Topic: “Can You Confirm That For Me?” - by Koji (Furry warning)

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(Content: Semi-consensual transformations, unusual anatomy, FtM gender change, sexuality change, age progression, a tauric body, probably other things I’m forgetting)


Re: “Can You Confirm That For Me?” - by Koji (Furry warning)

“Can You Confirm That For Me?”
by Koji

Tina looked over her credit card statement with a scowl.

It wasn’t that she was particularly low on cash - not any more than usual, anyway. No, what was bothering her today was a series of monthly charges she didn’t recognize. Some pharmaceutical company called GNUYU Corporation was apparently charging her a hundred dollars a month for shipments of some hormone she hadn’t ordered, wasn’t prescribed, and definitely wasn’t getting.

Fortunately, a quick Internet search later, and she had the number of their customer support division. This should be easy enough, she thought, tapping the number into her phone and setting it to speakerphone. Although, she mused, how did they get my credit card info, anyway?

Click. “GNUYU Customer Service, my name’s Ethan, how can I help you today,” chirped the young man on the other end of the line. He sounded way too enthusiastic and happy for a call center worker. If I had his job, Tina thought, I’d be screaming for death in a year - either mine, or someone else’s.

“Uh, yeah, hi,” Tina began. “My credit card company’s saying I’ve got a monthly delivery service from you, but I don’t remember signing up for it, and it doesn’t sound like anything I’d order. I’d like to cancel the service,” she added, for clarity, only for Ethan’s voice on the other end of the line to give a chipper little “aww” in response. Why’s he so damn bubbly?

Ethan began rapidly rattling off what sounded almost like a practiced speech. “Well, I’m so sorry to hear that, miss. Well, I can only cancel our services if the Actual Account Holder consents to it. I’ll need to verify all of the information we have for you in our files to confirm you’re the Actual Account Holder, so if you’ll just bear with me for a few minutes, miss, and answer some questions, we can get you taken care of. Is that alright?”

Somewhat overwhelmed by the speed at which Ethan was talking, Tina stuttered a bit into her phone. “Uh, y-yeah, sure, I guess that’s fine. How did you guys even get my credit card info anyway?”

Tina shifted uncomfortably in her seat. She didn’t really have a separate office space, so her desk was up against a wall, right beside her bed, with her chair sort of sandwiched in between them. It wasn’t the most comfortable setup, but on her budget, she made it work.

“Just to confirm,” Ethan burbled pleasantly, ignoring Tina’s question, “What’s your name, miss?”

Tina set her phone on her desk and leaned back. “Tina Montgomery,” she said reflexively. How many questions is this guy gonna ask, anyway?

“Mmm, yes, that’s correct,” Ethan chimed in. Well, of course it’s correct, it’s my name, Tina thought. If anyone knows my name, it’s me. “And can you give me your current birthdate?”

“It’s, uh, March 26th, 1999,” Tina replied. This was followed by an odd silence, then a hissing or sucking sound from the other end of the line.

“Mmmm, no, that’s not right,” Ethan said, confusing Tina. How is that not right? It’s my birth date. I know my damn birth date! “It says here you were born on April 15th, 1983. Can you please confirm that for me?”

Tina opened her mouth and took a sharp breath in, preparing to say something sarcastic.

Nothing came to her lips.

She blinked, thinking silently to herself. What the fuck? He’s wrong. He has to be wrong. I was born in March in ‘99, right? I swear I was. I swear!

Her face creased and wrinkled subtly. Her breasts got a little heavier. Her back ached a little. The toll of an extra decade of life descended on her features in mere seconds. Was I? I… I remember it… but I also remember… growing up in the 80s?

“Y-Yes, that’s right,” she finally breathed. What just happened? I feel like something’s… different. Something important.

Ethan piped up again before she could get her thoughts together. “And how many heads do you have, ma’am?”

Without thinking - still confused by the last question, really - Tina quietly replied. “W-Well, one, obviously.” What kind of question was that? Of course I have one head. How many is he expecting me to have?

Ethan sighed, his voice tinged with emotion. Is he disappointed? I’m being honest with him. At least, I’m trying to. “No, that’s wrong. It says here that you have two heads. Can you please confirm that for me?”

Tina froze. Her shoulders widened. Slowly, her left head emerged from her body, and gasped for breath. She blinked both pairs of eyes.

I… I have two heads? “I… I have two heads?” she said from both her mouths at once. It felt… weirdly natural.

Ethan hummed in odd contentment. “Very good. We’re making good progress, Miss Montgomery. Next question for you: how many breasts do you have?”

Tina looked down at her chest with one head, the other keeping her eyes on the phone. “Two,” she counted. Can’t have been wrong this time, she mused.

But indeed, Ethan hummed and said, “No, sorry, it says here you have three. Can you confirm that for me?”

Tina looked down with both heads now. She saw her breasts get pushed outwards. She watched the third one blossom into existence, swelling out, getting nice and rounded like her original pair.

Which… didn’t make sense. The middle one’s part of my original trio, not my original ‘pair’. “I have three breasts,” she said, more confidently now. I definitely got it right this time. She took a moment to heft her outer two in her hands, and feel their weight. They weren’t huge breasts, but she was proud of her C cup triplets.

“And your arms, Miss Montgomery - how many of those do you have?”

Tina looked down at either arm with either head. “Two,” she said. One, two. One per head. Easy enough.

“Nnnnno, again, it’s saying here you have four arms. Can you confirm that for me as well?”

Tina took a deep breath and folded her arms under her breasts. Then she folded the lower pair under the upper pair. Four arms. One, two, three, four. No matter how many times she counted, there were four of them. How did I miss those? “I have four arms,” she agreed.

But now that she was aware of them, she could put them to use. She had her right head and bottom pair of arms rummage through a desk drawer for one of her granola bars. She kept a hidden stash of snacks for times like this, when she had to be at her desk for a while.

“Excellent. And can you tell me your species, ma’am?” Ethan said. My… species?

Tina chewed her granola bar with her right mouth while taking another deep breath with her left. “I… I think I’m… human?” She sounded unsure. She felt unsure. Am I human? I’ve been wrong about so many things so far.

“Sorry, that’s not right either,” Ethan corrected her yet again. “You are, in fact, an anthro-orca.”

This time, Tina felt it fully.

She felt her skin change texture, felt it get shiny, glossy, inhuman.

She felt its color change from a peachy human tone to a two-tone black and white pattern across her body.

She felt her faces push forward, muzzles growing where she once had human mouths and faces, the sensations so pleasing she couldn’t hold in her moans.

She felt herself grow a tail - not a long one, not a particularly impressive one, but a tail all the same. Short and stubby it might have been, but it was her tail and it felt so good to have it!

God, what’s happening, why does this feel so good, she wondered, her body getting more rounded, thicker, slightly fatter with her new whale-like weight and mass. But not just fat, she realized. Muscle, too, making her bigger and stronger.

It felt good.

“Can you confirm that for me?”

Tina practically purred into her phone. “I’m an anthro-orca.” She loved the way that word felt on her lips, her tongue, her teeth.

“Mnnh, are we done? Am I-”

But Ethan cut her off. “No, ma’am, there’s still plenty more questions to go.”

What else could there possibly be at this point? Tina wondered. Already she felt fantastic.

“For example,” Ethan continued, “there’s the matter of your body type. What shape would you describe yourself as? For example, there’s humanoid, there’s tauric, there’s feral…”

This one seemed simple enough. “I’m humanoid,” Tina said confidently. She had to be. She was an anthro-orca, after all, not a feral one, or a-

“No, ma’am, again, I’m afraid that’s not what our records show. It says here you’re an anthro-orca-taur, actually. Can you confirm that for me, please?”

Tina nearly doubled over as the pleasure assaulted both of her brains all at once. Moaning like a feral animal in heat, Tina watched and felt as her abdomen grew, lengthening rapidly, until she had four legs and an entire tauric body between the pairs. This is unreal, she thought. Am I dreaming?

“I’m an anthro-orca-taur,” Tina panted, catching her breath on the floor of her room. Whatever this was, however it was happening, she didn’t want it to stop.

“Very good, ma’am,” Ethan said, his voice taking on a more soothing, comforting tone. “And how many legs does your taur body have?”

“God, tell me, I don’t know anymore. Is it four?” Tina almost didn’t care what was real anymore, as long as she could keep changing, keep feeling this good.

“No, ma’am, it says here you have six legs. Can you confirm that as well?”

Tina moaned, gripping the edge of her desk as she felt the extra pair of legs grow out of her sides. “Yes!” she screamed. “I have six legs! Yes!”

“And those legs, what do they end in?” Ethan said. Is he cooing to me? Do I even care anymore?

“Feet?” Tina asked, no longer confident in her eyes, her ears, her sense of touch, or even her very sense of self.

“No, ma’am, once again, that’s wrong,” Ethan corrected her again. “Hands, ma’am. Your legs end in big, paw-like hands. Please confirm that for me.”

Tina cooed and smiled, watching her feet broaden and grow flexible, her big toes becoming big opposable thumbs, her soles becoming palms. “My legs end in hands,” she said with pride. “In handpaws.” God, I love my handpaws.

“How tall are you, ma’am?” Ethan asked, as if curious. Like he doesn’t know the answer already.

“I’m five foot four,” Tina said, waiting for the reply.

“No, ma’am, you’re actually ten foot six from your heads to your front handpaws.”

Tina grew all over again, body swelling, stretching, leaving her truly massive taur body weighing almost a full ton by the time she finished growing. It felt… right to be so big, so tall, so thick and strong and… well, like a whale.

“Can you confirm that for me?”

Tina took a few moments to catch her breath again. “Yes,” she panted. “I’m ten feet, six inches tall, from the tops of my heads to the palms of the hands on my legs.”

“What’s your natural hair color?”

“Brown,” Tina replied. She hoped this one was wrong. Brown seemed so boring now compared to the rest of her body so far.

“No,” Ethan said, and Tina quietly rejoiced. “Your hair is a vibrant purple. Please confirm that for me.”

Tina let out a girlish giggle as her hair shifted color, becoming rich purple locks that cascaded down around her two muzzles. “My hair is purple!”

“Excellent,” Ethan replied. “And now I need to ask, what is your current gender, what are your preferred pronouns, and what gender were you assigned at birth?”

Tina blinked both sets of bright blue eyes. Do I want this? Do I want to let him change this? She took a deep breath, and smiled nervously. “F-Female? For all of it?”

“Hmmmm,” came Ethan’s reply. Maybe he won’t change this. Maybe I’ll just stay a woman. “Nope,” he then added. “You were assigned female at birth, that part’s right, but it says here you’re trans male and prefer he/him pronouns. Can you confirm that for me?”

Dizziness. Confusion.


He called me male!

Tina giggled softly from both muzzles. He took a deep breath, then said, “I was assigned female at birth… but I’m trans, I’m male, and I love he/him pronouns!”

“Good boy,” Ethan responded, and Tina nearly swooned from gender euphoria. God, is it going to feel that good every time?

“S-So, I’m male, but I still go by Tina?” he asked, for clarity.

“Yes, sir, that’s right, you’re male, your preferred pronouns are he/him, and your preferred name is Tina,” Ethan said authoritatively.

That’s… so hot. Hearing someone call me sir, call me male, and then also call me Tina…

He cleared his throat. “W-What’s next?”

“Your genitals,” Ethan said matter-of-factly. “What are they?”

“W-Well, I still have my vagina,” Tina admitted, almost ashamed of it.

“No, you don’t,” Ethan corrected him. Tina gasped, hopeful. “What it says here, sir, is that you have a, quote, ‘huge pair of nuts-’”

-the orbs hit the floor with a slosh, they were so full of swimmers and ready to burst-

“-and in lieu of a normal penis, you have a second upper body, slightly smaller than your main one, and only having two arms, two breasts, and one head.”

With a confused and aroused “ghn” Tina dropped to the floor again, feeling his groin invert powerfully. The new appendage grew out fast, first into a normal cock-shape, but soon widening and stretching into a different shape, one with shoulders, breasts, arms, a muzzle-

“Can you confirm-”

“Can you give a guy TEN SECONDS dude, fffffuuuuuck this feels incredible, Oh my GOD-”

“Sorry, sir.”

Tina wrapped his cock’s arms around itself, gripping the carpet with his upper four hands and all six handpaws like he thought he’d slide down and out of the universe itself if he let go. He opened his cock’s jaw just enough to splurt out a mouthful of precum, then finally started to regain his composure.

“I… I have… a huge… God they really are HUGE… pair of nuts, and mmmmnh, God, that’s a body, that’s a full on fucking body from the waist up, hair and hands and everything, God, did you know that tits on a cock feel double-sensitive? Did you know that? Ethan, did you know that about cock-bodies? Body-cocks?”

“Good boy. No, sir, I did not,” Ethan confessed, and he stifled a chuckle as Tina let out another moan at being called a “good boy” again.

“I heard that chuckle,” Tina cooed. “Ask me your next question. Or tell me how you’re doing this, how you’re making this feel so natural, so right-”

“Sorry, sir, I can’t reveal company secrets,” Ethan teased. “We’re close to finishing, though.”

Tina almost felt disappointed to hear that.

“What sexual orientation are you, sir?”

Tina closed all three pairs of eyes and thought back. “Well, back when I was a woman - I can still barely remember that - I was gay. So I guess now that I’m a guy, you’ve made me straight.”

“No, sir,” Ethan responded. “It says here you’re, and this is a direct quote from you, sir, ‘a big old turbogay bottom boy, just an absolute glutton for dick, God I can’t get enough of the scent, the taste, the feel of a man on me, against me, inside me, I want to spend all day just licking and kissing any man I can-’”

“You made your point!” Tina shouted, blushing bright red on all six of his cheeks. God, that really does sound good, licking and kissing and sucking a man’s chest… and other parts. “I’m gay. I’m a gay man. Okay?”

“Very good, sir. Good boy,” Ethan said, eliciting yet another blissful moan out of Tina’s muzzles. “Back to your breasts, though, what size are they?”

Tina sighed. “Well, they’re still a modest set of Cs.”

“No, sir,” Ethan replied. “You actually have what you call ‘my massive man-maries, my gargantuan guy-zonkers, my big beautiful bouncing boy-boobs, just the sexiest set of sir-sloshers, my titanic T-cup testoster-itties,’” and Tina was squirming on the floor again.

His boobs! His boy-boobs! His big bouncing bustyboy boobies! All three of the ones on his main body’s chest were huge, dwarfing the size of his heads! Even the pair on his cock were nice, generous DDs! He giggled almost maniacally as he fondled his giant tits in his many, many hands. “I love my boy-boobs, God, I’m a bustyboy with huge boy-boobs!”

My voice still sounds so feminine… and it makes me so hard! I sound like a woman, as a man. Nnnnfh…!

“Sir?” Ethan asked, gently trying to get Tina’s attention again. Tina slowly climbed off of the floor and stood back up on all six handpaws. Get it together, Tina. Gotta finish this call before you can play with yourself. His cock gave a little shiver between his legs, relishing how good it felt in its new shape.

“Y-Yeah?” Tina said. “A-Are we done?”

“Not yet, sir,” Ethan said once again. “Just two more questions for you. Your file lists someone named Jake among your emergency contacts. Who is Jake to you?”

Jake, Tina thought, somewhat lost in the haze of transformation, of reinvention, of being orgasmically remade into a newer, better self. “He’s my best friend, he lives in the apartment next to mine.”

“Mmm, again, no, sir,” Ethan said, and Tina hitched his breath, preparing for the next bombshell to rock his world all over again. “According to our file,” Ethan continued, and then he trailed off, as if scanning across the page with his eyes.

What is Jake to me? I don’t want to lose him as a friend, Tina thought, shifting nervously on his six handpaws.

“Jake is your Master, your Owner, and the man you love and serve totally and happily,” Ethan finished. “Please confirm that for me.”

The room seemed to shift subtly around Tina. It was mostly the same when he looked around, but… the door was in a different place. And somehow, he knew this was no longer his solo apartment… This was his shared apartment with Master Jake. The realization filled the bustyboy with pride, glee, and yes, it made his cock’s back arch and its muzzle drool a little. Master Jake, he thought to himself. Jake is my Master! I have a Master now! I have a man who I can serve, and lick, and kiss, and suck whenever he lets me! He giggled girlishly again from both main heads, wiggling his stubby little tail excitedly. I can’t wait for Master to get home!

“Nnnnh, J-Jake is my Master, my Owner, God, I love him so much, he could tell me to do anything and I’d love doing it!” Tina moaned out.

“Good boy,” Ethan said, making Tina squirm in delight yet again. Please call me a good boy again, I love being called a good boy! “Alright, sir, I think I’ve got everything in order,” Ethan said, at long last. “So, it looks like the problem was that your hormone shipments were getting returned to sender because of an address mismatch in our database. These are, of course, the hormones you’re taking in order to finish forming your anal womb and keep your breasts lactating.”

Anal womb? I have a womb in my ass? Master can get me pregnant? I can be pregnant as a man? As a boy? As a bustyboy? The rush of emotions was making Tina feel giddy all over again.

“I can go ahead and cancel those right now for you-”

NO!” Tina blurted from both heads, bending down to stare into the phone with panic in his eyes. “I… I’ll update my address! Please send me my hormones! Master… Master needs me milky!” he confessed.

“Good boy,” Ethan purred, and Tina moaned yet again.