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Aborian flower women, Lauralei, pink ladies, pussy petals, flesh flowers, drooling daffodils, love blossoms, etc. These are all names for the victims of Lauralei’s Disease, a transformative illness. It is arcane in nature and the primary morphological component targets the vagina. Because of this, only biological females are affected, though there have been reports of transformed individuals being infected as well.
First signs include red irises, swelling of the vulva, increased libidio, and vaginal lubrication. At this stage it is entirely curable, though effects will persist indefinitely.

As the disease progresses the vulva and labia start to swell into increasingly unnatural shapes, the larger frills of the future flower forming, as well as amorphous flesh that will later take form.
Soon, two lateral slit-like orifices form along the neck. Scans have shown that soon after this point the brain restructures radically, reforming into erectile tissue similar to the victim’s expanding vaginal features. These new structures often flow and droop fluidly from the victim’s new slits when first formed. It is hypothesized these organs and orifices are designed to produce and disperse pheromones, respectively. Due to the massive restructuring of the brain into erogenous tissue at this point, the victim’s personality and behavior is altered. Victims almost always lose command of speech and their personality often shifts as well.

At this point there is nothing that can be done to stop the process. The legs begin to flatten and withdraw into radial petals. Below these skin coated petals, the remade vaginal structures begin to rapidly blossom.

There are three main features of this “flower” centered around a vaginal canal that has been deepened. There are flat, thick petals similar to the ones above, albeit with frilled edges. Between and positioned slightly inside this layer, are thick tentacle like appendages. The girth of these is anywhere between the victim’s former legs to their forearms. They are only partially articulate, mostly able to flex in curved, radially oriented shapes. Finally, within the ring formed by the larger limbs, are a multitude of smaller far more prehensile tentacles. These seem to be the most sensitive as well to the victim. These features also seem to have different consistencies. The wide petals have been described as pillowy, fleshy, and even squishy. The large tentacles are firm and thick while the smaller ones are soft and fleshy. These structures are permanently lubricated in an aphrodisiac and pheromone.

At some point during the development of the flower, the victim’s arms also atrophy and often taper off somewhere near the elbow. After or even part way into the transformation the victim finds themselves able to float and fly limitedly. The flight is slow and limited to roughly thirty to forty feet above the ground.

The creatures that result from this sickness feed off of sexual pleasure. They are also highly transformative. Their behavior is predatory and often stagnant. They usually drift in an area, dripping and scenting their pheromones into the wind. They prefer humans as prey. If a person gets too close, they will attempt to touch them, the powerful aphrodisiac lowering inhibitions and making it more likely that someone will fall into their grasp. One a victim has been pacified, the creature will pleasure and then transform them.

This can happen in a multitude of ways with a variety of results. Sometimes, the creature will dig its tentacles through the victim’s flesh, creating vaginal canals as it tunnels throughout them. This can result in an immobile form, and in either case the creature might return to this type of victim as a sort of roost. This is highly dependent on if the victim leaves the area, and their mental state after the change. Another popular change is to draw a victim inside its vaginal canal, often deep enough to hold a person up to their waist within their body. The creature will allow the victim to sit like this and “stew” for several hours, up to several days. This often results in a form similar to those of Freyan cockwomen, phallified from the waist up. The duration of their time within typically determines how changed mentally the victim is, and in extreme cases can even result in an immobile form.

Caution is advised when camping in areas where these creatures are known to roam, or where sexual features are known to carry the illness. If you detect any exceedingly pleasant or arousing scents it is advised to move away and leave the area. If you detect any symptoms in yourself or others please seek medical attention immediately.


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This post was inspired by a Writing Pit submission on the discord. Here are a few of the posts that inspired this.
This is also a tentative start to a possible series of Belial Almanac posts. These would be similar to the old "Bestiary" and "Disease Report" submissions here on the forum. I imagined that along side the initiating post, others could respond in a different voice, character, or group on the subject. I would think stories might even fit as a Almanac response as well.
Ultimately its up to everyone. If you wish to discuss this here or on the Discord, please do!


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". Another popular change is to draw a victim inside its vaginal canal, often deep enough to hold a person up to their waist within their body. The creature will allow the victim to sit like this and “stew” for several hours, up to several days. This often results in a form similar to those of Freyan cockwomen, phallified from the waist up. "

So what happens if someone intentionally gets in the wrong way? Do they turn into a cocknaga?

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I wrote that the effects could vary for further writing's sake so that might be a possibility. Personally, I'd probably say the person just has their subsumedparts turned into a big dick like their upper body would.
Really, they feed off of sexual pleasure so most forms are probably going to reflect that need.
Its a bit of a messy process though. I imagine if they don't get a tentacle through the head or touch them for too long when curling their tentacles through a victim their "roost" might run off.