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Hello. I'm modulokss, and I was thinking in a concept that could be introduced in any of my stories (tent or peter & sandra, you can find them here: http://moduloks.no-ip.info/ ), as it involves a transformation of two people, in a similar world. For those who doesn't know anything about this comics, I will tell you that it's a typical post-apocaliptyc world. All was normal until one day something happen, a radiation explosion, or a contagious product will affect all world, and little by little all people start to change. So this kind of story would describe all the process, how the main characters are transformed the first, and how they must to hide from the rest of the world, byt after some time, they realised that more and more people are affected too, so finally, a new society is created for transformed people. I think it's a very interesting base for an story, as it give us lot of freedom to create and modify new and amazing bodies.
So, involved in this universe, as I said, I created two stories like this, Tent, and Peter&Sandra, in my web, and my idea could be introduced in both of this.

Let's see:
Didi and Frank, was boyfriends since they was 16 years old, they meet in the institute. Didi is a small girl, flat, short hair, she doesn't call attention, as she has not a gorgeous body, and a pretty face, but she is very intelligent. She has a inferiority complex, because of his normal and flat body, so she try to develop her brain to compensate it. Frank, is just the opposit. Captain of the football team, athletic, a nice and musculous guy, he is very popular, and the studies for him are secondary. But he really loves didi. All people really don't understand how Didi and Frank can be toghether, as all people  thinks that Frank could have any woman he wants. But Frank is really in love with Didi, and Didi also really loves Frank. Is like a love story of a weird love, but pure. Normally, Frank takes the initiative of the relation, as he really knows waht to do, and Didi is always in a secondary position. As he is the popular guy, he tend to be the one who cares about all, and Didi is used to let go by Frank. But anytime Frank has a complex problem, always is Didi who finally get the solution. Didi would be something like the brain in the dark. But Frank, in public is who rules.
Well, more or less, this would be the introduction of characters, and of course, something happend. in any world, Tent or Peter & sandra, a pandemia happens, and all knowledge world change... all people start to be transformed, and they too. But they will be transformed in a peculiar moment, when they are alone in the middle of a car trip, in fact, in a motel in the middle of night, and in the middle of nowhere.In this situation, the transformatino start in the middle of night, so they will wake up already transformed. In what consiste this transformation? Let's see:
I still don't think about the details of the bodies, only have clear the concepts, and I think it could be based on a bodies similar to a relation host-guest. I will try to explain. let's start with Didi. She will wake up with a very weird feeling (as always) and she will realise that she has changed into a weird, big and complex body.
This part can be changed as Didi and Frank could change little by little, or all transformatino could happend suddenly. This is still not decided yet.
As I said, not sure of the details, but I have the idea that the body will be similar to Chloe's body (from peter&sandra comic), but not the same. Maybe two torsos, with only one head (i love this concept) and two torsos merge into other bigger torso, who belongs to a taur body, also very big. Breasts, multiple arms, cocks, etc... for everywhere ( i will define this details later if I can draw an sketch) important details: in the middle of front legs (also bigger than usual) a huge pussy, but not a normal one, I will define it later. but this is important. The rear body... well.. maybe she drag a pair of big udders, that are the testicles of a bigger cock... I will think about it. but as you can imagine, complex and lot of multiple organs. Also, the concept of a secondary head of didi in other part of the body, just to have a better control of such big body is also interesting. well, more or less this would be Didi
What happens with Frank? THe main concept is that frank will become totally disabled. He will depend absolutely from Didi. And I will explain the details: Frank now is basically a dick , a big one, maybe 1meter long, with two big breasts as testicles. his head is in the middle of the breasts, and that's all. he can only move by turning a little the cock... like a snake, but he is not dexterous. But not only this, Frank is now totally dependent on  Didi. He cannot eat or drink by her mouth. Her mouth is only for breath...
The digestive system start on the cock's hole. and the only way to feed Frank is when Frank is inserted in the frontal pussy of Didi. He fits perfectly, and when Frank is inserted the two breasts hangs in front of the frontal legs of didi, and Frank head's is in a comfotable position in front of didi's belly.
Now is Didi who  has the control. Frank will do what Didi's want, and if Frank is hungry, he needs to be inserted by didi in his pussy, and some internal tentacles will insert into Frank dick and will send aliments and water
Of course, they will wake up in this form, and of course they will not go out from the motel room. All motel customers will dissapear, so they will be alone, and they need to survive in his new form. As you can see there is enough material for a great story, until they meet tent or peter and Sandra...

I would love to know your opinions, and if I can i will finish an sketch of Didi and Frank to be uploaded here.

(And please, sorry for my bad english!! tongue )


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Oh! Hey there. I always loved looking at Released Reactions for updates to your work. One of the many inspirations of mine. Heh. Although I'm hugely mono-lingual and couldn't follow the Peter & Sandra later into it.

I never found out you had your own website either. Awesome.

That looks like a pretty fun form and story. Besides, I love to see you write new stories and draw some new art.

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Well, my web at released reactions was lot of time without updating. I mostly upload in deviantart, but after some problems of censored pics, I decided to create moduloks.no-ip.info with the help of Nikita (thanks for all). Here I can upload all my stuff without problems.
About my stories, I'm not good at writting. I've done Peter and Sandra, but sadly only in spanish, sorry for that. I'm not good writting big stories in english. Maybe I could translate with google translator, but not sure if it will be understable. If you want i can start to upload here the story translated, what do you think?


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oh, I've been drawing an sketche of Didi and Frank, and I think I have the concept clear for the final transformation. What I didn't decided yet was if the transformation will occurr slowly (in some weeks),  or suddenly. 
Here is the pic I was thinking to be the final form of  Didi and Frank.
As you can see in the pic, Didi has two torsos,  without heads, but with huge penis... multiple breasts and arms. the lower and big torso, four huge breasts, with cocks nipples, but more small cocks growing from the areola.  Six huge legs, and a big pussy. the rear has two gigant breasts and two long huge cocks. At the end of such cocks, there are heads (just copies of didi's main head) that grows from the urethra, so they can hide inside.
Frank , well, it's as simple as you can see in the pic. Symmetrical cocks, a bit prehensile, but that's all.

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This is really good stuff. Thank you for doing this.

Transformation Fanatic.


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Hi modulokss. I didn't know you had an account here. smile

...I mostly upload in deviantart, but after some problems of censored pics, I decided to create moduloks.no-ip.info...

That's pretty cool that you set up your own site. I'm kind of late to the game but didn't even give deviantart a chance after reading their policies. Ended up going with pixiv, but it's primarily japanese. I'm sure you can understand the challenge of working outside of your spoken language.

I just recently set up a furaffinity account as well. It's easily the best interface for stories, art and even things like music. I guess it helps to have such a strong community backing it. The downside is that I'm one of the only humans in a sea of hair. Still, there are no rules about what you can post so long as it's categorized and rated appropriately.



I've read many of your stories over the years and I thought they were all great. Some of the concepts inspired my own writings, though my transformations are mild by comparison. Didi and Frank sound like a fun couple to follow, especially after they wake up and have to figure out how to deal with a conjoined body.

...I'm not good writting big stories in english. Maybe I could translate with google translator, but not sure if it will be understable...

Out of curiosity, have you considered telling Didi and Frank's story in a comic format?


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Well, I also have an account in pixiv and furaffinity (there are great stuff here), but only as a watcher, and for add more and more favourites. I didn't upload my work there, as you said, pixiv is in japanish, and furaffinity... well, too much hair for me, i'm not into furry at all. I prefer only human transformations.
And having the gallery Nikita create for me, is more than enough to storage all my pics (feel free to enter and comment whatever you want wink )

I'm happy to see my stories inspired so much people... during some time I thought I was the only weird brain along the world, but it seems there are more crazy people like me around the world, that make me feel great jejeje

About Didi and Frank, as I said, it's only a concept for a story, not a story itself, so it can be modified and developed a lot. I'm not going to write anything (I could do it in spanish) because of my english. I can write in english posts, answer emails and so on, but write an story, i think I would need a special language understanding, that I thnk i don't have. And it's also hard for me. I really prefer use my low free time drawing than writting. That's why I upload this concept here, maybe there are other people than prefer write than draw, and maybe they would found as much interesting this concept to write it for me. Of course, I would do the drawings to complement the story.

Make a comic about Didi and Frank, can be a possibility, in the same format than tent. Make a normal comic, as Access or gamera do, buf, it takes lot of time and skills to do something great, I'm not as good as them... but normal drawings as the ones I used to do, with a bit of free time I can do something. But before start to draw, I would need an story and descriptions.


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Hey Modulokss, I've tried to access your new site, and make an account to view your stuff, but there's always an error with the conformation e-mail, and your old site doesn't work. Is there any way you could check that out to see if you can fix the error?


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new site is f3.to/modulokss

Here you will be able to subscribe, and write comments