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Re: New Found Feedback - by Von Krieger (Furry)

New Found Feedback
By Von Krieger

Mai's straw made a horrendous noise as she sought the last few drops from the bottom of her smooth cup. It was her third one, and the rest of her meal had gone completely untouched. She twirled a strand of her long, blonde hair absently around her fingers, waiting for her friend to return from the restroom.

McBurger usually wasn't known for having food that actually tasted good. Mostly it was food that was cheap, quick, and made you pay for its cheapness about six to eight hours down the road when it encountered the other end of the digestive tract. But you couldn't really go wrong with blended fruit, milk, and some ice cream, even if it was the soft serve stuff that was mostly air and made from mystery ingredients.

A loud cry came from the general area of the rest room, shortly followed by the familiar, bombastic voice of Mai's redheaded roommate, shouting "THAT'S FUCKING DISGUSTING!" followed by a crash, and a rapid repetition of pain.

"Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow." Naomi muttered, with one hand placed against her butt. The cuffs of her jeans were a mess, as were her sneakers. Well, more of a mess than usual. She grabbed a handful of napkins and began to wipe a thick, white substance from them.

"Ugh, I think some merry prankster went and splashed a few gallons worth of shampoo around the ladies' room. Yuck," she said, sticking out her tongue. She scrapped off what she could of the stuff, and got up to stuff the napkins in the trash, pausing to use the drink dispensing machine's water function to wash her hands.

"God, that's really fucking gross," she muttered, sitting down again. "Going to eat those?" she asked, pointing at Mai's burger and fries. The demure Asian girl merely shook her head and continued trying to get the last few stray drops of her smoothie.

Naomi fixed her friend with a glare and reached over to pull the cup away from her. "Face it girlfriend, its empty. And no amount of wistful sucking is going to bring it back," she said with a grin and then a chuckle.

"Wow. That sounded kinda dirty."

Mai looked forlornly at the empty cup. "I think I'm going to go get another one. I don't know what's come over me; I don't usually eat like this," she said, blushing a bit.

"Oh don't worry about it. It's probably something in the air," she said, taking a bite out of Mai's unwanted burger. "I'm feeling the same way. McB's corporate probably discovered some sort of hunger-inducing gas and is pumping it into the establishment as we speak to drive up profits." Naomi dug in her pockets for some change and dropped it on the table in front of Mai, "Go enjoy yourself. Splurge and partake in the communion of rampant consumerism. Besides, if it turns out your mom is right about all that sympathetic magic medicine stuff it ought to solve your cleavage problem better than the tissues you're sporting." She teased.

Mai blushed, "Don't talk about that!" she hissed. "What if someone will hear?"

Naomi rolled her eyes. "Honey, I bet none of these people in here will ever see you again. What does it matter? Go snag yourself a smoothie; fill out your figure, maybe. If not, hey, at least you're enjoying it, right?"

Mai blushed and nodded, returning a moment later with a big chocolate milkshake. "Well, if we're going to try and fill out my figure, why not go all the way?" she said with a grin, hungrily slurping up the treat through her straw.

"That a girl!" Naomi said with a laugh, finishing up the last of Mai's fries. "Let's take the rest of this to go, okay? I'd like to get out of these shampoo-soaked pants. It would have to be guy's shampoo, too. All weird smelling and musky."

Mai wrinkled her nose as Naomi passed her, heading for the garbage can to rid herself of assorted paper detritus from the meal. "Yeah, it's a bit musky, and really strong smelling. I can't imagine what a bathroom full of the stuff would be like."

Naomi grinned. "It's just right over there. You can go and satisfy your nasal curiosity."

The petite Asian pulled back into a defensive posture. "Uh no, that's alright."

"Was it all over the floor?" she asked as they reached the door, fidgeting with her top. It felt a bit tight for some reason.

"The floor, the wall, the ceiling. It clogged up the sinks, probably the toilets. It was like someone set off a bomb of goop in there. I have no idea how they managed to get in there and get out without being noticed. It looked like someone went and made a slime angel on the floor too." She stuck out her tongue in disgust.

"It looked like people had been in and out of there a few times; I wonder why no one reported it before me. That's really fucking gross. Squelching through there to use the facilities, doing your business with a bowl full of gunk... I bet it didn't even flush properly. Eww."

Mai gave an uncertain glance to her milkshake, "Would you stop? I'm not sure if I want this anymore."

Naomi leaned over and tousled Mai's hair. "And we sure wouldn't want to do that."


Mai winced as Naomi drove over another bump in the road, sending a jolt of pain through Mai's chest and back. "Ow. Be more careful, please. My top is feeling a little tight for some reason."

"Too many tissues?" teased Naomi, who was fidgeting a bit in the driver's seat. She felt a little weird; probably something her body didn't like in the shampoo. Her legs felt kind of itchy, her groin especially. She did her best to try and conceal it from Mai; as crass as she was she wasn't going to dig at her loins in front of the very proper young woman.

Mai on the other hand, had finished her milkshake and had turned herself to look out the window, a rather large blush upon her face. Some of the condensation from the cold cup had dripped onto her shirt, and made it look like her nipples were leaking, with big dark spots on the front of her yellow t-shirt.

"I call bathroom when we get back to the apartment," Naomi said. "I want to take a nice hot shower and get myself feeling clean again after seeing all of that."

Mai simply nodded and winced as the car hit another bump, the strap of her bra digging tightly into her back and sides. The cups themselves were digging in a bit as well, and the tissues seemed to be rubbing against her nipples in a not entirely unpleasant way. Mai just wanted to tear her bra off and be rid of the discomfort, but that was not something a proper lady did. Especially not around Naomi. Mai's mother had taken one look at her close cropped auburn hair and pronounced her to be "one of those lizzie beans." If one of Mai's mother's friends saw her, the gossip would be burning up her mother's ear in an instant. So better to tough it out than suffer possible humiliation.

"L-let's take the freight elevator up," Mai said softly. It was right by where Naomi parked, since the designated space was filled with the old truck she was fixing up. Despite the convenience, the elevator was not supposed to be used for passenger traffic, and Mai usually walked across the building to use the normal elevators while Naomi took the freight elevator up.

"Wow, one tiny rebellion from the norm. Watch out! Next thing we know, you'll be drinking milk from the carton and tearing tags of mattresses," Naomi said with a grin.

Mai just blushed. "Owners can tear off mattress tags, and it's just the sellers that cannot."

Naomi clicked her tongue at her friend. "There you go ruining a perfectly good joke. But you're so cute when you use your brain."

The redhead leaned over as she paused at a stop sign, planting a kiss on Mai's cheek. Mai heated up even further, pressing against the car door.

"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have..." Naomi began to apologize.

"No, it's okay..." Mai said softly. "You're just being friendly."

"I keep forgetting that body to body contact is a rare thing across the Pacific," Naomi said, feeling a bit embarrassed.

"Don't worry about it," Mai said with a smile. "You're just being you, and I'm just being me."

The two rode in silence for the remainder of the drive, just a few minutes. Mai contemplated the kiss, mostly how it had made her loins and chest ache. Her body cried out for her to have a little bit more fun than a kiss with her roommate. Despite the warning, Mai was rather sure Naomi wasn't a 'lezzie bean,' she was just more touchy-feely that most people Mai knew.

Naomi wriggled and squirmed all the way up the elevator, Mai assumed she must be longing for a shower more and more, having been totally squicked out by the slimy restroom.

Mai shook her head; boy was the scent from the stuff ever strong, and she'd smelled it in the car and now here again in the elevator. It was probably some of that stuff marketed to douchebag frat boys with the idea that it would have women tearing your clothes off to get at your manmeat. To be honest, it was kind of having that effect on Mai, the gentle twitch of need from Naomi's kiss had begun to blossom into something more.

The elevator bell dinged not a moment too soon. Naomi and Mai both had to hold themselves in check, to not rush down the hall as fast as they could to duck into the apartment and deal with their problems. Their apartment was one of the first in front of the normal elevators, totally down the hall from the freight elevator, but there would be more people in the lobby and likely in the elevator than in the hallway.

"Oh, thank God." Naomi muttered, fumbling with her belt, starting to remove her clothes the moment she stepped inside.

Mai watched with wide eyes as her roommate tugged off her top and tossed her bra aside, starting to tug down her pants as she strode towards the bathroom, slamming the door behind her. The petite Asian simply stared at the bathroom door, the sight of her best friend half naked had sent a thrill through her loins. It made her nipples grow erect, even uncomfortably so. She reached back to remove the fastener to her bra, but it was stuck tight. It was like her bust had gotten bigger. Mai exhaled and tried again, but still nothing. It was getting rather difficult to breath. She drew a deep breath, and her bra seemed to almost explode. She let out a yelp as the garment self-destructed, tearing into pieces that fell to the floor. She looked down at it, seeing that the cups were saturated, completely soaked with fluid.

She looked down at her chest and gasped, even with the t-shirt atop them, Mai could see that she'd gained several cup sizes; she had a proper bust, rather than almost boyish curves. Her nipples were strange, though; thick and puffy, and longer than she remembered. When she moved they rubbed against the fabric of her shirt, making Mai moan with pleasure.

It was so weird. Mai slipped a hand beneath her shirt, feeling the soft flesh of her breast, as well as the wetness upon it. Her nipples were about as big around as the circle made by her thumb and forefinger, and the warmth and pressure seemed to coax it to grow even larger and longer. The rubbery nipple extended perhaps and inch or two from Mai's breast. She gave it a gentle squeeze and felt warm droplets trickling down her hand. She was lactating?! Not caring about proper protocol, she pulled off her shirt, staring down in befuddlement. Her dark nipples were grossly swollen and erect, shiny and smooth. As Mai watched she swore she could almost see her breasts getting bigger, and her nipples most certainly were.

"What is going on?" Mai whispered. Her nipples dripped milk at the slightest touch; the breezes of the central air in the apartment were enough to make her leak. She'd have to call a doctor, or something. This was so weird. Was it an allergic reaction or something? Her bust continued to swell, even as she leaked milk from them. It baffled Mai, where was the mass coming from? It took thousands of calories to make a pound of flesh, and all the smoothies and the milkshake she had wouldn't be enough to account for this. Plus you didn't have weight appear in such a strategic and sexy place all by itself. She was going to have to call the doctor, but first she needed to get rid of the milk that she was leaking. Mai didn't want to get the floor all messy.

She went to the kitchen and pulled two glasses from the cupboard and took a seat at the table. Mai winced at the cold glass against her wonderfully sensitive nipples. They'd grown noticeably bigger in the walk to the kitchen; they were almost big enough to go halfway down the tall glass.

Mai stifled a moan as she squeezed her growing breasts, the pressure upon the supple, tender flesh enough to make milk squirt from her elongated nipples. She realized then that they looked more and more like teats. She gave them another squeeze, not bothering to stifle her moan this time. She shifted the chair; position herself in front of one of the table legs. She couldn't help it, milking herself felt so incredible; all the sensation seemed to go right to her groin. She pressed her crotch up against the table leg, grinding against it as she continued to coax the fluid from her too-full breasts. She flushed with embarrassment, she most certainly would not do this normally, but these were strange and special circumstances.

It was a few moments before the glasses were full, and Mai's breasts seemed to be no emptier than when she started, in fact they were even larger. She stared at the two glasses, each full of milk and topped by a few bubbles. Curiosity filled her as she stared at it. How would it taste?

Before she could stop herself, she had one glass to her lips. She let out a soft gasp of surprise as the taste spread over her tongue, sweet and delicious, with just a hint of chocolate. She couldn't stop herself from downing the entire glass, and then the other.

That seemed to be the wrong thing to do, as her breasts expanded outward several inches immediately, her nipples doubling in length. They didn't look at all like nipples anymore, but rather the teats of a cow. She gritted her teeth and let out a mooing moan of pleasure as she began to fill the glasses up again.


Naomi slammed the bathroom door closed, locking it behind her. Her breath escaped from her chest in pants and soft, needful moans. She was sopping wet, and it wasn't from the strange stuff that had been spilled all over the McBurger bathroom. Naomi's body was demanding that she fuck, and it didn't care who or what was the recipient of her lovemaking.

She stripped off the last of her clothes, her body had felt terribly hot since the moment she'd stepped into the car, thanks to the scent of the goo trapped in a small environment. She'd kissed her roommate, and it had taken all her willpower not to go any further than that. Naomi had needed to bite her tongue in order to stop herself from jumping atop Mai on the ride up in the elevator, grinding her loins against the lithe, demure young woman. A most uncomfortable sensation had stirred in Naomi's loins halfway through the drive home; it was aching, throbbing, and stiff. She couldn't quite stifle the loud moan that rose in her throat as she peeled her saturated panties from her body. Something jutted from her groin, no longer constricted by the silken fabric. Naomi looked at it with confusion; it couldn't POSSIBLY be what it looked like. But as she ran her fingertips over the slick, precum soaked appendage the jolts of pleasure that shot through her body confirmed it: she had a cock growing between her legs.

Freed from it fabric prison, the shaft surged in size, growing from a smallish four, to a respectable eight inches in an instant. "Oh God..." Naomi murmured. "What the hell is going on?" The organ was all wrong; it was thick and black, flat at the top, with a bit of a ring in the middle. There wasn't a scrap of loose skin upon the length; it seemed to have all been gathered up at the base. It drooled an almost continuous stream of precum as Naomi stroked it, not believing that it was a part of her despite what the sensations she felt told her.

A drawn out moan escaped her lips and Naomi had to grip the counter with one hand to keep from falling to her knees. An incredible sensation filled her; pure sexual pleasure that spawned in her loins, not quite within her female sex, nor upon the dark rod of her still-growing prick. Naomi looked down and found, to her horror that the second aspect of the male anatomy had appeared; the sack was pulled up tightly against her body, not hanging loose, but it was there all the same. The presence of her new balls seemed to make her manhood long for attention all the more.

Almost in a daze, Naomi sat down atop the commode, positioning herself so that her expanding shaft, now a good foot in length, would drip and drool into the tub, rather than on the floor. She could barely think with it aching like this. A whimper escaped Naomi's lips as she reluctantly wrapped her fingers around the slick, black shaft and began to pump.

The feeling of relief brought tears to Naomi's eyes as she frantically jerked off. How had this happened? How was it even possible? And why did it feel a hundred times better than any sex that she'd ever had? She felt like there was a fire raging within her veins, making her feel terribly hot. Despite the satisfaction Naomi felt from her self-pleasuring, it wasn't enough. Her body craved more, no, DEMANDED more. Men, women, animals, it didn't matter to Naomi's lust; she struggled to banish disturbing images from her mind that further inflamed her needful erection. But her mind would not be denied. Image after image flashed through her mind; sexual debauchery that Naomi found repugnant. But still it excited her. She frantically tried to think up her own fantasies, anything to banish the thoughts of a massive stallion mounting her, forcing its equally massive member into her, missing her dripping snatch entirely, instead pounding into Naomi's virgin rump.


Naomi's eyes widened as she remembered the kiss she'd placed upon her roommate's cheek. Small, soft, sweet, shy little Mai. She could just imagine it, their lips meeting, the demure Asian's soft, needful cry, the sensations of her tight, wet sex as she slowly lowered herself atop Naomi's thick animal cock. Her soft hands caressing Naomi's tits. She couldn't get rid of the mental image. Naomi couldn't help but think of Mai astride her thick equine cock, hugged up against her as Naomi supplied what they both craved.

She came so hard that her jets of seed struck the shower stall with incredibly loud splats. There was so much seed; it couldn't possibly have been contained in her balls, which seemed to be still growing.

It was nearly a minute later before the last few dribs and drabs of hot horse cum had worked themselves out of Naomi's cock. She still felt far too warm and incredibly horny, but her loins no longer ached. She blushed as she saw the sheer mass of the mess in the shower, all of it tinged with the familiar, musky scent of what she'd slipped and fallen in at the restaurant. Naomi had coated the bathtub stall from about six feet up, dripping down thickly to the floor. It covered about a third of the pre-formed, slightly tan plastic. She couldn't imagine what would be needed to slather an entire four stall public restroom with seed. Naomi was producing far more cum than she ought to be able to, but even so, how big would your cock and balls have to be in order to hose down an entire room like that in the two or three shots you could get off in ten or fifteen minutes?

She shivered, unsure if she truly wanted to know the answer. But the very idea of being able to perform such a feat excited Naomi. But she felt so hot and suddenly very, very thirsty. Considering all the fluid she just spewed out, she wasn't surprised.

Naomi wrapped a towel around her body, wincing at the sensation of the rough terrycloth against her once more erect member. The hefty horse shaft was continuing to grow, nearly reaching to the bottom of her breasts. She turned on the water in the shower and used the wand to send all her pearlescent seed right down the drain. It seemed to be such a waste, her mouth watered at the sight of it. The very idea made Naomi blush. She needed to get a drink, badly. Naomi was nearly moaning with delight from the sensation of each step she took. Gods, how she wanted to ram her cock right down Mai's cute little throat. She bit her tongue once more; she couldn't possibly force herself on Mai, especially not with a wang the size that it was. She'd break the poor girl in two.

Naomi threw open the bathroom door, wincing as it banged against the doorstop. She walked slowly to the kitchen, so as to avoid over-stimulating her eager organ. Mai was, thankfully, in her room. But she'd left out a glass of chocolate milk on the counter.

Mmm... thick, rich, sweet, warm chocolate milk. Naomi blinked as she'd gulped the last of it down. Warm? Why was it warm?

She let out a soft cry as her breasts followed the example of her shaft, swelling slowly and pleasurably...


A muffled sound of climactic pleasure from the other room snapped Mai out of her own lustful fugue. The Asian blushed as she realized that she'd been playing with herself quite enthusiastically for several minutes now. She blinked several times to get her eyes to focus once more. On the table before her were several glasses, a large bowl, and the huge canning pot that Mai's mother insisted she take with her, all had been filled with milk. Mai could see a most certain progression in the coloration, the glasses were filled with near-white at first, but they became tinted every so slightly more brown, growing darker and darker until the massive pot before her was filled with thick, rich, creamy, incredibly chocolate-y milk. Mai could taste the flavor of delicious chocolate upon her lips and tongue. She looked down and to her shock, her breasts had grown to be huge on her small frame, they were bigger than her head, noticeably bigger.

But that wasn't the only thing that had changed. Her skin was darker and it was the wrong cast as well. As Mai watched her Asiatic skin began to look more and more African. No, that wasn't right; it was more like the color of milk chocolate. Mai gasped and stood from the table, and sat right back down as her panties dug into her groin and sent a spike of pleasure shooting through her. Her clothes were too tight all of a sudden, especially on Mai's hips. A bit of wriggling and trying to unbutton them only lead to the soft sound of tearing along the seams. She winced and stuck a finger into each seam, guiding the rip down and allowing her to extract herself from the denim turned torture device.

She stood, this time not having anything that dug into her still needy sex. She'd managed to soak her clothes all the way through from the combination of arousal and stray droplets of milk. Mai gawked at the 20-quart pot that was two-thirds of the way full of milk. How could that have possibly come out of her? And how much more could she coax out of herself? Would that make her tits even bigger, or the nipples?

Her nipples were pitch black now, and looked more like bovine teats. They jutted out a good six inches from her breasts. They seemed to almost glisten, drawing Mai's gaze to them, their look begging her to wrap her fingers around them, to coax more sweet milk from her body. Did drinking her own milk really do this to her?

Mai couldn't help but satisfy her curiosity, downing one of the more chocolate tinted glasses in a series of long gulps. She let out a soft gasp as she felt her breasts expanding once more, adding two or three inches to their diameter. Mai couldn't help but moan softly, but it came out rather like a quiet moo. She felt a little funny in places, her ears, fingers, and feet tickled a little bit, like they'd fallen asleep. Her skin also tingled, shifting another shade towards pure chocolate. She could also swear that there was a weird tugging sensation at the base of her spine. This was all so weird.

Mai looked at the mess on the table; she had to get rid of it before something unfortunate happened. She didn't want Naomi to drink any of it and start on her way to moo-cow-hood as well.

She seemed a few inches taller and her frame had filled out a bit, but though she could lift the heavy, milk filled pot and stagger around with it, she wasn't able to heft it up to dump it into the sink. All the glasses and bowls could be dumped easily, but she would need to pour out the gallons of milk in the pot somewhere else, like in the bathroom. She hefted it with a grunt and began carrying it the long way to the bathroom via the laundry room, so that there was only a few scant feet of carpet that she might drip chocolate milk on. Upon reaching the laundry room, Mai heard the bathroom door slam open, and she jumped. A bit of milk sloshed up from the pot and onto her midsection, but rather than hit the floor it seemed to soak into her skin.

Mai shivered as she felt the tickling sensation intensify, gritting her teeth to concentrate as she stumbled across the hall into the recently vacated bathroom. Naomi had probably just realized she hadn't checked her social networking websites in the past hour and needed to get her fix of TwitOnMyFace. She set the pot on top of the toilet before turning back to close the door behind her.

The tingling on her fingers had become almost annoying in its intensity. Mai looked down at them and gasped; to her horror her fingers seemed to be fusing together! Ring and pinkie fingers were already united into a single thick, black-nailed digit, while middle and index fingers were halfway merged, with the gap between them growing narrower as Mai watched.

She shook her head rapidly, wanting to deny what was happening to her. She shoved the milk-filled pot over into the tub where it landed with quite a noise. A goodly amount of milk splashed out, soaking Mai's feet and legs. The tingle ceased immediately, replaced by a pleasant feeling of warmth and sensation, like having her muscles massaged and her skin gently caressed at the same time. A surge shot up her legs, the muscle expanding suddenly. Mai heard her joints pop, hearing and feeling bones crack, but without pain. She watched in fascination, awe, horror, and more than a little bit of arousal as cloven hooves tore their way through her shoes and socks.

Mai winced as her lower body continued to rearrange itself with terrible sounds as it granted her legs perfectly suited for her new, heavy hooves. "Nut I d-don't want to be a cow!" she whispered, torn between caressing her altered body and wanting to curl up in a corner and cry.

Apparently now the proper tone over most of her body, patches of Mai's skin began to grow even darker, dappling her smooth skin with bovine splotches. Her eyes widened as she watched her body become more and more cow-like by the second. She opened her mouth, ready to scream for Naomi to call 911 to help her, to do something, anything, to prevent further charge. But then something dropped from the ceiling. Something thick, warm, white, sticky, and smelling very, very familiar.

Mai let out a loud moan as her pleasure centers seemed to leap up in stimulation by an order of magnitude, and suddenly the alterations didn't seem so scary. She let out a staggered gasp as her new tail slithered from the base of her spine, encountering the cool porcelain of the toilet tank. She felt small horns rise at her temples, felt the dark splotches filling out all over her body. She could feel herself growing even more, her body thickening up, growing stronger and heavier. Mai knew that she would need a bit of power to carry around the assets she was going to end up with, as her breasts began to grow once again, and a strange new pressure building in her loins.

She sighed softly, relaxing. Mai gripped her breasts with her thick, bovine fingers, letting out a loud moo-moan as the pressure made her teats leak milk. Gods, she was so sensitive. The slightest pressure made her leak, while a good grope sent a steady stream of milk shooting from her.

Mai was knocked out of her revelry by a frantic knocking on the door.

"M-Mai?" came Naomi's voice, though with an uncharacteristic timidness to it, "I um... think that there's something wrong with that chocolate milk I found... mmm... and I... I need more."

Naomi grabbed the handle and stepped into the bathroom. Mai's eyes widened at the sight of her friend. The young woman had grown, her height jumping up nearly a foot. Her coloration had already begun to alter, and Mai knew eventually that it would be a perfect match for her own chocolate hue. A perfect horse's tail swayed from side to side as Naomi walked foreward, her own three fingered hands joining Mai's on her breasts. "I.. I just.... I'm so thirsty..." she whispered.

Mai grinned and returned the caresses, feeling the milk welling up inside her friend's growing breasts. She felt strange, her shyness vanished, she felt like having some fun with Naomi while she was quiet and pleading like this. Even though the horse-girl was bigger, a gentle shove from Mai's hand sent Naomi onto her backside. Mai licked her lips, eying the she-stallion's thick, black equine cock. It was absolutely huge, it ought to break her in half, but Mai wanted it inside of her more than anything.

"You share your body with me, Naomi, and I'm more than willing to share mine with you." Mai whispered, lowering herself onto her friend's cock. Both of them cried out, though Naomi's pleasured nicker was muffled as she drew one of Mai's thick bovine nipples into her mouth, drawing in the sweet milk.

The horse-girl's cock filled her so deliciously, Mai couldn't wait until her own was large enough so that her lover could share in the experience. But she could feel Naomi's cock still growing within her, and her breasts just kept growing and growing.

How big would they both get?


"God, it's on every floor. Where is it all coming form?" muttered Robert, one of the building's two general handymen.

"Probably pouring down the air vents onto the lower floors," replied Thomas, the other handyman, "Keep going until we find a floor with a big flow."

A strange, swirling mix of brown and white fluids had been pouring down the main elevator shaft and stairwells for the better part of two hours. Everyone had been evacuated from the building, as no one had any idea what the stuff could be. It smelled too chocolate-y to be sewage, but neither handyman had any idea how one could get several thousand gallons of the stuff up six floors.

Equipped with fishing waders, the two had been carefully ascending the stairs to find which floor the torrent was coming from. Gripping the hand rail tightly, the two made their way up to the sixth floor, finding a goodly amount of the stuff pouring from beneath the door. There wasn't even a trickle coming down from the floors above.

"Jackpot!" Thomas said, flashing a thumbs-up to his partner. The two forced the door open, the two foot high tide pushing it closed behind them.

Hiking up the hallway, the two found bubbles coming out from beneath one door, a sign that the flow was coming out and not in. Some strange sounds could be heard from the other side.

"Someone probably left a porno on and had to leave in a hurry," Thomas said to his partner.

"Y-yeah," Robert stammered, thankful the loose waders hid the hard-on he'd been sporting since stepping onto the floor. There was a thick, musky scent upon the air, different from the chocolate, and it seemed to be getting stronger the closer they came to the source.

The door required their combined strength to open, a cascade of brown and white pouring down the hallway. The two handymen entered the apartment, their progress halted as they gawked at the sight that awaited them in the living room.

The two creatures had to be at least ten feet tall, their bodies powerfully built. They had to be to carry around the immense assets they sported. Both were a mix of deep brown and black, one was built more chunkily, her body well-padded with fat over muscle, but she was by no means obese, though it was hard to tell with her huge belly, flanked by six breasts the size of small bean bag chairs. Each breast was adorned with four thick, black teats, all sending out streams of milk when given the slightest touch, the motion of her body as she thrust into her partner was enough to make a stream of milk continuously leak from each teat. Her cock was perhaps as big around as Thomas' hefty waist, the organ itself no doubt being as long and thick as Robert was tall. A pair of large, curved horns jutted from her temples and she looked upon the two of them and smiled. She pulled her cock out of her lover, showing her massive ballsack that hung down past her knees, only it wasn't quite a ball sack. It was a massive udder. Her four huge teats brushed against the ground, somewhere beneath the torrent of her own milk, the friction enough to have her pouring out even more milk with each thrust.

While she was very cow-like, her partner was more of an equine bent. Though most of her front was tinted the same chocolate brown as her lover, most of the short fur upon her arms, legs, face, and back was black, with a brown marking upon her forehead and the long feathered hair over her hands and hooves. She pushed herself up from the ground, sporting six breasts of her own alongside a cum-bloated belly. But rather than four teats, each breast was tipped by a single massive equine phallus. They seemed to leak a thicker substance than milk, not quite milk, but not quite cum either.

Her own member was nearly half again the size of her cow-girl friend. She licked her lips and eyed the two intruders, a grin slowly spreading across her features.

"I'm glad you boys came along when you did. See, my friend and I are having a problem with something. I'm pretty sure that getting filled with my cum makes Mai's udders swell, and my milk makes her cock grow. I've been having too much fun to notice, but she swears that filling me up makes my gorgeous shaft even bigger, while her milk works wonders on my titties."

The she-bull grinned and nodded, "Mmmhmm. The problem is, we've seemed to stop growing. So we need fresh meat to give things a try."

Robert and Thomas could do little more than stare at the two hypertrophic hermaphrodites. Even as Mia gripped two of her teats and gave a sharp tug, spraying them with her chocolate milk. The two handymen cried out as their bodies immediately began to feminize.

Thomas's last thought before her growing assets made contemplating anything but sex impossible was that the milk and seed wasn't leaking down the air vents, oh no. It was being supplied by transformed individuals on every floor.

She giggled at the thought and began stripping off her clothes, eager to add to the flood.


Re: New Found Feedback - by Von Krieger (Furry)

Art by Demon-Man