Topic: Copying text to LoB posts

When I copy text to make a post here on LoB it doesn't keep my text formatting. Most notably it seems to clear all my italics. I write my stories in Google docs usually. Is there a document type I can save as that will match the LoB's text editor's formatting?


Re: Copying text to LoB posts

Unfortunately, not that I've found.  I had to manually go in and use [x][/x] (where x is b, I, etc depending on the effect I wanted), which is why posting here is a huge pain for long pieces.


Re: Copying text to LoB posts

I had to reformat all of Belial Idol….


Re: Copying text to LoB posts

I would recommend HTML, then open the file with a text editor.  Do a find/replace all for the formatting codes from the html <i> and </i> etc to the forum formats, and strip off all the crap google adds (html headers crap)


Re: Copying text to LoB posts

The old BBCode extension died, here's the new one with instructions:

How to Preserve Formatted Text (bolded text, underlined text, italicized text, colored text, and more)

Use this Google doc add-on:
https://workspace.google.com/marketplac … 1202518499

This extension retains formatting by automatically adding the necessary bbcodes.

After copy-pasting text into the doc, click on: Extensions > BBCode Exporter > Open.

Highlight the text you want to convert then click "To BBCode". You can then you can copy the text to the forum.