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One month later things had really settled into a routine at our little house. Sarah worked 3-4 nights per week, socialising with patrons and workers alike and we spent the rest of our time having fun with each other.

Sarah had been waited tables but was recently moved to bartending. An incident where Sarah had improvised with the recipe for a white Russian had proved so popular afterwards, that the managers decided to put my milky wife behind the bar full-time.
She loved her new job there. The lack of walking around was better for her, as was the fact that she got to play with her udders all evening. She had to start wearing extra absorbent, XXXL pads to stop it looking like she pissed herself with all the juices she produced.
She was still hiding the extent of her transformation from the general audience. And what a transformation she had.

Starting from the top her horns were longer than ever, no hairstyle was ever going to cover them up. Nothing short of the world's largest 'fro.
Her ears had turned fully bovine, one half black half white, the other all black; all were pink and hairy on the inside. Sarah kept her hair long to cover the base of them and make them look like fake ears. With the involuntary movements they made, it was quite hard to hide them.
Her nose, hadn't flattened any more, but had gotten a little more upturned. It was still quite human like, like a wide upturned pug nose, so we were sure no one would really notice.

Her lips were fully black and very thin, too thin for a human almost. But since that's how everyone knew her, we were sure she'd be fine.
The rest of her upper body remained unchanged. The change in her lower body, however, continued its slow outward advance. The black and white skin colouring now covered almost all of Sarah's rear and inner thighs. Only a thick line on her outer thighs remained pink. The feel of her skin was beginning to change too. It wasn't just her outer pussy lips that felt leathery. Some of the skin on her ass had begun to get a leathery feel too it, all around her black swollen asshole.

Her toes too had begun to merge. Well, two of them had. The flesh of her index and middle toe on both feet had merged. The bones underneath were still separate however.

Still there was no sign of her long awaited tail though.

While her wish of a tail hadn't happened yet, Sarah did get something she wanted. Her udder now filled so quickly that it needed to be milked at least twice a day. Sarah was delighted with this and happily mooed and moaned her way through milking every day.

Christy at this point hadn't been seen by us since the morning after Sarah's first day of work. She had taken a month's holiday from work following the find that she was becoming more goat-like. Sarah was still in contact with her on her mobile, but she wasn't giving much away other than that she was enjoying her time off and she would be back soon. That is until this morning.

Sarah had gotten a call at breakfast from Christy to say she would be back to work that evening, but that she would be calling over to us in the afternoon first. Sarah was very excited when Christy told her she was coming down. Mostly she seemed excited to see how much Christy had changed, and to be honest so was I.

Sarah and I had talked about it and Sarah suggested that Christy should move in with us. Between the three of our wages and with Christy’s savings we should be able to afford a farm. It sounded like a wonderful idea to me and I heartily agreed.

The knock on the door came early in the afternoon. I went to answer the door, with a naked Sarah hiding around the corridor corner. Lately Sarah had decided that she would never need clothes again, so we packed them all up, minus her work cow suit, and left them in the attic.

Opening the door I was greeted by Christy, at whose sight Sarah popped out from hiding. I was surprised though. Judging from the bulges under her attire, she had made little headway into becoming a goat.
Sarah was the first to comment, “Christy you… What happened? I thought you were taking a month off to change?”

Christy smiled sheepishly as she stepped into the house, “Well yes, I do want to change, more than anything now. But I had to hold it together for the month, there was something I had to do first.”

“Do what?” I asked.
"You had to stay more human to deal with people?" I repeated quizzically.
Christy nodded, "Yes. I would imagine it's harder to deal with banks and realtors when you look like a goat."
Sarah left out a snorting laugh, "Hah! That's true. Imagine the face on the teller if I went to a bank like this!"
"I'm still confused", I admitted , "why are you going to a realtor and the bank?"
"Because we're buying a farm!" Christy replied and was echoed by Sarah. I looked on puzzled.
"Surprise!!!" Sarah offered, arms raised for effect and udder jiggling.
"We bought a farm?" I repeated again, feeling very much like a parrot.
Sarah smiled, "We looked at it, with mine and Christy's wage, and with the down payment only barely cracking into Christy's savings we'll have the place paid off in two years."
I stood flabbergasted as Christy took over. "It just came up one day. I was passing an auctioneer's window and saw it. Medium sized log cabin. A nice few acres, down in the valley a half hour from the nearest house. And it was going cheap. I told Sarah and we couldn't pass it up. It's about an hour and a half drive from here."
"You really bought a farm for all of us?" I asked. Sarah smiled and took me by the arm. "Yes silly now get in the van and we'll show you."
Half in shock at the surprise we got in the van that Christy brought, careful that no one caught a glimpse of naked Sarah.
As Christy drove I found my voice and my mind again. And by the time we pulled off the main road and onto a dusty country road I had asked all I could.
As we slowly traversed the windy roads up and around the side of the mountain I started catching glimpses of the vally that the farm was in. It seemed green and lush. A thick pelt of forest covered the slopes of the mountain. The road though was very clear, which was good for keeping an eye on cars coming around the mountain.
Past the forest and all down the rest of the valley grassland reigned, spotted with the occasional scrub and tree. I could see the road terminating at a medium sized log house ahead. I assumed that was our destination.
I was indeed right as we soon pulled up in the gravel driveway.
We stepped out of the car together and I looked on in awe. This place was heaven.
The bungalow log house was well made, and surprisingly big now that we were up close. It even had a garage with two car doors.
"This place is amazing" I admitted.
"Come see inside" Christy beckoned.
Inside the front door we went down two steps to be treated to a large wooden living room with a fireplace on the back wall, in the middle of the house.
The left wall all faced outwards, while the right one had a door that lead to a kitchen. The kitchen was well built, tiled on the floor, a ring of stone countertops and appliances surrounded a stone tiled plinth in the centre of it, while wooden cupboards and other storage units lined two of the walls. On the other side an eating area was set up. Enough for four to eat at a table.
The kitchen had two more doors. One lead to a master bedroom, complete en-suite included and the other went to the inside of the spacious two door garage. Upon seeing it Sarah smiled, "This is going to be our new barn", she exclaimed. I agreed that the room was perfect.
As a last surprise Christy said. "I have one final thing to show you guys." She waited for us to follow her to the back door of the garage.
"It's going to be a show of sorts"...
"Finally!" Christy started, "Finally I can speed up a bit." She threw her tanktop over her head and dropping her skirt and sweeping it away with a graceful sweep Christy revealed herself to us for the first time in a month. Not much had happened really, her now black pubic hair and happy trail was grown out fully now. A thick line of it connected her bushy nethers to her innie bellybutton. Her bottom set of breasts hung just above her bellybutton, which was about visible through her merging cleavage.
Christy smiled a seductive smile at us and turned around. "Watch this" she commanded.
With practised motions Christy slid to her haunches near the all black billy goat, who was straining at his tether to get at Christy.
"Well old fella," she began, "looks like you need a little relief!" Getting down to her hands and knees Christy crawled to the billy. In this position I could see her vagina and asshole, though human looking, were completely surrounded by thick, curly, black pubic hair. Much more than a regular woman.
The goat seemed to calm as she got over to him, though I could see his curled penis had emerged from it's sheathe. Christy paused for a moment before reaching out and grasping his member with one hand and guiding it to her mouth.
The curse really must have affected Christy and Sarah's minds, as Christy seemed just as eager as Sarah to shove an animals cock into her mouth, debase herself in some way and become nothing more than an animal. And that thought made me unbelievably hard.
Working his beastly cock like a champ, Christy continued her slurpfest, giving it all she had. She mmm'd and moaned. She sucked and slurped, and occasionally she fondled his big black testicles.
When the time came to finish up, however, Christy released the goat's cock from her mouth with a 'pop'. Quickly she leaned back, still jerking the goat’s member and aimed the pointed appendage at her stomach.
Rope after rope of sticky yellowy cum soon lay in streaks Christy's abdomen. She then lay down. Where she could she recovered any dripping globs and pooled the whole lot in the divet of her bellybutton. Dipping in a finger she brought a rope of it to her face. Sniffing it seemed to bring her pleasure, not nearly as much as when she sucked the seed from her finger though.
This wasn't the only thing Christy wanted to try though. Sitting up slightly we watched as the cum began running down to her privates, all the while loosing more and more cum getting stuck to her pubic hair.
Once it was clear that it wasn't moving and further Christy brought her hands down and began gently scooping and pushing as much of the cum as she could onto her vaginal lips.
As soon as the first glob of yellow semen touched her lower lips Christy let out a moan and involuntarily bucked her hips.
"Oh God!" She gasped with her eyes wide open and her cheeks flushed. Once the second glob made contact it was all over. Christy lost control of herself as she fell backwards to the floor.
She moaned screamed and bucked as orgasm after orgasm tore through her.
I heard Sarah pipe-up, "So that's what happens when you get cum down there", I looked over to see Sarah biting her bottom lip in arousal.
"Do you want me to get some more bull sperm to try it out?" I asked her. Finding the thought of my wife writhing around like that to be appealing.
She smiled at me. "It's okay, there's no need to rush, I'm changing fast enough as it is... speaking of which". She pointed at Christy who had begun writhing around the floor.
"Oh God! I can feel it!" She shouted, "This feels incredible, I can feel my vagina changing."
Sarah and I moved to have a look as the thrashing Christy pulled her lips apart. Slowly we could see the a darkened tinge take over her labial lips and spread inwards. It was fast acting that was for sure, and it wasn't done yet.
With Christy's hips spread wide and bucking infornt of us, we could see the hairy region around her nethers was expanding. It moved backwards from her darkening and swelling asshole and moved two or three inches up her lower back. In the front her happy trail filled out and began widening until it was halfways across her lower stomach.
In an effort to sustain what was flowing through her Christy gathered what cum she could on her fingers. She then roughly shoved her middle and ring fingers into her changing pussy.
As soon as they were in and the cum made contact with her inner love tube she let out a howl of pleasure.
Her left hand began roaming all over her body, focussing mostly of grabbing and squeezing her four breasts.
As she began whimpering, tears streamed from her face from the intense pleasure.
As if in response to her constant pulling, her lower breasts began to move lower and lower, like a rolling lump of flesh, until they hung, surrounded by curly pubic hair, exactly where an udder would be.
As the udder stopped moving one last  orgasm seemed to flood through Christy. Her eyes opened wide and she let out a scream. A scream that warbled at the end and turned into a bleat. Christy's first bleat.
Exhausted and spend Christy slumped. As her sodden hand pulled from her vagina we could see her inner lips had merged with her outer lips giving her a fully goatlike vagina.
I looked at Sarah. Her breastless chest was heaving from arousal. Drops of milk oozing from her stiffened teats.
"That worked well!" She exclaimed breathlessly. I nodded in response. "Christy's catching up with you fast!" I noted.
Sarah smiled and turned around. Bending over and presenting her black leaking bovine nethers, with her pink swollen ripe udder hanging between her legs, she said. "Well we can't have that can we! Fuck me like the cow I am you stud!"
Not wanting to waste a golden opportunity I dropped my pants and got straight to work.


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I'm really looking forward to the next chapter!

So much so that I made fanart: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/14554366/


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That is absolutely awesome!
It feels so relaxed and natural. An excellent drawing all round.

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Thanks! To be fair, I photoreferenced that one pretty hard: I stumbled across the perfect photo.

I actually found a saucier one that will be great when Sarah's transformation gets further along!


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The fanart is really great.


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I'm really enjoying these additions to the story, good job MadMax. The progression is going great with the transformations happening slowly which makes it more realistic, and there is a sense of how the main characters feel about the changes that works really well. ~ Cowpoke


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I woke up the next morning in a tangle of hairy limbs. Before I could even open my eyes the pungent stink of animal sex invaded my nostrils. As it stood the smell was overpowering, was I not so used to it I would certainly have gagged. Instead I cracked my eyes to find them level and very close to shiny, black, hairy, swollen pussylips. I smiled as the memories of the previous night came flooding back. I sat up carefuly so as not to wake either girl. As I did I noticed something tickling the inside of my mouth. On removing the offending object I revealed it as a thick curly black hair. Looking back down at Christy's hairy nethers I figured that I'd just have to live with the occasional hair. No way was I giving up going in for a delicious lick.

I removed one of Sarah's downy legs that was clamped over me and stood up. As I did so Sarah stirred and rolled a little in the soft hay leaving out a soft 'mmmhh'.

Joints popped and cracked as I stretched and yawned. Looking down my eyes ran on my poor abused penis. It was covered in dried female juices and matted pubic hair. I frowned, Sarah may enjoy not washing now, but I certainly didn't. I padded barefoot to the bathroom and turned on the hot water.

As it washed over me I began to get pensive and wondered where things were going from here. We were finally settled, we had privacy. I decided a sit-down with the girls on their transformations was needed, I needed to know both girl's plans.

I finished up and after a quick towelling I put on one of the available bathrobes and went to make breakfast.

Whipping up a salad of greens and a mug of black coffee took no time at all. Before I knew it Sarah stood at the door of the kitchen rubbing her eyes sleepily. Hay was still sticking to her body and clung to her mussed up hair. The look oozed sexy and relaxed. We greeted each other good morning and she waddled to the table and sat down on one of the sturdy chairs. Her udder almost reached the ground.

She told me Christy was essentially still unconcious from all of her activities the previous night. We laughed and chatted amiably. Wasn't long until Sarah's transformation came up, once again, as the topic of conversation.

"I think my hips and thighs have been changing to accomodate", Sarah was explaining.

"I've been finding it easier and easier to walk around with the udder", she continued. I commented on how spritely she seemed recently, and she replied. "I know! Remember how bad I was at the start with the chair and the wheelchair and all of the travelling on all fours."

Giving a nod of agreement she continued. "I wonder when my legs will change shape though... that's going to be hard to get used to." She looked down at her stuck out foot and began rotating it to examine it. She 'hmmm'd' in thought at the sight.

She leaned back on her seat and attempted to lift her leg, with some moving and squeezing she managed to get it around her dangling udder and plopped her foot onto my lap.

"It looks like the bones are joining now. Can you check?"

From where I was it certainly looked like it. I ran my hands over the soft pink skin of her feet; feet that would be hooves before long.

I ran my fingers around the merging middle and index toe, the bones were definitely fusing now. The bones were fully fused up to the top knuckle. On the tips of her toes too, the flesh of her toes had merged in the middle, leaving behind a single thick looking toe with two black toenails across the top.

I put my hand under her heel and brought her foot closer for inpection. Now with her black tipped toes mere inches from my face I could see that her nail on her big toe was thickening. It was at least three times larger than a normal person's. It also seemed to be growing larger. Her toenail no longer stopped where a normal persons would. It was a lot more forward on her toe, it was beginning to wrap itself around the front of her toe.

I brought up her foot to my face and kissed her foot lovingly and said, "They'll be hooves soon baby." I then began massaging her foot.

Sarah's foot twitched but calmed straight away as I began gently kneading the sole of her foot.  Sarah leaned back in her chair and closed her eyes. A smile crept over her bovine/human features as she relaxed into the massage.

As I worked my way up her foot closer to her toes, Sarah's breathing became heavier, her wide nostrils flaring more and more.

"Is this turning you on?" I asked. She "Mmmhmmm'd" Before opening her eyes wide all of a sudden, "Baby, I won't have feet much longer, let me give you a last footjob!?" She asked.

There was no obvious way I could refuse her as I opened my bathrobe releasing my raging boner. Sarah smiled cheekily and moved her changing foot up and forward.

I came to rest with her big toe on my lip. I could smell hay off her toes and I could feel the roughness of her nail on my lips.

Leaving a gently scratched trail behind, she moved her foot down my chest and body. She twirled it around my bellybutton twice before lifting her foot and placing it gently on my cock.

I moaned as the warmth of her foot enveloped my cock. I knew I wouldn't last long at all with my gorgeous cow-wife in front of me. Her dangling udder swung between her widened hips, teats trailing on the floor, dripping beads of milk everywhere. Her mouth was set and brow furrowes, lost in the concentration of keeping a steady rhythm going. I could smell her arousal though, the stench of cow-vagina clung to the air.

It was all too much, I gasped and moaned as I threw my head back and began jizzing. Sarah continued to move her foot up and down as thick ropes of cum began splattering all over my belly and Sarah's foot. Her continued rubbing spread my cum all over her foot and made the whole process incredibly slippy. Once my torrent of cum subsided and I began wincing Sarah gave up on the foot job, putting her cum covered foot back on the ground and smiling confidently.

"Well!?" She started "How did you like that? I tho...." That was as far as she got before a look decended over her face, a look of surprise, "... I th...", a look of lust and arousal, "...thought... Oh baby, I'm changing, I can feel it!"

I stood up in surprise as Sarah slid from her seat onto all fours, slick vagina leaving a trail of milky juice behind her. On the ground her ass was in the air and udder on the ground as she began humping the air back and forth.

"Ohhh!!! Mooo!!" She moaned. I wasn't expecting her to change like this with only me involved. But I was excited and anxious to see a change nontheless.

As she suddered from the change orgasm rolling over her she began trying to look back over her shoulder. "My foooo-moooooo!" She moaned. Assuming she meant her foot I looked back in fascination as her cum covered right foot changed.

Bones cracked as the middle and index toes fully merged and swollen some. The black nails began joining together swelling and advancing around the tip of her toe. Her already advanced big toe toenail went fully around the tip of her toe and around the bottom, making the tip of her toe all nail... or more accurately hoof.

The changes finally slowed as the bones of the two outside toes merged halfways, and Sarah sighed happily. Gingerly she stood up, holding me and the table for support and began looking at her foot. She gave her big toe a few practice taps off the ground. It made quite a good clopping sound.

Looking at her left relatively unchanged foot, my mind began to wonder. Why did only one foot change? And more worryingly, why only the one that I came on.

I was about to voice my worries when I saw Sarah looking puzzled at my junk. Looking down I could see why. Beneath all of the globs of cum on my penis I could see that the head of my dick looked different as it poked out if my foreskin. It looked more... pointy... somehow.

"Baby!" I began, "I think we need to call Peg."


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Thanks for all the support guys. I'm glad ye're enjoying reading it as much as I'm enjoying writing it.
Special thanks to IG for the awesome drawing!


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Awesome stuff.


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Peg made it in good time, arriving that very evening. She gasped as Sarah answered the door naked to her.

"Sarah you! You've changed so much... I have to ask again. Are you sure you don't want me to undo the curse?"

Sarah smiled and gestured to her widened hips and swollen udder. "Surely you should be able to tell from looking at me that this is what I want."
Peg furrowed her brow but nodded her understanding. "Very well, come here you." She pointed at me. "Show me your penis then".

A little more sheepishly than I really should have been at this point I undid my robe and exposed my dangling penis.

Peg raised an eyebrow and looked at me. "Looks fine to me champ". I looked down in confusion. "Oh, erm, I guess you don't really notice it when it's flacid..."

A pregnant pause descended as Peg's stare bored into me. It lasted several seconds before Peg realised I wasn't taking the hint and said a little exasperated. "Well make it hard then..."

Not able to just get an erection on command I hesitated, luckily Sarah was faster on the uptake than me.

She sauntered over to me, her udder swayed and her teats wobbled from side to side. She stopped infront of me and wrapped her arms around my neck. Leaning in close she pressed her warm naked body against me. I could feel my cock twitch as it was enveloped by her warm udder. As Sarah began nuzzling my neck I felt both my cock and her teats stiffen to the attention given.

With a lustful look full of future promises Sarah unravelled her arms and stepped back. Our gazes lingered before I remembered our guest and sheepishly turned to her.

Peg was blushing but had a serious and business-like expression nonetheless. She stared at my erect member for several seconds. It had just began to wilt under her intense gaze when her gaze broke and she began talking.

"It's a little pointy I suppose. Nothing out of the ordinary, but your telling me the head of yours was more flat yes?" Both Sarah and I nodded in affirmation.

Peg then turned her attention to the bag she brought with her. She began talking as she rummaged in it.

"The curse I did rewrites a persons body, piece by piece...". She pulled out several large candles on the table.

"...the speed of which is controlled by the strength of the spell..." what looked like a bouquet garni joined the candles.

"...and the mental fortitude of the person involved." She pulled out some chalk to join the other items.

Moving the coffee table out of the way she continued. "Sarah, for example rejected the curse at the start. Stopping it's effects at the time."
Hunching down she began scribbling and drawing shapes and symbols on the floor. "Now the reverse is true, ever since you've accepted your body the curse took off again. And has only accelerated recently it seems."

Standing up Peg admired her handiwork on the floor. "Way too fast really, must have been in contact with the curse creature really..." she mumbled under her breath quietly enough so we knew she was only confirming it for herself, but loud enough to make us both blush.

Holding me by the shoulders Peg guided me to the centre of the symbols and gave me a lit candle to hold. The smell was acrid and the symbols made my head swim.

"Perhaps the volatile nature of the curse may have 'rubbed-off' on whatever Sarah's been coming in contact with..."

Lighting the bouquet garni and inhaling it's fumes, Peg's head snapped back. Violenly enough to startle both me and Sarah.

Considerably calmly though, Peg leaned her head forward again. We could both see that her eyes had turned black as coal. Had we not already witnessed a lot of crazy things that year I'm sure that would have been enough to set us running.

"Aha!" Peg exclaimed, embarrassingly pointing at my crotch. "Yes, I can see now. You have been affected. I can see the change, it's very slight."

Peg's eyes cleared again to her normal brown as the strangeness and tension in thee room seemed to disappate.

Stepping forward Sarah was the first to ask a question. "Changed how? Is the curse contagious"

Peg made a face and answered as best she could. "In a way, yes, but really no... as I thought your curse has transformed him some, but it isn't contagious..."

"What does that mean? I have to stay away from my wife?" I asked, quite concerned.

Peg laughed a hearty laugh. "Ha! As if I could stop you if I tried! No! Just maybe wear a rubber from now on eh?"

"Err... okay I guess...". I answered a little unsure.

"Well if that's not encouragement enough then this might be - your testicals have shifted 'production'. You now don't produce normal human sperm anymore..."

That sunk in. I had long assumed the reason Sarah wasn't getting pregnant from our activities was because her womb was not combatible with my sperm. It looked like this situation could have changed.

It also dawned on me that that was why Sarah's foot had such a reaction to my sperm... this would put a damper on things i thought sadly. Looking at Sarah I saw a 'look' pass over her face as Peg's statement sunk in.


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Another chapter means more fanart! smile



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Soon after I left the room to leave Peg and Sarah have a catch-up. In the hallway it dawned on me that ever since it was announced that Peg was coming that I hadn't seen Christy around the house.

A quick search around the house revealed that she was not there. Trying outside, I wandered around the house and found Christy sitting naked on a garden bench facing the lower valley. At my approach she jumped and turned suddenly. On her realising it was me she calmed though and relaxed back into the bench.

At the chill of the evening air I commented as I sat. "Not cold, no?"

"Oh I am a little", she said, "But I thought it best to get out of Peg's way. She and I don't exactly see eye to eye".

I nodded in understanding and left silence descend between the two of us until she asked, "So... what was all this about? Why is Peg here?"

"Well..." I began. "It looks like Sarah's curse is mildly infectious." Christy raised an eyebrow in interest.

"Anything in prolonged contact with her fluids may too change slowly. She's not fully contagious though, it's all only through contact."

"What does that mean for you?" Christy asked. I exhaled sadly, "It means I'm going to have to start wearing a condom if I don't want a bull's penis. Or a potential pregnant Sarah"

"Bummer!" Christy exhaled. After a few moments of silence she quipped "So you don't want a bulls dick heh?"

Pushing her playfully I laughed, "You two are the one's hell bent on changing, not me."

Christy laughed and pushed me back. "Just askin'!"

A comfortable silence descended upon us for some time. Both of us lost in thought, watching the evening become night. As the chill became more apparent Christy shuffled over and rested herself against my shoulder.

"Am I crazy for moving here to turn goaty?" She suddenly asked, breaking the silence.

"Of course!" I replied almost instantly, before cracking into a cheeky grin.

Christy gave me a fake annoyed look and gave me another shove.

"Hey! Just calling it how I see it. Of course you and Sarah would be considered mad for wanting to turn animalistic, but that doesn't make it any less awesome."

"You like it then?" Christy motioned towards her changed groin and hairy lower legs.

"I think last night proved that Christy". I replied.

She giggled "Well then you're mad with us."

"I guess I am" I smiled.

A few more moments passed until we heard the opening of the front door, the crunch of feet on the gravel path and finally the slam of a car door.

"Peg's leaving, I think it's safe to head back inside." I commented and rose to leave. I paused when I noticed Christy hadn't followed suit. I turned and waited as she said.

"I think you guys may need a moment or two to discuss any new dynamic. I'll sleep in the bedroom if ye want the barn."

I thanked Christy and headed inside.

It didn't take me long to locate my wife, she was in the barn room lounging against a tall pile of hay, eyes lidded and idly playing with a leaky teat.

Looking at the dribbles of milk on her slightly deflated udder I figured she had been milked already. As if sensing my question Sarah slurred. "Mmmmhh! Hey honey.... Peg just gave me a good milking, said she wanted the milk for study. Feeling a little... warm now..."

Sarah "mmmm'd" again adding her second hand to the fun she was having with her teats. Wrapping her hands firmly around her top two rock hard teats she began squeezing and tugging then as beads of milk formed and fell from their tips.

I could see Sarah was loosing herself to lust again now that I was here. It would be a tricky situation. Rubbers were not something I had handy.

"Sweetie! I don't have any condoms. We should be careful!" I said not wholly convincingly.

Sarah "mooo'd" softly and sultrily as she have her teat an extra long tug, releasing a small jet of milk from it.

I cringed as I felt myself going hard. Sarah, possibly sensing weakness, took this opportunity to mix it up and lifted grabbed her lower teats and hefted her udder up, showing more of her black and white thighs.

I bit my lip as Sarah said. "C'mon big boy... come to your cowgirl."

I knew I wouldn't be able to resist, and that Sarah was too far under the spell of her curse to control herself. I had to get her off, and myself, and quickly before we ended up rutting without protection.

I weighed up my options and figured that getting her off with a hand job might be best. My hands hadn't had near as much contact with Sarah's vagina as my penis, and it had taken a long time for me to show even a single symptom on my penis. I figured getting her off that way would be safest.

"C'mon then girl. Show me your cow sex!" I growled sultrily to Sarah. She giggled and flipped over to all fours, udder slapping against the hay with a muffled thump. As I crossed the room Sarah began moving backwards and forwards, humping the air slowly, making her slick black flower open and close with wet squelches.

Once behind her I traced my fingertips over her delicate black flower. She quivered in delight at the touch.

Slowly my fingers ran up and down the tough outer skin. Sarah's snatch wasted no time getting ready. A few strokes in I could see the first glob of girlcum starting to gather.

I stopped stroking her and instead went to play with her large chunky black clit. Ever since it's transformation it stood out so much more, figuratively and literally!

Twirling it lightly with my thumb I heard Sarah gasp. Her vagina clenched shut and the forming glob of girlcum was squeezed out, dribbling down over her clit.

Now with natural lubrication provided I went back to rubbing Sarah's clit. I did it with my hand palm up underneath her hairy bush, with my thumb up assaulting her big love button.

It took no time at all for Sarah to start making girly sqeaks of pleasure and delight. Needing to get off too I pulled out my member and started whacking off furiously.

For several minutes we stayed like this. Both panting from pleasure. In the end it was me who went first. I grunted as my orgasm took over and my member began shooting cum at a ferocious rate. Jet after jet shot, flying past Sarah and landing partly on the milking stool beside the hay pile.

Sarah must have smelled my cum nearby, because as soon as it landed her head shot up sniffing the air.

Eyes glazed she began crawling over to it. Not wanting to stop her I just watched as she leaned forward and slowly and sensually licked a big glob of cum up with her tongue.

I watched, awaiting her change impatiently. She was going in for her second lick when I saw the black and white skin pattern around her thighs wrap around and fully envelop her legs, leaving no trace of pink skin below the waist.

She moo'd in pleasure as I began rubbing her clit again. As soon as the remaining cum touched her lips she began writhing in orgasm. Her hips bucked against my hand and she began screaming. Her hands shot down and began holding her stomach. We watched in amazement as the skin stretched. Just like a baloon her stomach began inflating until she had a little pot belly above her udder.

Exhausted she slumped into the hay. Holding her tummy she looked up and smiled. "Looks like I got my extra stomachs. Better switch to the ol grass from now on."


Re: A Dairy Princess' Revenge - by Cowpoke & Madmax011

Wow. Really liking where this is going . Thanks very much for your efforts.


Re: A Dairy Princess' Revenge - by Cowpoke & Madmax011

Another chapter, more fan art!

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Best pinup yet! Love it!