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An alien planet where humans bond with alien symbiotes upon coming-of-age. This beneficial symbiosis has become a cultural norm.


It's your 18th birthday and while you know you should be happy that you've finally come of age, you can't help but find yourself slightly dreading what's about to happen soon. It's time for you to become Bonded, to join with a symbiote, to become one with another being for the rest of your life. You know it's a good thing, that everyone who goes through it is happier, that they grow to love their bonded alien without fail, that doing so raises their general health and life expectancy to the stratosphere, that it's supposed to feel really good, and that it's just a normal part of growing up on this planet. But you also know it didn't used to be this way--that even if it's a part of the natural life cycle for the symbiotes, it sure isn't for humans. A few hundred years ago, you would've grown up to be a man, but "men" don't really exist anymore, rendered obsolete when every Bonded is a natural broodmother with a cock unimaginably larger than any natural human's--not even including all of the tentacles that can fill the same function. As you reluctantly step into the ritual chamber and glance towards your parents, a word from the old world that still gets tossed around every now and then springs to mind--"MILF"

It's not like you're not familiar with what your own parents look like--it's what they've always looked like--it's what every adult looks like, but the anatomy of the Bonded still shocks you sometimes, if just because of how different it is to your own body. You know you're going to look just like them soon. You know that everyone says you're going to love it. And that kind of scares you. Because as you move towards the center of the chamber, you can't help but look to your parents and notice how their rows of gargantuan jiggling breasts are beginning to engorge with milk and their permanently-erect cocks are leaking precum. You feel the pressure of the knowing smirks plastered on every pair of lips they have--their original mouths, their lipples, the lipped tendrils that are automatically moving to service their leaking breasts, and even the lip-sheath which your Mother currently standing to your left always keeps her cock snugly enveloped within (she prefers to use it as her primary mouth after all)--and you can't shake the feeling they're taking an almost predatory glee in your imminent transformation--in your induction into the grand conspiracy. But there's nothing you can do to stop this now.

The already-broken egg in the room's center is larger than expected as you reach it, and you find yourself wondering if it was one of your Mothers that laid it for you. You know that once you've Bonded, you'll spend most of your time pregnant with eggs just like it, perpetually cycling between gestating them within and laying them from a puffy donut-like orifice crowning a fat ovipositor just like the ones belonging to your parents which currently pucker in the open air. You've heard it's the single-most pleasurable thing a Bonded can experience, which says a lot given their already lewd bodies.

You feel the tendrils of the symbiote crawling up your calves and thighs, feeling out their new home. It's nearly the size of a pony, but you suppose it needs to be large if it's going to form your new lower body. It's a little weirdly shaped without a host, without you, but you can still easily make out the almost spider-like anatomy that's going to form the basis of your lower half, strong enough to effortlessly support the sheer mass of all the inevitable new additions to your body, with enough space to make room for even more of them--like the several rows of tits that are meant to hang and jiggle freely from below, but which are currently so swollen with milk on your second Mother due to her excitement that they're actively impeding her movement.

Your symbiote fully envelopes your groin and you let out an involuntary moan as it eagerly invades every hole in a way that seems designed to invoke as much pleasure as possible, the tendrils slithering deeper and deeper into your body until they hit something and suddenly you can feel your symbiote in a way you couldn't before, in a way you definitely shouldn't be able to normally. You don't really hear your symbiote as it reaches out to you across the flesh that's binding together more and more permanently by the second, it's not really language so much as feelings, ones which you feel so powerfully that they might as well be your own.

Curiosity, Interest, Excitement, but far more: Love. She loves you so much it's almost overwhelming, a love so powerful that she wants to spend every single moment with you, being a part of you, bringing you pleasure, creating new life with you. ...But she can't bring you that unending pleasure yet--not with your body as it is. Not without changing it into a form that would better suit both of you. Something far more feminine. Something far more soft and sensitive and slutty. Something far beyond human.

And you can feel the utter confidence with which she knows you’re going to love the body she’ll create for you, how she’s combined and integrated the genetic codes of two vastly different species for the sole purpose of creating the most pleasurable possible form for you. You feel her certainty at just how good it’s going to feel when you take on some of her own species’ instincts and start breeding, and how much she wants to share those feelings with you.

You gulp, and finally make the decision to let her in fully. If everyone else is doing it, it can't be that bad, right? Maybe it’s worth seeing what all the hype is about.

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A setting where humanity winds up hit by a slow acting degenerative condition that is only curable by having a symbiote implanted in your body. It has some immediate effects of growing parts for the symbiote to control and changes continue over time. Symbiotes have different personalities, so they could wind up dominant or subservient to their host.

Since it's me, I would have them cause multi and hyper herm transformations with a very feminine bent.
Nice setup where everybody is going to get these things, but you get to explore staged introductions as people get the symbiotes implanted and the way people adjust to the personalities of their new body-mate and their increasingly sexualized body.


You stare at the mirror in quiet horror as the inescapable truth that your body is no longer entirely your own fully sinks in. Your symbiote was implanted mere hours ago, and already the changes have started. You want to scream to the heavens that it's not fair, that most symbiotes aren't supposed to start making changes until days after integrating, that you shouldn't even need a symbiote in the first place. But she's already a part of you now, and there's no going back. 

You feel the nubs growing in beneath your armpits wiggle experimentally--A new set of arms in the making, ones you can already tell aren't really going to belong to you. You can also feel a bump at the base of your tailbone where, well, you already knew you were probably gonna grow a tail. What scares you is what that tail is going to look like and actually be used for

Ultimately though, cataloguing those other changes are just a way to avoid facing the symbiote in the room, what's staring back at you from your naked chest. 

Your lipples.

Yesterday you had an ordinary male chest, but now your nipples have swollen into massive plush sensitive lips currently curled up into eager grins with a glee that isn't yours, resting atop small puffy mounds which might already be enough to fill an A-cup bra--and you know instinctively they won't be kind enough to stop there. Your symbiote had been oddly silent until now, almost as if she's been waiting for the perfect dramatic moment, but now your lipples open for her to finally speak, just the sensation from that alone enough to make you squirm. "It's so nice to finally meet you~" a sultry feminine voice purrs out in stereo, "I can tell you're a little anxious, but you don't need worry about a thing, Dear. I'm going to take care of everything so you can become beautiful. I can already tell that we're going to make such a perfect Mommy together~!" 

A pit forms in your stomach as any hope of being able to get out of this with any semblance of your masculinity still intact is shattered. You barely even register the words coming from your lipples as she continues to coo about how a proper Mommy needs to be far more voluptuous, how she needs far bigger breasts to count as real Massive Mommy Milkers, and that having only a single pair of them jiggling wildly with every step simply won't be enough. But it doesn't really matter that you don't properly hear her as she goes on about how a proper Mommy's plump donut asshole should always be stuffed full of cock, because you can practically see and even feel each change she has planned for you as she imagines them, her own thoughts drifting into yours.

When your awareness fully returns, you find your cock achingly hard, though almost laughably pathetic compared to the permanently-erect behemoth your symbiote intends for it to become. You try to tell yourself that it's her arousal doing this, not yours. That the urges tempting your hands to caress the fiercely-tingling spots on your torso where your new pairs of breasts will be growing in aren't really coming from you. That a part of you isn't growing just a little bit excited at the thought of what she has planned for you. That with your domineering symbiote in charge, you haven't been given the perfect opportunity to let slip your lewdest desires and let her make you perfect

You also find yourself trying to push aside the innocuous piece of information you learned in school years ago about how symbiotes weren't quite fully sapient until they merged with the nervous system of their host, and that as symbiotic creatures, their resulting personalities were thought to be influenced largely by what their host most needed

You gulp, still just as scared as before. But as the inevitability of your body's changes fully sets in--as you can feel them just starting to happen--you begin to realize that it's not really your symbiote being dominant or the changes she's making that you're afraid of. 

You're afraid that it won't be long before you absolutely love all of it~