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And So It Begins...

I sat on the wall after class, nervously fingering the box and swinging my legs. It was the first day of school after spring break and had been one of the most stressful I'd ever endured. I hadn't dared carry the box around with me all day in case I misplaced it or someone thought they might borrow it, and that meant leaving it in my locker. That turned out to be an even worse plan - I was on the edge of my seat throughout every lesson, worrying that someone would break into my locker and take the box. It was irrational anxiety and I knew it: the lockers were all well-protected with combination locks, and it was vastly unlikely that anyone would ever keep anything in there which was particularly valuable. Plus it was a good school; everyone was pretty honest in general and we'd only had a very few incidents if theft in all the time I'd been there.

I was waiting for Karyn, my best friend of longer than I'd care to mention. In fact, I'd been waiting to talk to her for over a week, but she always spent spring break with her parents in their caravan in the mountains and we had no classes together this year, so this was the first chance we'd had to get together for a while.

Finally, I spotted her strolling towards me across the yard. She was wearing her usual get-up of scruffy old slacks and her favourite worn old green jumper. Her short red hair was in its normal unruly state and she displayed her quirky grin as she spotted me slouched on the wall. The overall effect, I thought, was pretty cute. I'd always thought she was cute, but we'd never been more than friends. There are some friendships you just don't want to complicate.

When she finally reached me, she leapt up onto the wall with somewhat more ease than I'd managed earlier.

"Hey, Jon-boy! How's it going? Good break?"

I grinned sheepishly. "Was okay. You?" I asked.

She shrugged, "You know, same-old, same-old. There's only so many snowy mountain peaks you can gaze at in wonder in a lifetime. I might have to give the old spring break tradition a miss next year and just hang out with you."

I grinned. "That'd be nice. Save me from couch-potato-dom."

"Anything of interest to report while I was away?" she asked.

"My grandfather died." I stated matter-of-factly.

Her face fell, "Oh, Jon, I'm so sorry. I know you were close. What happened? He wasn't all that old, was he? I thought he was off on one of his expeditions just a few months ago."

I shrugged slightly. "Heart attack, apparently."

Karyn frowned. "You don't seem overly upset."

I took a deep breath and took the plunge. "That's because I'm not convinced he's actually dead."

"I presume we're not talking adolescent denial here," she asked, with a raised eyebrow. "I mean, how can they diagnose a heart attack with no body?"

"Oh, there was a body, I'm just not sure it was him." I realised I was probably giving her images of mutilated corpses or worse, but I was genuinely nervous about what I was about to show her.

"Erm. Then what makes you think..." she started, obviously somewhat bewildered.

"This." I interrupted, holding up the box. It was fairly unimpressive, about one inch by four and an inch deep, made of plain dark wood with a few obscure markings carved into it.

"What is it?" she asked, intrigued. I think I was probably playing up the cloak-and-dagger stuff too much, but it was quite mysterious, after all.
"It's my inheritance." I opened up the box. Inside was a rather crumpled piece of paper and a rather unusual, if plain-looking, stone. The stone was slightly metallic, rather like haematite, but with a reddish hue to its surface, rounded, flattish and about an inch across. "Read the note," I instructed her. She did so, with much eyebrow-raising in the process. The note was from my grandfather and what it said was this:

Dear Jon,

If you are reading this, it means I have passed on. Do not mourn my leaving; although we shall no longer be able to spend time together, be happy knowing that where I am now is just a new start and a different perspective than before and that I shall just look at it as my next great adventure.

The stone you find in this box is my legacy to you. Treat it with care, it does not look much, but has immense power. I have entrusted it to you, as my favourite grandson and friend, to be its keeper and guardian now that I am gone.

I found the stone on my latest expedition to South America and I believe it to be of Incan origin. How it works, or where it came from beyond that, I have no idea. All I can tell you is how it works and trust you to use it wisely.

Bear with me on this next bit; I know it sounds fantastic, but trust me when I tell you that I am telling the truth. All I say is real and it will not take much experimentation for you to prove it.

While holding the stone against your flesh (I recommend just holding it in your hand as the simplest approach), simply use the words 'I wish' followed by whatever it is you want the stone to do. There is no limit to the number of times you can do this, as far as I can divine, but beware for the words of a wish can be reinterpreted but not changed once the breath is over. The stone has great power, but is not unlimited. Changes made will be as if it has always been so, apart from for those within earshot of the wish or out of the range of influence of the stone. This range I estimate at several miles, but I fear I have not been able to determine an exact figure.

I must go now. Use the gift I have given you wisely, and think of me often.

Your friend, always,


Karyn finished reading the note and looked at me accusingly. "Is this a wind up, because it's not funny if it is?" I shook my head. "You can't be serious. If this note is real, your grandfather faked his own death or something similar and has left you a magic Inca stone which grants wishes."

I nodded. "Yep."

"And you expect me to believe that?"


"Not a chance." She crossed her arms over her chest. "I mean, I'm as open minded as the next girl, but this is just plain silly."

"See that branch?" I indicated a piece of wood that had fallen off one of the nearby trees. I grasped the stone in my hand. "I wish the bark on that branch was blue."

I was used to the sensation by now; it was like momentarily getting something in your eye, forcing you to be unable to look at the object the wish was affecting. Karyn was obviously a little taken aback by the strange sensation.

"Hey, weird, it was like..." Then she caught sight of the branch. Which was bright blue. "Holy shit!"

"Impressive, huh?"

"My god, it really works!?" She was agape.

"It does indeed. Wanna see the scary part?" I grasped the stone again and wished for the branch to be red.
Nothing happened.

"Why didn't it work?" asked Karyn, looking puzzled.

"Because it was contradictory to a previous wish. Basically, you can't undo wishes, which is what makes this thing so scary to me."
"You aren't kidding, that is scary!"

"There is, however, some room for movement: I wish the branch was very dark blue." The sensation was felt by both of us again and when we looked, the branch was indeed a dark, almost black blue, which was a lot more innocuous than the bright blue it had been moments ago. "So, you see I was able to make a new wish which didn't contradict the old one and have it work. The branch is still blue. However, if I was to try and move the branch back to its previous brighter blue, that would fail as it contradicts the latest wish."

Karyn was clearly astounded. "This is great. Scary but great. We can have lots of fun with this."

I wasn't so sure. "I dunno, Karyn, it seems very dangerous to me, I'm thinking of just locking it away and throwing away the key."

"You can't be serious. You have the most amazing discovery ever, and you want to lock it away. How about this: how about we try it out for a while and if anything disastrous happens or looks like happening, then we'll decide to put it somewhere safe."

She was making a reasonable amount of sense. "Okay. We'll use it for a week, but not for anything drastic. We'll have a little fun and nothing more. Agreed?"

"Sure thing. Can I have a go?" I knew she'd ask, and I'd never had any intention of saying no, but she did seem a little over-excited about it. In the end I knew I trusted her and handed over the stone.

Karyn fingered the stone, passing it from hand to hand, feeling its smoothness. The first thing she tried was wishing the branch back to light blue, with no success as I had predicted. She was just contemplating changing the colour of her shoes to better match her old slacks when we were interrupted by a high-pitched laugh.

Sarah McMillan, head cheerleader and class-A bitch, was wandering across the yard followed by her usual entourage of drooling, overmuscled football players and other assorted testosterone-fueled flunkies.

Karyn was unimpressed. "Can you explain to me why men are so shallow? Everyone knows that McMillan is a total bitch and yet, because she has blond hair and big tits, every guy in the school spends half his life dribbling down her cleavage."

"Not every guy," I noted, although I had to admit that Sarah wasn't bad to look at, even though I'd never associate myself with someone with such a untrustworthy character.

"Okay, most guys. There's only one of her; why can't she just pick one and let the rest of us have a go?" She sighed.

I grinned. "Got your eye on anyone in particular?" I asked, trying to sound nonchalant.

She scowled at me. "No. Just a general feeling. God, I wish I had long blond hair and big boobs and maybe then I'd get some of the attention."

I think it dawned on us both at the same time what she had said and we just looked at each other, a look of slight shock on our faces, but it was much too late by then. I found I had to look away from Karyn, as I got something in my eye, or so it seemed.

I knew pretty much what to expect when I looked back, but it was still weird.

To be honest, the breasts weren't really noticeable. Karyn always wore her favourite baggy green sweater and I was really pretty much in the dark as to her bust size before the wish, but presumably they hadn't counted as 'big', at least in her mind. The hair, however, was a different story. It was not only light blond and lying gently across her shoulders, but more shockingly, perfectly straight. It was not, in my opinion, a look which suited her, but then I didn't suppose for a moment she'd been serious with her hastily spoken wish.

Karyn looked down, pulled at her bra and lifted a lock of yellow hair to take a look at it. "Fuck."

"Indeed. This is why I wanted to lock this thing away. This sort of thing was bound to happen." I sighed.

She shrugged and then looked disconcerted at the new things obviously going on in her bra. "Could have been worse. I could have wished..."

She realised she was still holding the stone. "Never mind. Here, take this thing back before I mess up some more." I took the stone and put it back in the box, out of harm's way.

"We could make some more wishes to try damage limitation. You were pretty vague." I noted.

"No. At least not yet. Let me go home and sleep on it - on my back - and decide what's best. I don't think now is the time to be rash." With that she was up off the wall and walking away. "Meet me here again tomorrow," she called back before she disappeared around the corner.

I looked down at the box and shoved it in my pocket. I decided that tomorrow I was going to leave it at home, well-hidden from Mom. I figured it was less likely to cause more trouble if it was less directly accessible.

I looked around the now deserted yard and decided it was time to slope off home. Tomorrow was a new day and there was only one way to find out what it would bring...


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The next day Jon woke up and got dressed and Karyn stopped down to visit him.

Jon smiled, maybe this is the day he'd start pushing his and karyn's relationship to the more sexual.

"I almost forgot, lets get the stone", jon said.

Karyn smiled and followed Jon up to his room.

Jon closes the door and held the stone, in one hand and started massaging karyn's shoulders with the other hand.

"are... are you sure we should be doing this?" Karyn asked. "after all your parents are home still and..."

Jon smiled at her. "of course, after all I... I... I find you attractive. I... I think I love you."

He slid his hand into Karyn's pants and started fingering her.

"but... but what if I am not ready, this... this is awfully soon." Karyn protested. Jon just started rubbing more intensely and she moaned in pleasure and slid her hand into Jon's pants and grasped his hard member. Jon thought that he could always improve karyn's body, wish she had bigger breasts, or make her more aroused and want to make love to him.

"I wish Karyn was..." Jon started to wish. But little did he know before he finished he'd be interrupted.

my penis?

Karyn grasped Jon's dick and twisted it painfully.

"MY PENIS!" Jon gasped. then a look of horror crossed jon's face as he realized his wish was "I wish Karyn was my penis."

"I told you I wasn't ready" karyn said in shock as her body started to tingle.

Karyn then felt her body push up against Jon's, her arms fused to her side. her crotch fused to his. Her legs pulled into her body. Jon looked in shock as he dick got replaced by a limbless version of karyn's body fused to his crotch. He wondered if this is how the wish managed to work around the whole issue of keeping the hair and breasts. He also noticed his arousal was keeping her hard. Karyn screamed "OH MY GOD< WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME".

Jon stared at his crotch and his mouth dropped open. Sticking out of his crotch was a 7 inch long erect limbless Karyn. "Oh my god..."

Karyn looked angrily up at Jon's giant face. "WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO!?"

"I... I... I made a wish" Jon studdered.

Suddenly the door began to open. Jon quickly grabbed Karyn's limbless body and shoved it in his pants. As he did so, he couldn't help being a little horny by feeling Karyn's breasts and her little vagina. Much to his dismay, this only made her thicker in his hands and thus more difficult to shove in his pants.

"Hey, what the hell!?" Yelled Karyn "Be careful!"

"Be quiet" hissed Jon as the door opened all the way.

It was Zoe. "Hey, what's going on in here Jon? Where's Karyn?"

Nervously Jon answered "Karyn? W-What are you talking about?"

Zoe rolled her eyes. "Come on Jon. Don't act dumb. I saw her at the front door. I saw her come up here."

"Oh yeah, Karyn." Jon said stupidly. "She's uh... in the bathroom."

"Uh huh" said Zoe, unconvinced. She glanced at Jon's bulge and smiled. She shut the door and took a few steps further into the room. She said "So Jon, how's it going with you and Karyn? Thinking about making the next move?"

Jon felt his penis shift uncomfortably.

"Uh... what do you mean?"

"You know what I mean..." said Zoe, casually making it towards his bed "I've heard you at night; Dreaming of her."

"I have no idea what you are talking about" lied Jon

Zoe jumped onto Jon's bed. "Oh please. Don't lie. My room is right next to yours. Unfortunately I hear everything you say while you sleep"

Jon glared at her threatening. Seeing this made Zoe chuckled. "Don't worry. I won't tell anyone about your sick fantasies. Just so long as you do all my chores and cover for me whenever I go to my wiccan ceramonies."

"How dare you try to blackmail me." Said Jon "Get out of my room! Get out!"

Zoe chuckled as she got off the bed and made her way to the door. Looking at his crotch again she said "Well, whatever your planing for Karyn, it looks like it will have to wait. Your little friend apears to have lost his lust."

And with that Zoe left Jon in his room with his deflated Karyn penis.


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Jon looked down at his pants and gasped. It hadn't occured to him what would happen to Karyn when he wasn't horny. Would it hurt her at all? Would it make her dumber as she became softer?

Jon ran to the door and locked it before taking off his pants and boxers. Sitting down on the bed he looked at Karyn, who was laying face down on his balls.

"Karyn, are you ok?"

He heard a soft muttering in responce, but couldn't make it out. Jon grabbed the stone and said "I wish that Karyn could rotate her body 360 degrees without it hurting my or herself."

Karyn rolled over and lay face up on Jon's balls. This was the first time he had ever seen Karyn completely naked before. But far from being impressed, he was horified. "Oh my god, Karyn. Are you ok?"

She looked as though she had no energy at all. Her eyes were half open and her face was pale, as though she hadn't got sleep for a month. And unless Jon's eyes were deciving him, it looked almost as though Karyn's hair and boobs had shrunk a bit more then when they were erect.

"I'm ooookay." she said, sounding exhasted. "I just need a nap." She closed her eyes and within seconds she was snoring.

Jon gapped at his penis. This was getting too wierd. Now, not only was the love of his life also his dick, but whenever he wasn't horny, she would fall asleep.

"I guess that's because she is soft and has no blood circulating through her." Jon said to himself. Grasping the stone in his hand he said "I wish that Karyn didn't get exhasted for all the time she wasn't erect. I wish that instead she would get tired when she would have usually gotten tired when she was her normal self."

Jon saw a Karyn's face become less pale, but she still continued snoozing. "Oh well, I guess that's normal," said Jon "She was after all experiencing her first woody. That probably took it out of her."

Jon picked up his boxers and pants and carefully put them back on. "You know what?" he said to himself "This is ridiculous how I have to be extra careful with my own wang. I wish that Karyn's head, neck, torso and the rest of her was not anymore delicate than my old penis."

Jon smiled. That would help him out a LOT. Now not only did he not have to be careful with clothes, but also, he didn't have to worry about running or jumping or any other physical activity.

Jon looked at his watch and was stunned.

He had a TON of time left before school. He was almost certain that he would have been late by now, but he was wrong. He had a almost a full hour to get to his first class.

"Well, its a good thing I woke up early," he said as he stood up and went to the kitchen for breakfast. As he went downstairs, he couldn't help but hear a soft grunt come from his crotch as Karyn rolled over, trying to get comfortable as she swung with her head hanging down.

After eating, Jon took a paper cup and poured in some milk and cornflakes. Then he went to the bathroom and locked the door behind him. Sitting down and removing his pants, he stuck his penis into the paper cup and let Karyn eat. It felt extremely strange, like peeing except backwards, not to mention that he had to have his pants down and his legs wide open; couple that with the fact that it seemed that Karyn didn't have any muscle control in this state, and it made for an extremely awkward situation for the both of them.

So while Karyn ate, Jon tried to think; it was unfortunate that his thoughts kept de-railing every time he reminded himself that there was no way to un-wish his mistake. His wish had simply been too explicit, and now, no matter what, Karyn would be forever stuck with being Jon's penis...

"Ugh, okay Jon, I'm done. God, it's all in my hair..."

Jon looked down at his penis, which just happened to be a very pretty young girl with very healthy breasts and was apparently cold as well, since her nipples seemed to be quite erect... and realized that he needed to pee.

Without thinking about it too much, Jon quickly stood up to face the toilet and grabbed onto Karyn; and then stopped.

"Jon? ... Wait, you aren't thinking..."

"Ugh... I'm sorry, I really gotta pee!" Jon could only hope that no one heard him talking to his penis.

"Wait! I, oh crap..." Karyn cringed as she realized that there was no stopping it; Mother Nature called and at the moment she was a penis... "Oh man, this can't be happen-bbrg..."

Jon cringed as the full force of his urine hit Karyn; he cringed in part because he could practically taste what she was going through, and in part because with her like this he had next to no control over the flow and managed to pee on the floor for a bit before he'd managed to turn Karyn so that she would be spitting into the bowl...


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Karyn could taste and feel the urine bellowing out from her mouth, and she did not like it one bit. She continued to expel John's pee from her mouth until it started to only dribble out of her mouth.

Once done urinating, John gently shooks Karyn. While he knew she was no more fragile than his cock usually was, he still couldn't help but be careful with his friend in such a difficult position.

"Thanks for trying to be careful with me" she said while trying to spit the taste of urine out of her mouth.

"Sure Karyn. Look, I'm really sorry about doing this to you. Give me a few minutes, I'll try and figure this out."

"Alright John. Just FIX ME, okay?" Karyn harumphed and shut her eyes, hoping to sleep through as much of this as possible.

With that, John sat down and started to think.

While trying to figure out a way to wish Karyn back to normal, John sat back and started to relax. As his hands were resting on his stomach, his right hand absentmindedly drifed down slowly to his waist. It then moved lower, as is often the case with most red-blooded young American males.

And then, almost instinctually, he slowly started to rub his cock. He had completely forgotten about Karyn and her new position!

Before he knew it, his cock was hard and he was stroking it. He was really enjoying it, fantasizing about getting blown by Laura Prepon, when he was startled back to reality by a woman's moan coming from his crotch.

"Karyn! Oh shit, I forgot! I'm so sorry!" John stated emphatically, letting go of Karyn. This only served to turn him on even more, as he was now looking at Karyn's nude form again.

"John," Karyn said smoothly, "Please don't stop. It's so weird, it's making me feel so good all over..."

Hesitantly, John took Karyn back into his hand and began stroking her up and down. He was feeling REALLY good, and Karyn's odd moans of pleasure only served to heighten his arousal. It wasn't long before he felt himself getting close...

Jon stroked, his pace quickening...He NEEDED release, and Karyn only kept begging, begging to be used. The sensations coming from his crotch were added to by her own arousal, her own need. Faster, harder, he pumped Karyn, nearing his climax.

Karyn was in a world of ecstacy ever since Jon had started to stroke her. Her entire new body was running hot with pleasure, she felt good to be stiff, felt his blood pumping through her, and she moaned, knowing this was far better than any orgasm she had ever felt before...

"Yes, yes! Make me cum!" She screamed up at him, her eyes closed. She felt something welling up in her, and the pleasure and the rush of a MASSIVE orgasm burst through her and her mouth was forced open as the most delicious tasting cum flew out...with several quick jerks she had spewed Jons cum all over the bathroom and the aftertaste was pleasant in her mouth...

She was beginning to go limp and she sighed up at Jon. "Thank you, god that felt good..." She liked being used, "I want you to do it again, PLEASE, Use me!"

Jon was basking in the greatest orgasm of his life, and he heard his best friend, now closer to him than ever, begging for more...was it really that good?

Wondering, Jon grasped the rock and said: "I wish Karyn would not hear my next wish and this wish."

Thinking out his plan, Jon took a deep breath.

"I wish for the next week everyone, including Karyn and except for me, thought Karyn was always my penis. Girls find it very sexy and I am able to get any girl I want because all girls are turned on by the fact I have a girl for my penis. Also, Karyn will have the sexual desires and drive of a teenage boy. At the end of the week, the situation will return to how it is now but Karyn will not be angry or upset with anythign I do with her during the week."

A blinding flash filled the room and Jon looked down at Karyn, her body covered in hs- her- their cum with a little dribble still coming out of her mouth. Her eyes were fluttering, either because of the changes occuring to her or because she was still riding the high of the orgasm, Jon couldn't tell. Suddenly her eyes snapped open and she stared Jon right in the face.

"Mmmm," she cooed, giving him a lusty smile. "That was soooo good. I needed that. But I think it could be better. Why don't go and find some sexy girls. Fuck! I want to be sucked then stuffed up some nice, tight, wet pussy."

John looked on as Karyn was making HERSELF hard with her lusty thoughts. He got a wicked grin on his face.

This was going to be fun...


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It was an odd experience for Jon. As if first having a limbless Karyn for his penis and then listening to her beg to use her was not weird enough, his new wish had taken hold even more than he thought it would. Seeing her come out of her orgasm and immediatly want more, Jon was worried he had created a monster: a dick that litereally had a mind of its own and was after just one thing.

"Is that all you think about, Karyn? Just getting off and getting the next round of fun?" Jon asked. Karyn immediatly looked hurt and started to go a little soft. "No," she responded quietly, almost ashamed. "That just felt so good and I thought it would be nice to have some more... and... and..." Jon, feeling guilting for upsetting her but relieved for knowing more of his friend's origional personality was still intact, softly wrapped his hand around her and gently rubbered her. She immediatly stopped talking, closed her eyes and started quietly moaning with a small smile on her face.

"Sorry about that Karyn. I was just... not sure if I wanted to leave just yet." "It's ok," she responded, eyes still closed enjoying the intimate massage she was recieving. Jon continued for a little longer, but he then stopped and started to clean up Karyn. As he cleaned up the bathroom, it was weird feeling his semi-hard on hanging between his legs and knowing it was his best friend. "My best friend in now more ways than one..." Jon thought, His thoughts were broken as a voice came from his crotch. "So, does this mean we aren't going to find some girls?" she asked hesitently. Jon chuckled and responded "I think we can defenitly find someone to have some fun with."

Karyn smiled and slightly hardedned a little more.

"But, who should it be?" he wondered out loud.

As Jon thought about who would be a good first choice for him and Karyn, he felt Karyn start to go soft again. “Something up Karyn? You were so excited just a couple of seconds ago.” “Yeah,” she responded quietly, “I was just kind of thinking…” “What about?” “Well, I was wondering if… I could use the stone?” she looked up at him anxiously. “What? Why? What do you want to wish for?” Jon started to get worried. What if his wishes had not worked right? What if she still remembered everything? Even if she didn’t remember, what if she wished for something that would screw things up even worse? What if he didn’t give her a chance with the stone and she took offence to it? “Wait,” Jon though, “the wish I made will put everything back to the way it was just before I made it. So, anything Karyn wishes for will be undone at the end of the week. Besides, it could be fun to see what she wishes for.”

“Ok, Karyn, you can make some wishes.” “Awesome!” she beamed up at him. “But first,” Jon took the stone in his hand, “I wish Karyn would not wish for anything that would give her power or influence over me.” There was a small flash. “You didn’t need to do that Jon. I like you being in control. I am just along for the ride. I mean, I am your penis after all. Do you make wishes to keep your arms from wishing against you too?” she teased. Jon was surprised to see just how strongly Karyn considered herself to now be just a part of his body. “Now hold the stone against me so I can make my wishes.”

Jon placed the stone against Karyn and watched intently. “Ok, for starters, I wish that I was twelve inches when I was hard instead of only seven and that I was twice as big around.” There was a flash and when Jon looked down he saw that Karyn was indeed bigger and even though she was not even erect yet. “I also wish that I could be hard for as long as Jon wants me to be.” She smiled up at him as another flash filled the room. “I thought that might come in handy.” She looked back at the stone. “I wish when I cum, I ejaculate twice as much.” Another flash and Jon saw his balls had also grown too. “Doesn’t it taste gross when you cum?” Jon asked. “No! Are you kidding? It tastes great! It’s not even when like when you pee and my taste buds just turn off so I don’t have to taste it. It’s so good. And plus, the longer the cum flows, the longer our orgasm!” She seemed positively giddy! “So that’s how it works now,” Jon thought to himself. “Since she has always been my penis, the stone made it so she does not even taste my urine now. Good thing too. I would hate to have to hold it in to the point of bursting so I did not make her go through all of that again.”

“So, anything else you want Karyn?” She seemed to think for a moment, then got a sly grin on her face and started to go hard again. Just as Jon was about to take the stone off of her, she said, “I wish there was a girl her right now that we could fuck!”

The familiar flash filled the room and when it faded Jon and Karyn were not alone. Standing in front of them was none other than Sarah McMillan. “Shit!” Jon thought. “Of course it had to be the queen bitch. Could this be any worse?” Quickly hiding the stone under a stack of towels and hoping Sarah didn’t see it, Jon turned back to her and expected the worst. “Jon thanks for inviting me over before school. It’s been way too long since we’ve done this,” Sarah said with a smile. “Huh? What?” Jon asked in confusion.

Ignoring him, Sarah knelt down in front Jon and came face to face with his new and improved penis. “Hi, Karyn. How are you doing today?” Sarah asked licking her lips. “Not too bad, Sarah, but I am hoping to be doing better pretty soon,” Karyn replied. “Hmm, I think I can help with that.” With that, Sarah leaned in and lightly suckled on Karyn’s small breasts. Both Jon and Karyn gasped as a jolt of pleasure shot through both of them. Sarah gently reached up and began to massage the duo’s balls as she licked up the length of Karyn’s body and started to repeatedly lick her face in long slow strokes. To Jon, it felt just like someone was licking the head of his normal penis. As Karyn continued to throb in pleasure, Sarah increased her efforts and began to wrap her mouth around Karyn’s head and began to slowly work more and more of Karyn’s body into her mouth, giving Jon an incredible blow job.

As Jon continued to ride wave after wave of pleasure he suddenly felt a new rush which almost made him cum right then. He looked down and was surprised to see Sarah had worked enough of Karyn’s length into her mouth she had begun to deep throat Karyn. As he looked on, Jon realized she had gotten so much of Karyn into her mouth, Sarah had was rubbing Karyn’s tiny pussy with the tip of her tongue. Just as he thought he was about to lose it again, Sarah started to slowly ease off of him. As Karyn’s head popped out of Sarah’s mouth, Jon saw she was practically cross eyed from experiencing so much pleasure, her blonde hair soaked in Sarah’s saliva, and clear liquid coming out of her mouth. It took Jon a moment to realize it was not drool, but pre-cum running out of her mouth.

“Sorry about that Jon. I would keep going but you seem like you are getting really close and I want to have you, and Karyn, inside of me before you cum. Come on, I don’t want to keep doing this in the bathroom. Let’s go somewhere more comfortable,” Sarah said. Standing up, she wrapped her hand around Karyn, her pinkie softly rubbing Karyn’s pussy as she pulled them into the hall and towards Jon’s bedroom.


Re: Chick for a Dick - by ekempo5000

Jon was in a haze as he was pulled out of the bathroom. “This has to be a dream,” he though. “It has to be.” But it was not dream as he was reminded by a short gasp and a surge of pleasure, both coming from his crotch. He looked down and saw Karyn, still lost in the overpowering pleasure which was rushing through her, gasping and wiggling as Sarah continued to lightly caress her length and rub her pussy with her pinkie. Jon was barley aware of the fact he had not even bothered to put his pants on as he was lead out of the bathroom.

Arriving inside his bedroom, Sarah playfully pushed Jon into a chair at his desk and turned around to close the door. Sarah slowly turned around, dancing to a silent rhythm. As she began to walk to the bed, she slowly started a strip tease. She started by slowly removing her shirt, button by button. As the shirt came off, Jon saw the large breasts where indeed mirror images of the ones Karyn now sported, but these were covered in a red lacy bra. Sarah rubbed her hands across her curves, taking a moment to enticingly squeeze her tits before her hands roamed down to her waist and pushed down her miniskirt. Karyn gasped and shuddered as Sarah revealed and thong matching her bra. Smiling at Karyn’s reaction, Sarah turned around and bent over to un-strap her high heels, offering Jon and Karyn a clear view of her perfectly shaped ass.

Keeping her back to them, Sarah slowly undid the clasp in her bra and tenderly let the garment fall to the floor and walked to the bed. She climbed on to the bed, getting on her hands and knees, presenting her ass again to the stunned pair. “Come and get me,” Sarah said in a breathy voice, looking back at them with a coy smile on her face. Jon, however, was still too stunned to move. “Please Jon,” came Karyn’s voice, full of desperation. “Please, fuck her. Stuff me in her. I need it! I need it so bad!”

Finally snapping out of his trance, the situation hit Jon. He was suddenly so overtaken by just how erotic the situation was Karyn immediately started to drool precum onto the floor. As he stood up, he was surprised to hear more begging, but this time from Sarah. “Please Jon. It’s been so long since we’ve done this. I need you in me! Please?” Jon walked up to Sarah, and slowly pulled her panties down, revealing her dripping wet pussy. Seeing her goal so close, Karyn began to twitch again, quietly whining with need.

Jon climbed on to the bed behind Sarah. Putting his hands on her hips, he lined up Karyn with the waiting pussy before him, and thrust forward. Sarah gasped as the foot long Karyn filled her perfectly. “Oh yes! Fuck me, Jon. Fuck me!” Jon began to pump into her, feeling the odd sensations coming from Karyn as he did. Sarah surprised him as she forcefully pushed back into him, shifting them from doggie style into reversed cowgirl. As Sarah took over, she began to cry out more and more. “Oh, I love this Jon. The way hr tits feel rubbing up and down inside of me, the curve of her hips, oh FUCK YES!” She stopped going up and down on him and suddenly planted herself firmly on his lap and began to grind on his crotch with Karyn’s whole length inside of her. She gasped and cried out “OH! She’s moaning! I LOVE it when she moooooaaaaaaaannnnnsssss!”

Meanwhile, Karyn was in her own world of pleasure. The sensation of Sarah’s walls clamped down around her, the wonderfully tightness and enveloping wetness brought her to heaven. As she began to moan and hum with pleasure, the vibrations in her body shot waves of pleasure into Sarah who responded by clamping down more. As Sarah, continued to grind on Jon’s lap, Karyn took advantage of her ability to rotate and began to spin, slowly rubbing her tits all along the inside of Sarah. The best, however, was yet to come. While she spun, Karyn was feeling Sarah’s reaction and located her G-spot. Positioning herself perfectly, she began to lovingly nuzzle her face into Sarah’s G-spot.

Sarah let out a loud scream and felt an earth-shattering orgasm, shuddering in pleasure with Karyn fully inside of her. As Sarah’s clamped down on her, Karyn felt her own orgasm building. She tried to hold back as long as she could, but soon Karyn felt the wonderful sensations begin to build inside of Jon’s balls and then felt the rush of his cum flow into her ass at her base, through her insides and past her chest until it reached her head and forced her mouth open, shooting spurt after spurt out and riding the waves of pleasure. But it didn’t stop. She just kept coming and coming. Her wish for more cum was stronger than she was prepared for and as the pleasure continued, she kept getting caught up in wave after wave.

It was some time before both Jon and Sarah recovered from their orgasm enough to begin to think rationally again. “Karyn!” Jon cried. “Did she suffocate? Is she alright?” Jon thought. “I know,” Sarah said with a smile. “Wasn’t she great?” With that Sarah lifted herself off of Karyn. She slid out with a slick “pop” and fell flaccid against Jon’s stomach. Looking up at him, Karyn said in a tired, dreamy voice “Now that was exactly what I needed…” With that, she was asleep. “Heh heh, she’s so CUTE when she passes out afterwards,” Sarah said as she looked down at Karyn’s sleeping form. Before Jon could say anything, Sarah took Karyn into her mouth again and sucked and licked her clean. However, even this was not enough and Karyn remained asleep, but with a broad smile on her face. “Was it good for you too?” Sarah asked with a grin. “Ye-yeah…,” Jon responded breathlessly.

Sarah giggled and stood up, grabbing a robe out of Jon’s closet. “Wait here, lover. I am just going to go clean up.” She walked up to him and gave him a deep kiss before walking out of the room, leaving a stunned Jon to recover from the most powerful orgasm he had ever experienced. “So,” Jon said looking at his sleeping penis, “what should we do next?”

Zoe listened to the moans and screams coming from her brother’s room. “Damn it!” she thought. “Jon gets girl after girl just lining up to be fucked by Karyn. It’s not fair! Why couldn’t I have been the one with the dick that drives everyone wild?” She had peeked out of her room and seen Sarah McMillan (SARAH MCMILLAN for fuck’s sake!) the queen of the school’s social hierarchy leading Jon into his bedroom with her hand grasped firmly around Karyn. “It isn’t fair!” she screamed as she walked towards the bathroom. Just as she reached for the door knob, the door flew open and stranding in front of her was Sarah, dressed only in Jon’s bath robe.

“Oh… Hi, uh, Zoe, right?” Sarah stammered as she came face-to-face with her lover’s sister. “I was just, uh, stopping by to use the bathroom and, well, I needed to use your brother’s robe... Um… bye!” With that, Sarah left the room and headed down the hall. Zoe entered the bathroom and locked the door. She immediately started a tantrum, knocking the dish of bath soaps off the counter, throwing the tooth brushes into the sink, opening the vanity and throwing everything out onto the counter, and finally pulling all of the towels out of the linen closet onto the floor.

It was then she saw a strange stone lying on the floor. She picked it up, and inspected it for a moment, but was still too hurt and jealous to really pay attention to it. “Damn you, Jon,” she said. “Why is it that you always get to have everyone lining up to fuck you and I am left all alone? It’s Karyn, that’s why! If I had a hot girl as my vag like you had one for your dick I would be having everyone lining up to fuck me too,” she said with tears in her eyes. “I wish I had Sarah as my pussy like Jon has Karyn as his dick,” she cried while holding the stone.

Jon looked up and saw Sarah begin to open the door to his room. “Hey there, lover. Ready for round two?” she asked, when suddenly there was a flash and suddenly she was gone. Jon’s was left looking at the empty doorway where Sarah once stood. “What the fuck happened to her?” he wondered. “Oh no! The stone!” He immediately jumped up and, with Karyn swinging asleep between his legs, ran to the bathroom, hoping to somehow stopped what he knew had already happened.

As he approached the door to the bathroom, he found it unlocked. He slow turned the knob and peeked inside. When he looked in, he was shocked at what he saw. His sister was fingering herself, only it wasn’t her vagina she was stuffing her fingers into, it was and exact copy of Sarah McMillan’s face between her legs! As Zoe shoved three of her fingers into Sarah’s mouth, Sarah kept moaning louder. Jon stood in stunned silence until Zoe looked up and saw him. “Jon!” she shrieked. “I was, um, just um….. don’t you fucking knock?!” she yelled while wrapping a towel around her waist and storming out of the bathroom and marching down the hall towards her room.

Jon walked up and picked up the forgotten stone which Zoe left behind and said “I wish I knew what happened to Zoe.” In an instant, Jon knew what had happened. When Zoe wished to have Sarah as her vagina just as Jon had Karyn for his penis, the stone told him, Sarah was instantly transformed into Zoe’s pussy but since she wished for it to be just like Karyn was Jon’s penis, the stone had interpreted it as Jon’s previous wish and only Jon knew that Sarah had been transformed.

”Fuck,” he though. “Now Karyn is my dick and Sarah McMillan is Zoe’s pussy. Well at least it is only for a week… I hope.”

Jon stood in the bathroom, Karyn snoring quietly between his legs, trying to think everything out. “How could this have happened? Hell, WHY did this happen? Why would Zoe have wanted SARAH as her pussy? This is such a fucking mess… Oh shit! I just fucked Sarah, and now she’s my sister’s vagina! I didn’t just…?” Jon grabbed the stone. “I wish to know what just happened in this new reality!” The stone calmed his nerves when it explained how since Sarah is now a part of Zoe he could not have had sex with just her. “Great,” he thought. “That means I technically did not have sex with Karyn yet and she will not remember our time with Sarah. She’ll be after sex all over again thinking she did not get any yet today.” He smiled. “Oh the things I do to keep you happy,” he said looking down at the still sleeping Karyn.

From downstairs, the doorbell rang. Jon arrived at the door a few moments later and opened it to find Zoe’s friend Athena. “Hey Jon,” she said, then looked down. Jon followed her gaze and saw Karyn’s sleeping form hanging between his legs. “SHIT!” he though. “I NEED to remember to put pants on!” He looked up and was surprised to see Athena looking at Karyn seductively and lightly licking her lips. “Maybe a little later, Jon. She does look really enticing, but I came over to see Zoe,” Athena said with a touch of lust in her voice. Jon then remembered he included in he previous wish that all girls were attracted and tuned on by him because of Karyn. “Yeah, no problem. Um… maybe later,” he said, stepping aside to let her in. “Thanks,” she said, already heading up the stairs.

Jon watched her go, looking at he ass as she went up the steps. “She is pretty sexy. Maybe we could go at it later. That wish to make all girls hot for me is really…” he trailed off. “Oh no… the wish Zoe made!” He ran upstairs just in time to see Athena close the door to Zoe’s room. Recovering the stone, Jon said “I wish nobody in Zoe’s room would notice me.” He ignored the flash as he headed for his sister’s room. He slowly opened the door and stepped inside. “Hey Zoe,” Athena said putting down her back pack. “Hey,” his sister responded. She turned around from his closet and Jon was shocked and amused by what he saw. Zoe had put on a pair of low cut pants which were so low cut, Sarah’s eyes were just above the waistline, blinking and looking at Athena in silence. Jon could not help but notice a slight twinkle in her eyes.

“Jon let me in. You won’t believe it: he came to the door without any pants on!” Athena said taking a seat on the bed. “No way! Karyn was just hanging out there?” Zoe said taking a seat next to her friend. “Yep. She was asleep, but she still looked soooo tempting,” Athena giggled. “Damn, I wish he would walk around here without his pants more often. You have no idea what I do sometimes just to get a peek at her,” Zoe said, her voice filled with disappointment. “Oh fuck!” Jon said out loud. He was very glad his wish to remain unnoticed worked so well. Neither girl made an indication they saw or heard him. Jon, however, still felt uneasy. “My wish worked too well. All girls are hot for me, even my own sister!” Jon tried to calm himself, telling himself over and over it would only be for a week.

He was drawn back to the two girls as Athena slowly reached her hand up towards his sister’s face. “But, I told him I was here to see you first,” she said in a seductive tone. Zoe giggled and, to Jon’s shock, pulled her friend in for a passionate kiss. “This is what I was afraid of,” he thought. “Since Zoe wished to have Sarah as her pussy under the same way Karyn is my dick, all girls are attracted to her!” Zoe had made herself, at the very least, bi.

Jon watched in more curiosity than disgust at what was going on before him. Sure, it was his sister, but he just had to know what Sarah was like after her transformation. When he had briefly seen her in the bathroom, she had he mouth full, so to speak. As Athena and Zoe continued kissing, he slowly walked around them to get a better look at Sarah’s eyes to see how she was reacting. Finding a gap between the two bodies, he saw Sarah’s eyes looking up from Zoe’s waistline, wide with excitement as her gaze shot back and forth between the two girls. Jon was at first worried when he saw a little bump moving around the crotch of Zoe’s pants, but after watching for a few moments realized it was Sarah’s tongue, licking her lips.

He also noticed as Sarah continued licking, Zoe was kissing Athena more and more passionately. “Wow,” he though, “Zoe’s own pussy is eating her out. And I though Karyn was a handful when she just made herself hard. At least I don’t need to worry about Karyn getting herself off.” There was a quick burst of movement in Zoe’s pants and she gasped, breaking off the kiss. “Alright!” Zoe yelled looking down to meet Sarah’s stare. “Geez, she is so fucking demanding!” Athena giggled and laid down on the bed, facing Zoe’s crotch and looking into Sarah’s eyes. “Awww, does someone feel left out?”

There was a muffled shout, causing both girls and even Jon to laugh slightly. “Ok, I suppose if we don’t let her join in I will never hear the end of it,” Zoe said with mock annoyance. She reached down and began to undo her belt. Athena shifted her gaze up and looked at Zoe. “But do we have the time? I mean, what about school?” Jon felt his blood run cold for a moment. “Shit! I forgot about school! Ok, well, if I use a wish to get myself there, I will have plenty of time. I could even wish for the girls to think it was ok to be a little late and…” His thoughts were cut off by Zoe. “It won’t be a problem. We have Miss Lee first period and I am sure ‘we’ could convince her to let us off the hook again. Right, Sarah?” Sarah responded with her eyes rolling up, with a look of pleasure filling them. “You’re kidding me! Since all girls are attracted to her, Zoe is seducing all the female teachers to get away with shit. Oh fuck! That means all of the women teachers are hot for me too!” Jon stood in shock for the hundredth time since entering Zoe’s room. “Well, at least I don’t have to worry about covering for her,” he thought as he watched Zoe to continue to undo her pants.

He, and Athena, watched on in anticipation as Zoe stripped her pants off, revealing Sarah’s face covered in a pair of panties just as sexy as Jon had seen her in only a short time earlier. “Get these off of me!” she shouted. “Like I said, so demanding,” Zoe teased. Jon was again amused. Like Karyn, Sarah had retained much of her old personality. Athena reached forward and gently slid the panties off of Zoe, revealing Sarah stunning face nestled between her legs. There was a trail of liquid running down Sarah’s chin, the strong aroma revealing what it was. “Hey Sarah,” Athena said in a dreamy voice, coming face-to-face with the target of her desire. “Looks like we really got you going huh?” Sarah smiled back at her. “Yeah, heh heh,” she responded as her tongue reached out and tried to clean her chin. “Allow me,” Athena said, moving in closer. As she moved between Zoe’s legs, Athena extended her tongue and licked the pussy juice off of Sarah’s chin, dragging her tongue up Sarah’s face, until meeting her mouth, and passionately kissing Sarah as she had kissed Zoe earlier. Zoe responded with a gasped and her back arching in pleasure. She fell back on the bed, her hands pulling off her top and beginning to fondle her tits as her lover and her pussy continued to make out.

Zoe’s moans became louder and louder as Athena and Sarah shared their embrace. As they continued, their kissing became more and more passionate. It was not long before Athena began to suck on Sarah’s tongue followed by nibbling on her lip. As the foreplay escalated, so did the levels of Zoe’s pleasure. She was practically screaming as she grabbed the back of Athena’s head and forced her down into a tight lipped kiss with Sarah. Zoe’s body locked with pleasure as the orgasm ripped through her, her mouth opened in a silent scream of bliss. The only motion was Sarah continuing to French kiss Athena. As Zoe relaxed, she released Athena and allowed her lover to sit up. Jon looked at Sarah. Pussy juice was running out of her mouth and covering her chin and the inside of Zoe’s thighs. Her eyes were closed and her mouth continued to open and close as if she was on autopilot or in some kind of a trance, still trying to passionately kiss anything that would come close enough.

Zoe reached down and stuck her index finger into Sarah’s mouth, which she greedily took in and began to suck on, never even opening her eyes. “Wow,” Zoe said silently as Sarah continued her menstruations. “Hey,” Athena said coyly, “now it’s my turn.” She quickly pulled off her shirt and bra to reveal her own, healthy, C cup breasts, each adorned with a ring piercing in the nipple. The sight of the piercing gave Jon a rush of excitement and he felt some of the blood heading back towards Karyn. He looked down to see if she had begun to wake up, but she only stirred slightly and continued to doze. He looked up in time to see Athena throw her pants off to the side of the bed and spread her legs open to Zoe.

Zoe licked her lips and pulled her finger from Sarah’s mouth with a wet pop and a moan of protest. As soon as she opened her eyes, though, Sarah’s moan became a breathy sigh of anticipation as Zoe began to move towards Athena. As she approached, she bent down and sucked on Athena’s left tit, swirling her tongue around the nipple, then firmly tugging the ring with her teeth as she pulled away, bringing moans and gasps from Athena. She then kissed her way up her lover’s neck, her left hand groping hthe other breast as she moved their pelvises together. Just as she moved in to kiss Athena, Zoe moved her self between her legs and brought Sarah’s face up next to her pussy. Both Zoe and Sarah began kissing a set of Athena’s lips at the same time, bringing the girl to new heights of pleasure.

This display was too much for Jon, and he felt his erection beginning to grow. Looking down again, he saw Karyn starting to rise up and feared she might wake up any second.


Re: Chick for a Dick - by ekempo5000

Just as Karyn began to stir, Jon quickly turned and bolted out of his sister’s room and back into the hall, still hearing the sounds of the continued love making inside, and returned to his room. “Oh, Jon,” Karyn said half dazed, “I had such a good dream. We had the most incredible sex… OH it was soooo good. Oh no, I hope I didn’t get carried away and cum in your pats again did I? Jon, I’m sorry…” she said, looking up at him with a shamed look on her face. “Don’t worry about it Karyn, you didn’t cum. I was just getting ready for school. That’s why I have no pants on. But, we are running late so I am going to get ready and wish us there to make up the time, ok?” Jon was worried Karyn might see through his lie, or notice the moaning on the other side of the wall, but she instead smiled widely. “Oh, good! I’m glad that I did not make a mess again. Ok, well, I guess I will go back to sleep.”

Jon was still pretty weirded out by the situation as his best friend nestled into a comfortable position in his underwear and returned to sleep as he finished dressing. Looking in the mirror, he was almost surprised by the fact that he looked completely normal and found it a little difficult to even feel the differences between having Karyn in his pants instead of his normal penis. “I might even forget she is in there,” he thought. Turning his attention back to school, he picked up the rock and said “I wish there was nobody in the men’s bathroom by the cafeteria right now and that I would be teleported there." There was a flash of light and when it was gone Jon was standing in the empty men’s room.

Tentatively, Jon stepped out of the bathroom, not knowing what would happen. “Will the girls just rush me like they are ready for sex like Sarah did, or is it more subtle than that?” As he walked down the hall, he noticed all of the girls turning and looking and smiling at him, some even glancing at his crotch. Students, teachers, even a few moms dropping off their kids, it didn’t matter. Every woman was clearly drawn to Jon. Even more surprising, a few of the guys gave Jon hellos and high fives as he walked the halls. Being a ladies man had increased his reputation and he was now more popular even among the male population.

Classes proceed almost shockingly normal. Since he had mostly male teachers, none of them seemed to change the way they treated him at all, and even though the girls seemed more interested in him than the lesson a few times, it was no different then when he had seen girls fawn over other popular guys in class before. Once or twice he felt Karyn shift, but she would quickly go back to sleep and all seemed almost normal again. He was even lucky that his PE class was in a classroom that day instead of the gym so he did not even need to change.

Everything was going normal until right before his final class. As he was walking around a corner to head to his chemistry class, a hand suddenly reached out of a janitor’s closet and pulled him in. Jon found himself in a passionate kiss. He returned the kiss for a few seconds before pulling back to see who it was. Standing before him was a blonde haired girl, whose face was covered in the shadows of the dimly lit closet. What was illuminated, however, was the massive cleavage on the girl’s chest. There was only one girl in the school who had a chest that impressive. “Lisa?” Jon asked. “Ding ding, you win a prize,” said the busty vixen stepping into the light, her breasts bouncing with each step. Lisa Williams was a knock out was one of the most sought after girls in the school. She was attractive enough to be on the cheerleading squad, but rumor had it she did not try out because her tits made her back sore when she tried to do the drills. Rumors also spread about just what size her breasts were. Some said they were in the DD range, others said they were in the F range. Either way, she was a young boy’s wet dream. “Want to know what the prize is? Me. At your place. Tonight.” She pressed herself up against him, her tits rubbing against him, and began to run her fingers through his hair. “I’ll meet you there after school, sexy.” She reached down and cupped Karyn through his pants, causing Karyn to stir. “Don’t be late.” She kissed him one more time then opened the door and walked out.

Jon stood in stunned silence, loving the way his luck was going after his wishes, not even caring if Karyn was shouting muffled questions of what was going on and who it was the grabbed her. Jon quickly quieted her and said he would explain later, remembering he had been on his was to class. Jon walked in just as the teacher was beginner her lesson. Looking up and him, then the clock, the teacher crossed her arms. “Jon,” Ms. Stevens said, “you’re late.” Ms. Stevens was a young teacher who had just completed college 3 years earlier. She had a slim figure and wore black rimmed glasses. “That’s detention, today after class. Take your seat.” Jon quickly walked past the brunette woman and went to his seat in the back of the class, ignoring both the the boys snickers at his misfortune and the lustful stares of the girls.

As class wrapped up, Jon watched the other students leave and remained at his desk; hoping detention would not last too long. “Ok, Jon. For detention, you’ll be helping be sort the supply room. Come with me,” Ms. Stevens said walking into a room adjoined to the classroom. Jon followed and was caught by surprise when Ms. Stevens pulled him into a kiss just like Lisa had. Pulling away, Jon looked at his teacher in surprise. “Ms. Stevens?” he asked. “Jon, I told you,” she said removing her glasses, “call me Betty. I love it when you give me an excuse to keep you after. It makes things easier. Showing up to class late… very clever,” she purred into his ear.

Jon looked into “Betty’s” eyes and saw a look of lust and longing in them. Not giving the situation further though, Jon pulled her in close and kissed her fully as she had just done. Soon, the two were moving around the storage room in an awkward dance of kissing and groping, bumping up against the shelves causing jars to shake and clink together almost like chimes around them. Jon had his left arm around Betty’s waist with his right hand caressing her modest chest while she was running her hand through his hair while her other was cupping Karyn when she suddenly pulled away from him. “Wait, Jon,” she breathed in a husky voice, trying to catch her breath. “We have to stop now before we get carried away.” She quickly pulled her glasses back on and straightened her clothes. “You know how badly I want you,” she continued, “and I don’t mean to be a tease, but I am afraid what will happen if we get caught.” Before Jon could even say a word, Ms. Stevens walked out the door and back into the classroom.

Jon followed closely behind and was surprised to see a good 15 minutes had passed since they had gone into the back room. “I think that is enough detention for today, Jon.” She gave him a wink. “But maybe you could give me a hand later in the week. That back room always gets so cluttered. Would you mind staying after class again on Friday?” she asked, and hint of hope in her voice. “Uh, yeah sure, I suppose,” he stammered. A smile spread across her face. “Thank you, Jon. I'll look forward to it. In the meantime, I’ll see you in class tomorrow,” she said. The way she was talking and the way she looking at him reminded him of a younger girl, more like the girls in his class than a teacher. Jon walked to his desk and gathered his bag, making a quick check the stone was still inside, and walked towards the door.

Jon tried to think out everything that had just happened. Everything had been going normal, or normal enough, and then the last couple hours were just a blur. He felt Karyn shift again in his pants and figured maybe it was time to fill her in, and maybe he could get some answers too. Ducking into the nearest bathroom, Jon stepped into a stall and took a seat. As he began to undo his pants, he could hear Karyn’s muffled voice. “Can you repeat that?” he asked playfully as he pulled Karyn free of his pants. “I said, ‘was Betty putting the move on you again?’” she looked up at him with an amused expression. “Yeah, she was. What’s the deal with that?” She looked at him surprised. “What do you mean? Earlier in the semester you stayed after to ask about a homework assignment and it’s just kept going from there. She was getting more and more flirtatious and pretty soon you two are making out once every week or two, but she won’t ever do anything with me! She is being such a cock tease! I feel her groping me, but she never has sex with us, never gave me a bj, no hand job, she hasn’t even taken me out! Half the school knows Zoe is screwing around with her teachers, but she is afraid she will lose her job if she just fools around with you even a little bit! I mean she’s not even that much older than you! It’s just so… OH!” she groaned with a pouty look on her face. Jon had been doing his best not to laugh, but it was a losing battle. As she continued her fuming, he had begun to snicker more and more. “It’s not funny!” she shouted, getting even poutier. “I just want to be let in on the fun too, is that so much to ask?” Trying to look more serious, Jon replied “No, I suppose not. I’m sorry Karyn, maybe we can fix that.”

“I sure hope so! I can’t even remember the last time you were with anyone who put me to good use. And who the hell was it that grabbed me earlier today?” she shouted. Jon waited a moment and watched as Karyn serious face melted into a sly grin. “It felt really good. Whoever it was has a magic touch.” This time Jon did laugh. “I know. That was Lisa Williams. She ambushed me in the hall and pulled me into the janitor’s closet.” Karyn bit her lower lip. “Kinky,” she said. “Apparently she wants to meet at the house after school,” he continued with a casual tone. Karyn’s eyes snapped open and Jon felt her become semi-erect. “Jon, are you telling me that Lisa Williams, a virtual sex goddess, is waiting at your house right now for you to get home from school and you are sitting here in a bathroom stall talking to me when you could be fucking her?” Jon only smiled. “Jon! Get up, get home, and get me inside of her!” Jon, stood up, gripped Kayn and started putting her back in his pants. “I thought you might like that news. I’ll get us home right away. That should make up Betty not letting you out to play. And don’t worry; maybe we can do something about her on Friday.” Jon could just make out moans of approval and felt her firming up even more as finished zipping up his pants.


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Jon walked home feeling like he was on top of the world. While things were still weird, he was at least having fun. Karyn was still hard, but he at least had her shifted so he did not have a tent pole showing. On the way home, Jon noticed something a little different. All of the women and girls he walked past seemed even more interested than before. While he had been getting looks and a few winks while in school, now he was getting even more attention. He noticed girls were starting to cross the street so then could walk closer him. Women driving by were turning their heads so they could keep watching him. One had almost gotten into an accident. Jon really noticed something was up when a jogger came up to him and asked for the time. While she was talking to him, she never stopped jogging until Jon could not help but look at her bouncing tits. When Jon did look up from her bouncing rack he saw the smile on her face and the look of lust and desire in her eyes that Jon had been seeing from more and more girls recently. Looking the girl over, Jon liked what he saw. She seemed to be in her early 20s, brunette hair, great hips, and thin frame. Jon did not want to keep Lisa waiting any more, but he did not want to miss an opportunity like this either. With his confidence high, Jon asked the girl for her number. She could not write into Jon’s note book fast enough. As she jogged away, Jon could not help but stare at her well toned ass. Looking back down at the note book, it read “Call me, sexy. –Amber” followed by a phone number.

As Jon continued his walk home, he wondered what could have caused the increase in women’s attraction for him. What had changed from school to now? As he continued to walk, Karyn started to shift in his pants again. As he gently put her back in place, realization dawned on him. It was Karyn. Karyn was different. When he had been in school, she had been soft all day. But since she had become hard, girls were much more attracted to Jon. Looking back on the day, he noticed a pattern. When Sarah had been with them in the bathroom, she was all over Karyn. When Karyn got even more turned on from Sarah’s strip show in the bedroom, Sarah had begged to be fucked, but when he arrived at the door with no pants on and let Athena in, she was only mildly interested. And when Lisa got her a little hard in the janitor’s closet, Ms. Stevens and the rest of the girls in chemistry class seemed more drawn to him. “The hornier Karyn is, the stronger women want me,” he thought. Jon’s sly grin returned as he thought about all of the fun he could have with this revelation.

Walking up to his house, Jon noticed his mom wasn’t home. This would definitely make things a lot easier. He thought about what he would find in his room. He pictured Lisa, spread out across his bed, nothing on but panties and a smile as she cupped her breasts and welcomed him home. He was snapped out of his trance as he felt a strong throb and heard a moan from his pants and knew Karyn was getting more turned on. He gave her a couple strokes through his pants, and then stepped inside the door. The next few moments were a blur as Jon raced inside, up the stairs and stood before the closed door to his room. He was in suspense of what waited for him beyond the door. He gripped the knob and started to open the door. Just as the door opened a crack, there was a sound down the hall and Jon saw his sister’s door opening. It had been a day of surprises for Jon, but this one almost topped them all. Out of his sister’s room walked Lisa Williams. She adjusted her shirt and miniskirt, turned back to the open door, blew a kiss inside, and then turned to look into the Jon’s eyes. “JON!” she shouted, frozen in place. Jon stood still a moment, before angrily pushing his door open and stepping in to his room. “Jon, wait,” she called after him. He couldn’t believe it. His sister, his sister, had stolen a girl away from him. Lisa was suppose want him! In a fit of anger, Jon threw his backpack onto the bed, causing its contents to fly out and land all over his bed and floor. Before he could even say anything, Lisa was next to him. “Jon, please wait. I need you. I’m sorry, it was Zoe. I showed up to meet you and she started flirting and I couldn’t help myself. Please? I want you, I need you,” she said rapidly, pushing him closer to his bed. “Lisa, no I…“ Jon began. He was interrupted as Lisa began to kiss him and cup her hand over the front of his pants. “Please, Jon,” she repeated, pushing him onto his bed. “Let me make it up to you.”

Getting onto the bed herself, she kneeled between his legs and leaned forward to kiss him. She grabbed his hands and pulled them so the reached up her miniskirt and cupped her soft, bare ass. As they continued, Lisa began to undo Jon’s pants, freeing Karyn. Before she could even say a word, Karyn felt Lisa’s soft hand firmly wrap around her and begin to stroke her. She moaned as the precum began to flow out of her mouth. As Karyn became even harder, Lisa pulled away from Jon and moved her head down between his legs. She slowly began licking and sucking on Jon’s balls, causing grunts and moans of pleasure from the two. “See, Jon? I can make it up to you,” Lisa said in a pleading tone. “Jon…ohh…what is she…talking… mmmm…about?” Karyn asked through the haze of pleasure that was filling her. Before Jon could reply, Lisa wrapped her mouth around Karyn and began to suck her off, one hand playing with the rest of Karyn’s shaft not in her mouth, her other hand caressing Jon’s balls, and her tongue dancing across Karyn’s tits in her mouth. After a few moments, Lisa pulled off and looked at Karyn, saliva soaking her hair and dripping off her nipples while a vacant, yet lusty, expression covered her face. “It’s not important. It’s nothing to worry about. Is it Jon?” Jon could not even speak, every muscle in his body felt like Jell-O and Karyn was still throbbing in pleasure. “I told you I would make it up to you. And we are just getting started. You will never be mad at me again. I will be perfect for you. I want you to always be happy with me and to use me whenever you want. Just you. I’m all for you, Jon. I wish to be your perfect, personal, sex slave!”

Just before Lisa was going to wrap her mouth around Karyn again, there was flash of light coming from the stone which had rested right under Lisa’s bare leg. And when the flash faded, Lisa would never be the same again.

“What was that light?”

A very confused Lisa began to sit up and look around the room. “Um, that was… um… just the room lights flickering…” Karyn trailed off. She was trying to think of an excuse, any excuse, Lisa might believe. She was so nervous she was even beginning to soften slightly, the sensations of Lisa’s blow job from only moments earlier quickly fading in the face of this sobering event Jon, meanwhile, was looking Lisa over, trying to detect any differences the stone might have made to her. Seeing nothing out of the ordinary, he laid his head down on his pillow and closed his eyes. “Damn it!” he though. “That was close. But now I still need to try to explain what the light was, I still need to make sure nothing has happened to her, I still need to make sure she doesn’t learn about the stone, and I’m still horny! If only she would just…”

As Jon laid on his bed, silently lost in his own thoughts, Karyn continued to rabble. “Yeah, the light bulbs are old… really old… and sometimes they flicker, all at once, really brightly, and it seems like a big flash but it isn’t really… well, I guess it is but-“ She was cut silent as, in a blur of motion, Lisa’s head shot between Jon’s legs like a magnet attracted to steel and wrapped her mouth completely around Karyn’s entire body. Karyn immediately returned to her fully erect state and began to moan and hum, lost again in the overpower sensations of Lisa’s mouth caressing her. It was even better than before as she noticed Lisa was now deep throating her. Jon noticed too and was blissfully squirming on top of his bed as Lisa continued. She never even seemed to stop to take a breath. She just kept going…

“This is soooo good,” he thought. “This is almost even better than when Sarah and I were fucking. If she is this good at head, I can’t wait to see what the next level is like! I just hope she doesn’t start talking and asking about the flash again.” Just as he finished his thoughts, he felt his pleasure begin to increase. Everything suddenly felt more… intense. Everything felt so much… tighter, and softer, and wetter. If felt so good, so wonderful, the only thing that would make it better is if she sped up. A split second later, Lisa’s head began to bob up and down, faster and faster, until her whole head seemed to be moving like a jackhammer. And Jon was in ecstasy. The pleasure was so powerful. Over the squeaking of his bed, his heavy breathing, Lisa’s own moans, and the wet smacking sound coming from between his legs, he could hear Karyn screaming in pleasure at the top of her lungs inside of Lisa’s full mouth.

Karyn was in another world. A world of pure pleasure, where she was wrapped in an embrace of darkness and warm, wet, sensual flesh. Karyn was no stranger to pleasure. After all, she was a penis, an organ of pleasure. But this was unlike anything she had ever felt before. Not even close. Everything was so intense, so powerful, and so… perfect. And the pleasure was only increasing. Lisa had not tired, not slowed, and not even taken a breath. She continued on; bring Karyn to heights she had not even imagined could exist. The pleasure was filling her to her core, it was becoming more than she could take. She felt Jon’s orgasm building. It was stronger than she had ever felt. It was like a force of nature, ready to rush through her, erupt out of her!

“This is it!” Jon thought. He let out a primal groan and felt Lisa’s head make one last downward motion and plant itself firmly over Karyn. In an instant, it felt like every muscle in his body had be transmuted from Jell-O to metal as his whole body went ridged. He felt like he was falling into himself as he felt the cum erupting in wave after wave from his body, and felt Karyn twitching and spasming in her own orgasm as the tidal wave of cum flowing through her. Jon opened his eyes, but he still only saw blackness. “I hope this keeps going,” he though just before passing out.


Jon awoke from the greatest dream he had ever had. He had a magic rock, and it gave him some really weird but incredibly erotic wishes. Karyn had gotten huge boobs, then she became his cock, then he started fucking all of the hot girls in school with her… It was such a good dream he could almost still feel what is was like to have Lisa Williams give him an earth shattering blow job. Sighing deeply he began to sit up… and froze in place as he looked down and saw Lisa Williams, her unmistakable blonde hair draped over her face like a veil, still bobbing up and down slowly and gently between his legs. He looked down at her, and their eyes met. His were filled with disbelief. Hers were filled with passion… but something else. Her eyes darted back and forth between his eyes, like she was searching for something in them. Then Jon realized what it was: She was confused. They stared at each other a moment before Jon realized she still had not stopped the up and down motion of her head.

“Lisa, um, you can stop that and sit up. I’m not mad at you anymore.” Like a switched had been flipped, she stopped her motions, paused a second, and sat up, kneeling in front of him on his bed. As her golden hair fell away and he could finally see her face, his hands flew over his mouth to muffle his shouts. Lisa’s beautiful face had changed. Where her mouth and nose had been was now a very aroused pussy.


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It had been almost two minutes and Jon had not moved a muscle. He just kept staring at the sight before him, afraid if he moved his hands away from his mouth the scream he suppressed earlier would escape. Lisa, still sitting across from him, continued to stare right back at him. What freaked out Jon the most was the fact that she wasn’t freaking out. But he was glad that she wasn’t. The last thing he wanted right now was her to be going crazy. He felt himself beginning to sway and felt the room spinning. AIR! He suddenly realized he had been so shocked he had not even been breathing! He needed air! Finally removing his from his mouth he took a deep gasp that only made the room spin more as all of the air rushed into him.

He lay back on his bed, taking deep even breaths. As he looked back towards Lisa, his view was obstructed by Karyn rising up from between his legs. Her body was still hard and her head was tilted back with her eyes closed and a wide, open smile on her face with a tiny line off precum running down her chin. She was still lost in her own world as the residual pleasure of Lisa’s “blowjob” still ran through her. Jon turned his head to look at his clock. Almost two hours had passed since he had gotten home from school. “That means even after I had passed out,” Jon thought, “Lisa must have been continuing to suck-er-fuck-um- go down on me for well over an hour even after I passed out. No wonder Karyn’s still out of it.” Cautiously sitting up, Jon looked at Lisa again. She continued to sit patiently with a calm look in her eyes.

“Um, Karyn,” he said quietly, to no response. “Karyn,” he tried again, “you need to see this.” Her tiny tongue came out of her mouth and licked at the trail or precum running down her face, but said nothing. “Karyn!” Jon said and gave her a light flick with his finger, causing her body to bob back and forth for a moment. “Jon!” she shouted coming out of her trance. “What’s the- HOLY SHIT!” she screamed looking up at Lisa. “What happened?!” She rotated her body so she could easily turn her head to look between Jon and Lisa. “I have no idea. I passed out and when I woke up and her mouth was like that. It must have something to do with her wish.” Lisa looked from one to the other, patiently waiting. “Why is she just sitting there?” Karyn asked. “I don’t know. When I woke up she was still, I guess you could say, ‘blowing’ me and I told her she could stop and she hasn’t moved since.” Karyn looked back at him. “You told her to stop, and she just stopped and has been sitting like that ever since? What if that is part of the wish? What if she obeys you?” Thinking about it, it made sense to Jon. “Ok, um, Lisa, do you know what’s, um, happened… to you?” She nodded. “Ok… how do you feel?” Lisa’s cheeks shifted and it seemed like she was smiling, if she had a mouth to smile with. She gave the two a thumb’s up. Karyn gave a small smile. “Well, at least she’s happy.” Jon nodded. “Yeah, but I would like it if we could talk to her.” Suddenly, Lisa’s mouth pussy began to shift and in a matter of moments, her original mouth had returned. “Whoa,” Karyn said in disbelief. “Lisa, can you talk?” Jon asked. “Of course I can. You wanted me to be able to,” she responded with a smile. “Wait, what do you mean?”

“Well, I wished to be your perfect, personal sex slave. And that means I will be anything you want me to be whenever you want me to be it. Right after I was blessed to be yours, you wanted me to continue to please you and stop asking about the light I saw, so I returned to sucking on Karyn. As I was pleasuring you, you wanted to know what it was like to fuck my pussy, but I knew you didn’t want me to stop pleasuring you, so I changed my mouth into a pussy that was perfectly made to pleasure you. Even when you wanted me to speed up, I sensed it and responded to your wishes. And before you passed out, you wanted me to continue. So I did until you asked me to stop.” Jon looked at her, collecting his thoughts. “But, why didn’t you move, or talk? And how do you know all of this?”

“Simple, Master: Because you wanted it that way. You ordered me to stop but you gave no other order, so I waited until you wanted me. And while you collected yourself, I could tell your strongest desire was that I not panic because of my changes. And now, your strongest desire is to gain a better understanding of my new talents, so I am explaining them to you.” Jon sat in silence for a few moments, thinking everything over. “So, you will only respond to Jon’s mental impulses and desires?” Karyn asked. “No, I also respond to Jon’s verbal commands as well. Such as when he asked me to stop pleasing him after he woke up. I knew he still wanted to be pleasured, but I obeyed his command to stop.” A light flicked on in Jon’s head. “Wait, wait! You mean I can make you do practically anything I want just by telling you to?” Lisa’s smile broadened. “Close, Master. I will not do practically anything you want. I will do anything you want. You can use me for any act; change my appearance, even my attitude with just a command. I am perfect for you, Master. Yours alone.”

Jon could feel the smile spread on his face, and heard Karyn gasp as she became harder from his lustful thoughts. “Jon,” Karyn said in a breathy voice. Her breasts rose and fell as she breathed deeply, their shared arousal making her body stand firm and ridge. She bit her lower lip and gave him a lust grim. “What are you thinking now?” Lisa was already standing, driven by Jon’s mental desires, and moved to the center of the open floor. “I think it would be… insightful, to see just what Lisa is capable of…”

Jon sat on the edge of his bed, Karyn standing firm between his legs, as the two of them looked at Lisa in anticipation. “Well, Master, what would you like me to do first?” Jon could not stop the grin from spreading on his face as all of the possibilities flooded his mind. “Well, let’s start out a little small ok? How about if you… change your hair color to red?” Without even batting an eye, the change began. It was like someone was pouring dye over her as a wave of red washed over her head. Within seconds, her hair had matched the exact color as Karyn’s hair had once been. Jon almost mentioned the similarity, but quickly stopped himself. He did not know if his wish for Karyn to always think she had been his penis also made her think she had always had her current blonde hair color, and the last thing he needed right now was for things to be even more complicated. Before he could even give his next command Karyn spoke up. “Lisa, could you also take your cloths off?” she asked with a look of lust in her eyes. “Would you like that, Master?” Lisa asked looking to Jon. “Uh, yeah, sure,” he responded. Lisa wasted no time in removing every last article of clothing. Once she was stripped, Lisa stood before them again, her hands running across her body and her hips cocked slightly, a stunning beauty pleased to be on display for her Master. “This is so cool!” Karyn exclaimed. “Look, she even changed her landing strip to match her hair color.” Lisa spread her legs to give the pair a better view. “Of course,” she said in a casual tone. “That’s what Master wanted.” Karyn spun her body around and looked up at Jon’s face. “Jon! This is so cool! Have her do something else!” She quickly spun around not wanting to miss a second. Jon could not stop a chuckle. Between Karyn’s attitude and his own giddiness, he almost felt like this was all some incredible dream.

“Ok, Lisa, were going to try a couple things just to see what you can do. First, I want to see what type of mental changes you can do, like if you are able to perform skills you had never learned before. So, if I said ‘speak only in Japanese,’ would you be able to?” Lisa looked into his eyes and said “Hai, Jon-kun. Nihongo o hanimasu.” Jon slumped back in joyous surprise and Karyn started to laugh so hard she was bouncing up and down between Jon’s legs, which in turn only aroused Jon even more. “Ok, Lisa, I have to admit, I am impressed.” Lisa smiled broadly, overjoyed from her Master’s comment. “But I can’t understand a word you’re saying, so let’s go back English, but I want you to change your body so you look Japanese!” Jon looked on in astonishment as Lisa’s body rippled and flowed as it reshaped itself. She lost height as her skin tone darkened and her eyes took on an almond shape. He was even more surprised that her hair did not change from red to black. “How’s this, Master?” she asked, striking a pose for him. “Lisa,” he asked with apprehension in his voice, “does this mean that you can’t change your hair color?” She suddenly seemed much less confident. “No, Master. You simply didn’t ask for my hair color to change. I-I’m sorry if I have disappointed you, Master. I can change it back if you want-“ Jon quickly stood up and walked over to her, taking her into his arms. “Shh, it’s ok. There is nothing to be upset about. I just wanted to make sure I would not get you stuck into a form I could not change you out off.” She started to shake her head vigorously, tears beginning to well in her eyes. “Shit,” he thought. “Now, she’s upset.” Suddenly, an idea occurred to him. “Lisa, you are to not be upset by this misunderstanding.” She held still in his arms for a moment, looked up into his eyes and the smile returned to his face. “Oh, Master, I was being so silly, wasn’t I?” she giggled. She then pressed harder into his body and began to grind against him. “I’m glad we’ve got this worked out. But before we get to that kind of fun again, I want to see what else you can do first,” he said, taking a couple steps back. Jon simultaneously heard “Of course, Master” and a groan of protest. As he returned to the bed he looked down to see a very upset Karyn looking back up at him. “Her pussy was right there, Jon! You could have given her a little fuck,” she said in a pouty voice as he took his seat.

Jon grinned as he got an idea. “You know what, Karyn, you’re right. Let’s try something a little… different. Lisa, I want you to start by returning to your form when we started, hair and all.” Lisa nodded and began to change her body back to normal. “Now, I want you to transform into what I am imagining right now.” Lisa seemed to zone out for a moment as she let Jon’s mental desires wash over her, and her body began to change. From above her perfect ass a tail began to grow as she slowly moved down to the floor. She began to crawl across the floor as the tail gracefully moved behind her. Her ears shifted to the top of her head and became pointed. Her irises became black slits as she sat on her knees before the two, her head level with Karyn. She was purring as she eyed Karyn. “What do you think?” Jon asked as Lisa leaned in. “My own sex kitten,” he laughed as Lisa’s longer tongue extended out of her mouth and licked Karyn’s length. Jon leaned back on his elbows and enjoyed the feelings and show between his legs. Lisa had moved further down and was beginning to lick and lightly nibble on Jon’s balls, which felt especially intense with her now slightly sharper teeth. Karyn had her head tilted up and was darting to the left and right, her hair flowing around her shoulders like rays of golden light, as waves of pleasure shot through her. As Lisa continued with her task, Jon reached forward and gently wrapped his hand around Karyn’s hard form. He started to massage her length, paying particular attention to her miniature, but still incredible, tits. Karyn rotated her body to face him, giving him a full view of her naked form. Her eyes were closed as she lost herself to the sensation flooding her body, her moans occasionally gurgled as a flow of precum rose up her throat. Jon looked her over, admiring her beautiful form. Her curvy hips fusing into his own crotch; her tiny, bald pussy; her beautiful face, now coated in a layer of his own juices. He had always wanted to see her naked when they had been just friends, and now he saw her beautiful body every time he took off his pants. What would she think when the wish ran out and she remember she was not just his penis? What would she think? Would it ruin their friendship? Could he even get her back?

Jon looked past Karyn and was about to try a new command with Lisa, when a shock met his eyes. It was Karyn! He blinked his eyes and shook his head, but it was Karyn between his legs, sucking his balls. She was back to normal! Even her hair and boobs were back to how they were before the wish. He was about to ask how, when he realized… it was Lisa. She still had the cat ears and tail, since he had not asked her to remove them. But his mental desires had once again reshaped her body. Ask he had admired Karyn, he had wanted her back to normal, and Lisa did her best to fulfill his wishes. But it still wasn’t Karyn. “Lisa, return to normal,” he said in a flat voice. “But Jon,” Karyn wined, “we’re not done yet.” He forced a smile as she looked up at him. “Yeah, but it’s getting late and Mom is probably home by now. And I don’t want her coming in and seeing this. Besides, Lisa needs to get home before her family gets worried.” Lisa stood up as she finished returning to her normal for and began to gather her cloths. “As you wish, Master.” Jon stood up and began to retrieve his own clothing. “Also, unless we are alone, you are to treat me as you would before you made the wish, not transform yourself unless I specifically command it. Understand?” She nodded sternly. “Also… you are to forget you even made a wish.” Jon saw a questioning look cross Karyn’s face as he gently stuffed her into his underwear. Lisa looked dazed for a moment, then recomposed herself and moved to his door. “I will, um, call you when I need you,” he said. “No need, Master. I can tell when you want me and respond accordingly,” she said with pride in her voice.

Not knowing what else to say, Jon pulled her in for one last kiss and opened the door. Before he could even say a word, Lisa instinctively moved into the bathroom and slipped out the window, a way Jon knew his sister used to sneak out at night which he was going to suggest Lisa use.

With that, Jon started to head downstairs.


Re: Chick for a Dick - by ekempo5000

Jon looked nervously at his watch as he walked down the stairs. “There’s no way Mom isn’t home by now,” he thought. A delicious aroma hit his nose from the kitchen, proving his mom was home and working on dinner. He slowly approached the door, afraid to enter. Because of his wish, every girl now found him attractive, even his own sister. He was worried he would have to fight off the advances of his own mother. Taking a deep breath, he opened the door and entered the kitchen.

His mother was leaning over the stove with her back to him. “He-… hey, mom,” he stammered. “Hi, Jon. One minute, I need to stir this before it burns,” she responded, not turning around. Jon waited in silence, until his mom turned around and smiled at him. “How was school?” she said, moving to the cupboard and getting plates for the table. “Ok,” he said quietly. She paused at the table, put the plates down, and turned to look at him. “Are you alright, Jon? You look worried. Did something happen at school?” Jon felt relief rush over him. “She’s acting normal!” he thought. “At least the wish didn’t get completely fucked up!” He smiled and started to grab silverware and help set the table. “No, everything is good,” he said. “Alright,” his mother responded moving back to the stove. “Dinner’s just about ready. Can you go get Zoe?”

“Sure, mom.” Jon could not help but smile as he walked out the kitchen. Looking things over, the situation could be a lot worse. OK, his best friend was his penis, but at least she was enjoying it. Yeah, the captain of the cheerleading squad is now his sister’s pussy, but it serves the bitch right. His sister may be attracted to him, but so was every hot girl he laid eyes on him. And to top it all off, the hottest girl in school now his own living sex toy. He was practically dancing when he reached Zoe’s door and gave a happy knock at the door. When the door didn’t open, he put his ear up to it and listened. He heard soft moans, which were quickly becoming the norm recently, coming from the other side. “Geez, she had Athena over this morning, she seduced Lisa away from me after school, and now she has someone else in there. Was she always this horny and now she was able to just get any girl she wanted, or was this caused by Sarah becoming her vag?” he wondered. There was a quick squeal followed by a feminine moan that got Jon’s blood racing. He could feel Karyn beginning to respond in his pants. “Well, Mom did want me to get her for dinner. And, if I catch her in the act maybe she will be more careful in the future.”

Jon opened the door and walked in to see Tiffany, one of Sarah’s old friends, in a 69 with his sister. “Zoe, what are you doing?” Jon said, his voice filled with mock disapproval. He stood there with a huge grin on his face waiting for the girls to look up in shock… but they never did. Zoe, Tiffany, and Sarah kept going like he wasn’t even there. Jon took a seat at Zoe’s desk and tried to figure out what was going on. He thought back to earlier in the morning when his whole world had changed. There had been so many wishes going on he was trying to remember- THAT”S IT! He wanted to see what Zoe and Athena were doing in her room and he wished nobody in the room would notice him. In here, he was as good as invisible! Oh, this just gets better and better.

“Jon! Zoe! Dinner!” his mom yelled from the bottom of the stairs. Both girls scrambled off the bed as if they were shocked. “Shit! When did she get home?” Zoe said pulling her cloths on. “Look at the time! Fuck me!” Tiffany exclaimed pulling on her cheerleading uniform. “Already did,” Zoe said with wink. “And you better again, this weekend,” Tiffany said pulling Zoe in for a kiss. “Only if you can motivate the team of wimps to win their game this week,” she responded. “You don’t even go to the games,” Tiffany said, rubbing her chest against Zoe’s. “Ok, I’ll fuck you either way. Now get home before your parents start asking questions.”

The two shared a passionate kiss and Jon took the opportunity to leave the room before the girls left the room and would notice Jon standing there watching. Jon had only made it half way down the hall when he heard Tiffany’s voice. “Oh, hey Jon!” He turned around and before he could say a word he was locked in a kiss with Tiffany. “That was supposed to be a surprise from earlier. I stopped by after practice to see you, but Zoe said you were asleep… with Lisa. You know, if Lisa is boring you so muc, you could always have me come over and keep you awake,” she said with a sweet, inviting tone. Jon’s head was spinning. But he felt something growing in him. A feeling of betrayal, of… jealousy? “So, you came by earlier and you stayed the whole time?” Tiffany paused a moment. “Well, Zoe and I are in a class together and she needed help…” she trailed off. “Uh huh… I’ll call you sometime this week,” he said. “Awesome!” she said, taking the chance to break off the awkward conversation and leave.

Jon didn’t know what to think. He was pissed at Zoe for stealing girls from him, but these were girls he would not have even had if it were not for his wish. Obviously both Tiffany and Lisa could not resist Zoe just like they couldn’t resist him, but they knew it was wrong to cheat on him with his sister. As he tried to figure it out, Zoe walked past him. “Come on, Jon; dinner time.” As Jon watched her go down the stairs, he felt his anger building. “Watch yourself, Zoe,” he thought. “If this keeps up…” With a sour expression, he headed down the stairs.

“Zoe,” he heard his mother say, “you know I don’t approve of pants that low.” He came around the corner and saw Zoe was wearing the same low cut jeans from this morning, with Sarah’s eyes visible above the waist line. “Other girls wear pants like this,” Zoe pouted.

“Other girls do not have part of their… privates showing when they wear pants that low.”

“Mom, she can’t see if I wear other pants,” Zoe whined. Jon’s mother gave her disapproving stare. “School has no problem with it,” Zoe continued. “Besides, I’m not the one who got detention today,” she said looking at Jon. “Detention?” his mother asked. “Damn you, Zoe,” he thought.

“Mom, it was only-“

He was cut off as the doorbell rang. “I’ll get it,” Zoe said, glad to be out of trouble. Jon and his mother stood in silence for a moment. “I was late for class,” he said. “I was in the bathroom too long between classes and I was late.” Him mom starred at him a little longer, then sighed and said “Ok, just try to plan your time better. Let’s get started.” She sat down at the table and started to serve food.

”Look who was at the door,” Zoe said coming back into the room, followed by a very upset Lisa. “Jon, I…”

“What was she doing outside? Really, you two, this is ridiculous. You,” she said, looking at Zoe, “need to watch how provocative your clothing is. And you,” she said, looking at Jon “cannot let sex toys just go running around outside.” Jon’s eyes snapped open as he starred at his mother. “I’ve lost my appetite. I’ll be in the office catching up on work.” With that, she stormed out of the room.

Zoe looked down and looked at Sarah who had an amused look in her eyes. Zoe giggled and a muffled laugh came from her crotch. Jon stood up, gave Lisa a hug, and then headed with her towards his room. Once they were in private, Jon asked, “Lisa, what’s wrong?”

“Jon, I don’t know what’s going on! My parents, my brother, they’re… they’re…” Lisa stammered. “Shh, shh, I want you to relax so you can tell me what’s going on,” Jon instructed. Lisa took a deep breath and composed herself as Jon commanded, but she was still visibly upset. “They’re gone, Jon. I went home like you wanted and there was a different family living there. I asked where my family was and they told me they had moved with all of the money they had received from the alteration.”

“’The alteration’? What ‘alteration’?” Jon asked. “I don’t know. But my family is gone, Jon, and I don’t know where they are!” Tears ran down Lisa’s face, but she remained standing at attention before Jon, held in place by his command for her to give an explanation. Jon felt his heart sink. Careless wishing had forever altered another life. “Lisa, until I tell you otherwise, I want you to be quiet, stay right where you are, and not think about any of this.”

As soon as Jon spoke the command, Lisa face took on an empty expression, her eyes seemed to glass over, and she collapsed to the floor. Jon rushed forward to see what had happened to her, only to find she had changed herself into a real doll: a life-sized, silicone doll. She had become exactly what Jon had wanted. She wouldn’t be moving, she’d remain quiet, and she wouldn’t be thinking about anything until Jon ordered her to change back. Jon first thought about changing her back, but seeing the still wet tears on her silicone face, he decided to let her remain like that until he could think some things out.

Jon paced back and forth in his room, trying to figure out what to do. Every time he saw Lisa on the floor, he would lose his train of thought and focus only on his guilt. After a couple minutes, he realized he was letting Lisa, doll or not, just lay on the floor in the middle of the room. Walking over to her, he stared into her eyes for a moment, expecting her to blink or say something, but no signs of life shown through. Sighing, he picked her up, surprised to find that she was just as heavy as if she were normal, and gently laying her on his bed. He stood a moment staring at her, thinking of the new situation he had gotten himself into. “I need to get out of this room,” he thought.

Jon didn’t want to go far and leave the house, he felt like he would be abandoning Lisa, but he still needed some privacy, which left only one option: the bathroom. Recalling all of the sexual encounters he had over the day, he felt a shower would really hit the spot and maybe making him feel at least a little cleaner. Removing his clothes, he began to hear Karyn’s voice. “Shit, I can’t get alone even when I shower,” he thought. Deciding it was best to ignore her; Jon continued to undress until he stood naked. “Jon, what’s going on? I head a lot of yelling, and then I thought I heard crying. What’s- Oh! Hey, Lisa!” Karyn shouted, seeing Lisa’s still form on the bed. “Lisa? Hey, Lisa? Are you- Wait… Wait, is she…? Oh, Jon! That’s so cool! Does she know what’s going on? This is so cool! I can’t wait to get in her like that! Hey wait! Where are you going?” Karyn yelled as Jon began to put on his bathrobe. “Quiet!” he said in a stern voice. Karyn got a hurt look on her face as Jon wrapped the towel over her and tied his belt. Even thought the bathroom was practically right outside his door, Jon still felt exposed having Karyn hanging between his legs as he walked down the hall with only a robe on. He had been scared about running into Zoe, but the load music blasting from her room meant it would be hours before she came out. At least some things hadn’t changed.

Jon entered the bathroom and locked the door behind him. He walked over to the tub and started running the water, finding the sound to be soothing and already helping to calm his nerves. The water also awoke another feeling in Jon. Standing up, he turned to the toilet and opened his robe. Karyn was hanging upside-down between his legs, but still rotated to look at him. “Jon? Are you-” Cutting her off, Jon rotated her so she was facing down, held her firmly, and released. The urine flew out of her mouth in a steady stream like it would normally, and Jon couldn’t help himself but to look at Karyn face as he relieved himself. She had a calm, almost impatient expression on her face, like this was no big deal and she had been expecting it. As the stream died, Karyn seemed to take a deep breath, opened her mouth again and expelled the finally few drips from inside of her. Jon flushed the toilet and walked over to the tub to check the water temperature. “Will you please talk to me, Jon? I’ve never seen you like this,” Karyn pleaded. “I need to think, Karyn. I need a few minutes alone,” Jon responded. A curious expression covered her miniature face. “But… you are alone.” Jon looked at her in surprise. “Um, you’re here,” he said in a sarcastic tone. “Um, I’m your dick,” she responded in the same tone. “Of course I’m here. So are your hair and nose and legs. What’s your point?” Jon felt his guilt rising again. “So, you don’t even see yourself as a person?” he asked bitterly. “Jon,” she said in a calming voice, “I’m your penis. I’m your penis. How could I be a person?” Tears started to well up in Jon’s eyes. “Hey, don’t cry Jon. Why are you upset? I’m not. You’ve always treated me well. Come on, what’s got you so upset?”

“It’s the stone!” Jon hissed, trying to keep his voice down. “Ever since I got it, it’s only screwed things up!” Karyn look at him with sympathy. “What has it screwed up Jon? The only wished made with it made me bigger, sent you to school, then changed Lisa and she did that to herself.” Jon gritted his teeth. “NO! It also… it…” he looked down at her. How could he tell her the truth about her, Zoe, and the rest? “It… did something to Lisa’s family. That’s why she’s back here now.” Kayrn thought a moment. “You could make a wish to find out what happened,” she offered. “I’m nervous about using it again,” he responded. “Jon, if you make a careful wish, it will be ok. I think you’ll feel better. I’ll help you think of the right wording.” Jon took a deep breath and wiped the tears away. “Thanks, Karyn.”

“There is one more thing, Jon,” she said. “What is it?” She took a deep breath and sighed. “I think you should let Lisa remember the stone.” Jon opened his mouth but Karyn continued. “She did this to herself because she did not know what the stone was, so this would help to avoid any mistakes in the future. It would also help her to understand what has happened to her and her family. And, she could watch the stone for you when you didn’t want to carry it. Just order her to never be allowed to use it without your permission.” Jon looked at her a moment and a small smile grew on his face. “Damn, even as my dick she’s smarter than me,” he thought. “Ok, I’ll fill her in about the stone. But first, let’s get cleaned up.” Karyn returned the smile. “Sounds good.”


After showering, which almost turned into a round of masturbating if Karyn had gotten her way, Jon returned to his room and stood in his open bathrobe looking at the still Lisa, holding the stone in his hand. “Yeah, I think that wish would be fine and not screw anything up,” Karyn said. “Ok. I wish to know how in this version of reality Lisa’s family left while not forgetting anything about any of the previous versions of reality I have experience.” Jon felt Karyn give a slight nod as the information flowed into his mind. “Well?” she asked. Jon took a deep breath. “Lisa, you can return to the way you were before you froze.” It was like watching sped up film of winter thawing into spring as Lisa’s skin took on a more fleshy texture, her chest slowly moving as she took in gentle breaths, and finally began to blink her eyes. Slowly, she sat up on the bed. “Hello, Master,” she said, her voice still filled with sadness. Jon sat down on the bed next to her. “Lisa, this is important. See this?” he asked, holding up the stone. “Yes, Master.”

“You are never to touch or move this unless I command you or it is to keep it away from someone other than me unless I give them permission to touch it. Also, if you ever do hold this, you are not allowed to talk, unless I also allow it. Understand?” She nodded obediently. “I understand, Master.” Jon put the stone down on his nightstand. “I know what happened to your family.” Her face lit up. “But first, I want you to remember what I ordered you to forget… about the stone.” Lisa closed her eyes, seemed to meditate a moment, and snapped them open. “It grants wishes, Master! That is how I became your personal sex toy. But what about my family?” Jon explained about the way the stone changed reality. “In this reality, you volunteered yourself to be turned into the first of a new type of ultimate sex toy. There was a contest held to promote the new line. You were the first place prize and I won you. However, because it was so difficult to change you, you’re the only one the company made before they stopped the model. Since you were now considered a thing, your parents got the money you were to be paid and moved away so they would not have to keep seeing what had happened to you. This is how the stone was able to make you be allowed to change, be the only person who could, and also be considered my property.” Lisa sat stunned for a moment. “That is… quite a stretch, Master,” she finally said. “I know, but if you’re not careful, the stone does a lot of weird things. Listen, I’ll try to think of a way to reverse this and get you back to normal.” She smiled at him and hugged him. “Thank you. Master, but right now, I would like to stay yours. I remember even before the wish, and I made it because I truly did want to be yours. I am… content, Master.”

Jon felt better now that he had told Lisa the truth, but he still felt depressed and unsure about everything else that had happened. Looking at the clock, Jon realized how late it was. He gave Lisa a kiss. “Let’s get ready for bed.” Jon took off his bathrobe and started to reach for his sleepwear when he felt Lisa’s arms wrap around him from behind. He turned around and found her completely naked with a big grin on her face. Gently, she pulled him to the bed and they crawled in together and pressed their bodies up against each other, Karyn nestled between them. “Tomorrow’s going to be another interesting day,” he thought as he drifted off.


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Karyn woke up, feeling stiff and ridged. It was her perfect way to start a day. She slowly rotated her head, feeling her long hair brush across her back and sweep around to rub her nipples. The sensation made them harden slightly, and in response she felt her whole body rush with a little more blood and throb slightly. She moaned slightly, enjoying the feeling of herself engorging, and felt a little precum travel up her length and collect in her mouth, which she swished around a savored as if it were a fine wine, before swallowing it and letting out a content exhale.

“Morning,” she heard a voice say in front her. She opened her eyes to see Lisa’s beautiful face before her. “Morning yourself,” she responded with a smile. “You looking like you’re enjoying yourself. Is this a morning ritual for you?” Lisa asked. She was laying on Jon’s bed, positioning herself between his spread legs, her face almost in his crotch. Karyn closed her eyes again, and tilted her head up, losing herself to the sensations again. “It all depends on how Jon feels in the mornings, but it’s a pretty regular occurrence.” Lisa giggled and ran her finger along Karyn’s length. She shuddered as she felt Jon’s blood rush and throb in her head as precum slowly started to run out of her mouth. “I was thinking of giving Master a pleasant morning surprise. I hope you don’t mind,” she teased as she moved in closer. “No, not-OH!” she gasped as Lisa gently licked Jon’s right nut. “Not at all.”

Jon began to moan slightly, still asleep. Karyn continued to ride the waves of pleasure as Lisa expertly brought her to higher and higher levels of arousal. Karyn was just beginning to lose touch with reality and lose herself in the pleasure when Jon began to stir. “Oh, man, that’s… Mmmm, oh yeah… Wait… Lisa, wait!” Jon quickly sat up and pulled away from Lisa. Karyn began to whimper in protest. “Jon, come on! Just a little more! Please!” Jon stood up, grabbing the stone as he did, and walked over to his dresser, pulled out some underwear and pants and began to put them on. Karyn gave one last grumble before she found herself unceremoniously pushed into his pants and zipped up, her world going black. She felt Jon stick his hand into his right pocket and could feel a lump in it. “Must be the stone,” she thought. Karyn heard Jon and Lisa talking, but she could only hear their voices as mumbles through the fabric. Karyn took a deep breath and tried to make herself comfortable. She knew Jon’s routine. First he would go across the hall, use the bathroom, get dressed (which would be her last bit of exposure for sometime), go downstairs, eat, then head to school. Sometimes he would let her out to use the restroom at school, and a couple of times he had actually pulled her out to receive a random blowjob, but she spent most of her time in the darkness, held comfortably in place by Jon’s boxer-briefs.

Karyn felt and unexpected hand gently cup her, which had to be Lisa, before Jon made the typical walk to the bathroom, where the light momentarily blinded her as Jon positioned her. Karyn felt the pressure build behind her, opened her mouth and let the pee come. It was not a lot, which Karyn was thankful for. She was so annoyed when she had to just hang there waiting for it to stop. It was so boring. Before Jon could put her away, she quickly spoke up. “Why didn’t you let Lisa finish? It was soooo fucking good!” Jon’s head dropped a bit. “I still feel guilty about what happened to her.”

“But she’s enjoying herself! I’m enjoying myself!” As she spoke, Karyn could see Jon was getting even more depressed when she mentioned herself. Trying to change the subject, she quickly asked, “Are you going to bring the stone to school again?” Jon nodded slightly. Karyn grinned. “Going to use it?” Jon looked at her a moment and said quietly, “No, I just don’t trust leaving it here yet.” Karyn scoffed loudly. “Jon, come on! You have a magic rock! Use it! Enjoy it! And use Lisa while you’re at it. She’ll begin to feel bad if you keep treating her like this. Come on.” Jon rolled his eyes, grasped Karyn and started to push her back into his pants. Karyn could only sigh and try to make herself comfortable as the darkness closed in again.


Karyn awoke with a start as light rushed in around her. “Huh? Wha?” she muttered. “Shh. Quiet,” she heard Jon reply. When the underwear didn’t come off, Karyn realized it was only gym class and closed her eyes to go back to sleep until class was over and Jon took his end of class shower. After the hour was up, Karyn was once again woken up by the light. She wiggled slightly and rotated herself to a comfortable position for the shower. However, Jon never took off the underwear. Instead, he started to get changed back into his regular clothes. “Hey! Jon, wait! It smells in here!” But he didn’t respond as she was once again wrapped tight in his pants. “This sucks,” she thought.


As Karyn leaned up against Jon’s balls, she let her mind wander to the great morning she had with Lisa before Jon had ended it. She let her mind wander to all of the possibilities and fun they could have with Lisa, and she started to feel herself harden. She closed her eyes and was about to start getting into it when she felt a slight tap from outside break her concentration. Jon was keeping her from getting hard! What the hell? He had been acting stranger and stranger. He was so depressed recently. He seemed so tense about everything, especially the stone. It all made no sense. Karyn’s thoughts were broken by a rush of motion. It must be the end of school. She knew Jon was at this moment walking out the classroom, down the hall, out the door, and towards home. He didn’t even stop to talk to Betty. Something was definitely up.

When Jon got home, Karyn could hear Lisa’s voice as soon as he stepped into the house. It had been a long, boring day for Karyn. Usually, Jon would either get him self off, or there would be some random hottie that would meet up with Jon for a little fun after school. And now, there was Lisa, and Karyn couldn’t wait, She started to get hard again, feeling Jon’s blood flow into her, and did her best to push out against the fabric, Karyn could tell that Lisa had noticed because here voice was moving closer, and then she felt Lisa’s delicate touch through the fabric again. But she then felt Lisa’s hand pulled away and heard them talking again. Jon gave her another pat on the head, and she reluctantly went soft again. This was really getting annoying.


It was well after dinner before Jon finally got around to bathing. “Jon, do you have any idea how much it stinks in here if you don’t shower after gym class? And what’s the big idea with all of the tapping? You didn’t let me get hard all day! You barely let me out. What’s wrong?” Jon glanced at her and looked away. “Nothing,” he responded. “Jon, bullshit. Talk to me.” Without another word, Jon climbed into the full bathtub and sat down, Karyn submerged beneath the water. As Jon washed his hair, arms, chest, and back, Karyn waited for her turn. Jon quickly stood up, lathered her up, and sat down just as quickly, washing the soap off. Usually Jon would spend more time on her, usually even getting her off, especially when he took a bath. Why wouldn’t he talk to her?

After a few more minutes, Jon got out, threw on his robe and returned to his room. He quickly changed into his sleep clothes, which really upset Karyn who was looking forward to sleeping next to a naked Lisa again, and climbed into bed. As Karyn started to drift to sleep again she reflected on her day. This had been the most boring day in recent memory. Jon was depressed, and she was unused. Something would have to be done…


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Jon lay awake in his bed, feeling Karyn finally stop to squirm and fall asleep. He looked over at the sleeping Lisa next to him. He had ordered her to go to sleep almost as soon as he had gotten home and not to wake up until he had left for school the next day. He couldn’t stand looking into her eyes, knowing what had happened to her… whether she thought she liked it or not. She looked beautiful, her blonde hair framing her angelic face, her round breasts presenting a canyon of cleavage in the nightgown she was wearing. The nightgown which he had found in one of his drawers, magically put there retroactively after Lisa became his. Became his. His living sex toy. Which he could fuck any time he wanted. With his best friend. He felt so guilty. He had to make things right. But how could he? He was afraid to even touch the stone, let alone use it. But he was so terrified that someone else might find it and screw things up even more, just like Zoe had. What was he going to do? It took a long time, but Jon eventually fell asleep.

When Jon woke up in the morning, he was very thankful he did not have morning wood. He didn’t want to hear Karyn beg him to use her again. What would happen after the week was up? Would she hate him? What would their friendship be like after this? As he carefully slipped his clothes on, he heard the now familiar sounds of sex coming from his sister’s room. Taking the chance, he crept down the hall and cracked open the door to her room. Inside, he saw Athena locked in a passionate embrace with Sarah in between his sister’s legs while Zoe was moaning and twisting her nipples. Jon shook his head and walked away, not even closing the door. Not having an appetite, he skipped breakfast and headed out the door to school, hoping the monotony of classes might distract him, or at least, give some sense of normality to the world.


It had been really hard for Karyn to keep Jon’s morning wood under control, but she had managed. She wanted Jon to feel calm and not draw his attention. Her plan also required that Jon bring the stone to school, which she was relieve that she had. Karyn knew Jon almost better than he did. She knew which classes he liked, and which ones he absolutely could not stand. These were the times during the day she would usually get hard while he daydreamed, and from time to time even receive a little stroke (and not always from just Jon). She would wait until one of the classes he liked, when his attention was diverted. Then she would make her move…


Jon was sitting in history class, listening to the teacher’s lecture. It was almost like everything was back to normal, except when he would notice when random girls in the class would give him looks; sometimes even slight, suggestive gestures. Last week, these girls wouldn’t have given him the time of day, and now all of that had changed. Was this like taking away their free will? What had he become?

Meanwhile, Karyn had thoughts of her own. She had shifted herself at the beginning of the period so her face was right next to Jon’s pocket. As soon as she felt Jon was engrossed enough in the lesson, she began to chew. It was not easy to chew through a pair of underwear and a pocket, but she had finally done it, and not with much time left. If Jon found out about this, he would probably be pissed. “But not if this works,” she thought. “Ok, here goes nothing.” She took a deep breath, leaned in, and placed her cheek against the stone. “I wish…”

“I wish that Jon would not be so depressed, enjoy himself more and try to fix his problems later on. I wish Jon would appreciate the stone and enjoy using it. I wish Jon would use Lisa Williams and her interesting talents more often.” Karyn smiled proudly, pleased with her own genius. Jon would be able to relax, she would have more fun, and Jon could go back to normal and work out his issues some other time down the road. It was perfect! Karyn was just about to finish up when another thought hit her. Getting a mischievous grin, she leaned in again. “I wish girls enjoyed the taste of Jon’s cum as much as I do.” Karyn snickered to herself, almost high on the power she had at her disposal. Karyn took a deep breath, sighed, and leaned in one more time. “I wish the holes I made in Jon’s underwear and pants would disappear.” There was only the tiniest hint of a flash and the small holes Karyn made were gone. There were other things she would have liked to wish for, but it was Jon’s rock. And who knows? Maybe he would let her wish for them some other time.

Jon felt Karyn shift slightly and felt himself lean back and relax as well. Why was he worrying so much? He had a magic rock! He could change reality itself! There had to be a way of fixing everything. Besides, he wanted a week of being able to just screw around and enjoy the unlimited power the stone offered. Why not enjoy it? Glancing around the room, he noticed girls looking at him with renew interest. He absentmindedly patted the stone in his pocket then he patted Karyn, as if reassuring her he would make up for lost opportunities. The teacher cut his thoughts short as he dismissed the class. As Jon put away his notebook he noticed something. “Call me, sexy. –Amber”

Jon grinned widely and rushed to his locker. It was his lunch period so he didn’t have to worry about rushing to his next class. He threw his bag in to the locker and pulled out his cell phone, quickly dialing the number. “Hello, Amber? Hi, this is Jon. You ran into me a couple days ago while you were jogging. Yeah, that’s right! Listen, what are you doing this afternoon? Well, I’m not doing anything either. Want to stop by my place, say 3:00? Perfect, I’ll text you my address. See you later.” Jon felt like he was on top of the world. This was all working out perfectly. “Hi, Jon.” Jon spun around and found himself face to face with Tiffany. “Hi, sexy.” Tiffany giggled and stepped closer. “I was hoping we could meet up this weekend. After the game Saturday we’re all going to Ashley’s house. Her parents are out of town for the weekend so we’re throwing a party. You in?” Jon smiled. “I’ll be there, but how about this afternoon, too?” Tiffany’s eyebrows rose and a smirk covered her face. “What time?”

“How about, oh, 3:00?” Tiffany laughed. “Didn’t you just make plans for 3:00?” Jon could feel Karyn growing hard again, and this time he made no attempt to stop it. “Well, the more the merrier,” he said. Tiffany laughed, slightly pushing Jon’s chest. “You’re terrible!” Then, she ran her hand down Jon’s chest, across his stomach, and to his crotch where she firmly stroked Karyn. She stepped in and gave him a long kiss. “You, me, Lisa, and whoever you just invited, huh? Sounds pretty merry to me. See you then.”

Jon watched in stunned disbelief as Tiffany turned and walked away, swaying her hips and ass to give Jon a good show. “I fucking love this rock,” Jon said.


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“This is the life,” Jon thought walking home. School was done for the day, he had one day left in the week with a promised “Detention” with his hot science teacher, a party on Saturday, a personal sex slave and two sexy girls waiting for him at home, and the power to change his world to whatever he wanted. “Yeah, life is good.”

Over the past couple days, coming home had felt like a punishment, where he was forced to view the results of his horrible crimes, but not today. Today he stepped into the house with high hopes and expectations. “Hello, Master,” Lisa greeted him. Jon walked up and kissed her fully, drinking in her sweet taste. “Lisa, go upstairs, get out of those clothes, and get ready for some fun. I’ll be up shortly.” Lisa’s face lit up and she ran up the stairs, already taking her clothes off. “Oh, yeah. Life is good.” Jon walked in to his room, his shirt already off and his belt unbuckled and saw Lisa standing naked, striking a pose to show off her incredible body. “How’s this, Master?” Jon smiled and continued to remove his clothing. “What do you think, Karyn?” he asked as he pulled her out of his underwear. She immediately started to go ridged. “Oh, yeah,” Karyn purred, her arousal already starting to take over. “Not bad Lisa, but let’s see if we can switch thing up a little. First, I want your hair longer, down to your ass, and make it black. Next, I want you to take on a very Mediterranean appearance, complete with accent. Make your ass more heart-shaped, make your hips come out just a tad more, the tits a cup size bigger, and the nipples half an inch longer and twice as sensitive. Jon watched as Lisa’s body flowed and rippled until all of his commands had been met. “And now, Master?” her voice rich with an Italian accent. “Very nice, almost perfect.” Lisa walked forward, her tits jiggling hypnotically. “Almost, Master?” Jon smile. “Yeah, I need to make a couple changes. First, I am removing the command I gave where you are to only follow commands I tell you. If a desire is coming from me strongly enough, I want you to act on it. Next, every time I come home, I want you to be waiting for me some sort of a kinky, new form. Understand?” She lightly began to kiss his neck. “Absolutely, Master.”

Jon moved to his bed with Lisa following close behind. He lay down with Karyn standing proudly from between his legs. “So does this mean we’re finally going to get to fuck? I’ve been waiting to get inside of her for the days!” Karyn exclaimed, staring at the altered Lisa. “Well, we could fuck her, but then you might be tired for the others,” he teased. “Others? What others?” Karyn asked excitedly, rotating to face Jon. “Well, I invited Tiffany and Amber over. You know Tiffany, the cheerleader, and Amber I met on the way home from school a couple days ago. I think you’ll be please,” he responded, putting his hands under his head and stretching out on the bed. “Lisa, when they arrive I would like you to get them at the door for me. And go just like that,” he said with a smile. “I’m sorry, Master, but they have already arrived.” Jon bolted up. “What? Then where- Oh you’ve got to be kidding!”

Jon jumped up and ran out of his room, and down the hall. As Jon opened the door, he know what he would find, but was still annoyed. On his sister’s bed were Tiffany, Amber, and Zoe, all naked. Zoe was in the middle of the bed, her shoulders and head against the headboard. On her left was Amber, on her right was Tiffany. Each was sucking on one of Zoe’s nipples and had some of their fingers in Sarah’s mouth as she sucked away at them.
“You know, Zoe, I’m getting really tired of this,” Jon said, knowing that none of them would hear him. “And you know what? I think I have an idea how to stop this.” With a grin, Jon walked back into his room and began to dig through his pile of clothes until he found his pants. “Jon, what are you going to do?” Karyn asked, a sly grin on her face. Pulling out the stone, Jon grasped it in his had. “I’m going to let Zoe have those two. That way, she’ll have her hands full with them and will stop going after anyone I bring over.” Karyn thought about it a moment. “So, you’re going to make her only interested in those two?” Jon shook his head. “No, but between those two and all of the other girls she would normally bring home herself she will stop trying to go after my ‘guests’ as well.” Karyn grinned. “Not a bad idea. I can’t wait to see how this turns out!” Jon closed his eyes and took a breath. “I wish Tiffany and Amber were enough of a handful to keep Zoe more entertained so she does not keep taking any girls who come over to see me.” There was a huge flash that filled the room, and an instant later it was gone.

“Whoa, that was a really big flash,” Karyn said. “Even bigger than the flash when I changed,” Lisa added. Jon looked at Karyn, then Lisa, and then started back down the hall. Walking into Zoe’s room, Jon started to laugh. On Zoe’s bed, there was now only one girl. Zoe was lying on her bed, covered in sweat, masturbating furiously. Three of her fingers were stuffed into Sarah’s eager mouth, pussy juice covering her face. The other hand was pinching her left nipple, which was now square in the middle of Amber’s face. “Zoe,” whined Tiffany, “what about me?” Zoe pulled her right hand out of Sarah mouth and began to grope and massage Tiffany, smearing Sarah’s “drool” all over her right tit. Tiffany moaned and stuck out her tongue, trying to reach as much of the juices as she could. “Zoe… please… put them back in,” moaned Sarah. “Wait, wait.” Zoe said, lowering her arms.

Jon took the opportunity to examine his sister. He was actually getting used to seeing Sarah’s face in between her legs, but her breasts were now a sight. Her once modest bust had increased to an F-cup, and on each breast were the girls, or at least what was left of them. On Zoe’s left was Amber’s eyes and mouth, and where her nose should have been was a nipple about an inch long and ¾ of an inch wide. On Zoe’s right was Tiffany, the nipple on her face was a copy of the one on Amber’s face. Soon, all three were pleading and begging for Zoe to offer them some release. “Wow Jon, they really are a ‘handful’, just like you wanted,” Karyn said with a giggle. Jon stood watching the scene before him, enjoy craziness of it all. The rock really did have its own warped sense of humor, and he liked it.

“Ok, ok! I’ll call Athena and get her over,” she said reaching for her phone. Both of her tits and her pussy smiled hearing this news. As the phone rang, Sarah and Tiffany tried to lick as much of the pussy juice from their faces as they could while Zoe teased Amber’s nipple-nose. “Hey, Athena. You busy? Cool, see you in five? Ok, just come on up.” Zoe put the phone down and laid back a moment. “Come on, Zoe,” Tiffany spoke up. “It’s going to be five minutes ‘til she gets here. We can’t wait that long!” Soon all three voices were calling out again and Zoe returned to doing her best to pleasure them.

Jon walk out of the room laughing, and incredibly turned on. “So, how is that suppose to keep her from taking more girls from you?” Karyn asked. “She’s hornier then ever.” Jon entered his room and closed the door behind him. “Well, she did tell Athena to come straight up. Maybe she’s too horny to even leave the room,” he joked. “Either way, the stone made sure my wish will come true. I don’t need to worry about Zoe going after anyone else I invite over.” Lying down on his bed, Jon tried mentally commanding Lisa to come over and begin pleasuring him. A split second later, Lisa was next to him on the bed, licking his ear and firmly stroking Karyn. “Athena…” he mused aloud. “I’ve seen them fooling around before, but I wonder how many others girls messed around with.” Karyn moaned as Lisa increased her pace. “Well, you could just wish to know,” she suggested. “No, that’s too easy. What would the fun be in that?” Karyn closed her eyes, her voice starting to become distant. “So you’re not going to use the rock?” she asked, disappointment in her voice. “Oh don’t worry, I’m going to use it alright,” he said. “But the wish I have in mind will definitely make tomorrow… entertaining.” Karyn moaned again. “You don’t have to make the wish now, do you?” Jon looked down at her, feeling the pleasure rushing through her, and put his head back down on the pillow. “No, I have something else in mind for right now.”

Lisa was enjoying pleasing her Master. The past couple days she was wondering if he might not even want her, but now she saw that he wanted her very much. Following his mental desired, she started to work her way down towards Karyn, licking, kissing and nibbling the whole way down, her hand never stopped stroking Karyn’s length. She continued to stroke her as she started to lick her Master’s balls, then she started to move her way back up, kissing and sucking the base of Karyn’s shaft where her sexy hips fused into Jon. Then, she licked her way up Karyn’s front, paying special attention to her cute little pussy and tits. At the tip, Karyn’s face was covered with so much precum it looked like she tried to drink a glass of water in on gulp. She looked absolutely sexy. Lisa smile and leaned in, giving Karyn’s whole head a lick. Her taste buds erupted in her mouth. “Oh, Master, you’re always sooooo delicious!” Without another word, Lisa took all of Karyn’s length in one gulp.

Karyn loved getting blowjobs, but the sensation of being deep throated was so much better. It was so warm and wet, and she didn’t have any part of herself hanging out in the open air. It was… perfect. Then, she started to feel something weird. She felt something poking at her base. She realized what it was a split second before it entered her. Lisa had formed a miniature dick to fuck her pussy with while she was being deep throated. Before she could even make a sound she felt a new addition. In Lisa’s throat, two little mouths formed, directly over each of her nipples. Karyn’s rational thoughts began to drift away. She had recessed back into her world of pure pleasure, flooding not only her length, but every one of her most sensitive places. Nobody else in the world could be fucking her like Lisa was doing right now.

Since Karyn was Jon’s penis, he felt everything she felt. Which meant, at that moment, Jon was also experienced the sensations of getting a blowjob, having a pussy fucked, and having tits sucked on… all at the same time. Jon could not even give Lisa verbal commands anymore he was in so much pleasure, but he wanted more, needed more. Following her Master’s mental desires, Lisa rotated her body so she and Jon were in a 69 position, her efforts on Karyn never wavering. Jon reached up and began to kiss the beautiful pussy before him. He was almost too zoned out to realize that the pussy started to kiss back. Lisa began to convert her pussy into a mouth while converting her mouth into a pussy with Karyn still inside and still being fucked and sucked. As Jon grabbed on to Lisa’s ass, two breasts grew out of it, each crowned with a perfect nipple. “Get ready, Master,” Lisa’s pussy-mouth said, still in the heavy Italian accent, “I’m about to rock your world.” With that, Lisa’s head picked up its pace, driving Jon to new heights of arousal. He might have been able to go on for longer, if Lisa hadn’t surprised him and formed another mouth on the palm of her hand which she used to suck his balls with.

Jon let out a loud grunt, but not nearly as loud as the scream Karyn let out which he could hear coming from inside of Lisa. It lasted for only a moment thought as it was cut off by the stream of cum erupting from her tiny mouth. Jon was panting heavily, unable to move. The pussy mouth above him smiled and gave him one more kiss. “I’m glad you enjoyed it, Master.” Lisa slowly climbed off of him, reverting to normal as she did, waiting until the very end to let Karyn flop out of her mouth like a wet noodle. “Will there be anything else for the moment, Master?” Jon could only get enough energy to barely shake his head. “Very well. I will tidy up the room and get you some water.” Jon laid motionless on the bed, basking in the lingering pleasure of such a massive orgasm. It was a good half an hour before he felt like even trying to move again. As he sat up, he heard Karyn’s voice, very quiet ask “So what was your idea?” Jon smiled, gave her a couple strokes, and then went to the bathroom to get cleaned up.


Re: Chick for a Dick - by ekempo5000

As Jon exited the bathroom, he could hear a chorus of voices softly moaning from behind Zoe’s door. A smile crept over his face as he changed direction and headed towards her room. As he opened the door, his smile only grew. “Hey Karyn, check it out,” he said, pulling his limp and still slightly dazed dick out of his boxers. “Oh wow...” she whispered. “That is so hot.” The two looked on at Jon’s sister and her lover on the bed. Athena was lying face up on the bed with Zoe straddling her. The two were sharing a passionate kiss with Sarah’s face in between Zoe’s legs was eagerly licking at Athena’s slit while Amber and Tiffany were just as eagerly sucking on Athena’s tits. While Zoe had her arms braced to keep her full weight off of the girl below her, Athena’s arms were moving nonstop between running her fingers through Zoe’s hair, cupping her ass and pulling Sarah’s face even deeper into her sex, and caressing the two faces pressed firmly into her own chest.
“I think they’re all having fun,” Jon said with a smirk. As if to prove him right, Athena’s body suddenly started to shutter in orgasm, her legs wrapping around Zoe’s waist, and her hands clawing at her back. “Jon… I think I’m ready to go again,” Karyn breathed, a lustful glimmer in her eye. “Later, Karyn,” he said, giving her a few firm pumps, and turning to leave the room. “First, we need to set things up for tomorrow. I am still curious about just how many girls Zoe’s been with” He closed Zoe’s door, barely muffling the sounds of passion and continued back to his room. “So, what’s this great idea? You don’t want to use the stone to just know who she’s been with, so what are you going to do?” Karyn asked. “That would be too simple, too… boring,” he replied entering his room. He was a bit surprised but also very pleased to see that Lisa had already gathered up his discarded clothes and made his bed after their last round of sex and was busy laying out a fresh shirt and pair of shorts for him. “So, what are you going to wish for then?” Jon crossed the room, passing Lisa who gave a slight curtsy with a smile, and sat at his desk, the stone laying in front of him. “I am going to make a wish that transforms each girl Zoe has been with. That way, at school tomorrow, I can see for myself just who she’s fooled around with.” Karyn rotated her body and looked up at him. “Not a bad idea. That could actually be a lot of fun. But what if she’s fucked around with people who aren’t at school?”
“That doesn’t really upset me. Basically, I just want to know anybody else I want to bring back here in the future hasn’t already fucked my sister, and have a little fun while doing it.” Karyn smiled up at him. “Ok, so what are you going to do to them?” she asked excitedly. “Well, I don’t really know,” he replied. Karyn’s smile began to fade. “You don’t know?” she asked in disbelief. “Jon, come on! There has to be something really wild you could wish for! What if you gave them all huge boobs?” He sighed. “No, I’ve already seen someone’s boobs grow.” A shutter ran down his spine as he looked Karyn in the eye. “Right,” she replied. ”You could just ask to see Lisa do it again. Well there has to be something.” Jon released a sigh of relief. “Yeah, Lisa,” he said. “Wait! Lisa!” He spun his chair around to face her. “Yes, Master? Can I help you?”
“I sure hope so,” he said with a grin returning to his face. “Lisa, I want you to think of really weird and strange, but erotic, changes I can do to the girls Zoe’s fucked around with!” Lisa stood still as if in a trance, her eyes starring off into the distance, her head occasionally twitching to the left, and then the right, until finally she said...

“It’s simple, Master. We let others make the wishes.” Lisa smiled at Jon, delighted with her own cleverness. Jon, however, was not so convince. “Wait, wait… Are you saying I let someone else have the stone?” he asked suspiciously. Lisa kept grinning broadly. “No, Master. We’ve seen the stone grant wishes but they keep coming out slightly twisted. So, just make a wish so each girl Zoe has fucked around with will be affected by the next wish somebody makes directed towards them.” Jon thought about it for a few seconds, and then Lisa’s glee spread to him as a smile formed on his own face. “So, we’d pretty much be putting a curse on them! Anyone could randomly say something like ‘I wish… Athena was a slut‘, and then she would be changed into that.” Lisa nodded enthusiastically and giggled. “Lisa, you’re a genius,” he said, and pulled her close for a kiss, giving her right tit a playful squeeze. “Thank you, Master,” she responded, and returned to cleaning.

“So, you’re going to wish all girls who screwed around with Zoe are susceptible to the first wish made towards them at school tomorrow? That’s awesome!” Karyn cheered. Jon leaned back and thought his plan over, his right hand absent-mindedly lowering to Karyn, gently stroking and rubbing her. “Oh, Jon,” she purred, leaning harder into Jon’s hand, her body writhing to his touch. After a few minutes, Jon let go and caressed his fingers one last time along her whole length, letting his middle finger linger in front of her face long enough for her to give it a tender kiss, a thin strand of precum hanging between her mouth and the finger as he pulled his hand away. “I think the plan needs a little change. If we do this at school tomorrow, there’s no way I will be able to see everyone change. So, I think we should have it all happen somewhere a little more intimate. Somewhere like, I don’t know, here. Before her… boob-ification, Tiffany told me there was going to be a party Saturday after the game.” Jon picked the rock up again. “I wish the party that was going to be at Ashley’s house is instead going to be here and that all of the girls in school Zoe’s screwed around with that have not already been changed by the stone will attend along with the normal party goers. There, I think that takes care of that. Now, I’ll wait until Saturday when everyone starts showing up, and then I’ll make the wish on all of Zoe’s lovers.”

Jon held up his right hand and spread out his fingers, the large drop of precum still covering the tip of the middle finger. “Lisa,” he chimed. Answering her Master’s call, she immediately dropped the pillow she was fluffing and walked over, kneeling in front of him. Without a word, she took the finger into her mouth, running her tongue over it and removing the delicious fluid. Lisa slowly slid the finger out of her mouth, and remained kneeling in front of him, her eyes looking into Jon’s, down at Karyn, and back to him. He spread his legs further apart and gave a slight nod. Karyn let out a short squeak of joy as she was once again enveloped my Lisa’s talented mouth. “I love that stone,” he thought.

His thoughts were interrupted as there was a sudden shout from down the stairs. “Jon! Zoe! Dinner!” his mother shouted. “Damn,” he whispered. Giving Karyn one last slurp, Lisa stood up and gave him a kiss on the cheek. “You know where I’ll be after,” she purred into his ear, giving it a light lick. Jon smiled and stood up, feeling a bit dizzy as all of the blood rush out of his head and into Karyn’s. “Why are we always getting interrupted?” she whined as Jon put on the clothes Lisa had prepared for him.

As he walked out of his room, he realized he had wished a huge party to be held at his house in two days. Thinking on it further, Jon realized his house was not really set up for partying, and then there was his mom. He couldn’t have her around with all of the shit he had in mind going on. He was going to have to do something about it, and he had a couple of ideas.


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“Thursday night already,” Jon thought, sitting at the desk in his room. On one hand, it felt like a life time ago that he had first shown Karyn the stone. A life time ago when she was actually a person and not just a part of his anatomy. But on the other hand, time seemed to be going by so fast, and each day had brought its own surprises. Karyn becoming his cock, Sarah becoming Zoe’s pussy, Lisa becoming his shape shifting wet dream… and that had only been Tuesday! Zoe had undergone more changes since then. Jon could not help but stare at his sister’s enhanced breasts as she had sat down at the dinner table. Of course the fact that she was wearing a tube-top didn’t help. And the fact that each boob had a pair of eyes really didn‘t help. Tiffany, her right tit, had noticed his staring before even Zoe had. Jon watched as her nipple-nose hardened under the fabric, her eyes squinted and Jon could tell she was smiling. Shifting his gaze over to Amber, Jon could see she was also aroused. He was caught off guard when she gave him a very obvious wink. He looked up at Zoe, who was acting as if she was picking at her food, until she looked up slightly and met his stare. He saw a look of lust in her eyes before she looked back down and focused on her plate again.

It was disturbing, but also a little and amusing that his previous wish had worked so well that even his own sister was under his influence. He had no plans of acting on it, but it was amusing to see her wiggle like a worm on a hook around him. After returning to his room, Jon grabbed his backpack and started pulling out his homework. He could have wished for the knowledge to easily complete the assignments or even for them to already be done, but Jon wanted things to be more normal. Jon felt a pulse of pleasure shoot up his body, and leaned back to watch Lisa under his desk, finishing up the blowjob she had started before he had been called to dinner. Karyn was defenitly enjoying herself. He could feel her quivering inside Lisa’s mouth. “Ok,” he thought., “so I don’t want things to be that normal.”

Jon could feel his orgasm coming closer and closer, and he could feel Karyn getting harder and harder. Slowly, Jon began to push against his desk, rolling his chair further away from it. Lisa responded by crawling forward on her knees as he backed up, never breaking her pace as she came out from under the desk. Jon looked down at the incredible sign before him. Karyn’s head was gently held in the embrace of Lisa’s plump lips, with her armless shoulders just sticking out of Lisa’s mouth. As Lisa moved her head forward, she firmly wrapped her lips around Karyn’s hourglass form, her tongue sliding over Karyn’s breasts, stomach, and pussy until her entire length had entered Lisa’s mouth and slide down her throat. Jon couldn’t hold himself back much longer. Sensing he was close, Lisa suck harder one more time and slowly slide Karyn out of her mouth. Karyn was covered in saliva, her blonde hair was dripping as it hung over her shoulders, and her breathing was coming in short, breathy gasps. “Come on, Master. Let me taste that delicious cum of yours,” Lisa purred, leaning in and licking Karyn broadly across her face. “Oh, yea-!” Karyn shouted, her scream cut off as Jon’s cum rushed through her body and out her mouth in thick, gooey spurts, covering Lisa’s face.

It took Jon a couple moments to come back to his senses. He almost doubted his own eyes as he saw Lisa extend her tongue out long enough to lick her entire face clean. Karyn, for her own part, was attempting to do the same, licking the cum away that she could reach from around her mouth. Jon sat back and basked in his afterglow, knowing that Lisa would clean off any cum Karyn couldn’t. A few more minutes later, Karyn was pleasantly asleep in Jon’s pants, finally satisfied for the day. As Lisa went downstairs to get him a drink, Jon returned to finishing his homework. It was for his last hour class… Ms. Steven’s class. “Oh yeah,” he mused. “I have ‘detention’ again tomorrow. Well, if she keeps being a cock-tease, I might have to think of something for her too.” Jon grinned to himself. The grin was quickly erased as he looked down at the homework assignment before him. Jon thought a moment.

“Aw, fuck it.” He reached into his pocket and pulled out the stone. “I wish my homework was done for tomorrow and it was correct.” Jon stood up and stretched as Lisa returned to the room. “Lisa, get ready for bed,” he said as he removed his clothes and climbed into bed. He was quickly joined by Lisa, her nude body pressed up against him, Karyn comfortably pressed between them. “I love that stone,” he thought as he drifted to sleep.