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Rick & Jim at the horse farm
Unending BE - episode 625191

"No reason, just worried you'd screwed up again." said Jim.

Meanwhile, Allison had now idea what was happening to her. Moments ago, she was at the gym on the benchpress. Now, she found herself in the the middle of a fenced-in pasture, and she was transforming into a stallion!

Unaware of Rick & Jim's presence or that they were responsible for what was happening, Allison continued to grunt and groan as her body grew larger and more powerful. Meanwhile, Rick and Jim discussed what to do next.

"Should we turn her back?" asked Rick.

"Nah, not yet" Jim responded, "You know, there was a lot of other arrogent women at that gym we can mess with."

"Good idea!" replied Rick.

Ricked waved the wand, and....

*Suddenly three leotard-clad women from the gym appear in front of them in the pasture, and Rick casts a spell on them


Re: Magic Wand

Rick waved the wand and three spandex clad ladies appeared. "I had the wand pick out the three meanest, most cruel women from the gym. I think when we're done here I'm just going to leave them , so I just wished that they lived here, no one thought anything was odd about it, and that they couldn't escape."

Ashley was blonde and tall. Suddenly a long blonde tail burst out of her leotard just above her ass. She fell to her hands as she turned into a palomino mare. She turned her head and looked back at here new horsey body. Ashley neighed sadly.

"Wow," said Rick. "She's almost as pretty this way."

"Yeah, but it doesn't seem like much of a punishment."

"Hunh." Said Rick, annoyed that Jim was right, and not able to thing of a way to argue with him. Instead he waved the wand and Ashley's normal face and breasts returned, complete with her long blonde hair. Then her breasts grew longer and rounder, dangling behind her forelegs until they only cleared the ground by a few inches, her nipples scales up in size to match.

Stephanie had slightly curly red hair and extremely nice round breasts. Not very large, but the wand quickly took care of that. They kept their nice round shape but started growing both bigger and longer until they dangled heavily almost even with her elbows. Her legs thickened and grew longer as her ass grew much larger. She burst from her leotard as her legs split in two and a new torso and waist grew between her four legs. Stephanie's ears changed and grew up behind her head, expressive horse ears peeking out of her luxurious red hair. Her lower body matched as it was that of a shiny red quarter horse. She was now fully a centauress. Stephanie lifted her hooves, checking out her new legs one at a time. Her tits were simply enormous, and bounced heavily as she moved.

Amber had long black hair. Her leotard simply disappeared as she fell to all fours. A long black tail grew out, so long that it dragged on the ground behind her. Her thighs curved, her feet lengthened as her toes merged into a single hoof. Meanwhile Amber's arms were turning into a pony's forelges. Her ears grew longer until they were long and fur covered like a donkey's ears. Amber's breasts started to grow, not much rounder, mostly longer, until standing on all fours, not much larger than she was before, her breasts almost brushed the ground. Unlike the other two girls who were now horse sized Amber was no bigger than a girl with long horse legs and tail. Her neck was still short, not really made for a quadraped and other than her tail she wasn't furry.

"What do you think?" asked Rick. "I call it the Mavra Chang treatment, inspired by the great author Jack Chalker. In one of his books a villain gets a computer that can change reality any way he wants, and he uses it to give himself a huge cock and transforms a super spy who was out to get him into this pony girl creature. Also, he made her horny, loyal to him, and about as smart as a dog so I went with that too. It's a theme. I've been a sucker for a theme lately. Oh also, he made her pussy able to handle his enlarged penis just perfectly too."

"What are you babbling about?" asked Jim.

Rick spotted a stallion that must live at the farm trotting over to check them out. Rick pointed the wand at him and his horse head shortened as it took on a much more human look. Human shouldere pushed out below it from the horse's shoulder's, and kept on growing until the stallion was a centaur, if a somehwat tanned, hairy and muscular one. "I didn't want the girls to be lonely."

"What's happening?" asked Amber, flicker her tail about in annoyance. She could feel the grass tickling her nipples. But she was standing up. But she was standing on four hooved legs?

"It's these boys!" said Stephanie. "They're somehow doing this to us!" She took one step towards Rick.

Suddenly she stopped and smiled instead. "What was that?" asked Jim.

"I just wished they'd be happy and friendly. And in heat all the time. I almost thought I was going to get beat up by a huge titted horse girl for a second there."

*Rick spotted a girl who worked on the farm and transformed her


Re: Magic Wand

Rick and Jim then noticed the young blonde woman in her early 20's working at the farm. She was unaware of the strange occurences going on there, and before she could, they decided to cast a spell on her as well. Wearing a snug white t-shirt, black boots, and a very tight pair of tan riding pants that highlighted her narrow waist, flairing hips, and thick but shapely butt and legs, she was getting some oats for a horse when Rick waved the wand at her. The transformation spell quickly took effect, and soon....

*Her crotch began to bulge, as she was also turning into a stallion

Janine was just doing her chores, and fetching a bag of oats when Rick waved the wand at her.

"I should taste the oats to make sure they're OK for the horses," she thought, without wondering why she would ever stop to think such things.

She stopped in her tracks, reached into the bag, and decided these oats were really delicious. For no good reason, she thought she'd help herself to some more. Not that she'd ever done this before, but it just seemed to happen. This distracted her from changes the wand was making.

From the waist up, Janine kept her toned, feminine figure, perhaps filling out her t-shirt just a bit more snugly. Rick, after all, had standards.

From the waist down, Janine the farm hand gradually turned into a stallion, shredding her riding pants and boots, making her stumble just as the transformation ended with her fore-hooves placed awkwardly on what used to be the heels of her boots. With the stumble, she seemed to come out of her trance and began to notice the changes. She stopped thinking about eating the oats, or bringing them to the stable, and started to react with surprize to her new body.

Her all-black coat and muscular lines would have made a handsome mate for any horse mare, but this was going to be Stephanie's mate, and with Stephanie in constant heat, Janine was about to have a lot of fun. She'd loved to fantasize about something like this happening while she worked through her days here, but never dared believe it could happen to her.

She turned around at the waist where human and equine aspects merged, and looked at herself, trying both to react to the change and think what to do next. Just at that moment, she caught the scent of a centauress in heat on the wind, and followed it.

*Janine finds Stephanie.


Re: Magic Wand

Janine sniffs the air. There's something magical in it, her whole body reacts to it. It's horsey, girley. Janine starts walking towards the source of the smell. The hormones of an aroused girl in the air are making her tingle, making her vision sparkle the experience is so strong.

Stephanie looks up, she hears hooves behind her. She sees a blonde haired stallion-girl approaching her. Janine is an experienced farm girl and knows how to approach a horse but is a little less certain how to apprache a centaur mare.

Janine says "hello" and reaches out and touches Stephanie's red furred ass. Just the slightest touch makes her tail frisk about, spreading more of that delicious smell. It's Stephanie's pussy. It's shiny and wet. Janine pets Stephanie's tail and it flips up and to the right. Stepahnies pussy is glistening and black. Janine touches it. It feels like the softest leather ever, softer than driving gloves.

Janine steps up to Stephanie and starts kissing her. You can't get close to Stephanie's front without colliding with her enormous breasts. Stephanie's huge tits crush pleasantly between their bodies, Janine's higher, firmer ones resting on top. As they kiss Janine's cock slides out of its sheath. Janine puts her hand on Stephanie's right nipple. It's so big and feminine she has to lick it, suck on it. Stephanie is so aroused her hips ship back and forth, stimulating her extremely aroused pussy, but not enough. She kisses Janine back hard, her little tongue darting into Janine's mouth. She pulls Janien towards her and whispers "Mount me."in her ear.

Janine trots around behind Stephanie, her growing hard on bouncing a bit painfully. She rears up and comes down on Stepahnie's back. How many times she's seen stallions do this, and now at last she gets to find out what it feels like. Sex with a centaur mare is more amazing than anythign she could have imagined. Stephanie's wet pussy lips part as Janine's massive stallino cock plows into it. She starts pumping and pumping. The mating centaurs are colorful, black on red, Janine's blonde hair falling in Stephanie's eyes as she fucks her wildly.

Stephanie closes her eyes. Her pussy is rippling , urging Janine on. Her huge brouse bounce freely until Janine's hand wrap around her back and grab them. Janine starts massaging her breasts, teasing her nipples, adding greatly to her pleasure. Stepanies is overwhelemed by the sheer phyxicality of the act and starts to come and come. She gasps and moans and whinnies her ecstasy.

Janine slows her thrusting, feeling an incredible orgasm build until she can hang on no longer and floods Stepahnie's pussy with come. She grings her breasts into Stephanie's back. The centaur mare's huge breasts feels so good on her delicate hands. Such huge nipples just perfect for feeding foals or receiving great pleasure.

*Janine walks up to the boys and snatches the wand away from Rick


Re: Magic Wand

The two boys watch as Janine walks up to them. They're too busy watching her breasts bounce to do anything when she snatches the wand from Rick.

"Oops," says Rick. "Maybe we should have done something to disguise the nature of what we were doing."

Janine looks back at her tail. With a wave of the wand, her tail turns the same color of blonde as her hair, contrasting beautifully with her glossy black pelt. Looking down at her front, she says "It feels weird not having a pussy any more. I think I'll give myself a pussy in front." With another wave of the wand she creates a trimmed, blonde haired pussy that merges smoothely into the black furred front of her stallion body.

While she's at it, Janine makes her long blonde hair a little longer, and her breasts slightly bigger again. Now they're just bigger than DD's, kind of large for her slender build but with her centaur strength she carries them effortlessly. "All done."

"That's it? You're not going to change back, or at least make yourself a girl centaur?" asks Rick, strangely calmly.

"No, this is like one of my greatest fantasies come to life."

*Janine punishes Rick for transforming people against their will


Re: Magic Wand

Janine smiles and looks at Rick. Suddenly he's naked. "Hey!" he protests.

"You need to learn a lesson about the importance of not transforming people against their will," Janine said sternly.

"I can't help it. I tried to stop, but I can't! Please don't try to teach me a lesson. I never learn, I swear! I'm an idiot. There's no teaching me anything! And I hate come-uppance. Please don't punish me, please!" Rick falls to his knees, sobbing. Jim is a little surprised that Rick is crumbling so easily until he suspects that Rick is over-acting in an attempt to get off easy.

"More like he needs to learn a lesson about the importance of hanging onto the magic wand," grumbles Jim.

"Quiet, you." Lisa gestures with the wand. "You'll get yours. Let's start by"

*Giving rick an udder fit for an adult Holstein cow


Re: Magic Wand

Janine twirled the wand thoughtfully in her hands, looking at the two in front of her. "Ah" she said after a moment. "I know." She pointed the wand at Rick, and smiled when he yelled in surprise. Slowly standing, Jim helping him to his feet, he stared down at himself in horror.

"What the hell have you done?" he screamed, looking back at the centauress-stallion. Hanging between his legs to below his knees was a huge cows udder. It was attached up as far as his breastbone, and slung back well between his legs, apparently eliminating his genitals in the process. It pressed firmly against those legs, compressed into a space too small for it. It was obviously intended for a four-legged animal and wasn't hanging correctly with Rick in an upright position.

He reached down with a trembling hand and felt the upper curves of his udder. It stuck out nearly a foot around the level of his bellybutton, which was now covered by it. The four large nipples dangled from the front of the thing around his thighs, and when he tried to walk forward his legs pushed the udder back and forth making it swing and tug him off balance. The part of it between his legs rubbed against them, and the sensations were arousing. His new nipples stiffened and grew larger and he moaned.

Janine smiled. Jim took a step forwards and she looked at him threateningly. "It's not your turn yet. He still needs work." Looking back at Rick, she waved the wand again. His hands shot to his ears as they turned into those of a horse, sticking well above his head. The ears moved around, and he was worried to discover that he didn't seem to have any control over them. They pointed themselves to any sound automatically.

The centauress thought for a moment more, and then waved the wand a third time. A long monkeylike tail shot from Rick's spine, covered in tiger-striped fur but with the last eight inches or so bare and shaped exactly like a flaccid human penis. She stepped forward and reached down, grabbing the tail while Rick shouted. Squeezing the end, she let go and watched as it stiffened, becoming a fully erect penis nearly a foot long.

"That should do it" she smiled. Rick was nearly in tears for real by now. He reached down and felt his udder again. It was very heavy, and seemed to be getting slowly heavier. He had a good idea why.

Jim was staring in disbelief, but took a step back when she turned her attention to him. Suddenly turning he made a run for it, but nearly got whiplash when he slammed to a halt twenty feet away completely against his will. Looking down his eyes went wide, and he frantically felt his body.

Even in his state of shock Rick stared at his friend. From the waist down his body had turned into a tree-trunk, his legs merging together without a trace of a human shape left, and he was firmly rooted in place in the middle of the farmyard. Janine grinned at him and slowly approached, stopping a few feet away as he struggled futilely, wrenching his upper body from side to side in an attempt to dislodge himself from the earth. He didn't move an inch.

"Now, now", she said mockingly, "No running away." She walked around him inspecting him carefully, her hooves thumping slowly on the ground, and stopped at his front. "I think we can improve on this." She waved the wand again, and Jim's torso changed. It became more shapely and feminine, his arms and hands slimming down as well. Six large breasts grew in pairs down his front, the lowest pair hanging from his narrow waist over the upper part of his bark-covered lower body. As he struggled all six of his breasts flopped around, and he winced in pain.

"Better, but not finished", she said thoughtfully. Another wave of the wand, and a long prehensile tail similar to Rick's one grew out of the back of Jim's trunk, this one ending in a tubular structure that was obviously based on a vagina. His arms became covered in a bark-textured skin and leaves sprouted from his joints. He suddenly found that if he relaxed his arms all by themselves raised up until they were held above his head like branches. He could use them pretty much normally, but whenever he took his attention off them they went back into this new rest position.

Janine nodded in satisfaction. "That should do it. For the moment at least. OK, boys, see you later." She waved the wand a final time and the two transformed lads found themselves in Jim's back yard. Jim was planted in the middle of it in a nicely laid out flowerbed, and Rick was standing next to him.

The two looked at each other, then Rick staggered over to a nearby garden seat with his udder shuddering and flopping between his legs. "Fuck, this thing is heavy", he moaned, reaching down and massaging it. Grabbing a nipple in each hand he heaved the thing on top of his legs, and was startled and upset when a thin jet of milk shot from each nipple.

"You think you've got problems!", Jim yelled, his arm/branches quivering and his breasts shaking with the force of his voice. "I'm stuck in the middle of the lawn! What the hell are we going to do?" He pointed at Rick's udder with one hand, lowering it from it's skyward position to do so, and went on "You're going to have to get milked, and then you're going to have to figure out how to get the wand back and change us back into our normal selves." He didn't notice as his arm rose back into the upward pointing 'branch' default position as he took his attention off it, although Rick did.

"Me?" he asked. "How am I going to get anywhere looking like this?" His ears flattened themselves against his head all by themselves.

"It's not like I'M going anywhere, is it?" Jim asked with heavy sarcasm. Rick shrugged, and stood up. Walking slowly over to his friend with his udder wobbling around, he inspected him carefully. It was obvious that Jim was more than half plant, and his roots were firmly buried in the lawn. He wasn't going anywhere without the assistance of a shovel and a wheelbarrow, at least. Standing next to Jim, neither of them noticed their respective tails moving independently, until suddenly Rick's penis-tail slipped it's end into Jim's vagina-tail.

Both gasped at the sensations, and Rick stepped back. "Stop that!" he yelled.

"Me? I didn't do anything. You stop it!" Jim shouted back, then groaned in pleasure as his tail clamped down on Rick's. Rick dropped to his knees from the sensations sweeping through him then yelped in pain as he landed partly on his huge udder. Rolling over a little, he ended up on his back. The sensations increased for both mutated young men as their tails got more involved, and Rick found himself tugging his nipples as Jim massaged all his breasts.

The tail sex lasted for ten or fifteen minutes, until both orgasmed with a moan. Rick had disgorged several gallons of milk, and Jim was slumped over his immovable lower body, his arm/branches still pointing upwards but quivering a little. Eventually Rick struggled to his feet, reached around and grabbed his tail in one hand and Jim's in the other, and forcibly pulled them apart with a sucking sound.

*Or else this


Re: Magic Wand

"Oh fuck, that made me tired!" Rick said. "I felt like I could just have kept going, but when I finally got myself to try to stop, man, I was just so drained!"

"My tail just had a life of its own," Jim sighed. "I had no control. It's just tingling now, especially at the end. I don't know how to describe it. If you got near me again, I think it would just go after you and do the same thing."

Suddenly, Rick heard something, and looked up. "Jim, now I think we're REALLY fucked."

"Why?" Jim asked...his back to the sound, he didn't get a good look right away, but then he heard the sound of several sets of equine hooves, and it wasn't hard to guess.

A few moments later, Janine leads Stephanie, Amber, Allison & Ashley all into Jim's backyard. As Rick already noticed, now they're all centauresses, and each of them has a wand!

"My God they're sexy!" Rick says to Jim.

"Shut up!" says Janine, and she waves her wand at Rick & Jim. They find they can't talk. "Oh, don't worry, it'll wear off soon, or when I ask you to answer a question. Yeah, I think they're gorgeous, too, and I'm their stallion, but I'm not going to have a million questions or have you just stating the obvious here. I'm going to be sure I make a point. I was thinking of turning Jim's torso into a marble column or something for a while, and leaving him with just his head and neck moveable for a few years, but I had a better idea."

Jim's eyes were pleading now not to make this worse, and Rick was so scared he started crying silently.

Janine waved the wand again. "OK, some rules. I just made it so you can't take the wands from us, can't ask for them, can't ask others to help you get them, can't conspire to ever get them, and can't tell others about them. Your brains just won't process those thoughts anymore. Unless I myself reverse it, you can't ever do those things for yourself, even if I give you a wand."

Another wave of the wand. "And if you ever do use a wand again, anything you try to do to me, or any of the five of us, unless you have our permission first, will be something you wish on yourself instead. It'll just happen that way. No matter how this ends up, you have to ask us, or else. I may wind up having a lot of fun with this soon, but I didn't need you coming along and screwing with my life like this."

Another wave of the wand now toward the other centauresses, and Janine says "Well, I've released them, just so long as they don't use them on me, and they have some fun with you, I figured I'd make wands for the other girls you didn't give a choice to. And, after we're done, well, they're all centauresses now. I intend to take a little pleasure in my own fantasies for a while. Oh, don't give me that look. Seeing the state they were in, and looking at me, they ALL volunteered. You happened to choose a group of girls who absolutely love horses, and if you weren't such total jerks about this, you might have even had us all do this willingly. It might have been a lot of fun for you. Now, though, the fun's going to be all ours. Let's see what we can come up with."

Allison looked at Jim & Rick and said, "Oh, don't worry. We're not gonna be hypocrites about all this. We'll make you normal again. Well, probably pretty normal. Eventually."

Amber waved her wand and they were suddenly all in a huge room in a large house, with an area in the center of the room left exposed to the soil where Jim now stood. "We ARE still discussing if any of us gets to keep you for a while, or how this is all going to work. But we created this house before coming to see you guys, and we really ARE going to have our fun with these bodies. Whatever we had before, these are even better. And, look what Janine gave us." Amber was motioning to the small of her human back where human aspect met equine. Hiding under her fountain of long hair, amidst what was now a mane, was a penis.

"Stop showing off," said Janine. "Yeah, well, I gave myself back my female equipment for a reason. I figured it's best not to let it go to waste. I told you I planned on having fun. In a weird way, I think you did us all a favor getting us together like this, but that only gets you off from something really nasty and permanent. Since I have these other girls here, and Jim, since you already have Rick, I think the next step is to add three more tails to you. After all, at least for now, I only want one of these gorgeous girls at a time, and I can't let them be ignored." With a wave of Janine's wand, Jim had three more tails, each much larger than the original.

Rick & Jim were really sweating now, knowing something more was going to happen to them soon.

*The girls decide they all want to try out their bodies, and Jim's tails, and start having sex, before getting to work on transforming Jim and Rick some more.


Re: Magic Wand

The girls set to work on sex with each other in their new forms,while Jim and Rick were terrified as to what might happen to them next.They felt resigned to being at the mercy of Janine and her gang...

...and then,suddenly,they weren't!

Amid six hundred and eighty thousand sparkles of light,Mrs. Smillwallow appeared!

Jim and Rick and the five centauresses all felt equally helplessly rooted to the ground as with a snap of her fingers the old witch restored them to being two frightened late-teenage boys,four fitness addicts in torn leotards,and a stable-girl."My power has grown so I pay little attention to cast-off wands",she said."But I forget what mischief mortals can get up to with such things..." A wave of her hand and they were in an empty field,the house having vanished."There might have been more juice left in it than I thought,but now that you've split it in five..." The five wands vanished in puffs of smoke.

"So,my thief...I think you've learned your lesson?" She looked at Rick.He had the power of speech now but was too terrified to say anything,he merely nodded and babbled incoherently.She continued."I read that you are enchanted to never use a wand again.That can remain in place."

Before Jim's eyes the doddery old curio-shop owner began to change,transforming into a tall,blindingly attractive redhead,Jim wondering idly,after their stunts in the locker room,if she was also left-handed."Ambidextrous,actually",she said out loud,and he squirmed in fear at the confirmation that she could read his mind.

She turned to the five women."I think you had best leave justice to me...it was my property that was stolen,even if you were victims of its abuse...though you do not seem to have truly minded in the end."

"If you please",Amber pleaded,"We like being centauresses!"

"Oh very well.You can be wif-centauresses and transform for the night of each full moon...but behave yourselves."

Despite himself,Rick mumbled "wif?" and Mrs. Smillwallow turned back towards him.

"English word for human female,where were denotes human male.I'm not giving them sex-change powers."

"That's Old English",Jim objected,or observed...he lost the objection in his tone as she looked at him.

"Compared to me,no English is old",the witch told him.He lowered his gaze.

A flick of her hand,and the boys found themselves

*in the basement of Mrs. Smillwallow's shop,she facing them,still as redheaded beauty.


Re: Magic Wand

"Where are we?" Jim asked, looking around. The brick-walled room was covered in shelves of books and other odd antique assortments.

"The basement of my shop," Mrs. Smillwallow said. Her beautiful redheaded form leering over her captives.

"What are you going to do with us?" Rick asked. "We've learned our lesson, believe me!"

"Oh, I believe you," Mrs. Smillwallow said. "But when you get to be my age, you learn a few things, like what truly turns you on."

"What turns you on?" Jim asked. "What does that have to do with anything?"

"Everything, actually," Smillwallow said. "What turns me on are boys your age. Particularly docile, subservient boys that do whatever I say..."

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