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Why does my little sister have two heads?
by Elizabeth8

Dia woke up, still a little tired.

She had stayed up late last night, studying. There was a big test coming up, and even though she had meant to study sooner, other classes had gotten in the way, so she had to study for those, too, and before she knew it, she was left with just a few days left before the other big one, so she decided to cram as much studying into one time as possible.

Strangely, though, that’s not what she found herself concerned with the most at the current moment. Neither was it the fact that she had fallen asleep at her desk and induced herself with a bad shoulder cramp.

The reason for that was because Dia had grown eight legs overnight. “Ah!” Dia screamed, jumping backwards.

The jump propelled her a surprising amount, hitting her back against the wall. Her room wasn’t very big in the first place - about average in terms of traditional Japanese rooms

- but it would still be quite the athletic feat to jump across the entire room in one bound. A feat that Dia had easily surpassed with little effort.

Not that Dia’s body was exactly arranged like a human now. Her legs didn’t sit under her belly and reach to the ground, no. Instead, from where her butt would be, her torso continued backwards, creating another thorax, which eight legs emerged out the sides of. Behind that, instead of her ass, a giant, fleshy, spider-like abdomen lay, creeping Dia out a little bit.

Her legs weren’t traditionally arranged, either. They rose upwards, before reaching a joint, and arching back down to the ground, pressing against it with their feet. Her legs were… long. Very long. Probably as long as she was tall, beforehand.

Her feet, too, were strange. They weren’t spider-like, and instead very distinctly human. Her toes were jointed, and spread out. They felt like hands, almost. Were they prehensile?

And besides that… her tits felt a little heavier, for whatever reason. Though her pajama pants had been destroyed, her top remained intact over her first torso. She could feel her nipples poking at the fabric. It must have been cold last night, Dia figured. She decided to leave the top on for now.

Dia walked around her room. It felt cramped now. If Dia had decided to straighten her legs all the way, she would have burst through the roof. She decided to leave, and, using her front, hand-like foot, managed to slip open the door.

The door, too, felt cramped. Dia had to duck down and bring her legs through one at a time, but… strangely, navigating it felt easier than she would have expected. Almost as if she was quickly getting used to this body.

No. She wasn’t used to it. It… was horrifying. People didn’t just grow eight legs. It was like the result of some freak, nuclear accident. Or a witch’s magic curse. It just wasn’t something that happened. Not yesterday, not ten years ago, not at any point in history! But… It did happen. It happened today. Just… Why today? Of all days, why today? And why Dia? Why would she suddenly turn into some insane, spider-human hybrid creature?

Dia didn’t even like spiders. What would Ruby think?

And, right before Dia thought this day could get any worse, Mari casually walked into the room Dia was in. When Mari spotted her, she froze up, wide-eyed, mouth slowly becoming agape.

“Mari?!” Dia felt herself yelling. “What the hell is going on?!”

Still frozen, Mari blinked a couple times, as if she had to confirm exactly what she was looking at. She started breathing sporadically, as if the sight made her forget how to breathe. She stammered a few times, before managing to say, “I-I don’t know,” A weird expression overcame her face. “How many legs do you have?”

Dia grit her teeth. Of course Mari was here. “You did this, didn’t you?!” With her front pair of legs, Dia’s prehensile toes grasped Mari effortlessly, plastering her against the wall. “What did you do?!” Mari slammed backwards. Dia might have broken the wall, she didn’t care.

“I didn’t do this!” Mari pleaded, trying to grasp at Mari’s arms. “I don’t know how the fuck this happened! Ack-”

Dia blinked. The past two seconds caught up with her. “Oh- oh shit, I’m sorry…” Dia let Mari down, her long limbs scrambling around the room skittishly. Did she just do that to Mari? Her best friend? “I-I don’t know what came over me,” she admitted, breathing heavily.

Mari took a second to catch her breath. She was on the verge of hyperventilating, but soon, slowed her breathing down to a normal pace, and eventually, slowly breathing in and out, eyes closed, at a meditative pace. With a final sigh, she looked back at Dia, and laughed nervously. “You’re scary when you’re angry,” She admitted. “You’re even scarier now…”

“You’re right, it’s…” Dia skitted back more. She hadn’t noticed, but moving this body was anything if not natural to her, especially when she was so jumpy. She tried to clear her legs of Mari, and move to the opposite end of the room, as if to not scare Mari. “I’m sorry. I’m very sorry, Mari, I don’t-”

“It’s okay, it’s okay,” Mari interrupted, laughing nervously once again. “I guess I can’t really blame you. I know I’m not supposed to be here, after all…”

“Then, why are you here?” Dia asked. “Uh, promise me not to get mad.”

“Promise? Why would I get mad? It’s not like you’re a criminal breaking into my house,” Dia hesitated a little, before asking, “Are you?”

Mari’s eyes darted around the room. “Uh, no, it’s just- I just don’t think you should get upset right now. So, can you promise that for me?”

“I… suppose, if you need me to.”

“Alright,” Mari sucked in a breath. “I… was with your sister.” Dia winced. “You were WHAT?!”

“Don’t get mad! You promised!”

Dia stopped herself. “You’re right. You’re right, I did promise,” She took her palms to her face, exhaled into them, and slowly slipped them off, as if to cool herself. “What were you doing with my sister?”

“She… snuck out.”

Dia breathed in heavily.

“To see me,” Mari continued.

Dia exhaled, the sharp heat of her breath pressing against her teeth. “Because I promised to take her somewhere for her eighteenth.” “And where would this have been?”

“You’re… still not gonna get mad, right?”

“I won’t.”

“... A strip club.”

Dia groaned, pressing her fingers to her temples.

“It was her idea, okay?!” Mari squealed. “I… I thought she would have told you. She said that she hadn’t when we were already on our way there.”

“And you didn’t bother to tell me either?” “I… didn’t want to see your reaction.”

Dia groaned more, before letting it go with a sigh. “Alright. You went to a strip club. I can’t be too upset, Ruby’s an adult now. And I can assume well enough why you wouldn’t want to tell me. I suppose I wouldn’t want to if I were you, either. But… why are you at my house? If she was sneaking out, wouldn’t you just drop her off back here, before leaving yourself? I don’t understand.”

“We…” Mari took in a breath. “Ruby… wanted some action.” “She WHAT?!”

“Look! Look, it was her idea. I… had kind of figured she had the hots for me for a little while. So I should’ve seen it coming. But… she invited me in here, and-”

“WHY?! What did she say?! What did you-”

“I know! I know I shouldn’t have gone through with it. I’m sorry, okay?” “Then why? If you knew you were going to regret it, why did you do it?” “Because… because I was into it.”

Dia cringed. She was on the verge of screaming - Her lungs felt like lava, hot, explosive, climbing out, and ready to explode out of a volcano - but she tried to let it go with a long groan. “And then, you…” Dia trailed off, not feeling the need to finish her sentence.

“Yes. We… we did it. At your house.”

Dia sighed. “Couldn’t you have at least done it in your car?”

“Ruby was insistent about it. You… I know you probably don’t want to hear the details, but she said she wanted her first time to be nice. I suggested the car, too, but she didn’t like the idea.”

“And why did you stay here, instead of sneaking back out?”

“Your sister’s just too cute when she cuddles me. I couldn’t help myself!”


“So, I guess, for the moment…” Mari made a silly face, before clapping her hands together, and bowing. “Mi dispiace!”

“It’s not the time for jokes, Mari.”

Mari slumped over. “I’m just trying to lighten the mood before you see Ruby.”

“Before I see her? What-” Dia’s eye twitched. She started to feel the pound of the heart in her chest. Before she knew it, she was breathing heavily. “No. Don’t tell me.”

“I… I don’t really know how to say this… but, something like your legs happened to your sister.”

“What? What is it? What happened?”

Mari tried to hide her face. “You’ll have to see for yourself.”

Dia swallowed, before walking towards Ruby’s room, her sets of legs alternating as she did so.

Strangely, walking was easier with this body than she would have thought. Her current way of walking was her initial guess of how locomotion would work with this sort of body

- Moving two legs one side, and moving their opposites on the other side, while every other leg kept still. Then, doing that again, with the opposite legs, and alternate between the two sets with each step.

In high school, Dia had rejected environmental biology in favor of marine biology. As she lived in a fishing family, it simply felt more appropriate, on top of being more appealing to Dia herself. As such, she hadn’t any first-hand knowledge of creatures such as spiders. However, there were some things that she did remember about them. Namely, they didn’t have any bones. They had an exoskeleton; and quite an interesting one at that. It was light, and yet strong enough to function as their limbs.

Dia’s legs - her new ones - were most definitely not formed from an exoskeleton. They were fleshy, and she moved them as if they were normal limbs. As such, Dia assumed they most likely housed bones within them.

Spider legs usually had more joints, too. About seven. Each of Dia’s only had two, she estimated. One at her pelvis, and then a sort of ‘knee’ in the mid-point of the leg.

Ironically, they seemed to be more human than they were spider, save for their numerosity. And position.

She supposed, then, her prehensile feet were more human than spider, as well. Spiders had claws at the end of each leg, but they were hardly prehensile. Prehensility was a feature that was observed in human feet, though not very often, but her feet seemed… hand-like. Similar to those of primates, though perhaps more robust. Her big toe was separated from the rest - curved down, and to the side - like the thumb on a hand. Every toe was longer, too. Each were about as long as a finger. Not to mention, they were all double jointed.

In that sense, calling them hands wouldn’t exactly be inaccurate.

They were strong too, Dia had noticed. Legs, most - if not, all - of the time, were stronger than arms, due to them holding up the body. In that sense, they did their job. They hoisted up Mari’s entire body quite easily. And with just two of them, at that. Dia wasn’t sure how much her new body weighed, but from that, she surmised, much more than her old one. One hundred kilos, perhaps? She was just under sixty beforehand, but the addition of six legs and an abdomen would increase that a lot. Could it have doubled it?

That reminded Dia. Her abdomen. That is to say, her new one, that sat behind her. She wasn’t sure what its purpose was, but it was large. It formed around a third of her body, enveloping her back completely. She supposed it was a bit weird to not know what a large portion of one’s body did, but then again, there were probably a lot of people who didn’t know what their heart did.

Thinking back to it, Dia recalled a few factoids about spider anatomy. Their abdomen hosted a lot of functions. Essentially, they had the same organs that human torsos did, just in a different spot. Breathing systems, digestive systems, nervous systems as well as the heart.

A few of those made Dia think. Could she have duplicates of systems in her body? Or would they meld in with each other, to create one long system? Since her body was twice as big as it used to be, she supposed it wouldn’t be the weirdest thing in the world for bodily functions to be expanded in accommodation. Especially the heart. A bigger body would require more blood to be pumped, after all.

But, even after all that, there was one thing she had purposely avoided considering. The reproductive system.

Dia cringed just thinking about it.

Spiders held that, along with their genitals, in their abdomen. And although the vagina at Dia’s human crotch was still well and intact, there was… a sinking feeling she was getting. On the underside of her abdomen. There was one little spot there. It was a little cold when uncovered, more so than the rest of her, and felt pretty sensitive, even when not doing anything.

Dia bit her lip.

Even with all this - the legs, the hand-feet, the possibility of two hearts, one thing, one fact, stood out above the rest. The one that Dia couldn’t bring herself to accept, no matter what.

She had two vaginas.

It was something sitting on her mind, that, curious as she was, she tried her best not to think about.

She didn’t want to know how peeing would work. Nor periods, for that matter. She didn’t want to know what it felt like to be penetrated in two pussies at once. And she definitely didn’t want to know if she laid eggs now.

Her ass, on the other hand, had moved places. Since the area on her buttocks had been shifted into a transition into an abdomen, her ass now sat on the end of said abdomen, in the same place a spider’s would.

That did mean her bare ass had been hanging out for the world to see. Or at least, the rest of her house, which, so far, was only Mari.

And, knowing Mari, she probably didn’t care.

Though, right now, that was the least of Dia’s concerns. She had reached Ruby’s room.

Not that she had just done so. It had actually been a few moments, she was just delaying the inevitable by not thinking about it. But, the inevitable will have to be faced sooner or later. That's the word's definition, after all.

Dia gulped, and reached out to open the door, before stopping herself, and beginning to call out, “Uh, Ruby? Are you doing alright?”

A small moment passed, before Ruby squealed back from the other side of the door, “Y-yes, I’m fine,” “W-why wouldn’t I be?”

Strange. Those two sentences had slightly different inflections. It wasn’t anything too odd, but they sounded as if they came from two different places in the room. Was Ruby moving around while she spoke?

“Well, it’s just that, something happened last night, and I’m not sure what it was,” Dia felt herself scratching at her chin.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” She replied.

Dia paused.

It sounded as if two different voices, both Ruby, had replied to her. It wasn’t a simple echo, either. It was like there were two sources of Ruby’s voice.

Dia started to sweat. “I… I know about you and Mari. And… I’m fine with it. You’re an adult now, so I don’t mind that you’re seeing women. But, um… is there something else I should know about?”

“Nope!” “Not at all!” The same two Ruby voices replied to her. “W-wait, Mari’s still here?”


“What’d she say?” “What did she tell you?”

Dia stopped to consider. What had Mari told her? Sneaking out, the strip club, deciding to hook up, sneaking in, hell, even their intercourse… If there was anything Mari told her, it could probably be classified as ‘too much.’ Offhandedly, Dia replied back, “Pretty much everything.”

“Oh…” Dia could hear footsteps leading up to the door. “Then I guess you already know…”

Dia’s heart almost stopped. “Wait, I meant before-” She was cut off as the door opened in front of her.

Inside the room, Ruby was staring back at her - from two different angles.

Ruby had two heads. Both identical, one right next to the other, on her shoulders. The hair on both of them seemed to combine into one, simple hairstyle, but on each head’s opposite side, one pigtail had been drawn up. Both heads had their own neck that

descended down into her body, and onto a pair of collarbones, leading into the rest of her body.

Her torso seemed to expand to compensate for the changes - her shoulders had widened, causing her arms to be spread further out. And, along with the widened torso, more breasts seemed to have been placed. Two more, in fact, matching her new head, all lined up in a row across her chest. And they were bigger as well. Dia had little doubt that, if she had reached out, simply grabbing one would be enough to fill her hand.

Looking down, it seemed Ruby’s chest was not the only thing that had widened. Her hips had enlarged to triple the size they were before, causing her ass to enlarge with it. In return, four legs emerged from her pelvis, all in a two-by-two arrangement, standing her on the ground, almost like the legs on a chair.

But the biggest addition to Ruby came in between those.

Right beneath her stomach, a giant penis emerged. From her crotch, the veiny base sat, arising into a long, meaty shaft that folded into a cute, pink head, which was already dribbling small amounts of precum. Connected to it was a pair of inflated testicles, hanging limply out in the open air.

Dia blinked. She had caught herself staring.

She tried to regain herself. Glancing around the room, she spotted signs of struggle. Ripped pajama pants, no doubt from her inflated pelvis area. Bras littered around the room, all too small for her new breasts. More hairbands, as if Ruby had attempted to use them to tie up something in between both of her heads. Multiple pairs of shoes, which Dia had to assume Ruby was testing to see if they could match in height.

It was no use. Wherever she looked, she was reminded of Ruby’s new body. Which, try as she might to ignore, blossomed a certain feeling in her. Ruby was so - extravagant. Efficacious. Enviable. Dia would have to admit. Ruby’s new body…

Very much turned her on. “Dia?”

Dia attempted not to look her in the eye. “Y-yes?” “H-how many legs do you have?”


“They’re, um…” Ruby’s two pairs of eyes all darted around the room. Her speaking voice bounced back between heads, which was cute, if Dia was being honest with herself. “They’re very pretty…”

“So are yours…”

“Um… would you like to come in?”

“O-of course, yes…” Dia had to duck down and keep her limbs tight together to fit through the doorway.

“D-do you know what happened last night?” Ruby asked her.

“Not at all…” Dia admitted, settling in Ruby’s room, trying to avoid stepping on any loose items. She ended up on the side opposite from Ruby, and managed to sit her abdomen onto a tatami below. She allowed her legs to rest slightly, loosening them, her hand-feet curling against the floor. “As soon as I woke up, I just had these new parts…” “Oh… Could-” Ruby stammered. “Could I touch them?”

“O-of course…”

With just one simple hand, Ruby touched Dia’s front leg. Dia shuddered. Her soft fingers ran down its smooth surface, an alien, yet comforting, feeling. “They feel… nice…” “Can…” Dia gulped. “I touch yours?”


“Thr-er, two heads must be really something, huh,” Dia said absentmindedly, as she brought her front leg around Ruby, landing her fingers on her back right leg.

“Oh wow, it feels like a hand…” Ruby gasped.

“Y-yes, it does…” Dia replied, running her hand up Ruby’s leg. It went up, over her thigh, and eventually, closing in on her hip.

“You… can go a bit further, if you want…”

“Is that so…?” Dia breathed heavily, and, leaning in, reached a hand out towards Ruby’s cock.

Before she could reach it, though, the door slammed open. “Scusu! I leave for two seconds, and already you’re getting it on without me!”

“M-Mari!” Ruby squealed. “Wh- Go away!” Dia yelled.

“Relax! I just wanted to make sure you hadn’t killed anyone yet!” Mari gestured playfully. “Oh, but I have stumbled into a fit of forbidden romance~”

“This isn’t the time for jokes, Mari.”

“Sto scherzando! But, don’t you think it would be inappropriate for two siblings to get it on, Dia?” Mari looked at her, not exactly with scorn, but with an accusatory, knowing face.

“I’m-” Dia stammered. “We’re not-”

Mari tilted her head playfully. “Hmm~ From over here, it looks like you are.” “Mari…”

“But, I won’t stop you.”

Dia paused. She heard Ruby gulp with both of her heads.

“Now, I know I’m not the one who should tell you this,” Mari paced forward, “But Ruby has been crushing on you for the longest time. That’s another one of the things she told me last night. Want to know how I responded?”

Now that was a surprise to Dia. Ruby crushing on her sister? Since forever ago? She looked back to Ruby, only to see her staring back with both heads, nervous. Of course, she wasn’t supposed to reciprocate such feelings as lust when it came to her sister… But just now, she did exactly that. Maybe it didn’t make her a good sister, but by those rules, that wouldn’t make Ruby a good sister, either, which would be plain wrong.

Truthfully, Dia did want to know how Mari responded. But… none of this should have been her concern. It was something between a woman and her lover. In Dia’s opinion, that simply isn’t something to be impeded on. But… they were concerning her, weren’t they? And besides, Mari already told the important part, didn’t she? “How did you respond?” Dia asked.

“I told her, ‘that makes two of us.’” Maybe she hadn’t. “Wh-what?”

“You know, Dia… people harbor a lot more affection for you than you might think. Even your little sister. You’re pretty, and hard working, and, if I may, you have a very attractive new body.”

“What are you saying?” Dia asked, slightly nervous of the answer. “I’m saying I have a proposal.”

“A proposal?” Asked Ruby. “Let’s have a threesome!” Dia winced. “A threesome?”

“Certo! That way, all of us can be happy!”

Dia scratched her chin. A threesome? Well, if Dia was being honest with herself, Mari did have an attractive body… Maybe not as attractive as Ruby, but in terms of spunky, outgoing charm, Mari was just about unmatched. Dia, of course, knew she was… well, promiscuous, to say the least, enough to go after Ruby right after she turned eighteen. Right. Ruby was a factor, wasn’t she? Although Dia could see where Mari was coming from, she didn’t know if she had it in her to indulge herself in Ruby’s… well, everything. It would be like betraying her duties as a sister, wouldn’t it? She wasn’t supposed to lust after her sister. She already did, and she regretted it.

But… this wasn’t exactly one sided. As Mari just said, people harbored affection for her, and more than she might have thought. Maybe… just maybe, they wanted her here. If for no other reason, Dia could think of one reason to participate in this threesome.

“W-well, if it’s what Ruby wants…” “Mmm~ You were never a good liar, Dia.” “L-liar?! What-”

“It is what I want!” Ruby blurted. With her other head, she continued, “Having sex with the two people I love the most is…” Both of her heads made a small groan. “Well, it’s something I’d like to do. A-and, I don’t really mind either of your new bodies. So, if neither of you mind…”

“Oh, Ruby… wait, either?” Dia looked to Mari.

Mari made a face. “Oops! I guess I forgot to tell you.”

“Tell me?” Dia glanced at Ruby, before returning her gaze to Mari. “Tell me wha- WHY ARE YOU TAKING YOUR CLOTHES OFF?!”

Mari slid her top off effortlessly, stripping down to just her bra. “What’s wrong, Dia? Don’t pretend as if you haven’t seen my boobies before,” Reaching for her bra strap, she continued, “Besides, we just agreed to a threesome. Why are you getting all flustered now?”

“Well, it’s…” Dia trailed off as Mari’s bra fell.

Her tits jiggled out in the open, but they weren’t what caught Dia’s attention.

In place of her nipples were pairs of lips, thick and glossy, emerging from her skin, as naturally as if they had always been there.

“Like what you see, Dia~?” A voice came from Mari’s left tit. The lip-nipple attached to it had spoken.

“Or would you prefer touching, instead~?” The same from Mari’s right tit.

Dia blinked. So, they weren’t just elaborate nipples, then. These lip-nipples - lipples? - were extensions of Mari, in a way Dia had never considered before. As they were, they were two new, gaping tunnels to Mari’s digestive system, just begging to be touched and played around with. She had to admit, this was probably the strangest thing she’d ever been turned on by. So far, at least. “I-I…”

Mari giggled triumphantly. “I know. They’re weird, aren’t they?” She asked, fondling her tits slightly. “Ruby thought so, too. But…” Mari’s lip nipples opened both of their mouths, letting out their tongues, which seemed to drip down, and down, reaching the lower ends of her chest. “Their tongues are quite long…”

“Oooooh…” “Aaahhh…” Dia heard Ruby shuddering next to her, moaning with both of her heads. She noticed her cock, already quite hard and long, had actually increased in length, nearly shaking now, and bulging with veins.

“Someone’s getting antsy.” Mari commented.

Ruby bit her lip with one head, while squeaking with the other, “Can one of you please start fucking me?”

Dia raised her arm, before Mari stopped her with her hand. “Leave this to me,


Taking Ruby’s cock into her hands, Mari planted a kiss on its tip, causing both of her heads to squirm. Mari then spread her tongue across its diameter, tickling it, teasing Ruby even harder.

Ruby squealed more. A bit of precum leaked out, getting onto Mari’s tongue. “Ah!” “Sorry…” She said with both heads.

Mari licked it all up. As she did so, she said with her tits, “Don’t worry. That’s kind of the point~”

“I-if you say so.”

Before long, Mari’s mouth had fully enveloped Ruby’s tip. She sucked it, and as it left her mouth, a small bridge of saliva connected the two, before dissipating, and sinking below. Mari then placed it back into her mouth, running it against her jaw, covering it in heat. She kept going, engulfing more of her dick, heating it up with her saliva.

Ruby convulsed, a shiver running down her conjoined spine.

“Does it feel good?” Mari asked through her tit, before descending on Ruby’s dick, warming every morsel.

As Mari inched down on her, Ruby’s arms shot up, almost reflexively. They found their way onto Mari’s head, where she entangled her fingers with the blonde’s hair.

Mari could feel Ruby’s heartbeat pulsate onto the skin of her dick. In fact, it caused Mari to vibrate in turn, due to its sheer size. “How cute,” She giggled through her tits. Groaning softly, Ruby grabbed Mari by the back of the head, and shoved her down without hesitation.

Her lips clotheslined down the shaft, gifting her a generous throatful of Ruby, skin rippling against the roof of her mouth, pigmentation springing across the taste buds of her tongue.

Mari let out a muffled shriek, before exclaiming with her boobs, “Ruby! So bold…” Sucking in breath through her left head, Ruby replied with her right, “Sorry, it’s just, you were taking too long, and it felt so good, I just…”

Mari giggled. “Don’t worry too much. I tease a lot,” Mari winked, still speaking through her tit. “But I can go faster. Anything for my little bella~”

It was Ruby’s right head’s turn to moan, as her left replied, “O-okay, thank you…” She placed both of her hands on Mari’s head, running them up against her ears, and settling them with her fingers across the neck, and running down to the jaw.

Moving with her, Mari slurped down to the midsection, before pulling back. Ruby quivered, the veins in her dick shuddering with every inch Mari’s mouth poured over. As Mari ascended, she brought her hands upwards; one onto the base of Ruby’s shaft, and one to her balls. As she began to fondle them, rubbing her sack tenderly, Ruby’s cock throbbed, causing her to involuntarily thrust Mari forwards.

Her mouth slid down, cock railing against her esophagus. She probably would have started choking, had her lip nipples not been panting their brains out.

Tickling the base, Mari slid down further, the veins in Ruby’s cock bulging as she did so. Mari descended her hands to cradle both of Ruby’s balls, feeling a draining sensation in the two of them.

Suddenly, Ruby gasped with both her heads.

Mari was blasted backwards, sliding right off Ruby’s dick, as a cascade of cum waterfalled from her mouth. She began licking it all up, while breathing with her left tit, and saying with her right, “Amazza! I didn’t think you had that much in you, Ruby!” Ruby’s cock was still suspended by its erection, pointing out right in front of her. “Oh my gosh! Sorry!” She yelled, still gasping for air with her other head.

Mari finished consuming the rest of Ruby’s sticky semen, and breathed in. “Don’t worry about it, bella. That’s the greatest dick I’ve ever tasted. However!” Mari raised a finger dramatically. “I’m afraid it's too great for me.”

“Too great?”

“I can’t suck any further. Even if I breathe through my titties, I just can’t go farther. It reaches the end of my throat!”

“Oh my gosh! I’m sorry Mari, I didn’t think I’d kill you with my penis, it’s just that-” “Don’t apologize, deary. I’m not hurt, and I got you to cum, didn’t I?”

Dia still felt that such language was irresponsible to use in front of Ruby, even if she had just seen her nearly cut off the oxygen supply to Mari’s brain.

“I-I guess…” Ruby stammered.

Mari chuckled. “How about that, Dia? First dick I can’t handle, and it’s your sister’s.” “I don’t like hearing you talk about dick,” Dia responded, “Especially not in front of Ruby.”

“Dai! Communication is just a part of being in a threesome!”

“Oh?” Dia moved forward, her front two legs raising, and grabbing Mari by the shoulders. “Then how about I occupy those mouths of yours with something else?” Mari grinned sheepishly. “This is a side of you I haven’t seen before, Dia~”

“Hmph,” Dia scoffed, tossing her shirt aside. “Let me give you something to suck on.” Mari went quickly into ogling Dia’s tits. “Wow!”

“You- ah!” Glancing down, Dia saw that in the place of her nipples, there were instead


Dry and somewhat limp, they hung off Dia’s perky breasts, a pair of testicles dangling beneath the both of them. They appeared to be average in size. At least, average as far as Dia knew. They were nowhere close to Ruby’s member. But… Dia had two of them. On her tits. How the hell was she supposed to react to that?

She moved her right hand to feel it. It was… more sensitive than she had expected. Even just grazing it tickled her.

Out of curiosity, she flicked it.

Which turned out to be a mistake. It stung, in a way that didn’t go away just instantly. Dia winced. First Mari’s nipple lips, and now this?

“So, is this what I’m sucking on~?” “Wha-no!”

“Aw, lighten up a little,” Mari grabbed Dia’s hand, and drifted it down onto her left breast.

“Wh-what do you think you’re doing?”

“Nothing much,” Still holding Dia’s hand, Mari dragged it down over her lipple, allowing her fingers to graze its surface.

Dia neglected to say anything, but traced a circle around Mari’s nipple with her pointer finger.

Mari’s tongue made its way into the open air, grazing Dia’s finger, allowing a bit of saliva to drip off her tit. The finger wandered into the lipple’s maw, the mouth’s diameter closing in on it. Mari’s tongue enclosed it with a sticky lair of dribble. Dia’s finger ran taut.

With the rest of her hand, she creeped her grasp up, circling it up around Mari’s breast. Dia’s left hand, meanwhile, strayed upwards, making its way to Mari’s other breast. “Dia?” Mari interrupted. “It looks like you have a situation.”

“I have a what?”

Mari threw her gaze downward. Dia followed. Oh.

By ‘situation,’ Mari had meant that Dia’s two dick nipples had since grown hard, doubled in length, and held suspended outwards, as if resisting gravity.

“I didn’t know you liked having your fingers licked this much.”

“I- No, I just- It…” Dia stumbled upon her words. She didn’t have a comeback to that one.

“It’s alright. There’s something I want to try.”

As Mari gently repressed Dia’s arms, bringing her own to Dia’s shoulders, Dia wondered what this ‘something’ was that Mari had in mind.

As Mari aligned her nipples with Dia’s, however, her mind filled in the blanks. Their two faces approached each other, Dia’s breath growing heavy all the while.

Mari licked the tips of Dia’s nipples, causing her to gasp. Her dicks twitched involuntarily. As her hands moved up, they caressed against both her pairs of balls. They jiggled a bit, as if she was teasing herself.

Having balls on top of her boobs… it was a weird sensation. Very jiggly.

Mari’s lips made their way onto Dia’s dicks. The soft, wet sensation wasted no time in making itself known across her delicate skin, soaking it with pleasure. Dia moaned. Her dicks felt like they were warm. Throbbing, even.

Mari kept at her sucking. Her tongues wrapped their way around Dia’s shafts, softly gripping them, warming them. Her assault on all their sides was simply overwhelming to Dia. To her, it felt as if her entire being - every pore, every inch of skin was warmed to its max, like her very soul was being massaged through her body.

Dia felt a load bust from her breasts. Ah, that was why. She had orgasmed.

Dia sighed. Mari’s lipples schlocked away from Dia’s twin dicknipples, letting the milky cum drip out, dribbling down the rest of her chest.

“Wow. You’re even easier than Ruby,” Mari said. “Sh-shut up. Don’t try to ruin the mood.”

“Aw, Dia, you’re so innocent. Especially for someone that was just trying to fuck her sister. Or… both her sisters?”

“Shut up,” Dia repeated. “Shut up, or… or I’ll have Ruby impale you with her cock, and make you leak cum out your sides.”

Mari blinked. “D-Dia! You can’t just say that…” “Is that so? What a shame.”

“S-since when did you get such a dirty mouth, huh?”

“We’ll see who does the dirty talk when I pin you down and have Ruby choke you with her balls.”

“Dia, that’s-” Mari stopped talking as Dia’s prehensile front feet gripped her by the armpits, and forced her to the floor. “What are you domnmnnnnggffff,” Mari tried to continue, as Ruby’s huge testicles got stuffed in her mouth.

“And don’t stop sucking,” Dia finished.

“S-sorry Mari,” Ruby said with one of her heads, her front legs lowered in a squat position, back legs on their knees.

With both her hands, Dia carrassed Ruby’s heads, drawing them towards her. “You don’t need to apologize. Just follow my lead, Ruby.”

Ruby lost both of her gazes in Dia. “Y-yes.”

Letting go of Mari, Dia’s four frontmost legs drifted onto Ruby’s body. Two held onto her back, and another pair being placed onto Ruby’s abdomen, slowly making their way up to her four breasts.

Dia leaned in, opting to meet lips with Ruby’s left head. She accepted the approach, monching Dia’s lips with her own, while her other head leaned in, resting on Dia’s shoulder.

Dia’s hands reached Ruby’s breasts, and she skimmed over them, like snowflakes on a soft lake. She tickled her nipples, all four of them becoming hard in succession.

The Ruby head on Dia’s shoulder moaned, pulling her neck into a bite, as Dia reached with her tongue into Ruby’s other head. Her lips opened slightly, accepting the pink lancing, doing little to fight it roaming around in her mouth.

Ruby herself had lifted her arms up, reaching around Dia’s back, and coming around to her breasts. She reached Dia’s left dicknipple, touching the ball sack slightly. Dia could feel her mouthy grip on Ruby loosen. Before she knew it, her tits began throbbing, blood pumping thoroughly to support her twin erections.

Ruby’s dick rose. It poked Dia’s lower stomach, almost teasing at her pussy. Dia felt herself moan next. Reaching with her shoulders, she took a hold of Ruby’s dick, veins filling her grasp, and directed it at her own cunt.

“Mmmffffffmmm?.” Mari mumbled from beneath them. “Dia, don’t you think it’s a little too big for you?” Mari's tits translated for her.

Stupid Mari.

Ruby’s tip rubbed against Dia’s pussy. It tickled at her folds, and circled around it, leaving a translucent trail of precum. Spreading her legs slightly, Dia heightened her grip, and, breathing in, placed the head into her vagina.

The plentiful precum made for excellent lube all its own. The head stuffed its way through Dia’s walls, heating her up from the inside almost instantly. The bite from Ruby’s right head became stronger against Dia’s neck. The both of them moaned, Ruby from both mouths, while Dia felt precum emerge from her two dicks.

Pulling herself closer to Ruby, Dia dragged her abdomen across Mari’s lower body, all the while Ruby’s huge dick kept submerging lower and lower into Dia, almost causing her to gag. How long was this thing? Dia’s front legs had nearly gone limp, and she had barely even ridden it.

However, Ruby seemed to disagree. Maneuvering backwards, Ruby’s four legs stayed situated, her front two pulling back, her back pair still kneeling. Her dick dragged out slightly from Dia’s pussy, some of her fluids being exposed to the outside air after having leaked onto it. Then, propelling forward, Ruby thrusted, right into Dia.

Dia gasped. She had to throw herself off of Ruby’s lips just from the sheer force of Ruby's hump. It was shocking. It was dazing. It was… pleasurable.

Ruby bucked her two pairs of hips, and plunged back into Dia again. Once again struck with Ruby’s monster of a rod, Dia’s head fell, her eyes rolling into the back of her head. She started sucking in breath through gasps.

Ruby twitched. Without warning, a sharp heat unleashed itself in Dia’s crotch, overflowing her with pleasure, as if it cured her of some terrible illness. Ruby removed her cock from Dia’s cunt, a sticky mess emerging with it. Her dick fell limp, drooping off wads of cum, clearly from her orgasming.

“Haaaah…” Dia moaned. When had her sister gotten so good at dicking?

“Ammazza! Just how many orgasms do you have in you, Ruby?” Mari said from below them.

Dia took her front foot hand and jammed it in Mari’s tit mouth. “Shut it,” She ordered.

“It’s joke! Though I would like it if you took your balls out from my mouth.” “Ah!” Ruby exclaimed with both of her heads. “Sorry…”

Carrying herself up, Mari cricked her back, before kneeling back up. “No worries, deary. Besides, how could I be upset with someone with such nice balls as these?” She lowered her hand, and tickled at Ruby’s sack, causing her to fidget more, blushing as she did so.

“Stop playing around with her balls, Mari.”

“Why? Are you the only one allowed to touch Ruby’s balls?” “It-er-”

“I’m just playing, Dia. Now, it’s my turn, isn’t it?” Dia raised an eyebrow. “T-turn?”

“Yes. And I choose… Dia!” “You… choose me?”

Mari smirked. Coming up to Dia, her hand made its way onto her chest, and up her abdomen. “That’s right.”

Dia frowned. “Still not done playing with my dicks?”

“Not exactly. Tell me, Dia… Do you have another one under there?” “Another what?”

“You know. That big flesh sack you’ve been carrying around isn’t just for show, right?” Dia looked behind her.

Damnit, Mari figured her out. “W-well…” “Is that a yes?”

“Uh, not exactly…”

“Don’t think I don't see your dicks getting hard,” Mari whispered. “You have two pussies, don’t you?”

Dia sighed deeply. She did. She did have two pussies, and yet, she didn’t want to tell that to Mari. Every inch of her was yelling no, her psyche trying to give everything to just lie to Mari.

Her raging libido, however, had a different answer. “Y-yes…” “Mmmm. You shy about it?”

Dia sighed. “A little…”

“But just a minute ago, I was sucking you off in two places.” “Th-that’s different.”

“Is it, now?”

“Dicks are… less personal.”

“Are they, now,” Mari replied, doubtingly. “Hmm… well, I guess having something put in

you is a bit more personal than the other way around.” “Yes. That, exactly.”

“But, come on, Dia. Don’t you want to experiment a little bit?” “Experiment?”

“These bodies… I mean, they’re so hot, aren’t they?” “Excuse me?”

“Come on. Eight legs, two dicks, fucking hand feet…”


“I saw how you were acting towards your sister earlier. You know how hard it is to get this many dicks in a room together? You think I’m not jealous?”

“J-jealous? Mari, I didn’t exactly ask for this…” “But you’re enjoying it all the same, aren’t you?” Dia sighed again. “Well…”

“Could you honestly say you’d go back to your normal body after today? Or Ruby? You’re like sex machines. All I have are two more pairs of lips.”

“Don’t call Ruby a sex machine.” “Well… just look at her, Dia!”

Dia looked over to Ruby. Her two heads, despite being the same person, had closed in on themselves, now breathing softly, a slight blush creeping in on both of their faces.

Their eyes closed in tandem, and their lips sealed together, forming into a kiss.

Ruby started making out with herself. Her touches were soft, gentle… until they weren't. Ruby’s two heads started going at it. Her arms scratched into her sides, and got a full cop of her own tit. She wasn’t holding anything back.


“Could you take that away from her? That sweet, young innocence?” Right as Dia considered agreeing, Mari added, “That, or her giant cock?”

“You’re not very good at pushing your case…”

“Just… okay, look. Normal bodies are kinda boring, right? Can’t we stick with these for a little while?”

“Alright, but… what about going outside?” “We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it!”

“Fair enough. I’m just wondering if I can use a bedsheet to cover all this up…” “Bah, who cares?” Mari shrugged. “Just go nude at that point. Che importa?” “This is why I try not to take fashion advice from you.”

“And you’re all the worse for it! Anyway, can I lick your other pussy now?”

“What a tactful way to ask,” Dia replied sarcastically. “You may. But only because I’m so turned on.”

“Grazie! Now, I’ll need you to roll over.”

Dia complied. Turning around, and flipping onto her legs, she managed to shift her weight sideways, rolling over upside down. Having her center of gravity shifted so far away from its original position was still quite disorienting to her, but it wasn’t as if she didn’t have more ways to cover it up, given her abundance of legs. “Just… make sure you know what you’re doing.”

“I always do!” Mari leaned over, climbing onto Dia’s abdomen. On its front, it was more ticklish than Dia had anticipated. A lot more.

Dia let a laugh slip out. “Aw, does it tickle?” Oh no.

Mari began rubbing her hand down across the front of Dia’s abdomen, fingers grazing its surface. It was tickling hell.

Dia tried to not let out a single giggle, and consistently failed.

Mari’s tickling hand made its way near Dia’s crotch, her lower one. Dia fell silent as it did so. Her laughing turned to bated breathing. Mari massaged her folds. As she did, Dia began to feel the beat of both of her hearts reverberate through her body. Her feet instinctively grasped at the floor below. Dia had been struck with a sudden realization. Her second vagina… was much more sensitive than her first!

Not pausing her caressing maneuvers, Mari pulled in close, kissing adjacent to it. Dia flinched. Mari did not ignore her lipples, either. Opening their mouths, they gently kissed Dia’s abdomen, licking it, and curling it into a bite.

Even with all this, it was still ticklish.

Dia couldn’t help but let a moan out through her bit lip. Her breaths grew heavier and heavier, even managing to lift Mari up under her second respiratory system.

Mari giggled. She drew her tongue in a circle around Dia’s slit, not letting up on her relentless teasing. Drawing up two of her oversized legs, her back left prehensile foot grasped around Mari’s scalp, putting the slightest bit of pressure on it, her right cupping Mari’s ass. She could feel Mari’s smugness from here. Mari obliged, however, and made her way down on Dia.

The feeling of a warm, wet tongue against the walls of her new parts dredged up unimaginable pleasure in Dia. Her foot lost grip, falling to the floor, weakly. Even her normal hands had given up their clasp of the tatami below, opting to be spread out like she was making a snow angel.

This was, perhaps, the most odd sensation Dia had ever felt. What were the specifics of phantom limb syndrome? Pain in a body part, once there, now lost? Dia had once heard that it was the result of nerve signals getting mixed up in the brain. She figured that this, right here and now, was the exact opposite of that. Pleasure in a body part never there, now here. She would have to think of a scientific term for that later.

Mari’s assault was far from over, however. Her tongue, having made its way in and around, now made it’s way up. Dia’s pleasure spiked with a sudden burst of sensation. Mari had located her clit. Her second clit, to be precise.

Dia had been reduced to a convulsing mess of limbs in a second flat. She couldn’t contain it. She moaned, she squirmed, she… came.

Breathing heavily, she felt Mari’s tongue exit her body, lapping up the fluid she had so quickly released. Orgasming so quickly… Dia felt embarrassed.

“If you have twice as many vaginas,” Mari asked, her lipples letting go of the abdomen’s skin, “Does that mean you have twice as many orgasms in you?”

Dia was too stunned to answer, but she guessed she probably had four times as many, as to account for her newfound dicks.

“M-Mari…” Ruby squeaked from one of her heads.

“Aww, were you feeling left out?” Disregarding Dia’s legs, Mari climbed off the abdomen, landing on the floor.

“Yes…” “Could you give us some attention?” “U-us? Wait, are you two people or one?”

“Only one,” “But I think it’s cute pretending to be two.”

“Hmm…” Mari looked to be deep in thought for a moment. “Well, I guess I’m not one to say otherwise. Now, how shall I play with my little Rubies~?”

Ruby’s left head parked up. “K-kiss me, please.”

“Well, of course.” Mari wasted no time in leaning over, hurdling over the left Ruby, and caressing over the back of her hair, pulling her into a deep, loving kiss.

“Um, could you kiss me instead?”

Mari pulled away from the first Ruby head, and shifted over to face her right. “If you insist~” She tilted her head, her lips meeting that of the second Ruby, nearly meeting her at a sideways.

“But what about me?”

Mari pulled away again, chuckling. “Relax. I’m just teasing. You two can both kiss me at the same time,” She rose up, puffing her chest. Her tits jutted freely outwards, lipples bouncing, making a show of licking them around. She cupped her own breasts, allowing her fingers to slip within, embalming them with a deep layer of supple.

Such a drama queen, Dia thought.

“Just kiss me right here, okay?” Mari asked the two Rubies, receiving a response of two in-sync nods.

They moved in without hesitation. Her heads met Mari’s breasts exactly, as if they had a perfect height difference, and Mari ran through both heads of hair with one hand each. Ruby, with her left head, became engrossed with the simple touching of their lips, pressing them together with the force of wind on grass, losing herself in grazing against it.

With her other, however, Ruby was more rough. She continually moved in, assaulting at the front, biting her lips together, grasping at her tongue. To Mari, it was a strange sensation; She was used to both styles of kissing, but not both at once. For Ruby, who

had two brains belonging to the same person, it was probably as simple as walking, but for Mari, it was a rub-your-tummy, pat-your-head situation. She accidentally ended up lightly kissing the right Ruby, and roughing it with the left. Mari probably wouldn't have been able to breathe had she not had another mouth at the ready.

Meanwhile, Mari’s hands made their way down Ruby’s now-expanded back. Passing her hips, Ruby shuddered, echoing through her two mouths, before Mari finally reached her thighs. Her very, very thick thighs.

Ruby’s new set of legs seemed less like fun additions, and more of a counterbalance to the rest of her body. And what a counterbalance they were. Just her fingers across the front top revealed a deep, siney thickness. Mari poked in to find a fine muscle. As she did, both Rubies squirmed, halting their respective kissing suddenly.

“Ah…” “It feels… hot…”

“Mmm~ Want me to take care of that?” Mari asked, feeling a poking against her belly. The two Rubies nodded. “Yes please…”

Mari’s hands drifted inwards, reaching for Ruby’s belly, and eventually, her cock. Her fingers tickled around the base of the shaft, before reaching around it.

“Rubies, have I ever told you I’ve never been dicked by a girl before?” “No,” “Mmm-mmm.”

“Well, there’s a first time for everything, isn’t there~?” “Isn’t it too big?”

“Not quite,” Mari replied, lifting her leg up, “But I might need some help.”

Both Rubies grabbed Mari’s leg, lifting it by the bottom of the thigh, and letting it go around their hip. Mari then began to angle herself. She brought her right hand in between the two Ruby heads, and grabbed the base of their shared shoulder for balance. Then, she loosely grabbed their dick, almost struggling to wrap her entire hand around it, and facing it upwards.

“Rubies, are you ready, dears?”

With their free hand, the Rubies hugged Mari’s back, holding them tight together. “Yes!” “Well, here I- oh!” The Rubies had inserted their dick inside Mari without a second thought. As soon as they did, Mari threw her head back, as if in shock. She was pierced

so thoroughly, the cock seemed to poke through her stomach, having its way with Mari’s snatch, and rearranging her insides thoroughly.

Mari was reduced to a mess of moans, from all mouths, all superfluous or indistinguishable. Her head shook about freely, with her three tongues bouncing out of their cavities. It was like they really were impaling her with their cock.

The Rubies allowed their grip to tighten on Mari. Their fingers now reached for her ass, tearing into its fat, forcing her down her dick. Mari continued bouncing around like she was riding a mechanical bull. Her hands eventually went limp, hanging over backwards as both Rubies took the reins.

They weren’t holding back anything at this point - all four of their knees bounced in time with her rhythm, stuffing Mari to the brim with cock.

Eventually, Mari started to groan. Ruby stopped, and Mari began panting with all three of her mouths at once. She had, once again, orgasmed.

“Jesus…” Mari moaned. “It is big…” “A-are you alright, Mari?”

“Of course, sweethearts, I’m just… due for a break.”

“Oh, alright,” The Rubies took her off their dick, placing Mari onto the floor, where she continued to lay without resistance. “We weren’t finished, though…”

“I can’t go on…” Mari continued panting, as if her entire body was recovering from an extremely strenuous task, which, granted, it probably was.

“Ruby…” Dia grumbled, reaching up with her legs, and tapping the Rubies on the shoulder, before flipping herself around, onto her feet.

“D-Dia?” “Are you…”

“I can do another round.” “Are you really sure?”

“Of course. If it’s what Ruby- er, both of you Rubies want…”

“W-well…” “If you insist…” Ruby’s hand made its way to Dia’s crotch. “No. Use… my other one.”

“Other one?”

Dia forced her legs straight, raising her, before climbing onto the roof, and letting herself back down onto the floor, now flipped over. Her lowest foot crawled up her

abdomen, and, reaching her second vagina, held it open with two fingers, inviting Ruby. “Go ahead,” Dia said. “Please.”

Both Rubies nodded. They gulped, before descending on their four sets of knees, and crawling close up to Dia. Her dick scraped up against the abdomen’s skin, which would have once again tickled Dia, had it not been so arousing. All of Dia’s limbs, including her original arms, held the ground in anticipation, shaking all the while.

The Rubies lowered their heads, planting their faces in Dia’s abdomen, in the skin surrounding her pussy. They rubbed against the skin, before kissing it lightly. Dia moaned softly. Her grips on the floor lightened and her tits grew stiff, feeling a little faint from both Rubies’ tenderness. Her second pair of legs lowered to meet the Rubies’ cheeks. She rubbed their skin, pinching a little softly, before moving to their hair, and caressing it.

Their kissing seemed to slow, before stopping completely. Dia felt them crawling up her abdomen. She looked down to see them, but found her vision was blocked by her twin dicknipples, which had both grown rock hard, and protruded out in the open air, shifting her tits’ weight sideways. In the moment, Dia decided to bring her front hands to her dicks. She massaged her pairs of balls, causing a slight tingling sensation, before wrapping her fingers around the shafts.

She started to jerk herself off. It was strange… she had always assumed girls had it better, what with their nerve endings, and all. But right now, pushing two heads and being smothered by two others, she was starting to think otherwise. Simply stroking her twin dicks upwards was almost making her dizzy. It may have been the moment getting to her, but right then, Dia realized she really liked having dicks.

The Rubies continued crawling up. Before Dia knew it, her lower folds were being massaged, and at this point, it was just too damn stimulating. She started moaning her head off. Ruby had barely gotten started, and already, Dia’s legs had grown weak. Her feet fell off their heads, and landed onto the ground below.

Dia’s jerking continued. She started stroking faster, harder. Her tits bounced violently in response, balls flopping, hands starting to lose feeling. But she didn’t care.

Before she knew it, The Rubies had lined their dick up with Dia’s hole. Their front pair of legs crawled forward, giving them a sense of balance, before they descended, plunging their head right into Dia’s enclosure.

Dia lost it.

Her breath escaped her. Her head flew back involuntarily. Her limbs twitched like mad. Pleasure shot through her like wildfire, spreading from her abdomen, through her sets of legs, up her body and straight to her brain. The Rubies’ dick slid in easily, having already been coated in Mari’s juices, and it continued sliding easily within Dia. Every inch was another inch of pleasure, striking her like electricity.

“Do you like that…” “Dia?” Both Rubies asked, raising their dick out.

“Y-ye-ahhh…” Dia was struck again, as they slid back in. Dia felt the tips of her own dicks tingle harshly. Her hands, however, refused to move. They could only fall to the ground weakly.

The Rubies had her completely pinned. Mari wasn’t lying, their dick was big. Perhaps even too big for Mari. But, perhaps, just right for Dia’s newfound organs. After all, her reproductive system was certainly bigger now. If that meant her insides had simply expanded to a point that it could now house a cock as big as this one… well, that just be perfect, wouldn’t it?

And that’s what it seemed to be. Dia’s pussy was perfect for the Rubies’ cock. It certainly felt that way to her. The way it absolutely destroyed her mind… in a good way, of course. She could hardly think. Her breaths became quicker, her eyelashes fluttered, and her eyes rolled into the back of her head.

She could feel it. This was it. She was approaching the climax.

“D-dia!” The Rubies’ thrusting got heavier. Dia’s insides felt hotter, as well, and it seemed to rub off on their cock. “We’re about to-gah!”

“M-me too!”

Her dicknipples twitched. She clutched them at their heads, the tingling sensation maxing out, and rubbed them graciously.

With one final moan, Dia came.

Her dicks squirted straight up, landing all over her chest. Her insides released themselves, lower pussy releasing itself of its juices. Dia fell to the ground.

Both Rubies groaned as well, and before long, a striking heat was released straight into Dia. It once again lit up her insides, spreading around her body like some sort of healing panacea. Her tensions relieved themselves. Her head was cleared, and the stress was taken straight from her body. “Holy shit…” She moaned.

“Are you alright?” The left Ruby asked.

“Did…” Dia took a breath. “Did you get what you wanted?” “Y-yes,” “Yes we did.”

“Good,” Dia gasped between her breaths. “Then I am satisfied.”

Ruby looked a little nervous talking to her, on both heads, Dia noticed. “Dia?” She asked.


“Um… Did you enjoy yourself?” “Yes. Yes, I did.”

Their nervousness was quickly replaced with a smile, “Okay, that’s good,” And said smile was quickly replaced with a deep blush. “We did, too.”

“I’m glad,” Dia sighed. “But like Mari said… I’m also due for a break.”

“That’s alright,” One Ruby replied, as they both plopped themselves next to Dia on the matted floor. “Thank you, Dia.”

Dia caressed the right Ruby head, before the left nuzzled her softly. “You want to be two people now?” She asked them.

“Well, I guess it’s a bit confusing…” The non-nuzzling head replied. “But, I do think I like it.”

“I’ll love my sister either way. Or, both sisters.”

Ruby threw the rest of herself onto Dia’s body, four breasts pressing against her, wrapping her two sets of legs around her thorax. “Thank you, Dia.”

“Of course.” Dia wrapped her arm around the Rubies, reaching around her expanded back. Then, she reached up with her front leg, and caressed one head’s hair with her foot. “I love you.”

Both Rubies giggled. In this moment, Dia realized that the only thing more precious than Ruby’s cute, gleaming smile, was two of them at once. “We love you, too,” they said in unison.