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Experimenting with food at breakfast the next morning was interesting.

Grass, as it turned out, was not the most filling of foods, though Sarah admitted that it was starting to taste better than it had. We did find out that though that a general mix of raw greens was just as palatable.

After breakfast I left Sarah and Christy alone in the house and went to do a little shopping. When I left them Christy had Sarah mooing in pleasure while milking her in the milking frame.

Not two hours later I returned from the nearest gas station, bags of shopping under arm. As I approached the house I could hear loud beating music coming from inside. As I got closer to the front door the Sarah and Christy's giggling became discernible above the din. Letting myself in I found the girls in the sitting room.

A hooked up stereo in the corner was providing the rhythmic beat to what seemed like a practice dancing session. Christy was strutting around the middle of the floor pulling seductive dance moves to the beat of the music. She had put on modified version of her old dancing costume. A leotard onsie covered her legs and upper torso, Except for the holes where her breasts and udders were hanging out. Her hairy forearms were covered with long skintight gloves the same deep red as the main part of her costume.

Sarah was reclining on one of the couches. Bloated pot-belly rested on top of her sagging udder. Christy had obviously done a good job milking Sarah that morning, as the udder looked quite empty. Sarah's feet were propped on a poof in front of her, with her normal looking left foot underneath her half hoofed / half human foot. She looked very relaxed as she hooted and hollered at Christy's antics. Beside her was a bowl of grass that she seemed to be snacking on.

As she saw me standing in the corner of the room she smiled and waved me over. As I wandered over I asked, "What's going on over here then?" Patting the couch beside her she said, "We got a call earlier, we're wanted tonight for work. Christy's just practising some moves".

"Oh yeah!?" I sank into the couch beside Sarah. "You're not showing off your changes then?"

Christy stopped and plopped onto a recliner panting. "Oh I am... just going to surprise them is all."

"Ah! Not worried about the reaction?" I asked.

"Oh no!" Christy exclaimed as she took a long swig from her water bottle. "Far from it in fact, Harry's in the know and all for it."

"Very good!" I said, looking forward to the evening already. "What about you hun? Are you doing anything tonight?"

"Just serving again. Still not mobile enough to dance."

Before I could comment Christy cut in. "I don't know Sarah. I'd say you're able for some sort of a show."

I put on my best, big eyed pleading face, and turned to Sarah. "I'd love to see you dance sweetie."

"I bet you would!", she laughed. But after a moments pause she relented. "Go on then. At the very least I'll give it a go here."

Christy and I smiled at our joint victory. As Sarah hoisted herself and her udder up, Christy put on some music. This song was a lot less 'thumpy' and far more seductive.

For a few moments Sarah just stood, swaying lightly from side to side, as her head bobbed and tried to decipher the beat.

Getting into the song and the beat Sarah began swaying more and more. Her arms were then raised and clasped over her head as she started to twist and shake in a more seductive manner. Her upper body swayed, with her udder slowly shaking from side to side like a counterweight between her unnaturally wide hip.

Growing more confident at our enthusiastic grins, Sarah began to move around more, lifting her feet and starting to dance proper. Side to side she went, right foot clicking her three hoofed toes against the wooden floor, and the sole of her left foot slapping in beat after it. It was mesmerising watching her flow. She was definitely less graceful than Christy, but she wasn't doing badly at all.

Her breathing and mine intensified as my beautiful cowgirl and I kept our eyes locked. The music swelled and swelled, and by the time it and Sarah's dancing came to a crescendo we were both panting.

With a satisfied and exhausted sigh Sarah slumped back onto the couch beside me and whispered. "C'mere you fool... kiss me." I more than happily obliged.

After a few more moments of making out we pulled apart, Sarah biting her black bottom lip. I could sense a question welling up inside her. "What is it sweetheart?" I prompted. She looked at me with big pleading saucer eyes and said, "Could you do me a favour hun?"

"Of course, what is it?" I asked. She grinned shyly and said. "Is there any chance you could make this..." she lifted her human left foot, "...look like this". She lifted her hybrid right foot and gave the three toes on it a wiggle. "It feels weird moving around having them different is all..." she continued to ramble.

Before she could continue further I raised my hand and stroked her face with the back of it. "Of course sweetie. If it's what you want?"

Sarah closed her eyes and exhaled happily. "It is! I want to say goodbye to my boring human feet once and for all... I want to move on to hooves... I think I'm ready."

Just hearing her say that made me rock hard. My penis was threatening to either break my pants open, or break straining off my pants.

I nodded vigorously. "Okay let's make this happen!" I said enthusiastically.

Smiling and clapping her hands excitedly Sarah hopped up from the couch as best she could. With a single commanding motion from Sarah I threw off my shirt, unzipped my pants and pulled them down. My rock hard member sprang out to greet my sexy transformee wife.

Next, Sarah sat down across from me on a poof, and just like the last time she gave me a footjob she lifted her foot and traced a line with her big toe from my chin to my crotch.

This time, however, I lasted nowhere near as long. I was so hot and bothered from the dance and Sarah's talk that I lost control as soon as her toe brushed my glans.

Grunting I shifted in my seat as rope after rope of thick gloopy cum shot from me. The speed of it caught Sarah off guard and ended up really only coating my chest and belly in cum.

As I came down from my high I could see the look of sadness on Sarah's face.

An idea struck me and I smiled comfortingly as I motioned for Sarah to put her foot on my lap.

She obliged happily and placed it there awaiting what I would do.

Carefully I used my right hand to scrape off a thick glob of cum from my chest. I then transferred it to my left hand and went back to scraping more of my spunk off myself.

Before long I had a sizeable pool of cum in my hand. Deciding it was enough I slowly, and as sensually as I could, began rubbing the cum into Sarah's foot.

Eyes widening Sarah gasped as the slick warm cum began coating her foot. She sucked air through her teeth as I used my fingertips to spread it between her toes. And she began to moan as her foot began changing in my hands, as if I was moulding her flesh myself.

She graped the side of the poof and clenched her teeth in her first orgasm rolled over her all while her index and middle toes merged. Her eyes screwed shut as her second orgasm saw her little and ring toes merge into one. And she began breathing heavily through her nose as her third orgasm finally turned the tips of her three toes to hoof.

Looking at my Sarah sill clenching the poof, eyes closed and nostrils flaring I got a wicked idea. I flicked a bit of cum from my chest onto my fingers, leaned forward, and in one quick motion wiped it on the tip of my wife's upturned nose.

Smelling the spunk on her nose Sarah's eyes opened in surprise and locked with mine. In smiled and nodded comfortingly just in time before Sarah's eye's rolled back into her head and she began mooing and grinding backwards and forwards on the poof.

Between her bellows I could see her nose change. Wider and wider it became. Like it was being stretched over her face. It became flatter too with her nostrils looking nothing more that raised holes in her beautiful face.

Her change finally over Sarah slumped off the poof and onto the ground gasping and giggling like a schoolgirl, all while stroking her changed face with her hands.

Only then did the other house occupant, Christy, pipe up breathing heavily. "Jesus you guys! Now that'd be a good show!"


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Another chapter another fanart: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/14935303/


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indigocarmine - How can I view your art, when I click on the the link, it goes to the FurAffintiy site, but I get the message "You are not allowed to view this image. "

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The next few hours were a whirlwind as the girls got ready for work that evening. Giggling they ran around the house disappearing for 20 minutes at a time, cleaning themselves or doing god knows what.

Before we knew it evening was upon us and we headed off to work. Sarah was wearing a yellow sundress and tried sandals. Her "feet" didn't really fit into them with her modified toes, so they were abandoned fairly quickly. She laughed as the tore them off that she'd never need to wear shoes again.

Christy on the other hand wore a very normal blouse and skirt combo. Unlike Sarah, her skirt was long enough to cover her udder-breasts. A dufflebag contained her dancing costume.

We set out on the road. Me driving and Christy directing. Sarah sat in the back moaning about her full udder. She wanted it nice and full for work so she had skipped her afternoon milking session. Christy and I just laughed at her antics.

It took a while but finally Christy asked me to pull in by an old abandoned outdoor cinema. At the projector hut she knocked and waited for Harry to open the door. A few moments later the door flew in to reveal Harry. He blustered about for a little and complimented both blushing girls on their changes. Calling them, "The most impressive and sexiest magic changes", he had ever seen.

A short journey later and the girls had to leave to get ready for work. I made my way to the bar and sat at a high stool.

Sarah came out quite soon after. She came in from the staff enterance. Hoofed toes clicking off the ground, and widened hips rolling as she sauntered over. She hadn't changed out of her sundress, which was pulled taught against both her small pot-belly and her dangling udder, but hung a little loose at her flat chest. Each step caused her overflowing udder to jiggle and drips of milk to flick from the tips of her teats.

It took only one glance at my wife for me to have to readjust myself on the stool. She winked at me and stuck out her tongue cheekily under her flattened nose and widened nostrils.

Those bar patrons that were around all stood with their mouthes agape. Sarah's changes had, up until now, been fairly well hidden. Except her udder of course. It didn't take long for the first of them to start asking her questions. Before long it seemed as though everyone present was making their way over to ask her something.

She explained well, leaving a few of the saucier details out. She asserted it was by choice she was changing, a few supported her vocally that, a few were surprised and a few shook their heads. But none left. All were fascinated to hear what was happening to her.

I sat back and just watched, I was happy to see Sarah so readily accepted and happy. She beamed whenever anyone asked her for a milk based drink. I could see her face flush whenever her hands dove down to tug at her teats.

For some time I sat watching my wife, until my bladder forced me up from my stool. Excusing myself I began making my way to the mens room.

On my return I spotted a familiar shape in the crowd. I recognised Peg's slightly heavy frame and dark purple hair sitting at a table by herself.

Rounding a few more tables I saw her face and confirmed it was her. She was sitting, sipping what looked like a white russian, and staring intently at the crowd surrounding Sarah. I was surprised at her choice of drink considering what she knew about Sarah. I decided to join her to investigate

Sitting down I cleared my throat  announced my presence, to which she responded. "I was wondering if you'd see me. And before you ask about this...", she clinked the ice cubes in her tumbler, "...don't forget I can do magic and I just really like white russians... The dude abides..."

I chuckled at the reference but asked her all the same. "I've never seen you here before. What brings you here?"

"Oh I've been here before" she began. "Just never since I cursed Sarah... which is why I'm here."

"Go on..." I pressed. She paused taking another sip. "I'm just making sure she's okay. What I've done to her was horrible, she's..."

I stopped Peg there and interrupted. " happier than she's ever been Peg. Look at Sarah. Does she look unhappy or in pain to you?!"

At that moment Sarah was leaning over the bar and smiling delightedly as someone was rubbing her furry, twitchy ear.

Peg paused, "You're right..." she admitted. "Since I've gotten here she's been nothing but happy." Peg paused and bit her lip. "I-I should go... I have a few things to think about..." with that. And despite my protestations she up and left.

Peg was gone maybe two minutes when I saw Sarah make her way from the bar and over to me. She must have sold some amount of drinks as her udder only looked half full swinging out under her yellow dress.

She plopped down beside me smiling and told me she was on break for Christy's show. Just as she did the lights went low and familiar music from the house earlier came on.

Both of us hushed-up to see Christy strut out on stage in a skintight lycra suit, all that was free were her breasts and her udder-breasts.

A few muffled voices were heard commenting about her new udder-breasts. All went quiet though as she began dancing.

Rythmically Christy controlled the crowd. Teasing them, rewarding them, punishing them with her moves. All watched her with rapt attention as her dancing rose and rose. Until finally, at a big crescendo Christy stood strong and proud and in one fluid motion she tore her lycra costume off along some velcro seams. Revealing her naked hairy body to a gasping audience. Not missing a beat, Christy produced a large vial from behind a speaker. I could see it's cloudy contents from where I was sitting.

I turned to Sarah for confirmation, who just nodded, and by the time I turned back Christy was just polishing off the last of the vial.

The crowd held its breath uncertainly as Christy's head slumped. At first it just looked like she was breathing heavily. But as soon as the first gasp escaped her lips it became more clear what was happening to the general audience.

People watched in fascination as Christy began pawing at her udder-breasts. At first they turned a uniform pale pink colour, then they merged slowly together, and finally her large nipples turned visibly to teats.

Grabbing these teats Christy began pulling and tugging at them roughly, all the while panting and gasping in ecstasy. I could see slowly how her udder began inflating. Increasing in size and becoming more and more taught. I could see large veins rise bulgingly to the surface. And I could see her stance widen to acommodate her new growing appendage. By the time Christy let out a final orgasmic bleat and slumped to the floor, her udder must have been the size of a basketball dangling between her legs.

As the crowd erupted in shouts, screams and cheers, I turned to my flushed wife. She smiled as she saw my look. There was going to be a thorough fucking tonight!


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Another chapter, more fanart: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/15121093/

I love this story smile

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The drive home was fun that evening. Sarah and Christy laughing all the way back. It was cathartic seeing them so relaxed. I found out from them that they had jerked off the billy goat a few times during their disappearances during the day in order to collect enough sperm for the show.

They also said that they were wanted back at work every night that week if they were up for it. To which both accepted. Christy agreed to make her transformations a weekly thing to draw in a crowd. Though she made no promises as to what would happen to her inbetween.


And so the weeks continued. Every evening we all piled into the minivan and headed off to work. I always went to keep my girls company and lend moral support. With permission we even invited Barb and Kate along one night. Both were delighted to come and quite surprised at their friends changes.

Sarah cheekily plied them full of her milky drinks. Both seemed to enjoy them and themselves. And though they drank no where near enough to induce any changes, they both seemed a little hooked on Sarah's milk.

I also saw Peg there most nights. Though she always sat alone and just watched Sarah or Christy quietly sipping her drinks.

At home we were also quite getting used to using condoms again. Sarah was insatiable, and holding herself back from the cum was hard, but we both managed. We usually included Christy in our games, she was fully accepted as a sexual part of our relationship by Sarah at this stage. The girls would even play with each other if I was too tired.


It was three weeks since the the girls were back at work and we were on our way to just there. Sarah sat in the back of the van playing with her udder looking very much as she had three weeks ago.

On her head she was sporting two large cow horns sprouting from behind her hairline. Below them twitched two black and white patched cow-ears. The middle of her face sported a flat nose with flared nostrils, much like a cow's. Her blackened lips rounded out the rest of her facial changes

Her torso was all human bar it's unnatural flatness in the chest and an unusual small bulging pot-belly for a woman. Her arms too were human, though her hands were tipped by very hard, black nails.

Past her bellybutton Sarah had turned mostly cow at this stage. All skin past her hips had turned a patchy black/white. No fur had grown yet though. Between her widened hips and muscled thighs was squashed the glorious udder which started my wife's glorious transformation. Beachball sized it bulged with milk waiting to be drained from its thick 6 inch teats. Nestled behind that udder I knew there was the sexiest black shiny vagina and puckered asshole I had ever known. I don't know why but I couldn't imagine ever wanting to get off in a human vagina again after tasting Sarah's glorious fully bovine vagina.

Lower down was the only part of Sarah that had really changed in the past few weeks. Her feet had continued to change slowly since l last came on them. The outside two of her big half hoof/half toes had begun to merge at the back, and the other, inside hoof/toe had started to grow in response. It seemed that her feet were aiming for a two toe operation before they turned completely to hoof. Though it was impossible to know.

Christy, on the other hand had changed quite a bit in the last three weeks. Not surprising considering she had quaffed goat sperm twice since her first stage show.

Her second act saw her pupils change to the square shape of a goats. Hard enough to notice from afar, but very noticable up close. She said it had no effect on her ability to see so far.

The third performance saw her horns start to grow in. More central on her head than Sarah's they emerged and began sweeping back. So far only about three inches long.

Finally the hair on her arms had thickened and spread to the backs of her hands and fingers. But that was more of a slow spread over the weeks.


We arrived at the old abandoned cinema and were quickly greeted and left inside. Both girls tottered off to their changing room and I made myself comfortable at the bar.

Sarah was soon out serving, chatting and joking with patrons of both sexes. Her teats dribbled milk all around her as she continuously had to reach down to coax a stream of her warm milk for one drink or another.

All was pretty standard fare at this stage. An evening we were both used to. Though we were giddy and excited to see what Christy's show would bring that night.

The hours ticked by and eventually it was Christy's turn. Everyone stopped what they were doing and turned to watch her.

Her dancing drew everyone in. So much so that there was an audible collective inhale as she produced the vial of goat cum and quaffed it back.

Slowly she lowered her arms and began breathing heavily. Her chest rose and fell, making her human breasts quiver. Instinctively her hands began roaming their way down her body, fingers pulling through her curly bodyhair.

The first moan escaped her lips as she came in contact with her udder. The moans became louder and more frequent as she wrapped her hairy hands around her two large teats and began to pull. Gently at first she tugged, moaning sensually. But her moaning quickly gained pace as she panted and began tugging harder and faster at her teats. Until finally she bleated a goats bleat and fell backwards, holding up her hand for all to see.

We watched in rapt attention as her finger tips began to turn black. First her nails cracked and turned to black hoof. Then not satisfied with changing that much, the hoof growth began extending until they grew over and took over the tips of her fingers to the first knuckle.

My mouth was open in amazement at the change. It looked like Christy's changes were not following the same pattern as Sarah's at all. This would be interesting. Looking up at Christy again I saw a familiar half-lidded look glaze over her eyes.

Slumping to the ground Christy sat with her legs splayed wide and udder held up out of the way for the gasping audience to see her changed lower anatomy.

Her arousal had made her lips all puffy as milky juiced leaked a torrent from it. Grasping behind her I could see Christy scrabbling for the almost empty cum vial. Before I or anyone could say anything Christy had emptied the remainder of the vial onto her changed fingers and unceremoniously stuffed them into her waiting snatch with an "mmmmmmhhh"

Too late to make a difference we sat at waited as Christy began screaming in ecstasy. One arm held out behind her, steadying herself. The other madly fucking herself.

Her shreiks, bleats and moans came to a peak as she howled in orgasm and slumped forward. None of us could see any change until finally she brought one hand from behind her and the other from her leaking cunt to wrap both around her swollen teats.

As she whimpered and tugged I saw the change. Christy's hands were down to two thick fingers a thumb. This would be interesting.


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Another chapter, another fanart. Baaah!



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The stunned crowd quickly dispersed after Christy's show. The general murmur rose to a raucus din as everyone began talking to each other about what they just saw.

Christy had quietly slunk from the stage, blushing like a beetroot. As she left the stage I saw her look at her changed hands.

Turning to catch Sarah's eyes behind the bar my eyes first fell on another familiar face. Turned profile to me and heading with all haste towards the exit of the great hall was Peg.

Seeing Peg present at the shows wasn't unusual at this stage, but seeing her face flushed almost the same colour as her dyed plum hair was. Thinking this worth investigating I up and followed Peg from the hall.

I followed Peg as quietly as I could and at enough of a distance to not be noticed. Even so, as soon as I was away from the din of the hall I could clearly hear Peg's laboured breathing.
At first I thought she may be in trouble medically. But after hearing her "Mmmm" very softly it clicked as to what was going on. Peg's actions all pointed to her being very, very aroused.

I paused as Peg rounded a corner. Slipping out of my shoes I began sliding forward on the carpeted floor until I was right at the corner. The closer I got the louder Peg's pants and sqeaks became. Putting my faith in Peg not knowing I was there I peeked around the corner with one eye.

My curiosity was rewarded as Peg was about halfways down the next hallway facing away from me. With one hand she was bracing herself on the wall. Peg had to brace herself because her legs were twitching and in danger of buckling; and they were in danger of buckling because her other hand was buried in her jean's crotch.

Looks like Peg was really getting off on Christy's show. I figured that it would be worth telling Sarah this. Perhaps it was the idea of change that turned her on; maybe all she needed was a nudge from Sarah for her to embrace it.

I retrieved my shoes and hurried back to the hall. I quickly found Sarah, flushed of face manning the bar. As soon as she saw me she stepped out from behind the counter and waddled over to me, toes clicking on the floor.

"Wow honey, that was some show wasn't it!?" She exclaimed breathlessly

I smiled, I could see how excited and turned on she was right now. I figured she'd be asking me for a change sometime later.

My suspicions were all but confirmed only a moment later when she winked at me and asked, "Wanna head off home then? My shift is over now!"

She stuck her tongue out as I teased her for being very eager.

I took my wife by the hand as we went to go get Christy. We found her in her prep room not moments later. The moment we entered I got the faint whiff of musty goaty sex.

Christy was sat naked on her chair by the mirror. She was completely naked as she had been on stage, she hadn't bothered to put any robe on after the show. She smiled as she saw us enter. She held up her changed hands and waved them at us as Sarah rushed over to get a closer look.

"Oh Christy! They're so cute!!!" Sarah squealed with delight running her fingers across Christy's hoof fingertips. "What does it feel like Christy?" She asked.

Christy put on a thoughtful face for a moment and then laughed. "It's hoof Sarah. It doesn't feel like anything." As if to make her point she raised her hand and clicked her fingertip hoof and her thumb's hoof together a few times.

Giggling Sarah slapped her palm lightly against her forehead. "Duh! Of course. But seriously what's it like? Is it okay?"

"Yeah! I think I still have a good bit of dexterity." She flexed her changed hand a few times. "I like it anyway, I thought I'd be scared at loosing my hands, but now that it's started all I am is excited and aroused." Christy blushed.

Pausing for a moment Christy continued, blushing even deeper, "Only thing is. I may need help down there..." she motioned to her goaty crotch, currently hidden by her pink swollen udder. "I don't think I can get myself off anymore without rubbing myself red raw with these". She clacked her hooves together for emphasis once more.

"Pretty sure we can help you with that", Sarah winked at Christy.


On our way home from the show I told Sarah and Christy about what happened with Peg. Both were very intrigued, and agreed that we should try to push a little and see if Peg was up for joining us.

Not long after coming up with a plan we arrived home, pulling into our gravel drive with a crunch.

The nip in the evening drove us indoors quickly. Breathlessly we shut the door to the cold night and enjoyed the warmth of our house. Christy went off to have a post work shower, while Sarah and I retreated to the "barn"

Sarah let out a relaxed sigh and lifted her sundress up over her head and discarded it to the side. It landed with a muffled 'puff' in a pile of hay. Slowly she ran her hands down her waist and over her muscled black and white thighs. Finally her hands rounded back around, roaming over her bumpy pink udder. Before her fingers finally intertwined with her hands resting on her udder.

As she looked up at me I could see she was quivering slightly. I asked was she okay, if she was cold and stepped forward.

She answered, in a small quavering voice. "No honey, I'm not cold... but I need to ask you something..."

I already knew what she would ask, "Sarah, won't you get pregnant?"

She shook her head, "I've checked it up, I need to go into heat first... but after Christy's change tonight, I know deep within me it's time for the next change. I won't be able to hold back any longer; please honey I..."

I cut Sarah off by placing my finger over her black lips, before replacing it with my lips. Sarah's arms snaked their way around the back of my neck as she leaned into the smile as much as her protruding udder would allow. I could feel her smiling against me.

I wrappend my arms around her waist and slowly began leaning her back until we both fell onto a haybale with a soft plop. Sarah giggled and gently flicked my nose with her finger to get my attention. She then pointed down at her crotch with a cheeky suggestive look.

Slowly crawling back my mouth roamed over her changed body. I trailed kisses all over her flat chest. My kisses rose over the hump of her growing pot belly, before I finally reached the soft and warm pink skin of her udder.

I played with her teats for a while, rolling them around and sucking on them. Releasing both creamy streams of milk for me and streams of moans from Sarah's gasping mouth.

Figuring it was about time I hefted up Sarah's udder and dove headfirst underneath. The musk of Sarah's wet bovine vagina was almost overpowering in such confined quarters, but all it did was make me hornier.

First I ran my tongue from bottom to top, collecting as much of her milky grool as I could. Swallowing the nectar I set tongue roaming all over her thick black folds.

Once some more of her creamy juices had been produced I lapped them up again. Finally I tried moving up to lick her clit. I encountered a problem though. The way we were angled Sarah's pillowy udder was pressing down on me, making it impossible for my tongue to reach her.

After some to-ing and fro-ing I gave up and re-emerged from underneath Sarah. Understanding the problem at hand Sarah stood up in front of me, glorious baggy udder swinging in front of me. She had really been emptied at work.

Slowly she shuffled around until her widened hips, spread ass-cheeks and massive black pucker were staring at me. Slowly she leaned forward assuming our most common position. I always loved how her wonderful vagina would slowly come into view as her position changed. I particularly loved how her dangling udder would always pull her skin taught, making her puffy black lips close and her vagina seem tighter and longer.

With my hands on her ass cheeks, and my thumb spreading her lips I dove in. She gasped as my tongue finally made contact with her fat clit.

I lapped and lapped, Sarah's moo's and moans getting shorter and more frequent. Finally she screamed, "C'mon!!! Stick it in me already."

I stood up quickly and undid my pants. They fell as I grabbed my cow-wifes flank. My member released I used my other hand to guide it to her drooling snatch. I sighed happily as her heat surrounded me and sucked me in. I hadn't felt that properly since we started using condoms some weeks previous.

Gasping at the sensation and a little concerned that I was being exposed I, nonetheless remained rock hard at the thought of Sarah's change this time.

Gasping and panting we slapped wetly off one another. Sarah orgasming every other minute and clamping down on my shaft. Finally I couldn't take it anymore. I felt a familiar tingling in my balls and a rising feeling, until I finally erupted within Sarah after one final grunt.

Sarah fell to her knees in exhaustion with me slumped over her. Too tired to even move my face was pressed against her back as Sarah's transformation orgasm began.

On and on it went, she mooed and moaned, humped and writhed. It lasted far longer than any other I had ever witnessed. Though granted I had come a lot into her. At some point i must have falled of my writhing wife as I found myself on my side facing my finally finished and changed forever wife.

She panted and looked at me through those wonderfully expressive eyes. For what seemed like an eternity both of us just stared at each other. Finally she broke the silence.

"Well... Hooooow do I loooook?"

A slow smile crept over my face at her change of speech. It then crept over hers. Revealing her flattened straight teeth and crinkled her pink snout.

"You look like you were born to look!"

I leant in and kissed my wife's black lips on the front of her short flat muzzle.


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Better late than never: the next Dairy Princess Fanart



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That's awesome. You're capturing them perfectly!

Next chapter's not too far off too. It'll be a bit longer than usual too.

Would love to hear from people to see what they think of it so far? What do ye think works? What doesn't? Any favourite bits? Or favourite characters?

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Re: A Dairy Princess' Revenge - by Cowpoke & Madmax011

Finally after catching her breath Sarah shakily found her feet. Once she had steadied herself she smiled as best she could with the beginnings of a muzzle.

"I'm going to have a loooooook". Sarah's hands shot to cover her mouth. I could see her smiling through them.
I asked her, "Are you putting that on or is that normal now."
She lowered her hands revealing her extended face again. "I can't control it. Every few words now it just coooooom... it just comes out".

I stepped forward to embrace Sarah. Wrapping my arms around her widened waist I leaned forward and closed my eyes to kiss her again. My lips met her stretched thin lips as we embraced. Her breathing tickled my face as her forward facing nostrils flared with every breath.
Deepening the kiss I felt her tongue probe for entrance. Only, it didn't feel like her tongue. It felt far too big. Noticing the same Sarah pulled back with her large flattened tongue extended.

Cross-eyed Sarah tried to have a look at her tongue, but her burgeoning muzzle was in the way. Showing fantastic dexterity she curled her tongue up to get a glance at it, but it just wouldn't clear the top of her nose.
Looking at her pulling such a silly face I lost it and burst out laughing. Sarah's tongue quickly disappeared with a 'slurp'. She looked indignant for a moment too, before her face cracked and she began laughing, punctuated by a long 'moo'.

Watching my wife laugh I marvelled how beautiful she looked. Her tousled long auburn hair cascaded down her bare neck and shoulders. Her eyes dazzled with life as her expressive ears flicked and twitched with her laughter. And even though her lips and nose were no longer fully human, there was something very feminine about her 2 inch muzzle protruding from her face, nostrils on her snout twitching and flaring as she laughed.

When we got to the bathroom a damp Christy shrieked with excitement at Sarah's latest change. After plenty gossip and inspection in the mirror we finally called it a night and all went to sleep.
Breakfast the next morning was entertaining. It took Christy quite a few goes to get the hang of holding her spoon for her cereal. Over and over again it slipped from her hardened fingertips before she sighed, gave in and adopted the “shovel technique”, holding it like a two year old would. Sarah giggled at Christy’s failings between mouthfuls of her greens.

After breakfast I lead my cowgirl to the barn to give her a good milking. Milking her for the 8-10 litres that it took to empty her bulging udder always took some time by hand, but I didn’t mind. It always gave us a chance to talk and relax. On this morning Sarah began the conversation off.

“Hey sweetie, thanks again.” She began. Not losing my rhythm I replied, “What for?”

Grunting in pleasure and relief Sarah turned around to look at me. “For last night of coooooo… of course. I realise that it was a big ask of me to change as much as I did. I mean, I look nothing like the woman you married…”

I stopped her there by interrupting, “Sarah stop. I would have stopped a long time ago if I wasn’t 100% behind you. You may not _look_ fully like the woman I married, but you are starting to look like the cow I plan to live with for the rest of my life.”

Sarah blushed a deep crimson, before laughing, “You’re such a cheese…”. I smiled to myself and replied, “I know!”

Silence came over us for a few moments, finally Sarah broke it again. “Erm… I… What if I… What if I end up wanting to become a fully coooooow? Not just a hybrid?”

Her question hung in the air for a few moments. I mulled the question over before asking a diplomatic, “Why? Do You?”

Sarah looked away for a moment before looking back at me, “I… I don’t knooooow yet… Maybe? I’m really not sure. Not right now, but… I can feel the pull constantly. I mean, woooul-mmmooooo… would it be bad if I eventually did?”

I stopped milking Sarah, she was pretty much done anyway. Getting up I moved around in fron of her. Gently I put my upturned hand under her chin/muzzle and lifted her face so she was looking directly at me. I could see tears welling in her eyes. She must have felt awful asking me the question. Not really knowing what to do I felt that consoling and assuring her was the best option for the time being.

“Sarah. If that’s what happens, then that’s what happens. I will be beside you the whole time. Let’s not think about this until we have to. Let’s just enjoy each day.”

Sarah smiled through her teary eyes. “And find a way to get Peg soooooo jealous she’ll want to transfoooorm too.”

I let out a hearty laugh, “That’s my girl!”

That morning, sitting up in the living room with both beautiful naked farm-girls, we came up with the first semblance of a plan. We didn’t want to spook Peg; we knew that it would be a hard sell for her, asking her outright to change was hardly going to work. We needed to get Peg to want to change herself, which was the only way this wouldn’t potentially blow up in our face. I mean the last thing we wanted was an angry Peg. We all knew what she could do…
Sarah happily agreed to get in contact with her more often, to speak to her in a completely innocuous and friendly way at work, to draw her in. We planned to slowly draw her in before asking her for a favour.
This favour was Christy’s devilish idea. We wouldn’t ask her to change herself, but ask her to change someone else first. Someone who actually wanted to be changed. Finding someone like that of course was going to be a task, but it would probably be more possible than asking Peg to change outright.
With part of a plan we decided that the best thing to do was to try to find this someone first, and if no-one presented themselves then we could always think of another plan of attack.

Most of the next week went by in a blur. Sarah spent every night talking to as many patrons as she could, she always slipped in a few questions like “So what do you think of my ears? Aren’t they cute?” or “Doesn’t Christy’s eyes just look the coolest?” or simply sighing in happiness whenever she had to drain her udder in front of a customer.

During the day then Sarah and Christy would write up and pore over Sarah’s observations of people’s reactions, looking for people who showed some interest. Those people were asked slightly more direct questions, things like “What do you think of my changes? Think they’re cool?”, or “Are you as excited as I am to see what transformation Christy has next?”

The going was slow, and there were a lot of people who were cool with the questioning at the start, but always got flustered or put off by more direct questions. We never bothered with them, we wanted people who were sure and didn’t want to waste time with people we had to work to convince. We already had to do that with Peg.
While most all seemed interested, it seemed it was sometimes just magical curiosity. “Boring muggles” Christy had called them one morning after a particularly unfruitful night.

So it went for the first week. On the morning of Christy’s shownight we had a dozen odd names of people who had reacted with genuine interest and enthusiasm to all of Sarah’s questions. That evening we were going to start a different part of the plan. Sarah was going to ‘accidentally’ bump into Peg and begin talking to her. But first, that afternoon, our plans were thrown into awry as Christy called us out the back.

Christy had us standing in front of her billy-goat as Sarah repeated her question. “You want me to have sex with the billy-goat?”

Christy shook her head in frustration. “No Sarah! I’m not asking you to do that! I’m asking you if you’ll help me get tonight’s sperm for me? I’m afraid of hurting the old fella’s old-fella.” She held up her hoof hands and clacked her fingertips together for emphasis.

I giggled, before being silenced by a gentle well-meaning back-hand slap from Sarah to my arm. “Not funny mister!” I stifled my laugh. “Why can’t you just put a condom on him and go at it?” She asked.

I jumped in before Christy could. “Erm, have you seen his penis? It’s thin and like a corkscrew… that’s not going to work…” Sarah made an unsure face. "And what about just blowing him?" She suggested.

Christy thought about it for a moment. "I'm not sure. See I'm not sure will I change on contact and then the sperm won't do any more..."

Sarah raised her eyebrow "Nnmmmoooooo...  No time like the present Christy!"

Christy laughed. "Well you're persistent! Fine I'll try it!"

Pushing us gently out of the way Christy slowly sauntered over to the billy-goat. Without much grace she squatted down beside him and reached under his torso. Cupping one hand under his sheath she gently held it there, letting the palm of her hand warm and coax out the tip of his penis. Once the red tip became visible she went to reach for it, but stopped herself when she remembered she now had half-hoof fingers.

Instead, using one hand to brace herself off the ground and the other on the flank of the goat, she moved onto her knees. Her udder swung forward in the new position and her taut teats bent as they just made contact with the ground. With her body on the way we couldn’t see her going at the goat, but we could tell by the smell of her goaty vagina that she was getting aroused.

As the licking noises turned to slurps and moans we knew she was fully into it now. That and the first signs of grool dripping from her hairy, puffy, black snatch. Turning to look at Sarah, she gave me a wicked looking grin from her muzzly mouth. Gently she moved me aside and went to get on all fours behind Christy in a very similar manner to how she was stationed.

“Oh so you’ll go at Christy but not at the billy eh?” I asked cheekily. Sarah turned and winked at me. “Of course! It’s Christy!” With that she turned and stuck out her long flattened tongue. With a dip of her head she leaned forward and gave Christy a long, warm, wet lick from bottom to top, clit to anus. Christy squeaked and wiggled her hips and Sarah “mmmm’d”. Turning around to me she said, “Not bad actually! I can see why you like it!”

The only response I could muster was a sort of half grunt as my dick practically slammed against my jean’s crotch. Sarah laughed at my comical response and turned back around to give Christy another long lick, and another, and another…

Unable to take the sight of these two sexy animal girls going at it I went to drop my pants to join the fun. First though I went to root through my pockets for a rubber. Not finding one there or in my wallet I cursed to myself. Looking up at Christy rocking and Sarah’s puffy snatch leaking at me I groaned. Briefly I considered just joining in as is, but managed to shake that idea as I took off back to the house in search of a rubber.

Finding one almost instantly I tore my pants down my let and made tracks back outside, opening and rolling on the rubber as I went.

Things had gotten very steamy as I re-joined the girls by plunging into Sarah’s warm tight snatch. Both girls were moaning into the genitals in front of them. Knowing they were both nearing climax I figured there was no point in holding back or taking it slow. With no more than two dozen grunts and humping motions I clenched my teeth and gave one final thrust into Sarah, filling up the latex balloon inside her. Sarah instantly followed me in orgasm as she let out a long and pleasurable moo. The vibration of her mooing must have been enough to keep the chain reaction going as Christy’s body tensed up.

For quite some time she remained stationary. All we could see were her clenched buttcheeks that almost covered up her puffy vagina. The only sounds were Sarah’s pants and Christy’s muffled moans interspersed with pauses where she must have been drawing breath.

We quickly found out that that obviously wasn’t the case though as we watched in fascination as the curly hair on her upper back began to grow and multiply. Slowly it began to turn from black curly human hair to shaggy grey fur. Christy finally popped free of the goat’s penis and fell over as the fur met at her spine and stopped, leaving a short furry arrow pointing at her ass.

Christy looked up at us with a worried and apologetic expression. “I couldn’t help it!” She wailed. Sarah looked worried too. “Christy we have to leave in 20 minutes, there’s no way he’s going to be ready again! What are you going to do?”

Christy looked open mouthed with a face of panic from me to Sarah and back. Finally her eyes rested on me. Slowly they trailed down, stopping when she was level with my junk. I felt quite self-conscious with my dick shrivelling in a plastic bag full of my spunk. Looking back up at me with a hopeful smile Christy said.

“I have a plan!”

And that’s how I found myself on the way to an abandoned cinema with a sealed container with my own jizz in it.


Re: A Dairy Princess' Revenge - by Cowpoke & Madmax011

More DPR fanart: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/15464446/

(Guys, I had to draw this completely twice: my program crashed just as I was putting in the holstein pattern layer :S)


Re: A Dairy Princess' Revenge - by Cowpoke & Madmax011

I ended up catching a writing bug and flew through this chapter! So enjoy you guys.

The evening at work was normal enough. As usual there were more people than normal in, all there to witness Christy's show. Even Barb and Kate had shown up to witness a transformation show, invited by Christy earlier that week.

Sarah was run off her feet behind the bar, so didn't really have time to chat to people let alone go talk to Peg. Peg as usual was alone in the corner of the room sipping a drink. I had no idea where she kept getting drinks without going to the bar. Must have been magicing them for herself.

Run off her feet as she was I could still see Sarah was very nervous. I shot her a reassuring smile every time our eyes locked.

When the time came Sarah excused herself from behind the bar and came over to me, Barb and Kate. With a shaky voice she said "Well this'll be my first time on stage! Wish me ll-mmoooooo... wish me luck!"

I put my hands on her shoulders and kissed her gently on her snout. "They love you here, you'll knock 'em dead!"

She smiled an unsure but grateful smile, bid me and the girls farewell and with a twist that whipped up the end of her dress revealing her bare ass, she turned and left for backstage.

I made myself comfortable at my seat and waited for the lights to turn down low. A few minutes passed, and then, finally, the light's dimmed and the stage lights lit up.

The music started up soon afterwards. A sultry, jazzy tune began playing. The stage lights turned blue and Christy sauntered out brandishing the vial of my cum. She made a show of presenting it, as she usually did. Up and down the stage she went slowly and sexily working up the crowd.

As she did every week it didn't take much of her dancing to work the crowd up. She had them in the palm of her hand as every silent soul stared at her sensuous show.

Having had them hold their collective breaths for quite long enough Christy pulled up the vial again and popped the cork.  Slowly and with flourish she raised the vial to her lips, but then stopped.

Lowering it again the crowd let out a collective breath. Christy stepped forward and picked the microphone off its stand and adressed the crowd.

"Now now my friends! Don't despair. Infact, rejoice! Today we have a very special treat. As you know I'm not the only one who is changing!" Christy slowly ran her hands over her chest and down her side sensually. "Yes someone else who experiences this... bliss, with me!"

Christy smiled and stepped back, she was obviously using this opportunity to try to sell getting transformed. "This person introduced me to getting changed to ny true form. I love her dearly, and you all do to. Please give it up for our favourite milk/bar-maid!"

The light swung stage left to reveal a sheeping looking Sarah grinning and waving at the crowd. A rousing round of applause started up as Sarah walked to centre stage. I could see she was making a best effort not to waddle, but her udder was making this somewhat difficult. It bounced and swung all over the place, making the hem of her sundress swish all over the place.

"Hi!" She said to Christy on reaching centre stage. "Hi!" Christy returned. "Well Sarah! I think these people want to see you naked. Want to show them your changes?"

Sarah giggled and nodded. Christy smiled at the crowd, "Well then, lets show them!"

Putting the mic back on its stand, music started up again. Slow and deliberately Christy began circling the nervous Sarah. She let her thick fingered hand trail over Sarah's shoulder and along her extended arm. Next she moved behind Sarah. Wrapping her arms around Sarah, Christy's hoof-hands rested on Sarah's stomach and chest.

Sarah's eyes fluttered and she leaned back and raised one arm to put her hand through Christy's long blond hair.

Bunching up the soft fabric of Sarah's dress Christy gently pulled it up. Slowly the bottom of her udder, usually quite obscured, came into view. Sarah's teats quickly began to stiffen from their idle, droopy state. Her bottom ones did this in view, white dots forming at their tips. Underneath the fabric the top two teats were forming tents on the skirt of her dress. Two dark dots quickly formed.

Sarah moaned as Christy began pulling up the dress even more. Pulled quite taut over her, the dress was dragging agonisingly over her teats, bending them and leaving a series of dark marks in two parallel lines.

Finally, agonisingly slowly, Sarah's top teats came into view from their base. Flattened against the pink flesh of her udder they took a moment, until the hem of her dress cleared their tips, before breaking free. With a double flick of milky droplets and a gasp from Sarah both teats sprang to full attention.

With Sarah's dress having cleared the top of her udder Christy gathered it all up in one hand and held it there. The other hand slithered down to grab one of her top teats. Sarah gasped as Christy tugged sharply on her teat, producing a nice flow of milk. The milk splattered in spurts to the floor as Christy repeated the motion over and over.

Sarah's moans and gasps started to be punctuated by moo's. By the time Christy switched teats Sarah was openly panting from the pleasure, long tongue lolling from her muzzle.

Sarah was clearly too aroused to be nervous anymore as Christy wispered something in Sarah's ear to which she nooded.

Christy began to address the crowd. "Look everyone at all the milk this beautiful cow can make. Isn't she productive." Sarah gasped, "M-mooooo-lk me!"

Christy pulled the dress up even further slowly pulling it over Sarah's pot belly. "Look everyone at our little pretty's belly. It's there to help her make more tasty tasty milk." She started to rub it in circles.

Sarah unable to take the lack of attention to her teats anymore took matters into her own hands and grabbed the top two. Unceremoniously she started yanking at them, and milk continued again to start streaming. Sarah gasped "Oh! Oh! Ch-Christy! Show them m-mooo... show them m-mmooooOOOO!"  Sarah was clearly starting to struggle to speak. Everyone watched with rapt attention. "My chest!" She finally spat out.

Christy smiled and loudly announced. "Let's have a look at this cow's chest eh!?" Sarah let go of her teats for a few moments and raised her arms to allow Christy to pull the dress off over Sarah's head.

Many in the crowd made gasps and noises of surprise as Sarah's bare chest came into view. "That's right everyone. Sarah's breasts are no longer there, her udder is her breast! But you don't mind!? Do you Sarah?"

"Mnnhhnnnoo!" Sarah moaned. Christy stroked Sarah's cheek. "And as someone who's had both, which do you prefer?"

Sarah unable to take it anymore, dropped to her knees, udder slapping wetly to the floor. "Mmhhh-moo-mh-my udder!"

Moving around behind Sarah, Christy lifted her leg and placing it on Sarah's back she pushed forward until her friend fell to her hands. "And why do you prefer it little cow-girl?"

Sarah looked up tears in her eyes, "C-cow, I'mmmooo... just a c-oooooow!" Sarah was breaking on stage under the pleasure. I wondered were we going too far, putting her out there unfairly. But a quick glance around the room showed very few people reacting negatively. Even at our own table Kate looked flushed and bit her lip. I figured Sarah wouldn't mind and it was already too late to prevent any reputational damage.

Christy too had paused for a moment. But on making eye contact with me understood, the show must go on. "Very well little cow. Why the udder."

Fighting back tears of ecstasy and a shaking lip Sarah managed. "It mh-u... makes me feel complete... So gmmooooooo-d! Feels sooo good!"

"Would you ever go back to normal?" Christy inquired. Sarah shook her head vigorously, "No way! This feels far too g-g-mooooooo! So sexy!"

"Is there anything else you'd like to show the crowd my little cow?" Christy asked kneeling in front of Sarah.

"Oooh y-mmooo!" Sarah nodded. "And what would that be?" Christy prodded again. "My vagina!” She almost screamed. Christy stood up fully and made a twirling motion with her fingers. “Well then my dear you have to turn around to show them! Describe what it feels like please my little cow!”

Slowly, and leaving a trail of milk on the floor from her leaky udder, Sarah shuffled to turn her ass towards the crowd. Gasping in arousal for some moments I could see Sarah’s black pucker pulsing with every beat of her heart, and her black leathery cunt was leaking it’s milk grool all over her leg.

Finally gathering the last of her mental strength Sarah managed. “It feels ah-mhu-mazing… I can feel more than my old boring h-mhhuuuuu-man vagina ever could. The pleasure is indescribable. Ah-ah… Animal vagina’s are far moooooo… more fun.”

Unable to do any more other than paw at her udder, Sarah slumped to the ground leaving her exposed privates hanging in the air.

Christy went to retrieve the vial of my spunk saying. “Well I think it’s time our little cow got her reward. Sarah?” “Mmhhu?” Was all she could muster in response.

On sight of the vial Sarah got on fours and began crawling towards Christy. Once in front of her she got up to a kneeling position and with shaky hands took the vial from Christy. Immediately she poured the contents back into her open muzzle. Gasping she fell to all fours again, this time facing the crowd and began rocking back and forth.

She began panting and mooing as the change orgasm finally overtook her. Holding my breath along with everyone else watching we waited for her change. Finally it came over her, we could see, as she started reaching back to grab her feet, that the two outside big toes began to fully merge together. Within moments they were complete and Sarah slumped, spent to the floor.


Re: A Dairy Princess' Revenge - by Cowpoke & Madmax011

More DPR fanart: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/15480862/


Re: A Dairy Princess' Revenge - by Cowpoke & Madmax011

The stunned silence of the auditorium was worrying. Though Sarah was clearly still miles away and unable to register anything, Christy looked mildly worried. Had we pushed the crowd too far? What we were doing had been risque before, but this could be interpreted as full-on depraved.

Kate saved the moment by starting a round of entusiastic applause. Myself and Barb instantly joined in, giving it enough momentum to grow until eveyone joined in. Looking around there were a few people who looked very into it, clapping enthusiastically. Some people of course looked less than impressed. They were few and far between however. The vast majority were clapping in a short of shocked state, clearly unsure of what they just saw.

Bowing to the audience Christy decided then was a good time to make an exit. She gathered up the blissfully smiling Sarah and led her off-stage.

Excusing myself from Barb and Kate I went to get my wife and Christy.

The car journey home was pretty quiet at the start. Christy told us that the magic showground was coming up on winter season, and that it was reducing it's days open from 7 to 4. This gave us a few days off. To which Sarah happily suggested we should go for a picnic to enjoy the last of the Autumn warmth.

On the journey back I sat in the back with the smiling Sarah. On asking her about the night she only cheerily said that, "Now they all can see how much I enjoy the changes. I've no time for people who don't respect that!"

Sarah's happiness was infectious and we were all laughing and joking by the time we lay down on the hay.

  -     ---

Our picnic idea for the next day looked to be dashed by the infernal rain that started up. So much so that Christy, worried about the billy-goat in his little run, brought him inside to the barn to keep him dry. After bringing him in Christy lingered for a while to dry him up a little.

Once done we settled down for breakfast. Sarah munching away on a massive bowl of greens. Christy and I enjoying an omlette. Christy struggling a little with cutlery again. We talked about our plan to get Peg to join us and agreed that although the previous night may have been shocking, it would certainly have helped separate the wheat from the chaff.

I gave Sarah her morning milking while Christy went to have a shower. Christy had gotten into the habit of showering at least every day. She was conscious that her goaty smell could be overpowering at work to those not used to the smell.

It was amazing how different the two girls smelled now. Christy with her pungent goaty smell and Sarah with a musty, earthy, animalistic smell. Sarah had also taken to washing as little as possible, as she loved how she smelled. About once a week she clambered into the tub for Christy and I to give her a good scrub-down.

She was actually due a clean that morning her human hair was starting to get a little greasy. So post breakfast we took Sarah into the bathroom and watched her clamber unsteadily into the tub.

It took us the best part of 20 mins to cover all of Sarah's surface area. By the time we were done the only smell that clung to Sarah was a very pleasant earthy note.

As the day drew on and we pottered around the house I began to notice that Christy was very restless. She was constantly moving and fidgeting. Whenever we asked her what the matter was she just passed it off saying. "Nothing's the matter, just a bit bored..."

I also noticed that Sarah wasn't quite as steady on her feet anymore. It looked like only having two toes wasn't providing her with quite the stability that full human feet enjoyed.

She seemed to not notice it, and certainly didn't mention it. But it was noticable.

Nothing else of note happened during the day and before we knew it, it had turned dark outside and we were all curled up on the couches with the fire lit and a movie going. Sarah had a bowl of popcorn balanced on her bulging udder, after finding out that she could still eat it without bother. And Christy, still restless and shifting constantly in her seat.

  -     ----

A few hours later we all packed it in for the night and headed for our barn room.

On opening the door we realised we'd forgotten that the billy-goat was still inside. It had stopped raining at that stage so we led him back outside and let him back into his run. We quickly cleaned up and mess that he'd made and set about going to bed.

With our goat friend present for so much of the day the smell of the barn had been overtaken by the scent of male goat. It didn't bother me or Sarah much, but Christy seemed to be quite affected by it.

Breathing heavily she began to sweat the longer we stayed in the room. By the time lights were being turned off Christy was flushed red and sweating profusely.

She didn't say anything, however, and just packed up to bed like the rest of us.

  -     ------

I couldn't have been sleeping more than two hours when a rustling in the hay beside me woke me up. Now fully awake I turned to the source of the noise.

Beside me Christy seemed to be in the midst of a fever. She was thrashing and moaning in her sleep. Worried about her I got up and went to kneel down beside her.

Putting my hand on her to wake her up I felt how hot and sweaty she was. Almost immediately on making skin contact Christy's eyes shot open.

As her square pupils came to focus on me she moaned. "Ahhh! I think...", she started writhing around again, "...there's something wrong with me."

"What?" I inquired, quite worried. Gasping, looked me dead in the eyes before her eyelids fluttered and she let out a moan. "Gah! I'm so... ahh" she started pawing at herself with her hoof fingers, "...fucking horny!"

She let out a long wail and started clambering to her feet. Glad that she wasn't properly sick, but mildly worried all the same I helped her steady herself.

"Christy!? What's up with you?" I pressed. She wimpered at me bottom lip sticking out. "I don't know! I'm just so horny all of a sudden. GAH!" She exclaimed, and pulled one of her hands drippin from under her udder.

"Too fucking rough!" She exclaimed again, glaring at her hoof hands. Staring up at me a bestial look came over her face. With one smooth motion she planted her feet and shoved me to the ground.

I landed dazed, but softly in the hay. Before I had time to think Christy was on top of me, sitting on my crotch.

Not wasting any time she pinned my arms down and began sliding up my torso. I say sliding because the grool she was producing turned it into just that. I could feel the cool slimy trail running down me, and I could smell its pungent scent as it evaporated.

Finally Christy reached the top and only her bulging udder separated me and her juicy vagina. Sensing the dillemma Christy raised herself up slightly to allow her to lift her udder over my head. This revealed her swollen and leaking vagina.

On seeing the state of its swollenness, as well as Christy's behavior I managed to put two and two together. It seemed Christy was in heat. Not knowing anything about goat heat put me at a disadvantage. But I figured it would be safest to keep her here with me.

With a mission to please I dove in with my tongue. Christy's usually tight lips parted like butter to a warm knife on me. Burying my nose in her hairy, hairy snatch I inhaled deeply and started doing tongue aerobics.

Gasping she arched backwards and steadied herself. Then reached forward and grabbed my hair to hold onto. We continued like this for at least two minutes, with Christy's moans getting louder and sharper.

I stiffened as I felt a pair of hands fumbling with the waistband of my boxers, but relaxed quickly as the warm pair began to work my rock hard knob.

I began to buck against Christy's hands, driving myself to the edge as Christy began to scream and bleat on top of me in a long drawn out orgasm. It was then that it occured to me that Christy's hands were still grasping my head and that her hoof-fingers wouldn't be able to give such a good handjob. Therefore the other hands had to be Sarah's.

Just as I thought this my balls fizzed, I grunted and let out the first jet of semen. Not a split second later I felt a deep mouth and a long tongue envelop my cock and start gulping as jet after jet of my cum plastered the inside of Sarah's muzzle.

Continuously grunting until I was spend, I had to wait until Christy's orgasm ended before I could push her off and get a look at Sarah.

She was sitting cross legged, udder in her lap and grinning at me. She was pointing at her ankles. "I love a midnight snack! Especially when it does this!" I could see that the heel of her foot seemed to be pulling into her ankle and that her two hoof toes had begun to merge at the base.


Re: A Dairy Princess' Revenge - by Cowpoke & Madmax011

More DP fanart: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/15511169/


Re: A Dairy Princess' Revenge - by Cowpoke & Madmax011

Sarah and I felt that it would be best if one of us stayed with Christy at all times while she was in heat. Christy herself was conked, but was still quite restless in her sleep.

After a night of taking turns wathching over her we woke her up to explain what was happening. Her first reaction, after groaning in sexual frustration, was that she wanted to go find the billy-goat for a tumble in the hay.

It took us to remind her that pregnancy would follow for her to be dissuaded. Not wanting to fall prey to her desires she asked to be locked in the bedroom.

So with some food and the keys in the door plus all the windows removed we all finally relaxed.

I milked a bursting Sarah, sat down for breakfast and then went on my phone to check details of a goat's heat. We were glad to find out it only lasted 12-36 hours. But not so thrilled to find out the cycle was every 21 days or so. Looked like this would be a regular occurance.

While we were at it we checked for Sarah about cows and their cycle. It turned out that it happened every 17-24 days. Another short cycle.

Sarah remarked that she was surprised that she hadn't gone into heat yet if that was the case. I agreed and suggested that perhaps Christy's curse had simply overtaken hers and had more completely changed her ovaries. I sensed Sarah was less than pleased with that thought. She huffed in quite a jealous way, but wouldn't admit anything was wrong. It took a good bit of cajoling to get her back to good spirits.

Sarah's balance was also noticably worse that day. Whenever she went flat footed the shift in her anatomy made her start tipping backwards. To combat this she had to keep standing on the front of her feet with her heels raised. Without proper digitgrate legs though this made for slow walking and was tiresome for her.

  -     ----

It wasn't until the following morning that Christy finally came out of her heat. Frustrated and residually horny she insisted on a good plowing, which I happily agreed to.

Standing, and holding the windowsill in the bedroom, Christy presented her hairy ass to me. It seemed to be hairier than before she went into heat, pretty much grey fur from the small of her back to the fold of her butt cheek. Like a furry undie. My reasoning was that since the slow burning part of the curse advanced faster the more you acted like the animal, going into heat must have been considered acting very animal like.

"Hey Christy!" I exclaimed. "Did you know you've gone completely furry all round your ass?"

She turned around and smiled at me. "Of course, it's been growing in all yesterday. My front too." She turned around and lifted her udder to reveal no trace of her black vagina lips from the front. Only a grey furry V completed her furry panty.

"Watching it grow in was soooo satisfying." She whispered sultrily. "Wanna feel it on your skin?"

She turned around again presenting her furry behind to me. Through the grey fur and her parted cheeks, her black slit and winking back pucker could now be seen.

"Oh god yes!" I answered. Advancing and with my turgid penis pointed upwards I grabbed both sides of her ass cheeks. Fingers parting the soft, shaggy hair I hooked my thumbs around her ass cheeks to spread them even more.

Christy moaned as I pressed my erect shaft upright in between her cheeks, a fuzzy warmth enveloped my penis. She instantly began to rub herself up and down against my shaft, lubricating it with her creamy juices.

On each upthrust the glans of my penis glanced off her puckered shiny black asshole.

I have to admit that I was never an anal guy before. Well certainly not with human women. But there was something just so... sexy, about this pulsing black raised pucker. I dared to try something new.

Taking my right hand off her cheek I placed it on the small of her back as I finally angled my cock to be enveloped by Christy's warmth. I grunted in pleasure and slowly withdrew. With enough clearance now I hooked the thumb of my right hand down and began tracing circles around Christy's pucker.

She half jumped in surprise, but then relaxed and coo'd "Ooo, this is new! Go ahead if you like. I like assplay!"

Gently I probed at her black pucker. Amazingly it gave way straight away, it almost seemed to pull me in as Christy gasped in pleasure.

Thumb firmly in Christy I began moving my cock back into her. She leaned into it, until my cock came to a stop and my crotch was buried in her furriness.

Quickly we found a rhythm as I thrusted and Christy leaned back into it, her taut udder swinging back and forth with every thrust and slapping me in the legs.

The pleasure of the combined assplay, plowing, and udder slapping, combined with Christy's residual horniness from her heat meant she didn't last long.

Within a few minutes she stiffened and held her breath whimperingly as I continued to plow her. Sensing things were getting too sensitive for her I pulled out. Placing the head of my cock between her asscheeks I rubbed it around her pucker for a bit, until the stimulation to my glans was enough to set me off.

I sent a few ropes of creamy cum all over Christy's winking asshole and furry smaller back, while grunting in pleasure. Christy, unclenching and relaxing after her orgasm giggled and reached back.

With one of her thick fingers she swirled around her asshole and collected some of my spunk on her hoof-finger. She then brought her hand back to her face and sucked the cum off while "mmming"

"Sarah may not like my billy's cum, but I sure like yours" she exclaimed.

  -     ----

Nothing much happened that day except for Sarah, after tipping over onto her ass for the umpteenth time, finally decided she'd need help adjusting to her changing stance.

From our moving storage she pulled out the old fake legs that she had used many months previously. She strapped them to her arms and leaned forward until she was on all fours.

She breathed a sigh of relief at the lessening strain on her heel/ankle, and commented. "Oh gmoooo-d that's much better!".

I asked her if she was alright in that position again loosing some of the flexibility she had on two legs with her hands free.

"I don't muh... mind honey!" She started, "It's only for a mhu-mooo... only for a while, until my legs and feet change."

I then offered to "speed things along" for her. Sarah giggled and replied. "Well that awfmoooo-l tempting. But you know what? I wouldn't mooooo... m-moooo *sigh* m-mind trying this out for a while! It'd give me some perspective for what it would be l-mhu... like to be on all fours permanently..." she got quieter at the last part and began to mumble embarrassed, "Well, you knooooow... if we decide to let it gmoooooo that far...". She trailed off breaking eye contact with me.

Lightening the mood I said I certainly wouldn't mind since it meant that I got to see her sexy cow nethers all the time now. Sarah laughed at that and wiggled her ass at me.

By the next morning the whole house smelled of cow sex from Sarah's constantly exposed vagina and all the playing we did that evening. From that day on the smell never really left the house either.


Re: A Dairy Princess' Revenge - by Cowpoke & Madmax011

On your decision to go all cow or stop at some point, I think that you should stop at some point.  Maybe something like the girl in D-Man's Rinderfest, where she's on all fours, but can still talk and communicate.  After all, communication is an important aspect of any relationship, and if they lost that their relationship might end up unrecognizable, more like master and pet, than husband and wife (I think they got married, right?  Haven't done a full read-through in a while).

With Christy though, I think you could pull off a full goat transformation, even though I prefer being able to see something human in a transformed persons' shape, as a reminder, but Christy seems to have really gotten into the whole transforming thing even as Sarah is seeming to approach her equilibrium point.


Re: A Dairy Princess' Revenge - by Cowpoke & Madmax011

Hey thanks for the reply. It's great to hear peoples thoughts; and that people are even reading and enjoying this.

I have some sort of ending planned out that will hopefully please everyone.
It's a good while off yet and plenty more to come. I kind of don't ever want to finish writing it. But I guess at some point it'll naturally be time to finish it.

As to the full/not-full ending to the curses I'm going to leave that a surprise wink


Re: A Dairy Princess' Revenge - by Cowpoke & Madmax011

I for one love the surprise and the game of transformation chicken (cow?) going on in the story.

Also, a new chapter means more fanart: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/15525259/


Re: A Dairy Princess' Revenge - by Cowpoke & Madmax011

Not really able for work while on all fours Sarah rang in the following morning to ask for some time off. She had plenty holiday days to take, so agreed initially on three weeks off.

The weather too had finally cleared and warmed up over the past two days. We decided that it would be the perfect day for that picnic.

Gathering everything we needed we headed out for a few hours. Sarah, naked and on all fours leading the way. Me, raging erection in the middle, and Christy, swelling udder slapping with every step brought up the rear.

The valley was truly beautiful now that we were out in it. Not quite as beautiful as watching Sarah's udder swing with every step, or her black labia slide wetly off each other. Not that I would say that for fear of being ridiculed as a cheese.

We wandered through a small deciduous forest, just beginning to yellow, until we came to a clearing with a babbling brook at one end. Mossy ground made it ideal ground, so we lay down and relaxed.

  -     ----

For several hours we did nothing but, relax, talk and nibble at our food.

Some time in Christy brought up our previous assplay encounter. I hadn't told Sarah, who then feigned insult at not being first. But quickly and genuinely laughed it off, saying Christy was always more of an 'anal fiend', and that she wasn't massively rushed to try it. She also added that for my sake we should wait until she was after one of her weekly washes.

A few hours after the Sun had passed it's midday point we called it and began to head back. Christy still had to go to work that evening.

  -     ---

Once the van had crunched down tge gravel driveway with a goaty Christy driving, Sarah giggled and said to me. "Ha! Imagine what anymooo-one would think if they saw a goat driving a van!?"

I laughed and agreed, but commented that the way she looked now would probably make her look more like the devil to them.

Sarah snorted back a laugh and said "There's a halloween costmoooo-me right there!" She paused for a moment and thought about it. "Hey sweetie, a halloween party might not be a bad idea? We could invite the likes of Peg, Barb and Kate. Could be fun!?"

I thought for a moment and agreed with her. A halloween party sounded like a great idea. Especially since it wasn't too far off.

  -     ---

That evening we didn't do much. Just curled up and watched movies. When I offered to milk Sarah for the evening before going to bed, she was so exhausted from the walk earlier she declined and said, "Just get it in the morning."

By the time morning came Sarah was so full of milk that her udder looked like a balloon ready to pop. Fat, angry, pulsing blood vessels criss-crossed the surface, and her teats stood painfully erect and dribbling milk with every movement.

She was lucky she had pulled out her fake pair of legs, because there was no way that her udder would have fit between her legs the size it was now.

Sarah herself found the whole thing painfully arousing. She gasped that her udder had never felt so sensitive. Tender and sore in a way too, but also pleasurable.

Sucking it up she asked me would I try having sex with her, while her udder was in that state. Never one to shy away from an encounter I obliged. Rolling a condom over my slightly pointed prick I slowly pushed into Sarah from behind.

This lovemaking session turned a little weird in the end. Not bad or unpleasant by any means, but Sarah spent more time wimpering than anything else. Even her orgasm seemed to be more of a tender sore one.

When finally done Sarah slid off my cock and slumped over her udder in front of her. This caused both, her to gasp at how tender her udder was, and her teats to spray four jets of warm milk in all directions to relive the pressure.

Panting and not able to take anymore Sarah motioned for me to come milk her. Helping her up into her frame was hard in her drained state, and all through milking she seemed more sore than enjoying it. I felt sorry for my poor wife.

It was her who suggested though, "Think we'd better mooo... mm-stick, to milking twice a day." She rubbed her udder gently. "I think I'mmm... about at m-moooo-y limit."

I agreed and promised I'd always milk her. Even if I had to suckle her teats while she slept. Laughing she pushed me away.

  -     ---

The next few days went by fairly mundanely. As promised I didnt slack in the milking department now that Sarah wasn't relieving herself at work. Twice a day we went at it and milked her dry.

Sarah, trying to increase her milk production past what her limit was at the moment began trying to eat grass.

She had tried it a few weeks previous when she had first been going vegetarian. She had found the taste very boring and stuck to greens. Now, with a specific goal in mind to increase her milk production she swallowed her initial misgivings about grass and ate it as much as she could.

All day she would wander around the field naked on all fours, occasionally dipping down to take another bite out of a clump of grass. She would then chew it for several minutes and finally swallow the green mush.

Mundane though it seemed, she said she enjoy it. Though to be fair I spent all day out there with her just chatting or reading to my cowgirl.

I was unsure if it was due to acting like a cow, or if it came from eating so much grass but Sarah stomach did become more extended.

Two weeks on from her first graze on the new pastures she looked half pregnant, with her swollen stomach a third again the size of her actual udder. She also succeeded in her goal of increasing her milk production. 30 litres per day, three seperate milkings, one in the middle of a field.

During those two weeks Christy continued to go to work and keep up the questioning about transformations.

She had found many people eagerly awaiting Sarah's return, which delighted Sarah greatly.

Her two special show transformations during that time saw a line of grey shaggy fur down her spine join the two patches of fur on her ass and upper back. It also saw fur envelop on the backs of her hands to just up past her wrists.

  -     ---

Coming up to her third weekend off Sarah began to feel very unwell though. Every morning and several times during the day she would feel nauseaous.

Initially she passed it off as nothing. But things grew worse until finally she began actually getting sick several times a day. Unsure if the grass was causing it we switched back to greens but to no avail.

Since Sarah was feeling otherwise quite hale, Christy timidly questioned that Sarah might be pregnant. Something that freaked us all out. We quickly realised that to check would be difficult too, since a normal pregnancy test wouldn't work thanks to her bovine hormones.

We were starting to have a mini panic until Sarah remembered. "Guys, Kate's a vet! I b-mooo- et she'd be able to mooooo... to figure out what's wrong with m-moooo-e!"

A quick call explaining the situation had Kate booked in to come down the next morning.


Re: A Dairy Princess' Revenge - by Cowpoke & Madmax011

First off, love what you've done with the story and so glad it's continuing. Since people were giving some feedback, and I've been a huge fan since the beginning, I figured I'd throw my two cents in.   I'd really like more detailed descriptions of the udder and maybe her new stomach like in the part where she first changed.   Either way I eagerly await the next section. Thanks for the great work


Re: A Dairy Princess' Revenge - by Cowpoke & Madmax011

So much DPR art! http://www.furaffinity.net/view/15533945/


Re: A Dairy Princess' Revenge - by Cowpoke & Madmax011

Haha! I'll slow down the releases a bit to give you a breather maybe!

Got a bit of a writing bug still, so I'll blast away and just post longer chapters but a little less frequently!

Big changes to the story coming up and all!

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Re: A Dairy Princess' Revenge - by Cowpoke & Madmax011

Haha. Don't slow down on my account! The challenge is kind of fun.


Re: A Dairy Princess' Revenge - by Cowpoke & Madmax011

Haha. Well in that case onward for the next chapter...

Sarah waited anxiously all evening. We could tell that she was very nervous. At first she paced the house on all fours until she was too tired to take another step.

She slumped onto the couch, legs splayed with her udder hanging between them, and her distended belly resting gently on her udder.

She stared at her belly oddly, before placing her hands on it, and exclaimed to no-one in particular, "It's warm..."

Sensing her vulnerability I went over and sat down next to her, putting my hands on her shoulders. Up this close I inhaled the earthy, grassy, musty scent of my wife. Ever since switching to her grass only diet, Sarah's animalistic scent had been accompanied by a more earthy note.

"What if I am pregn-mooo-at? What'll we d-mooooo?" She asked with a worried expression. I gave her a reasuring hug. "Then we'll be great parents. But lets wait until we know first. No point in doing anything till we know."

Sarah nodded, first unsure, but then relaxing somewhat.

We just sat for some time after that in silence. Sarah slightly curled and leaning into me, while I sat stroking her hair gently.

Eventually she dozed off. Christy was good enough to throw a blanket over the two of us after she came home from work.

  -     ---
We awoke to the sound of the doorbell the next morning, having slept in somewhat. After confirming that the car outside was infact Kate's car. We had a mini panic we rushed around the room to try and find proper clothes to throw around the naked Sarah. This only lasted 30 seconds or so until Sarah, wild eyed and bushy haired from only having woken up exclaimed, "Fuck it! She's seen moooo-e naked anyway!" Before ushering me out the room to go let Kate in.

Wandering out I greeted the worried looking Kate at our front door. Kate was of Korean descent, pale skinned, slight, with dark eyes and black straight hair. At 5'4" she stood a lot shorter than Sarah's 5'8" and Christy's 5'11", and I always had to look down to to talk to her.

I had learned from Sarah back when we first met that Kate had gone to vetinary school straight out of school, excelled in the field and now had her own practice locally. You wouldn't think it to look at her, but she was more than able to wrangle un-cooperative patients.

She also had a long term partner, Stephen, whom we'd never met before. 3 years they were going out at this stage. She had admitted that she'd never told him about Sarah and Christy or any of the transformations.

Barb had met him once before some time past, but didn't think much of him, "not much of an animal man and more coasting on Kate's success" was how he was described. Which must have been a shame because Kate was, as her vocation might have suggested, a massive animal fan. At home she had a beautiful, intelligent, border collie, he could practically talk to you. She also kept a gorgeous chesnut colt in stables on the outskirts of town.

She also took her job very seriously, like now she was all business and with a bag full of vet gear. She simply greeted, "G'morning, is Sarah here or is she in bed"

"I'm here!" A reply came from behind me before I could open my own mouth. Sarah stood on two legs one, hand on the wall for support. I could see she was a little more steady on her feet today. Must have been getting used to it.

"Hi Sarah! Good god what happened your stomach!" Sarah looked down sheepishly and shrugged, "Erm it gre-moooo-w in over the last two weeks. Been eating grass!"

Kate shook her head in disbelief, "Well I can tell you no pregnancy moves that fast, especially a cows. But lets go make sure shall we?"

Entering and taking Sarah by the elbow she let Sarah lead the way.

They went into the barn room and Sarah climbed up into her milking frame to let Kate examine her.

First Kate just got out regular vet equipment and began checking Sarah's basics as they chatted.

At first it was all business, but as Kates questions about how Sarah was feeling ran dry they reverted to smalltalk.

"So you're being missed at work!" Kate was saying, listening with one ear to Sarah's heartbeat. Sarah blushed, "So I hear. I thought our show mooooo... mooo-ight have scared people away."

Kate shook her head, "Ah there were only 3 people who complained apparently. Most people just miss their cheery barmaid! You have a lot of fans there"

"Thanks!" Sarah smiled genuinely, "I didn't realise you moooo-were still going thooooo... though!?" Sarah admitted.

Taking a thermometer out of her bag Kate said "Well I was - actually Sarah, just to give you a heads up, this is a rectal thermometer... they don't make mouth ones for cows."

Sarah nodded in understanding as Kate slipped on some long nitrile gloves and glid the thermometer in Sarah's puckered asshole. Her fingers lingered for a moment on Sarah's asshole. Finally up close she gazed in wonder at it. "You know Sarah! I never realised how real everything was until the other night. Your vagina is really that of a cow, no doubt about it, I've seen plenty."

She lingered for another moment, daring to reach down she traced the line of Sarah's vulva before gently using her forefinger and thumb to seperate the two. Gazing at Sarah's pink inner passage she mumbled, "Remarkable... To have animal parts..."

Stepping back again and shaking out of it she said again, "Sorry where was I? Oh yes! Well Christy said we could come along any night, and I've been having a few nights off... Steve's across the pond visiting some friends in Europe, so I figured why not!?"

Sarah "mmm'd" in understanding, before making an "EEP!!!" sound as Kate unceremoniously whipped the thermometer from her ass.

Kate giggled, "Sorry Sarah, more used to doing this on animals that don't talk back!"

Sarah raised an eyebrow at Kate, who smiled sheepishly before stating. "Well Sarah you're certainly not sick, nothing to indicate an infection even. So next thing to check is... you know..."

All of their good mood and humour disappated as Kate brought up the elephant in the room. Sarah mumbled, "Do you need m-moooooo to pee on anything?"

Kate shook her head and replied, "No I'd rather use different methods that are more sure while I'm here. First I'll check your cervix."

What followed surprised and embarrassed me a little. Kate snapped on a shoulder length glove and went to Sarah's rear end. She was about to put on some lube when she paused and spread Sarah's black lips. A clump of milky grool leaked out and dribbled to the hay below.

"Good God Sarah! You're soaking!" Kate exclaimed. Sarah, having turned crimson replied, "I'm-mmmooooo sorry, I can't help it. Any stim-mmooooo-lation just feels too good!"

Kate paused, unsure what to do with the lube, before finally abandoning the idea and slowly plunging her fingers into Sarah's vagina.

To my great surprise Sarah's black leathery lips began to stretch to accomodate Kate's four fingers. Twisting a little she added her thumb as Sarah "mooo'd" in pleasure and Kate turned crimson.

I was very surprised that Sarah's tight feeling vag could take a hand like that. I was even more surprised when Kate pushed her hand in slowly. Sarah gasped and humped back against it. Before she knew it Kate was more than halfways to her elbow in the mooing Sarah. My jaw almost hit the floor before it dawned on me that I hadn't been bottoming out in Sarah for some time, and that she was probably built for a bovine penis now.

Feeling a little inadequate I watched the red faced Kate feel around in my moaning wife's vagina.

After a minute or so she pulled her arm out with a wet "shlop!", which was followed by a gasp from Sarah's mouth and a squirt of globby cow cum from her winking vagina.

The smell of Sarah's wet sex clug heavily in the air as Kate said. "Well nothing to suggest you're pregnant there, your cervix isn't plugged closed." Sarah and I let out a small sigh of relief. Kate continued though, "I did bring a portable ultrasound to double check though."

A few minutes later Kate had all the equipment set up and was checking all around Sarah's lower abdomen.

Finally finishing up she ushered Sarah to stand.

"Well the good news is that your definitely not pregnant". Sarah let out the breath that she didn't realise she was holding.

"But I did see something remarkable" Kate continued. "It's unbelievable really, I almost can't believe it myself... but they're there alright, you now have four functioning stomachs, just like a cow..."

Sarah smiled and placed her hands on her belly, "Awesome!" She exclaimed.

Still concerned I interjected, "Then, why is Sarah still getting sick?"

Kate looked funny for a moment before offering, "Erm... well maybe she's just starting to regurgitate food the way cows do?"

Both mine and Sarah's eye rolled at the realisation. Of course that's what it was, it fit perfectly with Sarah's diet change.

  -     ----

With Sarah's "mystery illness" now explained Sarah and Kate had time to catch up some more. Strapped into her fake front legs Sarah moved around on all fours to show Kate around the house. We all could tell Sarah was still a bit aroused as her pussy lips were slick and rubbing past each other with every movement.

While walking and chatting about how we got the house Sarah paused mid sentence and froze. She made an awkward face as her stomach regurgitated a bit of grass into her closed mouth. Sarah, with her eyes screwed shut warily chewed the cud once. No reaction. Twice, she opened her eyes. Third and fourth times, she sped up. After her fifth chew she swallowed. Smacking her lips twice she offered.

"Well, it didn't taste like sick anyway, just g-mooo-rass. That settles moooo... that then!" Teeth still stained green from the grass juice Sarah beamed at us.

The girls chatted away for some time more, most of their chat was about Sarah's transformation. How it felt, what daily life was like, how her bovine bits functioned. Sarah even let the enthusiastic Kate milk her for her evening milking.

  -     ----

As the night drew to a close we stood in the doorway of our house saying our goodbyes. During which Sarah suggested, "Hey Kate. We were thinking of hmmoooo... having a Halloween fancy dress ho-oooooo-use party here just before Hall-mooooooween if you'd like to join?"

Kate smiled and made no show about pretending to decide. "That sounds cool. I'd love to come. What's the theme?"

Sarah laughed and gave Kate a look, "Oh I think you k-mooooo.... know!"

She laughed too and replied "Farmyard it is!" Before saying her final goodbyes and heading off to her van.

We waved at her until she was driving off down the gravel path. Sarah and I stood in silence for a few moments until Sarah piped up, "Well... I think we foun-mooooo... found our next recruit!"

"Definitely!" I replied


Re: A Dairy Princess' Revenge - by Cowpoke & Madmax011

Never stop the DPR train. http://www.furaffinity.net/view/15542778/


Re: A Dairy Princess' Revenge - by Cowpoke & Madmax011

Hey, I'm still following and enjoying the new exploits. Good comments from some of the readers too. I'm looking forward to see how this all plays out, and seeing Indigocarmine's artwork too.

Cowpoke   smile