Re: The Ashland Incident (16 part epic) - by Squeeshka

The Ashland Incident, Epilogue

Sara and Katie returned home to live with their parents while they finished high school in a neighboring school system. Sara's mom, who was at the game trying to find Sara, had grown a four foot dick. Sara's dad left the family. Sara and her mom developed a stronger bond than ever, and Sara's younger brother continued to spend his time at other places.

Katie's parents were very supportive of their daughter after she explained her condition and her relationship with Sara.

Jessica lived with Myra. Unlike Myra, Jessica didn't go back to school and became something of a whore. It brough in some money at least. She had to constantly battle her cravings. She would often make really strong progress, only to fall back into weeklong sex binges.

Myra continued to hone her skills as a Hunter while still managing to keep up with her schoolwork and take care of Jessica.

Sara and Katie went to state college together in the capital. Myra decided to go to the Institute of Hunters in London, and Jessica went with her (but not as a student, obviously). None of the girls ever set foot back in Ashland.

The Ashland Incident naturally went on to make international news. Although many dismissed the events as some sort of media stunt, the fact remained that the public was now exposed to the possibility of some strange sort of sexual force in the world. Over time, as more and more comparable events started showing up in the news, the Ashland Incident was always invoked as the basis for comparison.

The people of Ashland never recovered from the stigma associated with their name. Many moved away, and some assumed entirely new identities. Of course, many victims of Serpera's perversion were unable to lead a normal life. Ashland in turn grew to become a sort of haven for sexually altered outcasts. Because of all this and more, the town and surrounding counties became something of a lawless area. Molly, of all people, stepped up as both willing and able to take on a position of leadership.

The Bimbo Football Army went on to control Ashland's seedy underbelly. Molly generally didn't get along with the BFA, but they would often unite to protect the town from outside forces.

Serpera's prison came to be known as the Lust-Cursed Jewel by those in the know about the world of magic. Myra had dutifully kept it locked away for two and a half years, until one day Jessica obtained the jewel and ran off. Jessica has not been seen since that day.

The Lust-Cursed Jewel is a stone of great power. There are many who go to great lengths to try and get their hands on it, but few truly understand how unstable and dangerous it is. Because of Angel it has the power to heal any disease, curse, or injury. Unfortunately, both because Angel could at any moment become a demon, and because Serpera's mind control powers are still effective, one may just as easily become cursed or enslaved by the stone. Jessica wanted to use the stone to cure her perpetual arousal. Others were much less noble.

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