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Breastmilk Bar

The lockdown measures were finally getting loosened after Bay Cove's city council had had to admit that with heteromorphs, living latex beings of different shapes and sizes and even some mythological-seeming individuals roaming the street, the fight against the epidemic was lost. It didn't mean the National guard was lifting their lockdown, virtually all streets into Bay Cove still barred as Congress discussed the course of action. Inside the city, meanwhile, enterprising individuals were beginning to use the new qualities of the population for the most American of pastimes - capitalistic endeavours.

One of these was the Breastmilk Bar. What the name lacked in originality, the concept of the place did not.

"Trust me, man! We don't even need fake IDs, because the Breastmilk Bar doesn't serve alcohol! Just, well, breastmilk." Jared slapped his friend Eli on the arm heartily. "Come on, we gotta go! Don told me, you get to look at the biggest tits you've ever seen and they make great virgin drinks, even without milk. You gonna tell me you're not into that? You gay or something?"

"One, none of your business, and two, even if I was, so what?" Eli rubbed his arm where Jared had slapped him. Even on his dark skin, the bruise would shine tomorrow. "Any other reason to go besides ogling tits? 'cause Don definitely has some booze if we want great drinks. I'd rather get at least a little wasted if I go out drinking."

"Oh, c'mon, maan! I didn't get any action since lockdown! I just wanna go titty watching with my best bud, maybe find a girl to get with!" Running his hands through his well-kept dreadlocks, Jared hooked his free thumb into his belt. "And if you're worried about catching that shit that's going around - lockdown's been lifted for half a week, and we went out to lunch every day. Don'tcha think we'd have caught it by now, whatever this is? We're immune for sure, man!"

"Uh-huh..." Eli wasn't quite so sure. Neither of them had read much of the info material the city had released, but indeed - while they had seen quite a few heteromorphs, both of them were unchanged. But would they stay that way when they went to a bar that was explicitly filled with heteromorphs... and sold their body fluids. "So... You not budging?"

"No way, man. I swear, I'm gonna go alone if I have to. But think about it, man: Capital T Tits! Boobs! Hooters! Gazongas! Funba--"

"Alright, alright! Let's just fucking go before you run out of synonyms for boobs."

As it turned out, Eli and Jared indeed didn't need IDs to get into the Breastmilk Bar. They did, however, need to fill out and sign a form that said that they had already been exposed to the epidemic and/or were fully aware of the possible rami--

"C'mon, man, just sign that shit, it's fucking fine!" Jared elbowed his friend in the side, waving his finished form and interrupting Eli from reading through his. No way Jared had been able to read the whole thing. "Let's fucking go!"

"I take it you have been affected, then?" The bouncer asked, clearly on roids or one of the many other body enhancing things making the rounds in the city.

"Sure have, my good man!" Grabbing his crotch, Jared gave the man a cocky grin. "Big ole horse cock in my pants! My man Eli here just got fat nuts, but tough titties, eh?"

"Hah. Never heard that one before," the bouncer deadpanned, before holding out his hands for the guys' forms. "You done, then?"

Eli rolled his eyes and signed the form. What was the worst that could happen? Maybe they really were immune.

They also were not the only ones in the Breastmilk Bar that at least looked unchanged. There were, of course, the usual impossibly beautiful women with and without conspicuous bulges were one wouldn't expect any, those with additional curves or limbs and even one with a second head, cleavage and sometimes almost the entire breast on full display, but there were a few people that seemed entirely baseline humans. Of course, it was possible that their changes were simply hidden, or that they had started out with different looks than they had now... or, as Jared had said, maybe there really were people that were immune. Hopefully Eli and his friend were among them.

Because the eponymous breasts that gave the bar its name belonged to women that were 100% and extensively changed. Heteromorphs through and through. Behind the bar, elevated above the head of the bartender, a row of recliners made from polished metal pipes and black leather were attached to the wall, but the women supplying the bar weren't resting on their backs. No, each and every one of them was lying on their fronts, lounging lazily as their breasts hung through the holes at the front of their torsos. The truly massive funbags - Jared had been right after all, even among the heteromorphs in the bar, the ones behind the bar were by far the largest - were themselves resting on soft black leather cushions attached to the loungers, their enormous teats slowly dripping milk whenever the bartender wasn't actively milking them to make a drink.

"See, what'd I tell you?" Jared's smug grin was something Eli had seen quite often. His friend had an annoying habit to turn out to be right. "Are those the biggest fucking tits you've ever seen or what?!"

"Yeah, yeah. You were right. Let's just hope we don't--"

"Welcome to Breastmilk Bar!" A waitress in a pretty standard waitress uniform - black skirt and shirt, light grey apron - had approached the two friends. What wasn't standard where her two additional arms and her third tit, sitting between the other two. "I'm Mary. Follow me, I have a booth ready for you."

Mary's ass was pretty good, too, Eli had to admit as Jared elbowed him and nodded towards the swaying butt while they followed the waitress. They were sat at the booth, given a short welcome spiel and some menus before Mary went to wait on other tables, but neither Eli nor Jared had any eyes for whatever was on there. First, they had to check out how things worked in the Breastmilk Bar.

"Holy fuck..." Jared breathed across from Eli, and Eli had to agree with him. Things were impressive. Particularly the things on display behind the bar.

Giant, jiggly orbs swollen with milk hung heavy from their owners' chests, and even through the soft music playing from hidden speakers, Eli could hear soft moans and mewls whenever the bartender began to get the ingredients for a drink. His fingers, wrapped in soft leather gloves, gently tugged a thick teat here or a brace of nipples there, catching hot, fresh cream in glasses before adding spices or powders or other ingredients and then serving the drinks to either people at the bar or handing them to a waitress to have them carried to a table.

Despite the naked, impossibly curvaceous women, the atmosphere was rather pleasant and almost family-friendly, were it not for the wall of titties. Eli was slowly getting used to the perverted parts of the establishment, only to notice that some of the women behind the bar were even less conventional than it appeared at first sight when someone ordered a specialty drink. A loud moan rose from one of the women to the left, drowning out even the music - because the bartender had begun stroking the fattest, girthiest dick Eli had ever seen. Things were just a lot bigger in Bay Cove...

"Fuck, man, you see this?" Now it was on Eli to hit his friend's upper arm, motioning to where the bartender methodically gave the woman a handjob, catching her pre in a martini glass. "Where the fuck did you take me here?"

"Relax, man. Don't like it, don't drink it," Jared shrugged, tearing his eyes away from a four-breasted woman that snored snoftly as milk leaked from her udders to study the menu. "All ingredients are listed here, so if you don't want anything with jizz in it, don't order it."

"Uh-huh...." Eli kept staring at the woman receiving the handy, how her nuts twitched and clenched, how her body convulsed, how her shaft strained, how her tits jiggled as the bartender milked her shaft for pre. Why couldn't he look away? "Shit..."

The bartender didn't jerk her to completion, though, leaving the shuddering and groaning woman behind once the glass was full, her swollen glans still leaking strands of clear pre as her member throbbed and bounced with her heartbeat. Swallowing hard, Eli finally turned his attention to the menu.

What are Eli and Jared going to order?


Re: Growth-XX: Breastmilk Bar

Something light to start things off.

"Are you guys ready to order?" Mary was back, balancing trays on two of her arms and carrying a tablet with stylus in her other two. "Janine's is on special today, she's having unusually heavy flow."

"Uh..." Eli was completely blindsided, still wrapping his head around the fact that at least a third of the drinks on the menu contained one form of cum or another, and hadn't been able to choose anything yet. So his mind jumped on the first thing Eli could think of. "Vanilla... milkshake?"

"Leave it to you to go for the vanilla option," chuckled Jared, pointing to the menu himself and looking up to Mary, eyes only briefly stuck on her triple-breasted cleavage. "I'll have the Alice Cocktail, thanks."

"No problem, I'll have that out to you in..." Mary threw a glance to the bar, sizing up the milk on tap, before continuing. "About five minutes, I guess."


With a smile, Mary went to distribute the various drinks on her trays, leaving Eli to wonder what Jared had gotten him into this time. He just hoped that he and his friend really were immune, or else...

"Here you go, vanilla milkshake and one Alice Cocktail!" Setting down the tall glasses, Mary pointed one thumb at a smiling woman with a sextuplet of gently leaking tits who waved in the direction of the table. "Alice hopes you enjoy!"

"Cheers and thank you, then!" Jared raised his glass towards the bar and smiled at Mary, who smiled back and gave a little wave of her own before making her way to her next table. Things were picking up, it seemed, tables quickly filling with patrons. "And cheers to you, man. Let's see if Don was as right about these drinks as he was about them boobs!"


As it turned out, Don had been right. The drinks, while non-alcoholic, were delicious - and somehow gave Eli a bit of a buzz, a tingly sensation all over his body. Jared seemed to feel the same way, chugging down a third of his drink at once before putting the glass back down and suppressing a belch.

"What'd I tell you, man? These are go--ooood~!" Jared twitched a little as another little burp interrupted his sentence, then his smug grin reappeared. "Still regretting you came with?"

"Guess not," Eli replied, rubbing his pecs absentmindedly. They felt kinda itchy - hopefully, he wasn't allergic to the new detergent he was using... "Could be a nice day out after all."

"Told ya." Leaning back against the booth bench, Jared took another sip, groaning in satisfaction and letting his eyes wander over the assorted cuties behind the bar and at the tables. "Imma leave some money here for sure."

"Uh-huh..." Eli shifted in his seat as he took another sip, the buzz clouding his thoughts getting stronger as the sip turned into a big gulp. "'S good, their stuff."

Setting down his glass, Eli saw that he'd emptied half of it already and let out a shaky breath. He'd been feeling a little aroused ever since they`d entered - for good and obvious reasons - and these sensations seemed to slowly grow stronger. Had to be all these brazenly displayed tits, right? Funbags whose weight eclipsed that of whole people! Granted, small people, but still. Eli wondered what it was like for the women working here, spending the entire day lazing on a lounger while someone milked their tits or dicks. Had to be weird. And sexy.

"Whoa, man." Adjusting his position and his pants, Jared took another sip and pointed at the bar. "You seeing this? That barkeep got skills."

Indeed he did - the way he juggled the shaker as well as two bottles of syrup and some tin of powder was impressive. Behind his back, to his sides, twirling through the air rapidly... it was hypnotic, and Eli kept watching as he drank absentmindedly. It almost made him miss the point where he went from simply horny to aroused, dick swelling in his pants until Eli, too, had to adjust how he was sitting. It was to expected, right? Getting a boner in a titty bar? Although Eli's chest felt strange as well. Hot and throbbing, kind of like his dick. Felt good, really, Eli thought as he took another sip.

Breathing in, Eli felt something give around his chest and heard a faint ping, but he was still watching the show as the bartender twirled a shaker on his palm, letting it tumble through the air. It just looked so cool! Another big gulp of vanilla flavored milk shake went down Eli's throat, and the pleasant buzz in his mind saw his body grow heavy. Mainly his torso, for some reason, and Eli leaned forwards to lean against the table. Immediately, the weight lessened, and Eli smiled as he sipped more of his shake and the barkeeper finished the drink with a flourish, all the women on the loungers breaking out in applause. Eli hadn't even noticed them watching as well.

"Gotta be nice, having all those chicks around you all the time," Eli murmured, lifting his glass and realizing that he'd actually emptied it. "Damn, need a new..."

As he searched the room for Mary to order a new drink, maybe something more complicated this time, Eli did his best to get his sluggish thoughts moving. He'd had one shake, and already he felt as if he had at least five shots under his belt. Plus a few beers. So why was he feeling drunk from milk? And why was he still so horny? Eli's free left, the hand that wasn't holding his empty glass, had found it's way under the table, where Eli was rubbing his bulge through his pants, moving his body left and right to drag his aching chest over the smooth, cool table. It felt weird, but so good!

"Hey man, I'm gonna... gonna get another drink..." Jared's voice voice was thick, his words as hazy as Eli's mind, pink mist seeming to fill him from ear to ear. His nipples burned, and there was another ping and a tink somewhere in the booth, the wood of the table so nice on Eli's skin, even through his button down shirt. "You too?"

"Guess why I'm trying to... flag down the waitress?" Eli threw a glance over to where Jared was sitting, arm raised half-way - and froze.

Right there, on Jared's chest, sat a pair tits. A perfect pair. Round and perky and soft and jiggling with his friend's movements, nipples almost poking through his band shirt. The fabric was already getting stretched, revealing Jared's toned sixpack as the shirt was pulled up, more and more mass added to Jared's boobs as they expanded slowly. Eli's eyes wandered downwards, over the surface of the table and towards his own chest, but curiously, there was no trepidation, let alone horror. Just a growing curiosity. Surely, he didn't, too...?

He totally had. Eli's tits looked massive on his pecs, still growing as he watched. Smooth, dark brown breastflesh bulged from his shirt, two buttons already blasted off to god knew where by his blossoming funbags. The expanse of cleavage was mouthwatering already, just a hint of areola visible at the front, and the effect on Eli's cock was immediate. He'd never been so hard, not once in his life. In fact, the tightness of his pants downright hurt!

"You guys alright?" Mary was back, eyes briefly glancing over Eli's and Jared's fat knockers, brow furrowing as she threw a glance back to the buzzing throng of guests. "You did sign the forms when you came in, right?"

"Yyyeeeah, sugaaaah~!" Jared drawled playfully, grinning at Mary as the waitress chewed her lower lip, but shrugged when she heard that forms had been signed. "Get me a Strawberry Milk Punch, please?"

"'N a Diana Special for me? Pleash-please?" It took Eli a considerable amount of concentration to enunciate properly - and not touch his marvelous jugs on the spot. "You're a treasure."

"Alllright. Coming right up, guys."

Mary speedwalked off as she put in Eli's and Jared's order and immediately afterwards delivered a tray of drinks to another table, only to hurry over to a third table to get another order. Eli was feeling for the waitress - just three of them for the entire bar seemed to be cutting it close. But he was also feeling himself up, Eli realized, fingers sinking deep into soft breastflesh, and a look down saw it bulging out from between his fingers and out of his shirt, erect nipples pushing into his palms.

"Holy shit, man, look at these!" It seemed Jared shared the sense of wonder and arousal Eli felt, hefting his tits and jiggling them up and down. "I came to ogle some gazongas, but now I have some to touch whenever I want! Fuuuck, they're huge!"

"I know, right?" Something was weird about the way Jared's nipples tented the fabric of his shirt, though - there wasn't just one tentpole, so to speak. No, it looked like there were at least three. Pretty damn exotic, and pretty damn hot, too. "They feel sho--so good too!"

Indeed, caressing and squeezing his tits made tingles run up and down Eli's spine, and he leaned back against the bench to jiggle the soft orbs, grinning at the way the soft flesh quaked. Jared, meanwhile, bounced in place to see his own funbags bob up and down, a giddy smile on his face at the way they slapped together. Ignoring his throbbing shaft entirely, Eli pressed two fingers against his prodigious nipples, taking in a sharp breath at the intense sensation almost making him see stars.

"Hey. Hey, man. Man!" Looking up from his self-breastplay, Eli saw Jared grin at him wildly. "Wonder what the other stuff does to us?"

Eli was about to reply as Mary put their drinks down on the table with a short enjoy, immediately rushing off to another table. Throwing a glance to his buddy, Eli saw the same twinkle of excitement in his eyes that definitely was in his own, too... And both friends dove for their drinks to chug them down, copious amounts of milk running down their cheeks to splash over their huge titties.

"Fuuuck, these are still so gooood~!" Leaning back again, Eli lifted his tits to slurp up some of the mocktail he'd spilled, shivering as his hot tongue ran over the senstive flesh. He was definitely able to suck on his own nipples! Not right here, where everybody could see them, though. "This is gonna be my main joint from now on."

"Totally, man! Best drinks in town, easily!" Grinning at Eli, Jared scratched his head - just as the other big-titted male felt the same itch that Jared had to have felt run over his own scalp and face, from the crown of his head down to his neck. "Oooh~! That must be..."


Massaging his scalp to help with the itching, Jared felt his fingers sink into more and more hair - already, his buzzcut was no more, hair coiling around his digits as he fluffed his growing tresses, eyes falling almost closed as tingles cascaded down his body. Still, he could see what was happening to Jared at the other side of the table; much like Eli, he was playing with his hair, rubbing his scalp... but his shoulder-length dreads were coming away from his head. It wasn't that they were falling out, but the hair pushing out from Jared's head carried them away and down. And it was a nice, strawberry pink. Pulling at his own, rapidly growing hair, Eli tried to get it in front of his eyes, and was finally able to thanks to its speedy lengthening - Eli's hair was a nice, bright blonde, only the very tips his original dark brown.

"Maaan, what's mine...? Sick, it's pink!" Checking out his hair, Jared's eyes practically sparkled with glee, running his hands through his lengthening locks, only for Jared's fingers to get caught at the dreads at the very end of his hair - and them ripping off with faint pings. "Aww, those were a lot of work..."

"Who caaares, man, that new hair looks totes better! Pretty in pink, am I right?"

"You're right, man!" Enthusiastically getting rid of the rest of his now discarded dreads, Jared pushed them under the bench with a heel. Looking back towards Eli with a slightly unsteady gaze, scrunching up his face in confusion. "Uh, don't take that the wrong way, but why are you, like, getting hot?"

"Iunnoh, whatcha mean?" Putting his palms against his cheeks, Eli was surprised to feel his lower jaw shrink under his hands, cheekbones growing larger as if to compensate - and his pinkies brushed against plump, kissable lips that swelled larger as he touched them. "Oh, hey, whoa! Nice! You too, ma-- no, girl! You look like a hot fucking girl!"

"Like, really?!" Even as he spoke, Jared's slightly gruff voice climbed up the octaves, rapidly approaching a high-pitched, bubbly tone. "I mean, like, these tiddies with a face like mine... this is totes awesome!"

"I knooow, right?!" Eli's voice did its best to imitate Jared's, and his lips felt nice and sensitive as he ran his pinkies over them, the tingles from the touch running through his body and sparking little throbs in his fat nipples and cock. It made him think back to the giant prick of the woman on the wall and wonder how it would feel to have his swollen lips stretched by that powertool... "We're turning into, like, major hotties!"

"I want more, girl! I need, like, bigger boobies and a bigger ass and... and... you think one of these here would give us pussies?" The hope and desire on Jared's face sparked the same need in Eli. "Imagine, girl, getting dicked down by, like, a major stud! Or, like, each other! I mean, I know you're hung and stuff... Would you... Like, would you fuck me?"

"Girl, I would fuck you until we, like, both can't walk," Eli replied, putting on his best bedroom eyes. The decision was easy, after all - with Jared's massive boobage and his rapidly feminizing face in front of him, and of course the raging hardon Eli was hiding under the table. "Just promise me you, like, fuck me too. Oh, and call me Ella? Eli sounds weird with these huge hooters and that face and stuff."

"Sure, girl. Call me Ja... Ja...? Janine!" Janine's strawberry pink hair had reached her ass by now, an expansive mass puffing out to the left and right of her body, and Ella knew hers looked much the same, only in blonde. "Now, let's order some new drinks!"

"Hi, I'm Patricia, your new server." Patricia didn't have Mary's four arms - but she did have four legs, a second, identical torso attached to her normal one, dressed in the same uniform as Patricia's upright body. And on the horizontal body, she was sporting a saddle-like construction to carry trays with drinks. "Mary's shift is over - what can I get you girls?"

Amid a giggle fit - after all, Patricia didn't know how the friends had looked when they'd arrived, which was obviously hilarious - Janine ordered a Barbara Blaster while Ella went for a Moscow Mule Mocktail. With similar slightly overwhelmed efficiency, the new drinks were provided, and the freshly minted girlfriends exchanged a giddy glance before guzzling down the creamy beverages, excitement making their bodies pulse with lust. What would these drinks bring them?

It began with an almighty throb, at least for Ella. Her hips bucked, sliding over the smooth leather of the bench, making her impressive gazongas quake so much they almost bounced out of her shirt, and the buxom beauty gasped cutely as her boxers began to grow seriously tight. Both hands flew to her crotch, cupping the bulge in her pants as her arms pressed her hooters together and making them bulge out of her cleavage. And Ella could indeed feel her package swell, desperately hard as it was, and it was all she could do to push the pulsing rod sideways so it continued its growth down the leg of her pants.

"I caaann~... Oooh, I, like, feel it throb against my leeeeg~..." Mewling softly, Ella massaged the thickening member, panting lustfully as it stretched the fabric of her clothes... and noticed that not just the girth and length of her fat prick was changing, but also its shape. The pillar of manmeat was developing a distinct ring around the middle, and Ella could have sworn the tip hadn't been as blunt and broad before. "It's totes hot and stuuuuff~!"

"Girl... oh fuck, girl, my pants are getting, like, super tight!" Janine jumped up in near-panic, fiddling with the fly of her jeans - only for zipper and button to burst open on their own. Still, she had to fight to push down the garment, the reason quickly becoming apparent as more and more of her smooth, dark skin was revealed. "Ohmygosh, I'm dummy thicc! Look at this, Ella!"

Ella looked, and had to concur. Janine was indeed getting some serious junk in the trunk as well as fitting thighs, rapidly filling out her loose boxers until they looked like painted on shorts. Except at the front, where Janine's impressive shaft tented the fabric, even though it did look smaller against the backdrop of swelling hips and meaty thighs.

"Damn, girl, I g--ooootta get me one of those drinks too~!" Getting an ass that wouldn't quit sounded awesome. Ella had been working out, of course, but her hips and ass and thighs could use some serious upgrade. But right now, she had some other things to deal with. "Mmmh-my diiiick! Oh girl, my diiick!"

"Like, what?! Girl, you gotta tell me! What's up with your dick?" Eyes falling closed as her head lolled back with a blissful expression on her face, Ella could still here the breathless excitement in Janine's voice as she rubbed the massive rod snaking down her pants, the pressure making Ella moan throatily. "Tell meee~!"

"It's, like, getting huuu--"


"It ripped my paaants~!" Squeaking, Ella stared down at her crotch as her eyes snapped back open, only to be blocked by her valley of cleavage. "Girl, my dick ripped through my pants!"

Janine immediately dropped sideways, lying down onto the bench and giving Ella a perfect view of her widening hips - where before, Janine would have completely disappeared from sight thanks to plenty of room between the top of the bench and the bottom of the table, now half her thigh was visible, wobbling enticingly as Janine moved to get a better view. And gasped loudly when she got it, holding onto the edge of the table to peek over it and at Ella's lust-addled face.

"Girl, you got a horse cock! It's so fat! And throbbing! And leaky and stuff!" Dipping back down under the table, Janine cooed as she kept babbling. "Fuuuck, it's looks soooo yummy! That bigass flare, girl, I need..."

With the dull thump of a fat ass on tile, Janine slid under the table, and Ella stiffened as she felt her friend tug her pulsing, changing shaft fully from the tear in her pants - only to soften immediately when she felt Janine nibble on the inordinately sensitive, nubby flare that ran around her blunt, swollen glans. Wet splats from under the table told of copious amounts of pre dripping down into Janine's cavernous cleavage as the pink-haired, dark-skinned bimbo stroked her friend's massive, still growing horse cock.

"Mmmmumph, sho thick and haaard~..." Came the mumble from under the table as Ella felt her friend's hot tongue lap over the side of her shaft, making Ella squirm and mewl, shaft straining under the assault of pleasure. "Sho shalty and yummy!"

The next sounds reaching Ella's ears from under the table were loud slurping and slobbering as Janine sucked the precum straight from her urethra, making Ella twitch and shudder as she played with her impressive bust, pinching and rubbing the erect nipples pushing through her dress shirt. The next sounds after that...

"Oh hey, your drinks are empty!" Patricia had hurried past the booth, only to stop at the last moment and turn to Ella, unperturbed by the latter's flushed face or expression of pure bliss. "What can I get you two?"

"Mnnghuuuh~..." With Janine hard and eagerly at work under the table, Ella was unable to form a though, let alone words. "Uuuhhmmmm~...?"

"A Cumtini, please!" Lucky for Ella, Janine let up for long enough to order, Patricia not even raising an eyebrow at the fact her voice came from below the table. "And my friend's gonna, like, appreciate her own Barbara Blaster, y'know?"

"Cumming right up," Patricia winked as the licking and sucking and stroking under the table recommenced, and trotted away without further comment about the lack of subtlety the two freshly born bimbos exhibited.

But cumming was definitely on the menu for Ella. She could feel her churning nuts push her legs apart, them having grown big enough to notice by now, and the sensations racing through her body scarcely left her room to breathe. Only pleasured gasps escaped Ella's full lips as she mashed her massive funbags together, hips bucking as her shaft strained and pushed against Janine's full, pillowy lips, smearing them with a constant stream of pre. Between slobbering over Ella's gigantic, animalistic rod, Janine licked the salty bounty off her lips, still close enough for her tongue to lap against her friend's sensitive shaft, driving the blonde bimbo wild as Ella flicked her nipples with her thumbs and squeezed her giant hooters.

With the way Ella's gargantuan shaft strained and pulsed, Janine obviously knew what was cumming her way, tugging insistently with one hand right behind Ella's leaking flare as her other hand fondled her friend's balls insistently as if to squeeze the bimbo's salty prize right from them. Eyes glazed over and mouth slack, Ella could feel her Janine's soft, wet lips pressed against her yawning urethra, sucking intently. Even if Ella had wanted to, there was no stopping what would happen now.

"Ooohfuuuuugh~!" Drawn out and definitely audible over the music filling the bar, Ella's moan came from her very core, white-hot bliss filling her entire body as her shaft exploded into Janine's mouth with enough power to force the pink haired bimbo back a bit and give her face and tits a proper coating. "Oh-oh-OH!"

Hips bucking with every thick rope of cum splattering against Janine's face and into her mouth, Ella mauled her humongous gazongas and pulled on her nipples roughly, enhancing the bliss racing through her as if on instinct, and even once her seed ran dry for now, Ella kept bucking her hips as Janine licked and slurped all over her throbbing length, cleaning up every last speck of cum.

"Damn, girl, that was soooo hot!" Pushing herself back onto the bench, Janine revealed the mess Ella had left on her face and tits, the white ropes of jizz a beautiful contrast to her dark skin. Hefting her hooters to lick off her friend's present, Janine hummed happily, pink mane bobbing with her movements. "Cum feels totes nice, y'know? All thick and juicy and stuff. And it tastes... Oooh, I want my Cumtini right. Now!"

Ella only mumbled something incoherent, luxuriating in the afterglow as Janine massaged the rest of her friend's swimmers into her skin, making it glow with a healthy sheen. But Ella only got a few minutes to recuperate, Patricia all too soon returning with their new drinks balanced on the rack on her back. Turning towards the humantaur, the bimbo bombshells realized that their little sexcapade had garnered an audience among the closest tables, but there were no disgusted or disparaging looks - instead, some eyes were filled with appreciation, even longing for any of the girls' features, and one hunk of a man even gave a seductive nod and wink!

"Awww, thankies! That looks, like, suuuper good, Pat!" As nice as the attention was, the drinks looked even nicer. "You're totes lovely, y'know?"

"Thanks, and enjoy!"

With that, Patricia was gone again, leaving Janine and Ella to marvel at their newest drinks. Well, Ella already knew what a Barbara Blaster looked like and what it would do - give her a serious badonkadonk. But Janine's Cumtini definitely looked enticing as well. At first sight, it looked like a perfectly normal Martini, clear fluid and olive on a stick and all. But as soon as Janine picked up her drink and swirled it around, it became apparent that it was much too thick and viscous, a hint of cloudiness rising from the bottom of the glass that made Ella salivate.

"Mmmh, I wonder what that'll do to me..." Janine mewled softly, raising the glass to her full lips, shuddering as the thick liquid began to ooze into her mouth, leaving Ella transfixed at the sight. "Sooo nice 'n sallltyyy~..."

The sight of her friend languidly sipping pre and expertly swirling it around in her mouth was unsurprisingly effective in riling Ella up again, minutes after her first climax with her new horse dick. It was still half hard and slowly reversing direction, from flagging to tumescent, and it brushing against Ella's muscular thighs reminded her that something was waiting for her. Feeling the same old butt she'd started out with press into the bench, Ella didn't take it as slow as Janine, instead guzzling down the entirety of her drink in one go.

It tasted nice and cinnamony, but that was not what had Ella's heart speed up behind her softly jiggling breasts as she emptied the Barbara Blaster in huge gulps. And even before the last mouthful had been swallowed, Ella could feel everything below her waist begin to swell. With the last bit swallowed, the waistband of Ella's pants was already beginning to dig into her hips, and after putting down her empty glass, Ella began to struggle out of her ripped pants, trying her best not to pull down her boxers as well.

Much like Janine's, they were becoming downright snug with impressive speed, looking more like hotpants than anything. Having narrowly managed to strip out of her pants, she kicked them through the mess of cum and under the bench before trying her best to catch sight of her lap to see how her thighs swelled. Of course, Ella's gargantuan tits were in the way once again, so the blonde had to contend with feeling herself up with hands that felt weirdly small against the smooth, expanding flesh of her thighs as it pinned her massive horse cock between leg and fabric.

"Girrrl, why didn't you, like, tell me how awesome thicc thighs feel?!" Moving her hands up towards her expanding hips and her ever more cushiony ass, Ella gave the soft globes a hearty squeeze, moaning softly as a powerful twitch ran through her horse dick. "Or a fat ass! Fuck, I'm totes getting another one of these Blasters..."

"You're, like, gonna explode your pants, girl!" Swallowing the mouthful of pre she'd been rolling around in her mouth, Janine finally replied, putting her half-empty Cumtini back onto the table, gently running her right hand along her sideboob to push her fingers between the triplet of stiff nipples capping it and squeeze gently. "I mean, I totes don't mind, but what if they're like 'No pants, no service'? Although I would totes service you and stuff."

"Samesies!" Blushing hard, Ella kept groping her swelling behind, almost panting as her bestial shaft strained and pulled at the leg of her boxers, the blunt head thudding against the underside of the table. "Mmfh, my ass feels, like, godly. It's so huge! Like, you could totally put your dick between the cheeks and fuck me 'till you blow all over my back! And girl, it's still growing!"

"I know, right?!" Janine took another sip of her Cumtini, relishing the taste and closing her eyes, right hand still at work squeezing and pinching the three fiercely erect nipples on her right breast. "Fuck, all these curves make you, like, so horny and stuff! Y'know, I just sucked your dick, and I could already go for another round! Girl, I'm so wet-- girl. Girl! I'm wet! And hard! Just, like, all-around horny! This Cumtini is sooo worth it, it, like, gave me a wet ass pusy!"

"Oooh fuuuck~..." Lips and tongue on her horse cock had already been heavenly, but the thought of ramming her rod into a sodden snatch and pound away until she emptied her inhuman nuts drove Ella wild yet again, wet splats of pre hitting tile reaching the friends' burning ears from below the table. "How's it, like, feel, girl?"

"Sooo wet and empty, like, it's soaking into my boxers," mewled Janine as her hand slowly strayed deeper from her breast, along her trim stomach and into the waistband of her boxers turned hotpants. "Fuck, I wanna break that pussy in so bad, it feels--mgh!"

Janine bit her puffy lower lip as her fingers reached her netherlips and dipped between them, and Ella felt her ass and thighs slowly stop growing. They had indeed reached godly proportions, hips so wide she was taking up more than twice the bench space and thighs so thick they bulged out where the legs of Ella's boxers dug into them, although Ella could only feel the latter with her massive mammaries in the way. But with her newest transformation concluded, the bimbo's mind could turn to other matters...

Do the girls order another drink? Go for a special? Or fuck right there?


Re: Growth-XX: Breastmilk Bar

Another Round I

As Ella still stared at her friend fingering herself with rapturous gusto, unable to decide between diving under the table to eat Janine out or pull the pink-haired bimbo onto the table and fuck what remained of her brains out, a friendly male voice spoke to her from the entrace to the booth.

"Hey, you girls are new... I mean, here and in general?" Turning to the speaker, Ella saw two young guys standing there, a few years older than she and Janine, probably in their mid-twenties. "Mind if we sit? The bar is pretty much full otherwise."

"Uuuh..." Ella's blood being occupied otherwise didn't help matters in her brain, but there was room in the booth - two people didn't take up as much space as six, , no matter how fat their asses. "I mean, like... yeah?"

"Nice, thanks!" As the two men slid in, the one in a band shirt and jeans introduced himself and pointed to his friend, who was wearing a team jersey of some kind. Both smiled at Janine and Ella, only briefly noting the fact that the latter was moaning softly as she fingered herself, hips gyrating on the leather of the bench. "I'm Tyler, this is Tom. Glad to meet you two!"

"Yeah, uhm, uh-huh?" Eloquence wasn't Ella's strong suit at the best of times, and horny as she was, this weren't the best of times. At least not when it came to conversation. "El--Ella? And Janine!"

"Cool, cool." Tom grinned before a sly expression appeared on his face. "You haven't been Ella and Janine for all that long, eh?"

"Dude! Not cool!" Obviously, Tyler wasn't very happy with his friend's question. "You don't ask people that, not here, not ever. Not after the epidemic, alright?"

"Alright, sheesh, sorry. It's just, one is wearing a busted men's shirt, and both are wearing boxers. No duh they're fresh!"

"Still. I took you here because you promised to behave. That is not behaving, dude."

"I know, I know. Sorry, wasn't thinking." Tom pulled a face and leaned back against the bench's backrest, clearly annoyed with himself - and idly watched Janine climaxing next to him, mewling in bliss and bucking her hips helplessly. "Can we order something now? I'm gonna flag down a waitress. You girls want anything?"

"Y-yeah? We're, like, gonna order when Pat gets here," Ella replied while Janine went for round two, one hand buried between her thick thighs and the other hard at work on her bust. "What, uhm, what are you going for? The Barbara Blaster is totes yummy! And it gives you a fat ass!"

"Yup, I can see that. But me and my buddy here..." Tyler grinned at Tom and pulled out a set of dice. "... Are gonna roll on what we order."

"Uhm, like, why though?"

"'Cause it's fun as hell, and sexy." As he saw Ella's confused expression, Tyler raised an eyebrow. "Okay, don't take this the wrong way, but... this is you girl's first time here? Do you know what kind of bar this is?"

"One with totes yummy drinks!"

"That too," Tom chuckled, grinning broadly at Ella after poking Janine's shoulder and pointing to her currently unoccupied tit, casually groping and massaging it after the pink-haired bimbo had nodded enthusiastically. His reward was a drawnout, satisfied moan. "But most importantly, it's a TF bar. 'TF' for transformation. They sprang up pretty quick after the lockdown ended, because there is demand for what this so-called epidemic does."

"Yeah, true," continued Tyler, waving to Patricia as she hurried past, receiving a nod and a 'be with you soon' in response. "Basically, three kinds of people visit these bars. One, LGBTQ+ peeps, because while most of the time, they don't get the perfect body, what they end up with after just one evening is a hell of a lot closer to their identity than what they started out with. Which is why most TF bars are also LGBTQ+ bars."

"Two..." Taking over from his friend and raising two fingers of his free hand, Tom said: "People with, let's say, interesting interests. You know, the ones that are into unusual body configurations. Whether it's extra large assets, extra assets in general, unusual assets, having them or getting with someone that has them... You'll find them in this bar and others like it. It's also the reason the owners cover their asses with these forms. 'I understand that my body will change due to the beverages I consume here and waive my right to sue in case I don't like how I turn out'. Literally no one in this city dislikes how they turned out."

"And three: Pervs like us," grinned Tyler. "We're both bi, and kinky as heck. So we decided to make a little game: We roll, we drink, we change, and whoever gives up first loses. Resistance against this transformation stuff usually builds up pretty fast, so maybe it's gonna end up a draw, but it's also gonna be a hell of a lot of fun. And no matter what happens, Tom, my dear... Once we get home, I'm gonna fuck the everloving daylights out of you."

"Can't wait, my man."

"Oooh! So you're, like, together?" Ella struggled to wrap her head around all she'd just heard, but fucking she understood. "You two are a totes cute couple!"

"Eh, it's more a friends with benefits thing. We're not exclusive or anything. And after the epidemic, there's way too many hot people around. Saw a girl with three tits yesterday, and was like damn!"

"Uhm, wait, wait! I thought you were, like, in the third category?" That much Ella had managed to get.

"There's overlap between the three. In our case, the Venn diagram is a circle," Tom chuckled, only to scramble for the dice as Patricia appeared next to the booth with pad and stylus in hand. "Oh crap, gimme a sec, I'll take a... 16... Mai Thai!"

"Good choice! How about you, sir?"

"Let's see... 8? Double Trouble, please!"

"Got it," Patricia replied, entering the order on her pad before looking at Ella and Janine, the latter mewling softly as another climax made her body twitch, both her breasts still fondled by either her or Tom. "Anything for you, girls?"

"Uhm, uhm, yeah!" Grabbing the dice herself, Ella rolled and got a 4. "El Die-abblow for me!"

"That looks fuuuun~..." Voice still thick with lust, Janine at least proved that she'd been at least partially aware of the proceedings. With the hand that had been going to town on her tit, the pink-haired bimbo rolled for a result of 11. "That's a... uhm, what's that give me?"

"A Boosting Bull," Tyler supplied helpfully, turning to Patricia with a smile, who looked somewhere between non-plussed and amused. "Thanks so much, and put that on a shared tab. We don't know yet if Tom or I are gonna pay, but it's all going on one credit card."

"No problem, I'll take care of that." Making a note on her pad, Patricia nodded and speedwalked off to the next table to deliver a collection of drinks, leaving behind two bewildered bimbos and two excited guys.

"Oh man, just thinking about this gets me hard, man," beamed Tom, both hands now gently playing with Janine's triple nippled jugs, noting their unusual configuration with an appreciative frown. Janine herself relished the attention and used the hand that was now no longer occupied to free her shaft and stroke it idly, both her genitals now gently stimulated. "This is gonna be fun!"

"Like, why though?" Janine asked, biting her lower lip as Tom brushed his hands over her erect teats. "I totes get getting hard from, like, playing with your new stuff and getting hard, but--annh~, you, like, got magic hannnnds~..."

"I know, right?" Looking smug, Tom kept doing exactly what he was doing, much to Janine's enjoyment. "And why? Because I got a major transformation fetish. This is gonna be so hot."

"Which is why I brought this up to you in the first place, man." Tyler leaned back into the bench, looking at least as smug as his friend before turning his head to Ella. "Now, until the drinks are here - you alright to share how you two ended up here and, well, you?"

"Like, yeah!" Gesticulating enthusiastically, Ella regaled their two new friends with the exciting tale of the two bimbos. "And, like, that's when you two showed up."

"Oof. Sounds like you drew a bit of a short stick with the mental changes." Wincing, Tyler scratched the back of his head before pulling out his phone. "But I got good news for you: Yes, words and maths become a bit or a lot more complicated, sex gets much more important and can command all your attention at the drop of a hat, but you're not dumb dumb, if you get what I mean?"

"Uhmmm~... no?"

"Okay. What do you do?" Unlocking his phone, Tyler ignored the giggling and moaning on the other side of the table as Tom nibbled on Janine's ear, half his head disappearing in her pink hair. "College I'm guessing? You're around 20, right?"

"Yeah! Like, I study chemmy... chama... the stuff where you use all these funny little glasses and the burny things and stuff!"

"Nice, sounds cool!" Tyler fiddled a little with his phone, turning it so Ella didn't see the screen. "Alright, this is gonna be super basic, but it'll show you what I mean. What's the chemical formula for sulphuric acid?"

"H₂SO₄!" Without hesitation, Ella replied with the first thing her mind threw at her vocal chords.

"And how do you usually make it?"

"Uhm, you, like, use sulfur, oxygen, and water, and then you use either the contact process or, like, the wet sulfuric acid process. The first is, uhm, used for indie... andu... if you need, like, a lot, and--" Ella interrupted herself, eyes wide. The knowledge bubbled up through the sluggish, pink mist of her thoughts, and it was hard to put it into words, but she actually understood what she was saying! "Whoa..."

"See?" Grinning broadly, Tyler put away his phone and crossed his arms. "All the peeps I met that turned out like you are like that. They're super bubbly, sex-obsessed like you wouldn't believe and will drop anything to suck a dick, but their field of expertise stays intact. They don't even struggle to build on their knowledge. Aaas long as they regularly get a good dicking to take the edge off. Friend of mine had an online exam during lockdown, and her boyfriend had to bang her three times that day so she could focus enough."

"Oooh, that sounds fun!" Putting her pointer against her puffy lower lip, Ella fluttered her eyelids at Tyler. "Like, want my number? I have exams in a month, and could totes use a study partner..."

"Ha! Su--" Tyler was interrupted by a slightly harried-looking Patricia unloading the rack on her tauric half and putting four drinks on the table with a friendly 'Enjoy!' before taking off to the next table. "Let's postpone that. We miiiight not be fully compatible after this..."

"Like, uhm, okay?" Ella once again didn't understand - it didn't matter if you had a dick, a pussy, both or neither or even something totes out there, you could always have fun together. But she also wanted to respect Tom's decision. And try her 'El Dia-abblow'. "Okay, cheers and stuff!"

"Ayup, cheers," Tom grinned, taking his hands off Janine's funbags, much to the latter's disappointment. But seeing as the drinks had arrived, the pink-haired bimbo wasn't sad for long. "You're going down, Tyler, my man!"

"Psh, more like you're going down!" Raising his glass in salute, the two toned fluid - half blue, half yellow and slowly mixing - inside sloshing, Tyler smirked back at his friend. "On me, once you lost this thing!"

"Heehee~!" Giggling about the two guys' antics, Ella took a big gulp from her own drink as the others chugged theirs, only for her eyes to bulge. Only reflex saw her swallow the mouthful. "Hot! Hot!"

"Well, duh." Tom chuckled, putting down his emptied glass and leaning back against the bench, shivering in anticipation. "They make that with tabasc--oooh~!"

"Yeah... yeah... oh hell, this stuff works fast!" Arching his back, Tyler groaned deeply as his nipples began to show prominently through his band shirt. "Fuck, it feels good!"

"Oh fuck yes!" In the span of three words, Tom's voice went through an impressive transformation - higher, more sensual... and with a distinct, lilting accent Ella struggled to place. "God, man, I think I just came! Oh damn, my voice! I sound hot! Shit, this game was the best idea ever!"

Janine simply looked as the two men moaned and twitched, stroking herself under the table as she sipped on her Boosting Bull. Tyler had begun to massage his pecs, his fingers sinking ever deeper into budding breasts, a similar development taking place on the chest of his friend, only Tom was bending over almost double, swelling tits pressed against the table and hands pressed between his legs. Ella meanwhile felt the burning on her tongue lessen and turn into a pleasant tingle instead, although the lingering effect made the blonde's tongue feel strange, too.

"Man, I think my dick's--oooh... shrinking, dude!" Before Ella could investigate further, though, Tom lifted his head, slackjawed and moaning, and the bimbo could see that his face as slowly changing. As Tom's skin color changed almost imperceptively, his hair darkened from brown to shining black, eyelashes thicker and longer even as his eyes took on a distinct almond shape. "Ffffuck, it's so sensitive, it's... dude, it's turning into a clit! I'm turning into a chick! Awesome!"

"Hot one, too," mewled Tyler in reply, hefting the sizeable boobs on his chest to feel their weight. "Seriously, man, you sorta look like Angie Wu, from Intro to Psych?"

"Oooh, I always loved her haiiir~..."

"That--that's what you focus on?" Breath catching in his throat as he pulled on his by now rather prodigious nipples, Tyler chuckled, only to moan throatily as his breasts began to overflow his hands. "Not that cute face of hers? Or her 'I squat 200 pounds' ass?"

"F--uuuh~... Fuck you, man, her hair's amazing!" Raising his body off the table a bit, Tom's swelling funbags jiggled under his jersey, impressively shapely under the thin fabric. "But fuck me, this body feels so gooood~!"

"I'm lowkey disappointed, though..." Mashing his tits together, Tyler gasped lewdly as the sensitive flesh bulged against his shirt. "You're getting a full-body change, and me? A pair of tits. Big whoop. Half the city that didn't already have them grew some!"

"Yeah, naw." Tom brought one of his hands up from his crotch to cup one of his pert little tits, the neck hole of his jersey slowly sliding off his left shoulder as he began to lose height. "Maybe don't just play with the upper two, nerd."

"Upper...? Whoaanh~..."

Ella hadn't noticed either, but indeed, right onter Tyler's impressive upper boobs, a second set was playing catch-up, and the changing titboy was more than happy to fondle these two as well. The blonde's eyes, meanwhile, flitted between him, Tom, and Janine, who was still gently pumping her shaft and taking sips of her drink, leaning back against the bench with her eyes closed. But one thing caught Ella's eyes as she took a mouthful of her El Diablo - Janine wasn't stroking herself under the table any longer. Not entirely. As Ella watched, her friend took another sip, and with some gentle bucking of her hips, Janine's pulsing rod put on inch after inch, growing fatter all the while, thick drops of pre oozing from the tip of the increasingly oversized schlong.

The sight made Ella drool and lick her lips hungrily - only to finally notice the altered shape of her tongue. Going crosseyed to see, the bimbo futa extended the slick muscle. And extended it. And then some more. The forked tip wriggled almost a foot out from Ella's face, her eyes bulging at the freaky sight... and the possibilities it offered. Her blowjobs would be out of this world! What else would that drink do?!

Excitedly chugging the rest of her El Diablo, Ella barely noticed that the hot bite of the tabasco barely registered now, not beyond a slight tingle on her forked tongue. And said tingle began to travel through her body, giving her goosebumps all over her skin, a slightly red tinge appearing on Ella's dark complexion. Her horsecock throbbed and twitched as the tingles intensified in five distinct spots on her body - her temples, her feet... and right between her enormous ass cheeks, on top of her crack.

"Holy crap, dude, I'm a full-on chick! I'm so fucking wet!" It seemed Tom was the first to be done. He'd lost a good foot of height, one shoulder sticking from the shoulder of his jersey, revealing the upper swell of two decently-sized, perky tits, one of his hands hefting the soft orb as the other quested between his legs. "I can't wait to see what the next drink does!"

"Uh-hunnh~..." Tyler was still growing. His upper boobs had reached a size that rivaled his head, but the lower gazongas were still swelling under his ministrations, the busty boy's face flush and slack. "Fu-huck yeah..."

Janine seemed to be nearing completion, too, in more than one way. Her drink was almost empty, her stroking hand was far from it. In fact, her shaft had swelled to such outrageous proportions that the pink-haired bimbo's dainty hand was now more caressing than stroking, barely able to reach halfway around her throbbing rod. And speaking of reach: The swollen glans easily cleared Janine's clavicle. Ella felt almost a little jealous as she realized that Janine would be able to jerk off, titfuck herself, and give herself a BJ! At the same time! And then she remembered that thanks to her massive horsecock, she was able to do just the same.

And of course, after downing her own drink, she was far from done changing herself. The tingles above Ella's brow, on her tailbone and in her feet had intensified, grown to an almost sensual itch, and as the blonde raised her hand to her forehead, the sensation broke, like a series of mini-orgasms situated where the tingling had bed. Throwing back her head, Ella grabbed her humongous tits, only to feel them, too, begin to grow in her hands as she squeezed and jiggled the sensitive flesh, feet kicking and sliding over the tiled floor.

Ella could feel her body changing, burning with lust and desire, horsecock freely leaking pre as she kicked off her sneakers as they began to constrict her feet. The blonde bimbo's entire legs now tingled fiercely as bones clicked and creaked, shins shortening slowly as her feet lengthened, giving her a digitigrade stance that would surely give her an incredibly sensual gait - and her toes began to fuse, nails hardening and growing, consuming the dark red skin of her toes until Ella stood on two shiny, cloven hooves. Or rather, twitched and kicked them on the tiles.

At the same time, her tailbone unfused and stretched, groaning as it grew from above Ella's globular ass cheeks, worming its way out over the waistband of her boxers as it slowly lengthened, flicking through the air. The tip unfurled and twitched, growing into a heart-shaped spade that instinctively sought out Ella's straining, bestial member to caress the hot, throbbing flesh, the sensations making Ella's eyes roll up in her head as her tail spiralled around the base of her lenth, gently pumping the futa's shaft.

Spiralling was happening somewhere else as well - from her temples, ridged and jagged horns had begun to extend, curling around her ears until their outward-turning tips framed the increasingly demonic herm's slack jaw as Ella panted with lust, forked tongue extending down until the twinned tip rested at the top of her deepening cleavage. Ella had been voluptuous before, now her proportions were beginnig to border on ridiculous, with her titanic jugs jutting out before her. One more button on her shirt gave up the ghost, and the fabric slid back to reveal Ella's mountainous mammaries in all their glory, puffy areolas capped by thumb-sized nipples on full display.

Arousal spiraling out of control, Ella kept stroking and pumping and jerking her bestial prick with her sinuous tail, feeling infernal amounts of cum roil inside her swollen nuts, and hefted one of her enormous hooters to suck the erect, throbbing nipple between her pouty lips, tongue snaking around the heaving orb as Ella suckled on herself, the intensity of the sensations wracking her mind as pre squirted from her massive schlong, moans vibrating through her breast in more than one way and hot breath washing over the soft skin.

Heavier and heavier Ella's giant gazongas became, until she needed two hands just to keep one of them between her lips, and the demonic bimbo could feel her enormous rod slap against the table from below with increasing frequency as the turgid horse cock strained again and again, flinging strings of pre through the air, nuts beginning to twitch and contract as the writhing succubus felt her second climax of the night approach as rapidly as it was inexorable.

"Mgh-mh-mmmmmh~!" Muffled by a metric ton of boobflesh, Ella's moans still reached an impressive volume as bliss exploded through her mind and jizz exploded from her cock, blasting against Janine's crotch and spattering all over the floor and the table's underside.

And still Ella kept suckling as her hips bucked and thrust, moving on her cushiony backside, nuts emptying themselves with lewd squelching sounds as her tongue slobbered over her enormous tit, unable to cover every inch despite its length. Squealing and moaning into her breast, Ella could feel her mind buckle under the pleasure, spikes of pure lust battering her whenever her shaft strained and exploded, until finally, her cum began to peter out.

Strength draining, Ella collapsed against the bench, shaft slowly softening and oozing globs of cum that put lesser cocks' entire loads to shame. Letting her sore nipple slide from between her lips with a moan, Ella felt the heavy mound slap against her chest, the sensitive orb jiggling as it settled, tail uncoiling and hanging limply from the bench. Ella had never felt so exhausted, or so satisfied.

"Cheers to that show!" Tyler raised his empty glass to the exhausted Ella next to him, foursome of tits jiggling as he straightened. "Ready for another round?"

What's next on the menu?


Re: Growth-XX: Breastmilk Bar

Another Round II

Everyone at the table was more than ready to start the next round of their game. Janine with her cock that was thicker than her old thighs had been, 'stealthily' nestling it between her fat tits and gently thrusting. Tom with his entirely remade body, gone from caucasian man to asian woman. Tyler with his four new tits. And of course Ella, corrupted into demonhood - at least visually.

"Alright, everyone roll while I flag Patricia down," Tyler said as he threw the dice. "Aaand... a... 3. Which gives me a... Dark and Stormy. Nice."

"Now me, now me!" Rolling, Ella beamed as the dice showed an 8. "That's, like, a Double Trouble! That's totes cool, I want more tiddies!"

"Let's see... Oof. 18, the Porn Star Martini. Gee, I wonder what that does." Tom seemed not entirely enthused with his luck this time around.

"Hmm, I, like, got... That's, like, a 7... uhm, a Milk Punch?" Janine pouted. "That sounds, like, kinda boooring~! Can I, like, roll again or something?"

"Nope, rules are rules. Only one roll each round," Tyler replied with a certain smug air. After all, he had rolled something interesting. "Better look next time."

"Boooo~." Trying to lean forwards to rest her chin on the table, all Janine managed was to press it against her humongous, swollen shaft and the veiny rod against the table's edge in turn. "Meh, I hope it's at least tasty and stuff."

"Girl, I totes wouldn't worry about that," Ella smiled, leaning forwards herself only to find her enormously inflated funbags pressing against the table in a similar conundrum as her bestie. "So far, everything was, like, super yummy."

"True that." Tom leaned back and pulled at his pants under the table, depositing them on the bench next to himself. "Damn, I'm gonna need an entire new wardrobe... I'm fucking tiny! And now that Porn Star Martini... Not so sure this was a great idea anymore."

"What, you giving up already?" Acting innocently, Tyler couldn't quite keep the grin off his face. "Easy win for me, I guess."

"No fucking way, man!" The sensual voice with its Asian accent was at odds with Tom's manner of speaking, making Ella giggle softly. "You're going do-- Oh hey, Patricia! Let's see, this round, we'll have..."

Ordering was quick and efficient, in part driven by the fact that the bar had gotten incredibly busy, almost every last seat filled with heteromorphs and those that would become like them. Several couples and groups were engaged in salacious behavior of varying degrees, and the waitresses had their work cut out for them, even though Patricia and her two compatriots had been reinforced by two more. It was thus rather impressive that a mere 15 minutes after ordering, four new drinks reached the booth.

"Alright, cheers, guys. To, I dunno, bigger tits and transformations!" Theatrically raising his glass, Tyler looked at the three others in turn and then chugged his drink, staring at Tom as if to challenge him.

"Cheers!" The replies were of varying enthusiasm, but every glass was emptied in one go, the tasty liquids going down easy for all of them.

"Like, it's totes yummy!" As she put down her glass, Janine licked her lips sensually and smiled. "It's a bit tingly and stuff."

"I really like mine! It has, like, two tastes!"

"Well, duuh~, girl, it's called Double Trouble!"

"Truuuee~, bestie!" Eyes sparkling with excitement, Ella stared down at her humongous mounds. "Now, like, can I get my second set of tiddies, pretty please?"

"Oomph, speaking of ti--iiiits~!" Tom was ballooning slowly, albeit only on his chest. "Oh fucking hell, heavy. Heavy!"

He had started out with perky, round breasts, but as they began to fill out his jersey, Tom's tits began to droop lower, hanging heavy off his chest in soft teardrops. Thick nipples poked through the fabric as Tom's face shifted, going from average to alluring in the span of seconds, his lips inflating to dick-sucking as his eyes became just that bit larger, his cheekbones a tad more pronounced, eyelashes longer and thicker, nose smaller. Tom's body had been beautiful before, now it promised unforgettable nights.

"Fuck, I knew that was gonna happen!" Lifting first one, then the other enormous tit on the table to get the weight off his back, Tom tried and failed to look annoyed, his new face turning the expression into a sensual pout. "You guys should see my ass, it's grown almost as much as these damn tits!"

"Well, my friend, my four funbags aren't exactly light, either," said Tyler, only his voice had changed while Tom had ranted. It was now husky, feminine, a throaty purr that would bewitch anyone that heard it. "And would you look at that, I'm no longer a guy with tits. I'm a chick with a dick!"

Indeed, Tyler's body was slimming down, hands becoming slender, shoulders pulling in, jaw becoming less pronounced, cheekbones more. Lips swelled, eyes enlarged, and dark shadows appeared on his eyelids, making it appear is though he was wearing heavy mascara. Tyler's skin paled even as his lips reddened, giving him a striking appearance that was only enhanced by the way his hair became pitch-black, so dark it shone blue in the light, cascading down to his shoulders and then his back as it hid one of Tyler's eyes. Leaning back against the bench, he put his right over his stomach, just under his second set of tits, and placed his left elbow in his hand to let the fingers of his left run over swollen lips.

"Hm, a good start for me. I like the feeling of my body..."

"Well, I don't! I liked mine better before," groused Tom, boobs flowing over the table top as they kept growing and he pouted. "Next round better give me something!"

"Like, this round better give me something!" Ella hopped up and down a little, making her gargantuan boobs bounce and wobble - but only the two. Bringing two hands to the stiff nipples capping them, Ella arrested their movement and let her hands run over the sensitive skin, feeling her massive horsecock throb and stiffen as she stroked the velvety-smooth skin with two slender hands. "I still have, like, two tiddies! Double Trouble is a scam!"

"Uhm, girl?" Pointing at Ella, Janine chewed her lower lip while her hands ran over the sides of her breasts to slowly massage them as if they felt sore. "It's totes not a scam. You just, like, got something else?"

Staring down at herself, the blonde bimbo finally realized that she was double-handing her enormous schlong and at the same time hefted her fittingly gigantic tits with one hand each. Even her lust-addled mind could figure out two plus two, and as she raised first one set of slender, clawed hands and then another, identical one, Ella's disappointment lessened considerably.

"Oh, fuck! Now I can, like, go to town on everything! At once!" With an excited smile, the demonic bimbo got back to what she had been doing, putting her four arms to good use on breasts and beastcock. "More tiddy would have been nice and stuff, but this is totes awesome!"

As Ella began to pleasure herself vigorously once more, Tyler and Tom kept feminizing respectively growing, the latter only in voluptuousness, though. He was already outrageously curvy, exceedingly soft breasts pooling on the table, and there was no sign of his growth stopping. Where Ella's dark red tits were as globular as they were gigantic, even as she fondled them, Tom's looked natural and pillowy, easily reaching porn star proportions, just as he'd feared. His face was distilled sex appeal by now, framed by smooth, black hair, and Ella knew that Tom's 'O' face alone would be enough to make countless virgins and even some more experienced men cream their pants.

The sight of Tom's swelling bust certainly did wonders for the bimbo demon's shaft, helping it grow erect much faster than even two hands could achieve, and the dark allure of Tyler's pale form next to her was an additional factor that made Ella's breathing deepen. While Tyler had gotten a makeover as thorough as his friend, there was no more growth in his bust, a look befitting the best goth club all this round granted him. And then, there was Janine.

"Ooh, my boobies are so sore... They feel, I dunno, they feel, like, swollen?" Turning her head back to her friend, Ella saw Janine rub the sides of her fat tits with the flats of her hands, massaging them from ribs to nipples. "Kinda full and stuff--oh!"

Thin arcs of white sprayed from all six of Janine's erect teats as she kept moving her hands back and forth, boggling slackjawed at the creamy fluids squirting from her mammaries. With every stroke, Janine came closer to her nipples, until she finally pinched them between several of her fingers and began to tug, thick drops of fresh cream dribbling into her lap as milk sprayed through the air and onto the table as Janine moaned softly.

"Milk! I'm milky! We can totes make our own shakes now!" White fluids kept splattering onto the table's surface, and Janine lifted her right tit to her face, sucking the entire brace of nipples capping it between her pillowy lips and began to suckle. "Shooo guuud~!"

Seeing her friend drink from her own, giant udder made Ella's arousal spike, cock slapping against the table once more as the four-armed demon pumped her shaft and squeezed her tits, feeling her heartbeat quicken in response. Janine looked so hot like that, with her veiny rod sandwiched between milky tits and drooling thick strands of pre. It made Ella wish for a pussy of her own, one that could take the enormity that was Janine's cock. All she had to do was roll right...

"Okay. Next round! And this time, I'll get something better than 'Porn Star'!"

As annoyed as he was with his new change, as motivated was Tom to continue.

What will it be this time?


Re: Growth-XX: Breastmilk Bar

Another Round III

Again, the dice rolled, and this time, Tom got something far more esoteric.

"Lip Slip?" Raising one eyebrow, Tom scanned the menu for the ingredients. "Hm, Mango juice, turmeric, freshly fingered pussy juice from Nirmala... Okay, I have no idea what that is gonna do. Probably makes my lips slippery or something. At least it's better than last round."

"Another Double Trouble?" Ella squealed and hefted her enormous bust with all four hands, squeezing her thick nipples. "Maybe I'll, like, get another set of tiddies this time!"

"Howling Moon? Awoo, I guess," Tyler shrugged, playing with his empty glass as he pushed the dice towards Janine, who rolled them enthusiastically.

"Uh-huh, awoo and stuff. I got that too!" Picking up the dice again, Janine shook them in her cupped-together hands and threw them again with a bit more vigor, almost sending them off the milk-slick table. "Ooh, okay, that's not the same number again. I thought you, like, broke them or something."

"Yep, 'cause that's how dice work." Chuckling, Tyler gathered the empty glasses at the front of the booth so Patricia or any other waitress could take them away. "There we go... hello? We'd like to order!"

Once more, glasses were taken away and new drinks served, together with a damp wash cloth Tyler had requested to wipe down the table - Janine kept dribbling milk on the lacquered wood, but at least the mess was now confined to under the table, three sets of shoes and two hooves standing in slowly cooling cum. But none of the four heteromorphs cared, not with new, more or less colorful drinks in front of them. Tom looked at his with a bit of apprehension, having sort of gotten the short stick the last round, and then stared down Tyler.

"Alright, man. I'm not giving up, so... down the hatch."

Everyone eagerly followed Tom's lead, particularly Ella; the demonic bimbo was very eager to get her second set of titties, all four hands roaming over the swell of her inhumanly inflated bust. But this time, it was Tom who began to change first, dainty, pale hands flying into his crotch and frantically opening the zipper to free a rapidly engorging cock - which simply kept on swelling when it reached full hardness. Not only that, Tyler's shaft was so turgid and throbbing that it was growing increasingly distended, the base ballooning into a nearly spherical shape.

"Ohgoddammit, look at this thing!" Stroking his changing length gingerly, Tyler grit his teeth, and Ella could see his canines lengthening as he panted, Tyler's glans growing long and tapered at the top. "Howling... shoulda knoooown, I'm getting a doggy dick!"

An impressive one, too - as Tyler's human shaft with its mushroom-shaped tip turned into a fat red rocket, Ella felt her own bestial rod stiffen for the umpteenth time this evening and relegated two of her hands to the tumescent pole, bringing it up from under the table to help the process along. Due to the size of her mountainous mammaries, that meant she also pulled it partway between them, the softness enveloping Ella's member a considerable contributing factor to its growing erectness, and the bimbo demon's forked tongue lolled from her full lips to lap at her blunt glans.

"Ooh fuck, like, me toooo~!" Indeed, Janine's swollen rod, already about as long as her entire torso and easily jutting between her milky funbags, was growing and transforming just as Tyler's. "So buh-bu-biiig~!"

That, too, was true - Tyler's shaft, already sizable before the Howling Moon mocktail, had lengthened enoug to slide between his lower set of tits, rubbing pre into his band shirt. Janine's pulsing rod had been enormous before her growth had started, and as the pink-haired heteromorph stared at her increasingly tapered glans with wonder, she soon had to tilt her head back as it jutted out from her cleavage further and further, added girth pushing into the leaking udders and pressing out droplets and rivulets of milk from her brace of nipples, Janine's hands caressing the swell of her gazongas absentmindedly.

"Me, I don't feel anything yet, except I'm really we--" Tom stiffened in the middle of his sentence, lowering his head to stare at his crotch, only to find his view blocked by soft boobage. "Hey, what?! Someone under there? Quit licking m--mmmh!"

As Ella stared, tongue running over a dimple in her flat glans, Tom twisted and turned in his seat to look under the table, brow scrunched up in confused arousal and pillowy soft breasts jiggling and wobbling over the tabletop. So intent was he on seeing if someone had snuck under the table to lick his pussy was Tom that he entirely missed the beginning change to his nipples. Even through his jersey, Ella could see his nipples begin to puff up and distend, growing sideways and into a pointed oblong shape, nipples disappearing into a slit that pushed against the fabric... and the demonic bimbo finally realized that instead of the usual nipples, Tom was now sporting a set of enormous mouths on his equally gigantic bust, with lips that put a pornstar's proportions to shame.

"Ooogh~, there's no one theeere~!" Mewling and writhing, Tom brought his hands between his legs as his hips gyrated helplessly, face flush and slack with arousal, only for his eyes to snap open in shock as he touched himself. "It's go-- my p-pussy, there... mmmfgh! I have a fucking mooouuuth be-between... it's licking... so-oooh~ sensitive!"

Eyes rolling up inside his head, mouth slack and tongue lolling out, Tom could only shudder erotically as the mouth that had apparently replaced his snatch pretty much pleasured itself without asking its owner for permission, Tom's sweet moans making the others at the table all the harder as the lipples on his gargantuan breasts followed the example of his pussy mouth and began to lick and slurp inside his jersey for added stimulation, making Tom squeal and gasp helplessly, hands pressed between his legs.

Ella, meanwhile, found her tongue dipping into a small gap between what turned to be a glans that had split into two identical ones of equal size as before when the blonde demon turned her attention back to herself. It did, obviously not stop there. With a sloppy squelching sounds, the demonic heteromorph's shaft kept separating down the middle, with Ella's tongue snaking around both her flat flares and licking the sensitive, throbbing flesh. Using two of her hands to jiggle her backbreaking boobs around the splitting rod, the bimbo demon could feel the twinned shafts rub against each other in an alltogether alien, yet undeniably enoyable sensation.

When her bestial member hat fully separeted in two, Ella had to stroke her turgid members' bases with one hand each, even four of them seeming not enough now that the blonde bimbo had as many dicks as she had tits - but the arousal even these to her lacking touches brought was intense enough for Ella to moan and gasp unabashedly. Titfucking herself with two horsecocks that kept thrusting out of the crevasse of her cleavage, Ella let forked tongue play over the drooling glanses, the slick muscle getting pulled between her heaving boobage again and again.

But the demon bimbo wasn't the only one thrusting oversized, bestial manmeat between gargantuan tits: Janine, although her shaft's was growth gradually slowing down, was barely able to move the obscene pillar of dog dick, instead electing to massage it eagerly with her milk-laden udders. The shaft rose a fair bit higher than her head by now, the knot alone big enough to almost brush against the underside of her swollen boobs, and the pink-haired bimbo eagerly licked and kissed the red rocket filling her lap and cleavage, slurping up the deluge of pre bubbling from her pointy tip.

Tyler, although not as absurdly equipped, had nonetheless grown big enough to thrust into his lower set of breasts, shirt pulled up between his upper and lower pair to feel the hot, swollen flesh of his inhuman length directly on his sensitive orbs. Panting and biting his lower lip lasciviously, Tyler stared down at the upper set of his boobs, taking in their sensual jiggling as he mashed the lower two against his rod, cleavage slick with pre.

Across the table, Tom had at least found the coordination to pull off his jersey, revealing his enormous, soft breasts and the pillowy lips capping them. Although splitting them would have been more fitting, the giant mouths were large enough to open up the frontal eighth of Tom's softly quaking boobage in lewd smiles, their pointed tongues long enough to slobber over at least two thirds. What they didn't reach, Tom let his hands run over, fingers sometimes playfully ensnared by his hot boob-tongues. The true main event was of course whatever the mouth between his legs was doing, as it was leaving Tom barely sensate, body twitching and writhing as he gasped and moaned and babbled incoherently.

He was also the first one to cum, rather violently in fact, shaking and twitching and howling in pleasure, so intensely that the women at the next table first stared enviously and then flagged down a waitress. And Tom's pussy mouth didn't let up, relentlessly stimulating him as he writhed and squaled and came, came, came. The sight caused a chain reaction with the other three shameless heteromorph masturbating around the table - no matter their newly realized love for cock, they were still very much into hot women helplessly creaming themselves, and it was all Ella could do to press her pillowy lips against the flaring heads of her swollen horsecocks before they released their salty bounty with lewd squelches.

As the blonde demon struggled to gulp down every last drop and still spilled copious amounts over her dark red chesticles, Janine began to unload her massive testicles. Although Ella hadn't seen them yet, the incredible amounts of cum fountaining from the pink-haired bimbo's trembling tip to splatter back down on her and a good part of the table in front of her pointed to truly gargantuan nuts. Janine's guttural screams of bliss soon turned into lewd gargles as cum covered her from head to toe. Tyler, although his genitals had the same shape as Janine's, didn't quite reach this output, although compared to what an average, unchanged male produced, the thick globs of jizz bubbling up between his lower breasts were still impressively large and thick as he moaned and squeezed the soft orbs.

Even alone, their individual messes would have been considerable. All four together was nothing short of apocalyptic, and gave even Patricia pause as she hurried past a few minutes after the last drop of cum had been squeezed out, everyone actually sitting at the table still reveling in the afterglow, Tom's lipples still languidly licking themselves.

Can their bodies take another round?


Re: Growth-XX: Breastmilk Bar

Another Round IV

"Alright, guys, I'm gonna have to ask you something," Patricia said to the slightly disheveled party around the table as she picked up their empty glasses. "Whether or not you order another round, I need to hose down the booth. And you probably need a shower - we have some in the back that are accessible to clients. What'll it be?"

"A shower sounds totes great!" Grinning at Patricia through her dripping coating of jizz, Janine nudged the weakly twitching Tom next to her to get him to move. "C'mon, let's get clean and, like, get back to drinking after!"

Considering the other three were in quite a state themselves and neither Tom nor Tyler were willing to give up yet, it was decided to take that shower, and Patricia began to pull a water hose from a hidden compartment between their booth and the next. As they sidled out of the booth, Ella realized two things: Walking on her new cloven hooves was not exactly trivial, the sharp clicks on the tiles nevertheless very enticing somehow, and their little contest had gathered some more than cursory attention. People were raising their glasses to the foursome as they made their way towards the back, commenting on Tom's lewdly smiling tits, Ella's two swinging horsecocks, Tyler's goth-like appearance and the monstrosity of a dog dick Janine was lugging, pressing the enormous pillar of cockflesh against her body. And all of it was positive. Lustful even, at times.

With a confident smile, Ella opened the door next to the bar that said 'Showers' on it, finding herself in a typical corridor one would expect to find in the back of a bar. The other's close behind her, the demonic bimbo followed the signs pointing to their destination, past some boxes with a weird little logo and 'Growine Industries, Inc.' on them, and finally, into a large communal shower tiled in a way that resembled waves.

"Waah, it's, like, sooo pretty!" Clapping all four of her hands together, one pair above the other, Ella beamed at the sight before her. "C'mon, guys, let's get clean!"

Taking off what little they were still wearing and discarding it in the nearby bin, the foursome began to wash the more or less copious amounts of cum off their skin. The Breastmilk Bar had provided soap and shampoo that made short work of the mess - and of course, with everyone clean, things didn't stop at lathering and rinsing: Ella found the sensitivity of her skin ramped up to 11, the gentle touch of her four hands enough to begin the slow spiral of lust that could only lead to one outcome. Already both of her girthy horsecocks were throbbing and swelling, two hands once more relegated to stroking the silky, wet skin while Ella's other two hands roamed the demoness' oversized gazongas.

And she was decidedly not the only one. While Tyler and Janine played with their knotty dicks standing under the spray of water, Tom was fingering both mouths on his enormous, pillowy breasts while the mouth that had replaced his pussy licked the insides of his thighs and itself, making the curvy Asian's legs quiver and tremble. Face flush, he threw a glance over to where Ella's tumescent shafts rose before her - and lost a brief interal struggle.

"Sayyy, Ellaa~..." Sauntering over to where Ella was so engrossed in touching herself that she had missed her shower shutting off, all four of Tom's mouths smiled seductively as he cocked his hips to one side, making sure the demon bimbo could see his lowest mouth as it ran its tongue over its full lips. "Wanna break in those bad boys... with my tits?"

Ella boggled as Tom lifted both his hefty funbags and both his lipples yawned open, revealing wet, fleshy tunnels reaching deep inside Tom's boobs, tongues wiggling invitingly. The sight was impossible, inhuman, and yet so arousing that both her horsecocks finished hardening so fast they slapped against Ella's own massive jugs, making them wobble from the impact. Tom knelt down, tits still raised and now perfectly level with Ella's crotch.

"Like, yeah! Totally! And if you think about it, it works out perfectly and stuff!" Bending the bestial rods jutting up before her down so they could line up to Tom's titanic tits, the bimbo demon babbled excitedly, rolling her nipples between the fingers of her upper hands. "Two tits and two dicks an--ooooh~ yesssshhh~!"

"Fuck, aannh~...."

Greedily gobbling Ella's shafts up, Tom's lipples pulled themselves along the blonde bimbo's inhuman lengths with their tongues spiraling around first glans, then medial ring and finally base in record time, slurping and slobbering obscenely and taking every last inch with ease. Ella's tongue lolled from her mouth as her eyes became unfocused and closed halfway - the combination of soft breastflesh and rippling muscles eagerly milking her was beyond divine, the bimbo's infernal rods straining and twitching as precum oozed from roiling nuts and into the depths of Tom's enormous boobage.

Tom himself was producing high-pitched, eager moans worthy of any Asian pornstar as he moved his eagerly slobbering breasts with both hands, caressing their swells even as it distended with the girth of Ella's monstrous cocks, the demoness thrusting and pumping her hips purely on instinct, heavy nuts swinging and smacking into Tom's fat tits. Ella's tail swished behind her excitedly, ass quivering and quaking as the demon bimbo's digitigrade legs shook. All four hands were busy playing with Ella's own oversized boobage, mind awash with lust...

And unable to notice how Tyler and Janine had moved in to join the fun. Tyler had stepped in front of her, Janine behind, and the goth dog morph smacked her engorged dog dick against the sides of Tom's head gently, prompting him to let it roll back, almond eyes growing wide at the sight of a turgid, throbbing rod. Lowering his arms to support himself on his elbows as he leaned back, Tom opened his mouth wide, tongue stretched out over his chin to invite his friend in. Tyler didn't need much encouragement, force-feeding Tom inch after inch of bestial dick until the Asian's neck began to bulge and lewd gagging echoed through the shower.

Janine had used the time well, her swollen, hyper-sized tower of manmeat sliding between Ella's legs and then between Tom's still eagerly sucking tits, sandwiching the pink-haired dog morph's veiny red rocket between soft thighs and pillowy tits, leaving Janine's arms free to assault the demoness' gargantuan tiddies, thus freeing Ella's four arms to go for Tyler's foursome of boobies instead, making him mewl in pleasure and lean forwards to plant a deep, wet kiss on the demon bimbo's bee-stung lips.

Moaning hotly into Tyler's mouth, Ella let her forked tongue snake into her lover's mouth as she kept thrusting into Tom's insatiable nipples, the bimbo's hands roaming over Tyler's soft boobage. Her own tiddies still eagerly serviced by Janine, Ella twisted her sinuous tail around her bestie's inhuman shaft right behind the knot, massaging the bulbous, swollen organ with the spade at the tip and the length of the tail itself. Janine was pumping her own hips, as well, fucking both Ella's thighs and Tom's over-filled breasts with every stroke, swollen, milky breasts pressed against Ella's back.

The last thrusting set of hips - Tyler's - was busy facefucking Tom, stretching his lips and distending his neck as Tyler pounded his friend's throat relentlessly and to both their enjoyment, if the eager slobbering and squealing amid the gagging sounds was any indication. With three of four holes stuffed and the fourth able to stimulate itself, Tom really was making the most of his changes, taking a pounding from four dicks like a champ, even if one of them was merely thrusting between his tits instead of plugging the mouth between his legs.

All this ran through a tiny part of Ella's mind that was not intensely focused on pounding Tom's slobbering lipples, or enjoyed the sensation of all four of Tyler's achingly erect nipples under the demoness' palms, or how her bestie's bestial rod rubbed against her thighs and swollen horse nuts, or how Janine squeezed and massaged the demonic bimbo's massive hooters. But center stage was definitely the way the swollen lips on Tom's breasts clamped down on her horsecocks, tongue sloppily licking every inch they could reach, how the tight canals within the whorishly moaning Asian's jugs managed to be simultaneously soft and well-muscled enough to milk the bimbo demon's straining dicks for what they were worth.

Breaking off the kiss to take some panting breaths, Tyler leaned in even closer, gently nibbling on Ella's ear, the sensation of hot breath on her wet skin making the demoness moan throatily. All this stimulation would have been overwhelming before her mind had been rewired to enjoy sex without reservations, to amplify every last bit of lust, and Ella knew it was only a matter of time before an explosive climax would wipe her mind once more, and judging by the increasing volume and decreasing control over their movements the other participants of their foursome exhibited, the same was true for her three lovers.

Hefting the upper pair of Tyler's four breasts and squeezing the lower two together as her thumbs played over his stiff nips, Ella babbled something incoherent, vaguely reminiscent of encouragement, tongue snaking out between he lips to let the forked tip run over the line of Tyler's jaw. Legs splayed and hooves slipping on the wet tiles, the bimbo demon was as much held up by Tyler and Janine as they by her, Ella's beast-like members swelled obscenely as she felt herself hurtle past the point of no return, lustful heat searing through her massive rods.

And yet, it was Tom who reached his climax first, shrieking and quivering below them, lipples in a frenzy around Ella's horse dicks as suction increased sharply as if to suck the thick babybatter right from the demon bimbo's nuts - and successfully so. Legs giving out, eyes rolling up in her head, Ella felt jizz explode from her twin rods and white-hot lust fill her mind. Her hips bucked, her body twitched, and the uncontrolled motions of her thighs set off Janine's hyper dog dick, a second load that easily rivaled the size of her first splattering against Tyler's abs, backsplash hitting everyone but the bimbo dog morph. And finally, Tyler began to buck his hips, knot slamming against Tom's eagerly suckling, swollen lips before Tyler filled his friend's esophagus and mouth with lewd glorps, audible even over their combined squeals of pleasure.

It was not an easy feat to disentangle themselves as the four sunk to the tiled floor and still end up in a tight cuddle, where curves where gently caressed and kisses exchanged, but the freshly created polycule managed it.

Having fucked in a shower, cleaning was a mere formality, and soon, Ella, Janine, Tom, and Tyler were sitting in their freshly cleaned booth again, the dice on the table between them.

"Alright." Tom grinned as he played with the spade of Ella's tail that she had wrapped lightly around his right wrist. "Who wants to roll first this round?"

What's next?


Re: Growth-XX: Breastmilk Bar

Another Round V

"Oooh, I do, I do!" Hopping up and down, Janine set her massive bust to jiggling, the towering pillar of her shaft finally soft and lying on the bench beside her. "I wanna, like, roll!"

Grabbing the dice eagerly, Janine threw the dice and got a 5, which netted her a Moojito - and even the pink-haired bimbo realized that it would likely end up being something milky again, to her vague disappointment. A feeling which only increased as the others got much more fun stuff; Tom with a Cock-Tail Cocktail after rolling a 6, Ella with a Lip Slip and Tyler with a Cock Club Cocktail after his 12.

"A Lip Slip!" Clapping all four of her hands together, Ella bounced in place, enormous orbs jiggling on her chest. "My titties are, like, waaay firmer than Tom's! You think that's gonna do anything different?"

"Fuck if I know," shrugged Tom, throwing a glance to the next table over where a woman was spitroasting her friend with a normally placed cock and one that was more of a prehensile tail and jammed deep into the other woman's snatch, his breasts lewdly running their tongues over their lipples. "At least what I'm about to get looks fun, if I read that name right."

"Ayup. I, meanwhile, have no fucking idea what mine does. Oh well..." Tyler pulled a face at the menu as he flagged down Patricia.

The humantaur looked less haggard now that most tables had their drinks, and ordering was a quick affair. It still took a while until their drinks arrived, time the polycule spend simply cuddling and talking idly about their lives. There was a definite connection between the four of them, a bond that had formed over the last two hours and went beyond the purely physical, even though they knew almost nothing about each other... and so they shared. Ella talked about her chemistry classes and her love for fast cars - and her dream of one day owning a Corvette, Tom shared a few anecdotes from his film class and wondered if he needed to either switch to directing or specialty pornography with his body now looking as it did. Tyler, cuddled up against Ella, groused about his job as an accountant at a national bank and his dreams of opening a sewing store, and Janine... Janine revealed that she didn't really have plans for the future and was enjoying neither her university courses nor her retail job. It prompted the rest of the polycule to be simultaneously sympathetic and concerned, vowing to help the pink-haired bimbo find something she enjoyed - and then the drinks arrived at the table, so further discussion was tabled.

"Alright, bottoms up!" This time, it was Tom who cheerfully called out and raised his light pink drink before chugging the contents of the glass, licking his lips - the ones in his face - appreciatively. "That stuff really is good. We gotta come back one day and have some drinks just for fun."

"Defi--urp! Sorry. Definitely." Tyler barely suppressed a burp, looking at his empty drink quizzically. "I mean, this stuff tasted weird, but good weird, you know?"

"Uh-hum!" Ella nodded, playing around with her own glass with one hand, two of the others tracing the veins on her flaccid horsecocks, making them tingle with pleasure, the fourth lightly squeezing Tyler's nutsack. "Like, every single drink we had was de-lish!"

"Yeah, I-- ooh, I think it's starting!" Hands flying to her temples, Janine smiled broadly at her bestie across the table. "It's starting!"

Janine was the first, but the others weren't far behind. As the tips of two smooth, shiny horns appeared between the pink-haired bimbo's horns, Ella felt a sensual tingle in her prodigious nipples that had them erect in no time, both of her horsecocks racing to catch up as the demonic blonde stroked both of them with one hand each while the others pinched and prodded her increasingly broad, swollen pleasure nubs. Already Ella could feel them stretch sideways, sinking into expanding areolas that began to consume the frontal swell of the bimbo's bosom, much like Tom's had.

Already there were lewd sucking noises as Ella dipped her fingers into the horizontal slits that deepened as the surrounding areolas swelled into proper lips. The bimbo demon's lower hands where stroking her increasingly erect horsecocks in turn, both wrapped around one of the tumescent poles to stroke the thick, silken flesh before switching to the other, and Ella's forked tongue lolled from her mouth, longer and longer until she could run it over the heated flesh of her bosom, three fingers of her upper hands sucked between her lipples, the soft flesh increasingly voluptuous and downright dicksucking.

While Ella was stroking her fat cocks and fingering her lipples, Tom had been shifting in his seat, only to now stand up halfway, shoulders resting against the back of the booth as he spread his legs, displaying the salivating mouth that had replaced his pussy - and the throbbing, writhing shaft that was snaking its way out from between his pillowy ass-cheeks from where it grew at his coccyx. Tom's lower mouth licked and slurped the air, apparently fully aware of the girthy, flexible neighbour it had gained and impatient to make its acquaintance, while Tom himself mewled softly, gyrating his hips as one hand caressed his lower mouth and the other played with his own lipples.

Next to him, Janine had moved her hands away from the horns curving upwards at the sides of her head to somewhere much more fun - which, surprisingly enough, was neither her throbbing, slowly engorging dog shaft or her leaking, three-nippled breasts, but instead a small, pink mound on her belly that grew as the pink-haired bimbo caressed the soft flesh gently, flicking her fingers over the extending teats of her burgeoning udder, and soon the pliant skin pressed into the knot of Janine's shaft.

"Gotta... like, gotta roll for a Double Trouble 'n stuff..." Mewling softly, Janine muttered under her breath as she jiggled the swelling udder on her belly before moving one hand upwards to tug on her dripping brace of nipples. "N-need more hannnds~..."

Tyler was panting next to where Ella felt wet, eager tongues lap over her fingers, his hands gripping and squeezing the four breasts on his front, pinching nipples between two fingers that grew fatter and longer by the minute, losing their pink coloration everywhere except at the tip, where it deepened instead. Soon, Tyler was pumping and stroking a quartet of erect, girthy nipples that forced his dainty fingers apart as they swelled, bodacious boobs jiggling as he lost himself in the pleasure of growing what could only be called cocks by now.

Four thick, veiny shafts that rose from Tyler's quality quartet, throbbing and bobbing as he arched his back, hands switching from shaft to shaft so none were neglected for long, drops of clear pre forming at their tips as Tyler milked his dicknipples, sucking one fat schlong between his full, red lips even as it lengthened and swelled, hands now only having to deal with three needy cocks, the fourth between his legs twitching and drooling as Ella wrapped her sinuous tail around the pulsing red rocket in a tight spiral and began to jerk Tyler off as if on instinct.

And instinct was all she had left, with her mind buckling under the assault of sensations from a tongue that felt as sensitive as her cocks, from just that double helping of dick as the blonde bimbo stroked the straining rods, and obviously from the pillowy lipples opening at the tips of her breasts, slobbering over Ella's upper hands with long, dexterous tongues that were just as forked as that lolling from her mouth. Running her digits over the impressive lips gave the demon bimbo's instinct a new impetus as the sensations sent tingles down her spine.

Gripping her swollen horsecocks a bit under the flared tips with her lower hands, Ella bent the animalistic rods backwards and against her breasts. The heat of her mighty meat pillars sent the blonde demon's lipples into a frenzy. Slurping excitedly, their tongues unwrapped from her upper hands, whipping out and around Ella's monstrous, throbbing members instead - and pulling them between the pouty, dicksicking love pillows that had replaced her nipples. The effect was immediate.

"Oohfuuuck~..."Jaw slack, face flushed, Ella brought all four of her hands down to wrap two hands each around her pulsing shafts, stroking the parts that hadn't penetrated deep into her firm titties. "Yeees~!"

Hips bucking, Ella thrust into her jiggling mounds as both lipples slobbered over her shafts eagerly, tongues darting out and over their silky-smooth surface, soft lipples feeling heavenly on her powerful rods as they stretched Ella's insides. But she was far from the only one doing some one-person fucking: Across and to the left, Tom's cock-tail had finally grown long enough for some proper fun. As Tom was teasing the full lips between his legs with the swollen, purple head, the dexterous, flexible shaft kept lengthening, the tongue of Tom's lowest mouth licking the drooling urethra eagerly as the lips kissed the writhing rod, and Tom began to use both hands to play with his lipples, fingers running over the full lips and penetrating deep into the sensitive tunnels behind them as Tom's massive breasts swallowed his arms almost to the elbows.

"Uuuoaaaanh~!" Finally, Tom thrust the twitching shaft upwards and inside, losing all pretense of patience and teasing, instead fucking hiss pussy mouth with smooth, steady strokes, making him gyrate and bounce where he stood. "Yes, yes, FUCK!"

Tom's cock-tail kept lengthening, and his shameless cries of lust attracted the attention of the woman the next table over, still banging her friend with her own tentacle cock. As she raised her glass in salute to a fellow cock-tail heteromorph, the other woman squealed and shivered around the shafts of her friend, pussy juices squirting onto the floor under her, much like the copious amounts of saliva drooling down Tom's thighs as he thrust his tail into himself, deeper and deeper with every stroke.

On the other side of the table, Tyler wasn't faring much better. The dicks rising proudly from his chest had lost any resemblance to the nipples they had once been, even his areolas consumed by throbbing rods that curved upwards and throbbed with every beat of Tyler's heart. His pouty lips, wet with his spit, sucked and slurped on the length inside his eager mouth as pre drooled out from the tip and was greedily lapped up and swallowed, Tyler's other four shafts - three on his tits, one between his legs - simply dripped with the sticky fluids as they ran down their lengths and Tyler gyrated his hips to thrust into Ella's tail, the slick spiral pumping the animalistic length and squeezing Tyler's knot.

Janine's udder, meanwhile, had reached the size of her prodigious bust and was working hard to surpass it, the heavy pink mound beginning to fill with milk, teats erect and firmly in the grasp of Janine's dainty, stroking hands. Her towering, bulging rod was becoming just as stiff, rising from where it had been lying on the bench, stimulating the pink-haired bimbo's udder with every throb and lurch as the monstrous member rose, pinned between table and udder. The amount of milk dripping from her nipples and teats was staggering already, and it only increased as the pink mound on Janine's belly swelled.

In general, the polycule was doing its best to make the hosing down of the booth completely for naught. Ella and Tom where dripping copious amounts of saliva and pre from where they were thrusting their shafts into mouths in places they were usually not found, stroking and thrusting and mewling unabashedly. And even with one shaft pushed deep between his own dicksucking lips, Tyler was producing an impressive amount of pre that slickened the smooth leather of the bench.

Their moans were a chorus of bliss, but attracted surprisingly little attention - because many in the bar were engaged in their own carnal displays of love. For every table that simply drank and enjoyed either taste or changes or both, there was a table where someone was knuckles-deep inside someone's pussy, had a fat, throbbing cock balls-deep inside their mouth, used other appendages to much the same effect or pleasured themselves with whatever this place had given them. And somehow, despite moans and squeals and cries of pleasure, the noise level was barely above that of a more traditional bar.

Not that this fact registered with either of the four heteromorphs in the booth, their minds awash with lust. And of course, the inevitable happened, with Tyler going first. All five of his cocks erupted violently, with only one load more or less safely contained in his mouth, cheeks bulging with the immense amount of jizz. And four times that amount arched through the air in sticky ropes, crisscrossing the table and splattering over the writhing form of Tom still fucking himself, his arms thrusting into the sensitive mouths capping his soft mounds. Feeling the hot baby batter of one of his lovers hit his skin seemed enough to set off Tom's own climax, his legs shaking as his jaw hung slack and hot moans washed over his lips, the thrusting of his cock-tail becoming unsteady, jerky, and finally, the Asian-looking heteromorph rammed his tail deep into his mouth pussy, unloading all he could give deep into himself as the mouth slobbered and slurped eagerly.

Ella barely noticed, the swelling and straining of Tyler's dog dick in the grasp of her tail already enough to push her over the edge. Her hands a blur on the twin horsecocks pounding her perfect orbs, two forked tongues spiraling around their lengths and one more slurping over the demonic bimbo's cleavage, Ella felt her fat, churning balls finally boil over - and then hot cum blasting inside her obscene bust in powerful jets. It was the first time she experienced the sensation of being filled, immediately falling in love with the sensation. Again and again, her hips bucked, nuts clenching, shaft straining, eyes growing unfocused as her brain was battered by pleasure.

The only one not shooting a thick load was Janine, her refractory period apparently proportional to her shaft and thus much longer than the others. Which wasn't to say that her ten teats weren't releasing their own creamy bounty, arcs of milk shooting from her triple-nippled breasts and all four teats on Janine's udder. Hot, fresh milk spattered over the table top and onto the floor as the pink-haired bimbo shuddered and twitched lustfully, her new horns hitting the back of the booth repeatedly.



Tom and Tyler apparently were of one mind about the results of this round: Exhausted and very, very satisfied.

"Another round?"

Another round.


Re: Growth-XX: Breastmilk Bar

Another Round VI.

Obviously, everyone was rather keen on rolling for their next drinks, even though the entire polycule played with their new additions as the dice bounced over the table. Janine's udder was still swollen with milk, her monstrously large dog dick towering over her, throbbing gently in-between her breasts as she leaned around the towering meat pillar to roll.

"Hmm, 15... a Lamiaquiri? That's, like, a weird kind of Daiquiri and stuff?"

"Guess so..." Mumbled Tom as he grabbed the dice, cock tail lying across his pillowy breasts so both his lipples could lick the veiny rod languidly. "Let's see... 13. Short'n'Sweet? Uhm... uh-oh? That sounds like..."

"Like fun!" As apprehensive as Tom looked, Ella was as enthusiastic as ever. The dice clattered across the table, and landed on... "A... uhmm~... 14! Which is, like, Milf Mojito? Weird. Is that a typo, did they mean Milk Mojito?"

"Ella, you ditz! Never heard of MILFs? Big, voluptuous, sexy mothers?" Tyler picked up the dice and rolled, but Ella didn't even wait for them to stop before posing her next question.

"But, like, I don't have kids! Although, all big and vulloo... volupshuss... sexy and stuff sounds fun!"

"Yeah, I don't think this is gonna make you have kids. Buuut... I got another Howling Moon. Hm. Wonder if the effects stack..."

With Tom and Tyler looking a bit worried about their drinks, the two bimbos chattered and theorised about what would happen to them with their new drinks, which Patricia delivered impressively fast - things had calmed down a little as most tables had their drinks and were enjoying them far slower than the polycule. Once everyone had their drinks, the game was on once more.

"Alright, here goes nothing, I guess..." Tyler gulped down his drink, as did Ella and Janine, but Tom only took a sip. "As good as the last one!"

"Yeah, righ--iiigh!" One sip had been enough, and Tom shrunk by about an inch. "Oh, fuck. I knew it. I knew it!"

"Big deal, man, so you get a bit shorter." Grinning at his friend, Tyler ran his hands over his sides as his five dicks grew erect. "You wanna throw in the towel?"

"Forget about it," came the forceful reply, and Tom took a big gulp while giving Tyler the finger and a glare over his glass. With every mouthful of the drink disappearing down his gullet, Tom shrank a bit more, losing inch after inch - and not a pound of body mass. It was as if he was getting squished down, breasts and thighs growing proportionally larger with every gulp.

"Oh frick, it's starting and stuff! I feel... nice... oooh my~..." Ella's body, up to now firm and tight, was softening slowly, packing on weight in all the right places. "Mmh~, I like iiiit~..."

The enormous orbs of the demonic bimbo's breasts became heavier as her upper hands roamed over them, turning from massive globes to even larger teardrops that hung lower and lower as her lipples smacked and licked lewdly in anticipation. On Ella's stomach, too, a layer of fat formed to make it soft and plump, but nothing was becoming more voluptuous as fast and as impressively as the bimbo bombshell's hips. While they had been large before, the now grew to downright impossible proportions, making Ella's horsecocks seem small by comparison as the bimbo demon stroked the straining shafts with her lower hands. Even Ella's stretched-out boxers soon tore, leaving her entirely naked - like, unsurprisingly, many of the other patrons of the bar. And if the tingle behind her massive horse-nuts was any indication, something else was happening to her...

"Oh my, this is, like, soooo nice... I'm all soft and stuff..." One hand squeezing the small pouch of fat on Ella's stomach, two hefting her plumped up breasts, the third tracing the outrageous curve of her hips, and the demon bimbo MILF couldn't have been happier with herself. "Mhmmm~, best day everrr~..."

Tom gave her the side-eye as he took another gulp, his head sinking lower and lower towards the tabletop as his own hips and ass swelled to accommodate the body mass freed by his diminishing height. Janine, meanwhile, was poking and prodding her udder and shaft, pouting as she waited for her own changes to finally start, completely missing the fine dusting of scales appearing on her cheeks. She did notice when her legs began to fuse, a much more pronounced smattering of scales beginning to appear at her hips and moving downwards in waves.

"Oh! Oh gaawwd, this is sooo weird!" Holding on to the side of the booth and the table, Janine swung her legs to the side and up, revealing a sight to the polycule that was indeed weird. As her thighs began to fuse, green scales began to grow down her legs, brighter and almost white on the underside of her developing tail. "Ooffghnnh~..."

Wherever her legs had fused, Janine's new tail lengthened rapidly, taking her increasingly short calves with them until they and finally the chimeric bimbo's feet were part of a snake tail that was easily twice as long as her legs had been. Janine's new snatch had relocated to the front of her tail, just below her swollen, virile balls, hidden below their inhuman bulk. The snake-cow-dog hybrid was running her hands over her assets and her new tail, marveling at the smoothness of her scales and the powerful muscles under them.

"Whoaah~, this is trippy~!" Janine's tail reached almost to where Ella was sitting, running along the curve of the booth's bench. "I--oooh, I gotta figure out how to mooo-ve with this..."

While Janine and Ella gushed over their new bodies and explored new as well as improved curves and Tom shrank with every mouthful of his drink, Tyler had yet to exhibit anything but rampant lust, but that was finally changing. His skin, already so pale as to be almost white, became even lighter, even softer-looking, until it became clear that this increasing softness was due to a fine dusting of fur growing all over Tyler's body. Apparently, the effects of Howling Moon did stack, and Tyler moaned softly as he caressed his thickening pelt, tongue lolling out from his mouth - and both said tongue and Tyler's teeth were changing as well.

As his tongue became broader, flatter, and longer, while Tyler's teeth became sharper, more suited for ripping into meat, while his entire jaw began to stretch to accommodate it all, slowly turning into a muzzle as the dog morph's eyes rolled up in their sockets, hands tugging on desperately erect dicknipples. Tyler's panting became louder, nearly animalistic, but no less lustful, ears slowly migrating to the top of his head as they became large and triangular, his nose turning dark and wet until his head looked like a weirdly sexy mix of human and wolf, his hair now a light grey and hanging halfway over one eye.

"Oooh fugh~... I nuh-need someone to fuck mee~," Tyler panted as he tried to touch himself everywhere at once, failing miserably. "I think I'm in heeeaaat~!"

"Mmmh, like, mommy can help you with that, hot stuff..." Rising from where she was sitting and struggling to squeeze her gargantuan ass and thighs out between booth wall and table, Ella turned her back to Tyler and leaned down, one cloven hoof on the bench and one knee on the tabletop, presenting her enormous, quaking backside to the wolf morph. "Because I, like, got something new outta this!"

Indeed, with her fat nuts dangling down between her massive thighs, Ella revealed her meaty pussy to Tyler, wet and waiting for his red rocket. Cocks throbbing in anticipation, the wolf morph clambered up at at the succubine MILF, revealing a bushy black tail and wasting no time with clearly unnecessary foreplay, instead sinking her paws into Ella's unnaturally wide thighs and sinking her throbbing, knotty shaft deep into the demonic bimbo, shuddering and doubling over in delight.

"Mnnuuoooh~, you're, like, soooo thick, baby!" Body rocking without conscious input, spearing herself on Tyler's bestial rod again and again, Ella supported herself on the table and the bench with her upper arms while the lower ones caressed her jiggling curves and the forked tongues of her lipples went to town on both her horsecocks. "Fuck mommy, will you? Fuck mommy haaard~!"

Tyler didn't need any encouragement, hammering away as soon as he got used to the intense sensations, knot smacking into Ella's swollen lips with wet slaps as Tyler's own boobs bounced and his tail twitched, dicknipples swinging wildly through the air. The bimbo MILF's enormous funbags swung back and forth as ripples of pleasure raced through her, fat lipples stimulating her twin horsecocks as they brushed along their length, and all throughout, Ella moaned and gasped unabashedly while Tyler yipped and yowled in pleasure, his knot slipping in and out of Ella's meaty snatch.

"Look at them having fun..." Tom groused, downing the last of his drink and shrinking to a size that was downright tiny, barely tall enough to put his elbows on the table and pout. "While I end up fucking pint-sized and almost as wide as I'm tall."

"Aww, but you're so cute and stuff!" Sliding along the bench so she could lie down on her back and look up at Tom, Janine smiled at the now smallest member of the polycule, completely ignoring the frenzied mating on the other side of the table. "Tiny and curvy and soft!"

"Careful with your horns, dingus..." mumbled Tom, the chimeric bimbo's ceratin appendages indeed dangerously close to his hips, but he was clearly fighting a smile. "I just... well, I'm gonna have to buy a step-ladder, I guess."

"That's the spirit! Oh, like, wanna sit on my face by the way?" The dumbfounded look on Tom's face at the sudden change in topic was more than a bit funny, but Janine didn't laugh, instead pushing out her tongue as a way to explain. "'Cush Ah go' a 'ew 'ongue 'ow, 'oo!"

"Uh...." Janine did indeed have a new tongue, long and forked much like her bestie's, and Tom flushed crimson as he thought about where the hybrid heteromorph would reach with it. Obviously, he wasted no more time and stood up on the bench, lowering the mouth between his legs onto the pink-haired bimbo's waiting face. "Oooh fuck yes~..."

It was a strange, lewd, lustful kiss, with Janine frenching Tom's mouth pussy, her forked tongue slithering ever deeper inside and wrestling with the pussy's tongue, a muscle Tom had no conscious control over, leaving him at the obscenely pleasureable mercy of his partner and his snatch. Cock-tail twitching and writhing, clear pre drooling from the tip, Tom brought the perverted appendage around and thrust it in between Janine's three-nippled breasts, the tip making its way through the chimera's cavernous cleavage until it could rub against the mound of her swollen udder, Tom's hands pressing together his lover's breasts to increase the tightness to near unbearable levels.

"Yeees~, babyyyy~, give it to mommeeee~!" Across the table, Ella was howling in pleasure, body aquake with every frenzied thrust from the wolf morph pounding her, Tyler's muzzle slack and strings of pre splattering onto the MILF succubus' back from the white-furred wolf's dicknipples and onto the bench from Ella's straining donkey dicks. "Mommy loooves your diiiick~!"

"Fuck, fuck, fuck!" Panting and cursing, Tyler squeezed his curvy lover's double-wide hips, paws sinking deep into the layer of fat as he pulled Ella into his thrusts again and again. "Yoo--yoo're jush' taking me... like that! And yoo're shtill sho hot'n tiiight~..."

Ella's massive horse nuts groaned and gurgled as they swung between her motherly thighs, pumping up a steady stream of pre through her twin shafts as the blonde MILF's swollen lipples slobbered over them as her oversized gazongas bounced back and forth, smacking into shafts, into arms, into themselves, every impact sending lustful shocks through Ella, forked tongue lolling from her mouth as a dopey smile spread on her face. She was in heaven, curvy and soft and with a hard dick ravaging her eager cunt, pleasure constantly rising until she trembled and quivered in anticipation of the inevitable climax.

The curvy shortstack squealing and writhing on top of Janine's face was in a similar situation, penetrated by a dexterous tongue instead of a massive wolf dick, but impossibly aroused nonetheless. Tom's cock-tail drooled pre against the hybrid bimbo's udder, making it nice and slick to thrust against, the pleasure coursing through him making Tom go cross-eyed. Janine slobbered and slurped against his mouth pussy, holding on to thighs that were ridiculously thick and meaty as she made her lover writhe and squeal, his hands running over puffy lipples to stimulate himself further, breasts so large Tom's arms nearly disappeared inside the soft flesh heaving with his moans.

"Uh-ugh-uh-uaawooooh~!" In the end, it was Tyler who came first, throwing his head back to howl in pleasure as he exploded into Ella's hungry depths, trembling dicknipples shooting fat globs of baby batter over the booth and the succu-MILF's back and head.

The sensation of hot cum flooding her womb for the first time - quite ironic for someone so quintessentially MILF-y - was enough to send Ella over the edge she'd been teetering on for a while already, horsecocks blasting thick jizz over the bench and the tip of Janine's tail still lying in front of her. The blonde succubus felt her pussy milk Tyler for what he was worth, sucking up what felt like gallons of cum deep inside Ella, making her shiver lustfully and enhancing every sensation, every touch, every jerky thrust the wolf morph still managed until he collapsed onto Ella's soft back, thoroughly spent and satisfied.

Tom was the last to explode in bliss, throwing his head back as he held onto the table's edge and the backrest of the bench and squealed in bliss, rocking his hips as the shortstack ground his mouth pussy against Janine's face, who was only too happy to keep up her assault on Tom's center, making sure wave after wave of unbearable pleasure made the tiny, voluptuous shortstack writhe on top of her, his hot swimmers jettisoned from his cock-tail and against the hybrid heteromorph's udder.

It took Tom toppling off Janine's face backwards to come to lie on his back, panting breathlessly, for the pink-haired chimera to finally let up.

Can there be another round?


Re: Growth-XX: Breastmilk Bar

Another Round VII.

The polycule sat around the once again messed up table, dazed and panting. Tyler's canine tongue hung from his muzzle as his four dicknipples retreated into his bust, mirrored by the animalistic rod between his legs disappearing into his sheath, fluffy tail twitching weakly where it hung from the bench. Next to him, the well-bred succubus MILF was content to run her hands over her newly softened curves, two hands playing with her plump lipples as the other ran over flaccid, yet still enormous horsecocks. Janine was still lying on the bench, inhuman fuckpole towering over her, breasts and udder leaking milk as she licked up the pussy juices of the sexually supercharged shortstack that struggled to sit up behind her, finally managing to kneel on the bench so he could put her elbows on the table top.

"Oh fucking hell." Pulling a face, Tom looked down at his outrageously curvy, impossibly short self. "Look at me, I'm fucking tiny! I'm, what, three feet? Four feet?!"

"Psh, big deal, man." Pulling his tongue in, Tyler smirked at his friend-with-benefits-turned-lover, the expression strange on his wolf-like muzzle. "I'm gonna have to spend so much money on shampoo, it's not even funny."

"Pssh, just get dog shampoo or something." Pouting, Tom looked off to the side and into the main bar - except for a few tables in their immediate vicinity that were watching the proceedings with varying degrees of interest, everything was as calm as one could expect a bar to be. "Okay, fuck this. I'm committed now. One of these drinks has to make me taller again, right?"

"Wouldn't bet on it, but you do you," Tyler shrugged, left ear twitching lightly before he hefted two of his shapely breasts. "Oh, you know what, I'm gonna change my name. I mean, look at these puppies! ... Pun not intended. Anyways, not feeling like much of a Tyler anymore. Let's go with, hm... Mona."

"Nice ta metcha, Mona!" Janine beamed as she pulled herself up into a sitting position against the considerable weight of her oversized assets. When her monstrous rod finally slapped into her snake tail, she turned to face Mona properly, towering cock bending as it pushed against the table. "Sooo, are you, like, ready to order again? I wanna know what we're getting this time!"

"Oh, what the hell. Maybe they have something like a 'Muscle Mommy Special' that I can get after all this," Tom groused and rolled, groaning as he saw his 12. "Yay. Massive lips on my titties, and now I'm getting a Cock Club Cocktail. Is that even compatible?"

"Who knows... Oh hey, Boosting Bull!" Mona was much more enthused with her result, poking the bulge of her sheath. "I guess that thing is getting an upgrade!"

"Figures that something grows..."

"Oh, sweetie, don't, like, feel so down, alright? You're adorable and stuff!" Rolling absentmindedly, Ella got a Cock-Tail Cocktail and shrugged - after all, the MILFified succubus was just in it for a good time, and another source of pleasure was a surefire way to get that. "Okay, your turn, Janine!"


"I don't wanna be adorable though," Tom pouted as Janine got a Double Trouble for her roll and squealed with excitement. "I wanna be a hot and sexy bi--I mean... uhm..."

"Hey, dude - and I mean that as gender-neutral as possible - I went from slightly above average male to half-dog person somewhere between the borders of the gender spectrum." Mona's smile looked a bit weird, being on a muzzle and all, but it was genuine. "If you wanna go hot and sexy, we can go hot and sexy."

"Yep! And, like, it's not like you can't be both. Yes, you're tiny and stuff, buuut have you seen your curves, girl?!" Janine chattered away as Mona signaled Patricia, letting her hands run over Tom's side and making him shiver appreciatively. "You're plenty hot, but also adorbs, right?"

"Absolutely," nodded Ella, two of her arms resting on top of her heavy bosom while the others played with her plump lipples as they sucked on the digits. "You're cute and sexy. And, like, double wide - sweetie, you have so much cake it's unreal!"

As Mona ordered their next round of drinks, the two bimbos kept heaping praise and compliments on Tom until he blushed crimson with an almost bashful smile on his face, clearly unused to the attention. And Tom's blush intensified when Janine picked his diminutive body up and put him down on her lap, body sandwiched between her leaking breasts, legs and boobs to the left and right of Janine's massive dog prick as she pet Tom's head.

"See, being short isn't so bad, right?" Hugging the shortstack against her with her free arm, Janine leaned back against the bench to afford them a bit more room - as short as Tom was, their combined curves and particularly the chimera's leaking udder made it a tight fit still. "It gives, like, new cuddling opportunities and stuff."

"Uh-huh..." Tom definitely liked where he was, hugging Janine's towering rod against him even as he looked down and to the side. Mumbling and barely audible over the sounds of the bar, he continued: "Can you... can you call me Tammy?"

"Uh, obviously?!"

"Oh my, how adorable," Smiling warmly, the succubus MILF put one hand on her cheek. "Hello, Tammy. Nice to--"

"Here you go, your drinks!" Putting down four new glasses and taking away the assortment of empty ones, Patricia winked at Tammy sitting on Janine's lap. "Enjoy!"

"Alright, cuties and sexy bitches and MILFs!" Grinning, Mona lifted her glass to the others and downed it in one go - clearly excited to see her shaft grow. "Down the hatch!"

The others followed suit, tasty fluids of various colors disappearing down their throats, and a bunch of assets throbbed and stiffened in anticipation. Milk from Janine's triple nipples dribbled on the upper curve of Tammy's breasts, the hot cream running down the shortstack's orbs in multiple thick rivulets. Her enormous pillar of fuckmeat twitched and throbbed in Tammy's now one-armed embrace, the shortstack's tail wrapped around Janine's knot as both emptied their drinks. Across from them, Ella held her glass with all four hands, and Mona...

"Oooh heck yes!" One hand on her lower left breast, the other between her legs, the wolf morph stroked both thick rods emerging from their hiding places, urging on them on - and sadly had to neglect the other three pulsing cocks as they struck out from her breasts. "God, this stuff is so good! I'm so... haaah~.... horny..."

"I know wh-what you mean," panted Tammy, grinding her sodden pussy against Janine's knot as her cock-tail drooled clear pre and her lipples twitched lewdly. "My tits are throbbing!"

"Mmh, sweeties, momma's, like, feeling good too..." Ella had brought her spaded tail between her soft, heavy breasts, stroking the part below her boobs with her lower hands, making the mountains of breastflesh jiggle whenever her hands knocked into them. The succubine MILF's upper hands busied themselves with pushing her mountainous breasts together, stroking them along the length of her tail. "Oh, my... like, my tail is getting all thick and juicy~..."

That it was. Visibly throbbing veins swelled along the sinuous appendage as it grew fat and proud, the sensations from Ella's increasingly sensitive tail traveling right into her twin horsecocks, making them slap into the table from below. Extending her forked tongue, the demonic bimbo licked the tip of her spaded tail, causing it to twitch and split open down the middle, revealing a pulsing, deep red glans, quivering nodules running around its edge as it drooled clear fluids. Ella wasted no time and pushed it between her plump lips, cheeks caving in as she began to suck and thrust into her wet, hot mouth, muffled moans of bliss vibrating through her throat.

"Oh gh--oh guh--oh goddd~!" Tammy was hugging Janine's towering rod tightly, cock-tail spiralling around the red, swollen length as she gyrated her hips and used her entirey body to stroke what she could reach of Janine's monster - until what was causing the shortstack's brain to short-circuit showed their heads. "Fuck, fuck, god!"

Licked and slobbered over by the tongues of her lipples, two sizable dicks were now beginning to extend from between the plump lips at the tips of her breasts. Slick with saliva and already drooling pre, these fat, pulsing rods only grew longer and and girthier, bringing the shortstack's penis count to three times what she had started out with, despite losing her initial prick. Not that Tammy could consciously appreciate that, caught up in the sensations of more erogenous zones than her mind was equipped to handle. Going from six feet down to maybe four if she was wearing high heels seemed to have compressed her lust, making everything more intense as she ground herself against Janine.

The chimeric bimbo, meanwhile, had spent most of the time while the others had been changing with simply dripping milk from two three-nippled breasts and one fat udder, stroking her curves to enhance the flow of fresh cream and enjoying the shortstack on her lap servicing her, but now, finally, her changes began to become apparent. Right at the tip of her towering red rocket, a dent appeared, and with a thick glob of pre oozing from Janine's pointy tip, the massive pillar of fuckmeat began to split down the middle. The pink-haired bimbo mewled and moaned, hugging her changing rod and subsequently Tammy tighter against her body, burying the shortstack in a mountain of titflesh, udder and dick, soon to be dicks. Tammy didn't mind, judging by her muffled moans and continued gyrating as her thick rods kept extending from her swollen breasts.

"Fuck yeah~... Tha's wha' I'm talkin' aoooh~..." Tongue lolling sideways out of her muzzle, Mona had pulled her lengthening schlong between the four furred funbags on her front, hips twitching to drive the fat rod through the valley of her cleavage, hands pressing together the top two boobs and making sure her drooling dicknipples rubbed against each other as much as possible. "Yuh-yeeees~..."

As Mona's swelling shaft began to inch out of her top cleavage, next to her, Ella's throbbing tail reached a girth that was easily twice as fat as the average cock, the succu-MILF's cheecks bulging as the nodules ringing her glans pushed against them from the inside. Her lower hands had begun to stroke the straining horsecocks jutting from her crotch, tail more than adequately serviced by Ella's soft, oversized breasts and her eager mouth, muffled squeals and moans of bliss filling the booth as the bimbo demon's eyes rolled up in her head.

Tammy's moans were far less muffled with Janine's shaft now split into two - narrower than original gargantuan rod, but the sensations of two fat cocks rubbing against each other easily made up for the loss in individual girth. The shortstack clinging to the Janine's twin monsters made sure that the pink-haired bimbo felt every pulse, every throb in both her cocks, all ten of her milky teats just as erect and twitching as they leaked hot cream on Tammy as the shortstack's newly grown cock received the most unconventional blowjob of all time from the lipples they jutted from, tongues slurping lewdly as they serviced Tammy's boob-dicks, both she and Janine luxuriating in the slow saturation of their bodies with lust.

There was nothing slow about Mona's masturbation now, hips bucking rapidly as she thrust through her double cleavage and into her slobbering muscle, eyes rolling up in the wolf morph's head as she face-fucked herself with her lengthening, thickening rod. Ella did much the same, albeit at a much more sedate pace, saliva and pre dripping from her pillowy lips and onto the swell of her bosom, making it all the more slippery for her tail to thrust through. Using the entirety of her upper arms to press her enormous bust together, the succubus MILF let her hands play over supremely stiff nipples and stroked her twin horsecocks with her lower arms, making sure that bliss reigned supreme in her mind, doing away with all pesky thoughts and higher thinking.

That much was true for all four heteromorphs; in the pursuit of pleasure, they sucked and kissed and slobbered and caressed, mewling and moaning and squealing, barely heeding the catcalls and appreciative comments from the tables next to the booth - because, to the surprise of no one, their little contest had gathered quite a bit of attention, being the most extreme display of wanton lust and changing bodies in a while. As far as the policule noticed, it put more of a delicious edge to what they were doing.

And it made the mess that was the inevitable end result all the more, well, messy. Mona was the first, her pace the most frenzied of the four, gargling and choking sounds filling the booth as her newly swollen balls emptied their much improved load into the wolf morph's throat, cock bulging and straining between her four breasts as cum splattered over the table from her quartet of dicknipples and oozed out of her maw and onto her tits despite her efforts to swallow everything.

Tammy followed suit, three cocks blasting impressive amounts of jizz onto Janine's lamia tail and all over the table as the shortstack's lipples suckled and slurped along her lengths, straining and bouncing as her oversized boobage jiggled in the throes of her lust, Tammy's jaw hanging slack as her mind was overwhelmed by pleasure. Clinging to Janine's twin rods with her entire body did delay the chimeric bimbo's own climax, but the hot baby batter hitting Ella on the other side of the table had its own effect...

...in setting off the demonic MILF's orgasm with a vengeance. Taking one spurt from her tail with her hot, wet mouth, Ella pulled the pulsing appendage from between her lips with a lewd pop, extending her forked tongue to catch strand after strand of scalding hot cum as it crisscrossed her face, eyes closed in bliss. The massive amounts of jizz exploding from her horsecocks did not land on anything so appreciative, instead splattering all over the underside of the table as Ella's flared glanses bumped against the wood from below with every climactic spasm.

Janine was the last of the four to finally twitch in orgiastic bliss, but thanks to having not one, but two of the biggest cocks around the table and a total of three swollen milkers, her part in adding to the mess was rather disproportionate. That is to say, the table was swimming in milk and dick juice by the time the chimera had covered it, herself, Tammy and part of the other two members of the policule in her fluids.

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