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Re: Odd Job: Shop Services - by BD-Acht

Odd Job – Shop Services
By BD-Acht

Mirriam was just tidying up her counter when the two adventurers strode in with the jingling of the shop bell. She looked up detachedly. She wouldn’t need to try to solicit her wares or services to these two. From the looks on their faces they were clearly in need of something.

Adventurers typically were. She decided to keep her long potion making gloves on.

“You’re a potion maker right?” the grizzled ranger asked.

She raised her eyebrows haughtily.

“I am a witch, yes. What do you need?”

The short, shady looking man with many knives on him grimaced awkwardly. He was almost certainly their thief or rogue, she thought. After a certain amount of time working as a potion seller you got a feel for adventurers and their comrades.

“Well, you see, a few of our party members could use your…help.”

The other man continued.

“We found a potion from an evil warlock’s manor.”

She nodded idly. Standard stuff so far.

“It was a foul and white concoction, labeled with strange iconography.”

“And, well, our party centaur drank it. I honestly didn’t think we’d have to warn her not to,” the rogue looked exasperated.

“The effects were…well they were bad. We were hoping you could help us? And last night things got a little more… complicated.”

Suddenly the shop bell above the door jingled the arrival of someone else. The two adventurers at the counter turned around and visibly balked, recognizing the newcomer.

“Oh. hit. Genna, uh, wait we were still figuring things out.”

The ranger frowned stoically. This had to be another party member, but they certainly didn’t look it.

Mirriam’s face lifted in surprise. For all intents and purposes, the thing wobbling in the middle of her shop was a walking penis. It looked like it used to be a lady before it became the universal symbol for manhood. At least from its shapely legs and fashion sense, or what was left of it. It was covered in noble finery, mostly from the waist down. From the waist up it was a throbbing pillar of man meat, all thick shaft and pulsing veins. Its dress had scrunched around its waist, having slipped down its cylindrical upper body. A deep blue bandana was partially capping its purple mushroom cap, dark with the precum soaking it. Its still feminine legs wobbled as its erect form throbbed proudly in the middle of Mirriam’s shop. The fabric of its pants between its legs was also dark with moisture.

The ranger spoke.

“How did she follow us in? She hardly has half her mind left, let alone eyes.”

It shifted on its feet idly, shaft waggling turgidly as its fat length pulsed with lust. Mirriam was surprised. Something she hadn’t seen before after all.

“But wait, I thought you two said your centaur drank the potion?”

The rogue’s mouth opened before he was interrupted again by the shop bell.

“Genna! No! Come back here, we have to wait for them!” A woman’s voice called, a centauress awkwardly crammed in the doorway. She shuffled inside, squeezing through the doorway and fitting into the shop. She looked flustered, biting her lip as she maneuvered inside. Mirriam’s jaw dropped as she saw why.

The centaur was a rather pretty woman from the waist up. Dusky skin and an ample figure. But from the waist down her horse half was far different than expected.

It was still equine, just one very particular part. The barrel of her horse body had almost completely been replaced by the massive shaft of a stallion cock. Her equine legs and rump remained, but there was no getting around the fact that her body was now built around an absurdly large horse dick. Her large rump flowed into turgid shaft that was mottled pink and brown. Her legs and human half appeared as if they were an afterthought, built around it.

Something to carry around that huge fleshy pipe. Below, in front of her rear legs, two truly massive nuts hung in a leathery sack that almost touched the ground. Her huge shaft extended a few feet beyond her human torso, ending a fat, blunt cock tip. Its lewd hole drooled, its blunt head shiny with lust. Her entire length throbbed visibly. She was basically a cock on legs, but in a centaur fashion, her normal anatomy built around her new phallic feature.

The thief groaned in frustration.

“We told you to wait at the camp!”

“S-sorry! But Genna just started wondering after you two and I didn’t know how to stop her!” The cock-taur was clearly incredibly aroused, biting her lip as her dick leaked and throbbed through her. Mirrian figured movement alone would have been ecstasy. She shook her head, realizing just how much money this turn of events could make her. But she still had one question.

“Wait, you said the centaur drank the potion, why is the other one a cock?” she gestured to the other walking phallus, who waddled toward the taur. She didn’t seem to see the walking dick approach, mortified face locked somewhere below Mirriam.

“Last night the bard went to her and we found her this way in the morning. Our centaur refuses to say any more.” The cocktaur cringed but her arousal was unshaken.

Mirriam could imagine what for, almost rolling her eyes at a classically lascivious bard. The rogue continued.

“We fairly certain her, ah, emissions are-“

Genna, the dumb, walking cock stumbled into the centaur’s stiff midsection with clumsy need. The slap of their hard meat against one another was more than enough to push the taur over the edge. Her face fell into a look of pure ecstasy as her mouth stretched into an O.

The centaur grabbed her chest and shuddered violently, the masculine piping below pulsing into action, fluid gushing through her. The adventurers at the counter dove out of the way as Mirriam frowned in confusion, the realization a moment too late. The centaur, who was essentially a cannon of phallic lust, exploded. There was a lewd gushing sound as spunk squirted through her throbbing length and spewed from her fat end. The first massive wad splattered the witch thoroughly, splashing over her horrified expression and stickily oozing onto the floor. The centaur squealed as she unloaded, helpless to stop her masculine release. Her entire length bucked in a familiarly phallic fashion, flexing as it spat its seed into a growing sticky lake. Rope after rope hosed down the shop counter in front of the taur’s length. The smell of centaur cum was unbearably thick in the shop. With a few more weak squirts, she finished, upper body drooping and all four legs shaking as she tried not to pass out from the climax.

The ranger and thief managed to come out clean. They turned towards the witch, who was absolutely covered in seed.

The thief grimaced as he watched the woman’s body shift, growing fat and phallic. Her head turned upwards, face screwing up in pleasure, flesh reworking into cockmeat. Her head bulged into a glans, and from the belly up she was a dick. Her arms had been spared, still covered in her potion making gloves.

“Contagious,” he finished.

They looked on in shock. Mirriam felt incredible. Thick and hard and hot and dumb. She ran her hands over her cum slick shaft skin. A finger pulled teasingly at her skyward cum slit, hand then rubbing her hard, puffy glans. A squirt of pre pulsed from her new head before she started to shake off the lust.

The adventurers watched as she blindly worked at the shelving behind the counter, throbbing and oozing the entire time. She mixed a potion on a dry section of counter, occasionally scratching under the ridge of her glans or along the bulge of her cum canal. She dipped her hands in the concoction and started to rub it into her hard flesh. She throbbed and flexed phallically, losing herself a bit in the masturbatory act, all while massaging her original form back out of the cockflesh. With a shuddering sigh she returned to normal, to the surprise of the party.

“Yep, that mix should do it. Just rub them down with this and they should be normal in no time.”

“Oh thank the gods. So how much-“

“Quintuple my usual rate, plus another 100 for cleaning. And finally…this seed is fairly powerful,” Mirriam fixed the blushing centaur with an intense, almost greedy stare. The throbbing rod that made up most of her body was still hard as it could be, the climax only leaving its flesh wanting.

“I want to milk her for more.”