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Topic: Personal Transformation #3: The Oversexed Naga - by Flicker

As per usual with my characters, it revolves around self-pleasure (aka self-cest) that combines sex with regular maintenance and daily activities.

-My upper body is human and female, with perfect curvature and 2 pairs of breasts that are actually testicles (aka breasticles).

-My tongue is forked like a snake's.

-I have a pair of fangs capable of injecting a powerful aphrodisiac poison into others, sending them into a sexually crazed state lasting several minutes to an hour and giving their body the physical capacity to match to their lust.

-My lower half is a massive 6 meter long prehensile cock whose slit is also a fully functional pussy, indicated by thick labia. My cook leaves behind a thick trail of precum heavily laden with sexually arousing pheromones. My tail's underside is covered with large white scales for protection.

-I can taste the air using a a large forked snake's tongue that flits powerfully out of my tailcock's slit. It was such an alien feeling at first but now it's become second nature just like my small reptilian brethren. I don't even think much of it consciously outside of the sharp pleasure that shoots through body each time, teasing the delicate folds within.
(refer to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1znjYlysQys)

-Any bodily waste is magically converted into cum that is stored within my breasticles, causing them to grow. The rate at which cum is produced is so great, that I will have to specially pleasure myself at least once a day for maintenance. (see below)

-Along the bottom length of my tail is a row of evenly spaced vaginas. They begin from the giant pussy at my groin and gradually shrinks in size to the end of my tailcock. However, even the smallest one is more than capable of engulfing a large man's cock. Despite its ability to take in an entire person, my foremost pussy still cannot take in the oversized head of my tailcock. All my pussies have puffy, sensitive lips that make even the simple act of slithering around a very sensual one. They are also connected together internally with my tailcock. As a result, they lubricate my underside with a constant stream of female fluids and precum, and when someone brings my tailcock to orgasm, cum also gushes out from all my lower openings.

-Along my backside and the top of my tail is a a row of evenly spaced, permanently erect cocks. It begins at the top of my head, where it barely sticks out of my hair. They rapidly increase in size going down and upon reaching my back human back, the rest of my spinecocks are about a foot long in length until they shrink in length as you approach the tip of my tail. Both my cocks and pussies are spaced apart equally so they match up perfectly.

-By coiling myself like a snake and placing one loop on top of another, I slide my spinecocks into my many cunts on the underside of my tail. Then by loosening and tightening the coil, I grind my numerous cocks into my pussies all at the same time.


Re: Personal Transformation #3: The Oversexed Naga - by Flicker

I like it. Stay kinky smile