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A/N: This story was something that I started writing after a flash of inspiration. I simulated each of the characters pulling cards from the box so that all of the transformations were completely random. It was really fun not knowing the direction that the story would take over time and figuring out how to adapt the random draw to fit with previous TFs.


A group of three women were all sitting in the common room of their college dormitory. The room itself was a simple affair, there was a pair of grey couches on either side of a long table, as well as a couple of small reclining chairs that had originally been placed next to the table as well, but the occupants of the room had over time moved them so one was up against the far wall and the other was put sideways beside one of the couches. The rest of the room was featureless and empty, the bare green carpet the only thing filling the space so that the eight people who shared the space could move about.

Despite all of them living in the same dorm, none of the three women would consider themselves friends. Sure they knew each other, but none of them had ever taken the time to develop their relationship beyond simple acquaintances. Thus, the three of them sat in relative silence, each doing their own thing while acting as if the others weren't there.

The first of them was Valencia, who was a member of the college swim team. Her body was lean and hydrodynamic from a combination of extensive training and lucky genetics. The hint of a Spanish accent that slipped into her speech gave up her foreign heritage, her parents having immigrated before she was born. Her outfit consisted of a pair of skinny jeans and a sea-foam green tank top, not having changed after returning from practice. At the moment she was staring at her phone, checking the same few social media apps repeatedly despite none of them having any new posts, while occasionally brushing a disobedient brunette bang back behind her ear.

The next of the women was Ankita, a biology student from India. She was a fairly shy person and tended to prefer to fade into the backdrop during social events, something that her five-foot-eleven height made difficult. She was sitting in the chair furthest from the others, clad in simple grey pyjamas. Her nose was buried in a sci-fi novel as she occasionally snuck glances at the other two, her nervousness mading her think they were staring at her while she wasn't looking. The only reason she was in the common space at all right now was because it was an especially chilly winter night and the heating was better here than that in her room.

Finally there was Forest, a nickname she had started using back in high school due to her dislike of the, in her opinion, stuffy and old fashioned name that her parents had given her. This nickname was a shortening of her online screen name "ForestFrolicker," which had chosen back when she was twelve due to her love of animals. Tonight she was making use of her day off to work through a single-player RPG on her handheld gaming console, wearing a pair of shorts and a loose t-shirt with an abstract, gaming-adjacent design on it. Normally she would simply do this in her own room, but at the moment she had been kicked out of it an hour ago so her girlfriend/roommate could do something in secret.

"Who here is up for a game?"

The sound of glass tapping against glass filled the air as Jaden, forest's previously mentioned girlfriend, stepped out of their room carrying two boxes. One was a moderately large crate while the other was a small cardboard box. The transwoman was one of the few people in the dorm taller than Ankita, though only by an inch or so. Her raven black hair swished back and forth in time with the similarly coloured dress she wore. Said dress was cut to show off the little cleavage she had and came all the way down to the floor, covering her currently bare feet. Her goth aesthetic was completed by purple eye-shadow and lipstick, as well as the three onyx piercings in her ears and her nostril. She carefully set the boxes down on the table in the centre of the room, drumming her long purple nails on the crate as she looked around at the others to gauge their reactions.

Forest had an exited sparkle in her eye, as she knew that Jaden was an avid lover of analog games and she had never been disappointed when her girlfriend brought a new one around, while Valencia seemed quite skeptical, but her boredom wouldn't allow her to ignore the offer outright and Ankita was pretending to continue reading her book as she waited for further elaboration.

"Alright, I'm intrigued. What do you have in mind?" Valencia slipped her phone into her pocket and scooted over closer to the boxes on the table. Seeing that Valencia was interested, Ankita silently shut her book and moved to the closer chair.

"Good to see you're interested, though I will warn that this game might involve things that will make you uncomfortable, so I'll completely understand if you don't want to play."

"If anything that just makes me even more interested..." Valencia's eyes seemed to shimmer as she glanced at the mysterious boxes.

"Yeah don't worry babe, I know whatever you have in mind it'll be a good time." Forest had put her console off to the side and had stood up to hold her girlfriend's hand, laying her head on the taller woman's shoulder.

"I'm also a bit curious now," remarked Ankita, having gathered up enough courage to speak, "is this some kind of spin the bottle type game?"

"Not quite, let me show you." Jaden took the smaller box and set it aside so she could remove the already unsealed lid of the larger box. Inside were dozens of small glass vials filled with liquid of varying colours. The vials were small, only holding a couple tablespoons of liquid, and each one was labelled with a different number typed onto printer paper and taped to the cork. She then opened the smaller box to reveal that it was filled with folded cards made out of lined paper.

"These are transformation potions I bought online for cheap. They last for eight hours and there's a big variety of effects. I thought it might be fun to play a game where we randomly drink them by drawing these cards and the person who lasts the longest wins."

"Transformation potions? Aren't those things really expensive? I'm not sure how much I would trust something that normally costs thousands of dollars if you could buy this many on a college student's budget." While the type of biology Ankita was studying wasn't the same type that had led to the cutting edge nanomachine powered technology she was referring to, she had done some research to see if it would be possible to acquire one that could shrink herself down to a more average height and thus knew the most about them of everyone here. This warning made the look of curiosity Valencia was giving to potions turn into a look of concern; She inched away from the table slightly, as if she was worried that they would explode at any moment.

"It's the permanent ones that are expensive, these ones are temporary. That's why they're so cheap. If you're still worried though, I'll drink one first to prove they work." Jaden shook the box around as she made her offer, looking at the three others. Forest was willing to trust her girlfriend implicitly but the other two women were both uncertain, worried about the risks of taking a potentially dangerous bootleg product.

"Alright I'm game." Valencia's words broke the silence. She had thought it over in her head, having decided that at absolute worst they would be a bunch of duds and at absolute best this could be a very fun experience with some potential new friends. Her acceptance brought a smile to Jaden's face, one that got even bigger when Ankita also nodded to signal her willingness to play.

"OK then, let me lay down the rules in more detail then. We'll each take turns pulling cards out of this box, then you drink the potion whose number matches the one on the card you drew. On your turn you can choose to not take a card and forfeit the game, but once you have taken a card you MUST do what it says. If, at the end of a full round, only one player is left, that player wins the game."

"Sounds simple enough babe." Chirped Forest, "And, if no one else is opposed, I'll volunteer to go first." not even waiting for a response, she decoupled from her girlfriend and strode up to the table. She turned her head away as she plunged her hand into the smaller box, stirring her hand around for a moment before pulling out a card, unfolding it, and reading the number printed on it.

"Twelve," Forest held out the card for the others to see before she picked up the cyan potion with the matching number."Bottoms up!" she exclaimed before chugging down the liquid in the bottle with a single gulp.

A few silent seconds passed, just enough time that everyone was getting ready to laugh off the potions as duds, before the effects began to manifest themselves. It began with a strange pressure developing in Forest's hips. She put down the empty bottle so she could bring her hands down to investigate, letting her feel as a pair of lumps began to push out of her hips. As these lumps emerged from under her skin they began to push against the fabric of her shorts, threatening to tear them. She quickly pulled the garment off, revealing what was clearly a pair of feet growing just above her white panties. Everyone stared in stunned silence as the new appendages pushed out, forming ankles, knees, and thighs. As these new limbs grew, so did the space between her torso and her hips; new flesh filled the space as her original legs moved further and further behind her. This flesh formed itself into an entire second torso that now separated her two pairs of legs, her new pair connected perpendicularly to its shoulders, filling the space where the chest would be.

"Holy shit." muttered Forest as she looked over her shoulder at her new lower body. The pieces of her torn panties fell away as she shifted on her four legs and silently landed on the floor.

"Oh wow, that was a lot more... extreme than what I was expecting" said Jaden as she stared in awe at her human-taur girlfriend. "I figured it would be mostly boob-job and cat ear level stuff."

"Wait, you don't know what transformations are in here?" accused a slightly panicked Ankita, who was now looking at the box with a hint of worry. "I'm not even sure if commercially available potions can do this kind of thing!"

"There was a list of what every potion did included, but I decided that it would be more fun if I didn't read it. And, honestly, I-"

"I love it!" Forest's cry of joy cut off whatever her girlfriend was about to say and instantly diffused the building tension. She began trotting around the room on her four legs, slowly getting used to moving with her new body. This trip also gave the others a perfect view of her rear end, revealing that, while her frontmost crotch was smooth, her pussy was still present between her rear legs. "Alright, who's going next?"

"Fuck it, I'll go." Valencia said after an uncomfortably long silence. The swimmer reached over to pull out a card. Once she had looked at the number inside she turned it towards the others so they could see the "78" printed on it. Standing up so she could reach, she grabbed the corresponding bottle, filled with a slightly off-red liquid, and popped the cork. Just before she drank it however, she quickly pulled it away from her mouth and set it on the table. "I should probably take these off in case it's another one like that." she explained, nodding her head over to the human-taur standing over the shredded remains of her underwear. She quickly doffed her shirt and jeans and only hesitated a moment before also taking off the grey sports-bra and boxers she was wearing underneath, bearing her clean-shaven mound and perky B-cups to the world. "These things are a lot more expensive than you would expect, so I'd rather not have to replace them."

Now fully naked, Valencia ignored the shocked, awkward, and appreciative stares of Ankita, Jaden, and Forest respectively and drank her potion. Unlike the one Forest took, this one's effect made itself apparent almost immediately when her hair began to rapidly grow. The swimmer tended to keep her hair cut short, as it was hard to fit it into a swim cap otherwise, so she was instantly able to feel the extra weight pulling down on her head as every second several inches of hair grew. Like a brunette waterfall, her hair cascaded down her back, stopping just short of touching the floor.

"Now I just feel silly for stripping." sighed an annoyed Valencia as she put her underwear back on. The Rapunzel-esque woman then opened her phone's front-facing camera to get a better look at herself, "though I will say this long hair looks good on me, shame I can't keep it long-term."

"Can't imagine what the monthly shampoo bill would look like with that much hair, it's probably a good thing you'll only have it for tonight." chuckled Jaden before striding over to the table. "Is it fine if I go next Ankita?" The Indian woman nodded as she continued to stare in awe at Valencia's flowing hair. With the turn order confirmed, Jaden picked up the card box and put it behind her back. She lightly shook it for a few seconds before quickly grabbing the first card her hand touched. After looking at the number written on it she set the box down and grabbed potion sixty-five, a ruddy orange elixir, and poured it down her throat.

"Alright, let's see what I got!"

The first noticeable change was with Jaden's behind. The back of her dress lifted up as it was filled out by her growing butt. Her face lit up as she watched the womanly curves that her HRT had given her get exaggerated beyond her wildest dreams. She felt the growth spread down to her thighs, which were now squishing her cock pleasurably between them. This reverie of joy was only broken when she felt a strange growth pushing against the back of her dress. When she reached back to figure out what was happening, she felt a thin limb. This realization made her pull up the back of her dress, revealing an aspect of her transformation was hidden beneath it. Down her legs she had grown a thin coat of white fur covered in jagged black stripes, just like those of a zebra. The limb she felt was a striped tail with a tuft of her raven-black hair on its tip.

"Oh wow." Forest stared at her girlfriends transforming legs with eyes wide.

The fur continued to grow down and once it reached her feet Jaden stumbled as her legs shifted into an ungulate configuration. Forest stepped forwards to let her girlfriend lean on her as her feet stretched up and her toes fused into hooves. The transforming woman used her girlfriend to steady herself on her new legs, hooves clopping audibly against the floor, only to be caught off guard by another appendage pressing against her dress, this time in the front. The three others watched as her skirt was tented by the growing shape of her growing cock. Realizing that there was no use in covering herself at the moment, she reluctantly pulled her dress over her head and tossed it onto a nearby couch, revealing her now distinctly pear-shaped figure. Underneath her dress she was wearing a matching pair of black underwear, her panties now were filled with her baseball sized balls with her ten-inch long, black, equine cock spilling over the top.

"I appreciate the curves, but I'm not sure how to feel about her getting bigger as well." muttered Jaden as she stared at her massive girl-cock.

"I think she looks sexy as hell babe." Forest licked her lips as she took in her girlfriends new equipment, the horny lesbian already imagining what it would feel like inside her.

"If you two are going to fuck, please take it to your room." Groaned Valencia, before she grabbed the paper box and walked over to where Ankita was sitting. "It's your turn now so unless you're having second thoughts, and I honestly wouldn't blame you looking at those two, you need to take a card."

Ankita shyly nodded and put her hand into the box and quickly pulled out a slip. The woman hesitated for a moment before she opened the card.


When Ankita didn't get up immediately to grab her potion, Valencia strode over and grabbed it herself. She walked back and handed it to the woman, who only paused for a moment before she drank the deep brown liquid that was inside.

Nothing outwardly visible happened but Ankita put her hands over her crotch and began to squirm in her seat shortly after taking the potion. The others watched closely, trying to figure out what was happening to her, but over the course of the next minute or so nothing about the woman seemed to change. Eventually her squirming stopped, but she still had a deep blush on her face and she didn't remove her hands from their position.

"What happened?" Forest asked.

"Yeah, I can't see anything different, but from the way you just acted something definitely happened." added Jaden

"I grew another vagina" Ankita's words came out as barely a whisper, none of the other women able to understand what she had just said

"Speak up! Whatever it is can't be as bad as what you've already seen from us."

"I GREW ANOTHER VAGINA!" shouted the woman, ensuring she wouldn't have to utter the embarrassing words a third time. The others all reeled back at the outburst, not expecting the normally quiet woman to shout so loud.

"Now that's something that I kinda want to see." Forest's words were greeted by a sharp look from Valencia, "But, if she's uncomfortable we can move on and I'll take my turn." The human-taur quickly added before shuffling over to grab a card from the box in Valencia's hands. She silently revealed the "22" printed on the card and picked up the sky-blue potion it matched.

"I can't imagine this one will do anything as crazy as the first one you drank..." Valencia said this as she watched Forest drink the potion. The human-taur's transformation began similarly to her girlfriend's as her butt began to swell; however this growth wasn't accompanied by an animalistic transformation. Her rear hips widened and her thighs thickened alongside her butt's growth, bringing her entire rear end out of proportion with her front. The transformation both started and ended quickly and within a few seconds her hips were two feet wide, her ass was large enough that her cheeks peeked over her hips and her thighs were now as thick as a sack of potatoes.

"Ohhhh, why does this feel so goooood..." moaned Forest, revelling in the sensation of her body jiggling as she moved. Jaden watched as her girlfriend erotically pranced about, her zebra cock already having grown hard from watching her girlfriend's transformation, and immediately sat her equine rear down on her hands to help her resist the temptation to start masturbating in front of everyone.

Valencia rolled her eyes at the couple. "I'm gonna take my turn before you two start fucking each other." she grabbed her card out before setting the box she was still holding down. She unfolded her card and showed the number "96" on it to the others before grabbing a sea-foam green potion from the box.

"Hey, this one's my favourite colour! Hope its something good." Once the potion had settled in Valencia's stomach, she looked over her body but was unable to notice anything changing. She glanced up at the others, planning to ask them if they saw anything, only for her to see a room that now appeared much smaller; she was growing taller. As her growth continued, Forest stepped over to compare their heights. Valencia had been taller than the other woman before, but only by an inch or so. Now she was almost a full head taller.


Re: A Transformative Game Night - by HauntedArmour

By the time her growth stopped she was over a foot taller than before, an amazonian six-foot-seven, with Forest now only coming up to chest height. While her body's proportions had remained the same throughout her transformation, her clothes hadn't grown with her and were now stretched to their limits as they uncomfortably compressed her body. Not wanting her expensive clothes ruined, Valencia once again reluctantly took them off and set them beside her over-wear.

"Honestly, I like this," remarked Valencia as she looked down at the other three, "Feels nice being the tallest person in the room for a change."

"Well, guess that makes it my turn again." Jaden, her equine package still painfully erect, stood up to grab her next card. It indicated potion fifty-nine, one with deep purple liquid, and she eagerly drank it down.

The first thing Jaden noticed was a tightness around her chest, caused by her breasts pressing against her bra. Its cups were soon filled to the point of bursting with tit-flesh as her A-cups climbed the alphabet.

"Yes! A breast growth potion!" Exclaimed Jaden, reaching behind to unhook her bra and free her growing tits, "time to finally add 'big titty' to my 'Goth GF' status." Her breasts were already at an impressive C-cup, with her areola closing in on six inches in diameter amd her nipples now over an inch long.

"Uh, babe." Forest was staring at Jaden's back, were the white and black fur from her zebra legs was beginning to creep up her body, only instead of zebra stripes the fur on her upper body was patterned with black spots like those of a stereotypical dairy cow, "I don't think you drank a breast enlarging potion." The fur continued to move upwards, covering both her back and sides while leaving her stomach bare. The fur continued all the way up to her shoulders and then grew down her arms to her wrists

At the same time as that her fur finished growing, so too had Jaden's breasts. Her (quite literal) cow-tits were now E-cups, with nipples bigger than her thumbs and areola the size of dinner plates. They sagged down against her chest heavily, bouncing up and down gently as the woman breathed. Wanting to feel her new endowments first-hand, Jaden hefted them up in her hands.

"Oh god. These feel fucking amazing." Panted Jaden, bring her hands to the front her of breasts so she could pinch her massive nipples. When she did however, a trickle of milk began to leak from them. This trickle soon turned into a steady stream that fell to the floor and began soaking the carpet. Forest, seeing the fountains of milk coming from her girlfriends teats, stepped forwards and took on of them into her mouth.

"F-Forest!?" exclaimed Jaden, "Ahh, that feels amazing, keep going!" She grabbed her girlfriend's head and held it in place, letting out a deep, bellowing moan as her ears morphed into wide and flat cow-ears and a pair of small white horns emerged from the sides of her temples.

Seeing how receptive Jaden was to her suckling, Forest adjusted her stance so that her forelegs were on either side of the woman's cock. Jaden was already unconsciously thrusting her hips, meaning that she was now receiving a thigh-job from the human-taur. Once the breast that Forest was drinking from was empty, she moved over to the other one and continued to fill her belly with her girlfriend's delicious breast milk.

Valencia looked on in a mixture of horror and arousal as the couple had sex in the middle of the room, her mind was screaming at her body to say or do something about this, but she found herself unable to even look away. She could do nothing but watch as Jaden let out one last cry of pleasure as she came. Her equine equipment began hosing down Forest's underside with cum, adding to the growing white stain on the carpet below.

Once her orgasm ended, Jaden fell back onto a nearby couch, panting heavily. Forest swallowed the last mouthful of her girlfriend's milk before climbing up beside her and resting her forelegs on her lap, the mixture cum and milk now soaking into the couches fabric.

"Honestly, I consider the cow stuff a bonus, that was amazing." Jaden let out a sigh as she snuggled up to her girlfriend, only for her to suddenly remember that there were two more people in the room.

"Haha, sorry about that..."

Valencia, having finally regained control of her body, was about to lay into them. But her words died in her mouth when Ankita suddenly stood up. At first the other three thought she was going to flee the room, the raw sexual display having been to much for her, but she instead marched over to the table where the potions and cards were sitting. As she fished around in the box for her second card, the others could see two wet stains that had soaked through her pajama bottoms from her dripping wet pussies. The horny woman opened her card and immediately slapped it down on the table before scooping up an emerald green potion and chugging it down. Valencia glanced at the discarded card to see the number "11" printed on it.

Ankita's body almost immediately began to swell larger, much like Valencia's had just minutes ago; however the thick, scaly, dark green hide that began to form on the back of her hands indicated that this was not the same kind of potion as before. Her fingers were twisted into sharp claws as the skin spread up her arm, stopping just past her elbow. As her body grew larger it began to tear her pyjamas, revealing that her feet were undergoing a similar metamorphosis to her hands as they became large, reptilian talons. The woman soon found herself forced onto her toes as her legs took on a digitigrade stance, making her already growing body seem even taller. The scaly hide only finished spreading once it had reached her mid-thighs.

While her limbs were transforming, Ankita had grown more than a full foot taller. She was now a full head above the already giant Valencia, with inches still piling on one after the other. The massive woman's face was a mask of terror as her head rose further and further away from the floor. This mask became much more menacing when her teeth morphed into the razor sharp fangs of a carnivore and her pupils turned into reptilian slits.

As her body's growth began to slow, Akita suddenly felt her centre of balance shift. Her torso was tilted forwards in a slight lean as her spine adjusted itself and a small tapered tip pushed out of her tailbone. This tip pushed out, its base growing wider as it did, until it matched the length of her upper body, just over four feet, creating a counterbalance that helped the woman stand. This new limb was powerful, as thick as a fire hydrant at the base, and covered in the same green, scaly hide as her limbs. The over eight foot tall dino-girl stumbled about as she adjusted to her new posture. As she did, her tail swiped over Jaden's and Forest's head, giving them a clear view of the pair of cloacas that adorned her rear as well as slamming them both with a nose-full of musk.

"I-I'm a T-rex." Ankita had always been somewhat self conscious about her height, so being so massive that her head would touch the ceiling if not for her slanted posture was one of her worst nightmares come to life. Even if she knew that the potions were only temporary, her mind filled with images of her towering over everyone around her, unable to hide herself from the gazes that her body would undoubtedly bring. These thoughts caused her anxiety to spike, but that anxiety was also mixed with another feeling, Arousal. The idea of being stared at, of being so unmissable that her very existence demanded attention, respect, turned her on in a way that she had never felt before.

These opposing emotions swirled around inside Ankita, the woman unable to come to terms with their seemingly contradictory nature, until she couldn't take any more and moved to an empty corner so that she could sit and think for a moment.

"Hey, you ok?" asked Valencia, Ankita's dazed and watery eyes making her worried.

"Yeah, I just need to sit down for a bit." Ankita's response was soft deadpan, which did nothing to quell both Valencia's concerns but both she and the others knew that pestering her about it would likely not help. Thus, in an attempt to pull the focus away from the T-Rex in the room, Forest reached over from her seat and grabbed her next card from the box.

"This one looks familiar." Forest looked at potion seventy one, it's sky-blue liquid identical to the one that grew her behind on her previous turn.

"Would you really say no to more of this?" Jaden reached over and squeezed her girlfriend's behind to emphasize her point.

"Of course not!" scoffed the human-taur, before emptying the bottle down her throat.

The changes came on even faster than last time, Forest letting out a powerful moan as her already huge behind surged with mass. Her hips and thighs grew in tandem to accommodate her transformation, making her rear end even further out of proportion with her front than it was before.

"Holy shit this feels fucking amazing..." groaned Forest, her growing cheeks jiggling with each burst of growth. Jaden had begun to knead her swelling ass flesh with the hand that could reach, pleasure filling her body as her behind was now as sensitive as her breasts. She glanced downwards when noticed something rubbing against her folded forelegs and found that her girlfriend's equine member was already growing erect again.

"If you find my growing booty so hot, how about we take this to the next level?" Forest stood up, the couch groaning from her rapidly increasing weight, and stepped down to the floor. She knelt down on her front legs and presented her ginormous, jiggling rump to Jaden. Unable to resist such a tempting offer, the horny woman got to her feet, the tip of her erect girldick already touching her girlfriend's prestigious posterior. As soon as she was able to, she grabbed two handfuls of the human-taur's ass and thrust her cock in.

"Oh god, your ass is so fat that I don't think I can reach either of your holes!" moaned Jaden, even the tip of her foot-long equine cock could barely reach her girlfriend's asshole, let alone the pussy buried between the human-taur's now tire-sized thighs. Each of Forest's butt cheeks now extended over a foot away, and almost a foot above, her three-feet wide hips.

"So I guess I'll just have to fuck you like this." Jaden stepped closer so she could hot dog her cock between Forest's butt cheeks and rub them along her shaft like a pocket-pussy.

"Yes! Yes! That feels so good, keep going!" Forest's moans got more desperate as her massive, sensitive rump was rubbed and groped by Jaden.

While to two lovers continued fucking, Valencia decided stopping them would be too difficult and that she would just take her turn now instead of waiting for them to finish. The card she pulled read "100" and the corresponding vial was all the way at one end of the case, filled with a swirling pink liquid. She tried to ignore the sounds of sex filling the room as she drank the potion, wondering if (and to a certain extent hoping) she'll get something more exotic than her previous two.

No visual signs of transformation made themselves immediately apparent, but a strange feeling filled Valencia's chest, almost like things were moving about under her skin. That thought made the woman's skin crawl. When she was young she had watched a movie where a character died from being eaten inside-out by insects and that had scared her young mind for life. Ever since then she had found insects, as well as any other kind of bug or creepy crawly, terrifying. Even if her mature mind understood that they were, by-and-large, mostly harmless to her she couldn't shake her phobia. Luckily for her, this sensation wasn't the result of bugs beneath her skin, but her body rearranging itself to make way for a pair of new organs growing in her chest.

The first outward signs of these new organs' presence was when Valencia's breasts began to grow slightly; it wasn't enough to push her up a cup size, but was enough to bring her attention away from her thoughts of bugs. She grabbed her breasts in an attempt to investigate and found them much firmer than before, like there was something less spongy in the middle of the normal tissue that they were composed of. As she pondered what these things might be, she saw her nipples pull themselves inward. This was followed by her areola fading into the surrounding skin-tone and her nipples stretching vertically, the skin on either side bunching up to form a shape that she instantly recognized as a pair of labia. Her breasts now each had a vagina in place of their nipples, with the firmness she felt earlier being a pair of wombs set in the centre of her tits.

As soon as they were done forming, both of Valencia's new genitals began to pulse with need. The horny giantess didn't have any reason to deny them, and used one hand to finger each of her vagina-nipples, the alien sensations leaving her a panting mess in moments as her original pussy began to drip with arousal alongside its new sisters. Wanting to give herself some visual stimulation, she swung her gaze back over to the rutting lesbians. Jaden was still eagerly hot dogging her cock with Forest's ass, while her girlfriend lustfully groped her own breasts. A third set of moans had joined theirs however, and Valencia looked over to find that Ankita had also begun masturbating. The dino-woman had rolled onto her stomach and was currently using her tail to fuck one of her cloacas while she had an entire hand shoved up the other. Her free hand was gripped tightly to the floor, tearing the carpet with its clawed fingers. The sight of the normally shy woman engaged in such a blatant carnal act was deeply arousing to Valencia and she began watching the dino-woman as she continued to jill off her new pussies.

The four women continued like this for several minutes, lost in their own world of pleasure brought about by the potions. The first of them to reach climax was Forest, the human-taur screaming in pleasure as she came almost entirely from her ass being hot dogged. Her empty pussy clamped down on nothing as her brain erupted in joy. Her orgasm, stronger than any she had experienced before despite it not involving any kind of penetration, overwhelmed her body and her back legs ended up collapsing as they turned to jelly. Her massive rear-end made a loud *thump* as it hit the floor.

With her girlfriend's ass now out of her reach, Jaden gripped her cock in both hands so she could quickly finish herself off, aiming her climax to paint her girlfriend with cum. Unfortunately her balls were still mostly empty from her previous orgasm, so she could only manage a few small spurts, closer to what a normal cock could manage, before she too was spent and fell back into the couch.

Ankita and Valencia came at nearly the same time, both the swimmer's twin nipple-pussies as well as the dino-woman's cloacas clamping down on the appendages penetrating them. Valencia's orgasm was extended slightly as her original pussy caught up to her new pair.


"You know," began Jaden as she sat back down on the couch, her cock retracted into its sheath "I didn't think these potions would be so crazy, but I honestly think this is so much better than the box of cat-girl and boob-job potions I thought it would be." The four of them had taken a short break after what had just happened to both unwind and clean up.

"Yeah..." Sighed Forest. She was standing behind her girlfriend as she finished cleaning the last of the cum off of her back. She was the only one of the women not completely naked, as her T-shirt still fit over her unchanged upper body, "honestly if it weren't for all the trouble it would cause in daily life I would be one-hundred percent fine with staying like this."

"I'm not sure I would agree with you there, but I won't deny that this has been a very interesting experience." Ankita was sitting on the other couch in the room, her body so large that it didn't fit in the chair she was sitting in originally. She had initially been embarrassed when she realized she had been caught masturbating, but the nonchalant way the other three had treated the whole ordeal instilled a tiny bit of confidence in her

"Yeah, as fun as this is, there's no way I could swim with a body like this." Valencia, now in the chair Ankita had been in previously. She had taken a moment to use a few dozen scrunchies to hold her hair into a simple pony-tail so that it didn't get in the way too much.

"Regardless, I'm pretty sure it was my turn when we left off then?" asked Jaden, already reaching for the box of cards.

"Sixty, which one is that..." Jaden searched for a moment before she grabbed a dark purple potion from the box and drank it, eagerly anticipating her next transformation. This anticipation was turned into worry when she noticed that her head was being pulled into her torso, her neck becoming fully absorbed in seconds.

"Hey, what the hell i-!?" Jaden's mouth sunk down, cutting off her words. It wasn't much longer before her nose, eyes, ears, horns and finally the top of her head were gone, a smooth patch of skin left between her shoulders.

"Jaden!?" Forest grabbed the empty shoulders of her girlfriend, worried that she had just watched the woman die in front of her. These fears were quickly quelled when the headless body reached up and blindly groped at her face.

"Can she hear us? How does not having a head even work?" Valencia stepped over to look at Jaden's body, peering up and down in an attempt to locate any signs of the other woman's face. This gave her a perfect view when Jaden's equine sheath opened to reveal the true nature of her transformation.

"Hey, I can see again!"

"What the hell!?"

Valencia recoiled back as Jaden spoke, her voice not coming from the proper place between her shoulders but from the head that now sat attached to the end of her cock, replacing its flared tip. This head was identical to the one she had just lost, even her makeup and piercings somehow being retained, just attached to the shaft of her cock where her neck would be.

Once her cock had fully emerged, Jaden looked around. She was confused by her lower perspective, thinking that Valencia had somehow grown from another potion at first. She didn't fully grasp just what had happened to her until Valencia silently grabbed her phone to show her in the front facing camera.

"I'm my cock!?"

"Yeah, this might just be the strangest transformation yet."

"Well whether your head is on your shoulders or on your cock, I still think it's the most beautiful face in the world." Forest had come around the front to look at her girlfriend's new form, and as she spoke she bent down and kissed the woman's cock-head. The salty taste of precum was mixed with Jaden's saliva but she had sucked her girlfriend's cock plenty of time before and didn't mind it.

"We just got done cleaning up after you two, so keep it in your pants for now please." groaned Valencia before turning to Ankita "It's your turn, want me to get you the box?"

"Actually, I think I'm done taking potions, just what I have now is already really overwhelming and I don't think I could handle it if something like what just happened to Jaden happened to me."

"Alright then, that means it's your turn, miss four legs."

"Nice, hopefully I can get something other than another butt growth potion."

"Hey, I certainly wouldn't complain with an even bigger ass for me to fuck, even if that might be a little more awkward now..."

Forest rolled her eyes at Jaden's comment as she pulled her next card, her eyes going wide when she saw what was on it.

"Wait, what?!" Forest thrust the paper accusatorily at her girlfriend, the words "Draw Two" printed on it, "Why did you put this in there?"


Re: A Transformative Game Night - by HauntedArmour

A bright smile appeared on Jaden's face as she responded, "I thought it might be fun if there was some more 'push your luck' type stuff going on, so I put a few of those in there. Besides, you were just bemoaning how you got the same effect twice in a row, and this basically guarantees that won't happen now."

Forest simply sighed at her girlfriend's words and placed her hand back into the box, grabbing out two more papers and reading them out.

"Eight and Thirty-one." read Forest as she took an orange and pink potion. Without hesitation she immediately popped both corks and drank them.

"Are you sure taking both of them at the same time is safe?" Questioned Ankita.

"Eh, can't imagine whatever side-effect will end up being much worse than four legs, vagina-nipples, or having your head transplanted to the tip of your cock."

"Fair enough I suppose..."

The changes began at the back of Forest's body, a patch of orange and black fur sprouting at the end of her spine. From this fur the tip of a feline tail sprouted and began to lengthen. The tail was wholly black at its tip, with orange fur with black stripes covering the rest of its length.

"A tiger tail? That's really cool." Jaden watched her girlfriend's new appendage flick back and forth as it grew, the fur it sprouted from starting to spread over the beach ball-sized ass cheeks on its owner's body. Forest however was distracted by the change happening on the other side of her body. Her breasts, perfectly average B-cups, had started growing rapidly, already having passed C-cup and now well into the D's, pulling her T-shirt taught against her body. Both sets of changes progress in tandem, with the tiger fur spreading down her massive thighs and transforming her rear legs into digitigrade paws at the same time her boobs surpassed the size of her girlfriend's cow-tits.

As the fur covered her rear crotch it shifted her pussy up from between her thighs to just below her anus like that of a quadruped typically were. The fur's spread seemed to stall midway up her lower body as it stretched the torso out longer, going from a modest three feet and a bit to over ten feet long, her body now filling up most of the free space in the centre of the room. Finally, the fur spread up the rest of her body, forming a smooth transition to bare skin just below her belly-button and transforming her forelegs into feline paws much like it had to her rear pair.

Meanwhile, her breasts had continued growing, getting to the point where ideas like cup-size began to lose meaning and simply comparing them to spherical objects became more productive. Thus her tits were best described as larger than a typical medicine ball, just over a foot in diameter. It was shortly after passing this ludicrous threshold that they stopped growing, each one so large that she could no longer wrap an arm fully around them.

"Wow Forest, you look gorgeous!"

"Thanks babe, I always wondered what it would be like to have massive jugs like this and, at least in the short term, they feel really good. Never really been a cat person though." Forest looked back over her feline lower body, her tail flicking against her hyper-sized booty, and smiled, "But I can appreciate having feet actually designed to be quadrupedal now."

"Guess that means it's my turn." as she said this, Valencia leaned her six-foot-seven body over to reach into the box. The number she pulled was sixty seven, a bright yellow vial. The first signs of her transformation were immediately visible. Patches of bright yellow scales had begun to sprout around her waist. The scales were small, to the point where from a distance they looked like patches of discoloured skin.

"Oh, what's this? Am I becoming some kind of lizard girl like you?"

Valencia's question was directed towards Ankita, who shook her head and leaned in closer, "No, those are definitely not reptile scales, the shape and pattern is all wrong. They look more like fish scales."

"fish scales!" exclaimed Valencia, jumping to her feet, "That means I'm becoming a merm-" her next word was caught in her throat as she went to take a step and found herself tripping forwards. After rolling onto her back she was quickly able to identify what caused her fall, which only made the smile on her face all the bigger. Her legs had begun to fuse together, starting from her feet which were now connected at the heels. As the bonding of limbs continued upwards, like a zipper connecting two ends of a jacket, her feet began to stretch out and take on the same yellow colouration as her scales. As they were stretched they also began to flatten, eventually becoming a translucent tail-fin.

"I know it might sound kind of cliched, but the reason I got into swimming was because I had loved mermaids when I was young, so this is my thirteen year old self's dream come true."

Valencia and the others continued to watch as her scales spread down her merging legs. They covered everything below her hips completely, with a pair of small pelvic fins growing from her hips, giving her the lustrous mermaid tail she always imagined. However, the scales also spread up past her hips, covering her back and sides and leaving an upside down "V" shape, going from between her breasts to a few inches above the cloacal slit that now housed her pussy, of tanned skin. The transformation continued to progress upwards, the scales covering every inch of her shoulders and chest save for her breasts before moving down her arms until just before her elbows. The final touches of the transformation were webbing filled in the space between her fingers and a pair of fins replacing the external anatomy of her ears.

"That's a little more fish than I was expecting, but it's really sexy in its own way." remarked Forest, openly ogling Valencia's body. The newly minted mermaid didn't react to her words however, simply running her webbed hands up and down her tail as she flexed the new muscles inside it. Once she had her fill of taking in her form however, she realized the first downside of her body.

"Hey, can someone help me up?"

"I got you." Ankita used her position as the only one bigger than the amazonian mermaid to lift her up in a bridal carry. She then brought Valencia back over to the couch she had been using and sat back down, setting the mermaid across her lap. Valencia's face flushed as she lay in the other woman's lap, but the dino-woman didn't notice, or didn't care, about the somewhat suggestive way they were sitting. She thought to say something, but laying in the other woman's lap was quite comforting, and she decided to simply enjoy it while it lasted. Jaden and Forest simply smirked knowingly at the other two's display as the cock-headed woman, with some difficulty due to her lowered perspective, took her card.

The sensation of the potion, a vial full of green liquid labelled with a "30," pouring down the tube that now doubled as both a throat and a urethra was both discomforting and arousing. Jaden didn't have time to linger on the feeling however as she immediately began to feel her zebra tail swell with mass. It ballooned out into an oblong shape, with its middle being the thickest part. The fur on it also began to change, the black zebra stripes moving together to form uniform lines that encircled the entire circumference of the tail. The nature of her transformation was made blatantly obvious however, when the tuft of hair at the end became a dangerous looking stinger and the white fur, not just on her tail but across her entire body, turned into a pale shade of yellow.

"First zebra, then cow, now I'm becoming part bee as well!?" groaned Jaden when Forest showed her a picture of her growing bee abdomen. The chimeric woman flexed her tail bone, making the three foot long and two foot wide growth twitch up slightly. Her changes weren't fully concluded however, as a pair of long antennae emerged from her forehead alongside a quartet of insectoid bee wings growing from her back. Somewhat excited by the prospect of flight, she attempted to take off, but all she was able to accomplish was making a loud buzzing noise.

"Can't say I'm not a little disappointed."

"Well, I say that you look really cute with a bee butt!" Forest rubbed her hand across her girlfriend's fuzzy abdomen as she went over to take her turn. The smile on her face immediately dropped however when she saw what was written on her card.

"AGAIN!?" she screamed as she placed the "Draw Two" card on the table before loathingly grabbing two more from the box. Jaden couldn't help but chuckle as she watched the curvy tiger-taur drink the deep black potion sixty-three and yellow-green potion sixty-six.

Forest's next transformation began with the black stripes on the front end of her lower body overtaking the orange fur around them, leaving a smooth transition between the now completely black coat on her front end and the tiger pattern on her rear. Alongside the change in colouration, slight alterations to the anatomy of her front also happened. Her shoulders narrowed slightly while her front legs became a bit shorter. These changes only served to make her back end look even more ludicrously large than before.

"So I guess one of the potions was another animal. A black panther I guess?"

"A jaguar specifically, as the name 'black panther' can be used to describe leopards as well."

Forest, having always been interested in animals herself, was actually a bit intrigued by the biology student's comment. Before she could ask a follow up question however, the effects of the second potion made themselves known.

"Hey, you're getting smaller." Jaden's comment made Forest and the others look down just in time to see the feline-taur's belly button sink into the pool of black fur around her waist. They stared in silence as Forest's upper torso was slowly sucked into her lower body, by now understanding that whatever was happening was out of their control. Her descent stopped once her stomach was completely absorbed, leaving just her breasts, arms, and head. The transformation didn't stop there however, as her humanoid shoulders tilted forwards to be parallel with her tauric ones, with her neck cracking as it reconfigured itself so that her head still pointed forwards comfortably. Her arms were then covered in the black fur around them, transforming into digitigrade forelegs identical to the ones immediately behind them. This left her breasts, the only part below her neck not covered in fur, sandwiched between her two sets of forelegs as they hung down to just above her knees.

"Wow, you kind of look like a displacer beast now." Remarked Jaden, referring to the six-limbed, feline monsters from Dungeons and Dragons.

"I look like an animal..." muttered Forest, in shock at her feral body. The fact that her form laced arms, or even opposable thumbs, was horrifying to her.

"At least it's only temporary right?" Comforted Jaden, "Besides," she circled over in front of her girlfriend, her cock-mounted head now level with that of her now hexapodal lover, "now you don't need to bend over to kiss me." with those words she pushed her cock forwards into a kiss, one that the other woman returned.

"I guess you're right. It's not like I'm stuck like this forever." Forest was still upset that she was going to have to spend the rest of the night without arms, but she couldn't deny that her body was sexy in a kind of weird way.

With her girlfriend calmed down, Jaden grabbed the box of cards and brought it over to Valencia, the mermaid still laying in Ankita's lap.

"Honestly I'm not sure if I even want to take another one, being a mermaid is amazing and if the next potion messes that up somehow I won't be able to sneak over to the nearby lake and swim like I was planning on."

Valencia thought for a moment, debating internally if she should take the risk. Going swimming as a mermaid was something she had always dreamed of, but she also wanted to continue the game, drink more potions and transform further. Eventually her desire to drink another potion won out and she shrugged her shoulders as she gave Jaden her response.

"Eh, might as well do at least one more."

Jaden held the box out to Valencia and then, once the mermaid showed her the "72" card, handed her a dark blue vial. This transformation hit fast and hard, Valencia's clitoris throbbing as it grew out of her cloacal slit. Her clit was just over two inches long when a small opening appeared on the end, its tip taking on a distinct mushroom shape.

"Is- is that a penis?" Valencia's question hung in the air as the shaft grew longer and thicker, until what was undeniably a six-inch long girl-dick sat on her crotch. That wasn't the end of it however as from just below her new member, a ballsack began to form. The mermaid could feel as two testicles dropped into the loose sack and began to stretch their already apple-sized home even larger. Her nuts continued to grow well out of proportion with her cock, going from simply above average to a handful, and then growing even further to a size where one would need both hands to heft them. The titanic testes only stopped once they had reached a size that would make even a tanuki blush, each one as big as a small watermelon.

With such prestigious balls of course came massive amounts of cum as well and Valencia's cock was soon leaking a steady flow of pre. This flow spilled down both sides of her balls and began to soak both the couch as well as Ankita's legs. Wanting to confirm something for herself, Jaden lifted the mermaid's massive sack up to reveal that her cloacal slit was still tucked away beneath it. Of course having her sensitive nuts fondled like that sent a burst of erotic sensations up Valencia's body and she let out a slutty moan as her penises cum-slit was stretched by a thick blast of precum that landed on Jaden's milky cow-tits.

"So, how does it feel to be part of the club?" teased Jaden, now not the sole cock-owner in the room.

"Is this really what having a penis is like?"

"Well, considering your balls are like, five times bigger than normal, probably not."

Valencia had reached her limit by then, and was just about to grab her cock and jerk herself off when Ankita suddenly lifted her.

"Ankita! What are youuuuuuuuuuuahhhhhh!?!?!" Valencia tried to protest the sudden action, but was cut off when the other woman began to give her a blowjob. Already on the edge, she found herself climaxing from the stimulation; her cum coming out not as individual loads, but as a single thick stream. This was due to her small, relative to the size of her balls at least, penis creating intense pressure as her balls attempted to force out far more cum that it could handle at once. This meant that, despite how quickly her orgasm came, it lasted for almost a minute as her balls emptied themselves down the T-Rex woman's throat. Somehow Ankita managed to keep up with the output however, managing to swallow every drop without any escaping. By the end of her orgasm her the other woman's stomach was inflated slightly from the sheer volume, nearly five litres in total, of cum she ejaculated. This intense first penile orgasm was far too much for her to take, and she ended up passing out as she was lowered back down into her partner's lap.

"That was so goddamn hot Ankita." commented Forest.

"What possessed you to do that?" asked Jaden, having to swallow the precum that had begun to fill her mouth as she watched the display.

"Well," began Ankita, her face flushed with embarrassment, "I'm bi, though it was only recently I figured that out for myself, and I had always found Valencia attractive but had never had the courage to make a move. I was afraid that she would tell me she was straight or, perhaps even worse, that she would be into girls but simply didn't find me attractive.

But transforming with you all over the past hour has really helped me open up sexually, and when she grew this juicy cock and those luscious balls I just couldn't help myself."

"Well, assuming my Gaydar still works after two years of being in a committed relationship, I think your chances of hitting it off with her when she wakes up are pretty good."

Forest's reassurance took some of the tension out of Ankita's body, and the dino-woman picked her crush up to set her on a different couch before returning to her seat. Jaden took that as her queue to take her turn, only for her face to scrunch up as she beheld the "Draw Two" card sitting in her hand. Her girlfriend smirked as she grabbed the two potions indicated by her cards; however unlike the feline woman she opted to drink the potions one at a time, starting with the grey-blue potion eighty-three.

Jaden's first transformation began with an uncomfortable pulling sensation in her cow-like upper torso, almost like she was being torn in half, but in a way that somehow felt more pleasurable than painful. Soon she began to visibly stretch however, her torso widening as if it was clay being pulled. This continued for a few moments until the woman's upper torso suddenly and cleanly separated into two pieces, bare skin covering the horror show that one might expect from such an act. These two sides of her torso immediately began regrowing their other half. The two torso's pressed against each other as they vied for room on a pair of hips only sized for one of them, milk spraying as the inner two breasts were squished together. It took the woman a few moments two wrangle her twin torsos, holding them steady for the moment by wrapping their inner arms around the other's waist.

"I think this definitely ranks as one of the more extreme transformations so far." The fact that Jaden's word came from a head attached to her penis gave them a fair amount of weight.

"You have to admit it does open up some interesting possibilities..."

"I wonder; If your head was still in its usual place, would it have been duplicated as well?"

Any follow-ups to either of Forest or Ankita's statements was left unsaid however, as it was at this moment that Valencia woke from her orgasm-induced nap. The well endowed mermaid pushed herself up into a sitting position and rubbed her eyes. When the mermaid's eyes fell on Ankita, she blushed and looked away, embarrassed about what she had done. Valencia decided not to say anything at the moment however and instead turned her gaze over to Jaden.

"I see you continued that game while I was out. I'm honestly surprised you took another potion considering that your arguably the freakiest of all of us."

"Well I'm about to get freakier, since I still have to drink another potion." Jaden's reply was punctuated by her picking up the vial of blue liquid with her rightmost hand before pouring it down her cock-throat.

Each of the nipples on her four breasts began to grow shortly after Jaden drank the potion. The already thumb-sized teats almost quadrupled in length and doubled in thickness in a matter of seconds. As they grew, they also changed shape. Their tips puffed out into a darker-coloured, mushroom-like head while a visible bulge ran up their underside. The milk that was leaking from them thickened as each of her breasts were repurposed to produce semen for the dick-nipple that now adorned them.

"Now even my giant tit's have goddamn cocks on them..." grumbled Jaden.

"At least now there's a cock for every pussy!" commented Forest, drawing annoyed looks from the other three women.

"Just take your turn, kitten." replied Jaden, holding the box out sarcastically for the armless woman.

"One: don't call me that ever again. Two: I'm out, not going to risk losing my legs as well."

Jaden smirked at her girlfriend's reaction to the pet name, making sure to use it as often as possible, before taking the box over to Valencia. The mermaid was once again at an impasse; her new pair of balls would already make swimming more difficult, especially in the cold lake, and taking another one ran the risk of making it completely impossible. On the other hand, her new genitals felt amazing, and if she got something that could bring her even more pleasure it might just be worth missing out on swimming. Eventually her desire for more transformations won out and she pulled out another card, only to instantly regret her decision.


Re: A Transformative Game Night - by HauntedArmour

"Ouch, bad bit of luck there." Jaden bemusedly stated as she looked at the "Draw Three" card in the mermaid's hands. "If it's any consolation, I wasn't planning on taking another one myself so you win after this."

Valencia silently took three more cards to the box and showed them to Jaden so she could bring the corresponding potions (numbers "47," "85," and "56") over to the legless fish-woman. Upon seeing the potions brought to her, Valencia let out an internal sigh of relief. Two of them were ones that, assuming that every type of potion was a different shade, she knew the effects of: the pink breast growth potion that Forest had taken and the sea-foam green height growth potion she had drunk. That meant that the only unknown was the third potion, a dark green elixir, so the chances of her becoming a heavily mutated freak were low. Deciding to get that one out of the way first, she uncorked it and was about to drink it when Forest spoke.

"Come on, this is gonna be the last one of the night! Just chug 'em all."

Valencia typically wasn't one to let others goad her into doing stupid things, but there was a fair bit of logic to Forest's words. If this was truly going to be the last transformation of the night, she might as well make it as explosive as possible; besides, when Forest herself had drunk multiple ones at the same time nothing crazy had happened. Well, nothing outside of the realms of what the potions themselves were capable of anyways. Thus, she grabbed the other two potions and poured them all down her throat.

The mixture of potions swirled inside Valencia's stomach for a moment before her entire body erupted with growth. She immediately began to grow taller, an inch being added about every second. This growth seemed to favour her tail slightly, the piscine appendage slowly getting longer relative to her upper body. Her tail wasn't the only thing growing out of proportion however, as her breasts were also gaining mass quickly. Both of her B-cups had already reached parity with Jaden's E-cups, even accounting for their difference in body size. The mystery potion then made its effects known as a new pair of vagina-nipple capped breasts formed on her belly and began to rapidly catch up with their sisters. The chair she was seated in began to groan from the strain of holding such a massive body, the nine-foot long and counting mermaid weighing well over one-hundred and fifty kilos. Worried about destroying the expensive furniture, she slid off the chair and onto the floor as her changes concluded.

Valencia was now a ten-and-a-half foot leviathan. Her tail was now almost as long as she had been tall shortly before, with her upper body approximately one-and-a-half times shorter than the yellow-scaled appendage. Her hair had grown to remain the same relative length as well, her scrunchies now stretched to their limit by the brunette locks that poofed out between each of them. The most striking thing about her however was her tits. All four of them were close to three feet in diameter, the way they were pressed against her chest by gravity making them look like lewd bean bag chairs, each one capped with a vagina that could comfortably hold an arm inside it. As the lusty, over-endowed mermaid took in her form, she only had one thing to say.

"I don't think I'm gonna be able to swim like this."

When her joke didn't elicit the response she was expecting, Valencia pushed herself up to a sitting position to look around. She was just in time to watch as Ankita straddled her tail just below the crotch, the shorter woman's face flushed with a mixture of arousal and nervousness.

"Valencia," began Ankita, a palpable pause separating her next words, "I think you're really beautiful, not just right now but even normally, and I was wondering if we could maybe go out?" her words came out rapid fire, leaving her panting as she awaited a response.

"Go out?" Valencia's words were incredulous, making Ankita see it as a rejection. Before she could run away however, the mermaid appended her statement, "You sucked my cock, I think 'going out' is usually a few steps before that!"

Valencia's words brought a smile to Ankita's face, one that quickly turned predatory as she revealed her pointed teeth.

"Then you won't mind if I do this?" The dino-woman pulled herself up the prone mermaid's tail, positioning herself so that the tip of the other woman's ten inch cock was teasing the lips of her left cloaca.

"Not. At. All."

With Valencia's consent given, Ankita began to slowly lower her hips, letting herself be pleasurably stretched out by her lover's cock. Her body lit up with supernova as she continued downwards, her tight hole loosening as it was filled with girldick. Her butt soon made contact with her lover's beach ball-sized nuts, and was forced to turn her body around so she could fully take the cock inside her. Of course, she didn't waste the opportunity presented by this new angle and began furiously groping and licking the taught sack before her.

"Not my balls as well. Ahhh, ahhhhhhhhhh!" Moaned Valencia, trying her best not to thrust her hips up and potentially hurt the other woman. Ankita was holding her cock in a vice grip, the eight foot tall woman's twin sexes requiring that each hole was smaller than her size would suggest.

Meanwhile, the other two woman in the room were also busy fucking each other. Jaden had her cock-head hilted in between Forest's ass-cheeks, the extra length added from her head allowing her to eat out the feral woman's feline pussy as she enveloped her cock in booty. Jaden's tongue expertly explored the hexapodal woman's folds, occasionally slipping out to tease her clit, while both of the chimera's torsos worshipped one of her massive cheeks each.

Forest, her fur streaked with white from Jaden's leaking dick-nipples, looked over at the quartet of pussies going unused on Valencia's breasts and got a devious idea. Before she could enact it however, her body was racked by orgasm from the incredible attention her rear was receiving from her girlfriend. The moan that came out of her throat sounded more like a feline purr as she gripped the carpet tightly with her claws to steady her shuddering body, the expert ministrations of the woman behind her prolonging her climax for almost half a minute.

Around the same time that Forest reached her first orgasm, Ankita had fully hilted herself on Valencia's cock. Being fully penetrated sent her over the edge, and she began moaning into the balls in front of her. Her orgasm was short-lived however, and she immediately pulled herself off of the mermaid's stomach so she could fill her other hole.

Valencia had been overwhelmed by the sensations of stretching out Ankita the first time, and now she was experiencing it again. It wasn't long before she lost control and thrust her hips up, pushing five inches of cock into her lover at once. The sudden penetration sent a quick lance of pain through Ankita's body, but that was soon replaced by an explosive orgasm brought on from the sensations of being filled once again. After her second orgasm had passed, she began aggressively fucking herself on Valencia's cock, alternating which of her holes it was filling every few seconds

By this point Forest had, fighting through yet another orgasm, walked her and Jaden over to the floor beside Valencia. Once she reached the prone mermaid's head, she leaned in and kissed her. Valencia was taken off guard by the sudden appearance of the feral woman, but returned the kiss eagerly once the shock wore off. As Forest broke their contact, she gave the other woman a wink as she moved herself further past, bringing Jaden's twined torsos as close to Valencia as possible. It took her a moment, but Valencia eventually understood what Forest had in mind and, pushing herself as far up as she could without smothering Ankita, pulled the closer of Jaden's upper bodies over so she could line it's dicknipples up with her upper pair of vagina-nipples. A surprised yelp came from between Forest's ass-cheeks when Valencia pulled Jaden's sexually mutated breasts against hers, the average sized cocks easily entering her massive pussies. Now that she was in on what was happening, Jaden helped Valencia manoeuvre her other torso so that its cocks could penetrate the second set of breasts on Valencia's torso.

"How does that feel, you two?"


"Like nothing I've felt before!"

Forest's question brought two joyous responses from Valencia and Jaden and the feline let out a satisfied purr at seeing them so happy with her idea. Of course, with four new points of pleasure now added to the orgy, the two cock-wielding women didn't last much longer. As soon as Ankita felt the balls she was laying over tighten up, she hilted herself on her lover's cock and let them pump her full of cum. The massive orbs sprayed the womb down with litre after litre of cum, a visible bulge taking form on Ankita's stomach, before she pulled herself off and stuffed her other pussy and let it get filled by even more cum. Meanwhile, Jaden pressed her lips tightly against Forest's labia as her first blast of cum fired from her mouth. Most of the cum managed to enter Forest, but what didn't dripped down and further stained the carpeting of the common room. At the same time as her lower cock, the quartet of dick-nipples Jaden possessed also began unleashing their milky loads into Valencia's breasts, the mermaid's greedy wombs taking the seed into them.

All four women collapsed into a heap, everyone sexually drained from the orgy. One-by-one they recovered, each of them sighing at the mess they had made of the room. After a half hour of work, mostly done by the two among them with both arms and legs, the place was mostly spotless. A few of the cum stains were still viable if you looked hard enough, and there were some claw marks that couldn't be smoothed over, but those could at least be explained away should they be noticed by one of the other people who shared this space.

With the clean up done, Jaden and Forest retired to their room to "cuddle" While Valencia and Ankita spent a bit more time in the common room to talk about their relationship. They decided to go to the movies later that week, though both of them laughed about how tame that seemed compared to what they had just done. After that they both retired to their rooms, with Valencia just barely squeezing her body through the door, and went to bed hoping that their roommates were too tired to notice them when they got back.


The next morning, Jaden opened her eyes to darkness. Confused, she brought her hands up to rub her eyes, only for them to find empty space. Panicked, she threw her covers off, revealing a pair of zebra legs before her, as well as the form of her six-legged, feral cat girlfriend laying beside her. A quick glance at her alarm clock confirmed that it had been well over eight hours since they had taken the potions. Wanting answers She reached over to her trash bin and pulled out the sheet of paper that had come inside the box of potions, the one that she had dismissed as an unimportant legend of the different effects, and began to desperately read it.

Thank you for your purchase of the "Mega Party Potion Pack" we here at Sem's Multiversal Magic Shoppe hope you enjoy the randomized selection of some of our most popular temporary transformation potions. On the reverse of this page, you will find a colour-coded legend of all the different potions that this set may contain.

Jaden began to skim through the preamble, the word "temporary" kindling her hope that she had simply misremembered the duration, only for that hope to sputter out and die when she got to a block of fine print at the bottom.

Warning: Do not take more than one potion within an eight hour period, doing so may result in unwanted side effects such as: Increased libido, lowered sexual inhibitions, unpredictable increases in potion potency, greatly lengthened or even permanent potion effects, out-of-cycle ovulation, and dry throat.

As she lowered the sheet of paper down, she noticed the face of Forest over her shoulder, a furious glare pointed straight at her. The only thing that staved off the armless woman's wrath was the sudden scream that echoed out from Ankita's room. The two of them hopped out of bed and burst through their door to find the still transformed Valencia attempting to squeeze through her door while several of the other women who lived in the dorm stared in shock. They also noticed that the potions, which she had mistakenly left on the table overnight, were now nowhere to be found.