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The beeping alarm clock pierced the silence of the room. Jon groan and rolled over to hit the snooze button for another five minutes of silence. However, reality come flooding back to him as he found himself rolling onto a very naked Lisa Williams. “Morning, Master. Does this mean you want a morning fuck before school?” Jon had never had a better wake up call. “Not today,” he said dismissively, crawling out of bed. “Very well, Master? Is there anything else I can do for you?” she ask, following him out of bed. Jon stood up and stretched his arms wide, releasing him from the last lingers of his drowsiness. He reached down and give his balls a scratch, bringing a gentle moan from still sleeping Karyn. Smiling, he turned to face Lisa. “Lay out some clothes for me; something casual, but nice. Then I’d like some eggs for breakfast, and after they’re ready you can come back up here and make the bed.” Lisa nodded and moved towards his dresser, opening his underwear drawer.

Jon watcher her for only a moment before his excitement forced him to move. Today was another wonderful day. Who knows what might happen? He was in control of his world completely. He looked down at himself, then in a mirror in his room. His focus rested on Karyn’s sleeping form between his legs. Not only was he used to the sight of his best friend as his penis, he was actually quite pleased with her. He thought back to the wishes he had made… and on the ones he still had planned. He snickered to himself aloud, almost high on the sense of power. What would he do today?

Jon walked out of his room and down the hall, not even caring about clothes. Maybe he should make a wish that clothing was optional. Hmm… that had possibilities. He grinned as he approached the bathroom door. He paused in front of the closed door. He raised his to knock, but hesitated. He grinned even wider as he reached for the knob.


Inside the dimly lit bathroom, Zoe was still shaking the cobwebs of sleep from her head. She liked quiet mornings: keeping the lights down low, minimal movements, and little talking. So far, her assets had been behaving perfectly. All three were still asleep, making the morning so much easier. She was very proud of her rack and pussy. Her tits were full and perky, they way they bounced with each step, always grabbing the boys and girls attention. And they had such pretty eyes too. Right now, both Amber and Tiffany had those eyes closed as they hung from her chest, Amber perfectly quiet and Tiffany softly snoring. She turned to face the mirror, looking further down to see Sarah. Zoe loved the way her pussy looked. Her full lips, the smooth skin, and her cute little nose. She loved how irresistible Sarah looked. And it was Friday, so Zoe knew tonight she would be getting plenty of use out of her. She didn’t know with who yet, but it didn’t matter. Zoe was so stunning she could have anyone she wanted, boy or girl, wrapped around her finger.

Zoe stepped away from the mirror, knowing she had wasted too much time already. Her “lazy morning” philosophy worked just fine for her until she had to rush double-time at the end just to make it to school. Then again, being late for first period did mean detention with Ms. Lee. Zoe licked her lips and looked down to see Sarah doing the same instinctually, linked with Zoe’s desires. Maybe she would let herself be late on purpose. It was Friday, after all, so there was plenty of time after school for her and her teacher to work on “extra credit.” For the time being, that would have to wait. Zoe had been holding it as long as she could, but she couldn’t hold it any long. She raised the toilet seat and sat down, spreading her legs apart and letting Sarah’s mouth hang open slightly, and released her bladder. Sarah’s eyes rolled and fluttered open, and she opened her mouth wider, letting the fluid flow out even faster until it came out only in a little trickle which Sarah then spit out. Zoe grabbed a piece of toilet paper and blotted around Sarah’s mouth. She had just flushed the toilet when the door flew open and the lights went up to full intensity.


Blinded, Zoe raised her hands to her eyes, giving Jon a full view of his transformed sister. “Jon!” she shrieked. Jon watched as Sarah tightly shut her eyes while Amber and Tiffany at Zoe’s chest had been startled wide awake by the light and yelling. “Turn down the damn lights!” Jon stepped further into the bathroom. “Or else what?” he asked playfully. Zoe started to lower her hands, her eyes squinting in the light. “Or else I’ll-” She stopped mid-sentence. She stared at her nude brother, her eyes focusing on Karyn who was also beginning to wake up from all of the commotion. Zoe continued to stare, and she felt Sarah once again lick her own lips. Trying to put on a defiant front, Zoe stood up straight and snapped her legs together to hide Sarah’s reaction. However, this only caused Amber and Tiffany to jiggle obscenely. “Don’t you ever knock?” she demanded. Jon approached her slowly. “That’s the second time you’ve asked me that this week. So, I guess: no.” Zoe stood silent looking at her brother. “I need to get ready for school,” he said. “Well so do I!” she blurted. “Yeah, but I don’t have Ms. Lee my first hour,” he said wickedly. Zoe felt herself, Tiffany, Amber, and Sarah all blush at once. Zoe felt humiliated… and so FUCKING aroused. Without another word, she jogged past him back towards her room, her tits bouncing the whole way back, their noses hard. She was definitely going to let herself be late today. Jon watched her go, remember the wish he had ready for Saturday night.

A few minutes later, Jon was walking out of the bathroom, perfectly groomed for the day ahead. Deciding he had plenty of time, he took a right and walked down to Zoe’s door. He no longer even bothered to open the door slowly, knowing his last wish to be completely unnoticed by anybody in the room was still working. He watched Zoe on her bed, Sarah furiously sucking on two of her fingers while she pinched Amber’s nipple-nose with the other had. He was actually surprised to see that she had managed to get Tiffany’s nipple-nose to her mouth and she was sucking on it like a popsicle on a hot day. Jon watched on as Zoe built herself closer and closer to climax, until she gave the nipple in her mouth a firm nibble, sending her over the edge. Zoe opened her mouth to moan and Tiffany shifted back into her proper place on Zoe’s chest, moaning in chorus with Zoe and Amber. A few minutes later, Zoe removed her fingers from Sarah’s mouth. Sarah’s face glistened with sweat and love fluid as she panted in her afterglow. Zoe laid flat on her bed, bringing the hand up to Amber’s mouth, who greedily cleaned the juices off of the fingers.

Jon walked out of the room, closing the door behind him. Returning to his own room, he saw an outfit on his perfectly made bed waiting for him. Lisa stood at attention, holding a plate of eggs. “I did as you wanted, Master,” she said. “However, your mother was not pleased to see me.” Jon reached for the plate and started to eat as he sat on the bed. “What do you mean?” Lisa kneeled down in front of him and began to put the socks on his feet while he ate. “I could really get used to this he though,” finishing the eggs. Lisa took the plate and handed Jon a folded shirt. “She wanted to know why her ‘son’s living blow-up doll’ was out of his room,” she said. The look of sadness in her face was evident. Jon stood up and finished dressing, placing Karyn comfortable inside his underwear. He walked over to the desk and picked up the stone.

“Don’t worry,” he said, putting it in his pocket. “By the end of the day, she’ll have no problems with you.” Lisa smile brightly and handed Jon his backpack. He kissed her softly on the cheek and headed downstairs and out the door. This was going to be an exciting day!


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“This has been such a boring day!” Jon thought. He sat slumped in his desk, resting his head on his right palm, just trying to stay awake. He stared at his math teacher’s back as he wrote formula after boring formula on the board, going on in the most monotone voice imaginable. Turning his gaze to study the rest of the class, Jon saw that he was not alone. Almost everyone else was in a similar haze except for a handful who seemed to be passing notes, drawing in their notebooks, and one student who actually was asleep. As his stare passed over the girls in class, he noticed they would wake up a little, one by one, taking notice of his gaze. Jon returned his stare to his teacher’s back, but his attention remained elsewhere. He slowly moved his hand into his right pocket, gently rubbing the stone. Surely he could come up with something that would help him pass the time. He again thought of making clothing optional, but it seemed too simple. What could he do? He looked back at one girl in his class, a cute latina girl names Catalina. She had been staring at him ever since he had made eye contact with her earlier. She gave him a wink an pursed her lips slightly. Jon gave her a smile. “I wonder what exactly she’s thinking about. What is she fantasizing right now?” he thought.

The light bulb turned on in his head and he raised his hand. “Mr. Pierce,” he interrupted. “I need to use the bathroom.” The teacher curtly dismissed him and returned to his lesson as Jon walked out. The halls were empty as he made his way to the bathroom. Stepping inside, he made sure he was alone, and pulled out the rock. “I wish, for the rest of the day, that any girl who sees me and is fantasizing about me will come and tell me what she is imagining. Neither she nor anyone else with think this is out of place, and nobody will take any notice to them or my reaction of their comments.” Smiling, Jon returned the rock to his pocket and stepped out the door. As he entered back into the hallway, he saw the principal’s secretary stepping out of the women’s bathroom right next to him. She was in her late thirties, but she was still attractive. Jon smiled and nodded slightly as he turned to walk back towards class. “I want you to pull me into the woman’s bathroom and give me a spanking,” said a voice in his ear. He spun around to see the secretary right behind him, leaning in seductively. Without another word, she stood up straight, turned around, and started walking in the opposite direction back towards the office. Jon stood, shocked for a moment, watching her. As she walked away, she turned and gave a friendly wave as she walked around a corner. Jon smiled and practically ran back to his class.

Jon reentered the class and took a seat at his desk, waiting impatiently. He did not take long, because a couple moments later, Catalina stood up and began walking over to his desk. Looking at the other students, Jon saw that all of their moods remained the same. Nobody made any reaction to the girl’s movement. She walked down the aisle towards him, passing each student by until she stood next time him. She bent down until she was level with his face, her ample cleavage on display. “I want to feel you cum all over my titties,” she said. Jon looked again at her boobs hanging before him. Before he could say anything, she stood up straight and returned to her seat, where she returned to looking at him with the same expression as before. Jon smiled openly back at her, giving her a wink. “I want to have a 69 with you right in the middle of class.” Jon jumped at the voice coming directly behind him. He spun around to see another girl in the class, Rachelle, kneeling next to his desk. She casually stood up and returned to her own seat. Jon watched as another girl began to stand up and make his way towards him. “This is certainly going to make class more enjoyable,” he thought.


The day had definitely turned around for Jon. Everywhere he had gone, whether it was in class or just walking down the hall, some girl had come up and told him just what she wanted to do with him. In gym he had not even had the time to do any physical activities. Each girl in the class kept him occupied the whole period. Later on, he had been walking past a classroom to his locker and a teacher left her class in the middle of the lesson to tell him she wanted to be fucked doggie style on her desk. The best was probably when a set of twins had each admitted they wanted to have a threesome with him. Jon wondered if the pair already had an attraction for each other. However, there were some things that he had been told that he wished he hadn’t heard. While walking past Zoe in the hall, she had stopped him to tell him she wanted to lick him from head to toe with all four of her tongues. As creepy as that was, it was not the worst. The student president, a clean freak named Jennifer, told him she wanted him to use her as a toilet and to shit and piss on her. He had never imagined she of all people was into that.

It had been confusing and disgusting at times, but it did make the day go by faster. Even better, he was on his way to his final class of the day. Betty’s class. This was the perfect way to get her to finally break. He would know exactly what she wanted! There’s no way she could blue-ball Jon if he was playing out her fantasy! Jon waited by his locker, watching the minutes pass until he knew he had wasted enough time to be late. As planned, he arrived at class just seconds after the bell rang. Walking in, Jon stood at the front of the class, waiting to be assigned his “detention.” Betty rose from her desk as he entered. She locked eyes with him and started towards him. Jon felt a grin cross his face as she approached. “This is it.” She came up to him and leaned in, quietly whispering: “I want to make you hard, wrap you around my finger, and leave you begging for release.”

Jon starred wide eyed at her as she returned to her desk. She wasn’t worried about her job. She wasn’t just being a cock-tease, she was actively trying to be a cock-tease! She had been screwing with him. “Jon, you’re late for class. You’ll have to stay after for detention.” Jon turned and walked to his desk without a word. She had been playing him all along. He sat in his desk, lost in his thoughts until the girl next to him leaned across the aisle. “I want to you to shoot your load inside my tight ass,” she said with a smile on her face. Jon looked her up and down, letting the idea play out in his head. She definitely had a good body, and it would be more enjoyable than getting sexually frustrated from Betty. “Why couldn’t Betty want a good ass-fucking instead?” he mused. “That’s it!” he thought. Detention was going to be fun after all.

Later, Jon watched as the last of the students left the class, leaving only him and Betty in the class. “Well, Jon, are you ready for your detention?” she asked, walking to the supply room. “In a minute,” he responded. “I’ll meet you in there.” She gave him a smile as she ducked around the corner. Jon waited until she was out of the room and pulled out the stone. “I wish Betty’s sexual fantasy will random switch with any one of the other fantasies I was told throughout the day. I also wish she will take on a new random one each day.” Jon was particularly proud of this one. Each day, it would be a new surprise to see what her current sexual thrill was. “She’s like a kinky box of chocolates. I'll never know what I‘m going to get,” he laughed to himself. Jon looked at the open door. He could hear her shuffling around inside the supply room. Who knows what her new, dirty desire was? “Only one way to find out,” he thought as he walked into the room.


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Jon walked into the storage room and could not help but smile. Betty was standing across the room leaning against a counter top, her top unbuttoned half way down. He was a tad surprised to see her breasts had increased a couple cup sizes, not expecting his wish to affect her body as well as her mind. Either way, it was a pleasant surprise. “Oh, Jon” she cooed. “I’ve been waiting all week for this.” Jon confidently walked forward, soaking in the sight before him, remembering all the times before the stone he had day dreamed about this happening. “Me too, Betty. Me too.” Betty smiled and moved to meet him in the center of the room. “Jon, I told you: When we’re in here, call me Tits.”

With that, Betty removed the rest of her top, letting it fall to the ground. Her upper body completely nude, Betty shook her shoulders, causing her increased boobs to sway seductively on her chest. Jon wasted no time in reaching forward and firmly grasping and squeezing them. After all the boobs he had recently felt, Jon could tell she had implants, and as he leaned in to suck on her nipple, he could see a faint scar left over from a boob job. Jon smiled at the stone’s power. Betty had taken on the desires of Catalina, the girl from class whose obsession focused on her boobs. Since Betty now had these desires, at least for the day, reality had shifted so it seemed like she always had these feelings, and in return gave her a retroactive boob job. No doubt, tomorrow her body would change back to normal, or to better match whatever her new desire would be. Jon couldn’t wait for Monday to see what new changes she would have.

Jon was brought back to reality by a hand firmly grasping his dick through his pants. The rush of pleasure forced a moan to escape his mouth, releasing Bet- er, Tits’ nipple. “That’s nice, Jon, but I need the good stuff.” She gently pushed him against the wall and started to seductively lower herself to her knees in front of him. Jon could feel how hard he was and saw the very pronounced tent pole in his jeans as Tits began to undo them. Jon could not wait to see just what she had in mind. As the layers of cloth began to peel away, Jon looked down as Tits reached into his underwear, got a firm grasp around his shaft, and pulled out… Karyn. For the first time in days, Jon had forgotten that his best friend was now his dick. He had been so focused on Betty’s changes and his own pleasure, he had completely forgotten about her current situation. Jon wondered for a brief second why that didn’t bother him, but he quickly put the worry out of his mind. He couldn’t change it right now, and she did tell him she was enjoying herself as a dick in the meantime. So, there was no sense in trying to change things now. Might as well put her to good use and enjoy himself.

Karyn felt incredible. She was hard as a rock, with a firm hand wrapped around her, a gorgeous valley of tit flesh before her, and the taste of Jon’s delicious precum in her mouth. She could also tell her previous wish to make Jon not worry about things was working. He had been so high strung earlier in the week, she had noticed quite a change over the past couple days. The hand firmly stroking her length brought her back to reality. “Hey, Tits. You look like you need it bad today.” Jon looked at Karyn in surprise, realizing that since she was in his pants and didn‘t hear his wish, she would always think Betty‘s “kink of the day“ was how she had always been.

“Yeah, Karyn, I need it bad. Give me the good stuff,” Tits said, speeding up her pace as she jacked Jon off. Karyn closed her eyes and soaked in the wonderful feelings enfolding her. She quietly moaned and hummed with each stroke, her mouth open in a huge smile the whole time. Jon looked at his best friend, hypnotized by her. This was the first time since her change he had really watched her as she was pleasured. Every other time she was inside a mouth or pussy, and the first time he jacked her off he had not watched her so intently. Now, he could see her miniature boobs shake as she was pumped, her golden hair swinging back and forth as she rolled her head, the feminine curves of her still pronounced hips and sweet ass. Jon could feel himself getting to the edge. Karyn in the throws of pleasure was an incredibly arousing sight. He tried to hold back, to keep the pleasure building, but as soon as he looked up and saw the topless form of his teacher submissively kneeling before him, he knew he was fighting a loosing battle.

“Here it comes Ti-” Karyn yelled, cut off mid-word as Jon’s cum filled her and erupted out of her mouth, gushing all over Betty’s tits. Jon rode the orgasm and watched as spurt after spurt shot out of Karyn, her whole body twitching, her eyes still closed, and the smile never leaving her face. Tits moaned as each spray of cum hit her chest, her other hand furiously fingering herself as she was covered more and more in Jon’s seed. Jon watched as Karyn continued to shoot more and more cum onto Tits, remembering her wish for him to cum more than usual in an orgasm. Right now, he wasn’t complaining, and neither was Tits from the look of it. As Jon’s orgasm came to an end, he watched as Karyn began to loose steam, and after a couple of smaller spurts, her length softened and she drooped down flaccid against his leg, a couple large drops of cum still hanging from her mouth.

Tits, on the other hand, was far from done. Jon watched as she started scooping globs of jizz off her chest and licking it enthusiastically off her fingers, her other hand continuing to finger herself. She came several times as she swallowed every last drop of cum off her chest, even leaning forward to lick the remaining drops from Karyn, which drew a pleasant hum from the still sleeping penis-girl. “Thanks, Jon,” Tits said, wiping the last drops from around her mouth. “I always love the taste of your jizz, and just having that warm and gooey feeling all over my titties… Oh it just drives me wild!” She stood up and started to put her top back on. Jon gently put Karyn back into his pants and zipped up, returning to the classroom to collect his things, making sure the rock was still secure. Betty followed a couple minutes later, looking just as she usually did except for the larger boobs under her top. “Thanks for staying after to help with the supply closet, Jon. Maybe you could… lend me another hand next week?” she asked. Jon smiled and picked up his back pack. “Sure, Ms. Stevens. I’ll see how next week goes.” Jon saw her nipples noticeably harden under her top. “I can’t wait,” she said as he left the classroom.


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Jon ducked into the bathroom. After cumming so much, he needed to take a piss. Jon stepped up to the urinal and unzipped his fly, pulling the flaccid, and still sleeping, Karyn out. He had never peed before while she was still asleep, so he hoped it wouldn’t make a mess. Aiming her at the bowl, he released his bladder, watching with relief as her mouth opened automatically and let the stream of urine flow unobstructed. He knew that she couldn’t taste the urine, but it still made him feel better knowing that she would be sleeping through another round of it. As the stream died down, Jon shook himself off, a little amused at how Karyn’s tiny tits flopped as he did. He moved to the sink to wash his hands when the door opened. A girl walked in, surprising Jon.

The girl looked surprised too, but her expression of shock faded away and she moved to approach Jon, his previous wish at work. “I’d love you to tie down my arms, bend me over this counter and fuck me in all of my holes.” Jon felt Karyn stiffen again, looking the girl right in the eyes. Before he could say anything, the girl turned around, walked back to the door, and the look of shock once again returned to her face. “I’m so sorry! I didn’t know anyone else was in here, I’ll knock next time!” Jon help up his hands and smiled. “It’s ok. I was just wrapping up. Why are you coming in here anyways?” The girl timidly pulled a janitor’s cart in behind her. “Helping out around after school looks good on the college applications, you know?” Jon nodded and dried his hands. “What’s your name?”

“Erin,” she responded. “You’re Jon, right?” Jon nodded, pleased his new social reputation preceded him. He gave her a look over. She had long brown hair, held in a pony tail, an average rack, but her legs were incredible, They were long and graceful, flowing into an incredible set of hips. “Listen, I’m having a party at my place tomorrow night. Do you know where it is?” She nodded enthusiastically. “Good, I’ll see you there. Make sure you find me.” She smiled broadly. “Sure, Jon. See you tomorrow.” Jon walked past her, and gave her a wink, loving the way she blushed deeply in response.

“I love this stone,” he thought.

Jon arrived home much later than usual. Between staying after school and being stopped
by a few more girls on the way home, it was now early evening. He walked in the door and was slightly caught off guard to see Lisa standing in the entry, dressed as one of the high school cheerleaders.

“Give me an M!”
“Give me an A!”
“Give me an S!”
“Give me a T!”
“Give me an E!”
“Give me an R!”

Jon looked on, enjoying the little hops Lisa was doing along with the cheer, causing her boobs to jiggle wildly. As she spelt out her cheer, Jon got a wicked idea. He mentally willed for her to not know what commands he was sending, but to still follow them.

“Give me a B!”

Lisa looked down in surprise as her mouth and hands began to move without her control.

“Give me an A!”

She stopped hopping around, her hands caressing her large boobs.

“Give me a T!”

Her hands dropped lower, pulling up the uniforms skirt to reveal she was wearing no panties. Jon silently willed her to hold still for a moment, giving him a wonderful view of her moist pussy. After a moment, he looked up and started into her eyes, sending the command to her to continue.

“Give me an… ahhh… E!”

She moaned as her fingers worked their way into her slit.

“What’s… that… that… oh!… spell?”

“Masturbate,” Jon commanded. Lisa moaned as three of her fingers slid deeply into her snatch. Her knees buckled and she slumped against the stair banister and slid down, finger fucking herself at the bottom of the staircase. Jon looked on, loving the sight before him.

“Jon! What the hell is she doing out there?!” Jon’s mother yelled from another room. “She’s been standing there in that ridiculous get up ever since I got home and she refused to move until she hears it from you! This is unacceptable young man! I do not enjoy this filth in my home!” Jon rolled his eyes. This definitely needed to be fixed. “Lisa, why don’t you go up to the room?” Lisa nodded and began to pick herself of the floor. Jon offered her a hand, pulling her close as she stood up. “I didn’t say stop,” he said. Lisa’s eyes went wide as her fingers shot back inside of her, completely beyond her control. “Just don’t make any noise for now.” It was Jon’s turn to be surprised as he watched Lisa’s entire mouth close and seal up, a flat area of skin where a mouth would normally be. “Well, at least she won’t be making any sound,” he mused to himself. He watched her ascend the staircase, a clear view of her hand furiously working her pussy under her skirt, the other hand firmly holding the rail for each time her knees buckled. It was an incredible sight.

Jon‘s mother walked around the corner and looked at him. Her face went blank as she approached him. His whole body stiffened, never imagining he would have to hear his mother‘s greatest sexual desire for him. “I want you to hold me in your arms,” she said plainly. Jon breathed a sigh of relief as his mother returned to her original position. The extent of her sexual desire for him was limited to a hug. “Jon, I’ve told you before, I do not like that… girl being out of your room. I know you are now legally responsible for her, but that is the only reason I have not made you throw her out. I will not accept this blatant perversion going on in my house. Do you understand?” Jon fought to suppress a smile. He understood… he understood things were about to change. “Sure, Mom. Sorry. She won’t bother you ever again, I promise.” Jon’s mother looked at him skeptically then nodded. “Good, now go let your sister know dinner will be ready soon.”

Jon went up the stairs, stopping momentarily to drop his back pack off in his room. Lisa was on his bed, still in the cheerleader uniform, spread eagle, her fingers still working her pussy. She bucked her hips against the air as she worked herself, her head leaning back in silent orgasm. Jon stepped out of the room and headed down the hall to Zoe’s room. He opened the door without a knock, loving the freedom of walking in on his sister whenever he wanted. He was a touch taken back to see she was not engaged in any sexual activity. At least, not yet. She sat in front of a mirror in her room touching up her makeup and wearing only sexy lingerie. From the back, she looked like any normal girl. When she turned around however, it was a completely different story. Jon saw her “T and A” first, Tiffany and Amber, hanging from her chest. They were clad in a lacy black bra, their nipple-noses just barely below the fabric, leaving their eyes exposed. Further down, Sarah was covered by a matching g-string, the see through material making it seem as if she was wearing a veil over her face. Zoe turned around again and bent over to pick her clothes off of the bed. As she did, Jon had to admit that his sister did have a pretty good ass. He left the room and returned down the hall to his own, opening the door and being flooded in the smell of sex. Lisa had not stopped masturbating, furious breathing could be heard coming from her nostrils. “Lisa, you may stop,” he said calmly. Her entire form slumped on the bed, like a puppet with its strings cut. “Lisa, you feel completely refreshed and energized and your mouth is back to normal,” he instructed. She hopped off the bed as if she had just woken from a short nap, smiling proudly at him. “Thank you, Master. I did enjoy myself, but not nearly as much as when I pleasure you.” Jon smiled and gave her a tender kiss. “Thank you, Lisa. I need you to do a couple things. Go to Zoe’s room and let her know dinner is almost ready. Then, I need you to come back here.” Lisa smiled. “Of course, Master.” She turned and left the room, still wearing her cheerleading outfit and her inner thighs still coated in pussy juice. Zoe, and her three additions, were going to love that.

Jon sat down at his desk and pulled the stone out of his back pack. He had just started to unzip his pants when Lisa returned. Jon instructed her to close the door and sit on the bed and he finished pulling Karyn from his pants. She blinked and squinted being exposed in the bright room. As her eyes fell on Lisa, she started to harden. “Time for more fun, Jon?” she asked. “Yes, but not how you think,” responded, holding up the stone. “My Mom has a real problem with Lisa, and if she knew about my general sexual habits, she would really hit the roof. I’m going to fix it now.”

“I wish my Mom will accept the fact I have Lisa as my personal sexual plaything. I wish she will be happy that I have been given such a great opportunity and will also see it as good deed that I have taken her in and look after her. She will not be upset or disapprove of any activities I do with or Lisa, or any other girl, around her or anywhere else.” The stone flashed and the three sat in silence a moment. “Did it work, Master?” Lisa asked. “Jon! Zoe! Dinner!” his Mom yelled from down stairs. “Well, I know one way to find out,” he said.

Jon arrived in the dining room with Lisa right behind him. He had commanded her to remove all of her clothes and regrow her pussy-mouth. Jon’s mom looked up at the two of them. “I hope your hungry, Jon,” she said, oblivious to Lisa. “I am, Mom. Lisa’s hungry too. Mind if she has dinner here as well?” he asked politely. “Not at all, Jon,” she responded, scooping some salad onto her plate. Jon sat down at the table and shifted his seat back. Without a word, Lisa dropped to her knees and took her place under the table before Jon, where she started to unzip his pants. Zoe was just coming into the kitchen as Lisa retrieved Karyn from Jon’s underwear. “What is this?” she asked. “Zoe, the poor girls got to eat,” their mom responded casually. Lisa took the opportunity to delicately lower her face-pussy over Karyn’s entire length and began pumping rhythmically, earning a gentle grunt of pleasure from Jon as he selected a piece of chicken. “This isn’t fair,” Zoe said, taking her seat. “Jon’s getting head at the table, and you won’t even let me skip dinner to meet up with the girls.” Jon nearly blew his load right there. Zoe was getting dressed up to meet up with a whole group of girls. He could only imagine the orgy that will undoubtedly break out. He smile slightly. Just that many more girls to be effected by his wish at tomorrow night’s party. “Zoe,” their mom said, “Jon has a responsibility to look after her. Besides, she spends all day cooped up in the house, it’s only fitting she enjoy herself once he gets home. He’s only doing what’s best for her.”

Jon felt Lisa speeding up, bringing him closer and closer to cumming. As his breathing increased, he looked around the table. His mother continued to eat as if nothing was out of the ordinary. Looking at Zoe, he could see her face was flushed. He looked down and saw the eyes of Tiffany and Amber peeking above her cleavage staring down at the table, trying to get a glimpse of Lisa in action. One of Zoe’s boobs, Tiffany, noticed Jon looking and winked at him, her eyes wrinkling in what was obviously a smile under Zoe’s top. Jon could see the boobs’ nipple-noses harden and Zoe turned a deeper shade of red, her breathing increasing. She was down right horny now. Lisa could feel Jon was close and clamped the walls of her pussy mouth down tightly around Karyn. Jon grunted and shot his load into Lisa who hungrily slurped down every last drop. Jon leaved back and backed in the after glow. Zoe quickly rose from the table, a visible layer of sweat beginning to cover her. “Well, I’m done. I am just going to finish up getting ready for tonight.” She quickly ran upstairs. “I think we’re finished too, Mom,” Jon said, standing up form the table. “Ok, there will be leftovers if you get hungry later.” Lisa crawled out from under the table, pussy juice covering her face, chest, and thighs. Jon put Karyn back in his pants, and the two of them turned and left the dining room. “Have fun you two,” Jon’s mom called after them.


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Later in the evening, Jon sat naked at the desk in his room. He had already showered and Lisa was diligently putting away his towel and preparing his bed for the night, as he had instructed. Karyn hung lazily between his legs, exhausted from such a rigorous day of sexual delights. In his hand, he held the stone, and thousands of possibilities filled his imagination. There were so many things he could do, should do. He could help a lot of people with his power, or hurt a lot of people. However, the primary motivation on his mind at the moment was having fun. With that in mind, he turned his thoughts to the party he was throwing tomorrow. He turned around and looked at his bed, wondering just how many of his classmates would be sharing that bed with him tomorrow. But as he stared at it, he realized something: it was actually pretty small for the kind of fun he was envisioning. As he looked more around the room, he realized just how small and simple his house was for the type of party he wanted. He looked back at the stone, and smiled as he picked it up.

“Hey, Karyn,” he said, running a finger down her length. “Are we going to fuck Lisa again?” she asked dreamily. Lisa quickly spun around and looked with anticipation at Jon for his answer. The two of them definitely had a one track mind. “Not right now,” he responded, earning him disappointed looks from both of them. “I need to make a couple changes with the stone and I want you to hear them.” He stood up and walked to the middle of his bedroom, stone in hand. “What changes are you going to make now,” Karyn ask. “This place is nowhere near good enough for the type of party I want to throw. It’s time to change that.” Jon closed his eyes, sorting out everything he wanted in the perfect party home, and took a deep breath.

“I wish my house was much bigger than it is now, like a mansion, with every room being upgraded, expanded, and filled with top end custom furnishings, electronics, and decorations. Also, any personal items any of my family members have with also now be top of the line products as well. I also wish the basement was designed to outdo any high end club. There will be a fully stocked bar, a stage, sound system, and plenty of individual rooms for… privacy. I also wish people respected this house and would not steal from it or purposefully vandalize it in anyway.”

A blinding flash filled the room, so bright Jon had to close his eyes. When he opened them, his jaw dropped. He was no longer standing in his room, at least not as he knew it. It was HUGE! The room was easily the size of his old living room. It had a balcony where his window used to be, a skylight build into the ceiling above his bed, a leather couch in front of a fireplace which had a massive flat screen TV mounted above it, and the carpet was so plush he felt like he was sinking into it. His bed was bigger than a king sized mattress, covered in pillows, and the sheets looked to be made of silk. There were also three new doors. He opened the first one to reveal a walk-in closet packed with clothing of all colors, styles and materials. All were either custom tailored or designer label. Another door lead into a bathroom that was easily the size of his original room. It had a marble floor, a wall that was all one giant mirror, a large counter ran along another wall with 2 sinks and mirrors in front of each. Against the far wall, a fountain in the shape of mermaid was carved into the wall with water streaming out of its nipples, which poured into a hot tub sized pool in the floor beneath it. Jon gathered this must now be his new tub. The final room lead to a private study with hardwood floors and exotic wood paneling covering the walls. A large oak desk sat in the room with a plush leather chair in front of it and a large computer monitor on top. He looked the computer over, revealing it to be a custom built machine with incredible processing power.

Jon returned to his main bedroom, his head spinning. If his room had changed this much, what was the rest of the house like? Jon ran out of his room into the hall, taken aback at how much longer the hallway was. He ran towards the stairs, seeing it was now a grand staircase which overlooked a massive entryway. The normal front door was now a pair of double French doors with large, frosted glass in them. There were new rooms just off the main entry. A sitting room with plush couches and a cherry wood coffee table in the middle, a coat check room, and a small office, looking like it was furnished for a secretary or receptionist, were now added. He ran past the entry into the dining room to see it was now a large banquet hall, every place already set and ready for any guests. He quickly moved into where his kitchen used to be to find a kitchen which any chef would kill to work in, with more culinary tools and machines than he ever knew existed. He circled around to where the living room was, passing doors which must lead to new and unknown rooms, to where the family room was located. Flinging open another set of doors, Jon saw the living room was now a massive ballroom! How big was this place now? Jon sprinted back the way he came, running past the staircase, opening the front doors and running outside to get a better look at his new home.

Jon was speechless. His house was even bigger than he could have imagined. The houses which used to exist on either side of his house were now gone, their space taken up by the massive structure he now lived in. Looking around the corner, he saw the houses behind his were now gone as well. It was like he lived in a palace in the middle of the suburbs. “I think you might have over done it a tad, Jon,” he heard Karyn say. He looked down to find himself standing in the middle of the street, completely naked. He quickly looked around to see if anyone had seen him. Across the street, the front door opened an out walked a woman in her mid thirties. As she casually walked up to him, Jon froze in place. “I want you to fuck me in front of my husband,” she said casually, turning around and walked back to her house. Jon smiled and watched as she closed the door behind her. He was really getting a lot of fun out of that wish. Jon was about to head back into the house when he saw a young woman in her early twenties walking towards him. She had a leash in her hand, leading to a golden lab. “Oh, why the hell not,” he thought and waited for her to approach. As her gaze landed on him, she zoned out like all the others and approached him, still holding her dog. “I want you to fuck me in my swimming pool.” Jon smiled at the idea, thinking about how his new tub was more than big enough for the deed. The girls expression returned to normal, and she gave Jon a skeptical, but aroused, look which linger on Karyn a moment, before pulling her dog’s leash. “Come, Ace,” she said, walking away, looking back at Jon. Jon blushed a little, but smiled as he walked back into his new house.


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Jon ran up to his room for some clothes and found Lisa still standing at attention, waiting for him. “Why are you just standing there,” he asked. “Because you did not give me anything to do, Master. Your wish has made your whole house clean, so I do not even need to tidy up right now.” Jon looked around and saw she was right. Everything was spotless. “You could just relax, have some fun,” he offered. “My pleasure comes from serving you, Master,” she responded. “There isn’t anything you would like to do?”

“Well, Master, since my accidental wish was to be your private sex toy, my interests do focus more on sex, but if there is anything you would like me to do, I will gladly obey.” Jon could see this was going nowhere and shrugged. “How about you take a bath in the new tub and freshen up,” he offered. “At once, Master.” Lisa immediately removed her clothes and strolled naked into the attached bathroom. Jon shook his head and moved to his closet.


“Mom, um, how do I get into the basement,” Jon yelled. After dressing in some simple clothes, Jon had spent the next half hour trying to find his way around his new house. He had even become lost for about fifteen minutes in the garden (who the hell needed an indoor hedge maze?!) before finding his way back to the main living room. He jumped as a wall panel next to him squawked. “What are you yelling about, Jon?” his mom’s voice asked over an intercom. “I’m in the library and can barely hear you.” Jon rolled his eyes. The house now had a library as well. He looked at he panel and found the talk button. “How do I get into the basement?” he asked sheepishly. There was a brief pause, his mom obviously confused as to why he did not know the way around his own home, then she responded with directions from the front door. Jon thanked her and retraced his step and followed his mothers directions until he found a dark staircase going down. Jon went down, feeling his way around for a switch. He heard his footsteps echo slightly in the dark, making him wonder how big this space was too. He finally found a switch, and flipped it, bringing up bright ceiling lights. “Oh, fuck yeah!”

The basement was exactly what he hoped for. One whole wall was a bar, fully packed with bottles of all types of liquor and beer. The echo sound was the hard, tile dance floor in front of a stage complete with instruments, lights, and a stripper pole. There were tables all around with comfortable chairs, and a few bathrooms, which would definitely help with waiting lines once the party started up. Off the dance floor, he saw a hallway lined with doors. Jon opened each one, finding most of them had couches and tables, but a few contained beds. He knew these rooms would be seeing a lot of action tomorrow night.

Jon returned upstairs, pleased with his wish’s results. He could only imagine the long line of high school students showing up tomorrow, and all of the fun he would be having. He only had to make a couple more wishes to make sure everything was set, and it would be perfect. Jon walked back into his room to retrieve the stone from his new nightstand where he left it, preparing to make his next round of wishes. As he approached his bed, he looked into the open bathroom door and froze in his place. Lisa stood in the pool, the curves of her hips barely breaking the surface, her pussy hidden just below the water. Her hair was wet and glistening as it clung to her shoulders and back. Drops of water dripped off of her hard nipples, making her look almost like the mermaid carved in the wall behind her. She paused, sensing his gaze, and turned to meet it. Her hand traced from her neck, down between her incredible breasts, past her stomach, and down under the water. She slightly rubbed her pussy, her fingertips dancing on the lips of her flower. She moaned slighting, never breaking eye contact. “Well,” he thought, “those other wishes can always wait until tomorrow. He turned and walked towards the open bathroom door, his t-shirt already on the floor behind him. Lisa watched him as he moved to the pool, waiting intently to begin. Jon removed his pants and stepped in. Looking under the clear water, Jon could see Karyn was abruptly awakened by the sudden submersion, but she did not seem to mind as she looked forward and saw Lisa’s body moving towards her.

Lisa moved to Jon, wrapping her arms around him and kissing him passionately. Her flesh was wet and cool, but soft and inviting all the same. He returned the kiss, pulling the two of them to their knees in the pool. Jon was about to find out for himself if sex in a pool was really as good as the girl walking her dog thought.


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Jon stirred slightly, feeling warm in his bed. The room was bright, very bright. He opened his eyes slightly, and saw a blue sky above him. The sky? Jon groggily sat up in the giant bed and looked around at his transformed room, bright sunlight pouring in through the skylight above him. To his left, Lisa slept contently, surrounded by pillows. Jon laid back and relaxed, feeling himself sinking into the plush mattress. He turned his head to his new nightstand, looking at the expensive alarm clock resting there. It was already 11:30? Jon thought back on his busy Friday, realizing just how much he had done in one day. He needed the rest, and he was going to definitely need to be rested up for tonight. Letting out a deep sigh, Jon threw the covers off of him and the nude Lisa and prepared to start his day.

“Lisa,” Jon called. The sleeping girl awoke and stood at attention, as if she had not been asleep at all. “Make the bed and lay out some good party clothes for me. Then go downstairs and make me a light breakfast. I’ll be in the bath.” The blonde girl nodded obediently, then set about her tasks. He walked nude into his study, picking up the rock sitting on the desk. He walked back into his main bedroom, thinking about the wished he needed to make in preparation for tonight’s fun. Looking down, he saw Karyn hanging limply between his legs. This wouldn’t do. “Lisa,” Jon called again. Lisa immediately stopped making the bed and faced him. “Yes, Master?” Jon spread his legs slightly. “Come over here and deep throat me. I want to give Karyn a pleasant wake up.” Lisa practically skipped across the room to him and elegantly dropped to her knees before him, taking Karyn’s entire sleeping form into her mouth and down her throat in one swift motion. Jon’s gasped at the pleasure, feeling Karyn immediately harden. Lisa continued to bob her head up and down, stimulating her master’s cock in all the right places. Fighting against his desire for her to finish him off, Jon gently placed a hand on her head, stopping her. “Thank you, Lisa,” he panted between heavy breaths. “You can return to your previous chores.” Lisa stood up, gave him a small kiss, and returned to making his bed.

“What the hell, Jon?” Karyn demanded. “Why not let her finish?” She looked up at him with a pouty expression, her entire body covered in a layer of saliva. “Because I wanted you awake to hear these wishes, and you always seem to pass out when I cum. Besides, I promise you will be getting used to the fullest tonight.” Karyn smiled broadly up at him, her body twitching slightly in arousal. “Getting ready for the big party, huh? And going to see just how many girls Zoe’s been fucking around with?” Jon nodded. “Exactly. I want things to go well tonight, at least for us. So, it’s time to set the stage.”

Jon held the stone tightly. “I wish Mom left for a cruise this morning and will return safely in one week.” Flash. “I wish every student in the high school knew about a party being held at my place tonight.” Flash. “I wish people of different cliques, even those who do not usually come to parties, will feel compelled to come.” Flash. “I wish no police will break up the party and nobody will be in life threatening danger due to drinking.” Flash. “Now for the real fun. I wish all female students who Zoe has messed around with in any way in this reality will definitely attend the party.” Flash. “Each girl at the party which Zoe has fooled around with in this reality which has not already been altered by the stone can be altered once when anyone makes a wish directed at them. The changes will not be noticed by them or anyone around them, as if the wish had been make by the stone with everyone out of hearing range.” Flash. “Lisa, Karyn, and I will be able to detect any wishes made tonight on the girls being altered.” Flash. “Just to be sure, I wish people were more prone to say ‘I wish’ at the party tonight.” Flash. “I wish, the guests will start to arrive at 9:00, tonight.” Flash. “Tonight is going to be awesome.”

Jon stepped out of his bathing pool, Lisa patiently waiting with a towel for him. She wrapped the soft fabric around him, Jon looked at the time. It was only slightly after noon, hours away from the party. He had some time to kill. Jon looked at Lisa standing next to him. She was dressed in a French maid uniform, it seemed fitting in some way with the new house, but also made her look like a walking fetish. He knew he could just as easily spend all of the time from now until the party fucking her brains out, but he wanted to stay rested up for tonight. Jon looked at his bed, pleased to see it was perfectly made with a rather dashing set of designer clothing laid out for tonight’s party. Lisa had good taste.

What didn’t please him was the stone sitting on a nightstand next to the bed. He didn’t like the idea of the stone being left out, especially not where he was planning on bringing back multiple girls. Lisa had already made that mistake, and although he was enjoying it, he would rather not risk something like that happening again. “I wish,” he said as he picked up the stone,” I have a safe in my office hidden in the wall which I already know the combination for.” Jon waited for the flash to pass and walked into the next room, spying a painting hanging on the wall which hadn’t been there before. Like a movie, Jon moved the painting aside, exposing his new safe. Jon opened the safe and deposited the stone, happy knowing it would be out of the way during the party. “Lisa,” Jon said as he returned to his bedroom, “find me something more casual. I want to spend some time finding my way around the house.”

A few minutes later, Jon stepped out of his room in a t-shirt and jeans, although they were still designer made. Jon looked up and down the hall, deciding to explore the top level first before getting lost again on the ground floor. His original house had only had his room, Zoe’s room, and a bathroom on this level. Jon looked down the hall and saw there were a actually only a couple new doors on this level. In one door, the original bathroom had been improved along with the rest of the house, but it was till not as nice as Jon’s was. Moving down the hall, one new door lead to a game room, with billiard tables, dart board, and a few vintage arcade games. Jon walked past what he guessed was Zoe’s room down the hall to the last door. Jon was surprised to see it lead to a stair case going up. Following the stairs, Jon stepped out onto the roof of his house. There were several tables with sun umbrellas placed about, making it look an outdoor patio for a nice restaurant. In the middle of the roof was another small structure, which he discovered was actually a private observatory complete with telescope. This was getting to be too much.

Jon returned to the top floor and moved to his sister’s door. He did not know if his previous wish would still make him invisible in here, but he would take the chance. He opened the door and stepped into Zoe’s room. He looked around, noting she too had a few new doors in her room. Her bed was bigger, but not as big as his. In fact, while the whole room was improved, his seemed much more lavish. She was not in her bedroom, so he decided to take a look in her office. She was not in that room either, but Jon did notice while his was more of a classic style with wood, her walls were stainless steel, and her desk was made of glass, giving the whole space a very modern look. Jon hoped Zoe was in her bathroom, or else this was going to be like the world’s hardest game of hide and seek in this house. Jon opened the bathroom door and stood in the doorway, looking in. Zoe’s bathroom kept with the more modern styling, trading a bathing pool for a shower with water jets placed into the walls, surrounding the bather in blasts of water. Zoe stood in the shower, twirling around as the beads of water danced on her skin, Tiffany and Amber humming pleasantly as the jets sprayed their nipple-noses. Zoe seemed to shudder and turned to face the open door, looking right at Jon. His blood ran cold. “Didn’t I close that door?” Zoe asked her boobs. “Who cares?” Amber said, her eyes still closed. “Yeah, the breeze is making my nose hard, anyways,” Tiffany added. Jon released a sigh of relief and stepped in, glad his wish now included these rooms as well. Jon looked around, seeing all of the walls in Zoe’s bathroom were mirrors instead of just the one in his.

His attention was pulled back to his sister as he heard Sarah’s voice. “Zoe,” she whined, “when is it my turn?” Zoe stopped scrubbing her upper body and started changing the jet pattern on the controls next to her. All of the jets except for one, right at Sarah’s level between Zoe’s legs, turned off. Zoe turned to face it and spread her legs, blasting Sarah right in the face. Sarah gasped and started to moan as the water hit her nose and mouth. Her moans turned to grunts and squeaky yelps as Zoe started humping the stream of water, bringing more sounds of pleasure from all four faces on Zoe’s body. She started pinching the nipples on the faces attached the her chest, squeezing the boob-girls faces vigorously, causing their features to contort and stretch before they returned to their normal positions when Zoe let go. Zoe’s movements continued to pick up speed until her whole body jolted and she leaned against the shower wall, caught up in her orgasm. Zoe hit the off button and stood panting in the shower, drops of water falling off of her.

Jon had to readjust Karyn in his pants after the spectacle he just saw. Zoe now had the sex drive of four high school girls, and she did not bother to scratch the itch when ever the mood hit her. It was so… hot. Zoe stepped out of the shower and moved to the toilet and sat down, spreading her legs. Jon moved for a better view, and watched as Sarah’s mouth slacked open and a jet of piss sprayed out of her mouth and into the bowl just inches beneath her. The force was so much that some drops shot out of the bowl and landed on her face. Jon took a little pride in the fact that this girl, who had once been the pain of his and so many others’ existence, was now just a body part used for waste and the pleasure of another. The sense of power made him feel almost drunk. Zoe reached down with a wad of toilet paper and gingerly wiped the piss off Sarah’s face and then blotted her mouth dry before standing up and flushing. “At least you didn’t get turned into her asshole, Sarah,” Jon said, knowing she couldn’t hear him. Zoe walked past him and moved to a towel rack, wrapping a towel around herself and hiding all of her additional faces from view. With the towel, Zoe looked normal except for the larger tits. Jon smiled and left Zoe’s room.


Jon spent the rest of the afternoon exploring the house. He knew he could just wish to know where everything was, but that would ruin the fun of exploring. As he wandered around, Jon found an exercise room complete with machines and weights, a private movie theater, the library his mother was in the day before, a wine cellar, tool shop, sun room, garage with several luxury and sports cars and its own gas pump, several guest rooms and bathrooms, and another whole section which seemed to be devoted to live-in staff. Jon would have to wish himself some house staff and a huge bank account to pay them with.

By the time early evening came, Jon knew most of the lay out by heart, at least well enough to get around. He returned to his bedroom and changed into the clothes Lisa had laid out for him while she prepared dinner. Jon watched the clock eagerly, anticipation filling him. At one point, he almost wished for time to skip ahead to 9:00, but decided against it. It was now 8:59 and he sat in his basement, the mood lighting set, the sound system running, and the booze ready to be served. His world seemed to slow as he counted down the seconds on his new luxury watch.


Ding dong.

Jon smiled. “Lisa,” he shouted, “please let the guests in.”


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Jon walked around the basement, a couple shots in and feeling a little buzz creeping up on him. He was quite proud of his accomplishment. Everyone so far was having a good time. He had Lisa at the front door, still dressed as a French maid for added effect, showing in guests and giving directions around the house. Zoe was sitting in a couch next to the dance floor, surrounded by a crowd of guys and girls. Her old Goth personality was gone, now fitting into the role as queen of the social hierarchy. She reminded him a little of how Sarah had been, self center and a bit greedy, but she was still her same, caring self at her core. Of course, she was wearing a black leather corset and black, skintight pants which showed off the shape of her hips and ass. Her corset squeezed her boobs together, giving her even more pronounced cleavage than usual, and her pants were low cut, which not only attracted more would-be one night stands, but also gave her transformed assets their own view of the party as well. Jon himself was getting a lot of attention as well. Guys were congratulating him on a “kick ass” party, while the girls made it clear they wanted a private tour of the bedroom later.

He watched as various people would go into the back hall, taking advantage of the privacy the backrooms had to offer. He could hear people moving around upstairs as well, but he didn’t mind. The stone was secure in the safe and nobody would steal anything. He could relax and let the night unfold…


“You said we were going to be here forty-five minutes ago, Steven!” Lauren hissed at her boyfriend. “I wanted to see the game end, it was overtime! Besides, it’s not like the party isn’t going to go on all night,” he replied as he approached the house. “That’s not the point! You told me we would be here on time and you didn’t follow through! You never follow through! It drives me crazy!” Steven rolled his eyes. “Well, what do you want me to do?” he asked. She stomped her foot on Jon’s marble floor as they entered. “I wish you would take responsibility for your actions!” she nagged.

“Yeah,” he said turning to face her, “well I wish you would shut up.”



In the basement, Jon felt a strange sensation, like someone had just whispered in his ear. He felt a pulling sensation telling him something had happened upstairs. “Someone made a wish!” he thought, moving towards the staircase.


Liz stood at one end of the bar, looking at Amy across the room. The two were neighbors, and had grown up close friends. They had shared everything together, including their first kiss. They had even fooled around with Zoe in a rather passionate threesome. Amy later told her she was “just curious” and “wanted practice for boys”, but it was different for Liz. She had feelings for Amy, and wanted more. It had caused a rift in the friendship, and they were starting to drift apart. Liz had dressed as provocatively as she could, a low cut top and miniskirt, and while plenty of boys and a couple of girls had made passes at her, it was Amy she wanted.

Liz, gulped down the rest of her drink and help back a tear. “I wish she was more into me,” she whispered.


Amy felt eyes on her and looked across the room to see Liz staring at her. She felt a pang of regret. She did miss her friend, but Liz didn’t have what she wanted. While she had fooled around with her, and Zoe, she knew she was definitely more into guys. She liked the feeling of getting fuck. She loved the sensation of being filled, and Liz could not give her that. But now, as she looked at her, Amy felt conflicted. She missed, and maybe even loved, Amy, but she needed physical pleasure to. If only there was a way she could have both.

“Fuck! I just wish she was able to fuck me like an animal,” she said into her drink.



Liz wasn’t the only one wearing a miniskirt. Erie had arrived and was looking intently for Jon. Ever since running into him in the bathroom after school Friday, getting to the party was all she could think about. She had seen the way he checked out her legs, and she wanted to accentuate her best feature.

She paced around the basement, hoping to Jon would notice her. And getting noticed she was, by a pair of guys sitting at the bar. “He Darren, check in out,” one whispered, pointing to the girl in the miniskirt. Darren whistled in response. “Nice,” he said. “I wish those legs went all the way up.”



The twins Mary and Kerry stepped onto the dance floor together, knowing the two of them made quite a show when dancing together. The more they got the guys attention together, the better each had a chance to get some action tonight. As planned many of the guys looked up from their drinks and were checking them out.

“That is so hot,” Matt said, starring at the twins dancing so close together. “I know,” David responded. “I wish I could fuck them both at the same time.”



“Why should I go?” Renee demanded. “Because you… have… the… best memory?” Jim offered. “Bullshit,” she said. “You’re all just too lazy to go up and get your own drinks.” Brian leaned forward. “Look, Renee, you are a waitress after all. You’re used to getting drinks all the time.” She scowled. “Yeah, and tonight is my night off. I don’t want to do my job, especially when I’m not being paid for it.” Brian sat back and threw his hands up in frustration. “Renee, I wish you would just bring everyone the drinks they wanted!”



Nate didn’t know why he was here. Parties aren’t really his thing and he didn’t really know anyone here. Hell, he didn’t really know anyone period. Nate didn’t get people, he got computers. It was a lot easier to deal with programming code than social relations. So, he just wandered the house, looking for anything that might interest him. Eventually, his wandering took him upstairs where he found a massive bedroom. Looking around, he could see it was Jon’s. Feeling a tad adventurous, he decided to look around. As he opened the door to Jon’s study, his jaw dropped. “That lucky son of a bitch,” he said, moving forward to examine Jon’s personal computer.

Just as he sat in the desk chair, he heard foot steps approaching. He looked up to see Vicki, one of the cheerleaders enter the room. “Oh!” she exclaimed, seeing Nate. “I saw the door open and though Jon might be in here. My mistake,” she said, turning to leave. “That lucky son of a bitch,” Nate repeated. Jon had everything. The best house, the best toys, and the best girls. As soon as Vicki saw him, he was immediately forgotten. He turned his attention back to the computer‘s power switch. “I wish I could turn her on as easily as I this.”



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Jon was going nuts. He had been getting the sensation of wishes being made all over the place, but he didn’t see anything different. What the hell was going on? He had just stepped back into the basement, seeing no changes, when he felt the pulling sensation calling him upstairs. He panic slightly, fearing somebody had possible gotten to the stone, and bolted upstairs. As he ascended the staircase, he saw his door was indeed open and quickly ducked in. I light in his study cause him to fear the worst as he dashed in.

“Jon!” a boy yelped, standing up from his desk. “I was just… um…” Jon scanned the room. Nothing seemed different, but he knew a wish had been made. He needed the stone. His attention shifted to the boy at his desk. What was his name… Nate? Kind of a nerd who kept to himself as he recalled. “Nate,” Jon said, projection a sense of confidence, “why don’t you go downstairs and enjoy the party. Have a drink, talk to a girl. You know, enjoy yourself.” Nate timidly moved from behind the desk and walked past Jon.

Jon waited until he stepped out of the bedroom, closing the door behind him, before moving for his safe. Quickly dialing in the combination, Jon opened it and saw the stone, much to his relief. He picked it up and paced around his expanded room, sitting on the couch in front of his fireplace. He knew wishes were going on, but he didn’t see the changes. Why? He thought back to his wish, and after a couple minutes had a breakthrough. He wished to know changes were happening, but he had never excluded himself, Karyn, and Lisa from the part stating everyone else would not notice the changes. “Well, that’s easily fixed. I wish I was able to also see the changes affecting the girls at this party as if I had made the wishes with the stone myself.”


Jon smiled, pleased with himself. He walked back to the office, ready to put the stone away and return to the party. However as soon as he stepped back into the room, he jumped in surprise. Vicki from the cheerleading team was kneeling naked on his desk. As he walked around the desk, he slumped into his chair in front of her. She had definitely been changed. Her skin had a rubbery plastic sheen to it. Her hair seemed artificial, like a wig. Her eyes stared vacantly ahead, a faint glow seeming to emit from them. The biggest change though, was her stomach, which now had a computer flat screen monitor embedded in it. There was a keyboard and mouse in front of her, which he examined to find the wires snaked back and plugged into her vagina. The letters V.I.C.-E. were stamped on her leg.

“Um… Vicki?” Her eyes seemed to glow brighter. “Voice print: Confirmed,” Vicki said in a flat, synthesized voice. “V.I.C.-E. unlocked to Main User. Alert: Unauthorized user attempted to access this unit. Request was denied. How may I help you, User?” Jon sat back and started at her. Somehow, Nate’s wish had turned a cheerleader into a computer. Not the weirdest thing he’d seen wished, but it was up there. “What does your name stand for?” he asked. “Virtual Interactive Computer- Entertainment model,” she answered flatly. Jon reached out and touched her. She arm was cold and seemed hollow, and as he moved it, it hissed and whirled, indication she was filled with pneumatics and servo motors. ”I guess she could move if I told her to,” he though. Jon heard the sound of air and walked around the desk. The sound seemed to be coming from her… ass. He leaned in and saw her asshole had been changed into her cooling exhaust port, a tiny fan blowing out hot air. He laughed out loud. He was definitely going to need to take some time and find out about the new Vicki’s talents… later. “V.I.C.-E.: sleep mode,” he instructed. “Signing you out, User.” Her eyes darkened and closed.

Jon looked at the stone in his hand. “I wish I can go unnoticed at the party if I want.“ Flash. Now he could look around for the changes without being interrupted. Time to see what things were like in the basement.

Jon locked up the stone and quickly returned to the party, passing guests on the way down. He stopped only briefly to say hello as he passed them, anxious to see what had happened. As he reached the basement, he willed himself to not be noticed. He knew he had felt a few more wish occur down here, he just had to find them. He figured he work his way from the private rooms back towards the main room, if nothing else, he could peak in and see what the normal party guests were up to. As he crossed the dance floor, he saw a girl sitting at a table with a guy, her hands moving faster than he could follow. She was using sign language, but there was nobody mute at his school. “Well, now there is,” he mused. From the high speed movement of her hands and the expression on the boys face, it looked like the sign language version of a chewing out. She had gotten off lightly compared to Vicki.

Jon reached the back rooms and started peeking in doors. The first few had some couples making out, a couple girls with shirts of, nothing uncommon at any party. The next he opened he found a girl giving a guy head. It was possible this was from a wish, but seemed a little basic in his opinion. He want to the next and heard the sounds of three people having sex. Now this could be something. He stepped into the room and closed the door behind him. He saw a boy fucking a girl against the wall on the far side of the room. The wall thumped each time he pumped into her again and again. He stepped closed and saw it was on of the twins, Mary or Kerry, he couldn’t tell which, but she was enjoying herself either way. Jon paused. He saw two, but had heard three. “Please,” came a breath voice, “let’s switch. I’m getting dizzy.” The boy, who he now saw was David from his math class, leaned back and seemed to rotate the body in front of him upside down never pulling out of her. As the twin dipped down, up came… the other twin. Jon looked closer and saw the twins were now conjoined. They met at the hips, sharing one pussy which was place directly in the middle of their conjoined body. As the new twin wrapped her arms around David, the other placed her hands on the ground, bracing her and her twin’s body in a sort of upside-down push up. Jon smiled. Everyone in here seemed to be enjoying themselves, so he moved on to the next room.

Jon entered the last uncheck room and closed the door. It was dark and quiet, but he could still hear the thump of the bass through the walls, and the sound of passionate kissing. As his eyes adjusted he saw the form of two girls intertwined on a black leather couch. As they broke the kiss, he could see it was Liz and Amy from his gym class. He didn’t know they were lesbians. Liz smile and leaned into Amy again, pulling another long kiss from her. “I want it,” Amy hissed as Liz moved down to her neck. “Ok, baby,” Liz responded in Amy’s ear, giving the lobe a little suckle before pulling back. Amy shifted and stood up, allowing Liz to sit in the middle of the couch. Amy dropped to her knees in front of her lover as Liz spread her legs. Jon watched in fascination as Amy hiked Liz’s miniskirt up, revealing a sheath between the girls legs, and large balls hanging below it. Amy started to tenderly suck the balls and stroke the sheath, earning a moan from the seated girl. As she continued , a hard shaft began to grow out of the thin girl’s body. Within seconds, Liz had a hard, 2 foot long horse’s erection.

Amy moved her way up, Liz’s balls falling from her mouth as she started licking and pumping the horse cock with both hands. Liz’s hands went to her own chest, playing with her nipples through her top. It wasn’t long before a think layer of precum covered the flat head of her new cock. Amy eagerly licked it up, not at all fazed by the fact she was pleasuring an organ which would normally be on an animal. The two made eye contact, Liz giving Amy a little nod, and the girl spun around and presented her ass to Liz. Liz leaned forward, her massive dick resting on Amy’s back, as she pulled down the girl’s tight pants and panties, exposing a round, heart-shaped ass and dripping wet pussy. “Please,” Amy moaned. Liz needed no further encouragement and plowed into the girl as far as her enormous cock could before rearing back and plowing in again. Amy moaned and groaned with each thrust, while Liz gasped and grunted, sounding like a mix between a teenage girl and a stallion mounting a mare. Jon could not stop himself from watching. The two girls humped hard against each other, their bodies still separated by a good foot of dick at least. Liz reached down and wrapped a hand around the exposed cock, jacking herself off as she fucked Amy’s tight snatch. As Amy cried out in orgasm, her walls tightened around her lover’s shaft, sending Liz over the edge. Liz actually neighed as she cam, cum shooing into Amy and then quickly flowing out of her pussy as her body was overfilled with thick horse semen. Liz pulled out and pushed her softening cock lower and moved forward, resting on top of the still kneeling Amy, her cock running between her lover’s legs. Amy reached down and ran a finger along the soft shaft beneath her, causing Liz to shudder. “I think I’m going to need some new clothes,” she said teasingly, looking back and seeing her pants around her ankles were now soaked with sperm. The two laughed at their predicament and shared a kiss as Jon stepped out of the room.


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Jon knew he had felt a couple more wish cast, but he had not seen them in the private rooms. Either they were somewhere else, something else, or they could have even left the party. Jon shrugged and walked back to the main room in the basement, willing himself to be noticed again. He decided to keep enjoying the party and keep an eye out for the other changes. After all, he would most likely see them eventually. “Hi, Jon,” he heard a voice behind him. He spun around and saw…nothing. “Down here, silly,” came the voice. Jon looked down and his eyes went wide. He had definitely found another change. “Does that look mean you like my skirt?” Erin asked. She rotated showing off her long legs and round hips. And nothing else. Erina’s entire upper body was gone. It was if someone he disconnected her neck and head from her shoulders, then removed the body from the wait up, then put her head back, resting it on top of her curvy hips. “You look great,” he finally said. “Have you lost weight?” he asked, not able to help himself. “A little, yeah. I’ve been running a lot,” she responded proudly. Jona’s thoughts were interrupted by a tap on his shoulder. “Hey, Jon. Can I get you a drink?”

He turned around to see Renee, a girl from his history class standing behind him. He looked down and realized he had found the all of the girls who were changed so far. Renee was topless, and now sported eight boobs, each a different size. “Um, well...”he sputtered. She smiled. “Right now I have: whisky, gin, vodka, Irish cream, two brands of beer, tequila, and coke,” she said, pointing to each boob as she spoke. Jon stared dumbfounded. “I’ll have an Irish cream, “Erin piped in. “Sure,” Renee responded with a smile. She took a red party cup from a plastic package and held it up to her second boob down on the right. She pinched the nipple and Jon watched as Irish cream sprayed out and filled the cup. “Could you hold it for me, Jon?” Erin asked shyly. He took the cup from Renee, who patiently waited for Jona’s order. “Um, whiskey and coke,” he said sheepishly. Renee nodded and pulled out another cup, moving it first to one tit, then the other. She shuddered slightly as the coke shot out of her nipple. “The bubbles always tingle,” she said, a look of arousal on her face. Jon watched as the cup filled, her boob seemed to deflate more and more until it was only a B cup. Finally, the drink was ready and she handed it to Jon. “Thanks,” he said, taking the cup. “No problem,” Renee responded happily. “But it does look like I’m out of coke,” she said, looking at her, comparatively, deflated boob. “I’ll need to go refill. Let me know it you need anything else, Jon!” she shouted as she worked her way back towards the bar. He watched as she walked behind the bar, opened a new 2 liter of coke, and proceeded to guzzle the whole bottle down. As she did, her recently smaller breast rapidly expanded as it filled with the cold liquid. She reached up to the bar and grabbed several bottle of booze which she had raddled off to him before, and started downing those as well, bringing all of her boobs back to maximum capacity. She then moved off into the crowd, her eight massive boobs sloshing in front of her.

“Can I have some of my drink?” Erin asked. Jon quickly turned around and looked at her, trying to figure out the best way to help her drink. He final decided to kneel down to get more on her level then hold the cup up to her mouth. He tilted it, allowing the girl to drink. He waited for an indication that she was done, but it never came. Instead, she downed the half cup of Irish cream in a few gulps. “Thanks, Jon.” she said, her voice already starting to slur slightly. “I needed that.” She leaned in and kissed his cheek. “Would you... like to go somewhere and... talk?” Jon offered. “Yeah,” Erin responded, feeling the liquid courage running in her veins. “How about we... talk... in your room?” Jon needed no more invitation. He stood up and downed his drink as well. “Follow me.”


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Jon and Erin walked past Lisa in the main entry on the way to his room, just as she was letting in the next guests. “Yo, man! This place is dope!” Samantha stopped and spun around, looking at her little brother. He was dressed in baggy jeans, a wife beater, had a large, fake gold chain around his neck, and had a baseball cap on sideways. “Roger! You’re a white boy from the suburbs. Stop trying to be thug gangster!” He waved her off. “Yo, bitch. You be trippin’. And I told you: the name’s R-Hound.” She reached forward and grabbed his shirt. “First: don’t ever call me bitch again! Second: you are only here so you will not blab to Mom that I came, you blackmailing little shit. Third: while we are here, I do not know you, you do not know me! I don’t want you embarrassing me in front of my friends!” she hissed, releasing him. She hoped Zoe wouldn’t see her with her idiot brother. That would absolutely kill her chances of another round of fun with Sarah and her titties.

Roger watched as his sister stormed off down the hall towards the basement. “Damn, girl. I wish you were more fly.”



Outside, there was a rumbling in the distance, like mechanical thunder. The guests standing outside all turned, watching as the noise moved closed. Down the street, a single light could be seen approaching at high speed. In a flash, the motorcycle flew past the front of the house and up the drive, a couple people jumping in surprise. Jessie dismounted her bike and removed her helmet, letting her long red hair drop around her shoulders. She confidently walked away from her bike, loving the thrill it gave her when people checked her out on it, as well as the shivers it send down her spine when she revved the engine. “And Zoe’s spine, too,” she though to herself, remembering the time she had given Zoe a ride, and the fun they had afterwards. She had enjoyed herself so much, she was hoping for another go with her.

“That is one sweet bike,” Scott said, staring at the powerful machine in the driveway. “Uh huh,” Chris responded. He had only half heard his friend and was instead checking out the rider walking past them, his gaze following her. She looked back at him, and gave him a little wink, making his heart race. “It would be great to take it for a ride,” Scott said. Chris stared at Jessie. “I wish I could take that for a ride.”



Jon could sense the wishes being made elsewhere in the house, but he was not interested in exploring at the moment. He was up in his room with Erin, sitting in the leather couch by his fireplace. It was a nice night, so he opened the door to the balcony and let the night breeze drift in. He saw the wind was making goose bumps appear on Erin’s smooth legs. The two had talked briefly, which was actually a nice change for Jon. She was a very nice girl. A tad shy, but he found that cute. He could tell that she was attracted to him due to his previous wish, but she generally seemed to like him too. Since she had been transformed by an errant party wish, she had obviously fooled around with Zoe in the past, but he found himself not caring about that.

“Jon, could you take off my shoes for me?” Erin asked. Jon kneeled down in front of her as she stretched her legs out, allowing him to better reach her feet. He removed the shoes and tilted his head to look at her, finding her face level with his. She quickly took her chance and leaned forward, kissing him. After a few moments she broke the kiss and timidly looked down. “Could you… help me with the skirt too?” Jon placed his hands on her hips, helping her stand up. He unzipped the side and let it fall to the ground. She was wearing pink cotton panties, and he could already detect the scent of her arousal. She look timidly at him. He reached for her panties, pinching the sides of the fabric and look at her. She nodded slightly and spread her legs, letting him easily strip her. He stood up and admired her. Her long legs, her hips, and her head sitting on top of them. This would be different. She seductively walked towards his bed and stretched her legs, easing herself up onto it. She stood level with his face now, and he moved to her. He kissed her again, wrapping his arms around her. Where there would normally be shoulder blades, he instead grabbed her round ass, pulling her against him. He could feel her moist lips against his chest and broke the kiss. He tilted his head down and, gave her a gently lick. He noticed, with some amusement, her hair was trimmed into a landing strip. Whoever helped her with that task must be a really good friend.

“I want you,” she breathed in his ear. Jon started pulling off his clothes as he circled to the side of the bed, climbing on. He spread his legs, Karyn standing at attention. Erin walked over and stood above Jon’s waist, straddling him. Karyn was eagerly looking straight up at the delicate folds positioned above her, letting out little squeaks of anticipation. Erin looked at Jon and slowly lowered herself down, wrapping Karyn inside of her. Karyn was so big, he could actually see the bottom of Erin’s throat bulge slightly as she was filled. She soon started hopping up and down on him, grinding her hips against him, moaning in lust and pleasure.

Jon sat back and enjoyed himself.


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Down stairs, the booze was continuing to flow. A normally shy and bookish girl named Hannah had found herself on the stage and was desperately attempting to look provocative on the stripper pole, hoping to get Zoe to notice her like she had in the library that one time. A few guests laughed at her while most looked away, unable to bare the embarrassing sight. “Geez, is she awful at that,” Ken said to the rest of his table, pointing at Hannah. “I wish she knew how to use that thing.”



Hannah wasn’t the only one whose drinking had gotten the better of her. In the sitting room just off the main entry, one of the guests had passed out right on top of a coffee table. “Cathy. Cathy. Cathy!” Erica pulled on her friends arm, trying to wake her up. “Forget it, babe,” Erica’s boyfriend Sean laughed. “She’s out.” Erica looked disapprovingly at her unconscious friend. “I told her to watch her drinking. Can you believe she passed out right on a table?” Sean snicker. “The way she was downing them, I can believe it.”

Erica shot him a glare, then broke into giggles as she looked back at Cathy. “But on a table, for crying out loud! Of all of the other places she could’ve been sleeping it off.” Sean looked at the drink in his hand. “I know. I mean where am I suppose to put this down now?” he joked. “Exactly,” Erica said in a mock enthusiastic tone, playing along. “It’s so inconsiderate of her. I wish she wasn’t taking up the table space.”



Ethan was feeling lightheaded. The beer was helping, sure, but mostly it was the girls. Everywhere he looked he saw the best the school had to offer along with many others he had never even seen before. He leaned against the wall behind him, enjoying the combined feeling of the booze and his growing erection.

“Oh, god.” Ethan snapped up straight and turned to face his sister Olivia, who had moved unnoticed next to him. “Fuck, you gave me a heart attack!” he gasped. “Fuck, you almost poked somebody’s eye out with that thing,” she teased, handing him a fresh beer. He looked down and readjusted his tent pole, taking the beer from his sister with his free hand. “I don’t know how guys can put up with that shit,” Olivia mused. Ethan rolled his eyes, knowing she had caught him in the most embarrassing situation he could think of, leaving him with no comeback. “It’s just so funny.” she continued. “I see it every day. Whenever a hottie, like myself, walks down the hall, there you guys are, tugging and pulling to hide your ‘little friends.’” She laughed again, taking a sip from her drink. “I’m glad I don’t have to deal with being so obvious when I’m turned on.”

“Yeah?” Ethan muttered. “Well I wish you did.”



Libby was about to burst. Her boyfriend Devin had pulled her into one of the back rooms and had spent the last fifteen minutes slowly stripping her until she was naked before him. That’s what she liked most about Devin: He took his time. Her last boyfriend had no patience for anything, especially sex. He rushed through the whole process just to get to the deed. He had actually ruined two of her favorite pairs of panties by literally ripping them off of her because it was “taking too long.” And forget about foreplay. But Devin…

She shuddered as his fingertips glided over her naked body. Every time before they had sex, he would trace every single inch of her body. Each time, Devin would seem to find a new place to touch and tingle, bringing her to new heights before he would even enter her. The only other person who had even come close to making her feel like this was Zoe. She often wondered about suggesting a threesome. Zoe and Devin, both touching her at the same time…

She gasped as his hand moved up her inner thigh. “Oh, baby, I love when you touch me like this.” He leaned in and kissed her, never stopping the dance of his fingertips on her skin. “I know you do. And I love how worked up it gets you. You are always such a wildcat after I do this. I only wish there was more of you to touch.”



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Jon stumbled down to the basement. His clothes were wrinkled and disheveled, showing how hastily he had redressed. Jon recalled how only minutes ago, he and Erin had finished fucking. Erin had dismounted him, Karyn sliding out with a slick pop. Erin squeezed her legs together as she slid off the bed, trying not to let cum drip onto Jon’s carpet as she made her way across the floor. As she stepped into the bathroom, she looked back at Jon and asked if he wanted to “go downstairs and get a few more playmates for round two.” Jon wasted no time throwing back on his discarded clothes and dashing out of the room.

As Jon reentered the basement, he immediately saw one of the wishes he had detected. There was a stripper on the stage. Not just a student giving a little show, but a full blown stripper. He approached the stage and saw it was Hannah, a quiet girl from his history class. She was older by a couple years, now easily in the low twenties. She was wearing glitter makeup and sporting obviously fake boobs on her chest. As Jon watched, she jumped up on the stripper pole and expertly held on with only her legs, hanging upside down. She dismounted and kart wheeled into the splits on the edge of the stage. Groups of boys moved forward to stuff her g-string with dollar bills. Jon was half tempted to grab her for his upstairs fun, but he decided to let his guests keep enjoying her.

Jon looked around the room and focused on Liz and Amy standing at the bar. Amy had gotten a new pair of pants, who knows from where, and she was leaning into Liz, whispering in her ear. Liz giggled and Jon watched as the head of her horse cock started to peak out from under the miniskirt. Liz grabbed Amy's hand the two started to make their way back to the private rooms, ready for another round. As Jon watched them head towards the hallway, he saw they were not the only ones making their way back. Zoe had stood up from the couch, the whole group of girls sitting around her rising with her as if in a trance. Zoe started walking back to the private rooms, her entourage following her. Jon grinned wickedly. By fooling around with her, they were also opening themselves up to the effects of his wish. Jon would have to check on them later.

In the meantime, Jon had to find some girls of his own. Jon wanted to hurry back to Erin before she changed her mind on an orgy, and started darting through the crowd. Jon's world became a blur as he lost himself in a fog of alcohol and lust. The next thing he knew, he was surrounded by girls, which was all he need to start heading back to his room. As they followed him, Jon passed by Renee and stopped to ask for a few more drinks. She happily obliged and filled a cup for each girl, Jon, and an addition one for Erin upstairs. Jon hurried up the stairs, his cup spilling on the steps, the girls following excitedly.


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Zoe stepped out of the private room, her new play things following her out. She didn’t care who saw her, it actually turned her on knowing people could all see her newest conquests. As expected, most of the eyes in the main room followed them as they stepped out of the hall. Zoe knew they were jealous; the boys because she could pick any girls she wanted, the girls because she hadn’t picked them. Zoe could get guys too and she enjoyed getting fucked just as much as she enjoyed pussy, but Sarah always protested when she had to suck a dick. She was bisexual but her pussy was a lesbian. Zoe sighed and waved Renee over, looking for a refill.

Zoe’s newest lovers had started to disperse, but many eyes in the crowd were still watching them.

“I wish I could get into her pussy.”
“I wish I could get a piece of that.”
“I wish she would blow me.”
“I wish I could eat her out.”
“I wish I could sit on her face.”



Miranda and Jody were standing at the bar. Jody was just finishing her second drink, Miranda was finishing her fifth. She looked out at Amanda, a perfect example of the stereotypical, stacked, blonde bimbo, on the dance floor. She was grinding against Will, Miranda’s ex-boyfriend. He had broken up with her a last week, saying he “loved” Amanda now. “Yeah, loves fucking her,” Miranda said out loud. “Miranda, please, let it go. The more you think about it… and drink, the angrier you’ll get.” Miranda glared at her friend. “That bitch stole him from me!” she shouted. A few people around them looked her way, but quickly went back to their own drinks while Jody put a hand on her friend’s shoulder, trying to calm her. “It’s not her fault. It was Will’s choice, not hers.” Miranda slammed her cup down on the bar. “No! It was her! All her!” She saw Renee at the end of the bar and waved her over. She needed more vodka. “I’m sorry, Miranda, but I don’t see Amanda being mean enough, or smart enough, to do that.”

Renee approached the pair. “Hey girls. Need another round?” Miranda ignored the question and turned to her friend. “You don’t see it, huh?” she slurred. She leaned down and started sucking right on Renee’s vodka tit, catching the girl off guard. “Oh!” After a few long suckles, Miranda let the nipple slip form her mouth. “I wish everyone can see just what a bitch Amanda really is.”



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As the early hours rolled around, Zoe had finally gotten tired of the basement party and decided to head upstairs, bringing Athena, and only Athena, with her. She loved her orgies, true, but right now she wanted something more intimate, and Athena always new the right spots. Even though she was friends with practically everyone in the school, she felt very close to Athena, as if this girl had once been her only friend. Zoe put these thoughts out of her mind as the two girls quickly stripped each other, fondling each other as they did.

As Athena removed each article of clothing, she would kiss Zoe’s skin. Her shoes, a kiss in the feet. Her necklace, a kiss on her neck. Earrings, a nibble on each ear. As Athena loosened the stings on her corset, Zoe lean her head back and waited. Athena pulled Zoe’s right boob, Tiffany, from the corset first, kissing her fully on the lips, and licking the tip of her nose as she moved over to Amber, who waited impatiently for her turn. She pulled the corset completely off and lowered herself to her knees, reaching up to grope Zoe’s huge boobs while kissing her way down her stomach. At her waistline, Athena lowered her hands, undoing the button on Zoe’s pants, using her tongue to lift the zipper, and teeth to pull it down. With a hard jerk, Athena pulled down Zoe’s pants, exposing Sarah’s face covered by a thin veil a panty fabric. Athena grabbed Zoe’s ass and buried her face into Sarah, drinking in the rich scent of Zoe’s arousal. She ripped the panties right off of Zoe’s body, fully exposing Sarah’s face. Pussy juice coated Sarah’s mouth like drool as she licked her lips and, reaching her tongue outward trying to get a taste of Athena. Zoe caressed the side of her friend’s face, then move half a step back. Athena leaned in, giving Sarah a teasing kiss, before standing up. Zoe smiled and walked silently towards the bed, seductively turning and looking back at Athena, knowing how her body looked in the moonlight streaming into the room.

Athena followed Zoe to the bed, beginning the dance of pleasure they both knew so well. The stroking, kissing, licking, sucking, and fingering that drove both of them wild. Soon, they were sitting on the bed facing each other with their legs intertwined. Zoe was kissing Athena‘s soft lips, Tiffany and Amber were sucking on her pierced nipples, and Sarah was eagerly licking at her pussy. It was pleasure for both. “Athena., you always know how to get me going,” Zoe whispered in the dark. “Even though I don’t have a dick,” Athena teased. Zoe smiled. “Well, I’ll admit, there are the times that I enjoy cock,” she said. “Me, too,” Tiffany said. “Me, three,” Amber chimed in. “Not me,” Sarah said, taking another big lick if the moist pussy in front of her. “Who asked you?” Zoe asked teasingly, moving forward and burying Sarah’s face even deeper into Athena. “But I will tell you this: Nobody pleasures me like you do.”

“Absolutely,” Tiffany said. “The best,” Amber added, eagerly returning to sucking on a nipple. “Hmm mf tfffoo,” Sarah yelled, still buried between Athena’s legs. Athena giggled. “Sarah, less talking, more licking.” Athena felt her speed up and arched her back, enjoying the feeling of all of her erogenous zones being pleasure at once. Zoe stroked her cheek. “I do wish there was some way you could give us all what we wanted, though.”