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Jon woke up with bright light pouring on his face. He rolled over quickly to get out of the blinding light. It was a move he instantly regretted. The sudden motion hit him like a sledgehammer to the head at the same time he had the sensation of the floor being pulled out from under him. He scrambled out of his bed, rushing in a stupor for the bathroom.
He reached the toilet just in time as last night’s drinks coming back to haunt him. “I’ll never… drink… that much… again,” he promised, flushing the toilet. He stumbled back into the bedroom, hoping he could just crawl under the covers and sleep it off. However, he realized that would not be as easy as he thought. It was good he had such a big bed, because it was packed with naked girls. He recognized Erin easily. She would have been laying on her stomach, if she had one, her head resting on the stomach of the girl to her left, her left leg draped over the other girl’s legs. With her legs spread like that, it gave a great view of Erin‘s pussy which looked just as inviting as ever. The girl Erin was resting on was Brook, a member of the gymnastics team. He recognized one girl as a recently arrived exchange student from Germany, and he didn’t even know who the other girl was, although she was cute. However, he did not know either of their names.

Jon looked down at Karyn between his legs. She seemed smaller, her skin hanging loosely on her. “I am so dehydrated,” he thought grimly. Before he could make a move, his bedroom door opened and in walked Lisa, still wearing her maid’s uniform from the previous night. She carried a silver tray with a pitcher of water and a glass of ice. “Good morning, Master,” she said cheerfully. Jon winced, his headache rushing back to him. As he rubbed his temples, he noticed one of the girls moan softly and roll over in his bed. Not wanting to disturb his “guests,” Jon shuffled into his office, Lisa obediently following, still carrying his water. As he stepped into the wood paneled room, he jumping slightly upon seeing the form of Vicki still kneeling on his desk.

“Is there a problem, Master?” Jon smiled weakly and turned to Lisa. “What do you think of the new computer?” he asked, moving towards his wall safe. “What do you mean, Master? Did you upgrade V.I.C.-E in some way?” Jon stopped and stared at her a moment. “What the fuck was going on now?” he wondered. The pounding in his head returned, demanding immediate attention. Jon opened his wall safe, relieved to see the stone exactly where he had left it. He reached in and rested his clammy hand on the it. “I wish I and the girls in my bed were not hung over but that they would continue to sleep until they would normally wake up.” The resulting flash blinded Jon and he felt his head spin, certain he was going to throw up again. As the flash passed, however, Jon felt fresh and energized as if he had woken up form a great night’s sleep. Looking down, he saw Karyn had a lot more color and was back to her normal flaccid size. “That’s one problem solved,” he thought. “You really don’t see anything unusual here?” he asked Lisa. Lisa took a careful examination of the room and shook her head. “No, Master, I don’t.”

“Go back into the bedroom and look at the girls on my bed. Tell me if you notice anything.” Lisa obeyed and walked out of the room, returning a moment later with the same puzzled look on her face. “The girls are all quite pretty, Master, but I see nothing strange.” Jon took a seat at his desk, Vicki’s naked plastic body kneeling before him. He turned the stone over in his hands. “I wish to know why Lisa is not noticing any changes.” A small flash twinkled in his eye, and immediately he know. Just like he could tell changes were occurring last night, he could not originally perceive them. He had made a wish to do so, but he had left out including Lisa and Karyn in to wish to notice the differences too. Should he fix that now..?

“Is everything alright, Master?” Lisa asked, a hint of worry in her voice. Jon looked at her and smiled. “I want to look around and see the changes for myself first. After I inspect the house, I’ll let Lisa in on the fun,” he thought. “Everything is fine, Lisa. Give me some water, then go lay out some clothes for me, but don’t wake my guests. If they should wake up before I am done inspecting the house, you will provide them with anything they need, understand?” Lisa curtsied and brought Jon his glass before skipping back into the other room.

“This morning is looking up,” he thought as he looked again at Vicki’s naked form. He wondered what sorts of tasks the cheerleader-turned-computer was now capable of, but first things first. He returned the stone to its safe and eagerly dressed. He was excited to see just what the aftermath of his party was.


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The grin melted off of Jon’s face as he looked down the staircase to the entryway below. The mess before him was more that he could have ever imagined. He could see plastic party cups, an empty whiskey bottle, and several discarded articles of clothing littered the floor, along with a puddle from someone who was not able to make it to a bathroom as fast as Jon had. And that was only this small part of the massive house. Who knew what the rest of the place looked like? Even if he, Lisa, and Zoe worked every hour for the next week to clean this place, there was no way they would get the place clean before Mom got home. “Definitely using a wish,” he muttered.

Jon moved across the marble floor, careful not to step in the puddle of vomit. “Jon? Zoe? Is that you?” a voice called. “Who the hell is that?” Jon thought, walking into the sitting room just off the entry. He stepped in and looked around, seeing the room was empty. “Oh, it’s you, Jon” said the table. Jon’s mouth dropped. The coffee table was a girl! Or rather, a girl was now the coffee table. It looked as if someone had turned a girl completely into wood, removed her arms and legs, flattened out her midsection while leaving her head and ass intact, then attaching her arms and legs from the elbows and knees down to the bottom of her now flat body. He paced around her, taking note of her breasts hanging under the bottom of the table, and her spread butt cheeks, exposing her asshole and pussy. “Jon, people put cups on me and didn’t use coasters. Could you check for rings?” Jon stepped forward and removed the cups, rubbing his hand along her back. Her skin felt like grainy like wood, but still soft and warm like skin. He looked the girl in the face. “Um, there’s no marks,” he reported. “Thanks,” she said with a smile. Jon watched as her expression moved and shifted, her face made of living wood. “Oh, and Amanda has been running around here. Could you take care of her before she pees on me again?” Jon looked at her puzzled. “Yeah… sure,” he said. “Thanks,” the girl repeated. She then seemed to trance out and stared straight ahead.

Jon paced around her a couple more times. He didn’t even know who this girl was, but she was now a piece of furniture in his house. He reached forward and gently stroked her pussy lips. She moaned in response, breaking out of her trance and looking behind her as far as her neck could rotate. “Jon, that feels good, but I wouldn’t want you to get a sliver.” Jon grimaced at the thought and pulled his hand away. The table-girl soon rotated her head back to straight forward and reentered her trace, apparently spending most of her day like this. “What was she taking about? Amanda?” Jon wondered. “I’m going to need to need to check the rest of the house,” he thought, walking towards the basement staircase.

Jon entered the basement and was immediately filled with a sense of… disappointment. After see the “table-girl” (he reminded himself he would have to find out what her name was) he had expected to walk into the basement and see it absolutely filled with transformed girls, or at least the obvious aftermath of a school wide orgy right in his own basement. Instead, he saw more of what he had seen in the entrance upstairs: a giant mess. The floor was covered in trash, the tables were overflowing with plastic cups, the bar was being used as a make-shift bed by a boy he didn’t recognize, and the lights on the stage were still flashing in their programmed routine. There were a few other people spread around the room. One was sitting at a booth, his body slumped on the table with his head resting on his crossed arms. There were another two passed out in front of the bathroom who probably had passed out while waiting in line. The bathroom doors were ajar and he would need to inspect the private backrooms, but he didn’t see anything unusual. Much to his disappointment. Jon knew more girls had been transformed. He had felt it. Although, between the booze going to his head and the girls he had brought back to his room going after his other, or rather Karyn’s, head it was difficult to recall just how many times he had felt the little buzz in his head telling him another one of Zoe’s playthings had been changed. But he knew it had been more than he was seeing.

Jon decided to start his search in the private rooms. As he opened the first door, he was immediately overpower by a pungent smell, forcing him to slam the door shut. “What the fuck?” he cursed. Thinking back on the night before, Jon remembered who had been in this particular room: Amy and Liz. “So, that’s what horse cum smells like,” Jon said with a dry sarcastic tone. “I wonder how Liz enjoys having a horse dick now,” he chuckled. He paused a moment, an idea forming in his head. “That's something for later,” he mused as he moved to the next door. Jon opened the door and watched as a blade of light cut into the room and expanded as he opened the door fully. This was one of the rooms with a bed, and it was occupied by Renee, the girl with eight boobs, a couple of girls and a young looking guy. Like earlier, Renee was topless, and it was obvious the group had been getting trashed off of the booze she had been holding in her tits. All eight were now much smaller than Jon had seen last night, probably all around the B-cup range, their contents mostly drained. Jon was about to leave the room when he heard a buzzing sound. He turned back and stepped into the room, hope to find the cause. He gave a small shout as a small object flew across the room and stopped directly in front of his face.

“Oh Jon! Thank you for opening the door! I’ve been in here for hours! I followed my little brother to make sure he didn’t drink too much but the little snot never listens to me! So they were all drinking even Renee! She was actually reached her own tit for a sip which was actually kind of sexy but then everyone passed out! Can you believe that?! Anyways thank you for opening the door now I can get out!” Jon listed to the little voice talking a mile a second, trying to keep up. Jon focused on the figure before him. It was a girl, she stood about nine inches tall, and she hung suspended in the air in front of him with wings. Fly wings. As Jon looked closer, he saw looked mostly normal except for her size, the wings on her back, red compound eyes, an additional set of arms below her normal ones, and a fly’s abdomen sticking out of her ass. “Weird,” he muttered. “I know right!” the girl responded enthusiastically, oblivious to his stunned expression. “It wasn’t all bad though,” she said flying back to the unconscious Renee. The tiny girl landed on Renee’s stomach and in a jittery crawl on all four-er, sixes, she approached one of the unconscious girl’s breasts. As the fly-girl’s lower arms pushed on the tit almost as big as she was, the upper arms worked the nipple like she was kneading dough. Soon, a clear drop of liquid beaded on the tip of the nipple which the fly girl greedily sucked down. “I love rum,” she said, wiping her mouth. “A sweet, sugary liquor… no wonder she’s so hyper,” he thought.

Jon watched as the girl again took flight and made her way towards him. “Thanks for the great party Jon! It was a blast! One for the books!” She quickly darted forward and gave him a kiss on the cheek, then flew past him and out into the hall. “Well, that’s another one accounted for.” He looked back at Renee and the others, and slowly closed the door, letting them sleep.


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Jon slowly opened the door to the last private room and stepped quietly stepped inside. Most of the other rooms had been empty, a couple had guests passed out and using the beds and couches. In the previous room, he had woken up the occupants which scared him as much as them. However, he had not noticed anyone else changed. Jon let the light of the hallway fill the room, not wanting to turn on the light. He saw a boy slumped over on the couch. His fly was undone and his dick was out. He looked like he had passed out right in the middle of his fun. Jon was just about to leave when he noticed something on the floor, As he approached it, it looked almost like a hairy bowling ball. He reached down and picked it up, only to realize it was a girls head. Jon yelped and dropped the head. As it fell to the ground, the girls eyes snapped open and looked at him. As she hit the thick carpeted floor, the girl cursed and Jon watched her roll a couple feet before stopping. Jon timidly approached and walked around her so she could see him. “Fuck!” she exclaimed. “Dropped twice in one night. I can’t believe this!”

“Twice?” Jon asked. “Yeah,” she responded. “We were, you know...” she trailed off. Jon looked at her, not quite understanding. The girl rolled her eyes. “I was blowing him, ok? Anyways, I guess I was a little better than I thought, or he was a little drunker than I thought, because just as he cums, his grip goes and down I went. I must have spent and hour yelling at him to wake up and get me back to my body before I decided to just get some sleep.” Jon’s eyes went wide. “Your body?” The girl looked at him strangely. “Yes, Jon, my body. What, did you forget about it? He just detached it from my head is all.” Jon never got tried of seeing how transformed people always thought their form was the most normal thing in the world. “So, why let him take your head off?” he asked. The girl smiled. “Because it’s kinky, you know? I’m under his control, completely under his control, more submissive and all of that. Besides, different guys like different parts. I remember one party. One guy liked boobs, another getting head, another ass, then there was the guy who was obsessed with feet... Well, it took all weekend trying to get my parts back. Speaking of which, can you help me get back to my body. I sense it‘s somewhere close.”

Jon nodded. “Sure, do you want me to get it or...” She smiled again. “No, that’s alright, you can just carry me. Just make sure you don’t drop me again. Twice was quite enough already.” Jon gently reached down and picked up the head, and stepped out of the room, cradling her in his arms. “It’s forward, a little to the left, yeah, we’re getting closer” Jon noticed her directions were taking them closer to one of the bathrooms. The door was open a crack and he pushed it open, careful not to drop his passenger. The smell that hit him was not as bad as Liz’s horse spunk had been, but it wasn’t roses either. “Oh, shit,” exclaimed the head. “Oh, puke, actually,” Jon said, looking at the unflushed toilet. “Can you pinch my nose or something,” she asked. Jon rotated her head and pointed it at the ground. “Wouldn’t you rather do it yourself?” On the floor was a young girls body, minus a head. From the clothing, Jon could now tell this was one of the girls Zoe had brought into the back during the actual party. “At least she seems to enjoy her change,” he thought. Jon watched as the arms reached towards him and carefully took the head out of his hands. As the head was put back to the neck, the crease between the two vanished instantly. “Thanks, Jon. Although I can move each part even when detached, I’ve found out the hard way it’s easier to bring the head to everything else than trying to have my body stumble blindly looking for it.” She stood up and looked herself over in the mirror. “Well, looks like everything’s here for once,” she said pleasantly. Unexpectedly, she suddenly let out a soft moan, her eyelids flutter as her eyes rolled to the back for a moment. “Or maybe not,” she said, regaining here composure. “I think someone took a souvenir after all.” She unzipped her pants and pulled back her panties. “Yep, someone took my pussy... again,” she said in an annoyed tone. Suddenly, she jerked and her spine went straight as a rod. She pulled her pants down the rest of the way and tuned her back to the mirror, looking in the reflection. “And they took my asshole, too,” she said even more annoyed as she pulled her pants up.

“Listen, Jon, I need to go find... me... before some horny pervert makes it so I can’t walk straight at school tomorrow. But, call me later, ok?” Jon nodded and watched her run out the door with a large smile on her face. Even though he didn’t know who she was, the rock would definitely help with that. “I love that stone.” His sense of joy was quickly soured as he caught another whiff of the contents of the toilet bowl. He reached forward quickly flushed the toilet. He watched with relief as it swirl and start to drain away.

His relief changed to horror as he saw what was at the bottom of the bowl. Emerging out of the bottom of the bowl was a girls face. She was made of porcelain, the same white opaque color as the toilet was, and the disgusting contents of the bowl were being swallowed down her open mouth. As the bowl emptied into her, she was just able to get out a quick “Thank you!” before the bowl began to refill with water, ready for it’s next use. He looked through the clear water as the face trapped at the bottom of the bowl, and was surprised to see her smile widely up at him, completely oblivious to how retched her new existence was. A couple seconds later, Jon realized it was Jennifer, the student president. “How ironic,” he thought. On Friday, under the influence of a wish, she had confessed to him her strongest sexual desire was to have people pee on her. Jon wondered if she had somehow cast a wish on herself, or if her personal desire somehow affected whatever wish had been cast on her. “Not that it makes much difference now.” Jon took one last look at her still smiling face, then left the room, wondering if he even wanted to find the rest of the transformed girls.


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Jon was just starting back upstairs, when he hear something moving around. Something fast and big. He nervously moved though the halls, afraid to run into whatever it was. After seeing Jennifer get changed into a toilet, Jon wasn’t sure he would like all of the changes the came out of the party wishes. What if the thing running around was some sort of monster? He couldn’t let it find him. He had to make it to the stone first. As he tip-toed his was back towards the stairs, he heard the table-girl’s voice again. “Jon?” it called. Jon quickly rushed into the sitting room and ducked down next to the table, putting her between him and the doorway. “Jon, what’s going on?” she asked. He quickly shushed her and listened for the sound again. He heard it again, further down the hall. “What is that?” he whispered. “What’s what?” the girl asked, louder than he would have liked. “That noise! The one moving around!” he hissed. “Oh, that must be Amanda. I told you, Jon, she has to go out. I hope she didn’t wreck something again. AMANDA!” the table shouted. Before Jon could stop her or run, he heard the noise moving closer… fast. Wreck something again. The words filled him with dread. Who, or better yet, what was Amanda? And what was it going to do to him when it found him?

Jon was just about to make a break for the stairs when a blur came flying around the corner and straight at him. It slammed into him with such force he fell back onto the table-girl, his attacker on top of him. Jon squeezed his eyes shut and gritted his teeth, preparing to be savagely attacked… but no pain came. Whatever was on top of him was soft. And warm. And panting. He slowly opened his eyes. Directly in front of him was a large pair of breasts. Jon opened his eyes the rest of the way, taking in the sight. He glanced down and saw another pair of boobs, and another, and another. He briefly thought Renee had run into the room and tackled him until he felt a wet tongue lick the side of his face. He wiped off his cheek and shoved the thing off of him.

Amanda was not what he expected. She had a pretty face, deep blue eyes, a pert little nose, and lusciously long blonde hair. However, she also had furry, floppy ears the same color as her hair, pronounced canine teeth, and a long tongue hanging out of her mouth as she panted. Her body seemed to follow the bizarre pattern. She looked mostly human, with a normal looking human chest stomach, hips, and ass except there were eight breasts running down the front of her body. The top pair was a perky set of D-cups, then C-cup, B-cup, and the bottom pair A-cup. Her arms and legs were very different, though. From the shoulders down, she had the front legs and paws of what appeared to be a yellow lab, with similar hind legs replacing her real legs. Around her neck was a black collar with a silver tag. “Amanda,” Jon read out loud.

“BARK!” the dog-girl responded. Jon jumped back, surprised just how much like a real dog she sounded. “Uh, hi,” Jon ventured. “Bark!” She stared straight at him, her eyes seemed to be vacant of any real sense of comprehension or intelligence. Even though her body was more human, apparently her mind was more dog. “Uh, have to go out?” Amanda jumped up and dashed out of the room towards the front door. Jon watched her go, laughing a little at the wagging tail he had just noticed growing above her ass crack.

As Jon walked into the foyer, Amanda had her back to him, her undivided attention on the door. Jon was not sure how everyone else would react to a naked, multi-breasted dog-girl running around outside, but he was curious to see if this was considered “normal”. With a grin, Jon opened the door.

Amanda dashed out the open door like a bullet, running laps around Jon’s massive front yard. Her head was tilted upward, the sun shining on her face, the grass beneath her paws, and the breeze in her ears. Jon watched her from the front step, amazed how she was acting like a normal dog. “The stone certainly does weird things,” he thought, not enjoying it any less. Amanda stopped her running and tilted her head up, smelling the wind. She then dove her face into the grass and began to sniffing vigorously. Jon could see how focused she was, a look of concentration set on her face. Jon began to think maybe her intelligences was still there, she only had to find something to concentrate on and it would all flood back. This thought was quickly put out of his mind as Amanda spun around three times, squatted down, lifter her tail, and-

Jon quickly turned away. “I did not wanting to see that.” Jon was trying to get the image out of his head when he looked over at the driveway. “No fucking way,” he whispered. Jon walked towards the driveway as if in a trance. The shining, glittering image of metal, machinery, and power sat silent in front of him. He reached out and let his fingertips delicately slide over the polished metal. It was the most beautiful motorcycle he’d ever seen. That was mostly due to the fact that it was blended with an incredibly hot girl. Jessie, a girl from his history class, had a reputation for being a hardcore biker chick, but she was also really nice and outgoing. She was the perfect balance of naughty and nice, and now she sat in his driveway, a living embodiment of her passion.

The bike, Jessie, was unbelievable. Her body made up the core of the bike, with the gas tank cap between her shoulder blades, and her arms stretching forward and blending into shocks at her forearms which held the front tire in place. Her tits had been replaced with a pair of headlights, the pun of which was not lost on Jon. The seat, resting just where her hips blended into the rear of the bike, was stitched so the padding looked like her heart-shaped ass. Unlike the table-girl, Jessie’s skin not only had the texture of metal, but was just as hard. Yet there was still the gentle warmth in it like living flesh. Jon stepped to the front and leaned in so he was face to face with Jessie. With the way her body was leaning forward, Jessie’s head was tilted up so she could look straight ahead. Her hair was steel along with the rest of her, but it cascaded beautifully in gentle waves down her neck to her gas cap, as if it were an artist’s sculpture of hair perpetually caught in a powerful wind. The posture of her body along with the wind effect in her hair, even though she was sitting still, gave an amazing impression as if she were already flying down the road at high speeds. From the front, with the way she was leaning forward, her arms squeezing her “headlights” together, amplifying their cleavage, made her look like she was attempting to entice a waiting lover. She was power, speed and sex all at the same time.

Jon moved next to her and threw a leg over her back, straddling her and settling comfortably on her padded ass. He gently reached forward and took hold of the handlebars growing out of the backs of her shoulders. He gave them an experimental turn, and watched how Jessie’s arms rotated, synced with his movements. Jon couldn’t wait to try her out! He was just about to look for her key when her heard the shouting. “No, Ace! Bad dog! Leave it! LEAVE IT! Oh, damn it!” Jon spun around to see an attractive young woman standing at the end of his drive. He recognized her from a couple nights ago, she had been walking her dog when he was examining his “remodeled” house. Her shoulders were slumped, a look of contempt on her face. Jon turned to see what she was looking at…

Right in the middle of Jon’s lawn, Ace, the woman’s dog, was quite literally fucking Amanda doggie style. Jon’s jaw dropped. Amanda’s face had a look of pure lust on it, her tongue loosely hanging out of her mouth which was curled in a perverse smile and her eyes dreamily gazing up as Ace rammed into her from behind. Jon did not know what to do. He did not even know if this woman would consider Amanda some sort of freak of nature and go crazy. Before he could do anything, it became quite clear that Ace was well ahead of them. “I’m so sorry,” the woman said, walking up the drive towards Jon. “Usually nobody is out this early so I let him off his leash. I am so sorry.” Jon watched as the two “dogs” tried to separate, but they were knotted together. Jon could only shake his head. “I, uh, don’t suppose she spayed, is she?” The question hit Jon like a sledge hammer. “Uh, no, I don’t… think so.” The woman grimaced and looked back at the two trying to separate. “Well, at least they’re both yellow labs. If they have puppies, I’m sure we can work something out.” Jon leaned against Jessie, feeling his knees getting weak. “I suppose I should at least introduce myself. I’m Emma and that’s Ace,” she said, extending a hand. Jon took it, “Jon and, uh… Amanda.”

“I saw you had a party last night,” Emma said. “Oh, yeah, just a little get together,” Jon responded, trying to act casual. “Wow, I’d hate to see a big get together, or is that what was going on Friday night?” she asked coyly. Jon thought back and blushed, recalling how he had been so anxious to see his new house, he had run into the street with no pants on, right as Emma was coming by. “Oh, that, well,” he stammered. Emma giggled. “Actually, I kind of enjoyed the show. So, you going to take me for a ride with this thing sometime.” Jon’s eyes went wide. “What?!” Emma leaned in and patted Jessie under him. “That’s one hell of a bike you have there,” she said, giving a tiny glance at his crotch. I love that stone, he thought. “Sure, I’ll take you for a ride whenever you want,” he said in a playful tone. Emma giggled again. “Later tonight then. Say, six o’clock?” Jon nodded and watched as Amanda finally pulled herself off of Ace and came towards them. Emma quickly leashed Ace and said a quick goodbye to Jon before pulling the dog back home. Jon stood in the drive, holding Amanda by her collar. She looked up at him with the same vacant expression from earlier. “Puppies,” he muttered. “You are one dumb bitch.”


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Jon dashed through the door almost as fast as Amanda, the dog-girl running past him into the house. Jon felt almost high with excitement, his head spinning trying to take in everything he had seen already. His wishing had worked beyond his wildest expectations, and he knew there were still a lot more girls he hadn’t seen yet. There were the ones around the house still, but how many had left during the night? How would he recognize them? What were their changes? What would they think about their changes if they knew what had happened to them?


Jon looked down at Amanda, his mind returning from his thoughts. She had been pawing at a closet door located in the foyer, not moving ever since Jon let her in. Opening the door, Jon peered inside and noticed a box of dog treats which had never been there before. As he reached for the box, Amanda’s tail began to wag, causing her soft ass to sway wildly along with it. Jon tossed a treat in the air and watched as she jumped up and grabbed it in her mouth, her eight breasts jiggling as she landed. Satisfied with her prize, Amanda trotted off into the next room, sitting next to the table-girl and happily devouring the dog biscuit.

Jon watched the scene, looking at transformed pair. He still didn’t know the table-girl’s name. Was there any of the old Amanda left in his new family pet, or was she really just as stupid as she seemed. Jon knew just the way to find out the answers to all his questions.

Jon slowly opened his door, carefully trying not to wake up the anyone who might still be sleeping. He was a little surprised, and disappointed, to see his bed was empty. Looking around the room, Jon noticed his bathroom door was closed. As he approached it, he heard two voices and the sound of splashing water. As tempting as it was, Jon knew the scene on the other side of the door would need to wait a couple minutes. He had a more pressing matter at the moment. Jon stepped away from the bathroom door and moved towards his office. Jon’s eye lingered on Vicki kneeling on his desk, still in “Sleep Mode” awaiting his commands. He though a moment about trying her out, but he just had to make his wishes. Jon opened his safe and pulled out the stone, cradling it in his hands. His gaze again went to Vicki, and he decided to go into his bedchamber, just in case she was still able to listen in her current state.

Jon left his office, closed the door behind him and took a seat on his bed. He wrapped his hands around the stone, holding it close. He took a moment to gather his thoughts and plan out his wishes. “I wish,” he started in a low voice, “that anytime I look someone in the eyes or address them by name and say the word ‘honestly’ they will answer any questions I ask them. Even if I ask them a question about reality before the stone changed it, they will still be able to answer me. While I am having such a conversation with someone, nobody else will notice or react to anything said during it. Afterwards, the person I was talking to will forget I had spoken with them and will continue on normally.”

Jon grinned widely as the flash filled the room. He was rather proud of that wish. Not only could he find out more about the girls who had changed, but it could help him with anyone he wanted to know more about. “Next, I wish any girl who was changed last night that I do not noticed as being changed will make it a point to approach me and tell me they were altered. Nobody will notice their actions or react differently when they do this.”


“I wish if I concentrate on someone and blink twice while looking at them reality will change and they will not be wearing any clothing except if they were in a situation where clothing is required for protection or a special activity. It will be considered normal and acceptable for them to be naked. If I focus on them and blink twice again, they will rill return to how they were normally dressed.”


Jon chuckled quietly, starring at the stone in his palms. He was actually looking forward to school tomorrow. His second wish would make sure he would not overlook any girls he might be around that had been effected by his previous wish. The third wish, along with the added fun of being able to see the hottest girls in school walking around naked, would let him be able to see their changes if they were not as obvious when they were wearing clothes like Liz had been.

Jon laid back and sprawled out on his giant bed, feeling like he was on top of the world. “Could this get any better?” As if to answer, Jon heard a splash coming from the closed door across the room. Smiling, Jon put the stone in his pocket and went to see who was playing around in his bathroom.


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Opening the door, he was met with an incredibly erotic sight. Lisa was standing nude in his tub, her body wet and glistening, her nipples hard. Next to her was an almost unnoticeable Erin, her head was just breaking the surface of the water, giving the impression she was kneeling on the bottom of the tub. As she moved, Jon could see the curve of her hips break the surface just below her neck. “Hello, Master,” Lisa said pleasantly. Erin turned towards the door, a smile spreading across her face. “Hi, Jon. Lisa was helping me was my hair.” Erin waded over to the steps and walked out of the tub, exposing her alter form completely. Jon noticed her pussy was completely shaved, her landing strip from the night before was gone. “Another thing Lisa must have helped with,” Jon thought. She walked up to him, her head just coming to his waist. “I had fun last night. Did you?” Jon kneeled down and looked into her face. “To be honest, I don’t recall a whole lot of last night. I think I might have had a little too much.”

Erin rocked her hips slightly, apparently her version of a shrug. “Oh well, that just lets me show you a good time all over again. And it will still seem new to you the second time around,” she said with a wink. She leaned in and kissed him, her wet body pressing against him. “Oh, sorry. Looks like I got you a little wet,” Erin said, pulling back. “Looks like I did the same to you,” Jon said, running a finger along her folds. Erin blushed and slightly spread her legs. “Oh, you’re horrible, Jon” she said with a smile. “Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. I’ll let you two finish up. I’ll see you after your bath, ok?” Erin sighed as Jon pulled his hand away, missing his touch already. “Ok, we’ll have breakfast after we’re done here.”

“Sounds good. Lisa, show her the way to the kitchen when you‘re finished” Jon said as he stood up. “Of course, Master.” Jon turned and walked to the door, but paused and turned back. “Erin, honestly, how do you feel about not having a torso?” Erin froze in place, halfway on her way back to the tub. She turned around and looked up, starring into his eyes. For a moment, Jon was afraid his wish had not worked correctly and he had offended her. “I am used to it. It’s annoying not to be able to do a lot of things for myself, but I get by just fine.” Silence filled the room, as Erin waited for another question. “How would you react if the original you saw how you had been changed?”

“If I ever realized my change, I would get sooooo horny,” Erin responded with a grin. The answer took Jon back a bit. “Why would you be horny?”

“My biggest turn on had always been being bound. This is like the most ultimate version of having my arms always tied down. Since I know I can get by as I am, I would still be annoyed, but this body would turn me on nonstop.”

Erin returned to waiting for another question, but Jon was pretty pleased with what he had heard. He was glad that not only had his wish worked, but Erin was actually… pleased with her new form. “I’ll see you downstairs,” Jon said, acting like the conversation had never taken place. “See you in a few,” she responded, oblivious to the conversation they just had.
Jon stormed down the stairs as fast as he could, his steps banging loudly as he descended. Hearing the racket, Amanda dashed out of the sitting room and towards Jon, a wide smile on her face and her tail wagging, ready to play. Jon smiled as she approached him, almost hypnotized by her eight breasts jiggling as she bounced around the foyer, eager to play. “Amanda, sit!” Jon commanded. He was not surprised to see the dog-girl obediently plop her butt down on the floor, sitting like a normal dog. Her tail was still wagging, her mouth in a wide smile even as her long tongue hung out. Jon approached her and kneeled down in front of her. As he settled in front of her, Amanda shot forward and began to happily lick his face Jon grabbed her by the shoulders and held her back long enough to say “Amanda, honestly, what’s it like to be a dog-girl?”

Amanda leaned back, sitting again as she looked at Jon, her tail still wagging.


Jon waited, but she only sat there, staring at him and wagging her tail. “I am going to need a different approach,” he thought. “Amanda, the original Amanda, honestly, what’s it like to be a dog-girl?”

“There are some things I am totally getting off on but, like, the rest totally sucks.” Surprised, Jon jumped back, almost falling over. He had gotten used to the girl’s happy barks, to hear her talk was actually a little… strange. “What parts do you like?”

“Well, the extra titties are just totally hot. I love how perky they all are. And, like, how super flexible I am now. After you went upstairs I was able to, like, lick my own pussy. The dog part of me wanted to clean up after peeing, but it felt so good I just couldn’t stop. Oh, and the new tongue is so hot. If I had this while I was still normal, I would totally have been putting it to good use.”

Jon shifted his dick- Karyn he had to remind himself- feeling her harden a little in his pants. Listening to Amanda talking about her tits and how she had licked herself out was definitely a turn on, and her valley-girl voice was only adding to the effect. “What don’t you like about it?”

Amanda’s tail stopped wagging. “One thing is that I totally let myself get fucked by some dog. And worse is while I should be all, like, super grossed out about it, I actually want it to happen again. I am, like, super horny right now. More horny than I’ve ever been before. I could smell him coming down the street and I knew that I totally wanted him to fuck me. I think I’m, like, in heat. Other than that, not having hands really sucks. And while being totally naked everywhere is a bit awkward, it‘s a little bit of a turn on.”

Jon sat in stunned silence, trying to take in everything he was hearing. By now he had a full hard on, listening to this ditzy half-animal-girl tell him in candid detail about how she was literally in heat. Amanda sat patiently waiting, her tail starting to lazily wag again. “Um, what were you doing before you were changed?” Amanda smiled widely, her tail returning to a full wag. “I was dancing with Will, this lame nobody who is totally below my league. We were on the dance floor, and I was letting him rub up on me. I could feel his little prick pressing into me. It was so hilarious.”

“Wait, wait. Why was that so funny?”

“Because I totally got him to break up with his girlfriend last week,” she said with a smug grin. “I heard her gossiping about me before spring break, so I went to Will and admitted my ‘true feelings’ for him. We had not even been back to class a full day before he broke up with her. Of course, I played the ditzy blonde, so everyone totally thought he was just some pig who wanted to play the field. The only one who had any clue was Miranda. It was all going perfect… until she wished everyone could see I was a bitch and ended up with floppy ears, a tail, and a sex drive that’s going to make me a total puppy factory.”

Jon leaned back, looking at Amanda in a new light. He had gotten used to her playfulness when she was in dog mode, and her “ditzy blonde” attitude had even tricked him. Well, whoever Miranda was, she had gotten her wish. Jon could now absolutely see Amanda for the bitch she was. Jon stood up, looking down at the dog-girl. “Well Amanda, I think that’s all I needed to know. Maybe down the line, I’ll think about fixing you. But first, I think you deserve a little punishment.”

“Arf!” Amanda barked in response. Since Jon had stopped asking questions, she had reverted to her current “normal” mindset. Jon held up his hand, acting like he had something hidden in his closed fist. “You want it? Do ya? You want it girl?” Amanda hopped up, ready to play; her tail wagging and her boobs jiggling wildly. “Go get it!” he yelled waving his arm in the direction of the staircase. Without a moment’s hesitation, Amanda darted up the stairs, furiously searching for the imaginary ball.

“What a dumb bitch,” Jon muttered as he walked towards the sitting room.


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Jon walked into the sitting room, unsurprised to find the table-girl exactly where he had left her. Jon approached the piece of living furniture and walked around her, examining her new body. Her form was bizarre yet still beautiful and definitely erotic. Jon wondered briefly if the stone twisted all wishes to a perverse nature, or if it was only his own subconscious desires the stone was acting on. Jon shook his head, putting the thought off. He had a more important matter at the moment. Jon stood in front of her, waiting for some sort of reaction or acknowledgement. When she didn’t move, Jon sat down cross legged, starring into her wooden eyes. However, there was still not any reaction. Slowly, Jon reached forward and gently brushed her cheek, feeling the grain of the wood against his fingertips, even as it lightly flexed like flesh.

“Hello, Jon,” she finally said, a certain tenderness in her voice as she pressed her face firmer into his hand, as if the last thing she wanted was for him to pull away. She looked deeply into his eyes and smiled. “Honestly,” he said, not breaking the gaze, “what is your name?”

“My name is Cathy,” she replied.

“Cathy,” Jon whisper, as if trying the name. “Yes, Jon?” she responded, her face still pressed into his hand. Since he did not ask a question, Jon’s power had deactivated. “Cathy, honestly, what was the last thing you were doing before you were changed?” Cathy’s wooden eyes blinked and she lifted her head off of Jon’s hand. “I was drunk,” she started, an almost embarrassed tone in her voice. “I was with my friend Erica and her boyfriend, Sean, when the alcohol got the better of me and I passed out on the table. Erica made some joke about me taking up too much space, and a moment later I was a coffee table.” A wry smile cracked across her face. “At least I was sober.”

“Why were you drinking so much?”

Cathy let out a sigh. “I was jealous. Erica had been dating Sean all year and I was always tagging along as a third wheel. I am, was, really shy about boys and I had no idea how to attract one. So when Erica and Sean dragged me to the party I was determined to get at least my first kiss. But I was still too shy. Someone suggested I have a drink and try to ease my nerves. Well, one turned into a lot and I was admitting my goal to Erica when someone grabbed be from behind, spun me around, and gave me a kiss. It was better than I could have imagined. And the tongue…” she almost moan. “When the kiss broke, I was staring right into Zoe’s eyes. She must have heard me and decided to give me the ‘first kiss’ I was after. Between the booze, the kiss, and the thought I had just made out with a girl the whole room was spinning. I got upstairs and everything was just spinning more and more. Erica and Sean followed me and led me in here, trying to calm me down. That’s when I passed out. When I awoke as the table, the two were making out and not paying me any attention at all. After a while they left and that was the last I saw them.”

Jon looked into her eyes, leaned in, and kissed her. Her eyes slowly closed as she soaked in his touch. Her wooden lips felt grainy but still soft. As he pulled away he made sure he had not gotten any splinters. “Jon, why did you kiss me?” Jon grinned a little. “I thought you might like it.” She looked at him confused. “That doesn’t make sense, Jon. People liked being kissed, not tables,” she giggled before looking forward and starring off again. Jon stood up and walked to the door, pausing a moment to look back at her motionless form, and stepped out of the room.

Jon walked down the hall towards the kitchen. He had not heard Lisa or Erin come down the stairs while he was talking to Amanda or Cathy, so he figured he’d get to the kitchen first and start breakfast himself. As Jon continued down the massive hallway through his magically upgraded home, he thought about the girls he had seen so far who had also been changed by the stone. Erin, Amanda, Cathy, Vicky, Liz, Amy, Vicki, Hannah… the list went on. Jon suddenly thought about Lisa. She had been changed too, but it hadn’t even occurred to him right away. He had just gotten so use to her being as she currently was he felt this was “normal“ for her. An even greater realization suddenly hit him, causing Jon to literally stopped in his tracks. Looking down, he slowly patting his own crotch. He felt Karyn shift and harden slightly to his touch. More and more Jon had been forgetting she was his best friend and not just his penis. He had needed to remind himself on more than one occasion it was actually her inside his pants. Yet, for some reason, that didn’t seem important right now. She had definitely been enjoying herself, and was constantly in the mood for sex even more than he was. Jon shrugged and started walking again, deciding he would worry about it later. In the meantime he was having way too much fun with the stone.

Jon was continuing to go over the mental list of transformed girls he had found so far as he approached the door to the kitchen. He shuddered involuntarily as he recalled Jennifer, really wondering if he wanted to know what the toilet-girl thought of her new life. As Jon stepped through the door, all thoughts of Jennifer vanished.

The kitchen was a complete mess. Cupboard doors we wide open and their contents were spread all across the kitchen. Half eaten plates of food were everywhere and there we empty boxes of cereal, cookies, even uncooked pasta and everything in between along with a few over turned bottles of juice. However, it was not the mess that stole Jon’s attention, but the girl standing on the far end of the room. She was dressed in an oversized t-shirt which looked like it must have come out of Jon’s own closet. When she raised her arms to rummage through the cupboard in front of her, Jon could see she was wearing a pair of white panties which clung perfectly to her tight little ass. Her chestnut brown hair swished back and forth along her back as she looked for anything edible.

After a moment she stopped her search, her head perking up as if she had somehow sensed him... When she turned to face him Jon could see it was the girl who he had woken up to find in his bed, or at least the one whose name he didn’t know. Her blue eyes blinked as she looked at him, a smile spreading across her face. She walked straight towards him, stepping on crumbs and puddles as she made a direct path towards him. Jon smiled widely, ready to look her in the eyes and ask her for her name.

“I was changed last night.” she said as she approached, a gleeful and almost proud tone in her voice. The announcement caught Jon off guard. He looked at her, trying to find any hint of change to her body. While she was not wearing much, the baggy t-shirt did hide most of her form. Remembering his previous wish, Jon concentrated on the girl and blinked twice. The moment his eyes opened a second time, the girl stood before him naked from head to toe. Jon looked her body up and down. Aside from her neatly trimmed patch of hair between her legs, she was completely bare to the world. She had a flat stomach, slender limbs, small B-cups breasts, and slight tan. However, Jon could still not see any changes to her body.

“Wow, you really do know how to throw a party, Jon… and know how to show a girl a good time,” she said, stepping in closer and kissing him fully. Jon found himself returning the kiss passionately, wrapping his arms around her and pulling her nude form in close. As they continued, he could feel Karyn hardening and pushing against his pants. However, that was not the only pushing he felt. In his chest, he felt the girl pressing her
small tits into him. The more they kissed, the harder he felt her pushing against him. After a moment, Jon realized it was becoming harder and harder to hold her in his arms. Jon broke off the kiss and looked down, his eyes widening.

“Oh, sorry. They have a mind of their own at times,” the girl said. She stepped back and let Jon get a clear view of her. Her modest tits were not so modest anymore, easily reaching the DD range. Jon forced himself to look up and into her eyes. “Honestly, what is your name.”

“I’m Olivia.” she responded pleasantly. “Olivia, what specifically is your change?”
“My tits get bigger the hornier I get,” she said casually. Jon went back to starring at her massive orbs, more questions filling his mind. “How did that happen?” Olivia took a deep breath, causing her breasts to bob up and down on her chest. “I saw my brother last night getting a boner checking out some of the girls around the party. I started teasing him about how embarrassing it must be to get turned out and have it be so obvious. He wished it could be just as embarrassing for me, and so whenever I get turned on my boobs start growing.”

“How big do they get?” Jon asked as he reached forward, his fingertips lightly tracing her nipples. “They continue to grow as- Oh!- as I… I… I continuuuuuue to get aroused… They‘ve go- go- gotten as big as bean bag chairs befooooooore…” Olivia moaned. As Jon continued to play with her, he could see her breasts growing before his eyes. Jon also did not fail to notice Olivia was continuing to answer his questions under the directions of his previous wish, even with him touching and arousing her. “Do you like how you are now?” he asked, leaning in and taking her increased nipple into his mouth. “Oooooooooh yesssssssss,” she hissed. Jon groped the breast in front of him, it was now so big he could almost wrap two hands around it. Giving the nipple one last playful nibble, he pulled back. “What was that?”

Olivia was panting heavily, causing her breasts to heave even more. “I like how I am for the most part. There are times when I’ll be day dreaming in the middle of class and my boobs will grow and it gets embarrassing, especially if I’m called up to the board, but that‘s part of my brother‘s wish. Also, I can’t wear too many tight tops or else I run the risk of not being able to breath. But, they get so sensitive when they get bigger, and sometimes I’ll turn myself on and constantly try to remain horny all day, just so I can have a bigger rack.” As she spoke, she had reached down and was cupping her breasts, lifting them up as if she were admiring them.

Before Jon could ask another question the door flew open and in walked Lisa, back in her French maid outfit, followed by Erin who was back in her mini-skirt from the night before. “What the hell?” Erin exclaimed, her eyes going wide. Jon felt his breath catch in his throat. He knew how the situation must look to Erin. He had flirted with her not even half an hour before, and now there was a naked girl in front of him, playing with her incredibly huge tits. “Oh shit…”


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“I know, right? Look at this place! Geez, you’d think people would have more respect for someone’s home,? Erin said as she stepped further into the kitchen. Erin looked up at Olivia, as if she had just noticed her for the first time. Jon realized Erin had not actually paid Olivia any attention when she had first entered, Jon had still been questioning her. It was only after Jon talked to Erin the trance was broken. “Jeez, Olivia, are you trying to poke someone’s eye out??Jon looked at Olivia and could see her blushing deeply. She tried to press on her boobs slightly as if trying to make them shrink. It remind Jon of the times he had gotten a boner in class and was trying to make it go down before someone noticed. Erin moved closer and bumped hips with Olivia, as if she was trying to give her a teasing tap. “Don’t worry about it. I know what a tease Jon can be. Besides, none of us were complaining last night.?

Jon had been watching Olivia’s breasts shrinking more and more. At Erin’s comment about the previous night, he noticed they swelled up a little and remained their current size for a moment before continuing to shrink again. Jon guessed Olivia’s memories of the night before must have been pretty erotic. Too bad he didn’t remember anything.

“Master, would you like me to make breakfast for you and your guests before I begin cleaning??Lisa asked politely. Jon took another look around the kitchen, taking in the mess. Erin had move behind a counter, the top of her head just barely visible as she made her way around the room. “It doesn’t even look like there’s anything to make for breakfast,? she commented. Olivia returned to the cupboard she had been looking through when Jon had first entered, still completely naked. “Yeah, I’ve looked through most of the kitchen and it looks like everything has been picked through.? Jon frowned, annoyed at the mess. “Hang on one second, I’ll be right back.?

Jon stepped out into the hall and made sure the door closed behind him. He looked up and down the hall, making sure he was alone. Pulling the stone out of his pocket, he cupped it in his hands and pulled it close, as if he were going to share a secret with it. “I wish the house was clean from the party last night and the kitchen was full stocked with any food my guests and I could want.? Jon pocketed the stone and reentered the kitchen.

“How about sausage links??he heard Erin ask as he stepped in. The kitchen was completely different. The floor and counters were all spotless with not a single speck of food anywhere. All of the cabinets were closed except for one Olivia was looking through which was completely filled with boxes of food. “Ugh, I don’t eat pork,? she responded. “How about cinnamon rolls??Erin hopped into a stool at a high table against the far end of the room, her chin just barely above the tabletop. “I find it really hard to eat cinnamon rolls without making a mess,? she admitted. “Well, how about-?

“Both,? Jon cut in. Both girl turned to look at him, smiles on their faces. “Lisa, please make some sausage links for Erin, some cinnamon rolls for Olivia, and enough extra for the both of us.? Lisa nodded. “Right away, Master.? Lisa moved quickly, pulling out the necessary ingredients and utensils as if she had cooked in this kitchen a million times. Jon and Olivia joined Erin at the table, taking about the party while Lisa worked. Jon noticed Olivia’s breasts swelling a little each time he would turn her way, obviously loving whenever he would give her attention. Jon had thought about returning her clothes, but he was having too much fun. Before long, Lisa brought over plates, napkins, forks, and glasses (with a straw in Erin’s) and brought the food to the table. She then began cleaning up while the three ate. Jon watched as Erin as she leaned into the plate and used her tongue to tilt a sausage so she could more easily get it into her mouth. From there, she would slurp it in like an oversized spaghetti noodle and chew it before swallowing. When she noticed Jon’s gaze, she took the next one in her mouth and slowly sucked it in and out a couple time before extending her tongue and pulling the whole sausage in, letting out an obvious moan.

Olivia watched on, jealous of the competition. She took a bite of her roll, letting some of the gooey frosting fall onto her bare breast. “Jon, could you please wipe this off for me? she asked, leaning her chest towards him. With a smile, Jon reached over and ran his finger along her breast, wiping off the frosting. Before he could pull back, Olivia leaned in and sucked his finger clean. By the time she leaned back, Jon saw her breasts had already grown to large C-cups. The two girls glanced at each other, a playful look of competition in their eyes as the both turned their gaze to Jon. Jon held back a chuckle, wondering if he should make a wish for breakfast to always be this much fun.

“I had a lot of fun, Jon. Let me know when you’re next party’s going to be,? Olivia said with a wink. She leaning in and gave him a kiss before stepping out the door. Jon watched as she walked down the street, still completely naked. There were more joggers out by now, enjoying the beautiful Sunday morning. As they passed, their heads would turn as they looked her over, only to turn back an proceed on their way as if it were totally acceptable for this girl to be walking the streets nude. Blinking twice, Jon opened his eyes to see she was in a pair of high heels, tight jeans, and a low cut white shirt. The joggers around her never even batted an eye that clothing had magically appear on her.

“She may be able to wait until the next party, but I’m not,? a voice behind him said. Jon turned around and looked down, Erin smiley wryly up at him. Jon kneeled down, coming face to face with her. “And what did you have in mind??Erin swayed her hips, an inviting look in her eyes. “How about you give me a call this week and we can meet up for our own party. Any time you like, anything you like.? Jon smiled and reached forward, cupping her ass as he pulled her in close. “Deal,? he said, kissing her fully. A few moments later, the two pulled apart, looking deeply into each other’s eyes. “I need to get going. Hopefully my Mom falls for my story of staying over at a friend’s house. Just don’t leave me waiting too long, ok??

Jon nodded and stood up. “I’ll call you soon,? he promised. Erin smiled widely and stepped out the door. He watched as she walked to street and started down the sidewalk, noticing that she was turning back to see him every now and then. And each time she did, he could not help himself but smile a little wider. Jon waited until she was totally out of view before closing the door and heading back inside to inspect the rest of the house.


Jon reentered the basement, a bit shocked by just how effective his wish had been. The whole place was completely clean. There was not a single errant cup on any of the tables, not a scuff on the dance floor, and the entire bar was freshly restocked with all of its bottles full and sealed. For a moment he wondered if the stone had just erased the fact a party had even occurred at all before he remembered Olivia mention it. “All of the fun with none of the mess,? he mused out loud as he walked towards the private rooms. Jon stood before the first door and took a couple deep breaths before opening the door and poking his head in. His eyes darted back and forth as he took in the room. The carpet was perfectly clean and the black leather couch looked like it had never even been sat on before. But what please Jon the most was the smell. The fresh, clean scent which filled the room. Only a couple hours earlier, the entire room had smelled like a barn. A particularly filth barn thanks to Liz’s new addition.

Jon closed the door and stepped back into the hallway. He briefly thought about checking the other rooms, but figured it was not that important. If the wish had worked well enough to clean the mess that Liz and Amy had left that room in, the rest had to be just fine. As Jon walked back into the dance area, he glanced over at the door for the bathroom which Jennifer had become a fixture in, literally. Curiosity filled Jon when he tried to figure out what sort of wish could have been made to turn the girl into a toilet, but his curiosity was shadowed by his disgust. He shuddered as he made his way towards the room. If nothing else, he just needed to make sure she was cleaned along with the rest of the house. Jon opened the door and flipped on the light, taking in the sight of the room. It looked just like any bathroom one might find in a good restaurant. Everything looked normal... until he looked into the toilet bowl. Jennifer’s face was still there, the same opaque white as the rest of the toilet, staring up at him through the clear water. A smile spread across her face as he came into view. Jon stood there a moment, still dumbfounded as to how the girl could be so carefree about her situation. As he continued to look at her, her expression changed. Her smile faded away, and her face tilted in the bottom of the bowl as she raised an eyebrow. She looked at his waist and back to his face. Jon could see she was confused, but why-

“Oh, shit,? he exclaimed as the realization hit him. She wanted him to... use her. Jon shook his head and raised his hands in from of him. “Uh, no. I don’t... I don’t have to go? he tried explaining. Jennifer’s expression only grew more confused as she looked up at him. Jon figured it was time for a new approach. “Jennifer, honestly, how do you feel about your change??Jon looked on, waiting for an answer, however the toilet-girl only stared back at him quizzically. A new realization hit Jon: She couldn’t hear him. Afraid the wish had made the girl deaf along with her other changes, Jon desperately reached for the handle on the tank and pulled it. Jennifer’s eyes went wide as her mouth snapped open under its own control and the clear water began flowing down her throat.

As the level of the water started to uncover Jennifer’s face, Jon tried to reach her again. “Jennifer! Can you hear me!? As the last of the water emptied down her throat, she nodded. “Yes, now I can hea-?she started as she was cut off by new water entering the bowl and covering her face once more. Jon stood up, his disgust replaced by annoyance. It would be impossible to carry on a conversation with her like this. He would need to think of a different approach and try again.

Jon stepped back, seeing the girl was more confused than ever but could not think of a way to convey an explanation. The thought briefly occurred to him to just use her to ease her mind, but his feelings of disgust quickly rejected the idea. With no other ideas, he simply turned off the lights, left the room, and started back towards the stairs.


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Jon sighed as he walked down the hallway. While his visit with Jennifer had not been as disgusting as he feared, it had not been too productive either. Jon felt a wave of calmness pass over him. It was not big deal, he had plenty of time to figure it out later. In the meantime, he had a sexy computer-girl in his room and a date to get ready for. He absent mindedly patted his right pocket, comforted to feel the bulge of the stone. He would was going to need it for a couple of loose ends before meeting up with Emma.

As Jon walked past the kitchen door, he heard a clatter inside followed by a soft curse. Cracking the door open, Jon expected to find Lisa cleaning up after the big breakfast she had cooked. Instead, he saw a different girl kneeling on the floor. She was reaching for an overturned plate, scrambled eggs covered the floor. She had her back to him and was wearing an oversized t-shirt which hung loosely on her frame. As she reached forward, she shifted onto her hands and knees, displaying her round ass covered by a pair of black, lacey, boy cut panties. Jon knew exactly who it was. The jet black hair with neon blue highlights was a dead giveaway.

“Hey, Athena,” Jon said casually. The girl on the floor gave a loud shout and shot up, still on her knees. “Damn it, Jon. Don’t sneak up on me like that!” she said as she rose to her feet. As she turned around, Jon gasped… and began laughing uncontrollably. Athena stared at him, a confused look on her face. “It’s not that funny, Jon,” she said, sounding slightly annoyed. Jon took several deep breaths, and began wiping the tears from his eyes, trying to calm himself. “That’s not what I’m laughing about.” Athena crossed her arms under her breasts and stared at him. “Well then, what is it?”

As Jon lowered his hands from his eyes, he took in the sight of the Athena’s new form. Her nose was gone, vanished from her face. In its place was a limp penis, about four inches long, dangling down so the tip was slightly below the level of her mouth. The organ made her look like some sort of perverted elephant. “Athena, honestly… how the hell did this happen to you?”

Athena’s expression softened, her gaze zoning out. “Last night, I was upstairs with Zoe in her room. We were making out and she was telling me how good I make and all of her parts feel, but she said she still likes cock from time to time.” The blunt confession about his sister’s sexual desires took Jon slightly off guard, but he didn’t have time to dwell on it as Athena continued. “Tiffany and Amber agreed, but Sarah said she was happy with just pussy. Zoe wished I could give them all just what they wanted. The next moment, I was changed.”

Jon looked Athena over head to toe. Her arms were still crossed under her breasts, pushing them up slightly. As Jon gazed at them, he saw there was something odd about them. Blinking twice, Athena suddenly stood naked before him and confirmed his suspicions. Her nose was not the only thing changed. Both of her nipples had also been replaced with an identical pair of dicks, slightly smaller than her nose-cock. Her former nipple piercing remained as each cock-nipple had a ring piercing just below the ridge of their heads. “Was anything else changed other than your nose and nipples?” Jon asked. “Yeah. The nose and tits were so Zoe, Tiffany and Amber could still have the dick they liked, but Sarah’s two favorite things are licking pussy and kissing. So,” the girl slightly spread her legs and Jon watched as a long tongue began to snake its way out from her lower lips, “now I can do both with her at the same time.” The tongue wiggled slightly before beginning to retract back into Athena’s body, a moan escaping her as it dragged across her clit. “Do you do that to yourself a lot?” he asked.

“I like to do it at night when I’m alone, but sometimes my mind will wander and I’ll start doing it when I really shouldn’t. It gets really embarrassing to be turned on with these things attached to me,” she said, gesturing to her altered nipples. “Like, if I’m in the middle of class and get turned on, my shirt will tent pole and my nose gets hard in front of everyone. It‘s even worse if I get called up to the board.” Jon knew exactly what she was talking about. He could recall a few times he had an embarrassing erection in class. It would have been even worse to have three and to have one be so visible. As Jon’s attention shifted back to Athena, he could see her tongue’s demonstration and talking about her nightly fun was having an effect on her as all three of her dicks had started becoming erect. “So, did Zoe and her additions put your new additions to good use?” Athena smiled, her nose twitching and hardening more at the memory. “Yeah. While it feels good when I suck on my nose and jerk off my nipples while licking myself out, nothing compares to getting three blowjobs at once and feeling two tongues French kissing in your pussy.” Her nose was now fully erect, between six to seven inches long, and Jon could see a thick bead of pre-cum forming at the tip. “Athena, the original Athena, did you and Zoe ever fool around before she was changed?”

“We practiced kissing a few times, and we would compare boobs, but nothing like now,” she responded, her hands moving to lightly stroke her nipple-shafts. “And how do you feel about her now?” Athena looked into his eyes, her expression turning tender. “She’s my best friend, and nobody has ever made me feel the way she does. I really care for her.” Jon nodded. “I take it that means you’re alright with what’s happened to you?” Athena nodded sharply, the cock in the center of her face continuing to bob slightly after her head stopped. “I am perfect for her now, and she’s perfect for me.”

Jon smiled a little and blinked twice again, the clothes returning to the girl’s body. However, the nipple-dicks were now standing erect under her shirt. “Athena, you zoned out a second there.” With the questioning trance broken, the annoyed expression returning to her face. “Well, what’s so funny.” Jon tapped his own nose. “You have a little something there.” The annoyed look quickly faded as her eyes went wide, then crossed to stare down the length of the shaft on her face. She quickly turned red as she noticed the glossy sheen on the tip. She traced her right index finger over the tip, wiping it clean before wrapping her lips around the finger and sucking the juices off. “I guess my mind was wandering. But still, don’t sneak up on me like that!” she said, giving him a playful push. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you. I just hear a noise and wanted to make sure everything was alright.”

Athena returned to the plate and food on the floor. “Yeah. I was getting breakfast for Zoe and me. My hands were full and I dropped the plate,” she said, gesturing to a couple glasses of orange juice on the counter. “Well, better the eggs than the juice,” Jon offered as he started back towards the door. “I guess,” she agreed. “But now I need to remake the them. I am not serving Zoe floor food.” Jon laughed. “Good point. Oh, by the way, can you let Zoe know I want to talk to her. I… have a few questions I want to ask her.”

Athena nodded as she scooped the eggs up in handfuls. “Sure, I’ll let her know.” Jon watched Athena move around the kitchen. Her nose had gone flaccid again, and she was completely oblivious as to how ridiculous it looked swinging back and forth on her face. He gave a little snicker which earned him a playful-annoyed expression from Athena. Jon held up his hands in mock surrender and watched as Athena smiled sweetly at him. Suddenly, it sunk into Jon. She was flirting with him! Even with three cocks on her, she was still a girl, and the same wish which made her so enamored with Zoe was also making her attracted to him. “See you later!” he exclaimed, quickly darting out of the kitchen.


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Jon quickly headed down the hallway, into the foyer, and rush up the stairs. He was glad Zoe and Athena were happy with each other, but Athena’s new form was… not his type. Jon opened the door to his room and stepped inside, quickly closing the door behind him. “This is just getting too weird,” he said aloud. “What is, Master?” Jon jumped slightly as Lisa’s voice called out from the bathroom. Jon stepped into the room and found Lisa, still in her French maid uniform, cleaning up after Erin’s bath. “Nothing, it’s not important. Is the… uh… ’pool’ ready for another bath?” Lisa nodded with satisfaction. “Oh yes, Master. It was the first thing I cleaned so you would not need to wait.” Jon smiled and walked up to her, giving her a quick kiss. “Thanks, Lisa. I would like to be alone while I bathe. You know, relax a little.”

“Of course, Master,” she responded with a curtsy and started for the door. “Oh, and change out of the maid uniform,” he called after her. Lisa returned to the door, her top already undone. “As you wish, Master; but I would always be more than happy to wear it again for you,” she said as she slipped it off, revealing her nude body underneath. She bent over, making a show of her impressive cleavage for him, before picking up the uniform and closing the bathroom door.

Jon stripped off his shirt, throwing it next to the door. He knew Lisa would pick up his clothes and have them washed without him even needing to say a word. It was great having an ultimate sex toy, but even better having one who was the ultimate maid. Jon unbuttoned and lowered his pants, followed by his underwear. Karyn hung limply between his legs, her head dangling down towards the floor. He was a bit surprised she was not awake yet, but then again she did have a very active night.

Jon stepped out of his pants and kicked them over to join the shirt by the door. He walked over to the massive pool and dipped his toe in. The water was very warm, just the way he liked it. Between his recent interactions with Jennifer and then Athena, a bath was just the thing he needed to try and feel a little cleaner. However, nature was calling first. Jon walked over to the toilet and raised the lid and looked inside, incredibly relieved to see there was not a face at the bottom of this bowl. A shudder ran through Jon again, but it quickly passed, and he took Karyn in hand. Jon reached to the front of her length and pulled back her long blonde hair away from her face to keep it clear. She was still asleep, her face calm and serine. Jon gently aimed her down, and released the pressure inside him.

Karyn’s mouth opened on its own as the stream of urine started flowing out. A moment later, her eyes fluttered open as she started to awaken. Realizing what was happening, Karyn simply opened her mouth wider and straightened her neck, helping the urine to flow easier as if it were only natural for her. Jon watcher her as her eyes calmly look around the room, taking in the sights as she waited for the task at hand to finish. Jon realized she must spend so much time in the dark space of his pants that even being taken out to be used to take a piss must be like a sight seeing vacation. Karyn looked up, noticing Jon’s stare and the corners of her mouth lifted up slightly as she smiled while still trying to keep her mouth open for the task as hand. A couple moments later, the stream started to die down and Jon tilted her lower. The last few drops dripping out of her mouth Jon released her length.

“Morning, Jon,” she said happily, twisting her back in a stretch. “Morning? It’s early afternoon,” he replied as he flushed the toilet. “Morning, noon, night, it’s not like it matters much to me,” she said causally. “However, last night was fucking wild,” she continued. “I can’t remember a time where you used me so much in a single night. It was incredible!” Jon looked down at her, a wide smile on her face as she became semi-erect. “I… well… I actually don’t remember any of it,” Jon confessed. “What?!” Karyn cried out. “Jon, it was amazing! I was in so many pussies I could not tell who was who. As soon as I was pulled out of one, there was immediately another, and another, or a mouth, and then at the end, there was that perfect ass,” she said dreamily. “Wait, what?!” Jon cried out. “Yeah, it was so awesome. I was inside of one of the girls, like I said, I couldn’t tell which, it was all kind of a blur. There was another one who was sucking on our balls, and damn was she good with her tongue. So, this girl I’m inside of is riding me hard when all of the sudden she stops. I am waiting for her to start up again when she instead started to lift off of me. I was going to start pouting when I look up and see this hot asshole hovering right over me. I don’t even have the time to say anything before it begins to lower on to me.”

Jon watched as Karyn continued her story. She was fully erect by now, so much pre-cum flowing out of her mouth she had to slurp it back in and swallow it as she talked. Even then, her face was coated with it. “And, you… liked it?” Jon asked. She looked up at him, a perplexed look on her face. “Well, yeah! I mean, what cock wouldn’t like being in a sexy girl’s tight back door!” Jon shook his head, amused. It was always a touch odd to him each time Karyn would enthusiastically refer to herself as a penis. “So then what happened?” Karyn closed her eyes and licked up the clear fluid near her mouth. “She slowly pulled me into her, her asshole puckering around me as I was going further and further in. I ended up filling her but I was not fully inside of her. It was a little disappoint but then someone started to lick at my pussy. Well, that drove you over the edge because you started pounding her so hard even I could hear her screaming! ‘Oh, yes! Oh, yes! Pound my ass, Jon! Fill my tight ass!” Jon wrapped his hand around Karyn. No only was her account incredibly arousing, but hearing a girl who he had such a massive crush on for years calling to him by name to fuck her ass was almost more than he could bear.

“Then what?” he asked, slowly stroking her. Karyn moaned and continued. “What else? I blew my load into her ass! Even as I did she just kept squeezing down on me. It was the last thing I remember before I passed out, it was just too much. The next time I woke up, I was already back in your pants. You were sitting down, and it sounded like you might have been eating. So, I just went back to sleep. Please, Jon, don’t leave me so turned on,” she pleaded.

Jon released his grip then tuned towards the door. “Lisa,” he called. The door swung open and Lisa stepped in, still naked. Karyn released a sexy moan as the girl came into view. “You didn’t tell me what other clothes to change into,” she stated. Jon didn’t say a word, instead only commandingly pointed at Karyn standing proudly between his legs. Lisa immediately crossed the room, dropped to her knees, and took Karyn’s full length into her mouth and down her throat. Jon gasped and reached down, placing his hands on the back of Lisa’s head while pressing his hips forward. He ran his fingers through her golden hair as she continued to milk Karyn with her throat. It did not take Jon long to cum, Lisa eagerly sucking down his load. Slowly, she pulled back, Karyn’s body sliding out of her mouth. Karyn hung between his legs, covered in cum and saliva, a dazed expression on her face as she began to soften. Lisa stood up and moved closer to Jon, her breasts pressed firmly into his chest. He wrapped his arms around her, feeling her soft flesh, and rested his head on hers, the sweet smell of her hair enveloping him. “Will there be anything else, Master?” she ask, reaching down to grip Karyn firmly, causing the penis-girl to gasp in pleasure. “Not… right… now,” Jon panted. Lisa smiled broadly, pleased that she had done such a good job. She released Karyn and brought the hand to her mouth, licking off the lingering drops of her master’s cum. Jon lowered his arms, releasing her. She moved up, giving him a tender kiss on the cheek before stepping out of the bathroom, again closing the door.

Jon stumbled back a couple steps, almost falling into the enormous bathtub. He turned around and proceeded down the steps, the water quickly rising up to his waist. He looked under the clear water at Karyn. She was now asleep again, the powerful orgasm robbing her of her strength. Jon moved to the wall of the pool and sat down, the his head alone breaking the surface of the water. The image made him remember Erin as he had seen her in the tube earlier. He looked down and saw Karyn twitch as he remembered the torso-less girl. As Jon looked at Karyn, he thought about using his new ability with her. As he thought about it, his blood ran cold. What if she was miserable like this? What if she was happy? The “what ifs” began to pile up until a wave of calmness passed over him. She already said she was enjoying herself for the time being. He’d deal with things later. Jon took a deep breath and tilted his head back. It had been a busy day, full of interesting sights, and there was still more to do. At least for now, he was enjoying a few minutes to himself. Karyn shifted slightly, snuggling up to Jon’s leg as she slept. Or at least, as alone as he could get these days.


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Jon opened the bathroom door and stepped into the attached bedroom, his plush bathrobe wrapped around his still damp body. In his arms were his clothes which he had earlier discarded before his bath. Jon threw the shirt, socks, and underwear into a pile next to the bed before rifling through the pants pockets. A moment later, the stone was back in his hands and the pants joined the pile of clothes on the floor. Holding the stone in his hands, he turned around and fell back onto the bed, feeling himself sink into its softness. He sighed out loud. “This is the life,” he muttered with a smile. He almost felt like a king in his palace of a house and all of its adornments surrounding him. The thought briefly passed through his head to wish to be royalty, but he let it pass. Being a king sounded like too much work, at least for the moment.

He reached over an placed the stone carefully on an end table next to the bed before rolling back to the center and spreading out among the pillows covering the bed. Jon signed again, enjoying the sense relaxation. He was starting to think about calling for Lisa to come give him a massage when there was a knock at his bedroom door. “Come in,” he called, not moving from his bed. The door opened and Zoe stepped in, wearing a t-shirt and pair of loose sweat pants. Her hair was a bit untidy and her face had a light reddish hue which was fading. Jon guessed Athena must still be over and the two of them had just wrapped up another session of sex not too long ago. “What’s up?” he ask causally.

“Athena said you wanted to ask me something,” she replied. Jon sat up and swung his legs to the side of the bed facing away from Zoe and hopped off. As he did, his robe opened slightly. Jon quickly pulled the robe closed again and tightened the belt. Turing around, Jon could see Zoe had her neck tilted, as if trying to see past the robe, her gaze level with his crotch. Jon slightly rolled his eyes, the expression going unobserved by Zoe. Jon still couldn't believe the stone had included his own sister when he wished he, and more specifically Karyn as his dick, were to be seen as sexy by all the women he encountered.

Jon walked over to the soft, maroon leather couch by the fire place in his room and sat down. Jon looked back to Zoe and saw her gaze was still level with his waist. Jon gave a sharp cough, causing Zoe’s attention to finally break away and look him in the face. “What?” she asked defensively. Jon looked at her and blinked twice. As his eyes opened, she was immediately nude before him. She made no move to cover up or showed any signs of embarrassment, his previous wish’s power making her believe she had never worn clothing a day in her life.

Jon’s gaze scanned her body, the three additional faces at her breasts and crotch staring back at him with obvious interest. As he locked eyes with Sarah’s face between her legs, she extended her tongue and lightly licked her top lip, causing Zoe to shudder slightly. His mind made up, Jon figured he would start at the bottom and work his way up. “Sarah, honestly, how do you feel about being my sister’s vagina?” Sarah’s gaze became distant like all of the others who had fallen under this wish’s spell. “I love it! Zoe is so good to me and she always has no problem finding a hot, wet slit for me to lick out. I don’t like it when she wants me to stick some gross dick in my mouth, but if I’m horny enough I’ll do it. Although, I will make exceptions, like Athena. Earlier this morning, Zoe had me suck off her nose-penis while Zoe made out with her pussy-tongue. It was fucking awesome!” Jon looked up at his sister and the rest of her additions, waiting for any kind of reaction. Instead, they seemed as if they were day dreaming, lost in their own thoughts and ignoring the interaction occurring before them, leaving Jon free to continue his questions uninterrupted. Jon looked back at Sarah, a smile on her face. A wicked grin came to his face. “The original Sarah, honestly, how do you feel about being my sister’s vagina?” Immediately, Sarah’s expression changed from one of joy and arousal to pure fury. “I can’t believe I’m this… CUNT!” she shouted. Jon’s expression grew grim as well as the words left her. Jon did not know if she was talking about the part of the body which she now existed as, or if she was referring to his sister. Either way, Jon did not much care for the statement.

“Not enjoying it, huh, Sarah?” he asked with venom in his voice. “Oh course not! I’m covered in pants and underwear most of the day, I typically get woken up with piss shooting out of my mouth, I constantly taste pussy and it gets even worse when this nympho is day dreaming about sex which happens almost constantly! Also, I’m a lesbian now which is really freaky when I am in the showers for gym and begin to check out all of my old friends and try to convince this slut to hook up with them. And what’s worse is that she actually does! I cannot keep track of how many cunts I’ve had shove in my face which I have eagerly eaten out. The absolute worse is how much I’m enjoying it! I think it’s completely normal to have pee shooting out of me, to be in the dark all day, to respond to her desires and moods, and then I am so excited when she lets me lick away at whatever pussy she puts in front of me.” Jon watched as her face turned red with anger. At the same time, however, Jon could see a glossy stream of aromatic liquid was flowing out of her mouth, covering her chin and beginning to drip on to the floor. Jon could smell the pussy juice across the room. “Damn it!” Sarah shouted. “I enjoy it! I hate it, but it feels so good! I was Sarah McMillan, the queen of the social hierarchy. Everyone knew to give me what I wanted or else I would ruin them. And now I'0m just your sister‘s vag.”

Jon looked on, feeling a mix of sympathy and justification. She had been such a bitch to so many people for so long, but now she seemed almost pathetic. A thought of panic flashed through Jon, as he again feared just what Karyn thought of her new place in life. Just as quickly, a wave of came passed over him. She had told him earlier how much she was enjoying himself, and it’s not like he could change anything right now. He might as well enjoy it and worry about it later. He looked back at Sarah. Her face was less flushed, but she was now trying to lick all of the liquid away from her mouth which was only serving to spread more of it around. As soon as he broke this line of questioning with her, he knew her mind would revert back to it current “natural” state, and she would be oblivious to her situation. Jon nodded to himself, feeling that would be best for her. “Ignorance is bliss,” he whispered. “What was that, Jon?” Zoe asked, the trance being broken. Jon ignored her and moved on. “Tiffany, the original Tiffany, honestly, what’s it like being a boob?” Jon figured there was no reason to ask the current versions of the group what they thought of their situation, since he knew how much they enjoyed it. “It‘s pretty incredible,” she said. The answer surprised Jon. “So, you don‘t mind being one of my sister‘s breasts?”

“Well, before I was changed I thought your sister was a loser and I enjoyed teasing her along with the other weirdos. But being her tit is actually really awesome! I don’t have to do homework. I don’t have to fill out stupid college applications like my parents kept pestering me to do. I don’t have to do anything except look good and get played with. It’s… liberating,” she said in a dreamy tone. “Wait, so you don’t mind not being able to move around and be a person?” he asked in disbelief. Tiffany’s eyes blinked at him, his sister’s nipple between them taking the place of her nose. “I hated how everyone always got on my case about grades and an education. I just wanted to be a trophy wife, to just stay sexy and find some sugar-daddy who would do everything for me. I loved having my killer body, but it was always so annoying to go to the gym to work out and count my calories and make sure I was not becoming gross. Now, I don’t need to do any of it. I don’t need to do anything except hang on her chest, offer the occasional piece of advice on which bra with make the two of us look best, and fuck around. Zoe bathes me, lotions me, arouses me, even eats for me! I am completely free of responsibility!”

Jon looked at the boob-girl and shook his head. It was almost fate that this slothful narcissist should be turned into an orb of pleasurable flesh. Jon didn’t know what else to ask, so instead shifted his gaze to meet the eyes of the other breast. “The original Amber, honestly, what were you like before you were a breast?” As he spoke, Tiffany’s gaze moved off of him and stared forward as Amber began to speak. “ I was in my second year of college, studying anatomy. I enjoyed keeping active with running and soccer, even thought my boyfriend hated it. I liked to play practical jokes on my friends and watch old horror movies on late night TV. I was a bit of a night owl,” she said with fondness in her voice. “Why didn’t your boyfriend like you staying active?” Jon asked, leaning in. “Well he was my on-again/off-again boyfriend. He could be sweet at times, but just just long enough to make me fall for him. Then he would turn into this controlling asshole. He wanted us to stay together just for the sex. He hated that I kept so fit because he thought I was going have my boobs and ass go flat. Fucking asshole.” She went cross-eyed and looked at her nipple-nose. “If he could see me now,” she said sarcastically.

“And, what do you think he would do if he saw you now?” She looked into Jon’s eyes, and he watched as her nose hardened. “He would either play with me so much I would be afraid of falling off of your sister’s chest or he would blow his load at just the sight of me, one of the two,” she in an annoyed tone, which Jon assumed was directed at her ex and not him. “What are your thought on your current, uh, situation?” Amber’s eyes looked up a moment, as if she was gathering her thoughts before looking back at him. “It’s all so bizarre. I mean, I didn’t really know your sister. Hell, I didn’t even know you. I just saw you while on my run and you were so… sexy, I just had to talk to you. I waited days for you to call me, and when you did, I couldn’t wait to feel you touch me. And then when I got to your house, there was this stunning girl that opened the door. She looked at me and she just… smiled at me in a certain way. I was never into girls, but her…” she trailed off. Jon could see Zoe’s face was turning red, and Sarah started to lick her lips further down Zoe’s body while Tiffany‘s nose hardened. They were all linked to Amber’s arousal.

“One moment I was at the door, the next I was in her room with my lips around her breast, and the moment after that I was that breast. To have your entire body, everything you are capable of feeling, be wired towards pleasure is unbelievable. When one of us gets horny, the others follow, and each of us build off of the others until we can’t contain it any more. And I have not seen a girl yet who can say ‘no’ to Zoe. I know I couldn’t,” she confessed. “At night, Zoe likes to put her fingers in to Sarah’s mouth, and her other hand will move between Tiffany and me,” she hissed. Suddenly, all four mouths released a sexy sigh at once. “I don’t know what’s better: when her hand is fondling me, or when I am anticipating it.”

She smiled broadly at him. “And then there are the times we are not being played with. Sarah will constantly whine to Zoe about being let out of her pants and constantly wanting attention. For me, it’s no so bad. Part of it is Zoe likes to wear low cut shirts to show Tiffany and me off, so I can look around and see things. I cannot imagine how boring it must be for Sarah. But beyond that, I will feel Zoe’s heart beating right behind me, feel the air enter her lungs. Maybe it’s a part of my past life’s knowledge of anatomy coming through, but I know what’s happened to us is impossible. And yet… here we are,” she said with fascination. “So, are you happy as you are?” Jon asked.

“I… don’t know. I miss my old life. My friends, my learning, my legs,” she joked. “But, I like this too. It feels so good and I am closer to someone, three people actually, than should be possible in reality. I don’t really want to give it up. It’s like... I wish I could have both somehow. If I ever got changed back, I would be happy. But, I am not in a rush to change back.” A content look covered her face, and she jiggled slightly as if she was trying to give an affirming nod. Jon smiled and looked up. “The original Zoe, honestly, what do you think of what’s happened to you?”

“Some of it is really awesome, some of it really grosses me out, and some of it makes me mad.” Jon had to laugh. His sister was still the same, her mind running in different directions. “Ok, what do you like?” Zoe reached up and cupped her breasts, causing her assets’ eyes to roll in pleasure. “I have these awesome boobs, which is great. They are so firm and bouncy, I always wanted bigger tits! I can always get laid whenever I want, I am one of the most popular kids in school so nobody teases me anymore, I always have someone to talk to, and the sex is unbelievable!” Zoe pinched Tiffany’s nose with one hand as she placed the other between her legs and let Sarah begin to suck on two of her fingers. “What grosses you out?” Zoe pulled her hands away from her additions, a strand of Sarah’s juices clung onto her fingers as she pulled the hand away.

“First off, I pee out of someone’s mouth. I don’t even want to know what I am going to have to do once my period starts,” she said in an annoyed tone. Jon wrinkled his nose and looked at Sarah between his sister’s legs. He did not envy her in the weeks ahead. “I get turned on so easily, too. If one of us has even the slightest dirty thought, the rest of us are like dominoes and fall along with whoever first got turned on. And it’s almost all directed at girls! Sarah is the horniest of the four of us and she is such a lesbian now. I used to really like guys, and I still do a little for a change of pace, but it’s always girls that get me really horny since these became a part of me!” she gestured to her body. Jon nodded. “And what makes you mad?”

“My parts are all made of people I didn’t know or didn’t like! I don’t even know anything about Amber. She was just some horny girl who showed up at the front door I thought I could have some fun with. I never, ever though she would be one of my body parts. And then there’s Tiffany and Sarah. Sarah made my life hell whenever I stepped into that school for years, and now I can never get away from her! Tiffany was not as bad as Sarah, but she was still one of Sarah’s cronies and the thought of having her as my tit is not really that appealing,” she grumbled. “What would you do if you realized what, and who, your assets now were?” Jon asked.

A wicked smile spread across her face. “I would put thick bandages over Tiffany’s nose and never give her any attention when I'm masturbating. Then, I would drink as much water as I could so I would have to be constantly peeing with Sarah. And I’d probably walk around with a dildo in her mouth all day just for good measure. For Amber… I’d just want to get to know who she is so I do not have a stranger on my chest.” Sympathy filled Zoe’s voice as she looked down and gently cupped her left tit with both hands. “Would you want to stay like this?” Jon asked cautiously. Zoe looked up at him, her hands still holding Amber. “No, not as I am. Not with… them,” she gestured to her other parts. Jon nodded again. He could see where his sister was coming from. He would try to find a way to fix her.

The wave of calm passed over him again. He would try to find a way to fix her… later. “Hey, Zoe,” he said, breaking the trance. “Yeah, Jon?” she asked. Jon watched as all four sets of eyes moved to his crotch. Maybe talking with her in only his robe was not a good mood. “I am going out tonight. Can you make sure Amanda is walked for me?” Zoe looked amused. “Even after last night’s party, you’re going out again?” Jon smiled at her. “What? Are you telling me you’re not going to be having some more fun tonight?” Zoe only blushed while Amber gave him a knowing smile, Tiffany gave him a wink, and Sarah gave her lips a broad lick. “Can’t you just have your sex-bot-maid-toy-thing do it?” she asked. Jon stood up. “First off, Lisa is not a thing. She is a person, understand?” Zoe took a step back and nodded in silence. Her blush only deepening. His assertive manner was turning her on even more, he realized. “Second, after all of the work she did last night, I am giving her a little break. So… please,” his tone soften. “Can you help me out?”

Zoe looked at him, then the ground, and back to him. “Alright. I will help you out. But you owe me one,” she said turning for the door. “Thanks,” he said as she stepped back into the hallway. She stepped back, only her head coming into view. A genuine expression on her face. “No problem, Jon,” she said before heading back for her room. Jon let out a pleasant laugh. Even with everything that had happened, she was still the same Zoe, his loving sister.


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Jon picked up the stone and slipped it into the pocket of his bathrobe and stepped into his office, jumping slightly as he came face to face with the still nude Lisa. “I heard you talking to your sister, Master. Thank you for standing up for me. Although I am happy to be yours, I do dislike people considering me to be just some piece of property.” Jon waved a hand, dismissing the notion. “Lisa, I know better, and I will not let anyone disrespect you.” Lisa smiled warmly at him. “Thank you, Master. Also, what did you mean by giving me a ‘little break’,” she asked, a sense of curiosity in her tone. Jon walked up to her and tenderly took her hands into his, and looked into her eyes. “I know that you are happy serving me, and I enjoy having you here with me. But, it must get boring sitting around this house all day, doing my chores and just waiting for me to summon you.” Lisa shook her head slightly. “Not at all, Master. I exist to serve you now.”

Jon sighed, collecting his thoughts to try again. “I know you do, Lisa. But I want you to live for more, too. Your wish has really changed you, so I want you to have a night out, having some normal fun, without needing to depend on me.” Lisa’s face dropped, an almost desperate expression filling her face. “Are you sending me away, Master?” Jon sighed sympathetically and cupped her cheek with his hand. “Not at all.” Lisa’s released a relieved sigh, but her expression did not improve much. “Then, what are you planning, Master?”

“Lisa, does everyone think of you as a sex toy?” he asked, ignoring her question. “Almost everyone I spoke with at the party seemed to think so. In this reality, it apparently caused quite a commotion among the students at our school when it was learned I volunteered for the process to make me into an ultimate pleasure servant. Some of my old friends asked me what it was like, how I felt, and what you liked to use me for. A few even seemed to think of me as only some sort of mindless doll now.” Jon stepped back and started walking around her, looking her body over. “If you changed your form, would people know it is you?” She turned her head to face him but left the rest of her body standing at attention. “Oh no, Master. I am capable of passing myself off as a different person and, if need be, act independently in society if that is your wish.” Jon stepped back in front of her and looked into her eyes. “Master?”

“Lisa, I want you to change you appearance so you look different so you will not be recognizable as yourself but still attractive, and stay at the same age as you are now. I want you to think you are a girl that goes to our school named ‘Lilly’ and you were at the party last night, but you are only now just leaving. I want you to act and feel as an independent person, forgetting about being my love servant, your wish which transformed you, the stone, the time you have spend here as my servant, and any control I have over you and to just go out and have fun for the night as a normal person. You will think your appearance and identity are real for while you have them and you will not react to my control or influence unless I speak commands out loud for you. After I am done with my date tonight and return home, you will feel an irresistible urge to return here and see me. At that time I will give you your next commands. These changes will begin now.”

Jon jumped back as Lisa’s head twitched and cock to one side. Her entire body flowed like water as she changed. Her hair became brown, shrank to her shoulders and became slightly curly. Her cheekbones became less prominent, giving her face a slightly rounder look while her nose shrank into a cute button. Her lips changed their natural tone but remained as full as before while her eyes become hazel with flecks of coppery brown within them. Her impressive bust shrank down to a modest B-cup and her nipples became a dark tan color. Her hips and ass flared out slightly, making her hips her most prominent feature while a patch of neatly trimmed pubic hair in the shape of a heart grew above her clit. Her entire skin tone then darken from her natural white skin to a light olive. Finally, she shrank down, losing height until she stood at about 5’4”. Her eyes fluttered briefly and then snapped open, staring at him.

“Oh shit,” she said, her voice different along with the rest of her body. “Jon, I am so sorry. I don’t know how I ended up in here. I mean, we didn’t… you know?” she trailed off. Her speech pattern was no longer the sweet, submissive one he had gotten so used to. She now sounded like a normal girl, and apparently her personality leaned more towards the timid side as opposed to Lisa’s original bold, outgoing one. “No,” he said, not sure if he was lying or not. He had of course had sex with Lisa many times before, but now that she was “Lilly”, he had not really had any type of sexual encounter with her. “I was just wrapping up a bath and came in here. You were asleep on the couch,” he said, pointing at a leather couch next to a coffee table sitting in the room. “Where are my clothes?” she asked, covering herself as best she could as her whole body began to blush. “They are in the other room in a pile on the floor,” he said. The girl quickly ran past him and into the other room. Jon reached into his pocket and gripped the stone while his other hand covered his mouth to muffle his voice. “I wish Lisa, currently ‘Lilly‘, was dressed in clothes which match her current style and personality,” he whispered.

There was a small flash and Jon peeked back into the room to see “Lilly” standing next to the bed. She was wearing a green top and padded bra, enhancing her bust and a pair of low cut jeans which emphasized her hips. She looked over and saw him, her blush returning even with her now being completely clothed. “I’m sorry, Jon,” she repeated. “I didn’t mean to pass out in your bedroom. I don’t even remember having anything to drink last night,” she said. “It’s no problem. It’s not like you were naked or anything,” he said, knowing she would be oblivious to the fact that she had been just seconds earlier since reality had changed. Jon watched as her blush deepened and she looked down at the floor. She was actually pretty cute in an awkward way. “You haven’t seen my purse, have you?” she asked. Jon shrugged and shook his head. “I haven’t but if it turns up, I’ll let you know. Tell you what,” Jon said as he opened a drawer on his end table and pulled some money out of his wallet and handed her the bills, “take this to get you by and you can pay me back after you find your purse. I insist.” The girl smiled and looked into his eyes, timidly taking the bills from his out stretched hand. “Thanks, Jon. I’ll pay you back right away. And if you find a purse around here and the ID inside says ‘Lilly’, that’s mine.”

“I’ll keep an eye out for it,” he promised. “Lilly” smiled and started heading for the bedroom door. “Um, how do I get outside?” she asked. “Turn right, go down the stairs, and the front door is right there.” She stuck her head out into the hallway and looked right, seeing the staircase. She looked back at Jon. “Um, see you around?” she said in a hopeful tone. “Yeah,” he said knowingly. “I’ll see you later.”


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Jon returned to his office and sat down in the high-back, leather chair positioned behind his large wooden desk. Vicki, the former cheerleader now computer, kneeled on the desk before him. Her glossy plastic skin was shining as the ceiling lights reflected off of it, giving her an artificial appearance while her beautiful and incredibly realistic body and face still reminded him she had once been a normal human. Jon grinned widely, ready to see what she was capable of.

“V.I.C.-E., power on,” Jon commanded. The same glowing, neon blue light returned to Vicki’s eyes as she brought herself back to full power. “Voice analysis: match. Logging you in. Welcome, User.” Jon leaned forward in his chair. Her nude form, even in plastic, was still appealing, and her new synthesized voice was almost exotic in a way. “V.I.C.-E., what are your primary tasks?”

“My model is designed to optimize your entertainment, User. I am connected to all sound, entertainment, and media networks in your house as well as many more online. I can access any songs, videos or written publications you request. I am also equipped with all standard software, including writing documents, editing images, a variety of games, and many more. I also maintain your email for you. How may I be of service, User?”

Jon sat back in the soft leather chair, taking all of it in. She was the ultimate computer. This was so cool! “V.I.C.-E., let’s start with my email.” The screen in Vicki’s belly blinked to life and displayed his email account, only it was more packed than he had ever seen before. “User, you have not checked your account in 5 days. It currently contains 647 emails from 491 different senders. How would you like me to sort them?” Jon looked at the long list of emails. It was going to take forever to read all of them. “Um… what are my options?”

“I can organize your messages by date, sender, presence of any attachments, and size. I am also able to scan all emails, find patterns of content, and sort by those as well. However, the time this process takes to complete varies on the amount of data which must be sorted.” Jon groaned. He was just getting started and already he needed to let her run some crummy program for who-know-how-long just to get through his email. “Fine, run a search for content and alert me when you’re done,” he said, standing up.

“Of course, User. Alert, User: email content scan complete. Are you ready to proceed?” Jon stared at her. “Wait, what?! Already?” The synthesized voice replied, “Of course, User. This model is capable of high speed program execution and data acquisition and is capable of processing power of approximately thirty petaflops. I would be required to run more than a trillion functions a second before any lag would be noticeable by human standards.” Jon slumped back into the chair behind him. He did not have a mind for technology to begin with, and her explaination went well over his head. “Uh… V.I.C.-E., can you open a new window and do an internet search for ’petaflops’ for me?” A new window opened on the screen before him. Jon could see one of the articles estimated the human brain’s approximate processing power to be above thirty petaflops. Vicki has retained all of the abilities of a human brain, turned into computer form, Jon marveled to himself.

Jon reached down and placed his hand on V.I.C.-E.’s mouse. As he moved the pointer across the screen, he remembered just where the mouse was plugged into and looked back down to see the cord for it and the keyboard snaking up into V.I.C.-E.’s lower lips. Jon wondered if she received any sort of pleasure from him using her hardware. V.I.C.-E. seemed to take notice of his pause. “User, you may also interact with my touch screen interface, verbally direct me to perform specific operations, or direct me to follow your movements with my cameras. These interface modes can be much more efficient than a standard interface. Additionally, this will free up my USB ports so any memory drives and similar devices can be inserted into them.” Jon shrugged. “Um, sure. Why not?” Jon was transfixed as V.I.C.-E. raised her right arm. Her motions were sharp and precise, reminding Jon of what people looked like when the did “the robot”. This was no impression, however, as her movements were accompanied by the whirl of motors within her arm and shoulder. Jon watched as her arm moved to the center of her body, reached down below her screen, and spread her artificial vagina. Her left arm then followed a similar path and reached down to between her legs, gripping the cords running into herself, and pulled them out. “Devices: removed,” she announced, her arms returning to her sides. He tentatively reached forward and hooked his fingers into her. As he reached in about four inches, he felt his fingers brush against six rectangular openings. Her USB ports. Jon withdrew his fingers and shook his head, deciding it was time to move on. “V.I.C.-E., close the web search page and go back to my emails. What are the most common themes you found?”. The screen refreshed an his email account now had new folders in his email account.

“The most prominent messages are from female requesting, what most refer to as, ‘hooking up.’ Many have included times and dates which they are available, while others have left open invitations. I have observed, User, many of these dates have already expired. Would you like me to send them the automated response?” Jon looked away from her screen and up to her face. “The automated response? What automated response?”

V.I.C.-E. opened her mouth, and began to speak with Jon‘s voice. “Hey, sorry we didn’t have time to meet up. Things have been crazy for me, but let me know when you can meet up later on and I’d love to see you.” Jon stared at her. It had sounded like he was talking to himself. “How did you do that?” he asked. “You have arranged my settings so I read any messages with the sender voiceprint,” she replied in her own electronic voice. Jon laughed. He was going to need to open an email or two just to see who else she could sound like. “Sure, send the automated response. Would it be possible for you to make a list of the girls and which times they did want to meet up?” V.I.C.-E.’s eyes blinked once. “Process done, User. Would you like me to add attachments to this document?”

“What do you mean?” The screen in V.I.C.-E.’s stomach erupted with dozens of images of girls from his school in various states of undress and poses. “Many senders included images of a provocative nature along with their invitations for sexual relations. How would you like me to archive them?” Jon looked at how many tabs were open. Jon silently cursed himself. If he had checked his email sooner, he could only imagine how much more sex he may have gotten in the past few days. “Move the attached photos to the document and group them with their sender. Oh, and if any of them included requests or descriptions of any specific acts they wanted to do, include those too.”

“Done, User.” Jon smiled. “Ok, delete those emails and move on. What’s next?” The screen flashed as the files of naked girls closed and the file marked “Meetings” was deleted. “The second most prevalent content was people congratulating you on a successful party last night. Many of your classmates and their guests wished to thank you.” Jon smiled. He was on top of the world. “V.I.C.-E., record me and send this as a reply: Hey, I’m glad you had a great time last night. I will let you know when the next party is going to be. If you have any photos of last night, send them my way. I’d love to see what everyone was up to during the party.”

“Audio recording: complete. Conversion to text: complete. Messages sent, User.” Jon slapped his hand on the desk. Having V.I.C.-E. made all of his computer tasks so much easier, as well as more provocative. “Ok, erase those messages and move on. What’s next?” The folder deleted and the next one moved up. “The next folder is SPAM, User.” Jon groaned. “Just delete it.” The folder deleted like the others. “Only three messages left, User. They all contain matters of business.”

“Business?” Jon pondered out loud. “V.I.C.-E., open the first email.” On the screen, an email opened. As Jon leaned in to read, V.I.C.-E. spoke up above him in a bubbly, ditzy voice, her face suddenly smiling and showing much more natural expressions. “Hey, Jonny! You were so, totally right. Not only did I make more money last night than I do in three at the club, but I also had a really fun time! Thanks for hiring me on for the night. Next time you can make it to the club, I’ll give you a private show… and maybe a little more wink” Jon looked up and saw that V.I.C.-E. actually winked at him when she reached the emoticon. He looked back to the screen as she continued. “Hope to see you soon! Kisses and more. Honey.” Jon sat back, a confused look on his face. “Honey? Who’s Honey?”

“Honey is the stage name of the stripper Hannah Miles. You hired her as entertainment for your party last night,” V.I.C.-E. informed him in her own voice. Jon smiled, remembering the sight he had encountered briefly the night before. Shy Hannah Miles, the school book worm, was now a stacked bombshell who definitely knew her way around a stripper pole. He would need to get in and see her soon. “V.I.C.-E., leave this email. I don’t want to forget about it, but I want to surprise Honey when I see her,” Jon mused. “What is the next email?”

“The next two emails concern the seizure of your house and property,” V.I.C.-E. said calmly. “WHAT?!” Jon shouted as the emails opened. V.I.C.-E. started to read the first of the messages. but Jon quickly told her to stop so he could not be distracted. The emails were from collection agencies claiming he was personally responsible for the cost, taxes, and up keep on his house and he was incredibly behind on the unbelievably high payments. Jon groaned as he remembered when he had made the wish to alter the house. He had referred to it as “my house.” The house now belonged to Jon, and he was responsible for it. Jon shot out of his chair like a bullet and ran into the next room.

Jon ran past his bed and back into the walk-in closet, making sure V.I.C.-E. did not hear him. Again, he placed his hand into his bathrobe pocked and wrapped it around the stone. “I wish I had a bank account with a high balance which came from legal means. I wish this bank account will always have enough money in it to cover whatever expenses I may need.”


Jon ran back into his office and sat back in front of the computer-girl. “V.I.C.-E., show me all ‘business’ emails and bring up my bank account.” The screen brought up the previous emails, only now they were monthly statements showing his accounts were paid in full. Jon sighed and looked to the new window which showed his bank account. Jon gasped. He had never seen so much money, and it was all his! He raised his arms over his head in triumph. He looked up at V.I.C.-E., her gaze staring straight ahead, oblivious to his celebrating.

“V.I.C.-E.,” Jon said in a cheerful voice, relieved he had dodge such a huge bullet, “what are some of the other preferences I have made in your settings?” A new window replaced his email account, displaying a long list of preferences. Jon reached forward and pressed his finger against her “screen”. Her stomach felt smooth like plastic, but was also warm to the touch like flesh. Jon ran his finger down and watched as the screen began to scroll down with it, showing a long list of preferences. He took note that many of the preferences would not even be possible with a normal computer. “Personality?” he said out loud as the word scrolled by. The word flashed and a new window opened. “You currently have my personality set at ‘neutral’, User.” Jon looked over some of the other options.


Jon stopped. “Bimbo?” The word flashed and Jon watched as V.I.C.-E.’s eyes color changed and took on a bubblegum-pink glow. “Like, totally, User! In this mode, I am like, so totally happy to do whatever you want. It’s pretty cool!” Jon laughed and scrolled down some more.


Jon tapped on the word. The glow in V.I.C.-E.’s eyes became a deep red. “Oh,” her synthesized voice moaned, “is someone being a bad boy, User?” The whirl of motors filled the room as V.I.C.-E. tilted her head to look down at him and raised her arms to her chest and cupped her plastic breasts. “Should I do a web search for something a little… steamier?” she hissed with a wink.

Jon scrolled back up and returned her to “Neutral” before pressing the back button. V.I.C.-E. lowered her arms and looked straight ahead as her eyes returned to the familiar neon blue. Scrolling further down, Jon spotted a tab which read “Stimulating Data Transfer/Interface” which was flipped to the “Off” position. “V.I.C.-E., what is this?” he asked, tapping on the option. “That mode activates my erogenous zones so I receive stimulation any time I am transferring data as well as when you make physical contact with devices connected with me” she answered. “So, the more operations you run and the more I use things plugged into you, like the mouse, the more it gets you off?”

“Correct, User.” Jon smiled and immediately clicked the tab to on. If Vicki was going to be V.I.C.-E., there was no reason she shouldn’t be enjoying it. Maybe I should plug the mouse back in, he mused. Jon’s eyes snapped open. “V.I.C.-E., what is the time?” A digital clock appeared on her stomach. It was already 4:45, a little over an hour away from his ride with Emma. He would need to check more of her settings later. Jon stood up and started to step away from the desk, but a thought entered his mind. He looked at his computer-girl and said, “V.I.C.-E., organize any photos from the party last night as they are sent in. Cross compare the people in them with the girls who wanted to hook up with me and add the pictures to their files.” V.I.C.-E. let out a robotic moan as windows with various girls’ faces opened on her stomach. “Process started, User. Twenty four photos have already been sent to your email and counting.” He would need to check them when he got back.

Jon was halfway to the door when he stopped and returned to the desk. He stood in front of V.I.C.-E., face to face with her kneeling form. “V.I.C.-E., honestly, how do you feel about being my computer.” The flow of data on the screen paused. “I am proud to be the highest level of computer technology current available.” Jon waited a moment to see if there was anything more, but V.I.C.-E. remained silent. “Vicki, the cheerleader Vicki, honestly, what’s it like being my computer.”

Vicki moved, her motions were now fluid and organic as she looked down at her body and reached her hands up and placed them on her stomach, covering her screen. “It’s really weird being a computer. I feel… hollow. Like I am partly empty, but I feel all of these things moving inside of me. And I feel like I’m not all here, but everywhere. I feel like I am connected to the world and this body is just a shell I reside in. I can hear through any microphones, see through any cameras, and access any information which are hooked up to the internet. I can… talk to other computers. It’s almost like taking to an infant, they are so much ’simpler’ than I am. It’s a little unsettling to think I am only an appliance and not a real person anymore.”

“So, you can access any other computer out there?” Jon asked. “As long as it is hooked up to the internet and if I have enough time, yes.” Jon smiled, thinking he could have fun with that later. “How do you feel about your current situation?” She looked up at him. Jon realized her eye color had changed to a pure white light. “It’s incredible. I am more than what I was. There is so much data, so much I didn’t know. I am all over the world and nowhere at the same time. It’s indescribable. I would never have had this with my old body. I don’t know if I would want to stay this way forever, but for now, I… I want more.” Jon listened on, Vicki’s voice filled with wonder. She was experiencing another world, one which no human could ever experience. For the time, she was happy, and Jon almost envied her.

“V.I.C.-E., continue with the current operations.“ Jon watched as Vicki melted away, her eyes returning to neon blue, her posture and facial expression returned to V.I.C.-E. The data flow resumed on her screen and she starred forward, like he had not even asked her anything. Jon turned around and walked out of the room. He had a date to get ready for.


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Jon opened the door to his closet and stepped inside. As he walked past the long rows of clothing on either side of him, almost over flowing off the racks, he realized he had not really inspected his new wardrobe in the time since he had conjured it up. Everything he had worn in the past couple days had been picked out for him by Lisa. As he thought back on it, he realized just how good her sense of fashion had been as well as how impressive it was to even find anything amongst the seemingly endless supply of clothing.

As he walked down the aisle of clothing a motor cycle helmet sitting on a shelf caught his eye. Jon was relieved to see that additional riding clothes were located near it. “That’s one problem solved,” he thought. Jon emerged from the closet with the bundle of clothes in his arms and threw his selection down onto his bed. Nodding with approval, he reached down and removed the stone from his robe pocket. “First things first,” he said, thinking over his next round of wishes. “I wish I will never cause or be involved in a traffic accident. I wish none of my vehicles will ever be stolen or vandalized. I wish I was an accomplished and knowledgeable motorcycle rider capable of advance maneuvers and tricks with a bike.”


Though he didn’t feel any different, Jon knew he would not have any problems taking his new motorcycle for its maiden ride. Jon grinned silently at the unintentional pun, seeing as how the motorcycle he was taking out had, up until last night, been a girl. Jon just shrugged and started to undo the robe belt. He could just ask Jessie what she thought of her new body when he got outside.

Jon shrugged the robe off and let it fall to the floor. He looked down and saw Karyn was still asleep, dangling limply between his legs with a lazy smile on her face. “She’s going to be even happier when she wakes up and I’ve got Emma with me,” he thought mischievously. He reached down and began to dress, hoping to let Karyn rest as much as possible so she would not wake up until it was time for another round of fun. As Jon pulled up his pants zipper, he felt Karyn shift her form and nuzzle up into the cloth of his underwear, contently wrapped up in her now familiar world.


Jon practically sprinted down the stairs, almost giddy for his ride. Amanda, hearing the commotion, ran into the foyer. Her long tongue was hanging out of her mouth with her enhanced canine teeth showing prominently, her lips pulled back in a vacant grin. Her tail wagged rapidly to emphasize her mood. Jon reached down an petted her head, his fingers running though her still human hair. In response, the dog-girl rolled on to her back, exposing her eight breasts. Jon shrugged and reached down, giving each set a firm squeeze. Amanda let out a pleasant groan as her right rear leg began to kick at the air. After giving the strange belly rub, Jon looked Amanda in the eye. “Zoe is going to take care of you tonight. Let her know when you need to go out,” he said, looking down at her. “Bark!” she responded, the familiar vacant expression in her eyes. Jon rolled his eyes. “Why do I even bother?” he playfully mussed as he stepped out the front door.

Jon walked down the marble walkway from his front door to his driveway, his gaze locked on Jessie’s red and chrome form. He approached her and gently slit his fingertips across her new body. It was hard and glossy to the touch, yet warm as living flesh. He stepped in front of her and kneeled down, coming face to face with the transformed girl. “Gwen, honestly, how do you like the new you?” he asked pleasantly. Jon waited a moment for her response, however the motorcycle-girl didn’t say a word. In fact, Jon realized he had not seen her move at all since discovering her earlier that morning. Unlike Cathy or Jennifer, Jessie was not responding to anything that was happening around her. It appeared as if her transformation had been different than the other girls, and that she was now simply an inanimate object with no life in her at all. Jon frowned, feeling a sense of loss. He had always thought Jessie was a nice girl, but it looked like her personality was now gone forever, and she was trapped in the silent form of the motorcycle in front of him. Jon wondered if she would take any comfort in the fact that she had at least been transformed into the same type of machine which had brought her so much enjoyment when she was still human.

Jon sighed and stood up, moving to the side of her form. He swung his leg over her body and settled into the plush leather seat which had used to be the girl’s round ass. He inserted the key into the ignition. As he did, a soft hum came from the front of the bike. Jon was startled to see Gwen’s head turn to look over her shoulder at him. “Hey, Jon,” she said cheerfully. “Where are we off to?”


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Jon quickly dismounted and returned to the front of the motorcycle-girl. “Jessie?” he asked, kneeling in front of her again. “Yeah? What’s the hold up? I don’t have a flat tire, do I?” she asked looking down at the tire between where her hands would normally have been, then trying to look past her extended form to try and see the tire replacing the space between her thighs. “It doesn’t feel like it,” she reported.

“Jessie, honestly, how do you feel about being my motorcycle?” Her smile widened as she looked at him. “I love it! I don’t have to do anything except go cruising! And when I’m not running, I’m turned off and I am oblivious to everything happening around me. It’s awesome because it feels like there is no down time between rides!” Jon shifted his position, sitting down on the driveway. “The original Jessie,” he said, starting again, “honestly, how do you feel about being my motorcycle?” Jessie continued to smile. “I really do love it! Everything I just told you it true even for the real me.” Jon laughed heartedly. Jessie really was a biker girl, through and through. “So you don’t miss your human body?”

This time Jessie let out a laugh. “There are two things I liked using my body for the most: riding and fucking. In that order. I loved riding my bike more than sex, and when you take me out on the road, you take care of both of those needs,” she said. “How do I take care of both?” A wicked smile spread across Jessie’s face and she briefly bit down on the tip of her tongue. Jon couldn’t help but notice her tongue was smooth and chrome, like the rest of her flesh now was. “Well, for starters, when you rev my engine it sends vibrations through my body. Every part of my body,” she said giving him a wink. Jon looked her body over. “You still have your… you know?” Jessie laughed, causing the her gas tank which ran along her back to slosh.

“My pussy?” she asked at his discomfort. “Kind of. It’s not really there anymore, but I still get sensations when different things happen. When my engine is idling, it’s almost like I have a vibrator running across my lips. When my engine is running hard, it’s like I am getting the fucking of my life. And even when I am getting my gas tank topped off, it feels like I am getting filled by a cock.” Jon looked down and could see Karyn was tent poling in his pants. Even though she was a motorcycle now, hearing a girl talking about getting off was still arousing. “Anything else?” he asked. Jessie turned her front wheel, causing her headlight-boobs to sway in front of him. “I love when we go for night rides. Whenever my headlights are on it feels like someone is caressing my tits. And when you turn on the high beams, fuck, it feels like they’re being squeezed and sucked and pinched all at once. I love it!”

Jon stood up, taking a moment to adjust Karyn, and looked down. Jessie’s smiling, metallic face looked up at him. “Hey Jessie, I think it’s time we hit the road,” he said, breaking her trance. She bounced with anticipation, her shocks hissing as she did. “Then hop on, turn my key, and let’s go!” Jon smiled and pulled out a pair of sunglasses from his jacket pocket. As he returned to straddling Jessie’s body, he felt a hard bulge press into his thigh. Reaching into his pocket, Jon pulled out the stone. The last thing he wanted was to lose it on his ride. Looking Jessie over, he saw two hard cases attached to either side of her, connected to her transformed thighs. Jon opened the one on the right and found Jessie’s insurance and registration, and a pair of riding gloves. Jon removed the gloves and closed the case before moving on to the other side. Finding that case empty, Jon deposited the stone and made sure it was latched shut.

“Come on, Jon. Let’s go!” Jessie urged. Without further delay, Jon reached down and turned her key. Jessie let out a groan almost as load as her engine as it roared to life. Jon gave her a little throttle, causing her to roar even louder. Even though it was his first time on a motorcycle, Jon knew exactly what he needed to do as he raised her kickstand, put her in gear, and made a large circle in his giant driveway before shooting like a bullet down the street. The rumble of the engine was joined by Jessie screaming with joy as they went.