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Inspired by some entries on Fiction Branches, I decided to write a few (mostly) non-erotic gross-out TFs myself.
Basically its about a kid who got a kind of "fusion-gun" at first and eventually magical powers to transform people and alter reality to compensate (as everbody, except for his brother, accepts the transformees as normal). I started to add some episodes when the kid decides to visit the zoo.

The Branche starts here
http://fb.countd.eu/cgi-bin/fbstorypage … ospamstory

I'd start reading here, for here the most important elements are set
http://fb.countd.eu/cgi-bin/fbstorypage … ospamstory

And here begins my sequence of Episodes
http://fb.countd.eu/cgi-bin/fbstorypage … ospamstory

Be warned, my part is primarily about gross TFs, not erotic ones, so expect many assholes.


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Oh umm ... interesting big_smile But i love how you describe the transformations.


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I like that the story becomes more complex and is not just all about Mikey changing stuff with his stone, and that transformations and fusions can occur even without his knowledge. Maybe the place could turn out into something similar like Jizza, where a certain kind of people decides to get transformed or fused in the most extreme ways and the traditions and culture reflects that.

Maybe the last fusion in the stories so far, with the thunder farts and literary never ending crapping, was a bit too much for my own taste, but still worth reading.


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To be honest. My own additions to the branche already introduced the idea that reality has changed so far that transformations were a common occurence and would happen without Mickey's influence.

To be honest, though. I've kind of run out of steam already. I enjoyed to write a few ridiculous gross-out TFs, with the overblown acceptance (even more so than in most of Belial, except for a few places like Jizza maybe) of them as a nice contrast. I'd like to add a bit more but none of the proto ideas I got so far, excite me enough to write them down.


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Heh, I was surprised that you picked up this story when I stopped writing for it. I loved the new additions. I was going to go back and add some more to my own branch about the multitude of people fused onto the police horse.


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Would be cool to see. smile I liked the opportunities the zoo would offer. Just kind of ran out of good ideas of my own for now.

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Yes, I noticed that. I meant that perhaps it could be explored further, as a sort of spin-off, even if Mickey was not present in all of the stories. Suddenly you could get a new idea, or others could be inspired by the storyline so far.


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Still kind of stuck. My idea was that there would be another birthday child but this time the mother would be willing to change into whatever her kid likes, just to make it happy. My initial idea was to go for the theme "disgustting/gross", maybe fly-like, but after starting to write, I felt less happy with my ideas for her form.

Any suggestions and ideas are welcome, either for the described situation or a completely different scenario that could happen.


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if you want a disgusting/gross transformation then go with a kind of termite queen. you could fill the immobile fat body instead of eggs maybe with milk or something sweet like honey or even better actual sweets. that would make a cool party sweet machine wink


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I wouldn't mind seeing a couple of more fusions, but extreme transformations on their own also sounds good. The most gross I can think of would be a large slimy worm or slug thing, or a dung beetle as big as a fist, used to convert manure and rotting plant matter into even better fertilizer.


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There is kind of the dilemma. I am not really into true insectoid TFs, not sure why. Some ideas, like fly one would be more pseudo-insectoid, having the wings, eyes and general features but more fleshy, rather than chitinous. However, thinking about what types of TFs the zoo would be specialized in, I don't think it would really fit. I think a zoo would only offer TFs involving real animals or their genetic material, rather than pseudo-bestial/insectoid results. Furthermore many of the other ideas I had so far, would rather fit in Belial than this scenario.

So far I think that it could be interesting if the mother comes up alone, instead of her child. Saying that its her kids birthday and that she wants to surprise it with her TF while its away with a friend, sibling or zoo employee.

I am kind of tempted to go for another anus-TF, but this time from the transformees point of view. But also got a few other thoughts. Not entirely sure yet. Only aspect I want to play with is that the mother is a lone mother, so she cant stay in the zoo, so that there are gonna be a few scenes how she continues the trip through the zoo with the kid in her new form.

Some of the TF ideas I currently think about are:
- She becomes the anus of the family dog, or a specially trained dog, sold by the zoo, which will take care of itself to a certain extend and listen to commands from its own anus.
- She becomes the anus of a specially bred house-pig provided by the zoo, similar to the already mentioned dog.
- She becomes the anus of an odd "host-creature" bred from some animal. Got no clear idea for this one, though.
- She becomes something with very limited abilities, no limbs or almost useless ones, so that her kid got to take more responsibilities.
- She becomes a big, chubby shemale-bear hybrid, reason being that she wants to be a mother AND a father for her son who happens to like bears a lot.
- She becomes a big cow-hybrid.

I tend more to the first four options, as the limited abilities of the mother would lead to more interesting interaction/dialogue with the kid in the aftermath scenes. Suggestions are welcome.


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Okay, i could give you some input for the 3rd option. If you want a strange host-creature, i would go with a pavian or gorilla-like creature. It has a prominent butt and is intelligent enough to be trained for the task. how exactly the creature should look like, i have no idea, though.

for the 4th option one possibility is something similar like in the story Loosen up from Brande. No idea about the base-animal, though :-(


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No insects then. With "fly-like" I simply assumed you meant a large flying insect resembling a fly. What animals are concerned, I must admit that I like those with hooves the best. Sounds like the idea about a "host creature" is an animal that can pretty much perform the same kind of duties a human can?