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Magic Clog Catastrophe
by Anonymous

Chapter 1: The Foreplay

It was a quiet summer night in Moperville, or at least it was supposed to be. The clog of magic energy that had been suffusing the town was finally being drained, and according to Tedd’s calculations it would be totally gone within the next few days. Hopefully things would be a whole lot calmer going forward without so much ambient magic around to attract all sorts of trouble. All anyone wanted to do was enjoy their last summer break before college.

But what neither Tedd nor anyone else realized was that the energy wasn’t draining at a constant rate – in fact it was speeding up. That might not sound like a problem. It might even sound like a good thing, but when magic energy gets sloshed around too rapidly the results can be very-


Nanase was the first to notice something was wrong, at around one in the morning. She’d found some excuse to get out of the house and spent the night with Ellen. The two of them had been fast asleep for the last few hours, cuddled together with Nanase as the big spoon holding a lightly snoring Ellen. But then suddenly there was a space where her girlfriend had just been, and she rolled forward, her arm dangling off the bed.

“El’?” she mumbled in a groggy voice. Her first thought was that Ellen just had slipped away to use the bathroom, but another part of her brain felt like something was very off. And then she heard Ellen’s muffled voice and screamed.

Which of course was enough to wake Elliot, sleeping just a few feet away. His defensive instincts kicked in right away and he jumped right out of bed, ready for action. One hand darted to the lamp on his nightstand, to illuminate any potential foes. Turning the light on was something he’d done countless times before, but all of a sudden his actions seemed wrong, clumsy.

“Za?” he whimpered.


Susan awoke in sudden discomfort. Her sleeping shirt was rubbing her chest the wrong way, like it had gotten twisted around in the night, only it hadn’t. She had to take the shirt off completely to diagnose the problem, and when she saw them, all she could do was deadpan, “Of course. I should have guessed.”


Grace woke up around three. She’d had the most lovely dream. She and all her friends were in an endless warehouse full of beanbag chairs, cuddling each other and running around and tickling and- wait, why were her feet cold? She looked down. Oh, that was unexpected. But nothing that couldn’t wait until morning. She snuggled back up to Tedd and then- darn it, looks like this can’t wait till tomorrow.


Sarah got thirsty in the middle of the night. When she figured out why she couldn’t take a drink, her first thought was, well, Tedd’s experiments have done worse.


Justin normally slept without a shirt, so he somehow didn’t notice anything was wrong until like five minutes after he’d woken up. Ashley took a whole hour, and still she only figured it out because her parents had left the pickle jar on the top shelf. When Diane figured her change out all she could think of was what a good surprise it would make for Lucy’s six month anniversary.


By noon the whole gang was assembling in Tedd’s basement, many of them hiding their bodies in bulky coats and jackets that didn’t fit the season at all. Everyone was looking at everyone else most uncomfortably, but no one wanted to be the first to speak up. They all knew that magic had done something weird overnight, but no one knew if their change had been the weirdest. Best to let Tedd take the lead. She was the best at understanding magic anyway. And with Tedd’s dad away for the weekend, they were on their own. Nobody in the room had any intention of having a conversation about this with him.

Tedd herself sat by the computer, an old scarf wrapped around her neck. “Okay, we’re almost ready. Grace should be down in a moment and Ellen is…” she looked questioningly at Nanase.

“She’ll be along. Don’t worry about it. I’ll explain later. It’s... fine.”

Tedd nodded. That was all the explanation she needed for now. Then everybody heard footsteps coming down the stairs. It was Grace, totally nude. That was unusual for this early in the day, but nothing any of them hadn’t seen before. But every eye except Tedd’s was trained intently on her, trying to see if her body had been transformed in some way, and how.

For a second Grace looked totally normal. Until the rest of her came into view. Then every jaw dropped to the floor. Grace had grown an entire second set of legs, to all appearances identical to her original pair, but attached to the rest of her by a second torso jutting out from her backside. Like a centaur, but there was nothing horse-like about her. Well, except for the horse-sized penis dangling between her rear legs. It was human in form but simply gargantuan, easily 20 inches long and still flaccid.

“Hi!” she said in her normal bubbly voice. “Looks like magic had some fun last night! Tedd says this form is called a ‘humantaur’ but she wouldn’t tell me where she heard that. Isn’t it neat though?” Grace stepped off the stairs and into full view of everyone. She spun around in a circle, giving all her friends a close up view of every inch of her and confirming that she had equally huge balls to match her huge cock. She reared up like a stallion and her dick slapped up against her second torso, so loud in the quiet basement it may as well have been a thunderclap. She moved like a natural, even if she did nearly hit her head on the ceiling.

Everyone was blushing at the obscene display, but no one more than Ashley. Her hands were gripping her skirt tight as could be, using every bit of willpower to stop herself from just fingering herself right there. Elliot moved to wrap his arm around her shoulder, but thought better of it and stopped before his hand had slid out of his heavy jacket. Neither of them had yet discussed their changes with the other.

Tedd just sighed. Grace was enjoying this transformation even more than she would have, somehow. Probably she saw it as an excuse to get everyone even “closer” like she’d always wanted. “Grace, I thought you said you were going to try to get dressed.”

“I did try! And I failed! But can you blame me, just look at this rockin’ bod, no way would anything fit me now.”

“We have blankets-” Tedd tried to interject, but Grace was already back to showing herself off, this time hopping her front legs up onto the couch where Diane was sitting, the tip of her cock just inches away from the blonde girl’s face.

“See? Isn’t this so cool? It’s like I was born this way!”

Diane looked like she was about to die, but in a good way.

“Ahem,” Tedd coughed. Politely, Grace stepped back off the couch and prepared to listen, folding herself onto the ground by Tedd’s feet. “So,” Tedd continued in her classic scientist mode, “as you’ve all figured out, something happened with magic overnight. I’ve only had a few hours to study what’s been going on, but I think I understand the basics. Magic energy in Moperville has dropped to normal levels much faster than I’d calculated. It was supposed to take several more days, but it happened almost all at once.”

“Shouldn’t that be a good thing?” Justin asked. “How does less magic equal more magic?”

“Splashback. When you pour a liquid out slowly, like into a glass, there won’t be any problems. But if you pour it out all at once it’s liable to splash back out and spill everywhere. I think that when the clog cleared all the magic poured out at once, but some of it rebounded back for a moment. A concentrated pulse of magic that had dramatic consequences. For us anyway. It doesn’t seem to have affected anyone else. At least, if everyone had transformed like Grace I assume there’d be panic in the streets.”

“So, are we… stuck like this then?” asked Elliot in a worried voice. “Surely there’s something you can do.”

“I don’t know. Probably, but I don’t know. That’s one of the reasons I had you all come over here. I’m going to need to study all of our changes very closely, I’m afraid, to see what options we have. Knowing magic, it might just go away on its own after a while.”

“A while is a long time,” came Sarah’s voice from behind several layers of scarves wrapped around her face. She’d been hiding in the corner the whole time, not talking to anyone.

“So anyway, I’ve set up the privacy curtain so we can all-”

A muffled voice seemed to come from nowhere in particular, but nobody could quite make out what it said.

“Sorry,” said Nanase. “That was Ellen. She said, ‘Oh, why bother with privacy’ and I have to say I agree. Whatever magic did to us, the changes seem to be very, um, intimate. And if we try to dance around that fact, it’ll just take Tedd longer to figure out how to fix it.”

“Wait,” Susan said, “I thought you said Ellen would be joining us later.”

Nanase didn’t answer, she just stood up from the floor and kicked off her shoes. Tedd was the only one to look away as Nanase began to strip, dropping her clothes in a pile by her feet. Bit by bit her perfect body came into view, bulging muscles casually rippling as she bent and stretched.

Now it was Diane’s turn to be the most uncomfortably turned on. She could feel her body heat up with each glimpse of a new part of Nanase. God, those thighs could literally crush her... Boy was she glad Lucy wasn’t around to see her right now. Not even that Diane was worried about her getting jealous, she could just imagine her girlfriend’s taunts. (Of course, if she’d been paying less attention to Nanase she might have noticed that the hotter her body got, the more her skin started to sink into the couch.)

Soon, Nanase was down to nothing but her panties, her breasts hanging impossibly firm like they always did. No visible transformations though. She felt a flash of shame at being so exposed before her closest friends but she shoved the thought back down. It was just skin after all. And besides, she needed to do this for Ellen. So off the panties went. She even threw in a seductive hip wiggle for her captive audience.

She turned around and let everyone see what she’d been hiding – nestled within her crotch right where her vulva should have been was Ellen’s smirking face. Eyes, nose, mouth, a splash of green hair, all within the tight confines of Nanase’s thighs. Not only had Ellen been conjoined to her girlfriend, she’d been reduced to almost nothing, just a substitute for some sexual organs.

“Phew, it was getting hot down there!” Nanase blushed as Ellen spoke. Her pussy may have been gone but the nerves were still there, only now wired to Ellen’s mouth and lips instead.

Tedd was the first to speak. “I’ve thought about conjoinment magic before, but I never imagined anything this complex was possible! I mean, are you okay down there Ellen? This is way more serious than I thought.”

“Oh yeah, I’m great! Never felt better. Nanase’s body is so full of energy, it’s incredible. And I’m literally like a million times more sensitive down here, it’s like-” she broke off out of embarrassment, suddenly aware of how revealing she was being. Sure she’d basically been transformed into a talking pussy, and sure she was loving it, but this was just a weird situation. Exactly how open should she be? How far was this going to go with everyone else?

To her surprise, she felt fingers brushing her “cheek”. Nanase had sensed her nervousness and was doing what she always did to calm her down, gently stroking her face. It worked. The sudden feeling of normalcy assured her that everything was going to be all right, and she realized that even if she was stuck like this for good, there was no one she’d rather be stuck to. She could only imagine what the wedding would be like. “Um, yeah, it’s not bad,” she finished.

“Okay, I can’t take this anymore. These clothes are killing me and if we’re all going to get naked anyway there’s no time like the present,” Susan said unexpectedly from the beanbag chair. She at least had the modesty to turn around as she undressed though, hiding her changes. She was much quicker about it than Nanase, just trying to get it over with. For a moment she tried to cover her changes with her hands, Birth of Venus-style, but quickly decided it was hopeless. Besides, the point was for people to see how she’d transformed.

And transformed she had, if less dramatically than Grace or Nanase/Ellen. Three penises jutted obscenely from her slender body, one in her crotch like “normal”, but the other two stuck out from her breasts, where her nipples used to be. The bottom cock was a good eight or nine inches, the dicknipples maybe seven inches each. All three were rock hard and dripping, veiny and thick in a way that seemed entirely out of place on her. Clearly Susan had been wildly turned on by the show so far, even if she’d done a good job of hiding it.

“It could be a lot worse,” she said calmly. “Wouldn’t have been my first choice, but at least penises can be quite hygienic when kept clean, and mine happen to be circumcised, which helps. Pretty easy to hide too. At least, you know, when I’m not seeing all my friends naked like this.” If it weren’t for the three streams of precum dripping onto the carpet, her friends could’ve almost thought she was as nonchalant as she seemed.

“Hold on,” Ellen asked from between Nanase’s powerful thighs. “Why are all these changes so sexual? Not that I’m complaining, but it seems out of character for magic.”

Elliot stood up while still keeping his arms in his jacket. “They aren’t all sexual. Ah, this is kind of embarrassing. Everybody else’s changes have been, um, sexy, but mine are, well…” At that he pulled out his arms, revealing his change. Where once he’d had hands like everybody else, now Elliot Dunkel had feet. What seemed like perfect copies of his original feet, only now seamlessly attached to his wrists instead. They looked big and unwieldy like that, even if the skin seemed soft and the arch flawless. He wiggled his new toes back and forth while staring at the way the soles wrinkled, like he was still in shock at the transformation.

“And those aren’t the only changes,” he said. He lowered his foothands to his waist and began trying to unbutton his pants to reveal the odd shaped lump that everyone suddenly noticed for the first time. But Elliot’s toes were too clumsy to get a handle on it and they kept slipping out of his waistband as his face grew more and more red. “Sorry, Ashley, could you…”

With way too much enthusiasm Ashley hopped up beside her boyfriend, biting her lip to contain the excitement. She slipped behind him, so as not to block anyone’s view, and Elliot realized he was about to be totally exposed. Her hands slid around his waist and she popped open the button. “I’ll help undress you anytime,” she whispered in his ear, somehow both hot and comforting simultaneously.

Then the sound of the zipper and out fell what everyone expected to see but still couldn’t believe: another perfectly formed foot in place of Elliot’s cock and balls. (A right foot, specifically.) Here the foot looked imposing, not clumsy. Everybody watching couldn’t help but imagine what it would feel like to try and take that. And while Elliot could move his foothands deliberately, his footcock seemed to have a mind of its own, twitching and wriggling at random like it was inviting them to touch it.

Ashley pulled off Elliot’s shirt without needing to be told, and he was left as naked as Grace. The combination of his perfect muscles and his three new feet was unique, to say the least.

“So yeah,” Elliot said. “Not exactly a sexy change. If anything the opposite.”

“Elliot you know perfectly well that there are tons of people who would call you the sexiest man in the world right now,” Susan interrupted. She sounded indifferent herself, like she was just stating a fact, but her hands had involuntarily begun stroking two of her three cocks while her eyes took in every inch of Elliot’s new form.

“Za?” he asked, genuinely confused.

And then a cacophony of voices as everyone voiced their opinions at once.

Grace: “I think you look cuter than ever!”

Ellen: “Heck yeah, own it, bro!”

Ashley: “Elliot baby I don’t know if it’s the literal hottest thing I’ve ever seen I mean it’s pretty hard to compete with Grace’s new form I mean no offense I’m not saying you’re not hot I’m just oh god about to explode”

Tedd: “While it’s not a transformation I’d ever thought of, I’d be happy to program a spell for it sometime. I do think it kind of suits you though. Very powerful and manly and jeez, what am I saying-”

Sarah: “Hrngh”

And finally Justin: “Susan had the right idea. Wearing clothes while all this is happening is killing me.”

With that, Justin slipped out of the long coat he’d been wearing, revealing that he hadn’t been wearing a shirt underneath. And the reason for that was clear: the second set of arms he’d grown, just beneath the first. Without pausing to give his friends a look, he tugged his pants and underwear off with his lower arms in one swift motion. Out popped his two erect cocks, one on top of the other, bobbing and bouncing against each other in a self-frot that only turned him on more. They were long too, long enough that he could easily use two hands for each of them.

“Sorry,” he said with a sigh, “but seeing Elliot like this was just too much.”

Elliot blushed at the compliment, and at the fact that there were five hard penises pointing right at him. Susan was just openly jerking off now, no longer trying to hide it, her two hands rotating between her three dicks, keeping them all at a state of maximum arousal. She wondered what the refractory period on these was, and if she could theoretically just keep masturbating forever.

Justin made as if he was going to imitate Susan but his four hands pulled back at the last second. Would that be going too far? This was a very weird situation after all, and he didn’t want to make it any weirder.


Something in the air had changed though. The meeting had started out awkward as could be, but once Nanase had revealed her Ellen-pussy everybody began loosening up, either letting out their exhibitionist side or at least gawking at their hot friends. And now things were becoming markedly sexual. Hard cocks and nudity tended to do that.

“Okay, look,” Diane said. She’d been unusually quiet so far, more than a little overwhelmed by all the bizarre new forms on display, but she was switching back into her usual take-charge mode. “Clearly magic has changed all of us in horny ways. It’s only natural that we’re all going to be horny as a result. I know we’re all feeling it, don’t even try to lie. So our two choices are for everybody to sit here frustrated, pretending we don’t like what we see, or to just relax and do what comes naturally. I know what I’m voting for,” she finished, defiantly sticking a hand down her skirt.

“Oh thank goodness,” said Justin, who immediately went to work on his cocks, openly staring right at Elliot.

“I’ve… already voted,” said Susan.

“Mmmmf,” said Ellen around Nanase’s penetrating fingers.

“Sounds good to me!” chirped Grace. She rolled over onto her side, once again exposing her massive dick to the rest of her friends. She wasn’t as eager as Justin or Susan to get off, but she did intend to tease herself as much as possible. She curled up her legs and began stroking her cock with all four of her feet, while one hand played with the head and the other stroked the edges of her pussy. A blissful grin settled on her face.

Ashley got a wicked look in her eye. “You know Elliot, ever since I saw this amazing new form, I’ve been dying to know-”

“That was only 30 seconds ago,” Elliot said, but his words were cut off by a gasp as Ashley traced the arch of his footcock with just a single finger.

“-Just how sensitive this organ of yours is.” Ashley had come a long way from the embarrassed girl Elliot had first known her as. Time spent in Tedd’s lab and a few “sessions” with Grace had really brought her out of her shell. Elliot wasn’t even surprised she was being so forward. They’d had plenty of fun in public, but only in different forms so- oh heck. All thought processes in Elliot’s mind were immediately stopped as Ashley took the big toe on his footcock in between her fingers.

Susan, meanwhile, hardly knew where to look. She didn’t even have a big thing for feet, but Elliot’s form was still a dream come true to her. Or maybe it was just seeing her friend for the first time naked and exposed. But watching Justin’s gay lust was almost as appealing, the complex rhythm of his four hands, the way his chest heaved.

Not to mention Nanase and Ellen. Their forced intimacy had an intoxicating allure. Somehow the idea didn’t trigger her aversion to touch. It didn’t really count if someone was literally part of you. She wondered what it would be like to be so close to someone that you were physically united in your most private of parts. She wondered who she’d want to be her pussy – or maybe her cock? Her eyes roved over her friend group before settling on Sarah, still quiet and bundled up. Yes, she could just imagine Sarah down there, helpless and at Susan’s mercy, always wet and hard. Giving up her life to be nothing but Susan’s plaything.

Without warning Susan’s right dicknipple began cumming. She’d been the first to start and now she was the first to finish. She let out the cutest squeak as her semen arced through the air and landed straight on Diane’s face. But even as Susan was making a mental note to do further comparisons of male and female orgasms, she noticed something strange. The cum that had hit Diane was disappearing. No, not disappearing – it was being absorbed somehow into her skin. She could even see little white globules floating around inside her cheek.

Susan’s jaw dropped yet again. This was at least the second strangest thing she’d seen today. “Did you… did that just… Za?”

Diane stopped fingering herself for a moment and smirked at her. “Guess it’s my turn then.” She hopped up on the couch to get everyone’s attention and then whipped off her blouse and skirt, leaving her in a bra, panties, and socks. At first nothing seemed strange. Her body’s shape was exactly as it had always been. But as their eyes gazed up at her they noticed something – her skin was translucent! The color was similar to what it had been before but if you looked closely you could see that you were peering into her body, like it was all made of one substance.

“So! My change might not be as obvious as everyone else’s, but I still think it’s pretty neat! Check this out.” Diane screwed up her face in concentration. For a second it wasn’t obvious what was happening but then her remaining clothes began to be sucked into her body, like she’d made herself more absorbent somehow. And then Diane stood proud and naked, the silhouette of bra, panties, and socks all clearly visible floating inside her.

“Looks like my body is now goo of some kind. Not really sure what exactly it’s made of other than that it smells minty and I can do all sorts of neat tricks with it.” To demonstrate she lowered the surface tension all over her goo body and immediately began to sink to the floor in a viscous puddle, before reforming herself. “And that’s just what I figured out this morning. Imagine what I’ll be able to do after a day spent with Tedd.”

“Aw, that’s way cooler than what I got,” piped Ashley. “All I can do is-” She bent down at the waist and put her hands on the floor, then reached up between her legs and grabbed her butt. She began pulling up her torso backwards, soon exceeding anything even the most flexible gymnast could hope to achieve. Her head popped back up and then she did it all again. Hands on the floor, pulling herself through her legs. She managed it a full four and a half times before she hit her limit, and by the end she looked like a rolled up sheet of paper with limbs attached.

“-This,” she finished. “Well, also this.” She stuck two fingers into her mouth and started pulling her cheeks apart until they were impossibly wide before letting go. “And also this. Elliot, could you stand on my feet to hold me down, then grab my arms and pull as hard as you can?”

Elliot did as he was told and stood by Ashley. Unexpectedly the heel of his footcock brushed against her rolled up body and he had to take a breath. But then, he grabbed her arms and pulled. No surprise, but Ashley’s limbs proved to be just as stretchable as the rest of her. Her arms went as high as Elliot could reach, but her legs stretched out as well, further dragging Ashley’s compressed torso up Elliot’s cock. Beads of sweat emerged from the misplaced foot, like droplets of precum.

Ashley continued, “I’m sure some people would find this form sexy, but personally I wish I’d grown a dick or an udder – something that you can really notice no matter what.”

“But you told me you were a size queen,” objected Grace. “Now you can be, like, the biggest size queen in the world! And besides, I think your boyfriend is going to need every extra inch inside you that you can manage. And if that’s not enough, well, we can always have another slumber party,” she said flirtatiously while gesturing to her gigantic penis, which was closing in on a yard in length and starting to project beyond her front legs. Ever since she and Ashley had started having these “slumber parties,” Grace had come to realize just how much she enjoyed teasing the repressed girl.

Ashley meeped at Grace’s words. She hadn’t even told Elliot about her size fetish yet, and now all her friends knew! She consoled herself with the knowledge that it was about the least interesting revelation of the day.

(Elliot on the other hand was too blissed out rubbing himself against his girlfriend to notice.)

“Okay,” Tedd said, fingers tugging at the scarf that still covered his neck. “That just leaves me and Sarah.” It was pretty easy to confirm who was left, given that everybody else was naked and masturbating. “I can go if you want, or…”

“No, it’s fine. No time like the present,” Sarah chuckled nervously. Of everyone in the basement Sarah had participated the least so far, and she remained totally bundled up, even still wearing gloves and a scarf wrapped around her face. The sweat glistening on her forehead was the only evidence of how closely she’d been following the proceedings.

Reluctantly, she began undoing the scarf, still embarrassed about her new body despite how comfortable her friends seemed with their changes. And everybody’s eyes were on her too. She knew they were just being polite, but still. She almost stopped altogether until she noticed Susan give her a firm nod of encouragement which was only slightly undercut by the fact that she was also jerking both of her dicknipples.

Nevertheless, it gave Sarah the courage to finish what she started. The scarf fluttered to the floor, revealing the first of her changes – the hairless pussy which had replaced her mouth and nose, clearly as aroused as the rest of her. The clitoris peaked out of its hood the way Sarah’s always did when she was horny. She felt an immense, physical longing to rub her favorite vibrator against it.

“Not sure how I’m speaking right now. I guess because magic. But… anyway there’s more.” First one glove came off, then the second. She held out her palms to her friends, showing them carbon copies of the same pussy currently dripping onto her chin. And another two hidden in her armpits. Then her coat, shirt, and bra, revealing pussies in place of nipples and her belly button. There were pussies on the soles of her feet, and two nestled side by side within her crotch. And for her thirteenth and final vagina – and Sarah couldn’t believe that she made herself do it – she bent over and spread her cheeks, exposing what had once been her anus. She’d never felt more awkward in her life, and she dreaded standing up again to face her friends. Until, that is, something happened which, once she realized what it was, totally restored her self-confidence and then some.

Tedd, like Sarah had been conspicuously refraining from participation in the near-orgy that was now unfolding. Her friends had assumed she was just staying in scientist mode, but the truth was she was almost as embarrassed about her change as Sarah. Not because she hated it though, but because she loved it so much that if any of her friends found out what it was, she knew it would feel like they were staring into her soul.

But that didn’t stop her from getting ever more turned on by each and every one of her friends’ new forms. (Well, not her cousin Nanase. Although since it was technically Ellen down there… No, that was a debate for another time.) She’d managed to hold back the heat in her neck, but once Sarah had finished showing off her new body there was no stopping it. To see the body of one of her best friends turned into an object of pure sex multiplied many times over was just too much.

But Tedd had no idea just how explosive her orgasm would be. Suddenly she found her perspective rotating wildly through the air as her head flew off her body. Tedd’s neck had been replaced with a thick, uncircumcised penis, one which slotted perfectly into the new vagina resting between her shoulders. And now her dickneck had ejaculated so hard from all her pent up lust that it shot straight up into the air, spewing a wild amount of cum all over everyone nearby, Grace most of all.

But thankfully Grace was the only one in the group not to be fazed by this final transformation. She reached out her hands and grabbed Tedd’s spinning head as it came down, nestling her new shaft between her breasts and resting her head on Tedd’s.

Tedd mumbled dizzily as her cock continued to drip a huge volume of semen onto Grace’s upper torso. Meanwhile, the rest of her body, seemingly with a life of its own, began to undress itself, moving in a seductive way that was quite out of character for Tedd normally. Sarah, now fully distracted from her previous concerns, hardly knew which half of Tedd she should be gawking at. Finally, Tedd’s body slipped out of its socks (making sure to rub its leg against Elliot in the process) and at last everyone was completely nude and jerking off freely.

“Wow, uh, that was my change,” Tedd said, still a bit in shock from her orgasm. “I didn’t mean for that to be so dramatic, but once I saw how hot Sarah is, it was, uh, out of my control.”

Sarah beamed. Not only did Tedd find her sexy, she found her so sexy she had a spontaneous orgasm. Sarah finally relaxed enough to begin fingering some of her many pussies (though she hardly knew where to start).

"Now," Tedd said, "could someone tell my body to stop posing on my keyboard?"


Re: Magic Clog Catastrophe

Chapter 2: The Sex

For a few minutes that was how they remained, ogling each other and jerking off on their own, although Ashley and Grace were still fooling around with their respective boyfriends. Every so often someone would ask someone else to show off their transformation in more detail. Nanase and Ellen were both particularly keen to see Sarah’s body up close, and Sarah was more than happy to oblige, bending over, fingering this or that pussy. She was even threatening/promising to give the conjoined girlfriends a lap dance.

A few people came – Susan with her main penis from watching Sarah tease Ellen-pussy, Justin with his upper penis from watching Elliot lick one of his foothands at Ashley’s behest, and Diane from watching herself melting in the mirror. But everyone remained horny, whether because of magic or because of all those teenage pheromones in the air. And everyone was wondering, was this about to become something more?

It was Diane who broke the deadlock with a simple, “Okay guys, no more procrastination. It’s time to fuck!” No one dissented so she continued, “Don’t worry, I’ve worked it all out. Grace, you’re with Ashley because she’s the only one who could possibly take you. Justin, you’re with Elliot because obviously you are. Elliot, you’re also with Tedd because oh my God won’t you two just fuck already, you’re killing all of us with your hesitation. Sarah, you’ve got way too many pussies to handle, so you’re with both Nanase and Ellen, and Tedd’s body. If those three aren’t enough just call for help. And Susan and I? We’ll watch.”

Susan nodded at her in satisfaction with the arrangement and the two of them sat down side by side on the couch to observe the proceedings. Everyone else, quite unable to argue with Diane’s ironclad logic, got into position.


Ashley approached Grace, grateful that her first time in this new form would be with someone she was comfortable with, and grateful that it would be with someone who could fill her up completely. Grace, for her part, stood up and let Ashley inspect her minutely. Ashley circled the humantaur girl, touching her as she pleased. Her thighs, the curve of her second back, her ass, her balls, each as big as Ashley’s fists put together. She bent over and kissed Grace on her new tailbone.

Grace giggled and spun around, staring into Ashley’s eyes. The two of them spoke at once.

Grace: “Ready to go for a ride?”

Ashley: “So when can we go for a ride?”

The girls both broke into laughter at their identical trains of thought and then Ashley let herself fall forward onto Grace, wrapping her arms around her upper torso. Grace reciprocated by pulling Ashley in for a kiss. The two of them had just enough experience with each other to know what the other liked while still maintaining an element of surprise each time.

Now it was Ashley’s turn to surprise Grace, with an incredibly limber tongue that could contort and twist itself in ways Grace had never felt before. She curled her tongue around Grace’s, working it up and down in a way that was unmistakably phallic. Grace just moaned and let Ashley work her magic.

Ashley felt something rubbing against her crotch and realized it was Grace’s dick, the tip now fully past her front legs. She slipped out of the kiss, despite Grace moaning in protest. She knelt down and began to kiss Grace’s other head instead, pressing her lips all over the tautsurface. And then she began to make her kisses bigger and bigger, stretching out her lips until they covered most of the tip. She felt Grace’s hands on the back of her head, pushing her onward, and she opened her mouth until the entire cockhead slipped into her bulging cheeks with an audible pop.

Ashley remembered her tongue and began to elongate it, wrapping it around Grace’s dick until she could squeeze it rhythmically, up and down. The tip of her tongue darted in and out of Grace’s tip, exactly like she was making out with it.

She began sliding herself forward, letting the cock slide into her throat, which expanded impossibly in width, all the while keeping up as much tongue action as she could manage. She’d made it about a third of the way down the shaft, when all of a sudden Grace, in a moment of extra lust, couldn’t stop herself from rearing up like a horse. The action caught Ashley completely by surprise and she slid forward all the way down, until her chin was brushing against the base of Grace’s balls. It took her a second to figure out what the novel sensation coming from her ass was – Grace’s cock had speared the helpless girl all the way through and was coming out the other side.

“Haha, whoops! Sorry about that,” said Grace, but she made no effort to help Ashley. Instead she began bucking both of her hips in unison, sliding her cock back and forth within her impaled friend like her whole body was a human-sized onahole. Ashley was just along for the ride now. She could feel the immense heat from Grace’s cock radiating throughout her entire being. The lower ridge of Grace’s tip kept bumping against Ashley’s stretched out pussy, and she was already at such a fever pitch that each new impact triggered a mini-orgasm. Not enough to sate her, just enough to push her to even higher levels of erotic neediness.

Ashley took advantage of her new limberness to wrap her arms and legs around Grace’s lower torso, bending her limbs at impossible angles to get more leverage, so she could push herself against Grace’s rhythms. Soon she was pumping her whole body along the cock, even as Grace was bucking more and more wildly herself. Grace had an amazing amount of self-control, but this was pushing her well beyond her limits. “Ashleeeeeeeeeey,” she moaned, but the girl could no more than speed up in response.

She decided that she needed to eat Ashley out and she needed to do so right this second. Ashley’s pussy was way too far away for Grace to reach normally, but that was no longer a problem. She bent over and grabbed her by the hips, yanking Ashley’s lower body away from the rest of her, which had the side effect of causing Grace’s cock to pop all the way back into Ashley as her torso nearly doubled in length. But Grace didn’t care about that, she only cared about eating her friend out.

Ashley would’ve yelped if she could at the unexpected but not unwelcome sensation. She’d recognize that tongue anywhere. Her and Grace’s sleepovers had always gone the same way. Grace would start out all teasing and dominant but at a certain point her willpower just broke and she found herself back where she always wound up – between the Asian girl’s thighs licking like there was no tomorrow.

Within seconds Grace had brought her to one long rolling orgasm, and in response Ashley’s distended body contracted around Grace’s mega-cock, which was enough to kick off the squirrel girl’s first orgasm of the day.

Grace felt her balls clench and her whole body tense up as she began firing rope after rope of cum into Ashley’s stomach. Ashley’s flexible body began swelling with her seed, which only caused her to try to milk Grace even more. Grace for her part had her face buried deep within Ashley. Unable to tell that she’d already been cumming, she kept licking the girl even harder, bringing her to an almost agonizing level of pleasure.

But all good things come to an end and after a minute Grace had finished filling Ashley and Ashley had finished cumming. Grace let Ashley’s body contract back down to its normal form and as her cock went soft, Ashley naturally slid off, completely frazzled and looking almost pregnant with how much Grace had ejaculated inside her. She tried to stand, but her knees were still too wobbly.

“Here, let me help you,” Grace said softly. She scooped the girl up in her arms and deposited her on her back. Ashley sat on Grace’s lower torso and hugged her fiercely from behind.

“Was it that good, Ash?” Grace asked with a smile.

Ashley pressed her face into Grace’s long hair and took a deep breath. “Mmmm. You could’ve been a little bigger,” she said, earning a playful slap on the butt that sent the cum in her sloshing.


Before the start of her rendezvous with Ashley, Grace had casually tossed Tedd’s head to Elliot to play with. A risky move, given Elliot’s current foothand-induced clumsiness, but thankfully he still had enough agility to catch Tedd and cradle her against his bare chest.

The two looked each other in the eye. It was a strange and vulnerable moment for both of them. Two lifelong friends who had taken years to become comfortable with casual physical intimacy were about to take the next step, all while dealing with their profoundly changed bodies. It was especially acute for Tedd, who was at the moment entirely helpless and at Elliot’s mercy. But… he’d never let her down before. She surrendered to the moment.

“Hey,” she said softly.

“Hey,” Elliot replied.

Justin, on the other hand, almost felt like an intruder. He and Elliot were close enough, but they’d never had the same sort of nearly romantic connection that Elliot did with Tedd. Not that he didn’t lust after his friend sometimes, especially once he’d learned Elliot wasn’t exactly straight. But fantasies were one thing, and he sure didn’t want to ruin Elliot’s special moment. So for the moment he just hung back, admiring Elliot's body.

Elliot stroked the back of Tedd’s penis neck with a big toe, causing her to giggle. “You’re very, uh…” she said.

“Yeah, you too.”

“Why didn’t we…”

“Internalized homophobia.”

Tedd laughed. “You should stop letting Ellen teach you big words.” Elliot laughed too. “I love you.”

“I love you too. It’s just…”

“Just what?”

“I’m really not sure how I can lift you up to kiss you without dropping you.”

“Pfffffft. Well, weren’t we supposed to be joined by someone with four arms?” Tedd tried to look around for Justin, but she couldn’t exactly crane her neck like this.

“Oh yeah.” Elliot turned around to see Justin standing beside him, awkwardly fiddling with his four arms and smiled. “You want in on this, dude? Or if you just want to watch, that’s cool too. We could even do mutual masturbation sometime!” Elliot was thinking of Susan with that remark, not quite guessing the true source of Justin’s hesitation.

“I mean, I do, I just. Didn’t want to interrupt.”

Tedd, a bit more perceptive, said, “Justin, Elliot has told me about like three wet dreams he’s had about you. I promise you’re not interrupting.”

Justin's face flushed pure red at that revelation. One hand shot up to try to cover his blush, the other three shot down to hide how his cocks had jumped. Tentatively he stepped in front of Elliot and grabbed his hips with his lower arms. Leaving one arm to hold Tedd, Elliot wrapped the other around Justin's shoulders and pulled him in for their very first kiss – in fact Elliot's first kiss ever with another guy. A part of him had worried that he wouldn’t like it but he loved it. The kissing itself wasn’t that different, but Justin’s firm muscles felt so distinct from the softer bodies of the girls he’d been with.

Tedd, meanwhile, found herself pinned between the two, their chests slick with sweat and massaging her shaft. All she could do was look on happily as Elliot and Justin made out with increasing vigor above her. Well, there was one thing she could do. She managed to turn slightly so that her head was facing into Elliot's chest and began kissing it, tasting the skin of her friend for the first time. Elliot's nipple popped into her mouth and she played at it with her tongue.

The sensation reminded Elliot, “Oh yeah, Tedd,” and he stepped back from Justin, who took Tedd from Elliot and held her up with his two left hands, her dickneck fully erect and twitching. Elliot moved in to kiss her, but Tedd stopped him before he closed the distance.

“Wait, I should be male for this.” She cast her gender swap spell and the lines of his face subtly shifted in ways that only he and Elliot could detect.

Elliot cupped Tedd’s face within his foothands, the toes tousling his hair. “I’d kiss you no matter what form you were in, dude.”

“Careful, I might make you test that hypoth-” Tedd’s lips were suddenly covered by Elliot's. He felt overwhelmed by his friend’s size but that didn’t stop him from kissing back.

Justin took the opportunity and began to nibble at Elliot's neck. One of his free hands slipped between their thighs and grabbed as much as it could of their genitals, slick with precum and foot sweat. He did his best to give the two of them a handjob. It was sloppy, but that hardly mattered since the sensation was so different from when he’d tried this with other guys who’d had, um, normal anatomy. He’d feared that Elliot’s footcock would be rough but in fact the skin of his sole was soft and supple. Justin ground his cocks into the misplaced foot, taking immense pleasure in the way the wrinkles felt against his shafts. He could tell that Elliot felt just as good from the way his hips started to move in response to Justin’s ministrations.

Elliot's conscious mind was still focused on Tedd though. His foothands had drifted down from Tedd’s face and onto his dickneck. He was acutely aware of how inadequate his technique was. He’d only given handjobs to Ashley in male form a few times so even if he hadn’t been transformed by magic he’d have still been inexperienced. But the clumsiness of his new anatomy only compounded his difficulties. All he could do was rub him, and tease with his toes. From the noises Tedd was making that was good enough, but Elliot wanted to give his friend more. His lips followed the same downward path as his feet, from Tedd’s mouth to his chin and then to the base of his new shaft. Tedd’s moaning and whimpering and calling out his friend’s name took on a new intensity as Elliot kissed his way to the tip of his cock.

Justin looked up as Elliot moved his head away from him and saw that Tedd’s mouth was now available. Seizing the opportunity he moved in for a kiss of his own. Tedd’s eyes shot open at the unexpected but not unwelcome sensation and he kissed back with equal passion.

Elliot took the head of Tedd’s dick into his mouth and began sucking on it, but only for a moment. He wanted to make this last as long as possible. He kissed his way back up the reduced body and joined in Tedd and Justin’s make out. The three of them closed their eyes and became one, hardly able to tell whose tongue was doing what to whom.

After a minute Tedd was the first to pull back for air. “If we don’t go beyond kissing soon I might literally explode. Elliot, I need you to blow me more than I’ve ever needed anything in my life. Justin, take care of Elliot for me.”

After a minute, they figured out a workable arrangement. Tedd’s head was placed on his desk, where Elliot could touch and hold him with no risk of being dropped. Elliot was of course bent over the desk, where Justin had free rein to pleasure him.

Elliot wasted no time in sucking his best friend’s dickneck. All his inhibitions had long since evaporated. He was starting to get better with his foothands too, using them to pump Tedd’s cock whenever his mouth was towards the tip. Tedd was right, they did kind of make him feel powerful.

Justin stood behind Elliot, his friend’s ass sticking out most invitingly. He wasted no time, lining up his upper cock with Elliot’s asshole and sliding it in slowly, letting the sensations build up for both of them. His lower cock he let slip between Elliot's thighs, where it curved up to meet Elliot’s footcock, which felt just as good as before. He thought to himself that he really wanted Elliot to give him a footjob sometime – maybe with both pairs of feet even. He wrapped both his arms around Elliot’s body and held him tight.

Elliot was the first to cum, being the only one of the trio who hadn’t already done so. His toes spread wide in pleasure. He hadn’t known what to expect from his first footgasm, but it was kind of a blend of his normal male orgasms and the female ones he’d experienced when fooling around as Cheerleadra with Ashley. More diffuse than with a penis, but still very much centered in his genitals. (Later on, when he was talking to Ashley he had to admit that he liked it very much indeed. She just replied with, “Step on me. Now.”)

Elliot’s whole lower body spasmed and that was enough to set off both of Justin's cock’s at once, the lower one spraying all over Elliot’s toes. He wasn’t looking forward to cutting holes in his shirts for his other pair of arms, but he could more than live with having two penises down there. Maybe there were some other of his guy friends he could talk into bed now…

Tedd was the last to cum. With his body so reduced all of his sensations seemed magnified tenfold and he was pretty sure that he literally blacked out for a bit. But even more important was the fact that for the very first time he was cumming into the mouth of his best friend (boyfriend to be?). Any transformation would have been worth this.

Elliot, for his part, looking at Tedd’s cutely screwed up face and swallowing every drop, couldn’t have agreed more.


Nanase and her pussy both stared at Sarah’s naked form and licked their lips, although when Ellen licked her lips it sent a shiver straight up Nanase’s spine. All throughout the morning Ellen had been teasing her girlfriend/owner, working her up into a heightened state of arousal then letting her fall back to earth, each peak a little higher than the one before. It was a fun chance for Ellen to let her dominant side out, since normally Nanase and Fox were a bit too overpowering for her to handle. So she was relishing this opportunity to top from the bottom, so to speak.

Nanase, on the other hand, was far more flustered than she was letting on. Once she’d gotten used to this new form of hers and Ellen’s she’d assumed it would be just another chance for her to take control like usual. But in fact it had been the reverse. Ellen could blow a kiss or bite her lip and bring her to her knees, so she’d had no choice but to follow her lead. There was something delightfully humiliating – a sensation Nanase had never expected to experience – about being under the control of someone who was literally just a body part of hers. More and more Nanase’s fantasies were turning to the thought of her Ellen-pussy ordering her around all day every day. Even in public…

But she could save all that for later. Now she and Ellen had a more immediate goal: comforting Sarah, who was still shifting back and forth between comfort and discomfort at her new, profoundly sexual, profoundly vulnerable new form. Nanase and her vagina didn’t exactly have a telepathic link, but they found they could read each other’s feelings well enough, and right now they both wanted to give the girl enough pleasure for her body to become a source of overwhelming joy. And they were just the lesbians for the job.

Tedd’s body, on the other hand, was just an exhibitionist slut who was down for whatever.

Sarah caught the conjoined duo staring at her and made an effort not to cover herself, instead standing proudly with her hands on her hips, leaving nothing to the imagination.

Ellen said, “You look…”

“Amazing,” finished Nanase, once again following her pussy’s lead.

“You think so?” asked Sarah, threatening at any moment to revert to shyness.

“I know so,” they both answered

Tedd’s body (still female) had taken the opportunity to sneak up behind Sarah and it gave her just a little push so that she stumbled straight into Nanase, who caught her with grace. What surprised Sarah though was the breathing on her crotch, as Ellen’s face was just inches away from her two main pussies. Then Tedd’s body glomped her from behind and the distance was closed, Sarah’s genitals now firmly lined up with Nanase’s.

“Ooh, I think Tedd’s body likes you,” teased Nanase.

And indeed the body was rubbing itself all over Sarah, its fingers already brushing the edges of the pussy hidden within her cheeks. That was matched on the other side by Ellen diving right into Sarah’s crotch, using the crude but vigorous technique she’d perfected on Nanase a while ago. No subtlety, but lots of action.

“I- I-” Sarah wasn’t sure what to say or do. There were still feelings of embarrassment about her body bubbling up but also she felt embarrassed that it was her friends pleasuring her rather than the other way around. Her new body was meant to be penetrated by others and she wasn’t sure what she could do for them in return. Could she just let go and-

“Just let go and feel good,” said Nanase. “Don’t think, we’ve got you.” Nanase moved in boldly for a kiss of her own, this time on Sarah’s face pussy. Sarah was surprised to learn that having four of her holes being played with really did mean quadruple the pleasure. And she still had a further nine vaginas to be filled. If her two and a half partners managed to fill them all at once Sarah thought her brain might literally break.

They didn’t quite manage that, but not for lack of effort. Firstly, Nanase plunged a finger into one of Sarah’s breast pussies. Sarah jiggled internally in a way she never had before and the thrill of it was enough to give her a little orgasm, one she only stopped from becoming a great big orgasm with tremendous effort.

Next, Tedd had just cast her gender swap spell over with Justin and Elliot, and his body was swapped as well. That gave it an instantly hard cock it could plunge into Sarah’s rear, freeing up its hands. One of them snaked around to her belly button while the other reached up to one of her armpits, and for the second and third time in the last ten seconds Sarah found herself getting filled up in ways that should be impossible. It made her quite literally weak in the knees and she toppled over to one side, taking both other bodies down with her. She didn’t get a chance to apologize though, so swiftly was Nanase’s mouth back on her face.

She was half-filled now, and the sensations were becoming literally indescribable. She was reaching plateaus of ecstasy few humans had ever reached, none of them without the aid of magic. If she’d had a coherent thought it would have been this: this form is pretty okay after all.

Nanase and Ellen weren’t being totally left out though. After all, making out with a fellow pussy was as enjoyable for Ellen as it was for Sarah, and all of that sensation was getting piped up to Nanase. For a famous (well, among a very small group of people) cunnilingus enthusiast like Ellen it was a dream come true, combining two of her favorite activities – eating pussy and being eaten out herself. Sarah slipped one of her hands down between her legs and Ellen was just as happy to kiss the pussy resting on her palm.

But it was Tedd’s body who managed, almost by accident, to finally bring Sarah’s body to the earth-shattering orgasm she had been building up to. It was trying to think of holes that had yet to be filled when it remembered the twin pussies on the soles of Sarah’s feet, which hadn’t been touched so far. The body extended its leg as far as it would go, just long enough for its toe to reach the edge of the vulva. All it managed was the gentlest caress but the touch was so unexpected that Sarah had no way to prepare for it, and what would have been a small ripple in her vast eddies of pleasure morphed into a tsunami that crashed through her whole body from head to toe. She cried out wordlessly, in the voice that magic had given her. She was practically convulsing but Tedd’s body and Nanase held her tight, allowing her to slide blissfully from cumming into comfort.

A minute later the three bodies were sitting against the wall, side by side. Sarah in particular was totally matted with sweat and still breathing heavily. She felt good though. She’d been worried that she’d start to feel bad in some way after the come down but she didn’t at all. She looked her body over yet again and she still liked what she saw. It was okay for her to feel sexy, to accept the desires of others. She-

Wait what was Tedd’s body doing? It had shifted back to female form and was cuddling up to Nanase in a way that was more than a little lewd, rubbing the vagina between its shoulders against Nanase’s breasts and locking their legs together. Oh Tedd wouldn’t like that.

Nanase risked a quick peck on the pussy and a few moments later Sarah heard Tedd cry out, “Body, no!” She couldn’t help but giggle.


Diane and Susan had been sitting on the couch together for the last few minutes, watching all the sexiness unfold and conversing casually.

“I gotta say, I didn’t think I was that into girly guys, but male Tedd is kind of hot, don’t you think?” said Diane, again dripping drops of goo on the couch.

“He certainly knows how to use his body. Or at least, his body knows how to use his body.”

“This your first time with a penis?”

“...No comment.”

“Aw, now you’re being shy?”

“Ugh, fine. One day I was out at the beach with Justin, discretely (or so I thought) ogling his backside when he started fake whining about how unfair it was that I got all this eye candy while he got nothing. So I figured fair’s fair and spent the rest of the day as a man.”

“Is that it? Frankly I was hoping for more spice.”

“Well I guess I was a guy when I made out with Justin at a party that one time.”


“It’s not what you think! Justin was a girl!”


“…Hey, look at what Grace is doing to Ashley’s body!” It was a transparent dodge and they both knew it, but frankly the orgy happening in front of them was too hot for either of them to ignore for long and so it was back to jerking off.

After a minute Susan noticed that Diane was doing something weird with her hand. The fledgling goo girl had shoved it straight into her belly button and dragged her hand down until it was below her waist. The little patterns in her skin whorled about like an oil slick. Susan wasn’t quite sure what to make of it until some of Diane’s fingers popped out of her vagina – she was fingering herself from the inside out! “Oh my,” was all she could say.

Diane saw that she was being watched. “This feel really good actually. It’s a whole different kind of fullness.” She wasn’t kidding. She’d gone from using just a few fingers to using her whole fist, which pumped out of her deformable body like a battering ram. Apparently Ashley wasn’t the only size queen here.

Susan turned to face Diane, jerking her dicknipples and rubbing her main cock against her thigh. Diane stared back, the two girls using each other as masturbation fuel.

“I can see why guys use lube though,” Susan joked. “This is a lot of work.”

Diane thought about that for a moment then came up with a bright idea. “Here let me help.” She reached out with her free hand and held it over Susan’s breasts, then let herself start dripping bits of herself onto her friend, coating her friend with the shiny substance. Tentatively Susan rubbed it into her skin, and was pleased to find that it made her masturbation much easier. Also there was something pleasantly antiseptic about whatever type of goo Diane was made of. Maybe it was the minty smell.

“Say, Diane, do you want to make out?”


“I feel bad that you’re here with me and not participating in the actual orgy. Also I’m ridiculously horny and your new body isn’t setting off any of my phobias for whatever reason,” she said like it was the most logical thing in the world.

“Oh well when you put it like that,” Diane replied, but she leaned in towards Susan anyway.

Susan’s first thought about the kiss was that it was like chewing mint gum but way better. Susan’s second thought was wondering whether she was just inexperienced or whether Diane was as good a kisser as she seemed. Susan’s third thought was “wait, am I going inside her?” And she was. Diane had been so focused on the kiss that she’d forgotten to keep her face semi-solid, and now Susan’s tongue was literally down her throat as the two heads overlapped with each other. That didn’t stop either of them though, it just gave their actions a new, surreal intensity.

Diane was the first to escalate things further. She was trying to give one of Susan’s dicknipples a handjob, but she was getting too turned on to properly maintain surface tension and so the cock just slid straight into her wrist. Susan didn’t mind though. She grabbed Diane’s arm – as much as she could grab something that was partly liquid – and held it there. Almost immediately Susan came, once again shooting ropes of semen deep into the goo girl.

“That is the coolest thing,” she said, looking down at the white load which was drifting upwards through Diane’s body, from her arm into her chest. “I bet you could fit so much inside you.”

“Care to find out?” Diane asked with a smirk and that was all the excuse Susan needed to fall onto her with her whole body. All three of her cocks sank into the fast decohering goo girl.

Diane may have been losing her shape but that didn’t mean she wasn’t an active participant. Her body oozed up Susan’s, covering more and more of her friend in a thin film of herself. Susan, not caring, just thrust harder. All three of her penises were surrounded by Diane, who flowed and melted and condensed around her

But soon there was less and less of Diane to thrust into. She had almost completely wrapped herself around the taller girl’s body by now, and what with the bits of her that had already dropped off, there wasn’t much left to go around. Susan didn’t notice for a moment, however. The bits of Diane that were still wrapped around her cocks felt just as pleasurable as before. But when she opened her eyes she realized that Diane had practically become a second skin.

Diane made sure to keep her body circulating around Susan. It was like a full-body version of the handjob she’d given her a minute ago. Somehow Diane knew exactly how to manipulate her new form, even though it was so different from her normal human shape. She knew when to loosen and when to constrict. She knew how to undulate in great ripples. In short, she knew just how to get her friend off.

She could feel the growing tension in Susan’s body and picked up the pace. It didn’t take long. For the first time, Susan came with all three of her cocks, exploding into Diane with tremendous force. She didn’t moan or whimper, she just took deep, ragged breaths. Her cum was all caught by Diane’s skin, drooping from the tips of her cocks like filled condoms, before it was recirculated throughout the rest of Diane’s body.

Susan expected Diane to reform into her old form but she didn’t. Much to Susan’s surprise she saw a second head growing on her shoulder and swiftly saw Diane’s features reemerge. To anyone looking at them they would’ve seemed just like conjoined twins, just with unusually shiny skin. It was like Diane was forming a protective layer around Susan’s whole being. Despite the intimacy Susan found it very hard to object. She might have to ask Diane if she could just wear her sometimes.

“So,” Diane asked, looking at the rest of the orgy as it wound down. “What did I miss?”


Re: Magic Clog Catastrophe

Chapter 3: The Aftercare

It took a lot of work and a lot of sex, but finally everyone was sated for the time being, and relaxing in the basement. It was a pleasant scene, but not one that could be mistaken for one of their normal hangouts. For one thing, nobody had made any effort to get dressed. The afternoon heat was descending into the basement and anyway the room was already hot from their combined exertions. For another thing, everyone was still very much transformed. Susan still wore Diane like a suit, and the two were chatting together almost like a single being. Sarah was having an animated conversation with Nanase’s crotch while Nanase herself was looking at her phone. Tedd was back in female form, her body cuddling with Grace, resting against her cock like a pillow while she painted her and Grace’s nails. Tedd’s head was… well, Tedd’s head was in Elliot. Elliot was laying chest down on the floor, head propped up by his foothands, gossiping with Ashley (still filled with Grace’s cum) about the sex they’d just had. And sticking out of Elliot’s ass was Tedd, her dickneck comfortably resting inside her friend, while she looked through her spellbook with the help of Justin.

“Aha!” she said suddenly, causing everyone to look at her. “Wait, no, hmm. Turn the page please, Justin. Hmm. Hmm. Za? Hmm. Oh I get it.” He addressed his friends, “It looks like our forms will revert back to normal on their own, but it’ll take up to three months and I can’t do anything about it in the meantime.” Some people grumbled at that, some didn’t. “Well, except for one thing. It looks like magic has given me a spell to deal with these changes, but if I’m reading this right there’s a major catch. The spell will make your transformations seem normal to everybody else, like you’ve always been this way and it’s no big deal. But the catch is… the catch is that it’ll make your transformation permanent. This would be your new standard form. And even if I used a magic wand to turn you back temporarily people’s reactions would be just the opposite – like you were suddenly in a strange new body. So... those are your two choices: hide your changes for a few months or make them public but permanent.”

Everyone was about to spend a moment contemplating that choice, but Susan spoke up immediately, needing no time to think at all. “I’ll do it. I’ll use that spell. I love this new form. Like I said, penises are more hygienic. And fun. Fine, I admit they’re fun.” She looked around expecting her friends to be shocked at her choice but they all seemed unperturbed.

“Heck yeah, welcome to the guy side of things,” Justin joked.

“Girls can have three cocks you know,” she said faux-icily. “It’s perfectly normal.”

“Yes ma’am,” he said, faux-abashedly.

Grace chimed in. “While I do like this form and I already asked Teddy to make a copy of it for me, I think four legs are a bit too inconvenient to be permanent. Besides, magic is going to become common soon so people may as well get used to seeing weird new body types around, starting with me. Centaur summer! Say, are there any nude beaches around here?”

Next, Diane. “I’ll have to think about it some, but I’m inclined to keep this form. It’s not that different and it gives me some cool new abilities. Just as long as Lucy says yes.”

Ashley: “I’m with Diane. You never know when a cool new ability might come in handy. And besides… someone has to get fucked by Elliot and Grace the next few months, right?”

Elliot: “Yeah, I’m really, really looking forward to that.”

Ashley, unable to keep the hope from her voice: “You wouldn’t happen to be thinking of keeping this form, would you?”

Elliot: “I don’t know. It’s crazy that I’m even considering it – would I have to relearn all my movements? how much dexterity could I get back? – but I also have no idea how I could hide this for three months. And since you and Tedd seem to like it so much…”

Tedd: “Whatever you’re comfortable with. But also yes.”

Elliot: “Let me try it with some of my girly forms and then I’ll decide. What about you, dude?”

Tedd: “I think I’ll let myself go back to normal. Much as I enjoy being inside you like this I’m a little concerned about my body and head becoming permanently separated. Also I’m worried my body will try to get a career as a fashion model or something.”

Tedd’s body made an exaggerated pouting gesture.

Justin: “I’m with Elliot, I’ll have to think about it some. The two dicks are great, but the extra arms seem equally convenient and inconvenient.”

Ellen: “Hmm, I kinda want to stay like this, actually.”

Nanase: “What? Nope. Nuh-uh. No way. Not gonna happen. You can’t just be a body part for the rest of your life. I refuse to date my pussy, Ellen.”

Ellen, licking her lips: “Aw, come on, where’s your sense of fun? Don’t you like being this close to me? Don’t you like how sensitive I make you? We haven’t even messed around with Fox yet, you know.”

Nanase, blushing furiously: “Ellen, do you really want to live with my mom? In this form?”

Ellen: “Okay, that’s a fair point. Proposal withdrawn.”

That just left Sarah, once again the last to weigh in. “I- I’m definitely keeping this form. I want to leave myself no choice but to be open to the world about who I am and the kinds of things I’m interested in. But also, Tedd, I was wondering if you could do me a favor. This spell to make things seem normal, could you modify it?”

“Sure, I think so.”

“I want you to make a nudist version of that spell. Make it normal for me to be naked all the time.” That did make everyone’s jaws drop for the first time in a while.

“I could, but... you do realize that it’s a permanent spell, right? And it wouldn’t just let you be a nudist, you’d have to be a nudist. Wearing clothes might even get you in trouble.”

“That’s exactly what I want. I’m serious about not hiding anymore.”

“Okay, but it’ll take a few days to get the spell ready, so you’ll have time to change your mind if you want.”

“You’re a sweetie Tedd,” she replied, “but my mind’s made up.”

“My mind too!” said Grace. “I can’t believe I didn’t think to ask Tedd for a spell like that ages ago, it’s perfect. And it’ll give me a great excuse to show off my form while I have it.” She reached out a hand to Sarah. “Nudist pals?”

Sarah high fived her back. “Nudist pals!”


With everything resolved for now, Tedd had her head removed from Elliot and placed back onto her body. She cast the spells to make Ashley, Susan, and Sarah’s forms permanent. Several others agreed to drop by Tedd’s once they’d decided what to do about their transformations, or just to fool around with Tedd and Grace some more.

Susan was a bit worried about fitting her dicks into her clothes but it turned out her underwear had been reshaped to match her new form. Her panties had practically become briefs to hold her coiling penis, while her bra simply had holes cut out in the middle to let her dicknipples hang loose. Not exactly hiding her new assets, but she trusted that her normalcy spell would smooth over any problems.

Sarah found a new item of clothing in her pile, a little mask shaped to hide her face pussy. She thought it best to wear the mask in public, at least until Tedd’s promised nudism spell was finished.

Soon enough Tedd and Grace were alone in their house again. Grace insisted that Tedd hop on her back and Tedd was more than happy to oblige. And so it was that Grace carried Tedd out of their basement like a noble steed. And so it was that Tedd was clinging tightly to her girlfriend when Grace noticed the unheard message on the answering machine, which she played while getting cold sodas from the fridge. And so it was that they both learned that Mr. Verres’s conference had been cut short and he’d be back any minute now. And so it was that Tedd’s dad came home to the unusual sound of someone quite literally galloping up the stairs.

“Kids,” he said to himself before going to the fridge to get a soda of his own.