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The Curse, Chapter 1

There was no possible way that curse was real...

As she hung up the old rotary phone Harley felt a sudden hot flash rush through her body, making her sit quickly in the common room sofa. It was just a stupid story, right? No way in hell would something like that actually happen to her. It was just an old town myth!

Supposedly by invoking a certain phrase one could induce a horrific transformation on someone you hated. Harley and her friends used to prank call her professors and other sororities to recite the curse, but had anything ever happened? No, of course not. It was just some stupid story!

Feeling a bit relieved, Harley resolved to get up and continue her day. No way was she going to let some freshman make her miss the first day of Greek Week! Between her double major in veterinary medicine and marine biology, and all the community service she had been logging to build her resume, she had put in way too much work to let some boy with a rumor destroy her chances of becoming the first Filipina chapter officer! And she was already running late since her stupid alarm clock had decided to crap out overnight. The rest of the sorority was sure to be at the opening ceremonies by now and if she hurried, she might be able to catch up with them before the pancake breakfast.

But when she tried to get up another wave of sensations passed through her. What felt like a wave of heat coursed through her lithe body and focused in on her chest. She felt oddly drawn to her breasts and reached up to cup them in her hands. She was a moderate 30B, but they began to feel like so much more! She had always dreamed of having larger breasts. She loved the firm look of smaller implants, but she had always been afraid the surgical procedure might numb one of her favorite erogenous zones. And besides, implants were way out of budget for a poor college student. Last year she tried sending away for an herbal supplement that had promised to increase her bust size, but all it really did was make her break out in a rash that sent her to the nurse’s office. Most embarrassing visit ever!

Harley started kneading her breasts through her soft camisole top, her dark nipples poking through the thin material. She tugged at the platinum hoop piercings there, relishing in the forbidden feeling of her newest additions. Her uber-religious mother had always preached against the evils of body modification, but Harley hadn't been able to resist the temptation of doing something spontaneous on the last day of a painfully boring spring break.

She knew it was wrong, groping herself out here in the common room where any of her Delta sisters could walk in unannounced, but for some reason it just felt so right! And all this attention focused on her boobs was getting her quite aroused.

One of her hands made its way down her to her womanhood as the other continued to caress her breasts. She gasped lightly as her fingers made their way beneath the waistband of her thick flannel pants, finding she had become much wetter than she had expected! She had yet to put on panties, making her dampening slit all the more accessible for her wandering fingers. She let a pair caress the freshly waxed area and as she stroked herself powerful sensations began to flood her mind. Odd sensations that she couldn't quite rationalize, but felt fantastic! The pleasure from her groin intensified as new waves of heat pulsed over her body. Her back began to feel itchy and she shifted her position to get more comfortable.

Her breasts heaved with every breath, seeming to swell with every pulse of her body. Within her pants, she moved on to stroking her engorged clitoris. It was like nothing she had felt before! Pleasure melted away any inhibitions as the nub buzzed beneath her fingers. Guttural moans escaped her thin lips as she pushed her pants to her hips and began to openly masturbate in the sorority house living room! As she rubbed her throbbing pussy with reckless abandon the pleasure finally reached a crescendo and she braced herself for a wonderfully intense orgasm. But what happened instead threw her preoccupied mind a serious curveball.

Instead of the refreshing release she had expected, the intensity suddenly shifted and concentrated to the left of her vagina and simply evaporated, leaving Harley terribly unsatisfied and still horny as fuck! She reached a tentative finger to where the sensations had focused and was shocked when it slipped into another slick opening! Her dark almond eyes popped open as she quickly looked down to find a SECOND vagina there, complete with its own labia and clit, adjacent to her first! Unable to wrap her head around what just happened, she couldn't help but poke the new salacious addition. It was her's alright, and damn did it feel good! The overwhelming lust in her body began to pound anew, and she caved, eagerly thrusting a hand to each pussy as she tried desperately to fulfill her sudden insatiable desire.

So entranced by the developments in her nether regions, Harley didn't notice as the sensations from her chest had begun to spread and tiny brown dots appeared down her toned belly. Before long, it looked as if she had contracted a strange case of the chickenpox as more and more of the dots arrayed her front. The dots soon grew into bumps, and the immediate skin around them darkened. The surrounding flesh swelled out into small lumps and the skin felt warm and tingly. Her arms brushed inadvertently against a few of the sensitive nubs, eliciting an involuntary moan and a shudder through her body.

Stealing her hands away from crotch, she trailed them up the expanding field of bumps, lifting her gray camisole as she went. The sensations she received were sublime and titillating, nearly identical to her breasts. Was she... growing more? Were all those little brown nubs... nipples? But why the hell were there so many?? Each of the swelling mounds down her front were topped with what could only be an areola and 3 distinct nipples!

Harley quickly pulled her shirt the rest of the way off to check her original breasts. They still just had the one nipple each but seemed a bit larger than she remembered, probably C-cups now. And as she looked closer, she noticed her nipples were definitely bigger too! She flicked one of the nearly inch long dark nubs. What the fuck was happening to her??

Starting to panic, her mind raced back to the phone call...



"Hello Jen." a young man's reedy voice.

"Uh, who is this?"

"That's not really important right now. What IS important is that payback’s a bitch Jennifer, and what's more appropriate for the biggest bitch here at CZU?"

"This isn't Jen you idiot..."

"Don't try to play that game with me Jen. I know it's you! The rest of your sorority is off at that dumb ditz rally, and it was me who sent you that note to sneak back for a quickie, not your dumb moose of a boyfriend. Besides, I can hear the pure bitch in your voice."

"Whatever loser," Harley decided to play along. What's the worst that could happen? If anything, it would just make this guy even angrier at a sister she couldn't stand. "What do you want?"

"I just told you bitch, revenge! Don't try and tell me you don't remember that spectacle you put me through last semester."

Harley remembered. Jen Stacy, the entitled princess of the sorority, had seduced one of the freshman boys and somehow convinced him to have sex with her out on the quad. However, what Norman got instead was naked and handcuffed to a bike rack. Ah that’s right, his name was Norman! "Naked Norm", she chuckled to herself. The entire campus had laughed about it for weeks.

That was the kind of shit Jen pulled. Harley really didn't like her, but she had to play nice to the chapter secretary until the end of the semester when Jen graduated.

"Achooo! Uugh," Harley sniffed as a large sneeze brought her back to the present. Her eyes suddenly felt dry and her nostrils burned as she wiped them with a wrist. That was weird...

She took extra care to clean around her septum piercing. She was still getting used to it being there, even though she had gotten it several weeks ago. She had always thought the horseshoe looked cool, but never realized how much of a hassle it was. It got in the way whenever she sneezed or rubbed her nose, and she kept accidentally smacking it when she chewed on her pencils. She might just take it out and let the hole heal. She had only gotten it as a part of the "Buy 2, Get 1 Free" sale at that studio in Miami anyways.

"So, what do you have to say to that?!"

"Erm, *ahem*, what?" Harley had been so caught up in thought she didn't realize Naked Norm had continued mumbling nonsense at her over the phone.

"To the town curse! Wow, you're even denser than I thought."

"Whatever nerd." (perfect Jen-ism!) "You know that curse is just a myth, right? But I suppose geeks like you have a hard time staying in touch with reality. Why don't you just go back to your little board games and go masturbate to some online fantasy again, because we all know that's the only action you're ever going to get!"

Nailed it! Jen was really going to get it from this freshman the next time she bumped into him. And, even better, there was no trail back to her! This was perfect.

"Wow Jen... “



“And to think I was going to let you off with a simple horse tail or something. But after that little monologue, you obviously deserve something much more elaborate! You're interested in my online fetishes? Very well. I've written down some of my darkest desires in this notebook, and since you’re so charming today, I think I’ll let you in on some of my favorites. But I’m not going to tell you what they are. Oh no, that would ruin the fun! You're a smart girl, you can figure them out as you go. Better hurry and find a nice private spot!"

"Wait Norm, wait! This isn't-"



Harley looked down at the receiver, now dead in her hand. The idea of that curse had always given her the heebie-jeebies. But it was really just a bunch of BS, right?

There was no possible way that curse was real!


An all too familiar sensation pulled Harley's mind back to the present. The stroking at her vaginas had resumed while she had been lost in thought. Damn, it felt nice. But wait... her hands were still up at her boobs! She looked down, and there at her crotch was some sort of wiggling worm thing! With a loud "Eeeeeeeww!" Harley swatted at it, finally grabbing it and pulling it away from herself. As she yanked it away, she felt a sharp tug in her back. What the fuck was this thing?! Some sort of slimy leach thing with its hooks in her back? Gross!!!

She turned her head to look and was again shocked by a sight she couldn't fully comprehend. There, sprouting from her back, was a field of writhing tentacles! They were mostly dark beige, with dark brown and green diamonds and paler scales lining their undersides. The snake-like appendages coiled over one another restlessly under her attentive gaze. They were of varying sizes from little nubs no bigger than her pinky, to limbs as thick as her arm that ran down her back and out of sight. And they were all still growing!

They seemed to move of their own volition, as if controlled by subconscious impulse rather than her conscious thought. She tried focusing and mentally directing them to stop squirming around, but it was useless. They continued to stray, along with her disobedient mind, to the startling sexual developments of her body.

A reptilian tentacle slithered over her shoulder and began to make its way down her front. “Oh, no you don’t!” Harley scolded, as she pulled at the muscular limb entwining itself around her growing field of breasts. The strangest part, she noticed as she tried desperately to extract the thing from her torso, was that she could not only feel the tactile sensations in her breasts, but she could feel them in the tentacle as well! These really weren't just any old tentacles, they were really and truly a part of her!

With a surge of strength, she gave one last tug and freed her breasts from the anaconda. Emphatic with her victory, she felt a renewed sense of confidence! Curse or no curse, she wasn't going to let Naked Norman just have his way with her body She was stronger than that! All she had to do was to keep on fighting. What were those mantras her mother had drilled into her for years? If she could just find her center and calm her subconscious, she could do this! All she had to do was focus and she could...


The proud expression on her face quickly turned to shock as she was rewarded for her valiant efforts with two more pseudo-snakes thrusting up her most intimate voids! She had been so distracted by the tentacle threading its way through her cleavage that she hadn't noticed other nefarious limbs sneaking their way back down to her crotch!

“Aaahnngh," was all Harley could manage as she felt her new-found bravado seeping out of her faster than the lube from her slits. She reached down to pull out the offending tentacles, grasping at the thick appendages, but to no avail. They were in too deep and her delicate hands were too small to get a good grip around the large reptilian members. And besides, their well-timed thrusts were quickly changing her opinion of their violation...

They felt better than any guy she had ever been with! Or any girl for that matter. They rubbed against her sensitive walls, completely filling her as they explored her inner workings, their scaly skin only serving to intensify the pleasure! Waves of heat pulsed through her as she abandoned any thoughts of resistance and settled into stroking her clits with the steady rhythm of her tentacles. Meanwhile, more tentacles slid back over her shoulders and around her sides to resume playing with her growing breasts, coiling around them and teasing the odd nipple clusters.

As she came closer and closer to climax, she again felt all the pleasure from her pussies intensify and suddenly shift sideways, this time concentrating just to the right of her original snatch! The flare-up quickly evaporated, just like before, leaving Harley still aggravatingly horny. As if in response to her frustration, she felt a cool pressure at her groin as something new slid inside her. Looking down she saw another of the tentacles had lost no time in finding and exploiting her third vagina!

Now being independently teased in three separate holes, she was satisfied enough to pull her hands from her pulsing clitori to address her torso. She shooed away the tentacles there and her subconscious seemed content in allowing her explore her changes. By now the soft mounds had swollen into unmistakable breasts. In fact, they looked like the beautiful breasts she had lusted after for so long! Firm and tight in all the right places with just the right amount of bounce. She couldn't help but feel a little proud. But there were way too many! What she had at first thought to be some haphazard placement of nipples had actually developed into a distinct pattern.

Her original boobs sat where she had remembered them her entire post-pubescent life, albeit now noticeably larger and with exaggerated nipples at least two inches long and an inch thick. Nestled in the cleavage below these was another solitary breast of similar proportions and was topped with 3 nipples all nearly an inch long. Immediately below this was another slightly smaller pair that lined up with her original breasts, but were capped with the strange three-nipple clusters. And below these, another solitary boob. This 2-1-2 pattern repeated itself several times down her front until she counted a total of 11 tits with 29 nipples, ending with a moderate pair of B-cups just above her crotch. Each set of breasts was a bit smaller than the ones above it, giving them an odd cascade look down her sides. She ran a hand along the warm skin of her impressive assets. She had always dreamed of having breasts like these, but 11 of them? This was just crazy!

Harley knew the situation was ridiculous, but the pleasurable feeling of her breasts rubbing together with every move was undeniable. She tugged at the metal hoops still hooked into the base her largest nipples, loving the sensation they gave. The elongated nipples flopped lazily from side to side, but slowly began to stiffen. Entranced, Harley took a teat-like nipple between her fingers and began stroking it tentatively. It felt amazing! It was even more sensitive than before! The mere act of playing with it sent warm tingles throughout her body.

Suddenly a quick twist by one of the tentacles in her slits made her spasm, her hand tugging at the tender nipple. She was shocked as a stream of white liquid pulsed out! What the fuck was that? Harley tugged at a few other stiffening nipples and was rewarded with more streams of creamy white liquid. Holy crap, now she was lactating too?

This new discovery sent her tentacles into a frenzy. Her breasts were quickly swarmed by writhing limbs, forcing her hands back out of the way. They slid up and down her cleavages, divvying her breasts up between them while using their tips to tease her engorging nipples. Two of the tentacles at her crotch abandoned their posts to join in the milking fun, leaving Harley feeling awkwardly empty. Unable to do anything about the tentacles now dominating her front, she thrust her hands eagerly back down to the empty slits.

It was getting harder and harder to keep her hair out of her face as she was lost in the throes of passion. As she swayed back and forth, she began to notice the sensations changing from hair brushing over her face to something heavier thumping rhythmically into it. Focusing her eyes Harley could see her hair had become much thicker. No, not just thicker, but... tentacle-ier?! Her hair writhed in display of her shock! Her previously smooth dark locks were now clumped into thick ebony members that looked strangely textured with an unnatural sheen. Somehow her shoulder-length hair had coalesced into a bunch of latex tentacles! And a faint tingling in her scalp suggested they were still growing.

Crossing her eyes Harley could see each ebony tentacle had maintained a dark purple streak, copying her previous hairstyle perfectly. She also noticed a number of bumps and ridges along their lengths, giving them an uncanny resemblance to the toys in her bedside drawer. While her reptilian tentacles had been intent on groping and fondling her from their inception, these tentacles seemed content with simply caressing her face. It was still a bit unsettling though, as they toyed with her nose ring, flitted past her lips, and explored her facial features.

While she was distracted by her hair, a pair of thick tentacles at her shoulders had stretched upward until they reached one of the exposed wooden crossbeams near the ceiling. They silently wound their way around the polished timber and, with a powerful tug, hoisted her up off the couch! Surprised by the sudden shift, Harley tried to pull her hands out to balance herself, but was stopped short by another pair of tentacles that had wrapped around her arms and thighs, keeping her hands firmly ensconced within her pussies.

Meanwhile, one of her hair tendrils had gotten curious and as she gasped with the shift, slipped into her gaping mouth! Harley tried her best to spit out the invader, but without her hands she was helpless. As the rubber member explored her mouth Harley was shocked she didn't have a gagging fit; usually it was so hair-trigger! But the thing must have found some way to negate her reflex as it pushed smoothly to the back of her mouth and slipped down her throat. Breathing heavily through her nose Harley could feel the ribbed shaft stuffing itself further and further in, her esophagus reflexively massaging it as she swallowed it down. Realizing there was nothing else she could do, Harley turned her attention back to the real dilemma.

Overhead the thick tentacles had been steadily coiling around the beam, ratcheting her up higher and higher into the air. Harley mumbled incoherently around her mouthful as she tried desperately to get back down to the couch, kicking her legs and twisting from side to side. She had to get down! What if one of the other sisters came back and found her like this, topless and swinging in the air for all the world to see? The thought was absolutely mortifying.

As she thrashed about her efforts were paying off! She could feel the coils slip around the wood, dropping her a foot or two closer to the couch. But the tentacles were quick to react. Two of them slithered down her thighs, wrapping around her knees and calves, locking them together. Upon reaching her ankles a third tentacle from her lower back reached down and coiled around them, lifting her feet towards her ass and forcing her knees outwards, leaving her dangling in a very awkward and vulnerable position.

Taking advantage of her restricted mobility a few smaller tentacles slithered up each of her pant legs, pulling the material up as they went. They soon had her pants completely bunched up around her thighs as Harley squirmed uncomfortably, trying to figure out wat the hell they were doing. As if in answer to her question two large limbs coiled around the soft material and, with one massive heave, tore the garment to shreds! Plaid flannel sprinkled down like red snow, leaving Harley swinging there in the air above the common room, completely butt naked.

Refocusing her efforts Harley struggled once more to free her hands from their pulsing prison cells. She needed them desperately! But as she struggled, all the sensations became too much and she inadvertently pushed herself over the edge once more. And again, instead of the release she had been so longing for, she felt all the energy coalesce into a fourth vagina!

Harley could feel her newest pussy tenderly teased and prodded by another of the tentacles. As it twisted in slid inside her she shuddered with pleasure. Why was she fighting this again? It felt so damn amazing! She tried to resume fingering herself in unison with the tentacles, but something about her hands felt very off. She could feel them changing inside her!

Her fingers lost their dexterity as they melded together into fleshy masses wedged deep inside her pussies. Her arms quickly lost their bone structure as well, becoming limp and lifeless. Thankfully the liquefaction stopped at her shoulders and she could feel new muscles developing, breathing life back into her dead limbs. That's when Harley noticed her arms were getting longer as well, inch after inch of new flesh oozing from her shoulders like oversized noodles from a giant pasta maker. They grew longer and longer until they were at least 8 feet long. Her arms and hands had devolved into nothing more than just another pair of tentacles! Unlike the others though, the skin down her arms had retained its normal texture and olive tone. And, more importantly, she still seemed to have full control over these with her conscious mind.

Taking advantage of their new limber form, Harley was finally able to slide her arms from the vice-like grip that held them in place with an audible "slurp". Making sure to keep their mistress satisfied, two other tentacles hurried to refill the voids left behind. Harley moaned as the serpentine tentacles quickly had her squirming once more.

But Harley's curious mind overrode the pleasure as she pulled her warped hands up to investigate. Suction cups of varying sizes had developed down the undersides of her arms and her hands had maintained something of a diamond shape. Remembering back to "Deep Sea Biology 101" she recognized them as being very similar to the long fore-tentacles of a giant squid! However, her's seemed strong enough to remain functional outside of water, and the suckers thankfully weren't lined with the typical hooked teeth.

Focusing as much as she could on these newest additions Harley found she was able to curl and flex them with a surprising degree of control. Deciding to try them out she wrapped her "hands" around the tentacle still wiggling down her throat. With a quick yank she was able to pull it out several inches! Realizing what she was up to the tentacle tried to twist free, but her suckers held it firmly in place. She pulled again and removed another foot of it. Damn, how far in was this thing? At least her throat seemed to have been numbed somehow. She didn't feel any discomfort as she extracted it, just the pressure from all the little nubs and ridges down its length. After a few more tugs the last of it popped from her lips and she took in a deep breath of fresh air. But as she did, two more tentacles tried to make their way back in! Determined not to let that happen, Harley snagged them and wrapped an arm around her hair, pulling it back into a squirming ponytail.

The tentacles at Harley's breasts had remained productive throughout all of this. They had developed an efficient rhythm, alternating tugs back and forth as they milked her swollen breasts with gusto. The milking was like nothing Harley had ever felt. It wasn't quite the same as masturbation, but felt absolutely sublime! Milk sprayed about the room as the female sprinkler system worked overtime. She had to be pumping out at least a couple of quarts per minute! But apparently unsatisfied with this production, Harley felt a familiar tingling return across her body

The tingling radiated down her sides and as she lifted her arms she could make out four more lumps forming directly below each armpit. They appeared to line up with perfectly with her previous pairs of breasts and as she watched they plumped up into eight more undeniable tits. They quickly ballooned to an equal size as the ones down her front and were topped with more of those odd nipple clusters.

8 more tits? Really? How many was that now... 19? Sure, they all looked and felt amazing, but didn't her body know anything about moderation?

Clearly the answer was "definitely not", because as she lowered her arms back down the tingling returned again! Three more lumps formed down each side between her previous outer breasts and the newest ones just below her pits. These were slightly lower than the others, making perfect rows with the column of breasts down her middle.

Harley paused when she realized what she just did.

Did she really just refer to her breasts by rows and columns? This was getting ridiculous!

The newest breasts all jostled for room down her sides as they swelled up to meet the normal size of each row. Meanwhile she could still feel the constant dull tingling behind all her breasts as they continued their relentless growth.

Trying to take a moment to collect herself, Harley attempted to make an inventory of her changes. Besides her now waist-length latex tentacle hair and her squid-like arms, she had a seemingly endless supply of reptilian tentacles sprouting from her back. Her front and sides were littered with DD to C-cup sized breasts, arranged in seven tight columns, leaving her with 25 perfect titties. Even as they continued to swell, they somehow defied gravity and maintained their perky round shapes. Most of them were topped with odd clusters of two-inch long nipples, with the exception of her original pair, and all 71 of these eager milk faucets were spraying haphazardly about the room below under the persistent tugging of her tentacles. She must be close to pumping out almost a gallon per minute now!

Using her free arm to part the milky mess down her front, she was able to sneak a peek at her crotch. Her four vaginas were still under assault by the snaky members but she was able to get an idea of the situation down there. Her pussies were arranged with one to either side of her original snatch, with the fourth fitting snugly between the tops of the left and center vaginas.


While a fifth slotted in nicely between the tops of the lower right and center pussies.


And the sixth completed the set as it nestled in above her two top slits.

In the blink of an eye, her four pussies had quickly turned into a strange triangle of six glistening love-holes! And they were all still throbbing with desire...

Harley felt trapped in a vicious cycle of pleasure. The more she gave in, the more she changed; and the more she changed, the greater her passion flared! As if in confirmation of her fears several more lumps appeared down her thighs; and holy hell did massaging these ten burgeoning breasts feel good!

"Huuuuuunnnnnaaaaagghhhh!!!!" Hellooooooo vagina number 7...

By now the tentacles at Harley's shoulders had managed to hoist her all the way up until her head bumped into the sloped crossbeam above. Pleased with their accomplishment, they proceeded to unravel and reorganize their coils. The tentacles around her ankles formed little loops as another pair slid up over the beam and back down to the proffered hoops. Hooking into these, they ratcheted back up, pulling Harley's legs up with them.

They pulled her feet upwards until she could feel the polished timber between her calves, leaving her hanging facedown below the beam. The tentacles at her legs rewrapped themselves, coiling up and around both the beam and her legs several times, locking them into place with her knees still bent outward. Meanwhile, the tentacles swarming her torso paused momentarily to wrap up and around the beam before descending back down and resuming their fun with her engorged teats.

Harley never had the courage to act on her repressed bondage fetish before, not sure if she could ever trust her partners with such a volatile secret, but her subconscious was clearly free of her normal inhibitions. Her powerful tentacles felt warm and inviting as they continued to wrap her body in their strong embrace. She had always gotten a little rush from the thought of being tied-up, but this this living, pulsing harness was making her wetter than a high school girl in the front row of a teen-pop concert!

The tentacles at her legs spread her hips wide as they dove deeper and deeper into her pussies. Meanwhile some thinner tentacles had located her clitori and began to stroke them mercilessly. Harley squirmed in attempted orgasm again and again, but was unable to reach true climax in her cursed state! Her body dutifully searched for available real estate at her crotch to arrange her rapidly multiplying sexes.

Craning her neck, she was able to watch as the flesh at her groin puckered and sunk into several new vaginas. Each time it was the same process. The skin dimpled in and formed a navel sized hole with the adjacent flesh quickly plumping up into thick pussy lips. While the labia finished, she felt a buzz as thousands of new nerve endings formed and coalesced into a newly minted clitoris, poking its head out from under its hood, pink and swollen with need! And all she could do was watch with anticipation as a tentacle found each new love-hole and slowly slid its way in. Her tummy began to look a bit distended beneath her breasts as her plethora of tentacles continued to press their way inside her.

As she continued watching with morbid curiosity, Harley noticed something strange. Through all the chaos she could have sworn she saw the tip of a scaly tentacle come OUT of one of her pussies! She was about to freak out at the possibility of sprouting even more tentacles, when she noticed a tentacle slipping into a nearby vagina at the exact same speed. Determined to figure out what was going on, Harley reached her free arm up and was able to squeeze a feeler into her pussy around the tentacle. Shivering at the sensations of her skin sliding through the tight passage, she focused on the scaly tentacle and was able to follow it with her suckers. Sure enough, the spaded tip of her hand soon popped out of the same pussy as the tentacle!

This was really freaky... She hadn't even considered how all the extra vaginas had been screwing with her anatomy down there! Curious now, she slipped her feeler up another snatch, and again it popped back out through another! Apparently her vaginas were all linked up together somewhere before her cervix. Sliding up into another pussy she was able to locate where all the tentacle tips had congregated deep inside her. She couldn't tell for sure, but they had to be practically in her uterus! The tentacles all writhed around inside her, like snakes in some perverted mating ball doing their best to massage every inch of her reproductive system!

Following her cue, the tentacle she had been watching also found a newly forming pussy and decided to slip back up in, pulling her still entwined arm along with it! The sensations drove her right over the edge once more spurring the appearance of another vagina just in time for the adventurous tentacle to pop back out. Seemingly enthralled with this new game the tentacle continued searching for new pussies to explore, popping in and out around her crotch as she tried desperately to disentangle her arm from it. Focusing intensely down the length of her arm Harley was finally able to release her suckers from the tentacle as it dove in and out of her body. She yanked her shoulder back several times trying to free her arm, but it was useless. Her arm had been woven through and knotted back several times, making retrieval impossible!

Meanwhile several other tentacles had decided to join in the weaving game and started poking in and out of her field of love-holes as others pulled out to give them room. The whole ordeal was very unsettling as she felt simultaneously emptied and filled over and over again as several tentacles crocheted themselves into her crotch. It felt incredibly strange, yet unbelievably arousing!

As the tentacles slipped from her slits to make room for the weavers, she felt an almost counterintuitive swelling sensation in her belly. Her heaving breasts made it difficult to distinguish anything down there, but she could have sworn the skin was starting to look a bit lumpy...

Even with a stiffening neck, Harley couldn’t tear her eyes from the chaos between her legs. It soon felt like every time a pussy finished growing, another vagina was teased to the point of climax and she would sprout a new one! Fighting for space they soon dominated her entire groin and made their way up her waistline. Several blossomed there as she watched and when she focused, she could feel the sensations of budding pussies somewhere near her lower back. Several more began to appear down the insides of her thighs and she could feel even more pucker up and form below her ass-cheeks!

Harley tried her best to keep track, but the mass of weaving and thrusting tentacles was making any form of counting down there extremely difficult. She could make out at least 14 pairs of glistening lips, and could feel several more being prodded and teased out of sight. As her nether regions were running out of space for any more plump labia, her body seemed to get a nefarious idea.

Harley felt an odd tingling in all her pussies, and by now she knew that meant something strange was about to happen. She locked her eyes on the nearest slit, freshly minted and free from intruders. Propping open the dampening lips with her free "hand", she could see the vaginal opening there slowly shift upward, closer to the throbbing clit above. Twisting sensations across her lower body convinced her that all her other pussies were experiencing similar alterations. The dark pink flesh below her hole started to pucker before suddenly caving up into her body and forming a slick new vagina! Harley gasped sharply as her other pussies followed in quick succession, doubling her vagina count in one fell swoop!

Harley had been so entranced by her changing pussies, she had forgotten to keep a hold on her hair with her arm. Squirming free from their restraints, the latex members slid down her sides and over her shoulders, now long enough to explore much more of her body. Harley could feel their textured surfaces wrapping around different parts of her altered body, squeezing and exploring.

"Uuuunnnngh!" With another surge Harley felt a pang of concentrated pleasure shoot up her body and hone in the last place she had expected. Her thin lips were hanging open through the intense pleasure, but now they too began to twist!

Her teeth and gums receded as her lips rotated, adopting a more vertical orientation. They quickly lost their dark pink tone as they changed into symmetrical folds of amber skin. A small nub poked out from their peak just under her nose and she couldn't help but poke at it with her tongue. Her efforts were rewarded with a rush of pleasure as she teased her newly formed clit!

Unable to hold back Harley continued to lick herself, her tongue slowly twisting out into a long tubular muscle as she did. It soon became more tentacle than tongue as it lengthened and thickened, with just the red bumpy texture betraying what the member once was. Snaking it out as far as she could Harley was able to pull back the tip and look at it straight on. A small pin-hole had developed in the tip that grew wider as her throat reconfigured itself. She moved the warped muscle back up to her clit and was surprised to find she could actually suck on the little buzzer with her hollowed out tip! Moaning sloppily through her self-cunnilingus, she groaned in disbelief, "My mouth too??! Are you fucking serious?!"

At least that's what she tried to say... but all that came out was "Aye ouff oooo??! Ahh oooo fughing ghearyifff?!" and a whole lot of pussy juice.


Harley hadn't anticipated how incredible the vibrations from simply trying to talk were going to feel! The unexpected blast of sensations brought about two more points of intense heat in her cheeks, one on either side of her "mouth". These points quickly puckered in, the skin around them plumping up with two more pairs of soft pussy lips. Soon she had two more fully developed facial slits, one on either side of her existing mouth-gina!

Several of her latex tentacles took notice of these newest changes, eager to explore her new and improved facial features. As they coiled loosely around her neck, Harley noticed that they had changed as well. Besides being significantly longer now, at least 6 feet, she noticed the tips had developed flared heads and they were all oozing some slick oily substance. Whatever that slime was, it felt like heaven as the tentacles caressed her, coating her face with it! Harley used her tentacle tongue as crowd control, coiling around and guiding the latex members in as they swarmed around her newest openings. Flexing previously non-existent fascial muscles, she was able to grip and caress several of these slimy shafts as they dove back down her altered throat. They never taught THIS type of kegel in any health class she had!

Still on the hunt for available space, her body had to get even more creative finding homes for her multiplying vaginas as she fell further and further down the rabbit hole of pleasure!

On her lower left breast, the bottom center nipple started to shrink as a small slit appeared underneath it. The slit gradually opened wider and wider as thick lips formed around it. The nipple receded up into the peak and settled in at an inch long. A familiar buzz announced the formation of thousands of new nerve endings as her newest clitoris became fully functional! A few tugs from a nearby tentacle rocked Harley with its incredible sensitivity, and the thin white stream that came out confirmed it was still fully milkable!

This process repeated itself at each of her new breasts as her total vagina count continued to grow. A few curious tentacles confirmed that, similar to her crotch, all these developing pussies were indeed linked together beneath her skin. They met up in muscular sub-dermal tunnels that ran down each of her cleavages and, as she watched, a few flared latex tips popped out of her new titty-slits! As they coated her lower body in their warming oily load, she realized there must be similar fleshy passages down her throat now too, connecting in with the rest of her vaginal system.

The odd swelling sensation in her belly had gotten stronger as she hung suspended over the couch. Straining her neck, she could see her tummy was looking more than a little distended now too. It actually looked strangely similar to a pregnant belly... just a bit more lumpy. It didn't hurt, but felt exceedingly odd, like being full, horny and bloated all at once!

Then, with a sudden surge, Harley felt her stomach muscles all clench up at once!!

"Hnnnnghh!" was all she could manage as she moaned through the sensations till they passed.

What the fuck was that? A contraction or something? But it hadn't been painful... If anything, it felt like the closest thing to an orgasm yet! She clutched at her stomach with her free arm, trying to figure out what the hell was going on down there. When another contraction came rolling in she could feel the muscles all tense up, becoming rock hard. This time though she embraced the strangely wonderful feeling as it coursed through her body.

"Hnnnnnnnnngh!" she moaned sloppily as the contraction rippled through her.


Did something just move?


There it was again!!


There was definitely something new slipping through her love-tunnels.


But it seemed to be getting blocked by all the tentacles down there.


Her gaze was pulled away as her neck muscles joined in the last spasm. She tried to turn her eyes back to her body, but couldn't turn her head any further than a few centimeters.


What the hell was going on down there? She could feel odd points of pressure moving through her torso with every heave.


Did something just pop out of her?


There, something definitely just slipped out of her lower tit!


The lumps were at her neck now. What the fuck was happening?


Something big and round forced its way up her throat and into her mouth. Or was it still inside her tongue?


With one more contraction the orb pushed its way through Harley's lips and popped out through the hole in the tip of her tongue! She only had a second to register the white sphere before it fell to the couch below. The next heave brought another one, popping from her tongue with a "slurp" before falling down with the first. By the next heave she was ready and was able to finally realize what they were...

They were eggs! Holy shit, she couldn't actually be producing eggs, could she? But as further contractions brought along more of the milky spheres, it was undeniable. She really was laying eggs!

As each contraction swept through her body, she could feel more of the soft orbs popping out from any unoccupied pussy. Some squeezed through her tight titty-slits while others slipped through holes in her crotch missed by tentacles. She could feel the wetness of a small pile forming above her ass-crack too. Light smacks could be heard on the couch below as opaque spheres landed on the soggy material.

As strange as it seemed, passing the eggs only served to turn Harley on even more! By the 5th contraction, her head was in the clouds. By the 9th, her eyes were rolling back with pleasure! By the 14th her body felt like one giant erogenous zone, all tingling with pleasure at once!

All the teasing... all the milking… all the eggs squeezing out of her body! All the sensitive pussy lips and quivering love-holes... All the massaging and rubbing and stroking! And all the wonderful penetration by her glorious glorious tentacles!!

Her body simply couldn't take it anymore!

And she came...

Oh god how she came!!

Pure orgasmic pleasure shot from pussy to pussy, as they finally quivered with release one after the other. Fireworks exploded behind her eyelids and rivers of milk streamed from her massive breasts. Her muscles clenched and spasmed uncontrollably as the pinnacle of orgasm wracked her twisted body!

Dozens of eggs flowed out of her love-holes as her tentacles were squeezed mercilessly by her vice-like pussies. Her hair flailed about, spurting warm oily liquid all over her body as the orgasm dominated her senses.

One pussy after the next fired off in electric orgasm, each more delicious than the last! Her tentacles writhed in midair as she dangled in their embrace. Wave upon wave of orgasm washed up and down her body; orgasms at one end setting off more at the other. Pussies burst with pleasure then calmed down momentarily, only to be brought back to orgasm again as the wave returned!

This cycle of pure unadulterated orgasmic nirvana seemed absolutely never-ending!

But slowly, ever so slowly, it began to fade with only most of her pussies firing off, then half… then 17... then 12... then 6... then 4... then 2… then 1…

After what seemed like an eternity in orgasmic heaven, her convulsions finally slowed. The milk ebbed, fewer eggs squeezed through her tight openings, and her senses slowly, slowly began to return. Harley closed her eyes as the last few shudders of pleasure rolled through her body and she felt the warming embrace of an enormous afterglow settle in. Her tentacles slowly slid out from her sore pussies, her muscles twitching and giving them a few thankful squeezes as they went. A few final eggs slipped from her exhausted slits as the tentacle blockade receded.

Once her orifices were free from intruders, the tentacles slowly lowered Harley down from her lustful perch. They laid her down tenderly onto the soggy couch below, between piles of the glossy eggs.

She was exhausted! Unable to resist the fatigue she snuggled deeper into the soft downy cushions, her moist tentacles slipping around her in a living blanket. As she drifted off, she couldn't help but think to herself...

These were Naked Norm's fantasies? What a freak!

Except that egg bit at the end… that felt pretty good.

And all the lovely tentacles… they really did come in handy.

And all the extra breasts! Well, how else was she going to make such plentiful milk?

And the vaginas… well of course she needed those! How could she ever go on living without them after an orgasm that mind-shattering?!

Maybe she should give that weirdo a visit, you know, just to thank him in person for all the new assets...

But not until after a quick nap.....


Re: The Curse - by CZs_Imaginarium

The Curse, Chapter 2

"Hey you."

A jingle of keys invaded the peaceful darkness.

"Ok, I'm coming in now; unless you need some extra time setting up."

A doorknob turned, and somewhere in Harley's mind puzzle pieces started to come together.

"Setting up my big surprise stupid. What do you think?"

What the hell! Why was someone barging into her room? She was trying to get some sleep here!

"What are you talking about? You left that note on my windshield. It said to come back to the house for a surprise and some fun."

Oh crap, wait a minute... this wasn't her bed... it was way too lumpy. Harley groggily peeled her eyes open.

She was on the common room sofa! Why the hell was she there? And why was she completely naked?!

Snapping awake Harley lurched over the back of the couch and made a mad scramble to get away from the voice! Tripping over herself, she was able to get into the kitchen and duck down behind the counter just as the owner of the voice came strolling in.

That was too damn close! As the footsteps entered into the room, she poked her head up to get a peek at the intruder.

Ugh... it was Jen Stacy.

Harley felt like that should mean something to her, but aside from the stomach-churning sense of loathing, she couldn't quite place it.

"Well I'm here now, and horny as fuck, no thanks to you apparently. All the other girls are still out at the rally, so get your ass over here and come give your princess some head!"

Jen strode across the living room, hand on her hip, not paying attention to anything else other than the voice on the phone.

"Well, Chem-201 doesn't fuck you silly now does it?"

She paused, letting her words sink in.

"Good boy. That's what I thought. See you in a few big boy."

Clearly pleased with herself, Jen gave a confident smile and sashayed up the stairs leading to the bedrooms.

Relieved, Harley sank back down to the cool linoleum floor. She really dodged a bullet there! She couldn't remember why she had been sleeping on the sofa, or why she was totally naked, but if Jen had found her there she never would have heard the end of it!!

Harley wiped her brow with a forearm and resolved to go sneak into her room to grab some clothes before Jen made another appearance. But just as she got back on her feet, she heard the front door open again! Oh great, now she was going to have to dodge Brad too? She figured she would have had at least a few minutes before his horny ass showed up!

But the voice wasn't Brad's.

"Harley?" a young woman's voice called. "Harley... you in here?"

It was Rivet! Thank god, she could really use a friendly face right now.

"Rivet! Oh, I'm so glad it's you!" Harley jumped up from her hiding spot and ran towards her friend. She didn't care about being naked, it wasn't anything Rivet hadn't seen before. She had been the first girl to get Harley out of her clothes in the first place.

Rivet was standing over by the couch, inspecting something small in her hand, but when she heard her running over, she stood up and flashed that huge smile Harley loved so much. "There you are girl! I've been looking all over for you! Where the hell have you been?! And what's with the birthday suit? Not that I'm complaining mind you." Rivet winked. "Nice studs by the way."

Harley blushed, covering her nipples. She had forgotten Rivet had never seen the piercings. Their last foray had been before she got them. "Just, uh, you know, trying to spice up a boring spring break."

"Well, it sure looks like you succeeded." Rivet smiled devilishly, flicking the ruby pendant hanging from her friend's nether regions.

"Huh, what?" Harley gasped. Looking down she saw for the first time the venus piercing that Rivet was teasing. Two small silver studs poked out of her bronze skin, complete with a small scarlet talisman dangling above her slit. "Where the hell did that come from?"

"Don't look at me hun. But it sounds like you had one hell of a night!"

"Look, I just woke up like this a few minutes ago!" Harley vented, "I have no idea what the hell happened or how the heck I ended up with this thing!"

"Sounds like the tequila talking to me." Rivet chuckled. "You shouldn't listen when the bottle tells you to strip! It never ends well."

"But don't worry hun," she quickly continued, "I've had my fair share of blackouts too." Rivet wrapped her arms around the smaller girl. "You know what helps me? Try thinking back to the last thing you remember clearly. Then maybe we can work forward from that."

"Ok, ok." Harley took a deep breath. "I suppose I can try that."

She could feel herself relaxing in Rivet's embrace. She had always felt more at ease in the southern girl's arms. Something about her was just inherently calming.

She took a deep breath and leaned her head against her friend's ample bosom, taking a moment to relish the softness. The tiny bits of metal dotting Rivet's steam punk outfit felt refreshingly cool against her hot skin as she nuzzled in closer.

"Got anything on last night hun? Or you just remembering I enjoy a good motorboat?"

Harley blushed, caught red-handed in her old habits. She took a deep breath and focused.

"I remember getting ready for bed early last night to make sure I was up for the Greek Festival today. I set two separate alarms on my phone and I even set that goofy looking clockwork alarm you made me last year. Remember?"

"Of course, hun. I made that after you slept through our biology lab! Stuck me with doing the whole damn thing myself. I might be a whiz with mechanics, but put me in front of a petri dish and I'm as lost as a city boy in the bayou." Rivet laughed. "So, did my dual piston micro-gong with the triple snooze inhibiter get the trick done?"

"That's just it..." Harley paused, "I can't remember! The last thing I remember is falling asleep last night to your clock ticking away and the next thing I know I'm waking up on the couch, butt naked, with Jen Stacy barging through the front door like a heifer!"

"Somehow I managed to get into the kitchen before she found me. Can you imagine if she saw?! Jen already makes my life enough of a living hell without any more weapons in her arsenal."

"It's alright hun," Rivet comforted, stroking her friend's hair. She had always loved the smell. "I'm here now, it's alright. Where'd that dumb bitch get to now?"

"Oh, I don't know. Upstairs somewhere, probably going to strip down before Brad gets here."

"Ugh, that dumbass is coming too? Alright honey, tell you what. You hang tight back in the kitchen and I'll head up to your room and grab you some clothes. Then we can get out of here before that moose arrives. If we hurry, we might still make it back before the real Greek Week fun begins."

Rivet paused, "But first..." she took a step back, raising her hand in the process. "Do you have any idea what this thing is?"

There in Rivet's hand was some sort of pearlescent white sphere. It was a bit bigger than a ping-pong ball and had a creamy white coating. It looked a bit slimy, like it had just been... been...

Harley gasped as it all came rushing back. A soft murmur escaped her lips, "That's... that's my egg..."

Harley faltered as the memories came screaming back. The eggs... the tits... the tentacles! Her arms! She stared at her arms. They looked perfectly normal. Five fingers on each hand and everything.

What happened to all the snaky limbs? And that world-shattering orgasm! Harley grabbed at her crotch with both hands. Only one lonely vagina, albeit now with that odd piercing dangling there. What the hell had happened? Had she really just gotten drunk and imagined it all?

Harley could hear her friend talking to her. She sounded concerned, but she couldn't process the words. She was in such a state of shock it sounded like Rivet was talking to her through three feet of water. Then the talking suddenly stopped, and a much louder sound came through. Harley focused on the sound, forcing herself to hone in on it. It sounded like Rivet. And she sounded mad!

"What the hell? Get off me!"

As Harley came back to her senses, she found herself sitting on the common room carpet. Rivet was still at the couch, and had apparently grabbed even more of the eggs. She seemed aggravated and was shaking them violently over the couch. Wait, no... she wasn't holding the eggs, they were sticking to her hand! Like a bunch of milky white burrs, they all stuck to Rivet's fingerless glove as she tried desperately to shake them off!

Harley got up and ran to her friend. She had a bad feeling about this. "Oh shit. Oh shit. Oh shit, shit, shit! Oh, I'm so sorry Rivet!"

Rivet stopped just long enough to give Harley a quizzical look. "Sorry for what?"

"For dragging you into this! I had no idea. Those eggs... those are mine."


"Those are MY eggs!"

"What do you mean 'Your eggs?" Rivet steamed, starting to really get annoyed.

"What, did you go out, buy a couple dozen eggs, and start chucking them around the living room like the freaking Easter Bunny?"

"No, no... I don't know how to explain it. You'd never believe me!"

"Well try anyways."

Harley squirmed, having trouble believing the words that left her own mouth.

"I... I laid them... me... those eggs came out of ME!"

Rivet stared at her friend in disbelief. Both girls stood silently, waiting for the other to say something.

"You remember Naked Norm?" Harley spat out, the silence too much for her to take. "You know... that freshman Jen left naked out on the quad?"

Rivet nodded.

"This morning he somehow managed to cast the town curse on me over the phone, thinking I WAS Jen! I thought it was just a story, but then a bunch of weird stuff started happening to me! And I mean like some really freaky shit. Long story short, I don't know how it happened, but those eggs came out of me."

Rivet couldn't decide if Harley was telling the truth or if the pressure from the double major had finally gotten to her and she had snapped. Sure, she had been a great storyteller when they were going out, but she had never been one for outright lies. In fact, it was her honesty that had led to their breakup in the first place.

Harley had a major crush on one boy in her history class and when he suddenly asked her out one day, she panicked. She had come over that night and explained everything. They had a long chat about their relationship and where it was going and, in the end, she was looking for something more concrete than Rivet was. Harley was looking for something more stable and long-term, while she was just enjoying the ride of a typical college relationship.

It had been a clean break, and they stayed friends afterwards, but Rivet often found herself missing the little Filipina late at night. That girl was a dynamo between the sheets!

She took a deep breath. "OK, if these really are yours, can you please get them the hell off me?"

Harley looked down. By now the eggs on Rivet's hand had merged together into a solid opaque blob, completely engulfing it. And she apparently hadn't been looking where she stepped either as there was now another clump of eggs latched onto her boot.

"How am I supposed to do that?" Harley replied. "Just because they popped out of me doesn't mean I have any control over the things. I'm just as confused as you are!"

She had no idea what the hell was going on with the eggs. Why were they acting so weird? The ones scattered over the floor seemed to be gravitating towards Rivet too, like she was an egg magnet or something!

"Just get them the hell off me!" Rivet fumed, stretching down to the clump at her boots. But as her enveloped hand came into contact with the pile at her foot, they all merged together into one solid mass! She stumbled slightly, trying in vain to stand up as the mass refused to release her, locking her into an awkward hunched over position.

"Ugh... Harley, do something!!"

"Okay, okay, okay,” Harley replied, trying to clear her head. "Uh, let's get you onto the couch and I'll just pull them off, ok?"

On the count of 3, Rivet hobbled over to the couch where she plopped down unceremoniously with a slight squelch. But as the soft center cushion depressed the mounds of eggs piled up on either side spilled down into her lap!

"Oh shit. Get me up! Get me up!"

But it was too late. As the girls struggled to get Rivet back up, the eggs congealed into a single mass around her hips, encasing her entire waist inside it. Not only that, but the mass at her limbs had grown and now engulfed everything up to her elbow and knee!

"What the fuck is happening?!"

"I don't know, I don't know!" Harley stammered. She looked desperately for a seam along the edges of the swelling masses, but there were none to be found! The hard, rubbery surface of the egg formed a perfect seal with Rivet's ebony skin as it continued to swallow more and more of her body.

She decided the least she could do was to get her friend into a better position. Rivet looked quite uncomfortable sitting on the couch with her hand still stuck down at her foot. Grabbing her legs Harley lifted and spun Rivet around so she was lying lengthwise along the soggy couch, albeit with her left arm and foot in the air. She grabbed a few pillows and propped them behind her friend's head and neck, providing some semblance of support.

Unsure what else she could do Harley stepped back and watched as the eggs continued their conquest over Rivet's body. They slowly swallowed up inch after inch of her stomach and thighs, filling the gap between her legs with creamy white shell. Soon Rivet's entire abdomen was engulfed, as well as her entire left arm and leg. Her right leg had also been overtaken down to her knee by the growing mass. Harley's mind drifted to an all too familiar scene of a girl at a chocolate factory slowly turning into a giant blueberry as everyone watched, helpless to stop it.

"Blech, it's all warm and slimy inside." Rivet squirmed.

Harley's mind was pulled back to the present, as Rivet tried to cope with what was happening.

"Eeww, something just touched me. Harley, I think there's something else in here!"

"What?" Harley jumped to her friend's side. She had no idea what she could do, but she desperately wanted to do something!

"Ugh, it's moving! Oh gross, something's sliding around my legs." Rivet struggled in vain against the confines of the swelling mass.

"It's, it's going up my skirt! Oh... oh... there's something my shirt too..." Rivet blushed as her breathing became come a bit more rapid.

"Oh Harley... it's in... it's in my... oh... oh my... ohhhh... ahhhh... Ahhhhh... Aaaaaahhhh!" Rivet's expression quickly changed from one of fear and disgust to one Harley was much more familiar with. An expression Harley had worked for hours on end to find and endless nights to perfect. And somehow it had only taken mere moments for this ravenous egg to get Rivet cumming! She couldn't help but feel a touch jealous.

A sharp gasp passed Rivet's plump lips as the egg crawled up and over her ample bosom. Harley could only imagine what the hell was going on inside that opaque shell, given what she had gone through herself just a few hours earlier.

The remainder of Rivet's extremities were soon absorbed into the egg until all that was left was her head, poking out from the ivory mass like the knot at the end of a giant balloon.

Harley tried to get her friend's attention, kneeling down and stroking her long braids as she whispered in her ear.

"I'm so sorry I got you involved in this Rivet. You're the last person in the world I would want anything happen to!"

But Rivet's mind was dead to the outside world. Her eyes were screwed shut and her breathing came in heavy pants as thin beads of sweat rolled down her forehead. She bit her lower lip and moaned rhythmically through Harley's heartfelt words.

The egg continued seeping upward as it engulfed her neck, ears, and metal studded dreadlocks. Just as complete absorbsion seemed imminent, Rivet's dark eyes fluttered open. Seizing the moment Harley dove in and kissed Rivet with reckless passion! Her thin lips pressed tightly against Rivet's luscious ones she tried her best to make the moment last forever.

When Harley finally pulled away her friend's face was framed perfectly by the encroaching shell. Rivet locked eyes with her former lover, whispering softly, "Harley... I'm scared! I don't want to-"

But the cruel shell cut her off as the white mass overtook her face completely.

"Rivet! Rivet!" Harley yelled, "Rivet! Can you hear me? Rivet!"

She pounded on the unforgiving surface until her muscles burned and her hands throbbed. Exhausted, Harley stared in at the egg in disbelief.

Just like that, Rivet was gone!

She stared blankly at the massive oblong thing laying there where her friend had been just moments before. It was nearly 6 feet long and 2 feet wide, taking up the entire couch. And as she looked on, she realized it was still growing...

But Harley wasn't given the chance to mourn her friend for long before she heard a rattle at the front door. With nowhere else to go, and still stark naked, she dove into the first hiding spot she could think of!

She had just barely squirmed under the sofa before she heard a loud deep voice.

"Ohhhhhh Jenny!"

"Finally!" Harley heard Jen's voice coming from the staircase. "Was that you making all that noise down here?"

"Uh, yeah, I just yelled when I came in."

Harley rolled her eyes, Brad the brainwave...

"I meant earlier dumbass. It sounded like some of the other girls had come back early or something."

"Uhhhh, no babe, it's just me that came in."

"Oh my god... You know, if you weren't hung like a horse, I'd throw you out on that thick head of yours."

"Awww, love you too babe! Now how about giving this horse a ride?" With a soft rustle Brad's thin white t-shirt hit the ground next to Harley.

"Huuuuuuuuh... fine! You know I can't resist those abs! Besides, it looks like we have this place all to ourselves now anyways."

Harley heard Jen pad lightly down the stairs to where Brad stood behind the couch. If her fishnet stockings were any indication, Jen was sparsely clad. She spotted a flash of white lace as Jen twirled around.

"Does that mean we finally get to do it down here?!"

The sound of a zipper broke the silence, and more rustling cloth quickly followed. "What do you think big boy?" Brad's beige cargo shorts fell into view around his ankles.

The soft sounds of foreplay soon filled the air as piece by piece of clothing dropped to the floor. The smell of sex began to invade Harley's senses as she felt more and more uncomfortable in her hiding spot. She tried to keep from breathing in the smell of arousal, but she could only hold her breath for so long! Finally caving to her need for oxygen Harley took a deep gasp. Her lungs, starving for air, took in breath after deep breath of the lurid air, penetrating into her very being.

Betrayed by her body Harley's previous discomfort soon turned into a burning desire! A wave of insatiable lust drove through her body and before she knew it a mischievous finger was at her crotch, teasing and toying with her moistening slit. Her other hand quickly found a breast and began to massage and tweak the pierced nipple.

She was having a hard time concentrating as the aura of sex engulfed her. Jen's lacy bra fell to the ground beside her, further igniting Harley's passion! She brought her other hand down to her crotch and began stroking both of the damp slits there. She closed her eyes as a familiar sensation tickled her front, small reptilian members teasing the array of brown nubs appearing down her torso.

White lace panties dropped to the floor with a telltale dark patch where Jen's excitement had seeped through. In a heartbeat Jen's feet were spread apart as she pressed up against the couch, her toes mere inches from Harley's face. Brad's large feet quickly followed as he lined up and took her from behind.

The gentler tones of foreplay had evolved into the sharper gasps of passionate sex as the two lovers consummated their lust. The third lover continued her own self-adulation beneath the couch, swept up in the rhythm of the two above her! Harley drove her slightly tacky fingers into two of her leaking love-holes as a scaly limb addressed the third. Meanwhile the sensations coming from her swelling breasts only served to fuel her unnatural lust as they were groped and prodded by more of the slithering appendages!

Suddenly the rhythm above Harley slowed...

"Uhh, babe?"


"What *mmh*, what the hell is that *mh* thing you're leaning on?"

"What *uh* thing? Jen managed between gasps.

"That big white thing you're *ah* leaning on babe."

Holy shit... The egg! Harley froze, panicking. How the hell had she forgotten about it?! Were Jen and Brad onto her? How could she explain why a giant fucking egg was sitting on the common room sofa?!

"How the hell should I know?!" Jen spat out. "Probably some stupid fucking science project or something. Now will you please just shut the hell up and fuck me!"

Harley couldn't believe it. Never underestimate the stupidity of some people!

She was still mad at herself though. How could she have forgotten about the egg? She had been so caught up in herself that she had totally forgotten about Rivet! Here she was masturbating under the couch like some pervert while her friend was trapped inside that horrible thing just inches above her!

Her brain felt like it was struggling to come back from general anesthesia as her mind slowly swam away from the promise of ultimate pleasure. What was wrong with her? She had never been a loose girl before, but now she was apparently wet and ready at the drop of a hat! Or at the drop of any other clothes...

Not only was her libido out of control, but she now noticed her body was reverting back to that warped form from this morning! She shivered at the familiar sensations as she ran her fingers up the dark nubs dotting her front. This was crazy! Why was she so turned on by all this?! She was turning into a freak, and she was loving it! And for all she knew Rivet was suffocating to death, trapped inside that giant egg!

But it all just felt so fucking good.

Tentacles stroked at her pussies, tempting her to relinquish herself to their lust once more. Harley gripped the shag carpeting as they brought on unbelievable waves of pleasure with their tender caresses. But she couldn't give in. Not with Rivet still trapped! She had to get through this!!

Harley focused her mind once more and steeled her resolve. She was bigger than this! She wasn't going to fall into the temptation. Not again!

Luckily for her the tentacles were still small enough to fend off with her hands, but defending 3 pussies against 8 tentacles with only 2 hands was easier said than done. Every time she got her hands on one, another two wriggled through and thrust themselves inside her. And as soon as she extricated those two, another three took their place! Clearly, she needed a different strategy.

That's when it dawned on her... Her mother's mantra!

"Daemonium vade, puritas regem adest hic."

The mantra escaped her lips softly and with surprising ease after all these years.

"Daemonium vade, puritas regem adest hic!"

Her mother had never taught her what it meant, but she had drilled it into her relentlessly as a child. Harley used to hate the endless recitations as a little girl, but her mother had always insisted, saying "Harley, there will come a day when this could save your life. You must learn!"

"Daemonium vade, puritas regem adest hic!"

The mantra seemed to have an intense calming effect, not only on her mind, but on her body as well. The tentacles became increasingly lethargic, giving her the opportunity she needed!

Refocusing on her vaginas instead of the tentacles, Harley managed to pull the slimy tendrils from her left pussy and clamped her hand over it. The tiny suckers still lining her palms allowed her to create an impenetrable seal around her vagina, effectively shutting out the tentacles. Seeming a bit disoriented, the tentacles gave another push, teasing and stroking her remaining two.

"Daemonium vade, puritas regem adest hic!"

With renewed energy she wrapped the tentacles in her right pussy around her wrist before giving a sharp pull and quickly covering the newly freed slit with her hand. With only one opening left to exploit, the tentacles all advanced on the lonely love-hole, fumbling over each other and looking a bit confused. With both hands occupied all Harley could do was grit her teeth and hold on through the mind-numbing pleasure radiating from her groin under the ministrations of the tentacles.

"Daemonium vade, puritas regem adest hic!"

She could feel her other two vaginas leaking sympathetically with the third as moisture seeped through her tightly clamped fingers. She could do this! She had to! For Rivet!!

"Daemonium vade, puritas regem adest hic!"

She could slowly feel the heat suffusing her groin began to cool and the tentacles' squirming become less and less noticeable. After a few more moments of chanting and intense focus, Harley couldn't even feel them inside her anymore!

Cracking one eye open she was surprised by what she saw. Now, between her hands, was just a solid patch of smooth amber skin! Except for a small trail of slime, there was no evidence there had ever been any genitalia there whatsoever! The tentacles seemed just as confused as she was, poking at the patch of smooth skin before moving back to her hands, searching for something to fuck! Harley regained her composure just in time to keep her hands sealed tight around her remaining pussies.

Clearly frustrated, the tentacles slithered up her torso and readdressed her rows of breasts, coiling around them and teasing her nipple clusters. The familiar heat returned and Harley could feel herself losing the battle for control once more as her tits responded to the reptilian massage. Her breasts swelled and her nipples stood at attention. More lumps swiftly formed as 6 became 8, 8 turned to 12, and 12 blossomed into 18 wonderful breasts!

Harley nearly caved. Letting go just felt so good!!

But she had to hold on.

"Daemonium vade, puritas regem adest hic!!"

She honed her focus once more, this time on her front. Even as small spurts of milk spewed out, she slowly began to feel the calming presence return. Peeking downward she could see her breasts starting to recede! The tentacles began pulling at her nipples harder and harder in desperation, trying their best to get her off!

"Daemonium vade, puritas regem adest hic!!"

And that's when she felt it...

An absolute freezing sensation started at her toes and slowly clawed its way up her body! As the chill seared up her calves and thighs it left a strange feeling of numbness in its wake, as if something was drawing itself out of her very skin! It continued up past her hips and torso, making its way to her shoulders and finally to her neck and head.

Harley's body convulsed as an agonizing scream ripped through in her mind, and a stream of fine black ash spewed out from her lips and nostrils! The eruption lasted several seconds, streaming through all her facial orifices, dark wisps leaking from her ears and eye ducts. The mist slowly coalesced into a swirling menacing smog hovering inches from her face. Harley gagged as the last of it seeped from her body.

The shifting ashen cloud above her paused momentarily, as if contemplating its next move. Then suddenly it darted soundlessly out from under the couch and towards the pair of lovers beside her!


Re: The Curse - by CZs_Imaginarium

The Curse, Chapter 3

As the ashen mist disappeared Harley felt an immediate sense of relief. Something about that cloud was inherently frightening. It seemed to exude an aura of pure power and lust, a terrifying combination!

Harley rubbed her teary, bloodshot eyes, trying to wipe away any residue left behind by the malevolent wisp. She didn't know what the hell that thing was, or why it had come pouring out of her, but she was feeling much better now with it finally gone! The unnatural lust pounding through her body moments ago had dissipated and she was finally starting to feel like herself again.

It must have been something to do with the curse! She wondered if Norman really knew what he was doing when he cast it, or if he had been just as naive as she was. The memory of the fog swirling and flowing, independent of any air currents, scared her. It moved like it was alive! If it really was some cognitive being, and it was capable of manipulating her body the way it had, what else could that thing do?

Finally able to think clearly again, Harley tried to reassess her situation and figure out just what kind of condition that smog had left her body in.

The reptilian tentacles had finally stopped mauling her front and now lay limp at her sides. She wished they had just disappeared altogether, but at least now they seemed dormant. Her breasts had shrunk back down too, but they were still a size or two larger than before. Further down her torso her additional breasts had dwindled down to nearly nothing. All that was left were dark nipple clusters atop almost indistinguishable mounds. She tentatively poked at one with a tentacle, the soft flesh giving way easily as she felt her tight abs underneath.

Wait, her tentacle moved?! Panicking she looked at her tentacle again, but it lay there silently, like it was waiting for something... She tried visualizing it poking at the lump again, and the tentacle complied! To be sure it was her controlling it and not some freakish coincidence, she tried visualizing two of them coiling up on her stomach with the tips sticking out like cobras... and the tentacles did it perfectly! Ok, so she was still stuck with having tentacles, but at least she could control the things.

Continuing her inventory, Harley tentatively pulled her sucker-lined hands away from her crotch. Both pussies still sat there, dark, glistening, and ready for action. She had hoped deep down that they had gone back to normal, but with all the other changes that remained, she couldn't be too surprised that they had stayed too. But seriously, two vaginas? That's just weird. She squeezed her thighs together experimentally, feeling the strange sensation of her separate labia pushing together. Without the extreme libido pounding through her mind anymore, they just felt out of place and awkward. It was going to take some getting used to, but at least they were something she could cover up with underwear and pants. Her tentacles were going to be a bit more difficult to hide.

But as she was considering different disguise options she heard a sudden sharp intake of breath. When the gasp was followed by a deep sultry moan, Harley knew it was trouble! She didn't know what had just happened, but she knew that ashen smog had been involved! And that meant trouble for all three of them.

"Oh yeah! You like that babe?" Brad's oblivious voice.

"Like it? Hmmm, I suppose it's acceptable."

Did Jen's voice sound a touch lower? More sultry?

"But now it's my turn lover-boy. Let me show you something really great!"

Jen spun on her heel and, with an audible grunt, pushed Brad down into Harley's field of view. Now on his ass, Brad's generous cock stood proudly between his legs, still engorged and glistening with vaginal lube. Jen didn't lose any time in attacking the proffered member, wriggling between Brad's knees and licking the vascular shaft like a melting ice cream cone.

As Harley looked on from her hiding spot, she noticed things starting to take a strange turn. With every lick Brad's already impressive member seemed to grow longer and thicker. Dark patches also began to appear as Jen lavished it with her tongue.

Brad seemed completely unaware of his changes as he screwed his eyes shut and gripped the carpet in his fists. Some throaty mumbling was all he could manage as he rode the waves of pleasure emanating from his girlfriend’s mouth. Harley was able to catch an "Oh yeah babe" here and there between grunts, but the rest was incoherent.

By the time Jen's lips neared his tip, Brad's dick was at least 12 inches long! It was also considerably thicker and looked like it could cause nearly as much pain as pleasure. But as Jen reached its peak, she loosened her jaws and took in the entire swollen head without so much as a cough! Harley could only imagine the gagging fit she would have if she ever tried to swallow something so huge!

Jen groped her boyfriend's balls as she continued to suck his tip. Harley could see the wrinkly skin there become strained as Brad's testicles swelled beneath Jen's fondling. The skin also darkened to match the color of the patches along his shaft. Brad’s balls soon grew too big for Jen's slender hand as they spilled over the sides of her palm. They had to be nearly the size of tennis balls! Jen moved onto stroking the base of his rod and Harley could see flaps of skin pulling up beneath her hand.

Brad started shifting around uncomfortably, unintentionally popping his tip from Jen's mouth. The once circumcised head had turned into a wide flared tip! Then it all clicked in Harley's mind. Brad was sporting a massive horse dick! The skin pulling up from his base made it all the more obvious as his sheath finished developing under Jen's delicate touch.

Brad was clearly struggling now. He was doing his best to hold out and please his partner, but the pressure was becoming too much for him.

"Oh my god babe, here it comes!!"

"Ah-ah-ah there big boy. Who said you could cum?"

Jen calmly placed a perfectly manicured fingertip over the tip of Brad's penis, effectively plugging his pulsing urethra. Brad's eyes shot open in shock.

"Uagh! What the fuck?!!"

Jen poked her head around the towering member to look him square in the eye. "I said you're not allowed to cum yet."

Brad's eyes almost popped out of his head as he looked back and forth in disbelief between his girlfriend and his oversized cock. As long as Harley had known him, Brad had never been one to look overly intelligent, but the look of complete bewilderment on his face now was epic! She could tell he was torn between wanting to know what the fuck was going on, and just wanting to straight up fuck!

"Holy Shit Jen! What the fuck did you do?!"

"Jen? Who is... Oh, I see. You mean this body." she paused, considering how to proceed.

"I'm sorry dear, but your Jen isn't here right now. She's locked away in a nice warm place and I can assure you she's quite content in there!" Not-Jen smirked.

"I'll be taking care of you now. My name is Lascivia. A pleasure to meet you! Or, should I say, it's your pleasure to meet me." Lascivia flashed a heavy smile.

"Now where were we... ah yes, this part!"

Lascivia slid up to her knees, nuzzling Brad's vascular shaft as she went. She quickly turned and wrapped her legs around his hips as she sat on his chiseled abs, giving him a front row seat to her perfect ass. Seeing her face on for the first time, Harley could see Jen was definitely not Jen anymore! Her eyes had turned blood red and the whites were now pure black! The roots of her hair had gone from dirty dyed blonde to a deep violet and her ears were now an inch or two longer with a defined point. A long, pointed tongue slipped through her darkening lips as she held a breast in each hand and began sliding them up and down Brad's straining cock. Brad's head fell back onto the carpet, closing his eyes once more as he took in the sensations.

Lascivia rubbed the meaty rod with obvious experience, but Jen's C-cups could only do so much for the huge member. Clearly displeased, Lascivia began massaging her breasts. Her tits immediately responded, quickly filling her hands as the light pink nipples grew dark. As her breasts grew the skin began to turn a dark crimson color. Her fingertips followed suit, turning red as her nails turned glossy black. Her fingers were soon engulfed by the soft breast flesh as they reached a hefty G-cup, and she finally seemed satisfied enough to resume the task at hand.

Now able to give a proper boob-job, Lascivia writhed emphatically on Brad's six-pack, playing with her perky jugs as she worked them over his thick member. Harley could see the scarlet coloring continue to creep over what used to be Jen's body, tracing intricate patterns against her pale skin. By now her face looked like she had a run in with an emo stylist. Her hair was completely deep purple, her lips were glossed black and her eyes looked caked in black eyeshadow. Several ebony piercings also appeared, scattered over her ears, eyebrows, nose and lips.

Brad lay prone on the carpet, squirming as his manhood continued to grow thicker. Soon even Lascivia's G-cup breasts weren't enough to surround it anymore as Harley could see the bottom of the veiny shaft sticking out between her soft globes.

"Much better!" Lascivia announced, "Now these are something I can work with!"

She stood up from her perch on Brad's stomach, eager to admire her work. Harley couldn't believe her eyes! Brad's penis hadn't been getting thicker, he had grown another one entirely! Sharing the same sheath, one just above the other, were two massive horse dicks!

Finally free from the relentless stroking, Brad was able to clear his head for a moment and looked down.

Brad stared in disbelief as the twin members started to relax, their owner clearly too distracted to maintain them. He reached out with a tentative finger and poked at them. He felt another rush as they surged back up with the renewed attention!

He stared up at Lascivia. "What the fuck did you do to me?!"

"I know, aren't they great?! Some of my best work if I may say so myself!"

"No. They're not great at all Jen! How the fuck am I supposed to go out into public like this?"

"How many times am I going to have to go over this?" Lascivia put a hand to her forehead. "I'm not this Jen. And besides, going out into public isn't something you need to be concerned with anyways."

"Uh, what?"

"Oh, I'm sorry dear. Did you think we were done? The best is still to cum!" Lascivia smirked at her own pun.

"Oh, fuck no. I've had enough of this freaky shit! I don't know what you slipped me Jen, but this is where I get the fuck outta here!"

Brad pushed himself up onto his arms, but fell back down again as Lascivia made a slight gesture.

"Ugh, what the hell?"

"I tried to tell you dear. We're not done yet!"

Brad lifted his arms and Harley had to stifle a surprised yelp. They had been amputated from the elbow down! The stumps were covered in some shiny black liquid that dripped down his biceps.

"Like hell we are!"

Brad struggled to his feet, using his stumps to steady himself as his twin crotch snakes threw off his balance. But he only made it a few steps when Lascivia made another gesture and he tumbled back to the ground.

This time it was his legs that had disappeared, gone from his knees down! The stumps were again coated in mire if the strange black liquid.

"Now, can we continue?" Lascivia smiled.

She sauntered up to where Brad lay on the ground, flipping him onto his back with her foot. Brad stared in disbelief at his shortened limbs, seemingly convinced he was trapped in some hallucinogenic episode. She straddled his hips and stroked his furry sheath, coaxing his members back out into the cool morning air. She smiled as Brad bit his lip and his cheeks flushed, unable to deny the intense pleasure as they pulsed and grew to their fully erect state.

"Ah, much better!" Lascivia smiled as she trailed a delicate crimson hand up their lengths. A few drops of dark liquid dribbled from their tips, eager for more attention. "Now let's see what these babies can really do!"

She took a moment to line up, then dropped her hips, deftly skewering herself on both members at once!

Harley gasped at the ease with which she took the double penetration! She could only stare as the demonic woman pulled back her violet hair, exposing a small pair of ribbed horns, and moaned in pleasure as she pistoned up and down the massive shafts. More of the black liquid oozed down the members, generously coating them like some perverted frozen desert. Covered in the slime as they were, Harley noticed they were looking suspiciously similar to her latex hair tentacles from this morning as bumps and ridges formed along their lengths.

She had no idea where all the liquid latex was coming from, but it was starting to pool around Brad's body. In fact, it seemed to be slowly eating away at him! She could have sworn his arms had been capped at the elbow before, but now they were gone almost all the way to his armpits! His legs were slowly disappearing as well, with only short stubs left where his thighs had been just moments before.

Jen's old body was still changing too. As if in response to her impassioned squatting position, her calves had gotten shorter with her feet stretching out to compensate. The balls of her feet became rounder, forming bestial fetlocks that sprouted telltale bovine dew-claws. Her toes merged together and turned black, morphing into a pair of cloven hooves! Thick black scales appeared along her shins and spread all the way up to her knees. A long, spaded tail snaked out from her lower back and coiled around Brad's sheath, pumping it with reckless abandon.

By now Brad had become a complete quadriplegic, though he no longer seemed to care. He was lost in the throes of passion, moaning in ecstasy as Lascivia rode his two remaining limbs. Harley could see the pool of black liquid begin to seep up his sides, dark shiny trails completely defying gravity. Soon his torso was completely coated and the liquid began to spread up his neck.

"Ah yeah baby, ah yeah, AH yeah!"

Harley had heard that sound enough times through the paper-thin walls of the sorority house to know it only meant one thing.

"Ah yeah, AH yeah, AH yeah, AH YEAH!"

"AH YEA-AAAAAHGGHUgg Ghu Gah GuGgggggGg!"

Brad's cries of orgasmic bliss were cut off as the shiny latex overtook his face and poured down his throat.

"Oh YES my darling!" Lascivia yelled, running her hands up and down her altered body as Brad's twin members shot off their loads inside her! Spurts of the black stuff escaped her overloaded holes as she continued her relentless pumping!

Harley watched in horror as Lascivia reveled in Brad's seemingly endless orgasm while the corrosive liquid took its toll on his body. His face was frozen in mid-orgasm, then collapsed in on itself, turning to pure liquid! The rest of his body soon followed, caving in and liquefying. The much larger puddle now began to ripple and flow toward where Lascivia was still moaning and bobbing up and down.


Large webbed wings exploded from her back as Lascivia let out one final scream and fell back the floor, exhausted.

She lay motionless on the carpet for several minutes. Harley began to think maybe she had an aneurysm or something after an orgasm like that! But just as she was about to go check if the demon-woman was dead, she suddenly moved! Lascivia groaned as she sat up, holding a hand to her head as she folded her wings back in from where they had been sprawled out on the floor.

"Now that’s what I call a good time!" She chuckled, "Boy does it feel good to be back!"

Lascivia dusted herself off before standing up awkwardly. Reaching around her body she lifted a leg, and with a soft moan pulled out the massive, 2-pronged latex dildo that had once been Brad.

"I think I'll be hanging on to you my love." she said, giving the toy a quick kiss. Harley could have sworn she heard the toy buzz in reply.

"Now, where was I before that lovely interruption?"

A black leather belt appeared around her waist and she holstered her newest toy. Lascivia looked around the room, as if trying to remember something. Harley held her breath, terrified she was about to get caught!

Luckily, Lascivia didn't seem to notice anything amiss as she turned toward the kitchen and walked towards the back door, her hooves clacking loudly on the polished linoleum. Sliding it open she stepped out onto the concrete patio where she looked upwards, steadied herself, spread out her wide draconic wings, and with a powerful down-thrust, vaulted into the sky!

Harley let out a massive sigh of relief. How she had escaped without notice was beyond her! Somehow the Lascivia hadn't even noticed the giant egg on the couch!

Oh shit, that's right. The egg! Rivet!!

Loud creaks and groaning wood filled the common room air as the couch began to shudder. Rolling out as quickly as she could, Harley escaped just in the nick of time as the couch came crashing down! Wooden shards and cotton stuffing flew across the room as the massive egg came tumbling down, rolling to where Harley now stood, stopping just in front of her.

She could hardly believe what she saw. The egg had gotten gigantic! It was nearly as tall as she was now and almost twice as long! The shell had also turned from a pearlescent white to a splotchy ivory color. Harley didn't know what was going on in there, or why it had gotten so big, but she had to get Rivet out!

She tried hitting it again with her hands, then pushing it, but nothing seemed to have any effect. She grabbed a knife from a kitchen drawer, but the thick shell turned away the small blade without so much as a scrape. She was going to have to find something heavy and see if she could crack the shell instead.

Looking around, she searched for the heaviest thing she could lift, preferably with a good hard edge. She grabbed a tall floor lamp, but the flimsy base broke off on her first swing. Next, she grabbed one of the wooden side tables, but that just broke apart on impact as well. Getting desperate, Harley searched the room once more finally spotting something that might just work!

Grabbing the iron firewood rack, she dumped out the fake logs and dragged the antique over to the egg. Hefting it over her head, she swung it down as hard as she could! The solid iron rack bounced out of her hands as she made impact, rattling her bones. But as she looked back, she noticed a sizeable dent! Encouraged, she picked up the rack and swung it down once more. Again it bounced from her grip, but left the dent a little bit bigger. Determined, Harley heaved the rack overhead one more time. Wrapping her tentacles around the ironwork she brought it down as hard as she could!

With a satisfying "crunch" thin cracks exploded down the shell and the feet of the heavy rack became lodged in the egg. Wiggling it back and forth Harley was able to lift it back out with her tentacles, exposing a significant hole in the opaque surface!

"Rivet!" Harley called out as she started pulling away slimy shards of egg. "Rivet! Rivet, are you ok?!" she yelled louder and louder as she fought with chunks of shell, trying to make the hole bigger. "RIVET!!"

Then, all of a sudden, a fist exploded through the perforated membrane!

Harley fell back on her ass, watching as a pair of slimy hands began to struggle with the shell, frantically peeling away pieces of it. Harley jumped back up, reinvigorated, helping her trapped friend tear away thick pieces. As the hole doubled in size Rivet gripped the edges with her hands and the entire egg suddenly rolled over as the weight inside it shifted! Harley dove out of the way as thick goo came flowing out, along with a head, arms and a torso!

"Rivet! Are you ok?" Harley struggled to stand as slime flowed out over the carpet, making it incredibly slick. A few faceplants later, she found her balance and ran over to her unconscious friend. She scooped her arms under Rivet's bare shoulders and began dragging her away from the ivory prison. She slipped several more times in the warm goo, but eventually got a good grip and pulled Rivet free of the egg.

Or at least so she thought...

Gently placing Rivet back down on her side Harley looked back and saw something still sticking out of the egg! As her eyes followed it, she saw the thing was stuck to Rivet's legs!



It WAS Rivet's legs!

Walking over to the egg, and looking back at her friend she realized Rivet's legs had been replaced by a massive snake tail! Her stay inside the egg had apparently reshaped her into some sort of naga-like creature.

The tail itself was really quite impressive. It was over two feet thick with dark amber scales and a familiar dark green diamond pattern. Paler scales ran up the underside and they all transitioned back into Rivet's ebony skin somewhere between her hips and chest.

Still determined to free her friend from the egg, Harley wrapped her arms around the huge tail and began pulling it out bit by bit. Coiling the limp behemoth to the side as best she could, she extracted foot after foot of it until the whole thing was finally free. Thoroughly exhausted, Harley looked back at the thing. Coiling back and forth several times, Harley figured it had to be around 20 feet long at least!

As she stared at it, she suddenly noticed the powerful tail beginning to shift on its own. Harley looked up and saw her friend rolling onto her back.

Rivet was waking up!


Re: The Curse - by CZs_Imaginarium

The Curse, Chapter 4

Harley ran to her Rivet's side as she groaned and rubbed her eyes.

"Holy fuck, do I feel like shit!"

"It's ok, I got you now." Harley comforted, resting Rivet's head in her lap. She couldn't help but notice the way Rivet's slime covered shirt clung so seductively to her supple curves.

"Ugh. Why do my legs feel all weird?"

Harley looked down Rivet's body, her tail shifting back and forth sporadically.

"Well, it's kind of a long story." Harley replied as best she could. She didn't want to freak Rivet out. "You were trapped, but I was finally able to get you out. I was afraid I was going to lose you!"

"Wha- I was trapped? Where..." Rivet's voice trailed off as she shifted up onto her arms, looking around. The couch sat in ruins on one side of the room, wood and stuffing scattered everywhere. On the other side, near the kitchen, she saw a gigantic oval thing with a hole punched out near the bottom. Wisps of memory began to float back into place...

Then something caught the corner of her eye. She refocused on the space between the couch and the giant orb and saw a massive snake tail resting there!

"Holy shit Harley. RUN!!"

It a panic Rivet rolled off Harley's lap and tried to run away from the monstrous reptile. But as she tried to stand, she stumbled and fell flat onto the soggy carpet.

"What the f-"

Rivet turned to see what she had tripped on, and her eyes went wide in shock. The snake already had her by the legs and was swallowing her whole!

"Harley! Run!! What are you doing??"

But her friend just stood there, watching. Why wasn't she running away? Was she too stunned to even move? Rivet gritted her teeth as she waited for the beast to continue devouring her... but nothing happened.

In fact, the thing didn't seem to be advancing up her waist at all! Taking advantage of its momentary narcolepsy, Rivet flipped over to free her legs. But as she tried to escape its ravenous maw, something seemed wrong. Looking closer at the reptile, she realized it wasn't swallowing her legs at all... it WAS her legs!

Harley waited in awkward silence as she watched Rivet come to terms with her altered body. She still hadn't fully adjusted to her own yet. She had been hiding her tentacles behind her back to avoid freaking Rivet out even more. And then there was her twin vaginas that still felt really weird squeezed together down between her thighs. That strange crystal talisman from before was hanging on a chain between matching Venus piercings now. Wasn't it a ruby before?

"YOU!" Rivet's voice thundered through. "YOU did this to me Harley!! What the hell did you do?!"

She had flipped back onto her front, staring daggers at Harley as best she could from the floor. Her tail flopped around in display of her anger, knocking things over with its powerful girth.

"Wha-" Harley stammered, backing up. "Rivet, no- I would never!"

"Well then I suppose someone else's eggs sucked me up and turned me into a freaky snake thing?! Don't think I forgot, Harley! You said those were YOUR eggs! I almost drowned in that thing!"

"But- it wasn't me, I swear! It was the Mist!"

"The 'mist'? What the hell is that supposed to mean?"

"I don't know. Some sort of black mist came out of me while you were trapped in that egg! It possessed Jen and turned her into a demon or something and now Brad's a dildo!"

"Why does it keep coming back to weird shit coming out of you? First the eggs and now some mist? And what the hell are you bringing Jen and Brad into this for? The fact that Brad's a prick has nothing to do with what you did to me Harley. Look at me... I'M A FREAK!"

"I- I'm sorry Rivet. I didn't know anything like this was going to happen! I don't know, maybe we can figure out how to change you back somehow?"

"We?" Rivet paused, "Uh-uh, no way honey. I don't want any more help from YOU. You just leave me alone, you hear me?!"

With an angry huff she gripped the slimy rug and tried to pull herself towards the stairs, but her tail was simply too massive to just drag along behind her. Harley tried to step in.

"What if you tried-"

"What part of 'NO' do you not understand Harley?!'

After a few more minutes of grunting and struggling, Rivet was finally able to coerce her tail into scooching her forward bit by bit like a giant inchworm. She slowly made her way to the stairs and up towards the bedrooms, gripping the bannister rungs as she went. Harley stood to the side, still abashed from Rivet's rebuttal. What else could she do?

As the tip of Rivet's tail slipped around the corner, Harley slumped into the nearby armchair, wincing as she accidentally squashed her forgotten tentacles. Readjusting, she pulled her feet up under her and coiled her tentacles back out onto her lap. She began petting them like a cat absent-mindedly, the soft sensations helping to calm her somewhat.

What was she going to do now? Her ex-lover was a naga who wanted nothing to do with her, and her arch-nemesis was possessed by a succubus with transformative powers and an insatiable sexual appetite! Jen was probably out terrorizing one of the frat houses now.

Why did she have to go and answer that phone call this morning??

Harley sighed. Well, at the very least she needed to get dressed before anyone else showed up. Deciding to give Rivet some space she walked over to the laundry room behind the kitchen in search of some clothes. Luckily someone had left a load in one of the dryers. Whoever it was, they had to expect at least a few things to go missing in a house full of college girls!

She found a pair of jeans and a loose tee to cover up her tentacles. She tried on a few of the panties, but the elastics dug into her oddly placed pussies so she decided to just go commando. She was striking out in the bra department as well. They were all B-cups, which were definitely too small for her now. But she needed something to contain the ladies! They swayed about noticeably now with their increased girth. Then she remembered another place she could look.

Walking back into the living room, she found it. Flipping aside a piece of shell she scooped up the lacy white bra Jen had discarded earlier. It was still a bit snug, maybe a cup size too small, but it was the best she could manage given the circumstances.

Harley was just turning back towards the kitchen when there was a sudden crash like a meteor hitting their living room! But when the dust settled, what sat on the ground amidst the smashed wood and roofing tiles was something much more terrifying!

Harley's heart jumped into her throat.

Black leathery wings unfurled from their protective cocoon as Jen rose up to her full height. No, not Jen... Lascivia!!

"Ah, there you are my dear. I knew I had forgotten something!" Lascivia smirked as she leapt from the crater she had made in the floorboards. She looked even kinkier now having acquired a strappy leather harness while several more dildos hung from her belt. Harley could only imagine who they had once been. Frat bros? Gaming nerds? Hippy stoners? They weren't all so different anymore.

She was also sporting a plethora of new body piercings as well. Thin chains dangled between hoops in her nipples, black ribbons crisscrossed corset piercings down her back, and another piercing further down looked very familiar. Dangling from a venus piercing over the demon woman's crotch was an ornamental pendant identical to her own! The only difference was the ruby insert in place of Harley's clear crystal stone.

"Like what you see?" Lascivia smiled, catching her gaze. "I've never been so into piercings before, but this time around I can't seem to get enough!"

She paused, reaching her arms out and tilting her head back as pairs of onyx hoops appeared up her toned belly, small chains crisscrossing between them.

"Ah, that's better. Now my dear, we have some unfinished business."

Terrified, Harley backed towards the kitchen. She wanted to run, but she had seen what happened when Brad tried that and she didn't want to have limbs liquified. Then she remembered her mother's mantra. It had worked once dispelling this demon from her body. Maybe it would work again!

"Daemonium Vade... Puritas Regem... Adest H-uuufffgh!" Harley gagged as a rubber ball appeared between her lips.

"Ah, ah, ah!" Lascivia scolded, lowering her hand. "Fool me once..."

Harley struggled with the perforated ball-gag but a pair of seamless black straps held it tight. Helpless, she backed up until she felt the countertop jab into her back. She was trapped!

A moment later and Lascivia was on her. Harley shivered as the demon woman slipped her thigh between her open legs, the rough denim rubbing against her matching sexes.

"Now, now, now. No need to be so frightened." Lascivia comforted, playing with Harley's hair as she caressed her shoulders. "I'm going to take very good care of you. I'll make sure you never ever want to leave me again!"

Harley groaned, drool escaping her lips. She could feel her body giving in to Lascivia's powerful aura of lust. Her very presence was pleasure!

"These clothes... Where did you get these rags? They simply won't do at all."

Lascivia waved her hand and Harley could feel her pants shift and tighten. When she looked down, she saw her jeans had been replaced with a pair of skin tight yoga pants!

"Much better." Lascivia whispered, tracing a finger over Harley's thigh. She slowly trailed her fingers up to Harley's crotch, stroking the twin pairs of lips outlined by the tight fabric.

"Ah, I didn't know you kept both of these! Seems you didn't want to get rid of me entirely, eh?"

Harley could only moan in reply, her knees growing weak under Lascivia's ministrations. She wanted to fight it, but her gentle touch just felt so wonderful! The abrasive material made Lascivia's stroking even more sensual. The only thing better would be...

"Hooooff!" Harley gasped as she felt Lascivia's fingers slip inside her. But how? Wasn't she was still wearing pants?

Harley peeked back down and could see her Venus piercing sticking out through her stretchy pants now too. What was going on? Lascivia smiled and took a step back, letting Harley explore herself.

Harley poked at her sexes. Had Lascivia torn a hole in her pants or something? No, the material still clung tightly to her pussies. In fact, maybe a bit too tightly...

Harley looked to where her waistband and hems were supposed to be, but they were gone! She wasn't actually wearing any pants at all. The spandex "pants" had replaced her skin!

She reached back down to her pussies. They were just as sensitive as before, possibly even more so now with their new abrasive texture. Her labia were entirely spandex, but a few inches deeper in the material gave way to the moist fleshy walls she was more familiar with, and they were dripping with need!

"Ah, ah, ah dear. You have much better tools for that."

Lascivia steeped in, flipping Harley around and bending her over the counter. With a flick of her hand the back of Harley's tee split into a series of black leather straps, releasing her hidden reptilian limbs. Lascivia grabbed a pair of the tentacles and, with a quick kiss, guided them down between Harley's thighs. She groaned as they pushed up inside her, twisting and turning as they went.

"Now, what else are you trying to hide?"

Flipping her back over Lascivia smiled as the leather straps revealed the series of nipples down below her white lacy bra.

"Oh my, these girls aren't looking nearly as healthy as before. But I appreciate you not removing them entirely. Makes my job that much easier!"

With the tentacles still pumping inside her, Harley wasn't prepared for the warm wet sensations as Lascivia began sucking her lower nipples. Her tongue was like magic as it swirled around the nubs, bringing them to attention as her dark lips suckled hungrily. Harley could feel a familiar pressure building behind her nipples as Lascivia moved up her torso. She knew her breasts were returning to their former glory.

Lascivia stepped back and Harley watched as her lower pairs of boobs swelled out, the leather straps shifting into her cleavages as the breasts grew around them. Before long her three lower sets of tits matched her top pair, but with 3 puffy nipples each!

"Ah, now these I remember!" Lascivia chuckled, stroking the fleshy orbs. "But we don't want to just repeat everything from this morning, now do we? That would get dull."

"Ah, I have just the thing!"

Lascivia flipped Harley back onto her stomach, bending her over the counter once more. "Now just keep your arms out like this... perfect. You're doing wonderfully my dear! Just wait, you're going to love this one."

As Harley lay face down on the cold granite, she felt a tingling in her outstretched arms. She watched as her olive skin developed a familiar diamond pattern and the suckers that had lined her hands disappeared. Her hands grew increasingly useless as her fingers merged together and her thumbs widened and flattened. The bones in her arms crackled as they rearranged and she suddenly felt lightheaded. It was a good thing Lascivia had her braced up against the counter, otherwise she may have collapsed as she felt fragments of her mind split away and travel down her lengthening arms!

Harley shook her head, blinking as she tried to regain her bearings. When she looked back down her arm, she saw her hand had turned into a large scaly lump with a pair of smaller bumps pushing out from its top. As the tingling of her consciousness settled down within what used to be her hand, the smaller bumps suddenly popped open and a pair of slitted reptilian eyes stared back!

Harley stared in disbelief as the snake slithered around independently to face her. Something about its eyes was fascinating! The speckled amber orbs seemed to almost pulse within their sockets. The dark amber slowly gave way to a blue as deep as the ocean, before shifting into a green reminiscent of the open prairie, and then fading into an orange, warm as a campfire on a cool summer's night. Harley was mesmerized. A bead of drool slipped from the corner of her mouth before she realized what was happening.

She was being hypnotized!

She knew she had to break the spell before it was too late. She forced herself to turn her head, tearing her eyes away from the serpent's. But when she opened them again her other arm was there waiting, quickly catching her with its enchanting gaze! Harley stared helplessly at the rippling colors. She could feel her other arm slithering up and over her shoulders, but she was powerless to stop it. Her willpower slowly slipped away until finally she was left staring blankly into the distance, completely at the mercy of her new sentient limbs!

She felt adrift within her own mind, aware of the snakes' consciousness, but unable to reach them. Like she was floating down a river, helpless against its whims as it pulled her along, and the shoreline just barely out of reach!

"Oh my." Lascivia laughed, "Well I certainly wasn't expecting that! What a lovely little sub you are! First you let your tentacles tie you up, and now hypnotized by your own pets? Bravo! No matter what I give you, you always find some way to let it dominate you!"

Harley's brows furrowed as she tried to comprehend what the demon woman was saying. "Make" them? She hadn't "made" them do anything! The snakes had a mind of their own! She couldn't control them. Same with her tentacles this morning. What was Lascivia getting at?

"Well now I see you clearly want your pets in control. Let's see just what they have in store for you!"

As Lascivia took a step back Harley felt compelled to climb up onto the counter top. Obeying the snakes' subconscious commands, she laid back onto the cool granite, shifting to accommodate the tentacles poking out around her sides. The snakes slithered up and down her body, exploring their new domain. The tentacles in her pussies withdrew as the snakes paused to inspect her most sensitive regions.

Seemingly satisfied, one slid back up Harley's body while the other continued downward towards her feet. Harley squirmed as she felt the scales sliding over her skin, trying her best the break free from their spell. She could feel the one down below wrapping around her ankles, and with a sudden herculean surge of willpower she kicked her leg just hard enough to dislodge it!

The other snake reared up over her face, clearly irritated by her defiance. It tried to look her in the eye, but Harley was prepared and turned her head away, squeezing her eyes shut.

"Don't try to fight it honey." Lascivia whispered in her ear, "You know it's what you really want!"

The snake looped a coil around her head as the tentacles peeled her eyes open. Thoughts of resistance slowly oozed away as she became entranced by the creature's beautiful eyes once more. Within moments she had again succumbed to the rhythmic rippling colors.

With their host sufficiently sedated, the snakes slid back down Harley's legs, turning their attention towards her feet. Her skin turned dry and slick as scales appeared beneath their coils and they nibbled at her toes, merging them together into two solid points. Harley arched her feet reflexively as the snakes tickled them with their tongues and as her soles stiffened, they became locked in place. A few more nibbles at her heels and their job was finished, leaving her with a pair of stylish snakeskin boots in place of her feet!

Pleased with their work the snakes slithered back up Harley's body, looking for more things to change to their liking. As they neared her crotch, they paused to inspect her pussies once more. They flicked their tongues over her sensitive nubs causing Harley to squirm with delight, but they seemed dissatisfied and turned their attentions further up her body.

Settling in by her armpits the snakes flicked their tongues once more, tickling the pale scales near the bases of their bodies. Small slits gradually appeared and as the scales puffed up around them, they slowly matched the slits at her crotch! The snakes began nuzzling each other’s new human-like pussy, enthralled to have ones of their own!

"Well if you just wanted more playthings, all you had to do was ask!" Lascivia sauntered up, "And have I got just the thing for you."

The snakes turned towards her as she approached, but quickly deemed her as not a threat and turned back to their cunnilingus. Lascivia unsnapped a holster on her utility belt.

"Now let’s see how you handle this!"

She licked the base of a long double dildo and planted it firmly between the pussies in Harley's crotch. The latex toy vibrated excitedly as it adhered to her spandex skin.

Harley moaned as she felt her mind swirl once more, another consciousness floating in uninvited. It remained out of reach like the snakes, but this one seemed more... human. As the consciousness gained clarity within her mind Harley realized it was one she already knew...

It was Brad!!

She tried to call out to him, desperate for an ally, but whether he wasn't aware of her mind, or if he just didn't care, she could feel his thoughts hone in on one thing. He wanted to fuck!

Harley squirmed as Brad vibrated rhythmically, unable to stop the moisture leaking from her neighboring pussies. But she wasn't the only one who noticed. Turning from their own slits, the snakes slid back down her body to inspect their newest addition. She thrust her hips towards them involuntarily, Brad finding new limits of control within her body.

The snakes flicked their tongues tentatively as they explored the latex shafts, curious as to why they weren't in control of the thrusting members. Signals bounced back and forth through Harley's mind as she floated helplessly in her addled state. Powerless to stop them, it wasn't long before the signals finally synced and they began making decisions without her!

With one more thrust Brad stood fully erect as the snakes swallowed the large flared heads whole! Harley could only bask in the communal pleasure as a pair of tentacles slipped up into her pussies, pumping in rhythm with Brad and the snakes. Another pair slid up to her armpits, teasing the slits there as the remaining tentacles continued fondling her breasts.

Harley was lost to the pleasure. Any thoughts of resistance had long fizzled out as her arms deep-throated her latex horse cocks! The world around her blurred to nothing as the quest for pleasure dominated her senses. Her elastic pussies clamped down on their scaly intruders in orgasm, but Brad held out, unwilling to grant release just yet! He began to thrust her hips faster as the snakes' throats undulated in time, doing their utmost to please him while maintaining their tentacles' rhythm within her.

Lascivia watched in amazement as the girl on the counter took self-pleasure to a whole new level. She felt compelled to join in, but as she stepped forward, she felt a tickle at her groin. Looking down she found a reptilian friend of her own licking at her pussy.

Well this was new! Turning around she saw her spaded tail had turned into a fearsome black cobra, eager to please its mistress.

"Good girl." she encouraged, scratching its hood before shoving it face first into her waiting snatch.

"Mmmmmm, I could get used to this."

She squatted down and grabbed a pair of dildos from her belt, conjuring a pair of slits beside her first before shoving them up inside her.

"Awww, yes!"

Meanwhile, Harley, Brad and the snakes were getting closer to a finale of their own. Elastic straps and buckles had appeared down Harley's legs, holding them together as she squirmed with pleasure. Shiny hoop piercings now adorned all her nipples, clinking together as her tentacles played with them. Harley moaned uncontrollably through her perforated gag.

"That's It Baby!!" Lascivia yelled as dark studded tentacles of her own ravaged the four breasts she now sported. They greedily stuffed themselves up her ass as well and drove into the pussies she continued to conjure in her crotch.

"Ah YES!"






Black liquid spurted from Lascivia's pussies as she came, similar liquid leaking past the lips of Harley's snakes as Brad's members shot their enormous load within them. The women’s' pussies fired off again and again in unison, sharing the aura of orgasmic bliss between them.

As the sexual dust began to settle, Harley blinked once, twice, three times... Her mind was her own again!! The intensity of the orgasm must have broken the snakes' spell! She could still feel their minds within her's, but they were much less influential now that she had control of her own. Brad's mind had also retreated, apparently sedated by his fuck.

Harley sat up and swung her legs over the side of the counter. Now back in control of her tentacles, she tried using them to unbuckle the straps down her legs, but they were still too clumsy. Not having hands was a real pain in the ass!

Meanwhile her snakes were busy regurgitating Brad's members which were receding back into their newly formed latex sheath. Once they were done, the snakes looped themselves up and around Harley's shoulders, exhausted from the ordeal.

"Ahhhhhhh! Now that was a good lay. I haven't had a good tentacle fuck in ages!" Lascivia slowly picked herself up from where she had collapsed, groaning slightly as she pulled toys and tentacles from her various orifices. "You are just full of surprises my dear. I love getting to play with a shapeshifter!"

Harley froze. Shape-what? Her face betrayed her bewilderment.

"Wait, you didn't know?" Lascivia asked quizzically. "Of course! That means... How did I not realize it before? This explains so much. Oh my, this is exciting!!"

Harley could only stare at the demon woman. There was so much she didn't know! She had woken up this morning expecting to go to a normal sorority rally with her normal friends, not spend the day transforming into a series of different sex monsters!

"Do you know what this means my dear?" Lascivia continued, stepping in closer. "I was your first shift! So... you and I... we're soul sisters!!"

Soul sisters? Harley cocked an eyebrow.

"Oh my, this is going to be even more fun than I had expected! You have no idea how long I've been waiting for this. I've finally found you! Now," she sidled up close, her lower breasts resting on Harley's lap, "what should we do first?"

"How about eat some concrete, bitch. Harley, DUCK!!"

Harley leaned back quickly onto the granite counter, and with a sudden flash of green and grey Lascivia was sent flying through the sliding glass door with a resounding smash!

Harley sat back up and found Rivet there, recoiling her massive snake tail and staring at her in disbelief.

"Harley... what happened to you?!"

"Mmmff, hmmff hmmm mfff." Harley mumbled around her gag, shrugging her shoulders.

"Right, well I'm sorry about everything I said earlier. I'm sorry it took so long for me to realize it really wasn't you who did this to me. And I'm so sorry I wasn't down here to stop that bitch from doing THIS to you!"

"Mff hfff mmmm mmfff." Harley rolled her eyes, making her best "I told you so" face

"Yeah, I know. Just don't go getting all cocky about it. Can you take that stupid thing out of your mouth now please?"

"Hff mmufff ffuff." Harley turned her head back and forth, showing Rivet the straps.

"Ok, I'll take a look at it later. Right now we need to get out of here before that devil woman wakes back up. How are you feeling? Can you walk?"

"Hmmm mff hffff." Harley looked at the straps around her legs.

"Oh, right. Well just hang onto me then. I'll undo the buckles once we get further away."

As Rivet reached out to pick her up, Harley's arms suddenly snapped to attention, baring their fangs at the stranger!

"Holy shit!" Rivet fell backwards. "What the fuck are those things?!"

"Mmmmfff hff mfff hfff mmmffff..."

Harley closed her eyes, trying her best to communicate with the snakes that Rivet was a friend. Eventually they seemed to get the message and settled back down around Harley's neck.

"Ok, can we get going now?" Rivet huffed, pushing herself back into an upright position. "Or do you have any other body parts looking to kill me?"

"Mmmmm mmfff hfff."

Rivet slid back up to her friend and scooped her up in her arms. She had gotten much better with her long body while they were apart, slithering smoothly out the front door before looping back around toward the woods.

Harley looked back over her friend's shoulder at the trail of destruction they had left behind. What were the rest of her sisters going to think? Were they going to call the cops? Hopefully they would be long gone by then.

But what worried Harley even more was what she didn't see. There was a pile of shattered glass outside the kitchen door, but Lascivia was nowhere to be found.


Re: The Curse - by CZs_Imaginarium

The Curse, Chapter 5

Leaves and dead twigs crunched beneath Rivet's tough scales as she slithered through the underbrush, heading deeper into the forest and away from the busy campus.

She was afraid someone might see them and although Harley was nearly unrecognizable with her tentacles and snake-arms, Rivet was terrified someone would recognize her and call her out for being the freak she now was. But she had to stay strong for her friend.

"Mmm hfff mmfff." Harley nodded towards the large tree off to their right.

"Yeah, I suppose that's as good a spot as any." Rivet agreed.

She slid over to the gnarled oak and coiled her impressive length nearby as she placed her friend onto a protruding root. Harley's snake arms quickly unraveled themselves from her neck and went off in their own directions, one escaping into the tree branches while the other slithered into the bushes.

"Now, as sexy as that gag is..." Rivet joked, "Let's get that thing off you."

Rivet slid her fingers around the rubber straps, looking for some sort of buckle. Unable to find any, she slipped her fingers beneath the straps and gripped the slick material.

"Hold on." she warned, and Harley squeezed her eyes shut as Rivet yanked the gag down over her chin.

"Phtaaawww!" Harley groaned, finally free of the impediment. "Ohmygooood... Thank you Rivet!"

"No problem, hun. I would've done it earlier, but I had a feeling we needed to get out of there ASAP and I was afraid to stop."

"Yeah, that was the right call." Harley agreed. "Who knows where Jen's got to by now."

"Wait, that thing was Jen? Damn..."

"Well, not exactly." Harley tried to explain. "Like I tried to tell you before, she's been possessed by some weird black mist. Actually, it's the same mist that possessed me this morning and changed me into a crazy sex monster. That's how I ended up laying all those eggs that changed you too.. ."

"No need to remind me." Rivet huffed, moving down Harley's legs to unbuckle the series of leather straps holding her spandex-skinned limbs together. "So she's a sex-crazed, super-powered, demon chick now? As if she weren't already enough of a bitch... And now she's turning people into crazy shit too."

"That's about it." Harley agreed. "Although she goes by "Lascivia" now. Maybe that's the mist's name? I don't know. But she's the one who changed me into this new mess."

Harley pulled a few snaky tentacles around from her back, displaying her multi-breasted body like a game show model.

"Well, be thankful you at least still have feet." Rivet replied, unclasping the last buckle near Harley's snakeskin ankles.

"And you still have hands." Harley retorted.

"Yeah, yeah, point taken." Rivet sighed. "Say, were've those snakes of your's gotten off to anyways?"

Harley shrugged, still in control of her shoulders. "I dunno. They won't listen me." She looked around, scanning the area for where they may have gone. "They must be up to something though. See?"

Both girls could see Harley's arms shifting and reverberating with every movement the snakes made farther up their coils. But stranger still was how the snakes' bodies continued growing longer, extruding from Harley's shoulders as they slithered further away.

"Weird..." Rivet gawked. "How is that even possible?"

"I dunno... Magic?"

"I guess... I never would have believed anything could trump physics before all this. I'm honestly still a bit in denial about being part snake myself..." Rivet brushed her own scales with a hand before pausing. "Can you like, feel what your arms are doing?"

"Yeah." Harley confirmed. "It's strange. I can physically feel everything they touch, but I don't seem to have any say in what they do..."

"At least I can control my other tentacles though." Harley twirled a few of the sinuous limbs protruding from her back to demonstrate. "But with my arms... I can kinda feel their presence in my mind, but It's like they're just too busy doing their own thing to care about my input. And, as I discovered earlier, they seem to have some way to overpower my brain and hijack parts of my body for their own use..."

"That's so weird..." Rivet mulled. "I can't imagine something being in my head like that."

"Yeah, well," Harley sighed. "What can I do? At least I've started to get used to it a little. Brad on the other hand..."


"Brad. You know, Jen's Brad? Her standing booty call?"

"Yeah, I know who Brad is. But what does he have to do with anything?"

"Ummmmm..." Harley stalled, glancing around uncomfortably. "Remember back at the house, when I was telling you how Jen was possessed?"

"Yeah, and you said Brad was a dick."



"Dildo." Harley asserted. "I said Brad's a dildo."

"Yeah, whatever. Same thing."

"Ummmm... not quite."

Rivet followed Harley's gaze down to her crotch. Right on cue, the tip of a thick, flared head peeked out of her sheath.

If Rivet still had legs she would have jumped back 20 feet, but instead she simply fell back into the piled coils behind her.

"Holy shit Harley, you... you have a dick?!"

"Ahhh... not exactly." the other girl blushed as a second black, latex head poked up from her engorged sheath.

"Wait... You mean that- those? Wait, there's more than one?!" Rivet stalled as realization set in. "You mean, those... those are...?"

Harley nodded.

"Holy shit. That is seriously fucked up!"

"Hey, c'mon now." Harley huffed. "You're just getting them, I mean... him, all riled up!"

The tips of the living, dual-pronged dildo crept up further and further from of their home, as if trying to show off their full lengths to the girls staring at them.

"See what you did?! Hmmmph..." Harley moaned, blushing as more of the vascular lengths appeared. They slid up her belly, between the cleavage of her lower breasts, as her triple nipple piercings clinked together softly.

9... 10... 11 inches... The gleaming, horse-like members continued to grow before their eyes until they reached their full 14-inch lengths.

Rivet cocked an eyebrow. "Sooo... I'm guessing I don't need to ask if you can feel those too?"

"Har-har" Harley replied, not appreciating Rivet's humor at her predicament. "Hmmmmh- Why don't these stupid things just go away?!"

Harley pushed at them with a pair of tentacles, trying to force Brad back into his sheath, but the physical contact just made him even harder.

"I may not have a whole lot of experience in the penis realm," Rivet chuckled, "but I'm pretty sure that's not how you get rid of a raging boner. You're the one who's bi, you should know that!"

"You're, mmmhh..." Harley squirmed, "re-heeally no-hahaaah-t helping!"

"Oh, I'm sorry." Rivet smiled mischievously, "Would it help if I did this?"

Rivet slipped her hands around the lowest pair of Harley's porn-star tits, sliding her fingers between the three nipples adorning each one and toying with their hoop piercings. She began pressing them softly into Harley's straining members, sliding them slowly up and down.

"Mmmmmmm! Rivet!! Sto-haaaa-haaaaah-p!" Harley pushed at the other girl weakly with a shaky tentacle. "You do-hooooh-n't know wha- whaaaat you're doooooooing to meeee!"

Undeterred, Rivet continued to tease her former lover. She had always loved Harley's expressions when she got so riled up. The way she bit her lip and squinched her eyes. The way she blushed and was so terrible at hiding her obvious arousal. Even in their altered states, it was still a massive turn-on!

Sure, Harley was now sporting a couple weird, scrotum-less, latex dicks, but she was starting to think that was something she could look past if it meant getting her moaning again. Stroking Harley's spandex thighs, Rivet found a familiar patch of dampness. Poking her head down, she discovered something much more up her alley. In fact, it was a pair of somethings.

"Well, well, well, what do we have here?" Rivet announced, smiling. "I supposed you'd need to be twice the lady to make up for those double-dongers there."

Pulling Harley's thighs open, she revealed the pair of spandex lined pussies nestled beneath her sheath, glistening and ready for action. Rivet slipped a pair of fingers inside the awaiting gashes, loving the way Rivet squirmed beneath her touch.

"Uuunnhhh, Riveehhhtt!!! You're nah- naha- na-haaaaht listeniiing!! I don't knah-hooow what maahaaahight- might haaaappen!"

Rivet paused, glancing back up over her lover's warped body.

At her eight heaving breasts framing the throbbing latex shafts...

Her pair of dripping pussies coated in soft spandex skin...

Her squirming tentacles torn between groping herself and resisting the carnal urge...

Her absentee snake-arms, off somewhere else doing who knows what...

And... what were those?

Rivet peered closer at Harley's scaled armpits. Nestled near the base of her reptilian arms were what appeared to be another pair of glistening, snakeskin pussies! Damn, this girl was full of surprises.

Rivet hated to admit it, but she knew Harley was right. As incredibly turned-on as she was right now by her friend's obvious arousal, this was no time to be fooling around. They were both in a bizarre situation and there was no telling what might happen if she kept going. She had to keep it in her pants, er- in her tail... for now.

Rivet reluctantly pulled her fingers from Harley's warm slits, disappointed yet confident in her decision. She started pulling back into her own coils when she felt a touch around her hips, followed by a soft tickle at her midsection...

Looking down Rivet found one of Harley's reptilian tentacles had slipped around her waist. She tried pushing it away, but instead of falling aside it tightened its scaly coils. Then, before she could to react, it shot like a bolt of lightning up the back of her shirt! Appearing again behind her head, the tentacle looped around her neck, like a smooth, scaly scarf, then dove back down her front. Rivet grabbed at her shirt, trying to catch the roving limb as it squeezed through her cleavage and tickled her belly. Always one step behind, Rivet realized she was chasing it in circles as it wrapped around her body. The tentacle soon had her entire torso wrapped in it's scaly coils beneath her shirt.

"Uh- Harley?"

Rivet felt another tickle. One that made her blush.

Another of Harley's tentacles had joined in the fun, poking around her waist where her thighs would have been. It found a narrow slit in Rivet's scales and began teasing the area, prompting a moan from her lips that was downright sultry. It felt foreign and strange, but incredible as the tentacle explored her hidden, reptilian pussy.

"Ok, Harley," Rivet moaned, "I stopped my teasing. You can stop now too!"

No response.

Rivet could see Harley's other tentacles had begun openly groping her numerous pleasure zones. She was leaning back as they held her in an easy, reclined position while several tentacles weaved through her tits and coiled around her hefty cocks. One of her snake-arms had returned and was hovering over Harley's face, staring her in the eyes.

What had happened to her resistance? Something wasn't right here...

"Harley? Harley?? Harl- oooooof!!"

The tentacle that had been teasing her slit suddenly dove inside her, filling Rivet's reptilian passage for the very first time! She doubled over, overwhelmed by the intense sensations as it plunged deep inside her. The continuous penetration was electric!

But she had to resist... for Harley!

Reinvigorated, Rivet grabbed the wriggling member in her snatch with both hands and began yanking with all her might. She began extracting foot after slimy foot of it with every pull, but as she removed the anaconda from her love-hole, new sensations began to distract her. The tentacle beneath her shirt had been joined by another and they begun undulating around her torso, teasing her sensitive breasts. But the sensations weren't limited to her chest...

She now noticed just how full her shirt had become as the buttons down her front strained to hold it together. The thin material struggled to contain the scaly coils slithering within its confines as they engulfed her torso. Eventually the shirt couldn't take it anymore and her top tore open with buttons flying across the clearing. The thick limbs inside fell away from her body, leaving Rivet to stare in shock at her exposed chest.

It hadn't been just the tentacles straining her shirt after all! Several additional pairs of soft, ebony mounds stood proudly from her front, identical to her original perky DD-cups. She stared at the extra breasts in disbelief, poking at them and feeling the corresponding sensations as she confirmed their reality.

Distracted as she was, the tentacle at her nethers slipped from her grip and renewed it's plunge into her reptilian pussy. She tried to grab it again, but was blocked by more tentacles coiling around her waist. They quickly wrapped around her body once more, running through the gullies of her cleavage as they filled the space between her breasts. She felt her shirt get torn away from her shoulders as more coils looped around her neck. She tried to fight the thick, powerful bodies, but her attempts to remove them were quickly thwarted by more coils appearing around her wrists and arms, wrapping them tightly and pulling them behind her back.

Losing the battle, Rivet knew her only chance was get Harley's attention.

"Harley!" she called out, desperately. "Harley!!"

No response.

"Harley! Harl-mmmph!"

A thick tentacle shoved its way into her open mouth, filling it completely as its tapered tip wormed its way to her throat. Rivet couldn't help but swallow the intruder as it squirmed down into her gullet.

As more tentacles engulfed her body in their coils, another shape dropped into view. Rivet became excited, hoping someone had come to help, but that dash of hope turned to a quiver of dread as she realized it was Harley's other arm-snake! She gulped as it turned to face her, swallowing more of the tentacle squirming down her throat. The snake's glowing amber eyes betrayed an intelligence greater than naturally possible, and its mouth seemed to turn up in a grin.

As more coils surrounded her face, the snakes visage filled her shrinking field of vision. Its eyes seemed to pulse with a firey orange light, followed by a comforting blue. Rivet felt her body relax as a wave of green washed over her, then a pulse of warm red followed by orange and blue. The unnatural colors flowed through her, relaxing her muscles and sapping her will to resist. She new something wasn't right about all this, but it all felt ok. Something was something, or something or other was something, something...

She felt a tingling in her shoulders like pins and needles from a thousand miles away, than a comforting blackness filled her vision as coils covered her face.


The serpent blinked a few times after closing its coils over the head of its newest victim. It turned toward the old, gnarled tree to check on its counterpart, which looked back, confirming their host was incapacitated as well. She wasn't much of a challenge when she got horny. Humans were so weak-willed!

Now in full control, the snakes were able to focus on their task at hand. They had been happily resting in the forest when Harley's mind had called them back. Or at least her body had.

Their host was horny. Damn horny! But she wasn't taking full advantage of her unique body, or this other one's for that matter. Maybe she didn't know how? Whatever the reason, it was their task to fulfill their host's subconscious desires. Lascivia had made that perfectly clear!

The snakes slithered over the womens' bodies, mulling over where to begin...

Boobs were always a good place to start.

They wove Harley's tentacles through her 8 pierced tits, enjoying the pleasurable sensations that radiated through their host. She had a good number of them, but a few more could come in handy. Especially if they wanted to give a proper boob-job to their guest's pair of cocks.

Focusing on Harley's torso, the snakes wiggled with approval as more points of sensitivity appeared, followed by pulsing mounds of flesh. As the mounds grew bigger, they forced their way between the latex cocks resting on her belly and chest, pushing them into their own gullies of cleavage. As the tentacles retracted to make space for the dongs, the snakes got a nefarious idea.

As one snake continued to focus on Harley's burgeoning tits, the other focused on their rubber friends. The members began to swell with more girth, soon becoming twice as thick they grew longer as well. But the change wasn't restricted to size alone as they began to twitch with voluntary movement. Sinew and unseen muscle formed beneath their surface, and they began to move from side to side with the dexterity of the tentacles beside them!

The snake focused further down their lengths and shivered as a third flared head peeked out from the overstuffed sheath. This new cock slithered up Harley's torso, joining its brethren as they twisted and coiled around each other. Testing their limits, the trio of tentacle dicks pulled further out from their sheath, reaching nearly three feet long before stopping short.

More than pleased with the changes Brad began roving Harley's body, looking for places that would give them both the most possible pleasure.

Leaving Brad to explore, the snake turned it's attention to Harley's other friend, the human that was part snake like them. It couldn't feel her sensations like Harley's, but they way her body was twitching the snake knew she was enjoying the tentacle rippling through her reproductive tract.

The initial changes done to reduce her struggling were a success, but she could be so much more! The snake eyed her massive tail, seeing abundant potential. Based on how much she was enjoying the manipulation of her breasts and genitalia, it seemed entirely logical to give her even more to enjoy.

The tentacles holding her rippled with compliance as the snake gave an order. Turning back towards Harley the snake suddenly felt a jolt of pleasure running through its own body! One of Brad's cocks had found the sensitive slit at its base, right at the interface between the snake's body and its host's. Brad was teasing it mercilessly, causing the snake to wriggle in pleasure as it played with the sensitive clit.

Meanwhile, the other snake had gotten carried away with Harley's breasts. Not only was she now sporting the additional column of tits down her middle, but two more columns had appeared down her sides as well. On top of that, three more columns of perky breasts were appearing down her back as well! The breasts were all larger and more sensitive too, the mere act of them touching together sending shivers of immense pleasure.

Before the snakes could prompt any more changes to Harley's body, they received another sudden jolt of pleasure as another of Brad's cocks found the scaly pussy hidden within Harley's other armpit. As the cocks pushed their way into the snakes personal orifices, Brad's third dick poked around Harley's chin. It explored her lips, finding them not quite suitable for its newfound girth.

Summoning a trace of power left behind by the distracted snakes, Brad pushed his way forward, altering the hole he had found to suit its purpose.


Lascivia perched on top of an ivy-coated building, looking for her next plaything. She watched as students milled about below, unaware of the true demon hiding amidst the gargoyles above them. She didn't have the power yet to take the whole group at once, but that would come in time. One of them caught her eye as he waved to his friends, heading towards the back parking lot. Now was her chance!

She leapt into the air and with a few powerful wingstrokes, she was directly above him. The lot was otherwise empty of students or faculty. This was perfect!

"Hello, handsome."

The boy looked around before finally looking up, finding the quad-breasted demoness staring down at him!

"Wanna play a game?"

Dropping his backpack, he made a dash for his car only to see it explode in a ball of crimson fire.

"Ah, ah, ah!" Lascivia chided as she landed heavily behind him, hooves pounding into the black top. She blew a wisp of smoke from her hands, grinning. "That would be cheating."

He feel back onto his ass in fear and then Lascivia was on him. She straddled his thighs and crouched down, stroking his face with a black manicured finger. Her scarlet eyes stared into his.

"Don't worry. This is gonna be fun!"

Her finger traced down his chest and down to his crotch, tracing the growing bulge in his jeans.

"See, looks like you're already enjoying yourself. But, unfortunately..." Lascivia leaned in close to his ear, whispering, "I'm looking for something with a bit more meat!"

Energy surged through his crotch and the bulge doubled in size, straining the fabric of his jeans. Lascivia took a step back. She always enjoyed the look on their faces when her victims discovered their own alterations.

He grappled with his zipper as his bulge continued to grow, making it more difficult to release with each passing second. Thankfully, after a furious battle, he managed to unzip his fly and was greeted with an immediate tent in his boxers fit to house several small creatures! Grabbing the waistband he pulled it down to reveal a huge animalistic cock, its base encompassed by a grey hairy sheath while its flared head reached all the way up to his chest.

Lascivia smirked. That look was priceless!

"Impressive, huh? But don't worry, there'll be more where that came from. You see I have some particular..." She walked back and stood over him, "...needs."

She forced him onto his back and knelt on his shoulders, giving him a front row seat to the trio of glistening pussies at her crotch. She grabbed his cock behind her and began pumping, feeling his girth increase as she pulsed more energy into his member.

Then she felt a small vibration from her nethers and noticed strange tingling radiating down her chest. It felt like magic, but not her own. Looking down she found two dark points forming within her cleavage, followed by a surge of soft flesh. What devilry was this?

Within moments another set of breasts had grown in, wedging their way into the cleavage of both her previous pairs. She massaged them with her free hand, enjoying the sensations of her 5th and 6th bossoms as hoop and chain piercings materialized to match their predecessors.

Turning her attention back to her victim, she focused again on his cock, feeling the engorging mass divide between her fingers. She expected him to be lost in pleasure by now, but instead he was staring at her stomach.

Following his gaze, she found several more nipples appearing up her toned belly. These breasts grew in even faster than the last, swelling into full-sized tits in no time. Another wave of tingling then washed down her front and Lascivia felt the sensitivity of all her breasts crank up exponentially, leaving her moaning with pleasure as hoop piercings appeared and thin chains criss-crossed between them.

She rolled onto her side, freeing the boy beneath her as she ran her hands between her 36 overly-sensitive breasts. He quickly stood and grabbed his pants, running back towards campus with his trio of donkey cocks bouncing awkwardly in front of him. Lascivia watched him go, unable to stop him as she was immobilized by the pleasure coursing through her body.

What was going on? She was the Queen of Pleasure, the Grand Demoness of Lust! Who could possibly be controlling HER libido?!

Lascivia felt her ruby venus piercing reverberate again and more tingling engulfed her body. A grin crossed her ebony lips.

Damn, that girl was a fiend!



Harley found herself floating wistfully inside her mind once more.

It was hard to be upset for long though, as she could feel the incredible pleasures spreading through her body. She basked in the feel of it, enjoying the sensations as they washed over her.

She could feel the snakes doing something to her body, warping it even more, bit she couldn't bring herself to care. It all felt so damn good!

She floated along in a river of pleasure as new and incredible sensations washed over her. Pleasure cascaded down from unknown places, buffeting her body from all sides with unfettered euphoria.

She hadn't felt this good since her times with Rivet.



Harley began to panic. Rivet was still out there! What were the snakes doing with her? She could only imagine.

And there was nothing she could do about it trapped here, inside her own goddam mind.

She let out a bone chilling scream of frustration!

And she felt a crack.

Somewhere in her mental prison she had forced a crack!

Determined, she screamed again.

And the crack grew wider.

It was working!



Harley sat up on the piny forest floor, screaming as loud as she could, but "as loud as she could" was incredibly muffled as she felt something clogging her mouth. She tried to grab it with her hands, forgetting they were gone, but a pair of tentacles complied with her commands, pulling the thing from her lips.

She squirmed with unbelievable pleasure as the thick, cylindrical thing in her mouth fought back, wriggling to stay inside. It wasn't easy, but she eventually yanked the thing all the way out, tossing it onto her lap.

"Oh my god, what the fuck is that thing?!" she blurted as she stared at the slimy, black length in her lap.

Or at least that's what she had meant to say...

Instead what came out was:

"Oh phy fod. Whaf phe fuf iph phaf fing?!"

Harley froze.

This wasn't the first time she had talked like that...

She inspected her face with the tentacles, prodding the drooling, slimy hole beneath her nose. She quivered with pleasure.

Shit. Her mouth had been turned into a pussy again!

What else had happened while she was out?!

She stood and the most obvious changes became apparent. She had somehow acquired more tits. And they were all bigger and more sensitive too! They jostled together as she moved, sending more jolts of pleasure through her body. Her numerous nipple rings all clinked together as she counted her tits. 12 in front, 16 beneath her arms... and another 12 on her back? Shit. She had 40 boobs now?! With 100 nipples?? This was ridiculous.

The black, tubular object that had been fucking her face was now squirming on the ground between her boots. She could feel the sensations of it rolling in the pine needles. Was that thing a part of her too? The sensations radiated up towards her groin and she realized it was Brad's new tenticular form. Or at least part of him anyways.

The overfilled latex sheath at her crotch now housed 3 massive latex cocks. The other two were wrapped around her body, caressing her bountiful breasts and making their way to her arm pits and fucking the reptilian pussies there. She could feel the waves of pleasure radiating through her arms and she found the snakes coiled around each other some feet away, enjoying the amplified sensations themselves.

Taken aback by the depravity of what had been going on while she was hypnotized, Harley could only watch in shock as her massively warped body and parasitic limbs fucked themselves silly. But where was Rivet?

More movement caught her eye, and she spotted a pile of rippling reptilian coils across from her. And poking out from the bottom of the pile was a long snaky tail.


Trying to resist the pleasure radiating through her, she began walking toward the squirming pile, dragging the lengths of reptilian bodies still disobedient to her. She was nearly there when she felt a push at her crotch, nearly lifting her off her feet. The latex cock she had extracted from her mouth was now shoving its way between her thighs, eager to penetrate another of her pussies. She tried crossing her legs, but Brad had become stronger with his new girth, overpowering her attempts to shut him out. He coiled around one of her legs, holding her in place while he teased her feminine genitalia with his tip. Selecting a favorite, he pushed upwards and Harley squinted as she felt him stretch one of her slits wide, sliding into one of her spandex tunnels effortlessly.

She moaned through the intense pleasure of simultaneously fucking and being fucked as another feeling of pressure exuded from her sheath. Peeking down she saw another wide, latex head forcing its way out. Brad's newest member slithered around her other leg before joining its counterpart between her thighs. Harley shivered as she felt his tip teasing her other pussy there. She quivered with anticipation, knowing what was about to come next, but she still moaned with incredible pleasure as the other flared head shoved its way inside her!

Stumbling with her legs wrapped by the pair of thick, latex tendrils, Harley somehow managed to stay upright. Then another surge from her sheath announced the appearance of yet ANOTHER tentacle-cock! She could feel it wrap around her hips and up her body, tickling her nipples all over. It wound around her shoulders and soon she was staring directly into its wide, flared head as it hovered inches away from her face. Black ooze dripped from its tip as the veins covering it pulsed. She stared at it, and it seemed to stare back for a moment, before diving into the pussy that had once been her mouth.

Harley moaned around the tentacle-cock pushing its way down her throat as pleasure surged from her crotch and arms. She was paralyzed by the intensity of it! She was only a step away from Rivet, but the throes of pleasure held her firmly in place. She could do little more than wiggle and squirm as Brad penetrated all five of her pussies. And she was loving every second of it!

She knew she should resist, fight back against the parasites hijacking her distorted body, but it all just felt too damn good! She loved the way the snakes had multiplied her breasts, turning her torso into little more than a quivering pile of tits. She loved how Brad's latex bodies felt so smooth and sensual against her skin. She loved having pussies scattered all over her body, sending waves of pleasure from every direction. She loved how Brad's girth filled them so completely, stretching her malleable love holes to their limits. She hated to admit it, but she loved how wildly bizarre her body had become again!

She moaned even louder, starting to buck her hips and gyrate her body in rhythm with Brad's thrusts. She wobbled on her feet, but Brad's tentacle-cocks tightened around her legs, keeping her upright. Harley swayed from side to side, lost in the euphoric pleasure swallowing her entire body. Meanwhile, her nipples began to twitch, then blossomed open to reveal a number of dripping purple latex tendrils, and more needy holes! The reptilian tentacles on her back immediately joined her newest tentacles in filling the greedy voids exposed behind her flowering nipples.

It didn't take long before the sensations all over her body were simply too much to take. For her, her snakes, or even Brad! He was the first to reach his apex, shooting voluminous loads of dark, viscous liquid throughout her body as he reached an orgasm like never before. Thick, sticky fluid spurted from between Harley's thighs and down her chin as Brad's impressive members gushed with an endless supply of liquid latex cum! Meanwhile her pussies began firing off in orgasms of their own, squeezing and pumping whatever was inside them. The shots of pleasure reverberated back and forth within her body, filling her with pure, unfiltered nirvana!

The snakes writhed and coiled around each other, enjoying the throes of pleasure exuding from their host. Their rippling coils quivered over their incredible lengths, reaching the pile where Rivet was still trapped. As they shuddered with uncontrollable pleasure, their neatly stacked coils fell into a disorganized mess, releasing their prisoner.


Rivet's eyes slowly flickered open and she shook her head, recovering from the trance she had been under. She saw the softening coils around her and she remembered what had been happening before she went under. She tried jumping away from the reptilian bodies, only to find her own tail getting in the way. She groaned, forgetting about the whole "naga" thing again. She reached to remove the coil still wiggling down her throat, only to find her arms were nowhere to be seen. She looked in shock at the scaled stubs that capped her shoulders. Her arms were completely gone!!

Determined to escape the loosening coils, she slithered her body free of their embrace, shuddering as waves of pleasure rippled through her. The tentacle down ther throat slowly pulled out as she moved away, finally popping out with a trail of saliva. Rivet coughed and gagged a few times before moving further away, eager to escape the sinuous limbs. She gritted her teeth as her libido rose with every movement she made. What the hell was going on?

Rivet looked back down at her body and found rows upon rows of more large, heaving breasts radiating down her body! The top several pairs were identical to her original breasts, although they all seemed several sizes larger than she remembered. As the breasts extended further down her reptilian body they became covered in the same white scales that coated her underbelly. That didn't seem to affect their sensitivity however, as they sent waves of pleasant sensations through her body with every move.

She shuddered as she tried to slither away, each movement coming with jolts of pleasure as her endless rows of tits squeezed and jostled together. But there was more to the sensations than just breast play.

Rivet rolled onto her back and focused on a point of heightened pleasure in her tail. She nudged apart her breasts there to find a pair of scaly slits hidden between them, quivering and oozing with need! She gasped as she slipped her shoulder stub into a warm, slimy snatch there. Recognizing more points of heightened pleasure down her tail, she checked another spot, and then another, and another, confirming they were all the same. Her scale-covered breasts were hiding a pairs of reptilian pussies in their cleavage! And they were all aching for attention.

Rivet's mind instantly went to Harley's tentacles. Armless as she was, they were the only thing she could think of to take care of her multitudes of hungry pussies. She needed Harley to fuck her so badly! Then a loud moaning caught her attention, a moan she had heard many times these past few years.

Turning, Rivet barely recognized Harley as she stood standing just a few feet away. Tentacles of all shapes and sizes were wrapped around her distorted body. Reptilian ones from her back, shiny black ones from her crotch, and slick purple ones that came from the breasts all over her body. Her face looked different too, and as the thick black tentacle pulled out of her mouth Rivet gasped, recognizing the pussy that had replaced it! Viscous black fluid was dripping from her everywhere, from her face, her crotch, and the multitudes of breasts covering her torso. The snakes that had hypnotized her earlier were off to the side, wrapping around one another as they enjoyed the sensations coursing through their host.

Harley shuddered and groaned as she stood there with her eyes closed, lost in the pleasure overwhelming her body.

Rivet watched in awe. Her own transformation paled in comparison to Harley's extreme mutations. Her own missing arms and extra tits seemed like nothing compared to Harley's fascial pussy and autonomous tentacles fucking her silly! Although, that last part didn't sound too bad...

As Rivet's mind drifted towards the idea of thick, scaly members filling her aching holes, she was brought back by an odd gurgling sound. Harley had begun twitching and more black ooze was seeping from her orifices. Harley groaned again, turning into another gurgle as surge of blackness spilled out from her mouth. Rivet didn't know what was going on with Harley, or what the black stuff was, but she could tell something wild was about to happen.

After several more groans and small convulsions, Harley's cheeks puffed up as something filled her altered mouth. With another gurgle, something round and solid pushed its way past her plump vertical lips and fell to the ground. Rivet peeked over to find something dark and round, resting on the forest floor. The shape looked oddly familiar to her, but the color seemed off.

Then she realized where she had seen it before... earlier today at Harley's sorority house! It was an egg, just like the ones that had swallowed her this morning and turned her into a mutant snake-girl! Although instead of the opaque white shells from earlier, this one looked black and shiny.

Rivet quickly slid back a few feet, not wanting to find out what these eggs might do to her as a few more fell to the ground between Harley's feet. Harley groaned and gyrated her hips as another popped free from her mouth while a few more slipped from the slits beneath her arms. More dropped out from between her thighs and even more appeared from the slits in her breasts. Before long eggs began falling to the ground from every orifice over Harley's body, raining down to the forest floor amidst a chorus of pleasurable groaning.


Lascivia groaned as she mashed her body against the sedan beside her. The heat from her crimson skin warped the glass and stripped the car's paint down to bare metal. Eggs surged through every orifice on her body, piling on the asphalt between her hooves. Every shudder sent waves of new pleasure through the pussy-capped tits covering her front and back, and the pleasure brought more eggs along with it. She couldn't even attempt a counterspell at this point as several more eggs gushed from the trio of needy slits that had replaced her mouth. Not that she wanted to cast one anyways...

She basked in the pleasure as it wracked her body. Always on the giving end , this was the first time she was on the receiving end of a lust curse so potent. And damn was she loving it!

That girl really was her perfect soul sister.


Rivet watched in awe as Harley's body pumped out dozens upon dozens of the ping-pong ball sized eggs. As the sprawling pile of eggs neared her knees, her body's production finally seemed to slow. Harley shuddered and moaned as the last few eggs exited her body and she collapsed into the pile herself.

"Harley!" Rivet called in a panic, unsure if she could hear her.

No reply.

Rivet was torn. She was afraid of what the eggs might do to her if she touched them. Last time she did they had swallowed her whole and turned her into a naga! But she was terrified about what kind of a state Harley was in after laying all those eggs. She'd never seen anything like that before! But, in the end, she knew what she had to do.

Braving the eggs she slithered towards her friend. Normally, she would have scooped Harley up in her arms and carried her away, but she had to improvise now. Focusing, she was able to loop the end of her tail around Harley's chest and lift her up from the pile. Eggs skittered across the ground, but thankfully none of them stuck to her like last time. Rivet sighed with relief.

She looped another boob-lined coil around Harley and began slithering away from the pile. Rivet gritted her teeth through the pleasure flowing through her overly-sensitive body and they eventually made it away from the mess. Satisfied they were clear of the eggs, Rivet coiled up her tail and set Harley down gently in the middle.

Checking on her friend Rivet could see Harley was passed out and still covered in layers of black slime, but otherwise ok. Her snake-arms also lay asleep back near the eggs and all her other tentacles were dormant now as well. Given the ordeal she had been through Rivet wasn't surprised Harley had fallen fast asleep.

As a stillness settled over the clearing Rivet took the opportunity to inspect her own changes a little further. The scales from her tail had spread up her back and over her shoulders, capping the stubs of where her arms had once been. She could still move her shoulders freely, but they were mostly useless now.

Her boobs were definitely bigger than before, and they seemed perkier too. They were easily FF's or better and stood proudly from her chest, almost defying gravity. She had four pairs of boobs on her upper torso, each stacked beneath the other. The next pair down was beneath her waistline and covered in pale underbelly snake scales with no nipples whatsoever. And between them was hidden her first pair of reptilian vaginas.

She leaned in for a closer look, parting the breasts with a nubby shoulder to reveal the damp slits. They looked surprisingly human, with plump labia and small clit nestled in its cleft, but they were larger than any human's, maybe twice her original size, and the exterior was coated in tough scales.

Moving down her tail she had more pairs of the scale-covered breasts stacked one beneath the other. They were even larger than the ones on her chest, filling the width of her wide reptilian underbelly. She found more extra pussies too, strategically located in the cleavage of every third pair of breasts.

Trying to take an inventory of all her new assets, Rivet noticed a subtler change. Her tail had gotten longer too. Much longer in fact. Her tail was now easily over 50 feet long, all of it lined with sensitive scale-covered breasts and vaginas. Her analytical mind did some quick math. She must have over a 150 tits and 50 pussies! She squirmed at the thought of so much sexual hardware, feeling her foreign slits reflexively dampen.

Harley groaned as her scaly bed rippled, rolling onto her side before continuing her orgasmically fueled nap. The movement caught Rivet's eye and she stilled her coils, abashed she let her horniness get the better of her.

Watching Harley's measured breathing was mesmerizing. Before long Rivet felt sleep tugging at her own eyelids, and she gave in, resting her head next to Harley's as she drifted off to sleep.


A slight movement beside her woke Rivet with a start. She jumped up, falling back into the leaves. Looking down she realized the tail she had hoped was a dream was most certainly not. She was still a hypersexualized, armless snake lady.

Then a movement caught her eye again. It was coming from Harley! She leaned in closer an realized Harley's serpentine arms were moving.

Rivet gasped and looked for the snakes on the other end of Harley's arms, but they were still several yards away and slumbering in the grass. Rivet looked back at Harley's shoulders. They were definitely moving. She could see the diamond patterns down their backs flowing back towards Harley's shoulders. Were they... receding?

Rivet followed Harley's arms with her eyes, tracing them back into the nearby tree before reappearing in the pile where she had been trapped. That pile of coils was moving as well, rippling as the reptilian bodies receded back into the tree and back towards Harley's shoulders. Her arms were shrinking! And they weren't the only things shrinking either.

As Rivet looked closer, she could see the rest of Harley's tentacles were receding back into her body as well, the ones at her nipples having already disappeared and the ones at her back growing shorter by the minute. The whole process reminded Rivet of a fisherman reeling an empty hook back in, except these fishing lines were thick reptilian bodies.

Harley's other changes had begun reverting as well. The rows of breasts down her back had dwindled to small fleshy mounds and the nipples had disappeared. Her toes were reforming from the points of her snakeskin boots and the stilettos receded back into her heels. Patches of tan skin reappeared along her spandex-textured legs as the extra breasts down her front deflated as well. Her monstrous latex tentacle-cocks began to recede, drawing back into the overstuffed sheath between her legs. Rivet watched, enraptured, as Harley's body slowly changed back to normal, all while she was still blissfully asleep.

After an hour of twisting and shifting Harley's reversion was nearly complete. All that was left of her changes was the modestly-sized latex sheath between her legs and the snake arms that still slept peacefully along with her. Her arms had shortened considerably, going from seemingly infinitely long to just a touch longer than her normal arms would have been. The snakes were coiled peacefully on her chest, rising and falling with Harley's measured breaths. Rivet couldn't help but notice how Harley's now mostly human body contrasted starkly against her own still massively warped form. She couldn't resist the tinge of jealously as she watched the petite filipina slumber in her sizeable coils.

Before Rivet could get lost in self-pity, Harley began to stir. She stretched out her legs and curled her toes as she let out a massive yawn. She gyrated her shoulders, as if trying to stretch out her arms, but the snakes simply wriggled on her chest as they blinked and reciprocated her yawns. Harley tried to rub her eyes but, failing to do so, blinked a few times and took in her surroundings.

"Oh, hey Rivet," she smiled sleepily as Rivet hovered over her. "I just had the strangest dream. You were there, and we were in the woods, and..." Harley blushed.

"Yes? Do go on." Rivet sarcastically feigned ignorance.

"I... Well. We were... Uhhh..." Harley paused as she looked around. "Holy shit... It all happened for real, didn't it?!"

"Oh, I don't know." Rivet shrugged her shoulder stubs, "I think I've always had NO fucking ARMS!"

"Hey, it's not my fault! I tried to tell you something like this would happen, but you wouldn't stop fooling around! Then these guys got into my head and took over again." Harley nodded towards the snakes on her chest. They slithered up and around her neck playfully, seeming to smile at the girls.

"Well then, maybe you should get a little more control over your own damn body. How hard can it be? They're just fucking snakes!"

"Ughh..." Harley groaned. She stood and walked away before turning back around. "Like you have any idea. When's the last time you had two other minds competing with your own any time you got even a little bit horny?"

Brad's pair of flared latex heads peeked out from their sheath, hoping the surge of emotions would lead to another round of playtime.

"No." Harley scolded her own crotch. "We are not doing this again right now!"

She took a deep breath and closed her eyes, focusing on leveling her temper and retaining control of her body. Rivet watched as the cocks receded back into their home.

She knew Harley was right, but she hated to admit it. It really was her fault. If she had listened to Harley instead of continuing to tease her, she wouldn't have changed so much further. She took a deep breath.

"You're right." Rivet admitted, begrudgingly. "I'm sorry I didn't listen to you. I just... I just needed to vent. I mean, c'mon. Look at me!"

As Rivet unfurled her coils, Harley gasped.

"Holy shit. You really did change more, huh?"

Rivet nodded. "Yep."

"Are those..." Harley leaned closed, nudging a pair of scaly breasts apart with her foot.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah." Rivet slithered her coil away from Harley's touch, still self-conscious about her numerous slits. "Like you're one to talk though, Ms. Queen of the Pussies. Check out that pile of eggs you left behind this time."

Harley walked towards the area Rivet indicated with her shoulder. It wasn't hard to find the large pile of glistening, black eggs amongst the leaves.

"Wow..." Harley started in disbelief. This was the second tine she had laid a bunch of eggs, but the idea of it still seemed incredibly bizarre.

"What should we do with them?" Rivet asked from behind.

"I dunno... Bury them, I guess. We don't want some hiker finding them and getting sucked inside like you did."

"I'm not touching those things." Rivet snorted. "Besides, which one of us is going to dig the hole? If you hadn't noticed, neither of us have arms."

"Yeah... I suppose that's a good point. Well the best we can do is to cover them up I guess."

Rivet and the snakes watched as Harley kicked sticks and leaves over the pile of latex eggs. As she finished, she stubbed her toe on a stray root.

"Ouch! What the hell." she jumped back. "This would have been a better idea with boots. Hey... Where did my snakeskin boots go?"

Harley looked over her body, now realizing she had turned almost completely back to normal. With the exception of her snake-arms, parasitic cocks, and the clear crystal venus piercing still dangling over her pussy. "When did that happen?"

"While you were asleep." Rivet explained. "Your body just sort of turned back on its own while you were sleeping."

"Huh, that's weird. It's just like this morning. I wonder why that keeps happening."

"No idea." Rivet replied. "But I know we can't just stay here chatting forever. We need to find a way to reverse this curse and get back to normal. We can't all just change back while we snooze you know."

"You're right." Harley agreed, feeling a little guilty about Rivet's massive changes.

"Didn't you say some freshman had given you the curse this morning? Norman, was it?"

"Yeah, Norman. That kid Jen embarrassed after orientation."

"Then we should find him and confront him. Maybe we can get some answers out of him."

"Ok, but that would mean heading back toward campus. Is that ok with you?"

"Sure, fuck it. If it means getting my old body back, I don't care if people see me anymore."

"Ok, back to campus it is then!" Harley announced. "Hopefully Lascivia hasn't tuned it into a giant sex dungeon by now."

"Great. But first, I need to make a pit stop at my lab." Rivet looked down at her shoulders. "I might have a little something there to help myself out."


Licking the last few drops of feminine juice from her lips, Lascivia slowly stood up. She stroked her aching crotch, rubbing the venus piercing there between a thumb and forefinger. Sure, this new soul link might get inconvenient, but that was the most fun she'd had in centuries!

By now her body had reverted back to how it was this morning with no more extra breasts or pussies, but what she was left with instead was something even better. She looked down at the patch of melted asphalt and the pile of glowing eggs therein. She picked one up and rolled the apple-sized object in her hand. These little beauties were about to speed her plans up big time!

Lascivia wondered if her soul sister had any clue what these were, or what massive potential they had. Probably not. She seemed pretty clueless overall about the world of magic. But for a fledgling shapeshifter, she was capable of some pretty impressive changes!

Lascivia smiled. She couldn't wait for the next round!

Spotting another student approaching the parking lot, Lascivia twirled the ember-like egg in her palm.

"Hey, cutie." she yelled. "Catch!"