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Topic: A Dairy Princess' Revenge - by Cowpoke & Madmax011


Pretty much my favourite stories original two Chapters by Cowpoke, subsequent chapters by an oldforumn member whose name I failed to write down. (Sorry! Come back and write more chapters!)

A Dairy Princess' Revenge

By CowPoke


There I was, sitting in a police station and waiting for the detective to get off the phone. It was the wee hours of the morning and I was a nervous wreck. I was about to relate a story that seemed so insane that I was sure they would put me in a straight jacket and lock me up, but it was true - so true. I wrung my hands and tried to relax, it was hard. I leaned back on the chair and thought about how I would begin this fantastic tale once I was sitting face to face with the detective. Would he think I was making it up? Maybe he'll think I'm pulling some initiation prank in order to get into a frat. I must clear my mind and think, think. I must get the facts straight. I must remember, I must remember…

Part 1

It started two days ago when I was over visiting my girlfriend Sarah. She was extremely cute. A living doll at five foot two, big brown eyes and shoulder length brown hair that she often wears in two little ponytails. She had a light frame with gentle curves and medium small breasts. We started dating in high school, she was the girl of my dreams and I fell head over heals with her. Then came college and we both packed up and went to the same four-year college together. There simply was nothing that could keep us apart and nobody was a threat to our relationship. Now we were back home and talking marriage. I was so excited, I just couldn't believe how lucky I was that she was willing to spend her life with me!

It was on this warm summer day that our lives were about to take an insane turn. I brought in the mail and began shuffling through it, and in amongst the usual advertisements was a letter addressed to Sarah, I handed it to her and sat down to see if they're any ads worth opening. Suddenly Sarah let out a yelp "Oh my God, here's a letter from an old friend I haven't seen since junior high! It's an invitation to a small party."

I didn't know her in junior high, so I wasn't acquainted with anybody she knew then. "Who is it from?" I asked.

"An old friend named Peg." Sarah leaned back on the chair and closed her eyes as if trying to form a mental picture "We didn't hang out much, but we knew each other through 4-H. Back when we use to be Dairy Princesses. There were several other girls who were Dairy Princesses too, it was sort of like a club, and we would rotate each month being the main Princess, or rather the Dairy Queen, as we would jokingly call ourselves. The Dairy Queen was the one who would get up and make the speeches for that particular month, you know, promoting better health and drinking milk and all that stuff. But you know, I don't think Peg ever was the one to make any speeches. She was sort of over-weight and very conscious about it. I seemed to remember her getting teased about it a lot, I think I even ragged on her at times too, but that was a long time ago."

"So what does she say?"

"Oh, right. Apparently she's inviting the two of us to dinner at her house, and…" She was quickly scanning down the letter "…and Christy, and Barb, and Kate will be there, oh my God, the Dairy Princess gang all back together again. I haven't seen those girls in so long!"

"So when's this all happening?"

"Tomorrow night! Wow, that's great. It says to bring a bottle of your favorite drink. It looks like she has her own place out on Fredericks road, huh, that's out in the boonies."

"Well, it looks like it could be an interesting night tomorrow." When I spoke these words, I had no idea just how interesting the night would become. Was I in for a shocker!

Part 2

We arrived at Pegs house around 7:15. It was a Saturday night so we planned on having as good of a time as we could. We surmised from the cars parked outside that the other guests had arrived already. Peg greeted us at the door. Sarah was right, Peg was somewhat portly, but she dressed as well as any large woman could, and seemed very happy. The girls hugged, then the other girls - Christy, Barb, and Kate, each gave Sarah a hug in turn. It was such a joyous occasion. After I was introduced, we were all led into a large dining area and sat down. Peg explained how she wanted to get right to serving the dinner - after all, that's what she invited us for.

After filling each other in on what everybody had been doing since high school, the conversation turned to their days as Dairy Princesses.

"Wow" Barb began "It seems so long ago now, but it was a blast."

Christy quickly swallowed her food to speak "The touring was the best part, especially that one summer when we were hitting all those county fairs."

"Oh ya!" Kate couldn't get the words out fast enough "But I always felt so over dressed at some of those places."

"Especially when we had to tour the cow barns!" Sarah was starting to laugh as she spoke "I mean, what was the sense of wearing heels when you're walking in all that mud!"

Peg was smiling at all this cheerful banter as she broke open a bottle of wine "Those were some fun days, weren't they."

Sarah held her glass up for peg to pour some wine into "You know, I really felt special during that period, sort of like a celebrity."

Barb held on to her glass as peg poured wine into it "Oh I know what you mean. It was kind of exciting to get that red carpet treatment, even if it was from a bunch of farmers."

"And representing cows! Good grief!" Christy said sarcastically.

I listened with curious delight to the conversation as I sipped on the wine, it was sweet and tickled the throat. The reminiscing continued for several more minutes. It seemed as though they were getting sillier the more they talked, I thought that maybe the wine was rushing to everyone's head. Then suddenly Peg seemed to bring the atmosphere down to a more serious tone.

"Yes" Peg said "Those were some great times for some of us, but I must say that my experience was not as happy a one as all of you had." The other girls look at each other with an "Oh oh" look on their faces. "Sure, we had fun, but some of your fun was at my expense."

Christy stuttered, "We really didn't mean it, we were young."

I sat there listening. What I thought was such a fun evening was becoming quite somber. I started to feel that our hostess was getting ready to lash out at everybody, she wasn't having a good time anymore, now she was concentrating on the bad times.

"I realize I was a little heavy, but you girls kept reminding me of it. Maybe you never knew how many times I cried at the insults you threw at me. But the worst was what you two use to call me." Peg pointed at Barb and Kate, both of them sitting there with stunned expressions. Sarah and I looked at each other, her eyes widening. "That's right" Peg continued, "Because we were Dairy Princesses, you thought it was so funny to call me a cow!" A shiver ran down my spine, this was not going to be an enjoyable evening. At the same time, I was feeling somewhat lightheaded. Peg's voice was starting to sound boomy "Maybe we were young, but those emotional scars can last a long time. I heard that other people use to call us 'The four Dairy Princesses and their cow', now that hurt!"

I felt really bad for her, I wanted to say something, but I couldn't put thoughts together anymore. I was feeling numb in my extremities. I looked around the table, and saw that the girls were looking rather lethargic. Christy's eyes were closed, and Sarah's head was bobbing. It was then that I realized what was happening, we were being drugged! "The wine" I mumbled the words as best as I could, I couldn't complete any sentences "The wine was… Why did you…" My head was feeling heavy. I was losing consciousness. The drug was working fast. As the room got darker, the last thing I could hear was a sardonic laughing, Peg's laughing. Then everything went black!

Part 3

I had no idea how long any one us were unconscious, it could have been all night, but I wasn't concerned with that, what bothered me the most as I woke up were the metal bars! I was laying on my back when I first opened my eyes, and in the dimly lit room I was able to make out the bars above me. I then rolled over to my right side and saw more bars. I sprang up and quickly scanned all around me - I was in a cage! It was an eight foot by eight foot cage, and I was alone. There was another cage, about the same size on the other side of the room, and the four girls were in it. I got up to speak to them when I noticed that all of them had on nothing but their bras and underpants! I still had all my clothes on, but it didn't squelch my nervousness at this turn of events, I was starting to get a bit scared. Before I could speak a door opened and a light came on. Peg came in carrying a chair in which she placed in the middle of the room. I glanced around and realized that we were in what appeared to be a basement, although it looked more like a dungeon. Peg paid no attention to me and walked immediately to face the girls "I see everybody's awake"

Christy spoke up "What the Hell is going on here, and where are our clothes? What have you done to us?"

"I haven't done a thing - yet. But I suggest you be a bit nicer to me now"

Sarah moved to the front of the cage "Peg, we never meant you any harm."

"No harm, huh? I was so happy to be a Dairy Princess, but you four made me feel like shit. You humiliated me in front of everybody. Well kids, guess what, it's payback time." Peg started pacing "I've been giving this a lot of thought, and rather than making you all suffer, I've created a little game."

Barb and Kate now moved to the front of the cage "What are going to do?" Barb quietly spoke.

"I'm only going to humiliate one of you, but you have to choose which one of you will be the victim." It was obvious that Peg was hoping to get some arguing going on. Maybe she was hoping that this little game of hers would pit the girls against each other and turn them into enemies, but it backfired. The game was over before it began when a hand went up and a voice spoke "I'll volunteer". The shaky voice came from Sarah - My Sarah!

I couldn't help but break my silence "Sarah, why are you volunteering?"

Sarah stared Peg in the face "Because I don't believe she would be as mean to me as she would be to the others. I think Peg knows that I hurt her the least, I at least tried to be friends"

Peg sighed, "Okay Sarah, I'm sorry that it has to be you. Step to the door."

Their cage had a two-door lock on it; this was obviously to prevent them all from rushing her once the door was open. Peg flipped a switch on the wall and with a snap, the inner door unlocked, Sarah stepped through it and closed the door behind her, which caused it to immediately lock again. Peg flipped another switch and the outer door opened. "Go to that chair" Peg instructed her. Now I was dumbfounded, how was Peg planning to avenge her humiliation? Was she going to throw insults, throw vegetables, I just didn't have a clue. I stood there unable to help.

Peg turned to the three remaining girls in the cage "You're all Chicken Shit!" then she turned to Sarah "I mean it when I say that I truly am sorry that you volunteered. I was hoping that all of you would push that loud mouth Christy out the door."

Sarah stood there looking very nervous "I thought it was right thing to do."

"You are indeed honorable, but despite the fact that it's you who will take the punishment for the other cowards, I'll still have to go through with what I had planned." Peg approached Sarah "Now listen and do exactly as I say, because there's no turning back. I want you to take off your bra and underpants!"

"What" Sarah yelled "No way!"

Peg got closer to Sarah and said in a more stern voice "Take off your bra and underpants!" Something was different this time, Sarah suddenly looked hypnotized. She stood there staring into Peg's eyes for a few seconds, then slowly raised both of her arms up behind her back and started to unclasp her bra.

I had to scream "NO, Sarah, snap out of it!" But it was to no avail, Peg had Sarah under her control somehow. With slow, deliberate motions, Sarah removed her bra and dropped it to the floor, and then she bent over and pulled down her underpants and stepped out of them. There she stood, completely naked.

Peg reached up and lightly touched Sarah on the shoulder "Now sit down". As Sarah sat down she seemed to return back from her hypnotic state, but was still unable to move too freely. Peg started walking around the room again as she spoke "Before I begin, let me tell you a little about what I've been doing for the past five years. I'm different now. I have more control over my life, I also have some control over the forces of nature. You see, I've been doing some dabbling in the black arts!" I was listening intently, could she mean that she was able to hypnotized people, as it appeared that she did to Sarah? She continued "As you are about to see by my little demonstration with Sarah, I have developed the ability to rearrange atoms, to create and destroy, to change one form into another form. I have been practicing what I'm about to do tonight for the past year. It's taken almost as long to build up the nerve to do this to… " She paused for a moment, then looked at the young frightened girl sitting in the chair "to what I'm about to do to Sarah."

Peg then turned completely toward Sarah, turned her palms up and raised her arms slightly. I could hear a humming sound coming from her as she closed her eyes. Then I heard her say in an almost chant like tone "Now we'll see who the cow is." Pegs hands started glowing, little sparks bounced off her fingers and began to dance on Sarah's chest. Sarah moaned, and then jerked about a bit. She gripped the sides of her chair and arched her back violently. Her body seemed to be glowing now, then I saw the skin below her breasts start to twitch, something was happening, her flesh started puffing up. At this point, Sarah was taking short, fast breaths, her body was twitching more and more, and I could hear a crackling sound. My heart was rapidly beating as I stared at her, something was happening, two fleshy mounds were pushing out just below her breasts, and they kept on growing. As Sarah's body continued to jerk, it caused her breasts to bounce. The new mounds on her chest grew, and they started to bounce in unison with her breasts. Sarah's jerking slowed down, but she was still gasping for breath. I was stunned, the two mounds were the same size and shape as her breasts, but wait a minute, a little red mark was forming on top of each, something was growing, my God, they were nipples! The sparks died away and Sarah's body relaxed. She looked down at her body and screamed "What the Hell!" Only now did she realize what had happened - Peg had given her an extra set of breasts, she now had four breasts!

Peg looked amused as she spoke "Hmmm, you see, four tits, just like on a cow, how does it feel?"

Sarah was breathing hard from shock. She reached up with her hands to feel them - they were real! She felt the nipples - they were real too! "Oh my God, what have you done to me?"

"Done to you?" Peg yelled, "I've only just begun!" The other girls were going nuts, shaking the bars and yelling obscenities at Peg. She turned to them "And you three had better shut up, or I'll make an example of one of you!" Then she turned her attention back to Sarah "Okay, now where was I? Oh yes, little miss four tits. I don't think we're done yet, how can you know what it's like to be a cow if…if" Peg raised her hands again "If your tits are so small!"

Sarah Screamed "NO!" as her body began shudder again. Her back arched and sparks danced as her four breasts started bouncing. They bounced quickly at first, but the bouncing seemed to slow down, as the four mounds of flesh grew larger and heavier. Sarah’s skin was glistening with sweat and she was letting off quick little screams. Her breasts were becoming huge, they couldn't bounce anymore, as she sat there the bottom pair of boobs started to touch her thighs, and within seconds they were resting on her lap. The four nipples had increased in size too. Peg had a totally crazed look in her eyes, she was in her glory. Sarah slowly slid off her chair and fell to her knees, the weight of her breasts was too much and she bent over forward. She was now on her hands and knees with her big breasts hanging - one pair of breasts dangling from her chest and her second pair hanging from her stomach area, with her big nipples almost touching the floor. The sparks disappeared, the process was over.

Just then Christy yelled "You Bitch! I'll kill you!

Peg slowly turn toward Christy "That's it, I've had enough of you!" A fireball formed in her raised hand, and she threw it at Christy. Barb and Kate darted away as the fireball hit Christy in the face, causing her to fall forward. She shook violently as she laid flat on her stomach. Barb and Kate were screaming in horror. A half a minute later it was over, Christy looked dazed as she tried to get up off the floor. Barb and Kate each took an arm to help her up, and when she was on her feet I could see that she had developed an extra sets of breasts too, the same size as her original ones. Peg then turned her attention back to Sarah, who was using the chair to try to get up off the floor. The weight of her boobs prevented her from standing up straight. Peg giggled with delight.

"My God, I'm huge!" Sarah was practically in a state of shock. She held onto the back of the chair with one hand as she fondled her new mounds of flesh with the other hand.

"Not so fast." Peg said, "You're not through yet!"

"Peg, what do you mean?" Sarah's voice quivered.

"Well" Peg was still playing her little game "You may have huge tit flesh like a cow, but a cow doesn't have four boobs, oh no, a real cow has one big boob, one big udder!" Peg raised her arms again, plasma rose from her hands and shot at Sarah, hitting her four gigantic boobs. Sarah continued to hold onto the chair as the sweat poured off of her small frame. Her body was going into an almost rhythmic vibration. I stared intently at her breasts, which were jostling about haphazardly, the skin on her chest was pulsating and I could hear the sounds of flesh and tendons stretching, then I saw the flesh from her chest start to fill in between her boobs. She was losing her cleavage, starting from her chest and slowly moving down her tits. After a minute, half of her breasts were joined as one, and her boobs were no longer shaking independently, but were now starting to shake together as one. Her cleavage continued to disappear, and I noticed her nipples becoming thicker and longer, they were about three inches long at this point. Her four breasts were fusing together to make one single mound of flesh! Another minute went by, her cleavage was almost completely gone, veins were forming on the side of what was now one massive udder hanging from her chest, and her four nipples, which no longer resembled human nipples anymore, had stretched to about five inches long! Her heavy breathing slowed down as this stage of the process came to an end. The other three girls just stood there, staring in disbelief. There was a moment of silence, then Peg spoke "There now, how does that feel?"

Sarah opened her eyes and looked down at herself. She gasped as she saw for the first time not the familiar human breasts, but one huge cow’s udder hanging from her chest. She couldn't see her nipples, so she reached down with her right hand to feel one of them. She let out with another shocked gasp as she realized that she no longer had her old human nipple, but a big thick long teat! She tried to stand upright and began to feel around with both hands. She looked at me with a most distressed look on her face as she ran her hands all over her udder, she started at the top, then felt down the sides, then the bottom. She was almost hyper-ventilating as she reached for her top two teats, then quickly reached for the lower two teats. Sarah was close to tears as she softly spoke "I can't believe it, I can't believe this is happening to me! This isn't real!"

Peg was pacing around Sarah, examining her. She was rubbing her chin with her fingers, and grinning devilishly, it was easy to tell that she was concocting more evil ideas. I stood there grasping the bars of the cage, I knew that whatever was going through Peg’s mind, she had planned it already, and was just toying with Sarah. The other three girls in the cage all stood in stunned silence. I looked over at Christy to see how she was doing, but her attention seemed to be on the situation outside of the cage, she looked as though she had completely forgotten about her own transformation. Indeed, her four normal sized breasts were nothing compared to Sarah's giant udder. I could barely believe it myself, I could see this udder with four huge teats hanging from my girlfriends' chest, I could see it, but making myself believe it was real was extremely difficult. Sarah continued to stand there, holding onto the back of the chair while bending over from the great weight on her chest.

Suddenly Peg broke the silence "Something isn't quite right."

Sarah looked up at Peg with a frightened stare. She knows that it's not over "Please, no more. I'm sorry for anything I might have said"

"I'm sure." Peg said mockingly "I still hear all the times you called me a cow, now's my chance to make you the cow! So there's one last change I have to make."

Sarah's voice sounded strained "What, what are you going to do?"

"Well, let's see. The udder is about the right shape and size, but…" Peg begins to grin, "it's just not in the correct place. Hmmm, I know what's wrong, it's hanging from your chest, and as everybody knows, a cows udder doesn't hang from its chest, a cows udder hangs from between the hind legs!"

Sarah gasps, "No, you can't…"

I felt my heart skip a beat. After what I had seen tonight, I knew that anything was possible with Peg.

"Oh, I think I can, and I think I will." With this said, Peg motions with her hands and the familiar blue plasma leaves her fingers, causing small sparks on Sarah's body. The sparks seemed to concentrate on her buttocks. Sarah gave a painful moan. Then I heard a strange sound, it sounded like cracking and snapping.

Sarah's face was distressed "My God, my hips hurt!"

I glanced over to Sarah's hips, and realized that something was indeed happening. Her buttocks seemed a little larger, but more than this, her hips were getting wider. She was slowly swaying her hips back and forth, and lifting her legs up and down, as though she was extremely uncomfortable. My eyes were transfixed as her hips continued to widen. The space between her thighs was increasing! Her inner thighs were six inches apart. Now they were eight inches apart, and still spreading. Peg paced back and forth, checking out her evil handiwork. Sparks danced as the crackling sound of her bones and tendons continued to reform her rear, pushing the hips wider apart. After a minute, the sparks died down, and left Sarah standing there with about a one-foot space between her legs. She had just about enough time to catch her breath when Peg spoke up again "Well, there's the first part done, are you ready for the final phase?

Sarah was almost in tears "Please, no more, please don't do any more."

"I'm sorry, but it's not over yet, there's one more spell to cast, and then your transformation will be complete. Are you ready?"

Sarah knew there was no escaping what was about to happen "Oh Jesus!" Her knuckles turned white as she braced herself.

Peg waved her hands one last time and the little white sparks began dancing all over Sarah's torso. Sarah shut her eyes hard and winced fearfully. Her body shuddered as her udder now started to vibrate. Her back muscles seem to strain. I felt my legs shaking - this is totally unbelievable! I got down on my knees; otherwise I might fall over at any minute.

Sarah, still bending over and hanging onto the chair, put her head between her arms and looked down at her chest "My God, it's moving!"

Sure enough, the massive udder was shifting its position, it was slowly making its way down her delicate body. It now appeared to be more centered on her. I watched closely, the udder moved in spurts, it would vibrate and then shift down, moving away from her chest area. It appeared to be hanging from her body's mid-section now. The other girls were starting to become hysterical, which made Peg smile even more. This can't be happening.

Suddenly Sarah let out a scream "Holy shit, I feel it, I feel it touching my thighs, I can't believe this shit!" Sweat was pouring off of her body. There was no stopping it; the udder knew where it was going. Sarah tried moving her legs closer together as if to keep the udder from moving down any more, but it was pointless "Shit, oh shit, it's moving, it's trying to get between my legs." The worse part of this whole transformation was happening, the udder was now trying to squeeze down between her legs. It appeared to be increasing slightly in size too, and her hips were widening some more also, obviously to make more room to accommodate the massive four-titted mammary. It marched further down her abdomen, it was clearly a tight fit between her thighs. Sarah let out another frightened scream "This is nuts. This can't be happening!" But it WAS happening! She stood there bent over, totally helpless. The udder didn't have too much farther to go. It was now taking its new position between her legs. It kept quivering and moving, and then I saw it begin to emerge out from behind her legs, it appeared to be joining and extending down from her huge rear end. The sparks stopped, and I knew it was over. Sarah took another look down at her underside, and with a hoarse voice, she blurted "Jesus, it's between my legs, it's between my legs!"

The transformation had finished. There she was, her small frame was crouched over, and in the middle of her legs, squeezed between her thighs, was a huge cows' udder! Large veins ran down the sides, all the way down to the bottom of this mammoth single boob, which hung down to her knees. Four huge teats hung another six inches farther! She could barely move her legs without rubbing and pushing the sides of this human milk-bag, there just wasn't any room!

Peg laughs mockingly "Now who's the cow?"

The other three girls were screaming; I was barely able to keep myself from shaking. Peg seemed to be ignoring everybody as she started to gather up a few items that were scattered around the room, then she started to walk towards the stairs. Sarah looked at her as if to say "Where are you going?", but all that came out of her mouth was a whimpering cry. Peg stopped at the base of the stairs and spoke as she turned around "Well, see you guys later, or maybe never."

Christy, who stood there with four breasts, was able to compose herself enough to beg of Peg "Wait, what about me? What am I going to do?"

Peg picked up the bra that Sarah had removed before this whole process began "Here, take this, Sarah won't be needing it any more" and she tossed it at Christy. Then she laughed one last time and disappeared up the stairs and out the door.

A few minutes later the cage doors opened by themselves, they were obviously on a timer. Kate, Barb, and Christy stepped out of the cage to gather their clothes. Sarah continued to stand there leaning over the chair, her new udder was keeping her somewhat immobile. None of the clothes would fit her anymore, so we draped a blanket over her, and with two of us each taking an arm, we were able to help her walk. She stepped clumsily as her udder bumped and rubbed against the insides of her legs. Her difficulty in walking was also compounded by the fact that her hips were so wide and her legs were so far apart - this simply was not the way the human frame was meant to be! Climbing the stairs was especially difficult, the bottom of her udder was barely clearing the steps, but the worse part was that as she slowly moved up the stairs her huge six-inch nipples would rub against each step and remind her of the dreadful changes that had happened to her. I was walking behind her and every time I glanced at the massive sack of flesh jiggling between her legs I was torn between two thoughts: Was Sarah's new form making me nauseous, or was it starting to turn me on?


So there I was sitting in the police station. Sarah was at my house waiting for my return, and Barb, Kate, and Christy were also there, trying to keep her from losing her sanity and to make her as comfortable as possible. I still have an image of Sarah burned into my mind as I left the house; she was sitting on the couch, her wide hips almost taking up half of it, her legs were spread far out, and resting on the couch in between her legs was her huge udder, with four giant nipples pointing horizontally out from it. She was wearing a baggy T-shirt, but it only covered her upper body with the rest of the material was bunched up on top of the massive mound that protruded from her abdomen and crotch area. I felt myself shaking again as I watched her sitting there staring at her new appendage. She was gently moving her hands across her udder, rubbing her fingers across the top, then down the sides, trying to make sure that it was real. Then she slowly moved her hands down toward the front of the udder, and as her fingers lightly moved across one of her gigantic nipples, she winced and let out a distressful cry. In light of what happened to Sarah, Christy seemed almost oblivious to having four breasts herself, in fact, it seemed that she would adapt to it rather quickly, she had put on the extra bra over her new lower set of breasts as though it was no big deal, then turned her attentions to Sarah. As to what's going to happen to Sarah, nothing was clear. I realized that getting the police involved would be completely wrong, what I really needed to do was to find Peg. Only Peg can help Sarah change back. If I could find her then maybe, just maybe, I could make some sort of deal with her. If not, then Sarah would live for the rest of her life in this human-cow form, and I would have to learn to love her for it. So that's it, I must find Peg.

"So what was it you needed to tell us?" The police officer said. He was ready to listen to me now "Something about an assault?"

I tried not to look at him directly "I'm sorry, I think I made a mistake." I stood up and slowly walked to the door "No really, it was nothing. Nothing at all." I picked up my pace and darted out the door, hoping that nobody would try to follow me. When I saw that I was in the clear, I ran as fast as I could go, out into the night, into the dark. The adventure was only beginning.


Re: A Dairy Princess' Revenge - by Cowpoke & Madmax011

Chapter 2: The first version by Cowpoke:

The Return Of The Dairy Princess

(The uncompromising sequel to "A Dairy Princess’ Revenge")

By CowPoke


It's been two years since that awful day, and Sarah has had a lot to deal with, and well, so have I. In the beginning, it was extremely difficult for her, her mental state was very shaky, to say the least. I was her prime comfort, if I hadn't stayed with her, consoling her, comforting her, and letting her know that I still loved her, I don't think she could have survived. Yes, that's correct, I do love her, and even though she was turned into a freak of nature, there were very few times that I doubted my love for her. In fact, as strange as this may sound, I've grown more affectionate toward her, and over time, she appears to have grown more accepting of herself, and of her new form. Indeed, it's been difficult keeping her strange physique hidden from society and nosy neighbors, but between Sarah and me, we've devised some creative ways of masking it, and so far as I can tell, nobody has caught on to the fact that Sarah is carrying a massive cow’s udder squeezed tightly in between her legs!

The person responsible for Sarah's predicament is a former Dairy Princess, and a former friend of Sarah's, named Peg. Peg and Sarah were a part of a group known as Dairy Princesses, which was developed by the American Dairy Association to promote dairy products. During their tenure as teenage Dairy Princesses, Peg had become the object of the other girl's jokes because she was a little overweight - the comparison to a cow became obvious. After High School, Peg disappeared and during her absence, she spent her time studying magic and witchcraft. After a few years, Peg felt she had enough skills to take her diabolical revenge on her tormentors, and devised a scheme, which would reunite them all. Since Sarah and I were soon to be wed, I went along to join in the merriment, or what I thought would be merry. The joyous reunion soon turned ugly, and I became a witness to a fantastic, yet horrifying, display of magic, which transformed my beautiful Sarah into a living, breathing, human-cow hybrid!

Now I have to admit, I'm a skeptic about most things, and a complete unbeliever when it comes to anything involving magic. Two years ago I would have laughed at anybody who wanted to read my palm, but after that fateful day, I can tell you that it's real, magic can happen! I don't know what forces Peg invoked, and I'm sure there's still a physical explanation for it, even Peg herself had said something about being able to manipulate atoms, or something like that, but without learning the scientific explanation for it, all I can tell you is that it was "Magic"! It doesn't take a genius to realize that if Peg can manipulate atoms this way, the only one who can help would be for Peg or somebody else with the skill to undo the metamorphosis. I realized this that first night, but before I go any further, let me tell what it has been like for the past two years…

Part 1 - Life with Sarah

That first night was crazy! Sarah and I got to our place with the help of her three friends that were also at the reunion; Christy, Barb, and Kate. Barb and Kate had survived the night unscathed, but Christy, because of her mouthy attitude toward Peg, was a victim of a slight metamorphosis also. Christy now had four breasts! They were still the same size as her original breasts, it's just that now she had four of them. Since Sarah couldn't wear her bra anymore (after all, she no longer had human breasts), Christy took the bra that Sarah left on the floor and put it on her two new appendages. The shoulder straps were useless to Christy since her two new boobs were lower down on her body, and the straps couldn't reach her shoulders, so she let them hang.

Sarah was extremely uncomfortable, she could barely walk, in fact, she could hardly stand upright because of the weight protruding from her abdomen! It was truly a cow's udder, but I would swear that I never saw an udder as big as this one on any cow, not even the cows at the state fair which are given prizes for having huge udders couldn't compete, this was massive! Sometimes two of us would try to hold up the udder so that Sarah could move around the house in a semi upright position, This was a tough one to get use to since none of her friends wanted to touch the big fleshy mound, and when we would manage to hoist it upright so that Sarah could stand up, the sight of the four huge teats would make Barb feel nauseous. When we weren't supporting the udder, Sarah was forced to remain bent over while standing, which meant that the udder would hang squarely between her legs and down to her knees, which was bad enough, but she needed help to walk around the house, so we gave her a desk chair with wheels that she could use for support and roll around the house with. The roll-around chair was a big help, but moving her legs to walk was another problem, because the udder was so huge, and it was so unyieldingly jammed in between her legs, she had a problem walking without the sides of the udder pushing out against the inside of her thighs. She would wince every time she would try to move a leg forward. I asked her about it once "Wow Sarah, that looks painful. Does it hurt to try to walk?"

"No, it doesn't hurt" Sarah replied, then she looked down at her changed body "It feels really weird. It sometimes feels like I still have human breasts, and if I close my eyes, I can imagine my breasts still up on my chest, but then I move one of my legs, and it doesn't feel right. My brain is confused - my mind still believes I have normal breasts, but then my brain wonders why my legs are rubbing against them?"

This really blew my mind. I was sitting on the couch looking at her, and we were alone that night. She stood there, bent over and leaning on a chair, wearing only a t-shirt, her lower body was completely nude. I asked her if it actually felt any different than having human breasts? She replied "It's awfully close, it's the strangest sensation." I was surprised at her calm demeanor when she spoke, it was like suddenly having a big udder hanging under her was no big deal any more. She continued "As I said before, when I close my eyes and rub my hand over the udder, it feels just like I'm touching my breast, you know, like back when I had human breasts, except that my arm is reaching down too far, which blows the imagery off" Then Sarah looked up at me "I want try something. I'll close my eyes and I want you to rub the right side of my udder. I want to see how it feels."

I knew what she wanted. She wanted to see if it felt the same to have me fondle her as it did before her transformation. I approached her, and my heart started beating faster, I then realized that this could be our first moment together - since she's had this new body! Thank goodness we were alone, if any of Sarah's friends were here it would have ruined the moment. My right hand started to shake as I reached out to touch the right side of her big fleshy, yet firm, udder. I placed my fingers on her udder first, and lightly caressed. Sarah gave out a soft moan. I then placed the palm of my hand on her and continued to rub lightly, Sarah purred "Yes, that's how I remember it feeling… yes… yes". I moved my hand slowly over the upper right section of Sarah's massive mammary, coming to a rest over one of the big arteries running down the side of the udder, I could feel the artery throb with every beat of her heart, which made my heart skip a beat because then I realized that this udder was truly a part of her, and it wasn't like it was dead tissue, but a living part of her!

Sarah spoke softly again "Please, move your hand across it, across to the left breast."

I thought to myself "Left breast? Maybe she really is imagining herself to still have human breasts." I caressed and lightly squeezed some more. Then I slowly moved my hand from the side to the top, which was a lot of area to cover, since this udder was a lot bigger than when she had her human breasts. Without thinking, I muttered "Wow, this is so big!"

"Mmmm", Sarah moaned. Her eyes were still closed "Yes, thank you… thank you…" She was beginning to swoon. I started to move my hand across the top of the udder, there was a slight dip, like a center trench on top, that I reached, clearly the mid point between the right and left sides. My hand dipped across the center trench and then back up across the top of the left side, I could hear her heart pounding at this point, then she jerked a little "Whoa, that felt weird!"

"What, what felt weird?" I asked

Sarah opened her eyes "In my mind I could see you caressing my breasts, as though they were two human breasts, but when you went from the right side to the left side, there wasn't any separation between my breasts, it was like they were one!"

Now this may sound strange, but I was starting to really get into this, and got turned on. It wasn't exactly like she had a cow's udder, since she still looked human, and the udder looked like human breasts, except that it was like four really big human breasts fused into one, with four gigantic nipples extending down from underneath. Her body was still so young and firm, including her new udder. I couldn't help myself anymore, I got down below her, and laid down on my back between her legs. Her distending single boob was staring me in the face, I couldn't believe it, I gazed at her thick six-inch nipples as it really started to sink in - she no longer had just two nipples to fondle - but four of them! I put both of my hands on the topside of her udder, then I started to move my hands down to the underside, it was very warm to the touch. I massaged this big firm sack as I continued down, then I came to the first two nipples, I gently clasped my hands around them and rubbed them up and down. My God, these nipples are huge, my hands started to shake again. It felt like she was getting a cow version of nipple erections! I tried to slow my respiration down, otherwise I might pass out. They almost looked like human nipples, but smoother and pinker. Sarah was swooning and moaning again. I took my right hand and moved it down to her lower right-hand nipple, it was just as big as the others, I began to caress it, Sarah let out with another exclamation "Ooh, that felt weird too, this sensation of having extra nipples, oh my God!" I closed my eyes and tried to imagine I was fondling human breasts again, but the huge nipples and the fact that the breasts were encased in one big sack made it difficult.

Then Sarah did something that made me almost lose my mind. She started by moving her legs apart to try to make more room for her udder. It looked like a difficult task, but after shifting herself around a few times, she managed to get her legs far enough apart so that the sides of her udder weren't rubbing against her inner thighs. Then she said "I remember how, when we made love, and I was on top, you use to like to see my breasts shaking over you."

"Oh yes, I loved that." I replied. Then it started to dawn on me what she was about to do, and I thought to myself "Oh my God!"

Sarah said coyly "Well, let's see how my breasts shake now." Then she started to move forward and backward, slowly at first, then a little faster. I laid there under her and watched. Her titanic tit, bulging beyond belief above me, began to rock back and forth. This single breast would never be able to shake very quickly because of its mass, but it swayed slowly like a pendulum, and when Sarah would pause her body from moving momentarily, her udder would continue to sway. Sarah, still supporting herself on a chair, looked down at me and asked seductively "Well, how do you like it now?" All I could do was moan. Sarah knew that she was getting the best of me. It was like watching the world move. She kept slowly rocking her udder, and kept whispering "Mmm, do you like it? Please tell me how you like it." I could barely compose myself, and I knew that I was in for the most sensational and erotic night of my life!

I won't say much about our love-making (because I'm a gentleman), but suffice it to say that until this time, I never could have ever imagined how wildly weird and yet strangely erotic being with a woman could be. Just use your imagination! I also thought that it couldn't get any better than this, but I was to be eventually proven wrong…

Part 2 - "What would the neighbors say?"

It wasn't long before Sarah had accepted her new form, in fact, there were many times when she seemed to have fun with her body. Yet the two of us knew that spending her life like this would be extremely inconvenient. We didn't want anybody to find out about it, which meant that she was going to be limited to activities that kept her away from the rest of society. So I bought a small house on the outskirts of town, it was slightly isolated, we could still see the neighbors, but they wouldn't be able to tell anything was amiss from that distance. Christy helped me move all our belongings to the new house, and we had to transport Sarah in the middle of the night to make sure nobody saw her. Christy was dealing with her own transformed body too, but of course, she wasn't as exotically transformed as Sarah. Christy didn't have any problem hiding her four breasts, since they weren't that big and could be easily hidden under a baggy shirt. In time Christy would find that there was an advantage to having four breasts when it came to dating, but that's another story.

I bought a new sturdier chair for Sarah to use while rolling around the house. I also bought some large, long, and baggy skirts for her to wear. This was another concept that she had to get used to - in the past when she fastened a skirt around her waist, the waistband was below her breasts, but now when she puts a skirt on, her breasts (or rather "Single Breast") is below the waistband! When she put on a shirt, she didn't have any breasts on her chest to contend with either, she had to get use to it - everything was below the waist now. Actually, the top of her udder protruded out from where her belly button would have normally been (she doesn't have a belly button anymore).

She obviously couldn't wear any underpants either, so I started to think about a way to deal with that. I was fairly handy with a sewing machine, and I devised a plan to build a Bra/Underpants combo, and of course, the bra would have only one cup, one extremely large cup! I started by taking a pair of women's underpants and removed the front section, and then I used some heavy white cloth material and sewed together a large cup section, which I attached to the front of the underpants. I then removed the back-straps from a regular bra and sewed them to the top part of the cup. To wear the new garment, Sarah would step into the underpants, and as she pulled it up her legs she would fit the giant cup over her udder and continue to pull it up, then once she had the top of the cup section pulled up to her stomach, she would take the straps and stretch them around her waist and fasten them in the back. It didn't help with the weight too much, but it kept the udder from shaking and wobbling when she walked.

Since the chair on wheels wouldn't work for her when she wanted to go outside, I also bought her two canes for support. With the canes she could take short walks in the yard and do some gardening. One day the old woman who lives next door came over to see if she could help. I met her at the front door - "Help, what do you mean?" I asked her.

"I'm sorry, but I saw your wife in the garden the other day, and she looked like she was having trouble walking". She showed genuine concern "Is she okay?"

"Oh yes" I said while thinking fast. "She had an accident, um, a back injury."

The neighbor lady grew more concerned "Oh, I'm terribly sorry. That explains why I saw her walking in your yard all hunched over. She really looked like she was having a terrible time walking. Is there anything I can do to help?"

"No thank you, we're doing fine." I was hoping that she wouldn't be too nosy.

"Could I see her please?"

"No, no, she's laying down. She has to lay down a lot."

"Well, maybe I can come in and help clean the house or something." She said as she was trying to get a foot into the door.

I moved to block her entrance "No, please, uh, I'm trying to keep it quiet, but I appreciate your concern though."

I think she got the idea that this wasn't a good time to come over, and as she turned away to walk home she said "Well, okay. Just let me know if you need any help." Then she left. It was hard for me to turn her away because I always love having company, but now things were different, and unfortunately this wouldn't be the last time she tried to get involved with us.

About a week later Sarah went out to the garden, she used her canes to help her walk out to where she was going to work, then she would sit down on her knees and let her gargantuan udder rest on the ground between her legs with her big skirt covering it. A few minutes later the neighbor lady walked over. I was inside and could hear the conversation between them.

"Hello, I'm Mrs. Greenbaum, I heard about your accident."

Sarah was a little confused "My what? Oh, accident, yes."

"How are you doing? Can I help you with the gardening?"

"No thank you, I'm doing fine." Sarah was trying to bend over to hide the mound protruding from her abdomen. Even though she was wearing a large skirt, it still didn't hide the fact that there was something large under it.

"Really, you look like you're having trouble moving."

"No, really, I'm fine." Sarah nervously looked at the window that I was watching through and started to wave her hands for me to come to the rescue. I admit, I was slightly amused at the situation, but it was time to get the neighbor out of our yard.

Mrs. Greenbaum continued with her inquiries "Dear, it looks like you can't move. Here, let me help you."

Sarah was getting frantic "No, please no, I'm fine."

"Wow dearie, was your injury to your lower back? You seem to have put on extra weight there…" At that point I arrived to rescue Sarah. I hated to be so rough, but I felt our kindly neighbor was going to spell trouble if I didn't do something about it. I had to shove her out of our yard and walk her halfway to her house, and I still don't think it sunk in that we didn't want her coming over. She kept trying to be helpful, saying things such as: "The poor dear, you know, I had a cousin with really wide hips, and she had constant back trouble." "Do you have children? It looks like she might be expecting..." and so on…

I eventually erected a high wooden fence around the yard, and our neighbor hasn't been over too much lately. I hate to be un-neighborly, but we have a special situation that I don't think anybody would understand. In fact, even after two years, as much as I believe Sarah and I have both become accustomed to her unusual physical form, it still tends to freak me out from time to time.

An interesting thing about Sarah's new body was that, except for her hips, she still maintains her sleek physique. During the first year she would keep weighing herself every few days, and found that she was slowly gaining weight, but it didn't appear that her body was getting any chubbier. After a while we came to the conclusion that all the extra weight was going straight to her udder, as it became apparent that the udder was fattening out and impeding the movement of her legs even more. Another thing that also worried us at first was the idea that she might need to be milked on some kind of regular basis, but fortunately this was not the case. Sarah never felt any discomfort in her udder, except of course, for the extreme weight that she had to contend with every day, and the fact that she couldn't move her legs very well either.

Another odd thing that Sarah would do was to use her udder as a chair. She would get on her knees, which was already difficult (since her udder was so big and between her legs, that she could barely get down to her knees anyway), but once she got to her knees, she would rest her body on the udder, using it like a chair. Her four huge teats would get squashed and project out from under the mammary mound in four directions, but she didn't mind, it wasn't uncomfortable.

Part 3 - The Return Of Peg

While Sarah and I were settling into the new routine of our lives, I continued to look for a solution to our situation. I knew I had to find some sort of necromancer who could undo the metamorphosis that Peg had done, but how? This was a major problem.

I went to visit a number of people locally who advertised themselves as practitioners of various forms of alternative arts such as; New Agers, Wiccans, Diviners, Palm Readers, Psychics. As I expected, none of these had any skills beyond what I would consider normal human frailties, and when I tried to explain what I was seeking (transforming a person from one form to another), most of them scoffed at the idea, as I would have done myself two years ago. A few modern Witches claimed it could be done, but they had never witnessed it, and a few said that such a transformation was possible only in the minds of the afflicted, such as was the case for Lycanthropy.

I was becoming frustrated, and Sarah would have bouts of depression because it seemed like an impossible task. Was she to remain this way forever? Some of the time Sarah had very high spirits, to the point where she seemed to love herself and her new life, which would often shock me, because Sarah was always so gentle and shy before, now her personality has taken on a new life. The transformation seems to have changed her personality too, but after all, what should I expect?

After a while, I hit on the idea of searching the internet clubs, but there were so many of them! I tried to join every club I could find that dealt with witchcraft and wizardry. I inquired on all of them about the ability to transform the physical being, but most of them thought I was some kook, or that I was trying to make fun of them. Sarah and I spent the next year on these internet message boards, but with no luck, or so I thought…

About a month ago there was a knocking at our door. It was about 2 AM, and since it was too hard for Sarah to get out of bed, she awoke me to go see who was at the door. With bleary eyes I went to the front door and peered out the little window, and I felt a shock wave run through me when I immediately recognized our visitor's face… It was Peg!

Apprehensively I opened the door, because I wasn't sure if her coming here was good or bad, but I needed to know what her intentions were. She looked up at me and asked "May I come in?" Suddenly I no longer felt like Sarah or I were in danger, she seemed genuinely polite. I stepped aside and motioned for her to come in, I couldn't think of what to say to her, I was still in a state of surprise that she was even here, and I had given up all hope that I would ever see this person again.

"I hope you're not upset that I came so late, but I just arrived in the area." She still was being unusually nice "I felt that I needed to come back. I know you and Sarah probably hate me, and that's part of the reason I'm here."

"Well" I started "Things have been quite different for us during the past two years, but I don't think I need to tell you why."

"I know, and I've been giving this a lot of thought." Then Peg looked straight into my eyes "I came back to help."

Wow, I thought to myself, could this be true? Peg has come back to help, and Sarah may finally become a normal human being again? Any angry words that I had for Peg disappeared, and with joyful relief in my voice I told her "If this is true, then you are most certainly welcomed in our house!"

Our conversation suddenly became mutually agreeable. She appeared to actually be happy to be here. "I'm sorry for what I did, I know that Sarah must be living in a nightmare, and I want to help her."

"Can you change her back?" I said anxiously.

"I'll do what I can." Was her reply.

Suddenly I felt my heart sink, her answer didn't instill much confidence. "What do you mean 'You'll do what you can'?"

Peg sat down and started to explain "Well, after the night that I… you know… changed Sarah, I noticed something about my ability to warp matter - I had lost it!"

"Why, what happened?" I asked as I also sat down.

"What happened is that I used my powers to do harm. I didn't realize it at the time, but all that negative energy zapped my powers. Whatever forces that were used to achieve my magical abilities were now working against me - draining me of my skills, and creating havoc within me. My spirit was crushed!"

"Are you not able to perform any magic at all?" I asked.

"It took a while, and with constant deep concentration and meditation, I was able to bring back some of my abilities, but as long as the guilt of what I had done to Sarah keeps eating me up from inside, I know that I would never be whole again."

I was beginning to understand "So you came looking for us again?"

"Yes, and I would have found you sooner if you hadn't moved."

I felt frustrated. "Damn. Sarah and I have been trying to find you, or somebody else who could perform a reversal spell."

"I know" Peg said "I often visit the same web sites and internet clubs that you were posting on. After seeing your pleas on the internet, it dawned on me what I had to do."

"You need to right your wrongs?"

"Yes, I have to undo what I did. Part of the negative energy is coming from Sarah, and until she is emitting full positive energy, I will never be whole either." In some weird mystical way, it was making sense to me. Then Peg spoke again "Has Sarah been depressed? To tell you the truth, I often sensed that things haven't always been bad with her, as though she has ups and downs, am I sensing things correctly?"

I thought about it for a few seconds, and I couldn't help but smile "Actually, as strange as it may seem, there have been many times when Sarah was in very high spirits. In fact, there were times when I think she really enjoyed being what she was!" Then I sat quietly for a minute and visualized the many times that I watched Sarah in bed, fondling her big, firm udder in utter ecstasy. I still can picture her sitting up with her legs straddled, and her single immense mammary laying between her legs, her hands rubbing the top, then sliding out toward the front of it to feel her top two giant nipples, and after swooning for a while, she would reach down for the two lower nipples and massage them as well. My God, her four nipples were so big and long that she would actually give them veritable hand jobs!

Then I stood up and said to Peg "Okay, let's go see Sarah. She's in the bedroom, and is probably wondering who came to our house at this hour." Peg and I walked to the back of the house and stepped into the bedroom. Sarah was sitting up on the bed, all she was wearing was a T-shirt, and just as I have seen her so many times during the past two years - sitting there with her legs straddled apart and her huge udder resting between her them. The force of the mountainous breast flesh appeared to be pushing her legs out farther apart.

Peg stopped with her mouth agape "Oh my God. You look bigger than the last time I saw you!" Then she walked over to Sarah and sat down. At this point I figured that these two had some catching up to do, and I left the room.

Part 4 - The Reversal Spell Begins

Morning came quickly. I spent the night on the couch and was awoken by Peg as she walked passed me several times, she appeared to be brewing something in the kitchen, I figured she was getting something ready, like a potion.

"What are you preparing there?" I asked Peg "Is it some kind of magic potion?"

"Silly mortals" Peg said sarcastically "We don't use potions anymore. This is just a cup of coffee, I needed a pick-me-up." Boy, did I feel stupid! Then she motioned for me to follow her "Come into the bedroom, we're about to begin."

I walked into the bedroom just as Sarah finished pulling off her T-shirt, which was her sole garment. She carefully laid down on her back, while hoisting her udder up on her abdomen. Peg knelt between Sarah's legs, rubbed her hands briskly together, and then looked at Sarah "Are you ready?"

"I've been ready for two years!" Sarah said with a sound of relief.

Peg placed hers hands on Sarah's udder "Now remember, my powers are weak, this may take a while, and I can't promise you how well I can perform."

"Just do what you can." Said Sarah. Then Peg started humming something softly, it sounded like a chant. Peg's hands moved slowly around the giant udder, passing over each big nipple one at a time. Then she moved her hands to the underside of it, and started to gently push. It looked like she was trying to push the udder up Sarah's body, away from her crotch. This must be the first phase of the operation, to get Sarah's abdomen and legs free from this monstrous milk bag, and to push it back up to her chest area! Every so often I would see a small spark on Sarah's skin, and I remember all the sparks that danced wildly back when Sarah was originally transformed, but this was just a fraction of the Light-Show that took place before, which I believe was indicative of Peg's reduced powers. I realize at that point that this was going to be a long process.

I sat and watched for a while, then dozed off. When I awoke, they were off the bed. Sarah was standing up, bent over and leaning on the dresser, and Peg was kneeling behind her, still chanting softly and pushing at Sarah's udder from behind. It was interesting to see how Peg's pushing had to keep in rhythm with the swaying of the udder, which was so massive that it was hard to push against the back swing of this heavy pendulum. I stared at them for a minute, then realized that some progress had been made. It appeared that there wasn't as much of the udder between Sarah's legs anymore, and that it had moved up her torso a little. Sarah looked at me and smiled "I think it's working, it's really working."

Peg stopped for a breather "Yes it is. It's a difficult process, but I think we're making headway."

I asked Peg "How long do you think it will take?"

"Well, I think we'll get all this breast tissue back up to her chest area, then we'll have to move her legs back together to close up this gap." Peg said while pointing to the large space between Sarah's legs "I'm guessing we might get this done by tonight."

What an arduous task! I decided that I would do something more constructive like gardening. During the course of the day, I would stop in to check the progress. By noon, Sarah's udder had been pushed up enough so that none of it was between her legs. By mid-day I was able to see her stomach and the udder had traveled up Sarah's body enough so that it was hanging from her chest. I checked in about an hour later to see Sarah still leaning on the dresser, but now Peg was working on Sarah's buttocks and hips. Peg had her hands on either side of Sarah's hips and was trying to squeeze the hips together. Small sparks would still appear occasionally, and it looked like Peg was starting to run out of steam. I made them some sandwiches and let them continue to work. About eight o'clock that evening I stepped inside the bedroom again, Peg was sitting on the bed examining Sarah up and down. Sarah was standing up, although with some difficulty. Sarah's legs were together, like a normal human being's, it was fantastic to see her body looking human from the waist down again, but her chest was another story. She was having trouble standing upright and she looked unbalanced. Sarah turned toward me, and the udder wobbled and shifted its weight toward one side, then the other side. It was still a huge udder, but it was positioned up on her chest, and we were all so happy that she was at least halfway to being normal again. Her upper body was so petite that it was incredible how it could support such a humungous mound of flesh. Sarah carefully walked over to the bed, and as she walked she put her arms underneath the udder, probably to keep it from shaking and wobbling so much, and also to help support the weight, which made her hunch over slightly. She slowly sat down and pull her arms away, and even though she was sitting perfectly upright, the udder rested on her thighs. Sarah sighed with relief "Whew, it feels good to sit down, although I think it was easier on my back muscles when I had this hefty thing between my legs."

"Well, that's probably why nature put it there for so many animals." Peg replied

They both looked exhausted. Then Peg clapped her hands together and looked at Sarah "Okay, so tomorrow we'll finish the transformation."

Sarah seemed to be looking off into space "Great. Tomorrow. Sure."

I wondered what was going through Sarah's mind. That night as we laid together in bed, I thought about tomorrow night, and seeing Sarah as a normal human being again. She was laying on her left side away from me, and she was very quiet. I let my hand move across her body, caressing her hips and thighs, her hips were nowhere as huge as they were during the past two years, but they still seemed to be a little larger than they were before the original transformation had taken place. I moved my hand up from her thighs, across her hips, then to her small waist. I then moved my hand down across her stomach, and to my surprise, I found she had a belly button, which didn't exist while the udder was located on her abdomen, but now Peg had put it back in place! My hand could barely move any higher than her belly button because one inch above the belly her udder was in the way, extending out from her torso. I laid there thinking about how weird our lives had been for the past two years. It excited me to think that by tomorrow night, if all goes well, Sarah will be back to normal, with normal human breasts again. I could think of nothing but tomorrow night, and those thoughts stayed with me even as I finally drifted off to sleep.

The next day began with a warm and sunny morning. Peg wanted to get started as soon as possible, and Sarah was sitting up in bed with a big smile on her face, whatever was troubling her last night seemed to have disappeared. Peg was standing at the bedroom doorway talking to Sarah "I'm anxious to get started. I feel like things are getting better for all of us, and my powers feel a little stronger too. I really feel good!"

Sarah was all grins "I'm pretty excited too."

Peg sounded as giddy as a schoolgirl "And after we finish transforming you back, we'll have to go shopping, you're going to need a whole new wardrobe!"

"That sounds great!" Sarah looked at me "What are you going to do today?"

I didn't think my nerves could take all of this, I replied "I'm not sure. I think I might go spend some time at the museum, or the library, or something." I wasn't sure what I wanted to do, but I knew I had to get out of the house for a while. I was feeling some anxiety as to how this would all turn out by tonight, and I had to leave these two to do what they had to do, and let me just see the finished results. So I got dressed, and before I could get out of the house, Peg and Sarah were in the bedroom already starting with some chanting.

So I went for a long drive…

Part 5 - A Brand New Sarah!

It was 5 PM, and I finally couldn't stay away any longer. I decided it was time to go home.

I had just parked the car when Peg came out of the front door. She was carrying her suitcase, it looked like she was going somewhere. "Are you leaving?" I asked.

"Oh wow" Peg said with a little surprise in her voice. "I'm glad you're back. Yes, I was going to find a motel."

I was dying of curiosity now "Well… Tell me, are you done?"

Peg stood still while a big grin formed on her face "Well, yes, I believe we are, and I think you're going to like the results. It was Sarah's decision, and, well, she's pretty excited, and… you'll have to go see."

Now I was starting to feel weak in my legs again. What did Peg mean "It was Sarah's decision"? Peg then continued to her car, and as she was getting in she turned to me and said "And we went shopping for new clothes, which was interesting. I just know you're going to love it!"

I watched Peg drive away, then I turned toward the house, my heart was pounding fiercely. I was a little scared and starting to sweat - "How would my beautiful Sarah look?" I thought to myself. I walked into the house - there were no lights on. In a quivering voice I called out "Sarah? Are you here?"

From the bedroom I heard her call back "Yes, but don't come in here! Sit down on the couch." I was nervous as to what this all meant, so I sat down just as she told me to. She called out again "Are you sitting down?"

"Yes, yes I am."

"Good" she called back "Because I have something to show you, and I want the mood to be just right." I could feel the excitement welling up in me. I was looking down the hallway, and our bedroom door was the first door to the left. I heard some music suddenly come on, it sounded like a dance mix of elevator music, sort of like what they use in adult films. The door opened, and at that moment the only light in the house was the light from the bedroom hitting the opposite wall in the hall.

My eyes were fixed on the floor when the door slowly swung open, and I heard her step out into the hallway. I was too nervous to look up at her all at once; I was scared of what I might see. The butterflies in my stomach were creating a tornado. I sat there on the edge of the couch still staring at the floor when she softly said “Here I am, what do you think of me now?” I let my field of vision move up toward her. I saw her shoes first, they were black with five-inch heels, wow, she had never worn shoes like that before, but then again, she was a different person now. Her beautiful legs were sheathed in dark brown panty hose. I continued to slowly look up, up past her knees. Her thighs were thicker and so much more shapelier than they had ever been before, I just couldn’t believe how beautiful she had become. Then halfway up her thighs came her skirt, its black material shined in the filtered afternoon light. Her skirt was so tight that if it hadn’t been made out of a stretchy fabric, she probably wouldn’t be able to move at all. This metamorphosis not only changed her physically, but psychologically as well, it was obvious that she knew she was something special, and she was going to flaunt it to the hilt. I was getting so turned on by her skirt, the way it formed around every curve of her body, accentuating the increased size of her buttocks, molding around her thighs and the indented curves of the crotch area. Now my heart was racing like the wind, my eyes traveled up her abdomen to the top of her skirt where her tight white shirt molded around her upper body like a glove. At the waist where the top of her skirt ended, her breasts began. At first I thought she still had an udder - "Why would her breasts be so low on her torso as to be touching the top of her skirt?" Then a hot flash hit me - "My God" I thought "Those were human breasts that were down so low! Above them was another set of breasts!" She hadn't changed completely back to normal, but was left with four breasts! I felt myself becoming overly excited.

I continued to scan up her body. The bottom of her two lower breasts touched the waistband of her skirt, and moved out horizontally to about a foot in front of her, where they sloped up into luscious mounds. Each mound was tipped with a large bulge, pushing through the thin fabric of her bra and pullover shirt, the bulges were her nipples, they had been left so big that it was obvious that each nipple had to be folded up inside her bra. I continued to let my eyes move up her body, the curves of those two massive tits started to slope in toward her body for a few inches, then the fabric of her shirt immediately curved back out again as the contours of her upper two breasts came into view. Her top two tits were each crowned by the same big bulges of her nipples just as the other two tits had been, I could only imagine how big those nipples would be, it was driving me wild. I let my vision pull back and start to focus on more of her wonderful body as a whole, it was then that I realized how much of her was covered by her four huge boobs, her whole upper body was nothing but breast tissue! When she turned to face me more directly, I saw how much her breasts expanded out from side to side, even her arms were hidden behind her mammaries! She walked into the room like she was a model on a runway, and slowly turned her back to me, now I could see her bra straps pinching into her back, the skin bulging out from under the tight material, and I still couldn’t get over how weird it was to see two bra straps across her back; one strap pressed around her mid back section, just where it would seem normal, but then a second strap running across her lower back, partially dipping below the top of her skirt, God, I was getting so turned on, I could hardly stand the throbbing in my pants! She then turned sideways, and I could see two distinct bras holding up her jiggling breast flesh. I reached out with my right hand and started to lightly finger the underside of her bottom two boobs, they definitely felt firm, Sarah closed her eyes and moaned. She started to rub the outside of her upper two breasts, and gently moved down to the lower two, it began to sink in at this moment just how much she loved her new form, and how much she was going to love going through life with four massive mounds on her body. She wouldn’t care if the weight was an inconvenience, or if the bras would always be too tight, she was completely comfortable with it. And what about going out in public? Well, I guess we won’t think about that right now.

Sarah knelt down in front of me (as well as her tight black skirt would allow), moved herself closer until her bottom two breasts were resting on my thighs. She took my hands and asked "I hope you like the new me. Do you?"

I could hardly contain myself, and all I could say to her was "My God, you're beautiful!"

Sarah smiled and said "I thought about this all night, and I knew that this was the way I wanted to be. After two years with that massive udder, I just couldn't go back to being the way I was before. It had become a part of me, the huge breasts, the four huge nipples, I didn't want to give that up."

I was starting to picture us together, what it would be like to live with her, to hold her, and to make love to her. I couldn't wait to begin our life together, excuse me - our 'new' life together. Life is an adventure, and this was more adventure than any man could ask for.

We stood up and she tried to put her arms around me, but her four voluminous breasts would not allow us to get too close. I ran my hands all up and down her, covering every inch of her exotic body, I felt myself getting lost.

It wasn't long before we wandered into the bedroom, and then I got an even better look at her. She stood back and stared at me, then she started to run her hands over her own body. She rubbed herself across the front of her black skirt, then moved her hands across the underside of her lower two breasts, then to the top, and down the sides. Occasionally she gave all four of her breasts a little jiggle, but they were all packed so tightly in the two giant bras that she was wearing that they couldn't help but move all together. Then Sarah slowly pulled her white shirt out of her skirt, how she was able to tuck the shirt into her skirt securely I'll never know. Sarah took a hold of the front of her shirt and struggled to pull it up over her two lower breasts, it was definitely tight, but she finally was able to expose the bra that held the lower boobs so firmly. It was odd to see these two human breasts so low on her body, growing out from her stomach, and the bra was so huge, I was astounded that they could find bras that big in any regular department store! Sarah continued to pull the shirt up, now she was exposing her upper two breasts, and finally pulled the shirt up over her head and dropped it to the floor. There she was, standing there in a black skirt, with four behemoth breasts stuffed into two huge bras! I also noticed that she had modified the lower bra to have longer shoulder straps to travel the extra distance up to her shoulders. She turned around and asked me to unclasp both of her bras, which was extremely difficult since my hands were shaking so much, but I managed to unclasp them, and with her back to me she wiggled herself out of both bras. Then she turned around and I practically fell over backwards, she had the largest breasts I've ever seen, and not just two - but four of them! All four breasts were very full and firm, with the top two hanging down to her waist, resting on the lower two. The lower two breasts hung down over her skirt. On the end of each boob was a giant teat, apparently she had Peg leave her cow teats intact, and just divided her udder into four human breasts! She raised her arms and put her hands behind her head, and then she slowly swayed her body, which caused her breasts to rock from side to side. Her breasts made a wonderful slapping sound when they would knock against each other, which would also cause her six-inch long teats to jiggle as though they were spring loaded! She moved toward me and put her arms over my shoulders, then she pulled me toward her. I could feel her four big firm teats push against my body. Sarah slowly moved her body up and down, and side to side, causing her thick nipples to rub and bend across my body. My skin was becoming moist with sweat, and I stretched my arms around her as she reached over to the dimmer switch, and turned down the light intensity to create a more romantic mood…

It wasn't long before we were engaged in a night of beautiful love-making, and at this point I can't even relate how it is to have Sarah hover above me while shaking her body - pure ecstasy! I discovered new heights of euphoria that night, more than I could ever have imagined. When morning arrived, all I could do was just lay there and think "So this must be what paradise is like, and I'll have my lifetime to live it!"


So now we were at the end of our long quest. It's been a few months since Peg returned, and she has become a close friend and ally. She travels a lot, but always stops by to visit when she's in town. Sarah works exclusively at home, and she's writing a book, a romance novel, and if it is mildly successful, she hopes to write more. It's a better job than working in public - can you imagine what people would think if they were to see her? Our neighbor still tries to come over, she occasionally sees Sarah outside the house and has commented on her better posture, but wonders why Sarah is always 'Hiding' things under a big baggy shirt. We don't know where Christy, Barb, and Kate are these days, although we did hear a rumor that Christy had become an exotic dancer somewhere, which would suit her four-breasted body well. As for me, I'm loving life, every minute of it. I couldn't be happier than I am now, and Sarah is living life to it's fullest, she has no regrets for choosing to live with the physique that she chose. As I said before - 'Life is an adventure', and who knows what may happen tomorrow!


Re: A Dairy Princess' Revenge - by Cowpoke & Madmax011

The second version of chapter 2:

Part 1 - Life with Sarah

That first night was crazy! Sarah and I got to our place with the help of her three friends that were also at the reunion; Christy, Barb, and Kate. Barb and Kate had survived the night unscathed, but Christy, because of her mouthy attitude toward Peg, was a victim of a slight metamorphosis also. Christy now had four breasts! They were still the same size as her original breasts, it's just that now she had four of them. Since Sarah couldn't wear her bra anymore (after all, she no longer had human breasts), Christy took the bra that Sarah left on the floor and put it on her two new appendages. The shoulder straps were useless to Christy since her two new boobs were lower down on her body, and the straps couldn't reach her shoulders, so she let them hang.

Sarah was extremely uncomfortable, she could barely walk, in fact, she could hardly stand upright because of the weight protruding from her abdomen! It was truly a cow's udder, but I would swear that I never saw an udder as big as this one on any cow, not even the cows at the state fair which are given prizes for having huge udders couldn't compete, this was massive! Sometimes two of us would try to hold up the udder so that Sarah could move around the house in a semi upright position, This was a tough one to get use to since none of her friends wanted to touch the big fleshy mound, and when we would manage to hoist it upright so that Sarah could stand up, the sight of the four huge teats would make Barb feel nauseous. When we weren't supporting the udder, Sarah was forced to remain bent over while standing, which meant that the udder would hang squarely between her legs and down to her knees, which was bad enough, but she needed help to walk around the house, so we gave her a desk chair with wheels that she could use for support and roll around the house with. The roll-around chair was a big help, but moving her legs to walk was another problem, because the udder was so huge, and it was so unyieldingly jammed in between her legs, she had a problem walking without the sides of the udder pushing out against the inside of her thighs. She would wince every time she would try to move a leg forward. I asked her about it once "Wow Sarah, that looks painful. Does it hurt to try to walk?"

"No, it doesn't hurt" Sarah replied, then she looked down at her changed body "It feels really weird. It sometimes feels like I still have human breasts, and if I close my eyes, I can imagine my breasts still up on my chest, but then I move one of my legs, and it doesn't feel right. My brain is confused - my mind still believes I have normal breasts, but then my brain wonders why my legs are rubbing against them?"

This really blew my mind. I was sitting on the couch looking at her, and we were alone that night. She stood there, bent over and leaning on a chair, wearing only a t-shirt, her lower body was completely nude. I asked her if it actually felt any different than having human breasts? She replied "It's awfully close, it's the strangest sensation." I was surprised at her calm demeanor when she spoke, it was like suddenly having a big udder hanging under her was no big deal any more. She continued "As I said before, when I close my eyes and rub my hand over the udder, it feels just like I'm touching my breast, you know, like back when I had human breasts, except that my arm is reaching down too far, which blows the imagery off" Then Sarah looked up at me "I want try something. I'll close my eyes and I want you to rub the right side of my udder. I want to see how it feels."

I knew what she wanted. She wanted to see if it felt the same to have me fondle her as it did before her transformation. I approached her, and my heart started beating faster, I then realized that this could be our first moment together - since she's had this new body! Thank goodness we were alone, if any of Sarah's friends were here it would have ruined the moment. My right hand started to shake as I reached out to touch the right side of her big fleshy, yet firm, udder. I placed my fingers on her udder first, and lightly caressed. Sarah gave out a soft moan. I then placed the palm of my hand on her and continued to rub lightly, Sarah purred "Yes, that's how I remember it feeling... yes... yes". I moved my hand slowly over the upper right section of Sarah's massive mammary, coming to a rest over one of the big arteries running down the side of the udder, I could feel the artery throb with every beat of her heart, which made my heart skip a beat because then I realized that this udder was truly a part of her, and it wasn't like it was dead tissue, but a living part of her!

Sarah spoke softly again "Please, move your hand across it, across to the left breast."

I thought to myself "Left breast? Maybe she really is imagining herself to still have human breasts." I caressed and lightly squeezed some more. Then I slowly moved my hand from the side to the top, which was a lot of area to cover, since this udder was a lot bigger than when she had her human breasts. Without thinking, I muttered "Wow, this is so big!"

"Mmmm", Sarah moaned. Her eyes were still closed "Yes, thank you... thank you..." She was beginning to swoon. I started to move my hand across the top of the udder, there was a slight dip, like a center trench on top, that I reached, clearly the mid point between the right and left sides. My hand dipped across the center trench and then back up across the top of the left side, I could hear her heart pounding at this point, then she jerked a little "Whoa, that felt weird!"

"What, what felt weird?" I asked

Sarah opened her eyes "In my mind I could see you caressing my breasts, as though they were two human breasts, but when you went from the right side to the left side, there wasn't any separation between my breasts, it was like they were one!"

Now this may sound strange, but I was starting to really get into this, and got turned on. It wasn't exactly like she had a cow's udder, since she still looked human, and the udder looked like human breasts, except that it was like four really big human breasts fused into one, with four gigantic nipples extending down from underneath. Her body was still so young and firm, including her new udder. I couldn't help myself anymore, I got down below her, and laid down on my back between her legs. Her distending single boob was staring me in the face, I couldn't believe it, I gazed at her thick six-inch nipples as it really started to sink in - she no longer had just two nipples to fondle - but four of them! I put both of my hands on the topside of her udder, then I started to move my hands down to the underside, it was very warm to the touch. I massaged this big firm sack as I continued down, then I came to the first two nipples, I gently clasped my hands around them and rubbed them up and down. My God, these nipples are huge, my hands started to shake again. It felt like she was getting a cow version of nipple erections! I tried to slow my respiration down, otherwise I might pass out. They almost looked like human nipples, but smoother and pinker. Sarah was swooning and moaning again. I took my right hand and moved it down to her lower right-hand nipple, it was just as big as the others, I began to caress it, Sarah let out with another exclamation "Ooh, that felt weird too, this sensation of having extra nipples, oh my God!" I closed my eyes and tried to imagine I was fondling human breasts again, but the huge nipples and the fact that the breasts were encased in one big sack made it difficult.

Then Sarah did something that made me almost lose my mind. She started by moving her legs apart to try to make more room for her udder. It looked like a difficult task, but after shifting herself around a few times, she managed to get her legs far enough apart so that the sides of her udder weren't rubbing against her inner thighs. Then she said "I remember how, when we made love, and I was on top, you use to like to see my breasts shaking over you."

"Oh yes, I loved that." I replied. Then it started to dawn on me what she was about to do, and I thought to myself "Oh my God!"

Sarah said coyly "Well, let's see how my breasts shake now." Then she started to move forward and backward, slowly at first, then a little faster. I laid there under her and watched. Her titanic tit, bulging beyond belief above me, began to rock back and forth. This single breast would never be able to shake very quickly because of its mass, but it swayed slowly like a pendulum, and when Sarah would pause her body from moving momentarily, her udder would continue to sway. Sarah, still supporting herself on a chair, looked down at me and asked seductively "Well, how do you like it now?" All I could do was moan. Sarah knew that she was getting the best of me. It was like watching the world move. She kept slowly rocking her udder, and kept whispering "Mmm, do you like it? Please tell me how you like it."

"I absolutely love it!" I exclaimed. Sarah was feeling the moment herself, because she then started to crouch down at the knees. Her heavy udder touched my chest, and she continued to lower her body, with the weight of the udder increasing on my body! I laid there, the rock hard bulge in my pants throbbing more with every pound of tit flesh that pressed down on me. Soon she was sitting with her crotch on my manhood, and her massive udder was resting on my stomach and chest! The weight was crushing and making it almost difficult for me to breathe, and all I could see were four huge teats staring at me in the face. My mind was reeling, and I thought about how no other man has experienced what I was about to experience. I wrapped my arms around her hot and firm mammary and began to rub the sides of it. Sarah bent her head back and swooned some more, then she reached over to the table lamp with one hand and turned off the light. This was it, I could barely compose myself, and I knew that I was in for the most sensational and erotic night of my life!

Part 2 - "Far from the madding crowd"

It wasn't long before Sarah had accepted her new form, in fact, there were many times when she seemed to have fun with her body. Yet the two of us knew that spending her life like this would be extremely inconvenient. We didn't want anybody to find out about it, which meant that she was going to be limited to activities that kept her away from the rest of society. So I bought a small house on the outskirts of town, it was slightly isolated, with about two acres of yard in the back, and woods encompassing the property. Christy helped me move all our belongings to the new house, and we had to transport Sarah in the middle of the night to make sure nobody saw her. Christy was dealing with her own transformed body too, but of course, she wasn't as exotically transformed as Sarah. Christy didn't have any problem hiding her four breasts, since they weren't that big and could be easily hidden under a baggy shirt. In time Christy would find that there was an advantage to having four breasts when it came to dating, but that's another story. After several days of helping us get settled in, Christy looked for an apartment in town. She would come out to visit us once in a while and help Sarah with various tasks, so she was always welcomed in our home.

As the days went by, I bought a new sturdier chair for Sarah to use while rolling around the house, and since the chair on wheels wouldn't work for her when she wanted to go outside, I also bought her two canes for support. With the canes she could take short walks in the yard and do some gardening.. I also bought some large, long, and baggy skirts for her to wear. This was another concept that she had to get used to - in the past when she fastened a skirt around her waist, the waistband was below her breasts, but now when she puts a skirt on, her breasts (or rather "Single Breast") is below the waistband! When she put on a shirt, she didn't have any breasts on her chest to contend with either, she had to get use to it - everything was below the waist now. Actually, the top of her udder protruded out from where her belly button would have normally been (she doesn't have a belly button anymore).

Sarah and I settled into our little home life in the country. I was truly in love with her, and I wanted to build a life with her. Her fascinating physique was starting to turn me on every time I looked at her, and as bizarre as it seems, I really wanted to explore all possibilities of love-making with her. When it was time for bed, she would purposely disrobe slowly, and look at me with those bedroom eyes. She could easily stand in a bent-over position (because the weight of her udder would keep her balanced), and use both of her hands to slowly pull down her skirt. Often she would say something coquettishly such as "Hey big boy, do you want to see something that no other guy can have?" Then with her back to me, she would rub her hands across her skirt waistband, and caress her large buttocks, then slowly unfasten the snaps in the back. She would pull down the skirt just enough to expose a little breast tissue between her legs, pull it back up, then drop it a little farther down. In this way, she would tease me to no end, and I would just get blown away by it! After another beautiful night of sexual fantasies come true, I wouldn't be able to think of anything else until sunrise.

One morning I was trying to develop some new clothes for her. She obviously couldn't wear any underpants, so I started to think about a way to deal with that. I was fairly handy with a sewing machine, and I devised a plan to build a Bra/Underpants combo, and of course, the bra would have only one cup, one extremely large cup! I started by taking a pair of women's underpants and removed the front section, and then I used some heavy white cloth material and sewed together a large cup section, which I attached to the front of the underpants. I then removed the back-straps from a regular bra and sewed them to the top part of the cup. To wear the new garment, Sarah would step into the underpants, and as she pulled it up her legs she would fit the giant cup over her udder and continue to pull it up, then once she had the top of the cup section pulled up to her stomach, she would take the straps and stretch them around her waist and fasten them in the back. It didn't help with the weight too much, but it kept the udder from shaking and wobbling when she walked.

After a while, Sarah became more interested in making her own "Designer" clothes. It took only a few short weeks for her creative flair to really take hold, and she would send Christy or me off to a fabric store to buy her various materials. I didn't mind at all that Christy and I had to do all the shopping, since it was virtually impossible for her to go out in public, and I was very intrigued as to what creation she was going to come up with. Most of her new clothes were very "Homey", almost like a pinafore, with it being snug around her upper torso, and ballooning from her waste down. For a while, I thought of her clothes-making as mostly cute, but this would soon take a different route.

One day Christy came over with a bag of "Special" material for Sarah to work with. They wouldn't let me see the material, because they insisted it would be a surprise. I had no idea what they were up to, but it kept them both busy for two days sewing in the bedroom. Then the day came when Sarah was ready to show off her new outfit. I thought that she had made some elaborate evening gown or something of that nature, but I soon found out that I wasn't anywhere close to figuring it out. On this particular night Sarah was waiting in a spare room that we had (we hadn't decided what to do with the room yet, so it was pretty much an empty room still), Christy instructed me to wait in the living room, then she put on some music with a driving beat, as though they were doing a fashion show. With a loud announcer's voice, Christy then bellowed "Ladies and gentlemen, modeling the latest style from Paris, let's have a warm welcome for Sarah!!!" The door to the spare room opened, and first came the rolling chair, then I saw Sarah's arms, they were dressed in white with black splotches, and as she came more into view I saw the rest of her body all covered in the same pattern! My heart skipped a beat when I realized that she had made herself a spandex cow suit!

I was overwhelmed "Oh my God Sarah, it's beautiful!" I exclaimed. The cow suit covered her body up to the neck, along with her arms and her legs (including her feet), but it was opened up between her legs to let her magnificent udder hang out freely! She turned around to face away from me, and I saw that she had fastened a tail to the back, but when the tail slid to one side I noticed that the suit was also crotchless.

Christy slapped her hands together and said "I guess I should be leaving now. I'm sure you two want to be alone."

I thought to myself "How right she is." I couldn't take my eyes off of Sarah and her new outfit.

As the door closed behind Christy, Sarah looked at me and said "Well, how about it stud. Do you want to come over here and make love to your Cowgirl?" She sat down on the couch as I moved over next to her and knelt down. She laid on her side, with her udder squished between her legs. We embraced, and I could feel her cow outfit had a slight furry feel to it. How strange this seemed, and yet so erotic, and I knew that a new adventure in our lives together was just beginning!

Part 3 - Something Strange Is Happening!

For the next week Sarah would wear her cow outfit every so often. Sometimes we would be going about our daily routines, then she would disappear for fifteen minutes, and then reappear wearing the cow suit. "Is it time for bed?" I would ask her jokingly.

"No" she would reply "I just like the way this looks."

Sometimes she would try on some of her other clothes over her cow suit. I think I must have seen all the combinations: The cow suit with a dress, the cow suit with only a big skirt wrapped around her, the cow suit with the udder bra, etc...

I guess I couldn't blame her, maybe she was trying to find some normalcy while she was in her present physical condition, and yet at the same time, she really enjoyed that cow outfit. Of course, seeing her with that big fleshy udder hanging between her legs, it really seemed fitting to see her in the suit.

One night as Sarah was asleep and Christy and I were watching TV, we started talking about Sarah's condition "Have you noticed if Sarah has been gaining any weight?" Christy asked me.

"Well, yes, she has been putting on some pounds, but in an interesting way" I replied "A weird thing about Sarah's new body is that, except for her hips, she still maintains her sleek physique. During the first few months she would keep weighing herself every few days, and found that she was slowly gaining weight, but it didn't appear that her body was getting any chubbier. After a while we came to the conclusion that all the extra weight was going straight to her udder, as it became apparent that the udder was fattening out and impeding the movement of her legs a little more."

"Wow, that is weird!" Christy exclaimed.

I continued "Another thing that also worried us at first was the idea that she might need to be milked on some kind of regular basis, but fortunately this was not the case. Sarah never felt any discomfort in her udder, except of course, for the extreme weight that she had to contend with every day, and the fact that she couldn't move her legs very well either."

Christy was fascinated "I guess no other woman in the world could ever know what Sarah has to deal with. I mean, what's a woman to do, especially if she's carrying her breasts between her legs?"

I was reminded of another anecdote "Another odd thing that Sarah would do is to use her udder as a chair. She would get on her knees, which was already difficult, but once she got to her knees, she would rest her body on the udder, using it like a chair. Her four huge teats would get squashed and project out from under the mammary mound in four directions, but she didn't mind, apparently it's not that uncomfortable."

We spent a few hours discussing Sarah, and I realized that Christy really understood Sarah. I'm glad to have her around and that she's such a good friend.

The next day went by uneventfully Sarah put on her cow suit, which was becoming routine now, then about six o'clock, Christy showed up carrying a bag. "Is that it?" Sarah said. She was obviously expecting something, but like everything else these days, she was keeping it a secret from me.

"I've got it." Christy exclaimed, and then she reached into the bag and pulled out a pair of high heel shoes. They were white, and looked like they had six inch heels. Sarah was standing in her usual bent over position, and while leaning on her roll-around chair she lifted her feet one at a time to let Christy put the shoes on her. The shoes had a strap that went around the ankle, and were stubby toed. The heels were thick and were so high that when Sarah stood on them, her foot pointed straight down, with all her weight on the toes.

After both shoes were on, Sarah walked around the room to test them "I love them!" she said excitedly. Then she went back over to where Christy was still sitting on the floor, and asked "Did you get the paint?" Now this was getting interesting, I couldn't figure out what they were going to do with the paint. Christy pulled out a little can of black paint and a brush, and proceeded to paint the toes of Sarah's new shoes. When the painting was finished, Sarah walked over to me slowly and asked "What do you think, do I look like I have hooves?" Now I understand what she's trying to do, she's accessorizing her cow outfit, and it's getting me all hot and horny.

Sarah walked around the room, stopping every so often to look at her new shoes, then she would continue around the room some more. Sometimes she would stop and confer with Christy about something, and continue to walk some more. She was modeling the shoes more for herself than anyone else. I was too busy watching how her gait was a little different with these new high heeled shoes to pay attention to what they were talking about. Sarah seemed to be walking more stiff-toed with the shoes, but that's probably just what she intended to happen, I was starting to get the feeling that she was trying to make her legs look more cow-like, and as though she had real hooves, but there was still something about the high heeled shoes that was a real turn-on!

Days would pass, and Sarah would wear her new shoes off and on, depending on what activity she was involved in. During much of the day when Christy and her would be working on some project around the house, she would be in her bare feet and a big baggy skirt which hid her massive mammary, then at night she would wear her spandex cow outfit, the new shoes and one of her outfits that almost made her appear normal, except that she could never quite hide the mound of flesh wedged between her legs.

Two weeks went by since she got the shoes, and things were starting to get a little more mysterious with Sarah and Christy, and they were really getting into some projects that I wasn't privy to. When I would ask them about it, they would tell me that it was a surprise, and that it would all be revealed to me eventually. Christy would come home practically every day with some new material she picked up in town, and she would immediately take it into the spare room, which now had a padlock on it. They were taking no chances that I might find out what they were up to, which didn't bother me all that much, in fact it was rather exciting to think about what weird things they might be up to. Sometimes I would catch a glimpse of some of the stuff that Christy would bring home - and immediately spirit away to the locked room. I caught glimpses of some building materials, some wood and some paint. The building materials didn't seem too odd, but some other stuff I couldn't figure out what they were intending to do with, such as parts of a mannequin! Then there were many days that I had to attend to some business out of town, and who knows what devilish things those two were up to during those periods.

One day shortly after I came home, they came out of their locked room and approached me, Christy was carrying something in her hands that was wrapped up in newspaper, and Sarah rolled out with her chair and wearing her cow outfit and high heeled shoes. As Sarah stood there leaning over and smiling, Christy spoke "Sarah and I decided that since you've been such a good sport about all of this secrecy stuff, it was time to let you see one of our projects."

"That and, well..." Sarah spoke hesitantly "...And because I'm getting tired of wheeling around this chair all the time. Together we made something that will give me a little more freedom."

Then Christy unwrapped the items and held up two objects. It appeared to be two mannequin legs! The legs were cut off below the knees, and were fitted with white knee socks that were painted with black splotches. More importantly though - the mannequin legs were wearing shoes identical to what Sarah was wearing, complete with the toes painted black!

"See These?" Christy spoke "Now watch this!" Christy then stood the two legs upright on the floor, and while holding them, Sarah slowly put her one hand down inside of one of the hollow legs and continued until the sawed-off portion of the leg was several inches above her wrist, then she did the same with her other arm.

Sarah now stood there on all fours! She was wearing the white shoes on her feet, and with the artificial arm extenders which made her arms longer, and were also were fitted with identical shoes, she was able to stand with her back perfectly horizontal. She then looked up at me and said "Now watch how I can walk with four legs!" Sarah then started to walk around as though it was completely natural, with the exception of a hip waddle which was caused by the udder jammed between her thighs. This was getting more bizarre, she was actually starting to take on the appearance of a non-human, four-legged animal, and she seemed to be enjoying it. Every so often she would look down at her udder, just to see how much it was shaking with every step. I was starting to believe she was getting some kind of erotic pleasure out of emulating a cow.

It was starting to get a little scary to leave Sarah and Christy each day because I never knew what to expect to find when I would come home. There was just no telling what these two were up to anymore. At first I was just trying to go along with it because I wanted to help Sarah's emotional stability, but now it seemed as though that wasn't so much of a worry anymore. Things had change for me too. Sarah's strangely exotic body was a little too freaky for me at first, but now I was starting to see the beauty of her unusual form, and lately I have found myself getting a little aroused by some of this accessorizing.

It was a hot summer Friday afternoon, and I found out that I was going to have to make a road trip for the weekend, but I would be back by Sunday evening, so I took the afternoon off to get ready. I knew that if I came home early that I might catch Sarah and Christy in the middle of something, but I didn't have time to phone ahead. So when I stepped into the house, I found Sarah sitting at the kitchen table with a mirror. She was wearing a large dress that covered her body and none of the other accessories, but when she saw me she quickly put her hands to her temples and gasped "You're home early!"

I'm sorry, but I was in a hurry. I see you're up to something new again." I said playfully. I then notice a bleach white wig laying on the table next to the mirror.

"Well..." Sarah began "I suppose I'll have to show you what I'm fooling around with." Then she removed her hands from her temples to expose two little horns. The horns were about two inches in length and were attached to her temples just in front of her hair line. "Hey" she said "I had to try it out, I was wondering how horns would look on me."

I felt a few butterflies in my stomach. I wasn't bothered by any of this anymore, in fact it was becoming quite fascinating. "Are those real horns?" I asked.

"Yup, real cow horns. Christy got them from somewhere."

"This is really interesting. What are you going to do with the wig?" I asked.

"The wig? Oh, I want to leave that as a surprise." Sarah replied as she stuffed the white wig into a bag.

There was another thing that had been concerning me lately, and I had to ask her "Have you been gaining weight lately? You seem a little larger, or is it just my imagination?"

"No" She said hesitantly "No, it's true, I have gained a little weight."

"I thought you might have. You also seemed to be eating a lot lately, I hope you're okay, and not too depressed or anything." I was genuinely concerned, but she put my mind at ease, at least for a little while.

"Everything's fine, in fact I'm feeling the best that I've felt since, well, you know, since I acquired this new body."

I was satisfied for the moment. I then explained to her about my business trip, and that I would be home Sunday night. Sarah seemed to welcome this information, she said it would give her and Christy some time to finish up some projects. What these projects were I didn't know, but it definitely gave my heart a jump just thinking of the possibilities!

Part 4 - Sunday Night!

It was Sunday night, and my heart was pounding all the way home. I had to consciously take control of my breathing several times and wipe the sweat off of my hands or else I might find myself driving off a cliff somewhere. The thought of what might be awaiting for me at home was whirling in my mind like a hurricane. For two days Sarah and Christy were left alone to prepared something that I just knew was going to be far from ordinary, and I didn't know if I was emotionally prepared for it, but at the same time it was making me overly excited to think about what surprises might be in store for me.

I finally made it home around 7:00 PM. I cautiously walked through the front door, only to find the two girls were in the bed room. I also noticed that there wasn't any lock on the spare room door, but I decided to stay away from there. Christy poked her head out the door to let me know where they were, then she closed the door. A minute later she opened the door again and spoke "Everything will be ready in a few minutes. Why don't you make yourself a cup of coffee."

I could feel the nervousness running through my legs. I went to the kitchen area, which was still in view of the bedroom door, and started to heat up some water. A few minutes later Christy came out to the kitchen, opened up the proverbial junk drawer, and pulled out a pair of pliers. "What are you going to do with those?" I asked.

Christy grinned and said "Oh nothing. Now don't you worry about a thing, just sit down and relax." Then she took the pliers with her and returned to the bedroom.

I knew I couldn't handle any caffeine tonight, so I made a cup of decaf. Occasionally I could hear some giggling coming through the walls, but all I could do was sit. After about ten minutes Christy came out one more time and spoke to me "Okay, Sarah is almost ready for you." She then picked up her belongings from the couch "I'm going to leave you two alone now. Just wait here until Sarah calls to you." Then Christy left the house. I heard her get into her car and drive away. I continued to sit there at the kitchen table, knowing that my Sarah was just in the other room, and we were alone in the house once again.

I was trying to drink the cup of decaf, but my hands had a slight trembling, this waiting with nervous expectation was always a killer. I tried to occupy myself by listening to the birds outside and watching as the sun slowly went down. It was a dreadfully long fifteen minutes before I heard the bedroom door creak slightly open. I turned to see what was coming, but Sarah wasn't showing herself yet, instead she called out to me "I'm ready, but before I come out, I want you to remove all your clothes and sit on the couch."

"Oh boy" I thought to myself "Every time she has me sit on the couch, it usually means something big is coming!" I struggled to disrobe as quickly as possible, but I was starting to hyperventilate. "Calm down" I kept whispering to myself. In less than a minute I was completely nude and sitting on the couch, then I called to her "I'm ready."

"Are you sitting?" she yelled out.


"Okay then, close your eyes, and no peeking."

"My eyes are closed." At this point I was so thoroughly aroused, and with no clothes on it was quite obvious. There was a moment of silence, then I heard the bedroom door creak open all the way, and I heard the familiar sound of the four high-heeled shoes, but as the clumping of the shoes started toward me, I heard a new sound - the clinking of a cowbell! I started to wonder what other surprises she might have in store. She walked closer until she was at my knees, then she stopped, and I could hear her breathing heavily, as though she was getting highly excited too.

After what seemed like an eternity, she spoke "Okay, you can open your eyes now." At this point I was too nervous to look, but I took a deep breath and let my eyelids rise, and gasped at what stood before me. Sarah was wearing the cow outfit, and again was standing on the four shoes with the front prosthetic arms attached, but from the neck up she had given herself a complete makeover. She had the cowbell hanging from a black ribbon that was tied around her neck, but this was the least of the changes. Her face was painted white with black splotches to match the rest of her body suit, and she had traded in her two inch cow horns for larger ones which were about five inches in length, and these were glued to her temples. Pointing out from over her ears were a pair of big rubber ears, which were also painted white with black splotches. On her head she was wearing the white wig that I saw the other day, except that the hair had been cut to about one inch in length to give it that cow-fur look, and as with everything else, this too had black splotches on it. The end of her nose was painted black, but what blew me away the most was the ring she was wearing, and hanging from the middle of her nose! It was a large brass ring, which hung down to just touch her upper lip.

My groin was throbbing as I looked at her. I spoke haltingly "Wow, look at you. I can't believe it."

"Do you like my new look?" She said coquettishly.

I looked longingly into her eyes "It's definitely fascinating, and at the same time - alluring." I put my hands softly on her face "How did you manage this?"

"Christy helped with getting the supplies. She found these Yoda ears and makeup paint at a costume shop. I'm not sure where she bought the wig, but it wasn't cheap."

Sarah hadn't answered the one question eating at me "And the nose ring, is that a clip-on?"

Sarah grew a big smile "Nope, it's the real thing. Shortly after you left on Friday, Christy helped me pierce a hole through the center of my nose. Then just before she left tonight, she helped put the ring through it. That's why she had to get the pliers, to squeeze the ring and close it up. I wanted the ring to be in my nose permanently, do you like it?"

I was stunned, and yet I found this whole thing weirdly erotic. She was going for the complete "Cow" look, and I was getting intensely turned on. I leaned over and kissed her. She moved her face across mine so that we were cheek to cheek, and then whispered in my ear "I want you to follow me. I have something interesting to show you." I stood up, and Sarah turned around, motioned with her head for me to follow, and started to walk away from me. Watching how well she had adapted to walking on those high heels with both her legs and arms, I followed her. My eyes were fixated on her rear-end, and I couldn't stop thinking about how huge and wide her hips were. It was extremely strange to see her walk this way - the hooves and tail were obviously fake, but the udder was totally real, and there it was, jammed snugly between her rear legs, I couldn't get over the sight of it. In fact, it had grown so large in just this past week, that it caused her to walk slightly bow legged - there was less room for her rear legs to extend down, now they were being pushed out a little to the sides.

She led me to the closed door of the spare room "Go ahead. Open it." My curiosity as to what her and Christy had been up to was about to be satisfied. I turned the doorknob and gently swung open the door, and what I saw was not what I had expected. The room was softly lit by several oil lamps hanging from the ceiling, and the walls were painted brown, but that's where I lost sight of the fact that this was just another room. The floor was cover with a mat of straw, and there were bails of hay piled along the walls of the room. With Christy's help, Sarah had converted this room to resemble the inside of a barn! I knew Sarah was getting into this role-playing, of pretending she was a cow, but it looked like she was going all-out tonight. We both stepped inside, and Sarah, still on all fours, waddled to the other side, then turned and look up to me, and with a smile, she asked "I really hope you like it, I wanted to make things special for us."

I was stunned, but as I stood there completely in the buff and looking at Sarah, I was definitely becoming aroused, and "Rising to the Occasion" as they say. Now I wanted to get into this role-playing too, so I closed the door and walked to the middle of the room, and got down on my knees "Come here my beautiful Cowgirl."

Sarah gave a sigh of delight, and with her four high-heeled shoes crunching the straw beneath her feet, she walked over to me "I'm so glad you like it." We kissed several times, then she whispered "I love you, but I want you to do something for me."

"I'll do whatever you want" I said as I kissed her cheek.

"I don't want you to think of me as your Cowgirl anymore, tonight I just want you to think of me only as a Cow!" The butterflies danced in my stomach at hearing this, but she continued "My fantasy tonight is to no longer be a human girl, but a complete cow, a real cow. I want you to be my bull, and make love to me as if I was a cow." How strange this all seemed, but I wanted to go along with it. I put my arms around her and continued to kiss her, and several times as she rubbed her face against mine, I could feel her horns rubbing through my hair. Then she started to lap me with her tongue, first on the face, then on my neck. I leaned back against a bail of hay, and she continued to lap me, but now she was moving down to my chest, and continuing farther down until she reached my stiff rod, then she took one more look up into my eyes before commencing with the most amazing oral sex I've ever had. I thought my toes would go numb as she worked on me with her teeth and tongue. I stared at the ceiling while she became more vigorous in her work, then I looked down at her, and all I could see was an unfamiliar head with short hair with big horns and ears sticking out from the sides, bobbing up and down on me, and I felt like I was in some alternate universe! She kept working harder and harder, and her breathing became heavier, when suddenly she stopped and said "Oh my God, I'm in heat. Take me now, take me like a bull!" She quickly turned around, her big udder slapping between her legs, and her cowbell clanging wildly "Hurry, I'm a cow in heat!" I didn't take any time to think, I stood up behind her as her arms and legs were bracing themselves on the straw-matted floor. I pushed aside her tail and mounted her from behind, I was almost ready to burst as I started to pump. Her udder was so large and swollen that it hung out from behind her, in fact, it was bulging out so much at the top that it seemed to be pushing her butt cheeks apart, and my balls were pushing against it. I had to spread my legs to allow me to get right up close to her rear-end, and in so doing her udder was partially hanging between my legs, and I could feel this big firm and hot sack pushing and slapping against my inner thighs.

We were going hot and heavy, and I was burning up a sweat. I leaned over her back and wrapped my arms around her waist. In the heat of the moment I moved my arms up along her flat chest, how strange it was to not find her breasts there, so I then slid my hands down her torso to find her single big breast in it's new place - growing out from her abdomen, and I thought to myself "My God, she IS a cow!". I started to vigorously massage the sides of her udder, it felt like a firm, yet quivering breast, except it was just one humongous bag of breast tissue that I could barely move, so I just kept pushing and squeezing the massive surface of it as well as I could. We were embraced in a moment of passion, then Sarah started making these low cow sounds - like mooing. I've heard of couples playing sex games, but nothing like this, and the only difference was that other women didn't have the equipment that Sarah had!

Then Sarah started to become more vocal "Oh, oh yes! I'm feeling it, I'm feeling like a real cow. This is beautiful!" Then she started mooing between her cries of passion "Yes, this is it - moooo - This is what I am - mooo - A real cow, now I know how it feels!" Now we were climbing toward our climax, and Sarah was almost screaming "Yes, I love being a cow, mooo, I love these animal instincts - moooo - I - love - my - big - beautiful - udder!!!" Then all at once we both screamed as we climaxed!

I continued to lay on her back for a few moments, then slumped off of her and onto the straw bedding. The straw was scratchy to my bare skin, but I didn't care, and I leaned against a bail of hay. Sarah was still catching her breath when she turned around to face me. She moved to the bail behind me, then tore off a bite of the hay, turned toward me again and chewed it for a minute. She then swallowed a wad of it and spat the rest out "Wow" she said "That's going to take some getting use to." Then she sighed and gave me a look that told me she had just experienced ecstasy, and said " This is wonderful. Let's sleep here in the barn tonight." I thought it was cute that she was calling this room a barn. Sarah then knelt down on the straw beside me and started to make herself comfortable, apparently she was going to sleep in her costume too. She laid on her right side, and moved her left leg to try to push her fat udder into a more comfortable position. Her horns prevented her from laying her head on its side, so she rested her chin on her crossed arms, which were still in their prosthetic arm extenders. It appeared that she intended on staying in her cow character all night too!

Part 5 - Sarah's Euphoria

When I awoke the next morning, a very early sun was shining through the window, but Sarah wasn't in the room. I got up and brushed some straw off of me, then walked through the house looking for her, but she was nowhere to be found. I threw on a pair of sweat pants and stepped outside the house, the sun was bright and caused me to squint a little. I walked around the house to the back yard, the grass hadn't been cut in a few weeks so it was a little long. I stopped and scanned the field until I caught sight of something moving about fifty yards away, the object I saw appeared white, and when I saw what looked like a head bob up and down, I figured it was Sarah. I walked out into the field in my bare feet, the grass was a little damp, but I continued until I got to her. There she was, still in her full cow outfit, and walking around on all fours. She looked up at me and spoke "Good morning, I couldn't wait to get out here in the field, into my element.

"Wow" I said "How long have you been out here?"

"About a half an hour" She took a few steps toward me "I really wanted to experience this, to see what it feels like to roam freely in a field."

I thought about how worried I was that Sarah would be hating life until she was changed back to her old self again, but now it seems that the tide has turned - she actually seems to be enjoying it. I asked her how she felt, and she replied "I feel great. I have you whom I love, and you love me back. I live in the country, and I have a new life to explore." Still standing on all fours, she then looked down at herself and toward her udder "Look at that" she said as she undulated her hips a little, causing her udder to sway, "My breasts are in the form of an udder, a big beautiful cow's udder, and I love it!"

I couldn't believe what I was hearing, but she continued "I don't know how I could have ever lived without it. I don't remember why having two little breasts was so great, when now I have the most impressive breast in the world, and why would I want to go back to having only two nipples when now I've got four!" She continued to look down at her udder "Actually, I don't have nipples anymore, my nipples have grown into teats, four big beautiful teats? Look at them hang there, they're absolutely huge, and they must be at least nine inches long!

Now I had to sit down, this was becoming too much for me, but she didn't stop there, she looked up at me and spoke with more energy "I loved last night, and the way you made me feel, the way I was always meant to feel, like a true cow." She looked down at herself again "I absolutely love the way this udder feels, to have it hanging from my abdomen and tucked between my legs. It's extremely heavy, but the weight of it actually makes me feel horny, it's all so erotic. In fact, last night as we were making love, one of the most sensational feelings was my udder swinging in time with our rhythm, I kept thinking that this is what a cow must really feel like, and how much I wanted to feel this way, it really turned me on" She looked back up at me "One thing I was noticing as I was walking around in the field this morning was how much I love letting my udder hang freely. I don't want to wear any garments over it any more, no more 'Udder Bra' for me, I want to let it fall free, and to feel it wobble and rub against the insides of my legs, and to feel the breeze blowing on it. This is the most beautiful and sensational feeling of all!" Then she took a few steps back and forth, and said "With such a massive weight on my lower body, walking around on all fours has become the more natural and comfortable way of getting around. I want to continue to walk on all fours from now on"

"I also don't mind anymore that my udder has grown so fat and full, in fact, this past week I had a fantastic time watching the changes in my body. Every morning I would check myself out in the full-length mirror to see how much my udder had expanded and how much it would bulge out from behind my legs. It was intoxicating, the more it grew, the more thrilled I became, and the more I wanted to make it grow even more. It was like a challenge, I wanted to see how far I could make it bulge out behind me, and how much it could expand and push my legs apart. I fell in love with it, the beauty of it all. I love the fact that my breasts are now between my legs, it feels so right and natural, this is where my breasts belong. Also, the fact that it's wedged so tightly between my thighs just adds to my sexual arousal. I'm in bliss all the time! I only hope that it continues to grow and becomes an even more of a tight fit! "

It seems that Sarah was having a bit of a "Species Identity Crisis". She truly had a cow's udder, but now she was making a psychological transformation as well. I watched as she ripped up some grass with her teeth as started chewing on it, and I wondered how long this might last? Was she really losing her humanity, or was this just a sex game she was playing, and that she would eventually tire of? And if the time comes when she no longer wanted to be a cow, would she then no longer want the udder?

What has happened to Sarah?


Re: A Dairy Princess' Revenge - by Cowpoke & Madmax011

Chapter 3 by Madmax011

"What has happened to Sarah?"
As I walked back to our house from the fields I couldn't get that thought out of my head. My love, my life, Sarah, seemed to be undergoing some sort of psychological change, that was making her act more and more like a cow; and I didn't know how I felt about it. On the one hand her udder and body were incredibly arousing. Months of living in the house, becoming bolder and bolder in the uses of our bodies had really made the udder become somewhat of a sex symbol for me. It stood for all that was special about Sarah. It was something that made her unique in my eyes. I knew this too was wrong on some levels; but didn't care in the slightest.
On the other hand her apparent mental changes had me worried. Was she just acting? Or was her mind devolving is some way. I couldn't bear to lose her. The thought of her wanting to be nothing but a cow, not caring about our life together, scared me.
It was all of these thoughts that were rolled from one side of my brain to the other as I trudged out of the field and stepped towards the back door of our house. I turned one last time before heading inside. Looking over the field I saw my Sarah wandering around on all fours, facing away from me. I could see her widened hips holding the precious udder between them. It really was something special. In that posture the udder itself hung down as far as Sarah's knees, while the teats dangled over half a foot lower. Feeling my penis stir inside my pants at the thought of touching that smooth skin I tore my eyes away and entered the house.
I moved straight towards the kitchen, intent on pouring myself a coffee and mulling things over. What surprised me was that the smell of coffee already permeated the house. Entering the kitchen I found the reason for this. Christy was leaning at the breakfast counter with a cup steaming in her hands and a wide cheesy grin on her face. A grin that disappeared as soon as she noticed the troubled look on my face.

"Oh no... don't tell me you didn't like Sarah's surprise..."

I thought about it briefly before opening my mouth.

"No Christy. That's not what... Look... Last night was amazing, and Sarah's never looked more beautiful. It's just..."

"Just what?"

Christy's head was turned slightly now, a curious look on her face. I maintained eye-contact only briefly before looking down at my feet. I pondered for a moment if spilling the beans to Christy was a wise choice. I knew she and Sarah were closer than close. Their shared experience at the hands of Peg had re-ignited their old friendship. They we closer even than they had been in highschool. I knew that, if I were to tell Christy my fears, it wouldn't be long until she told Sarah, which could open a huge can of worms. On the other hand, I needed to get my thoughts out in the open. I needed someone to bounce my fears off to make sure I wasn't overreacting.
Returning my gaze back up Christy's body; quickly passing her baggy jumper hiding her four breasts, so as not to offend, I made contact with her eyes again. I could tell by her furrowed brow that my silence was worrying her... I would go for it...
Before beginning I sat down, pulling up one of the high-stools to the counter. I closed my eyes briefly, inhaling deeply and preparing myself for all of the words and thoughts that were ready to tumble out of my mouth.

"Sarah's behaviour has me a little confused... no... worried. I know she's grown to love her udder, and I have too! It's amazing, feels so right. And all this dressing up like a cow... for some reason I find it really sexy. I love that. I love my Sarah. I just... worry that she may love the idea of being a cow more than she loves me..."

There. I came to the heart of it. Looking Christy dead in the eyes I repeated.

"I'm afraid that Sarah will get so involved in this cow personality, she'll forget me."

Christy looked taken aback, but not in an insulted or horrified way. She just looked shocked and concerned. I looked down at my hands and continued again.

"I also know how much she is into this right now. I don't want to ruin this for her if it's what she really wants. I just want her to be happy..."

I waited in silence for a moment, eyes not leaving the countertop, engrossed in the black marble pattern.

"Oh sweetie..."

The soft sad voice of Christy made me lift my head. Christy's face was scrunched up in a very kindly pitying look. She put down her cup and reached across the counter to grab my hand, holding it in a friendly, reassuring way. She smiled a reassuring smile and began.

"Sarah loves you. She loves you more than you know... All she ever does when we're together is to talk about you, or plan how to surprise you with her next "Ëœtreat'. She is so happy that she's found someone so accepting of what happened to her. I wish... I wish I could find someone like that too."

I detected sadness in her voice, but kept silent. Christy continued.

"I know she is acting more and more like a cow. But she has noticed you like the acting and costumes, so she has kept it up. Now she obviously is really into the whole cow fantasy herself, but it's you she does it all for you. It may not seem like it to you, but she's admitted that the udder is only the second most important thing in her life. If something is making you feel uncomfortable or worried, just tell her and she would do anything for you..."

Christy finished, raising her eyebrows waiting for any words to come from me. I let out a sigh and let go of the knot that was clenching my stomach. I felt relieved. Standing up and moving to the other side of the counter I grabbed Christy by the shoulders and said earnestly,

"Thank you Christy"

Before giving her a friendly hug, which admittedly was a little difficult to do with her large and numerous breasts. Standing back she gave me one more reassuring smile, patted my shoulder and headed out of the kitchen. It wasn't long until I heard the crunch of gravel her car headed out the drive.

My sights once again rested upon Sarah walking around on all fours in the field behind our house, legs bowed and udder swaying. As I got closer I noticed that her vagina, out for the world to see inn her crotchless cowsuit, was moist and puffy. I was interesting to see. She was clearly getting off from walking around a field with her udder being caressed by the wind. It wasn't long before she noticed my footfall and turned around. She smiled and winked at me before giving a coquettish little "Moo".
"So where have you been stud? Have you come back out because you forgot that a farmer needs to milk his cows every day?"

She gave her thighs a wiggle that made her teats flop around. My penis instantly began to rise. I knew full well that her breast udder did not produce milk. But the thought of sitting down beside my Sarah to milk her was too sexy. Maybe letting this cow fantasy run unbridled wasn't such a bad idea....
No I decided, I at least had to tell her how much she meant to me and that I wanted to spend every day with her. So I steeled myself and launched into what was going on in my head. Well I thought I would. Because all that I got out was a very nervous.

"Marry me!"

My hands shot to my face as I realised what I said. Sarah looked surprised. She instantly stiffened up, her hands slid from her cow legs and half sat half fell backwards. Her oversized udder now rested a little too snuggly between her very large thighs. She looked up at me, her lower lip quivered slightly, which made her nose ring move. But she kept everything together and asked.

"What... did you say?"

My hands came down and I nervously gave it my best shot. It was all very rushed.

"I... Sarah I love you more than anything, I love your udder, and I love our cow games, but I got a little worried that you were taking these too seriously and you were going to forget about me. Which is silly I know, but it made me think that I never want to leave you, cow fantasy or not, so... Will you marry me Sarah?"

With the last past I knelt down in front of her udder. Legs gently rubbing off two of the teats, a blissful look came over her face as I did and she seemed to relax and smile before giving me my answer.

"Of course sweetheart! I was always only yours!"

With that the worry of the last few days evaporated and I quickly leant in for one of the most charged kisses we had ever had. Nose ring in the way or not. After what seemed like an age Sarah pulled back looked me in the eye with a devilish grin.

"So fiance, I hope you haven't forgotten that there is a cow needs milking!"

I smiled and leant her back.

"Never known a farmer to use his mouth to milk. But that's how I'm going to do it."

I gently took one of Sarah's teats in my hand. Half of its length stiffening in my hand. The other half flopped over my hand but slowly rising like some kind of bizarre penis. It always felt so good to hold them. I noted that they seemed longer than they had even a week previously. But with the growth of her udder from all the eating she was doing I wasn't surprised at all. I looked at all of her other teats rising slowly. Stiffening as I held but one of their number. I smiled, began rubbing my left hand all over her wonderful warm breast-like flesh. Hand rubbing over the ridged blood vessels and flattening her nipples against herself. Sarah moaned and let out a breathy.
"Please! Please just suck them!"
I of course had to oblige such a request and brought the tip of one to my lips, gave it a quick lick before wrapping my mouth around it and sucking gently. For a moment I thought her teat felt different than before, more rubbery in texture, but passed it off as nothing. Sarah's low moans instantly became very loud as her first orgasm raced through her. Making her stiff teats quiver.
"Oooo... Yes... don't stop that! Don't stop milking your prize cow!"
Just before launching at her other nipples I smiled at her. I had no intention of stopping, that was for sure!
The rest of that day was magical. After our tryst out in the open we returned back to Sarah's "Barn". By then I was rock hard and needed release. As she stood there on two legs, knees bent and supporting herself by holding onto two hay bales, I could see a wicked grin on her face as she suggested I get "an udderjob". My breathing quickened and I quickly tore my pants and undershorts off, leaving my throbbing erection out for the world to see. Sarah pointed for me to get down on the ground under her so I obeyed, propping up my upper body with my elbows. As I lay there my breathing became rapid as Sarah slowly lowered her udder onto my lower body. I could feel the warmth of her mammary flesh enveloping my member, as well as her rock hard nipples press against my lower abdomen. I looked Sarah in the eyes; she was smiling behind her nose ring, eyes half lidded in pleasure. I was amazing how horny she could be, even now after the procession of rapid fire orgasms she had had in the field. She had had so many that upon standing up I could see the slick film on the grass left by her. And as she waddled on all fours into the house her bald pussy was puffy, red and slick with juices, which sustained my boner all the way to the barn.

My thoughts had just turned to how amusing it was that Sarah still had a shaved vagina despite the almost impossibility of her being able to do it herself. A blush crept up my cheeks as I imagined Christy doing it for her during one of their regular "dress planning" sessions. But before I could let that thought go any further I was torn from my thoughts as Sarah began to move slowly. I moaned straight away and had to instantly fight back against cumming too quickly. The feeling was heavenly. Nipples gently rubbing back and forth on my chest. Sarah kept the movement to a minimum to begin with. I was more of a shifting of weight than full movement. But as more and more pre-cum leaked from me, the slicker and easier it became for her to move without friction on my penis.

Before long she was gripping tightly to the sides of the hay bales and swaying as fast as her udder mass would allow. I was all I could do to grit my teeth and try to last as long as humanly possible. It was a futile effort, however, as before long I released. It was one of the hardest and most pleasurable cums of my life. Eyes closed I spasmed under Sarah. She obviously noticed the first of my spurts for what it was and immediately let herself fall backwards onto her bum. Her udder flew back off my cock, which continued to release jet after jet of cum all over Sarah's udder and upper body.

When my orgasm had finally abated I sat up slowly from my propped position and caught Sarah grinning at me. She winked and said," With this amount of cum I'll make a prize bull out of you yet!". With that she giggled and slowly wiped the cum down off her breastless chest first; down into the dip where her abdomen met her udder. The she wiped it all forward onto her udder, containing it with one hand and adding to it with the other the cum that was strewn all over her udder. I watched in fascination as she did all this. Once all together she looked up at me and winked, before leaning down, doubling over herself and licking the cum from her udder. I had no idea her udder had gotten large enough to do that. I was completely blown away. As she pulled her head back I could see that some cum was still hanging off her nose ring. She clearly noticed too as she crossed her eyes and reached her tongue out to lick off the last remaining seed. She licked her lips before saying in a mischievous tone to me, "That's just a taste of all of the udder related fun I have planned for us. You'll have to marry me to find out the rest!". With that she giggled and got up slowly on bent legs, settled herself into her fake legs and waddled out of the room, no doubt to ring Christy and begin planning the event or the dresses.

It turned out that the planning took no time at all. Because of Sarah's obvious condition a Church wedding was out, as was having a big reception and inviting all of our families. In the end we decided have a simple state ceremony, with Christy coming up with the clever idea to put Sarah in a wheelchair. The wheelchair would have a section cut out of the front part of the seat, allowing Sarah's udder to hang underneath, hidden from view by the chair and her dress. Invited were only three people; Christy, Barb and Kate. No one else knew of Sarah's condition. With enough nagging from Christy and Barb we also decided to have a reception afterwards, albeit back at our own country house. All of the organising only took two weeks, so before I could even sit down and think about it the day was upon us.

I woke up that morning like I had almost every morning since the night of our "Barn games" over two weeks ago; in the famous barn, drenched in the sweat of last night's fun, spooning my soon to be wife, Sarah. I gently reached over and tucked one of her curls behind her ear, propped myself up and gazed at her beautiful sleeping face. Since her first night playing "cow" she hadn't bothered putting on the fake cow ears, wig, or painting her face, "too much hassle", she had said. Her cow suit, of course, was a staple. She still constantly wore it, even to bed now, taking it off only to wash it every few days. The constant smell of sex clung to her during this time, musky and almost animalistic. I mentioned it to her a few days ago. She laughed and said "Cow's don't have regular baths or wash their clothes, why should I?" I knew better than to argue with her, and to be honest the musky scent off of her was strangely alluring.

The brass nose ring was also still there fastened to her nose. She had agreed it would come off for the wedding ceremony itself, but wanted a new one in place as soon as we were done. She didn't know that I had procured a silver one for her in the past few days. I had tried gold first, but the price for a ring so large was astronomical; far more than I could possibly hope to afford. I looked down at her udder, resting out in front of her, only partly between her legs; its size impressive as ever, arteries and veins bulging from the side, nipples floppy and being pulled down by gravity. Sarah was still eating like crazy in the hopes of making the udder and the teats bigger. But to be honest I think they stopped growing larger over a week ago. Instead I felt that the udder just seemed look full and fuller, like it was going to explode with milk. We had had a talk about it just two nights previous. Sarah did say that the udder did feel more tender than usual, but that it was probably more due to the size. She seemed almost sad when she said she was fairly sure it was impossible for her to actually begin producing milk, since her udder was in reality just modified human breasts, not an actual cow udder. I cheered her up by mentioning that maybe someday we could emulate it if we were to ever have children. Her face lit up at the mention of this, she had clearly thought something similar.

Reluctantly I shook my sleeping beauty's shoulder gently to wake her up. It was time to get everything in order. It was going to be a long day... and night. Sarah's eyes fluttered open and lit up when they saw me. "Good morning stud".
I smiled at her, gently rubbing her hair, "Time we got up Sarah." She nodded in agreement and sat up, adjusting the udder as she did so. I saw her give one of her teats a playful tweak that made it jiggle and Sarah giggle a bit.
"Shame I have to hide this beauty for the day, but it'll sure be worth it!" She smiled at me and stood up slowly.
"I've got plenty to get ready with Christy, so Kate will take you to the State Registry office and we'll meet you there."
She leaned in for one last kiss and waved me out of the room. As I opened the door, there stood Christy, baggy jumper as always with a big cheesy grin on her face and a large bag in her hand.
"Morning you! Better get out quick, you're not supposed to see the bride's dress before the wedding you know!"
I nodded, said my goodbyes and made a hasty exit. It wasn't long either and I was ready. Showered, fixed my hair and standing outside our house with ten minutes to spare before Kate would come to pick me up.
It wasn't long and she arrived, drove me to the office, where we met Barb and waited for Sarah to arrive.
Waiting inside the registry office was absolutely maddening. Nerves were beginning to get to me and I couldn't stop my hands from shaking. I was not worried that Sarah would dump me at the altar, no, it was more happy nerves. I just couldn't wait until my beautiful uddergirl was all mine. Barb, seeing my hands shaking gave me a reassuring smile. As I returned it I heard the door of the office swing open. My head whipped around to find my Sarah, and there she was, being wheeled in by a grinning Christy.

Christy had really done a great job with the wheelchair, with the exception of a small bump visible in her lower abdomen, there was no sign of the udder; no doubt hanging naked in the undercarriage of the specially modified wheelchair. I noted that the wheelchair was also a lot broader in the seat than normal wheelchairs, so as to account for Sarah's widened hips. Obviously Christy had begun with a wheelchair designed for a heavy person.
Sarah herself looked absolutely stunning. Her dress was a simple but elegant black and white affair, a subtle hint to her cow persona that only we would get. The nose ring was currently gone, no doubt removed and broken in the process, her hair was done in a beautiful braid that hung over her left shoulder and down in front. She smiled gently at me and said. "C'mon stud, let's make me yours for good"
And that is exactly what we did. The registrar was a pleasant man, all gentle smiles to match with our loving ones. Finally, after what seemed like an age he was done with all of the paperwork and sent us on our way.
Coming out of the office we were greeted by the cheering Dairy Princesses, they all seemed so genuinely happy for us. Especially Christy who came over and gave us both a big hug and wished us so much happiness in our married lives.
Once done with our pleasantries I wheeled Sarah back out to the minivan and pushed her up the ramp into it; stepping in just after her. Christy closed the doors behind us and went around the front to get to the driver's seat. Finally out of sight in the tinted minivan Sarah smiled and winked at me, "Only thing that was missing from the wedding."
She pointed down, obviously meaning her udder. Gripping the side of her chair she slowly lifted herself up. My heart almost stopped, as it always did, as Sarah's udder slowly came into view, inch by inch of bulging flesh, topped with her four gigantic teats and covered in bulges from thick blood vessels just under the skin. She stood to what was the closest to her full height she could manage, dress to just above her knees and udder hanging below it. Sarah lovingly and sensually started rubbing the udder and said, "Can't wait till I'm back at our house and I can leave my beautiful udder hang as loose and as free as I want!"
I chuckled gently and said, "Are you sure the girls will be okay with you flashing your breasts all over the place at our reception?"
The answer didn't come from Sarah, but from Christy in the front of the van, she laughed, "Don't you worry about that! We're more than okay with it. Trust us!"
I turned back to Sarah who smiled and moved to sit beside me. I reached over when she had and began gently rubbing her udder with her. She moaned softly and said. "I wish you would never stop playing with it!" I gently stroked one teat, eliciting a small gasp from Sarah, and returned. "Now that we're married I'll make it my business to look after it as much as possible.

The remainder of the journey to our country house was spent in a gentle caress in the back of the van. Sarah, as she always did when her udder was being played with, was leaking juices like crazy. I was sure the bottom of her dress must have been completely soaked through by the time we made it home.
Both Christy and I helped Sarah out of the van and into the house. Obviously she was done with the wheelchair. We sat her in a chair and begun getting all of the food and drinks ready. The whole time Sarah just stayed on her chair, rubbing and playing with her udder and smiling at me. It was amazing that I got any work done at all with my constant raging erection. With Christy's help, however, we did finally manage to get it all done.
It was then that Christy quickly excused herself for a moment. I chose that moment to give Sarah her new nose ring. Fishing the large box from my jacket pocket I stepped up to Sarah's chair, knelt in front and handed the box to her. "Here sweetheart, it's not a wedding band, but somehow this seems more appropriate."
She looked at me with love in her eyes before carefully opening the box. "Oh my!" she exclaimed, eyes opening wide in wonder. "Oh my, it's beautiful! Thank you! Thank you so much!" She reached over with one hand and pulled me in for a passionate kiss. Pulling back slightly she took out the ring and handed it to me. "If you would be so kind!" I obliged straight away helping her thread it through the hole in her nose, before fastening it with a pair of pliers that were nearby.
"It feels perfect, I love it" Sarah exclaimed. Just as she did, the door opened and in walked Christy, Barb and Kate intent on getting the party started. What made me do a double take, however, were their outfits. All three of them were wearing modified versions of Sarah's "cowsuit". But most strikingly of all, Christy's had four holes in hers, that let her ample bosoms all hang loose. I averted my eyes quickly and turned back to Sarah with a puzzled look on her face. She just smiled and nodded at me. "It's okay... It was my idea."
My head whipped back around to Christy to confirm this, making a point of not staring at her breasts. She nodded and added, "here is the only place my breasts aren't looked upon in either a horrified or in a seedy lecherous way. Sarah suggested that if I wanted a break and just wanted to feel normal and accepted I should come here and simply be free!"
It had never crossed my mind that Christy was unhappy with her breasts. From all we had heard she was making an absolute killing from being a stripper. But it seems that life maybe was just not for her.
"Tonight is not about me though! It's about you two, so let's get this party started!" and with that shouted out Christy hit play on the nearby iPod player and the music started playing.

The party itself was a very pleasant affair. Everyone there was in good humour and high spirits. We all chatted and bantered like the best of friends. Sarah especially was clearly delighted to have everyone back together again. Soon, after some of the pre-drinks were done with, we all sat down for a wonderful meal that was ordered in. The good cheer continued as we all chowed down. The meal finished up and Kate, Christy and Barb began moving all of the crockery into the kitchen and began washing up, leaving us momentarily alone. Sarah went to set down the dessert spoon she had just been using, but misjudged and caused it to slip off the table's edge and onto the floor. Ever the gentleman I offered to retrieve it, not that there was any way that she could have done so herself anyway.
I dove down on all fours under the table and felt around for a while until I found the spoon. "Found it!" I triumphantly exclaimed and looked up from the floor to come face to face with Sarah's udder. Sarah herself had grasped down low and was now holding her top two teats in either hand, gently being waved from side to side. So that was her game... I let out an "Oh!" let the spoon go and gently lent my face in to her teats. I gently took one of them into my mouth, stroking the other one and began suckling on her teat. Sarah began gently moaning and moved her hands to rub the sides of the udder.
As I licked up and down the length of one of Sarah's teats I thought again that the texture of her nipples felt different to what it had, more rubbery almost. Just as this thought passed through my head a taste crossed my lips that made me instantly stop cold... Milk...
I pulled back for a moment to look at Sarah's teats, I could see no milk leaking from the one I was sucking, or any of them for that matter. Sarah noticed my sudden stop and questioned, "Hey, don't stop now! The girls will be another bit!" Shaking my head like I passed it off as nothing and mumbled "Sorry, it's nothing" before continuing my ministrations.
I couldn't shake the thought though. I knew I had tasted milk, my heart raced as I thought of all of the fun to be had if I could actually milk my beautiful cowgirl. I resolved myself to be sure. My right hand began making pulling motions to the lower part of her teat, while I sucked as hard as I dared with my mouth. Curiosity aside Sarah's moans intensified very suddenly as she began gasping too.
For once I was uninterested in Sarah's moaning and kept going. My heart raced faster and faster, nothing was coming out, had I imagined it? Was there no way Sarah could produce milk? Or was this as far as her udder would go? Almost unheeded by me Sarah's moans quickened and quickened along with my ever quickening heartbeat... and finally, it happened.
Sarah's udder, jiggling from being in the throes of orgasm shot a jet of warm, creamy milk directly into my mouth. It too was too much for me, and as I pulled back to see a few droplets of the creamy substance drip from her abused nipple and onto the floor, I released myself, embarrassingly straight into my pants. Undeterred I began with a very shaky and excited voice. "Sarah..."

Only to be cut off by a knock and the sound of the front door opening. I shot out from my compromising position and stood up fully to lock eyes with the last person I could have imagined turning up. My mouth opened in shock, but I couldn't get a single word out. It was Sarah who broke the silence.

"Peg!?... What are you doing here?"
"I'm here to right my wrongs" she replied.
Peg. The bitch that had caused this curse upon Sarah, this blessing. I had no idea what to do. Parts of my mind screamed that I should run over and make her pay for all the hardship that she caused. Another part of my mind, a more ashamed part, wanted me to thank her for giving us this adventure, however unintended it may have been. The scraping of Sarah's chair against the floor pulled my attention back; Sarah stood up as close to her full height as her udder's weight would allow. Her face was a mask, no emotion betrayed, no inkling given to what she was thinking. Just a cold hard glare that seemed to root Peg momentarily. Being what she was it didn't faze her for long and she took a step in, out of the dark.
I moved quickly before Peg could advance on my Sarah and placed myself between the two, not allowing Peg to come closer. Peg turned sideways and glared at me, and that's when I felt my blood run cold. I couldn't move, some kind of magic was holding me in this spot. I began panicking and was soon hyperventilating until I felt a familiar hand on my shoulder. I turned my eyes as far as they could and saw Sarah now standing beside me. Her gaze was now no longer hard, but comforting as she gently whispered to me. "It's okay sweetheart. I can feel she isn't here to do harm." She then turned to Peg, her gaze curious. She then waddled over and across the room, glorious udder swaying, juice remnants of our little game still visible running down the back of it. She stopped an inch from Peg's face.

Peg clearly looked uncomfortable with Sarah so close to her and lowered her eyes to look at Sarah's udder. Her eyes widened in mild shock as she uttered. "Oh, it's after growing Sarah!" She met Sarah's eyes again as Sarah cocked her head to the side before calmly and quietly saying. "Come to see your handiwork have you? It's not just the udder that got big, Peg. Look at these teats, Peg." With that Sarah maintained her uncomfortably close eye contact with Peg, while reaching down and grasping her top two teats and pulled up on them up for Peg to inspect. What Sarah didn't see, as she maintained her glare at Peg, was the short jet of milk that shot from her teats and landed on Peg making her flinch. As Peg saw this she gasped and said. "Oh Sarah you... Sarah I'm sorry. All of this rage and hate, and it was directed on you two loving people. I never should have taken all of this out on you. When I heard that you were getting married, despite all of what I put you through, I knew that you were not deserving of this curse I've put on you. That's why I'm here, to fix everything."

Speech over Peg stepped back from Sarah, hands raising from her side as a low buzz began to emanate from the room and a yellow glow came from her hands. Sarah's face turned to shock again as she stood rooted to the spot, unable to say a word. Peg continued and began raising her hands towards Sarah. It looked like she was going to fire off a spell. Peg concentrating on this spell must have dispelled the one holding me in place as I found myself once again master of my own body and voice. So I drew in a deep breath and did something I would come to never regret.


The power and force behind my words managed to shock Peg out of casting her spell. As her magic dissipated she looked over quizzically to me before moving her gaze back to Sarah, who too seemed to have found her voice again.

"You heard the man Peg. We don't want that... We've come to like this udder... It feels right. It belongs between my legs. We couldn't go back to the way things were. That, would be a curse."

Sarah glanced back at me and smiled, I returned it as words finally fell from Peg's shocked mouth.

"But Sarah, you..."

She paused, spared a glance at me and then leant into Sarah's ear and began whispering. I couldn't hear a thing but I could see Sarah's reaction to her words. At first her eyes opened as if surprised, then slowly her face softened, her eyes became lidded and a ghost of a smile appeared at the corner of her mouth as Peg pulled away. I did hear Sarah soft response. "That's okay" she said.

Peg's forehead furrowed, but she seemed to accept what Sarah had said. Sarah looked back at me again and I could see something had changed. Her features had become so soft, so happy, relaxed and joyous. Whatever Peg had said made my Sarah incredibly satisfied. She beamed a brilliant white smile at me, which I returned, before she turned back to Peg.

"Peg. There is something, a favour you could do for me, if you really want to make things up to us."

Peg nodded gently and this time it was Sarah's turn to lean into her and whisper. After a few seconds Peg left out an incredulous. "Her! Why her?" Sarah replied, "We spoke about it, it's what she wants"

Peg seemed to think for a moment, then spoke. "Normally I wouldn't give a shit if she wanted anything. But for you..."

Peg then raised her hand and pointed it to just past my right and shot a bolt of lightning from it. I flinched and turned as it flew past me. As I turned I saw a shocked Christy standing in the doorway, Barb and Kate behind her. As the bolt hid Christy it seemed to discharge into her torso. She looked down shocked, then swayed for a moment before doubling up and holding onto her exposed breasts, Barb and Kate steadying her. Obviously Sarah had asked for Christy's breasts to return to normal. She clearly wasn't happy with the current set up. I turned back to Peg and Sarah, to see Peg backing towards the door.

"Well" She began, "I don't wish to overstay my welcome. I wish both of you the best everything in your lives together. Goodbye Sarah, be well..."

Peg voice suggested that she genuinely seemed to mean it. Sarah smiled and returned the farewell. Once Peg was gone she turned to me, udder swaying after her, and with speed I didn't know she still possessed she launched herself across the room until she was in my arms, udder pressed between us, teats hardening at the contact, wet patches soaking through my pants and shirt from the milk. She looked deeply into my eyes and I into hers. Nothing needed to be said as we passionately embraced in a long deep kiss, not caring about those around us.

After several minutes we pulled back and exchanged one last glance before sheepishly turning back to the other three. Christy was now standing upright again, her four C-cups still there. The magic must take a while to take effect I decided. Christy spoke up. "Keep that kind of a show for the honeymoon trip!"

Sarah let out a little excited giggle and replied "Trip?" Christy smiled and replied, "Oh yes! We have a surprise for you two guys."


Re: A Dairy Princess' Revenge - by Cowpoke & Madmax011

As it turned out, Christy had booked for us a little farmer's cottage in the countryside, one with plenty of farm animals on-site. Not wanting other's around to bother us, she had paid the owners off to leave for the weekend too, on the promise that we would follow their strict instructions for looking after and feeding the animals.

Sarah literally squealed with joy when we arrived, it looked so lovely and idyllic. She waddled inside the barn to see the animals as Barb and I unloaded our things into the house. With Sarah still inside the barn I thanked Barb and waved her goodbye as she drove off again, leaving us to our fun.
At this stage I couldn't wait any longer to tell Sarah about her new lactating udder. In all of our haste to get our things together for the journey, I had neglected to tell her about it. Somehow, telling her in a barn seemed right. Smiled to myself as a wicked thought came to mind, I strolled over to the barn and entered.
Once inside I could see the pens full of animals, several pigs, and two horses, but no surprise I found Sarah over by the Cow pens. She was leaning on one of the metal gates, arms crossed and head leaning on it, facing away from me and just watching the cows. Quietly walking up behind her I wrapped my arms around her and leaned into the crook of her neck. I could feel her face smile as she contently said, "Today has been the best day of my life sweetheart! I love you so very much" I returned the "I love you" before standing back and saying, "And it's about to get better, now... Come here girl. It's time for your milking." Sarah turned and looked at me, a cheeky grin on her face. "Ohh, yes my stud! Can't you see I'm all swollen. With that she slowly waddled over to me, udder squashed between her legs. Stopping before me she said. "Cows don't wear clothes you know..." She then slowly began disrobing. Her top first, revealing her flat and nippleless chest, always a different sight to what to expect. She then undid the clasp of her skirt and let it fall down, revealing her taught udder with her erect teats. It looked ready to burst with all the milk it must have been storing. Ohh how I couldn't wait to begin milking her and seeing the look on my Sarah's face when she would realise that she could be milked. Sarah's eyes flickered coyly as she turned around and slowly leaned forward, her large thighs and ass sticking out, revealing her steaming vagina, labia fantastically swollen as usual. The heat and musty smell that radiated from it were almost overpowering in a good way. Finally leaning forward far enough she placed her hands on a low bench to steady herself.

"Come on then big boy. Work me over good!" Sarah said looking back at me, before leaving out a cheeky little moo. Though tempted to plunge in, I had better ideas. Walking over to the milking station I grabbed a bucket and stool and strolled back. Putting the bucket under her and sitting on the stool I said to Sarah, "I've got a surprise for you, something I don't think you've noticed yet..." She looked at me with a puzzled face, but without any further waiting, I grabbed a firm teat in each hand and began pulling. Sarah began to moan almost instantly, the occasional low even escaped her lips and her legs seemed wobbly. It didn't take many tugs before the first droplets of her sweet smelling milk appeared. Soon after, amidst one of Sarah's long pleasuring moo's, the first squirt of milk escaped. It missed the bucket entirely, landing in the straw without a noise. Pausing for a moment I re-aimed both teats and began again. Instantly milk began squirting rhythmically from the teats and pinging off the metal bucket. Sarah, now in the throes of her first, udder induced orgasm seemed to notice this noise and between moans and moos managed to look back at what I was doing. The look of surprise and delight on her face I will never forget. But it quickly turned to some sort of knowing, devious, smile. She turned back, gripped firmly on the bench with one hand, reached back over her back while arching a little, unceremoniously stuffed four of her fingers into her dripping vagina and began fingering herself furiously while screaming. "Ohhh!!! Yessss! Do it! Milk me dry stud!!! Milk me like a real cow!! Make me a real cow!!!!" She then began her mooing again as what could only have been an enourmous orgasm coursed through her, buckling her legs and making her fall. I luckily managed to pull the now quarter filled bucket out of harm's way.
I looked down at my wife then, lying on her side, udder spilled in front of her, hair matted from sweat, panting, with eyes half lidded in her post-orgasmic bliss, and hand slick with vaginal juices resting on her udder, idly pulling at one of her teats, coaxing small spurts of milk from it. She never looked as sexy as she did right then. And all thanks to that udder. I lay down behind her gently and took her grool stained hand. Sucking her musty juices from her fingers one by one we smiled at each other. I then reached behind me and picked up the saved bucket of my wife's fresh uddermilk. Nodding in understanding Sarah took it from me raised it to her lips and took a long drink of the steaming substance. Taking it from her I too took a long drink of the wonderfully creamy and sweet milk. I was unlike any milk I had tasted before.

We lay comfortably for some time, before the evening chill set in and we decided to retire. As we strolled from the barn Sarah giggled and pointed at a moving figure out in the field and said. "Hey, look stud! Looks like you have competition here!" Squinting I could see what she was talking about. There was a bull trotting about in the nearby field. I looked at Sarah with slight bemusement, but she only cheekily stuck out her tongue again and darted into the house as fast as an udder laden girl could.
Once inside, Sarah questioned me how long I had known that she was lactating. Once I admitting that I had only known since for a short time she smiled and laughed. "Well, I guess you'll have a new job now milking me. I wonder how often it'll need to be done?"

I had wondered that myself, I had noticed that the small quarter bucket hadn't really made a difference to her udder size, as it was still as taut and bulging as ever. As both of us wanted to test this theory, I went back outside and got the milk bucket, along with a crate of glass bottles and a siphon. Smiling deliriously Sarah took a position on all fours again. Before beginning I asked her what it felt like, she said that she had never had an orgasm like it. That the sensation was so pleasurable, that she wished that she had been able to do this sooner, or that she had been born that way. Not wanting to deprive by beloved of her pleasure I began at once, pulling and tugging her teats, first draining the front two, then once the milk from them had dried up, the back two. It took quite some time, and I had to stop halfways to siphon some of the milk into the glass bottles. But before long I was done, and so was Sarah truth be told. Her arms had long since given up, her face on the ground tongue lolling from her mouth and eyes rolled back into her head. Her backside was still up in the air, somehow supporting her now much drained udder, and waving her drooling flower rhythmically around. I was sure she had lost count of her orgasms, I certainly had.

Looking at her udder now, it certainly seemed drained, it didn't bulge out, and although the veins were still bulging around the outside, they were nowhere near as prominent as before. The whole udder seemed a little saggy now, more loose skin than needed and droopy teats almost trailing the floor. But was no less appealing than before, however, and I was extremely turned on. Sarah was clearly capable of no more however. I did my best to prop up my tired wife and walked her to our bed were she promptly collapsed and began lightly snoring. I laughed a little as I lay down beside her, wrapped my arms around her and nodded off too after such an exhausting day.
I slept well that night. But half awoke early to Sarah gently climbing out of the bed. I softly called to her name as I watched her silhouette stand up. She said that she needed to go to the bathroom, not questioning this I fell straight back asleep. I woke again some hours later sunlight tickling my nose, and the bed cold beside me. Sarah was nowhere to be seen. After a momentary panic I heard the sounds of gently humming and the delicious smell of a fry coming from the cottage's kitchen.
On investigating the sources that were filling my sound and sight with delight, I found my newlywed standing by the stove, back turned to me, tending to a crackling frying pan. Her wide, but shapely arse was in full view as she was only wearing an apron. She soon shuffled back a step and leaned forward to check the food cooking in the grill. As she did, I got a full view of her udder and vagina. Her udder seemed fuller again than what it had been reduced to last night. It was still baggy though. At a guess I would have said it was quarter to a half full. Her vagina too was different, not having anyone to help her with the shaving obviously meant that her pubic hair was starting to grow back in, I could see the first wisps of her brow pubic bush starting.
Not being able to resist the sight I went over and ran my hands around her stomach and down onto the bulge of her udder, before resting my head on her shoulder. Instantly recognising me she leaned back into me and we swayed together of a few moments, savouring each other, before the sound of the violently sizzling food called away Sarah's attention.
Sarah quickly finished making the meal and we sat down together. Saying sweet nothings to each other and eating the delicious breakfast that Sarah had made. I mentioned that her udder seemed to be slowly filling again. She agreed. With a smile she said she couldn't wait for it to be full again, to feel it bulging between her thighs and most of all, to feel the pleasure of being milked again. I smiled and agreed I couldn't wait either.
Once breakfast was over we began the job of looking after the farm animals as promised. I took on the harder roles, cleaning the stables and looking after the barn animals. Sarah took a big bucket of bird feed and went to take care of the birds outside in the coop. Once my job was complete I returned inside, washed and went looking for Sarah. Not finding her at the chicken coop I went wandering the farm grounds. On reaching the edge of the farm, where the bull's field was, I paused for a moment. I could have sworn that I heard Sarah's voice, or rather, moan.
Rounding the corner I saw something that surprised me. There was Sarah, leaning on a wooden fence, back bent forward with her udder dangling below her, flower on show to the world as she roughly delved deep into it with three of her fingers. When her eyes weren't rolling back into her head in pleasure they were looking dead ahead on the bull trotting around the field. She moaned an lowed constantly while finger-fucking herself.
Calling her name in a quizzical manner, Sarah visibly jumped in shock. Hand flew away from her vagina and she shot up with the guiltiest look I had ever seen on her face. Was I not so surprised myself I would have laughed at her expression. She immediately started babbling nonsensical sentences. Clearly trying to come up with an excuse to what was goin on, before finally letting her shoulders drop and admitting.
"Yeah, It's exactly what it looks like."
With one eyebrow raised I replied.
"Care to elaborate?"
She scuffed the ground with her bare foot and embarrassingly replied. "I was wandering back from feeding the chickens and something just came over me. I saw the bull and just lost it. Everying went tingly and I just had to relieve myself...". I could tell in her eyes that she wasn't lying. I thought about it, even though I had been worried about Sarah's comittments before, she had proven herself lately. I reasoned that I could allow her a little sexual deviance. After all, I was constantly raging hard for a woman with an udder.
I smiled as I thought of an idea. I took Sarah's hand and told her, "Come on, let's get a closer look". After a hesitant look from Sarah, she relented and slowly followed me.
As we got closer to the bull he stopped his grazing and raised his head to examine us. At six feet away I paused. But Sarah, coming up behind me only paused for a moment, before slowly advancing closer, with one hand outstretched. The bull made no move, and after a momentary pause from Sarah, she reached forward and made contact with the bull.
She rubbed him for a few minutes on the snout and neck before running her hands across to the flank of the bull. Sarah seemed enraptured by this big impressive specimin. He too seemed enamoured with the attention. Swating his head gently and leaving out almost satisfied snorts. Sarah suddenly giggled and turned to me, pointing under the belly of the bull. "Look who came out to play!" She laughed. Looking down to where she pointed I could see the tapered end of the bull's erection making an appearance from his sheath. "I think he likes you" I laughed.
Sarah looked back to the slowly growing erecting, gazing at it, then turned back to me and said, "Do you mind if I get a closer look?" The look of delighted hope on her face I could not deny. I nodded my consent. Sarah smiled deightedly and knelt down on her knees straight away and inched forward until her face was only a foot away from the now impressively long bull penis.
She gazed at it for some time. Right hand never leaving the flank of the bull. I could see drops of grool rolling down her legs. She must have been as wet then as she could ever had been, but she was remarkably well composed. It must have been torture. It certainly was for me. The acting like cow was seriously turning me on. In a moment of weakness I would come to thank I whispered "Do it!" to Sarah.
She looked back and smiled at me, told me she loved me more than anyone and that I was the best thing that had ever happened to her, then turned back and slowly reached out with her right hand, coming to a rest by gently grasping the bull's erection. His reaction was instant. He snorted loudly and became a little agitated, stamping his hind leg and swaying his head.
Undeterred by this sudden movement, Sarah slowly began rubbing her hand up and down the length of the bull's shaft. First slower, then faster. Her eyes closed as I could see this act alone was making her incredibly horny. It was at this stage that I took out my own raging erection and began stroking myself to the spectacle in front of me. The bull got more and more agitated as Sarah's ministrations became faster and faster. Eventually the bull let put a bellow and stamped his feet. Sarah, now firmly holding onto his erection, knew as well as I did what was about to happen, and in her sex fuelled state angled the bull's erection to the side, to point directly at her. The look of bliss on her face as the first spatter of bovine cum splattered against her chest was unforgettable. It had become a veritable hose of semen, Sarah began angling it up and down, taking blast after blast all over her flat chest. Finally with a devious look on her face, she angled it up for what seemed to be the bull's last grunt, and took a load directly in the face, mouth open and all. It splattered all over her face, coating her cheeks and lips in a gooey sheen, and part filling her mouth with it. She fell forward, closing her mouth and letting go of the bull's penis to brace herself on the ground. The bull used this opportunity to escape her clutches and took off across the field, leaving the moaning Sarah behind. Presenting herself to me she looked back and moaned.
"Come on! Quick! I need to cum like a real cow!"
I wasted no time in mounting her from behind and plowing away. It didn't take long for her to break into a massive orgasm. As moaned and mooed in it's throes she twisted to her side and began wiping one hand on the bull's sticky semen, before bringing it to her face and slowly licking off the residue. She looked to be in bliss. That face alone was enough for me to climax too as I emptied myself into her. After my last grunt we both collapsed into a heap on the floor, panting and gasping for breath.
"I love you sweetheart", Sarah began as she reached out and began stroking my face gently. I smiled and returned the complement, before snuggling into her, bull's semen or not I loved my Sarah.

Some time later, after lying on our backs staring at the beautiful blue sky we decided to get up and go back to the farm. On standing I reached out my hand to Sarah to have her take it. On grasping her hand I noticed something, couldn't believe I had missed it before.
"Sarah, have you painted your nails? I didn't know you brought varnish with you."
Sarah paused and examined her now black nails. She paused for a moment, before breaking into a beaming smile.
"Oh I thought the change would be good!" She smiled and took my hand as we set off back to the cottage.
We spent the rest of that day just in each others company, doing farm work and generally just lounging around. We then made ourselves a little picnic and set off to a nearby hillock. Sarah on all fours with her fake cow legs for ease of transport.

After our morning adventure Sarah had refused to put any clothes back on, or clean off the bull semen residue from her chest. At first I was going to protest, but the more time I spent around her the more I realised that I actually found her now musky scent incredibly alluring. So I happily let her be naked, much to her delight.

As we lay upon the top of the hill, munching on sandwiches and whispering sweet nothings, I noticed for the first time that her toenails too were painted black. Sarah just giggled happily when I noticed and said, "It's all part of the new look".

We made out and fumbled around on that hilltop for some time before deciding to call it a day and heading back. On arrival we were so exhausted we barely had the energy to do our farming duties, before retiring to bed. Only to fall asleep almost instantly.

That night Sarah had a very restless sleep. I woke up several times due to her twisting and turning in the bed. She seemed to be rolling in and out of consciousness and sweating profusely. Finally she seemed to wake properly just before dawn and got out of bed. She shook me gently and told me that she was just going to get a breath of fresh air. I was worried about her, but she assured me that it was probably just sun-stroke from being out all of the day before. Something seemed a little off though, so I resolved to follow her and make sure she was okay.

Once she was out of the house I arose too. Checking out of the windows I saw her slowly waddling across the farmyard. I quietly opened the door and followed her, being careful not to make a noise. My suspicion that something wasn't right was confirmed as I saw Sarah stop and double over in what seemed to be pain. I was about to rush to her help, but something about her voice stopped me. Sarah didn't sound in pain, she sounded like she was incredibly horny. It wasn't a moment later that Sarah reached down to her udder and began furiously jerking her teats, each movement eliciting a small moan and a jet of milk from her hardened teats. She soon juddered from an udder induced orgasm; this seemed to sate her a little as her breathing slowed. She still seemed agitated though and it wasn't long before she stood up and waddled off as fast as she could. It was then when I realised where she was heading. Towards the bull's field.

My heart rose to my chest and my erection began rearing its head at the thought of what she was planning to do with the bull. Not wanting her to see me I waited until Sarah had entered the bull's field and then hid behind a low wall, peering over the top. Luckily the bull was nearby and I could see very clearly what Sarah was doing.
My wife slowed as she reached the sleeping bull, she gently padded the last few steps in her bare feet and stopped by the bull's head. She turned her back to him and then started lowering herself on her haunches with her udder soon spilling all over the floor. She kept lowering herself until her vagina was hovering just above the bull's nostrils. She was clearly trying to use her scent to entice and wake the bull. It seemed to work pretty quickly as it only took a few moments before the bull's nostrils began flaring. His eyes opened, and after an initial surprised head jerk that bumped Sarah forward and sprawling onto the ground. She quickly recovered and stood up the same time as the bull. She turned, and for a moment made eye contact with the bull. After a few seconds she slowly made her move to the side of the bull, all the while running her hand along the flank of the great beast. She then got down on her knees, taking care and shifting her hanging udder to keep it out in front of her. She then sat back onto her feet. Black nail tipped toes wiggling with excitement. Obviously not being able to contain herself any longer she reached out and grabbed the bull's rapidly emerging member.
This time Sarah angled the bull's penis towards herself from the get-go. Clearly she had enjoyed the bovine bukakke. Slowly Sarah leaned forward, and for a moment I thought she meant to give the bull a blowjob. But she stopped less than an inch from his fully hardened member. She marvelled at the penis from there. I could see her take a few deep inhales through her nose, shuddering in what seemed to be rapture after the last inhale. She then leaned back a little and began stroking the bull's shaft. Slowly at first, then picking up pace again. She seemed to have learned from last time around and the bull began snorting and squirming quite quickly. Sarah herself began panting, with both hands busy on the shaft. I could see Sarah rocking her whole lower body back and forth. She was rubbing her flower along the damp cool grass in an obvious attempt to sate her lust filled needs while her hands were busy. The motion made the hardened teats on her udder, which was splayed out in front of her, jiggle ferociously. I could even see under the pink glow of the rising sun, that her teats had begun leaking the creamy milk again, this time apparently without the need for anyone to touch them. I had begun masturbating at this stage and was quickly working my way up to a crescendo. Very much the same way the bull was. His snorting and stamping got more frantic as Sarah increased her pace. She seemed to be braver again now. A look came over her lidded eyes, she closed them and began leaning forward again, getting closer and closer to the bull's member. As their proximity lessened Sarah's plush lips parted and began slowly opening her mouth, I could see the puffs of her breath surround the bull's member. Now only a few centimetres from the bulls phallus she stuck out her tongue. I know then instantly that she meant to give the bull a blowjob. Which, to be honest, I didn't know how I felt about it. With her tongue hanging out she closed the final distance, barely brushing the tapered tip of the bull's penis with it. Before she could take this could be taken any further however, the bull bellowed and jerked, and began releasing his seed. Sarah had to abandon her new course and just held onto the member as best she could. The initial strikes of seed she aimed quite accurately directly at her open, moist and waiting mouth. This quickly filled with his steaming seed and Sarah forced to close her mouth and aim the still ejaculating phallus lower and at her chest, taking all of the remaining shots and dribble there. Once spent, she released the bull, which happily trotted off this time.

Once it was all over Sarah lifted her head, mouth still full of bull semen, and slowly swallowed, bit by bit. She shudder with an orgasm with the last swallow, which seemed to sate her lusts. Sarah then spent the next few minutes slowly licking all remaining traces of bull semen from herself. It was during this time that I resumed my masturbation and, once done, decided I'd better sneak off before I got caught.

I made it back to the bedroom and lay down on the bed, thinking again about Sarah's continuing descent to her animalistic side and cow fetishes. I again reassured myself that while all of this was just her acting out her fetish, that I was her real love and should just go along with it. It was around this time that I heard the front door open, and Sarah's waddled her way slowly to the bed room. She entered with the biggest grin on her face. "Did you enjoy the show?" she said with a cheeky wink.
I stood there with a puzzled look on my face, which she laughed off quickly, and continued, "Never mind that now love. Look at this!"

With that she drew her hair back and cleared her forehead of her bangs. This revealed two small budding cow horns, the ones she had worn a long time ago. I replied, "Oh, you put on your cow horns again, I thought you didn't bring them."

Sarah gave me a knowing look and stated. "No silly! I didn't bring them at all, I grew them. These are mine!"
"You grew them?" I asked incredulously, mouth hanging agape. Sarah rapidly nodded her head and confirmed with a quick "Yup!". Still seeing my puzzlement she continued. "They grew right after you left, wanna feel them?". Hesitantly I nodded. Smiling, Sarah moved the bangs from her forehead once again to reveal them, whereupon I reached out and gently ran the tips of my fingers over them. They were surprisingly smooth. Short and cream coloured, no larger than the tip of my thumb. I was amazed, up until this moment I hadn't thought something like this possible,
"But how is this happening Sarah? I thought Peg's curse was just to move your breasts and make them look like an udder?"

Sarah let out a good chuckle, seemingly to herself and replied,
"Not quite. I guess since you didn't tell me about the milking earlier, it's only fair that I didn't tell you this before now."
"Tell me what exactly Sarah?" I inquired, a little forcefully, as I was getting impatient.
"What Peg told me when she whispered to me. She said that I actually control the curse on me... to an extent."
"To what extent?" I inquired, now interested.
"Well. It's sort of morphing to my subconscious desires. Apart from the initial udder growth, everything since has been a manifestation on how I'm acting. The more cowlike I act, the more I become cowlike."
"But you've been acting like a cow for a long time and all that happened was your udder got bigger, then in one weekend you begin lactating and grow horns. Seems a bit fast". All of this sounded so crazy, but so exciting in its possibilities. I needed to know how it worked.

Sarah smiled once more.
"The change is pretty slow moving alright. Just acting like a cow was enough to trigger the growth and lactation though. You saw how long that took. The milking seems to be moving things along, but the fastest changer seems to be ingesting bovine fluids."

It began to dawn on me. The bull.
"That's why you went back to the bull?"
"Yes, after my nails changed-" Sarah started before I butted in, "Your nails? I thought... Oh... I get it"
Sarah smiled and held up her black nails, while wiggling her toes. "Yes, I kind of lied, these aren't painted, they just turned this colour. I presume they'll turn hard and hoof-like if we keep this up. But anyway, once they turned I wanted to see if it was a gradual change from acting cowlike, or a fast one from the bull's semen..."

I stood there listening intently, mind racing over the possibilities over what we could do with this. How Sarah could change more. Where would she stop? How far was she willing to embrace her growing bovinity?
"So I lay up all night. The thought of changing more excited me so much I couldn't stand it any longer and I had to find out right then and there. I'm sorry I didn't tell you or ask you about it first."
Sarah looked genuinely ashamed at herself then. I could not stay mad at her however. Stepped forward and took her hand. I turned it over and looked at her black nails, gently rubbing them with my thumb. They felt no different than usual. But now that I was closer I could see more clearly that they were definitely not painted, but rather naturally black. I smiled at Sarah and reassured her.

"It's alright sweetheart. I'm okay with it. I know your heart was in the right place." She smiled back at me, the now bright morning sun making her nose ring twinkle.
"What now then?" She asked, "It's our last day here."
I laughed and replied, "Well, I know we have some farm chores to do. Some cows to milk, starting of course with my favourite one, you!"
Sarah giggled as I took her hand and lead her trailing outside. As I lead her and looked back at her I marvelled at how much she had changed since this all began. Her bare, black tipped feet padding slowly through the wet morning grass. Her udder was almost full again, beginning just below her bellybutton and ending on the underside just above her vagina. It hung in down and bounced in front of her as she walked, stopping just above her knees, at which point her six inch teats continued by flopping from side to side erotically. It was nestled between two inhumanly wide thighs, which led up to a wide set of hips, which gave her the bottom half of an hourglass figure. She walked slowly with a hunch, which had nothing to do with her figure, but more with the weight of her udder. I worried sometimes that it would give her back problems. Perhaps going on all fours may be the best solution to this, as the weight doesn't seem to bother her as much then. Moving up her normally pale, featureless chest was beginning to bronze from all of the outdoor activities while naked. It was, of course, also now filthy from all of Sarah's activities. Dried semen clung to her, as did some dirt. It was all over her really, face and all. But oddly it didn't take from her appearance. It accentuated it somehow. Beneath all of this dirt and grime, Sarah's natural beauty shone through. As musky as I liked my little cowgirl however, it was probably time to wash her. Something for the afternoon perhaps.

It was at this point in my thoughts when we reached the barn again.
"Well then you heifer, get in there!" I growled lustfully at her, before slapping her wide ass as she scooted past me while giggling. Oh we were going to have some fun on our last day at the cottage.
Both of us had a lot of fun that morning. After chasing Sarah into the barn we wasted no time in getting the milking going. To try a different approach this time we tried the automatic milking contraption that was there. Sarah's teats almost didn't fit into the cups, as they were so large. But with a little finagling and some sultry moaning and squirming by Sarah we managed to get her teats into the cups. With Sarah's teats and udder taken care of by the milker I got to enjoy myself by taking my wife from behind. With my hands firmly on her widened hips we rutted in an almost animalistic way, well Sarah was certainly being animalistic. Almost every moan that came out of her mouth was partly a low or a moo, with the exceptions of when she fell into one of her many orgasms. When these fell upon her and she would clench her thighs together, squeezing her massive udder as she did so, and begin sucking air in sharply. I noticed also that her milk production was always significantly more when she was orgasming.
It wasn't long until Sarah was absolutely spent, both physically and mentally. Her frequent orgasms had left her arms weak as jelly and she had fallen forward, it was all she could do to keep her ass in the air for me to plow. Not prolong it any longer I sped up and released myself into her moist and wanting vagina.
Once spent I pulled out and Sarah fell down into the hay. Weakly she pulled off the suction cups from her teats and slowly ran the abused flesh gently through her fingers.
Once recovered we set about doing what chores we needed to, milking the remaining cows, feeding the chickens etc.... I also managed to convince Sarah to allow me to wash her.

We started by moving to the bathroom, and were lucky that the bathtub was big enough to allow Sarah to stand in it while I washed her. The experience itself was very charged as I ran my hands all over Sarah's sexy changing body. We started by simply wetting her, before getting some of the soaps and gels that were left for us and working up a lather on Sarah's skin.

As I slowly worked my hands around my wife's body, Sarah began asking me questions.

"So sweetheart, what do you think now that you know of the curse?" She looked at me, her eyes wide and almost puppy-like. She was obviously a little nervous about asking me the question. As I rubbed my hands over her wide arse I began to wonder myself what I thought about it. Should we use this curse more? And how far would it go? I didn't want my wife turning into a mindless cow, but a few more sexy alterations I thought couldn't do any harm. I continued running a soapy sponge gently over Sarah's skin as I answered.

"Well honey, to be honest Honey, I wouldn't mind some more changes" Sarah beamed at me straight away as I continued. "Some cute cow ears perhaps, or maybe a sexy tail?" Sarah's knees almost buckled with delight as I mentioned the two. I could see in her eyes though that she was holding back. She probably wanted more from me. But I wasn't sure if I could commit to any more than that now. She didn't argue the point and just said happily, "I'd be happy with those too!" At that point I had finished lathering Sarah up and began slowly washing off all of the suds from her. Rivulets of soapy water ran down her, off her chest, down her udder and flowed off her teats like little water jets. She had her eyes closed the whole time, enjoying the experience immensely.

Once fully hosed down I set out and helped Sarah dry herself. With her udder so large it was clear that she would have had trouble by herself. I could tell also that the action of drying her off with a fluffy towel was making her a little arouse, as her four teats stiffened under the attention. I always marvelled how large and erect they were. In a bizarre way almost like four penises

I reached out with her washed cow suit, but Sarah shook her head. "Not yet sweetie! It's still very warm out. I want to feel the country sun and wind on me before we head back". Right then I felt a little bad. As good as our house and garden were. They weren't as nicely secluded as this farm house. Sarah was just enjoying the freedom here.

"Of course sweetie. C'mon. Let's go lie outside" I took my wife's hand and helped her from the tub as her humongous udder dangled and swung beneath her legs.

Our last afternoon on the farm was spent much like the previous one. We sat on the hillock overlooking the farm and countryside and just chatted. It was a lovely afternoon spent in each other's company, and far too soon for both of our likings, it was over. With only an hour and a half until the agreed arrival time of Barb to take us back, we decided that it would be for the best to head back and be there early.

On our way down I noticed Sarah was distracted. She kept looking around as if searching for someone or something. As we walked past the bull's field and she desperately scanned the field for him. It was obviously the bull she was searching for. I pointed at him, snoozing under some trees in the corner of the field and let Sarah know. "He's there!" I pointed. Knowing full well that it was the bull Sarah was searching for with her eyes. She looked to where i pointed. In the corner of the field lay the farm bull, idly twitching his head and flicking his ears to discourage flies from landing on him. As Sarah made eye contact with him I could see her reaction, involuntarily she bit her bottom lip and her udder's teats began stiffening. She noticed me looking at her after a moment and spoke to clear the air. "It's not the bull I'm attracted to really, it's kinda... fun and animalistic I admit, but really it's just I just get really turned on thinking about what he can do to me!". Sarah turned back and let her eyes linger on him for a few moments more before turning, grabbing my hand and walking off with a purpose. Clearly trying to shake her thoughts of potentially becoming more cowlike. I thought of it too again. Really there was nothing wrong if I let her one more time i argued. It would do no harm as I could see. Her curse was slow acting and hadn't progressed very far. Maybe she would get her sexy tail or ears. Or so I argued at least. So I stopped her. "Wait Sarah. Do you... do you want to say goodbye properly?" She nodded slowly and warily asked, "Are you sure?". All it took was a nod from me before she broke into a smile and strode off towards the bull.
The bull woke as soon as we came near it. It's flaring nostrils suggested that it wasn't the sound of Sarah padding barefoot through the field that woke him; rather it was the familiar scent of Sarah, even while washed, that stirred him. Once up he spared no time in clomping over to Sarah and began nuzzling her in an almost affectionate manner. Sarah giggled at his cold nose rubbing against her flat chest. She patted his muzzle and laughed, "Easy there big boy. I'll get to you if you just give me a chance". She moved around the side of the bull, who went very still, knowing by now what lay in store for him. Adopting her kneeling position underneath him, Sarah wasted no time in getting to work. She gingerly reached out with her hand and cupped the bull's massive hanging testicles. Slowly and gently she began squeezing and rolling them as one would do with Chinese stress balls. The bull snorted loudly, but no penis appeared from his sheath. Furrowing her brow in frustration at how slow things were moving, Sarah reached forward with her other hand and began stroking the sheath. She pulled the rough, hairy, black skin of the sheath backwards and forwards until the pink tip of the bull's member appeared. The moment it was in view Sarah surprised me by leaning, without any hesitation, forward and extended her tongue to lick the beast's phallus. Reaching the tip she rolled her tongue rapidly around it. This both made the member jerk forward another inch, and made the bull's penis slick with spit and precum.

Sarah pulled back for a moment, leaving trailing string of precum hanging between her rosy lips and the bull's member. She used her hand and tongue to capture all of this nectar and devoured it while licking her lips. Once savoured enough she turned back to the now rapidly hardening member. She removed her hands from the bull's testicles and used it to pull back and reveal as much of the bull's sheath as possible. She then leant forward and took all of the exposed bull's cock in her mouth. I was surprised she would go so far, willing to put an unwashed animal's penis into her mouth, and by the look on her face was enjoying it immensely. Her eyes rolled half lidded in pleasure. Her tongue swirled inside her mouth around the bull's member trying to reach as much of it as possible. And the nostrils of her cute button nose flared as she drank in the scent of the bull's pheremones. Sarah then began making "Mmmmm" noises; vibrating her mouth around the bull's member. This was more than enough to get him fully hard, as the rest of his phallus jutted out inch by inch.
Sarah, now no longer able to fit the full length of the bull in her mouth, proceeded to give him a proper blowjob. Bobbing her head forward while swirling her tongue, before pulling it back all the way to the tip and rolling her tongue around it.

Sarah wasn't at this for long before the bull's telltale footstamping began. Sarah prepared herself by shoving the hardened member as deeply as it would go, reflexively gagging initially at it's size and girth. She held it there while working the rest of the shaft until the inevitable happened. With a bellow the bull began releasing himself straight down Sarah's waiting gullet. She was prepared, however, and began swallowing the semen in great big gulps. Her eyes closed in pleasure as she swallowed away, holding the jumping member firmly in place. Apart from the occasional dribble escaping from the side of her cheeks, she was managing to swallow it all.

This continued for thirty seconds or so until I was sure the bull was finished. With a wet pop, Sarah released the bull's penis from her mouth, leaving a trail of semen rolling down her lips. She immediately recovered this with her tongue and fingers. As the bull trotted off Sarah fell back to prop herself up with her hands and began moaning.
"Oohh. Mmmm. Sweety I can feel it coming on." I rushed to her side, penis hardening at the thought. "Where Sarah? The ears or the tail?".
"Nnnnggg" she grunted through clenched teeth first as an orgasm ripped through her. She shook her head while moaning some more. Unable to form full sentences in her bliss. "Nnnngghhh! Aahhh. F-face..." at mention of her face I stepped back. This was not something I expected. "Oohhh, so g-good! NnnnnAAAAAGGHH!!!" Sarah roared in orgasm this time. As she did I looked on in shock at the changes that were overcoming her. Her beautiful button nose began to flatten and widen against her face, with the nostrils getting larger and slightly upturned. Worse than that though, her top lip began thinning and straightening and her philtrum pushed out a her and flattened the area between nose and upper lip. Once that was done her change seemed complete, she seemed to have the beginnings of a cow's muzzle, though it did not jut forward at all yet. "Oh no!" I muttered under my breath looking at my wife's once beautiful face changed. I hadn't thought about this. Ears or a tail would have been sexy extras. But this, it directly changed my Sarah into something else. You could still tell it was her though. The rest of her face was completely unchanged. It's not a change I ever considered or wanted for my wife. Sarah on the other hand seemed to be delighted by the change. She flopped back onto the ground and began slowly running her black nail tipped hands over her changed features, tugging and playing with her nose ring all while moaning.

"Quick!" She moaned, flopping onto her belly, udder squished beneath her and ass in the air. Her pussy lips were swollen as usual. Though never this swollen to be honest. And oddly enough, all of the hair that had been growing on it over the past while seemed thinner even than this morning while I was washing it.
"Come on stud", Sarah moaned again, a hint of desperation in her voice. She looked back at me with her changed face somewhat alien to me. I met her colourful pleading eyes and she must have understood the look on my face and cried out in frustration. "Oh, come ON! Don't do this now sweetie! We knew this would change me, it's what I wanted! I love this, be happy for me and just DO IT ALREADY!!!"
Her shouting snapped me out of it a little and i advanced on Sarah unzipping myself as I went. My penis flopped out half turgid, unsure, as I was. I tried rubbing it against her folds, earning delicious squishing noises from her fluids, but I was just getting nowhere. My mind was just too scattered to work right then. Sarah grunted in fustration and turned back over and sat up. "I need you right now!" She almost cried. I went to take a step forward but froze. Our eyes were locked, Sarah's pleading at me. Through those beautiful eyes I could see my Sarah so clearly, but i was too adrenaline pumped and shocked for anything to work. To this day I wasn't sure what I would have done next as Christy's surprised voice broke through the air. "Oh my gosh! Sarah!!! Look at you! You've changed!"
Looking into the rear-view mirror I could see my Sarah lost in a world of her own. She looked quite melancholy. Clearly our broken tryst and my hesitance were weighing on her mind. Possibly sensing the eyes on her Sarah looked up to the mirror and met my gaze. She held my gaze for a moment before turning her eyes down again. She looked incredibly downcast. I looked away from the mirror and looked over to my left to where Christy was driving the van. It hadn't taken her long to sense the awkwardness between us. Though I was certain she wasn't 100% sure why. It turned out Christy had taken Barb's van and volunteered to come pick us up. She was also somewhat early, catching us just as our act was coming to a close.

The most of the journey home was a quiet one. Sarah drifted off while wrapped in a blanket. I was watching her sleep peacefully, trying to wrap my head around what had happened when Christy spoke up.

"I guess you're not going to volunteer what's going on?"

I shook my head, "No".

"Hmmm". She pondered for a moment, "Well I think I can guess pretty well, and I never thought you were that shallow..."

"What!?" I retorted in an incredulous manner.

She did not look convinced, "Yeah, you're all pro-cow stuff while it's easy. An udder, that's sexy. Now though, her face makes one little change and you just up and think of abandoning her?"

Her tone was incredibly accusatory, and cut me right to the bone. But one thing I knew truthfully right then and there. I turned to Christy and replied truthfully, "I would _never_ abandon her. I love her..."

Christy seemed to ponder this for a moment, seemingly accepting my statement. "Good... So why the problem with her change?"

I answered as truthfully as I could. There was no point in beating around the bush with Christy. She was incredibly blunt and good at picking up other's bullshit, which had obviously caused her to be seen as a bitch by a lot of people in her youth. But it was an endearing quality in her now, one which made her good for giving honest advice.

"It was just, sudden... I don't know..." It was lame but I didn't really have a better answer.

"So do you not find her attractive now?" Christy pressed. She seriously cut through bullshit. I turned around to look at my sleeping wife's face. She looked so peaceful, and underneath her minor cosmetic change I could see her now. She was still the woman I loved, and now that the shock was over I was getting used to the face.

"It's a little different and it was a shock at first, but yes."

"Good". Christy replied. "And will you be okay with her changing more?"

I sighed, she really wanted all of the info, "Well... I guess so. I mean, I still think ears, tail, all that would be pretty sexy.

"Very good!" Christy smiled at me before quickly turning back to the road. I lingered my gaze on her for a moment. I noticed that despite Peg's spell, Christy's lower breasts didn't seem to have changed much. But didn't want to mention it now. I looked back at my Sarah, she seemed so peaceful now, but had been so troubled while awake. I wasn't sure how to make it up to her. Leaning my head back against the rest I came up with a devious idea. "Christy, listen to this and tell me what you think..."

It was a short time later that the van pulled up in the driveway, crunching gravel the whole way. It had become quite dusky as I hopped out of the passenger's seat and opened the sliding side door to rouse my sleeping cow-girl. She had slept the full journey. I woke her gently by shaking her and calling her. She opened her eyes, clearly still exhausted, and took my offered hand to help her out of the van. She yawned loudly and stretched her back with a satisfying pop after exiting. Then rubbed her eyes before looking around.

"Erm, honey... This isn't home?" She looked puzzled. I stepped in front of her, took one of her black nail tipped hands and stroked her changed face gently with the other.

"Look sweetie, I was unfair to you earlier. I was surprised and I let that get to me and it shouldn't have. I love you and I love how you look." She looked at me sceptically.

I continued. "I want to prove it to you. Come with me." She took my hand and began following me. It only took her a few steps before she commented.

"We're back on the farm aren't we?" She sounded quite excited now, and she was right. She was right, and Christy had been right to call me on my perceived shallowness earlier. I loved Sarah. I had just been taken aback by a change I had not expected. Now that I had had time to wrap my head around the idea that any change could happen, I couldn't be surprised or shocked anymore. Sarah was Sarah and that wouldn't change. More importantly I wouldn't have her doubting my love of her and my acceptance of her lifestyle choices.

The owners of the farm had been contacted by Christy and thanks to her we were here for another night. She promised it pro bono to us as long as she was allowed watch this time. I was hesitant to allow her at first, but she insisted it was the only way she'd make the call, so I relented.

It didn't take us long to get to the bull's field, especially with Sarah's bare feet picking up speed as best she could. We paused at the edge of the field as she steadied herself on the fence, breathing heavily. Partly from the exertion of hurrying down the path, partly due to her obvious excitement.

She turned and looked at me with wary eyes. "You want me to do this again? Why?"

"I want to prove that what happened earlier was just surprise. I love you Sarah, I just didn't expect your face to change. It's okay now though, I think you look beautiful." I leant in and gave her a gentle kiss on her now thinner lips, her nose ring tickling me as I did so.
As I pulled back she smiled and grabbed me by my shirt. "You first this time stud!" she winked at me and drew me in for a passionate kiss. My hands drifted all over her changed body, touching her horns and tugging at her teats, eliciting moans from her. It wasn't long until I was fully hard and my member strained against my pants. Sarah felt my hardness and began jostling with my belt straight away. Within moments she had my dick in her hands, which she then pushed against her warm, soft udder. She leant in for the kiss again while she gently rocked back and forward, my dick now partly engulfed by her warm udder, part being attended to by her skilful hands.

She continued this for a minute or two before moving onto the next part of our mating ritual. Taking a step back she lowered herself to her knees, allowing her udder to spill out in front of her. She took my member in her hands again and unceremoniously stuffed it into her mouth.

My eyes closed and I began to moan softly as her expert tongue did its work. It rolled up and down the shaft, licked and teased under the glans, and twirled around the bulbous head of my turgid phallus. Bobbing forward and backward it didn't take Sarah long before I was going to climax so I called out to her to finish me quickly. She paused instead however and held the base of my cock, clamping down on it. She removed her mouth with a wet pop and caught my eyes with a wicked grin and pre-empted me asking why she stopped.

"This is a little payback for earlier when I needed you to finish me off!" She laughed. I groaned in need of release and the realisation that she was going to make me pay for earlier. "So now, you only get to watch... Christy, stop him from doing anything"

I turned a moment too late. Christy had me by the back of my collar and yanked me back. I fell over my dropped pants and fell onto my ass with Christy behind me. In my surprised state Christy managed to lock my arms behind me and her legs around the front of me, leaving me completely exposed and very trapped. I could feel Christy's breasts behind me, but something felt off through the material, before I could give it thought though Sarah had risen and now stood over us.

"Good. Thanks Christy. Keep him here and make him watch, but don't let him finish... Do have your own fun though"

I managed to get a "Huh!?" out before Sarah turned sharply on her heel, udder swinging in a wild arc, and waddled off to the gate of the field to meet the waiting bull. She gingerly climbed over the fence, watching the bull the whole time. On her way down though the bull nudged her backside with his snout, knocking her sprawling into the mud. No doubt the beast was trying to get at some of her musk.

Sprawled on her back, mud covering all of her back and spattered all over her front, Sarah began to laugh. "You're too impatient!" The bull snorted as if he understood her. "C'mon then! Clean me off!" Sarah laughed as she grabbed her udder roughly by the bottom two teats and yanked it up and away from her vagina with a pleasure filled grunt and a squirt of milk. With her dirtied vagina now uncovered the bull got a full whiff of her musk and wasted no time in getting to it. His massive rough tongue began slobbering all over Sarah's vagina, providing the double service of pleasure and cleaning. Sarah began moaning and mooing almost instantly; eyes rolling around in her head. Within moments she tensed with her first orgasm, a minute later she let out a loud moo as a second one ripped through her. Clearly this was enough for the time being as Sarah lay her bare foot on the bull's head and pushed it gently away.

As she did this I got a full of view of her lovely swollen vagina. Her outer lips puffed out significantly from her body, even more so than usual; though her entrance hadn't blossomed or opened yet. It gave her a significant cameltoe. At the top of her vagina, where the outer lips met to make the clitoral hood, the lips made the hood stick up proudly a good inch into the air above the top of her vagina like I'd never seen before.

Never seen before... on a person.

Sarah's vagina was cowlike...


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great story, really hope it gets continued eventually


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Me too! Especially with that cliffhanger!


Re: A Dairy Princess' Revenge - by Cowpoke & Madmax011

Hey guys, been a while and thank you for all the support. I haven't forgotten about this story and will continue to write it.

Special thanks to indigocarmine for setting it up again on the new forums. Am a big fan of your drawings!

Clearly Christy had noticed how changed Sarah’s vagina looked too. She let out a disbelieving, “No way!” under her breath. She also loosened her grip and let me go. We both stood up and made our way over to the prone Sarah, who was trying to get up, but failing to be very fast or graceful about it. The bull stomped back and forward in the background, his pointed phallus poking its head out of its hairy sheath with every step.

Stepping up to the gate we stopped as Sarah noticed us. She smiled up at us. “I thought you were supposed to be holding onto him?”, she directed at Christy. Before Christy answered I cut in, “Don’t worry Sarah I’m not interfering, I just wanted a closer look.”

“At me and the bull?”. Sarah questioned. “No. At the latest change.” I replied, while pointing down at her privates. "What?!" Sarah asked incredulously, "It looks like a cow's vagina?". Christy nodded in affirmation. "Ohh" Sarah sqealed in delight, "I wanna see!" She sat up fully, swatting away the bull again who had closed in.
Trying her best to have a look she pulled at her teats, lifting her udder and trying to catch a glimpse. Between it's bulk and it's unwieldiness, however, she failed miserably to get a look.

"No fair!" She exclaimed, "It's like I'm too fat to see my own vagina". Sulking, she sat there, bottom lip sticking out, udder spilled in front of her. It made for quite a bizarre comedic sight.

"I could describe it to you?" I offered. Sarah squinted mischeavously at me. "You're just trying to get out of your punishment! Christy, you do it."

I stepped back as Sarah stood up holding onto the gate to help herself. She then turned away from us squatting and leaned forward with bent legs and propping herself up by leaning on her legs. It was quite a sight, her udder, hanging pedulously below acted as a counterweight, giving her the balance to hold the position.

"Well?" She asked expectantly. Christy approached slowly. Mouth agape at the sight in front of her.

"It's... different." She began. "It looks like you just have outer lips, but they're all puffy and really wide. Just leaving a slit. And your hood... it's huge and ends in an almost point! But you can't see your clit, the lips there are too puffy too"

Sarah mmm'd sensually as Christy described her changed nethers, and began subconsciously gyrating her hips. As well as making her udder swing beneath her, this movement had the clear effect of spreading Sarah's scent around. I smelt her within seconds, even though we were outside. She smelled more musty than ever, animalistic, you could almost taste it on the back of your throat. All three present members had reactions to Sarah's pheromones. My cock, already at attention, now strained with the amount of blood being pumped to it. I desperately needed to relieve it or I knew I'd just rut any old thing. The bull had a somewhat similar reaction. His member was fully out of his sheath and slapped up against his stomach as he stomped around in front of Sarah, trying to impress her.

Christy reacted with a little more daring. Panting heavily she slowly reached out with her hand. Pausing a mere inch from Sarah's opening she took a deep breath. Biting her lip and clentching her thighs together in arousal she gently ran her finger over Sarah’s puffed lips.

“Oh Sarah, it feels quite strange. Leathery almost, what does it feel like?”

Sarah mmm’d again at Christy’s feather light touches before replying.

“It feels amazing. I feel like I’m in a constant orgasm. Every change just feels right.”

Sarah seemed to take a moment lifted one of her black nailed hands to her face admiring it. She then looked down at her udder and continued.

“The udder, the horns, the face. I was meant for this I know it! I’m a cow, I’m not a person, I can’t lie anymore.” Sarah’s eyes rolled into her head as she gasped in pleasure.

Christy took a step back at Sarah’s, confession. Sarah continued unbidden.

“I’m becoming a cow. It’ll take months, it may take years, Peg says. But I’m going to become as much of a cow as this curse… this blessing lets me!”

I stood mouth agape. This was quite a confession, especially for my new wife. But even as she said it, something in me knew it was coming. Deep down I think I knew this was always the way it was going. And what surprised me the most is that it excited me.

Sarah wasn’t done.

“Join me Christy! I know you want to, you have no idea of how right this feels.”

Christy took a step back. Aghast. I was interested to see her reaction.

“I-I don’t know Sarah!... I can’t….”

Stepping back Christy allowed me to get a closer look at Sarah's womanhood. Running my hands over it's now slick surface I could see the changes so clearly. While the skin was humanly pink, it's shape was completely different. Not wanting to keep Sarah waiting i placed both hands either side of her puffy slit and spread the folds. On opening her folds a small jet of her love juices dribbled out. Oddly the juices looked more milky than clear, another byproduct of her continuing changes I guessed.
The milky trickle looked so delicious against her juicy pink folds that i had to go in. Leaning forward i buried my face in her engorged folds. Sarah's reaction was immediate. She gasped and giggled.
Now with my tongue buried deep in her musty folds, i began my ministrations in earnest. Using both my hands i began fondling Sarah's teats, eliciting her sqeaks of ecstasy.
Her breathing soon quickened and she began to pant. The lust driven look began to overtake her as her orgasm neared. Her panting continued
"Ohhh" she moaned. "Oooohhh!!!! Mmmmoooo!! Now!!! Do it now.... Fuck meeee... change meeee!!!" She gasped. She wanted to change again and i was certainly not going to stop her. I had come to accept now that she was going to be a cow someday in the future, and right now I was anticipating every new change. After the initial shock of realising her looks could change. Nothing was going to surprise me again. 
"Chaaange meeee!!!" She yelled again. At this cry i stood up, unbuckled my pants and took out my rock hard member. Wasting no time i slowly slid into her gorgeous new pussy. The feeling was amazing, her lower lips were like silk on my skin, but pressed in either side tightly. Now fully inside her i paused a moment and looked at the bull. He was hanging back slightly, member still extended. It seemed like Sarah's cries were making him cagey about coming nearer.
I couldn't get him to come any closer, and Sarah was too lost in ecstasy to do anything. I wondered how i could get him to come over, which is when i remembered Christy was with us. Looking behind me I saw her laid down behind us. She was clearly getting off at our show. One hand under her top she was kneading her breasts, the other was down her pants with which she was frigging herself silly. When she saw me looking she stopped, turned a bright shade of red and began stuttering.
"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to...". I didn't let her get any further and just grunted at her. "Christy, give us a hand, get the bull over to Sarah".
Eager to please Christy began heading over to the bull straight away. I returned to giving my cowgirl my full attention. Grabbing her flank I began slowly moving in and out of her, her milky juices squelching with every thrust. Sarah began her mooing in earnest now. Low after low escaped her mouth, all getting more and more authentic sounding the more practice she got. The feeling of it all was incredible. My penis was lost in her gloriously puffy folds, and it was taking all of my will power to keep it together for Sarah.
It was around the time where Sarah's juices had finally rolled down my balls making them wetly slap against Sarah's massive udder, that Sarah's moos were interrupted. Christy had brought the bull around to Sarah's front. On seeing the bull Sarah hissed a pleasurably. "Oh god, yesss. Change me more."
Her hands scrabbled for the bull's phallus and unceremoniously shoved it into her waiting mouth with a "Mmmm". Now that Sarah had the necessary tool in her mouth to bring along the change she, and I so desperately wanted.
Sarah’s leathery cunt then began clenching rhythmically as she mmm’d and let out very soft mooo’s. I picked up my pace as the bull began stamping his feet again. With the imminent change coming Sarah doubled her efforts and soon had the bull’s member twitching and spurting in her mouth. Sarah swallowed all of the bulls cum without wasting a drop. Her wet, sticky lips parted with a smack and she let out a bellow from deep within her before moaning. “Here it comes, I can feel it!”

As I pumped away at Sarah’s changed vagina I felt something shift with it. Looking down at our intertwined genitals I could see her labia changing colour. No longer were her lips a juicy pink, but darker and darker they got until eventually they were a dark grey colour. Her love hole also began shifting back towards her butthole, until eventually her puffed up lips joined with it at the tip. The change then spread to her butthole, which began sticking out more.

Getting off on the spectacle I sped up my game and quickly dumped my load in a very spent Sarah. Once I pulled out of her she collapsed on the ground infront of me. Twitching and moaning. My cum dribbled from her now fully cow cunt. It also looked like the latest change had engorged her privates so much that her ass cheeks no longer touched each other.

Smiling Sarah looked at me and said. “That felt good… Take me home you stud!”

When we reached our house Sarah was awake again, with a little help from Christy Sarah got out of the van. We said our goodbye's to Christy, who promised to call over whenever we wanted, and we headed inside. As soon as we got into our house Sarah turned and smiled at me. She placed her black tipped hand on my chest to hold me in place and stood on her tippy-toes to give me a kiss. I could feel to cold metal of her nose ring and the soft warmth of her udder pressing against me.
"Thank you for a wonderful few days" Sarah whispered, "I can't believe I'm so far on the way to being a real cow".
I smiled in response, now that I had  come to terms with the fact that Sarah's transformation was inevitable I had slowly come around to the idea. I wasn't going to rush it, but I was looking forward to every new change and was going to savour every little change. "I wonder what will change next?" Sarah continued.
"Well what would you like sweetheart?" I inquired. Sarah made her adorable thinking face. Her upturned, flattened nose wrinkling as she thought. "Well I have the udder and teats, my nails are getting harder by the day, my horns have grown a little you say, my ears are very slightly pointy and most importantly my vagina has turned to my true species... I think its about time i got a tail!" She concluded. I agreed with her, which made her happy, but after a moments pause she seemed to be deep in thought. "Honey, I've been talking to Christy and I want to run an idea past you."
I nodded for Sarah to continue, "Well, Christy's been telling me about her work, it sounds like good money. Her club pays big money for her because she has four breasts, apparently people come from far and wide to see." I was mildly concerned and voiced them.
"But, is it okay for others to see her? What if we get in trouble? I mean, it's a dodgy place, we both saw that the last time we picked her up from work." Sarah shook her head, "She doesn't work there anymore, her new place is very secretive and safe apparently, only those with a lot of money and magic knowhow go there."
"Magic knowhow?" I inquired. "Magic is a thing?"
"Oh yeah." Sarah answered. "It's a club for those who practice the arts. Now I've never been there, but it's not uncommon for some people to have modifications there"
I was genuinely surprise, "Wow. I always thought Peg was a one off!" "Not so,"Sarah answered, "It's very rare, but not unique. Christy says that going by accents that come in, most people in there are relatively local even."
"Well I never expected that! You want to go there to see?". I inquired, Sarah smiled. "Not quite! I want to get a job!" She grinned devilishly. "No one there has animal changes Christy says, she floated the idea to her boss about getting an 'udder girl' onstage and they jumped at the idea."
"Sarah I'm not..." Sarah interrupted before i could go any further, "They're offering $100/hr plus tips." My eyes bulged at hearing this. Sarah giggled, "Money is nothing to people who can use magic." She smiled expectantly.
I thought about it for a moment. If we wanted to get the money together to properly move to the countryside and buy a cottage, then we'd need this. My job was good, but not good enough. We would need more income.
"You want to work there? What would you be doing there?" I asked.
"I do, I want to share this gift with everyone, I want everyone to see this." She grabbed her teats for emphasis and hefted her filling udder a bit. "And I would just be starting on as a table waiter. There's no dancing unless I'm good enough, and I don't think i'm quite graceful enough with my udder."
The puppydog eyes that Sarah gave me were too much, it seemed fairly harmless too. "Yeah, sounds like a good idea."


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I like the new addition, you've got a talent at weaving your story Max, that's for sure.

So is the dude gonna become a minotaur to match his cow wife?


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Welcome back! I'm so stoked that you plan on continuing the story! Can't wait to see where we go next.


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Hi guys, thanks for the feedback. Trying to be a bit more regular with my updates. Here's another little snippet from our favourite cowgirl.

After a restful night, Sarah rang up Christy to tell her she would take the job. It transpired that Sarah had until the following weekend to come in for an interview. Apparently just a formality for someone of her stature. Delighted with herself Sarah strutted naked around the kitchen, as best a naked, udder laden woman could strut of course. She seemed so happy at the idea of being able to help towards the house, and to be able to show off her amazing body.

Talking through her upcoming interview, Sarah decided that she would wear her cow suit to it. The old one was so ratty at this stage that we quickly decided it'd be best to make a new one. Christy was contacted again to see if she would help, which she gladly accepted and said she would be along later that day with the required materials.

We then sat down to have our breakfast together, Sarah's chair creaking under the additional weight of her plump udder.

I poured myself a bowl of cereal. Opening the milk we had in the fridge I recoiled at the smell of it and began grumbling when I realised we had no fresh milk left. Standing up to get myself something else I realised Sarah was sitting across from me, chuckling to herself.

"Oh you silly man". She chuckled lovingly. "There's fresh milk right here". She grabbed the sides of her udder and began shaking it for emphasis. The shaking made her currently flaccid teats flop around in all directions.
Face palming and laughing when I realised she was right. Sarah stood up, pushed her chair out from the table, then leaned over and held onto the table letting her udder dangle down from her lower abdomen. Sarah smiled at me when I placed the milk jug below her udder and pulled up a stool.

"Getting full again isn't it?" Sarah remarked as I sat down on the stool. Looking at it bulging between her thighs and keeping her bow-legged I was inclined to agree. It was nowhere near as full as it was when it was first emptied however.

"Looks like I'll have to milk it for you every two or three days sweetie." I said as I wrapped my hands around two of her quickly hardening teats. Giving a sharp tug on one of her teats Sarah released a satisfied squeek.

"I won't be happy till you have to milk my udder at least twice a day", Sarah moaned in a breathy voice as I began releasing her streams of warm milk from her lovely udder.

"Twice a day huh? How will you be able to lift that thing around when it'll be full all the time?" I queried.

"Mmmhh... well I think my legs have been changing to help with that...  Ah!... they must be getting stronger... Oh-m-muuh... it's gotten so much easier to walk around since we've been to the farm." Sarah breathed between moans.

"Really!?" I remarked. Pausing my milking, much to Sarah's disappointment, I moved the stool over to her rump and had a look. She seemed to be right. Her thigh and upper leg muscles seemed bigger and a bit more defined. Must have been great for my cowgirl to be able to move around again with more freedom. Looking at her legs drew my eyes up to her beautiful bovine snatch. A small glob of milky juices had gathered at the entrance her dark puffy folds, showing her enjoyment of the milking. I smiled and moved back around to continue our session.

We continued like that for the next few minutes, chatting idly, all the while Sarah leaving out contented noises.

Once the jug was filled I stopped milking my wife, much to her disappointment, and set the jug aside. Giving me the puppydog eyes, Sarah straightened up and sat down on her chair again.

“So” I started up again. “How are we going to turn you more cowlike without the bull?”

Sarah visibly thought about it for a few moments before replying. “Well, we have the milking, I want you to milk me as often as possible. I think I’m going to only sleep in the barn from now on too.” Sarah smiled, “That should keep it moving along for now, and if we ever want another speed boost we know where to go!” With that Sarah winked and I laughed.


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As promised, Christy turned up that afternoon. In tow she had a big bag full of black and white material. Sarah was delighted with the prospect of getting a new cowsuit. Not wanting to cramp their style and work, I busied myself with housework first, then by going shopping. While shopping i bought a large bucket, siphoning equipment and a few crates of empty bottles. I figured that if Sarah's milk was good this morning, then it would be a good idea to keep some around. Maybe even sell some at the local farmer's market.

By the time I came back Sarah and Christy had just finished up. Wanting to try it on straight away Sarah went to rush off to her bedroom to get changed. Before she had left though Christy stopped her and said.

"Sarah. If it's okay, will you wait until I'm ready too?" She pulled out a second cowsuit out of her bag. Most likely the same one as from our wedding dinner. "I want to show you two something..."

The usually bold Christy seemed suddenly very coy and bashful. Sarah nodded her consent and off they both went to get changed.

A few minutes passed before the two of them shouted their readiness. Two doors opened and two cow women came out at the same time.

My eyes were first drawn to my beautiful wife. Her new cowsuit was perfectly fitting for her new form. She looked so sexy with her lovely pink bulging udder hanging down between her widened legs. It was Christy though, who my wife was looking at.

Looking over i could see that Christy was wearing the same boobless cow suit as at Sarah's wedding. This time, however, she wasn't showing off her C-cups as liberally as before. She had her crossed arms covering her lower set of breasts. Letting the top pair rest on her arms. She looked very embarrassed, and was blushing a deep crimson shade.

"Christy?" Sarah started. Before she could say any more Christy began.

"Stephen broke up with me..." Stephen was Christy's newest boyfriend, of about one year. She met him while dancing at a local bar, explaining away her extra breasts as a birth defect called polymastia. I didn't think much of him. He was very athletic and quite handsome, but his personality was quite abrasive. Always wanting to one-up everyone else, I found him generally insufferable whenever we crossed paths. He and Christy had been rocky for some time now, something must have happened in the last few days to finish them off.

Under the concerned looks from Sarah and myself Christy unfolded her arms, revealing her lower breasts. I could see they were hanging lower than before. There was less of a cleavage between them too, like her chest itself was swelling. But most noticably, Christy's nipples were turning to teats, each nipple was now the length and girth of the top of someone's thumb.

"I knew something was up with you!" I blurnted out, quite insensitively. Sarah smacked me in the shoulder with the back of my hand to silence me as Christy continued.

"Turns out he didn't like my latest change. Called me a freak of nature. He wouldn't listen when I told him it was who I am". I feared that Christy would break down at this point. She held it together though. Appearing more melancholy than outright distraught.

"Oh Christy" Sarah interjected. She closed the distance between the two of them and hugged her friend as best she could. A double pair of breasts resting on a giant udder, pink on pink. I felt myself getting a bit flush at the sight.

Not wanting to ruin their moment I excused myself quickly and headed out the door.

So Christy was growing an udder too? Seemed to me like something was up between the two of them. That and with Christy's top set of breasts still looking natural and normal, I wondered if it even was a cow's udder that Christy was growing. I would have to ask them when the two of them were done talking.


Re: A Dairy Princess' Revenge - by Cowpoke & Madmax011

It wasn't long before Sarah and Christy emerged from the living room. Not wanting to be left in the dark I queried them straight away.

"So how come you're growing an udder now Christy? I didn't think your curse was like Sarah's."

Christy bit her lip coyly and grinned knowingly at Sarah before answering. "True, it was not the same curse. Until Sarah asked Peg to change me to give me the same happiness that Sarah had." Christy smiled again, ran her hands up her sides and cupped her newly forming udder from underneath. "Turns out I want an udder and be as beautiful as you Sarah."

This time it was Sarah's turn to be bashful.

"Is that the only change Christy?" I asked. She nodded her head; it seemed genuine so I didn't press the question.

Utilising the lull in conversation Sarah grabbed Christy by the hand and pulled her towards the stairs. "Come with me Christy, let me show you what we've done with the barn upstairs!"

Both of them rushed past me, giggling all the way, and moved up the stairs as fast as Sarah could manage. I left them too their fun. It was great to see Sarah having such fun with her friend. I imagined we'd be seeing a lot more of Christy from now on. I was right.


Over the next few days we began seeing a lot more of  Christy. It seemed that, unless she was sleeping or working, that she was spending time with me and Sarah. Not that I minded, and certainly not that Sarah minded. She was happy that her friend was around more often, and that she had someone to talk about her transformation with as an equal. And talk they did.

Sarah told Christy all how the curse worked, how to speed it up, slow it down or control it in general. Christy in turn began prepping Sarah for her new job. She had Sarah parading around an obstacle course of tables and chairs in the living room to practice moving around the bar with a bulky udder. She also went through a lot of drink mixology with Sarah.

It was during one of these mixology sessions, the evening before Sarah's first day at the bar, that I had a brainwave that ended up bringing us all closer together.


Sarah, wearing her new cowsuit, stood by the breakfast counter, vigorously shaking a white russian in a cocktail mixer. The shaking was making her udder and teats flop around in a very comical way. Christy and I, quite a few drinks in at this point, were in stitches laughing at Sarah's flopping appendage.

Not best pleased with our sniggering Sarah krinkled up her flattened nose and stuck her tongue out at us.

"If you want me to keep making white russians then stop laughing at me! I can't help my sexy jiggling." She said mildly indignantly, but mostly tongue in cheek.

"Ha, doesn't matter anyway, we're out of milk." Christy lamented. Sarah and I took one look at each other and laughed.

"We're never out of milk in this house. Not with this bag of milk..." I said slapping Sarah's fat udder playfully. Christy rolled her eyes and muttered, "Of course!". 

"Speaking of which honey", Sarah began, "I think I need a milking". She smiled and rubbed hands all over her hardening teats.

I looked at her bulging udder and she was right. Even though I had milked her only the evening before, she looked like she was bursting at the seams. The skin on her udder was taut, emphasising the bulging veins under the surface of her skin even more. Looks like Sarah was getting closer and closer to her wish of having to be milked twice a day.

"Sarah, wanna give me a go?" Christy slurred from beside me. I raised an eyebrow at her interest in milking my wife. Sarah and Christy had been quite comfortable in each other's presences in the last week, but never had Christy asked if she could milk Sarah.

Sarah gave me a nod, which I returned. "Of course Christy". She replied before gesturing. "C'mon upstairs so, back to the barn!"

Sarah led Christy up the stairs and becconed me to follow. Once in the straw filled room Sarah pulled out all of our milking equipment.

"Erm, Christy, I'd better take my cowsuit off. I don't want it to get... stained". Sarah stressed the word "stained". Christy bit her lip and nodded. Knowing to help I stepped behind Sarah and unzipped her suit for her. Pulling out of it in a practiced movement Sarah "mmmhd" at the feeling of air on her bare skin.

Sarah had confided in me that she wished she had fur already, so that she wouldn't have to wear clothes anymore. To help herself along she had stopped shaving her armpits and legs. Far be it for me to judge, I quite liked the new hair growth, boringly human though they were.

Christy's cheekes flushed at the sight of my naked wife as the moment was getting more and more charged. Sarah quickly took charge of the situation with a commanding tone.

"Husband", she began pointing at me. "Bring tools for our new milkmaid, au natural please". I bowed my head in understanding and fetched the stool and pail, no automated milker was coming out tonight it seemed. With a spin that sent all four of her teats jiggling mercilessly, Sarah turned to the frame I had build for her to lean on during milking. She was now facing away from Christy and me, and as she ascended the steps to put her at a higher level and allow access to her massive dangling appendage, we got a faceful of her bovine nether regions.

In her movement to get settled in the frame we saw her now fully black, puffy cow-lips open and close several times. Like a fish gasping for air. Catching glimpses of her open love tunnel we too saw that while the inside of her lips had turned fully black, that her channel was still very much a pink colour.

As if to confirm that it was a holstein cow that Sarah was turning into, the black skin had crept up in the past two days and turned her large pucker the purest shining ebony too. It didn't seem like it was spreading from her genitals quite yet though.

"Oh wow!" Christy gasped, she hadn't seen Sarah's vagina since the farm and it had changed considerably since. Sarah turned her head and smiled at Christy. "You have no idea how amazing it feels." She laughed. Christy turned crimson and half mumbled, "I think... I think I'd like to find out." Sarah winked, "Well then, you will eventually. Now come and milk me dry!"

Taking the proffered bucket from me Christy moved to Sarah's flank sat down on the stool. Christy sat, opened mouthed as Sarah's udder dangled in front of her. Tentatively she reached out, and taking one of Sarah's teats in either hand she pulled down sharply on them. Sarah sucked air through her teeth as the first creamy jet pinged off the bucket.

Christy let go in shock and asked. "Oh I'm so sorry Sarah! I didn't mean to hurt you!"

"No". Sarah replied still through clenched teeth, "My teats can take a lot of abuse, the relief was just heavenly that's all. Come on! Don't stop now."

Reinvigored, Christy re-clasped her hands around the teats and began in earnest.

Rythmic mettalic pings became splashes as the milk pail began to fill. This music was set to a backdrop to Sarah's pleasured panting. I could tell that Sarah was trying to hold it together for Christy's sake. But around the time Christy moved to the second set of teats Sarah gave up and began moaning and mooing in earnest.

Christy became more and more flush as we went on. I could see she was beginning  to sweat as she started to adjust her neckline.

Wanting in on the fun, and knowing that Sarah would love it, I ascended the steps of the milking frame after my wife and knelt behind her. Unzipping my pants I took out my turgid member and began jacking off as I stuck my face into my wife's wide rear.

Nose parting her sodden nether lips, and a few bristly hairs scratching my face I inhaled deeply the musky, animalistic scent of my wife. Sarah coo'd at the sudden intrusion and wiggled her hips to push further into my face, setting her udder jiggling in a frenzy.

Not taking any more notice of Christy milking, i pushed my tongue out and delved into Sarah's leathery cunt. I was rewarded instantly with a glob of her musky, cloudy love juices. Eagerly I drank what she offered, all the while whacking away at myself.

I delved and delved as deep as I could into my lowing wife, drinking down the torrent of milk fluid she sent at me.

A few minutes in to this activity I felt a hand touching mine, gently, but firmly, and then it took my hard member. Before I knew what was happening I felt my penis engulfed in a warm wet mouth.

Pulling my face from my wife with a wet slopping sound, and ignoring the strands of female cum sticking to my face I looked down at the new development.

Christy had taken a second stool, and taking all of her clothes off she had joined us by lying face up across them, underneath Sarah.

With her head craned back and using a hand for guidance she was sucking me off like a champ. The other hand was firmly holding on to one of Sarah's lower hardened teats, and with it Christy was rubbing and poking her shaven pink vagina, making her two breasts and beginnings of an udder wobble like jelly on her chest.

Surprised I looked up at Sarah, who met half lidded eye contact with me and said. "It's fine honey, she can join. Now finish me off, I'm almost there."

Not looking a gift horse in the mouth I instantly delved back into Sarah's delicious vagina with gusto. I also unclenched my stomach, allowing Christy's ministrations to wash over me.

We all lasted another few minutes, slurping, sloshing and sucking. Until one by one we all climaxed and fell into a sodden heap.

Lying beside Sarah's musky, twitching, leaking, black cunt, and having my spunk licked off my penis by Christy, I thanked all gods and demons for what had brought me here. This was going to get interesting...ay smut!!!


Re: A Dairy Princess' Revenge - by Cowpoke & Madmax011

Hey guys. Here's the next bit of this story. It's the beginning of a planned widening of the characters and events that i have planned.

please do tell me what you think of the story in general. Anything ye want to see more of? Or anything ye think would work well? I love hearing your feedback, so keep it coming.

Christy stayed that night, curled up in a ball in the "barn" room. Sarah and I stayed too, exhausted and content sleeping in the hay.

I woke up last, both Sarah and Christy being gone when I arose. Head still swimming I made my way downstairs to the kitchen. Sarah must have cleaned up as the place was spotless after all of the drinking the night before. There was no sign of Christy anywhere and I found Sarah sitting, stark naked, on the grass in the garden. She sat cross-legged with her breakfast plate balanced on the sizable udder. She smiled as she saw me.

"Look who's finally back to the land of the living! How's the head?"

I sat myself down beside Sarah and picked some cherry tomatoes from her plate to nibble on. "Oh feeling okay really. What about you though? First day. Are you nervous?"

Sarah put down the lettuce she had been chewing. "A little... I mean it'll be my first time meeting new people in... a long time".

She was right, it had been almost two years since this whole thing began. That was a long time to only speak to a very limited group of people. I put my arm around Sarah in a reasuring manner and held her close as I told her "You'll do great."

A tranquil moment passed over us until, noticing a cup of white fluids beside Sarah, I asked. "Drinking your own milk now are we?"

Sarah chuckled into my shoulder. "I think I taste great!" She giggled, then blushed as I said, "You do!".


Christy arrived with the van later that evening and a quite nervous Sarah and I climbed in. She had elected to wear her cow suit right off the bat so she was for the first time that day, clothed.

The drive was relatively short. Christy drove us to an dilapidated industrial park nearby. It looked very deserted to me, and there were only two other cars parked up around there. I voiced my concern but Christy assuaged me. "This isn't the only enterance. It's a gateway of sorts. The bar isn't actually here."

Not fully understanding I just left her at it as we parked up and exited the vehicle.

As the place seemed very deserted Sarah didn't bother to hide much and just openly followed Christy as she walked up to a ramshackle door at the side of the industrial park and knocked on it.

Christy mumbled something that sounded vaguely Latin and knocked on the door. Almost immediately the door swung open and an impossibly tall, pale and blond man stepped forward to stand arms outstretched in the doorway! He was dressed in a white tuxedo that had a tail to it, and wore matching white gloves. Sarah and I looked on quite perplexed as Christy embraced him and the exchanged cheek kisses.

"Christy darling! So good to see you again! I hear there are many excited people waiting for you tonight!" He tittered in a very effeminite manner

Christy blushed and waved him off. "Always the charmer Harry! But I think Sarah here will be the main talking point tonight!" She replied, pointing at Sarah.

Looking over at Sarah and me, and lowering his gaze to her dangling udder. "Oh wow!" He started and closed the distance between the two of them. "Darling you look ravishing" he commented to my blushing wife. "I agree, everyone will be talking about you tonight." Sarah seemed to be relaxing at the positive attention she was getting. Even though it was mildly theatrical in nature.

"Christy's right" she said turning her head and speaking to me. "This one is a charmer..."

Harry pulled back making a mock horrified mime. "Ladies, I am nothing but sincere!"

Christy laughed at his antics before asking him. "Harry, I have to take Sarah to get ready, meet the staff and the boss. Could you..."

Harry butted in before she got any further. "Of course I can darling. Come with me you." He said, placing a hand on my shoulder and leading me down the dark green painted hallway.


While leading me through a maze of corridors lined with doors, all of which had placenames on them. Harry told me much about the place, and himself.

He was a self described wizard, practicing his arts for many years, how many exactly he never let on.

Most of his powers were to do with manipulation of distances. I initially assumed he meant teleportation, but was quickly told otherwise. Not really understanding but taking his word for it he continued on. He claimed to have started this bar with his best friend, the owner of the bar. His power apparently, lay in manipulation on inanimate objects.

It was around this time that the hallway opened to the main hall. A grand room, like something from the moulin rouge. Red wallpapered walls, gold sequins and heavy crimson curtains lined the room. In the centre fifty cabaret style tables were set out in front of a large stage.

As Harry showed me to my seat at a side table I noticed the show on stage, a man seemed to be turning fice from a torch, in an arc, into snow. This snow was falling down onto the audience sitting at the front of the hall.

Fascinated I sat down and began watching the show.

What followed was the strangest variety hour anyone had ever seen. By the time Christy came on the stage to begin her dancing I'd seen a man turn fire to ice, a couple with arms for legs doing the most intricate and exhilirating naked trapeeze, a woman with no eyes juggling and throwing knives, a man giving a presentation on a new type of strength serum he'd developed, and a man with an impossibly large penis offering his transformative jizz to any woman who wanted a larger clitoris. Surprisingly several women went for it straight away.

While Christy began swinging her breasts onstage the conversation with my neighbours, I took a look around for my Sarah. She had obviously passed her interview and was working, as I could see her slowly and carefully weaving through tables with a drinks tray on her hand collecting empty glasses from the tables

I watched her nervously move back and forth from table to bar. Most patrons stopped her and had a few words with her. Conversation seemed to be flowing well as she was all smiles and giggles. A few patrons obviously requested to feel her udder as she allowed them to rest a hand on the globular mass for a few moments. It wasn't long until Sarah made eye-contact with me across the room, smiled and waved at me with her black nail tipped hands. It was good to see her so happy mingling with others who viewed her changes with interest and curiosity.


The evening flew in a haze from there, and before I knew it we were on our way home again. Christy driving the van and Sarah and I snuggling in the back seat of van.

"So they were very happy with me and how people and I interacted." She was telling me. "A few weeks of stacking glasses and waiting tables and I'll be behind the bar!"

"And what did the manager say about your cow-curse?" I asked her.

"Oh I only told him the bare essentials. Udder, ears and horns and horns by spell. Left out nose and nails. He just thinks i always had a flat nose, and that I paint my nails. Oh and I definitely didn't mention this bad girl." Sarah said as she pointed underneath her udder and at her crotch.

"And what about you changing more?" I asked my cowgirl.

Sarah paused for a moment, "Yeah... I mentioned that I planned to get more cow changes made in the future. I didn't say how it happens though. Easier that way."

I "hmmmm'd" and began stroking Sarah's hair. A comfortable silence washed over us all as Christy pulled into our driveway to let us out.

Waving goodbye to Christy we entered the house. Though the time was well into the early hours of the morning, we were both still quite energetic from the night that had been in it.

Sarah ascended the stairs in front of me, as her ass and udder waddled in front of me I got a good whiff of her cow vagina musk that hung around her constantly now. Smelling it triggered an instant boner. And by the time we'd entered the barn room I was straining against my pants.

Sarah giggled when she noticed and made a 'come hither' motion with her index finger. Turning around she gave me access to the zip at her back. In no time at all we were peeling her cowsuit from her. When we came to her crotch I was surprised to see strands of milky girl cum cling to her black lips and to her suit.

Sarah bit her lip in a very seductive way and said. "All those people touching my udder got me a little hot and bothered."

I laughed and pulled the cowsuit from her muscular and slightly hairy legs.

"The hair is growing i  well!" I commented, stroking my hands up and down her leg. Sarah paused, makinh a face as if contemplating something. "What?" I asked her.

"Sweetheart. Are you really okay with all of this? I mean my legs are near as hairy as a man's, my vagina is black and leathery, my asshole is absolutely...". That was as far as i let her get.

"Sarah stop. I love you." I lifted and kissed her black nailed toes. "I know you want to change" I kissed her shin. "So I've thought about it long and hard and I accept that you want this" I moved up and kissed the inside of her thigh. "I want you to change too. This is a massive turn-on". I moved around and licked one of her teats, eliciting a long moan from her. "And for the record your leathery vagina, as you call it, feels one hundred times better to fuck than when you were human."

Sarah looked down at me with a tear in her eye. "When I was human..." she repeated slowly, savouring every word. A moment hung in the air as she tearfully turned around and presented her now gaping black vagina to me. And 'moo'd' in delight.

I stood up, dropped my pants and slowly eased myself into my wife's warm, slick, heavenly bovine cunt. She let out a satisfied 'mooooo' as I did so. Grabbing her flanks I began slowly pounding her from behind.

The passion of our lovemaking that night was higher than it had ever been. Sarah fully embraced the cow during our tryst. After some time we lay in the afterglow. Me spent and Sarah on all fours slowly and sensually licking my sperm and her juices from my flaccid cock. As I looked over Sarah's back I noticed from her upturned feet that the very base of her big, and index toe seemed closer together. They were obviously shifting so that they could merge.

Laying back into the hay I smiled and felt my cock start to harden again. Well, I thought, there's no denying this turns me on now. With that I flipped over my cowgirl into the hay and set about ravaging her wonderful form for round two.


Re: A Dairy Princess' Revenge - by Cowpoke & Madmax011

After her first successful night at work, Sarah's mood was very chirpy. She padded around naked and barefoot through the house the next morning with a swagger in her wide hips.

Christy arrived later that afternoon shortly after milking, and after slipping into her cowsuit she and Sarah ran off to go talk shop. Wanting to leave the girls alone to their fun I decided to go get Sarah a congratulatory gift for getting a new job. Such a normal couply thing to do I thought. But chuckled at the thought of what I was getting my girl. It certainly wasn't a normal thing.

A few phonecalls and a three hour round trip in the car and I had what I was looking for. Grinning to myself as I entered to the house I couldn't wait to show Sarah.

On hearing the door open Sarah rushed to greet me. Not letting me say anything she grabbed me by the hand and dragged me to the barn room.

"Sarah what?..." I started before she cut me off.

"We want to show you something. See what you think!" 

In the barn room I was greeted by a surprising sight. Christy had removed her cowsuit and now sat hunched forward naked on the ground, intently inspecting her privates, covering them from my view. She looked up as she noticed me and blushed.

"Sweetie, we were checking to see if Christy's vag had started to change, and I think we've noticed something... I don't think it's a cow Christy's turning into!"

I arched an eyebrow. "Really!? Now that's interesting! What makes you say that."

Christy answered by uncovering her privates. "Because I've never been this hairy." And indeed she was right. Her pubic hair, dark, short and thick had spread all over her vagina, down to her asshole, outward touching the very inside of her thighs, and finally upwards creating a slight happy trail going to her bellybutton.

"Oh wow!" I managed at last. "When did this happen?"

"Well the hair was spreading for days, but I kept shaving it back twice a day. Every morning I'd wake up with it grown this long. There's not going to be much point in shaving soon... I didn't bother today" Christy trailed off.

Sarah Hmmm'd and voiced a question. "What about your panties for dancing on stage? You're hardly going to cover that with a granny-pannys?"

Christy let out a "Ha!" Before answering, "Not likely, I could take a week or two from dancing, serve tables with you, and wait until it grows enough that I'll never have to wear panties again." She smiled at the end, clearly delighted at the thought. It looked like the curse was affecting her mind too.

"Well," I began, "if you're not turning into a cow, what then?"

"Well, my vag hasn't changed at all yet, but going by the dark thick pubes and only the lower breasts becoming an udder, I'd say, maybe a goat of something?" She revealed. That was interesting.

"So we'll have a ungulate then..." I commented. Christy looked puzzled and said, "A what?". To which Sarah chuckled.

"Nevermind Christy." She said, giving her hand to help her friend up. "This cowgirl can't wait to have some fun with her goaty friend"...

A comfortable silence fell over us, which was when I remembered my planned gift for Sarah. "Oh Sarah! I got you something today." I rummaged through my bag until I found it, a small 50ml plastic flask, lid tightly screwed. Viscous liquid sloshing around inside. "A gift for your new job." I said while handing it over with a smile.

Sarah took the flask with wide eyes, while Christy looked on with curiosity. "Is this what I think it is sweety?" She asked. I winked at her to confirm. Excitedly Sarah unscrewed the lid with a pop and inhaled deeply. "Ooooohhh! Ohhhh that smells so good." Sarah moaned. "How did you get this?" Sarah asked.

I scratched the back of my head. "Erm, well I just pretended I was a farmer looking for some for his herd".
Sarah looked up at me. "Really!?" She giggled. I nodded. Her face then turned serious, "Hang on a minute! I remember from uncle Pete's farm. It's really expensive to buy isn't it".

I stumbled for a moment. "Well, yes! But I did look around and get the cheapest one I could."

Sarah's face softened at my panic. Reaching out with her hand she stroked the side of my face. "Thank you honey. I really appreciate it, but there's no need to waste more money on this. I change without it too."

I looked sheepish, so Sarah stood on her tippytoes, pressed her udder against me and gave my cheek a soft but cold kiss through her nose ring. "I love you sweety, thank you very much for the present. I love it." 

Sarah took a step back and hunched forward. Aligning her udder directly under her she lowered it the last bit until it was touching the ground, teats splayed in all directions. Very slowly and carefully she moved forward and sat on her udder like a beanbag. As she increased her weight on her udder her teats began to stiffen with the milk inside her bulging udder.

Sarah let out the softest of moos as she finally left all of her weight on it and spread her feet in front of her for balance. At the same time all four of her teats left out a little squirts of milk from the pressure, leaving four small trails in the hay and white fluid dripping from her stiffened teats.

Sarah looked up at me with her beautiful doe eyes up over her partly flattened nose, parted her thin lips and said. "Come here stud! I want to taste you first!".

Christy took that moment to go, "I think I may leave now." Sarah turned and stopped her. "No Christy! We talked about this, you're one of the herd now. You can stay and join if you want."

Christy smiled and settled herself back into the hay. Sarah quickly took all of my attention by fiddling with my belt and pants buckle. She grasped my hardened member in her warm hands. She gently began stroking up and down, eliciting a satisfied moan from my lips. Delighted with herself she leaned forward and licked my head playfully. Her tongue was warm and soft as always, tracing lazy circles under the glans. I sucked in air sharply through my teeth and closed my eyes at the pleasure.

Changing beat Sarah opened her mouth and leaned forward to take my member whole. The shift in pressure on her bean bag udder caused her teats to sprinkle milk again. Sarah's moan reverberated through my cock. I stroked Sarah's soft cheek with the back of my hand. Sarah redoubled her efforts as I closed my eyes and let her do her magic.

Wave after wave crashed over me until I could take no more and grunted a warning my impending flood. Sarah clamped on tight and got ready, at my first spasm she began swallowing, and didn't stop until I was fully drained. Spent I dropped to the hay onto my back.

Looking up I saw Sarah licking the last of my seed from my lips, when suddenly my view was cut off by a hairy crotch. Christy was standing over me slowly circling her clitoris with her finger. As she crouched down and got closer I could see how wet she was, her pussy made soft squelching noises as she played with herself. I could smell her arousal too. She smelled different to Sarah, sweeter and less animalistic. That would change with time though if Christy truly wanted to change. Sarah once smelled like that too.

Before long my entire field of view was engulfed as Christy sat on my face. Not really having a choice in the matter I began licking away at Christy's folds. Her hair was thankfully not long enough to cause any problems... yet.

I was reinvigorated and my penis stood erect again quite quickly, only minutes after my initial orgasm. It was just going through my mind that I was bound to get some sort of beard rash from Christy grinding her crotch into my face, when i felt the familiar warmth of Sarah's bovine vagina engulf my member in its warm slick folds.

I could feel Sarah sitting with her back turned to me, bracing herself with her hands. Her udder must have been spilled in front of her, between my and her legs.

Once positioned she began rocking back and forth; and before long she started mooing in pleasure.

Since I had already spent myself I was lasting for some time. After several minutes Christy's moans began rising in pitch until she shrieked herself through an orgasm, grinding my face hard all the way.

Exhausted she slumped off my face to the ground beside me panting, and began idly playing with her newly forming udder on her chest.

Now that Christy wasn't covering my face anymore I could see my wife clearly bouncing up and down in the reverse cowgirl position. Her wide hips and ass bouncing up and down my pole, coating it in milky love juices, and forming a pool at the base where they ran down to.

Leaning back and curling my toes I gasped at Sarah's ministrations, holding myself as best I could to last until she was done.

As Sarah's gasps moans and moos increased in pace I could see her lift up the container of bull sperm, that I'd bough, from beside her. Knowing she was close to climaxing I clenched and held on that little bit longer.

Changing pace and grinding forwards and backwards, Sarah carefully opened the container and brought it to her lips. She took a long inhale, before tipping the container back and drinking the viscous liquid.

Almost the second she finished the yellowy cum she dropped the container she let out a gasp. Sarah's hand shot under her udder and she started rapidly stroking her big black cow clitories.

Sarah gasped and screamed incredibly loudly now, orgasming. I let go and followed her within moments filling her with whatever reserves I had left.

When I came back I could see Sarah was still in the throes of a long multiple orgasm. As she slid unceremoniously, twitching and moaning from me to the floor I got up to kneeling and watched her for signs of transformation.

As she lay there smasming she moaned, " Oohhh! M-mooo! I can feel it ting... moooo! I can feel it tingling. Ah! Face!".

I watched fascinated as her thin lips began to darken. Through her hair I could see that her ears were getting more bovine like, rather than just having pointy ends. As they grew to some half and half mix between human and cow, her lips had turned fully black. The same colour as her lower parts.

Change finally over, I slumped down behind my wife and began cuddling her. She wheezed, "Best present ever!" before drifting off.


Thanks again all of you who PM'd me with support and comments. Great hearing them. Keep them coming, this story can be quite interactive.


Re: A Dairy Princess' Revenge - by Cowpoke & Madmax011

One month later things had really settled into a routine at our little house. Sarah worked 3-4 nights per week, socialising with patrons and workers alike and we spent the rest of our time having fun with each other.

Sarah had been waited tables but was recently moved to bartending. An incident where Sarah had improvised with the recipe for a white Russian had proved so popular afterwards, that the managers decided to put my milky wife behind the bar full-time.
She loved her new job there. The lack of walking around was better for her, as was the fact that she got to play with her udders all evening. She had to start wearing extra absorbent, XXXL pads to stop it looking like she pissed herself with all the juices she produced.
She was still hiding the extent of her transformation from the general audience. And what a transformation she had.

Starting from the top her horns were longer than ever, no hairstyle was ever going to cover them up. Nothing short of the world's largest 'fro.
Her ears had turned fully bovine, one half black half white, the other all black; all were pink and hairy on the inside. Sarah kept her hair long to cover the base of them and make them look like fake ears. With the involuntary movements they made, it was quite hard to hide them.
Her nose, hadn't flattened any more, but had gotten a little more upturned. It was still quite human like, like a wide upturned pug nose, so we were sure no one would really notice.

Her lips were fully black and very thin, too thin for a human almost. But since that's how everyone knew her, we were sure she'd be fine.
The rest of her upper body remained unchanged. The change in her lower body, however, continued its slow outward advance. The black and white skin colouring now covered almost all of Sarah's rear and inner thighs. Only a thick line on her outer thighs remained pink. The feel of her skin was beginning to change too. It wasn't just her outer pussy lips that felt leathery. Some of the skin on her ass had begun to get a leathery feel too it, all around her black swollen asshole.

Her toes too had begun to merge. Well, two of them had. The flesh of her index and middle toe on both feet had merged. The bones underneath were still separate however.

Still there was no sign of her long awaited tail though.

While her wish of a tail hadn't happened yet, Sarah did get something she wanted. Her udder now filled so quickly that it needed to be milked at least twice a day. Sarah was delighted with this and happily mooed and moaned her way through milking every day.

Christy at this point hadn't been seen by us since the morning after Sarah's first day of work. She had taken a month's holiday from work following the find that she was becoming more goat-like. Sarah was still in contact with her on her mobile, but she wasn't giving much away other than that she was enjoying her time off and she would be back soon. That is until this morning.

Sarah had gotten a call at breakfast from Christy to say she would be back to work that evening, but that she would be calling over to us in the afternoon first. Sarah was very excited when Christy told her she was coming down. Mostly she seemed excited to see how much Christy had changed, and to be honest so was I.

Sarah and I had talked about it and Sarah suggested that Christy should move in with us. Between the three of our wages and with Christy’s savings we should be able to afford a farm. It sounded like a wonderful idea to me and I heartily agreed.

The knock on the door came early in the afternoon. I went to answer the door, with a naked Sarah hiding around the corridor corner. Lately Sarah had decided that she would never need clothes again, so we packed them all up, minus her work cow suit, and left them in the attic.

Opening the door I was greeted by Christy, at whose sight Sarah popped out from hiding. I was surprised though. Judging from the bulges under her attire, she had made little headway into becoming a goat.
Sarah was the first to comment, “Christy you… What happened? I thought you were taking a month off to change?”

Christy smiled sheepishly as she stepped into the house, “Well yes, I do want to change, more than anything now. But I had to hold it together for the month, there was something I had to do first.”

“Do what?” I asked.
"You had to stay more human to deal with people?" I repeated quizzically.
Christy nodded, "Yes. I would imagine it's harder to deal with banks and realtors when you look like a goat."
Sarah left out a snorting laugh, "Hah! That's true. Imagine the face on the teller if I went to a bank like this!"
"I'm still confused", I admitted , "why are you going to a realtor and the bank?"
"Because we're buying a farm!" Christy replied and was echoed by Sarah. I looked on puzzled.
"Surprise!!!" Sarah offered, arms raised for effect and udder jiggling.
"We bought a farm?" I repeated again, feeling very much like a parrot.
Sarah smiled, "We looked at it, with mine and Christy's wage, and with the down payment only barely cracking into Christy's savings we'll have the place paid off in two years."
I stood flabbergasted as Christy took over. "It just came up one day. I was passing an auctioneer's window and saw it. Medium sized log cabin. A nice few acres, down in the valley a half hour from the nearest house. And it was going cheap. I told Sarah and we couldn't pass it up. It's about an hour and a half drive from here."
"You really bought a farm for all of us?" I asked. Sarah smiled and took me by the arm. "Yes silly now get in the van and we'll show you."
Half in shock at the surprise we got in the van that Christy brought, careful that no one caught a glimpse of naked Sarah.
As Christy drove I found my voice and my mind again. And by the time we pulled off the main road and onto a dusty country road I had asked all I could.
As we slowly traversed the windy roads up and around the side of the mountain I started catching glimpses of the vally that the farm was in. It seemed green and lush. A thick pelt of forest covered the slopes of the mountain. The road though was very clear, which was good for keeping an eye on cars coming around the mountain.
Past the forest and all down the rest of the valley grassland reigned, spotted with the occasional scrub and tree. I could see the road terminating at a medium sized log house ahead. I assumed that was our destination.
I was indeed right as we soon pulled up in the gravel driveway.
We stepped out of the car together and I looked on in awe. This place was heaven.
The bungalow log house was well made, and surprisingly big now that we were up close. It even had a garage with two car doors.
"This place is amazing" I admitted.
"Come see inside" Christy beckoned.
Inside the front door we went down two steps to be treated to a large wooden living room with a fireplace on the back wall, in the middle of the house.
The left wall all faced outwards, while the right one had a door that lead to a kitchen. The kitchen was well built, tiled on the floor, a ring of stone countertops and appliances surrounded a stone tiled plinth in the centre of it, while wooden cupboards and other storage units lined two of the walls. On the other side an eating area was set up. Enough for four to eat at a table.
The kitchen had two more doors. One lead to a master bedroom, complete en-suite included and the other went to the inside of the spacious two door garage. Upon seeing it Sarah smiled, "This is going to be our new barn", she exclaimed. I agreed that the room was perfect.
As a last surprise Christy said. "I have one final thing to show you guys." She waited for us to follow her to the back door of the garage.
"It's going to be a show of sorts"...
"Finally!" Christy started, "Finally I can speed up a bit." She threw her tanktop over her head and dropping her skirt and sweeping it away with a graceful sweep Christy revealed herself to us for the first time in a month. Not much had happened really, her now black pubic hair and happy trail was grown out fully now. A thick line of it connected her bushy nethers to her innie bellybutton. Her bottom set of breasts hung just above her bellybutton, which was about visible through her merging cleavage.
Christy smiled a seductive smile at us and turned around. "Watch this" she commanded.
With practised motions Christy slid to her haunches near the all black billy goat, who was straining at his tether to get at Christy.
"Well old fella," she began, "looks like you need a little relief!" Getting down to her hands and knees Christy crawled to the billy. In this position I could see her vagina and asshole, though human looking, were completely surrounded by thick, curly, black pubic hair. Much more than a regular woman.
The goat seemed to calm as she got over to him, though I could see his curled penis had emerged from it's sheathe. Christy paused for a moment before reaching out and grasping his member with one hand and guiding it to her mouth.
The curse really must have affected Christy and Sarah's minds, as Christy seemed just as eager as Sarah to shove an animals cock into her mouth, debase herself in some way and become nothing more than an animal. And that thought made me unbelievably hard.
Working his beastly cock like a champ, Christy continued her slurpfest, giving it all she had. She mmm'd and moaned. She sucked and slurped, and occasionally she fondled his big black testicles.
When the time came to finish up, however, Christy released the goat's cock from her mouth with a 'pop'. Quickly she leaned back, still jerking the goat’s member and aimed the pointed appendage at her stomach.
Rope after rope of sticky yellowy cum soon lay in streaks Christy's abdomen. She then lay down. Where she could she recovered any dripping globs and pooled the whole lot in the divet of her bellybutton. Dipping in a finger she brought a rope of it to her face. Sniffing it seemed to bring her pleasure, not nearly as much as when she sucked the seed from her finger though.
This wasn't the only thing Christy wanted to try though. Sitting up slightly we watched as the cum began running down to her privates, all the while loosing more and more cum getting stuck to her pubic hair.
Once it was clear that it wasn't moving and further Christy brought her hands down and began gently scooping and pushing as much of the cum as she could onto her vaginal lips.
As soon as the first glob of yellow semen touched her lower lips Christy let out a moan and involuntarily bucked her hips.
"Oh God!" She gasped with her eyes wide open and her cheeks flushed. Once the second glob made contact it was all over. Christy lost control of herself as she fell backwards to the floor.
She moaned screamed and bucked as orgasm after orgasm tore through her.
I heard Sarah pipe-up, "So that's what happens when you get cum down there", I looked over to see Sarah biting her bottom lip in arousal.
"Do you want me to get some more bull sperm to try it out?" I asked her. Finding the thought of my wife writhing around like that to be appealing.
She smiled at me. "It's okay, there's no need to rush, I'm changing fast enough as it is... speaking of which". She pointed at Christy who had begun writhing around the floor.
"Oh God! I can feel it!" She shouted, "This feels incredible, I can feel my vagina changing."
Sarah and I moved to have a look as the thrashing Christy pulled her lips apart. Slowly we could see the a darkened tinge take over her labial lips and spread inwards. It was fast acting that was for sure, and it wasn't done yet.
With Christy's hips spread wide and bucking infornt of us, we could see the hairy region around her nethers was expanding. It moved backwards from her darkening and swelling asshole and moved two or three inches up her lower back. In the front her happy trail filled out and began widening until it was halfways across her lower stomach.
In an effort to sustain what was flowing through her Christy gathered what cum she could on her fingers. She then roughly shoved her middle and ring fingers into her changing pussy.
As soon as they were in and the cum made contact with her inner love tube she let out a howl of pleasure.
Her left hand began roaming all over her body, focussing mostly of grabbing and squeezing her four breasts.
As she began whimpering, tears streamed from her face from the intense pleasure.
As if in response to her constant pulling, her lower breasts began to move lower and lower, like a rolling lump of flesh, until they hung, surrounded by curly pubic hair, exactly where an udder would be.
As the udder stopped moving one last  orgasm seemed to flood through Christy. Her eyes opened wide and she let out a scream. A scream that warbled at the end and turned into a bleat. Christy's first bleat.
Exhausted and spend Christy slumped. As her sodden hand pulled from her vagina we could see her inner lips had merged with her outer lips giving her a fully goatlike vagina.
I looked at Sarah. Her breastless chest was heaving from arousal. Drops of milk oozing from her stiffened teats.
"That worked well!" She exclaimed breathlessly. I nodded in response. "Christy's catching up with you fast!" I noted.
Sarah smiled and turned around. Bending over and presenting her black leaking bovine nethers, with her pink swollen ripe udder hanging between her legs, she said. "Well we can't have that can we! Fuck me like the cow I am you stud!"
Not wanting to waste a golden opportunity I dropped my pants and got straight to work.


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I'm really looking forward to the next chapter!

So much so that I made fanart: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/14554366/


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That is absolutely awesome!
It feels so relaxed and natural. An excellent drawing all round.

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Thanks! To be fair, I photoreferenced that one pretty hard: I stumbled across the perfect photo.

I actually found a saucier one that will be great when Sarah's transformation gets further along!


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The fanart is really great.


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I'm really enjoying these additions to the story, good job MadMax. The progression is going great with the transformations happening slowly which makes it more realistic, and there is a sense of how the main characters feel about the changes that works really well. ~ Cowpoke


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I woke up the next morning in a tangle of hairy limbs. Before I could even open my eyes the pungent stink of animal sex invaded my nostrils. As it stood the smell was overpowering, was I not so used to it I would certainly have gagged. Instead I cracked my eyes to find them level and very close to shiny, black, hairy, swollen pussylips. I smiled as the memories of the previous night came flooding back. I sat up carefuly so as not to wake either girl. As I did I noticed something tickling the inside of my mouth. On removing the offending object I revealed it as a thick curly black hair. Looking back down at Christy's hairy nethers I figured that I'd just have to live with the occasional hair. No way was I giving up going in for a delicious lick.

I removed one of Sarah's downy legs that was clamped over me and stood up. As I did so Sarah stirred and rolled a little in the soft hay leaving out a soft 'mmmhh'.

Joints popped and cracked as I stretched and yawned. Looking down my eyes ran on my poor abused penis. It was covered in dried female juices and matted pubic hair. I frowned, Sarah may enjoy not washing now, but I certainly didn't. I padded barefoot to the bathroom and turned on the hot water.

As it washed over me I began to get pensive and wondered where things were going from here. We were finally settled, we had privacy. I decided a sit-down with the girls on their transformations was needed, I needed to know both girl's plans.

I finished up and after a quick towelling I put on one of the available bathrobes and went to make breakfast.

Whipping up a salad of greens and a mug of black coffee took no time at all. Before I knew it Sarah stood at the door of the kitchen rubbing her eyes sleepily. Hay was still sticking to her body and clung to her mussed up hair. The look oozed sexy and relaxed. We greeted each other good morning and she waddled to the table and sat down on one of the sturdy chairs. Her udder almost reached the ground.

She told me Christy was essentially still unconcious from all of her activities the previous night. We laughed and chatted amiably. Wasn't long until Sarah's transformation came up, once again, as the topic of conversation.

"I think my hips and thighs have been changing to accomodate", Sarah was explaining.

"I've been finding it easier and easier to walk around with the udder", she continued. I commented on how spritely she seemed recently, and she replied. "I know! Remember how bad I was at the start with the chair and the wheelchair and all of the travelling on all fours."

Giving a nod of agreement she continued. "I wonder when my legs will change shape though... that's going to be hard to get used to." She looked down at her stuck out foot and began rotating it to examine it. She 'hmmm'd' in thought at the sight.

She leaned back on her seat and attempted to lift her leg, with some moving and squeezing she managed to get it around her dangling udder and plopped her foot onto my lap.

"It looks like the bones are joining now. Can you check?"

From where I was it certainly looked like it. I ran my hands over the soft pink skin of her feet; feet that would be hooves before long.

I ran my fingers around the merging middle and index toe, the bones were definitely fusing now. The bones were fully fused up to the top knuckle. On the tips of her toes too, the flesh of her toes had merged in the middle, leaving behind a single thick looking toe with two black toenails across the top.

I put my hand under her heel and brought her foot closer for inpection. Now with her black tipped toes mere inches from my face I could see that her nail on her big toe was thickening. It was at least three times larger than a normal person's. It also seemed to be growing larger. Her toenail no longer stopped where a normal persons would. It was a lot more forward on her toe, it was beginning to wrap itself around the front of her toe.

I brought up her foot to my face and kissed her foot lovingly and said, "They'll be hooves soon baby." I then began massaging her foot.

Sarah's foot twitched but calmed straight away as I began gently kneading the sole of her foot.  Sarah leaned back in her chair and closed her eyes. A smile crept over her bovine/human features as she relaxed into the massage.

As I worked my way up her foot closer to her toes, Sarah's breathing became heavier, her wide nostrils flaring more and more.

"Is this turning you on?" I asked. She "Mmmhmmm'd" Before opening her eyes wide all of a sudden, "Baby, I won't have feet much longer, let me give you a last footjob!?" She asked.

There was no obvious way I could refuse her as I opened my bathrobe releasing my raging boner. Sarah smiled cheekily and moved her changing foot up and forward.

I came to rest with her big toe on my lip. I could smell hay off her toes and I could feel the roughness of her nail on my lips.

Leaving a gently scratched trail behind, she moved her foot down my chest and body. She twirled it around my bellybutton twice before lifting her foot and placing it gently on my cock.

I moaned as the warmth of her foot enveloped my cock. I knew I wouldn't last long at all with my gorgeous cow-wife in front of me. Her dangling udder swung between her widened hips, teats trailing on the floor, dripping beads of milk everywhere. Her mouth was set and brow furrowes, lost in the concentration of keeping a steady rhythm going. I could smell her arousal though, the stench of cow-vagina clung to the air.

It was all too much, I gasped and moaned as I threw my head back and began jizzing. Sarah continued to move her foot up and down as thick ropes of cum began splattering all over my belly and Sarah's foot. Her continued rubbing spread my cum all over her foot and made the whole process incredibly slippy. Once my torrent of cum subsided and I began wincing Sarah gave up on the foot job, putting her cum covered foot back on the ground and smiling confidently.

"Well!?" She started "How did you like that? I tho...." That was as far as she got before a look decended over her face, a look of surprise, "... I th...", a look of lust and arousal, "...thought... Oh baby, I'm changing, I can feel it!"

I stood up in surprise as Sarah slid from her seat onto all fours, slick vagina leaving a trail of milky juice behind her. On the ground her ass was in the air and udder on the ground as she began humping the air back and forth.

"Ohhh!!! Mooo!!" She moaned. I wasn't expecting her to change like this with only me involved. But I was excited and anxious to see a change nontheless.

As she suddered from the change orgasm rolling over her she began trying to look back over her shoulder. "My foooo-moooooo!" She moaned. Assuming she meant her foot I looked back in fascination as her cum covered right foot changed.

Bones cracked as the middle and index toes fully merged and swollen some. The black nails began joining together swelling and advancing around the tip of her toe. Her already advanced big toe toenail went fully around the tip of her toe and around the bottom, making the tip of her toe all nail... or more accurately hoof.

The changes finally slowed as the bones of the two outside toes merged halfways, and Sarah sighed happily. Gingerly she stood up, holding me and the table for support and began looking at her foot. She gave her big toe a few practice taps off the ground. It made quite a good clopping sound.

Looking at her left relatively unchanged foot, my mind began to wonder. Why did only one foot change? And more worryingly, why only the one that I came on.

I was about to voice my worries when I saw Sarah looking puzzled at my junk. Looking down I could see why. Beneath all of the globs of cum on my penis I could see that the head of my dick looked different as it poked out if my foreskin. It looked more... pointy... somehow.

"Baby!" I began, "I think we need to call Peg."


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Thanks for all the support guys. I'm glad ye're enjoying reading it as much as I'm enjoying writing it.
Special thanks to IG for the awesome drawing!


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Awesome stuff.


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Peg made it in good time, arriving that very evening. She gasped as Sarah answered the door naked to her.

"Sarah you! You've changed so much... I have to ask again. Are you sure you don't want me to undo the curse?"

Sarah smiled and gestured to her widened hips and swollen udder. "Surely you should be able to tell from looking at me that this is what I want."
Peg furrowed her brow but nodded her understanding. "Very well, come here you." She pointed at me. "Show me your penis then".

A little more sheepishly than I really should have been at this point I undid my robe and exposed my dangling penis.

Peg raised an eyebrow and looked at me. "Looks fine to me champ". I looked down in confusion. "Oh, erm, I guess you don't really notice it when it's flacid..."

A pregnant pause descended as Peg's stare bored into me. It lasted several seconds before Peg realised I wasn't taking the hint and said a little exasperated. "Well make it hard then..."

Not able to just get an erection on command I hesitated, luckily Sarah was faster on the uptake than me.

She sauntered over to me, her udder swayed and her teats wobbled from side to side. She stopped infront of me and wrapped her arms around my neck. Leaning in close she pressed her warm naked body against me. I could feel my cock twitch as it was enveloped by her warm udder. As Sarah began nuzzling my neck I felt both my cock and her teats stiffen to the attention given.

With a lustful look full of future promises Sarah unravelled her arms and stepped back. Our gazes lingered before I remembered our guest and sheepishly turned to her.

Peg was blushing but had a serious and business-like expression nonetheless. She stared at my erect member for several seconds. It had just began to wilt under her intense gaze when her gaze broke and she began talking.

"It's a little pointy I suppose. Nothing out of the ordinary, but your telling me the head of yours was more flat yes?" Both Sarah and I nodded in affirmation.

Peg then turned her attention to the bag she brought with her. She began talking as she rummaged in it.

"The curse I did rewrites a persons body, piece by piece...". She pulled out several large candles on the table.

"...the speed of which is controlled by the strength of the spell..." what looked like a bouquet garni joined the candles.

"...and the mental fortitude of the person involved." She pulled out some chalk to join the other items.

Moving the coffee table out of the way she continued. "Sarah, for example rejected the curse at the start. Stopping it's effects at the time."
Hunching down she began scribbling and drawing shapes and symbols on the floor. "Now the reverse is true, ever since you've accepted your body the curse took off again. And has only accelerated recently it seems."

Standing up Peg admired her handiwork on the floor. "Way too fast really, must have been in contact with the curse creature really..." she mumbled under her breath quietly enough so we knew she was only confirming it for herself, but loud enough to make us both blush.

Holding me by the shoulders Peg guided me to the centre of the symbols and gave me a lit candle to hold. The smell was acrid and the symbols made my head swim.

"Perhaps the volatile nature of the curse may have 'rubbed-off' on whatever Sarah's been coming in contact with..."

Lighting the bouquet garni and inhaling it's fumes, Peg's head snapped back. Violenly enough to startle both me and Sarah.

Considerably calmly though, Peg leaned her head forward again. We could both see that her eyes had turned black as coal. Had we not already witnessed a lot of crazy things that year I'm sure that would have been enough to set us running.

"Aha!" Peg exclaimed, embarrassingly pointing at my crotch. "Yes, I can see now. You have been affected. I can see the change, it's very slight."

Peg's eyes cleared again to her normal brown as the strangeness and tension in thee room seemed to disappate.

Stepping forward Sarah was the first to ask a question. "Changed how? Is the curse contagious"

Peg made a face and answered as best she could. "In a way, yes, but really no... as I thought your curse has transformed him some, but it isn't contagious..."

"What does that mean? I have to stay away from my wife?" I asked, quite concerned.

Peg laughed a hearty laugh. "Ha! As if I could stop you if I tried! No! Just maybe wear a rubber from now on eh?"

"Err... okay I guess...". I answered a little unsure.

"Well if that's not encouragement enough then this might be - your testicals have shifted 'production'. You now don't produce normal human sperm anymore..."

That sunk in. I had long assumed the reason Sarah wasn't getting pregnant from our activities was because her womb was not combatible with my sperm. It looked like this situation could have changed.

It also dawned on me that that was why Sarah's foot had such a reaction to my sperm... this would put a damper on things i thought sadly. Looking at Sarah I saw a 'look' pass over her face as Peg's statement sunk in.


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Another chapter means more fanart! smile



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Soon after I left the room to leave Peg and Sarah have a catch-up. In the hallway it dawned on me that ever since it was announced that Peg was coming that I hadn't seen Christy around the house.

A quick search around the house revealed that she was not there. Trying outside, I wandered around the house and found Christy sitting naked on a garden bench facing the lower valley. At my approach she jumped and turned suddenly. On her realising it was me she calmed though and relaxed back into the bench.

At the chill of the evening air I commented as I sat. "Not cold, no?"

"Oh I am a little", she said, "But I thought it best to get out of Peg's way. She and I don't exactly see eye to eye".

I nodded in understanding and left silence descend between the two of us until she asked, "So... what was all this about? Why is Peg here?"

"Well..." I began. "It looks like Sarah's curse is mildly infectious." Christy raised an eyebrow in interest.

"Anything in prolonged contact with her fluids may too change slowly. She's not fully contagious though, it's all only through contact."

"What does that mean for you?" Christy asked. I exhaled sadly, "It means I'm going to have to start wearing a condom if I don't want a bull's penis. Or a potential pregnant Sarah"

"Bummer!" Christy exhaled. After a few moments of silence she quipped "So you don't want a bulls dick heh?"

Pushing her playfully I laughed, "You two are the one's hell bent on changing, not me."

Christy laughed and pushed me back. "Just askin'!"

A comfortable silence descended upon us for some time. Both of us lost in thought, watching the evening become night. As the chill became more apparent Christy shuffled over and rested herself against my shoulder.

"Am I crazy for moving here to turn goaty?" She suddenly asked, breaking the silence.

"Of course!" I replied almost instantly, before cracking into a cheeky grin.

Christy gave me a fake annoyed look and gave me another shove.

"Hey! Just calling it how I see it. Of course you and Sarah would be considered mad for wanting to turn animalistic, but that doesn't make it any less awesome."

"You like it then?" Christy motioned towards her changed groin and hairy lower legs.

"I think last night proved that Christy". I replied.

She giggled "Well then you're mad with us."

"I guess I am" I smiled.

A few more moments passed until we heard the opening of the front door, the crunch of feet on the gravel path and finally the slam of a car door.

"Peg's leaving, I think it's safe to head back inside." I commented and rose to leave. I paused when I noticed Christy hadn't followed suit. I turned and waited as she said.

"I think you guys may need a moment or two to discuss any new dynamic. I'll sleep in the bedroom if ye want the barn."

I thanked Christy and headed inside.

It didn't take me long to locate my wife, she was in the barn room lounging against a tall pile of hay, eyes lidded and idly playing with a leaky teat.

Looking at the dribbles of milk on her slightly deflated udder I figured she had been milked already. As if sensing my question Sarah slurred. "Mmmmhh! Hey honey.... Peg just gave me a good milking, said she wanted the milk for study. Feeling a little... warm now..."

Sarah "mmmm'd" again adding her second hand to the fun she was having with her teats. Wrapping her hands firmly around her top two rock hard teats she began squeezing and tugging then as beads of milk formed and fell from their tips.

I could see Sarah was loosing herself to lust again now that I was here. It would be a tricky situation. Rubbers were not something I had handy.

"Sweetie! I don't have any condoms. We should be careful!" I said not wholly convincingly.

Sarah "mooo'd" softly and sultrily as she have her teat an extra long tug, releasing a small jet of milk from it.

I cringed as I felt myself going hard. Sarah, possibly sensing weakness, took this opportunity to mix it up and lifted grabbed her lower teats and hefted her udder up, showing more of her black and white thighs.

I bit my lip as Sarah said. "C'mon big boy... come to your cowgirl."

I knew I wouldn't be able to resist, and that Sarah was too far under the spell of her curse to control herself. I had to get her off, and myself, and quickly before we ended up rutting without protection.

I weighed up my options and figured that getting her off with a hand job might be best. My hands hadn't had near as much contact with Sarah's vagina as my penis, and it had taken a long time for me to show even a single symptom on my penis. I figured getting her off that way would be safest.

"C'mon then girl. Show me your cow sex!" I growled sultrily to Sarah. She giggled and flipped over to all fours, udder slapping against the hay with a muffled thump. As I crossed the room Sarah began moving backwards and forwards, humping the air slowly, making her slick black flower open and close with wet squelches.

Once behind her I traced my fingertips over her delicate black flower. She quivered in delight at the touch.

Slowly my fingers ran up and down the tough outer skin. Sarah's snatch wasted no time getting ready. A few strokes in I could see the first glob of girlcum starting to gather.

I stopped stroking her and instead went to play with her large chunky black clit. Ever since it's transformation it stood out so much more, figuratively and literally!

Twirling it lightly with my thumb I heard Sarah gasp. Her vagina clenched shut and the forming glob of girlcum was squeezed out, dribbling down over her clit.

Now with natural lubrication provided I went back to rubbing Sarah's clit. I did it with my hand palm up underneath her hairy bush, with my thumb up assaulting her big love button.

It took no time at all for Sarah to start making girly sqeaks of pleasure and delight. Needing to get off too I pulled out my member and started whacking off furiously.

For several minutes we stayed like this. Both panting from pleasure. In the end it was me who went first. I grunted as my orgasm took over and my member began shooting cum at a ferocious rate. Jet after jet shot, flying past Sarah and landing partly on the milking stool beside the hay pile.

Sarah must have smelled my cum nearby, because as soon as it landed her head shot up sniffing the air.

Eyes glazed she began crawling over to it. Not wanting to stop her I just watched as she leaned forward and slowly and sensually licked a big glob of cum up with her tongue.

I watched, awaiting her change impatiently. She was going in for her second lick when I saw the black and white skin pattern around her thighs wrap around and fully envelop her legs, leaving no trace of pink skin below the waist.

She moo'd in pleasure as I began rubbing her clit again. As soon as the remaining cum touched her lips she began writhing in orgasm. Her hips bucked against my hand and she began screaming. Her hands shot down and began holding her stomach. We watched in amazement as the skin stretched. Just like a baloon her stomach began inflating until she had a little pot belly above her udder.

Exhausted she slumped into the hay. Holding her tummy she looked up and smiled. "Looks like I got my extra stomachs. Better switch to the ol grass from now on."


Re: A Dairy Princess' Revenge - by Cowpoke & Madmax011

Wow. Really liking where this is going . Thanks very much for your efforts.


Re: A Dairy Princess' Revenge - by Cowpoke & Madmax011

Another chapter, more fan art!

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Best pinup yet! Love it!