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Chick for a Dick: The Next  Class

As he moved further down the hall away from Ms. Shepherds' room, Jon was relieved that he was more and more able to control the magically created infatuation he felt towards the transformed teacher. Not that it's a bad thing. I mean, she's super hot, her voice is amazing, and the way she-

Jon shook his head vigorously. "Looks like I need to get a little further away," he muttered.

As Jon wandered through the halls, he reflected on the task at hand. He watched as students rushed to their next classes, but he still wasn't sure which one he wanted to enter. He had not spotted any transformed girls outside of a couple of horned cheerleaders. One had buffalo horns while the other had long, corkscrew shaped horns coming out of their temples. While the sight was amusing, it wasn't really captivating enough to draw his attention for an entire class period. He had briefly considered picking a hallway, going into a classroom, look for altered girls then immediately leaving and going to the next classroom and repeating the process until he saw someone interesting. However, as he learned with entering the previous class, he was going to experience a brief round of vertigo as he acquired all of the knowledge being taught in each course. Doing that over and over would get old really fast.

He stopped at a crossroads and rubbed his face. When he thought about it, the school was huge. So many different hallways, each with different classrooms, and each of those rooms had multiple classes in them a day. On top of that, there were still girls continuing to be changed by his previous wish. At this rate, will I be able to see everyone who's been changed?

A wave of calmness washed over him that he now recognized as Karyn's wish that he shouldn't worry so much. Jon shrugged and accepted it. He might not be able to see everyone right away, but he'd figure out something. In the meantime, he had the entire school to explore. A content smile grew on his face and he continued down the hall.


Jon's plan was simple: look into the rooms as he walked past to see if there was anyone who looked visibly changed or called out to him. As he passed the rows of classroom doors, it was not an altered student that grabbed his attention. As Jon passed Mr. Martin's room, he felt a sense of smug satisfaction that he would not be subjugated to the tyrannical teacher's lectures anymore. However, it was not Mr. Martin standing at the front of the room, but a different man who Jon didn't recognize.

As the bell rang and the last students entered to room, Jon joined them. He braced for the vertigo effect of entering a new class, but it never came. Jon realized that it was because he already knew the knowledge for this course, because it was the same one Mr. Martin taught. Instead, Jon had learned only one new thing: this class was now taught by Mr. Byers. "Jon," the new teacher called. "Will you be joining us this period?"

"Mr. Byers, honestly, where's Mr. Martin?"

The man's features relaxed as he entered Jon's trance. "A student made a wish that changed him. In this reality, I have always been teaching this course." Jon suddenly remembered his wish from the previous day. Mr. Martin would be transformed for a week into whatever a student he had bullied wanted. Jon had been so focused on finding other transformed girls that he forgotten all about that wish. On top of it, Mr. Martin had not even made it through a single class period before his bullying had caught up to him.

"What happened to him?" Jon asked eagerly.

"He was transformed into a student," the magically conjured teacher stated plainly. Jon let out a laugh. A young Mr. Martin was something he had to see.

"Not today!" Jon yelled as he ran out of the class, releasing Mr. Byers from his trance.


Jon burst through the door to the main office with such force that the school secretary jumped in her chair. "Jon! You scared me half to death," croaked the woman. Mrs. Brinks wrinkled face glared at him behind a pair of massive glasses. "Sorry. I need to find where a student is," Jon said, trying to catch his breath. The secretary scrunched her nose and furled her eyebrows. "I cannot give out student's schedules to anybody who asks, young man." Jon smirked. I think you'll make an exception.

"Mrs Brinks, honestly, can you tell me where a student is this hour?"

"Of course," the ancient woman said, her defiant attitude completely forgotten. Jon smiled widely. Ok, what's Mr. Martin's first name again... Oh yeah!

"Can you tell me where Taylor Martin is?"

Mrs. Brinks' bony fingers went to the mouse and keyboard and began to open various programs until she opened a student registry. "Taylor Martin is in class with Jaqi Pyon this hour."

"Yes!" Jon exclaimed as his smile grew. He darted out of the office and back into the hall, excited to reach his destination. This was perfect! He would head over to Jaqi's class, see if Mr. Martin was still a dick as a teenager and check for more transformed girls. And even if there weren't any, he could still find out what Jaqi's daily kink was.


Jon was panting outside the classroom door. He had known where to go, but it had unfortunately been almost on the other side of the school from the office. When Jon was sure his heart wasn't going to beat out of his chest, he turned the doorknob and stepped in. As he did, all eyes turned on him. Jon looked over and was pleased to see a smile on Jaqi's face. However, a brief wave of vertigo hit him and Jon realized this hour's chemistry class must have been a higher level course as new knowledge swirled in his head.

"Oh. Hello, Jon. You're a little late, but you can still join in," the gorgeous woman said. Before he could respond, a girl stood up.

"I was changed."

Jon looked the girl over. She did not appear to have been altered physically, at least not from what he could see. She looked like any other student. Her brown hair was straightened and hung slightly past her shoulders. Jon tried to make out the shape of her body, but the conservative cut of the top and skirt she was wearing hid the natural contours of her body. She looked familiar, but Jon couldn't quite place it...

Jon looked back and fourth between Jaqi and this mystery girl. On top of this new development, Mr. Martin was in here somewhere as well. Who should he start with?

Ok, let's get the easiest one out of the way first.

"Jaqi, honesty, what is your fetish today?" Jon asked, turning his attention to the curvaceous teacher. "I'm an exhibitionist," she replied with a smile. "I absolutely get off on the idea of being watched. I’m not even wearing panties. I’m pretty sure at least two students have caught a glimpse of my pussy today. And I even have a webcam show! I hide my face so I won't get fired, but rumor is starting to spread around school."

Jon thought for a moment and gave a shrug. It's true that Jaqi had an amazing body, but Jon could see her completely naked anytime he wanted. He considered removing her clothes, but decided against it. He'd let Jaqi continue to play her game of letting students try to steal a peek at her. Besides, the last time he had removed her clothing it had lead to some unintended consequences. For now, he was more interested in a couple of Jaqi's students. "Where does Taylor Martin sit?"

"She sits in the far left row, third seat back?"


Jon spun around and located the desk that Jaqi had pointed out. The girl that sat in it was very thin and quite tall. Her brown hair with red tones was just like the hair Jon was used to seeing on his second hour teacher. Her jawline was more rounded with distinctly feminine contours, but her chin and nose were sharp and angular like Mr. Martin's. If Jon hadn't known any better, he would have guessed that this was his daughter.

"Yes. She's an average student and tries to contribute to class, but to be honest I just don't really like her," Jaqi stated. Jon turned back and looked at the teacher in confusion. That didn't really sound like her. Jaqi was not the type to hold a grudge for no reason. He should know: Jaqi was made out of traits he found most desirable and pettiness was not something he found attractive . Something else was going on here. He turned his attention towards the new student, hoping to get answers.

"Taylor, honestly... are you Mr. Martin?"

"I was until an hour ago," the thin girl said with an annoyed tone in her voice. Jon's jaw hung open in shock as he leaned in to inspect her. This young girl before him had once been his teacher. His male teacher. Mr. Martin, the bane of students school wide. This beanpole had once been one of the biggest bullies in the school.

A laugh erupted from Jon's mouth. He couldn't help himself but laugh into the oblivious girl's face as she sat unmoving, waiting for another question. After a minute, Jon took a deep breath and composed himself. "What... what happened?"

The new girl gave a disapproving humph, much as she had when she was a man. "It was first hour. Rebecca Jones came in late, so I reprimanded her. She was muttering to herself so I doubled her detention for talking back. Well, she wished that I had to go through what she was dealing with. As it turns out, it was her time of the month and that's what made her late for class. I'm now stuck as a high school girl going through her period for the next week. And to top it off, all of my teachers are mean to me!" Jon watched as she started to tear up.

"Wait. Y-you're on your... period?"

The girl nodded. "It's terrible. I have the worst cramps, I'm bloated, I keep getting nauseous and my emotions just keep running wild. I just want to scream!" Jon winced as Mr. Martin, Taylor, actually did shriek in her new voice. "I can't help it. And then all of my teachers treat me like I treated my students..." She sniffled and blotted her eyes, trying not to smudge her eyeliner.

"And why are you such an asshole to your students?"

Taylor shrugged. "I started off being a strict, but fair, teacher. Over time, I really began to hate teaching. Each year, a new batch of students. All of them thinking they know it all. All if them not caring about anything. All of them with their entire lives ahead of them. They can go off and do whatever they want someday. And all I could do was teach the same lessons over and over. I don't know how to do anything else. I’m stuck here. So, I got stricter. Students stopped sluffing off and got in line. And when they didn't, I came down harder."

Jon shook his head. Mr. Martin was a piece off work. Maybe when he changed back in a week Jon would wish him into a job he would actually like and get him out of everyone's hair. However, he would have to be like he was in the meantime. "So what are you like as Taylor?"

"I'm on the girls' varsity basketball team. I'm friends with Rebecca, which is ironic since she made me like this. I'm a so-so student and hoping to hear back from colleges. My boyfriend-"

"Wait, you have a boyfriend?!"  Taylor nodded. "Have you guys... you know?"

"We've... had sex a few times." Jon leaned in closer. "What was it like?" Taylor let out a soft sigh, recalling the memory. Jon watched as she fidgeted in her seat. "It's so... weird and different. Feeling his... his... penis sliding into me. I felt so full, so... complete."

"You liked it?"

"I mean, if I remembered still being a man or remembered it when I change back, it would really mess with me. I had sex with a guy! But... yes. I liked it. I don't know if I would say I liked it more than sex as a man, but it wasn't worse either. It was different, but so good." Jon was surprised that Taylor let out a giggle and blushed at her admission. It was really weirding him out knowing that this was his hardass teacher, and that he was admitting that he enjoyed getting fucked.

Deciding it was time to move on and leave Taylor to her temporary new life, Jon had one final question. "Who it that girl?" he asked, pointing at the girl who had declared she was changed when he'd first entered the classroom. "Oh, that's Natalie Chambers." Jon turned and looked at the conservatively dressed girl. No wonder I didn't recognize her.

Natalie, or Nat as everyone called her, was part out the punk clique that Jacqueline had been a part of. Or, at least she used to. The girl he was looking at now was completely different. For starters, she had hair. The Nat he knew had kept her hair in a wild mohawk and was constantly changing it from one wild color to another. Along with that, her facial piercings and dark makeup were gone, revealing her natural face. Finally, her clothes were a far cry from the risqué and profanity covered attire that had used to get her regularly called to the principal's office.

Jon stepped away from Taylor's desk and moved between the desks until he was next to the former punk. "Natalie, honestly, what was the wish that made you like this?"

"I got home late last night after hanging out with my friends. Riley swiped a bottle of vodka from her dad's liquor cabinet and we were passing it around. I was pretty drunk when I stumbled through the door. My mom was waiting for me and we got into a huge fight. She said 'I wish you could be a nice, proper young lady.' The next moment, I was apologizing to her for losing track of the time while doing my homework and skipped to bed. I literally skipped to bed. I'm a complete goody goody now. No drinking, cursing, sex. I don't even watch R rated movies! I just care about school and volunteering and student government. It makes me sick. I'm just a happy little cog in the machine."

Before Jon could say anything else, the bell sounded. As the students began to gather their materials, Jon moved back to the desk set aside for him at the back of the room. "Thanks for letting me sit in, Ms. Pyon." Jon watched as Natalie was released from her trance and began to quickly gather her things. A good girl like her could not be late to her next class, after all. At the front of the room, Jaqi gave a dismissive wave. "Of course, Jon. You're always welcome to join me, I mean my class, any time." 

As Jon moved to the door, he heard a tap and looked back at the transformed teacher. She was bending over to pick up a pen that had clattered to the floor. At this angle, Jon was able to see down her top and see her full breasts clad in a practically transparent lace bra. Jaqi looked up and met his gaze, blushing slightly. However, it was not out of embarrassment but arousal. Jaqi gave him a wink. Jon flashed her a knowing smile and left the room.


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One of the best fetish erotica I've read so far! Keep up the good work wink


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Chick for a Dick: Jon's Revelation

Jon stepped out into the bustling hallway filled with students rushing to their next classes. A smile crept to his face as he leaned against a wall next to a drinking fountain, taking in the sight before him. School was so much less stressful when you were guaranteed perfect grades and didn't need to go to class.  Instead, each room now held the chance to encounter a new surprise. He had so many options he wasn't sure where to go.

Normally, third period meant he would be rushing to gym class. He had briefly entertained the idea of attending the phys ed class all day so that he could see all of the girls passing through the now coed locker room. However, seeing as today was Thursday that meant that class would be meeting in a classroom for lecture rather than in the gym for a physical activity. But that didn't mean it wouldn't be a great plan for tomorrow...

For now, Jon was content to people watch. The sea of students rushing past him was beginning to thin a bit, but there was still enough time left before the next class that people were lingering and fitting in what social time they could. As always, Jon was also keeping an eye out for transformed girls. He had spotted another pair of cheerleaders walking around, one of which he hadn't seen yet with a triple set of horns on her face. One has taken the place of her nose while the other two were coming out above her eyebrows. Jon couldn't tell if they were supposed to be from a chameleon or perhaps a triceratops. Either way, they were difficult to miss. At least for him. Everyone else believed her horns, as well as all of the horns most of the cheer leading squad now sported, were normal. Jon was beginning to wonder when the next pep rally was so that he could see all of them together.

Along with the cheerleaders, Jon had also spotted Sharon, the multicolored girl; Candice, the girl made out of cake and sweets; and Avery, the girl who now sported a copy of her boyfriend's dick. Like most girls, they noticed him as they walked by. Sharon had given him a wave, Candice had winked one of her green lollipop eyes at him, and he was rather unsettled to see the front of Avery's skirt begin to raise up as she spied him.

Jon turned around and took a sip of water from the fountain, hoping that Avery would continue on and not try hitting on him. After a few moments, he turned around and was relieved to see that she was gone. However, he started head down the hall in the opposite direction just to be sure.

As he moved down the hallway, one girl in particular caught Jon’s eye. What set her apart from the other students was that she was completely naked. While Jon had turned a few girls into nudists over the course of the week, he was perplexed when he realized that he had never seen this particular girl before. She moved down the hall with long, confidant strides that caused her breasts to bounce enticingly. The beauty of the girl was enthralling, and Jon had only realized that he has stopped in the middle of the hall and was starring when she turned to look at him and flashed a wide smile.

Jon smiled back and blinked twice to return the girl’s clothing. However, once he opened his eyes again he was slightly surprised to see that the girl was still completely naked. He double blinked again and was met by the sight of the girl remaining naked. Confused, Jon randomly looked at a different girl and blinked twice. In an instant, the second girl was naked. She seemed to pay no mind to her sudden lack of clothing and continued down the hall, disappearing into the sea of rushing students.

Jon looked back to the first naked girl that he had spotted and was pleased to see that she was now standing next to him. As he was fumbling to try to think of something witty to say, the smiling nudist spoke first.

“I was changed,” she announced happily.

Jon could not help but chuckle at the girl’s enthusiastic demeanor. She seemed unfazed by her lack of clothing, instead appearing quite content if not absolutely giddy about her nudity. Jon was trying to figure out the particulars of the girl’s alteration when she snapped out of her trance.

“Hey, Jon. I missed you at your party. And you better believe I was looking,” she said with a wink. Jon’s smile widened. Damn I love that stone, he thought. “Sorry, I was pulled away unexpectedly,” he said, trying to play nonchalant. The girl giggled. “'Pulled away,' huh? I heard you had eleven girls in your room.”

Jon may have not remembered much if that evening, but he knew he had not brought that many girls upstairs with him. Clearly the school rumor mill was in full swing, blowing the details of what happened at his party out if proportion. However, Jon could not help but revel in his new reputation. “You upset it wasn’t twelve?” he teased.

“You bet your ass I am. And next time, I better be number one.  In the first five, at the very least,” she jokes back, flashing another brilliant smile. Jon pulled his gaze away from the girl’s bare body and looked into her eyes. “Honestly, what’s your name?”

“Lauren,” she responded, her smile as wide as ever.

“And what was changed about you?”

The girl smirked and gestured to her exposed body. “Jon... I’m naked.” She cocked her hips and gave him a wink. Even under the influence of his questioning trance, Lauren was feisty and flirtatious. I think I’m beginning to like her, he thought. “What was the wish that made you be naked?”

“I was in art class yesterday and the Mrs. Sloan asked me to model. I got up in front of the class and struck a pose. I guess one of the guys wanted a more erotic model because one of them wished I was naked. And now I am. All the time.”

“Well, you don’t seem to mind much.”

“Mind what?” Lauren’s smile faded, replaced with a confused expression. Jon silently cursed himself. He had made a statement rather than asked a question and had released Lauren from his power. “Um... I mean... you don’t seem to mind giving me another shot?”

There was a pause and Lauren looked at him in silence, as if trying to read his mind. Jon felt exposed, as if he was the naked one instead of her. After a moment, Lauren’s smile returned and she let out a laugh. “Well, I suppose I could be pursued to let you have one more pass at me. But you better make it a good one. And don’t make me wait until the next party.”

Jon released a breath he had not even realized he was holding and nodded enthusiastically. “You go it.” Jon looked around and realized that the hallways were again thinning out as the next period was getting ready to start. “Looks like class is about to start. Hope I didn’t make you late.”

Lauren gave a shrug. “They can’t really start without me. My next class is art and I’m the model.” She put her left hand on her left hip, her right hand on the back of her head and arched her back. Jon took in the sight and felt Karyn stiffen in his pants. Lauren also seemed to notice his growing bulge and pursed her lips while her nipples hardened.

“Care to sit in?”


Jon watched as Lauren took her place in the center of the room and struck a pose. It was not as evocative as the one she had made in the hallway, but not by much. Her legs were spread as if she was in mid step and her arms were raised above her like she were holding an invisible bowl over her head. 

Jon rubbed his temples, trying to help his vertigo pass. Like the other classes Jon had joined during the day, he had experienced an entire course worth of knowledge instantaneously rushing into his brain. Also like the other classes, the teach was excited at the prospect of Jon joining the class for the period. Mrs. Sloan had immediately made room in the circle surrounding Lauren and had set up an additional easel and paints for him. The teacher was in her mid to late sixties with streaks of gray cutting through her long dark hair. She was wearing loose, colorful clothing that gave the impression she had probably been a hippie in her younger years.

Jon had been a little disappointed when he did not spot any new transformed girls in the room, but there were a few altered girls who he had previously seen. Amy was in the class, but since Liz wasn’t around for her to flirt with she was the same as any other girl. However, there was a pair Jon watched with amusement. Grace was in the class and seated directly in front of Lauren. Jon wondered if Grace had picked the seat on purpose since it gave her a clear view at the naked girl’s crotch. Lauren had just taken her position and Grace’s jaw was already going slack to make room for her stiffening penis-tongue.

Jon had also noticed Angela seated next to Grace. Angela’s alteration had left her obsessed with giving a blowjob to any penis she could get her lips around. Seeing the two next to each other, Jon wondered if her fixation would include Grace’s altered tongue. He didn’t have to wonder long because as Grace continued to steal glances at Lauren’s bare pussy, her tongue poke slightly out from between her lips. As it did, Angela began to look away more and more from her painting and focus solely on Grace’s bizarre endowment. Angela was clearly fantasizing about sucking Grace’s tongue; meanwhile Grace was imagining burying her transformed tongue into Lauren’s slit. Jon was not sure if Lauren realized the effect she was having on the class, but she clearly had not a single care in the world that she was naked and on display.

Jon shook his head one last time and finally felt the dizziness melt away. Looking at the art supplies in front of him, he could immediately recall all of their names as well as how to blend the paints to get the perfect shades he desired. Jon looked up at Lauren before him. His place in the circle was behind her and to the right. This gave him an ample view of her bare ass and the side of her right breast. As if feeling his gaze upon her, Lauren slightly wiggled her butt. Jon smiled and picked up his brush and dabbed it into the first paint.

However, as Jon put the brush to the canvas, he found he could not quite produce the image he was intending. His face contorted into a frown as he examined his work. His new knowledge of art was able to dissect and identify his mistakes, but he could not quite get his technique right. Jon tried again, but his strokes were uncoordinated and sloppy. He briefly wondered if the vertigo was still affecting him before he had a realization. He had wished for the knowledge from each class he entered, but that was not the same as the skills.  Even though Jon now knew everything about art that would be taught in this class over the entire year, he had still never picked up a brush before. He suspected that if he attended a music class, he would experience the same results. He would probably be able to read the music but wouldn’t be able to play any instruments.

Jon simply shrugged to himself. So what if he wasn’t a great painter? He could think of worse ways of spending a class period than staring a hot naked girl. Besides, he could always add to his wish later. After all, wishes could always be-

Holy shit!

The entire class fell silent and all eyes turned to Jon. He had shot up out of his chair and was standing in slack-jawed silence. Of course! Why didn’t I think of it sooner?!

“Jon... are you ok?” Mrs. Sloan asked hesitantly. Jon looked at the teacher and saw the concerned look on her face. “Uh, yeah. Yeah. I just, uh, realized I have an appointment. My I be excused?”

Jon heard a girl snicker while Mrs. Sloan’s brow furrowed in confusion. “‘Excuse you?’ Jon, you are always free to go as you please.”

Jon didn’t even take the time to be amused by the teacher’s response. He was already heading for the door. There was no time to waste.

He had an idea to fix Karyn!


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Aha! this is so good and I am so glad it's continuing.

Another party on the horizion perhaps?


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Chick for a Dick: Karyn's Day Interrupted

Karyn stretched in her cloth confines and swished the mouthful of pre-cum that had just surged up her length. She hummed pleasantly to herself as she savored the flavor before swallowing it back down. Jon had gotten her semi-erect. Again. She took a moment and tried to count how many times Jon had woken her up today horny and ready to be used, but she quickly lost track. She didn’t even have fingers to count on anymore. She looked at her armless shoulders and gave them an experimental shrug. She could remember what it was like to have arms, but now they would have only been a nuisance. Arms would get in the way of going into a vagina. A warm, wet pussy...

She closed her eyes and recalled the memories of countless spread legs, poised asses, open mouths...

Karyn shook her head, trying to get the enticing images out of her head. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to be used. Quite the opposite. She was desperately waiting for Jon to undo his belt, unbuttoning his pants, lowering his zipper and pulling back his underwear to reveal her hard length to whatever girl he was presenting her to. The problem was that Jon was not hooking up with anyone. Despite all of the times she had gotten hard since Jon brought them to school, he had not taken her out once. Not even to pee!

Sitting alone in the dark of Jon’s underwear, Karyn pondered her new life. She was just her best friend’s penis now. She wanted to be used to fuck girls. To be masturbated with. Hell, she was even looking forward to when Jon had to pee. And not just so she could get out and stretch a little. While being able to get out of Jon’s pants helped break up the boredom of being tucked away most of the day, the thought of being used for any reason filled her with a sense of purpose and pride. Sex and pissing were what a penis was for, after all.

Karyn shook her head again as memories of a much different life flashed in her mind. She remembered her family moving here, meeting Jon, stressing over tests, developing her first crush, family vacations, the life of a normal human girl. She had been that girl until just a little over a week ago, living her life day to day. And now she was an organ eager and waiting to be used. She looked around at her dark, fabric cave and recalled a time when she and Jon were much younger and had built a fort at her house out of sheets. They had been so proud of it that they had ended up camping in it all weekend. This was actually quite similar to that. Warm, soft, cozy. She felt her the hilt of her body merging into Jon's crotch and took a sense of comfort that he was so close.

Karyn felt another throb of longing pleasure surge through her. Whatever Jon was looking at, it was getting him excited. A grin crept to her face. Maybe I'll finally get some action soon. Until then, she was stuck waiting where she was. What Karyn found the most odd was that she didn’t hate her current predicament. It wasn’t her ideal life, sure, but it could be worse. Once you got past the boredom and isolation, it really was quite comfortable and relaxing. Karyn wouldn’t admit it, but it was even a bit liberating. She didn’t have to worry about anything. Grades, work, relationships, meals, nothing. Jon took care of it all. And he took care of her.

She thought back to the talk they had shared after she had regained her memory. She still couldn’t believe Jon had wished her to think she had always been his penis, but she was glad he had. She possessed memories of a whole life, a happy life, as a dick. She knew how enjoyable it could be and that Jon would do his best to take care of her. But as much as she loved the sex and the intimate closeness of her best friend, she missed her life as a person, too.

Karyn let out huff. No. She would not let this get her down. She would not dwell on what couldn’t be. There was no going back. She was Jon’s penis now, and they would just have to make the best of-

Karyn felt her surroundings shift as Jon bolted up. She could hear him shout through the cloth surrounding her. Something was happening, but what? A moment later, Jon was running. And fast. Karyn was confused and getting worried. What had happened? What was Jon doing?

Karyn listened and could make out the distinct sound of a bathroom stall slamming shut before her confines began to shake and shift, the telltale sign that Jon was undoing his pants. Even though their bladder didn’t feel very full to her, Karyn just shrugged and decided to roll with it. At least I’m getting out for a bit...

A moment later, the underwear pressing snugly against Karyn was pulled away and light poured over her. She squinted and blinked her eyes while taking in the graffiti covered, off-white walls of the school bathroom stall. Karyn looked down and was surprised to see the floor and no toilet. Jon was still facing towards the door.

“Hey, Jon. You know, you should probably turn around or else this could be a bit messy,” she joked. She rotated to look up at Jon looming over her and was surprised to see he had the stone in his hand. “Oh, so what are you-“

“I wish I was at my house!”


As the blinding light faded, Jon was no longer standing in the dirty stall but instead in the opulent front entry of his house. Jon’s grin widened as he ran up the grandiose staircase with Karyn’s exposed length flopping wildly at his crotch as he took the steps three at a time. As they reached the landing, Karyn was groaning loudly.

“Uhhhh... What’s the big idea, Jon? If I had a stomach I think I would have thrown up!”

Jon reached down and wrapped a hand around her body to stabilize her as he approached the door to his bedroom suite. “Sorry, but I think I figured it out!”

“Figured what out?”

Jon smiled, turned the knob and flung the door open. However, the sight that met him completely derailed his train of thought. All of the covers had been flung off of Jon’s plush bed and were now in a heap on the floor. Laying on the mostly striped bed was Lisa, who was in the middle of furiously pleasuring herself. She had grown an additional set of arms and while one set was pawing and groping at her breasts, the lower set was between her legs caressing and pumping a massive cock that she had grown. She was completely naked except for a clear condom that was wrapped tightly over her dick.

Jon and Karyn watched on in stunned silence as the four arms moved across Lisa’s body, her moans becoming groans. Her toes were curling and her hips were bucking as her additional arms jacked off the girthy shaft. As she reached down and cupped her balls, she opened her eyes slightly and noticed a figure standing in the doorway. Her Master, the focus of her love, dedication and lust, was home! He was staring at her, watching as she pleasured herself, and he had his magnificent dick out-

Lisa gave one last pump and gasped as she felt her balls tighten. She squeezed her eyes shut and let out a throaty moan as her legs straightened and her dick began throb, unloading thick spurts of cum into the condom. Jon and Karyn continue to watch in stunned silence as the naked girl’s hips twitched before her entire body relaxed as she basked in the post-orgasmic bliss. Her breathing slowed and steadied out and she squeezed her legs together, her spent dick pressed between them. She stood up, twitching occasionally as her overly stimulated member grazed her legs. As she stepped around the bed and moved towards Jon, she began to retract her additional arms along with the tube of flesh between her legs. As the penis shrunk, she grabbed hold of the of the soiled condom and held it daintily between her thumb and forefinger so its contents would not spill.

“Forgive me, Master,” she said in a pleasant voice. Her face was still flushed red with pleasure. “I was not expecting you home so soon. Nadia and I were beginning to strip your bed for cleaning and we began to reminisce about last night. I remembered you saying I could experiment with having a cock after you went to school so long as I did not make a mess. I had planned to clean and make your bed before your return. Shall I attend to my chores, or,” she looked down at Karyn’s form gripped in his hand, “shall I attend to you?”


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Lovely! I think I know where this is going... does it have anything to do with my previous messages?


Re: Chick for a Dick - by ekempo5000

Chick for a Dick: Jon's Plan

Lisa’s naked body was as tempting as ever. The hungry look she was giving Karyn only made the penis-girl grow harder in Jon’s hand. Karyn let out a wet groan as pre-cum surged through her length. Jon was conflicted. He had been horny for the better part of the day and now he had the chance for a quick fuck. Besides, if his plan worked this might be his last chance to use Karyn.

Jon shook his head, rejecting the idea. Karyn had been trapped between his legs for over a week. She was his best friend and he owned it to her. Besides, Lisa would still be around after.

“Not right now, Lisa. I would like some privacy for a while so could you find Nadia and just pass the time with her? Just let her know that I am not to be interrupted.”

“Of course, Master. I will leave you in peace. And I don’t need to find Nadia, she’s right here,” she said proudly as she held up the used condom. Jon stared blankly at the cum covered piece of latex before he realized dawned on him. “That...” he asked, pointing at the translucent tube “is Nadia?”

Lisa smiled broadly and gave an enthusiastic nod.

“Uh huh. I wanted to experiment with playing with a dick, but I didn’t want Nadia to be left out. Besides, this was the perfect way to make sure that I didn’t make a mess, just as you instructed. She can’t see or hear right now, but I will make sure to pass along your instructions to not be disturbed once she back to normal... or at least normal enough to understand.”

She eyed the condom in her hand with a devious leer. Clearly she still had plans for Nadia before the girl was to be returned to her normal form. The blonde happily curtsied, gave Jon a kiss on the cheek, and skipped merrily out of the room and down the hall.

“Jon,” Karyn whined as he shut the door. “What’s the big idea? You’ve been getting me turned on all day and you haven’t even let me out. Not even to pee! And then when you do let me out and there’s a fucking hot girl right there throwing herself at you, you-“

“Karyn. I think I can change you back.”

Silence filled the room. Jon looked down at Karyn. She returned his gaze, open and closing her mouth several times before a pained look settled on her face. “Jon,” she said softly, “I know you want to help me, but we need to get used to this. This is our normal now. Wishes can’t be reversed.”

“But they can be modified!” he declared, removing his pants and letting Karyn hang at his crotch.

“Modified how?”

“Remember the stick from when I first showed you the stone? I wished it blue and then made it a different shade of blue. And when you thought you were always a penis, you wished you were bigger and you were.”

“Oh, great. You could make me a big, blue dick.”

Jon rolled his eyes. “Or, we could make it so that you’re only my penis under certain conditions. We make it like a light switch, and we can turn it ‘on’ or ‘off.’” Karyn listen to him, unconvinced. “I don’t think it’d work, Jon. Your wish was pretty straight forward.” Jon let out a sigh and looked away, his eyes falling on the door to his private office. “Well, there’s one way to find out.”

Jon strode over and flung open the door. Cathy and Erica called out greetings while Vicki remained kneeling motionless on his desk. Jon said nothing but moved to the desk, whipped open the drawer, grabbed a random pen and left the room, closing the door behind him. Back in his bedroom, Jon retrieved his discarded pants and pulled the stone out of his pocket.

“Here goes nothing... I wish this pen was a brick.”  Immediately, the weight in Jon’s hand increased and he nearly dropped the heavy brick that was suddenly in his hand. Karyn scoffed. “Smooth, Jon. Why a brick?”

“It was the first thing that came to mind. It doesn’t matter. Just let me think for a second.” Karyn let out a small snicker, but said nothing. She knew there was no way this would work. She just hoped that after Jon was done screwing around that he would call Lisa back. Jon, however, was not giving up. This would work. He knew it. It had to...

“Ok! Ok! I think I got it. First, I wish that my next wish will include everything I describe until I say the words ‘wish completed.’”


“Ok... I wish the pen that I changed will be a brick when I say ‘this pen is a brick.’ When I say ‘this pen is normal’ it will change back to the pen it was before I made my initial wish... Wish completed.”


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a cliffhanger? Noooo!


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Chick for a Dick: Success


Jon’s eyes went wide as he looked back and forth from the brick in his hand and Karyn. She had the same shocked expression mirrored on her face. There had been a flash, so the stone had done something.  Was it possible? Had Jon found a loophole?

Jon’s anticipation was growing to enormous heights when a wave of calmness passed over him, the result of Karyn’s previous wish that he not worry so much. If it works, it works. If not, then it’s no big deal, he thought to himself. Karyn, however, was not as blasé about the situation. Her mind was running wild. Could she really become human? It all depended on the brick in Jon’s hand...

Jon cleared is throat and gave the brick as squeeze before stating “This pen is normal.”

There was no flash. No shimmer. No sound. Just the immediate change of weight in Jon’s hand as the heavy brick was immediately replaced with the ink pen it had previously been.

“Holy shit...” Karyn muttered in shock.

Jon starred dumbfounded at the pen that had suddenly appeared in his hand. “It worked. It actually worked. Karyn... we can change you back.”

Tears welled in her eyes.


“Did we get everything?”

Jon lowered the notepad down at his crotch in front of Karyn. Trying to read Jon’s penmanship was hard enough under normal conditions, but with his excitement further skewing the legibility of his writing and the fact that the notepad was the size of a billboard from Karyn’s perspective, all she could do was stare at the giant piece of paper and shrug.

While Jon had discovered the loophole, it wasn’t foolproof. The pair had quickly decided to write out the wish in order to make sure it was perfect. Any mistake or misinterpretation could have massive consequences to both of them and there was no guarantee they would get a second chance to fix any mistakes. Jon had grabbed a notepad from his office and used the very pen he had made the test wish on to write out their plan.

“It looks like we got it all, but I suppose we won’t know until we try.”

Jon raised the notepad to give it one last review. After reading the sheet of paper several times, he let out a deep sigh and sat down on his bed. He placed the ink pen on the nightstand and picked up the stone. Jon looked at it, feeling the weight of the wish he was about to make. He felt movement between his legs and looked down to see Karyn laying flaccidly on the bed, her body rotated to look up at him. She forced a smile and gave him a silent nod, as if forgiving him in case anything went wrong.

Jon let out another deep sigh and looked at the notepad. This was it.

“I wish that my next wish will include everything I describe until I say the words ‘wish completed.’”


“So far so good. Ok... I wish that Karyn is my penis under the following conditions: When she and I say ‘Karyn wants to be Jon’s penis’ within thirty seconds of each other, she will take on her present form. Only Karyn and I will notice the change. Nobody will notice when this change happens or think it unusual that Karyn is a penis or that I have a girl for my penis. When Karyn or I say ‘Karyn is normal,’ she will return to the form she was in before she was a penis and I will have my normal anatomy back. Nobody except she and I will be aware of this change. Everyone else will treat her as if she had always been in her human form. Wish completed.”


Jon looked down at Karyn and silently put the notepad down on the nightstand and placed the stone on top of it. “Well,” he said, “care to do the honors?” Karyn gave a small nod, closed her eyes, and readied herself. “I’m normal.”

The room was still as the two sat silently looking at one another. Karyn’s eyes widened and she looked around anxiously. Nothing had changed. She was still laying on her back on Jon’s bed between his giant legs without limbs and attached to her host’s crotch. “No... please no. It didn’t work, Jon!”

“No, Karyn, you said it wrong. You can’t say ‘I’m normal,’ you need to say ‘Karyn is normal-‘“

Immediately, Jon found himself starring down at his penis. As with the brick changing back into a pen, there was no sign that a change had occurred. As soon as the words left Jon’s mouth, his normal penis had returned. A chill shot up his spine. Karyn was gone! All that remained between his legs was a normal dick. Jon was so concerned that he had just erased his best friend from existence that he didn’t realize he was not alone in the room. A shadow passed over him and Jon looked up to see a figure standing directly in front of him. Jon jolted in surprise before recognizing Karyn.

Jon blinked several times and starred slack jawed at her. She was wearing a pair of jeans that hugged her tone legs and round ass. Her top was thin and low cut, showing off the outline of her bra and displaying her cleavage generously. She seemed to be weak in the knees, wobbling slightly as she looked at her hands.

After several moments of deafening silence, she looked up, her eyes meeting with his, and she screamed. She rushed forward and tackled Jon, wrapping her arms around him as she pushed him back onto the bed. Her screams of joy became uncontrollable laughter as she hugged Jon even tighter. “You did it, Jon! You did it!”

In his shock, Jon simply wrapped his arms around her and hugged her back. As he did, Karyn’s laughter was broken by an almost unnoticeable gasp. Jon felt his penis stirring slightly as Karyn continued to lay on top of him. Feeling a poking, Karyn looked at him, gave a sheepish smile, and slid off, allowing him to sit back up.

“This is so weird, Jon. Everything looks so small!  I feel like a giant! It’s so weird to have legs again. And arms! I have arms! And clothes! It feels super strange to wear a bra after a life of never wearing one. Wait, I used to wear a bra, didn’t I? I... I still have memories of an entire life where the only clothing I ever had around me was your underwear. This is really weird.”

Jon cleared his throat and pointed at her head. “Um... Karyn... we, uh, kind of forgot about your boobs and hair...” Karyn paused and reached up, grasping her long hair in between her thumb and forefinger and brought it into her field of view. It was platinum blonde, and her breasts were the massive endowments that she had accidentally given herself the first time Jon had shown her the stone. She let go of her hair and cupped her chest.

“Jon, I was almost trapped as a penis for the rest of our lives. I can handle needing needing support and enduring blonde jokes. Besides, I think they’re kind of growing on me.” Karyn was oblivious to her own pun as her gaze moved away from her cleavage and to the stiff member poking out from between Jon’s legs. “Whoa! Is that really how big I was?”

Karyn dropped to her knees and leaned in, inspecting Jon’s exposed penis. He could feel her breath on it, causing it to harden further. “Uh... not really. You were actually... ahem... a bit bigger than that,” he stammered. A smile came to Karyn’s face. “Aww, don’t worry about it, Jon. There’s nothing to be self conscious about. You’ve always been big enough for me.”

“Wait, what?!”

Karyn reach up and grasped his cock, causing him to moan. “You know what the worst part was about being stuck? You couldn’t fuck me anymore.” She leaned in and gave a broad lick to his dickhead. “You’re just as delicious as ever, Jon-boy.”

“K-Karyn! What are you doing?!”

“Making up for lost time. I’ve gone almost two whole weeks without you fucking me. That’s way too long. Besides, you absolutely deserve a reward for figuring out how to change me back,” she cooed before slurping his length back into her eager mouth.

Jon’s head was spinning. What had he done? This wasn’t the normal Karyn. How had he fucked up the wish so bad? He let out a grunt as her free hand cupped his balls while she intensified her sucking. It felt incredible, but he didn’t understand what had happened. She was acting like this was normal, that he fucked her regularly. She was acting like all of the other-

Jon snapped his left hand twice. Immediately, the flow of pleasure stopped.  He opened his eyes and saw the Karyn was still kneeling before him intimately close, starring at his member. Whereas moments ago she had been enraptured with pleasuring it, she instead now only appeared curious about it. However, the previous reality was still fresh from Jon’s perspective and his achingly hard dick twitched at the memory, a bead of pre-cum bubbled on its head.

As if suddenly realizing the implications of her position, Karyn blushed deeply and stood up. She walked across the room, grabbed Jon’s discarded pants, and brought them over to him. She was trying to avert her eyes, but Jon noticed she stole a peek when he stood up and began to redress. Once Jon had covered himself, Karyn’s attention immediately returned to her own body. She examined her arms, flexing them and wiggling her fingers, before looking lower and stretching her legs. After a few moments, she looked up and realized that Jon was watching her. Her blush returned.

“Sorry. It’s just really, really weird.”

“Yeah, you said that. But it’s alright. I think I get it. What’s it like?”

Karyn shrugged. “It’s like I’m me, but not me. I was really getting used to not having arms and legs, especially because there was a while where I thought I had never even had them.” Jon winced, but Karyn quickly continued. “No, it’s ok. It wasn’t a bad thing. It was helpful. When I thought I was going to be a part of you forever, having those memories let me know I could still have a good life and let me know what to do with myself when I was tucked away. But now... now it’s really strange to be able to move on my own, to not be anchored down and to...”

“'And to' what?”

Her blush deepened. “And to not feel a pair of giant balls hanging beneath me.”

Now it was Jon’s turn to blushes. After several moments of silence and avoiding eye contact, Jon spoke. “So what now?”

“Now... I don’t know. Wow... I can go wherever I want. Do whatever I want. I’m in control,” she said in shocked amazement. “Ok, so what do you want to do?” Jon asked.

“I want to go home, see my mom, my room, really let it sink in that everything is fixed. It’s like I’m dreaming and I need to make sure that I’m not going to wake up.”

Jon nodded. “Yeah, sure, of course. Just give me a call, you know, whenever and we’ll... yeah,” he stammered.

“Yeah,” Karyn said quietly. Instead of going for the door, she hesitated, rocking on her heels. She quickly leaned in and kissed Jon on the cheek. “Thank you, Jon. Thanks for getting things back to normal.” With that, she turned and left the room.

Jon sat on his bed. His pants felt loose at the crotch and he realized he was truly alone for the first time in well over a week. He looked at the stone on his end table and thought about all it had done in the past week. “‘Normal,’ huh? Yeah, right.”

Jon wondered how the other transformed girls were getting along...


Re: Chick for a Dick - by ekempo5000

Woah. great stuff.


Re: Chick for a Dick - by ekempo5000

And now Jon is going to lead humanity (and optionally transhumanity) into a new golden age, right?


Re: Chick for a Dick - by ekempo5000

Chick for a Dick: Back at School

“So he says ‘Why don’t you just blow me and then I’ll do you,’ and then I say ‘because you always just pass out after you cum,’ and then he says ‘well so do you,’ and then I said ‘and that’s why we should 69 and suck each other off at the same time!”

“Uhg, men!”

Avery and Rachelle were sitting in the cafeteria as always, sharing lunch and gossip. The two long time friends never failed to meet up whenever possible; and since they did not share any classes the current semester, lunch had become the center of their social time.

“Exactly! Does he really think I can’t wait to just drop to my knees and start sucking away! No! I wanna get a blowjob, dammit!” Avery complained. The irony of the situation was completely lost on both girls who saw nothing wrong with the fact that Avery was sporting a penis between her legs instead of a vagina. Furthermore, Avery was completely oblivious that her unusual organ was an exact copy of her boyfriend’s, right down to the skin tone and hair color. She had not only gained a copy of his member, but now shared the same obsession with receiving fellatio as her boyfriend.

“Oh, you’re getting off lucky! You have only one guy who’s pestering you for head. Do you know how many pulls I get a day from guys who just want me to blow them?” Rachelle ask in a huff. Her own unrecognized alteration had turned her into a living sexual slot machine that anyone could try to get lucky with once a day. “I mean, seriously. Guys are just obsessed with their dicks. And I’ll telling you...“

Rachelle continued to speak, but Avery was in a world of her own. A thought had just come to her mind which she had never considered before. With wide eyes, she looked at her friend. Rachelle’s plump lips were moving rapidly, their story falling on deaf ears. Avery was mesmerized, imagining Rachelle’s mouth wrapped around her hard cock.

“... at least girls are more discrete about-“

“I want a pull!”

A couple students from neighboring tables looked over at the outburst, but quickly returned to eating. Rachelle was caught off guard, shocked by her friend’s request. “Really?” she asked in disbelief. Avery said nothing, but nodded enthusiastically. Rachelle let out an annoyed huff, put down her carton of milk, and began to unbutton her top. Avery watched as Rachelle pulled open her shirt and revealed the three breasts lined in a row across her chest. Instead of a nipple, a glass window sat in the center of each boob. Nobody in the cafeteria was concerned with the girl’s exposed chest. This exchange was a normal social interaction, no more unusual than a boy asking for a girl’s number. Rachelle balled her left hand into a fist and raised her arm above her head.

“Ok, take your pull.”

Avery quickly reached forward with her right hand, grabbed her friend’s upraised wrist, and pulled down. An audible click sounded and the tumblers in Rachelle’s three breasts began to spin. After spinning for several moments, the first tumbler in her right breast locked in place. The picture of one stick figure kneeling and sucking at the crotch of a second stick figure was displayed. Avery bit her lower lip and turned her eyes to her friend’s middle tit. Again, the tumbler stopped with the picture of oral sex. Avery’s skirt was raised in a tent pole, her arousal clearly showing. She held her breath in anticipation...

Unknown to Avery, or even Rachelle, the more favorably the slot machine girl thought of someone, the better their odds of hitting their desired jackpot. Since Avery was Rachelle’s best friend, the result was never in doubt. The last tumbler clicked into place, all showing the same image. “Yes!” Avery hissed with excitement, her dick throbbing in her panties.

Rachelle’s jaw went slack as her mind was flooded with fresh desires. She wanted to suck off Avery. No, she needed it. Nothing was more important to her than wrapping her lips around her best friend’s hard shaft. Her pulse began to quicken and her breathing deeper. Avery looked at her friend and smiled. Rachelle was fully enraptured and eager to award Avery with her “prize.”

Rachelle was fighting the urge to drop to her knees and blow her friend right in the middle of the cafeteria, but managed to restrain herself. While exposing her slot breasts in public was no big deal, she would get into big trouble for going at it with a winner in front of everyone. It had happened before... several times.

Seeing her friend’s internal struggle, Avery thought fast. “Locker room,” she whispered. The two stood up in unison, not even bothering to throw away their lunches. Rachelle briskly stormed out of the cafeteria while Avery followed behind at a slower pace, trying (and failing) to hide her obvious hard-on from the cafeteria.


The two girls rushed into the empty locker room hand-in-hand. They both needed this more than anything. Rachelle was just about to drop the her knees when Avery pulled her further into the locker room, desiring even more privacy. They quickly moved towards the lavatory alcove, entered the largest stall, and slammed the door behind them. The two locked eyes and Avery gave a nod. Rachelle needed no further encouragement and she sank down, reached up Avery’s skirt, hooked her thumbs around her friend’s panties, and pulled them down. Avery kicked the pre-cum smeared garment away even as Rachelle lifted the front of her skirt and exposed her modest penis. It wasn’t the biggest Rachelle had ever seen, but at this moment it was the only dick she wanted.

Rachelle leaned in and began to kiss, lick, and suckle on Avery’s hard cock. A moan escaped Avery’s mouth before she slapped a hand over it, the other hand snapping behind her and grabbing the stall’s assistance bar for support as her knees went weak. Rachelle continued to work in earnest, Avery’s pleasure her only care. Avery wanted a mind blowing, enthusiastic, blowjob experience. While her boyfriend would only sucker her off enough to get her off and then ask for his turn in return, Rachelle was going to deliver the most perfect blowjob Avery could imagine in her wildest dreams. After all, Avery had won the jackpot.

The two lost track of time as Rachelle’s ministrations intensified. When Rachelle began to deep throat her cock, Avery abandoned trying to hide her moans and grabbed on to the support bar with both hands. Rachel continued to suck, lick, and play with Avery; keeping her on the edge, prolonging her pleasure. Avery was in a world of her own, nothing existed except for the intense pleasure pulsing through her rod. Eventually, Avery couldn't hold out any longer and felt her balls tighten as a surge of cum erupted out of her cock and into her best friend’s mouth. Rachelle greedily sucked it all up, as she instinctively knew that Avery would want her to swallow.

Avery was breathing heavily and her head was spinning. She continued to hold on to the rail, afraid to trust her wobbly knees to fully support her. Rachelle felt the intense desire fade away and felt herself regain control. Ironically enough for their location, Rachelle often equated these “payout sessions” to using the bathroom. When you really need to go, it’s all you can think of. After being able to relieve yourself, you forgot about it and move on with your day. Rachelle was not at all concerned or troubled that she had given her best friend head. Hers was far from the first dick she had sucked off, and neither was Avery the first girl she'd been with. What did concerned her was the time.

“Shit! Fourth hour is more than half done! Good thing there’s no classes using the gym today. But I really need to get to class. See you at lunch tomorrow!”

Avery nodded in silence as her friend rushed off. Once she had finally gotten her knees to stop shaking in post-orgasmic bliss, she turned towards the toilet and relieved herself. She shook the lingering drops of urine off of her dick before hitting the toilet plunger. The contents swirled around in the bowl before being swallowed by Jennifer’s gaping mouth at the bottom of the toilet bowl. She tried to garble out a comment, but the water rushed back in and covered her face before she could speak. However, from the aroused look on her face, Avery imagined she was trying to say she had enjoyed the show.

Avery looked down at her underwear in the bathroom floor and wrinkled her nose. There was no way she was going to put them back on. Besides, the thought of freeballing beneath her skirt was deliciously enticing. She daintily picked them up and threw them into a trash can before moving over to the sink and vigorously washing her hands. She then moved to the blowdryer who just happened to be shaped in the bust of a young woman, and pressed her chrome nipple. Marci’s mouth snapped open and hot air blasted out of her mouth on to Avery’s hands.

Avery gave no thought to the fact that both the hand dryer and toilet were alive, that her best friend was a triple-titted sexual slot machine, or that she had a cock. There was nothing she saw as out of the ordinary. She was only thinking one thing.

I need ask Rachelle for another pull tomorrow...


Re: Chick for a Dick - by ekempo5000

Now that Jon and Karyn are back to being boyfriend and girlfriend, perhaps they could cohost a wild party to create even more wildness.


Re: Chick for a Dick - by ekempo5000

I'm glad to see people are still loving this story and excited to see what comes next. There are still lots of changes on the horizon, and quite a number of them are coming soon. For the meantime, let's check in with a few of our other friends from along the way:

Chick for a Dick: "Normal" After School

As the final bell rang, the school erupted into a flurry of activity. Most of the students and teachers rushed to gather their belongings and depart, happy to have an afternoon of freedom. Not everyone, however, was free to leave at the end of the day. Aubrey trudged into Mr. Byers’ classroom, a sneer coming to her face as she spotted Grace already sitting at a desk. The second girl returned the expression before turning up her nose and looking away.

“Alright, girls,” Mr. Byers said as he looked up at the clock on the wall. “Your detention begins now. Half an hour, no phones, no talking. You’re free to go after that. Aubrey, please take a seat.” Aubrey said nothing, but strolled down the aisle between the rows off desks, her ass swaying sexily in front of her. She walked past Grace and approached a desk further to the front of the class before lifting her leg up and straddling the seat. She knew that this caused her pussy to be fully exposed to Grace, just as she knew the response it would illicit from her.

What Aubrey did not realize was the changes that had warped the two girls’ bodies. It had started the past weekend when Grace had wished everyone could see how “ass-backwards” Aubrey was. This altered Aubrey so that her body from the waist down was now backwards, with her ass in front and her legs facing behind her. While Aubrey was unaware of her transformation, an errant wish while under the effects of Jon’s questioning power had enacted her revenge upon her wisher. Grace’s tongue was now an amalgamation of a normal tongue and a penis. While it would normally have the usual shape and function of a tongue, when Grave became aroused it would take on the appearance of a pink dick covered with tastebuds. And nothing turned on Grace more than sticking her transformed tongue into a wet, eager, vagina. Jon had added one more change to this situation, making Aubrey now be a nudist so that she could more easily torment Grace with her exposed sex.

Which brought the two to their current circumstances. Aubrey and Grace had never gotten along, but their demeanor towards each other was much more aggressive than it had ever been in the past. It was not uncommon tor their bickering to to get them detention multiple times a week.

And that was just how they liked it.

While neither particular liked the other, both girls could not help but lust after one another. Aubrey loved lording her sex over her arrogant classmate, while Grace’s new desires could not let her pass up the chance to tongue-fuck Aubrey’s hot slit. The two were constantly fighting and bickering, leading to them sharing detention after school, an enforced excuse for why the two enemies would be spending time together.

As the two sat in the silent room, Aubrey teased and tormented Grace, careful not to draw Mr. Byers’ attention away from the papers he was grading. Shifting in her chair, rocking her hips, spreading her legs, Aubrey did anything that would give Grace an occasional peek between her legs. Grace, meanwhile, was torn between trying to see as much of Aubrey’s sex as she could while also trying to restrain herself. Her tongue was already rapidly hardening, taking on a more cylindrical shape and threatening to poke out from between her lips. Each minute that passed was torture. Sweet, exquisite torture with the promise of what was to come.

Finally, the oblivious teach looked up at the clock and cleared his throat. “Ok, girls. You’re done. Maybe tomorrow you can behave yourselves.” Grace immediately stood up and strode out of the room. She was trying to give an air of superiority, hoping the teacher did not notice her misplaced erection beginning to poke out from between her lips. Aubrey, however, took her time. This, too, was part of the game. Grace would be in the hall, forced to wait for her tormentor. Her stern expression was hollow, a facade to hide her anticipation.

“What’s the matter, Grace? Have a few choice words for me?” Aubrey teased as she stepped in the silent halls. Grace’s only response was a frustrated snort from her nostrils. “I’m sorry, I couldn’t make that out. I guess I’ll see you tomorrow,” Aubrey said nonchalantly and turned to walk away. As she did, her rear-facing pussy caught Grace’s eye, shattering her resolve.

“Lithen her, you thlut,” Grace lisped around the hardening member her tongue was transforming into. “Thith ith your fault. Each and ebery day I’m thtuck in detenthon becauthe of you!”

Aubrey stopped, turned back towards Grace and closed the gap between them until Aubrey’s bare chest was almost touching Grace expensive blouse. She said nothing, but reaching up with her left hand and firmly gripped Grace’s jaw. Grace’s eyes went wide as Aubrey reached back and ran two of her fingers across her exposed, wet lower lips before bringing the fingers up and holding them before Grace’s face. As the pungent aroma of arousal assaulted Grace, her transformed body responded the only way it could. Her rock hard cock-tongue shot from her mouth and began to run across Aubrey’s offered fingers.

“Who’s the ‘thlut’ here?” Aubrey asked. Grace could only whine around the turgid member filling her mouth. Aubrey’s expression softened, her own excitement matching Grace’s. She leaned forward and wrapped her mouth around Grace’s tongue, an act that looked more like a blowjob than a French kiss. Aubrey could taste the pre-cum leaking from the tip of Grace’s tongue mixed with their saliva as her own tongue danced around the bizarre cock. When Aubrey knew that Grace’s tongue was as hard as it could possibly be, she pulled back.

“The music room?” Aubrey asked. Grace could only nod enthusiastically, her voice blocked by the hard portrusion coming out of her mouth. The two ran down the hall, hand-in-hand, and ran into the empty room. Aubrey crawled onto teacher’s desk, knocking over sheet music and a cup of pencils. She got on her knees and bent at the waist, meaning with her altered body she was simultaneously on her knees and laying on her back. She spread her legs and looked past her ass to see Grace lining up her tongue before moving her head forward. Aubrey cried out as the cock-tongue filled her, inch by inch.

Grace was in heaven. Not only was she feeling all the sensations of incredible sex throbbing through her mouth, but her magically instilled obsession with eating out a delicious pussy was fulfilled. She moaned loudly around her tongue-dick and into Aubrey’s sex, which only caused the backwards facing girl to moan louder. Aubrey began to grope and fondle her breasts as Grace used the remaining mobility in her tongue to lick every nook of Aubrey’s inner walls.

The two continued to fuck until Aubrey’s body clenched and trembled in the throws of a powerful orgasm. As the orgasm coursed through her, her pussy quivered and squirted fluids onto Grace's tongue and face. This surge of flavor mixed with the sensations on her tongue set Grace over the edge as well, and she grabbed onto Aubrey’s toned ass and buried her face as far as she could into the delicious folds as she added her own new flavor to the mix as cum erupted erupted from the tip of her tongue. As the orgasm subsided, Grace slumped to the floor, her flaccid tongue slipping from Aubrey’s sex with a wet slurp. In a few minutes, her tongue would revert back to a more normal shape. For the moment, though, it lay limply out of her mouth and danged down past her chin, the combination of saliva, lubricant, and cum dripping off of it onto her top.

On the desk, Aubrey gasped and panted, her sweaty body twitching in aftershocks of pleasure. She looked around at the room, her rational mind waking back up.

“Good thing this place is soundproof, huh?” she panted.

Grace let out a grunt, her tongue beginning to retract into her mouth. She looked at her soiled blouse and licked at the lingering drops of fluids, not just to hide the evidence but to savor the taste for as much as possible. “You are such a bitch,” she said between licks.

“Whore,” Aubrey responded immediately.

Silence filled the room.

“Want to do it again tomorrow?”

“Oh fuck yes!”


In the grassy center of the track field, the cheerleading team gathered to prepare for practice. The number of cheerleaders had been much higher the previous week before they had lost several of their members to unrecognized transformations. Their once team captain Sarah and vice-captain Tiffany were now Zoe’s vagina and right breast respectively, Vicky was now a sentient supercomputer patiently kneeling on Jon’s desk, and several more had been transformed in various ways which made some incapable of being cheerleaders and others incapable of even being identified as “human.” Of those who remained, over a dozen had gained horns of various sizes and shapes; some of which made for rather interesting and clumsy cheer routines.

Far above the group of gatherings girls buzzed a tiny figure. Samantha’s large, compound eyes scanned the duffel bags most cheerleaders had brought with them. The fly-girl licked her lips and wrung her four hands. The girls usually brought post-workout snacks. Surely they wouldn’t miss a few bites.

She dropped altitude quickly, her wings buzzing furiously at her back. She zipped from bag to bag until she detected the deliciously sweet aroma of sugar. Samantha immediately landed on the target bag, grabbed the zipper that was as big as one of her forearms, and pulled. Once the zipper had been pulled back enough, Samantha squatted down on her six limbs and scuttled into the bag.

She crawled over clothing, a plastic soap bottle, and various odds and ends until she reached the cellophane bag she sought. She used her lower arms to open the bag while the upper set reached in to claim her prize. Just as she grasped a cookie that was bigger than her upper body, her world began to shake. The bag had been picked up, and all of the contents were shifting and colliding. Samantha had to escape before she was crushed!

Leaping across the bag’s contents, Samantha darted back for the open zipper, hoping the owner had not noticed the opening and resealed it. Relief erupted in her chest as she saw the zipper was still open. Just as she reach the exit, she felt the sensation of free fall. The bag had been dropped. With a surge of strength, Samantha pushed past the coarse zipper teeth and into the open air. Immediately, her wings stretched and beat at a rapid speed, carrying her into the air.

“Dammit, Samantha!” a voice shouted from below. Samantha simply took a massive bite of the double chocolate chip cookie still held in her upper arms before zipping off to find a quiet corner to enjoy her prize.


Catalina shuffled through her front door and dropped her bag to the floor. She was so full it was almost unbearable. She goose-walked over to the stairs, cursing not for the first time that her room was on the second floor. With each step, she felt like she was going to leak if not outright erupt. Finally, she made it to her room and closed the door behind her.

The room was by no means tiny, but was so packed there was almost no space to move. A bed sat with its headboard against the far wall, positioned off-center in the room. On one side of the bed were a dresser and small vanity. On the opposite side of the room, a large machine had been set up next to a plush chair. The rest of the floor space was occupied by an industrial sized refrigerator.

Catalina plopped down into the large chair, glad to be off of her feet. She reached down and ran her hands across her engorged udder. It, along with the rest of her body, were fully exposed after Jon had used his ability to make Catalina a nudist. As far as the girl knew, she had never given a single thought her entire life to clothes. What she did think about often, however, was the needs of her anatomy. Her udder was full and sensitive, blurring the line of arousing and painful. Reaching over, she grabbed the hoses running to the large machine as she turned it one. As the milking machine hummed to life, she attached a tube to each teat. Soon, all four of her teats were squirting a steady stream of milk.

Catalina let out a moan of relief that sounded suspiciously close to a cow mooing. She looked lazily over at the reservoir as it slowly filled with creamy liquid. Once she was empty, she would put the full container into the refrigerator and get another one set up for her next milking.

Catalina reached deep into the crease of her chair and and felt around until she found the item that she had hidden there. Pulling out it out, she turned on the vibrator. The toy's buzzing was drowned out by the hum of the milking pump. She smiled to herself as she reached beneath her udder and placed the buzzing toy against her lips. As she felt herself growing wetter, she teased the silver rod further and further into her pussy. Soon, she was pumping the toy in and out of herself in a rapid pace, the back of her hand rubbing against the underside if her udder and causing it to bounce wildly as her teats continued to be deliciously stimulated. This time, there was no mistaking that her feminine moans of pleasure were occasionally interrupted by the distinct moo of a cow. But Catalina didn't notice or care.

Catalina loved her milking sessions.


Jaqi couldn’t wait for her next session. As she rode the elevator up to her luxurious apartment, she could feel her arousal building. By the time the doors opened, her top was already unbuttoned. She was both relieved and disappointed that nobody had randomly been standing in the hallway waiting for the elevator. She smiled to herself and decided to push the her luck even more and hiked up her skirt, revealing her uncovered pussy.

As she strode down the hallway towards her apartment, she reached between her legs, ran a finger over her wet lips, then brought the finger up to her mouth and licked it clean. She loved the taste of pussy. Cock, too, for that matter. While she preferred to explore the bodies of her playmates, when she didn’t have anyone to have fun with she found tasting herself was almost as good. She hummed pleasantly to herself as she savored her own flavor. Feeling even more emboldened, she raised her tight skirt completely until it bunched around her waist, her entire ass and pussy exposed to anyone who may walk by.

Jaqi reached her apartment and had just unlocked the door when the deadbolt on the apartment across the hall from her own clicked. Her eyes went wide as she quickly darted into her apartment. She closed the door without looking back, wondering just how much of her bare ass her neighbor had seen.

The situation was too much and Jaqi slid two fingers into her soaking slit while the index and middle finger of the other hand began to rub her clitty through the hood. Only when she heard the footsteps moving away the door did she let out a low moan. The footsteps paused and Jaqi wondered if she had been heard and proceeded to rub herself even more vigorously.

Before this morning, Jaqi had not been a raging exhibitionist. In fact, Jaqi had not even exists at all until only a few days earlier. With one misworded wish, Jon had accidentally merged two of his classmates and his chemistry teacher into one person. The result was Jaqi Pyon, a walking wet dream made of all of the individual qualities Jon found most appealing from each of the former girls.

Many of her qualities,such as her knockout body and deeply engrained bisexuality, were the result of Jon's preferences. The exhibitionism, however, was the result of a completely different wish made the previous week. Jon had wished his teacher, Betty Stevens, would have a different sexual fetish each day. This wish was then imprinted onto Jaqi when Betty became a part of her.

However, Jaqi was unaware of any of this. She did not know that she was not quite real, that the essences of three different women resided within her, that she had not always been and exhibitionist, and that she would have a completely different sexual fixation by the time she woke up in the morning. All she cared about at the moment was showing off her hot body.

She strutted down the hall, discarding her clothing piece by piece as she went. She was completely nude by the time she entered her favorite room in the apartment. It was a bedroom that she had converted into the “studio” for her web show. A large bed filled the center of the room. Red silk veils covered most of the lights, giving a shadowy, intimate feel to the space while setting in in a warm glow. A wall was covered with assorted sex toys and a large armoire held even more. Throughout the room were multiple webcams, all positioned to get a shot of the room from just about any angle. All of the cameras led to the powerful computer sitting on a desk. It was a good thing one of the factors Jon liked about the girls was that Nari Pyon came from a wealthy family, because this setup had cost a fortune.

Jaqi moved to the bed and reverently picked up an opulent, full-faced masquerade mask which lay in the center. She quivered as she put it on, feeling her nipples hardening. This was her face online. Her secret identity. She looked herself over in the mirror that took up one entire wall. She could not help but pull out the tiniest bit of her distinctive purple hair that streaked through the rest of her jet black locks. After all, the chance of being caught was half the thrill.

She quickly sat in the chair at her desk and logged into her website and activate her cameras.

<Hello my darling deviants>, she typed. <Almost got caught walking home with my pussy out. It got me so wet! Want to see?> She switched the feed to a camera mounted beneath the desk and spread her legs. Immediately, the messages began to flow in.

<Wish I could fuck that!>
<You’re pussy looks amazing smile>
<I wish it was me ;p>

Jaqi smiled beneath the glass mask as she read her admirers’ responses. She began to play with herself and watched as another explosion of messages filled the screen.

She was home.


Liz entered her house and checked her pulse on her smart watch. Pleased with the readout, she kicked off her shoes and ran upstairs. Even though she had just gotten back from a 10k run at a pace that would shame most olympic runners, she was still bursting with energy. She entered the bathroom and began to strip off her nylon running clothes, examining her body as she did.

She was thin and tone, a runner’s body. She cupped her breasts, glad that she had such curves with her lean figure. After all, Amy enjoyed them. Thinking of her girlfriend drew her attention further down to the large sheath between her legs. Despite the run, it was a different workout she had really wanted. Unfortunately, Amy had to work tonight so Liz had been stuck trying to work off her frustration in other ways. Luckily, Amy did not have to work tomorrow. And it would be Friday. A whole long night to themselves...

Her anticipation caused a stirring in her loins and a large growth began to extend further and further out of the thin girl’s body. Moments later, a large, two foot long horse cock was standing proudly erect from between the her legs. She smiled and reached down, stroking her massive length while the other hand reached even further down and fondled her massive, sagging balls. Liz began to breath harder, letting out the occasional grunt. She looked over at the shower. Mess be damned, she needed release.

The wish that had transformed Liz had not only altered her anatomy, but her libido and energy as well. Amy had wished Liz could “fuck her like an animal,” and now Liz had the cock and stamina of a prized breeding stallion. As a byproduct of the wish, Liz often tried to burn off her excess energy through physical activities, resulting in her now being an accomplishment athlete. However, she would rather use her energy fucking her girlfriend whenever possible. For the moment, she would have to make due without Amy.

Liz stepped into the warm shower and shuddered as the water danced along the length of her hard shaft. She gripped it firmly and pulled it up, pressing it against her body. She cupped her breasts and sandwiched her cock into her cleavage, giving herself a titty-fuck while she licked and sucked on the broad, flat head. It felt good, but not as good as when Amy did it.

Thinking of her lover, Liz let go of her breasts and let her dick fall forward until it was jutting straight out from between her legs. Reaching down, she wrapped her hands around the front of her dick and slid them back several inches. Liz knew from multiple encounters that this was the furthest Amy was able to take Liz into her. While Liz worked the front of her cock, she moved the rest of her shaft so that the spray of the shower would stimulate her remaining length.

Liz was soon thrusting her hips and grunting primally, imagining her hands to be Amy’s tight sex. With a final thrust, Liz felt her balls tighten and she bent slightly at the waist, aiming her dick head at the shower floor. She groaned and shuttered as thick ropes of cum spurted from her throbbing penis onto the floor, where is splattered on her feet and ankles.

As the rush of the orgasm began to die down, Liz let go of her shaft and breathed deeply. Her dick had softened but was not yet retracting into its sheath. For the moment, it dangled flaccidly around her knees. She looked to the floor and huffed as she began to use her foot to slide large strands of the sticky spoog towards the drain. However, she already knew she was going to need to thoroughly clean the tub before the entire bathroom reeked of her cum. She let out a sigh and turned up the water temperature and began to lather up, hoping the heat and soap might help make her job easier.

As her cleaning reached her privates, she thought again of Amy. She was funny, beautiful, sexy, perfect in every way. Well, almost every way. Liz just wished she could fully penetrate her girlfriend. It was so frustrating to be in the middle of a passionate session of love making and not be able to be fully satisfied because well more than half of her dick couldn’t fit. Liz just wanted to feel what it was like to have her entire length taken.

Liz realized that her shaft was once again growing erect in her sudsy hands. She listened for a moment and did not hear anyone else at home yet. She tightened her grip and gave her length a firm stroke.

“Maybe I have time for one more round,” she muttered.


Re: Chick for a Dick - by ekempo5000

Chick for a Dick: After School Rendezvous

“Maybe this is a bad idea,” Zoe muttered.

She nervously knocked on Athena’s front door, almost hoping her friend wasn’t home. The two had spent the better part of the day avoiding each other. After their unexpected make-out session the previous day, both were feeling confused and uncertain. They had briefly run into each other at lunch and decided they should talk about what had happened. Even though Zoe kept telling herself that they were just going to talk, she had still popped a breath mind and checked her generous cleavage before she knocked on the door. 

Zoe was just about to chicken out and leave when she heard the deadbolt click and the door slowly opened. Athena stood in the doorway, a shy look in her eyes as she would only take quick glances at Zoe before looking away. “Hey,” Zoe said quietly. Athena nodded nonchalantly, before opening the door wider to let her friend in. Zoe’s heart was racing as she stepped into the silent house. “Is... your mom home?” Zoe asked. Athena shook her head in the negative. Zoe’s heart skipped a beat. It was just the two of them, and Athena was aroused. It was as obvious as the pussy on her face.

The previous day Athena had possessed a normal mouth, but instead of her nose there had been a dick hanging in the middle of her face along with penises replacing both of her nipples and a massive cock stuffed into her tight goth jeans with no sign of a normal girl’s privates. Despite having four dicks, Athena was considering female and making out with her had been Zoe’s first lesbian experience. At least in the current reality.

In a previous reality, Zoe and Athena had been intimate lovers and Zoe had inadvertently made a wish where Athena’s body would constantly alter itself to accommodate Zoe’s desires. While Zoe had enjoyed sucking on Athena’s dick-nose, her curiosity about experimenting with a girl’s sex had cause Athena to grow one where it was most convenient for Zoe. While neither had thought anything was unusual about Athena having a vagina for a mouth, both were acutely aware of how aroused it was.

Athena took Zoe gently by the hand and led her down the hall into her bedroom where she closed the door. She turned to face Zoe who was standing nervously in the middle of the room, shifting her weight from one foot to the other.

“So...” she ventured. “Should we talk about what happened... or something?”

Athena shrugged, her eyes darting about the room and looking at any except Zoe.

“Should we... do something... else?” Zoe ask with anticipation. For the first time, Athena made eye contact with Zoe. Their stares held for several moments of silence before Athena looked glanced down at Zoe’s breasts confined within her tightly stretched shirt then back up at her eyes. Noticing the stare, Zoe brought her hands to the hem of her shirt and slowly began to pull it off. Athena watched on as Zoe’s bra-clad breasts bobbed on her chest as the shirt was peeled off. Zoe dropped the shirt the the floor and returned to silently starring at Athena, now joined by the exposed eyes of Tiffany and Amber hanging on her chest.

Athena’s face pussy was red and wet with arousal. She quickly reached down and peeled off her own shirt. Her bra was quickly becoming uncomfortably due to her erect dick-nipples pressing against their padded confines. Athena unclasped the offending garment and let it fall to the floor next to her shirt. Her erect nipples stood proudly from her chest, a bead of pre-cum dotting both.

Muffled voices could be heard coming from under Zoe’s bra. She smiled sheepishly and reached behind her back and unclasped her own bra before slowly lowering it. “Oh, yeah. I’ve been waiting for that cock all day,” Tiffany muttered from Zoe’s chest. Zoe blushed deeply at her tit’s admission. She looked up and saw that Athena was slowly moving towards her.

As the gap between the two closed, the breast-girls attached to Zoe’s chest were firmly focused on Athena’s cock-nipples coming closer and close. Athena was equally focused on the two boob girls. Her hands began to rise up until they hovered just in front of Zoe’s chest. She looked into Zoe’s eyes who gave a slight nod.

Athena cupped the two breast-girls’ faces, feeling their warm, soft, sensual skin. She pressed the two together and watch the valley of cleavage grow before letting go and watching them jiggle wildly, causing the two boobs to giggle. Athena’s cheeks raised around her face-pussy in an attempt at a smile. She reached towards Tiffany and gently teased the nipple in the middle of her face where a nose would have been. Multiple voices groaned and Athena quickly retracted her hand.

“No!” Zoe said in a husky voice. She reached forward and took Athena’s hands, guiding them up and putting them back on her breasts. “No. It feels good,” she said, closing her eyes. Athena resumed caressing and fondling Zoe’s altered mammeries. Zoe stared at her friend through lust-hazed eyes. The vagina in the center of Athena’s face was soaking wet, its juices coating her face.

Zoe lazily reach up towards Athena’s “mouth” but paused. Seeing the hand hovering before her, Athena took the initiative and leaned forward, wrapping her misplaced love canal around her friend’s fingers. From Zoe’s perspective, this was the first time she had ever touched a “normal” vagina. Even now, she could feel Sarah in her pants smacking her lips and drooling her own arousal. Athena’s pussy, though, was very different. The softness of her lips, the way it gripped at her fingers, the lack of a tongue, it was all foreign to her.

After several moments, Zoe pulled back her hand. Athena’s eyes rolled wildly and Zoe saw that her fingers were slick and wet. Tentatively, she licked a finger and was pleased to find it was not an unpleasant taste. She looked up and saw that Athena was watching her. Feeling emboldened, Zoe grabbed Athena and pushed her to the bed. Her face-pussy was like a faucet now, and her cock-nipples looked painful erect. The bulge at her crotch looked as if it was threatening to burst her pants at the seams.

Zoe quickly straddle her friend and pushed their crotches together, loving the sensation of Athena’s erection pressing against Sarah’s face through their clothing. She then bent over, only hesitating to make sure her boobs’ mouths lined up with Athena’s nipples. Tiffany and Amber greedily wrapping their mouths around the cocks in front of them and began to suck and pleasure the hard members eagerly. Athena’s hips bucked, causing a muffled moan to come from Zoe’s crotch.

Athena was in a haze of pleasure. The two mouths sucking off her nipples were heavenly, causing her whole body to twitch and shudder under Zoe’s weight. She opened her eyes to see Zoe’s face right before her. Please, she silently pleaded. As if hearing her thoughts, Zoe leaned in, extended her tongue, and parted Athena’s lips as she broadly licked the slit. The two pressed further together as Athena writhed on the bed.

Athena wrapped her arms around Zoe and rolled them both over, taking position on top. Zoe found herself grinning widely, loving Athena’s aggressive approach. The silent girl sat up, her cocks pulling out of Tiffany and Amber’s mouths with slick pops. The two breast-girls began to whine with need even as Athena began to undo Zoe’s pants. As the jeans were pulled down around Zoe’s ankles, Athena could see that Zoe’s panties were absolutely soaked. Sarah’s tongue pressed against the thin material as she licked her lips. Rather than fumble more with Zoe’s pants, Athena grabbed the the lacy material and ripped the panties off to expose Sarah’s wet face.

Zoe felt a rush surge through her. Athena was a mad woman. She was letting nothing get in her way... it was so fucking hot! She looked up at the slit on her lover’s face, finding herself disappointed. I wish she had a mouth, one perfect for me... I want to be eaten out-

Immediately, the pussy on Athena’s face was gone. In its place, her mouth had returned. But not as it was. Her pouty lips parted and a long, thick tongue emerged. It twisted and snaked out of her mouth, craving the musky juices between Zoe’s legs. She dove between her lover’s legs, enthusiastically kissing and licking Sarah’s lips. The taste of Zoe’s arousal was intoxicating.

Zoe let out a cry as Athena's tongue slipped between Sarah’s lips and began to fill her. As it caressed her inner walls, Zoe reached down and ran her hands through Athena’s long, midnight black hair. As she did, a moment of disappointment passed through her. I wish I could fondle more than her hair.  Responding to Zoe’s desires, Athena’s body altered again. She instantly had two breasts mounted on the top of her head in perfect reach for Zoe to play with while Athena continued to eat her out. Her hair remained but was now a single strip resembling a horse’s mane that ran down the center of her head between her new tits. Zoe moaned as she firmly groped Athena’s head-boobs.

Zoe’s boobs, however, were less than satisfied. The cocks they had been enjoying had been rudely taken away and were far out of reach. They wanted to be played with, teased, fondled and pleasured. Two new voices joined the collection of moans and cries as mouths with plump lips appeared in the center of both of Athena’s hands. As she used her extended tongue to stimulate Zoe’s g-spot in Sarah’s mouth, Athena reached up to the giant tits on Zoe’s chest.

Athena’s right hand reached up, her fingertips caressing Amber’s form. Her eyes fluttered as she felt her soft, jiggly form being caressed. The mouth on Athena’s hand opened and a tongue extended from her parted lips. Meeting Amber’s lips, the two mouths passionately embraced. Athena’s left hand, meanwhile, had begun to suck on Tiffany’s nipple while the outstretched fingers squeezed and fondled her. The girl-turned-breast let out squeaks and gasps of pleasure as she was played with.

Athena hummed into Sarah’s face as Zoe groped her head-tits, causing the pussy-girl to instinctively sucked harder on Athena’s transformed tongue. Feeling the delicious pleasure Sarah was causing, Athena couldn’t help but wondered what it would feel like to fuck her perfect mouth. Zoe and her parts let out moans of protest as Athena pulled away from them and sat up. Zoe fought through the haze of pleasure and tried to focus her gaze on Athena who was fumbling with her belt and pants. Undoing the garments, she pulled them down, briefly rolling onto her butt as she completely discarded her pants and panties before kneeling in front of Zoe.

The dick between Athena’s legs was rock hard, its purple head smeared with pre-cum. Athena gripped it with her left hand, the mouth in her palm licking the shaft, while her right hand reached across her body and enveloped her left cock-nipple into the hand’s eager mouth. Athena let out a groan as she looked at her friend. Zoe was breathing deep, heavy breaths as she looked at Athena and the massive cock she was presenting. She bit her lower lip, still not believing she was so horny for a girl, and spread her legs to further expose Sarah wet face nestled in her crotch.

As the legs to either side of her face parted, Sarah opened her mouth wide to the waiting cock. Athena began to shuffle forward, lining the hard rod up with Sarah’s inviting mouth. Sarah stuck out her tongue and ran it along the bottom of the shaft as Athena slowly inserted it into her mouth. When it fully filled her mouth, Sarah wrapped her lips tightly around Athena’s dick before beginning to enthusiastically suck on the warm shaft.

Zoe gave a moan and her legs shuttered slightly as her pussy wrapped tightly around Athena’s member. Sarah was enjoying herself as she sucked away at the dick, but she offhandedly wondered what it would be like if Athena had been packing something a little bigger. Sarah was fortunate that her transformation into a vagina had removed her gag reflex. Athena's cock instantly expanded to completely fill Sarah to her limit. The member she now possessed would put a porn star to shame. The veiny rod filled Sarah’s mouth completely, stretching her lips tighter around its girth while its length pressed further into her. As Athena began to pump, Sarah felt her lips clinging to its length as she pulled out. Zoe cried out and Sarah gave a muffled grunt of pleasure which buzzed into Athena’s cock, only encouraging her to pump more.

Zoe felt like she was being swept away in a flood of pleasure. She could barely see straight, she felt her body twitching in spasms she couldn’t contain, and she realized with shock that the high-pitched cries filling the room was her own voice. She felt the bed shift as Athena lowered her body and was now on her hands and knees, never once breaking her rhythm of thrusting.

Seeing Athena’s penis-nipples dangling in front of them, Tiffany and Amber greedily reach up with their tongues and licked the wet dick heads, coaxed them lower. Athena got the hint and lowered her body more until she was practically laying on Zoe, their tits pressed together as Zoe’s sucked off Athena's.

Athena’s body was warm and soft. Through her haze, Zoe could feel her lovers hot breath on her face. Zoe opened her eyes slightly and saw Athena’s beautiful face before hers. Her mouth was open, an occasional gasp escaped her throat as her long tongue dangled limping from her mouth. Lust filled Zoe’s reality. She wanted everything Athena had to offer and more. The two never broke their rhythm as Athena’s modified mouth instantly reverted once more into a set of soaking wet pussy lips. Athena lowered her head and Zoe enthusiastically licked and sucked the wet slit.

Zoe was in heaven. Her cunt was filled more than it had ever been before, her tits were sucking on a pair of perfect dicks, and she was immersing herself in Athena’s musk. The only thing possibly left would be...

The tapping at her face broke Zoe’s concentration and she pulled away to see Athena’s tail, which she had not even had just a moment earlier, reach up and was hovering near the lovers’ faces. The tail was long and completely hairless. In fact, its only remarkable feature was that the end was a dick. Athena paused pumping in Zoe and eyed the interrupting appendage before looking into Zoe’s eyes and fluttering her eyebrows suggestively. Zoe smiled coyly and opened her mouth, allowing the hard cock to enter her mouth. Zoe sucked on it wetly, letting her saliva coat the tube of flesh. After a few moments, Zoe felt it tugged out of her mouth, a stand of spit hanging to it. She watched as Athena guided it into her own face where it gave several wet thrusts into her pussy.

Athena pulled back her tail, pleased with how wet the end now was. As it snaked back behind her, she looked into Zoe’s eyes. The tail went lowered and lowered before it looped around and moved between their legs. Zoe gasped as she felt the hard wetness tap her asshole just below Sarah’s stretched mouth. Athena paused and Zoe hesitated, the only sound in the room was breathing and Zoe’s tits continuing to suck on Athena’s cock-nipples. Finally, Zoe gave an almost imperceptible nod and Athena began to press her tail forward.

The lubricated shaft stretched her ass as it moved in. Zoe gave a hard grunt and Athena reached forward kissing Zoe’s cheek and forehead simultaneously with her palm mouths. Slowly the tail moved forward, filling her more and more before it stopped. Zoe let out a groan. She had never felt this full before. Her pussy... her tits... her ass... Slowly, Athena began to pump her main dick in and out of Sarah’s mouth, her tail remaining stationary inside of Zoe’s ass. Zoe leaned in and resumed eating out Athena’s face-cunt and the pace intensified. Soon, Athena was once again hammering into Zoe. She let out a squeak as the tailed began to move again.  Athena was now bucking her hips and thrusting her tail in an alternating rhythm, fucking Zoe’s pussy and ass.

Zoe couldn’t even think anymore. Her arms clawed at anything they could reach, namely Athena’s back. Zoe’s lust driven mind, wanting nothing more than more pleasurable flesh, caused Athena’s back to blossom in a cluster of seventeen breasts which pressed together tightly against each other to create interconnected valleys of deep cleavage. Zoe pawed and grabbed at the expanse of tit-flesh as Athena fucked her pussy, ass and tits simultaneously.

Zoe’s breath caught in her throat before a loud scream drowned out the sounds of wet slapping in the room. Tiffany and Amber latched down onto the dicks in their mouths. Sarah felt her mouth begin to spasm beyond her control, fluttering across the cock that was filling her. Even Zoe’s sphincter began to flex and pulse around Athena’s tail-cock. From her erogenous zones, the pleasure radiated out and Zoe began to twitch and shutter as though possessed.

Feeling her lover cumming beneath her, Athena could no longer hold out and gave one last simultaneous thrust with all of her dicks before all four blew their loads into Zoe while her own pussy spasmed and gushed as she squirted onto Zoe’s face and chest. As the last spurts of her cum died down, Athena collapsed exhaustedly onto Zoe’s still twitching body.