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Topic: Legends of Belial - The Capture of Diana (Complete Bad Ending)

This is a CYOA-story adaptation of the complete bad ending of Terranvoid's most excellent text game, "Legends of Belial - The Capture of Diana".

If you want to find out the other endings, both good and bad, come and check it out for yourself:

Editor's note:
This edit uses as much of the original source text as possible regarding transformations and combines multiple branches together while reducing redundancies. I've fixed grammatical errors where I saw them and reordered, reworded, and added text where I felt was necessary to improve cohesion, flow, readability, and enjoyment.

If I had to rank "stories", this would rank somewhere in my top 5, or even top 3. The overall transformation is a perfect match to my tastes, having such an elegant, "self-sustaining" design. In the far flung future assuming climate change doesn't become mankind's Great Filter, I would hope it gets turned into a mini-VRLS (Virtual Reality Life Simulator) ala "Roy: A Life Well Lived" from Rick and Morty. 

However, I wasn't too keen on having to open a program to revisit the story and its many disparate branches, so I took it upon myself to adapt the complete bad ending into a single CYOA-style story to make it easier for myself and others to enjoy.

This CYOA route order was the one I found most pleasing and which allowed me the most creative freedom to add my own edits. I'm particularly fond of the stone path idea I came up with. All in all it was great fun and I hope you enjoy.


Re: Legends of Belial - The Capture of Diana (Complete Bad Ending)

Legends of Belial - The Capture of Diana (Complete Bad Ending)
by Terranvoid, edited by Flicker

You are Diana Falstead. Adventuress, Sellsword. Badass. You've more than proven your skill and you've loved every moment that wasn't completely terrifying, and even those moments are invigorating after you survived them. You're an attractive young woman who started living by her skill at combat when she was 17.

On top of all that, you are gorgeous. With a kind of beauty that men and woman have paid to have what is naturally yours. You have a hedonistic streak and are willing to indulge yourself in the company of men and women, preferably women, when it's safe to do so. Despite the premium you put on pleasure, especially your own, you've almost never compromised your safety for a night of fun.

Five years later, after having survived almost completely untransformed and having squired, spent, and lost several small fortunes, you are traveling to Allen's Port with a backpack full of gems. The profits from a very lucrative six months. You plan to relax for a good and long time, hang out with your friends, and wait until you're low on money, or the itch for excitement to get you out of the city once again.


This is a serene clearing of oak trees off from the main road to Allen's Port.  It looks beautiful in the dimming light and you're ready to call it a night. While a campfire is tempting, you try to never light them at night if you're by yourself.


You lay back on your bedroll, ready to treat yourself. You slide your hand under your panties and start rubbing two fingers over your soft lips, coaxing your clit out for some fun. Then it is on as you start rubbing and pinching at the little, pleasurable nub. Your breathing quickens as the pleasure builds and builds, flowing into until you shudder, your hips bucking a little as you orgasm explodes through you. After you come down from the pleasure, you close your eyes, smiling as you drift off to sleep.

You come to, barely awake, feeling numb and fuzzy and entirely wrong. You stare down unthinking for a moment until it finally dawns on you that you're bent over your stomach, staring down a brown furred back and bouncing.

You kick your feet a little as your consciousness fades for a moment, until a gruff female voice right next to speaks up. “Danzig, she's kicking. You messed up your poison.” A soft, timid voice pipes up, “N-no. You know I didn't.”

“Monria, she's never failed before. Just carry our game, she'll probably pass out before too long,” a deep male voice berates the thing carrying you.

Sure enough, the world goes black again.

You wake with a start, abruptly pushing yourself up without thinking from the rough, broken road you've been laying. You're standing in the flickering light of burning torches as you put a hand to your aching head for a moment as you realize you're naked. Everything of yours gone, nowhere to be seen.

What the hell? You look around, taking stock of your situation, easily ignoring your nudity. It really isn't important right now.

Old Road

This place is eerie and gloomy, but fascinating. The road is broken, with a web of cracks running across it. It runs east to west, with a wall to the south, some glowing lights and the tops of a few trees visible behind it. There are more than a few stone buildings here, but only four aren't boarded up, or visibly gutted and those four each have a wooden sign on them. Aside from the garden to the south, there are burning torches mounted in sconces on the buildings and along the walls. A road goes east. To the west, the road vanishes into the darkness.

Go north

Altered Designs

You find yourself standing in a tailor shop, with racks and drawers full of clothes, cloth, sewing implements and everything else. A set of old mirrors catches your eye, lending an air of disregard to the place. Pasleon, a large spider-taur puts down the cloth he was working and the scissors he was cutting it with and he just glares at you, watching you closely. Pasleon sets down what he's currently working on and watches you suspiciously. Your eyes dart to the pair of scissors as he sets them down. Your amulet is here on a small table, well behind the hideous shopkeeper.

Examine Pasleon

A giant ass spider-taur. It takes a lot of effort to not show the skin crawling sensation you get looking at him. You've dealt with a lot in your five years of adventuring, but you still don't like spiders. His upper-body is big, but not unusually so for a human.

Talk to Pasleon

As the spider-taur glares at you, you speak up. “Alright. What's going on here? Who are you?”

He glares at you for a moment, before responding. 'You are a plaything, Insect. You're going to be kept here for our experimentation and pleasure. As for who I am, I am Pasleon.”

“Why did you kidnap me? Can I leave?”

Pasleon gives you a disturbing grin, "Monria, the minotaur, is more than capable of keeping you from leaving here. You're going to stay here until we're done with you.”

“You think I can't get past a minotaur?”

The spider-taur nods, "Not you, Insect. Some have. It's a game. Someone like you, though? Better have tried and she beat them down and claimed them as her toys. She would do the same to you.”

“What the hell is this place? You can't have any customers.”

“Not here, but we do have customers. Our wares are always in demand.”

“Why the hell did you people snatch me?”

"We take insects when we get bored. We get to toy with a victim, transforming them, testing things on them, and using the insects as we like.”

“You won't give me my amulet, will you?”

“Of course you can have your amulet back, Insect,” he says with a disturbing grin as he picks up a red beret and holds it out. “All you have to do is put this on for me and you can have it.”

“Why do you want me to wear that beret?”

“It's a game we play with Insects,” he says cryptically.

“Alright. I'll wear your stupid hat.”

Pasleon grins, picking up the red beret and holding it out for you. “Of course, insect. Here it is. Just put it on and I will give you your amulet.”

You tentatively take the beret and close your eyes as you place it on your head.

A tingling sensation starts at the top of our head and travels all the way down to your neck. You fight to not give into the panic rising in you as you turn and rush to the old mirror to see what's happening to you.

You gape in horror at the sight. Your hair is pulling up into the beret as it looks less and less like cloth and more like skin. Your face starts pushing out, swelling over your nose as your neck swells, a couple of veins starting to bulge from it. Your lips twist and thin rapidly, as all the changes come together, finishing turning your beautiful head into a fat cock.

You shake as you bring a hand to your new face, bringing yourself a shiver of pleasure as you feel your new lips. Your eyes are the same as ever and your new cock-head manages to look feminine. “N-no.” You mutter, feeling a little relief that you can still talk.

You turn around and start towards Pasleon and stop dead in your tracks when you see he is holding your amulet. “Here, Insect. Catch,” he says, throwing the amulet at you. It arcs towards you and you catch it, blinking in surprise. Numbly, you put your hand to your new, thick neck. You can't fit this around it.

“You bastard! What did you do to me?!”

Pasleon laughs at you, “Ha! You should thank me, Insect. You've lost that boring head of yours. Your new one is just as good and can give you so much pleasure,” he says in a mocking tone.

Look in the mirror

You force yourself to look in the mirror and consider your new features. Your eyes are still lovely, even set into the glans that stick forward like a muzzle.

You turn your head around, finding it surprisingly flexible despite its half-erect state. A bulge extends itself along the bottom of your cock-head, down your neck and ending at your sternum. Around your neck are veins that bulge, but not so much that it detracts from your still feminine appearance.

You can still talk just fine, your tongue still the same as you stick it out. You brush your fingers across the vertical slit that is your new mouth, sending a shudder of pleasure down your head and into your neck. You feel a slight feeling of disgust as you taste salty pre forming in the back of your mouth. You swallow it back down. On top of it all, you can still smell somehow, albeit now with the heady musk of your own head, the smell and taste of cock now dominating two of your senses. You know you'll get used to it, but it's going to be nagging you for a while.

You stop as you think over the... new sexual organ your once lovely head has shifted into. Despite the thought making you feel a little nauseous, you're hedonistic enough that you can't deny such easy and intense pleasure isn't tantalizing, but you don't want to think about that, even though it's currently impossible to ignore the slightly pleasurable feeling of even the air passing over your new glans. You close your eyes, concentrating on calming down. Your head might be a cock, but it is not going to think for you.

Take stock

While you have your amulet, you're not sure it was worth having your head turned into... this cock head/face. You only feel a sense of numb loss as you think of your lost and lovely lips, your beautiful black hair, your lovely face.

Somehow your head still says 'female'. Fortunately, for now, you can focus on getting out of here instead of this strange change.

You give a shiver, the strange feeling of the exposed glans of your new head hinting at the pleasure they could bring if you would just stop and explore them.

Satisfy your curiosity

You look around surreptitiously, going to the road outside the shops and slipping between the shops.

You shake your head for a moment, amazed that you're about to masturbate your head, of all things. The barest movement of air causes a slight sexual thrill.

You bring your hands to the glans of your new organ to your new, sexual designed head, shuddering as you rub the incredibly sensitive new glans, the pleasure coming from your head intense and exciting, the sensations only making you desire more, your breathing ragged and quickening as your head begins to ache with ever growing pleasure, driving you to even more frantic manipulations

You hold back as long as possible, the pleasure builds and builds until you stiffen, your efforts rewarded as you feel liquid run through up your neck and erupting out your mouth, racking your brain with intense bursts of pleasure with every spurt of cum shooting from your strange mouth raining across the street in front of you as you spasm in response, a surprisingly sweet, delicious taste running across your tongue.

You revel in the sensations for as long as they last, feeling satisfied when they're finally over. You swallow the cum in your mouth, finding the taste addicting, making you wonder if this might have been a worthwhile trade.

Go northwest


Re: Legends of Belial - The Capture of Diana (Complete Bad Ending)

Unleashed Reactions

This alchemist's den is brimming full with shelves and cabinets. Most of the space is given to holding every kind of bottle, each labeled with some obscure writing that gives you no clue what the potion would be good for. You see the back of Danzig working fervently over a set of tables laden with beakers and flasks, bundles of ingredients, vials, rubber and glass tubing, and who knows what other alchemical tools.

Examine Danzig

While she tries to keep an eye on you, she is often pulled back to the things she's working on. She's wearing a hooded robe, affording only glimpses of a seductive, yet innocent face, it really doesn't do anything to hide her figure, since she's oddly over-endowed. Hanging down under her robes and trailing a few feet behind is her cock. The thing is three or four inches thick and somehow, she doesn't pay it much mind as she goes about her work. Other than that, her robes stretch tight across... what looks like nine c-cup breasts crowding the front of her body. Starting with two were her breasts should be, the rest crowd under them.

All in all, she’s dead sexy. You've always been attracted to a good set of breasts and she has nine, and her cock looks interesting. It's a little surprising it doesn't bother her to drag it across the floor like she does.

Talk to Danzig

You walk up to the girl, noticing she looks nervously at what's close to her as you approach. “Hello, I'm Diana. Who are you? Could you help me?” you ask sweetly. She blinks at you in surprised, “W-what? No... I don’t. Maybe,” she says, looking down nervously. “I'm Danzig.” Ha! She wasn't expecting that.

"Why do they let me wander around unrestrained?"

"They don't think a regular person is a threat. They don't respect you and they think you'll break harder if you have some freedom and it disappears bit by bit.”

"Can you tell me anything about getting past the minotaur?"

"She's greedy, but mainly for sex and... making people her sex toys. It's dangerous to fight her, she's the only person here with real combat ability. She has a lot of stamina. Unless you can exhaust her, she'll make sure to block your way. You have to be pretty altered to wear her down with sex, though."

"Why are you all down here? It seems like an odd place to make so much."

"They don't think anyone will ever bother us. With the things we make and Monria guarding the place. They get to sell their wares in bulk lots. I think they enjoy the idea of destroying people."

"Why did they kidnap me?"

“You were pretty much the first person we stumbled across. You were drugged and carried back here. You seemed to resist my potion. It wasn't transformative, that amulet shouldn't have stymied much of it."

“Can I get my armor from you?”

Danzig shakes her head, reaching over to a sealed bottle next to her. “No. You'll have to drink this potion first.”

“Why do you want me to drink a potion before you'll give me my armor?”

“I don't want you to, but you have to.”

“You need me to? Why would you need me to?”

“I have to play the game,” she says as she looks away from you. “They can't think I won't play.”

“What if they were gone? You could leave then, couldn't you?”

Danzig's eyes go wide as you propose the idea to her. “Gone? How could they be gone?”

“I might be able to get rid of them”

Danzig's breathing slows as you present the possibility of freedom to her. “I don't know, do you really think you... could beat them?” she asks, her voice telling you she's unnerved by the conversation.

“I’ll try to surprise you”

Danzig nods timidly, looking a bit stunned that you're going to try and take on the people she's been afraid of for so long.

“Alright, Danzig. I'll take the potion to get back my armor.”

Danzig nods, picking the bottle up and handing it over to you. You look at it for a moment before you pull the top off and press it to your lips. You tilt your lips back and start swallowing. It's sweet and milky, with a mingling of spices. In moments, heat blossoms from your breasts and in four points below them.

The heat turns to pleasure as your breasts swell, growing larger and larger, the four new ones growing much faster, rapidly catching up with your originals in their growth. Your nipples pull into the swelling flesh, forming six new pussies in their place as your pink areolas swell massively as well. A warmth seems to tingle in your mind as well, but the pleasure distracts you from it.

As your breasts finish growing, each top pair press into the ones below them, revealing their new and pleasurable and sensitive skin, surrounded by areolas the size of small plates. Your six new pussies slick with your arousal, you realize two things. You absolutely love them. You know you shouldn't be that enamored with them, but you're not sure it intellectually bothers you either.

You notice Danzig has a lusty look on her face, the end of her cock drooling pre like a perverted hose. She blushes as you look at her and quickly goes to get your armor, bringing it to you. “S-sorry,” she says, leaving you to wonder which part she's apologizing for.

“Thank you,” you say, not sure if you’re thanking her for the armor or the lovely breasts. You look at the top, frowning, doubting you'll be able to put it on, you hold it against your top-most breasts only to feel orgasms from your top two pussies as the metal touches their areolas. Danzig giggles at the sight and sound. “S-sorry, sorry. I had to, but those are orgasmic to the touch of anything that isn't alive.”

Any complaints that flash through your mind are forgotten as you reach your arms down, pressing into the sides of each of your breasts. “I love them,” you tell her happily. The pleasure they promise appeals to even the parts of you that aren't made to love your new breasts.

'How could you give me... these wonderful breasts?'

“Sorry about that, but... I hope you like... liking them,” she says in a hesitant tone. “If I have to play the game, I try to make sure there's something that isn't torturous in it and that was the only potion I had ready for armor.”

Admire your chest

You stop to consider these awesome new mounds of breast flesh you're carrying. Your transformed, larger h-cup breasts are joined by four others below them. They're so big that the top pairs rest on the lower pairs, and they're so sensitive the sensations are distractingly arousing. On top of that, instead of nipples, you have pussies set in areolas the size of small plates and they're orgasmically sensitive to anything that isn't living flesh. You'll never be able to wear anything over your breasts again without causing yourself to experience the wonders of endless orgasms. But then you wouldn’t be able to display them for everyone to admire.

Your breasts jostle around with seemingly every movement you make, as though the movement of air on your exposed nipple pussies sending six distinct spikes of pleasure through you wasn’t enough. You don’t know how you’ll be able to fight with these lovely things in the way, but you’ll make do.

Despite being forced into the change, you admit you've always had a love of breasts. On top of that, you're very aware that the potion that gave you these wonderful mounds of pleasure altered your mind. You willingly indulge in minorly manic happiness that's been added to your mind. You would have enjoyed these things anyways, now they'll make you a bit ecstatic for the rest of your life and you do like that. You hopelessly love your breasts and you’re never going to be far from thinking about fondling or playing with your breasts ever again and you feel a strong desire to have even more.

Take stock

You are a weirdly transformed person. You're having a hard time coping with your head being turned into nothing but a sexual organ, but your breasts are more than worth it. The way they rub against each other in sexual shocks of pleasure, their pussies glistening and ready to be fucked. You're not going to complain if this is as transformed as you get. You know these thoughts came with the breasts, but they’re fun and you're still you where it counts, so why not indulge the new pleasure that's been put in your head?

Your fingers dance across the lips of one of your wonderful nipple pussies, a desire to pleasure them dancing in your head.

Thank Danzig for your wonderful breasts. Show her how much you love what she's done for you.

The lovely alchemist has turned your head, leaving you completely infatuated with her.

You touch two of your nipple-pussies with a shudder. The alchemist's eyes watch you as one of her hands brushes against one of her own breasts. You squeeze bend forward, squeezing your arms into the sides of all six of your beautiful breasts, “I love the breasts you gave me, Danzig,” you say, giggling at making the multi-breasted girl gulp nervously.

“They are lovely. You can play with them while you're here,” she suggests. You have a sneaking suspicion she might enjoy that.

As you move close to Danzig, she looks at your breasts with a deep desire. “You can play with them whenever you want, Danzig,” you say to her, pressing yourself against Danzig. Your six massive boobs into squeeze through her robe and against her nine breasts. “Don't they feel good?” you whisper to her as she hugs against you. “They feel amazing. Thank you so much, Diana.” She says with a smile as she brings her hands to your breasts, rubbing and squeezing them, teasing your pussy-nipples and you stand there, occasionally letting out a little moan, every moment she's touching your breasts filled with a delicious, arousing pleasure.

You imagine walking out of here with her, taking her to the city to live with you as you two become fast lovers, your pulse quickening at the thought. It's happening, you get to sweep the maiden from the monster’s den and carry her off into the sunset. Well, that's getting ahead of yourself, but you will leave with her, then you get to see what happens next. It's the kind of dream that had you thrust yourself into the world you live in, imagine if you could have a storybook ending in it.

"Can I ask you something? Why are you scared of the others, Danzig?”

There's a slight tremble to her voice as she says, “I don't want to lose who I am, Diana. That's what they do. They destroy people. Body or mind.”

“It is a scary thing, being turned into something so foreign.”

Diana looks down at her... breasts. She can't really see her feet. “I don't think I was who I am. I don't think I would like that person, but it makes me so afraid of disappearing like that myself.”

“I'll try to keep that from happening, Alright?”

You say as your hand touches the side of her face, making her blush. “You would do that? For me? Why?” she asks, sounding like she's afraid of the hope your offering her. That it will vanish before she touches it.

“Because someone should.”

You lean in and kiss her full, lush lips with your odd slit of a mouth, feeling an odd thrill of pleasure from both the kiss and your sensitive new lips. She shudders at the contact, but kisses back, tension easing from her body as she pulls closer to you, her numerous breasts pressing into your own pair and sliding against your belly. She giggles, pulling back, a sticky strand of pre trailing from your mouths, making you blush. You pull back, smiling at her.

“Thank you so much, Diana,” she says happily, a smile on her face.

You flush deep red in embarrassment, which unfortunately, makes you feel really horny. Instead of blushing as a normal person would, the increased blood flow makes your cock-head aroused.

You try to respond only to find the pre-cum pooling in the back of your throat keeping you from doing so. Despite your best attempts at swallowing it, Danzig’s ministrations are too much to handle and soon a thick bead of pre-cum forms on your lips. One glance back at Danzig it all it takes for the bead to break free as pre-cum spills freely from your mouth.

Relieve your urges

You excuse yourself from the shop lest you make a complete mess of it.

You look around surreptitiously, going to the road outside the shops and slipping between the shops.

You giggle as you press one of your arms against your incredible, amazing breasts, your fingers playing with the nearest clit and slit. Your other hand hesitates torn between six other pussies, finally plunging into another nipple pussy, letting you squeeze these massive breasts between your arms, stimulating the sexually sensitive flesh.

The incredible pleasure of burns and pops as you work just two parts of your wonderfully orgasmic new body, and still you wish you could have more to your five unattended pussies being fucked as well.

Finally, you burst in eight different orgasms, seven pussies and your cock-head orgasmically spraying cum across the road, battering your mind with untold pleasure.

When it's finally over, a giggle escapes from you, before you force yourself to get back to the task at hand, stymieing the thoughts of how wonderful future sessions with yourself are going to be.

Head southwest

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Re: Legends of Belial - The Capture of Diana (Complete Bad Ending)

Enchanted Metalworks

This building is, at best, spartan. The most notable feature is a cold forge on the far side of the room, with only a few shelves filled with metal ingots, a couple of racks with smithing tools, and a couple of tables displaying a small selection of weapons and armors. Brutus is a monstrous sight, he's looking down at himself, flexing and grinning. His upper-body is grossly over-muscled and below his waist is a huge, long cock that acts as a Naga's tail. On the table, with the rest of the unused equipment are your boots and the smith is, naturally, between you and them.

Examine Brutus

You find him physically repulsive, although mainly because of his completely hairless, over-muscled torso. It kills any appreciation you might have had for the massive eight foot long, three foot thick cock that makes up his lower body.

He's prone to looking at himself, and you admit, his skin is flawless. Despite his strength, he’d probably be too narcissistic to risk a getting scarred from combat.

Talk to Brutus

The smith turns his gaze to you, smiling, “Have you come to admire the perfect male form of Brutus?” he asks, his tone booming and dripping with arrogance, flexing his unnaturally overdeveloped body.

You gape for the briefest moment at the statement before recovering. "No, I want to talk."

"Can I just walk out of here, back to the road?"

Brutus laughs at the question. "Why, if you can get past Monria, yes."

"What can you tell me about Monria?"

The massively muscular narcissist shrugs, "She's a minotaur. Endowed, but she does not have the commitment I do," he says with a hint of disdain in his voice.

"Why are you people hidden away down here?"

Brutus replies with a cryptic "We have our reasons, of course, but suffice it to say, it is made more than worth our while."

"Why the hell am I here?"

Brutus grins at your question, bringing his arms in front of him to flex as he answers, "You're here for our self-indulgence, little girl. Today, you can play for your gear. Tomorrow? Who knows what the rules will be." Great. So if you don't get out of here before tomorrow, it could be a free for all, they might not wait for you to come to them.

“Why do you have my boots? Can I get them back?”

Brutus gives a sharp laugh at the questions. “I have your boots because I took them. If you decide not to play, I can sell them as my own creation. As to how to get them back? Simple,” he says, the head of his cock-body turning full on to face you. “You will let me cum over you and I will willingly hand them over.”

“Why the hell do you need to cum on me?”

Brutus laughs at the question. “A cock is meant to cum, little girl, and cum is meant for women. To realize being the ultimate male, it must be done,” he says in his haughty tone.

You can't believe that he wants to just cum onto you. While you don't like him, you don't normally go for that unless you get to have your fun as well. Still, the magic agility your boots grant is worth more than that.

“Alright, Brutus. I want my boots, you can... do what you want.”

You shudder as you watch Brutus swings the massive cock-head at the end of his shaft around to face you. “D-do I have to do anything?” you ask, desperately hoping that you don’t. Brutus laughs heartily at this. “A perfect man lasts as long as he wants, cumming only when he wills it. You will not have to wait,” he says in a condescending tone.

You jump in your skin as his cum starts shooting from his cock without any warning, massive globs of the stuff splashing over you, puddling over your feet as Brutus moans from the pleasure of the orgasm he apparently just willed himself into. Little more than a minute passes before the massive phallus stops hosing you down, leaving you standing in the air, shivering a little as you feel the cum soaking into your skin and disappearing.

You cry out, barely able to keep your balance as you feel your legs and pussy swelling, pushing you into orgasmic pleasure as the lips of your womanhood expand to merge with your thighs, the clit pushing forward and swelling larger and larger as the dark pink of your sex flows out across your skin, consuming the flesh of your waist, ass, and legs as they lose all definition.

Your ass finishes merging with your swelling legs, the shapeless things pressing into the ground as mass fills in behind you in a steady push of stretching pleasure. Your clit finishes swelling, six inches tall, domed at the top, and eight inches thick. An absurd, massive button of pleasure.

You feel the flesh growing behind you stop, the orgasm that rocked your changing form finished, leaving a pleasurable sensation from what's become of your legs. You look down.

They're labia, spread open on the ground. Your lower body has been replaced with an incredibly massive vagina, about three times larger than your upper body and stretching several feet behind you. You try moving your legs as you normally would, only to find yourself lurching forward with a loud squelch and the intimate and pleasurable sensation of your pussy rubbing against the ground. Your lips spread open as they undulate over the ground, pulling you forward with unfamiliar but powerful muscles, oozing juices and leaving a sticky trail of pungent feminine juices behind you. The smell makes your head-cock throb with anticipation.

You halt, shuddering from the sensation and the painful reality that you can't run, dodge, dance, or anything else. You're stuck to being a torso on top of a slow-moving sex organ. You look at Brutus in shock, but he's ignoring you, having gone back to admiring himself as he flexes his muscles for himself.

You sit there for a long time before you feel your anger, your frustration, your will, pulling you back together. Fuck it. You're not dead yet. There might still be a way out of here and you won't know unless you try.

“My legs! Y-you've turned me in-into a slug! Why would you do this to someone?”

“To help you fully realize your gender, girl. Any woman should love having more of her sex,” Brutus smiles as he continues flexing. “The epitome of womanhood. One should revel in becoming what defines their gender,” He says as your temper flares at his arrogance, but you don't say anything.

Look at your former legs

This... this is too much. Every moment, you're practically making love to the ground. Wet, sloppy noises accompany your movements as your body propels itself atop an infinite amount of slick juices, leaving an ever growing trail of slime in your wake. Even standing still, your labia slowly undulates, exploring every inch of the ground and making known to you every intricate detail of what lies beneath you whether you want to or not.

You’re going to spend the rest of your life ruled by this transformation. Your fighting career is over, but there are other things you might be able to do, and you haven't lost the ability to defend yourself with a weapon. First, you need to get the hell out of here. It's so tempting to give into it.

No. No! You're not letting this stop you here. You're going to get out of here or die trying, even if it's just to spite these bastards. Whatever happens because of this transformation, you're not going to let it be that you're stuck here.

Take stock

Moving around on your slug-like lower body of a pussy endlessly runs sexual thrills through you. Your burgeoning clit constantly aches as though calling to you, the thing nearly as wide as a plate. You have a hard time believing this has happened to you. The constant pleasure from your new lower pussy body is persuasive but doesn't stand up to your disgust at being bound to the floor like you are now.

Your body is warped beyond all recognition. A mass of sexual organs atop a vagina. You're a sexual freak and the only useful thing left to you is your arms. The thought is no comfort, but it helps steel your determination to get out of here no matter the cost. If you lose those, you won't be anything but a useless mass of sexual organs.  No...your breasts are wonderful, at least you're happy with them, but that's not going to sway you.

Head back to the old road

As you exit Brutus’ shop, your massive pussy rubs against a patch of rough ground, shooting pleasure through you that drips with a desire to bring that pleasure to a climax and satisfy your massive, always stimulated form.

You hadn't noticed before due to the faint torchlight, but the stone path leading out of the shop is patterned in various textures, each different than the next. What once was an ordinary walkway that took mere moments to traverse, now seems an endless tortuous trial before you.

Determined, frustrated, you push onward into the darkness, gasping and shuddering as your pussy envelops every curve, bump, and groove. The sounds, the smells, the taste, and oh gods the sensations. Your lack of sight only seems to amplify the latter. You don’t get very far before it all becomes too much to ignore.

Your hand presses into the turgid clit at your waist, a burst of pleasure starting as you massage and squeeze it. You shudder as you think about the kind of pleasure this obscene, gargantuan pussy can bring you. And now, no amount of disgust at such changes being forced on you can hold back your desire to please yourself.

The pleasure of such an immense pussy being touched is a shock, but you eagerly start massaging and squeezing your clit as you work the huge slab of sensitive lips that holds you up, working as much pleasure as you can from your obscene form.

Your pursuit of the pleasure your enormous pussy promises you is rewarded with one of the most incredible spasms of pleasure you've ever felt in your life, firing again and again, feminine juices gushing from your vaginal half as it rhythmically contracts, gripping the ground tight as though the ground itself was a cock.

You shake off the afterglow with a smile, before looking around and remembering what you're doing, stymieing the thoughts of how wonderful future sessions with yourself are going to be. You can't let this change dictate you, after all.

Go south

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Re: Legends of Belial - The Capture of Diana (Complete Bad Ending)

The Gardens

The gardens are beautiful and beguiling, multi-colored plants and a variety of trees are arranged in sections of soft earth, small insects flitting about. The light here is warm and laced with different colors as it looks like it's pouring down to the ground from the occasional glowing orb that provides the luminescence.

You follow the sounds of a pleasant buzzing to find a voluptuous bee girl, Tiala, flitting around, sometimes stopping, seeming to enjoy just being among the plants, other times, moving to touch them tenderly, examining them and caring for them as she deems they need. You see your sword nearby, resting on a small stone table, bound by the vines that have engulfed the table.

Examine Tiala

You find it easy to look at the lovely bee-girls body. Her body is black and yellow stripped, her shiny blond hair is full and unkempt, but combed and hangs halfway down her back, between her translucent wings. Her black almond eyes are wide, giving her a surprisingly innocent look. Her lips are a luscious pouty black. Her body is lithe and sexy, with nice d-cup breasts sitting firmly on her chest, her waist narrower than an unaltered human could manage. She has eye-catching hips and a luscious, rounded ass, with a bee abdomen hanging over it, the stinger large and dangerous looking. Her legs are fuzzy down to her knees, where black chitin forms to look like a sexy pair of high-heeled boots.

Now there is a piece of ass. Even though it would be one of the worst decisions you ever made, if she asked you to fuck her right here, right now, you wouldn't even think twice to enjoy her incredible body.

Talk to Tiala

You wave at the bee-girl as you raise your voice, “Hello! Who are you? Why am I here?” you ask, your tone surprisingly light-hearted.

She lands as she turns to look at you, standing deathly still for a few moments before she responds, “I am Tiala. You szhould not disturb me,” she says, her tone unnervingly even, despite that slight buzz that creeped into it.

"I can't help but notice that I haven't been chained or locked up. Am I free to leave the cavern?"

Her gaze never wavering, Tiala speaks in that unnerving, buzzing monotone, "Monzria isz the only thing between you and freedom. It isz unlikely you can beszt her, so you are free up to the exzit."

"So I'll have to fight my way past Monria?"

"Or you could pleazure her. Intensze love-making will make herz sleepy." The way she casually says that to you gives you the impression that she doesn't care much about your or the minotaur keeping you in.

"Why are all of you down here?"

Tiala looks past you, to the wall to the North before answering. "I'm here for thze gardens. The others usze the plants and in turn, provide what I requirez to keep my gardensz healthy."

"So why did you people drag me down here? What’s the point?"

"Thzey brought you down for funz. The szpider, the szmith and the bull did, anwayz. Sincze you are here, I would like for you to taszte my honeyz and in return for the pleasuresz you would help tend the gardensz." You're starting to wonder if this girl understands subtly at all.

“So... what would it take for you to give me my sword?”

Tiala tilts her head the tiniest bit at the question. “You juszt need to try szzome of my honey,” she says, sliding her hand between her legs and parting her black lips with two fingers to reveal the pink sex and the golden-amber color of her thick juices behind her lips. “You must do thiz naked.”

“You want me to eat you out?”

“You juszt need to taste. If you want to pleaszzure me, that is your deciszon,” she says in that even tone, giving no hint that she would actually want or enjoy having you try to pleasure her.

“Alright, Tiala. I'll have some honey if I can get my sword back.”

A corner of Tiala's lip turns up in what has to be a smile, and the first one you've seen from her. “Of coursze,” she says, sliding to the ground as she spreads her legs, her ass and abdomen sitting on the ground as she once again opens her black lips again with her fingers, revealing her pink pussy and amber honey again. “It will bring you pleaszure,” she says, watching you as she waits for you to come to her.

You walk over to the bee-girl, licking your slit as you catch the sweet scent of her honey. You give out a little “Mhmm” in anticipation as you bend forwards, your lower breasts mashing into your clit as you manage to fold lower and lower against your sensitive and colossal sex, until your breasts press into your pussy lips in a wonderfully exciting sensation as you finally manage to bring your face to her amber-coated sex and brushing your tongue into the warm, sticky fluid, the sweet taste delighting you as warmth floods into you through your tongue.

The sweetness pads around your mind, making you lose focus of anything except the beautiful pussy in front of you and its wonderful bounty. You start licking the gooey amber treat from her lips, faster and faster as more pours out, sticking to your slit and face as you hear the slightest buzz from Tiala.

You barely notice that your arms give out, making you fall forward, burying your face into Tiala's snatch, smearing honey all over her inner thighs, across your slit and over your face. You hear a buzz from her as you once again attack her folds with your mouth until you hear the tiniest gasp from her.

You're caught by surprise when Tiala cries out with barely a motion as she cums, globs of her amber delight oozing rapidly from her wonderful snatch, coating her thighs along with your face before dripping and oozing to the ground.

Still in an amber-induced fog, you push yourself back up, barely noticing the odd sensations of pleasure this causes. As you sit there stunned, Tiala gets to her feet with a curt, even toned “Good girl,” before she turns and goes back to her garden like nothing had happened.

As your wits come back to you, you go cold as you finally notice that your arms have changed. They're not arms anymore. Instead, you have six long tentacle cocks below each shoulder, where your arms should be. “No...not my arms,” you say quietly to yourself, a cold feeling in your gut as you realize these things will never hold a weapon.

You start to straighten up again, feeling a little wobbly from the ordeal, staring numbly at the tentacles writhing in front of you. You look up and away from them and notice the cascade of light flashing from your sword. The vines are no longer covering the table, or your blade, but that's of no comfort to you anymore. You'll never hold that blade again, nor any other.

“What the hell did you do to me? My arms?!”

Tiala once again gives the smallest tilt of her head at your outburst. “Did I not give you your szword? And those are great zsourcze of pleaszure. I'm szure you will come to love thzem. Thzey are a gift. Come back whenz you are ready to thzank me.”

Look at your arms

You stop for a moment and concentrate on these…things that have consumed your arms. Tentacle cocks are trouble. There's no denying they feel good, but your manual dexterity and grip are shot. They're almost completely useless.

The worst part is you don't have complete control over them. They move of their own volition, stimulating themselves against one another and your body, unless you’re actively making them do something. It wasn’t as if you could even treat your arms like two sets of six, you had to be conscious of each one of your twelve tentacles. You can't imagine how much practice you'll need to manage to hold anything with them. What clumsy control you do have only seems to make them to rub and twist around one another. Between this and the disturbingly massive pussy that your legs have turned into, your life is going to have to completely change.

Still, you're not dead. You need to get out of here, then you can deal with these grabby things later.

Take stock

Your head, your face, and your neck are gone. Replaced with a short, thick shaft capped with a cock head. You can still speak, even smell, and somehow the cock-head looks... feminine. Especially since your eyes look the same as before. Your head bends down, positing the glands and slit like a face. Pre now drools freely and copiously from your mouth at all times, not surprising given your constant state of arousal. You’ve grown used to the taste, more disturbing is the fact you no longer have a need for air. No doubt you now feed off mana, the mutated freak you’ve become. The intoxicating scent of your many male and female genitalia alike fills your head, keeping your body in perpetual arousal.

Your breasts are radically different than before. Six massive breasts with cunts instead of nipples. They're so big that the top pairs rest on the lower pairs, and the sensitive skin pressing into each other to the point of arousal. Your nipple pussies glisten, standing out from your massive areolas. Anything but living skin touching your areolas causes orgasms until it's removed. You absolutely love everything about your breasts and can't wait to let other people admire the perfect things.

Your arms are gone, lost to a mass of cock-tentacles, six in place of each arm. You don't think these tentacle things will ever hold a weapon. It's a devastating change, but you're going to get out of here no matter what. The worst part about them is if you aren't deliberately using them, they fondle and grope any flesh nearby, including your own. You consciously jerk them away only for the process to repeat itself.

You look down at the monstrous and massive slug-like vagina that's consumed your hips, legs, and ass, robbing you of your agility. You’re slow. Stuck to the ground. You will never jump again. And you'll never go a moment of the rest of your life without experiencing the pleasure of your truly enormous, sensitive pussy lips pressing into the ground.

Your entire body, head to...labia is monstrous. Once you were a woman, now you have thirteen cocks, one of them being your head. A cock and pussy at either end with even more of each in between, each perfectly compatible with another. Transformed beyond all recognition. A mess of sexual organs and with nothing to look forward to but a life of constant sexual pleasure. The only thing keeping you from stopping right here and indulging in the plethora of easy orgasmic bliss your body is trying to drown you in is your burning rage at these monsters that have done this to you. Unless you can fuck that minotaur to sleep, the only other thing you might be able to do is try and make it kill you.

You're not going to stay here for their amusement. You are going to crawl out of here or die trying.

Head back to the old road

You slowly make your way back to the old road, keeping your new arms in check. But just the simple act of moving is distracting as you push yourself along your massive pussy. What once took you one minute to traverse now takes you several, and your mind begins to wander.

In your momentary lapse, just like that your tentacle cock arms reveal their potential independence as they dance across your body for a moment, sliding pleasurably across your breasts and slipping into some of your nipple pussies, sending shivers of pleasure through you.

The constant probing of your cock-tentacles sends the thought of taking advantage of your new assets through your head. What the hell, they're going to be with you for a long time, they can at least pleasure you.

They start working over your body with almost no direction from you, as though waiting for permission. Your resolve finally succumbs as others slide past your breasts and against the large clit and lips of the pussy that is your lower body.

Your mouth-slit drools in arousal as you several of your tentacles reach up to your head, two of them rubbing across your head-glands, the sensation of cock on cock incredible as a third teases your slit-lips, sliding in through the pre-cum as it pumps and thrusts into your mouth as you suck and lick at it.

Your incredible breasts are more than ready for this, intense chills of pleasure running through them as six of your tentacle arms teasingly roll around and over them, the sensitive shafts rubbing wonderfully against your skin as they start coiling around your breasts, squeezing and massaging them. Your nipple-pussies respond, drooling their milky juices for a few moments before your cock tentacles plunge into your wonderful holes, the cocks simultaneously squeezing your breasts and fucking your nipple pussies of their own accord. You start shaking and moaning violently, incredible, mind-numbing levels of pleasure pumping through.

The rest of your cocks slide down toward the massive pussy-body that's been madly stimulating you since the moment it formed. A few stop to curl around the large dome of your clit, making you cry out from the pleasure of your own shafts curling around something so large and pleasurable. Fluid gushes from your lower pussy half as your other tentacles press themselves against the swollen lips, sliding their heads into the warm pleasurable folds of the gargantuan thing.

The incredible sensations of your cock tentacles pumping your nipple pussies, sliding around your super-sensitive glans and docking with your mouth, and more sliding across the massive pussy lips that have replaced your legs, working into incredible depths, builds so much pleasure that you struggle to hold back the impending orgasms, your cock-tentacles never faltering in playing with you, fucking you, raping you, needing no direction from you to pleasure themselves and your body.

The orgasms break from you as you feel cum rush down your tentacle cocks, erupting in unison, flooding your nipple-pussies with cum as your cock-head erupts in the hottest, white pleasure ever, cum erupting from your slit, around the orgasming cock still inside it, your tongue bathed in your own sweet, delicious seed. Torrential, molasses like fluid spills from your spasming, writhing pussy lips, even more pleasure nearly frying your brain in a tidal wave of pleasure.

The ordeal of pleasure washes away any sense of time you have in the pleasure. Eventually it subsides. Slowly, it feels like a fog is lifting from your head as you gather your bearings and remember what you need to do.

You pull your tentacles away as they give a few last spurts of cum, painting long white trails along your skin. Your breasts are noticeably heavier, cum overflowing and spilling out of your nipple pussies as though lactating. You giggle at the thought.

Go back to Danzig

You make your way back to Danzig’s shop despite your disheveled state. You keep your distance, sensing your arms beginning to stir.

Upon entering you catch a worried look on Danzig's face.

Ask her what's wrong

You swallow several times, clearing your mouth of enough pre-cum until you're able to ask her what's wrong.

“Diana. I hate to say this, but I think you've... been changed too much. I don't think you can get out of here anymore. The others will keep warping your body until you break and go mad, or your mind is taken from you.”

“I'm not sure I'm ready to give up.”

Without saying anything else, you leave Danzig’s shop.

Head east

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Re: Legends of Belial - The Capture of Diana (Complete Bad Ending)

The Hidden Entrance

The cavern opens up, the walls pulling back into the dark, only an occasionally pair of standing torches lighting the way to the spacious cavern. The way out is visible, light spilling in through it.

A massive, she-male minotaur leans back on a massive stone pillar on the edge of the road, her eyes following you silently as you approach. This must be Monria.

Examine Monria

She's an eight foot tall, six-breasted, she-male minotaur.

Below her faintly glowing red eyes, her muzzle seems to constantly drool, the strands falling to the ground and across her very notable breasts that stand unnaturally firm from her chest.

A foot long horsecock dangles flaccid and wrinkled. You shiver at the thought of that cock’s true size, filling your lower-body, fulfilling your bodies purpose like you've never experienced before in your life, but your gaze lingers on her six breasts, each with their own pussy nipple the likes of which you've come to know and love.

Her dirt brown fur almost hides the muscles standing from her arms and legs. And her hooves look like they could crack a stone pillar in one kick. Finally, there's the axe. Double-headed. Four foot shaft. Deadly as hell. Fighting her is a bad idea. Period. But if that's what it takes, that's what it takes.

The massive minotaur doesn't move at all as you look her over, seeming content to wait for you to try to do something stupid. She kind of rides the line of your preferences. An odd, visible edge of ragged unkempt evil, but somehow still enough sexy to catch your eye.  Still that's not the important thing about looking at her. It's about trying to figure out what kind of an opponent she would be.

She's a good damned fighter. A scrapper as well. You can see she's keenly aware of her body and she will use every part of it to good effect. You don't see many who can make every part of their body a kind of credible, unignorable threat and you really, really, never want to see them where she is.

Talk to Monria

She snorts loudly at the first sound from your mouth. “Stay the fuck back if you know what's good for you. You get anywhere near me, you're mine, bitch. So make my day, or go the fuck back the way you came,” she says, demonstrating the standard of refinement you expected from her.

Fuck Monria

You've let your body be twisted into a freakish mass of sexual organs of cocks, wet, delightful pussies set in magnificent breasts and a vagina of grand size. Sexual pleasure assaults you every moment, tempting you to stop caring about... anything. You could stop and let your body generate endless pleasure for you, but you can't. Not here. Anywhere but here. It's the moment of truth. There’s no way you can fight back but what you can do is use your warped body to fuck this monstrous beast into exhaustion.

You crawl towards her, your body growing excited, sensing the extreme carnal indulgence you're about to give it, juices starting to cascade from your swollen, massive lips, your wonderful nipple pussies beading milky juices down the swell of your massive tits, your slit-mouth beading pre as your cock-tentacles writhe, flailing, rubbing against your slug-like lower body in waves of pleasure.

You shiver a little as you near the massive minotaur as she stands up, licking her lips as she greedily watches your sexually twisted body pull you towards her. "Yes, let me fuck you, make you a toy" she says, the minotaur’s horsecock swells forward into a glorious four foot rod as almost as thick as both of her thighs, ready to plunge into the swollen folds of your lower body.

Monria grins. Your cock-head throbs in anticipation as your thoughts jumble at the sight of her mouth opening, revealing pink, drooling walls with no teeth, registering the slightest moment of surprise from you as you realize her muzzle closes around a pussy-mouth. Your cock-tentacles cast about, desperately reaching towards Monria. She bellows out a laugh, "Your body wants me so badly, slut. I'll let it have what it wants."

Monria shivers, pre starting to drool from her massive shaft as she sets it down to the front of your pussy body. “Good toy, come here. Let me break you,” the twisted creature growls, the words lost in the multitude of sexual drives you've become. You slowly move forward as you crawl around it, your pussy cumming at the mere touch of her cock, a waterfall of your perverted honey cascading down as you ripple around her shaft and she starts thrusting, barely moving her cock in you as she starts bellowing from the contact. Your tentacles crash against your bodies, moving amongst the multitude of breasts in another set of sexual highs to mingle with the rest before seemingly blindly finding both your and Monria’s pussy-nipples and sliding into them, pumping in and out as they twist and writhe in the slick passages.

You and Monria let out mindless bellows as the minotaur’s taut arms wrap around you, squeezing hard as she pulls you up, your lower-body swallowing and gripping her cock as it mashes into her legs. She falls backwards in a crash, the pain unnoticeable to you in the sea of pleasure.

Your massive breasts and hers are mashed together in a lost sensation of pain as she squeezes you close enough to bring her pussy-mouth to the tip of the blunt cock-muzzle of your face, her jaw unhinging before her warm, wet mouth swallows your entire head.

The violent orgasmic motions of your body are multiplied as you start rocking your head back in forth as the red hot pleasure of the large glans of your head adding yet more strength to the tidal forces of pleasure battering your consciousness.

The minotaur surprises what little of you is aware of her as she cums, your body triggering in devastating concert with hers, the cum gushing from your mouth as the pleasure of your cock-head devastates your senses, your cumming tentacle cocks pumping cum into twelve needy cunts, the passages spasming in their own cascades of pleasure, heedlessly overflowing the soft flesh of your breasts, the sensations riding atop the constant, deep orgasms of your lower pussy half from just having a cock in its folds, as cum spews and flows out and over your two perverted, twisted bodies.

Your body never stops the pleasure, assaulting you constantly. Whenever a thought chances to cross your mind, it's only that the minotaur has to be fucked out of your way and you put what little effort your mind can contribute to bear on the beast stuck under you, it's cock never softening while inside you, your fluids making it unable to go soft.

The minotaur stays pinned under you, pleasured, milked, fucked, sucked, no cock leaving a pussy it's buried in, no respite from the fluids being pumped into them, breasts filling with cum, the beast’s belly swelling, your massive pussy just letting the seed flowing out from it freely with no seeming effect, your body fucking her on it's own.

Your consciousness retreats, letting your happy body and the endless pleasure carry you away into a blissful thoughtlessness, burying your intellect. You aren't aware when your captors finally pull you from the minotaur, the beast lying on the ground, shivering and curling up against its still painfully hard cock, it's body painfully abused by yours. Although it's mind might recover in ways yours never will, that doesn't matter as a cascade of strange, cold liquid splashes into you and the world washes away into an inactive black void.

The world returns to you, your mind waking with several crucial realizations. You're out of the cavern and you're alone. You lurch forward, mindlessly enjoying the sensations as your eyes dart about and the slit of your mouth drools as you look around for something to fill you up and let you in, your mind becoming capable only of helping your body fulfill its desires. Maybe you'll come back, someday, if you someone ever tries to see if you're anything more than an obscene sexual monstrosity.

*** Bad End ***