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Topic: Merra: The Leech Cave - by Lunate

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*drip* *drip*

Mary slowly opened her eyes. The sound of water dropping from the wet ceiling of the cave halled through the darkness, as her eyes slowly got used to the area.

What the hell happened? The last thing she could remember was a angry hiss outside her tent before something hit her from behind, making her lose consciousness.

A smacking noise suddenly pulled Mary out of her thoughts, as she noticed she was not alone in the cave! "W-Who´s there?“ She whispered, not knowing if she really wanted her question answered.

Something was lying right next to her... something that produced smacking and weirdly farting noises. In disgust, Mary pressed her back against the cold stone, as the shape of a disgusting, drooling sack emerged from the darkness. Slowly, the creature opened and closed its slobbering orifice while tiny tentacles helplessly squirmed over the cold stone.

"Ewww, what the fuck is that?!“, Mary tried to get away from the helplessly farting fleshsack, as an angry hiss entered her ear.

It was the same sound she had heard before as she was knocked out, but it was too late for her to turn around. Something wet and slimy touched her shoulders and pulled her close, as slimy tentacles curled around her legs from behind.

"My gawd, please...no! Get off me!“ Violently the creature that was lifting her up was pulling away Mary´s clothes. The slimy black skin glistened in the dim light of the cave, as Mary realized that the tentacles had already started to spread her legs!

"What are you doi.... GAAHH!!“ Something was slipping inside her between her legs. The hissing was close to her ear, as drool dripped down on her naked body.


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Multiple hands were holding Mary´s body under control, as the hard sting drilled deep into her cunt.

With every thrust, the body of the young female slid over the soft, slimy body of a disgusting leech-creature.

Mary tried to get away, but the skin of the monster was too slick and slimy and only caused it to hiss out loud in pleasure. She looked up, as she saw into a row of dead, insectoid eyes. The drooling mouth of the leech drooled strands of thick liquids as lustful screeches escaped its throat.

The sting of the creature drilled even deeper, as Mary noticed a numbness in her crotch. "P-please... let me.. hh .. go!“ Instead of answering her, Mary suddenly felt the tentacles pushing her into a new position. With her face toward the ground, the Leech monster was taking her with her legs in the air, while the numbness in her crotch grew even worse!

The angry hiss of the monster suddenly turned into a weird, primitive speech: "Zzzeggs... you caryzZz... eggzZz...“ A sudden pressure was hitting Mary´s stomach, as she tried to answer "Please... hh noo... no sex!! I- I wi-“ suddenly a gush of clear liquid squirted out of Mary's throat, leaving a pool of slime on the ground. The creature growled, as Mary noticed she couldn't feel her legs anymore.

"zZz... EgGs... ZzZ... yOu... EgG... zZzack...“


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In horror, Mary realized, that she wasn't able to stop drooling anymore. The tentacles that had entangled her legs now carefully stroke over her body. "Pweafe... sllrt hnooo!“ Mary felt her breasts swelling up, all of her body was feeling so heavy now! She tried to look back, as she realized that her lower body seemed to have fused with the disgusting crotch of the leech-creature.

A farting noise proofed that the sting of the monster was still drilling inside her somewhere, pumping more and more of it´s disgusting poison into her body. "lep me goooo, pweafe!“

Something hard was slowly developing inside Mary´s breasts, as she saw her plump breasts sliding over the stone beneath her. "Ho gawd...Eggfff!!“ like fleshy sacks, Mary felt her breasts slowly turning into egg-chambers, as her mouth and throat mercilessly fused into a long, moist and female slit.

Thick plates of slimy carapace grew over her back, as she could only watch her mouth and nose fuse into a giant, drooling hole.


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The Leech hisses as Mary´s body mutates into a slimy sack. Soon, her arms dissolved back into the fleshy bulges of her new form. Multiple rows of egg-chambers had developed on her lower side, as Mary was taken over by indescribable pleasure. Something was wanting out of her, and it felt... awesome.

Suddenly, Mary was at peace with her new task. It was quite easy: Just store eggs inside her and let them grow! She tried to moan, as the soft shell of the first egg was pushing out of her new orifice. She was part of this creature now... she had to take care of its eggs....


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Pleased, as more and more eggs slipped out of her hole, Mary felt she was being lifted up. Her body felt lighter and more compact now. She was a part of this creature now... an important part. She was still aware of her old self through all this, and she knew that her current form would only be the first step of her new life... a life inside a hive that would care for her for the rest of her life.


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Mary couldn´t remember for how long she had lied in the dim light of the moist cave. Her new body was feeling heavy since the leech had detached and placed her in a dark corner further down.

Every time, the leech-like monster came back, Mary desperately tried to fight the feeling of lust and excitement, as her helpless body started to spray a musky pheromone from a row of glands.

Every time, the monstrous creature came closer, Mary felt her disgusting eggsack-opening spreading wide, inviting the sting of the leech to fill her body with more fertile semen she could use to produce more eggs for the hive.


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Today, something was different. The other leeches seemed to have no interest in Mary today, no matter how desperately she tried to lure them with her male organ to copulate with. Her tentacles felt weirdly strong, as she manages to drag her eggsack-like body over the stony ground of the cave until she reached a dead end.

Suddenly, Mary noticed that her mind seemed to grow sharper: She was starting to remember things! The feeling of tranquil bliss was slowly disappearing, as she became aware of what had happened to her!

That monstrous leech-creature had made her its egg-sack, doomed to give birth to countless, slimy eggs, filled with grubs. “Ghnoo....!” Something inside her body was fighting the thought of being nothing more than a breeding place for these disgusting, slimy creatures.

Mary felt the massive slit her mouth had once grown into squirting out gushes of liquids, as she tried to push her heavy body off the ground... This wasn´t her... this wasn´t what she really was!..

Long strands of slime dripped from her lewd slit onto the cold ground, as she felt something trying to get out of her insides, impatiently pushing against the insides of her vagina-like orifice like one of her eggs.


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With a loud smack, the giant cunt that once was Mary´s face stretched and drooled, as her former head slowly pushed out between the lewd lips. Gasping for air, Mary´s head was finally able to breathe and see again!. “Oh my... gowwd...!” She looked down to the ground as she saw disgusting tentacles squirming all over the place.

Mary wasn´t sure what was happening, but somehow, more and more of her head was released from the wet cunt. Heavy and still pretty immovable, the rest of her eggsack-body seemed to twitch helplessly, as Mary peeled out of it like a cocoon “Gnahw... comon.... a little more...!” Suddenly, Mary was unable to push out further as she noticed, she wasn´t in control of her tentacles at all! Like a mindless leech, the rest of her body started to rear up as her front tentacles grew thicker and stronger.


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“Wh... whut´s happening?!” Mary saw multiple rows of slimy breasts dangling below her, as her tentacles slowly started to form muscles. Her sack-like body seemed to shrink as most of its former body-mass shifted from her torso into her tentacles,
that grew stronger and stronger.

“In disbelief, Mary saw, that her new “arms” didn´t obey her will at all! Aimlessly, they smeared their slimy film all over her massive tits, as a gush of disgusting slime gushed from the cunt-like opening that still squeezed around Mary's head. “I... No... I can´t control it!” Mary felt more thick slime dripping onto her drenched Leech-tits as she became aware that it was dripping from her own lips. “What... ugh What IS this..... What AM I ??!”


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As though her mutating body answered her question, it raised it´s arm as Mary saw what was happening to the tentacle that had grown out of her: Muscles had formed and instead of a flexible tentacle a strong, slimy arm had developed.

Disgusted, Mary tried to scream, as she saw the two slimy fingers flexing: These weren´t HER fingers!

“Maaaryy!” Suddenly, a deep and lustfull voice echoed through her head. Mary looked down... no one was there. Her lower tentacles had grown into massive tights that slowly turned into legs, while her soft tits seemed to shrink proportionally.
“who´s there?!” Mary screamed, as she felt that her head was pushed out of the vagina-like opening a bit further.

“Leeech!!” The voice answered in a deep tone “You, Leeech!!” Suddenly, Mary knew what was happening to her: She knew these disgusting leech-hands, the slimy skin and colours of her new body! She was becoming one of these Leech-monsters!!

“I Will never be like them!! Stop it!” Mary tried to move her arms, but the beast inside her was just too strong. “You are leech Mary.... You will feeed them... and then... you will be one of them!!”

Suddenly, Mary noticed the slimy Leech grubs crawling over the ground around her “Feed them??” She felt as her whole head and neck now finally slipped free from the disgusting slit, that was still sitting on her shoulder like if it could unbirth her any time again. “your bodyy is miiine... you body iss Leeech.... you will love it!”


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Against her will, her body picked up one of the slimy grubs and slowly brought it closer to her face. “Liiick... its your baby!....!” Mary tried to turn her head away “No... please...that's...nasty!”

Her arm came closer, as the slimy grub was mercilessly pressed against her mouth. “Will make it easier.... to be one...!” Mary felt the slime of the grub in her mouth, as her hand forced the creature into her mouth “Gnwwww!” The feeling of the squirming body was disgusting, as Mary nearly puked.

“Seems like you are not ready yet!”- Her hand pulled the grub back out and slowly lowered it on her new, slimy cleavage. “Then you will be a slave of the brood!” Mary felt the leech suck around her wet, slimy nipple, as a feeling of unbearable lust suddenly shot through her body. “W- what's this??!”

Mary felt her nethers turning wet, as her new body picked up the next leech. “You will feed brood... until you are ready to be full Leech!” Marry moaned, as the next grub started to suck on her tits. “Hnoo, pleas, Don´t make me do this!! Hh.. That's even worse than being a filthy eggsack!!”

The greedy sounds of the grubs echoed through the cave as they sucked nutrients from Mary´s nipples. In bliss, Mary moaned, as more and more of the slimy creatures slithered over her new body. She was their mother, their nurse, their slave from now on... and as long as it felt this awesome, Mary started to care less and less that the leech inside her was slowly starting to take over her mind.


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(This picture just shows Mary in her fully developed Leech-hybrid body feeding the brood with her slimy nutrients before becoming a full leech-monstrosity)


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Over time, Mary had started to accept her role in the leech hive. It wasn´t like she had a choice anyways, so she soon started to enjoy the feeling of the slug-like larvae crawling over her new, slimy body, sucking nutrients from her lewd, warty nipples.

The more she got used to it, the more control she seemed to gain back over her body, up to the point she actually started to enjoy putting the mindlessly sucking leeches right on her breasts.

While most of her body was still controlled by her inner leech-voice that dictated her what to do, The young girl felt more and more comfortable in her role: It was easy to just stop thinking and just let the inner animal take over.

Sure the noises and smells still penetrated her human nose, every time she came across one of these poor girls that had been transformed into slime-squirting leech-sacs. On the other hand, Mary had started to like the view of the soft, farting openings that oozed thick lubricant all over the stony ground.

Today, something was different. Like in the past weeks, Mary picked up one of the helpless slugs, to feed them, as she realized that her hand wasn´t doing what she wanted.

“Maaary.... you ready!” Mary knew that voice. It had been inside her since she had been transformed into a living eggsack back then. It was the animalistic, instinct-driven voice of the leech hive-mind.


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“Ready for what?” She asked a bit worried, as her thick fingers squished the slimy body of the grub. Long strands of thick slime dropped from its body.

“ready to be one with the hive!!” Her hand slowly came closer with the leech in its fist. The cold slime touched Mary´s cheeks, as it was pressed against her face. “Hnooo! Pweafe don´t!!”

“We waited long enough for a new sister.... the hive needs to spread... you must become a Leech!!”

The grub wiggled in her own transformed hand, as it slowly pushed against Mary's lips to slip inside her mouth. “Hrnooo!!”

One of her free hands slipped between her legs and started to play with her cunt “nhwo! Thatf not fair!!” The thick finger slipped over her swollen labia before it drilled down into her slimy hole, causing Mary to moan deeply before the slug slipped inside her mouth.

Mary felt a painful sting, as something grew out of her back. In horror, she saw a thick, slimy abdomen with a sting growing out of her butt. ”Your body was waiting for that.... your own fertile leech-sting! Soon you will turn worthless humans into valuable egg-sacks and the hive can grow!!”

“Gwd, Hnwww!” Mary tried to scream, as the thick slug fully slipped inside her throat. She felt as the body of the grub seemed to dissolve in her mouth... like it was melting! Mary looked down, as she noticed an alarming, smacking noise from around her neck.


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The opening of her former eggsack-form was still sitting on her shoulders like a thick, slimy bulge.

The meaty lips around her neck had become swollen and wet as more and more liquid seemed to drool out of what once was a dripping egg-hole.

“Hnoo, stop, please!!” Mary felt her neck slowly getting covered in the slimy efflux of the cunt-like structure around it. It was like her whole spine was dragging her head down into the smacking, wet hole. Against her will, her arms started to spread the meaty lips even further, letting even more liquids drool out of the disgusting opening. “You need to go in there... you will be leech!!”


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The more Mary was fighting, the more of her neck seemed to sink back into the giant cunt on her shoulders. Smacking and farting, the slimy labia of the vulva soon touched Mary's face.

A slimy liquid entered Mary's mouth, as the musky smell of the orifice filled her nose. “Stop it, please... I don't wanna go in there...!!”

Her arms refused to help her, as her head sunk deeper down into the tight hole. “You will be reborn as leech... “

With a last protest, Mary's mouth sunk between the slimy folds. Soon, everything around her turned black, as her whole head was sucked into the swollen cunt on her shoulders.


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Mary felt her body standing up again, but was unable to see anything. The musky smell of the liquids around her made her dizzy, as her skin started to itch and prickle. Mary tried to scream for help, knowing no one would be able to hear her now. Her scream escaped the giant, meaty cunt on her shoulders in the form of a long, wet, fart, as her blind body tumbled forwards.

The itching started to get worse, and soon, Mary realized, that her face was transforming! Her mouth was unable to hold her spit anymore, big holes had formed on her cheeks. Mary felt the right side of her face slowly shifting, as she slowly was able to see through the darkness. “Pleas... I wont be... LEECH!!” She felt her mind slowly turning more and more simple. Leech was good... Leech was easy...

“It's so wrong!!” Mary tried to move her face one last time, but half of it had already transformed into a slimy, disgusting head of a leech.


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The time had come. Mary had stopped to fight her new, primitive urges out of a sudden. All she wanted now was being one with the hive that welcomed her so nicely. With her fading intelligence, Mary re-gained control over her body.

Aimlessly, she stumbled around, until she slowly tried to touch the swollen cunt on her shoulder. Carefully, Mary sunk her thick claws between the slimy folds, to spread the moist organ wide. With her new nostrils, she took in the musky air , as Mary felt her spine pressing her new head out of its tight prison again.

Screeching and drooling, Mary's new leech-head pushed out between her slimy labia, finally able to breathe in the cold air again. Seeing through these insect-like eyes was kinda weird, but again, it was enough for Mary to see in the darkness.


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With her thick fingers still spreading the giant cunt around her new slimy leech-neck, Mary looked around. The tentacles on her back felt like additional arms, and the flexible sting between her tights seemed a precise tool.

She was a full Leech now and eager to try out her new equipment on the defenseless eggsacks around her, fertilizing them with her liquids and filling them with new eggs.


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"This body isss perrfect!" Mary hissed as she felt the tiny leeches crawling over her own slimy skin, carefully sucking on her moist membranes.

"You aare one of usss now Maaary!" The voice in her head sounded like a old friend to the former human... no, it was rather a master than a friend... the voice only wanted the best for Mary! "Fooor thee hiive" Mary snarled out of her drooling leech-maw, as her thick saliva flooded her obscene tits with a gush of fresh leech-slime.


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(Mary's new form in the hive of the Ovipex)


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Oxipex Eggsack Refsheet



Transformation Step 1


Through the sting of an adult leech, the victim slowly fuses with the creature and morphs into the shape of an egg-filled abdomen. The mouth of the victim transform into a lewd egg-laying opening that soon is only able to ooze fertile liquids and Leech-eggs.

Transformation Step 2


After a while, the whole body of the victim has been assimilated into a fleshy , lewd sack that is connected to the nethers of the Leech. Once fertilized, The creature pulls out its sting from the transformed opening, leaving the victim behind as an immovable fertilization-camber with multiple openings to pleassure.

Transformation Step 3

After its transformation, the victim has become a immovable fucktoy every leech can squirt its sting-semen into, to create more eggs filled with clusters of young leeches. Fertilization and birthing of eggs cause huge pleasure to the transformed victim in this stage.


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Ovipex Broodslave Refsheet






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Ovipex Adult Leech Refsheet