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The REAL Start of a New Day...
Unending BE - episode 3773

Sharon smiles from where she's kneeling in front of Jim, his massive cock in her warm hand, gently stroking it as she licks her lips and says...

"Hey, Jim - If you're that tired, maybe you should have stayed home."

James Robert Harrigan - 'Jim' to his freinds - jerked his head up with a start - then began to flush as he realized he'd drifted off to sleep - and into a weird dream.

A really weird dream.

As the slightly-bookish looking young man rose from the mildewy couch, he brushed off his jeans and T-shirt. Looking around, he thought to himself that 'weird dreams' could be excused in a place like this.

"Come on, sleepyhead." Sharon, Jim's current girl chided gently. "Rick and the others are waiting for us in the foyer."

Jim needed no urging to follow Sharon anywhere. Short and a little on the 'pale and skinny' side - a result of her part-time job at the town library - his girlfriend was cute, if a little flat chested. But she had a world-class ass, which made following her a real pleasure.

Even if he WAS following her in Hill House, the huge, supposedly 'cursed' mansion atop - oddly enough - a hill.

Of course, none of them would even THINK of coming to a place like this on Halloween Night - that was just too cliche.

So, they'd come on Hell night, the night before Haloween.

Entering the foyer of the massive, creepy mansion, Jim smiled at the little knot of friends. Nearly inseperable, they'd decided to do this as one of their world-famous... well, town-famous stunts.

Rick, his carrot-topped friend (and the town's most famous marathon runner) was there. As usual, he had his arm around Candace, the amazingly tall, slender (and flat chested) dancer with the fabulous legs. The tall brunette nodded at Jim.

Then, of course, there was Brad and Brenda. Both blond, Brad was the classic 'Surfer Dude', so laid back that you sometimes had to hold a mirror under his nose to make sure he was still breathing. Brenda - like a female clone of Brad, her boyfreind, was as deeply tanned as Brad, and had the same golden hair. But she was a true beach-bunny, with DDD-cup tits she liked to barely cover with tiny crop-tops, and just enough brain power to figure out how to microwave popcorn.

"So - what's the plan?" Jim asked, seeing they'd already discussed the night's 'festivities' while he'd slumbered.

Rick laughed. "Scavanger hunt. Whoever brings back the coolest thing gets the first pick of the booze." He gestured at the cooler. "We've drawn straws to see who teams with who - this is a partner thing."

Jim agreed that it sounded fun> Although he had preferences in some matters, in something like this, the pairing up would work fine, no matter who it was. So, he wasn't upset to discover his partner was...



Re: Hill House: An Odd Reunion (Candace's Route)

"So, Candi, I guess..." Jim started with a smile, then laughed at the look on the tall, leggy brunette's face. Her parent's had choosen 'Candace', the French variation on the Old-English 'Candice', to avoid that particular nick-name. It was one that Candace hated with a pssion.

"Okay, you've had your fun." Candace grinned. "So - shall we...?"

Considering Candace's spectacular legs, and the fact that she was wearing a short, deep-purple crushed velvet mini-dress, Jim considered letting her take the lead so that he could oggle her awesome, nylon-clad legs atop her graceful four-inch heels. Pushing aside the unchivalrous thought, Jim snapped on his six-cell MagLite and picked a direction more or less at random. The tall, slender woman followed. Between her own height and the extra the heels gave her, she had no problems watching over Jim's shoulder as he chose a door at random.

Pushing the creaking door open, Jim and Candace stepped into a room straight out of somebody's twisted imagination.

"Whoa...!" Candace breathed, looking around, and Jim agreed with the sentiment. The room was done in shades of black and red, and littered with the oddest assortment of items.

"Get a load of this!" Candace said. She held up a black latex body-suit with a built in red-leather corset. The suit had 'inflatable breast pads', alowing them to fit the woman's own bust, or be inflated up to - and past - any humanly possible size.

"That's nothing." Jim grinned. He showed her the item he'd found - a strange sort of dildo. Formed out of a deep red plastic, the thing was huge. Twenty-two inches long and of equally thick girth, the strap-on phallus had even more outragous 'balls', the size of beach-balls.

"Huh. Pretty weird." Candace agreed. "But what about... these?"

Jim laughed at what she held up. Flesh-colored latex, they were massive fake tits with a strap-on band. But more than that, each breast featured two nipples, all of which were outsized, even for such massive 'tits' Eight inches long, each nipple was a shocking, bright pink, and remarkably thick.

"Top that!" Candace challanged. Jim looked around the room.

"This?" He asked with a grin. 'This' was a latex costume, carefully patterned and painted to make it look like human skin that sported cybernetic enhancements on the nipples, crotch and fingers.

Hiding a grin, Candace snorted disdainfully. Then, looking at the strange items, she shrugged. "So - which do you think would win?"

Considering the question, Jim picked...

#1 The latex body-suit with inflatable breasts
#2 The freakish dildo
#3 The fake tits
#4 The cyber-slut costume
#5 *Take them all!


Re: Hill House: An Odd Reunion (Candace's Route)

Jim started to collect the various items..

Trying to juggle everything, he dropped the flashlight, which (Thanks to Murphy's Law) landed on the switch itself, clicking off the flashlight and plunging the room into utter, Stygian darkness.

Unprepared, Candace screamed. Startled, Jim turned - and wacked into something. there was a creaking noise...

Then something heavy plunged out of the darkness above and caught him a glancing blow on the head.

Jim wasn't sure how long he was out. It could have been seconds, or minutes. It wasn't hours - no dawn seeped into the room.

The only light came from the small camp-lamp on a table, next to the figure standing beside it. Jim blinked, his vision blurry from the blow. then it came into sharp focus, showing him...

*Rick. He was wearing a decidely odd costume...


Re: Hill House: An Odd Reunion (Candace's Route)

"Ow, my aching head.", said Jim. "Damn, dude, that is one freaky fucking costume. Where'd you get it? It looks so real it's almost like a Hollywood special effect, if it weren't for the exagerated sex attributes." The strange costume Rick was wearing looked like a

*minotaur - thick split hooved feet, furred legs, enormous bull cock, short muzzel, cow horns and ears on his head

Rick, at least Jim thinks it must be Rick (doesn't look much like him), says, "You must wear a costume."

"What? Why?"

"Everyone's wearing a costume. You must wear a costume."

"Oh, I get it, they decided to change the rules, so now, it's whoever wears the best costume instead of whoever finds the best item, right?" Jim thought aloud.

The minotaur, his powerful arm muscles crossed in an authoritative manner, simply stared at Jim.

"Okay, whatever," Jim continued. "Hmmm...if I'm going to compete with that costume," Jim thought as he sorted through the costumes that he had found earlier, "I'll need something really special." He considered the immense strap-on phallus with outrageous 'balls', the size of beach-balls...and then looked over at the minotaur's own endowment and realized that while the dildo might be larger, it was nothing all that extraordinary next to Rick's costume. Likewise, he rejected the tits as being too ordinary...perhaps the dildo and tits together? Nah.

So, that left the cybernetic-looking latex costume or the black latex body-suit with a built in red-leather corset and 'inflatable breast pads', allowing them to fit the woman's own bust, or be inflated up to - and past - any humanly possible size. Neither were quite good enough to compete with the minotaur costume. He had no idea what the cybernetic enhancements were supposed to be, so he decided to stick with what he knew. Reluctantly, he stripped off his clothes and put on the black and red latex costume. It felt wonderfully smooth against his skin as he pulled up his legs, then past his crotch (where it miraculously remained smooth, despite the bulge that ought to be there), and up his chest, where the uninflated breasts looked out of place (to Jim's eyes, since he was used to having a flat male chest). Sticking his arms through the armholes, Jim was surprised to find gloves attached to the ends of the sleeves. He put his fingers in the appropriate places, and the realized that the costume seemed to have a hood as well (had that been there before?). He put it over his head, and felt it seem to stretch across his face. For a moment he couldn't see anything, but then it seemed as if the latex costume's hood opened eyeslits so that he could see, and opened nose and mouth slits so he could breathe.

Noticing a nearby mirror, Jim stared at his reflection. He looked like a bald, pitch-black, shiny rubber woman wearing only a red corset. Certain details stood out however, such as the whiteness of Jim's eyes, and the redness of the nipples (had they been there before?) which matched the color of the corset. He also noticed that the costume's crotch was not actually smooth (as one would expect it to be, even if a woman were wearing latex in this area), but seemed to simulate a feminine slit made out of the same rubbery material. Unable to resist, Jim reached down there to feel it, not realizing that it was strange to be able to feel through the latex of the costume, and discovered that the costume seemed to have some further miraculous property; he could almost swear that he really did have a cunt, for, when he stroked the costume's clit, he could feel his fingers touching himself there. Obviously the costume must be transferring the sensations of being touched to his cock, hidden beneath the latex.

Jim was likewise surprised to discover that he could feel his fingers sliding up inside the costume's vagina, but was quickly distracted as the minotaur then advanced toward Jim and grabbed ahold of the pump which was attached to the costume's breasts by a thin plastic tube. The minotaur then pumped up Jim's breasts several sizes, from C to D to DD... "Oh, thanks, Rick, I had almost forgotten about that! I can't hope to win this costume contest without huge tits!" Jim didn't notice that, after he was finished pumping up Jim's breasts, the minotaur removed the pump from the costume, sliding the thin tube out of the black latex opening (which then sealed itself up). "You know," Jim told him, "it almost felt like my chest really was expanding when you did that! There must be some sort of internal vaccum that's formed, exerting a pressure on my chest, deep inside the costume, right?"

The minotaur did not answer. Instead...

*the minotaur began to fondle Jim's breasts. Despite the wonderful sensations, Jim thinks it's just a joke ('cause it's just a costume), so he fondles Rick's costume's cock in return, as a joke.


Re: Hill House: An Odd Reunion (Candace's Route)

The minotaur (that Jim assumes is Rick in a costume) begins to fondle Jim's black rubber breasts and plays with the bright red nipples. Jim marvels at how advanced the rubber costume is, as he can feel everything. As Jim grows more excited, the rubber nipples stiffen and a moistness grows between his legs.

Jim, thinking this just Rick's twisted sense of humor causing him to play with Jim's obviously fake breasts, decides that two can play this game. Jim reaches down and grabs the minotaur's enormous bull cock. Jim, who just knows that it's simply a part of a costume and not a real cock, has no qualms about stroking it until it becomes hard.

*The minotaur then shoves Jim onto the floor in preparation for mounting him.


Re: Hill House: An Odd Reunion (Candace's Route)

The minotaur grunts as Jim strokes the bull cock into hardness. Its amazing how realistic it looks, especially with the clear fluid begining to leak out of the end. Leaning forward to get a better look, Jim is suprised to feel the minotaur grabing his legs, and then spining him around in the air.Jim is now hanging by his legs, with his face dangling in front of the minotaurs cock.

He is truly suprised when, as he stops rotating, something soft and agile enters his costume's rubber clit. Moaning in pleasure, while looking up, he realizes that Rick? is licking his cunt with an enourmous tongue. "Ugh...OOOoaahhh..." he moans as one of his legs is released and the back of his head is then feels something brush the back of his head.

Jim barely has time to react, before the freed hand pushes his face towards the slightly deflating cock.

*Something Else


Re: Hill House: An Odd Reunion (Candace's Route)

The minotaur effortlessly flips the rubber girl the proper way up. He pushes her up against the wall and lowers her down onto his immense cock. Her eyes bug out as she feels something huge between her legs going in deeper and deeper. It kind of hurts but it's immensely pleasurable at the same time. Jim looks down and can't believe the sight of a huge cock going into a rubber vagina between his - her? legs. The rubber girl's breasts bounce just like real ones and the vagina starts squeezing bringing the minotaur to new heights of ecstasy. The girl is helplessly pinned to the wall, overwhelmed by new sensations. The minotaur tips his head back and grunts and smiles. "Oh, yeah." He thrusts and thrusts, then slows down and stops.

*The minotaur leans in and french kisses her, some of his large tongue slipping into her mouth


Re: Hill House: An Odd Reunion (Candace's Route)

The minotaur leans in and french kisses her, some of his large tongue slipp ing into .her mouth. Jim knows that this isn't normal, but it feels so good, and the minotaur is so large. Their lips locked, the pumping begins a gain, until the minotaur cums and throws back his head to shout incomprehensibly in pleasure.

The bull then pulls himself out of her, and practically drops her onto the floor, where she bounces slightly and then lays quitely on her side. Feeling stunned, and overstimulated, Jim just lays there watching the Minotuar stre tch and laugh.

"This is great! Oh, yeah! Who's your DADDY!?"

Returning his attention to Jim, he smiles and asks, "And how are we feeling ? Nothing much to say, huh? Sharon always said you were only usefull for one good fuck." Smiling, flexing his arms, he grins and then laughs out , "Chalk one up for Candace, the new King of the hill!"

?!Candace Jim is now truly confused.

*Candace picks Jim up, to go and look for their friends.


Re: Hill House: An Odd Reunion (Candace's Route)

Candace, now a tall minotaur with rippling muscles and an enormous cock, picks Jim, now a sexy rubber woman, up and walks off to find their friends. Candace's left arm supports Jim's back, his right hand under Jim's buttocks. Jim puts his arm around Candace, looking confused. "Why are you carrying me?"

"Because that way I can do this" says Candace, inserting her thumb into Jim's vagina.

"Where are our friends?" asks Jim.

"I don't really know. But I heard some strange noises, so I think they are close by, and probably changed like us.

"Where did you get the costume?"

"It was in the same room with the other fetish gear, we just didn't see it at first. I put the costume on and something strange happened, I blacked out. I woke up with a huge hard on. I sure hope Rick is a girl, or at least part one." Candace walks down a hall made of stone like a castle. They find a storage room, a normal looking bathroom, a dungeon complete with rack and torture implements, a library filled with old books. As Candace walks she continues to finger Jim's wet pussy, rubbing the rubber woman against her growing hard on. Then they find . . .

*that Candace can't go any farther without sex


Re: Hill House: An Odd Reunion (Candace's Route)

"Sorry, Jim," Candace-the-Minotaur appologised as he positioned Jim-the-rubber-doll's vagina over his hardon part again, "but I just can't go any further without getting ooorff!!" Candace groaned as he shoved his bull-meat into Jim's tight, rubbery vagina. Jim moaned as she felt herself once more invaded by the massive shaft; it felt so good to be filled by massive cock. "Actually, Jim," Candace continued as she pumped Jim's rubber body apon his stud pole, "I'm not sorry at all. I rather like fucking you like this! You make a really great fuck toy, you know that?"

Jim was unable to answer, as she was being slammed relentlessly on Candace's shaft and was cumming like fireworks. Finally Candace exploded and Jim felt his bull-slime flood into her rubber womb.

"Gaud, Jim," Candace exclaimed as she hugged and kissed her plaything. "No wonder you guys try to get into our panties all the time! That was the best sex ever!!"

Jim blushed and looked away; unable to admit that it had been terrific for her as well.

Meanwhile ...

*this is what happened to Rick and Brenda.


Re: Hill House: An Odd Reunion (Candace's Route)

As the group split up, Rick was pretty happy being paired up with Brenda. Now he'd get to watch her generous cleavage bounce around in her tight top (which was something he missed in his own girlfriend) for a few minutes before the group got back together. Brenda smiled and asked "What should we check out first?"

*go outside

Rick and Brenda walk straight through the house. Two long hallways branch out to either side, leading to the main wings of the house. They arrive at the back door and step outside. Rick decides it might not be such a bad idea to see what else is around the house. There is a chill in the night air. Crickets chirp, which normally sounds cheerful, now adds to the oddly menacing quality. Rick tells himself he's just nervous because they are trespassing and it has nothing to do with the fearful reputation of the place. A bright full moon provides some light. They are standing on a brick patio. The surface is uneven, the ground has shifted under the patio since it was built. There is a set of a few chair and a table, made of metal, extremely heavy, like someone's grandparents would have. Paths lead away from the patio, some leading to obvious things, like the carriage house / garage, the barn behind the garage. One path is decorated with statues. Another leads to a sound of running water. Weeds grow through the stones in the path, the whole place is overgrown. It feels thouroughly creepy and abandonded. Who knows what mysterious force could be waiting for them in a place like this?

Brenda takes Rick's arm, half hiding behind him, which has the pleasant effect of left breast pressing into his back. Rick pulls out a large flask of whiskey and takes a few swigs. He hands it to Brenda and she chugs a few shots. Feeling slightly warmer and braver they decide to

*Go to the barn


Re: Hill House: An Odd Reunion (Candace's Route)

As they walk along the path to the barn Rick notices it isn't as overgrown with weeds as the other paths. They here a distant animal noise which makes Brenda jump and walk close to Rick. She takes Rick's arm again and walking on the rough path sometimes her hips or breasts brush against him. Rick tries not to get too turned on by this and fails. Brenda has such lovely breasts . . . but Rick wouldn't want to do anything to hurt Candace's feelings, and knows better than to suggest anything like a threesome with Brenda or girlfriend swapping with Brad. Is it possible there is something in the big building after all these years? It doesn't seem possible. Rick pulls open the large door and the bright moonlight provides some light. It smells faintly of animals inside, faint enough to be kind of pleasant. There is a large workbench built into a wall with a number of objects on it, including a saddle, a bridle, some strips of leather, an animal inseminator carved somewhat realistically, a short tube with long hairs coming out of one end. There are several stalls, including a larger one with a wooden sign that says "Bessy" and contains an automatic milking machine.

*Rick notices something in one of the stalls


Re: Hill House: An Odd Reunion (Candace's Route)

Even though they'd been lead here by a strange sound, Rick is still startled to see something in one of the stalls. After all, this whole place is supposed to be empty. He leans in closer in the darkness and sees

*A mare lying down

The mare is lying there with her legs folded under her. When she sees Rick looking at her she stands up. She has brown fur except for the lower parts of her legs, tail and mane which are all black. She has pretty brown eyes and looks a little scared.

*The mare bolts from her stall and collides with Rick. Somehow they merge together and become a strange centaur with Rick's upper half and the body of the mare.


Re: Hill House: An Odd Reunion (Candace's Route)

Rick, surprised by seeing a live animal in the old barn, actually moved closer to the mare as she stood. He became even more surprised when she moved, right into him, pushing him out of her way as she bolted from the stall. Rick felt something as she seem to go through him but soon found himself on the floor feeling strange from his hips down his legs but soon pushed himself up somewhat with his arms, looking for the horse that had gone by. When he didn't see the animal, he also realized that he didn't see Brenda either and tried to get to his feet. That's when reality took a turn.

Rick couldn't get to his ffet and turn to see his legs, which he could feel on the floor. He saw that his legs were now black, at least from the knee down, like the mare was, and brown upward on to thigh. He also realized that he wasn't wearing pants and when he brushed the lower part of his shirt, he felt his maleness respond. Lifting the shirt he saw that he now sported a bigger package then before, but that it emerged a from brown furred area that started at his waist. Turning his head toward his rear, he saw that there was an equine attached to it, with two more legs and tail, mainly covered with a brown pelt except for the lower part of the rear legs which were black. 'OK,' Rick thought, 'let's try this again.' This time he got to his feet, all four of them, and looked around, no sign of the horse or Brenda. His tail twitched a bit as he looked, then realized that he was still partially in the stall. It was as he moved out into the center of the barn that he felt something between his rear legs. He stopped and twisted his upper torso around his lower and felt under his tail. 'Damn, that's where she is, part of me now.' Rick straighten up and heard some noise, it was...

*Brenda, in the 'Bessie' stall, now a cowtaur...


Re: Hill House: An Odd Reunion (Candace's Route)

Rick heard a noise from one side, turned and saw it was the one with the 'Bessy' sign under it. He moved cautiously, still unfamilar with his lower half, toward that stall. He saw that the door was closed but he had enough height to look over it. As he looked in he saw Brenda, but she was looking down. Rick saw why, her breasts were now huge! Rick estimated that one of them were at least the size of her previous pair together and she had two of them! NO, she had four of them! There were two more breasts under her top pair and each one of them had four very large nipples jutting out! Brenda had to be in shock 'cause Rick knew hew was stunned by the sight. Still he reached an arm over the door and called to her. Brenda's head slowly turned until she was looking up to him, blinking. With Brenda now looking at him, he saw that she also had a pair of horns growing out of her head and that her ears were, well elvish was his first guess, but there was something about them that screamed cow as well.

Brenda grabbed his arm and started to pull herself up to her feet. Rick felt something extremely heavy as she did so, like her weight had more than tripled, maybe more and brought his other hand over to aid her stand. Once she was on her feet, Rick looked her over again, she still had four very large and firm breasts, each with four very long nipples that seem stiff and almost penile-like. Her shirt was still there but along her sides and arms (covering her back). Her top pair seem to be resting on her lower pair and Rick felt himselrf respond in the male manner and also felt something warming up in his rear! To cover his embaressment, Rick quickly move a hand to the handle and opened the stall door, 'Come on out Brenda.' he said. 'OK.' she replied, softly. As she moved, Rick head a clopping sound, like hooves on the barn floor.

As Brenda emerged, Rick saw that she had a fifth breast at her groin, it was larger than any one of her breasts and had four long nipples as well. Her legs, behind the breast, ended in hooves but her rear didn't. End that is, there was more in the stall. Rick thought of his new rear and closed his eye briefly. Rick reopened his eyes and looked at Brenda's lower half. He bent his head closer as it looked like Brenda had more breasts behind her legs. His eye widen as he realized that she did have more, four more in fact and when she finally finished showing herself, he saw that there was a large firm udder between her rear legs as well. Brenda had 10 breasts, or was that 8 breasts and 2 udders? Then he realized what the strange thing was, all four of her legs were human except that they ended in hooves instead of feet! His eyes widened even more as he realized that her lower body was human as well, but with black patches in a bovine pattern against Brenda's normal tan color. The tail at the end barely registered as it swung around her rear, with a hair tuff at its end, colored like Brenda's hair.

One thing that Rick hadn't notice, was that Brenda's eyes were larger, a mixture of bovine and human. As Brenda emerged from her stall, she didn't see Rick's lower half. It wasn't until she was out of the stall and one of them was closing the door that she did. Her eyes widened even more as her attention went to the tail moving behind Rick. Her attention followed up his lower torso as the door and focused on his jutting shaft that had escaped his shirt (and his attention). His male scent washed over her (along with a mare scent, but why pay attention to that?) and thoughts of feeling it inside her came unbidden. First though, she moved her hands forward and bent her head down to breathe in that wonderful scent of maleness, thoughts of its possible taste occupying her mind. Then...

*...Rick reacts when she grabs his shaft...


Re: Hill House: An Odd Reunion (Candace's Route)

Brenda grabs the base of Rick's cock. Rick gasps with pleasure as she steps forward, licks the tip, then sucks his cock into his mouth. Brenda starts bobbing her head up and down, taking more and more of his monster cock into her. She deep throats him easily, her lips all the way down to base of his cock. When she's this close her breasts press against his lower body, as they swing they brush his forelegs. Rick starts thrusting, fucking Brenda's face by rocking his equine body forward and back. Rick grabs her horns, feels their hardness and coolness. He starts pumping into her faster and faster. The feeling is incredible, he can feel every inch of his huge new penis sliding into Brenda's lips.

Brenda reaches down and teases the nipples of her front udder. She feels herself getting wet in two places. There's a vagina that's hard to see between her legs behind her front udder. All her nipples are three inches long and about half an inch wide, and they are growing stiff. She squeezes her udder, her nipples a little. A few drops of milk leak out.

As Brenda continues her blow job she looks up at Rick with her big brown eyes. This turns him on even more, she seems so utterly dominated. Rick also feels his pussy getting wetter between his hind legs, so wet his lips are slick and the juices are dripping down his clit. Rick doesn't know his personality has been merged with the mares and he'll be reacting more by instinct than he's used to. He starts coming. He can't believe how much he's spurting, Brenda swallows every drop. Rick's vaginga pulses a little. She's smiling up at him, is it his imagination or are her lips bigger now? He was usually too busy staring at her breasts to notice. As his orgasm finally winds down Rick feels an intense sexual afterglow, but he's wondering what it would be like to have an orgasm back there.

Brenda's tail whips around, showing off her excitement. She's really getting off on this. She pulls Rick's cock out of her throat, licks it a couple of times, pumps it a little. It starts coming back to life. She lifts up her udder, rears up, and comes down with Rick's cock in her forepussy. She mashes her breasts and udder against Rick's chest. Rick starts feeling up her long nipples and many soft breasts. She kisses him passionately. For a moment Rick resists, but then it doesn't seem so bad, and he returns her kiss with enthusiasm. Rick thrusts, his powerful body lifting Brenda's more, her hooved but human legs wrapped around his waist. Brenda's many breasts and udders jiggle pleasantly.

*Rick and Brenda go off to find their friends


Re: Hill House: An Odd Reunion (Candace's Route)

Sometime later when Rick and Brenda pull back apart, Rick is suprised to realize how much time has passed. They must have been fondling each other for a couple of hours at least. While Rick becomes concerned, Brenda seems to be pretty complacent. Rick might enjoy his body, but his a bit worried about how Brenda is behaving, more like a herd animal than herself. He decides that they should try and fiend their friends to get help and warn them about how dangerous this place is.

He leads Brenda back out of the barn and towards the house. As they walk through the now much narrower feeling path, they heard some voices outside and stop. Brenda picks this unfortuneate time to chew on some daisies, and loudly sneezes because of the pollen. There is a loud crashing noise, and something large sounds like it is now comming towards them. Rick begins to backup, only to find Brenda placidly chewing on flowers. When he tries to signal her to follow him she happily grabs a handfull of tulips and offers them to him.

Then with a lot of crunching a large hairy beast plows through the shrubs a couple of yards down the path from Brenda, and in a deep voice is says, "I told you that I heard a sneeze."

Rick is suprised to see such well endowed minotaur wandering around the garden, and carrying what appears to be a rubber sex doll. He is even more suprised to find himself becoming aroused by the sight of the large harry body in front of him. His penis was becoming erect while in his rear, the mares reproductive organs where begining to fire up. In a rather squeeky voice he shouts, "Stop. What do you want?"

The minotaur looks from him to Brenda, and the flowers hanging out of her mouth, and then drops the doll - which bounces a couple of times - as it begins to laugh and slap it's thigh. "Rick?! Is that you?"

"Maybe, is that you Brad?", Rick is curious. He walks a bit closer, only stopping when he gets nose full of powerful male phermones. He stops somewhat stunned, as his rear legs spread apart slightly, and his tail almost shoots straigh up into the air. "Oh, my..." he mummbles.

"Brad?" giggles Brenda, as she gallops over to the little group.

"What is going on?" whines the doll in a sex female voice. It stands up, somewhat stiffly, and looks around. Only to look up into Brenda's large brown eyes as she she laughs, "Dolly!", and she picks Jim up.

The minotaur, really Candace, stops laughing, and notices stiff legged Rick, and his little hardon.

*"Rick is excited to see somebody," smirks the Minotaur.


Re: Hill House: An Odd Reunion (Candace's Route)

The minotaur steps closer to Rick. Rick looks him up and down. Such a strange creature, and yet suddenly it seems so . . . sexy. Split hooves and furry legs, a huge bull cock and bulging balls, a powerful if hairy human chest and arms, a short muzzel, large eyes, and bovine ears and large horns on its head. It smells very male. "Is that a mare in your pocket or are you just happy to see me? You don't recognize me do you? I'm not Brad, it's me, Candace"

Rick was relieved to find out this was his girlfriend. He tried to tell himself he'd recognized her all along and that's way he was so extremely attracted to her. He couldn't take his eyes off of her huge bull cock, the tip of its head starting to emerge from its sheath. Candace walked down Rick's side, lightly brushing his penis, his side, his hips. When her fingers brushed the top of Rick's tail his tail flipped up and to the right giving Candace a look at his large brown mare's vagina. "Oh my what do we have here." Candace looked between Rick's hindlegs and spotted the two nipples of Rick's udder. She rubbed one then the other, causing Rick's pussy to contract. Rick's sex with Brenda had gotten his pussy all wet yet unsatisfied. He almost came just from Candace touching his mareish nipples. She touched his clit causing his pussy to twitch again, leaving Rick panting with desire.

*Candace steps behind Rick and makes love to her boyfriend


Re: Hill House: An Odd Reunion (Candace's Route)

Candace smiles as she rubs Rick's inner thighs, around the edge of her boyfriend's big wet pussy. She's driving Rick wild with desired. Candace starts getting a huge hard on. Her bull's balls are capable of producing a massive amount. Pheremones from Rick's pussy tell her her mount is excited and that really turns her on. She pushes the tips of her cock into the big wet pussy and slide in further and further. She can feel Rick's cunt gripping her tightly, pulling her in further. Candace thrusts until their hips meet, Rick is moaning and coming already. Candace thought she had sated her lust with the sex doll Jim but her huge cock felt so good being squeezed and milked, she could feel herself rising toward climax already. She managed to give her lover a good fucking, stroking his tail, rubbing his round equine thighs, reaching under his hind legs to rub his nipples. Minotaur Candace bellowed a came explosively. She hugged Rick's mareish rear end, lowered her chest to it, felt Rick's nice soft pelt on her face, thrusting a last few times.

*Candace's minotaur cum changes Rick


Re: Hill House: An Odd Reunion (Candace's Route)

Jim was immune earlier because she's a rubber sex doll girl. Candace's minotaur cum causes Rick to

*Grow breasts

Candace continues to lean against Rick's back, while Rick is standing there feeling a bit stunned by the new sensations that he has just experienced. Although he realizes that it isn't too much different from the stallions that had mounted him before, or was it? Rick shakes his head wondering why he suddenly remembers having bred with stallions, thats rediculous. But before he his though train gets much further, it gets derailed by Brenda gasping out, "Uh, Oh! I didn't do it!"

Both Rick and Candance turn their attentions toward Brenda who has just dropped Jim, the sexdoll onto the ground. Jim dosen't bounce as much as last time for some reason. Then they hear the whistling of compressed air.

"I didn't mean to do it, really!" Whines Brenda as she backs away from Jim. "I just pulled that little nobby thing and ..."

When Candace reaches Jim he has deflated completely. She lifts him up and notices that only his eyes are moving. Except for his eyes, he now looks like a lifeless rubber doll, waiting to be inflated and enjoyed.

Rick stumbles over, he is still having some issues walking, especially after Candaces performance. "Is that really Jim? Did Brenda pop him?"

"No, she appears to have opened his inflation valve, see," and she points towards the little popped up plastic flange where a belly button would normally be found. "What is with her anyway?", Candace asks as she looks over at Brenda's cowlike form. Brenda has turned back to the flower bed for another snack.

*"I don't know, she's been like that since our transformation," sighs Rick, "Maybe we should reinflate Jim?"


Re: Hill House: An Odd Reunion (Candace's Route)

"I don't know, we'll think about it," said Candace.

"Try those flowers to the right, Brenda, they're even tastier," said Rick, who then wondered how he knew that.

"Thankth," said Brenda through a big mouthful of flowers.

Minotaur Candace was looking Brenda over. Candace felt her penis shift in the first stages of a hard on when she looked at Brenda's udders. Without thinking Candace bent over and stroked the long nipples of Brenda's rear udder. This got her face close to Brenda's ass. When Candace touched another of the nipples on Brenda's rear udder Brenda's cow like tail flipped up giving Candace a nice view of Brenda's rear pussy. Brenda had no pubic hair, just a nice pink pussy, perhaps a little large, nestled between her big round buttocks. Candace felt her cock stiffen some more. Her new male needs were most insistent. It seemed to her as if she may have to spend the rest of her life having sex. She straightened up and looked at Rick's front. She couldn't miss the new A cup, distinctly girlish breasts on Rick's chess nor the big pink nipples that topped them. She wondered if her cum had done that to him and felt a sudden urge to come all over her mareified boyfriend. Maybe the come would work better if applied directly. Candace shook her head, trying to clear these strange thoughts away. Brenda's cute little pussy looked so sexy. Perhaps they should have sex before their friends interrupt them. Candace tells herself it's just her new hormones and that she can control herself.

*Rick shows Candace the barn where they changed


Re: Hill House: An Odd Reunion (Candace's Route)

They go down the path to the barn. Rick leads the way. Minotaur Candace tries not to stare at Rick or Brenda's tails which she now finds so attractive. Rick says "Careful not to touch anything. This place is dangerous."

*Rick reinflates poor sex doll Jim

After glancing around the Barn they step outside again, and then Rick starts to reinflate Jim. As Rick huffs and puffs, Jim begins to whine something. Rick stops, and listens.


"Very funny, Jim," comments Rick as he begins to puff again. Just after he finishes, and Rick has set Jim down, he feels Candace suddenly push herself into his mare end again. "Candace?!", he groans, as his tail shoots aside, and he stubmles slightly.

Jim is feeling slighly disoriented. When deflate it had been hard to think, and the inflation had been better than most sex than he had ever experienced. He tries to walk over to Brenda and finds that his limbs won't bend as much as they used to. He also fails to notice that his mouth is a large round O shape. He can still talk, but that seems to be his mouth's new rest position.

Brenda is quietly eating flowers and watching Rick getting fucked, and feeling a bit jelous. She watches Jim wobble over to her and looks at him curiously again. Funny looking rubber doll, which isn't much fun to hug, and Rick gets upset when you delfate it.

Candace wasn't able to control herself as she found herself watching Rick's horse ass. Listening to him huff and puff on Jim got her turned on, and unable to stop herself she jumped his bones.

When Candace orgasms, Ricks whole body spasms. He loves the feel of her inside of him, and the female orgasms are great! He dosen't really notice his longer hair and bigger breasts.

*The group hangs around for a while as they continue to deal with their new forms.


Re: Hill House: An Odd Reunion (Candace's Route)

Candace suggests they just relax for a moment. They're always running around and doing things, why not just chill out for a moment. Rick is still feeling an intense sexual afterglow. Jim is standing by Brenda. Brenda puts her arm around Jim's waist and pulls her just a little closer, so their sides are touching, facing minotaur Candace and centaur Rick.

Jim looks at Brenda's upper pair of breasts which slightly touch her own. She sneaks a glance at Brenda's bulging front udder. "How are you doing?" Jim doesn't notice her voice is now feminine and dripping with sex.

"I'm fine. A little hungry I guess. You're squishy." Brenda hugs Jim so hard the air rushes out of Jim's belly, momentarily inflating her breasts and ass even more. Brenda and Rick try some more of the flowers and agree they're delicious. Rick tries walking, trotting and galloping. He has to learn not to think about it too much, then it comes naturally to him. It's great fun, he can run so effortlessly, his hair and tail flying back behind him. He slows to a stop in front of his friends.

Candace is sitting between Jim and Brenda. They're chatting, they look happy. Brenda puts her hand on Candace's furry thigh.

*Jim gets up to talk to Rick, but can't resist putting her O shaped mouth around his cock


Re: Hill House: An Odd Reunion (Candace's Route)

Jim meant to talk to Rick, but as the inflatable sex doll woman approached him, she saw his large penis just where his human and equine parts meet and somehow her O shaped lips got wrapped around it. Next thing she knows she's licking Rick's hardening cock and pumping her head up and down on it. Jim finds herself getting wet in her rubbery pussy. She traces a finger over her clit and starts to come mostly from the sexual excitement of giving a blow job.

Tired of being left out, Brenda gets up and goes to Rick's rear end, lifts up his tail and starts licking his pussy. Brenda grinds her four breasts against Rick's soft fur, licking up and down the large vagina, sliding her tongue across his thick soft leathery clit. Rick starts rocking back and forth, plunging his cock into the sex doll girl's face, then grinding his pussy on Brenda's lips and tongue.

Candace can't believe it her friends are rutting like animals. Then she smiles and realizes that they are, and what the hell, she might as well join them. She rubs Jim's womanly rear, cups Rick's budding new D cup breasts, runs her hand down his equine back, and enjoys immesnly fondling up every single one of Brenda's breasts. Candace finds the still mostly human cowtaur to be incredibly sexy now that she'a a minotaur herself. She steps behind Brenda and thrusts her huge bull cock into her friend. She rubs Brenda's cow like tail and teases the nipples of her udder between her rear legs.

*Jim complains that no one has fucked her lately


Re: Hill House: An Odd Reunion (Candace's Route)

Candace pushes her horny cock into Brenda, and everyone is mildy suprised when she lets out a low moo of pleasure. She decides that Rick isn't getting enough so she pulls her face back and pushes her right arm into his horse vagina. Rick grabs Jim's rubber waist, and pulls her face up from his cock.

"Fuck me you horny horse!", groans Jim. "Please use me!"

Rick grins then pushes Jim onto his human penis and begins to pump her with frantic energy.

When Rick orgasms at both end, he manages to pop Jim's inflation valve because of his strong rythmic squeezing. Rick lets go of Jim, as he reaches up to play with his new breasts and nipples. "Oh, gawd!"

When Brenda, Rick and Candace finish their latest round of sex, they take a short while to relax and get their energy back.


Jim as managed to fly overa short hedge before completely deflating, and falling onto some neatly clipped grass.

*They find Jim, and discover that the valve won't hold air anymore. Off to fix Jim?


Re: Hill House: An Odd Reunion (Candace's Route)

Candace watched as Brenda rested on her side and ate some grass. She gave Brenda a friendly pat on her rear udder and Brenda smiled at her.

Rick was still feeling the last echoes of his double orgasm. It had been exhilarating, addictive. He was already thinking of how he could do that again. When he played with his nipples his body had just lit up. When he noticed his distinctly female breasts it had been a bit of a shock, but it was a small price to pay for the pleasure. Every time Candace fucked him, whether with her cock or her fist it just got better and better. When his pussy squeezed her as he came it was just incredible.

Candace watched Rick's breasts bounce as Rick trotted over and picked up the deflated sex doll that Jim currently was.
Rick apologized and tried to inflate Jim. Jim's legs were partly inflated when it became obvious that the valve was leaking and wouldn't hold air properly.

*They go back to the house to look for something to fix Jim


Re: Hill House: An Odd Reunion (Candace's Route)

The four of them return to the house. Jim doesn't have much say in this, she can't talk when uninflated. The first room they look into is

*A big bedroom with several strange objects


Re: Hill House: An Odd Reunion (Candace's Route)

Large curtains fill the walls of this large room. 16 mattresses have been pushed together to form one huge bed in the center of the room. There are bottles of lubricants, some rope, some vibrators, and a book of sexual positions made for bipeds, centauroids and who knows what else.

*Candace notices some strategically placed posts, and feels an urge to tie up one of her friends to the bed


Re: Hill House: An Odd Reunion (Candace's Route)

Candace tells Rick to lie down on his backs between some posts. Rick is curious to see what she has in mind so he obeys. Candace grabs some rope and tightly ties Rick's hind legs spread wide open. She binds his forelegs loosely to two more and ties his arms spread eagle. Minotaur Candace squeezes one of Rick's growing breasts and smiles. She walks to his hind end, her bull cock stiffening when she sees Rick's big pussy. Candace decides to test her theory that her come is changing Rick. She starts fucking his big equine pussy but instead of coming in him, she walks up to his human chest and comes all over that, like a porn star. Candace makes Brenda rub it in and notices Rick's breasts grow a couple of cup sizes. They're now quite large but Candace thinks with his equine strength he could carry much larger. She makes Rick give her a blow job, as much as he can and she comes on him again. When she's done Rick's looks have softened and curved, he looks like a girl from the waist up except for his still quite large penis. His hair has grown out long and he's sporting quite a pair of almost spherical HH cup boobs.

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