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Here's the inspiration (written by me, Flicker):
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  • In addition to the pic, the tentacle also ejaculates (via a cock from inside the tentacle) a bunch of small tentacle worms into the breast-pussy, thus parasitizing the breast-pussy

  • After maturation, a fully grown tentacle now resides inside the breast, which is then able to shoot out of the breast and latch onto the breasts of others, transforming them in the same way

  • It isn't uncommon for someone to escape with only one of their breasts infected, only for a fully mature tentacle to emerge from it and infect their other breast

  • Naturally these tentacles are permanent fixtures whose nervous systems connect to the host, so the host can feel everything they do

  • The best (or worst) part is, they are completely autonomous, and they interact (read: fuck) each other and the host can't do anything about it.

It could also act as a multibreast vector. For example:
1. A tentacle latches onto a man's nipple, turning it into a pussy as the flesh expands into a large breast.
2. The man escapes with only one breast, but over time the parasite inside matures, until...
3. The matured tentacle emerges from the breast-pussy, latching onto his other nipple and turning it into another breast-pussy, giving him a pair of breasts with tentacle parasites.
4. The pair of tentacles then attach themselves to the area below his new breasts, growing another pair of breasts below them, with yet another pair of parasitized breast-pussies.
4. The new parasites repeat the process, giving him a total of 6 breasts with tentacles slithering in and out of his breast pussies.
5. The new, bottom-most parasites attaches below his dick and also onto his ass, turning him into a naturalized herm with a new pussy (also parasitized) behind his (now her) balls. Her ass is turned into a second parasitized pussy as well.


Re: Infected - by palindrome256

By Palindrome256

The television images flashed, fuzzed out by censors that no longer understood that censorship was never going to matter anymore.

Mary looked up as she entered the room, a plate of grilled cheese sandwiches in hand. “Turn that off, I’m sick of it.”

“What? It’s the news, it’s important.” Tyler said as he reached for the remote, at least acquiescing to turning down the volume some.

“It’s not, really. I mean, how long have they been talking about this now? It’s worse that that pandemic thing.” She said sliding in against Nikki who shuffled over on the couch slightly to make room for her roommate.

Tyler’s eyes rolled back a bit. “It is important. I mean do you want your tits to suddenly have pussies? Besides, it’s the first confirmed existence of extraterrestrial life.”

Nikki snickered. “Horny extraterrestrial life. We finally find some and all it does is fuck.”

Mary shrugged as she took a bite of her grilled cheese, while offering the other to Nikki. “Doesn’t seem that bad to me.”

“I swear, you’re incorrigible. Next thing I know you’re going to tell me you went out and get yourself infected intentionally.” Tyler snapped back at her.

Mary just gave him a cold stare. “What if I did? What would you do about it? It’s my body, after all! I can do what I want with it!”

“And risk infecting everyone you knew? I sure as hell don’t want to wake up with a cunt one day.” Tyler threw the remote at Mary, who deftly dodged the device.

“Why? You’re already kind of one.” Mary sniped back.

“Fuck you.” Tyler stood and stormed off. They heard the screen door slam, leaving them alone in the house.

Nikki finished her sandwich. “You two really need stop being assholes to each other. I mean, it is a thing.” She grabbed the remote from where it had fallen and snapped the TV over to something more interesting to her. A show about serial killers.

“Oh, I know it’s a thing, but he’s been a real jerk lately.” Mary said, finishing her own and downing the last of her can of coke. “I just think he and everyone else are overreacting. It’s not like anyone is dying.”

The shorter blonde nodded as she licked the crumbs off her fingertips. “I know, but it would be weird, suddenly not having nipples and all.”

“I think it might even be fun.” Mary said, turning to her roommate. “Having an extra clit or two would be way more interesting than a set of nipples.”

“Ugh, but think about it, three times the periods.” Nikki made a face.

“Nah, you don’t get periods from them.” Mary said quietly, her hand behind her back gently undoing her bra strap, letting it slip down under her sweater.

Nikki’s eyes narrowed, “Wait, how would you know?” Mary didn’t say anything for a moment.
“Oh, shit.” Nikki said. “You didn’t? Did you?”

“Well, maybe.” There was a sheepish look as Mary hauled up her sweater, letting her bra fall the rest of the way loose and exposing the twin mounds on her chest.

Nikki just gaped for a second as she stared at the ruddy dark slashes that had replaced her friend’s nipples. “Wait, no… I don’t want to.”

“Yes, you do, it’s wonderful. I promise.” Mary’s hands had already grabbed her much smaller friend as she swung her leg over top, pinning Nikki to the couch.

Maybe if someone had been home besides them Nikki’s shrieks would have mattered, but no one heard them. Mary’s hands deftly pulling up Nikki’s tee shirt exposing her breasts, their nipples rose perkily into the air.

“Almost a shame, you do have such incredibly nice nipples.” Mary said as she ran a thumb over them, feeling them snap back to attention with each flick.

“Ah, no, stop!” Nikki flushed, her arms struggling with the much larger woman pinning them back. She could see a writhing in the flesh of Mary’s breasts, a squirming as something trying to disgorge from the new openings.

“Shh, it’s okay. It feels good, I promise.” Mary shifted to bring her breasts up against Nikki’s. She could feel the squirming that just sent shivers through her as the parasites began to emerge from her breasts. Their tips expanding into a flower-like maw that subsumed the entirety of the curve of Nikki’s breast into it’s odd maw. The nipple at the very center.

Nikki’s shrieks changed, shifting from panic to moans as she felt her breast flesh warp and change under the creature’s strange touch. The feeling of parts puckering in, opening, and swelling as something

disgorged from the creature’s mouthparts into her waiting new cavity. It sank heavily into the breast tissue, settling there. Nikki’s mind barely comprehended what had happened as the nerves only routed feelings of pleasure to her brain. All she managed to do was moan slightly as she panted for breath.

Mary pulled gently back. The creatures snapping back with a pop, before wiggling back into her own breasts, leaving twin trails of ooze dripping down her front. Between her legs as similar drip had formed, one that she wanted filled but had no ready solution to, save for her fingers, which she quickly plunged into the neediness that consumed her. She wondered if she could get a wriggly alien for her original pussy too.

Nikki awoke from her stupor to find Mary huffing above her, her hand deep in her crotch, her breasts dripping onto Nikki’s own chest. “What?” She stammered, seeing again the twin slits that dominated the huge mammaries. “Oh, no.” Her hands reached down, cupping her own breasts, feeling the sudden shift as the new holes spread open under her fingertips, each incredibly sensitive, complete with their own nubs at the tops that shot jolts of pure pleasure into her brain. “Mary, what did you do to me?”

“The best thing ever.” She panted as her body began to shake and quiver with orgasm. “Oh wow…”

*** *** ***

Tyler opened the door. The house was silent. “Nikki? Mary?” There wasn’t any answer.

He turned on a light, heading for the bathroom only to feel arms wrap around him. “Hey, wait a sec… Mary? Is that you?”

“Hey there Ty, just figured we’d welcome you home.” Mary gave him a  kiss  on  the   neck,   along  with  a  little  nibble.

“What are you doing? Are you drunk?” Tyler struggled a bit, but not hard, it wasn’t like they hadn’t gotten freaky a time or two before when one of them had gotten a little too drunk.

“Maybe a little,” Mary cooed behind him.

Tyler could feel tugging at his pants. Looking down her could see Nikki pulling at his button, quickly dislodging the jeans, and pulling them and his boxers to his ankles. “Um, Nikki?” His cock sprang out, ready and hard.

She grinned up at him. “Well, Mary and I were talking, and since you’ve been such a cunt to us the last few weeks we thought you deserved to have one of your own.”

“What?!” He screamed, his brain processing what was likely about to happen. “You’re infected?”

“And in a few seconds, you will be too.” Mary said in his ear.

He struggled, but she was bigger and stronger than him. Her arms grasped tightly around his kept him still as Nikki slowly rose, lifting one of her new breast pussies to his hard cock. Her breast squirming as the newest hatchling extended it’s mouth, taking in his manhood in the best deep throat he’d ever felt.

“No drooling there, Ty, we’re not to the good part yet.” Mary said as she held him still, watching curiously as the creature extended further from the petite blonde’s swollen breast. It’s dark purple ochre color glistening with juices that dribbled down from the opening.

Soon it had taken all of his cock, not that it was an impressive cock, maybe only five inches, but the creature was hardly any bigger itself,

yet it continued to engulf more and more of the man’s groin, slowly consuming the testicles too.

Tyler’s eyes were already rolling back as he moaned and squirmed. Mary wondered what he was feeling as parts of his body shifted in ways he would never have imagined. Nikki only smiled, her mind almost broken with the feeling of bliss that was emanating from the creature as it poured chemicals into her body and his. Her own hands hung on to his hips loosely for support, even as she tried to rub her pussy against the back of her legs, desperate for additional stimulation.

Soon the creature pulled free again, a soft popping noise as Tyler sagged in Mary’s arms. His body shivering with new sensations. His new anatomy pink and raw from the changes plump and puffy between his legs. Nikki giggled and ran her finger over the large clit and extended wings that drooped from the new folds. “It’s so soft.” She cooed. “I want to taste it.”

“Go for it.” Mary said devilishly, having to hold Tyler upright was beginning to strain her arms, but she was enjoying this too much.

Tyler’s eyes only fluttered slightly, his body already overwhelmed as Nikki put her lips to the new opening and went to town with a gusto that Mary had never expected of her roommate. A moan escaped his lips as she explored the folds with her tongue, letting him know that his body would never be the same. Deep inside, his own new equipment was already beginning to pump chemicals into his body.

Mary gave him another kiss as she let got, sending him sagging to the floor. “Don’t worry Ty, we’ll teach you all the ways that this is going to be a lot more fun to be roommates. We promise.”

Nikki just wiped the excess juice on the back of her hand and licked her lips at the idea.