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Here's one more.  Sorry if it seems like I'm tooting my own horn with all of these cyoc stories, but I just really like doing them.  Anyways, here is one story tree that pillas added a lot to, and I really liked his contributions. 

http://www.writing.com/main/interact/it … ansforward

  Chapter 1: First encounter   
    an addition by: bobboled

It is an ordinary day, just like any other. However, that will soon change as a force from outside of our world once again worms its way back into reality. A gemstone, of a dark purple and cut into an oval rests in the middle of a sidewalk on a normal urban neighborhood. Its glimmer catches the eye of the curious. Who picks it up?

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Chapter 2: Male start 
    an addition by: bobboled

Alan was walking down the street and to the mall to pickup the latest videogame from the local mall, when he a twinkle a few feet in front of him caught his eye. Curious, he walked towards it and picked up the glimmering object. To his surprise, it appeared to be a valuable jewel! It was a deep purple, one that had a curious iridescent glow inside of it, like there was something else inside the gemstone. It captured his gaze like nothing ever had before. He looked around, making sure nobody was watching and thrust the gem into his pocket, his head filled with the treasures that he could buy after he had sold the gemstone. After all, he reckoned that it had to be worth a pretty penny. He decided that, after he had picked up his game, he would stop by the local jeweler's to have it appraised.

And with that, he made his way for the mall...

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Chapter 3: Head to the game store   (ID #1600457)  [730 Views]
    an addition by: bobboled

Alan made his way into the game store and went to the register to pick up his game, 'Super Fighter Man 8: Alpha Bros". As he was finalizing the transaction with the cashier, another patron in the store, this one a 20 something man with a balding spot and a my little pony shirt shot Alan a snarky comment. "Why would you even play that game? It's way to hard and everyone online is a douche."

Shrugging, Alan responded with the ever popular, "Don't be such a big pussy then," retort, and was about to leave it at that when something rather strange happened. Firstly, he could feel the gem begin to heat up in his pocket. Secondly, he saw that the man's form was changing. His upper half disappeared as his shirt fell to the floor. His legs, covered in a pair of baggy shorts, slimmed as his hips expanded and became much more feminine. Finally, his shorts dropped, but much to Alan's surprise, instead of what should have been a dick, there was in fact a large, gaping vagina. One so large that it pushed the legs apart, and it's lips with thicker than his thumb.

To his shock, the man had become exactly what Alan had called him, 'a big pussy'. The legs shuffled nervously, obviously a little turned on as with every movement his/her huge snatch was squished and squeezed between her shapely thighs.

In light shock, Alan stood their, gazing at this weird thing. Did the man even realize what he had become?

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Chapter 4: Only the two of you notice 
    an addition by: bobboled

He, or rather 'she' fell on her ass in apparent shock. She crossed her legs, trying to hide the giant pussy nestled between them, but to little avail. Even with her legs crossed her lips still pushed out between her thighs. Alan found this erotic yes, but he was more preoccupied with the fact that this had happened at all. Then, another shock, as the he heard a female voice come from the legs, winch was weird because she had no mouth right?

The voice was a little muffled, but when the legs slowly spread and revealed her large vagina, the voice was much more clearly heard. It was very sultry, even without trying to be so, but there was also the hint of a lisp as though she were trying to speak through pursed lips. The first coherent words were, "What the fuck is going on?", and as she said this Alan saw quite clearly that her pussy lips moved in time with her words. It was clear to him that somehow, in order to make up for her lack of a mouth, her body had instead combined it with her cunt.

She shakily stood up, not an easy thing when you have no upper torso to balance with. When she finally got up, she once again closed her legs in embarrassment but it also muffled her voice. Feeling pity, Alan walked over to her, picked up her fallen shirt, and tied it around her waist for some modicum of modesty. The legs relaxed a little, but she was still on the edge.

"Thanks," she said, "But what the hell is going on? I feel so weird! And my hands, I can't feel those either!"

"We-well, it looks like you have. Um. Turned into a pair of legs..."

"What?," The legs turned to face the glass front of the store, and in it she saw a faint reflection of her new self. "Oh my god, how did this happen? How am I going to eat, what will I-

But the store clerk cut her off before she could get any further. "Ma'am, I'll have to ask you to leave the store. I can't have you shouting at our customers like that."

"But can't you see-!" , but she was interrupted as the employee motioned for security. Beaten, she left the store, as did Alan. The legs went and sat down in a chair in what appeared to be utter defeat. Alan, on the other hand, was very curious. He remembered that right before he had changed, the gem had grown hot in his pocket. He felt bad for the leg woman, and deciding that anything was worth a shot, he pulled the gem out from his pocket.

Not sure of how to use it, he pointed it at the legs and muttered beneath his breath, "Change him back". Nothing happened. Maybe he had to use her current gender, "Change her back into a man". Nothing yet again. He thought that perhaps it was out of juice, or maybe it required a keyword, but nothing he did to change the legs back worked. Deciding that the gem was not the catalyst and did not work, he jokingly pointed it at her and said, "Big ass." As soon as he said it, he felt the gem heat up in his hand as the woman's ass expanded until it was a pleasing peach shape with good amount of juggle. Alan very nearly dropped the stone at that. He was getting results though. Now he tried to give her a smaller butt, but it stayed the same size.

Now he had it figured out. The stone could change, but it could not undo. That leg woman was stuck like that forever. Alan felt a twinge of regret knowing that it was he who had done this to her, but he how could he have known it would happen? At the very least he could make it easier for her.

The legs were now weeping, bemoaning their fate. It was a pitiable sight, one that he hoped to rectify. He pointed the stone at her and said, "Thinks this is normal."

The weeping stopped and the legs stood up with renewed vigor. Alan was going to ask her if she was okay, but the legs just up and skipped away, her sadness forgotten. Alan, however, now had to figure out what he was going to do with this magic gem he had picked up. he could obviously use it on himself and no one would be any wiser. On the other hand having such power was dangerous and he had seen enough fantasy movies to know that magical items always corrupted the owner, eventually... What to do?

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Chapter 5: Use it on himself   
    an addition by: bobboled

Alan decided that as long as he wasn't hurting anyone and was careful, it should be fine to keep the stone. And while he had it, why not make some changes to himself? He could be built like a body builder, handsome like movie star. he could change his skin color, his height, his gender. He could be beautiful or grotesque. His options seemed limitless.


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Chapter 6: Something else   
    an addition by: bobboled

What did he choose?


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Chapter 7: Detachable penis   
    an addition by: bobboled

Alan scurried to the public restrooms and rushed inside a stall, making sure to lock the door behind him. There did not seem to be anyone in there at the moment, but nonetheless he kept his voice down as he whispered his commands to the gemstone. "My dick and balls are detached from my crotch." No sooner had he said that when his genitals sort of 'slide' off of his body. He reached into his underwear and pulled out what were without a doubt his own cock and balls, still very much alive and able to feel. Curious, he licked it, something he had always wondered about (his, not others). It felt alright, but having a girl do it for him still felt better. it was getting quite hard however. Deciding that it was fun and would probably lead to some fun in bed, he tried to reattach his dick. It did not stick. A little worried, he sat down on the toilet cover and shook off his pants revealing his now bare crotch. He placed the base of his dick against where it should have been, but it would not reattach. he had meant for it to be re-attachable, but apparently he had fudged the wording! Now he was stuck cock that he would always have to keep on hand, and that prospect bothered him a little, but it excited him as well.

Alan decided that, since there was no going back, he might as well make a new place keep his dick. His cock in his right hand and the gem in the other he said, "I am a hot redhead woman with big tits and an athletic body with a deep wet pussy in my groin." Right before his eyes, the blank space in his crotch bulged out a little and split in two becoming his new vagina with a little tuft of red hair above it. Meanwhile, his torso sunk in a little as his chest pushed outward into size DD breasts. His hair grew as well until it reached a little past his shoulders and was a scarlet red. His hips expanded and his legs became more pronounced. Lastly, he could feel the features on his face shifting as he donned a much more feminine appearance. His, now her transformation complete, she desired to explore her new body but not before one last change. She spoke to the rock, "My dick is hairless and is also ten inches long and two inches thick." In his hand his dick grew to the desired length and lost all of its scraggly pubic. Alan, or rather Alice as she was going to start calling herself, gingerly rubbed the head of her cock against the lips of her moist new pussy. However, right before she was about to enter herself, she quickly said, "Cannot get pregnant from my own sperm." Alice breathed a literal sigh of relief. That would have been bad! Getting pregnant from myself, sheesh!

With that matter complete, she slowly pushed her own cock into her slit. Her slick juices made insertion easy, but it was still fairly slow going as this would be her first time. Soon though she was able to fit her entire member in and let out a sigh of contentment. She had done this before, had sex that is, but he had always been on the giving side. Now that she was technically on the other end (se was giving and receiving after all), she wondered why women didn't do this more often. She reveled in the feeling of fullness that washed over her, and the dual sensations of being penetrated and penetrating sent her over the edge very soon. She had not but gotten a couple of strokes in before she blew her load, her pussy contracting around her large cock as she was filled with her own seed.

She was not fully satisfied, but Alice also decided that doing this in the men's restroom may not be the best idea. Once more she slid her cock into her pussy, all the to the base and then shoved her balls in too so that her pussy had engulfed her entire dick. She pulled up her pants and made her way out of the restroom, being careful to make sure that no one saw a woman coming out of the mens room. As she walked she could feel her dick moving around inside her rubbing against her insides. It was too much, and soon her cock came again as she walked through the mall. She bent over a railing, trying to catch a breath. People walking by gave her a strange look but kept to themselves.

having caught her breath, Alice decides too...


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Chapter 8: Grab a backpack 
    an addition by: bobboled

Alice, deciding that constantly cumming inside herself was fun but not practical, made her way towards the clothing store her friend worked at. They also sold backpacks, and she was hoping that one would make carrying her disembodied cock around a lot easier. It was slow going, as Alice had to be careful walking lest she rub herself the right way, but thankfully she was able to make it to the store without anything going 'wrong'. Literal moments after she went inside she grabbed from behind in a powerful hug. Caught off guard, Alice let loose a very unmanly shriek which elicited a laugh from her attacker.

"Geez Alice, you always make the funniest noises when I surprise you!" said a feminine voice. Alice spun around and was face to face with a girl almost a foot taller than she. This new girl had short black hair and several facial piercings, the most prominent being her lip and eyebrow rings, not to mention the several in each ear. Despite those piercings, and in fact accentuated by, was a very pretty face with a lithe body to match. This was Alice's friend, Tera, whom she had known since elementary school. They had hooked up once, but decided to keep it friendly instead as Tera's bi nature made things a little difficult.

"Fuck, how do you always do that? You're like, six feet tall, there should be no way you can sneak up on me!"

Tera giggled, "Well yeah, but you're always preoccupied with something so it's not hard. What's the matter this time, forgot your cock again? Left it in the dresser or something?"

Alice nearly gasped, but was brought back to the first transformation with the stone. Only people who had been changed by it remembered. Everyone else had their history filled in it seemed. Thus, it only made sense for Tera to know, seeing as how in their past they had still slept together. So, instead of freaking out, Alice went along with it.

"Well, sort of. Listen, I just need a backpack. Can you help me out?"

"Hmmmmm," Tera was complacent, but Alice knew otherwise. She was planning something. "Ok, let me grab one for ya. I'll be right back."

She went off into another section of the store while Alice waited. She wondered what Tera was up to. She could read Alice like a book and that sort of worried her. tera returned shortly from the back, a small backpack in her hand. She thrust it into Alice's chest.

"Here," she said, "You can borrow mine for now. I'll grab one of the clearance ones for you later."

"Thanks," She said, "I'm just going to check out some clothes too. I'll let you know if I need anything."

"Sure thing!"

With that Alice darted for the changing rooms. She found an opened one and bolted inside. Her contact with her friend had set her dick off again. She still liked Tera, and she definitely knew her manhood wanted some too. Quickly, she sat herself down on the bench provided, which was adjacent to the mirror and promptly pulled of her pants and boxers. She laid back a little, her pussy exposed spread eagle, and pressed her fingers in. She felt the base of her cock, wrapped her finger around her balls and pulled. There was a loud slurping noise as her dick popped free. She hoped no one heard. Alice let lose a sigh of relief. She reached for the backpack and was about to shove her cock in it when all of a sudden the door burst open and in walked...


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Chapter 9: Tera takes her cock   
    an addition by: bobboled

Taken aback by Tera's walking in on such an embarrassing situation, Alice could only eek out a meek , "T-t-t Tera, what are you-?!" before she was forcefully shoved to the ground and pinned by the larger frame of her ex-girlfriend. With Alice's new feminine body, she was now to small and to weak to lift Tera from herself and was thus stuck in her current position. Alice was about to speak but Tera thrust something into her mouth, silencing her. They were wet and smelled of a familiar fragrance that Alice couldn't quite put her finger on.

Tera spoke, in hushed whisper, her face flush with crimson. "Do you know what I put in your mouth?" she said in a sultry tone. Her breathing was labored, which started setting off some warning signs in Alice's head. She shook her head, indicating that she did not know, but considering her situation and Tera's ... personality she had an idea. Tera leaned down and nibbled Alice's ear, making her squirm. "They're my panties, Alice," she cooed, her breath tickling Alice. "They're soaked from thinking about you." Realization dawned and now that she knew what the scent was. Tera had shoved her soaked panties into her mouth. This realization brought a blush to her cheeks.

Tera, obviously horny, picks up your cock, which had fallen on the floor after she had tackled you. She held it up for inspection as though she were measuring the value of a rare gem. "You know," she said, "whenever I think about us, I get wet. I missed toying with you and your girl cock. I was mad when you left me, and I tried other people. However, none of them were you." As she was speaking she was also toying with Alice's detached penis, running her fingers over it which made her hot and uncomfortable. "I mean, we're still friends, so why can't we be lovers again? I know you were apprehensive about the whole me being the dominant one thing. But now I realize," and at this Tera's lips split into an unsettling grin, her eyes crazed with lust. "I didn't push you hard enough, but now I'm not going to let you go."

To Alice it sounded more like a twisted proposal than a declaration of love, but as much as Alice was afraid, she was also horribly turned on. Her entire body was flush with desire, her cock-head leaking precum obscenely. Alice and her body were of two separate minds, her body obeying its more feral instincts.

Tera noticed this, a wry smile appearing on her face. Without saying a word, leaned back on Alice's stomach and spread her legs. Without her panties on, Tera's wet snatch was quite visible beneath her skirt. She spread her lips with her free hand and slowly inserted Alice's detached penis until her hungry snatch had had devoured it to the base of her balls. Tera thrust in and out with exquisite form in a multitude of positions, even twisting it around like a drill on several occasions. When Alice finally came, it was a torrent. Cum gushed out of Tera who was quick to scoop it up so as not to make a mess, only to the lap it up from her slick hands.

She removed the gag from Alice's mouth, smiling the entire time. Alice tried to formulate a coherent sentence, or even words, but she was still trying to catch her breath. Tera, on the other hand, had already collected herself as well as her panties and the detached cock. She lifted up her skirt, making sure that her ex could see what was happening. She pulled up her panties, but before they were all the way on she once more took Alice's member and shoved it inside her slit so that her testes where just barely hanging out and then she pulled her underwear all the way up. This, of course, did not help Alice at all as she was now more or less in the same position she was earlier only now her dick was in another vagina.

"Now," she said having gained some composure, "You are gonna be my boyfriend, I'm going to be your girlfriend and we are going to fuck like bunnies at my convenience." She leaned in and Alice, accepting and perhaps even a little happy (although she would never admit to how much Tera's dominance turned her on) didn't resist when her girlfriend frenched her.

Alice was the first to break the kiss, her wits finally returned. "O-okay, I'll be your boyfriend again. But, uh, can I please have my cock back? I won;t be able to concentrate in this condition."

Tera's reply was a very flat, "No."


"Nope. It's mine now; your little gift to me." She looked down and picked something up. It was a gemstone. "What's this?" she questioned.

"Nothing!" Alice practically yelled.

"Oh really?" she said, " I can tell when you're lying." She squeezed Alice's nuts beneath her skirt. She grapsed her crotch in agony, a futile attempt as the object of her pain was not there. "Well, what is it? There is not way you afford something so expensive."

"I- owow stop1 It's a magic stone! Just stop already!

"Huh, a magic stone? So, what's it do?"

Alice slumped to the ground as she released her grip on her sack. She took a moment to recuperate before she spoke. "It grants wishes and stuff. I dunno, I just found it."

"Well, I wish for a million dollars!" Nothing happened. She shook the rock, half expecting this outcome anyways. "Oh well, was worth a shot. I also wish i had bigger tits too, but that isn't going to happen eith-!" Tera gasped as her shirt seemed to inflate outward. Where once had been a decent pair of C-cups now resided a bra popping pair of DD breasts which were straining the seams of here shirt to their limits.

"Holy fukkin shit! It worked! I have huge boobs!

Alice's eyes nearly popped out of her head. Her girlfriend was now as buxom as they came. She shook her head, trying to get the dirty thoughts out of her mind. What really worried her was that Tera would wihtout a doubt misuse the stone. She had to get it back. "Well, that was fun, but I'll just be taking that back with me and-"

"Nope. Gonna borrow this too."


"Don't make me grow you a third breast...or maybe I will anyways. But for now this is mine. I'll see you after work lover-girl." She then left for the break room effectively shutting out Alice, who could still feel her cock from this distance. Defeated and tired, she decided to let things play out and go home.


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Chapter 10: Follow Tera 
    an addition by: pillas

Tera was ecstatic. She hadn't had sex since she broke up with Alice all those months ago and now she had her back right where she wanted her, and more. She couldn't help the way she acted whenever she was in a relationship, her domineering attitude was just her true nature, it often ended lousy when she dated boys because of it. Girls on the other hand, they seemed to let her get away with most of what she wanted, often finding it kinky. Those relationships didn't last long either, she would often push her toys too far and they would get scared like Alice did. The gemstone having rewrote reality as if Alan had always been Alice.

She shivered sensually when she thought about Alice. Alice was a different girl, she was shy and submissive with a hint or mystery surrounding her. A perfect target. She loved to break them in and when Alice showed up in her shop one day, Tera just knew he had to have her. Alice was looking for a handbag, although she wanted one that was custom made with a cushioned pocket big enough to fit a long water bottle that was easily cleanable and moisture proof. Tera made sure to use her best seduction skills while taking down Alice's order. Alice was a beautiful girl with an amazing body, but she was so awkward, wearing frumpy boys clothing. After she took down her handbag order, Tera persuaded Alice to let her take her measurements.

"You should definitely let me measure you for some clothes, I have some choice outfits that would just make you look utterly delicious" Tera said slowly while eying Alice up and down.

Alice looked flustered and looked down at her feet.

"Come on girl, treat yourself! you deserve it!" Tera exclaimed, and she strutted towards Alice and slid herself behind her. Grabbing her shoulders and gently massaging them. she leaned in close to her cheek.

"Tell you what, such a pretty girl like you, I'll give you a 100% discount on a full outfit of my choice" She whispered huskily.

Alice's shoulders bristled and Tera slid off of them.

"Umm you really think I'm....I mean a free outfit?" She quickly corrected herself before she said something embarrassing.

"Of course doll, but remember it's of my choice...so what I'm going to do is hold our own little personal fashion show" She said as she sashayed to the front door, closed it, locked it and turned around a sign that said "Eating out, Back in 20 minutes" and proceeded to close the shutters and blinds as well.

"I don't...It's just that I...Umm" Alice blushed heavily and teetered in her tennis shoes, while clutching her handbag close to her chest.

"Shh girl, don't worry. It's just you and me here. And you can trust me to help you look your best" Tera stopped in front of her and gestured for her to follow her to a rack of clothes on the far side of the store.

"I,....guess trying a few outfits wouldn't hurt." Alice stuttered, and followed while keeping a death grip on her handbag.

"Thatta girl, now lets see what we are working with" Tera reached for Alice's handbag and she flinched away.

"Dont worry, I dont bite" she lied, "let's just set this down" she reached for the bag again and nearly had to pry her fingers from the handles as she set the handback down at the edge of a table. "And now all we need is to get you to strip out of those frumpy clothes" Tera said as she guided Alice away towards a three sided mirror. Alice's gaze lingered on her handbag for a while before a few snaps from Tera's fingers drew her attention.

"Come on, dont be shy. Strip to your underwear and we'll go from there" Tera's domineering side was beginning to slip out, she really wanted this girl and she had to be subtle to be able to break this one in. Alice nodded her head slightly and began to disrobe.

"Such a shame, you have a really amazing body, some girls wish they could have, and here you are wearing tennis shoes, baggy T-shirts, dirty jeans and...and are those gym socks...and...boxers!?" Tera said in shock.

"I'm ...uh kind of a tomboy I guess?" Alice blushed and shrugged her shoulders.

"Were going to have to get you more than just a new outfit girly, you need a while new wardrobe" Tera said in exasperation. Then smiled darkly. "That just means you're going to have to take everything off, including that plain Jane bra and....ugh boxers of yours, I'm getting you a new set of lingerie...or two."

" What!? no I couldn't possibly...I mean I would never wear...it's just I...I.." Alice stuttered while trying to find her clothing to put back on, Tera slid smoothly towards Alice and gently put her hands on Alice's arms, and slid them delicately and sensually up her arms and towards her back, in one silky motion managed to unhook the straps of Alice's bra, the cups falling off silently while her impressive large breasts dangled freely in the air, causing Alice to gasp and freeze in shock.

"See, it's very simple, we're both girls here right? nothing to be ashamed of" She whispered into the back of Alice's neck, she could feel the girl trembling beneath her, but her breath coming in raggedly made her smile in satisfaction, her techniques were working wonderfully. "Now if you trust me...all you have to do is slide off those nasty little boxers and we'll get down to making you look like the gorgeous woman we know you are"

Alice's body was frozen, her chest was cold from the open air and at the same time an intense heat was building up behind them, she was definitely becoming aroused by this woman and she most definitely had an interest in her for more than just an outfit. She glanced briefly to her handbag on the table beside them, before taking a deep breath, and dropping her boxers to her ankles.

"Good girl" Tera purred into Alice's neck, making her shiver.

"Now twirl around for me, relax, loosen up and lets do some poses" Tera grew excited, this girl was now putty in her hands. She slowly but surely followed all of her commands. Twirling, her breathing getting heavier and mimicking the poses that Tera showed her.

Tera drank in her body, the redheaded girl was a full head shorter than her. She liked that in her women, made her feel more powerful. Her face, almost as scarlet as her hair now from being nude was delicate and sensual, with innocent eyes, delicate nose but full sexy lips. She wasn't skinny, but she was far far from being fat, she was definitely well toned and padded in all the right places. Her breasts were large, full and inviting. Each soft mound had a sprinkle of freckles, though her skin was smooth and alluring. Her nipples were perfect, the aereola not too large or small, with cute bright pink nipples that she could tell would soon be firming up nicely. Her stomach and chest curved gracefully into her wide hips, strong luscious thighs that would make a professional dancer jealous, A delicious peach shaped ass with a healthy amount of cushion. Tera couldn't help but notice the large gap in between her thighs, her legs spread naturally by her wide hips so you can clearly make out the bare cleft of her wonderfully pristine pussy even from behind.

"My god girl you are simply divine, you are by far the hottest woman I've ever had in this store by far" Tera described while fanning herself. Although in truth, she was litterally drooling at this point, she couldn't wait to have her.

Alice stopped her twirling and posing and folded her hands in front of her, obviously self concsious.

"It's true darling, look at yourself!' Tera said, as she unfolded Alice's arm for her, and turned her around to face the mirrors. "just look at that face, so sexy dont you think" as she lifted her chin to look at her reflection. Tera continued to whisper as she moved her hands from her neck, to her shoulders and settled to above her breasts. "And these breasts, no these...these wonderful mountains of yours" Tera's hands glided down the curves on her chest, her fingers dancing sensually until they settled to above her nipples. "Do you enjoy this? I'll stop...all ...you have to do...is....say...so" she whispered, with each word she stroked her nipples openly while listening to Alice's heartbeat stagger.

Alice said nothing, the only sounds being her own ragged breathing as her arousal and lust sky rocketed. Her nipples now being tweaked by Tera's expert ministrations, she didn't care about anything at the moment other than Tera's wonderful hands.

A Loud thump interrupted the sensual scene, Tera caught the sound while Alice was lost to the world of pleasure. Tera heard the thump and looked towards Alice's handbag, it had fallen to the ground and something unusual rolled out of it. Letting go of Alice for a moment she went to examine it and smiled naughtily.

"Oh girl, carrying around your own personal dildo? that's hot" Tera said, as she reached for the "dildo" however upon picking it up she was surprised to feel it hot to the touch and very firm smooth and soft skin. And dropped it, the large pair of balls on the end impacting the ground first causing a loud yelp of, "ARGGGHHH" to scream from Alice's lips as she was knocked out of her state of bliss. Alice's form crumpled as her hands flew to her crotch and cupped an imaginary pair of balls.

"What in the world" Tera said, as she shifted her view back and forth between the lifelike dildo and Alice's reaction. Putting two and two together she had a small idea of what she was dealing with.

"Oh baby....this just got a lot more interesting" she smiled wickedly.


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Chapter 11: Tera the terrible 
    an addition by: bobboled

While Alice might have had some reservations on using the gemstone on others, Tera was the exact opposite. She had track record of mean tricks on Alice and others, her domineering personality a major factor. As well, monogamy had never been a huge factor in her relationships. While she would 'love' Alice and never had sex without her, that didn't mean she was exclusive. She had brought in girl's several times over the course of their wonderfully weird relationship, often at the expense of a flustered Alice.

Now, with this game changing stone in her possession, things would only escalate.

Back at her house, Alice was trying to read, an activity that usually relaxed her. However, she couldn't stop looking at the clock, nor keep herself from rubbing her legs together. She was very nervous. Too much so to focus on anything. She could still feel the piece of her she had left with Tera. Her cock felt delightfully squished, squeezed between two warm, soft objects. She probably had her cock stuffed in her cleavage most likely, and it was driving Alice insane. She had already masturbated with her pussy several times, but it could not satiate the need to cum from her cock. She thought about calling Tera, but stopped when she couldn't come up with a good way to start the conversation.

She was about to try and text her, something innocent perhaps, when her mouth and nose started to tingle. She already knew Tera had used the stone on her, but what had she done? She placed a hand on her mouth and would have gasped in horror. If she had still had a mouth that is. Instead, what she found was an identical tight pussy had replaced her mouth and nose. She gingerly stuck a finger in, still not believing her fate. However, the same feeling of pleasure emanated from her face, and as much as she hated to, she started to masturbate with her face-cunt. She used her free hand on her lower one too, unable to help herself.

And so she lay there, knuckle deep in her twin cunts, waiting for her lover's promised visit. It was still hours away.

Tera smiled, idly teasing the disembodied cock she held between her breasts. She stared off into space as she imagined Alice's predicament. What fun she must be having! she thought. She could have sat there until the end of her shift just thinking about it, but she still had a job to do, and the stone couldn't print out money. So, reluctantly, she returned her focus to the store.

At that moment, some new customers came in. They were-


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Chapter 12: Male
    an addition by: pillas

A group of guys casually strolled in, engaged in lively conversation with one another as they walked over to the mens section of clothing. Tera smiled idly as they wandered through the store ignoring her for the moment. She stroked in between her cleavage at Alice's throbbing cock, teasing it's head every now and then with the tips of her fingers and bringing the drops of pre-cum it produced to her lips. Alice's cum tasted the sweetest out of all of her previous lovers, the odd girl with the disembodied cock was simply an amazing find for Tera, she would see to it that Alice would eventually never leave her again or even make it so Alice would be literally begging Tera to stay with her, not that she could say much now that she turned her mouth and nose into a needlessly horny cunt. The idea made her horny as hell. She stroked at the tip of Alice's cock faster and faster.

"Excuse me miss..." Tera stood still her hand draped over her cleavage as she leaned over the left side of the checkout counter to the man who adressed her, making sure to carefully hide the secret she had trapped between her breasts.

"Yes, how can I help you sir" She smiled sweetly.

"I was looking for some umm....Night wear for my girlfriend, I was hoping to get her something sexy for her birthday" The guy asked. Tara studied him, he was nothing special really an average guy with an average build, very boring really. She regarded his question, a common request when guys came in asking for help. She couldn't stand this question whenever they asked her, Why was it always lingerie? couldn't they be more original or romantic for their gifts. What a girl really wants from her boyfriend is to give him the gift of seeing her wearing the skimpiest of clothing for her own birthday, not a nice dinner or jewelery or a nice trip, no he expects her to dress up like a whore for her own birthday to please him. She was already annoyed that her interrupted her thoughts of Alice and her minstrations on her cock, his request only fueled her irritation. She smiled cruelly, he'll serve nicely as her next plaything.

"You're just in luck, we got a fresh shipment of new lingerie just this morning, lots of new and interesting styles you'll never believe that would a woman would look absolutely stunning in, just follow me for to the back for a moment and I'll show you our new stock" She gestured as she turned around, hand still clutched to her breast containing Alice's erect member and sashayed across the floor to the back area, the young man following the sensual sway of her ass with her.

"Follow me, just this way sugar" She led him towards the employees only door gesturing for him to down the hallway, her hand never leaving her breast. He walked pass with no idea of the fate awaiting him. Tera followed behind.

"Wait her a moment and I'll be right with you" Tara said as she slipped into a private office on the side of the hallway. He just shrugged and casually leaned agaisnt the wall.

Tera slipped inside the office and closed the door, taking her hand from her breast she pulled down her top slightly to release the beast trapped within her cleavage, she sighed as the wonderful warmth of Alice's large cock left it's sweaty prison. She admired it's length and girth for a bit, holding it in both hands a wonderful toy for her to play with. She always loved how Alice's cock even for it's large size and shape still managed to look overall very feminine in appearence, it's veins were very slight even when hard and it had the smoothest of skin, with large but juicy looking hairless balls that she loved to tease and play with. One of her favorite things was to use Alice's balls as stress relievers whenever she "Accidently" left in Tera's house. Rolling them around in their sack and playing with them, each testicle nearly a handful itself, she would gently squeeze and play with them until eventually Alice's cock became stiff and the sack became tight and smooth agaisnt them.

Tera sighed, she wished to tease her new toy further, but she had a new plaything so she would have to put her away for now. She brought the cock to her lips and gently sucked on it's head where she could taste Alice's sweet necter from its tip. With her other hand she pulled down her skirt and panties half way exposing her bare wet pussy to the air conditioned air of the office. Taking one last lick from the cock she kissed it's head and braced herself as she slowly pushed it between her nether lips, she was relishing the sensations of each inch of Alice's beautiful cock as it slid wonderfully into her tight snatch. Tera held back a moan, when she thought how Alice must be feeling right now, the thought of her nearly going insane with the need to cum as she was forced to finger her two needy pussies already and feeling the sensations from her cock being teased ever so slowly, Teras own knees buckled with the pleasure of that thought brought her. She inhaled a deep sigh as the last of Alices twelve inches were buried deep into her quivering wet mound.The large taught pair of balls hanging out of her labia looked obscene, she loved it. Bringing her panties and skirt back up and snuggling the testicles in place she braced herself and opened the door.

"Sorry to keep you waiting sir, come follow me right this way" She gestured down the hall to an area stacked with boxes and racks of clothing on hangers.

Meanwhile with Alice.

Alice was struggling to catch her breath, a feat that was made complicated from the fact that her deep breathing was causing overwhelming sensations to spread throughout her face and head. Wet squelching sounds were the only noise she made as she finally regained some small bit of control, her hands lay out at her sides unmoving. She stared at the cieling in a daze, the odd feeling of her mouth and nose sending pleasureable signals to her brain was still taking a while to adjust to. It had been nearly ten minutes since she was trapped in a frenzy of masturbation, wildly attacking her aching wet holes with an fervor she could not understand. A series of orgasms ripped through her body in an unbeleiveable way, Her original pussy had fired it's first orgasm when the feeling seemed to travel up her stomach to her esophogous, into the back of her throat and explode from beneath her eyes that blinded her it's intensity. A gush of fluid escaped from her "throat" and over her pistoning hands, covering her naked front and part of the floor beneath her in feminine fluids. The feeling grew again in the back of her throat as she experienced multiple back to back orgasms, each one alternating from one pussy to the other in a cycle that repeated until she passed out from pleasure overload.

She awoke a minute later exhausted and nearly gasping for breath unable to move an inch, her brain still foggy from the amazing experince. Her deep breaths were causing confliction emotions in Alice's mind, she loved the sensations it brought her but was annoyed that even breathing now would make her horny. She could still feel her cock trapped between two warm fleshy orbs, hard as ever and being teased by fingers that caused her to groan in renewed arousal, her facial cunt dribbling forth fresh liquid down her chin. While she tried to ignore the sensations Alice tried to make sense of her new issues.

Tera, Tera was the main issue now. He couldn't help himself...herself. It was hard to believe he had once been a boy not too long ago, now he was nothing more than Tera's lesbian plaything. Alan was merely a dream now, the longer he stayed in this body the longer Alice had become more real. Tera and Alice obviously used to have a complicated relationship and now he was stuck as Teras toy now that she managed to get her hands on the gemstone. Alice pondered how much of his personality was twisted by Alice's past, or was it twisted by Tera and the raw sexual power she seemed to have over her now. A large part of Alice was embarassed to admit she loved having Tera in control of her lust and sexual perversions, a thought that caused her "nose" to twitch to alertness causing her to simply become cross eyed as her new clit hardened to arousal. She gulped in air, her new lips shuddering as she swallowed some the excess excretions, tasting her own pussy juice for the first time, a taste she would have to get used to for a while.

Alice mentally tried to calm herself, thoughts of Tera only served to make her more submissive to even the mental image of her and caused her arousal to spike. She breathed in slowly, air passing through her new pussy lips coming from slits beneath her facial clitoral hood caused unwanted feelings that kept her nose erect and shivering with need. She slowly sat up and got to her feet, wobbling to a fro like a newborn foal. She turned red with embaressment when she noticed that she was literally covered from head to toe in pussy juice, The wood floor beneath her slick from her cum. She noticed however that even with her new facial features she still had a sense of taste and smell. However the constant smell of wet pussy was doing nothing but fueling her arousal she noticed that certain scents made her hornier. She could smell the blueberry muffins in the kitchen, the smell made her mouth wet and she drooled as her hunger was turned into arousal, her stomach grumbled as she smelt the delicious scent of blueberries and stumbled forward to retrieve them, giving no thoughts on how eating them would work now.

She was halfway to the kitchen when she was stopped by a sudden sensation of a pair of hands teasing her disembodied balls and cock, kneading her balls and teasing her cock head with a tongue, sucking at it's tip. her mouth shuddered at a moan when the sensation turned into a hot wet tunnel as the cock was slowly inserted into it's hilt in a hot silky cunt. Alice sputtered sending girl cum flying as she feel to the kitchen floor in another frenzy of masturbation.


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Chapter 13: Tera makes a new friend
    an addition by: pillas

Tera followed close behind the young man, savoring the wonderful sensations of being slowly fucked by Alice's cock with every step she took. Tera couldn't help but shiver, even though she preferred pussy over penis most of the time, she couldn't deny how great being filled with a nice cock every once and while felt. Alice's dick was almost tailor made for her cunt, it filled every nook and cranny of her slit and was long enough to stimulate the entirety of her elusive G spot, her knees trembled every other step as it rubbed deliciously against the sensitive nerve cluster in her pussy. If it wasnt for Alices cock and her large balls being tightly held against her pussy by her panties Tera was sure she would be positively dripping down her legs. Tera suppressed a moan as they neared the end of the hallway leading to a stock room filled with bare mannequins, some wearing lingerie, some in pieces and various pieces of lingire and feminine underwear strewn haphazardly.

"Are you okay miss?" The young man coughed

"Yes, I'm fine" She waved her hand. And turned to the mess in the stock room. A mess was a nice term to describe it really, it was more of a mountain of unfolded womens clothes having been dumped from their packaging like trash on the floor. The morning shift, who receives all the shipments for the week were a pair of immature, irresponsible bimbos. They were supposed to take the shipments to the back and label, fold and register each item in the POS system, but they never did. They would open every box and search through all the clothing for what they thought looked cute, or sexy or nice and either take turns wearing them, which is a violation of store policy or just buy them for themselves at a very generous store discount. Tera made numerous complaints about the Airheaded duo who blatently ripped off their boss and the store, and left her to sort through the mess during the evening shift, however the boss was just as much of a fool. The store manager was your typical sleazy overweight slob, greasy and always leering at anything that vaguely resembled a female. He didn't care what the two bimbos did as long as Tera cleaned up after them and he got to watch the videos of the girls trying on clothes from the security tapes. Tera's mind fluttered with possibilities of what she could do to her boss and the two bimbos now that she had the stone, she could make them her personal slaves, with some slight modifications of course. Tera couldn't wait till she saw them next, she would waste no time in exacting some long due justice on those pieces of --

"Wow...Umm...dont mean to be rude, but this place is a mess" The young man intterupted. Tera turned to him suddenly awoken from her daydream.

"Yes...It is, Isnt it?" Tera spoke, looking over the piles of clothes strewn about, deep in thought.

"You know what? I have just the thing you're girlfriend would just love to have for a birthday" Tera exclaimed suddenly, as she dove towards a shelf on the wall containing many large boxes labeled with different things such as , "Exotica", "Costumes", and "Adult". These boxes contained items the manager would "Accidentally" order from the business catologues, that were either too risque or just plain too weird to sell in the front. Tera was ordered to send them back to the catalouge whenever they came in, since they couldn't be refunded however she saw no crime if a few items didn't make it back and were added to her own personal collection. She loved it whenever Alice came over and she would "Accidently" misplace her underwear the next morning forcing her to choose from Teras collection of sheer and naughty undergarments that made Alice turn red.

"Ah...here we are, I'm sure you're girlfriend would just love it if you showed up with this for her birthday" Tera squealed holding out a hanger which contained an odd outfit choice.

"Umm...I'm not sure she would like that" The young man stuttered as she saw the outfit, which consisted of a tiny frilly maids hat, a black and white laced fishnet see through bra with holes for the nipples, a set of black and white crotchless garters and pair of black seven inch heeled stilleto pumps with black and white bows.

"Nonsense, she'll positively adore you for it, I know I would" She said nonchalantly.

"Are you kidding, she would never wear anything like that" The young man shouted.

"She? Who said anything about her wearing it...This is for you to wear!" Tera smiled. As she pressed the outfit up against his chest as if to size it up against his frame.

"Me? wh--what?" He stuttered while backing away from the kinky shop clerk. Tera just smiled, thoughts racing inside her head of the best possible way to word her fantasy, she was nervous about saying it out loud however, her only experience with the gemstone was what Alice told her and making her breasts bigger.

"I wish this was the only type of clothes you could wear and your body matched" Tera shouted as the young man backed away, she could feel the Gemstone grow warm in her hand as she clutched it at her hip. She stood in awe as the stone worked it's magic much quickly than she imagined. His entire body seem to stretch and grow cartoonishly, his body expanding and shifting in uncomfortable ways like he was being squished like a stress toy. The entire process took only seconds before his body settled.

"What...WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS? I..I GOT TITS!" He shouted, as he explored his new body, having gained a healthy pair of EE cup breasts that stretched his T-shirt to it's limits, exposing his cute toned midriff that. As he groped his new tits, his pants sagged till it reached a roadblock made out of enlarged female hips and bulbous firm booty that would make men drop their jaws. The rest of the clothes becoming baggy on his smaller frame having lost nearly six inches in height. Tera giggled madly at the sight.

"What is going on...what...huh?...Oh god...what the hell...Why the fuck does it itch so much? Oh god it burns, shit! shit! Shit!" The changed man began to panic, using his smaller hands to violently grope and scratch at his skin beneath the clothes he was swimming in. He began to cry as the itching only got worse and worse and was becoming more painful and unbearable as he tried to relieve it. With a scream of frustration and pain he began to tear off all of his clothes, exposing his delicious new body to the open air as he finally stood before Tera in the nude. His head looking very out of place atop his new curvaceous form, his full E cup breasts bouncing as he struggled to stand straight and calm himself, his skin having turned a dark shade of red during his itching fit. There was no trace of his former male body besides his head below his neck, situated in his crotch was a beautiful pair of womanly nether lips, slightly puffy Tera noted and completely hairless just like she liked her pussy.

"Oh my god...I'm a woman!...what the fuck...oh man, oh god the itching stop...please lady you have to help me!" The young man pleaded, having calmed down enough to see feel the rest of his body, not able to see it due to his massive breasts obstructing everything below his neck. His delicate hands nestled in his crotch feeling around his thick luscious thighs as he dared not venture his fingers further to his groin, dreading and knowing what he would find there.

"Sure thing honey, I'll help you...but first you'll have to put on your new uniform" Tera smiled widely.

"You! You did this didnt you!? You're....you're some kind of witch or demon or some shit...You changed me into this...this--

"Obedient store maid" Tera finished for him, feeling the stone growing hot in her palm once more.

"What the fuck are you talking about you monster! CHANGE ME BACK!" He shouted as he stomped his petite little feet, advancing on Tera, his chest bobbing wildly and his hips swiveling with every step.

"Kneel" Tera sneered at him. As the young man did so very abruptly at Teras feet, his body disobeying him as it gently kneeled. Bring his knees forward, the feeling of his now ginormous female ass resting atop his calves and heels as he crossed his palms underneath his huge breasts over his naked crotch ins a submissive pose. His eyes widening in fear as his body reacted without his control, unable to move from his position. He was completely paralyzed his body felt extremely relaxed while his neck and head twisted back and forth violently.

"OH GOD I CANT MOVE...WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!?" He screamed in a panic.

"Shut up" Tera scoweled, feeling somewhat more at ease as he suddenly ceased his panic, his head stopped and the only motion being his eyes swivleing in their sockets in terror. Tera's nipples hardened, she loved the feeling of dominance she now commanded.

"Now be a good little Maid and put on your uniform" Tera said as she held out the slutty maid costume to him. His eyes hardened as he was able to move once more, thinking of a chance to make a move on the witch. She laughed as she watches his eyes droop in dissapointment, the only action being able to gently take the outfit from Teras hands and then robotically start putting it on. Soon his body with no input from himself had dressed itself in the slutty maid costume, his new body filling it out perfectly. His new female nipples jutting proudly erect from the holes in the fishnet bra and his puffy labia squeezing itself between the small hole in his crotchless garters.

"You look truly delicious darling, I would play with you more but I'm way to horny to deal with you right now" Tera said as she squeezed at Alice's testicles between her thighs, transforming this man into a slutty little maid, his body a now her slave as he was helpless to do anything had caused her to be positively gushing.

"Start organizing the stock room, come see me when you're done" Tera moaned, running off to her private office to masturbate as the young mans body began to tidy up against his own will.


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Chapter 14: Tera unconsciously changes Alice during while ma... 
    an addition by: pillas

Alice was exhausted, she could barely move any of her limbs. She had been laying on the floor for about ten minutes now, and she was still recovering from her second fit of intense full body masturbation. She only had enough time to make it into the kitchen entrance before her knees collapsed and she fingered her two cunts vigorously for the next twenty minuets. Her linoleum floor was slick with her juices, her blonde hair sticky and matted from slipping around in it as she was lost in the throes of orgasms that ripped from her throat and sprayed juices from her facial vagina. Alice was still trying to come to terms with her new mouth, she was going to have to learn to live with it now that Tera had changed it. She sighed as best she could, causing a very odd wet gurgle to emit from her throat and between her slick wet mouth, Tera didn't know that all changes were permanent, and now Alice was stuck with a pussy for a mouth. Alice could no longer remember who the boy she once was, her memories and personality were slowly being rewritten with every new sensation of her female body, every change caused. She gurgled a small laugh as she only vaguely remembered what she used to look like as a boy, and what she looked like now. A pussy mouthed, dual cunted, large breasted short woman who seemingly had a dissembodied cock, that was subject to the whims of a very kinky bisexual dominatrix. Alice still couldn't understand why every thought of Tera seemed to elicit a sexual thrill in her body, her clit nose twitching, her other pussy clenching slightly and issuing forth a bit of wetness. Alice wanted to get up, but she couldn't find the energy to do so. She was so tired from all the orgasms that her limbs felt like jelly. She was startled when her stomach began to rumble with hunger. Alice was slightly worried at what she was hungry for, she dreaded the thought of what Tera might have come up with now that she had a cunt for a mouth. Her hunger was becoming unbearable though, and it was very odd at what it made her feel. Her mouth was watering at the smell of food in the kicthen, but it was watering for a whole different reason now. It seemed that whenever she became hungry it also made her mouth extremely horny, her juices were dripping down her chin as she smelled the fresh blueberry muffins she bought this morning, her clit nose hardening at the smell and twitching whenever she inhaled. Alice was moaning in need, however unable to move as she was still drained from her countless orgasms from before. Alice was wiggling her body in frustration until she heard a loud knocking from her front door.

"Hellooooo.....Alice?....Are you home?" A female voice called.

Alice just groaned, it was her sister Jenny. Alice was helpless as Jenny continued to knock on the front door. She dreaded what sort of reaction Jenny would have to seeing her nearly passed out on the kitchen floor completely naked, covered in her own cum, with a pussy for a mouth...not to mention being a woman in the first place. If Alice had the energy should would have tried to cover herself and jump out the window to avoid discovery, however she could hardly life a finger she was so exhausted and hungry now to boot. Alice's eyes widened as she heard the unmistakable sound of a door unlocking and let out a wet gasp which sprayed from her mouth suddenly.

"Alice, are you here?...Ugh...never mind, I can smell that you're here, You should open a window whenever you do that. It's rude you know" Jenny whined, as Alice could hear her shuffle about the living room. She idly wondered what she was talking about when the footsteps suddenly got louder and stopped abruptly.

""Holy..ALICE...OH MY GOD!" Alice winced at Jenny's shout, she would take one look at her face and scream. Alice closed her eyes awaiting the inevitable to happen when she felt a hand gently holding her head up and petting her hair. She opened her eyes slowly and looked up into the caring blue eyes of her sister, staring down at her not in fear or panic or disgust but in worry. Alice tried to say something but blushed in embaressment as it only caused her vertical lips to flap uselessly and wetness to trickle between them.

"Shh Alice I'm here now. I'm sorry about what I said, I didnt know you were having one of your attacks" She cooed to her while massaging her scalp, not caring that her hands were now soaked in Alices ejaculate, noticing that her head was now being cradled in Jenny's lap, Jenny's face showing nothing but concern for her sister. Alice only wished she could ask her what she was talking about instead of making gurgling noises from her face pussy.

"Dont worry Alice, I'll get your favorite food and drink so you can get your energy back" Jenny stated. As she gently laid Alices head on the cold wet floor. Alice was confused, apparently having a cunt on her face didnt bother her and she reacted as if it had always been that way. Alice guessed this was due to the gems power to alter reality, she guessed she should be slightly thankful for that fact.

"I know how you get when you have one of your little passion attacks, you must be dying of hunger you're practically drooling all over yourself" Jenny said softly as she placed Alice's head in her lap once more.

"Here, the doctor said you need plenty of pottassium and protein whenever you have an attack, It's a good thing I always stock up on bananas just in case" Jenny said as she lowered a peeled banana in front of Alice's face. Alice slightly panicked as she watched the pale yellow fruit get closer to her gaping pussy mouth. Her nose twitching in anticipation as the smell from it caused her mouth to feel aroused, her lips slightly swelling with blood as her clit nose grew with each breath. Her sister was going to

"There we go, that's a good girl...I'll help you along" Alice was stunned into silence, not that she could say much with her new mouth anyway, but now it was being stuffed very pleasently by a long piece of delicious fruit. Every groove of the rough surface of the firm banana teased pleasently at her inner walls that now led to her throat, at the end where a uvula would be now was nothing more than an overgrown G spot. She gasped as her lips tugged ravenously at the banana halfway down her throat her inner lips convulsing to draw the wonderful food deeper into her tunnel.

"Oh you're very hungry, hold on and you'll be able to swallow in a minute...The doctor said it wasnt healthy for you to eat too fast no matter how hungry you are, so let me ease you into it." Jenny was saying while Alice was lost to the sensation in her face. Her sister was litterally face fucking her with a banana, and it was wonderful she couldn't help it. If she was able to move her hands she would have shoved that banana as far into her mouth as she could, she couldn't stand how Jenny was teasing her with it halfway down her throat. She was brought back to awareness when she saw Jenny reach her hand down to her face above her mouth and was suddenly lost the universe as Jenny expertly played with her clit nose, her eyes rolling up into her head as she was stimulated nearly into another facial orgasm.
"Almost there..." She barely heard Jenny say under her ministrations.Suddenly her world went white with sheer pleasure, her mouth gushing forth copious amounts of lubricant making the banana slide easily past her throat, into her mouth and through her esophogus, a feeling of fullness and warmth as she wriggled with orgasm. Her body was alight with pleasure, her nose erect and hard as it was twiddled by Jenny's adept fingers, she was gasping as she released more fluid from her mouth.

"There we are, Alice, wide open, I bet you're thirsty!" Jenny continued to manipulate the clit beneath her eyes as she brought forth a large thick plastic straw that led to a tall glass of what looked like a chocolate protein shake. Alice could still feel the banana slowly easing it's way to her stomach before her sister slowly pushed the thick straw past her labial lips and deep into her pussy mouth. Automatically her inner walls tugged at the plastic straw still wobbling in the throes of orgasm. She closed her eyes in bliss as she unconcsiously sucked in the protein shake, each gulp racking her body with a smaller orgasm. She lost count of time as she relaxed her body, wallowing in the sensations of sating her ravenous hunger, her stomach feeling wonderfully full as Jenny withdrew the straw.

"There we go, gimme a min I'll go get your face mask while you recover" Jenny said as she laid walked over to the living room, while Alice recovered her sense of self. At least now she knew how eating worked with her new anatomy, it was definitely an interesting experience. Alice wondered how she would communicate with her sister when Jenny returned carrying small white device.

"Here ya go Alice, I'll just put it on for you" Jenny said as she lowered the strange device towards Alice's face, it looked like a small personal plastic surgical mask that had been personalized with cute feminine pink and white pearly trim, with a stylized "A" in the center. The underside of the device had two little attachments that looked like nasal grips above a slender lipstick shape cylinder. Alice's eyes opened wide as she realized where this was headed and braced herself as the mask was placed on her face, the cylinder driving halfway into her throat.

"There, Now tell me exactly you let yourself get this bad again Alice. You have to be careful in your condition" Jenny stated. Alice just shrugged her shoulders. She wanted to apologize to her when she finally heard herself speak in a muffled tone.

"Sorry Jenny" Alice gasped. She brought her hands to her mouth in shock. She could speak. She was delighted at least she could communicate. Her delight was short lived however as she felt the familiar shiver of being changed by the magic gem stone, just what would Tera do to her now?


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Chapter 15: Tera likes tentacles totally 
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A tingle sensation emanated from her legs, sending shivers down her spine. She let out a little moan as she felt her detached cock cumming. She could feel Tera abusing her dong for her own purposes, probably in the back room she surmised. She was grateful she had already been sitting down, for in that instant she lost all control of her legs. She could feel them, but they were completely limp. More curious than frightened at this point, she wondered what Tera had done to her now? Hesitantly, put a hand to her right leg, only to have it sink into her thigh. Hr leg felt soft, like a marshmallow, and yielded easily to any outside force. "What the?" she said. It was like her bones had disappeared too. She found she could even bend her leg backwards over the knee, but doing so made her a little queasy, and was shortly ended.

"Soooo, she took away my legs? Why?" But, no sooner had she spoken than another jolt of energy coarse through her legs. She watched as the skin beneath them visibly bulge before they started to spasm wildly. She screamed as her legs convulsed and split apart. Both of her legs divided into four equal sections which then grew into a total of eight long appendages. Each leg piece was now approximately a time and a half as tall as Alice, her tentacle like legs reaching past the kitchen entryway.

Laying on her back, Alice watched in horror as her leg pieces writhed on the ground, growing thicker, the undersides of them turning a lighter shade of her skin, and small round discs covering the bottoms. As they changed, she began to feel her muscles returning. Hoping the worst was over, she sat up, to take in what had happened. Jenny, who was strikingly oblivious to this, only said, "So, do you want some more water?"

"U-uh, no, I'm good. I think I'll just go take a shower." Man, I am never to get over that whole reality change thing. Too fucking weird... she thought.

Things seemed to be over at least. Alice was now the proud owner of what appeared to be eight long, thick, flesh colored tentacles. Thanks to the power of the stone, she was afforded a good amount of dexterity and mobility with the new appendages, as though she had been born with them. In a sense, she was able to stand upright, although what that really meant was she was able to use several of her tentacles to prop herself up while the others moved her about the house. With a surprising ease, Alice was able to slither her way to the bathroom with amazing ease. her tentacles seemed to be very strong and rugged, negating the need for socks or shoes, but also the ability to wear pants. A fair trade, she supposed, given her predicament.

Once she got to the bathroom, she wasted no time in filling the bath with hot water and carefully lowering in herself and her tentacles. However, there was now a lot more of 'Alice' and so some her tentacles ended up hanging out of the tub. Her tentacles suddenly curled inward as she felt her cock ejaculate once more, Tera apparently not one for giving up so easily. She let the relaxing heat soothe her skin and wash away sweat and other undesirable scents. As she lay there, enjoying the warmth, only one thought passed through her mind, I have got to get rid of that damned stone.



Tera pulled little Alice out of her drooling snatch and placed it on the chair next to her. Cum dribbled from her open pussy, and Alice's cock was drooling all over the chair too, and she had to get back to work. Quickly, using some napkins left in the break-room, she cleaned up as best she could and put Alice's dong back between her cleavage where she, quite frankly, felt it belonged.

Pleased for now, she decided she had better get back on the floor. With the transformed man in the back doing the brunt of her workload, she was able to kick back in the front of store given that it was this late, and customers were few and far between at this hour. However, not so long after she had returned to the front, maybe half an hour or so, she was greeted with a delightful surprise. To her delight, in walked-


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Chapter 16: The morning shift girls 
    an addition by: pillas

Laura Tradeu and Bailey Smith, two of the most stuck up obnoxious spoiled brats that Tera ever had the displeasure of meeting. Typical fashion obsessed, teen pop music fangirls with very bitchy attitudes. Tera couldn't stand being in the presence of these girls, she hated everything they represented. They made women look weak and stupid, like the typical bimbos men fawn over like puppy dogs. Tera knew though they were smarter than they let on, they knew how to use their looks to their advantage and what type of men to manipulate to their whims. Tera snarled silently as she watched these women gossip about something trivial, she didn't know why they showed up as their shift was over hours ago but she smiled a cheshire grin at the chance to put these two bitches in their place.

"Hello ladies, what brings you back here so soon?" Tera purred.

"Tera, just stop it okay. I dont have time to play you're nasty dyke games" Laura said disgustedly. Tera just chuckled, she had tried multiple times to try and seduce the two bimbos on separate occasions to no avail. She wasn't afraid to flaunt her sexuality in public or to whoever, she felt confident she could conquer anyone she could set her eyes on. The gem that was situated in her cleavage atop Alice's cock, cleverly obscuring the organ from view let her do just that now.

"You know you want me Luara, hell I bet you're more interested in girls than I am" Tera said offhandedly to push her buttons, however she was distracted as she felt a glowing heat from the gem in her bosom. Tera gasped in recogition, the stone didnt just respond to her commands but any thing that could even be considered a possible chance to change someone.

"SHUT UP, STOP BEING A BITCH!" Laura shouted harshly, Tera was taken aback by her sudden anger. Normally Laura wouldn't even respond to her banter but her fierce denial however was framed by Luaras face colored a bright red as she struggled to hold back her anger and, confusion? Oh Tera could have fun with this.

"leave her alone Tera, god you're so damn annoying...we came by to pick up a handbag we left behind this morning, can you call Markie and have him bring it out, we've got dates at the coffee shop in an hour...some guys we met are going to take us out to dinner" Baily interjected. Tera however was confused for a moment.

"Umm...Markie?" Tera asked.

"Yeah Markie, he should still be here we made a pretty big mess during the morning shipment I'm sure he's still back there cleaning up as he's supposed to. Besides his shift doesnt end until yours does. You're always so happy to boss him around the store anyway" Bailey said. Tera had a moment of clarity, she must be talking about the young man she forcibly changed against his will into a kinky helpless sluttily dressed french maid. Tera was in awe at the reality bending powers of the magic gem.

"Oh yeah sure, Markie...He's busy" Tera instructed.

"Ugh, why do you have to be so difficult Tera, just Buzz him on his beeper and he'll come right out...Sheesh move out of the way" Baily rudely shoved Tera away from the sales counter. She reached into a drawer under the register and pulled out a clear plastic remote, something that looked oddly familiar to Tera for some reason. Bailey kept her finger held against the single button the remote as she sighed and waited impatiently. She glanced back at Laura who was not so subtly taking peeks at her and Baileys backsides while Bailey's back was turned. Tera was thinking of wonderful new ideas to use Lauras new bisexuality to her advantage. She was interrupted by a strange noise coming from the back area. It sounded like a cat moaning, accompanied by a light mechanical buzzing. Suddenly the back door burst open as "Markie" sashayed his jiggling female body cutely up to the sales desk. His large breasts wobbling enticingly against the sheer clothing his sexy body was encased in, nipples erect and bright pink. Tera's eyes widened in surprise as she discovered the source of the buzzing. His exposed fat pussy that was squeezing out between the hole in his crotchless garters had a small purple wire leading from between his engorged wet folds to a small rectangular plastic device strapped to his luscious smooth thigh. Tera recognized this device immediately, having owned an assortment of these pocket and remote controlled vibrators herself. They were her personal favorite to tease those submissive girls she sometimes had the opportunity to meet online on occasion, begging to be dominated by her. Markie was moaning from the sensation that pocket vibrator caused, he eyed Tera with an angry expression but could only moan incoherently, her command for him to shut up still in effect.

"Markie, be a sweetie and fetch me one of the handbags from the top shelf of section D9" Bailey ordered as she took her hand off the remote, Markie ceased his moaning with a somewhat frustrated expression on his face, Tera mused he must have been closed to cumming. Markie's body obedieintly bowed and pranced away to retrieve the said item for her.

"Of all the people to let Markie be slacking off in his store duties, you Tera I never thought would be so lenient with him. He's just a stupid Maid, he's paid to be the store bitch." Bailey smugly stated.

"Didn't know you had such a mean streak in you Bailey, maybe there's hope for you yet" Tera suggested.

"Oh god, dont play any of your stupid games with me Tera, Always trying to get into my panties...you're such a goddamn whore and I'm tired of being harrassed by you. I would never sleep with such a big dick like you anyway" Bailey snidely laughed in Teras face. Tera frowned in rage.

"You're so full of yourself Bailey if anybody was the big dick it's YOU!" Tera shouted. She gasped as she once again felt the warm heat from the magic gem in her cleavage. Tera was confused as to what could have possibly set it off. When she noticed she could no longer see Bailey in front of her.

"Bailey...Oh...how did you get out of your carrier? what are you doing on the floor?" Laura suddenly said as she moved behind to sales desk to where Bailey once stood. Laura reached down and cradled something in her arms. Tera gasped in a sudden realization when Laura bent back up. Cradled in her arms is what would be best described as a giant four foot long, twelve inch wide disembodied human penis with breasts wearing womens clothing. The large penis was dressed in a short tight tank top that showed of it's large boobs nicely, a cute gold and silver necklace adorned it's "neck" above it's cleavage the breasts looking odd on it's otherwise cylindrical form. It was still wearing Bailey's old skirt, although it was shortened slightly to fit the penis's large basketball sized hairless and smooth testicles. Tera could see that each large testicle was parted by a pair of tight white panties that it wore over them.Tera was surprised she could make out what seemed to be a big juicy cameltoe in the center of the panties between each ball. Tera cradled the large womanly penis in clothing close to her chest, each hand holding on to it's testicles.

"Thanks Laura, I dont know what happened all of a sudden I was on the floor" Tera was shocked once more by Bailey's voice coming from between the tight vertical slit in the penis's head, as two pretty green eyes opened up on each side of the glans. Tera couldn't help but laugh at the new Bailey, and point her new form.

"OH My god...you really are a giant dick!" Tera giggled. Laura frowned at Tera's laughter as she fastened the large girly penis with tits into a strangely pimped out baby carriage that had suddenly appeared.

"No Tera, you're the dick. You know Bailey was born with a condition making her appear to have the shape and functions of a penis, but she's a sweet beautiful woman with a wonderful personality unlike you" Laura chided. As she cradled Bailey's "face" in her palms, it's slit issuing forth a slight moan at the sensation.

"Forget the handbag, Bailey doesnt need your abuse, We're leaving" Laura snapped as she checked to secure Bailey in the stroller and sharply turn it away and out the store. Tera felt a bit sorry for Laura, she obviously had some feelings for Bailey, and given her new form she was a bit overprotective of her special friend.

"Excuse me Laura, I didn't mean no offense...I admit that Bailey is a very beautiful woman and she's lucky to have you to care for her" Tera said with as much nicety as she could muster. Laura turned slightly and sighed.

"Say it to her not to me" Laura said, as she turned the stroller around and faced Bailey in her direction. Tera studied the odd sight of a large human penis with tits and a pussy wearing womens clothing. It was obscene and so very hot.

"Bailey, Im sorry if I insulted you...You are a very beautiful young women and I personally find you very attractive" Tera purred at the end. She smiled as she saw Bailey's large cockhead turn a bright purplish red and her eyes flutter at each side as it inflated slightly at her comment. It seemed her arousal was linked to her emotion.

"Thank you Tera, We'll be back tomorrow morning...and please make sure to sanitize the sales desk before you leave so Baily has a place to greet the customers as they come in" Laura said as she walked out the front door. It seemed that Bailey was still an employee despite her "handicap" and was now a store greeter.

Minutes later "Markie" came prancing back with a handbag in tow, he looked around for the girls who requested it of him and frowned when he saw only Tera eyeing him in a conniving manner. Tera wondered if any phrase she said could be taken as form of command for the gem and decided to use her new store maid as a guinea pig.
However what Tera didn't know was that anyone touching the stone could make changes, and since Alice's cock was right underneath the gem in her cleavage Alice's words even from far away could make changes as well.


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  Chapter 17: Tera and Markie 
    an addition by: pillas

Tera studied "Markie" before she approached.

"Well It's just you and me pet..Oh, you can talk now" Tera said as she approached. Mark tested himself, moving his jaw up and down as if released from a tight grip. He wondered if he could take a chance and run, but his body firmly stood in place, breasts pushed forward, ass out and hands fanned out on each side.

"Please lady....please let me go" Mark begged. Tera's expression was stony, as if she ignored him and was focused on something else.

"No" Tera said simply. Mark just dropped his jaw.

"You cant do this to me...this is kidnapping!" Mark yelled.

"No it's not, technically you're now an employee of this store...Your shift ends with mine, I'll decide your fate then" Tera waved dismissively.

"How...what? I dont work here!" He protested.

"You do now honey, you're the store maid. I can do whatever I want to you if that wasn't abundantly clear already...reality adjusts according to whatever I wish. Seems everyone still thinks you're a guy...I dont know how I feel about that" Tera frowned as she stroked her chin.

"What...NO!, please dont! I'm a guy for god sakes" He panicked.

"That's GODESS sakes to you, and I like the way things are now...adds a nice kinky flair to things, I cant wait to see how your girlfriend acts in this new reality" Tera muttered mostly to herself.

"Thank god...err..umm Goddess" Mark sighed.

"That isnt to say I'm not done changing you yet though" She said as she approached Marks still form and slowly walked around his body ,sizing it up. Mark suddenly panicked again.

"Please you cant do-" Tera silenced him by commanding him to "Shut up" once more. She stopped moving as she studied his backside for a moment.

"All the fun is up front for now, I wonder if we could spice up the back someway, your tits looks so hot on display up front, I wonder if we could do something similar for your ass" She said as she studied his large firm bubble butt peeking enticingly from beneath the frilly french maid skirt. Tera was once more surprised as the gem was activated and her chest heated up momentarily. When she looked back at Marks ass, she nearly clutched her stomach to hold in her laughter. His ass was now overflowing the frilly skirt as it grew nearly three times larger, but what really set her off was the nearly identical pair of aerola and long erect nipples that capped each butt cheek. Tera tested out his new ass by roughly groping it, she was amazed at the smoothness and feeling of each of his ass cheeks skin, it felt as firm and bouyant as an actual pair of breasts, firm and soft. When she released them the jiggled for a bit before regaining their proper alignment, the skirt was tented in the back by the erect nipples exposing nearly every inch of his new bottom and the gorgeous gap of his wonderful thighs.

"Wow, now that's a pair of Tits I could get behind!" Tera chuckled at her own Joke, however she was startled as she noticed the warm glow in her chest once more, and then a sudden pressure and tingling in her lower body. Tera gasped. She quickly ran towards a three way wall mirror near the dressing rooms and shimmied her pants and panties down her legs.

"Holy shit!" She exclaimed, her ass was now a near duplicate Markie's, although fit to her lighter skin tone. each smooth cheek was adorned by larger than her original pair of erect nipples that sent shivers down her spine when exposed to the air. Her ass as well inflated to three times it's original size. Tera was amazed at her sudden change, it seemed she would now have to be extra careful with anything she said from now on. However she knew herself better and doubt she could keep her temper or desires in check for long. She pulled up her pants, grunting at and moaning at the new sensations of her sensitive new rear being wedged into her tight leggings. She didn't mind the change, it was minor and it made her feel aroused even. She strutted back towards Mark, her ass now jiggling with each step now more than ever, it actually felt pretty good as her ass nipples were rubbed delightully against her pants. "Well that was interesting" Tera said as she composed herself. Markie was forced to watch silently as he saw in the mirror what his new change was, he also discovered that Tera wasnt the omnipotent goddess she touted herself to be, he decided to bide his time learn more about her as he tried to formulate a plan of escape. He sighed in despair as Tera's eyes were once again alight with mischief and braced himself for another change.

"You know it's kind of boring with you here, I hate hearing your grovelling, I just wish some part of you enjoyed what I was doing Markie" Tera sighed. Tera just looked down slightly when the Gem heated up again, she was actually looking forward how her new wish would be interpreted as, she had to admit she loved the creativity the gem took with her words as it subconciously granted her deepest fantasies and wishes. When the heat died down however Tera frowned in confusion, nothing seemed to have changed with Markie, maybe it was a false alarm?

"Hehe hehehe" Tera whirled around as a cute high pitched girly giggle broke the silence, she looked around frantically for the source but she could see no new customers in the store. She looked at Markie who seemed to have gone cross eyed for some reason, but remained as still as ever. She looked into his eyes, but his only response was to raise his eyebrow in confusion.

"Hehehe hehehe" The bimboish giggle was louder this time, but Marks lips were firmly sealed. She searched behind him and saw no signs of life. She became frustrated.

"Alright enough games...show yourself!" She shouted.

"But Mistress I'm right here" A cute girly voice said, it sounded like a the voice belonging to a typical bimbo. Tera turned her head sharply at the source of the voice. However all she saw was Markie, for some reason having gone cross eyed again.

"Markie?" She asked, however he turned his head slightly from side to side as if saying no, as his eyes kept darting down towards his cleavage. Tera just cocked her head like a confused animal.

"No Mistress It's me Candy" Tera was startled by the cute girlish voice coming from below Markie's breasts, she slowly lowered herself down until she was eye level with Markie's exposed hairless pussy.

"Good afternoon Mistress" The voice said between Markie's bloated pussy lips as it flapped about like a vertical mouth. Tera stood dumbfounded.

"You...can...you're a pussy...talk,...How?" Tera said in shock. The sentient vagina's response was just another cute giggle, the labia flapping oddly.

"Of course I can talk Mistress, I'm Candy!" The pussy squeeled in glee.

"I Uhmm...Yes, you're candy" Tera studied this oddity, her shock leaving her slowly as she wondered to know more about "candy"

"say, candy...can you tell me more about you...you and umm Markie?" Tera asked.

"Wow, I'm honored Mistress is taking such an interest in me. Very well Mistress, As you know me and Markie are your personal assitant and store maid, we are here to serve you dutifully and without fail. We were trained at Maddame Grosseau's house of servitude where you purchased us for the store and your personal use, Thank you so much for buying Markies girlfriends other half of the contract!" The pussy said. Tera had some more questions about this contract, but she was more interested in Markie and Candy's unique situation.

"That's good Candy, but I was more interested in your relationship with Markie actually." Tera said. The pussy just bit it's lip, which Tera thought seemed so odd yet cute.

" Oh well, Markie and I are actually one person but when his body started developing it was split. He was born a boy but his body took a whole different direction and I formed from the split, His head grew and matured like he would if he were a normal boy, where as his body below the neck gained a much more feminine appearence. The doctors explained his personality was split just like his body, I represent the feminine side whereas he represents the masculine, It was just a fluke of nature that I was given a voice and I'm every so thankful, even if Markie is always such a sour puss....hehe, sour puss" Candy giggled at her pun. Tera was highly amused at the twisted wish that the gem granted. Techincally Candy was just a more outgoing and loving side of Marks personality, given form and voice. She had one more question however.

"Say candy, how can you see though I dont see any...eyes" Tera wondered.

"Oh well I can somehow receive occular signals from the nerves in my upper nipples, Thats why they're always erect and always exposed, just like my mouth, I cant see or breath when wearing normal bras or panties, not to mention the awful itching and rashing I get whenever I dont wear my special clothes. Markie hates it but, I dont really listen to him that much, he's become such a big meanie since puberty." Candy said sadly, however her attitude seemed to change at the drop of a hat as she eagerly curtsied for Tera.

"Forget about Markie, Mistress what else would you have me do. The back area has been properly sorted and I'm yours to do with as you please." Candy's pussy lips pursed as if in a pout, all the while Markie was biting his lips and going crosseyed at the sensations Candy made in his crotch.

Tera smiled, this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.


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Chapter 18: On the tip of her tongue 
    an addition by: bobboled

Alice was still relaxing in the tub, the hot water soothing here frayed nerves. Her tentacles slithered randomly about the tub, and Alice knew she would never be normal again. Her body was completely transformed beyond anything resembling normal. of course, she couldn't really blame Tera for this. Well, she could. But, as it were, none of this would have happened if he, rather she, had not been so foolish with the stone. No, she could have just left it there, or thrown it away after she had witnessed its destructive powers, but curiosity had gotten the better of her, and now look; things had escalated to proportions she had never imagined.

So she sat in the tub, somber yet accepting. She reflected, and found that things weren't that bad. yes, Tera had the stone, and that was probably the worst thing that could possibly happen, but at least she knew she would always be with her too. She thought about what Tera must be doing now, probably messing with some poor victims when she wasn't focused on Alice herself. She thought of all the crazy things she must be changing people into, all of the-! She caught herself before she could go any further. Thinking about Tera changing people was turning her on! Did this mean she liked it? No, that's ridiculous, she thought, I wouldn't-, but the drool coming from her mouth pussy spoke otherwise. Alice blushed, "I-I guess I do. Huh...."

"W-w-well, that may be, but how is she supposed to pleasure me anyways, when I'm like this? She need more than just her tongue, I suppose." She sunk deeper into he water, her thoughts causing the water temp to rise ever so slightly.


Tera was contemplating what to do with the wet towel that was Markie and his far more interesting 'sister' Candy when she felt the gem grow hot once more. "Wait, I didn't even say anyth- Alice's cock! Shit!". Although someone need to touch the gem to make it work, said person didn't exactly have to be attached said flesh for it to work. This would have been useful information for Tera about a second ago, but that time had already passed. Unable to do anything but wait, Tera did her best poker face as her body changed. A minute passed by, and yet, nothing seemed to have happened. Assuming it must have been a fluke, she turned her attention back to the store maid. 'Markie', or at least, that's what she would have said, but it came out as more of a "M,-plugh!?" As soon as she opened her mouth, her tongue had all but exploded out of her mouth, making a slick 'splat' as it hit the counter.

"What the hell was that?" asked a surpised Markie.

"What was what, silly? It's just her tongue, jeez." said Candy, unfazed.

Embarrassed, Tera quickly grabbed her tongue and tried to push it back into her mouth. This only resulted in her clinging to about two and a half feet of tongue in front of her face. Desperate, she tried to pull it back in, and curiously felt a new muscle in the back of her throat. It smoothly reeled itself deeper into the back of her throat, where it felt like it rested comfortably. In reality, a new cavity had developed near her sternum to house the new three foot prehensile tongue she had.
"Well thpth," she had to reel her tongue in as it once more shot out. She definitely did not have the hang of this. "Well, that was cool." She was just thankful Alice hadn't done something horrible to her. She would definitely get her back later, though. Most certainly with her enhanced appendage...

"That's swell, but what about those!" Markie said in a panic.

"What about-Aaaah!!!"

Coming out from the neck of her shirt were two more tongues, and a third was snaking its way out of her underwear. Tera crumpled to the floor in pleasure as the new tongues assaulted her erogenous zones. Thankfully, the counter she had fallen behind was quite large, so anyone looking over there would see nothing. As she was writhing on the ground, moaning, a voice called out to her.

"Mistress, do you need help?"

"Fff-yes! Get the fuck over here Candy."

The stock-maid hurried behind the counter knelt by Tera's side. "Do you need some alleviation Mistress?"

"Huh, wha, yes, just do something!"

Candy practically jumped for joy. "Yay, I can help"

Candy bent down and began to rip off Tera's clothes in a speed that was both beautiful and frightening. She even placed Alice's cock and the gemstone neatly on top to the perfectly folded clothes. "No peeking Markie," Tera shouted as Candy/Markie's body loomed over her.

"Fine, whatever, this is too dame weird anyways!"

Now, with her clothes off, she could see the extent of the damage Alice had caused. The two tongues that had erupted from her bra, were in fact emanating from her nipples. Or what had been her nipples, for they were entirely gone. Instead, on each or her large breasts now sat a plump pair of smooth feminine lips, her nipple rings now pierced through the bottom lip of each. The tongues, on the other hand, were not nearly as big as the one in her mouth. They were only a foot long at most, but that was more than enough for them to lick every inch of her breasts, covering them in slick saliva.

As for the other tongue, it came from her unchanged vagina. It squirmed and licked about her sweatbox, occasionally hitting the clit stud sending shivers down her spine. The tongues were relentless, and in her aroused state she had little control over them. Even the tongue in her mouth had lost control, and it too was wildly licking her nude form, even going so far as to lick her ass-nipples.

Candy was quick to react though. She sat herself on her mistresses face, allowing ehr long tongue to enter her, as she picked up the disembodied penis and used it to pleasure her master. The pussy tongue sensed Alice's member and immediately wrapped around it and sucked her in greedily. Candy let go as the tongue did all the work; lick, and sucking and plunging it into her wet snatch while Candy happily rode her master's tongue. The two came soon, with Tera's four new tongues lapping up the mess.

Now somewhat in control, Tera threw her clothes back on, placing the cock back in her cleavage, but making sure the stone was kept in her pocket from now on. She found that, now that she wasn't so aroused, she had a much greater control of her tongues, although the one hidden in her pussy would still move around from time to time, causing her arousal to spike.

Tera was breathing heavily as she stood back up on shaky legs. "Ha-haha, nice one Alice. I like it, but one turn deserves another."

Markie looked at her, confused," Whos' Alice?"

"My kinky little girlfriend. I have her detached dick in my cleavage."

"Eww," said Markie in disgust, "You're just-so wrong."

Tera gave him a twisted grin, "You know what, slave, I think it's time I finish things with you. I can;t stand that male face of yours for one, and your attitude needs some readjusting."

"No, please, I didn't mean-"

"Shut it, your mine, so no talking back." she said with a hideous grin, her long tongue hanging out like a snake about to strike its prey. "I think I'll..."


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Chapter 19: Change markie drastically/or something small 
    an addition by: pillas

According to her own experience the gems powers were activated by any wording or phrase which tapped into the gem wielders psyche to draw upon possible interpretations of such phrase, this led to her new breast-cheeks. She idly rubbed her new ass and shivered at the sensation, she kind of enjoyed it really. Tera also learned you had to be in physical contact of the gem for any changes to be made, which explained how Alice was able to affect her as her cock was in direct contact with the gem when she gained her new appendages, again she didn't mind the new changes however being able to constantly taste her own cunt was a bit annoying. Tera smiled slyly as her tongue twirled around and licked the tip of her nose. She retrieved the gem from her pocket and held it up.

“I wish that my vaginal lubricants always tasted like my favorite desserts and alternated flavours daily” Tera said hoping that the gem just wasn't some monkey's paw that only twisted your wishes instead of just granting them. However her question was soon answered as she used her vaginal tongue to swirl the inside of her cunt and taste the subtle but sweet flavour of...Pineapple. Tera mentally cooed in delight as she began to throurghouly lap at the inside of her pussy to taste the tangy citrus flavour of her pussy juice, how delightful. This was seriously hot, the hornier she got the sweeter and more intense the flavour got, it was like lapping at hot pinapple syrup. Tera had to calm herself down, she could literally stand there all day and eat herself out and never get tired of it, she mused that she could probably even do this in public, the thought was enough to set her over the edge as her vaginal tongue was drowned in a sea of pineapple syrup. Tera gasped as she came down from her self cunnignglingus and blushed as she noticed a heavy fruity pineapple smell in wafting throughout the store, causing candy to giggle.

“Oooh Mistress, You smell positively delicious today” Candy giggled, as Tera wondered how a body with no face, nose or mouth could smell, however as she studied Markie's exposed pussy lips that also doubled as Candy's mouth she could make out his large fat clit which was erect and twitching ever so slightly. Tera guessed the clitoris doubled as her nose as well, what a strange configuration., she idly wondered if this is how Alice's new mouth functioned as well.

“Thank you Candy, I'll let you have a taste later. For now though I think we should finish up with Markie, he's been far too disobedient for my tastes and I think it's time he's learned his place” Tera grinned as she used her new long tongue to teasingly lick at Markie's cheeks, his eyes shuffling in distress.

“Oooh, Markie's been naughty! He's gonna get punished!” Candy giggled, with an emphasis as she jumped up and down excitedly and clapped her hands. Her breasts jiggled wildly and her exposed nipples were jostled too and fro.

“Whoops, made myself dizzy” Candy muttered as she brought her hands up to restrain her humongous boobs from jiggling any further. Tera laughed at Candy's antics, her fondness for the stock maid growing more and more. She turned her gaze above Candy's “eyes” to Markie's panicked face.

“You know what, I cant think of the slightest thing to do to Markie, What about you Candy? If there was some things about Markie you could change, anything you can think of...what would they be?” Tera wanted to try something new.

“Oh, Mistress you're asking me? Oh how gracious of you Mistress...well let me think” Candy said as she shuffled her hips and folded one arm underneath her breasts and the other dropped and started to tap at the left side of one of her boobs as if in deep thought. Tera thought it was cute how she had the regular mannerisms of any normal person.

“Uhmm well...I dont know how to say this really but sometimes he's really annoying and rude in public when I'm off duty and I wish sometimes he wasn't the always in front distracting everyone, I want people to look me in the boobs when I meet them and not his eyes” Candy pouted. Tera couldn't help but laugh internally at this suggestion, how ironic. Tera had a few ideas on a way to grant Candy's wish.

“I can help you with that Candy, is there anything else you'd like to change?” Tera asked hoping for more.

“Well, I've always wondered what it would be like if Markie had long beautiful silky hair, ever since Markie was a little boy I've always wondered what it would be like growing up if he were a girl and I could help him style and do his hair, I've tried doing make up on him sometimes but he would always bite at my hands whenever I tried.” Candy sighed deeply as she recalled some hidden memories

“I'm sorry Mistress for bothering you with my problems, it's just that it's been difficult for us growing up in our unique situation. I know I'm just a split of his feminine personality given form, I've always felt a little guilty that I've taken over his body and he's just a passenger, but I've done my utmost best to take care of him. We both have the same desires for women and when we met Carla, Markie's girlfriend I couldn't have been happier for him. She's such a gentle and wonderful lover, It's just that Markie's behaviour is always so abrasive and rude it makes me feel even more guilty and I - “ Candy cut herself off as she shuffled her feet shyly in her heels and dragged a long slender finger to one of her exposed nipples, Tera cocked an eyebrow as the finger wiped away what looked like a droplet of breast milk.

“I'm sorry mistress I've been babbling” Candy apologized as she bowed in front of Tera, causing Markie's head to shove forward, his face a mix of worry and lust as the motions of Candy's long speech sending very pleasurable feelings in crotch.

“Dont worry candy, I want to learn more about you, and you're wrong Candy, You're not just a split side of Markie, you're an wonderful beautiful girl with an amazing personality all your own, Markie's just jealous of people liking you more than him.” Tera cooed to Candy, as she carresed the body's large breasts, a patch of red grew in it's cleavage as Candy's way of blushing at Tera's compliment.

“Th-Thank You Mistress...you dont know how much that means to me” Candy thanked, wiping off another milky tear from both her nipples. Tera turned sharply and instructed Candy to to stand up straight.

“Markie you've been nothing but a pain to Candy, causing her nothing but frustration and grief, what do you have to say for yourself?” Tera sneered as she commanded Mark to speak once more.

“Huh...You're crazy lady, This is MY body, You're the one that made it, her sentient, I was here first! This is insanity!” Markie sputtered.

“Hmpff, no remorse eh for any of the anguish you made Candy suffer then?” Tera barked, enjoying his look of utter disbelief and confusion.

“What anguish!? None of that stuff ever happened! This is all you're doing you crazy bitch. I didnt want to be your store maid and I sure as hell didn't want this-this..this Candy whore posessing my body” Mark yelled. His outburst catching Candy's attention, a pained gasp issuing forth from her pussy lips. She began to sob quietly.

“Is, that what you really think of me Markie? I thought we were friends...I've done so much to make you comfortable I..I..” Candy began to break down into great big milky tears, her breasts now practically lactating copious amounts of milk from her grief. Tera frowned harshly, Markie had made her new friend cry and she would not stand for this. Tera held the stone in front of her, wondering if what she was about to do might work.

“Candy, I want you to forget everything that Markie just said and return to your normal happy self” Tera requested of the rock. She smiled as it glew and granted her desire. Candy's sobbing had ceased and the only traces of her previous scene was the excess liquid dripping from the tips of her nipples and breasts.

“Oh What happened mistress...My eyes got all milky all of a sudden” Candy giggled. Tera was glad Candy had returned to her regular spirits, however Markie still remained a problem. The look she gave him spread fear to throughout what little control he had left in his body.

“You have been a nusciance Mark, just looking at your face makes me sick, I wish I didn't have to” Once again Tera had forgetten the gem in her hand and felt it's warmth, she looked down and then back to Markie and laughed.

“What the hell is this!?” Markie yelled, as he soon found himself staring at the back of the sales desk, his head having been turned completely around to face the backside of Candy's body. Tera considered Candy to be the rightful owner of the body, Markie was just her victim now. He cursed at Tera from his new vantage point, able to look down at his changed ass boobs and their permanantly erect nipples.

“That was refreshing, I've got one more thing to do and I'm done with you. I want you to grow long, luxiourous feminine hair, platinum blonde in color and styled perfectly to Candy's ideal hair style” Tera ordered the gem.

Instantly his hair grew at a tremendous pace, changing colours rapidly to a shiney inhumanly brilliant grey blonde. It began to grow and grow and style itself suddenly as the back of his hair grew down to the sides of his shoulders and over his breasts, it then parted and styled itself to create something that resembled bangs and curls over the top of his cleavage. When it was all done, the new hair gave a look as if if Candy's shoulders was wearing a platinum blonde wig where a head would be. Candy now had her wish of having long beautiful hair with which to play with.

“Oh wow Mistress that's...that's amazing how did you do that?” Candy gasped as she began to play with her new hair.

“I can do anything I like candy, anything I like and anything You desire” Tera said as she brought the gem to her eyes and smiled.


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Chapter 20: Play with the customers 
    an addition by: bobboled

"That's amazing mistress! I wish I could change whatever I wanted...I'd make Markie super cute for starters!"

"...Please don't," moaned a defeated Markie.

Tera ignored him, instead asking, "Well Candy, what do you think is the cutest part of a girl?"

"Uuuuuummm...the lips!"


"Yeah, they're so soft, and pretty and they feel reeeallly good." Her breasts blushed as she said the last part.

"Oh, then do you like my lips?," she said in a mischievous tone. Candy fidgeted, her four breasts swaying back and forth as she looked for a way out of the current situation.

"W-well, I don;t mean to be rude, but, um, yes. I'm always looking at mistresses lips and..." but she couldn't finish the sentence.

"And what?" Tera said, smiling evilly. She loved watching the pussy girl squirm in embarrassment. it made her want to hug her, and much more.

"And...and I thought how good mistresses lips would feel on my lips..." she tried to hide her embarrassment, but to little avail. "I-I'm sorry mistress, I know that was out of line so I'll-"

"What, those thoughts are perfectly natural. And these lips have seen a lot of action, so it's not like I haven't been there too." She bent down and knelt in front of Candy. "You know, I think I ow you a favor for earlier anyways, so maybe I'll make both of your wishes come true."

Candy could barely form a sentence, Tera's hot breath hitting her in the "face". Amused, Tera went on. "First, let's make Markie 'cute'. I can;t stand his smug look anyways. Markie, I want your face to become feminine."

Markie's facial features softened into a rather typical looking female, smaller chin, smoother forehead, higher cheeks. "So what, I'm finally a full woman, woop-di-doo. like I didn''t see that coming from a million miles away."

"Weel duhhh, you idiot, that would be too easy. Jeez, you didn't even let me finish." Even without looking, she could tell his pretty face was now a mask of horror. "I wish that, instead of a face, you just had a large pair of the most silky, soft, luxurious female lips. She felt the stone grow hot in her pocket and she knew the deed was done. Standing back up, she turned Markie/Candy around to view her latest creation. Staring back at her was supposedly 'Markie. His female face was entirely blank; no nose, no eyes, save for a large pair plush pink lips in the middle of his face. They went from one side to the other, and took up the entirety of his face up to where the eyes had been.

The lips moved, almost comically given their size, as Markie spoke. "What the hell, I can see in front of me again?! he said in his, or rather her now sultry voice. "And what's with the porno voice?

"Well, a big pair of lips needs a voice to match, right? And if anything, I helped you loser." She placed the palms of her hands over Candy's nipples, which caused both of them to flail about blindly. "Now you share her vision, and I'm sure your girlfriend will enjoy the new you."

"Oh yes yes yes, she certainly will Mistress. She's always complaining about oral, and Markie was just never that good, even though I tried to give him pointers." She said defiantly with her hands on her hips. "Now he 'oughta be really good. We'll be like, a tag team!" The big lips just sighed in defeat. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em was his new life motto now.

"Exactly, now for your second wish."

"Huh" was as Candy could say before she threw the defenseless maid to the ground and buried her head between Candy's thighs. Tera's skill was bar none, but now was four times the threat she ever was. Her extended tongue touched places inside Candy she didn't even knew she had. Her breasts tongues helped out too, licking her thighs and her throbbing clit as Tera's vaginal tongue tickled her bum. While Candy's voice may have been muffled, Markie's certainly was not. Her enormous mouth was parted in an 'O' of ecstasy, her large tongue hanging limp out of her mouth as she moaned in pleasure. In what seemed like ages to Candy, but was more likely over a minute, she came, literally gushing as Tera continued her assault.

Satisfied with her work, Tera got back up and licked herself clean. Candy stood up later, wiping some 'drool' from her mouth. "Thank you mistress, that was wonderful! I mean, real really wonderful!" She hugged Tera with entirely too much enthusiasm, causing Tera to politely pull herself away.

"Well, your welcome Candy. Now, if you do a good job like this everyday, this will be your little reward, ok?"

"Yes yes yes, I love you Mistress!"


Some time after their little escapade, a 20-something couple walked into the shop and started browsing. Candy and Tera were over at the register, bored, watching the music video loop that was on the stores televisions. However, they perked up when they saw the couple walk in. Tera leaned in and whispered for Markie to kindly "shut the fuck up or else" and went over to greet the two potential customers. The boyfriend was an average college male; slim build, tight jeans, loose neck shirt with a hip logo, and a pair of flip flops. The sunglasses on inside the mall weren't helping either. Tera's targeting systems instantly identified him as douche. His girlfriend looked pretty great, or so Tera thought, she filled out her curves rather nicely, and her breasts were even bigger than hers. Tera sympathized a little, as she knew how they must hurt her back, and she tell her enlarged breasts would too if she didn't do something about it. However, the girl was definitely a butter face, and it was easy to see why she had ended up with the boy.

Tera didn't need to think long about what she wanted to do to them. She still needed to sell some more clothing before the store closed, and in these two innocent people she saw a way to make a profit. As she neared the two of them, she could hear them bickering. "...I don;t understand why we're here. It's just stupid clothing, and you already have, like, a bazillion bras and panties anyways! Why don;t you just not wear them? It'd save you money." "How can you say that? You know it hurts if I don't wear one!"

Tera calmly walked up to couple, who didn't notice her until she was standing squarely in front of them. "Hello." She said curtly. The two jumped back when they noticed her. "You now boy, you shouldn't be so mean to her about her chest. In fact, I think you would greater appreciate her struggle in you knew what it felt like." The stone grew hot as it began to work its magic.

"Pff, whatever. Like I-huh!?" He was stopped because his shirt had started rising before his very eyes. two large lumps were groing on his chest, but this was not all that was happening. His tight pants burst at the seams as his thighs enlarged, and fell off altogether as his waist changed shape. His muscles smoothed out and softened as his body began to take on shape. As the lumps grew, his shirt ripped, unable to contain the new breasts he now sported. She quickly reached a hand down his pants, only to scream in a much more feminine voice as he could not find what he was seeking. In a matter of seconds, he went from man to buxom naked woman, her clothes lying in tatters on the floor. Her pretty face contorted in rage as she face Tera. "What the fuck happened?" Did you do this?!"

Tera simply smirked, not giving the former man an edge. His/her girlfriend grabbed her by the arm and pulled her back to her side. "Tammy, what the hell is wrong with you? And where are your clothes? " she asked, angered and perplexed.

'Tammy' just stared at her, dumbfounded. "What is wrong with me? What's wrong with you Eliza!? I'm a girl! I'm not supposed to be. And these fucking milk jugs are killing me! Ugh!" She hefted her G-cup breasts in her hands so a s to alleviate the strain.

"Yeah, I know you're a girl, and right now you're also being a bitch!"

Tammy pointed an accusing finger at Tera, "No, she's a bitch! Somehow she did this to me!"

Tera was not amused, "Excuse, I may be bitch, but you are a dickhead!" She felt the stone activate and smiled with contemptuous glee. Tammy probably would have spouted back another, had she still had a mouth. The sunglasses that had so proudly sat on her face clattered to the floor, the reason being she didn't have a nose anymore. Or a head for that matter. Instead, there was in place of her head, a large flaccid cock and balls between her shoulders. It was even bigger than Alice's, although still small compared to the cock bodied Bailey. Tammy desperately felt around her shoulders until she gripped her new dick. She jumped in shock as she felt it where it most certainly should not have been. Then she started making a series of hand expressions that Tera couldn't quite make out.
The girlfriend rolled her eyes, "He's just signing you, something I won't say. C'mon Tammy, let's get you some clothes before the mall cops show up to take you away. And for god's sake, would you quite playing with your dick in public? It's embarrassing!" She said as she took him to the back of the store to look at women's clothing.

"Let me know if you need help," Tera said as she walked back over to the register. Tammy flipped her off as they walked away, and Tera blew a kiss in response. She went over to Candy and told her to help them pick out some clothes, to which she merrily agreed. Candy all but skipped over to the couple and bega selecting items for the transformed boy, most notably several large bras for his new assets. Tera watched in amusement, and decided to...


Re: Transforward

Chapter 21: More customers walk in 
    an addition by: pillas

Tera was debating if she wanted to transform the new dick headed girls girlfriend or not, she studied their reactions for any ideas. Candy was being very patient and helpful with the dick headed girl, her girlfriend doing the best she could to translate the odd hand motions that only she seemed to understand. The former boy was still irritated at being changed against his will but had no way to express his frustration, apparently it seemed he retained some form of vision, though with no visible eyes Tera was curious as to how. Tera shrugged, it wasn't her problem really, he'll just have to adjust to his new form whether he liked it or not, besides Tera thought she was doing him a favor, not only did he now have a great pair of tits and a tight little pussy but he got to keep a more improved version of his manhood, he should thank her really.

His girlfriend seemed to have a bit more confidence in this new reality too, she no longer had that shy slunken shoulders look about her. Tera figured that the dynamic of their relationship had changed along with “Tammy's” new body, the lack of her boyfriends former head had made her the more dominant, as seen as nearly forcing the new girl into a pair of frilly pink underwear and struggling to strap on a black lacy bra they somehow found in her size. Candy was just drinking this all in while helping them, idly giggling every know and then as the girls flaccid cock wobbled around unrestrained on her shoulders.

Tera was pleased as it seemed Markie had taken a more relaxed attitude to her new lot in life, she was but a passenger in her own body, a body with the personality of a very friendly, affectionite and obedient bubbly maid. Markie's humongous seductive mouth sighed sexily, he could no longer speak harshly or negatively anymore, his tone would always come out as a seductive and throaty purr no matter what he was saying. Tera had began to idly daydream of Alice for a moment as she went to retrieve little Alice from her cleavage when the door chime rang, signaling the arrival of customers.

Tera sighed and promised Alices cock some attention later. Tera was surprised however as when who walked in werent regular customers but Laura and Bailey returning. Laura pushing a transformed Bailey in a very fancy baby stroller, her cock like body jiggling obscenely beneath her oddly fitting clothes. Tera noticed that Bailey's tube top and skirt however were being strained tightly against her flesh and her panties that were nestled in between a pair of large swollen hairless testicles was being squeezed tightly. Between her swollen balls, Bailey's cameltoe was on full display her pussy practically painted on to her panties as it dribbled a bit of wetness.

“Tera, listen can you call Markie over here for a moment, I need to talk to him” Laura asked in a huff. Tera just nodded and called for candy to bring Markie over. She did a curtsie to the dick headed girl and strutted towards them.

“Good afternoon Mistress L and Mistress B, how may we serve you” Candy welcomed as she bowed respectively to Luara and Bailey.

“Hey Candy, I'm sorry to be so forward about this but I was wondering if Markie could help milk Bailey, You see I woke up late this morning and the manager was getting angry about being late all the time so I didnt have a chance to give Bailey her morning milking, but she's really desperate. She's all bloated already” Laura said pleadingly.

Tera looked closely at Bailey, her new penile body was indeed very bloated, her “neck” was covered in large pulsing veins and stretched from the tube top by at least another six inches. Bailey's face was now a bright rosy red color and had inflated obscenely, her large cock head glans was now the size of a very smooth and shiney basketball with two strained eyes on each side of rather moist slit. Her breasts seemed to have increased in size as well, and large bluish veins could be seen througout the entire surface of each of them as her nipples tented her tube top. Her ball sack had grown tremendously, causing the panties that were barely covering her moist pussy to tighten into a ever more tight and and obvious cameltoe, even her clit which seemed to be very large for woman could be seen erect through the thin cotton fabric. Tera smirked idly, it didnt take a genius to understand what had caused her to be so bloated and what Laura meant about milking.

“Oh!, I'm very sorry to hear that mistress B, Yes and I'm sure Markie would be delighted to help Mistress B out, dont worry Mistress L, we'll make sure she's properlly milked for you” Candy offered.

“Wait a minute, I dont want to do that!...I dont want to touch a dick...even if it is a woman!” Markie yelled in his breathy phone sex voice.

“Markie that was rude, You should be glad Bailey cant hear you right now because she's so full but I expect an apology when you're done...candy can you deal with him? He can be such a pain” Laura chided as she unbuckled Bailey's body from the baby stroller, her neck having gained a few more inches in width and length, her eyes half lidded as small moans echoed from the slit of the giant cockhead.

“Yes Mistress L, Markie! Be quiet!” Candy yelled loudly, her pussy lips flapping wildly from her shout. The lips that made up Markie's now only phsyically responsive body had automatically sealed themselves shut, they wiggled madly but never parted as Markie fought to open his fat lucious lips but could not seem to do so.

“I'm sorry Mistress L, on behalf of Markie I apologize for his harsh words, now...I'll make sure he gives extra attention to Mistress B's needs because of it, just leave her in my hands” Candy offered.

“Thank you Candy, You're a lifesaver....Dont worry Bailey, candy will make you feel better I know it. I'll be back to pick you up in an hour okay honey” Laura cooed to Bailey as she gently carressed her overfilled glans, eliciting moans and shivers from the giant boobed cock. Laura lifted Bailey by her now swollen balls and tentatively placed her in Candy's delicate hands, cradling her penile body as one would a small child, draping her now erect cock head over her shoulders as she adjusted Bailey's boobs out of her line of sight, leaving one of her breasts out in the open. Candy turned around and headed off to one of the back rooms. Tera was amazed at the bizarre spectacle only to cackle silently as Candy's ass boobs jiggled sexily behind her and she could see Markie's backwards head and his struggling sexy lips try futily to open.

Tera turned and studied Laura for a moment, she knew from her previous accidental wishes with the gem stone she had changed the once bitchy girls sexual preference to bisexual with a heavy bias towards women. Even such a subtle change and the drastic change to her best friend has radically changed the girl's precious attitude. She seemed a lot more kinder and even a bit shy compared to the bitchy fashonista she was before. Tera was mulling over wether she would change her further, even compared to her she was way too mundane to leave this store unaltered.

Tera idly licked herself between the legs with her vaginal tongue as she thought of what she could possibly alter about the girl.


Re: Transforward

Chapter 22: Tera changes Luara
    an addition by: bobboled

Tera thought about what to do to Laura, but was having conflicting emotions about it. She was nicer now, sure, but she used to be a total bitch to her. Besides her change in her attitude was due to Tera anyways. If anything, she still deserved to be changed, but she decided to not change her as extremely as she had Bailey, or at least not intentionally...

"Hmmmm," she said as she pondered," What to do?" She looked at Laura, who blushed as she watched the two half naked girlfriends pick out clothes for the former man. She fidgeted, her hands absentmindedly rubbing her body as she watched. The sight was obviously turning her on, but she would never admit to it. "Jeez," she said, "It's like the only part of her that's honest is her body." She continued observing Laura, and was hardly surprised when she felt the gem heat up in her pocket. "Oh, and what now, hmm?"

Looking at Laura, she saw nothing out of the ordinary, that is until Laura placed her hands on the sides of her head and lifted it off her body like she was some kind of doll. Her body placed the head in the baby stroller, and began walking towards the couple. "Hey," yelled Laura, "Laura II, come back here this instant! We are not having another incident!" The body suddenly froze, it's shoulders slumped like a scolded child. It made as though to come back to her head, but instead bolted for the penis headed girl. "Laura II, no, bad Laura II! Get back here!"

Tera watched, totally amused by this sight, as Laura II snuck up behind the dick head girl and grabbed her from behind, shocking both of the girls. Although the dick headed girl had finally put on a simple bra and panties, it did nothing to stop Laura II from fondling her massive breasts. Unsurprisingly, this upset her girlfriend, who started pounding on the body's back trying to shake her off but to little avail.

Tera chuckled, watching the spectacle with acute interest. However, she was not content to stand idly by. This was her chance to mess with Laura. "I think Laura needs more hands, she can barely handle those two tits." Two new pairs of arms, each pair beneath the previous, burst through the sides of her shirt and started attacking the other erogenous zones of the girl.

"Tera!" Laura's voice came from the stroller. "Tera, you've got to do something, please! I don't want to lose my job over this!"

"No worries Laura, I got this."

"Thank you, thank you!"

Tera walked out from behind the counter and calmly made her way to the couple and their headless attacker. Being much stronger than than the other girls in the store, she easily pried Laura II off of the dick head girl. When the girlfriend started demanding apologies, Tera smoothed things over with a couple of store discounts to keep their mouths shut. After all, the assault had happened on her shift, and it would look bad no matter what she said.

She had no problem taking Laura II back to Laura, because once she had pried her from the customer, the body started groping her instead. Not that she minded all that much. Laura, head or no head, was still a hot piece of ass in Tera's eyes. So she walked, her associates body wrapped around her torso, rubbing her breasts and pussy beneath her clothing. Place and time non-withstanding, it took every ounce of her willpower not to throw the body down and have her way with it. It wouldn't be hard to either.

Luckily, she resisted and delivered the body back to the stroller. Laura looked up at her, ashamed and embarrassed. "Sorry about that, but, you know how she can get. Once she sets her eyes on something, she has trouble letting go."

"I can see."

"Y-yeah. Anyways, Laura II!" The body stopped fondling Tera, it's attention averted to it's head. "If you don;t stop this instant, I'm not going to eat anymore cupcakes, only celery and brussel sprouts!" Laura II instantly lept off Tera and ran to the stroller. She shook her hands, as though to say 'nononono'. "Oh yes, don;t doubt me for a second. Now behave and maybe I'll eat some ice-cream on the way home." Happy once more, her body picked Lauara up and hugged her tightly against her bosom. "Okay, okay, good girl. And thank you Tera, sometimes she just goes after what she wants without thinking."

"Oh, it's no problem Laura. But, you know, sometimes I think you should let her indulge herself. Keeping her all pent up like this helps no one. In fact, I'm sure Bailey wouldn't mind.." Tera looked directly into Laura's eyes, "And i know Alice and I would mind either."

Even with her head buried in her own cleavage, it was easy to see the blush spreading over her face. "I-I'll keep that in mind. I just wish I could be more useful to Bailey though. There's only so much I can do for her what with her condition."

"Yeah," Tera said, a smirk flashing across her face, "It would be nice if you were able to accommodate her more appropriately..." The gem grew hot as the magics changed Laura's body. Luckily for Laura II, she had dressed in a short skirt today, or else her change would have been much more painful. Tera watched in awe as a bulge formed under her skirt and her hips began to widen. As her hips were being pushed out, Tera saw something smooth and pick grow down past the skirt. At first she didn't quite know what she was seeing, but in mere seconds it was quite obvious; Laura II's pussy was growing at an alarming rate, and her pussy lips had grown past her mini-skirt. Plush pussy lips pushed out of crotch, engulfing and then snapping her panties off as they grew to incredible size. As they grew, they pushed her legs further apart until the it looked like she was trying to hold a basketball between her thighs. BY the time her pussy stopped expanding, her pussy, from front to end, was large enough that Tera was certain Bailey, if not Tera herself, could fit in there comfortably. Her thighs squeezed her engorged lips, which jutted out a little past her abdomen and ass, and as could be seen beneath her clothes, Laura II's golfball sized clit was now situated just below her ribs.

Tera was about to say something, but thought better of it as it would only cause Laura to ask why she didn't already know. So she kept her mouth shut, however her eyes were still glued to the giant pussy. Thankfully, the phone at the counter rang, tearing her attention away. "Excuse me," she said hastily as she rushed over the phone. She picked it up, careful not to drop the phone and answered, "Hello?..."