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Horse Cock Transformation

Written by Arian Mabe (Amethyst Mare)
Commissioned by Cheeseguy3412

Elle shouldn’t have gone for it. Well, she’d wanted to do it, yes, but it was a bit more money than she’d been ready to spend for something silly, even though it had her hotter between the legs than she had been for a long time. Sitting on the edge of her bed, she squeezed her thighs together, her bare, dark skin on show, for all she was wearing was simple lingerie. The pale orange, a soft pastel, of the underwear in a complementary shade let her black skin be shown off in all its natural beauty, though that was not something that Elle would ever have looked to change about herself.

Her curls, twisted up into a springy ponytail at the back of her head to drag her hair away from her face, bounced as she shook her head, though she couldn’t stop herself from speculating, the cap off the little spray bottle in her hand. It could have been as innocuous as a bottle of perfume, even in a pretty container, but it was not. It very much was not.

At least, that was what the self-described and proclaimed “sorceress” had said – someone that claimed that their products could transform and change a person. Sexually and just into other things, like animals, though there were disclaimers on every product.

Elle, however, had chosen the one that was supposed to give her horse cocks and balls wherever it was sprayed. She knew that was silly, but…well…she had ordered it special, just another fetish item for her, even though she hoped desperately, arousal clouding her attention.

“It’ll never work…”

She sighed, but that didn’t stop her at all from being turned on. She licked her lips, her hair brushing her upper back where it hung down, despite the curls giving the appearance of a shorter length still. Squeezing her thighs together, Elle took a deep breath, her favourite vibrator already set nearby to satisfy her needs.

My heart’s pounding…

She exhaled softly, holding her breath while she sprayed first her left cheek and then her right.

“Oh, yes…”

She moaned. Oh, that made her prickle all over, tingling in her face especially, feeling every tiny droplet of that cursed potion evaporating on her skin. It was sensual, her heart hammering faster and faster, breath catching in her throat even as Elle tried to regulate her breathing.

Yet she could never have imagined that her face would start to bulge as it did. She shrieked and jerked back, dropping the bottle. As she dropped it, however, another spray caught her across her right eye and her mouth, droplets trickling down, the bottle rolling away across the floor as she grabbed for her face.


Her mouth… Her lips wouldn’t work anymore! They felt soft and rubbery – but that was the least of it! She could breathe still, dragging in a breath through her nose, but her cheeks felt heavy, flesh bubbling forth with a rippling, pulling motion, her face aching deeply.

What was happening to her? She would have screamed if she’d been able to, but it did not take as long as it could have for her body to show a little more of what was happening to her. Those first spritzes of the potion made a long pole of flesh sprout from her face, her left eye blinking as they filled her vision, bobbing and swaying.

Oh, fuck!

They were horse cocks! Honest to god, living, throbbing horse cocks! Still forming, of course, but still dicks! They fleshed out as her right eye blurred, her head aching as she tried to focus on the growth, how her skin pulled and tugged uncomfortably as it was stretched. But where was all the extra skin and flesh coming from? That didn’t make sense to her, not even then, grunting lightly, yet it was too tantalising for even her to hold back from pushing her hand between her legs, teasing her folds.

She’d most likely climax on the spot anyway, without even touching her pussy, if she chanced it. She leant back on the bed, trying to focus on the cocks sprouting from her face, the skin below them sagging, like folds of flesh that grew and spilt from her face.

And yet she could not focus even on the balls swelling there, filling out, fat and round, though they were still small. Her right eye… Something was wrong with it. In a way that made her heart pound and pound, her vision blurring slowly but surely, as her eyelids shrank back. They would be needed, yes, to add substance to the horse cock, but they did not seal over her eyes, forcing her to “watch” in a way, how her eyeballs pushed out and out and out, the room distorting from her right eye while she tried to breathe easily.

Oh, god… It’s really happening…

Trembling, Elle groped her face, not daring to touch the horse cock that was sprouting from her eye, for she could still see from it and her mind still thought that it was just an eyeball. Her mouth too… It bulged out, though that strain of a horse cock appearing was almost familiar to her by that point, panting heavily through her nostrils, her lungs aching and burning, trying to contain everything.

All while taking it all in, yes… For, if the curse was real, the potion that she had asked to have made for her and yet never expected to work, giving her everything that she ever had dreamed of…her life would never again be the same.


She groaned deep in the back of her throat, the balls swelling from her mouth, tongue welding inside, as if it was becoming a part of the horse cock too, the first to grow. She hadn’t realised that she had gotten some of the potion inside her mouth too, which must have been what was making her tongue feel thick and tingly, as if it was going to swell anxiously to the point that it blocked up the back of her throat.


It was not much of a groan, but it was more than she could have expected, gasping for breath, trying to lick her lips without remembering that that was part of what was changing for her. The balls swelled swiftly, hanging down heavily, bloating and jiggling, bouncing off her chin with their aching tenacity. Oh, it was intoxicating, the nuts already feeling like they were aching and churning with cum, but they just kept getting bigger and bigger.

The cock sprouting from her mouth, tugging at the skin around it as the muscles that controlled her ability to open her jaw remained in place, bulged out, swelling in a long, thick rod, filling out as if it was a sausage being squeezed from the wrapper. Every wrinkle on the grey length, smoothed out, the medial ring plumping up as Elle grunted and swallowed, unable to resist the urge as her head spun.

It was too hot… Far, far too hot. Her hands couldn’t stay between her legs as she rubbed the cocks sprouting from her face, felt out the edges of the balls, the soft skin that formed the neck of the sack, allowing them to hang down just a little bit more, the head of the cock flattening more, though it was not completely level in the slightest. There was a light shift to the set of the tip, the slit in the middle dipping down, an indent that showed her exactly where the cum would come from.

Oh, fuck, yes…

She could have been scared… Okay, yes, there was a chill of fear clawing at her spine, trickling down. Down and down and down… But she could not focus on that, no… Not as she grunted into the gagging horse cock, her tongue… No, she didn’t have a tongue anymore, no space left in her mouth, though there was some room left in the back of her throat, so that that part of her was still able to swallow. Yet she had to keep swallowing too, because the saliva that would have formed in her mouth and settled around her tongue no longer had any space to move into.

Were her teeth still there? She tried to move them, but couldn’t even feel them. For there was no tongue wiggling back and forth to brush against them…

So, she had to focus on her vision fading, though it did not turn grey. It just blurred, more and more, taking away her sight in her right eye as she boldly grabbed for the bottle, which had been nudging her foot.

If she was going to do it and lose her sight in her right eye…she was going to go all the damn way!

Yes, it was most likely a rash decision, a stupid decision, horse cocks over a foot long bobbing from each cheek with heavy, jiggling balls tugging her head back and forth beneath them, but she didn’t care. It was hard for Elle to care about anything else at all as her body erupted into blissful orgasm, hips jerking, cocks throbbing on her face, all four spurting off. She sprayed her left eye too and then set the bottle on the bed where she could find it again, in case she wanted to do more, for Elle had no idea if there was any going back from that moment or not.

A part of her did not care, for it had already gone so far already that she could no longer live a normal life, a cock jutting from her right eye, her mouth and both cheeks already. Yet her heart contracted with worry as her left eye prickled and ached too, blinking away tears that her body was trying to use to wash out the potion even as they stiffened.

Her eyelids strained around her eyeball, bulging as she groaned.


Her moans were muffled, yet it was only her ears that needed to hear them, yes. She could let it all out, throb after throb, feeling as if her heart was pumping blood and energy directly into her fifth and final horse cock. Her left eye strained, as if she had been keeping it open for too long, and she groaned, the horse cocks all throbbing and twitching, heads plumping up thick and full. It was just that one last one to catch up with them, blocking off her vision, blurring, fading, the last thing she saw being a vastly distorted view of her bedroom and the jiggling horse dicks already waggling heavily about on her face.

Would that be the last thing that she ever saw?

She didn’t know. She didn’t know if she had to know, not as her left eye grew into a horse cock. Elle moaned through her gagged mouth, trying to shake her head, making the horse dicks all wiggle back and forth lewdly and crudely, but the one on her cheek jolted up against the one sprouting from what had been her eye, startling her with a shudder of sensation.

Ah, fuck…

That was good, so very good, need throbbing through, whimpering, grunting, moaning, losing herself. There was no need for any part of Elle to remain there, not as the fifth and final horse cock and balls swelled, the balls stretching the skin under her eye, finding substance there to grow into. Her skin bulged, prickling and aching, though the throbbing was intoxicating to her.

They would cum soon…she was sure of it. They tingled all over, the glands sensitive, too sensitive, though she ran her fingers adoringly around every one of them. It was not a dream, it was too tangible and realistic for that, but she couldn’t change it either, not unless she wanted to give herself even more horse cocks, sprouting all over her face, as if she was a pin cushion of horse dicks and nothing more than that.


She let out a long, low groan, every dick finally big enough to ejaculate, long, hot ropes of cum splattering forth, pulsing and throbbing, sending every spurt out and out and out. The balls trembled, though that was just the shifting bob of her head, giving them the impression that they were vibrating, though it was so much more than that. It was her body, swelling into a new way of living and life, embracing it completely and fully.

As cum dripped down her form, the horse cocks setting up to jet off all over again, a smile pulled at her lips. She felt across the bed, blinding by horse dicks, for the spray bottle.

For Elle wasn’t done with her transformation quite yet…


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Nothing But Horse Cocks

A continuation of Horse Cock Transformation

Written by Arian Mabe (Amethyst Mare)
Commissioned by Cheeseguy3412

Elle didn’t know where to go next. She had a horse cock sprouting from her right and left cheeks, her right eye fully transformed into another horse cock – and she’d lost the ability to speak with a horse cock sprouting from her mouth! Moreover – it had sort of welded her lips into it too, so it wasn’t just her tongue that was a horse cock but a big, meaty mass of dick where her entire mouth would have been.

Keep calm, Elle, come on now…

Oh, she hadn’t thought that things were going to go that far, no! She’d bought the “potion” from a small seller, someone that had said that they were a sorceress, but she’d never thought that that was actually real! Who would have ever thought such a thing?

Not her… She had wanted it to be true, though the reality of it made her heart pound. The weight of the balls hanging down beneath every horse cock was so tantalising, her breath catching as her left eye transformed. Maybe she had been hoping against hope, kind of, that it was not going to look like that, that she would still be able to see in some way, though Elle had her thighs pressed together too ardently for that truly to ring true for her.

Not as she was blinded.

Not as the fifth horse cock grew from her eyeball, the bulge swelling and swelling, the uncomfortable tug of skin pulling and twisting, as if something was digging into her. Yet she groped blindly for the bottle that she had used, not knowing what to do. Had she dropped it on the bed? The floor? She wasn’t sure, not as horse cocks waggled from her eyes, blinded and lost to the world with one of her senses.

It was such a dull, heavy weight pulling down from her eyes. She grunted, trying to lick her lips and forgetting that she practically had a cock for a tongue – a cock mouth. Not a tongue, not a mouth, but a cock mouth.


She groaned around it. Fuck, it was hot. Even though she would never normally have used such crude language, no, not really. She knew that things could not be pushed too far, surely, but…she did have the potion thing and could see just what else could come to pass there.

With her eyes blinded, was she even going to be able to find any small way to turn things back? Or was it really permanent?

One of the cocks, the one on her cheek, swelled and the flare bulged, jetting off with a thick stream of cum. Her train of thought slipped, off-track, and she groaned openly, however muffled her cries were, sitting heavily on the bed, fingers around the base of another cock.

Elle couldn’t stop herself, jacking them off, stroking and massaging the lengths, taking a moment just to lose herself there. It felt good, so good, folding her fingers sensually around those meaty lengths. They were larger than any dildos that she had used on herself, though squeezing her thighs together still did not bring her the kind of pleasure that she was, quite honestly, looking for.


The cock that her left eye had become drooled thickly, the balls bouncing off her cheek and the dick below it. Oh, it was good, so good, wanting more, jerking them off and rubbing them, sliding her fingers over the medial rings, swapping from one cock to the other, again and again.

She rocked back on her buttocks, the bed squeaking under her. And yet she couldn’t hold back, slamming her hands down into the bed on either side of her hips, letting a climax, from every cock at once, roll through her.

It was almost as good as orgasming with her pussy stuffed full, maybe even a little more play also to really take advantage of all the sensitive nerve endings down there. She grunted and groaned, trying to run her tongue along her lips, but that was just another note of her previous anatomy trying to come to the surface. There was none of that to be had as she groaned and cum dripped down her body, spurting from the cocks, all drooling, so thick, so divine, pleasure swamping her with wave after wave. Elle could have been dragged under, though there was only so much to be done there as she groaned, letting every lustful moment play out, achingly delightful.

Maybe the transformation, even in part, was not all that bad, after all…

And that thought was just how things got worse, or better, for Elle. It all depended on how one decided to look at it.

Her fingers bumped the perfume bottle on the bed and she exhaled a sigh that was evidently of relief through her nostrils: one part of her that was not yet affected by the horse cocks. The flares pulsed out so far that she could barely imagine that they were as wide as they were, heaving and gulping in all the air she could. Still, there was only so much that she could do, imagining the mess around her while she was blinded to the world.

There was no way that she’d be able to have a normal life, not after that. So…why not go further?

Without thinking, her fingers curled around the perfume bottle, the bottle that held the essence. And she wanted it too, her heart pounding, her mouth giving the impression that it was dry, even though there was no way that that could be possible, not anymore. She dallied, rolling the smooth, glass surface back and forth between her fingers, wondering just what she could do next.

My breasts? My hand… Yes, my hand.

That would be something indeed to try, something that she wanted to see through. Twitching her nose, Elle settled herself more comfortably onto the bed, swinging up her legs onto it so that she was lying down, propped up by the pillows. She always had them stacked up there to be comfortable.

Maybe it was a stupid decision but it was a choice that made her feel as if she was going to orgasm all over again, from the cocks and her pussy, all parts of her singing with the lure of climax. It had to come, yes, but she was going to do something to start that, to keep going, to see just how far things could be played out.

It was a risk… But Elle found that a big part of her just didn’t care anymore.

She had to try it, squirting the position clumsily onto her left hand. She didn’t get all of it, but more like the third, fourth and little finger – but it seemed to change the rate of transformation with how many options she got on herself too. For her middle finger grew swiftly, tingling and aching, throbbing as if something was pushing through it, something that she didn’t understand.

She tried to wriggle her fingers, revelling in the strange sensation of no longer being able to talk, her throat tight, so tight. It didn’t even feel natural anymore, not at all, not as they thickened up, those three fingers growing chubbier and fatter with every passing second. She tried to curl and bend her middle finger but it didn’t have the flexibility anymore, not as she tested out the restrictive limits of her body.

Things were going to change quickly, but she still sank into the transformation, feeling how the thicker medial ring grew on her middle finger and then rubbed awkwardly against her second and fourth fingers. It was as if everything about the growing horse cocks was designed to be as awkward and uncomfortable as possible – practically as if she had designed it all for herself. If she could have put together her perfect transformation, well, a lot of the things that had already happened to her were most certainly going to be on the list.

It was the element of surprise too that she loved, that she craved. She had to have that, never quite knowing what sensation could claw at her next, as her fourth and fifth fingers became dull and heavy. They flared out with flat tips, not yet orgasming, and the weight of them tipped her hand to the side. She groaned, twitching her first and second fingers, the only fingers of her left hand that she still had the use of, though it didn’t seem like she was going to get much more use out of that hand.

She rubbed her thighs together, half-sitting with the pillows behind her on the bed, though Elle did not think to use her cock fingers on herself. Maybe she could have gotten her wrist into position or maybe it was impossible but surely the thought to try should have crossed her mind? It was hard, even then, to not be overwhelmed by sensation, her skin stretching and pulling where her three fingers inflated, the balls bulging out from the base of each like the puffing out of her cheeks with air.

Not that there would be air ever again in her cheeks. That was just another thing that Elle was going to have to get used to. If only it didn’t make her so wet between the thighs…

She sprayed the rest of her hand, catching the palm and her other fingers, her thumb too. But she didn't have to be accurate, for that only added to the excitement for her!

It was hard to focus on multiple changes at once, but the spilling heat of the nuts growing from the first three fingers that she had spritzed did catch her attention the most, how it felt like her palm as lumpy, right at the base, like something was there that should not have been there. It swelled and she pressed at the growing lumps with the fingers of her other hand, rolling and massaging them back and forth under her fingertips.

Of course, the balls would grow too large for that very swiftly and there was little she could do about that, not as her body grew and changed beyond her control. Without the sense of sight remaining to her, her sense of touch seemed even more stringent in the moment, panting heavily, grunting lightly and running her fingers around the growing nuts. They were so soft, so squishy… But they firmed up too with the seed inside, rolling and jiggling while gravity tugged their weight down.

They only grew more uncomfortable, however, as they swelled, her first two fingers and thumb fattening into cocks, though her forefinger didn’t quite seem to be following the same pattern as all the others. It seemed to be…splitting, in some way. She didn’t know how but moaned all the same, leaning back heavily and rolling her hips up, trying to find pleasure from other parts of her body too, even while lust ached through the horse cocks, both the ones that were growing and present.


Elle tried to groan through the muting effort of her mouth and yet there was little she could do, some sickly devious part of her relishing in how all power and choice, even then, had been snatched from her, just like that. What if she sprayed it all over her other hand too? Then she wouldn’t even be able to touch anything without feeling turned on, the cocks throbbing, the balls wobbling, tugging her cock hands back and forth with the ungainly weight of them.

What would others think of her if they knew that she had sunk so far into her own debauchery? That she had decided to go all the way, even if she wasn’t all that sure about it yet? She still teetered there, on the edge, the opinions of others who were not even present in the room with her clouding her opinion, muddying the waters.

Yet her cock fingers swelling and jetting off streams of cum, the first three that had transformed, tugged her mind to another manner of lust entirely. Elle’s body tingled and she rocked her hips up, letting the pleasure of orgasm wash through her, ignorant to how the cum splattered across her bedsheets, further marking and marring them.

It wasn’t as if she could see it, after all, so did it even matter? No, it was far better to clumsy grasp the spray bottle in her hand, the one that currently was not being transformed with throbbing horse cocks, the medial rings rubbing uncomfortably up against one another with a mix of sensations.

She did it before she had the chance to back out, spraying her breasts, both of them, even though she’d still been wearing a loose t-shirt, and just underwear on her bottom half otherwise. Well, her underwear was soaked and tugged to the side of her pussy lips from when she had been rubbing herself down there before, though it wasn’t as if that was something in the forefront of her mind, not really.

Her shirt had to be tugged up, her hand thrust under it, but the logistics of how she was getting what she had wanted for so long, the deepest of dark fantasies, wasn’t exactly in the forefront of Elle’s mind, no, not then. It may have been a funny angle, the shirt caught on her wrist as she shoved her hand under there, but she spritzed anyway. The spray hit her breasts, the liquid trickling down. She was not all that accurate, though Elle didn’t know that she needed to be, even though things were slowly spiralling out of control. So slowly, in fact, that she didn’t even know that she had gone too far as her breasts felt dull and heavy – but only in certain spots.


Elle rubbed her cock fingers over her tits as the last fingers and her thumb transformed, though there was an extra cock sprouting there too, from the junction between her thumb and forefinger. Unlike the others, even the finger that had split into two cocks from the sheer amount of potion that she had dumped over them, it grew out at an angle – and Elle was about to find out just how awkward the horse cocks could be. It was not all to be smooth and seamless, not as it grew increasingly difficult to lift her transformed hand, everything fat and thick, losing the muscle and dexterity that, once, she had taken entirely for granted. The lack of flexibility sank into her even as that last cock sprouted from the spot just below the soft, light webbing between her finger and thumb. And Elle could not help but groan, long and low…


She felt her groans deep inside her even if she could not hear them all that much, not anymore. Her tits ached deeply, the flesh pulling and bubbling, several cocks pushing up from her left tit all at once – the one that she had sprayed first, even though there had not been all that much difference between them. She tried to pant, her nostrils puckering and flaring lightly, shaking her head, but it was harder than ever to get all the air into her lungs that she needed, excitement tangling with anxiety in the cavern of her chest.

Yet such nerves could not be caged by her ribs as the spots where the cocks were growing from her breasts grew hot, hotter than she could have expected. It was as if her body was responding to the additional heat and blood flow that those horse cocks required, with so many already layering her body, growing fatter and thicker, more powerfully lusty with every passing second.

Of course, the T-shirt over them strained, forcing her to tremble as they became oversensitive, as if to even brush the skin of the growing cocks, where they were sprouting, was going to be too much for her, much too much. Elle trembled, hitching her shirt up even as they pressed out, making round indents in the front of her T-shirt, until there were too many and they all just tented her shirt out awkwardly where they were the most numerous. She felt them awkwardly, though it was difficult with the shirt in place, groping over it, feeling just how the material rubbed against the shafts and the tender tips.

She couldn’t keep it on though, no… Even if the swelling dicks would tear through it eventually, for they were, in a way, infused with a magic that Elle did not and could not ever understand. She struggled out of it, though using her cock fingers was a trial in itself, instinctively trying to use them as fingers – but they would never again possess the ability to bend as she had been used to using them before, no. That simply was not possible, not in the slightest, not as her breath caught and hitched, once again juddering in her chest as if she was not able to take a full breath.

Awkwardly, she twisted, wriggling, struggling out of the shirt, using her “good” hand as much as possible to get it up and over her head, though there was a sore spot where it caught under her arms and bit into her skin. She didn’t realise that, in the process, some of the shirt had soaked up the potion, rubbing it over her skin, under her arm, leaving a smear behind. It would turn out to be enough, though take just a little bit longer to activate at such a small amount…


Even her groans turned her on, huffing as the shirt dragged over the cocks growing from where her eyes had been, leaving dribbles of cum on the cloth. Her eye cocks pulled up, bouncing as the fabric released them, the weight palatable as it jerked her head forward, forcing her to bend her neck forward. The little muscles that supported her head, strong for the job that they were made for, ached as she groaned, wanting to rub the back of her neck but there was a part of her still that didn’t want to get cum in her hair. There probably was already horse semen in her hair…but she couldn’t do anything about it. With her breasts free, there was nothing to waylay the growth of the horse cocks there.

Yet her breasts… The horse cocks grew from them slowly, forcing her body to make more skin and flesh to contain them, though Elle would never see how they were beautifully splashed with pink and grey. They could never be mistaken for human cocks, not a million years, though she could, at least, run her hand and fingers up and over them, playing around the throbbing swellings with her heart pounding harder than ever. The heads grew into those flat, distinctive shapes, the medial rings defining themselves, though Elle swiftly realised that they were not evenly ringing her breasts in an uniform fashion.

No… They were lopsided. It looked like the inside of her left breast had gotten the brunt of the potion on that side, with more horse dicks growing there, two so close up against one another that they almost seemed to be part of the same cock. The balls came too, squashy and bubbling as they pushed from her skin, though there was the distinct sense of growing too, as well as loss.


Growing horse cocks all over her body was exhausting, even then, and Elle sighed, her body trying to slump. Maybe she should take a break, for it really was taking a lot out of her. Yet she didn’t even feel that she could allow herself that, grunting softly, shaking her head, trying to find a way, any way, to keep herself grounded in the situation.

Yet it was never meant to be that easy for her, not as her right nipple fattened up into a horse cock too. That one had not gotten as much potion on it as the others but that was all well and good even as it swelled into a miniature horse cock – well, it was about six inches long but, compared to all the others, it was miniature. She played with the tip, rubbing her finger back and forth across the flat head, pre-cum smearing, that tiny, oddly slick sensation adding something to the moment for her that Elle simply could not describe. She pressed her finger down into the light slit there, where cum would pour from, for it was not as if the cocks, in that instance, were linked to any urinary system.

No… They were purely for pleasure, purely a part of fantasy and luxury, even if it was that very luxury that would take her away from the world that she knew, whimpering throatily. Of course, those sounds were locked away in her throat as a neater (kind of) ring of cocks around her right cock nipple swelled, popping up as if they were being inflated. The skin slowly smoothed out, the wrinkles easing, and she shuddered bodily, head spinning.


Still, Elle could not stop the cocks on her face jetting off with cum, jerking and spurting, cum dripping down her face, landing across her chest, though that was kind of because she was still only propped up by the pillows on her bed, lying back as comfortably as she could. Not that she felt comfortable at all then, weighted to the right side as more cocks grew on her right breast, the inside of her left breast clustering with the most growing cocks. It was how they jabbed out, bristling and rubbing up against one another, that was the most difficult, flooding her with a sensation that she instinctively wanted to pull away from. It was too much, the sensitivity and the rush of pleasure, skin stretching and pulling, tugging at the softer flesh of her tits that was already present, forcing her body through a change that was never even meant to be possible.

Elle grunted, the cock waggling from her mouth. If she concentrated hard, she could have sworn that she could feel where her tongue used to be, where her lips could have closed around that cock. Of course, it was impossible, but it was one way in which her brain tried to make sense of what was happening to her.

The balls swelled on her tits, round and bulbous, a pair for every horse cock that grew, though she couldn’t count them all. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight… Wait, had she counted that one already? It was hard for her to say one way or the other, but it was not as if it was something that mattered either. She had them and that was what mattered, grunting, groaning, her cries trembling in her throat, the vibrations of her utterances one of the only ways in which she could make a noise.

As long as she could hear herself, however, she knew herself. The cocks on her left breast were almost to their full size and she challenged herself by grinding her cock fingers over them, relishing in the sheer, tactile nature of how the cocks swelled a little more, the heads flaring out thickly to herald their oncoming orgasm. With the balls on her breasts jostling and rubbing and teasing awkwardly up against one another, there was nothing to stop the ardent overstimulation, as if she simply could not and would not get away from it until the end of time.

Elle would never have to admit to anyone just how hot that made her feel, how her body tingled and throbbed, her cock fingers waggling, though even as she rubbed her cock hand over her breasts that extra cock protruded at a difficult angle… Well, it just got in the way! Her heart surged with a tangle of emotion that Elle could not honestly put words to, but the fact of the matter was, in that moment, she didn’t need to say anything aloud.

So, she could make whatever the hell she wanted of it in the privacy of her own mind. As that would be her sanctuary forevermore.

More… Yes… More! She needed more, grunting, squeezing her thighs together, even if Elle could not tell where her orgasms were coming from anymore. One cock was jetting off from her left eye, or the space where her left eye had been, another was cumming on her breast, even the little one that her right nipple had become. Was it a nipple anymore inside there? Oh, there was no way to tell!”

She grabbed at the potion, determined to continue even though she was huffing and panting shortly and sharply through her nostrils, not sure what to do next even though she wanted to press on. Yes… Yes, with lust upon her, feeling like she was both on the edge and cumming at the same time, there was little space for her mind to operate with any manner of common sense in hand. Well, she only had one hand then, and a cock hand, so could she even say that anymore?

With her thoughts coming in hurried, flustered clusters, she fumbled with the spray bottle, spritzing under her breasts, against her side, her belly and the top of her right thigh. She wasn’t being all that accurate about it, just wanting a sprinkling of cocks in random positions, though she felt a twist of annoyance pinch at her gut for the fact that it was difficult to get them on her back. Trying to deal with that, she sat up as much as she could, using her abs to sit fully upright while her belly and sides throbbed with the activation of the potion, spraying her back haphazardly. Although Elle thought she felt some of the cooling droplets land on her skin, she wasn’t sure anymore. She could only be glad that she had had the foresight to get her T-shirt off.

For she wouldn’t have the ability to even do something like that for very much longer…

The spray that had rubbed up under her arm tingled, though she had not noticed the small spots starting to throb. Elle squirmed, her attention taken up by other things, not really in any place of mind to notice that her right arm was not coming down as much as it had been before. She pressed and squirmed, her hand going back between her legs, rubbing and teasing, but she couldn’t help herself, attention wavering as the fat, bulging horse cock under her arm grew and grew.


Elle started, turning her head – but, of course, she could not see. She was just doing something that, in that moment, she thought she had to do, turning her head to look when she no longer had eyes. The notion sent a shudder through her and she groped haphazardly, blindly, under her arm, trying to work out what was happening. She’d never find out that she had accidentally smeared the potion up under there when she’d been removing her T-shirt but it didn’t matter anyway, for Elle’s fate had been sealed the moment she had spritzed that potion for the very first time.

And, if she’d known there’d be no going back on any of it, Elle would have ended up down the same road anyway. Because she had already been that far gone in lust.

The cocks grew in strange places but it was the one jutting out at a backwards-facing angle under her arm that was the most uncomfortable. It forced her to lift her arm, an ache running through her shoulder even as she tried to settle back, her heart pounding wildly. That in itself would not have been enough to throw her off but she didn’t know what else to do, what else to think, all as she groaned mutely, her head spinning.

Cocks… There are horse cocks everywhere…

Her heart skipped a beat.

Am I going to keep going until I really am nothing but horse cocks?

She climaxed. Elle had not even realised that she had been that close before orgasm hit her, several cocks at once jetting off wildly with cum. The one on her left eyeball, her cock mouth, several around both tits, even the ones on her fingers and the awkward one rising from her palm. Oh, how they ached, dragging her attention ruthlessly back and forth as if it had never been meant to stay in one place for all that long, the drops of potion causing cocks to sprout from her midsection too and just below her collarbone. There was even one growing out of the side of her neck though, in that instance, the balls came ahead of it. And she couldn’t have quite said why, why they were as heavy as they were, why they swelled and bulged out, making her work with the weight of her head and all the cocks even more than before.

She didn’t have to. Not as need brimmed over with her and she was, once again, caught by orgasm, more cocks pumping out streams of cum, the ones on her cheeks that time. But Elle would never bear witness to just how they painted the carpet, which she had picked out herself, of her bedroom floor with strips of creamy seed, so great was the range. The bed was already a mess, the sheets rapidly becoming soaked with seed. In time, it would be a challenge for Elle to find a dry spot there. If she was even left able to move…


She groaned, trying to cling to something, anything, in a moment that was beyond her control. She took the spray bottle roughly in her good hand, closing her fingers around it where the glass bottle had cooled without her skin against it, though her palm was slick with seed. Dimly, she was aware of the head of one horse cock flaring out dramatically, the pump of blood into it as her body demanded that climax be given, for they were going to cum regardless of whether she was stimulating them or not. For they were always being stimulated, a force unto themselves in terms of endless ecstasy.

She sprayed. She didn’t know what she was thinking, the fat balls swelling and jostling against one another on the hand that was overrun with horse cocks, round and wobbling as if they were trying to make themselves known. One, two, three sprays! She’d already lost her eyes, hadn’t she, so what was a little bit more? She gulped in a way that would never be audible, though there was no longer any saliva in her “mouth” to slide down her throat, leaving her only with the motion, an odd kind of reflex that would remain a part of her body.

Her face ached deeply as if fingers of the potion were seeping into her, oozing into her pores and finding a way to transform even the deeper parts of her face, beyond the surface level. She could not know just what was playing out there, though she relaxed into it the best that she could, even with the drumming heat of her heart doing the best that it could to dominate her senses. The dull ache spread, cocks pushing out, though the others too tried to claim her attention with the stretch and pull of new skin form, balls spilling forward to slip into space that had not been theirs to take before.

Yet they would find a way, bulging and straining, the cum within churning as it formed. It was as if there was a tiny pool in each but, of course, that was only while the balls were forming. They would not be like that when they were fully formed and swollen, the nuts filling out the soft-skinned sack and hanging down, letting their weight do the talking for them as to just how much cum they could produce. Yet the shifting sensations of transformation pushed into her like a horse cock themselves, demanding that Elle pay them every last bit of her attention.

And she would… She always would. Even as the flares swelled gorgeously and the medial rings popped up, allowing the cocks to reach their full potential. The one under her arm seemed huge but she didn’t really have any reference as to its size, squeezing her upper arm down experimentally just to see if she had any range of movement left there at all. It was less than she had expected and, truthfully, it made her heart sing. Climaxes were one thing but the sense of complete fulfilment, as if she was finally doing something that she had always been meant to do… That was something else entirely.

The balls ached and she bore her arm down over the awkward dick and balls just to feel how they lightly squashed, even if she could not put all that much pressure down there without hurting herself. And she wasn’t interested in hurting herself, no, not at all. Not when there was so much pleasure to be had, two cocks growing from the space between her collarbone and her breasts, over a pectoral muscle, near. Just how they jostled and aggravated one another, as if they were battling for space, was euphoric to her and she cradled them lovingly against her cock hand, letting them lay over all the other waggling dicks and balls as if they deserved the most tender of touches.

It was not all soft, however, and neither was it meant to be. The cocks were weighty and they added something to her body even though they forced her to form new skin and new flesh, using her energy to fuel the attributes of the potion. Yet what the magic took from her it gave back in spades, power flooding her – the power of unlimited orgasms. Truthfully, anyone had unlimited orgasms, but to have them one after the other, endlessly, never needing to sleep or to recharge in any other way… that was the deepest of dreams and the most powerful of fantasies.

She groaned, shifting her hips back and forth, trembling as she groped the cocks rising from her face again. It felt like there were two at the top of her right cheekbone, overloaded to the right, the balls crammed up against one another. Another rose from the off-left of her forehead, another up close to her hairline… And there were three on her chin, sagging down under their weight as they grew, as if not even their lust was enough to keep them swollen and erect. Their time, however, would come. For it would always be their time.

Elle grunted, feeling down her body, to the worst of all in the clavicle, which was just between her collarbones. She had always disliked anything pressing on there and actively chosen clothes to avoid it, but a pair of balls hung down over it, forcing her to bear weight there regardless of her personal preferences on the matter. It weighed on the soft indent of skin and no amount of shaking her head back and forth was going to dislodge the weight and pressure entirely. If one nut moved out of the space, another plopped in, taking up the space that was their right to do so.

She fumbled, breath catching. Yet the potion bottle slipped in her hand where she had still cradled it in the clasp of her fingers, dropping as she grabbed for it.

And, in the process of grabbing it, Elle grabbed too hard.

It sprayed. Everywhere. The bottle was knocked and she would never find out that the cap was knocked off, sloshing the potion over her belly, her legs, even trickling down to her knees.

Her heart lurched.

No, no, no, no!

She grabbed, fumbling, but more and more slopped out, some splashing onto the bed, more soaking into the sheets where, later, she would accidentally squirm onto the wet spot. Her hand knocked into the cock that was already growing from her right thigh, right up by the crease of her leg, but it was too late for her to change things.

For it was not cocks that grew from her legs, not like that one, but something worse. Or better…

Her whole legs… They were numb, so numb, and she panted heavily through her nose, trying to get out of the wet patch, grabbing for the sheets, a towel, anything. Anything at all to mop up the mess even though her body was already changing, her legs dull and heavy, feeling as if the bone inside was melting away.

She groaned, rolling her hips forward, but even that dexterity was softening, losing her ability to be as she was, heart pounding against the clasp of her ribcage around it. Her left hand too… She couldn’t even spray anymore as she slipped off the pillows, liquid clinging ostentatiously to her hand, slipping down between her fingers. And the changes came quickly that time, for more than enough had slopped out over her for the transformation to happen at a good pace. Enough for her to be swept along with them and not so much that she couldn’t take in all the sordid little details all at once.

It was intoxicating. Elle knew that she had gone too far but it was too late for any of that. Whether the accident had been meant to happen or not was another matter, yet there was only so much she could do about it, only so much that she could hold back from. All as her hand grew larger, more unwieldy, her palm bubbling with so many balls that, if she’d been able to see, she wouldn’t have been able to take in the human flesh beneath it.

She didn’t need to be human anymore, no… Just a mass of horse cocks, her entire body swollen with them, not knowing from where the next one was going to pop up. Her side ached where another was swelling from a spritz on her side, a smaller drop of potion stimulating that growth, yet everything was bristling, the dicks and balls rubbing up against one another. They jabbed into the bed when she tried to twist onto her side, though her bare feet were numb… But in a way she could feel too?

Sensation was not the same as it had been, no, no… It was not meant to be, not as her knees lost the joint, flesh rolling down and smoothing out, though her legs were growing too. As if layers of fat were being laid down her legs, they thickened up with a bulge and a strain to a nice, uniform shape. She grunted, head spinning, feeling like they were plumping up already, her buttocks doing something too. She had not gotten any potion on those but they reacted like her legs did, becoming a pair of balls for each cock leg as they billowed and ballooned. The flesh there was so soft and stretchy, flowing to encase each pair of nuts in their respective sacks, some of the creases in the skin there wrinkling more where, in effect, she was sitting on them. But could she even sit on anything anymore if she only had horse balls for a butt?

It wasn’t something that Elle could think about too much, not as she laid her trembling left hand, the one that was still transforming, out over her left thigh. It wasn’t much of a thigh anymore, bristling with a new kind of sensation, throbbing meatily, a medial ring popping up further down where her knee may have been. She didn’t know. Her feet had softened entirely, moulding into the shape of a soft flare, one that was not yet engorged. If she rocked her weight from side to side, she could just about rub the dick legs up against one another, although there was no real flexibility or dexterity in them. They were not the sort of horse cocks, not ever, that were ever meant to soften.

One, however, was definitely longer than the other… Yes, it was the right leg that was longer. It must have taken the brunt of the potion as she felt them thicken up even further, as if she had gained perhaps eight inches or so in diameter around her thighs – and more further down to make it all even. The part of her cock legs between the flare and the medial ring, however, was a little thinner than what lay between the medial ring and the base of the dicks. The balls were meaty enough to swell and squash under her, though they were ridiculously large. Every time she thought that that had to be the largest that they were going to go, they bloated out a little more, the weight of her body bearing down on them too much.

And her underwear… It had been pushed down under the nuts as they swelled, yet the growing flesh of her body could not hold them fast for all that much longer. They strained and burned where they cut in across the front of her crotch and between her thighs, then snapped, though it was almost a non-event considering everything else that had come to pass.

She groped her cock legs, fearful and giving into it, squirming in the mess of potion that had been splashed across the bed, without even knowing what it was that she was doing. She had sealed her fate and yet Elle still made it all the worse for herself, her back aching as more horse cocks sprouted up, slowly bulging out and straining through her itching, prickling skin. The sensations clawing at her were completely overwhelming, blistering through her body, sharp, biting pain where the horse cocks pressed into the bed. She squirmed, fighting to make room for them, though there was no way for her to get comfortable. Not as she rolled onto her side, getting more of the soaked-in potion onto her, even if Elle was entirely unaware.

No legs… She hadn’t meant to do that! But it was still such a turn-on, so delightfully intoxicating, the flares at the ends of her legs, what had once been her feet, swelling more and more, flaring out. She panted heavily through her nostrils, trying to wiggle them as the balls that were her buttocks squashed underneath her, a crease folding uncomfortably into the base of one.

Yet she couldn’t do anything about it, imagining that she could see every last tiny detail as her dark-skinned cock legs swelled, the flares thick and full. She trembled and let it wash through her, the power of orgasm, rubbing her cock hands over them, the fingers swollen and fat with dicks. Of course, she couldn’t flex them anymore, but she could feel with them, the ability to even dump more potion over herself, to control her own fate. She could be found there, at some point, but Elle was not going to need anything at all, no food, not even air if she chose not to breathe. The horse cocks would sustain her as they jetted off with pulse after pulse of cum, painting the floor, the balls on her buttocks the largest of all, swollen and heady, though they would swiftly refill themselves. It would not feel as if they were any smaller at all, in fact, after she had climaxed, still bulging out against their soft sacks while she tried not to put all of her weight on them.

Elle lost track of time… And what did time even matter anyway? She heaved, trying to make sense of her body, more cocks sprouting up slowly, tenaciously pushing from the bubbling, rippling flesh of her body. Everything was…horse cocks. That was all there was to it, washing semen across the bed, a swathe of difficult pleasure dragging her attention one way and then the other, as if she would never again have free will in what she thought about. How could Elle even think about anything when her whole body was trying to push eagerly into arousal, sweeping her cock hands over every dick and ball that she could get her “hands” on, lost in lust?

Oh, it was good to be lost there, feeling just how her skin burned as she touched it, feeling out the edges of the flares with the flares on her cock fingers. She even rubbed the balls up around her tits, admiring, with her sense of touch alone, just how big those cocks were, how she could never be quite sure of the size of any one dick, her heart pounding vehemently to send all the very much needed blood around her body.

And she could languish there, sustained, unfound… Letting her body do all that it needed to.

As she sprawled back, heaving and panting, she swept her arms across the bed, the tingling spreading, though it was hard for her to focus on any one part when so much was trembling, the horse cocks flaring and bobbing, never sure which was going to jet off next. There didn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to her orgasms, sometimes several cumming at once and sometimes only one, but that didn’t matter. Not when Elle was not in control, huffing, panting, her arms slowly shrinking, transforming.

They would be horse cocks too, more balls rising under her arms, though the potion was tricky, allowing her entire arms to become horse cocks with her cock hands becoming the flare, ringed with horse cocks. It was obscene and she didn’t even feel present in any body that she recognised and remembered, though she was fortunate indeed that her arms did not shrink. For that was not what the potion was for – it was for transforming any body part into horse cocks. When it found something that could become an entire cock, like her legs and her arms, it took the initiative with the ease of the transformation that offered it.

Not that that mattered to Elle. All of her intellect and all of how she could have taken things forward, well… That was nothing. She grunted thickly, losing her sense of self, cocks waggling up against one another on her face. She thought that she still had her hair, though there were more poking out from the back of her head, one sticking out into the open air beside her right ear. They pressed through her hair, shoving it aside, though the clinging nature of her hair around her wet, sloppy cocks was not comfortable in the slightest. It made her want to push it away, to detangle it, though there was no way to prevent that from getting worse and worse, not even when she tried to use her cock hands as real hands.

There, she could languish, her cock fingers rippling, trying to spread them out, just so she could enjoy the moment even more, lusting and moaning, letting it all roll through her more and more and more.

It was needed…yes. All that she needed. Everything that she needed.

Any quiet times were for rest, for rubbing her body, even though she slowly lost the flexibility in her arms as they completed the full transformation into horse cocks. Just how the potion had been smeared lightly onto them seemed to have changed how the transformation progressed, yet the restriction was intense too, leaving her prey to the horse cocks spouting increased cum. If she couldn’t bend her arms to use her cock hands, all she could really do was waggle her cock arms to hope that the dicks would bump up against more dicks, protruding from her hips, her sides and more.

It was a guess…and that was the best that Elle could get. She was nothing but horse cocks and passion was all that remained for her.

It was a good thing that she’d adore every last second of her existence, in that case…