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this was my favorite chapter yet. Loved the interactions that Zoe has with her parts and how athena adapted to her changing desires.

Would love to see a moment of a slice of Athenas life with her current set of changes away from Zoe, thats such a neat concept.

Keep up the amazing work Ekempo.


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Chick for a Dick: Meanwhile...

Athena was not the only one whose body had been unnoticeably transformed that afternoon. Across town, wishes continued to be made...


“... so Jill told me that Aubrey said that Sharon mentioned that Sydney is interested Adam! What am I going to do?!”

Sabrina rolled her eyes and continued to look at her phone. “Robin, who cares?” The flustered girl’s jaw dropped. “Who cares? Who cares?! I care! I’ve told you all semester that I’ve had a crush on Adam!”

Sabrina looked up from her cellphone. “Ok, first: its been, like, a week. Maybe two, tops, that you’ve been swooning over him. Two: you haven’t even talked to him. And third: everyone knows Jill talks a lot of shit.”

Robin stomped her foot firmly. “That’s not true! I don’t even know why I talk to you about this stuff! Seriously, I wish you were more supportive and would help me get noticed!”


Robin looked down at her cleavage and smiled. She always felt like a million bucks when she wore her favorite bra. Not only was it super comfortable but it both lifted and accentuated her boobs perfectly. It was the most supportive bra she had ever had. Feeling a little boost to her confidence, she decided that she would talk to Adam the next time she saw him.

Under Robin’s shirt, Sabrina gently tightened her grip as she wrapped around her owner’s upper body. She prided herself on being the best, most supportive bra she could be.


“Aww, really? It doesn’t do anything for you at all?” Travis asked into his phone. Across town, Stacy sat in her room. She gave a sigh into her own phone. “Yes, Travis, really. Titty-fucks don’t do a thing for me.”

Stacy looked down at her v-neck and took in the sight of her cleavage. The past weekend that view had included Travis’ dick sandwiched between them. She had been initially excited by the idea, but in reality it had just been boring. It didn’t offer any sort of thrill. And after Travis came all over her tits and face, she had been left horny and unsatisfied, stuck waiting for him to get it up again.

“But it was so hot! Your tits felt amazing!”

“Travis, it didn’t get me off. Like, at all.”

“Damn. That’s too bad. I really wish you enjoyed having a dick between your tits.”


Stacy gave a huff as she continued to look down as her cleavage. The mushroom shaped tip of her dick poked out from the top of her cleavage. “Really? It really didn’t do anything for you?” she asked in disappointment.

“Sorry, Stacy. It was just too crowded between your boobs. Every time I thrust forward your dick took up so much space I was shoved right out. It didn’t really do anything for me.”

Stacy frowned. “Well... all right. Thanks for trying it. But think the next time we fuck you could get my dick off with my boobs for me? The idea of your hands on me as you rub my tits up and down on my dick gets me so wet and hard,” she purred. The voice on the other end of the line was full of excitement. “You got it, sexy. How about tomorrow?”

“I can’t wait,” Stacy hummed. The couple said their goodbyes and she was left alone with her frustration. She stood up from her desk and moved to her full-length mirror and stripped off her top. As she unclasped her bra, the grip around her dick was loosened and it fell forward. The erect member grew out of her chest from her sternum, just in line with the bottom of her breasts. While she would occasionally jack it off, what she really enjoyed was lifting it up and pressing it between her boobs. She had hoped her boyfriend would enjoy adding his as well, but apparently it was not as enjoyable for him as it had been for her. At least she could still play with hers. Speaking of which...

Stacy quickly moved to her bed and spread out on the soft sheet. Her dick flopped down between her cleavage, pointing at her face. She reached into her nightstand, past her vibrator and grabbed her bottle of lube. She squirted a spurt into her hand which she then rubbed along her length and cleavage. Grabbing her boobs, she pressed them against the cock and began to shake them up and down, pinching and rolling her nipples as she did.

She basked in the pleasure of her soft, bouncy tits rubbing against the sensitive shaft between them. After a few moments, Stacy felt a tightness in her chest and pulled her breasts down to expose the throbbing head of her dick. She opened her mouth and gasped. Feeling her own hot breath on her cock sent her over the edge and thick spurts of cum shot onto her tongue, cheeks, and chin. She scraped it all off and licked it into her mouth before running her finger over the messy head. She shuttered as she collected the remaining spooge from the sensitive tip and licked that down too before standing up. She collected her bra and shirt from the floor, glad she had gotten herself off before getting called down for dinner.

She redressed and reached between her boobs to adjust her dick so it pointed upwards. If she got hard, which she was bound to at some point, she would get to feel the hard shaft between her breasts. And she loved having a dick between her tits.


Kyle slid over in his car and snuggled up closer to Miranda, kissing her neck. He breathed in deeply, her scent driving him wild. “You smell amazing,” he whispered in her ear. Miranda smiled and gave a pleasant hum as her boyfriend nuzzled her neck.

“I wore this perfume special for you. I know you love it.”

“I wish you smelled like this all the time.”


Miranda leaned in and kissed Kyle, the smell of her skin exciting him further as their passions intensified. He reached up an cupped one if her breasts through her shirt and bra, earning an approving hum from Miranda. She kissed him harder, becoming more and more aroused. As the make out session heated up, the aroma in the car began to strengthen.

Kyle’s wish had altered Miranda so that her pours secreted the scent of designer French perfume. For Miranda’s day-to-day life, this went almost unnoticeable. However, when she began to sweat and her pours opened up, the odor would become much more pronounced.

Kyle pulled away and gagged. His eyes were stinging as the concentrated smell of Miranda’s altered skin filled the enclosed car. It smelled like a full bottle of perfume had been broken open and poured all over the interior. He quickly lowered all the windows to allow a cross breezes to air out the vehicle before reaching into his glove compartment and pulled out his set of nose plugs. Within moments, the two were back to making out without a care in the world.


Amy let out a deep sigh as she dropped the mop into the pail of dirty water. She lifted it out, letting the fetid water drip back into the bucket before she wrung it out and returned to mopping the grimy floor.

Amy was really beginning to regret taking the job at the fast food restaurant. The hours were long, the pay sucked, the clients were obnoxious, and worst of all it took away her time to be with Liz. A smile came to her face as she thought of her girlfriend, imagining a night in with her instead.

The front door opened and Amy’s smile disappeared. Speaking of obnoxious customers... she thought grimly. In had walked a trio of cheerleaders led by Vanessa. Amy didn’t have any problems with the other two cheerleaders, but Vanessa was a different story. They had been friends in elementary school, but as they got older they had drifted into different cliques. Vanessa now seemed to tease her whenever possible as if to distance that they could have ever possibly been friends. Amy dropped her mop back into the bucket with a thunk and returned to the counter.

“Welcome to General Burger, home of the Four Star Burger.  May I take your order?” Amy asked in her practiced delivery. Vanessa sneered superiorly at her and flipped her dirty blonde hair. “Hmm, I don’t know. Maybe we should go somewhere else. This type of food makes you fat. Just look at Amy.” Amy knew she was actually quite thin and the comment was just another of Vanessa’s barbs, but it still stung nonetheless. She simmered from behind the counter. “If you want some low calorie options, miss, I can make some suggestion. I can also recommend some other establishments if you would prefer.”

“Are you getting an attitude with me?” the cheerleader snapped. “No, miss,” Amy replied through gritted teeth, knowing the bully would just love to report her to her manager. Vanessa smirked and looked up at the menu. “One small fry and a large diet soda.”

Amy gave her tormentor her total and filled a massive cup of soda which she placed on the counter. Vanessa took the oversized cup, walked to the area Amy had just mopped, removed the lid, and dumped it on the floor. “Looks like you missed a spot,” she said smugly.

Amy was on the verge of tears. She turned around and angrily scooped fries into a small paper pouch. “I wish you would go soak your head,” she hissed under her breath.


Amy turned around with the fries in her hand. “Um, I haven’t ordered yet,” the cheerleader standing at the counter said. Amy looked at the small bag full of fries in her hand and laughed. “Sorry, it’s getting to the end of my shift. I must be running on autopilot.” The two cheerleaders laughed politely and pleasantly placing their orders before leaving. Amy let out a content sigh. Maybe not all customers were obnoxious.

She stepped out from behind the counter and returned to the mop. There was a massive puddle of soda on the floor and for the life of her, Amy had no idea where it came from. Gripping the long wooden handle, she pulled the mop out of the bucket.

Only now, it was not a normal mop. Vanessa’s head was at the bottom of the stick, her long hair soaked with the soiled cleaning water. She gasped and spat, trying to get the rancid taste out of her mouth. “Stop it! You’re only making more of a mess,” Amy said as she slapped the mop-girl’s head to the floor and used her long hair to clean up the mess.


“Oh! You look adorable!” Mistress Lisa squealed as she inspected Nadia. The blonde was in her default French maid uniform. Nadia, however, was completely naked. She squirmed under the gaze of her lover. She said nothing, but at the moment she was incapable of speaking anyways. She merely curtsied to Mistress Lisa.

A faint buzzing passed through both of their consciousnesses, the source of which they knew immediately. Master wanted to see them, and his desires were always met. Nadia quickly donned her own uniform, matching Mistress’. She adjusted it as they moved through the massive mansion towards Master’s quarters.

As they made their way towards Master, Nadia reflected on her current form which Mistress had warped her into. She was still mostly normal, a body, head, arms, legs. It was far from the strangest change Mistress had done to her. But it was the fact that she was so close to being normal but still so different that caused the changes to seem even more alien. Some parts did not feel right while other parts felt nothing at all. Particularly at her crotch. She felt neither empty nor full. She felt... solid.

Nadia’s thoughts were interrupted as they reached the door. The two paused, syncing themselves together. Of course, Mistress took lead and Nadia followed dutifully. The pair’s movements were perfectly synchronized by the mental link they shared with each other. They entered the room with the exact same gait, held their hands in the exact same pose, and curtsied at the exact same time. The only difference was that only Mistress Lisa spoke.

“How may we serve you, Master?”

Jon was sitting on the couch positioned in front of the suite’s fireplace. Nadia watched as Master’s gaze fell on her. An eyebrow raised in confusion as he saw her face. Nadia felt embarrassed... which in turn further fanned her arousal. However, it was a peculiar sensation. It did not radiate from a particular place, but rather throughout her entire being. Although what concerned Nadia the most, as always, was her Master’s approval.

“Uh, Lisa, what’s up with Nadia?” Jon asked in confusion, pointing at her face. Nadia felt her synchronized bond with her Mistress disconnect. However, Nadia remained at attention as Mistress Lisa let out an impish giggle. “I thought of a fun game to play with her, Master. A little bit of pleasure deprivation. She can get turned on, but can’t do anything about it!”

Nadia nodded, trying to convey both that Mistress Lisa’s description of her situation was accurate and that she was already incredibly aroused.

“Nadia, remove your uniform.”

Master’s casual instruction hit Nadia like a command from a deity. Her hands immediately began undoing and pulling at the garment she had only just put on. As it was stripped off of her, Nadia’s altered body was fully exposed. She looked down at her smooth breasts and waited for her Master’s reaction.

All of the pleasurable zones on Nadia’s body had been removed. The mound between her legs was flat and bare with no indication that her vagina had ever existed. The nipples that had once capped her perfect breasts were gone as well. Additionally, her breasts had lost all sense of stimulation, turning them into nothing more than smooth bags of fat on her chest. Even Nadia’s mouth was gone, a smooth patch of skin was all that was beneath her nose.

Jon looked over Nadia’s body, becoming increasingly curious. An impulse sprung up in Nadia’s mind. Master wanted to see her body, to explore her change. The naked girl quickly moved forward, excitement rising in her core. She crossed the room and moved in front of her Master. With him sitting on the couch, he was perfectly leveled with her vacant crotch. Nadia could sense that Master was curious if her puckered anus was also missing. Without hesitation, she turned around, bent over at the waist, reached behind herself, and spread her asscheeks to show him that her backdoor had vanished as well.

Jon reached forward and ran a finger up Nadia’s spread ass. A puff of air escaped Nadia’s nostrils as desire rose within her. Not from stimulation of the area, through. Her entire being was now no more sensitive than the back of her hand. No, it was because Master had touched her. She wished she could moan, to entice him. Maybe he would want to use her.

However, Mistress had other plans. Being linked with Nadia, she could sense what the altered girl desired. However, Mistress Lisa wasn’t done with her fun yet. “Master, how may we serve you?” she repeated politely as Jon stared at Nadia’s blank ass.

Master looked at Mistress and pulled his fingers out of Nadia’s asscrack. Disappointment flooded the transformed girl. She stood up and faced him, hoping he would release her from the prison of her own body.

“I’ve had a long day and was hoping for some release,” he started. Mistress Lisa moved forward, already removing her uniform to reveal her perfect body. Both Master and Nadia were captivated by her form as she strode towards them. Moving past Nadia, Mistress Lisa went to Master, straddling him in the couch and kissing him passionately. She rubbed her bare chest against his shirt and gyrated on his lap.

If Nadia could still make a noise, she would have been whining with need and envy. Master and Mistress, the two people she lusted after the most in the world, were pleasuring each other right in front of her and she could not do anything to relieve her need. The two continued to kiss, grope, and grind, their hums and grunts of pleasure filling the room. As Mistress nibbled on Master’s earlobe, she pulled back and whispered softly. The two looked at Nadia before Master gave a node.

The two stood up from the couch. Mistress Lisa moved to the bed, still unmade from earlier in the day, while Master began to undress. As he lowered his pants which were visibly wet from Lisa rubbing against them, he seemed to have an expression of disappointment as he looked between his legs. Nadia had no idea why. Master’s dick had never failed to pleasure them. Another puff of air escaped her nostrils as her unfocused arousal grew. Master looked at her momentarily before turning and moving towards the bed.

Nadia wanted to join them. After all, she still had her hands. If she pleasured her Master and Mistress, perhaps they would release her. Or, at least, give her some way to relieve her growing passions. But she knew this was not to be the case. She could feel the impulse from both of them gripping her will. She was to stay put and watch.

The two lovers began to make out even more, hands and then mouths exploring each other’s flesh. The fire of lust was building more and more within Nadia. She was quaking with need. But she remained unmoving as was desired, as was wordlessly commanded of her.

Nadia watched as Mistress Lisa pushed Master onto his back, turned around on the bed so that her back was to him, then straddled him in reverse cowgirl. Mistress Lisa looked into Nadia’s eyes as she slowly lowered herself onto their Master’s cock. As Master’s dick slowly slip up into Mistress’s pussy, Nadia felt her knees growing weak as jealousy joined the burning lust within her.

Mistress began to raise and lower herself, building a rhythm as she rode their Master. She raised her hands to her own chest, letting out a hum of pleasure as she played with her tits. Still, Nadia remained at attention, watching the scenario with rapt attention. “Nadia,” Mistress Lisa said in a pleasant voice over the sound of Master grunting, “play with yourself.”

Nadia’s hands went immediately from being clasped daintily in front of her to between her legs. Only it was still completely smooth with no opening. She explored and groping her body, looking for one part that might offer relief. She reached for her breasts, her ass, her face, mouth, arms, legs, hair, eyes, everywhere. She rubbed vigorously at the altered areas, hoping to illicit any stimulation. But she felt no form of relief. Instead, her search only flamed her desires to new peaks. She continued to search her body. Not just because the need for pleasure was consuming her, but also because Lisa had commanded her to.


The word rang like thunder. Nadia looked up to see that Mistress was standing directly in front of her. Master was asleep on the bed, spent. Nadia had no idea how long she had been lost in her inescapable haze of lust. Either despite or because Mistress Lisa had the disheveled appearance of being recently fucked, Nadia found her even more entrancing.

“Nadia, I think it’s time for you to have your turn,” Mistress said in a sweet voice. Nadia nodded her head enthusiastically. She reached up to embrace Lisa when she realized her arms felt rubbery and tingly at the same time, the telltale sign that they were changing. She looked down to see that her arms had completely retracted into her shoulders. She looked at Mistress Lisa in puzzlement. However, the blonde only responded by snapping her fingers.

Instantly, all of the need in Nadia’s body surged to her crotch and exploded. Her pussy was back! And it was hot, wet, and achingly empty. The sensation was overwhelming and Nadia instinctively tried to groan. All that came out, though, was a rush of air from her nostrils. She still had no mouth. Through blurry vision, she realized her breasts were still completely smooth, as well. Lisa had only returned her pussy while simultaneously removing her ability to pleasure herself.

Mistress Lisa watch Nadia for several moments. The raven haired beauty danced and bobbed, her legs flexing open and closed, as she tried to find some way to stimulate her slit. She was just about to grind her crotch against the arm of the couch she was standing next to when she suddenly found herself in free fall before landing with a soft thump of the plush carpet. Looking down past her ample breasts, Nadia saw that her legs had joined her arms and had completely vanished. If she still had the ability to speak, she would have let out a whine. Not just because she had been robbed of the ability to relieve herself, but also because the idea of being Mistress Lisa’s plaything to be changed at her whim further flamed the burning desire she felt in her neglected cunt.

Nadia started to flex and wiggle her limbless body, hoping to flip over and grind her crotch against the soft carpet for any sense of relief from the pleasurable torture she was locked in. However, her attempts we halted when Mistress Lisa effortlessly picked her, cradling her like a baby.

“Oh Nadia, you look absolutely adorable right now.” Nadia’s pleading eyes looked up at the stacked blonde, the pent up desire raging inside her driving her to madness.

“Let’s go to a guest room and entertain ourselves there.”

Nadia nodded enthusiastically, her pussy dripping heavily onto her Mistress. She smiled and leisurely strolled across the room and opened the door while Nadia twitched in her arms, quivering with need. 

Lisa looked back and and made sure Jon was still asleep before quietly closing the door. While Master slept, she would get to play with her Toy.


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Chick for a Dick: Wakey Wakey

Zoe woke up groggily. The mattress beneath her felt wrong. Not only was it lumpier than she was used to, it was also damp. She stretched slightly and felt sore, particularly in her ass and Sarah. She rolled over and gasped as she felt a tugging inside of her asshole. She reached behind herself and brought her hand to her asscrack. There was a long, hard cylinder inserted into her! She gripped it firmly and slowly pulled it out. As the invader exited her body, Zoe was shocked to find that she actually felt disappointedly empty without the hard shaft inserted into her sphincter.

A funny notion suddenly stuck Zoe. Huh... this looks like Athena’s room. Her heart skipped a beat as she realized that it looked like Athena’s room because it was Athena’s room. Zoe rolled over slowly, her hand still holding the shaft she had just pulled from her ass. Athena was asleep in the bed next to Zoe. She was laying on her back, slightly raised up because of all if the breasts she was laying on. Her legs were spread apart and her massive cock was laying limply between them. On her chest, her cock nipples had gone flaccid and shrunk to the size of fat thumbs. Her mouth pussy was caked with dried lubricant, its lips fluttering as she exhaled. Her tail snaked out from beneath her and led up into Zoe’s hand where the awoken girl was shocked to find herself holding the cock-tipped appendage.

Zoe suddenly recalled the events preceding her passing out. She looked down at her body. Her boobs were contently sleeping. She could feel Sarah was also asleep between her legs despite the lingering soreness of being stretched and pounded by Athena’s dick. And her ass-

The sounds of pots and pans downstairs immediately drew Zoe’s attention. Someone was home! She had just had a been fucked senseless by her best friend and now her mom was home! Zoe carefully laid the tail down on the bed, rolled over, and stood up. She needed her clothes! She looked around in desperation trying to identify her belongings in the dark room. She spied a patch of cloth thrown into the corner and as she retrieved it she realized it was her shredded panties. Zoe recalled that Athena had torn them right off of her before fucking her. A shiver passed through her as the memory replayed in her mind. Even though her pussy was asleep, Zoe heard Sarah smack her lips as drool began to gather in her mouth.

“Running off?”

Zoe dropped the destroyed underwear and spun around. Athena was awake and sitting up on the bed, watching her intently. Zoe could not help but marvel at Athena's body as she stood up, the cluster of tits on her back bouncing wildly against one another. Her fingertips danced through her mane of hair running down the center of her head, the breasts on either side of the top of her head jiggling as her hands brushed over them. Athena held up her hands to present her the mouths in the center of each palm.

“I’m sorry if I-“

“No!” Zoe burst out, cutting her friend's apology short. “No. This was good. Amazing, in fact. I... I’ve never felt like this before... with anyone.”

Athena’s mouths smiled widely and her tail swished hypnotically behind her.

“But,” Zoe continued, “it sounds like your mom’s home!”

Athena shrugged. “What are you so worried about? You’re over all the time.”

“Athena, I reek of sex, can’t walk right, and probably look like I just got the fucking of my life. Because, well, I did.”

“Um... I’m going to have to take your word for the smell. I don’t have a nose.”

“Athena! This is seriously!”

“Ok, ok. Um... ok! I’ll distract mom, you just leave. Be quiet and she’ll never even know you were here.”

“What about the smell?”

Athena blushed deeply, “She’s never mentioned a smell before when I’ve gotten myself off. It never occurred to me. Now that you mention it, I don't want to even think about how many times I must have sat across from her after... you know. Hopefully she won’t mention anything now.”

Zoe blushed as well, taking a moment to imagine Athena indulging in all of the pleasures she must have done with her body. Realizing Athena was staring at her, Zoe quickly began to gather her things. As she moved around the room, Athena watched her lustfully before moving to her closest and pulling out fresh clothes. Even though her body had changed drastically, she still maintained her goth fashion sense. However, her clothing options were much more limited. The tail she current;y sported meant that she wore almost exclusively skirts, while the tits bunched together on her back required that she wear shirts able to accommodate them. She finally settled on a black skirt with black lace and a black shirt made out of thin, stretchy material that was studded with metal rings and long, draping sleeves. Finally, she checked her reflection in her mirror and cleaned up the remaining evidence of her sexual exploits.

Zoe was already dressed and had an ear pressed to the door. “It sounds like she’s still in the kitchen,” she whispered. Athena leaned in and pressed her own ear to the door. The two listened intently for several seconds before realizing their faces were right next to each other. Both of them gazed deeply into the other’s eyes. Zoe smiled shyly and blushed as she pulled away from the door, much to Athena’s disappointment.

“So... I know we haven’t really talked about everything that’s happened...” Zoe started.

“I know. It’s ok. It just kind of happened. I’m not expecting this to be a thing. It’s alright.”

Zoe smirked. “Well, I am expecting it to be a thing.” Athena’s eyes widened and Zoe continued. “You’re my best friend, and that was the best sex I’ve ever had. I could get used to having a girlfriend who can make me feel that good. But we’ll talk about it later. And by ‘talk’ I mean ‘you fucking me,’ and ‘later’ means ‘tomorrow.’”

Athena couldn’t believe her ears. Zoe wanted to date! And have more sex! Tomorrow! She nodded enthusiastically, unable to say a word. Zoe giggled as she watched Athena’s cock-nipples tentpole in her shirt and her tail sway rapidly causing her skirt to ripple behind her. Zoe leaned in and gave Athena’s face-pussy a quick lick followed by a tender kiss.

“Ready?” Zoe asked, putting her hand on the doorknob. Athena gave a small groan of disappointment, but nodded. “Ready,” her hands said in unison. Zoe opened the door and hurried as silently as she could down the hallway towards the front door. She could hear Athena moving off into the kitchen and beginning to speak with her mother. Zoe unlocked the front door, opened it slowly, slipped through, and shut it behind her before dashing away from the house and down the sidewalk.

As she headed home, she reflected on the night. She was now in a lesbian relationship with her best friend. No, her girlfriend. The thought made her feel wet just thinking about it. She began to fantasize about what else she and Athena might be able to do, not realizing that each desire was continuously altering Athena more and more back at her house.


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Yesss! more interactions with Athena and zoe...I wonder if her mom is subject to being wished upon as well....

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Glad you’re enjoying it. Zoe and Athena’s relationship, and it’s effects on Athena, is unexpectedly become one part of the story that I’ve been having a lot of fun writing and coming up with new developments for the two of them. We’ll be seeing them again in later chapters, but for now we’re going to check in with the titular Chick:

Chick for a Dick: Karyn’s Homecoming

Karyn ran her fingers through her long blonde hair, savoring the sensation of soap and water frothing together atop her head. She had not been able to feel this thoroughly clean in a long time. Sure, Jon had bathed, but Karyn’s recent washings had mostly been a giant mouth sucking bodily fluids off of her.

Karyn paused at the thought, unknowingly straightening her back and standing more ridged. Life being human was way different than being a penis. The few hours since she had left Jon’s had really emphasized that. She had started by sprinting home as quickly as she could only to almost collapse on the sidewalk. Breathing and exercise seemed almost alien concepts to her, and she had quickly over exerted herself. After a brief breather, she had made it home.

Walking through the rooms of the house had felt like stepping into a dream. Conflicting memories fought each other. In one life, this had been her home for years.  Her family had moved in when she was still in elementary school. She had played in these rooms, cried here, celebrated holidays and birthdays. But another set of memories told her this was the first time she had ever stepped foot into these walls. It was the first time she had been away from Jon at all. She had always lived in his pants. Always been his penis. And to her, both were true.

She had quietly explored her strange, familiar home until her mom and dad had come home. She had greeted them with the enthusiasm of a long lost daughter, but to them it had only been hours since they had last seen each other. Dinner had also carried its share of awkward moments. Karyn’s mom had served a family staple of roasted chicken for dinner, but to Karyn it may as well have been a gourmet feast. It was the first food Karyn had tasted in over a week and flavors were amazing!

Karyn’s parents were a bit confused by Karyn’s enthusiastic approval of the meal, but her mother took the compliment in stride and turned to conversation to asking about Karyn’s day. Her parents had been upset when she offhandedly told them she had left school early with Jon (which was true enough). While her father approved of Jon’s incredible work ethic at school and was equally impressed with his massive fortune, he didn’t like the idea of him pulling Karyn needlessly out of class. Karyn’s mother was a bit suspicious of Jon’s intentions with her daughter, especially hearing he brought her to his house in the middle of a school day. She probed slightly, inquiring if anything “intimate” had occurred. If they only knew...

Karyn had headed straight for the shower following dinner. As the water caressed her body, she realized how tired she was. Walking everywhere, talking to people, eating, undressing, bathing... it was exhausting. As a penis, she just had to sit back and wait. Wait to be dressed, wait to pee, wait to be washed, wait to fuck. Hell, she didn’t even need to eat. Being human was filled with tedious necessities. A penis like her should-

Karyn froze, caught off guard by her own thoughts. She wasn’t a penis. She was a human.


Karyn turned off the water and exited the shower, careful to walk on the wet floor with her unsteady legs. She looked at her body in the semi-fogged mirror. Her massive breasts looked out of place on her lithe body. And this blonde hair. Why had she wished to have huge tits and blonde hair in the first place? She looked at her reflection as if wait for it to answer her.

Finally, she gave a sign and a shrug. She could live with the boobs and hair. In fact, she had known the way she and Jon had planned the wish that she would keep them rather than returning to her previous red hair and smaller bust. She liked her new breasts and thought they were sexy, but didn’t want to admit it to Jon. She was relieved when he had also overlooked that little detail, saving her from having to admit she wanted to keep her new tits.  She reached up and grabbed her chest, enjoying not just the sensation of being touched but relishing the novelty of having arms. She looked back into the mirror and saw a blonde, big-breasted knockout who was dripping wet and groping herself.

I want to fuck.

The impulse gripped her to the core. She began to breath heavily as the desired bubbled within her. She looked at her reflection and licked her lips before she cupped her breasts and pinched her nipples. She gasped as electricity shot from her breasts to between her legs. She felt herself growing wet, but something felt off. Something was missing...

She wrapped her hair in a towel before wrapping her body in a second towel, a pleasurable sensation filling her body as she did. Chalking it up to the soft warmth of the fabric, Karyn quickly left the bathroom, shuffled down the hall to her room and shut the door. I wish I had an attached bathroom. Maybe Jon would let me borrow the stone... she mused to herself. However, Karyn knew that if she had the stone, a new bathroom would be pretty low on her wishlist.

She let the towel around her body fall to the floor. She felt a pang of disappointment that she was no longer wrapped up, but her mind was running too fast to care.

If I had the stone... what _would_ I wish for?

Karyn sat on her bed and pulled out her laptop. She opened the internet and typed “hot guys” into the search bar. She started to scroll through the images, but found them disappointing. She cleared the search and tried “sexy guys.” The images became more risqué, but still did not stroke the passion welling up within her. “Naked guys,” she muttered as she typed in the new search. A wall of nude, chiseled men filled her screen. She clicked on a few and brushed her nether-lips softly, but she grew more and more disappointed until she cleared the search bar.

The room was still as Karyn contemplated the desires raging in her. She knew what she wanted. Her free hand went to the keyboard. “Naked girls.” Karyn felt herself becoming wetter as she looked at the screen. The flesh displayed on the screen was enticing... but she wanted more.

“Naked girls big tits.”

She inserted a finger into her wet slit, humming in pleasure. She looked at the bounty of breasts the internet had delivered to her. However, she found her eyes drifting lower in the pictures. She inserted another finger as she began typing “naked girls spread legs.”

The new images caused Karyn to moan with need. The lips; the pink walls; the wet, inviting warmth. A third finger spread her own sex as she typed “naked wet pussy close-up” and immediately clicked on the first image. Her breath caught in her throat as she beheld the image of a set of wet, pink lips spread invitingly open covering her screen. It was almost like it was big enough to stick her head into. Almost as if...

She clicked next, and another explicit image of a waiting sex appeared on screen. Then another. And another. And another. She was thrusting her fingers into herself, but felt no closer to relief.

She shrunk the window to half the screen and then accessed her own photos. She found a file from summer vacation and began scrolling. Photo after photo until she found one of her and Jon at the beach. The photo had been altered like the rest of reality where she was sporting her new breasts, almost overflowing out of her bikini top. Jon stood next to her, his wet swim trunks clinging to his body and outlining the bulge at his crotch.

Karyn looked at her screen. One half was a photo of a random vagina being spread wide, then a photo of her next to Jon. The forced perspective seemed as if the pussy was as big as them. Karyn clicked the mousepad and adjusted the window to crop Jon out of the image. All that was left was Karyn, with her giant breasts, looking like she was about to be sucked into the waiting sex next to her.

Karyn groaned at the thought. She restored the window and returned Jon to the screen. Her eyes fell on the bulge at his crotch. She quickened her pace. She wanted him. She wanted him to fuck her. She wanted him to fuck with her! She wanted to feel him inside her, and wanted him to fill others with her. He was her best friend, and she was his cock.

She felt her pussy clamp on her fingers. Her back went ridged and she opened her mouth, awaiting the stream of cum to erupt from her mouth. However, all that came out was a throaty cry. Even as the orgasm pulsed through her body, she heard heavy footsteps moving down the hall. Someone had heard her!

Karyn looked from her computer to the hand still inside of herself. Just as the doorknob jiggled, she shout. “I’m naked!” She winced at her own admission and quickly followed it with “I just got out of the shower.” The room was silent. Karyn felt her heart beating rapidly from both cumming and her precarious situation.

“What was the screaming about?”

“I... had a muscle cramp. My leg it, um, cramped up.”

Silence filled the room again. Karyn winced at the lameness of her excuse. She may as well have just admitted to what she had been doing. Finally her father spoke through the door. “Ok.” Karyn hear his footsteps moving away from the door and faded as they went back downstairs to leave her once more in silence.

Karyn slowly slid her fingers out if her pussy and looked at them. They were coated with her musky wetness. She extended her tongue and licked her index finger, tasting herself. She closed her eyes, savoring the flavor, comparing it to the different girls she had tasted in the past. She opened her eyes, looked to the door and let out a sigh.

“Sorry, daddy,” she whispered, “but your little girl is a cock.” She looked at her computer, still displaying a pussy close-up and her standing next to Jon. “And she loves it.”

Karyn closed the windows on the computer and shut it off. She got up, pulled back the covers, and climbed into bed. As she settled in, everything felt wrong. She tried to fluff her pillows, but that only made it worse. A bed, with sheets and pillows? That wasn’t how she wanted to sleep. She looked around the empty room, feeling incredibly alone.

“Karyn wants to be Jon’s penis.”

The words left her mouth before she realized she had said them. She paused, waiting, hoping. However, time ticked by and she remained alone in her dark bedroom. She thought about calling Jon, but rejected the idea. She had just escaped a fate of being trapped as his dick forever and now she wanted to ask to go back after not even half a day? He would think she was crazy.

Karyn let out a deep sigh and pulled back the covers. She knocked the pillows off the bed, spun so her head was facing the baseboard, then pulled the sheets back over herself. She brought her legs together and curled them close, trying to replicate the familiar bulge of Jon’s testicles beneath her. She held her arms stiffly to her sides, trying to pretend they weren’t there. She nuzzled her face into the soft sheets and mattress beneath her, trying to imagine it was Jon’s skin. “Karyn wants to be Jon’s penis,” she said again.

Karyn drifted to sleep repeating the phrase, hoping she would wake up back in Jon’s pants where she belonged.


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This next chapter is my most anticipated one ever I think


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Chick for a Dick: Chick Isn't a Dick

As Karyn was falling asleep in her bed, Jon was just waking up in his. He looked around the room as his sleep addled mind tried to function. The dark room was dimly lit by a single lamp on his nightstand while a night sky was visible through the skylight above him.

Jon sat up, feeling a pang of hunger in his stomach. He was hungry. Extremely hungry. What had he-

Jon’s eyes went wide as he looked down at his unclothed crotch. He was starting at his penis. Not Karyn’s limbless body in place of his penis; but his own, normal penis. He briefly worried that he had somehow inadvertently wished her into being nothing but a normal penis. He felt relief rush through him as he quickly remembered that Karyn had been turned back into a human and had gone home. His relief eroded slightly as mild disappointment began to blossom within him.

He stood and shuffled to the bathroom as memories  from earlier in the day played through his head. After Karyn had left, Jon had realized how much he had missed her company; how boring it was to have a normal penis between his legs; and, after briefly jacking himself off, how much more pleasurable she had felt than his normal dick.

Jon moved to the toilet and prepared to relieve himself. As he reached down, he instinctively tried to grip his member as to account for Karyn’s boobs, to pull back her hair, and to support her length. Instead, his normal penis felt alien in his grip. He let out a disappointed sigh and released his bladder.

As he washed his hands, Jon recalled the rest of the day. He had been curious to see what sex with his normal dick was like, so he had summoned Lisa and Nadia to his room. Jon had been momentarily distracted from his lust after seeing what Lisa had done to Nadia. The blonde had really taken to his command to transform her friend in various ways. While some of her alterations were a bit weird, they were also extremely enticing. Nadia, for her part, also seemed to greatly enjoy being the guinea pig for Lisa’s newly established fetish. Lisa had been so aroused by transforming and playing with Nadia, she had even asked that Jon not include her in their sex to further tease her. After the sex started, everything became a bit of a blur.

Jon’s stomach gurgled loudly. It was no wonder he was so hungry. Jon had skipped eating lunch to work on changing Karyn back and then he had skipped dinner to fuck Lisa. He hadn’t eaten since breakfast!  Maybe he could go to the kitchen and-

There was a soft knock at his door before it softly opened. Lisa was standing at the door, dressed in her now familiar maid uniform holding a tray on which sat a rather appetizing looking sandwich. “Good evening, Master. I assumed that you would be hungry when you woke up so I took the liberty of preparing something for when you were ready.”

Jon moved forward and gave Lisa a kiss on the cheek before taking the tray from her hands. “Lisa, never change.”

The girl giggled. “But, Master, you change me all the time.”  A playful thought went through Jon’s head as he moved to the couch with his dinner. “You know what? I do. But I’m curious to see what ideas you would come up with. Lisa, transform yourself the way you were next planning to transform Nadia.”

Jon watched as Lisa gave a small yelp and went stiff before her entire body seemed to get sucked into her uniform which quickly dropped to the floor. A mass inside hit the plush carpet with a soft thud and Jon began to hear Lisa’s voice grunting from within the loose garment.

Jon watched as the lump inside the clothes began to move and shift as it made its way out. Jon smirked as he took in Lisa’s new form. The majority of her body had vanished. Her arms, legs, stomach, butt, shoulders... all gone.  Her breasts had remained but were now doubled, the four boobs pressed together in a four leaf clover formation. In the center where all of the breasts met, Lisa’s neck and head emerged. She looked up at Jon from the floor, a look of shock and amusement on her face. Her four breasts quickly began twitch and wiggle, allowing her to moved across the floor towards him. Her long blonde hair trailed  behind her.

“This is so weird. And so hot. Fuck, I think I’m even more turned being the one changed into this!”

Jon sat the tray onto the coffee table in front of the couch before picking up the sandwich and tacking a large bite out of it. Jon watched as Lisa’s compact form scuttled towards him and came to rest next to him, the top of her head even with his calf. “Master, I am sorry to interrupt, but could you please lift me up? I can’t get up on my own.”

Jon put down the sandwich before reaching down and grabbing Lisa, his hands sinking into her cleavage on opposite sides of her body to get a good grip on her core. Her breasts felt no different from how they normally did as his hands gripped them, despite their ability to now move. She gave a little squeal of joy as Jon lifted her off the floor and placed her on the couch next to him. However, as soon as Jon let go of her, she waddled on her four breasts to his lap where the underside of her body began to grind on his crotch. Jon grunted in surprise and arousal and began to feel his cock harden. As it did, he could feel wet folds teasing his dick head. Even as Jon was still going erect, Lisa began to pull his dick into the pussy on bottom of her body. Soon, Jon was completely erect and Lisa gave a content hum as she completely lowered herself to the hilt of her Master’s shaft and began to slowly raise and lower herself.

“Thank you, Master. Please, continue eating. I know you must be hungry, but I am compelled to behave this way. You enjoy your dinner, and I’ll take care of the rest,” the compressed girl said with a wink. Lisa continued to gyrate on his crotch as Jon reached for his plate and resumed eating, amused with Lisa’s behavior.

Lisa continued her ministrations the entire time Jon ate. Whenever Jon felt himself getting close to cumming, Lisa would instinctively slow her pace to prolong the experience. Jon had been done eating for several minutes and Lisa had continued to slide his dick in and out of herself. Jon was loving it, but did not know how much longer he could take. His passions rising, he reached down and fondled her four breasts in his lap. This caused her pace to wobble as her breasts’ movement was impaired, but she simply hummed pleasantly and continued to hump Jon as best as she could. Finally, the stimulation became too much and Jon felt himself about to cum. Without any direction, Lisa firmly planted herself onto Jon’s length and gripped down with her inner walls. Jon groaned as his seed was released into Lisa’s compressed form.

Jon let out a heavy sigh. The sex had been amazing, but it had not felt nearly as powerful as when Karyn had been between his legs. The feeling of her breasts as they rubbed the inside of a pussy, the feeling of her hips being gripped when he fully penetrated a girl, her muffled cries of pleasure, her own pleasure enhancing his... Having a normal penis just wasn’t the same.

“Karyn wants...”

Jon hesitated. Karyn had just turned back to normal and here he was selfishly wanting her back as his penis for his own pleasure. It wasn’t fair to her. Besides, they both needed to say the activation phrase for her to transform. There was no way she was saying the phrase at this exact moment for it to work anyways.

“Karyn wants what, Master?”

Jon looked down at Lisa resting in his lap who was looking up at him with a curious expression. “Uh, nothing. I was just thinking out loud.”

“Oh. Ok.”

Jon jolted and twitched as Lisa resumed pumping his softening cock, overstimulating his spent organ. “Lisa, stop!” he commanded. Lisa obediently stopped and smiled sweetly up at him from his lap. “Sorry, Master. I can’t control myself right now. I will resume whenever you are ready.”

“Lisa, tell me about this form. What was your plan for Nadia?”

“My plan was to make her the perfect little sexual lap pet. I was going to regrow my penis while you were at school and spend all day with her sitting in my lap and letting me fuck her. I could last as long as I want, never get sore, and could begin fucking her again right after cumming. I was going to turn her into this body and give her the impulse to keep riding my dick nonstop.”

“So me telling you to wait has to be pretty frustrating, huh?” The blonde bit her lower lip and nodded, causing her boobs to wobble and her slit to wiggle on Jon’s softening shaft. “Where is Nadia now?” Jon asked

“She’s in the kitchen, cleaning up and getting used to her new body.”

“You mean the body she had when you two were in here earlier?”

A cheerful smile came to Lisa’s face. “Oh no, Master. I was done playing with that form. I’ve already given Toy a whole different form.”


A playful smile spread on Lisa’s face. “Yes, Master. I love playing with her, using her. She just so adorable, watching that wonderful shocked expression that she gets each time I change her. And I can tell that she loves it as much as I do. ‘Toy’ just seemed like such a fitting name for her that I just sort of started calling her that. But I can stop if you wish.”

Jon couldn’t help but smile to himself, pleased with how well his unknown commands had taken hold of both girls. “No, I think it’s a wonderful name. Where is ‘Toy’ now?”

“Cleaning up the kitchen. Would you like to see her?” Lisa asked excitedly.

Jon shook his head. Whatever Lisa had already turned Nadia, Toy, into was no doubt made for sex, and Jon was both spent and tired. It could wait until the morning. “No, you can show her to me later. But right now, I should really go to bed.”

The smile on Lisa’s face wavered, but she dutifully scuttled off of Jon’s lap, his dick sliding out of her with a wet slurp. Before Jon could stand up, Lisa rotation her head 180 degrees on her neck so she was now facing back towards Jon’s lap, leaned in, and sucked their combined fluids off of Jon’s cock.

Jon grunted and ran his fingers through Lisa’s long hair as she cleaned him, earning a content hum from her. After several moments, she pulled her mouth off of Jon’s semi-erect member and gave it one last lick. Jon leaned in, kissed Lisa on the forehead, and moved to his bed. The bed was still partially stripped, with the sheets lying in a pile on the floor next to Lisa’s discarded uniform. Too tired to care, Jon flopped on to the bed and began to fluff his pillows.

“Uh, Master, what about me?”

Jon looked down and saw that Lisa had hopped off the sofa and had moved to his side. “I think you’re pretty cute right now. I think I’ll leave you that way for a bit,” he teased.

“In that case, could you help me up on the bed?”

“Didn’t you say that while you’re in that form you constantly need of be filled? Won’t you spend all night trying to ride my dick?”

“Maybe...” she said coyly.

Jon chuckled and reached down to once again lift Lisa off the floor. She giggled as Jon grabbed her boobs and lifted her up before playfully tossing her onto the mattress. She scurried to the middle of the bed, waiting for Jon to lay down. As he sat down, Lisa was already moving closer to his crotch.

“You know, it’s going to be really hard to get a good night’s sleep if you’re riding me all night.”

“I’m sorry! I can’t help it! The compulsion is too strong. I need to be fucked. I wanted Toy to be eager and insatiable.”

Jon signed. He could always turn Lisa back to her regular body, or even order the compulsion away. But he was having too much fun with her. If only...

Jon’s eyes fell onto the stone still sitting on his nightstand. An idea came to his mind. What could one wish hurt?

“Lisa, get me hard.” Lisa let out a squeal of excitement and shuffled herself between his legs where she began to enthusiastically suck him off again. Jon grunted as he felt his erection returning. In moments, his penis was rock hard. Jon looked at the stone in his hands, then at Lisa.

“Have fun. I wish that for tonight, no matter what happens, I will stay asleep until morning and awaken feeling well rested.”


The moment Jon spoke his wish, he immediately collapsed limply onto the bed in a deep sleep. The stone rolled out of his limp hand and fell forgotten onto the floor next to the bed. Lisa wobbled on her four tit limbs in excitement before scuttling up onto Jon’s hips and once more filling her needy slit with her Master’s cock. She bounced up and down slightly and slowly, savoring the sensation and feeling completely content.

Yeah, I’m definitely still going to use this change on Toy, Lisa thought as she continued to fuck her Master.


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The anticipation for the next chapter(s) is getting worse by the month.

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Chick for a Dick: Chick Wants to be a Dick


The sound of a throat being cleared roused Jon from his slumber. He gave a soft groan as his eyes fluttered opened and gave a stretch as he felt his muscles coming to life. Suddenly, a new sensation flooded him as he felt his balls tense before a massive orgasm ripped through his body. His body clenched and his hands reflexively flew to his crotch only to meet a mass of soft flesh and hair. He looked down to see Lisa in her compressed form planted firmly on his dick. Jon shuddered as he released a massive load into the transformed girl.

The orgasm was amazing. Jon didn’t know if the sensation was because Lisa had been riding him all night or was a side effect of his wish, but it was an incredible rush of pleasure. Jon collapsed back into his plush pillows and basked in the wonderful afterglow. That’s when his gaze turned upwards and he saw Karyn standing next to the bed with an amused look on her face.

“Morning,” she said smugly.

Jon turned bright red. He was completely naked, sprawled out on his bed, and had just woken up cumming into his highly transformed love servant in front of his best friend. He gave a short, nervous laugh before looking for something to cover himself with. “Um... how long have you been here?”

“A while. I tried calling but got no answer so I figured I should head over. Luckily Nadia let me in.”

Karyn pointed and Jon’s eyes fell upon a second figure standing a few feet from the foot of his bed. She was wearing a bright neon pick dress which was reminiscent of a particular doll. This was fitting because Nadia had been transformed into a life sized doll version of herself. Her bronze skin had taken on a rubbery sheen and her dark hair was artificial and unnaturally stiff as it reached all the way to her ass. Her elbows were locked in a bent L-shape while her hands were set wide open with all of her fingers held together. It was almost reminiscent of when Jon had previously turned Lisa into a realistic sex doll except for the face. Her face was literally painted on with her unblinking amber eyes seeming slightly oversized in a stylized doll esthetic and her mouth frozen in a pleasant, but vacant, smile. She now completely embodied Lisa’s new name and position for her: Toy.

Jon’s thoughts were overloaded with Karyn’s unexpected presence, Nad- Toy’s new body, and the lingering orgasmic haze still dancing in his brain. From his crotch, Lisa let out a whine. “Aw, Karyn! You ruined the surprise!” Karyn looked at Jon with a bemused look. “What have all of you been up to after I left yesterday?”

“Don’t look at me! The way they are now was all her idea,” Jon said, pointing down towards Lisa. “Uh huh,” Karyn replied with playful condescension. Jon rolled his eyes and returned to looking for something to cover himself with. Unfortunately, his sheets were still in a pile on the floor. Besides Lisa’s bizarre body concealing his crotch, he was fully expose. “Oh, by the way,” Karyn said offhandedly as she held up a small object, “this was just sitting on the floor when I came in.”

Jon’s blood ran cold. It was the stone.

Silence filled the room. Jon didn’t dare breath. Karyn had control over all of reality in her hand. She could do anything. Hell, she may have changed everything single thing about him while he was asleep and he wouldn’t realize it. He was at her mercy.

“Seriously, Jon, you should really be more careful.” Jon was caught off guard when Karyn casually tossed the stone to him. He clumsily caught it and looked from it to Karyn and back. “Karyn, honestly, did you make any wishes just now?”

Karyn’s eyes glossed over and her posture relaxed. “No, I didn’t.”

Jon let out a sigh of relief

“You’re right, Karyn. I should be more careful. Lisa, um... Toy, I am ordering you to keep the stone away from anyone other than me and whoever I allow to use it. Right now, that’s just Karyn. If you see anyone else with it, do whatever you can to get it away from them.”

“Of course, Master!” Lisa complied with an enthusiastic hop. Jon grunted as the movement caused Lisa to hump his overstimulated dick. Toy only gave a sharp nod, apparently unable to speak at the moment. “Uh, girls, how about you give Karyn and me some privacy, ok? Lisa, you are allowed to change your body again.” Lisa obediently lifted herself off of Jon’s penis with a slick pop and slid off the bed before crawling across the floor on her four boobs. Toy turn stiffly and obediently followed behind her Mistress.

“Thank you, Master, but I think I might stay this way for a bit. I want to see how much fun we can have like this. Toy, get the door.”

Toy used both of her stiff hands to grasp the door knob and clumsily opened it for Lisa who quickly scurried through it and down the hall. Toy then passed through and turned to close the door behind them. Jon could have sworn the expression on her face seemed slightly more genuine, and eager, than it had been a moment earlier.

Karyn watched after them and shook her head in amusement. “‘Toy,’ huh?” she asked looking back towards the bed. Jon felt his blush deepen but said nothing as he quickly got up and recovered the discarded sheets off the floor to covered himself with.

“Don’t worry, Jon. It isn’t anything I haven’t already seen. Heck, it isn’t anything that I haven’t already been. “

Jon felt himself harden slightly, recalling the thrill of having Karyn as his penis. He silently shuffled over to his closet, hoping Karyn hadn’t noticed his arousal. Unknown to him, Karyn had indeed noticed, but decided to keep her observation to herself. A couple minutes later, Jon exited his walk-in closet fully dressed.

“So, how are you doing?”

Karyn wanted to tell Jon that she wanted to be his dick again. That she wanted to fuck girls all day. That she wanted them to use the stone to give them everything they wanted. Reality was theirs to control and play with at their whims and she want to experience everything that had to offer!

But what would he think? He’d probably believe she’d lost her mind to want to go back to being just a body part. She instead gave a nonchalant shrug. “Just getting back into the swing of things, I guess.” Jon nodded and an awkward silence filled the room.

Karyn looked at her watch. “Um... we should probably get going. I figured we could go to school together. You know... like we used to. Or still do. Or... whatever.”

“Yeah, I guess. Unless you want to skip?”

“Tempting, but my parents were already kinda mad I skipped half a day with you yesterday. Or at least that’s what happened in this version of reality. Besides, nothing will help me get back to normal like getting back to my regular routine, you know?”

Jon held back a sigh of relief. As much as he would have loved spending the day with Karyn, he didn’t know if he could continue to hide that he wanted her back in his pants. Perhaps she was right and they should just have a normal day. Or as normal as things can be these days, he thought with amusement as he thought about all of their transformed classmates.

“Ok. Give me a few to get ready and then drive us out there,” he said as he gestured towards his bathroom.

Karyn flashed him a smile and nodded. “No problem.” Jon returned the smile, stepped into the bathroom, and closed the door behind him. Karyn’s eyes went from the closed door to the nightstand beside Jon’s bed. Right where Jon had left the stone. For a second time, she was left alone with the powerful artifact. She took a step towards it, almost as if it was calling her. She hesitated, her indecisiveness battling within her. She could have anything she wanted...

Slowly, Karyn reached out and gingerly picked up the unassuming stone. She looked it over, almost shocked that it in no way gave an indication of the incredible power it possessed. That by holding it, she possessed. She looked back at the closed bathroom door, the faint sound of Jon urinating on the other side filled her with numerous memories of when she had been between his legs in that very same situation. She looked towards the hallway door, where Lisa and Nadia had just stepped through, and recalled so many times they had pleasured her erect body. She could almost taste the cum erupting through her.. but now, there was nothing. There was, of course, the hot emptiness between her legs. The desire rising in her. But her body, her human body, was not made to register the encompassing pleasure she had experienced. That she missed. That she needed.

She had wanted to tell Jon, but she was afraid what he would think. But, with the stone, she could have what she wanted more than anything. And she would help Jon understand.

"After all, turnabout is only fair," she whispered as she stared at the stone.

The flush of the toilet caused Karyn's heart to skip a beat. Shit! She'd have to make this fast! "Um, ok, uh, I wish that for the next week I was Jon's dick the way I was last week but this time I was the only one who remembered it!"


Jon stepped out of the bathroom and surveyed the empty bedroom. The room was empty, the stone laying on the bed where he left it. He briefly has a sense that he was missing something, but he quickly put the thought out of his head. It was time to get going. Jon crossed the room and picked up the stone. He smiled as he held it, ready for another fun filled day. He felt his dick harden in his pants. It had a mind of its own, but he couldn't help but revel in the growing arousal. He stuffed the stone in his pocket and headed for the door, unaware of just how much he had been changed. However, Karyn was also unaware of just how much her wish had changed him.


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nice to see that you are back smile


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It's good to be back!

Chick for a Dick: TGIF

Jon bounded down the stairs with a spring in his step. It was Friday, he’d woken up to an amazing orgasm delivered by one of his two love slaves, and he was master of all reality.

“Life is good,” he mused.

Hearing the footsteps pitter-pattering down the stairs, Amanda rushed to the landing to investigate the commotion. Her tailed wagged wildly and her mouth was open in a wide smile, showing off her enlarged canines and her long tongue hung out of her mouth. The dog-girl welcomed Jon with and enthusiastic bark and jumped up on him and he came off the stairs, pressing her eight human breasts against him. Jon laughed and gently pushed her down. He patted her blonde hair and scratched behind her elongated left ear, causing her rear leg to kick in response.

“Morning, you silly bitch,” Jon said with a smile. Amanda looked up at him with her bright blue eyes. There was no intelligence or understanding behind them, just a pet’s adoration for its owner. Jon thought back to the previous weekend when the dog-girl had been screwed by his neighbor's golden lab. As amusing as it was to see the once proud manipulator get treated like a bitch in heat, Jon really didn’t want to deal with any puppies at the moment. He pulled his hand away from Amanda’s ear and pulled out the stone.

“Well, let’s just make sure. I wish Amanda was not impregnated when she had sex last Saturday.”

Jon was a little surprised that there was no flash. He could only assume that Amanda was not knocked up in the first place, so apparently the stone didn’t need to actually grant the wish. Either that, or the stone wasn’t working for some reason. That could be a huge problem. Jon decided a test was called for to make sure the stone was not on the fritz.

“Amanda, honestly, what was the name of the girl who wished you to be like this?”

Immediately, the vacant expression left the altered girl’s face and it contorted into a scowl. “It was that fucking bitch Miranda! She couldn’t handle a little competition and turned me into this freak!”

Jon let out a laugh. “Still angry about it, are we?” Amanda snarled, baring her transformed teeth. “Of course I’m still upset! I’m a dumb dog and I got fucked by some mutt!” Jon smiled. “Well, I wouldn’t want my precious pet to be unhappy,” he said mockingly. “I wish Miranda was my dog-girl pet like Amanda.”


Instantly, another dog-girl was now sitting on her haunches next to Amanda. Where as Amanda had been a stunning blonde with huge tits, Miranda was more of a girl-next-door cute with her auburn hair styled in a pixie cut. Her limbs had been replaces with those of a dog and her new fur matched her original hair color. She had eight breasts running down her torso, but they were significantly smaller than Amanda’s and speckled with freckles. Otherwise, she had the same tail, teeth, tongue, and ears as Amanda. And like the blonde, Miranda had a vacant stare behind her light brown eyes.

Jon looked his new pet over and had an amusing thought enter his head. “I know what will make the two of you best friends. I wish dog-Miranda had a male dog’s equipment between her legs.”


Miranda had once again been changed, now possessing a noticeable sheath and balls between her rear set of legs. However, the rest of her had remained unchanged. The feminine face, multiple breasts, all the rest of her was female except for the dog dick she now sported. Since both creatures lacked any understanding of human speech, neither Miranda nor Amanda reacted to the wishes Jon had openly spoken in front of them.

“There, now you don’t need to worry about any neighborhood dogs anymore, Amanda. And Miranda, you won't need to worry about Amanda stealing your boyfriends anymore because, well, now you're the boyfriend.” The transformed girls tilted there heads as they looked up at him, trying to comprehend what he was saying but only understanding their names. Jon laughed again and gave them both a quick pat on the top of the head before moving down the hall towards the kitchen, both pets following behind.

Well, the stone still works, Jon thought with satisfaction.


“Hello, Master!” Lisa called sweetly as Jon stepped into the kitchen. Amanda and Miranda rushed past him and quickly scoured the kitchen floor for scraps. Finding none, the two darted out back into the larger house. Maybe I’m going to end up with puppies after all Jon thought as he took a seat at the breakfast table.

Jon’s attention shifted to Lisa who was moving towards him carrying a plate in one hand and a glass of orange juice in the other. But the food she was carrying was the last thing Jon was interested in. Lisa has returned herself to her normal body, but she was still completely naked except for a neon pink latex apron that was stretched tightly over her massive tits. She smiled seductively at him as she placed his breakfast on the table. Jon realized his jaw was hanging open and quickly tried to regain his composure. Lisa let out an intoxicating giggle from his reaction. “You like?” she asked, spinning around to show off her scantily covered body and bare ass to her Master.

“You need to ask?” Jon responded, reaching out to caress her wide hips that were peeking out from behind the unusual garment. Lisa hummed in approval and moved forward, closing the distance between them enough to allow Jon to reach her ass.

Jon drank in the intoxicating beauty before him. The soft warmth of her firm ass in his hand, the inviting hums of pleasure she uttered from his touch, the scent of her hair mixing with the sweet smell of the waffles she had placed in front of him. She was his perfect little toy.


Jon’s gaze moved down to the apron that was squeaking and creaking against Lisa’s bare flesh. “Lisa, do I need to ask where this came from?” he asked as he groped her chest through the latex. Lisa giggled again. “You’re so clever, Master. Toy wasn’t much help to me making breakfast as she was, but I couldn’t bare to see that latex body of hers go away quite yet. So, I found a happy compromise.”

Jon looked closer at the apron. The vivid color was almost overwhelming and he almost had to look away to keep from straining his eyes against the sea of pink. But he continued to stare, looking for any indication that this... thing had once been a person. That it was in fact alive. But Jon saw nothing that betrayed the garment's true nature. If Lisa had chosen a more subtle appearance for her fellow slave, Jon would have never been the wiser.

It took a moment to register that the kitchen had gone still. He realized that Lisa had stopped humming and gyrating under his touch and was standing still before him. And he also realized that he had been staring at the part of the apron that was directly over Lisa’s tits. Jon briefly wondered if Lisa thought he was checking her out. Lisa smiled warmly. “I know it was not me you were admiring, Master, but Toy. I know all of your desires and I knew that you wanted to inspect her closer, so I was trying my best to let you see her without distraction. But, I’ll take it as a compliment that it’s here,” she said, moving her shoulders together and deepening her cleavage behind Toy’s altered form, “that you chose to focus.”

Jon smiled wryly and looked her over. As he took the first bit of his waffles, he played with the idea of having Lisa drop to her knees, scoot under the table, and suck him off until he blew his load all over her pretty face and the fetishized kitchen garment she had transformed her best friend into. The thought caused his dick to tentpole in his pants with anticipation while Lisa caressed her latex clad bosom and bit her lower lip, clearly aware of his unspoken desires and waiting for his command to pleasure him.

No, he thought. If he wanted to get to school on time, he’d have to start getting a move on. Not that he was worried about classes or grades. Quite the opposite. But there were always new transformed girls to spot around school. And if not, he could always have fun making some more. He absentmindedly patted his pocket, reassuring himself that the stone was there. He looked at Lisa and mentally commanded her to start cleaning, but to show off her body as she did.

Lisa’s lustful expression immediately melted away, replaced with a chipper smile as she spun dramatically to flourish her apron and headed towards to stove to begin cleaning. She swayed her hips exaggeratedly and looked over her shoulder to make sure her Master was enjoying the show.

Jon devoured his pancakes, eager to head out. “Lisa,” he said between the final bites, “have you seen Zoe this morning?” Lisa turned to face him and clasped her hands in front of her daintily. “I have not seen her, Master. But I did hear her walking past the kitchen door while I was cooking your breakfast. I believe she was heading towards the garage.”

Jon rolled his eyes. And now Zoe is just helping herself to my cars. I better get go see which one she took. He stood up and Lisa quickly moved to his side. She softly dabbed the sides of his mouth with a napkin and gave him a kiss on the cheek. “Have a good day, Master.”

Jon wrapped his arms around her and kissed her fully, giving her ass one more firm squeeze. “After your chores, feel free to play with your Toy,” he said, running his finger down the pink apron. Lisa giggled. “Thank you, Master. I already have so many ideas for what to do with her.”


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Yeah, this is the kind of stuff I was thinking of when I compared this story to The Eyes of Kid Midas. TEKM progressed from “the MC is now wealthy” to “the girl who rejected the MC is 12 inches tall” to “the bully the MC disliked is condemned to eternal torment” to “the MC’s best friend just tried to kill him in order to stop the madness, and the MC accidentally erased him from existence,” and it didn’t stop for anything.


Re: Chick for a Dick - by ekempo5000

Chick for a Dick: Before the Storm

The sound of Jessie’s engine rumbled like thunder as Jon pulled the motorcycle-girl into the high school parking lot. He investigated the area, driving up and down the rows of cars until he spotted his target. Parked far away from the assembly of worn-out beaters and entry-level wanna-be sports cars typical of a school parking lot sat his glossy black luxury SUV. Well, she may have taken it without asking but at least she had the courtesy of parking it as far from everyone else as she could, Jon thought to himself.

He pulled into the open space next to his absconded vehicle and popped Jessie into neutral, drawing a groan from the altered girl that was noticeable even over the idling of her powerful motor. Jon smiled to himself, glad that his favorite vehicle was enjoying herself. She was fast, powerful, and beautiful. Everything you could want from a bike. But, it was the fact that she had once been the hot biker chick in school that really drove him crazy. A couple weeks ago, she was the bad girl that he didn't dare even imagine having the nerve to talk to. But now she was his. Literally. He had the title paperwork for her and everything. It was just a small sample of the fun the stone could create.

Jon lowered her kickstand and lifted his weight off of the plush leather seat Jessie’s luscious ass had been transformed into. As he reached for the key, Jessie looked back over her shoulder at her owner.

“Don’t keep me waiting too long, Jo-“

With a flick, Jon cut Jessie’s power, causing her engine to fall silent and leaving her frozen looking back with an invitingly sultry expression frozen on her chrome face.

Jon dismounted the girl’s mechanical body and took a moment to take in her impressive form. A perfect blend of mechanical craftsmanship and feminine allure. The stone had made Jessie into something equal parts amazing and desirable. Jon reached into his pocket, confirming the stone was still there. He glanced at Jessie, a sly grin coming to his face.

It was the start of another day of fun with the stone, and Jon knew just where to begin.


The hallways were already thinning out as Jon entered the building. The remaining students were quickly rushing into random doors, desperate to make it to class before they were marked late. It reminded him of cockroaches scurrying for cover when the lights were flipped on. He, thankfully, didn't need to worry about any of that. He didn’t need to rush to class, study hard, take tests, work for decent grades and all the rest of that bullshit. Yet another blessing the stone had provided. Nowadays, he was only at school because he chose to be. Being here provided him with entertainment. A whole school full of possibilities...

He felt himself growing hard, already excited at the opportunities for fun the day held in store for him. Of course, he could make one grandiose wish right now. Change everyone and everything to make them exactly how he wanted... but where was the fun in that?

No, Jon wanted fun. He wanted to play. But, every game needed rules. In a past reality, he had at best been a wallflower, but often he was the target of torment by so many of the pricks roaming these very halls. His thoughts drifted to Sarah, now stuck as his sister’s vagina; Amanda, now an animal-hybrid house pet; Grace, the self-riotous hypocrite now obssesed with licking any pussy she could get her cock-tongue into; and so many more. They received the punishments they deserved. And as for the others who never really wronged him? Well... it was still amusing watching what happened to them.

So, Jon decided on his rules for the day. First, he would not use his ability to adjust how attractive girls found him. He wanted to see how he would be treated without outside influences in play. Well, except for his wealth and perfect grades. No reason to deprive himself of those luxuries. Next, he would sit back and see how everyone behaved. If they treated him kindly, he’d provide them with blessings to better their lives. And if they treated him poorly, well... whatever he did to them would be their own faults. But, it might be difficult to use the stone throughout the day. People might hear the wishes he was making. Or even worse, pulling it out time and again might mean he could misplace it... or someone might somehow figure out the power it held. No, no he needed a different way to play his game.

Jon watched as the last student in the hall ran into their classroom and shut the door behind them, leaving him completely alone in the hallway. He reached into his pocket and pulled out the stone. He thought for a moment, thinking back to his lingering party wish which was still in effect on so many girls throughout the school. "Well, if I change them first, then the party wish will no longer effect them. But if this works the way I hope it will, well, if they might just find another change coming their way. I wish for the rest of the day that I can make a single wish on everyone in the school, excluding me, without needing to use the stone and that everyone will act as if I was the only one who heard it spoken."


Ok,hopefully that worked the way I'd hoped. Only one was to find out, I guess. Now, which way to Ms. Lee's class...

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Chick for a Dick: Slut for a Butt

Jon braced himself as he stood at the threshold to the classroom before him, bracing himself for the rush of knowledge that was about to hit him. He firmly turned the doorknob and stepped inside. But unlike previous times he had stepped into random classrooms, he did not feel a sudden rush of knowledge get dumped into his brain. Instead, there was a sudden clarity to information he already possessed. This was the first time he had joined a class which he already taken: Ms. Lee’s civics class. He had taken it the previous year, and now it was Zoe’s first class of the day.


Practically half the girls in the classroom spoke at the same time, sharing their announcement in unison. Jon rolled his eyes. Of course Zoe’s classes would be packed with more girls who have been altered. Since she was more likely to mess around with girls she had constant interaction with, it would have in turn made them open to Jon’s party wish from last weekend. A quick glance told him there was no way he’d be able to hear about all these girls’ changes before class wrapped up, and he had a more pressing issue to attend to at the moment. No, he was going to need a better way of checking out all of Zoe’s transformed lovers.

But that was a problem for later.

Right now, Jon had a different conundrum on his mind. He wondered if he had made a mistake by not making himself super attractive to the female population. He had gotten quite used to walking into a random classroom and having each coed, as well as the female teachers, drawn to him and soaking in his presence with lust clear in their eyes. Instead, he got a quick glance from the students before they went back to taking notes (or at least pretending to), and an acknowledging nod from Ms. Lee who had not stopped presenting her lesson at all during his arrival.

The only person in class who seemed to react  to his unexpected attendance was Zoe. Her face dropped as she realized her brother had decided to join her class, and she sunk slightly into her chair as if trying to hide from notice.

Jon smiled and strode into the room and down the aisle towards his sister. He had already wished in the hall for there to be a vacant desk available next to his sister, but the fact that she was seated in the far back of the room was an added bonus. It meant that not only could he speak with Zoe without Ms. Lee’s voice speaking over their conversation, but he could also mess with his sister without the teacher taking notice. He nonchalantly moved to the empty desk next to her.

By the time Jon slipped into the available seat, Zoe had started acting as if she was singularly focused on the teacher’s lecture, furiously scribbling notes without looking up.

“So... civics,” Jon half whispered. Zoe glanced at him out of the corner of her eye before looking back to her notebook as she intensified her writing. “Government... law... the perfect place to discuss auto theft.”

Zoe grimaced and put down the pencil before turning to look at him. “I’m sorry, ok?!” she hissed under her breath. “I didn’t think you would notice. Or care! You have, what, a hundred cars at the house? And it’s not like you couldn’t afford more. And you let me take one on Wednesday, so I figured it was fine.”

“You asked on Wednesday. And as I recall I didn’t get my car back until it was practically Thursday, given the time you got home.”

Jon watched her closely and could notice Zoe blush at the memory of why she had gotten home so late on Wednesday night. But Jon new his sister wasn’t the kind of girl to fold under pressure, so he wasn’t at all surprised when her blushing face into a scowl. “Look, I’m so sorry that I took one of the many cars in your endless collection,” she said, her voice dripping with sarcasm. “But can we not do this right now? I’m already having a bad enough day as it is, so I could really take a break from getting grilled on something that doesn’t really matter to you in the long run.”

“What? What are you talking about? What happened? Did you and Athena have a fight?”

Zoe’s eyes went wide and darted around the room before locking their gaze on him. “Can you please keep your voice down!” she hissed.

“Zoe, honestly, what happened that has you so upset?”

Her demeanor instantly change as her posture became relaxed and her scowl melted away in an expression of sadness and frustration. “I had this thrown at me before class started.” She reached into her bag and handed over a piece of paper that had been crumpled into a ball. Jon took it from her and spread it open. In the center of the page was a single, homophobic slur written in pink glitter ink.

“Are you fucking kidding me? Who did this?” Jon demanded. The bewitched Zoe casualty point further towards the front of the class at Kim. Jon’s blood boiled as he recalled his interaction earlier in the week when the bitch had mocked him in the locker room for popping a boner. It wasn’t his fault he was surrounded by hot, naked girls and his dick has a mind of its own. Jon was beginning to ponder possible punishments to inflict upon the homophobic bigot when Zoe spoke up.

“I’m not kidding you. Kim has been harassing me all morning. She happened to see me kiss Athena in the parking lot this morning and she’s been calling us slurs and mocking me ever since. No doubt I’m going to be getting shit for the rest off the day from her insufferable clique. I wish I could put that fucking asshole in her place.”


Instantly, Kim was gone. Her seat was now sitting empty. Fucking hypocrite, Jon thought. Kim had been effected by his lingering party wish from the previous weekend, meaning that after all of Kim’s torment towards Zoe for having a lesbian relationship, the two of them must have gotten it on in a previous reality. But that did leave a question. Jon looked over as his sister. “So, what happened to her?”

Zoe left out an annoyed sigh. “I put the asshole in her place,” she said with a grimace. Jon continued to stare at his sister, trying to figure out what she meant. It was then he noticed he was looking a few inches higher to meet her gaze. It was almost as if she was taller... or sitting on something...

Realization dawned on him and he pointed at her ass pressed against the desk seat. “Are you serious?! She’s your...?!”

Zoe rolled her eyes. “Yes, Jon, she’s my ass now, ok?!”

Jon lost it and began to laugh hysterically. Luckily, his outburst went unnoticed by the class as he still had Zoe locked in a trance. It was several minutes before he was able to regain his composure and explore the situation more.

“Zoe, could you please stand up and turn around?” he asked, still wiping tears from his eyes.

His sister obediently slipped out of her seat and turned to present her back to him. The first thing Jon noticed was how much Zoe’s ass had grown. Her original body had not been particularly curvy or voluptuous. She’d had noticeable hips, but her boobs and butt had been modest at best. But it appeared that much like how absorbing Tiffany and Amber into her tits had caused them to erupt into massive F-cups, which looked particularly enormous on her lithe frame, Kim’s alteration had transformed Zoe’s ass into a sensational bubblebutt. 

Jon blinked twice and, with the exception of a few pieces of jewelry and her black goth boots, Zoe was standing bare naked in the middle of the classroom. Jon immediately focused on his sister’s ass and found himself needing to admit it was actually quite spectacular. It was round, perky, and flawless. The only thing that seemed out of place was the set of honey-brown eyes, complete with the perfectly plucked eyebrows and primed lashes that had once been on Kim’s face. The rest of her, or what was left of her, appeared to be hidden within Zoe’s ample ass crack.

“Zoe, could you bend over and spread your ass?”

Zoe again followed his request, bending over at the waist before reaching behind herself, placing her hands on her plush ass cheeks, and spreading them apart. This revealed the rest of what was left of Kim. Her nose was still there, now placed so the bridge of her nose was exactly where the top of Zoe’s ass crack ended. When her ass cheeks were naturally pressed together, Kim’s nose was completely engulfed within them. As Jon expected, Kim’s mouth had completely replaced Zoe’s asshole. With Zoe bent over as she was, he could see Sarah’s face poking out from between her Zoe’s at her crotch. Jon was actually surprised to note how close Sarah and Kim’s faces were. If their normal heads had been pressed together as they were now, they would have been sharing a chin.

What surprised Jon even more, though, was the chrome buttplug that Kim was aggressively sucking on.

“Um, Zoe, why’s she got a buttplug in her, uh, ‘mouth?’”

“Because of my big mouth, that’s why. My wish made her into not just an asshole, but a fucking asshole. She’s an asshole that’s meant for fucking. Dammit, I’m so horny right now. I can’t wait for the end of the day so Athena can give my new asshole a hard facefucking.”

Jon snickered at her predicament. Well, I suppose this is a good start for stealing my car, he thought with amusement. Out of curiosity, he reach forward and tugged on the end of the plug in Kim’s mouth. The metal sex toy initially did not want to budge, with the butt-girl’s aggressive sucking offering significant resistance. Jon pulled with a bit firmer and the metal toy slid out from Kim’s mouth with a wet pop. This drew various moans and whimpers from Zoe and her various parts. Kim immediately extended her tongue out and reached towards Sarah, who responded in kind until the two of them were trying to offer each other some form of stimulation. It must have been working because Sarah was clearly drooling with Zoe’s arousal, a thick glistening sheen began to cover Zoe’s nethers and drip onto the floor.

Jon looked on as the two frenemies-turned-body-parts continued to do their best to make out. When their probing tongues would pass across each other’s it would cause Zoe to grunt and quiver.

“So, how does it feel to have the school’s biggest cunt and asshole as, well, your cunt and asshole?” Jon asked mockingly. Zoe continued to gasp and moan as her privates tried to get themselves off, but answered despite the distraction. “It’s- Ah!- fuck me, it feels sooo good, but I can barely function because I’m always so horny. And I - Ah! Ah! Ah! Uhhhhhhng- I have to keep that buttplug in not only so I can get some- uhg, yeah, get some you ass-slut- get some mild relief from Kim always being super horny, but I really need her to stop making out with Sarah before I get another urinary tract infection.”

As much as Jon was enjoying messing with his sister and relishing Kim’s fate, he didn’t want Zoe to deal with any actual health issues from their transformations. “Would you like me to do something to help with that?”

“YOU NEED TO FUCKING ASK?! What the fuck, Jon?!” Zoe screeched in response, all the while still presenting her spread ass to him.

Jon felt his benevolence slip away. He had offered to help and instead Zoe had snapped at him. So be it, he’d help, but not in a way she’d like. Jon moved the buttplug back towards Zoe’s ass. Once it was within reach, Kim greedily wrapped her tongue around in and pulled it back into her mouth, where she returned to sucking on it obscenely. “Zoe, would you sit in your desk, please?”

Zoe let go of her ass and the two jiggling globes of flesh immediately swallowed up Kim’s face, leaving only her eyes exposed. Zoe then sat down, moaning as Sarah’s moist lips were pressed against the cold plastic desk seat. She then proceeded to look straight ahead to the front of the room. Now that she was not looking away from him, Jon could see that Tiffany and Amber’s nipple-noses were hard and sticking out prominently in the middle of their faces on Zoe’s chest. Clearly all of Zoe’s parts were being effected by the addition of their host’s “fucking asshole.” Jon watched as they tried their best to stretch their tongues to lick their own nipples. Jon smiled wickedly, deciding that the show was so amusing that he’d just leave Zoe as a nudist for at least the rest of the day. Besides, he wanted a clear view if what he was about to do next.

“I wish Zoe no long crapped out poop, but instead would randomly shit out various objects and stuff which would change with each bowel movement, starting with... hmmm... how about... a bowling ball.”


Jon watched as Zoe’s eyes bulged wide as her stomach was instantly expanded to the point that she looked like she was at the midpoint of a pregnancy. Her body clenched as the massive object worked its was towards the end if her digestive track, a.k.a. Kim’s face. Zoe’s hand shot up and she immediately blurted out “MsLeeIreallyneedtousethebathroomrightNOW!”

She didn’t even wait for a response as she precariously rose from her seat and power waddled towards the door. Jon laughed, as did a few other students, and he wondered if anyone else noticed the chrome buttplug that was beginning to be pushed out from between Zoe’s ass cheeks.

I’d say that was sufficient payback for stealing the car, Jon thought with amusement. However, as fun as that had been, it was still not as personally rewarding as he would have liked. As Jon looked around the room, he had a couple more ideas on how to make the day more interesting...


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Excellent to have more!  If only John asked Kim what she thought about her new situation...


Re: Chick for a Dick - by ekempo5000

Chick for a Dick: Adding to the Curriculum

Jon leaned back in his chair, pleased with his latest round of wishes. While it had been fun watching Kim get transformed into an asshole, it was a bummer that she had become Zoe’s asshole. The way Kim was now nothing more than a helpless body part was somehow incredibly enticing to him, and the fact that she had made Zoe’s ass incredibly luscious and made her practically a nympho only added to the thrill of the change. But it was still his sister. There was no way he was going to explore that any further. So, that meant plan B...

Jon took his first good look around the room. Sure, he had glanced at the class when he first walked in, but Zoe had been his primary focus. Now that she had left, he had the chance to take in the room in its entirety. Ms. Lee was jabbering away about the structure of government bodies. The students were in various levels of alertness, but most had settled into the hazy stupor that so many find themselves in during a boring morning class.

Jon focused on Ms. Lee. She was a short woman in her late thirties, her black hair was pulled up into a conservative, but fashionable, style. She had on a pair of glasses which perfectly accented her almond shaped eyes and she was dressed in a professional looking black pencil skirt with a white blouse and cream colored heels. In many ways, she reminded Jon of Jaqi Pyon. But as where Jaqi was practically the walking stereotype of the sexy teacher, Ms. Lee was just a teacher who happened to be attractive.

Attractive, but not very exciting, Jon thought. Let’s see if I can change that.

“Ms. Lee, honestly, what’s your first name?”

The teacher stopped mid-sentence and focused entirely on him. “Melinda,” she responded casually. Jon smiled and stood up. He strolled confidently towards the front of the room and moved next to Ms. Lee, Melinda, then turned to look back at the class. His eyes roamed over the female students. To his right, sitting on the outside aisle was a particularly cute girl.

“Melinda, do you enjoy teaching civics?” he asked as he made his way towards the girl he’d spotted. “Not really,” the teacher answered behind him.

“Then why are you teaching it?”

“I had wanted to teach sociology when I’d first gotten hired, but there wasn’t a position available. A crappy job is better than no job, so  I took what I could get. After being involved with this curriculum for so long, the administration didn’t really want to let me go into a different area so they stonewalled me. A crappy job is still better than no job, so here I am.”

Jon was only half listening as he had made his way to the girl who had caught his eye and was now inspecting her closely. She had prominent cheekbones, full lips, and stunning ice-blue eyes. Her body was attractive, but not particularly noteworthy. But that didn’t matter for what he was planning. “Honestly,” he said as he stares into her piercing eyes, “can you stick your tongue out as far as you can?” The girl immediately opened her mouth and her tongue poured out of her mouth, reaching all the way to the bottom of her chin.


Jon looked away from his discovery and returned to scanning the room. “Melinda, honestly, what was that you were saying about sociology?” He began to walk up and down the rows of desks, checking out all of the girls in their seats as he passed.

“I was always fascinated with the study of subcultures within society and the interactions between people, but I had always wanted to teach, too. I had hoped to combine my two interests and be able to teach my passion.”

Jon looked up from the latest girl he had been checking out during Melinda’s explanation. Teach her passion... now there’s an idea. Jon looked at the next girl in the row and froze in his tracks. She was incredibly thin, well toned arms, and had a flat stomach. She had to be an athlete of some sort. Her auburn hair was pulled back into a loose ponytail. Jon leaned in so he was looking into her eyes and asked, “Honestly, could you please stand up?” The thin girl lifted herself gracefully out of the seat and stood before him. She was almost completely flat chested with only pert A-cups at best and a small, but toned, butt.


Jon pointed at the pretty girl with the beautiful face. “I wish she,” he then pointed to the thin girl in front of him, “was her ‘fucking asshole’ the way Kim is Zoe’s ’fucking asshole.’”


The change was exactly what Jon had hoped for. The once rail thin girl standing before him now sported an absolutely enormous bubble butt that looked ridiculously out of place of her otherwise highly toned body. The icy-eyed girl made had one hell of an ass.

It suddenly dawned on him that he didn’t even know either of these girls' names. They have been arbitrarily picked and now their lives, especially the newly created butt-girl’s, had been changed forever. Nobody, not ever her or her new host, would ever realize that she had even been a person in the first place...

That was so hot.

Jon had warped them for his own amusement and it had gone perfectly. And he wasn’t done yet. While his one wish per person had changed a random classmate into this girl’s ass, a wish had not been used on the host yet. He still had a wish remaining he could use on her. And he knew exactly what he wanted to use it fo-

“Jon, I don’t mind if you join my class, but please refrain from being a distraction.”

Jon looked at Melinda and found that she was staring him down. And so was the girl standing in front of him. And the rest of the class. Someone snickered and it was then Jon realized his pants were tentpoling with a noticeable erection.

Jon blushed and internally cursed his mistake. He went unnoticed by everyone while he had someone enthralled with his truth trance, but his wish to make a new ass-girl had ended the trance. He was standing in the middle of the room, face-to-face with a random girl, sporting a hard-on.

This wasn’t how this was supposed to work. He was in charge. Nobody embarrassed him!

“Melinda, honestly, what’s two plus two?”


Now that he had reestablished the trance, he was free to do as he pleased. And what he pleased was getting payback for being laughed at. He turned towards the girl he had transformed and looked into her eyes. “Honestly, why don’t you wait out in the hall for me?”

The girl turned and walked towards the door, her hips swinging wildly and her new ass bounced noticeably with each step.

Jon looker across the faces of everyone in the room. Although he had seen a few of these students in the halls, he didn’t know any of them. They had laughed at him, they had never torment him or really done anything to him. Jon took a breath and calmed himself. He would show them mercy for their slight against him.

He would only mess with them a little bit.

He looked back at Melinda Lee, who had gone back to teaching once he had moved the focus of his questioning to the girl who now stood in the hallway. She was a little older than he’d usually go for, bust still pretty fuckable. And she had said she wanted to teach “interactions between people” and her “passion,” so Jon would benevolently help that be the case.

Jon stepped out into the hallway and was pleased to find his new prize was obediently waiting for him, staring off with an empty gaze into the distance. “Would you please start heading down the hall and look for an empty classroom?” The girl started walking forward, glancing into the classrooms she passed as she made her way down the hall. Jon looked back into the room he had just exited.

“I wish Melinda Lee’s class was not a civics class but was instead a sex immersion class that was open to those of legal age and it explored positions, acts, fetishes, toys, and all aspects of sex and even incorporated practice between the classmates and Madame Lee herself providing hands on instruction.”


Jon smiled widely as the class had changed from an everyday classroom lecture to a male student kneeling in front of Madame Lee, whose red latex dress was hiked up to expose her black thigh high boots and dripping wet snatch, which the boy was eagerly licking away at. Through her gasps and coos, the instructor was explaining the nuances of his technique to the rest of the class, who were in various stages of dress as they fondled themselves, as well as each other, openly at the sight of the demonstration being presented at the front of the room. This was made easier by the fact that the room was no longer filled with desks but was instead equipped with couches, a couple beds, and even several love-swings hanging from brackets in the ceiling.

Not so unusual to have a hard-on in the room anymore, is it? Jon though. But, he felt like the students weren’t getting the full experience. After all, only the guys in the class knew what it was like to have to deal with an erection in class. That wasn’t very fair.

“I wish that whenever these students experience an orgasm or give an orgasm with anyone else who is currently in the classroom that their genitals would swap with their partner and that these swaps would not continue after the class has ended until the next class period for this course.”


Jon watched as one boy reclining on a couch tensed up and the girl who was jacking him off leaned forward and open her mouth wide, ready to accept his load. Just as the boy bucked at the beginning of the orgasm, a pussy instantaneously replaced his dick, which started to twitch and leak as its new owner came. The boy let out an aroused whimper as his partner slowly inserted two fingers into his slit and began to pleasure him again with his unnoticeably new equipment. A different girl moved closer to the pair and laid down on the floor between the first girl’s legs before beginning to suck on her new cock.

Meanwhile, Madame Lee let out a loud moan and then a groan as she grabbed onto the head of the student kneeling before her. She stood ridged for several moments, visibly week in the knees. After some heavy panting, she let out a content sigh and stepped back, her new dick sliding out if the mouth of the student it had formerly belonged to with a wet slurp.

“Very good, Brad,” the sex teacher praised the kneeling boy as she looked down at her wet cock. “You even swallowed it all. Class, take note of that.”

Jon nodded to himself. Melinda was sure to enjoy her job much more now, the class was much less boring for everyone, and there was even a chance that the students might actually end up with their original parts once the class was done (although he doubted it). But after laughing at him, they go off lucky.

“Now, where did my newly created ass duo end up?”


Re: Chick for a Dick - by ekempo5000

Chick for a Dick: Unusual Anal

As he walked down the hall in the direction that his new creation had gone, Jon reflected on what a fun day he was having. First period wasn’t even over yet and he had already made so many wonderful changes. As he approached the nearby restrooms, he could clearly hear his sister emitting an endless stream of loud grunts, strained moans, an angry curses from within. Jon hesitate for a moment, his curiosity getting the better of him, and he let himself into the girls’ room.

Jon had to admit he was a bit disappointed as he stepped into the forbidden room. He had expected it to be a totally different from the men's room. The fantasy so many high school boys dream about. Instead, the inside looked very much like the boys’ room except there were extra stalls where the urinals would have been, making a total of four. The largest of the the four had its door closed, and was the source of the torment sounds.

He strode confidently towards the closed door, letting his heavy footsteps be heard moving nearer. Zoe let out an embarrassed, tired whine. Jon had to repress the urge to laugh as he slowly gave three soft knocks on the closed door. The response was immediate.


The scream echoed against the tile walls until it faded away, leaving the room silent once again. The peace was short lived, however, as a strained grunt escaped from within the locked stall.

“Zoe, honestly, could you open the door?”

Jon stepped back as the door unlatched and swung outward to reveal the spectacle that his sister had become. Her face and chest were flushed red and her skin was covered in a glistening sheen of sweat. She was holding onto the support railing bolted into the wall while prone in a half squat position and was biting down on the metal buttplug that had until recently been in Kim’s mouth. Looking behind Zoe, her newly expanded ass jutting out, it’s expansive crack slightly spread just enough for him to make out Kim’s mouth. The transformed asshole-girl’s face looked almost as strained as Zoe’s, but Kim’s eyes also shone with a primal lust and her muffled groans told Jon that the bowling ball that his sister was trying to pass was currently suck within Kim’s new mouth and was unable to move any further.

Looking the rest of his sister’s “tag-a-longs” over, it was clear the pleasure their host’s new addition was feeling was being sent to the rest of them as Zoe’s boobs and pussy were all in an almost comatose stupor. While Zoe was definitely feeling immense pleasure from having her nymphomaniacal asshole filled to its maximum limits, it was clear any enjoyment she may have gotten from the experience was undercut by the pain and discomfort of trying to pass the magically created bowling ball bowel blockage.

While Jon was having fun messing with the very fabric of reality, he didn’t want anyone to suffer from it. After all, there was a big difference between serving riotous justice (like turning an asshole into an asshole), and causing someone to live a painful experience. But if you wanted to get technical, it was Zoe who made that particular wish, so it wasn’t really Jon’s fault. And it wasn’t like Kim had any memory of being anything other than a sentient asshole, so it’s not like it was messing with her that much.

But those technicalities aside, this was a wish that needed a little... correction.

Jon took one last look at his naked, straining sister before exiting out of the bathroom. As he did, he saw the girl he’d just transformed in Ms. Lee’s class walking back towards the classroom they’d just left. He quickly moved in from of her until his gaze was lined up with her eyes and asked “Honestly, where are you going?”

The girl stopped and looked at him. “I came back to my senses and was standing outside an empty classroom and didn’t know why I was there. I’m going back to Madame Lee’s sexual immersion class.” Jon sighed. These distractions are getting annoying.

“Where was this empty classroom?”

“Go to the intersection, turn right, third door on the left.”

“Can you please go there again and wait for me inside the room?”

The girl once again turned around and headed back down the hallway, the scene silent except for her footsteps echoing off of the lockers, and Zoe’s resumed groans from the bathroom. Once the girl was out of sight, Jon reached into his pocket and pulled out the stone. I know I said one wish per person today, but rules were meant to be broken.

“I wish that, while some of Zoe’s craps might be uncomfortable and embarrassing, that she will not experience any unbearable pain and that her body is capable of passing anything she produces and will return to the shape she was before taking a dump.”


There was an intense cry from the other side of the girls’ room door followed by the loud bang of a very heavy object slamming on to the tile floor. Jon took a moment to listen and could hear heavy breathing along with multiple voice humming as if in the afterglow of an intense orgasm.

Another satisfied wish recipient. And now, it’s time for my satisfaction.


A quick right at the intersection and the third door on the left later and Jon found himself standing at the door to an almost empty classroom, the sole occupant looking around in confusion. As per his trance induced suggestion the girl had gone to the room and stayed there, but she seemed very confused as to why she was there. Jon stepped into the room and closed the door firmly, causing the girl to jumping. Her ass bounced hypnotically from her jolt and when she twirled to face him Jon almost expected its added mass to throw her off balance.

“Oh! Hey, Jon. I kinda zoned out, I guess. Is the class moving over here? I don’t know why I left Madame Lee’s room. I mean, maybe I-“

“I wish it was perfectly acceptable to ass fuck this girl in this classroom during the school day.”


The girl’s demeanor immediately changed. Whereas she had just been confused and unsure of herself, she now stood proudly in the center of the room as if she owned it. She reached back with her right hand and rubber her round ass through her yoga pants. “Fuck, Jon. Hurry up and fill my tight asshole. Like, right now! Don’t you dare keep me waiting any longer.”

Jon smiled smugly and stepped forward.


Karyn awoke with a flame in her breast. She had drifted in and out of sleep a few times already, which was typical. After all, Jon was such a horn-dog that he was bound to get aroused regularly throughout the day. A passing glance at some cutie might cause a twitch of lustful electricity to pass through her, but she would usually just shake those off and go back to sleep. It was also not uncommon for Jon to get a good chub going, causing her limp body to flex and straighten beyond her control, the impulse to be used beginning to fill her. Sometimes Jon would try to resist her getting hard and could get her to go soft again. Other times, he would have wound her up too much and she couldn’t help herself but to revel in the arousal and anticipation of pleasure that permeated her body. It wasn’t what a good penis should do, acting beyond what he wanted, but the sensations coursing through her cock-body were just too power to ignore.

And she was a cock. She may look like a miniature girl without arms sticking out from her best friend’s crotch, but to everyone she was just a piece of Jon’s anatomy. His most intimate piece of anatomy. And she couldn’t have been happier. Karyn was back where she belonged: in Jon’s pants. Even being gone for half a day from the sweet pleasure of being between his legs had been so... bland.

But now... now she felt more alive than she ever had as a human. Her body pulsed with pleasure, hardening in exquisite expectation, the testicles below her hilt were throbbing in anticipation of the load that she was undeniably going to feel coursing through her. Fuck, she couldn’t wait to taste Jon’s cum again. But what else would she get to taste? What sweet little piece of ass had Jon gotten for them this time? Some timid wallflower who was about to loose her mind once Jon lowered his pants and pulled out her girthy body? Some teacher who couldn’t help but give their favorite student’s cock an enthusiastic blowjob? Whatever it was, it was going to happen. This wasn’t just some random daydream that had set him off, not even some flirtation that had teased his lusts. Karyn didn’t get this hard, this eager, this fucking horny unless Jon was about to use her. She was going to be used as a dick. Shoved into some warm, tight, wet pussy and feeling herself practically drowning in the girl’s juicy slit. Or having a tongue almost as big as herself dragged across her body until she was slurred up into a waiting mouth and felt pressured pull her in every direction as it began to suck on her.

Karyn felt herself quiver at the thought of it and let out a sharp gasp as a thick glob of precum shot up her length and splashed against the inside of Jon’s underwear that her face was being pressed into. The smell of the pungent, salty liquid filled her cramped accommodations and she hummed to herself as she rubbed her face into the wet fabric, smelling its musk and licking its sweet saltiness. But that musk was also her own, as the cum was also her own. Her cum. The very thought sent another ripple through her as more clear liquid coated her face and ran down to her breasts. This is what she was. A penis. Her only functions were to piss and to fuck. She had no other desires, no other goal, no other purpose, no other future that that.

It was wonderful. She was home.

Just when Karyn was beginning to fear her euphoria was going to cause her to accidentally blow their load right into Jon’s pants, she felt Jon’s beginning to pull at his belt and zipper and her clothe confines were suddenly pulled away.

Karyn felt her full length stretch out in unrestricted glory. She was a magnificent cock and she flexed with all her might as she fell forward to emphasize her impressive length to whatever lucky girl was about to experience her pleasure. Karyn blinked her eyes as they adjusted to the blinding light she was now exposed to. She looked up and took in the sight of the giant standing before her. Well, “giant” from Karyn’s perspective. Based on how far her head was from the floor beneath Karyn’s turgid body, she would have guessed this girl could only have been around five feet tall, meaning when Karyn was human she would have stood half a foot higher than this girl. But now she was only a foot long piece of meat sticking out from Jon’s legs. The thought only increased Karyn’s arousal.

The girl seemed to be lost in her own lust as well. She looked down at Karyn with an expression of pleasant shock as her mouth hung opened with a perverse smile and a desire burning in her eyes. “Holy fucking shit, Jon! How did you keep this monster packed away in there?! I mean fucking look at it!” Her hand snapped out and grasped Karyn just under her neck where it began to squeeze and fondle Karyn’s tits. The act pulled a grunt from Jon and a lustful moan from Karyn before it was cut off by more precum filling her throat and mouth. “I mean, it’s almost as thick as my wrist! I’ve never taken anything this big before!”

Silence hung in the air between them. Nobody said anything. Slowly, the girl slid her hand down the entire length of Karyn’s body before reaching past her, cupping Jon’s balls, and then running a single fingernail along Karyn from her pussy, between her tits, and to her neck, causing the cock-girl to shudder and drool more of her pungent juices onto the floor.

“I can’t wait to find out how it feels,” she said coyly.

She turned around and it was then Karyn’s turn for her jaw to drop. The ass on this girl was amazing! It was so pert and round, and even the simple act of taking steps to turn around caused it to bounce wildly in front of her. Karyn actually strained to try an get closer so she could rub her head against the girls pants, but Karyn was firmly rooted to Jon and wasn’t go anywhere without him putting her there.

The girl seemed to notice Karyn’s reaction as a wide smile spread across her face. She hooked her fingers into the waistline and pushed down. And the clothing was peeled off, the plump flesh of her ass seemed to roll out of their confines.

That ass was a work of art, and Karyn had a feeling judging by the way it was looking back at her that it was thinking the same thing about her.

The ass had the most stunning pair of bright blue eyes Karyn had seen. They were wide as they looked at her, traveling up and down her length. Then, the skin around the eyes wrinkled as if they were smiling at her before the ass gave her a playful wink. It was then the realization hit Karyn. Wait... I’m not just going to fuck her from behind... I’m going to be fucking her in the behind!

As if hearing her, the bubble-butted-bitch reached behind herself and spread apart her massive cheeks to fully present her asshole. It was the sexiest asshole Karyn had ever seen. Its plump lips looked soft and inviting, and the way it was crammed into the thin girl’s butt crack was just so cute. Then, its lips parted and a long velvety tongue extended out. Karyn watched in eager fascination as the tongue reached all the way down to the wet pussy that was beneath it, parted the moist lips, and brought up a liberal coating of the girl’s arousal which the asshole then spread around by licking everywhere that magnificent tongue could reach.

“Fill me up! Fuck me! Fuck me hard! Make me gag of that monster cock! I want to feel it in  all the way back in our guts!” the asshole urged. It opened as wide as it could and stuck out its tongue as far as it would go, giving Karyn a full view of what awaited her.

I haven’t even been a penis again for two hours and now I’m about to get shoved inside a gaping, horny asshole...

I’m the luckiest cock in the world!

With that thought, Karyn felt Jon wrap his hand around her, line her up with the welcoming maw before her, and was plunged inside its dark, tights depths.


Jon let out an loud grunt as he thrust into the newly created asshole girl’s mouth. He had expected a sensation comparable to an enthusiastic blowjob. But this was so much more powerful than that. The asshole’s mouth clamped shut on him as soon as he had fit just a few inches of his length into her. The pressure on his dick was unbelievably tight. It was anal sex on steroids. The same incredible tightness from a normal asshole, only this one was sucking, and moaning, and using its mouth to try and pull more of his dick into herself.

The host, meanwhile, was screaming and convulsing as her horny asshole took in more and more dick. If she hadn’t been so firmly mounted to Jon’s cock, she probably would have collapsed to the floor in a quivering, cumming mess. She bucked and gyrated, long ago having let go of her ass cheeks and had started fingering her pussy and rubbing her clit.

Jon was trying to thrust as hard as he could into the conjoined girls, but the asshole had such a tight grip on his cock that he could barely pull back any of his length to plunge it forward again. Instead, the girl-turn-asshole was slowly and methodically sucking more of his length in until he was fully inside her and then began to milk his cock with her new mouth. Jon gave a jolt as he felt something run along his dick and realized it was the host’s fingers that were furiously fingered her pussy.

“Fuck me, Jon! Fuck my tight, slut ass! Pound it, you son of a bitch! Make me cum! Make my slut ass your bitch!”

Jon reeled. Everything came into such sharp focus. This foul mouthed slut had, less than an hour before, been a quiet student taking notes in a civics class. Her own asshole that was currently sucking his dick like it had never been sucked before had been just one of her classmates. Maybe they were friends. Maybe they hated each other. Who would ever know? Because this was all they were now. A slut and her ass.

And Jon loved it.

Hearing his latest project begging to pound the ass he had turned her classmate into tipped Jon over the edge. His balls tensed as he felt himself about to cum deep inside the girls’ new bowels. Sensing his imminent orgasm, the asshole girl somehow clamped down even tighter on his dick, and as her lover’s massive cock beginning to twitch and cum inside her horny ass caused the host to experience her own orgasm, turning her into a twitching, gasping, squeaking mess that slowly sank to the floor and, due to her ass’ tight grip on Jon’s dick, pulled him down with her.

Jon rested on his knees, catching his breath while his partner was resting on her knees and face with her ass sticking up in the air. She was completely unresponsive, breathing rapidly and giving the occasional twitch. The asshole seemed equally satisfied, her eyes half opened with a lethargic haze in them. She was still trying to suck occasionally on Jon’s softening dick, which would cause him to twitch and try to pull out, making the asshole-girl to try to hold him inside her, which would in turn cause her host to spasm in turn. Eventually, the ass-girl seemed to either pass out or reach a level of satisfaction because her mouth finally relaxed and Jon pulled his dick out with a wet slurp.

Jon rose up on his unsteady legs and looked down at his dick. It was just as spend as the transformed girls were. Its eyes were rolling around trying to focus, but the fucking it had just experienced was too much to just brush off. No matter. He was sure he’d be able to get it up for his next sexual conquest. And there was bound to be more sexual conquests today.

Reaching down to grab his discarded pants, Jon suddenly got a strong whiff of his dick and curled his nose. He looked back at the still prone duo of altered girls and realized that this ass-girl, unlike Zoe, had been left with a normal digestive system. He considered leaving them as they were just for the fun of it (after all, it was no skin off his nose), but if he changed them so that they didn’t shit anymore then he wouldn’t have to deal with a stinky dick.

Jon’s own comfort was ultimately more important than his amusement at leaving them to deal with such a messed up situation, so he walked to the other end of the room to make his wish. As he readied himself, it dawned in him again that he still didn’t know their names. Well, there was an easy way to deal with that. Sure, he could just put them in a trance and ask them, but what’s the fun in that?

He pulled the stone in close, and whispered to it “I wish the girl I just fucked was named Anal Bitch and the girl I changed into her asshole would be named to as Slut Ass.”


Jon grinned at his juvenile wish. Whoever the two of them had been, Anal Bitch and Slut Ass were much more fitting now. And now that that piece of business had been taken care of, he could move on the the next piece of business.

“I wish Anal Bitch didn’t shit normally, but instead everything she ate was converted into a type of organic latex that would form into a variety of sex toy shapes that she then, without much discomfort, coughs up like a cat does with hairballs.”


An additional thought entered his imagination, and he couldn’t help himself but make one more addition. “I wish the sex toys Anal Bitch coughed up were incredibly appealing to people and they would be compelled to take them and use them.”


Jon nodded to himself, pleased with his work. He bent over and started putting on his pants, pleased that his dick no longer reeked. He was just stuffing it back into his underwear when the girl let out a soft moan and started to get up.

“You were amazing, Anal Bitch.”

The girl looked over at him and let out a pleasant hum. “You weren’t bad yourself, Jon. I’m surprised Slut Ass was able to take all of that monster of yours. I’d heard rumors that you were hung like a porn star, but I didn’t believe it. I can guarantee Slut Ass will want another round with you.”

“Just Slut Ass would want another round?”

The half naked girl gave him a wink. “Ok, fine, I’d like you to come back around, too. Let me know when and I’ll let you skip the line.”

“The... line?”

Anal Bitch laughed like he had told a joke. “Yeah, Jon. You know, the line outside? Of everyone waiting to fuck me in the ass? Speaking of which, you better get going. Something tells me that it’s probably stretching down the hall by now.  Luckily almost everyone else is a two pump chump, so I should be able to get through most of them. But the next time you want to have a go at my juicy Fuck Ass, just let me know.”

Jon could only nod as he finished getting dressed and stepped out into the hallway. Sure enough, it was just as Anal Bitch had described. There had to be at least two students standing in a line going down the hall. Jon thought back to his wish and realized he had not wished it was alright for specifically him to be allowed to fuck Anal Bitch in that classroom, so now that appeared to be what she did all day: wait in that classroom and wait for anyone to come along and rail Slut Ass.

“Fucking took you long enough,” came a voice next to him. Jon looked at the person standing first in line and realized it was Bobby, the skeezy loser who had been pestering Rachelle constantly for a chance to get laid. He’s acting pretty confident now that he knows he’s guaranteed to get some action. Well, fuck him.

“I wish your life purpose was to help Anal Bitch get through her line of waiting partners faster and that your body matched your new role.”


For a brief second, Jon thought that Bobby had been completely wished away. It wasn’t until he looked down that he saw the results of his wish. Bobby’s body was now a tightly packed cluster of tits, looking something like a round bunch of grapes. There were no legs, but instead there were four pairs of arms randomly sticking out from various folds of cleavage. And at the top was a now feminine version of Bobby’s head which was smiling up at him.

“Sounds like you two had fun! I’m sure we’ll be seeing you again,” she commented happily.

The line of waiting students began to converge forward and Jon took note that there were actually a handful of girls waiting to fuck Anal Bitch. He recognized a couple of them from Madame Lee’s class and could only assume that within the past hour they must have swapped their pussies with some other classmates’ dicks and now thought it was perfectly normal to use them to fuck the school’s anal slut. There were a couple others, however, that Jon hadn’t seen before, but a quick glance at each of their crotches told him that at some point each of them had been effected by a wish that gave them different equipment downstairs.

The group moved towards Bobby and began to discard their clothing below the waist, presenting a collection of cocks to the newly created transformee. She happily reached out and grabbed the first eight cocks in range, two of which were actually on the same girl, while a guy stepped between Jon and Bobby. "Come on, Booby, get sucking," the guy urged. Bobby, rather Booby, happily began to suck on the presented dick. All of the others stepped in where there was space and began to tit fuck her collection of cleavages.

Jon looked at the altered girls using Booby as a warm up for their impending intercourse with Anal Bitch and was taken aback by the alterations he witnessed. In addition to the girl with two dicks, another had a cock almost as big as his, while another had a cock that was upside down, and yet another had a cock that ended in a pussy, while another ended with a set of feminine lips.

He was half tempted to use his truth-trance on each of them to learn the particular wishes that had caused all of their changes, but he was still feeling drained after the fucking Anal Bitch and her new butt had given him, and it was getting annoying asking girls individually about their changes. He’d have to figure some way to speed up the process...

But that could wait a bit. It was time to get to his next class and leave these anal lovers to his latest creations.


Re: Chick for a Dick - by ekempo5000

Chick for a Dick: Oops

Where to go next, where to go next... Jon mused as he strolled down the hallway aimlessly. First period had officially ended and the students were streaming out of the classrooms and clogging the halls. Should he just randomly pick a classroom and go in? Should he just pick a student at random and follow them? Decisions, decisions...

Jon glanced up and noticed that he had made his way back to the bathroom where he had recently helped Zoe with her bowling ball issue. Granted, he was the one who had given her the issue in the first place, but he had still been kind enough to help her out in the end.

But now Jon was curious. Was... was the bowling ball still in there? How had Zoe disposed of it? Had she maybe taken it with her? How large had it ended up being?

Jon needed to find out.

He placed his hand on the door and was just about to push it open when a random girl cut in front of him and gave him a dirty look before pointing at the other door next to them.

That’s the boy’s room, perv.”

Without waiting for a response, she passed through the door and let slam shut in his face.

Jon’s face contorted with anger and disbelief. Who the hell did she think she was? She didn’t know who she was fucking with, and Jon was about to teach her the error of her ways. He looked at the closed door and scoffed. I go wherever I want. He reached into his pocket and pulled out the stone.

“I wish I was allowed to enter the girls’ bathroom.”


Jon immediately realized something was wrong. Everything felt... off. The stone felt bigger in his hand, the hallways around him looked bigger, he felt a cool breeze run across his legs, and a lock of curly brown hair passed across his eyes. He felt his legs growing weak as he looked down.

There were two very large lumps sticking out from his chest.

“What the fuck?!” she screeched. Several students paused and looked at the girl outside the bathroom looking down at herself in shock. Suddenly, one girl came rushing up, discreetly slipped something into Jon’s feminine hand, and slipped back into the crown. She looked down at it and saw a wrapped tampon. Jon crushed the package in her hand, threw it to the ground, and gave an angry huff. She didn’t know if she should reward the girl who had given it to her, or use her as a target to relieve her increased fury.

No... not her... it’s not her fault... Jon turned and looked at the closed bathroom door. I know just who’s to blame for this!

Jon shoved the door open with both hands, expecting it to slam open and announce her furious arrival. Instead, it simply swung open as it would have as if her male body had casually pushed it open with a single hand. The grand gesture did have one effect, though: Jon’s new boobs bounced and jiggled wildly on her chest. Jon scowled and grabbed her swaying tits, causing her to unintentionally slam the stone into her right boob.

Jon momentarily saw stars as the ache radiated outward and into her chest. She quickly stepped into the bathroom and let the door slam shut behind her. She let go of her boobs and waited for them to stop jiggling and for the pain to dissipate before she began walk awkwardly towards the sink. With each step, Jon was conscious of two things: the movement of her tits and the difficulty of walking in heels. How do women put up with this shit?!

She stomped on wobbly legs across the room and as soon as she was within arm’s reach of the sink she latched onto it with her free hand, taking a moment to recognize its flawless manicure, and trying to steady her balance in the uncomfortable shoes. Jon looked down to try and get a better idea of what she was wearing, but her boobs partially blocked her view of her feet. She let out a growl of frustration and looked up.

She found herself locking eyes with a striking brunette whose fiery, pouty expression was both intimidating and incredibly alluring. The girl’s face immediately shifted into one of shock, as if she did not expect Jon’s presence. Only then did Jon realize that she looked incredibly close to Zoe. She could even be Zoe’s sister.

And then it dawned on her. This girl was Zoe’s sister. Jon was looking at her own reflection.

Jon’s jaw dropped as she took in the sight of just what the wish had done to her. The girl before her was like looking at a version of Zoe who was born to be a model. Her wavey brown hair was accentuated with subtle highlights and cascaded past her shoulders. Her lips were full, her cheekbones high, and her soft features were flawless. Her eyes seemed larger than they had been before, giving her a certain innocent, doe-like appearance that was greatly emphasized by her shock expression of disbelief. And to top it all off, she was wearing makeup that looked like it had been perfectly applied by a professional cosmetologist.

Looking down past her slender neck, Jon was finally able to get a look at her boobs. Jon briefly recalled a few of the magically enhanced racks she had seen in the past couple weeks and wondered how some of those girls were able to carry around such monsters when the much more realistic D-cups she was now sporting already felt so huge on her chest. The trendy top she was wearing emphasize her generous cleavage and gave quite a view to anyone who wanted to steal a glance. Throw in the short, yet stylish skirt that showed off her long, stunning legs and the pert little butt that her designer heels were causing her to stick out, and the girl was the walking definition of “fuckable.” She was surprised when she found herself feeling a sense pride that if it hadn’t been for Zoe’s magically imparted enhancements, Jon’s body was much more curvaceous.

Looking deep into the eyes if her reflection, Jon slowly ran her tongue over her upper lip and let go of the sink with her left hand and gingerly brought it up to her left tit. She hesitated a moment before groping her chest, letting out a quiet hum as she felt a small flow of pleasure beginning to spread through her chest. She almost closed her eyes to bask in the alien sensations beginning to course through her, but she didn’t want to miss the vision of the girl in the mirror... of herself. Watching this girl feeling herself up would have been enough to stroke the fires of arousal within Jon. Feeling the sensations from her groping, while alien, was quickly making her downright horny. Jon desperately wanted to fuck this girl.

“You’re so fucking hot,” she whispered to her reflection. Her eyes went wide as her own sexy, breathy voice further kindled the burning lust within her. Her new voice sounded like a siren’s call. And it would say anything she wanted. “I’m a bad girl,” she told her reflection, her voice dripping with sex. “Do you like bad girls? I want you. I want a long, hard fuck.”

“Mmmmm. Yes, please,” a voice moan from below her. Jon let out a small shriek and looked down. Even with her boobs in the way, Jon could see her skirt had raised up and her dickhead was poking out from beneath the hem of the garment. The look of lust on its face was clear.

I still have my dick?! How do I still have my dick?!

Jon tried to make sense of the situation, glancing around the room as if the answer would be written on the walls. Her glance eventually fell back upon the mirror and she was able to take in the sight of her sexy new body, seductively dressed, with a foot long erection jutting out from her crotch. She felt a stirring within her that caused her cock to gasp an spit up a fresh glob of her arousal.

Am... am I getting turned on by my cock?!

Jon didn’t have time to explore her quandary any further as the sound of a toilet flushing filled the bathroom. She spun around just in time to hear the loud clack of a stall latch being slid aside and watched as the door swung open. Out stepped the girl who had initially insulted Jon. Jon had been so wrapped up in her new body she had completely forgotten about the slight against her.

The girl looked Jon up and down, pausing briefly at her exposed cock. “‘Bad girl?’ What, you come in here a dirty talk to yourself? I knew you were a perv.”

Fury filled every ounce of Jon’s being. She pointed at the girl and shrieked the first wish that came to her mind.



The echo faded from the room shortly after the flash, leaving the two girls to stare at each other. Finally, the girl cocked her hips and rolled her eyes. “Whatever, bitch. You’re the one perving out. And what was with the light show, anyways? Are you trying to dazzle me or something?”

Jon’s heart skipped a beat. She looked down at the hand she was still pointing at the girl with, and slowly rotated her wrist and open her fingers to reveal the stone. She had not used her one-wish-per-person ability on this girl. The stone had cast the wish directly, and the girl had heard it. She was going to be aware of what was happening to her...


Jon looked down and cursed when she realized she had no pockets. A quick glance showed that there was only one place to temporarily hide the stone. She quickly stumbled across the room and discreetly dropped the stone into the large trash can place next to the door. She then turned her full attention on the girl who had moved to the sink and was touching up her lipgloss.

“I think you’ll be the one ‘perving out’ around here as soon as you take a look at this,” Jon said as she grasped her hard dick with a soft, dainty hand. The feeling of her new, feminine hand gripping her meat was heavenly, and she let out a throaty moan. The girl rolled her eyes again and finished applying the pink gel to her lips, puckered her mouth a couple times at the mirror before she was satisfied with her reflection. She capped the gloss and opened her purse while turning to face the strange girl blocking her exit.

“Listen, I’m not a freak like-“

The girl’s eyes went wide as she took in the sight of Jon jacking herself off opening in the public restroom. The lip gloss slipped from her fingers and fell with a clatter to the floor as it completely missed her purse.

“... you... you... you’re... you’re...”

Jon opened her eyes and looked at the enraptured girl, a wicked smile came to her face. “Ooooh, so you like my giant cock?” she asked. The girl nodded dumbly, completely taken off guard by the new impulses gripping her. “So why don’t you do something about it?”

The girl opened her mouth to offer an excuse, but the words caught in her throat. Jon moved away from the door and sauntered over to her prey, wiggling her hips with each shaky step (damn these high heels), making sure her cock bobbed wildly with each step. “No reason? Or is it that there are plenty of reasons that you shouldn’t ‘perv out’ in a school bathroom with a complete stranger? And that makes you want to do it even more?” Jon teased.

The girl shuddered, a heavy groan escaping her throat. It was true. The more she knew it was a terrible, sick, perverted though... the more it enveloped and consumed her. Her hands moved away from her purse and began to extend towards Jon. The new girl bit her lower lip. “Are you going to play with my junk and tits? What are you, some sort of handsy lesbian?”

The girl hesitated for only a moment, the question sinking into her brain. Ew! No! Girls are gross! It’s just because she’s got a cock that she’s hot. I find her hot? Oh shit! I think she’s hot! She’s made me a lesbian! Does that mean I like tits? Shit, she’s got great tits. Mmmmm, tits are always great... FUCK! I’m totally gay now! That bitch! She made me like this! I’m going to- I have to- I... I... I want to be a dirty little slut!

The girl took Jon’s cock firmly in her hand and pressed their bodies together, squeezing their boobs against each other. The girl look like she was about to go in for a kiss but suddenly hesitated, clearly processing a new perverted idea that had seeped into her brain. “I want... I-I-I need- No! I’m not! But I want-Please- please, I don’t- aaaaahhhh! SPIT IN MY WHORE FACE!” The look of desperation in her face was palpable.

Jon’s brain tried to register what the girl had said. She had heard it, but it was so unexpected that she needed to mentally process the request. Jon decided to graciously give the girl what she asked for and spat into the pervert’s face, hitting her just below her right eye where the force of the impact caused it to splatter over half her face. Her look of shock lasted for only a moment as her brain processed the degrading act and converted it into obscene pleasure. Her eyes rolled back in pleasure and her grip on Jon’s dick became more firm as she started hissing “yesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyes” while her free hand reached up, wiped the spittle off her face, and brought it to her mouth where she eagerly put her finger in her mouth and began to suck it clean. It was a good minute before any sign of intelligence seemed to seep back into her eyes. She suddenly seemed to recognize what she was doing... and quivered. She removed the finger from her mouth and stared at it.

“You... you did this to me, didn’t you?”

Jon hesitated before plainly answering. “Yes.”


“Because you made me make a big mistake. So now you’re going to pay for it.”

She tried to understand, but she couldn’t comprehend what Jon meant. Instead she asked “How... how long will I be like this?”

Jon let the silence take hold of the room, knowing the impact her answer would have. “Forever,” she answered casually.

Forever? I’m going to have these uncontrollable perverted impulses for forever? That’s... that’s terrible! My life is over! I’m going to be reduced to a compulsive slut! I’m- it’s- that’s... so _fucking_ hot!

The girl’s face went from horror to ecstasy as her new wiring converted the shock and disgust to pure pleasure. “You... you ruined my life! I’ll never be respected. I’ll never be in control. I’ll be a sex obsessed slut!”

She grabbed Jon’s arms, stared into her eyes with an expression of all consuming dread... and then pulled her in for a passionate kiss. Her fresh gloss stuck to Jon’s plump new lips as they passionately embraced. Soon, their tongues were dancing, their hands were exploring each other’s bodies, and their mutual groans were echoing off the walls. Jon felt the girl running her hands through her hair, on the small of her back, groping her boobs, along her dick, squeezing her ass, and finally along the taint between her dick and asshole. She shuddered under the stimulation wracking her new body. She had expected her boobs to really set her off, but was the most surprised at how good her taint had felt. Wait... do I-

The girl suddenly pulled away, breaking the kiss. “Come on! We need to go into the stall!”

“In case someone comes in?”

“What? Oh fuck no! We’re leaving the door open in case someone does come in! I want- no, need people to see what a slut i am! But the floor is so gross in there that I want to pleasure you with my whore mouth while kneeling in piss!”

She was practically ravenous as her expression looked positively obsessed with the concept. Clearly she was so grossed out by the idea that it had completely take hold of her. She didn’t even wait for Jon to answer as the girl grabbed her wrist and pulled her into the third stall, the large one where Jon had spied on Zoe just last hour.

Was that really just last hour?! It seemed surreal to believe that she had changed so much in such a short-

The girl cut off her thoughts as she sank to her knees, reached up Jon’s skirt, and in one swift motion pulled down her panties. Jon felt her dick momentarily slap against her leg and realized it must have gone through the leg of her panties to slip out. My panties... I wear fucking PANTIES now! This is so fucked up...

Jon didn’t have time to ponder her wardrobe long as the pervert kneeling before her grabbed her dick and practically impaled her face upon it. She was able to take a little less than half of Jon’s dick before it hit the back of her throat and made her visibly gag. However, this did not stop her. She was fucking her own face with Jon’s dick. Jon felt the head of her dick hit the back of the perv’s throat over and over. It didn’t feel bad, but it didn’t feel great either. She was just about to say something to the kneeling girl when the pervert reached up, slide her had down the remaining exposed length of her shaft to her base, fondled her balls, and ran a finger along her taint.

Jon’s knees locked and she had to grab onto the bars bolted into the walls to keep from joining the mentally warped girl on the floor. The feeling coming from behind her balls was electric. She suddenly felt unfulfilled, like she needed something else, an alien desire enveloped her crotch. She wanted to be rubbed there more, to have something pressed against her, she wanted-

The girl let Jon’s dick fall from her mouth with an obscene pop. Her dick’s hair was coated with the perv’s saliva and its mouth hung open, letting precum freely leak on to the kneeling girl’s top. “Fuck, you are so hard. And so wet.”

“I’m... I’m wet?!”

The girl hummed in affirmation and Jon felt one finger, and then a second, dance upon her flesh. Jon gasped as she felt something slip inside her and suddenly retract. The girl pulled her hand back and showed the glistening, pungent grool covering two of her fingers. “See? You’re almost as wet as me. Oh! And you smell different than I do!”

She reached down with her other hand and reached under her own skirt where she tugged and pulled until she literally ripped her own panties off and threw the shredded material to the bathroom floor. She then inserting two fingers into her own snatch and withdrew them, a thick strand of her juices briefly ran from her fingers back to her crotch before it snapped and splattered onto the floor. She brought it close to her nose and took a deep whiff.

“This is the first time I’ve smelled another girl. I’m so... musky. You smell almost like you’d be sweet. Mmmm... sweet... No! I- I’ve never even tasted my own coochie before! I couldn’t- I...” She stared at the dripping wet fingers that she had just pulled out of her slit, rubbing them together and watching her juices pool between them. Without another word, she brought them into her mouth and sucked them clean, groaning in exquisite disgust. Jon watched on as she thoroughly sucked them clean, her remaining lips gloss smearing on her digits. She then immediately did the same with her other hand, getting even more turned on by tasting the arousal of a different girl.

“You are sweeter! I need more!” 

She grabbed ahold of Jon’s dick and lifted it up, exposing her balls. The girl shot forward and started to lick off the pussy juice that had dripped onto Jon’s ballsack before pressing her mouth into Jon’s new sex and eating her out with a maniacal fervor. Jon let out a throaty wail and held onto the support bars for dear life, her slender legs more shaky than ever. Jon felt a swell of pleasure building up in her. It was like when she was close to blowing a load, but different. It wasn’t building to just her dick, but spreading throughout her whole body, bouncing around her insides like an echo before it all came together and rushed back to her pussy.  Jon let out a scream and felt herself quiver and a sudden rush of wetness. The girl let out a garbled gasp and pulled back. Her face was covered in shock and liquid.

“You’re a squirter?!”

The girl’s face contorted into disgust before it was suddenly washed away in a blissful blush of attraction. “Cum on me again! Soak me with your cunt!” She dove back into Jon’s crotch with renewed vigor, licking her slit while her hand started to jack off her dick. Jon went into pleasure overload, a hand instinctively going to her new tits where she squeezed and massaged them, building the flames of lust within her to heights she had never experienced before.

She squirted on the perv’s face again. And again. And again. The multiple orgasms pulsing through her body suddenly surged to a more familiar location, and Jon let out a strained groan. The girl seemed to be waiting for just that signal as she suddenly abandoned the still dripping slit and moved back so that Jon’s dick was lined up with her face. Jon heard her cock scream before its voice was cut off as blast after blast of thick, ropey cum  erupted from the dick’s mouth and splattered across the kneeling girl’s face and hair.

Jon took a single step on her wobbly legs, the only step she had the strength to muster, and collapsed onto the toilet. She looked over at the girl who was playing with the various fluids Jon had secreted onto her.

“What.... what is you name?” Jon gasped though the afterglow. The girl looked up from her game and looked up at her. “My name is...” Her breath caught in her throat and her eyes fluttered as a new perverse thought took hold inside her mind. “I’m whatever you want to call me. Perverted little sluts don’t need names.”

Jon let her head fall back and rest against the wall behind her. She groggily watch as Pervert stood up and moved to the sink. She scrapped off all the juices she could before licking them off her fingers which she then ran through her cum soaked hair, causing it to clump together in noticeable depravity. Beyond that, she made no effort to clean herself up, clearly getting off on the new idea of being a walking cum stain. She stared at her filthy reflection.

“This is really all I am now, isn’t it?”

She turned to look at Jon, as if showing off what Jon had done to her. Jon took a breath and nodded. “Yes. This is what you’ll be for the rest of your life.” The words cause a tremor to course through Pervert and Jon could see drops of liquid dripping from underneath her skirt, revealing that she had just creamer herself.

“What’s your name?”

Jon hesitated. What was her name? Was it still Jon? She didn’t know. And this girl had heard her make the wish that changed her. She had some idea of Jon’s power. She didn’t want that secret getting out.

“Isn’t it dirtier if you didn’t know?”

The girl thought for a second and experienced another orgasm at the thought of pleasuring someone whose name she didn’t even know. She breathed deeply before giving Jon one last look and walking out of the bathroom without another word.

Jon sat in silence for some time, regaining her faculties. She slowly stood up, hiked her panties back up while doing her best to fit her massive member into the lacey garment, and walked on unsteady legs to the sink. Her formerly pristine clothes were a wrinkled mess, her hair was unkempt, and she reeked of sex.

“Ok... time to straighten a few things out,” Jon said to the mirror. She tiptoed over to the trash can and began to rummage through it. She couldn’t help but snicker as her hand felt a massively large bowling ball sitting at the bottom. Next to it was the stone. She pulled it out and carefully made her way back to the sink.

“Ok, first things first: I wish wish I knew how to walk in heels.”


Jon took a few experimental steps and was relieved that she could now walk in heels like she’d been doing it for years.

“Next on the list. I wish the other girl who I just turned into a pervert remembers getting changed but doesn’t remember how or who did it to her.”


“And now for this mess. I wish I was tidied up.”


Jon’s perfectly primmed reflection looked back at her. She was still a well hung girl, but she was a clean well hung girl. Jon re-examined her outfit and confirmed that she really did have no pockets at all. This wouldn’t do. She had no wallet, no keys, and most importantly nowhere to keep the stone. She thought for a moment. She’d need a little help, and she knew just where to look.

“I wish the girl who had given me the tampon earlier in the hallway would walk into this bathroom in five seconds.


Jon put the stone down on the sink and waited.


The door swung open and in stepped the girl Jon had only briefly seen in passing once before.

“Um, you girls were really loud in here. I mean, Clit Nibbler has that effect on everyone anyways, but it sounds like she really rocked your world. Oh, Clit Nibbler is my name for her. You know how everyone just make up some filthy name for her? I call her that because this one time in home economics she-“

“I wish that for as long as I’m like this you were a purse that would always have whatever I needed from moment to moment and that it would be an experience you enjoyed and took great pleasure in.”


A small handbag plopped to the bathroom floor where the girl had just been standing. Jon strode forward an gently picked it up, inspecting it in her hands. It was made of soft, supple leather that was dyed to perfectly match her current outfit. Jon looked at the front of the girl-turned-purse and giggled. The clasp keeping the purse cover secured was a brass clit. Jon unclasped the metal fixture and could have sworn she felt the purse shudder slightly in her hands. Lifting up the flap, Jon peered inside her new accessory. There were already various odds and ends inside. A packet of tissues, a hand mirror, a brush, a small makeup case... a tampon.

Now it was Jon’s turn to shudder. She really hoped she could fix herself before she had to deal with cramps and the rest. She shook her head. That was a problem for later. She returned to rifling through the handbag, going further and further down as she took inventory of its contents. It wasn’t until her arm was in past the elbow that she realized that the bag had no bottom. She could keep reaching further and further in and there would always be more space and more stuff.

“Awesome! My own personal bag of holding!”

Jon scoffed. She had always hoped to meet a hot, nerdy girl. Now she _was_ a hot, nerdy girl. She looked back at her reflection just in time to see her skirt lift slightly. Great, not only do I turn myself on now, but it looks like my dick is multi-orgasmic and doesn’t need any time to recharge. Jon turned her attention back to the purse, hoping to distract herself from... herself.

Keys... day planner... perfume... birth control- wait, birth control?! Fuuuuuuuuck... I don't even want to imagine that... Hey! A wallet!

Jon quickly pulled out the designer wallet and opened it. She quickly located her driver’s license and inspected it. Date of birth, address, hair color, eye color. It was all the same. The only three things that were different were height (Am I seriously only 5’1” now?!), her photograph, and name.

Jen Gibson.

Jen let out a sigh and slipped her ID back into the wallet before shoving that back into the bottomless purse. Jon... Jen... again felt it shudder. It was then she noticed the purse liner was a warm pink velvet. She ran her finger across it which drew another twitch from the bag.

Jen giggled. “Well, I’m glad to see the wish worked. You’re definitely enjoying yourself,” she said to the purse. Next, she picked up the stone from the sink and reached into the purse, glad to find a small pocket that was perfectly sized for the stone and would allow Jen easy access. She was just about to refasten the clit-clasp when a thought came to her.

“If I hadn’t changed you, I never would have known you were even a person before. There’s most likely others like you that I would have never even noticed. And it is getting really annoying asking each transformed girl what specifically has happened to her. There has to be a better way to go about this.”

Jen let out a thoughtful hum and pondered the situation. An idea came to her and slung the purse across her shoulder, the strap resting between her cleavage, and pulled the stone out of the quivering purse’s pocket. “I wish that I had a notebook that would automatically add pages which gave a full description of each person that changed because of my party wish or any of my one-off wishes made today.”


In Jen’s free hand she was instantly holding a spiraled notebook. It had a red cover and looked just like any other notebook a student might be carrying around the school. She fanned the pages and saw that they were all blank except for the very first page. The top of the page had a photo of the girl just as she had looked before she was transformed with a photo of the purse she had become right next to it. The name at the top of page read “Carrie Holm.”

“Well, nice to meet you, Carrie,” Jen said snidely to the purse. "Let’s see... Oh! It has my wish right here as a quote. How convenient. Ah! ‘Carrie is now a semi-conscious inanimate object belonging to Jen Gibson. Her physical appearance will change to match the attire worn by her owner.’ Wow! That’s a neat bonus! Hmmm... ‘Her only remaining sense is physical touch which is very intense. This is further heightened by her clasp and liner being her clitoris and vagina respectively. She experiences intense sexual pleasure whenever she is opened and her insides rummaged through. Carrie contains common objects that Jen Gibson may need on a daily basis, but Carrie can produce any object that is inanimate which can fit in a normal purse. In addition, outside objects can be stored inside Carrie and be withdrawn at a later time. Mental condition: Carrie has no memory of her former body or life and is solely committed to being a high quality accessory, a role she takes immense pride in.' Well, looks like you turned out even better than I had hoped, Carrie.” Jen opened the girl-turned-purse and inserted the full sized notepad into it, causing the handbag to shudder intensely as the large object was inserted into it.

Jen looked past her new from her new accessory towards the floor an noticed a tube of lip gloss laying at her feet. It was the one Pervert had dropped after her changes had started to take effect and had been left forgotten after her departure. Jen reached down and picked it up, reflecting on the recent events. Her new body, her angry wish, and the lingering evidence of her first sexual encounter with a women's equipment. Jen gripped the lip gloss tightly as her hand quiver with rage and anxiety. While she had taken revenge, it did not change the fact that she was now stuck in this body. She had no idea how to live as a girl. How much had her life changed? How was she going to be treated now? What was she going to do.

Jen realized she was breathing quickly and forced herself to calm down. She'd figure something out. She had to. But for now, it was time to get out of the bathroom. It reeked of sex and she didn't want to have someone find her in here. Jen arbitrarily dropped the lipstick into Carrie and closed the purse before latching its clit shut. This set it over the edge as it started to quiver noticeably as it clearly experience an intense orgasm. Jen ignored the twitching garment and headed towards the door to face her new life.

With that, Jen checked her hair in the mirror, and strolled out of the cum splattered bathroom.


Re: Chick for a Dick - by ekempo5000

this story is fantastic, I can't wait until the next entry


Re: Chick for a Dick - by ekempo5000

I know it's not exactly how the stone works, but I really hope Karyn spends some time as a vagina rather than a penis, now that Jon is Jen.


Re: Chick for a Dick - by ekempo5000

I really hope this story hasn't died.


Re: Chick for a Dick - by ekempo5000

Chick for a Dick: New Body, New You

Jen stepped out into the school hallway. She had expected to see students rushing to and fro in the mad dash to get to class on time. But they weren’t. The halls were empty. Looking up at the clock on the wall, she was shocked to see that not only was it well into second period, the session was actually going to end in a little less than 5 minutes. She and the newly created Pervert had been going at each other for almost an hour.

Well, at least I don’t need to figure out what class to go to for second hour, she thought glumly. She looked down at her body and sighed. She had intended to transform people today, of course. She just didn’t expect to be one of them. At least not like this. Staring at her generous cleavage was causing her dick to harden again, which was particularly uncomfortable with it being stuffed into the tight, constrictive panties she was now wearing. She considered wishing that she didn’t need to wear them, or just plain taking them off, but she decided against it. For one, her last spur of the moment wish had clearly created some serious consequences for herself, so she was a little worried about what another wish might do to her. Second, her cock was so long and her skirt so short that if she went commando her dick would probably be peeking out from under her skirt throughout the day. And finally, her new body was still turning her on quite a bit, so the panties were at least doing something to keep her dick from being too noticeable.  Not to mention they also keep the dripping of her newly gained slit contained.

My slit… Fuck. I need some time to process this and get used to these things, she thought as she cupped her tits. They felt so good in her hands, and her hands felt so good on them. Jen was living every boy’s dream: boobs you could play with whenever you wanted...

A small voice moaning from under her skirt brought Jen back to reality. She let out a yelp as she noticed just how much her erection had grown. Her hands dropped from her chest to her crotch as she pressed down on her member with her dainty hands and tried to cross her legs. She looked up and saw her reflection in a mirror mounted above a drinking fountain. I looked like a fucking hentai illustration! She looked so demure and yet so dirty at the same time as the shy girl was clearly trying to conceal the massive bulge under her skirt.

Fuck! I need to stop working myself up! I can’t pop a boner every time I think about my own body!

Suddenly, a classroom door opened. And then another. And another. And another. Students started flowing into the hallways like water from a broken dam. They swarmed into the halls and engulfed her within their numbers. A few students gave her strange looks, a few even glanced at her crotch and seemed to realize her predicament, giving her wry smiles and a snicker or two.

Jen felt herself blush with embarrassment and tears started welling in her eyes. She wanted to cry, to start warping all of the gawkers into freaks, to disappear, to do anything but to be a scared girl standing in the hallway. She was just about to break when a happy voice spoke up from behind her.

“Hey, Jen!”

She spun around to see a girl standing right behind her. Even with Jen standing in heels, the girl still stood at least a couple inches taller than her,  and she was only wearing flats. She had rich auburn hair that reached just past her shoulders, chocolate brown eyes, and a cute button nose that made her downright adorable to behold. She was wearing a pink top across her small breasts and her skirt almost as short as Jen’s. Upon seeing the state Jen was in, the stranger’s smile quickly melted into an expression of concern. “Oh, Jen! Are you alright? Did something happen?”

Jen choked back a sob and sniffled. She had no idea who this girl was, but just the fact that someone was showing such genuine concern for her was incredibly comforting at the moment. “I’m... uh... I’m having a really bad day,” she choked out.

The stranger reached into purse she was carrying and pulled out a small packet of tissues. Jen hesitantly took one and began to reach towards her eyes. “Careful. Don’t want to ruin that fantastic eye liner,” the girl said, clearly trying to offer a compliment. It had the opposite effect by further reminding Jen that she wore makeup at all, and the tears began flowing freely as she tried to keep her crying as quiet as possible to avoid making more of a spectacle of herself.

The random girl quickly grabbed the tissue from Jen’s hand and began to gently blot around her checks and eyes, catch the tears. She was softly telling Jen everything was alright and offering soothing words to calm the crying girl down. After a few minutes, Jen was able to compose herself enough to look the stranger in the eyes.

“Honestly,” she said in a quivering voice, “what’s your name?”

The girl’s hand fell to her side, the tissue still gripped in it as her expression went from from concern to neutral tranquility. “My name is Fiona.”

“Why are you being so nice to me?”

“Because you’re my best friend.”

Jen’s eyes went wide and her head swam. This was almost more of a shock than being changed into a girl. Out of nowhere some random stranger was telling her they were friends. Best friends. And Jen had no idea who she even was. Jen’s entire life had clearly been upended in countless ways because of one misspoke wish. It was too much to take.

“Sorry, Fiona, but I’m really not doing well today. I think I’m just going to go home.” Release from the truth trance, concern returned to Fiona’s face. “Do you need to talk about it? Is there something I can do to help?” Jen shook her head, the act making her painful aware of her magically lengthened hair. “No. There’s nothing anyone can do. Things are just really messed up and I just don’t think I can be here right now.”

Fiona took Jen’s hands in hers and gave them a gentle squeeze. “I don’t know, Jen. You look really upset. And if there’s nothing that can be done, all you’re going to do is sit in that big house of yours and drive yourself crazy. You know I’m right. How about if you come to class with me? It’s my favorite class: literature with Mr. Burton. It’s a breeze even by my standards, so it will be no issue for the school’s top student. And after that is lunch. We’ll be able to see the girls and the day will already be half over by then. And if you still want to go home, then we’ll get out of here. Ok?”

It was true. If she went home she would most likely just lock herself in her room and freak out. Or worse, she may be temped to try to reverse her change with another careless wish. She repressed a shudder at the thought of what else she might end up doing to herself in her current state. And right now it was encouraging to have a friend at her side. And Fiona mentioned “the girls.” She might have a whole group of friends waiting and willing to support here. Even if they were friends she didn’t a know. The look of sympathy and compassion in Fiona’s eyes moved Jen, and she couldn’t help but nod.

“Ok,” she said softly. “Let’s go.”


Fiona hardly stopped talking the entire way to the classroom. She was bouncing from talking about her classes to talking about the car Veronica’s parents had just gotten her (whoever the hell that was) to the latest episode of trashy blind date matching television to some guy named Hank hitting on her again. Jen couldn’t tell if Fiona was naturally a chatterbox or if she was just trying to help get Jen’s mind off of her issues, but she suspected it was probably a bit of both. But Jen listened intently because focusing on meaningless gossip was so much better than dwelling on her actual problem.

The halls were still full of stragglers having conversations of their own as the pair reached Mr. Burton’s classroom. Fiona was explaining how shocked she was that one douchebag had gotten a rose instead of some other douchebag when Jen stepped over the threshold of the classroom. The sensation of vertigo washed over Jen as all of the knowledge from an entire subject was immediately poured into her mind. Her legs felt like rubber and she let out a gasped as she felt her balance shift precociously on her heals. However, her previous wish to know how to walk on heals gave her the instincts to immediately regain her balance and ride out the already dwindling sense of dizziness.

Jen looked up and realized that Fiona had stopped her jabbering and was looking at her with the now familiar expression of concern. “Just... wasn’t watching where I was stepping. I’m fine,” Jen said. Fiona only replied with a soft grin, betraying that she didn’t believe the flimsy excuse but she wasn’t going to press the issue. either. Instead, she tilted her towards the back of the room and started to walk down a row of desks.

As Fiona took her seat near the back of the room, Jen glanced around in uncertainty. She could see the stack of papers sitting on a desk at the far back of the room and knew that desk was designated as hers, but she could also see the leers she was getting from just about every boy in the room. She was unused to the attention, at least from guys, and her male mind couldn’t blame them. She was a buxom, tiny girl dressed to show off her amazing assets. If Jen had still been a guy, she’d be staring too. The thought reminded Jen just how attractive she found herself and her embarrassment grew as she felt her massive cock beginning to swell under her mini skirt as she recalled staring at her own reflection in the bathroom.

Jen quickly rushed to the stack of papers on her desk and dashed to sit in an open desk next to Fiona. It was a brand new world for her and the bubbly girl was her only confirmed friend in it. She would take support wherever she could, and at the moment it was sitting as close to her “friend” as she could. Jen plopped down in a heap, hoping that nobody had noticed the growing bulge under her skirt. Glancing towards Fiona, Jen saw the girl’s eyes dart away from her crotch and knew Fiona had gotten an eyeful of her growing tentpole. Jen felt herself flush with embarrassment and was trying to think up any excuses she could muster when the sound of a throat clearing drew her attention upwards.

“Excuse me, but you’re in my seat.”

The girl standing next the Jen had her hands on her hips and was looking down at her with a smarmy scowl. A faint tapping momentarily drew Jen’s attention down to the floor. The girl was actually tapping her foot impatiently. Jen let out an audible sigh and looked back up at the girl.

“Look: I’m having a little bit of a bad day. Actually, a really bad day. I am not in the mood to be bitched at right now. I just want to sit next to my friend and get through the day. So how about you just take my desk for the hour and we can let bygones be bygones?”

The expression on the girl’s face soured even more. “Um, no! I am not going to sit at the back of the room just so you can chat with one or your drones about whatever petty bullshit you and your sidekick think is so important in your prissy little world.”

Jen didn’t even try to wrap her mind around whatever the hell all of that meant, knowing that it was all tied back to how much her stupid misworded wish had fucked up her life. She’d have to figure out just what the fuck her life had become, but right now she was stuck dealing with this snotty bitch and it was beginning to piss her off.

“Listen,” Jen hissed, trying to keep her temper in check. “I know this is an inconvenience to you, and after recent experiences I’ve endured, I’m trying to conduct myself a little better. So, instead of doing something brash and turning this into something that can’t be undone, I’ll make you an offer: If you just leave me the fuck alone for an hour, I will make it up to you.”

“Oh, you’re going to ‘make it up to me?’ How gracious of you. Let me tell you something, princess, just because you’re some teacher’s pet-“

“Well, congratulations! You’ve gone and flipped my bitch switch! So now I really don’t care what happens to you! I wish you were the teacher’s pet!”


As the momentarily blinding light cleared Jen’s vision, she could see the annoying girl was gone. Before she could try to imagine how her impromptu wish had been interpreted, a metallic clicking drew her attention towards the front of the room. Sitting on the corner of the teacher’s desk now sat a small wire cage, the kind used to house small rodents as pets. And inside was the annoying girl.

Jen had to admit that she was a little disappointed that her form hadn’t changed all that much. She still looked completely human. Only now she was naked. And three inches tall. The miniature girl was drinking from the water bottle mounted to the outside of the cage, it’s metal spout reaching between the wires and into the cage where she was sucking on it. After drinking for a few seconds, the girl stretched and moved over the the hamster wheel where she started to jog at a leisurely pace.

It wasn’t the most bizarre alteration Jen had seen, but she was still smugly content with herself for so effectively removing the annoyance. Hell, she had even tried to be nice. If the girl hadn’t been such a bitch about everything, she wouldn’t be a literal teacher’s pet. She had brought it upon herself.

Her concentration was broken as a huge form slid into the desk across the aisle from her. It was Dylan, a member of the high school football team. Jen remembered when this fucker had called Jon a “cocksucker” and had proceeded to pants him in the crowded hallways and throw him into a trash can. Fuck... it almost seemed like that had happened to a completely different person. Which, it kind of had, but didn’t... right? Jen channeled her frustration and turned to face Dylan, fixing him with an icy glare. The athlete seemed unfazed by her demeanor and instead poured on the hormonally fueled charm.

“Hey, girl. It’s Friday night. Why don’t we do something together? I know we could have some fun. What time should I pick you up?”

Jen shuddered. Not only was the prospect of going out with Dylan revolting, but she was once again reminded of her changed physique. Jon had been a bit shorter an a lot scrawnier than the average school athlete, but now Dylan was practically towering over Jen’s new body. It was more unsettling than she’d care to admit.

“I have other plans.”

“Like what?”

“Washing my hair,” Jen spat, her voice dripping with venom. She could hear Fiona let out a giggle. Dylan, however, was not deterred.

“What? You’re going to sit around that big mansion of yours all by yourself? That must be so lonely. Don’t you want some... company? You know I can treat you real good, girl.” He pressed his hand to the crotch of his jeans to show the outline of his hard dick. Jen scoffed. Not only was the act ridiculously brazen, but the guy also didn’t have that much to show off.

“Ok, Dylan, let’s get a few things straight. First, there is nothing you have to offer me that I can’t find in my ‘big lonely mansion.’ Second, if I was interested in getting some dick, I could do much better than that little twig. Which brings us to the third point...” Jen pressed down on her skirt the way the jock had pressed down on his pants.

“I’m packing way more than you are.”

The jock looked down at the massive bulge beneath her skirt which absolutely dwarfed his own. Jen awaited an expression of shock, embarrassment, disgusted, confusion to come from the cocky jock. Instead, a sly grin crossed his face as he looked at Jen’s crotch.

“Damn, girl! I was beginning to think you didn’t like me, but now I’m reading you loud and clear!”

Ok, that clearly backfired, Jen thought with a roll of her eyes and a frustrated huff. She should have expected this. After all, she’d seen it with quite a number of other transformed girls. Sure, some of them now sported dicks, but everyone treated it as perfectly normal for girls to have them. All of Jen’s wishing had the unintended side effect of rapidly progressing gender identity norms. An individual’s genitals did not defined their gender. That would have been great if not for the current situation. Instead of scaring off the jock by making him try to defend his no doubt fragile sexuality, she had instead come on to him no differently than if she had shaken her tits. Time for plan B...

“So,” Jen said playfully, leaning forward to casually show off her enticing cleavage, “you like cock, do you?” Jen suppressed a laugh as Dylan’s eyes widened and darted from Jen’s chest, to her crotch, to her chest, to her eyes, to her crotch, to her chest, to her crotch, to her eyes... and then back down to her body. Men, Jen mused to herself. The guy tried his best to keep eye contact with her, but his gaze kept shifting downward to her various assets. Finally, the flustered athlete was able to regain some measure of composure.

“Hell yeah. I can’t wait to see what you’re packing.”

Jen fluttered her eyes and pursed her lips. “And what would you do with a big… hard… rod?”  A wide smile came the the boy’s face. “I’d show you a good time. I know how to treat a tool right.” Jen smiled smugly at him. “I’m sure you do. And you’re going to get the chance. Constantly.”

“That’s what I’m talking about! So what time should I-“

“I wish you were at your best friend’s house and you were his blowup doll.”


In an instant, Daryl was gone. Jen smiled to herself, practically giddy. She leaned back and settled into her seat, pleased not only that the distraction was removed, but that she had taken revenge on a former tormentor. Who’s the cocksucker now? she thought with satisfaction.

Jen’s attention was pulled to the front of the room as the teacher stepped through the door with a cup of coffee in his hand. Mr. Burton looked like a model that was trying to pass himself off as bookworm. His soft brown hair was combed into a part that worked perfectly with his short, scruffy beard and vintage tortoise shell glasses. The top button of his shirt was unbuttoned and the sleeves were pulled up, giving an air of relaxed professionalism. Looking further down, Jen’s eyes settled on his crotch and could faintly make out a decent bulge outlined beneath the fabric.

Jen’s eyes went wide as she realized she had just checked out a guy! And she liked what she saw! Mr. Burton was… handsome! Jen felt lightheaded as her thoughts and impulses fought within her. She had been straight! Well, Jon had been straight. But was Jen now into guys since Jon had been into girls? She thought back to the bathroom and her encounter with Pervert. Jen clearly still found women desirable. Was she bi, then? Her new body had complete male and female parts. Did it also come with a lifetime of using those parts, and all if the desires that went along with it? But, Dylan had hit on her and it had not made any sort of an impact on her!

“Hello, Jen. Glad you could join us, today.”

Snapping back to the present, Jen found the teacher was staring right at her. His roguish smile sent a tingle down her spine and awoke an alien desire in her nethers. “Um, th-thanks, Mr. Burton,” she stammered. She could feel herself blushing and looked away, only to find Fiona grinning at her with a knowing smile. Somewhere behind her, someone snickered.

Oh shit! I DO find him attractive! I… I’m attracted to guys and I have a type! Fuck… I knew I should have just gone home…

She looked back at the teacher just in time to see his eyes dip down and steal a peek at her cleavage before he looked back and forth across the classroom. “Alright, everyone. Are you ready for your presentations?”

Jen sat in shocked silence. He checked me out! He was actually bold enough to check me out in front of the whole class! I’m a fucking student! I know my tits are hard to miss, but can he honestly not control himself? What a pig! Oh shit! What if it’s me? Am I the girl that fucks the teachers? I mean, sure Jon did. I mean… I did… but that was different!

… wasn’t it?

“See why this is my favorite class?” Fiona whispered from beside her. Jen didn’t even have time to answer before the girl behind Fiona chimed in. “Geez, going after the lit teacher? I would have thought you’d had your fill by now.” Jen turned to shoot a scowl at the interloper, who grinned back with a predatory leer.

“Knock it off, Chelsea. She’s having a rough day,” Fiona quietly snapped. The girl, Chelsea, didn’t look away from Jen’s glare. “Rumor has it someone hooked up with Tongue Whore in the bathroom last hour. She’s walking around looking like she stepped out of an orgy, but I have a feeling it was only one person that made her look like that much of a mess. Now who could that have been?”

Fiona scoffed. “Please. Everyone in the school has fucked around with Ass Muncher at some point or another.” Chelsea shrugged. “Sure, but this one was moaning like wanton whore. I heard the whole thing. I needed to use the bathroom last hour and I could hear the screams from the hallway. Hell, I went to a different bathroom and the slut was still moaning when I walked past on my way back to class.”

Jen felt her fury rising.

“The only one around here who sounds like a ‘wonton whore’ is you! I wish your everyday normal speech pattern was to speak like a filthy wanton slut complete with dirty talk, innuendos, and solicitations and that as you get hornier your speech would get more and more eloquent and formal until at your highest levels of arousal you would talk like you’re giving a professional lecture!”


“Girls? Is something up?”

Mr. Burton was standing at the front of the class looking at the trio. “No, Daddy. Just some hot three way talk between us creamy bitches,” Chelsea purred in a voice made for a sex line operator. Jen tried to hide her smile, pleased with her work. She turned to face back towards the front of the class just in time to see Mr. Burton glance at her chest again. Her momentary victory was forgotten as she rolled her eyes.

“And if you’re so preoccupied with tits I wish that whenever you were daydreaming about a girl’s boobs you’d grow a copy of them and could not help but play with them!”


The teacher’s button up shirt immediately puffed up, stretching the fabric so tightly that Jen was sure the buttons were about to pop off. But they didn’t get the chance as Mr. Burton quickly undid them and pulled open his shirt to expose an exquisite pair of D-cups, capped off with rosy pink nipples. His hands immediately flew to his new bust where they began to kneed and fondle his additions. It dawned on Jen that the tits Mr. Burton was playing with were actually copies of her own boobs and this was actually her first chance to see them.

“Ok,” he said, his breathing becoming heavier. His ministrations were having an effect on him as his new nipples hardened, and so did the bulge in his pants. “Well, if that’s-oh yes- the case, then you wouldn’t mind starting the class presentations, Chelsea.”

“Daddy, do I really have to go first? Can’t I just show you a good time instead?” she asked with a pout.

“Chelsea, if you’re not ready to go- Go! Go! Go! Uhg- goooo, then you’ll be docked points and still have to present on Monday.”

Chelsea stood up and stomped her foot with a huff. This caused her chest to jiggle, something that Mr. Burton must have take notice of because the tits he was playing with shrunk noticeably, while the nipples darkened and become thicker. The teacher was now feeling up a copy of Chelsea’s boobs. Even though they weren’t attached to her, Jen felt a strange sense of relief that copies of her own breasts were no long on open display to the class.

Chelsea muttered something under her breath about a “dick up her ass” and trudged to the front of the room with a few pieces of paper. So looked down at the sheets while avoiding the stares of her peers.

“Alright you dirty studs and sluts. This is my hot and steamy book report on Metamorphosis. I picked this book because I heard it was all about a giant cock, but it turns out it was about a roach and not a well hung stud. It was so much harder to finger my sopping wet hole to that, but my vibrator up my tight back door helped…”

Jen looked around the room and nobody was at all phased by Chelsea’s language or the content of her “report.” Almost everyone seemed bored to tears as the girl shared the vivid details of her masturbation marathon mixed with lit review. Unfortunately, Jen found herself becoming quite turned on as Chelsea cooed and whined in her new slutty speaking pattern about how she violated herself with multiple toys. She glanced at Fiona and once again caught the girl stealing glances at the tentpole rising under Jen’s skirt. She needed a better distraction. And answers. And now was the perfect time to kill two birds with one stone.

“Fiona, honestly, can you tell me more about, um, me?”


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Glad to see this is still going!


Re: Chick for a Dick - by ekempo5000

There’s still a whole lot of story planned. Just a matter of getting all of the pieces in place and having time to write it out. I’m glad it’s still being enjoyed so much and hope this long awaited chapter continues to please.


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Chick for a Dick: Who is Jen Gibson?

“You are a girl, you’re short, you have brown hair, a huge pair of boo-“

“What can you tell me about that you wouldn’t know just by looking at me?!” Jen huffed.

“Lots of things,” Fiona replied. Jen waited for her to continue, but the brunette continued to silently stare with the same zoned out expression everyone had when they were in the questioning trance. In the background, Chelsea continued to present her lewd book report. Jen sighed in growing frustration and rubbed her temples. Ok, apparently I’m being a little too vague. Guess I’ll have to be a little more specific…

“How long have we known each other?”

“Since elementary school. We met in the second grade.”

“Who are ‘the girls’ you mentioned earlier that we’ll see at lunch?”

“There’s Penny, Veronica, Serena, Adele, and Phoebe.”

“Have I known them since elementary school, too?”

“No, you met them here in high school.”

“Am I… dating anyone?”


“Did I used to date anyone?”

“You’re not really the ‘dating’ type. You’re an extremely private person. You’ve told me you can’t trust anyone because you’re sure they’d just be after your money. But you still like to have your fun.”

“What… does that mean?”

“Just look at you, girl. You’re one if the hottest girls in school. And you totally know it. You have people lining up to hook up with you.”

“Like who?!”

“Pretty much the entire football team. And the basketball team. I’ve head a few cheerleaders are interested, too. Student government. The chess club. Half the teachers…”

Jen slumped in her chair and put her head in her hands as Fiona continued to name off the long list people wanting to get into her pants.  Of course tons of guys would want to bang her. If Jen had been someone else, Jon would have wanted to fuck her, too. But could she have actually been with a guy? The idea of fucking with some meat head like Daryl was utterly repulsive. Lifting her head, she glanced around the room from guy to guy. Too fat… too nerdy… too creepy… ok, looks like I’m not- 

At that moment, her eyes fell on a handsome prep sitting at the back of the room. He had short brown hair, a polo shirt that clung to his toned chest, and a pair of tight jeans that made her hope he would stand so she could check out his-

“Fuck,” Jen whispered. She was definitely attracted to guys as well as girls now. She placed her head back in her hands. A soft touch on her shoulder drew her attention back to Fiona. She had be released from her trance and was reaching over to pat her on the back, a reassuring smile on her face. Jen looked into her eyes and could not help but notice that Fiona’s gaze once again momentarily dropped to Jen’s crotch before once again holding eye contact with her. 

The awkward exchange was interrupted as a blur of motion from the front of the class caught both girl’s’ attention. Chelsea dropped her report on Mr. Burton’s desk and huffed. “And that, bitches and studs, is the boring story on Metamorphosis that made me miss out on a night of riding my boyfriend raw until he filled my guts with his hot jizz. That hard cock better be waiting for me right after school because I’m already wet and aching just thinking about that thick rod pounding my tight slit.”

“Ok, who would like to go next?” Mr. Burton asked as he returned to the front of the room, unphased by Chelsea’s vulgar vernacular. His chest had returned to normal since he was apparently not thinking about any tits at the moment.

“Jen? How about you show everyone what the best student in the school can do?”

Jen winced. This was all she needed right now. There was no way she wanted to be put of display in front of the class. She looked around the room and saw that all eyes were on her. 

 One of the faces looking expectedly at her was Anastasia, a girl from the school’s track team. Jen pointed at her and blurted out the first thing that came to her. 

“I wish she’d volunteer to go next and she’d talk long enough to fill the rest of the class period!”


“Oh! Oh! Mr. Burton! I want to go next!” The once athletic Anastasia shot up from her seat and moved to the front of the class without even being called. Her former velvety hair was now stringy and greasy, her toned body had gained noticeable extra pounds which were covered with frumpy clothes, and her oversized glasses threatened to slide off her face as she looked down at her notes. Jen’s wish had transformed the athlete into a nerd. 

“Ok, Annie, go ahead,” Mr. Burton said as he gave the floor over to the enthusiastic bookworm. As “Annie” began to speak about “The Hobbit” Jen watched as a pair of plump, saggy boobs with oversized areolas grew on the teacher’s chest. 

“Close call,” Fiona said with a snicker. Jen let out a sigh of relief.

Watching the pudgy dork enthusiastically go on about dwarves and hobbits, Jen couldn’t help but smile. Annie was actually kind of adorable as a nerd. Besides, Jen was able to relax and not stress about giving a book report, so everything worked out. 

Jen shot a sideways glance over at Fiona and noticed Fiona was doing the same to her. Was she checking Jen out? She had glanced repeatedly at the bulge in her skirt, but in Fiona’s defense it was really hard to miss. But was it possible that Jen’s friend harbored a crush for her? Or was it just something as simple as Jen not acting “normal” compared to what Fiona was used to? 

Jen looked down to once again take in the expanding valley of cleavage attached to her chest. The sight was still enough to cause her dick to twitch in excitement. Jen wondered if she’d ever be able to look at her own body without arousing herself. She had better try get used to it, because she was fully aware that wishes were permanent. This is who she was now: Jen Gibson, the hottest chick with a dick in the school. Could be worse, Jen mused. At least I still have my dick. As ridiculous as the oversized male anatomy was attached to her overly feminine body, there was still something reassuring about still have a piece of her former male self. 

“Will you shut the fuck up?!” a tiny voice screamed out. Annie briefly paused her report to look at the cage where Karen now resided. She was gripping the thin wire bar with her tiny hands and was staring daggers at the newly created nerd. “This shit is so fucking boring! And there’s always at least one nerd each class who picks this damn book!”

“Hey. Psst psst. Easy, girl. Relax.”

Mr. Burton walked forward, chastising the tiny terror before gently flicked the top of the cage twice with his fingers. Karen let out a huff that was quite loud for such a tiny creature before letting go of the wires and moving to a corner of her confinement to sulk. When the teacher turned around, the mirror set of Annie’s saggy boobs that had been on his chest had been replaced by two tiny bumps roughly the size of pinheads. In the brief moment Mr. Burton had interacted with his former-student-now-pet, he must have caught an eyeful of her miniature tits and focused on them enough to have a matching set form on his chest. It didn’t last long as he turned back to Annie. His chest rippled and erupted into the familiar sight of Annie’s breasts hanging from his chest. The speed at which they had grown caused them to sway and giggle before Mr. Burton absentmindedly reached up and caressed them. 

“Sorry for the interruption, Annie. She can be a bit of a pest at times. Please, continue.”

Annie adjusted her glasses and eagerly picked up right from where she left off with the enthusiasm that only a true lover of the material could muster. She was an absolute nerd, through and through. Jen smirked at the scene. A tiny pet, a stacked voyeur, and a fat nerd. Jen looked down at her own chest, for the first time with a small sense of contentment. 

At least I’m not stuck as any of them, she thought with pride.


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i just love this story smile


Re: Chick for a Dick - by ekempo5000

Chick for a Dick: Lunch with the Girls

The sound of the bell was a welcome relief to Mr. Burton’s literature class. The students rapidly gathered their personal belongs. From the front of the classroom , Annie watched on with a look of shock and frustration. “But… but I’m not done.”

Fiona scoffed. “She spent practically the whole class talking about hobbits. Seriously. She’s done,” she whispered to Jen playfully. Jen couldn’t help but giggle. Both at the complete change in Anastasia’s personality, and at the welcome banter of her new friend. It was so reassuring to know she had friends in this new life she had been dropped into. 

“Alright, class,” Mr. Burton call to the students who had not already rushed out the door, “no homework this weekend. We’ll continue with the remaining presentations next week.” Jen watched as the teacher’s chest rippled and bubbled, morphing from one set of tits to another as he watched the various female students walk past him towards the door. Not wanting to see a mirror copy of her tits on display again, Jen turned away and rushed out of the room before she was the focus of Mr. Burton’s attention. 

Jen had hoped to avoid being confronted by evidence of her recent transformation, but her efforts to leave the room quickly had instead made her new body frustratingly noticeable as her generous mounds bounced wildly on her chest. A couple of boys did double takes as they darted down the hall, taking in the sight of the buxom brunette exiting the classroom. Jen had to fight the impulse to grab her own tits to limit their wild swaying, knowing that it would only give the eager watchers a better show. She was wondering if she should “bless” them all with a set of their own when Fiona came up next to her. 

“Jen! What’s the rush?”

Jen looked at her newly discovered friend and saw that she was concerned. With as much as her life had changed from this morning, the last thing she wanted was to complications with her only confirmed friend. 

“I… I’m just really hungry. I want to get to the cafeteria before the line gets too long.”

Relief spread over Fiona’s face and she flashed a warm smile. “Sounds like a plan. Let’s go!”


The pair headed down the halls, Fiona once again taking lead on the conversation. Jen listened on as she prattled about how dreamy Mr. Burton was. Jen had thought to ask her opinion about his constantly transforming chest, but she decided to let it go and let Fiona revel in her crush. As they stepped into the cafeteria, Jen felt a moment of panic. Here they were, practically everyone in the school gathered together at once, all turning and looking at her. Jen could practically hear a voice in her head shouting out like a carnival barker. Step right up, one and all! Feast your eyes on the freakish wonder! The nerdy wallflower turned stacked hottie! Step right up and behold as this simple man tries to live as a stunning beauty!

Jen didn’t know if Fiona had read her body language or was just as hungry as Jen was pretending to be, but the girl quickly grabbed Jen’s hand and pulled her into the giant room and towards the food stations. Jen felt like it wasn’t just the room that was massive, but everything else as well. 

Moving past the tables Jen was again reminded of her diminished height. Everyone seemed to be sitting higher, but in fact she was lower to the ground. And she remembered that she was even wearing heels! She was another 3 inches shorter than she was currently standing, at least. Even when Fiona handed her a tray, it felt oversized in her smaller hands.

Jen sighed and moved forward, walking to the familiar food stations. She grabbed grabbed two slices of pepperoni pizza, a box of fries with a cup of cheese sauce, and a bottled sports drink. As she approached the register, the lunch lady looked at her tray with a raised eyebrow, but said nothing. Seeing the total, Jen reached reached down and unclasped her purse. Carrie twitched and quivered as Jen rummaged through the purse-girl until she located her wallet and pulled it out. The purse seemed to quiver as if in the throws of post orgasm as Jen pulled out a few bills and handed them over. After getting her change, Jen returned the wallet to the purse, causing it to shudder again, before picking up her tray. 

Fiona was waiting for her with a smile which faded when she caught sight of Jen’s tray. “Wow. You, uh, weren’t kidding about being hungry, huh?” Jen looked at her tray, then Fiona’s which had a salad with light dressing drizzled on it and a sparkling water. Jen could only shrug. Fiona offered a forced smile. “Let’s go meet up with the girls,” she offered. 

“After you,” Jen replied, hoping Fiona would take the lead. She didn’t even know who “the girls” were, let alone where they normally sat. To her relief, Fiona did just that, turning and heading towards the sprawl of tables. Jen followed close behind, worried that she may lose sight of her in the crowd of students. 

As they walked past table after table, Jen spotted transformed girls that she recognized. Jill stood out, the feminine ass that had taken the place of her face from her cheekbones down made it easy to spot her among the sea of faces. Jen watched as she took a grape and pressed it between her face cheeks and into her sphincter-mouth. A few tables over, a blob of bright neon colors caught Jen’s attention. It was Sharon, the girl who’s skin and hair had been changed to be bold, vibrant colors. Next to her was Cassie, the girl whose head was now a balloon with her face painted on it in marker. Jen was tempted to stop and wait to see just how Cassie even ate with her current body, but Fiona was pulling away from her and she turned to quickly catch up. 

Another table caught Jen’s attention. Although each table surrounding it was packed to capacity, this one was not even half occupied. Only five girls were sitting at one end of the table, and they seemed to be projecting an aura of superiority and exclusivity. The vibe was definitely felt by the rest of the students, as nobody else dared approach this seemingly elite group. Except for Fiona. This was their destination, and these were “the girls.”

“Hey,” Fiona said meekly. Jen was thrown off by her friend’s reaction. She was… shy? Unsure? Shit. She was afraid. But, why? These were her friends, right? 

Our friends, Jen had to remind herself. 

Fiona slipped into a chair that was halfway down the rectangular table, leaving two spaces open between her and the next girl. Jen assessed the table as she approached. Fiona was sitting towards the center of the table, two open spaces to her right, then a busty bleach blonde who was wearing a tight pair of jeans that snugly hugged her heart shaped ass, and a snow white fleece hoodie that was clearly more for fashion than function. To her right was a girl with a thin frame, black curly hair, and a cell phone in her hands that she was furious texting away on. 

Across the table was a trio of girls that caused Jen to do a double take. The girl in the center had flowing red hair, and fair skin dotted with freckles. She was wearing a pink leather half jacket over a patterned top. The girl to her right had a round face and dirty blonde hair. She was wearing a black pleather jacket over a worn out shirt that looked so old the stitching around the designer’s logo was fraying wildly. To the left of the girl in the center, a thin girl with straight black hair was wearing a pink polyester coat that was too big on her over a white halter top. As they ate, the two girls flanking the girl in the center seemed to watch her intently, and were noticeably coordinating the movements of their eating with the girl between them.

Jen looked at the group and waited for some sort of acknowledgment or welcome, but none came. They seemed oblivious to her… until she sat down in the seat directly next to Fiona. The girl across the table in the pink half jacket looked at her in confusion, while the two girls next to her shared a look with each other, looked at the girl between them, and then stared at her with the same look of confusion. Before Jen could ask what the problem was, a voice next to her caused her to jump. 

“Fuck, Jen! Off your diet much?”

Jen looked to the girl in the white fleece to her right, who was looking at her tray before looking at Jen with a smug smirk. “What, did you steal some fatty's tray? I can’t wait to see how much bigger your ass gets after that.” Jen subconsciously slumped in her seat. Fatty’s tray? This is what she ate every day? Or… at least Jon did. And my ass isn’t big! Is it?

“Hey, Penny, she’s just having a bit of an off day,” Fiona said quietly. The blonde cackled. “After she eats that what’s going to be off is her weight!” The trio across the table snickered, and even the girl to Penny’s right gave a chuckle despite not once looking up from her phone. 

Jen frowned and stared daggers at Penny. The bitch was going to pay! Jen opened her mouth-

“Oh! Look!” Fiona shouted while pointing at the far wall. It was an obvious attempt to interject, but the pack of girls did turn to see what she was pointing at. A few students which Jen recognized as members of the student government were tapping a poster to the wall. 

“Prom tickets go on sale on Monday. Hard to believe it’s just two weeks away.” As the girls examined the poster, Fiona turned to Jen, intentionally catching her eye. Fiona was looking at her with pity and longing, as if she wanted to help but was powerless to do so. 

“Great, now I’m going to need to spend the next two weeks turning down half the dicks with legs in the school,” Penny huffed as she stuck her fork into her half eaten salad. Across the table, the girl in the center giggled. “Just treat it like a game. I’m going to try and set a record for how many I can string along before I tell them all to buzz off.” Penny laughed heartily at the proposal. “Oh, that is too much, Veronica. Maybe I should play a game with them as well. Perhaps seeing how many I can get to cry when I blow them off.” 

The table again erupted into fits of laughter, even Fiona seemed to nervously join in. Except for Jen. She was stupefied by the callousness she was observing. Even though she had never met any of these girls before, they were unsettling familiar. They reminded her of… Sarah! That was it! Sarah. Tiffany. Kim. Vicky. Amanda. With so many of the previous "queen bitches" transformed by various wishes, this collection of girls had risen unopposed into the available social niche and were considered the social elite of the school. 

And Jen was one of them. 

The look of shock on her face must have caught Penny’s attention, because the blonde slowly turned to face Jen, a predatory look in her eyes. “Aww, don’t be so glum, Jen. I know you’re having an ‘off day,’ but soon you’ll be back on your game. While I'll be blowing guys off left and right, you'll just be blowing them.”


Like blood in the water, Jen’s outburst had seemed to trigger the whole table to look at her with malice. “Rumor has it you’re well on your way to feel better. A visit to Madame Lee’s class, then first in line to play with Ass Slut, then a tryst with Muff Gobbler in the bathroom? Busy, busy, busy,” Veronica taunted. Jen felt the color drain from her face.

“Well,” Penny said with mock shock, “Ass Slut and Titty Nibble both before lunch?”

“Before third period,” the girl to Veronica’s right chimed in. “Looks like Jen won’t be breaking the boys’ hearts, she’ll be turning down all the girls!”

The table exploded into laughter again. For once, Fiona did not join in. Unfortunately, it was not missed by the table. 

“Aww. Why so blue, Fiona? Were you planning on asking her to prom?” Penny asked before breaking into more laughter. “Hmm, looks like it runs in the family,” the girl to Penny’s right chimed in, finally breaking her silence. She was still looking at her phone. “Everyone is abuzz that Zoe was caught getting it on with her friend Athena in the girl’s bathroom last period. Can’t wait to post this little development.” With that, her thumbs became a flurry of motion. 

Jen’s head was spinning. In a few short hours, she had been turned into a girl, had her first female orgasm, been yelled at, ogled, hit on, embarrassed, called a slut, betrayed, and now outed as a lesbian. 

“I… I… I…” 

Jen couldn’t control herself. Her vision blurred, her chest tighten, and tears started to run down her face. She tried to resist, but a sob punched through her composure. Then another. And another. There was only one thing she could do. 

Jen jumped up from the table and ran. Ran away from the still cackling girls, pasted the tables filled with students, through the doors, and out into the hall.


Re: Chick for a Dick - by ekempo5000

Chick for a Dick: Lunch Rush

Not as many people notice Jen’s hasty retreat from the cafeteria as she feared. Many students were more involved with wrapping up their lunch as quickly as possible or catching up with friends. At one table on the far end of the room, Renee was doing both. 

One of the first girls to be altered by Jon’s party wish, Renee was a perfect example of the bizarre changes that can result from a vaguely worded wish. When her table of eight friends wished she’d get drinks for everyone, Renee’s body and impulses had changed to do just that. She now sported eight breasts traveling down the front of her body, and she could fill any of the tits with whatever liquid she wanted by drinking it and storing it for later. She was now a walking drink dispenser. Along with her body, her mind had been altered to put serving anyone who wanted a drink from her modified mammaries to be her top priority. A job which she greatly enjoyed, especially since serving up her stored drinks was so pleasurable. Even now, she was preparing to engage in her new role. 

“Come on, Renee!” a voice pleaded. Renee couldn’t help but smile, even though doing so caused water from the large jug she was chugging to dribble down the side of her face. With a flourish, Renee slammed the empty gallon of water down on the cafeteria table before wiping the excess water from her mouth and cheek with the back of her hand and letting out an exaggerated sigh of satisfaction. She looked down at her unusual chest and was please to see her left-topmost tit had expanded well beyond its default B-cup and was now lopsidedly stretching our her spandex shirt. She had a whole wardrobe of such garments which allowed her to fill her chest to her desire and keep herself covered. At least until it was time to strip off her top and serve her offerings. 

Which is exactly what she would be doing in a short time. Next hour was gym class, and with so many students working out and exhausting themselves, they would need a drink to re-hydrate. And Renee was more than happy to provide drinks to the entire class. It was her life’s calling and greatest joy, after all. Now that she had filled one tit to the brim with water, she reached for the first of several bottles of flavored energy drinks to fill the remaining breasts. Not only did it help keep her stable by balancing out her tits, she was also compelled to have a selection of options to whoever she may be providing refreshments. And as an added perk, she loved all of the attention she got when all eight of her dispensers were filled to the size of volleyballs. 


Renee looked up and took in the sight of the three girls sitting across the table from her. Their trays of food were pushed to the edge of the table on their side as the majority of the table was filled with the various bottles that Renee would be guzzling down to top off her tits.  The one directly across the table was staring at Renee with an exaggerated pout. 

“Sorry, Rhonda. I’ll down these right away and then you’ll have more table space,” Renee said sweetly. The girl, Rhonda, shoved her tray forward, which caused a chain reaction of knocking back the collection of bottles until one fell off the table and into Renee’s lap. In response, she simply picked it up, cracked it open, and proceeded to chug it down. As the liquid was consumed, Renee’s third boob down on the right swelled noticeably. 

“You know what I meant!”

The girl to Rhonda’s left gave a huff. “Rhonda, this again? I don’t know why this is such a big deal to you. She does all of the work, and we get to take it easy. There are worse things.”

“Yeah. Like this shitty cafeteria food,” the girl to the other side of Rhonda muttered before sliding her tray away. This caused another bottle to slide off the table on Renee’s side, which she quickly snatched up and chugged down as well. 

“Seriously, Judy? Shut up about the bad food for once! This is important. Renee has the best job anyone could ask for. She fills up, waits for Jen to tell her what to serve, then gets payed more money than she knows what to do with!”

Renee put down the now empty bottle and looked at Rhonda. “But I do know what to do with it. And I would think you of all people realize that. I mean, I’m basically covering the cost for everything all of you want! Oh, speaking of which, once I get my next paycheck we can go car shopping, Mercedes.”

The girl to Rhonda’s right smiled widely. “Awesome! Thanks, Renee! I already have a few that I want to take a closer look a-“

“Mercedes! Wouldn’t you rather be able to buy the car yourself?” Rhonda interjected. Her friend only responded with a halfhearted shrug. “Think about it,” Rhonda continued, “Renee has been super generous. And Renee, I do appreciate you picking up the tab all the time, but I don’t want to be a mooch. And eventually were going to want more. College, houses even. And I don’t expect someone else to pay for that. I want to be the one cleaning up! Can’t you just ask Jen if there’s any work for us, too?”

Renee let out a sigh and put down the bottle she was just about to suck down. “I can ask, but I don’t know if that’s enough. Jen has a particular eye for talent. I just happened to be perfectly equipped for the job she needed. I don’t know if she has anything available for all of you. I just wish you were all perfectly suited to work for Jen.”



Sydney let out a pleasant hum, thankful that she had gym before lunch. It made things so much easier to sneak in a little “her time” if she got too pent up during the day. Sure, she would miss out on food, but there was something else she wanted to eat more…

She looked down between her legs and saw herself eagerly licking away at her slit. Both of her let out another content hum, soaking in the joy of the moment. The Sydney on the floor reached up with one hand and inserted a single finger into the wet pussy in front of her, and once it was properly lubricant she slowly slid it up the ass of the Sydney standing up. Both let out a gasp as they shared the pleasure of being filled, and the kneeling Sydney proceeded to reach down with her free hand and rub her own dripping sex. 

At a glance, the scene might look like identical lesbian twins ravaging each other. But the truth was much more bizarre. Like many other girls in the school, Sydney had been altered by the power of these stone. Her unique change was brought about by Karyn wishing she could “watch Sydney play with herself.” The girl was now a single mind that controlled two bodies and had a constant desire to pleasure herself. There were times the compulsion was so strong that she would need to sneak away and satisfy her dual libidos. The easiest way to do this was to take her time after gym class wrapped up and wait for everyone to leave the locker room and leave her to herselves. 

This is exactly what she had done today, deciding to skip lunch and make out with herself in the empty locker room. Both of her were naked and dripping wet, not even bothering to dry off after the shower. They were now located in the locker alcove, knowing it would give them some privacy should someone unexpectedly enter. 

This was the wise move as the sound of the door burst open caused both of her hearts to skip a beat. The body on her knees immediately pulled away and stood up, causing them both to grunt as the felt her finger forceful withdraw from her copy’s back door. A voice echoed off of the hard, tile walls. 

“Same place as last time?”

There was no answer save for the squeak of two pairs of shoes rushing across the slick floor and the bang of a bathroom stall opening. Sydney used one head to covertly peek out and survey the room. She saw two girls go into the largest stall. One sat down on the toilet while the other knelled in front of her. The one on the ground was furiously pawing at the pants of the sitting girl. There was the sound of a zipper followed by a rustling of fabric, and a pair of voices humming in content pleasure. 

Sydney smiled wickedly, realizing she wasn’t the only one who expected the locker room to be empty. She watched on as the kneeling girl’s head moved, bobbing up and down. Sydney silently cursed, wishing the kneeling girl would move out of the way for just a moment so that Sydney could take a peak at the dick the sitting girl was sporting. However, the kneeling girl didn’t let up for a second, sucking and facefucking the rod for all it was worth. 

As the sitting girl started moaning and grunting, Sydney felt her own passions rising once again. As one body continued to watch the pair in the stall, her other body once again knelt down and brought her mouth to her clone’s eager sex. Only this time, the kneeling Sydney did her best to mimic the head movements of the girl giving a blowjob, able to watch the display through the mental link she share with her other body that was watching the show. Sydney imagined that the kneeling girl was pleasuring her instead, and her other body was playing out that role in her fantasy. 

As the girl sitting on the toilet became more vocal, the kneeling girl quickened her pace, causing the kneeling Sydney to quicken her own, bringing both of Sydney’s bodies closer to climax. The smallest whimper escaped Sydney as she ran the length of her tongue across her clit. She slapped a hand over her mouth and looked at the girls, worried she may have been caught. The seated girl was clearly lost in her own world as just a moment later she started gasping.

“I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum! I’m-“

Her voice caught in her throat and her body tensed. The kneeling girl stopped moving her head and froze, clearing taking the load the other girl had just jizzed. After a few moments of stillness, the kneeling girl stood up. The dick slid out of her mouth with a wet slurp loud enough that both of Sydney’s bodies could hear it. Her standing body leaned back into hiding in the alcove as the cock sucker began to turn around. 

“Damn, Rachelle, that was amazing. Not as long as last time, but just as powerful at the end.”

“Well, it was what you wanted most. A quick but intense bj. Guess you didn’t want to be late for class again, huh? Speaking of which, you had better get going. I need to clean up a bit, so I’ll see you after school.”

Sydney waited in frozen silence, listening intently to the sounds coming from around the corner. The rustling of clothes, squeaking of shoes, the door opening, and the hydraulics slowly closing it with a mechanical his and a slight bang. She was just about to let out the breath she had been holding in when a voice pierced the silence. 

“You’re not as quiet as you think.”

Both bodies let out a surprise shriek as the girl, Rachelle, stepped around the corner. Sydney was caught red handed, one body standing with her legs spread, her other body on her kneed between said legs, both naked, and both dripping wet in every sense. Rachelle raised an eyebrow as she took in the sight. She looked from the standing Sydney, down to the kneeling one, and back up to the standing one. 

Sydney summoned her fleeting courage and stammered out a single question: “Wha… what are you going to do?”

A wry smile bloomed on Rachelle’s face. “I believe that is up to you.” She reached up and unbuttoned her top before pulling back the garment, exposing the three tits that were aligned in a row across her chest. Instead of a nipple, each had a small glass window and an image behind them. At the moment, each displayed the silhouette of two figures, both female but one with a dick and the other kneeling in front of it. 

Rachelle let her hands fall away from her chest, leaving it exposed to Sydney. She straightened her left arm and raising it to a 45 degree angle. 

“Care to try your luck?”


Ms. Shepherds strode confidently down the hallway. Her measured, elegant steps caused her heels to click like a metronome as she sauntered. The clicking was on purpose, of course, as it called everyone’s attention to her. The sway of her hips and bouncing of her chest kept their attention. 

She smiled smugly to herself as all heads turned to follow her in her wake. She always had this effect on people. Always, that is, since Jon had granted her wish to be younger, unmarried, and have an incredible sex life. But Brook Shepherds did not remember her previous life. Nor did she realize that she was magically gifted with an aura that would attract everyone to her, and the more attracted she was to a person the more they would reciprocate the attraction.

But Ms. Shepherds wasn’t concerned with how she influenced people. She only cared that she did. She drank in their stares, their slacked jaws, their vapid grins… their lust. Sex was always fun, but it was the hunt that she loved.  And she was a hunter on the prowl. 

Making her way down the school hallways, she approached the line queuing up in front of Ass Slut’s room. The “lunch rush.” The collection of students all turned to face her as she approached. Brook watched as those standing in line gained noticeable erections in their pants and skirts, while the guys and gals Booby was priming started pumping more furiously as she came closer. Two of them, a girl Booby was jacking off with one of her many arms and a boy that was currently being sucked off, let out simultaneous grunts and blew their loads at the very presence of the stunning beauty. 

Lightweights, Brook thought, unimpressed with the hair trigger reaction from the two. Still, Brook took pride that she had done such a service: those two-pump-chumps wouldn’t have lasted thirty seconds of banging Ass Slut’s Fuck Ass, so her mere presence had saved everyone time and disappointment. 

“Hi, Ms. Shepherds!” Booby called cheerfully with a wave of her free hand as the two spent students retreated. The next two students in line quickly stepped up and presented their dicks which Booby eagerly took hold of with the available hand and mouth. Brook smiled sweetly and twiddled her fingers in a flirtatious wave. One girl in line had already taken matters into her own hands, furiously beating the girthy beast between her legs as she stared transfixed at the glamorous beauty before her. Ms. Shepherds almost stopped to admire the sight. The shaft was almost as long as the tiny girl’s forearm and the black skin tone was a wonderful juxtaposition to the rest of her alabaster white skin. The tenacity at which she stroked herself told Brook this one would be an enthusiastic partner. 

But while enthusiasm had its place, she was in the mood for something else: experience. And if one wanted an experienced lover, there was no better option in the entire school than-

A knock on the door frame pulled Melinda’s attention away from her soup. Seeing Brook standing in her doorway caused a bolt of excitement to shoot through her. “Hi, Brook!” 

The stunning visitor smiled, causing Madam Lee to swoon. “Hello, Melinda,” she said, her silky voice dripping with confidence. She entered the sexual immersion classroom, her swaying hips drawing Madam Lee’s gaze downward. “I wanted to speak with you about something.”

“Would this be a professional or… personal matter?” Melinda asked coyly. Brook let out a small laugh, glad to see she wasn’t the only one who appreciated this dance. “In your area of expertise, I would imagine they are both one and the same.” The two stared at each for a moment, letting the tension build. Melinda glanced up at the wall clock. “Only twenty five minutes until next class starts.”

“We both know what you and I can do in twenty five minutes.”

“Then let’s not waste time. How do you want to do this?”

“Me on your desk. You pounding me from behind.”

Melinda threw her half eaten lunch into the trash an stood up, her latex dress clearly showing the outline of the cock that had been Brad’s only a few hours earlier.

“Then let’s get to it.”

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Chick for a Dick: Need a Ride?

Jen reached the parking lot, tears freely streaming down her face. She hadn’t stopped running since leaving the cafeteria. Her legs ached because even though she could run in heels, it was still a terrible strain to do so. Her chest burned as she was barely able to breathe due to running and bawling at the same time. And the changes in balance from her new breasts and ass and the bouncing of her cock in the flimsy panties reminded her with each step of what she had done to herself. 

In short: Jen was mess. 

Feeling hard concrete beneath her designer shoes and the breeze on her exposed skin finally brought her to a halt. She looked around, relieved to find she was finally alone. She wrapped her arms around herself and let what little emotions she had been holding back run free and let out a wail. She felt wetness on her chest and opened her eyes enough to see her tears were dripping onto her cleavage. But they were not clear. Instead, they were black. Touching her fingers to her face, she saw that the same inky smears appeared there as well. 


Fiona’s voice replayed in her head. 

Careful. Don’t want to ruin that fantastic eye liner...

Jen used the heels of her palms to aggressively wipe her eyes, knowing that it would smear and spread the black makeup. She didn't care how she looked. But if Jen had seen herself, she might have realized just how unhinged she looked. A girl bawling her eyes out with her makeup smeared across her face. But she couldn’t see the spectacle that she had become. She was trapped in this new, alien body. And the life that came with it.

She could still hear the voices of her supposed friends taunting her. 

huge ass...
blowing guys left and right...
busy, busy, busy...
can't wait to post this...

How could they be so cruel? Why would they be so cruel?!

Jen looked up, surprised to see that her legs had subconsciously led her back to where she had parked earlier that morning. Or more specifically, where Jon had parked Jesse earlier that morning. The motorcycle-girl’s chrome form was still locked in the same frozen expression it had been when Jon had turned her off hours ago. Hours ago… it seemed like another lifetime. And I suppose it was another lifetime, Jen thought morosely. Jen approached the bike and was reminded again of her decreased stature. Jesse was now almost too big for her to ride. And the thought of straddling something with her new anatomy made her shudder. 

“Fuck!” Jen bellowed. She felt trapped. Trapped in this body. Trapped in this life! And now, she felt trapped at school. Sure, she had the stone, but she didn't dare use it. Not on herself, at least. One vague wish had made her a girl and stolen her life. She wouldn’t risk using one just to warp home. What if she worded it wrong and became trapped in her house. What if she worded it wrong and became her house?! No. That course of action was not an option.

Jen looked at the parking space next to Jesse and saw the jet black SUV Zoe had taken from the garage without permission. Desperation filling her, she went to the door and pulled forcefully on the handle. 


She went to the next door, and the next, trying them all. Even the rear cargo hatch. All the same result. She was pulling hard enough that the alarm even went off. But the vehicle remained locked up tightly. Jen let out a shriek and flipped open her purse before inserting her arm up to the shoulder into the magic satchel. It spasmed and twitched so wildly that it almost fell right out of the hand Jen was holding it with. “Come on, come on you stupid bag,” Jen muttered to the purse. The wish that had turned Carrie into the accessory stated that she should contain anything that Jen may need. She desperately hoped that included summoning the key she needed for this particular vehicle. 

Jen let out a yelp as the car alarm suddenly stopped and a voice simultaneously shouted out.

“Hey you! Get away from the car!”

Jen froze in place, her arm still buried impossibly deep into the purse. A series of footsteps approached and circled around the car towards her. If it hadn’t been for all of the strange girls that Jen had already seen, she probably would have screamed. The Latina girl that stepped into view was one of the most bizarre transformees Jen had seen yet. 

She had three legs, with the additional limb coming out from between her original pair. She also had four arms, with the new pair coming out of her sides a little below her normal set. But even more changed than her limbs was her head. She had six eyes! Along with her original eyes, she now sported a pair right above them, and another eye on each her temples, halfway between her original eyes and her ears. And they were all locked on her! Jen was about to freak when girl’s expression immediately softened. 

“Oh! Miss Gibson! I am so sorry! I thought you were Zoe trying to take another joyride. I told you I was going to be more careful about not letting her take your vehicles without permission. Wait, are you ok? You… well, you don't look... well.”

Jen’s head swam. More changes to her already complicated life. This time she was getting some answers. She looked the girl dead in the eyes, which was highly unsettling because there were just so damn many of them, and spoke. “Honestly, what is your name?”

“I’m Mercedes.”

“And why would you be the one to keep Zoe away from my cars?”

“I’m your personal driver. I chauffeur you and oversee your garage.”

“And how did you get like this?”

“Just a few minutes ago Renee wished we were all perfectly suited to perform tasks so we could work for you. Now I have the perfect body for it. I have a leg for each peddle, enough arms to keep two hands on the wheel and still operate the instruments, and I have enough eyes to watch the road and see out of the mirrors at the same time. They even move independently!”

Jen watched on in unsettling fascination as the girl’s six eyes all moved and darted in different directions before all focusing back on her.

“I’m also linked to all of your vehicles mentally. I can unlock them, start them, even access all Bluetooth features with my mind. I’m basically a living key fob. That’s how I knew someone was trying to get into the car. When the alarm went off, I got a mental signal and rushed out here.”

Jen let out a sigh and withdrew her arm from her purse. This wasn’t what she expected, but it was still something of a solution. “No, Mercedes, I’m not ok. Just take me home.” Released from the questioning trance, emotion returned to the bizarre girl’s face. And it shifted from concern to uncertainty. 

“Like… right now? Um, I still kinda have half the day to go and-“

Jen glowered and walked around to the far side of the car, putting it between the two of them. She quickly reached back into the purse and located the pocket which cradled the stone before placing a single finger on it. She didn’t want to risk changing herself. Others, however, were of no concern to her at the moment. Besides, Mercedes was already a freak, what else could possibly happen to her?

“I wish everyone who was part of my household staff would prioritize my needs over social responsibilities and obligations.”


Jen flipped the purse closed again and walked back around the large SUV to Mercedes. She was momentarily caught off guard when she saw the girl’s clothing was completely different. Mercedes stood at attention in a rather dashing chauffeur’s uniform. It had a skirt that tightly hugged her widened hips and showed of her three slender legs. The top was double breasted and secured with brightly polished chrome buttons and was perfectly tailored to not only accentuate her body but also included sleeves her her extra arms. Further up, she had a cap which was pulled back slightly to fully expose her upper set of eyes. The whole outfit was a dark black which seemed to perfectly match the shade of the SUV she wad standing beside. Her expression was also different. Instead of being worried and uncertain, she seemed calm and professional. 

“Ready to go home, Miss Gibson?”

Jen let out a relieved sigh and nodded. Mercedes' head momentarily tilted to the side. As it did, the vehicle unlocked and the engine started. The chauffeur stepped forward and with her upper left arm she opened the rear driver’s side door widely for her employer. Jen climbed inside, which was more of an effort than usual due to the height of the SUV and her own reduced stature. She settled into the plush leather seat and before she could even reach for the door Mercedes dutifully closed it and stepped forward to enter the vehicle’s driver’s seat. The seat moved without anyone touching the controls until it seemed to be perfectly aligned for the transformed driver. Mercedes’ upped set of eyes looked back at Jen through the mirror.

“Would you like any music, Miss Gibson?”

Jen shook her head. “No. Just get me home.”

Without another word, Mercedes used her right lower arm to put the engine into gear and pulled out of the parking spot. Jen looked out at Jesse, still frozen in her parking space. She should really be more concerned about leaving the motorcycle-girl there, but at the moment she just couldn’t bring herself to care. Jen’s gaze pulled away from Jesse who was quickly disappearing into the distance. A transparent image of a girl looking in through the window at her caused her to gasp. It was only when the girl gasped as well that Jen realized it was her own reflection staring back at her. Jen immediately looked away from the discombobulated image. She knew she would have to face herself again, but it was too much to take in at the moment.

Jen tried to relax, to feel some sense of security now that she was out of school and away from everyone, but it was impossible to escape the feeling of her new body. She sat lower in the seat, her plush ass felt soft beneath her, and the seatbelt wedged into her deep cleavage made her breasts impossible to ignore. Her new hair felt foreign and the lack of any body hair on her exposed legs made them feel unnaturally smooth. It made her want to scream!

Jen was feeling another breakdown bubbling to the surface when she looked out the window. Her jaw dropped as she saw them approaching an ornate gate set in a high brick wall. This hadn’t been in the neighborhood before! As the vehicle approached, Mercedes gave the slightest of nods and the gates began to open. 

“We’re home, miss,” Mercedes announced. 

Home? This is my home? Jen thought in wonder. The property grounds on the other side of the gates were massive. When Jon had made his wish to upgrade his house, it had turned into a massive mansion in the middle of suburbia that had been the size of an entire block. This place could only be described as a palace. The grounds had to be multiple square blocks worth of real estate, with lush grass covering large areas of it. Dotted throughout there were various sights: a garden of vibrant flowers with a path running through them leading up to a gazebo at its center, elaborate topiaries dotted the landscape, and large brick drive ran straight ahead towards a large manor positioned a the equivalent of four city blocks ahead of them. 

Jen stared wide eyed at her home. This was far beyond anything she would have dreamt of wishing for. Looking around, Jen saw that the massive structure was not even the only building on the grounds. There was another house that still dwarfed Jon’s original home located near the main building to their right. And off to the left was a large metal structure that looked like a hanger of some sort. And this was only what Jen could see from their current position. The grounds stretched even further back, but the large stone manor that was growing bigger and bigger as they approached was blocking her view. 

The drive turned into a roundabout that circled up to the main entrance of the manor, with a luxurious fountain in the center of the circle. Jen was so caught up in the spectacle that she hadn’t even noticed they had come to a stop. She screamed as her door was opened widely. Mercedes stood at attention outside the SUV, holding the door open for her employer. She did not comment on Jen’s outburst, only standing by dutifully for her to exit the vehicle. 

Jen unbuckled the seatbelt and slid out of the car. She stood in the drive and stared up at the massive building that her house had become. “Miss Gibson,” Mercedes chimed, breaking Jen out of her trance. “Don’t forget this.” Jen looked down as Mercedes reached forward with her upper right arm and presented Jen with her purse. A chill shot through Jen. She wasn’t used to keeping track of a purse. It was a miracle she hadn’t taken it off when sitting down at the table in the cafeteria, because she probably would have stormed out without it. Even worse, she would have left the stone behind. The very thought made her nauseous. 

“Thanks, Mercedes,” Jen said quietly as she took it. “Of course, Miss Gibson. Is there anything else you need me to tend to? Again, I apologize for my dereliction which allowed your sister to take a vehicle without your approval.”

Jen sighed. This morning her biggest complaint was Zoe taking a joyride in a vehicle that didn’t even exist before the previous week. It had cost nothing to acquire, just a simple wish. Hell, even now it would be easy to buy a fleet of replacements without batting an eye. But now Jen had real problems. And on top of it, she had basically just stranded Zoe at school. 

“It's ok. Hey, can you do me a favor? Head back to school, drop this back off where it was, and bring my motorcycle back. I don't care if Zoe has it for the day. After that, you can take off.”

“‘Take off,’ Miss Gibson?”

“Yeah. You know? You can go home.”

Mercedes chuckled sweetly. “Well, the staff quarters are just a short walk from the garage.”

Jen’s jaw dropped. “Staff quarters? You live here?” Mercedes’ expression briefly flashed her confusion before returning to her stoic professional demeanor. “Of course, Miss. All of your personal staff lives on site to be available to you whenever you require our services.”

 Dumbass! Jen chastised herself. Your wish that your household staff put servicing you above everything else made it so they fucking live with you!

“Fine! Whatever! Just... just make the swap and take the rest if the day for yourself.”

Mercedes tipped her cap to Jen. “Yes, Miss. I will take care of that at once. When I get back I will handle my usual chores and retire to the staff house. I will be on call if you need me.”

“That isn’t what- oh forget it. Fine. Do that.”

Mercedes tipped her cap again, climbing back into the driver’s seat, her additional limbs making her look like some sort of overgrown insect, before she drove throughout the roundabout and back towards the main gate. Jen watched as the SUV grew smaller in the distance, still in awe of the massive front yard she now possessed, before turning towards her enormous manor and walking up the steps to the main entrance.