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KC's Journal: Entry 1

    Hello Journal! My name is Kristina Campbell, but I go by KC (pronounced like ‘Kacy’). I'm writing in you today because the doctors said that this can be a good way to process big changes in a person's life, and boy have I had some big changes!

    A little background; Last year, at the age of seventeen, I was about average height and a fairly skinny girl, with pale skin, green eyes, amber hair, and barely B-cup boobs. I loved to watch anime like Spy X Family, wear pretty dresses and cosplay, cuddle cats, climb trees, and was generally a wholesome and enthusiastic teen that rarely misbehaved. My main hobby was competing on my highschool’s gymnastic team and I had a lot riding on getting a scholarship so I could keep practicing at the college level. Beyond gymnastics, my life was mostly carefree, until one day near the middle of my junior year, during a regular check up at the doctors office, the staff ran some general blood tests and the results showed that I had an active mutant gene! The doctors weren't mutant specialists and couldn't specify how I might change or exactly when it might occur, but they estimated it would likely happen within the next couple of months. My parents were of course concerned about what their 'innocent' girl might turn into, but I tried my best not to think about it, since there seemed to be little that could be done but wish for the best. The thought of mutating didn't terrify me like it did my prudish parents, but I also didn't want to become anything too lewd. As long as I could keep competing in gymnastics, I was sure things would be fine. Secretly I thought it would be cool to mutate into a cute cat-girl like in the different anime I watched, but I didn’t want to get my hopes up.   

    Despite my best wishes, the goddess of sexy mutations took no pity on me, striking at nearly the worst possible moment, during my last gymnastics performance of the school year! I remember sticking my landing and posing proudly for the judges, holding one leg up straight above my head, when suddenly I didn't feel so good. Heat, pain, and pleasure washed through my body as I felt my flesh start to stretch and expand, growing much thicker in all the right places, but especially in the breast department! My boobs swelled tremendously, ripping my unitard to pieces as they grew to dominate my entire torso and extend down to just below my waist. My nipples throbbed as they grew to about six inches long and nearly two inches wide, truly becoming teats as they began spraying milk all over the tumble mat. I tried to scream, but as I opened my mouth, my tongue rapidly elongated and forced my jaw wide as it grew thick and nearly two feet long! My hips flared out as my vagina became huge and dripping wet with a big and prominent clitoris. Last but not least, my legs and feet morphed to become more like arms and hands! Where previously I had been holding my leg up, now my hand clasped a strange hand-like prehensile foot, and my knee was bending backwards so that my thigh didn't have to strain to stay up. I felt no pain even though it looked like my leg was broken. As my mutation finished, I realized that my perspective had dropped, and apparently my body had reappropriated several inches of my height during the change, reducing me from 5'4" to about 4’10”, officially making me a very top heavy 'short stack'. I would have died of embarrassment as the audience stared speechless at me, but my post-mutation hormones were in full gear, making me horny as hell, and holding my pose was all I could do to not start furiously masturbating in front of the entire gymnasium! Eventually my coach's instincts kicked in and she was able to grab some towels to cover my boobs and help escort me out of the building, leaving a trail of milk behind us. It was only later that I found out the judges had scored my final performance as a gymnast at a perfect 10!

    The next day, my parents and I drove up to the nearest major city and visited some mutant specialists to document my changes and make sure everything was healthy. The doctors said I classify as a ‘Level 2’ mutant with ‘magnitudo’ type mutations in the classic ‘Hyper’ configuration, as well as an ‘ordinaria’ mutation to my legs and feet. Individuals with extreme magnitudo mutations involving the breasts, buttocks, tongue, penis, and or vagina are often referred to as having the ‘Hyper gene’ and usually results in libidos even more hyperactive than other level 2 mutations. Becoming hyper is actually a fairly common class of mutation, but it's hardly ever publicized in the media due to its aggressively sexual nature. The hospital staff measured my new assets, but also noted any changes in interest or personality, seeking to understand how mutations often also affect the mind. Apparently my milk isn’t typical, even for mutants. It’s extra rich, creamy, and sweet, and after the hospital ran some tests, we discovered it has all sorts of extra medicinal properties, and can even be used as a component in perfumes! One of the young nurses who attended to me was clearly an intern still in med school, and I could tell she was having difficulty staying professional while studying my new body. When I was discharged, the cute nurse gave me a copy of my casefile, which had a few extra doodles and notes of my mutations written on top, as well as her phone # on the back. I was still pretty naive when it came to flirtation back then, so I had already left with my family for back home before I realized that maybe that phone # was for a different kind of emergency contact. It was at this hospital that the idea of keeping a journal was suggested to help me cope with all my new changes, but I'll be honest that I didn’t bother with the advice until just now, nearly a year later.

    My family and I reacted as most people do immediately after mutation; panic, fear, distress, and uncertainty, but most of all for me, intense horniness nearly 24/7! My huge boobs are incredibly sensitive, and it took me a while to get used to their new size and weight. My prehensile feet were weird to walk on at first, but it didn’t take long to see their use. They are extra strong and help reduce the amount of times I have to bend over, letting me reach places where my new breasts tend to get in the way of my normal arms. My tongue is embarrassingly long, but I can keep it retracted so that it doesn't mess with my speech. I was devastated that my new short stature and massive jugs effectively prevented me from continuing gymnastics, or wearing my extensive collection of cute dresses, but beyond having to use the restroom a few extra times a day to let-down some milk, my huge breasts proved to be fairly manageable, mostly thanks to my new arm-legs. Without them, I wouldn't even be able to reach a keyboard! After a couple weeks of initial shock, I slowly grew to enjoy my mutations, especially my ultra delicious milk!

    My parents weren’t thrilled with my new ultra sexy self to say the least, becoming suspicious of all the new looks I was getting as the only mutant currently residing in our small town, and they bemoaned how erotic I had become compared to my former wholesome self, not to mention dashing any hopes of getting a gymnastics scholarship. Their opinions about my mutation quickly changed however, once we found out how much money I could make selling my extra milk to medical, baking, and cosmetic companies! Affording to go to college was maybe still on the table, though I hardly cared anymore, as my grades had crashed hard following my surge in libido.

    Though initially embarrassed, I soon became more relaxed about my mutation and new sexual nature, suddenly finding myself much more interested in dating. I had never had trouble getting attention from boys before, but now I couldn’t help but make guys and girls alike turn heads as I passed them at my school. As I started hooking up more frequently, my preference shifted from guys to gals, as I found most dudes couldn’t satisfy my new ultra deep pussy. After a couple very devious months, my promiscuous perspective took a dive after a few romantic relationships went particularly bad, with one guy obsessing about my tremendous tits non-stop, and another girl only wanting me for my addictive milk, neither really seeing the ’me’ behind my boobs. The break ups were bad enough that I began to feel very self conscious of all the extra attention my mutations were giving me, and I sort of backtracked hard on my flirtatious attitude. I started wearing extra large hoodies, sweatpants or full length skirts, and socks with my shoes whenever I left the house, giving me the appearance of a fairly obese person if you didn’t look too hard. Not using my hand-feet around others was an inconvenience, but I was willing to deal with it to regain some sense of public normalcy. I was lucky enough that baggy clothing was all it took to hide my mutations, as many other mutants didn’t have that luxury. It wasn’t that I was ashamed of being hyper… okay maybe I was a little, but more I just felt that my tits distracted from any first impression I could make on others.

    Since I wasn’t going out as often, I began spending more time playing video games, watching anime, and masturbating in my room. Taking a break from dating didn’t change how frequently I became horny, and I still liked sexual attention, just not in public, so I started up an anonymous ‘MutantFans’ account and got into Twitch streaming and the 'e-girl' scene. Over time, I’ve pretty much become a recluse, only bothering to leave the house so I can go speeding in my car (yes, I can still fit behind the wheel), as that is one of the only ways I can still get my adrenaline up now that I can’t do flips anymore, plus I like how swerving fast jiggles my boobs. My report cards for my senior year of highschool were abysmal and I probably would have dropped out if I hadn’t been so close to graduating. I was ready to live out the rest of my days pleasuring myself in my room and living off the money my milk and streaming profiles made me, but my parents insisted I at least go through a couple years of college before “wasting my life away”, as they put it.

    So that's where I am in life right now, Journal. Next week I move out to go to the big university upstate, and honestly I’m just not that excited. Without gymnastics, I have no idea what to focus on, and I don’t look forward to navigating the college social life and trying to make new friends with my current disposition towards my public appearance. It's weird to think of how much time and effort I had put into getting that gymnast scholarship compared to how nonplussed I feel about college now. Something about how my mutation had both taken all that away from me, but is also now the reason why I can now afford to pay tuition, makes me think like, what was the point of all that hard work? Oh well, I just have to hope for the best and if college doesn't work out, then I still have my back up plan. Who knows, maybe in a new city, I’ll finally find someone to date who won’t obsess over my mutation.

    I do sorta feel better about things after recounting such a wild year. Thanks Journal!


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KC's Journal: Entry 2 - Part 1

    Hi Journal! Wow, my last entry was nearly 2 years ago! Sorry I haven’t bothered writing anything new until now, but honestly, I didn’t feel I had much to say in terms of dramatic life changes until recently. Life in college wasn’t quite as bothersome as I had worried it would be, but after my first year of study, I was still pretty much ready to drop out and go back to plan B, living off the money my hyper tits can make me. My huge boobs had actually grown even larger since my mutation, though only by a couple inches, and the doctors insist it's just my body finishing its natural puberty. I had made a few friends and started to major in biology, but was having no luck on new relationships, that is until the start of my sophomore year, when I finally met the girl of my dreams on the first day of the new semester!

    I was already sitting towards the back of the class room for my new biology class, when I spotted her walk through the doorway. A dark haired, blue eyed beauty with pale skin and a lithe frame, sporting nice C-cup boobs, and standing tall at maybe 5’10”. I thought she was gorgeous from the moment I saw her, and as she looked around for a seat, we made eye contact… then I immediately looked away, being my shy self.

    Occasionally people will still tell me I have a cute face, but my short and stout body is rarely mentioned, mostly because I still keep it covered up with baggy clothing so people won’t ogle my hyper huge boobs. My ‘mild mannered disguise’ in combination with keeping a low profile had proven surprisingly effective at preventing others from noticing I wasn’t actually fat, but I also have to credit the fact that at such a big university, there are plenty of other much more prominent mutants to attract people's attention.

    As I stared out the classroom window, my enormous boobs resting heavily in my lap but their presence hidden from everyone, I began day-dreaming about the cute girl I had just seen maybe sitting next to me, when a cheerful voice spoke up behind me.

    “Hi! I’m Ray! Can I sit here?”

    I turned around to see my wish had been granted! She was really standing right there, even more pretty seeing her close up. “...Uhh sure! Of course. I’m KC, nice to meet you!”

    “Likewise!" Ray said with a smile.

    As class started, the teacher called off attendance and when he reached my name, the teacher called me by my full name, “Kristina Campbell”. I rolled my eyes at that and when I saw Ray looking at me, I whispered, “That’s my full name, it’s how I’m registered in the school database, but please, just call me ‘KC’.”

    Ray grinned and giggled quietly. “That's so funny! My name is actually Rachel Annabelle Yasna, but I just go by 'RAY’. We can be acronym buddies!” Ray said with a cute wink. My heart throbbed at that, and my terminally horny mind immediately began imagining what other kinds of ‘buddies’ we could be.

    Once roll call was over, we had a moment to break out to the textbooks and find the right page. “Ready to learn some science?” Ray said with a joking smile.

    “Hah, I hope so! I didn’t do so hot last year.” I fibbed, failing to mention the part where I almost dropped out to be a ‘cam girl’.

    “No worries! I’m going to be double majoring in this stuff, so I can help you out.”

    “Really? That’d be amazing! But what about you, is there something you need help with?”

    “We’ll since you asked, do you happen to know this area well? I just transferred here and live in the dorms, so I don't know much about this city.”

    “Oh yeah! I was here last year and know the area pretty well. I’d be happy to give any tips or even show you around if you want.”

    “Great! It’s a deal! How about this weekend? We can go on a mini tour around town!” Ray said excitedly.

    “Oh! Uhh yeah, that sounds fun!” I said with a blush, unprepared for Ray to actually take me up on the offer. “Umm, so where did you transfer from?”

    “Oh… just another boring university south of here. Out of state. It’s not important though.” Ray said.

    “Oh? Where out of state?” I asked curiously, but at that moment the professor really started getting into the lecture and Ray politely gestured that we should probably focus on class.

    That weekend, I picked up Ray in my car and we spent the day zooming around to my favorite spots in the city! We ended up having a blast together and spent the day out and about much longer than I had expected. I enjoyed the few nerdy friends I had made so far at school, but we mostly spent our time together over the web, playing various video games online, which suited me fine, since I enjoyed being able to pleasure myself with my arm-legs while racking up game XP without my friends noticing. Ray was the first person I’d met who actually made me want to do things outside again, and not once did she ask about or comment on my bulbous body!

    By the end of the day, it was clear that the extrovert had adopted the introvert, meaning Ray and I had become friends! It turned out Ray is not only pretty, but also incredibly talented; studying science, practicing illustration, and competing on the school swim team all at the same time! Ray was able to use multiple scholarships to basically get a full ride at our school. I on the other hand am sort of okay at everything but talented at none, and it didn't help that I had basically spent most of the last couple years fucking around and playing video games. I was jealous of Ray’s scholarships, still missing my days as a gymnast, but as the saying goes, when life gives you huge boobs, you milk them!

    Even though we had fairly different lifestyles, Ray and I quickly started hanging out nearly every day, and it didn’t take long before we became best friends! A few months after that, it became clear that there was potential for something more serious between us. Ever since my bad breakups, I had gotten a better grip on my libido in public and was mostly back to my former shy self around others, so it was Ray who made the first moves and began ramping up the affection. All the flirtatious signs were there, and she wouldn’t stop teasing me to start wearing more trendy clothing, which I knew was code for “lets see some skin!” Her antics became more and more overt as I seemingly failed to catch her drift. I wasn’t being oblivious, I was avoiding it! Not because dating Ray wouldn’t be my wildest dreams come true, but because after nearly nine months of friendship, she still didn't know about my mutations!

    Honestly, I was surprised Ray hadn't figured it out on her own by now, and it's not like I hadn’t wanted to ‘spill the milk’ to her on several different occasions, but as we got to know each other, I had become increasingly suspicious that Ray was somehow… anti-mutant! Now, Ray had never said anything so conspicuous as “I hate mutants!”, but in our time together, I had noticed a few different interactions that had given me caution.

    Incident 1: This one is pretty minor and not really a red flag on its own. Occasionally I will try to ask Ray about where she is from or what her family is like, but she always manages to change the subject or answer in some way so as to keep things vague or shut down the conversation. She’s never rude about it, always staying charismatic, and I hate confrontation, so I never try to push too hard on it. The most detail I managed to glean is that her hometown is in a fairly hot climate, she has two “annoyingly spoiled” younger sisters, and her relationship with her parents is “a little on edge” at this time, whatever that means. Ray claims she moved up north to get some colder weather, some space from her family, and “a change of scenery”, as she put it.   

    Incident 2: While my hometown was basically devoid of other mutants, the city we went to college in was much more diverse and several mutants other than myself attended our university. One of those mutants, named Cara, also attended our biology class. She was a humantaur with three boobs, hooves for feet, two sets of arms and two faces! Her second face and set of arms both faced backwards. The girl was clearly very used to being popular, and would often do things to attract attention in class, often blaming her mutation for some deviant outburst. It’s not like she wasn’t nice most of the time, Cara was just, in my opinion, very extroverted and maybe a bit crass, but I certainly wasn’t one to judge considering how I had behaved in the several months after I mutated. Ray however, didn’t seem to see it that way. She would complain to me that Cara distracted everyone from class, which Ray seemed to genuinely enjoy, and would always act sort of standoffish around Cara. Not exactly cold, but just… unimpressed. This was only highlighted by how everyone else in class couldn’t seem to get enough of her antics, or her mutation. One day, Cara invited everyone in the class to her upcoming birthday party, but Ray chose not to go. When I asked why, she told me “Cara’s nice and all, but… I don’t usually enjoy mutant parties. The mutants I’ve known tend to be… how should I say… exhibitionist. I like things to be a little more chill.”

    Incident 3: During our first semester exams for Biology, we had all been assigned to write an essay on any relevant topic we liked. I chose to write about how the mutant gene and population has affected the dairy industry, mostly because it was something I already knew a lot about, but also because I was thinking of possibly making my career somewhere in that area. I did well enough to get passing grades, meanwhile Cara had written a similar essay on how mutant bodies had affected fashion trends, but the teacher marked it down for having little to actually do with biology. However, it was Ray’s presentation that caught my attention. Ray had written about the leading scientific studies on how to suppress or even prevent the mutant gene from activating! Ray never said anything to imply that she didn’t think mutants should exist, keeping her essay strictly informative of the data, but the implications of the topic were enough to make my imagination go wild. The actual findings of the report showed that there was little progress in this area, with many attempts to prevent activation actually making the mutation even more extreme! The teacher gave Ray the highest score in the class, it was very well researched, but the essay didn't sit so well with Cara, who had been making menacing looks with her back-face during the whole presentation.

    Incident 4: This is the most damning one yet! One day, Ray and I were shopping at the mall with our mutual friend Stephany when we noticed two women walking by holding hands, only one of the woman's hands was a tentacle intertwined between their lover’s fingers. The mutant woman had two heads, four long tentacle arms, five big boobs, three slender legs, and a long prehensile tail! Steph and I were in awe of the exotic woman, but Ray hardly seemed to pay attention.

    “Oh my god, she is so sexy! What I would do to date a mutant like that. What about you ladies?” Steph said to Ray and I.

    “Oh, umm yeah, I think so. I’m sure she would be extra fun in the bedroom, right Ray?” I turned to look at Ray nervously, awaiting her response. In typical fashion, she seemed to not hear the mutant related questions, too busy looking at a potential new top. I wasn’t about to let this chance slip by, so I asked again with my heart racing. “What do you think Ray? Would you ever date a mutant?”

    “Oh? Hmm, I guess. I mean, that couple looked happy, but personally I tend to find the company of mutants very… distracting. Life can sort of revolve all around them in a relationship. Besides, I think I already have a crush on a standard human.” Ray said, giving me a quick side glance.

    “Whhaaatt!!? And you haven’t told us yet? Who? WHO?!” Stephany practically screamed at Ray, forgetting entirely about dating mutants.

    “Haha sorry, you’re gonna have to figure it out on your own. I can’t have you trying to steal them from me.” Ray said with a grin.

    “Buh! That only happened, like, that one time at Ben’s party, and we hardly even knew each other back then!” Stephany and Ray chatted on, while I stared off in a daze. At first I had been heart broken by what Ray said, she was falling in love with a non-mutant! But then I remembered that I’m pretty sure she thinks I’m that 'standard human' and my heart scrambled even further knowing the mess I was in.

    “Waah?” I said, suddenly confused, my mind still stuck studying for class. I looked up at Ray’s brilliant face and my nerves started to go haywire. She had said it so casually, it had to be a joke, right?
    “Would you want to go out? Like on a date?” Ray said again, without a trace of humor.

    “Like… on a specific date?” I said, my mind racing for how to confess my mutation before things went too far. Ray rolled her eyes and sighed big.

    “No you silly goose! Do I have to spell it… Ugh! Okay, KC I… I think you’re super great and funny and pretty and…I think I have feelings for you… more than friendship... THERE! I said it!” Ray blurted out, blushing intensely by the end. I had seen this moment coming for months now and yet I was still speechless when I actually heard her say it. I stared at Ray with my mouth open, dumbfounded. “… But also, if you don’t want to, I totally get it and you don’t have to reply here and now, and I of course don’t want it to affect our friendship if you don’t want to and… oh god I’m fucking this up!” Ray said nervously, perhaps the first time I had ever seen her that way.

    “No!” I finally shouted, but Ray looked confused “No, I mean YES! I mean… you aren’t fucking it up Ray. I am! It's just… I’m…… I’d love to go out together!” Unable to speak properly anymore and too afraid to tell her that I’m a mutant, I moved in and gave Ray a hug, mostly so I wouldn't have to talk anymore.

    “Oh! Oh good… YAY!” Ray hugged back, giving me a tight squeeze that sent a jolt of pleasure through my chest. As we stepped back, Ray smiled warmly. “That felt nice! I don’t get many full hugs from you huh?”

    “Yeah, I guess not. Sorry… you know I’m sensitive about my body, but I’ll try to make it more frequent though… if we’re gonna start dating.” I said with a blush as I turned away from Ray to continue my studies, or so she thought.

    “I’d like that! Speaking of which, what are you doing tonight?” Ray said in excitement.

    “Oh! Umm, I’m sorry not tonight. I really need to study and already feel so tired… How about tomorrow?” I asked, casually positioning myself behind my gaming chair and pretending to look over my notes while keeping my front obstructed from Ray’s view.

    “It’s a deal!” Ray said with her trademark wink and waved goodbye.

    As soon as Ray left, I immediately pulled off my sweater and undid my enormous nursing bra. My hug with Ray had predictably caused my nipples to squirt a little and now wet spots had appeared on my hoodie and my abdomen was slick with milk. This is basically the main reason I don’t give hugs often and a not so subtle reminder that my ruse as a standard human wouldn’t last for much longer. I did actually need to study that night, but just the thought of dating Ray filled me with so much joy and simultaneous anxiety, I basically got nothing done as I tried in vain to think of how to confess.

    The next afternoon, I drove to pick up Ray in my car and together we went and got dinner, went to a barcade, and then came back to my place to watch a movie. Really stuff that we’d been doing together for months already, but somehow made all the more fun and giddy as we started holding hands, resting my head on her shoulder (I’m too short for the other way) and becoming more comfortable touching each other. Ray was wearing a cute dress and thigh-high leggings that drove me wild and reminded me of the collection of clothing I used to wear before my mutation. I felt so embarrassed going on our date in my typical hoodie and sweatpants, but Ray assured me she didn’t mind. It wasn’t long into watching the movie that Ray made her move, giving my head a little scratch while I was leaning onto her, prompting me to look up at her so that she could quickly move in and give me a kiss on the lips while I wasn’t expecting it. Again, I was put into momentary shock, but my desire for Ray finally kicked into gear, and I kissed her back with even more passion. We began making out, and as our hands became more aggressive, the resolve inside me finally found footing. As Ray grabbed for the zipper of my plush hoodie, I quickly took her hand in mine.

    “Ray, wait a second.”

    “Come on KC. It’s okay if you’re a little obese. You know I’ll find you beautiful regardless. Most people who can’t lose weight are genetically predisposed to keep it on. It can be the luck of the draw, kind of like becoming a mutant.”

    “But that's just it Ray! I’m not fat! At least… not in that way…” I had almost shouted as my nerves got the better of me, noticing how close Ray had been to the topic at hand.

    “What do you mean?” Ray said, perplexed, looking my body up and down.

    My eyes started to wet as I looked down in embarrassment. “Ray I’ve meant to tell you this for a long time… but I kept getting nervous and… well… I… I’m a mutant.” There was a moment's pause as I waited for her shock, but when I looked up, Ray only looked mildly surprised.

    "Oh… Oooh of course! Haha wow, I can't believe I didn't make that connection before, it explains so much! I’ve always thought there was something off about your proportions, but you act and look so different from most of the mutants I know back in Port Solei, so I just assumed… and your mutation must be fairly low level if you are able to cover it up so easily? Though I’m sorry, I take that back. You could have something like a mini torso starting at your crotch or a mass of futa tentacles bundled up in there. I certainly don’t blame you for wanting to present yourself however you wish!” Ray said, giving me her trademark smile.

    I was completely taken aback! Not only was Ray not offended by my being a mutant, she had just spoken about me potentially having two very extreme mutations and didn’t even bat an eye. In contrast to where her head went, maybe Ray won’t think my mutation is so bad?

    “Oh… okay… wait, did you just say you are from Port Solei? Like, THE Port Solei?! The mutant city-state?” I said, becoming even more confused.

    “Yeah… that’s where I’m from.” Ray said, looking like she had just stubbed a toe by letting that info slip. Port Solei held the densest population of mutants of any city in the world, so how could Ray be anti-mutant coming from a place like that? Now all of Ray’s cagy answers about her hometown were even more curious, but there were more pressing matters at hand. 
    “Okay so… you’re not gonna flip out if I show you?” I said, still uncertain what to make of Ray’s behavior.

    “No! Please show me! I promise it won’t be a big deal.” Ray said enthusiastically.

    Well, she was about to see two big deals. With a deep breath, I took the zipper of my hoodie in my hand and pulled down, revealing two massive orbs barely concealed by a thin but enormous t-shirt, with two prominent bumps on either sphere foreshadowing my monster nipples. I pulled up at the center of my shirt to expose a canyon of cleavage and tried my best to raise my head and look at doom straight in the face. What I saw were eyes of joy!

    “OH MY GOD! KC! They’re BEAUTIFUL! They’ve got to be the biggest boobs I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen a lot of boobs, let me tell you.” Ray immediately approached to get a better look.

    “You… you like them?” I said, all of my preconceptions of Ray’s biases shattering to the floor.

    “Like them? KC, don’t get me wrong, you’ve always been a cutie, but now I feel like I just hit the jackpot! Who doesn’t love huge boobies!?”

    “But… it’s just… I’m sorry, I could have sworn… that you didn’t like mutants.”

    “What?! Not like mutants? Why would you think that?”

    “Well….” and I proceeded to list out all the incidents I had brought up earlier. By the end of it, Ray was biting her lip and frowning in embarrassment.

    “Oh god! I really made a tit of myself, hehe. No, now I totally see where you're coming from KC. I can’t believe I’d let myself come across as some sort of bigot, and that you hid your mutation from me because of that impression! I feel so awful for those things I said about mutants. I am so sorry KC, that must have been nerve wracking.”

    “No! It’s fine. You’re fine, haha! I feel bad for keeping it from you for so long, even if we never started dating.”

    “Don’t feel bad KC. How you present yourself is entirely up to you, but I really do appreciate you sharing this with me. And I definitely don't think you’re distracting or an exhibitionist. You're totally perfect, especially as a mutant.” Ray said, taking my hand in hers. “Hugs?”

    I nodded enthusiastically. “Hugs please!”

    We embraced fully for the first time as I finally let my inhibitions go and pushed myself up against Ray. As we kissed, Ray squeezed against me, harder than she had last time, and that familiar jolt of pleasure shot through my chest, even stronger than before. Ray pulled back to find that her waist was now wet with milk, and my lower hoodie was drenched. “You lactate?!?” Ray said, one eyebrow raised and her mouth grinning mischievously.

    “Oh whoops! Haha, I forgot to mention.” I said, quickly walking over to the adjoining kitchen to grab some paper towels and a cup, then made my way back over, handing Ray some of the towels. “I lactate, but not just any milk.” I said as I made to pull my left tit out from my shirt. I hesitated for a moment, looking at Ray who was watching keenly.

    “No holding back on me now missy!” Ray said as she finished drying off with her towels.

    I smiled and said, “Fuck it!”, then pulled out my huge left tit. A long turgid nipple sprung out like a flag pole, already stiff with arousal. Ray’s eyes went cartoonishly wide and she subconsciously licked her lips. Due to the size of my boobs, it was actually pretty hard for my top arms to hold a cup and stroke milk from my nipple at the same time, but luckily I had arms for legs! Without hesitation I shifted from one foot to the other, kicking off the slip ons that had been covering up my hand-feet. I passed the cup in my left hand down to my left foot as my knee bent backwards and positioned the cup in front of my nipple. With a subtle pinch from my top hand and some mental relaxation, milk started gushing out and filled the cup quickly. "The doctors say my milk is almost like ambrosia… Here, on the house!" I said as I extended the cup to Ray using my arm-leg. I looked up to see Ray’s jaw was nearly falling off!

    “You have arms for legs?!” Ray screamed in excitement.

    “Haha, whoops, forgot again! Sorry… they tend to get overshadowed.” I said with a grin as Rey took the cup, admiring my prehensile feet.

    “Thank you!” She said and slowly took a sip. Ray’s face lit up with surprise and she had to stop drinking. “WOW! That is…” She took another drink. “Holy!” She drank some more, and then kept going until the cup was empty. “KC! That was the best milk I’ve ever had! Holy shit! Can… can I have another?” She asked, holding her cup out again.

    “Hahaha, of course silly! Yeah my milk is something special apparently. It has all sorts of medicinal benefits on top of being delicious, and selling it to pharmaceutical, baking, and cosmetic companies is basically the reason why I can afford college, haha!” I said, handing Ray another cup of my milk with my arm-leg. She finished her second glass almost immediately this time.

    “Ahhhh, ‘I hit the jackpot’ is right! Hiding your mutation I can forgive, but keeping this sweet nectar from me is a crime! I can’t believe I could have been drinking this earlier if I hadn’t been acting like such a prude about mutants.”

    “Yeah so, about that. If you don’t mind me asking… Why do you act so strangely around mutants? Why hide that you are from Port Solei?” I asked Ray, feeling I was owed some sort of answer.

    Ray broke eye contact and became sheepish again for maybe the second time since I’d known her. “Yeah, okay. Fair ask. Especially after what I made you go through. I guess I have my own little secret I maybe should have mentioned earlier. Probably would have prevented this whole mix up from happening.” Ray sighed deep as she grabbed her phone and started swiping around with her finger. We both took a seat on my couch as she kept searching and after a minute, she seemed to find what she was looking for. “So… the reason I act so strange around mutants is because… everyone in my family are mutants.” Ray turned her phone to face me.


Re: KC's Journal - by SexyJin

https://www.deviantart.com/sexyjin/art/ … -961326978


KC's Journal: Entry 2 - Part 2

When we last left the girls, Ray had just turned her phone to KC to show her a picture:

    “....OOooohh My… Hoooly…WOW!” My mind sputtered as it tried to process what it was seeing. Inside Ray’s phone was a picture of a beautiful family, with cute as a button Ray standing center frame in a pretty sundress, looking a few years younger but otherwise a totally standard human. That could not be said about the four… or maybe it was five, other exotic mutant family members that stood naked around Ray.

    Standing to Ray’s right and a little taller was a gorgeous humantuar woman, with a mix of long blonde and black streaked hair, and four eyes in two rows of two different colors on her face. Her torso had four arms with boobs that had mouths instead of nipples. At her waist was another pair of arms and a huge cock obscuring what looked like a mouth-vagina. Then her bottom extended back with another torso and I assume another pair of legs, though they were obscured behind Ray. I could see her bottom torso had a pair of large tits with regular nipples.

    “That's my ‘Mama’, Mary-Sue.” Ray said, pointing to the humantaur. “It’s not always apparent, but she is actually the fusion of two different people, Mary and Sue. They had met at their first job after college and started dating. Mary was already a futa mutant with four arms, two mouth boobs, and a second vagina for her anus. Meanwhile, Sue unknowingly had the fusion gene. This was before they were able to detect it. So one day, Sue was eating out Mary’s second pussy while jacking her cock, when they suddenly began to fuse! Sue’s head was absorbed into Mary’s crotch, merging her mouth with Mary’s front vagina while keeping her arms at the hips. Sue’s eyes appeared up above Mary’s eyes on their head, and their minds totally fused together, becoming Mary-Sue! Their backside also mutated to have a big cock and a vagina instead of an anus. You’d think someone like her would be scatter-brained, but she’s actually the most level-headed of my family.”

    “Wow! She’s gorgeous.” I said, surprised and aroused by the vivid detail Ray was providing about her Mama’s mutation, but certainly not complaining. I was starting to see what Ray could have meant by the company of mutants being 'distracting'. "Umm can I ask… why are they all naked?"

    "Oh, yeah. Nudism is kind of a thing in my parents' local community. Personally I enjoy getting to wear some cool coats and fashion." Ray said as she pointed with two fingers at two women that appeared to be leaning out to either side from behind Ray's picture self.

    “And that’s my ‘Mom’, Ari and Ira Yumiko.” Ray said. The two women had nearly identical Asian facial features, but one with blue hair (Ari) and the other red (Ira). Each woman appeared to have multiple arms and multiple boobs, but their bottom halves were too obscured behind Ray to see properly in the photo. “Hold on a sec, I have a better pic of them.“ Ray swiped the phone a few more times and turned it back to me, revealing the same two women, though a little younger, laying with their heads at either end of a couch, their bodies conjoined at the waist, making them a “Queen” type mutation. They had 8 arms between them, with 5 sets of D cup boobs, and what appeared to be two vaginas positioned right at the base of each of their throats, where the collarbones meet. They had matching black hair in this image, so apparently they dyed their hair now. “Originally just Ari Yumiko, my mom had mutated into a queen overnight while she slept at age 19. She had tossed and turned a lot during the mutation, and when she awoke, no one was able to confirm who the original Ari was, not even themselves. They each have their own mind and personality, neither one quite the same as who she was originally, according to my grandma. They grew to have wildly different temperaments and tend to butt heads a lot. I’m told they fought over who would be called Ari and who should get the reverse.

    “How did they settle it?” I asked.

    “Via 'Rock Paper Scissors', and yeah, apparently it went on for hours.” Ray said, swiping back to the family photo from earlier. "Anyways, they get along mostly fine now. Ari is very laid back and forgiving, while Ira tends to be more active and organized. Growing up with them as a parent was interesting because one second Ari can be giving you ice cream, and then they’d do a little cartwheel and now Ira is saying not to spoil your appetite! My Mama says that one of the reasons she fell in love with Ari and Ira was because their personalities remind her so much of the people who she used to be before fusing.

    “Wow, three parents growing up. How wild!” I said, overwhelmed by such dramatic mutations.

    “Yeah, three parental guardians growing up, and three biological parents for ancestry, since my mom is a fusion of two different people. It’s uhh… made for an interesting life” Ray said, her smile somewhat faded.

    “So these two must be your younger sisters?” I asked, pointing at the remaining two mutants standing in front of and below Ray. Like Ari and Ira, these two girls had identical faces, at least having the same hair color in this image, but the rest of their bodies were the polar opposite of twins. One girl had 6 arms and 6 fat boobs, even bigger than Mama’s, but the girl’s body ended at her waist, revealing a mouth vagina. She was using her lowest pair of arms to stand on instead of legs. The other girl was only the lower half of a 'taur' configuration, with four legs and 6 equally big boobs on a horizontal torso. Her head was attached to a long neck, almost like a giraffe, that actually put her head height slightly above that of her “twin”. She was making a funny face in the photo, sticking a tongue out that was almost as long as her neck, dangling above a mouth vagina at the front of her torso, below where her neck connected. Her 'front legs' also appeared to have prehensile feet, similar to my mutation.

    Ray let out a big sigh. ”Yeah, sort of… That’s Emma” Ray said, pointing to the girl with 6 arms. “And that’s Valorie.” pointing now to the giraffe-like girl.

    “They're so cute!” I said. “How old are they now? Were they born this way?” I looked at Ray and was surprised to see a pained look on her face.

    “... No. They weren’t born like this. You see… Emma and Val… used to be Emma Valorie Yumiko.” Ray said, her voice now sown with regret. “They… used to be one person before their mutation. My older sister.”

    “Oh…” I said, at a loss for words as I started to get the bigger picture of Ray’s life.

    Ray seemed to regain some composure. “Evy… that's what she used to go by… she mutated at the age of 22, about to graduate college. She was actually visiting home before final exams and we were hanging out together when her mutation happened.” Ray took another big breath, then continued. “I remember Evy was excited when it started, our parents had built up a lot of expectations around us becoming mutants like them. I watched as her arms and legs divided, growing more boobs down her chest, and becoming a humantaur. But then Evy’s attitude changed and she told me she wasn’t feeling good, like something was wrong, and that she was… scared” Ray said, her eyes now tearing up.

    I gingerly extended one of my hands to Ray and she clasped it with her free hand while the other still held her phone. “Evy’s head split down the middle and began to mitosis, but instead of continuing all the way through her body, Val’s head pulled back from their shoulders, creating her long neck and then their bodies separated at the waist! They had passed out from the experience, but when they came to, they each were acting very differently than Evy had. It was like her personality had divided in half, with Val becoming extra bold and outgoing, while Emma is more introspective and thoughtful. Even their memories were partially divided among them, with neither girl being able to recall 24 hours before their mutation, and then the days sorta of sporadically mixed between them, going all the way back until Evy was around 13, or so the doctors said after running various tests. From that point back, they have all the same memories, but because their adult memories are so incomplete, their personalities had to adjust to the missing info. So even though their bodies were still biologically 20, their mental states were closer to around 15 years old.” Ray took a deep breath, clearly recounting personal details that were very traumatic for her. I squeezed Ray's hand and she weakly smiled back, put away her phone, then carried on.

    “This all happened just a few years ago. I was 17 then, and I can’t tell you how messed up it all made me feel. Evy had been so kind and supportive to me when we were growing up. I looked up to her constantly. After her mutation…it was like I wasn’t allowed to mourn her being gone. My parents were insistent on showing Emma and Val all the support our family could… But Emma and Val never really seemed to need my aid. They both loved being mutants and… I guess getting to exists. I think because neither of them could remember the day they mutated, or had complete detail about Evy’s adult life, they sorta avoided any shock to how such a dramatic mutation might normally affect a person's life. There was one real world repercussion though, Evy had been dating at the time, a 26 year old guy whom she was going to move in with that summer. Needless to say, the age gap in personalities meant their relationship was doomed, ignoring the whole ‘dating two different people who aren’t even the person you started dating’ thing. Val was pretty upset about it, but Emma didn’t seem to care. Regardless, I no longer had an older sister to look up to, and instead had to put up with two rambunctious brats!” Ray said with a bit of a huff.

    “Don’t get me wrong. I love Emma and Val. I really do, they're great, if a little annoying at times, but compared to Evy, they don’t make it easy to connect with them. I think so much of their identity is wrapped up in being mutants now that it's difficult for them to relate to a standard human like me. That's actually sorta true for my whole family, since they're all such extreme mutants. When I was growing up in Port Solei, I was so surrounded by the mutant community that I thought no mutation I would gain could surprise or upset me, but after Emma and Val were ‘born’, my relationship with the mutant community started to strain. I definitely went through a little rebellious phase where I shunned the mutant life-style and only hung out with standard humans, eventually deciding to move away from Port Solei entirely. I guess I haven't totally gotten over it based on your observations. But I didn't leave Port Solei because I hate my family or mutant kind. I love them, truly, it's just… I was afraid they would understand or would be offended… you see I… I no longer want myself to mutate” Ray said, tears forming in her eyes.

    My eyes went wide as I finally began to understand Ray’s behavior over the last year, or so I thought. The idea that Ray might have the mutant gene hadn’t even crossed my mind during this whole conversation, but now it seemed obvious that she would have it too based on her family history. Now Ray’s interest in finding out how to prevent the mutant gene from activating clicked and I started to realize how long she must have been holding this pent up terror. Her dodginess about her hometown and family finally made sense, as curious people like myself would inevitably ask Ray about her sisters, or if she was excited to become a mutant. Something inside me was deeply aroused by the idea of Ray mutating like her family, but I quickly stifled those feelings as my concern for my friend overrode everything. “Ooohh I see. Ray, it’s totally understandable to be afraid of becoming a mutant, it's a very common phobia, especially for those who know they have the gene. I can see why being around other mutants a lot might have bothered you if you didn’t want to become like them.”

    “It’s not just a fear of mutating KC! If I became something like you or Cara or even that girl we saw at the mall, that would be fine. Hell! I’d probably learn to love it like the rest of my family. But KC… when the doctors ran tests on my DNA after puberty, the report said that my DNA’s mutagen factor level was incredibly high… higher than anyone else in my family. My 'Mama' is a fusion of two different people. My 'Mom' became a ‘Queen’ with two different personalities. My older sister literally became two different people! Don’t you see, KC. If, or more likely when I mutate, it will almost certainly radically affect my mind and… I likely won’t be ‘me’ anymore. I may not even exist at all…”  As Ray said this, I finally noticed her hand trembling in mine. Tears began to roll down her cheeks. 

    “Oh…oh sweetie, darling…” I whispered, “I’m so sorry, what a terrible thing to have looming over you all this time.” I wanted to clasp her hand with both of mine, but my bust prevented me from reaching.

    Ray’s emotions weren’t getting any calmer as she wiped tears from her face. “No no! I’m sorry, I don’t usually get this upset about it. I’ve learned to keep it off my mind, it’s why I swim, paint, and study so hard. Cause when I have time to think about it, and realize that I could mutate at any moment…” Ray’s breath caught and she tensed up, like she was about to sneeze, but then she began to sob. For a second, I thought she was going to mutate right then!

    “Aww there there, Honey. I’m so sorry I brought this up. I… here, come here, lay your head.” I guided Ray’s body to lean against me while scooching myself over a bit, so that her head could comfortably rest on my boobs. I felt Ray slide her arms around me as best they could reach and felt her tears smear across my skin as she sobbed a few more times, but then calmed down a bit. After maybe thirty seconds, I felt Ray sniffle once more, then speak in a slightly muffled voice.

    “...Thank you KC… I’ve probably needed to talk about that for a while… this feels nice.” Ray mumbled, giving my boobs a little squeeze and rubbing her face into them, but I could tell in her voice that she was still upset. A thought occurred to me, but the cup was too far out of reach. It had been a while since I had been so bold but… fuck it!

    “Here...” I said, taking my arm that was around her shoulder and gently guiding her head down. I leaned back and scooched by butt forward on the couch seat, so that I was more laying down than sitting up, giving Ray’s head room to rest on my knees. Though I could no longer see her head, I could tell that Ray’s face was now in front of my massive exposed nipple, no doubt nearly poking her eye out. I couldn’t believe I was doing this, but it felt right. “Suck.” I said.

    There was a moment of hesitation where I questioned if I had gone too far, but then Ray’s lips consumed my teat whole and began sucking my milk with abandon. Intense pleasure shot up my body and I stifled a moan, trying my best not to ruin this for Ray, having forgotten how good it felt to be fed upon. After a few moments of lust, I was able to calm my libido and relax into the feeling like a warm bath, a soft sigh escaping my lips. Instinctually I relaxed my tongue, letting it extend out about a foot as I bathed in the feeling of bliss that emitted from Ray’s feasting. Now that my hands weren’t clenched, I brought one of my arm legs up to Ray’s head and gently began to caress her. We sat there in quiet euphoria, with nothing but the sounds of Ray’s greedy sucking for maybe five whole minutes, before I felt Ray suddenly jerk with attention and unlatch from my tit. I pulled my tongue back in before Ray sat up, not wishing to cause a distraction just yet.

    “Woah…Umm… thanks.” Ray said with a giggle, sitting up and finally smiling as she wiped excess milk from her lips . “Sorry I… drank for so long. I don’t know what came over me, but wow! I feel so much better… and fuller! Geeze I must have drunk a gallon.” Ray said, giving her swollen belly a little pat.

    I giggled back, glad to see Ray in a better mood. “Thanks! I’m told that my milk is used in a lot of stress relief medicines now. I know I drink it a lot when I’m stressed.” I said, giving my boobs a proud little pat of satisfaction.

    We watched each other for a few moments in silence, our hearts racing, then Ray practically lunged at me, wedging herself between my boobs as best she could, kissing me with the fire of someone who wanted to use the time she had to its fullest. I was finally ready for her, kissing her back with all my reservations gone. I could feel Ray’s free hand slide down my exposed boob, grabbing hold of my engorged nipple and begin pinching and jacking it off, causing milk to shoot out with each pull. I moaned in ecstasy and pulled on Ray’s hair, causing our kiss to disengage.

    We looked at each other with lust in our eyes, mildly panting, then Ray got up from the couch and looked to my bedroom. I smiled and raised my hand so she could help me up, then we quickly scurried into my room, not letting go of each other's hands until we reached my bedside, where we started to undress as fast as we could. I finished first since I was half undressed already, then that same boldness I felt before reared its head again. As Ray finished tossing her panties off, I gave her a little shove to the bed before she could get her bearing, and she plopped to the mattress with a squeal. “OOooh!” she said with a grin, turning to face me so that her legs hung off the bed at the knees. I didn’t give her a moment to think as I fell forward onto her, crushing her body with my boobs as our legs intertwined. “OOughf! Aoohhh holy shit KC, I nearly lost my breath, haha! These feel amazing!” Ray caressed my boobs as best she could, shoving her face into them and licking all over, but as she tried to wiggle free, she found she was stuck. “A little help? You got me pinned”.

    “Yep! You’re not going anywhere missy. Not until you finish what you started.” I said, shifting my weight to position the newly exposed nipple that hadn’t been fed upon earlier right in front of her face. Ray looked at me with her mouth slightly open, taken aback by my sudden assertiveness. She then looked at the teat with hungry eyes, but grinned coyly.

    “I don’t know, I’m still pretty full from before.”

    “Do as you're told!” I said in mock anger, taking her head in my hand and shoving her mouth onto my right nipple. As Ray began to suck me silly, I had a moment to wonder at how domineering I had suddenly become, it was a total reversal from our normal dynamic. A foot taller than me and full of confidence, Ray had always been the outgoing one in our relationship while I followed her around, coming to all her swim meets and art exhibits, generally letting her take charge of how we spent our time. Even in the year after mutating, I had always been more of a submissive, but now the mutant inside me compelled me to make Ray mine. A crazy idea popped into my head, something I’d wanted to try for a while now.

     “Keep sucking.” I commanded, as I released my hand from Ray’s head, then I brought both my arms around to my left boob and took a small step back and to the side, spreading my cleavage out so that my right boob still reached Ray's head while sliding my left tit down to her crotch. I proceeded to take my long and thick left nipple and shove it up into Ray’s tight pussy, its length rubbing up against her clit and then sinking in further as my wide areola squeezed in behind it. Milk momentarily burst from Ray’s mouth as she was unprepared for the shock of pleasure from her nethers, nor was she ready to experience my creamy milk begin to gush up inside her from below, but after a long moan, she quickly latched back onto my right teat with determination. Ray’s belly quickly became bloated as I pumped my tit inside her and she was filled to the max from both directions. After a few more seconds, Ray’s body shuddered in climax and her legs squeezed my boob within her for one more burst, then Ray relaxed and released my nipple from her mouth with a gasp, panting hard.

    “What the hell KC?! That was unreal! Ooooh god, I feel sooo full… I'd never dreamed of being fucked with someone's nipple before.” Ray said, wiping her the milk from her mouth and chin while rubbing her swollen tummy.

    “You’ve done well my pet. I feel much better with all the pressure gone. Now for your reward”. I said mischievously, shifting my weight back and off the bed, which freed Ray from my tit prison and allowed her to sit up. I kneeled down and scooched forward between Ray’s legs, shoving my keg size boobs beneath the bed frame. Ray smiled ecstatically as she saw where this was going and happily presented me with her cute, milk drenched pussy. I eagerly began eating Ray out and causing her to moan, but then I unleashed another mutation I rarely get to use much, my enormous tongue!

    “Oaah KC! You’re so incredible! This feels so goods I…Woooah…oooOOOOAAAHH!!” Ray screamed as my two foot long tongue slithered deep into her body, contorting and writhing like no penis could, licking up my excess milk that now leaked from her uterus. After a few intense minutes, Ray orgasmed hard, and then I stood up, gleefully licking her juices off my face. Ray stared slack jawed as she gazed upon my serpentine tongue. “God DAMN, KC! Your tongue mutated too? You just keep getting better and better. Any other surprises I should know about?”

    I smiled wide and knowing. “Just one more... wait here”, I told her, walking over to my dresser and opening the top drawer. From there I revealed an absolutely gargantuan black dildo, close to two feet long and thicker than a fist! Ray’s eyes nearly bulged out of her skull and her jaw dropped again. I extended my tongue and coiled it around the behemoth plastic dick, letting my saliva coat its length as I teased Ray with my lusty eyes.

    “HAH! Holy shit, KC! You little devil! You’ve got to be joking… right…” Ray trailed off as I approached and handed her the giant dildo with a sinister face, her demeanor changing to one of terror. “Uhhh I think this will split me in half.”

    “It’s not for you darling.” I said as I turned around and laid back on the bed beside her, gesturing down to my crotch. For the maybe dozenth time tonight, Ray’s eyes nearly exploded in delight, as she finally got a good look at my hyper engorged pussy with its long swollen clitoris. She stared for maybe ten seconds, then brought her gaze back to my face with awe struck astonishment. “When I mutated, it seems the key word involved was ‘huge’. Now be a good thrall and fuck my brains out with that!” I ordered.

    “Yes Mistress!” Ray said with a wild grin as she positioned herself by my pussy, taking hold of the monster dildo with reverence and perfecting her stance, before aiming true and penetrating me impossibly deep, causing my belly to distend! I moaned with ecstasy as Ray thrust the dildo in and out with expert practice, but then I took her hand, letting the dildo stay inside me as I guided Ray to straddle my waist and snuggled up close against my boobs so that they spilled out over her thighs. Then I extended my tongue through my cleavage and into Ray’s pussy! Ray screamed with pleasure, grabbing hold of my two nipples for support at first, but then she immediately started pinching and jacking off both of them at the same time, bucking her hips against my tits as my tongue pumped inside her.

    As milk sprayed out my nipples and began soaking the bed, I extended a hand up to her head and she leaned forward into it, letting me caress her face and then she started to suck my fingers. I grabbed and squeezed Ray’s tight butt with my other normal hand, then flexed up with my arm-legs and used both my hand-feet to continue to pump the massive dildo still inside me. It wasn’t long before we both orgasmed again, with Ray collapsing to the bed beside me in exhaustion.

    “Wow KC…*panting*... This is the best sex I’ve ever had in my life!” Ray giggled. “God I’m absolutely euphoric right now. I feel like I’m high!”

    I giggled in turn. “Hehe, that might be from all the milk you drank… It can have that effect if you consume enough in a short time.”

    “Haha! Are you for real?! You’re a treat KC.” Ray said as she snuggled up closer and gave me a kiss.

    We rested on the bed, sticky and wet, in total bliss for who knows how long, holding each other but not saying a word. After a few minutes longer, I finally got the courage to speak.

    “Ray…I know there is little I can say or do to help you deal with… what might happen to you in the future. Nothing you haven’t already thought about a thousand times by now… but… know that I promise to be there for you. When or if it happens, and afterwards as well… even if you split open to discover other people living inside you, or your mind and body burst into dozens of boobs, I’ll be there to support you in whatever form you take, mutation or not… as long as… as long as you’ll be my pretty sex slave until that day…” I said with a blush and a smile, threading one of my hands through her hair as I broke eye contact, hoping my raging libido and crass humor hadn’t just spoiled the mood. Ray’s hand took my chin and brought my eyes up to her again. She looked at me with her stunning beauty, her eyes tearing up again, but this time a smile on her face.

    “It’s a deal!”


Re: KC's Journal - by SexyJin

https://www.deviantart.com/sexyjin/art/ … -967594236


KC's Journal: Entry 3 - Part 1

    Hello Journal! Whoops! My last entry was nearly four years ago! Clearly I’m not the journal keeping type, haha! I guess I like to let things build up into more of a story instead of just a list of events. Regardless, oh boy do I have some updates for you!

    So after I confessed to Ray about my mutation and our first night of love making, we continued to date all through college. They were some of the most wonderful years of my life, though the true test of our love was still yet to come.

    With constant pestering for weeks after we started dating, Ray finally convinced me to reveal my mutation to our other closest friends and start wearing clothing that didn't hide my body. It took me a bit to get comfortable again with all the attention my huge tits gave me in public, but knowing Ray would beat up anyone who tried to catcall me helped a bit, and I could tell I was becoming more outgoing in groups finally.

    At 22 years old and with a lot of Ray’s help, I was able to graduate school with a bachelor's degree in Dairy Science! I took my time looking for jobs since I made good passive income off my hyper delicious milk, but Ray continued into post-graduate school, looking to get her masters in mutant-biology, but also becoming a swimming instructor for the school and teaching painting classes!

    We moved in together after I graduated and I was finally able to take a trip with Ray to meet her family in her home city of Port Solei! They were all wonderful, if a bit eccentric, and Ray only died of embarrassment a few times during our stay. I got a better understanding of the "mutant life-style" Ray had left behind to attend our college in the US. Growing up as the only mutant from my small town, it was shocking for me to see how unabashedly sexual and ‘open-door' the different communities of Port Solei can be. While most of the city was just like any other, many mutant individuals and communities went around their lives completely naked or in fashion that hardly concealed a thing, believing most warm weather clothing to be a puritanical form of oppression. For someone who covered her mutation up for the better part of 3 years, it took a lot for me to join in on the nudity with the Yumiko family, but I have to admit it felt very freeing by the end of our stay. Emma and Val were each mentally about 20 at this point, and I loved hanging out with them and hearing about how they tormented Ray when she was younger… or even tales that they could remember from before they mutated, when they were Evy, Ray’s older sister. I could tell it meant a lot to Ray that I befriended her ‘younger’ sisters, since she had struggled so hard to do that herself, though outwardly she was peeved at how easy it had been for me. I'd like to claim it was simply my incredible charm and witty humor, but in reality, I wasn't above bribing people with my rich milk if needed.

    Even though her relationship with her family and the mutant community had improved since we started dating, Ray very much still did not want to mutate, using her education and research in mutant biology to look up any and all methods to help reduce the odds of her mutant gene activating. Much to Ray’s dismay, there still wasn’t really much progress in this field. There are a few drugs like ‘Remutaxin’ that can help regulate unstable or ‘Interstitial’ mutants, which also show some capacity to delay a person’s mutation from occurring, but they still couldn’t outright stop someone from mutating without tending to make things worse. The best treatment Ray could develop was a series of diet changes, supplement intake, and even yoga and meditation routines to try a more natural and holistic approach at suppressing her mutation. Ray basically admitted to me one day that it was all pseudo-science, but she took it very seriously none the less. One major setback in Ray’s efforts was discovering that ingesting mutant byproducts on a consistent basis could potentially increase the odds of a dormant mutant gene activating. This meant Ray would have to stop drinking my creamy milk, which was absolutely devastating for her. She tried her best to abstain completely, but after a week, Ray made an exception during sex, and then a week after that, she said that she would allow herself a single, very tall glass of my milk a day. “To calm me down and help relax after a long day." Ray said as her excuse. I didn't take any offense, as I could always sell my excess milk, and it gave me an easy tool to taunt and tease Ray with.

    The days kept passing by and after nearly four years of dating, Ray still hadn't mutated! We are both 24 now, making Ray older than anyone else in her family to not mutate. At this point, everyone was starting to accept that maybe Ray would never mutate! While secretly I dreamed of Ray mutating every now and then, I was much more happy to see her relax a little from her overachiever lifestyle. Ray still does all her anti-mutate precautions, but I could tell the doom and gloom of it all was hardly ever on her mind anymore. While Ray had achieved some peace about her future, I was starting to get worried about mine.

    I was still growing! Not very fast or by an extreme amount, but enough that I had recently needed to get some new custom bras made. Turns out the doctors who thought it was just ‘long puberty’ were wrong, and none of the new doctors I am seeing can tell me for how much longer I’m likely to keep growing. They had to reclassify my mutation as ‘Interstitial’, as it appeared I could still be mutating, but at a glacial pace. My boobs used to hang right below my waist line when I started dating Ray, still giving a clear view of my hyper engorged pussy, but now my crotch was just barely still visible as my tits reached down to the tops of my thick thighs. My vagina wasn’t spared from this subtle growth either, taking up even more of my crotch, its lips swelling thicker and clit longer as my hips widened to be able to take even more inside me. My tongue is still able to reach down to my nipples, probably closer to 2.5ft long now. The changes are so slow that it didn’t become apparent to me until Ray spoke up about it a year ago, remarking at how challenging it was becoming to fit my nipples in her pussy. Ray obviously didn’t mind my new growth, and honestly I didn’t either, but I was starting to do the numbers and things weren’t looking good. At this rate, by age 35, my boobs could very well hang down past my knees, and that's not even considering if I ever got pregnant! I was just barely still able to fit into the driver's seat of my car, but I could tell that my life behind the wheel could come to a halt by as soon as this time next year if my growth didn’t stop. I was already having to lightly squish my tits together or turn sideways just to pass through doorways! The fear that I would eventually become immobilized by my boobs was becoming a recurring worry in my mind and it didn’t comfort me much to realize how much that thought also seemed to turn me on.

    Regardless, like Ray and her mutation fears, there really wasn’t much I could do about it but hope for the best. As long as Ray and I had each other, I was confident we could handle whatever life threw at us. We continued our blissful lives together until about a month ago, when the fateful day Ray had been dreading for so long finally approached… She had to graduate! ;P
    As her post graduate studies came to an end, Ray began fretting even more than usual over which of her three paths to focus on after graduating. She really wanted to continue her research in mutant biology, considering even moving on to get her doctoral degree, but doing that would limit her possibility of becoming a pro swimmer, and taking even more school was expensive and a lot of hard work, when Ray could easily make a satisfying and creative career right now off of her painting talents.

    In the last few weeks, Ray had started having recurring dreams about her future life, devoting herself in each dream to a different career path and seeing herself become successful in each field. But there was a curious minor detail in each dream that seemed to bother Ray more than I thought it should. For whatever reason, in each dream about a separate field of work, Ray would exclusively go by one of her ‘real’ legal names. Rachel, Annabell, and apparently just calling herself by a shortened version of her last name, “Yumi”, during the dreams about becoming a pro swimmer. Ray had a friend that loved to rant about dream interpretation, and I could feel Ray becoming anxious about mutating again for the first time in a long while, especially as her graduation day drew near, vocalizing at one point that mutating now would be “the absolute worst”, since it would no doubt jeopardize her career pursuits that were so close at hand.

    We were chatting in our apartment about Ray’s career prospects two weeks before her graduation, when our lives changed forever.

    “I had another dream again.” Ray said to me from her computer as she wrote up another resume to send to another medical institute. I glanced over from our bed as I continued to play Tears of the Kingdom on my Switch, resting the screen on my boobs as I ‘worked from home’. My nipples were held tight by suction tubes which were currently draining my tits of milk that I would sell off later. The constant tug on my fat nipples gives me a low stimulation that really helps me get in the groove while gaming, but not so focused that I couldn't hold a conversation.

    “Oh? I’m surprised you put so much stock in this dream stuff since you're such a scientist. Which career was it this time?” I asked.

    “That's just the thing! This time it wasn’t any of my careers… It was about you.” Ray said with some reservation in her voice.

    This immediately caught my attention and I paused my game to give Ray my full awareness. “Really? Like how? Good things I hope!”

    Ray nodded, but looked puzzled. “Like the other dreams, it was set sometime in the future... I could tell because your boobs were huge! Like almost covering your entire body. You never stood up during the whole dream” Ray said with a wicked grin.

    “Har har.” I said back with a flat face, though quietly turned on by the thought. Ray smiled again at my apparent displeasure, but then held a tense pause before continuing.

    “You were living in a big home with a family… our family.” My body suddenly grew still as I processed what Ray had just said. I had thought about asking Ray what our future together could be like in the past, but I had always figured it could wait until after she had graduated.

    “We… We had children in your dream?” I immediately started wondering if they were adopted or if maybe… something else happened…

    “Well… I’m not sure… There were three younger relatives living there in the house with us… but I don't think they were our children… and I know they weren’t either of my sisters either. They seemed so familiar… but honestly I’m not sure. The dream felt very surreal and I’m having trouble remembering it. I just recall that you were all very happy and caring for each other, so I figured it must be our family.”

    “But what about you? Did you show up?” I asked, curious if she still saw herself as a standard human in the future.

    “That was also weird. I was definitely there… but also not there? I know I lived there with you, that I was present during the whole dream, but my body never showed up. I felt like just an observer, watching over you and the other three… I don’t know. It was all very strange and has left me bothered. I’ve been feeling weird in my skin all day since I woke up.”

    “Hey! Don’t say stuff like that. You’ll only work yourself up. Honestly, you need to get over that dream interpretation stuff. I’m glad to know we were together in your dream, but don’t worry about the weird stuff. It’s a dream! Unexplained bullshit is par for the course.” I said, during which I had turned off the power to my lactation pump and took off the suction cups. I cleared a space on the bed next to me and patted my breasts. “Come on, all you need to feel better is a big gulp of KC-milk! You deserve an early drink.” I said, caressing my sensitive teats gently as they felt raw from being milked by my machine for so long, but I always made sure to save some for this purpose.

    Ray stared at me with a “That's not gonna work on me” sort of look, but I just kept smiling back. After about 10 seconds, she finally broke and stood up, giving me angry glares her whole walk over before letting out a big sigh and flopping herself on to the bed, where she promptly took one of my massive tits and shoved its thick nipple between her lips. Ray couldn’t fit the whole thing in her mouth anymore without deep throating it, which she processed to do a few times as she sucked methodically. For as much as I actually thought my milk would calm Ray, I definitely took immense satisfaction any time I could get her to feed upon me. Ray only took a dozen or so gulps before releasing me from her mouth.

    “God damn it KC… I do feel a lot better… Grrrr, it’s like you have a cheat code in our relationship. It’s not fair!” Ray said as she moved to stand up. I took her hand before she could leave and pulled her back.

    “Forgetting something, my thrall?” I said, leaning over my beach ball sized tits and puckering up my lips.

    Ray smiled warmly, saying "My apologies, Mistress", and hunched down to give me a passionate smooch, then proceeded back to her desk to finish writing her resume. On the way over, Ray suddenly stumbled and grabbed onto her belly in distress. “OOaaahww. Ahh! Ouch!... Ugh… I don’t feel so good.”

    “What happened? Are you okay?” I did my best to get up as quickly as I could while Ray wobbled on unstable footing, wrapping her arms around her chest as she shuddered with mounting pain and internal pressure.

    “I feel… Oooaahh.” Ray stumbled back just as I got up from the bed.

    “I’ve got you, honey!” I said as I grabbed onto her, trying to help her stand as she grabbed on to my fat tits for support.

     “KC! My body, it… it feels like it's on fire! Ahh my head, it hurts! I… I need to lay down.” I helped Ray to the bed as her breathing continued to quicken and she brought her hands to rub two spots above her forehead.

    “What's going on, sweetie? Should we head to the ER?” I asked as fear started to grip my heart.

    “There’s pain everywhere, and especially on my forehead, but… but it also feels… good?... Oh…Oh god! Oh geez no! NO! Not now! Please!”  Ray’s physical distress was turning into a full blown panic as we both realized what was happening. “KC! I can feel it. It’s happening!” She clasped my hands in worry. ”DAMN IT! Why now? I… I think I’m MUTATING!” Ray screamed.

    Ray’s hands dropped to reveal two sharp looking protrusions growing from just above her forehead! They were a color of crimson with a slight violent tint and their texture smooth and glossy. As her two pronged horns curled back over her head slightly, Ray’s ears began to elongate and become pointy like an elf! Ray had always had a beautiful face, but now she had an exotic and majestic look about her. Ray panted like she had just lifted something heavy, but her panic seemed to stabilize as she slowly brought a hand up to touch her antlers, not able to see what happened with her ears.

    "Oh my god Ray! You look absolutely gorgeous! Just some cool looking antlers, or are they horns? And some pretty elf ears! Nothing to worry about!" I said, excited by my girlfriend's cute mutations.

    "Just because your mutation happened all at once doesn't mean mine is over. It's actually way more common for mutations to take months or even years… wait, did you say I have elf ears?... OOoaah!" Ray's body twitched as she hugged her chest and clenched her boobs, her breathing quickening again. "SHIT! I… I'm still mutating!"

    Standing next to her, I could see Ray’s perky C cup boobs start to grow larger under her tight fitting shirt, but my eyes were immediately drawn below to what was clearly a second set of boobs growing beneath… and then another set beneath those! They each swelled up to become larger than Ray’s head, her bottom row popping out from her top as the shirt stretched to its limits. “Tight, tight! My Shirt! Help!” Ray said between moans of pleasure as her many nipples rubbed against her overloaded top. I stood there dumbstruck, my mind hypnotized by what I was seeing. “KC!” Ray shouted.

    “Fuck! Sorry, one second honey!” I went and grabbed some scissors from the desk and then returned to carefully snip at the bottom of Ray’s shirt. A tiny cut was all it took for the pressure of Ray’s tits to cause her shirt to rip wide open, revealing a torso completely dominated by 6 fat juicy tits. I gawked, incredibly aroused but simultaneously worried for my girlfriend.

    “Oooh damn it! My swim career!” Ray said, looking down at her mountain range of boobs. It wasn’t hard to see how one's swim speed might be affected by all this extra weight and drag. “Ooh! OUCH! AAhhh, my sides!” Ray winced in pain as four more grows appeared on either side of her torso, each growth elongating and morphing over the course of about thirty seconds to become four new arms! As most brand new mutant appendages go, Ray had trouble controlling them as they flopped and spasmed at her sides, seeming to react to another set of desires. Ray was panting hard and sweating like she had just jogged a marathon. I stepped up close and took one of her original hands in mine.

    “Ray! I’m so sorry this is happening now but I’m here for you girl! It’s gonna be okay. How are you feeling, sweetie?”

    Ray seemed disoriented and was still panting profusely. “Oooh god. I feel so strange, KC. My emotions are so conflicted right now. I don’t want this to happen, but it feels so good!” Those emotions were to be expected among anyone who mutates, but what wasn’t expected was the fact that Ray's mouth hadn’t moved at all during that last sentence! Her voice had sounded muffled. Ray and I looked at each other in confusion, then we hastily undid Ray’s pants, pulling them and her underwear off to reveal that her vagina had mutated into a mouth! There was a moment of shock between us before Ray shouted with both her mouths “WHAT THE HELL?!”

    I took a step back to get a better look at Ray. “This is… okay, right? You’re doing fine! Your new arms should compensate for your new boobs while you swim, and think of how much faster you’ll be able to paint now!” I said, trying my best to keep Ray from completely melting down.

    Ray looked up at me with frustrated eyes after failing to get a good view of her new mouth-pussy that wasn't partially obscured by her bottom row of tits. “KC you’re not hel-… thanks.” She said, breaking eye contact, clearly not in a light-hearted mood,  but trying not to lash out at me either. “Oh KC! It all feels so intense. I just want it to stop here, please! This is enough!”

    “You’re doing great, honey! You look great! Maybe it’s over...” No sooner did I say that, then Ray’s legs started to convulse and change shape! I took a few more steps back to get a better view of the whole transformation.

    “AOohh, What now?!” Ray said with her head, but then she saw and felt her legs begin to peel apart! “HOLY FUCK!” Ray screamed with her vagina. Ray’s legs began to lose shape and change color, gaining a red tint similar to the color in her horns while her toes began peeling away from each other into four long fleshy strips running up her shins and approaching her knees. “No, no, NOO! Not my legs!” Ray closed her eyes and cried in vain as her lower body spasmed in equal parts pains and pleasure. Her legs continued to divide all the way up to the tops of Ray's thighs, though their reddish tint gradually faded back into flesh tone from the tips to her crotch. Her eight newly formed tentacles gained a stretchy, grippy texture as tiny suckers sprouted occasionally across their length. While that was going on, one by one, the tips of Ray's tentacles had bulged and morphed into thick penis heads that started to leak precum! Though we were unaware at the time, Ray’s anus had morphed into another vagina, and is now situated beneath her at the center of her tentacles.

    While Ray's prior mutations so far were turning me on, watching her legs split apart had taken her mutation to another level, and I was starting to grow worried at what point her mutation might stop, but as Ray's 'dick-tacles' finished forming, my focus shattered and my mind immediately began racing with sexy possibilities, unable to stop myself from imagining how Ray could now fill up my monster pussy with her new monstrous lower half. I cursed myself for not being more concerned for Ray, but she seemed to be having similar difficulties as her face contorted with ecstasy while tears ran down her cheeks. Each new mutation seemed to leave Ray drained of even more energy and her new tentacles flopped about lazily at the edge of the bed as her new arms continued to twitch occasionally. “oOaaaww… holy shit… please… please make it stop… KC… I don’t know if I can take any more of this… my head feels so dizzy… I don't want to end up like my sister…”

     “Don’t say that Ray! It’s gonna be okay, I’m here for you! Your mutation may be extreme but you're still whole! How can I help? Maybe… I don’t know… do you need any water or something? Milk?” I immediately bit my tongue as I said milk, recalling that Ray had just taken several big gulps of my milk before mutating. It could have just been a coincidence, but I suddenly felt guilty as hell, wondering if this was partly my fault for egging Ray on to feed from me all these years.

    “Water… water would be nice right now, yeah.” Ray said groggily, her body still slowly writhing and testing out its new form on the bed, her eyes wide in disbelief  as she inspected her new tentacles. As I scurried to the kitchen, I heard a light gasp from Ray behind me. "Wha?!… are these… penises?"

    Inside the kitchen, no sooner had I poured a glass of water, when I heard Ray scream again from our bedroom. “OOohh COME ON! Really? More mutations?!” I waddled back into our bedroom as quickly as my keg sized pillows would let me, to find Ray sitting up right on the bed as she looked at the recent changes to her many arms. The tips of her fingers had grown into short claws the same color as her horns, and the skin of her hands were now the same reddish tint of her tentacles, fading back to flesh tone near her elbows. "What the hell?! None of my family members mutated to look like monsters! I -" Ray was about to say something more to me, when she suddenly flinched and each of her hands gripped at the sides of her six tits. "Ahh! My nipples!" Ray moaned with her mouth-vagina.

    I dropped the cup of water I was holding as I watched Ray's many nipples transform. Her top nipples flattened and stretched into large almond shaped bumps, then blinked open to reveal a pair of beautiful eyes! Ray’s middle nipples morphed into two fat ridges of soft pink skin surrounding a deep depression, which then gaped wide and extended two long tongues to lick what were now clearly a pair of huge, thick-lipped, glistening mouths! Ray’s third pair of front nipples again transformed into a pair of eyes, and these tits happened to hang down low enough so that the eyes sat on either side of Ray’s new mouth-vagina. Each new pair of eyes were the same color as the original, and together with her head, it almost looked like Ray had three different faces running down her body, though her middle 'face’ had two mouths.

    I didn’t know what to say. Ray looked like she had wanted to say something, but was having trouble deciding which mouth to speak from, her look of terror mirrored across her three sets of eyes. Her body was truly an abomination, now the most exotic looking member of her mutant family. Nearly every inch of her had changed at this point. How much more could there be?

    “KC… I’m scared.” Ray finally said with four trembling voices.

    “Nooo Ray! Don’t say that! You’re still here. We’re still together! Your mutation has to be done now!” I pleaded desperately, taking Ray’s top hands in mine again, trying my best to keep focus on her eyes… her top eyes.

    “KC I… Ahh… uuugh my head. Fuck, I feel so disoriented. It’s like my mind is… pulling itself apart!... Aahhhh… This is it! I’m splitting!” Ray’s body began to spasm as her neck seemed to elongate. “Aaooohhh! I’m not gonna make it… KC… I love you!

    “Ray! I Lov-” but my response was drowned out by Ray’s four different mouths screaming at once as she experienced a truly life altering orgasm.

    “AaaaaAAAAHHHH!!!!!” In a sudden flex of strength, Ray’s tentacles lifted her up off the bed and her six arms grabbed hold of me as her head jerked about. I watched as Ray’s neck grew longer… No, not grow exactly, but emerge? Standing so close, I could see that her neck wasn’t stretching, it was sliding out from between her shoulders! I gasped as I noticed the base of Ray's neck had morphed into what looked like a large vagina, with her head and throat currently being pushed out!

    Ray’s whole body shuddered, and I could feel her torso begin to separate at the naval and slowly peel away! There was a soft thud as Ray’s tentacled lower half slid off from the bed and hit the floor, taking Ray’s mouth-vagina and lowest pair of eye boobs with it! As I held on to Ray’s upper body, her many mouths gave one final chorus of ecstasy before her shoulders flexed and contracted inward, causing Ray’s head and long neck to finally separate and launch away from her torso, flying across the room and landing on our nearby couch with such force that the back pillows collapsed on top of her. I lost my balance from the commotion and toppled sideways onto the bed, losing hold of Ray’s torso as we fell. The room fell silent and my vision went black as I fell on my back and my boobs bounced up to smother my face…


Re: KC's Journal - by SexyJin

https://www.deviantart.com/sexyjin/art/ … -974422537


KC Jounral: Entry 3 - Part 2

When we last left the girls, Ray had just finished mutating in the extreme, but is she still herself?

    I gasped for breath as I used my arm-legs to pull my keg size tits off my face. After a quiet moment of shock where my mind processed what had just happened, I propped myself up on the bed and looked towards Ray, or what was left of her on the mattress. From my perspective, the six armed torso was laying away from me, unmoving. As I scooched closer, I noticed the torso not only has a vagina up top where the neck used to be, but also a thick, nearly foot long penis connected at its base, sort of where the spine or tailbone would continue, if the torso still had hips. This dick also had similar coloration to Ray's hands, and came across more like a tail than a dong. Closer inspection revealed Ray had another vagina situated on the underside of her torso stump which cut off where her naval had been, obscured by her lowest pair of boobs.

    I could tell my mind was still in shock and I wanted to panic, but some internal protocol kept denying that anything was wrong. Yes, Ray had just exploded into three separate parts, but you know… maybe she had 'simply' gained the Natural Body Magic mutation and could divide herself into different parts now… right?... RIGHT?!?

    "Ray… Honey? Are you okay?" I tried to act as calmly as I could while I reached out a hand and slowly turned Ray’s torso over to face me. As the four breasts on Ray's torso jiggled with the motion of being turned over, her eye-nipples fluttered open, and her tit-mouths began to speak.

    "Oooohh… Hi… wow… that was… so crazy! I feel… pretty good... Sort like I just woke up from a long nap. Thanks for asking!" Ray's torso said, propping itself up with its arms and inspecting its many limbs and tits. Ray's voice seemed to have changed slightly, but that could just be the fact that she was speaking through two mouths. The sight was so surreal, seeing Ray speak to and look at me through four different boobs instead of a head, not to mention the claws giving her a slight bestial appearance, but that was all negligent to the fact that Ray was okay!

    I couldn't hold back my joy and grabbed Ray's torso and squashed it deep into my cleavage, smothering her in the process. "YAY! Ray! I'm so glad you're still here!"

    There was a muffled response and I realized my mistake, spreading my tits apart so Ray's torso could speak again. "Woah haha! Umm… I'm glad you're glad to see me, and I love being squished into your boobs and all… but umm… who are you?" Ray’s torso said in an embarrassed tone.

    My heart and body completely stopped, my mind reeling with what I'd just heard. Slowly I released Ray's torso from my hug and let it down to the bed, where it proceeded to stand on its two bottom arms as if they were legs. "Wha… What do you mean?... You don't remember me?" I could feel tiny cracks forming in my psyche as the nightmare, Ray's nightmare, seemed to have come true.

    "Umm well… you do look very familiar… sorry, my mind feels pretty scattered after that amazing orgasm… I’m sure we are friends… Oh! Duh, I know! You let me drink your milk all the time! You’re my Mistress… right?" The torso said from its two mouths, and my heart sank with every word spoken.

    "Annabelle you idiot! That's KC, our girl friend!" I was startled by another voice, slightly different from Ray and Anna's, that had come from down by the edge of the bed. My eyes went wide as Ray's lower half raised itself up on six of its tentacles, gesturing with two of its other tentacles to act more like arms. The creatures ‘face’ consists of two boobs with eye-nipples and a mouth-vagina. At the top of the tentacle monster’s head sat a large vagina facing upward. The creature looked at me with a smile that was hauntingly familiar. “Sorry KC, I guess some of us are still mentally missing some legs! Hehehe.” The octopus-like woman pointedly snickered at the many armed torso named Anna before continuing. “I remember you though! Especially all our time in the bedroom...” The creature said slyly as she slithered closer to me, her many long ‘dick-tacles’ clearly stiffening at their tips.

    For as aroused as this should have made me, my mind was still only focused on one thing. Where was Ray? The octo-girl seemed to sense my confusion and broke off her sexy act. “Oh, I’m sorry! I remember you, but I guess you still don’t know me. My name is Yumiko, but you can call me Yumi!”

    “Yumi… like from her dream? But… I still don’t understand… Where is Ray?” The answer was obvious, but I couldn’t accept it. The two monster-girls on either side of me looked at each other nervously, a hint of sadness in their weird boob-eyes. I couldn’t take it. For as much as Ray had treated this day like it was inevitable, I had always quietly believed that even if Ray did mutate, her mind and identity would still be intact by the end of it. I just had to be right, I knew I was right! “Where is RAY?! ” I said, a little more forcefully.

    “I think I can help with that!” A muffled voice said from across the room. I looked up in surprise, then immediately bounced off the bed and scrambled towards the couch as fast as my jiggling masses would allow. I had totally forgotten about Ray’s head! Surely her consciousness would live there? I was able to remove the fallen couch pillows using my arm-legs, and I gasped at what I saw. Ray’s beautiful head and black hair, with its new two-pronged crimson horns and cute pointy ears, are perched at the top of a three foot long prehensile dick! Her 'body's' width was as wide as Ray’s neck, and it too started to take on the same reddish hue as the hands and tentacles of her other body parts at about the 2ft mark, ending as an enormous cock tip that was slightly leaking precum.

    I couldn’t help but feel simultaneously aroused and horrified for my love, who would no doubt be devastated to know she couldn’t swim or paint anymore. I picked up the dick-head in my arms and cradled her in my cleavage, trying my best to focus on the only recognizable part of Ray that was still around, kissing all over her pretty face with abandon as tears rolled down my eyes. “Ray! Oh thank god! I thought you were gone!” There was a moment's pause before the abomination before me made a polite cough, and as the truth finally sank into my heart, it began to crumble.

    “Thank you for the smooches KC. They are lovely and I appreciate you getting me up out of those pillows, but… I am so sorry to inform you that… I am also not Ray. While my sisters and I hold all of Ray’s memories and characteristics together, individually, our mutation has adapted us into totally new people. Please allow me to introduce myself, I am Rachel!” Apparently all of Ray’s intellectual and diplomatic aspects had stayed with her head.

    I felt light headed and chose to sit down on the couch I had just picked Rachel up from, setting her down on the cushion beside me. The other two parts of Ray, or excuse me, Anna and Yumi, came off the bed and sat down in front of me, trying their best to look endearing. I sobbed into my hands a few times, I couldn’t help it, but I immediately felt ashamed to be crying in front of these girls who just went through such a traumatic transformation. I recalled Ray talking about how hard it was for her to accept her new sisters after losing Evy, and now I could finally understand. “So… so she’s gone? Ray’s gone? Rachel Annabelle Yumiko... She is… you are all… her now? She is you?” I said, wiping tears from my eyes.

    “Essentially… Yes I believe so.” Rachel said gently to my right. “It appears our mutation was very similar to our sisters, Emma and Val. Culling through my memories, it seems I retained a large portion of Ray’s science education and analytical mindset, but I am having trouble recalling other large sections of Ray’s time as an adult. As a rough estimate, it feels like my memories become consistent and clear at about the age of 16. What about you, girls?” Rachel said to her sisters expectantly. 

    “Uuummm… I guess that sounds right smarty pants. Or should I say… smarty… tail! Haha!” Yumi said with a stupid grin. While she seemed to like cracking jokes, it wasn't yet clear if Yumi had inherited Ray’s wit.

    “Hmm, not sure I can recall things as quickly as you Rachel, but that tracks with me!” Anna said through two mouth-boobs. “I can remember all of the painting and illustrative work we’d done before mutating, but uhh, please don’t ask me to do math.”

    “Yeah! Math is lame, and I guess drawing is okay, but it’s way more fun to get outdoors and go climbing or swimming! And… oh dang! I can’t wait to see how fast I am in the water now!” Yumi said, giving her many tentacles some wiggles.

    I sat there in a stunned stupor as the newly born mutant trio started chatting amongst themselves, comparing which parts of Ray’s memories and personality they had retained. All I could keep thinking about was how I no longer had my wonderful Ray of sunshine. That everything she had dreaded and put so much effort against for years had still come true... It was true. The Ray I knew was gone………… Unless…

    As I quietly observed Rachel, Anna, and Yumi from the couch, an idea started pulling itself together in my mind. I had seen how Ray had come apart to become them… and was starting to envision how they might reassemble... “What if we put Ray back together?!” I blurted.

    The conversation amongst the girls died immediately as they all looked at me in confusion. “I mean like… What if we… you know… put you all together again… like Legos! Maybe you all might… fuse or something… back into Ray?” I could hear the desperation in my voice, but we had to try something!

    “Hmmm, you mean sort of like an NBM mutant? I’m not so sure… Our sisters Emma and Val can’t join back together… It’s an interesting idea, but it might be risky to try something so drastic so soon after mutating. Perhaps in a few weeks after we have fully adjusted and had our medical exams?” Rachel said methodically.

    “ALSO, like, we just got here! I haven’t even existed for like 10 minutes yet! The three of us can do anything Ray could do for you and more, KC. What, don't you like us?” Yumi said coldly, entwining a few of her tentacles to look like she was crossing her ‘arms’.

    “Umm, I want to help KC, I really do, but… Rachel made a good point… We should at least wait until after our mutant exam. Trying to combine sounds kinda scary. What if we fuse back into Ray… but then can’t unfuse!?” Anna said to me, genuinely concerned for her continued existence.

    I stared back at what used to be Ray, perplexed. Their points made sense, but at the same time I couldn’t understand how these creatures that were once Ray wouldn’t want to become her again. Ray made them, she sacrificed herself to become them! They owed her at least a try! I wasn’t about to wait weeks for the doctors to give the all clear. I didn’t even get to finish saying ‘I love you’...

    “No… you're right. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make you think I’m not happy to meet you all. I’m just… having trouble accepting... You don’t have to try what I just mentioned, it was a crazy idea.” I said to the group, watching carefully for the right moment.

    “Awww, it’s okay KC! We understand. I’m sorry we took Ray from you and I’m sad she is gone too. She was like a mother to me!” Anna said sincerely, gently patting the side of my right boob with two of her clawed hands.

    “Don’t worry KC! Take all the time you need, and when you’re ready, I can help you feel better by fucking your brains out for you!” Yumi said earnestly, oblivious to how callous she was coming off.

    “Yumi! Try not to be so tasteless when KC is clearly in pain.” Rachel scowled at Yumi, then looked up at me and wiggled herself closer. “I’m so sorry KC. I really am, we all are, even Yumi. I wish we could all exist with Ray together. I know it will take a lot of time, but I hope we can all become lovers again with you… if that’s something you’d like. As a part of Ray, I know she would have wanted that.” Rachel said from the same beautiful face I fell in love with.

    The girls each displayed so much character that reminded me of Ray, it hurt. They were the ones who had just mutated, but I was the one getting support from them! I squeezed my eyes shut as tears started welling up again, hating myself for what I was about to do.

    “Thank you Rachel, Anna… and Yumi. Really, I appreciate your concern and for understanding… besides… as long as I have you all, it’s really like Ray never left!” I said with the best smile I could muster. “Hugs?”

    The girls all smiled exuberantly. “Yay! HUGS!” They shouted in unison, each snuggling up to me as best they could… NOW WAS MY CHANCE!

    Taking full advantage of my arm-legs for maybe the first time in my life, I grabbed hold of Anna and Yumi with my lower hands while picking up Rachel with my top right arm. “Wooah, KC! What are you doing?” Rachel yelled as I tried to stretch out the length of her body.

    “HEY! Put me down!” Anna yelled as she struggled against my lower right arm-leg. Luckily my arm-legs were super strong to help support all my boob mass, and Anna was maybe half of Ray’s old weight. I took advantage of the girl's momentary shock to stuff Anna up between my boobs, pinning her many arms and tits within my cleavage while leaving her shoulders exposed, positioning her top vagina right in front of me.

    “Girls! She’s trying to force us together! FIGHT BACK!” Yumi roared, trying to escape the grasp of my left arm-leg. Fortunately, now that Anna was stuck in my boobs, I was able to use both my bottom arms to better grapple with Yumi and begin trying to shove her core body up into the bottom of my cleavage, where I somehow had to stuff Anna’s long cock-tail into the large vagina at the top of Yumi’s head. At the same time, I was trying to insert Rachel’s worm-like dick-body into Anna’s top pussy.

    “KC STOP! We can talk this out can’t we? OOOaaahh! This is a violation of our rights as individuals!” Rachel shouted as the tip of her prehensile dick-body thrashed about, trying to avoid Anna’s vagina.

    “YOU all violated Ray’s individual rights first!” I spat back, giving a grunt as I managed to finally grab the tip of Rachel’s tail with my left hand and squeeze its tip into Anna, causing them both to gasp in pleasure. I was getting closer, but before I could reposition my hand, Rachel pulled an ace from her sleeve, or rather… her mouth, as she opened wide and extended an incredibly long forked tongue that began to wrap itself around my elbow! The tongue's top surface was rough and grippy like a cats, and now I no longer had leverage to keep pushing Rachel further into Anna!

    “Hey! That's my mutation!” I shouted at Rachel, extending my own hyper long yet much thicker tongue to do battle with Rachel’s thinner snake-like one. The attack wasn’t very effective, doing little to remove and much more to arouse. 

    As this was going on, Anna’s muffled protests went unheard as she struggled within my cleavage, but while my patented “Booby-pin” technique had worked well on ‘standard-body’ Ray, it was proving less effective at containing someone with six arms… and claws! "YOUCH!" I squealed, as I suddenly felt dozens of sharp pricks and scrapes prod around in my cleavage. It seemed Anna was done playing nice as she tried to get leverage on my soft flesh. The pain caused me to lessen the pressure on my tits, giving Anna space to wiggle her top two arms free! I cursed in frustration, but made a mental note at how horny Anna's little cuts had made me, storing that new kink for later, as I had more important things to focus on.

    Anna’s top arms were still groping around wildly for leverage. Unfortunately for me, the two best hand holds nearby happened to be my long engorged nipples, which Anna proceeded to grasp tightly and begin pulling on. Milk immediately started to spray out and to the floor as pleasure shot through my body, causing my grips to weaken further!

    “Hey! Good idea Anna!” Yumi said as she wrestled against my arm-legs. While my lower arms are very strong and flexible, it was still two versus eight down there, and Yumi wasn’t about to go down without some fun. She untangled two of her dick-tacles from my thighs and slid them up my shorts, bringing them to bare on my hyper enlarged pussy, wasting no time as she threaded them deep inside me and started pumping like a piston! My body began to shake with ecstasy and it became difficult to focus. I was so close, yet so far from success. They were simply too many to grapple with all at once. I was losing this battle… but I hadn’t yet lost the war!

    “Grrrrrr! Please just… do this! Oooaahh, dang it! You owe her! Please! Just… I swear… If you… If you don’t all combine, I… I’ll stop letting you drink my milk!” I yelled in desperation.

    Suddenly all panicked activity stopped and the room went quiet, sans for the sounds of our exhausted panting… and a few more pumps from Yumi.

    “Don’t listen to her girls!” Anna said, finally freeing one of her mouth-boobs.“ She's bluffing! I remember KC specifically telling Ray she could always have as much milk as she wanted!”

    “That’s right!” I nearly shouted as a new plan formed in my head. “I told ‘RAY’ she could have free milk everyday, but as you all have made abundantly clear, none of you are Ray! In fact…” I fully relaxed my grip on the girls, letting Yumi go from my arm-legs while spreading my boobs apart so that Anna could crawl free, then setting Rachel on the floor with her sisters. If I couldn’t make them combine by force, I was just gonna have to use my cheat code... “New girls means new deals. If you all don’t try to combine into Ray at least once, RIGHT NOW, I swear I will never let you drink my milk ever again!”

    The girls all gasped in shock. “Woah woah woah! Let's not jump straight to the nuclear option.” Yumi said. “You wouldn’t let us starve to death would you?”

    “We can live off more than KC’s milk, Yumi!” Rachel said, rolling her eyes. “What makes you think we would risk giving up existence just for the chance to drink your milk? I know it’s good, but it feels like we’re getting short changed here.” Rachel said to me, confident in her logic.

    “Ray toiled to avoid mutating for years, but even she was only able to resist my milk for maybe a week tops. If she couldn’t stop herself, what makes you think you’ll fare any better?” I said with a devil’s smile.

    The girls each bit their lips subconsciously, then huddled up among themselves to whisper their concerns, though I was still able to hear them fine from like 5 feet away.

    “Dang… She's got us by the boobs, girls.” Yumi said.   

    “Life without KC's milk? I don't know… she did say we only had to try to combine once… I think it's worth the risk. Besides, KC has a point. We owe it to Ray to try." Anna spoke sincerely from her two tit-mouths.

    "Well said Anna, and I agree, but I think we can squeeze a bit more out of this negotiation than just some milk." Rachel said, turning around to face me with determination. "We will agree to attempt combining back into Ray at least one time, tonight, on these conditions! First, each of us will have an allowance of 0.5 gallons of milk a day, that we can access whenever we wish, and which can be rolled over to following days, resetting on Sunday. Furthermore, Annabelle has gaming priority on the TV every other day starting tomorrow, Yumi gets double milk allowance on weekends, and I can ride around and sleep in your cleavage whenever I want!"

    I nodded my head in agreement, smiling at the needless specifics. "In Addition!" Rachel said, "In the regrettable event that this experiment does not allow Ray to regain consciousness, you are contractually obligated to use us sisters as your sex slaves, and NO ONE ELSE, for a minimum of one year, where upon you may administer a performance review to see if we are still worthy."

    I blinked several times, making sure I understood what Rachel had just proposed. "Uhh Oka-*cough* I mean, dang Rachel! You sure do drive a hard bargain. Hmm, I think I can work with that... Deal?

    "DEAL!" The strange trio all shouted in unison.

    "Way to go Rachel! This is why they call you the ‘brains’ of the bunch." Said Yumi.

    "Yeah, great negotiating!" Anna said, giving Rachel a pat on the head as the dick-neck girl smiled proudly.

    "Okay! A deals a deal. I can't wait any longer!" I said picking Rachel up and walking over to the bed with Anna and Yumi following suit. I placed Rachel on the mattress and the other girls climbed up to join her. Anna picked up Rachel by her horns and then climbed up on top of Yumi’s squishy body, which was a little easier said than done. With a few tentacles for support, soon the girls had arranged themselves in a stack, Rachel and Anna’s stiff cocks hovering just above the top pussy of the girl below them. Each of them had a slightly nervous look, but they had also become excited to find out what might happen, their penises becoming stiff with subconscious arousal. Before the girls went any further, I spoke up. "Rachel, Annabelle, Yumi…. Thank you… really. This means a lot."

    The girls all smiled and blushed in their own cute ways. “You’re welcome KC! I’m glad we could come to an agreement.” Rachel said, the other girls below her nodding along.

    “Now… as my future sex slaves, one way or the other, I order you to COMBINE!” I shouted, pointing my finger and wishing with all my might for Ray to come back to me.

    "Yes Mistress!" They all replied together. Rachel plunged her thick dick-body into Anna, while Anna pulled down on Rachel’s horns, shoving her tensed body back into the vagina at the top of her torso. At the same time, Yumi pulled down on Annabelle's lower arms with her tentacles and felt Anna’s dick-tail penetrate through the top of her head… and into her mind! Anna could feel her insides filling up to the max with Rachel's dick-body, their psyche expanding in kind, until the tip of Rachel’s dick popped out from Anna's bottom pussy and immediately plunged into Yumi’s large and stretchy head-vagina, filling it in completely in combination with Anna’s dick-tail. The trio screamed from all four of their mouths at once as the merge finished with an incredible orgasm, similar to when they had separated, and then their body collapsed to the bed face first.

    I stood with my heart pounding, knowing all I could do was wait for some sign of cognition. After maybe fifteen seconds, I thought I was going to die of suspense when the abomination on the bed began to stir. With my last ounce of hope, I whispered. “Ray?”

    “OUuuhaaahmmm… Oooh wow… KC! I just had the wildest drea–....” there was a pause as I watched Ray’s many arms and tentacles wiggled about a bit, testing their reality. “... It wasn't a dream was it?” Ray said, shifting her head up from the bed and looking at me with the same dread she wore from the start of her mutation.

    All I could do was smile back, tears rolling down my cheeks. “Nope. It wasn’t. And I hope this isn’t a dream either…”

    After about ten minutes of hugs, kisses, crying, explanations, internal processing, and more hugs and kisses, Ray and I were sitting back on the couch, holding hands, trying to comfort each other after a traumatic day and a now uncertain future. Well… I was mostly comforting Ray.

    “Oh KC, what am I going to do now? Just look at me! I've become a hideous tentacled freak! How am I going to go out in public when I might suddenly split apart because my legs want to go shopping but my head is trying to make an appointment?" Ray said, each sentence coming from a different mouth on her body.

    "You are NOT hideous Ray. I think you're beautiful and exotic! Look… I'm not gonna try to argue if you're a 'freak' or not. Your whole family are freaks and I know you love them with all your heart, and you know I love you too, especially because you're a freak, in addition to your new mutations.” I said with a wink. “Going outside might require a little internal bargaining, is all. I’m sure the trio will cooperate.” I gave Ray a reassuring smooch. “And if you want to conceal your appearance, you’re talking to a pro right here! All you need are some full length gowns and you're in business! Monster-girls have seen an uptick in the fashion scene since that Netflix show ‘Stranger Babes’ came out, and I saw plenty of wilder looking mutants than you in Port Solei when we were visiting your family. I mean, humantaurs like your Mama or Val basically can’t hide their mutation at all.”

    "Ugh! Yeah, but humantuars are majestic, and they live in Port Solei, and I... *sigh*… I guess you're right… Sorry. I've gone over all this body positivity stuff with my family hundreds of times growing up and said basically the same thing to dozens of others who joined our neighborhood over the years… but it's always hardest to take your own advice…" Ray sniffled a bit, accidentally bringing up two hands to wipe her nose instead of one. She apparently wasn’t as coordinated with her new limbs as her ‘lesser’ selves were.

    I nodded along in empathy, when an idea popped into my head. “Hey, speaking of your old neighborhood, why don’t we move together back to Port Solei after you graduate? Even if only temporary, it would probably help you a lot right now to be around other mutants. I know I would have loved that kind of support compared to when I was the only mutant in my hometown growing up.”

    “Hmm… you know, that's actually not a bad idea… DID YOU SAY GRADUATE?!! Ohh fuuuck! I totally forgot about that. Ahh it’s not even like three weeks away! And what about my different careers?! UUUGGGHHH!” Ray was rocked by another wave of depression and anxiety.

    “There, there darling. It’s gonna be okay girl. You can just accept your diploma in the mail, who cares about the ceremony! And Ray, honestly, your careers can wait. We need to focus on the fact that you’re alive! You did it! You mutated and made it out with your mind intact! Or at least ‘attached’, even if there are maybe a few screws loose.” I smirked and gave Ray’s head a little bonk with my knuckles and another little smooch on her cheek, wiping away a few tears in the process.   

    “No, YOU did it KC! You saved me! Who knows how long it would have been before the trio figured this out on their own? I can’t thank you enough!” Ray said, giving me several kisses back, using the four different mouths all over her body to smooch me where I wasn’t expecting. That was going to take a bit to get used to…

    “Hmm, I’m pretty sure the trio would have experimented with each other enough at some point to make it happen. By the way, I can think of a few ways you can thank me.” I said as I grinned at Ray mischievously.

    Ray laughed and smiled, finally peeking out of her depression. “So… you don’t think I’m an abomination?...” she asked nervously.

    “Oh I definitely think you’re an abomination.” I pulled Ray closer. “But you’re MY beautiful, smart, sexy, slave abomination! And don’t you forget it!”

    Ray smiled even more warmly. “Yes Mistress!” Then she leaned into me, threading her upper body through my enormous cleavage as we embraced and kissed passionately. Below, I could feel Ray’s many tentacles start to work their way around my legs and into my gaping vagina. I could feel Ray’s hands on my face, while another set of her hands found their way to my thick nipples, creamy milk already leaking. The mouth-boobs at the center of Ray’s front started kissing and licking the flesh of my cleavage. All four of my hands tightened their grip on Ray as my heart pumped with excitement. I was finally going to have sex with Ray in her new monstrous form!

    Suddenly Ray pulled back, her body jerking around in separate directions. After a moment's spasm, she seemed to regain control. “Wooah! Shit! That was… Oh god!” Ray said, dropping her head to my shoulder, her horns nearly poking my head! 

    “What?! Hey! What’s going on?” I asked in a panic, just wanting to get through today without another crisis.

    “It’s the girls! They’re… aroused I think… They think? Can they even think while I’m thinking? Ugh, I don’t know… But that was definitely a signal that they want out… Oh KC! What are we going to do? How are we supposed to date when I have to split my life with three other people?” Ray looked like she was going to cry again.

    “Hey now! We can do it Ray! If conjoined mutants like your Mom can handle it, then so can we! I promise, we’ll make it work.”

    Ray sniffled a bit on my shoulder, then looked up and gave my cheek a little kiss. “Thanks KC. You’re the best… I love you.”

    “I love you too… Rachel Annabelle Yumiko."


Re: KC's Journal - by SexyJin

https://www.deviantart.com/sexyjin/art/ … -974425638


KC Journal: Entry 4

Hi Journal! I know my last update was a wild ride and left a lot up in the air for what my future with Ray might be like, so I wanted to give you a little update on our new life together! 

    After several days of mental recovery, medical examination, and personal and experimentation, Ray and I were able to negotiate a schedule with 'the trio' on how to divide their time alive with Ray. It basically worked out to a typical 9-5 type routine, where the girls would get to exist and each do their own thing during the day time, then come home in the evening and combine into Ray. While Ray had initially fretted and worried about how her mutation would mess up her career paths, the reality was more like the opposite! Each of the girls had mutated and separated in such a way, that not only could they maintain Ray’s different interest, they were actually excelling in their own paths! Ray had always struggled to divide her schedule between all her different pursuits, including dating me, but now that she could be three people at once, they were each able to devote way more time towards their individual goals!

    Rachel isn’t technically any smarter than Ray is, but her mind and memories are now hyper focused towards math and science, subjects that don’t really require her to have arms or legs to accomplish! Rachel is able to type on the computer and read books well enough by using her extra long tongue and the tip of her tail-cock, in addition to the various voice-command applications available these days. She rarely leaves the house, not because it's a challenge for her body (which it is), but because she loves studying so much! Rachel has already found remote work as a medical research assistant, and started taking online courses to get her doctoral degree in mutant biology!

    Annabelle retained most of Ray’s creative and artistic talents, but can now paint nearly three times as fast! She is able to walk around on her bottom arms without issue, but clothing is a little tough for her, since most of her body is also her face. She still gets out of the house often enough to host painting classes, but she also likes to stay inside with Rachel to watch movies or play video games.

    Yumi isn’t able to compete in the standard-human swim league anymore, but her octopus-like form gives many of the aquatic-base mutants a run for their money! The pro swimming leagues for mutants are a little more complicated than standard swim leagues, due to the variety of different types of mutants, but Yumi has so far been able to carve a path of her own in the competitive circuit, as well as start work as a lifeguard! She is by far the most outgoing and sociable of the trio, preferring to stay out as long as she can before coming back home.

    While it took a lot of encouragement, Ray did decide to go to her graduation ceremony, partly because her extra long graduation gown was able to obscure most of her new body except for her 6 arms, but mostly because her family was visiting town to watch! Ray’s graduation cap had to be modified to fit with her new horns, and she only tripped up a little while ‘walking’ up the stairs to get her diploma. Afterwards we were able to make arrangements with Ray’s parents about moving to their home city of Port Solei in the near future.

    Ray’s parents, Ari, Ira, and Mary-Sue, had been surprisingly worried when they heard Ray had mutated, and had immediately bought plane tickets to our city so they could be with her and make sure Ray was okay in person. After some serious bonding time, Ray was able to finally connect with them about her feelings on what had happened to Evy. It turns out they had also been traumatized when Evy permanently split into two different people, neither the original, but Ray’s parents had felt the need to keep up a front to make sure Emma and Val knew they were loved and wanted. Ray’s whole family had initially panicked when they heard she had mutated, but now they are ecstatic to be able to add three more members to the Yumiko family! Rachel, Anna, and Yumi befriended Emma and Val like they were made for each other, and this in turn finally gave Ray the closer relationship with her sisters she had been searching for since their mutation.

    It’s been a little over a month since Ray’s big change, and while things aren't quite as difficult as she had worried, there are still some kinks to work out in our routine for Ray’s new lease on life.

    “Grrr, Where is she? We’re going to miss the movie!” I said, looking at my phone to see we only had 15 minutes before the movie started.

    “It feels like Yumi is getting closer, though still pretty far away. My guess is she’s in a rideshare now, but we definitely won’t arrive on time. If it’s any consultation, she knows we’re pissed at her.” ‘Ranna’ said, looking at me and speaking with Rachel’s head while Anna’s eye-boobs continued to watch the TV she was playing games on as her mouth-tits snacked on some chips and sipped on a glass of my milk.

    In the time since Ray had mutated, we had done plenty of experimentation with her new bodies, both sexual and scientific, and discovered that not only could the trio combine into Ray, they could also combine into “Two-Part” individuals! Meaning, Ray’s body actually contained seven possible personalities, including her own! She was now officially a “Gestalt” person, and had to register as such on her mutation certificate after creating three others for Rachel, Anna, and Yasna. While Ray was now technically multiple different people, only herself and her base trio existed for long enough to be registered as individuals with voting rights. In addition, we discovered that Ray’s body could sense the general location and moods of their different sections, seemingly regardless of how far they were apart! They couldn’t read thoughts directly, but it was still a useful talent. It turns out Rachel and Anna often prefer to be combined together, mostly because Rachel hates relying on others for help around the apartment and Anna feels she does better at video games with Rachel’s wits about her. Ray’s different combinations go by Ranna, Rami, and Yuna.

    It took about twenty more minutes before a car pulled up outside our apartment building. I watched as Yumi slithered out the back seat, wearing one of my old extra wide hoodies to cover the bulk of her tentacles while letting her face stay exposed in the hood, two tentacles functioning as arms through the hoodie sleeves. Each of Yumi's eight 'dick-tacles' had their last 10 inches covered in a black stocking, keeping her presentable in public. I could hear Yumi give the pretty female driver her number before she scurried up to our door and entered.

    “Sorry! I know I’m late! Sorry!” Yumi said, trying her best to look abashed, but clearly pleased about something.

    “Yumiko! You need to be more respectful of Ray’s time. It’s nearly 6:15pm. You’ve made us miss the movie!” Ranna said, folding her many arms after pausing her game. This actually did make Yumi grimace and appear regretful.

    “It’s fine! She’s fine. There’s no need to fuss, we can just try and catch the movie again tomorrow.” I said, not wishing for the girls to bicker. Something about their infighting always felt wrong to me, and I knew Ray didn’t like the idea of herself not getting along with… herself. “Let’s get you all together though, no need to waste Ray’s time any further.”

    Ranna hopped off their chair and approached Yumi, but Yumi turned to me with a sheepish smile, raising herself up a tad so her mouth was level with my tits. “Milk please?” she asked, looking up at me with the cutest face she could muster, which unfortunately for her was slightly dampened by her hyper sexualized and bizarre features.

    “Wow, you are really pushing it today huh Yumi?” I said with an eyebrow raised. Yumi put on a sad face and was about to turn away when I gave a sigh. “Fine! But just three gulps. You can have more tomorrow, if you get home early.” Yumi smiled in victory as I exposed my enormous left breast and she promptly ate up its huge nipple, taking three massive gulps of my rich milk before emitting a small burp and returning to her sisters, and taking off her hoodie and stockings on the way.

    Since they’d had more practice now, the girls were able to join together quickly, and since Rachel and Anna had already combined, it only took a few seconds for Ray's consciousness to clear from the incredible orgasm they experienced every time they joined together, or separated for that matter. When Ray regained focus, she looked up at me with the same sheepish grin that I had just seen on Yumi, now also mirrored on the three other mouths she owned down her body. “Hi.” she said.

    “Hi.” I said back with a smile, something deep within me relaxing every time I got to be with my love.

    "Sorry I made us miss the movie." Ray said, her grind dissipating into several self conscious frowns.

    "Oh don't worry about it. Yumi is her own lady, it's not your fault!"

    "But Yumi is a part of me! How can I not take responsibility for her actions? At the very least it would be negligent parenting." Ray said, subconsciously splitting these last sentences among her different lower mouths while her head continued to pout.

    "Listen, I'm not gonna try to debate the philosophical ramifications of your mutation tonight, okay? All that matters is that I forgive you both. Sound good?" I said, moving to sit on the bed next to Ray.

    Ray scoffed and looked annoyed, breaking eye contact. "Ugh! Why do you have to be so sweet all the time? Can't you just let me hate myself!" Ray said as she gestured with her top pair of arms while folding the two pairs of arms below into her cleavage.

    "NEVER!" I yelled with a triumphant grin, leaning into Ray and placing a hand on the back of her head as we kissed.

    When we parted, Ray was back to smiling and had playful eyes. "Oh the plights of being made up of three different people! Oh woe is me!"

    "Stop that! You can't complain if you're too busy cuddling… I command you to give me smooches non-stop!" I shouted.

    "Yes Mistress!” Ray said with a giggle, leaning into me now and giving me little kisses all over my face and down my arm, but then I heard her voice come from below. "You can't silence me that easily! Oh, however am I to live with such a vile form!" Ray said as her head was nibbling on my neck, her voice instead coming from her two mouth-tits in the middle of her torso.

    "Damn it! I command you to suck on my nipples with your boobs!" I said, giggling back as I exposed my remaining tit from my clothing.

    "Yes Mistress!" Ray's two boobs replied before devouring my nipples whole and consuming my milk with gusto. This was definitely one of my new favorite things about Ray's mutation, that and shoving Rachel’s long cock-body up my hyper pussy. 

    "Oh I'm such a freak! A monster I say! Who could ever learn to lo–" Ray's vagina-mouth was cut off by my right hand-foot as I slid two fingers inside her and began to finger bang Ray's talking pussy.

    We continued to giggle and cuddle for a few more moments as things started heating up, but then Ray pulled back in a sudden jerk of excitement. "Oh wait! Before we get too far, I want to show you something." Ray said as she scooched away from me on the bed, giving herself some space.

    "Oh, a surprise for me?" I said, taking this moment to start undressing the rest of my clothing, as sex was clearly the next order of business now that we weren't going to the movie.

    "The girls were messing around the other day while you were out and made a new discovery about our mutation." Ray said, placing her top hands on her head and her lower four hands at where her hips used to be, now the base of her tentacles. "Be right back." She said before pulling up and pushing down simultaneously. All of Ray’s mouths moaned as she began to divide in three. When the process was done, the trio of sexy creatures tumbled to the bed, writhing in pleasure for a few moments while their minds settled. I always find these transitions to be an incredible turn on, now that I don’t have to worry about Ray’s well being. Soon the girls were all conscious and looking at me with mischievous grins.

    "Oh you're gonna love this KC! We're going t–ouch!" Yumi said as Anna gave one of Yumi’s boobs a little poke with a clawed finger.

    "Shutup Yumi! Don't spoil the surprise." said Anna.

    "Places girls, places! Let's not keep KC waiting." Rachel directed as the other two girls started rearranging their positions. It didn't take me long to see where this was going and my excitement started to rise.

    After another moments wait, the girls were back in position to combine, but this time Yumi was in the middle, holding Rachel up with her tentacles, while Anna was at the bottom of the stack, her top arms tangled in Yumi’s noodly mass as she stood on her lowest set of arms. They all winked at me in unison and then I watched as Rachel’s long tail-cock body was thrust into Yumi's large top vagina, penetrating all the way through her and then extending the last foot and a half of her dick out Yumi’s bottom pussy. They then penetrated Anna’s top vagina with Rachel’s remaining penis, causing them all to orgasm again as they formed a new creation!

    My imagination was running wild as I waited for signs of cognition and I could feel myself somehow getting even wetter as I saw this new body begin to rise up from the bed. "...Ray?"

    Ray's head slowly looked up at me, but now sporting a wildly devious grin and her eyes filled with lust. "Yes Mistress, I'm back together, though maybe 'Rya' would be more appropriate now." Rya said, flicking out her long forked tongue while showing off her new form. Below Ray's beautiful face is the base of her tentacles, which are now her shoulders, as well as a pair of eye-boobs at roughly and a mouth vagina right below and between them in the center of her chest. Her four foot long dick-tacles draped and coiled all around her body, several slithering around her many arms and boobs while two rose up and crossed behind her head. Her six armed torso extended beneath, adding another pair of eye-boobs, then mouth-boobs, and then ending with a large dick curled up from between the arms she stood on. This last dick was actually Annabelle’s dick-tail, rather than another tentacle. Since her long tentacles were now her arms instead of legs, this form was actually about a foot shorter than Ray normally stands, making her closer to my height! Rya struck a pose as if modeling for Mutant Monthly, a coy look in her many eyes as she excitedly asked "Well honey, how do you like me now?"

    I was speechless for a few moments before I finally found my tongue. "Holy shit Ray… or Rya. I keep thinking there's no way you could get any hotter and you keep proving me wrong… ” Rya had started walking over to me as I spoke, and I was taken by surprise as she used four of her tentacles to wrap around my different limbs and pinned me to the bed. I tried to resist Rya’s bondage, but only mildly. “... Seems like you're a little feistier too…"

    Rya giggled in response. "Yeah, a little bit feistier. You could say that my priorities have been… rearranged… We can think of this as my 'sexy-time' form!"

    "As if you don't radiate sex in all your forms." I said with a grin.

    "Speak for yourself, Mistress Milk-Machine. You literally leak liquid sex twenty-four seven." Rya said, coiling two of her other tentacles around my long nipples and causing them to spurt delicious white cream. We both smiled at that and Rya licked her many different lips. “So Mistress, ready for your punishment?”

    “Woah now, MY punishment?! What did I do? You’re the one who was late!” I rebelled, trying harder to escape Rya’s pin now.

    “And what did you do to punish me? Oh right, you forgave me! How on earth am I supposed to become an obedient sex toy if you're so sweet and thoughtful all the time? Seems like my mistress needs a lesson in giving her naughty pet monster a… lesson.” Rya said, wrapping more tentacles around my strong arm-legs as she lifted herself up off the bed, suspending herself up over me using only her tentacles, bringing her head face-to-face with mine. “... I think fifty ‘face-fucks’ should suffice.” Rya then spun her body around in mid-air, positioning her massive cock-tail right above my face.

    I licked my lips with a wide smile. “Gladly.” I opened my mouth and extended my own hyper long tongue to wrap around Rya’s thick member.

    “Hmm, a little too eager… can’t have that…” Rya said, taking her 6 clawed hands and starting to tickle at my sides! Easily my least favorite advantage Ray’s mutation has given her, especially since I’m so ticklish!

    “What?! NOO! Please Ray, I mean Rya, stop! I hate tickles nnoooOOOO! AAchk! AHAHAhahaha, PLEASE NO!” My nipples start leaking milk on their own as my body writhes and spasms. “RAY! Stop! I command… I order you to ST–Hurggellk” My screams of ‘terror’ were cut short as Rya’s fat penis rammed into my open mouth, my jaw stretching wide to accommodate the girth, but luckily having a huge tongue had prepared my throat for this ordeal.

    “What’s that Mistress? I couldn’t hear your last order?” Rya said sarcastically as my punishment began. Rya’s four lowest arms grabbed at my boobs and brought my nipples up to be devoured again by her own mouth-tits, sucking away at my milk as usual. Rya was sure to leave tiny scrape marks up my big boobs as she squeezed for more milk, exciting me further with tiny bursts of sharp pain. Rya's original mouth then went to work eating out my fat pussy and playing with my unnaturally thick and long clit. After a mere ten face-fucks, Rya shouted “This isn’t enough! Your punishment must be more severe!” She then took her two remaining dick-tacles that weren’t holding me down and plunged them deep into my hyper cunt, filling me up with writhing flesh. Then Rya started pumping me silly, working her tentacles in the piston-like fashion that had become one of my favorite experiences. It had always been a challenge to find dildos and sex toys that could satisfy my enormous pussy, but Ray’s many forms were better than anything I’d ever imagined. 

    After another twenty face-fucks, we both orgasm hard, and I could feel my body fill up on both ends from the loads of cum spewing within me, but still this wasn't enough for Rya. "MORE PUNISHMENT!" She shouted, removing her dick-tacles from my pussy and wrapping them around her horns. With a swift jerk, Rachel’s long penis-body was pulled free from her sisters! Without Rachel’s body threading them together, Rya's form quickly fell apart, with Anna and Yumi both flopping into my cleavage as Rachel hit the bed, each paralyzed for a moment as they processed the separation shock to their minds. This gave me a moment to recover, but not as long as I'd have liked as the trio quickly stirred back into action. Annabelle continued my face-fucking as Yumi proceeded to ram Rachel's huge dick-body deep into my dripping nethers. I had to focus on not biting down on the long penis-tail still pumping down my throat as I was rocked with ecstasy, my mutant body distending all the way to my sternum to take in Rachel completely. It was like Rachel had been made to fill my hyper pussy perfectly, and her horns made for easy hand grips to use her like the living fuck toy she is.

    All four of us came again by the end of the face-fucking, and I could feel my body nearly burst from all the cum spewing inside me. Yumi finally released my limbs from her tentacles and as she pulled Rachel out from my sore pussy, we all crumbled to the bed next to each other in ecstasy and exhaustion. After a few moments, Rachel slithered her way up to my face and began to give me tender kisses. As we made out, Yumi and Anna crawled up beneath Rachel and slowly plugged her back into their bodies, trying not to disrupt the passion between us. Rachel bit down on my lip as her body finished connecting with her sisters, and after a few blinks, I could see my sweet Ray behind those eyes again. 

    We parted and laid back from each other, panting and exhausted but smiling wide. We did nothing but watch each other in silence for several seconds, until a mild shock of pleasure on my right nipple told me that one of Ray’s mouth-boobs had started sucking my milk again. It was Ray’s default reaction whenever we relaxed and cuddled up together. The pull of ecstasy on my nipple sparked more energy within me, and I guided my other boob closer to Ray’s crotch, where her mouth-vagina reflexively started sucking on my remaining nipple too. As our passion hated up again, I felt four of Ray’s tentacles slither and coil around my body playfully as another four slowly approached my hyper pussy, always ready for more. I grabbed one of Ray’s tentacles with my right hand-foot and slowly began jacking it off. Ray began fucking me again, but more sensually and tenderly than before. We were both still tired, and this was more of the winding down phase of our sexy time. I wanted to kiss Ray’s beautiful face more, but my massive tits kept our heads too far apart, so instead I extended my hyper long tongue towards Ray as she did the same with her slender forked tongue. We coiled our tongues together between us in mid air, engaging in our own special ‘kiss’, and as our climax began to build again, Ray brought up one of her tentacles, now leaking with precum and let it drip onto our combined tongues. When we came, each of Ray’s tentacles outside my body began jerking about and shooting cum all over each of us. We continued like this for quite some time, orgasming again and again until our mutant bodies finally gave out.

    While Rachel, Anna, and Yumi were each excelling in their respective fields and beginning to foster their own social lives, Ray had become something of a recluse. It’s funny how she used to be the outgoing one and my rock for supporting body positivity. I had always preferred to stay inside while she insisted we do something active. Now our relationship had totally flipped, with Ray only willing to go out to things like the theater, where her mutant body would be mostly obscured in darkness. Ray’s new timidness actually made me start wearing even more revealing clothing, letting my massive bust distract passersby from the real abomination hidden under the full length dress of the tall girl next to me. It was curious how the trio had no issue going out in public as they were, but the combined Ray was still anxious and nervous about it. I’m sure Ray will become more comfortable with her body in time, and moving back to Port Solei should help a lot. Since Ray’s component ‘selves’ take care of all of her career endeavors, she barely ever needs to leave the apartment, and now spends nearly all of her conscious time alive eagerly being my sex slave. It doesn’t help that like many extreme mutants, Ray’s mind is now constantly awash in hormones, similar to how I reacted when I first mutated. While I still try my best to get Ray outside, it's hard to say I’m not enjoying our new way of life.

    "So… down to try and catch the movie again tomorrow?" I asked Ray as we laid cuddled up next to each other on the bed after taking a quick shower and changing the sheets. We were both totally drained of energy and ready for sleep after my extended 'punishment'. Ray's face contorted in a wince when she heard my question as she seemed to remember something.

    "I Uuuhh, so… I know why Yumi was late tonight. She was umm… getting friendly with someone earlier and now it seems she has a date set up for tomorrow..." Ray said, a look of regret on her face. “I’m so sorry KC! I’m sure we can get Yumi to reschedule…”

    “It’s okay! Dang, Yumi moves quick, though I can’t say I’m surprised. Who with? The Uber driver?” I said with a smirk, trying to hide a twinge of annoyance.

    “No no… that was a different interested party… You know the pool where Yumi works as a lifeguard? Where I used to practice for swim league?... You know how I used to chat with that cat-girl mutant a lot before I mutated? The one who teaches aerobics and yoga in the gym next door? Six breasts and elastic?” Ray asked.

    I did recall who Ray was talking about. A pretty calico cat-girl whom I had seen staring in awe at my monster boobs at least a few different times, though I can’t say I haven’t looked longingly at her toned yet stretchy body either. Seeing her cute cat ears reminded me how I had wanted to become a cat-girl myself, but at this point I can confidently say I wouldn’t trade away my own mutations for anything. “Yeah, I remember her. She’s cute… her name is Tracey right?”

    “Yep, that’s her! Well I know you love cats and all, so I'm sure you won't mind when Yumi brings Tracey home tomorrow night!” Ray said with a pout, clearly unsatisfied with my reaction.

    “Hey hey, I’ll talk to Yumi about her licentious behavior tomorrow and make sure the rules are straight on dating life for my lesser pet monsters. I won’t stop the girls from dating, but we can’t have them forgetting who’s in charge… and I’ll be sure to ‘punish’ you both appropriately for this heresy in the morning.”  I said, giving Ray a little poke. She seemed to relax at that and smiled a bit more.

    “Thanks… I don’t know what I’d do without you KC… Just please… Promise me you won’t ever leave me! I know that’s a lot to ask, but I don’t know how I’d ever date anyone else at this point. No one else will ever be as sweet and supportive to me as you have been! I can’t imagine how I’d keep the girls from just running off on their own... I’m not sure they’d even want to combine into me without you as the ultimate incentive… Please, I’ll do anything. I’ll love you forever and be your sex slave abomination for the rest of our lives. I know the girls will too, I promise…” Ray said, her heart spilling out of her in a rush of emotion. She looked at me with her beautiful tear streaked face as our mutant bodies hugged close. I just smiled and let my own tears roll down my face without a worry.

    “It’s a deal!”


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