Topic: Radio Pitch--Modern Transformed Family

Hey all, I posted this story a few other places for Thanksgiving, but messed up and forgot to post it here.  Think of it as an early holiday gift as I finish up this year's edition of Festival of Lights.

Jackie: Good afternoon everyone and thank you for tuning in to yet another episode of Radio Pitch. I'm Jackie Rhodes, your favorite headless radio personality, here to bring you yet another glimpse at what's upcoming in this year's entertainment line-up. With me today is executive producer Gwen Armstead, who will be giving you a sneak peek at some of the details for her new show Modern Transformed Family, which will be airing this spring on Transformed TV. Gwen, why don't you say hi and tell the audience a little about yourself?

Gwen: Hello, my name is Gwen Armstead and I've been in the television business for almost thirty years. I started back in high school, doing filler parts and fetching coffee for the staff. I won't name the first show I directed, as it was terrible and I'd prefer everyone forget about it.
But I'm most well known for my recently ended second show, the murder mystery series Through the Cracked Glass.

Jackie: Ooh, ooh, I love that show. Especially the ending. If I still had eyes, they would have been soaked all night.
Gwen: That was what I was hoping for. Ending a show that's been a part of your life for eight years is hard, and I wanted the audience to feel a bit of what the cast and crew were feeling.

Jackie: And now you have a new show. Why don't you tell us how you came up with this new idea?

Gwen: (chuckles) It's simple really, it all came down to a bad case of writer's block. After Through the Cracked Glass ended I took a year off to travel the continent, to see new people and places and hopefully find some inspiration.

Jackie: Did it work?

Gwen: I wish. After that year I found myself back in my corner coffee shop, trying to piece together a pitch for a new show. I had a few small ideas, but the pieces just wouldn't come together. Frustrated, I decided to call it a day and put my laptop away. I lived only a mile from the coffee shop, an easy walk. On the way back I stopped off at the park for a chance to sit on a bench for a few minutes and people watch. It was a way to forget my problems and let myself relax.

Jackie: And that was when inspiration struck?

Gwen: In a way. Across the park from where I was sitting there were some tables for people to come and enjoy lunch when the weather was good. It was a sunny day to a park was packed, creating some odd pairings as families squeezed themselves into the limited space. A tauric couple chatted with an elderly couple. A woman with two heads used one to watch her children while the other chatted with her baseline friends. A runner jogged by, a canine form with a woman's face right on his heels. I got to thinking about how transformation were becoming more and more a part of ordinary life. In my parents' day, transformees were often shunned or thought of as town oddities. There were isolated communities of transformees, but they never seeped into modern society outside of the Realm. These days my mother had herself changed half into a spider to, and I quote, save a fortune on knitting supplies.

Jackie: You're sitting here talking to a headless woman, so you're preaching to the choir. Ironically my parents were against my change, until I showed them a painting of my great grandmother, who served as a headless guard for one of the Mad Princes. That was enough to convince my mother to join me in the change.

Gwen: What really sparked the idea was one of the kids running back to the tables with all the parents. She couldn't have been older than five or six, a humantaur without any upper arms. I think she was crying about skinning one of her knees. Instead of running to her taur mother, the young girl accidentally ran to the baseline woman sitting on the other side of the table. Instead of being surprised, the woman treated this as totally normal and started comforting the girl. I started to wonder if the woman really was the girl's mother. And that led me to contemplate the complexities transformations have inserted into the modern family dynamic. That night, I jotted down the first ideas that would become Modern Transformed Family.

Jackie: From the genesis, I'm guess this show falls in a different category than your old one.

Gwen: Very much so. Modern Transformed Family is very slice of life, a comedy with enough depth to make the viewer think. At least, that's my hope.

Jackie: Now that we've got the background, why don't you give us a quick elevator pitch.

Gwen: Ok. At a high level, Modern Transformed Family is all about relationships and how those are affected by the transformed lifestyle. This starts all the way at the top, with the "parents" of the family. Leo and Windi both find themselves single again due to transformations affecting their spouses. In fact they meet as a support group for individuals in those circumstances. This eventually leads to a whirlwind romance and second marriage, which pulls their families together in chaotic fashion. Each of the children in the series is either transformed, in an unconventional relationship, or both, so how these play off each other will be a big part of the series.

Jackie: You beat me to my next question Gwen by talking about Leo and WIndi. As this seems to be a very character driven show, can you go over the primary characters and their transformations? Maybe give us a hint about who will be playing them?

Gwen: I guess I'll start with Leo as I mentioned him first. Leo is Leo Wolf, Jr., an untransformed male in his late forties. He has a great affinity for the transformed as he grew up spending lots of time in his father's shop, which made custom furniture for transformees. Leo now serves as the head of the company due to his father, Leo Sr.'s circumstances. I'm pleased to announce that Isaiah Weir has followed me over from my last show to take the new lead position.

Jackie: Ooh, I loved him as Detective Sage. But aren't you worried he's a bit too serious for a comedy?

Gwen: I admit, that was going through my mind when Isaiah asked for the part. But his argument was that Leo Jr. was a serious character, just one whose world had been turned
sideways by his wife's transformation and the merging of the families. In this case some seriousness fits, as Leo Jr. is a man trying to make sense of his crazy new world.

Jackie: I guess that makes sense. Who's next?

Gwen: I'll move down Leo's family tree before I cross over to Windi. Leo Jr. has two kids of his own. The oldest is Leo Wolf III, who also goes by 3 Wolf. 3 Wolf is played by Isaiah's real life son Jonathan, who's making his acting debut. I was a bit skeptical at first, but he's proven to be just as professional as his father. 3 Wolf, like his father, is a baseline human in a strange relationship. He has two girlfriends, one dominant and one submissive, with himself acting as the switch between them. The dominant girlfriend is Kiera, played Lorilee Weston. She's a newer actress, but I had a great time working with her as a minor character in Through the Cracked Glass. I invited her back to play a very different role in Modern Transformed Family. Unlike meek Linda Thomson, Kiera is a fiery as her red hair.
Jackie: She's got a dick and she knows how to use it.

Gwen: Exactly. This is contrasted by Ellie, the submissive member of the trio. Her greatest ambition is to become the perfect submissive maid, a plan Kiera and 3 Wolf are training her for. She's already taken a potion that left her completely hairless and with rubbery skin. There's a great scene where Kiera dresses her up like a life-sized doll…oh, but I don't want to give away any spoilers.

Jackie: My listeners love a good tease anyway. So, who's next?

Gwen: That would be Ashlyn, Leo Jr. younger child. She's recently graduated from university and back at home while she searches for a job. After her junior year Ashlyn did a summer abroad in the Realm as part of a forestry internship. While she was there, Ashlyn decided to become a Freyan woman. I'd originally planned to have the character be a cockwoman, but during the tryouts I ran across an anuswoman who was trying out for a position as one of Ashlyn's friends from the Realm. She was one of the New Anon variety, the ones that look horsish. I immediately felt the look suited Ashlyn perfectly and offered her the bigger role instead.

Jackie: That's quite the promotion, I'm sure she was really excited. Any hints as to what's in store for the reduced Wolf daughter?

Gwen: Ashlyn does have some trouble adjusting to her new form back home, especially on the dating side. There's one boy she meets who Ashlyn thinks might be the one, but things won't turn out as you'd expect. Oh, and I totally forgot…

Jackie: Forgot what?

Gwen: I discussed Leo Jr. and his kids, but I forgot to mention what happened to his first wife.

Jackie: Which was?

Gwen: She's now the family sex pet.

Jackie: That's certainly a big change.

Gwen: It didn't start out as Aleida, that's Leo Jr.'s first wife's name, it didn't start out Aleida's dream in life. But once she had the house with the white picket fence and the two kids, her mind drifted deeper into other fantasies. She kept her growing fascination with transformations hidden from her husband until both of her kids were grown and stable, before finally springing her desires on him. To say this was a surprise to poor Leo is a huge understatement, but to his credit the man loved his wife enough to abide her wishes. And that was how Aleida ended up as Fluffy. She looks like a half sized, headless, white furred version of herself with paws instead of hands and feet. Most of her higher thought processes were removed, but a feeling of family loyalty remains.

Jackie: Huh, that transformation sounds vaguely familiar….

Gwen: I may…I may have used your Demons' Eve costume from last year as inspiration.

Jackie: I'm flattered, I think. Though I'm a tad upset you didn't offer me the first dibs on the role.

Gwen: I would have, but I just couldn't see you leaving all your listeners behind.

Jackie: Fair enough. Though I reserve the right to change my mind if the role opens up again. Anyway, who do we have next?
Gwen: That's it for Leo and his kids, now we can move to Windi's side of the family.

Jackie: That's a rather unusual name. What made you come up with it?

Gwen: Err, it made sense with my overall design of the character. The source of which…I'm not sure I can talk about here.

Jackie: Because it's under contract?

Gwen: No, because it's rather adult.

Jackie: The advantage of being in the pay radio channels means we can talk about this stuff. I'd be off the air if we couldn't, as half of my interviews come from Transformed TV these days.

Gwen: Ok, this is still a little embarrassing but here goes. I was up late surfing porn…

Jackie: Oh, I like where this is going already. All the best perverted ideas come from porn.

Gwen: I'd like to say it was solely for inspiration…but my love live has been a little sparse lately.

Jackie: Hmm, I'll have to see what I can do about that. Can't leave my new besty high and dry.

Gwen: I was craving a big…you know, and ended up in transformation porn. There was this clip with a massive cocked porn star arguing with a man in a suit. It was one of those sped up clip, so I didn't know what they were actually arguing about. But in my mind the man was the porn star's manager, and he's screwing her over. Figuratively, not literally in this case. Thinking that could be a source of friction I could exploit, I clicked on the video to see what they were actually arguing about. And of course, out pops a commercial.

Jackie: I hate that. You're all raring to go and then suddenly, 'you should buy this new car'.

Gwen: It wasn't that bad. Nature day was coming up and the ad was for a Wyvern rescue. Feeling inspired, I combined that with the argument idea from the clip and came up with Windi.
Jackie: I think you're going to need to spell that out for me. I got lost somewhere in the description.

Gwen: Windi's backstory is that she was a conventional porn star/cam girl who married her producer. Her niche was as a fantasy barbarian woman, Windi the wyvern rider. Chain bikinis, leather skirts, red face paint, stuff like that. Life was going well until Windi caught her husband screwing one of the other actresses in his studio. The man was too arrogant to think he'd ever get caught, and too foolish to remember the clause Windi had slipped into her contract when she first came to work for him. Long story short, Windi had full authority to transform her husband in any way she wanted.

Jackie: Ooh, that's devious. The man's lucky she didn't turn him into a slug.

Gwen: Windi considered it, but why not use the change to foster her own career? Her husband was being a giant dick, so he could spend the rest of his life as one. The change would also allow Windi to break into the transformed porn game. And that was how she ended up full time as Windi the wyvern rider.

Jackie: That's it? A wyvern dick transformation?

Gwen: That was my original idea. But this time I did offer first dibs to the role to the actress who inspired it, and she came up with something better.

Jackie: You offered the transformed porn star the role?

Gwen: I did indeed. Depending on your tastes you may have heard of her, Tambra Bolden. Tambra's idea was to transform her entire lower half to look like a wyvern. Her oversized legs would be powerful with muscle, scaled, and end in sharp clawed feet. The three foot long, spiky dick in front would be balanced out by an even longer tail in back. To make it look like Windi was "riding" instead of part of her mount, she'd gain an extra pair of arms just above her hips. The idea took a bit of refinement, but ended up surprisingly similar to the drawings Tambra first showed me.

Jackie: Is there going to be problems after the show? If Tambra goes back to doing porn with the likeness of your character?

Gwen: That was a sticky point, but we let the lawyers fight it out. Short story is we'll both get paid for the use of Windi's likeness.

Jackie: Interesting. Wish I could have been a fly on the wall for that lawyer fight. But back on topic. Can you tell us about Windi's kids?

Gwen: Sure. The eldest is Leisa, who in her early twenties is well on her way to following her mother's footsteps career wise. Professionally she calls herself Lissassana the Alien Princess.

Jackie: Alien princess? Seriously?

Gwen: Between the purple skin, cloven hooves, and quad breasts topped with dick-tits she doesn't look very human. Throw in the pussymouth and triple eyes and I thought the description was very accurate.

Jackie: Who came up with that transformation? And who would want to go through with it?

Gwen: Actually, it was already the form of a transformed porn star friend of Tambra's. The look fit within the bounds of what we were looking for and the pair had great chemistry together, so it worked out.

Jackie: After that level of transformation, I'm almost afraid to ask what the rest of Windi's kids look like.

Gwen: Actually there's just one more kid, a high school senior named Darron. And you'll be disappointed, as everyone thinks he's a baseline.

Jackie: Thinks he's baseline?

Gwen: One morning six months ago, Darron woke up to find his dick was gone. In its place was a fully functional vagina. A big part of his character arc is trying is figure out what happened while keeping the truth from his parents.

Jackie: I doubt that will be easy.

Gwen: It isn't, and result is some shenanigans. One entire episode involves a girl from his high school finding out. She blackmails him into being her boyfriend as a price for her silence.

Jackie: That's harsh.

Gwen: Blackmail might be a little strong of a word. It starts out as a date to the dance, but they enjoy each other's company enough that they become an item afterward. Apparently pussy-boys are the perfect solution for bi young women.

Jackie: That sound like a strange cast of characters. Are there any other notables you'd like to tease?

Gwen: There is one more, who plays a fairly major part of the plot even though he's only in a handful of episodes. Leo Sr.

Jackie: Ah, I wondered when you'd get around to him. You mentioned him earlier, but not why he was out of the picture.

Gwen: The answer is simple. As part of a joint 80th birthday celebration with her husband, Leo Sr.'s wife decided to give him an extra special gift. A CTF.

Jackie: Huh, that's something. I'm guessing it went wrong?

Gwen: In a fairly major way. Mergings where one partner is consumed, such as with Windi, tend to have a youthening effect on the remaining partner. In this case the doctors thought the merge would make Leo Senior appear in his late forties, roughly the same age as his son.

Jackie: But that's not what happened.

Gwen: Oh, it did. But he didn't stop regressing there. Leo Sr. didn't stop changing until he appeared as a teenager.

Jackie: Wow, that's one powerful transformation.

Gwen: Yep. So now Senior has to deal with puberty all over again and adapting to a world much
different than when he grew up the first time.

Jackie: Fascinating. So how does Leo Sr. fit into the overall story?

Gwen: He spends a good chunk of the episodes away at a special boarding school for people like himself, but when he's at home the family acts like he's the youngest son. Which is a bit ironic, since they're all living in his mansion.

Jackie: That has to sting. How did you get around the sexual aspect? After all, a change like that would make Leo Senior a minor.

Gwen: We keep him out of the heavy stuff. No more than the occasional kiss. I figure if other shows
can get away with thirty year olds playing high schoolers, I should be allowed that much. Plus, much like his character, the actor playing Leo Senior was leonized for the role. Actually youthened and gender flipped. For the sake of her, now his privacy I won't say who Leo Senior used to be, but she was a mid-tier actress.

Jackie: Let the guessing games begin. I'm sure the boards will be crawling with possibilities before the end of the day. And speaking of end, we're nearly out of time for today's show. Gwen, it's been great having you. Any final points for our listeners?

Gwen: Only that if they like what they heard, to turn in Tuesday nights this spring to Transformed TV, your home for best sexy and weird shows on television.
Jackie: And with that, we have a rap. Tune in next week, as I hand the mic over to Ludicrous Green, so he can talk about his new show The Green Zone. Until then….