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Chick for a Dick: A Familiar Transformation

Jaqi Pyon stood naked before the class except for her black rimmed glasses and red high heels. The stunning beauty had not even existed until two days ago when a misworded wish had merged Jon's chemistry teacher with two of his classmates and selected from the three of them the attributes he found most attractive and put them into a single girl.

Several of students were staring at their teacher's exposed body. While nobody thought it at all strange for a teacher to be allowed to walk around naked in public, the sight of it was still the cause of lust or envy among the students. Jon, however, was the only one to know that it was not at all normal for this impossibly beautiful girl to be walking around naked. He was also the only one to realize that it was not normal for there to be three extra faces on her body.

On Jaqi's massive, F-cup right breast was the face of Nari, the shy Korean exchange student. On Jaqi's left breast was the face of Jacqueline, Jon's counterculture classmate. Their noses were gone, replaced by Jaqi's dark nipples. The nipple-nose on Jacqueline's face was adorned with a curved bar, a blend between the girl's former nose ring and the bar Jaqi's nipples had been pierced with. And between Jaci's legs, instead of the feminine slit and enticing folds that had pleasured Jon only days before, was the young face of Betty Stevens, Jon's original chemistry teacher.

Jon was in shock. He had not expected this when he had seen Jaqi enter the room with an even bigger set of breasts. He was still trying to figure out what had caused this transformation when he noticed Jaci, Nari, Jacqueline and Betty's eyes all staring at him. Or, to be more specific, his crotch.

Jon realized he was standing in the middle of the classroom, staring slack jawed at his naked teacher, with a raging hard-on tent poling in his pants. Jon quickly sat down in his desk, glancing around the room to see if anyone had noticed his embarrassing predicament.

If any of his classmates had noticed, they weren't showing it. While a few small groups were still talking among themselves, most were transfixed on the erotic allure of their teacher. As Jon glanced at Grace, he watched as she licked her lips, the head and ridge of her penis-tongue clearly visible, as she starred longingly at Betty's face between Jaqi's legs.

Grace wasn't the only one licking her lips. Jon watched as Betty ran her bright pink tongue across her plump lips, causing Jaqi to shudder in pleasure. It wasn't Grace that Betty was focused on, though. It was Jon.

He then noticed that Nari and Jacqueline were also focused on him, the nipples in the center of their faces growing hard. Jon's gaze made its way to Jaqi's blushing face. She was breathing deeply, and staring right back at him.

Jon felt a throb in his pants and felt Karyn squirm, caught up in his arousal. He thought back to Monday when he had used Karyn to fuck Jaqi, the image of her limbless body sliding in and out of Jaqi's wet pussy was intoxicating. Only now, that pussy was Betty's face. He felt Karyn throb again.

Jon closed his eyes and tried to think of something else. Anything else. Slowly, Jon felt Karyn beginning to soften in his pants. After a couple moments, Jon felt relieved enough to open his eyes again.

Jaqi cleared her throat with a feminine cough. If her flushed face and chest was not a clear indication, the wet sheen on Betty's lips telegraphed that Jon wasn't the only one aroused. He watched as Betty pursed her lips repeatedly in the attempt to conceal the pussy juice her mouth was clearly filling with.

"Now... class," Jaqi said as she turned her back to the class, showing off her amazing ass. "You were assigned to read chapter 12 last night." She reached down and picked her copy of the textbook up off the desk. As she did, her ass cheeks spread slightly and Jon could clearly see her asshole and Betty's upside down mouth beneath it. She stood back up and turned around, Nari and Jacqueline swaying wildly as her breasts jiggled on her chest.

Jon couldn't take it anymore. He bowed his head to avert his gaze and raised his hand up. A moment passed before he heard Jaqi's breathy voice. "Yes, Jon?"

"May I use the restroom?"

There was a moment's pause before he heard her speak again. "Alright." Jon bolted out of his desk, walked past the still naked teacher and out the door, hoping his returning erection wasn't too noticeable.


Jon splashed a third handful of cold water on his face. He had been in the bathroom now for several minutes trying to calm himself down. He had not taken Karyn out of his pants, knowing that if he told her what had happened in class it would have only turn him on more, raise questions he didn't want to answer, or both. Instead, he had paced back and forth before hunching over a sink and resorting to the cold water to aid him.

Jon looked up into the mirror. Water streamed down his face as he gazed at his reflection. What was going on? Why had that gotten to him so much? He had seen Jaci before. The very first time he saw her she was not only naked but was already riding his dick. And he had seen the transformation she had now plenty of times before. It was the same transformation Zoe had. But why did Jaqi have it? And why was he so turned on?

Jon lazily reached over to the paper towel dispenser and pulled out a few sheets of the white, coarse material and blotted his face. Jon met his reflection one more time and gave himself a determined nod. He would keep it together and make it through the class.

He stepped out of the men's room and proceeded down the hall back towards Jaqi's class. However, as he walked past the closed door to the faculty lavatory, the door opened up and an arm quickly pulled him in before forcefully, but quietly, closing the door. Jon barely had a moment to register what had happened or to take in his surroundings before a warm, soft body pressed into his and pulled him in for a deep, passionate kiss.

Without thinking, Jon reacted and pulled her closer. Even before his hands touched her naked flesh or felt the massive orbs press into his chest, he knew who it was. Jaqi. However, when he felt a repetitive stroking at his crotch and felt his pants growing damp, he reluctantly broke the kiss and held her at an arm's length away.

She was panting hard, a light sheen of sweat starting to form on her exposed body. Nari's eyes on her left breast were closed and she appeared to be savoring the sensations passing through her reduced body. Jacqueline, meanwhile, was taking matters into her own hands, so to speak. She was stretching out her tongue as far as it would go and using it to play with the piercing in the nipple embedded in the middle of her face. Each time she managed to flick it, she would squeak and her eyes would flutter before she returned to trying to flick it again. Looking down between Jaqi's legs, Jon could see that Betty's face was liberally coated with the pungent lubricant she was now drooling. She was exaggeratedly licking her pouty lips and staring straight ahead at Jon's crotch. He saw that his hard-on had returned and was bulging in his pants that were now thoroughly soaked from all of Betty's licking at his crotch.

"Sorry," Jaqi said with her heavy accent. She have him a sheepish, but playful, smile. "They have a mind of their own."

Jon didn't know where to start. After a moment of silence, except for Betty's wet licking and Jacqueline's squeaks, Jon finally asked "Jaqi, honestly... what's going on here?" Jon felt Jaci's body relax in his grip as she entered into her trance.

"Last week you wished for Betty to take on a different sexual desire each day from girls around school. Since wishes cannot be reversed, that wish applies to me because Betty is a part of me. Today, my biggest turn-on is based off of Zoe. She loves to use the three girls who became her tits and pussy while she fucks; and now, so do I. And since I already had these three floating around inside of me," she gestured down to her altered body, "it worked out perfectly. But, there was one teensy-weensy little addition: I also got the sex drive of the additional three added to me as well. I can't control myself when I'm around you."

"Around me?"

Jaqi nodded. "I'm made up of the aspects you desired the most from Betty, Nari and Jacqueline. That includes my personality. You desired most that I desire you. So, when the sex drive of four girls occupies the same body and all of that sexual impulse is directed at you, it becomes pretty hard to control. Hell, I even snuck in here before your class and fingered myself until I came twice trying to relieve some of my tension. Obviously, it didn't work. Not that I'm complaining," she said with a seductive smile.

Jon's head was spinning. Now he realized why he had been so turned on by seeing Jaci. First, it was because she was showing clear signs that she was interested in him. And not like Erin. While she was nice and attractive, for being nothing but a head on hips and legs, Erin wasn't attracted to him like this. Like she had been the past Saturday. This was primal lust.

The second, and perhaps stronger, of the reasons why he was so turned on shocked him when he realized it. It was because she had been changed. Not just once, but multiple times. He was attracted to her transformations. Jon didn't know if it was because of the wish Karyn confessed she had made for him to love using the stone, if he had become drunk on power, or if it was just something that had always been there. At this point, it didn't matter.

Jon looked at the erotic creature before him, knowing he could have his way with her. She wanted him, needed him. He felt Karyn squirm momentarily in his pants. It would be so easy... it would feel so good...

Jon hesitated. If we get caught, there will be hell to pay, he thought. While he had no problems with fucking in school, and had in the past, he had not done so in the middle of a class period. Someone was sure to notice if they were gone for too much longer. On top of it, Jon didn't have the stone here to immediately help him.

He sighed. "Jaqi, the class will notice that we're missing."

Jaqi's eyes went wide as she came back to her senses. "Shit! I left them to read while I went to 'check on you'," she hissed, looking towards the door. "I should get back!"

"Jaqi! No!"
"I want him to play with me!"
"I could almost taste his cock!"

The trio of faces on her body whined with protest. Finally, Jaqi stamped her foot, causing Nari and Jacqueline to bounce wildly on her chest and Betty's mouth to be squeezed between her thighs. "No! We can't right now. But, fuck, do I want to." She looked at Jon a moment before sighing and grabbing a handful of toilet paper and wiping off Betty's "drool" from her thighs. "Oh no, it's all over your pants," she observed, looking at the bulge at Jon's crotch.

"I'll take care of it. Hurry up and I'll return a little after you so it isn't as obvious."

Jaqi nodded and reached for the door knob. She opened, took a quick peek into the hall, and stepped outside just as Jon thought of something. "Jaqi, honestly, whose sexual fetish did you have yesterday?"

Jaqi froze and turned to look back at him. "Yesterday I had Jennifer's. When you asked if you could use the bathroom, all I could imagine was you using me as your toilet instead."

Jon felt his stomach sour and Karyn soften in his pants as not only thought of the act but remembered for the first time in days that Jennifer had been transformed into a toilet and was currently residing in a dark bathroom in his basement.

"I'll have to take care of that," he said bleakly. "Don't use too much water or else it'll only make it more obvious," Jaqi said, believing his comment was directed at his wet pants. With that, she closed the door and Jon listened to her heeled footsteps moving down the hall.


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Chick for a Dick: Desperate Measures

Jon finally had a moment to look around the tiny room Jaqi had pulled him into. It had a single toilet, a sink with a mirror, and dispensers for soap and paper towel. Jon cursed aloud as he looked down at his wet crotch. The strong, and distinct, smell of feminine arousal from where Jaqi's transformed crotch had been licking him was extremely noticeable.

He didn't have the stone to just wish himself clean. He was not about to use hand soap and water on his pants. There was no way that paper towels could dry up the mess. Jon briefly considered trying to get to the locker room, but it would only look stranger if he showed up to class in sweaty workout clothes. Besides, if he ran into anyone in the halls on the way there, it would only raise more questions.

Jon's blood suddenly ran cold. He was in the teacher's bathroom. If a teacher unexpectedly came in, he'd have a lot of explaining to do. Jon looked at himself in the mirror. He had to get out of these clothes! But what could he get into?

Jon's eyes went wide as an idea occurred to him. It was crazy, and it was probably going to end up being extremely bizarre, but desperate times call for desperate measures. He looked at himself in the mirror and blinked twice.


I can't believe I'm doing this, Jon thought grimly as he stood outside the classroom door. It's only one hour, Jon, he told himself. Get in there, finish the day, get home to the stone and wish this never happened. It's just an hour. With that, Jon reached forward, turned the doorknob, and stepped into class.

Completely naked.

Jon paused for a moment, the eyes of the class turning towards him. "Jon!" came Jaqi's voice. His blood ran cold as he looked at the equally naked teacher. "You've been gone for half the class. You will stay after class and explain yourself." Jon stared at her, and while Jaqi's attitude was firm and professional, he saw the wild lust burning in the eyes of the faces on her tits and crotch.

"Yes, Ms. Pyon," he said.

"Good. Now, please take your seat."

Jon turned and started walking down the aisle towards his seat. He saw several of his classmates glancing at him, but it was more because he had been publicly called out rather than being publicly naked. None of them cared that Jon was now a nudist.

And for that matter, Jon didn't really care either. When Jon used his own naked powers on himself, he had been surprised by just how natural it had felt. Like everyone else he had used it on, Jon instinctively felt no shame for not wearing clothing. The very idea of clothing at the moment seemed odd and unusual. But, deep down, Jon knew it wasn't normal. He remembered the normal him had wondered if his plan was really going to work.

Now, Jon felt relieved. He could not get in trouble for having his pants smelling of feminine arousal because he was not wearing them. Instead, he had simply needed to wipe down and dry off his skin like Jaqi had done.

Jon smiled to himself. This was a new experience, and not a bad one at that. Now he knew what all of the girls he had at various times made into nudists felt like. He was glad to know it was not stressful or embarrassing. Besides, he could reverse it at any time. And he was sure Karyn enjoyed having a view other than the inside of his pants for once.

Jon looked down at the penis-girl between his legs. Her limp, but still impressive length, was laying flat on the hard desk chair between his legs. She appeared to be glancing around the room, trying to catch a glimpse at the world around her. Particularly the girls. Sensing his gaze, Karyn looked up at him. She gave him a casual smile, but said nothing. Instead, she seemed to turn her attention back to Jaqi's lecture.

Maybe I shouldn't go back to wearing clothes, Jon mussed, thinking about how much more content Karyn seemed.

Jon turned his attention back to Jaqi as well. Only it wasn't her lecture that Jon was focused on. She had her back to the class and was writing notes on the whiteboard for the class. Even from behind, the massive orbs of flesh hanging from her chest could be seen peeking around her slim frame. She was noticeably standing back from the board, her massive breasts in danger of pressing against the board and wiping away the notes. Even with her added care, Jon could see a couple places where a nipple-noses of one girls who had been transformed into Jaqi's boobs had brushed the board and smeared the notes.

However, Jon was taking the opportunity to admire Jaqi's perfect ass. It was so soft and round, without a single blemish or sign of sagging. It was perfect. As if on cue, the marker Jaqi was holding slipped from her grasp and fell to the floor. As Jaqi bent over, her massive tits hung proudly from her chest and her butt cheeks spread. Jon was again given a perfect view of Jaqi's pink asshole, as well as Betty's lips just beneath it.

Retrieving the marker, Jaqi stood back up. Jon realized that he had not been the only one in class enjoying this display as every guy in the class was now settling back into their seats as each had unconsciously leaned in to get a better view of the teacher's assets. Jon even noticed that Grace was in a daze, her cock-tongue sticking out a good four inches from her lips while her jaw hung limply open.

Jon looked back towards Jaqi in time to see her turn back from looking over her shoulder. From looking at him. She had done it on purpose! She was teasing him. No, enticing him. She wanted him, and she didn't care who knew as long as he knew.

A throbbing in his crotch pulled Jon's attention away and he looked down to see Karyn was almost fully erect. She had gone from laying limply across the seat to he head rubbing against the underside of the desk. Jon could feel that she was coating it, and her face, with precum that was uncontrollably leaking from her mouth.

Ok, maybe I am better off with clothing, Jon admitted to himself. Jon looked around the room, making sure nobody had noticed his predicament. Remembering the locker room earlier, Jon knew it was now normal for him to be naked in front of everyone, but not to have a massive hard-on in front of everyone. Jon knew he was going to have to calm himself down. But first...

Jon grasped Karyn's pulsing length. "Karyn, honestly," he said, pulling her body out from under the desk so he could see her face, "would you be pissed if I fucked Jaqi with you?"

She looked up at him, her tiny face smeared in wetness. "Are you fucking kidding me?! I've been painfully hard the past half hour not to mention how pent up I am from the shower earlier! I want to get off! I told you, I like being you cock. I like it when you use me to fuck. I was practically begging you just to jack me off earlier. Of course I want to fuck the hottest teacher in school! Now hurry up, pick a hole, and stick me in it!"

Jon carefully tucked Karyn back between his legs and held her there. He knew that since he had not said anything, that he and Karyn were still locked in the truth-trance and that nobody would notice him. Jon cursed himself. In retrospect, he should have done this to leave class earlier without being noticed. At least for the time being, he would gave a few minutes where he could compose himself and, quite literally, get a grip on his dick and calm her down.

Jon looked at the clock. Just five more minutes.

How time flies when you're having fun.


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Chick for a Dick: The Anticipation Builds

"Ms. Pyon!" Cassie shouted in her helium-pitched voice. "It's time to go!"

All off the boys in class groaned. "Shut up, bubble head!" Brad hissed at her, not taking his eyes off of the teacher. Ms. Pyon turned around to face the class, her bare breasts swaying wildly on her chest. "Brad! Do not speak that way in my class. Besides, it is time to end for the day. Please review the board for tonight's homework assignment. Jon, remember to stay after to speak with me."

With that, the transformed teacher strode out of the classroom and into the back storage closet. Jon had to suppress a grin. He had spend enough time in that room with Betty back when she had been the chemistry teacher who wanted his dick. Besides, not only was Betty one third of the trio who had been merged together to create Jaqi, for the rest of the day she was currently residing as Jaqi's pussy, with her face emerging from Jaqi's crotch. Jon couldn't wait to get into that room, but he had to play the part. He could not be so obvious.

Each minute he waited for the other students to pack up and leave was agony. What was even worse was he had to attempt to hide Karyn's growing excitement while he was completely naked. Jon again decided that he didn't care how natural being a nudist was at the moment, he knew he missed that particular benefit of clothes enough to change himself back.

Eventually, the last student left the room, leaving Jon sitting alone at his desk, completely naked and trying to conceal his hard-on. Jon waited a moment longer, both to make sure that nobody would come back and to let the anticipation build a bit more. From the storage closet, Jon hear the clink of glass and voices speaking in hushed tones. Jon stood up, no longer caring that his erection was exposed to the empty room, and began to walk toward the open supply closet door.

"I really hope he wants a titty-fuck first! I want to feel his cock on my face, rubbing against my nose... Oh! It's getting hard just thinking about it!"

"We don't have time for that! If he's in here too long someone may find us. Besides, I can't wait any longer to wrap my lips around that massive dick. I want to feel it all the way inside me!"

"That's no fair! You know you're going to end up getting more than enough action, let me and Nari have some fun first!"

"It... would be nice..."

Jon smirked to himself. Jacqueline and Betty were going at it like old times. The former punk student and chemistry teacher had butted heads two days ago over who got to have Jon first, and even though they were now Jaqi's left boob and pussy, respectively, it seemed that relationship had not changed. If anything, is appeared to have gotten more heated due to Betty getting all of the attention. Meanwhile, Nari had retained her quite, soft spoken personality.

Jon could have listened to the transformed girls bicker all day, but he could feel the lust flowing through his own transformed addition. He looked down at Karyn's erect body reaching out from his crotch. She hadn't made a sound, her lust seeming to have robbed her of her ability to speak. This was not the first time she had gone quiet like this in anticipation of a sexual encounter, but this was the first time she had been this aroused since her memory had been returned.

Karyn seemed to feel his gaze and rotated her body to look up at him. As she did, Jon took in the sight of her exposed body. Her lack of limbs did nothing to detract from her stunning form. Her transformed breast, the size of large grapes, looked massive on her frame. The miniature pussy at her base was visibly aroused. She watched as he raised his left hand and placed his index finger on her wet mound. His fingertip was enough to cover her entire slit, and he gently rubbed it.

Karyn let out a sharp gasp and Jon grunted, feeling the foreign pleasure pulsing through his groin. "Jon! Jon!" Karyn gasp. Jon looked at her face. "Please," she whispered. Pre-cum was freely flowing out of her mouth and coating her face and chest. Jon pressed harder against her wet pussy with the tip of his finger, but Karyn whined and shook her head, her blonde hair flowing wildly. "Please...," she began again, "use me."


Karyn looked into Jon's eyes. Her body felt so tight, so firm. So hard. She could feel Jon's blood pumping through her, make her pulsate with anticipation. Beyond her of body, Karyn could feel Jon's balls swelling in anticipation of what was to come.

Images flooded Karyn's mind. She remembered back to her previous life. Back to when she was human. She remembered hiding away in her room and looking at porn on the internet. She would look at the intertwined bodies and lust after them, both men and women. She would explore her own body, but it did not ease her curiosity. What did a penis feel like? What did other girls taste like? What did sex feel like? What was it like for a man?

Karyn felt her body throb again. Now, she had the answers. She was a living instrument of sex. She had been with more women than she could have imagined and there appeared to be no end in sight. Another throb and a Karyn felt a fresh spurt of pre-cum travel from her base and up her length before it reached her mouth, causing her taste buds to explode. Karyn opened her eyes, suddenly aware that she had been moaning aloud, caught up in her pleasure. But she wanted more... so much more...


Jon watch as Karyn seemed to come back around. For a moment she had completely zoned out, overwhelmed by the sensations coursing through her body. She looked up, her eyes locking on to his. "Use me," she repeated in a breathy voice. "I want to be inside her. I want the feel her lips around me, to taste her arousal, to fill her. I want to shoot my load into her. Please, Jon. Use me. Use your dick."

Jon almost blew his load right there. He wondered briefly if he would ever get used to Karyn being his dick, to her wanting to be his dick. For now, though, it didn't matter. It was clear what she wanted. What both of them wanted. He gave her a wry smile and stepped confidently into the storage closet.


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Chick for a Dick: Two Person Orgy

Jon cleared his throat and Jaqi spun around to face him, her exposed body laid bare before him. Jon's eyes moved across the exotic creature before him. This type of transformation was not new to him. After all, this change was based off of Zoe's transformation and she had been in her current form for over a week. However, she was still his sister. That alone was enough to deter most of his curiosity about her new body.

The woman before him, though, was definitely not his sister.

The three faces staring at Jon from Jaqi's breasts and crotch were all focused completely on him. Jacqueline was licking the nipple in the middle of her face. Nari was blushing, causing the right side of Jaqi's chest to take on a flushed tone. Betty, nestled between Jaqi's legs, bit her lower lip in anticipation, causing a shiver to run through the girls' shared body.

The room was silent save for Jaqi's deep breaths, causing the tit-girls on her chest to heave hypnotically. Jon walked forward, his eyes glancing between the four sets of eyes staring back at him. As much as he wanted to fuck, his curiosity was even stronger.

Jon sank to his knees in front of Jaqi, causing Jacqueline to whine in protest. She was quickly silenced as Jaqi reached up and cupped her and Nari, the palms of her hands covering their mouths. At the same time, she spread her legs slightly apart, presenting Betty to him. The vagina girl smiled broadly and licked her lips. Jon reached forward and tenderly caressed Betty's mouth. She gasped while Jon heard three eager grunts sound off above him.

Jon looked into Betty's open mouth. The pungent musk of feminine arousal hit his nostrils and Jon saw that Betty was beginning to drool, unable to hold back her host's arousal. Her eyes fluttered then closed as a low moan escaped her as Jon continued to trace his fingertips across her lips. He lowered his hand and leaned in, kissing her fully.

"Oh, fuck yes," Jaqi muttered as her legs trembled. Jon, however, was focused on his kiss with Betty. He had kissed a lot of girls over the past week, but this was a new experience. Most evidence was the taste. Jon briefly thought of when he had questioned Sarah about her current body and her saying that she always tasted pussy now. What also drew Jon's attention was that Betty was kissing him differently than other girls. She was not just embracing him and tasting him, she was sucking on his tongue, trying to pull him in as far into her mouth as she could. The final difference that he noticed was that Betty did not have to breathe.

Jon, however, did. After several long moments, Jon broke their kiss and took in a deep breath. Jon became aware that Jaqi was panting heavily, her entire bust was now the same flushed tone as Nari. Betty's eyes remained closed, but her jaw was slacked open and the tip of her tongue was sticking out slightly and occasionally twitching, as if looking for anything to pull back inside of her.

Jon leaned in and gave Betty a quick kiss on her lips. Then he began to kiss his way up Jaqi's body. As he passed her navel, he smiled and briefly wondered if there had been a fourth girl gone into making Jaqi if that's where she would have ended up. As Jon went higher, he chose to go to Jaqi's right, bringing him face to breast with Nari.

Jacqueline, realizing she was being left out again, let out a muffled grunt. Jon quickly reached up and gave the piercing through her nipple-nose a tug. Jaqi sqeaked and squeezed her thighs together, pressing Betty's face tightly between them. Jon had to remind himself that all four of the girls were connected. Luckily, Jaqi seemed to enjoy the aggressive act, seeing it as an escalation of foreplay following his gentle interaction with Betty.

"Now Jacqueline, if you stop whining and wait, maybe I will do something really special for you," Jon teased. He watched as the boob-girl jiggled, apparently her version of a nod. He released her nose and turned his attention back to the breast in front of him. He gently pulled Jaqi's right hand away, exposing Nari's face. He gave her a smile as he staring into her eyes. She looked deeply into his and gave a faint smile before closing her eyes and puckering her lips.

Jon leaned in and kissed her. As different as Betty was from kissing a normal girl, Nari was even more different. She was soft and malleable. As he presses into her, she compressed and flattened beneath him. She had no skull or jaw. Even her teeth were soft. Her entire "head" was now the soft, fatty tissue of a breast.

Jon broke the kiss and pulled away from the boob-girl. As he did, her face took back its normal shape as she bounced back into place hanging proudly from Jaqi's chest. She said nothing, but her blush had deepened and Jon could see her nipple-nose was incredibly hard. Jon leaned in, giving it a broad lick and passionate suckle. Nari let out a throaty moan and Jon let the nipple fall out
of his mouth and stood up.

Jaqi wrapped her left arm around his waist and her right arm around his neck and pulled his body close the hers. Jon felt Jacqueline and Nari pressed into his chest as Jaqi leaned in and kissed him. Jon returned the kiss and felt her running her fingers through his hair. Jon and Jaqi grunted in unison as Betty took advantage of the situation and began to lick Karyn's erect body that was now pressed up against her face. Betty broke the kiss and looked into Jon's eyes.

"No more teasing," she said in a breathy voice. "Take me, Jon."

Jon looked at the transformed girl before him. She she was beautiful, aggressive yet submissive and exotic. Especially with her current body. The combined arousal of four girls in one stunning body that would do whatever he wanted. He thought of having her give him a titty-fuck, watching Karyn slide between Jaqi's transformed boobs with Jacqueline and Nari's faces staring back at him. He thought of embracing her in a 69. He thought of telling her to play with herself and watch as she groped and teased her various parts.

But Jon couldn't hold back his lust or his curiosity any longer. He reached down between their bodies, gripped Karyn firmly in his hand, lined her up with Betty's wet, eager lips, and moved his hips forward. Jaqi gasped and Jon grunted as Karyn's full length slid into Betty's mouth. As Jon began to pump his hips, fucking Betty's mouth, he realized it didn't feel like normal sex or a blowjob. This was something else entirely.

He could feel Betty's lips wrapping tightly around Karyn and felt her tongue sliding across and stroking the penis-girl. She was sucking, too; the tight pressure around his dick felt unbelievable. But, as he slid further in, the feeling was different. He did not hit the back of Betty's throat as Karyn went further and further in. There was no throat. Immediately past Betty's teeth her mouth merged into the tight channel of a vagina. However, even this part Betty seemed to have control over as it tightened and pulled at the end of his dick... at Karyn's head, Jon had to remind himself.

This realization did nothing to hamper Jon's arousal, though. It magnified it. He was fucking his chemistry teacher's face that was between the legs of a girl who had been created specifically to his desires with his best friend who was now his dick.

Jon intensified his pace, ramming his transformed cock into his transformed teacher. The chorus of voices that erupted encouraged him, all of them moaning, groaning, humming, screaming, calling his name. Jaqi's arms were pulling him again into a passionate kiss. Jaqi broke the embrace, taking a deep breath and letting it out in a throaty moan as Jon continued to fuck her eager pussy. She hissed into Jon's ear "Cum in twat, you bad boy."

This sent Jon over the edge. He felt Karyn clench and buried her to her hilt into Betty's mouth as he blew his load inside of Jaqi. The massive amount of cum was too much for Betty and it began to leak out from her lips and drip down to her chin.

The six people in two bodies remained entwined as the orgasm passed through all of them. Jon twitched slightly as Betty's mouth moved around his overly sensitive dick. He could feel her licking up and swallowing all of the cum still left in her mouth and lingering on Karyn's body. Jon's breathing was slowing as the afterglow spread over him. He could not believe how amazing it had felt. It was perfect.

"Jon," a small voice said behind him.

Immediately, Jon's entire body tensed. He spun around, Karyn pulled out of Betty's mouth with a wet slurp. Erin was standing in the open door to the storage closet. Her eyes were wet and her lower lip was quivering.

Jon couldn't breathe. He couldn't move. Her eyes cut into him. Time seemed to freeze around them. Jon opened his mouth to say... something. But nothing came. His voice caught in his throat.

A single tear escaped Erin's right eye and trickled down her cheek. She turned and ran out of the room, trying to escape the sight of her boyfriend with his teacher.

Jon remained fixed in place, staring after the empty place where Erin had previously stood.



Re: Chick for a Dick - by ekempo5000

Chick for a Dick: Red Handed

"Shit," Jon repeated, finally breaking free of his shock. He ran out of the supply closet, through the empty classroom and out into the hallway. He looked up and down the hall, listening for footsteps or crying, but he did not have any idea where Erin had gone. "Shit," he cursed one more time before turning around and going back into the chemistry classroom.

Jaqi was pacing hectically at the front of the room. Still being under the effects of Jon's nudity power, she had not had any clothes to put back on after their encounter, so she was still completely naked. She was repeatedly muttering something in Korean over and over.

"What's that?" he asked. Jaqi stopped pacing and turned to face him, visibly concerned. "She said-"

"I said 'I'm fucked'!" Jaqi shouted, cutting off Nari. "I am so absolutely, completely and irreversibly fucked!" She turned and resumed pacing. "What's the big deal?" Jacqueline chimed in. "It's not like Jon is a minor. It felt great!" Jaqi stopped and looked down at her chest. "He's still a student! I just got caught fucking a student! Of course you wouldn't think it's a big idea, all you three care about is sex. And Betty, now really isn't the time for that!"

Jon looked down and saw that Betty was trying to lick up some of the remaining drops of Jon's cum that had dripped onto her chin. She pulled her tongue back in and smiled sheepishly. "Sorry, Jaqi," she said.

"It'll be all right," Jon interjected. Jaqi looked up at him intensely. It was if she wanted to blame him, believe him and fuck him all at the same time. "It will," he said reassuringly.

"How?" she asked in an exasperated tone. "She saw us. And she didn't seem too happy about it. Who is she? Your girlfriend?"  Jon tried to think of a response. Just who was Erin to him? In the reality that he knew she was just another girl who wanted to sleep with him. In this reality, they had made some sort of a connection and she genuinely cared for him. What did that mean now? Jon sighed and gave a slight shrug. "Kind of. I don't know."

"She was cute," Jacqueline chimed in. "Too bad she didn't want to join in."

"Really? Damn. I didn't even get a chance to see her," Betty pouted.

Jon rolled his eyes and blinked twice at Jaqi. Her clothes returned to her body, but they looked highly disheveled as if they had been put back on in a rush. Jon saw that her demeanor had gone from annoyed to simply worried as the interjections by her transformed body parts had never happened since they were no longer exposed. "If that's the case, I have a feeling that she is not going to be too interested in keeping what she saw a secret," Jaqi said morosely.

Jon took a deep breath. He would figure out something, but first he had to get home and get to the stone. There wasn't anything he could do at the moment without it. "Jaqi, trust me: It will be ok," he promised. Jaqi smiled slightly, still concerned but moved by his confidence.

Jon picked up his backpack and instinctively reached for his pants pocket for his car keys before remembering he was still completely naked. He hadn't even realized it. His power was working well to make him feel completely natural. Jon wondered what it would be like going outside and being exposed to anyone walking past. It wasn't like he had much of a choice. He had to or else if he brought his clothes back they would be covered with Jaqi's-

Jon paused and looked at his teacher. The only reason she had been able to get Betty's "drool" on his pants was because he had made her naked. Then he had removed his own need to wear clothing to hide the mess. But now that she wore clothing again, did that mean...

Jon looked down at himself and blinked twice. Instantly, his clothing returned. Jon thought about the fact that he had spent an entire period naked in front of his entire chemistry class and suddenly felt an overwhelming embarrassment. Yep, I'm back to normal, he thought.

He quickly inspected his clothing, especially his crotch. Like Jaqi, his clothes looked hastily thrown on. However, there was no stain on his pants. Since Jaqi had not been naked while she pressed up against his body, there was no way for his clothes to get messed up. Jon briefly wondered if he had just left Jaqi's clothes on if any of this would have happened, but at the moment it was a moot point.

Jon checked his pockets and retrieved his keys before turning and approached his teacher. She seemed nervous about being so close to him again, but her desire for him won out. He caressed her cheek and she closed her eyes and pressed into it, soaking in his touch. He gently pulled her in and kissed her tenderly on the lips.

"It will be ok," he said one more time. She kept her eyes closed and nodded slightly. "Ok," she whispered. Jon stepped away, walked through the silent classroom to the door, looked back once, and stepped out into the hall.


As Jon moved through the school, he kept trying to look for Erin; but he knew there was no way she would have stuck around. However, each intersection of hallways he came to and each classroom he passed he could not help but scan for her.

While Jon did not find her, he did find a classroom that caught his attention. Jon passed by Mr. Martin's classroom and saw Aubrey and Grace sharing detention. The teacher had a strict "no talking" policy for his detentions, so the two girls were staring daggers at each other in silence. He was still annoyed at Grace and her superior attitude and felt sorry for Aubrey being punished for standing up to the teacher. A thought came to him that would allow Aubrey to get the upper hand over Grace. He focused on Aubrey and blinked twice.

Aubrey was now completely naked like Jon and Jaqi had been earlier. Neither of the two girls, nor the teacher who was sitting at his desk at the front of the room grading papers with a grimace on his face, felt anything was out of place with Aubrey suddenly being nude.

That did not mean that her lack of clothing went unnoticed, however. Aubrey had been transformed so that her body was facing backwards from the waist down. This meant that in order for her to sit in a school desk facing the proper direction, she would have to straddle the chair with her legs while her ass faced the front of the room. This left her legs spread open as they rested on either side of the back of the chair.

Jon could she that Grace's wish-influenced infatuation with pussy was taking over. Instead of glowering non-stop at Aubrey, she was occasionally breaking her scowl to try and get a peek at Aubrey's backwards-facing crotch. Jon also noticed that Grace's jaw was beginning to go slack, an indicator that her penis-tongue was beginning to get hard.

Jon smiled and left the scene behind him. He would love to watch Grace squirm, but he had to get home. After all, he had a whole list of wished he wanted to make.


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Chick for a Dick: Another Round of Wished

Jon let out long exhale as he waited for the garage doors to finish opening. It had been a long day and he was glad to be back home. As he pulled into the open space for the SUV he was driving, he noticed the spot for the car Zoe and Athena had taken that morning was still unoccupied. Jon was mildly annoyed that they didn't come straight home and instead thought it was all right to go out joyriding in his car.

Jon felt a wave of calm pass over him. He now knew that this was due to Karyn's wish that things not bother him, but he also realized that he was being ridiculous. He hadn't even had that car, or any car for that matter, before five days ago. Besides, could always wish for as many more as he wanted. In the meantime, he could always use it as leverage to call in a favor with Zoe at some point. Jon finished parking the SUV and exited the vehicle. He did not even bother grabbing his backpack as any homework he may have had would already be waiting at school for him the next day.

As Jon made his way through the garage, he paused briefly in front of Jessie, the girl who was merged with a motorcycle. She still had the same content look frozen on her face from when he had last ridden her Monday night. I should take her out for another spin soon, he thought as he stepped into the house.

Just like the previous day, Amanda came running up to him, barking happily. Jon rubbed the dog-girl on her head, running his finger through her blonde hair. He gave her long dog ears a scratch before he began walking further into the house. Amanda followed happily behind him, her tail waging wildly.

As Jon approached the front of the house, a pair of voices called out to him.

"Welcome home, Master!"

He smiled as he took in the view of Lisa and Nadia. They were standing shoulder to shoulder, each with one arm around the other's waist. Both were wearing bikinis. Lisa's was sky blue while Nadia's was purple. Both were cut to show off the most amount of skin possible. The girls smiled brightly at him.

"And what did you two do today?" he teased.  The girls sauntered forward and moved to either side of him before pressing their bodies up against his. "After we turned back from being bimbos, we started on our daily chores. We got done super early, so we spent a day in your spa," Lisa said cheerfully.

I have a spa? Jon wondered. Before he could ask where in the huge house it was located, Lisa continued. "While the hot tub and sauna were nice, I really wanted a massage. So I had Nadia give me one."

"Yeah! Mistress had me grow four extra arms to make sure I could rub everything at once. And then she said I wasn't rubbing everything, so she had me grow two more arms. But I couldn't control them. They just kept playing with me instead of her. Oh! That's what you meant by I wasn't rubbing everything! You meant me! You are so funny, Mistress!"

Jon looked at Lisa who gave a little shrug. "I knocked her intelligence down a little. She's not a full bimbo, but it's cute watching her try to figure things out."

Jon gave a small chuckle and kissed them both. "Ok, I am going to go upstairs and relax for a little bit, but I will call you up soon. In the meantime, could you two wax Jessie for me? I told her I would a couple days ago and kind of forgot."

"As you wish, Master," they said in unison. They stepped to face him, formally curtsied and walked past him down the hall. As they left, Amanda chased after them, apparently excited to see where they were going. "Oh! And make sure she's turned on so she can enjoy it!" he called after them.

As much as Jon wanted to spend more time with the bikini-clad beauties, he had something far more pressing on his mind.

The stone.


Jon sat on his bed with the stone in his hands. He had not even said hello to the transformed girls in his office as he quickly retrieved the stone from the hidden wall safe and hurried back to the solitude of his bedroom. Now, all of the wishes he had wanted to make throughout the day could be fulfilled. Jon started at the top of his list.

"I wish I was an expert driver and could operate and maintain any vehicle that I have."


Jon smiled. He suddenly knew how to drive a stick! Now he could drive any car in his garage.

"I wish that since I am such a high achieving student that I am allowed to roam the school and attend whatever classes I want throughout the day in any order and that I am even allowed to leave the school without getting in trouble."


His smile widened. Now he could get out of his regular, boring classes and explore the school to find more transformed party-goers. Speaking of his regular classes...

"I wish Mr. Martin would be susceptible to a wish when he bullies a student and will stay changed for a week."


Serves him right. Besides, he's getting off light. It won't be permanent, he thought. Jon's thoughts then turned to Christina, the golddigger. Jon tightened his grasp around the stone, but hesitated. He had earlier tried to wish that she would end up as another one of Heather's kids, but now he thought better of it. Heather already had enough kids to look after, and it was not fair to wish she had another one. Especially since Christina was sure to be a spoiled little brat. Besides, if he made that wish she'd get exactly what she wanted: Jon would be paying for everything she wanted. Jon huffed and loosened his grip. He'd hold off on changing Christina... for now.

That brought him to the issue of Erin. She was a nice girl, and she seemed to genuinely like him. But, he didn't even really know her. And he had to admit, he missed being able to be a player like he had been the previous week. Jon looked at the stone in his hands. He could wish to always be popular and desirable like before, but he also knew how special he had felt when he discovered that Erin liked him even without the power of the stone influencing her. If he wished to be popular again, he would never have a real relationship. Weighing his options, he came to a decision.

Jon put the stone on the bed next to him and stood up. He slid off his pants and underwear and sat back down with Karyn's limp body exposed to the empty room. "Were you awake enough to see what happened after we screwed Jaqi?"

"Sorry, not really. You know I'm pretty much always out of it after you cum. Especially after a round as intense as that. What happened?"

"Erin came in and found us."

Karyn winced. "Yikes. That's not good." She looked over and saw the stone. "Going to make a wish to fix it?" Jon nodded. "Yeah, and I wanted you to hear it. I thought about wishing that we didn't have sex with Jaqi, but then who knows what the stone would have had us doing since school ended. I don't want to create another reality where I don't remember everything that I've been doing. Instead, I'm going to with that Erin went straight home after school. Also, I'm going to wish that we're super desirable again."

"That would be awesome!" Karyn exclaimed. Caught off guard by her enthusiasm, Jon looked down at her in amusement. Karyn blushed and averted her eyes, but was still smiling. "Sorry. But it's like I said, Jon, I still remember a reality where I thought I was just a dick. And now... well, I like being used. It feels amazing. I want more of it. It was so much fun, and easier, when everyone wanted you. Me. Whatever. Besides, if I'm going to be stuck like this, I may as well enjoy it."

"Yeah, I know. It was a lot of fun. But here's the thing: I'm going to make it so that I can turn it on and off. I want to be able to go back to normal if I want. Someday I'm sure that I'll want a relationship that I know was not just because the stone made every girl desire me.  But for now, I'll admit, it'll be awesome being the most wanted guy in school again."

"Or even better," Karyn interjected, "make it so that you can increase it or decrease it instead of just being on or off. It would be a lot more versatile, don't you think? Besides, even if you aren't the sole focus of every woman's burning desire, it wouldn't hurt to be always seen as at least a little more attractive that usual, wouldn't it?" she asked with a wink.

"Karyn, you're a genius."

"Tell me about it. You're probably the first guy in history who is better off thinking with his dick."

Jon scoffed and picked up the stone. He thought for a few moments and took a deep breath.

"I wish that Erin went straight home after school."


"Ok... I wish that I was able to active and deactivate my magically induced desirability like I had last week by snapping my fingers on my right hand twice and saying a number to set the intensity of how desirable I am to girls and snapping the fingers on my left hand twice to reset the level to normal. I wish that nobody would notice when I use this power."


"Sounds like everything is taken care of. So, going to try out your new super power, Attraction-Man?" Karyn teased. "Not right now. The only girls around are Lisa and Nadia and they're super hot for me no matter what. I'll test it out tomorrow at school."

"Ok, sounds like a plan. In that case, where are Nadia and Lisa? You said I could choose what we did with them after school." Jon rolled his eyes. "We just had sex with the hottest teach in school. Amazing, passionate, incredible sex. And that wasn't even an hour ago!"

Karyn grinned mischievously and shrugged her armless shoulders. "What can I say? I'm kind of getting into being your cock. Besides, a promise is a promise."

Jon scoffed. "How can I argue with that?" Karyn smiled widely and Jon placed the stone on the end table next to his bed. "They should be all rested up. They spent all day in a spa and Nadia even gave Lisa a full body massage."

"Oh," Karyn cooed, "that sounds like fun."

"Lisa. Nadia," Jon said aloud. Within moments, the door gently opened and the two girls entered. They dutiful stood before him. Both were eagerly eyeing his exposed dick.

"How may we serve you, Master?"


Re: Chick for a Dick - by ekempo5000

Chick for a Dick: Karyn's Playtime

"So, we're going to do something a little different," Jon said to the bikini-clad beauties standing before him. "Karyn is going to choose how we're going to have fun."

Karyn stared up at the two giants looming over her. They both looked down at her and Karyn saw smiles spread to both of their faces. Karyn felt her body harden and firm from the lust in their eyes. Karyn loved the sensation of becoming fully erect. It felt like the first stretch after a perfect night's sleep, except she didn't want the tension in all of her muscles to release. She wanted it to build even more.

Lisa licked her lips as she looked down at Karyn's reduced, limbless body standing proudly from between Jon's legs. Karyn let out a slight grunt as she felt Jon's blood rush through her, causing her entire body to throb in anticipation from head to hilt.

"Oh," Lisa cooed while a playful smirk spread across her face. "We live only to serve you, Master. However, we do love serving your dick best."

"But we must inform you, Master," Nadia chimed in, "we can receive mental commands from you. We will be unable to know exactly what your cock wants us to do."

Jon gave a slight wince. He was still rather worried about Karyn being relegated to being nothing but a piece of his body and hoped Nadia's words had not offended her. However, Karyn showed no sign of being upset in the slightest. Instead, she was smiling widely up at the two, living sex-toys that she got to play with.

"No problem," Karyn interjected. "How about I tell you how I'd like to start and we'll make up the rest as we go?"

Lisa and Nadia kneeled before Jon, their faces level with his crotch. "What do you wish of us?" Nadia asked as she bowed her head submissively. Karyn tilted her head back, beckoning for the giants to come closer. Lisa leaned in and put her ear up to Karyn's miniature face. Although the two girls could not mentally link to Karyn, they were linked to each other. As Lisa listened to Karyn's request, Nadia received the instructions as well.

Jon could not hear what Karyn was whispering to Lisa from his crotch. Her voice was too soft and too small for him to make out as she whispered into Lisa's ear. However, he could see that Lisa and Nadia liked the idea as he watched their nipples harden beneath their bikini tops.

As Karyn finished, Lisa leaned back and Nadia stood up. Lisa reached down and grabbed Jon's ankles while Nadia gently pushed on his shoulders. Lisa smoothly raised his legs up onto the bed as they moved Jon until he was laying on his back on the bed, his head resting on his plush pillows. Next, Lisa crawled on to the bed as well, laying on her stomach between Jon's legs. She leaned in and gently began to suckle on her master's testicles.

Jon let out a pleasurable grunt and closed his eyes, enjoying the sensation. However, a pressure on his body drew his attention and he opened his eyes to see Nadia straddling him. She was resting on his upper hips with Karyn behind her. Jon could feel his transformed dick pressing into her ass crack. Nadia leaned forward, her large breast dangling above Jon's body while her dark black hair fell into loose strands which framed her smiling face. She wiggled her hips, pressing her ass further onto Karyn until Jon could feel the soft material of the bikini thong running up Nadia's ass press against Karyn's body.

Nadia lowered herself completely onto Jon, her breast pressing against him as she kissed him passionately. Meanwhile, Lisa increased her stimulation of Jon's nuts, licking them and fondling them. Jon wrapped his arms around Nadia and brought his hands up to her head, running his fingers through her long hair.

Time lost meaning as Jon was lost in the pleasures he was experiencing. The feeling of Nadia's body pressed against his, the warmth of her in his arms, the taste of her tongue on his as they embraced, the feeling of Karyn rubbing against her incredible ass, and the unwavering ministrations from Lisa between his legs were overwhelming.

Eventually, Jon became aware that something was off. It was Nadia. She felt... different. She pulled away and began to lightly kiss his neck, the shoulders, then chest, her kisses becoming more delicate as she continued to work her way down. Her body seemed to weigh less and less as the pressure of her boobs against his chest began to ease away. It wasn't until he ran his hands through her hair again and felt his fingers overlap that he opened his eyes.

She was tiny! Nadia's body was still straddling him, but she was now no more than three feet tall. The bikini which had moments ago clung tightly to her curvaceous body now hung limply around her tiny shoulders. Jon watched on as Nadia continued to shrink before his very eyes. Her proportions remained the same as she became smaller and smaller until she was the size of a doll. Smiling without a single concern over her new size, the miniature girl shuffled out of the now enormous garments that she had been wearing and stood up and looked at her master.

"This is so weird! Look at you, Master. You're huge! You look like a giant. Everything is so big." Jon chuckled lightly, which inadvertently caused the tiny girl to bounce on his stomach. He watched as Nadia's eyes opened wide and her mouth pulled back in a massive grin as a realization dawned on her. She spun around and faced Karyn. "Master! Your cock is enormous! It's as big as me!"

Jon realized that Nadia was right. She and Karyn were now almost the same height. The only difference was that Nadia still had her legs. As she stood next to Karyn, it gave the impression that Karyn was simply sitting down rather than having her limbless body fused to his crotch.

Karyn rotated her body and looked up at the girl standing next to her. She had gotten used to seeing everyone as giants that towered over her. This was the first time in over a week that she had encountered anyone the same size as her. She looked across Nadia's naked body and paused as she looked at her exposed pussy. It was more than a little surreal as she recalled memories of actually having her entire body inside of it. Now, it seemed so tiny. It seemed so weird to be looking at a girl she couldn't fit inside of...

"Hey up there! Could you give me a hand?"

Karyn rotated her body to face back towards Jon's legs and the direction of the voice. Nadia giddily skipped past her and looked down the ravine between Jon's legs and saw Lisa, who was similarly reduced to Nadia's shrunken proportions. Lisa reached up and Nadia extended one arm to Lisa while the other wrapped around Karyn for an anchor as she helped pull her miniature mistress up onto Jon's hips.

Jon felt Lisa and Nadia's tiny feet walking around his hips and lower stomach. Lisa was looking around the room with awe, taking in her now colossal surroundings. Like Nadia, thought, her attention soon turned to focus on Karyn. "The changes you requested are complete. What do you wish of us now?" Lisa asked Karyn obediently. Jon saw Karyn blush slightly and look past the two miniature girls before she glanced up at his face. She looked away for a moment before again silently beckoning Lisa to approach her. Jon smirk in amusement, wondered what Karyn had planned.

Lisa pulled away from Karyn, her face a mix of surprise and excitement. "As you wish," she announced. Karyn looked ahead at Lisa and watch in anticipation as the changes began. Lisa let out a grunt and a moan as she reached down and spread her lower lips apart. Nadia, linked to Lisa and already aware of what was happening, quickly sank to her knees before Lisa to get a better view of her changes. The trio watched as Lisa's clit began to swell. She began breathing deeper and with each pant it would expand and lighten in color until her newly grown penis stood proudly from her feminine hips. With one final grunt a scrotum filled out beneath her new organ. Lisa tenderly reached down and with one hand firmly grasped her hard shaft while the other hand gently lifted her sack to find her vagina was completely gone.

"Wow!" Nadia exclaimed excitedly. "That is so hot! What's it like, Mistress?" Lisa experimental ran an experienced hand up the shaft, giving it a test stroke. The act caused her body to jerk sensually. An involuntary grunt escaped her. “It feels... different.  It’s so focused and aching. It needs to fuck!"

Lisa looked at Nadia, then back to her new addition before turning to Karyn. "May I please have Nadia suck me off?" she asked eagerly. Karyn cocked her head, feigning indecisiveness. "Well... I don't know..."

Lisa let out a small whimper. Her hand was frozen, afraid to stimulate herself any more if release would be denied to her. Meanwhile, Nadia remained on her knees, eye level with Lisa's cock, licking her lips with anticipation at fulfilling her mistress's desire.

"How about you take a couple step closer and let Nadia and me suck it at the same time?"

Lisa let out a squeal of delight and dashed forward as Nadia shuffled over on her hands and knees. "But! No cumming until I tell you!" Karyn commanded before wrapping her lips around the shaft in front of her. Lisa moaned loudly, her hand dropping down to gently hold the sides of Karyn's head. Her moans became throaty groans as Nadia joined in, alternating between suckling on Lisa's balls or sucking on her shaft when Karyn would pull back and play only with the tip.

Jon could not believe what he was seeing. There was a miniature threesome playing out on his body, and his best-friend-turned-dick was the mastermind behind it. The idea of Lisa having a cock weirded him out a bit, but it was also incredibly hot to see Karyn so eagerly giving a blowjob. He had imagined seeing this many times before, only with Karyn suck his cock and not being it. However, she was sucking the newly endowed shemale with gusto. Jon could tell by the overwhelming throbbing he was feeling radiating from his crotch that Karyn was enjoying herself.

Jon's assessment was dead on. Karyn was thoroughly relishing herself. She had actually never given head before. She had always been reluctant about it before her transformation, knowing that a lot of girls hated it. After her change, however, that hardly mattered. Every time Jon orgasmed, she tasted his cum. Besides, since she was now a penis, she knew exactly what to do to properly stimulate Lisa's dick. As if to confirm her thoughts, Lisa let out a desperate moan.

"Please, Karyn... please... let me cum... my balls... uuunnnggg... fuck! I can't believe gasp I have balls... uuuuuh... they feel so full... I need to... I need to cum..."

Karyn pulled back and let the cock slip from her mouth with a wet slurp. Seeing her chance, Nadia greedily grabbed ahold of the shaft, pumping it firmly with her hand while she aggressively sucked on its head. However, Lisa could not find release and could only moan louder. Karyn looked at the sight in front of her and swallowed back a surge of her own pre-cum. "Both of you, stop and stand at attention."

Instantly, Nadia disengaged and stood up while Lisa's arms came to her sides and legs locked together. A trickle of drool ran down Nadia's chin and a wet sheen covered Lisa's erect member. Karyn looked at Lisa with a lustful hunger. She turned her head and flung her long blonde hair. If she still had arms, she would have cupped her breasts seductively. If she had legs, she would have spread them invitingly. She could not even lean back to display her naked body because her and Jon's shared arousal kept her erect and upright until it was satisfied. However, Lisa seemed to understand her intentions and became focused on Karyn's exposed, wet pussy near her base.

Nadia whined quietly, either out of sexual frustration or fear of being left out, Karyn couldn't tell. But she decided to take pity on her. "Nadia, how about you come over here and get behind me?"  Nadia shot forward and quickly wrapped her legs as best as she could around Karyn's hilt. "Now, here's what I want you to do..."

Nadia's body reacted automatically to Karyn's instructions. Her legs lengthened until they could wrap all the way around Karyn's body. Her feet then fused together and her leg bones disappeared. Nadia's body then erupted into pleasure as Karyn commanded that the entire interior of her altered legs became as sensitive as her pussy. Nadia let out a long moan when she was then told to tighten her legs around Karyn. Nadia moaned and gasped until Karyn let out a satisfied grunt and ordered her to stop. Lisa watched on as she watched her master's penis transform Nadia from the waist down into a living cockring. The secret fetish for using and transforming Nadia which Jon had instilled in her was going crazy. She was even more aroused than she had been while receiving her blowjob.

"Nadia," Karyn said in a husky voice, "give me a massage like you gave to Lisa." Karyn hummed with pleasure as Nadia placed her hand on Karyn neck then began to rub. She jumped slightly as she felt another set of hand caress her armless shoulders and then another set on her sides. A particularly loud moan from behind her caused Karyn to look over her shoulder and see that yet another set of arms was now massaging Nadia's own breasts. Karyn looked back to Lisa. "This is how you had her massage you earlier?"

Lisa nodded as if in a trance, completely engrossed in the scene before her. "Yes," she hissed softly. Karyn smiled wickedly. "Lisa," Karyn said nonchalantly, "would you like to fuck me?" Lisa silently nodded, unable to find any words to express the depths of her desires.

"Then come here and fill me with that monster."

Lisa shot forward like a bullet and wrapped her legs around Karyn, Nadia's transformed legs beneath hers. The added weight caused Nadia to let out another sharp moan. Lisa grabbed her cock with her hand and ran its head across Karyn's moist lips. Both of them gasped and locked eyes. This is what Karyn wanted. She had been treated like a penis. Pleasured like a penis. And while she loved it, she wanted to feel a woman's pleasure. To be filled instead of fill.

"Fuck me," she purred.

Lisa thrust forward, gasping at the sensations running through her. She had experienced sex plenty of times, both before and after the wish that made her a living sex-toy. But she had never experienced it like this. She pulled back and thrust again, feeling Karyn's warm folds pull her back in. Karyn, meanwhile, was ablaze with passion. She could feel the ridge of Lisa's dick sliding along her passage as it filled her pussy. The warm hardness stretched her completely.

But as her passion built, she was reminded that she was no longer limited to that erogenous zone. Her whole body was now hardwired for pleasure. "Nadia..." she moaned, "more."

Another set of arms sprouted from the transformed girl behind her and reached up to massage her scalp through her long hair. Karyn heard Jon grunt at the added sensation which was now flowing from her to him, but she didn't care. She was getting the best of both worlds. And she wanted more.


Another set of hand reached around and grabbed her breasts. She moaned.


Hands at her hilt, above Lisa's legs.


A set of hands reached back and massaged her full balls.

Karyn let the sensation envelope her. So many hands, all caressing her, pleasuring her, desiring her. The ring wrapped around her hilt. The cock inside of her. She was lost in a fog of pleasure. She could not remember pleasure more than this, could not imagine pleasure more than this. What else was left?


The word seemed to come of its own accord, as if needing to answer her burning desire. The hands reached around her, their long arms brushing against her sides. They moved in front of before dipping lower. The left hand pressed firmly against her abdomen. The right paused momentarily. As Lisa withdrew her dick, the hand delicately placed its index and middle finger on top of the shaft. As Lisa instinctually slid back into Karyn, the fingers pressed firmly into Karyn's clit.

Karyn's head shot back, her mouth hanging open as she stared at the ceiling. Time seemed to stop. Everything was still around her. All that mattered was the encompassing pleasure surging through her body.

Karyn could hear screaming. Not of pain or fear, but pure pleasure. She didn't realize it was coming from her until she felt the warm rush of cum flow through her and erupt from her mouth, quenching her own cries of pleasure. The thick rope of cum spurted out of her mouth into the air before raining down on the three magically altered girls. As Karyn felt another surge travel from Jon's balls into her body, she felt Lisa release her load as well. As the warm wetness filled her, Karyn felt Lisa's body collapse onto her, spent from her first male orgasm. Karyn wanted to reach forward and take her into her arms, to hold her and caress her. It took a moment before Karyn realized that of all of the arms surrounding her, none of them were hers. However, the set on her breasts extended forward and wrapped around Lisa and pulled her close to Karyn's chest as they and Nadia embraced together in shared pleasure.

As the rush of the orgasm trickled, Karyn tried to take stock of the moment. She had never felt like this before. She wondered if she would again. Heaven knew she was going to try. But one thought was clear to her: she was perfectly happy with what had happened to her.


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Chick for a Dick: Dazed and Confused

Jon woke up groggily, feeling displaced and unsure of his surroundings. It took him several moments to realize he was in his transformed room. However, something was off. The light from the skylight above him was dim and purple. The dusk sky was casting the room in an unfamiliar light. What time is it? How long have I been out? Jon was still trying to shake the cobwebs from his head when something warm and wet pressed against his abdomen. He jolted slightly before a soft voice hushed him and an even softer hand caressed his face.

"It's all right, Master. It's only me," Lisa said tenderly. "I was trying not to wake any of you up. We all made quite the mess." Jon looked over and saw that Lisa was back to her normal size and kneeling next to the bed, gently blotting his lower body with a damp washcloth. As his consciousness returned, Jon could smell the pungent odor of cum in the air. Jon replayed the encounter in his mind, the incredible pleasure he had felt. It was the most intense sexual experience he had ever had, and he hadn't even penetrated a girl.

Lisa finished cleaning up around Jon's crotch and pulled the washcloth back, giving him an unobstructed view of his lower body. Karyn was deep asleep, her form flaccid and laying towards his stomach. Laying on top of her was the slumbering Nadia. Her form retained its recent transformations with eighteen arms sprouting out of her sides and shoulders, many of them wrapped around Karyn in a cuddling embrace. Her lower body was still in its cockring configuration, although the circle her legs had become now hung loosely around Karyn's hilt since the penis-girl was no longer erect. Despite the bizarreness of the situation, they looked adorable.

Sensing his feelings, Lisa smiled and gave a soft giggle. "I was the first to wake up and they just looked too cute to disturb, so I decided I would let everyone sleep while I tidied us all up." Jon nodded groggily and brought his hand up to rub the sleep from his eyes. He heard Lisa giggle again as she stood up. He could sense that she was leaning in a placed an affectionate kiss on his cheek. Although, that wasn't all he felt. A noticeable bulge had pressed against him when Lisa leaned in. His eyes shot open and went to her crotch where he was disconcerted to find Lisa was still sporting the large dick Karyn had instructed her to grow. It dangled flaccidly between her legs.

Now that Lisa had returned to her normal size, Jon could properly understand how big it was. It was huge! Jon had seen several penis transformations since unleashing the power of the stone, but the only penises he had seen which were bigger were his and Liz's. Even then, his was the miniature body of a girl and Liz's belonged on a stallion. The 9" cock Lisa had was the biggest human dick Jon had ever seen. "Um... Lisa... why do you still have that?" Jon asked as he pointed to her crotch.

Lisa giggle and thrust her hips forward before looking down, struggling to see it past her enormous breasts. "Sorry, Master. I know you do not have any interest in penises, but it was so much fun I had wanted to keep it a little longer. May I, Master? Look!"

She gently lifted up her balls to show her vagina hidden behind them. "I grew my pussy back. I thought that maybe you could fuck me while I fucked Nadia. Or you could fuck me while she sucked me off. Oh! Or you could fuck me and I could have her turn her mouth into a pussy. You seem to like that so I would like to try-"


She stopped mid-sentence and composed herself. She cupped her hands daintily in front of her and curtsied. This caused her now hard member to bob perversely, but Lisa seemed oblivious to it. She was simply happy to await her master's orders. At his crotch, Nadia stirred slightly, a few of her arms stretching slightly before she turned her head and nuzzled closer to Karyn. The penis-girl, however, was completely oblivious to the world around her.

Jon let out a sigh as he looked at Lisa. The thought of having a penis other than his involved in his sex life weirded him out. Even the thought that Karyn, his dick, had been fucked by the monster now hanging between Lisa's legs was extremely unsettling. What was even more confusing was that he knew just how good it had felt as Karyn was getting fucked. Jon shook his head, nowhere near awake enough to consider the topic or its implications.

"Lisa, for now, no penis. You can do what you want with Nadia when you two have your time together. Just don't make a mess and let me be the only one with a dick when I'm around, ok?"

Lisa's expression shifted into a pout, but she nodded obediently. "Oh poo. As you desire, Master." Jon looked down and watched as the penis began shrink as it softened. After it was completely flaccid, it continued to shrink and take on a pink color until it was completely retracted into Lisa's body and merged into her clit.

"Sorry. I'm not trying to spoil your fun, I'm just... not ready for that," Jon offered. Lisa's smile returned and she again leaned in, this time kissing him fully on the mouth. "Master, your pleasure is my pleasure. I want you to enjoy yourself with me. I didn't even think about having a cock until Karyn had me grow it. Besides, I will just wait to play while you're at school tomorrow."

Jon chuckled and kissed her again. However, just as he was beginning to think about another round of fun, his stomach let out an audible growl. Jon pulled back and looked at the gorgeous girl before him, feeling a terrible indecision within him.

Food or fuck?

Lisa sensed the conflict within him and patiently awaited his command. Jon looked into her blue eyes, then down to her generous breasts. "I am here to serve," she whispered seductively, sensing his indecision. Another gurgle and the stab of hunger won over his lust. Jon sighed and sat up, Lisa instinctually moving to stand at attention before him. "Lisa, can you take Nadia and go make me some dinner?"

Lisa smiled and bowed her head. "Of course, Master." She then turned and reached down towards the two transformed girls at his crotch. Lisa hooked her index finger between Nadia and Karyn then placed her thumb on Nadia's back, pinching her between her fingers. She gently pulled back, peeling Nadia off of Karyn. As she did, several of her arms reached out, trying to hold on to her soft, warm companion. Lisa gave a swift pull up and slid Nadia's leg ring off of Karyn. The motion caused Karyn to lift up before flopping limply back onto Jon's stomach. She stirred briefly before contently falling back asleep.

"I can tell you are craving pizza, Master. We will prepare it for you immediately," Lisa announced, still holding the tiny Nadia between her fingers. Jon watched as nine sets of arms stretched out as she tried to wake up. One set of arms seemed to come to life faster than the others and reached down, massaging the sensitive interior of Nadia's ring. Lisa paid her companion's actions, and her own nudity, no mind. She simply skipping out of the room, excited to serve her master.


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Chick for a Dick: Hallway Confessions

After a stop in the bathroom, Jon went to his closet and picked out a t-shirt and jeans. He was glad that Karyn had barely even woken up during his piss before dozing back off. Their session with Lisa and Nadia had been incredible, and spending the rest of the night stuck in his pants waiting to be let back out would be anticlimactic in comparison.

It was well into night by the time Jon stepped out of his room into the dark hallway. As he did, he almost collided with a shadowy figure. Jon let out a shout and jumped back as the figure let out a scream and did the same.


"Shit, Jon! You almost gave me a heart attack!"

Jon flicked on the hallway lights and looked at his sister. "Sorry. I just didn't know you were out here." Zoe began to edge away, moving further down the hall. "No problem. It's my fault." She turned and started for the door to her room. Jon paused. His sister never backed down in an argument. Unless she was hiding something. It was one of her obvious habits. "Hold it!"

Zoe froze, not turning to face him. She was acting guilty, the same way she did when their mom caught her red handed. "Are... are you just getting home?" Zoe slowly turned around.

"Jon, I'm sorry! We lost track of time! We didn't realize how late it was! I swear, the car is fine! I even filled it up!"

Jon stood on, watching as his sister confess. He didn't really care about the car. But he was enjoying the power trip way too much to let it go. "You lost track of time?" he asked, trying to sound authoritative. "Y-yeah," she stammered.

"Where did you go?"

"Just, you know, around." She moved to stand in front of the door to her room.


"Yeah..." She scratched behind her ear. Another habit when she tried to play it cool.

"Nothing happened?"

"I told you: the car is fine."

"Nothing else happened?" Zoe squared up. "Nothing happened! Mind your own fucking business!" Now Jon was getting concerned. Zoe had snapped at him before, but never like this. "Zoe, honestly, what happens tonight?"

"I made out with Athena."


Zoe let out a sigh. "In this reality, I have never been with a girl before. It doesn't matter that Athena has four dicks on her, she's still considered a girl. I always thought I was straight, but... We were driving around, going down back roads where we could speed without getting caught and ended up in the middle of nowhere. The speed, the excitement of it... We ended up pulling over... We were laughing, fired up, energized. The next thing I knew... we were kissing."

"Who started it?"

There was a pause. "I did," came Zoe's quite voice.

"Did you know that Athena is attracted to you?"

"No. I mean, not before. As soon as I made my move, she was all over me. It's like a dam burst. And I... I enjoyed it. I don't know how long we made out. We both got to second base, but that was pretty intense, too, because once our shirts were off Tiffany and Amber gave her cock-nipples blowjobs. When her tit-dicks came, so did the other two. Her nose came all over my face and the interior of your car. She was super embarrassed and jumped out, but I chased after her and calmed her down.

"We ended up needing to use our socks to clean ourselves and your car. I couldn't help but sneak a peek at the cock between Athena's legs when she was wiping it off. Fuck, she's hung like a horse. I hoped that she would make the next move, but when she came back to the car, she was quiet and blushing deeply. That was when I realized that she had been trying to get me to look. I was so embarrassed. We drove back with the windows down to air out the car. We didn't really talk. I dropped her off and came back. I made sure your car was clean, filled it up, and put it back. I was hoping to sneak back in with you knowing."

There was a pause. Jon wasn't sure what to say, and Zoe wouldn't act unless she was asked a question or released from her trance. "How do you, you know, feel about all of this?"

"I... I don't know. I'm afraid of what people might say. I'm worried about what Athena will say. I don't even know what I am. Am I bi? A lesbian? Just curious and horny? I don't know. All I know is it felt good, and naughty, and hot, and... right."

Jon let out a sigh. It was clear that Zoe was confused. This was something that she would need time to figure out. "Hey, sorry. I'm not trying to butt in. You're my sister. Believe it or not, I just want to make sure you're ok."

Zoe, gave a weak laugh, now free of his hold over her. "Yeah, sure, Jon," she said sarcastically. Zoe was surprised to see a genuine look of sincerity on her brother's face. She took a breath and looked him in the eyes. "I'm fine," she said. Her voice quivered slightly, betraying the emotions churning within her.

Jon walked forward and gave her a gently hug. "If you need to talk, I'm here." Zoe was ridged with surprise, but relaxed after a moment and gently wrapped her arms around him. "Yeah, I know," she whispered. The two stepped apart and looked at each other for a moment before Zoe turned, opened her door, and stepped inside.

"Hey, listen Jon, thanks for," she turned around. Her face turned to confusion, then annoyance. "Thanks for just walking away," she said, rolling her eyes. Jon was about to protest when he suddenly remembered one of his first wishes: nobody in Zoe's room would notice him.

Jon laughed and was about to actually walk away when a voice called out from inside the room. "I was changed!"


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Great post!


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Is this over? yikes


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Not sure, if websites could become zombies, this would certainly be one.

Here's the link to the last entry: https://fictionbranches.net/fb/get/2-10 … -1-1-1-1-1

and to ekempo's userpage: https://fictionbranches.net/fb/user/legacythj8iiji

Unless the site gets truly restored to the way it was before, I don't see too many people using it due to its user-unfriendliness.


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No, Faye. It’s not over. Not by a long shot.

Hello everyone. I am sorry that there have not been any new posts in forever. RL once again got in the way of my writing and posting. I had a massive challenge that took months to sort out that meant I had no time for writing. When that got sorted out, I was having some difficulties plotting out the course of the story. I knew where I wanted it to go, but did not want to have weak, flimsy chapters between these moments. I continued to work the story and characters and have continued to make chapters that I am pleased with.

I am currently sitting on several chapters that just need to be proofread before posting. However, my current concern is that I am approaching a point where I may need to reveal my online alter ego with some people in RL. While I enjoy writing and sharing this story with all of you, this development is quite an embarrassing prospect and I have felt reticent to post new chapters.

I am sorry for the long wait (especially when there is a cliffhanger of a new girl in the house literally calling out for Jon to find her). I hope to get everything sorted out quickly and start posting when I feel the time is right. Thank you all for your patience.



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