part of me loves the sexy thrill I get every time I see my reflection in the mirror.  But another part is concerned how must humanity I’ll have left by the time we’re done.”
            I sat on the bed and put an arm around her shoulder.  “It’s your body and your choice.  I’ll support you as far as you want to go.  If you want to stay my red-skinned sex machine, I’ll be perfectly happy with that.  But if you’re craving going further, I await the next change with eager anticipation.”
            A small smile crept across Tiff’s face.  “Even if I end up a giant pile of dicks?”
            I mock thought about it.  “That might be a bridge too far.  If that happened I’d drop you off at a Regina clinic and start over with another woman.”
            “You wouldn’t dare.”  Tiff punched me in the shoulder.  I could tell she pulled the punch, but she was strong enough I definitely felt it.  “We swore till death do us part.  There is not a pile of dicks escape clause.”
            “Ok, ok.”  I held up my hands in surrender.  “Can I offer you another round of mind-blowing sex as an apology?”
            “Apology accepted.  But first…” Tiff drank the vial before tossing it aside and tackling me across the bed.


            After lunch, Tiff began to complain of a headache and went to go lie down.  When she didn’t emerge several hours later I went to go check on her.  What I found was that today’s change had gone off in the meantime, in a very ironic fashion considering one of her earlier statements.
            “Tiff, honey, wake up.” I kissed my wife on the forehead.  “How are you feeling?”
            “Better.”  Tiff groaned and sat up, blinking away sleep.  “The splitting headache I had earlier is mostly gone, but…” she trailed off.
            “Funny you should describe it that way, considering the change you just want through,” I said.  “What’s it like having two heads?”
            Ignoring me, Tiff pushed off the bed and walked over to examine herself in the mirror.  A perfect copy of my wife’s face grew out atop each shoulder.  I’m not sure if a new head had grown in while she had slept or if her original head had bifurcated.  Her shoulders were wide enough Tiff could almost completely look left or right without whacking her nose into the back of the other head.
            “This is freaky.”  Tiff turned her heads back and forth.
            “Because it feels unnatural?”
            “Because it feels too natural.”  Tiff turned her heads in opposite directions, looking left and right simultaneously.  “It’s like I’m now a computer with a second core, able to do things in parallel.”
            “So what you’re saying is that you’re perfectly transformed to walk and chew bubblegum at the same time?”
            Tiff gave me a double annoyed eyebrow raise.  “For that, you’re going to have to wait until later to experience a tag-team blowjob.”
            I hadn’t even considered that, but no amount of whining would change Tiff’s mind.  She was too interested in discovering the limits of this latest change and told me I would just need to wait.


Two days to the New Year

            I came home from errands the next day to find that Tiff had left me a drink out on the counter.  She liked to make smoothies after working out, but this was the first time I had seen a pink one.  Maybe she was trying a new strawberry-flavored powder?
            “Hey babe, this is pretty good,”  I said, taking a sip as I made my way back toward the bedroom.  “Where did this new smoothie mix come from?”
            “Take a guess, stud,” Tiff replied as I walked into the bedroom.  I choked a little as I caught sight of my wife’s most recent change.  Tiff chuckled at my reaction.  “As you can see, I went through another growth spurt.”
            That was putting it mildly.  Unlike her hyper change, which has caused everything to grow at once, this latest change was focused on a few specific areas.  All four of Tiff’s breasts swayed as she shook her chest, each twice the size of when I left this morning.  They seemed to fill her torso from collarbone to crotch, with the lower pair spread wider to accommodate the swell of my wife’s pregnant-looking stomach.  Below that, my wife’s dick had gained another few inches in length and additional girth.  The glans was less prominent than before, making the appendage look more bovine.
            But the largest changes were to my wife’s testicles.  They had swollen to the size of basketballs, hanging down below her knees.  She was forced to walk with a bow-legged stance, torso thrust forward, to avoid tripping on them.
            “Holy cow!” I exclaimed.  “You’re a…cow.”  My eyes went from the shake in my hand to the thumb-sized nipples poking out of my wife’s breasts.  For the first time, I noticed her red skin had darkened to the same purple hue as her hair in patches, giving her a cow-like speckle pattern.
            “The word sexy better have gotten lost in that pause.”  Tiff walked up and snagged the glass from my slack fingers.  After setting it on the nightstand she continued, “You know, it tastes a lot better right from the source.”  She teased at her nipples with all four hands.  “Why don’t you come over here and sample all of my flavors…”


New Year’s Eve

            “I can’t believe you made me wait until we got here to take today’s vial,” Tiff complained from the backseat as I pulled into the driveway of the cabin we had rented for New Year’s Eve.
            “What would we have done if you suddenly grew another two feet while I was driving?” I asked, putting the car into park.  “It wasn’t worth the risk of getting stranded somewhere.”
            “Point taken.  But I’m drinking the potion as soon as we get inside, then you owe me a milking.  My breasts feel like they’re going to explode after the six-hour drive up here.”
            As we discovered overnight, Tiff’s body could be very productive, especially if she was just laying around.  Her testicles had swollen to beach ball size while her breasts had all gone up at least a cup size.  Only after expelling enough milk to fill our bathtub was Tiff finally drained enough to have breakfast.  If I had some free time later, I was going to have to see if I could get her signed up for a service.  All that milk had to be worth something.
            While I was lost in thought Tiff grabbed our bags from the trunk and hauled them inside.  I walked in the front door just as my wife was opening the sliding door out to the back patio.  “This place feels smaller than I remember,” Tiff remarked.
            “It’s less that this place has shrunk than you’ve grown.  Where are you going?”
            “There’s only a shower in the bathroom, which will be a tight squeeze for the two of us.  I was going to go relive myself out on the grass.  Care to join me?”
            “Sure, give me a moment to change into something I don’t mind getting dirty.”
            By the time I joined my wife on the grassy knoll behind the house she was well on her way to her first orgasm.  Tiff was on her back, suckling her upper breasts with both heads.  Her member was sticking straight up like a cannon ready to fire.  I ducked in under an arm and started suckling on a lower breast while teasing the nipple on the other side.  My wife’s milk tasted amazing and was very refreshing after the long drive.
            I’d almost managed to drain Tiff’s breast dry before she came.  As such, I only got a small spray of milk in my mouth, compared to the busted sprinkler effect of the nipple on the other size.  Tiff’s dick sent stream after stream of milk skyward, which fell like pink rain to thoroughly soak both of us.
            “Damm, I needed that.” Tiff panted as we lay back in the grass.  “We’re going to have to come up with a more practical solution after we get back to the city.  I’m going to burn you out if I have to have sex several times a day to keep from popping like a balloon.”
            “You’re going to accidentally pop yourself if you don’t stop scratching,” I commented, watching her lower arms rubbing at the sides of her breasts.
            “I can’t help it, my skin has gotten super itchy.  Do you think it has something to do with the grass?”
            Before I could answer, one of Tiff’s hands ripped free a long chunk of skin, revealing red scales underneath.  “Umm, I think you’re molting.  Like a reptile.”
            “Damnit, give me a hand.”  Tiff groaned.  “The itching is getting worse.”
            I reached out and tugged on the edge of the red skin beside the strip Tiff had torn free.  It was like trying to unseal an envelope, lots of pulling in different directions due to unexpected rips.  The material I pulled away revealed shiny red scales underneath, shifting to purple when I crossed over onto one of Tiff’s cow spots.
            “Back up, back up!”
            I fell on my butt and scurried away as Tiff rolled over on her stomach.  The skin of her back was stretching away like a half-inflated hot air balloon.  Moments later it burst, revealing a huge pair of scaly wings.
            “I think you’re becoming some sort of wyvern.”  I scooted around to examine my wife’s backside.  “You’re growing a tail as well.”
            “I’d enjoy this change a lot more if my heads weren’t pounding in addition to all the itching.”
            By the time I crawled around toward my wife’s heads it was obvious they were also changing.  Her necks were ringed in alternating skin and scales, the result in nearly doubling in length.   Gashes of scales ran down Tiff’s faces as the structure underneath twisted and expanded.
Tiff clawed at her heads in obvious discomfort, tearing away large chunks of skin and hair.  What emerged underneath was more reptilian than human.  A long, pointed snout full of sharp teeth.  Glowing golden eyes the size of ping-pong balls.  Ridges of purple spikes that ran down the top of her snout, between the eyes, around knife-like ears, and down the back of her body toward her tail.
            It took over fifteen minutes for Tiff’s transformation to finish, but by the end her changes were best described as monstrous.  Her posture had shifted toward quadruped, with the massive wings on her back acting as forelimbs and counterbalanced by her six-foot-long tail.  This allowed her breasts and balls to swing freely with each step, while her member withdrew itself into a sheathe that ran halfway up Tiff’s stomach.
            There wasn’t a trace of humanity left in the two reptilian heads Tiff used to examine her body on their serpentine, three-foot-long necks.  “Shit, that was quite the change.”
            “You said it.  I think you’re too big to fit back inside the cabin now.”  Troubled by my wife’s voice inserting itself directly into my brain instead of coming in via my ears, I continued, “Are you no longer able to speak anymore?”
            Tiff tried, but only managed to chuff or roar.  “Guess not.  This is going to make taking phone calls more difficult.  At least the change left me with mana-speech so I’m not stuck entirely mute.”
            “And to think, you still have one more change to go.  One that’s supposedly even more intense than this one.”
            We were both silent for a long moment at that thought.  Tiff broke it with a small whine.  “Can…can you suck on my breasts again?  I think the change caused me to fill back up.”
            “The things I do for love,” I said in mock exhaustion.  “Afterward, we’ll have to see if your ass-pussy is still back there somewhere for me to play with.”


            We spent the rest of the afternoon on the grass after Tiff’s change, alternating between fucking and resting.  I did manage to locate my wife’s favorite hole, now located halfway down her tail.  I had a lot of fun plowing into Tiff as she lay on her back, pretending I was a knight slaying a monster with my mighty sword.  Tiff got back at me by wrapping me in her wings and calling me her damsel in distress.
            Night came, and we watched the lights come on in the small village at the foot of the mountain.  We kissed under the stars as the first fireworks went up, signaling the New Year had come.  The last thing Tiff did before we went to sleep was drink her last vial, after successfully arguing it was technically the right day to do so.  Afterward, I fell asleep by my wife’s side, sheltered from the elements by her wing.


New Year’s Day

            I awoke atop something squishy and warm.  It took me a moment to wake up enough to realize I was laying atop Tiff's torso, sheltered by her wings.  A gurgle from my stomach reminded me of all the physical activity we'd gotten up to the night before.  Rather than go into the cabin for rations, I decided to take the easier option and latched my lips onto one of the nipples beside my head.
            "Mmm, that feels good." Tiff's sleepy voice echoed inside my head.  "Leave some for me, I want a drink as well."  One of Tiff's heads twisted about, giving me a peck on the cheek before latching onto another of her swollen breasts.
            Pulling my lips away from the nipple I asked, "Do you feel any different this morning?  Has your last change taken place yet?"
            Tiff's other head frowned as much as a face with lizard lips could.  "My arms feel a bit odd, can you check them for me?"
            I rolled over to examine my wife's side.  What I saw left me confused.  "Tiff, what arms?  The two pairs you had before are gone.  A little late to be part of your wyvern change, but possible."
            "Gone?  But I can still feel them.  Hold on."
            A flash of movement caught my attention.  I sat up as a bird swooped overhead and landed on the wooden fence that ran along the edge of the field.  Only…this was no bird.  It had wings, technically, scaly things like my wife's.  But the body seemed to be composed of three forearms joined at a common elbow.  A moment later a second arm-bird-thing landed on the fence beside the first.  The only difference between the two was the thumbs were on the other side, right versus left hands.
            "I think I found your arms," I said, pointing.
            "This is completely bizarre," Tiff muttered.  "I can still feel them.  Can still make them do things."  Both arms waved in unison.  "But I can also feel another mind inside them."
            "Sentient limbs.  I supposed that would qualify as a severe change.  It's a good thing you gained so many extra pairs from earlier changes that you're not completely helpless."
            I turned back toward the cabin at the sound of hooves on the deck.  Trotting our way was another arm creature of a different kind than the first.  This one reminded me more of a cow, a single breasts swaying between the rear pair of its hooves.  Quadruped in form, it had a hand instead of a head and another forearm curling up from behind like a scorpion's tail.  The tail hand clutched a tray, on which several breakfast items had been arranged.
            "Or possibly not so helpless." I continued as the limb creature came to a stop beside us and proffered the tray of food.  I took the tray and help up a piece of sliced fruit for Tiff to snag.  "You know what this means, right?"
            "That I'm the ultimate multitasking machine?" Tiff offered.
            "It means we won't need to go inside anytime soon and can spend all day out here having sex."
            "That sounds wonderful.  But first things first.  Pucker up lover boy, I have two more breasts that need draining…"



            It became quite clear, after the excitement faded and the sexual exhaustion set in, that our lives were going to have to change as a result of my wife's transformation spree.  For one thing, our condo was way too small to contain Tiff and her many pet appendages.  That meant a move to the country, as there was no way we could afford a big enough place in the city.  County officials were also less like to look askance at Tiff's flying to the store rather than driving, something that tended to be a bit more regulated in civilian airspace.
            So while Tiff remained at the cabin, I returned to the city and tried to figure out how to rebuild our lives.  While mentioning my situation to a coworker over lunch the next week, luck tossed me a coin.  My coworker had a brother who was expanding his hucow farm and needed a project manager to help run the place.  Two phone calls, an interview, and a month later Tiff and I were the newest residents of Verdant Valley Farms.

            After a long day of paperwork, I bid a good evening to the farm owner and left the main farmhouse toward the barn that was my new home.  From the lights blazing in the small windows, I could see that Tiff was still up in the loft, working.  It turned out that having two heads and multiple limbs let her do the workload of several people.  That made Tiff valuable enough that her management hadn't batted an eye when she asked to work remotely.  They even installed the satellite dish on the roof to make sure she had a strong network connection.
            I climbed up the ladder to the loft to find Tiff snuggled on her pad, her limbs around her like a faithful army taking orders from their general.  One head was on the phone, muttering silently into a mana-sensitive headset, but the other smiled as I approached.  "I'll be done shortly, dear.  If you get started on dinner, I'll be down in a few minutes."
            Tiff finally joined me as I was setting the table twenty minutes later.  "Sorry about that, we have quarterly reviews coming up and my bosses wanted to run over the numbers again.  And I wanted to get that survey finished."
            "Survey?" I asked, setting napkins and silverware beside the plates.
            "From CMAL.  Letting them know how I enjoyed my changes.  It also gave me a chance to update our address."
            "Please tell me you're not considering other changes dear.  Anything more and you'll explode."
            A devilish grin spread across Tiff's faces.  "Oh, the next set of changes aren't for me, they're for you."
            "Me?" it was difficult to keep the alarm out of my voice.  While I'd enjoyed my wife's changed body, I wasn't sure if I wanted to go through something as drastic myself.
            "You see," Tiff continued.  "The potion set I purchased was a couples deal."  She grinned, showing off hunger that had nothing to do with the turkey in the oven.  "In eleven short months, we'll be ringing in a new you as well…"


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cant wait to read the sequel smile


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Well done, so glad to see more of your work in this setting. CMAL is one of my favorite entities in the Belial universe. So creative. I enjoyed the progression quite a bit.