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Day 5

A mere month into my new position, Princess Rinoa came to me with a rather vexing problem. In her words, She’s experiencing a slight metamorphoric issue. After assuring her of my silence on matter she revealed to me the precise nature of her difficulties. The transformation is centered on her pelvis, the most pressing of which is the growth of a short tail. Red and swollen it is apparently making her duties very uncomfortable or at least more uncomfortable than usual. I cannot imagine sitting and listening to her father droll on and on is ever a pleasant task but I digress.

Once I recovered from my shock, I proposed that a simple gown with a bit of enhancement in the buttock region would relieve the pressure on her elongated tail bone. As I took measurements I probed her gently on the cause of her troubles but she remained very evasive. Simply assuring me it would not happen again. I suspected it had something to do with the new addition to the royal menagerie that they paraded around last week.

Addium, My suspicions are confirmed! The beast itself appeared my chambers not ten minutes ago and threatened me! With words! The brute described how easy it would be to hunt me down and crush my neck if the king or queen were to discover the princess’s condition. That such a huge creature can creep through the halls of the castle undetected is horrifying.

Once I assured it that as the Princess’s personal seamtress that I would never dream of betraying her confidence, it… demanded I pet it. That starry fur is so soft. It had just threatened to eat me and then five minutes later it put its head in my lap so I could scratch its ears. It stayed there for a good ten minutes, purring before informing me that I’d do.

For what it did not say, simply turning, its tail brushing against my cheek and sauntering out of my quarters as if it owned the entire palace or at least me.


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Day 28

I had almost forgotten about the Princess’s condition and the week of sleepless nights of recreating her wardrobe when she barged into my workshop this morning. When I asked, rather shortly, what was the royal matter she opened her arms and gestured at her torso. “You can see them!”

It immediately obivious what she referred to as them but then I saw the curves below her breasts, not to mention the tip of her tail poking out below the hem of her skirt. Honestly I wondered how she’d gotten through the entire feast day without anyone noticing that. I demanded she show me the damage and after double checking the lock on the door she obeyed. I couldn’t help but parrot her assertions that she would not indulge in the cause of her morphological condition again back at her. Her cheeks almost reached the color of the fur that coated her thighs. She made excuses, extolling about how good Alonus, the beast’s name, smelled now and what a good companion he was.

I, being a good loyal servant, reminded her that she was flirting with sending the kingdom in to a succession crisis if she didn’t get a handle on this. At over twenty years she couldn’t dodge suitors forever, and they had to at least pretend she a virgin. She nodded and begged me to find an alchemist she could trust. I agreed to make some distrect inquiries if she promised to restrain her appetites. Once she consented to my terms I turned to the issue at hand.

The fur wasn’t the issue, the second pair of breasts and the lengthened tail were the immediate problem but I could see plenty of additional challenges that were about to blossom. Those additional nipples could swell into even more breasts but even more disturbing were the ridges and swellings on her back. Feeling them confirmed that a second set of shoulder blades were forming, heralding the growth of new limbs.

Formal gowns only, I announced to her, corsets, full length gowns and a chastity belt for good measure.
She went full royal on me, which I endured, then reminded her that it would be this or risk discovery which would certainly result in her “pet” being killed. That popped the attitude right quick. Despite what its doing to her body, she’s convinced herself she loves the thing. Unfortunately she got her revenge. I’ve been promoted from seamstress to personal maid servant on the basis that someone is going to need to help her dress now.

Annoyed and mourning my own lazy mornings, I took her measurements in less professional manner. Turns out that fur and tail are very sensitive. I really didn’t need to map the thickness of her thighs but I enjoyed the way my tape measure made her quiver.

Afterward, she told to move into the servant quarters connected to her suite this afternoon.

I have the vague sense that I’ve been played somehow.


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Day 69

Its been a month and a half living with the Princess and Alonus. I’d been tweaking her outfits day by day but now its time for more radical measures, the tentacles and arms are now simply too large and squirmy to trap beneath a corset. Admittedly I should have suggested an overhaul weeks ago but…

The Princess has gained a scent that is very enticing. Its difficult to do any sort of measurements or even dress her without my head getting between her soft red thighs. Oh how she taunts me now that my tongue has roughened, my upper lip begins to split and whiskers grow from my skin. “You’re just making it worse,” she purrs as I cannot help to lap at her delicious juices. Servants are forbidden from concealing their faces so I am trapped within their quarters now.

Still, that did not save me from the Princess’s wrath today when she was nearly undone in court. I cannot say precisely what happened and the Princess’s growls overran some of her words. Something about a misplaced step and snagging on a rose bush. I believe that she had to crawl beneath some hedges in order to escape being exposed because she came to me quite disheveled.

Honestly, I have no idea how we’ve gotten this far without someone noticing. Even disregarding the extra limbs, those animal legs of hers, the softness of her fur and that wonderful heady scent… why would you want to hide any of that…
Sorry, I’m getting distracted. The Princess and her “pet” are rutting again. This usually happens when she starts growling. He comes over to comfort her and then, I get jealous and wet. Not that I deserve what a Princess has but need has no consideration for station. If she only hadn’t dismissed all of her maids when this started. Before my own appearance began to shift I think I spotted one of the guards sitting a bit tenderly, maybe I shall offer a few adjustments?

If not yet maybe I could spread this too? Food for thought. Oh gods thats for later. I have to focus. I have to conceal my lady’s extras and legs. The only thing that’s going to do that is a robe or habit. Perhaps the Princess can explain she’s taking up religious studies and extreme modesty? Also stilt walking if she grows to match Alonus’s size. Still there’s only so much I can do. I’m a very good seamstress but I’m not a wizard. First a small pillow for myself, this little tail nub makes sitting difficult and I’m going to be up all night if she’s going to have something to wear tomorrow.


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Day 100

The Princess tells me she is tired of appearing as a hippo in a bathrobe. I could do naught but yowl in pleasure and loyalty in reply. At my calmest and most composed moments I have difficulty with human speech now, the Princess made coherence impossible with her tentacle. She’s developed a fondness for pinning me against a wall, bed or simply trapping me in an embrace and filling me with the club of at least one of her tentacles, while the other squeezes my breasts or explores my throat. The fearsome teeth are retractable and how it squirms! Swiftly, I am reduced to quivering lump of flesh, mewling piteously for more. Fortunately the Princess delights in abusing me thus. So calmly, as I writhe, she relates the going ons at court or notes the changes that each one of the countless orgasms I have experienced in the last month as wrought. She calls me her talented toy and it makes me shiver.

Sometimes, as an amusement, she hides me beneath her skirt and we attend court. My memories of such adventures grows hazy as luxuriating within her scent in such a confined space quickly submerges whatever shred of dignity I have retained beneath a vapid lust. My world shrinks to whether or not her legs are wide enough for my tongue to reach her sex. I’ve gotten quite proficient with enticing a orgasmic roar from the princess.

The court, so far as I know, pretends not to notice the heir to the throne's behavior. I have no idea how. She towers over the largest knights and has more muscle than most of their horses. I suppose my perspective might be off, as my own measurements have dwindled to numbers I have not possessed since the days of my apprenticeship. If it were not for my… multiple busts, I’d be mistaken for a child. Or an enormous tabby cat. I go back and forth on clothing myself. The fluff that has grown in nearly every where except for my still human hands, gives me some pleasing curves that are sadly absent now. I’ve grown quite skinny. Alonus tells me I’m growing prettier every day. He… groomed me once. I think my tail grew a full foot longer. Or maybe the rest of me shrank more. Its hard to tell.

He brings me raw meat to eat since I have no time to hunt for myself. Between sex, sewing and sleep I’m lucky to have anytime to brush the juices out of my fur. When I’m not adjusting the Princess wardrobe, I’m tailoring or making uniforms for the rest of the castle’s servants. It started with that guard, who turned out to be a bit foxy beneath his uniform. Canine cock, while not royal, has a flavor that I quite like. So I exchanged some talioring for a bit of a tumble. Course his friend needed some of my services as well.

It got a wee bit out of hand. The Princess only allows me to tend five other servants a day now. Still this is what I mean by the courts willful ignorance of all of this. You can scarcely open a closet without finding a pair of servants fornicating. Most haven’t changed as far as I or the Princess but I can smell the lust that wafts through the halls.

Now I’m to design an outfit for the Princess that hides nothing. We shall see how far her father’s blindness goes.


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Day 105

It was so beautiful! A tremendous… not wedding but certainly a ritual of some sort. Ritual mating, well the Princess have been mating for months now but this was more special. Certainly hadn’t done it so brazely in front of the king before! Maybe a bonding ritual or claiming ritual is a better description. I suppose it doesn’t matter, so few of us can still talk or write arguments over terminology are a bit moot.

The princess has been jubilant since I made her the outfits that embraced her form and actually pranced through the court showing it off. I never seen her so happy in public. Also I got to see the court for the first time since my whiskers grew in. The poor King and Queen are rooted in their thrones. A few of the more stodgy nobels as well. I’m sure they deserve it, something about skinning Alonus’s mother? Not to worry though! We made sure to include them in the festivities of the last few days. This kitty’s pussy has been blessed by kingly cock, he’s got quite a woody.

Then came the night of the full moon. At Alonus’s bidding we wheeled out the royal altar that they use for coronations. The Princess, screaming with heat and need, climbed up on top of it and begged her mate to breed her. Tail up and displaying her moist folds for the rapidly animalizing court to see, she promised Alonus healthy cubs and disavowed her humanity.

Nobles and servants howled with approval as Alonus tore her clothing off with his teeth and tentacles. I confess to not joining the cacophony. I had worked hard on that outfit. Perhaps that is why I still stand some what upright and possess thumbs? Still, once Alonus stripped her from her human trappings they mated until her belly bulged with his seed. Impressive display as she’s a bit larger than he is now. Then we all took our own turns on that altar, a bear of a knight took me from behind while I sucked on a tasty fox cock.

I can’t say I noticed precisely when the trees started thrusting up through the floor, or when the roof caved in. The branches of the Queen were my bed for the night and from that perch I watched the court slowly come to its senses in the morning light. Those who had cast off the entirety of their humanity, swiftly departed into the new forest. Those of us who retained glimmers of what we were before slowly gathered around the slumbering Princess and her mate.

Alonus greeted us with a lazy sweep of his tail while the Princess yawned. With gentle nuzzles they dismissed us from the Princess’s service and charged us to spread his gifts to the rest of the kingdom, granting us glamors to hide ourselves until the gifts we carry have taken root.

I find myself eager to bring a cat’s blessing to more young ladies in need of a seamstress.


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