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Chick for a Dick: Between Classes

The hallways were bustling with students pouring out of classrooms after the end of the first hour. Jon paused as he exited the classroom door, hoping to catch a glimpse of any more transformed girls going past. Jill exited the room behind him, already gossiping again with Sally. Her farting speech could be heard distinctly over the dull murmur of the halls. Jon watched her walk away, nobody paying any special attention to the butt-faced girl in their midst. "Excuse me, Jon," said a voice behind him.

Jon turned and saw Catalina behind him. "Oh! Excuse me," he apologized, stepping aside to give her space to maneuver with her distinct bulge under her dress. Unable to help himself, Jon blinked twice and took in the sight of Catalina's exposed udder. "Like what you see, Jon?" Catalina asked. Jon blushed slightly as he realized he had been caught staring at what was now Catalina's breasts, however her statement was not an accusation. In fact, it was more of an invitation. "Catalina, honestly, what was the wish that made you like this?"

"Some pig at your party made a wish about my milkers being bigger and being able to have a drink. So, adios tits, hello teats," she said as she ran her hands along the pale mass. "So you don't like it?" She looked up at him. "What? No, I love it! Do you have any idea how sensitive this thing is? The feeling of having all of my nipples sucked is amazing! And I get to feel it a lot."

"You do?"

"Yeah. I have to be milked at least once a day. I try to do it in the morning, before I leave the house. That was why I was tardy today. The milker was not working right, so I ended up running late. Of course, the fact that I was fingering myself and didn't want to leave until after I had cum didn't help either. Luckily, it never takes too long when I'm milking. Other than the fact that my clothing options are really limited now and I can't give a proper titty fuck anymore, I have no problems with it."

Jon remembered back to Friday when she had told him that had been her biggest fetish. "So what turns you on the most now?"

"I love it when there is at least one person sucking each of my teats. Feeling four mouths working my milk bag at once, oooooh," she cooed. Jon looked down and saw that her teats were each beginning to drip onto the hallway floor. Jon was about to ask another question when he realized the hallways were beginning to thin out. "Shit," he muttered.

"I know," Catalina chimed in, his hold over her broken. "They really don't give us enough time between classes." Jon nodded, knowing he was going to be late to his next class if he didn't hurry. As he stepped away, he felt Catalina tap his shoulder. "You never answered my question," she whispered in the almost completely hall. "Like what you see?"

Jon looked down and back up to her lustful gaze. "Yeah, I do," he admitted. Catalina smiled and stepped past him, the udder jiggling as she passed, causing the milk droplets on her teats to be shaken off.

"Then you'd better call me some time. I'll bring some cookies and cream." She turned back towards him. "I make both, myself." She wiggled her hips, swinging the udder seductively. With that, she turned and walked down the hallway towards her next class, wearing nothing but a backpack and a few remaining drops of milk. Jon thought about returning her clothes, but he decided to leave her just as she was.


Jon rushed up to his locker, attempting as quickly as he could swap books for his next class. "Hey, Jon," a voice said behind him. Jon spun around and found himself staring into a brilliant pair of golden-amber eyes. "Uh, hi, Nadia," Jon said.

Nadia was a dazzling beauty that Jon had always been enraptured by. She was of middle eastern descent, and it showed. Her skin was a deep tan color, almost bronze against her pitch black hair. Nadia had been best friends with Lisa before the later had become his personal toy. The two had always made an impression when they hung out together. While Nadia was not voluptuous, like Lisa, she had an exotic beauty. Jon had actually attended a couple of the high school girl's volleyball games just to watch Nadia hustle around the court in a pair of spandex shorts and a tight top. And now, that toned body was right in front of him. Jon could feel his member hardening in his pants.

"I wanted to talk to you," she said in a confident voice. "About Lisa." Jon froze, unsure of what to say. Did Lisa talk to Nadia at the party? Does Nadia know how Lisa was changed? "I talked to her at the party," Nadia continued, seeming to confirm his fears. Jon felt his blood run cold. "I don't know why she ever volunteered to become a super sex toy, but she said she's happy with you." Jon held his breath, still unsure of what to say. "But I still miss my friend. So... I was wondering if I could come over sometime. Hang out with her a bit. Try to relive the old days?"

"Um... yeah. Sure," Jon blurted out. Nadia smiled widely, and Jon felt himself swoon. Nadia looked down and saw the massive bulge in Jon's pants. Before he could even feel embarrassed, Nadia reached forward and grouped him through his pants. "Don't worry, Jonny. I want to come over to see you, too."

With that, Nadia released his dick, ran a well manicured nail up its length, and walked away. Jon stood alone in the hall, looking after the classroom door Nadia had just stepped into. Jon slumped against the row of lockers behind him, enjoying the lingering sensation from his dick. A muffled moan from his pants reminded him, not for the first time, that Karyn was now his cock. The thought no longer bothered him. Instead, it only added to his arousal to recall what the stone had done.

However, Jon's thoughts were shattered as noticed the clock on the hallway wall. He was MASSIVELY late to class. He grabbed his necessary books and ran down hall, trying to adjust the bulge in his pants the whole time.

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Chick for a Dick: Second Hour

"Ah, Mr. Gibson.  So good of you to join us."

Jon cringed as he stepped in the room.  "Sorry, Mr. Martin.  I had to use the restroom."  The teacher stared him down for a moment before reaching up and adjusting his glasses.  "Next time, come for attendance and wait to be dismissed.  This is a warning.  Now, I want no more disruptions in my class."

Jon nodded and closed the door behind him.  He began walking to his seat when his attention was caught by Sharon.  First, because of the brilliant colors her body had become.  And second, because in his disbelief at encountering so many transformed girls, he had forgotten to return her clothes.  Jon could not help but stare at her neon purple nipples.  Noticing Jon's attention to her body, Sharon's face turned a deep shade of forest green.  Apparently that was her new skin color when she blushed.  Jon was so focused on her, he did not notice anything else in the class was amiss until he heard the girl sitting in front of him say "I was changed."

Jon's attention immediately shifted to Aubrey sitting in front of him.  They had often paired up for class assignments, and she had a feisty personality that always amused him.  She had a tendency of playing devil's advocate to get under the skin of people who annoyed her, but she was a fun girl who was always nice to Jon.

Jon tried to see what was different about Aubrey, but he couldn't make out any changes with her sitting in the desk with her back to him.  "Aubrey, honestly, could you stand up?"  Jon was happy to see that his questioning power not only had people answer his questions, but also had them follow his requests as Aubrey began to stand up.  Mr. Martin continued his lesson, not giving any attention to the student beginning to stand up in the middle of the room.

Jon was preparing to double blink and remove Aubrey's clothing when he noticed she was moving weird.  Instead of standing straight up, she seemed to be swinging her leg off of the chair, as if she had been straddling the seat.  As she stood straight up, Jon realize that had been just what she was doing.  From the waist down, Aubrey's body was facing backwards.  "Aubrey, what was the wish that made you like this?" Jon asked, the teacher continuing to drone on in the background.  "I was in a debate with Grace.  She kept going on about how homosexuality was a sin and I kept antagonizing her until she wished everyone could see how ass backwards I am.  So, now it really is backwards."

Jon rolled his eyes.  Grace was their annoying, bible thumping, holier-than-thou-art classmate who always told everyone how they were all sinful.  What really rubbed Jon the wrong way was her hypocrisy.  She had a reputation for cheating on her assignments, bullying anyone she could and Was known to sleeping around.  But she considered herself to be a perfect angel.

"Does this change upset you?" Jon asked.  "Nah," Aubrey said, waving a hand dismissively.  "I can get by just fine.  The only real change is that my yoga sessions have gotten a little awkward, but I've found ways around it.  Besides, now I can have sex doggie style and still be laying down.  I consider that a win."  Jon chuckled at her comment.  "Still," she continued, "it does piss me off that Grace got to walk away from doing this to me without a scratch.  I wish something would happen to her, like her tongue was a penis and she had an obsession with eating girls out, or something fucked up like that."


Jon looked over at Grace a few aisles over and called out "Grace, honestly, would you come over here and stick out your tongue?"  Grace stood up even as Aubrey began to sit back down.  Since Jon had addressed someone else, his hold over Aubrey was released.  Grace arrived next to Jon's desk, bent over and stuck out her tongue.  Jon laughed out loud.  It appears Grace was more of a hypocrite than he thought.  For all of her declarations about the sinfulness of homosexuality, the only way she could have been effected by a wish was if she had fooled around with Zoe.

And she had been effected.  Sticking out of Grace's mouth, her tongue now resembled a penis.  It was about seven inches long and no longer flat, but round.  It had to be a couple inches across.  The tip of her tongue flared out to form the shape of a glans and had a noticeable slit.  However, the whole thing was as pink as her tongue had been and appeared to be just as flexible as it twitched slightly.  In addition, Jon could see it was still covered with taste buds.

Jon didn't even bother asking her what she thought of her changes.  She had gotten what she deserved in his opinion.  However, he thought a little more obvious embarrassment might be in order.  "Grace, you're kind of weirding me out," Jon said.  The trance over Grace was broken and she, along with everyone else in class now took notice that she was far away from her desk and sticking her long tongue out at a classmate.  The penis-shaped tongue shot back into her mouth as she stood straight up.  "Jon!  I'm sorry!  I don't why I was-"

"Miss Dawes!  What did I say about further distractions?"  Mr. Martin asked at the front of the room.  "I'm sorry," Grace sputtered.  "Go back to your desk and return here at the end of the day for detention."

Grace's shoulders slumped and she started walking back to her desk.  Aubrey snickered quietly, amused by her tormentor's plight.  As Grace passed Sharon, Jon noticed Grace's gaze go down to the neon girl's crotch.  The tip of her penis-tongue came out of Grace's mouth and ran across her lips as she sat back down.  "Only the second class period of the week...," Mr. Martin mumbled as he looked back to his notes.

Jon looked across the room at Sharon, whose red eyes were focused on the lecture.  "Sharon, honest," Jon said over the teacher, "what wish made you like that?"  Sharon put down her pencil and looked over to him.  "I went with a friend to your party and she said the cloths I picked looked too drab and she wished I was more colorful."

Jon stared at her.  "That's is?"

"That's it."

Jon rolled his eyes.  I guess not all of the wished made were for sex or revenge, he thought.  Jon blinked twice, returning Sharon's clothing and finally turned his attention to the lesson.


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Chick for a Dick: Locker Room

Jon stepped into the locker room, his duffle bag of exercise clothes in hand. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, phys-ed was in a classroom. The class learned about nutrition, the dangers of drugs, sex-ed and the like. The other three days, however, were spent doing physical activities of some sort. Normally, Jon hated the days in the gym. But lately, he'd been enjoying it a lot more. There was something about having a whole bunch of sweaty girls in tight clothing showing him attention that really improved his opinion of the class.

Jon open his locker and unzipped his bag. Even his workout clothes were now name-brand athletic apparel due to his previous wish. Jon pulled out the clothes and began to undress. As he unfastened his belt, he felt squirming in his crotch. With one swift motion, he pulled down his pants and underwear, exposing Karyn. "Whoa!" she exclaimed, her support falling away. Jon looked down at the miniature girl that was now his penis hanging between his legs. In the past, Jon was too shy to leave himself exposed for any longer than needed. Now, Jon felt like he owed Karyn a brief respite from being trapped in his pants all day.

For Karyn, however, this was all business as usual. Some days Jon would change in such a rush that she wouldn't even have time to wake up before she was returned to the comfortable embrace of Jon's underwear. Other times, she had enough time to stretch and break up the monotony of time spent in Jon's pants with a tour of the locker room. Not that it was much to look at. It was harshly lit, it smelled like the inside of Jon's pants when he didn't shower, and worst of all it was a total sausagefest. Karyn would have to suggest to Jon that he wish for the locker room to be coed.

In the meantime, Karyn looked about the room, grateful to be able to stretch out a little but disinterested with the scenery. She did take more than a little pride in being the biggest dick in the locker room, and she knew Jon was pleased with her too. For now, Karyn waited patiently. When Jon had her out for this long, he typically was going to use her for one of two things, and since there was no one here to fuck...

Jon looked down at Karyn and realized he had better go to the bathroom while he had the chance. As he started walking to the urinal, Karyn smirked to herself. I know him better than he knows himself, she mused. As Jon lined her up, Karyn opened her mouth and waited. Jon released his bladder, and Karyn felt the rush as his urine entered into her hilt, passed through her core and up her throat before erupting out of her mouth. That moment was always a little scary for Karyn because if she wasn't lined up just right, she would end up making a mess. This time, though, was a perfect execution. Karyn took a moment to once again be proud of what a great penis she was.

As Jon continued to piss, he carefully reached down and pulled Karyn's long blonde hair back, keeping it away from the stream. Jon was so good to her. Karyn began to consider just how good he treated her, recollecting the past weekend. The times with Lisa, the ride with Emma, but the best had been the orgy during the party. So many girls, all of those pussies...

"What are you thinking about?" Jon asked above her. Karyn realized she had started to make herself hard. She cursed herself. That was no way for a good penis to act when it was supposed to be taking a leak. "Sorry, Jon," she apologized after the streamed died away. "I started thinking about this past weekend," she answered, spitting out the last traces of urine from her mouth. Jon gripped her firmly and gave a long, slow pump along her length which elicited a throaty moan from her. "Want to have some more fun after school?" he asked.

"Oh, yessss," she hissed, lost in the pleasure of his hand. "Ok, we just need to get through a few more hours," he said as he returned to the locker. Jon quickly stepped into a fresh pair of underwear and as he pulled them up over Karyn, she muttered "Cock tease" with a smile. Soon, Karyn was enveloped in the warm darkness of Jon's pants. She felt him adjust her through the material until she was in a position that he found comfortable. Karyn, for her own part, rotated and turned her body until she was at her most comfortable as well. She nuzzled up to the material of the underwear and savored the mild taste of precum in her mouth.

Business as usual, she thought. And she wouldn't have it any other way.

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Chick for a Dick: Third Hour

The worn gym floor creaked under Jon's feet as he stepped out of the locker room. The large room was abuzz with activity as several groups were congregating around the gym. A handful of students were already hitting a ball over the volleyball net set up in the middle of the room. No doubt today's activity, Jon thought to himself.

On the far end of the room, several students were sitting in the bleachers, obviously not too thrilled to be in the class. On the contrary, several jocks were milling about the room, clearly in their element. While some were taking shots at one of the basketball hoops attached to one end of the gym, a few more were socializing with a group of preppy girls who were in the middle of stretching. They had used to be Sarah's clique, and in the past they had tormented Karyn and him to no end.

Now, however, things were different. As they noticed Jon, each girl in the room turned and looked his way. Feeling a surge of confidence, Jon proudly walked up to the group of girls. As he approached, he recognized Ashley, Molly and Harley from the cheerleading team. What really drew his attention, though, were the horns coming out of their heads. Ashley was the cheerleader he had seen when he had first arrived at school earlier that morning, who now sported a large set of ram's horns which curled out of her temples. Molly had a single bony protrusion about 14 inches long coming out of the center of her forehead, making her look like a bizarre unicorn. The real attention getter was Harley, who had a two foot long horn coming straight out of each side if her head before the tips slightly turned up into little points. The overall span of her horns was almost five feet after including her head. Everyone around her gave her a wide birth, since her massive horns swung wildly as she turned her head to look from person to person.

"Hey, Jon," a voice next to him said. Jon turned and saw Brett, a member of the football team next to him. "Killer party, man." Brett extended his hand. As Jon did the same, Brett grasp his hand performing an overly complicated hand shake. Jon resisted the urge to roll his eyes. "Yeah, thanks, Brett. How about you?" he said turning to the group of girls, ignoring the jock. "Did you have fun?"

All of the girls responded with nods and affirmations. Jon was relieved to see that Harley was not one of the ones who nodded. He was worried she might poke someone's eye out. "Ashley, honestly, what happened to all of the cheerleaders?"

"A wish changed us." This time Jon did roll his eyes. "What wish?" his voice full of annoyance. "Some dweeb wished that all of the cheerleaders were more horny. All of us who were already at the party but hadn't been changed yet got altered. We're all horny now, just not the way the little dork wanted."

Jon looked past the trio of horned girls and saw the girls' locker room door open and Liz and Amy stepping out. Jon didn't know which surprised him more: Liz was coming out of the girls' locker room, or that she had managed to fit the massive bulge in her crotch into the spandex shorts she was wearing. "Glad you enjoyed yourselves," Jon stated as he moved towards Liz. As he approached the pair, Jon was surprised when Amy happily announced "I was changed."

Jon paused and looked at the short girl. He had seen her naked in his house when he had first discovered Liz's addition, but he had not seen anything out of the ordinary. "Amy, honestly, what was changed about you?"

"Liz made me attracted to her."

"What do you mean?" Amy sighed. "I was going through an experimental phase and Liz and I fooled around. Afterwards, I realized that I wasn't really into girls. Liz, however, is. And she was really into me. She's my best friend and had been trying to win my affection for some time, and while I liked her as a person, I was not attracted to her. Her wish made me more interested in her. My wish sealed the deal."

"Your wish?" Jon asked. Amy smiled widely and looked down at the obvious bulge in her lover's shorts. "While I was definitely more attracted to her, she was missing one thing. I wished for her to be able to fuck me like an animal. And now, she definitely does." Jon nodded to himself. He was glad that Amy was enjoying herself, but what about-

"Liz, honestly, what do you think of your horse dick?" Liz smiled broadly as she reach down and groped her bulge. "I fucking love this thing! I feel so strong and powerful with it! And when I cum, oh fuck, it's unbelievable. It's like a fire hose! I have to jack off in the shower just to keep the mess manageable. Not that I need to resort to that often. Amy can't keep her hands off of it. We fuck pretty much every chance we get. I feel great, I get to have Amy, and she loves it. It's almost perfect."

"Almost?" Liz shrugged. "Well, for one thing, I wish I could fit the whole thing into Amy." Jon braced himself, waiting for the telltale flash that a wish had been granted, but nothing came. He quickly realized that Amy had already been changed by a wish from the party, so unless someone made another wish using the stone, Amy would not change again. "Plus," Liz continued, "it's really hard packing this beast into girl's clothing. And the expression 'piss like a racehorse' is literal with me. And with the angle of my sheath, I can't just start peeing or else I'll piss all over my torso. Instead, I need to bend over, which is awkward, or I need to get a mild hard-on and then do my best to aim it once it's flopping around out of its sheath. And don't get me started if I need to go number two. I can't sit down with it out without holding onto it or else it completely falls into the bowl or having it so erect it's right in front of my face. I don't mind the fact that I can reach this cock with my mouth, but not when I'm trying to use the bathroom. Do you have any idea what it's like trying to maneuver around a bathroom stall with a stallion's prick? It isn't easy."

"Why don't you use a urinal in the men's room? Or wear guys' clothing?" Jon asked. Liz snickered. "I'm a girl with a horse cock, Jon. Not a cross dresser. And I'm not going to expose myself in front of a bunch of guys." Jon looked at her quizzically. "You don't think of yourself as a guy?" She laughed again and shook her head. "No, Jon! Boys don't have horse penises. Just because I do doesn't mean I'm a guy, silly."

Jon stared at her, the sound of sneakers squeaking against the waxed floor breaking the silence. The stone certainly had a weird way of making things seem "normal" to everyone. Jon thought about it for a moment and had a realization. "Since you're still considered a girl, does that mean that you're, you know, attracted to me?"

"Of course!" Liz responded enthusiastically. "All girls are attracted to you. Amy and I have shared with each other a mutual fantasy of having a threesome with you. Other than her powerful attraction to me, she's still in to guys. Hell, even I'd go straight for you. Imagining you on your knees in front of me as I whip out my coc-"

"Whoa!" Jon interupted. A look of confusion suddenly came to Liz and Amy's faces. "What up, Jon?" Liz asked, completely unaware of what she had just been saying. The gym doors opened and the teacher, Mr. DeWind, blew his whistle. "Sorry," Jon muttered as he joined the class. Saved by the whistle.

"Alright, everyone. Three laps around the gym, then count off by fours to get into teams for volleyball." The students all turned and started jogging in a circle around the perimeter of the gym. As Jon expected, the jocks took the lead. Jon did not expect what came next. Slowly, the cheerleaders started passing the jocks to take the lead. Shortly after that, Liz passed even them, taking place at the head of the group where she remained. Jon had been in class with everyone for some time, and knew Liz and the others had not been nearly this fast before. It was as if they had gotten more animal traits than just their obvious additions.

As the laps were completed, Jon was breathing heavily. Liz, however, did not look phased in the slightest. "Alright! Count off by fours!" the teacher shouted. The four teams were soon split up and begin a short tournament. Jon's team faced off against Liz and Amy's team, who soundly beat him. Jon sat in the bleachers and watched as Ashley faced off on a team against Molly and Harley. The results were almost comical as everyone on Harley's team was too afraid to get near her for fear of her long horns, while Ashley almost got her curled set caught in the net when she went for a spike. In the end, it was Ashley's team versus Liz's. Jon noted with amusement that Ashley's team was comprised completely of girls.

Keeping himself entertained from the sidelines, Jon began a game: every time a team scored a point, one member of the opposing team lost their clothes. The game started with a clear advantage for Liz's team, but as more and more of the opposition were becoming naked, the lesbian's attention began to waver off the game. The next play, Ashley scored, the ball wailing past Liz. Jon blinked twice, and Amy stood naked except for a pair of gym shoes. Liz looked at her lover's body and smiled. However, the momentary distraction allowed Ashley to once again score.

A moment later, a very naked Liz threw the ball back over the net to be served, her sheathe and massive balls balls exposed to the whole class. The play began and Liz rushed forward and jumped as Amy set up the shot. Ashley jumped to block it, but Liz managed to hit the ball first and slam it into the floor on the opposite side if the net, winning the game. The team cheered as Liz raised her arms in victory. As she moved towards her team, Jon saw that she was raising her knees in high, defined strides. She was prancing, like a thoroughbred in a horse show. Amy rushed forward and hugged Liz, their naked flesh pressed together.

Jon could have sworn they were about to kiss when Mr. DeWind blew his whistle and shouted for everyone to hit the showers. Jon watched the numerous naked girls heading for the locker room and smiled to himself. He'd leave them as nudists for the day and return their clothing tomorrow. Jon focused on Liz. She was surrounded by numerous naked girls, one of which was her own girlfriend. Just before she disappeared in to the locker room, Jon could see the head of her horse dick starting to poke out of its sheathe.


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Chick for a Dick: Lunch

Jon stood in line to pay for his lunch, watching another girl walk away without realizing she had talked to him. Or realizing she didn't usually walk around naked. Since Jon had entered the cafeteria, one girl right after the other had walked up to him and announced that she had been changed.

The first girl explained that her boyfriend had been going down on her and complaining due to her not shaving that day. The boyfriend had offhandedly wished she was bald, and now she was. From head to toe. Her head, eyebrows, everything was now bald.

Ironically, a second girl had approached Jon and told him her boyfriend had a similar complaint and has wished she would "trim her bush." Her pubic hair was now no longer hair at all, but instead the green needles of a coniferous bush. She did, however, have it neatly trimmed as her boyfriend had desired.

The next girl's boyfriend had wished she had bigger melons. Instead of breasts, she now had a pair of large honeydew melons hanging from her chest.

Another girl told Jon about how she was self conscious about her underdeveloped breasts when her girlfriend wished that she would "bloom." The girl explained her breasts were bigger, now C-cups, but her nipples had been replaced with the heads of blooming sunflowers. She didn't seem to mind, however, as she told him about how good it felt when bees would gather pollen from them.

The girls had continued to come up to him and Jon had heard their stories. He was glad to hear most enjoyed their changes, or were at the very least indifferent to them. Jon watched as another girl stood up in the same trance-like state he had seen today and began to walk towards him. As she approached, Jon realized something.

So many girls, he thought. Zoe's a player!


Lunch over the past week had been a new experience for Jon. Before the stone, Jon and Karyn had a usual table they would sit at together, tucked out of the way and rarely bothered by Sarah or anyone else. Since his change, however, it had been very different. Now, he was one of the most popular kids in school. Everyone asked him to join them as he walked by, and wherever he did sit there were sure to be several hot girls who would end up joining the table. The only other person who got so much attention was Zoe.

As Jon walked past the rows of tables, his attention was drawn to a blob of bright red out of the corner of his eye. Looking closer, he saw that it was a girl sitting at a table with her back to him. Her hair was a brilliantly vivid red, but that wasn't all. It looked hard and glossy. As he approached, he saw it was actually long strands of red licorice candy cascading down her back, looking like a bizarre wig. Jon circled around the table to get a better view of the girl. The sight that met Jon was one of the most unusual transformations he'd seen yet.

Her licorice hair was only the beginning of her change. Her entire body looked like it was made out of soft, moist white cake baked to a golden brown. Her eyes looked to be small green lollipops, with the eyebrows above them being made out of thin lines of multicolored sprinkles. Her lips seemed to be molded out of taffy, and the white teeth behind them were made out of rows of breath mints. Her fingernails drew his attention next. Each one had the trademark swirl of a peppermint candy. The girl seated next to the her noticed Jon hovering near their table and enthusiastically tapper her friend on the arm. The altered girl turned and looked up at him, her glossy eyes going wide.

"Oh! Hi, Jon," she said, twirling a length of licorice hair around her right index finger. He stared into her altered eyes, unsure if his ability would even work. "Honestly, what's your name?"

"Candice," she responded immediately. Jon, let out a sigh of relief. "What wish made you like this?" Candice released her "hair" and looked down at her transformed body. "I had just wrapped up having an orgy with Zoe and a few others when someone at the party wished they could eat me out. Now, I'm completely edible."

Jon's jaw dropped. "PEOPLE EAT YOU?!" he shrieked. "Doesn't that hurt?! Wouldn't it kill you?!" Candice smiled and calmly shook her head. "Nope," she said casually. "My body is made for it now. I don't feel any pain from it. Some parts are actually very pleasurable while they're being eaten. Once a body part is eaten, though, it's numb until it grows back. And it does grow back, but it takes about a day or so. But there is a way around it. I can modify my body by adding parts to it. If I baked a couple large cakes and put them to my chest, for example, I can increase the size of my boobs. But, if those are eaten, only my original sized 'cupcakes'," she squeezed her petite breasts for emphasis, "will grow back. As long as not all of me is eaten at the same time, I will be fine."

Jon blinked twice and Candice's clothing was gone, revealing that her nipples had been replaced with pink gumdrops. Jon leaned over the table and looked between her legs. He could see a thin, well managed line of sprinkles between her legs, confirming his suspicions that her fine body hair had been replaced with sprinkles. "What do you think of your change?"

"It's... weird. I mean, I'm a walking dessert plate. And I think it's totally normal for people to ask to have a piece of me to snack on. It's kind of freaky, but it feels really good. Also, I can always change how I look by going to the baked goods or candy aisle." Jon nodded, glad that she didn't seem to really mind what had happened to her. He shrugged, and said "Hey, Candice. Mind if I sit here?"

The trance broken, the three girls at the table shared shocked glances. Jon Gibson had asked to sit with them! "Sure," Candice blurted out, failing to play it cool. "Thanks," Jon said as he set down his tray. "Can I join too?" Jon looked down and to his left to the source of the voice and saw Erin standing beside him, her short body going almost unnoticed. "Sure," Jon said, the other girls visible displeased with the added competition.

Erin noticed their looks and turned to Jon. "Saturday night was fun. So was Sunday morning," she said, rubbing it in. The other girls glared at Erin. Jon only grinned as he took a bite if his sandwich. Getting fought over by a table full of girls. He could get used to this.

Jon watched as Erin slipped her sandals off and squatted down, the bag slung over where her neck and hips met now resting on the ground. With practiced motions, she dipped and rotated her head, unslinging the bag from her body. Using her nimble toes, she opened the bag and pulled out a series of plastic bags containing her lunch. Nobody batted an eye at Erin, but Jon was impressed with her ability to adapt to her new body.

"Hey, Jon," came a voice behind him. Another girl suddenly sat down in the seat to his right. Jon recognized her as the girl he had found in his basement whose head needed to be reattached to her body. Before he could ask her anything, she turned to the transformed girl across the table. "Hi, Candy."

Candice raised one of her sprinkle eyebrows and let out a sigh. Jon was able to smell her sugary breath from across the table. "Knock it off, Emily." Emily smirked, then pursed her lips in a kiss towards Candice, who then returned the gesture. "Emily, honestly, what was that about?" Emily was just about to take a bite of her pasta when she put down her fork, closed her open mouth and turned to look at him. "We were both in the orgy with Zoe on Saturday and she started calling Candice 'Candy.' We're old friends so I've been teasing her about it all weekend. It's even better now because I know she doesn't want you to find out about her being with Zoe because she wants a shot with you."

Jon smiled and looked at Candice, realizing for the first time that her plate was nothing but dessert confections. It appeared all she ate anymore was sugary foods. Jon turned back to Emily. "What is the wish that changed you?"

"Somebody wished the could 'get a piece of me.' I can now have any part of me be pulled off. Anything from my whole head, like you found me, to even orifices like my mouth or vagina. They can be peeled off like stickers and put on another surface and used like normal. I love to peel my mouth off, stick it on the palm of my hand, put my pussy on the other palm, and just eat myself out. I'll even loan parts to people so they can use them whenever. Nothing like sitting down to family dinner right when someone starts fucking you and trying not to let anyone know." She gave him a mischievous smile and bit her lover lip.

"So you like your change?"

"Absolutely! Wouldn't dare think of changing a thing."

A blur of motion and a yelp cause everyone's attention to go to Candice. Both of her hands were cupping her still bare left breast. "Dammit, Samantha! How many times do i have to tell you to ask before you take a piece of me!" She lowered her hands to reveal that the gumdrop for her nipple was gone. Jon heard a buzzing overhead and looked up to see a tiny figure hovering over them, greedily devouring Candice's candy nipple.

"Hey, Samantha," Jon called up to her. The fly-girl looked down at him with her red, compound eyes. Jon pushed back his lunch tray and gestured to his uneaten brownie. Samantha smiled so broadly that Jon could still make it out even on her tiny face before she bolted down and landed on the tray in front of him. The brownie was half as big as she was, but she started in, all four of her hands pulling off chunks and shoveling them into her mouth. "Thanks, Jon!" she said with her mouth full.

"At least she didn't go full 'Alien' on you," Emily said. "Emily!" Candice looked at Jon before starring daggers at her friend. "We don't need to bring that up!" she hissed. "Why?" Jon asked. "What's that?"

Candice continued to stare at Emily who held up her hands, indicating that she wouldn't say anything more. "Samantha once ate her way all the way from Candice's vag all the way to her chest," Erin said from Jon's left, wickedly smiling at the candy-girl. Candice's mouth hung open while Emily tried, and failed, to hide her snickering. "Then she ate her way out and came out between her boobs, like in that old 'Alien' movie."

"Hey! Shut up!" Candice cried. "Everyone knows," Erin responded. "It was weird," Candice said with a shudder. "It was delicious!" Samantha said with her mouth full. Jon laughed and looked down at the miniature girl.

"Samantha, honestly, how did you become part bug?" Samantha finished the pieces of dessert she was already holding and then licked her fingers clean. However, she followed it up with running her upper arms across her head, like a fly cleaning itself. "My dumbass brother was trying to act like a bad thug stereotype and wished that I was 'more fly.' Next instant, I'm what you see now."

"What do you think of it?"

"Flying is the biggest rush ever! It like being a living roller coaster. It does get scary at times. Every thing is so big, and I'm so small. But I'm so hyper and ready to go that I barely ever notice what's happening from moment to moment. The rush is totally worth it, but it's not all great."

"What's the problem?"

"There's two problems, actually. First is the eating. I can't help myself, I eat everything!" Jon shrugged. "Do you really think people mind that much?" Samantha shook her head. "Jon, no, I eat... everything."

Her statement sunk in and Jon stuck out his tongue in disgust. "Exactly," she said. "If the normal me realized what I have been doing and the shit I'd been eating, literally at times, I'd probably throw up. Worst part is that I'd probably then want to eat that, too," she said in a defeated voice.

"What's the other problem?" Jon asked, wanting to move on. "Guys," she responded flatly. "I had a crush on you, and I still do, but I'm too small. Before my change, I thought I might have a shot with you. And it drives me crazy that Alexis is gunning for you."


The fly-girl nodded. "She's a girl I've known for a long time. Too long. Every guy I have ever been interested in, she used to steal away from me and then kick them to the curb once she was done with them. Now that I'm a bug-girl, she instead lords over me how she can get guys. Fucking gold digging bitch. I wish that black widow was in the same situation as me!"


"Where does she sit?" Jon asked. Samantha pointed with two of her miniature arms towards a nearby window. Jon walked over and found who he assumed to be Alexis sitting on the window sill. She was now only nine inches tall, like Samantha. She had long black hair, tan skin, long legs and an hourglass body with proportionally large breasts on her shrunken body.

She also had four additional arms, giving her a total of eight limbs. Her thirty fingertips were each capped with black, claw-like fingernails. Her forehead was covered with eyes, and her mouth was now filled with long, sharp teeth. And just as Samantha had her ass replaced with a fly's abdomen, Alexis now had a spider's, complete with noticeable spinnerets and the telltale red hourglass mark of a black widow.

The femme fatale spider-girl did not pay any attention as Jon inspected her. He realized he had not released Samantha from her questioning trance, so nobody would notice him until he did. Jon watched as she reached into the web in the corner of the window, pulled out a bound insect, and eagerly bit into it, sucking out the juices before grabbing another.

Jon stuck his tongue out and returned to his seat where Samantha stood patiently next to the brownie. "One less problem, right?"

"Not really. Now I'm worried about her eating me."

Jon rolled his eyes. "Feel free to stop by and grab anything from my plate anytime," he offered, freeing her from her hypnotic trance. "Thanks, Jon!" she responded enthusiastically, returning to the dessert. Jon did make a mental note, thought: make a wish just to make sure Alexis didn't try eating Samantha.


Jon carried his trash to the waste bin. He was surprised just how much of the brownie Samantha had been able to get through. As he approached, he spotted a girl walking towards him. She did not seem to be dazed like the others, but she still had a confused look on her face. "Hi, Jon. Um, my name's Erica, and this is weird, but, I feel like I need to tell you that I'm friends with Cathy. Which is really weird because I don't know anyone named Cathy."

Jon cursed himself. He had wished that Erica would introduce herself to him, but didn't wish for her to not notice that she was doing so, as he had with the other girls. "Erica, honestly, do you now remember Cathy from before she was changed?" he asked her. "Yeah, I do now," she responded. "We were at the party together when I ended up wishing her into becoming a coffee table." Jon nodded, pleased that while in the trance Erica would remember her friend. "What do you think about it?"

"Better her than me," Erica responded bluntly. Jon's jaw dropped. "What?" he asked, not believing what he had heard. "Cathy is a nice girl, but I wouldn't go out on a huge limb for her. Especially not if I was going to end up a freak like her."

Jon was angry. Cathy didn't enjoy her change, and didn't deserve it. Several girls, like Amanda and Grace had been changed as retribution for their behavior. But Cathy had been altered into a form she not happy with without cause. Jon couldn't believe how callous Cathy's supposed "friend" was being towards her.

"Erica," he said with a stern voice, "have you made out with my sister before?" Erica smiled. "Yeah, she and I stayed after gym class and Sarah ate me out," she responded with delight. "Were you changed by a wish yet?" he continued. Erica shook her head. "Nope."

"I wish you were in a situation similar to Cathy and that you would change back once I changed her back."


Jon now stood alone by the trash bin. Nobody around him noticed anything. Jon exhaled and dumped the trash, then headed for the door.

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Chick for a Dick: Unexpected Meetings

It was still several minutes before the lunch period would wrap up, but Jon wanted to get to his fourth hour class early.  Heather, the rabbit-girl from earlier in the day, and one of the twins, Kerry, were in his class.  Or at least she had been.  Since she and her sister Mary were now conjoined, it was possible they followed a different class schedule instead.  In either case, Jon wanted to make sure he had time to talk before class began.

As he moved down the hall, Jon passed the janitor's closet that Lisa had pulled him into the previous week.  It seemed like so long ago.  Jon was about to continue on his way when he heard a muffled moan from the other side of the door.  He stepped closer, carefully pressing his ear against the door without making a sound.  Jon heard slick, slurping noises accompanied by a girl humming.  The noises were were occasionally joined by an additional voice moaning or letting out an erotic squeak.  Jon slowly opened the door and looked inside.

Sitting on the floor was a girl.  Her back was leaning against the wall and her legs were spread.  Between her legs, laying on the floor, was another girl.  The one laying down was bobbing her head up and down, almost as if-

The girl laying down suddenly sat up and turned to look at Jon.  "I was changed," she said with a smile, wiping saliva away from her lips.  Jon looked past her at the girl leaning against the wall, panting heavy with her eyes closed.  Her shorts were undone, and a six inch dick covered in spit was protruding from them.

Jon didn't even know where to start.  The girl with a dick was obviously changed, but her eyes were closed and he didn't know her name, limiting the use of his powers.  She didn't seem to acknowledge him, however, because the other girl between her legs had only paused to inform Jon of her own change.  Nobody being the wiser as they were both caught in a magical time-out.  The dick-sucked sat on her knees in front of him, waiting patiently.

"Um, honestly, what's your name?" Jon asked the kneeling girl.  As he looked at her, he recognized her as one of the girls Zoe brought with her into the back room at the party.  "My name is Angela."

"And in what way were you changed?"

"At the party, someone wished I would blow him.  There was no way the old me would have given a complete stranger head, so I was changed to where now I will.  I absolutely _love_ to suck cock.  The feeling of my lips around a hard shaft drives me wild.  The taste of cum in my mouth... Oh!  It's better than sex.  Of course, nobody's dick compares to yours, Jon."

"Mine?" Jon asked in confusion.  "Yeah.  Everyone knows about how willing I am to give head.  And I'm pretty damn good at it since I've gotten a lot of practice.  In this reality, you've asked me to give you head at least once a week this past school year.  In fact, maybe the only dick I haven't gotten my lips on is Liz's."

"Because it's a horse dick?"

"No!  I would love to taste that beast, but Amy doesn't share it with anyone!  Well, except maybe Zoe.  Or you.  Other than that, I've sampled just about anyone else who isn't a total slime bag.  Even girls with dicks like Athena and Avery," she said, gesturing to the other girl.

Jon looked back to the exposed girl.  Looking closer, he saw that the penis attached to her was not the same skin tone as the rest of her pelvis, and the bush was blonde compared to her red-brown hair.  "Avery, honestly, what was the wish that changed you?"  Angela immediately turned back and laid down in front of Avery, wrapping her mouth around the girl's cock.  Avery moaned as her eyes opened and looked at him.

"My boyfriend likes getting head more than anything.  He kept asking for it at the party.  Finally, he wished that I 'enjoy head like he does.'  He couldn't have wished that I enjoy giving head. Then I could have kept my normal body and just ended up like this little cock sucker," she said as she stroked the back of Angela's head.  "No, he had to wish that I enjoy head like he does.  So, the idiot ended up giving me a copy of his own dick.  Now, I like getting head exactly like he does."

"Do you still have your... original parts?" Jon asked, trying to look past Angela's busy mouth.  "Nope, I have nothing but a dick now.  But I'm still considered a girl.  At least I get some payback out of that."

"How so?"

"My boyfriend is still my boyfriend even though I have a dick now.  And we both love getting head more than anything.  So, when we 69, the asshole gets to suck the dick that he gave me."  She smiled wickedly before her hand shot up to her mouth, muffling her voice.

"I'm gonna cum I'm gonna cum," she started repeated over and over.  Jon carefully stepped back and exited the closet, closing the door and leaning up against it again.  "Continue," Jon quietly whispered to end Avery's trance.  Jon heard Avery let out a grunt and a low moan as the slurping sound stopped.  A few moments later he heard her quietly say "Thank you.  That was amazing."

"My pleasure.  You taste delicious," he heard Angela reply as he stepped away from the door and continued on his way.


"Damn biology work," Jon muttered to himself as he readjusted the bundle in his arms.  Not only was his biology book the largest of his texts books, but Jon also needed to bring a folder containing all of his homework and a massive notebook to attempt to keep up with all of the teacher's lessons.  Jon gripped the stack precariously as he quickly rounded the corner.

Jon barely had time to register that a person, in an equal rush, was being to round the same corner in the opposite direction before they ran into each other.  Jon's grip faltered as the books and folder fell to the floor.  Jon watched as his notes and homework seemed to explode across the hallway floor. Luckily the halls were mostly empty, so there was no immediate risk of having his work trampled.  Jon felt his shoulders slump as he looked at the mess.  So much for getting to class early, he thought.

Jon turned to see just who had run into him.  His eyes fell on a short girl with jet black hair and almond shaped eyes.  Her face a mixture of shock and shame.  "I... I am sorry, Jon," Nari said, trying to avert her eyes from his gaze.  Nari Pyon was a Korean exchange student who was also in his biology class.  Jon recalled that he had been absent from class on Friday when he had wished for girls to share their fantasies with him. Well, no time like the present...

"Nari, honestly, what is your biggest turn on?"  Only now did the girl turn her face away from the floor.  "The thought of breaking the rules excites me more than anything.  Everyone expects me to be perfect, so the idea of getting away with something without anyone noticing always gives me a thrill," she answered in her heavy accent.  After Nari started attending their school, several classmates found out that she was the daughter of a very wealthy executive back in South Korea.  Nari had always came off as proper and demure, so Jon was amused to discover it was a facade.

"It's alright, Nari.  Are you ok?" Jon said as he knelt down to collect the spilt papers.  Nari swiftly fell to her knees, the long skirt of her school uniform (which she wore daily even after being informed the school had no such dress code) billowing around her as she also began to gather the pieces of paper.  "I am fine.  I am very sorry.  I did not see you," she said in a flustered voice.  She still didn't look at him.  "You weren't in class Friday," he said as he reached for another piece of paper.  "Yes.  I had a dentist appointment."  An awkward silence hung in the air.  "I am sorry," she repeated.  "I said it's alright.  Where are you off to in such a hurry?"

"I am missing a page of my homework.  I was going to my locker to look for it."  She handed him her half of the mess as she stood up.  Jon took the pages and nodded his thanks.  "Ok. I'll see you in class."  Without a word, Nari nodded and rushed around the corner, her footsteps echoing down the hall.

Jon paused, thinking about the encounter.  Nari had seemed so cold.  Did she not like him?  Jon pondered for a moment if he had done something to upset her before turning his attention back to the notes.  As he did, he realized something: his notes were wrong.  As he reviewed them, he noticed occasional mistakes that added up to a huge mess.  He then realized why he was only noticing it now.  Last night he had wished to not only have his homework done and correct, but to have all of the knowledge from it too.  Because of the wish, he was now able to see all of his previous mistakes.

Jon grinned slyly as a thought came to his mind.  He stood up, leaving the pile of class work on the floor, and stepped into the center of the hallway intersection, pleased to see the immediate halls were currently empty.  Jon pulled the stone from his pocket and whispered "I wish that I perfectly knew all of the knowledge and information I am to be taught in all if my classes for the year."


"I wish that all homework I am assigned for the rest of the year in all of my classes will appear at my desk without anyone noticing in perfectly completed condition each day it is due."


Jon smiled and returned the stone to his pocket.  School was going to be a breeze for the rest of the year.  He wouldn't even need to try taking notes anymore.

Jon reached down and picked up the disorganized pile.  He no longer cared what condition it was in.  After all, this was going to be the last time he had to carry any of this crap to class again.


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Chick for a Dick: Fourth Hour

After the unexpected stops at the janitor's closet and with Nari in the hallway, Jon had not been able to get to class very early after all.  He didn't mind, though.  He was too pleased to with his latest wishes.  Besides, now that he didn't have to worry about school for the rest of the year, he could talk to the girls as much as he wanted.

Jon stepped into the large classroom.  Like his 6th hour chemistry class with Ms. Stevens, this room was also a lab room.  That meant there were two sections to the room.  The first half of the room was filled with standard school desks.  The back portion of the room was a collection of lab stations designed for students to pair off and share.

As Jon entered the room, he noticed two things: the fresh piece of paper sitting on his desk and Heather the rabbit-girl sitting at her own desk furiously scribbling away at a piece of paper.  Jon walked to his desk and saw that the paper was indeed the homework assigned the previous Friday.  It had his name in the top, it was written in his own handwriting, and he could see that all of the questions were answered perfectly.

Jon smiled and put down his bundle before he crossed the empty classroom to Heather's desk.  As he approached, he saw the paper she was scribbling on was their homework assignment.  Heather had always been known as a bit of a procrastinator, and it looked like that hadn't changed even if her body had.  He had to admit, she looked pretty adorable as she concentrated on the paper.  Her nose twitched back and forth over her enlarged front teeth while the tall ears turned on top of her head.

"How's it look?" she asked, writing in the last answer.  Jon moved behind her and looked over her shoulder to inspect the paper.  His now highly comprehensive knowledge of the material picked it apart and he turned to look at her.  Her ears were laying flat against her head, her concern visible.

"Numbers 4, 6 and 7 in the multiple choice are wrong.  The short answers are accurate, but you didn't go into too much detail.  You're probably looking at a 'B-'," he told her.  Heather erased the multiple choice answers he indicated and switched them before pushing the paper back.  "I can live with that," she said.  "I forgot we had homework.  I guess I was having too much fun at your party."  She gave him a wink.

Jon heard voices in the hall and saw a couple students stepping into the room.  Class would be starting soon.  Jon looked back at the buck-toothed blonde.  "Heather, honestly, what was the wish at changed you?"

"I was on the dance floor with Jason from the football team and he wished 'we could fuck like rabbits.'  I don't know about him, but I sure can now," she said dryly.  "Do you like it?"  She shrugged.  "It has its ups and downs.  I can hear and see everything so much better.  And damn am I fast!  I can jump so high that I'm glad I'm not afraid of heights.  The only reason I don't play basketball is because I end up getting my feet stepped on.  And I do get them stepped on.  A lot.  There are times I miss being able to wear shoes.  Sometimes it's because I want to accessorize, but the worst is going out in winter.  But the biggest change is the sex."

"How so?"

"I always want to fuck.  Always.  But the problem is that I'm super fertile now.  I can have multiple kids, get fucked the next day, and be pregnant with multiple kids all over again!"

Jon's eyes went wide.  "How many kids have you had?"  Heather shrugged.  "Nine from two pregnancies.  And those were both within the past year.  I've smartened up though.  I use birth control, which thankfully still works on this body, have my partners wear condoms, and sex for rabbits lasts less than a minute.  Luckily, most guys can outlast that.  So, we go for about 40 seconds, I cum, get off and finish the guy off in other ways.  I know how fertile I am and I don't want to be pregnant again, but I can't help but fuck all the time.  That being said, I love my kids and wouldn't trade them for anything in the world."

Jon's blood ran cold.  He hadn't even considered all of the unprotected sex he'd been having since his change either.  Looking around at the mostly empty room, Jon walked far into the back lab section and pulled out the stone.

"I wish that I cannot get anyone pregnant unless I want to," he whispered.


Jon sighed in relief.  That should keep him from enduing any unintended repercussions. In the meantime, he decided that once he got home he would divert some of his ridiculous new fortune to helping Heather support her kids.  He wouldn't imagine wishing anyone out of existence, especially children, but it had to be difficult for her to raise so many of them.

Jon turned back to the front of the classroom just in time to see Nari walk through the door.  As soon as she saw him, she averted her eyes and walked straight to her desk.  Jon contemplated going over and trying to talk to her again when Mary and Kerry entered the room.  Since the twins had been conjoined and no longer had a single leg between the two of them, Jon assumed they would be getting around by wheelchair or a similar setup.

Instead, the twins "walked" in on their four arms.  They were each wearing a different top, while their fused hips were covered in a custom garment that looked like a cross between a skirt and a tube-top.  They each had a backpack on and they were wearing gloves on their hands.  The two moved over to a couch in the room and pulled themselves up on it, laying on their side.  They pulled over a pair of low tables on wheels, unslung their back packs, and started settling in for class.  Jon approached them and they both smiled at him.  "Hello, Jon," they said in stereo.

"Hey girls.  How's it going?"

"Doing fine," said the twin to the right as she pulled off her gloves.  Jon saw they were custom made as the palms had a rubber padding on them, resembling the sole of a shoe.  "Wishing it was still last Saturday," said the other with a wink.  "I heard you had a private party upstairs.  Why weren't we invited?" she pouted.

Jon looked at the pair, and without knowing who was who said "Kerry, honestly, what was the wish that changed you two?"  The twin on the left continued to unpack her bag, while the twin on the right paused and looked at him.  "Dave saw us dancing together and wished he could fuck us at the same time.  Now, we're always going to be fucked at the same time."

"Do you both feel what the other feels?"

"Yes.  Our vagina has two clits that we both feel.  I can feel her breasts, when her hair is stroked, I feel it all.  If it weren't for the fact that I had always thought it was like this, it would be overwhelming."

"What do you think of your change?"  Kerry frowned.  "It's terrible.  I love my sister, but I am my own person too.  Or at least I was.  Now were just 'the twins'.  I can never get time to myself, always have to put up with someone, and then there's the physical issues.  We have to walk around on out hands.  I wanted a cart of some sort, but Mary convinced me that doing it this way is more independent.  Plus it builds up our arm strength so we can have sex 'standing up'," she said, her fingers making air quotes.  "Besides that, the bathroom is a nightmare.  We share a vagina and an asshole.  But they're each in the middle of our body and on opposite sides.  We need to balance the middle of our body over the bowl, then flip over to keep going.  It isn't easy."

"Mary," Jon said, "honestly, what do you think of your change?"  Kerry returned to unpacking her bag while Mary looked up at Jon and smiled brightly.  "I fucking love it!  The sex is twice as good, everyone is even more intrigued by us and I'll never be apart from my sister.  I wouldn't trade this for anything!"

Jon looked at the pair.  He wasn't sure what to do.  He could try figuring out a way to fix them and make Kerry happy, but keeping them together would keep Mary happy...

A wave of calmness passed over him.

Jon shrugged.  He couldn't fix things right away anyways.  He'd think about it and figure it out some other time.  However, Kerry had been right about one thing: they really were two different people.

Jon looked up, spying Mr. Trencher enter the room.  "Maybe next party, girls," Jon said with a wink.  They both blushed as Jon headed for his seat.

"Alright, everyone," Mr. Trencher said, calling the class to order.  "We will be continuing our lessons on cell structures.  For today's lesson, we will be examining different cells under the microscopes.  So, you'll be pairing off.  Mary, Kerry, I will set up a microscope for you at your couch.  Everyone else will be paired off randomly.  Please turn your homework in to my desk, then go with your partner to a lab table."

The teacher pulled out index cards with everyone's names.  The teacher said random pairs encouraged team building.  Jon believed it was Mr. Trencher's way of avoiding problematic students from teaming up all the time.

"Heather, Ron."

Heather hopped out of her seat and put her homework on the teacher's desk.  With two large hops, she had crossed the entire room and was at a lab table before her partner had even stood up.  "No running in the classroom, Heather," the teach stressed as if this had been the millionth time he'd had to tell her.

"Jon, Nari."

Jon heard an audible groan go through the class as everyone seemed to be disappointed by the pairing.  He could understand why the girls were upset as they were all highly attracted to him, but even the other guys seemed disappointed.  Confused, Jon stood up, handed in his work, and headed to the lab station.  A moment later, Nari sat down in the stool next to him.  Jon tried smiling at her, but she continued to stare down at the table.  Finally fed up, Jon rolled his eyes and asked "Nari, honestly, why don't you like me?"

"I like you very much," she responded sincerely.  "Then why are you acting so distant from me?"  She looked up at him.  "I do not want you to see how attracted I am to you." Jon was only getting more confused.  "Why not?"

"My father would be furious if I had relations with a boy while studying abroad."

"Isn't your biggest turn on the thought of breaking rules?"

"It is, which is why the thought of sleeping with you is even more appealing.  But while breaking my father's rules is my greatest turn-on, I am still worried about him finding out and shy about letting an attractive boy know that I want him to have his way with me."

Jon smiled, enjoying the look of lust mixed with longing in Nari's eyes.  Looking around the room, Jon saw that the rest of the class had been paired up and were about to start the day's project.  "You can used to microscope first," Jon offered.

Nari returned to looking at the table, but Jon noticed the corner of her mouth twitch momentarily into a smile.  "Thank you," she said softly as Mr. Trencher began his lesson.


Re: Chick for a Dick - by ekempo5000

Chick for a Dick: Fifth Hour

"Alright, everyone.  That's class for today.  Please make sure your work stations are cleaned up for the next class and remember to be reviewing for the test this Friday," Mr. Trencher announced over the students rushing to gather their things.  Jon was collecting his own materials, reflecting on the previous class.  Every single fact the teacher introduced to the class, Jon already knew.  He could have taught the class himself.

In fact, he was practically a private tutor to Nari, identifying her mistakes and corrected her accordingly during the class.  Jon now understood why everyone had been upset when he had been paired off with her.  He was the smartest kid in class, so getting paired with him practically guaranteed a perfect grade for the day.

As he walked towards the classroom door, he stopped at a trash can and threw away his notebook and the overstuffed folder he kept his homework assignments in.  He wouldn't need them anymore.


Jon stepped into his fifth hour history class with his arms practically empty.  Like biology, this had been a class which he had needed a massive notebook to try to keep track off all of the dates and events.  Now, all he needed was a textbook to follow along with and a pencil.  As he approached his desk in the middle of the room, he saw a pristine stack of papers waiting for him.  Jon picked up the magically completed homework and grinned widely.  Damn I love that stone.

Jon looked around the mostly full room at his fellow classmates until his eyes fell on one.  Renee.  From the back, she looked completely normal until she turned around.  Her eight breasts were much smaller than they had been during the party.  But even with all of them reduced to their current B-cups, they still bulged noticeably under her shirt.  Renee turned and met Jon's gaze.  She turned back to the group she was with, wrapping up the conversation, before walking over to his desk.

"Hey, Jon.  Saturday was incredible!  Everyone had a blast."

"Awesome.  I'm glad you had a good time."

Renee smiled and gave a small laugh.  "Well it doesn't really matter if I had fun.  But I did, for the record."  Jon paused, visibly confused.  "Wait, what are you talking about?"  The smile faded from Renee's face.  "I was working.  At my job.  Jon, are you feeling alright?  Am I not getting paid for Saturday?"

Jon stared at her, having no idea what she was talking about.  "Renee, honestly," he said, taking the direct approach, "what was the wish that changed you and what are you talking about?"

"I was at a table with eight friends.  They wished that I would bring them drinks after I had at first refused.  It was my night off from being a waitress and I didn't want to do my job without getting paid or getting any enjoyment out of it.  Now I get both.  The wish gave me enough boobs to hold a drink for everyone at the table.  I'm just lucky more of my friends hadn't shown up yet or else I may have ended up with a lot more breasts.  But that wasn't all that changed.  I wasn't dispensing drinks just because it felt good.  I did it because it's now my job.  I work for you.  I'm part of your event staff.  So now I got everything that I wanted.  I take pleasure, a lot of pleasure, from my job and I get paid a ton for it!  I'm able to go to college and get a brand new car just from working for you.  Plus, there are other benefits," she said slyly.

"Like what?"

"First, getting alone time with you every now and then.  Also, you let me join in the after party.  Fuck, those times are unbelievable.  At the end of each event, you also let me load up my boobs with whatever I want before heading home.  I never need to spend any money on liquor.  You even let me take the top shelf stuff.  You're a pretty great boss."

Jon smiled.  "So you're happy with your change?"

"Absolutely.  I wouldn't trade this job, this body, for anything."

"No, I'm alright.  And of course you're getting paid," Jon said, acting as if the previous conversation had never happened.  Renee looked visibly relieved.  "Ok, just let me know if you're feeling under the weather.  I can go get some water for you."  Jon smiled at her.  "Nah, that's alright.  But I did want to talk to you.  I know you just worked this past weekend, but I was kicking around the idea of having another get together soon.  Would you be interested in serving?"

Her face lit up. "Two events in one month?!  Yes!  Absolutely!  Thank you, Jon!"

Just how much do I pay her? he wondered.  He looked at her eight breasts, jiggling under her shirt as she as she bounced with excitement.  Whatever it is, it isn't enough.

"I'll email you the details as we get closer."  She gave an enthusiastic nod.  "Sure thing, boss," she said before rushing back to her friends. Jon could see that she was sharing her good news with them.  Some looked excited, a few looked jealous, but they all looked in his direction.  Jon looked over Renee's friends.  They were all rather attractive.  Maybe I should expand my staff, he thought.

Jon was just beginning to think that Renee was the only transformed girl in the class when Libby entered the room.  She had a pretty average body with noticeable breasts, but she had never really stood out to Jon in the past.  Her body definitely stood out now, because she had two of them.

Libby's body had remained mostly unchanged except her neck seemed slightly longer.  However, another long neck also ran out of her head now, connecting her single head to an exact copy of her body which was behind her original.  The two bodies were so close that her rear body's breasts were pressed into the front body's shoulder blades.

Libby, however, was all smiles.  Her front body was carrying her school supplies while the rear body's arms reached forward, holding a bottle of soda and a candy bar which she was quickly devouring.  She walked down an aisle of desks and approached a seat in the back row.  In the past, Libby had sat closer to the front of the room.  As Jon watched on, he saw the reason for the change.  As Libby's front body sat in the desk, her rear body rested in a chair which had been positioned in the open space directly behind the desk seat.

Jon walked up the the double-bodied girl just as she was finishing her drink.  "Hi, Jon," she greeted him warmly.  "Thanks for throwing that party.  I had a great time."

"Libby, honestly, what was the wish that changed you?"

"My boyfriend Devon and I were having some foreplay before we were going to screw.  He likes to get me turned on by tracing his fingers all over my body, and I absolutely love it.  I was telling him how good it felt when he wished I had more to touch.  The wish doubled up what I had to touch.  And it also doubled up what he had to fuck," she said with a giggle.

"I take it that you like your change, then?"

"I love it.  It feels so good.  My only real drawback is that I now have to eat for two bodies.  The good news is that It's next to impossible for me to get fat because there's always somewhere to put the calories."

Jon heard the classroom door close and saw Mr. Lowe was getting ready to start class.  "Glad you enjoyed yourself, Libby," Jon said as he started back to his seat.

Jon sat down and looked around, confirming that Libby and Renee were the only changed girls in the class.  Jon shrugged to himself.  He had already seen way more transformed girls than he had ever thought.  Who knew how many more were in classes Jon didn't have?

Jon looked back at Libby who was now eating a small bag off cookies with her rear arms while the front set took notes on the day's lesson.  Renee, meanwhile, had not stopped smiling since he had spoken with her.  He was glad they enjoyed their change.  In fact, almost everyone found their changes enjoyable.  Even those who didn't had done something to deserve the karmic justice in Jon's opinion.  And even then, they didn't realize they had been transformed and thought it was all normal.  Only a couple, like Cathy, seemed like they had gotten screwed over.  Jon needed to find a way to help those ones...

A wave of calmness passed over him.

Later.  He was having fun at the moment.  Besides, he still had one more class.  With Ms. Stevens...


Re: Chick for a Dick - by ekempo5000

Chick for a Dick: Sixth Hour

Jon adjusted the backpack slung over one shoulder, getting used to the weight.  He would always bring his backpack to his final class so he didn't need to stop at his locker before heading home.  However, it was now mostly empty.  He didn't need to bother bringing home any textbooks or homework materials.  He already knew everything each book had to teach and his homework would always appear when he got to class.  It was perfect.

Smiling, Jon entered the his final class.  He had been looking forward to this class all day.  To be honest, he had been looking forward to this class all weekend.  He was excited to see what Ms. Steven's, Betty's, new fetish was.  As if sensing he'd arrived, the teacher stepped out of the back storage closet and made eye contact with him.  The oversized fake tits she'd had on Friday were gone, replaced with her original B-cups.  She subtly looked him over, her eyes pausing beyond her glasses to focus on his crotch before looking back to his eyes and giving a slight smile.  Jon smiled and headed to his desk.  Whatever her new fetish was, she was definitely still into him.

Jon threw his backpack under his seat and looked around the room.  He shared the class with a few other students from other classes.  However, the only changed students were Kelly and Molly, the rhinoceros and unicorn horned cheerleaders, and Grace.  Grace was currently sitting in her desk, talking to another classmate named Jenna who was standing in the aisle next to Grace.

Jon grinned wickedly and blinked twice.  The next instant, Jenna was continuing her conversation, completely oblivious to the fact that she was not normally a nudist.  Although the fact that she was now naked did not strike anyone as odd, it did strike several of her classmates as appealing.  Jon noticed a few of the guys, and even Betty, trying to discreetly catch glimpses of Jenna.  However, they were much more subtle than Grace.

Sitting in her desk, Grace was leveled with Jenna's exposed crotch.  Jon could see her newly acquired obsession for eating pussy was hitting her strong.  First, her jaw seemed to open but her lips remained closed as she attempted to make more room in her mouth.  This only delayed the inevitable as slowly the tip of her penis-like tongue parted her lips and extended an inch outside of her mouth.  The whole time, Grace was nodding as the conversation continued, but she never took her eyes off Jenna's slit.  Just as Jon thought Grace might actually lean in and start licking Jenna right in the middle of class, Betty spoke up.

"Alright, everyone.  Take a seat and we'll get started.  Please pass your homework forward."

Jon could see a look of relief and disappointment on Grace's face as Jenna left for her seat.  Jon blinked twice, returning her clothing as he passed up the homework waiting for him on his desk and turned to face his teacher.


"... gases also react to temperature," Ms. Stevens continued to explain.  "For example, if you have a car tire and then place it in a colder atmosphere, the space between the air particles will condense and the tire will begin to lose pressure.  However, take the same tire and go to a hotter environment, the pressure will build as the air particles spread out.  This does not happen only in sealed containers, either.  This is why upper floors are sometimes warmer while basements are typically cooler."

Jon sat through the lesson barely paying attention.  After all, he already knew all of the material.  Instead, his focus was on Betty herself.  He had tried to identify any change to her body or behavior, he had even briefly made her naked in front of the class, but he saw nothing to tip him off to her new fetish.

Jon's attention was broken as he saw a girl raise her hand.  He rolled his eyes even as he heard Eric behind him mutter "This should be good."  Betty noticed the hand too and removed her glasses and pinched the bridge of her nose.  "Yes, Cassie, what is it?" she asked in an annoyed voice.

Cassie was not the brightest student in class.  She was a nice girl, but she didn't have two brain cells to rub together.  She would often have difficulty keeping up with the lessons.

"Is that what makes balloons fly?"

A few students snicker, but Ms. Stevens kept her patience.  "Well, not party balloons. Hot air balloons use that principle, for example. Instead, common balloons use a gas less dense than air in order to float, like helium."

"Huh?  I don't get it."

Ms. Stevens' shoulder slummed slightly.  "Ok...  There are gases that do not weight as much as air, like hydrogen or helium.  So when they're in a light, sealed container, like a balloon, they would float.  Hydrogen, however, is explosive and very dangerous.  Which is in part what led to the Hindenburg."

"The guy from 'Breaking Bad'?"

Ms. Stevens sighed deeply while drooping her head.  The snickers among the students growing louder.  "No, Cassie.  The character from 'Breaking Bad' named himself Heisenberg.  The Hindenburg was a famous disaster where the gas in an airship caught on fire and it crashed."

"Is that the Led Zeppelin my dad keeps talking about?"

Jon was doing everything he could to not laugh.  Some of his classmates, though, were not able to contain themselves and started laughing.  Cassie turned around, oblivious to how ridiculous her questions were.  "What's so funny?" she asked obliviously while Ms. Stevens had her face in her hand.

"Wait!" Cassie suddenly exclaimed, turning back to the teacher.  "Does that mean the balloons at graduation could explode?!"

Now Jon did lose it, along with the rest of the class.  It only got worse when Cassie added "I don't think it's funny!" over their laughter.  Finally, Ms. Stevens held up her hands and the class started to die down.  Behind Jon, Eric muttered "This is great.  I wish the airhead would keep on going."


Jon looked at Cassie and his eyes went wide.  Her neck and head were gone.  In their place, was a clear balloon with eyes, nose and a mouth drawn on it.  Jon couldn't move until he heard:

"And what about me?  Am I going to explode?!"

Jon erupted into laughter, setting the whole class off again.  But it wasn't her question Jon had laughed at.  Her voice had changed along with her head, sounding like she had sucked down a whole tank of helium.

"No, Cassie," Ms. Stevens said flatly, her patience spent.  "The graduation balloons and your head will not explode.  They are not filled with hydrogen for that reason."


Cassie was cut off as Brad, sitting behind Cassie pulled out a sharp pencil and unceremoniously poked her in the back of the head, popping her balloon.  Jon gasped as the loud bang filled the room.

"Brad!" Ms. Stevens bellowed.  "What have I told you about popping Cassie's head?"  Jon watched as Cassie's headless body turned in its seat and flicked off Brad.  "Cassie, do not curse in my class," Ms. Stevens instructed.  Cassie turned forwards again and slumped in her chair, her arms crossed in a pout.  Jon knew there was no way he could talk to her about her changes now, he was just glad she was still alive.

"Does anyone else have any questions?" Ms. Stevens asked, her voice dripping with annoyance.  Jon had one.  He looked at her and asked, "Betty, honestly, what's your biggest fantasy now?"

"I'm bisexual and get off on having multiple sexual partners at the same time."

Jon nodded to himself.  So she wants to have an orgy... He smiled, an idea forming in his head.  Jon looked at the clock. "Ms. Stevens, it's time to go," he said, breaking the trance.

She looked up at the clock and nodded.  "Ok, class.  See you tomorrow, if anyone has any questions," she made eye contact with Jon, "see me after class."


The classroom was empty except for Jon and the teacher, the sound of students rushing in the hall could be heard through the closed door.  "I'm glad you stayed after, Jon," Ms. Stevens, Betty, cooed.  She was leaning on her desk, her long legs stretching out in front of her.  Her hair was up in a loose bun, making her look professional and naughty at the same time.  "You've already got a perfect score in my class, so I can't raise your grade.  Want me to raise something else?"  She gave him a playful wink.

"Absolutely, but not here.  It's a little too... public for what I was thinking."  Betty smiled and stood up.  "I'll get my things," she said, heading for the storage closet.  As soon as she was out of sight and earshot, Jon pulled out the stone.

"I wish that when Betty steps out of that room she will be followed by two female students who would like to have a foursome with me."


Jon grinned as he put the stone back in his pocket, but he suddenly realized the flaw in his wish.  He had met several girls he would not want to have a sexual experience with.  What is it was Athena or Avery?  He didn't like the idea of being with anyone else who had a dick.  His heart sank.

What if it's Liz?!

The girl with a horse dick had already told him she wanted to to have sex with him.  His jaw dropped.

Oh no...  Zoe!!!

He remembered his own sister wanted  him as well.  He thought he might be sick.  What had he gotten himself into?

Just then, Betty stepped back into the classroom.  "Hope you're ready for all of us," she said.  Behind her, he saw the figures of...


Re: Chick for a Dick - by ekempo5000

Chick for a Dick: Afterschool Special

Jacqueline and Nari. Jon, let out a visible sigh of relief.  "Something wrong, Jon?" Jacqueline asked playfully.  It was almost surreal seeing the intense punk girl acting flirty.  "Just appreciating the view," he responded.  Nari blushed and looked away while Jacqueline rolled her eyes and Betty gave a slight chuckle.  "My place?" Jon asked confidently. 

"Actually," Betty chimed in, "why not my place?  If people see a teacher going into a student's home, it may raise suspicions.  If three students go into a teacher's apartment, it's easier for us to say it was a study session."

"I don't care where we end up as long as I get some action," Jacqueline stated.  Nari blushed deeper, but didn't disagree.  "It's settled then."  Betty walked over to her desk and wrote on three pieces of paper.  "Here's my address," she said, handing one to the girls and Jon.  "I don't have a car," Nari said quietly.  "You can ride with me," Jon offered.  The Korean girl smiled and moved next to him.

"No starting before you get there, you two," Jacqueline said as she left the room.


Jessie rumbled loudly down the road, her two passengers straddling her motorcycle body.  She had only been too happy to hear Jon was making a stop before going home.  More stops meant more riding.

Nari held tightly onto Jon's waist, her body pressed against his.  When they had arrived in the parking lot, Nari explained that she had never ridden a motorcycle before.   She was holding on for dear life, and while Jon didn't want her to be scared, he did enjoy the feeling of her pressed up against him.

It wasn't long before they were pulling up to the address Betty had given them, finding it to be a modest, four story apartment complex.  Jon and Nari pulled up next to Jacqueline in the parking lot who was standing beside her rusted clunker that was two decades past its prime.  She let out an impressed whistle.  "Damn, that's a fucking beautiful ride."

"Thanks.  You don't look too bad yourself," Jessie responded, earning a hearty laugh from Jacqueline.  Jon suddenly remembered that Jessie and Jacqueline had been friends before Jessie's transformation.  Looks like some things never change, he thought as he turned off the motorcycle-girl.

"Looks like her apartment is on the third floor," Jacqueline said, looking at her copy of the address.  "You head on up.  We'll be right behind," Jon said.  Jacqueline paused a moment and looked the pair of them over, but continued on without a word.  Jon watcher her walk away, her short skirt accenting her round hips.

"Is... something wrong, Jon?" Nari asked beside him.  "I want you to be comfortable.  You seem really nervous.  Listen, you don't need to feel like you're being pressured into anything."  The short girl shook her head.  "No, I want to be here.  With you.  This is just my first time doing this?"

"You're a virgin?" he asked, a little surprised.  "No," she quickly responded.  "No. I mean, my first time with more than one person.  And... with women."

"You're sure you want to do this, then?"  For the first time, she smiled at him.  "Yes," she responded confidently.


Jon and Nari arrived at Betty's door a couple minutes later.  Feeling emboldened, Jon opened to door without knocking and stepped in.  The apartment was more or less what Jon expected.  The furniture was all mismatched, but looked comfortable.  A brown couch was pushed up against the wall next to door while a blue armchair was in the far corner.  There was a small flat-screen TV on an old TV stand.  Jon noticed a few pictures on the walls of what appeared to be friends and family.  Among the frames was Betty's college diploma.  Pushed to the side of the room, an old coffee table was covered in fashion magazines and half graded homework assignments.  Jon could make out a small kitchen further into the apartment on his right, while to the left there was a hallway, most likely leading to the bedroom and bathroom.  Jon doubted the apartment had more than one of either.  It was the quintessential mid-20s bachelorette apartment.

The far wall had a sliding door that was covered by vertical blinds, the sunlight bleeding in through the long cracks.  Otherwise, there were only a couple lamps on, keeping the apartment dim and intimate.  Jacqueline was sitting sideways in armchair in the corner, her legs hanging over on of the arms.  She eyed both Jon and Nari with an almost predatory look.

Jon closed the door behind him while Nari stepped further into the room.  He noticed she seemed a bit more confident.  He couldn't tell if it was because of their talk, or because they were now away from possible observers.  Jon's thoughts were interrupted as he heard Betty's voice come from the dark hallway to his left.

"I see everyone's here."

She stepped into the dim room.  She had changed out of her professional clothes and into a pale blue button-up top and a pair of black jeans that clung to her legs and ass.  Jon looked around the room, feeling the look of lust in each girl's eyes.

He was not sure how to proceed.  Sure, he'd been with lots of girls since he'd gotten the stone.  He even had an orgy at his party.  But that had just sort of happened.  He had been so drunk, he didn't remember it.  He wasn't sure how to act.

Sensing his hesitation, Betty stepped forward, draping her arms around his shoulders and pressing her body up against his.  "Don't worry, baby," she whispered in his ear.  "We'll take good care of you."


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Chick for a Dick: Heated Encounter

Betty gasped as Jon heard a loud slap.  Her arms dropped away from Jon's shoulders as her hands moved to cup her ass.  She spun around to find Jacqueline behind her.  "That's right," Jacqueline said, stepping past the surprised Betty.  "And then... you take care of us."

She gave him a playful push and he fell back into the middle of the couch behind him.  "I think we should set the mood," Betty said, still rubbing her left ass cheek where Jacqueline had slapped her.  She walked over to the entertainment stand and turned on a radio sitting on a shelf beneath the television.  An electronic song came on, and Betty began to rock her hips with the slow beat as she ran her hands along her body.  She looked over her shoulder at Jon, giving him a wink, before turning to Nari and seductively curled her index finger, calling her over.

Nari approached the dancing woman, her eyes transfixed on her body.  Betty put her hands on Nari's hips and pulled the short girl closer.  Following Betty's lead, the two were soon rocking their hips to the beat, their bodies pressed together.  Suddenly, Nari wrapped her arms around Betty and pulled her in for a passionate kiss.  "Wow.  Looks like she doesn't need any more encouragement," Jacqueline said, standing next to the couch.

She stepped towards the kissing couple and came up behind Nari.  She reached up and grabbed the collar of Nari's uniform jacket and pulled.  The Korean girl relented and pulled her arms away from Betty as the coat was removed, but they remained kissing.  As the coat fell away, Betty's hands at Nari's hips traced the waistband of her skirt, unhooking it.  Meanwhile, Jacqueline had moved on to fumbling with Nari's necktie.  In moments, the knot was undone and the tie hung lose around her neck.  Nari finally broke the kiss, her own hands going up to her shirt buttons even as Betty began to unbutton her own shirt.  Jacqueline, meanwhile, had begun to slide her own skirt off, showing off her fishnet wrapped legs.

As Nari opened her shirt, Jon saw that her breasts were actually encased in a strained sports bra.  "Damn, Nari!" Jacqueline exclaimed as she noticed as well.  Betty had just finished pulling off her own shirt, and her hands shot forward and pulled up the sports bra, Nari's large breasts pouring out.  "My father demanded that I attempt to hide them," she explained quietly.

"Daddy isn't here," Jacqueline said as she leaned in and began to suckle on Nari's left breast.  She gasped and cupped her hands around Jacqueline's head, running her fingers through her buzz cut stubble.  Jacqueline responded by reaching up and running her fingers along the front of Nari's white panties, making them become noticeably damp.  Betty reached for Jacqueline's shirt and pulled up, causing the two girls to separate as it was removed.  As the shirt came off, it revealed a massive tattoo on her back of two dragons, one made of smoke and the other of fire, tangled together.  The three girls stopped and looked at each other, each in various states of undress, each incredibly horny.

In a blur of motion, the girls began pulling at their own clothing.  In a flash, Nari pulled her sports bra off over her head and dropped her panties.  Betty removed the hair tie maintaining her bun, the long, wavey brown hair falling past her shoulders.  She then quickly removed her bra, but was struggling to wiggle her way out of her extremely tight pants.  Jacqueline took a direct approach and simply ripped her panties off beneath her stockings, her wet pussy accessible through the wide net weaving.  She had also left on her boots.

Jon never even considered using his power to instantly remove their clothes.  There was no way he was going to skip past the show he just saw.  The three girls now stood exposed before him.  His eyes scanned over their bodies, taking in the intoxicating sight of three beautiful, naked women before him.  As he did, his attention continued to settle on differences between the girls which stood out, and highly appealed, to him.

Jon looked at Betty.  He loved how long her hair was, feeling like it added to her femininity.  His eye kept wandering the the deep purple of Jacqueline's locks, but he found the midnight black of Nari's hair to be the most appealing.  Jacqueline's green eyes stood out the most when compared to the brown eyes of Nari and Betty, but Nari's almond shaped eyes made her more exotic.  And he loved how Betty's glasses gave off the naughty teacher vibe.

Nari had the largest breasts of the three, however they were not nearly as perky as Betty's.  Jon's eyes again turned to Jacqueline, her nipples each pierced with a bar.  As Jon looked her body over realizing just how thin she was.  However, her ass was still pert and round.  He could clearly see that the clit of her bald pussy was pierced similarly to her nipples.  Looking at Betty, he saw that she had her hair shaved in a neat strip while Nari's pubic hair was a full bush, long and dark.  However, Jon could see all three were aroused.

The three dance naked together.  The kinky teacher.  The shy, exotic beauty.  The aggressive renegade.  Even after everything that had happened in the last week, Jon wasn't sure if this could actually be real.

"Looks like someone's ready to join in," Betty said.  Jon looked down and saw the tent pole in his pants.  He could see Karyn squirming underneath, trying to push against her fabric prison.  Jacqueline strode forward and gracefully dropped to her knees in front of him.  "Let's check to be sure," she said playfully.  Her skilled hands quickly undid his pants and belt before reaching in with her thin fingers and wrapping them around Karyn's hard body.  Jacqueline licked her lips as her free hand pulled back Jon's underware and exposed his transformed penis.

Slowly, Jacqueline began to stroke her hand up and down Karyn's length.  The penis-girl started breathing heavier, looking up into the giant face before her.  Jacqueline smiled broadly at her reaction before suddenly puckering her lips and spitting a huge wad of saliva straight into Karyn's face.  She gasped as it hit her, her mouth hanging open in silence as the enormous spit wad ran down her chest and soaked her blonde hair.

"Oh, fuck yes..." Karyn finally said dreamily.

In response, Jacqueline ran the palm of her hand over Karyn's drenched face and proceeded to run her hand along Karyn's body, lubricating the cock-girl with her spit.  Jon hissed through clinched teeth, soaking in the pleasure.  "I can't wait to have this in me," Jacqueline said aloud, completely enthralled by the incredible cock in her hand.  "Oh, yeah," Betty chimed in across the room.  Jon looked past Jacqueline to see that Nari was on her knees and eagerly eating out her teacher.  "You'll definitely get your turn."

Jacqueline's hand stopped mid-stroke, her eyes staring straight ahead.  "My turn?" she asked defiantly.  Betty did not seem to notice her tone.  One hand was groping her left tit, the other was on the back of Nari's head between her legs.  "Yeah, there's plenty of him to go around."

"Yeah, there is.  So you won't mind if I ride him first."

Betty opened her eyes and turned to face Jacqueline, staring daggers at her.  She lightly pushed Nari away.  "Excuse me?  Why should you go first?"

"Why should you?"  Jacqueline released her grip on Karyn and stood up, walking back across the room.  Karyn whined loudly while Jon looked on, sensing any attempt to protest or defuse the situation would have fallen on deaf ears.

"Because I'm in charge!"

"Says who?  This isn't your classroom!"

"It is my apartment!"

"If you hadn't insisted on us coming here, we could have just as easily been at Jon's!"

"Oh, whatever!  Even if we were at his place, I would go first!  I have seniority!"

"You mean age before beauty?"

"Listen you little punk, I am only 26!  And I have more up top than your little mosquito  bites!"

The argument continued, the two arguing over who got to be fucked first.  Nari stood by staring at the two of them, too timid to get involved.  Jon sighed.  This wasn't how he expected things to go.  "Jon," came a strained voice.  He looked down to see Karyn.  She had a frustrated look on her face, her body still wet with Jacqueline's spit.  "Do something!" she hissed.

Jon looked at the trio.  This definitely wasn't what he wanted.  He had wanted to experience a foursome, but it just didn't seem like a good idea anymore.  He still wanted to get laid, but he didn't want the drama from dealing with so many girls.  He silently wished that he had only picked one of them to fuck.  A lightbulb flicked on in his.  He could just wish for it. But which one did he want to stay?

Jon closed his eyes, trying to close out the bickering.  He carefully reached into his right pocket, barely resting a single finger on the stone.  He brought his left hand up to his face, covering his mouth.  He thought a moment and realized the stone could make the decision for him.  Took a small breath and finally whispered as quietly as possible "I wish there was only one of them."


Immediately, the room went silent except for the music.  Jon let his head fall back against the plush couch and smiled, glad to be relieved of the bickering.  No more complaining, just peace and quiet.  A moment later, though, he realized something: the music was different.  It was now some sort of Korean pop song. Nari, he deduced.  Suddenly, Jon felt plump, sweet lips meet his and a tongue slip into his mouth.  Jon felt the girl move onto his lap, straddling him.  A wet pussy pressed against Karyn between his legs.  Then he felt something else: the pussy had a clit piercing.  Jacqueline? he wondered.  As the pussy continued to rub up against his transformed best friend, Jon could feel a neatly trimmed patch of public hair crowning the girl's lower lips.  Jon reached up and pulled her in close, massive breasts pressing into him.

Jon held her close with his left hand on her back while his right hand moved to the back of her head, pulling her in for a more passionate kiss.  As they made out, Jon ran his fingers through her long hair.

Jon reached  around and groped the massive breasts pressing into him.  They were so large, and firm.  He traced his fingers along their smooth surfaces, eliciting a hum of pleasure from her even as they continued to kiss, until he reached her nipples and unexpectedly pulled on the bar piercings he found there.  Jon pulled his hands back, unsure of just who was in his lap even as the girl broke the kiss with a primal groan.

Jon's eyes snapped open in time to see the girl moved up and plunged herself down on his cock, taking Karyn into her pussy.  She was smiling wildly as she squirmed her hips, her tight pussy clamping down on his cock.  As Jon looked at her, he had a realization.

He had no idea who she was.


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Chick for a Dick: All Three

"Oh, fuck yeah, baby!  Your dick feels so fucking good inside of me!  I just love the way you stretch my tight little cunt," the stranger in Jon's lap moaned.  Jon, however, was speechless.  He had come into Betty's apartment with her and two other girls, and none of them were the girl he was now in the middle of fucking.  As he looked around, he realized that they were not even in Betty's apartment anymore.

While Betty's apartment had been modest and intimate, this place was anything but.  The worn brown couch Jon had been sitting on was replaced with a white leather couch that seemed to swallow him up in its softness.  The off-white painted drywall had given way to exposed brick while the old carpet floor was instead gray cement.

Despite the harsh construction materials, the apartment was bright and inviting.  Plush rugs seemed to lay everywhere, each  a warm padded oasis from the cold hard floor.  The apartment was no longer limited to a small kitchen to the right and a dark hallway to the left.  The kitchen was now a massive addition to the apartment which laid beyond a beautifully decorated dining area connecting it with the great room they were now in.  The room was now two stories tall and a staircase made out of hardwood and glass went up to a catwalk on the second level.  The old sliding glass door was gone, the entire two story wall instead one giant window looking outside.  From the new view, Jon could see that he was now in the downtown district in one of its high rises instead of in the modest apartment complex in the suburbs where he had originally been.

And as extravagant as all of this was, it all fell away as Jon took in the beauty now straddling him.  She had long, black hair with a streak of deep purple running through it.  She had pouty lips pulled back in a mischievous smile.  The eyes behind her glasses seemed otherworldly, having the telltale almond shape indicating Asian heritage while also being a brilliant green.  In fact, her skin tone was slightly lightened, further showing a mixed heritage.

Her breasts were unbelievable!  Massive mounds that erupted from her chest with no indication of sagging.  They stood out prominently from her thin frame, almost looking as if they didn't belong to her.  Jon could barely see past the set of tits before him, but he could tell the ass sitting in his lap was no less impressive.

"Who- what-" Jon stammered, trying understand just what his wish had done.  The girl, however, completely misinterpreted Jon's confusion.  Seeing Jon dazed, she raised her hips up slowly before thrusting them down and bringing Karyn inside of herself again.  "Mmmm," she hummed, leaning into his ear.  "This pussy so good you can't even think straight?"

Jon gasped, trying to fight through the pleasure to try and figure out what was going on, but the exotic vixen riding his dick was making it impossible.  Jon grabbed her hips in an attempt to stop her rhythm, but instead pulled her down even more, resulting in a grunt from him and a moan from her as he filled her completely with his cock.  "Oh, fuck yes, Jon," she groaned.

Jon looked at her, her green eyes rolling back in her head with pleasure.  He reach up and cupped her cheeks, her eyes hazily focusing on his.  "Honestly," he panted, "what's your name?"

"Jaci," she responded breathlessly.  "Jaci what?" he pressed.

"Jaci Pyon."

Jon's head swam.  That was Nari's last name.  Was this her sister?  He couldn't take it anymore.  "Who the hell are you?!" he demanded.

Jaci smiled innocently.  "I'm what you wished for.  You wanted to have sex with Betty, Jacqueline and Nari but have there be only one person.  And now there is.  Me."

The two sat in silence, unmoving.  A storm of fear raged inside of Jon. What had he done?!  This isn't what he wanted!  Had he killed two of them?  Had he killed all three of them?!

A wave of calmness passed over him.

One thing at a time, he thought.  "Jaci, are the others still alive?"

"In a way, yes.  They no longer exist in this reality, but they do all reside within me.  They're each aware of what's going on around me, and with each other.  But, they're dormant.  They are living parts of my subconscious."

Jon breathed a sigh of relief.  If they were still alive, there may be something he could do for them.  "And what do all of the girls think about this?"

The sound that erupted from Jaci's mouth took Jon by surprise.  It was unearthly, reminding him of the sounds a possession victim out make in a horror film.



Panic crossed Jaci's face.  "What happened?!  Did I crush your nuts?"  She started to pull off of Karyn.  Feeling her moving away, Jon instinctually grabbed her arm with one hand and cupped the small of her back with his other while he thrusted up with his hips, again burying Karyn up to her base inside the girl.  Jaci's eyes fluttered in pleasure and she let out a little squeak, contently lowering herself back to sitting in his lap.

"Jaci, honestly, what was that?!"

"You asked all of the girls what they thought of the change.  They are all a part of me so they all tried to answer at the same time," she responded with her eyes closed, clearly enjoying the feeling of being so filled.

Jon realized just how accurate his initial reaction was.  The girls residing within Jaci had all come forward in one uncontrollable rush.  Jon felt his heart still pounding in his chest, but he was unsure if it was because of the shock he had received, or from the overpowering sensation of Jaci's pussy clamping down on his cock.

"Can you paraphrase for me how each one feels?"  Her eyes opened slightly.  "Jacqueline sees the change as the ultimate body modification.  She has always wanted to push her style to the edge and stand out.  She is practically in love with her new body.  She's a little annoyed that she got merged with a teacher, but she also now understands Betty better than she ever could have imagined."

Jon nodded silently, not too surprised that Jacqueline was getting off on the change and glad that she was getting along with Betty wherever they were in Jaci's head.

"Nari is actually quite relieved that this happened.  She had always been so timid and shy to just do what she wanted.  She lived her life under the constant scrutiny of her family.  Now, she has a voice and an inner confidence that has released her from that."

Jon smiled softly.  He could see how nervous Nari was, but didn't know how far it went.  He was glad she had found peace.  "And Betty?"

"Well, at least for the rest of the day, Betty is living her ultimate fantasy, so she is incredibly horny!" Jaci giggled.  Jon, meanwhile, had become confused all over again.  "What do you mean 'for the rest of the day'?"

"You wished that her ultimate sexual fantasy would change day to day.  Today, she was a bisexual nympho with an obsession for orgies.  Well, her body and mind have merged with two other sexy bitches.  She's having the time of her life.  As for what the neutral Betty feels, she's shocked... but curious. It's so new and intimate.  She's embraced by Jacqueline and Nari, mind, body and soul.  They now share a bond nobody else could feel.  She's immersing herself in those sensations."

Jon let out a sigh of relief, glad his wish didn't created a girl with three different personalities all fighting for control.  Or worse, destroyed the original three.  They would be content, even better off, as they now were.  At least for the time being.  "Can you tell me about yourself, Jaci?"

Jaci smiled broadly.  "Sure! I'm my own person, but I am completely made up of parts from Betty, Jacqueline and Nari.  And the parts that I am made up of are based off of your preference."

"My preferences?"

"Yeah!  For example, you liked Nari's hair color, Betty's length, and the purple streak from Jacqueline.  So," she ran her fingers through her long black hair, "voilà!  Although, this purple isn't hair dye," she said proudly. "Or my eyes!  You liked Jacqueline's color, the shape of Nari's, and the fact that Betty wears glasses.  And my breasts are as big as Nari's, but as perky as Betty's and with the piercings like Jacqueline had."  She tugged on the bars going through her nipples.  "Even with Nari's huge tits, these were still able to get your attention, huh?" she teased with a wink.

Jon felt himself blush and Jaci laughed.  "Aww, don't be shy Jon.  I only have them because you liked them best.  Besides," she squeezed his rod with her pussy, "I think we're past being shy."  Jon smiled and grabbed hold of her hips and pulled out slightly before thrust back into her, beginning a slow rhythm.  He was surprised, though, that even as he began to fuck her, she was still answering his question.

"The same happened to my personality," she hissed has Jon slowly filled and emptied her.  "In private times like this, Jacqueline's aggressive personality comes out, but I take the most pleasure in pleasing other people, like Nari; while being proper and professional like Betty and Nari at school.  As they say: a lady in the streets, freak in the sheets.'"

"Can you stand up so I can get a better look at you?" Jon ask, his curiosity outweighing his lust.  With a slick slurp, Jaci smoothly slid off of Karyn and stepped back, playfully spinning to give him a full look at her impressive body.  Jon could now see that she had tattoos on her back, but not the dragons Jacqueline had sported.  Instead, she had an elegant flower bloom, perhaps a lotus, on each shoulder blade while the stems circled and twisted across her back.  As she returned to face him, Jon could not help but notice how her hefty breasts continued to sway.  She smiled at him and rocker her hips, proudly displaying herself to him.  The open blue sky out the window behind her almost made her look like an exotic goddess stand among the clouds.

Noticing the altered view behind her, Jon realized he had a new question for Jaci.  "Why is your apartment different?" Jaci smiled and looked around the room.  "My entire life has become a combination of the parts from the original three's lives you wanted most.  You liked the fact that Nari had a rich father, Betty's independence, and Jacqueline's assertiveness.  I am still the daughter of Pyon Industrial's owner, but I am also a black sheep who wanted to be a school teacher overseas.  You like having me as an authority figure that lusts after you, don't you?"  She licked her lips seductively. 

"So, I now have a luxury penthouse condo instead of a one bed and bath apartment.  I  think everyone inside of me considers that a win.  Everything that you didn't have a preference on became an average of the three original girls.  Like my height.  You didn't have a preference, so now I'm an average of all three.  The only other outstanding effect on me is Betty's fetish wish.  Since wishes can't be reversed and Betty is now a part of me, I'm going to have a different turn-on each day.  I can't fucking wait to find out what gets me all wet tomorrow!"

Jon couldn't take it anymore.  "I want to fuck you so bad," he said.  Jaci locked eyes with him.  Her left hand reached up to cup her left breast as she spread her legs.  Her right hand snaked down and spread her lower lips, displaying her pink slit.  "What's keeping you?" she asked is a husky whisper.

Jon looked up at her, soaking in her beauty.  The traits he found most desirable from three different girls had all been selected to make the stunning creature before him.  And she wanted him just as badly as he wanted her.

Jon slowly stood up, and moved to her.  She pressed her soft body against his, raising herself up on her tiptoes and kissed him.  Jon returned the kiss, wrapping his arms around her.

Suddenly, he reached down, grabbing the back of her thighs.  The action made Jaci groan, breaking the kiss.  In a swift pull, Jon picked her up by her legs, spreading them wide.  He thrust forward, burying Karyn into Jaci's slit.  Both girls moaned their approval.

Jon looked across the room, eyeing the giant window wall.  He walked forward, Jaci still in his arms and Karyn shifting inside her with each step.  Jon was glad that she was as short and thin as she was, making it possible for him to easily carry her the distance of the giant room.  Jon approached the window and pressed Jaci up against the cool glass, causing the girl to gasp.  She wrapped her limbs tighter around Jon as he began to thrust harder and deeper into her, using the giant window for leverage.

It did not take long before Jon felt Jaci's tight pussy contract around his cock, tipping him over the edge as well.  As Karyn emptied their load into her, Jon looked past Jaci and out the window, seeing the last rays of the sun fade past the horizon.  The two lovers held each other tightly.  Their bodies were covered with sweat and they were panting deeply, still caught up in the fading pleasure.

Jon slowly lowered Jaci's legs to the floor.  She leaned back against the window, using it for support as she waited for strength to return completely to her still trembling legs.  After a few moments, she silently nodded to Jon and he stepped back, slowly withdrawing a limp Karyn from her folds.  Jon looked down at his transformed dick.  She was asleep, covered head to hilt in their fluids.  Jon could see the familiar smile on her face.  She was spent and content.

"Wow, Jon," Jaci finally said.  "That was amazing."  Jon nodded, his head still spinning.  "I think I need to get cleaned up and head home," he said.  Jaci smiled wryly at him.  "Absolutely.  Tomorrow is a school day, young man.  I'd hate for you to miss class."  Jon laughed and gathered his clothing in his arms, feeling the stone was still in his pants pocket.

Jon started to shuffle down the hallway, looking for a bathroom.  "Hey, Jon," Jaci called.  Jon turned and faced her.  "This was fantastic and all, but do you think next time we could... have a couple more join us?"  She raised her eyebrows, her face beaming in hopefully anticipation.

Jon could only roll his eyes.


Re: Chick for a Dick - by ekempo5000

Chick for a Dick: Home Sweet Home

"Oh, Master!  You look absolutely exhausted."

Jon was exhausted.  It had been a long day at school and he had been quite busy trying to talk to as many transformed girls as he could.  Then had come the stress concerning Jaci's change followed by the session of incredible sex after.  However, her transformation had additional consequences.

Since they were no longer at Betty's small apartment complex, Jon did not know where he had parked Jessie.  By the time he did find her, he realized it was an additional half hour of riding to get back from downtown to his house than if he had left Betty's.  It all added up for a long day.

However, Lisa made his homecoming a pleasant one.  She had chosen to meet him today dressed as a 1950s housewife.  She looked like she had stepped right out of Stepford, wearing a white blouse that accentuated her bust, a black skirt, white heels and with her hair up in a retro style.  She held a tray for him which had a tall glass of lemonade.

Jon smiled in appreciation, taking the drink and downed several large gulps of it.  "Thanks, Lisa," he said, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand.  "But I would really like-"

"Your bath is already prepared, Master.  I will bath you while you relax and I will clean your clothes later."  Jon stared at her in disbelief.  She stepped forward and tenderly kissed him on the cheek.  "I always know what you want, Master," she said with genuine consideration.  Jon gave her a hug and kissed her forehead.  "Lisa, you're perfect."


Karyn awoke with a jolt as she was submerged in the warm water.  The initial rush quickly subsided as she looked up through the clear water to see they were in Jon's massive bathtub.  Karyn turned her head back and forth, letting her long hair float in the water around her and gently caress her body.  Karyn saw motion above the surface and was happy to see Lisa, completely naked, move up to the edge of the small pool of water.

Karyn watch as one giant leg and then another dropped into the clear water close to her as Lisa entered.  She sat down next to Jon, her long legs stretched out along the marble floor of the tub.  It was a sight Karyn took in greedily, especially as her gaze made its was up to the mound between her legs.  She felt a twitch run through her body as she hardened slightly.  She was so lucky to be Jon's penis.  Even after having incredible sex with Jaci, Jon still got to come home and have a bath with his personal pleasure servant.  Karyn closed her eyes and let herself revel in the warm water and pleasant memories.

Soon, the water in the tub began to churn and swirl.  Karyn opened her eyes and could see through the rippling surface that Lisa was cleaning Jon, lathering up his hair before rubbing his body with a sponge.  She worked his way down his shoulders, arms, chest, back and stomach, moving closer and closer to the water line.  Karyn knew what was coming, and she felt Jon heave beneath her and got a momentary sense of vertigo as the floor of the tub fell away from her as Jon stood up.

The cool air hit Karyn and sent a shiver through her body.  At times like this, she knew if she had arms that she'd be wrapping them around herself, like she saw boys do in the locker room when the water got cold.  She wondered absently if arms really did help keep you warm, but she just shrugged.  Penises don't need arms.  They would only get in the way.

Karyn was brought back to the present as she felt the soft sponge run across her body.  She hazily recalled Jon giving her a quick wipe down after fucking Jaci, but that was nothing compared to this.  Where as that had been quick and utilitarian, this was absolutely divine.  Lisa tender fingers delicately rubber down her length, removing and lingering traces of cum before they ran through her hair, making it straight and clean.

By the time Jon sat back down to rinse her off, Karyn was completely hard again.  She looked up through the soapy film of the surface and saw Jon and Lisa.  The two were close, cuddling together.  Jon said something which Lisa laughed at before settling into his arms, the warmth of the water embracing all of them.  Karyn sensed she wasn't going to be used any time soon, so she simply closed her eyes and drifted off in the embrace of the warm water.


Karyn woke up as the cool air hit her again.  She shuddered slightly and silently waited to be dried off.  Soon enough, Lisa ran a towel across her, giving her a couple extra strokes than what was needed to dry her.  Lisa gave her a wink while Karyn pursed her lips, blowing her a kiss.  Karyn shifted as Jon stretched and headed to the toilet.  He raised the seat and aimed Karyn down at the bowl.  Soon enough, the stream from her mouth died down.  She's kept the pee out of her hair and all in the bowl.  Karyn grinned to herself, taking pride as always in what a great penis she was.

Lisa moved up behind Jon and draped his plush bathrobe over his shoulders.  Jon slipped his arms into the sleeves and began to walk towards the door into the bedroom, but did not close the robe.  Karyn always enjoyed these moments when Jon didn't put her away immediately, and she was pretty sure Jon knew it, too.  Karyn saw them approach the bed and braced herself.  A moment later, Jon rolled into the bed.  Karyn flopped around until Jon came to rest on his back.  The robe was spread open, exposing Jon's damp body while Karyn laid limp between his legs.

Except for the sound of Lisa tidying up the bathroom, the room remained quiet for a few minutes.  "Jon," Karyn finally said.  Jon grunted, the only indication that he had heard her.  "I had an idea earlier for a wish."  He didn't respond this time, clearly exhausted.  Karyn decided to pitch her proposal anyways.  "What if you wished for the locker room to be coed?  Think about it!   How hot would it be to have all of those girls in there, naked, showering, and being able to join them?"

The room returned to silence.  Karyn waited several moments and was just beginning to think that he had passed out when Jon mumble "Lisa."  As if he had shouted for her through a bullhorn, Lisa dashed into the room.  "Yes, Master?" she asked obediently.  "The stone," he mumbled again.  Lisa departed but quickly returned, carefully cradling the unassuming relic in her hands.  She gingerly placed it into Jon's outstretched hand and he wrapped his fingers around it.

"I wish the locker room at my high school was coed."


Jon grumbled to himself and managed to whisper "I wish I wouldn't be late for school tomorrow."


His energy finally spent, Jon passed out, the stone falling from his limp hand to the floor.  Karyn let out a deep sigh.  "What's wrong?" Lisa ask.  The penis-girl looked up at her.  "I wanted to have more fun."  Lisa giggled and sat on the edge of the bed.  "But you just got cleaned up from earlier."

"I'd rather be getting used for fucking than be clean and put away," Karyn pouted.  "Aww, poor dick," Lisa teased. "Maybe you can be both."  Her fingers expertly wrapped around Karyn's flaccid body and began to stroker her.  Karyn moaned as she hardened, soon her entire length standing proudly from Jon's crotch.  He moaned pleasantly, but remained asleep. Karyn didn't care, though.  This was all for her.

Pre-cum bubbled up her body, and Karyn could feel it gathering at the back of her throat, but she continued to swallow it back.  Not only did she want to be a good penis and not make a mess after just getting cleaned, but it tasted so damn good too.  Lisa continued to stroke her, squeezing and groping her length in just the right places.  When Lisa leaned in and tenderly suckled on Jon's balls, Karyn felt like she was going to explode.

"Lisa!  Lisa!" she gasped.  Karyn watched as her giant face came in to view before her and opened its mouth invitingly.  Karyn gasped as she looked into it, wishing so bad that Lisa would wrap her lips around her and suck her off as she had done so many times before.  Instead, Lisa extended her tongue and gently caressed Karyn's throat and chin with the tip.

This set Karyn over the edge and she tensed up.  Lisa saw and quickly moved in, her lips puckering tightly to enveloping Karyn's tiny mouth in a bizarre kiss.  Karyn's body throbbed as ropes of cum erupted from her mouth directly into Lisa's who greedily swallowed it up.  The two staying locked this way until Lisa got every drop she could, Karyn growing softer and softer in her grip.  Finally, Lisa pulled back, a fine strand of saliva lingering on Karyn's face as Lisa pulled away.  "There," Lisa said proudly as she gently laid Karyn's flaccid body back down. "No mess.  Feel better?"

"Uh huh..." Karyn uttered dreamily before she too fell asleep.  Lisa giggled quietly and stood up.  Looking down, she saw the stone on the floor and reached for it.  However, she couldn't pick it up.  She recalled her Master's command that she couldn't touch it unless under specific conditions.  She shrugged, knowing it was safe enough there until morning.

She moved back to the bathroom to finish tidying up.  As she gathered up Jon's dirty clothes, she reflected on her life after her wish.  It obviously wasn't what she would have desired for herself a week ago, but that was before she knew the pleasures of her new abilities.  And before she really knew Jon.

She looked through the open door at her sleeping Master.  Even without that incredible dick and being the best lay she'd ever had, she couldn't deny how fantastic he was.  He had been good to her, better than any if her boyfriends had ever been.  He was kind, even though he could have commanded her to be nothing more than a mindless sex toy.  Although, being treated like a sex toy isn't always bad either, she mused.

Lisa finished her cleaning and discarded the soiled clothes in the hamper.  She would clean them after Jon went to school.  She smoothly climbed in the bed, careful not to disturb her Master, and moved close to him.

"Lisa," he muttered quietly.  "Yes, Master.  I am here."

"You really are perfect," he whispered before falling back asleep.  Lisa smiled to herself.  She was perfect.


Re: Chick for a Dick - by ekempo5000

So, I've sort of lost track a bit. How long is left before Karen's memories are automatically reverted? I mean, that is a major event I am looking forward to.

Well, you know what they say; "When in Rome, do the Romans"


Re: Chick for a Dick - by ekempo5000

Funny you should ask...

Chick for a Dick: Time's Up

A boom of thunder jolted Jon back to consciousness.  His eyes snapped open and he let out a sharp exhale, started by the noise.  He stared up at his ceiling, starting at the large skylight windows.  A thick sheet of water covered the glass from the heavy rainfall.  Beyond, gray clouds hung in the sky, backlit by the obscured early morning sun.

Jon groan and stretched, Lisa's sleeping form pressing into him as he did.  He looked her body over in the dim light.  She looked peaceful, content.  He sat up in his bed, realizing he was still wearing his bathrobe.  "Master?" Lisa said wearily.  Her quiet voice was almost drown out by the noise of heavy rainfall above them.  "Go back to sleep," he whispered to her.  Her eyes fluttered and she slumped back, immediately falling asleep as Jon had instructed.

Jon swung his legs to the side of the bed and lowered his feet to the ground.  As he did, his right foot met the now familiar sensation of his plush new carpet.  His left foot, however, came to rest on something hard, smooth and cold.  Jon reached down and felt stone.  He cursed himself silently, knowing just how disastrous the ramifications of not keeping it controlled were.

A flash of lightning and a crack of thunder broke his thoughts.  He placed the stone on his nightstand where he typically left it while he was in his room and stood up.  Karyn's limp body slapped against his thighs.  She let out a drowsy grumble but remained asleep.  Jon closed his robe over her and tied the belt.  He didn't want to close Karyn away from the precious time she was able to be exposed, but she seemed more content to be sleeping at the moment anyhow.

Jon approached his office door and opened it.  He peered into the room.  The large windows along the far wall looked out onto the gray, wet world outside.  The occasional flash of lightning revealed the kneeling form of Vicki on his desk, unmoved since he had last interacted with her.  He looked down and saw Cathy's table body where he had left her, although her eyes were closed.  Looks like she still sleeps, he thought to himself, almost expecting her to be awake but staring straight ahead like he had previously seen her do.

Jon reached up and flipped on the lights, the dark wood floor and walls bathed in amber light.  Jon watched as Cathy's eyes twitched before slowly opening.  Her wooden face contorted into a yawn.  "Good morning," he said softly.  "Morning, Jon," she mumbled.  "Morning," came a cheerful voice from further in the room.  Jon jumped, and looked towards his desk.  Vicki remained unmoved, and the voice did not sound like her synthetic one.  Someone else was in the room.

"Erica!" Cathy snapped.  "You startled him. That's no way to treat our owner!"  Jon stepped into the office and approached his desk.  Looking past Vicki, he saw Erica positioned behind her... merged with his high back office chair.  Her head was now the ornate wooden carving at the top of the chair. It was flat, only a couple of inches thick, with her face appeared to be expertly carved into the front. Her expression shifted and moved just like Cathy's was able to. Her hair was stained a darker brown than her face to more closely match the color her hair had originally been. It was parted down the middle and flowed down to make a smooth arch where her wooden neck transitioned into the top of the leather chair.

  The changes to her head were only the beginning. The rest of her flesh was now leather dyed a deep burgundy color.  Jon could tell from the rich scent of oil hitting his nostrils that she must be extremely soft. However, what really caught his attention was the seat back that was made up of the front of her torso.  It was now covered in breasts, four across and five down for a total of twenty boobs across the surface of her body making an inviting and enticing surface to lean back and rest against.  Her arms had become the arms of the chair.  They were inflated, creating a large, soft surface to rest one's arms until they reach her wrist.  There, her normal sized hands remained.  They were balled into fists and were now the same type of wood her head and hair were made of.  Beneath her, her body rested on a black metal stand which had five spokes coming out is.  Each spoke ended in a brass caster, allowing the chair-girl's body to be easily rolled along the hardwood floor.

"I'm sorry, Jon," she apologized sincerely.  "It's alright," he muttered, his eyes still running over her body.  Erica smiled in response and started staring straight ahead, just like Cathy.  Jon smiled to himself.  Erica would now shared Cathy's fate, just as he had wished.  Once he found a way to return Cathy, Erica would change back too.

But that was a task for later.  For now, he had other issues to attend to.  "V.I.C-E., activate," Jon commanded.  Vicki's eyes lit up with their electric blue glow.  "Voice analysis: match.  Logging you in.  Welcome, User," her emotionless, robotic voice declared.  "Ok, V.IC.-E., there are a few things we need to go over.  First, any new emails?"  The monitor on the computer-girl's stomach came to life and a window opened.  "You have received 58 emails since you last logged in.  All are from females requesting time for various activities, although all carry indicators the true intent of their requests to be sexual coupling.  How would you like to proceed?"

Jon shrugged.  "Catalogue them, but ignore them for now.  I'll get to them in my own time."  The window closed.  "Acknowledged, User.  Awaiting next request."

"Hey, Jon," Erica chimed in.  "Would you... like a seat?"  A hopeful tone filled her voice.  Jon shrugged and approached her.  He placed his hand on her shoulder and rotated her body to face him.  Jon's suspicions were confirmed as he felt that her skin was the texture of soft, oiled leather, but it was also warm and alive to his touch.  Jon turned around and slowly eased himself into the seat, earning a moan from Erica. Jon was initially concerned he may weigh too much for her, but soon Erica's new body was easily holding his weight with no signs of stress on the transformed girl.  "Lean back, relax," Erica's voice encouraged from behind him.  Jon leaned back, his body pressing against the wall of breasts behind him.  Erica was incredibly comfortable, and Jon found himself even more pleased with his wish.  He felt a slight shudder beneath him, Erica taking her own enjoyment from being utilized.

Jon looked ahead, his view now level with Vicki's screen.  "V.I.C.-E., pull up a list of the household expenses."  Jon watched as multiple screens opened with more numbers and charts than he could comprehend.  "Is there a specific search you would like me to run, User?" the synthetic voice asked above him.  "Um... what do I pay Renee per event?"  A new window opened with a highlighted figure.  Jon slumped further back into Erica, causing her to moan lustfully.  The figure was enormous!  No wonder Renee was so excited to work another event for him...

Jon shrugged.  It was just money.  He had already wished up more than he knew what to do with, and knew he could get more any time he wanted.  "V.I.C.-E., I wish to open an account to be made accessible to Heather Weiss.  I want to make sure her and her children's needs are always met.  Is that something you can do?"

"Understood, User."  Jon watched as a new collection of windows opened in her screen.  "I will notify your bank to create the appropriate account and authorize it using your virtual signature.  It will be established within the business day."  Jon smiled and nodded.  "I'll leave you to it," he said as he stood up.  Erica groaned slightly behind him, whether in protest or arousal, Jon wasn't sure.  Vicki remained silent as she continued with her assigned task.  As Jon approached the door, he paused and turned around.  "Oh, V.I.C.-E., what's the weather supposed to be today?"  The computer-girl didn't even turn to face him as she announced "Weather for Tuesday is 100% chance of rain with occasional thunderstorms all day into the early evening."

Jon nodded before turning off the lights and closing the door.


Jon stepped out of his bathroom and back into the bedroom.  After stopping in his office, he had immediately begun getting ready for the day.  He had woken Karyn up when he took his morning piss, but the penis-girl hadn't minded.  Jon had left the robe hanging up in the bathroom, so Karyn now dangled exposed between his legs.  He felt her twitch and looked down to see her eyeing Lisa's still sleeping form on the bed.

"Something up, Karyn?" Jon asked nonchalantly.  Karyn didn't answer, continuing to stare at Lisa.  Slowly, her body raised up from between Jon's legs until she was pointing straight ahead.  "Other than you?" he teased.

"Jon," Karyn said longingly, "can we please fuck her before school?  We have time."  Jon looked at the clock on the wall.  It's true, they did have time.  But as he looked at the clock, Jon felt uneasy, like he was forgetting something.  He shook his head and looked at Lisa.  He'd figure it out later.  Right now, he was just as interested in having some fun with Lisa as Karyn was.

"Lisa," Jon said softly.  At his voice, Lisa began to stir.  She took in a deep breath which she exhaled in an enticing moan.  She stretched her arms up and brought them back to her body, her fingertips running along her exposed flesh.  Her eyes opened and she stared at Jon, then his crotch, and back to his eyes.  "Good morning, Master.  Is that for me?"

Jon silently stepped forward and approached the bed.  Lisa sat up as he came closer until she was sitting on her knees.  Jon stared at her large breasts hanging off her chest.  Feeling her master's desires, Lisa reached up and cupped her tits, presenting them to him.  Jon thrust forward and buried Karyn in the valley of cleavage before her. She squealed in delight, feeling the soft flesh rub against her.  Jon continued to thrust her in and out until Lisa's breasts and Karyn's face were covered in a heavy sheen of precum.

"More... Give me more..." Karyn moaned as more of the fluid flowed out of her mouth.  Lisa dropped down and gently kissed Karyn's face, earning a grunt of approval from Jon.  Lisa smiled up at him and leaned in lower, kissing Karyn length all the way down to their balls.  Now Karyn was moaning loudly, her body visibly throbbing with her arousal.  As Lisa licked and suckled, Karyn began to cry out.

"Oh yes... oh fuck yes... it's so good... please suck me... put me in your cunt... I'm so horny... I'm so hard... I'm... I'm... Oooooooooh... Uhhhh... Uh... I... I... What... What's... Oh fuck... OH FUCK!"

Jon pulled back in alarm.  Karyn's cries had gone from immense pleasure to sheer panic.  Her eyes were wide and she was looking around the room and wiggling strangely.  Lisa pulled back and looked at her with concern in her eyes.  "Karyn?  What is it?"

"I'm a... I'm a... I'm a..."

She froze and looked up square into Jon's eyes.  "I'm a penis."

Suddenly, Karyn's eyes rolled back and her body went limp as she passed out.  Lisa looked at her in alarm then back up at Jon.  "What's happening?!  What did she mea-"

"Lisa!  Stop!  Don't do anything!" Jon commanded.  Suddenly, Lisa's eye glazed over and became glass.  Her skin changed color as it became artificial.  Within seconds, Lisa had again been transformed in a real doll replica of herself. Her body slumped lifelessly back on the bed.

Jon looked around in a panic and caught sight of the time.  Then it hit him.  Tuesday morning, last week, at this time, Jon had made a wish.  For one week, everyone would think Karyn had always been Jon's penis.  Including Karyn.

And now, time was up.

Jon looked at the unconscious body of his best friend dangling between his legs and then at the lifeless sex toy he had just turned  Lisa into.

What was he going to do?


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Chick for a Dick: Unwanted Destination

Jon sat on the couch in front of the unused fireplace in his room. He had started his freak out session by pacing around the room until he had heard Karyn grumble. The last thing he wanted was for her to wake up and confront him, so he stopped moving. He didn't want to do anything that might wake her up.

In his panic, he had briefly considered using the stone. It was incredibly tempting, but he didn't want to screw things up even more than he already had. In a moment of clarity, he had quickly deposited the stone back into the wall safe in his office. It would be secure there until he absolutely needed it.

Jon buried his face in his hands. What would he do? What could he do? Wishes couldn't be reversed. Karyn was stuck as his penis. At least she had been happy over the past week when she thought she had always been one. Jon weighed the terrible decision: let Karyn know she was a person but trapped in her current situation, or live in blissful ignorance believing that all she needed to worry about was him peeing and fucking girls with her? He hung his head low. It wasn't his place to make that decision.

Suddenly, Jon stood up. He hadn't meant to, but his legs had moved on their own accord. Jon's blood ran cold. Did Karyn somehow have control of them? Jon looked between his legs to find Karyn hanging limply towards the floor, still asleep. He was about to sit back down when he unexpectedly began to walk across the large bedroom.

"What's going on?" he whined aloud. A moment later, he was entertaining his closet and automatically picking out an outfit from among the huge selection of clothes. Jon's body returned to the bedroom and immediately began to dress itself. It wasn't until he grabbed his backpack and shoes that Jon realized just what was happening.

He had been so tired the previous night that he had been afraid of missing class. He had wished to not be late. He had spent so much time trying figure out what to do about Karyn that his wish was going into effect and forcing him to leave for school. Jon's woes only increased knowing that he was going to be unable to skip class as he had hoped.

Jon's hands tied his shoes and slung the backpack over his shoulder. His feet began to walk towards the hallway door when he saw Lisa's artificial body slumped over in a heap on his bed. Jon felt sick to his stomach. Lisa didn't deserve this. Unable to break his stride, he blurted out "Lisa, you are human again but you will not remember anything between when you woke up this morning and now!" Jon felt a brief moment of relief as he saw the love doll begin to move and her skin soften before his body stepped into the hall and closed the door behind him.


Jon was walking past the kitchen when he heard Zoe call out his name. He intended to ignore her until she ran down the hall and started walking with him. Jon did a double take as he looked at her.

Her breasts were still massive, showing that Tiffany and Amber were indeed still part if her body. Jon could only assume that Sarah was still Zoe's vagina as well. However, Zoe was not dressed in the same style she had been wearing over the past week. Neither was she back to her old goth attire. It was somewhere in between.

She was wearing a black shirt which had no cleavage but was strained over her breasts. She wore a pair of jeans with some signs of wear from long use. She was also carrying a backpack but no purse as she had been. It was if the goth and the prep versions of Zoe had merged.  "What's the rush?" she asked. Not knowing what else to say, he simply replied "I can't be late today."

"Can I ride with you?"

Jon sighed. "Only if you come with me right now." Zoe held up her backpack. "I have everything already. I suppose Lisa will have to clean up the kitchen." Jon recalled the encounter with Karyn and Lisa earlier and felt a swell of despair rise up in him.

A wave of calmness passed over him.

He would find a way to help Karyn. He had to.


"You doing alright?" Zoe asked, breaking the silence. Jon shrugged from the driver's seat. They were in a luxury SUV, one of the many vehicles residing in Jon's improved garage. Even if it hadn't been raining, there was no way he was going to be taking Jessie to school today. Not only did he not want to feel Zoe's body pressed up against him, but Jessie was so loud that he knew Karyn would have woken up. Then again, she may be awake anyways.

He shook his head, trying to put the concern aside. "I'm just thinking about school. I have a couple classes giving me some trouble."

"You?" Zoe asked in disbelief. "You have perfect grades. You're guaranteed to be valedictorian! Even if you weren't, it's not like you ever need to work with the size of your fortune.  You're set for life! So, what's really up?" Jon sighed.

"Girl problems. You know how it is."

Jon looked over at her and saw her shrug. "Not really. I haven't had anyone give me a whole lot of attention recently.  Besides, I would be having 'guy problems' instead of 'girl problems,' you know? Still, I'm at least glad to hear you're finally getting some attention. Hopefully she's not just a gold digger."

Jon sighed deeply, trying to make sense of things. Jon remembered the first wishes made after Karyn was changed. Jon wished for the week Karyn believed that she had always been a penis that she also made him highly desirable to girls and had a typical male's attraction to woman. After Zoe accidentally made Sarah her vagina like Karyn was his dick, Zoe had become an object of desire for girls as well. Meanwhile, Sarah had the same lust for girls that Karyn had possessed, making Zoe become bisexual.

Now that the week was over, it looked like neither Jon nor Zoe were as attractive as they once were. In fact, it appeared that Sarah had regressed to her previous sexuality, and Zoe along with her. At least everyone still though Zoe having Sarah's face between her legs and two other girls for her tits was normal, or else Jon would have really been in a bind.

"I'm just saying... in general," Jon finally offered as they pulled into the school parking lot. Automatically, Jon's hands turned down a row to an open spot before he killed the engine. "Good timing, Jon," Zoe said. "We're just going to make it." Jon nodded, but his body was already opening the door and unbuckling his seatbelt.


Jon stepped into his first hour class already soaked to the bone. His body had not even stopped to look for an umbrella in the SUV before making him walk across the parking lot in the downpour. He looked up at the clock. One minute until class started. He wasn't late, just as he wished. Now that he was in the classroom, he realized he had control of his body again. He was so relieved he didn't even care that some of his classmates were snickering at his drenched condition.

Jon walked down the aisle to his desk, noticing Jill was farting out more gossip just like yesterday.  Jon looked further back and saw Catalina sitting at her table at the back of the room. He was momentarily stunned to see that she was sitting completely naked in the middle of class before he recalled that he had purposefully left her a nudist the previous day.  Jon could not help but stare momentarily at the large, exposed udder attached to her abdomen.

As if sensing his gaze, Catalina looked towards Jon. He quickly blinked twice, a loose dress now covering her altered body, and looked up from her modified mammary. He hoped that he was not caught staring and met her eyes. She gave him a polite smile before returning her attention to the textbook in front of her, showing no additional interest in him at all. 

Jon slumped into his desk. Yesterday Catalina had been completely enthralled with him. But now, he wasn't the object of desire he had been, and it appeared Catalina did not share the same interest in him. Jon sat in his seat and slumped his shoulders, feeling the blow to his pride.

None of that mattered, though. All that mattered was making things right for Karyn. Somehow...


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Very good.


Re: Chick for a Dick - by ekempo5000

Chick for a Dick: Kick 'em When They're Down

One hour down, Jon thought grimly. Whereas yesterday he couldn't wait to get from class to class to see the altered students, today was pure torture. He could not stop thinking about Karyn in his pants. The look of disbelief and shock on her face as she had realized her situation was burned into his mind. He had felt her shift positions a few times during the class period and felt a shiver run down his spine each time. He couldn't even focus on the lecture to take his mind off of the situation because he now knew the material too well. It was all old news.

Even the other students had provided no escape. Jon knew that the transformed students in the class either liked their changes or had done something to deserve them, but they still reminded Jon of Karyn's situation. Besides, it had been much different when they had been attracted to him and wanted attention from him.

The worst part, however, was knowing that the completed classes did not even count down to a resolution. At the end of the day, the situation would still be the same. Instead, Jon would be alone at home with Karyn and have to face her.

Jon shuddered as he looked up. He had barely even realized that he had returned to his locker. He didn't even know how long he had been standing there, but it was long enough that the halls were almost completely empty. Jon shook his head and placed his math textbook on the shelf.  "Hey, Jon," a voice said behind him. Jon turned around and saw Nadia standing behind him.

"Oh, hey, Nadia. Listen, I haven't had a chance to talk to Lis-"


Jon's breath caught in his throat and the hallway began to spin as stars filled his vision. Jon looked down and saw Nadia's knee firmly planted in his crotch. Jon focused on trying to not throw up as he collapsed to the floor of the empty hallway. "You fucking asshole!" Nadia said, standing over him.

Jon looked up at her in shock. "Wha... what..." he wheezed out. "You keep my best friend in that house of yours and treat her like a glorified blow up doll! She is not your slave!" Jon's expression darkened. "I never-"

"Shut up!" Nadia said, raising her foot as if to  stomp him. Jon pulled himself into a ball, but the blow never came. "I don't know why she agreed to become your... your... plaything, but you're a piece of shit that doesn't deserve her! "  She gave a huff before turning and beginning to storm away.

Jon laid on the floor in a fetal position, his balls too sore to even cradle. Fury burned within him. He had only ever treated Lisa with respect, as a person. Nadia only assumed the worst and unjustly attacked him. A muffled wail from his crotch pierced Jon's thoughts. Karyn! She hurt Karyn! Jon looked down the hall at Nadia as she stomped away. Jon's expression became one of pure malice.

"Nadia! I wish that you had volunteered with Lisa for the exact same process that everyone believes she volunteered for and that you ended up with the person you despise the most as your master!"


Jon's eyes went wide in surprise. Jon was lying on the floor in the now empty hallway. Nadia was gone. Jon immediately patted his pockets and confirmed he didn't have the stone. It was back in the safe at home. Then how-

"The party wish," he whispered. It was still in effect! All of the girls who were susceptible to being changed could still be altered by a wish.

Jon stood up and looked down the hall at where he had last seen Nadia. He didn't really mean to send her to a lifetime of servitude. He had just been so angry that she had hurt Karyn. He sighed with a frown on his face. He hoped that her new master didn't treat her poorly.


Jon closed the stall door and unzipped his pants. Light flooded in and Jon saw Karyn squint her eyes. As they adjusted, she looked around saw where they were. A look of resignation crossed her face and she looked towards the bowl and opened her mouth.

"No, that's not why we're here," Jon said. Karyn closed her mouth and looked up at him, but said nothing. "Are you ok?" Karyn's mouth dropped in disbelief at his question. "Jon," she scoffed, "I'm your cock."

"No," Jon said, shaking his head. "I mean the kick."

"What kick?" Karyn asked.

"The kick that-"  Jon paused. He suddenly noticed his balls didn't hurt. He had been so focused on Karyn and Nadia he hadn't thought about it. He realized that he had wished that Nadia had volunteered for her transformation procedure the same time Lisa supposedly had. She couldn't have been in the hallway to kick him.  The encounter never happened.

"Nothing," Jon said. He didn't want to let Karyn know what had happened, how badly she'd been hurt. She looked unconvinced, but didn't say anything. "Is there... I don't know, anything I can do?"

"You actually went to school? Why? Where's the stone?"

"The stone is locked up back home. I made a wish last night that I wouldn't be late for school and my body went on it's own and brought me here."

"Oh... I remember, now. That was right before Lisa-"  She stopped, her mouth hanging open. Jon felt her throb once, then close her mouth. "'Before Lisa' what?" Jon asked. "Nothing," Karyn said, looking away from him.

Silence filled the bathroom as Jon stood with his pants down and his best-friend-turned-dick in his hand. "You should probably go to class," Karyn said quietly. "We can't stand here all day."

"Yeah," Jon said. He gently pulled open the waistband of his underwear and started trying to gently tuck Karyn's naked body into them. Finally, Karyn groaned and snapped "Jon! You treated me like a penis for a week! Just shove me in and zip it up!"

Jon paused briefly before wrapping his hand around Karyn's body and firmly shoving her into place. "I'm so sorry," he whispered with tears in his eyes as he released the waistband, closing her in, before zipping up his pants as well.


Jon entered the second hour class. Mr. Martin paused and stared down Jon. "Mr. Gibson... what is the meaning of coming into my class when the period is a third over?" Jon looked down. "I'm sorry Mr. Martin. I didn't feel well and had to use the bathroom." The teacher continued to stare at him. "Do you feel alright now?"

"Yes, sir."

"Good. Then you are healthy enough to attend detention today after school. Take your seat."

Jon shuffled towards his seat, feeling totally defeated. As he passed Aubrey, she gave him a sympathetic look. Jon sat down at his desk and sighed. Only four more to go after this... he thought sarcastically.


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Chick for a Dick: Unexpected Company

Jon looked down at the tray of food in his hands. The day was half done, and he was thankful for that. Phys ed was already finished, and Jon had been grateful that today was not a gym day. He did not want to face the trial of changing in front of the other guys in the locker room with Karyn aware of her current form.

However, the class had not gone off completely without a hitch. Jon had walked into a classroom which was full of naked girls, the left over result of Jon's previous fun with the volleyball game. Looking around the room at all of the exposed, attractive girls, Jon couldn't help but get aroused. He felt Karyn tent pole in his pants and immediately set about giving all of the girls their clothes back. He must have looked ridiculous as he looked at each naked girl and blinked twice, but Jon's guilt left no room for subtlety.

The rest of the class had gone normally. Or at least as normal as it could have gone with three cheerleaders with horns and Amy passing notes to Liz. Whatever was written in the notes was enough to cause Liz's horse dick to visibly bulge under her skirt. As bizarre as it was, the scene actually provided some comfort to Jon. Amy and Liz, along with many other girls, were very happy with their changes. But Karyn...

Jon snapped back to the present, still staring at his tray of food. He didn't have an appetite, and he knew whatever he ingested Karyn was just going to be stuck peeing out. Logically, however, he knew that he hadn't eaten all day and needed to get some food. He'd just have to hold it as long as he could and figure out a way to get around it once he was home and had the stone.

Jon walked past the occupied cafeteria tables. Nobody called out to him like the had over the previous week. Jon had briefly wondered if he would be more popular due to his vast wealth, but he got the impression that most if his classmates were rather envious of his fortune and didn't care too much for him unless he was throwing a massive party or trying to get something from him. And so, Jon returned to the isolated table where he used to sit with Karyn. Only now, he was alo-

A blur of motion across the table caught Jon off guard. "Hey, Jon," Erin said. "Didn't you see me grab a table over there?" She tilted her chin in a general direction back towards the center of the cafeteria. "Um, no, sorry. I was... thinking about something," Jon stammered. Erin smiled warmly at him. "No problem. I hadn't unpacked my lunch yet, so it's all good." 

Erin removed her bag from her hip-shoulder as Jon had seen her do the other day and begin to unpack its contents with her toes. Confused, Jon asked "Erin, honestly, why are you sitting with me?" Erin paused and looked at him, her head resting just above her hips peeking over the table. "Because I like you. And we're dating."

Jon's eyes went wide. "We're dating?" Erin nodded enthusiastically. "Yeah. We met at your party on Saturday. We ended up going to your room and talking for hours before I left super late. The next day, we met up w took me out for ice cream. After that, we decided we'd try dating."

Jon slumped in his seat. It was true, he had liked Erin, but he didn't know her all that well. The late night talk that they'd had in this reality had instead been sex followed by even more sex in an alcohol induced orgy in the reality he recalled. "This is getting complicated," he muttered.

Erin perked up. "What is, Jon? Is everything alright?"  Jon looked back at her and realized he had released her from his questioning power. "Yeah," he said. "I, uh, got detention today."

"Oh... I'm sorry. Who with?"

"Mr. Martin." Erin scoffed and buried her face in a plastic container. She pulled out a baby carrot and quickly sucked it into mouth. "I'm not surprised. He loves to give out detention. I have him for my fifth hour and haven't seen him go a whole week without giving someone detention.  Hey, want me to get detention on purpose? Misery loves company, right?"

Jon silently shook his head.  He started to reach for his cup of pudding when he saw Samantha was already on his tray with her head buried into the dessert. Jon let out a small yell and recoiled, shocked by the fly-girl's unexpected arrival. Samantha didn't seem to care, only pausing to shout out "Thanks, Jon!" before sticking her head back into it, her wings fluttering on her back in delight.

Jon looked across the table at Erin, who was smiling dreamily at him. She was the first girl to look at him like that all day, and he realized how much he missed the feeling of being desired.  He felt himself becoming aroused, imagining fucking her compressed form.

Suddenly, Jon felt his hardening penis rotate in his pants. Jon immediately remembered Karyn and his mood soured again. Erin seemed to notice his displeasure, but said nothing. She instead looked down and returned to eating in silence. The only sound from the table was Samantha slurping the pudding and the occasional buzz of her wings.


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Happy Halloween!

Chick for a Dick: Watching the Clock

Please, Jon silently pleaded. Please go faster!

Jon was in his final class off the day, with 35 minutes left to go on the clock. Everyone in class was focused on the stunning teacher, Ms. Pyon. Jon hadn't forgotten that he had accidentally merged two of his fellow classmates with his chemistry teacher, but he had forgotten just how incredibly sexy she was. She was wearing a black pants suit which perfectly hugged her impressed curves, her white blouse was unbuttoned to just above her cleavage while a dazzling pendant drew attention to her neckline. Her black hair was up, held in place by a pair of black lacquered chopsticks. Her streak of purple hair snaked and swirled through her collected bun. Her green eyes stared past her glasses at the class.

Jaci Pyon had the attention of the entire class. Everyone, that is, except Jon. He was sitting in his desk, cross legged, trying to keep his mind off just how badly he had to pee. He had been trying to hold it in ever since his biology class, over two hours earlier. If he could just make it home. He could get the stone and wish... something. That he didn't have to pee. That he could pee a different way. Anything to spare Karyn.

Even as Jon thought about his plan, he knew it was a bad idea. Who knew what might happen to him? But he felt terrible thinking that he might have to subject Karyn to that while she was fully aware of what had happened to her.

Suddenly, a chill ran down his spine as a realization hit him. I have detention. I can't go home even after this class.

Knowing he was fighting a losing battle, Jon immediately raised his hand and Ms. Pyon stopping her lecture to call on him. "Yes, Jon?" she asked in her thick accent. "I need to use the restroom. Bad!"

A couple girls behind him giggled in the silent classroom. Jaci seemed to pause for a moment, contemplating something before finally nodding. "Please be quick," she said unnecessarily as Jon dashed from the room.


Jon burst into the restroom and ran for the closest stall. He didn't want to use a urinal and risk Karyn feeling even more upset at the situation should somebody walk in. He slammed the stall door shut and clawed for his belt even as he felt Karyn wiggling wildly in his pants. As he lowered his zipper, he could hear Karyn's voice. "Quickly! Quickly!" she repeated in a gasping voice.

Jon grabbed ahold of her length and swiftly pulled her out. He pointed her face down towards the bowl even as he saw her cough up a short burst of urine.  Jon had only enough time to pull back her blonde hair before the dam broke and the torrent of piss erupted from her mouth. Karyn's eyes were closed tightly.  Even with her mouth strained further open than he had seen her go before, the pressure of the stream as still incredibly strong.

After what seemed like forever, the flow finally began to ease. Jon felt Karyn's body relax in his grip and the stream died down until only a series of drips came out of her mouth. Jon looked at his best friend. She looked exhausted, as if all of her energy was spent. Jon pulled a piece of toilet paper off the roll next to him and wiped a few stray drops of urine from off her face.

"Thank you," she said weakly. Jon could only nod. What could he say to her? She looked up at his face, lazily looking back and forth between his eyes. "Wh... why did you wait so long? Do you know... how hard I was working to not let that leak?" Her energy was slowly coming back. "I must've been holding it back for hours. Why didn't you just go to the bathroom?"

Jon shrugged. "I wanted to make it home. I didn't want to make you have to do that," he said apologetically. "The stone?" Karyn asked, catching on. Jon looked away, but said nothing. "Jon," she said softly. "I'm not sure if that's the best idea." Jon hut his eyes, trying to hold the tears back. "Hey. Jon, hey, look at me."

Jon opened his eyes and wiped away the tears with his free hand. "What hour is it?" she asked calmly.

"Halfway through the sixth."

"Ok. So we should be back at your place in about an hour, right?" Jon shook his head. "I got detention."

"Martin?" she asked dryly.

"Yeah." Karyn sighed and nodded. "Ok. A couple hours and you'll be home. Take it easy, don't get upset. We'll talk when you get us back." Jon nodded. "Ok. Now put me away and get back to class before you get more detention. I'm going to sleep until we're home."

Jon nodded again and tucked Karyn back in his pants and sealed her away. He could feel her getting comfortable as he flushed the toilet and washed his hands. By the time he walked back into the classroom, he was almost sure she was already asleep.

Two more hours...


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Chick for a Dick: Delaying the Inevitable

Jon watched as his house passed by again as he took the SUV around the block. For the fourth time. He clinched his jaw and frowned, ashamed of both his cowardice and his inability to find a solution to the problem hanging over him.

Jon had almost been relieved when he'd arrived at detention. Mr. Martin arranged his detention as a one hour study time. That meant no talk, complete silence. That gave Jon time to finally sit and do nothing but try to figure out a way to fix his wish. It also gave him an extra hour before he had to face Karyn again.

Unfortunately, no matter how hard Jon thought it over, he could not think of a solution. He had specifically said "I wish Karyn was my penis." And now she was... forever.

When Mr. Martin released him, Jon didn't want to go. The only thing worse than facing Karyn was facing her without any ideas of how to fix her. Jon had once again been soaked through his clothes on his walk across the parking lot. The rain had not let up all day. That's fine, Jon thought bitterly, it matches my mood.

As Jon approached the house, but could not bring himself to pull into his driveway. It would mean facing Karyn. So, he had driven past the house and circled around the block, trying to delay the inevitable. Then he did it again.  And again. And again.

As the house approached again, Jon felt a wave of calmness pass over him. This wasn't helping Karyn. She was his friend, his best friend. She deserved better than this. Besides, she was probably as cold and wet as he was.

Jon turned into his drive and approached his garage, the massive doors opening automatically as he pulled forward. Jon entered the garage and returned the SUV to the spot it had come from and exited the vehicle.

Jon entered the house.  His wet clothes were clinging to his body, and he loosely carried his equally soaked backpack at his side. He was glad he didn't need to carry homework in it anymore, because everything in it was no doubt drenched.

A bark down the hall caught his attention as Amanda rushed towards him, her eights boobs bouncing wildly as she ran. She was incredibly happy to see him. Her tail was wagging rapidly and her mouth was open in her familiar smile, showing off her prominent teeth and long tongue.

Jon pat her head, running his fingers through her long blonde hair before scratching her behind her large, floppy dog ears. The transformed girl grunted in satisfaction and leaned into him. As Jon stopped, Amanda barked again. Whether she was showing her appreciation or asking for more, Jon couldn't tell. He pat her head one more time and continued down the long hallway.

Amanda followed him happily, walking on her four dog legs next to him. When Jon got to the staircase, he instructed her to stay which he was pleased to see she did. When he was halfway up the stairs, she turned and headed into the sitting room where Cathy had once been, most likely looking for a soft couch to rest on.

Jon continued up the stairs and finally approached his bedroom door. On one hand, Jon was dreading entering as it meant he would finally have to talk to Karyn. On the other, he could finally get out of his drenched clothes. Jon sighed, turned the doorknob, and stepped inside.

"Welcome home, Master," a pair of voices said in unison.

Jon looked up and his mouth hung open. Lisa was standing before him dressed again in a French maid uniform, only this one was much more provocative and fetishistic than the one she had worn a few days earlier. The skirt was short, showing off the white lace stocking covering her thighs, and the neckline was cut so low it left little to the imagination. She wore a lace choker around her neck and a maid's cap crowned her hair which was pulled back into a ponytail.

The real shock, however, was Nadia dressed in the exact same uniform next to her. Both of them curtsied, wide smiles on their faces.

Jon dropped his backpack.


Re: Chick for a Dick - by ekempo5000

Chick for a Dick: The New Girl

"Oh no, Nadia," Lisa said with mock-concern as she approached Jon. "Master is all wet and cold."  She reached out and grabbed the hem of his shirt. In a smooth motion, Lisa peeled the drenched garment up and over his head. When the shirt cleared his vision, Nadia was already on her knees in front of him, her hands reaching for his belt. "Wouldn't you much rather be in something wet and warm, Master?" she asked seductively.

Jon's head was spinning. Nadia is here. Why is Nadia here?! I didn't wish her to be my personal sex toy, I wished her to be the personal sex toy of the person-

"Fuck..." Jon whisper. He was the person she despised the most! At least, she _had_ despised him. Now, she looked all too happy to please him.

"That's the idea, Master," Nadia said as she unbuttoned his pants. Lisa giggled next to him. He looked at both of their smiling faces and couldn't help but let his eyes roam over their bodies. He couldn't believe his luck. He had not one, but two personal servants who were completely obsessed with pleasing him and who could-

Jon's eyes went wide. "Nadia!" The dark skinned girl paused, her hands still on his lowered zipper. "Um... changed something!" Nadia looked up at him innocently with her large eyes. "What would you like me to change, Master?"

"I don't know. Surprise me!"

Nadia's mouth curled up in a wry smirk as her hands pulled back from Jon's pants and went to her dress. She hooked her fingers into the top of her cleavage and pulled down until the garment was around her waist and her B-cup breasts were exposed. She pinched her dark nipples and Jon watched as her breasts began to grow under her hands. Meanwhile, two columns of flesh were beginning to push out of her body below her arms. These quickly expanded into a new set of arms which then reach up to her torso and similarly pinched the new nipples which had grown lower on her rib cage. These too were quickly expanding until she had four breasts, all the same size of Lisa's F-cups, eclipsing her torso.

"How's this, Mastwa-" she began to ask as her smiling mouth contorted into a vertical slit. The new pussy in the center of her face was bald and dripping wet, the dark lips parting to show a bright pink interior. "That is so fucking hot," Lisa groaned.

She dropped to the floor beside Nadia and immediately began to squeeze and fondle her friend's enhanced chest. Nadia's eyes rolled back and her face-cunt was dripping onto her new breasts. Lisa's left hand continued to grope Nadia's lower right breast as she wrapped her right hand around the back of the transformed girl's neck and pulled her in close. The girls' six breasts pressed together as Lisa extended her tongue and greedily began to lap at the slit on her friend's face. Meanwhile, Nadia's right hand had reached up Lisa's skirt and was beginning to fingering her pussy.

Jon could not believe the sight in front of him. Nadia had all of the same abilities as Lisa, along with the same increased libido and desire to please him. Jon looked down at the two of them, still pleasuring each other. Looking down further, he saw his undone pants spread open, his hard-on straining against his underwear. I can't wait to get Karyn inside of-


Jon looked at his erection, then at the two living wet dreams on the floor in front of him.  "Um, girls, listen..." They pulled apart and looked up at him with a playful look in their eyes. "It's been a long day and I'm really tired and just want to sit and warm up a bit. Could you please start a fire, get me my bathrobe and let me relax for a while? Alone?"

The two girls looked at each other then back at him, their eyes now filled with disappointment. Silently, they stood up. Lisa went into the bathroom while Nadia walked over to the fireplace, her massive tits bouncing against each other with each step. She bent over, revealing that she was wearing no panties, and turned on the gas for his fireplace.

Jon stepped out of his wet pants, now completely naked except for his underwear. Lisa emerged from the bathroom with his robe while Nadia returned to stand before him, the fire already warming up the room. Both girls looked hopefully at the bulge at Jon's crotch, but he only turned around and allowed Lisa to slip his arms through the robe and drape it over him.

"Thank you," Jon said. The two girls curtsied again, all of Nadia's boobs bouncing obscenely as she did. Jon looked her over. Even though she didn't even remember the encounter from the previous reality of her kicking him in the nuts, he was still angry for the pain she had caused Karyn.

"Nadia," Jon said firmly. She stood up straight, her mouth beginning to drip again. "You are highly submissive to Lisa. Part of you wants to resist, but you know you love it. You always get horny when she dominates you. The weirder, the hotter."  Nadia was now practically drooling pussy juice onto her breasts as she glanced at her friend. "Lisa, you see Nadia as a plaything. When I am not using her, she is your toy. You are turned on by using her and transforming her. You are always trying to think of new, different ways to play with her." Lisa looked the shorter girl over and was breathing heavily. "I want both of you to forget that it was me who gave both of you these desires, but you will still act on them."

Jon did not plan to keep Nadia, or Lisa, with this mindset forever, but he thought it was poetic irony. Jon had never treated Lisa like a thing, but Nadia still attacked him and hurt Karyn believing that he had. Instead, Nadia would be treated as a play toy for her actions, and the person doing it to her would be the very friend she wrongly attacked Jon over.

"Go entertain yourselves," Jon said dismissively. Both nodded and started for the door. "If you need us, just summon us, Master. We will always hear you," Lisa said. Jon nodded his thanks, and watched as Lisa turned and swiftly slapped Nadia's ass, causing her face pussy to sharply inhale. "That means in the meantime, you're all mine," Lisa said, with an edginess in her voice Jon had never heard before. Nadia's face was flushed and covered in lubricant. Lisa reached up and hooked two of her fingers into Nadia's pussy-mouth, causing her eyes to roll back with pleasure. Lisa looked at Jon and gave him a pleasant smile before turning and confidently striding out of the room. Nadia followed, being led out by the fingers pulling her face pussy. Her eyes were squeezed shut and her arms hung stiffly at her sides as she shuffled after Lisa in a pleasure induced haze.

Finally alone, Jon moved to the couch in front of the fireplace, dropped his underwear, and sat down. Karyn stood hard between his legs, look up at him. A noticeable sheen of precum around her mouth.

"Hi," Jon said with a deep sigh.


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Chick for a Dick: Shared Revelations

"Hey," Karyn said, starting down at her breasts. She looked up into Jon's eyes and immediately looked back down. Jon, meanwhile, kept glancingly around the room, also unable to keep eye contact.

The room was filled with silence except for the steady rain above them, the room glowing in the flickering light of the fire place. A low rumble of thunder sounded in the distance.

"So..." Karyn said. "I take it Nadia and Lisa were given you a show, as usual." Jon looked at her in surprise. "Lisa and Nadia?" he asked. "Yeah, Nadia has greeted you whenever you get home ever since she volunteered for that program that bound her to you. And Lisa's joined her ever since she was over here last week and made a wish that made her just like Nadia."

Jon closed his eyes and signed internally. Since Karyn and Lisa knew about Lisa's wish, they would believe that Lisa accidentally changed herself to be like Nadia, instead of knowing Jon's wish to make Nadia like Lisa actually came second. Only he knew the truth.  "Yeah, they did," Jon admitted.

Jon looked at her and saw she was licking her lips. He realized she was trying to lick up the precum around her mouth. Noticing his gaze, she pulled her tongue back in and looked away. Jon reached up with his loose robe and gently wiped her mouth. "Thanks," she whispered.

Jon nodded, but said nothing.

Finally, Jon whispered "I'm so sorry."  Karyn immediately shook her head, her long hair trailing behind her as she did. "No, I'm sorry." Jon looked at her. "What do you have to be sorry for? I did... this," he gestured towards her. She sighed. "It was both of our faults. Neither of us respected the power of the stone enough. You were a dick for trying to force yourself on me. I was a dick for hurting you." She paused, then scoffed. "And now I'm just a dick," she said dryly.

"I'll find a way to fix you," Jon said, his voice filled with more confidence than he felt. Karyn smiled at him. It was soft, but unconvinced. "Jon, wishes can't be reversed. But it's ok. I'll be ok," she said softly.

"I shouldn't have made the wish to make you forget," he said. Karyn shrugged her armless shoulders and looked up at him. "Maybe it was for the best. I had a week to get used to not being human. Hell, I still remember all of the fake memories from the reality where I was only your dick. I remember your first erection... your first blowjob... when you lost your virginity..." she trailed off. Jon watcher her, her expression zoning out as she was caught in the vivid memories. Jon watched her throb and saw her tilt her head back, knowing she had just had another pulse of precum run through her body and enter her mouth. He watched as her mouth moved as she swished it around, appearing to savor it.

Karyn suddenly came back to the present and looked up at Jon with an expression of guilt as she quickly swallowed and looked away. "Karyn," he said softly. She said nothing and didn't look at him. "Karyn, what's up?"

"Nothing," she said defensively. "Is that the truth?" Jon pressed. Karyn opened her mouth and looked up to him, but as soon as she met his eyes, she closes her mouth and looked away. Jon sighed. "Karyn, honestly, what are you afraid to say?"

"I like it," Karyn said instantly.

"What?" Jon asked, thinking he was misunderstanding her. "I like being your penis," she said.

"You... like it?" Karyn nodded enthusiastically, causing her entire length to bob between her legs. "I had always been bi-curious before, but was always afraid to tell you. And then, to not just be pleasured by a woman, but to be a penis being pleasured? It felt so good. The pleasure was indescribable. Every waking moment, I hoped that you would whip me out and have a new pussy to stick me in. Or a mouth to suck me. A hand to stroke me. Fuck it all, even an asshole. Fuck, Jon, do you know how much I love it when you stuff me up a tight little asshole?!" she screamed.

"I love it! But how can I tell you that?! How can I tell you that I want to be a body part? Your body part? Your penis?" She sobbed. "I'm so confused. I want to be human too. I miss having a life. I want to have time away from this, to be an actual person, but I don't want to lose this. Even spending all day in your pants is nice. It's comforting and I don't have to worry about anything. And I'm never alone. You were always there. Always taking care of me. I see now that you were treating me like your best friend, but... dammit, Jon... I was so proud to be your dick!"

Jon watched in silence as Karyn cried her eyes out. He thought back to his original wish to make her forget being human and almost threw up. "Karyn, is this because I wished for you to not be upset with the way I used you over the past week? Are these thoughts because they're the only feelings I let you have?"

She shook her head. "No. If anything, that's made it easier. I am not mad at you, and I don't feel like I should be. The regular me would have been angry just because I wouldn't have known how to deal with these feelings. Instead, I'm just confused and scared of what you'll think of me."  Jon sat in silence, letting Karyn calm down. After a few minutes, he whispered "Karyn."

"Yeah, Jon? Oh! Sorry, I didn't realize I had been crying," she said, breaking out of Jon's questioning power and feel her wet face. "I have a question," Jon said. "And I want you to promise me that you'll be honest." Karyn nodded, but said nothing, her face full of apprehension.

"Are you upset because you enjoyed it and don't want it to end?" Karyn's eyes went wide as she looked into his. She clenched her jaw a chocked on a sob, her eyes again filling with tears. Jon said nothing, but continued to stare into her eyes. After several moments, Karyn nodded morosely.

"I'm a freak," she sobbed.

"No, you're not," Jon said reassuringly. Karyn shook her head as her tears flowed. "Yes, I am! Because I want to be like this!"

"Then I'm a freak too because I like having you like this as well!"

The outburst surprised both of them. And they stared at each other in silence. "You're my best friend. This past week has been... weird. But exciting. I love having you this close. You're the most intimate person in my life. I want you to be able to be a human again. But... I'd miss this..." Jon admitted.

Karyn snuffled again, and looked away. "Jon," she said quietly, "that may be my fault." Jon furrowed his brow. "What?" he asked in confusion.

"When I thought I was only a penis... I used the stone to make a few wishes..."

Jon slumped back in shock, Karyn bobbing as he moved. He had been changed, and never even knew it! "What? How?" he asked in confusion. "I ate through your underwear and the lining of your pocket and got to the stone. I wished the holes closed when I was done so you wouldn't suspect anything." Jon silently admitted to himself that it was a good plan, and wondered if he ever would have thought of it. "What did you wish?" he asked, bracing himself. "Well..." she started, "you weren't using me, so I wished that you would enjoy using me more and stop being so upset all the time."

The revelation hit Jon like a lightning bolt.  He had been enjoying himself. Even during times when he started to get upset, he had always experienced a wave of calmness passing over him, making him forget about his worries. Outside of today, he could not remember a time in his life when he had ever been constantly upset by something.

"Well..." Jon said taking it all in, "it might be for the best. I always feel this sense that everything will be better in the future whenever I get upset. That must be your wish. I must have been constantly upset before you made the wish. It was probably working overtime today, too. I've been trying to not freak out ever since you remembered everything this morning."

"Yeah," Karyn said. "It's just a lot to take in, realizing you're a human being and not just a penis. Especially when you're up a girl's ass while another one's sucking your balls."

"Up a girl's ass? But I didn't-" Jon stopped. In his version of reality, only Lisa had been around and she had only been starting a blowjob when Karyn remembered everything. In this reality, he must have been in the middle of having anal sex with one of them when Karyn's revelation occurred. "I'm sorry," he whispered.

"Don't be. I asked you to fuck Lisa's ass with me." She paused, then sheepishly asked "Do you promise not to judge me?" Jon nodded, and Karyn smiled timidly. "I would kind of like to do it again and be able to finish," she admitted sheepishly.

Even after hearing Karyn's confession under the influence of his questioning power, Jon was still surprised to hear her so readily request that he stick her up a girl's ass. Even as he heard her say it, he felt himself growing harder and felt his cock, Karyn, throb. She hummed pleasantly, reveling in his arousal. "I guess that's a 'yes'," she said.

Jon gave a single, sarcastic laugh. "Kind of hard to keep anything from each other anymore."  Karyn smiled up at him. "To be honest, Jon, that's one of the things I like about this... situation."  Jon smiled and ran his fingertips along her tiny head, brushing the hair out of her face. However, her head was also still the head of his dick, and the gesture was not just tender, but arousing as well. "Yeah, me too," he admitted.

"Oh," Karyn said, remembering her train of thought. "I also wished that you enjoyed using the stone, enjoyed using Lisa, and that everyone thought your cum tastes as good as I think it does."

Jon laughed. "Wait, you mean I used to have normal tasting cum? Damn, I have memories the first time I got a blowjob and the girl was going on and on about how good it tasted. That was you changing things?" Karyn could only grin sheepishly. "Yeah, sorry. As for the others, you weren't spending time with Lisa like you were Nadia. I think it was because she was changed by a wish and not by actually volunteering for the transformation processes, and you seemed to feel guilty. And as for the stone, well... I enjoyed seeing what the wishes would do and didn't want you to stop." Jon nodded. "Well, for as long as I've had it I remember having a strong desire to use it and enjoying it when I did. And I have used it, haven't I?"

"Yeah. You have the coolest house ever. Your sister has two girls for tits, one of which was a stuck up bitch cheerleader, so that's double awesome. Only thing is, I haven't seen any girls changed by your party wish."

Jon looked at her in confusion, but then realized his mistake. He had made a wish allowing him to notice the transformed girls, but didn't include anyone else in that wish. Even knowing that changes were made, Karyn and Lisa didn't recognize them. And Karyn still didn’t realize that Sarah had been turned into Zoe’s vagina. Jon smiled, getting a kick that Karyn wouldn't notice any of the girls, not even the ones in his own house. It was like a private joke that he didn't want to let her in on yet. 

"They're around. I'll point them out sometime, ok?" Karyn nodded, then fell silent before asking "So... what do we do now?"  Jon shrugged. "What can we do now? We deal with this until we think of something."

Karyn nodded, tears in her eyes. "Yeah. Hey, thank you, Jon. Thanks for taking care of me and... understanding." Jon smiled down at her. "Of course. I'll do anything I can to help."

"Anything? No judging?"

He nodded.  "In that case, I have a favor I need to ask of you."  Jon nodded and waited. "Can you... you know... jack me off? I am so horny that I can't take it anymore." Jon chuckled. "Sure. Want me to call Lisa or Nadia in?"

"No," she said quietly. "Can you do it? Right now, I want it to be just you. Just... us."

Jon nodded again and gently reached down, taking her into his hand. She moaned and twitched even as he tighten his grip around her. "Thank you, Jon... thank you..." she gasped. Her eyes were closed and her face was covered in the precum she had been holding back. Soon, Jon was pumping away furiously, Karyn moaning loudly as he caressed her sensitive body.

"Karyn! I'm close! I'm close!"

"I know! I know! I can feel it! Oooooh fuuuuuuuuck!" she screamed as the two reached orgasm. Jon watched as Karyn twitched and shook, her whole being caught up in the sensations pulsing through her. The thick ropes of cum shooting out of her mouth landed on the thick carpet and hearthstones between them and the fireplace.

Jon watched as Karyn throbbed and twitch with aftershocks. "Thank you, Jon. Thank you," Karyn whispered sleepily. Her body was going limp and their cum was dripping from her slacked open mouth as she passed out. Soon, she was asleep between his legs.

"Lisa," Jon said aloud to the empty room.

Moments later, the door to Jon's room opened and Lisa stepped inside. She was still dressed in the same maid uniform and stood at attention obediently. "Yes, Master?" Jon gestured to his crotch and the floor. "Can you please clean this up.

Lisa let out a squee and rushed forward. She dropped to her knees and enthusiastically licked the remaining drops of cum from Karyn's mouth before she turned to the carpet. Jon was surprised to see her actually trying to lick it up, but it was a useless effort as it was already soaked in. "Master," she said, standing up, "in the future, I am more than happy to do anything you need to avoid making such... messes." She gave him a wink. "In the meantime, I will fetch the carpet cleaner."

"Thanks, Lisa," Jon said as she headed for the door. "By the way," he called after her, "where's Nadia?" Lisa smiled then turned around and bent over. Like Nadia, Lisa was wearing no panties with her uniform. However, Lisa had something Nadia didn't. Tucked in her ass crack, the flat base of a butt plug could be seen sticking out of her asshole. It appeared to be latex, and its tan-ish brown color seemed similar to the skin tone of-

"I left her the ability to wiggle a little," Lisa said proudly. "She feels absolutely divine." With that, Lisa left the room with Nadia the butt plug firmly up her ass.

"Looks like Nadia made it up Lisa's ass before you did," Jon said to the sleeping girl between his legs, giving her body a small stroke. Karyn hummed happily at his touch, but remained asleep.

Jon looked up and stared into the fire. He relaxed as he watched the flames dance. After a few moments of peaceful silence, Jon realized that the rain had finally stopped.


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I'm so happy for the both of them.


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Hold up.

I don't want to be like, a pedantic know it all but didn't the wish that made Karyn forget she was a human for a week, ALSO make it so every wish made during that week would reverse itself?

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Re: Chick for a Dick - by ekempo5000

When I first started writing this story over seven years ago, I did not have any idea where the story would end up going. It ended up developing and growing overtime in little chunks at a time. Since I didn't know what would happen after the end of the "one week," I purposefully left the wording of John's wish a pinch vague so that they could either reverse everything or only reverse Karyn's perspectives of things. When the time finally came for me to write the chapter where time ran out, I felt that there were much better story opportunities if only Karyn went back to her original mindset while everyone else remained changed. This provided me with characters  and consequences that John would have to continue to deal with. Additionally, I felt that it was a cop out to have everything go back, the equivalent of the "it was all just a dream" tactic that could be employed when writers jam themselves into a corner. I wanted to continue to explore Jon's consequences, enjoy the characters I had introduced a little more, and challenge myself as a writer to not wipe the slate clean, but find a different way and story for Jon to react to his circumstances.

I hope that my decision has not caused too much of a jarring a fact in the storytelling process, and that you continue to enjoy what comes next. Thank you for your feedback. : )


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I just want to say that I am loving this story.  It's always exciting when new chapters go up!


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Ah, more interesting chapters. I must say that your creativity shows in both the writing and transformations.


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Thank you so much for the feedback. I can see how many times my story has been looked at, but I sometimes wonder how much everyone is enjoying it. Thank you.


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I adore this story. It has grown so much since it's simple days as a chain on an interactive story, and I always get excited to see more chapters. I love the interesting transformations you came up with for the party, and can't wait to see more of those kinds of ideas unfold as you continue to evolve this fun tale.