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I think it would be interesting to discuss with members what types of stories everyone really looks for when they scour for new stories.  We all stumble across unexpected gems here and there that fall a little outside what we seek, but usually there is a particular subject matter that we have in mind when looking.

In some ways this is like a "what's your fetish?" thread, but hopefully with the underlying thought that authors may find inspiration or an audience with particular subject matter.

And maybe we can also discuss what we prefer to avoid as well, but I think it's very important that the discussion is respectful - no need to be insulting to what other people like.

So... thoughts?


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When I am looking for a new story to read, I usually check to see if there this is any indication of either A) Transformation, or B)Natural Body Magic. Those are the kinds I prefer, but they are also harder to smoke out.  I also look to see if the transformations are interesting or downright bizarre because most of the time it turns out that "transformation" really means "weight gain or giantess" or something.  No judging, just misleading and leads to me only reading about half the stories I find.  I also prefer human changes to animal, but I keep an open mind.

As for what I try to stay from, that includes pretty much everything except for what's stated above.  I can be pretty picky.  What makes me turn away the fastest is underage and incest though.  Those are my top 'Nope' keywords.


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What is that?

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What i'm really into is stuff like stories that involve many people being involved on the fetish, instead of just a single person or a couple, like a world based on it or some kind of infection/transformation that is spreading, or corruption of peoples' minds.

Like a world where weird stuff is considered normal, or crazy transformations happen and the reality alters to make everyone believe this is normal or the transformed person has always been like this.

I don't know how to put into words, it's as if these criteria is my actual fetish, no matter what other fetishes are involved.


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I just want to say I greatly dislike incest and underage themes as well. There is enough of that stuff in the real world.

What I DO like is widespread transformations that not only challenge the love of everyday couples, but stress society as a whole. Exploring the outer limits of sexuality and the social order is rather thrilling and what good transformation erotica is about. Of course a good old individual or couple transformation can be quite enjoyable if it is done right.

More specifically I guess I like NBM, Futanari, GTS, Belial (of course), and Multibreast. Multibreast was actually my "gateway" back in the day, the original multiple breast art page stories pulled me into the abyss. I can enjoy TG as long as it's not the standard issue "guy becomes blonde bimbo and goes shopping for dresses" that 93% of all TG stories are.

I also rather like the rarest of the rare, FrotteroTransformationalPartialism. That is where someone becomes part of someone else. There are maybe 10 stories about this on the entire internet.

I guess above all I'm always looking for something new and different. If it has been done 50,000 times already, it's really hard to do it good the 50,001st time.


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I think my tastes go against the grain on this one.  What I like most about transformation is when it is accompanied by some type of corruption.  The mental change is the most important to me.  The type of physical changes don't matter as much to me, although I don't really dig giantess or basic amputation/limb replacement.  Standard TG/futanari/body expansion can work just as well for me as the weirder stuff if done the way I like.

I like the horror movie approach to transformation, where it is something that is undesirable until it happens, and most people are avoiding it.  The outbreak/apocalypse style stories are usually like this.  I don't really like it when characters choose to transform, unless the result is something they didn't anticipate.  I also like it when characters transform gradually, and don't really realize it's happening.

Ultimately, I don't like characters to transform into something bizarre and interesting, and then go on trying to write their term papers and file their taxes.  If there is no release from mundane life, it's hard for me to fully get into it.  It's about body-over-mind.

And I also prefer the stories to be relatively short, or broken up into chapters.  I don't read transformation stories for my literature fix, it's for a fetish fix, so I don't want to spend hours reading at the computer.  A good 20-30 minute read is excellent.


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Incest does not bother me. Underage does. Otherwise, I have to second everything Monsta has said with the utmost conviction. For me, it's not about the physical process of transformation, but the aftermath. Stories where an entire society or a significant number of the population is changed, preferably permanently, are the most interesting for me. I am quite interested in the ways in which transformation changes a family 's or couple's relationships in relation to their sexual attractions or interactions.