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Re: Unreal Creation - by Tosaku no Kishi

Unreal Creation
by Tosaku no Kishi

Chapter 1

It was a literal bloodbath. Everywhere she turned revealed more bodies in various states of decay, all horribly injured in similar ways, usually bludgeoned by a giant hammer of some sorts. The one responsible stepped toward her, towering hundreds of feet high amidst buildings not even suitable to be its shoes. Bodies and viscera squelched between its toes, all twenty of them spread among four human legs attached to a pair of torsos melded into one another. It might’ve been female, given the face-obscuring chest it sported, but a huge shape hung from its crotch, censored by a thong made of dark leather. Not that its gender mattered when it loomed over Destiny with intent to squash her.

Or that’s what she thought would happen as she readied her pitiful great sword. There weren’t many options for guns or even archery since everyone claimed them first, but that suited her fine. She’d hack at its ankles until it bled out.

Her plan went up into the clouds as the giant grabbed her. It squeezed and she dropped the weapon, leaving her defenceless but for the leather armour. Air thinned out as she crested nearby skyscrapers and got her first look at the behemoth’s face. It had some sense of decency, as a corset girded its chest, not that it did much when what could’ve been a hundred feet of cleavage wobbled beneath her. The globes even jiggled from the giant’s breathing.

Destiny looked everywhere in hopes of a savour. Anything would do, even a stray bird striking the giant’s eye, though nothing came. It lifted her closer, changing grips so it only held her between its thumb and index finger, until all she could see was its visage - an otherwise beautiful womanly face - then grinned and unfurled a massive tongue, which passed over her front. Destiny covered herself as the saliva dissolved her armour.

What was this thing doing? Did it only eat naked people? For that matter, why was it only doing this to her? Because she was the last one left? Had to be. Although that couldn’t be the case, since other raids had fought this thing and no one said anything of this.

Her attempt at covering herself was thwarted as it easily plucked her hands from her breasts and crotch. The tongue came back and started at her legs, slowly dragging up. Her skin tingled where it touched her, and for a moment she feared she’d be treated to a graphic digestion of herself, but as it came over her groin and made her jerk in startling, horrific pleasure, she knew it wouldn’t be that. If anything, it seemed the creature was getting more invested in her.

A loud ripping sound tore apart the otherwise serene air. She looked down and there it was, a humongous phallus.

“Nope! Quitting out. Why the fuck do I always get these games?” Destiny groaned and uninstalled the latest in a long line of Indie, fetish games she’d received. It wasn’t that she had a big problem them, after all some were entertaining and even had decent gameplay, but she didn’t play games to get horny and lose her day off masturbating all the time. She was at fault really, choosing to play a game called ‘Giantess Smashing Day - Sexy Human-Taur Rampage: Stop Her!’. Some people just weren’t creative with names.

The worst part was, despite its niche nature, she was damp. It was that level of arousal between stoic and outright horny, not quite past the point where she hit ‘fuck it’ and wasted the day in bed. She didn’t have a problem with it. Sometimes, masturbation was exactly what she needed after a week of work dealing with customers that somehow thought she was basically their slave, but she could do that in the evenings. Day off’s were few and far between, the only chance for her to catch up on all the games she wanted to play.

Ah, the irony of being a working adult. She had the money to play all she wanted, but couldn’t fund it without giving up eighty-percent of her time. Destiny sighed and opened her favourite forum. She’d joined it almost ten years ago, looking for unknown developers that needed testers or just wanted feedback, though it ended up doing more than that in the long run. In large part, thanks to one ‘GirlyGirlMcGirlSon’.

While she doubted they were actually a girl, they helped her figure stuff out in her teenage years. From small things, like how to manage her time, to coming out in high school. In an unofficial sense, GirlyGirl was her girlfriend, or the closest she had to one for the moment. They’d messaged her while she was playing and, based on the subject, it seemed like an interesting one.

‘Oh my god, this thing is hilarious. It’s a character creator that does literally everything. Here’s the link. Only works on your phone BTW.’

Destiny shrugged. She wasn’t usually one for mobile games, or those inane creator-a-character things, but if her friend said it was great, then she’d try it. With a quick thanks, she downloaded the file and waited with subpar interest. Then her screen went dark. Not a big deal, it was an unofficial file, so her phone was probably restarting to make sure nothing went haywire. Just a simple press of the power button would suffice.

Nothing happened. Multiple button presses availed no better results. Deep breaths, Destiny. Deep breaths. Her repeated mantra faltered after three repetitions.

“No, no no no no!” She resorted to her father’s tried and true method with a remote, and smacked it several times all over. Nothing, “Turn the fuck on!” Screaming didn’t work either. One final tactic remained, “Turn on, or I switch to Apple.”

The dark screen lit up and her phone was back in order. Or should have been. None of the other, non-essential apps, widgets or media files were to be found, all except one; Unreal Creator. She checked the file size and found it had consumed every byte of available data on her device. What kind of game needed a 128GB of space? Much less a simple character creator.

“Even my SD card? That’s just fucking great,” Destiny groaned. Even if she removed it and re-downloaded everything else, she’d have to sign back in, set up all the passwords, block permissions and the list just went on. She set it down on her desk with a thud and rolled back in her second hand Herman Miller chair, staring at the ceiling as she took calming breaths, sifting through all the best solutions in her head. It wasn’t like she didn’t have the time for fixing this mess, nor was she poor enough that she couldn’t just get a new phone. She did live a mostly frugal life after all.

Plain, single bed and desk that served her needs and little more. Her computer and chair were the most extravagant possessions in her room, though that was born from necessity to make sure it ran any game, and that she didn’t end up with a hunch. It took her a whole week of zero sleep just to find the right graphics card for a decent price. Other than that, clothing came from thrift stores and she only had a few random accessories, just one of which was a staple on her garment; the pride pin.

“I need a snack,” Destiny grumbled and stormed off. The stupid app could wait a minute.

Her apartment was shared with two others, Hazel and Monica. She didn’t see much of the former, mostly by her own design, but could never escape the latter, given she was her boss at the local supermarket, an off-brand, almost suable, place called MalWart. From what she knew, they changed to it after Target threatened legal action over the last name; Targeted. They even used the same logo except with an extra stripe. It paid the bills, so she didn’t care what risks they took.

Hazel, unlike the other two, was more sociable. With the fact Destiny and Monica preferred their own company most hours, she often took to the living room, where she sat in front of a large flat screen. The couch had an indent of her behind, not because she was heavy, but from the sheer fact hers was the only one on it long enough to create one. She was a cute girl, light and small like a baby bird.

“What’re you watching?” Destiny asked on her way to the kitchen. Roommates posed some challenges, sharing chores and so on, but she appreciated that Monica took care of the kitchen. Without her, she doubted it’d be habitable. For humans at least. Destiny’s last place on her own had been more for the rats than her.

“Just that new He-Man show.”

“Any good?” Destiny wasn’t really interested. She’d seen the images and didn’t feel anything for a show about some guy with muscles too big to scratch his back, though she figured that was the reason for his sword. Fixing herself some jammed toast, she sat down beside her roommate. Better to be away from the phone for a while and take out her frustrations on the toast instead.

The apartment was set up with an open living/dining room with the door opening into a short foyer. It was a nice place, affordable only because they split the bill, with a cool, minimalist colour palate that lent itself to her and Monica’s private lifestyles. A single couch for three faced their tv, mounted to the wall, both simply black with white or cream pillows to accent the furniture. The coffee table was an oak top, which added some warmth to the place. Upon it, Destiny rested her feet and mindlessly watched the screen.

“It’s okay. Different to the original, but in a good way,” Hazel said. The couch wasn’t big, only enough to support the three of them, though Hazel’s size made that easier.

“Cool,” Destiny mumbled around a mouthful. While she didn’t enjoy socialising the way her roommate did, she liked her. Hazel was a good person, thoughtful enough not to force the either of the other girls to spend time together, but just enough that they weren’t always holed up on their own. Though Monica was rarely in. Destiny’s current theory was that she worked nights at a bar, though her fantasy was Monica working in strip clubs.

“So, what’s up? You never sit with me unless I make you,” Hazel said.

“Hmm, nothing. Just my phone fucking up.”

“Oh, that sucks.”

“It’s fine. Easy fix really, just tedious.”

“If you say so. I know Roy’s got a friend that’s good with these things. Want me to give him a call sometime?” Roy was her boyfriend. That fact alone irked Destiny, not that he was a bad guy, the opposite in fact, but she couldn’t help it. She’d give a lot for Hazel to be even a little bi-curious, however that didn’t seem likely. Mostly unintentional, she frequently paraded around in her underwear and saw nothing from Hazel. Not even so much as a glance.

“Nah, I’m good at it too. Worst comes to worst, I’ll upgrade.”

“You got that phone three months ago.”

“What can I say? Technology moves fast. It’s already in a wheelchair far as most techies are concerned.”

“Seriously?” Hazel chuckled and pulled out her Samsung from 2012, “Yep, still works. No upgrades for me.”

“That’s only because it’s small. Suits you.”

“Gee, thanks,” Hazel didn’t seem aware of it, but she pouted whenever her height was teased. She had the cutest cheeks for it, just part of why Destiny longed for her. Cuteness was her greatest weapon, one she wielded expertly, such that it more than made up for her svelte body.

“You’re welcome.” Destiny stayed for an episode, then decided there really wasn’t anything to keep her there, or a point in delaying the problem any further. Back in her room, she sighed and sat back at her desk, put on a random playlist and picked up her phone. The time had come to see what this app was all about.

“Better be good,” she muttered and booted it open. A familiar logo from the Unreal Engine popped up, then shifted before her eyes into a human figure and faded to dark, before snapping to a plain screen. It was horizontal, with a box on the right side containing a human silhouette, surprisingly defaulted to a female shape, and a myriad of bars on the left. All the usual categories were available; head, torso, legs and so on, though many featured sub menus for in-depth customisation. She had to admit, if more games offered such level of detail, she’d be impressed.

She tried fiddling with the controls but a message blipped into place; attach a photo. Was it one of those morph apps, like a watered down photoshop? Destiny rolled her eyes, though still gave it access to her photos, then frowned as it only showed images of real life people. None of the characters she’d saved fan art of, or even that cute Dachshund she met the other day. Guess it’s for fantasies or something.

“Eh, what the hell,” Destiny selected a picture of Hazel. It was from a ‘bonding’ trip on Halloween, which only solidified her attraction to the white-haired fairy, given the Tinker Bell costume she wore. The night itself was dull, though Hazel proved more than enough of a highlight to remember it.

She hit ‘apply’ and gawked as the silhouette changed. What started as a typical woman with C-cups, a decent butt and average height, shifted to match Hazel flawlessly. But how? The image was from the shoulders up, no mirrors or anything. Paranoia kicked in a second later. Someone had to be watching the apartment, or stalking them. She hadn’t provided any names, so they couldn’t have looked up Hazel’s Instagram for body references.

“Okay, whoever the fuck is listening to me, fuck off!” Destiny stood up and searched every corner of her cosy room, though it no longer felt that way. It was a box now, one where a creep had eyes on her, despite the lack of cameras around. Her phone! Picking it up, she looked straight into the camera with every ounce of malice she could muster, “I swear to God, if you fuck with us I’ll dox you so fucking hard.”

Her phone vibrated, nearly crashing to her desk if she didn’t have luck on her side and forced it to the carpet instead. On the front, another message appeared ‘try me out’.

“Really, that’s it?” Destiny asked, “Kinda lame, honestly.” She closed the app, not being a fool, and instead checked her private details, with the phone cameras away from view. Nothing appeared to have leaked. Regardless, she changed every password for her personal records, disabling the two-step verification in case whoever was spying on her could get in through them. Secure that her life wouldn’t be taken over, she re-examined the app.

Hazel’s portrait was still in place. Impossibly, it was a flawless 3D model as she turned it around. They’d seen each other naked more than once, it came with the territory as roommates, one or both would inevitably think they were home alone. Besides, both agreed being nude in the ideal climate was way more comfortable. Though Destiny would never admit that she had pretended to be out just for the chance to catch Hazel in the buff again. It never worked, but now she had a pristine recreation to ogle.

Fuck! She was still horny.

“I should’ve masturbated,” Destiny groaned to herself, and whatever freak was likely watching her. It couldn’t have been GirlyGirl, right? Maybe it was, that might explain why none of her private affairs were messed with, but what was their goal with this? She leaned back in her chair, “Okay, GirlyGirl, yeah I figured it out, if you want to watch me so bad, then you better enjoy it.”

Much as she wanted this resolved, logical thoughts came and went too fast when the ‘fuck it’ moment struck. Her chair reclined far as it would go, arm rests pushed away for more room, and let her comfortably slump into position. A drawer housed her favourite rabbit, covered in various textured nubs that teased her walls deliciously, and equipped with a unique suction cup for her clit. Nothing quite bested the feeling of a swollen clit.

Lube came with it of course. Wet as she was, she still wouldn’t put dry rubber inside her pussy. Destiny pushed her pants down and pulled up her usual go-to materials, intent on a quick rub, then confronting GirlyGirl. Running a lubed hand across her toy, she brought it down and cooed at the cool touch on her heated folds. It slipped inside to the rhythm of the two girls she watched, each going at it with strap-ons much too big for her own inexperienced cunny. If she had the time or drive, she might’ve tried stretching herself like they did.

As she drove the faux phallus deeper, the suction cup attached to her clit. On cue, she switched on the vibrations, quivering at the delicious sensation of her sensitive button engorging, its nerves rushing to the surface and feeling every facet of the cup. Once it filled the device, a shuddering moan left her as she bit her bottom lip. Every little vibration echoed through her clit, into her crotch and up her spine. The video showed the girls switching it up to truly monstrous toys, easily three or four inches wide.

“Yeah, stretch that fucking whore,” Destiny said, letting it play as her spare hand cupped a breast through her top. She really was too horny to think straight, otherwise she’d have removed it earlier. As it was, she didn’t care to waste time and simply shoved it up over her tits. She wasn’t part of the blessed D-cups that she watched, however pert B cups sufficed as the nipples added their pleasure to the mix. That said, neither hers nor the girls on screen were enough in that department. Not for her.

“Time for a switch,” Destiny groaned and forced her hand back to the mouse, scouring through her bookmarks to find the biggest, fake tits online. She licked her lips, wishing she could suckle on the woefully tiny nipples at the centre of two moons that covered most of the woman’s torso. What would Hazel look like with such things?

That one thought launched her into a slew of fantasies. She opened more videos and pinned them to the screen, gaze flickering between them all. One was of the same girls from earlier, two more had natural and fake breasts of uncommon size on display, another had a delicious bubble butt devouring toy after toy. Only one video in all her life featured them all, but it was grainy, like something pulled from the fifties and only gave her an impression of what she craved. It sufficed to fuel her fire as she jammed the vibrator harder and deeper.

Then she remembered her phone. It stared up at the ceiling, still open on the app, cameras unable to watch her, only listen to the depraved moans and squelching as her juices flowed.

“Why not?” Destiny shrugged and, videos still playing, inspected her device. Her thumb almost seemed pulled toward the breasts slider. The model of Hazel responded instantly, not even stuttering as its tits bellowed out. In mere seconds, she had a perfect recreation of a Hazel whose breasts leapt from mere A-cups, to obscene levels. Too much, Destiny thought and pulled it back until she was no bigger than J-cups. The slider didn’t tell her such information, however she’d looked at boobs enough in her college years to know.

It wasn’t right though. Much too top heavy, especially since Hazel didn’t really have curves to speak of. Destiny fixed it with a simple slip of her thumb, endowing her dainty roommate with deluxe hips that supported an ass that would ricochet bullets. But she couldn’t be done yet. More sliders beckoned to her even as she pushed her rabbit vibe against her sweet spot, rubbing hard against her walls and clit. She wouldn’t cum yet.

Not until she got to see this tiny Hazel morphed into a wet dream made real. Much as the outright fake look enticed her, the nipples needed to be bigger and their shape was too round. After some quick fiddling, they were closer to her desired state, though if she were thinking clearer there were plenty of smaller changes to be made. Round, but not spherical, and capped by teats big enough to tent shirts several sizes up. Near perfect.

Destiny propped it up under her monitor and took it all in. Using the new visual of Hazel, she easily imprinted the girl’s features over the others in her mind, groping herself harder, fingers pinching the nipples until they screamed for relief, then doing it again just seconds later. Moans rumbled in her chest, an echo of the vibrations in her pussy. Her lower lips clenched around the toy as all weight seemed to evaporate, like she floated on a raft at sea, carried on tides of extraordinary bliss.

Then the wave struck that pulled her under and had her screaming into a hand. Her hips bucked as pleasure rolled throughout, milking the fake cock for all it was worth and pooling her own juices below. Her nipples throbbed in time with her pussy’s convulsions. She was fortunate to have slumped further in her depravity, crotch hanging over the end of her chair. Destiny switched off her toy and let it fall out, cooing softly as she caressed her sensitive snatch.

“Oh, that was good. Hope you got a good show too, you fucking pervert.” Much as she tried infusing every ounce of venom into her voice, she still rode the high of an orgasm. She closed her various windows, enjoying a final image of the girls showing off their gaped cunts, and tugged her pants back on. Whatever reason the app worked the way it did, she couldn’t deny having a model of Hazel to manipulate as she wished was intoxicating. Maybe enough that she didn’t mind losing all that data on her phone.

For now, though, her mind was sluggish after the orgasm and her body craved water. As she prepared to stand up, a message beeped at her; set as default?

“I guess so. Not like I’m gonna keep it long anyway,” Destiny reasoned. She hit ‘yes’ and left for a tall glass of water. Hazel was still on the couch, watching something else that barely registered.

“Hey, Destiny? Mind giving me a hand?”

“Hmm? Sure, what’s up?” Destiny still retrieved her water, guzzling it as if the liquid would quench her deep seated thirst for her roommate.

“I think I had a brain fart or something and forgot to get dressed. Could you grab me some of my clothes? It’s getting kind of cold, but I’m also super comfy right here,” Hazel said.

“What?” She definitely had clothes on earlier. Destiny finally looked at her, having been leaning on the counter and refilling her glass. There, on the couch, was not the Hazel she remembered. Or it was. Just not the one she saw when she last ventured from her room. This was the Hazel her phone had shown her. Not only that, but she was surrounded scraps of cloth.

The glass of water slipped from her fingers and shattered on the tiled floor, but it was no more than a thud in her ears as Hazel leapt up, jiggling all over.



Re: Unreal Creation - by Tosaku no Kishi

Chapter 2

“Earth to Destiny? You there?”

“What? Oh, yeah. Yeah, I’m here.” The glass of water in her hand was trembling, but she wasn’t afraid, exhausted or even nervous. It was real. This couldn’t be a dream, she knew what those felt like and this was nothing like them. Even her most vivid fantasies didn’t recreate the apartment this well. Much less take an image she’d just seen and flawlessly impose it on Hazel.

“You high again?”

“No,” Destiny put her glass down, her strength untrustworthy in the current situation, and looked properly at her roommate’s figure, “How’d you forget to get dressed anyway?”

“I thought I did, but next thing I know, I look down and these girls are naked.”

“You better not be teasing me,” Destiny said.

“Never,” Hazel chuckled, “I’m not that cruel. Anyway, you gonna get me something to wear?”

“Sure.” Destiny had to see what else changed. Hazel had grown into her current state, which was enough to tear her clothes apart, yet she didn’t notice the scraps around her. The question was; had her wardrobe changed to reflect it? The room was the same as what she remembered, though she didn’t often go in. A small double bed in case Hazel’s boyfriend slept over, chest of drawers and a small desk for her laptop.

In the drawers, she found nothing had changed. Excited tremors ricocheted through her body as she picked up Hazel’s panties, comparing them against her current shape and how unprepared they were, then did the same for a top and shorts. How would she react?

“Did these shrink or something?” Hazel grumbled and tugged them on, barely managing to squish her abundant curves in. Several inches of cleavage stretched out her top, which didn’t reach her navel anymore, while her shorts bit into her lush thighs. This girl of five feet was a textbook definition of ‘thicc’, “Guess I need to go shopping.”

“I’ve got stuff to do, so see you tomorrow,” Destiny said and shut herself away once more, then all but leapt for her phone, “Okay, fucker, tell me everything!”

While it didn’t speak, she delved into the app like a scallop diver and hunted for every little treasure. The UI had changed, now featuring a slide out menu for three basic options; settings, character, and quests. That made it a game of sorts. Under character, there were several blacked out slots beneath the top, labelled ‘Hazel’. Whoever made it had to be listening at least, or this app was something beyond human understanding. The latter seemed more likely given what she’d witnessed.

Settings only had the basic notifications options and a dark mode that was enabled by default. Quests was where the real surprises laid in wait. Destiny chastised herself for expecting anything better, though it still amazed her to see every single one, that was available at the time, involve something sexual. Basic stuff dominated so many of them, from masturbation, to using toys, voyeurism, for which cam shows counted, and first times. Maybe it was a good thing she never tried anal before.

Tutorial pages explained the simple mechanics. Quests provided points, which were necessary to use the creation aspect, the sliders now having numbers tied to them; 1-100. Some of the options were unavailable, but she focused squarely on the ‘cock’ slider. It was still listed under Hazel, which meant… what exactly?

Destiny recalled the game from earlier. While it stepped beyond what she personally enjoyed, the fact that, she could make it real tempted her beyond reason. As did a very desirable slider labelled ‘libido’. It was already at twenty out of a hundred. That seemed pretty high for a default, so she assumed it had already been tweaked. At that number, maybe she had a chance?

Embers from her orgasm caught alight once more. Nothing tempted her more than the possibility of bedding Hazel. Straight or not, surely at that libido she would appreciate a hand. Or tongue.

She went to the bathroom, eyes away from Hazel and checked herself in the mirror. Patience was never her strength, but she forced herself to slow down and smooth out her hair, apply a subtle layer of makeup, and adjust her clothes to a sexier state. One shoulder was pulled down over her arm, far enough to show a bit of her breast. She did a similar method for her shorts to show off a little of her ass cheeks with a button undone. Just a wandering eye would see her lack of panties.

“Seduction mode, activated,” Destiny said and blew a kiss to her reflection. While she wasn’t vain enough to fuck herself, if someone came up to her with a similar look, then she’d be in their bed right away. She took a deep breath at the door, said a silent prayer and walked out to join Hazel back on the couch.

Her absence hadn’t lessened the impact of the new quintessential shortstack. Everything was bolstered by the undersized clothes, pinching into Hazel’s breasts and thighs, which squished together as she reclined against an arm.

“Mind if I join?”

“Yeah sure, I was just gonna change shows anyway,” Hazel said and went through the plethora of options.

“How you feeling?” Destiny asked, searching for any sign that her friend was aware of the alterations, or noticed what she was wearing.

“Good, why?”

“You said you were cold earlier, figured I’d see if you still were.”

“Well, I am a little chilly. Should’ve grabbed a blanket or something.”

“Could always cuddle up to me for warmth,” Destiny offered.

“You sure? I don’t want you getting flustered because of me.” Her personality had changed slightly too. Just an hour earlier and she wouldn’t have thought twice, assuming her svelte body was undesirable to Destiny. She was wrong, but the temptation of her new shape was far, far greater, and she knew it.

“Don’t flatter yourself too much.”

Hazel shrugged, “If you’re sure.” She shuffled over, curves quivering erratically, and leaned on the taller woman with a deep sigh, “How come you’re always warm?”

“You complaining?”

“Not really. It’s nice that you let me steal it.”

They put on a random cartoon that Destiny had no interest in. Hazel did, however, eyes not even drifting as a stealthy hand circled around her shoulder and hovered above her chest. When it dove in and touched the plush shape, she exhaled harder, but didn’t say anything. Did that mean it was okay to do more? She might’ve thought it was just Destiny getting comfortable, so she tested the waters again, a bit firmer this time. Still no response.

Destiny took a deep, quiet breath and laid her palm flat on her roommate’s breast. Endless thumping reverberated in her ears, seeming to come from every angle or within her own body. No reaction from Hazel. This could be it!

Partners were few and far between for her. She’d dated a few girls, though even fewer ended up in her bed or vice versa, not least of all thanks to her parents. Last time was well over a year ago and the relationship only lasted a week. Now she could end that dry spell. Was she sweating? Even for her warmer body temp, she felt hot. Hazel still kept her eyes on the screen, lips pursed and framed by her white hair. It’d make an incredible morning after photo of their monochromatic locks entangled together.

Just go for it. Destiny sucked on her bottom lip and finally sent the signal to her hand, fingers sinking deep into a softness her own breasts could only imitate. Finally, Hazel reacted and looked up at her, eyes wide, impassioned, and her lips opening and closing as she sought the right words. Destiny’s ears burned in longing for an invitation to go further. Just one touch of perfection wasn’t enough and those lips were just as enticing.

“Please…” Destiny whispered and leaned in, then froze as Hazel recoiled.

“Look, I’m flattered, really, but I’m straight. And I have a boyfriend. So… maybe I should go?” Her normal heat turned frigid soon as Hazel moved away, robbing her of feeling while in the face of another.

“No. It’s fine. I’ll go.” Destiny stood, hand still tingling from the squeeze earlier, though now the pleasant energy seemed to burn her from within. She pulled her shirt back up just as the front door opened. In stepped Monica, dressed up in a crazy luxurious coat that hid her outfit. Not that she needed to, both Destiny and Hazel knew what she got up to.

Destiny didn’t linger and went back to her room, only pausing long enough to notice that Monica had no reaction to Hazel’s growth. Which meant only she was aware of any and all changes. Not that she had any immediate plans to take advantage of it. All she wanted was to burn her embarrassment for even thinking life would become like a hentai all because she got one magic app. Was it magic? Didn’t matter.

Away from the prying eyes of others, she opened the app once more. She had zero points to spend, however those were easily attainable. All she had to do was let her frustrations play out. The avatar image of Hazel stared blankly at her, unfazed as Destiny fingered herself to the sight and fantasy. If Hazel didn’t want her, fine, she’d still enjoy watching her body grow and grow. Then maybe she’d try again.

The app didn’t tell her how to unlock those other slots, though it seemed straightforward; keep playing. Destiny did just that and broke out her reliable toy, jamming it in her snatch, while she shoved a tit toward her mouth. Doing so would complete three quests at once after she came, then she could work on more. Anything that didn’t require a partner was simple really.

“Just you wait, Hazel,” Destiny moaned into her breast, biting down on her nipple as pleasure swirled together like the eye of a storm. For a moment, serenity remained and she wondered if she should really care, there were other women after all, then the orgasm struck. She flopped back, gasping as the aftershocks pulsed throughout her limbs. Multiple beeps went off from her phone to notify her that she had completed the quests.

For accomplishing multiples in a set time, it even offered her a bonus reward; mystery chest or extra points. Only a fool would take chances with such a strange creation, she thought and chose the safe option. Fifty points were available to her now. Each slider, except the libido, was set to ten, the ‘default’ level. Several things remained a mystery.

Did it increase in set increments? Was it percentile? Did it use a different formula altogether? How much could this reality alteration manage? And just how far was she willing to take it?

Destiny pawed at her tired pussy. Most days, a single orgasm satisfied her, two if she was horny, but never so close together. Many options were locked to her, but the libido might be her best chance. If Hazel was always horny, then she’d inevitably turn to a friend. That said, her boobs could always use a boost. And her ass. Maybe trim up the stomach?

Then her musing perished as she leered at the unquestionably deviant slider. She knew what to spend most of the points on.

Things shouldn’t have gone like that. Hazel wasn’t against trying stuff with a girl, but she had a boyfriend, not to mention it was her roommate and things could end up messy if they went through with it. The worst part though, was that look of stoic humiliation on Destiny’s face, like she’d been so sure only to have her world flipped. If she wanted to experiment, then she was her first choice through and through. But that just wasn’t her.

Hazel sighed and turned off the TV. It was getting late and she had work tomorrow, and the earlier issue soured the show for her. Back in her room, she tried finding a decent pair of pyjamas, something that would let her skin breathe, yet everything was too small. Must be the cheap, second-hand washing machine. Soon as their budget allowed, she’d replace the piece of junk.

As for now, she had to settle for a tank top that draped itself over her obscene chest and the panties she currently wore. They cut deep into her hips, but not enough to meet bone given her plushness, highlighting just how big she was. Why did everything but her height bloom early? At just five feet, she really shouldn’t have breasts the size of her head. She liked her ass, since at least it gave her an extra couple inches in the right chair. The wrong ones got stuck on it.

She set her alarm for an early start. There was no chance she’d go into work wearing clothes that mysteriously shrank, which meant an early shopping trip was in order. All that remained was to brush her hair. Hazel was a rare albino, in that only her hair was white as a hospital room. She didn’t have the same pigment issues or pink-red eyes. For that reason, she cared for her hair and let it grow down to her tail bone. It took forever to brush, though she found peace in doing so.

Each swish of the bristles through her locks calmed her breathing. Before long, the world faded and all that was left was her sensations. That was why she noticed the abject tingle in her crotch straight away. She froze mid-brush and looked down; her panties bulged out, wrapped tight around a lump that wasn’t there before. Like it fed on her gaze, it grew until a well-known shape jutted out and pointed toward her stomach; a penis.

“What the hell is going on?” Hazel gasped, though her voice wouldn’t rise above a whisper. Deja vu turned her stomach as her body refused to move, hand still on her brush halfway through a sweep. The only things that moved were her other hand and the dick sprouting from her crotch, the former drifting towards it. Something similar happened before, she was sure of it, but the memory eluded her.

Her questions stalled as her entire body pulsed with arousal. Slowly, her hand pushed her panties down and took hold of the cock, sending another pulse, which echoed throughout her groin. Ripples passed down her snatch, juices flowed and pooled beneath her ass. All was secondary, however, to the jolt of pleasure in her new appendage. It stiffened and spilled molten pre-cum across her fingers.

It was too soon. Was she already that close to cumming? She grimaced at the disappointment she felt in it, but also at the pleasure forced on her with a single stroke, like having her nipples pulled when she was on the edge. Or when her clit was focused on. Did this thing take its place?

Her hand answered that question by sliding down to the base. It smoothly melded into the rest of her body, nothing to discern from her original flesh, and sat just above her original sex, which still retained its clit. She brushed against it and doubled over with a sharp inhale. The prick stood at just the right angle to slide between her tits and out the opening, where it pointed at her open mouth as it closed in. No, no, no. If a stroke felt that good, then sucking it would drive her mad.

Nothing but her prick and hand moved. She breezed across her pleasure button, causing bursts of air as she tried calming down, but each breath just excited her huge dick. It had to be nine inches by then, more than she’d seen in person, and far beyond what her little body could possibly need. And it kept going.

Hazel followed its progress until the head finally pushed against her bottom lip. Were her lips really that soft? That explained Roy’s excitement whenever she deigned to blow him, not that she had much of a choice as the shaft grew into her mouth and met her tongue. Oh god! It tasted good! Why? Every dick she sucked before was fine, depending on the guy, sometimes salty, sometimes it was like sucking on a toe. But this defied every expectation with a bittersweet tone, like her body wash and the natural saltiness merged. She moaned as she closed her lips around the fat head.

Ten inches connected her mouth to her crotch. More swelled across her tongue, toward her gullet, however she welcomed and even suckled on it. Pre-cum erupted and marinaded her maw in a bitter, addictive taste. She swallowed and groaned for more, feeling it pour down her oesophagus and into her belly. The fact this thing just grew on her drifted from her thoughts as she dropped the brush and groped herself.

Her cock seemed done. She wrapped a hand around it, fingers miserably outmatched by the girth, and stroked, kissing her fingers as they reached the head. Meanwhile, she dug the other digits into her tit, and rubbed her legs together to stimulate her pussy. Another pulse brought a moan as she hunched over more, back straining as she teased her throat. New flames roared to life inside her chest and hips.

The sensations didn’t stop her. She groped herself harder, unconcerned by the added plushness on her breast, and wriggled her hips like an overexcited pup with a new toy. Each move felt better than the last. Her panties bit deeper into her hips and vanished betwixt her ass cheeks, while her shirt stretched forward and up to accommodate her added flesh. It didn’t last long.

She soon realised it was just an appetiser. The pleasure of growth returned to her crotch, where two distinct shapes pushed out and filled her soaked panties, squished between her luscious thighs. She abandoned her tit and rubbed along them, cooing at the tingles racing through them and into her sexes. When things felt so good, she had no reason to question them. Even as her desire to cum burgeoned.

She was Atlas, holding the sky and giving in beneath it. Of course, her burden was the promise of an orgasm from her addled body and its new perverted dick. It couldn’t be anything but a pervert, not when it made her forget all the worries in her life. Hazel curled further, tits pressing into the inches of cock outside her mouth, while the rest pushed down her throat. She’d never taken anyone so deep, but then she hadn’t met anyone big as her.

Palpitations rippled under her skin, so hot she feared steam would rise any second. The air was icy against it, like standing in front of an open freezer, which had the added effect of hardening her nipples into diamonds. With her body folded so, her tits were squeezed tight against her thighs. She bobbed her feet to her moans, pushing her legs into the rigid teats. The only sounds were her gulps, moans and her heart pounding in her ears.

Her legs spread apart with a slurp. They were covered in her fem-cum, but she ignored that and jammed a hand between, reaching past her balls, then shoved three fingers into her slobbering cunt. Moans vibrated against her shaft. Pleasure begot pleasure as she worked her every erogenous zone, both in and out. The blissful cycle furthered until she was, at last, on the brink.

Violent zeal puppeteered her body from there. She punched her fingers into her hole, leaving only the thumb to mash into her throbbing clit. One arm wrapped around her cock and chest, holding them in place as she pinched a nipple through her top and tit-fucked her own dick. Heat gathered in and radiated from her balls, fuelled the rest of her pleasure, and built up like a pressurised gas main. Like an actual disaster, time dilated around her as she experienced every facet in excruciating detail.

The first tremble of semen inside her sack signalled her shaft to swell. Its girth already tried her jaw, but now locked itself within, a direct line to her stomach while pinning her wriggling tongue. Before it exploded, the burst reached her feminine zones first. Her nipples ached and jerked, as if a powerful electrical circuit travelled between them, until her pussy was added. The walls convulsed around her fingers, crushing them and showering her wrist and thighs in juices. Energy coalesced in her clit and backfired into her womb.

Only after she experienced all that, did her cock erupt. The cum tube along its base thickened to the size of two fingers as it carried molten hot sperm right to her stomach. Hazel gurgled and gagged on the massive burst, not accustomed to swallowing so deep. She tried, but couldn’t keep up. Each of the many, many gushes splattered from her lips, while a modicum went to her stomach. It was enough to feel it, however.

Each drop settled with an audible splat. She heard it louder than her own heartbeat, over even her torrid efforts to swallow more, only succeeding in spilling thick gouts of jizz all over her top and tits. From there, it poured like lava across her stomach and over her crotch, gathering under her pussy. The last pulses were weak enough to fully swallow, then she was free.

Hazel fell back. Her cock deflated and struck her belly with a splash in its own ejaculate. The aftermath left her hot, slimy and sticky, but that was life. In all her efforts since puberty cursed her with this body, she never swallowed enough to avoid a mess. After so many years, she just learned to enjoy it. She massaged the viscous cream into her flesh as she looked at the ceiling, then remembered her hair.

Not a drop got in it to her fortune. Though it would be hard to tell with the colour. Hazel finished brushing it as her semen gradually dried on her skin. It helped cool her off as she enjoyed the breeze from her window. Exhaustion tugged at her eyelids once she finished and broke her month-long record of not falling asleep in her own cum. Even as she drifted off, her cock rose back to full hardness.


Re: Unreal Creation - by Tosaku no Kishi

Chapter 3

Daily quests were done. Destiny checked her total points, just shy of a hundred, a little more and she’d dump them on all onto Hazel. The first batch she spent on her produced mixed results, in that her friend epitomised her fantasies, while also taunting her with what she longed for, yet couldn’t have. Either because she came on too early, or because Hazel just wasn’t into her. Either way, she had this app and she was going to use it.

A notification popped up; one more quest to level up. She bit her lip. In the past week, she’d performed all the safe, one-time quests to amass points, but now all that remained involved outside interaction. They went in order of what it deemed hardest, with the first one being to masturbate in a public place, while at least three people were in a hundred-metre radius. She still had time before work and not many people would be at the local park, maybe it was worthwhile.

After all, she only needed the one more. The app didn’t tell her what level she needed to be, but there were other ‘character’ slots locked to her, which meant she could change herself too. For all she knew, Hazel shared some of her niche tastes and those were all she lacked.

“Fuck it,” Hazel grumbled and grabbed her coat.

The apartment building was close to a park. Not the best maintained, but well enough for families to come on weekends and hang out. A few homeless people slept there, though they cleared out in the day, either to hunt for jobs or just to keep moving. Some were still sleeping when she got there and sat on an open bench. The quest didn’t say they needed to be conscious.

With a nervous glance around, she slid a hand into her jacket. It covered her down to the hips, hopefully enough to conceal her actions in case anyone showed up. They’d think she was a complete slut if they saw her doing this. Especially Hazel. Or maybe she’d be into it and join in? Destiny pushed under her panties and brushed her clit, finding it already poking out. She couldn’t believe it, she was looking forward to this.

Everything about this was taboo in ‘cultured society’. A lone woman, in a park, touching herself all because another woman rejected her, and enjoying it no less. Destiny sucked on her lip as she pushed a finger inside herself, still wet from her earlier masturbation, though she knew some of it was fresh. Three entrances led into the park, though only one gave a clear view of her with tall hedges blocking her view of the street. Anyone could walk by and spot her and she’d be helpless to stop it.

An involuntary moan slipped out. Another finger pushed in. Her pussy welcomed it with a snug embrace, walls conformed to her phalanges, invited them deeper until the nails grazed her g-spot. Destiny opened her legs for better access. Her panties pressed against her hand as she mashed the palm into her erect clit. It was a good thing she wore her work clothes, otherwise it’d be all the more apparent. Although she might try a skirt next time.

“The fuck’s wrong with me?” Destiny groaned and added a third digit, eager to cum and leave before anyone spotted her. She looked around just to make sure no one had, then realised her mistake in choosing the park. While it was convenient and fulfilled the quest, it also was caught between several apartment buildings, many of which had windows facing her. She wouldn’t even know it if someone was watching her.

Her legs twitched and pulled together, pussy squeezing the life from her fingers. It wasn’t an orgasm, just the surface of a pool that she sank deeper into with each frantic beat of her heart. She looked to her apartment. Hazel’s room faced toward the park, which meant she could be watching. Juices flowed and urged her on.

“Watch me, Hazel,” Destiny said under her breath, fucking herself as she rocked to a primal rhythm, inebriated on her need to cum, “This is your fault. Look what you reduced me to. I’m just a filthy little slut now. I’m fucking myself in public. I’m gonna cum in public. People can see me. They probably already have. Come on and fucking cum from watching me you fucking perverts.”

The pinkie finger stretched her walls. She curled them, pressed hard against her spot, and rubbed at her clit. Her spare hand went under her jacket to a breast, pinching the rigid nipple through her t-shirt. Jolts of taboo pleasure shot to her crotch and back again to her tits, a feedback loop that pushed her deeper and deeper into orgasm until she hit the bottom. Finally, she came.

Her legs jerked up, toes curled, and she crammed her coat into her mouth to keep from crying out. She chose her thickest jacket despite the lukewarm weather, but it wasn’t the sole reason sweat gleamed on her brow and suctioned her clothes to her skin. Did she really just do that? Destiny retrieved her hand and studied the juices on it, thick and creamy. At that moment, it was the only evidence.

As her afterglow settled in, she didn’t think and licked a viscous finger clean. Tang filled her mouth, stronger than her past experiences with pussy juice, like it was seasoned by the debauched actions she took. Once her hand was clear of proof, she took a moment to calm her nerves, then got up. Her shift began in twenty minutes. Fortunately the MalWart she worked at was local, giving her enough time to grab breakfast on the way.

“I can’t believe I did that,” Destiny said as she walked. The sentence repeated over and over as she bought a bagel, even while she walked into work and greeted the others. But it might just be worth it, assuming the level up gave her a worthwhile bonus. Even if it didn’t, that was her one of her best orgasms.

“Everything alright?” Monica asked. She was the manager, which suited her given what Destiny believed she got up to off hours.

“Yeah, fine. Why?”

“You came in sweaty, and I didn’t see you leave the apartment, so I figured something was up.” Her gaze was stern, observant and piercing, yet relaxed enough to not feel like persecution.

“Really? Uh, well, nothing important.”

“If you say so.” Monica shrugged and turned away, swaying her luscious behind as she checked on others.

Destiny appreciated her other roommate’s lack of interest. Or at least her willingness to let things be revealed on someone else’s time. Sometimes Destiny considered talking with her more, but thought better of it. They were co-workers after all, best not to mix personal and business relations, especially with someone that could get her fired. A shame though, since Monica enticed her almost to the same degree as Hazel.

Once she had a break, Destiny checked the app. As promised, she had levelled up. No new slots to her frustration, however it did open up new options, including a sub-menu for personality, under which she found a sexuality slider. At that time, it was offset toward heterosexuality, with only a slight lean in the opposite direction.

She didn’t need to contemplate her actions a second further. Points sank into the slider until it read, in no uncertain terms, that Hazel was homosexual. Or would be. A pop up informed her that it’d take up to a year to fully enact, depending on the subject’s disposition toward women.

In that case, she should make it easier on Hazel. She still had eighty points to use.

“Let me get that for you,” Roy said, sliding in to take her popcorn before she could even grab it.

“I can carry it myself,” Hazel said, though he wouldn’t hear it, “At least let me get the drinks.”

They were at a movie theatre. Some comic book film came out that Roy was eager to see and they had a day off just for it, though she would’ve preferred a different film. Explosions and quips only entertained her for so long, not to mention she saw the trailer, which revealed the whole plot anyway. Her boyfriend hadn’t, even going so far as to lock his social media accounts until he saw it, all to avoid spoilers. What a nerd, she thought with a grin. She liked that about him.

In the past week, he’d been extra attentive. They started working together at an accounting firm almost six years ago, about a year later they were dating, and she’d enjoyed it greatly, but he was never so quick to help out, even during the honeymoon phase. She felt like he was seeing her prodigious chest for the first time, which was nonsense since she was this size since graduating high school.

“You good?” Roy asked when they found their seats. It was a packed house, as to be expected, and she was sat next to a cute girl with her own partner. Hazel smiled when she glanced over, then blushed as the familiar look fell over her neighbour. Everyone had the same moment of ‘holy shit, she’s fucking stacked’. Some were nice about it, others took many steps too far. She fell somewhere between, gawking, but not saying anything or making unintentional groping moves.

“Yeah, bit snug, but I’ll live,” Hazel said and focused on the previews taking place. Most chairs didn’t support someone of her girth properly. Once, she didn’t pay attention and crammed herself into one that was much too small, which, like a cartoon, got stuck on her hips. Even with the wider theatre seats, she only had so much room to spare.

Trailers played out with occasional murmurs of ‘that looks good’ and ‘I can’t believe they’re remaking that again’. Roy was among them, leaning over and offering snide comments, often making her chuckle. Eventually, they were told to turn off all cell phones, which very few people did, and sit back for the main event. His hand mixed with hers. She glanced at the neighbouring girl, who was still recovering from seeing her huge chest.

Hazel settled in, then gasped as the opening credits blared at her. Everything on her body was hot, nothing would move, and she had the worst sense of deja vu, like this happened once before. No, twice before! She remembered it now, that her body wasn’t always so disproportionately endowed, and she also knew what this warmth and paralysis meant. Only her eyes moved from the screen and glanced down at her shirt.

She bought it a few days ago just to fit over her breasts. Now, all her searching went to waste as the head-sized globes journeyed to a new size. Her breaths came swift and heavy, drowned out by the movie. Roy’s attention was firmly on it, and she couldn’t take it away, even as her shirt lifted. No bra kept her under boob covered as they entered the scene, since the custom ordered set was still in the mail. A final burst wedged her top deep within them like a piece of rope wound too tightly.

Please be over, she thought and was answered by the pulsations shifting to her hips. Only a few thumps swelled her hips, though her ass bloomed even further, both now pressing into the arms of her chair. She felt a hand brush against her, though it wasn’t Roy’s, and glanced to her side. The girl was gawking now, as was her partner, yet neither seemed disturbed. Rather, they were enjoying it.

Hazel shuddered and moaned. Of course it wasn’t over, not while her dick was left out. Fortunately, it was easily hidden thanks to the spats and skirt combo, though she doubted it’d stay that way for much longer. An explosion shook the theatre, at the same time her member twitched and grew against its prison. Elastic or not, her spats weren’t designed to contain so much meat. If she stayed flaccid, they might survive.

“Oh no,” Hazel whispered. She was being watched, her uncontrollable, shameful growth ingrained in the eyes of total strangers, who seemed more and more infatuated with her by the second. And she with them. The girl had plump, pouting lips that wouldn’t leave Hazel’s consciousness for a second, especially as her shaft filled out with blood and new length. On top of being watched, she woke up late that morning and didn’t have time to masturbate before meeting Roy.

“Help,” Hazel mouthed, knowing her voice wouldn’t carry even with the movie playing.

The couple looked at one another, grinned, then both pulled up their shirts. The partner, who she now saw was a tomboy, even reached around to grope her girlfriend. Hazel wanted them to stop, though her lips and eyes wouldn’t move. Only her hand did as it snuck under her skirt and rubbed at her length through her elastic shorts.

Blood pumped harder and soon her prick stretched past the leg hole into the open. The foreskin caught on her clothes and peeled back, the naked glans touched her skin, forcing her to clench as she hissed in pleasure. Guided by her shorts, it pointed straight at her knees, so long it pushed beyond them. Pre-cum dribbled from the tip as the theatre erupted in cheers.

“Did you see that?” Roy exclaimed, eyes still firmly on the screen. At least it was dark enough that he wouldn’t notice at a glance. Memories rewritten or not, she doubted he’d appreciate seeing his girlfriend packing over twice the cock he did, the thought of which only made hers harder. She stroked along the bare length now, one hand lingering behind to massage her heavy balls. Beyond them, she felt her pussy moistening.

“Yeah, I saw,” Hazel said, unheard to her relief, since her voice was reduced to husky moans while she fondled her testicles and rubbed them into her snatch. Each time her clit poked into them, shivers coursed up her spine, though she maintained her posture.

“Hey, give her a hand, she needs it,” one of the neighbours said. A second later and Hazel’s strained top was yanked up, her tits fell with a gentle clap against her belly. Her back was straight, yet they grazed her lap. If not for her spats containing the monster, she’d be tit-fucking herself already. The neighbour didn’t stop there and a hand sank deep into her breast.

It was the cute girl, whose chest was still on display. While not small, probably a C, she came off as puny next to Hazel. No jealousy clouded her features, instead she was infatuated as she rolled the massive globe in her hand, kneading it like a ball of dough. Then her fingers pulled back to pinch the chunky nipple. Hazel bit her lip to keep from moaning too loud.

Thank god he wanted to see this type of movie, she thought. The action hadn’t slowed for even a second, which made for the perfect cover as she masturbated to her willing molestation. In any other situation, she’d have made a scene. After all, she was being sexually harassed by two women and, on a lesser note, she was straight. Or she should be. The two girls, now toying with each as if knowing she couldn’t look away, enticed her far more than Roy. She’d try and alleviate the guilt later, maybe with a blowjob or something.

He couldn’t be allowed to see her naked body after all. What would that do to a man? She contemplated the possible consequences and stroked her prick harder, thinking of the potential fight that’d ensue, along with the inevitable need for a rebound fuck. Her mind naturally inserted her two neighbours into that role, but she didn’t even know them. It should be someone more familiar to her.

Like Destiny.

Hazel squeezed her cock at the thought. Fresh pre trailed down her leg, but the next burst was caught on her fingers and rubbed into her turgid length. The length lubricated, she rubbed faster, gentle pants vanished into the surround sound explosions and yelling, while a helpful stranger groped her tit. All throughout, even as the pleasure rose and twinges of orgasm ripped in her sexes, Destiny was in her thoughts. She looked so good last week and Hazel turned her away.

What an idiot. She was sure her roommate was gay, but surely she’d make an exception for a cock like hers, or just think of it like a big, fleshy strap-on with built-in cum pumps. Even if she didn’t, just being girls together would be nice. She licked her lips, wondering what pussy tasted like for the first time. Roy told her once that it was kind of spicy, or like a tang, more an acquired taste, but she liked the idea more and more. If things didn’t pan out with him, then she might turn her attention elsewhere.

“Is she about to cum?” One of the neighbours asked.

“I think so. She’s going pretty fast.”

“I am,” Hazel whispered. Whatever power held broke around the hips as she thrust into her stroking hand. Moans vibrated in her chest, deep enough to resonate in her sexes. She ground her pussy into her sack, which grew taut, pulling right against her lips, as more pre-cum burst out and onto her hand. Most still poured down her leg, she felt it soaking through her sock and into her shoe. Good thing too, otherwise there’d be a puddle of evidence.

On screen, she saw the masked main character pull their love interest in and kissed. It was two women, a triumph for mainstream media, but all she could focus on was pasting her own image on the initiator and rubbing faster. Cheers exploded in response, people jumped up, including Roy, loud enough for vibrations to pass through the floor into her seat. Hazel took the chance to moan loudly and jerked into her hand once more as jizz erupted. It splashed against the chair in front, but its occupant was on their feet and didn’t notice.

Only herself and the two girls were aware of it as she painted the furniture white. Gush after gush, it never seemed to end. When one rope weakened, she had hope, however the next doubled its efforts instead. The cheers were winding down, her window for ecstasy closing fast. Her assistants were quick to help as Roy took his seat. They pulled her shirt back down to hide her juicy nipples, one swollen from its treatment, while she did the only option available and yanked her skirt down.

It barely reached her knees while standing. She forced it over her cock and caught all the following bursts of cum. What didn’t soak in splashed back onto her seat, following the slope under her ass. It was disgusting, yet her dick flexed harder in its final spurts. What a fucking pervert, Hazel chastised herself, but at least it was over. Her member twitched and oozed the last of its climax.

“That was so worth the wait,” Roy said, bringing her attention back to the screen. It was over? But she’d only just cum. She must’ve lost track of time, which meant her cock wasn’t soft yet, and he’d see it. Worse, everyone would see the stains on her skirt. Soon the lights above would come on and her mess would be revealed.

“I need the bathroom,” Hazel said and didn’t wait for a response. She kept her rear to him as she shuffled past his legs, though it rubbed her sensitive prick against the seats in front. Just as she stepped into the aisle, the lights came back on. Oh no...

Then her worries were over. This wasn’t anything unusual for her, she just didn’t think things through clearly enough. Of course this would happen with a big loud movie, in a dark theatre, and a pair of hot girls next to her. It was Roy’s fault to begin with.

“I can’t believe you did that,” Roy said in a hushed tone as they exited the complex. She spotted the two girls in the crowd as they waved at her.

“What did you expect? You know how she gets,” Hazel said in the car, referring to her egregiously big member.

“I thought you said it’d be fine for a couple hours.”

“Yeah, that was before we sat down and I was right next to a hot chick. Really, it’s your fault for not taking that seat. Then I would’ve only been bored instead of horny.”

“Aren’t you… you know? Dealing with it?”

“What do you mean?”

“Uh, didn’t we talk about getting it removed.”

“She’s not going anywhere,” Hazel said and clamped her legs together. Sure, it gave her more than a lifetime’s trouble from the second puberty kicked in, however everything else about her wasn’t much better, and she wasn’t about to remove something from her body just because her boyfriend didn’t like it, “Even if I did get rid of her, then you’d better be ready to give something up in exchange.”

“Like what?” Roy frowned.

“Oh, I don’t know, these huge knockers that constantly make my back hurt.”

“But they’re…”

“Hot? I know, right? Guess because we both find them hot they’ve gotta stay on my body and bother me for the rest of my life, right? Heaven forbid the one part of me you don’t like ruin the fun.”

“I’m sorry, alright? It’s just…”

Hazel thinned her eyes. She didn’t want to hurt him, but then he shouldn’t have brought her dick into things when he knew exactly what could happen.

“Are you fucking jealous of her? I get it, she’s a fucking behemoth. It’s like comparing that purple guy to cricket man or something.”

“Thanos and Ant-Man,” he corrected, not looking at her. Shame dyed his cheeks red.

“So you agree,” Hazel said. He didn’t reply, only kept driving until they were outside her apartment building. He lived a few blocks away, so it was convenient, though she wasn’t sure how she felt about the fact at that moment. Maybe after some time away, she’d feel better.

“See you tomorrow,” Roy said and pulled away.

Hazel retreated to her room. Though Destiny and Monica would be out for a while longer, she needed to relax, and couldn’t bear them seeing or hearing her. She turned on her laptop and stripped while it booted, then sat naked in her chair as she pulled up Pornhub and clicked on the first thing to catch her eye; Straplezz, then the video with the biggest toy they had. She jerked to whatever video she fancied for the next hour, enjoying her bisexuality as she basked in all that the internet had to offer.


Re: Unreal Creation - by Tosaku no Kishi

Chapter 4

Nothing happened. A whole week had gone by since Destiny flipped her roommate’s sexuality switch, yet all she noticed around her was a constant aversion, like her very presence was awkward. If she was around for more than a few minutes, Hazel just left the scene, always citing a random errand or needing the toilet or that her laptop was burning her laundry. The app worked, Destiny knew that for certain after spotting Hazel’s bulge several times. It was just taking its sweet time.

The changes only made things worse for her. Hazel’s curves were more abundant than ever, not egregious as to warrant a whole new wardrobe, but enough that her current outfits were tight, some even dug into her soft figure. An old tank top from before the app had even become little more than a sports bra on her. All of which only fuelled Destiny’s desires.

Call it a fetish or a simple proclivity, but whenever she walked out and saw Hazel barely dressed it sparked something within her. Her roommate was petite, no more than five-feet tall, yet her breasts would look massive on a six-foot model. On her, they obscured most of her belly and, if she sat down with her legs raised at all, they rested in her lap. At least she had a firm counterbalance in the form of her ass.

“Come on, give me a new slot already,” Destiny whimpered as she rounded off that day’s quests. It only got easier as her infatuation grew. She held her phone in one hand, drooling over Hazel’s character model, while the other rubbed at her clit in mad lust. The image showed her crush as erect, another point of size disparity on the otherwise small futa.

What did it feel like in her hand? Did it taste good? How would it feel inside her?

Destiny never let a dick near her before. She knew her sexuality from an early age, though it didn’t get out until high school, and stuck to women. Guys had been friends, sure, but none were ever seen as anything more and she shot down those that so much as looked at her with hope. It was better to avoid mishaps.

But she’d happily embrace Hazel’s. All she wanted was to feel her everywhere that she could, inside and out. If that meant a cock pushing open her pussy lips and invading her depths, then she wanted it all the same. So long as it was Hazel’s. All for Hazel.

“Hazel, please…” Destiny said, fingers now diving into herself. They curled on trained impulse to scratch at her g-spot, nails digging hard against her inner walls. A poor imitation of the tumescent, vein-riddled prick on her screen, but her imagination filled in the rest. She and Hazel would kiss as they rolled their hips together, offering themselves to one another completely. All the while, Destiny would bask in the bosom she’d given her love as it smothered her own.

It’d be hard to decide where her hands should be. The breasts seemed so obvious, having taunted her even before they were so deliciously huge, yet she couldn’t refuse such an ass. Each cheek was easily wide as Hazel’s svelte torso, stretching past her shoulders just like her tits, and made her as great a bombshell from behind as she was from the front. Doubtless that throngs of people had stopped and stared at her.

Why couldn’t it be her? Destiny bit her lip and gulped down her jealousy of random strangers. They all got to gawk at her roommate, like that pervert from down the hall, but if she so much as entered the room, Hazel covered up. Was it really that bad having a lesbian confess to her?

“It’s fine,” Destiny grunted and worked harder at her pussy. Intermittent squelches filled her room as she built toward a climax, “I’ll get my own slot, then I’ll grow until she loves me back.”

New fantasies spurred to life. Of her own body, not lacking by any means, swelling to sizes most hentai steered away from, until she could smuggle her little roommate in her cleavage, or jiggle like a hypnotic dancer as they fucked for days on end. She’d have an ass that Hazel could just lay upon when they passed out, then wake up and pick up right where they left off. What a couple they’d make.

“Give it to me…” Destiny hissed through clenched teeth as her muscles tensed. She put her phone down in favour of pinching a rigid teat, pulling on it until pain seasoned her pleasure, then did it again. A faint pulse ran through her clit, then her canal, more followed close behind. Destiny went harder, faster, desperate to attain orgasm. Perhaps the one that would finally give her the new slot?

“Ooh, Hazel fuck your huge dick into my pussy!” Destiny babbled when the climax finally washed over her. She thrust her hips up, mind in full control as she pictured Hazel pumping into her, just as eager to cum, and finally screaming her name too.

Someday… She’d make it real eventually. Destiny let the afterglow run its course, then caught her breath and cleaned up. Though her own body remained untouched by the app, she swore she came more than normal. At least it wasn’t anything crazy like she saw online.

A ping brought her attention to her phone. It was another special reward, congratulating her for working so hard at the daily quests, though she had to accept it.

“Special reward?” Destiny frowned and checked the info, “’Orgasm three times a day at random… in exchange for heightened pheromone output’. I’m sorry, what?” She re-read the information, then it clicked; this was perfect! Random orgasms didn’t seem too bad, given that she doubted they’d be anything special without proper build up, and the thought that she could be like some queen bee putting out pheromones was irresistible. It went into more detail, only further selling how good a deal it was.

Her pheromones would only work on those she was attracted to. The more powerful her desire, the greater their effect. Destiny leaned back on her pillows, still naked, and contemplated her phone. Whoever, or whatever, made the app was still listening in. They had to be. GirlyGirl claimed not to know anything, they still claimed that it was just a character creation app, but she had her doubts. At that point, however, she wasn’t sure the cons outweighed the pros. After all, this was a program that affected reality and brought to life her wet dream version of Hazel.

She’d be a fool not to use it.

Destiny hit ‘yes’ and left it to enact the changes, while she went to get a drink. It was strange how people thought coincidences were only in movies, but art imitates life, as such even the more random circumstance of Hazel also using the kitchen after Destiny finally found a way to get her attention took place. The petite girl-turned-futa glanced toward her, then away again. It didn’t bother her that time. Things would change soon.

“Doing anything today?” Destiny asked, while she grabbed a glass of orange juice.

“Not really,” Hazel said, eyes firmly on her bowl as she poured in cereal, “You?”

“Streaming a game. That’s about it.”


Nothing more came of it. Destiny lingered a moment longer, hoping the pheromones would come soon, but Hazel just went to the couch, unintentionally giving her roommate the best view in the house as her ass jiggled along the way. Sighing, Destiny returned to her room. Anywhere without Hazel seemed almost hollow to her. Was her obsession getting that bad?

She checked her phone, though only found a progress bar about a quarter of the way done. She guessed it made sense, given the scale and subtlety of the change. Unless it intended to give her outward glands for her new pheromones. Destiny shuddered at the thought, but figured it was unlikely. Worst case, she just needed a slot of her own to get rid of them. Or cover them up for the rest of her life.

“Gotta shower,” Destiny said, cutting off the anxiety. Clothes in hand, she checked her phone one last time, then headed for the shower. Hazel was still on the couch, slumped down so her breasts rested in her lap. Her hair was a mess, sticking out in random places like chaotic webs, “Want me to brush your hair?” The question came unbidden, more a whim that bypassed her thoughts.


“Uh, it’s just, you look tired and I figured…”

“Sure, I guess,” Hazel shrugged, “Brush is on the table.”

Progress! Destiny set her clothes down and retrieved her roommate’s hairbrush. Even unwashed, Hazel had incomparable hair, the kind people only saw in artwork, like strands of white silk. Next to her own messy undercut style, it was refined, like a princess. Or a prince, given Hazel’s talent as a cosplayer. The amount of stories she told of girls trying to flirt with her, thinking she was an actual boy still made Destiny giggle.

Did those happen in the new reality? Hazel’s face remained the same, yet her body was unmistakably feminine, so much so that no amount of binding or ingenuity would conceal it.

“You got any cosplays planned?” Destiny asked while she ran the brush through, untangling knots and smoothing out the glorious locks.

“None that I really want to do,” Hazel sighed, “I wanted to try being Lily from Zombie Land Saga, but I’m too big everywhere. Thought about doing someone from Touken Ranbu, but it’s the same problem.”

“What about someone from My Hero Academia? Like Midnight or Mt. Lady?”

“I don’t wanna be stupid big titted women,” Hazel said, “I miss being a teenager, before all this just exploded on me.”

“Why not do genderbends?”

“I don’t like those. I want to be a faithful recreation of a character, that’s part of the fun. Although, going as a dummy thick Light would be hilarious. ‘L, I’m trying to kill you, but the clapping of my ass cheeks keep making me drop the Death Note’. Or something, I dunno.”

Destiny snickered, “I’d be down for seeing that. You’d look great in a suit. What about Ryuk? You could put his eyes on your boobs.”

“Ha! Solves the whole ‘my eyes are up here’,” Hazel giggled and leaned back, letting her chest jut forward. Fathomless cleavage stretched before Destiny’ gaze, half a foot of supple, creamy flesh that just begged for a weary head to rest upon them. Any larger, and people might think she smuggled pillows under her shirts.

“Thanks for that,” Hazel said once her cuticles were smoothed out, once again a flawless cascade of white, “Sorry things have been so… weird, it’s just… you know?”

“Yeah, I make you uncomfortable. It’s okay.”

Hazel grabbed her arm, “No! It’s not that, really. It caught me by surprise, that’s all, and I didn’t know how to handle it. So, I, um… It’s cool, honestly. I mean, if Roy and I weren’t together, then maybe.”

Novels liked to over-dramatise how a character reacted to good news. Either their world exploded into a million fireworks as they danced around a ballroom in the most brilliant dress made from gold, or they leapt for joy and squealed like kids after too much sugar at a party. Destiny remained grounded in reality as she looked at Hazel’s face, smiled, then went to take her shower.

Once alone, however, she collapsed to the floor and hugged herself as if keep her spirit from departing. It worked! There was a chance, more than that, Hazel had all but said that Roy was the only thing stopping her. Once the app fully shifted her sexuality, then it wouldn’t be a problem anymore. She didn’t even need the pheromones, but it couldn’t hurt to help speed up the process.

Although, if Hazel was gay, then what would stop her from finding another, more attractive woman? Even with pheromones, Destiny could only stand out so much. No, it was fine. She took a deep breath. All it meant was she still needed another slot to make her own adjustments, then she could be Hazel’s perfect partner. In bed and out.

Their bathroom wasn’t anything special. A bathtub with a shower head attached above it, decent water pressure and a curtain. Not many of them used it, even Monica was comfortable enough around them to leave it pushed aside, unless they were doing something… important. It could be shaving, or checking themselves for lumps, or masturbating with the water spigot. The last one was more common than any cared to admit.

Destiny did her business and stripped down. After that conversation with Hazel, she could use an extra release. Thoughts whirled around her head, revitalised by the possibility her roommate offered, of a relationship between them and all the joys it entailed. Her hand trailed along her body, imagining just what Hazel’s would feel like.

Small and precise, they’d fumble at first but would seek out all her erogenous zones. Lithe fingers pressed into them, coaxed gentle moans from Destiny, then searched for more, before landing on her inner thighs. She’d always been ticklish there, however as her body and sexuality developed tickles became erotic flutters that worked her up like few others. Of course, not far from them was her pussy.

Hazel never had a girlfriend or even experimented far as Destiny knew, just as she had never been with a real dick before. Their first time with each other would be strange, less about celebrating a culmination of lust for each other, but more to explore and learn. She pictured Hazel’s first tentative licks along her folds, each subsequent stroke more confident, while her cock filled out at the taste. Then it was Destiny’s turn.

“Hazel…” Destiny cooed in the bathroom, fingers deep in herself.

Strap-ons were familiar to her. A real dick couldn’t too different, long and hard, already warm and throbbing and rich with the scent of her roommate. Even if she failed with it, Hazel still had a pussy. The app hadn’t changed her gender after all, only grew a penis on her body. She bet the petite futa’s snatch was sweeter than peaches, and just as succulent once she got going. Of course, all of that was nothing but foreplay. Eventually, Hazel’s cock would do what it longed for above all else; penetrate her.

More fingers pushed into her depths at the thought. Her pussy was relaxed from the recent orgasms, but tightening up as she worked toward another climax. What position would they take? Missionary seemed fine, then she could look at Hazel as they came together. It would also sell the height difference between them. Maybe her white-haired crush would be in line to suck her titties as they rutted like animals.

Destiny pinched her own nipple. The longer they went, the rougher things would be. Even after two or three rounds, she pictured Hazel only getting more dominant and comfortable with their bodies, until she was pounding Destiny from behind. Those cute hands became whips as they lashed her ass, leaving scarlet prints behind that marked her as Hazel’s. By the end, she’d struggle just to sit normally.

“Oh fuck!” Destiny grabbed her shirt and bit into it, stifling a shrill cry. Pleasure rolled through her body, robbed control of her legs as they kicked out and her pussy clamped down, like it was already worshipping Hazel’s dick. In her mind, she saw rivers of white leaking from it after Hazel dumped load after load inside. She kept her fingers in place, slowing the escape of warm dick-cream.

“I might have a problem,” Destiny sighed and stood on shaky legs. They recovered quickly enough, but her mind was foggy, going through the shower on autopilot. Hot water swept away the product of her fun, though it still echoed in her pussy, “It’s like I’m one of those girls in a romance novel. ‘Oh, he looked at me and I creamed myself’… fuck, that is me.”

Every change she enforced on Hazel, every glimmer of hope of getting in her pants, strengthened the attraction. Sure, they knew each other for years and were good friends, helped each other out and she genuinely did want to date her, but this was bordering on infatuation. Destiny shut off the water, grimacing at the post-orgasm clarity of her situation. No matter how she spun it in her head, she was obsessing over Hazel like a stalker. Or an idol fan that thought they and a celebrity were destined for one another.

She sat in the bathtub, knees pulled to her chest, “What happens if she dumps Roy for me? What if we’re not as compatible as I want and we break up too? Things would get so awkward.”

“Destiny? You okay in there?” Hazel asked through the door.

“Uh, yeah. Fine. Why?”

“You’re taking a while. Something up? We can talk if you’d like?”

“Yeah… yeah, I’d like thhhhhhhhhAAAATTTT!!!”

What was that? Destiny thrashed in the tub, legs kicking out as her head looked to the ceiling, seeing stars in place of the spakle, while her whole body went rigid and the strongest pulsations surged through her unprepared cunt. Still sensitive from the last orgasm, each thump in her walls felt like a dildo pushing against them. They ground into each other, prolonging her release.

“Hey! Destiny? You okay?”

“Y-yeah! F-f-f-fine,” Destiny choked out, still in the midst of her abrupt, blissful climax. A trail of drool ran down her chin, “I-I’ll be right out…”

“Okay. If you’re sure.”

So much for weak orgasms, Destiny thought as she dried off. If all the random orgasms were like that, she’d have to be careful. She pulled on just a simple t-shirt and sweatpants, since she didn’t have to be anywhere else that day. They were perfect for comfort, though her pants felt tight around her ass. She joined Hazel on the couch, Brooklyn Nine-Nine playing in the background.

“So…” Hazel leaned back, though it was an obvious gesture to hide her discomfort, “What’s up?”

“It’s nothing, really. Just thinking about stuff and it’s a bit much. That’s all.”

“I know what you mean,” Hazel sighed, this time actually relaxing, “Things are so confusing right now. I mean, Roy and I have been fighting a bunch about my, uh, friend a lot more. I thought we’d gotten past it ages ago, but apparently not.”

“He doesn’t like it?” Destiny asked, knowing the answer. Not many men, least of all certified heterosexuals, would appreciate their partner packing more dick than them. And, if the avatar was anything to go by, Hazel had more than double an average penis stuffed into her pants.

She shook her head, “He even tried talking me into getting it removed. What do you think? I know you’re… gay, but, like, should I? It’s a major pain and all…”

“No, don’t get rid of it!” Destiny surprised herself with the rebuttal.

“Um… okay. Explain your thinking?”

“It’s just, uh, well, it’s part of you. And that’s… you’re perfect. You shouldn’t have to change something if you don’t want to.”

Hazel arched a brow and leaned over slightly, hair spilling around her cleavage, and bit her lip,“So, if… if we ever became a thing, you’d be fine with it?”

Destiny looked away, hoping not to betray just how much those words enticed her, and nodded.

“Even though you’re a lesbian? It’s pretty big too. That’d be cool with you?”

“I mean, I’ve never tried one, so I wouldn’t really know the difference, you know?” Destiny chuckled and moved an arm to hide her breasts, and the tactless bumps of her nipples.

“I guess so.”

“But you guys are gonna work it out, right?”

“I dunno,” Hazel stretched her arms up high, which pronounced her wondrous chest further, while lifting them high enough to reveal the bulge in her shorts. She looked at Destiny through half-lidded eyes, the beginnings of a grin on her lips, “I’m not sure he’s right for me anymore.”

Destiny stared at her for an unknown time. It was only when the intro for another episode played that she came to back to reality.

“I, uh, should get to my stream. Algorithms and all that crap…”

On the way back to her room, Destiny looked behind and met Hazel’s eyes. The warm pools looked like a serene lake reflecting nature, yet, as they dipped lower, a ripple appeared and disrupted that calm.

“I’ve got some errands too. See you later,” Hazel said and retreated to her room.

Once inside, Destiny checked her phone; the update was finished. ‘Congratulations! You have pheromones!” Beneath it in small print read ‘orgasms will be inflicted at random, except when driving, operating heavy machinery or in a situation of extreme duress’. Did that mean the pheromones were active during all that? They worked fast.

Before streaming, she plopped onto her bed and just stared at the avatar of Hazel. It was really gonna happen. Sooner or later, Roy would be out of the picture and then it was just her and Hazel. Nerves fluttered in her stomach, but were vastly outmatched by the residual pleasure in her loins.

Meanwhile, Hazel stroked her shaft rigorously to the thoughts of her roommate. Not Monica, though she was nice too, but Destiny. Why she hadn’t lusted for her sooner was beyond her understanding. The girl was nice, passionate and overall stunning. Hazel couldn’t think of why they weren’t already together, but that would change soon. Roy just didn’t do it for her anymore, especially after wanting her body altered just for his securities.

Her cock was a good judge of her attractions. Huge loads shot forth as she thought of the girl just a few feet from her room, but thoughts of Roy did nothing. Destiny was her destiny.

“God, if I ever say that to her, just kill me please,” Hazel said to her ceiling, while her cock dripped the remnants of an orgasm onto her belly.


Re: Unreal Creation - by Tosaku no Kishi

Chapter 5

Destiny and Hazel, sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G… The childish taunt played over in her mind as she took one final look at herself in the bathroom mirror. While nothing had come of it yet, the conversation from a few days ago still weighed on both their minds, as she caught Hazel openly looking at her multiple times, almost as much as she did. Her pheromones worked a treat too, if the frequent moans from Hazel’s room were about her.

That didn’t mean she could relax. Chemical attraction or not, even with their history, Hazel could get anyone, of that Destiny was certain. The internet was rife with women that’d kill for a night with a futa, or a dick at least a foot long. The thing was easily a fifth of her total height.

For that purpose, Destiny would attain a slot for herself and make sure she always had the upper hand. Though she’d be lying if she claimed it wasn’t partly for her own vane desires too. Since finding the app, she looked for and stumbled upon so much obscene erotica, images and stories that featured breasts even bigger than Hazel’s. Truth be told, she wanted to experience them for herself, and maybe boost her ass in the meantime. Other little touch ups would be appreciated of course.

That’s why she was dressed in a pair of booty shorts. Her ass wasn’t anything special on her body, though it still captured a few eyes. In the high-cut shorts, however, it became a beacon for attention with her cheeks showing past the bottom. Below them, she wore a pair of high heels and thigh high fishnets. Combined with her shoulder bag and her top it completed the look.

It could barely be called a top. What was it even covering? She thought and snapped a pic on her new, second-hand phone, since her first had no storage thanks to the app. This might be the only time she wore something so unabashedly slutty. The shirt was also fishnet, covering her arms and torso in large hexagons that didn’t even hide her nipples, but at least framed her boobs well. She couldn’t hide them anyway, since the quest wanted them out.

She checked the app again, making sure this was worth it. Among the many one-time quests she had yet to finish, this was the quickest and most rewarding. Probably not enough to get her another slot, based on how stingy the game had been thus far, but it’d get her close. Her thoughts naturally drifted to the future and how hot it’d be when she had huge curves and Hazel was fucking her.

“Head in the game,” Destiny snapped at her reflection. She’d overworked her makeup, doing her best to appear like some random whore and avoid any recognition. People would record her. Fortunately, her current outfit was either bought just for this, or buried under so much more comfortable clothes. Monica or Hazel wouldn’t suspect her even upon seeing a video.

She bit her lip at the thought of Hazel finding one. Whether or not she recognised her didn’t matter, just knowing that her crush would see her being such a shameless slut pushed her nipples further through the netting. All that separated her from being seen was a piece of wood.

“Be proud, you’re hot,” Destiny said and puffed her chest out. The top still pushed her boobs together, creating a convenient hold for her main phone. She arched her hips like some bimbos would. It forced her to walk with an exaggerated sway, the kind that stole looks from girlfriends, and made it even harder to recognise her. One final check to make sure everything was in place, and satisfied the quest conditions, Destiny finally left her sanctuary.

People milled about in the usual malaise of shopping. Some waddled from the heavy bags at their sides, others made crazed dashes toward a closing down sale, and the rest took note of Destiny. It took a second for the rest to see. Once they did, however, their eyes were locked onto her. She took a deep breath and nonchalantly checked her phone; the quest had begun.

All she had to do was walk around for five minutes and grope herself every thirty seconds. A timer appeared and, once she took her first step, began its countdown. She felt every step like it was in slow motion, from the slight rub of her shorts against her pussy and thighs, to the subtle reverb when her heel clicked against the polished granite. More importantly, her hand on her tit stuck out like a freak bolt of lightning in the night.

Destiny kept her face stoic even as her heels clicked past a group of girls. All were the stereotypical college type, peppy and good looking, enough that she squeezed her breast tighter upon seeing them. They stared back at her, one licked her lips, then the fact this was a one-in-a-thousand experience struck and phones were whipped out. Other shoppers did the same.

Still she walked on. Her shorts couldn’t be worse for walking, as they rode up and sank between her pert cheeks, revealing her lack of panties. Whistles rang out when it was noticed. Destiny stopped groping herself; over four minutes left. Cameras were trained on her from all angles. People saw her brazen outfit in all its glory and, in spite of her embarrassment, she was wet.

Someone even followed behind her, hunched over and arm outstretched. Did they think she was just a slut looking for a thrill? And that meant it was okay to film her like some animal? Destiny ground her teeth. She felt like an exhibit, less than human, just an experience for these people to show and brag about to more, yet it turned her on. She groped herself again, nipple harder than thirty seconds ago. A shiver passed through her crotch.

Maybe if she got the chance, she’d make these people pay somehow. For now, however, she had a simple role to play; a slut that got off on being exposed in public. Families averted their eyes, except the more faithless husbands, and some wives to her amusement. Fortunately, most schools were still in session, so the crowds were comprised mainly of adults or college students. One of the latter of which had taken to walking with her on the other side.

They caught her eye and grinned, then made a beeline to walk beside. Destiny didn’t stop, already a couple minutes into her endeavour. If she stopped now, another attempt would be far trickier. And, truth be told, she didn’t want it to end yet. The fact a pretty, college girl was brazen enough to walk up to her and flat out gawk, did more for her than she ever expected. Destiny bit her lip and squeezed a breast.

“So, what’re you up to?” The girl asked, flicking glossy blonde locks from her face. Her chest had a decent bounce to it as she walked, though not quite the jiggle Destiny had. Were they implants?

“Oh, you know,” Destiny glanced about, knowing so many cameras were on them, some in earshot, “Just going for a walk.”

“Dressed like that? Sure you aren’t looking for more?” Thanks to hours upon hours of porn, Destiny recognised a domme’s tone. While the girl wasn’t as confident as the professionals, she had a hunger in her eyes and voice. She must’ve been with a couple others before, since her stride was confident and she didn’t waver at all.

“I-I’m good,” Destiny said. Submission wasn’t really her thing. She liked giving and receiving equally, though maybe she just hadn’t been with the right woman, not that she was going to chance it with a stranger. Though, if her hopes weren’t set on Hazel, she might’ve taken up the offer. A vibration alerted her that she needed to grope herself. She went the extra mile and pinched a nipple.

“I see… How about I give a hand?” Even in her most cocky state of inebriation, Destiny would never have tried what the girl did, as she laid an open-hand smack on her half-exposed ass. She stumbled, but righted herself and kept moving, “Or maybe another?” The girl’s hand was back, massaging her stung flesh and digging in dangerously far.

Thanks to the situation, Destiny moaned. It really couldn’t helped, between her earlier thoughts of Hazel, the fact people were watching her walk, basically naked from the hips up, and grope herself she was a horny mess. That was her justification, however it wouldn’t hold under scrutiny. The girl could reach into her shorts at that point and she’d welcome it.

What would she find there? Destiny was aroused, undeniably so, but how far was she? She didn’t dare look down, partly in fear of seeing her shorts damp with her juices, though also to keep an eye out for security. Only a minute and thirty seconds left, then she could flee to her car, get dressed, and covertly finger herself while thinking of Hazel’s huge dick. Oh great, now that image was lodged in her mind.

The girl noticed her demeanour change and smirked. She moved her hand between Destiny’s thighs, making use of her faint gap, then pushed up. The temporary exhibitionist jerked as her shorts were pressed into her juicy cunt. It pulled her attention to her crotch, suddenly aware of just how muggy it felt inside the clothes. Her clothes adhered to her ass and sank between the cheeks.

“Wanna finish this? There’re toilets right there,” the girl said and pointed to a sign.

“N-no,” Destiny shook her head. Really, it would’ve been an instant ‘yes’ a few weeks ago before the app, however she was locked onto Hazel. Starting a relationship after a one-night stand just because she was too horny didn’t seem right.

It didn’t make it any easier of course. Each step highlighted more and more how depraved she really was, as the rubbing worsened along her pussy, not just from her blonde helper, but from her own steps. Destiny unconsciously moved her legs closer, thighs met around the girl’s hand, and pushed against her shorts. Only a select few would get off to this and she approached the cusp.

“Thirty seconds left! Get a bonus for doing something outrageous!” Her phone chimed.

“Oh,” the girl’s grin widened and she pulled her hand away, slightly damp, “I see how it is. Well? Are you gonna get that bonus?”

Destiny had no idea what the bonus could be. The app had given her pheromones in exchange for random orgasms, so it didn’t much was beyond its power. Still, she wanted to see what this ‘bonus’ was. At worst, it was just more points or experience toward her next level, and hopefully a slot. This whole situation was already insane, she didn’t know what else would heighten it…

“Fifteen seconds!”

“Fuck it,” Destiny hissed under her breath and unbuttoned her shorts, then shoved them down. Air breezed along her naked, soggy folds, which squished audibly between her legs as she walked. Stars aligned and she kicked them off without breaking her stride, flinging into the face of a awe-stricken girl with a cross around her neck. Perhaps her first experience with same-sex lust and it resulted in soggy shorts in her face. Destiny almost laughed, if the app didn’t cut in.

“Not quite!”

Not quite? Seriously? She was basically naked in the mall with juices trailing down her thigh. Swallowing her shame, an embarrassingly simple task, she groped herself with one hand and pushed the other past her lips.

“Time’s up! Bonus achieved!”

Destiny sighed and was prepared to make a break for it, when a rapid tension consumed her. She froze in place, head craned back and teeth grit, while she tried denying a whorish moan from escaping her lips. An impossible task after such a strenuous build up. Not to mention, every orgasm the app forced on her was on par with the best of her life.

“Oh fuck!” She finally groaned, loud enough for every phone in the vicinity to hear, while her inner walls trembled and clenched. A limp stream of cum ran down her thighs and soaked into her fishnet stockings. She stood in place, feet planted awkwardly to keep her upright, while the aftermath faded.

“You’re so my type, here,” the blonde girl slipped a piece of paper into her net top, “Call me if you and your current domme don’t work out.”

“She’s not my… fine, whatever,” Destiny said and took off her heels. Cops still hadn’t showed up, though she wasn’t about to try running in such things. Her feet sang her praises at that freedom, then hissed at the cold floor below. She ignored it all and hurried back to her car. Eyes still followed, but after the abrupt orgasm, most thought the show was over. One girl did catch her eye, that being the obvious religious girl with her shorts, which she now sniffed them in frenzied confusion. Destiny smiled at her, knowing the next few weeks would be tough on her.

Discovering one’s sexuality was never easy. Something that should be simple as having a proclivity toward both sexes seemed a massive leap for those held taut in others’ ideas. Of course, it was also the fear. Destiny couldn’t imagine what exactly went through that girl’s mind, only a semblance of it from her own experience. She wanted to go and talk with her, assure her that people would accept her in time, but time was not on her side.

With the show over, some ‘kind-hearted’ guy decided now was the time to alert security. Destiny sprinted from the scene of her lurid crime, leaving only a small pool of her juices to be cleaned up. To her relief, some people cheered her on and even meandered into the mall cop’s path, allowing her a clean opening to her car. Once there, she pulled on a proper shirt and some backup pants, then sped away.

“I can’t believe I did that,” Destiny gasped once she was parked back at home. The adrenaline hadn’t dwindled the whole drive over, but now it crashed as her high strung muscles loosened, leaving her as nothing but a pool of jelly in her vehicle. Without fear to distract from it, her pussy throbbed between her legs, hot and wet from the orgasm and residual thrill.

“Never doing that again,” she groaned into her wheel and took deep breaths. Better check the app, she thought and brought out her phone. A congratulations screen greeted her, then transitioned to a chest for her to click on. It opened to reveal a dildo. She barked in laughter at the relatively plain bonus.

“What, not gonna give me a dragon dick for my outrageousness?” The dildo filled her screen and, as she looked it over, found the render incredibly realistic. If the actual toy was like that, she could almost believe it was a proper cock, and a familiar one at that… where had she seen it? Then it clicked, “Wait, that’s Hazel’s dick!”

She brought up her roommate’s avatar and looked between the pictures. It really was! Every little detail was recreated, from the most unassuming vein, to the fat balls at its base. She clicked an ellipses on the dildo, finding a set of stats. The character creator was thorough, however it didn’t offer a proper stat screen, only let her enjoy the sheer majesty of her friend. Now she had a full idea just how big she’d made Hazel.

Thirteen whole inches of length, along with three inches in diameter. Few men on earth even compared, not many animals did either, less so as she looked over the testicles; also three inches wide. A quick Google search and she found that made them a bit larger than baseballs. A feasible twitch echoed from her pussy up her spine at the information.

But was it really enough? Yes, she didn’t have any real love for dick, but if she was going to be with one, then why settle for something mostly grounded in reality. Besides, thirteen was an unlucky number. Better off making it fifteen, nice and round, just overall pleasing. Destiny licked her lips as she dumped some more points, not many but enough to add a couple inches, into her romantic interest.

To her surprise, the dildo also grew. Was it meant to be an exact recreation at any given time?

“I guess I can wait a bit longer for her with this thing,” Destiny said, “When’s it gonna show up anyway?”

She mulled over the possibility of it dropping from the sky as she returned to her apartment. A wad of cleaning wipes were in hand, many already dirty from removing her over-abundance of makeup. With the extra reward, her little humiliation and undoubted internet fame, albeit with her identity unknown, was more than worthwhile. Even her continued dampness couldn’t upset her current mood.

The door was open when she returned. Hazel sat on the couch, knees against her stunning chest, TV on, but clearly not the focus of her mind. Her face was set in stone, though it only made it easier to see the gears turning in her head and the worry in her reddened eyes. Something happened. Destiny checked herself, making sure her arousal and fishnet top didn’t show, then sat beside her.

“What’s wrong?”

“Roy and I broke up,” Hazel said flatly.

“Oh shit. Sorry,” Destiny said and meant it, despite her glee at knowing she was single, “How’re you holding up?”

“Not bad, I guess,” Hazel shrugged, “I sort of initiated the whole thing. Every time we saw each other, he kept looking at my crotch like it was a cobra or something. I called him out on it of course, but that just brought up the whole ‘are you getting rid of it’ thing. Like it suddenly was too much for him. We’ve banged for fuck’s sake.”

“Like last night. I was at his place, we were getting into it. I got hard, like, obviously that’d happen, and he freaked out when it touched him. Honestly, I don’t mind if he doesn’t wanna touch it or something, but he went into this whole rant about it. And me.”

Her voice and eyes dropped. She pulled her knees in tighter, like a security blanket.

“He called me a freak,” Hazel said, though it was clear he’d gone much further than that, “I left after that. He called me this morning, trying to apologise, saying I was still hot and he could deal with my thing. Deal with it? The thing is bigger than my fucking arm. So I told him, either treat it like he does the rest of me, or that’s it. He said he would. He came over. He pulled it out and… I don’t know, he just flipped.”

Destiny didn’t know what to say. Breakups weren’t her speciality, most relationships only lasted a few months for her, the few that went longer were already casual and didn’t mean much when it ended. Lacking words, she wrapped an arm around her friend and pulled her in. No ulterior motive. She just wanted to comfort her.

“I shot back,” Hazel said, leaning into her, “Called him a ‘tiny-dicked loser that was scared of a real cock’. I mean, I’m fifteen inches, it’s not exactly a fair comparison, but it did the trick. We got into a fight. I actually cock-slapped him a few times.”

“What?” Destiny couldn’t hold in a chuckle, “Sorry, I shouldn’t laugh.”

“No, no, it’s cool. You should’ve seen his face. Anyway, after that, he said we were through. I agreed. Honestly, I’m kind of glad it’s over. Now I can find someone that can accept me. All of me.”

“They’ll be the luckiest fucker on earth,” Destiny said.

“Thanks,” Hazel grinned up at her and leaned into her chest more, “It’s just so weird though. We’ve been going out for ages, I thought he was cool with it.”

“He was probably ignoring it for everything else. Can’t blame him. You’re a great person.”

“Thought you were gonna mention my boobs.”

“They’re awesome too, but you’re what makes them great. If I wanted big titties, I’d hang around some plastic surgeon’s office,” Destiny said.

“God, I can’t imagine having implants. Unless they’re lighter than the real thing?”

“Don’t think so.”

“Then fuck ‘em. These are heavy enough as is,” Hazel rolled her shoulders with a groan, “At least now I’ll have more free time to go to the gym. My back’s killing me lately.”

“Is it that tough?” Destiny asked. Her own chest was large, but not beyond what most people considered the sweet spot, and while they weighed on her times, she could handle it well enough with the right bra.

“Well, and I’m not flirting or anything, but just feel one,” Hazel sat up and lifted a breast. Destiny gulped and held out a hand, then grunted as the boob dropped into her palm, “See?”

“Yeah, fuck that’s heavy.”

“It gets worse down below. Feels like I’m lugging around a log sometimes,” Hazel didn’t move.

“Um, I could always hold the other one if that helps?”

“That’s probably not… nah, fuck it. Here.” Much as she wanted to, she didn’t squeeze. Destiny had a job at that moment, to be supportive both emotionally and physically. It didn’t stop her from savouring the heat and squish that devoured her hands.

“Guess it’s worse for you, being so small.”

“Call me small again and these things will smother you,” Hazel warned with a smile, “Not gonna lie, it sucks. I’ve thought about reductions, but it just seems so… mean to myself, I guess? Like, they’re a pain, but my boobs are hot. And my dick is probably the biggest in human history, so I’m kinda proud of it, you know?”

“Yeah. Well, I mean, if you’d like I can help you out.”

“How so?” Hazel arched a brow, almost expectant.

“Well, uh, like going shopping with you, or doing the cooking and cleaning so you aren’t on your feet all the time. Maybe… this too?” Destiny nodded to her current position as her roommate’s personal bra.

“You know, much as it annoys me, I’d like that. Makes me feel all pampered like a prince or princess.”

“I’ve, um, got stuff to do, so I’ll see you later.”

“See you… slave.” Hazel said it jokingly, even giggled afterwards and enthused that she was kidding, but it reverberated in Destiny’s head. She had basically offered to be her roommate’s servant.

In her room, she found a plain brown box on her bed and inside was the dildo of her dreams. Fifteen whole inches for her pussy, each millimetre shaped flawlessly after Hazel’s own member. It came with lube, though she left it alone for a moment as she studied the rubber tool, then licked at the purple tip. Maybe one day, she’d serve Hazel in this way too?


Re: Unreal Creation - by Tosaku no Kishi

Chapter 6

“Thirsty? Here, I’ll get it,” Destiny said and all but leapt from the couch to refill Hazel’s water, letting the petite futa remain seated, boobs resting against the arm of their couch. They were watching TV, though Destiny’s attention was divided, always glancing back to her crush in case she was uncomfortable. In the week since learning how Hazel’s endowments weighed on her, she’d done everything to alleviate that issue.

From something simple as getting water, to carrying Hazel around like a princess, she worked herself ragged. Yet she did it with a smile. Not least because her new self-imposed responsibilities often involved using her hands as an organic bra for Hazel’s boobs, frequently letting her feel their heat and weight. A model servant, she never squeezed, though Hazel sometimes shifted in ways that did it for her. Part of her believed it was on purpose, a small reward for her pleasant work.

Of course, Hazel was only comfortable with so much. Using the bathroom, for instance, was a solitary task. Masturbation too. Destiny hadn’t asked about it, though she knew the answer. Things weren’t quite there yet. Massaging Hazel’s shoulders and back was the closest she came.

“Thanks,” Hazel said and nodded for her to sit. In that position, Destiny’s cupping skills were unnecessary, though she remained alert just in case, “You know, you don’t need to be around me twenty-four-seven. Go play your games or something. I’m fine.”

Truth be told, Destiny didn’t miss her games. Sure, a bunch of new ones she’d bought just a couple weeks back were gathering proverbial dust in her Steam library, however her time felt better spent helping Hazel. Or herself in the most lurid way, which proved far more tempting at that moment.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes,” Hazel chuckled and rolled her eyes, “I’m watching TV, not much you can help me with anyway.”

“Well, alright. I’ll put the blankets here if you get cold and I’m only a shout away so…”


“Right! Right, but if you…” A pillow struck her face, “I’ll just go.”

Back in her room, Destiny immediately went to her phone. There had to be more quests for her to do, anything to get that second slot and make herself a better fit for Hazel. How had she done so much, yet earned so little? In the past week, she’d completed at least a dozen quests, levelled up, and still had yet to receive a new slot. All she’d earned were points and unlocked a few new stat options that she hadn’t explored beyond a cursory glance. They couldn’t help her or Hazel, therefore weren’t important.

The only quests she could do were her usual dailies. Barely a pittance toward her next level, but they did fulfil two desires of hers; progression and release. Destiny stripped down, rolled onto her bed, then reached under the covers for her uncannily real copy of Hazel’s cock. It even felt like flesh sometimes when she was lost in the throes of passion. She squirted out a healthy dose of lube in case her own wetness didn’t cut it.

Not that she really needed it regardless. Sucking on it worked just as well, especially since it had a strangely musky flavour no matter how often she washed it, but she was impatient. Destiny pushed her shorts down and off, taking her panties with them, and pushed the knob against her damp lips. She teased herself for a moment, running its tip up and down her folds, prodding her clit, and basking in the subtle waves of pleasure. Then she pushed it in and gasped at how her opening stretched.

Frequent usage had done little in adjusting her hole to such a girth. She was used to three, maybe four fingers, sometimes a very slender fist if her partner at the time was small enough, but Hazel’s member was something else entirely. It pushed her walls apart like nothing before with just the tip, then kept them separated as she pushed inch after inch inside.

It wasn’t long before she bottomed out in herself. The kiss against her cervix forced her legs to clench, tightening her pussy along its length and augmenting the already dangerously intense sensations. She felt every vein within her sopping depths. Her imagination even made her think they were palpitating in time with her heart. After holding it there for a few seconds, she slid it back and moaned at how it pulled on her canal.

“Oh fuck, Hazel,” Destiny groaned and groped a breast, “You’re so fucking big. I literally can’t take it all.” She pushed in again, yet only six or so inches passed her entrance before it reached her womb again, denied entry by her stubborn cervix. That didn’t stop her from deriving so much glorious pleasure as she slowly pumped her replica of Hazel’s cock.

It filled her so nicely and had just the right grip on her walls for the perfect friction. Even as her juices flowed faster and her tempo built into a steady pounding, she felt all the little ridges rubbing into her flesh. She angled her thrusts, grinding the shaft into her clit, and pinched a nipple. As her pleasure grew, so too did her motions, hips rolling in tandem while her kegels undulated like waves in the ocean. Moans left her lips in growing fervour.

Meanwhile, on the couch, Hazel was stuck in her own pleasure. She didn’t know why, but her cock was rock hard and felt very much like someone was jerking it off with an over-abundance of lube. Monica was out for the evening and, though she hadn’t acted on it yet, Destiny really tested her discipline. So many times, she’d almost popped an erection just looking at her ass.

Pulling the blanket over just in case her roommate came out suddenly, she set to stroking her length. Hazel bit her lip and clenched her thighs around her fat balls, pressuring them against her pussy to get even more pleasure. Without warning, her hips started thrusting on their own, like they were fucking something. Hazel had to use both hands just to get a good grip. The blanket slid across her tip thanks to her prolific pre-cum.

She rubbed at the glans and took that abundance of lube to the rest of her length. Stroking faster and faster, she quickly found a dangerous rhythm that propelled her toward orgasm with all the velocity of a bullet, yet she didn’t find it. Other times when she masturbated it wasn’t nearly so intense, yet she would cum faster. Whenever her cock got hard from nowhere, Hazel’s climaxes always eluded her. Like they were waiting for something.

Regardless of how fast or slow she came, Hazel kept pumping. Pre gushed out at the slightest squeeze of her fingers, soaking into her blanket and pouring down to sully her clothes and the couch. There was a reason she opted to sit in the same spot everyday, this being the obvious one. The other was mundane, being that she just preferred that side of the furniture.

As she relaxed into the cushions, prepared for a longer session, her core suddenly cramped up. Hazel yelped, clapped a sticky hand over her mouth and thrust hard into the makeshift pussy of her fist, then shot her blanket off with a mighty rope of jizz. Her testicles pulled taut against her body, heaving to deliver several more viscous strings. All that kept her from making a mess was aiming it down at the discarded blanket.

Unaware of such a development in her own bliss, Destiny came at the same moment. The replica in her cunt shot its own load deep within. She didn’t know where it got the lube it shot out, but then the app shifted reality in ways she never dreamt of before. Plus she didn’t care to question it when the feeling of it pouring into, and out of, her was enough to launch her to new heights over and over again.

“Fuck, I wish she was here.” Both Hazel and Destiny moaned as the afterglow set in.

Destiny cleaned her dildo the best way she knew; licking it. Her juices and that lube worked perfectly together, the tangy heat of her pussy magnified several fold by the weird, saltiness of the dildo’s fluids. A small, leftover spurt filled her mouth to overflowing, though she let it slide down her chin. Much as she wished to do that same thing for Hazel’s real dick, she wanted to measure up a bit more.

Be someone that looked as insanely hot and otherworldly as her crush.

The next day, Hazel had work, whereas Destiny remained home alone. Monica only had a half-shift, so it wouldn’t be long before she had company. For that reason, she opted into a quest that wanted her to be naked for four hours, mercifully not in public, though it did ask her be active. Exercising, cooking, anything that didn’t leave her sedentary for more than a few minutes. Naturally, she exploited that by using her VR headset for nearly the entire time.

It ended right when the front door opened. Destiny chucked on some clothes and went to make sure it was Monica, only to find Hazel flopping onto the couch.

“Something up?”

“Hmm, nah. Not really. Just… had to leave work for a bit.” Destiny fetched a glass of water for her, holding for when the futa decided to drink.

“Wanna talk about it?” Right then, the door opened and Monica walked in. The gorgeous black woman glanced over them, gaze lingering on the glass Destiny held, yet wasn’t drinking. She greeted them, before retiring to her room.

“Not right now. Thanks,” Hazel said and took a sip, handing it back without a thought, “Not gonna lie, kinda wish you were at work with me.”

“Oh?” Destiny arched a brow and sidled closer.

“Yeah, I could’ve really used a foot rub,” Hazel chuckled, then squealed in laughter when her flats were slipped off with her socks and hands were on her feet, “I was kidding.”

“Were you? Looks like you needed this,” Destiny said, digging into her arches.

“Hmm, yeah. I’ve only got a half-hour for lunch.”


“Don’t stop for twenty minutes, please.”

Destiny laughed under her breath and focused on her short roommate’s feet. While they never did anything for her before, they weren’t exactly unattractive either, and she took a weird joy in working between Hazel’s petite toes. Of course, seeing her crush cooing at the massage augmented it many times over. An impulse overcame her while looking up, earning another squeak.

“Did… did you just kiss my foot?” Hazel asked.

“Um… yes?” Destiny wasn’t sure what compelled her to do that. It was an act of pure submission, humiliation even, like licking the boot of an enemy in battle. No, not quite that. She did this willingly, albeit on a random impulse.

“Did you like it?”

Destiny licked her lips, “I think so.”

“Okay, um, just keep going, yeah?”


She didn’t kiss either foot again. The urge was there, but she refused to act on it. Never a submissive girl, she didn’t plan on starting either. Everything she did for Hazel was guilt and lust, all to alleviate the burdens she’d given her, and to prove she was a good partner. It was basically a long seduction.

That was why she didn’t argue when Hazel told her to kiss her feet. She just wanted to prove she could be all that she wanted, and maybe more if the app hurried and gave her a slot. Even if that required kissing a foot and sucking on a toe. Hazel didn’t tell her to, but it seemed a good opportunity. Then Hazel told her to stop.

“You’re wild,” Hazel said and hesitated a moment before patting her on the head, being the taller one while Destiny remained on the floor, “I should go. Lunch is almost over and I haven’t really eaten anything.”

As she left, Destiny noticed her staggering footsteps, like something troublesome brewed within her. Fuck, she’d only made it worse. No wait, this was good. Bad, but also good. She gave Hazel an erection! This was progress, first an erection, then maybe a kiss, then who knew what would be next. Sex, Destiny thought and moved to the couch, unconsciously spreading her legs. Sex came next.

She needed it now. Not a second later and she was back in her room, on her bed and fucking herself with an imagined Hazel on top. It didn’t last nearly so long as yesterday, but she was no less pleased by the flavourful results. Though the sudden buzz of her phone soured the moment, until she checked the app.

‘New Quest Available - Instant Level Upon Completion!’

That got her attention. While she wasn’t far from another level, the fact all her other quests were public affairs and the dailies only gave a small boost didn’t sit well with her, this could be exactly what she needed. Then she checked the details.

“So, ‘obey everyone for twenty-four hours. Failures to obey will tally up at the end and penalties will be dispatched’, which could mean fucking anything,” Destiny muttered. It shouldn’t be that bad. Hell, she only had a morning shift at work tomorrow, and she could easily seclude herself like before. And whatever Hazel asked of her, she wouldn’t mind. Especially if it went a more sapphic route.

“Let’s do it,” she accepted the quest and a timer appeared, counting down from twenty four hours. Easy, she thought with a grin and relaxed into her cushions. The day was already half gone, then she’d sleep another third away, leaving just her morning shift to deal with and that’d be the end. It seemed like whoever made the app was being generous, or lazy with their challenges.

Regardless, their foolishness was her gain. She could coast by, get that level, hopefully receive that long desired extra slot - every time she opened the app, she was faced with those place-holders, mocking her - and join Hazel in being unique. How unique though? Destiny hadn’t given much thought to what she’d do for herself beyond a few touch ups, which didn’t equate to unique. She needed something big, nigh-unattainable by normal means. This was a supernatural app after all.

Her reverie was interrupted by knocking at her door. Destiny frowned, then remembered that Monica was home. Laughing at herself, and the fact she’d been so enamoured by Hazel that she forgot about the other, stunning woman in her life, she answered. Her other roommate, the one she hadn’t lusted after for years now, was an impressive woman. Well endowed, within reason, not tall but not short either, and with an ass everyone at work lusted after. They had a private chat dedicated to it.

That said, Monica wasn’t one to flaunt it or interact with others outside of work. Hence, Destiny’s surprise at being called on.

“What’s… up?” She finished with a pop of the lips, shock deepening into a bottomless pit that nothing could climb out of.

“We need to have a chat. Come with me.”

“Yeah, sure.” Destiny didn’t even think to question her, that simmering desire in her belly boiling over regardless of the fact this wasn’t Hazel’s ass she followed. From head to toe, her roommate was exposed. Not naked, but her shiny bra was nothing but triangles with strings attached. Lower down, the night-invisible string of a thong wrapped around Monica’s bare hips, while her ass was kept teasingly from view in a pair of leggings just as shiny as her bra. This was a new side Destiny witnessed and one she had no qualms with.

The light was off inside Monica’s room, leaving Destiny with nothing but smell and sound for the moment. It did the trick, however, in finally rousing her back to reality as she heard unfamiliar breathing. It sounded laboured, as if through a barrier or deep breaths from the nose. Her heart jumped in tempo, thumping in her ear and spinning her mind around in circles. Everything came down to a single thought; was Monica going to kill her and someone else?

Her thoughts froze when the lights flicked on and everything came into perspective. No, she wasn’t going be murdered, but that didn’t calm her heartbeat. Monica’s room was a mystery to her and Hazel, particularly since their roommate rarely spent much time at home. They just assumed it was barren, a place for sleeping and nothing more. If Hazel had bet on a BDSM dungeon, she’d likely be much richer.

Everything screamed ‘domination’. Despite it being the smallest of the three bedrooms, the lack of a desk or TV stand made it seem larger, with nothing but a bed at the centre and a tall, slender wardrobe in a corner. The walls were decorated in hooks, from which hung various ornaments of sadistic glee. Paddles, studded and smooth, whips, floggers, cat o’ nine tails, several more that Destiny vaguely recognised from her fling with bondage porn. It just wasn’t her scene.

But clearly Monica couldn’t be any more opposite to her. Just the fact she stood amidst it with the demeanour of a businesswoman in their office spoke volumes. Of course, it was also plain to see that she wasn’t on the receiving end, if the girl tied up on the bed was any indication. Monica gave her a second to take it in.

“So, how long have you been Hazel’s sub?”


“Not long then,” Monica said and strolled over to the furthest wall, running a finger along the air, waiting for a tool to speak to her, “Gotta admit, it surprised me.”

Destiny realised the misunderstanding and had to quickly correct, “It’s not like that, okay?! I’m just…”

“Shhh,” Monica hushed her and, much as Destiny wanted to keep talking, she had the quest to think about. And something slightly more concerning; when did Monica bring the girl into their home? How long had she been tied up?

She didn’t ask those questions outright, but her thoughts must’ve been obvious, “I brought her here last night. Don’t worry, I only tied her up when I left for work.”

That didn’t necessarily make it better. There was a stranger in the apartment and neither she, nor Hazel knew about it. It bordered on a kidnapping. Monica had been at work for over four hours, from eight to twelve-thirty. They must be really thirsty and uncomfortable.

“Slave,” Monica said and the woman on the bed instantly went rigid.

“Yes, Mistress?” The words were muffled from the ball gag in her mouth, however they were clear enough. Whoever she was, she’d had plenty of practice speaking through a such an apparatus.

“Would you like something to drink?”

“Yes, please.”

Monica looked at Destiny, who may as well have been in a dream. Her body had no sensation to it, nothing more than a vassal for her to witness this entire debauched affair, and part of her prayed she’d be left as nothing but a voyeur. The black dominatrix had other ideas.

“Destiny, remove your soggy clothes and straddle this slave’s face.”

“What?!” Destiny squawked, unintentionally, then clapped a hand over mouth, both embarrassed by the noise and the fact she might’ve already gotten a penalty.

“I won’t tell you again. If you think my slave here is against it, then let her convince. You may speak.”

The slave took a deep gulp of unobstructed air, a fair bit of saliva around her lips and on the ball, “Please, Mistress Destiny. Let me lick your pussy so that I may drink the juices.”

“What the fuck is this?” Destiny whispered, locking her knees to try and keep her legs from shaking. She failed. Monica climbed over the bed and the girl on it to stand before the stunned woman. A couple inches smaller than Destiny, she seemed to tower in that moment, like a Goliath to her David.

“I saw you with Hazel. You gave her a foot rub without any real prompting. Then you kissed them. Not even that, you sucked her toes when she told you just to lick. You’re so eager to please. I just want to give you some experience with a real domme.”

“Look, Monica…”

“Mistress!” Monica snapped, arms tensing with obvious intent to correct her.

“M-mistress,” Destiny bit her tongue. Why did this have to happen now? She might already have two penalties on the quest, and they could result in anything. The app might double her own size for each one. Or something far more dreadful, like turning her into nothing but a Chihuahua that her roommates wouldn’t recognise as her. She’d be tossed out, picked up by some wannabe Paris Hilton and pampered to death.

No more Hazel.

“I’ll… do it.”

“That’s better,” Monica said and stepped away, casting a critical eye down to her still on pants. Blushing fiercely, Destiny pulled them down. They were damp, just as her roommate pointed out, with the results of her masturbation obvious in the crotch. And some of the leg. Even then, her pussy was still moist and ready.

She held a hand over her crotch, avoiding Monica’s eyes the best she could. Which wasn’t well. On a normal day, Monica commanded attention, if not respect. Here, in what could only be her element, she demanded both in spades. The confidence she exuded, despite being scantly clad and faced with Destiny’s admittedly hot body, and the naked, bound girl on the bed, saturated the room. Destiny felt she had no real option but to look at her.

“Straddle her face,” Monica said, to which the flustered girl just nodded and placed each knee on either side of the stranger’s face, though keeping her pussy above. They wore a blindfold, so they didn’t know how far away it was, yet her mouth was open. Obediently waiting, “Lower. Push your pussy against her face.”

This wasn’t how a domme should behave. Even Destiny knew trust and boundaries were a big deal in the BDSM scene, yet Monica seemed to give little to no thought to her feelings. It was like something had possessed her. Or she finally hit a limit.

Destiny gasped both from her lips touching warm flesh and her realisation. The pheromones caused this. Her own idiocy led to this situation, if she’d just given it some thought, she’d have realised her pheromones were responsible, not just attracting Hazel to her bit by bit, but also Monica. This might’ve happened sooner if not for Monica’s numerous trysts outside Destiny’s knowledge. But human biology only resisted certain urges for so long.

Now those desires were coming in droves. Monica licked her lips, an unconscious slip from her steely mask.

“Eat her out, slave. Don’t stop until you’re sure she’s cum.”

“Yes, Mistress,” the slave moaned into Destiny’s pussy, which naturally broke her own efforts at stoicism. Remnants of her recent orgasm lingered and were ignited anew by a torrid muscle of sapphic talent, compelling a slew of juices from her depths. Her walls doused themselves instantly and leaked onto the stranger’s tongue. Moans echoed hers and vibrated in her snatch.

And that only started things off. As her pleasure grew, Destiny’s perch raised her level, lips and tongue working in orgasmic harmony to get her to that edge. It felt as though her entire pussy was being worked over by this girl.

Naturally, she couldn’t hold back for long. Destiny fell forward, steadying herself with the stranger’s hips, and came all over their face. Someone she didn’t know, whose hair colour she hadn’t even bothered to notice, was covered in her squirt. She looked to Monica, silently pleading for it to end. Anything more and it was a betrayal of her own wishes.

Hazel was the only partner she wanted. She was the whole reason Destiny humiliated herself in the mall, why she did those daily quests regardless of how she felt, and why she’d gone along with this sordid act. Now it had to end.

“Eat her out.”

Destiny clenched, waiting for the girl to resume, but she didn’t. Why?

“I said,” Monica’s finger tilted Destiny’s ruby cheeks up, “Eat her out.”

Then it finally registered just what she meant.

“No.” Fuck the penalties. Given the apps propensity for sexual effects, it’d probably give her giant nipples or something. She wouldn’t taint her eventual first time with Hazel by tasting anyone else’s sex.

Why couldn’t Monica have come onto her a couple months ago? Some casual sex with a BDSM twist would’ve suited her just fine back then, but now she was laser-focused on the petite futa. All thought died when a hand twisted into her hair, pulling her nose to nose with Monica.

“Eat her out. I won’t give you another warning.”

“Do it yourself,” Destiny spat. Shock fell over her roommate’s face, giving her the only chance she needed to slip away and back to her room. Checking her phone, she saw four penalties tallied up with a little over twenty-three hours to go. Fortunately, Monica didn’t come after her.

And they had work together tomorrow.



Re: Unreal Creation - by Tosaku no Kishi

Chapter 7

How could she be so stupid? Agreeing to that quest was pure folly on her part, an outright act of impatience to do something that would come eventually. Now she didn’t know what to do. Monica hadn’t spoken to her outside of work, even then it was so awkward that Destiny tuned it out, resulting in more failures toward the quest. It didn’t matter how many customers came up to her and asked for assistance, she was sure it was a failure.

Worst of all, she became too preoccupied to even pay attention to Hazel. This whole thing was for her sake and while she stood by the decision to give her crush a companion in abnormality, it had gone completely awry. Now that left her in bed, watching the countdown tick away toward whatever punishment the app chose for her. Maybe she’d turn into a newt then get better? At least that way she could quote Monty Python and the Holy Grail and be truthful about it.

Like that would happen. Thirty seconds to go, Destiny just dropped the device and curled up tighter, as if she could safeguard herself from whatever magic that had turned her life on its head. Even without the screen, she kept count in her head. Maybe anticipating the worst, she took the last fifteen seconds to appreciate the smallest parts of herself. Like her fingers that had diligently gotten her off more times than she could count.

Five seconds…

“Please, just don’t make me leave Hazel before I can fix things,” Destiny whispered and clenched her eyes shut as the final second trickled by.

Naturally, she expected something akin to fire and brimstone to bubble up throughout her veins. At the very least, she was sure it’d make her grow a cock twice her size, since her giving Hazel one had caused more than a little strife for her. Yet nothing happened.

All she felt was the soft weight of her duvet and the tension of all her muscles. No, surely something had changed. Destiny rose from her bed and set her spare phone up, her portrait in full view. Nothing. Maybe her pyjamas hid it? She tossed both her shirt and pants aside to take in her naked self, from the supple D cups to her similarly soft gut, all the way down past her pleasant hips toward her feet. All ten fingers and toes, two boobs, two nipples, one vagina and anus. Everything was normal.

Part of her perked up with the hope she’d somehow avoided failure. She checked the app, excited to finally, she hoped, find another slot that she could give to herself - and turn her own body into something Hazel would adore - only for her heart to sink straight to hell; she failed. But it wasn’t a punishment for her, no. On the screen was Hazel’s name and a single line of information below.

“Double the burden,” Destiny read aloud. Oh no, did that mean it would make her twice as big? Guilt briefly warred with her lust when she imagined her crush with boobs the size of beachballs, until the latter dominated. She’d just fucked Hazel’s life up even more. What kind of miserable excuse for a friend, let alone a potential lover, did that?

Her other phone showed her exactly who; Destiny Jones. Now wasn’t the time to wallow in self-loathing, she had to check on Hazel. If she really doubled in size, then movement would be so hard for her, meaning Destiny needed to be with her. She flung open the door of her room and rushed out, only to freeze when she spotted Hazel’s hair in the kitchen. So she could move, that was a relief. However, that sensation didn’t last long.

Reality often disappointed her. Things just couldn’t be like a game, she couldn’t stroll down a street and see a dragon fly overhead, or hear the gallop of a sexy centaur play hunting its mate, yet she feared she’d taken that normalcy for granted as Hazel turned to talk to another Hazel.

“No, I told you we need to cut back on the sugar,” one Hazel said.

“But today sucked! Come on, we need something to pick us up,” the other responded.

Destiny blinked and rubbed at her eyes in a cliché hope it’d clear whatever delirious dream she’d wandered into. While the dual Hazels remained, she did re-evaluate just what she saw. There weren’t two of her crush, not exactly, instead it was two identical heads on one, slightly larger torso. All that differentiated them was the change in parting, with the left keepings hers in that same direction and vice versa. Maybe if she spent longer looking at them, she’d notice other differences, but at a glance it really was impossible to tell them apart.

Though she doubted anyone would spend long looking at either head when the rest of Hazel’s body was, for lack of a better description, fucking insane. ‘Double the burden’ had gone above and beyond. Two tiers of breasts hung from her chest, each teardrop a sensuous behemoth, larger than a beach ball. From what Destiny could see, the nipples hadn’t duplicated on each, though her gaze quickly swiped to the four arms moving around the kitchen counter. She honestly thought she might’ve eaten something heavily dosed with drugs based on that visage alone.

At least the ass was the same. Huge? No. Positively enormous? God yes. It looked to stretch a good three or four feet back from Hazel’s pelvis. Destiny frowned, no it was closer than that, given where her legs stood. But that didn’t make sense. It looked much too close.

Then she got her answer as Hazel turned slightly to reach a cupboard. Not only her arms, boobs, and head, but her legs, torso, and hips had multiplied. Destiny thought back to the game from what felt like a century ago, wherein a giant centaur-bodied human rampaged. Now, while not titanic, Hazel had become just that. Her cock had naturally doubled as well, in size and number.

Unlike the rest of her, however, they were situated at both ‘standard’ points. One hung up front, gigantic despite its flaccid state with a matching set of balls, while another oddly remained close to her secondary torso. Ruled by curiosity, Destiny moved closer and crouched down to get a better look, finding that it’d grown a sheath of sorts that fused with Hazel’s skin to keep it aloft. Probably to avoid it dragging along anything on the ground.

Getting that much closer also put into perspective just how huge her ass was. Since it couldn’t necessarily be cloned like the other parts, it instead channelled all that into raw size. Just looking at it had Destiny panting for air, like she was already pinned underneath eating out her roommate’s asshole. Obscured, but not completely hidden, she found a juicy pussy peeking out.

Destiny felt at her own and found her naked lips drenched in want. Oh fuck, she was still naked too. Although, so was Hazel, but that might’ve had more to do with the scraps lying around the couch area. What must it have looked like when she grew into her new form? Fuck, what the fuck was she thinking about? This wasn’t any time to fantasise over Hazel’s impossibly sexy body.

It was one thing to make her crush a shortstack of the highest calibre with a cock pornstars would tremble before. She’d gone far beyond that. Did Hazel even have a normal life? A job, social life, hobbies? With the reality warping, she could’ve been held captive in a lab for most of her life. Hell, maybe things had changed so Destiny was like her handler out in the ‘wild’. She couldn’t rule anything out when bullshit magic was involved.

“Oh, hey.”

Destiny shot upright, briefly forgetting her nudity as her breasts jiggled back into place, “Hi!”

“Glad you’re here,” the left Hazel said, casting a critical eye over her body, “She’s been bitching about not seeing you all day.”

“Was not! I just wanted to make you’re alright, Destiny. You’ve been acting kind of… off.”

“What? Me? No! Just, uh, had a bad stomach is all.” She was getting too wet just talking with them. It didn’t help when the Hazel-taur turned around and all her magnificence came into view. A pair of hands held a plate, while the others kept her breasts in place, each mound jiggling like jelly in an earthquake with the lightest step. Destiny stiffened in restraint, lest she jump at them and never came back.

“Okay, that’s good. Wanna watch something?” Right-Hazel asked and climbed onto the couch, stretching her lower-half out like a dog, with her upper-torso propped on the arm. It didn’t leave any room for Destiny though, “Well?”

“There’s no where for me to sit.”

Left-Hazel just rolled her eyes, “Just sit between our legs like normal. You’re sure you feel alright?”

“Yeah. Yeah, fine. Totally fine. I’ll, uh, squeeze in here.”

The couch was deep to her relief, allowing her to fully sit down even with Hazel’s second-belly against her back. Not that it’d be the biggest problem of the situation, that honour went to the dormant cock mere inches away from her left arm. Glancing to her right, she saw the other member draped over a leg, which curled up to rest over Destiny’s bare thigh. It’d be so easy to reach out just a little bit and grab them both.

“Anything catch your eye?” Right-Hazel inquired as she idly scrolled through their streaming services. The left head was busy eating their sandwich, which left one hand unoccupied. Or it would’ve been, if she wasn’t busy groping a breast.


“Oh? What show is it?”

“Uh, um, new season of South Park started.”

“Really?” Left-Hazel groaned.


So they watched. Destiny had no clue what was happening, but that wasn’t the shows fault, it could’ve been just about anything, even the most bombastic Michael Bay crap, and her attention would never stray from a seemingly captivated Hazel. In the eyes of the public, she was probably labelled a freak, bullied throughout her life. She really had to make it right somehow.

“I hate to admit it, but you were right,” Left-Hazel said after finishing the sandwich.

“Told you. Sugar makes everything better.”

“Not everything,” Destiny said, unconsciously reaching over to feel the sheathed cock. It pulsed at her touch.

“She’s right. We’re overdue.”

“Finally,” Right-Hazel groaned and shifted her secondary hips toward Destiny, who finally realised what she’d been doing, snapping her hand away, “Why’d you stop?”


“Aren’t you gonna relieve us?” Right-Hazel pouted, “We didn’t do it yesterday and you know we can only do so much on our own.”

Left-Hazel nodded, “She’s right. God, our balls feel like they’re filled with lead.”

“Is it… painful?”

“Hmm, not really. Just super heavy,” Right-Hazel answered, “But that’s fine, because you’re gonna empty them for us.”

There was no room to refuse her. In whatever history the app created around this extremely altered Hazel, it involved Destiny services her so often it was just a foregone conclusion that when they needed relief she would act accordingly. Not that she planned on denying them anyway. It was her fault that she ended up this way, with a body so overwhelmingly sexual that Destiny didn’t even know where to begin. Well, there were two increasingly obvious places that preened for her attention.

A pair of cocks swelled in unison from the left and right. One’s skin stretched tight around its girth, the flesh drawing back to reveal a fat, purple head just begging for a kiss. The other appeared already hard, its sheath opening wide for the shaft covered in thick veins that Destiny could practically feel stretching her little pussy. How far did her service to Hazel go?

She looked to the futa’s dual heads, receiving only lust from each. They were waiting for her to start. Gulping down her nerves and questions, Destiny reached out with both hands to grab Hazel’s members. A shudder ran through her, hairs raising all over, when she felt their heat. Uncountable veins throbbed against her hands and sent their heat cascading through her. She clenched her thighs together in a vain hope of hiding just how wet she was.

“Not to be rude, but can you hurry? This is just making it worse,” Right-Hazel said.

“R-right,” Destiny licked her lips and slid off the couch to the floor, where she came face to face with the rear shaft. Its double was at the front, tended to by her left hand. Coming so near to one brought a searing musk to her attention. She honestly didn’t remember the last time she got that close to a dick, though even if she did it wouldn’t compare. This was a fifteen-inch monster covered in a layer of grime from being in the sheath for days perhaps.

Suitably, it reeked of cock. Destiny leaned further in until her nose was almost touching its tip, amazed that such a strong musk could affect her so. Vague memories of visiting farms came to mind as she sniffed, of the unbridled scent of nature, however this was condensed into sex. In the corners of her vision, Destiny saw Hazel’s voluptuous thighs shifting, the futa anxious to begin.

“Here goes,” Destiny said under her breath, freezing when her breath made the prick jerk suddenly. A drop of murky liquid beaded at its peak, then broke and slid down, falling to the couch with a soft splat. She must really be close, Destiny thought and took a deep breath of that shocking aroma, then dove in.

Dicks weren’t her speciality. She’d seen plenty of porn, but that was all with professionals, of which she was not, yet she still tried. Her first attempt was surprising as her throat opened for at least six inches, before her acid reflux triggered. Luckily, she didn’t puke, though a surge of spit came up as she dragged the shaft out. She reached up to hold Hazel’s dick. When she pulled her hand away, it came with a layer of her spittle, webbing the digits together. God, was her saliva really that sticky?

No time for ruminations. Hazel gave a thrust that missed her mouth, but made it clear just how impatient the human-taur was. Another deep breath, one that echoed in her own crotch, and Destiny went back in. This time she paced herself and stopped after just a few inches, running her tongue all over the weirdly delicious organ. Its flavour matched the musk, overwhelmingly enticing. She slurped and almost gagged as the shaft flexed hard, unleashing a deluge of pre straight down her throat.

What the fuck? Destiny kept suckling, eager for more. It was salty, bitter and tart, each similar yet distinct on her tongue as another surge poured out. She stroked the ten or so inches not in her mouth, all but milking Hazel of that juice, and spreading her spit all over. Just a minute into her first time blowing a cock, she pushed further.

Wary of triggering her reflux, she took it slow. Ever since the app showed up, she half expected to adjust to all the craziness, and she had, given her reaction to Hazel’s latest transformation, yet the comparatively simple things stunned her. Like the fact her underused throat had stretched around eight inches of fat girl-dick. She’d never even stuck a finger down there and now here she was sucking dick like a pro.

Maybe not quite a pro. More of a living cock-sleeve. She was stunned into stillness, barely doing so much as breathing, which left Hazel to do all the work of pulling her dick back, then inching it down again. This continued for several pumps when Destiny finally got a grip on herself again, pouring all her energy into making up for lost time. Using what little knowledge she had of fellatio, she slurped all the way up the eight inches, then pursed her lips tight around the head as she descended once more.

“What about the other one?” Left-Hazel asked.

Oh shit, Destiny thought and remembered the second member still in her grip. It took all her higher brain functions to keep herself from gagging, leaving little else for moving her arms. Still, she had to try. Anything for Hazel.

Her attempts were far from graceful. One second, she’d have her rhythm, sliding one into her throat as she bobbed her hand down the other, and the next either her hand was motionless or she pushed too far and retched hard. The only silver lining was each failure led to more spit, which made the next dive smoother. Eventually, she found a leisurely, but consistent tempo that appeased both cocks. That didn’t mean Hazel was satisfied.

“Come on, you can do better than that,” Right-Hazel grumbled, though her tone was lightened by pleasure.

“Maybe she needs some encouragement?” Left-Hazel postulated.

“Hmm, let’s try it.”

Destiny’s throat was quickly vacated. She hacked up spit and pre, looking to her roommate in partial frustration, having just succeeded in getting another inch down her gullet, but that soon changed to confusion as four arms pulled her up.

“What’s going on now?” She asked, then squeaked when the arms flipped her around, resting the frontward cock against her face. A drop of pre leaked out and down its central vein, breaking against her nose. Destiny snorted to clear it, but more just kept coming.

“You lack energy, we’ll fix that,” Left-Hazel said. Their arms pushed her away, letting their shaft fall under gravity’s sway to line up with her lips. Destiny gulped air while she could, anticipating a brutal face fuck that’d leave her messy and breathless. Before the cock even touch her lips again, she was panting as familiar, if estranged sensations crashed over her. What she wouldn’t have given for this moment even before the app showed up.

Hazel was eating her out. Not that just, but with expertise unbefitting someone of Hazel’s status. That is to say, a virgin lesbian. Then again, she thought and opened wide for the fattest cock she ever had, or probably ever would see in her life, Hazel’s new history might’ve included a crash course on carpet munching like a pornstar. It seemed the only reasonable explanation in that moment, not that Destiny struggled to consider anything more as she succumbed to the ecstasy of giving and receiving.

Though she feared it was better for her than for Hazel. Both her love’s heads were in on the game, tag teaming her snatch with very different styles. Left-Hazel was obvious by her methodical technique, every sensitive place targeted for max effect, only going wild for brief moments. The right, on the other hand, was pure enthusiasm tempered by drips of skill. For the most part, however, Right-Hazel mashed her face into Destiny’s pussy and shoved her tongue deep, whipping it around like a crazed snake while she sucked and slurped and nibbled on everything in reach. The constant switches proved effective as Destiny raced toward an orgasmic crescendo.

She sucked dick the whole time. It wasn’t a need, but a must that she reciprocated as best she could. Destiny gagged and licked on every inch that tested her gag reflex, pursing her lips tight for the shaft to glide through. Doing so gathered swathes of her thick saliva, which oozed down her face. It got in her nose, choking her even more thoroughly and saturating her sinuses in the stench of girl-dick. Some dribbled past and forced her to clench an eye shut.

So fucking filthy, Destiny thought as she slobbered all over the phallus. Hazel, simultaneously, picked that moment to up her game. When either head was pushed aside, they peppered her thighs with kisses. What should’ve been foreplay instead added to the experience of having her pussy devoured by Hazel. Trickles of fem-cum streamed across Destiny’s stomach and broke against her bust.

God she was such a slut for Hazel. What else could she call herself anymore? She waited on her every need and now, when those needs turned sexual, she felt no apprehension in covering her face in her own spittle and choking on a cock. All for Hazel.

Destiny pushed herself further. An orgasm approached, yet it wasn’t Hazel’s, meaning she’d failed at one of the few ways she could do to make things up to her crush. With that in mind, she tried ignoring all the wonderful pleasures in her pussy and devoted herself to the girl-cock. She’d just reached ten inches, yet another five remained unacquainted with her slutty gob. Destiny took a deep breathe ripe with dick and spit, then shoved herself forward.

Tears burned her eyes and mixed with the slob dripping from her head. Nothing stopped her. She tracked the distance toward Hazel’s crotch through bleary vision, using every millimetre nearer as motivation, even as her whole torso convulsed. Moans tried making their way past her lips, but nothing got past the thick shaft. She conquered another inch, nearing a foot. Hazel seemed pleased as she upped her own fervour.

Deeper… Deeper… Deeper.

That was all Destiny thought about. Her mantra worked as twelve, then thirteen inches vanished down her gullet, wrapped tight in her flesh and slathered in drool. Despite her pace, Hazel took things into her own hands. Or a pair of them anyway. Two arms sank down, the others squeezing Destiny harder to make sure she didn’t slip away, and grabbed onto her head. For a moment, they weaved into her hair and just massaged her. Then they pushed.

Destiny couldn’t breathe. Every attempt at an exhale just resulted in bubbles from her nose and inhaling was a just a pipe dream. She gagged, more dribble escaping and coating her face, though she didn’t pay any attention to that. Her nose was mashed against wrinkly skin, which meant she’d succeeded in taking all fifteen inches. No, not yet. Hazel still needed to cum.

For that purpose, the willing cocksleeve pushed against her love to extract half the dick. She tried for more, however Hazel slammed her back down, cramming it all inside once more. That became their dance, a tango with a silent tempo that quickened with every heartbeat. Hazel slurped and guzzled pussy juice, yet her sounds were blanketed by Destiny retching as she repeatedly forced her mouth down to the base. Hazel’s scrotum felt more and more swollen each time her forehead impacted it.

Then, finally, a powerful moan vibrated into her folds. Destiny’s head was shoved down, held in place by a quivering Hazel, whose every other breath was a moan. Her tongue thrashed about inside the pussy, the heads indistinguishable in their intensity, and she thrust against Destiny in a blind craving for release. Both whined in harmony as their orgasms struck.

Nothing prepared Destiny for the ensuing flood. The dildo had been prolific, but she’d never tried drinking it before, not that she really had that problem with the cock pulsating so close to her stomach. Its first volley filled her in an instant, yet it went overlooked when her climax struck. Already full of seed, her heavy gut felt tighter as her muscles clenched and unleashed a tide of her own. Gravity wouldn’t be ignored.

As her fem-cum poured down her rounded abdomen, Destiny gagged harder when gravity took its toll with Hazel’s seed. It oozed up her oesophagus, inching toward her mouth even as more gushed into her belly. Neither of them stopped, prolonging one another’s orgasm, neither bothered even when cum-bubbles swelled and popped from Destiny’s nose. Spit was replaced by jizz as it leaked out.

Yet she was nowhere near done. Aside from the current dick pumping her guts full of semen, the other remained forlorn, left to twitch in the cool air, covered in spit. If she had the ability, she’d gladly welcome it into her pussy. Hazel had no intention of letting her down though, holding her tight throughout their ecstasies.

“Hey? Come on, we’re not done,” Hazel said.

Destiny groaned and coughed, hacking up a thick, oddly bitter fluid. She wiped at her eyes and pulled layers of stickiness away. When she finally looked around, she was still in the apartment, but more importantly, a very hard, very insistent cock was staring straight at her lips. Clearing her throat, she found it sore and clogged with cum. Still, she had to do this.

Just opening her mouth made a sound like squishing glue. Destiny extended her tongue, a glob of jizz on it, the flavour so intense she didn’t know if she’d taste anything else ever again, and swallowed the tip. Oh god, her whole body felt so… alive.

Remnants of her orgasm tingled all over. Even her lips were erogenous against Hazel’s cock, the pumping of her love’s heartbeat echoing in her own chest and luring her closer. She cupped her heavy balls, so ripe with unspent cum, and pulled on them, desperate to feel them against her chin. Overflowing with slick, sticky semen, and stretched out from the other member, the passage was smoother. Ten inches vanished down her gullet with the rest creeping inside.

“Oh yeah, that’s the stuff.”

“Told ya she just needed a warm up.”

“You didn’t say that.”

“Well, I was thinking it.”

“Whatever, let’s just enjoy getting our dick sucked.”

Neither head talked to Destiny as she gagged on their cock. They barely thought of her as anything more than a sex toy, or a slave to their lusts, just a slut that lived with them and existed to get them off. Hazel moaned as the slut went harder, face-fucking herself on their prick until rivers of spit came up. She was already covered in her own cum and spit, so Destiny purposefully choked to make more. Anything to make it better.

“Oh fuck, she’s really going at it.”

“So wet and tight.”

“Can’t hold it.”

“Fuck it, let’s just cum!”

Destiny gave a high-pitched moan as they thrust forward and pinned her against the floor. The Hazels lowered their haunches to trap her, pushing and pulling with all their legs to grind and fuck her. She pushed her tits together to create another layer of pleasure for her love, who just kept moving with depraved purpose.That being to cum inside Destiny’s throat yet again.

It didn’t take long. In the span of mere seconds, Hazel was thrusting, then pushing down hard, balls palpitating wildly as they unleashed another flood of jizz. Every drop went straight to Destiny’s stomach, the path clear and unencumbered by gravity. For her part, the willing cum-dump rolled her hips as if the cock was pumping into her womb. She still couldn’t breathe and her belly was much too full, but she relished every second.

To the point of pulling on Hazel’s rear when the orgasm finally passed.

“Sorry, Destiny,” Left-Hazel said, “We really need a shower.”

“You were great today. Looking forward to tomorrow!” Right-Hazel called back as they walked into the bathroom. There was no chance that hadn’t been altered in some way for the futa, but Destiny wouldn’t know for a while yet. She had to get back to her room and try finding some way to reverse it.

Being so small couldn’t have been easy. Now, on top of that, she was possibly the most unique entity on the planet, or at least amongst humanity. How many times had doctors prodded her, tested on her, tried working out just why this ‘mutation’ took place? Hazel deserved normalcy, or something closer to it.

“Come on, there has to be something I can do for this,” Destiny said, scrolling through every option the app gave her. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. “Fuck! Come on, just give me something, anything! Stupid thing.” She chucked it onto her bed, careful even in her anger not to throw it at the wall, and flopped down, heedless of her messy body.

“Please. Just let me make it right.”


Re: Unreal Creation - by Tosaku no Kishi

Chapter 8

Destiny groaned and turned away from the constant pinging of her phone. It ignored her efforts at neglecting it, shooting off her old notification sound, seemingly louder each time. After several minutes of struggle, she finally gave in and grabbed the device. On the lock screen was a single notification, but one that woke her right up. She sat up right and read through it again and again, finally doing so aloud.

“So, ‘limited time quest; Second Chance. Complete the requirements and reset all slots.’ So wait, that means… Yes!” She leapt up, jumping on her bed like a kid, except with her boobs clapping against her stomach. Right, she was still naked. And covered in spit. The shower could wait, however, as she eagerly opened up the app to read further details. To her further joy, it wasn’t anything complicated.

She would be randomly altered for the quest. Then, using her new body, she needed to seduce and fuck someone a minimum of five times within a twenty-four hour period. Additional times would go toward a bonus. Simple, but ambiguous. Random alterations meant literally anything.

Yet again, she hesitated. With how the app affected Hazel, what was to stop it from doing something far more drastic to Destiny, or to others? It could make the catalyst for some sex-zombie apocalypse. No, she doubted that. Everything about it was designed around sex and nothing had been necessarily extreme, in the sense of altering the entire planet. Still… it could change at any time. Being a magical app and all.

Destiny sighed and set it aside for the moment. As she did, she noticed a familiar colour peeking from under her bed, one of pale flesh exactly like Hazel’s. After yesterday, she could do with a little self-love, especially when she’d been so intimate with her love yet so far from the ultimate goal. Maybe a quick cum would help her think?

“Oh fuck…”

The app hadn’t finished with Hazel. She’d hoped ‘double the burden’ had run its course having duplicated so much of her love’s body, but evidently not. What had been a fifteen inch monster had grown into a behemoth, two-and-a-half feet in length. One of her hands didn’t even reach halfway around its girth. This? Inside her? She adored Hazel, but that was insane. It’d take months, years even, of practice to handle it.

“Asshole,” Destiny said to her phone. She could’ve sworn it timed this just to make her decision clear. It was one thing to let Hazel go around as a human-taur with a pair of big, juicy dicks hanging out, but another when said dicks put any stallion to shame. Jerking those off couldn’t be easy. And, to a lesser extent, Destiny dreaded the very idea of dealing with them. Just holding the dildo in her hands seemed like too much.

Fine, random alterations be damned, she just wanted Hazel to have a chance at a normal life. Destiny opened the app, accepted the quest and tossed it aside in defeat. Whatever happened would be temporary anyway. She hoped. Irregardless, long as she did everything expected of her, then Hazel’s insane life would revert. Once it did, then with any luck they could talk about where they were headed.

She laid back on her sheets and contemplated the sex toy in her grasp. Being online so often, Destiny came across plenty of fictional works involving phalli of such size, yet holding one, albeit made of plastic - highly realistic though - put those into perspective. Holding it against her body, with the balls flush against her snatch, the tip reached well beyond her head.

“Maybe they’re not totally crazy,” Destiny mused as she measured its girth against her fist, dwarfed in comparison, then wrapped her legs around it and rolled her pussy along the first few inches. Veins ground along her folds, some dipping slightly into her hole.

She didn’t know how to describe it. The idea of fucking something that enormous should’ve cooled any lust, yet the more she moved against it, and the tighter her grip, the better it seemed. Maybe her cunt could handle it? Just take it slow, she thought. No, don’t be stupid. Grinding was more than enough based on the sensations.

Even the sheets on her back felt like silk and velvet. She pumped her hands along the giant shaft, arms pushing into her tits and rubbing into it too. All the while, juices flowed from between her legs, making the patch of realistic plastic-cock slip and slide all over her lips. Eventually, her position became flawed as she couldn’t grind along much more than a few inches. Destiny remedied that by flipping over and riding the length.

She rolled her hips like a nymphomaniac. Each time, she raised her pussy clear of the dildo, only to mash it back down with a skin pimpling squelch. Sliding along made a similar noise, juices flowing freely and coating her thighs. Did she even get that wet when Hazel ate her out yesterday?

Memories were hazy. The only thing clear in her mind was how good it felt to masturbate with the dildo, and that she needed more. Destiny slumped down and pressed her chest into the broad shaft, moaning deep at the touch of it and her sheets. The app must’ve done something already, or was she that horny just thinking about Hazel’s huge dicks? Questions without answers as she let the sensations lead her on.

“Oh fuck, fuck, fuck,” Destiny grunted. Thoughts of the dildo sinking deep into her pussy flashed before her eyes, before switching suddenly to her sliding down it, foot after foot stretching her asshole open wide. It was impossible no matter how she looked at it. That couldn’t happen, not with her. Maybe for one of those pornstars that destroyed their asses, but not her. Yet the idea wouldn’t leave her alone. Just the opposite, it made her wetter and hornier.

“Might as well try,” she said and planted the heavy fake-dick on her floor. It was tall enough that she had to bend it in half to aim it properly, though once between her ass cheeks, Destiny gasped as the head entered her. Impossible as it seemed, she kept taking more. Above even that, she was loving it.

The head pushed open her walls like a battering ram. Little bumps squished against its girth, each one deliciously sensitive and only becoming more so the deeper she went. So fucking deep, Destiny thought and looked down, eyes bulging wide at the oddly beautiful sight of her belly jutting out so perversely. She sank lower and watched it stretch her skin higher until it nestled between her tits. God, her little pussy felt so empty, yet so tight from the sheer enormity straining her anus.

If Hazel had two cocks, and the dildo was a replica of that, then shouldn’t there be a second? Destiny usually kept it under her bed, so maybe… yes! Her blind fumbling discovered another massive shape, identical to the one spearing her ass. Adjusting her stance, she guided the second cock to her pussy, each breath an airy gasp as her lust kept building. Fortunately, her cunt was so thoroughly soaked that the cock slipped in even easier than her ass.

Impossible. Everything in that moment was unfeasible, from how wet she was, to how amazing it all felt, to the fact her holes were stretched to inhuman levels. The dildos had to be bigger than any newborn, yet her cunt and ass took them easily, still hungry for the rest. Planting the second toy down, she balanced herself on the bed and squatted low, belly leaping out from the rest of her.

“So full. They can’t be that deep, right? I’m still stretching, hmm, fuck. I want it deeper.”

At her wish, all strength left her legs and sent her falling hard enough that her ass clapped against the carpet. Destiny flung her head back in silent adulation of the pleasure coursing through her veins.All her power abandoned her, focusing in her core and crotch so she could squeeze her kegels and roll her hips. Mere inches thrust into her, yet it did the job of catapulting her to the stratosphere and suspending her there, unaware of anything but bliss. Even the rampant transformation of her body.

Like it channelled her conscious into the act, her physical form changed in leaps and bounds. Alterations had already begun from the second she accepted the quest, starting in her asshole, the interior now lined with nubs of increasing size as they went deeper, leading all the way to her stomach. Smaller changes were instantaneous, like her sensitivity rampaging and her natural lubrication.

As her mind floated in ecstasy, each pulse of pleasure in her body resulted in new, stunning changes. Inches added to her limbs, primarily her legs, which thickened beautifully around the thigh. Destiny’s lips lifted into a smirk as they blossomed into pouting dick-suckers a slut would pay good money for, a trait that extended lower into her chest. Natural D cups adorned her torso, stunning in their own right, yet the app saw fit to perk them up into near spherical shapes. Her nipples plumped up and opened around invisible tubes.

Saline pumped through them and into the firm, yet supple implants Destiny possessed. At the same time, the definition of dildos decreased as her tummy bloated out. While it didn’t reach the levels of an extreme pregnancy, her bump would never be concealable, resembling a full term woman carrying twins. Occasional bumps rose across its taut surface from the single occupant.

However, it wouldn’t make itself known just yet. Her body still had further augmentations, like her tongue extending eight-feet to hang between her rotund, inflating beach ball tits. It curled on impulse to wrap around one, feeling the plastic pouring in ounce by ounce. Such weights should’ve pulled her over at that point, but the changes weren’t so lopsided as her ass cheeks took on a similar quality and swelled outward on hips many times broader than her shoulders. Throughout all that growth, her pussy wasn’t left alone.

What began as a plump set of lips just begging for a mouth to touch them, had blossomed into a quivering maw drenched top to bottom in viscous fem-cum. The base of her replica cock was nowhere to be seen, devoured by her mons the size of a football. A clit befitting of such beauty crowned its peak, round and a deep pink colour, twitching from all the mind-numbing pleasures. The undulations of her hips were punctuated louder by the constant squelching of her massive cunt.

Destiny wasn’t done. In tandem with the rolling of her lower body, the dildo stretching out her pussy moved as if pumping into her, despite having no motor or outward aide. Concealed by her gorgeous mons, the insides of her pussy were lined in nubs not unlike smaller variants of her clit, however these shared in her tongue’s blessing as they extended, winding around the dildo and moving it for their own pleasure. Which only furthered Destiny’s changes.

“Ooh, fuck…” she croaked when reality came back to her. The ceiling stared down at where she laid on the floor, her bed at the side. Raising a hand surprised her with its difficulty.

Nothing felt right, like her body wasn’t hers. Or like it suddenly became too heavy for her meagre strength, but that couldn’t be it, since just looking at her arms revealed how toned she was. Except they shouldn’t be so muscular. What happened?

A ping answered her thought. Right, the app. She accepted that quest after seeing what Hazel was carrying around. Well, if it only made her more athletic, she couldn’t really complain. She’d already planned on keeping herself fit when she got her own slot to use. Groaning, Destiny pulled herself up and barely kept herself from toppling over. The culprits soon unveiled themselves when she glanced down.

“What the shit?” Destiny shuffled around the floor so her back was leaning against the bed, then took in the unreal state she woke up to. Each of her breasts made her computer seem light and tiny by comparison. She tried hefting them with just her arms, however that proved pointless. It took both hands just to move one.

Doing so, however, unleashed yet another reality-shifting shock in the form of her belly. She released her tit and rubbed all over her stomach, muttering denials to herself the whole time, that she couldn’t be pregnant. Her abdomen said otherwise, from the tightness of her skin to the very distinct nub of her popped out belly button. As she rubbed, a bump rose that didn’t feel anything like a hand or foot.

“I swear if that app put a baby in me… wait, what’d that even be? 1’s and 0’s? Fucking magic bullshit. Alright, need to make sure nothing else is crazy. Oh, of course it is.” Destiny stood up and realised how she didn’t topple over, despite her front being insanity personified; her ass was a behemoth all its own. That didn’t hold her attention long when she took a single, laboured step and felt her thigh rubbing against her pussy.

“Nooo,” she cooed, both horrified by the sheer size of her sex and overcome by the pleasure of that single step, “Please, for the love of god, let me fit into something.”

To possibly her greatest relief since finding out Hazel was into her, the changes extended to her wardrobe. She pulled out a pair of maternity pants already stretched out around the crotch, like she’d been wearing them all her life. Which she probably had in her new history. Once on, she was struck all over again just how… big everything about her was.

“It looks like I’m smuggling beach balls in there,” Destiny said in reference to her humongous ass cheeks, so round that they really did look inflated. Touching them and her breasts made clear they shared the same insides, that being one part to ten parts saline. What did Hazel think of her like this?

Oh shit, the quest! She needed to sleep with someone quick and, of course, that had to be Hazel. No one else.

She tried rushing out of her room, but the size of her belly, hips and pussy slowed her to an urgent waddle. Once outside, she saw the love of her life dressed for work. Hazel really was incredible, even doubled up as she was, her custom blouse and caparison that covered her to the ankles only left Destiny hungering to discover their secrets. Both heads turned to look at her.

A very distinct twitch lifted Hazel’s clothing, “Sorry, Destiny. I’d help you out, but I really gotta go.”

“Wait, I… I gotta…” Her words failed as her tongue poured from her lips. She sucked it back in, yet that tightened her core, which reached into her pussy and got the juices flowing. In seconds, her clean pants were sopping wet at the crotch, the wetness rapidly spreading down the legs.

“I’m sure Monica will help, but I can’t be late again. Sorry!” Both Hazels apologised to her as they sprinted from the door. Despite her disappearance, her musk remained. Destiny waddled over to the couch and took a long sniff, cunt throbbing at the lingering smell of girl-cock and semen. No other scents broke through, her eyes were clouded, the thin-stretched shirt was stifling and clung to her nipples. FUCK! She was horny.

Horny… fuck… wanna fuck…

Her mind turned to the dildos. Better than nothing, she decided and moved back toward her room, the quest completely forgotten. Then a door opened. For a second, she dared to hope Hazel had turned around, but whipping her head around dashed that optimism as she saw Monica standing in her doorway, hands clasped together in awkward silence. Neither moved a muscle for several seconds.

“You’re still not ready? Come on, I’ll help you get dressed.”

Oh shit, she had work. That thought cooled some of her mind-consuming lust, though it remained prevalent as she watched Monica go into her room, rummage through her things, then come back with a heavily modified uniform. Guess MalWart didn’t discriminate against giant tittied, monster assed, and ultra pregnant workers. Good to know her employers weren’t entirely morally bankrupt.

After some difficulties, mostly from Monica trying to avoid staring, they got her dressed. On any other day, she would’ve caught a bus or an Uber, but she doubted walking to the bus stop would end well with her new body, and no driver would want her making a mess of their back seats. Monica headed over to the door, then stopped.

“You coming?”


“Come on, I’ve been giving you rides since we moved in together. How do you keep forgetting that?”

“Sorry,” Destiny said and waddled over, “Pregnancy brain?”

“Yeah. Guess lifelong pregnancy would do that.”

Lifelong? She’d had this gut all her life? Then it wasn’t a baby, which only made her dread to think of what she carried. Such worries dissipated on her way down to Monica’s SUV. She’d wondered why such a woman would have one, that being a single lesbian, though after discovering her dominatrix lifestyle, it made sense to have space for multiple partners. Destiny recalled that girl bound and gagged on the bed, and wished she’d taken the offer. As if that would retroactively calm her sex drive.

“So, uh, about the other day,” Monica said, squeezing the wheel as if to wring its very existence out, “I don’t know what came over me. I just… you were so… I wasn’t thinking. No domme would do that, ever. What I’m trying to say is,” she took a deep breath, “Sorry. I’ll, uh, leave you alone from now on. When I can, I mean.”

“No, don’t…” Destiny stopped herself as the engine started up, vibrations echoing through the seat and into her oversized pussy, “I mean, yeah, you’d better be sorry. That was a pretty traumatic event.”

Monica sighed at her tone, “What do you want? A raise? More vacation days?”

“No,” Destiny leaned over and took the black woman’s hand off the wheel, shoving it between her thighs, “I want you to fuck me until you’re passed out or dead.”

“Hazel didn’t fuck you this morning?”

They were fucking? Oh god, when they reunited, Destiny would make sure to engrave that experience into her very soul, so that not even the app could change it. She bit her lip, barely keeping herself from openly moaning, and pressed Monica’s hand in harder.

“No. And I need it. I know you want it too.”

“No need to push,” Monica said, reluctantly taking her hand back with a sheen of juices that soaked through Destiny’s pants, “When we get in, head to the break room. I’ve got a key.”


Re: Unreal Creation - by Tosaku no Kishi

Chapter 9

Much as she wished Hazel’s lips were against hers instead of Monica’s, she just didn’t have the patience to wait. Every iota of her new body needed someone to touch it, the deeper the better, and in that instance Monica was the only option. Destiny put their previous altercation behind them in favour of brighter prospects, like getting a hand crammed up her snatch or those fingers sinking deep into her fecund ass. That could just barely wait as she wrapped her tongue around Monica’s while they blindly fumbled for the break room handle.

Once inside, it took a simple swing of Destiny’s hips to slam it shut. No one else was around yet, ordered out into the store proper by a swift message from Monica on the drive over, leaving the room mates alone to indulge in unfiltered passions. The short manager jumped at Destiny, forcing her onto the coffee table, creaking under their combined weight. Neither were bothered and focused on disrobing.

“I’ll never get tired of this,” Monica said, rearing back to look down on Destiny’s upper body, the stars of which were the twin spheres larger than both their heads put together, sitting high and proud. Her nipples, despite the apparent implants, stretched across the peaks and up toward the leering woman. Destiny ran her hands up and down her manager’s hips, their skin a stark contrast to one another.

“Then why not come get your fill?” Destiny’s invitation didn’t go unwelcome as Monica dove in. She barely had to fold over to wrap her lips around a teat, so fat she struggled just to fit it in, but that didn’t stop her from inhaling and earning a keening moan.

Monica put her hands to work on the other breast. Pulling away, she licked all over the stout peak, then switched to the other, hips rolling to a quiet thumping in their chests. Destiny wriggled and got a leg wedged between hers, which she immediately reached down and pulled toward her, squealing when it squished against her overripe pussy. Waves of juices pooled on the table as she ground against Monica’s leg.

“So big,” Monica groaned, hands roaming all over a breast as she kissed and sucked on the nipples.

They felt incredible. Destiny hadn’t considered implants before, content with her size, however with the magic of that app she wondered what she was thinking. Every drop of saline that stretched out her flesh pushed nerve endings to the surface, pining for any touch and relaying every single sensation to her brain a thousand-fold. Not to be forgotten though, her nipples felt primed to send her over the edge any second.

It all worked in harmony to douse the poor table in her juices. A lurid splash and squelch matched her moans whenever she raised her hips in search of more pleasure, grinding the fat lips of her cunt along Monica’s leg. Nestled deep in those folds, her clit pushed out and nearly fried her senses.

“Hey, you okay?” Monica asked after Destiny froze.

“Y-yeah!” She reached up and grabbed her manager’s cheeks, “But I want more. Eat my pussy!”

Just that touch on her clit was like a thousand volts of electricity in her veins. She felt ready to jump on anyone, any thing, in that instance, but Monica was right there and more than willing to make up for her mistakes. All it took was spread legs and a firm push to get the dark skinned domme kneeling between her thighs, face overshadowed by Destiny’s massive labia, so engorged with lust they’d turned a ruddy pink colour. They darkened as Monica approached.

All it took was a single peck on her folds and Destiny was flying. She splayed her legs wide, then swung her feet around Monica’s shoulders to pull her in deeper, mashing the black woman into the gigantic pussy. Not that her friend made any fuss. All those pheromones Destiny produced were heightened with the rest of her, all but drowning Monica in chemical lust.

Destiny rolled her hips to the pounding her heart. Each facet of her roommate’s face dug into her folds, her nose the most prominent in coaxing swathes of fem-cum. She could just imagine Monica’s face, since it was impossible to see it with her curves in the way, doused in her juices and gasping for air, instead gulping down the muggy aroma and fuelling that ever present desire for more. Which they both received in droves.

Years of experience crashed through her. Monica’s tongue knew so many patterns, swirling and flicking like an artist, all to create a vision only she knew. Every slight movement pounded through Destiny. Pleasure rebounded between her erogenous zones, bouncing and gaining momentum, hurtling toward blissful release. Then Monica stopped and extracted herself.

“Why’d you STOP?” Destiny arched her back as those lips and tongue returned, except they attached to her clit. Lightning could’ve appeared between her nipples when Monica inhaled around the nub, as it was she slapped two hands onto each tit and squeezed for all she was worth. Pulling on them, pain lifted the pleasure higher. Yet she didn’t cum.

“More, more, more. Come on fuck my fat cunt!”

At her words, a single finger teased her chubby folds. It fully slid inside and she felt a closed fist against her, but nothing more. Before she could say another word, Monica unfurled her fingers and shoved forward. Holy fuck! Destiny didn’t say anything, or even scream, instead her body collapsed around the wrist and sucked hard. Inch by inch, Monica’s forearm vanished inside her, yet it wasn’t enough. Even with the sucking on her clit, she wasn’t quite there.

“More,” Destiny crowed, hands roving all over her tits and pinching her nipples at that point. She felt it, that elusive glorious release, however she still needed something more. If she was with Hazel, this wouldn’t be an issue. Those massive cocks would fill her equally massive pussy so wonderfully. She realised what she needed from Monica.

“Your other arm, push it in, now!” The suction paused, then resumed as she felt a second set of fingers slip between her lips. Hushed words of encouragement pulled them closer, as did the mighty undulations within, until Destiny finally got what she wanted. A proper filling.

Both arms slid deeper, only stopping at the elbows. From there, it became trickier, requiring her to stretch as Monica’s shoulders got in the way, not that she minded. Destiny couldn’t have fathomed such pleasure before. She felt every heartbeat against her walls like the bass at a nightclub, the vibrations only feeding back into more ecstasy. All she could assume was her thick sex was responsible.

“What are those?” Monica asked, separating in shock, then gave a wet gasp as she suddenly yanked forward. The penetrated woman had no idea what happened, only feeling greater pleasure and the clenching of her kegels.

“Don’t know, don’t care. Just go deeper!”

What neither of them knew, though Monica could feel them, was the dozens of thin, pink tendrils spiralling all around her arms. When she tried tugging on impulse, they responded in kind and pulled hard enough to bury her face in Destiny’s cunt. As she calmed, soothed and aroused by the situation, they relaxed and guided her into fist-fucking the hole. She eventually took charge and curled her fingers to punch deeper.

High pitched moans punctuated each thrust. Each time, Monica arched them just a little higher, forcing the fleshy walls to stretch around her limb, always thrusting just above the puckered cervix. The tendrils didn’t relent and adjusted to the tempo, then ramped it up while she lashed her tongue all over the outer pussy.

“So close. Just a… little more,” Destiny encouraged, rolling her hips up and down  to the pounding of her snatch, sending her fluids pouring all over.

It really was so close, all but grazing her senses. All she needed was another push, something big. She grunted and clenched what she assumed were her kegels, then slapped both hands down on her room mate’s head. Or the back of it anyway.

Neither girl moved an inch. Destiny quivered in place, but no more, at least outwardly. Inside, she wasn’t sure what didn’t move. Her fecund belly writhed in abstract shapes, while her pussy collapsed in on itself and the arms and face currently filling it, as she panted for whatever air she could. Then Monica uncurled her hands, palms against the pulsating cervix. While neither could see what happened, Destiny felt it in pristine detail as the occupant of her womb forced its way out and into her canal.

It crept lower, all the while absurd sensations played out under her skin. For all Destiny knew, she had cum dozens of times in the last seconds, however she couldn’t recognise this pleasure. All at once, she felt like she was fingering her pussy, while simultaneously sucking on her clit a dozen times over, accompanied by… something foreign. It wasn’t until she felt Monica’s lips from within that she had a clue.

Which was confirmed an instant later as whatever moved through her pussy shoved into her manager’s mouth. She knew that from the teeth and tongue pushing into it. Whatever it was. Destiny didn’t question it any further as her whole body peaked. She pushed on Monica’s head, forcing her deeper past her labia, while the strange object shoved from the other side and forced her roommate to retch as it slid down her throat. A flood of fem-cum followed right away and sprayed out from between Destiny’s meaty folds and Monica’s head.

In her blind ecstasy and need to prolong it, Destiny rolled her tongue out and wrapped it around a breast. She took the excess spit and rubbed it all into her flesh, all but addicted to touching her massive titties as bliss bombarded her. By a miracle she didn’t pass out from it all, yet that didn’t leave her much better off as she lost all recognition of her environment. The world just melted away around her.

It only came back a rush of lukewarm water splashed her face. Sputtering, Destiny tried bolting upright, but her body wouldn’t allow it, instead forcing her back with a splash. Monica’s face looked down, hair wet as if fresh from a shower. The raw smell of sex, however, contradicted that notion.

“Hey,” Destiny said, licking some of the water from her lips, then frowned at the taste, “What is that?”

“Your cum,” Monica chuckled, “Figured you should know what you put me through.”

Propping herself up a little, Destiny got a proper view of the gallon bucket, “Um, how full was that?”

“There’s a second one over there.”

“Oh shit… that’s pretty hot.” Destiny sniffed a couple times, vision immediately swirling as she was all but drowned in the aroma. It saturated the air, so dense it clung to her nostrils and lodged there. Another breath and her pussy was frothing. As was something else.

“Looks like your friend’s ready,” Monica said.

“My friend?” Frowning, the impossibly large girl looked down at herself, again blown away by her sizes, then noticed the sinuous length waving above her popped out belly button, “Oh… that’s… cool.”

“Always wondered what you had in there. Turns out it’s a fucking constrictor.”

Not exactly, but close enough. An odd violet colour, it was perfectly smooth but for a couple veins thicker than her fingers. Its girth astounded Destiny, mostly for the fact it fit in and outside of her, easily the size of a normal woman’s calves. Before her eyes, it slimmed down, then bounced back and swelled even larger. She groaned deep and held onto her churning belly. When it calmed down, her pussy was throbbing, in desperate need of another proper climax. Her eyes turned to Monica, who was still naked.

“Round two?” Destiny asked.

“If you think you can handle me.”

“You know I can,” Destiny said and pulled her down. Monica took the momentum and swung her leg over the mountain of tight flesh. Curling her own body around it, they mashed lips once more, though with an addition as Destiny put her elongated tongue to work.

She didn’t know what to expect as she all but poured it down her manager’s throat. Something disgusting? Maybe. Certainly not the subtly sweet fluids that surrounded her tongue. Or were they sour? Whenever Destiny grasped the flavour, it changed, yet she still enjoyed and pushed her tongue deeper. Monica swallowed around it without hesitation, pulling it further until the muscle reached its limit.

While Destiny got her fill, her womb’s occupant grew impatient. Both girls grunted and clenched around one another as the fat tendril slimmed and darted straight for the only other cunt in range, that being Monica’s. Once inside, the strange creature undulated as it sought new depths, then it swelled. Just a little at first, gently filling Monica and testing her bounds. It slid to and fro like a wary animal on first encounter.

Neither of them complained. Though it was comparable to a tongue for Monica, her younger roommate was inundated by pleasure. Every inch that pushed in and out of the black woman did the same for Destiny, grinding against the resting nodules along her pussy walls. She kissed harder, pulling Monica down to mash their tits together, though hers didn’t compress nearly as much.

Then, like a flipped switch, the tentacle shuddered and tripled in size. Monica yelped into Destiny’s lips, throat vibrating against her tongue, eyes rolling as a deep moan rumbled within and her pussy convulsed. Nothing in her life prepared her for the constant swelling in her tunnel, its girth shoving her walls apart and forcing them into its shape.

All by design of course. Its sleek flesh allowed for swifter movements, especially when the juices flowed as free as Monica’s did. A shrill, muffled cry harmonised with Destiny’s as it lunged forward. It piled into the smaller girl, kept from her womb by the cervix, yet even as the space inside her ran out, length kept pouring out to smash against her folds. As it did, Destiny’s belly flattened.

She pulled her tongue out so they could look between them. Where her gut had returned to a flat plane, Monica’s had become lumpy, misshapen by the creatures attempts at penetrating deeper. Between their bodies, several feet writhed indignantly. Destiny focused through her pleasure and quelled it, meaning she did have some control over her ‘baby’. In that case…

“Come here,” Destiny said and it obeyed, surging back into her womb much to her delight. When she looked pregnant once more, she stopped it, leaving at least a foot stretching her roommate, before addressing her, “Ever done ass stuff before?”

“Of course.”

“Good, because mine feels left out.”

Truth be told, Destiny wasn’t into anal. She didn’t usually see the appeal in it when her pussy did the trick, though she had tried it just for the experience. Her new body, however, craved more. The tendril would look after her cunny, and she could grope herself easily enough. All that left was her ass untended to.

“You’re so dirty. Not that I’m complaining,” Monica cooed, gasping as she moved off. The tentacle extended with her, almost like an umbilical cord. Destiny rolled over onto her hands and knees, presenting her rotund ass cheeks to her shorter co-worker, each orb at least a foot wide and tall in that position. Looking behind her, they completely overshadowed Monica, who stepped closer to pull them apart.

“What’s the verdict?” Destiny asked.

“Stunning,” Monica said, then vanished between the fat globes. A moment later and her tongue was on Destiny’s puckered hole, stunning her for a second, before a set of fingers snuck in. When her hole devoured them, more were added until an entire wrist and forearm crammed inside. Destiny froze, trying her best to retain her awareness. Then Monica punched forward and grabbed something deep within.

Whatever semblance of control she had over her tentacle was lost. Destiny pumped back against her manager’s fist and arm, while the tentacle hammered Monica’s pussy with all the force and grace of a bulldozer. That didn’t stop her from grabbing onto more of whatever filled the girl’s anus.

Nothing should’ve surprised Monica anymore by that point. The fact Destiny’s ass was lined in small nubs that grew larger the deeper in she reached, until they were more than enough to fill her hand, gave her pause. But she recovered quickly as her own cunt was churned into a waterfall. Not on par with Destiny, of course.

The girl was pouring juices by the bucket load. She wasn’t squirting. Monica was all too familiar with girls that could squirt entire ounces per orgasm, this was pure pussy juice, cupfuls of it splashing against the already drenched coffee table and spilling over the ends. All the while, she milked whatever she’d grabbed deep inside Destiny.

Doing so only made the tentacle pound her that much more violently. She didn’t know if it could cum in the normal sense, not that it made a difference for either girl as they worked the other towards climax. Monica added her spare hand into the mix, first testing Destiny’s pliant ass with a finger, then slipping inside with as much ease as with her pussy. Another of those nubs filled her hand and compelled the tendril to slam into her own cervix.

Discomfort briefly dampened her pleasure, however the subsequent thrusts and sheer fullness of her canal overwhelmed it soon after. Before long, her haywire nerves took the near-painful sensations and converted them to pleasure. Each thrust rolled through her entire body, pushing and pulling it almost like a puppet. The cunt-tentacle, its name still a work in progress, slimmed down as Monica’s chest pressed against Destiny’s pillowy snatch.

Its intent became obvious as another few feet slipped into the open. While more surged into Monica and coiled in around itself, filling her snatch to and beyond capacity with its writhing flesh, the excess lassoed around each of her breasts and pulled them together around itself. Once tight and secure, the tentacle swelled yet again until Monica was whimpering in abject bliss.

Destiny, of course, felt everything. She had no control over it. Nothing but a passenger in her own body as it sought after and was pushed to greater heights. All she contributed was the fondling of her overly firm titty-spheres and the chubby nipples at their peaks. Everything else was Monica or the tentacle’s doing.

And god what wondrous work they did.

Every second seemed to drag into forever as the very air caressed her skin. Not only the touches, but sounds and smells, even the taste on her tongue, all harmonised to drag her pleasure out for eternity. Destiny clenched her anus down on the arms penetrating her so deep, yet she craved more. Something bigger… dirtier.

“Put your leg in me!” Destiny blurted.

Monica froze, “You want what?” Her frown was audible.

It took a moment to gather her breath and thoughts, “Your leg… push it up my ass… wear me like a fucking boot.”

Of all the things that happened that day, her words weren’t the strangest. Monica must’ve thought so too, as she didn’t question the request, instead tugging her arms free of the reluctant hole. Without bidding, Destiny rolled back over and sat further back on the table, offering space for her manager, who eyed the splayed cheeks with hunger. All it took was a single look beckoning her forward and Monica dipped a toe in.

It didn’t take long for depravity to take hold. Monica’s foot pushed through, wider than her arm, quickly leading to the ankle, shins, and eventually the calves. Groans of pleasure drawled out the deeper it went, Destiny’s ass palpitating and pulling on the ever fatter limb. Unbidden, the second foot shoved its way inside.

“Ooh, fuck… yeah…”

Nothing in her life stretched her so wonderfully huge. Or maybe it had? This was a new reality, where she and Hazel were apparently fucking on the regular, and she could only imagine how it felt to have either of those dicks inside her. Regardless, she didn’t remember taking them, giving Monica the temporary honour. But soon, Destiny would get irreparably reamed by the one she longed for most of all.

Until then, she had more pleasure to distract her. The second calf slid in, knees plying her slutty asshole open, while her tentacle took the added pressure in Monica’s cunt as a challenge. Squelches and gooey slurps announced every thrust in and out respectively, spilling more of her juices. Mere droplets against Destiny’s geyser-pussy.

“I’m so fucking deep,” Monica said, propping herself up to look down at her lower body, now sinking between the monumental cheeks, drawing her own snatch nearer to Destiny’s much larger one. All the while, the tendril was pounding away, sliding several feet around and between her tits, down between clenched thighs to barrage her cervix. Curling her toes as her cunt was stuffed beyond former comprehension.

She did the same for Destiny’s ass. Everything logical decreed that pushing her legs in to the thighs was impossible, that her toes shouldn’t be more than two-feet deep in her roommate, or that she could keep going. Yet it was real. Every square inch wrapped around her leg was too vivid, those nubs the size of fists closed around her feet, clenching and relaxing as if to milk her. There was no way she could go any further, right?

Destiny proved her wrong as she reached down and grab at her hips. A tremendous tug shoved another few inches up her ass, Monica’s sides pushed her cheeks apart in search of deeper penetration. Through it all, her tentacle just kept fucking. Another pull elicited a heavy grunt from the overstuffed girl as Monica’s waist vanished inside.

Looking down at her gut, Destiny moaned at the obvious imprint of a foot in her belly. Whatever the app had done to her body went beyond simple insanity, as she wasn’t sure if Monica had reached her belly yet, or whether she still had one. But such things were trivial against the pleasure of feeling Monica slide further and further. She almost felt like she was on helium, floating in an atmosphere of her own pleasure, despite the constant addition of weight.

“So deep,” Destiny groaned.

“It’s like your ass is eating me,” Monica panted. Sweat coated her ebony flesh, glistening brilliantly and making it easier to suck her deeper. At her words, the anus clenched hard.

“Yes… ooh, yeah, eat you… my ass… gonna eat you up,” Destiny whispered in blind ecstasy, not concerned when her body pulled Monica even deeper.

Not that either paid it any attention as the tentacle thrashed about. Already on the brink, the lewd absurdity of her situation pushed Monica over into a chasm of bliss none could escape from, though she didn’t try to. Her tits were squeezed to the point of crushing, pussy crammed so full it pushed on her bladder and anus from the inside, all while her chest was swallowed whole.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, FUCK!” Destiny cried as her own climax befell her. Buried so deep, Monica’s face was directly in line with the girl’s pussy when it erupted with cum, all but drowning her, soaking in every inch of skin and hair in its path. Nothing spurted from the tentacle, though it writhed in the same throes of ecstasy as its ‘mother’.

Eyes rolling, Destiny lost all thought. She didn’t even register her own body further drawing Monica in, forcing her to curl up, forcing the girl’s fecund middle to explode in mass, easily doubling the rest of Destiny. Foot after foot of tentacle extended into her ass, connecting them on the deepest level possible as it slimmed down and pierced Monica’s womb. Thanks to the prior orgasms, she barely registered the sensation or her predicament.

“Destiny? You alive?”

“Huh? What?” Destiny rubbed at her eyes. Why did everything feel so heavy?

“We’ve got a bunch of Karens’ asking for the manager. That means you.”

“What?” Destiny repeated, brow furrowing. She tried sitting up, only to be outmatched by her own weight. Where was Monica anyway? “You mean Monica, right?”



Re: Unreal Creation - by Tosaku no Kishi

Chapter 10

Destiny had no idea what was going on. After perhaps the greatest sex of her life, though it wasn’t hard to beat when she now had a lewd body for just that purpose, she was forced to refresh herself and go deal with a Karen and her cronies. As if that wasn’t bad enough, her belly had grown enormously, weighing on her like a bag of concrete, or a full grown woman. She could just about manage with her old size, now she moved with an exaggerated waddle.

Clothes weren’t any more ideal. Her shirt hadn’t covered most of her stomach before, now it was little better than a halter top for her huge, saline-filled titties. Fortunately, her pants came on smoothly enough, not that they did anything about her gigantic camel toe. If she pulled them too tight, her cunt seemed like it would literally devour them.

In the confusion of it all, she didn’t have the wherewithal to deal with even a basic customer, much less one so condescendingly entitled. She watched and listened to the woman spit her woes at her, not even holding back in the face of a ‘pregnant’ girl. If anything, she seemed pleased, as if understanding that she was the last thing Destiny wanted to deal with and therefore would give up easily. Well, she was half-right.

“Security!” Destiny called and gestured for their lone security detail to come. Normally, she’d take some joy in the woman’s dismay, however that’d only distract from the greater mystery; where was Monica? Better yet, why did no one remember her?

Talking to Gabby about it, she found that no one by the name ‘Monica’ had ever worked at MalWart. Even when describing her, something Destiny figured most people would remember, given that her roommate was quite a looker, there was nothing. If nothing else, her obvious discombobulated state gave her a perfect excuse to sit in the break room and just think.

Or sleep. Sleep was good too.

No dreams greeted her. Far as she knew, she blacked out for hours, until Gabby came back to check in. Seeing her belly in all its glory, Destiny just sighed and steeled herself for an exceptionally weird day.

“I’ll be right out, just give me a minute,” Destiny said, but her co-worker lingered, “You need something?”

“Well, um…” Gabby bit her lip, eyes dilated and resting conspicuously on Destiny’s chest. Oh, right, the pheromones.

“If it’s not important, then please go.” That got her to leave. Destiny slumped over on the employee couch and cupped her face. She and Monica fucked, then Monica disappeared, or rather was erased from existence, now her belly was enormous, big enough for two grown women. Or one and a tentacle creature.

“Are you in there, Monica?” Destiny asked her belly, stroking over the tight flesh. No stretch marks marred her skin, though it did have a faint redness towards the centre, culminating around her swollen belly button, which she couldn’t even reach anymore.

No response. Even by the apps standards, this was crazy. If she was correct, and Monica had been straight-up eaten by her ass, then that meant the app had retroactively put Destiny in her position at work. Things couldn’t get much worse than that. Longer hours meant less time with Hazel, not to mention dealing all the menial and often frustrating duties of a manager to a bunch of girls that didn’t want to be there. The only option she saw for evicting Monica from her body, however, sent shivers of horror up and down her spine.

“Cross that bridge later,” Destiny grunted and got up.

If nothing else, she stilled looked fantastic. The extra girth around her waist bolstered the other aspects, just as tight and round as her other curves. And the way it weighed on her lower body, muscles clenching in her pussy, while her thighs constantly rubbed at the labia, was sublime. No matter how stressful the day got, at least she had some reprieve.

She doubted she’d have survived the day without that constant stimulus. As the sun set on her first day as manager, she waddled into the parking lot and groaned.

“Fuck, guess I’m driving myself now.”

What the fuck was she supposed to do with her belly like this? She couldn’t reach the end of it, let alone a steering wheel. For all the app could do, it seemed keen on challenging her, as the car hadn’t changed at all. Taking a deep breath, Destiny set off for the bus station. All she wanted to get home and crash on her bed. Hopefully things would return to normal when she woke up.

She had no idea how Monica did it everyday. Then again, she didn’t have several dozen pounds of plastic and belly on her frame. Because of those, when Destiny pushed the apartment door open, she didn’t even think of who else might be home. The floor even looked inviting to her over-worked body.

“Tough day?”

Just her voice was enough to perk up the egregiously fecund girl, who straightened up and stared at a glorious sight; Hazel in nothing but an apron, nursing a bolognese, with small, yet brilliant smiles on her faces.

“Of course it was a tough day, why’d you even ask?” The right-head chided her.

“Right, right. Well, go take a load off, Destiny. Dinner’s almost ready.” Hazel put the spaghetti, stirring it, while another set of hands sliced some bread, toasted with garlic butter

Destiny’s gut growled powerfully enough to send ripples through her gut, “Okay.” She took to the couch, almost collapsing into the deep cushions, and settled in to watch her crush. Whether because of the day she’d had, the hormones of her ‘pregnancy’, or just the fact she was perpetually horny, she never thought Hazel looked better. Maybe it was the fact her ass looked like it was always presenting, ready for someone to come and worship. Or rather, to eat it until the sun came up.

Though it only took a few minutes, Destiny could’ve believed it was just a couple blinks between stepping in and having the plate of her dreams put in front of her. Spaghetti and bolognese piled high, sprinkled in herbs and cheese. Hazel had a smaller amount, though far more than most would eat. The human-taur parked herself next to the much heavier girl and put on a cartoon. Like always, Destiny paid no attention to the screen as she gobbled the meal down, not that it held her focus much. She only had eyes for Hazel.

All too soon, only smears of sauce remained. Destiny guzzled some water and heaved a sigh at the lethargic pleasure that washed over her.

“Glad you liked it,” the right-Hazel said.

“Sure did,” Destiny yawned.

“Come here,” Left-Hazel beckoned her over, both her left arms raising in an obvious invitation. Hesitation kept Destiny in place for a moment, then she gave in and scooted over, laying her weary head on a breast. She imagined heaven wasn’t much different, though she had an idea of how it could be improved.

Not that she planned on starting anything. Truth be told, she didn’t want to move an inch, for fear the dreamlike moment would shatter. Hazel seemed to think the same, holding still but for her soothing breaths, rocking Destiny’s head on her bosom. After a minute, as if sure nothing would ruin it for them, both her left hands came up to stroke along Destiny’s bellowing gut and hair. For her part, the overly fecund girl sighed and sank deeper in.

The temptation to close her eyes and pass out was almost too much. Destiny only kept it at bay by contemplating her myriad of concerns, primarily in how she was supposed to get Monica back, or if she could. A faint warmth emanated from her gut, though that could’ve just as easily been from her tentacle baby. What was it even supposed to be?

Did it even matter? Far as she was concerned, her body was something straight off the internet, hand designed by some pervert hentai artist with way too many followers. Nothing she could do about it in the meantime. Except by completing the quest.

“Fuck!” Destiny sat up.


She’d forgotten all about it in the turmoil of, well, everything. It should’ve been so easy too, given how some were drooling over her. Answering the call, her body instantly warmed all over, coalescing in her loins, soaking through her pants and spilling onto the couch. The encroaching food coma vanished from her body, replaced by an ignition on par with a space shuttle. Only one thing would cool her now, though it’d take a while.


“Y-yeah?” Both heads asked, glancing between each other and the feral look on Destiny’s face.

“Fuck me!”

No room for subtlety. It was already late and she’d only fucked twice that day, assuming it counted her two times with Monica. She had to believe it did. At that point, her only option was to get Hazel to pound her into a sex-addled, cum-covered mess. Thrice!

Silence lingered between them. For a moment, Destiny feared that she’d be denied, forced to find some other means of completing the quest. Last thing she needed was to fail and get another penalty. What would it be this time? Hazel could turn into a three-headed dragon with lips for nipples and dicks for legs. Wait, that shouldn’t arouse her more. Fuck, she really needed to get laid. And fast.

Then Left-Hazel spoke, “Alright, no need to be so aggressive. Come on, my room. It’ll be cleaner for both of us.”

Destiny didn’t know what that meant, but didn’t ask. She just took one of the hands and let herself be led into the sanctimonious room. It wasn’t her first time in Hazel’s room, though that was before the app. Not much had changed, yet everything seemed different. A nest of pillows and mattresses replaced the bed at the centre. Littered throughout were strange, murky balls tinted pink and blue, all ranging between the size of medicine balls and small beanbags. They looked like condoms.

One sniff confirmed her suspicions.

“Sorry about the mess,” Right-Hazel said, “Gotta empty the girls every morning and sometimes it’s just…”

“Less talking, more screwing!” Left-Hazel cut her off and whipped around, using her second-torso and incredible ass to slam the door shut. That left the petite human-taur looking up at Destiny, whose enormous gut lifted both hers and Hazel’s tits up. Overshadowed, the first of her pussy-breakers rose and nestled between the folds of Destiny’s cunt. Heat pumped off every finger-thick vein that crawled across its length.

“I agree,” Right-Hazel cooed, her set of arms removing the taller girl’s shirt, “We should make up for earlier.”

“It’s so big,” Destiny panted, chest heaving as her juices flowed. Then Hazel slid back, “Oh fuck…”

“Sensitive as always.”

“But it’s only the start.”

Sliding forward, Hazel reached up and pulled her into a three-way kiss. Destiny didn’t know where to focus, mind pulled in several directions at once, senses overloaded by the two sets of lips; the hands on her hips and cheeks, boobs mashing against her firmer pair, a breeding stick between her fat cunt folds, all compounded by the scent and taste of her crush. Tongues joined the fray and she just lost all restraint.

Destiny brought her hands into the mix and pulled her roommate in tighter. The cock flexed hard, grinding into her juicy snatch as Hazel rocked to and fro on her heels, before a quick angle change pushed it against the hole. Just a gentle push was all it took and she was inside. Both moaned, vibrations passing between their mouths, reverberating in their chests. Like a call to arms, their worlds imploded.

“Fuck, your pregnant cunt’s always so tight,” Hazel said. She couldn’t tell them apart anymore, unsure where one’s mouth ended and the other began as they bullied her tongue into submission. Not just her tongue, but everything. When she tried pulling on the futa’s forward hips, her hands were batted away and instead she got tugged close.

“Uh ah, you just need to take it. In fact, I think we need a better position.”

She didn’t resist. Every neuron in her mind and body fired off as Hazel guided her over to the bed, had her bend over so her belly was resting heavily on the mattress, then reared up. Her forelegs came over Destiny’s head, with a fat pair of balls dropping fast to slap her in the face. A faint sheen of sweat wiped off on her nose, a single bead rolling under her nostril. She whimpered, pussy shuddering in a micro-orgasm.

Then Hazel’s cock was at her sopping entrance. Destiny leaned her head up and licked at the dangling sack, its salty flavour bolstering her own desires until they exploded when that cock barged into her cunt. With only a few sensations, she could focus on what mattered; the pleasure of a huge, throbbing dick opening her equally fat pussy from top to bottom. Not only that, but the strange tentacles lining her tunnel went into action.

“Ooh, here they come.”

An arm was one thing, a massive cock took it to another level. The way her pussy-tendrils wrapped around it, brought every little detail into stark relief, each bump exaggerated. They became like a second sleeve, a fat condom that she felt as vivid as if it was her clit turned into a fleshlight. On top of it all, Hazel was still fucking her actual pussy.

Ten inches in and she mashed against the cervix. Destiny worried that her ‘baby’ would make an appearance, however it remained reclusive, only poking out to open the door of her womb and invite the human stallion inside. Her eyes rolled, seeing only her crush’s pale scrotum. As half of Hazel’s thirty-inch behemoth slid inside, her tongue rolled out like a dog panting for air. She still had wits enough to curl it up and around the delectable shaft.

Even that felt amazing. Hazel rocked her whole body, gradually feeding more and more into the starving womb, her fore-dick sliding through the sloppy tongue. Pre-cum gushed out, lubing its length and gifting Destiny with a genuine delicacy. She worked her muscle, milking the cock for all it was worth.

“Fuck yeah, you like my cocks?”

Destiny only moaned in response.

“Of course you do. My big, preggo slut. Listen to the bed creaking. Your fat fucking gut’s gonna break it at this rate. But that’s not so bad. Just proves how big a bitch you are for my cocks.”

She was, she really was. Oh fuck, was that how the tentacle thing grew, by feeding on cum? Destiny had no idea what sustained it, though it didn’t matter at all when her whole body felt so fucking good. Whenever she thought her pussy was full, Hazel added another inch and seemed to saturate her whole body with cock. It just kept coming until she felt it; Hazels crotch against her overfilled rump.

“All in. Now the fun really starts. Ready, slut?”

“Hmm hm!” Destiny moaned, then repeated it louder as Hazel utilised all four legs to jerk back. Almost a foot wrenched free of her clamouring hole, only to be slammed home with greater force, which sent Destiny’s balloon tits leaping up and into her chin. The cock wrapped up in her tongue followed the same path, gushing pre-cum faster and faster. Her belly dug further into the bed, creaking as if moaning alongside them.

“Yes, fucking take it. God, you keep doing this to me,” Hazel grunted, both heads speaking in unity as she railed the oversized slut, “I can’t get you out of my head. I was with clients all day, you know? Kept almost popping a boner because you’d suddenly get in my head. Fuck, you nearly got me fired so many times just by being you.”

“Sorry!” Destiny whimpered, slurring both because of her tongue and the maddening bliss pumping through her veins.

Fuck, fuck, fuck! This wasn’t exactly what she’d imagined her first time with Hazel would be like, but she wouldn’t complain; it was amazing after all. A pair of hands cupped her cheeks, while the others pulled on her tongue, tugging more of it out and wrapping it around the heavy balls above her. The best part of so many taste buds across several feet, was how she could taste everything.

That earthy, musky headiness of a cock laced with a sharp pre-cum. At the base, it became saltier as Hazel built up a sweat, but that flavour really exploded at the testicles. Destiny happily slurped up everything that she could, encouraging her lover to fuck her into oblivion. Not that she needed to.

“So fucking wet, hmm, time to let loose.”

Hazel did exactly that. Her already colossal thrusts dragged out even longer, using her legs to their full effect, torturing the fecund girl with a slow withdrawal. Once at the limit, she held still until Destiny was whining like a bitch in heat, shaking her hips and clenching everything muscle possible, even flexing her overstuffed ass cheeks and clapping them together.

“That’s my bitch,” Hazel said, then catapulted back to the base. The resulting smack of flesh on flesh briefly deafened Destiny, rattled her brain too, leaving her barely conscious of the follow ups, each faster and stronger.

“That’s it, cum on my fat girl-dick,” Hazel snarled, gripping her face tighter now, pulling up it up so they could meet one another’s eyes. Or try to. Destiny’s had long since rolled back, tears streaming down her face to join with her drool, vacant but for the loopy grin tilting her lips.

“God, you’re such a slut for my cocks. What’s with that face? You look like a brain-dead girl from hentai.”

She felt that way. What little cognisant thoughts remained were mired in filthy pleasure and how to get more of it. Her pussy rolled, the many tendrils writhing against one another and the cock throbbing within their grip, while her hands blindly rubbed all over her tits. With her skin so tight from boob jobs she had no memory of, the nerves were right at the surface. One graze of a nail and she quivered from head to toe.

Her hands were wrenched away as Hazel pulled them back, forcing her to arch high. Doing so lifted the egregious weight of her belly from the bed, jutting before her by no less than three feet, a shelf all her own. Bumps distorted the taut surface, her tentacle - and possibly Monica - luxuriating in the same pleasure she felt. Or seeking to raise it until her entire being melted into ecstasy.

A path they seemed destined to travel. Each thrust from Hazel churned her insides, destroyed all thoughts, and echoed throughout her body. Destiny just moaned, her only true contribution to the whole affair as Hazel spat more beautiful insults down at her. She was just a slut now. A set of holes for Hazel to dump cum into. A sex toy for her to fuck on a whim.

No, she was more than a mere toy. Even as Hazel tried ruining her pussy for all others, there was affection in her demeaning, a softness in her eyes that only made the cruel words better.

“Look at you,” Hazel panted, “Just a fucking cumdump. Your mind’s gone, but your tongue is still slurping on my other dick. What a slut! I should just tie you up like this. You aren’t good for anything else, are you?! Just a stupid broodmother. Fuck! Hmm, ooh, I should just knock you up too. Turn you into my own personal cow. Your tits are big enough after all.”

Whatever she wanted, Destiny thought. Her mouth wouldn’t move anymore, all her strength centred in her tongue and cunt, each squeezing tight around the hammering shafts.

“Yes, yes, yes! Fucking knock you up!” Hazel shouted and recreated a thunderclap once more, her cocks lurching and balls pulling tight. Not even a second later, her shafts thickened and Destiny was flooded with molten jizz. Her own shriek of ecstasy joined the futa’s roar as gushes of fem-cum sprayed onto the floor.

That wasn’t the end. Mere seconds after the final eruptions, she extracted herself from Destiny’s tongue and clenching depths, hard as ever. The girl’s legs gave out, spreading out as semen trickled into a pool on the bed, though her body still hummed with inane lust. Little by little, the cum in front of her disappeared as she scooped it up with her tongue.

Yet one part of Hazel’s body remained unsampled. Two parts, technically, but they were the same.

“Pussy…” Destiny groaned and rolled over, belly jutting high up, “Let me taste it.”

Hazel smirked down at her, then pushed her further onto the bed as she climbed aboard. While the cocks were divided ‘normally’, her pussies weren’t. They both occupied the stretch between Hazel’s rear penis and her assholes, which were stacked upon one another. Each had a juicy set of lips, a pair of succulent clits, and the sweetest tangy scent Destiny knew. Her roommate’s weight settled on her, partly supported by the sheer glory of her belly, and her world was engulfed in pink folds.

Already frazzled from the afterglow, Destiny lost track of where she ended and reality began. She tasted every drop of tart sweetness on her boundless tongue, snaking it deeper until she was blocked by Hazel’s cervix, which she happily teased. It took a moment of hazy thought, but she did figured out how to get into the other snatch. Her tongue twisted around on itself and raced for the exit, while more kept Hazel full, then burst into the open before the muscle whipped back and into the second. Subtle differences separated the holes, ones that she was all too eager to find.

Hazel refused to be idle. Her cocks jerked with every shift in Destiny’s tongue, while she slumped over and put her arms to work, using two to massage the beautifully huge vulva, fingers dipping into the gooey hole, while the others reached even further and stroked along her puckered ass. Then she was pushing in deep, not worried about lube when cum and pussy juice practically gushed from the girl. Destiny responded by fingering both her lover’s anuses.

Still sensitive from their shared orgasms, both were quick to cum. Destiny triggered her partner’s with a single push, fingers pushing on a small bump that pushed Hazel to fist her with all four hands. Spurts of fem-cum spilled from Destiny by the cupful, while she slurped the far more manageable streams from Hazel’s pussies. All the while, dense ropes splattered between their bodies, mostly covering Destiny’s gut.

“So warm,” Destiny cooed as she rubbed the viscous white goo into her taut flesh. While she had no experience with pregnancy, she liked to think it was about as good as any skin cream on the market.

Hazel joined her. Even six hands struggled to fully cover the globe attached to her waist. On a whim, the futa leaned down and kissed the hugely swollen belly button, spasms rocking Destiny to the core. Just that kiss was enough to reignite her desires.

She pulled Hazel in, tongue already outstretched and in her mouth seconds before their lips met. Maybe it was the longing that sweetened the kiss, or just how badly she craved Hazel’s very existence in and around her. Regardless of the cause, she held the futa like a vice, exploring every crevice of her mouth, then her throat, while four arms scratched along her back in delicious pleasure. They soon drifted lower and bit deep into her beach ball ass cheeks

“You good for more?” Hazel asked when they parted for air. A twitch brought Destiny’s attention down, where a single, massive dick was staring up at her like a needy pup.


Neither got much sleep that night. Everything was pure debauchery, almost dreamlike in its ecstasy, as Hazel repeatedly pounded her oversized holes with her equally giant shafts. They ‘relaxed’ at times, usually with one dick between Destiny’s tits or ass, thrusting leisurely until a gentle eruption occurred. To Destiny’s surprise, she could throat a cock with relative ease, save for the eye watering punishment to her gullet.

With each prick being so huge, they could easily hug one and lick at it together. Destiny had to kneel to be properly level with Hazel, but once she was, their tits created a pseudo fuck-hole, lubed in spit and pre. Her dexterous tongue was perfect in that instance, coiling around their boobs and holding them together, even while it licked Hazel’s tip. Perfect spheres met squishy teardrops as they pressed closer, as if to sink into the other.

Cum erupted and rained down on them not long after. Globs stuck to their hair, oozed over Destiny’s eyelid, gluing it shut, while more streamed down in their shared cleavage. Sticky webs of jizz stuck them together when they tried pulling apart to sounds akin to a squishing a ball of slime, some breaking and splatting against their bellies. Mostly Destiny’s.

Naturally, they couldn’t go forever. She didn’t have a clue how late it was, but eventually Destiny had no more strength, simply laying back as Hazel reared up. Despite her body, Hazel was no taller than before, her legs barely propping her higher than the fecund girl’s belly. One fat cock slid between her sloppy folds, nestled in its own ejaculate and an abundance of pussy juice. Tired tendrils spiralled around it and pulled Hazel deeper, until she was buried to the hilt.

“Think this is the last time,” Hazel panted, sweat cascading down her pallid skin, breaking at crusted patches of semen, “You look like a real slut right now, you know?”

“Gee, I wonder why,” Destiny huffed and ran a hand up and down the futa’s leg, then went for her fore-cock, cupping its heavy balls.

“Because you’re such a good little cum dump for my big, juicy girl-cocks. The kind that’ll just lay down and beg for their cream to splatter all over your huge belly and fake tits. Because no matter how money you pump into yourself, there’s one thing you want more; my seed. Isn’t that right, my big slut?” Hazel dipped her rear-legs and thrust up, grinding into the tendrils.

“Oooh, fuck. Yes. Yes, I’m your preggo-slut! Cover me in more cum! Fill me up! Please, please, please…”

So she did. Hazel was relentless, even tired, over a dozen loads spent in and outside of her willing cumdump, she slammed away like a futa possessed, churning Destiny’s juices and leftover cum into a frothy cream. It pronounced each thrust with a dense squelch, spilling on the retreat, while more juice and pre-cum gushed to make up for every wasted drop. Meanwhile, Destiny jerked the front shaft and babbled sweet nothings as her mind was slowly fucked into mush.

In the other room, left alone and discarded on the couch, Destiny’s phone went bright and read; ‘Congratulations on completing this limited quest! The app will now shut down as it updates and resets your point allocations, to make up for this, here’s a bonus! For every orgasm from now until the update completes, you will bonus points will scale with every climax!’

Of course, Destiny had no clue about that. She happily fell asleep beneath Hazel’s body, cock still buried deep, and dreamed of what could become of their relationship.


Re: Unreal Creation - by Tosaku no Kishi

Chapter 11

Waking up should’ve been a strange affair. She’d finally slept with Hazel, that fact alone would boggle her mind if she weren’t immediately beset by her lover, who pounded any and all thoughts from her head, fucking her body, mind and soul until they were all mush. Of course, she could have protested at any time. They hadn’t even had breakfast after all, but that required stopping. Honestly, Destiny wasn’t she could stop either herself or Hazel at that point.

Any given second, a cock impaled her cunt or ass. Hazel didn’t stay still for even a fraction of a second, always moving, thrusting and fucking, trying her best to turn Destiny into a living fleshlight. Successfully. The egregiously fecund girl pushed herself back and forth, taking the huge dick as Hazel ramped up, nothing but a wet sleeve and basic motor function. Her stomach glided along the mattress, swollen belly button tingling each time.

As her strength gave out, Destiny listed forward. Her tits mashed into the bed, nipples throbbing from the dozens of orgasms lingering in her system. Every inch of cock that stretched her open pushed her closer to yet another climax. Hazel didn’t even need to move and she’d cum in due time.

So it continued the entire morning. Fortunately, neither had work, though Destiny had no clue about her new schedule. It didn’t matter though. She would gladly be fired if it meant Hazel kept pounding at her sopping wet cunt. To no one’s surprise, consciousness abandoned her before long.

When it returned, Destiny felt… light. Almost ephemeral, like a feather that’d vanish in a gust, yet turning over brought her weight back into the picture. Opening an eye, she was huge, though not ginormous as yesterday led her to expect. Her belly stuck out well over a foot from her frame, surpassing her boobs and pushing them into her chin. Normal tits of their size would naturally pour over her gut, but these were implants that she had no memory of getting. At least they’d keep her chin warm.

But they weren’t the issue. Yes, her pregnant belly remained enormous, however it looked half its former size. Propping herself up, she rubbed all over the sphere attached to her.

“Oh god, did I digest her or something?” Destiny groaned, still groggy enough that the implications didn’t register. What did, on the other hand, was the need to pee.She waddled into the bathroom, heedless of her naked state.

“Can’t you knock?!”

Destiny froze at the voice and looked up, finding her manager sat on the toilet. Shock and relief stole her voice, then tears flowed and she couldn’t resist rushing over to envelop Monica in a hug.

“Ugh, let go. You’re covered in cum.”

“I’m sorry,” Destiny sniffled, just noticing that nearly every inch of her skin was covered in dried, flaky jizz.

“God, your hormones are all over the place today,” Monica sighed.

“Uh, yeah. Are you… okay?”

“Why wouldn’t I be?”

“You… my… you know?”

“So you gobbled me up with your ass again, that’s nothing new,” Monica shrugged, “I know how you can get when you’re really horny.”

“It’s… normal?” Destiny frowned, wondering what possessed the app, or whatever god was fucking with her, to give that ‘ability’.

“For you, yeah. Are you okay?” Monica asked.

“I think so.”

“Good, then get the fuck out so I can finish,” Monica tossed a roll of toilet paper at her.

Destiny squeaked and waddled away, closing the door behind her with a deep sigh of relief. Thank god, she hadn’t killed her roommate. Although it did raise some concerns, like how to deal with the fact she’d fucked Monica behind Hazel’s back. She did it in a moment of weakness, of mind melting lust that consumed everything. That didn’t make it right.

On the subject of things that weren’t right, the quest should’ve completed by then. Why wasn’t she back to normal?

Back in her room, she found her phone undisturbed on her bed. The screen lit up when grabbed it, showing the logo for the Unreal Creation app, before shifting to an update screen. She tried tapping elsewhere, but it wouldn’t go to the normal display. Her persistence was rewarded as it came up with an explanation:

An update is in progress to make the experience more enjoyable! In the meantime, congratulations on going above and beyond. For your efforts, your sexy new body will remain as is. Everything else has been reset. We hope you’ll continue to enjoy Unreal Creation for a long time.

Destiny sighed. Nothing she could do about it then. Except maybe delete the program, though she wasn’t sure that was even possible. Something that affected reality and history had to be insanely powerful. A deity or something must be responsible. From what she knew of mythologies, gods and goddesses never took kindly to perceived slights. They might not take kindly to her refusing their ‘gift’.

Not that her new body was all bad. She sat on her bed, ass sinking deep into its mattress, and ran a nail along her firm breast, then hissed in pleasure when she scratched her nipple. While she’d never thought of herself with implants before, bigger boobs weren’t outside of her fantasies. Even the heavy swell of her gut had grown on her in such a short time.

Her ass eating someone whole nearly sent her into a panic, yet even that turned out pleasurable. Monica’s weight pushing down on her body, forcing her to always clench her pussy tight, just made sex with Hazel an even more incredible experience.

“Hazel!” Destiny gasped and got up. She had to see if she was alright now. The app claimed things had reset, but it forced this body on her, which meant it clearly didn’t care much for its own rules. Unless it genuinely saw this as a reward for her. Maybe she would too? Only time would tell.

“Stop getting distracted. Gotta find Hazel.”

Right on cue, her door opened and a wave of white hair bounded in, then leapt at her, knocking the air from her lungs. Destiny fell back onto her bed, the boards creaking worryingly loud, then was caught in a kiss. Just one set of lips this time. She recognised the taste, not just from the lipstick, but also a faint whiff of her own fem-cum. Compelled by forces beyond her control, she crammed her excessive tongue down Hazel’s throat.

The girl suckled on the limber muscle as it wriggled down her oesophagus, as if trying to taste every little part of her. It wasn’t until she ran out of air that they pulled away, Destiny retracting her tongue, coated in Hazel’s spit. Both gasped when it came free, panting and red faced.

“Figured you’d like that surprise,” Hazel said.

“Yeah, I did,” Destiny leaned away, a dopey grin on her face as she looked her lover up and down. Despite reverting, the things they’d done hadn’t gone away, even though Hazel had returned to her petite self.

She almost couldn’t wait to fuck her again. Their bodies were so drastically different now, as juxtaposed as their hair colours, it’d make for an interesting experience. Hazel shook her head, a taunting little smirk lifting the sides of her lips.

“No can do. If I let you have free reign we’d never get anything done.”

“Yeah, but it’d feel good,” Destiny pouted, though she didn’t push any further. Hazel was right. The tiny girl got up and walked away, pausing in the door to look at her still prone girlfriend.

“Come on, breakfast’s ready. Though I bet you’d like to eat something else.” She wriggled her hips at that, bringing Destiny’s gaze straight to the pair of tight shorts painted onto her frame.

“Yeah, I would.”

“Later,” Hazel giggled and headed into their kitchen, “You’re always so horny. Makes me wonder how I outlast you all the time.”

“Well, you know,” Destiny blushed a little as she sat on the couch, still naked, “You’re just that good.”

“Or you’re too sensitive.”

“Probably both.”

“Hmm,” Hazel thinned her eyes, setting a pair of plates on the coffee table, then prodded the much larger girl’s tit with the blunt end of a fork, earning a sharp moan, “Pretty sure you’re just too sensitive.”

Hard to argue against that. Destiny still felt the cold metal where it poked her, an all too lurid tingle that lingered and dripped down into her core, the tentacle within her belly waking in response. She rubbed her bump, if it could be called that. A mistake as that just fuelled the lust bubbling beneath the surface.

“See? Too sensitive,” Hazel said, reading her like a book.

“Alright, alright, you proved your point. Let’s eat before I attack you,” Destiny said and picked up her plate, stacked high with a mix of rice, fish and soup. Her partner’s portions were much smaller, sized for a regular person, whereas she had enough for a dinner and a half, “Are you sure this is enough?” She asked, sarcastically.

“Of course not. I’ve got seconds waiting, so eat to your heart’s content.”

The pregnant girl blinked at her in shock. No, it did make sense. They fucked for so long last night and well into the morning. What time was it anyway? She’d been constantly distracted by changing reality to check, but, looking outside, the sun was blaring down at them. It had to be noon at least.

That helped settle her concerns over the amount. It was breakfast and lunch. Spoon after spoon of fragrant rice shovelled into her mouth, mixed with crispy, tempura-fried fish and the occasional slurp of the soup. Everything was so good. Of course it was, Hazel made it for her. No other thoughts entered her mind until the last grains vanished. Even then, her sole desire was for more.

“Here, I’ll get you some,” Hazel said, already finished as well. Just a moment later and almost the exact same plate appeared before her.

Yesterday was too stressful to notice anything about herself beside the obvious. Hunger was one of them. Having such a voracious sexual appetite translated to a normal one too, and it didn’t help that she was pregnant with a strange tentacle creature, which made its presence known every other minute. Her second helping was gone just as quick as the first. Finally sated, she slouched deep into the couch and sighed.

“Was it good?” Hazel asked, sinking in alongside her.

“Oh yeah. Maybe it sounds strange, but I can’t remember the last time you cooked for me.” Which was true. Hazel did cook often, but usually for herself, as they all had different hobbies and schedules. That made eating together difficult, so they just made their own meals when it suited them.

“Don’t worry, I have that effect on people,” Hazel wriggled her eyebrows suggestively.

“Yeah you do,” Destiny said and leaned for a peck on the lips, which quickly turned into a slow, languid kiss, tongues teasing one another until they were pulled past one another’s lips. The urge to grab Hazel and pull her tight was overwhelming, but she held it in as the petite girl’s hand ran along her breast. How something that small felt so amazing was obvious.

She really was that sensitive. To Hazel’s touch at least. Her fingers weren’t anywhere near her nipple, yet it felt like she was pinching and pulling on them, but they were circling in. Hazel pushed the digits in, barely making a dent against the kilograms of saline stretching out the sphere. She shuffled closer, hand dividing their chests as she finally came to the teat.

Several things played into Destiny’s spontaneous climax. Hazel’s knowing touch was just one part. The warmth coming off her, the scent of sex lingering in her natural scent, her eyes looking up and catching Destiny’s, who squeezed her thighs together, while the smaller girl suckled on her tongue. All those things, combined with her full belly, formed the perfect explosion as Destiny squirted all over the table. Her moans were stifled against Hazel’s lips, though still more than audible.

“So messy,” Hazel said, saliva dripping from her lips.


“I think you should clean it up.”

“Okay,” Destiny said and tried getting up, but a quick tug kept her in place.

“No mop. Use your tongue.”

A murky river spread across the coffee table. Drops separated from it, sitting in place, as if daring her to go through with it. She couldn’t do the carpet, though it was spared the brunt of her orgasm. Hazel sensed her hesitation.

“I’ll make it better for you.” She kicked up a leg and set her foot in the mess, swirling it around to get it nice and coated. Destiny almost moaned at her lover’s display of flexibility, the foot coming within mere inches of her face, “Now you’re cleaning me.”

Nothing could stop her from there. Destiny grabbed the foot and brought it to her face, unfurling her tongue, then flicked it along the sole, tracing the arch and slipping it between the toes. Hazel was a clean person, despite their filthy night, however she still had a earthy taste. The skin was soft, much more than expected. She honestly wasn’t sure how to feel about the flavour of it, but a relaxed coo from her white-haired love made it worthwhile.Their positions couldn’t be comfortable though.

Destiny took initiative and slid off the couch to kneel before her. Then she took the still dripping foot, looked into Hazel’s eyes to make sure she saw exactly what was happening, and sucked a toe into her mouth. Her short lover groaned softly in response. This never entered Destiny’s mind, although nothing that happened in the past weeks had either. More surprising to her, was how she enjoyed it.

It wasn’t the foot specifically. Truth be told, she could take it or leave it, but seeing Hazel relax even deeper into the cushions, little body almost completely lax as Destiny rolled her tongue between the stubby toes, was a treat in all respects. Just knowing she was doing something for her was enough. Of course, she could do much more.

She cleared the foot and pulled her tongue back in as she crept up Hazel’s ankles. Kisses littered the pale skin as she squeezed in soothing patterns along her supple muscles, climbing one kiss at a time until she was between Hazel’s open thighs. Looking up, those eponymous eyes met hers with clear invitation. Nothing had to be said, Destiny was ready to dive in and drown herself in the juices of this girl she adored.

Oh god, she tasted incredible. It was just one lick, a teaser of what she could promise, but it sealed her fate. Destiny shuddered in anticipation, restraining herself with simple pecks and nuzzles against the folds, then wrapped her lips around the hood. A quick suckle pulled Hazel’s thighs around her head.

Though svelte, the girl had padding where it suited her. Squishy flesh drowned out the rest of the world as Destiny changed tactic, pushing in just the first couple inches of her tongue and swishing it about, while she moved her lips as if making out with Hazel. Heat washed over her taste buds as she twisted and pulled, gathering drops of fem-cum to gulp it down. Most pussies were bittersweet, sort of tangy in a hard to describe way, and were something of an acquired taste for Destiny. She had no issue with Hazel’s, though.

All she could smell and taste was her lover. If she looked up, hooded eyes and parted lips met hers, breaths ramping up slowly toward gasps of ecstasy. The feel of the carpet on her knees and belly hardly registered, while her boobs pressed into the couch and throbbed in pleasure, but it was Hazel’s thighs and squishy, slimy pussy that subsumed all else. At that moment, there was nothing she wanted more than to keep eating her delectable cunt.

“Push it in,” Hazel groaned from above, her voice practically vibrating through her thighs and into Destiny’s head, “Get your tongue in deep. Eat my whole fucking pussy.”

Destiny just moaned and obeyed her demands. This was what she’d waited for, an invitation to put her absurd body to good use as she pushed deeper, hands massaging Hazel’s thighs against her head, blissfully suffocating herself. Dainty fingers slid through her hair, a gentle pleasure amidst the constant pulsations. Inch after inch of her tongue passed through the folds until she tasted her lover’s cervix, but she added more.

It curled in on itself like a snake. That was her plan, using her sublime control to push on Hazel’s walls intricately, coaxing deeper moans, and a random yelp when she stumbled on the g-spot. Destiny grinned against the folds, then pushed the base of her tongue against the clit, sliding along it and Hazel’s lips as she worked to bring her release. To her surprise, she was pulled up and away.

Without a word, Hazel was kissing her again. Destiny moaned into her lips, tongue once again exploring the girl’s throat, and fingered her instead. Higher pitched breaths vibrated along her muscle, stronger with every second, a crescendo of ecstasy as she thrust harder, faster, all for Hazel. Only for her.

They pulled away only an inch, tongue still buried deep. Hazel panted through her nose, hips rolling quicker as her depths clenched tighter, juices flowing like a river, the sound of Destiny’s fingers consuming all else.

“I’m cumming,” Hazel slurred around the endless tongue, “Fuck! I’m cumming! Cumming! Cumming!” She kept saying it even as their lips reunited, grinding against Destiny all the while, before flinging her head back, lips sliding off the slick, limber muscle that connected them.

Spit fell from the pink bridge and onto their chests. Destiny lavished the feeling of it all, though nothing more so than the way Hazel squeezed her fingers, as if looking to crush them into dust. She kept wriggling, prolonging the petite girl’s climax, until she went limp. Both their faces were sloppy messes thanks to the tongue, which quickly made a beeline for the quivering pussy. Destiny was gentle as she lapped up the delicious drops.

“Good girl,” Hazel cooed, stroking her head and pulling her in for another deep kiss, though not nearly as moist, “But I think we need a shower.”

That was a fair point. Neither had anywhere to be, however Destiny still had plenty of dried cum on her body, and now there was plenty of spittle splattered about. She nodded and followed the svelte butt as it led her to a now vacant bathroom. Had Monica seen them together? The thought briefly chilled her post-coital warmth, but Hazel commanded her attention as she tugged her into the shower.

It was a tight fit between them. Well, mostly Destiny. Her body was big in every sense, between standing over a foot taller than Hazel, and possessing more than triple her mass in curves alone, but they made it work. She didn’t even think as she lathered her tits in soapy water and went to work on cleaning Hazel’s back with them.

“Hmm, nothing like a boob-loafer,” Hazel sighed.

“Is that all you think of them?” Destiny snorted, rising to her full height and capturing her partner’s head between her tits.

“Of course not,” Hazel said as she kissed each breast, “I love them. I’m so glad I got to room with you. The real things are so much better than your Instagram makes them out to be.”

“My what?” Destiny never used Instagram. She only used Facebook to wish her family a happy birthday every year, lest they call and berate her for it, and she hadn’t even loaded Twitter in the last year. Instagram was about as far from her mind as Pluto from Earth.

“Uh, your Instagram. You know, it’s how we met. Well, I mean, I was stalking your pages way before that, but it’s where we started talking.”

“R-right,” Destiny said and squeezed her close, hiding the frown on her face. Just how much had things changed?

Retiring to her room, claiming that she had things to do, which placated Hazel well enough, she went to her computer. A groan slipped out when she sat down, her chair’s arms bit deep into her sides. Sure, it can rewrite entire history, but wouldn’t update her stupid chair, she thought. After some adjustments for comfort, Destiny finally got to work in checking everything possible.

“No, no… I’m a fucking influencer?” The word and its connotations were bitter on her tongue, like bile stuck in her throat, mixed together with that weird jaw ache she sometimes got with a cold. All she could think of were people like the Kardashians.

Mercifully, she hadn’t somehow turned anywhere near as shallow as them. Racing through the myriad of posts, she came to the start, which ‘explained’ why she got massive implants four years ago. The logic was questionable, but also not as insane as she expected. Put simply, she was a boob girl and implants were the only option available to her for the size she fetishised. Looking through, she’d started out relatively small.

It was like an addiction. At first, she seemed happy, but then the posts started asking if she was big enough, then redundant questions that very much sounded like internal justifications she used when buying unnecessarily powerful pc hardware. Sure enough, not even six months after the first surgery, she went bigger. That just kept happening until she ended up where she was now.

Unsurprisingly, her proclivities extended to her ass. Looking through some of the unposted stuff about her belly and the eternal pregnancy, didn’t reveal much on that side. It just sort of happened. Demons? Angels? Some unholy eldritch abomination from the cosmos? No idea.

Still, people seemed… happy for her. A lot of her posts didn’t shy away from her sizes, framing them as the focus, a fact people in similar positions appreciated. Especially moms-to-be. While they couldn’t empathise with her plastic augmented tits and ass, how she turned her pregnancy into a positive for her looks inspired them to enjoy it. At least she was doing some good.

And, truth be told, she did look amazing. Implants weren’t on her mind before, and she might’ve preferred a more natural look, but pain-free augmentations weren’t something she’d complain about. Destiny sighed and rested a hand on her implant, which, according to her latest update, held no less than sixty-thousand ccs of pure saline. That fact alone turned her into something of a medical miracle.

The only thing on par with them was her belly. Her pregnancy wasn’t insanely quick, just a product of at least three years of development with an inhuman creature. So many scientists wanted to study her, though she was still a human being and had rights. Plus her social media presence made it impossible to spirit her away.

In her messages, she found Hazel’s name. Just like she’d said, they’d connected online first and, after a while, Destiny invited her to move in with herself and Monica, since their roommate had left. Not that she had any idea who that was. All that mattered was justifying Hazel moving in. That was a couple years ago and, not long after, she started posting about her awesome girlfriend.

She couldn’t help giggling as her posts changed to more romantic focused. Occasional cosplay sets cropped up, usually with Hazel nailing it, and Destiny turning any character she tried into a hentai variant of the most niche variety. One of her favourites was of her and Hazel snuggling on the couch, with her tiny lover absolutely dwarfed by the tits and belly.

A sudden ping broke her focus. She struggled to get up, but managed, then waddled to her bed. The app was done updating.

“Oh… oh wow…”


Re: Unreal Creation - by Tosaku no Kishi

Chapter 12

Everything had changed. The layout was cleaner, with the avatar being at the centre and its various options placed where appropriate, but the experience bar enticed her above all, mind already awash with the memory of the dopamine levelling up gave her since childhood. The daily missions hadn’t been updated much beyond a few simple additions, however she could look over them later on. For now, she wanted to check on more interesting things; like this ‘auto-apply’ function.

“Come on, app, show me your secrets,” Destiny whispered as she squatted onto the bed, legs finally released from the weight of her gravid curves. At her request, a hint icon blinked at her. Touching it revealed easy to follow explanations of the various changes, though her eyes zeroed on the auto-apply, which read;

Will apply all points in accordance with the user’s desires.

“How would it know… what am I saying? Of course it would know,” Destiny sighed and checked how much she had. Apparently, her time with Hazel had netted her quite the income, “Alright, show me what you think I want.” She hit the auto-apply and watched the point total plummet, while the bars surrounding her body went haywire.

As they did, so too did her physical form. Destiny dropped her device and fell back, panting as she stared at the ceiling, the air suddenly thick on her tongue. It tasted of sex, specifically a penis, but a feminine twist wasn’t far behind as her legs kicked out in an abrupt climax.

“Oh fuck, fuck, FUCK!” Destiny cried as her kegels flexed time and again, walls rubbing together to prolong the pleasure zapping her spine up and down. She grabbed onto her tits, nipples hopelessly beyond her reach, and rubbed in mindless patterns while they ballooned out. The weight pushed her deeper into the mattress, though her hips remained level as her ass implants also swelled.

Through it all, she just kept squirting. Except it wasn’t like normal, this was all pussy juice, rather than a mix of urine. Destiny’s womb went wild too, distorting around the tentacled being within, until it found her cervix and pushed down. Every prehensile nub that lined her pussy came alive, wrapping around the tendril connected to her nervous system and pushed her to new heights. Just when she thought being with Hazel was bliss incarnate, her own body redefined the very idea.

Just moments later and her tentacle ‘baby’ was out in the open. It hovered for a second, as if pondering something, then found its mark. Destiny arched her back, bed creaking and boobs smothering her face as she did so. Fuck, her tits were gigantic. No, she had to focus on whatever the hell was threatening to shatter her fragile mind.

Which proved impossible as still more ecstasy bombarded her mind. Her pussy hadn’t stopped masquerading as a fire hose either, spraying harder in response to the new explosion of bliss. If only something was in her ass. She knew there more of those clit-like nubs inside there, just waiting for a big, throbbing dick to dive inside. On cue, her wish was granted, though she didn’t know who or what penetrated her. All she knew was the darkness creeping into her vision as her eyes rolled so far back she briefly lost all cognition.

Her arms were stuck to her boobs, legs locked spread eagled, and bloated womb cramping hard as the hundredth torrent squirted from her depths. Whatever found its way into her ass pushed deeper, shoving purposefully against the increasingly fat bumps inside. It had to be the tentacle from her womb.

It was the only explanation why she felt both her ass getting fucked and that she was fucking an ass. God it was so tight too. Hazel must’ve felt the same way, her dick crushed on all sides until she just couldn’t hold it anymore. Until her balls, bubbling with jizz, pulled tight to her taint. Until all it took was a single breath, let alone a strong twitch deep inside, to set her off. Then she flooding Destiny’s ass.

Except, that was last night. Hazel didn’t have her cocks anymore. And yet Destiny could only describe the hot, slimy, viscous deluge winding through her guts as cum. It just kept pumping out, pushed by each subsequent burst, until it warmed her stomach and forced it to stretch, pushing on her breasts. She could only just make out the ceiling through the dual yoga balls.

More sludge pushed through. She burped unintentionally, then again, the third time something rushed up her oesophagus. Destiny shook her head, chin rubbing into her boobs and making the whole experience that little bit better, before her cheeks bulged like a chipmunk. Every ounce of strength kept it inside, that is, until her nose burned and small streaks jettisoned from it. Finally, she gave in and let whatever was filling her out.

It was white, thick, sticky and slimy in equal measure. Just like Hazel’s cum had been.

Did her ‘child’ cum in her ass? The app claimed it knew what she wanted and, truth be told, she would miss Hazel flooding her orifices with her burning hot, chunky dick-cream. This made for a decent replacement. Not to mention, she knew Hazel would come up with something fun to do with it. At least the app got it right in that department.

Though the orgasms could be toned down. Destiny finally stopped cumming, almost starting anew when her tentacle slurped out of her ass, oddly hanging in the open. A few seconds passed before her legs relaxed. Her feet splashed into the product of her climaxes, the pool squished between her toes as she wriggled them about, while leftovers trickled out of her pussy, down into the huge valley of her ass cheeks.

“Okay… it’s over,” Destiny sighed and pushed herself up, “Wow, you got really big.” Her belly hadn’t really changed that she could see, but her breasts had to be larger than her original body. Each.

Just looking at what she could see and feel, nothing else was that different. Her ass was bigger of course, though she wouldn’t know by how much until she stood up. A daunting prospect after cumming so hard. She shuffled over to the bedside table and braced herself. While her legs shook, they supported her substantial weight and stabled as she took her first steps through the mess she created.

She hadn’t the heart to look at her phone and see just what had changed about her past. Taking stock of her body came first. The tentacle still hadn’t withdrawn, lingering against her legs as she walked, rocking from thigh to thigh with each step, although it didn’t feel like it used to. More like… she couldn’t think of a comparison off the top of her head. Not when her thoughts were still muddled by orgasms.

“Thank god the new me installed a giant-ass mirror,” Destiny huffed as she made her way over. Hopefully, her lack of endurance came down to the recent climaxes, and not because she was so big and heavy.

“Okay, let’s see what the FUCK?!” Destiny squeaked upon seeing her reflection. Hanging from her crotch, obscured from her view above by her fecund middle, was a huge dick. Easily the same size as Hazel’s were. No balls, though. Resting a hand on her gut, she tried reaching the front as she once could, but came shy. So it had grown too. Did that mean her balls were internal?

“Why am I focusing on testicles when I have a fucking dick?” She chided her reflection, a familiar stranger if ever she saw one. While nothing about her face had changed, and truly all that seemed to have happened was some growth, yet it still looked foreign to her. It couldn’t be helped; she’d only had the former body for a day.

Now she was absolutely massive. Well over six-feet tall, with tits easily a dozen times her head in volume, a motherly sphere pushing said tits up, which just blended into hips normal measuring tapes feared. Of course, her abundant ass and legs completed the femininity, only for her dick to mar it all. Although, looking over the complete picture, the thing didn’t seem entirely out of place against her luscious thighs. It sort of suited her just for how unnecessary it was.

“Whatever, long as it’s not… wait, does that mean it was fucking my ass?” Destiny frowned at the limp fuck-noodle, focusing intently on it and trying to feel for muscles that hadn’t been there just minutes ago.

Perhaps it shouldn’t have surprised her, but she still flinched when its length jerked up. A flinch was all it took for someone of her size to lose their footing. First her ass pulled her back, though she managed to swing her arms forward, only for her boobs to yank her down. Due to their size, she didn’t have far to fall.

“Jesus, look at my nipples.” So flustered by the latest addition to her maddening body, she’d barely noted the enormity of her teats, each wider than a basketball. At least they didn’t jut out a foot, otherwise she’d never be able to turn without smacking something, or someone, in the face. Would they really mind though?

If someone like her did that, she… honestly didn’t how she’d react. Before the app, she might’ve gawked and gone home to look up what kind of person had such a ludicrous body, then maybe masturbated to it. But she could only wonder.

What did Hazel think of her now?

The door flew open, “Baaaaaaabe!” Hazel whined and flopped onto the bed, not even pausing at the mess of cunt-cream on the floor. In her hands, she clutched a pair of outfits.

“Uh,” Destiny struggled to her feet and waddled over, “What’s up?”

“Our cosplays arrived, but,” Hazel looked up with a sniffle. The heartbreak in her eyes, quivering and reddened nose set Destiny on edge, not in an anxious way, but in the sense that she wanted to know the reason for her girlfriend’s distress and crush it between her giant titties, “They’re completely ruined!” She tossed the garments down, revealing what looked like chewed up rags.

“Oh shit,” Destiny said, not sure just how important they were meant to be, only that their being ruined upset the most important person alive.

“Yeah, and the fucking seller can’t send replacements in time.”

Destiny pursed lips, pushing the question back for now. Instead, she sat down and pulled her petite lover’s head onto her lap. There wasn’t much space, with her pregnancy, but Hazel was small enough to make it work. She ran a hand through the white locks.

“You’ll figure something out. You always do.”

“No I won’t. There isn’t enough time. The convention’s in a couple days.”

“Convention?” Destiny had never attended one in person before. She usually watched panels online, but didn’t see the point in going herself. Then again, she wasn’t dating Hazel back then.

“You know, the Anime Con? The one with the huge hentai collection,” Hazel looked at her in concern, “Did you forget again?”

Again? Oh no, she’d messed up before. Destiny considered lying, but… no, she couldn’t disappoint this wonderful woman. Not when she was already dealing with something catastrophic.

Hazel might not have been a professional cosplayer, but she took pride in it. Weeks upon weeks of work went into making sure she had either an accurate costume, or that the alterations made to it made sense and actually improved it. Not to mention, their city only got one or two conventions a year.

She deserved to go and enjoy herself. Destiny got up and rushed to her wardrobe, hoping that, just maybe, the app had something prepared for her. Just in case. Flinging it open, she found… nothing. Not even an article of her usual clothes, just hangers without a single strip of fabric. It wasn’t implausible that she’d turned into a total exhibitionist because of her body.

However, this did nothing to help Hazel.

“Oh my god,” her petite angel said, cupping her cheeks and jumping up and down, “I can’t believe you got spares! Look at you, making me worry.”

“I, uh,” Destiny swallowed her words and just smiled, stepping aside so Hazel could grab whatever it was she saw.

“Here, try this on. I need to see you in this,” Hazel said and handed her an empty hanger. She didn’t see how it could possibly be what her love wanted, though stranger things had happened. Even so, Destiny shrugged and mimed putting on some clothes, while Hazel did the same.

She stopped and just stood there, observing the girl. Important as the conventions were to Hazel, were they really enough to steal her sanity? That was all she could think of to explain why she whole-heartedly believed she had clothes, where there were none. But she couldn’t bear to think of ruining the illusion.

“You’re not reacting much. Probably because you’re so hot you can’t see much else. Here,” Hazel took a pic, sucking on her bottom lip in blatant desire, then showed it to the much taller futa.

“Oh wow,” Destiny had no other words. She recognised 2B’s outfit from Nier Automata, almost anyone would, even those that didn’t play the game such was the character’s clout, but on her body it was transformed into something… obscene. Not like a stripper, however her curves made what was an ornate, sexy outfit seem that way.

She didn’t remember even trying to pull on the gloves and boots, yet they were there. It had to be something from the app, though it wasn’t on her mind as she looked over the leather and latex garment. Where it showed a respectable amount of cleavage on the character, for her it became an avalanche of boob that led into her gravid belly. The skirt had been adjusted, several times longer than the original, however that didn’t mean much when her curves flared it out. It only came a few inches down her absurdly plush thighs.

Fortunately, the leotard underneath it kept her cock bundled tight so it didn’t hang loose. That didn’t make it any less obvious.

Regardless of that, however, she was hot. Destiny ran hands over the invisible garments, certain now that the app’s magic was at work, and licked her lips, cock flexing. If they were going as a couple, that meant Hazel would be either A2 or 9S, either of which would look wonderful on her. She could easily imagine them making out in bed, clothes rubbing together as they became lost in one another. In fact… why settle for imagining it?

“You like?” Destiny asked, closing the gap and leering down at the petite girl, adoring the height difference.

“Ho oh yeah, I do,” Hazel said, meeting her leer with hooded eyes with a clear invitation, “Looks like you only came a few times earlier. Guess that means you need some ‘assistance’?”

Destiny hadn’t thought she needed another orgasm already, the urge built quickly however. When faced with Hazel, who wasted no time in pulling off her shirt and sweatpants, she needed one bad. All the futa could do was nod, then giggle as Hazel full body tackled her onto the bed. If she’d expected it, she could’ve easily stayed standing, though why would she?

This was exactly where she wanted to be. Hazel straddled her monumental belly, naked mons pressed firm, her heat seeping through the leather. She was tiny, even perched atop it, Hazel just looked so much like a doll. Pale and flawless. Well, there was the occasional mole and a bit of chub to her belly, but those just completed her in Destiny’s eyes. Hazel beamed down at her, leaning down on the futa’s titanic bust, showing a slightly oversized canine that sometimes poked over her lip if she grinned just right.

“You’re so beautiful,” Destiny said and gestured for her to come closer. The little minx slid down between her enormous breasts, finally within reach for Destiny to marvel at her. Almost two feet of height separated them, which just made her lover seem that much smaller, especially as the futa ran her hands up to cup the adorable arch of her breasts.

“Nothing like you,” Hazel cooed, little nipples rock hard. She reached around the two giant mounds to find a latch, “You followed my designs for this. Should’ve known you had backups. You always know just what I need.”

“Yeah,” Destiny nodded as she moved back down to feel the pert cheeks, “Whatever you want, I’ll make it happen.”

“I know you will,” Hazel said, that canine poking out as she leaned down, “Because you’re my big futa pet, right? Always so eager to please, you’ll do anything.”

“Yes.” It was true. Destiny had allowed the app to make her body like this all so Hazel could have a normal life, or something like it anyway, and now that body served her partner’s every desire.

Hazel lowered herself between the valley of breasts to kiss her, “Then fuck my little throat with your tongue. Until I decide to put it elsewhere.”

“Your wish is my command.”

“That wasn’t a wish, it’s an order,” Hazel said and pulled her face in, tongue already ready and waiting. Their limber muscles danced for a moment, sharing one another’s flavour, before Destiny did as ordered and pushed hers even deeper. Such a weird sensation, yet one that her current past knew well.

Hazel’s gullet squeezed around her in reflex. Then it relaxed a little and invited her deeper, before squeezing again, the girl flexing from the acid reflux, though she kept it down. Destiny pushed an inch deeper, Hazel’s tongue attempting to twist around hers. The whole time, their hands were all over one another, though the petite girl could only reach so far. Slobber overflowed where their lips met as just being so close to one another got them drooling.

Hazel pulled back, sucking on the endless tongue until it came free with a wet pop. Both panted in tandem, but only for a moment before they dove back in for more, this time holding tight to each other. Nails raked across skin, leaving red, passionate lines, while Destiny’s latest addition swelled to life and slithered around her pregnant gut to find Hazel’s leg.

“Looks like someone wants to play.”

“You’re not freaked by it?” Destiny asked.

“Why would I be? It’s part of you.”

“I don’t deserve you,” the futa breathed in adoration.

“Don’t know what I did to find you,” Hazel said, “But whatever it is, I’m not about to question it. Now then, how about a body job for my favourite trouser-snake?”

“Body job?”

“You’re out of it, huh?” Hazel teased, then rose up to kneel beside her, “Lay down properly and spread your sexy legs wide, babe.”

Destiny did as told, framing her small lover with thighs as wide as her shoulders. Her new cock rose into view over her belly, rising higher and higher, so much longer than she expected. Hazel was standing over it, yet the fat head was only a foot shorter than the five-foot girl, and over twice the girth of her arms. There was no way it could ever fit inside her.

“One day,” Hazel said and sank to her knees, “But for now, this is good enough, right?” As she spoke, she pulled the length down so it was hugged against her chest, little boobs pressed into it. While tit fucks were beyond her, she happily pulled the excess length down between her thighs and squeezed around it, “Now start thrusting.”

All Destiny could do was nod. It was a struggle at first, her cock jerking back and forth as she adjusted to the new muscles. Fortunately, even though she didn’t remember having those muscles, her body did. Before long, her four-foot monster slid between Hazel’s thighs, grinding hard into her tight snatch, squeezed on all sides as the girl hugged it tight. Once she had a rhythm, Hazel rolled her hips in tandem, going faster as pre-cum inevitably spilled.

“How’s that? Your cock is so fucking big, I have to use my whole body to jerk it off,” Hazel said, then dipped her head to kiss and lick at the thrusting head, smearing her lips and cheeks in pre-cum, “Ooh, I can feel it throbbing against my pussy. You want to fuck me so bad, don’t you? But you’re too huge.”

She didn’t need to fuck her to get off. That was being proven every time her cock gushed its goo and slid down Hazel’s glistening body, vanishing between her legs and coming back even wetter. Drops of pre flew off the tip as Destiny moved faster, approaching her orgasm. Hazel panted in harmony with her, cheeks flush.

The closer they came to cumming, the hotter everything felt. Destiny closed her thighs around Hazel, feeling the sweat on her skin, while she rubbed mindlessly at her massive implants. They only allowed the smallest view between them, but it was enough to see Hazel practically bouncing now, impassioned gaze on hers. A mix of sweat, dick slime and drool made a gorgeous mess of her face and body. God, she was stunning.

“Oh fuck, I’m getting close,” Destiny gasped.

“Don’t hold back,” Hazel said, firmer than normal despite her laboured breaths, “Cum all over the me. It’s so hot when you do.”

“What about the costume?”

“Not the first time we’ve cleaned cum off one. We’re basically pros. So let loose, Destiny. Be a good girl and shoot your load.”

“Oh fuck, fuck, fuck.” Destiny’s tuned toward everything involving her lover, committing the new experience to memory. Next time she’d make sure Hazel felt even better.

“Do it!” Hazel grunted, pushing down harder with her pelvis, “Come on, babe, don’t you wanna see me covered in your thick, salty jizz?”

“I do. Oh shit, I fucking wanna cover you.”

“Then cum for me!”

“I am!”

Destiny went rigid from head to toe, including her flexible member. A series of lumps distorted its girth, all heading toward the crown in a race to unleash the first fat rope of slimy, off-white cock cream. It launched high over their heads and held their gaze, condensed time as it hovered for what seemed like an eternity, only to plummet onto them. Hazel received most of the glazing.

At the same time, ripples and squirts went off against part of her cock as the girl came too. Rhythmic bursts of fem-cum doused a portion of her length, a sloppy signal for the next rope to launch from Destiny’s end. Pale skin vanished under the sludge, gravity had no sway over the viscous slime, only moving as more pushed it down. Streaks of the stuff flowed over the dips and arches of her body.

Hazel threw her head back to catch a heavy dollop in her mouth. She snapped shut a moment later, cheeks bulging, then opened wide once she had Destiny’s eyes on her. Exaggerated chews made pussy-tingling sloppy sounds, squelching with every bite of the yoghurt-like seed, with thick streaks running down her chin. Then she closed her lips and swallowed, several loud gulps sounding off between shots.

“Feel better?” Hazel asked, not moving her perch atop the still massive cock.

“Not really,” Destiny spoke the truth, feeling an oddly vacant sensation, “Maybe you could get me off somewhere else?”

“Hmm, you’re right. I’m not really done either. And there’s certainly better uses for your mouth, I’d say.”

That sounded awesome. Finally something Destiny had experience with. The promiscuous, nut-butter drenched doll climbed over the mountains once more and slid down to rest at her chin, the ripe aroma of unsatisfied pussy wafting up. A whimper left her lips when Hazel stood and turned around, slowly squatting down until her snatch hovered just inches away. However, Destiny had an easy solution for that.

“Uh ah, no tongue. Not yet,” Hazel said, then sighed, “Really, no matter how many times we do this, you keep trying to jump the gun.”

“Sorry,” Destiny retracted her tongue and licked at her lips, getting but a sample of the delicious cunny taunting her.

“Don’t be. I love that about you. Besides, I can’t wait any longer either, so get to work.” That was her only warning as Hazel sat most of her weight on the futa’s waiting lips, nose embraced by the tight ass cheeks, and the girl’s flavour drowned everything else. Not wanting to disappoint her, Destiny put the endless coils of her tongue to good use.

“That’s the stuff,” Hazel moaned, grinding in response, petite folds mashed against Destiny’s lips as she French-Kissed the love of her life. It didn’t take long for her sapphic talents to find Hazel’s cervix, teasing the sensitive barrier as tart juices drenched her taste buds from all sides, “But we’re partners.”

She could only guess what Hazel had in-store for her. Destiny was still hard, serpentine prick twitching in the absence of her lover’s wet heat, waiting for another chance. Yet it never came. To her surprise, Hazel stood, but stopped halfway and flopped back into the valley of her tits, holding them together to support her weight. Not hard for spheres packed so tight with hundreds of litres of saline.

“Fuck, your latest filling really makes a girl work for it,” Hazel said, hips still pumping back against Destiny’s tongue, which went rigid as two small hands latched onto her fat nipples, “Got ‘em!”

Was that it? Her tits were sensitive, but did that really compare to having a tongue filling her pussy from end to end?

“Come on, open up for Mistress.”

Finding that they’d done some BDSM stuff didn’t surprise her. Hazel’s dominance was apparent as she dictated the pace, squeezing her kegels to slow the tongue when desired, and relaxing when she wanted a swift pounding. The only thing that confused Destiny was her lover’s words. She couldn’t mean for her nipples to open up, right?

But she did.

Destiny froze as lightning circled her massive tits in slow motion, frying unfathomable numbers of nerves on the way, before it coalesced in her chest. There the cackling energy smoothed out into affection, knowing that the beguiling pleasure came from one person; Hazel. It didn’t matter that her nipples were opening like hungry mouths for two, admittedly small, fists. Only that Hazel made her feel that way.

“Can’t believe you were born with actual nipple pussies,” Hazel groaned as the tongue finally picked up its rhythm, sliding her hands deeper inside, “You’re like a walking fetish. So many people would kill for a night with you. But I get you all to myself day after day.”

All Destiny could do was moan and try harder to reciprocate. She pushed more tongue out, bunching it against Hazel’s snatch and undulating against the clit. More juices flowed in response.

Each thrust into her nipples was a new world of delight. No matter how tight they were around Hazel’s wrists, there were always more pleasures to be discovered. Just the smallest twist, or a little wriggle of her fingers, even the breaths on her skin kept changing the situation. It wouldn’t be long before she came again.

And Hazel was no better. Her canal rippled in erratic patterns, milking the tongue like a cock for all it was worth, its juices encouraging Destiny to work harder. She reached between her giant tits and gripped Hazel’s ass, massaging it, then sliding to the thighs. There was no mistaking her lover’s pussy, its naked, sodden lips covered in spit and fem-cum. No time to waste, Destiny thought and pushed a pair of fingers from each hand inside.

“Hmm, fuck! Faster! Harder!”

Destiny did as told while Hazel tried shoving her whole arms inside. Juices splashed all over the place, building toward an explosion from both as they pushed the other over the edge. Destiny’s cock leapt up, fresh bulges appearing at the base, while her tits groaned ominously before erupting themselves. Bittersweet juices sprayed against her face as Hazel clamped down on her tongue. She didn’t stop moving, though.

“Gonna cum!” Hazel wailed in the midst of the first climax. She punched her hands deeper into Destiny’s breasts, ignorant to the semen raining down on them, or the fact a second salvo launched. Both just let their bodies do as they wanted, working for more pleasure.

Hazel wrapped her legs around the futa’s head and pulled up, trying to get more tongue inside. Unable to refuse her, Destiny coiled the muscle in on itself over and over, stretching the little hole until Hazel squirted again, not losing any force. Not an inch of the futa’s face was spared, with several streaks matting her hair down. And she enjoyed every moment of it.

“Good work as always,” Hazel said once they finally calmed down enough to snuggle on the thoroughly soaked bed.

“Thank you.”

Hazel nestled her head where the boobs encroached on Destiny’s clavicle, breathing deep.

“Ew, don’t sniff me. I’m all sweaty.”

“That’s what makes it so good,” Hazel giggled and looked up, “You always smell amazing. Before and after sex.”

“So do you,” Destiny leaned down to take a sniff, only getting vague hints of Hazel through the dense mire of her cum. She pushed her face in a bit too deep, accidentally snorting up a glob of jizz and coming away coughing hard.

“Gee, I like your cum, babe, but I wouldn’t snort it. It’s much better when you can lick it off something,” Hazel said as the coughing fit settled, then drifted in and licked a glob that rubbed off onto the futa, dragging her tongue over the skin, before lifting away to reveal the thick line. She pulled Destiny into a kiss, sharing the delicious morsel.

There’d be plenty of adjustments to come, but Destiny was sure they were all worth it if she could be this close to Hazel.