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Project: Self-Control


Typically on a rainy, cold, miserable night like tonight, the last thing Alice Baker would be doing is taking a midnight stroll through the bad part of town. In fact, the list of things she'd rather be doing in this exact moment is pretty astoundingly long. She could be curled up on the sofa drinking Nate's special hot cocoa, watching some shitty reality TV dreck on Netflix. But no, here she is, walking barefoot through the world's deepest puddle.

Scratch that -- running. The car is back.

It's hard to tell given the unreasonable lack of street lights in this neighborhood, but she's pretty sure those windows are tinted. Not a great sign. She ducks into an alley and crouches behind a dumpster, only tolerating the smell long enough to watch the car pass by and see the headlights disappear as it turns the corner. She gets some distance from the malodorous goo dripping from the bin and sits down to catch her breath, rubbing the skin of her ankle against the harsh plastic tag still bound around it. The light on the side has stopped blinking, at least. Alice hopes that means whatever tracker is attached to her got ruined by the convenient but all-too-unwelcome weather. Better to be safe than sorry though, she thinks, as she braves the smell again, hooking her ankle around the sharp corner of the dumpster and gaining some leverage. With a pull she snaps the plastic open and releases herself from her tag. A sharp heat from her leg shocks her, and she feels wetness streak down her foot. "Crap, must've nicked myself..." she whispers to herself. Testing her footing, she thankfully finds that she can still walk just fine. "There's a first-aid kit at home." she reminds herself. "Just gotta get back... only a few more blocks."


The rest of the walk isn't much more fun than the first part was, but at least as she got closer to safety she reached some neighborhoods with streetlamps, and along with it the ability to see where she was walking. People don't often speak highly of long barefoot walks on asphalt, and there's a good reason why. The further she goes, the more Alice is distracted from her cut by the grueling pain in the soles of her feet. Being able to see where she's walking and avoiding broken glass is a plus, but she takes special care not to walk directly in the light in case the gentlemen in the cars are still looking for her. Which, all things considered, they probably are. Not many nutso scientists let their unwilling lab rats go so easily. At least, I don't think so...There's not much reference material to work with there aside from movies, so... yeah.

God I'm tired...


Alice limps her way up the stoop and pounds on the front door. "Nate! NATE! Please... open up..." she shouts, practically through the keyhole. She waits for a second, ear pressed against the door, but there's no answer. Her body slides down the door as all her strength starts to leave her, the physically taxing task of walking across town finally crashing down upon her. As she falls to her hands and knees, she looks down at the floor mat, the bold "WELCOME" almost feeling like a cruel taunt at this point.

"The key..." Alice peels up an edge of the mat, and feels around underneath, quickly finding the spare that Nate insisted they keep in case of emergency. Alice thought he was being stupid at the time, since any robber with half a brain could look for five minutes and find it, but she's sure as hell thankful tonight. Pulling herself back up, she fumbles open the lock and goes tumbling forward into the house as the door relinquishes to her body weight. She manages to avoid hitting the ground face first, landing on her arms and kicking the door closed behind her. The cool scent of her favorite cinnamon candles fills her senses. Nate must have lit one. He must be worried sick...

"Nate? Are you asleep?" Still no answer. Was he out looking for her? Or... could they have done something with him too? ...No, I can't think like that. I'm home. I'm safe. I should... I should call him and let him know he can come home... that I'm okay.

She instinctively reaches for her purse, but no luck. Those goons kept her shit when they took her and put her in these lousy hospital pajamas. Is this why some people still have landlines? She'd deal with a thousand spam callers right now if it meant getting to see Nate.

Resigned to having to wait for him to return, Alice pulls herself up to her feet and trudges into the bathroom to peels off her robe, sticky with her sweat and all sorts of mud and grime she encountered on her way home. It catches on the cut on her leg on its way down and she winces, suddenly reminded of its presence. Looking behind her, there are a few drops of blood left in her path. Gotta wash it, disinfect and hope for the best.

She doesn't waste any time waiting for the shower to warm up. The rain was cold enough and she's used to it at this point. She sits down on the hard tile and rests her head in her knees, her muddied brown hair draping over her. As the water starts to warm up, she feels everything she's bottled up since her escape start to release as tears well up in her eyes. She was so focused on getting back home, getting safe, she didn't even think to figure out what she was taken for in the first place. And now that she's thinking about it... it's all a big blur. Before she ran, before she got out of there... what had they been doing to her? How long was she there? Everything between seeing those men in the park and her walking out that door is just... unreachable.

She lifts her right leg up to expose her cut to the water. As the jet hits it she expects pain but instead there's just a strong warmth, like when she first got cut but... nicer. She doesn't lift her head up to look at it, just enjoys the warmth and relaxes.

The sensation is odd, not at all what she'd expect. To be fair it's been a long time since I've had a bad cut like this one. Maybe when I fell out of the treehouse as a kid? It's been a long time but, even I know it's not supposed to feel like THIS. The more the water prods the wound, the more the warmth intensifies, and now starts sending tingles up her leg, sending little pulses through her whole body. It's nice enough to make a smile creep over her face. Taken aback by the sensation, she finally lifts herself up enough to take a look at her wound, but where she had sliced herself open earlier, there is now nothing. Just smooth, clear skin.

She stares at it for a while, struggling to understand what's happening. She lifts her other leg to make sure she hadn't gotten confused about which leg had been hurt, but no dice. Scrambling up to a sitting position, she pulls her leg as close to her face as she can, (not very far, she was no gymnast), and confirms that there's no trace of an injury.

She runs a hand over the skin. It feels the same as ever. Maybe even better. But as she's now realizing, even after having removed her leg from the jet of water, the tingles are still coming. Every little touch in that spot, her fingers send more up her leg and into her core. No, not her core, her...

Her hand traces its way up her leg and the tingles follow, the point of origin moving under her hand like iron shavings to a magnet. She traces their path to their endpoint, between her legs, and when the tingles reach that spot with her, she shudders, clasping her crotch with her palm. How could her body be reacting like this, after everything that's just happened? I should be freaking out, banging my head against a wall, something... but not THIS. This is... This feels...

This feels amazing.

Alice keeps her hand clasped firmly to her groin, leaning back again with wide eyes, struggling to believe what she's doing right now. The tingles persist and the pleasure starts to ripple outwards, getting stronger, when-


The sound of the front door. Nate!

Alice whips her hand off of her crotch in surprise and the tingles stop in an instant. She looks down at herself and finds herself staring at the most shocking surprise of the night. In her groin, where her vagina OUGHT to be is now... nothing. Just smooth skin. Just like her cut.

As Alice hears Nate stomp around in the hallway, clearly finding signs of her return, she panics and starts mashing her hand into the spot where her genitals had called their home. She pushes a finger into the spot where her opening had been and finds nothing but a patch of skin with a little more give to it.

"Alice?! Alice, is that you?!" Nate yells, jimmying the handle to the bathroom door and knocking hard.

Alice is at a loss for words, but makes her way to her feet and turns off the shower. She steps out, briefly noting the bottoms of her feet no longer hurt like before, and clumsily wraps a towel around herself.

Opening the bathroom door, she's met with the face of her loving husband, a face that she couldn't be happier to see again. His blonde hair is even more of a mess than usual, and the bags under his eyes suggest he hasn't been sleeping well for a while.

"You're back..."

"I'm... I'm back." Alice says in a hollow voice. She's struggling to even deal with the emotions she's feeling right now, with such a heavy layer of confusion and concern blanketed over top.

Nate tugs her into a tight embrace. He cries into her neck as she holds him rigidly, focusing on the alien lack of sensation between her legs.

"Where have you been?! What... what happened?" he yelps out through the tears. "I... I don't know." is all she can offer back.


Alice and Nate are sitting at the dining table, Alice having changed into something a little more comfortable than a wet towel. Having explained her experiences since getting out of that lab, she's looking at Nate while he silently processes the information. It was a shock to Alice to learn that she had been gone for several weeks. With all of that time missing, she doesn't want to even speculate what was being done to her. But it could be considered a safe assumption to say that whatever it was, it has something to do with what's going on with her body. Oh yeah... maybe I should break the news to him on that one.

"I mean, almost four weeks... half the town was out looking for you. My parents came up from out of state to hang up posters... Hon, I was on the verge of giving up. I'm so sorry, I was holding on to hope that you were out there, but-"

"Nathan," Alice says plainly, "I need to show you something."


Nate prods Alice's groin with one finger, looking for any signs of the equipment he's grown all too familiar with over the years. "Did they... operate on you?"

"No. I mean... I don't think so? I mean, like I said, I don't really remember what happened, but... Look, Nate, when I escaped it was still there. I took a pit stop on Rollins Drive to take a leak on my walk home, so I can say with confidence things were still working down there as of a few hours ago."

"So what, it just... disappeared?" Nate says incredulously, still clearly wondering if this is all part of some horribly tactless prank.

"Look, I got cut pretty badly on my way home... I was washing the wound when it just kind of... fixed itself. And then I had these weird feelings, and started feeling... uh." She stops for a second, not wanting to let on how horny she was getting after escaping her abductees mere hours ago. "Well... the tingles started moving up my leg, and I followed it with my hand, and then I started feeling weird down there too. And when I grabbed it, it just... went away."

"So you waved your hands and made your pussy disappear." Nate says cynically, looking up at Alice with a cocked eyebrow.

"I don't know, I GUESS?!" Alice exclaims, getting aggravated with Nate's attitude. "I'm as lost as you are here, alright?"

"I'm sorry honey, I just... I don't know what to make of any of this. I'm still trying to deal with the fact that you're actually BACK, much less... that." He puts his hand on her shoulder and her expression softens. "I'm so sorry Nate. You must have... you must have been so scared."

"It's nothing compared to what I worried you'd been going through. I'm just... I'm just so glad you're all right." His hand goes from her shoulder to her cheek and his thumb rubs it tenderly, wiping away a tear as it falls.

As Alice looks into his eyes her fears briefly wash away, remembering how much the man in front of her loves her, and knowing how much he had been hurting while she was gone. She goes in for a hug and rests her head on his chest for a moment as he runs his hand along the back her head. He always knows how to make things feel better. Even this...

As his hands continue brushing through her freshly-dried hair, she starts to feel a familiar tingle in her scalp, startling her out of her happy moment. She pushes away from Nate, yelping in a panic. "What's wrong? Alice, are you okay?!" Nate exclaims, rushing to her aide. Alice holds a hand up to keep him away as she slaps her hand to her scalp.

"My hair's still here... but..." "But what?" Nate presses.
"The same feeling... the same feeling I got when my cut closed, when my bits disappeared, I'm feeling it again in my hair, in my scalp, and I... I..." Alice is struggling to get the words out as she paces around, now with both hands clasped tight to her head.

"Okay, hold on, okay, calm down Alice... We just need to relax, okay?" He waves his hands down, indicating for her to settle down. She stands still for a brief moment, a look of horror in her eyes.

"You said you followed the tingles with your hand, right? What if you trace it down to your, uh... your crotch? Between your legs, see if you can center it there again. Maybe... maybe you can make it come back."

Alice's expression doesn't change much, but her body stills at Nate's suggestion. She nods, and begins to trace her left hand down the back of her head and across the back of her neck. As her hand moves down, incredibly, she can feel the tingles follow! Her eyes light up, feeling Nate's idea working, and she traces it down her body, slowly but surely, going down her back and looping around her front, across her navel and then eventually down to where she had felt it before.

As her hand lingers between her legs, she looks down, then back up. "I don't feel it coming back. What do I do now?!"

"I... I don't know, do what you did before!"

"What I... did before...?" Alice feels her cheeks go red as she remembers the heat she had felt earlier in the shower. The kind of heat that, well... requires bits down there. "I... I don't know if that's possible right now."

"Okay, well just... concentrate. think about what should be there, and then... pull your hand back, like before?"

Alice nods again. His tone isn't completely reassuring, and she doesn't have much reason to think this should work, but honestly there aren't a lot of reasons to doubt it either, frankly. She presses her palm hard against her groin, closes her eyes, and concentrates. She remembers what her vagina feels like, concentrates on each and every fold, every bump, every... hole. The

heat between her hand and crotch starts feeling more and more radiant, until it reaches the crest she had hit earlier in the shower.

She whips her hand away like before and the tingles stop. She cracks an eye open and looks down at herself.


Her heart sinks, and her shoulders sink further. "It didn't work..." she says, feeling defeated.

"Well... that's not entirely true." Nate says. Alice looks up and sees her husband staring in shock at the hand she had pulled out of her crotch, still raised with the palm facing him. Perplexed, she turns her hand to face her and staring back at her is her vagina, plastered on her palm as if it had been there her whole life.



"Just do the tingly thing again!" Nate exclaimed as Alice paced back and forth in the kitchen. She was nervously fiddling with the hem of her pajama top while holding her vagina-palmed hand far away from her, afraid to interact with it and confirm its reality.

"I can't just do the tingly thing at the drop of a hat!" Alice shot back, "I don't even know how the tingles start in the first place, it just happens, okay?!"

"Then let me take you to the hospital!" Nate walked over to Alice and put his hands on her shoulders, stopping her pacing.

"I... I can't do that. Those guys in their vans, they're still out there... We go to a hospital, they might just scoop me up again." Alice looked at her outstretched hand for the first time since realizing what had happened to it. "And I don't know about you, but I've never heard of anything like this happening before, so I seriously doubt they're gonna know how to handle this one. I'd really prefer not to get my hand chopped off, okay?"

Nate wordlessly takes Alice by her unchanged hand and leads her out of the kitchen, gesturing for her to sit on the loveseat. She sighs and takes a seat, still awkwardly holding her arm out in front of her. Nate plops down on the cushion to her right and she rests her head on his shoulder. "Ugh, Nate... What are we going to do?"

Nate doesn't say anything for a bit. As Alice settles down, she relaxes her arm and lets it rest on his leg, palm still outfacing. Nate looks at it in obvious fascination.

"Can I... see it?" he asks, gently placing his hand on her forearm. She nods softly. Nothing he can do to make it worse...

Nate holds her arm by the wrist and brings her hand closer to his face, to get a better look. She leaves her arm limp and burrows her face into the crook of his neck. This is humiliating. He's looking at my pussy like he's my damn gynecologist. And it's on my fucking HAND.

Her fingers twitch a bit and she stretches them. The motion is accompanied by a bizarre sensation as her muscles gape the odd structure of her hand open a bit. Nate gasps. Alice's face flushes as she realizes he must've noticed this.

"Wow. There's like, an actual hole and everything, Alice. Does it actually..."

Suddenly Alice's head shoots up in response to the shocking sensation of Nate's finger prodding a space that shouldn't exist. She sees his index finger, only nail-deep in her palm, around where she'd expect her vagina to open up into her body, were it to be where it was SUPPOSED to be. As he probes for the opening he saw earlier, another shock goes through her body and Alice clenches her fingers in surprise. Her fingers curling up, however, only presses hard on Nate's explorative digit, forcing it suddenly deep into her wrist.

"MmmmMMMMMM!" Alice moans in a combination of shock and pleasure.

"Whoa, WHOA!" Nate yelps in surprise, not believing what he's seeing. Alice breathes shakily and sees that Nate's finger is now around 2/3rds of the way in, a noticeable bulge in the soft part of her wrist as it sinks into her forearm.

"I-I'm sorry, I-I'll take it out..." Nate stammers, thinking her groans were pain. He starts to slide the finger out slowly and carefully, but this only gets a stronger reaction from Alice, who grasps at his thigh hard with her other hand and muffles her moans in his shoulder. As his finger slips free, he can't help but notice the slick moisture now coating the end of it. "Don't stop..." Alice whispers, almost inaudible through his shirt sleeve.

"Um... what..." He starts to ask, when Alice lifts her head and looks him in the eyes. "Touch it again... please... it feels really good..." Her face is bright red with embarrassment, almost unable to believe the words coming out of her mouth. It's true though, that was... incredible. My real pussy never felt like that...

After a moment, Nate takes her hand again with both of his, and uses his thumbs to spread open the oddly-placed lips. It was obvious now that she was turned on, and the vagina in her hand was slicker than ever. He noticed its clit, now erect and poking out of its hood, and brings her hand up close to his face, stretched his tongue out for a second before pulling it back in. "This is so weird." he said, eliciting a nod from Alice. "Yeah it's fucked up. So fucked up. Do it."

Nate doesn't need another signal and licks a straight line up her palm, through the cleft of her labia. As he starts she hums a deep moan that grows higher and higher as he reaches the end, turning into a squeak as he grazes her clit. He grins and goes to work.

Alice's head goes fuzzy from the sensations. The fingers on her messed up hand are starting to feel numb and she feels a bizarre clenching and releasing deep in her wrist. She feels pulses of euphoria blip from her hand through her whole body, one after another after another, the feeling of emptiness in her arm becoming more and more pronounced. Oh god, I can't believe I'm gonna do this...

"Hon, wait." Alice interjects. Nate freezes in place. "Too much?" he asks sweetly, backing off of her hand and revealing her cunt absolutely gushing went, rivulets of grool slowly trailing down her arm.

"No, I just... had an idea." she says with a bit of a giggle at the end. She reaches toward his belt with and begins to undo it with her normal hand, struggling a great deal.

"How about I give you a hand with that." Nate offers, only after saying it realizing what he had said. "No pun intended, sorry." Alice chuckles softly as Nate pulls undoes and pulls down his jeans, his erect cock springing out, yearning for release.

Alice's eyes widened a bit. "Wow, you're really excited."

"Yeah, I guess we're both a little weird, huh?" Nate said as Alice crept the fingers of her changed hand around its girth. She jerks him off a bit, the slick juices from her hand acting as a perfect lubricant, and the sensation making her more and more lustful.

Without a word she slickly slides her hand up its length and positions his tip at her opening. They lock eyes, and she pushes down. His dick enters her, stretching her wrist and forcing a gasp out of Alice.

"Holy shit, it's really tight..." Nate groans. Alice can only makes a soft whimper in return as she starts pulling her arm back. Feeling the unbelievably sensitive flesh inside her arm compress back together sends shivers through her whole body and she grinds her normal hand in her empty crotch through her pajama pants, cursing again her lack of equipment down there.

She pushes back down, stretching her arm open, then pulls back, letting it close. They start to find a rhythm as Nate tries not to think about how bizarre it is that he's fucking his wife's hand. Alice whips her normal hand out of her groin and grips the sofa cushion beneath her as the feelings spreading through her body grow more and more. Nate pulls her into a kiss as she moans into his lips.

She clenches her fingers around the cushion so hard that they start to tingle. As the couple starts to approach climax together, Alice doesn't notice as the fingers start to soften and lengthen, curling and squirming into the couch.

Alice is practically shouting through clenched teeth now, the sensation of her brand new vagina sending her to heights she can't remember ever reaching before. Nate starts to groan too as he reaches the brink. Alice shakily whispers in his ear that she's about to cum, which sends him over the edge as he starts pumping her arm full of cum. She slams her hand down, taking it all in as she reaches climax herself. As the feeling rockets through her body, her squirming tentacle-like fingers on her right hand start pulling apart, her arm unraveling into five segments until it's torn into five squirming tentacles from wrist to shoulder.

Nate gasps at the sight of the new limbs, struggling to understand what's happening in the post-cum haze, and pulls out of Alice's palm pussy. The feeling of him pulling out pushes Alice further into the orgasm still pulsing through her arm, and she splays her fingers out. Nate watches as they squirm and a similar process happens with her left arm, seams opening as it turns into 5 even tentacles to match the other side. As the pussy in her hand disappears during this change, Alice starts to come down from the orgasm and lets her head fall back on the cushion behind her, eyes closed shut as she comes close to falling asleep.

"Alice... Alice!" Nate says firmly. She groggily lifts her head up and look his way, and follows his eyeline to what used to be her arms. Shocked, she tries to lift her arms, but the muscles are entirely different now and all she manages to do is thrash them around, a couple of them slapping Nate in the thigh.

She starts to panic, letting out a whimper as the thin tendrils' smooth skin slips and slides over itself, her tentacles rubbing around each other in a mad tangle of flesh.

"ALICE!" Nate yells, snapping her out of her panic for a moment. "It's okay, just relax. Just relax, hon." She stops trying to move her arms and the bizarre ropes of flesh calm down, flopping loosely at her sides and on her lap. Her left tendrils leave smears of cum on her leg. Nate's cum must've fallen out when my arm... oh god. This is too much.

"Just focus on my voice. Just listen to me." Nate says, putting a hand on her shoulder right above where it splits. "Let's try this. Just... think hard about what your hand feels like, okay? Remember what it feels like, every muscle, every movement. Close your eyes and feel it."

Despite not liking the chances of this working, Alice follows along. I have to at least try, I can't live with these... these THINGS. She thinks about her arms. She remembers the sensation of each finger, flexing, clenching. Of her wrist, twisting it, lifting it. Every inch of her arms.


Alice sighs, still clearly able to feel the loose, tangly sensation of her current "arms". What am I supposed to do now? I can't drive, I can't write... I can't even hug my husband. I just... I wish... I just want to be able to wrap my arms around him...

She's close to tears, when suddenly the tingly sensation starts to swell up in her tentacles, originating from her shoulder and zapping down to their tips. Her eyes shoot open. "Nate, the tingles are back! They're back! I think I can fix this!"

Nate lets out half a chuckle. "Holy shit, I really didn't know if that was going to work! Okay, just uh... do what you did before, right?"

"I can't exactly move the tingles with my hands, hon!" She says indignantly, twitching her tendrils briefly and sending them tumbling around the couch. She closes her eyes and focuses on the tingles as they continue moving down her limbs. Instead of tracing them with her hands, she thinks hard about their starting point, and realizes she can inch the sensation forward, moving it down her arms. She feels the distinct, bizarre sensation of her arms re-binding, like a series of zippers zipping up, the skin reconnecting and the flesh reconfiguring as bones appear and muscles reset.

Nate says nothing and practically holds his breath as he watches her arms twist up like a pair of twizzlers, the ridges blending and smoothing as her arms reform. Alice opens her eyes once she feels her fingernails return, now noticeably lacking the subtle nail polish they once had. She twiddles her fingers in the air and laughs nervously. Nate wraps his arms around her in a big bear hug. "You did it! Amazing! I'm so proud of you!"

Alice rubs her hands up and down her arms. "That was so weird... and look! No arm hair! My skin is so smooth..."

"That's not all that's gone." Nate adds. "Look!" He points at her left palm. The relocated lips that had temporarily called her hand home were gone, replaced with more smooth skin. Does that mean...

Alice pulls at the waistband of her pajama pants and looks down at her groin. Nope. Still nothing.

"Great. We're back at square one." Alice groans.

"Not true! You're getting better at controlling... whatever it is that's going on with your body." Nate offers optimistically. Alice offers a warm smile in return. "Yeah... It's something, I guess."


Alice slips under the covers of their shared bed as Nate goes to turn off the lights. "We'll figure this out tomorrow, honey. I promise."

"But how? Who do we even talk to about this?" Alice asks, her voice croaking as her exhaustion starts to set in.

"I... I don't know. But we should at least go to the police station. You were taken for weeks, you're still technically a missing person. Really we should've gone tonight, but... well, I guess we got a bit distracted."

"Just promise you'll be by my side. I really... I don't want to be alone right now." Alice said, wrapping her arms around herself.

"I promise." Nate offered warmly as he slipped under the covers with her. "Everything is going to be okay now. I promise."

Nate shimmies up behind Alice and wraps his arm around her, giving her a kiss on the shoulder. For a moment, Alice believes him. However, there is one doubt that echoes through her head as she drifts off to sleep.

What the hell happens when I need to pee?


Re: Project: Self-Control - by blindprophet


As Alice shifts on her pillow, her dutiful attempts to get some rest are thwarted by a beam of harsh light coming straight from the bedroom window and focused right at her side of the bed. Squinting, she turns over to face the other side of the bed and sees their alarm clock reading 5:45. Ugh, so early... Why do we always forget to close the fucking blinds...

She closes her eyes a little tighter this time and smushes her head into the pillow, trying to find a comfortable spot to drift off again, when she encounters a patch of the pillow wettened by something sticky. Did I really drool all over my pillow? I haven't done that since high school, I guess I really needed some shuteye.

She smiles to herself a bit, happy to be back in her bed next to her husband. That is, until the wet patch starts to grow.

What the hell?, she thinks to herself, reaching up to wipe the drool off of her chin. Her lower chin is soaked, and as she pulls her hand back she finds, strands of stringy goo bridged between them.

Roused from her sleepiness by the confusion, Alice sits up and uses the back of her other hand to try and wipe away the rest of the drool, only to graze her mouth and feel something very, very wrong.

[Oh shit, no way, there's no way...

She places her full palm across her mouth and finds herself encountering the same misplaced feelings as last night, the reality of that situation fully sinking back in now.

"Holy shit, is my mouth a pussy?!" is what she wanted to say. What actually came out of the hole between her cheeks was more along the lines of:


Her eyes widened and she tried again. No luck. Experimentally, she flexed the muscles in her jaw and throat she usually used to open her mouth, but all that came was a slight gaping sensation and another trickle of the 'drool' that was all over her pillow and, now, the neckline of her pajama top.

It was then that Alice realized she wasn't breathing. Her hands fly to her throat, gripping it in a panic but only serving to rub more of the grool into her skin. They return to her face and find that it wasn't just her mouth that's been replaced, her nose is all but gone now as well, replaced by a more shallow hood with a particularly sensitive nub concealed within.

She rips the covers off of herself and runs to the bathroom connected to their room. As she closes the door behind her she hears Nate stir slightly, but doesn't seem to wake. She closes the medicine cabinet to look at herself through the mirror on the door, and the image she is met with, though not particularly unexpected, is nonetheless a complete shock.

A vagina takes up the lower half of her face, from where the bridge of her nose would meet her brow down to her chin. She gets up close to the mirror and tries to open her "mouth" again, to reveal a slick, smooth interior with no sign of teeth, tongue, or anything that you'd expect. Just a vagina, like it had been there her whole life.

Fuck this. At least the hand thing I could get away with by wearing gloves, there's no way I'm doing anything with this on my face.

She clenches her eyes shut and tries to emulate what she and Nate had figured out last night.
Just think about it real hard, imagine a normal mouth, and...

She opens her eyes, and her optimism is dashed. No change. Okay, second time's the charm. Lips. Teeth. Tongue. Let's do it. Come on!

Still nothing. Panic starts to creep in. How long has she had this thing, anyway? Did it show up when she fell asleep? What if it's been too long and now she's stuck with it? Will she never talk again? Thoughts start spiraling around her and she digs her fingers through her hair, desperate to get the same reaction as when Nate had done it before, to no avail.

Nate! Maybe it needs to be him!

She runs back into the bedroom and jostles him awake, not caring if she gets their sheets messy with the sticky mess on her hands.

"Ugh, Alice, what is that smell...?" Nate grumbles as he stretches his arms up into the air. He lets out a yawn and cracks his eyes open to peek at the time. "Babe, it's early, we don't have to go to the police station right away..." he says as he starts curling back up under the covers.

She grabs her cold, soggy pillow and hits him over the head with it.

"OW! Hey, what--" Nate sits up quickly and is about to complain when his eyes meet his wife's. They don't hold eye contact for long though, as Nate finds himself more interested in the rest of her face quite suddenly.

"That's... oh god, what happened?"

Alice's brow furrows and she points at her 'mouth.' "Yeah, I can see... that. Did that happen last night?"

Alice gives an exasperated shrug. The two just stare at each other for a moment, Nate unsure of what to say.

"Uhh, I guess you can't talk, huh?" The silence that follows is all the answer he needs.

"Hold on a sec, let me..." Nate reaches for the nightstand on his side of the bed and grabs his phone. He fiddles with it for a moment and hands it to Alice, Notepad app open. Alice types away at it for a bit and turns it back to her husband.

[ I can't get the tingles back. Rub my hair ]

She doesn't wait for him to respond, just sits on the edge of the bed facing away from him, leaning her head into him. After a moment Nate starts to gently run his hands through her hair, softly massaging her scalp. Several minutes go by like this, Nate patiently waiting to see if anything happens.

"Uh... is it... working?"

Alice slumps down and away from his hands, looking down at her feet. She throws his phone down onto the bed in frustration and puts her face in her hands.


Alice sits at the kitchen table, quietly watching her husband make eggs on the stovetop. She has since changed out of her sodden pajamas into a long turtleneck sweater, and has the neck pulled as high up as it'll go, trying her hardest to pretend that... THAT... isn't there.

Nate finishes with the eggs and lays some fresh peppers and onions on top, curling it up into an omelet. He grabs a knife and cuts it in half, putting each half on its own plate. He starts carrying them to the kitchen table when he stops, a look of realization on his face.

"Oh, right. Sorry..." he says, not able to look directly at his wife. Alice waves her hand in a 'don't worry about it' gesture and leans forward, resting her head in her arms.

"Wow, you really can't eat... how does that even work? Wait, what about breathing? Are you even able to breathe through that... uh, that... hole?"

She nods her head no and waves her hand in front of her face.

He takes a big bite of omelet, suddenly looking deep in thought. "Well, maybe that's the trick then." Nate says, mouth half full of egg. "Maybe this thing, whatever it is, it reacts when you

have a strong enough feeling or desire for something. When you wanted your pussy back it gave it to you, right? Not in the right place, but... well, it did sort of work, right?"

Alice perks up, a thought occurring to her, and snatches up his phone again.

[ When my arms went crazy, I thought really hard about wanting to hug you and it fixed them ]

"Maybe what we need is for you to think really hard about WHY you want your mouth back. Just think about everything you're missing out on, focus really hard on the sensations you're missing, you know?"

Alice smiles with her eyes and gives him a big nod of approval. She closes her eyes and scrunches her brow, focusing as hard as she can.

A breath of fresh air, smelling flowers, kissing my husband...

She tries listing everything she can think of, but her concentration is broken by the sound of Nate scraping his fork against the plate, trying to get at the last scraps of omelet. She opens her eyes and stares at the still-untouched half left on the other plate, the one he had so kindly left for her without thinking. God she could go for some breakfast right about now.

Suddenly she feels a rushing sensation travel up her throat and she lets out a wheezy gasp. Nate's mouth opens in shock as Alice suddenly feels a tongue slip out of her mouth, messily sliding around as she gets reaccustomed to the feeling.

"Fib I fo ipp?" she attempts to mutter. The act of speaking vibrates her whole throat and mouth in a way she's never felt before and a spike of pleasure sends a shock through her brain. Her tongue hangs loosely out of the pussy still situated on her mouth, dripping a string of grool onto the table as her eyes droop to a half-lidded expression of stupor.

Alice opens her 'mouth' and lets out a long "Mmmmmmbbbbbbuhhhhhhhhhhhhh...", an involuntary moan that only serves to stimulate her more as the vibration makes her whole head feel numb.

She slips two fingers in without even thinking. She twists and twirls her tongue around them as they slide up against the roof of her 'mouth', getting an incredible sensation from her newly sensitive tongue as well that makes her whole throat light up with ecstasy.

Nate can't believe what he's watching. A minute ago his wife was sullen, and for good reason, but now she was greedily fucking her own face with two fingers and making a mess all over their kitchen.

"Alice...?" he offers, unsure how to handle the situation. As if suddenly remembering her husband was in the room, her eyes open up and she looks at him with a look of perverse hunger that he's never seen on her before. She slips her fingers out of her face.

"Chome obuh heah mb fubg me." she sputters messily from the winking hole on her face. "Um... what? I can't understand you super well like this hon."
"Cfum fubk me NOW." she bellows, splattering a mess all over her sweater. She starts reaching over the table, desperately fumbling for his pants as Nate steps back in alarm.

"This is crazy, babe. You're not acting like yourself! Just try to calm down so we can fix you the rest of the way, please!"

Alice huffs and shoves her two fingers back inside. If he won't give her what she needs, she'll have to settle for second best, she thinks. As Nate paces around the room nervously though, she can't help but stare at his pants, imagining shoving his thick, hard cock all the way down her new throat. She thinks about every inch of it pressing against her walls, stretching her out as she...

Wow, that's a little more than imagining. She could swear she can FEEL it in there. Alice tries to curl her fingers to massage the bottom of her mouth, but the fingers inside her suddenly feel swollen and inarticulate. She starts to slip them out only to feel a shift all along the inside of her throat. Her eyes bulge and water as she yanks her hand from her face, unsheathing a massively thick 9-inch cock growing from where her index and middle finger used to be, taking up the space they both used to occupy.

I needed it, and it showed up... Alice thinks to herself in a moment of clarity. Whatever this is, it responds to my desires, my innermost needs... maybe if I...

Alice lowers her massive dickfinger to her groin, which she left completely uncovered other than by the length of her extra large sweater. No use in wearing panties if there's not much to cover up down there.

Hey, this big cock needs somewhere to fit... she calls out mentally to herself, hoping some part of her body responds to the need. She mashes the angry red head of the cock up against the blank skin of her groin, the alien sensation of her dick sending a shock up her wrist much like the handpussy had last night. Mmm, come on... Let's find you a home...

She rubs the head up and down, the feelings making her whole arm tense up, every time she presses, the squeezing sensation of her cockflesh makes her want to moan, but Alice doesn't want to get distracted while she's on a roll.

Suddenly there's a give. Her dickfinger slips into a slight groove, and Alice excitedly presses in deeper. It feels almost like she is molding a tunnel through a block of clay, only it feels ten thousand times better. She keeps pushing and pushing, losing the plot of what she's doing and just enjoying the sensation, until she feels her knuckles press up against the bottom of her ass and she realizes she's completely hilted herself.

Holy fuck, that whole dick is in there? she thinks in amazement. She pulls her hand back and forth a bit and feels it reaching way further into her core than she thought physically possible, and looking down at her groin she spots a possible reason why. Her mound is massive compared to before, plump and pushing out as if she'd used one of those pumps she'd heard about on the internet. She brings her normal hand down and rubs her now bulging clit, the feeling making her insides clamp down on her cock and squeezing it so hard she couldn't pull it out if she wanted to.

A few more seconds of rubbing and her arm feels like it's about to burst with the strain of her flexing every muscle. She feels like she's rapidly approaching a wall, and she thinks she knows what might happen when she hits it.

Ready for the big finish, she pulls her hand away from her swollen bottom clit and reaches up to where her nose ought to be, balling her hand and pressing her knuckles into it hard. She grinds her face for a moment and that's all it takes, all of the muscles in her arm turn like steel as she feels a jet of white hot something blast through her hand and through her dickfinger, reaching deep into her and blasting a part of her she didn't even know existed.

Her face muscles start pulsing as she reaches orgasm through both of her pussies as well, squirting all over her sweater as well as whatever might be in front of her at the moment as she stumbles around the room blindly, gurgling and moaning through clenched lips while her tongue hangs loosely from her face.

Alice drops to the floor, kneeling as she drips out all over the tile, barely able to form a thought. She stays there for what could be seconds, or could be hours for all she's concerned, until she's shaken from her stupor by a hand on her shoulder. Through lazily focused eyes she looks up at her husband, looking down on her with concern in his eyes.

Why does he look so sad? That was great... she thinks as she struggles to keep from drifting off to unconsciousness.

"Oh, Alice... what a mess. Come on, let's get you in the shower." he says gently, getting her one available arm around his shoulder while the other is draped contently down her front, dickfinger still firmly stuck in place.

She looks dreamily up at him, face flushed as she is still coming down from the best experience of her life. As they hobble toward the bathroom, her eyes drift down at his crotch and she notices his bulge angrily pushing out against his pants.

If she could smile right now, she'd be beaming.


Nate had really thought Alice had gotten it all out of her system, but it would make sense that somebody with 3 sets of genitals would struggle with their... impulse control.

He had tried to get her in the shower but as soon as he turned the water on, she yanked him in with her. He would have complained about his clothes getting wet, but it seemed inappropriate at the time given she was having the same problem just a few minutes earlier.

It seemed that stripping down was exactly her plan though, as the moment he discarded his soggy clothes she was lunging for his dick yet again. He relented and got back into the shower with her, but despite admittedly getting a bit turned on by the display earlier, he found it hard to keep it up when she was fondling his cock with her own, to her disappointment.

"Sorry honey. Look, uh, I'm open to fooling around a little if it... helps... with your situation there, but the whole 'cock on hand' situation isn't really doing it for me.

Alice pauses for a moment, looking obviously hurt by the fact. She lifts her dick-adorned hand up and, barely even thinking about it, the phallus splits in two and reforms into fingers.

"Whoa, Alice, did you just do that on purpose?!" Nate exclaims excitedly. Alice doesn't even acknowledge the question and smushes her face into his groin, slobbering all over his
semi-erect cock with her tongue, leaving sloppy trails of grool all over his neatly-shaven groin.

"Holy shit... Okay, that's more like it... OH!" Nate's posture shoots up straight as she sucks his dick right into the hole in her face, all the while licking it up and down inside. Inside her mouth he feels the most unusual suckling sensation as her inner walls pulse over and over, each time trying to pull his dick further in as if she were swallowing.

He groans and grabs the back of her head with both hands, raking his fingers through her hair while her eyes roll into the back of her head. She starts letting out a deep, muffled moan through the flesh of his cock, sending vibrations through both their genitals. This bizarre, incredible feeling sends Nate over the edge faster than ever before and he unloads, shooting cum into the back of her cunt-throat while she lets out a shuddering groan and presses her face as hard into his groin as she can.

After a few moments her suckling dies down and she relaxes for a moment, her shoulders slumping down as she seems finally satisfied, at least for the moment. Pulling back, she releases his cock from her face with a 'pop' and beams up at him with smiling eyes.

"Pbgl ympfrgl-"

She tries to speak but all she gets out is a mouthful of cum that dribbles down her breasts. She leans her head down and gape her mouth open, letting a bit more drip out before scrunching up her face. She brings her hands up and smushes her cheeks around a bit, then looks up at her husband with a fully restored mouth and nose, her smile returned.

"Thanks for the breakfast!"


Re: Project: Self-Control - by blindprophet


"I don't really know what to tell you hon, the hole in my face was doing most of the thinking for me. It's like, the more I let go and let my body take over, the easier it was to change myself around."

Alice is doing her best to humor her husband's questions while hurriedly tugging a pair of jeans up around her hips. Nate was pretty insistent they go down to the police station and clear up the situation the best they can before a neighbor spots Alice out and about and put Nate in the hot seat. A task, Alice thinks, is much more accomplishable today now that she has the face of a human instead of some kind of porn movie alien. She shifts her thighs around a bit, her jeans compressing her junk in a way she wasn't prepared for.

God damn, I wish I had shrunken this new vag down a bit while I was still in the mood. This thing is barely fitting in my pants.

"Babe," Nate starts, "maybe this goes without saying, but I think it might be more trouble than it's worth right now to bring up the... secondary effects of what happened."

"Are you suuure you don't want me carted off to some lab across the country and get dissected by guys in lab coats? It could be a fun way to spend the weekend." Alice says with acidic levels of sarcasm.

"Heh. Just wanted to get on the same page is all. So, uh... what do we tell them, then?"

"Everything I can remember up until last night. Which is admittedly not a lot." Alice sniffs the air in the bedroom. There's still a lingering funk from the discharge she left on the sheets overnight.

"Remind me to do some laundry when we get back."

"Uh-uhn, if you think I'm letting you lift a finger around the house today after everything you've been through-"

Alice lifts the two fingers that had only an hour ago been a throbbing phallus. She raises an eyebrow and smirks, letting out a bit of a snort.

"Yeah, funny. Get your shoes on, something tells me we're gonna be there a while."


Nate was right, of course. Disappearing for weeks and waking up running from a van full of who-knows-who isn't what the police would consider a satisfying summary of events, and at

Hour 3 of sitting on an uncomfortable plastic bench by the reception desk, Nate was starting to reconsider having brought her here at all.

"You're sure this is where you remember walking out of? This warehouse?"

The detective walked back into the cramped room, showed Alice the same satellite photo for the fifth time in a row. This process was turning out to be an exhausting one, considering how little she actually had to tell them.

"Like I said, I can't be sure. It was really dark and my memory is fuzzy up until I got home, but I do remember passing seeing that old neon sign for the farmer's market when I ran out... so that must be the place."

"Well, ma'am, I don't mean to worry you any further, but that warehouse caught fire early this morning. There's not much left. We've got folks down there checking out what's left, but from what we know right now, that building was out of commission for the last few years. No signs of anyone working out of there in a long time."

Alice sighs, crosses her arms on the table and rests her face down.

"That's not really the news I wanted to hear, but honestly sir, I just want this all to be over with. As much as I want these assholes to get caught, right now I just want to go home and be with my husband."

"I understand ma'am. We'll want to check back in with you soon, so if we can get something on the books I would appreciate it. But we've grilled you hard enough about this for now. Again, I'm very sorry you've had to go through this."

The detective opens the door and gestures her out.

Last night, she thinks. So... if we had come straight to the station instead of... they might have caught these guys...

Guilt creeps across Alice's thoughts as she follows the detective down the hallway. He stops to have a conversation with his partner, but Alice doesn't hear a word as her thoughts start spiraling. A dull buzzing sensation starts to crawl its way across her body as she's swallowed up by the thought that her abductors could get away scot-free because of her own selfish desires, because she wanted so badly to...

Whoa. The buzzing has centered firmly between her legs. No, no, no, not here, please...

"Um, before we schedule anything, can you... can you point me to the n- NEAREST! Restroom please?" Alice yelps out, squirming as she feels rippling sensations going down her spine into her most private area.

"Er, yes, it's uh... in the door to the right, down the-"

The detective barely has time to point toward the door before she runs in and slams the door behind her. He gives his partner a confused look, and they resume their conversation.

"Fuck, fuck, FUCK, stop it!" Alice begs as she claws at the buttons of her pants and yanks them down. She sits down on the can and cranes her neck to try and get a look at what's happening.

Huh, nothing's different. I mean, my vag is still HUGE, but other than that...

Ba-dump. She feels a pulse go through her, like her heartbeat at a hundred times the intensity. Her eyes go wide, hoping she hasn't actually seen what she thought she did. Ba-dump. Her pussy jumps, pulsing as if her heartbeat were coming straight from its lips. They looked a little wider, a little puffier, than they had a moment ago.

Ba-DUMP. This pulse was more intense than the others. The decidedly bulging shape of her pussy was now fully protruding from her pelvis, the lips splayed wide open as if the pedals of her flower were blooming for the spring. She grimaced as she grabbed it hard with both hands, trying to squeeze it back in like she were balling stuffing back into a toy.

Ba-DUMP! An even stronger pulse. Her vagina fought against her efforts and shoved her hands back, now taking up so much space that, when she stood up in a panic, she could barely close her legs back together.

Alice knows she needs to calm down before things get worse. She crosses her arms, trying to resist the urge to grab at herself any further, and takes a deep breath. Her heart is still aflutter and the sensations coming from her groin are cresting to a height becoming very hard to ignore. Taking another peek down, her clitoris is bulging from its hood, looking more like a shining red cherry pushing itself out of her body. She closes her eyes and tries to forget the image, but the pulsing isn't going away so easily.

Taking several more steady breaths, though, she can feel it go down from a drumbeat to more of a light tapping. That's it, she tells herself. Settle down... Quiet down...

The sensation stops. She smiles to herself, but the smile drops sharply into a frown when she opens her eyes and looks down at herself again. "Holy shit, I'm massive!" she mutters, gawking at the blinking red monstrosity taking up her groin. Having run out of room, it seems to have started creeping its way up her groin, making it halfway to her belly button before she had managed to stop the growth.

Standing up again, her attempts to close her legs only result in a shock of sensation up her body, her thighs compressing her clit, which is now completely exposed to the air and twitching

in the cold. One look in the mirror revealed that her hips had started to widen at some point in the process as well.

She makes a half-hearted attempt to get her jeans back on, but she barely makes it halfway past her knees before they reach their limit, refusing to hike up any higher. Her plush pussy rests neatly in the seat of her hanging pants like they were being served on a tray at a fancy dinner.

"Well this is a hell of a sight. I'm glad that door locks, otherwise..." she shudders at the thought of one of the detectives walking in on her like this. "I guess I'd better shrink this baby back down."

She plops herself back down on the toilet seat and tries to repeat the process from earlier, closing her eyes,, quieting her mind and focusing on what she NEEDS in that moment, which is to be small enough to fit in her jeans and get the hell out of here. Her body, mercifully, relents to her thoughts easier than before and she feels the tingles creep along her skin once again.
Smaller... smaller... smaller...

Knock knock knock. A rapping at the door startles her out of her concentration. "Y... Yes? Occupied?" she squeaks out awkwardly.

"Alice, are you okay? You've been in there awhile." She hears Nate call from the other end of the door. "Are you... do you need help with... something?" he asks knowingly, clearly worried she's lost control of her body again.

"No, it's fine hon, I had a little issue but I... I'm fixing it. Give me 5 minutes."

"Okay. Text me if you need me." he reassures her, before the sound of him walking away gives her permission to get back to the task at hand. She opens her eyes for a moment and-

What the fuck. What the fuck. The room wasn't this big before, was it? She looks down at herself. Her body looks fine, for the most part, although...

"God dammit! It's still huge!" she grumbles, pawing at the display between her legs in frustration. She waves her legs a bit. Wait, her legs definitely reached the tile floor when she sat down. That can't be right...

Alice tries to stand up off of the toilet, having to hop down a bit. She waddles up to the mirror, still struggling to get her legs to move how she wants with the changes to her hips. She can barely make eye contact with her reflection at this point. She's... shrunk!

"Fuck, fuck, fucky fuck! Just when I finally think I've got this thing under control, I... Holy fuck, the doorknob is practically eye-level, I'm barely pushing 4 feet!"

It's then that Alice realizes, the tingling never stopped. Whatever she was doing to herself, it was still going! She looks back at the mirror only to see that she can't even see the top of her head anymore, just the front of the sink.

"Nate?! Hey! Nate!" she calls, but to no response. "Gotta call him, where's my... my phone..."

Alice is practically swimming in her clothes now, her top draped over her like a dress. As she tries to claw at the pockets of her jeans, now laying on the floor, the sleeves of her top begin to get in the way, so she wastes even more time crawling out of it, it and her bra abandoned entirely.

She manages to slip her phone out of the practically air-tight pocket on the back of her jeans, but holding it in her hands, it feels to her more like an iPad than a phone now. She tries to unlock it but the fingerprint scanner doesn't recognize her anymore, so she resorts to clumsily bashing her password into the number pad.

"Phone... contacts... scroll, come on..." Every second that passes now, Alice can feel herself losing even more size, the world expanding out around her noticeably at this point.

Nate plops himself back down onto the bench and closes his eyes for a moment, ready to get out of this place, when his phone lights up. He sighs, knowing exactly what it must mean, and he answers the call.

"Alice, everything all right?"

"Um... no... can you please come get me? This is getting really bad..." he hears from the other end, although the voice is oddly quiet, like she's far away from the phone.

He heads back to the bathroom and knocks on the door. He hears a quiet "Nate?" from the other side. Grabbing the doorknob, he gives it a quick wiggle, but no budge. "Unlock the door, it's me." He hears what sounds like feet hitting the tile floor several times, as if she were jumping up and down.

"Give me a minute, I have to... climb... up..." The doorknob wobbles, then a click. Nate tries the door again and opens it just a crack, not wanting to expose whatever's going on inside. What he sees though takes him by surprise, the figure of his wife, perched on top of the sink, barely even a foot tall.

"Close it, close it!" she whispers harshly, as he hurries in and locks the door behind him. "Alice, what happened? You're tiny!" he asks sharply, unconsciously crouching down to her level.

"Well, I was trying to deal with THIS whole mess, and..." she gestures to her crotch, then plops herself down dejectedly into the basin of the sink, looking about ready to cry.

"Hey, hey, it's okay... it's gonna be fine, we just need to calm down, okay?" he whispers to her assuringly. He reaches down, then hesitates. "Can I...?" she nods, lips pouting, and he scoops her up in his arms, one hand supporting her butt while the other covers almost her entire backside, holding her close to his chest. "Hey... are you... still getting smaller?"

"I can't make it stop... I don't know how much smaller I can get..." she whimpers as she presses her face into his shirt. Nate can feel her getting lighter as he has to try even less to support her in his hands. He starts to rub her back with a single finger as she sobs quietly into him. As Alice lets her emotions out, the feeling of a broad, thick object brushing down her back starts to calm her down. She doesn't even register it's Nate's finger, but it's enough. The tingles quiet down and she opens her eyes, blearily looking at her surroundings.

"Okay, I think it's over... how small did I end up?" she asks in a very matter-of-fact manner. Nate plops her back onto the sink, and she has plenty of room to stand on the rim. "I'd say you're eight, maybe nine inches at this point. Do you think you're able to grow back?"

"No way." she says. "At least like this we can sneak out of here. I don't want to end up 20 feet tall by accident, no talking our way out of that one."

"Fair point." Nate replies. "How do you expect me to sneak you out, though? It's not like I brought a bag or anything. And balling you up in your clothes might raise some questions, like "why do you have all of your wife's clothes? Why is your wife naked somewhere in our station? Why did-"

"Yeah, I get the point." Alice interrupts, obviously impatient to get out of here. "Okay, we'll just abandon the clothes. Katya's dad used to work here, we can get him to swing by later and pick them up if that haven't been thrown out by then. For now, just, uh... hide me under your shirt I guess."

"You want me walking out of here with a big lump under my shirt? They're gonna think I'm stealing something!"

"Fine, maybe I can hide myself in your giant man pockets if I curl myself up. Pick me up."

Alice holds her arms out, inviting Nate to grab hold. He picks her up, noting how similar it feels to when he'd play with action figures as a kid. "Holy crap, Alice, you barely weight anything right now. I'm gonna have to be careful with you like this."

"Yeah, just don't put me in the pocket with your keys and we should be fine. Come on!"

Alice curls up in his hand and holds her knees, folding her legs close to her body to make herself as small as possible. Nate gingerly plops her into his pocket and she's immediately taken aback by how much room she has to move around inside. "Are you serious dude? You

realize I can BARELY get my phone into the jeans I wore in here, and those are my GOOD jeans."

Nate can barely hear her through the denim though, as she hears him open the door and hurry through the reception area.

"Hey, is your wife okay? She's been in there for a while." somebody asks.

"Yeah, she just left, actually... um, she's out in the car. I just had to... use the bathroom... before leaving."

Smooth. Alice thinks, wondering if he could have made that sound any more suspicious. Without further incident though she hears the front doors open and the sounds of birds chirping in the distance ring through. A moment later the car door opens and she finds herself being jostled around violently.

"Hey, hey! Careful!" she shouts as the car door slams shut. A massive hand goes fishing into the pocket and pulls her out, Nate holding her up at the steering wheel, looking around nervously to see if anyone can see them.

"Sorry, I wasn't gonna take you out in the parking lot though. Are you okay?"

"Fine. But I don't think your pocket's gonna be the safest place to be while you're driving around."

"Starting to wish we'd sprung for something with cupholders instead of this old junker?" She rolls her eyes. He's really never going to let that one go, is he?
"Hey, unzip your pants."

"Uhh, seriously? Are you forgetting we're parked at the police station right now?" Nate asks, eyes still darting around looking for any witnesses.

"Oh just do it, the longer you wait the higher the chance someone sees you playing with a doll in your car. It's the only place I can be strapped down where I don't have to worry about falling out."

Nate shrugs and unzips his fly, nestling her up against his boxers. She tries to zip herself up, but in her diminished form she isn't strong enough to do anything other than wiggle the grip of the zipper back and forth.

"Here, I've got it." Nate very carefully raises the zipper, one tooth at a time, careful not to catch his wife's delicate form in it as he goes. He buttons it up and admires his handiwork, his wife's head and arms peeking out the top. She's actually kind of cute down there, he thinks to himself.

A minor tremor shakes Alice in her unconventional seating. The shape of Nate's dick shifts underneath her. She rolls her eyes. "Don't really know what I expected... hey, can we go home please?"

Nate gulps, nods, and starts up the car. This is going to be a long car ride.


Ten minutes of being crammed into his pants was starting to reveal what an uncomfortable arrangement this was. Alice was sweating bullets. No human was ever meant to be surrounded by this much denim, she decides. And it didn't help that every time she shifted around, her husband's manhood squirmed around beneath her, tickling her skin and reminding her of her own unusual biology downstairs.

And what a reminder it was. She knew they must be getting close to home by now, but it was getting difficult to ignore the burning sensation in her groin. The heat and sweat, and the musk of her husband so close to her now, it was all becoming what could easily be the perfect storm. She was tempted to climb out, but... Alice couldn't help but enjoy it a little. To feel this small, with so little control, and feel her man's need for her straining against her entire body, it was beginning to become a bit intoxicating.

She squirmed again. Another twitch from below. The more she focused on it, the more mischievous she was feeling. It couldn't hurt to have a little fun, right? They'd be home soon enough.

Slowly, she started to rub back and forth a bit. She looked up to see if Nate had noticed. If he had, he was trying to hide it. Another rub, still nothing. Wiggling around a bit, she snuck her arms underneath his pantline and started to tug at his boxers underneath her. Getting a hold of the waistband, she finagled it over her legs and started to inch underneath. When skin contacted skin, Nate let out of sharp huff.

Well he definitely noticed that, she thinks with a smirk. She moves a bit more until her swollen pussy smushes up against his dick. She hadn't realized how wet she was, but it was a pleasant surprise. She reached both hands down and even the two combined weren't enough to satisfy her proportionally gigantic sex.

She starts to grind back and forth, practically gliding with how slick her juices had made her, both hands clasping at her swollen clit. She lets out a sharp groan and bites at the rim of Nate's

pants as her whole world lights up with feeling. She speeds up, slipping lower and lower into the hot, sweaty cave beneath her. Nate's cock was now straining against his pants, and the surface beneath her goes rigid. She grinds harder, her folds clasping at what little they can grab hold of as her legs splay out on either side. She starts building toward something when suddenly she's jolted forward.

Nate puts the car in park and pulls out the keys. "Fuck. Holy fuck. Babe... you're lucky we're home, I could've gotten in an accident if you'd kept that up."

Alice doesn't reply, she just sinks down and rests against his still-hard dick, humming with need.


As soon as they're inside the house with the door closed, Nate yanks down his pants, abandoning them at the walkway, and retrieves his wife from his crotch. She's fully riding his cock at this point and seems well disappointed to be taken off her mount.

"Give me a minute..." he says while carrying her into the living room. He plops her down on the coffee table and disappears into the bathroom. Left alone for a moment, Alice can't help but focus on the horrible empty feeling inside of her, like her whole body is yearning to be reunited with her big friend from the car ride. "Naaate..." she moans as she doubles over. "Please... come back... I need it..."

She turns over onto her back and looks down at herself. Her pussy has apparently continued its journey from earlier, crawling its way up her front, to the point where it's consumed her belly button altogether. Her clit now rests comfortable just below her ribs, and as she traces its shape down below, she finds that it's fully engulfed everything between her asscheeks all the way up to her tailbone.

"Holy fuck... I'm so empty... Nate... PLEASE..." There's nothing Alice can even do to address her needs with her puny little hands. She can't even crawl off the table to find something to stick in herself without risking hurting herself in the fall.

She hears the faucet turn off, and Nate comes back into the room, slowly sitting down on the couch in front of her, not aware of her new predicament until he gets a good look at her.

Alice is on her back, her legs splayed open wider than should be physically possible. It looks to Nate like her hips aren't even connected anymore, just two separate pieces connecting her body to her now much more vestigial legs. Her pussy is splayed open, amassing most of her lower body at this point as its opening winks open and closed, pointed directly at him. Alice can't even get any words out, just messily breathing and whimpering in need as she claws at her engorged clitoris.

"Oh my god, Alice, look what you did to yourself..." he says, but Alice doesn't even hear him. He scoops her up in his hand once more and she immediately tries to flip herself over to grind herself on the thick of his palm.

"Ungh... just do it... fuck me... please..."

"Honey, you're way too small, even if I wanted to..." "DO IT! I don't care, do it do it do iiiiiiit!"
Nate shrugs. "Fuck it. I'll try."

He hooks his free hand around his boxers and pulls them down, his cock springing up from its confines. Alice peeks down at it hungrily, muttering incomprehensibly to herself as he lowers her toward it.

He adjusts his hand to wrap around her oddly squishy midsection and lines her up. Her vagina is practically the same size it was when she was full-sized at this point, he realizes. He brings her lower, lower, until her lips just barely touch the tip of his twitching member.


Her plea is interrupting by Nate slotting himself into her, slipping in easier than he he was prepared for. He was only trying to inch his way into her slightly, but he was met with no resistance and now finds himself inches deep into her miniscule body, her torso bulging obscenely to welcome the turgid invader.

Alice, meanwhile, can't make a sound. Her body feels like it's 80% dick, the entirety of her insides making room for him the moment he entered her. She can't speak, can't breathe, can barely move a muscle, but her body isn't looking for those things anymore. This is what she is now. A sheath for his hard, pulsing rod.

Nate snaps out of his momentary stupor, hand still gripped around her body, and realizes that his wife has gone still. Worried for her, he yanks her up a bit and sees her chest and ribs compress back into shape, only her hips now housing the top half of his cock. Alice sputters and drools, the liquid coming out of her looking suspiciously like his own pre-cum, and she locks eyes with him.


His own desires perhaps clouding his better judgment, he realigns his grip and shoves into her even harder. She hits the base of his crotch this time and she distends again, this time up through her throat and even her jaw. Her eyes practically bulge out of her head with pleasure,

and as she opens her mouth to moan, all that Nate can see is the tip of his own dick peeking out from behind her lips. He's gone all the way through her!

"Oh my god. That's so fucked up. So fucking good..." he mumbles as he lifts her up again, only to smash her back down. He's met with a wet squelch, liquid pooling out of Alice at a shocking rate to keep her insides lubed up for him. He does it again, and her eyes roll back, her limbs twitching around in a mad frenetic manner.

Again, and again. All Alice knows is the fierce heat boiling through her entire body, every inch inside of her feeling like intoxicatingly pleasurable pins and needles, times a thousand. She tries to grip at anything out of instinct, but other than the thick digits wrapped around her body, all there is for her is to claw at the air madly. The head of Nate's cock mashes at the back of her teeth, then retreats back inside of her. Every time it disappears, her tongue lashes back after it, trying to reach it, until it comes rushing back in all over again.

As he pumps her over and over, his index finger and thumb pinch at her tits, hanging uselessly off her pliable body. I'm like a toy to him, she thinks. A tiny little toy, all for him, to make him feel... feel...

The blip of a thought her mind managed to squeak out disappears as soon as it appeared, as her pleasure climbs to new heights. Orgasms are a thing of the past in her new form. Every moment he's inside her is like a million tiny explosions of feeling in every cell of her body.

Suddenly he pushes forward and holds there. Thought returns to Alice for a moment as she feels a pulsing at her insides, as something rushes by. Her mouth is filled in an instance with cum, and her cheeks bulge out obscenely until the seal of her lips break and it dribbles out all over her tiny, stretchy form.

Nate says something. He moves around. None of it really matters to the toy. She blinks reflexively as cum pulls under her eyes. The toy's body is still alight with pleasure, never dimming as long as her owner is inside of her. He wipes her with something. She closes her eyes. He's taking such good care of her. She's glad she could be of service to him and make him feel so good in return. He stands up and walks to another room. She's fastened on his still hard cock, wobbling around as if she's getting a tour of her surroundings. None of it is very interesting to her.

He falls back onto the bed they once shared. The toy cozies up against the warm, squishy flesh of her owner's stomach behind her and closes her eyes contentedly, pleasure tingling down her useless arms and legs as she drifts off, her purpose served.

The toy didn't even notice those dangling limbs shrink away into nothing.


Re: Project: Self-Control - by blindprophet


Nate's eyes creak open a sliver as the sun peeking through the blinds makes itself unignorable. He turns over onto the cool side of his pillow where the sun would leave him be and tries to slip back into sleep, but there's a slight discomfort keeping his mind present, an errant itch in his groin that won't go away.

Nate groggily flops onto his back and reaches down to alleviate himself, not content with his afternoon nap ending so soon, but the second his finger makes contact with the source, he feels something that certainly doesn't belong. It's a texture that's certainly out of place, sleek and soft like the tip of a paintbrush, but delicate, like a fine silk. He gives it a gentle pull, hoping to hold it up to his eyes to see what it is, but all he gets is a sharp, unpleasant tugging sensation on what he now realizes doesn't feel at all like his dick.

"Mmngh... Ah, my hair...? What was that for?"

"Oh shit, Alice?! You're still down there?" Nate says as his eyes snap wide open. Feeling further down the shaft his fingers encounter a miniscule pair of bumps that are certainly Alice's tits, sending a shiver through her body so strong he feels it through his own member. "I'm so sorry hon, you looked so comfortable down there and I figured you'd change back yourself at some point while I was conked out, and-"

"Alice...? Is that... Oh right... Yeah, me, Alice. That was wild, last night... I genuinely think you fucked my brains out a little bit there. Uh, can you...?"

"R-right, sorry, I'll, uh, get you... off." Nate hurriedly stammers as he scrambles out of the sheets. His hand is still wrapped around Alice, but less like he'd typically handle his merchandise and more like he's cupping a priceless figurine, Alice's miniscule form delicately resting face-down in his palm like it were a reclining pillow. She's significantly more Alice-shaped now at least, he notes.

"Just a few more minutes maybe..." she mumbles, trying to turn over but failing miserably. "Wait, Alice, your arms!"
"Hmm?" Alice groggily hummed, still clearly shaking off her sopor. "What about them?" "Uh, they're gone? You didn't notice?"
"Mmgh..." Alice shimmied back and forth a little, her body little more than a head and torso. She lazily tried to get a look at where her arms should be and noticed nothing more than the bump of a shoulder, completely smoothed off at the end. "Mmm... that's weeeeeird..."

"Are you... okay? You seem kind of out of it still." Nate elevated her a bit, feeling a little weird having to hunch over so much to talk to his wife. Alice responded with another hum, and simply closed her eyes and shifted around a bit, trying to get comfortable.

Getting more concerned about her non-responsiveness, Nate wraps his hand around her and starts to gently tug her upward to dislodge her from his member, but she doesn't budge. He gives another little tug, this one with a little more effort, but this time all he manages to do is make her back pop and send a strange sensation through his penis.

"Unh... babe..." Alice coos as she starts to wriggle in his grip a bit.

"Fuck, sorry. Jeez, you're really stuck on there good. He introduces his other hand to the equation now and starts feeling around the base to try and wedge it between himself and her body, but he can't for the life of him find a seam. As he works his way around to the front, his finger finds her still-engorged clit and a shock of sensation shoots through him like a bolt of lightning, his hands recoiling in reaction as if he had just touched a live wire. Alice falls face-first and flops over onto his testicles, her oversized ass now shown in full display and revealing just how much had changed overnight.

Too shocked for words, Nate just stares at the sight below as Alice grumbles and shifts around, trying not to suffocate on his nuts. Her body, though exceptionally bottom-heavy and armless, looks fairly normal until her hips, at which point her ass juts out behind her and blends cleanly into the skin of his own groin, which he notes is perfectly hairless now despite his lack of manscaping. He hesitantly reaches a finger down and traces the crease that once was her ass, up her spine to her neck, and realizes that the odd sensations he felt earlier weren't his dick being squeezed and vibrated INSIDE her, but coming directly from her skin itself!

"Alice! Holy shit! You're my dick!"

"Mmphpgbb?" Alice mumbles in confusion, still face-down in his balls. Nate lifts her up again and tries to twist her a bit to talk face-to-face, but one of his fingers presses firmly across her chest giving him an alien sensation that makes him take a sharp breath.

"No way... I can feel your..." Nate trails off as he takes one of her tits, barely the size of a blueberry now, and gently rolls it back and forth slightly with his thumb and index finger. His body's reaction is immediate, and he finally feels something familiar downstairs, a straining feeling in the base of his cock as his body starts pumping blood into where a cock SHOULD be.

"WwwwwHOAHAHA!" Alice suddenly springs to life and stands straight up without Nate's support, her eyes wide and alert. "Hohohohooooly fuck, THAT's new!"

As Nate's pulse quickens and his "dick" gets harder, Alice starts to bob back and forth in time with his heartbeat, and she starts taking rigid and uneven breaths interrupted by little grunts and

whimpers. Nate can only stare, with his hands hovering mere centimeters from his penis... er, her body... with a dumbfounded expression he's glad she can't see from her awkward angle.

"Nate... I-I-I... don't... I d-don't..."


The sound of the doorbell makes the room go dead quietl. Neither says or does anything for several moments, too afraid to even disturb the air.


Suddenly coming to grips with the reality of the situation, Nate starts to get out of bed. "Wh-whoever's here is probably looking for you..." he says in a hushed voice.

"D-don't... don't answer... Nate... don't..."

"Oh, you think?!" Nate shoots back in a sharp whisper. "Just hold on. I'll look through the peephole."

He rushes out of the bedroom while clumsily hopping into a pair of pajama pants that went unused all of last night, the movement of which only forces Alice to bob up and down more, adding more unwanted stimulation. She yelps as Nate forces her under the loose waistband, her face pressing uncomfortably into the fabric and stretching it out into an obscene tent, one with the barest impression of her face and chest in a visage that might be goofy if the situation weren't so awkward.

Nate sneaks up to the door which had rung a couple more times at this point and peeks through the peephole. Through the dirty warped glass he sees a woman with dark wavy hair tied back in a loose low ponytail, her eyes obscured with shades and her body far less obscured, in a sundress with a couple more windows in the fabric than most could get away with. Her glossed lower lip is wedged between her teeth in an obviously urgent and concerned expression.

"It's Katya." Nate whispers to his bodymate as he backs up from the door. He looks down, waiting for some input, but realizes all he's going to get from her is her hot breath pushing through the soft fabric of his pajamas. "Dammit, she's not going to go away without talking to one of us. Her dad used to work at the station, right? They definitely told her you're back, she's going to want this to be a long visit..."

"Hold on, I'm coming!" he shouts, placating the frantic ringing of the doorbell for now.

He heads back to the bedroom and with frantic speed tries to find a way to hide his wife's obvious presence. He puts on a tight pair of briefs he rarely wears and tucks her up through the waistband, her head and tits poking over it and held firmly in place. She wobbles around and

whines slightly, clearly uncomfortable, but Nate just shushes her and puts on the first loose shirt he finds, covering her completely. "You need to be quiet, honey, please! I'll try to get rid of her as quickly as possible, just concentrate on staying calm and... not moving around too much." That last part was as much for his benefit as hers. Her rhythmic bouncing was starting to get to him, too.

He takes a deep breath, walks back to the front door, and cracks it open, only enough for Katya to see his face. "Uhh... Hey, Katya, this really isn't a great--"

His objections went completely unheard as Katya pushed her way in, the door nearly knocking Nate onto the ground, and fully compressing Alice between the door his lower stomach for just a moment. Nate lets out a noise from the sensation, but Katya doesn't seem to notice as she's already made it halfway into the house.

"Alice?! Hey! It's me! Where are you?!" she calls out, her outwardly cool demeanor not hiding the desperation in her voice. After peeking into a couple of rooms while Nate stammers out several objections, she spins on the heels of her open-toed sandals and stomps up to him. "Where is she?! My dad said he heard from the captain that she showed up yesterday and she's 'resting at home'." she said, in a tone that could be read almost accusingly.

"Uh, listen... she's at her mom's right now, okay? They're worried too. So... she needs time with them, uh..." Nate says, with very little confidence backing up his words. Katya had always intimidated him a bit. She and Alice had been close since they roomed together in freshman year of college, and seven years later Katya still acted like they shared a home, showing up at their front door whenever the whim struck her. He had known her back then too, when he and Alice were first dating, and Katya's outward sexuality around him had always been a little uncomfortable. He had expressed this to Alice on an occasion or two, but all she would give him is a snide grin and a "don't worry about it, that's just Katya."

Katya whips off her shades and gives him a punishing look. "Her mom's. You're saying she got on a plane and went to SEATTLE, this MORNING, right after getting home from
WHO-KNOWS-WHERE for the last few WEEKS." Katya clearly wasn't buying his story, and worse yet, he was struggling greatly with the signals his sex-brained wife's bizarre form was forcing through his body. He had never felt like this around Katya before, but now he was doing everything in his power not to let his eyes drift down from her face to the cleavage on full display down below through the window of her dress.

"No, no! She didn't! Um, she didn't get on a plane, her mom came out here as soon as she heard and she's, she's staying in a motel nearby. I uh, I didn't get the address though, so don't ask!"

Nate barely yelps out the end of his sentence, his eyes wide as pancakes as his will to hold eye contact is reaching its breaking point. Katya holds her stern expression as she's bent over slightly with her fists on her hips as a very uncomfortable moment passes. Suddenly, a subtle

change happens on her face, and her lip starts to quiver. She falls into Nate's chest and wraps her arms around him as she lets out a quiet sob. Realizing she's fully pressing into Alice, Nate strategically pulls his hips back a bit and gently returns the hug, patting her on the back in a clumsy attempt to be comforting.

"Yeah, I know... it was scary. But she's back now."

Katya goes quiet and holds the hug for a bit, before backing up and now looking far more sheepish than before. "Sorry..."

"It's... okay." Nate offers back. In his pants, Alice is squirming around like a wild animal caught in a trap now. Katya... Alice thinks to herself in a haze. Sooooooo hot... hottie... Katya... She's all over him... I want to feel...

"So, um..." Nate starts, trying to find a delicate way to kick Katya out as fast as possible.

"I should go." she offers for him. "This was probably really hard for you, and I'm... I'm sorry we didn't talk about it while she was gone. I should've been... I should've... Well, it would've been..." Katya seems to be searching for words to describe something tricky, but she falls short. "I'll go. Just please tell her to call me when she gets back."

"Y-yeah... Will do. Bye, Katya."

She rushes out of the door so fast he barely sees her leave, but the second the door clicks shut he lets out a breath he didn't realize he was holding. He lifts up the bottom of his shirt to reveal Alice's face, now beet red, and her mouth distended like she's about to be sick.

"Whoa, are you okay?" he says not a moment before she opens her mouth and lets out an absolute gush of milky clear goo. "Bluhh..." she groans as she sticks out her tongue, pushing even more out and creating a large wet spot onto his pants. The sensation sends a shudder up his spine. He can FEEL her tongue shifting around. It's like all the extra blood has made him even more aware of every little movement and sensation she feels. He reaches down and tries to wipe off some of what is becoming obvious to him as pre-cum before it fully drips down and stains his clothing. The second a finger gets within her reach, Alice shifts over and starts rubbing her whole face all over it, delighting in the squishy sensation of being coated in his pre.

"Mmmmmmmmm, sheeeee liiiiiikes youuuu..." Alice mumbles out, blowing tiny bubbles in the viscous mess as a grin crawls across her face from ear to ear.

"Wh-what? What do you mean?"

"She tooooold me... once... Unmpffff... Mmmmmm... Katya's soooooo sexy... And she thinks youuuuuuuUUU're so sexxxy... soooo lucky..."

Nate is stunned for a moment as Alice starts passionately kissing his thumb, licking it up and down and sucking some of his pre back into her mouth, just to let it ooze back out again.

"Mmmmhehehhhh... You should have told her to... mmmblblbl... to stayyy..."

Those last few words break down Nate's last walls of resistance and he takes his wife in a firm grip, her tits being gently squeezed between two fingers as he balls his hand around her tiny torso and starts to clumsily stroke her up and down.

"Oh fuuuuck yeahhh... Mbbbll..." Alice spurts out some more lubricant, which Nate quickly smears into his hand to gel up her body even more. Her current shape isn't ideal for this, with her wild curves and her tits creating an uneven terrain, but every time his hand passes over her lubed-up chest it's like a couple of little pleasure bumps, eliciting a grunt from Alice at as loud as volume as she can muster at this size. Nate relishes in the sensation as well, this alien feature feeling more and more natural to him by the second.

"Mbbbllph... those tiiiitsh... I coulbd... be right betweemb themb... right nowwmm..."

His legs start to feel weak, the pleasure emanating from his crotch proving far more powerful than anything he'd felt while jerking off before, and he stumbles over to the couch before he collapses under his own weight and ruins the moment. Laying fully on his back, he looks down and takes a moment to appreciate the shape of his wife's silhouette as his hand glides up and down, her hair stickied to her neck and back and almost giving the illusion of what his dick's tip ought to look like.

He speeds up his pace even more, Alice's groans shaking now as he's handling his body rougher. He catches himself in concern for a second, but she seems to be thoroughly enjoying himself, so he continues.

"Ah-ah-ah-ah-I-I-I-I-I'm-m-m... c-c-l-l-o-o-o-o-s-e" Alice manages to get out, pre-cum splattering off into multiple directions as her head bobs up and down. Nate can feel it too, just a few more strokes... a couple more... almost there, and... almost... almost...

THERE! Nate throws his head back as his whole body tenses up, his hand fastening a vice-like grip around Alice as she goes hard as steel, arching back and pulling her head back as she erupts like a volcano. She feels white hot spunk shoot up through her torso, up into her chest, her neck, and past her gaping mouth, spurting up into the air and raining back down onto the two of them. A glob splatters onto Nate's hand and her upper head, forcing her to reflexively close her eyes as the heat of her orgasm makes every part of her feel flushed, like her very core is melting into red hot magma. It pushes her further and further, the pressure continuing to build up in her head as it feels like it could pop, until suddenly -- lights out.

* * *

The world started to come back into focus as Alice felt herself upside-down. She blinked some of the gunk out of her eyes and saw a stringy trail of cum hanging from her mouth, dangling around halfway down to the floor, between Nate's giant legs as he walked around their home. The realization hits her now, just how cold she feels. If she could, she'd wrap her arms around her body, but instead she's left to dangle, as nothing more than a limp, spent member.

"Hhck--" Alice tries to speak to get Nate's attention, but her voice comes out hoarse, almost completely lost. Her "throat" feels swollen now, like she has a cold, but without the pain. She can barely open her eyes past a squint, but she can tell that Nate is hard at work now cleaning up the mess she made.

"It'd be nice if you were able to help, hon." Nate says, clearly aware somehow that she had stirred back to life. "It's a little hard to aim my shots when you're going crazy like that," he says with a chuckle. "Any chance you could, uh... you know... go back to... you?"

Alice tries to squeak out a response, but she quickly resigns herself to her voice being out of commission for the time being. She shivers, once again surprised at just how much of a toll the orgasm took on her. Her still-sodden hair flops loose and whips around in her face a bit, and she runs her hands through it, smearing it back in an attempt to gain back some level of control.

Wait... hands?

She holds her hands in front of her face. Her vision's still a bit bleary, but those are pretty unmistakably hers. She grasps at her shoulders, feeling a sense of relief that she's at least a step closer to human. But... wow! I didn't even feel it happen this time. That... should probably worry me a little, but... she wiggles her fingers in front of herself and a big messy grin creeps through.

All right, arms are back. Now let's see if I can get the rest of me back... Alice tries to calm her mind and focus on making the tingles, but the fact that Nate's movements are flopping her to and fro is really making it difficult to tune out distractions.

"Okay, all done. Well, until we find a wet spot I missed on the couch next week, but we'll worry about that when it happens." He walks into the bathroom and stands in front of the mirror so he can look Alice in the eyes. "Hey... how you doing down there? You've been pretty quiet."

Nate props up his wife-shaped cock in his hands again and is surprised to see her holding up her hands and wiggling her fingers with a smile on her face. That gives him some relief, until she holds her hands to her neck and nods her head 'no'.

"Lost your voice? Yikes. Uh, okay, we should definitely get you back to normal, pronto. I didn't want to say this earlier, but sooner or later I'm gonna need to... go. To... the bathroom. Can you focus if I just kinda... hold you up like this?"

He tries to find a comfortable and gentle way to hold Alice up and she nods her head enthusiastically. "Okay. Then I guess I'll just stand here? Until you figure that out." He chuckles at their situation a little, then his smile disappears just as quickly. "Oh, and we should, uh... probably talk about that Katya stuff... once you're back to normal." The silence is deafening. "Uh, okay. I'll let you, uh. Do your thing."

Alice huffs, not looking forward to dealing with all that. Getting all too used to this routine at this point, she closes her eyes and tries to clear her mind. Focus on a single need. What do I want that will change me back? I want... I want to be big enough to look my husband in the eyes without having to use a mirror. Make me me-sized. Bigger... human... no more waistbands...

The familiar tingles start to inch up and down her body, a sensation that she is growing used to but is still almost overwhelmingly pleasant. This time though, Nate starts to feel those tingles creep through their shared skin into his own crotch, and creeping its way down to the floor. He doesn't want to interrupt her, so instead he shuts his eyes tight and tries to ignore it the best he can.

Bigger... bigger... Alice feels herself lurch forward. Nate's hands are feeling smaller and smaller against her body, and he starts to struggle to hold her weight. Suddenly she tips forward, barely catching herself with her hands on the edge of the bathroom sink, and she opens her eyes in a startle.

Looking into the mirror, she sees herself, face still an absolute mess, but more importantly over her shoulder she can see the face of her beloved husband, his face wrenched tight into an expression of discomfort. She whips her head around and wraps her arms around his side. "Nate!"

His eyes whip open as both of their balance is thrown completely off, sending the two tumbling onto the tile floor with a thud. Nate groans and rubs his head, and when he opens his eyes he sees Alice laying on her side on top of him, looking into his eyes with alarm.

"Ungh... what? Did it work?"

"Uhhh... not exactly. And... I just felt your head hurting."

Nate looks down to see the couple's bodies pressed together, Alice looking very naked but othewise completely normal, up until the point where their waists meet. Just like before, the skin of her ass blends seamlessly into his waist, but looking further down he sees their legs have changed shape in a subtle but very meaningful way. They look a little less like his legs, a little more like hers. Somewhere in the middle. He lifts one up and wiggles the toes, and Alice falls

flat into his chest, Nate reflexively wrapping his arms around her as he feels the strain on her back go away from returning to a more natural position.

Then she wiggles his toes, too.

"This isn't right!" Nate says, making the most obvious statement possible in that moment.

He sees her arm move downward and feels her cold hand grip his dick, causing BOTH of them to flinch. Did she really feel that?

"Well, it looks like SOMETHING's back to normal, at least." Alice offers, to no relief on either of their parts. She gives it a couple errant strokes, but refocuses herself and returns her hand to her side. "I'll, uh... try again."

"Please do."

"Can we get somewhere more comfortable though? This tile is pretty cold."

Nate starts to prop himself up with his arms, causing Alice's torso to fall forward a bit. She catches herself and holds herself up on their front end, and the two clumsily start scrabbling their legs around in an uncoordinated shuffle. "Okay, you do the legs," Alice says, exasperated. They start to push themselves up from front and back and Nate gets them on their feet. He once again wraps his arms around Alice's body, securing the two of them together as their now very top-heavy body struggles to stay upright.

One step after another, they slowly trod their way to the bedroom, when at the second-to-last step Alice loses her patience and sends them into a full-on leap onto the bed, smushing her beneath Nate's weight until they flop onto their sides, their legs loosely hanging over the side.

"Ngh... good enough." Alice grumbles. "All right... can you wrap your arms around me again? That was really working for me last time."

Nate complies, and Alice hums quietly, enjoying his warmth for a moment and sinking into his embrace. She closes her eyes and tries to find her peace again, and the tingles come even faster than before. This time it feels less like massaging it out of her, and more like turning up a dimmer. The feeling flows all the way through her body as she feels Nate tremble behind her. He must be getting a bit of this too. I'll try to make it fast.

Alice concentrates on a much more simple and direct idea this time: JUST NORMAL ALICE. She repeats it in her mind over and over, as if it were her mantra, and focuses specifically on the spot the two of them are joined at, determined not to stop until she can feel her own backside again.

Suddenly, the tingles begin to make a more defined shape in her awareness, the curves of her backside becoming more and more defined in her mind's eye as nerve endings return to their proper locations and everything starts to feel back in order. She begins frantically patting down every inch of herself, making sure nothing abnormal, cock-shaped, or sopping wet is somewhere it shouldn't be.

Content with her check-up, she sits up and giggles, giving herself a little fist-pump of celebration as she opens her eyes.

Her mouth opens and her vocal chords vibrate, letting out a single word from her lips through stolen breath.


The smile wipes off of her face and her hands fly to her mouth, covering it. That wasn't her saying that. Was it? It sure felt like it, but...

Her hands suddenly fly away from her mouth and grabs her tits frantically. Okay, that DEFINITELY isn't me.

What isn't you?

A voice rings out in her head. Nate's voice. Alice looks to her side, where Nate OUGHT to be lying after their split, but he was nowhere to be found. One of the hands furiously groping her tits reaches up and grabs at her hair, while the other flops down between her legs, and her mouth moves again without her permission.

"Oh no... I'm... you?"

Her mouth goes slack and control returns to her. "Nate... I think... WE'RE me."