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Topic: Matters of Size - By Von Krieger

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Matters of Size
By Von Krieger

Mozdoc yawned and looked at the clock, he was bored. The spell had been pitifully easy to set up. It wasn't anywhere near a test of his skills as either a mage or a 'property acquisition expert' to acquire the scroll detailing the ritual. And after examination the item he was paid to 'liberate' from it's former owner had two of its three uses still left on it. His employer was only expecting the one, so why not test the bedratted thing, just o make sure it worked as listed. Mozdoc didn't particularly like being cheated out of money by his employers. Of course he wasn't above picking up a few stray items as compensation on the way out.

He yawned again, then double checked. Two or three minutes before wouldn't mater any. If the beast complained Mozdoc would simply say his clock was fast. He had things to do rather then just sit around and wait. He impatiently muttered the last few lines of the incantation, and with a very anti-climactic light popping sound and a puff of chalk dust stirred up from the floor; the demon arrived.

Well, at least Mozdoc ASSUMED it was a demon. In fact at the moment it looked like nothing more then a big pink and purple puffball sitting on the floor. Very strange creature, it looked like it didn't have a head or limbs or anything. Mozdoc poked it with it's boot, only for the tiny creature, for it wasn't much bigger then a small child curled into a ball, to mumble sleepily and swat at the offending foot.

The pint-sized furball sat up, yawned, and stretched its tiny limbs. Other then the color, mostly purple fur with bits of pink and blue here and there, it was actually quite average to look at. Triangular ears, a slight muzzle, two breasts, a cock that looked a bit large on the small being, but was actually only the size of an average human male's. The furry thing looked like it could be a dog, cat, rodent, or anything else in between. Hir only discerning feature were hir large fluffy tails. Which shi set to grooming with hir tiny claws as shi woke up.

The demon blinks hir bright magenta eyes and looks around the room. Mozdoc gapes at the tiny demoness with a look of bafflement on his face. The brightly colored creature yawns, showing off tiny pointed white teeth. "'s early." shi mutters. "Not s'posed tah be up for a bit yet." Shi stands up, organizing the huge amount of fluff that is her tail, apparently it serves as a blanket, pillow and bed. Shi licks stray patches of fur into place with a small, quick, pink tongue.

"You uh... are a demon, right?" Mozdoc asks, not quite believing that a tiny, insignificant looking creature would hold the kind of power he was looking to utilize. "Yup!" the litter furball says and nods, continuing her groom. "What'd ya have tah get me up s' early fer?" shi says in her almost sickeningly cute voice. Mozdoc shrugs. "Sorry, the clock must be fast. So you really are what this is
supposed to bring?"

Mozdoc shows her the scroll. "Oh, yup! That's fer me all right. I remember that guy, very nice guy. Knows just how to brush a girl's fur so that shi just about melts. What happened to him anyway?" the diminutive demon says in her rapid-fire tone of voice. "He uh    fell on hard times, had to sell the scroll." Mozdoc lies through his teeth. "Myeh!" the creature mews. "Too bad. I'm Deign by the way," shi says, holding out hir tiny paw, which Mozdoc shakes gently with two fingers and a thumb. "Mozdoc." he says, replying in kind.

"So whaddaya have in mind fer me to do?" the miniscule avatar asks. "Actually uh... I was just checking to see if the scroll actually worked. I'm planning on giving it to a friend." Mozdoc lies. Deign looks like shi's about to cry. "B-b-but  then I'm stuck here for two days with nothing to do then!" That was a surprise to Mozdoc, two whole days with this little hairball? "Y-y-you don't even want tah cuddle a 'lil bit er anything?"

Mozdoc can't help but show a disgusted expression. "Cuddle?" Deign is pouting, sticking out hir bottom lip. "Ya know, snuggle up, fur tah skin? Doesn't have tah go anythin' past there if ya want. Or if ya want I can do all sorts a things, I don't mind, it's fun. I could suck you, or you could just take me the normal way if ya want. Or do ya enjoy being the girl?"

Mozdoc looks offended. "NO!" he yells, causing the multicolored little creature to cringe. "...sorry....." shi squeaks. Mozdoc sighs and walks out of the room, Deign on his heels. She jumps onto his back and climbs up onto his shoulders. "OW! GET OFF!" he says, pulling hir off and dropping hir on the floor. "What'd I do?" Deign asks, puzzled. "Claws!" Mozdoc scowls at hir, pulling his shirt off to check for holes.

He flops down on the sofa in his living room and pulls a book of the end table. "Look, I don't need you around, you're free to go." he says over the book, scowling at the claws digging into the upholstery. Deign shakes hir head. "Can't, I have tah stay with the person that summoned me fer 48 hours, it's in the rules set by the scroll 'n stuff." Mozdoc nudges her off the couch with a foot. "Stay off the furniture please, its expensive leather. So you're here with me for two days? Do you HAVE to be this close to me?" Deign shake hir head. "No, just in the general area." Mozdoc scowls at hir. "Well could you go somewhere else please? You're bothering me. Maybe you ought to go back to sleep."

Deign brightens visibly at the mention of sleep. "Well ok, do you have anyplace comfy I can snuggle up?" Mozdoc sighs. "I don't care where, just as long as it's not on top of anything of mine!" Deign bites hir lower lip. "How 'bout under something?" Mozdoc raises an eyebrow. "Like what?" Deign walks over to the recliner and pulls the lever lifting the footrest into the air. "Under here, nice 'n dark 'n cozy 'n stuff." Mozdoc sighs and shakes his head. "Go right ahead." Deign crawls into the small space, pulling the footrest closed behind her.

Deign awakens a few hours later to Mozdoc's angry shouts. "You are NOT going to screw with me by paying half price. You said it had one charge left on it, and you wanted it. I went all the way over there and stole for you. It was my ass on the line here, not yours! I'm bringing you EXACTLY what you asked for, and I'm not going to accept being short charged 'cause I'm not bending over backwards to give you extra! Fine! You want the whole thing? I've got the little puffball bitch sleeping under the recliner in my living room! You want hir? Come over here and get hir! No! I'm d.....OFF!"

Mozdoc angrily shoves the communication crystal back into its pouch. He was stuck with the furball for a long time yet, and he didn't like it. Sighing he heads to the kitchen to make himself dinner, and finds Deign looking at him from the top of his dining room table. "Down!" he snarls. Deign obliges. "Can I see a receipt?" shi asks. "A what?" Mozdoc replies, opening a loaf of bread. "A receipt, I wanna know how much I got sold tah a big meanie fer." "Didn't get one." Mozdoc scoffs.

Deign pokes him with the scroll in it's case. "Ya know, I don't think you bought this." Mozdoc snorts. "Maybe I didn't, you still have to do what I say." Deign smiles and hops up onto the table. "Even if you stole it?" "Even if I stole it! I stole the scroll, I cast the spell, and now I have a loudly colored hairball shedding all over my counter because of it! You said it yourself you're bound by the rules agreed to when the scroll was written! It says you are to obey the caster of the spell, and since I cast it, you can't do anything to me, now get off my counter!"

Deign scowls at him. "You know what?" "What?" he replies angrily? "You're a dick." "You think you can make me say that and then turn me into a big dick? No way bi....URGH!" Mozdoc doubles over in agony, grabbing at his crotch, trying to stop the pain. "Quite frankly Moz, yer th' biggest dick I've ever met. So I think it's only fittin' I give you th' biggest dick I've ever seen." "H-how?" Mozdoc gasps. "How are you doing that?"

The tiny demoness laughs. "Ya can't bind a demon to a scroll and make 'em obey you, ya big dummy! Yeesh, most of you silly humans have that idea. All that writing? Just a buncha silly stuff me an' a friend thought up for a little sex game. Ya' know, 'Big Evil Wizard, and Helpless Summoned Slave?'" shi giggles again and drops to the floor, watching Mozdoc claw at his belt, trying to alleviate the building pressure from his expanding crotch.

Deign pulls a chair out and jumps up on it, taking a seat. "Well now we can't have that! I think ya oughtta be punished a bit more then just havin' a big dick. So I think ruining a nice, expensive pair of pants ought to help!" Mozdoc watches with horror as his fingers shrink into his palms, the whole hand swelling and turning black. He paws at his ever- tightening pants with a pair of horse's hooves.

"Ya know, I think you been more 'n a dick. I think you've been a big tit, too! But since having just big one looks awful funny, I think instead I'll just give ya a couple of little ones." Mozdoc writhes, arching his back as six large breasts push out of his body. "Oh those look so cute! But I think they'd look cuter on a girl." And with that Mozdoc's frame twists and shifts to a much more petite state, his shirt loosening, and his belt no longer keeping them from falling to the floor. No, the basketball-sized bulge in the crotch is doing that.

"B-bitch! I don't want to be a girl!" moans Mozdoc in a new softer, higher pitched voice. "I didn't wanna be woken up three minutes 'fore my alarm clock either!" snorts Deign. Mozdoc's eyes widen in horror as his pants finally give up trying to contain his expanding cock. The massive organ hangs below his knees, and it's not even erect yet. The testicles remain somewhat human, but the member itself is equine, a black length growing from a tanned human skin sheath. Mozdoc drops to all fours as the pain engulfs his legs, popping, twisting, and shifting to formed hoofed horse hocks.

Mozdoc glares at his tormentor. "Stop it! Change me back now you fuzz covered slut!" Deign clicks hir tongue. "Such a foul mouth, ya oughta be spanking with a Cat 'O Nine Tails fer that! But since I don't have one, I might as well put a couple on you!" says the three foot high demoness with a snicker, rubbing a finger over hir sheath. Mozdoc howls in pain as four large cat's tails erupt from his equine buttocks, soon followed by that of a horse, which is precisely where it's supposed to be.

Deign drops to the floor and begins stroking Mozdoc's massive cock with one paw, the other on hir own. "Well I can't accurately see how big this thing needs to be if it isn't all nice and aroused!" Mozdoc tries to pull away from the demoness' touch, but he's cornered, and can't help but enjoy the feeling of hir stroking of his cock, which at it's now fully erect and still growing size is looking him in the face. Mozdoc closes his eyes and moans with the pleasure.

Soon Mozdoc's legs are no longer touching the ground, his balls having grown so large. He shivers at a tickling sensation at the back of his ball sack, and looks behind to see Deign stroking hirself with one hand, and rubbing his buttocks with the other. He shakes his head and Deign scowls. "Oh don’t flatter yerself, it's not nearly big 'n wet enough for me." Mozdoc yelps as a strange pleasurable sensation suddenly erupts from back there.

"Mmmm.....that is though." moans Deign, plunging hir shaft fully into Mozdoc's new pussy. Shi looks over Mozdoc's shoulders at the growing cock lying on the floor. By this point it's far bigger then Mozdoc hirself. "Nope, still not big enough." Mozdoc tries to shove Deign off of hir with a hoof. "St-stop f-fucking me!" shi snarls.

Deign ducks the weak blow. "Ya know, that's not very nice at all! I don't want you to do that again!" So of course Mozdoc does, and tries for a third time, only to find that hir arms no longer bend like that. Shi watches in disgust as hir entire body begins to swell, elongating, stretching, muscles strengthening to be able to lift the huge weight of hir cock which is now pushing the table and a few chairs out of the way, Mozdoc's shirt tearing to shreds.

"Mmm.....ya feel nice and all, but there's nothing back here for me! C'mere!" Deign grabs one of Mozdoc's cat tails, licking the end, making something to impale hir tiny body on, a nice, big horse cock. Shi slides it into hir pussy. "Oh yeah! Might as well give ya a matching set, 'cause I need another." Mozdoc's remaining tails soon sprout cocks of their own. Deign manages to grab hold of one in hir tiny, but amazingly strong paws, gingerly sliding it into hir ass.

"Oh that's perfect! Well.....almost! I need something to run my hands through. And with that Mozdoc feels a burning itch across most of hir body as brown horsehair grows to cover hir body. "Oh bah! Just realized, with those big knockers on yer belly you'll tip yerself over if ya walk around 'n get a hard on. Let's put 'em somewhere else, Now are ya gonna be good?"

Mozdoc spits back at hir. "Fuck you!" Deign giggles. "You already are!" Mozdoc's body begins to change once again, the large breasts disappearing from hir belly, the human head attached to a horse's body now looks much more normal perched atop a muscled human torso, complete with a new pair of arms, and three large pairs of breasts. "Do somethin' useful like play with those with your hands this time!"

Mozdoc leans back and tries to grab at Deign, but pulls them back quickly as hir palms begin to burn, a ball sack and a thick horse cock growing from each one. "Well that'll fix your problem with taking things that don't belong to you! Now are you gonna behave?" Deign asks. "GET OFF OF ME YOU STUPID FUZZ BRAINED HAIRBALL!"

Mozdoc screams.

"Ya know I'm tired of hearing you say bad things to me, so no more!" Deign says with a grin that turns to an orgasmic expression as one of Mozdoc's tail cocks cums inside of hir. Mozdoc as well is caught up in the sensation. "So you got anything else you'd like to say, Moz?" Deign purrs. "Piss off!" Mozdoc snarls, or at least that's what shi meant to say. But what comes out is completely different.

"Horse penis!" says Mozdoc. Deign giggles. "What was that Mozzy?" "Horse penis! Horse penis! Horse penis!" Mozdoc says, not believing hir own ears. "I'm not understanding ya Moz, whaddaya want?" "Horse peeeeeniiiiissssss!" Mozdoc hisses. "Well I've already given you seven of 'em, and one of 'em is bigger then you are! Some people are never.    whoopsie!" Deign sputters, cutting off the growth to Mozdoc's cock.

"Almost forgot about that!" shi says, stifling a chuckle. Mozdoc shakes hir head looking down at the eight feet of shaft and perhaps three or four of sheath and ball sack. "Horse penis!" growls Mozdoc. "Why yes, it certainly is!" snickers Deign. "HORSE PENIS!" screams Mozdoc. "Ok! Ok, pushy aren't ya!" Mozdoc yowls as four of the mentioned organs rise to full erection along hir spine, the balls wobbling to either side with the herm centaur's thrusts, trying to get some stimulation for hir massive, aching cock.

"Horse...penis!" begs Mozdoc. "Oh don't worry!" says Deign with false reassurance. "I can put on more! But first let's spruce you up a bit, make you a right pretty lady!" With that Mozdoc's short hair lengthens into a thick mane. The mane of the horse body growing up hir spine. "Oh there, ya see? Lots of nice, pretty black hair fer ya to brush. Now for the, what was it you wanted?" "Horse penis!" sobs Mozdoc; trying to communicate to the avatar that shi gives up.

"Ok, I'll give you more then enough to keep you satisfied." purrs the demoness.

Mozdoc begins to cry as shi feels cocks pushing out from hir flanks, five on a side, three more along hir back, and then again replacing each nipple of hir massive breasts. Tears pour down the sides of Mozdoc's face, shi snuffles and sobs, trying not to speak, not wanting any more horse cocks on hir already freakish body.

"Oh stop crying you big baby! I wouldn't have done this to you if you weren't a total prick and didn't deserve it! Here, have a pacifier, crybaby!" Mozdoc shudders as shi feel the upper portion of hir human torso widen slightly, enough for a big horse cock between hir top most breasts, the sight stuns Mozdoc, hir jaw drops in shock. Not a good idea as the hardening cock pushes itself between hir lips.

"And n-n-now to s-s-seal the d-deaaaal, NYAH-YAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!" Deign screams, emptying hir cock into Mozdoc's tight, accommodating horse pussy.

Mozdoc instinctively thrusts forward, rubbing the head of hir massive horse cock against the kitchen wall. Hir hands dart to hir breasts as the massive prick begins to spurt cum, the feelings of the huge organ butting out Mozdoc's conscious mind for the time being.

Deign pulls out of Mozdoc, making room for the eager tail cocks to get at the centauress' ass and pussy. Shi leans down and licks hirself clean, not wanting a stray droplet to ruin hir pretty fur. Shi squeezes down between Mozdoc's flank and snuggles into a small gap between Mozdoc's horse body, hir cock, and the kitchen cabinetry. By the time Moz finished pleasuring hirself over the next day and a half or so, the nice, cozy spot under the recliner would be flooding with horse cum. "Too bad." Deign yawned, fluffing hir tail and pulling it around hirself. "I really did like that chair."