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(Don't) Come to Me
by Elizabeth8


Isabelle looked up. Getting up from her desk, she made her way to the desk of her boss: The desk of Parker Law, the CEO of ambitious startup HCO. “Yes, Mr. Law?” She asked.

He whisked his hand through his hair, Isabelle spotting a defined deltoid through his slightly-tight button up. “We need a dictation for the new employees. Could you write their names down in a dictation, please?” He slid out a sheet of paper, a few lines printed on it.

“Of course.”

Isabelle took the sheet, and brought it back to her own desk, pressing a pen to its surface. Looking at her monitor, she noted down the names of the new employees she had scheduled for future shifts.

Although being a secretary was an easier job than she had anticipated, there was still one specific aspect about it she hadn’t come to cope with. That being her boss
Parker Law wasn’t a tyrannic boss, by any means. In fact, he was the exact opposite. A good, respectful man, charisma matched only by ambition for the future.

Which was the problem. He was exactly Isabelle’s type.

Stud look, attractive voice, a fun personality, he was everything Isabelle could want in a man. He was perfect.

Except for one thing. He didn’t pick up on Isabelle’s feelings at all. She had dropped hints in the past, minor and major. She dressed in a tight-fitting blouse and skirt, the kind no man could resist. In fact, she caught glances at his fine body every now and then, and she usually wasn’t subtle about it.

By being perfect, ironically, he made her want him all to herself, which only made this job more difficult for Isabelle.

Isabelle breathed in, and let it out with a sigh. She had felt like this since she was hired, and no matter how much she might dwell on it, it wouldn’t be changing any time soon.
She returned her focus to her work.

As she wrote down a fourth name, she felt a stiffness in her chest. She pulled her shirt at the button, but it did little to cease her uncomfort.

Isabelle flinched. Her shirt felt as if it were growing even more tight, despite her best efforts. Just what was this feeling? She looked down.

Her chest seemed to have grown. Specifically, her boobs. They were pressing up hard against her shirt.

However, they had grown too uncomfortable. Isabelle looked around. Her boss was in the other room, so she was alone, for the most part. Isabelle groaned in pain. Not able to take it anymore, she reached for her topmost button, ready to remove it.

However, it seemed she didn’t need to, as it popped right off, flying across the room, while her breasts jutted out of her shirt. “Ack!

“Hey, what’s going on in there?” Her boss asked from the other room.

Isabella’s arm instinctively moved to cover up her bust. “Uh, nothing!” She called back. “Alright,” He responded back, oblivious. “Just don’t take too long.”

She breathed out a sigh of relief as her boss instantly dismissed her sudden, strange pain. The pressure against her breasts had left her as well, but as her arm pressed against her bust, another problem made itself immediately clear.

Her arm wasn’t just hiding two boobs. She felt it clearly. Isabella let her arm down to peek, and sure enough, she had three breasts. A new one had sat resting in between her middle two, and pushing against her bra, threatening to break it.

Impossible… the mutant gene? Wasn’t it recessive?

She ran her left hand to her back, attempting to unclip her bra, but the way her hand felt against it felt… strange. Bringing it back around, she looked to it, finding it to be in the middle of transforming.

The three fingers in the middle merged into one, while her thumb and pinky split off to the side, bending over themselves. But it didn’t exactly… hurt. Rather, it felt like playing around with a gooey substance, and getting one’s fingers stuck in them. It felt sticky.
Somewhat inflexible. And most of all, moist.

Her middle fingers were fully merged together now, and seemed to expand outward, as if they were growing beyond her hand. Her thumb and pinky were much longer, too, their joints shifting inward. They seemed to be becoming something completely different…

The mesh of fingers continued their growth. Eventually, they reached a crescendo, their tips forming in an arc, broadening slightly, and creating a new, thinner cylinder in the
middle. And from that, a sphere of hair blossomed out, eventually being followed by a full - if small - human head, features and all, identical to Isabelle’s. Her thumb and pinky it up to the neck, before stretching outwards, perpendicular to the base. Their phalanges stretched out, morphing into two long appendages, and growing something more on their ends.

Small, stick-like objects grew out from their fleshy ends. They began to move, adopting strict, joint-like movements. Was she growing fingers on her fingers?

“What the hell?!” She yelled.

“You having trouble?” Her boss called from the other room.

“Shit!” Isabelle whispered under her breath. “All fine!” She lied, “Just didn’t recognize a name!”

“Really? You sound a bit stressed-”

“Really! My computer’s being finicky, I must be having connection issues!” “Oh, well, if you need help-”
“I’m all fine! I’ll have it done in just a minute!” “Uh, sure."
Isabelle was only beginning to realize she didn’t control any of these features, despite the fact they were on her body. Almost as if on cue, a pulse started to form in her arm, and its own mini-arms started to move, separate of Isabelle.

And even then, it wasn’t over. The face attached to her arm twitched. The eyelids opened, and then blinked, once, then twice. It seemed to take a breath, before exclaiming, “What the hell?!”


“Oh, uh…” The arm’s face quilted down. “What the hell?” It whispered. Strangely, it had Isabelle’s own voice, although at a slightly higher pitch, likely due to its smaller size.
Isabelle looked over to the door, and seeing that it was still closed, turned back to the face. “Are you… me?”

The head-arm-body thing moved its own arms, before patting at its chest - Isabelle’s forearm. It breathed in a little, before the spot between its arms swelled, and in a flash, a pair of its own tits inflated. “I… I guess? What’s going on?”

“How should I know?”

The arm pointed to her other arm. “What’s happening over there?” “Over- Huh?!”
Isabella raised her right arm up, to see that it was undergoing a similar transformation. The fingers formed a cylinder, and rising up, a pair of shoulders formed, leading to its own set of mini-arms. Adjacent to them, on the shoulders, a head was formed. Soon enough, it gained its own face, pulse, and, drawing in a breath, voice.

“What the hell?!” It asked. “Ssshhhh!”

The new head looked taken aback. “Am I… but which-” “Does it really matter?”

“Hey, are you talking to someone?” Her boss called out. “What? No!” “Of course not!” “That’s ridiculous!”

Isabelle was struck with the realization that none of them, not her nor her two new arm heads, had coordinated themselves.

“Shit!” “Shit!” “Shit!”

“What’s going-” Parker’s sentence stopped as he walked in. “What in…”

“Parker! Er, Mr. Law! I-I can explain!” Isabelle held her hands up, indirectly displaying both of her other conjoined bodies.

He grinned. “I never knew I had such a slutty secretary. All seven boobs out like that, huh?”


“I’m new here!” Her left arm exclaimed.

Her right arm’s head looked over, before yelling, “I-I am, too!”

“Did I catch you mid-transformation?” Parked licked his lips. “Good. I’ve always wanted to see a woman- or rather, women while they were like that.”

“You… know about the mutant gene?”

“A distant cousin of mine has it. It’s not exactly a secret, anyhow. But, anyway…” Parker took his hand to his shirt, and taking out every individual button, slipped it off, letting it drop to the floor. His bare chest was let open to the world, sinuous pecs and
chiseled abs almost shining to Isabelle. “There’s some business I’d like to take care of. And it doesn’t involve taking a dictation.”

“But… Mr. Law!” Isabelle had to contain herself. She hadn’t imagined he was smooth with his words, too. “We can’t do… that! Not at work!”

He laughed. “You can just call me Parker. Or Park, if you want to. And, come on. I’ve seen you glance my way whenever I’m stretching.”

“You… you do?” Isabelle tried to look small. Her conjoined heads also lowered themselves in shame.

“Please. There’s no shame in looking. In fact, right now, I can’t seem to look away,” He approached Isabelle, and without any complacency, placed his hand on her middle breast.

She shuddered.

“It’s a new feeling, huh?”

The original Isabelle nodded, while the other two looked on, somewhat eagerly. Still grinning, Parker grooved his hand inside her blouse, moved it around, and snapped the hook of her bra open, letting her bouquet of breasts free. She sighed in relief.


“The pleasure’s all mine,” He said, lowering himself to his knee. “As will be this…” His face moved into Isabelle’s bust, and placing his lips on her middle breast, kissed around the areola. Isabelle let out a bated breath, while her two conjoined twins couldn’t help but full on moan. Parker moved even closer, and placed his tongue directly on her nipple. He licked around it, grazed it, even cupped it around with a rolled tongue.

Breathing heavily, Isabelle almost recoiled. Despite the wild fantasies she had had, she didn’t think Parker could be this good, not right from the get go. She moved her right arm to grip her back, forcing her conjoined twin to eat a facefull of Parker lats. Even though she was forceful, her conjoined twin still accepted gracefully, filling her palms
with a tight grip on him, and placing her lips on him in a micro-kiss.

Parker seemed to giggle in response to this, and raised his own arm to the left Isabelle twin. Her miniature hands, dwarfed by Parker’s, still grappled onto his by the sides, as if they were trying to get a solid grip on him. He brought his pointer and middle fingers into its mouth, which ended up fitting into it tightly. She gladly sucked it down, coating it with a small amount of supple. Parker, seemingly an amazing multi-tasker, brought his thumb to the twin, and grazed it against her mini-bust, jiggling her left breast thoroughly. She blushed madly.

Isabelle’s conjoined twins were in Parker heaven right now, and, seemingly noticing this, Parker removed himself from her middle breast, before taking his free arm, and sliding it down into the tip of her skirt, ripping it off easily.

Isabelle twitched. She wasn’t ready for this level of anticipation.

Her panties slid down with a movement of Parker's hand, exposing it to the office cold. She was quickly warmed, however, as his hand was placed on the upper part of her thigh, and rose upward slowly. He reached her crotch, and circled around her nethers with his fingers.

She breathed out in sputters. She was so excited, it had spread to her twins, who had both tightened their grips on Parker, but ceased their mouth action to opt for heavily breathing.

Wincing, her folds creased, as Parker massaged them slightly, before sliding his finger in. Isabelle’s knees grew weak. As her insides accepted a healthy heaving of pleasure, she forced herself to lean over onto Parker for support. His finger continued up, and
rose onto her clit, which he grazed effortlessly.

Now, Isabelle was growing increasingly hot. She was sweating, gasping for air, and blinking rapidly, as if she was in a sweltering desert. She was simply ascending.


As she opened her eyes, she saw her point of view rising upwards, like her neck was growing in length. It felt as if it was building up muscle, too. Closer to where Isabelle’s original head was, the sides broadened, gaining their own lumps, identical on both sides of it.

Isabelle gasped. She had seen this before.

From her neck, an abdomen formed, and, going up, a chest defined itself, giving way to a set of perky breasts. Next to those, a set of shoulders, and eventually, two arms.
Growing out from the fleshy mesh was yet another body attached to Isabelle. Parker - who she now towered over by an entire foot - was looking up in awe.

The transformation wasn’t done just yet, however. Isabelle’s vision grew a little blurry, before her head spun, and moved to the right. Breathing heavily, she heard another source of breathing directly next to her. She turned her head left.

Looking back at her was… her. Another Isabelle. Another copy of her head, this time, next to the original.

Isabelle officially had four torsos, and four heads to go with them. And before she was done processing this, a cold, windy feeling reached at the base of her original neck, the

one the latest torso sprouted out of. Moving down with her newest right arm, her fingers reached a slit, in the middle of her collarbone. With her four heads, four torsos, nine breasts, and six and two halves of arms, Isabelle transformation had finally finished with a second vagina.

Parker stood back up. Staring at her new vagina, he grinned. “Don’t mind if I do,” He said smugly.

Isabelle’s head turned back from him to her new conjoined twin, which did the same, looking at her. At this point, overwhelmed with body parts and overcome with ecstasy, and figuring she had nothing to lose, Isabelle tilted her head, and leaned in on herself, reached over, arm pressed against her side, and matched her lips with her twin’s, kissing herself.

Meanwhile, Parker kissed the collarbone of Isabelle’s original torso, right next to her vagina. Having already been horny for a while, the foreplay did nothing to tease Isabelle, but still managed to cause her to heat up. He leaned in, and, gracefully, kissed the folds.

Every Isabelle - the two kissing, and the two on her arms, who had now both settled for hugging around Parker, munching into his back - flinched simultaneously. The stimulation was far from over as Parker let his tongue in, heating up Isabelle’s collection of insides with a warm lick, pressing against her walls, overloading her with pleasure.

Isabelle attempted to lean in for another kiss with herself, but Parker’s tongue maneuvered up, and tickled against her clit. For the final time, all of the Isabelles
moaned in unison, before a splash of fluids ejected from their upmost nether region, instantly hitting them with a cleared mind.

“How’s that for a first time as a mutated person?” Parker asked, satisfaction resting in his voice.

“Unbelievable,” The original Isabelle admitted.

Parker chuckled. “Good to hear. So, do I have to put you on the payroll for four people now?”